Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 5, 1867 Page 4
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Poetry. “A Fnriurr-> Wife I’ll Be.” [Tho following linos w ere sent to ns as original by a bright-eyed daughter of one of the best farmers In Waldo County. Knowing the kindness always dis played, and the comforts enjoyed in her own “sweet, sweet home,” we do not wonder that she has resolv ed to Join her fortdhos lor life, only with some wor thy husband-mau. We confess we have some doubts of its originality, though we do not recollect ever to have seen it before.) I am a wild and laughing girl, just turned of sweet sixteen, As full of mischief and of fun as ever you have seen, And when I am a woman grown, no city beaux for me, I if e’er I marry in my life, a farmer’s w ife I’ll be. I love a country life; I love the Joyous breeze, 1 love to hear tho singing birds among the lofty trees, The lowing herds, tho bleating decks make music sweet for me; If e’er I marry in my life, a larmer’s wife l’U be. 1 love to see the chickens skip, I love to milk the cows. 1 love to hear the larmer’s boys a whistling at their ploughs; And Helds of com and waving grata are pleasant sights to me; If e’er I marry in my life, a farmer’s wife I’U be. I love to see the orchards where the golden apples grow; 1 love to walk in meadows where so bright the stream lets flow; And flowery banks and shady woods have many charms forme;— If e’er 1 marry in my life, a farmer’s wife I’ll be. Let other girls, who love it best, enjoy the gloomy town, ’Mid dusky walls and dusty streets to ramble up and down; But flowery banks and shady woods and sunny skies tor me ;— If e’er I marry in my life, a farmei’s wife I’ll be. Our Vonuu FrimJ*. As surely as we know that a vigorous plant iu spring will produce the largest fruits in au tumn, so surely caD we foresee the youth who in the coming years of manhood or woman hood will make the strangest marks upon their age and command the respect and hom age of the community. By their mental and moral tendencies they foreshadow their ap proaching characters and positions. When young people despise parental restraints, hate then school-rooms, scorn a good book or pa per, and are seldom seen pursuing any useful and serious studies calculated to subserve the purposes of a manly life; but instead, are seen wasting precious hours In the haunts ol idleness, folly and dissipation, it requires no prophet to predict that these are the ones from whose ranks the paupers, beggars and convicts of our prisons are to come—and this at no very distant day. The fact is as inevita ble as any law of nature. Stones were not made to swim iu water. Ignorance and vi cious habits are millstones to any body’s neck. On the contrary, when you see a sober minded, steady lad or lass, who respects the authority of father and mother, whose seat in the school-i oom is regularly occupied, who loves a good book or paper, and prefers to spend time in the company of those from whom something useiul can be learned, rather than in the society of the idle and giddy, who re members the Sabbath day to keep it holy, and is an habitual attendant on the means of mor al and religious, as well as intellectual culture, we may know, as well as anything can be known, that these are tbe ones who, whether they occupy public positions or not, will be looked upon as the wise and honorable of their age and generation. l.ndy. What is a Lady? She is anahnouerof good to the needy. The word Lady is an ab breviation of the Saxon -‘ieofday,” or loaf-day, ■which signifies ‘-bread-giver.” The mistress of the manor, at a time when affluent fami lies resided constantly at their country man sions, was accustomed, once a week or otten er, to distribute among the poor a certain quantity of bread. She bestowed the gift with her own hand, and made the hearts of the needy glad by the soft words and gentle ac tions which accompanied her benevolence. The widow and tbe orphan arose up and call ed her blessed: the destitute and afflicted re counted her praises; all classes of the poor embalmeu her in their affections as the ‘-leol day,” the giver of bread and the dispenser of comfort—a sort of ministering spirit in a world oi sorrow. Who is a lady now? qut't’U Victoria’* Visit to America. When in Loudon a few years ago, we were told by a member of the House of Commons, that Queen Victoria had a strong desire to visit this country, and be the first English monarch who ever visited the British posses sions in America. The piints at home and in Canada have from time to time announced such intentions on the part of Victoria. In reference to this subject, one of our American writers, Mrs. Stepens, pays the foliowin g de served tribute to the royal sovereign of Eng land: We hojje slic’d come, from the bottom of oar h;art! Not that we haven’t seen her, or that there is anything very wonderful in her appearance—though, at the time of her mar riage. sculptors did insist that she was as near the V'enus de Medicis as a live woman was ev er known to be. Not that she is in blood and law the sovereign of a great nation, but be cause she is a greater and a better thing—a true w.imau,—wise without an effort to dis play her wisdom—modest in the midst of power—a faithfhl wile, and a fond, discreet mother! This is why we wish to see Victoria in Yankee land; lor with our own weakness regarding royalty, she may render womanli ness, modesty and taithfillness the fashion; and virtues are sometlung, even if caprice ex cites them. The truth is, Victoria is in every respect a perfect gentlewoman, and that is a character which may be studied with great effect in our age. Uepend upon it, however, we shall see no Elizabeth in barbaric splend or, llirting with her statesmen one minute, or cuffing their ears the next; nor wiii she come like the beautiftd Queen of Scots, bewitching ireu to their ruin; nor like Catharine de Me dicis, with her hands red with slaughter. But she will come to us a good woman, whose ex ample the purest girl in our country may foL low and become the better for it. Our "‘strong minded women” may not find in her a great statesman or jurist, but she knows how to submit to superior wisdom; and, though firm in justice, is never obstinate except when she wishes to be merciful. Our fashionables will be mistaken 11 they expect to meet a royal flirt, ready to exhaust herself in a German co tilion, or join iu the indelicacy of a polka; for all these things hare long s'ince been ex cluded from her drawing rooms; but they will find a faithfhl w iie. acquainted intimately with her own children, which should connt some thing in these days of neglected nurseries and easy divorces. In short, Victoria is thorough ly respectable—a thing that cannot be said of all Queens—and we for one would give the brightest rose in the vase before us to see a crowned woman on this side the Atlantic whose heart never swerved to the seductions of the court she rules, and'whom power lias never tempted into arrogance; a sovereign who has uo adverse party, and a lady who, in this slanderous age, has never had a wor j of blame cast on her womanliness. A Kat Trap.—Take a tight barrel, with one bead out; pour a couple of pails full of water inlo it; draw over the top a sheepskin or piece of oil-cloth carpeting, and coniine it by a string drawn around the upper end of the barrel. Cut the skin or cloth from the center, at right angles, to near the walls of the barrel. Smear the centre of the skin or cloth with butler or grease mixed with meal, or, what is better, scent the meal with oil of rhodium. Set up a board from the floor agaiust the top of the barrel tor the rats to walk up on. a little meal upon that will dq 1 no hurt. As they step upon the covering and advance toward the center, suddenly their foundation will give way, and they w'H tall In to the water, from which there is no retreat. If you place a brick cr stone in the band, barely leaving the top of it above water, tbe first' rat that tails In will climb thereupon and set up a cry which will call perhaps the whole family of rats to see what is the matter. As each new-comer enters upon the skin-covered top Of the brrrel, he, too, is as suddenly intro duced to the whereab >uts of his alarmed com panion. In this way several rats may be ta ken in a single night- The trap is a simple one and costs but little. Those who have tried it say it is effectual. Hoist the Flag! Store Re-built l New Goods ! A.t OQ Idxchnngo St., tfosc’R Rlock. $. H. COLES WORTHY, INVITES liis enstomers to the old stand now re built, where he will on Monday, Bhow them a I lino Block of Books, Stationery, Paper Hangings, EXCRAY1 NOS, Oval, and other kinds ot Picture Frames, Ac., with a good variety of Fancy Articles suited to tlio times and the Holidays. dciadSw ty’Every style of Job work neatly executed at tills office. MEDICAL* ! Afau dk Magnolia.—Tiu> prettiest thing, the “sweetest thing,” and the most of it for the leait money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy u» the akin; is a delightful per fume ; allays headache and inhumation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and npon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. 4.-iu-18G0.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters soldiu one year is somotlung startling. They \ would till Broad a ay six leet high from the Park to I 4th street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti- | tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern Suites with his cabalistic T.—1860—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “prevenung disfiguring the face ’Of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation •Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are iised by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer. Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggists. “In lilting the kettle from the lire I scalded myself very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. # # * Ilf® Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly and left very little scar. Chas. Fostek, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sui$plc of w hat the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Peware ot counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate Stamp of Demis Babnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Katharion. it makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand rutf, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? a young lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic gushed lace, sho had a soil ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. Sho told them plainly she used Aagau’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist for 5® cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by an Druggists. Heimstreet’s illimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in iUvor lor over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the liair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim strocts is not a dye but is certlin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing. Price 50 cents and *1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by aU Druggists. Lyon's Extract of Pore Jamaica Ginger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick llcadauhc, Cholera Morbus, Ac., where n warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at (Scents per bot Baratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. 11 .Tit no II _llAll Jt? ITT 1 AT ITS BFPSOT 18 1IRACVLOV8. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praise HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents j in the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Renewer does not give sat isfaction in all cases when used iu strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. j IT Will RESTORE ORAT HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, AfND SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING I No person, old or young, should fail to use it. It is recommended and used by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Reneweb, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re newer to the public, entirely confident that it will bring back the hair to its original color, promote its growth, and in nearlv all cases where it has falkm off will restore it nnless the person is very aged. B. P. HALL ft CO. ProprietoiT, Nashua, N. H. HP* Sold by all Drnggists. Choice Southern and Western FLOUR MO CORN ! for sale by O’BRION, PIERCE & CO., Wholesale Dealers, 134 Commercial St., dec31dly PORTLAND, Mb. Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic and Firemen’s EQUIPMENTS ! Messrs. John L. Shaw & Co., after haring been burned out of Federal street, duly 4th, haye resumed business in the room over the store of J. REWKSBCRY A CO., COBNKB OF MM* AND FOBE STREETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MARKET. Having prepared a stock of G»k tanned Leather in Philadelphia, they are now ready to execute all or ders for Philadelphia Oak Taatned Leather Fire Engine Hose, Donble and single riveted, and of all sizes, as used on Steam Ffre Engines, Hand Engines, Steamboats and Force Pumps. Cities, Towns and Corporations con be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on as rea sonable terms. N. B.—Fire Buckets, Spanner Belts, Flexible Pipes, Knapsacks, Cartri«|ge Boxes, Pistol Holsters, &t\, made to order. Couplings, Pipes and Nozzels furnished and Hose re poked. novl7dtf Marrett, Boor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now 1'reparcd lo offer (licit friends and (he pub lic a large and well averted stock of CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, <£*c., Purchasers of the abnvo goods arc respectfully invi ted to examine our stock whitdiis !y:n,weW’Clean nnd Desirable. LOWELL & sENTER WILL occupy the new Store No. :u» ’ areas Ntreet, corner of Brown Sir77, 7, 7 Dec, loili, with a new stock of Watches ry, Silver ami Plated Ware, an,’, Coods tor the holidays. ’ *«aey They have reoccupicd tlicir old stand N«. «4 gj.. change street, with a complete stock ofNautieal nad Optical tionda, Clironomotcrs. Watches. Clocks, Fine Tonis for Machinists and Engineers &c f_#'rTieuds and customers invited to old lieail quarters. Dec 1,18C6.-rd3m no to AdamsA Pnrinton’a I Lessons on tbe Pianoforte, fOT® «Uo. 12Elm Street, by Vf 4«wu SUM DAE. T-—-— MERCHANDISE. $8. CHEAP COAL l $8. ^^"E can now offer nice CHESTNUT COAU tv at $8.00 per ton, delivered at any part oi tue city. Also for sale at tlie lowest market price, Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, Far Furnaces. For Ranges »nd Cook Stoves, Joh»>. While A.b, Diamond, Bed A.b, which are free oi all Impurities and very nice. Al«° Cumberland . A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! •We keepconstnntly on liand a full assortment et Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase largo lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. hard and soft wood Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Randall, McAllister & Co, No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST, oc25dtf n Head of Maine Wharf. White Pine Lumber ! Q K A £ \ FEET superior Planing Lum- , OOv/«v/UU her, consisting of2 in., ty, U, 1 inch. 7 125 M Dry. 500 M Dry Pine Outs. 50 M 3x4 Spruce Joist. 40 M Dry Pine Deck Plank. 1000 M No 1 Extra Cedar Shingles. For sale by G. W. COBB & CO., dec 13dlm 272 Commercial Street, Portland,Me. > Forge Coal. NOW landing from schr. John Crooker, 363 tons prime CUMBERLAND COAL, 11' la the Midland mines. It is fresh mined, of extra strength, and just the article for heavy wurk. . i Also the usual v.irictv of Anthracites, viz:— Lehigh—liarloigh, Lehigh Nav. Co’s. Hazeltou and Sugar Loaf. ! White Asn—Locust Mountain, Johns’ and Broad Mountaiu. Bed Asa—New England Arc. JAMES H. BAUER. scplldtf Richardson’s WearI. Southern Pine. ABOUT 140 M very sui>erior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Cnstom House Wharf, and tor sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1866._nov22dtf Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and for sale by the undersigned at their Whari, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St, 275 Tons Hazel ton Lehlgli, BBOKEN AND EGO SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. • These Coals are ol tlie very best quality, and war anted (ogive satistaction. ALSO, 600 oords ot best quality of HARD and SOFT WOOD, which we will sell at the very lowest prloe and deliver it to any part ol the oily at short notice. ty Give us a call and try ns. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan I5th—dtf __ COAL, COAL, COAL, W O O I> ! GEO. GILMAN 4 CO., Head Union Wharf \ HAVE taken the stand formerly occupied by the CONSUMERS' MUTUAL COAL CO., and are now prepared to furnish the different varieties ol COAL AND WOOD! OF THE BEST QUALITY, Delivered in any nart of the city. which we will sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. We are now dis charging from vessels Red Ash, Egg and Stove, free burning and pore* White Ash. Egg and Stove Also Lehigh, of the different sizes, for furnace and stove. Our Coals are kept under cover, screened and de livered in the best possible maimer. We intend to spare no effor on our part to please those who may patronize us with their orders. June II—dtf WOOD I WOOD I WOOD! * The subscribers has j ust received a lot of good NOVA SCOTIA WOOD ! and intend to keep constantly on hand the various kinds and quality to offer their customers at the low est cash price. HEAD UNION WHARF, SIMEON SUt RTLEFF * CO. j 2dtf Southern Pine Lumber WE are prepared to execute orders for SOUTH ERN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. RYAN k DAVIS April 17—dtf101 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour!! CHOICE New Wheat Family Flonr of the most celebrated brands. T. Harrison A Co., ^ Plants. Eaglr, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapical, Amaranto, Whitmore, FOB SALE BV Churchill, Browns & Manson augMtf Trinidad Molasses. i Pin HHDS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD LOU MOLASSES for sale by LYNCH, BABKEB & CO., nov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. Lea Ac Perrins’ CELEBRATE. ' Worcestershire Sauce! PRONOUNCED BY EXTRACT Connoisseurs of a letter from a To be Medical Gentleman The •'•Only at Madras, to his Brother at Good Sauce !” Worcester, May, 18S1. “Tell Lea & Per And applicable to rips that their Sauce is uighly esteemed in EVERY VARIETY India, and is in my jopinion the most pal op Able as well as the iost wholesome DISH. Sauce that Is made.” The success oi this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manuiactured by LEA & PEBBI2V8, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oclTdly NEW YORK AND VIRGINIA OYSTERS, Ik Every Style at II AY & PERKY’S, delOdtf 80 FEDERAL ST. I GBAUD 1ANNUAL SALE CORSETS. We .kail, an Mentor, December 17 tk, commence •nr yearly sale af CORSETS, To Continue Thirty Days I —AT A— Very Large Discount FROM FORMER PRICES. Our present stock of Corsets, comprises a great va riety in both style and finish. L. B. FOLLETTE, 331 CONGRESS STREET, 381 _Co». Tolmnn Place. uclSdlm Another Change of Base ! Back to the old Middle St, Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —AT— OLD TI ME PRICES!! G. M. ELDER Boes leave to inform liis friends, customers and the public geneially that liavtng rebuilt his store at MO. 33 MIDDLE STREET, is now prepared to seil at prices lower than the low est :di qualities and descriptions of Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, &r. Repairing done as heretofore, and all description ot work manuiacturcd to order. noviSdtt Notice to LandHolders, MR- O’pUROCHEi:. Itunder, Ir prerareil to take nav woerS *i3,r building, cither by JOB ot h, i r Caa lhnuab first class workmen and ma tonal of all description. Residence, AMKRICAN HOUSE. A«rrt,o* ,c14p Strcot, Portland. Angnst lithe im_augjMt—tf ^^SV^Bond your orders tor Job Work to Daily pres IHISUOUNGOVS. M rT e” m o V A I. . --— E. T. Elden & Co., Will Remove to their New Store No. 5 Free Street, And will Open on Monday, December 10th, A Large Assortment of Rich and Low Priced DRESS GOODS. AMONG WRlCH MAV BE FOCND Black and Fancy Silks, Thibets—all shades, Plain and Figuared Sills Poplins, Ottoman Cloths, Plain, Striped and Figured Wool Poplins at Very Low Prices, Alpaccas, DeLaines, Prints, <&c. A FUI.L ASSORTMENT OP HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Shawls, Silk Velvets, Cloths, and Cloaking Goods! One Price and No Variation S Laces, Embroideries, Hoiiery and Gloves at Astonishing ly Low Prices ! MOURNING GOODS, 01 every Description. We .ball make .1 BIG BREAK IN PRICES, and Bargain* may ba expected! SEWING M-ACIdINES. nr-A Full Assortment at all times oi the Celebrated GROVER Sc BAKER, Manuiactaring and Fami ly Sewing Machines, and Machine Findings, at Manulacturers’ Prices. Every Machine Warbanted to give satislaction. E. T. FADE! & CO*, Dec 10—dtf i FUB STREET. RETURN -OP THE ROYAL INSURANCE COMP’Y, Of Liverpool, England, For the Year 1866, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE STATUTES OP MAINE, 1. State the name of the Company? Royal Insurance Company. 2. Where located? Liverpool, England. 3. When Incorporated? 13th June, IMS. 4. Amount of capital? £2,000,00u. Subscribed for, (1,922,300. £ s d 5. Amount of capital actually paid in?. 288 8450000 8. Number of shares, and par value of each? 96,115 issued lo public, £3 each paid 7. Amount of hre risks outstanding? About. 102 802 000 00 00 8. Amount of marine risks outstanding? No marine business. 9. Total amount of outstanding risks? 10. Amount of liuited States stock or treasury notes owned by the Company? State amount of each kind, and par value and market value cf each. Par Value, Market Value, (71j000 United Statesfl per cent, stock, 1867.**r loo™' 11 965 09 oo 75,980 do 6 per cent, stock, 1868. 188 124* 12’681 16 07 56.0 0 do 5 per cent, stock, 1871..... 100 97 8.’ll0 05 07 282,000 do 5 per cent, stock, 1874. 100 94 41 220 17 82 26.000 do 6 per cent, stock, 1861. 186 104 s,900 00 00 11 Amonnt of State stock? State amount of each kind, and £77,878 0o 01 par value and market value of each. None. 12. Amount of bank stock? State amount ot each f ind and par value and market value of each. None. 13. Amount of railroad stocks? Slate amonnt of each kind, and par value and market value of each * As per memor andum A attached hereto. 168 232 09 O’ 14. Amount oi railroad bonds? State amount of each kind, and par value and market value of each. £40,000 Great Western Railway Bonds....*.. loo 100 40 425 00 00 15. Cash valuo ol real estate owned by the Company?. 18^809 14 80 16. - Amount of cash on hand, and in Bank of Liverpool?.. 3o’476 08 10 17. Amount of cash in hands of agents and branches?.’.. Bl’924 05 10 18. Amount loaned on mortgage 01 real estate ?... 97’300 OO 00 19. Amount loaned on collateral? Gn Lite Policies, with personal suit other securities 49*020 09 00 20. Amount loaned without collateral? None. 21. Amount of ail other investments? #As per memorandum B attached hereto 8M Tin Ol 87 22. Amount of all premium notes on risks terminated? None. ’ ’ 23. Amount of borrowed money, specifying collatcrais given for same? None. Tolal...£1,281,056 18 00 24. Amount of losses due and unpaid. None. ~~~ 25. Amount of losses claimed ana unpaid? None, 25. Amount of losses reported, upon winch the liability of the Companv is not determined?....:.\%% £20 401 12 02 Included in amount mentioned in reply to question 34. * 27. Amount of all other claims against the Company ? Unclaimed divi idends. £C75 o*» 00 1 Duty collected lor Government not yet due. am 7 oug qi «<. } 18,681 06 09 28. Amount of cash received lor premiums on lire risks,.... 1 9 aia 733 13 00 20. Amount of cash received for premiums on marine risks? No marine business. ’ 30. Amount of notes received lor premium on tire risks? Nono. 31. Amount ol' notes received Ibr premiums on marine risks? None 32. Amount of cash received lor interest?. ’ _ 21 lM 10 nr 33. Amount of income received from ail other sources? Including £55,000 Ufa Profit.', 68,145 11 01 34. Amount of lire losses paid last year/ Including amount stated in reply to question 26 31b i>k> 00 (H> 35. Amount ol marine losses paul leet year? No marine business question ce mb,j» w 38. Amount of dividends pain last year?. 470771000 Amount of income tax paid on same?.... ’rAs JJj 37. Amount paid fov expenses oi ottice?-.;....... 11 713 in 01 36. Amount of other expenditures?... 10*’«57 00 07 3». Amount received in cash ibr lire risks not tuimiuaied? About. 374*680 00 00 40. Amount required u> reinsure all outstanding risks? About_.!!.!. 187’290 06 00 41. Amount ot premium notes on risks not terminated? None. ' .. ’ 42. Amount of ueliuquent notes not charged to prulit and loss? None 43. Highest rate of interest received? 9 per ceut. 41. Highest rale of interest paid on money borrowed? None. 45. How many shares of capital stock are pledged to the Company ? None 48. Balance to credit of prolit and loss account? This is in audition to £U6 913 02 10 Reserved Fund, making, iogoiher,,213,190 10 03. ’ “ 9£9T7B7nB 47. Balance to debit of protit aud loss? None. . **’ 1 UB 48. How many shares101 the capital stock are owned by the Company, or not subscrib ed lor ( o,885, 49. What amount of the capital consists of the Stockholders’ notes? None. •Memorandum A Referred to in Reply to Question 13. £9,055 North Union Railway A Stock.100 218 1 £ s d 7.000 South Eastern Railway 4} per cent, preference stock,. .100 96} f 31 .«6 02 U9 780 Lancashire & kurkshire Railway 6 per ceut. Btock.109 1281 1 49.000 Chester & Holyhead Railway stock,.180 5*“ ’ 21 31? n« nr. 10,0(10 South Eastern Railway 4} preference stock,.100 95} 10 iu 12.000 Lancaster At Carlisle stoea,.100 217* 1 ’ 2.000 Lancaster ft Carlisle 4} preference stock,..108 9g f 27,069 18 06 820 £20 shares Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway... 20 21 1 820 10 do do do do do .. 10 1M ( 26,220 00 02 25.000 South Eastern Railway 4} per cent, preference stock_loo 95I 1 25.080 Birkenhead Railway stock.100 j 47,041 09 08 •Memorandum R Referred to in Reply to Qnootion 31. Details of Sundry Investments, Bonds, &c. Bonds of Burial Board ot Toxteth Park,... 28 444 0304 British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company,.. loom 00 00 Mettey Dock and Harbor Board,. .g’ljj'l 7; JS 11.000 Canadian5 per cent, stock... ,,.it’o7« 11 m 2,160 Liverpool Corporation Water Board,. . it A; 4,109 Mersey Docks and Harbor Board Bonds,. .6080 12 05 Bonds of Burton-on-Trent Improvement (fommlssioncrs,. 13*302 02 08 Balance of sundry Loans accounts, secured by various British Railway stocks ’ and shares margin 01 item 16} to 62 per ceut. above amount lent,.• • 455,882 02 03 £651,740 01 07 SIMPSUN HIGGINSON, Agent and Attorney, 1 AND 3 KtLBY STREET, BOSTON. | BP* The subscriber has been appointed Agent of the above Company for this City, and is prepared and lolly authorized to_take risks on Buildings and Merchandise against loss or damage by FIRE. The Company, as will be seen by the published statement, has large means, and is entirely reliable, and losses under Policies issued here, will be adjusted liberally and paid promptly. Apply to NATHANIEL F. HE EKING, Agent, _Portland, January!, 1867._^FPICE N°* 19 FREE STBEE&gw_ BAY STATE LUMBER D E POT, Office, No. 441 Tremont M., Boston. THE undorsigned hove established in connection with thcirwell-known “Bat Stats Mouldikci m Aim. factoby“ an extensive yard for the purchase and salcot Lumber, giving cscccial attentinn to et'terix ED HAltD WOODS and now oHer tor sale a large and well-selected .Stock of^ “'•““‘Ion to SEASON - Black Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Butternut, Whitewood, Ac. In Boards, Plank. Joist, &e., to which they re3pectfiilly invite the attention of purchasers Also common and Hard Pine, all qualities, rough or dressed for Floors, Sheathing) &c. Spruce Floor Boards worked and kiln-dried, ready for immediate use. P Ov rllwr Our facilities for supplying the wains of Builders are unsurpassed, and imrHes at s siatunu mail, by girtng reliable reference, can depend upon having their orders tilSdina ttttatectory saving the time and expense of a visit to the city. - maimei*-iuu» Eg^Bosewood Veneers, Slabs and Logs of any desired quality, at less than New York mice. Klee List of Mouldings, Lumber, Doors, Brackets, Sc., tarnished on apolication ° pr,ce8' Address orders and communications to JOSEPH F. PAUL & CO. j Nov 29—€0d3m haxsox d- wixslow’s Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, -AND Plough Manufactory, WE would inform the public that wo arc prepar ed to fUrnish Castings of every description to order at short notice. We now have on hand an as sortment ot Window Weights. Sled Shoes and other castings. Ear" We arc prepared to furnish Castings for Rail ; Road Companies and Ship Builders. ! Alsu, Planing, Jointing, Matching and Sawing promptly done. J. W. HANSON, c. C. WINSLOW. 36 York tit., Head of Saaith’a Wharf. Jac 1—dtf OIL and CANDLES. LARD, SPERM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE, ELAINE AND RED OIL, KEROSENE AND MACHINER V OIL, 9PEKM & ADAMANTINE CANDLES, A SOAP, For sale by BRADSHAW A PATCH, aag 9 —6m_No. 7 Central Wharl, Boston. fi/Qk Dental Notice ! This is to inform my friends and pat rons that I have associated with me in the practice o' Dentistry, 1 »B. ALBERT EVANS,

Formerly ot Bangor, a skillful denttBt ot long men encc, and take pleasure In introducing and rebnm mending him to them. Ether and Chloroform admin i stored when desired. C. H, OSQtOon octC dim then 8 Blw^. <*ngrei St. Marbleized Slate Mantles I Superior in Appearance, More Durable and at Half the Price of Marble. T. B. STEWART. . . . . 005 Sixth At®. Netr York. Sena for DcscripUve Catalogue with prloes. Imdcl8 To Let! A NO. 1 SPOOL O OTTO IV ! 7 CENTS A SPOOL / - AT - DAYIS & CO.’S* _ da Oat Meal and_ Buckwheat! flO 2SLo' st?pEMOR NEW OAT MEAL. ,*0 Barrel. Sow thorn Buckwheat. <lu.t received and for sale by CHA8V BROTHERS, Dee lS, lSfl6.-T1^S2w“Cad ‘Jmm* Wfcarf' Store to Let. r^1HE GOTHIC STORE on Congress Street, op J. positc Lafayette Street. This ft one of the host stand, for the Grocery in the City, bavin? had a large trade for the past ten ycara. Apply to S. L. CARLETON, Jan 1 dedtf_H7 Market Square. A FULL SUPPLY -OF— Boy’s Clothing ! AT THE New England Clothing Com. 38 Market Square. dcSdSm_._ j£. LEVEEN & CO The Ghothic Furnace! FOR ffooil or Coal is the most powerful furnace In use,. And hm the most radiating surface. Judge iiullock.koi the U. S. District Court for Rhode Island says “ a. have used your furnace No. 10 two winter*: •i? in construction. 1 am entirely satisfied with it and deem it preferable to any hot air furnace I ha\« seen”. A,LKX. H, LESLEY, Wfr. tick Arena?, New mark* lx. circular sent y request, dc25dUu a* MISCELLANEOUS VINELAND. Farm and fruit land*,ina,Uiidail,( healthftU climate. Tliirty mi*e» south „i pun adclph a, by Railroad, in New Jersey, on the same line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a sandy loam, suitable tor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco,Fruit and vegetables. This is a great fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards and Orchards fiave been planted out by experienced fruit growers. Grapes, Peaches, Pears &c., produce immense prol i s, Vineland is already one of the most beautiful places iu the United States. The entire territory, consisting of titty sqnaro miles of laud, is laid out upon a general system oi improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers w ith provision l»>r pub adornment. The place on account of its great beaut1 as well as othor advantages, has become the revorl of ycujjtc of tensie. It has increased five thousand people within ths past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies, Societies ol Art and Learning, and other elements'of retinement^ind culture have been introduced. Hundreds ol people are constantly settling. Hundreds ol'new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lots and upw ards, $25 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lois for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier iu this district than in any other 1 cality, north of Norfolk, proved places lor sale Openings lor all kinds ol business, Lumlter Yards, Manufactories, Foundries Stores and the like; auu Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a conutry beautiiuily im prov d. ab mnding in iruits, and possessing all other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, It is worthy ol a visit. * Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a papei giving full intormatiou. and containing reports ol So lon Rob nson, sent to applicants. Address CHAS K. J^iNDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New jCTsey. From Report o! Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It is one of the most extensive lertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition tor pleasant loiming that we know ot this side of the Western Prairies.’7 aeptl3d&w6m 37 Please Bead this Attentively! Prize Egg B eater• PATENT JiST ISSUED. THIS EGG BEATER is made ot Steel wire rolled tint, to give it a sharp edge. The wire is spring temper, i eing tempered with oil. This givos tough ness and elasticity to the Beater, and case to the op erator. The shank is tinned together solid, and the whole is thoroughly made, and will not wear out or break, with any fair usage. The elastic loope readily accommodate themselves to any dish. The subscriber having purchased the patent right of Maine to tnis great invention, otters the State for gale by Counties, and asks immediate attention to it. W. A. HAND. To be seen at Inventor’s Exchange. declidlm_ FURNITURE —XT— REDUCED PRICES FOB XHE NEXT SIXTY DAYS The undersigned will sell from their EXTENSIVE STOCK Furniture -AX— GREATLY REDUCED RATES —YOB CASH, George T. Burroughs & Co. OCtl2dtf_ NEW FIRM ! ROBINSON KNIGHT I CLOTHING! We have taken the store 288 CONGRESS STREET, (Opgwile the Preble Haase) Where we have a new stock of CLOTHING —AND— FURNISHING GOODS ! The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most fashion able style. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS* FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand. dec8 dtf J. & c. J. B ABB O l it, Manufacturers and Retailers of* Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Ladies’ and Mimes’ Serge and Calf Baals. Men’s Pine Cnlf nnd Thick Bonis. Boys’, Tombs’ and Children’s Bools nnd Shoes. Rubber Bools and Shoes of all kinds. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOLASSES HOSE, ENGINE BOSE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Bose. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUB. E. B. BARBOUB. nova.«lti Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Fun in Boston, BOUGHT FOR CASH, And can bo sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, 913.00, former price 916*00. Silk Velvet Hoods, Beaver trimmed, POB 94.00, and other Goode in proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PREBLE BOVSE. dec22 dtf Paints, OilsT Varnishes, &c. FICKETT & GRAY OPFPB FOB SALE AT THEIB STORE, Wo. 187 Fore Street, WHITE LEAD, Foreign and American Zinc, Lin seed Oil, Coach, Furniture and Florence Var nishes. Japan, Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, Venetian Ucd, and a full assotment of Paint Stock oi every description. Window Glass, Sheet Lead, and Lead Pipe. Agents for Gardner’s celebrated Copper Paint for vessels’ bottoms. All orders for Painting executed at short notice aud satisfactorily. January 1.1867. dtf GENTLEMEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed ! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can be done more to their satisfaction than'at No, 20 Temple street, Second Door from Congress at. Or’Every Garment will receive prompt and fhitlx fiilattentiofi. Ladies’ Sacques ! CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! ggy Give me n trial and I will endeavor to please. CHABLES H. MAHONEY. gy Highest Cash price paid lor cast-off Clothing. Nov 21^d3m _ _ECONOMY AND COMFORT. KEEP OUT THE Cold, Rain, Wittd and Dust! And prevent tho rattle of Sashes with BRADSTREET’8 Improved Rubber Moulding UPON YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS. Will save 50 per cent, in Fuel, and last a life time Simple, Cheap and Durable. The heat WoathCT Strip invented. Examine Testimonials and Spodoians at the Real Estate Agency Qt " • H. JERRIS, at Horse Railroad otffce, opposite frehleHon^^ gy Agents Wanted. decUduy* “Short Dresses.” LADIES will find the most convenient and oi A -Sunnis wav of making Walking Dresses is to sprtw® ■-» Skirt- 44 Brown Street. Jan 1 dtl_____ " Notice. baking business at the olP Wand, N<1 lor YOKE, COK. TINE STREET, Where wc shall be liaapy to see our eld customer,, a-yii™0-.^-^ Octoiier 1,1866. dtf The subscriber having disposed of Ms Bakery to Messrs- Pearson & Smith, would cheorfully recom mend them to ills former patrons, being assured that, from their well known reputation, they will continue the busineBB acceptably. . .. . And he will take this opportunity to gratefully ac knowledge the many fitrors bestowed upon him by his patrons for many years. REUBEN KENT. October 1,1866, dtf MEDICAL. DR. M. B. HUGHES CAS B* FOUNT) AT Bid PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, So. 14 Preble Street. Near lla« I'rcblc IIbumc, he can be consulted privatelv and with hour* .lvi utmo9t coniidanco bv the afflicted, at l)r St !& ,auU ,rom 8 A- M. t« 9 1*. M. affliction nrflS8®*.tUoK0 wll° arc sutfering under the 2S JS525 Wab0.' dreg* ol disease lroui the system, ana making jaW fect and iebmanent ci ek. u k ** *** He would call the attention of the afflicted to tin1 feet of his long-standing aud well-eani«Hi reputation furnishing suihcient assurance oi nis skill and suc cess. Caution to ibr Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out lor general use should have tlieir efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose prejiaratory studies tit 1dm for ail the duties ho must fulfil; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, puritortiiig to Ik* the best in the world, which are not only useless, but always injurious. The uniorinnate should be Paeticllae in selecting Ins physicuLn, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic paticuts are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment ‘ from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for ! itisa point generally conceded by the best svphiiogm phers, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner. having neither opportunity nor time to mak himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, in most cases milk ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Have Cou Alienee. All w'ho have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years, SEEK FOK AX ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lajsitude and Nervous 1 Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is suro to fol low; do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. How :?lany Thousands Com Testify to Thi» by Unhappy Experience! Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a j complaint generally the icsult of a bad habit In youth.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war- j ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but wo are consulted by one or ! more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had ; the consumption, aud by their friends are supposed to j have it. Ail such cases yield to the proper and only 1 correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to ryoice in perfect health. Middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuation* from the blad der, oitcn accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing sensation, and weakening the system In a man ner the patient cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will otten be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin lmlk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There arc many men who <lie of this dilhculty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure In such cases, and a fVill and healthy restoration of the nrinarv organ*. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., I can do *o by writing, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, If desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble'Strect, ^pxt door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. |ar* Send a Stomp tor Circular. Eleetic Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADLES. DR. HUGHES particularly inrites all La>lie«, who need a medical adrfser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 PreVIe Street, which they will find arranged tor their especial accommodation. I)r. H.’s Eleclic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating ail Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time. iadies will find it invaluable in all case* of ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least iidurious to the health, and may bo taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full jlircctions, by addressing DR. H UGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance. janl.l8C5d«fcw. CHEROKEE PILLSjT .Or M'emale Jlegulalor, Cure Suppressed, Exceptive and Painful Meuetr tuition, Green Sickness, Nervous andvipiual Af fection*. Pain* in the Auk, Sick headache. Giddtne**. and all dis eases that s|>rinx faun irrvfrularity, by removing the cause and ail the effect* that arise from it. They are |>erf<-ctiy sale in ail cases, ex cept when fat bid den by diree itiovs, and are easy to administer, as they are nicely sugar coated. They should be in the hands of every Maiden, Wife, and Mother in the land. * Lames can nmiress ua in pence* confidence, and state their com plaints in frill, aa we treat all Female Complaints, and prepare Medicines suitable for nil diseases to which they are snbjeet—Thirty-two page pamphlet, in a sealed envelope, free. The Cherokee Pills are sold by all dmggists at |1 per box, or six boxes for $5; or they are sent by mail, free of postage, in an ordinary letter, free from observation, by oddresidng the sole proprietor, Dr. W. E. HLBEWIN, 37 Walker 8t.f N. Y. I N. B.—Cherokee Pills No. 2 are prepared for 4pedal cases, when milder medicines tail; these are sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of $0t the price qf tack boa. Dr. WRIGIIT’8 REJUVENATING ELIXIR, Or, Essence of Life, f Cures General Debility, Weak ly ne^ Hyttenc* in female*. ^ falpltativn of the Heart and <2 all Nertaun Di<eane*. It re ? Stores new life and vigor to the vilii.'iiiK uvi iM'nni wi 'A* the Phenix rises youth to course the veins, rcs ■fcf” mLUSSt °fiJrl torinK tile Organs of Genera nan U fir'—so don iion' 'emoting Im potency and this Etixir rejuven DelAlity. restoring Manliness ate the system and and full rigor% thus proving a overcome disease. perfect 44Elixir of Lore” re moving Sterility ana Barrenness in both sexes. To tho voting, mldule-a£o«l, ana aged, there is n<> greater boon than this 44 Elixir of Life.” It gives a new lease of life, causing the weak and debilitated to have renewed strength and vigor. Price, one bottle |2; three bottle* f5; sent by express to any address. Onr medicines arc aold and recommended by all respectable druggists in every part of the civilized globe; some unprincipled deafen, however, try to deceive their customers by selling cheap and worth less compounds in order to make money. Be not deceived—ask for these medicines and take no others. If the druggist does not keep them, write to us, and we will send them by express, carefully packed, free from observation. We will be pleased to receive letters with full statements in regard to any disease with which ladies or gentlemen art afflicted Address all letters for medicines, i>*uiph «n»*>r advice, to the sole proprietor A. W. R. MRRVmr, 37 Walker at., N. Y. MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. IT DEWING, Medical Electrician 174 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Opposite the United Mates Hotel . 'iirrXEEKE he would rcspectiully announce to W citizens ot Portland anil vicinity, that he a permanently located in this city. During the three years wo have been in this city, we have cured some ot the worst forms of disease in persons who havk tried other forms ot treatment in vain, and curing pationts in so short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured? To answer this questh l we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor tho second time without charge. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician for twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated physiciui, Electricity is perfectly lefented to chronic diseases it the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia it the licftd, neck, or extremities; consumption win i in the acute stages or where the lungs are not full) involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, luj diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of tlie spine, contracted muscles, distorted limb;-, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dvspeps*a, indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—w e cure every case tliat can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures ni the chest, and all forms of female complaints. By Electricity Tlie Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with,joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten liiubs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deal lo hear ami the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature life prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. L. A D I E S Who have cold liam.s and feet; weak stomachs, lam aud weak back-*; nervous and sick headache' dizzi ness ami swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the bide and hack; loucorrhuea, (or whites); foiling of the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that ions train of diseases will find in Electricity a sure mean of cure. For painful menstruation, too r. of use menstruation, and all of those long line of trouble with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. TEETH X TEETII X TEETH ! Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity WITHOUT pain. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to liavr removed for reset ting he would give a polite invitation to«all. Superior Electro Magnetic Ma-hines tor sale for family use, with thorough instructions. Dr. D. can accommodate o lew patients with board end treatment at his bouse. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; from 1 to 6 P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novltl IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN Owners of Hemlock Lands! THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING COMPANY, oi Now York, own tlie exclusive right in the United States for the manufac ture of an in.perishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. The Bark Extract is new extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand lor ii rapidly increasing. It eomniandi a ready sale in the Boston, Now York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixtv cents per gallon. The appliances lor manufacturing arc simple and not expensive, costing but Utile more than the or. Unary lejc&rauwd bvTan ners. By this process, 1} cords of Bark may4*. re duced fci'as to concentrate the entire strength into lbrtv Ballons ol extract, without in the slightest de cree injuring its tanning ipialitios, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight nlonc, between the transportation of tho Extract and tlie bark, will range from sjx to eight dollars per cord, so that any one who may got ont bnt three hundnd cords of bark i*>r year, may stive from two thousand to tweuty-iive hundred dollars in the ditferenee in tfeight. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to manulhc turc'in certain h s-nllt iw, charging a small royalty per gallon on ttio amount mnuultwtured. Tlio Company will scud competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct In tbe manulacturo of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties tntering into tide business, tho Company will contract to take all tho Extract manufactured under their process at fitly cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties in Maine desiring further information as to terms Ac mav ■■all upon or addross CHARLES HALjfc.^GenCTal Agent for Maine, 2t Maine street, Bangor, where models of the npmratus may be seen, * ^qy1^13o) S* Hi KENNEDY} fifi f, _railroads. GRAND TRUNK “RAILWAY Ot Cunuda, Alteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. 3Kgg„.jr on and liter Monday, JIov. 12,1M6. trains will run an follows:— Train tor South Paris ami Lewiston, at 7.10 A. M Mali Train for Waterville, Bangor, Gorham, island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 1*. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron to, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping car* attached iron* Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train lor South Paris at 5.00 P. M. No baggage can be received or checked after the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows:— From So. Paris, Lewiston aud Auburn, at 8.10 a. M From Moutreul, Quebec, «&c., - - 1.15 p. The Company are not responsible l« »r baggage to sny amount exceeding *50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate of one passenger for every *500 additional value. // nor iLv\lin Alanuyiny Director. HAILE l, Local Superintendent. _**ortlaiMl, Nov. ‘2, 1*66. dtf PORTUHO & ROCHESTER K.R W INTER ARRANGEMENT. Hbfcnuj'OT trains leave Saco BXvar for Port'.nil at 5.W anti li.UU A. M., and p. „ L „ for Saco lllvcr T.15 A. M., HO and 5.«p Freight trains w ith i a-^u-er c*r attached will leave Saco Itiver tor Portlaml. 6.50 a. m. Leave Portland for Saco K»ver 12.!5 P. M. UT Stagesoounect at uorham lor West Gorham, Blandish, Steep Fails, Baldwin, Denmark, bebagoj Bridgton, Lovell. Hiram, Brownheld, Frjeburg. Conway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, Cornish,Por ter, Freedom, Madison, and Eaton, N. ii. At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonny-EagU, South Limington. Limingtou, Limerick, N*wfield, Parsonsfield and Ossipee At Saccarappa for South Windham, Windham Hill and North Windham, daily By order ot the President. Portland, Dec. 14, 186*’—dtf SPECIAL NOTICE. OWING to the breakiug of a Driver on the Engine “Wcstbruek,” the regular freight train on the Portland aud ltochester it. K. will be discontinued for a lew d;n s. dc‘2Uutf PORTLAND AJIENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, CamuaciiuiiiK Monday, Nnv. l'Jlh, 1600. Tasscngcr Trains leave PorUan.t dally at l.uv P. M., lor Bath, Augusta, Wat erviiiu, iiiudall s Mill*, SkowhegnTi, and intermediate Stations.(connecting at Brunswick with Androscog gin R. it., for Lowision and Farmington, and at Kendall’s Mills w ith Maine central ILK.) ior Bangor and i ntermediatestations. Farrs as low by this routs asanyothir. Leave Portland lor Bath, Lewt3ton, Augusta and intermediate stations on Satunby only Lt 7.46 P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland for Brunswick and In ternicdiate stations daily, except S&luroa^, at 6.30 P. M> Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland lor Skowhegun and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are duo at Portland at 9.20 A M., and irom Skowhegan and Farmington and ail intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to i onnoci with trains tor Boston. Stages for Itockland connect at Bath; and for Bel iasUai Augusta, leuviu, daily on arrival oi train from Bosion, lcavlug at 7.30 A. M.; and tor Solon, Anson. Nomagi wock, Athens and Moose Bead Lake at Skowhegun, and for China, East and Nprth Vassal boro’ at \'a»salboro’; for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and for Canaan at Pishon’s Ferry. W. HATCH, Snperisieadeat* Angnsta, Oct. 27, HCfl. novl2dtt MAINE CENTRAL R. ST WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rgffitiy.ZJgr? On and after Monday,November 12ih, urrent. tiaius wHl leave Pott land for Bangor and all intcipi'-diuie station on this tine, at 1.10 P. M. doily. For Lewiston and Auburn only, at 7.10 A.M. l3P“Frclght trains for Watervilleand all tntenne dlate stations, leave Port laud at 8.26 A. M, Train tram Bangor is due at Portland at 1.46 P, M, in season to < onuect with train for Bostou. From Lewiston and Auburn only, at 8.10 A. M. ED Wl*s NOYES, bupt. Nov. 1,1866 no9<m PORTLAND S I PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing Monday, Nov. 12th, 18U6. Passenger Trains leave Portland for ton at8.40 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. M., auda 2.30 P. JVC A Mechanic’s a d Laborer’s Train will leave Biddeiord daily, Sundays excepted, at 6 A. M., and Saco at 6 08, arriving in Portland at 6.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor Saco and Bid delord aud intermediate stations at 5.30 p. M. A special Height train, with passeuger cor attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for saco and Biddeford, and returning, leave Biddeiord at 6.30 and saco at 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE, Sunt. Portland. Oct 29, 1866. uoiatf To Travelers / Throngh Tickets from Portland To all Points West <£• South, VIA THE New York Central, Erie & Lake sphere, And Pennsylvania Central lOUIroads, For Rale at the Lowem rates at the We«t> eru Railway Ticket Office,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Mark.El Squakh. W. JD. LITTLE <0 CO.f Qeueral Ticket Agents. ZJf' Passage Tickets for California, via steamer* from New York on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each mouth for sale at this office,as heretofore. dc25d&wU STLAMlilS I __ __ Montreal OceanSteamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED SlAiLS MAILS. Pa»«eager» Rooked to Londonderry and Liverpool. Return Tickets grouted at Reduced Kale. The Steamship Nova Scotian, Captain Wylie, will •ail from this pint for Liverpool, SATURDAY, 6th i January, 1867, immediately alter the arrival of the train of the previous day from Montreal, to be follow ed by the Hibernian on the 12th of January. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) $70 to $80. Steerage, $23. Payable in Gold or its equivalent, fir For Freight or passage apply to 11. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 26,1866. Pec. 28 did FARE REDUCED_TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement I • ■— —1 ■ Until further notice the Steamers ol the Portland Steam Packet Co, 1 i will run as follows:— Leavo Atlantic \N harf for Boston, every evening, (except Sunday)at 7 o'clock. Leave Boston the same days at 5 P. M. Cabin iare,. . $1.50 Deck,. 1.00 IrlT" Package tickets to be bad ot the Agents at re duced rat et*. Freight taken as usual. „ _ _ , L. BILLINGS, Agent. May Sind, 1866—dtf International Steamship Oo. Lamport, Calais and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. On and after Monday, December 17th, the steamer NEW BRUNS WICK, C’apt. E. B. WINCHES TER, will leave Rati Road Wharf, 'foot of Stale Sr., every MONDAY', at 6 o’clock P. M tor East port anti St.John. RETURNING, will leave St. John every THUR9 | DAY, at 8 o’clock A. Al. At East port Stage Coaches will connect tor Ma ! cliias. At St John the E. A N. A. Railway will connect ; for Sliediac. I fcfcr'Freight received on days ot sailing until 4 o’dk. p. Si. C. C. BATON, dec20-dtf Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORX steamship company. SEMI* WEEKLY LINE. Tin? splendid and fast Steam ships DTKIUO, Capt. II. Sher wood, and FRANCONIA, Capt. W. W. Sherwood, will, until —---’further notice, run us follows. Leave brow "s W hart, Portland, every WLDNES DAY and SATl'RDA Y, lit P. M„ and leave Pier 3S East Elver, New York, everv WEDNESDAY and SATCTtii.AY, at 4 o’clock P. It, These vessels are tit ed ny with tine accommoda tions lor passengers, making this the moat speedy sale and comlortablo route tor travellers between JJfX ^°5k, and Fast-age, in state Room, $6.uo Cabin passage 85.00. Meals extra Goods forwarded by this line to and Irom Mon PTeM, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eanpoitand Shippers are requested to send their H eight to the steamers as early as3 P. M.ou the day that they leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to EMERY A FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 30 Easi River. May go, Isos. dtl HOTELS. UNITED STATES DOTEL, PORTLAND, MAINE, I’Hc subscriber, recently Proprietor of tl.o COM MERCIAL HOI S!:, (which was destroyed in tlie tire.| Legs to announce to lus old i-atrons and the public that ho has leased llic above hotel and w ill 01 011 for llio accommodation ol tile public cener ally. on Sat urduy August II. * Thankful to lus old customers for past patronace he would solicit a continuance of the same. * * TERMS FAVORABLE. _ N. ,T, DAVIS. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.....SO. CAROLINA. THF. proprietor has the pleasure to inform the traveling public that tho above house is now open for the reception of guests, having made extensive al terations. improvements, and refurnished If through out, it is now in capital or lor, and every exertion will bo made to render it acceptable to his patrons. nolOeodCm JOSEPH PTRCELL. Notice. PERSONS clearing the nuns or digging cellars cab find a good place to deposit tneir ' ubhish qb ! Franklin Wharf. 8. KOUNlfS, | teptlO—Utf WUmuuger,