Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, December 27, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated December 27, 1866 Page 4
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taiag* »« WaihUsloa. lence it. o •' c»« J Oi'ON, It. * . Dei'. -4, lglil'i. NATION CONSPIRACY, many that the latest opiu .e Court—overthrowing as it ry trials of the war in which .rties, will in its results be .. jfiy so because ineu hope that the dark mystery which hangs around the as sassination of our land’s best beloved Abraham Lincoln—may now be cleared up. Men would t. astonished if it were known bow widely the conviction is spread hereabouts, that a more fearful depth of sin is to be unfolded aud ex posed in connection with this deed than has oe u spoken of above one s “liati d heath* Perhaps however wc might not he surprised as (hose who hold convictions ot guilt in high pl ices now ouly hinted at, are hut of the same ‘'mould and form” of opinion of thousands elsewhere. It has been said “be sure thy Bin n .H fiml thee out." Surratt testifies to the truth of the utterance, for the weight of his great crime was more than his feeble soul could bear. But my allusion to the Supreme Court’s decision grow "out of the hope enter tained that a full trial before a civil court ot tnose who remain yet unhung may develop® the facts in this great and still mysterious crime. Titeie is little doubt that Sp angler, Mudd, and Laughlin, will be brought here trom Dry Lor tugus, on a writ of habeas corpus. Ihe Chief Justice has, it is believed,decided that the Su spcine Court has jurisdiction and that lie will therefore issue the writ. Tho application is husod on the illegality of the tribunal condemn in''them and does not involve their guilt-or otherwise. They can he indicted by the Grand Jury, and in ah probability will be. ihe other assassin, John II. Surratt, and these, the subordinate tools of the plot, are then all likely to be in Washington together. There are not wanting those incredulous ones, who have watched this matter from the beginning, that believed Surratt will yet find some favor ing way of escape from arrest or into death be fore trial. Tho agitation and excitement among pro ivbel circles here, aud some that ought not to be hut to all intents and purposes are so, about the arrest of Surratt does not lessen.— The rather is it on the increase. Especially ire certain religious influence at work, lte hgious I mean in the sense of organization on ly. A principal witne-,8 in this case has been approached by priests and urged not to testily against Surratt, on tho ground of his con nexion with the church. Perhaps they fear what may bo told of the nature of the plot, and oi the aid and comfort extended to the fleeing assassin, whose tearful crime was yet ctndoned and succored by those wearing tho priestly garb. It is believed that the Frtuch-Canadian, by whom Surratt was discovered and denounced, will be found to know more of this plot aud its abettors than we now suppose. That pecu liar threat of Surratt’s, “That he would live long enough to give a good account of Andrew Johnson,” is expected to receive a peculiar il lustration by means ol information it is believ ed the Canadian can give; sufficient at least to indicate other sources of information. There is much of mystery to clear up, and there now seems a fair road open into its heart. THE LAST MOVE IN “MY POLICY.” There is a movement under way to secure the ratification of the constitutional amend ment by at least one of the unrepresented States. It may seem strange, hut ihe move is sustained at the White House. That alone will make people suspicious of good there from. It is well known that both Johnson and Sew ard arc in high hopes oi fomenting a division in the Kepublicau ranks by such a movement, combined with the expected decision of the Supreme Court on the Test Oath’s unconstitu tionally. The opinion expressed by Senators iVade and Sherman, uud Kepresentativo Spaulding, and believed to be entertained by others, that the Union men in Congress are hound in honor to admit a ratifying State, with the decided dissent thereto expressed by Sumner, Howard, Brown and others, is the g ouuu work of this hope of the accidental tenant of the White House. Within a week certain prominent Alabamians have left here for Montgomery. 'The so-called State .Legis ia utc meets there on the 15th proximo. The constitutional amendment has been oace re jected by this body, as it is believed under di rect influence of Uie .President. Gov. Parsons was the agent then used, and is now in the new change. The amaidmcnt it to be rati Ht'H riie piograinme is aLl arranged, even tu the men wuu m that event are to he run lor the Sjtatc and Federal offices. The Governor ut the State is to be a man named John T. Mor gan, brother of the rebel General and an able and influential luwyer who has never held an office or taken the oath of allegiance, and jo nut, therefore, disqualified by tne third sec tion of lire amendment. Yet, next to Wm. L. Yancey, Morgan was tne most influential of all j.untie men in rnduoing the secession of Alabama. Me is among the bitterest of bis i.dan to-day. in ISliU he was on the Brceken ridgo Electoral Ticket for the State at large.— Another man, spoken of lor If. S. Senator un der the limits which the amendments reudsr necessary, is the present Attorney General, Mr. Saudford. tie was an influential rebel, but held no office, and can technically take the oath. Other men are named, who meet the test, so far as the letter is concerned, hut v. ho in spirit are further removed from us than those who now claim seats in Oougress from that State. APPOINTMENTS IN THE AH MY. There is nothing which requires a severer overhauling than the fist of appointments in the new regular army. In violation of the law a large nmnlier of appointments have been made from civil lifts. Some of these have been made by the influence ol those from whom better things might have been expected, but a majority of the nominations have in all proba bility been paid for. There is a regular trade and tariff of prices lor such positions. Let me show you how in other ways the law is violated, in spirit, if not in letter. I know personally the parties, having served with both. A gallant officer, one of the most capable ef the men who have risen from the ranks, appli ed li»r a position in the new cavalry regiments. He would hive taken a second lieutenancy, though after over four years’ service in the volunteers he was mustered out a BrevetBrig ailitir. He served for seven years in the regu lar army as orderly seTgeant and sergeant ma jor. Of good education, well read, a quick and pungent writer, thoroughly posted in all staff duties, and above all, one of the best of cavalry officers, the army was his natural and proper place. Bathe was not a Johnsonite.— Another man from Ihe same State was an ap plicant. He had served with no especial ad vantage to the service as a lieutenant, till nearly the end of the war, when he was dis missed the service. He was re-instated, right fully, too, I presume. He came here last win ter,Vnd has hung on ever since. At heart a radical, he signed the call for the Cleveland Convention, and has hung on to the coat tails of a general officer connected therewith. He was appointed to the commission which had been refused the other gallant and far more capable man. The nominee’s fitness, or rather unfitness, may be judged by the fact that ho failed to pass the Examining Board. The tests, too, are very simple, hat this candidate did not meet the simplest. However, this seems to avail nothing, as the nomination is sent in and h» will lie confirmed. Latterly tlii3 persistent wight has made friends ot a radical Senator, who has obtained for him a doorkeeper s place and will doubtless urge his confirmation. This zeal is probably explained by the fact that tiic expectant lieutenant acts as Mr. Senator’s purveyor or steward. When the question was asked ‘how he would pass the Board,’* it was explained that if the applicant came hack to it confirmed, he would probably be passed, without further remark than they supposed he had read up since his last appearance before them. Of course the re ply to such au interrogatory woul.f be affirma tive. This is one of the ways in which our regular ai ruy is (not) being in tdc the nursery of a high patriotism and fitness. Spectator. '5'Sir. MAKKEIS. TELEGRAPHIC HEFORTS New Y ork Market. J „ . Xsw York, Dee. 26 Colton—anil and unchanged; sales of Middling u* - lauds ut 33} hi 34c. Flour—llriu andquiet; ta’cs 1,900 oulg. State at 8 25 (© 11 76; Hound Iloop Ohio at lo 50 <& 13 25; Western at 8 20 (a) 13 50; Southern at 11 00 @ 11 BO. Wheat—quiet and without derided change; bales 10,800 bush. Milwaukee Mixed al 2 16. Amber State at. 3 10 (g 3 1C. Corn—about lc higher; soles 7,400 bush. Mixed Western at 114} @ 2 15 alloat; Y'cllow bout Item, new at 112. Oats—dull and heavy; sales 19,000 bush. Beef—heavy. Fork—heavy and lower; gales 44,250 bbla. New mess at 20 00 ^ 20 50; prime at 17 00 a. 17 50. Lard—dull and heavy. Whiskey—quiet. Groceries—quiet. Naval Storefr-quiet; Spirits Turpentine at .0^1100. Petroleum—s t ead y. Tallow—dull. Wool—steady with a moderate demand; sales 150 - 000 lbs. at 43 62} for domestic ileece; 45 for super pulled; 23 (a) Vic tbr Texas. Freights to Liverpool—dull. Chicago markets* Chicago, Dec. 20. Flour quiet and lirm; White Winter at 13 25 (jj 1450; Soring eztra at 10 00 ^ 10 85. Wheal 1 @ 2c higher; No. 1 ot 2 10 Tt 2 11; No. 2at 1 S5(c£ 1 93. Corn dull; No. 1 at 75^ & <’6}c. Oats } jgj lc higher; No. 2 at 39} hi 40}c. Lye higher; sales 8981c. Burley firm; No. 2 at G2 sl C5c. Mess l'ork—holders demand 18 50 and buyers idler 18 25; sales 400 bids, ot 18 25 @ 18 50. Lard at lu w ll^e. incased hogs dull and 25c lower, Closing at 6 40. idee bogs—sales 3500 at 5 80 <j£ 5 90; • lie tendency is downward and both packers and chiri pers arc holding back for lower prices. Heeeiptg—1,300 bbls. hour, 17,000 bush, wheat. 23, 000 bush, corn, 8,300 live hugs. Shipments—0,700 bbls, flour. 61,700 bush, wheat. 000 bush. com. Cinrinnaii SlarkelK. „ . . Cincinnati, Dec. 20. Flour no transactions and nominally lower; super line at 9 25 ft) 9 50; extra at 10 00 11 00. Mpss Pm k steady at 19 50. Lard dull at 11J«. Cotton dull at 30c. Whiskey at 2 26. Hogs firm at GOO at 0 50 lor live * receipts since last report 8137; total receipts tliis rea son 237,728. New Oilcans Markets. New Orleans, Dec. iC. ' > .>:• in —dull :ovl lc lower; sales .",000 bales; low Middling a. c. 30c; Middling at 3lc; receipts to- i ■ lav 255 i baled. Total receipts at all the j»orts from Sept 1 to dale is 699,600 bales. Half the crop is a!- ] ready marketed. ' Sugar—demand good and prices higher; lair at flj; prime to choice at 11 & 12c. Molasses in good dc- ' mand; prime to choice at 62 (go 69c. Sterling Ex change 142; New Yprk sight ) @ $. Gold 130).— Freights firm and unchanged. New York Stock Market. New York Dec 26* ^ Second Board—Stocks dull and heavy and Gov ernments weak. A merican G old.. • • • D. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,. 18C2.l®}*® Jr,’; U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, ..*®i i a ini U. S.Five-Twenties, coupons, 188.V ■ • •: ■ ,*7'pA j U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, »*», “ew Bsu®,4. LI. S. Ten-Fortii s, coupons...inVi wTiaz Troasury Seven Tiiree-Tentiis, 1st series, -.400® 1M Treasury Seven Three-Tentiis, ert series,...1VM fe 101 j Treasmy Seven Tlirco-Tentlm, 6d senes,.. 104, felM Mew York tentrsl,...loJ Western Union Telegraph. 44? Krie, preienej, . 83J @ 84 Hudson,.Ill) @ 121 Heading. 104S .Michigan Central,.107$ @ 107 Michigan .Southern. 81 Illinois Central,,.lift Chicago & ltock Island.102 Gold closed this afternoon at 1311. Boston Stack List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 26. American Gold. 1321 United States 7 3-lOths, 1st scries. 104* “ 2d scries. 164* “ small. 104| “ 3d series... lo4f United States 3-20.-. 1862. 105 “ July, 1*65. 108 U nited States Ten-iorUes. 9P$ Vermont Central 2d mortgage bonds. 41 Eastern R iilroad. 107 Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. 99 Bates Manufacturing Company. 166 MARRIED. In this city, Dec. 22, by Rev. Dr Stockbridge, Charles D. Skillins and Mi s Etta Johnson; 23d. Charles H. Lord and Miss Lucy Giltert, all of Port land. In this city, Dec. 25, at Free Sreet Church, by Rev. Dr. Stockbridge, assisted by Rev. Mr. Tewks bury, Charles l’earce, of Cai>e Elizabeth, and M ss .Julia II. Lockhart, of Westbrook. [Mo cuids.] In this city, Dec. 25, by Rev. Mr. Hayden, A. H. Davis, of Salem, Mas*., and Mary Louisa, daughler oj E. H. Merrill. [No cards.] In this cit., Dec. 23. by Rev. Geo. A. Tewksbury, Frank Bvram, of Portland, and Miss Ellen N. Dear born, of Biddeford. In this city, Dec. 24, by J. M. Heath, Esq., John Kati gaud Miss Mary Nestor, both oi Portland. In Washington, D. C., Dec. 1*, by the Rev. John Vaughn Lewis, Jolm Marshall Brown .of Portland, and Alula, daughter of the la o Hon. W. T. Carroll, oi Washington. In Yarmouth, Doc. 25, by Rev. Geo. A. Putnam," diaries Bond and Miss Nettie A. Stubbs, both of (/Portland. In Cumberland. Dec. 23, by Rev. E. S. Jordan, Simeon L. Far well and Mias Sarah P. Greely, both oi Cumberland. In Saccarappa. Dec. 26, Joseph Coleswortby and Mias Alfreda Stiles, both ot Portland. In Saccarappa, Dec. 25, by liev. A. W. Pottle, Jas. L. Fellows, oi Waltham, Mass., and Miss Fiances E. Huston, ot Falmouth. In Kennebunkport, Dec. 25, by Rev. A. Moore, William Wilder and Mias Phene M. Kenny, both oi Kcnncbunk; ort. LH-Klj. In this city, Deo. 13, Mrs. Harriet E., wile of Wm. Noyes, aged 41 years 9 months. In Boston, Dec. 23, Mrs. Clara, wiiie of Theopholas Tbompkinu, and daughter of Horace lottnon, ot this city. [Funeral iliia Thursday afternoon, at 3 o’clock, from the residence of her lather, No. 12 Sprin^St. In Fj veburg, Dec. 15, Mrs. Ann Webster, wife of Capt. Isaac hi ve, age I 71 >earc. In Jackson, Miss., Dec. 3, Miss Theodosia Mitchell, ag d 46 years, 7th, Mr. Wm. Merrill, aged56 years— both formerly oi Yarmouth, Me. in West Peru, Dec. 18, John T. Knight, agod 85 years 8 months. IMPORTS. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Dam a-c us — 1516 bars iron, A E Stevens Co; li pkgs mdse, Tlios Pad dock ; i.l d», Agt GTR; 107 do J E Prindle; 68 do Canadian Lx Co; 1 case stationery. J A Paddock; 5 baies lines, L Dana & Cons; 6 cases mdse, John Portuous. O SPA RUT a*. OF OCEAN STEAMERS 2i A M K FROM FOB DATE. Arago.New 2ora.. Havre..Dec 22 Bavaria.. ...New 2'ork..Hamburg.Dec z'i Guiding Star.-New Pork.. Rio Janeiro.. .Dec 22 Cuba.Boston.Liverpool.Dec 20 City ol Host in.New 2ork..Liverpool.Dec 2a Corsica.New 2orK.. Havana.Dec at Ocean Queen,.New York. .Laiifornia.Dec 31 Java.Now 2ork..Liverpool.Jan 2 City of Limerick.. .New York. .Liverpool.Jan 2 City of Cork.New York. .Liverpool.Jan 5 Australasian.New York. .Lhrorpool.Jan 9 Miu.afure Aiuianut'.December 27. Sim ri es. 7.29 | Moon rises.11.30 PM Sun nets.4.34 | High water.3.4ft PM MARINE 1ST EWS PORT OF PORTLAND. Tuesday, December 25. ARRIVED. Steamship (Br) Walts, Liverpool 6tli inst via Londonderry. Steamer Gen McCollum, Laughton, Halifax, NS. Soli H Prescott, Freeman, Nansemond, Va Sell Nile, Oliver, Boston. Sell Modena, Rowe Rockpoit, Mass. Wednesday. December 26. ARRIVED. Sell Emeline Haight, Avery, Elizabethpon. Scb Louisa, Oliver, Boston. Seta ( iti/.en, Upton, Boston. Sell Moselle, Heckman, Boston Scb Levant, Cobb, Bos on. Sell Cone.*:dia, Arey, Vinalliaven. Sell Success, Merrill, Rockport. CLEARED. Steamer Equator, Clark, Halifax—John i orteoue. Barque American IJ -yds, (new, 515 tons,) JC Park Mataazas—J L Hobson. Seta Lauia S Watson, Doherty* New York—J L Hobson. SAI LED—Ship Oakland; sells Willie Martin, and Laura S Watson Launched—At 4?ape Elizabeth, 26rh inst. from the yard oi Jos H Dyer, a tine clippers* hr of 801 ns, in. m.) named D;caauaught, intended tor the fishing business. She is owned by Capt Henry Wdlard, (who will command her.) aiid others, of Cape Rnza betta. Lai.ncHF.d—At Calais 22.1, from'the yard of Ro land iJuggi s, a schr of 3H tons, named Maggie •» < badwick. She Downed by Capt E Chadwick, ol St George, and parties iu Providence. DISASTERS. Barque 1 toilert Porter, from Callao for Gibraltar, was in collision with another ve-sol off Taiifa on the 1st id31, and sustained considerable damage. Ba qne Pathfinder, ol and from Rockland tor New Orleans, with lime, got ashore at Bermuda, where she took lire and was destroyed. Ship Shatmuc, at Sau Francisco from New York, had twelve of her crew sick with scurvy, and tor ten days bad but three men io work the ship. Ou the 2.ith inst, spoke whailing barque Harris u. wli<> fen iiislied six nn.n to bring the ship into port, for which they claim $20,000 salvage. DOMESTIC PORTS. Ar 20th. barque David Nichols, Coombs, Baltimore SAN FRANCISCO - Ar 2tst, ship Shatmuc, Soule. New York; l'arsce, Soule, Hong Kong. MOBILE—Ar 17th, br g oportsman, Ginn, Gardi ner. Cid 17th, brig Geo Gilchrist, Gilchr st, Provtdenc ; sch liattic Baker, Crowell, for New York. PENSACOLA—Ar 1 th, brigs Julia F Carncv, Carney, and Hiram Abiff, Tibbetts, Havana; 14th, Lanina. Knowles, Havana. Cid loth, brig Julia F Carncv Carney, Now Or leans; s h Vernal, Perry, Indianola. SAVANNAH—Ar l&tli. barque Aberdeen. Coch rane,Cardens; Meguntcnok, i lemming way, Bud s port. < Id 18th, barque Mary C Dyer, Watllngton, New Tor* ; brig Annie M Knight, Ivnight, do. Sid Dili, brig Susan L Voorhics, fur Boston. CHARLESTON—Ar 23d barque Toscano, Delano, Bos i on. Cid 21st, >hip Uunquam Doirnlo, Cousins. Tor Liv erpool. WILMINGTON—Ar 21st. sch Union, Bisop. irom Rockp rt. Cid 2utb, sch Ante’opc, Chadwick, Green Turtle Cav. RICHMOND—Ar 21st, sch Hattie Coombs, Drink water, Boston. BALTIMORE—Cid22d, Trig Nolle Tarbox. Pen dleton. Charleston. Ar2Uh, barques Cl)almerie, Waite. Boston; Pa ladian, xMitehcll, New York; brig Chas Heath. Wy man, Providence. Chi 24th sch Clinton, Shackford, Portland. SI 12lth, brig Fannie Lincoln, Boston Sid 21st, brig Hattie, for Savannah. PHILADELPHIA—Ar22d, sch Georgie Dec-ring, Wiilaid, Po tland. Ar 24th, sch lrvino, Digging, Eastport, (with mss of part ol deck load.) Chi 24th, barque Topeka, Blanchard, Antwerp; brig Leonard Mv?rs, Wicks, Rio Janeiro; s li Far rago t, Crosby, Portland. W nt to si-a 2t'tk, ship Uncle Joe, and Hudson. NEW YORK— Ar 23d, ship Columbia, Rob nson, Liverpool, leaky; brigs Motes Rogers, Jones, Rio Janeiro; TJ Maguire, Littlefield, Mansanilla, with sails split; Winfield, Loring, Cicntueeos ; >ophie, Strout, Brunswick; sthB i ihta, Sm th, St Marks, foremost sprung; Balloon, Clay, Bangor; Wm t ar roll. Colson. Winlerport; Ella, Richardson. Bangor; F Hatch,-, and n Jameson, Jameson, Rock Is ud; Laurel, Wooster, Sullivan; Blooded, Atwood. Port land lor Virginia; Ndow Squall, Stinson. Rockpoit lor Richmond. dd^Jd, sch May, (Br) Bissetf. Portland and St John, N B. Ar 24?Ii, Lawrence Brown, from Calcutta; barques Voyager. Wylie, Mansanilla ; L T Stock-r, Bibber, Matanzas; brigs Milwaukee, Brown, Port Spain, (split and lo t sails); H Houston. French, Caibarien; suwanne. Cobb, Pensacola; schs Gov Cony, Roberts, Bangor; Ida May, Drisko, Muchtas, E A Conant, Foes, Portland :or Philadelphia; J \V M.titLand,Col cord, Bangor. Cid 24th, barque Volant, Snow, for Buenos Ayies; brig Webster Kelley, Haskell, Boston; s h Cham. Eaion. Cberrvfield. New HAVEN—Ar 22d, br.g Tangent, Chandler. Calais ; schs Montana. Lowell; Montrose, Grierson, and Hampden Belle, II rt. do. NEW LONDON Ar 22d, sens Pliebe Ann, J once. Bangor lor Norwich. Ar 23d. schs Sarah, Morion. Rockland lor N York; Helen, Ferry, New York tor NewBcdiord; Maria Lou sa. Snow, do lor Bucksport. PltuVIDEN CE—Ar 24th, brig Maria W Norwood, Washburn. New Oilcans. NEWPORT—Ar 22d, brigs Mattano, Jarvis, Ells worth for New York; Manzonl, Carlson, New Bed ford for Liucksville, SC; schs Ida May, Drff ko. fr« m Macliias loi do; bedona, Teel, Portland far Chesa peake Ba . Ai 23d, schs Am Chief, Pres-ey, and Thomas Hiv, Perry, New York lor Boston; Sea Queen. Guptili, Baltimore for do HOLMES* HOLE—Ar 23d, sch Annie May. May. Portland for New Bedford. Sid, brig Mattano; schs W H Mailer, Leesburg. Annie May, and others. EDGARTOWN—Ar 2Ut, see 4.0a. Mo .igonwry, •ocomoko River, Va, lor Newcastle, 'caky. NEW BEDFORD-Ar 24th, eehs M U Reed, Ben on, Ph ladelpbta; Anni ■ May, May, For , BOSTON-Ar 21th, brig c w on; che Mary E Long. Hirdy. Im Lla-abethport, ‘ ANNoy?B?(B'r) HolmesPorMand and it Georce' >fiU F ArtWiuB. Mitchell, Machias. lRitnI?aGD>. ba"lues Ellen Morrison, from Maurit Flora Southard, lrom New Orleans, rid 26th. ship Ptda* Star, West, Philadelphia; brig leo Harris, French, Satilia River; Br sch9 Frigate Bird, llaley and M B, Patterson, Portland, to load or St John, KB; J Baker, Barberick, Portland. SALEM—Ar 22d, schs Virginia Price, Spates, irjin Calais tor New York; Vendor!, Gregory, Rockland >r Richmond. GLOUCESTER—Ar 22d. sell Eliza Ellen, Fogg, Portland lor Boston. Ar 23d, schs Pioneer, Small, ftn Boston tor Mill n-idge: Ann Parker, wilder, Portlnud for NYork: John & George, Smallage, Boston fbr Mt Desert; J D Grillin, Gould. Boston. FORUIGM POUTS. Arat Wellington, NZ, Oct 30, ship Ll.e Oak, Coombs. Cardiff. At Chicha Islands 26th ult, ships Juliet Trundy, Allen; Washington, Berry : Eu opa, Patten; SF Hersev, Staples; Gen Butler, Chase; David Brown, Nichols; Virginia, Weeks; John Bryant, Gardiner; O *eola, Bennet; Ivanhoe, Herriman; Ivanhoe. Her riman; Detroit, Curtis; Star. Loring; El Dorado, Sweet er, and Jas Cheston. Colson, ldg, (destinations not reported.) Sid im Valparaiso 3d inst, ship Otago, Thorndike, (from New York) for San Franc! co. Ar at Buenos Ayres 5th ult, barques Jas McCar thy, McCarthy, Boston; 9th, Sarah Hobart, Croston, _ In port 10th ult, barqnes Hosea Rich, Romeroy, for New York; Talavera, Carver, for Boston. Ar at Montevideo Oct 30, barques Sarah A Staples, Staples, Newport, E; Jas M Churchill, Hutchinsou, PhUadcluhia; Nov 3. Sarah Hobart, Croston, Port land; 7tn, Bid well, Churchill, Bangor. Sid Oct 30, ship S D Thurston, Snow, Callao. Ar at Bio Janeiro 8th u t, ship Persia, Doane, ftn Cardiff; barque St Ursula, Lanfare, New York; 21st ship Gen Shepl. y, Dinsmore, Philadelphia. Cld 23d, ships Italia, Whitmore, and Montpelier, Watts, Callao. In port 25th ult, ships Persia, Doane, lor Callao, disg; Gen Sheple.v, Dinsmore, from Philadelphia for San Francisc, in distress ; Ocean Eagle. Wilcomb, fr om Baltimore lor do, in distress; Star ol the Union, Reed. do. Sid An Pernambuco 30th ult.barque Tarquin, Kim ball, New York. At at Asmnwalt 8th inst, brig Star of Faith, Peak, Jacksonville. Sid 3d, brig H.B Emery. Small, Mansanilla; 7th, barque SliawmuL Lord, Florida; brig Crocus, Reed, Sau Bias; 11th, Navarino, Lofd, Cienfuegos; 13th, barque Eva H Fisk, Emery, Galveston. At Max ague/. 4tli Inst, brig Altavela, Reed, from Wilmington, NC, disg. Ar at Mansanilla tth inst, brig Valencia. Smith, Barbados*. Ar at Havana 14th inst, brig Hyperion, Simonton, New York. Sid An Cardenas 13th inst, sell Kate Carlton, Bow den. Pensacola; 15th, brig Ocean Belle, Morton, for Portland. At Nassau, NP, 18th lost, Sunshine, Packer, lor New Orleans. fPer steamer Allemania, at New York J Arat Algeoiras prevto 3d inst. Wm H Prescott, Batchelder, and Odessa, Nichols, Callao; Robt Por ter, Nichols, do. Ar at Havre Tth inst, Theobald, Theobald, from Baltimore. Ar at Valencia 3d inst, Guardian, Borland, lrom Cnllao. Ar at llelvoct 9th inst, Moonlight, Nichols, from Baltimore. Sid ftn Sourabaya Oct 11, Addison. Sloan, for Hoi land. Ar 25th, sell! Wm Arthnr, Andrews, Portland; C W Elwell, Long, Bath. SPOKEN, Dec 21. lat 38 08, Ion 69 40, brig Antilles, ft m Bos ton tor Trinidad. at ad Dt Magnolia.—The prettiest tiling, the “sweetest tiling/’ and the most of ic for the least money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful |»er furne; allays headache and inliamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. S. T.—1860.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters sold in one year is something startling. They would till Broadway six leet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic •‘S. T.—1860—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disfiguring the lace of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. we do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia-certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggist j. “in lining the kettle trom the tire I scalded my suit very severely—one hand almost to a crisp, l’he tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately, it healed rapidly aud left very little scar. Chas. Poster, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.’* Tills is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., cither upon man or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of Id. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & €e, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Katharion. It ’ makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand ruu, aud causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, vas hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic tlushed face, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not l>o without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist for 58 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Uruggisis. Heimstroot’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily glowing In favor for over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heiin structs is not a dye but Is certlin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Price 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Ginger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headacho, Cholera Morbus, &e., where a warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article tor culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 60 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. n June 14/66—eod&wly Notice. | HE proprietors of Union Wharf Corf oration are a hereby notified that there Annual meeting will be h olden at the counting-room of the Wharfinger, on sanl wharf, on the first TUESDAY, being the first day of January, at 3 o’clock P. M., to act on the following ar* icles, viz 1st. To choose a President. 2d. To choose a Clerk tor the ensuing >ear, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary. 3d. To receive and allow accounts against the cor poration. 4th. To appropriate any funds necessary tor repair ing the wharf or for other purposes; and, generally, to act on all matters which may be considered neces sary for the interests of the proprietors, JOSEPH H. WHITE, Clerk of Union Wharf Corporation Portland, Dec. 24, 1866. dtd FAINTS AM) OILS, Drug's, Medicines, Dye stuils, Window Glass. AGENTS FOB Forest Hirer A Warren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS Sc WILLIAMS, Nos. Sand 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Pec4—TuXliStly Tlie Gothic Furnace! 1.10B Wood or Coal is the most powerlul furnace in use, and has the most railiatwg surface. Judge Bullock of the U. S. District Court fbr Khode Island says “I have used your furnace No. 10 tw'o winters; it is simple in construction. 1 am entirely satisfied with it and deem it preferable to any hot air furnace I have seen ”. _ ALEX. ML LESLEY, IVffr. €105 6th Avenue, New York. A circular sent by request. dc25dlm To the Senate and House of Representatives in the Legislature qf Maine assembled: THE undersigned, the Directors of the Cape Eliza beth Steam Ferry Company, respectfully pray that said Company may i»c authorized to in crease its capital stock ; also to increase the rates of toll upon said Ferry to such amount as the Legisla ture shall dean* suitable. JUSEPH W. DYER, JiENJAMlN NV. F1CKETT, rjHAPXES FOBES. Portland, Dec., 18C6. dec 11 d2aw3w SKATES l And POCKET CUTLERY at BAILEY’S Gun Store. lecSl 0 FREE STREET » d2w WANTED. Wanted. A YOUNG man of color desires employment as house servant, or out of doors work, taking care horses and as driver. Has been in Mr J. B. Brown’9 employ for four years past, and can give the best tes timonials as to character and capability. Please apply to the office or J. B. BROWN & SONS, 27 Danforth Street. dc2*llw* WM HEATHMAN. Book Agents Wanted. iUfli every town In the State. For terms apply to or address, ' J. PATTEN FITCH, dc20d2w* No 233$ Congress Street, Portland, Me. Flour Barrels Wanted. WfE will pay 30 cents each lor fust class Flour YY Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., uovlSdtf 130 Commercial street. #51 Agents Wanted! #lo I^IVE to Ten Dollars per day, by the Hartford 1 Publishing Co. Box 1000 Portland, Maine. Portland Dec. 17 dim* AGENTS WASTED, For Frank Moore’. New Work “WOMEN OF THE WAB." AGENTS will find this a book of real merit and in trinsic value—subject new—in tensely inter esting and exciting. No Work ever attracted and engaged the public mind like this. Everybody wants it, and thousands will purchase it as soon as an op portunity is alforded them. Read what Agents say of it. One experienced Are at writes: It is the easiest and pleasantest Book ne ever canvassed for; and says people are delighted with it, the La die* especially. Another says: “Women of the War” is the book of the season. Another, 137 Orders in Four Days. One reports 17 orders the first day of canvassing. Intelligent, active Males or Females will find the sale ot this work a pleasant and lucrative employment. This book has no competitor—it comes fresh and new to the people. The territory is clean and clear.— Agents understand the advantages in this particular. For full particulars send for Circular. Address C. A. CHAPIN, Phoenix Building, Room 13, Boston, Mass. decl7d&wlm Wanted Immediately. ■4 Art Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish 1UU Girls todo housework, cook, $c., in pri vate families and hotels hi this city and country. Situations sure. The best wages paid. Also 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men Per any work will do well to call on U9, a? we will supply them tree of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Office, up 8tair8, sept26dtl late WHITNEY & CO. BOARD AMD ROOMS, To be Let with Board. TWO front Booms at 38 Center street, opposite Preble House. Can accommodate lour single gentlemen. deelOdlw* LOST AND FOUND. - 11 ■ ■ »- -'-—m. —“ Found. APORTEMONNAIJJ supposed to contain money. The owner can have the same by calling at No 2 i Deering Block, and paving tor till, notlco. Dec 26d3t» J. H. FOGG. Found. ON Portland street, 22d Inst., a PORTMONNAIE, containing money and papers. Apply to W. H. JERR1S, Bear Estate Agent._ dec24d3l*_ LOST! BETWEEN the Grand Trunk and P. S. & P. Depot, A Solid Leather Portmanteau, Checked with a Boston and N. V. Check, No. 9s9. The linder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the P. S, & P. Depot. decl9d2w LOST! A LARGE sized Morocco Wallet, containing two Railroad passes and a number of papers of no use to any person but the owner. Any person return ing the same to this office, or C. B. Chisholm & Bro., 307 Congress Street, will he suHdMv rewarded. December 11. dtf HEAL BfeTATS;. ' House for Suit-, O ITU AXED on the corner of Liucoln and Ander O son Streets. It is a new house, one and a half stories, with an ell—good well of water, &c. House nearly finished. Price $1,700. Apply to Mrs. HASKELL on the premises, dec 25 dlw* To Let. A SMALL Hall and Room in M r: r Flock, just above the Preble House. A Is j :i r.«. . i.i *u te of rooms without board, on Free Street. For 8«h.-A valuable residence on Carlton St. Also two on V aughan St. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOURN, dealers in Real Estate, Morton Block, next above Preble House. December 19. dlw. For Sale. AVERY desirable and convenient 1$ story house, with barn, wood shed and carriage house, all in good order, with seven acres ot land, only one mile outside of city, upon which there are 300 choice fruit trees, consisting of apple, pear, plumb and cherry; also an abundance of currants, gooseberry, strawber ry, &c., with very best ol water, large brick cistern and furnace in the cellar; a splendid gul den and in a lirst rate neighborhood, and in every way a desira ble proi»erty. Immediate possession given. Prioe only $5000. HANSON & HOW, Real Estate Agents, No. 345 Congress Street. dec3-r41m ■VTOTiciS. 1 will sell on tavorable terms as to i Jli pavment, or let lor a term of years, the Jots on the conier ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner ol franklin and For? streets. Apply to WW. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl HOUSE AND LOT tor sale at Cape Elizabeth Fer ry,—house nearly new, Enquire oi A .P. COLE at the Ferry,or W. U.MANSFELD, Portland Steam Packet Co. jul 14 dtf P^OKNAEiF, tn Gorham, tilteen minutes walk Irom the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Bain and outbuildings, having all the conven iences and in prime condition. It is situated near a grove and a snort distance from the County road. Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Houses for Sal<-. WE offer tor Bale the eight first class brick hOUSCS, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our ofhee, No. 274 Dantorth St. J. B. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 1G, 18G6. dtf House Lots on India St., for Sale. TT'NQUIRE of CON ANT * RAND, Jui 103 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAYSON, Portland, Nov. 21. dtf Exchange Street. TT'ARiVI for Male. The subscriber offers his x I aim for sale or will exchange lOr city property. It is a lirst rate farm oi 110 acres, with a two story House, in good repair and a new Barn with cellar, 40x00. There is a never tailing supply oi good water and wood lot. Said farm is situated on the road from Saccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For further particulars applv to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or J. H. Cook, on the premises. lyzr-eodtl Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, ON CONNEBCIAL STREET. f I 'HE subscribers elter for sale the lot of land on X the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf; measuring 72 by 160 feet. For fur ther particulars impure JONAS H. PEliLEY,

Oct IS tfor W. S. DANA. Valuable Beal Estate on Elm St. I1 Oil SALM. A PORTION of tlie “DAY" Estate oi»Elm Street, comprising over 28000 ltoct of land, togciher with Brick Houses, stable &c. This property is lo cated on Elm and Cumberland streets all susceptible of improvement, and has a front on Elm street oj2*>2 feet. Tbenbove property is offered for salecithcr In por tions or collectively, on liberal terms. Apply to aug*J0—tf_JOHN C. PBOCTOK. Fop Lease. If'HE valuable lot oi land coroci oi Middle and JL Plumb Six Cel:*, lor a term of years. Enquire of E. C. MITCHELL A SON, Aug. tf. UOi—dU_ lie bore Street. /VA House for Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En ■ill quire at No. 8 Central Wbari. Hiill July 12—dtl Valuable Hotel Propepty tor sale. r 11 HE oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil X lage of Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of fered for sale at a bargain, il applied for soon. Tbe House is large, in good repair, with f u ini tare and fixtures throughout, together w ith all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HOKATIO BOOTH BY, _ Proprietor. Or Hanson* Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sep*. 2b, InGti. dtf Form for sale. 4 A WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, atid Westbrook Seminary. Sakl form contains about 100 acres, part of it very valuable for tillage, and part oi it for building lots. There is a good lmusc. two largo barus, and out hous es on t he premises. 11 will be sold together, or hi lots to suit purclinsers CYlilTS THUttLOW, sepll-dtf 1GG St. Oysters, Oysters. THIS day received a splendid lot Virginia Oysters, and for sale at$1,60per gallon, solid; All orders by mail or express promptly attend ed to. pysters deliverod in any part of the city. II. FUEEMAN & CO., doc22dli* 101 Federal Street. ForSale. THE brig ELMIRA, 174 tons old measurement, well calculated for tbe Coasting trade. : Apply to YKATON & HALE. dpc24d*w3w infMUKANCJk. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, BBTl’BN of tlio llniiurnimrcra’ lusur nice Company of Biatea, (be First day of November, 1866, State the name of the Com pany ? Manufacturers' in surance Co., Where located? Boston, When incorporated? Feb. 23, 1822, Amount of capital? $400,000 00 Amount of capital actually paid In? 400,000 00 Number ol shares, and par value of each? 4000 loo Amount of Are risks out standing? 10,243,829 00 Amount of marine risks outstanding? 11,200,712 00 Total amount of outstand ing risks? 21.444A41 00 Amount of United States stock or treasury notes owned by the Company? State amount of each kind and par value and market Par Mar't value of each, Value, Value, Bonds of 1881, 100,OoO 110,000 “ “ 1884,6-20s, 86,000 68,000 “ “ 7 3-lOs, 28,000 28,000 - - 193,000 00 Amount of bank stocks? State amount of each kind and par value and market value of each, SO shares Third National Bank, Springfield, Mass., lou 100 8,000 00 60 shares N. Eng. National Bank, Boston, loo lid 8,962 75 looo shares National city Bank, Boston, 100 107 84,405 37 550 shares Shoe & Leather National Bank, Boston, 100 130 54,005 32 500 shares Shawmut Na tional Bank, Boston, 100 110 44,108 00 24 shares Market Nation al Bank, Boston, 100 105 132 87 167 shares State National Bank, Boston 100 107 14,668 37 M8 shares Eagle National Bank, Boston, 100 116 16,432 22 100 shares Bay State Na tional Bank. Lawrence, 75 75 7.500 00 160 shares Hailroad Na- ’ Uonal Bank, Lowell, 100 105 13,002 00 300 shares Second Nation al Bank, Boston, 100 140 28,137 50 Amount of railroad bonds? Stats amount of each kind and par value and market value of each. 102,000 Cheshire railroad bonds, 100 90 87,783 67 60,060 National and Dock W arehouse Co., 1660 1000 60,000 00 Cash value of real estate owned by the Company? 29,900 47 Amount of cash on hand? inclu’g loans and advances on losses not adjusted, 58,723 00 Amount loaned on mortgage of real estate? 41,500 00 Amount loaned on collateral? 81,800 00 Amount loaned without cul lateral? endorsed notes, 24,352 00 Amount ot all other invest ments? 13,000 00 Amount of premium notes on risks terminated? 8X97 50 Amount of losses due and unpaip? none. Amount of losses claimed and unpaid? none. Amount of losses reported upon which the liability ot the ompany is po( de termined? 137,000 00 Amount of cash received ibr premiums on Are risks? 99,599 00 Amount of cash receivod for premiums on mame rssks? 80,476 31 Amount of notes recerived ibr premiuoms on mailue risks? 195,358 03 Amount of cash received for interest? 82,351 24 Amount of income receded from all other sources? rent, . g 369 57 Amount of fire losses paid last year? 356,950 22 Amount of marine leases paid last year? 392,051 30 Amount of dividends paid the last year? 80,000 00 Amount paid for expenses of otnee? 26X92 12 Amount of other expendi tures? Slate and U. t> tales Taxes, 39.375 21 Amount received in ease for lire risk* not terminated? 112,628 10 Amount required to re-in rare ail outstanding risk*? from 75 to 90 per cent of premium, Amount of premium notes on risks not terminated? 123,401 77 Amount of delinquent notes not charged to profit and loss? 251 00 Highest rate of intorest re ceived? 7 g-ig* How many shares of capital stock are pledged to the Company? none. Balance to credit of profit and hiss account? 173.452 {3 How many shares of the capital stock ate owned by Company, or not sub scribed tbr? none. Wliat amount of the capital consists of the stockhold ers’ notes? nothing. SAMUEL GOULD, President. JAS. J. GOODRICH, Secretary. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. Suffolk, ss. Personally appeared Samuel Goold, President, and Jas. J. Goodrich, Secretary of the above Company, and severally made oath that the above statement, by them subscribed, is, iu their belief, true. Before me, EDWARD STEARNS, Justice of the Peace. The above statement of the Manufacturers’ In surance Company exhibits its condition alter pay ing a larger amount of losses by the lale lire than those of any other Company These losses were all paid immediately and without giving tho insured any trouble in the matter of proof or otherwise. This Company so well known for its ability and promptitude is now prepared to take risks against Fire on all insurable property at lair rates of pre mium. Apply to NATH’L F. LEERING, AGENT, No. 19 Free Street, Portland. decl2eod3w SECURITY. CONDENSED STATEMENT of the Con dition nt the SECURITY INSURANCE COMPANY of New York, on the first day of November, 1866, made to the State of Maine, pursuant to the Statute oi that State. NAME AND LOCATION. The name of this Company is the Security In surance Com pan y, incorporated in 1856, and lo cated iu the city of New York. CAPITAL. The capital of said Cumpanv actually paid up in cash is - - - ' - $1,000,000 00 The surplus on the first day oi November, is««, ----- *451,384 58 Total amount oi capital and surplus, $1,451,381 58 ASSETS. Cash Items, t - - - $315,368 42 United Stales Bonds. - - - 285,707 60 State, County and City Bonds. - oo Bonds and Mortgages, - - - . - 498,184 no Interi st accrued, bu’not due, - - 18,254 70 Unpaid Premiums, - 64.047 78 Special Loans, and all other Property, - 148,872 93 $1,430,030 33 LlAMUllTTES. Ain’t cf Losses adjusted, and due and unpaid, none. “ •* incurred, and in process of adjustment, .... $106,831 43 All other existing claims against the Com pany, ..... 36,729 <ti Total amount of Losses, Claims and Liabll ties,.$203,560 47 Sta Tl New Yobk, 1 . City and County ol New York, ( * A. F. Hastings, President, and Frank ’W. Ballard Secretary, of the Security Insurance Company, being severally and duly sworn, depose and say, and each lor himself, that ti e foregoing is a true, toll and cot rect statement ol the alfans of the said Cor por tlion, and that they are the above described of fleers thereof. Sworn to before me. Nov 13,1866. THUS. L. TlIoBNELL, Notary Public. A. F. HASTINOS, President. FRA NIC tv. HALT, A Hit, Secretary. Loring, Stackpole & Co, Agts, Office No. 117 Commercial St., dc20-eod3w POKTI.liVD. Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., SAT.KM, MASS. Statement of the condition of said Company on the 1st day of November, A D, 1866, being the date of its exhibit next proceeding Dec 1,1866. Amount of Capital Stook,.$712,764,58 Consisting of Notes and Statute Liabilities,. 605,198,58 And of cash assets as follows: Mortgagee,. 15,630,91 Bank Stock,. 42,295 Real Estate,. 29,460 Railroad Bonds and Stocks,. 6,137,60 State and City Bonds,. 6,706 Loans on collatoral and notes re ceivable,. 2,696,16 Sundry Assets, . 610,94 Cash on hand,. 3,872,10 Balance in agents’ hands,. 167,89 -$712,784,38 Amount at Risk.14,648,738,11. LIABILITIES: Losses claimed,.........2,306 Drafts given in payment for losses,not yet pre sented for payment,.3,863,86 Unclaimed Dividends. 572,64 Aug. Stoby, Prest. Thomas ii. Johnson, Secy. J: II. TVEB8TBB, Agent, dec7d3w No 10 South street. LS. Twomblcy, (Journal Insurance Broker, • would inform his many iriends and (he pubi c generally that he is prepared t > continue the Insur ance tiusint ss as a Broker, and con place Fire, Life and Marine Insurance to »ny extent In tho best Com p .nies in the United States. All business entrusted to my c re shut, be ikithfu ly attended to. Office at C. M. Hlce’s Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St, where orders can bo left. .iulifti Ocean Insurance Company. Annual Meeting. THE Stockholders of the Oceau iusuiance Company, are hereby notified to meet at the Office of said Company, on Mouday the 7th day of January, A. D. 1867, at 3 o’clock P. M„ lor the pur pose of choosing Seven Directors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of any other business which may then be legal! y acted upon. Gifio. A. WRIGHT, Sec»y. Portland, Dec. 11,18«6, dec 12 Jtd w—^If?— INSURANCE. OFFICE OF THE Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. IpriagleM, Man. September 15 ltoe: To tlie Agents of the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Gentlemen The officers 01 this Company take great pleasure in announcing to their Agent., patron, aud friends, that by an unanimous vote of the stock holder., the capital stock of this company ha. been in creased to HALF A MILLION Dollars, all paid in CASH, and that the assets of the company are $690,171,74; Capital, $500,000; Surplus, $190,171,74. Notwithstanding the frequent fires and the heavy losses sustained by insurance companies, THIS Com pany is able to show to its agents and patrons, snch a list of assets and securities as to entitle it to a position in the front rank among insurance companies in this country— one worthy of the fliliest confidence, and giving the most perfect securities to policy-holders. The policies in this company, furnish the most am ple indemnity to our customers, we ask in return good risks, aud adequate rates, and we trust our many and ffilthmi agents may in the future aa in the past, look well to our interests—enlarge and Increase our busi ness, upon what shall prove a safe class of risks. Edmund Freeman, President, Chartered 1849, J. N. Dunham, Sec. Capital & Surplus $690,171,74, Chas. E. Lane, Assistant Sec. We are Yours Very Truly, E. Freeman, President. J. N. Dunham, Secretary. Jehu E. Daw Sc San, A grata, sep29-eodtf PORTLAND, MAINE. CONDENSED STATEMENT Of the condition of the Bay State Fire Insurance Co., Op Worcester, Mass., As made to Secretary of State, Nor. 1,1866. Capital Stack.$130,000. Amount of Capital Stock actually paid In, gl0i,800. AMOUNT OP ASSETS. U. S. Bonds, par value. 43,730,00 State of Vermont Stocks,. 5,000,00 Bank Stocks in Worcester and Boson,. 45,485,00 Bell Boed Stocks. 12,831,00 Loaned City of Worcester on demand, . 20,000,00 Loaned with Collateral. 5,006,00 Cash on hand,. 9,382,15 Cash in hands of agents,. 2,782,03 Other Cash Items,. 1,200,00 $145,410,18 LIABILITIES. Am’t of losses doe and unpaid,. 205,00 Amount of losses claimed and unpaid,. 4,475,00 Am’t of losses reported upon which the liabil ity of the Company is not determined,.. 6,200,00 10,970,00 W. S. Da via, President. L. C. PAWS. Secretary. 1. B. WEBSTER, Agent, dec7d3w No 10 South Street. SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life Insurauce! am been ^appointed General Agents ibr New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Of Boston, Mass., being the oldest purely Mutual Life Ins. Co. in America, we wish fifty good, active agent, t J work in the diiterent cities and villages throughout the State. None need apply unless good reference can be give. The Co. is Xf years old and has paid in Dividends $1,247,000 00 and over $2,000,000 00 m loss os by death. It 1ms now a well-invested accumulated Capital of over $4,000,000 00. The Co. lbrmerlv made and paid its dividends once in five yon. A Divi dend will be made up in Nov. 1886, and annually thereafter, and available one year from date of Poli cy. Applications ibr local Agtmoiee will be made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gon’l Agents, no21d3m Biddeibrd, Me. FARMERS — Avn—— OWNERS OF LIVE STOCK. The Hartford Live Stock Ins. Co., Cash Assets, - - -$170,000 AH Paid In ana Securely Invested, is now prepared to issue Polices ou HORSES, CATTLE, and LIVE STOCK ot all kinds, against DEATH 01 THEFT at moderate rates of Premium. Farmers and Owners of Valuable H.bct, Stable-keeper, and other., Now have an opportunity to in ure with a sound and reliable company, against loss by FI HE, DISEASE, or ACCIDENTAL. CAUSES, and trom THIEVES. POLICIES ISSUED BY W. I). LITTLE & CO., General Agents, At Often No. 79 Commercial Street, And in Lancaster Hall Building, Market Square, PORTLAND. £3F*Canvasser8 and Sub-Agents Wanted. Doc 14—tl&w6w BKHOVAL. Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this day romoved from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms NO. 66 EXCHANGE STREET, IN TUB CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, where he is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms, and for any amount, in companies second to no others on the globe, and on the most fhvorable terms. HP* Parties preferring first flat, insurance, are res pectfully invited to call. Novembers, 1866. dtf Bank Notice. THE following are the let and 2d Sections of an act of the Legislature, passed Fe b 20,1866: “Section 1. In all cases where the liability of any “bank in this State to redeem its bills would expire “in tlio year 1SC6, but for the provisions of this act, “such liability shall be extended until the 1st day of “March, 1867, except such banks fu are now in the “hands of the Receivers.” "SECT. 2. The Bank Commissioners shall publish “In one or more newspapers nearest the place where “a bank is situated, and in such other newspapers as “they may see tit, a notice of the time when the lia bility of such bank will cease for the redemption of “its bills, said notice to be continued lor tlueo months “next before the time named therefor.” The liability of the following banks to redeem their bills, which would have expired in the year 1866, and alter the passage of this act is, by the iirst section of the act, extended until the 1st day of March, 1867: Augusta Bank,at Augusta Long Reach Bank at Bath Bath Bank, at Bath. Lewiston Falls Bank, Bank of Somerset, at Lewiston. at Skowhegan. Marine Bank, Bank of Wiutlirop, at Damariscotta. at Winthrop. Northern Bank, Freemans B’k, at Augusta at HalloweU. Granite Bank, at Augusta.Oaklaud Bank, International Bank, at Gardiner. at Portland. Orono Bank, at Orono. Kendaskeag Bonk, Skowhegan Bank, at Bangor. at Skowhegan. A. C. ROBBINS, 1 Bank F. K. WEBB, ) Commissioners. Nov 33,18CC,no28dlaw3m CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS G I FT S ! An assortment of Gents’, Ladies’ & Children’s GLOVES AND MITTENS. -XIAO Breakfast Shawls, Heads, lHsa and Bays’ Scarfs, German n Worsteds, Drees Trimmings, Tidies, Knitting Cat tea, Country aad Factory Tara. New lot of Ladies’ and Children’s BALMORAL SHIRTS Z very pretty, and late styles. Also BALMOBAL BOBDERINC, for sale at M. E. BEDLOW’S, d#c28dlw_ 430 Congress Street GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES ! E. TARBELL & SON, Wo. 11 BBO.HFIEI.iD STREET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, arc., Re-Gilt and Bronzed.__no21eod3m \TOTlCKis hereby given, t’uat the subscriber has 11 boon duly appointed and taken upon himself tbe trust of Administrator with the will annexed of the estate ot JOSIAH MILLIE EN. la*e of Port'and, in the County of Cumberland, de ceased, and given bonds as tho law directs. Ail persons having demands upon the estate ot said de ceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all per sons indebted to said estate arc called upon to make payment to SETH M. MILLIE EN, Administrator with the will annexed. Portland, Dec. 4,1806. dec2ld3w* 83T*Send your orders for Job Work to Daily Pres Office. RAiUtOADN, MAINE CENTRAL rT rT WINTER ARRANGEMENT. , .Vesif"? On and alter Monday,November 12tb, w vctineni, tiaius will leave Portland for f»“!;,0I 8nJ, a*1 Intermediate station on this line, at T 40 A* M daily' For F^wiston and Auburn only, at tar-Frelght trains for Waterville and all Interme diate stations, leave Portland at 8.25 A M Train trom Bangor is dae at Portland at L44 P M, In season toronnect with train tor Boston. Prom Lewiston and Auburn only, at 8.10 A. M. EDWIN NOYES,Suid. Nov. 1,1800 noOrltt POETLa IM D SACO & PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, Nor. I Jib, ISUii. OfaKTg!||ri Passenger Train, leave Portland for iyi^TK>i>o»tun at8.40 A. M. ami 9 m P M ^Tjjaveltostun lor Portland at 7.3oa if, and}‘2JO A Mechanic's and Labobeb’s Tr.u ,_ Biddeiord daUy, Sundays excepted,ato” " il Saco at 8.08, arriving in Portland at 8 4o W“ and Returning, will leave Portland tor Saco and Bid detord and intermediate stations at 6.30 P. M. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and Biddeiord, and returning, leave Biddeiord at 8.30 and Saco at 8 40 A. M. „ , FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 29, 1880,_ noldtf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY, Of Canada. .Alteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. muamuc on and after Monday, Nov. 12,1886, eHI9Kstrains will run as follows £nT..[or.So“tu Forts and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Mail lYain for Waterville, Bangor, Gorham, Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at IT 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron tn. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached front Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal Train tor South Paris at 5.00 P. M. No baggage can be received or checked alter the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a. m. From Montreal, Quebec, Sc., - - 1.43 p. m. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and tliat person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. _ _ __ H TDGESy Managing Director. H. BAILE T, Local Superintendent. Portland, Nov. $, I860. dtf PORTLAND KROCHtSTERRJ. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. awac On and after Monday, Dec. 17, 1886, trains will run as follows: . tr*^“ *6a'“ s** River for Portland at 5.30 ana 9.00 A. M., and 3.40 r. M. Leave Portland tor Saco River 7.15 A. M., 2.01 and 6.45 P. M. Freight trains with i assenger cur attached will leave Saco River for Portland. 6.80 A. M. Leave Portland tor Saco Rivet 12.15 P. M. fcSTTbtagoa connect at Uorhaui lor IVest Uurhaiu, Staudish, Steep Falls. Baldwin, Denmark, behago, Bridgtou, Lovell, Hirant, Brownlieid, srteburu, Conway, Bartlett. Jackson Limington, Cornish.Lor. ter, Freedom, Madison, and Eaton, N. U At Buxton Center for West lluxton, Bonny-Eaglo, South Limington, Llmlngton, Limerick, Newiield, Paraonsiield and Ossiuee At Saocarappa for South Windham, Windham Hill audNorth Windham,daily. By order ol the President. ^Portland, Deo. 14, 1886—dtf SPECIAL NOTICE. /AWING to the breaking of a Driver on the Engine W “Westbrook,” the regular freight train on tho Portland and Rochester K. K. will be discontinned lor a ICw days. dc20otf PORTLAND UENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Ceauenlii Monday, Not. 1-Jih, I8GU. me—. j-i Passenger Trains leave Portland dally at t.oo p. M., tor Bath, Augusta, Wat erviUe, Kendall h Mills,Skowhegan, and intermediate Stations, (connecting at Brunswick with Ainlroecog ?• . U*or Lewis!on and Farmington, and at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central B k. for Bangor and intermediate stations, bares as low by this route as any other. Leave Portland ior Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations on Saturda\ only at 7.45 1'. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland for Brunswick and in termediate stations daily,except Saturday, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland ior bkowbegan ami Inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Poriiaud at 9.20 A M., and irom Skowhegan and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to canned w ith trains for Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at B*ih; and tor Bel fast at Augusta, leavin ; daily cu arrival oI train fr om Boston, leaving at 7*50 A. M.; and ior Sulou, Aum>u. Norrid^cwock, Athens and Moose Bead Lake at Skow began, and for China, East ami North VaaiOl boro' at Vassalboro’: for Unity at Kendall’s Mi!tV, and for Canaan at Pishon's Ferry. W. HATCH* Ssitrrlslriitl.'ui, Augusta, Oct. 27,18Cti. novLhlli TO TJIvf VPL EU S. Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West & South, VIA TIIF New York Central, Erie & Lake shore, And Pennsylvania Central Railroads, For Sale at the Lswnl rates at the West ern Bailway Ticket Office,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Market Square. W. D. LITTLE d> CO., Geaernl Ticket Agents. ®* Passage Tickets for California, via steamers from Hew York on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month for sale at this office,as heretofore. dc25d& wtt CITY NOTICES. Snow to be Removed firom Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. 60.—The tenant or occupant, and in case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot of land border ing on any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city where there Is any footing or side walk, shall, slier the ceasing to foil of any snow, It in the dav time, within three hours, and if in the night time, before ten of the clock or the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removed from such footway or sidewalk; and, in defoult thereof, shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and tor each and every hour thereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfoit and pay a sum uot loss than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. JOHN S. HEALD, declSdtf City Marshal. ■ms i. j* CHRISTMAS GIFTS! TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! Fancy Goods! HUDSON-* BLAKE, Would respect fully inform the public that they have the largest and best assortment of TOYS AND FANCY GOODS To be found in the city. They have a Great Vari ety ol Dalle. A lea Tea and Coffee Sale, Parlor ■ad Cheater Sale, Bed Meade, Be ream, Chaim, Cradles,A r. Al eo Baake aad (> oases; Tie Wooden, Iron, Glass, Chino, Pariaa, aad Paper Taya, and Al.vcr GOODS ! Of Every Descriptioo! SKATES, SKATES! They have s fine lot of the Very BEST STYLES of SKATES In the market, and from the best manufac tories. .^U'ds, Sleds! A goou assortment of Sleds can be bund there, in cluding the Celebrated Clippers l Of the very best make. CONFECTIONERY! OF EVERY DESCRIPTION! They manufacture and sell at wholesale and re tell a mod variety of CANDIES, which ate war ranted pure and good. BF-UHl and see for yourselves at 357 Congress Street. d<*13__d2w_ Notice. APPLICATION Will be made to the Legislature of Maine at its next session,for further aid to secure ’the construction of the European and North Ameri can Railway, and for authority to the Portland, ifrco St Portsmouth Railroad Company to subscribe to stock and bouds ot saki E. &N. A. Ry. Comp’y, and to further increase the capital stock ot the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railway Comjajn to the amount thus subscribed and paid. By order of the Directoi s. _, _ , G. Ii. .JEWETT, PlWt E. & N. A. Ry. Comp’y. Bangor. Dec 7,1868. _dcclld3w For Sale. A SUIT of Sails, Rigging and Blocks, nearly new, from a fishing Schooner of 100 tons; also Top sails. Fare and Maiusoils, second hand. SAMPSON & CONANT, decldtf No. 19 * 20 Commercial Wharf. "steamers. "" PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. semi-weekly line. The splendid and last Steam ships DIRIGO, ('apt. H. Sses woon, and FRANCONIA, Capt. W. w. Shkbwood, will, until T__ „-—’further notice, run as follows: Leave Brown 3 Wharl, Portland, every WEDNES at 4 P' M-and ,ea'e Fler ?.®7 r?r“. ' Very WEDNESDAY and SATURbAI, at 4 o’clock P. M. rf.I,®8®?“ aro ut,ed up with hue aceoinmoda '*0.“s lor passapgera, niakinthis the most speedy, s!» vfrkT.T if ■ rou,e lor travellers between a« ml ," .k, a 1 M:,is«- l’assage, in State Room, *6r'i^LiC .b ,)a8aaRe $S.oo. Meals extra. 8S°?» I?rw‘?,'lcd ''y this line to and lr.uu Mon St. Joha*beC’ Kang01' Ba,|C Augusta, Eastport and ur'1 ^'Ptetted to send their ft eight to tha feavePortfandfr ^ ”3 P’M<m the "a^battb«> For freight or passage apply to 1 !• Atlii Brown’s Wharf, Portland J. F. AMES, Pier 38 East River. May 29,1865. __dtt FARE RE0UCE0J0 BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further notice the Steamera of the Portland Steam Packet Co-, will run as follows Leave Atlantic Wharf*fur Boston 7 nViramv »-^ evening, (except Sunday) at ' f Leave Boston the same days at 5 P. M. ... . ] 00 dimed"rates*1**0 Ucke4at<> ^e kail ot (Re Agents at rs Freight taken as usual _May 22nd, U6C—dtf L BILLIN88’ Ag®»‘ International Steamship Oo. Eastport, Calais and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. , o? uu**Monday. December mb. Mm steamer NEW BKUN8 .L-mV** E- B- WINCHES TER, will leave Rail Road Wbart, . - . , . _ foot of Slate SI., every MONDAY, at B o’clock P. M for Eastport and St. John. RETURNING, will leave St. John every THTTRS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. At Eastport Stage Coaches will connect tor Ma chlas. At St John the E. & N. A. Railway will connect for Sheuiac. t3jT“Frelght received on days of sailing until 1 o’dk. d^dtfC-CKAJ£&, HOTELS. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.90. CAROLINA. rpHE proprietor has the pleasure to Infijrm the X traveling public that the above house Is now open lor the reception of guests, having extensive al teratfons, improvements, and refurnished, it through out. >t la now in capital order, and every exertion will be made to ronder it acceptable to bis patrons. nolOeodSm JOSEPH PIBCELL. UNITED STATES HOTEL, PORTLAND, MAINE, THc subscriKr, recently Proprietor of the COM - MEltCTA r, boUSE, (which destroyedto Uie great lire.) begs to announce to his ol.l patrons and tliu public that be has leased the above bold and will or«n fox Ilia arcommodnUon of die public gener ally, on Saturday August 11. TbanktUln bis old customers for past patronage, he would solicit s continuance 01 the saiut TERMS FAVORABLE. auggH-Cm N. J. DAVIS. I have just received from Mr. C. P. Kroll. of New York, one ol his Patent Hair Brushing Machines, which I have now in operation at my new Shaving ana Hair Dressing Room, No 316 Congress street, oppo site Mechanics’ Hall, where also may be found mv REPKODUCTOR, NATURALIZE It, Ac. dciftRfii. a. Johnson. Holiday Presents f ? A choice assortment of ALBUMS, GAMES, TOTS, and the latest JUVENILE BOOKS suitable for Holiday Presents* Also a nice lot of Christmas Note Paper —ASK— CHRISTMAS CARDS wit be found at C. It. CHISHOLM & It HO., 307 Congress * Street. doc21dl\r Jackson’s Catarrh Snuffl ELEGANT TROCHE and SNUFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,&c. Instantly relieves annoying Cough* in Church Cure* Catarrh* positively without snxeziko. Valuable to Singer*, Clergy, Se., clear* aud ■trengtheu* the waive j act* quickly; tastes pleas antly ; never aaaaeale*. Prevent* taking cola from Skatiag, I.eelare* Ac. Ur" Sold by Druggist* or sent by mall AW Kn lose 33 cts to Hooper, Wilson & < o., (sepl9eodljunel8'iiT) PHILADELPHIA, tr. W. WHIPPLE, Portland,Wholesale Agt. FOR MAL.E. jjl. WEBB, has on hand lor aale thirty SLEIGHS AND PTJNQS, The best to be ibnnd in tho county. Also lour heavy Baggage Wagons, and three light open buggies, which he offers fbr sale on more fhvorabls terms titan any other Carriage Man u foe Hirer, as he closes his busi ness with this sale. Persons desirous of purchasing will find it for their advantage to call upon him. It. M. WEBB. Webb’. Mill.. Doc H, 1866._doc4eod*w4w4» COOPER & MORSeT HPAKE pleasure in informing their old patrons and X friends Uiat they have resumed business at their OLD STAND, Tomer of Market and Milk streets, where they will keep constantly on hand the best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, &c., That the market aflords, and It will be their earneet endeavor to aerve their customer, with mrornmnew and fidelity.decl dtl Miss LUCY A. HENSEN, Successor to Mrs. A. Hawley, FASUIOSABLB lIAIlt DBEHCB, reapectflilly Informs the Ladles of Portland and vi emity that she is now ready to attend to Shampoo ing, Dyeing and Dressing Ladies' hair at the shortest notice, and will wait on all who may kindly tended her their patronage All orders left at Mr. J. Part togf m'S Confectionery Stole, or at Mi* L. A. Hen •eu a lesidence, corner of Mountfort and Sumner street*, will be punctually attended. dec20d2w» 1UOTICE hT hereby given, that the subscriber has XI been duly appointed Executor of the Will of Danirl Hoop, late of Portland, m the County of Cumberland, deceased, and has tak en upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. Ail persons huving demands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are call ed upon to mate payment to _ SEW ALL B. HASKELL, Executor. Portland Dec. 4. 1&J6. dec It dawlw 51 Portland Laundry. Orders received at the office of the Forest City Dve House. No. 31$ Congress Street. Notice ia hereby given that, the Portland Laundry has been reoiwned bv the subscriber, who has been many years connected with the well known Chelsea Dye House and Lauudry, and with the exiwrlencs thus acquired lie to now prewired to do ail descrip tions of Laundry work in a satiafactosv manner. jvSdtiiu__A. T. CHAWLEVTAgent Hwttp bids, Wash Women and Clothes Wringers Gone ap! Paper Collars, Paper Bosoms, PAPER BOWS I Docs tho bus!non—c very large assortment Just received at LliWis TOPPAN’S, dc22dlw Car. Congress and Caacu Sts. Remede Pour L’ivresse. THIS MEDICINE Cures Intemperance. By plac ing It in anv liquid drank bv 1 lie ,tatient, the de sire ftn intoxicating liquor, will be removed. The mixture is harmless, being preparol by a regular physician. Proper directions accompiinv each pack age. Sent any wild c, by express, lor *3. Address MEDICAL AGENCY, 13, Trcmont Row, Boston, Mass. dec 22 dlw