Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 10, 1867 Page 3
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BY TELEGRAPH TO THE l’OlM'LA.XU DULY PRESS. -__ Thursday Morning, January 10,1807. — --- 1 - " LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [SPECIAL dispatch to the DAILY PRESS ] State House, Acc-csta, Jau. 9,1807. SENATE. Several petitions presented in the House. re ported yesterday, wore read and referred, in concurrence. Hon E. Flint, by letter, accepted the office of Secretary of Statu. An order was passed directing the Commit tee on State Printing to confer with parties other than the present contractors; also direct ing an enquiry luto the cijsjdieucy of author Umg Probate Judges to decree changes of names. Several petitions were presented from towns for authority to loan their credit towards aid in constructing the Dover and Newport Rail road. Petition for incorporation of Houlton Branch If ailioad Company, and petitions for renewal of charters of Eastern and Fatmers’ Banks, oi Bangor, were severally referred. A communication svas received from Gen. John L. Hodsdon, conveying the information that his reports ful eighteen hundred and sixty four and eighteen hundred and sixty-five, were j in the bands of the State binders, and would be ready and issued at an early day. A resolve passed last session virtually forbids their dis tribution to members of the Legislature, other than those of 38Go ar.d 1SGG. A distribution agreeable to the resolve of February 23d, 18G3 would entirely exhaust the number printed.— j In consequence the communication was refer red to the Military Committeo, with instruc tions to enquire into the expediency of repeal ing or amending said resolve. HOUSE. The order raising a joint standing committee on legal reform, amended by tbe Senate by striking off the words “ to be composed of members who have no private interest involv ed against such reforms distinct from the pub lic good,” came back to tho House, and after considerable discussion the House insisted up on its former vote, and the same was returned to the Senate. The following petitions were presented: Of Josepli Hobson and others for the incorpora tion of Saco as a city. Of Bufus Stowell and others to bo set off from South I aris village corporation. Of several Lodges of Good Tem plars lor change of liquor law. Of Mattawam keag Log Driving Company, to construct n dam. Of Joseph B. Foster, of Bridgtou, to di vert the water of Peabody Pond from its natu ral outlet. Of Nelson Diuglcy, Jr., and others, in aid of the petition of Oliver Moses and oth ers for a charter to extend the Androscoggin Kailroad to some point of intersection with the Grand Trunk Bailway. Of J. W. Dy er and others for authority to tho Cape Eliza beth Steam Ferry Company to increase its cap ital slock and raise its rate of toll. Of James T. Ckamplin and others for a change of name of Watorviile College. Of Joseph N. Grant for investigation into the management of the Iu •ane Hospital. Memorial of Josiah Crosby and others, of Dexter, for an am^idment of the Constitution removing tho prohibition of the ioan of tho State credit. All of which were appropriately referred. On motion of Mr. Barton, of Benton, order- j cd that the Judiciary Committee be requested to enquire into the expediency of providing by law Hurt the Slate shall assume the debt of tk„ towns and plantations incurred in paying bounties to volunteers during the late rebel lion. Ordered, that tho Committee on the Judicia ry be instructed to cuqnire whether any fur ther legislation is necessary to secui e the taxa tion cf stock in National Banks bold in towns other then wbere the banks are located, anu report by bill or otherwise. Mr. Goodman,of liucksport, declined serv ing on the Judiciary Committee, and Mr. Cil ley, ui f humastouv was appointed in his place Adjourned. CALIFORNIA. Hepttvla of Gold and Silver Mines. San Francisco, Jan. 8. I Coin draiu on Atlantic cities are quoted at2 I 1-2 pet cent., currency drafts 2$ per cant pre miumiugold; telegraphic transfer 3 per cent. Sterling exchange 148 1-2 for sixty day bills. Tlic Bulletin contains the annual Nummary of gold and silver mining interests of Cali forma I and Nevuda. It presents a new feature of in- ’ terest. The Gould & Curry mines produced $1,000,000 in bullion last year; dividends $252, j 1W0. The Savage mine, since July last, yielded I $1,0G0,0o0; dividends, £360,000. The Hale & ■ Korcross mines during the past year yielded : S1,200,«XX); dividends, $300,000. The Yellow mini s yielded £2,300,000; dividends, $390,000. The Clown Point mine yielded $1,- i 273.000; dividends, $234,OoO. The Ophir mines yielded £>450,000; no dividends. The Imperial uiir.cs yielded for the past eighteen months $1,51:3,000; dividends, $370,000 IheEureka mine in Grass Vailey produced last year $000,000, and earned $120,000 net pronts. Eecent sales of one-fortieth of their * interest amounted to $175,000. The Eureka i unues ot Alador county yielded $485,000, with a pront of $132,000 The Sierra Buttes claim I yielded last year $220000, with net earnings of $138,000. Tor the last live years this mine lias averaged about the same results, aud was re cently sold lor $570,000 to t'Uilip S. Vau Kon sclaer of New York. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Gen. Grant on the District Suffrage Bill. ■ ECJIET KWESTUlATIOtV OF DIB. , ASIILEY’S CHABGES. . _ ,. New York, Jan. 9. A Washington dispatch says, in relation to the Di-trict suffrage hill, Gen. Grant was pres- | ent at the Cabinet meeting by request. He ! took no part in the discussion. At last the President asked hi.-; views. Gen. Grant rei)li ed very briefly, stating that the objection which liad been urged by one of the members of the Cabinet, that it was unconstitutional because it disfranchised rebels without trial, was in his estimation the best part of the bill, and exhibit eu the most wisdom. As for conferring suf- 4 irage ou the blacks in the District, he was op po9ed until the members consented to do it in ! the States at their homes. Upon the argu- i meats and principles involved in the message, ^ he uttered no opinion whatever. The Post s Washington dispatch says the ! Judiciary Committee have agreed to secrecy during the .investigation of Mr. Ashleys charges against the President. All correspon dents publishing the proceedings will be called to account. Mexican Affairs. Galveston, Jan. 8. TLe steamer Haines has put into this port.— The officers discredit the reported capture of Sau Luis Potosi. At Trie nee rs six thousand Liberals were scattered o\er the country pillaging. Mejia has 2,090 men, well armed and supplied. Marshal Bazaiuc has ordered the last French soldier to embark by the 3d ot March, When the officers lrom the Susquehanna landed at Vera Cruz some of the Mexicans cheered, and they were afterwards beaten by French soldiers. On the 3d inst. a gang of robbers robbed a diligence and outraged three women passen gers. Charles Morehead, of New York, and Davis V r°o. <jt ?he largest banking house in San L.ui8 Potosj, had been imprisoned six weeks in a cell, for an offense against French officers. MtvsacliUMCftK firm*. rpi _ „ „ Boston, Jan. 9. Ike Boston Scottish Club, of this city, cele biate the birthdav of Hubert Burns "on the 25th inst., by a ball and supper The funeral °f n. H. Wilson took place at Natick tins afternoon. It was attended by a lurg<* number. J The annual meeting of the American Steam ship Company was held in this city to-day — The prospects of the company were repre tint ed to be very promising. One of the vessels of the company 19 now receiving lier macinery and the other will be ready lor launching by the 20th of March. These vessels will sail be- 1 tween Boston and Liverpool. Democratic Nomination* in Ohio* Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 8. 1 no Democratic Convention met hero this afternoon. George H. Pendleton was chosen President. The following ticket was nomin ated: Por Governor, Allen G. Thurman, of Franklin; Lieut Governor, David S. Uhl of Holmes; Treasurer, C. Fulton; Adjutant Gen eral, Frank H. Hurd, of Knox; Supreme Jud<;e, Thomas Key, of Hamilton; Comptroll er, Thomas Sht.rkiaii Williams; Board of Pub lic Works. Arthur Hughes, of Cuyahoga. 1'T‘Otti New Oilcan*. ry nr . ORLEANS, Jan. 9. Gov. Wells will recommend to the next Leg islature the employment of penitentiary con victs in the construction of railroads and other public works. Advices trom the interior show that the ne groes have been very restive during the Christ mas holidays, but are not quieting down Win. Fisher is to lie executed for murder on the 26th of January, at Nacldtoches. Specie Paiiueul. in Maine. State Hosse, Attgitsta, Jan, 9. The Legislature lias voted to continue the suspension of specie payments until April 15, isos. _ Election of n Calnl Nintes Senator. Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 9. In the Legislature to-day Mr. Drake was elected United States Senator. XXXIX GONGEE88-~S£0 OND SESSION. W AsniyoToy, Jan. 9. SENATE. Mr. Edmunds presented petition* in favor of the tariff bill passed at the last session Re ferred. Mr Lane from the Committee on Pensions reported a bill granting pensions to certain persons in East Tennessee. , M,r- )''ade* ,llc Committee on the Dis £l-Ct.?f-0ol.u?bU- rePnrted, with amendments, the Hous< bill to authorize the construction ol a branch of the Baltimore and Potomac Bail r,)?d- o0rUred to be printed. -Mr. Sumner presented petitions of the wool growers and citizens of Virginia; appropriate ly rcterred. Also, a protest of Massachusetts citizens against the admission of Nebraska with a constitution disfranchising colored citizens. Ordered to lie on the table. Mr. Sumner presented a claim of tho New England Aid Society for $2.%000 damages done to their property in Leavenworth by a mob years ago. Referred to the Committee on Claims. . . ,-nn. rul other petitions were presented and appropriately referred. Sir Lane reported favorably the House hill relative to pensions of widows of revolutionary soldiers, married to such soldiers prior to 1800 Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on the Dis trict of Columbia, reported adversely on the bill annulling all loans and ordinances of the District, making distinctions botween persons on account of color, &c. Mr. Morrill also reported the bill to amend “h® charter ot Washington in »ome particulars. lhe bill relative to the mode ol* appointing P-nsion Agents was called up. After a short discussion farther considerate,a was postponed until to-morrow at 12.50 P. M. jliii' Dili to admit Nebraska was taken up. Mr. Johnson took the floor in opposition to the amendment imposing negro suffrage. Mr. Sumner explained the vote he was about to give. He should vote for the amendment. The question came up on Mr. Edmund’s amendment as a substitute for Mr. Brown’s and disagreed to by a vote of 15 to 17. Mr. Brown’s amendment was then taken up and Mr. Wade opposed it. Mr. Sumner favored it and hoped every friend of liberty would vote for it. The amendment was disagreed to. Mr. Edwards offered an independent amend ment, which was disagreed to—yeaa 18, nays 18 Subquently the bill was taken from the Com mittee of the Whole, and Mr. Edward's amend ment adopted—yeas 20, nays 18, the two ad ditional affirmatives being Fowler and Spell man. This amendment sets forth that in the State of Nebraska it shall be no abridgement to the exercise of the franchise, or any other rights, to any person by reason of color, excepting In dians not taxed. The question recurring upon the passage of the bills as amended, it was pass ed—yeas 24, nays 15; absent and not voting 13. A communicate.i relating to the employ ment of officers in navy yards was received, and referred. air. VV ado called up the bill for the admission of Colorado similar to that of Nebraska. Mr. Edmunds offered an identical amend ment and it was adopted. Messrs. Hendricks and Doolittle opposed the admissson, and after discussion the bill was passed—nays 11, yeas 23. The yeas were Messrs. Anthony^ Cattell, Chandler, Conness, Cragin, CressweH, Edmunds, Fowler. Henderson, How ard, Kirkwood, Lane, Morrill, Poland, Ramsey, Itoss, Sherman, Stewart, Sumner, Van Winkle, Wade, Wiley and Williams—23. Navs, Buck ulew, Doolittle, Fosier, Grimes, Hendricks, Johnson. Morgan, Nesmith, Norton, Patterson and Riddle—11 Mr. Wade called up the bill annulling all laws of Congress for the territories making any distinction in the exercise of the elective fran chise, or other civil or political rights on ac count of color. Pending the consideration of the bill the Sen ate adjourned at 4.25 P. M. HOUSE Mr. Chaninr rosa to a question of privilege, saying the reporters did not place his vote in tho atUnuative on the passage of Mr. Asblcy's impeachment resolution. He did not wish to he considered 09 having made a mistake. He had voted with the fixed determination to bring betoro the House the charges made against the Tresident. In conclusion, lie submitted a reso lution that the Associated Press reporters be Sit on the same looting as reporters on the lobe. Referred to Committee on Rules. Mr. Hasson introduced a bill to restore the iiifi-iiiotiou of Indian affairs to the War De partment. Referred. air. ta alker uutodurod e bill to provide a sys tem of education for the District of Columbia. Referred. The Secretary of War was requested to in form the House whether steps had been taken tor removing the wrecked stcamei Scotland from tho ouuauce of New York haibor. Tiie Judiciary Committee were instructed to inquire whether the Banking act ought to he amended in certain particulars. The Ways and Mcaus Committee were in structed to inquire into the expediency of ex empting incomes from taxation, to the extent of glduO, aud all over that to 6 per coot. Mr. Alley, from the Post Office Committee, reported a joint resolution directing the Post ing-ter General to adjust and settle the claim ot the Ocean Steamship line, running between New York aud Sau Francisco via Panama, for extra mail service in ItkA and’G5, the allowance not to exceed 810,300. Alter some debate the re solution was laid on the table. Mr. Alloy, from the same committee, report ed a joiut resolution appointing the Mayor, Postmaster and U. S. District Attorney of New York, Jackson S. Scliurtz, Charles H. Kussell, and Moses H. Taylor, as a commission to pur* chase a site tor a Post Office aud United States Courts in Now York, being a portion of the City Hall Park, for the sum of $500,000. After some debate it was passed. During the discussion of the purchase of the new site for tho New York Tost Office, in answer to the question what was the value of the old site, Mr. Alley replied that no action had been taken in the matter as the property would have to be occupied until the new structure could be erected, but it would probably sell for $350,000, the proceeds to go towards the pur chase of the new site. Mr. Chanler asked if there was not an under standing in reference to the transfer of that property, and stated that it was currently un derstood in New York that the property would be transferred to the Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' Exchange, instead of being sold for the benefit of this Government. Mr. Alley said he did not believe it, and it could not go into effect without a special act of Congress. After amendments and much discussion the resolution passed. Air. Grinuell inquired whethor there could be a modification ot the 23d article of tho treaty with the Chocktaw and Chickasaw Indians of I June, 1866, whereby the 8000 persons of color i among them might have their stfttus defined and be allowed to select lands from unoccupied lands. Air. Afaynard urged Jhe adoption of the reso lution to modify that of the 18th of June, 1866, instructing the Commissioner of Claims to re ject all claims of citizens of States lately in re bellion, so that it might not apply to loyal citi zens of Tennessee. Air. Washburn objected. A resolution was introduced asking of the Secretary of War information as to the letting of contracts for the manufacture of arms. A message from the President, transmitting a report on the murder of United States sol diers in South Carolina, and tne conviction and respite of the murderers, was received and re ferred to the special committee on that subject. A message was also received from the Attor ney General giving the number of persons par doned by the President since April 15,18G5. Air. Garfield's bill to grant additional com pensation to its employees in the service of the Government was taken up and discussed.— Without taking action the House adjourned. Canadian Affairs, Quebec, C. E., Jan. 9. Mr. Pope, Inspector of the gold mines at Chandicre, reports that a nuget has bsen lotind at the depth of 32 feet valued at 8800 . Montreal, Jan. 9. Writs of habeas corpus in the cases of Grif fin ami Knapp; bond thieves, have been refus ed. They are likely to he imprisoned some time. Toronto, C. 'W., Jan. 9. The sentences of seven Fenian prisoners, in cluding Col. Lynch and McMahon, condemned to death at the last assizes, have been commut ed to twenty years imprisonment in the Prov incial penitentiary, according to orders. The ?risoners will be sent to-night to Kingston. he trial of the remaining 32 prisoners com mences to-morrow, with same counsel for the Crown as before. Mr. Thurston, the American Consul, has obtained counsel tor the defence. . Ottawa, Jan. 9. The Pontiac mills, on the Upper Ottawa river, were burned yesterday. The lumber operations will he unusually large this year. FROM EUROPE NEWS Bl THE CABLE. London. Jan. 8.—Reports from Hong Kong state that the French fleet in Corea is about to leave those waters for thejwinter without be iugable to obtain redress from Cochin China. home, Jan. 8.—The Italian Ambassador. To nelli, has finally settled the question, the Papal Cabinet agreeing that the appointment of Bishops hereafter shall lie made by the Pope and receive the sanction of the Emperor and Government of Italy. Hisrnllaaeons Dispatches. Oswego, 111., Jan. 9. I The wool growers of Illinois met to-day, and adopted a resolution advocating the protection of the interests of the wool growing class, by the passage of the hill now before the United btutiis Senate. f. . Cincinnati, Jan. 9. The Uliio Sc Mississippi Railroad was sold tins morning to the trustees for the benefit (of the creditors lor one million dollars over and above the first mortgage bonds, ,, Hartford, Conn., Jan. 9. Theodore Moister and Henry A. Smith charged with the murder of Luther G. Thomp son, in Farmington, in October last, were tu dav bound over for trial at the March term ot the Supreme Court. The defence introduced argument0*0" aUd submitted tho ca3e without Crain Ncrnda. H G Blaisdeii p«akcisco, Jan. 9. sai?S8s»sai*“ «•£■£> It has been resolved to petition the British government for the location of the seat of gov. eminent ot Victoria Island at Victoria. THs Indiaua Conspiracy Case. ati- v i Chi?a°o, Jan. 8. An Indianapolis special says in the United States Circuit Court to-day, the District At torney entered a nolle prosequi in the cases of Horace Heflsom, Salbdin P. .Milligan, William A. Bowles, John C. Walker, .Stephen C. Hor sey and others, known as Indiana conspirators. It is generally believed that this wrs done in obedience to instructions from Washington. WASHINGTON. The Impeachment Question. List of Persons Pardoned by the President. Surratt on his Way to the United States. GENBBAI, QUANT’S FIRST PUBLIC BECEPTIOX. Washington, Jan. a Itei.n sentative Ashley, of Ohio, was before the House Judiciary Committee to-day, ay a witness in tho impeachment question. Mr. Ashley iutorms his friends that he is confident of tho passage of a bill for recon structin'; the Southern States on the basis re cently introduced by him. The following are tho principal names of persons pardoned, a list of whom was sent to the House to-day by the President: Virginia— -P. H. Aylett, Confederate States Attorney: Alexander Boteller, rebel member of Congr. iss: John It. Cornbliss, do.; T. T. Fonteroy.ex Uni ted States Army; J. D. Henderson, Lieutenant Commander ol U. S. Navy; J. D. Haliburtun, rebel Judge; D. C. Dejannotte, rebel member of Congress; E. G. Lee, Brig. General; P. F Moore, do.; Robert Ould, ex U. 8. District At torney and rebel Exchange Agent; R. S Paige, Biig. General; J. M. 8t. John, do. .io.; John E. Chole, do. do.; Alexander 0. Jones, do. do.; R. B. Pegram, ex U. S. Navy; Clsas. J. Faulkner: ex Miniatir to France, by recommendation of President Lincoln. Non tn Carolina—R. Bamiger, Brig. General; W. K. Cox, do. do.; A. M. ltawson, do. do.; A. M. Scales, do. do. South Carolina — William. E. Aiken, ex Governor of South Carolina; W. 8. Beuham, Brig. General; M. Butler, do. do.; J. Pntfnn .In • IT3.&Aw»<k TInnta _„t 1 lax . ^ r**y*v" "“&• «wutjA(»i, w wwi urujiu. uo. «u.; L. G. Guttrell, do. do.; H. R. Jackson, do. «io.; J. J. Jones, ex U. S. member of Congress ; P. M. Lynch, Catholic Bishop; J. L. Orr, rubel Senator; J. S. Preston, Brig. General; H. E. Simms, rebel Senator; G. NT Trenholm, Secre tary of Treasury, and 100 others.- Georgia— Clifford Andersond and J. E. Brown, rubel Governor* of Georgia. Florida. J. P Ami... son, Maj. General; A. K. Allison, Governor of Florida; G. M. Davis, Mai. General; A. E. MaywulJ, Senator, and nearly 100 others. Al abama—C. H. Battle, Brig. General: A. Buck er, do. do.; \V. B. C, Dayton. MqJ. General; E. E. Elmer, rebel Assistant Treasurer; Duff C Greene,Brig. General; Wade Keyes, rebel At torney General: G. M. Moody, Brig. General - E. W. Kuthers, do. do.; P. D. Body, do. do.’ and many others from the rebel States, amount ing to several hundred persona. Secretary Wells to-day received a telegram by cable from Admiral Goldiborough, stating that the steamer Swatara left the European squadron yesterday for the United States, with John H. Surratt on board as a prisoner. It is expected she will arrive here by the last of January. It is the intention of the Acting Comptroller of the Currency to require the National banka to keep the amount of reserve of lawful money required to protect their circulation, In plain legal tender notes. The first public reception of General and | Mrs. Grant this season, took place this eve ning. Among the guests were members of the - Cabinet, Senators, Representatives, member* . of the Diplomatic Dorps, officers of the army i and navy and many other prominent persons , About one-third of the guests Were ladies._ Geu. Grant and lady were undoubtedly grati- | fled by the dense throng of their friends who ! were received by them. •w York Ileai*. _ N«w Yum, Jan. 9. The Kxpress publishes a list of 109 vessels of all sorts which were put under the British flag or sold abroad during the war, and says that during five years 1061 American vessels were that transferred. Tiie receipts of cotton at this port daring the week ending the 7lh inst., were 70978 bales.— The receipts siuce September 1st to date are 746.000 bales. The stock on hand at this port it is estimated comprises 195,000 bales. Relia ble authorities in this city make up the total receipt* of cotton at all point* from Septem ber 1st to January 4th at 743,000 bales, against 900.000 dui mg the same period in 1966 and 1806 an* 1,051 j009ln 1857 and 1868. An act on, which created considerable ex citement in commercial circles, was decided to day in the United States Circuit Court. It was a suit in behalf of C. E. Schneider et a) against Hiram Bonney, formerly Collector oi this port, involving over one million of dollars. The main question in the case was the con struction of the statute, and difference between gray uncolored cloth and delaines. Leading merchants of New York and Boston appeared as witnesses. The verdict was givenTbr the Government. Seventeen liquor dealors were convicted at Kings eouuty Court of Sessions yesterday af ternoon for violation of the excise law in sell ing liquor without a license. The steamer Australasian sailed for Lrver 1 pool to-day. She takes out no treasure. Jail BintdaiKiifUm, 9. r_Twtil;. lira Negrae* BararJ la Death. Charleston-, Jan. 9—Noon. Advices reached here this morning ot the destruction by fire of the jail at Kingston, by which twenty-two inmates (negroes) perished in the fiames. The jail is said to hare been entirely consumed. Presentation of a medal la Mrs. Lincoln Chicago, 111., Jan. 9. Last Monday morning there arrived a gen tle mail from France, who quietly proceeded to the residonce of Mrs. Lincoln, and without pomp or speechpresented her with a medal, in bealf of 30,000 French people, in token of their respect for Abraham Lincoln. Rejection of the Constitutional Amend ment by the Virginia Legislature. _ . , Richmond, Va., Jan. 9. The Legislature to-dav rejected the Consti tutional amendment. The Senate voted unan imously against it, and only one member of the House voted for it. THE MARKETS. Financial. _ lt New York, Jan. 9. The Money market closed easier to-day than for some time past. Call loans ranged from 6 to 7 per cent, on Government securities and stock collaterals. Discounts were dull and only prime names pas-ed at 7 per cent. The market for Foreign Exchange was dull and nominal at 109j @ lOOj. Gold was weaker towards the close of the day and left oft' at 133f Government securities, sympathizing with Gold, were heavy and lower. Slocks were heavy after the second board; at the last open board a further decline took place, but after the session there was a little more steadiness. New York market. _ , Nsw York. Jan. 9. Cotton—}c lower; sales 2,100 bales. Middling up lands at 35c. Flour—less active and price without decided change; sa’es or 7,500 ouis. State at 975 ® 12 80; Bound Hoo^ Ohio at 1210 ® 14 50; Western at 9 75 ® 14 35; Southern at 12 00 ® 17 00. Wheat—quiet and steady; sales 31,600 bosh. Mil waukee No. 2 at 2 40 ® 2 42. Corn—dull and declining; sales 7,000 bush. Mixed Western at 120. Yellow Western Tat 122, Oats—lc lower; Bales 29,000 bush. Chicago at 66c. State at 70 ® 71c. Ohio at 68. Canada, in bond, a 52c. Beet—dull and unchanged. Pork—closed firmer; sales of 6,000 bbls. New mess at 20 62}; old do 19 26; prime at 16 75 ® 17 124. Lard—heavy. Whiskey—quiet. ' Bice—dull and unchanged. Sugare-firm; sales 300 hhds. Museovado at 10}c ® lie. Coffee—steady. Molasses—quiet and firm. Naval Stoics—quiet and firm: Spirits Tur pen tins at «6@!68c. Rosin at 9 26 © 10 od. Petroleum—quiet. Oils—quiet. Tallow—firm. Wool—quiet and firm. Freights to Liverpool—firm. Chicago Market*. un™ ^ . . , Chicago, Jan. ». Flour if moderately active and without decided change; Spring extras are quoted 10 25 © 10 50.— Wheat dull and ljc lower. Corn, sales No. 1 at 80ic: 2 at 70c. Oats dull and i @ lc lower: sales of No. 2 at 42c. Rye neglected and nominally lower. Bar* lev neglected ami 2 © 3c lower. Provisions dull; Mess pork, city brands, sales at 18 25; country do at 17 75. Lard less active; sales atllf © ll$c. Dressed hogs opened active and closed quiet; sales at 660 © 6 70. Ciaciaaati market.. „ . Cincinnati, Jan 9. Flour firm and unchanged; soles at 9 50 ® 10 60 for superfine: Extra at 11 00 ® 12 26. Cotton quiet — Whiskey firm at 2 26. Hogs quiet with a declining tendency; sales at 6 76 @ 6 00 for live, and 7 00 ® 7 4o tor dressed. Provisions quiet with a downward ten dency ; Mess Pork sales at 1975 ® 20 00. Green meats steady at yesterday's quotations, hard firm and prime leaf advanced; sales at 11} ® 12c for kettle. Gold 134. Bates of Exchange are unchanged. Mon ey easy. Savaanak markets. _ „ Savannah, Qa., Jan. 8. The Cotton market is dull. Sales of Middling Un lands at 32 ® 34c. * Commercial—Per Cable. _. „ Manchester, Jan. 8. The manufacturing interests are dull and orders limited, „ Liverpool, Jan. 8, Evening. Breadatuns quiet. Com 42s is 42s U1 per a uarter.— Cotton—Middling uplands 15(1. . „ London, Jan. 8, Evening. Cons >ls firm at 91} for money. American Securities.—'The following are the closing quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 81 j. United States 6-20’s at 72}. Erie Railroad shares 45}. _ Frankfort, Jan. 8. United States 5-20 bonds active at 70}. Paris, Jan. 8. The Bour-e closed quiet; Rentes 06182}c. London, Jan. 9, Noon. Consols are quoted at 91 for money. American Securities.—The tollowlng were the opened prices of American seenrities: Erie Railway shares 15. Illinois Central shares 81. United States 5-20*8 72}. Liverpool, Jan. 9, Noon. The Colton market opens dull to-day, with but lit tle doing. The gales of the day wUl probably reach 8,000 bales. Quotations unchanged. New Ysrk Stock market, „ Nett Yore, Jan. 9. Second Board—The Stocks market Is heavy and much lower. American Hold.I'jM H- S' Pwe-Twemlea, registered, iN2.'.7—1064 ® lOtil U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,. 1862.106 U S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1804 .. . 1051 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1SU5.106J U. S. Ten-Forties,registered.. ...'.ool U. S. Seveo-ThlrtteB, 1st series. ...ill.ini* U s. Seven-Thirties, 2d series..]04 Treasury Seven Three-Tenths, 3d Missouri Sixes..'.V,'.'. n. Western Union Telegraph,. " * ‘anl New York Central.! " llof Frio,...;••*!!{ Eric preferred. 77? Hudson,. Reading.'" ini Michigan Central. .*.'.'.'**1064 Michigan Southern.’ 91 Illinois Central,,. .|jg Cleveland 58 Toledo..125 Chicago 58 Rock Island, .— —198} Mobile Markets. _ , . Mobile, Ml 8. Cotton—Cotton la tn good demand. Middling up lands at 32c. Boston Stock List. Sales at tlie Brokers’ Board, Jan 9. American Gold. 1341 United States Coupons. Jan. 1311 U ulted States Coupon Sixes, 1881. Hat “ small. lfl-I United States 7 3-10ths, 1st series .. loll “ small. 13l| “ 2d series. .. lr It “ 3d series. loij United States 5-20s. 1862 . 107 “ J ulv, 1863. 16*1 “ small. 104| United States Ten-lorOes. 100 Ogdensburg 1st Mortgage Bomls. loo Bis ton and Maine Railroad. l.o Eastern Railroad. 108 Western Railroad. 110 Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 122$ Portland, Saoo& Portsmouth Railroad. 100 |Sales at Auction.! Bangor City Sixes. 96$ Portland City Sixes, 1870. 08 MISCELLANEOUS, Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, CARD, & JOB PRINTING, Executed with Neatness and Despatch.5 Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presses, etc.. we are prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description ot Mercantile Printing-. We have superior facilities for the execution of BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &cM Wfciah tor ocstnsss and dispatch eannoi ha surpassed HP* Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will he paid. Daily Press Job Office 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. F09XKB, PaoPBiBron EXTRA INDUCEMENTS' —TO— BOOK CANVASSERS ! QNZ o/^the best selling Books ever ottered to tbe Twsbi,Ats Theetssi Cepiss ordered U Fear Mo.the! Aftuu are selling from Twenty to Fmy copies per waekt One good, active Agent a anted in every town tn Maine and New Hampshire. Fur circulars, terms, Ac., adores. ■iBTFOBD PIBLISHHO CO., Bet 1006. PORTLAND, ME. deOtoodgw NOTICE. ALL persons in.lsk.le l to tl.o Into Dr. Clark* W. Thouuu, ura raqu«*tod to make immediate jay DMAt to ihe uiutontgued, who i* duly authorized to foitoct tlw mm. ^Otteo No. 1*8 Fora Stroot, over Canal National i Bank. Hou»e No. K Dantbrrh Street, corner ot*:>tate GLOBGiS A. THOMAS. It—try 1,1887. mitm _ A New Place Just Open l WBHB yon an buy real French CALF SKIN'S ■ ▼ «nd PUlUppe and Canaud’s SARDINES, just received fro— Pans, now in bond, and lor sale in lots to suit cu -torn era by H. P E Y RET, OMee over (he Fish Narfccl, jaagd2m*_FEDERAL STBEBT. S T B A. Ts&~ RfiFIAED SOAPS ? LEATHE & GORE, WOULD bolicit tlie attention oi the trade and consumer* to their Standard Biands oi STEAM REFINED SOAPS, _ -VIZ: EXTRA. FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE, CHEMICAL OLIVE, CRANE’S PATENT, SODA, AND AMERICAN CASTILE, Allot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in packages suita ble 1 r the trade and lamily use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and as our good* arc manufactured under i he personal supervision oi our senior partner, who ha. had thirty year, practical experience in the business, we therefore assui’e the public with cou dence that we can and will furnish the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, containg all the modern improvements, we are enabled to lurniah a supply of Soup* of the Heal Qualities, adapted to the demand, for Ex port and Domestic Consuiuptiou. EE AT HE a? GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY ALL THE Wholesale Grocer* Throughout the Siafe. Leathe & Gore, 997 Commercial St, 47 &l 49 Beach Street, „ ^ PORTLAND, MAINE. March ae—>ftt gas amTcoaToil fixtfufs ; E. TARBELL & SON, N*. 11 BHOMFIELD STREET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Beating. CHANDCLUBS, LAMPS, Ac, Re-Ci Bronaed. no21eod3na magic hair Restorative ! ! NO. 1, Will Restore Gray or Faded Hair to its ORIGINAL COLOR, EITHER BLACK OR BROWN. Strengthens the hair and gives nour'oamciit to the roots. Makes the hair soft and moist. Prevents

and cores Dandruff A Splendid Hair Dressing, PROVED TO BE THE Best and Cheapest In the Market. MAGIC HAIR DYE Hasonlv to be applied to the Hair or WhLJtcisand the work la done; no washing. fe/ For tale by all Druggists, CHARLES NEWnALL, Proprietor, octlSeod_AT Hanover st, Boston. 3m The Crown Minins' < 'oinpany. of 4,10 stockholders in the Crown Mining Company will he liehl at the cnestnut street School House, In the city of Portland on‘Be seventeenth day of January, 1807, at tlrrro o clock in the afternoon. Portland, Jan, t, 1807. ^ ^’j^EZ' HEW GO O D S ! B. B. FROST, merchant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street, Has just received a line lot of FALL GOODS I Suitable ibr the season, width will he made up in * the most thorough manner. sopllO—cod marine Insurance —ox Ships, Harques, Hrigs and Schooners l —BY— Ocean Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Pacific Mutual Insurance Comp’y, NEW BEDFORD. Aggregate Capita], $580,101,17 No extra charge for Cargoes Grain in Bulk, Coal, Salt. Iron. Copper Ore, Marbie or Slate coastwise. Wc shall be pleased to secure a share ol public patronage. Office 16ti Fore Street, Fort laud. J. W. M UXGEIi d SOX. octC.eodSm n VfOTICE Is hereby givon. that tho Subscriber~ has I Xl been duly appointed and taken upon ber.clf 1 the trust of Administratrix of the estate of ORLANDO LIBBY, late of Portland, in the County ol Cumbeiland. j deceased, and given bonds as tbc law directs.— ! All persons having demands upon the estate ol said , 2J2J5JM, are required to exhibit the same; and a 1 i pwsons indebted to said estate aro called upon to i make payment to FRANCES A. LIBBY, | p—,on, ... , Administratrix. Portland, Jan. 1, 1807. Jan8dlaw3w' , WiSTEl), Help Wanted. ANY number of ha u< If will be employed ou thin work made out oi (he shop. Apply to J. T. LEWIS & CO., jabdlw No 5 Galt Block. Wanted. A SITUATION by a vomit; man as assistant Bookkeeper, Entry Clerk or Salesman. Address, *‘li. \V." Finland. Juodlw* Wanted Immediately l A First Class Cady Teacher! To tako ( large of the English Department in a Seminary. Apply to I). C., Box 276, dc2iKl3w Saint Jolin, New Brunswick. Flour Barrels Wanted. ON and after January 2d. 1807, we shall resume the purchase ol Flour Brls. FOB CASH, at the Otlice ol the Portland Sugar Co., 517 l-'J Duuforth St. dc-27d I in J. U. BROWN A SOVS. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for an jar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novlSdtr 130 < ommereial street. $5! Agents Wauled! $ lo FIVE to Ton Dollars per day, by tho Hartford PiiMtstiln* t.'». ItoX 1009 Portland, Maine. Portland Dee. 17 dim* Wanted Immediately. j A A Oo«)<t American, Nova Scotia and Irish J- V/v/ Girls to do housework, cook, $ c., in pri vate mmiiics and hotels i»i this c tv and country. s>iiuatioiui sure. The best wages paid. Also f0 Giris to work inFateloiies. r armers find Others wanting men for any work j will do well to call on us, a.*- wo wdl supply them free 1 ot charge. Address or apply ut the General Agency Employ aunt Office, 3f»l* rnngrr^s up tiuinji. COX & POWAKSa septeGdtl_ _ late VVUiT.NDV & (X). AGENTS WAATEI), Fw Frouk .lloori^ New Work “WOMEN OF THE WAR.”1 AGENTS will 11 ml lids a lwok ot real merit aud n IrhttK coin*— SUBJECT NCW^irtnurty inter- j estitig and crctthig So Work evor attracted and I engaged tlie public mind like this. Every body wants it, and Uiousan'is will purchase it as soon a. an Op- , IMituiuty is tutor ded them. Itcai what Agents sav of it. On*experienced A»H wmon: It i* the easiest ' and pleasantest book he ever canvassed f.#; itid say. people are delighted with it, tiro Ladies especially■. i Another says: “ of the War" is the Look of the season. Anothei , l.o Orders in Four Days. Ouo reports 17 orders tho tirst day ot canvassing. Intelligent, active Males or Females will tlud the 1 aaU ot Mis w ork a pleasant and t .urati it emulogmmt. I bis hook has no conilwtitor—it comes IVesii and new 1 to the people. The territory is clean and clour.— Agents understand tho advantages in this uaiticuiar For full particulars send tor Gircular. A,Uk-csa O. A. CHAPIN, Phoenix Building, Boom Li, Boston, Mass docl'diwlm LOST AND FOUND. Lost! B(TWEEN Center and Oalc streets, a long black WHIP. The linder will In suitably rt»-.r%r»1cd by leaving it :it tiio Broom Manufactory of K. N. UKOWN & GO., comer ot CongroMaiul Waahitigton __ taiiifrt LOSt ! ARAT-TEIilHEE DOO, dark brown, with short tail and ears. and answers to the name of ‘Tip/ ( Any one giving information where he can be found i to S. W. JOY, 4GG Congress street, will be suitably a e warned. JanToodlw* BOARD AND ROOMS. Board. A FEW comloraon boarOera can bo aoronnuoJaied 1 A at No 28 Paris Street. Apply to T. P. S. DEElt ING. To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without board, suitable tor gentlemen and their wive>. En quire at No. & South street, between 9 and 11 A. M. each day. jan8<lt! To Let with Board. A Large Front Parlor at 31 Free Street. A. Also Lodging Room with or without Board. Jan5d2w* To Let. THREE large pleasant Front Rooms on Pearl St., to gentlemen of steady habits, without board. Inquire at No. 53 Pearl St. ja-ldlw* Rooms to Let. TWO Front Rooms, well furnished, to let with board, No. 38 Center Street, opposite Preble House. Jald2w* JPMJVO-FOH TE. INSTRUCTION GIVEN on the PIANO FOP.TE, by Miss AGNES MeC. LORD, 4JI Congress Street. January 4,1307. JaSdtt Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ELEGAYT TKOCH 12 and ’ Combined lor ; Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,die. Instantly relieves annoying Cough* In Church. Cures Catui'i'h* I'msi uvlly without breezing. Valuable to .Singers, Clergy, Occ., clear* and AtreagthcuM she voice; act# quickly; tastes pleas antly; . ever ustic.scatcM. Prevent* fating cold from Skating, Cecture* <2fcc. fi^r'Sold’by Druggists or sent oy mail .AS Em lose 35 ots to Hooper, Wilson A Co., (sepl9eortijunel8’67) PHILADELPHi A. \V. !(/’. XV lIIPPIiE, Portlajid, Wholesale Agt. To Let. ■fTTHARFAGlSand Storage to let on wharf with ▼ V wide and narrow gauge rail track, ami deep water. Apply to J. H. ILAMLKN, head Hobson’s Whurf. ja5d3w OYSTERSi JUST RECEIVED a cargo of those splendid NORFOLK OYSTERS, By the Qunrt, Gallon, Bushel or Cargo ! All 111 want of Oysters fortlio trade, Parlies, Le vees, &c., will linil it lor interest to call at Head quarters, No. Uuion Wliarf. janTdlw JA.tlliii CJJKJKMAaf. just received! A NEW LOT —OF— LADIES’ CLOAKINGS Aw. !$ 48 M m r 79 & At Lower Prices than Ever. ALL OTHER GOODS Marked Down in Proportion, - AT - -A. D. REEVES, No. 30 Free Street. December 19,1SGG. d3w Horse and Sleigh for Stile. A GOOD Horse ami Sleigh for 6ale cheap. In quire at GRAHAM’S Iron Foundry, B!an7dlw» 100 Green street. I have Just received from Air. C. r. Kroll, of New York, one ol his Patent Hair Brushing Machines, which 1 have now in operation at my new Shaving and Hair Dressing Rodmj Ho 31C Congress Street, oppo site Mechanics* Hall, whore also may bo found my REPKODICTOK, NATL KAE1ZEK, &c. dclOdtf If. it. JOHNSON. ' ror sale, m A SUIT of Sails, Iligging and Blocks, nearly new, n*‘»ni a lishing Schooner of 100 tons; also Top : sails, Foie and Muiijsails, second hand. SAMPSON & CON A NT, decmtf No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wharf. OIL and CANDLES. | LARD, SPERM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE, ELAINE AND RED OIL, kerosene: and machinery oil, 1 SPERM & adamantine caudles, & SOAP, I For sale by BKAUSUAW A- PATCH, aug»—Cm_ No. 7 Central Whan, Boston. OLD MACHINES ! ‘Ii'Kr> for the XRW AETNA NEW A! ACHINKH, which have been prov ed to Jo tile h.-st lor Shoe Ntitehins, Tailoring. Ac,. ot any other in the world. Credit giren tdany nne wlm wants n Sewing Machine. Needles and Trim mini's tor all Machines. 166 Middle Street, Up Stairs. W. S. DYER. _ . , HOLE AGENT, Dec 15 deod lrn MEAL ESTATE. i House and Lot tor Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Kliizubetb. II71LL be sold at a bargain, if applied for soon, iff a now 1£ story House. Said House is 21 by 31 feet with an L i2 by 22 feet, finished throughout, and situated within sixty rods of the ferry 0*hee. Terms : One half down, the balance in one and two years. ; Possession given immediately. Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER. —Feri^UiiQg^ C. E., Jan. 8, lbttT._Jaubduw* House for Sale QITL'ATED on the corner pf L.n oln and Anders n ; u. a’ . a ,lf w house, one and a halt stories, i^1! Ll 01 'v,‘tor. &c. House nearly dpAy to Lut ^ by W*' l rice $1,6U0. Terms easy. PArTr CHADBOUENa Dealets *” lkea* Esute, ‘Morton Bloek,” Jnuolw i»ext above the lTelrlo Uou e. THE Stockholders of tbe awTc^rporation are hereby uotliled .hat thoir Annual 5l,etlh,o n-.ll be held ut the Counting Room of .1. w. L>\ fi< Eso Oil Commercial Street, on Monday Jan. ith let;; i7 1 o’clock in the evening, for the purpose of’choosimr t roe Directors, Clerk and Treasurer ior the e suinS year, and to act on any other business that may St gaily come before the meeting. LEMUEL COBB, Clerk. Portland, Dec. 27, 188G. Utd* VJOTICIK. I will sell on tavorahlo terms as to JLl pa vment, or let lor a term of \ ears, the lots on the corner ol Midule and Franklin street*, and on Franklin street, including tho corner 01 franklin and Fore streets. Apply to \VM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH &. RLeD Attorneys, Portland. jyl2ti Jj’Ali.JI for Hale. Tho subscriber ofiVrs his A1 tanu for sale 01 will exchange lor city property, it is a lu st rate farm 01 1 i 0 acres, with a two story House, in good repair and a new liar a with cellar, *0x00. There is a never tailing supply ol good water and wood lot. Said tanu is situated ou the road iron* S.iccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For lull her particulars applv to DOW & JoiLNSON, Moulton street, or *J. H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-0odtt FOK HAE*1£, in Gorhaui, liiteeu minutes walk Iroin t ie Defiot, a nearly new, neat Cottage 1 House, Barn aud outouikinigs^having all thocenvm ieiiccs aud in prime condition. It is snuateJ near a grove and a snort distance iroin the County rend •A-I'Ply to J. E. SXJtVENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Houses tor Sale. WE "tier tur sale the eight lint class brick houses, recently built by us, situated un Pine sttcei between Clark and Carleton Street*. ihas bouses are thoroughly budt, with slate roe* brick drains, and warble utatdaiideeea throughout.- i Thny will be sold at a low taice. and un «ety iavora ble terms. Apply at our aflken, No. r;. Dauiot tii sc I _ J. li. DKUWS & HONS, n JEaEIS, Eeai Estate Agunl, opposite the Preble House. oetolier lti, ItfCb. utt House Lots on India St., forSale. PNWIIHE of CON ANT A HAND, ^ 1£J Commercial Street, U M. l AYsijN Portland, Nov. 21. dtf Exchange btrwt Desirable Stare Lots FOR SALE, W CSMMBBCI1L ITBIIT. rplIE suhactihera carter fa sale lha let of taad on 1 lha a-Htmoily sols ot Coioiasieial srteat, hand of Dana's Whart, tuoa.iiring Tj by IM toot- Ear far ther particular* lutjiuro JciN.iS H. pa nt in Wh» U_or W S. DANA1 For Lease. THE valnabi* Pit of land eernor el Maloti. aaal Plumb Streets, tor a term of tears, i nanire C.C. htirCHKCl. A-M*N, Aag. -if, Isfl.—ill I__1.8 Fore stna I. m House lor Sale. No df Mvilla stre.t Kt tfuirs at Ne. s casual Whart. duty b—dti FOB SALE. Grove liill Farm • THE abovo Farm is situated on an eminence over looking the beautiful aud thriving village ot , bridgiou c cuter and within one hall a zuUc «ji the busies* itoiuoa. U it nronovuiced by ell wh . lave seen it to be the best and mast desirable 1 «atUm nr i i too c ounty. Ii compiises ilu acrea, convsnienUy di vided in»o tillage, l-usturagc, wood land aud timber laud; cutsirum 45 to .o t ins first quality of hay. The buildings consist of a two story house,' built in 1858, at an expense oi $.!,• 00, with barn and out buildings in good repair. For particular* apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or H. W. GAGE, (firm of dUo it & Gazo,) Portland, BEN d-AMLN WALKER, Bridgton. or to tiie subscriber. _ .. _ RICHARD GAGE. Bndgton, Bet'., 1SU>. dec 27 eodA wtf Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. f I'U E oxtord House, pleasantly situated iu the vil i lage oi Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered h r sale at a bargain, il applied for soon. The House is largo, in good repair, with furniture and txturos throughout, together with all necessary outbuilding.-. For fall particulars in * _ Proprietor. Or Hanson* Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sep . 29,1*66. dtf ---—---—.A Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my fiirm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about throe mile, trout PoiUuud,onu mile fvoni horsv cars, uu.l Wvatbifeok Seminary. Said iuini contains about 10b acres, part oi1 it very valuable lor tillage, aud part oi it tbr building lots. There is a good house, two largo barus, and out bous es on the premises. U will bo sold together, or iu lota to suit purchasers CYRUS TilURLoW, sepll-dtl Kg; Commercial St. Uf\ NOTICES. Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. CO.—Tlie tenant or occupant, and in case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot of land border ing on any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city where there is any footing or side walk, shall, ai'icr the ceasing to tall of any snow, It in the day time, w ithin three hours, and if m tho night time, before ten of the clock of tho forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removed from such footway or sidewalk; au :. in default thereof, shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than tfro dollars, uor more than ten dollars; and tor each and every hour thereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit and pay a sum not less one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. JOHN S. HEALD, decl8dtf City Marshal. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Maker8 & Machinists. rnHK subscriber? having rebuilt their Work Shops, X are now prepared to take orders lor Machinery and Iron Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modem design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of ail kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip E“'i Forge, can furnish forgings and sha]*es or all inds for Steamboats and Locomotive work such as Frank*. Fixfou Rad*, Far and Engine Axle* and Shape? to pattern or draw ings, from 10 ton? to 100 pounds weight. They are als,. Selling Agents tor MERRIMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the beet Machine ever invented for the purpose, performing double the amount of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, a 33 Herne power I.oeomo tive Boiler with new tube sheets and new set ol tubes, In first rate order, and warranted sate with a pressure of 100 rounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be teen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novlOe d3ra Portlaud, Maine. 1 GREAT RU8H -AT P. M. FROST’S, -FOR BAPGAIX9! XO BIO PROFITS, XO DULL TRADE But Crowds* of Customer Who are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap Blankets at Old Brices I duly $4,75 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels I ONI.Y SOc FEB YARD. flood American Prints. 1 Shilling pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, AT LOW PRICES! Thibets, Shawls, Cloakings, Beav ers, Poplins. Drew 4-®od. of all Description.. WOOLEN GOODS FOR MEN & BOY’S WEAR! S5T' All of the above Goods will be offered at a GREAT REDUCTION from regular rates. Remember! No. 4 Dccriug’ Bloolc. Dec 8—d&wtf INDIA RUBBER GOODS. UJAVINO been burned out Ol mv Rllhhrr fitsvra Hirers lowest prices* Please forward your orders lor the present to H. A. HALL, Jul 13eod t f t>5 At ilk Street, Boston. O YS TER S ! WILMAM H DARTON, AT his stores, No*. 231 & 233Congre-sStreet, near New City Building. is c onstantly receiving fresh arrivals of New York «nd \ irgmia Oysters, which he Is prepared to sell by ti.o gallon, quart or bushel or served up In nny style. January 0* ISC7. dtf Warranto Water-Proof Leather Preservative! Sold Wholesale and Retail by S' W. MANSFIELD, Sole Agent, JaBeodlni* ,74 Middle St, ENTERTAINMENTS. ~~ ^-- -U3—X **■ Y.M.c. A. COURSE LECTURES SevSKTO LECTTBB In the Chestnut Street Church, Friday Kyeuiug, Utb, ISII7, By KB V. I*II. MTOBBM, of Brooklyn, N. Y. w *• at lhiiley Sc Noyes', Short cc Loriiup. *wU p" £® '*J and at Uje do ir. Boors open at Cl • oruai, Lootore at 7J o'clock. * ’ **u JjJgJgt1: Portland Theatre. Bidwell * Browne, licaaees & Kanagtn, NEW SENSATION ! TBIlinPHUT MUCUEMM OF Miss Rachel Johnson, who will appoar this Evening in the new Dramatiza tion of L has. lbude’s celebrated novel of GRIFFITH GAIAT ! assisted by the favorite Actor MR. B. MACAU LEY, su[.p irtod by the entire company. New Scenery, Nam, Appointments, Ac. tS^Soo Programmes. JanSdtf IFoodford’s Corner Dances l Thero will be a Course of Assemblies At Steven** Hall, Woodford*. Caraer, Commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING, JaM> tftfc, Tickets, $1-00. Music b, t'lian.Uar'a QuulrUlo Band. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock nre.-UoK Floor Managers—W. Lonl, L. J. llolt. ** j Ur* t here will be an extra car on Lite Westbrook line at the close 01 the dance lor the accoium.MUti.>n of those living in the city. jauldst* I* A« 1C. ^V. • The Irish Aineriean Relief Associa'u will give a course of SIX ASSKMIII.IKH, AT MECHANIC*’ HALL, CaauMaciai Baaday Bn’i.Jaa. fib, and rinsing with a 01L\ ND BAI L. Tickets lor the Course, In, In ling the Ball, wltt h* ii.e#, Evening Tkkou, U Jl Tickets, tlJU. kP'Mu.i, bv CtbUrUor’s ftdl (JoadnU* Has I. f> H Cbsndlsr, Prompter. Iran,mg tv Iiasw■„ I at i o'clock prvclsvly >bw Vuaspri-Tkaaai fuku, Jamas Pinasy Jcums I_ Moral tall. Ho her l*sw, Patrick MtlaArti William U. Kol w Messi. y'ktdey aad Bodkin will lakt chary* afth* clothing AsOtdtf Ho for a Sleigh Hide.* THE HmMsr kao* jwoparod wish ha* BOAT SLkliiU "k> I knftisV" to wry part** In ; at ant m tho city a* Uosbiwwaa note* uu Wadnt - day and Uaauain. .Mams inn. (whan pliasaat I w» *howl of tuts strove as 2 *‘atueh. to carry chit draw and othovn, as ZPaSa. par hour, "‘iff- - sw'ir twolvoiUi year* artoon roots. N S rkuil n Pantnad, flat leu. loaa UuBdB PHOTOGRAPHS ! E. 8. WORM ELL Urmtrij Si w snail* strssc taka almm .a an ■miMctaa that h* >1 ea Tl'EsHAY, JAN. 1, 1807, opm km NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 310 C ongress Street, [Orawiu Hartuin* OaU,| whm M will be plesnsi to nu oa tea Mends and the pubik Gratotul lor part ptumuyt, be fcipea by atnct at tention to Uooinew to merit a renewtil of the mute. Fenton* »tUilng tor »I»»T CLAM Merrill ef ail tylea and slit, ire invited to call rtclarca celerrd la Oil, Water CtUn and ladia luk by tat ef Ike teal Artiste la the Stale. Special attention (aid to Copying of all descriptions. All work warranted to give aatlstkction. N. B—Work done lor Photographers In Ink or Colors at reasonublo rat as. JanleodSm \E» Y EAR'S GIFTS A good assortment of GENTS’ COUNTRY KNIT HOSE t DOMESTIC YARNS ! GENTS’, LADIES’ AND CIILLDBEN’S GLOVES AND MITTENS. -ALSO Breakfast Shawls, Hoods, Men sad Beys’ Scarfs, German Worsteds, Dress Trimmings, Tidies, Knitting Cettou, Angela and ether Eactery Yarns. New lot of Ladies’ and Children’s BALMORAL SKIRT'S I very pretty, and late Myles. Alee BiLHOBAL BOBDKBING, for sale at M. E. BEDLOW'8, dec31d2w 430 Coagreae Street. PAINTS ANT) OIL CHEAP Just received in bond, and for sale duty f bee, lor i use on Lho burnt district, Strictly Pure English Lead and Oil ! Rebuilders will erlect a great saving by purchasing in this way. Every description of PAINT STOCK at the lowest I »*■«>/ J. W. PERKIN* At CO., j jauDdut_80 Commercial street. iftojf audTteei ! EBEJV COREY, Nos. 9 and 11 Moulton Street, Near F..t ef Exchange 81, Portland, Importer and Dealer in all kinds of | Bar, Hoop, Oval & Half Round | IRON ! , Greave*s Sirring jb Corking STEEL! j Win. Jessop & Son’s Cast Steel Carriage Tyer Steel. ' Swede and N.rway Shape.. Nail Boda, Horae .bora and Naila, Carriage Balia, Naia aAl M aaher, i Kiveta, nailable C aalinga, Bell.wa, Aaitie, Vires, Tyer Bendera Screw Plater, Hand Drills, Ac. _ Agency for the sole of Carriage Springs and Axles, at Aiauulkclurcni’ prices. feS’* Wanted a Stdaemaa acquainted with the Iron Trade. I January S, 1867.__JaSdiwlm Notice. PEUS0N9 clearing the ruins or digging cellars can ,2,P1;u^ to deposit tneir rubbish on ; f ranklin Wharf. S. BOUNDS. _wpUft-iltf \Vhar linger “THE PEN 18 JIIGHTIEB THAN THE BtVOBD.” The Gold Pen—Best ar*d Cheapent of Pern Morton’s Gold Pens! The Best Pens in the World! For sale at tils Headquarters, No 26 Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Ageut at the same prices. JET A Catalogue, with ftill description of Sizes and Cnees, sent on receipt ct letter postage. !_no20d&w6m A. HORTON. J Board of Trade—Annual Meeting. THE arniuai meeting of the Board of Trade of Portland will be held at the new ORcr of the ■ wceau Insurance Cniuuonr. on MONDAY i EVENING January 14th, 18,,7* , "r/oVlo^Morfhe i choice oi officers tor the ensuing year, and the des i patch ot such other business as may legally come be ■ lore the meeting. Prompt attendance is desired ' Portland, Jan. 7, 1867. M~ »• KI^H’ COKE FOR SALE! Price 15 Cents a Bushel, delivered. Apply at the Treasurer’s Office, 337 rONORESI STREET, j jar.Tdlw OjKGAJN AND Mulodeon manufac tory IVo. is Cheat nil I ► Pu&TLAJND, MS. william p. Hastings I S now prepared to attend to the want* of Ins former l patrons and cnatomers. and the public generally T^e aupor.or character of Ida inatnuSSS, SJSJr UPRIGHT ORGANS, 01 linisl1 resemble the upright Piano. la known 10 require an extended notice. He Keep on hand a lull assort meut of instruments 01 Most Approved Styles and Patterns, - AND AT - Frier* Within the Reach ef All ! '■ and trusts that the superior excellence of tone, as well as the exc ellence oi Ins workmanship, may, a* here to!, ne, commcud him to the public ia?or am! pat- | ronagg. t>«pi ember 17. !*CG._eod&w t Clothing Cleansed and Repaired By WILLIAM BKOWN. formerly at SI Federal street, is now located at his new storeKo6A Fed eral At, a tew doors beiow Lime street, will attend to his usual business of Cleansing and Kepairing Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness. $r^becond-hand Clothing for sale at thlr prices. Jan M—dtf AICT1UA »ALtN K. Id. PATTKK & CO., AMliMNn, plum sthket. Woolen and Linen Goods,Blankets, Shawls, Dress Goods, At Auction. ®n Kshibltioa Jlomluy, ,1 |g OALE COMMENCING on Tuesday, Jan 15 21 ,.1' “hbnuiug every aiuruoon uatuth. entire Block .* sola. la* Tliia is tiie beat stock that haa been offered at au, tiju tiiiBHiaeio, consisting,u goods selected osprem ly tor *he rouiii traae, ana every lot guaranteed ler feet. Tina Stock consist, in part, Lniou Uooua as Linen Shirtings auu Shootings, i’tliow Case Lruens. White and brown Table Damask, birds Eye Diaper Toweling olcvory style and quality, Damask bap kuis auu Doyues, Fine Linen Indus, Fionch English and American guilts, l ssumore, Long and square Shawls, Dress Goods in gi oat variety. Also bread th .**' VL*st"’“> L'assimeres, i'laids, Sattinetis, La liaT.a Uusiei y, t. gather with a general as runont ot DryGooda, all oi which must he soli wiiuoui idservu, d*v*r^* ???**• wlu bo given ol iho cummen. oment l6ryoxia,klAJ^VU,tt»^wbicb tii«: good* will Uj iuady must h“slild‘l 1,0 hostponsmeut. Every lot -- J iftadtd M. PATTNN * co., Auction**,*, PLUM STREET. Groceries, Carpels Ac., at Auction. ( SATURDAY, Jan. lath, at ID A. M will V towoupeu, 2 Clumber tetla, SUvorriExS uacco, Dread, Ueuiona; ala„ ai.J bniur.. DlankeU, and a general aworuueut ei Dry Ool . ' JunlOdui iwue. Sleigh*, Pungs. Kobe*,Ac.,imaac tion. ON SATURDAY, Jen 12th, at II o'clock A M un the new Mark', lot. Lime rtrnou we ahod mil Henri, now m l ouc H i hau l Sleigh*. riu US. n Wanker., Whlpo, Sled*. Ac. Al-o 1 dooLI* sleigh, with ohaflo and polo, built to order, lino<l with 1'iuoli and uufle-l util, car loo hau UOUI hAlLYY A MON, twlwn. jmiojtd__oanmraoww. Slock* at A Urt'OU. PL RAC ANT to a Uconoo bom l ho tbs J. A Wo le.hian, dodge U< Pi dune lei oolekii i oenn '}■ “•* •aoecrtbei, aa Aaauuiwtotet « John M "““to. will te to aoJ. at pabwe aaonoa. ea '**-T*kR*- Ak. Jao. fefefe. le*J. a< II • Unb A a., J^tbomhee et W. It. wiu* o Sun, 1711 eeo mwt, Meluuoo for. t B R (, „f m* *"' T' 0 eluree MuBe i aatnl fcadreai t_ *,T*dmT" * ’**"» * Qsnoo «»»« a ■ nn»ea&£i Jk-ESiw t, *»“**?**? *1. M. UAILK1 . AieliMeer k (taaiswa Mrrduat AMO ArrmAlMKM. (M»n 170 I'm M. »!■**• OirWtDnw i Jeooary T—** C. I*. HOLM AS, DR. CARPENTER, Oculist and Aurfot, EYE, Ear and Tluroat. Sy* 1* oiau cuu tho rowcJloa can b. applied at boa* without fnterbiing with th« p+ilmit occupa tion. ArtMcimI Eye. Imtid WitkMt ■•min. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FUEL, EF“Bui Letters mult coutaio One Dollar to ensure an answer. HOME TESrmoNV. The Testimonial* below are all received in tin* State, and can be readily ijivcaugrfiod by tiume desir ous ot so doing, iiuudrous of other corlUtcaias uau be seen at the Or.’* office. DEAFNESS. _ . _ litljatt, Me., Nov 27, i860. During 10years I grew iotady ueai in one ear <*“l no deaf in ilie other that 1 aus'unuulo to hear unless addreasu very louuly, and liau disagreeab.e noises in luy head. Was obliged to absent m v sen iroui uhuxch iuid society on that account. 1 consulted an eminent physician in Boston witnout reiioi, and supposed 1 must always reiuaiu deal, but about two \«at» ago I applied to Dr. Carpenter; alter the application of a course of his treatment, 1 could hear a watch tick a feet from either ear, and my nearing remains perfect. 1 am tti years of age, andiesme on High street, Bel lust, Marne, where any person can see or hear trout me. Mrs. Jf. A. LAW lb. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years on l know she was ueaf and now hears, and believe the above statement to be correct. IUCV. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Pal ish, Belfast. ML. W. M. LUST. Editor of “BelJfcst Age.” [From tho Banyor Whia Sf Courier.] _ „ I BOY, Me., Oct. 30. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sirun the ot Feb ruary last, 1 placed my sell under your treatment lor Discharge of the Lai, winch had continued so long an i was so groat as to atlbct my hearing. After ap plying the m«xlicine prescribed by you two months, my ears were entirely werl and remain tire same. Most Bespecdully, Miss SUSAN Y. HATHAWAY. BLINDNESS. [From Maine Farmer lu defiance ol' physicians and ail remedies, i sailer, ed excruciatingly if urn setoiulcus Sure Eyes ten y ears, oeing licqueudy cunnued to a uaxk room. 'i’Le remedies lu. Carpenter preecuued list September, at Bangor, cured them entirety, and they tomato so . eAxil laSo. Pasxadumkeag, Me., 1866. [From the Maine Farmer.) I was nearly blind with ScrolUkius Sure Eyos four years, being counned to a dark room and euheruig excruciating pain a great pur ion of the tune. 1 con sul if d many physicians without relief, lor. Cartan ler cured me. My eight is now good. I restuu in Vassal boro’. Mrs. P. B-IaLNCASTEH. CATARRH. [From the Kennebec Journal qf Juj/ueta. .. . , ,, Augusta, Me., Jan.. 1606. 1 hare been cured of Catarrh in its most disagiec. lible fonn.oi many years’ .(aiming, by Ur. I’iuVcn ter. 1 suffered hum pains, dullness and tight, css ui my head, continued uischarges, great afuicuity in talking and breathing, felt as li 1 had a bad ould the whsle time, and auucred intensely to the great ini tial! incut of my health, and w as quits discourage! lor all I had doctored was ol no bensat. But thanks to Ur. Carpenter’s skill, 1 now have none ol these troubles. 1 reside in WhitehelJ, EPuKAlM maiounkk. [From the Maine Parmer.] I suffered from Catarrh over to yean. Last winter when 1 consulted Ur. Car pooler, I had frequent ami copious discliarges, e buu cough, end my health so much reduced that myseli and trienda Were e, ,,CB_ hcnelvo ol serious consequences ; hut Ur. Carts uter cured me. 1 am now well, and free irotu Catarrh. W. H. Moil i.v Cor. Sewall and Court streets, Augusta, s«pt. x4, ibb6. ST ATEAIEN TS jV THE FKBR3. All tlie published Certificate* of Dr. Carpenter are bona Jid*.—[Alaiiu Aarnitr. The Certificates, published In our columns, of Dr Carnenu.r » cures are bonajid* to our own knowledge. He is all he professes to be, and will not bVuubug or deceive the public.—j Aeuasbec Journal, Augusta. Dr. Carpenter has entirely cured persons in tiff* cty who have been under iretuineni at the Eye and bar iuikmaiit* without being Umeiitied.— Several marked our.. have come under our abaci v aUcu, aud we have enuva^acd with uuuiy others who have been benelltted by Dr. Carpantor. treatment, arid we have become satisilcl that be ia akUliul iu tbc claas at dlseasm which be treau, caialUl 51 pruru l«e only what he can perlbrui. -tAmpor Whiy » Cawr. See other Certillcaies lu City papers “ * dec it—dUni wit* 1 ^ Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Furniture Polish! n^HE best in the world for Polishing Mahogany, ».k » Siair-Posts, Kails, Counters, or *cr y lu^id ut F uruiture. Tliis Polish >■** been used by Mr Grossman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. It Is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred deg*, of heat, and is not other wise easily defaced. F urniture polished with it will bo perfectly ary and ready f<r me lu live minutes al ter the Polish Is ptu on. Price beventy-Flve yg. ty Cts. per bottle; anyone can use it by following the Directions on the bottle. Reference—Messrs C. aV L. Frost,Capt Inman USA Messrs. Bleed Tukey, Benj Stevens, Jr Wm' Allen,». M. Woodman. ’ vr*» VIUA‘ For *al« by Burges*. F'obet A Co. W F Phil) in* A Co., H. 11. Hay A 1.0, fcaiuuel UmlL u lwaT De»riu«. “ A* Manufactory 376 C’ongross sL m* h dli °warce“ 8t' So<Ss, ---Portlaud, Maine. Flour, Meal, Ac. " BBLS. Baltimore Family Flour. * Baltimore extra Flour. Jo Kye Flour. 10 ** Buckwheat. 20 half bbls. Buckwheat. 40 bbls. superior new Oat Meal. 25 “ kim dried Meul. » •dperior White Meal (Ibr table use|. 100J lb?. Butter, Ac., Ac., in store ami Just re ceived, for sale by CHA6E BROT0BBM, JanoST&Ttf HEAD LONG WHAKF. CHRISTMAfs! — and NEW YEAR’S. AS TUB HOLIDAYS ARK APPROACHINO P. M. FRONT Has a ii»U Stock ot Kid GtIovgn To Offer at Low Price*/ 500 Pm. sfWttlAniMwsB Trtbsw, •* •*'* *1,50 500 Pm. «f ClothiUe, at tali 1.00 No. 4 Deorinc Qlovk, CONOBEOO RTBKET. Dec22—Uawtl