Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 2, 1867 Page 2
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cute' 'I lie increasing urgency of the de- [ uiuiid of western mereh mts tor increased facil ities oi transportation, appears x> have aroused attention again to this route; hut it is hinted that the* demonstration has been made partly ! tor the purpose ofal irtiling New Yorkers, and inducing them to hasten the construction of the Niagara ship canal. The visit of the delegates from the United States was duly honored by a complimentary dinner, which was given on the 19th by the di rectors ot the Huron and Ontario Ship Canal Company. Senator Ames, ot Oswego, and Governor Bross, of Illinois, as well as several gentlemen or the province*, made speeches setting forth the importance ol the enterprise uud declaring their most cordial sympathy. . Lieutenant-Governor Dross gave an account of the benefits to arise from the construction of the canal. lie asserted that the growth and development ol the country west of Chicago is much greater than that ol the city itself; and that in all that vast fertile country, the limit of profitable production i.i about reached, unless greatly enlarged avenues can be opened to eou vey its products to the ocean. The proposed eaual, he said, capable of passing vessels of a thousand tons burthen, With a corresponding deepening of the St. Lawrence canal, would afford the only adequate relief to the commerce ot the West. The canal would lessen the dis tance bet ween Chicago and all the cities on the western shores of Lake Michigan, as well as New York and Liverpool, some three hun dred miles.—N. Y. Post. The Kalian Premier. (Florence (Dec. 3> Correspondence of the Cosmopoli tan.) Baron Pettino Ricasoli, our present premier, is undoubtedly a man not deficient in diplo matic tact, and, to his honor be it said, is a minister ot a rare integrity. In normal times I dare say he would prove one oi the firmest pillars of the State, or to express it with a more common-place phrase, he would be the right man in the right place. But, at a period of our national existence when we have to untie the gordian knot of the Roman question -that ques tion which, eel-like, slips out of your lingers when you feel confident of holding it secure in your grasp—1 think we shall require either a man of superior diplomatic geuius, or of a somewhat rougliish plausibility, to attain our desired goal. Out dear Bettino is too upright to compete with any chance of success, with the Jides Punica of the Roman court, and too short-witted to Checkmate the subtle Macliia veiism of ilic Poutilical government, lam afraid this thorny question will again be to our Baron the Rock of Scyiia against which he once split his premier ship four years ago.— However, it must be confessed that lie strug gles manfully, and does all that is in his power to bring about a conciliation between Italy and Rome, and we may bfe sure that it he is to fall in consequence ol ill success he will only fall after basing exhausted all persuasive argu 3 nits, as riie ancient gladiator fell after hating kb id all his life-blood. x told you in uiy lust tint rumor was cur rent hero that negotiations were likely to be resumed between the two governments, through the mediation ot M. Vegezzi Well, the ru mor was not unfounded; only the wish was father to llie thought it wus; iu fact, Baron Ricasoli’s earnest wish that another attempt should be made by the Italian government to conciliate the Roman Court before the depart ure of the French from the Eternal City, but the difficulty lay in finding the imyper Mercu ry who would go to Rome With the only mis sion of clearing the track of ail obstacles, and ; predispose his Holiness to the reception of the I Italian Envoy This time the Italian govern- j meet was willing to yield on many points, and eveu go so far as to renounce the Bishops’ oath oi allegiance. For this purpose Mousignor Beranti was sounded, but he declined the charge, on the ground of his being unpopular with tlij Roman Court lor his Eiberalisin.— Then the choice fell ou Abbe Stellardi—the j same who was despatched to Rome on the oc casion of the marriage of Frince’ss Maria 1'ia of Savoy to the Ring of Fortugul. His doings were to be very simple—viz., to get an audi- ! ence of ins Holiness, and endeavor to persuade 1 him to receive the Italian Envoy, who should ' be no other than the faithiul and orthodox Christian, M. \ egezzi. me accommodating Abbe accepted the nouorabie and onerous mis sion; went to Rome and saw the Fope; but, iinlLke Ciesar, he conquered not. On the con trary, lie mot with a very griui reception lroin his Holiness, who told him, somewhat in a pas sion, that his would not eater into any fur ther negotiotions with the Italian government —that he w as ready to quit Rome like a poor, helpless, wandering pilgrim—and that, if M. Vegezzi or any one else was sent to him for the purpose ot negotiations, lie would not receive him. In the meantime Baron Ricasoli, lull of hope aoout the success of the kind Abbe’s mission, had already summoned M. Vegezzi to Florence, and explained to him the sort of ser vice his government and his country required of him. Vegezzi listened with deference to the stringent reasoning of tue lofty Fremier, and then, with a frankness which is oue of his characteristics, answered the following textual words, lor which I go security: ‘‘Book here, my dear Bettinor you know ! that i am neither a rogue nor a simpleton*— j Well, it is tor this reason that I cauuot,and will t noc, accept to be your Envoy to the Fapal Court; lor, it i were to go there again, 1 should he compelled either to be bamboozled myself or to bamboozle others.” After this interview came a telegram from Rome, from Abbe Stel lardi, informing Baron Ricasoli that his Holi ness peremptorily refused to enter into any ne gotiations with the Italian government, and nere tue matter ended for the present. As you s^e. an understanding with the Court of Rome is as wide asunder as the Arctic is from the Antarctic Role, and that the Holy See is stand** iug in hostile array towards us exactly us it st. >od six years ago. Heaven have mercy on US! J i »*«• J!m>air« iu ( on a A Toulon letter furnishes the following par ticulars in relation to tin* recent massacre of French Missionaries in Corea: “Important news has been circulating here on the subject ot events in the China and Jap an, seas. The French Government, entirety disapproving of any attempt of an expedition against tiie kingdom oi Corea, directed dtear Admiral itoze to undertake notning until furth er orders, as the massacre of the I* reuch Mis sionaries required an exemplary chastisement w inch would be better deferred to a more op portune moment. Vengeance, though tardy, would only be more terrible on that account. There was an objection to engage in a hazard ous operation before obtaining a full knowledge of the approaches and resisting power of that mysterious country. The prudent provisions of the Government are in some sort couhined by the last dispatches. Admiral lioze having pen etrated into the sea ol Corea, abounding in dangerous shook, was lor a moment compro rnisni and threatened with a great disaster; obbgod to he^ continually casting the lead in the waters where the tides are subject to varia- ! tions 01 some ik) to IU leei every ZI hours, he ; found himself at last stranded on coral reels with ail his little liotiiia, consisting ol the 1 steam corvette Primauguet and several small gunboats. A catast-ophe appealed im- j minent, when a high tide U nited the vessels 1 and enabled them to emerge from their da age r- I ous position. Alter this escape, the Trench j squadron, trusting to the map of Commander i Guerin, as being entirely correct, made way to- | ward the mouth of a river indicated as one ol tli3 principal outlets of the capital of Corea.— ' Ascending the stream very slowly, they reach ed, at lour leagues lroin its mouto, a large vil lage, where a strong body ol armed men were j occupied in constructing weirs. After some ! fruitless attempts at a conference, the Admiral, seeing that ins presence caused no cessation oi ! the work, destroyed the stockade by cannon shot, and tired grape into the hostile corps d’ ! armee, which took loliight in every direction, j During this short engagement it w as remarked I that the Coreau troops marched La-eko.ed, ; and that the greater part of the soldiers were j armed with bows and arrows and carried pikes. Xlie Admiral, who only intended to make a hy drographical reconuoissanee to facilitate ulte- j lior operations, has left these inhospitable ' shores cojoin his main squadron iu the China seas." ‘ | Iiil Iacht Baci£,—No one can tell Low much money lias changed Lands as the result of the y^jht race Xhe New Vork Times re cords tLo transactions of a single individual, which may Serve as an indication of the free dom wita which bets were made:— Naturally a good deal of money has been TTcn and lost, in private wages, as well as in tile general stakes, in this result. Ever since the yachts sailed, the race ha3 been the topic ui con, miltiou at tlic clubs—where couversa Unti oil such typica (as indeed on most others) usually ends in a bet. We heard yesterday ol oue weii-kiijwu o(ieiator (in everythin* ' vet discovered) who had been fairly bantered into i sets amounting in the aggregate to Sin,000, ev ery one ol which he wins with the possible ex- I caption of one ot $10,000, that the trip would he made by some one yatch inside ol fourteen days—this no may pos-sudy lose by lifteen min utes. lie hid a bet ol .-13000 that the Vesta would win; but .oil Thursday last—after tbt race was over—atrieud who desired to 'hecW a little, begged u* a special lavui that lie would traubdef it to him; and with his usual 'mod nature (and his usual good luck) he eonaeut •it/* Empeess Eugenie and the Pop^.— l’Eteri* I lard, a French paper, suppose-1 • information from the C&biw - “ _ says on this subject: *ct of the EmPeror> Till now w • v ing Uie joi- .,ave abstained from lnention lwWev' ,»uey of the Empress to Home. We, *r, must aeknowleuge that the rumor _.„s assumed an important character. It is said to be her Majesty's intention to bo at Home during the Christmas festivals The Fatrie conflrms this piece of news. I main tain what i said yesterday, that if the words attributed to the Pope in his allocution to the Frauen oliioers pTove to be correct, her Majes ty cannot, without olleuding the feelings 01 tuc couutiy, t-taU on siicii a journey For his Holiness to have said that the Emperor was not a Christian, appears a flagrant insult to the seven millions ui Frenchmen ivho voted for the empire The Boston and Maine Raileoad—The annual report of the Directors of the Boston and Maine Railroad to the Secretary of the Commonwealth has been prepared. It in cludes the year ending Nov. 30. The capital stock of the road is stated at $4,155,700. The number of passengers carried in the cars was 2,035,327, and the number of tons of merchan dise carried was 321,798. The total cost for the maintenance of the road has been $229,102.03. lbe lolling stock of the road consists of 38 en gines, 03 passenger cars, 17 baggage cars, and .74 merchandise cars The total income of the road w as 1 575,826.16, and the net earnings, after deducting expenses, were *198,408.07. The Queat Excitement.—The excitement into which the “Hub” was tin-own on Monday by the discovery of dead bodies on board a Philadelphia steamer, is cleared up by the fact that they belonged to a New England Medical Institution, and were on their way thither, having been legitimately obtained. Tho care lessness of the packer caused tho boxes to bur3t open, and hence jtlic fear of murders, robbery, &c., which agitated the good people of Poston. Their fears are quieted by this time. PORTLAND AND VICINITY, j New AdvertI»«M§o*t« To-Day. kxtkrtainment column. P. V. M. C. A—Fifth Lecture. AUCTION COLUMN. Sheriffs Sale- Henry Bailey & Son. NKW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Return ot the Royal Insurance Company. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Great Bargains in Worsteds. Notice—E. Churchill & Co. Notice—Charles Fobes. Reconstructed—Thos. G. Loring. A New Place just Opened. Paints and Oil Cheap-J. W. Perkins & Co. THE lOtBTN. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. BEFORE JUDGE FOX. Tuesday.—Iii the case of Unitod State*, by Infor mation, v certain tool* and fixtures used lor the man ufacture of friction matches at Hollis, a decree was entered declaring the tools, &c., forfeit. The suit was j brought by the Unitod States Internal Revenue Col lector for the First District, for neglect of affixing In ternal Revenue stamps to the matches there manu factured. * G. F. Talbot. I. W. Parker. Court adjourned to 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. MUNICIPAL COURT. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING, Tuesday.—Thomas McGinnis, John E. McGinnis and Patrick McGowan, on search and seizure process es, paid the usual fine and costs of $22.20 each. Enos Dolly, for violation of the Lord’s Day in keep- 1 ing his shop open, paid fine and cost® amounting to #13.17. George F. Nutting was complained of for obstruct ing the sidewalk with lumber. Judgment was reserv ed until January 5th. Mission Sabbath School Festival. — A pleasant and social festival came off at the Vestry of the Free Street Baptist Church, Monday evening, it being a gathering of the teachers and children of the Vaughan Street Mission Sabbath School, which was establish ed last July in the western part of the city, and occupies rooms in the Primary School Building, No. 12 Vaughan Street. This school, we are informed, commenced with forty children, and it now numbers near one hundred, with an avciuge attendance of eighty each Sabbath. Its Superintendent, Henry M. Mayling, and its corps of teachers, certainly deserve great praise for their efforts in this direction, having succeeded in. bringing together so large a number of children for re ligious education from among those who have no regular place of worship. The recitations of the children were well given and appropriate to the occasion. During the evening the young men of the Free Street Baptist Church presented to Rev. Dr. Stock bridge, their Pastor, a beautiful standard Ster eoscope, as a token of their esteem. It took the Doctor somewhat by surprise, from which, however, he readily recovered, and made oue of his happiest speeches in reply to the donors The music, undei the direction of George M. Bosworth, the Chorister of the Sabbath School, was excellent, the refreshments boun tiful and hberally served, and the little ones as well as the big ones, went home highly pleased with their evening’s entertainment. A SrarnisE.— Our friend C. P. Kimball, Esq., is a man that is not easily taken by sur prise or disconcerted. But be was taken all aback on Monday evening when the employ ees of bis establishment entered his office and presented him with an elegant silver tea-ser vice, as a token of their esteem for him as a man and their regard for him as their employer. The gift was so entirely unexpected that he could not tor a few moments collect his scat tered thoughts and express his thanks for such a handsome and unexpected gift. A pleasant time was then pAsed by e%ployer and em ployee, showing the good feelings that natur ally existed. Pobtland Institute and Public Libbaby. —Xhe committee appointed to draw up and present a iorm lor a charter for this proposed institution, will hold a final meeting at the room of the Collector of the Port, in the Cus tom House, at 3 o’clock this afternoon. And a meeting of all gentlemen interested in the im portant project will be held at the Mayor's room, Market Hall building, this (Wednesday) evening, at 71-2 o’clock, to hear the report of that committee. The gentlemen of the com mittee, and otners, are earnestly invited to be : present at the respective meetings. Per Order. iNTKBNATiONAL lELEGBAPU IAns. — We were interfiled yesterday, by one of the Direc tors, that the wires of the International line are all up between this city and Boston, and that the line is now complete from Bath to j Bostoa. There are ;wo lines of wires and they ’ are to be tested forthwith. The International Company have taken the new building on the corner of Bxchange and Pore streets, and it is now being rapidly push ed forward to a complete fitting up of their of fices. The lines will be opened for business in a lew days. „ I J>ew iear's Day.—Yesterday was not so unpleasant us it promised to be on Monday night. But little snow fell and that served to j improve the sleighing, which was taken advan tage of by happy parties. Business, in a j great measure was suspended, and the day was devoted to making calls. In the afternoon Congress street was alive with sleighs contain ing happy folks who made that street the coast ing ground. There was very little drunken, ness seen on the streets, much less than usual on that day. Sx. .Luke’s Chubch.—At a meeting of the proprietors of this Church, on Monday even ing, It was proposed to sell the Church to the St. Stephen’s Society, should the latter (.refer to purchase it in preference to erecting a Church upon the. lot on Spring street, vhich they have purchased. If the St. Stephens So ciety make this purchase, it is the intent! on of the St. Luke’s Society to erect a spacious ca thedral on Bine street. The St. Stephens’ So ciety hold a meeting on Saturday evening to consider the subject. “ltECONsiBUCTED.”—It will be noticed liy ad vertisement, that Luring has been “reconstruct ed,” and is now perfectly happy in his nevr shop on tile same old spot, corner of Bud era 1 and Exchange streets. He ha3 got a much finer establishment than his old one was, as every oue will say who looks into it and sees what a fine stock he bus selected. Here you may get pure drugs, the choicest of perfumes, anda great variety of fancy articles, besides the best con structed supports lor the lame. Arrival of the Hibebnian—SteaCiship Hibernian. Capt. Dutton, fntm Liverpool 20th and Londonderry 21st ult., arrived at thil port at 8 o'clock last evening, bringing eight <cahin and 81 steerage passengers and a large d argo. Her news is anticipated l^y the China at Hali* fax. We are under obligations to Mr. Martin; pur ser of the ship, tor llles of papers, and other favor9 In the early settlement of our country tiie greatest anxiety was, how our people coul tl get enough of good wholesome food. Now the manner of living has changed* so that many people really suffer, a?,d enough of every kind around them. Why 'js this? It is because their food distresses toe nr,. Buy one bottle of Nlain’s Elderberry Wine-and you will get relief Then huy a case. decltt Accident. — Yesterday while Mr. John Kingsbury w as walking through the new en gine house., corner of Congress and Market sttects, h'; tell into the cellar through the scut tle way., the room being so dark that he could not pe rceive that the scuttle was off. He fell abov t nine feet, and was so severely injured in his back that he was obliged to be taken to his residence in a carriage. Presentation.—The carpenters employed upon the Ocean Insurance Block, presented their Superintendent. Mr. Spencer Rogers, on Monday evening with a splendid silver ice pitcher, salver and geblet. Mr. Rogers ac knowledged the compliment by inviting the party to a supper, which came off at Parting ! ton’s last evening, at which a most pleasant i time was enjoyed. P Y. M. C. A.—C. B. Xuckerman; Esq., will i speak before this society on Friday evening, in 1 Central Ckuich, on '‘The Young Citizen—The i Duties and liespousibilitiea of that Position I in Life. Mr. 1'. is highly recommended as a | speaker, and is very popular in New York as one of the most esteemed professional men of i j that city. Fancy tioous.—Attention Is invited to the advertisement of Messrs. Davis & Co., v, ho offer their stock of fancy goods at greatly reduced prices. A glance at the advertisement will show «hat bargains they offer at their estab lishment, No. 10 Clapp’s Block, Congress street. Seizure.—The deputy marshals yesterday seized a small quantity of liquor at the Cum berland House, on Green street, kept by E. Sa vory. A sure remedy for chapped hands and Ups can he found at Grosman & Co.’s. It is in great demand with the ladies. —A Sichmond paper says the mule is the ! crowning Uigd of the woes of Virginia. From Augu-tu. Augusta, Jan. 1. TO THE EDITOR Of THE PRESS: The western members of tbe Legislature are generally here as usual, there is much canvas sing in regard to the organisation of both branches. Lewis Barker of Stetson seems to be the probable candidate for Speaker. He has formed many acquaintances during his servic es on the stump, who are inclined to support him. The Presidency of the Senate is still a debateable question. Woodman appears to be a general favorite and is unquestionably popu lar with all the Senators,but there is a wish that his services could be had on the floor and on important committees, where his talents would be more useful, consequently the present probability is, that either Porter of Penobscot or Burpee of Knox, will be the successful can didate. Burpee has a larger strength than has been generally supposed, aud his friends are confident that he will win. Gen. Hersey would undoubtedly receive a majority of votes if he was a candidate. The attendance here is large, many promin ent politicians and military men are noticed among the crowd, Gen. Perry, Gen. Virgin. Col. Bust, Col. Smith, Marble of Waldobor ough, Simonton of Camden and Geo. Pierce of Harrison &c., &c. Several wounded soldiers arc here as applicants for places as messengers and it is tbe general wish to give these places to such applicants. Caucus to-night. In the meantime the excitement increases. The Au gusta House is full, and the eastern train will add to the crowd. Gen. Chamberlain has tak en rooms at the Augusta House and appears in good health. Jeff. Southard who was a delegate to the j Philadelphia Convention is a candidate for councillor for Sagadahoc county. He has gone I “round the circle” and says that he is all right, ; agein. Cumberland. The Banuob Whig aud Cou riEK.—This ex cellent paper commences the New Year most promisingly. It made its appearance yester | day considerably enlarged in size, and with I some other new and attractive features. It is i now a very handsome sheet of similar dirnen ; sions to the Press before it assumed its present | torm, and quite as large as the Daily Argus.— ' As an able, fearless and independent journal the Whig is surpassed by no Mains paper which cumes to our office, and we welcome with sincere pleasure these evidences of its in creasing prosperity and acceptance. The editor, in his New Year salutatory, de clines to make promises for the future, but the present appearance of his paper, and its histo ry in the past, are sufficient assurance that under its present management no pains will be spared to keep pace with the business demands of the city to which it is an honor, and with the growing facilities and appetite for news and other reading matter in these times. THE STATE. —The Bangor papers which took us severely to do for the statement made by us a few weeks ago on the most unquestionable authority, that work was to be commenced immediately on the £. & N. A. Kailroud, now acknowledge the cor rectness of that statement, and add “that the work, once commenced will be pushed with vigor." Ground was to be broken yesterday. —A Calico Ball was to form the New Year's entertainment of the people of Houltou. —The Bangor 'Times must bear away the .lalm for the elegance with which its Carriers’ New Years’ address is printed. A very taste ful calendar tor 1807 comes to us lforn that of fice. —The Saco Democrat says,—Widow Olive West, of Wells, 70 years old last September, spun a skein of yarn in forty-five minutes, aud six skeins during the day. The day she was 75 years old she got hrcaklust for the family and spun nine skeins. Her daughter thinking she had done enough for one day put the spin ning wheel away, although tho old lady thought she had ample time to spin another skein! —The lioulton Times learns that a petition will be presented to the Legislature of Maine, praying for a division of the county of Aroos took, setting oil that portion comprising the Jfrench plantations to Penobscot; whereupon the Bangor Whig acknowledges the kindness of its Aroos took friends, but begs to be excus ed lrom having tbe plantations. —The Lewiston City Council have decided to purchase the lot at the corner of Pine and Park streets, containing 18,000 square feet, at a cost of 1(7,000, as a location for the city build ings when they shall be built. The Jourjpil says the buildings will net be erected at pres ent. —At a meeting Thomaston the other day to discuss the project of the Knox aud Lin coln Kailruad, Mr. Gould of'T., remarked that the discussion had settled the question of the bui ldiug the road; the only thing left for the eastern towns to determine was, to which town they would grant the privilege of paying the bills,—Bath or Wiscasset. VAUIUTIE*. •—A Washington letter says: “Mention is made of a photograph of Mr. Lincoln reading the Bible to his little boy “Tad,” who stands between his knees. The “Bible” is a large photograph album, which the operator placed in Mr. Lincoln’s hands, which: has been con verted into a better book by those who are so persistent in misrepresenting the martyr-Pres ident.” —A meerschaum pipe was recently sold by auction in Chicago tor $1(10. Its first public appearance is said to have been at the corona tion of Philip Second of Spain, three hundred years ago. Subsequently it has been owned by King Ludwig of Bavaria and Lola Montez. It holds an eighth of a pound. —The “Private Journal and Diary of John Surratt” has .just been published. It claims to be a diary from July 3d, 1860, to November 6th, 1866, and will undoubtedly ha /enlarge sale all over the country. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a pure fabrication. —The old Boston Courier, latterly known as the Evening Commercial, is at last defunct.— It has been moribund tor some time, being w eighed down by the odium attached to its traitorous course during the war, while at the same time it has lacked the editorial ability whieh then rendered it at least formidable.— The publishers ascribe the decay of their jour nal chiefly to “a prejudice arising from the po litical delusion of the times,” but express the conviction that “there is yet left a goodly rem nant which has not bent the knee to the Baal of political error, bigotry and intolerance.”— For the benefit of this faithful few the publica tion of the Weekly Courier is to be continued. —Prolessor Agassiz will begin in the Febru ary Atlantic Monthly a series of papers on the Glacial Phenomena in our Country. The Coast cf Maine will be treated first, Mazzini will have a paper in the same number of the Atlantic, on The Kepubliean Alliance. The author of “A Man without a Country" is to have a story in the February issue, we learn, so that with Holmes “Guardian Angel" to lead off we may look for as great a treat in the sec ond number of the new year as we had in the first. a —A manufactory lot making printers’ type from vulcanized lndia-ru< her has been started at Dalston, England. The invention is Amer ican, but is said to be making progress in Eng land. —Prescott’s Philip H. has just been translat ed into Italian for the first time and published at Venice and Turin. The work receives much praise from the Italian journals. —The mouth of the Amazon is large enough to take in the States ol Massachusetts and Ithjrde Island. “Suppose it should do it,’’ kind ly suggests a liichmond paper. —Napoleon has a kidney disease; Victor Emmanuel a paralyzed right arm; Bismarck is sick; the Empress Carlotta crazy; the hair of both the Emperor of Austria and the Queen of Hanover has turned gray within a year; the Pope weeps day and night; and Victoria still broods over the past with profound melancholy. Who wouldn’t wear a crown?—Ex. —The following is the name of a French re ligious work: “The Spiritual Mustard Pot, to make the soul sneeze with devotion.” —The Christmas tree in Trinity Church, New York, on Monday evening, was lighted by two bundled and twenty-eight gas jets. —He Tocqueville, in his work on America, gives this lorcible sketch: “A newspaper can drop the same thought into a thousand minds at the same moment. A newspaper is an ad viser who does not require to be sought, but comes to you briefly every day of common weal without distracting your private affairs. News papers, therefore, become more necessary in proportion as men become more equal indiv iduals and more to be feared. To suppose that they only served to protect freedom would he to diminish their importance; they maintain 1 civilization.” _ i 1 " • The Cold Weathebai the South—Adis : patch from Charleston, Dec. 31st, says the ; weather has been very cold for that latitude for ! several days. Bain, accompanied with sleet, has fallen night and moroiug, and the city pre sents an Arctic-like appearance. Quito a num . her of the shade and other trees have been stripped of tbeir branches by the weight of the ! ioe upon them. Accounts Horn Greenville, S. I C-, Beport snoW to k»Ye taken there, and a storm Is also reported to have been experienced [ at Atlanta. Review of Hie Jlarkii FOB THE WEES ESDINii Jan. 1. 13t>7. The last w.ek in the year was a very quiet one for business, the transactions, with few exceptions, being very light. But the year aa a whole, haa been one oi the most prosperous witnessed in our community for years. A very large business, in every department of trade, has been transacted, and with lhir profits. Our merchants do not complain, and are looking for ward to an increased business as soon as the season opens. Tho trade of the past year has been safe and legiti mate, having been transacted rnoro on a cash basis than wssever known before. Hence so few lallures. Credit has not been strained for tho purposes of op erating largely and making a great show, (Put the business has been confined to Its legitimate channels, and there are no notes to be protested for non-pay ment. It will bo noticed, by our prices current for the past week, that the changes in prices of commodities are very slight. In articles which require gold or its equivalent for payment there is a downward tenden cy. Cotton is Inactive and lower. Breadstufl's are firm. Provisions are dull. Groceries are quiet and fish aud molasses are without change. Gold, which at our last week’s report was left at 13y went down on Wednesday and Thursday last as low as 1311, but recovered In the absence of cable news, and went up to 133J, at which price it sold on Monday, 31st, dosing on that day at 13y. There was no stock board on Tuesday, January 1, elthor in N York or Boston, and the latest quotations are those of Monday. APPLES—There has been a large supply of apples brought to the market, aud more are coming. But large quantities have been sold to go abroad. Good sound trait commands from $2 50 to *4 50 per bbl. Dried apples are firm at our quotations. ASHES—The demand for pots is quite limited aud there are no transactions to speak ot. BEANS—The market is not overstocked end prices are firm. BREAD—The demand for ship is quite light, In consequence of the dullness in freighting business. Prices are unchanged. BOX SHOOKS—Stocks are increasing, but as no sales of any consequence are made, they are piled up. The views of manufacturers aud shippers ditl'er_ The former want to get 85c while the latter are un willing in the present state of the Cuba market to pay .over 75c. BUTTER—There Is an ample supply of good solid butter, which is selling at 35@40c, the latter price be ing asked for prime quality, CANDLES—Prices unchanged for Trowbridge’s moulds, for which there is a fair demand. CHEESE—A good supply is in the market and prices are steady, Country cheese can be purchased at 1(*S2C lower than our quotations. CEMENT—The market is well supplied and prices are unchanged. * COAL—The demand for anthracite continual steady and prices are without any change. COOPERAGE—Tlie demand is good for all kinds of cooi*rago, and the stocks are very light. CORDAGE—No change. The demand is very light. J DRUGS AND DYES—Opium and rhubarb have shaded ofi; in other articles there is no change. DUCK—In consequence of a reduction in prices of the raw material, the Portland Company have re duced the price of thoir fabrics 5c per yard. Xhe de mand lor their goods continued to be large. DRY GOODS—X’he market is inactive and but little business has been transacted during the week by jobbers. In this quiet time accounts of stock are being taken, and preparations made for the Spring business. * FISH—The demand is light and the market is dull. Dealers are not disposed to pay the prices asked by lishormon, and many cargoes w ill have to be wintered over. FLOUR—The market is better supplied with choice grades ol flour, but pricos are unchanged and the demand is limited to the wants for home con sumption. FRUIT—No change in dried fruits. Oranges are more plenty and lemons are in good supply. GR AIN—Com is firm at our quotations. We note sales ot mixed by the thousand bushels at 91 20. Other grains arc wi thout change. HAY—The stocks are quite light and the demand is moderate, especially for pressed. HIDES AND SKINS—Dull and hut little doing. Prices are unchanged. IRON—The reduction in the price of gold has reduced the prices of iron and wc reduce our quota tions for common and refined. LARD—There is a firmer tendency in lard, and prices are more regular. LEAD—We note a decline of one cent for sheet and pipe. LEATHER—Prices have slightly shaded- The sales have been lair for the market. LIME—The supply is lar^e but prices are unchang ed, though the demand has slackened ofi. LUMBER—The supply of all kinds is good, hut the demand is more moderate just now. Southern I pine is lower, there being large quantities of it here ! and groat diiucuiiy in finding purchasers for a cargo, i MOLASSES—No change; transactions light as well 1 os stocks. I NAVAL STORES—Quiet and unchanged with but light demand. OAKUM.—The market is quiet with but small demand. OILS—Linseed and lard oil have shaded down. Portland kerosene is firm at TUc for single cask, 07* lor five casks and 05 tor louO gallons or more. ONIONS—Th# market i« well supplied and prime silver-skins are selling at 92£&2 25 per bbl. PAINTS—.No change from last w eek’s quotations, JWghprtce. rather lavor buyers. The demand lias I PLASTER—The market is well supplied and ptices are lower. We quote soft at *2 to and hard ai »2 uu per ton. Ground is selling at go UU at wholesale and giU at retail. PRODUCE—Cut meats are in good supply without ; any change in prices. Poultry is a little higher ' Eggs are shading down. Potatoes are plenty Toad I ehoate ones command £2 25*2 to per bbl. potatoes bring tuctaUU per bushel. CranberricTare selling at *1*1 tu per bushel. PRO VIRIONS—There is more llrmncss in the pork ! market, and holders are sun in their prices, in beet there is no change and the market is quiet. RICE-We continue our quotations. Rangoon Is selling at 10c and Carolina at 124. SALT—The market is very quiet and prices are without change. SOAPS The demand for Loathe & Gore’s steam renned soaps is well maintained and orders are com ing in lrotned over the country. Our quotations give the tactory p. tees. SUGARS—The market is without any animation, ' end prices for Havana sugars are steady Refined sugars are a shade lower, me test qualities bringing i The Ragle iCeuuerv has stopped in ami- I laetuiing until next March. STARCH—Firm at the recent advance, with a moderate demand. SHOT—There is a slight decline in both drop ! and buck shot. y TEAS Firm and steady, for the stocks on hand, with but lew transactions. : TINS— There is a fair demand for all kinds of uns. Stocks have been replenished by recent arrivals li-urn Rurope, and prices are a shade lower. TCDACCU—We have no changes to note; the mar ket is dull and prices steady. VARNISH—No change. The demand continues to be good for all kinds. WOOL—The wool market still continues very dull i and there is no ivospect of an improvement at present In New York, last woek, the trade brightened up, but it has aguui subsided and prices are weak. The manuiacturers are losing on their goods as they can not be manufactured, with wool at the present rates, without a loss. It is not supposed that the prices for i wool have touched bottom. - ?IN07'ElceI)t t;,r Uome purposes the demand has fallen oil. Brices are a shade lower. FREIGHTS—Dullness yet reigns, though hopes are eutertaiued that it may bo brokeu soou Wo uote the engagements since our laBt report of bri>s Brote us, to load at Machias tor Matancas, with lumber at i SO per M; brig Angier H. Curtis, for a port north Bide Cuba, lor the round tumor$l,350out: brie Etta Tucker, (uew)3U0 tons, for Cardenas, lor the round BUinol *1,500 out; brigs M. C. Rosevelt and Hattie S. Emery, lor Cardenas, at 20c for box shooks, and : and *0,00 per At for hoops, each, and bark Hunter, tor Caibaiian, out and back, north ot Hatteras, at , 55c per hundred for sugar. In addition to these we 1 note two or three other vessels taken up on private terms. _ I SPECIAL NOTICES. A Cough, A Cold, or I A Sore Throat, SQOIEES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. i If allowed to continue, | Irritation of the Lcugo, a per manent Throat Disease* or Consumption* is often the result. BROWS’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchitis, Asthma* Catarrh* Con° snmptivc and Throat Diseases* TROCHES ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. . Mi tigerm and Public Speakers will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when ! taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article oi true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are

universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only ‘ Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may he offered, sold everwhere Dec 4—d&wCm sn FELLOW’S OBIOINAL WORM LOZENGES, WE can with confidence point to FELLOW’S WORM LOZENUES as the most perfect rem edy for those troublesome pests, INTESTINAL WORMS. Alter years of careful experiment, success has crowned our efforts, and we now oiler to the world a confection without a single fault, bciug sale, con venient, effectual and pleasant. Ho injurious result can occur, let them be used in whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their comi*ositiou, They may be used without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly' devour all you give them, and ask lor more. They never fail in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will arwavs strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when he is not afflicted with worms. Yarions remedies have from lime to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of worm seed, turp entine, &c., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and ex- i pertinents, embracing several years, the proprietors i of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively sate, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making theft dwelling place i disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers of the genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis of i hf. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared ’ by Messrs. FELLOWS & CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully compounded, pleas ant to the taste, sate, yet sure aird effective in their 1 action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. 1 Assayer to the Slate of Mass. Price 35 cents per Box ; Five for $1* QEO. W. SWETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, luG Hanover Streer, Boston Mass., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. tarSold by dealers in Medicines everywhere, octS-dfowGmsN u Bor Coa flu, C*M> and Consumption? Try the old end well known VEGETABLE rl'Lil|0.\AK¥ BALM A IQ, approved and used by our oldest and moet celebrated rhyeicians tor forty years past. Get the genuine. KKED. CUTLKB & CO., Druggists. dec21SKd*w«in Boston, Proprietors, r SPECIAL NOTICES. Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable, lusluntaneoua. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill ottects of Bad Dyes. Invigorates the h&ir leaving ii Bolt and boautiftil. The genuine is signed H'U Uavi A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided, bold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. Beware «f a counterfeit. November 10, 1866. dlysn MIXEItAL BAT1I.S AT HOME. dyspepsia ceded CEDED ERE PTIONS ou the PACE CEDED S« DO ELI. A CEDED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all your various and often perui nous drugs and quack medicines, and use a lew baths pi-opai cd with “STRUMATIC SALTS!” These SALTS are made from the concent rated ' Liquors oi the Mineral \\ ell of the Penn'a Sait Man fefttnring Co., in Pittsburg, and are packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a bath. Di rections are attached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles of one and a half pints. One sufficient for a day’s use. y/ ’Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston; Ravnolda, i Pratt & Co, No. IOC Fulton st., New York, Wholesale I Agents. _ no2osNeod&wly ^Mtrumalic Nall* and Strumatic Min er ul Water*, just received and for sale by J. W. PERKINS & CO., no24sxeowd&wly No 80 Commercial bt. Long Sought For ! Come at Last! Mains' Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found lor sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not the best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, as wed as one of the moat agreeable Beverages. Manufactured from the pure iuiceot the berry, and unadulterated by any impure ngredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine, and to the well, as a beverage. To the days of the aged it addeth length, To the mighty it addeth strength,” ’Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— I Druggists and Grocers buy and sell WAINS’ ELDERBERRY WINK. HOT 27 S N d&WU A Mure Pile Cnre. DR. GILBERT’S PILE INSTKl MENT positively 1 cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on re ceipt of $4. Circulars lee. Sold bv druggists. Agents i wanted everywhere. Address J. B. KOALA INE, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New-York. oc2Gu3wsn Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nighbs — We are 1 now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the j trade and the great public generally, with the stand- ! ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpasses all knowii preparations for the cure j ot all ibrmaot Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-know u result ot | which is to produce costiveness and other serious difficulties, it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowd and secre tive organs. No preparation for Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For ! Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the * earful mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the iraiu ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price §1. Geo. C. Goodwin <ffc Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. You need not Suffer wiih Piles Since Carr’s Pile Remedy brings immediate re- I lief, and seedily cures both recent and inveterate cases. The only uniformly successful medicine tor Piles. Dealers want no other where it has been intro- : duced. Send for circulars and certificates. Ask the nearest Druggist to got the medicine for you. Druggist who desire a most efficacious, popular and rapidly selling medicine for Piles may apply to the Proprietors. Sold by the Proprietors, and by S- An derson <£ Sou, Bath: H. 11. llay, Portland; B. F. Bradbury, Bangor; Horace Barbour, Lewiston, and ; ether Druggists Wm. Carr & Co. I sepl9SN21awtl n Proprietors. Make Your Own Soap l NO UHE NECENNABY! By Saving and Using Your Waste Grease BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M'fg-. Co’s S^POISTIFIER. (Patents ot 1st and 8th Feb.; 1859.) -OK CONCENTRATED LYE. It vrili make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 23 ! gallons of the very best soft soap for only about 3Ucts. i Directions on each box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS EEjr'Be i*articnlar in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co's Saponihcr. nolTsxeoti&wly ! TViiy Suffer from Sores ? When by the use ot the ARNICA OINTMENT, y«-u can easily be cured. It lias relieved thousands from Burns. Scalds, Chapped Hands, Sprains, Chilblains, Sore Lips, Warts, cuts, Boils, Eruptions, and every c anplaint of the Shin. Try it for it costs but 25c. Be sure to asK. for KALE’S ARNICA OINTMENT.—For sale by all Drug nsls, or send 35c to O. ft*. Meymour A t o,, Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail, dec 29 sn dim -—- i SURE REiHEDliS. DR. T. K. TAYLOR, 17 Hanover Street, Boston, 1 has received the new Frencn Remedies and modes oi treatment practised by Drs. Dumas and Ricord—Safe pleasant and wan anted Positively effectual in all Diseases of the Blood, Urinary and Reproductive Or- ! gans, and ail Irregularities and Complaints peculiar < to Women. Enclose stamp and receive full particu- i ars by mail. n oct3-d&w3m Relief for the Sufferers by the Fire. THE undersigned have made arrangements under the act of Congress approved July 27, I860, to furnish parties building on the burnt district with Englinh Pure Urnd anil Linseed OH, DUTY FREE. Parties wishing to purchase Paint stock will call at 80 COMMERCIAL STREET. BIBGE8S, FOBU8 & CO. decSsNlm COLGATE & CO.’S, WINTER soap. Recommended for Chapped ftiauds and for general Toilet use during Cold Wcatliee. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. SNdcc24tofeblO Wai-reu’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Colds, Cough*, Catarrh and Counumptiou. and all diseases of tho Throat and Lungs. KfiTTbr sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by ‘ ». F. BKADBIKV, octlodAwsNom Druggist, BANGOR. | The Old Established Boot and Shoe Store of T, E. MOSELEY & Co., 1 Summer St., Botton, continues to make to order the best class of goods for Ladies', Gentlemen's and ! Children a wear. WISTAK’g BALSAM -OF IF I L I* CUEBBY! HAS BEEN USED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY, With the most astonishing success in curing Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Mory Throat, luliuriizn, Whooping Cough, Croup. | JLivcr Complaints, Bronchitis, Diflimliy of Breathing, Asthma nud every affection of THE THROAT, LUNGS AND CHEST, j INCLUDING EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequailed success that has a ttended the appli- i cation of i Ills med cine in all eases of Pulmonary Complaints, has induced many Physicians of high standing to 1 employ it in their practice, some oi whom ad vis: us ■ of the fact under their own signatures. We have space only for the names ot a few of these E. Boyden, M- D.. Exeter, Me. Alexander Hatch, M. D., China.. Me. R. Fellows, M. D,, Hill, N. H. W. H. Webb", M. D., Cape Vincent, N. Y W. B. Lynch, M. D., Auburn, N. Y. Abraham Skillman, IVT. D., Bound brook, N. J. H. D. Martin, M. I>., MausfieUl, Pa. Tlie proprietors have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the halls ol Congress to the humblest cottage, aud even bevond the seas; for the fame and virtues oi WiMtar’e Balsam have ex tended to the “ uttermost bounds of the earth,” without any attempt on our part to introduce it be yond the limits ot our own country. Prepared by SETH W. FOWXE SON, 18 Tre monl Street, Boston, and so d by ail Dmggist3 and Dealers geuerally, ©RAC E’S CELEBRATED SALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CUTS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, &c., &c ©race’s Celebrated Salve: Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces tlie most angry looking swell ings and Inflammations, as if by magic; thus aftord ing rcliei and a complete cure. Only 25 cents a box; sent by mail lor 35 cents. . SETH W. TOWLE & SON, 18 Tremont St. Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists aud dealers gener- 1 ally. T'ebld. 'bt^r-sxeodi.T s&weow MARRIED. | In this city, De *. 16, bv Rev. Dr. Slimier, John B. j Mai l iner and Miss Hannah McDouuld, both ot Port- ; land. in this city, Dec. 28, by Rev. Dr. Teftt, at the resi- > deuce of J. G. Tukey, Esq., Isaac M. Low and Miss Henrietta Ray, both ot Portland. In Pa is, June l, at the First Untversaiist Church, ty Rev. N. Gunnison, Augustus S. Thayer. M. D., I oi Portland, and MBs Mary H. Marble, or Paris. [No cards.] In Cape Elizabeth, Oet. 26, by Rev. F. C- Ayer, at ! the residence ol the bride’s mother, Charles E’. Dyer | and Lizzie J. Thompson. In Cape Elizabeth, Dec. 28. at the residence ol Mr. Jesse Dyer. Charles Frank and Miss Augusta H. Pickett, all ot C. E. In Gorham, Jan. l by Rev. C. Fuller, Charles F. Brown aud Miss Susan D. Hutchinson, both of Standish. DIEIX In New York, Dec. 30, Mrs. Augusta A., wiie of Geo. S. W. Mo os. and oldest daughter ol C'apt. Win. Stewart, aged 26 veun. [Funeral this Wednesday afternoon, *■ 2 o’clock, from the residence ot Rufus Moses, corner at Clark and Pine streets. Relatives and friends arc invited to attend, * I In South Br.Jglon, Dec. 18. Mrs. Betsey, wile of tiielai* Dr. Jonathan Ft'-sendec, and daughter &t (helare Wm. Fitch, K:q., ot Sebago, aged 6? years 8 months. [Massachusetts papers ^ Tease copy.] In LIkLon, Md., Dec. 2i. Mrs.Mary, wile ot j. p. Bradbury, in the G4tli year of her age. _____PASSENGERS, lu the Hibernian, from Liverpool — flj*g General Sliisted, Capt Fryer, Lieut Barne, Col Ougv, Mr Bel ton. J Car utiers, Mr and Mrs R Weaver, and *1 others in the steerage. EXPORTS. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Hibernian — 31 pkgs mdse, H Libby & Co: i*G8 l*aro iron. Eben Cure : Sews mdse, J fT Prin lie; 2 eases do, J F Irish; 212 plates iron, to order; 2 eases 47 pkn mdse, Ca u ii. n Lx Co; 23 bales do, C M Bailey ; j.kgs do, J Pad dock; , 1 cases do. Agt G T R; 3 cases do, Br W Am .Ex Co; and goods for Boston, and Canada. IIEPARIPRE OF otfcA.V STEAM EES NAME EliOM FOB DATE. Damascus.Portland.. .Liverpool.I), ** 20 City ot Boston.New York. .Liverpool.Dec 251 Corsica..New York.. Havaua.Dee 31 Ocean Queen,.New York, .California.Dec 31 New York.New York..Aspinwall.Dec 31 Jav a...... . .New York.. L iverpool.Jan 2 Citv o* Dublin.New York. .Liverpool.Jon 2 1 Moro Castle.Now York..Havana. .Jan 3 Allcmannia.New York.. Hamburg.Jan 5 City of Cork...New York. .Liverpool.Jan 5 Australasian.New York..Liverpool.Jan ft Eagle... New York.. Havana.Jan It) Pennsylvania.New York. Liverpool.Jan 12 **aay'a- ..Xew York. .Bremen.Jan 13 Miniature Almanac.Jauuary *£. sun n- es.7.;u) Sun sets.4.U9 Moon rises. 4.10 AM High water . 8.45 AM MARINE NEWS PORT OP PORTLAND. Tu«*»«layf Jauuury 1. ARRIVED. Steamship Hibernian, (Br) Dutton, Liverpool 20th vii Londonderry 21st. Stcaniei New Brunswick, Winchester Boston lor Eastport and St John NB. Sch Geo Brooks, Henley, Boston. Sell Senator, Sawyer, Boston. Sch E H Na*h, Perry, Boston. Sch Kenduske g, (of Bangor) Mitchell, Bost .u lor Harrington, with loss of mainmast hi the gale of the 26th. Self Lizzie Guptiil, Ki-uuedy, Boston for Rockland Sch Ceres, Robbins, Boston for Treinont. Sch Pembroke, Ramsdeil, Pembroke lor Boston. Sells Circassian. Cunningham, and James Jewett. Ryder, Belfast lor Boston Sell Bay State. Carroll, Rockland for Now York. Sch John Adams, Staples, Rockland tor Boston. Sch Amelia, Poland, Rockland or Portsmouth. SAILED—Barque Firkloveret, for Buenos Ayres. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. GREEN’S LANDING, Dec 22—Ar, Golden Eagle, Fitiehl, Boston. Dec 24—Sid, Br brig Elsinore, Moore, Portland 1 or Cornwallis, NS; sch Forest, Strout, from Boston for Cherry held. Dec’26—Ar. sch Leopard. Carver, Portland. Sid, sch Paios Cousins. Machia9 lor Boston. Dec 28—Sid, sch Aurora, J bobbin, Rom Boston lor Jonesport. DISASTERS. Capt Alagune, of brig Aim on Rowell, at Newport. . reports a succession oi gal. s since leaving, lurks Islands, In which split sails, Ac. On the morning of the 27th, put on a heavy pre -a of canvass to keep n r oti'shore, but beh g unable to keep her away, ran for the neatest port. In entering the chops ol butch Island Harbor, l ew awav all the remaining 3ails, except close reeled topsail, and w cut ashore on the Sou.h end of the islaud, near the lighthouse, where lay pounding twelve hours. During a lull ot the gale in the evening, succeeded in getting out an an chor, but lost boat In doing so, ami rinding lour fee: wa<or in the hold, the crew were lemovtd to the ; shore. At 12 o’clock nigh; of the 27th, alio came oi* with the chango of wind and swung at her anchor. when the crew returned, and by constant p.imping I kept lhe brig ath>at until the evening oi tlie 2'th, 1 when she was towed to Newport. Her cargo of ? .It is badly damaged and will be discharged and the vessel go on the railway lor repairs. Capt M wishes ! to note the fact that he landed at Jamcstowu and I applied to the masters ot several New Jersey vess Is ' lor the use oi a boat to get out an anchor, but they i all rcfhscd, though one ol them consented to put him • on board of a Eastport vessel, the captain ol which loaned him a boat and assisted in getting out the i anchor. Brig Frank E Allen, Merrill, at Trinidad iroin I Portland, had been ashore on cay Breton, uud w as ! obliged to throw overboard part ol cargo of eoopor I age stuff, when she came olf without damage. Barquo C B Haindton, from New York oi and tor ; Portland, stiff remains a-hoie at Point Judith. She ! hes well up on the teach, about one mile west from the ight, and it is nowglhuught she will come oft*. Sch G V King, Blatcuiord, from New lurk lor Cal ais, with hour, corn, Ac, wont ashore on Rato Point on Sunday morning, whore the remained until eve ning, wh n she was hauled oil a d taken to New London, leaking *0t> strokes per hour, bue wall dis charge and go on the railway for repairs. Sch Camilla, Hurlbut, ai Holme«’ Hole, reports, during the gale on Thursday, an unknown 1u,g at anchor near Nashawena, was obliged to cut away bofh masts to keep her IV m going ashore, She car ried double topsails# was tainted black, with r d streak, and had a foil poop deck. Capt H th.nks she went ashore at Nashawa the n ght Latei accounts state that a brig writh both inasU cut awav, had gone ashore at Cuttyhunk; she is loaded with molasses. Sch Oliver Aires, from* Georgetown DC, lor an ; Eastern p.»rt, with coal, was blown ashore near Fort Washington, Potomac River, on the 2»th. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar Dec 3, U S steamer Van derbilt, Sanford, Honolulu. GALVESTON—Cid 29th, sch Statesman, Coie, for ' Boston. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 29th, barque GW Hortjn, Butler, Rockland. cid21th, barque Carlton, Trecarfn, New York; j 29th, br g Stockton, Gritlin, Boston. JACKSONVILLE—Ar lbth, sch Jason, Stewart, New York. Ar 19th, brig Susie J Snout, Strout, Barbadoes; ! J Leighton, Leighton, New York. DARIEN, GA—Chi lith, sehs Sabino. Morrison,; Win Slater, Smalley, Kennebunk. SAVANNAH— Ar 2ltli, brig Ocean Belle, Morton, Cardenas; sell F M Power, Perry, Lineolnville. Cid 24th, brig E H Kennedy. Geyer, Boston. GEORGETOWN,SC—Ar2lth, sehs Maine Law, Johnson, and Lizzie L Tapley, Jones, ChariCoton. CHARLESTON—Sailed 2'ith, barque Mallow tile, I Waite, tor a Southern port. BALTIMORL—Cid 2bth, sch E Class -n, Bauson, Providence. Ar 3frt, barque Ada Cartel, from Navassa. WILMINGTON, DEL—Ar27th, s h Lena Hume. Appleby, Windsor, NS. PHILADELPHIA—vr 2 th, barque E A Kc-nne dy. (new) Hoifses, Waldoboro. Cid 29»h, brig E H Rich, Hopkins, Trinidad. NEW YORK—Ar 30th, sch B F LoyelL Lcavett, Baltimore; Sarah, Thomas, Rockland. Ar 31st, scha Harper. Gilley, Baltimore for Dan vers; Vulcan, Misou, Boston; Uiclid Bullwinkle, French, Rockland. Cld i>ls»t, barques N M llaven, Ilall, Tarragona; Andaman, Otis, Havana;, Blair, Savannah; brig Rout Mowe, Horchkiss, Demerara; Rensbaw. Smith, Nuevitas; Maiiposa, Nash, Caibarien; sehs E II Gott, Small, St Tlromas; S C Loud, spauldiug, boston. NEW LONDON—Ar 30th, sch G D King, Ulatch ibtd. New York ibr Ca ais, (see disasters.) PROVIDENCE—Sid 2.»tli, ?ch Honest Abe, Conarv tor Tisbury, to winter. NEWPORT—Ar hist, sch Harmonia, trom El za betliport lor Providence; Finback, from Boston lor Virginia; J D G.illin, Gloucester for New York. \\ 1CKFORD—Ar 30th, seh S P Adams, Donovan. Calais for New York. EDGAliTOWN—Ar 2Cth, sebs Am Chief. Pressey Gertrude Horton, Jameson, and Thos Hix. perry New York for Boston. * y’ HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 27th, sehs Campbell, Soule Phladelpliia tor Portland; Percy, Mablman, New Yoik for Lynn; Maracaibo, lieuley, and Ann Park er, Berry, Portland lor New Yoik. Ar 29ih, KCh Fannv A Bailey, Crosby, Delaware City for Boston; Camilla, Hurlbut, New York lor Boston. Ar 3uth, sebs Eastern Light, Cole, Tangier tbr Bos ton; Trident, Jam'ton, Philadelphia for Gloucester; Northern Light, Moore. New York toi Mac Idas. Sid, sehs Cauie M Rich, Rippling Wave, Veto, Caswell, Bailey, Vendovi. Campbell, Maracaibo, Ann Parker, Eastern Light, Tiidenc. At 31st, sehs Hat ie Ross, Poland. Phila lelphia tor Portland; P L Smith. Brown, Machias lor NYork. In port, sehs Julia R Damage, Sarah Gaviliuei. Fa Bailey, Camilla, Admiral Farragut. Northern Light, Transit, llatlie Ross. P L Smith. BOSTON—Ar 31-1. brig Alton, Elliot, Iron) Ilavti. Cld, barque Ellen Stevens. Crouehen, Portland. Ar 1st Inst, barque E wright, Jr, Lmidken, horn Malaga. Below, brig J Bickmore, from Elaxabethpon tor Portland. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 31st, sch Andrew Peters. Moore, Elizabelliport. SALEM—.\r 3lst, sehs Robt Kantoel, Jr, Ames, New York; Georgia, Phillips, tor Belfast. PORT’S.M .UTH—Sid 2Jth. sch Mary Alice, Perry, Lineolnville. FOREIGN PORTS. At Melbourne 0 .*t 29 ship Anna, Blanchard, unc; barque Vidette, Merritt, irom Puget Souiiu. Sid tin King Georges Sound Uc. 22, ship William Libby. Minot, Callao. At Sbanghae Oct 24, ship? Antelope, Hall; Golden State, Delano, and Queen of the Last, Stoddard, unc, j a ad others. At Amoy Oct 27, barques Brother s, Weeks, and Osaca, Terry, unc. At Hong Kong Novi, ships Alice Ball, Rum, for San Francisco, Idg: Yiscata, Drummond, lor do, idg at 83 gold pr ton; Richard lit, Greenougii, and Sam Kusbtll- Lucas, unc; barque ihase, Hamilton, do. Sid Od 30, ship charger, Hatch, Whampoa, to load lor New York. Sid fm Singapore Nov 6, sh»p Tennyson, Graves, Hong Kong. Sid tm Honolulu Octal, ship Gala'ea, Cook, lor China. Ar at Callao Dec 12. ship Tiber. Arey. Boston. At TrmJdad Dec 11, barque Casco, Gardiner, for New York, wig. Sid Im Cardenas 21st, brig Albatross, Bnckard.- tor a port North of liattoras. (Per steamer Hibernian, at this port.] Ar at Liverpool It Lb, Kllen Hood, Pennell, Savan nah; W F Storor, New York; Southern Rights, Ros Charleston, Liverpool, Dec 18. The Am ship Ellen Hood, uom | Savannah, encountered heavy gales De<* 8tli and y.h, in Jat 11 N, Ion rd W, and sustained t-oine damage. I SCOKEV. Dec 1, lat 37 S, ion 8f> Oo W, ship King Phiiiiw, firn Boiton mr San Francisco. Doc 23, oil Sand Key, ship John H Rversou. Gar- 1 diner, a days uom New Orleans tor Havre. JUST RECEIVED ! A NEW LOT —OF— LADIES: CLOAKINGS ' M At Lower Prices than Ever. ALL OTHER GOODS limited Dswu'iu Proportion*, A_. O. REEVES, No, 36 Free Street. December 17.1SC6. U3w _ Holiday Presents l At Mrs. L. Walker's, 36 Center St., OPPOSITE LANCASTER HALL, Tiut and Perfumery Boxes, Al bum*, Work Boxes, Writing Desk*, Portfolios, Eparian Statute, WORSTED HOODS. BREAKFAST SHAWLS AND WORSTEDS, Together with alar^e variety of Dolls, Toys. &c., Ac. Dec 0—eoU4wafctvn j3T*Send yonr order, for Job Work to Dolly Fro, Office, NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. R E 11 R TV -OF TUB IiO¥AL IWSEBAflTCE COMP’¥, Of Liverpool, Lngland, For the Year 1866, IN l lt tlH.u.ux V, I i ll Till: STATUTES OW MAINE. 1. State the name Ot iho Company? Boyal Insurance Company. 2. Where located? I.!vorp.ot, Endian,i 3. When Incorporated'/ tJth.tu,, ., is,[j 4. Amount of capital? £?,«W,0m>. Snbscrlbed fcr * 1 »*'■» 300 £ ». d 5. Amount of capital actually paul in?.* * *. 288,815 Ou 00 0. Number ot shares. aud par value of oiwir* 9t>,U5 issued to public, £3 each paid. .. Amount oi lire risk* outstanding / About. 102,802,000 00 90 8. - Amount of marine risks outstanding? N.> marine business!. 9. Total amount of outstanding risk.*? lu. Amount Of l itite l states etoct or treasury note* owned by the Company? State am-mntoi each kind, and par value and market value • i each. Par V-title, Market Value, Am ,... . per share. per share. 9*l,00t) Lulled Stutc»6 p4-r rent, stock, 1867. loo 1251 11,985 09 00 do 0 per com. Stock, 1888. loo 124 12,081 16 07 nSfWJJ? do 5 per ccut. stock, 1871. 10» yj 8,110 05 07 m’mSI 5 l,ei renL 1874. loo 94 41-220 17 02 28,000 do 6 per cent, stock, 1881. 100 104 3,900 08 00 o>*a nj qi 11 Amount ot* State stock? State amount ol each kind, and par value and market value of each. None. 1?. Amount of hank stock? State amount ot each kind, and par value and market value of each. None, lm. Amount of railroad .stocks? State amount of each kin I and par value ami market Value ol' each u a * Aa raudu.u ,1 attached hereto. i»ki oJ (ii 14. Amount oi railroad bonds? State amount of each kind lw>.did 09 Ui and par value aud markot valu* of each. £40,000 Great , _ estern Lailw a\ Bonds... in.i <fU. *o-x nil iu> ic Cash value ot real estato owne«I by the Company?.. * 185 Mo9 14 uO ‘ r‘ °r C&au J011 iu Bank of Liverpool?. 30 470 09 10 i. Amount ol Utah in hands ol mamt* and hi&uclies?. «i\yi± nx iu 18. Amount loaned on monga-Te orreal estate? . . . . . 5J’£2 00 00 29. ' Amount kSSfUltSm c“lhlieA3VLiNune!kle*’ Wi‘h rC'"i'J'1“' and 0thC“ 861 «M» 09 00 | pZZ\°„fSKaMaChedh8reU> M'‘*° #‘ W -3. Amount ot borrowed money, specifying collateralsgiven tar name? None. T,HU’.-. £1,281,053 18 0U 24. Amount of losses due and tui|«hl. None ——— 25. Amount of losnes claimed and unpaid? Noue J°' no“rtet“4i3SSiv 10Or‘ed' Ul' m "‘‘‘‘'h ,he '“bUlty uf the Company I. oj 1l^ud^„ta mvnVi„»e;i in re'pjV io qlresdon «.. 12 ® “ f 1 °,hl!r cl8*“8 aSaiiHt the Company? Unclaimed divl Duty eoiiected iorOovernment not vet dtra!...£17 aS m m I »M*» M 99 28. Amoun of caah received firprondum, on tir.rb.ka .4K>Jb* M 09 1 414 rJS u w a V-"‘ raarioe riiki? No marine Liuinea.. 30. Amountof notes received lor premium on lire ri ka? Noue. 3» iI III °e u,jlf8 ro,:®ise1(| lur premiums on marine risks? None JJ. Amount oi cash received tor interest'* 33. Amount of income received Irom ail other .unreoi?' iuciudl'nz £55 bob' i lie Print. S'lS J? !f 31. Amount <f tire ossee paid last year? Including amouiastmedfuTSi mniesi on 28 su'iil oi w 35. Amount ot marine losses paid last year? .No marine business w> question .0 jls.atC 00 On 38. Amount of dividends jwid last year?. ... tr, n. Amount of income tax paid on same?. sir iU St 37. Amount paid for exposes ol office?*. . .. iii S 38. Amount ot other expenditures?. . nU’ftir no n~ 39. Amount received in cash f!.r lire risks not terminated?'' About.'. wa'X, oo 00 40. Amount required to reinsure all outstanding risks? About. is? zoo ou no 41. Amount of premium notes on risks not terminated? None 1 42. Amount of delinquent notes not charged to profit and loss? ' None 43. Highest rate of interest received? 9 pel oeut. 41. Highest rate of interest paid on monov borrowed? None • *>• n ?,w„ma?-v i*18?.®8 ot capital slock are pledged to the Company? None. 40. Balance to credit ot proht and loss account.’ This is in addition to £118,913 02 1# .7 r> i l-cservcil bond, making, together, 213,190 10 03,. iifi 277 a- ns 4<. Balance io debit ot proht aud loss? None . *' “■ HoWe“?0r?9li11,6 Cal'ltal ,to<'k ”e uwacd by ,he Cammuty, or not snbscrib 19. What amount of the capital consists of the Stockholders’ notes? None. 'IMrraornudum A Referred to iu Reply la Question 13. £9,055 North Union Railway A Stock.. 218 1 „ ?011th ^a8t9,rT’. Bail way 4» ]>er corn, piyf.ueuce st jck,. .100 "953 l *1 von r?, __ Lancashire & korksinre Hailwav 6 i*,*r cont. stock,.10-1 1281 1 *h4+v ft. 09 49.000 Chester <fc Holyhead Railway stock,. too 5i * 94 *10 oa ai 10.000 South Eastern Kailway 4* preference stock,. 100 an) ?o 3f5 in n?, 12,00,. Lancaster & Carlisle stock,...1...... ldd 217 I 10,362 10 " 2.000 Lancaster & CarlisleQ preierencoslock,.100 oa } 27,089 18 08 820 £20 shares Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Kailwav,.. io 21 i 820 10 do do do' do do .. 10 10S I 28,220 00 02 South Eastern K.iilwav -C pt-r rent- preierenCL- stin k lvj 95} 1 25.000 Birkenhead Bafiway stuck.,00 ggt J 47,041 09 08 ctln.iorau.Iuui B Referred (• iu Reply to Qaeuin J|, *:,ftJ’232 °® “ Daunts of Sundry Investments, Bonds, &c. Bonds of Burial Board of Toxteth Park,. oa sj i a. n, British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company,.. in’™ 55 f?, Mcrtcy Dock and Hat bor Board,. _ __ ft!" " " Toxteth Park Board of Health...!. . M’® L* *“ ?* City Offices Company,_•„. . '""J* ■*£ 1® £100,000 India4 pot cent. Bonds,.. ... JM!2® ®® J® 11,000 Canadian 5 pm oont. s'oek,_—. . J® 2,1W Liverpool Corporal! n Water Board,.. v!,S „ 4,100 Mersey Dock, an i Harbor Board Bonds,... lit }} !} Bonds of Barion-on-Trent Improvement Commissioners.. 133U2 02 OS Balanco of sundry Loans accounts, secured by v.ari ms British Railway stocks ’ and abates margin of Irani 15; to 82 per cent, above .amount lent_ 455,882 02 03 £051,740 01 07 STEPHEN HIGGIXSOX, Agent and Attorney, 1 AND 3 KILBY STREET, BOSTON, f Ti‘e sub8cribcr becn appointed Agent of the above Company for this City, and is prepared and iilly authorized to take risks on Buildings and Merchandise agaiust loss or damage by F1RU. The Company, as will be seen by the published Statement, has large means, and ia entirely reliable, and losses under .Policies issued here, will be adjusted liberally and paid promptly Apply to XATHAXIEL F. HEERIXG, Agent, j Portland, January 1,1*7._ OFFICE NO. 19 FREE STREET RECONSTRUCTED ! THOS. G. LOSING, APOTHECARY, j Is pleased to inform the citizens of Portland and vi cinity that, having been pari/ied by jin. he has now opened a NEW AND ELEGANT DBEG STORE on the OLD STAND, and tarnished uie same with a choice selection of Drugs, Mediciues nixl Chemical*, Toitei aail Fancy Gee«li, Fine iuiporicii Per* Turnery, Trusses, shoulder Braces, Elastic Usific, liuec Capa, Crutches, Ac., Ac., iu great variety. We extend a cordial invitation to all our friends to “ take a walk among the ruins” and see us. Cor, Exchange and Federal Streets. Jm3.__ dtf NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing between Edwin Churchill, Frederick Behrens, James E. Carter and M. B. Clements, under the tinn i.anie of E. CHURCHILL & CO., is this day dissolved by lim itation. Hither of the late partners is authorized to use the hrin name in liquidation ol outstanding accounts F. (TII BCUILL & CO. Portland, Dec. 31, lblki. THE BUSINESS OF E. CHUICCHILL & CO., W ill bo continued by the undersigned, under the same firm as heretofore. '"v EDWIN CHURCHILL. JAMES E. CARTER. Portland, Jan. 1, 1867. JamMw Montreal OceanSteaniship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN and UN!and Stains ‘ MAUN. ■ PaMcngm flunked in l.ondouderif aud Litcijioul. ftciuru licfcb tirauurf al fled need Hate*. The steamship Nova Scotian, Captain Wylie, will sail from tills port tor Liver|»ool, SAI L LX’AY, 5th January, 1067, immediately unor tlio arrival of the train of the previous day from Montreal, i > be allow ed by the Hibernian on'the 12ill of January. Passage to Londonderry aud Liveipool. cabin, (ac cording to accounuodalion) *70 to gbl). Sleerag’, ggy. Payable in Gold or its equivalent, tdr 'Por freight or pass.igo applv to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 26, 1*66. J>ec. kb did N o tTc e T THE subscriber having disposed ot Lis Stock in store to Messrs Burgess, Fobcs A 'to., Bequests all persons indebted to him to call at then Counting Boom No. MO Cummcrciul Ml*.Thom as Block, and settle. Thankful for pant la vers, he commends to his . friends and former patrons their large aud well- > selected Stock of Leads, Oils, Colors, tic. CHARLES TOBES. Portland, Jan. 2, 1867. d2m Great Bargains in Worsted* WORSTED GOODS! - AX - ]flRN. C. W. JORDAN’S, Comer of Dow and Brackett Streets Through the month of January, to close a stock Al,•> a new seven octave PIANO, ot Gilbert's, to let. Portland, Jan. 2,1867. eod2w A New Place Just Open ! WHERE you can buy real French CALF SKINS and PirilJppe and cauaud'* SAliDAN'lis. Just received nom pain), now in bond, and mr sain in lots to suit cu-tourer* by H. F E Y R E T , Ofllcc OTC1 the Fut SIuLrl; jan2<I2m» FFDGKAL (j'l'UE**1 PAINTS ANH Oil CHEAP Just received ui bond, and lev ante dvs\ free, lot Use on liio burnt district, Strictly Pare Guglub 1-cad nua Oil ! iicbuiideia v.Ui effect a great saving by purchasing '"^wTSLrlptiontf r;UXT STOCK at (to Mot rates bv j, tv. ibUhias a CO*, ian2dM ** Commercial street M. C, M. A. V STATED MFETINd of tho MAINE CH ARI TABLE MECHANIC ASSOCIATION vtulot* hold id MECHANICS’ HALE, on J.A1L RSDAY EVENINO, Jan. 3, at 7A o’clock. STEPHEN MARSH. Secrctarj. jan 1 dtd _ Paints, Oils, Varnishes, <£ci FICKETT & OKAY OFFra for sal:: ax iulir store, IVo. 1«T Foie Street, UrUI LE LEAD, Foreign and American riinc, Lin seed Oti, Coach, Furniture and Florence \ ar nishea, Japan, spirits Turpentine, French fellow, Venetian Rod, and a full Maoturcnt of Paint Slock, oi every description, Window Ola 3, sheet Lead, and .Load Pipe. Agents for Car duet* Copper Paint for vessel*’ bottom*. All order* for Painting , executed at short notice and satisfirctorily. January 1. lbbL dtf \ FIRST ANNUAL sat.f - OF - Fancy G oods l - AT - Greatly Reduced Prices: DAVIS & CO., Having determined to reduce their extensive stock ot LADIES’ Furnishing and Fancy Goods! will sell, until farther notice, goods at from '» M l« » cent, leu than former Price* 1 Please examine our prices and be convinced WE SHALL sell Good American Corsets ior A Ladies’ Cotton and Wool Kibbed Hose, Children’s all Wool Hose, jy Best Shetland Clouds, 1 no Ladies' Hoods. *5 Beautiful Breakfast Shawls from 1.75 to 5.W One thousand Linen Collars for 10 Laities Paper Goods of all descriptions. Uich Embroidered Collars at 25 230 Dozen Linen Handkerchiefs for 12* cents each X? “ “ “ extra, if “ Jw-. ' * very hne, 25 " •• Ladicm Gloves, fleece lined. 25 Children’s Gloves, fleece Lined, la RLA< K KID GLOVES, 1 oo Best French Kid Globes, 18801 Uu,t:nt 01 GERMAN ZEPHYR WORS 1 EDS, imported by us, and a superior article. fr an», Veils, Under Garmcats, €orsets; every kind and size, and FANCY GOODS of all Descriptions An examination of this branch will convince all that we are making prices very low. Di •ess Ti-im in lug's at prices to suit. VELVET RIBBONS, black and colored,in any width; by the piece we make a discount . WAll our prices will prove to you beyond a doubt tnat goods arc sold here cheaper than elsewhere Remember the place, old stand of HERMANN OKUNTAL, now DAVIS & CO., *# Black, laugrct. kireei. January 1, 1667. dtf H. A. of the P. p7d! Animal Meeting. rpUK Annual Meeting of the Rklief Amocaa A HOW of the Portland Fire Department, will bs held at the Chief Engineer** Office, (old City Hall building,) on \\ ednesday Evening, January frth. at 74 * o’clock, for the choice of Trustees and the transac tion of other business. Per order of the President. JOHN C. TUKESBUBY, Sec y /an 11867. dtd 1 UAX SON a* WINSLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, Ploujgh MauulUctory, YITE would inform the public that we are prepur > f ed to lurnish Castings ofeveiy description to order at short notice. We now have on hand an as sortment ot Window Weight*. Sled Shoes and other castings. -JT* We are prepared to tarnish Castings for Bail Road Companies and Ship Builders. Ala *, i Janing. Jointing Matching and Sawing promptly done. * J. W. HANSON, «. C. WINSLOW. J6 York Hi,, Head of Smitk’e Wharf. Jar. 1—dtf “Short Dresses.” LADIES will find the most convenient and ex peditious way of making Walking Dresses is to have a “8K1K1 LIFTER” adjusted to the Hoop Skirt- MRS L. C. PENNELL. Jan 1 dll_ 44 Brown Street A >0. 1 SPOOL C OTTOIV ! 1 CENTS A SPOOL t - AI - DAVIS A CO.’S. JM»_" _da’ Suite tu Leu I^HE GOTHIC STORE on Congress Street, op posite La layette Street. This Is one of the test standi for the 4*racer? linniueMe in the City, having had a largo trade tor the past ten years. Apply to S. L. CARUCTON, ian 1 dedtt I 27 Market Square. Singing School I MR. ClARDnER will commence ids second term tor inatrucrMin Voosl Music at the .Ves try of the Free Street Church on MONDAY EVEN ING, January 7th, lbC7, arr* o’clock. Tarns, 21 Lessons, Ladies, |2.00 “ « Gentlemen, 3.00 Monday and Satunlay Evenings until further no tice. Tickets tor sale at the Vestry-_dc2«dtd tiO L H ^ * « I Ij K K Jl9 t At the oMftand ol E. Dana. Jr APOTHECARIES. Dccring Clock, Confer of Congress and Piebie Sa., PORTLAND, X£. Foreign ana Domestic Drugs, Chemicals. F’uld Ex tracts. folic* 'nicies, Perluarery. and Fancy Goods I fcysictan's prescriptions card ally prepare a, either b- div or night. Mr.'Charley R. Grcenloat, who ha* been at ihto stand ioi a number ot years, will remain as presoi tjn tion clerk. *ej«l-cod.&wU