Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 1, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ---- Tuesday Morning, January 1, 1867. WASHINGTON. Decision of ihe ‘Supreme Court. BUI tor the lieorgnnizaliitn of the southern States. THE 1.ATE INDIAN MASSACRE. Washington, Dec. 31. The opinion of the Supreme Court in the matter of Lunbden P. Milligiu, petitioner on certificates of divisions of opinion between the Circuit Court ot the United States for the dis trict of Indiana, has been published. Milligan, it will be recollected, was tried and convicted by a military commission. The opinions of the judges of the Circuit Court are opposed on throe questions, as follows: First, on the facts stated iu the petition and exhibits, ought a writ of habeas corpus to be issued? Second, on the tacts stated, ought said Lambden P. Milligan to be'discharged from custody as iu said peti tion prayed? Third, whether, upon the facts stated in said petition and exhibits, the milita ry commission mentioned therein had Jurisdic tion legally to try and sentence said Milligan in the manner and form as in said petition and exhibits it is stated. Justice Davis delivered the opinion of the court, in which he said one of the plainest constitutional provisions was infringed when Milligan was tried by a court not ordained and established by Congress. No reason of necessity could bo urged why lie was not delivered to the Circuit Court of Indiana, Vto be proceeded against according to laws; and another guarantee of lreedom was broken when . he was denied a trial by Jury. To the fiist two 4questions the court give an affirmative answer and a negative to the last one. Chief Justice Chase for himself, and Justices Wayne, Swaine and Miller being unable to concur in some im portant particulars with the opinion which had been read, made a separate statement of their ■views of the whole case. He said the trial and sentence of Milligan were by a military com mission convenediu Iudiana during the tail of 1861 The action of the commission bad been under consideration by President Lincoln for some time, when be himself became the victim of an abhorred conspiracy. It was approved by his successor in May, 1863, and sentence was fifordered to be carried into execution. The pro ceedings, therefore, had the fullest sanction of the executive department of the Government. It was clear the writ ought to issue, and that Milligan was entitled to the discharge prayed for. The third question must be answered neg atively as an unavoidable interference from af firmative answers to ilie other two. We do not, he said, doubt that the positive provisions of the act of Congress requires such answers. We do not think it necessary to look beyond these provisions. In them we find sufficient and controlling reasons for our conclusions.— But we could not agree to the opinion of the majority that not only was the military com mission not authorized by Congress, but that it was not In the power of Congress to authorize it from which it may be thought to follow. The dissenting Judges maintain ihat peace exists the laws ot peace must prevail. What they do maintain is that when the nation is involved in war and some portions of the country ate in vaded, and all are exposed to invasion, it is within the power of Congress to determine in what States or districts such great and immi nent public danger exists as justifies the author ization of military tribunals for tlie trials of crime and offences against the discipline or se curity of the army, or against the public safety. We cannot doubt that in such a time of public danger, when conspiracies existed in Indiana, Congress hail power under the Constitution to provide for the Organization of a military com mission, and for the trial by that commission of persons engaged in the conspiracy. Gen. Ashley has prepared a bill to bs report ed ou the re-assembling of Congress, having in view the reorganization of the Southern States, not, however, remanding them to a territorial condition, but recognizing their present ar rangements until conventions can be called to remodel the respective State, Governments. The Commissioner of Indian Afliiirs has ^> ceived the following telegram: “Fort Lamarie, Dec 27 — Hon. Lewis Bogy, Commissioner of Indian Affairs:—An Indian arrived from Tongue river, reported that a larg party of Meuneeojons, Butes, Ogollalas, C ows, UnkaphappoijBl ickfeetanrt Sausaracks left Tongue river on the 12th inst for Fort Phil Kearney, and on the 22d the Indians were dis covered near the fort. Brevet Lieut. Col. Fet terman, Capt. Brown and Lieut. Granmond, with 90 men, left the tort to give them battle.— Nothing more was beard from them until a par ty sent out flora the fort found them at a dis tance of four miles, all lying dead, Col. Fetter man and bis entire command having been mas sacred. (Signed,) M. F. Patrick, Upper Platte Agent” Secretaries Seward and Wells will not re ceive visitors to-morrow, owing to recent do mestic afflictions. From San Francisco and Panama. Nkw Yoke, Dec. 81. The steamer Henry Chaunrey, with San Francisco dates of the 13ili, and Panama of the 23d, arrived this morning. The United States flagship Powhattau, Ad miral Dahlgren, sailed from Panama for Cal lao on the i6th. The brig Jacmel Packet was seized at Aspin wall Uy United States Consul Rice, on suspi cion that the captain, who was offering the cargo, consisting of spices, for sale at half its value, was a runaway. The vessel jbad sailed from Singapore for Melbourne, but had been run off her course. Matters were very quiet on the Isthmus.— Mosquera continued his war against the Church, and had ordered another conflcntion and sale of church property. He has also or dered the seizure of all war materials crossing the Isthmus foi the Pacific Republics at war with Spain. He has decreed neutrality and gives liberty to both belligerents to bring priz es into the ports of the Republic for sale No final decision has yet been arrived at re garding the peace proposition of England and France. Peru still talks war, though a Minin. ter of Chili has been sent to Lima to consult and advise. San Francisco, Dec. 31. The late hurricane passed within halt a mile of the town of Nevada, levelling some houses. In other places large houses were picked up and dashed violently to pieces. Its course was northward, and its width fire hundred feet. The steamer Colorado’ of the Chinese line, will take to-morrow |3fi3,00() to China. The steamer Golden City, from Panama, has arrived. The bark Bogota, for Liverpool, took 1,500 barrels of flour. Constiluiiouuiity of the Exrite halt. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 31. The Supreme Court has given its decision upon the constitutionality ot the excise law in the case of the Board of Excise vs. Jackson S. Schultz. Several other cases are on the dock et involving the same points. The court unan imously affirms the judgment of the court of the general term. Tie court held that the pro visions of that act were within the scope of leg islative autority, which extended to all subjects not prohibited by the Constitution; that there is no constitutional restriction prohibiting the right of the legislative to regulate the traffic- ! ing in intoxicating liquors; ligt such regulations ! do not interfere with or restrain him of lus • liberty or property within the prohibitions of the Constitution; that licenses to sell liquor are mere temporary permits todo that which, with out such permit, would lie an offense. Such license is not a Contract between the State and license, giving to the latter any vested right that such licenses are a part of the internal police system of the State, shell as are useful m the exercise of police powers, and are always subject to the control of the Legislature, which may revoke, modify or continue them at pleas ure. The iVew Flat Tragedy. St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 31. The latest particulars of the New Ulm bar barity show that Lipcouib, one of the men huug, was already mortally wounded by blows on liis head with a liatehet, so that the brains ran out. He also had one eye cut out, which ! was hanging over his cheek. He could not have lived an hour in the condition in which he was wheD hung. The party from Menkato which went to bring down the bodies, could not find them and got no explanations, but found a hole in the ice and numerous bloody marks. Other indications show plainly that the bodies were put in there. lfrai rtictive File iu ITcvclnutfl. Cleveland, Dee. 31. A file broke out last evening in tlic crockery" bud glass ware impelling bouse of W. O.Faus Ier, on Hirer Street, and burned for five hours. The loss on the stock and building will reach flora $50,000 to $ii0.000, which is well insured in Eastern companies. At one time a terrific fire was threatened, as there are several oil I works and liquor stores in the yicinity. Feuiau Demonstration, . Bnffalo, Dec 31. ihe r eitinns art to have imposing coremo nies here on New Year’s day. Tliere will be a grand procession of civil and| military organi zations, the occasion being the funeral of E. R, Lanigau, killed at Ridgeway June 2d, when a i splendid monument of Italian marble will t,e I erected to his memory at the cemetery of the Holy Cross, Limestone Hill. European suit /srllt Ainet ieuit iiailitliy. Bangor, Dec. 31. Ground will be broken on the European & North American Railw-ay in this city Tuesday January first. Thu Mayor, City Council anil other prominent citizens will he present. The bridges are being built and the work of grad ing will be commenced r-ar|v in the spring.— No doubt this great national enterprise will be rapidly pushed to completion. Jirsumplion of ISailrouti Travel. _ Buffalo, Dec. 31 - •‘■ravel has been resumed on all the roads leading to and from this city, except on the Like Shore Toad. _ if Syracuse, Deo. 31. -* he Nov jB>rk^Centra! Railroad is cleai of snow tlio ennro length. Trains aft punning on thne. SSank Failurr _ , „.®YbArusE. N.Y., Dec. 31. Ttie Central \1t i Bank tailed to open its »v nsaaLthis forenoon. It is con jectured riu.r bills 3p;i'.'e been thrown out by the ’ etning agency iu New York, and the hauls lias suspi uded Operations because of its inabil ity to meet the government tax levied upon its notes. Fire at Newpori Peovidevct, R. I., Dec. 31, The Fark Mouse, Newport, was partially des troyed by fire oa Saturday morning. Loss $0,000; insured. ° WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. i Mr. Stevens Preparing Important Measures. MR. HOOPER’S BOND UII.l.. rr New York, Dec. 31 A Washington special says Mr. Stevens'is preparing radical changes in both the execu tive and judicial departments, made necessary by tlio recent decisions of the Supreme Court, ill regard to military trials, and a report oi oth er important decisions is shortly to he made de claring seveial 1 iw.\ unconstitutional. When the President announced to Mr. Weatherly, of South Carolina, that the Su preme Court would declare the constitutioual amendment unconstitutional, he is thought to have spoken by the card. Mr. Hooper will press his bond bill on the opening of Congress, and will oppose an in crease of the capital of national hanks. A strong pressure from tlio Northwest lias been brought to bear upon the committee for a mod erate increase, but Mr. Hooper, backed by the committee, strenuously opposes it. The North western members allege that Massachusetts has sixty millions invested in national banks while the entire Northwest have only fifty mil lions and are debarred getting more. A Washington dispatch says instructions have been sent to Minister Campbell, and ere this be is en route for Chihuahua to find Jua rez. Gen. Sherman has arrived in Washiuc ton. b Cauadinn Attain.. Montreal, Dec. 31. The fire at Edwards' safe factory involved a a loss of $10,000. On Saturday night a collision occurred be tween the express train from House's Point and a freight train drawn by two engines, from the west. They came together with treglitftil force, the engine of the express train rrushing the engineer into a shapeless mass. The chief of police has arrived here having in custody Lieut. Col. Browne, late Assistant Adjutant General of the militia, who abscond ed with a large amount of funds. He had an exciting chase of four months over Great Brit ain and the Continent oi Europe, finally se curing him at Hamburg. Browne was exam ined to-day, and committed for trial at the next assizes. Quebec, Dec. 31. The method of distributing the relief fund is causing considerable discussion. The Chroni cle says three-fourths of the people in the burnt district are professional beggars, and to give them money would be to waste it. • Toronto, C. W., Dec. 31. -Gen. Napier, commanding the military forces in Upper Canada left in the noon train fo Boston, eu route to England. By the accident on the Grand Trunk Hail road Saturday, one passenger was severely in jured, and several badly bruised. Cause of the accident, spreading of the rails from frost. London, C. W., Dec. 31. At the railroad accident at Sarnia Junction, Saturday night, Miss Campbell, of Port Huron, had her thigh broken, which will prove fatal.— Several employees were badly bruised, one, Mr. Daley, fatally. Minccllaueous Dispatches. Oswego, N. Dee. 31. Hamilton Murray, President of the City Bank, died to-day. Chicago, Dec. 31. On Friday afternoon the ice crowded arourd around the point of Hook Island and piled up along the Illinois shore, knocking out a portion of the trestle work of the bridge, and render ing the structure so unsafe that it must be im mediately repaired. Richmond, Dec. 31. Gen. Grant telegraphed here to-ilay to send the 11th and 110th regiments to some other points. These are all the military around Richmond. Gen. Schofield replied, asking that one regiment might be retained here. Philadelphia, Dec. 31. The dispatch purporting to have been re ceived by the Atlantic cable, which gave a re port of the death ot the Empress Garlotta, was furnished to the newspapers of this city by the United States and European newsageucy here, and was published by the only paper adhering to that concern in this city. Mexicon Alioii-. Charleston, S. C., Dec. 30. Late Mexican advices at New Orleans make no mention of the execution ot E.scohado, and the previous report is, therefore, held to he un founded. The co-operation of Marshal Bazaine with Maximilian is regarded with distrust, as the two have been little better than open enemies for nearly a year. Trade is without any symptoms of recovery. Juarez was expected at Durango in a week, and would make that place his seat of govern ment for the present. New lfoilt Ileum. New York, Dec. 31. John Gleason was stabbed and beaten so badly yesterday by George Wilson and two others, that he is not expected to recover. Wil son was arrested. 'Sim Ellen Alcom was burned to death in Brook lyn yesterday, her clothes taking fire from the explosion of kerosene she was pouring on a fire. Annette L. Ponteu is also dead in this city from burns, her dress taking fire from a range. Both were 16 years of age. The Weather, New York. Dec. 31. It has been snowing all day. It is gusty to night. Thermometer 20 degrees above. There is a prospect of sleighing to-morrow. Baltimore, Dec. 31. Six inches of snow have fallen here to-day. Montreal, C. E., Dec. 31. Vv eather clear and cold. The channel is blocked with ice. _ Quebec, Dec. 31. -thermometer four degrees celow. from JVcw Orleans. New Orleans. Dec. 31. It is whispered that the congressional com mittee has declined an invitation to the city banquet, for tl,e reason that it did not want to compromise itself by being present. Want of time, however, is the reason alleged by the com mittee. Two ships cleared cn Saturday for Bremen, with partial cargoes of cotton. The Veninu Prisoner*. Toronto, Doc. 30. The remainder ol the Fenians here, number* ing 32, wjll be tried at the next assizes, com mencing January 10th. They have been' noti fied by the iaw officer of the Grown that they must all be ready for trial then. No delay will be consented to unless special cause be shown. Explosion iu au Oil Reiuarry. New Haven, Dec. 31. Au explosion took place at the oil refinery of Cowles & Leite, on Long wharf, this afternoon, instantly killing the foremau, Frederick Thomp son. The building immediately took fire and was wholly consumed. Loss about $15,000. in sured for $4000, Destructive Eire in Minneapolis, Chicago, 111., Dec. 31. A destructive lire yesterday morning at Minneapolis burned down the Chronicle office and nine buildings on Washington Avenue, Helen and Minnetoni streets. Loss $100,000; insurance $50,000. Pennsylvania Sranloraltip. Philadelphia, Nov 31. Forney’s Press of to-morrow will contain an article strongly urging the claims of Thaddeus Stevens for the Pennsylvania Senatorship. Navigation Closed. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 31. The navigation of lake Erie is closed. THE MARKETS. Eiunucial. New York, Dec. 31. The Post says the Money market Is fully supplied at ti jer rent. Railroads opened strong, declined on the announcement of the Rank Statement, but im proved slightly at ngon. Government bonds firm, with moderate transactions. Gold closed ar 1331 — Money 7 per cent. At the Second Board stocks were strong. New York Market. Netv York Due 31 Cotton—$ (g> 1c higher: sales 3.009 bales*: Middling uplands at 34$ ® 35c. Flour—quiet and firm, but prices are unchanged; sa’es 3,600 ouis. State at 8<0 @ 1210; Hound Horn, Ohio at 1110 ® 1360; Western at 8 50 @ 13 00; South ern, sales at 1110 <w 17 00. Wheat—quiet ajnl thin; sales 16,600 bush. No. 2 j Milwaukee at 2 39 Amber State 3 15. Amber Mich igan 3 00. White Canada 3 10. Corn—dull and nominal; Mixed Western at 110 @ j Oats—firm and more active; sales 29,000 bush.— ' Cldcago 03 (ft 65; State 67 @ 69. Beef—heavy. Pork—tinner but quiet; sales 3,600 bbls. Lard—firmer; sales 650 bbls. at 11$ @ 13c. Butter—steady. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—dull and nominal. Sugar—unchanged. Coffee—heavy. Molasses—dull and heavy. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at 66 & 67. Rosin at 4 37 @ 9 00. Petroleum—heavy and dull: crude at 20; Refined bonded 29 ® 30c. Tallow—firmer; sales 87,600 lbs. at 11 % 11$. Freights to ^iyerpool^dqjl, Cotton $d@ 9-92d. New Vsik Weekly Cattle Harket. p New York, Dec. 31. “apply »» light, owing to the btoruin SJJJJ V!Kxtrain>» Jet the market declined still farther 5iV,m Poor 10 modium 9@ 10c \> fa.; me dium to fair ti ^ 13c. good 13$ @ 15$: prime steers /v, La r*5e^clpts head. The market for I STSISPiEITi**1 Wot**- Extra good 100 ® 80 ^ 100» common to medium 50 15, \ eai -<uves not active, but good veals be mg scarce, they arc firmly HUpi>(>rted £^12^ 13c f good 10 @ 12c, Ojmmon 8 @ l0c. The market f.i sheep is dull, with verj light demand; common to lair 4 u} 5c p fa.; good to prunec$ ^ GJc ; extra C$ 'a <c; receipts 3,800 lieod. Hogs were dull during the V-eek, but have levived with the return otc old weath er, best quality 7 @ 7$; live 8| % 9c; dressed, to g xwl 0$ 7cc; live 8$ 1$ 8k; dressed, common. 64 6L G*.c; live b$ rUi 8$c; receipts 14,090. Chicago Mariitis. _ Chicago. Dec, 3i. „ Flour steady. Spring extras 9 25 @ 10 25. Wheat i @ 2c higher; sales 2 15$ lor No. 1, and 1 92for No. 2. Corn quiet and unchanged; sales No-1 at 74k,— caS °f N°‘ 2 at illj ® 42c-McssI>^at Mobile narkels. Mobile. Doc. 31 Cotton—sales 3,400 bales. Middling uplands at 30 ® 31c. Tile market closed firm. New Orleans Market.. _ . . New Orleans, Dec. 31. Cotter.—active and advanced 2c; sales of the day 8 - 300bales; low Middling at 31J (aj 32fc: Middling at 331c. Beceipts 7,970 bales. Sugar—in.good demand and advanced Jc; sales of l»irut ; prime to choice at 11 j @ Ujc. Molasses in good demand and higher; sales of good at 02c; prime to choice at Cl® 70c, Sterliug Exchange iff; New York sight discount. Gold 132$ ® log j. Freights and tonnage scarce, Commercial—IVr Cnble. London Dec. 28, Noon. Consols are quoted at 90} fur money. American Securities.—United States 5-20’n are quoted at 721. Erie Railroad shares at 48. Illinois Central Railroad shares at 79J. Liverpool, Dee. 28. Noon. Cotton has lalten off a little in consequence of the discovery that the stock ou hand was UO.OoO hales over the estimated quantity. The sales of the week were 71,000 bales. Rrcadstulls quiet. _ „ , .. London, Dee. 28, Evening. The Money market is unchanged. Consols closo at 90 for money. American Securities.—Erie Railroad Shares 45; Illinois Central Railroad Shares 79J. United States 5-20 8 72$. T1 ~ . . Liverpool, Dec. 28, Evening. l be Cotton market is easier: sales lu.oOU bales at former quotations. Breadstuff, firm. , _ London, Dec. 29, Evening. Cons ils lor money are quoted at 90. American securities—United States 5-20’e 72*. Uli noi* Central Railroad shares at 793. Erie Railroad shares 45. .... _ . Liverpool, Dec. 29, Evening. lhe Cotton market rules firm Sales of the day 20, 090 bales. Middling Kew Grloans at 15d. FROM FURORE NEWS AS Y T II £ CABLE. Cowes, Dec. 28- Afternoon—The grand ban quet of the Royal \ucht Club to the members of the New York Yacht Club has been post poned until Saturday, to allow them to enjoy the hospitalities of the civil authorities cf the town of Cowes to-night. Keening.—The yachting party visited Os borne House, one of. the residences of the Queen, this morning, and were courteously re ceived by .Major General Seymour, who con ducted them about the palace and grounds, after which a sumptuous lunch was served tor the party. Cowes, Dec SB)—Moon.— The vessels iu the Roads are everywhere displaying the “Stars and Stripes” alongside the Union Jack in honor of tlie American yacht fleet. A sub scription has been started for the families of the men lost from the Flcetwing. It was head ed by the gentlemen on the Henrietta, who ' subscribed jp300 in gold. Only four (?) persons were drowned from the yacht Fleetwing. Two others were washed overboard, but clung to , the rigging and were dragged on board. Sail ing othcer Staples acted with the greatest i courage in attempting to rescue the unfortu nate men. A corrected list of the lost is as fol- 1 lows:—Captains Wood and Hazelton, and sea men Mayall and Kelley of New York, Bowen oi Boston, and Nessou of Norway. Paris, Dec. 28- Evening.—The United States : ironclad Muantonomah, and her consort, the steamer Augusta, arrived at Gibraltar on the Aid inst., on the way to the Mediterranean ports. Madrid, Dec. 28.—It is currently stated that the Queen of Spain will dissolve the Cortes. Luudon, Dec. 28.—It is feared that seven of the crew of the Ross Winaus Cigar steamer have been drowned, a small boat having cap sized in the Thames, and the men being mis sing. One of them was an American. An arrival from Alexandria states that ad vices had been received that the French fleets had taken the forts at Kanghow, and that the city was in their possession. Paris, Dec. 28.—It is rumored that the Uni ted States have entered into negotiations with the Spanish Government tor the cession of the Island of Minorca. London, Dec. 28.—We have a repetition of the rumor that Hie Christian powers will inter vene in the affairs; of tlie Greek subjects of Turkey. The Times ot this morning expresses a belief that a colli-ion is daily growing less likely, hut adds: “If the Eastern question should come up, England will be disposed to let events take their course without any effort to shape them to her wishes.” London, Dec. 29.—Orders have been issued for the retnrn of two regiments pf regular troops from Ireland. Florence, Dec. 29.—The bad feeling between Greece and Turkey is increasing, and war be tween the two powers is seriously threatened. London, Dec. 30.—It is now- said that Queen Victoria will open Parliament in February in person. A Belgian paper of character says the Gov ernment of France has asked those of Eng land, Austria and Italy to form an alliance in view of the troubles apprehended in the mat ter of tlie Eastern question, but it is said the great powers ot Europe havo no present inten tion of interfering. It says that the British minister in Greece has been ordered to talk se riously to that Government relative to the war like acts of bands of Greece entering Thessal y . Florence, Dec. 29.—Rumors of change in tlie Italian Cabinet are entirely' false. Dublin, Dec. 29.—Ail election riot occurred in Durgarvan county. The Kilkenny military were called out to restore peace. One man was killed in a cavalry charge upon the rioters.— Quiet was soon restored. Paris, Dec. 29.—The French iron-clad fleet are expected to leave Cherbourg to-day for Vera Cruz. Cowes, Dec. 30.—Yesterday the yachts Henri etta, Fleetwing aud Vesta, upon the invitation of the Queen, sailed up Osborne bay. Her Majesty came down to the beach and spent some time in watching the maueuvres of the yachts. As the winner of the great race, Hen rietta, passed by she saluted it with a wave of her handkerchief. At the grand banquet given by (lie c-itisseqs of Cowes last evening, the hall'was profhisely decorated with the British and United States flags, and pictures of the contending yachts, while the walls were hung around with friend ly mottoes. Sir John Simon, M. P., presided at the entertainment, and the greatest interna tional good feeling prevailed among the guests. Toasts were drank amid great enthusiasm to the Queen, President, armies and navies of the United States and Great Britain, peace and prosperity to the United States and Old Eng land, the New York yacht squadron, the health ot J. G. Bennett, Jr„ and a host of other toasts oi' a friendly character. Maj Gen. Sey mour, by command of the Queen, expressed Her Majesty’s interest in the race and also her thanks for the copipliment of tfffs display dur ing the afternoon. r * At the dinder given by Lord Lennox, his Royal Highness tlie Duke of Edinbure, ac cepted the challenge of Mr. J. G. Bequett. Jr., and agrees to sail around the Isle ot Wight next August for a prize of £100. The Duke will sa;l his own yacht Viking. This unncunce ment has created a great sensation iu yachting circles. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Machinists. rPHE subscribers having rebuilt their Work Shops X arc now prepared to take orders for Machinery | and Iron Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furbished. steam engines and boilers, saw and GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modem design, can supply patterns with i promptness ami at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings and shapes of all kinds for Steamboat* and Locomotive work such as Mian ft*, Crank*, Fi*lqu Rad*, ‘ Car mid Engine A*oiiil Shape* to'pattern of'draw? ings, from 10 tons to 100 pounds weight. They are also Selling Agents for MERKIMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the heat Machine evfci invented for the purpose, performing double the amouut of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, n 35 hor*r power Locoino* live IIoiler with new tube sheets and new set ot tubes, In first rate order, and warranted safe with a pressure of 100 rounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, au excellent Machine, can be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Oof, Con*. St. and Brown's Wharf, novlOe d3m Portland, Maine. Daily Press^Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVFKY OF.SCJilFWttN OF BOOK, ( Mil, & JOB MB, Executed with Neatness and Despatch, Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with t, 11 kinds of New Material, Presses, “Ac., we are prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cartls, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description ot Mercantile PriiUing. We have superior facilities for the execution of BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which for neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed C3r" Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Pi»e*s Jol> Of lice 179 fomniereial St., Portland, N, A. POSTER, Proprietor HOLIDAY a I F T 8 ! NECK TIES! — 4.%-D — ELEGANT SCARFS SILK HANDKERCHIEFS new styles. gloves a>d mitts in the boot qualities, just received. Charles Custis & Co., MORTON BLOCK, dec29d3t COIVfiKESS STREET. Tor Sale. A SUI1 of Hrils. Rigging and Clocks, nearly new, ■Lm. ti'oin a iislmiq; Schooner of 100 tons; also Top •alls. Fore and Mainsails, second liaiid. , ,... SAMPSON & CONANT, aocldtl No. 19 A 20 Commercial Wliarf. WANTED. WANTED! An Experienced Salesman —IN THE— Dry Goods Jobbing Business! None others need apply. GBO88, DAMhl.s Si. CO., _dec31d2t BOSTON, Mass. WANTED! A man to take the Agency of Iligciow’* Pu- i lent Clothe* Fmitie tor the State o' Maine. ' Whole capital required not over £500. llu*iue«* will pay £iOOO per Tear. Apply to or adnress HI NT, hOODVOW A CO., Patent Agents, 10 Court Street, Boston, Mass. . dec 29 dlw Wanted Immediately l A First Class Lady Teacher! To take charge of the English Department in a I Seminary. Apply to D. C., Box 270, dc2M3w Saint Johu, New Brunswick. Wanted. 4 Furnished Room with or without Board, for a single Gentleman. Address “ G. B. L.,” Box 1717. dec 28 dlw# j AGENTS WANTED, For Frank Moore’s New Work “WOMEN OF THE WAR.”’ AGENTS will find this a book o( real merit ami in trinsic value—'Subject new—in tensely inter- i eating and exciting. No Work ever attracted arid | engaged the public mind like thi9. Everybody w ants ! it. and thousands will purchase it as soon as an op portunity is alfoided them. Read what Agents say of it. One experienced Agent writes: It is the easiest ! and pleasantest Book lie ever canvassed for; and says j people are delighted with it, the Ladies especially. Another says: “Women of tlm War” is the book of the season. Auot her, 137 Orders in Four Days. One reports 17 orders the first day of canvassing. Intelligent, active Males or Females will find the ' sale ot this work a pleasant and lucrative employment. This book has no comiietitor—it comes lresh and new j to the people. The territory is clean and clear.— Agents uuderstaud the advantages in this particular. For full particulars send for Circular. Address C. A. CllAPIN, Phmnix Building, Room 13, Boston, Mass. decl7d&wlm Flour Barrels Wanted. ON and after January 2d, 18G7, we shall resume the purchase of Flour Brls. FOR CASH, at the Office of the Poi*tland Sugar Co., 4/ 1-4 Daufoi'th St. dc27dlm_J. B. BKOWN & SONS. Book Agents Wanted. riOlt every town in the State. For terms apply tc X or address, J. PATTEN FITCH, dc20d2w* No 233$ Congress Street, Portland, Me. Flour Barrels Wanted. w ill pay 30 cents each for first class Flour ▼ T Barrels suitable foi sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtf 139 Commercial street. $5! Agents Wanted! $10 J7IVE to Ten Dollars per ilay, by the Hartford Publishing Co. Box 1006 Portland, Maine. Portland Dec. 17 dint* Wanted Immediately. -i flood American, Nova Scotia and Irish J- KJ V/ (iiils to do housework, cook, $c., in pu- ! vate families and hotels in tliis city and country. J Situations sure. The best wages paid. Aiso 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any work will do well to call on us, a? we will supply them flee I of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency 1 Employment Office, 3511 Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS. sept2Gdtt late WHITNEY & CO. —————i mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma LOST AND FOUND. Fistol Found. PICKED up in the street, a PISTOL. Apply to J. W. CLARK, dec31d3t* No. 7 Portland street. L O & tT BETWEEN the Grand Tiunk and P. S. & P. Depot, A Solid Leather Forimanteau, Checked with a Boston and N. Y. Check, No. 9$). Tfi«; liialoi will be suitably rewarded l>y leaving it at the P. S, & P. Depot, dec I9d2vr LOST! A LARGE sized Morocco Wallet, containing twp Railroad passes and a number of papers of no use feo any person but the owner. Any person return ing the same to this Qttice, or C. R. Chisholm & ‘Bron 307 Congress Street, will be ai»»*&hlv rewarded. December 11. dfcf BOARD AND BOOMS. Board. 4 PLEASANT Room, with board, suitable for a iiLguiuVeman and wile, and two single gentlemen,at No uii Clark street. dc29»ltf To Let with Board. 4 Large Front Parlor at 31 Free Street. Also Lodging Itooji with or without Foard. Doe. 28 dlw ' I have just received fl ora Mr. C. P. ICroll, of New York, one ot his Patent Hair Brushing Machines, which I have now in operation at my new Shaving and Hair Dressing Boom. No 31G Congress street, oppo site Mechanics* Hall, where also may be found my KEPBODUCTOB, NATURALIZES. &c. dclffdtf H. u. JOHNSON. EXTEA INDUCEMENTS —TO— BOOK CANYASS^RS ! ONp of the best selling Books ever ottered to the public is now ready. Twenty-five Tiioasami Copies ordered an Four IVIoaths ! Agents are selling from Twenty to Fmy copies per week! One good, active Agent wanted ip every town in Maine and New Hampshire For circulars, terms. &e., address HARTFORD PIBU§UI1VG iO., Box 1C0G. PORTLAND, ME. dec24eod2w* Canal National Bank. THE Annual Meeting of flic Stockholders of the Canal National Bank of Portland, lor the else tion of seven Directors, and for the transaction of aiiv pthpr business that may legally come before them, will he held at 1S8 Fore Street,on Tuesday, the 8th day of January, 1667, at 3 o'clock P. M. B. C. SOMERBY, Cashior. Novembers, dtd Second National Bank. 11HE Annual Meeting of Stockholders of the “Sec ond National Bank, Portland” for the election of Directors, and any other business which aiay legally come before them, will be held at Nos. 188 and loo Fore street, fun stairs,) on TUESDAY, 8th January next, at 3 P. M. 1 W. H. STEPHENSON, Cashier. Portland, Dec 7,1866. deSdtd Casco National Batik. THE annual meeting of the Stockholders of “The Casco National Bank of Portland” fir the elec tion of seven Directors, and fur the transaction of anv other business that may legally come before them', will he held at IDO Fore street, on TUESDAY" the eighth day of January next, at 3 o’clock P. M. ,, , , ,, E. P. GERItTSH, Casldor. j Pur tland, Doe, 7, I860. dim '‘The National Traders Bank oi Portland.” rTUlE Stockholders of this Bunk are hereby notified A that their annual meeting will be hold at their Banking Room No 21$ Free st., on TUESDAY, the RUi day of January next, at 3 o’clock I* M, to choose live Directors for the ensuing year, and to act on auv other business that may legally come before them. ’ EDWARD GOULD, Cashier. Portland, Dec i, I860. dcSdtd Merchants National Rank. THE Shareholders in this Bank are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting for tho choice of Direc tors and the transaction of such business as may le gally be brought before them, will be holdcn on Tues day, January 6th, 1867, at 3 o'clock P. M„ at the of fice now occupied by flic Bank, No. 32 Exchange St , , PHAS, PAYSQN, Cashier. 1 ortlapd, Dec 7.1866. dc8-2awfjfm8 Cumberland National Bank. THE Stockholders of the Cumlierland National Bank ot Portland, are hereby notified that there will he a meeting of the Stoeklnjder9 held at their Banking Room, on .Monday, the 21st day of January, 1867, at 3 o clock Pt M., for the choice of Directors, and the transaction ot any other business that mat then come before them. „ . rx SAMUEL SMALL, Cashier. Portland, Dec. 18,1866. declfiJtd Portland <£• Machias Steam Boat Company. THE Stockholders of the above named Companv are hereby notified that their Annual Meeting will be held at the oflice of Kams A’ Sturdivant. 7 i Commercial Street, on Tuesday the 8th day of •January, J8e7, at 2 o'clock P. M,, lor the purpose of ;hobsirtg five Directors, and to transact nuy other bu siness that may coino before them. ya ™ WILLIAM ROSS, Clerk. Dec. 23, 1866. dtd Cape Elizabeth Wharf and Marine Kailway Company. ftfotire of the Annual illceting. THE Stockholder:; of the ab >ve Corporation are •hereby notified iliar their Annual Meeting will t>c hold ot the Counting Room of J. W. Dyer. Esq., )n Commercial Street, on Monday Jan. 1th. 1nG7., at i o'clock in tho evening, for the puri>ose of choosing three Directors, Cleik and Treasurer lor the e suing year, and to act on any other business that may le gally come before the meeting, ^ 3 ^ LEMUEL COBB, Clerk. Portland, Dec. 27, I860. dtd* i • RR.lL estate. House for Sale, SITUATED on the comer of Lincoln ami Ander son Streets. It is a new house, one nud a half stories, with an ell—good well of water, &c. House nearly finished. Lot 30 by 6a. Price *1,600. Terms easy. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOURNE, Dealers in Real Estate, “Morton Block,” dc29dlw Next above the “Preble House."

For Sale. A VERY desirable and convenient 1£ story house, with barn, wood shed and carriage house, all in good order, with seven acres ot land, only one mile outside oi' city, upon which there arc oOO choice fruit trees, consisting of apple, pear, plumb and cherry; also an abundance of currants, gooseberry, atrawber ry, &c., with very best ot water, large brick cistern 1 and furnace in the cellar; a splendid garden and in \ a tirst rate neighborhood, and in every way a desira ble property. Immediate possession given. Priae i only $5U00. II INBOX At BOW, Heal Estate Agents, No. 345 Congress Street. dec3—dim "Vf OTICE. 1 will sell on lavorablo terms as to payment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the corner oi Middle and Irankliii streets, and on rrankliu street,including tliecorner ot' h ranklinand Apply »° WM. HILLIARD, Baugor, or sMl IH & REED Attorneys, Portland, jylztt HOUSE AND LOT tor sale at Cape RlizaU-tb Ker ry,— house nearly new. Enquireol A.P. COLE at the Kerry,or W. H. MANSFELI), Pottland Steam Packet Co.___jut 11 Ju i7*OK AAIiK, in Gorham, tljteen minutes walk liom the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, bam and outbulldmgsjinving all the eonven* iencesaud in prime condition. Ii is situated near a grove and a snort distance Item the Countv road. Apply to J.E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Houses for Sale. \\rL offer for sale the eight first class brick houses, 11 recently built by u», situated ou Pine Street, between Clark and CaMetufc Street*. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate rooft, brick drains, and maible mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very tavora blo terms. Apply at our olhce, No. 27* Danfortb St. , , J. M. BROWN & SONS, or W M. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Proble House. October 10,1860. dtt i House Lots on India St., for Sale. T-'NQUIKE ot CON ANT & RAND, AJ 163 Commercial Street, or on H. M. PAYSON, Portland, KoTs 21. dtf Exchange Street. Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, N tOnnEBCUL BTIIEBT. rnHf: subscribers after for sale the lot of land on A Lite southerly side ot Commercial Street, headot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 7J by 15(1 feet. For fur ther partisulars inquire JONAS H. PEHLEY, Out M tf__or W. S. DANA. Valuable Real Estate on Elm St. FOB SALE. A PORTION of the *’1)A Y” Estate on Elm street, comprising over 2b0fll) feet of laud, together with Brick Houses, Stable Sc. This l roperty is lo cated on Elm and Cumberland s’rods all susceptible ru improvement, anti has a liont orr Elm street oi "82 feel. The alrovo property is ottered for tale either in por tions or enIJcelively, on liberal terms. Apr ly to UUgttll—tf JOHN C. PROCTOR. For Lease. 11HE valuable lot of land oornor ot Middle and Plumb Streets, lor a term of tears, louquire Of c. c. mitciu'll a-son, Aug. 28, KCC-dtt _ KS Fore Street. fA. House lor Sale, No 32 Mvitfe Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. iL J uly 13—«lti for Males The subscriber offers hia A iaiui for salo or will exchange for city property. It la a first rate farm oi 110 acres, with a two story House, in good lepair and a new Born with cellar, 40xG0. There is a never tailing supply ol good water and wood lot. Said larm is situated on the road Jrom Saccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For further particulars annlv to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton 9treet, or J. H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-eodtf FOB SALE. Grove Hill Farm • THE above Farm is situated on an eminence over- j looking the beautiful and thriving village of I Bridgion Center and within one halt a mile ol the business portion. It is pronounce l by all who have seen it to be the beat and most desirable 1 cation in the County. It comprises 110 acres, corYcnieiitlvdi vided inio tillage, pasturage, wood laud and timber laud: cuts Iroin 45 to 50 t*ius first quality ol hay. The buildings consist of a two story house, built in 185ft, at an expense ol $3,i oo, with barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or H. W. GAGE, (firm ofaMront & Gage,) Portland, BEN JAMIN WaLKKR, Bridgtop, or to the subscriber. . ,, RICHARD GAGE. Bri<igton, Dec., 18CC._doc 27 eod&wtt Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. r|'HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil -l lagooi Frye burg, Oxford county, Maine, is of fered lor sale at a bargain, it applied Igr soap. The House i:; large, in good repair, with lurnltura and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ol horatio boothby, 1 Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 345 Congress st. Frycburg, Sep . 1h>0. dc* Farm tor Sale. I WILL soil my firm near Alim’s Comer West brook, about three miles from I’m 11 am l, one mjie from horse cars, auJ Westbrook Seminary. Sail (atm eonlaiiis about 100 aer* s. part of it verv valuable lor linage, and inn or it fur building lots. There is a good house, two large barns, and out hous es on I be premises. It will be iohl together. nr in lots Is* suit purchasers CYRUS TUPULOW. scpll- itt 1C5 Cumrncreial St. cr: —■—I .. CITY NOTICES. Snow to be Removed ii-om Loot way or Sidewalk. Shot. (10.—The tenant or occupant, and in case there should be nu tenant, the owner, or any I r 1 u having Ibe cave of any building or lot of Iqpj boraer. iug on any street, lane, court, snqqr-c or public place vat hia t he city where there js qiiv looting or side walk, shall, anpr coasitig to tiili of any snow, it mtliedqv time, within three hours, and if m the night Ume, betbio ten of tbo clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause sncli snow to be removed from such footway or sidewalk; an’, in delimit thereof, shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and for each and every h;;ur . hereafter that the same Shall remain on such foot way nr sidewalk, such tonauf, occupant, owner, or oilier person shall forfeit arid pay a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified tp govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. . JOHN S. HEALD, dccie<Jtf City Marshal. J. & C J. BARBOUR, Manufacturers and Eetailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Ladles’ and Misses’ Merge and Calf Baals. Men’s Fine Calf and Thick Boots. Boys’, Tomka’ and Children’s Boots and Shoes, Rubber Bbois and Mkoes of all kinds. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER, MOLAMMEM BOSE, ENOINE HOSE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Hose. JOHN BAltBOCR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR. -POT28 dtf Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Furniture Polish! U®8t *u ^be world ibr. Polishing Mahogany, , Walnut, Stair-Poets, Hails, Counters, or any kind ot Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Crossman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat- : "•action to all. 11 is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred degs. ol'heat, and is not other- 1 wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready for use in five minutes at- ! ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventv-.Five and Fit- ! W P®rbottleanyone can use it by following the Directions on thg Ijottle, Re^raiiye^Mdiurs 0. & L. Frost,Capt Inman,USA, ! Messrs Breed * Tufcey, Benj Stevens, Jr., Win! j Allen, M. Woodman. For side by Burgess, Fobes & Co. W. F. Phillips & Co., H. H. Hay & Co, Samuel Rolf, H. W. & A. Deering. Manufactory 37fi Congress st, up stairs, opposite bead of Green st. S. C. RIGGS, Agent, dec28dtt_Portland, Alaine. N EW GOODff JP. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, $321-2 Congress Street, Has just received a fine lot of FALD goods Suitable for the season, which will be made up in the most thorough manner. sept 10—cod Oysters, Oysters, rrndS Jay received a splendid lot Virginia Oysters, -land tar sale at $1.66 per gallon, solid: ed to ^ or^ers »>y or express promptly attend Oysters delivered in any part of the city. H. FREEMAN <$ CO., dec22dl^ lOl Federal Street. Dressed Hogs! A LOT of very choice Dressed Hogs, just received, and tor sale low by MAGIC HAIR Restorative ! ! NO. 1, Will Brsierc Cray or Fade it iiair to ; its ORIGINAL COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR BROWN. Strengthens tho hair anil gives nour'anment to the roots. Makes tlio hair soil and moist. Prevents and cures Dandruff A Splendid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO BE THE Best and Cheapest |n the Market. MAGIC hair dye Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work is done; no washing. HP* For sale by all Druggists. CHARLES IVEWnALL, Proprietor, 1 octlocori_ 47 Hanover st, Boston. 3m | khK^er> St>le ^ob work neatly executed at j HiscEvxAiraoirs DR LAROOKAH'S Pulmonic Syrup. FOR TICE CURE OF Coughs, Col»ls, Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Catarrh, Imlucn^a, Bronchitis, Spitting of Bleed, ileurisv, Jniljiiuttion of the Lungs or Chest, Pain in the side, Night Sweets, Hoarseness, Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases of the Tliroat and Lungs. Tins remedy is too well known and too liighlv es teemed to require commendation hcic. ft is rcgaidcd a liecossity in every household, and is heartily endors ed by the medical faculty, clergymen of every denomi nation, mothers, odious, members of Congress, and many of our most distinguished men in public and private life. Goughs, Golds, Sore Throats, 4c. Letter from Hon. 1). IV. Gooch, Member qf Congress Massachusetts. • Melrose, July 19 l€Co. Dr. E. R. Kxkjiits—Dear .Sir* I have used Dr. furookuh’s Syiup in my family for six years, and have found it an excellent remedy lor Coughs. Colds, Sore Throats i nd all consumptive Complaints. Arc. X have recommended it to several friends, who have received groat bonents from its use. Letter jYoni a well known Boston Druggist if twenty years expeiience. and steward of Hanover Street M. E. Church • Boston, March 9, Hun. Dr. E. R. Kniuiits: Having used LAKOoKAH’S PULMONIC SIKUi* myself and in my family for the past six years, 1 am pro pi red to say that it is su I»crior to any medicine 1 have ever known, for the positixo cure oi coughs, Colds, Sore Throat and all similar complaints. As l take cold very easily, I Ime kid meat opportunity to test the VIRTUES of this valuable remedy, and it has never failed me yet, however violent the disease. Having been in the Drug business for over 20 years, X have had good op iK>rt unit ies ol knowing the virt uesoi the various med icines sold, and pronounce LAROOKAH’S SYRUP, Tin: best ol any article ever presented to the public. Yours, W. R. BOWEN, e(i Hanover St. CROUP. n,7lu- ;!rp- .IV™2,9> ««K**t m St., N. Y., writes Oct. u, ltC4: "During last waiter three of inv chil "'ere attacked with Croup, and from the vlolcnco ot the symptoms, they were pionouucuel to be in much danger. At tlie iustaneo of our pastor. Key. Mr. Stiles, I tried r.uookali’s Pulmonic Syrup, wliieli promptly relieved them, :md in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude lor the honelit eou j°rr^t, 1 eatmot lefrain trom making this testimony WHOOPING COUGH. It. W. 1I.IVKH Of Carlo!on, N. |»., writes I Dec., lsul: ‘My sou, hvo years old, was a lew months since sintering greatly from WHOOPING COCCI). I nev er saw a more ilisUessingcaso. 1 gave him Inrookah’s Pulmonic syrup according to directions ami soon be gan to see improvement. The Cough became easier— Ihe expectoration fr eei, and in two weeks the waiadv was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. , A W. Harris, writes from whalo-sldp “Eldora Maicii It. ltCO: ‘-Having sulioied for four years with bronchitis and Caturrli in their most aggravat ing forms, 1 feel it my duty to stalo that Ilia" been permanently emod by the use or frarookah’s pul monic Syrup. I had jiaid large sums to physicians and lor so caled Calarrah ltemedios, but unlit £ used tlie Syrup I experienced no relief.” S£P”ITI«CJ °F lit/jon, PIsEURISY, lNFf.A IION OF THE frCNUS, PAIN fN THE SIDE NIGHT SWEATS, HOAK3E NESS. btc. «-S*0?1 *5CV\-Fr‘ Bowles, Manchester, N. H.: ‘•Ihebottle oi Dr. Larookah’s Pulmonic Svrun, you so kindly sent me, has l»eeu triod tor hoarseness, with moiufit ” lcs“ltH; lor tbis1 would coniideufly recom From Uov. L. A. L.vmi*iiek, North Hero, Vt. *•! lave usoULarookali’s Syrup. and loci under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge Us excellence. While using your syrup, I lave enjoyed better he;Uth tlau I lad enjoyed for years, I have had slight attacks of hoarseness, but the Syrup would soon remove it. 1 hndUwa mild and safe remody also in Spasmodic ject/**ilttacks t0 which 1 constitutionally sub ,, ?• W. Fu-ili), Fsrj., writes from Virginia City, Colorado. March 11, k<’3: “I leel very grateful lor jiaving Laroukahs l*ulmnnic Syrup near me. mv lungs being weak and demanding the most \ igilant care. I believe the Syrup the surest remedy for pul monary Complaints that lias ever been made availa ole to the alilielcd.” CONSUMPTION . IYondfrfiii, Cure of a Child Two and a lTwj- 4 i:xi:s Old. <lt;.x"fs:— My grandchild, a iil V® e*}1 °* 2 1-- years old, wus taken sick in Port’ami. Are., m January, DC8. No one could tell what was thq mat ter'with her. liut she was much pressed for breath; had a hard, tight rmigh; could not raise; her throat troubled her greatly; she seemed to bchlliiur up, and though attended by the best physicians in Portland, they could not help her, and she declined; and lor some tineo months was not expected to live. 11 erdoctors, and at length her IViomls, gv.eupali hopes ol her recovery. She was brought home to my house in Phipsburg, Me, We trie*l Cod Liver Oil, but the oi:cut seemed rather opposite from good. She now could not move hor hand, so reduced was she. 1 was taking Larookuh’a Syrup al the time, act! commenced giving it to her, and in a week, she showed unite a change tor the better, ami we continued giving it to her. she gradually improved, and fc now a nefieclly healthy cluid. People were astonrshed to sec what enect the median*? had on this child, and to see her get well by the use of Tarookali’s Syrup, which we tKyieve to b® the best medicine for Pulmonary com plaints in the world. J Voms, H. LAll.Y BEE, Pliipsburg. Me, Space will permit the publication of but a uthQ o the certificates which are constantly coming in from all quarters oi the globe. Patients will and the most com Iusive evid.mcq of \h* value of this remedy, in a trial ot it, winch wnl cost but a triile, and winch may yield pi icglo^s result s. 1 large bottles mctliura size 63 cents. Pio piired by L. It. KNIGHT'S, M. D., Chemist, Melrose, Mass., end sold by all or uggisth. Er*Sol.t by W. F. PhilAips A Co,, W. W. Whipple & Co., J. W. 1 erhins c >, Portland; George C Gooawm & Co, Boston, an 1 by all Druggists and Merchants,_ no2 eod&wtt The Gothic Furnace! FIR Wood or Coal is the mo9t poworful furnace in use. and has the most railiatfag snriace. Judge liuiiockot theU. S. D(suit,V Court for lUiodc Island says l have used yauv furnace No. 10 two winters it is simple jp poiistnietiun, i am entirely satisfici wyta it and deem it preferable to any hot air furnace I have seen ”. AlitiX, 31. LEALEY, HIV titli olta A veilin’, New Vorli. A cironlai sent by request. d&Sdliu FOU SALE. R fivi " K®®> 1“3 Haati tur sale thirty SLEIGHS AND DUNGS, Tlie boat t»* be lound in tlie county. Also lour heavy Wagon h, and three light open buggies, which lip olfui's lor sale on uicne ihvomble terms than any other Cairiago Mauutuciuicr, as l.e closes his busi ness with thi? sale. Persons desirous of purulmaing will find it for their advantage lo cull upon him. ^ B. M. WFBB. weobv itlnls, Dec 3, 18GC. Ucc4cou&v.4wlD STATfilUi.^XOF THE CONDITION - 01 TIIE - A M RICAN Popular Life Insurance Companys «F NEW YORK, - ON THE Fir»l Day of December, A, D. fS&u, As made to the Secretary of the State of Maine. Amount of Capital Stock, $100,000 00 Amount of Capital Stool; paid in and I invested iu 0. S. securities, ) $100,000 00 Amount at Risk, 680,200 00 ASSETS’ Cush in Bank, 84 908 41 Premium Notes, 897 14 C. S. Stocks, par value $100,000. market ,™lu£ .. 107,000 00 Office burmture. 1,731 S3 Amount due by Agents, 22,378 71 Deterred Premiums, 9,128 12 *116,046 94 LIABILITIES: Due to Banks, $6,000 00 Net Assets, *141,046 94 (Signed) I. S. LAMBERT, Vice-President. J. Pierfont, Secretary. New York, i State, City and Coentt, ( ss Then personally appeared before me the above named T. S. Lambert, Vice-President, and J. Pler pont. Secretary, and each and severally declared the within statement true, to the best of their knowledge and belief Sworn nnd subscribed before me at New York, in said State and County, this 10th day of December. A D. 1866. ’ ), s ( (Signed) W. H. MELIOK, ( • ' J Notary Public, City and County of N. York. The attention of the Public is called to the “ New Features” of Life insurance as made by the above Company. [See “Circular."] It is a new Company on a new ]>lnn. This Compa ny will not allow any policy to lapse or he forfeited. Its Policies are incontestable alter death. It will insure any one. Ordinary and Inferior or impaired lives are the very ones that most need as surance. It will Insure better than Ordinary lives by rating younger, thereby lowering the Premium. It' health is impaired the Company will insure by rating older, thus raising the Premium. How long is he to live? is the inn»ortaiit question. It insures 011 the 6, 10 or 20 equal payment plan and at any time will give a •• paid-up Policy for what his payments justly entitle him." This Company will allow the assured to pay week ly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. It does not restrict these insured at ordinav lates. cither in travel or In residence. ^ It issues Endowment Policies “in which the assur ed will, in addition, share in all the Premiums paid by shorter lives.” It Is a cash Company, hut will insure on the Part Note or all Note plan, if the party understands its eftects and prefers it, and will pay the insured what ever Dividend he requests, if the Premium Is made sufficiently large. It issues Annuities and Assurance on Joint Lives. Clergymen and Teachers assured at net cost. Agents and Solicitors Wanted. Call or send for “ Circular.” WM. U. MERRILL, agent, ,, .... and Ally for state V Maine. Office—#.* Coiunscrcinl Street. .. P O. Box 1713. Medical Examiner, ( Dr. SLC. GOBDON. { dec24cod*w Marine Insurance —ox— Ships, Barques, Brigs and Schooners ! —BY— Oceau Mutual Insurance Coiup’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Coinp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capital, $580,161,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, ,tron; Copper ««!. Marble or Slate coastwise. We ihali he pleased to secure n share of public patronage. OIBce I OB Fore Street, Portland. J. W. MUXGEE <£• soy _OCtfi.eodCm n Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership late- | ly existing between Clias. F. Davis and Albert | Stephenson. both otDeer Isle. Maine.undor the name Mid stylo of DAVIS* CO, Green’s Lauding, Maine, was dissolved December twelfth, A. D. one thousand sight hundred and sixty-six, by mutual Consent All leLuanda due said partnership, and all demands on laid partnership, as shown by their books will be lettlcd by Richards. Adams * Co, or their represen :ut!vcs. I ,f Daimler,rAfD.S1^6 SCa'3 thU fourteenlh J;>>' Signed, CHARLES F. DAVIS. (spal.I . to , , ALBERT STEPHENSON, seal.] turned, Ehptjalet F. Davis, Win. M. Folsom. The firai will continue under the name and stvle of Hilaries F. Davis Co,, to whom all demands should repaid. Signed, CHARLES F. DAVIS & CO. ^Dec 21—dlaw3w .^SF'Send your orders for Job Work to Dally Fres EXTERT AIX STENTS. Portland Theatre. Bidwell Ac Browne, l.e»*ee» A Manager*. CONTimm NOVELTY • MONDAY EVESIXG, Dec. 31st, and every Evening during the week. Engagement of the brilliant and accomplished Artiste JWiss Rachel Johnson, supported by the talented young American actor Mr. B. MACAULEY. During the week will be produced “Nell Owynue,” “The llnuchback,” ‘Borneo nud Joliet,’ ‘World of Fashion,’ “BEJiI.k of TIIE Ni’ASO.V,” “Iiacrelin Borgia,” Arc., Ac., Are. Grand Matinea on (Tuesday) Sew Year's Cay _(9^See Daily Programme,. dec31d«t I. A. It. A. The Irish American Relief Associa’n will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Commencing Monday Erc’g, Jan. 7lh, and closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Course, including the Ball, will be *0.00; Evening Tickets, JUKI; Ball Tickets, *1.50. s F-Musif lor Chandler’s fttll Quadrille Baud, D. H. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Floor Maiuiytrs- Thomas Parker, James Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCat'ertv William H. Dier. y Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing. decOhltt GRAND New Year’s Festival! THE Annual Festival of the West Pongregational Sabbath School and Society will be held at their Church, on Tuesday Evening, Jau’y 1, 1867. Exercises to consist of Singing and Speaking by ike Sabbath School. SSf^Distoibution of Gills from heavily laden trees, Social Enjoyment, &c.f Sec. Refreshment Tables abundantly provided with good things, Oysters, lcc Cream and Confectionery. Doors open at 6 o’clock. Exercises to commence at 7. Admisbiou, Sabbath School Children Free. All others 15 cents. Dec 28th, 1866. dc29dtd Mercantile Library Lectures. THE Fourteenth Annual Series of Public Lectures under the direction of the Mercantile Library As sociation will be delivered at MECHANICS’ HALL. i The course will consist of Six Lectures, lor which | the following gentlemen have been engaged Deut y Vincent, E<u|., Kev. f>r. II. Hepworib, Her. II. HI, Gallaher, J. B. Caagb, Ksq., 1». W. Curtia. Her. E. If, Chapin. The Opening Lecture will be dcliverod on Friday Evening, December 21st, -BY Henry Vincent, TILE ELOQUENT ENGLISH REFORMER. Subject—“ The Late American Conflict ami the Friends anil Enemies of America in England.1’ ESf Tickets for the Course at SI.25 can be hail at Ibms Brothers, Fore Street; Short Ar Luring, corner Free anil Center St. ; at Bailer & Noyes, at then new Store, Exchange Street, alter Dee. 17. Each member Is entitled to two tickets at *1 each, which can be bad at tbo Library Rooms on Lime St., second door from Federal St. Owing to the limited calamity of the Hall, members must ms-urc their tick eta hy Wednesday, l>oc. 1#. The Library Room* will be open every evening from 7 until 8 ; also Wednes day and Saturday afternoons. LECTURE COMMITTEE : E. COREY, C. E. JOSH, J. C. PROCTOR, C. H. FLING, M. B. COO Li DOE, J. a, TWITCHELL, JAMES BAILEY. dee U dti Ocean Association, Ex-No. 4, WILL COMMENCE THEIR F'U'tli Annual Course 01 Dunces, - AT MECHANICS’ HALL, - WITH A - Ball on Thanksgiving Night! To be followed by Three Asscmblie* on Taestlny Nighls, a Bali ou Clirfetiua* Nigbl, n Grain! irirc mi'iiN dlilimry nml Civic Ual( on <^cw lea •*’* Night. managers: President, EDWARD HODGKINS, Vice-President, S, v UANNAFoltl), Secretary, A. 11. JACOBS. Treasurers, F. J. BAILEY, R. D. Pagc,C. II Phil lips, 11. D. 1 rij*p. (£P*Ticketa for the Course $G; tickets tor earn cl fcc H al a $1,50; tickets for each of tlie Assemblies Si for tlie Gallcrv 60 oenta. To bo obtained of the Man agers and at the door. Music bj Chandh r’s Quadniie Band. D. IT. Chandler Prompter. Dancing to commence atKo'chxdc. Cl -thing checked free. November 27, IKG7. eoufrv Ho for a Sleigh Hide / rriHE proprietor is now prepared with his BOAT A SLEliiH “ENTERPRISE,” to carry psalma in or out of the city at the shortest nolice. <’>n Wcdur* dav and Saturday afternoons, (when pleasant) will leave head of State Street nr 2 o’cludc, t» carry chil dren and others, at 23 els. per hour. Children under twelve (12) years fifteen cents. N. S. FERNALD. Portland, Dec 19tb, iSGfl. dcS2dtf i>iiS4 LUll^A. HCNSKN, Successor to Mrs. A. Hawley, FASHIONABLE 1IA1U DKI NSI F.. respectfully informs the Ladies of Portland nml vi cinity tlnu she is now ready to attend to Shampoo ing. Dvoiug and Dressing Ladies’ Lair at the shortest notice, and will wait on all who may kindly tended her their patronage. All orders left at Mr. J. Part ington’s Confectionery Store, or ar Miss L. A. Hen sou’s residence, cornel of Mount-tort and Sumner street?, will be punctually attended. <Jac2(kfrw* REDUCED PRICES. THE attention of the public is called to the splen did assortment of English, GernaB A American Doc.lnus, Broadcloth*, Cassimcrcs, Ac, For sale by J. J. GILBERT, Mun joy Hill, No St. Lawrence Hi. Also a large lot ot 11-4 BLANKETS, by the pair as cheap as can be boughr at wholesale. dec20du C. W. HOLMES, AUCTIONEER, 360 Congress Street, Sales of any kind of property in the Oily or vi cinity, promptly attended to on the most lavoraLle terms. novISdtt To the Senate and House of representatives in ths Legislature tf Marne assembled: THE undersigned, the Directors of the Cape Eliza beth Steam Ferry Company, respectfully pray that raid Company may lie authorized lo In crease its capital stock ; also to increase the rates of toll upon said Ferry to such amount as tl . Legisla ture snail deem suitable. JOSEPH W. DVEB, 1IENJA.MIN vV. F1CKETT, CHARLES FOUES. Portland, Dee., 1866. dec 11 d2aw3w PAINTS AND OILS. Drugs, Medicines, Dye stuffs, Window Glass. AGENTS FOR Forest River A iVarren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS A WILLIAMS, Nos. 6 and 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston, peel—TuThStly Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ELEGANT TROCHE and ONIJFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness. Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,&c. Instantly relieves annoying t ough* In ( hurcli. Cures Causrvh* positively wiihoot snekzimi. .Yaluabto 10 Singers, Clergy, tVc., clear* ana the voice; acts nuicklv: tastes ideas antly; never nnaecate*. Prevent* taking cold from Skating, Lecture* ^o«‘ by Druggists or sent by moil jh Enclose 3.5 cts fo Hooper, W ilson A Co., (seplSeodtinnelS’ST) PHILADELPHIA. ”• W • WHIPPLE,Portland,w'lmleaalu A g t. PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received in bond, and lor sale duty free, for use on the burnt district, Strictly Pnre Kagliah Lend nnd Oil ! Kebnihlors will effect a great saving by purchasing iu this way. Every description of PAINT STOCK at the lowest rates by J. W. PEHKINH A CO., «loc29d3t Commercial si rent. Hurts* Choice lot just received by M U. WEBB & CO., dc2tfdlw _Kobl Commercial st. Oat Meal and_ Buckwheat! SO .*£*£• SVPERI01J NEW oat meal. Alt Barrels Southern Buckwheat. Just received and for pale by CHASE BROTHERS, *. , Urail l.oiig Wharf. Pcc IS, 18C6.—T,T&S2w Holiday Presents! At Mrs. L. Walker's, 30 Center St., j orroSITE LANCASTER BALL, Ilki. and Perfumery Boxes, Al bum., Work Bern. Writing Desk*, Portfolios, Kparinu Nfnluten, WORSTED HOODS, BREAKFAST SHAWLS 1 AND WORSTEDS, Together with a large variety of Dolls, Toys. &c., «fcc. Dec (J—eodIw&wlt COOPER A MORSE, I 7 i TAKE pleasure in informing their old patrons and friends Hint thej have resumed business at their OLD STAND, turner ur Market and Milk streets, whore they will keep constantly on hand the best as- , •ortment of AUCTION SALKS. Sleighs, Pimgs, Robes, &<■., At Auction. I P,? L'LSOAY, .Tan 1st, at 11 o’clock A. M, on mTw im!*6*, *ot’ Lime 8t, wo m 1ml 1 soil two Pnm.« \i'li!c<rl"‘e'v 1 h “ooml-LaiiU Neighs and f“,nfS WolC Coon, White Astrb-an, Bullalo, Fancy es 1 b IIorse 3,1,1 Arn,y Blankets, Harness itylb“ 111081 01 til"’''i,ock is new ami of the host qual _ H. H VILEY Jr SON, Auctioneer*. K. M. FATTEN A to., AncUwf^f, plum street. Parts ol Bark Norton Stoner, Brigs Prairie Rose and Mary C. Mar iner at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, January 2d, at 12 o’clock M.. at Merchants’ Exchange, No. 2 Long Wharf, wiii be Hold without reserve, as follows, viz:—One six hieiith (1-lti) part of Bark Norton Sbn er, built in 1861, tons \. M., to bv f*ol<l as she tome from sea and oL*charg«d in t)ie port 0f New York; who is now loading there for Matunzas. One eighth D) part ot ti ig„ i. ,riG lV,sc»buiil 1,1 Mi, Mi lb-100 tout N. M., nmmfUS' ii as HJ?G c*me from »ea and discliargod in the SSL? '°7kI sholsiiow loading there lorUal Ato®»o*ie sixteenth (1-10) part of Brig TzV**iner, built iu'UCl, 262 W-lUU tons N. M , *^0 ca**4® “eia sea and discharged in Port land, and now lying theie. * .21” PMUcnhM cull on the Auctioneers at Plum street oihcc.__ dec‘25dtd X Mluulde Real Estate at Auction. ON MONDAY, Jan. 7th, at 3 o’clock P. M., on the premises, 1 shall otter lor Bale the valuable lot of land on Congress street, between tho Amos Grover ami Natld. ltedlon lots, nearly opposite tho IUUse. Jones hoarding house, known hb the Randall prop erty. It is about tie loot on Congress by 170 teetdeep. There are two tenements on the lot, now renting at about 1050 per annum. It is one of tho most desira ble pieces oi prope ty in the market. Title clear. For particulars and flans call on J. h. BAILEY, Auctioneer, Office 170 Fore street, at Carter Jk Dresser’s Book Store. decSldtd drTcarpenter, Oculist and Aui'ist, ARRIVED at the V. S. HOTEL, Portland, Nov. 23d, andean be consulted a short lime longer, upon Bluuintbs,Deafness. Catarrh, Bronchitis, Nasal and Aural Polypus, Discharge iVoni the Ears, Noises in the head, Scrofula, Sore Eyes, Films and all Dis eases of the EYE, Ear and Throat. ZST’ In moat cases the remedies can be applied at | home without interfering with the patients occupa | tion. Artificial Eyes inserted Without Pata. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, inr*But Letters must contain One Dollar to ensure an answer. HOWE TESTIMONY. The Testimonials below are all received in tins I State, and can be readily invest igated by those desir | ous of so doing. Hundreds ot other certificates can ; be seen at the Dr.’s Office. DEAFNESS. Belfast, Me., Nov 27, I860. During 1U years 1 grew totally dear in one ear and so deaf in the other that 1 was unable to hear unless addresad vory loudly, and had disagreeable noises in my head. Was obliged to absent my self from church and society on that account. I consulted an eminent physician in Boston without relief, and supposed J must always remain deaf, but about two tears ago 1 applied to Dr. Carpenter; after the application of a course of his treatment, 1 coultl hear a watch tick 6 feet from either ear, and my hearing remains perfect. 1 am 66 years ot age, and reside on High street, Bel fast, Marne, where any person can see or hear from me. Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years and know she was (leaf and now hears, and believe the above statement to be correct. REV. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Beliiut MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of “Belfast Age.” [ f rom the lianyor Whin tf Courier.) TROY, Me., Oct. 30. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sir:—on the 25d of Feb ruary Inst, 1 placed myself under your treatment lor Discharge of the Ear, which had continued so long and was so grv at as to a./oct my hearing. After ap plying llie medicine preseAbed by you two months, ! in', cars were entirely well and remain the same. Most Respectfully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY ifilLODiYESS. [From Maine Farmer., In defiance of physicians and all remedies, 1 suffer ed excruciatingly irom Scrofulous Sure L>es uu years, being frequently confined to a dark room lac remedies i>r. C:upcmer prescribed lust September, at Ban jor, cured them entirely, au-l they remain so. KATIE LANG. Pussadnmkcag, Me., 18Gb. fFrom the Maim Farmer.) I was nearly blind with Scrofulous Sore Eyes four year*., being confined to a dark room and tailoring excruciating pain a great p-uiu of ihe time, i con sulted many phvsidaus relief. l)r. Cati>cn i ter cured iue. My sijht * i now g kxl 1 lo.-kic iu Vaasulboro’. Ml*. P. B. LA N1; AST Lit. CiTlSjliil, [*Vw» Ikt T"rtUii'(C «/<»#/» oj Augusta. Augusta, M»v, dan., 18Gb. I have been cured of Cut.uuh iu n • iuo»i ui>.v.;ree ! able form, of many ye as* standing, by In. rarpeu ; ter. I suihred Horn |*.un;. daiinc-* and tlgbl. .•+*, lit uiv head, continued »ID -barges. great ilio-oniry iu taJkiug and bce.tiluiig, i ll as ii 1 had a bad cold tho ! whole time, and Biuktcd intensely to the gr«.;.i im pairment ii my health, and was quite Uiscour »gi»ly tor all I had clwclovti! v\a» of m* 1 eaolit. Hit thunk * ' to )>r. Ciipcmcr’s skill, 1 no- h:ru none ol those lrouoic>. 1 reside in While to Id. EPHRAIM MAIUHNEL. * (From the Maine Farmer■.] I iniFcrc 1 front Catarrh over 20 vcai . Last whiter, j when 1 consulted Dr. Carpenter. I hud frequent and ! copious discharges, a bad cmgh. and my health s«* much reduced that myself and friends were appro I hensivo of serious (om-oqncurcb ; but Dr. Carpenter cured me. 1 am now wed, and free from Catarrh. W. N. 8G4JLK. , Cor. Sowall .ui i Court suocts, Augusta, Sefit. j4, 1866. STATEMENTS OF THE PRESS. All the published Certificates of l»r. Carpenter arc bona jidt.—[Maine Farmer. The Certificates, published in onr columns, of Dr. Carpenter’s curesuro Ixma jlde to our own knowledge. He is all he professes to lx>, ami will not humbug or deceive the public.—[Kennebec Journal, Augusta. Dr. Canicnter lias entirely cured persons iu thia city who nave becu under treatment at tlie Eye and Ear Infirmaries without being bonciltted.—[liJj'asi Aye. Several marked cures have come under our observ ation, and we have conversed with many others who have been benefited by Dr. Carpenters treatment, and we have become satisfied that ho is skillful in the class of diseases which he treats, and careful to prom ise only what he can perform.—[Bangor Wing $ tour. See other Certificates in City papers, dec 21—dim & wit* To D. F. CORNER, Clerk of SI. Stephen'* Parish iu (he City of Portland, Maine. VOU arc hereby required to notify and warn the A Pew holders and members of Saint Stephen’s Parish to meet at Shepley and Strout’s Office, Ex change Street, Post Office Building, Saturday even iug January 5th, 1867, at 7 o’clock, for the following pur/oscs, viz: 1st. To choose a Moderator. 2d. To determine whether the Parish will build or purchase a Church. 3d. To transact such other business as may then and there come lx fore said meeting. Given under our hands and Seais, this Twenty - Eighth Day of December. 1866. JIM. B. TOLFORD, (Seal)) Assessors qf S,T. OORSKB, (Seal)} St. Stephen's CHARLES SAGER, (Seal)) Parish. By virtue of the foregoing Warrant to me directed,* I hereby warn and notify the Pewholdcrs and mem bersi oi Saint Stephen’s Parish, in the City of Port land, to moot at the tune aim place and for the pur pose therein specified. Dated at Portland, this Twen.y-Eighth Day of De cember, 1866. J . OQ D. F. COItSER, Parish Clerk, dec 29 d7t TATOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust ol Administrator with the will annexed of the estate ot ♦ JOSIAfl MILLIKEN, la e of Port and, in the Count > of Cumberland, de ceased, and given lands as th law directs. All persons having dem ands upon tho estate of said de ceased, are requuei toexhibit tho >ame; and all per sons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to SETH U. MllXlKEN, Administrator with the will annexed. Portland, Dec. 4, i860. dec2ld3w* Itemede pour L'Irresse. TU1IS MEDICINE Cnres Intemperance By plac ing it in anv liquid drank by the patient, the de sire tor intoxicating liquors will he removed. Tho mixture is harmless, being prepared by a regular physician. Proper directions accompany each pack age. Sent anywhete, by express, tor $3. Address MEDICAL AGENCY, 13, Treniont Kow, Boston, Mass. ^ _dec 26 dlw INDIA KI1UBER (HH)DS, HAVING boon burned out ol my Rubber Store, 147 Middle St., I would solicit the trade of the qjkizens ot Portland and vicinity, vuntil I re-Oj*cn) tomy headquarters, «5 Milk Street, Boston, where are kept every variety of goods Blade irom India Rubber comprising in part Rubber and Leath er Machine Belting, steam Packing, Gaskets, Rings, Hose for conducting aud hydrant purposes, Rubber Clothing of every descrlplion, Combs, Balls, Toys, L iider:>heeting fir neds in cases of sickness, Rubber Boots and shoes, Tubing, Spittoons, Syringes, Gloves and Mittens, Elastic Kings and Bands, I^ano Covers, Horse Covers with and without hood, Wagon cover.*, Air Bods, Pillows, Cushions, and Lite Pre servers, Mechanics' Aprons, Rubber Jewelry, ol beautiful patters, and all kiwis of Rubber Goods that iiihv be desired all of which I will «..dl at manufac turers lowest prices. Please forward your orders for the present to H. A. HALL, jul IGoodtf 85 Milk Street, Boston. Baltimore Family Flour and Bye Flour. 10( ) BBIiS* BALTIMORE FAMILY floub, 15 BBLS. RYE FLOUR, just recoived and lor sale bv CHASE BROTHERS. dccJJ STTtf Head Long Wharf. GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTJJRES! E. TARHEEL & SON, Wo. II ICCCO.tll'lKI.n STREET, BOSTON, manufacturers and dealers in Chandeliers, Lt rackets, Lamps, &c, TITTIHfCJ In all itj branches. CiAB STOVES, lor Cooking and Heating. rilAKDELIEU^ LAMPS, Ac., He-GUt u Bronzed, Btf^VodJm