Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 1 Ocak 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 1 Ocak 1867 Page 2
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The lli - « oiimioiloR. Below we giveJRmc fuller details of the cir cumstances iitttvudsrfcAlicloss of tlie Bound s’earner Commodqj^^ffi^I^JPut ashore in the late storm. These^^rrticulars are gathered from the Herald aim other New York papers of Saturday: The Commodore was oHe of the regular boats plying between New Y’ork and Stonington, Connecticut, in connection with the Stcning ton Railroad. Bhe left Pier 18 North River, at four o’clock on Thursday evening, under com mand of Capt. E. F. Curtis, having on board about one hundred passengers and a light freight, consisting of dry goods, merchandise, leather, &c., valued at $300,000, and proceeded well until about 8: 30, when :l“terrifie gale arose from the northwest and caught the ves sel off the Stratford Light-house. The gale in creased in l'ury every moment, hut for some time the Commodore braved it finely, though laboring heavily and every tiinborin her shuk ingin such a manner as to create in the minds of the passengers apprehensions of her imme diately going to pieces in the open sea, many of them averring “that she eould not be a sound boat to shake so much." Btill she continued fair on her course, answering her helm perfect ly, being handled in a very fine manner, meet ing with neither accident or mishap until she came near the Cornfield Lightship, beyond New Haven, when the wind began to blow iu a ter rific maimer, attacking the skip with tremen dous fury, rendering her utterly unmanageable. In a few moments she refused to obey her helm, and could not by any means be kept on her course. She was completely at the mercy of the winds and waves, which played with her for a short time as if she were but a feather oil the sui'face of the water. Soon the trying mo ment for all came, when one breaker, more fur ious than all before, struck her with terrific violence, "stove iu” her bulwarks and washed the torwaril decks quite cleau. Her smoke stacks next went by the board, and the din and contusion caused by this accident and the noise of the breaking of furniture, the crash ing of lamps, tables uud almost every movable article in tlie saloon hall, staterooms and cabin, was only excelled when it was announced that the stoves were toppling over and that there was every danger of fire. Many "who before remained comparatively cool and quiet now became intensely excited, and the thought that the most destructive of all the elements had conspired to cause their total destruction took from them most of the intrepidity which so distinguished their behav ior before. It was a trying moment, indeed— the winds roaring with their utmost fury, the snow falling in thick and dampening flakes, to be frozen immediately by the peirciiig wintry blasts, which with all the attendant dangers was enough to chill and freeze the highest and most courageous spirit, and to add to these leasffll trials came the cry of fire, and then the moment came which would shake the noblest and strongest of all on board. Some portions of the ship did catch fire, and were only saved lrom this danger by the almost superhuman exertions of the persons on board, who, after the greatest exertions, succeeded iu subduing the flames, which, with all the danger and the terror they inspired, were almost preferable to the gloomy darkness which followed. The stoves were upset, the tire put out, the lamps smashed and lights .completely extinguished, and theii in the darkness of a cold and snowy December night the ship Commodore was left to he played with by a most fearful and merciless gale; and in this way did the unfort unate vessel continue for two Lours, until one o’clock in the morning, during which period sho was, as before stated, completaly unman ageable, and all on beard expecting her at each moment to go down. lho deck hands, whose duty it was to attend to the comfort and guard the salety of the pas sengers, were not only the most useless in the hour of need, but their conduct added materi ally to the danger of the vessel and the terror of those on hoard. Almost trout the first mo ment many of these men went to their berths, rolled themselves in their blankets, and left til,- vessel to her fate. When tbe pumps had to be worked, and other courses taken for her safety, they refused to work, and only lent li ip when paid by several of the passengers. One gentleman gave his last #20 to one fellow, and another refused $o, as he said there was “no use in working now.” Another party pro em ed, ill some portion of the vessel, a jar of whiskey, brought it on deck, and had a noisy and uproarious carousal; and one of them be came ;o unmanageable that Lieut. Noyes, U. S. N , had to tie him up to jr vent further damage. The work at trie pumps anil else where, was mainly effected by the passengers, many of the women included.' About tour o’clock iu the morning the gale became still more furious, and every effort was made to launch the lile-boats, at which the passengers, almost unassisted by the deck hands, worked with all their might. Several attempts proved unsuccessful, but at last they succeeded iu gettiug out om- of them into the breakers with twenty or thirty passengers iu it, and bearing a hawser ashore which being attached at tlie other eud to the Commodore, and the other hoars being properly manned, the passengers were all lauded safely,though in a wretched condition. Many of them in their excitement to enter the boats .jumped in to the sea, hut were immediately rescued with the exception ot one man who up to a late hour last night was still missing. The passengers, though safe from the wreck, were many of them benumbed aiul almost par alized from the cold and wet. Not one person saved his baggage or a change ol clothes, and the ladies suffered severely from their wet clothes under clothing and all being complete ly soaked, and turning into ice from the keen fro t which prevailed at the time. One of them landed with nothing on save a blanket with which sho provided herself from the wrecked vessel, as did others, but these lilauk ets were afterwards taken from them when on board the qars, by direction of an official of the company. Another woman di -located her leg while getting from the steamer into the boat. All wcic wretched in the extreme.— Cold, wet, ami after having lost all their prop erty they had on board, in thin sorrowful plight, alter partaking of some poor refresh ments, Uiv took their places in the cars and s ar;ed tor New Y ork. Another account says: The boat was leaking very badly. The don key pump was out ol order, and the passen gers comment-! d working the bilge pumps. A passenger offered one of the crew #20 to go in to tlie lower cabin and assist the passengers at i hailing. Tlie deck hand accepted the money J and went below. The colored waiters also re fused to work; they, having procured life pre servers, were seated about the stoves, trying to keep themselves wa: m. The officers did every thing in their power to keep the boat afloat. Tlie crew filled themselves witli liquor from the bar room, most of them becoming hopelessly drunk By tlie constant exertions of the pas sengers the vessel was kept afloat until she drifted into a small cove on Long Island shore, j Here she was anchored until morning when i she was beached and the passengeas safely j landed. After having landed I saw some of the liog-franie.s of the boat, and ton ml that they j were entirely rotten. 1 do not think that the I boat was seaworthy, and think the owuers cul- 1 pable lor allowing her to leave in such weath- | or.. The Old Colony and City of Boston which were ahead ol us, reached their destiua- 1 tion svitliout difficulty. Fighi mill: ludinuH. An Idaho paper contains an account of a hard light with a party of Indians, in that ter ritory, on the 7th of November, iu which one Maine man John Dixon, was killed, and an other, Frank Osgood, had a narrow escape, af ter a desperate conflict: On the 7th instant Frank Osgood and John Dixon si acted up Crow Creek to hunt ducks.— j They had proceeded about live miles, and were I near Arnold's runche, when they discoverJd plenty of Indian signs. Osgood said to Dixon, "L: t us make lor a rocky mound,” that was near by, "and have a look lor them,” when a dog that was with them gave the alarm. They then started to run back, and the Indians com menced tiii lg on them. At the fourth shot Dixon fell, being shot through the heart. (>3 good suco ede 1 in getting to the stream, which is lined with large tules and generally deep.— Here one of tlieir boldest warriors sallied in af ter him, parting the tules with his liow, and when within ten feet of him, Osgood shot him through the breast with tine shot. The lndiau died immediately. He then shifted his posi tion, but the red devils were bent on getting him. They reals up and down the creek, yell ing like deniouc, for some time, until another made a similar attempt to find their intended piey, and, luckily far Osgood, came again with in a tew feet, dividing the tules as before, when Osgood sent him to his long home, after which they Were mare cautious, and gave him a better chance to crawl down the creek. For tour miles the Indians were all the time riding up and down the stream, on both sides. They followed iu this way to within a mile of the house, and at niglit made several attempts to get to Ihe house, lint were repulsed. On the 8th inst., at noon, a freight train of United States wagon, with an escort of soldiers, un der Wa gnnmastcr William DeMosis, came here and camped, and we went with him and tot the body. It was stripped but not niutil- ; luted, as is usually tbc case. We buried him | m ar the house. Dixon was lately from Culiior- 1 nia, and had been engagsd here as a work hand, and, so far as we c in learn, he lias borne a good reputation whenever lie has lived.— Many friends will mourn his loss. !Vcwluiry|toiT Item*. JsEWUL'RYPOET, MASS., j Dee. 31, lwiti.J They have wade goad progress on the Rail- j road Budge being built by the Eastern R. R. ! over the hlcrriinac. Strength and durability | seems to be the motto of the designers as well ! ns the builders. The change of the location j from the spot where the old one stands is of practical utility. It lessens the curve, gives the engineer on the train a better view that he ' may see that the track is clear. The increased activ ity in the ship yards for the last year has induced a large immigration of mechanics, which, as a matter of course, makes a scarcity of rents. The steamboats being built lor the American Steamboat Co. are pronounced by judges to be the most thoroughly buiit of any which are alloat. Such thoroughness will be appreciated by the travelling public and predict success for them. Paint and putty has been applied pretty thoroughly last fali to many of the dilapidated buildings of this city giving them the appear ance of thrift Some cl the cotton factories arc to be enlarg ed next spring, while others are to be refitted with new machinery. 1 lie stockholders fee) in the best oi uliwor as they have received fat dividends for the past year. Tho Hat factory has not fully satisfied the expectation of the builder, but lias, neverthe less been the means of giving employment to a large number of hands and been the means of bringing a large amount of money into cir culation. Steve. —“Der Frieschutz” at the Theatre Lyrique could not be produced at the appointed time, pecausc a moon manufactured in London for tlie theatre did not arrive in time. &QETLA2fB AMJ l iLJAJTl. New AdvcriinfHwnl* To-Day. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Wanted—Pant Makers. Found—Ox Chain. . M. C. y. A.—staled Meeting. For Cardenas—Bark Brunswick. Store to Let. Short Dresses—Mrs. L. C. Pennell. It. A. of the P. F. D—Annual Meeting. Iron Foundry—Han.son & Winslow. Notice—Charles Fobes. Dissolution—N. P. Richardson & Co. • i Wanted—Girl. First Annual Sale of Fancy Goods. Paints, ,V'c—Fickett & Gray. Notice—George A. Thomas. Spool < 'otton—Davis & Co. Photographs—F. S. Worm well. Lost—Note. Copartnership—Fickett & Gray. Copartnership Notice—Davis, Baxter & Co. The Nrcuuil Parish, Agreeably to notice the members of the Second Parish Church and Society assembled at the Chapel of the State Street Church, Mon day evening, Dee. 31st. Notwithstanding the storm there was a goodly gathering of the members, both male and female. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Per ry, and Joshua F. Weeks, Esq, was appointed chairman. Prayer was offered by Mr. New man, The letter of Rev. Dr. Carruthers, re signing his pastoral charge, was read by the chairman, Dr. Perry then offered the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas, The Rev. Dr. Carruthers has statedly ministered to us the Word of Life for nearly twenty one years, and has laitlilully, earnestly and intelligi bly set before u-, in their purity, the great cardinal doctrines and precepts of the everlasting Gospel, and has at all times been the faithful aud sympathizing servant of our Divine Master, ever faithhilly pointing the enquirer to the Wav of Life: while ever at the bedside of the sick and dying, his words have been light to the soul: And whereas, In ail the relations of Pastor we deeply and sincerely llcel aud acknowledge that his duties have been faithfully aud tearlessly performed: therefore Resolved, That we cannot consent that his relations to us as Pastor should cease at this time, when we so much need his counsels and aid. Resolved, That we hereby request him to reconsider his resignation, and to withdraw the same ; while we ever pray that God will watch over and direct his 8tej>s, and continue him yet many years a succe.ssiul minister of His Word. Brief remarks were made by Mr. Chas. Farley, Deacon Larrabee, Mr. Newman, J. F. Weeks, Mr. Brock, Mr. S. Lincoln, Mr. Gwyun, Mr. C. H. Farley, Mr. Choate, and Mr. Soule, all to one point, viz: that the preamble and resolutions expressed thoir views completely. The preamble aud resolutions were unani mously adopted by a rising vote. Messrs. C. H. Farley and Daniel Reed were appointed a committee to wait upon Dr. Car rutbers and proseut him with the resolutions and request him to visit the meeting. In a short time the committee returned, ac companied by Dr. Carruthers, who thanked the meeting for th^kindness and considera tion manifested towards him. In relation to the resolutions the Doctor sub stantially said: “ As you have left me to take my own time lor reconsidering my resignation, and stating the conclusion at which I arrive, I can only say, that, as in all personal and offi cial questions of duty, I shall lay this before God, and notify you when I am ready to give my decision.” Ur. (.arruiiiers then gave an interesting ac count ol his mission work in behalf of the 2d | Parish, relating several incidents that had nc i curred while lie was engaged in behalf of rais ; ing funds for the erection of the Payson Me ! inorial Church. H e said that from all that had | come before him, and from what he had heard, | there was no doubt the Second Parish would | he sustained. A vote was taken that it was expedient some ! place should be secured for meetings of the Society and the Sabbath School. The meeting then adjourned. At the dose of the meeting two of the young ladies of the Parish presented Dr. Carruthers with an envelope containing $118 which they had collected in a very brief time. The meeting throughout was a pleasant and united one. Portland Aiimy and Navy Union.—At a general meeting of the Union, held on Satur day night, Messrs. E. B. Houghton, Dr. G. F. French, A. \V. Bradbury, F. M. Smith and G. Thornes were appointed a committee to make the necessary arrangements lor the dedication of the new hall leased by the Association, in the First Natioual Bunk building. It is ex pected that it will he ready for occupancy about the 1st of February. A badge of membership v. as also adopted, dtsciihcd as follorvs: A square of silver, a six teenth of an inch thick and seven-eighths of an inch on each side, with the letters, “P. A. & N. U.,” engraved on the obverse, with the name of the wearer, his company, regiment and army corps on the reverse; to be suspended from a pin, with a globe head, bj a silk cord and tas sel, blue for infantry, red tor artillery, yellow for cavalry, green for rides, dark blue for staff officers, gold bullion for general officers, and a silver cable for sailors and marines. Splendid Mechanism.—We saw yesterday at the manufactory of Mr. C. P. Kimball, two single and two double sliighs, which, in our opinion, are among the finest specimens of me chanical skill of the times. They are new and beautiful in design, of exquisite taste, elegant in finish, and are indeed a splendid luxury which cannot fail to still further enhance the reputation of the builder—a reputation uot ex celled, if equalled, in the Union. These sleighs may be seen at Kimball’s re pository to-day. This evening they .will be sent to Boston to Messrs. Kimball Brothers & Co., and will be exhibited at their repository in that city for a few days. We say to all our friends in this city and Boston, do not fail to see these truly splendid sleighs. They do honor to the builder and to Portland mechanics. New i'iiiM.—By reference to our advertising columns it will be noticed that Mr. Jerome Pickett and Mr William Gray have formed a copartnership for the purpose of transacting the paint and varnish business in all it branches, and have taken the store No. 187 Fore street, for that purpose. Both of them are men of experience in the business. Everybody knows Jerome, who for two decades past has been in the stoic of Charles Fobes. Mr. Gray has been foreman in the paint shop of the Grand Trunk Company for a long time, and some specimens of his skill may be seen on the steamers Lady Lang and Regulator. We wish the new firm much success. In the early settlement of our country the greatest anxiety was, how our people could ge t enough of good wholesome food. Now the manner of living has changed, so that many people really suffer, and enough of every kind around them. Why is this? It is because their food distresses them. Buy one bottle of Main’s Elderberry Wine and you will get relief. Then buy a case. dec4tt Now that the ladies have really decided that it will uot do to clean the snow from the side walks any longer with their beat clothes, they will find the “skirt-lifter,” advertised in anoth er column, the most elegant and approved way of arranging any dress they may wish, into a walking dress lor the street, and instantly on entering the house it may be let down without any inconvenience. We would call the attention of our readers to the New Year’s Festival, advertised to be held at the West Congregational Church this evening. It will be one of the last opportuni ties in the holidays for social eujuyiuui t and judging from the programme, those who avail themselves of it, will be well entertained, and make a good beginning for a “Happy New A^ear.” Coroner’s Verdict—The verdict of the ’ Coroner’s jury in the case of Mrs. David Small, the particulars of whose death, by freezing, were stated in the Press of yesterday, was, that she came to her death from excessive use of i intoxicating liquors and from exposure to the cold weather on Friday night. Mountfobt Street M. E. Church.—There will he a New Year’s Festival at this Church this evening, to consist of a New Year’s Tree, | speaking and singing by the children and re- | lreshments. Come one, come all, and a good time will be yours. M. L. A. Lecture.—There Will be no lecture i this week before the Mercantile Library Asso- ' ciation. The third lecture will he delivered at Mechanics’ Hall Wednesday evening, January 9th, by Rev. H. M. Galiaher, of New York. Resignation —Rev. Dr. Graham, Pastor of j the Casco street (Free Baptist) Church, has tendered his resignation. We UDderstand that 1 he contemplates taking up his residence at the i West. --- Clove Anodyne, an almost infallible spe cific for toothache, and for agne and neuralgic pain induced by diseased teeth; prepared only j by J. R. Lunt & Co., MS Congress street. Keep out the Cold by using Uradstrect's Patent Weather Strip for doors and windows. Orders left at Horse Railroad office will receive prompt attention. dcc31—2t We never have found in our city a better as sortment of toilet articles than can be found at Crosman & Co.’s, 305 Congress street. New Year’s Day.—Tbe Custom House will not be open to-day. The Post Office will be open the usual holiday hours. Hymeneal.—The Jumbcr of publishment* | entered at the City^Clej^fc office during the past year was43°. | /I New Year’s GiftsT—Scotchwood paper-knives, pen-wipers, and^rinkete oi all sorts suitable ior gifts, at Grosman's. A Kiiilroatl [From the Waterville Mail.] Some excitement was produced in our village one day last week, by a report that Mr. John Davis was “tearing up the track at the Lower Depot.” Mr. Davis is a respectable young me chanic. known from childhood in our village, against whose good character nobody ever whis pered ; and it was only alter deliberate enquiry into the ease, that there was method in what liad seemed like madness in the young man.— It was found that instead of injuring the track, lie was only removing the platform, and with careful reference to the boundaries of land lie | owned on each side of the road. Remonstrance and persuasion, with a slight sprinkling ot threats produced no effect, and in the course I of the forenoon Mr. Davis seemed to have tin- | ished his job according to his plan. Orders ! came from Augusta for his arrest, hut nobody I here thought it duty to meddle with him; and j on the following day lie was quietly taken to j that place on civil process, where he gave bonds for his future appearance for trial, and return ed home. He had acted under advice of legal counsel. Further examination of circumstances, add ed to what was before generally known, has j awakened marked sympathy for Mr. Davis and his family, under the wrongs they claim to have suffered from the Somerset & Kennebec Rail road. On whichever side rests the legal ag gression, it is well known that great suffering lias resulted to # family now consisting of a widow and her four children, of whom the ac tor in the above case is one. At the time the road was laid out, Mr. James Davis, the hus band and father, owned a neat little bouse on | the banks of the river, consisting of a cottage, i carpenter’s shop and barn. It w as the saving i of years of labor, and constituted liis all. It , was necessary that this road should have a pass 1 through this property, and it was so taken as to cut out the shi p and baru, leaving the nak ed house on one side and a worthless strip ot land on the other, Mr, Davis, in the face of his , known helplessness, protested against this : tearing process, and offered to sell the proper ' ty at a price which the road declined. The ex treme excitement produced by this case upon Mr. Davis, added to previous infirmity, led to occasional periods of mental aberration, at which times liis rage against the authors of his real or fancied wrongs mastered all prudence; and luring one of them he was charged with 1 some attempt to destroy the property of the road. He was taken to Augusta, and while there removal of bis shop and barn was effect ed by the officials ol the road. Mr. Davis claimed that they also took his tools, stock and fixtures, in violation of his legal rights, and for which he had no just compensation. After years of vexation, his mental infirmities in creasing, Mr. Davis was found one morning upon the ice under the railroad bridge, dead, having, as was supposed, fallen through its timbers and broken his neck. It would be strange indeed if, with the little inheritance lie left his widow and children, they did not inherit both his claim against and his quarrel with the railroad company! and it is in pursuance of this claim that Mr. John Davis has taken the aggressive steps mention ed above. We know nothing of the precise legal points involved iu this case, but we assure those di rectly responsible, that this community must earnestly sympathize with the suffering fami ly. They believe that the agents of the road should long ago have adjusted the matter in dispute, before such terrible wreck was made of the hopes of an otherwise happy house.— This prosperous road is now able to be even more than just, and we cannot doubt that the honorable men concerned in its management will avail themselves of the present opportuni ty, even at some sacrifice, to carry peace and comfort where none has been known for many long years. firaiid Msm Ttiniii'niiKt Mce.Uug at lli-idgiou. In response to a call signed by numerous cit izens of Bridgton, Naples and Sebago, a goodly number of true and tried friends of temperance from the surrounding community gathered to gether at Bridgton Centre, on Wednesday, the 26th inst., for the purpose of organizing a Tem perance Association for this part of Cumber laud County, and to awaken a deeper interest, and to pledge auew their united efforts tor the promotion of this good cause. The Association is to be known by the name of tlie “West Cumberland Temperance Asso ciation:” The following is a list of its officers, as ebosen at its organization: President—Hon. Samuel F. Perley. Vice Presidents—Lulus Gibbs, Esq.. Col J P. Perley, Col. James Webb, Nathan Church Lyman Hall, T. W.Larrabeo, Kimball J. Dyke, Almon Young, Lutlier Fitch. Secretary—E. A. Gibbs*. Executive Committee—Dr. J. U. Kimball, D. H. Cole, Esq., O. D. Dyke, Esq. Enthusiastic and cheering speeches were made during the afternoon and evening by J. O. Win ship, Esq., of Gorham, Hon. Luke Brown, Rev. F. E. Fellows, Col. James Webb, E. R. Staples, Esq., and Rufus Gibbs, Esq., of Bridgton, Hon. S. F. Perley, of Naples, and T. W. Larrabee, of Sebago. The full attendance, the deep interest manifested in the meeting, and other tokens of productive good, amply paid us for all our efforts ill the undertaking, and gave us cheer ing assurance of future success. This Associa tion is to hold its meetings monthly in differ ent localities in this part of the county, which meetings will be duly called and notified by the Executive Committee. It is hoped that ail who feel interested in the good of humanity, and the well-being of society around us, will lend their influence in this movement, will see that these meetings are attended and made in teresting. And may the ball continue to roll until temperance shall rule aud reign in every village and household, and intemperance be only among the sad recollections of the past. Bridgton, Dec. 29,1866. S. Sudden and Singular Death.—One day last week Mrs. Tompkins, of Boston, daughter of Capt. Totman oi this city, pilot of Revenue Cutter Mahoning, hail laughing gas adminis tered to her in Boston, for the purpose of hav ing a tooth extracted. She inhaled three bags lull of the gas and it seemed to have no effect upon her only to render her more rigid and resolute. Ou the|eveuing of the same day, af ter engaging in conversation with the family, she retired to her room locking the door after she had entered. There was a small cylinder stove in the room which contained anthracite coal which was burning. She partially remov ed the cover of the stove aud retired to bed. In the course of the night a noise was heard proceeding from her room, but as she was fre quently troubled with nightmare, it was sup posed to proceed from that, and no attention was paid to it, Not makiug her appearance the next morning, and the door of her room being locked, access was had to the window and she was discovered lying upon the be^ap parently lifeless. The door was burst open and it was found that Mrs. Tompkins w as dead.— Whether her death was occasioned by the laughing gas she had inhaled the day previous, or whether from the gas irom the cylinder stove in her room, or from botli combined, are questions which divide the minds other friends. Her body was brought to this city for inter ment. Masokic.—The following : tilee is elect of Harmony Lodge No. .38, Gorham, Me., were duly installed by Brother Timothy Murray, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge ol Maine, on Friday evening, Dec. 28th, I860, at the Meth odist Episcopal Church, Gorham Village: W. M., George W. Lowell; S. \V., John Rofc ets; J. W., John G. Watson; Treasurer, Jona. Hanson; Secretary, John C. Summersides; S. j D., Samuel Dingley; Chaplain, Rev. CalebFul ler; Tyler, James C. Alexander. Alter the officers were duly installed the i brethren listened to an address on the beauties I of Masonry, delivered by Rev. Caleb Fuller, ! which, with some excellent vocal and instru- j mental music under the direction of William j Colby, the exercises at the church passed off j very pleasantly to all. The brethren with their j ladies, after the services closed, adjourned to the Gorham House, where a bountiful supper was provided by the landlord, Brother S. B. Brown, to which the guests did ample justice, after which the bretnren departed to their 1 homes highly gratified with the evening’s en tertainment. J. C. S. The following officers of Temple Lodge, Sac carappa, were elected Dec. 27th: H. P. Murcli, W. M.; C. W. Lane, S. W.; Wni, L. Longley, J. W.; B. M. Edwards, Jr., Treasurer; D. W. Babb, Secretary: A. W.Pot tle, Chaplain; William H. Bacon, S. D.; A. W. Riggs, J. D.; Sewall S. Leighton, S.S.; Harlan M. Raymond, J. S.; Ebeu H. Sturgis, Mar.; Frederick Blood, Tyler. THE WT.4TE. —It appears that Judge. Tapley is compell ing respect from all sides. An article in yes terday’s Argus says, ‘Although not of the po litical school ol the present State administra tion, we must confess that the appointment of Judge Tapley to the bench was creditable to the State.” —The young ladfes of Dover have to clear their own sidewalks. The Observer says they are getting up a levee to pay the expense of the job for the winter. —The examination of Larrabee, charged with being one oi the Du’ham horse-butchers, which ha? been going on at Lewiston lor more than a week, was concluded ou Friday. Lar rabcc was ordered to find bail in the sum of five hundred dollars for his appearance at the S. J. Court in January next. He is to be ar raigned on several other warrants. —Tho Whig publishes a paper which was laid before the Bangor City Council last week, in relation to the proposed dam at Treat’s falls. The substance of the proposition is that the city shall gTant a subsidy when a first-class dam is completed, and that the stock of the company shall be thrown open to a free publio subscription. Of course, the location of the dam will be controlled by a majority vote of those who shall contribute to its constrnction VARIETIES. —Tue Providence Journal states that Mrs. : John H. Crapo of California, died on the steamboat train, Sunday morning, just as it reached the Kingston station. Mrs. C. was go ing with her husband to visit his homo in Dartmouth, Mas3. She was a very young bride, being only fifteen, and was prostra'ed by the long sea voyage from California. She died almost in sight of the home she hoped to visit on Christmas day. —The ‘‘dedikashun" of Petroleum Vesuvius Nasby’s new book runs thusly: DEDIKASHUN UV THIS BOOK. To Androo Johnson, the Pride and Hope uv Dimocrisy, who hez bin Alderman uv his na tive village, Guvuer uv his State, member uv the lower house uv Congris and likewise uv the Senit, Vice President and President, and mitehev bin Diktater, hut who is, nevertheless, a Humble Individooal; who hez swung around the intire cirkle uv offishl honor with out feelin his Oats much; the first public nun who considered my servises worth payin for; and to Alex.W. Randall, Postmaster-General, his most devoted servant, whose autograph adorns my Commishn uv Postmastar, this Vol ume is respectfully dedikatod. —“The Laughing Hyena” is the pleasiug ti tle of anew paper recently started in Texns. ! —The last new gun invented in Paris sends out 8555 balls in a minute. —One thousund men are repairing the Great Eastern. “It is stated that Gen. McClellan will short ly return to this country. —Glycerine prevents gas meters from freez ing. —Theodore Tilton lately said: “1 know of a Western city, whose railroad depot cost more money than Trinity church, New York; and yet 1 was asked by a committee of the res idents to incite our Brooklyn friends to help build a church near that Western depot. I de clined the proposal until the committee should come to Brooklyn and build a decent shed for the Long Island railroad.” » New Publications. The Sapphire. Boston: John. L. Sliorey. This is number two of the Gem Series, a collection of tales, poems and essays, gleaned chiefly from the fugitive literature of the nine teenth century. It is edited by Epos Sargent, and the selections are made with good taste, embracing many entertaining sketches and other scraps which have long been half forgot ten in the pages of old magazines and annuals. “Bob Burke’s Duel with Ensign Brady,” the first story, was written for Blackwood’s Maga zine by the famous Dr. Maginn, familiar to all readers of the “Noetea Ambrosiame,” andfa frequent contributor to “Maga" in those better days before she bad degenerated to her present dry and dusty stupidity. The Sapphire, like its predecessor the Emerald will be found very pleasant reading. Davis Brothers have it. Bernthal; or, The Sou's Revenge. From the German of L. Muhlbach. New York: Harper & Brothers. This is another translation from the volumi nous works of Muhlbach, whose historical nov els have been received with so much favor — It forms number 284 of Harper’s Library of Se lect Novels, sold in paper covers. Find it at Davis Brothers’. The New York Musical Gazette lor Janu ary contains some choice pieces of music, and a variety of articles in the reading columns of in terest to musical readers. Among the former arc selections from the works of Spohr, Hiru mel, Czerny, Naomi and others, with some pleas ant new combinations and compositions, by Mr. T. Seward, the editor. The Gazette is pub lished monthly by Mason Brothers’, New York. _ The Great Eastern.—There are now about one thousand men employed upon the Great Eastern, lying in the Mersey. She is to be thoroughly overhauled, and to receive two new boilers. On the 20th of March next she will leave to commence plying between New York and Brest, under the command ot Sir James Anderson,’ SPECIAL NOTICES. WI STAR’ft BALSAM —OF— WILD CHERRY! HAS BEEN USED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY, With the most astonishing success in curing CoughH, Cold*, HoarMeiiPMA, More Tliroat, lullncuza, Whooping Cough, Croup. Liver CoraplaiutM, Brouchiias, Uiili(uii) of Breathiug, Asthma nud every f affection of • THE THROAT, LUNGS A.\D CHEST, INCLUDING EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequalled success that has attended the appli cation of this med cine iu all cases ot Pulmonary Complaints, has induced many Tliysicians of high standing to employ it in their practice, some 01 whom advise us of the fact under their own signatures. We have space only for the names ot a few of these:— E. Boyden, M. D.. Exeter, Me. Alexander Hatch, M. D., China, Me. R. Fellows, M. I)., Hirl, N. H. W. H. Webb, M. D., Cape Vincent, N. V. W. B. Lynch, M. D., Auburn, N. Y. Abraham Skillman, M. D., Boundbreok, N. J. H. D. Martin, M. D., Mansticld, Pa. The proprietois have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the halls ot Congress to the humblest cottage, and even-beyond the seas; for the fame and virtues of Wintar’t Baham have ex tended to the “ uttermost bounds of the earth.” without any attempt on our part to introduce it be yond the limits of our on n country. Prepared by SETH W. FOWLS & SON, 18 Tre mont Street, Boston, and so'.d by all Di uggists and Dealers generally, G RAC E’ ft CELEBRATED HALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CUTS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, &c., &c Grace’s Celebrated Babe! Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces the nio.-t angry looking swell ings and inflammations, as if by magic; thus- afford ing reliet and a complete cure. Only 25 cento a box; sent by mail lor 35 cents. SETH W. FOWLE & SON, lSTremontSt. Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists and dealers gener ally. Fehl9, '6o—3NeodT,T.s& weow I'GLI.OW'N ORIGINAL WORM LOZENGES. \>ITE can "ftk confidence point to FELLOW’S T v WORM LOZENGES as the most pertect rem edy for those troublesome pests, INTESTINAL WORMS. Alter years of careful experiment, success has crowned our efforts, and we now offer to the world a confection without a single iault, being safe, con venient, effectual aud pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let them be used in whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their composition, They may be used without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never fail in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, aud they will alwavs strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when he is not aftticted with worms. Various remedies have from time to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of wormseed, turp entine, <tc., producing dangerous, and sometimes iatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, liave succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively sate, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers of the genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis ot Dr. A. A. iiAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs. FELLOES & CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully coinpoundc l, pleas ant to the taste, sale, yet sure and effective in their action. ltespectthlly, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayer to the State ot Mass. Price 95 com* per Box ; Five for $1. GEO. W. SWETX, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Mass., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. $3r'Sold by dealers in Medicines everywhere. oet5-deowCmsN n Why Suffer from Sores ? When by the use ot the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can easily be cured. It lias relieved thousands from Bcbxs. Scalds, Chapped Hands, Spbai.nb, Chilblains, Sobe Lips, Wabts, cots, Boils, Ebdptions, and everu cmplaint of the Shin. ’Try it for it costs but 25c. He sure to ask for HALE’S ARNICA OINTMENT.—Tor sale by all Drugeists. or send 38c to O. P. (Seymour A Co., Boston. Mass., and receive a box by return mail, dec 29 sn dim A (Sure Pile Cure. DR. GILBERT’S PILE INSTRUMENT positively cures tlie worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on re ceipt of $4. Circulars fee. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. ROMA1NE, Manager, No. 5T5 Broadway, New-York. ocl’OdSmsN Batchelor's Hair Bye. Tbis splendid Hair Dye is tlie best m the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Bad Dyes. Invigorates the hair, leaving It soft and beautiful. The genuine is signed Wil

liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should he avoided. Sold bv all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. t4r“ Beware of a counterfeit. November 10, 1866. dlysn Make Your Own Soap l NO LUNG NECESSARY! By Saving and Using Tour Waste Grease BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’ffr. Co’s SA-POisrrFrER. (Patents of 1st and 8th Feb., 1S39.) CONCENTRATED LYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 25 gallons of the very best soft soap lor only about 30 cts. Directions on eacn box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. S3T*Be particular in a9kmg for Pennsylvania Salt Manufhcturing Co’s Saponifler, nol78Xeod&wly SPECLtt NOTICES. MINERAL BJ. TilS AT HOME. . DVHPEPMIA (TBED KHECMAT4N.II CURED ERUPTIONS ou the PACK CURED NtKOFII.A CURED BV TREAT,MEN'T WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all your various and c.fUn perni cious drugs ami quack medicines, and use a lew baths prepared with “ S I R UMATIC SALTS !” These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors of the Mineral Well ofthe Penn’a Salt Mou th* -filling Co., in Pittsburg, and are packed in air- I tight boxes. One always suilicient for a bath. Di rections aro attached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” iii bottles of one and a half pints. One suilicient for a day’s use. jpir Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston: Kaynolds, : Pratt ok Co, No. 10G Fulton st., New York, Wholesale j Agents. no20SNeod&w1y t’ f- Nuumalic stalls anil Striiumlic .11 in- ! eral Waters, just received and for sale by J. W. PERKINS & CO., no248Neowdswly No 86 Commercial St. A Cougii, A Cold, or | A Sore Tliroat, Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritation of the Lungs, a per uinuent Throat Disease, or Consumption, _is often the result. BROWN’S BltONtHIAL TROCHES HAVING a DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF, For Hi out liisis, Asthma, Catarrh, Con sumptive autl Throat Diseases, j TROCHES ARE USED WIlH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS, ftingers and Public Speakers will hud Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat alter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country, being an article of true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali i ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are I universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only ‘-Brown’s Bronchial Troches” ; and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold everwiieke j Dec 4—d&wGui sn Long Sought For ! Come at Last l Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among tlie best, if not the best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, a3 wed as one of the most agreeable Beverages. Manufactured from tlie pure i iuiceot' the terry, and unadulterated by any impure ngredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a 'medicine, ami to the well, as a beverage. To the days of the aged it addeth length, To the mighty it addeth strength,” ’Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and Grocers buy 'and sell MAINS* ELDERBEBBY WING. nov 27 a n dctwif You ueed not Sutler with Piles Since Carr’s Pile Remedy brings immediate re lief, and s|»eedily cures both recent and inveterate cases* . The jftiily uniformly successful medicine for Piles. Mlus want no other where it has been intro duced. Scud tor circulars and certificates. Ask the nearest Druggist to get the medicine for you. Druggist who desire a most efficacious, popular and rapidly selling medicine for Piles may apply to the Proprietors, bold by tlie Proprietors, and by S. An derson & Son, Bain; H. 11. Hay, Portland; B. F. Bradbury, Bangor; Horace Barbour, Lewiston, and other Druggists Wm. Carr &Co. sepl9sN2tawti n Proprietors. Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nigh-bs.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd's Nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations for tlie cure oi all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result oi which is to produce costiveness and other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation for Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Eneigy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, aud all the .carful mental ami bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. StHE REMEDIES. DR. T. IC. TAYLOR, 17 Hanover Street, Boston, has received the new Frencn Remedies aud modes ot j treatment practised by Drs. Dumas aud Ricord—Safe pleasant and warranted Positively effectual in all j Diseases of the Blood, Urinary and Reproductive Or ! gans, and all Irregularities and Complaints peculiar j to Women. l£nc\ose stamp and receive full partieu | ars by mail. n oct3-d&w3m Relief for the Sufferers by the Fire. THE undersigned have made arrangements under the act of Congress approved July 27,1866, to furnish parties building ou the burnt district with English Pure Lead ami Linseed Oil, DUTY FREE. Panics wishing to purchase Paint stock will call at 80 COMMERCIAL STREET. BTRGE88, POSES & CO. decSsNlm COLGATE & CO.’S, WINTER SO A P. Recommended for Chapped Sands and for general Toilet use during Cold Weather. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. ’ s>'dec24tofcbl0 For Conglii), Cold* and Consumption, Try the old and well known VEGETABLE PIJLIHONAKV BALM A HI, approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians tor forty year’s past. Get tlic genuine. REED, 0 U TLEii & CO., Druggists, dec24sNd&w6m Boston, Proprietors. Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Colds, Coughs, Cnlarrh mid Consumption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. fiSSf^For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by II. BRADBUKV, octlSd&wsNGm Druggist, Bangor. For a Prettily Made Ladies’ Misses and Children’s Balmoral Boots, and fo~ the latest novelties in Shoes or Slippers, your should make your selection at T. E. MOSEL Y & CO'S Summer St.. Boston. Boston Stock Li«t« Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 31. American Gold.k. 1331 United States Coupons. Jan. 133* United States Coupon Sixes,1881. lltig United States 7 3-10tbs, 1st series. 105 “ 2d series. 1*1$ “ 3d scries. 1044 ! United States 5-20s. 1864 . . 105 “ July, 1865. 107 i 1865. 1071 “ small. 108 Boston and Maine Pkailroad. 128 New Hampshire State Sixes,. 100 Vermont Central 2d mortgage bonds. 414 Eastern Railroad. .. . 107 Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. 100 | MARRIED. Iii this city, Dec. lb, by Rev. Win. H. Fenn. Chas F. Dunlap, of Andover, and Miss Celia A. Stone, ol j F.Jmouth. In this city, Dee. 29, by Rev. Win. H. Fenn, Nich- j olas J..Warren, of Lewiston, and Miss Delphina A. Jordan, daughL r ot Deacon Timothy Jordan, of Greene. — in this city, Dee. 29, by Rev. E. Marlin, Daniel H. Towle and Miss Kiumajane Greenlief. both ot Port land. In Pownal, Dee. 20, by Rev. Mr. Nichols, James E , Cushing, o! Freeport, anil Miss Kvalina M. Harmon, ot Pownal. In 13o ithhay, Dec. 10, Isaac L. Murrey and Miss Ma y E. Sargent; 2i>tli, Joseph W. Davis and Miss ! Mary A. Reed; 2^th, licnaiah P. Dolloff and Miss Mary F. Blake. DIED. In this city, Dee. 29, ol consumption, Horace Har vey, Jr., aged 3t> years. [Funeral this iTuesday) altcrnoon, at 2 o’clock, : from No. 14 Lincoln Btreet. Relatives aud ti lends I are invited to attend. Ln this city, Dec. 29, Albert W. Tietethen, son ot 1 George and Al»by TieTethen, aged 13 years 1 month and 0 days. [Corr ected. | InFlkton, Ind , Dec. 24, Mrs. Mary, wife oi J. P. Bradbury, Esq., tormerh of Portland. In Capo Elizabeth, Dec. 29, Mr. Richard Landers, lormerly of Portland, aged GO years. At Mechanic1 Falls, Oct. 25, of typhoid fever, Susan J. Abbolr, daughter of Allen G. and Anna Abbott, of Sumner, aged 20 years * months 10 days. IMPORTS. ST GEORGE. Nil. Sch Sabine—49,000 It boards, 1 5u00 laths, to J B Knight. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Damascus.Portland... .Liverpool.Dec 29 I City ot Boston.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 29 I Corsica.Now Vork..Havana.Dec 31 | Ocean Queen,.New Vork.. California.Dec 31 i New York.New York. .A3pinwall.Dec 31 , Java.Now York. .Liverpool.Jan 2 i City o» Dublin.New York. .Liverpool..Jan 2 | Moro Castle.New York Havana.Jan 3 Allemannia.... .New York. .Hamburg.Jan 5 I City of Cork.Ni/w York. Liverpool .Jan 5 ; Australasian.New York. .Liverpool.Jan 9 Eagle.New York . Havana.Jan 10 i Pennsylvania.New York. Liverpool.Jan 12 Hanza..New York. Bremen.Jan 13 Miniature Almanac.January 1* 1 sun rives.7.oU Sun set*. Moon uses.i.iu am 1 Il'ich water.£.00 AM MAR INE_N EW8 PORT OF FORTRA.VD. Monday, December Cl, ARRIVED. Brig Hattie E Wheeler, Gnptili, New York. Brig II Means. Hopk ns, Eliza be thpert. Sch Sabine, (Br) Rav, St George, NB. Sch Tilt, l'rescott,St John, Nil, Tor Baltimore. Sell Marcus lluntcr, Orr, JNcw York. Sch Olive Elizabeth. Hainii on. Boston. Sch Harriet Fuller, Upton, Boston. Sch Ganges, Tale, Boston. Sch Jerusha Baker. Barberick, Boston. Scb Columbia, Brown, Boston. Sch Pints, Bryant, Boston. Sch Susan Frances, Smith, Boston for Tronton. Sch Red Beach. Agnew, Boston tor Calais. Sch Leesburg, Davis. Portsmouth. Sch Ossian L Dodge, Hinckley, Westport. Sch Bello, Dun ton, Weeiport. Sch Ida Moitcn. Winclienbach. Wahloboro. S hs Texas, Day, and Henrietta, Stoddard, Free port lor Boston. CLEARED. Stoamer Chesapeake, Johnson. New York—Ewer- ' & Fox. Barque C V Minot, Blethen, Matanzas— E Chur- j chill & Co. Barque Sarah B Hale, Hutchinson, Caibaiien— ' Ph.nney & Jackson. List of VcMrla built and registered in the Dis trict of Portland during the year I860. STEAMERS. Name. Where built, Hailiny port. Titus j New England.Cape Elizabeth.East port. 1021 Starl ght.Portland.Boston. 261 SHIPS. Majestic.Portland.Portland. 1170 Oakland.Brunswick.Brunswick... 1237 ; Unde Toby.Freeport.Freeport. 1306 ' HARQC ES. Lizzie H Jackson..Cape Elizabeth Portland. 501 Orniua.Pembroke.Portland. 533 Iatria.Biunswick.New York 811 Woodside.Cumberland. ..Portland. 609 P C Merry man . Freeport.Boston. 922 Ella & Anna.Westbrook.Portland. 592 Etibrt.Yarmouth.Yarmouth.. . 727 Arthur Kinsman.. West!* 00k.Portland. 411 Mal.evdle.Freeport.Freeport. 921 L T Stocker.Harpswcli.Portland. 349 Addie Decker.Brunswick.Brunswick.. 448 Josephine.Westbrook.Portland. 413 Jenuie Princ 3.Freeport.Freeport. . 953 BRIGS. J C York.Kennebunk... Portland. 327 Anna M Knight.. Yarmouth.Yarmouth.... 396 Agenora..Yarmouth.Portland. 451 J B Brown..Westbrook.Portland._ 393 Lena Thuvlow—Pembroke.Portland. 40* 1 Gipsey Queen.Westbrook.Portland. 290 Charles Poole.Yarmouth.Yarmouth_ 402 Emma.Yarmouth.Portland. 431 Etta M Tucker_Portland.Portland. 271 SCHOONERS. Mary Louise.Brunswick.Portland. 143 Ethan Allen.Westbrook.Portland. 232 Bowdoin.Westbrook.Portland.. . |‘«2 Nellie Star.Port la* d.Portland. 222 Willie Martin.Ya.mouth.Yarmouth.. . 15? E N Ferry.Westbrook. ...Portland. 198 J B Curtis.Harpswell.Portland. 105 Ranger.Yarmouth.Yarmouth.. . 90 Lady Woodbury. .Cape Elizabeth Portland. 75 J G Craig.Cape Elizabeth Portland. 77 ToakoHtta.. Westbrook.Boothbay ... 61 Adda Emma.Brunswick.Harpswell no Ella L Trefetheu. .Georgetown_Portland. si Frank Skillings.. .Georgetown. . .Portland.. . 49 Pearl On ’s Island.Brunswick.Harpswell 3G Crystal Wave.Brunswick.Harpswell 40 City Point.Boothbay.Portlan . 63 A nnie Harris.Weatbrook.Bremen_ G1 Eastern Light.Kennebunk. . Portland. 79 First Tria'.Harpswell.Hari swell 17 Wni Fisher-Bristol.Portland_ 63 ABLittejohn-Harpswell.Harpswell. 23 Willie Smith.Harpswell.Harpswell.... 32 Adda Emma.Brunswick.Harpswell, . 37 •LOOPS. Y ank, e Girl.Harpwelll.Cumberland . 87 Rocky Mountain..Cape Elizabeth.C Elisabeth 45 Total tonnage. 18,915 There are several new vessels now at this i>ort not yet measured, which, if counted in the above list, would make a total of over 20,000 tons lor IftfjG. In 1865, it was 12,791. The total tonnage built in the State in 1865, was about 80,000, and if the increase in the other Districts is any.liing like the increase iu the Portland district, the tonnage for 1866 wi 1 exceed 100,000 tons. [FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.] BOOTHBAY, Dec. 2S—Ar, sells John Adams, Sta plas, Rockland tor Boston; Savannah, —, Frank - tor: lor Boston; Active, Gilbert, Kocklcnd lor Balti more; Red Robin, Blunt, Cutler for Portland. Dec 28—Ar, sells P G Maddocks, Wylie, Bath; Cora Linn, Kenniston, Edgcomb. DISASTERS. The brig reported ashore at Dutch Island, proves to be the A mou Rowell, Capt Magune, from Turks Islands for Portland. She has succeeding in getting oil, badly damage , and will be towed to Now]*ort for repairs. She went on during the gale 01 Thursday night and remained until Saturday morning. Her cargo of salt is badly damaged. Brig Wm H Parks, from Philadelphia for Havana, was ashore in the Roadstead at Delaware Break water 25th. No particulars. DOMESTIC PORTS. INDIANOUL—Ar 9th inst, sch Bedabedec, brown, ; Mobile. MOBILE—Ar 221, ships Regent, Elliot, and Ger trude, Doane, Havre. SAVANNAH—Ar 23d, sch Kate Walker, Tapley, ! New York. | CHARLESTON—Ar 3Gtl», ship Black Prince, irom Valencia; barque Rising Sun, from Buckspoi r. NORFOLK—cld23tli, brig Centaur, Marston, for Bar'oadoes. ALEXANDRIA—Sid 2Cth, sch Grapeshot, Dun J bar, Providence. BALTIMORE—Ar .7th, sch Valeria, Conkling, 1m I Arecibo. Ar 29th, barque Goodcll, Crockett, Scarsport. I Cld 29tb, brigChas Hcaib, Wyman, Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 28th, barque J II McLa 1 ren. Corning, Havre; sch Fanny K Shaw, Sliaw, lor j Charleston. At Delaware Breakwater 25th, brig C H Kennedy, i from Portland lor Philadelphia; Win 11 Parks, trom i Philadelphia lor Havana, (ashore.) NEW YORK—Cld _9th, ship Ma y Whitudge.Cut ler, Shanghac; barque -Norton Stover. Stover, Ma tanzas; sobs JP Avcrv, Ryan, Galveston; Cata wamteak, Jameson, Jacksonville; Annie Whiting. Hutchinsoa, Norfolk. PROVIDENCE—S d 29th, brig Nathaniel Stevens. Samuiers, Cnoptank Rivtr, Aid, to load for Boston; sch M S Lunt, Brown, Baltimore. Ar 30th, sch G W Carpenter, Fitzgerald, fm Balti more. NEWPORT—in port 29tli, brigs Manzoni, Car Ison, I New Bedford lor BucksviUe, SC; Mattano, Jorv s, ; Ellsworth ioi New York; sch Sedona, Teel, Port land for Chesapeake Bay; Hannibal, Cox, Fhiladel I pbia tor Boston. Ar 5otl», schs Andrev/ Peters, Lord, EUzabethport for Fairbaven; Saxon. Cassidy, do tor Providence. BOSTON — Ar 31st, schs Platten Sea, Poland, from Damaxiscotta; Unison, Williams, Portsmouth. Cld 31st, barque St Dominique, (Br) Doane, (from Eastport) lor Montevideo; Enrique, Orcutt, Havana; r>rig Ambrose Llglit, Hamor, Loando, (Africa); sch L A Orcutt, Haskell, Wilmington, NC. PORTSMOUTH.—Ar 29th, schs Platten Sea. Bai ley, and Glide, Rollins, Damanscotta tor Boston • FOREIGN PORTS. At Bombay Nov 13, slaps Vicksburg, Boyd, tor Liverp ol, ldg; Arabia, Hinckley; E<1 dystone, Pe terson. and Enterrriic. Dunbar, nnc. Ar at Malaga Out inst, barque G W Roseveit, Her riiuau, Bilboa. At Mara iliam 25th ult, sch Eddie Waters, Folsom, trom New Yrork, Ar at Callao Nov 28, ships H B Wright. Park, fra Wellington, NZ, (and sailed Dec 1 lor Chinchas, to load tor Fiance); Dec 11, Eastern Star, Curtiss, Rio Janeiro; Metnnon, Baker, do. Sid Dec 4,.Star, Loring. Gibraltar; David Brown. Nichols, United States; oth, Reunion, Nichols, from Cbinchas, to load for Spain; barque Geo Treat. Kill man, Cliinchas, to lead for United States; 6th, Vir ginia, Weeks, Gi bra’tar. At Berbiee Dec —, brig Kate Foster, Foster, for Demerara, to load tor Baltimore. At Uth inst. brig Frank E Allen, Mor rill, for Portland, ready to load. Ar at Havana Dee 22, barque Arthur Kinsman, Means. Portland; Anna Walsh, Coombs, New York; brig Agenora, White, Portland; Mary A Reed, liecd. Philadelphia. Ar at Matanzas 22d, brig Mechanic. Merriman, St Marys. Ar at do 21st, brigs Paragon. Walsh, and Minna Traub, Fredericks, Havana. Ar at Si John, NB, 22d inst, sch Joseph Segar, irom Stockton. (Per steamer Australasian, at New Y'ork.) Ar at liverpool 12th inst, Annie Sherwood,Teague, New York; Alhambra, Morton, Pensacola. Adv 15th, Hibernian, (ssi lor Portland 20th; CC Horton, Kelley, lor Baltimore immediately; Kate Davenport, Otis, for Philadelphia Dec 16; Virginia, Card, tor do 18th. Ar at London 13th, Industry, Bennett, Akyah. Siding Deal 14th, Josiab L Male, Nowclll, (from Shields) tor Madras. Ar at Swansea 13th, Amie, Morse, trom Rotter dam. Sid I'm Glasgow 13?b, Clyde, Perry, Boston. Off London'ierry 10th, Jane A Bishop, McLeilan, Mayport; 13th. Bleiades, Bradlev, Baltimore. Ar at Cork ICth, Good Hope, Miller, Callao. Ar at Auckland, NZ, Sept 26, Kate, Carter, from San Franei co Ar at Newcastle, NSW, Sept 24, A H Badger, Mar shall, Lyttlcton. Sid tin Hong Kong Nov 1, Martha Rideout, Jolier 8on, Singapore. Ar at Nngpo Oct 19, Rover, Hunt, Hong Kong. Sid ftn Manila Oct 18, Golden Hind, Davis, Straits Malacca. 0 Sid An Calcutta Oct 22d, N Corwin, Chase, for Bombay. Ar at Galle Nov 16, Kentuckian, Freeman, Sun deiland, £. Sid Un Mauritius Nov 2, Clytie, Whiting, for New York. Sid 1m Aden Nov 20, Sagamore, Pickering, for Rangoon. Ar at Cadiz Dec 7th, Morning Light, Walter, from New York. Ar at Bordeaux 11th inst, T Cushing, Rogers, from New Orleans. Cld at Havre Dec 12 li, Wetterhorn, St uson, tor Boston. Ramsgate. Dec 13. The Evening Star, Frye, from Shields for Cuba, has put in here leaky, having struck 011 Shields bar coming out. Singapore. Nov 29. The Am ship Martha Rideout will probably lie condemned. SPOKEN* Oct 3, lat 43 S, Ion 23 E, ship Taujore, Humphrey, from New York tor Australia. Oct 20, lat 24 40, Ion 122 20 W, ship Midnight, from San Francisco for New York. Dec 26. no lat, &c, was passed, steamer Moravian, from Portland lor Liverpool. YEW Y EAR’ S GIFTS A good assortment of GENTS’ COUNTRY KNIT HOSE ! DOMESTIC YARNS ! CENTS’, I.ADIKS’ AND CHILDREN’S GLOVES AND MITTENS. -ALSO Breakfast Sbawli, Hoods, Men and Boys’ Scarfs, Gcnaott Worsteds, Dress Trimmings, Tidies, Knitting Cotton, Angola and other Factory Yarns* New lot of Ladies’ and Children’s BALMORAL SKIRTS Z very pretty, and late styles. Also UAL1HORAL BORDERING), tor sale at M. E. BEDLOW’8, dec31d2w 430 Congress Street. Choice Southern anil Western FLOIR A YD CORY ! for sale by O’BRION, PIERCE & CO., Wholcealc Dealers, 154 Commercial St., dec31dly PORTLAND. Mr. sraTesI And POCKET CUTLERY at BAILEY’S Gun Store. dec21 » FREE STREET P_d2-v Boarding School fTlHE Lulies of the Congregation dc Notre Dame, I beg leave to inform llie public that they will re open their Boarding School and Academy on the 2d January, 1807. Whilst acknowledging their fr ititude to the in habitants of Portland for last tu.ors and patronage, they hope in future to merit a liberal shave in the ta vor ot the public. N. B.—For further information apply to the Supe rioress, No. 04 Free Street. December 19. d3w NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. "first annual sale” l^ancy (jJoods! - AT - Greatly Reduced Prices t DAVis & CO., Having determined to£dnc|thclr extensive stock oi Furuishiug and Faucy Goods! will sell, until farther notice, gone, 4t flnm ’■tZ la 50 per cent, let* than formes Prices ! Please examine our prices and be convince^. WE SHALL SELL Good American Corsets ter $ .75 Ladies’ Cotton and Wool Ribbed Hose, .25 Children’s ALL Wool Hose, .15 Best Shetland Clouds, 1.00 Ladles’ Hoods. .88 Beautiful Breakiast Shawls now 1.15 to 5.50 Cue thousand Linen Collars for .10 i Ladies Paper Goods of all descriptions. Rich Embroidered C .liars at .25 250 Dozen Linen Handkerchiefs for 12! cents each. “ ’* ’■ extra, l/ ’• ... , ' “ very tine, '25 •• •* Ladies’ Gloves, fleece lined, Z5 I Children’s Gloves, fleece Lined. 15 ! BLACK KID GLOVES, t 00 Best French Kid Gloves, 1.25 ^^ll.aM0‘,m«nt of GERMAN ittPHVRWORS- 1 ltDs, Imported by us, and a superior article. Paus, Veils, Under (Garments, Corsets, every kind and sue, and 1‘ANOY Q00D8 of all Descriptions. An examination of this branch will convince all that ! we are making prices very low. Dress TrtwmtMgw at pi ices to suit. VELVET RIBBONS, black aud colored,in any width; by the piece we make a discount. 1 tyAll our prices will prove to you beyond a doubt that goods are sold here cheaper than elsewhere. ty Remember the place, old stand of HERMANN GRUNTAL, now DAVIS A CO., Clapp’s Black, Cougress Street. January 1,18C7. dtf PHOTOGRAPHS ? E. S. WfBMELL formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure la an nouncing that be will ou TUESDAY. JAN. 1, 1807. opon bis NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERV At No. 316 Congress Street, [Opposite Mechanics’ Hall,) where he w ill be ploased to wait on his friends and ; tho public Grateful tor past patronage, he hopes by sttict at tention to business u> merit a renewal ot the same. Persons wishing for FIRST CLASS P I C 1 IIRKS of all styles and sizes are invited to call. Pictares colored la Oil, Water Colors and India Ink by tnc of the best Artists In tbe Slate* Special attention paid to Copying of ail descriptions. Ur 'All work wai ranted to give satisikctlon. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or 1 Colors at reasonable rates. janleodSm Notice of Foreclosure of a Mort gage. 1 the subscriber, Olive a P. Haskell, of Wind la ham, in the County of Cumberland and Stale of M.ilne. hereby give notice, that Abby Jordan, of said Windham, ou the tenth day 01 August, A. D. 1*64, by her Deed of Mortgage of* that date, convey ed to me in mortgage, to secure the sum of two hun dred and titty dollars and interest, a certain piece of laid situated in said Wimlhain, together with tbs buildings thereon, being a part of the lot numbered one hundred and se\en in the second Division of hun dred acre lots in said Windham, lying ou the North easterly side of the road leading from Windham cor ner to Groat Palls, being twelve rods in width on said road and extending back sixteen rods, and keep ing the width of twelve rods; bounded Southeasterly by land of John C. Cobb ; Northeasterly by land of Jason Webb, and Northwesterly by land occupied by Geo. W. Davis. That there remains due and unpaid of the sum secured by the said Mortgage the sum ot one hundred and t wenty-four dollars and interest. That the condition of tho said Mortgage is broken—and that by reason of the breach of the condition of said Mortgage 1 claim a foreclosure thereof. OLIVER P. HASKELL. Dated Dec. 21, 1866. wJwl* iiaxsox a mssLotr’s Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, Plough >1 aiiiiliu;toi\v, TTTE would inform the public that we are prepar \V ed to furnish Castings of every description to order at short notice. We now have on baud an as sortment ot Window Weights. Sled Shoes and other castings. Ur* We are prepared to furnish Coalings tor Rail Road Companies and Ship Builders. Also, Plauing, Jointing, Matching and Sawing promptly done. J. W HANSON, «. C. WINSLOW. 9ft Tork HU, Head of Smith’s Wharf. Jan 1—dtf __ "A 1 SPOOL COTTON! 7 CENTS A SPOOL ! DAVIS A CO/S. janl dtf Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c, FICKETT & GUAY OFFPB FOB SALE AT THEIR STORE, No. 1ST ITore Street, \\7HITE LEAD, Foreign and American Zinc, Lin V Y seed Oil, Coach, Furniture and Florence Var nishes. Japau, Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, Venetian Red, and a ftall assotment of Paint Stock of every description, Window Glass, Sheet Lead, and I^ead Pipe. Agents for Gardner’s celebrated Copper Paint tor vessels’ bottoms. All orders tor Painting executed at short notice and satisfactorily. January 1.1867. dtf rTa. of the p. f. r>. Annual Meeting. THE Annual Meeting of the ASSOCIA TION of the Portland Fite Department, will be held at the Chief Engineer’s Office, (Old City Hall building,) on Wednesday Evening, January Pth. at 7J o’clock, tor the choice of Tr.ntecs and the transac tion of other business. Per order of the President. JOHN C. TTTKESBUBY, Sec’y. jan 1 1867. dtd Notice. ItHE subscriber having disposed or his Stock In store to Messrs Ul’BGkSS, KOhKS dt < # i requests all persons inilebted to him to call at their Counting Room No. (SO Com mere in I Ml.. (Thomas Block,! and Bettlc. Thankful for (last favors, he commends to his friends and former patrons their large and well selected Stock of Leads, Oils, Colors, &c. „ CHARLES FOBFS. Portland, Jan. 1, 1867. d2m < 'opart uc islii p. tpiif undersigned have this day associated them X selves together uuder the firm name of FICKKTT dt GBit, to do a Paint, Oil uad Varaiab Business in all ils branches at 187 FORE STREET. JEROME B. PICKETT, Jan. 1, 1867—tf WILLIAM GRAY. M. C. M. A. AST ATED MEETING of the MAINE CHARI TABLE MECHANIC ASSOCIATION wUl be held in MECHANICS’ HALL, on THURSDAY EVENING, Jan. 3, at 71 o’clock. STEPHEN MARSH. Secretary. Jan 1 dtJ Store to Let. TIHE GOTHIC STORE od Conaieii Street, op posite Lafayette Street. This I* one of the best stands for the Grocery Buniuemi in the City, having had a large trade for the past ten years. Apply to S. L. ('ARLETON, jan 1 dedtf 27 Market Square. For Cardenas. THE hue, newly copitered bark BRUNSWICK, ; Capt. Geo. W. Davis, Master, will sail for the above port with quick dispatch, having most ot her cargo eugaged. For balance of freight or passage, having tine accommodations. Apply to LITTLEJOHN & CHASE, janldtf Mead Loug Wharf. NOTICE. ALL person* indebted to the late Dr. Charles W. Thomas, are requested to make immediate pay> . nunt to the undersigned, who is duly authorized to j collect the same. Office No. 188 Fore St reel, over Carnal National ; Bank. House No. W Dauforth Street, corner of State Street. GEORGE A. THOMAS. January 1, 1807. eod4w Copartnership Notice. MR. IRA J. BATCHELER is admitted a nartuer I in our tirm. and also the Ai m of Portland Pack- I lug Company from this date. D _ DAVIS, BAA TER & CO. Portland, Jan. 1,1867. dim lfr*~Star please copy._ Dissolution. BY mutual consent, JOHN H. HALL’S interest in our tlnn ceases on and alter this date. The busincas will be Continued by the remaining uartucrs under the name and stvle ot v N. P. RICHARDSON & CO. Jan 1—dlw “Short Dresses.” LADIES will find tho most convenient and ex peditious way of making Walking Dresses is to have a “SKIRT LIFTER” adjusted to the lloop Skirt. MRS. L. C. PENNELL. Jan 1 dtt It Brown Street. Wanted. PANT MAKERS at 8* Free Street. J. E. FERNALD & SON. i jan 1 d2w Wanted. A SMART, active Girl to do housework. Apply at ^ 408 Congress 8t. janldtf Found. AN OX CHAIN. Inquire at No. 130 For* St. Jan 1 dzt* NEW ADVERTISEMENT#. Lost! NEW STORE ! Entire Hew Stock ! C. F. THRASHER & 00, take pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Port land and vicinity that their new store NO. 4 FREE STREET BLOCK, will be opened THIS DAY with an entire new stock of foreign and domestic DHESS c/O' such as BLACK MILKS, SILK AID U OOI. POP ALL WOOL POPLL THIBET! ia all BARATHEA < EMPRESS ALPACC Also one of the largest as. HOUSEKEEPING ever ottered in the marker. We won attention to our stock o. \V O O la E 1 or Men am Bov’s wear, confident that t. well as the goods, cannot lad to pie*. BE MEMBER THE PLACE t C. E. THRASHER & CO., AT THE OLD STAND, No. 4 Free Street Block. decl2 3w NEW FIRM ! ROBINSON _& KNIGHT i CLOTHING! We have taken the store 288 CONGRESS STREET, •Opposite the Prehle Houset Where we have a new stock of CLOTHING —AND— FURNISHING GOODS I The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most iashion able style. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand. dec8 dtf JUST BBC EIV £ D I A NEW LOT —OF— LADIES’ CLOAKINGS At Lower Prices than Ever. ALL OTHER GOODS Via i ked Oown'in Proportion, - AT - A. D. REEVES, No. 36 Free Street. December 17,I860. d3w A FULL SURELY Boy’s Clothiug ! AT THE New England Clothing Com., 48 Market Square. dcM3aa E. LEVEEN & CO. READY FOB hynin fn*l william BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street, is now permanently located at his new store No G4 Federal st, a few doors below Lime street, lie is now prepared to attend to the wants cf his uumeious customers and the public generally in the way of cleaning and re pairing Clothing of all kinds, and will be attended to with liis usual promptness. Also second-hand Clothing for sale at fair prices. no' Cdtf Notice. (HE proprietors of Union Whan Corj oration are hereby notified that there Annual meeting will be holden at the counting-room of the Whar Unger, on said wharf, on the tfrst TUESDAY, being tire tirst day ot January, at 3 o'clock P. M., to act on the following ar kies, via:— 1st. To choote a President. 2d. To choose a Clerk tor the ensuing year, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary. 3d. To receive and allow accounts against the cor poration. 4th. To appropriate any funds necessary ibr repair ing the wharf or for other purposes: and, generally, to act on all matters which may be considered neces sary for the interests of the proprietors, JOSEPH li. WHITE, Clerk of Union Wharf Corporation Portland, Dec. 24,186b. dtd Hoist the Flag ! Store Re-huilt I New Goods l At 03 Exchange St., Jose’s Bloch. S. H. COLESWORTHY, INVITES his customers to the old stand now re built, wheie be will on Monday, show them a ffne stock of Books, Stationery, Paper Hangings, ENGRAVINGS, Oval, and other kinds of Picture Frames, Arc., with a good variety of Fancy Article suited to the times and the Holidays. dc22d3w To Rent, WAREHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. Es quire of LYNCH. BARKER & CO., novldti 139 Commercial street. OIL and CMDLES. LARD, SPERM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE, ELAINE AND RED OIL, KEROSENE AND MACHINERY OIL, SPERM & ADAMANTINE CANDLES, it SOAP, For sale by HBADNHAW A PATCH, aug 9—6m No. 7 Central Whari, Boston. Singing School! MB. OABDINEB will commence his second term for instruction in Vocal Music at the Ves try of the Free Street Church, on MONDAY EVEN ING, January 7th, 1867, at 7$ o’clock. Terms, 21 Lessons, 1 unites, $2.00 “ “ Gentlomen, 3.00 Monday and Saturday Evenings until further nc« tice. Tickets lor sale at the Vestry. dc28dtd Dental Notice ! This is to iufium my triends and pat rons that I have associated w ith uie in the practice ot Dentistry, DR. ALBERT EVAN'S, Formerly ot Bangor, a skillful dentist ot Iona expci. ence, and take pleasure in introducing au J recorn mending him to them. Ether and Chloroform admin (stored when desired. C. H, OSGOOD, No. 8 Clapp’s Block, Congress St. octo d3m then %*ttf Meats, Poultry, Game, &c„ That the market affords, and it will be their earnest endeavor to serve their customer; with promptness aud fidelity. decl.uti Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Furs In Boston, BOUGHT FOR CASH, And can be sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable ! Nice Greq Squirrel Sett*, • 13.00, former price #10.00. silk Velvet Hoods.Beaver trimmed, FOB 04.00, and other Goods in proportion. SHAW BHOTHEHS, OPPOSITE PRIBLE BOISE. dec22 du OLD MACHINES ! Exchanged tor the new .etna sew ing MACHINES, Which have been prov ed to do the best tor Her Stitching. Tailoring, ot any other in the world. Credit given to anv ore who wants a Sewing Machine. Needles and 'Trim mings tor all Machines. ICO Middle Street. UP Stairs. W. S. DYEB. gOI.E AGENT. Do; 15 deed lm __ Marbleized Slate Mantle3l Superior in Appearance, More Durable and at Half the Brice of Marble. T. B. STEWART. 003 Sixth Are. New Work. Send for Descriptive Cxtaloguewith price*, lmdcfl R"