Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 3, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 3, 1867 Page 4
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-h.."--—. ■ J. - __ FoeU’.v. Winter Serena*!**. Oh! ask ms dot to blow by dose. By chaibr K one, by owd: You bav dot know tie baid I feel, it clover cad be dode! Oh! bight wo fly ft other Bcedes, Or dwell yonder star: Oh, thod, by lovely bald, id bliss I’d strike by light catarrh! The wid that blow6 across the boor, Had it a dose to blow, Wid snch a cold as 1 hub got, Ah! would it blow it? Do! But see, the rays of cubbing dawd Are glesbidg od the dew' I hear the berry bugle hord, By baiden flat—AT-cniKf I Vicissitudes of is Mini®’1' At the time of our story, there was an auc tion store near the Bourse, Paris, France. The Viscount Robert if. de l was twenty-five years of age. had an income of 25, oOU livies, wit, good looks, an illustrious uarne aud coulti have made a very brilliant mar riage. lie ought to have been the happiest man hi the world. He had only one regret He had nothing to do. He was unhappy at his happiness. He needed a little bitter in his cup of perpetual sweets, but Heaven refused to grant it to him. He resolved to fly to oth er lauds, there to seek the fatigues, the suffer ings and the novelties he lacked. So five years ago, he entered by chance an auction room, just as they were putting up a capital portable writing desk. He was about to travel, aud it was just what He needed; so he bought it lor three hundred francs. n probably cost more than ten times that sura. In the interior were compartments tor everything, and a plate bore the name of Hord H-, one of the richest peers oi England. He was enchanted with his purchase and car ried It home in triumph. Some days alter he set out lor Spain. As be went from Madrid to Cadiz, he was stopped by thieves, who com pletely robbud him. The only thing lit miss ed was his desk. He preyed them to return It. They refused, but their chief, Hon Jose Maria promised to send it alter him to Cadiz, on receipt ol a ransom. Robert promised two hundred reals and gave the address of the ho tel where lie meant to stop when at Cadiz. He sent the money aud gat the desk. In America, in the wilufol Mexico, his desk was carried otfby the Mexicans. He thought it lost. Four months afterward he found it in a shop in VeraCruz, an 1 paid five hundred francs for it. m i unvmg reuuueu to nance ne thought oi going to liadeu. He passed the summer there, and went to Paris, visitin. Co logne and Aix-ia-Chapelle on the way. Arrived at the frontier, which separates France from Belgium, he fell into the hands of the custom house officers, home days be fore, some skiitfui fellows had deli-auded the customs to a considerable amount ; conse quently the officers were on their guard. The search was long and the Viscount be. came furious. “What do you fear?” he asked angrily. “Oh, sir, objects of great value can be con cealed in a small space,” ‘■Have I the air of a smuggler?” he asked. “No; but there are ambassadors who smug . tie wituout scruple.” Tire search was continued, and the Vis cpnut was astonished to see the officers open drawers in his desk, ol' the existence of which he was ignorant. At last, full of impatience, he wished it; reclaim it. “Now that you bavo seen all,” said he, “let us not prolong this unpleasant investigation,” “What do yon say ? ’ “1 say that you have seen all, and kribw that I have nothing contraband.” ■‘Your coolness, sir, makes me pity you. Have you nothing to bring forth ? If you do so, you will be freed by paying the dues; if not and I bud anything, there will be both a confiscation and a fine.” “But you have seen all.” “Perhaps.” “What do you mean by perhaps?” “It is well made. Any one but myself might have been deceived.” “But I swear to you that you have seen all.” “Why deceive me? lam going to prove the contrary.” “If you find anything else, I will swear I know nothing o* it.” “A poor excuse. I warn you that I do not believe you.” “Let us finish this bad joke as quick as pos sible.” “We will, and so much the worse for you.” And with a nail, the officer pressed against what was apparently a little ornament, which flew back, disclosing a drawer in which was a paper parcel. The officer took it out, looked at it, and put back. “Thot is not contraband,” said he with a bow, “and w ith so much money I was wrong to accuse you.” . But the Viscount was stupiued with aston ish ent. “Bank notes! But I did not put them there.” “You are very fortunate, sir, if you can for get a million so readily.” In fact there was a million of pounds sterl ing. ine \ isccunt wok the notes, counted tuem, replaced them, and determined to fnd the owner. Arrived at Loudon, he sought out Lord X--, whose name war engraved in b ide. Tbe nobleman aliiimed that the money was not his. He had given this desk to a for mer valet of his, whose address he gave the Viscount. This valet was now a wealthy shopkeeper in Pall .Mall. He told the Viscount that he knew naught 01 the money, but while in Italy had sold the desk to Count Luigi Settimanni, who was immensely rich, and in whose ser vice he then was. I lie \ iscomit set out for Italy, and went to Ravenna, where Count Settimanni lived. He recognized the desk, but avowed that he had never placed any money in it. He sent the I iscount, however, to the Signora Laura R—, a former prlma donna of the San Carlo, at Whose house, in his gay days, he had forgotten his desk. The Signora Laura recognized the desk, and related that she had given it to the Kussian Prince, Alexis L-, in exchange for a pearl collar. The Viscount set out for St. Petersburg. He was very happy. He now had something to do,—to find the true owner of the hidden money. He placed it at interest, in order that it might not run the liak oi being lost. Prince P—— knew the desk, but declar ed that lie had never concealed a bank-note in it. He told the A iscount that in leaving Italy he had gone to Pari*, and, had given the desk to a danseuse of the opera, Louise P—, who was not in the habit of concealing mo ney. rtobert returned to Paris. There ho learned that after a life of gallan try and luxury, Louise P— had died in mis ery, and that her furniture was sckl by her creditors. It was at that sale that he had bought the desk. What to do new? He could only think that the maker of jbe desk had placed the money there, or that it was there deposited by the Spanish robbers who stole it The maker iu London wrote that he knew nothing of it, and the Viscount learned that the bpanisb i'Obbers had all been bung. . wil • rliaps it had been deposited there by the Mexicans. He went to Mixico, from whence he returned two months ago. He discovered that one of those into whose hands it had fallon was a trapper who carri ed on a considerable trade in skins with the Americans. This was sufficient. He must have been the man who had concealed the bank notes. The Viscjunt continued his search, and at last one day found at Vera Cruz a very pretty youna girl of seventeen, the daughter of the Mexican by a French woman who had come to Vera Ouz as a milliner. In answer to his questions, she told him that she kuew nothing ot her father, but that he was killed by a Texan ranger. She was excessively pretty, and like a sen sible fellow, lie married her, and having at last something to do, returned to France with her to enjoy the fortune of whi -h a singular chance had brought him into possession” CompeioNE.—The Imperial party at the theatre at Compeigne is thus describedAt nine o'clock the Emperor euters the box, giv ing Ills arm to the Empress, and followed by the Prince Imperial, who sits at the right of his Majesty. To the lett of the Empress are the Pi lnces3 de Metternich, ambassadress from Austria, and the young Prince Ach'ille Murat. Tothorightof the Prince Imperial are the Baroness de Budberg, wile of the Kussian ambassador, and the Prince de Metternich, ambassador for Austria. The Emperor wears as usual the cordon of the Legion of Honor, ana the Prince Imperial a black velvet vest, nnd black iiantulon bvffant, and red silk stocking-,. Ths Empress had a trained robe ot black velvet with jet ornaments, and on her neck and m her hair sparkling rivers of ‘,1W Prmc,esa de Metternich wears a brilliant dress—a long white satin rnlie strewn with golden stars? Ja on her neck a necklace displaying a quintuple row of void links. Madame de Budberg wears al^ a satin robe. 'Hie First Chamberlain VlsemlfTt de Laferriere, stands behind the Emperor 's well as the subordinate chamberlains the Prince de Tareute aDd the Marquis de Pien Pj8s- At the fall ot the curtain their Majesties give the signal for applause. Another Change of Base^I Back to tiie old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers — AT— time PRICES!! G. M. ELDER CpubUoKCDe'iaii?nilin»8h’i5n,58> customers and the puuuc generally that having rebuilt hie store at NO. M HUDDLE STREET, it now preparotl to sell at prices town* *1. % Kubh^“c‘le' a,,d otToXZ; wSaoS18' “d aUd6^'lS1°‘ T» f.T9UE °“ Congress Street, op etatXfor ^ to "the*1 ^AmSt* to * lM*a tr*de for die past ton rears. 7> 1 itaimi2 S- L. CARliTON, • aa 1 27 Market Squat*, | .. "" ..-J i«l»€fiLLAlVEO(J8. |“The wonderiul progress oi medical Sci ence during the past six years, only makes it possible tor the conscientious Physician to declare, now that, Consumption is as Ertainly cured as Intermittent Fever, das certainly prevented as Smal . F. King, H■ »■> L- I- etc. KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, [Made from the Prescription of Rev. Chau. 1 K. King, M. D. L. L. D., <Xtc.] is confidently presented to the public for the Preven tion and cure ot CONSUMPTION. (in the most advanced stages,) tor the radical Cure ot ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CATARRH,and all aftectiousot ti e THROAT and AIR PASSAGES: for Gc neral and Special dorange ments of the NERVOUS SYSTEM: and for all Func tional Disorders ol the Stomach and Rowels. It immediately increases the strength and deepens the color ol the pale blood. It subdues the Chills and Fever, .and diminishes the Expectoration. It checks the Night Sweats always in from seven to fourteen days. The appetite L» at once invigorated, and the patient rapidly gains flesh; the cough and the difficult breathing are speedily relieved, the sleep becomes calm and refreshing: the evacuations regular and unilorm. ALL THE GENERAL SY MP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASION ISH1NG RAPIDITY. al Xfct PRESCRIPTION should bo used in ever} case where the Phy sician commonly prescribes lokicv, Ikon, Acids, Bark, Quinine, Cod JLi'LR oil, Whiskey, &c. And in every case, by whatever name known, in which there isexh.bited any one or more of the following 8 YMF TOMS: Difficult or Irregular Breathing, Loss of breath, Cough Wasting ol Flesh, Bleeding from the Lungs, Loss ol Strength. Loss oi Appetite, Gen ral Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders, tfhest, Face or limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive pale ness, Soro Throat, Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, Sour Stomach, Heart-Burn, Oppression or sinking ot the Stomach bcfoie or after eating. Remit taut Fever, &c. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such as Difficult, Painful, Suppressed, Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre quent Menstruation. Statement* from Patient*. “Your Prescription saved my daughter’s life*, and has saved me hundreds oi dollars.”—Rev. E. Hum phreys, Remden N. Y. “We bless God tor the benelit we have received from your Prepared Prescrip.ion/'—Rev. P. Piere ; grin) Blosseburg, Penn. “Every one to whom 1 have recommended l has j been benclittedmuchby its use.”—Rev. C.D. Jones, ! Racine, Wis. Bible House. Astor Place, N. Y.,—In the early part ol February, 1805,1 was suffering irom a violent cough, lor which I hud been treated, duiing the six mouths previous without any benefit. I bad Might Sweats which completely prostrated me. In the evening, hoarseness would come on, which would prevent me from speaking above a whisper I had then had two attacks ol hemorrhage from the Lungs. My family physician assured me he could do more lor me, yet I was growing rapidly worse, and had been compelled to leave business for nearly two months. All my symptoms indicated, unmistakably, the presen e of CON S U MPTION. In the be ginning ol February Mr. Henry Fisher Treasurer q/‘ the American Bible Society, presented me with a bottle of the Prepared Prescription. In a few days my appetite which I bad eutiretv lost, retur-ied; within a weak my cough almost left m ; and in less than two weeks the Might Siceats were broken up. Thenceforward I regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at ending to my duties as clerk to the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, in whose employ ment I have been nine yearn. I am now enjoying good health Your PRESCRIPTION effected a cure when my friends despaired of mv recovery. THUS. J C0NGER. “I have had Nervous or spasmodic asthma tor eleven years. During the last six years 1 have never had an uninterrupted nights rest. It ollen seemed to me that i would die before I could get air into my lungs. 1 was ba gard and spiritless, and suit red so greatly from shortness of breath’ that 1 was compelled to take frequent rests in walking fr om my residence to my place o» business. ‘‘The ntelit before 1 obtained the ‘PREPARED PRESCB1PTON,’ was the worst I ever passed. On obtaining the remedy, I took a teaspoon ml at noon and again at night, and slept all night without wak ing. 1 have not had a broken night’s rest since. * * * * * I no longer look 'haggard/ have gained in strength and spirits and am not at all afflicted with ‘sli rtness of breath/ 1 shall be glad to have any one afflicted with Asthma call and see me. “EZRA C. DANGDON, No. 334 Fourth, St., N. Y. The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” is put up in a $1 bottle, and is sold by W. F. Phillips, Port land, Wholesale Agent. Sold at Retail by every Druggist in Maine— 1 fruggists Generally. Orders may be ad reseed to the sole Proprietors, OSCAlt G. MOSES & CO., 27 Cortlandt Street, N. Y., Consultation Free. Circulars emtai ing particu lars of MANY CASES successfully treated, will be sent free by mail. . June 18 eod & eow Afa.o l>e Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest tiling,” and the most of it for the least money. ItoVetcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per lumu; allays headache and in llama lion, and is a nec essary companion in the jick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet Bideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. S. X'.---i8t>0.—A^-l'he amount of Plantation lif ters sold m one yCar is something startling. They would till Broadway six loei lugh from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in Newr York. It is said thatDrake painted all the rocks in the Pastern Slates with his cabalistic “S. T.—I8tk)—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing distlgurmg the lace of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, out we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are \ ery invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Waterffcold by all Druggists. “In lifting die kettle trom the fire I scalded myselt very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved die pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly ami left very little scar. CHAS. Fostek, 42U Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. it is uxVaiuabe in all eases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Wtfetbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring W a ter, sold by all Druggists. Wf-Tt i AH who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Kathariou. ft makes the hair ri<$i, soft and glossy, eradicates dand ruit, and cause* the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. 11 is sold every where. P. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Dio It? A young lady returning to hex country homo after a sojourn of a few months In New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic hushed face, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using Lais article. It can be ordered of any druggist for 50 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by ati Druggists. Heim street's inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing ui lavor lor over twenty years. It acts upon tlie absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to Its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and iujure the hair. Heim stro-ts is not a dyt but is certliu in its results, pro motes its growth, aud is a beau til til Hair Dressing, Price 61) cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Dinger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus. &c., where a warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its carei\il preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article lor culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 60 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. _ n June 14^ *60—eod&wly Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic and Firemen’s EQUIPMENTS ! Messrs. John L. Shaw <£• Co., alter having been burned out of Federal street, July 4th, haye resulted business in the room over the store of J. nCWESBUBY A CO., COKNEE OP I1MK AND FORE STREETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MARKET. Having prepared a stock of Oak tanned Leather in Philadelphia, they are now ready to execute all or ders for Fhila lelphia Oak Tanned Leather Fire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of all sizes, as used on Steam Fire Engines, Hand Engines, Stoamboats and Force Ptmips. Cities, Towns and Corporations can be supplied with & strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on as rea sonable terms. N. B.—Fire Buckets, Spanner Belts, Flexible Pipes, Knapsacks, Cartridge Boxes, Pistol Holsters, &c., mads to order. Couplings, Pipes and Nozzels furnished and Hose repaired. novl7dtf Marrett, JPoor & Co., Having taken (lie Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are offer- their friends and the pub mrtc and well osorted stock of CARPETINGS I CURTAIN GOODS, &c„ Purchascrsoflhc above goods arc respectfully invi ted tocxaniinc our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. jvCOdtf Choice Southern and Western FLOUR MD C Oin ! for sale by O’BRION, PIERCE & CO., Wholesale Dealers, 119 Commercial at., dttJldly PORTLAND, Ms. I imEHCHA\mSE, $8. CHEAP COAL l $8. WE can now offer nice CHESTNUT COAL at $6.00 per ton, delivered at any part of tne city. Also lor sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnace*. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, Ash, Diamond, Ked A»l»,”Mgh tteeot all impurities and very nice. Also C umberland . A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, f°r Foundry Use! •We keep constantly on hand a frill assortment ol Choice Family C°ol. Those wishing to pur chase large lots will do well to givo us a call before purchasing. hard and soft wood Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Randall, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., oc23dtt n Head of Maine Wharf. White Pine Lumber! Q/K/A FEET superior Planing Lum OuU.UUU her, consisting of2 in., lj, 1 j, 1 inch. ' 125 M Dry. 500 M Dry Fine Outs. 50 M 3x4 Spruce .Joist. 40 M Dry Pine Deck Plank. 1000 M No 1 Extra Cedar Shingles. For sale bv G. W. COBB & CO., declMlm 272 Commercial Street, Portland,Me. Forge Coal. NOW landing Horn solir. John Cvooker, 3G3 ton9 prime CUMBEULA N U CO.fL, fr m tlie Midland mines. It is flash mined, of extra strength, and just the article for heavy work. Also the usual variety of Anthracites, viz:— Lcnitiit—Burleigh, Lehigh Nav. Co’s. Hazelton and Sugar Loaf. Warn: Asa—Locust Mountain, Johns’ and Broad Mountaiu. Red Asu—New England &c. JAMES H. BAKER. scpl4dtf Richardson's Wharf. Southern Pine. ABOUT 140 M verv superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing atCnstom House Wharf, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1866. nov22liti ^ Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and for sale by tlie undersigned at their Wharf, Cor. Franklin Wharf ft Commercial St., 275 Tons Hazelton Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGG SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND SfOVE SIZE. 900 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Ited Ash Coa). These Coals are ol the very debt quality, and war anted logive satisfaction. Also, DOO cords ot bestqualitv of HARD and SOFT WOOD, which we will sell at the vjery lowest price and deliver it to any part ol the city at short notice. Id^Give us a call and try us. s- R0U"DS & so* COAL, COAL, COAL, -AND W O O D ! GEO. GILMAN £ CO., Head Union Wharf, HAVE taken the stand formerly occupied by the CONSUMERS* MUTUAL C«>4L CO., and are now prepared to furnish the different varieties of COAL AND WOOD! OF THE BEST QUALITY, Delivered in any part of the city, which we will sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. Wc ;\ro now dis charging from vessels Red Ash, Egg and Siovc, free burning and pure: Wldte Ash, Bpg and Stove Also Lehigh, of the different sizes, lo* iurnnee and stove. Our Coals are kept under cover, screened and de livered in the best possible maxtiier. We intend to spare no efifor on our part to pfoasc those' who may patronize us with their orders. June II—dtl WOODI WOOD I WOOD! The subscribers lias just received a lot of good NOVA SCOTIA WOOD ! aud intend to keep constantly on hand the various kinds and quality to offer their customers at the low est cash price. HEAD UNION WHARF. SIMEON S11URTLEFF & CO. j 2dtf Southern Pine Lumber TTTE are prepared to execute orders for SOUTH ▼ T KRN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. RYAN & DAVIS April 17—dtf161 Comjperoial fit. Saint Louis Flour!! CHOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the most 'celebrated brands. T. Harrison & Co., Plante. Eagle, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapical, Ainaranto. Whitmore, FOR SALE BY Churchill, Drowns & Manson augTdtf Trinidad Molasses. 1 KA HHDS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD X w MOLASSES for sale by LYNCH, BARKER & CO., nov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. Lea Ac Perrins’ CELEBBATED Worcestershire Sauce ! PRONOUNCED BY Cooaoiucirg To be The “Only Good Sauce!,! And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF DISH. EXTRACT of a letter trom a Medical Gentleman at Madras, to his Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell Lea & Per lips that their Sauce is highly esteemed in India, and is in my opinion the most pal atable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that is made.” The success ot this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LBA & PERRI.YS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oclTdly NEW YORK AND VIRGINIA OYSTERS, Is Eveby Style at H A. Y & PERRY’S, dcl9dtf 80 FEDERAL ST. T R Y BELLAMIE’S PATENT WATER PROOF, -and Leather Presenter! 83^’Orders may be left at W. W. RUBY’S, 42 Sumner St, Portland, Me. dc27dlw* Hayward’s Rubbers! We offer to the trade A full assortment of the above celebrated RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At Agency prices. Also Boots, Shoes & Moccasins, At Wholesale only. STEVENS, HASKELL & CHASE. 33 Commercial St., Portland, Me. Oct 10 -d3raos “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.” — The Gold Pen—Best and Cheapest of Pens. Morton’s Gold Pens l The Best Pens in the World J For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, New York, and by eTery duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ct letter postage. no20d&w6m A. MORTON. Store to be Let. QTORE No. 206 Fore street, toot of Plumb, now oc O copied l>y Heald Brothers, will be for rent and occupancy on'or about the 11th December proximo, Apply to J. R. BRAZIER, 4T Brackett street, or at B- M. PATTEN & CO., Plumb street. nov27tf FRANK MILLER’S PALE PRESERVATIVE ! In Bottles, prepared without Black exnresslv for Lacies and Gentlemen’s Morocco Icid calf ssaah «* fc OtTS « RE MOV A. lT" -.lyf?,! | I I ^»»» E. T. ElcLen &c Co., Will Remove to their Hew Store If©. 5 Free Street, And will Open on Monday, December 10th, A Large Assortment of Rich and Low Priced DRESS GOO 3S. AMONG WHICH MAY BE FOUND Black and Fancy Silks, Thibets—all shades, Plain and Figuared Silk Poplins, Ottoman Cloths, Plain, Striped and, Figured Wool Poplins at Very Loiv Prices, Alpaecas, DeLaines, Prints, <&c. A FUEL ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Shawls, Silk Velvets, Cloths, and Cloaking Goods I One Price and If© Variation! Lacea, Embroideries, Hoiiery and Gloves at Astonishing ly Low Prices l MOURNING GOODS, Of every Description. We thall make a BIO BREAK IN PRICES, and Bargains may be expsctodl SEWING MACHINES. 8S'“A Fnli Assortment at all times ol the Celebrated GROVER * BAKER, Manufacturing and Fami ly‘Sewing Machines, and Machine Findings, at Manufacturers’ Prices. Every Maohiue Warranted to give ! satisfaction. E. T. ELDEST & CO., | Dec 10—dtf 3 FBEE 8IBBET. RETURN -OF THE ROYAL INSURANCE COMP’Y, Of Liverpool, England, For the Tear 1866, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE STATUTES OP MAINE. 1. State the namwof the Company? Royal Insurance Company. 2. Where located? Liverpool, England. 3. When Incorporated? 13th dune, 1846. , 4. Amount of capital? £2,000,000. Subscribed for, $1,922,300. £ s. d. 5. Amount of capital actually iiaid in?,. 288,846 00 00 6. Number of shares, and par value of each? 90,118 issued to public, £3 each paid. | 7. Amount of lire risks outstanding? About. 102,802,000 00 00 j 8. Amount of marine risks outstanding? No marine business. 9. Total amount of oatstamling risks? : 10. Amount of United States stock or treasury notes owned by the Company? State amount of each kind, and par value and market value c f each. Par Value, Market Value, $71,000 United States C per cent, stock, 1807. 1)01 loo™ 11 90S 09 00 75,?60 do 0 per cent, stock, 1868. 100 is1 lv’flSl 16 07 66.0 0 do 6 per cent, stock, 1871. 100 97 8410 05 07 282,000 do 6 per cent, stock, 1874. 100 94 44 220 17 02 26.000 do 6 per cent, stock, 1881. 100 104 3’000 00 00 £77 878 00 01 11 Amount of State stock? State amount of each kind, and ’ par value and market value of each. None. | 12. Amount of bank stock? State amount ot each kind, and liar value and market value of each. Noue. 10. Amount of railroad stocks? State amount of each kind, and par value and market value of each * As per memorandum A attached hereto. 166 2S2 09 02 1 14. Amount of railroad bonds? State amount of each kind, and par value and market value of each. £40,000 Great Western Railway Bonds. 100 100 40,425 00 00 15. Cash value ol real esiate owned by the Company?. 186 85V 14 U0 16. Amount ot cash on,hand, and In Bank of Liverpool?. 1.... 30*476 09 10 17. Amount of cash in hands of agents and branches?.. . 51*924 03 10 18. Amount loaned on mortgage oi real estate?.. . . 27*500 00 00 19. Amount loaned on collateral? On Lite Policies, with personal anil other securities 49lo20 09 00 20. Amount loaned without collateral? None. | 21. Amount of all other investments? *As i>er memorandum B attached hereto 651 740 01 07 ; 22. Amount of all premium notes on risks terminated? Noue. 23. Amount of borrowed money, specifying collaterals given for same? None Total.. 18 00 • - 24. Amount of losses, due and unpaid. None. 25. Amount of losses claimed and unpaid? None, 26. Amount of losses reported, upon which the liability of the Company Is not determined?. .£20 401 12 02 Included in amount mentioned in reply to question 34.. * 27. Amount of all other claims against the Company ? Unclaimed divi dends...£G75 On 00 i Duty collected tor Government not yet due..£17 986 01 09 1 06 09 28. Amount of cash received for premiums on lire risks,. . * 9 414.733 1J 00 29. Amount of cash received for premiums on marine risks? No marine business. ’ 30. Amount of notes received tor premium on lire risks? None. 31. Amount of notes received for premiums on marine risks? None 32. Amount of cash received for interest?. ' _ 21 109 19 06 33. Amount of income received Irom ail other sources? Includin'* £58,000 Life Profit sa’llo 11 01 ft* ^mounf°f; Ore losses paid last year? Jncludlngamountstatedinrepiy toquestion 26 3l8’o4ti UU 00 33. Amount of marine losses paid last year? No marine business ’ ^ > 30. Amount of dividends paid last year?. 47 «77 in on Amount of Income tax paid on same?. . 7071004 37. Amount paid for expenses oi office?-.* ",. „ Vji ii Jj? 38. Amount of other expenditures?. , . loi’sa? 09 07 39. Amount received in cash for nre risks not terminated? About. 374 880 on 00 40. Amount required to reinsure all outstanding risks? About.. . lal’sM OJ 00 41. Amount of premium notes on risks not terminated? None. . ’ 42. Amount of delinquent notes not charged to profit and loss ? None. 43. Highest rate of Interest received? 9 per ceut. 41. Highest rate of interest paid on money borrowed ? None. 46. How many shares of capital stock are pledged to the Company? None 46. balance to credit of profit and loss account? This is in addition to £116 913 02 10 Reserved Fund, making, togother,.213,190 10 03. ’ iat 577 nr nr. 47. Balance to debit of profit and loss? None. . ’ “ UB 48. How many shares of the capital stock are owned by the Company, or not subscrib ed tor ? 8,888, 49. What amount of the capital consists of the Stockholders’notes? None. •Hrmoraadaia A Referred tv is Reply to Qaeition 13. £9,068 North Union Railway A Stock...loo v .a 7,000 South Eastern Railway 4$ per cent, preference stock,. .100 31 v-;ti 02 119 780 Lancashire 02 Yorkshire Railway 6 per cent, stock.100 ’ 49.000 Chester & Holyhead Railway stock,.100 94 019 na n« 10.000 South Eastorn Railway 4j preference stock,.100 lo'ffi? 10 on 12.000 Lancaster & Carlisle stock..’.100 ’ 2,060 Lancaster & Carlisle 4$ preference stock,.100 27,069 18 06 820 £20 shares Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Kailway,.. 20 820 10 do. do do* do do .. 10 20*220 00 02 25.000 Soutn Eastern Bailway 44 per cent, preference stock_100 25.000 Birkenhead Kailway stock.lOQ 47,041 09 08 ’iHcnaraulnat B Referred >• la Reply to Question 31. £,6t;’232 0U 02 Details of Sundry Investments, Bonds, &c. Bonds of Burial Board ol Toxteth Part. 9a asa m m British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company,. 10 000 00 00 Mersey Dock and Harbor Board,...?... . tq’nii ik 11,000 Canadian 5 per cent, stock.. ii 17a in 2.100 Liverpool Corporation Water Board. 2 11", ii ha 4.100 Mersey Dock* and Harbor Board Bonds,.n’oso 12 05 Bonds ol Burton-on-Trent Improvement Commissioners,. 13*302 02 08 Balance of sundry Loans accounts, secured by various British Railway stocks ’ and shares margin of from 15£ to 62 per cent, above ^amount lent. 455,882 02 03 £651,740 01 07 SIEEHEN HIGGINSON, Agent and Attorney, 1 AND 3 KILBY STREET, BOSTON. lar* The subscriber bas been appointed Agent of the above Company tor this City, and is prepared and tally authorized to take risks on Buildings and Merchandise against loss or damage by EIRE. The Company, as will be Been by the published Statement, has large means, and is entirely reliable, and losses under Policies issued here, will be adjusted liberally and paid promptly. Apply to NATHANIEL F. LEERING, Agent, OFFICE NO. 19 FREE STREET. Portland, January 1,18C7. Jan2d3w 4 " Q’RAND 7 ANNUAL SALE -OF CORSETS. I We .hall, on Monday, December 17th, commence oar yearly sale of

CORSETS, To Continue Thirty Days / —AT A— Very Large Discount FROM FORMER PRICES. Our present stock of Corsets, comprises a great va riety in both style and finish. L. B. FOLLETTE, 331 CONGRESS STREET, 331 Cor. Toliaaa Place. dcl5dl» FURNITURE —AT— REDUCED PRICES FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS The nndersigmed 'Bill sell from their EXTENSIVE STOCK - OF - Furniture GREATLY REDUCED RATES : -FOE CASH, Qeorge T. Burroughs & Co, ootl2dtf Notice to Land Solders, MR. O’DUROCHER, liuildcr, is prepared to take • Zn£?£lB ** either by JOB 01 l.y jLfjci WORN. Can fttriuah First Class norkmien and material of nil description. IKsldencc, AMERICAN HOUSE. IndiaStreet, Portland. Angast 170,1606_ aug20—*T Lessens on the Pianoforte, G1*.*”"- “ 8— FI ease Read this Attentively ! Brize Egg Beater! PATENT JUST ISNUED. declkilm B L A IN K K T S STILL CHEAVES! YOU CAN BUY A LABOE SIZED All Wool Blanket ! -FOB— $4.o0 Per Pair, -AX P. M. FROST’S, NO. 4 DEERJNO BLOCK, dc22kltf CONGRESS STREET. GENTLEfflEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed / AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can be done more to their satisfaction than at No. 20 Temple Street, Sespnd Door from Congress at. Kp"’Every Qorjnent will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladles’ Saoqnes ! CLEANSED LN FIRST CLASS STYLE 1 I3F* Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. CHABLEg II. HAno.XEV. Cash price paid for cast-off Clothing. "TZ&ONOMY AND COMFORT. KEEP OUT THE Cold, Rain, Wind and Dust I And prevent the rattle of Sashes with BRADSTREET’S Improved Rubber Moulding UPON YOUB DOOES AND WINDOWS. Will a ive BO per cent. In Fuel, and last a life time. Sfaipks, V;heop and Durable. The best Weather Strip invented- Examine Testimonials and Specimens at the Beal Estate Agency of W. H. J ERR IS, at Horse Railroad otHte, opposite Preble House. U. E. BARNES, Agent. lyAgeiRs Wanted._decMUUu* “Short Dresses.” T ADIES wilt find the most convenient and ex I k peditious of making Walking Dresses is to have a "SKTR V LIFTEB” adjusted to the Hoop Skirt. MBS. L. C. PENNELL, Jau 1 dt» _«4 Brown Street. ^^-Send your or «* Job Work to Pally Pm nGDICAL DR. CARPENTER, Oculist aud Aufist, A REIVED at the D. S. HOfEL, Portland, Nov. 23d. andean be consulted a short time longer, upon Blindness,Dealhess, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Nasal aud Aural Polypus, Discharge from the Ears, Noises in the head, Scrofula, Sore Eyes, Films and all Dis eases of the EYE, Car aud Throat* In most cases the remedies can be applied at home without interfering with the patients occupa tion. • ArtiUcihl Eyed Inserted Without Pain* CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, g-P^But Letters must contain One Dollar to ensure • an answer. HOME TESTIMONY. The Testimonials below are all received in this State, and can be readily investigated by those desir ous of ho doing. Hundreds of other certillcates can be seen at the Dr.’s Office. DEAFNESS. Belfast, Me., Nov 27, 1866. Daring 10 years I grew totally deal in one ear and so deaf in the other that 1 was unable to hear unless addressd very loudly, and had disagreeab.o noises in my head. Was obliged to absent myself iroin church and society on that account. 1 consulted an eminent physician in Boston without relief, and supposed 1 must always remain deaf, but about two years ago I applied to Dr. Carpenter; alter the application of a course of his treatment, 1 could hear a watch tick tf fleet from either ear, and my hearing remains periect. I am 66 years of age, and reside on High street, Bel fast, Maine, where any person can see or hear from me. Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years and^know she was deaf and now hears, and believe the above statement to be correct. KEY. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Bellkst. MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of “Belfast Age.” [From the Bangor Whig If Courier.] Tboy Ale Oct 30 Db. Cabpektek, Dear Sir:—On the 23d of Feb ruary laet, X placed myself under your treatment tor Discharge of the Far, which had continued so long and waa so great as to affect ray hearing. After ap plying the medicine prescribed by you two mouths, my ears wera entirely well and remain the same. Most Itespectlully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY. BLINDNESS. [From Maine Farmer. t In defiance of physicians and all remedies, 1 suffer ed excruciatingly from Scrofulous Sore Eyes ten years, being frequently confined to a dark room. The remedies Dr. Carpenter prescribed last September, at Bangor, cured them entirely, and they remain so. KATIE LAND. Passadumkeag, Me., 1866. [From the Maine Farmer.) I was nearly blind with Scrofulous Sore Eyes four years, being confined to a dark room and suffering excruciating pain a great portion of the time. I con sulted many physicians without relief. Dr. Carpen ter cured me. My sight is now good. I reside In Yasaalboro’. Mrs. P. B. LANCASTER. CATARRH. [From the Kennebec Journal qf Augusta. Augusta, Me., Jan., 1SCC. I have been cured of Catarrh in its most disagree able form, of many years’ standing, by Dr. Carpen ter. I suffered from pains, dullness and tightness in my head, continued discharges, great dulicuity in I talking and breathing, felt as if X had a bad cold the whole time, and sutlered intensely to the great im pairment of my health, and was quite discouraged, for all I had doctored was of no bene tit. But thanks to Dr. Carpenter’s skill, 1 now have none ot these troubles. 1 reside in Whitelield, EPHRAIM MARRINER. [From the Maino Farmer.] I suffered from Catarrh over 20 years. Last winter, when I consulted Dr. Carpenter. 1 had frequent anu copious discharges, a bod cough, and my health so much reduced that myself and friends were appre hensive of serious consequences ; but Dr. Carpenter cured me. I am now well, and free from Catarrh. W. N. SOULE. Cor. Sewall and Court streets, Augusta, Sept. 14,1866. STATEMENTS OF THE PRESS. All tho published Certificates of Dr. Carpenter are bona Jide.—[Maine Farmer. The Certificates, published in our columns, of Dr. Can>eutor’s cures are bona jide to our own knowledge. He is all he professes to be, and will not humbug or deceive the public.—[Kennebec Joumalt Augusta. Dr. Carpenter has ontirely cured persons in this city who have been undvr treatment at the Eye and Ear Infirmaries without being benefitted.—[Beijasi Age. Several marked cures have come under our observ ation, and we have conversed with many others who have been benelitted by Dr. Carpenter’s treatment, and wo have become satisfied that he is skillful in the class of diseases which he treats, and careful to prom ise only what he can perform.—[Rancor Whig tf tour. See other Certificates in City papers, dec 21—dim & wit* I - . . ITS EFFECT IS MIRACULOUS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praise HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents iu the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Renewer does not give sat isfaction in all cases when used in strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanse, the Scalp, and makee the Hair SOFT, LUSTROUS, JtNR SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING I No person, old or young should fail to use it. It it recommended and used by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. 5^" Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, aud take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Rf newer to the public', entirely confident that it will bring back the hair tc its original color, promote its growth, and in nearly all cases where it has fallen off will restore it unless the person is very agid. K. P. HALL & CO. Proprietor Nathua, N. B. |V~ Sold by all Druggists. VINELAND. FARM AND FRUIT LANDS, In a mild and healthful climate. Thirty mites south ol 1'hil adelpli a, by Railroad, in New .Jersey, on the wue line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a saudy loa n, suitable lor Wheat. Urass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables This is a yrtat fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards and Orchards have been planted ort by experienced irult growers. tirape9, Peaches, Fears &c., produce tit.meuse prof. I t, Vineland Is already one of the mos: beautilUl places iu the United States. The entire territory, consisting of titty sqn&re miles of land, is laid out ' upon a general system ot improvements. The lend is only sold to actual settlers with provision lor public adormnout. The place on account of Its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort of people otUuie. It has increased five thousand people within tbs past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools. Academics, Societies ol Art and Learning, and other elements of refinement and culture have been introduced. R undreds of pcoplo are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses arc being con structed. Price of Farm Land, tw-nty acre lots and upwurds, $25 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots for sole. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier In this district than tn any other 1 icality, nortlt of Norfolk, Va.lm proved places for sale Openings lor all kinds of business, Lumiter Yards, Manu.actories, Foundries, Stores and the like; and Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, In a country beautllitlly Im prov'd. aboonuing in trults, and possessing all other social privileges, la tlffe heart or civilization, It is worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a papet giving full lntormation. and containing reports ot So lon Rob nson, Bent to applicants. Address CHAS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It Is one of the most extensive tortile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant Arming that we know of this side of the Western Prairies.’1 septl3d&w6m 87 Notice. THE undersigned having purchased the Bakery. <&c., of Mr. R. Kent, will continue the BAKING BUSINESS at the old stand, tip. 107 FORK. POR. VINK STREET, Where we shall be haapy to see our old customers, and as many new ones as maj^Avorjjs vgth ^heu^at October 1,1866. dtf The subscriber having disposed of bis Bakery to Messrs. Pearson & Smith, would cheerfully recom mend them to hie former patrons, being assured that, from their well known repuAtlon, they will continue ^Andhe w5fSketthtey^opportunity to gratefully ac knowledge the many Avon bestowed upon him by his patrons tbr many years. REUBEN KENT. petober 1,1$W. dtf MEDICAL. --:-- ---- - DB.J.B. HUGHES OAK BE FOOTCD AT DIB PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 14 Preble Street, Near the Preble lieu**, ^ATHEBE lie can be consulted privately, and with tiU_ S*® utmost coniidence by the afflicted, at ni8 v11*’and ,tom 8 A* M- te 9 P. M. a ft« addl‘c*9se8 those who are suffering under the C™lr,^at6 diseases, whether arising from or the terrible vice of sell-abuse. 10 that particular branch of A^vrr^tiv^ A^irJS011* he loel3 warranted in GUAR ANTEEING A Cl be i>{ ALL <jAgES whether of long standing or recently ^ntrocted, entirely removing thS dregs of disease fromtte system, and making a per fect and PERMANENT CURE. * * 1 Ue would call the attention 0f the afflicted to the feet of his long-standing and weu-0iirn;Kj reputation furnishing suffleient assurance of his skill and suc cess. _ Camion to the Pnblic. Every intelligent aud thinking person must know that remedies hauded out for general use should havo their offleacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whoso , preparatory studies tit him for all the duties he must 1 ful til; yet the country is if coded with poor nostrums aud cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, ; which are not only useless, hut always injurious. The unfortunate should be particular in selecting I his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic patients are made mis- • enable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment ! from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for it is a point generally conceded by the best svphilogra phers, that the study and management of these come ' plaints should engross the whole time of those who j would be competent and successful in their treat- ! mentand cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner. having neither opportunity nor time to mak- I himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, in most cases male- i ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan- ' gerous weapon, the Mercury. _ . Haw C oafldence. All who hajre committed an excess of any kind, 1 whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced coniidence in maturer years, SEEK FOR AX ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol- i low: do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. Haw Many Thousand* Can Testify to This by Unhappy Experience! Young men troubled with emissions In sleep,—a oomplaint generally the lesult of a bad habit In youtli.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. feHardly a day passes bat wo are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are mode to rejoice in perfect health. Middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, otten accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing sensation, and w eakening the system In a man ner the patient cannot account for. On examining^ the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There are many men who >lie of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND 8TAUE OE SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure In such rases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult tne Dr., can do so by writing, In a Plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will bo returned, if desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Treble House, Portland, Me. BST“ Send a Stamp tor Circular. Electio Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all LmUes, who need a medical adviser, to call at Ida rooms, No. 14 Prehlo Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in edicacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it Invaluable in all cases of ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vogetable, containing nothing in the least Injurious to tliO health, and may bo taken with pcifect safety at all times. Sent to any part Of the country, vfith full directions, by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladles desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience In constant attend ance_janl.lS6od&w. OHEROKEE PILLS, * Or Female Regulator, Cure Suppressed, Excessive and Painful Menstruation, Green Sickness, Nervous and'SjAnal Af fections, Pains in the Back, Sick Headache, Giddiness, and all dis eases that spriug from irregularity, by removing the cause and all the effects that nriae from it. They are perfectly safe in ali coses, ex cept when forbidden by direc L tiuns, and are easy to administer, F as they are nicely sugar coated, i They should be in the hands of S every Maiden, Writ, and Mother ■ in the land. t Ladies can address ns in perfect ■ confidence, and state their com* plaints in fall, ns we treat all Female Complaints, and prepare Mediolnes suitable lor all diseases to which they are subject.-Thirty-two page pamphlet, in a sealed envelope, free. The Cherokee Pills are gold by all druggists at 91 per box, or six boxes for 95; or they are sent by mail, free of postage, in an ordinary letter, free from observation, by addressing the sole proprietor Dr. W. E. MEEWIH, 37 Walker St, I. T. ’ N. B.—Cherokee Pills No. 2 are prepared for special canes, when milder medicines tail; these are sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of 9& Vis price of such bom. Db. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR, Or, Essence of Eire, ** At the Phenix rites from the tuhet of its Jlre, animated with veto life”—to does this Elixir rejuven ate the system and overcome disease. Cures General Debility, Weak ness, Hysterics in Females. I Palpitation of the Heart and all Nervous Diseases. It re- | stores new life and vigor to the aged, causing the hot blood ol youth to course the veins, res toring the Organs of Genera tion, removing Impotency and Debility, restoring Manliness and full vigor, thus proving a perfect “ Elixir of Love," re moving Sterility ana barrenness in ootn sexes. 10 tho young, middle-aged, and aged, there is no greater boon than this “ EUxir of Life." It gives a new lease of life, causing the weak and debilitated to have renewed strength and vigor. Price, one bottle |2; three bottle* $5, sent by express to any address. Our medicines are sold and recommended by all respectable druggists in every part of the civilized globe; some unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers by selling cheap and worth less compound* in order to make money. Be not deceived—ask fbr these medicines and take no others. If the druggist does not keep them, write to us, and we will send them by express, carefully packed, free from observation. We will be pleased to receive letters with full statements In regard to anv disease with which ladies or gentlemen are afflicted " Address all letters for metlfciues, peuiph* advice, to the sole proprietor W. S. SEE WIN, 37 Walter cjt,,N. T. MEBICAL ELECTRICITY DR. w. n7 DEMING, Medical Electrician 174 MIDDLE STREET. Nearly Oppaeise the Vailed State* Hetel "lETHEKE lie would respectiully announce to T V citizens ul Portland and vicinity, that he I permanently located in thi* city. During the three years we have been In this city, we have cured some ol the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other forms oi treatment in vain, and curing patients in so short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured ? To answer this questioi we will say that all that do not stay cared, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician lor twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated physiciui, Electricity is perfectly adopted to chronic diseases it the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia 11 the head, neck, or extremities; consumption wher in the acute stages or where the lungs are not lull) involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hi) diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, Indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures nl the chest, and all forms of female complaints. Bv Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the tame ami the lazy leap with Joy, and move with the agility and elastic- j Ityof youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakliest to strength: the blind made to see, the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ol I youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature liie prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hanae ana feet; weak stomachs, 1am and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, with Indigestion and constipation ol'the bowelsj pain in the side anJ back; leucorrhcca, (or whites); tailing of tho womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will find In Electricity a sure means of euro. For painful menstruation, too ...otuse menstruation, and all ot those long line of troubles with young ladies, Electricity Is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. teeth: teeth: teethi Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without pain. Persons having decayed teeth or stomps they wish to have removed for reset ting ho would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Machines tor sale for family use, with thorougli instructions. Dr. D. can accommodate u few patients with board end treatment at his bouse. Office hours from 8 o'clock A. M. to 12 M.; from 1 to G P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novlti IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN Owners of Hemlock Lands t THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT j TANNING COMPANY, of New York, own the | exclusive right in the United States for tho mnnuiac- t ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT— from Hbmlock Bark for lanuing purposes. The Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, and the ile- i mand lor it rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale in the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliances for j manuiacturtng are simple and not expensive, costing but Uttfo more titan the onlinary leaejeeused byTan ners. By this process, li cords ot Bark may lie re- I duced «o'as to concentrate the entire strength into , forty gallons of extract, without In the slightest de- \ gree injuring its tanning qualities, and at a cost not Seceding oi?e dollar per cord. The saving in freight , alone between the transportation of the" Extract and the bark, will range from six to eight dollars per cord, so that any one who may get out but three hundred cords of hark per year, may save from two thousand to twenty-live hundred dollars in the difference in freight. The Company does not propose to ecll Territorial | rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manulkc turc in certain localities, charging a small royalty par gallon on tho amount manuihctnrcd. The Company will send competent men to snperir.-. tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering Into this business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manufactured under their proceea at fltty cents per gallon, delivered In Boston or New York. Parties m Maine desiring further Information u to term*. Ac., mar call upon or address CHARLES HALE, Uenerai Agent far Maine, M Maine street, ■2&S" miLHOAXlT; ' GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY 01 Canada. Alteration of Trains. WINTEK AKKANGEMENT. n-1 On and after Monday, Nov. 12.1866. TW ■ "TahlM will run as follows;— Train lor South Pans and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Mail Train tor Waterville, Bangor, Gorham, Island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron to, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached horn Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train for South Paris at 5.0o P. M. No baggage can be received or checked after the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows:— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a M. From Montreal, Quebec, &c., - - 1.46 P. M. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding (160 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate ol oue passenger for every f600 additional value. V. J. BUY DUES, Managing Director. H. BA1LE Y, Local Superintendent. Portland, Nov. 2, 1806. _dtl PORTLAND AROCHESTER R.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. onan On and slier Monday, Dec. 1/, 1806, hE-jB ,tr*!D“,wi11 run a. follow.: ’trutevgisr train, leave Saco Uiver for Portland at 8.30 anav.00 A. M., and 3.10 r. M. Leave Portland lor Saco Klver 7.15 A. M., 2.01 and 8.45 P. M. Freight train, with laesenger o.r attached will leave Saco Uiver for Portland. 8.80 A. M. Leave Portland tor Saco Uiver 12.18 P. M. S’-Btage. connect at Uorharn lor Weit Gorham, Btaudi.hf ttteep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Sebago, Bridgtou, Lovell, Hiram, Browulleld, Fryeburg, Conway, Bartlett. Jaok.on Limingtou, Cornish,Por ter, Freedom, Madison, and Eaton ,N. H. At Buxton Center Tor West Buxton, Bonny-Eagle, South Limlngton, Limlngton, Llmeriok, Newfield, Panionaflcld and Oeslpee At Saoearappalbr south Windham. Windham Hill and North Windham, daily. By order oi the President. Portland. Dec 14,1866—dtf SPECIAL. NOTICE. OWING to the breaking of a Driver on the Engine “Westbroak,” the regular freight train on the Portland and Kochester U. U. will be discontinued lor a tew days. dcXCUtf PORTLAND R_KENNEB£C R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Iwuimeucing Monday, Not. Uih, 1966. pSEJS&Sin Passenger Trains leave Portland dally seMefaHSI at l.oo F. M., tor Bath, Augusta, Wat ervilie, Kendall s Mills, Skowhegan, and intermediate Stations.(connecting at Brunswick with Androscog K»n lor Lewiston and Farmiugton, and at Kondall s Mills with Maine Central H U.) lor Bangor and intermediate stations. Fares as low bu this route as any other. 9 Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and I intermediate stations on Saturday only at 7.45 F. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland lor Brunswick and In termediate stations daily, except Saturday, at 6.30 P. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, wUl leave Portland lor Skowhegan and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are dne at Pori laud at 9.20 A M., and Irom Skowhegan and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P M. to connect with trains for Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and for Bel las tat Augusta, lea vin i dai ly on arrival oi train from Boeton, leaving at 7.30 A. M.; and tor Solon. Ansou, riorridgewock, Athens and Moose Head Lake at Skowhegan, and for China, East and North Vassal b0*l0’ at Va^saJboro’: lor Unity at Kendall’s ML'I’s, and for Canaan at Planou's Ferry. Wt HATCH, Seperiateadeet. Augusta, Oct. 27, I860, novl2dtl MAINE CENTRAL R. ST WINTER ARRANGEMENT. iTfffaEIrm On and alter Monday,November IStb, VHM—<jgwcurrem, tial:.j will leave Poillaud for Uangoi and all Inttnaediaie staticn on this im«, at 1.10 P. M. dally. Fir Lewiston and Auburn only, at 7.40 A. M. Ot~Freight tram* for Waterville and all Interme diate stations, leave Pertlaud at BJ5 A M, Trim irom Bangor Is due at Portland at 1.40 P. M, In aeaaon to < oiuiect with train tor Boston. Fiotu Lewiston and Aubitru only, at A. M. w . JCLW1N NQXLS.bttpt. Nov. 1, 1806 _ notJdtl PORTLAND SACO A PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, Not. 14th, Igug. MMB Passenger Trains leave Portland for *p***NwBa<ioii at 8.40 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. M., and • 2.30 P. AL A Mechanic's and Laborer’s Train will leave Bludetord daily, Sundays excepted, at 6 A. 41., and Saco at 6 08, amviug lu Portland at 8.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor daoo and Bid delord and Intermediate stations at 5.20 P. 41. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.10 A. IE. for Saco and Biddeford, and returning, leave bUldetord at 8.30 and Saco at 8 40 A. M. _ , , FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Poriianil, Oct 29, 1866. noldtf To Travelers I Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West Jb South, VIA THE New York Central. Erie & Lake shore. And Pennsylvania Central ICuliroads, gftlent the I.owesl rale* at the West er* Hallway Ticket Office,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Market Square. W. D. LITTLE £ CO., Ocaeral Ticket Ageuto. IF" Passage Tickets for California, via steamers from New York on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month fur sale at this office,as heretofore. dc2fid*wti STEAJHEKS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co, CARRYING THE CAN ADLAN I \ AND UNITED STATES 3 £ MAILS. Paiueugcre Booked to Londonderry and Liverpool. Keturu Ticket, granted nt Reduced Rates. The Steamship Nova Scotian, Captain Wylie, will tall from this port for Liverpool, SATURDAY, »th January, 1867, immediately aller the arrival of the train ot the previous day from Montreal, to be follow ed by the Hibernian on the 12th of January. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) $70 to $80 Steerage, Payable in Gold or its equiraient. fcW'For Freight or passage apply to _ , H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Not. 28, 1866. Dee. 28 did FARE REDUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until lurttmr notice the Steamers of the PortkiSU Steam Packet Co. will run as follows ' Leave Atlantic! Wharf for Boston , , , . , 'every evening, (except Sumiav) at 7 o clock. Leave Boston the same dav» at 3PM Cabin tare,. o, rh Deck,...V.* lS . tF Package tickets to be bad oil tlie Agents at re duced rates. • Freight taken as usual. May 22nd, 1866-dtf U BU/L1I<08’ International Steamship Oo. East port, Calais and St. Jobn. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. On and after Montlhy, December 17th, the steamer NEW BitUNS «®K, Cant. E. B. WINCHES 'TEH, will leave llall Road WbarL lootofstale St., every MONDAY at 8 o’clock P. M tor East port ami St. John ’ RETURNING, will leave St. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. >1. At Eastport Stage Coaches will connect tor Ma chias. “ AjTlf|tlHnhn the E- * N‘ A »aU»ay will connect ^“Preight received bn days of sailing until 4 o’clk. PVCin_H,r C- C- *ATON, d*cg°-dtf_ Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. ■ SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. The splendid and last Steam ship# DIRIUO, Capt. H. Snart WOOI>, and FRANCONIA, Capt. ;W. W. Shebwood. will, ufftli — lurther notice, run as follows: Lravc Brow.Si Whart,Portland,every WEDNES DAY and SATUBDAY, at 4 P. M>, and leave pier 28.5iKi.Rlvc.r’ Ncw York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 4 o’clock P. M. 'These vessels are tit.ed up with fine accommoda tions lor passengers, making this the most speedy mle and comfortable route tor travellers between N®w York aud Maine. Passage, in state Room 18 0° Cabin passage *5.00. Metis extra. ’ G®0?* ,®rw“dcd by this line to and Horn Mon St! Joi^ntbSC’ Bane°1’ Balb. Augusta, Eastpoitand bi^il'Pers are requested to send their A eight to the ieavePortUmLP’M on «» -‘*J'‘ba“b.y Sown’s Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 38 Ea»r Kiver. May2», du HOTELS. UNITED STATES" no' l, PORTLAND, MAINE, T*is»ia®ssr«2y8's uie lire.) bcg» to announce lo his old patrons and the pnUlc that he has loasod the above hotel and will open lor I he accommodation of die public gener ally, on Saturday August U. * ThunhtUl to lus old customers for past patronage, be would solicit a continuance or the same. * ' TERMS FAVORABLE. _ N.J. DAVIS. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.go. CAROLINA. THE proprietor baa the pleasure to tnfcrm the traveling public that the above houso Is now open for the reception of guests, having made extensive al terations. Improvements, and rotUmUbed It through out, It la now In capital order, and every exerdon will be made to render It acceptable to bis patrons. nulOeodOm JOSEPH PURCELL. Noticed TJKRSONS Soaring tbs mins or digring cellars can Jr txjid a good pace to deposit thSir tnbblsh on FranklinWliarf. 8. ROUNDS, *ejiu*-dir whaitinfer,