Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 21, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 21, 1866 Page 4
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IVaxhy. (From the Toledo | The A tiniest a Proposition—The inhabitants of the Crass Knuds made the Victims of a Cruet mul Heartless Hoax. - Confkdkit X Hoads, I (wicli is iu the Stait uv Kentucky, > December 3, I860. ) 1 never was so elevated nor never so cast down ii my life ez larst uite, and the entire Korners wuz ditto. The circumstances of the kase wuz ez follers: Me and a party uv frends ivuzaplayiu draw poker with a Noo York ccuimershel traveller, 1 believe they a call ’em, so,—a feller w Itli a mushtash aud side whiskers, wick cotno South a talkin secesli aud a selliu goods. He made some inquiries about the staudiu of the deelers at tile Korners, and wuz alter Bed inquiries eggstremely ankslms to sell 'em goods for cash. They wauled ’em on ninety days’ lime, aud on this they split. He agreed with ’em iu principle—he drank to Jeff. Davis aud dammed Lincoln flouently hut on the cash question was inflexible aud immova ble. 'To while away the rosy hours, a knot uv choice spirits, him iuelooded, gathered ill the i*ost Ortis to eujoy a game of draw poker.— There wuz me aud Squire Oavitt, and the Noo York drummer. We plade til after the wacli ■ u hours uv 13 M., when graveyards \ awn and gliosis troop forth—when tile Noo Yorker suc ciimd. His innocent, unseasoned bowels hed not bin eddicated up to the standard uv Ken tucky whiskey, wicli new oz we drink it is p> to foreigners. The Deekiu and Elder grab bed the stages wieh wuz onto the table, aud rilled his pockets on the ’spisheu that lie wuz a Ablishnest, and rolled him out, and while iu the very act, Pollock, the JUiuoy store koeper, cum rushin in, askin et we’d heard the nUae. We answered yoouaunymuflly that we hed not. 1 in just from isuisvme, scout, lpsiruae over from the stashen. I.uisville is in a blaze ‘'^Vat/' set I, hez Sumner killed Thad Stev ens and immejitly kommitted sooicide?” “Nary,”sez he, “but Johnson and Congress hev cum together on the basis uv yoouiversal Amnesty, wich wuz proclaimed yesterday, to bo follered by yoouiversal suffrage ez soon ez the South ken konveniently do it. They hev met and embraced on Horace Greeley’s plan.” Deekin Pogram bugst into a historical hiff and in his joy handed me the proceeds uv his exploration uv the pockets uv tho New York er, and like a blessed old lunatyc broak lor the meeting house'. In a inomint or 2 the bell peeled forth its joyus notes, and in a minute more the half-dressed villagers were seen emerging ffum their respective domiciles in ail stiles uv attire. A lew uiinits sufficed to make them understand wat waz the occasion uv the uproar, and a more entliewsiastic populashun never woke the akboes. Afore five uiinits hed rolled off iutu eternity, there waz a bonfire blaziii on the north side uv the square, the sed bonfire being a nigger sknle house, wicli the ifreedmeu’s Coiuisbeu hed erected, and wicli out enthusiastic citizens in their delirium of joy set fire tu. It waz emblematic. The smoke as it rolled to the South metliawt assumed the shape uv a olive branch—the cry uv the nig ger children wich coodent escape, symbolized their deserted eondishen, and the smell uv ’em ez they roasted was like unto incense, grateful to our nostrils. A informal meetin waz to wuust organized by the lite uv the burning skule house, to wich Deekin Pugraiu addressed liisself. He remark ed that this waz a solemn oceashun, so solemn indeed that lie felt inadekate to express the feelins wich filled him. His mouth wuzu’thig enough to give vent to his sole, though ef he didn’t he’d bust. “What are we met tor to-uite, niv friends?” Bed he, “wat calls us together?— Wherefore these sounds uv joy—wherefore this fire, and wherefore is Bascom selling li quor at halt'price? Becoz wt are rehabilitat ed—that’s what we are. Becoz the North has gone iutu the olive branch bizness agin, we hev wuust more our rites. We are amnestied We kin vote—we kin go to Congress—we are agin oitizDiis uv the great republic—” Pollock, the lllinoy store-keeper, riz and begged permission to say a word. He protest ed agin these dolus. He understood akkordin to Horris Greeley’s plan, that yuniversal suf frage waz to follow yuniversal amnesty—why then this makin John Rodgerses uv the nig gers? Waz the South a goiu to act in good faith? Dcckiu Pogram replied—The South never yet broke plited faith save when they cood make suthiu by so dooiu. At tbis presuut jnnktoor uv affairs he presoomed the South would extend, uot precisely universal suffridge to the niggers, but the way wood he opened to them. Such a mass ov ignerance could never he trusted with the ballot without preparation, and to prepare them would lie aoverturniu the Kentucky theory tliet the uiggarisa heest, and tlie Northern Deiuokratic idea that the nigger was cust by Noar and doomed forever to lie a slave. Inc gentleman from illinoi wiJltowunst pur sue ve the phix we ar iu. Tlia ant phit for the ballot now, aud if we can make em so, it over turns our theory, which we kant do. Still we propose to be just to uni. We shel give sich ov em the ballot as are sufficiently intelligent, and we shel not put the standard too high nyther. We shell give every one of em the ballot who is able to reedtbe Greek testament fiooeutly and pass a kreditable examination in Latin, embro idery, French, German, English grammer and double-entry liook-keepiu. The path to the poles you see is open to em Uv koarse we kant be expected to tolerate school-bowses for em, koz that would raise em above their nor mal condition. A Iso there must be proper regulations con trolling ein, for, my deer sur. they are mere in fauts, and their totter in steps on the road to freedom need" directiu. Society is a compro mise in which every one resigns ez much uv his personal liberty as the good of the hul may demand. We count ourselves the hul, aud the resiguin uv persnel liberty must come from them. “That nigger,” said he, pinting to one whitcli the joyous citizens was stringing up to lluscom’s sign post, “that nigger is a-resinin his persnel freedom for the good of tfoe hull. No doubt in his heart he murmurs, and ef the kord which is cliokiu him cood be loosened he would repine. It is rough ou him, hut the su periority of the kawkassliun race must he—iuy God! it’s one of my uiggurs! Stop, Bascom, stop!” ejackulated the Deekin; hut it was too late. The nigger was already black in the face and had ceased to kick, aud the Deekin, heav in a sigh, perceeded. We shel scroopulously regard their rib's.— They shel hev the rite to buy land, and be in all respecks like us, ez soon ez they kin be trusted. Till then they will hev to lie restrain ed. There must be laws prohibiting em from receiving more thau $4.50 per month, that they may not become bloated aristocrats and pam pered sons of luxury-the pr »per development of this country—and likewise the payment of the Confedrtt debt requires manual label-, wich we were never edjucated to do, and therefore the good of the whole requires that they shel resine their persnel liberty so far iw to lie con fined to the plantashuns onto wich they hev en gaged to labor, that they may relijusly do it, wich is decry uessary, lor yoo see ef I hire a nigger in Janooary I must not he exposed to the chances of his quittiu me in July. But wat more kin they want? They are free to as grate a extent as the good of sosiety will permit. We shel give em qualified suffrage, fixin, of course, wich is just, the qualifications ourselves, and bein valyooable members of sosiety, hereafter we shel care fur em, so long ea they are healthy —good Lord, why will them cnasess persist in hangin up able-bodied niggers when there’s so many old ones around, good for nothin but to celebrate with,” and to save another wuu uv his former servants, the D< ekiu closed abrupt ly It is unnecessary to recount the further doins ov the nite. There wuz a school-house and church, recently erected, burned, with some wich wuz too young tube uv any yoose,save one girl, wich wuz uearly white and almost fifteen, wich ought to hev bin |re»kood, and five, ef I counted cori-ectly, able-bodied men and wimen wuz hung. Bascom sold out his stock entire ly, and by three A. M. the entire inhabitants uv the Corners wuz a layin around the square, in toons. There wuz a bitter awakeuin to this scene uv festivity. At a little after 7, while the Deekin, the Elder and myself, wuz in Bascom’s tryin to git an assuager, aud the best we cood do wuz to pour a quart ov water into a barrel which lied bin emptied, and roll it around and thus flavor it, Captin McPelter lute uv Morgan’s cavalry, cum in from Louisville. Eagerly we asked him the confirmation uv the tidings, when he informed us that it was a hoax—that no such thing had been done, not wuz Congress in any sich a nosheu. Pollock dropped iu and when 1 reproached him with his dooplicity, he answered that it wuz a hoax, but he hoped we’d excuse him.— He had a craving desire to see whether ef Am nesty and suffrage shood be adopted, how fur we’d go iu the latter direction. He wuz satis fied, and honestly, hoped we forgive him the pleasant jest. Hed made the Corners lively one nite anyhow. 1 wuz too profoundly dis * gusted to reply to the wretch. Petroleum V. Nasby, p. m., (which is Postmaste’r.) History of a Marshal of France. A shoeing-smith of Dijon, M. Vaillant, having written to the Marshal of France of the same name to know if they were not related, the latter has replied in an interesting letter, giv ing such particulars as he knows of his ances try , i n oruer to assist the writer in his research es. After referring to his deceased parents, the Marshal concludes thus: “I entered the Polytechnic School at sixteen, and on leaving it joined the corps of Engineers. The promo tion from which I experienced the greatest pleasure in the whole course of my career was that ol corporal at the school. 1 went through the Russian campaign and that of 1815. I was made prisoner at the end of 181:1. I was at Waterloo, and wounded in the defence of Par is in 1815. 1 had my leg laid open by a shell at Algiers in 1830. My superiors said they were well satisfied with me at the siege of Ant werp in 1830. The Emperor told me that he was pleased with me at that of Rome. Such, sir, is my history, nearly complete. Ifyou find in all that any community of origin between your family and mine, I shall he well pleased.” —A telegram recently received in London contained the following mystic announcement: “Nife has arrived Pith third Bulls on board all well hornet wriths last wing has been spoken at sea all well. It has since appeared that these words are to bo translated thus: “The Nile has arrived with 3d Buffs on board, all well. The llornet, with left wing, has been spoken at sea, all well.” I Couldn’t Do Himself Justice.—A colored man hud stuck to the rebel army of General Hood through thick aud thin, and was in high hopes of iieing able to march into Nashville aud pay liis respects to a lady who belonged to the upper crust of the colored society; and when lie discovered that the besieging army was retreating, he determined to break through the lines aud throw himself upon the mercy of the cruel Yankees. He presented liiinself to General Thomas, hat in hand, and standing very straight. ‘■Where are you from?" inquired the Gen eral. “I’se jest from ds army, sah.” “What army?” “Mr. Hood’s army, sah.” “Where is Mr. Hood now?” He's leavin’, sah; he’s leavin’.” ,, , . ‘Ah! I thought Mr. Hood, as you call him, was coming into Nashville,” “No. sah! Ur. Hood thinks he ran t do his self justice in Nashville." ’■<1111 IHAKUrTS. TELEGRAPHIC reports. . Financial. New Yoke, Dec. 20. The Commercial’s Money article says the Stock market is irregular and nuseUlcd. The chief interest was in Cleveland & Toledo, which, with Northwest ern, advanced. Governments are excited under lor eign advices. Money easy at C per cent, ou stock col laterals, and 6 per cent, ou Governments. Discounts ijuiet at C to) 7 per cent, lor prime puper. Foreign Exchange dull and lutes weak. New York Market. Kew Yohk Dec 20 Cotton—strong but closed heavy owing' to tlie de cline in Gold; sales 3,000 bales. .Middling uplands at 35c. Orleans at 30jc. Flour—a ahade easier; sa'es 6,500 utils. State at 8 40 @ 12 00; Hound Hoo4. Ohio at 11 00 @ 13 25; Western at 8 30 @ 13 50; Southern sales at 1115 @ 10 50. Wheat—dull and 3 @ 5c lower; sales 270,000 hush. Milwaukee No. 1 at 1 95 @ 2 00. Amber State at 3 to. Corn—heavy and 2 @ 3c lower; sales 46,000 bush.— Mixed Western at 1 10. Yellow 1121. Oats—1c lower; sales 31,000 bush. State at 60® 70c. Western at 63 @«5Jc. Beet—heavy. Pork—opened lower, but closed more ffrinly; sales 5,900 bids. New mess at 2000 Cw 20 50: old do 19 37; prime 17 00 @ 17 50. Lard—heavy and lower; sales 660 Mils, at 111® 121 lor old, lit 12} @ 12} for new. Butter—steady. Whiskey—quiet. Klee—quiet. Sugar—steady. Coffee—steady. Molasses—quiet. Naval Stores—firmer; Spirits Turiientine at i6@ 76c. Rosin at 4 62} @ 10 00. Petroleum—quiet. Tallow—lower; sales 86.000 lbs. at 11 ® ll}c. Freights to LiAerpool—dull and lower; Cotton }d. Chicago market*. Chicago, Dee. 20. Hour inactive ami quiet; receipt* 4,68:; bbls.; flip ped 6,577 bbls.; eales 106 bbls ; White Winter 13 00; Spring Ultra* at 9 75 (gj 1160. Wheat 2 @ to better; receipt* 8,050 busli.; sales No. 1 Spring at 2 06 <u> 2 lot, closing at 2 08; No. 2 Spring at 1 80 ® 1 95, closing at 1 88 Corn dull and Jc lower; receipt* 06,860 bnsb; shipped 2,180 bush.; sales60,000bush.; No. 1 at 78 ft* 79c, and No. 2 at 75 @ 77c. Oats dull and nominal; sales of No. 2 at 42Jc ® 43c. Barley is dull and un changed. Ky sale* ol No. t at 89 ® 90c. Provis ions—Me**, pork prime 50e better; sale* at 17 75® 18 00 cash, aud 18 00 seller's option January; eztra prime 18 00 cash aud future delivery. Lard neglected tuid nominal; sales prime at 12jc. Tallow sternly; city 19Jc. Dressed hogs active aud 15 ® 25c better; good average 6 76; heavy lots at 6 85 Live hog re ceipts 11,500 bead, and buoyant undera brisk packing demand, aud 15® 26c better: sales of 4,000 at 6 35tw 000. ^ Cincinnati markets. Cincinnati, Dec. 20. Flour Bteady dud unchanged: sales at 9 75 ® 10 50. extra at 11 00 ® 12 50. Mess Pork unchanged; quo tations 19 50 ® 20 00. Lard steady at 11 j ® Pic for kettle. Bacon and bulk meals (lull. Hogs have de clined under heavy receipts; sales at. 0 00 @ 6 40; re ceipts 10,940 bead. Cotton nominal; holders firm at 31 Jc for Middling. Whitkey unchanged. Augusta Canon market. , Augusta, Ga., Dec. 29. Cotton—advanced Jc.; Sales560 balusot Middling at 32Jc. Charleston market. Chahleston, S. C., Dec. 20. Cotton—advanced J ® lc; sales 36 bales Middling Uplands at 33 ® 34c. Savannah markets. ,, Savannah, Ga., Dec. 30. Cotton—advanced Jc; sales of Middling Uplands at 33c. Sales for the week 1.600 bales; receipts 9,400 bales; exports 018 bales; stock in port 2,194 bales. mobile markets. Mobile, Dec. 20. The Cotton ma.i k.ct in quiet uud firm; sales to-ilay 2,500 bales; Middling Uplands at 32 (a) 33c. Com Mercia I—Per Cable. . Liverpool, Dec. 19. Spinners and speculators are free buy el’s of cotton, and the Stock on hand in the manufacturing districts is represented as being rapidly reduced, and cotton goods have an upward teudeucy. Manchester, Dec. 19. There is a marked improvement in the feeling here for both goods aud yarns, aud prices have an upward teudeucy. Liverpool, Dec. 19, Evening. Hie Cotton market is very active and transactions were quite lar ge. Middling uplands closed at Hid.— Sales 30,000 bales. London, Dec. 19, Evening. Cons >ls for money closed at 09j. American Securities.—1The following are the quotations for American Securities: Erie Kailroad Shares 49. Illinois Centra) Kailroad Shares 774. Unit ed States G-JO’m 71$. New York Stock Market. New York, Dec. 28. Second Board—Stocks heavy: American Gold.134a U. 8. Five-Twenties, coupons,. 186i\..... .107 (<£ loS U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1804,.y!06J (fe 106} U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.106? U. S. Five-Twenties, couitons, 18475, new issue_ 108} U. S; Ten-Forties, coupons,. 99? U. S. Ten-Forties, registered. 99} Treasury Seveu Throe-Tenths, 1st series,... 105} 'i'reasury Seven Three-Tenths, 2d series,.105} Treasury Seveu Three-Tenths, 3d series,.1051 Missouri Sixes.93 @ 93? Western Union Telegraph,. 45I New York Central,. HO} Erie,. 72| Beading.. 104} Michigan Central,.UoJ Illinois Central,,.II71 Cleveland & Pittsburg,. 86} Cleveland <5fe Toledo.124? Chicago & Kock I slim d.io3j( Bo»iom Stock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, 1 >ec 20. American Gold. 13C} United States Coupons, Nov. 136} United States C'oupon Sixes, 1881. 112a United States 7 3-lOtlis, 1st series. 105} 2d series. io5} “ 3d series.. 105} United States 5-2©n, 1865. 106} , “ July, 1866. 108} United States Ten-lorties. 100“ Kao tin Railroad. Ill (Salee at Auction.J Portland, Saco& Portsmouth Railroad. 99 Pepporell Manufacturing Company. 1172} New Hampshire State Sixes,. 99} Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds .. 121} MARRIED. In Saccarappa, Dec. Id, at the residence ot C. S. by Rev. A. W. Pottle, Darius Lowell and Miss Clara Bickford. 10th ot Westbrook in lpNWicli, Mass.. Nov. 29, c.y Rev. Robert South gate, Nath’l L. Clark, Esq. and Abbie L. cram. In Boston, Dec. 13, Charles 8. Crooker and Mary A. Allen, both ol Bath. In Ahum, Nov. 21, J. Byron Monav. of Greene, and Minerva J. Durgin, ot Mexico. _DIED. I11 Prospect, Nov. Mrs. Mary, relief of the late Col. Robert Thompson, aged 72 years. • In Orrington, Dec. 12, Mrs. Cordelia H., wife ol Thos. Bras low, aged 52 years. * In Kennebunk, Nov. 28, Mrs. Joanua, widow ot the late Saiu’l Hubbard, aged 74 years. In Turuer, Dec. 17, Miss Frances E. Fuller, aged 22 years 11 mouths. In Athens, Oct. 20, Mrs. Celia F., wile ol Stephen Spear, aged 55 years. in Georgetown, Dee. 17, Mr. Thomas Marr, aged 82 years 8 months. IMPORTS. CARDENAS. Brig Helen O Pliiniiey—!208 lilniw iiiwlases, Chase, Cram & Sturdivant; 33‘) boxes hii- I gar, Churchill, Browns aS: Manson UmRI URK OF OC’KA \ STEAMKRS NAME from for date. Lagie.New York.. Ha\ ana.Dee 20 Rising Star.New York. .California . .. .Dec 21 City of New York..New York. Liverpool.Dec 22 Virginia.New York Liverpool.Dec 22 Arago..New Yora .Havre.Dec 22 Bavaria.New York..Hamburg.Dec22 Guiding Star.New Pork.. Rio Janeiro.. Dee 22 Cuba. Boston.Liverpool.Dec 26 iVliaiulurc Alumnae.December 21. Sun rises.7.26 I Moon rises.. PM Sun sets.4.31 | High water. 10.46 A* —^ ■■■ MARINE M EWS »* O R T OF PORTLAND. ThurMdiiy. Demnbcr 20. ARRIVED. Brig Helen O Phinney, (ot Portland) Boyd, Caide nas i tli inst via Holmes’ Hole. Brig American Union, Smith, ot and from New Oilcans, with Hour and lumber. Brig Klmira, Hamilton, Boston. S.v. Id • L Howard, McDuffie Elizabothport. Sch Bengal, Stetson, New York. Sch Ronny Ives, Holt, Providence. Sch Duke of Newcastle, (Br) Einlcv, Boston, to load for St John, NIL Sch Mexican, McCarty, Boston for Bucksport. ♦-S,U?*SlDE“’At anchor, Br ch Adria, Cros>Jey, from Boston. CLEARED. jMRclmlF*lira **rown» Brown, Guadaloupe—0 C Sell Melita, (Br) Fougcron, Halilax, NS — John Portous. Sch Acorn, (Br) Rolfc, Cornwall!* NS—A D Whid den. sch CD Horton, (Br) Smith, St John ,‘NB- John Porteous. Sch Arno, (Br) Edgett, Hillsboro—master. SAILED—Barques Mary C Fox, S W Holbrook brigs Hattie S Bishop, Mary C Itosevelt, Sullivan Sarah ; sebs Maracaibo, Wm Pope, and others. Brig Kennebec, ot Portland, from Satilia River lor Bath, passed Seguin, Thursday forenoon. Sell Euima Furbish, (ol Rockland; 4'apt Crowell Jones, Jr, wailed irom Galveston Sept 17th for Balti more, umlH&s not since been heard from. It is sup posed she foundered in the hurricane ot Oct 1st and ail 1 uuids perishe *. I his makes the sixth vessel rc perted missing irom this State t-ioce that gale. DISASTERS. Barone Priscilla, of Yarmouth, Me. hii New York tor New Orleans, which put into Charleston in a disabled condition, last summer, having been dis masted and bad decks swept, has completed repairs ami sailed lor destinat ion on the iKth inst. A telegram Irom New York says the schr Almira Ann, Irom Calais for Mott Haven, is ashore at Bart's Island. Sell Decatur Oakes, with coal for an Eastern |K>rt, is ashore at Negro Point. The ship reported ashore opposite Patcliogne, Ijong Island, wait the Gen MeLellan, from Antwerp. She succeeded in getting oft* after throwing overboard 50 tons iron and proceeded to port in tow. She has about 150 passengers, but no lives were lost. DOMESTIC PORTS. MOBILE—Ar 14th inht, slop L B Gilchrist, Watts, Thouiastoii. Advertised, ship L L Sturges, Linuekeu, for Liver pool, ldg; barque Saiuho Rauza, lleagan, tor New York. ST MARKS—Cld 8tli, sell Pinta, Smith, for Now York. SAVANNAH—Ar 17tli, Martha, Robinson, New York: 18th, barque Aberdeen, from Cardenas. PORT ROYAL, SC—Sid 12th, sell Marion Gage, Shepard, New York. CHARLESTON—Sid 18tli, barque Priscilla, for New Orleans. NORFOLK—Ar 15tli, brig Centaur, Muraton, New York. Ariu Hampton Roads 15th ult, sell W f Emerson, from Bangor for Baltimore. BALTIMORE—Cld 16th, sch S Brown, Sylvester, lor Bath. Ar 15th, brig Concord, Smith, Long Cay. Sldfm Cape Ilenr*' 17th, Prig J B Biowu, Bain, (from Baltimore) for Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 18th, ship Uncle Joe, St-wall, Antwerp. Below, sch Margaret, (rom Bath. Ar 18th, schs Cbiloe, Hutchinsou; Nellie C Painc^ Doane, and AJlce A, Parker, Portland; T T Taskeiv Allen, New York; Carrie C Clark, Wormwood, Ken nebunk; Shooting Star, Coe, Calais. Cld 18th, ship Hudson, Potter, tor Accapulco; sch Corbulo, Norton, New Bedford. NEW YORK—Ar 18th, U S Survey schr Torney, Hawes, Irom Portland, to tit tor the coast ot Texas; Almira Ann, Lunt, Calais; Cheviot, Gray, Addison; Viola, Treworgy, Machias; Ward J Parks, Bogart, Bangor; F A Pike, Gove, Providence. Also ar 18th, ship Thoniton. Wells, Liverpool; 1 barque Quindaro, from Nuevitas. Ar 19th, sch G W Hawley, Allen, Thomaston. Cld 19th, sch I.ady Woodbury,Smith, Nassau, NP. NEW HAVEN—Ar 17th, schs Jos W Fish, Wiley; Madagascar, Hodgdon. and Pavilion, Keed, Calais; Waterloo, Greenlaw, do for New York; Summer, Stillman, Bangor. PROVIDENCE—Ar 19th, brig Alexander Milliken, Estes, Calais; Nathl Slovens, Saunders, fui do; schs Hyena, Gardiner, and Aiquizev, Watts, do; Dirigo, Dorr, Bangor. NEWPORT—Ar 18th, schs Sarah, Morton, Rock land lor New York; Idaho, Waiie, Providence lor Fortress Monroe ; Phebe Ann, Jones, Bangor for New Haven; Laurel, Wooster, fm Sullivau for New York. Sid 18th. brig C Matthews, Cox, Philadelphia; sets J W Maitland, Colcord, from Bangor for New York; U S Grant. Gray, Hampden for Washington; Char lie & Willie. Hix; Messenger, Holden; Riclni Bull winkle, Nash, and G W Kimlrail. Hall, Rockland lor New York; Lena Hume, Appleby, E.astport tor Phil adelphia; Oregon, Miller; Frances, Hatch, and Con voy, French, Rockland for New York: Lizzie, '1 al bot, Addison lor do; A J Dyer, Kelley, im St John for do; Warren Blake,Meservey, from Calais for do; Maustleld, Leighton, Jonesport for do; Irene E Me servey, Henderson, Fall River lor Darien, Ga- Vul can, Mason, Pembroke lor New Haven ; Rosina. Richardson, Calais for New York; Erie, Richardson, Bangor for do; Hampden Belle, Coombs, Calais for New Haven; Rainbow, Philbrook, Bangor lor New London; E S Conaut, Hammond, Calais for N York ; .Wave, Falkingham. Jonesporl lor do. FALL RIVER—Ar 18th, br.g Abner Tailor, Low ell, Baugor: sch Sarah Gardiner, Teel, Calais. * DUTCH ISLAND HARBOR—Ar 16th, brig Isa 1 l*ella Jewett, Walker, Bangor for New York; schs Ann Elizab th, Parker, and Balloon,Clay, do lor do; Juliet, Snow, do tor Norwulk. HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 18th, brigs Helen O Pliin ney, Boyd, Cardenas 7th inst lor Portland; Clara M Goodrich, Look, Havaua l»th Inst tor do; sch Oneida, Davis, Dai ien for Boston. Ar 18thr sch Decora, Ingalls, tin Elizabet h port for Boston. Sid 18fcb. barque Ellen St evens ; brigs Helen O Phi ney, Mary E Thompson, Lincoln Webb, Chas Wesley, Kennebec, Rolerson, Martha A Berry, and Kennebec; schs Robt Rantoiil, jr,Corinthian, Jane Einson, Kendrick Fish, Bay State, Jeddie, Dresden, Undine, Tantamount, F Arjhemius, Nellie Rich, Blundell, E G Sawyer, A Young, Viola, S A Ham mond, Ida L Howard, Express, Georgie Leering, C E Page, and others. In port, brig Clara M Goodrich; schs R Ran ton I, and Corinthian. EDGARTOWN—Ar 15th, brig Emma, Keene, fm New York, for Rock laud; schs Panama, Getcliell, im do for do; Convoy, French, Rockland for New York; Richd Bull winkle, French; Frances Hatch. Gregory; Messenger, llolden, and Charlie & Willie, Hix, from do for do, (and all sailed 16tli.) BOSTON—Ar i9th, sch John D Gridin, Gould New' York. Cld 19th, schs Wm A Crocker, Baxter, for Mobile; Ada A Andrews, Kelley, Philadelphia. Ar 20th, schs Jane Emson, Irving, Savannah; El wood Loran, Jarvis, Philadelphia; Deborah Jones, Baker, New York: Lottie, Wilcox, do; Martha Ma ria. Sprague, Calais. Below, ship N Boynton, from Liverpool; barques Gertrude, from Guantanamo; Ellen Stevens, from Matanzas. Cld 20th. ship Old Dominion, Sampson, New Or leans; brig Coronella, (Br) Tobin, Portland, to load tor St John, NB. SALEM—Ar 18th, sch K H Nash, Perry, fm Calais for Boston. Ski 18th, brig Mattano; schs S R Jameson, and Sedouia. PORTSMOUTH—Sid 15tb, sch Sarah Fish. Hen derson. Baltimore, Ar 15th, sch Neptune. Billings, Calais. • Sid loth, sch Neptune, Billings, Trement. 18tb> brls Harriet McGilvery, from Philadelphia. Sid J«tli, barque Vesta Veazie. (new) Velzie, for New York, to load for Australia. foreign ports. At Antwerp 30th iilt,, ships Alexander, Crosby and (* ahaw's Polly, Burgess, toi New York, big. Arat Belfast, Jre, (no dale; barque Cora Linn. Hill, Portland. Ar at Nevassa 28tli tilt, barque Ada Carter. Ken hey, A spin wall, to load lor Baltimore. Ar at Havana 12th inst, brig II C Brooks. McLane. Bristol, Ri. SPOKEN. Dec 7, Brazos 30 miles NE, sell Edith Brown, 18 days from New Orleans tor Brazos. |HRBHf'Tho wonder I ill progress ol medical Sci Wm ■ B^lue during the past six years, only makes possible for the conscientious Physician ■ Jl Wto declare, now (liat, Con sum i*ti«»\ is as vAIB'KKiAiNi.v < i iti:i>as Intermittent Fever, * BWH^nd asi’F.RTAiNLY prkvknh i* :i< Smat Pox."—Chets. F. King, M. D., L. h. JJ.. etc. ,V KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, [Made from the Prescription of Ret. Chan. E. Kim*, M. D. L. L. D., &c.J is confidently presented to the public for the Preven tion and cure of CONSUMPT LON. (in the most advanced stages,) tor the radical Cure ol ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. CATARRH.and all altertious ol li.e THROAT and AIK PASSAGES; for General and Special derange ments o! the NERVOUS SYSTEM : and for all Func tional Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels. i t immediately increases the strength and deepens i he color of the ]*ale blood. It subdues the chills and Fever, and diminishes the Expectoration. It checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to fourteen days. The appetite i at once invigorated, and the patieDt rapidly gains flesh; the cough and the diftieult breathing are s| teddy relieved, the sleep becomes calm and refreshing; the evacuations regular and unilorm. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be used in every cave where the Physician commonly prescribes “Tumps, | Iron, Arms, Bark, Qujnink, Cod Liter Oil. j Whisk ex', &e. And in every ease, by whatever name kn >wn, in which ti.erc Is exhibited any one or more ol the following SflfJ* TOM S Difficult or irregular Breathing, Loss of-breath, Cough, Wasting ot Flesh, bleeding from the Lungs, Loss of Strength. Loos of Appetite, Gen. ral Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders. *ihest, Face or limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive pale ness, Sore Throat, Drowsiness, Sleeplessness. Sour Stomach, Heart-burn, Oppression or sinking ol the Stomach belbie or after eating. Remit taut Fever, die. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such as Difficult, Painiul, Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre quent Menstruation. Iialmrulm frou Falirolx. “Your Prescription saved iny daughter’s life, and lias saved me hundreds ol dollars."—Rkv. L Hum phreys, RemdeniN. V. “We bless God tor the benefit we have received from your Prepared Prescrip'ion.'—Rkv. p. Piere urin* Blosseburg, Penn. “Every one to whom 1 have recommended i has been benetittedmuchbyitsuse."—Kkv. C.D. Jonfs, Racine, Wif. Bible House, As i oh Place, N. V.,—In the early part ot February, 1865,1 was suffering irom a violent cough, tor which t had been treated, during the six mouths previous without any benefit 1 bad Sight Sioeats which completely prostrated me. In the evening, boarseuess would come on, which would present me from sneaking above a whisper i had then hail t w<> attacks ol hemorrhage from the Lungs. My family physician assured me be could do more lor me, yet I was growing rapidly worse, and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two months. All my symptoms indicated, unmistakably, 1 he preson e of CONSUMPTION. In the beginning ol February Mr. 1Jenk\ Fjshkk Treasurer of' itn American Bible Society, presented me with a bottle ol the Prepared Prescription. In a few days iny appetite which I had eutirely lost, returned; within a weak my cough almost left m ; and in less than two weeks the Nig hi Sweats were broken up. Thenceforward 1 regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at'endiug to my duties as clerk lo the AMERlCAltf BIBLE SOCIETY, in whose employ ment 1 have been nine years. I am now enjoying i good health Your PRESCRIPTION effected a cine when my friends despaired of inv recovery. THUS. J CONGER. “1 have had Nervous ok Spasmodic Asthma, lor eleven years. During the last six years 1 have never had an uninterrupted nights rest. It often seemed to me that 1 would die before 1 could get air intoun lungs. 1 was La gard and spiritless, and suit, red so greatly from shoriness of breath' that I was compelled to take frequent rests in walking from mv residence to my place of business. “The night before 1 obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESORIPTON,’ was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, I took a teaspooniul at noon, and again at night, and slept all night without wak ing. J have not had a droken night’s rest since. * * * * * I no longer look ‘haggard,’ have gained in strength and spirits and am not at all alllicted with‘shortness of breath.’ I shall be glad to have any one alllicted with Asthma call and see me. “EZRA C. DANGDON, _ No. 334 Fourth, St., N. Y. The ‘PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” is put up in a #1 bottle, and is sold by W. F. Phillips, Port land, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine—Druggists Generally. Orders may be addressed to the sole Proprietors, OSCAR G. MOSES & CO., 27 Cortlanpt Street, N. Y., Consultation Free, circulars containing partipu laks of MANY cases successfully treated, will be sent free by mail. June 18 eod * eow WJ ft. DYER, can be found with a new stock ( VV • of Sewing Machines, ot various kinds; Silk Twist,’Cotton-all kinds and colors, Needles, Oil, Ac. 166Middle street, up one flight stairs. jullTcod WANTED. W ATN Ti :il! I Want a Reliable Man with $1200 flash. To take an equal interest in my business. Address E. A. HOLYOKE, %) State Street, Room 9, Boston, Mass. Dec 20—d3t Book Agents Wanted. *J. PATTEN FITCH, dc20d2w* No 233$ Congress Street, Portland, Me, AGENTS WANTED, Fer Frank Moore’s Mew Work “WOMEN OF THE WAR.” AGENTS will find this a book of real merit and in trinsic value—subject new—intensely inter esting and exciting. No Work ever attracted and engaged the public mini like this. Everybody wants it, and thousands will purchase it as soon as an op portunity is afforded them. Read what Agents say of it. One experienced Ageut writes: It is the easiest and pleasantest Book he ever canvassed for; and says people are delighted with it, the Ladies especially. Another says: “Women of the War” is the book of the season. Another, 137 Orders in Four Days. One reports 1/ orders the first day.of canvassing. Intelligent, active Males or Females will find the sale of this work a pleasant and lucrative employment. This book has no competitor—it comes fresh and new to the people. The territory is clean and clear.— Agents nnderstaud the advantages in this particular. For ftill particulars send for Circular. Address C. A. CllAPIN, Phoenix Building, Room 13, Boston, Mass, dectfd&wlm $5! Agents Wauletl! $10 EMVE to Ten Dollars per day, by the Hartford Publishing Co. Box 1606 Portland, Maine. Portland Dec. 17 eodlm* Flour Barrels Wanted. \\TE will pay 30 cents each fin first class Flour v ? Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novlSdtf 139 Commercial st reet. Wanted Immediately^ A /\/\ Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish lUv/ Girls to do housework, cook, 4 e., in pri vate families ami hotels iu this citv and country. Situations sure. The best wages paid. Also 50 Girls to w ork in Factories. Farmers and others w'anting men for any work will do well to call on us, as we will supply them free of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Office, 3511 Congress Street, up stairs.. OOX & POWARS. ■, sept26dtl • late WH1TNE v «&• CO. BOARD AND ROOMS To be Let with Board. TWO front Rooms at 38 Center street, opposite Preble House. Can accommodate tour single gentlemen. decl9dlw* To Let. f|AWO Front Romas to rent, with board, at No 52 J Free Street. declBdlw* TO LET. \VT i'l’HWUT Board, a pleasant front room turn 1 ▼ islied, in the Western part of the City, to one or two single gentlemen. Address Box 42 Pogt Of fice, Portland. nov 1G tt* qggggggggggB 11 11 11 ■■■ 1 LOST AND FOUND. Found ON the 17th inst., a small sum ut money. The owner can have the sftnie by pioviug property, and paying for this notice. CHAS. A. BEALE, rear of Webster*.. Store, corner of Oxford and Boyd Streets. Dee. 20 d'it* I, O !S T ! BETWEEN the Grand Trunk and P. S. Sz P. Depot, A Solid Leather Portmanteau, Checked with a Boston and N. Y. Check,’No. 989. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the P. S, & P. Depot. dee!9d2w LOST! A LARGE sized Morocco Wallet, containing two Railroad passes aud a number of paper? of no use to any person but the owner. Any person Return ing the same to this office, or C. R. Chisholm St Bro., 307 Congress Street, will l»e au'ttridv rewarded. December 11. dtf VINELAND. 1jiAU.ll ANO FKUIT ;..u:jiW:md healthful climate. Thiiiy mil. suutii oi i hil adelpliia, by Railroad, in New Jersey, on the same line oi latitude as Baltimore, Aid; The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a sandy loam, suitable lor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit, aud vegetables. This is a great fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards aud Orchards have been planted oft by experienced truit growers. Grapes, Peaches, Pears Sic., produce immense prof

its, Vineland is already one of the most beautiful places in the United States. The entire territory, consisting of fitly square miles of land, is laid out upon a general system oi improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers with provision for public adornment. The place on account of Its great l»eauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort of people of taste. It has increased five thousand people Within th'i past three years. Churches. Stores, Schools, Academies. Societies ol Art and Learning, and other elements of refinement and culture have been introduced. J1 undreds of people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lots and upwards, $25 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other locality, north of Norfolk, Va.lm proved places tor sale Openings tor all kinds ol business, Lumber Yards, Manulactories, Foundries, Stores and the like; aud Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a country beautifully im proved, abounding in iruits, and possessing all other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, it is worthy of a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a paper giving full information, and containing reports of So lon Rob nson, sent, to applicants. Address CHAS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “J t is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know ol thi* side of tLe Western Prairies.” ^pririd«£wGm 37 I have.Inst received from Mr. C. P. Kroll, of New York, one of ills Patent Hair Brushing Machines, whiebl h.'ire now in operation at un> now Shaving and Ifair Dressing Room, No 816 ( /Ongfress street, oppo site Mechanics’ Hall, where also may be found my REPKODUCTOR, NATURAL1ZER, &c. jJct5dtf_If. If. JOHNSON. M A G IH H A I R Restoratire ! ! “ VO. 1, Will Restore Rray or Failed Hair Is i|. OHIGINAI, COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR BROWN. # Strengthens the hair an«l gives nourv’mmnt to the roots. Makes the hair soil an<t moist. Prevents and cures Damlruil A S plat (fief Hair Dressing, PROVED TO BE THE Best auil Cheapest in the Market. MAGIC H A I R DYE Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work to done; no washing. i3r" For sale by all DruggiHb*. ^J CHARIjRA NRWHALli, Proprietor, OCtl3eo(| 47 Hanover st, Boston. ;tui Miss LUCY A. HENSEN, Successor to Mrs. A. Hawley, FASniONABliB HAIR DKENiER, respectfully informs the Ladies of Portland and vi cinity that she is now ready to attend to Shampoo ing, Dyeing and Dressing Ladies' hair at the shortest notice, and will wait on nil who may kindly tended her their patronage. All orders left at Mr. J. Part ington's Confectionery Store, or at Miss L. A. Hen sen's residence, comer of Monntfort and Sumner streets, will be punctually attended. dec20il2w* Seizure of Goods. NOTIC E is hereby given that the following de scribed goods, were seized at this Port, Dee 11 I860, for a violation of the Revenue Laws: Go boar d Steamer New York, One trunk contain ing two Coats, sundry small articles of wearing appa rel. and 28j dor. Kid Gloves. * * * Any person or persons claiming the same, are re quested to appear and make such claims within 20 days from the date hereof, otherwise the said goods will be disposed of in accordance with the Acts of Congress in such cases made and provided. ISRAEL WASHBURN, Jfi., Portland, Dee. It, 1866. dec15dlaw2w For Sale, A SUPERIOR lot of DRIED PEACHES in Bar rels, Bags and tierces, by C. B. ROGERS, No 122 Market St., Docl8d5w Philadelphia. INSI/HANCli LM. Twomblev, General Insurance Broker, • would inform his many friends and the pubfc generally that he is prepared to continue the Insur ance Business as a Broker, and can place Fire, Life aud Marine Insurance to any extent in the best Com panies in tbe United States. All business entrusted to my c.jre shall be faithfully attended to. Office at C. M. Uice’s Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St, where orders can be lett. jullctf Ocean Insurance Company. . Annual Meeting. rilHE Stockholders of the Ocean InMiiranrc I Company, arc hereby notified to meet at the Office ot said Company, on Monday the 7th day ot January, A, D. 1867, at 3 o’clock I*. M„ lor the pur pose of choosing Seven Directors for the eusuing year aud for the transaction of any other business which may then be legally acted upou. CEO. A. Will CUT, Sec*y. Portland, l>ec. II, DOB, de« 12 dtd K K M O V A L . Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to tiie new ami commodious rooms NO. Ott EXCHANGE STREET, IN THE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, and for any amount, in companies second to no others on tbe globe, and on the most favorable terms. Parties preferring Jlrsf clans insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. November 6, I860, dtf SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life IiiHuranee! aA\TING been appointed General Agents for Maine of the old New England Mutual Lite Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mtuual Life Jos. Co. in America, we wish fifty good, active ageuts to work in the different cities and villages throughout the Stole. None need apply unless good reference t*ln be give. The 06. is 23 years old and has paid in Dividends $1/241,000 00 and over $2,000,000 00 in loss es by death. It has now a well-invested accumulated Capital of ov^Uf4,000,000 00. The Co. formerly made and paid its dwldends once in five years. A Divi ileuti will lid made up in Nov. I860, and annually thereafter, and available one year from date of |*oli ey. Applications tor local Agencies will lie made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no‘21d3m Bkfiiefbrd, He. Marine Insurance —ON— Ships, Barques, Brigs and Schooners l ■ I —BY— Ocepn Mutuul Insurance Coiup’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge lor Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, Salt, Iron, Copper Ore, Marble or Slate coastwise. We shall be pleased to secure a share of public patronage. Oillce 166 Fore Street, Portland, J. 1V. M UNGER & SON. oct6.eod3m n Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., SALEM, MASS. Statement of the condition of said Company on the 1st day of November, A D, I860, being the date of its exhibit next proceeding Dec 1, 1866. Amount of Capital Stock,.$712,704,38 Consisting of Notes and Statute Liabilities,.086,198,58 And of cash assets as follows: Mortgages,. 15,638,91 Bank Stock,. 42,295 Real Estate. 29,460 Railroad Bonds and Stocks,. 6,137,50 State and City Bonds,...,. 6,706 Loans on collateral and notes re ceivable,. 2,686,16 Sundry Assets,. 610,94 Cash on hand,..!. 3,872,40 Balance in agents’ hands,. 167,89 -$712,764,38 Amount at Risk,.14,648,738,11. LIABILITIES: Losses claimed,.... ;o 300 Drafts given in payment for losses,not yet pre sented tor payment,.3,803,80 Unclaimed Dividends. 572,64 Aug. Stoky, Prest. Thomas H. Johnson, Secy. J: H. WEBSTER, Agent, dec7d3w No 10 South street. COBBRmKD STATEMENT Of tlie condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Co., Of Worcester, Mass., As made to Sec retary of State, Nov. 1, I860. Capital Stock.$150,000. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid in, £104,800. AMOUNT OF A88KT8. 1J. S. Bonds, par value,.t. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 5,000,00 Bank Stocks in Worcester and Boston,. ... 45,485,00 Rail Road Stocks,.;.... 12,831,00 lioaued City oi Worcester on demand, . 20,000,00 Loaned with Collateral,. 5,000,00 Cash on hand,. 9,382 15 Cash in hands of agents,. 2,782,03 Other Cash Items,... .. 1,200 00 $145,410,18 LIABILITIES. Ain’t of losses due and uupaid,. 295,00 Amount of losses claimed and unpaid,. 4,475,00 Ain’t of losses reported upon which the liabil ity of the Coni)iauy is not determined,. C,200,00 10,970,00 W. S. Davis, President. L. C. Pahks, Secretary. II. UEBMTER, Agrul, ^dec7d3w No 10 South Street. F A RMERJS5 -AND OWNERS OF_LIVE STOCK. The Hartford Live Stock Ins. Co., Cash Assets, - - - $170,000 All Paid In ana Securely investtil, ,. fm rr r. biepan d to issue Polices oil HOKS£S. likM'iV^'’ 'r'H K 0< “** kind., against iL.vl 11 01 TilLFl at moderate rates ol Premium. banners and Owners of Valuable Horses, Ninble-beepcrs and others, Nuw have au opportunity to in nre with a sound and reliable company, against loss by El IIE, DISEASE, or ACCIDENTAL CAUSES, and Irom THIEVES POLICIES ISSUED BY W . I). LITTLE & CO., General Agents, At OHires No. 79 Commercial 8imt,. And in Lancaster Hall Building, Market Square, PORTLAND. fc^OauvaaBert :uiil Sub-Agents Wanted Dec 11—d&wtiw II O I , I T> V Y O 1 F T S ! ELEGANT SCARFS - AND—« NECK TIES! SILK HANDKERCHIEFS in new styles. GLOVES AND MITTS in the bent qualities, just received. Charles Custis A Co., MORTON BLOCK, docl9d3t COKGBEitS STREET. Reduced Prices. THE attention of the public is called to the scion A did assortment of i, Kngli»h, German A American Doeskin*, Broadcloth*, Camimcrc*, Ac, For sale by J. J. GILBERT, Mun joy Hill, No vn A,so a l«t oi 11-4 the pair as cheap as can be bought at wholesale. _dec20dtf Five Cents Saving Bank. Depositors in this Bank are reminded that Depos its made on or before the 2d, day of Jaunary next, will be put on interest on the 1st, at the rate of 7 per centum. Dividend payable in April. .Special Depos its of $ 100 or more, will be received at any time, ( payable on call )on terms agreed upon at tbe time of deposit. i • N. F. DEERING, Trcasr. dec!5eod2w&wlt No 19 Free Street. 1NSIIKANCE. KEAI. ESTATE. 'I'o Let. A SMALL llall ai»l l Boom in M. rum Itlnck, jusi alwvo the Preble Herne- Abe, a ,-leaeant suite oi rooms without board, ou Free Street For Hair.—A valuable residence ou Carlton St Also two ou Vaughan St. Apply to PAT I’h RsoN & CHADBOURN, dealers iu Real Kstate K Block, next above Preble House. ’ . December 19. dlw. For Sale. AVERY desirable ami convenient ty story house, with barn, wood shed and carriage' house, all hi good order, with seveu acres ot land, ouly one mile outside of city, upon which there are-300 choice fruit trees, consisting of apples pear, plumb and cherry; also au abundance of currants, gooseberry, strawber ry, Ac., with very best ol water, large brick cistern and furnace in the cellar; a splendid garden and in a lirst rate neighborhood, and iu every way u desira ble property. Immediate possession given. ouly $5000. HANNON A DOW, Real Estate Agents, No. 345 Congress Street, decs—dim NOTICK. 1 will sell on lavorable terms as to payment, or let lor a term ot' years, the lots on the corner ot Middle and Frunkliu street*, and on Franklin street, including the corner ot Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WA1. HILLIARD, Wtugor, or SMITH HELD. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl HOUSE AND LOT ior sale at Cape Eh/abelli Ker ry,—house nearly new. Enquire ol A. P. COLE at the Kerry, or W. H. M A NSFELD, Portland Steam Packet Oo. juilldtt' KV>R Sale. Three story brick house on Danforlh J? Street. The house is nearly new and in tine or- ,, der. Immediate pcseession given. jullbtt W. O. CHADBOURNK. POK HALE, in Gorham, fifteen minutes walk F trom the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and outbuildings,having all the conven iences and in prime condition. It is situated near a grove and a short distance from the County road. Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. House and Lot for Sale. A TWO STORY and a one story House ou Hiiil Brackett street, near Pine. Lot 57 by 127 feet. Mill a Wi a Lot on Ctoss street, 60 by 156 feet.— Terms favorable. Apply to W. H. JERitIK, Real Estate Agent. docbd2w First Class Houses’tor Sale. WE oiler tor sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by us, situated ou Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our otfice, No. 27$ Dauforth St. J. B. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JEKRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 16, 1666. dti House Lots ou India St., for Sale. ENQUIRE of CON ANT & RANI), PJ 153 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov. 21. dtf Exchange Street. Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, ON CORIltlEltClAJL 6TBOT. THE subscribers oiler for sale the lot of laud ou the southerly side ol Commercial Street, bead ol Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PEKLEY, Oct 18 tt _ or W. S. DANA. Valuable Real Estate on Kim St. FOB SALE. A PORTION of the “DAY” Estate on Elm Street, -**• comprising over 28000 feet of land, together with Brick Houses, Stable &c. This property is lo cated ou Elm and Cumberland streets all susceptible of improvement, and has a front on Elm street of 262 feet. The above property is ottered ibr sale either in por tions or collectively, on liberal terms. Apply to aug20—tf JOHN C. PROCTOR. Fop Lease. rilUE valuable lot of land corner ot Middle and -I Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of , C. C. MITCHELL & SON, Aug. 28,18CC—dtl 178 Fore Street. M House for Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. July 12—dtt Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. 11HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil lage of Fryeburg, Oxford comity, Maine, is ot fered for sale at a bargain, it applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ol HORATIO BOOTH BY, Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sept. 21), 1866. dtf Form for Sale. I WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Sakl farm contains about 100 acres, part of it very valuable for tillage, and part ot it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barns, and out hous es on the premiix-u. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THURLOW, sepll-dtl . 105 Commercial St. — ■■■'.. ■ ■—!■■■ ■■■■—! I — IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN -AND Owners of Hemlock Lands! THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING COMPANY, of New York, owu the • exclusive right in the United States tor the manufac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purpose*. The Bark Extra*! is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand tor it rapidly increasing. It com mauds a ready sale in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for manufacturing are simple and not expensive, costing but little more than the ordinary leaches used byTan ners. By this process, 1} cord* of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its tanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract and the bark, will range from six to eight dollars per cord, so that any one who may get out but three hundred cords of bark per year, may save from two thousand to twenty-five hundred dollars in the difference in freight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manufac ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. The Company will send competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering into* this business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manufactured under their process at fifty cents par gallon, delivered iu Boston or New York Parties iu Maine desiring further information as to terms, Ac., may call upon or address CHARLES HALE, General Agent for Maine, 24 Maine street, Bangor, where models of the apparatus may l»e seen. novl3d3m S. H. KENNEDY, Pres’t. A NEW OYSTER HOUSE -AND-*— L UNCH BOOM! Among- the “Rnins” MB. GEOBGE S. HAY, Many years Proprietor of the late Freeman House and S. F. PKRRY, Respectfully give notice that they have built No. SO Federal Street. One door west ol Exchange Street, and fitted, fur nished and stocked the same as a first class Oyster House and Lunch Room. Laarh furnished at all Hoar*. Ol'IPTERi cooked to order in every style. Balls, Clubs, Parties and Families! Supplied at short notice. MR. T. S. HATCH, Pronounced “The Best Oyster Cook in Portland," will have charge of the Cooking Depart no tit which Is a sutfieieiit guarantee that everything in that line will be done to perfection. BT* OYSTERS by the QUART or GALLON! We invite ail hungry meu ol whatever nation or ! condition to give us a call. declleod2w t< GRAND i ANN UAL SALE CORSETS. We shall, on Monday. Dcceahcr l?th, comuivurv •nr yearly Bale of CORSKTN, To Continue Thirty Day* !' —AT A— V»*ry Lurge UiHcount FROM FORMER PRICES. Our present stock of Comets, comprises a great va riety in both style and finish. L. B. FOIXETTE, 331 CONGRESS STREET, 331 Cor. Tainan Fluff. del". 11m Portland Laundry. Orders received at tlie Office of the Forest City Dye House, No. 315 Congress Street. Notiee is hereby given that, tlie Portland Laundry has been reopened by the subseiiber, who has been many years connected with tho well known Chelsea Dye House and Laundry, and with tlie experience thus acquired he is now prepared to do all dcscrip fions of Laundry work in a satisfactory manner. jydaiJni _A. T. CRAWLEY. Agent For Sale. A SUIT of Sails, Rigging and Blocks, nearly new, from a fishing Schooner of 1(H) tons; also Top sails, Fore and Mainsails, second hand. SAMPSON & CONANT, decldtf No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wharf. KAILKOAO*. SPECIAL NOTICE. OWINU to tlie breaking of a Driver on Hie Kngine "Westbrook,” Hie regular freight train on Hie Portland and Kocliester It. It. will be diHeontlnued lor a tew days. dc.’Odt f POHTUHD UENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, ( omiNonring Monday, Wot. 1‘Jik. I8<;<». CSjVaaagffl Passenger Trains leave Portland dally at. 1.00 P. M., tor liSth, Augusta, Wat a- Kt ,,d.all*s Mills,Skowlu^nn,And intermediate stations.(connecting at Brumwb k with Aiulrosrog V i.v for Lewiston and Paiiiiiugton, and at tm.Iu,/1 s with Maine Central K.K.) lur Bangor an aiSoik£P**‘‘"Nations. Fares as low by this route *°r Lath, Lewiston, Augusta and SSd T^tt‘iw,ul “u 8*tur.lay only at 7.t5 P. M. teriucdiaic i ^^Laudfor lir urn* wick andlu M ,llal< “U,lon9 'lailv.ese. ptSaturday, at 5.30 V. leave‘p^Si:;,^l^u“^:dZ1^^r'' tm Hons every rooming ai 7 o'eloek. mle ^ si:t* Trains from Brunswick and Lew ist.„. , Pori laud at #.20 A M„ and lr„m skowm!~ “ Farmington and all intermediate station* M. to eouneet with trains tor Boston. “ 1 • Stages for ttoeklau.l eouneet at Bath; aud t,.r h, i last at Augusta, leaving daily on arrival of trail iw..o Boston, leaving at7..’III V. M.; and fur Solon, Anson, Athens and Alnuse Head laike at Skew began, und lot «,’biua, East aud N.nlh Vaiwal boro’ at Vassalbom': for I’nity at Kendall's Milts, aud Ibr Canaan at Flulwn's Perry. W• HATCH# S«••»«• r• mi« it«lcui. Augusta, Oct. 27, 1800. nov12dtl MAINE CENTRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. .lb On and alter Monday,November 12tb, urient. tialna will leave Portland lor Bafigor and all intermediate station on this line, at 1.10 P. M. daily. Em* Icwlstn and Auburn only, at 7.40 A.M. t^~Frcight trains for Wabrvdle and all interme diate stations, leave Port laud at 8.25 A. M, Train Horn Bangor Is due at Portland at 1.45 P- M, in season to connect with train tor Boston. From Lewistou and Auburn only,at 8.10 A. M. EDWIN NOYES, Supt. Nov. 1, 1*00 uo9dtt port i.isrr>" SACO i PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Coninacneing MoimImt, Not. IJtli, 1 Sllti. Passenger Trains leave Portland for at 8.40 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. M., uudi‘2.30 P. M. 1 A Mechanic's a id Laboulk’* Train will leave Biddelord daily, Sundays excepted, at 0 A. M., ami Saco at 0.08, arriving in Portland at 6.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor Saco and Bid delord and intermediate stations al 5.30 P. Bl. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed will ieave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and Biddeford, and r< t urning, leavo Bkldetord at 8.30 and Saco at 8 40 A. M. „ FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 29, 1800. uoldtt GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY, Ot (Junuda, Alteration of Trains. WTNTfeK ARK.XNY5EMENT. ffflltfiififfilH ^ au<^ alter Monday, Nov. 12,1866, ; will run as follows: — Train for South Paris uud Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Mail Train for Waterviile, Bangor, Gorham, Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train tor Toron to. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached from Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train lor South Paris at 5.00 P. M. No baggage fan be received or checked alter the time above stated. * Trains will arrive as follows :— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a. m From Montreal, Quebec, &c., - - 1.45 p. m The ComjAauy are uot responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice Is given, and paid for at the rate ot one passenger for every $500 additional value. C. J. BRYDGESy Managing Director. H. BAILE Y, Local Superintendent * Portland, Nov. 2, 1866. dtf PORTLAND* ROCHESTER R.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. I myj—mxy 1 Ou and after Monday, Dec. 17, 186U, trains will rnn as follows: I^Hpger trains leave Navo lliver for Portland at R.3ty-aiLffikOO A. M., and 3.40 P, M. Loave Portland lor Saco River 7.15 A. M., 2.0-; and 5.45 I’. M. Freight trains with passenger car attached will leave Saco River tor Portland. 0.50 A. M. Leave Portland tor Saco River 12.15 P. M. iar-8tageseonueet at Uorhaiu tor West Gorham, Staudish, Stgiep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, selrngu, HridgUm Bov oil, Hiram, Brownthild, Irjeburg, t tlouway, Bartlett, Jackson l.iuiingtou, Oorinsli.For. tor. Freedom, Madison, and Kainn, N. ti At BuxtonFentei lor Went Buxton, llonnj-Eagle, Soutii l.imingtoii Liinington, Limerick, Newheld Paraonslield and (i*sh,ee AtSaccarappa lor South WiiiJht&m, Windham Hill and North Windham, daily By orderot the President. Portland, Dec. 14, IDuo—dll CITV NOTICES. Snow to be Ifeniovetl from Foot way or Sitlewalk. Sect. 60.—The tenant or occupant, and in case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any pei-sou having the care of auy building or lot of land l»order ing on any street, lane, court, miuare or public place within the city where there is any footing or side walk, shall, after the ceasing to lull of any snow, it in tlie day time, within three hours, and if m the night lime, before ten of the clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to bo removed from such footway or sidewalk; an.I, In default thereof, shall forfeit and pay a sum uot less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and tor each and every hour 1 thereafter that the same slialI remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than one dollar uor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. JOHNS. UEALD, declEdtf City Marshal. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders Boiler Makers A Machinists. THE subscribers baviug rebuilt their Work Shops, A are uow prepared to take orders for Miuhinerv aud lion Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furbished. STEAM ENGINES AND HOLLERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and etjierienccd pattern makers ami new fools ol modern design, van supply pattern* with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to witli despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well euain ped Forga, can turuish Ibrgiugs and sha|s‘s of all kinds tor Steamboats and Locomotive work such as Nhnfts, C ranks. Pi.nis Hod.. C nr aud r.ngine A sirs and Shapes Us pattern or draw ings, from 10 tons to too pounds weight, m rS^v^reJil^.,Selli,,i Agents for MERRI MAN’S PATENT BoLl CUTfElJ, the best Machine ever invented for the purpose, performing double the amount ot work of any other now in use. ^IfOK SALE, h lltl ti»r«««- pos(T I.ocaiiio* live Koil«*i- with new tub** sheets nnd new set ol tul»es, in first rate order, and warranted nan with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HOUSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, gan be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES * SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novtOe d3m Portland, Maine. CHRISTMAN ! A. Robinson, 325 Congress St, Has a great variety of Article* lot Presents for the Children. The most splendid assortment of PICTURE BOOKS ever ottered in Portland; some of them are perfectly beautiful. FOR BOVS 4SDGIHLS, C vV/s' ®f ■llrVENI1'* BOOKS and FOR YOUNG LADIES. The Poets, Prayer Books, n nd Bibles in Superior Bindings* Portable Desks and Handkerchief and ti t s, La«lies’ Companions and Jewelry Bo.x is i.,.l^..‘4i sl» Ink Stands FOB YOUNG GENTLEMEN, Cigar Cases, Cigar Holders, Meerschaum Pipes, Supe rior Wallets and Letter Holders, Knives, «Jfcc. For FATHERS and MOTHERS, Traveling Bags, Qnarto Bibles, Pocket Books, and a great assort mint of Diaries. dcL*0fo2t) ft O I. I. I N » * « I I. K K V, IV At the Kill Stand ol E. Dana. ,1 r APOTHECARIES, Peering Block, Corner ol Congress and Pi. Me Sts., PORTLAND, UK. Foreign nnd Domestic Drugs, Chemicals, Huid Ev (racts, Toilc: - ''tides, Perlumery. and Fancy Goods. Physician’s prescriptions caremliy prepared, cither by day or night. Mr. Charles B. Grecnieai, wno has eeen at this stand lor it millit er ot years, will remain as prcscrip twm clerk.__ sopgl-eodA-wtl PAINTS AN JO OIL CHEAP Just reeeivnil in bond, and tor sale duty free, for nse on the burnt district, Htrictly Pare English l.rad and Oil ! Rebnilders will effect a great saving by purchasing in this way. Every description of PAINT STOTK at the lowest rates by A. W. PKKKIHN A C’O., decUhiot 86 Commercial street. Slorc mid Ollicts to Let. IN the Building now being erected by the subscriber on Foro Street, near the toot of Exchange Street will tie ready for occupancy dan. 1st, 1867. deeSffcfw CHARLES McCARThY, Jb. For Sale. rnu he Hold at a great bargain, u first class pruvis A ion store, it applied tor soon. Inquire at -54 Congress, comer of Oak street. dclfldK - STEAMER*. International Steamship Go. l'sisi|H,i’i, 4 :iisiis and Ml. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. and after Monday, December the steamer NEW BKUNs K, Ch»t. E. B. WINCHES , will leave Kail Road Wharf, »fSlate St., every MONDAY, at 5 o'clock P. M tor Kamiinot :md St. John. RETURNING, will leave SI. John evt-rv THURS DAY, at 8 u’elo4 k A. M. At Eaatport Stage Coat hem will connect lor Ma chias. AiSt J«»hu the E. & N. A. Railway will connect for Shediae. I5r’Freight received on «Iuvh of mailing until 4 o’clk. P. M. C. C. EATON, dec3l>-dtf Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK Hl’KAMSIlA' KOIIMSii. S E HI I - W E E K 1.1 LINE. .« The HpIriKiid anil Aud Steam ,h ships DllilUO, t'api. II Shi h rt «J I \ wool*. ai»«l 1‘RANt'ONlA, Capi * *1 S'W. W. Shkbwood, will, until lurlher notice, run an follow*: Leave Brown's Whari. Portland,every W1.I»NKS hA V uiul SATl1 V, at I l‘ M., and leave Pier i’K’wt Hirer, N. w York, everv WEDNESDAY and sATUHt>A \ , at I o'clock P. M. Ihese vessels are titled iir with Rue aceoiuuio«ta' tions tor pahseimevs, niakins: this the most sj>ecdy, sale and comfortable route lor travellers between •a .ut eu a,H* Malm-. Passage, in Stale Room, aMn passage Sn.Oo. Meals extra. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Mon S? Joun *tan&oi, Bath, Augusta, Eastj»ortand Hbipiier* are requested to seud their freight to the steamers as early as t P. M. on the day that they leave Portland. For freight or passage apply fo EMERY a FOX, Brown’s Wharf. Portland J. K AMEN, Pier:** East River. May29,ish6. ,jtl FARE REDUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement / lentil lurther notice the Sicaiiu-i* ol the Portland Steam Packet Co. will ruu as follows Leave Atlantic Whari Tor Boston every evening, (except Sunday > at 7 o'clock. Leave Boston the same days at 3 P. M. Cabin tare,..$1.30 Dock. | .00 f-fr~ Package tickets to be had ol the Agents at re duced rates. Freight taken as usual. M _ , L P.rUdNOH Agent May 22nd, 1868-dtf Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. \ CARRYING THE CANADIAN \ AND UNITED STATES MAILS. Itook.-d lo l.oiirioudi-ri'T uud f.ivcrpool. TiihrU M.unl.d hi Krdurrd Kntru. The Steamship Moravian Capt. Alton, will sail Iron, this pert tor Liverpool, SATURDAY 22ml Dueemlx r, IMBi, Immediately alter the arrival of Die train of the previous day from Montreal, to I* follow ed by the-on the I'Dtb. Paseage to Londondeiry and Mverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) *;n t„ ystl Steerage, 1^5 Payable in Gold or ita equivalent. (Ef For Freight or passage apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India SI. Portland, Nov 2K, law. Dec. is did HOTKL8. UNITED STATES ■TOTE L, PORTLAND, MAINE, rPHi.eol^,':’r'-'ri,T'?--o",Uy 1'ro|.r,etor of tiie COM A MKRUIAL llDUSL. (wluch was destroyed m Uiei great lire.) lxg» lo unnounce to his old patrons and the public that lie Rib leased the above hotel and will open tor I be accommodation of the public gener ally, on Saturday August 11. Tlianklul to hj» old customers tor past patronage he would solicit a continuance ol the same. TERMS FAVORABLE. iuig29-Cm _N. .J. DAVIS. '*li>i OR WORLDS SALVE Has been an old family nurse for the twenty r''»r*. and known all around the world as the most sooth ing and healing Ointment in existence MUSTER'S ALL HEALING OINTMENT Never Fails to Cure. Halt It tie uni. Scrofula, Ulcers, Small Pox, Sore Nipples, Mercurial Sores, EryttipHan. Carbuncles. Corn**, Hanlon*, nnil all Itlieum urlc Palau, Ac. Ac, Heal** pcrmaoently Old Sores and Fresh Wound*. lor Fronted Links, Burn**, or Scald*, it ha* uo equal in ike World. Gife it n trial. Prift* 25 rents. Sold l»y nil liruifi'istn. <U-o1B Tli&F&weow Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WHIR, (iRR, 4 JOB PRIWIMi, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. H.n in* completely refurnished our otHre since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Tresses, itc., we are prepared on the short est posible notice to accommodate our friend* ami the public with Posters, Progrtimines, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cants, Tints, Wanks, Labels, Ami every description of Mercantilo F*i*inl injur We have *ii|»erior facilities lor the execution of HOOKS, PAMPHLETS. Catalogues, Ace., Which lor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed Yfr Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Pms Job Oilier 179 Coiumrrrial Si., Portland, _ NT. FOSTER, Proprietor Notice. APPLICATION will be made to the Legislature oi Maine at its next session,for further aid t . secure tbe construction of the European aud North Ameri can Kaliway, and for authority to the Portland, Saco at 1 ortsmouth Railroad Company to subset ibe to the stock and bonds otsain E. A N. A. Ry. Coinp’y. an.l to further increase the capital stock of the Portland Saco and Portsmouth Railway Company to the amount thus subscribed and paid. Bv order of the Directors. ' . <! K--WWF.TT, PreCt E. A N. A. Ry. Comi»*v Bangor, Dec 7, 1MM. declhl3i» * FOR SALE. R, five 'VKBB' hjis on h!,ntl fcw thirty* SLEIGHS AX It PUXGS. **' fnniul in the county. Ah» lonr heavy J^a^°,n8’ *nd three light open buggies, which °fu° .rw °.r *1®on nioro favorable terms than any oiner Carnage Manufacturer, ns he closes his huso "BJ* With ihis sale. Persons desirous of purchasing will nnd it for tlieir at 1 vantage to call upon him. Webb’s Mills, Dec 1M6. dec4eodxw*4^r49 Notice. AT a meeting of the Relict Committee holdeu on Monday last. U was voted that all applications tor aid, in rebuilding dwelling houses »V coming year, must be made on or before the tirst Monday oi •January next. Blank a|i,ilicatlon* van ho hml at the Office «.l the Trennurer cl'the Committee at Market II ill Dee 6—iltojanl