Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 16, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 16, 1867 Page 2
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————■-=? A “Canxriali" ftc|inblicnn.” A co-respondent of the Argus took <c asion recently to speak of Col. Frye of Lewiston, as a “Conservative” Kcuublicau and to represent I liis election to the Attorney-Generalship as a j triumph ol “Conservatism" at Augusta. We take pleasure in quoting from Col. Frye's speech in the House while the amendment to the national constitution was under consider' ation, the following passages illustrative of the kind of “Conservatism'’ prevalent in the Leg i .lature this winter. We copy from the Ken nebec Journal: Sir, we cannot forget our history for the . last six years; it lias not been writ in sand. It is written upon our hearts evi'.h a peu of iron —it is deeply engraven into the hearts of some of ns with ml lull Iron. Its lessons we must take to our hearts and act upon them in order to he true citizens of the Kepublic. Now, sit . I ask it there is anything in the history el the last, six years, which leads us to pul confidence in these Southern rebels or the Democratic party of (lie North;* ] Applause I J ust look at it. The rebellion was no outbreak of a sudden passion, as quickly to lie forgotten and repented ol. It had its hirtli more than fitly years ago ami has I icon since nurtured, until it grew up poison treachery, until the demon dared to raise its hands against tins Kepublic which was made by the people, and granted to the people the right of liberty, the right ol tile and the right of happiness— against this Kepublic which gave its people tree schools and tree institutions. Now sir, is this treachery thus easily forgot ten;* Let. the people look at its history through the war; compare it with other wars. The history of all wars. I don’t care of how barbarous a country, shows nothing near the barbarity ol the war which has been fought in our country, on the part of these disloyal .Southern men. They fought desperately, they fought down to the last diteli, they tought when tlieir finances were bankrupt, when their armies were decimated, when they had not men to till their broken ranks, when they were without food, when they were without, clothing, they louglit. day alter day, month alter mouth, and year after year, until Gen. Giant closed in ti|iou the Demon, and clutch ed him by the throat. [Applause.] In their very death struggle they sent the hand of the a-sassm. it struck an honest, a noble and a tine hearted man, a man who never sjioke a woid, never did an act, except a word of love, an act ol kindness, to these very traitors. They stiuek a blow at our President, Abraham Lin coln—he died—we mounted as we never mourned lielore. Sir, that act put in his place Andrew Johnson, a traitor to his country, l Applause. | a traitor to his party [ Applause and a tr.liter to Iils own utterances and speech es. | Applause.] Sir, history does not ship here, if tells ns nowhere else of barbarism such as they pract iced throughout this war. Vou will remember, while this is undisput ed testimony, that their emissaries attempted to seud pestilence and fagot through this lair country, disregarding even the lives of women and little children. Vou will remember that we sent our gallant hoys to fight, and they were taken prisoners^iif war. They never treated them as prisoners of war; they led them down to Andersouville and to Libby; they were put in there, and held there day af ter day, year alter year, until the hearts of loved ones at home grew sick and weary with wearisome waiting tor one word from the sol dier boy. The mouth of tlio soldier wasclos >-u. ue whs ueiu m conunement and deliber ately starved day alter day and month alter month; and when, starving as he was, in his weakness he dared to crawl across the line, a line drawn l>y the jailor tor his limits, to pick up some hone which some Southern dog had dropped, lie was brained on the spot, or as he looked through the grate to breathe one breath ol God s Iresli air, to catch one bright sun beam, the bullet ot the assassin pierced his brain. Thus they lived and died, driyen to idiocy; some laughed in their very idiocy, and they led no word, sent uo line, spoke no love to the fathers, mothers, sisters or brothers, who sat here at home wearily waiting for their return. But sir, there is no need of going any furth er with this history. It teaches us terrible lessons, and as I said before, they are binned into the hearts of some of us with a mi hot iron. Trust the disloyal South, sir? Trust their allies, the Democratic party of the North, sir ? | Applause.) As soon would 1 put my trust in the mail man over in yonder asylum, i trust him sir, with his straight waiscout U|>ou him. f trust them sir, when the strong cords ot t hese Constitutional guaranties arc upon them. .So help me God, 1 will never trust them until then. | Applause. | They send up no unew tain voices to-day. Why, only yesterday 1 lead a telegram trom the State ot Virginia, saying that the Senate had unanimously, and the House ol Representative had, all hut one, voted aginst the ratification ot the Constitu tional amendments. Refuse, sir, ail hut one, in the Legislatine of the .State ot Virginia to permit the t (institution of their country to say that tiie rights, liberties, and happiness of her citizens should be protected ! Refuse to say, sir, tliat the people ol tic- North who fought tor the Republic should have the same repre sentation as the people of the South, who fought against her,—refuse to say that we guarantee in the Constitution that the delite ot the country should be paid! Refuse to have the Constitution insure the repudiation of their own disloyal debts 1 1 believe, sir, the safety ofour country dejieuds upon the ratification ol these amendments. I can’t say sir, that the Constitutional amendments arc satisfactory to me. There is in them an invidiousdistinc tnm, a recognition of that old aristocracy ol the Sontii. 'This is abhorentto my heatt and conscience, and X know it speaks with the same voice to yours. In the eloquent speech ol the honorable speaker ot this House, made to us a few days since, he took occasion to say that Maine had through the whole war, held an advanced po sition ; that she had been true to her motto "Dingo.” And, sir, it was no idle boast; it was rather a prophecy. True to her instincts, she ought, she shall, Lear the haulier in ad vance of the marching hosts of civilization.— fshe ought, she will demand tor the republic, lor ail of her citizens, wiiite or black, noble or peasant, rich or poor, learned or ignorant, Eijual Rights,’ impartial Justice,” and, as one voice of impartial justice, “impartial Suf frage. j Applause.| We can allbrd to do light. W e cannot afford to do wrong to any mail, however lowly, j Applause,] I remem ber it is said of a celebrated English ( liancel l°r m those day s .when law was a mockery *uid justice a jest, that, as lie was one day de scending his broad stairway on his way to court, he .saw written on the wall in letters ot light, “iiiutiiiwin rerennirux.” The solemn .jUesUun buried itself in his heart, “Is it pos sible that I may he obliged In render up the account of my doings to the Judge of the Uni verse ere to-day’s sun has ceased ils .shining?" It remained with him on the bench—and the historian says that lor one day impartial jus tice was administered in an English court. Ret the linger of God write on the wall of this Kepresentalives JialJ, “huiujuum I't'vrrx II nix." each member of the House know that the closing acts ot'hisollicial hie are hut the opening ol the door to'the eternal lile, and does any one doubt hut that all of this ses sion s labors shall he lull of love and justice ? - .... .... . .luuui, uui mar, .Maine would de Ulaud our- step yet in advance—demand that the Constitution of the Republic should guar antee to aU ol her citizens, without distinc tion ol race or color, impartial suffrage i* I \n p!ause.J 1 * Thu Austrian Mission.—Tho President on Monday sent to tile Senate the nomination of the Pennsylvania Senator, Mr. Cowan, as min ister to Austria, in place of J. Lutlirop Motley removed. Mr. Motley is a gentleman and a scholar of world-wide reputation. His ap pointment near tlio court of Vienna was one which did honor alik. to the administration winch sent him there and to the country which he represented. The contrast between him and Mr. Cowan is slightly mortifying to those Who retain any sensitiveness with regard to the dignity of the liatioual representatives abroad. Mr. George I*. Marsh is another foreign min ister whose accomplishments and high person al qualities have been asource of pride to all Americans abroad. Wo are in daily expecta tion of bearing that be has been recalled, and is to be replaced at the court of Victor Km manuel by .Senator McDougall, Saulsbury, or George Francis Train, Ksq. Hon. damn Bknton of Lancaster was mun inated by acclamation lor Congress in the Re publican convention of tho Third Gistrict of New Hampshire on the 9th last. The Concord Statesman referring to tho nomination say*,— ral.V?!* a"S'i H*t*sfaetiou amongst h'epilbli- | the eoi'i^m^OUnU,e that the choice of t e '.V S O ‘r bdh-n upon a member of true to the I.rimdple«o" the* &.tuu‘|,|ieCti011’'’r 1 jjri-at questions are not yet fully decided S', long as Mr. Benton remains in Congress fellow citizens will have no anxiety whatever ns to his course upon those subjects of public concern winch now absorbs so much attention. I He vill represent the .State with honor and oc- 1 etlpy a. foremost position amongst the able aud i true men in the House of Representatives." ' —Tho romantic story of Pocahontas saving tho life ol Capt. John Smith by rushing under the uplifted club of her father Powhatan, a 1 story which has been told in prose and verse, ! aud illustrated in marble and on canvass for ! two hundred years, is made the subject of a | terribly damaging article in the last number of , the North American Review. The writer, Mr. | fl. I!. Adams, brings a formidable array of facts I to prove I hat the incident never had anyexis- I tenco except in the imagination of Smith who j was an arrant liar at best. These great ! sticklers for historical accuracy are terrible ! fellows. They have uo mercy on our pleasant I little illusions. They have reduced Robin Hood i to a myth and the story oi Iiolaud’s horn to an allegory, aud now they take from us our laith 1 in the heroism and compassion of Powhatan's ! daughter! A plague o’ such Gradgriuds, say we. As it facts were the only things in tXiis i World worth valuing! YnnUre iloan again Victorious. The Americana have had another triumph on the water, small it ia true, hut decisive and significant. An international regatta took place in October, in Slianghae; the first race was between an English boat and a boat man ned by Americans, including two Boston men and the English boat was distanced. Four of the samo American crew, on the same day, won another race against four other crews. This victory ot'“ Yankee” pluck, training, skill, and bottom, is very gratifyiug, and it is worthy of note that two of the successful crew were old Harvard oarsmen, and the old Harvard tactics were preserved throughout. A Slianghae let ter to the Boston Daily Advertiser gives the following lively account of the affair: The day was fin • and the tide high, when the English eight went up to Lite starting point, amid the applause of their friends and hackers. The course stretches a mile and a half from just below a sharp tern, to an old redoubt, on which stood the judge, the British vfoe-admiral watch in hand. A good horseman call follow Hie whole rare oil tile hank; hut most people took up positions at intervals. There were crowds of all nations, stations, and occupations there, aud the interest grew iiite'ise us the long American boat, with tli; beautiful little fiag in her bow (the handiwork oi'uu absent lady well wisher), pushed oil' from tho boat-house, and swung steadily up. The slartiug-place was soon reached, and the turn made; the last in structions arid warnings were passed up the boats; the “forward all! ’ was given; the slartcr, stop-ivalidi in hand, stoial on one hunk, ami and tile umpire, on a last horse, was ready on the other; the gunner had his hand on tho lan yard of the cannon; the Coxswain, crouched ill his seat with the starting rope in Ids left hand and the yoke-lines in his right, had replied “all ready” to the starter; and the start came. The lead was to he taken if possible, and taken it was, and after half a mile, pulled as hard as ever in this country,—thirty-six to thirty-seven strokes to the minute,—the Americans had a lead of a clear length. Another half mile they held it well, the pace being very severe. At oue time the Englishmen put on a little spurt and there wore cries from tho hank of “Well pulled! pick her up! go it, Euglsh, you’re gaining!’ hut our coxswain was a match for them. Ho could not only steer well, but he had been an old fireman too, and he was ready with a yell that would have galvanized a boat full of liummies—“flo it, Yanks, no they ain't! /" “Don’t you’hear your friends calling to you'.”’ Friends calling, indeed! How shall 1 describo tlie scene on the hank? Babel was nothing to it. Our friends had been straining their eyes ever since they heard the gun, some cool aud confident, others actually pale aud trembling with excitement, and now diplomats, consuls, missionaries, doctors, mer chants, captains and all were fairly beside them selves. The American fiag was raised on two canes, one man begged another to take Ids spy-glass and “hit him over the head,” and an old speaking-trumpet that had often hailed the weather yard-arm off the cape was used lust ily. Our eoxswain had made the lust turn to perfection, and the captain liad quickened lor the rush in at the finish, the gap widening at every stroke, when the English crew stopped for some seconds. They went on agaili,amid the enraged cries of their friends, hut had lost the chance ofeveu making a good show at the end, and they had not gone far when the re port of the gun announced that the urbane ad miral had seen the stars and stripes go past the winning post in 8 minutes aud 80 seconds from the starting Hash, slightly gainst tho tide.— Not a man in tho crew was distressed; they gave three cheers aud a tiger, aud landed to lie almost torn in pieces by their friends. The English captain gave an explanation of liis stop ping,on coming in, how that the stroke side was weak, and that as they could not beat, and he had another race to pull, he thought best to take this course. This did not seem to satisfy nis countrymen. They acknowledge tiie de feat handsomely, aud give all credit to their •‘generous rivals,” as they call us; hut while the bards and correspondents are singing our praises, the poor captain is the scapegoat to ho Illumed for the stopping of the other crow when they might iiave made at least a fair race, al though no one claims that they had the ghost ofa chance to win. To make matters worse, four of our crew the same day wou the General Club race against the Shaugli ie crews and a picked aud fresh one from Ningpo. The Triumph oi Law. The New York Etening Fust of Monday thus describes the effect of the enforcement of tiie Excise law in that city on Sunday: Yesterday was the first day ofthcfullen iorceme nt of so lunch of the Excise law of the State us prohibits the public sale of all stroll dnuks ou Sunday. When :he law lirst went into effect last spring, its operation was iuter I l'erred with by the action oi Ourdozo and other , local judges, who soon succeeded iu altogether ! suspending its execution, until the recent de cision of the Court of Appeals has restored it to full force and vigor. Tiie experience oi yes terday is, therefore, the first opportunity to test its real efficacy. The police department had judiciously made all necessary arrange ments corresponding with the importance’of 1 the occasion, and tile result was higbly signifi cant and encouraging, in the eujoyuieut of au ! orderly and quiet day throughout; showing that New Yolk cun he governed by authority oi law just as the rest of the .State is governed. Over the whole city the arrests lor iutoxiea tiou or disorderly conduct were only nineteen! Only one hundred aud eleven persons were charged with violations of the Excise law, and ol these sixty-nine were louud iu six of the thirty-two precincts. Tiie average number of arrests oil Sundays lor drunkenness and disor der-is upwards ol one hundred. The change is marvellous, aud tiie clients cannot but he salu tary to every good interest of the people. * * * * » • What uow reuiains is for all good citizens to stand by the law, uiantain it unaltered, and see that it is kept in full operation nutil its be nign effects can he fully seen. In favor of this we are sure that every taxpayer aud evciy rent-payer iu this city ought to he heartily eu i listed. Those liquor-dealers themselves, who ; desire to he kuowu as responsible members of I society, have tiie same interest with all the rest ol us in favor of the maintenance of law aud tiie preservation oforder. Honest liquor dealers have a special reason for upholding the present law, because it suppresses the lawless and irresponsible class, wbo refuse or evade payment of the excise duty and sell without any restraint. Tiie very large sum which this law is bringing into the treasury of the city, and the check given to illegal liquor-selling, with the proof afidrded that there is now no class of men among us too powerful to he made amenable to the authority oi'law, cannot lint afford great satisfaction Pi every rebooting person. Wo hope it will prove an augury of better days, and prepare the way for tiie resol ution of the city lo the position ol'sell-govern ment. Aberdeen (he greatest ICuvelope-Mnhing City in the World. A writer in an English journal, describing tiie manufactures of Aberdeen, says: ‘ The Aberdonians would seem to lie scarcely less celebrated for tbe manufacture of paper than they are for granite, ships, and combs.-' Few might be inclined to behove that one mil lion ol "supertine envelopes" are made daily iu this remote region of the kingdom. Hut in ad dition to this, one firm mauufael ure fifty tons of writing paper a week. At their mills at Stoiiey wood,in the vieinily ol Aberdeen, and at tiie Union Works (the envelope department) in tbe city itscll, they give employment to somewhere about two thousand persons, aud as far as regards envelopes, the great propor tion of which are lidded and stamped by ma chinery, tiie Fires are believed to be the great est makers of the present day. They confine themselves to the production of note paper, en velopes aud cards. The business waseommeu ed by the grandfather of the present partners in me year i/iu. Hie niunutucturu ol gray, brown ami tea paper is carried on at Watertou’ aud Muggieiuoss, two mills a lew miles north of Aberdeen, belonging to a firm who turn out eighty-six thousand tons ol paper weekly, and fifteen thousand tons of grocers’ paper bags, for which lalier they have a machine capable of doing tbc work of twenty women at any given time. They employ altogether about two hun dred aud fifty bauds. Tile extent of the Aber deen paper trade may bo gathered from the fact that there are live paper mills within fifteen miles of the city, whereat no fewer than two thousaud five hundred persons fiud em ploy rneut.” The Clime M iteil. The National Equal Rights Convention of Colored Men, at Washington, demand the Right of Suffrage for their race on these grounds: First Because wo are American citizens, and as such eut.t e 1 to it. Second -Because we are taxpayers, and as such justly cntitledto full representation in the State and Federal Gov ernment. Third—Because we are patriots, aud as such have proved our loyalty to the country by our self-sacrificing behavior in the hour of her sorest trial. Fourth- Because it is a nat ural and inherent right, pertaining to every na tive-b irn American citizen, whether White or Black, who has re: c • I his majority. That is not a long story, hut it is a forcible presentment of a very important requirement and its reasons. We presume no intelligent person seriously doubts its justice and its ulti mate recognition. The practical question is— How long shall the country be kept convulsed and disturbed by its denial? What good pur pose is to be subserved, what National interest advanced,by holding ou for a low years to the iniquitous, unrepuhlicaii proscription of Four Millions of our countrymen, when every one must see tiiatit will ultimately lie given up?— What sincere lover of our country will not say —Let us have a prompt Rceonstruetiou, and let it he so comprehensive and thorough that wo shall not need another?—N. ¥. Tribune. Opening ok the Amazon to Geneiizl Com meuoe.—The hill passed at the last session ol the Brazilian Parliament to open Certain ports mi the river Amazon to all nations has become a law, and henceforth the largest l iver of the world, the Para, or “King of Waters,” in the lang uage ot the aborigines, is to he a high way lor internal navigation from the Atlantic to the Andes. The importance of this measure cannot ho overestimated. One-half of Bolivia two-thirds of Peru, one half of New Granada’ thr. o-fourths of Ecuador, and a portion of Ven ezuela are drained by tho Amazon and its tributaries. The opening of the Amazon marks an important era lor South America and the world. —The directors ol the New York and New Haven railroad have been recently intestigating the condition and prospects of a number of conductors on the road, and they have been sufficiently enlightened to promptly discharge three. They have the cases of other conductors under con sideration. One of the three discharged was not satisfied with less than fifty dollars a day in the way of extra pickings. ^ PORTLAND AND VICINITY• _ New Advertisement* To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. AUCTION COLUMN. SI eelal Notice to Dry Goods Purchasers. t NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Paints ami Oil Cheap—J. W. Perkins & Co. Clove Anodyne—J. It. Lunt A: Co. Sale ot* Real Estate—Sarah S. Elder. Copartnership Notice—Chas. J. Walker & Co. Dissolution—Leighton Bros. B»>ok Agents Wanted. Removal—Wm. H. Clifford. Wanted—Business. New stoie—George W. Hull. Found—Watch. TU£ COURTS. SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. JANUARY TERM.- DAltUOWS, J, PRESIDING. Tho January term (civil) of tho Supremo Judicial Court opened in this city yesterday, Judge Barrows prosidiug. A tier prayer by Uov. Mr. Wetherbee, of Pine Street M. E. Church, tho docket of continued actions, numbering 1 IB-1 cases, was called over, and a largo number were marked for trial. Others were disposed of by being defaulted or continued. Court adjourned to 10 o’clock Wednesday, at which time the traverse jurors will come in. Ewelinc P. Smith, libellant, v. Harvey Smith. la bel for divorce. At the lust term a hearing was had in this case and a divorce was decreed, and custody of child awarded to mother. Slroitt & Gage tor libel lant. No appearance lor lihellee. Dexter.—Tho village of Dexter is situated on tho outlet of Dexter Pond, having a never failing water power, with ten dams aud a fall of 150 feet within a distance of three-quarters of a mile. This water power is perfectly safe, and capable of doing a much greater amount ot business. Tho woolen mills here with twenty-one sets of machinery employ 400 hands and make 2,876 yards of cloth daily. A large tannery, which turns out 100 sides sole leather, daily, with foundry, machine shop, furniture manu factory, and door, sash and blind factory. The merchants of Dexter purchase goods in Port’ land to the amount of more than $150,000 an nually, and this amount can ho largely increas ed, if a railroad connection can be made with the Maine Central at Newport. Gentlemen from Dexter are now in this city soliciting as sistance and it is of very great importance that every merchant who wishes to increase his business should show his sympathy and good will towards the Dexter merchants by giving them a helping hand, a small sum from each one will accomplish tho object, and the amount subscribed will not only l>e returned with interest but a trade may be kept open ; which will be a mutual benefit both to Port land and Dexter. p. Mu. Editor:—Perhaps you are not the prop er medium to express religious views, but as there don’t seem to be any prospects of having any Churches in the lower part of the city at present, (excepting the Baptist Society) aud having learned that the Episcopalians are mov ing to establislr a Society some time in that sec tion, I would take the liberty to suggest a call to itev. Mr. Walton, l»te of the Third Parish Church, as it is stated that he is about to be ad mitted to the Episcopal orders. I think this woulu be very acceptable to quite a number of his iriends, at least, until the old Society gets under way again. But if we cannot have eith er, 1 think some of our up-town rich Societies could allbrd to scud tis a Missionary occasion ally. Down Towner. Mb. Editor: — I notice sundry objections filed by oue of your correspondents against the proposed name of Phoenix Square, said objec tions resting in the natural history and ante cedents oi' the bird above named, Phoenix, Esq. 1 propose an amendment. There is—rather there was—a bird which savans have said to he extinct. It was not a highilyer, like the Plios nix. It had no wings to speak of. It used to run about some, hut mostly it used to sit down it was a good bird, and died yotiug, aud its name was the Dodo, it has never been resus citated by anybody. Let us resuscitate it. Let us at ouce grasp originality and a sweet birdo mymie—let us call our park Dodo Square. ’.Nitiios. A Surprise.—While our esteemed fellow citizeu, Mr. Geo. Worcester, was quietly seat ed iu his house, conversing with his pastor,last Saturday evening, the door bell rung, and iu rushed more thau a score of stalwart carpen ters, to the great amazement of the host and his lady. They brought a magnificent Bible, which the minister presented to him with a few remarks in the name ot forty-seven ol his workmen. Mr. Worcester was too astonished to make more reply than to thank them hear tily lor this wholly unexpected token of their esteem aud regard. Larceny and A rrest. — Mary McNulty paid her fiiend Isabella Murray a visit, and while at the house of the latter appropriated to herself a nice dress skirt, aud carried it oil" and hid it iu her trunk at her boarding house.— The case was given to officer Sterling, who arrested Mary aud recovered the skiit yester day afternoon. Mary stoutly denied having | taken the skirt, but the officer was so press ing that she finally owned up and produced the article. Dexter & Newport Railroad. — The Committee from the Board of Trade, to confer with Mr. Hamilton and his associates from the Dexter & Newport Railroad Company, has been enlarged, and is composed as follows: Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., Charles II. Fling, J. H. Drummond, H. J. Libby, William Doer ing, Frederick Davis, J no. True, Thomas E. Twitcheil, Charles E. Jose, W. W. Harris and M. G. Palmer.. Municipal Court.— For the first time, with in the memory of Reporters, there was not a criminal before the Municipal Court oil Tues day. That day brings up all who have com mitted offences between Friday night and Tues day inoruing. Correction. — It was Mr. J. C. Ward, in stead of J. C. Ware (as the printers had it yesterday) who presented the watch and chain to Mr. A. D. Smith, in behalf ol the work men in the employ of Messrs. T. & J. B. Cummings. Sale of Stocks and Bonds.—Attention is invited to the sale at auction of stocks and houds at eleven o’clock to-day, at the office of Messrs. William H. Wood & Son, No. 178 Fore Street. Liquor Seizures.—Yesterday the Deputy Marshals seized small quantities of liquor in the shops kept by Aimer Paine, on Green street; Hugh Kelly, on Foro street, and John McMerr) man, on Cumberland street. Wellcome's Liver Regulator is a sure and safe cure for liver complaints. There is no other known remedy equal to it; thousands have shared its benefits, aud gladly recommend it to others. janfi—lawtf Accident.—Yesterday afternoon a sleigh driven by two young ladies, was ruu into on Congress street by a countryman’s team. One of the ladies was thrown out and had her face considerably bruised. Attention is called to the announcement of Mr. George W. Hall, who has re-established himself in the grocery business at No. 18 Mark et Street, where he intends to keep a lull as sortment of choice family groceries. We are indebted to Senator Fessenden for the volumes of the Congressional Globe con taining the debates and proceedings of tlio first session of the Thirty-ninth Congress. We are indebted to F. M. Drew, Esq., Clerk of the House, for a copy of tho Journal of the House for 18fi<>; also for a copy of tho Maine Manual for the year lMGli. Mains’ Elderberry Wine is the best Heine dy in the world tor Piles. Buy one bottle ami try it. For sale by all druggists and Country grocers. janP.!—W& wly We would advise all to go who can, to-mor row evening, and hear Dr. Pennington in his lecture, as there is no doubt it will be an in teresting one. See advertisement column^ Legislative Club.—Members ot the Legis lative Club’are notified to meet at the Council room, Market Hall, Thursday evening, at 7.30. All new hooks added to the Povtland Cir culating Library as fast as issued. The best of stationery at Geyer’s, Free Street. Mech aniob’ AssEMULiKs.-The last Assembly of the course will como oil' this evening. A Nice Little BrLL.—The fact has just been made public that Jesse D. Bright, who was i t polled from the Senate in the early part of the war for disloyalty, some time ago presented a bill to Indiana for twenty thousand dollars on account of damage done to his estate at Jefier souvilie by the soldiers. The hill was approved by Governor Morton, afterwards cut down by the revising board to about ten thousand dol lars, and then paid. The State now asks tho general government to reimburse the amount to licr, and has sent a bill for the same to the Treasury Department. It will not be paid at present. —B. W. Soule has been appointed Postmas ter at Phillips, vice B. Peal, removed. ^ THE state. —The Kendall’s Mills correspondent of the Star writes that Benj. Eaton, station master for the T. &K. K. R. Co., is about to remove to Skowhegan, to take charge ot tho station there. Mr. Eaton is faithful and popular. An effort is being made to change the name of Kendall's Mills post office to Fairfield. This is the original name. We learn from the Saco Democrat that Capt. Hiram Murch. of Blddeford, aged G6 years, retired to bed at his usual hour on Sat urday evening last and slept well during the night, and on Sunday morning as he was about to rise he suddenly' fell back and expired. He was in his usual health and about his business on Saturday. He had been troubled with a heart disease for two or three years. —The cellar of a building in Patten’s Block, Saco, was broken into on Sunday uight last, and the metre which measures the gas for the hall above was taken therefrom and the gas left running in full force. The hall is occupied by the Sous ot t’en^ierauee, and tho Democrat says it is supposed the metro was takou as a revenge against that division. —Tho Bangor Whig states that as a Mr. Jones of Brewer was hauling wood on Mon day with a young colt in harness, the animal became restive iroin some unexplainable cause, and Air. J. left his team and seized tire horse liy tho head. The animal continued lo rear and plunge, throwing his driver under his feet and trampling upon him with such effect as to break both his jaw-bones and nose, otherwise hurt ibly mutilating his lace, lie lies iu a very critical condition. —The Bangor Times says Alessrs. Rigby Sc Hunt aro pushing forward the work of bridg ing the river at Oldtown for tho E. Sc. N. A. Railway with vigor. —Tho grocers ol Bangor have ‘ followed suit” in the matter of closing their stores at 7 P. M. each evening in tho week, with the ex ception of Saturday evening. —We learn from tho Kennebec Journal that a dry-house belonging to Alessrs Bangs & Aloshor was burned in Augusta, Friday morn ing. Tho building stood just above the dam.— It was full of lumber, and was, with its con tents, destroyed. —Tho Alaine Alusical Association holds its session at Lewiston this week and next, under the direction of Prof. B. F. Baker, of Boston. The Alendelssohu Quintette Club of Boston will furnish tho Orchestral Arusic. Among tho popular singers who will ho present, are Aliss Barrows, Messrs. Alorgan, Shaw, Thurs ton and Buck, of this city; Aliss Poland and Air. Farrington of Auburu, Airs. Edwards and Mr. Chandler of Lewiston; Miss Carroll, Wa terville; Miss Graves, Sahattus; Air. Booth ky, Livermore Falls; Air. Rice, Bath; Air. Haskell, Topsliam, and others. —The Bangor Whig is “garkastic” on our sprightly little friend down at the city of spin dles, This is the way it goes on: The Lewiston Journal, something more than halt as large as the Portlaud Press and Ban gor Whig, modestly considers itselt the -‘great” Maine family newspaper. The Journal exhib its commendable enterprise iu its editorial de partment, but iu the matter of putting it is far in advance of competition. It furnishes the world with the ian-st news, and if its light should go out, ilarkuess would overspread the laud, or somebody is mistaken. Review of I lie illurket FOB TUB WEEK ENDING Jan. 15. 18C7. The changes in prices of commodities during the past week lia\ e been slight, and the business transac tions have been light, comparatively, though belter than a year ago at this time. The price of geld has ceased to operate, in a great measure, upon the price of commodities, and merchants and importers are now awaiting, with some unxicly, the action of Con gress upon the luriif. Gold touched 132£ last Friday, the lowest point during the week. On Monday, lltli, it opened ai 134J and was quite steady during the day at 13-4 j to 134J. Tuesday it opened at 135; sold up to 135|, then down lo 131^, closing at 135. APPLES*—The market continues to be well sup plied, and large quantities ha\ e been sold to go abroad. Good sound iruit commands from $2 6U to $4 50 per bbl. Dried apples are linn at our quotations. ASHES—The demand lor pots is quite limited and there are no transactions to speak el. BEANS—The market is not overstocked aud prices are linn. BREAD—The demand lor ship is quite light, in consequence of the dullness in iicighung business. Prices are unchanged. BOX SHOOKS—Prices continue nominal and the market is dull. The views ol shippers and manu facturers do not agree and hence, traiisuctions arc light. BUTTER—There is an ample supply of good solid butter, which is selling at bb^-lUc, ino latter price bu ingasked lbr prime quality, CANDLES—Prices unchanged tor Trowbridge’s moulds, for which there is a lair demand. CHEESE—A good supply is in the market and prices are steady, Country cheese can be purchased at lqg2e lower Ibuu our quotations. CEMENT—Thu market is well supplied and prices are unchanged. COAL—The demand lbr anthracite continues steady and prices arc without any change. COOPERAGE—Tlic market is bare of almost all kinds of cooperage and the transactions are slight, in Consequcucc. CORDAGE.—Manila is lower, but the demand continues to be very light. DRUGS AND DYES—Alcohol is lower, aud the price is nominal iu consequence of the expectation Hint the internal reveuue duly on the article will be reduced. No change in oilier articles. DUCK—The demand lbr Portland duck, at tlio re duced price, continues to be large. DRY GOODS—The market lbr cotton fabrics is Urm with an upward tendency. Woolens are raihor lial, but expectations are entertained that tlic pro visions of the new tariu bill in leiaLion lo wool and woolen goods w Hi be ol such a character as to give an impetus to mauuiacLure and the trade. FJS11—-There is a lair demand and stocks are quite light. There axe, however, many cargoes in liist hands, which will be brought to market in the spring. FLuUlv- The market is quite firm and no disjKisi tion is shown on the part of holders to abate the prices, especially for the good grades. The supply is ample lbr present wants. FRUIT—There is a decline in all kinds of dried fruits. Lemons and oranges remain the same as last week. GRAIN—The supply of corn is not vory large, though sutlieient tbi present wants. Prices of gram are unchanged. HAY—The market is freely supplied. The de mand lbr shipping is light. HIDES AND SKINS—Dull aud hut little doing. Prices are unchanged. IRON—Dealers are not disposed to make auy con cessions under the prospect oi an increased tarill. The stocks are good and there Is a lair demand. LAUD—There is a tinner tendency in lard, and prices arc more regular. LEAD— Wo note a decline of one eeut for sheet and pipe. LEATHER—Prices unchanged. The sales have been fair for the market. There is a tinner lecling in dealers. LIME—Tlic supply is large hut prices are unchang ed, tiiough the demand lias slackened oil. LUMBER—The supply of all kinds is good, but the demand is more moderate just now. Southern pine is lower, there being large quantities of it hero aud great diliicuity in liiiding purchasers for a cargo. MocASSES—There is an improved lot-ling iu the market but stocks are light. Importers are not dis posed to yield in prices. NAVAL STOKES—Quiet ami unchanged with hue light dumaud. OAKUM.—The market is quiet with but small demand. OILS—Linseed and lard oils have shaded down. Portland kerosene is linn at 70e lor single cask, 07J for live casks mid 05 for 1009 gallons or more. ONIONS—The market is well supplied and prime siiver-skius are selling at #2(^.2 25 i*cr bid. PAINTS—No change from last week’s quotations, though prices rather favor buyers. The demand has fallen oil'. PLASTER—1The market is well supplied and prices are lower. We quote soil at $2 60 and hard at #2 00 per ton. Ground is selling at #9 00 at wholesale and $10 at retail. PRODUCE—Cut meats are in good supply with out any change in prices. Poultry is plenty. Eggs are shading down. Potatoes are plenty, and choice ones command #2 25^2 50 per bbl. Shipping potatoes bring 5ocqgtiU per bushel. Cranberries are selling at #4<&4 50 per bushel. PROVISION’S—There is more firmness in the pork market, and bidders are stilt in their prices, In heel there is no change and the market is quiet. Hogs from Illinois and Michigan are selling at 9$^ 10|Je, and the market is well supplied with lmudsomo ones. RICE -Wo continue our quotations. Rangoon is selling at 10c and Carolina at I2J. SALT—The market is very quiet and prices arc without change. SOAPS—The demand for Le&the & Gore’s steam 1 refined soaps is well maintained ami orders are com ing in from over Lliecounlry. our quotations give the factory p. ices. SUGARS—The market is firm for Havana sugars and holders are stiff. Refined sugars have advanced a shade and the best quality cannot be had at less than 15f«jl6]c. STARCH Firm at the recent advance, with a moderate demand. SHOT—There is a slight decline in both drop and buck shot. TEAS Firm and steady, for the stocks on hand, with hut lew' transactions. TINS— There is a fair demand for all kinds ol tins. Stocks have been replenished by recent arrivals from Europe, ami pi ices for charcoals have fidleu off. TOBACCO We have no changes to note; the mar ket is dull and prices steady. VARNISH—No change. The demand continue* to be good for all kinds. WOOL—The wool market still continues very dull and there is no prospect ol an improvement at present. The manufacturers are losing on their goods as they cannot bo manulhctured, with wool at the present rates, without a loss. ZINC—Except for home purges the demand has lallenolL Puces are a shade low er. FREIGHTS—1There have been more engagement* during the hast week than for many weeks back We note the following: Bri£ AUaratta for St. Jago for the round sum of #1100 out; brig Frontier for Sagua w ith sugar hhd shocks at 35c; new brig_to load at Wiacassct for a port north side Cuba with boxes in the hold at J5c, and lumber on deck at #6 ptr M; also new bark Augustine lvobb, about 500 bins, to load box shocks for Matanzas and brig J. Bickmore lor a port north Hiile prices llml Lave not transpired; also l.rij- c. jj. Kellev, to loaJ at Portland, to Zaza, Cuba, anil back north of IIal tcras at M c. i>cr loll lbs sugar and *5 p,.r 100 galls of molasses; schooner Mary lilla, of York, to Sagua ... 01 Hmteras at* l 50 lor molasses and 50c lor sugar. You need not SulfVr wiili Piles Since Cami s Pile REMEDY brings immediate re lict, and speedily cutes both recent and inveterate cases. The only unitbrmly successful medicine lor Biles. Dealers want no other where it lias been intro duced. Send lor circulars and certitlcatea. Ask the nearest Druggist to get the medicine tor you. Druggist who desire a most eilicacloue, popular and rapidly selling medicine tin Piles may apply to the Proprietors. Sold by the Proprietors, and by S. An derson A Son, Bath; H. U. Hay, Portland; B. F. Bradbury, Bangor; Horace Barbour, Lewiston, and other Druggists Wm. Cakk & Co. sepl,JsN2tawtt n Proprietors, Portland W holesale Prices Current* Corrected for the Pbei?s. to Jan. 15. Apples. Lead. Green brl. 2 50 @ 4 50 Sheet ft Pipe. 11*@ 12 Booking k# bu. 50 @ 75 Loathes. Dried P lb... 11 @ 11 New York, Western do. 12 LlghfcV..... 30 @ 33 Ashes. Mill, weight 34 @ 3s Pearl ^ lb.none Heavy..• 3G @ 36 Pot. 9@ 10 Slaughter.. 48 @ 61 Beans. Am. Cali.... 1 45 @ 1 Marrow $> bu. 2 50 @ 8 00 Lime. Pea.3 00 @ 3 5n RocklVLcask 1 40 @ 1 50 Blue Pod.... ^ 50 @ 2 75 Lumber. Box Shooks. Clear Pine, Pine. 70 (£75 Nos. 1 & 2....G0 00 @G5 00 Bread. No. 3.45 oo @50 oo Pilot ip 100 lbl2 00 @15 00 No. 4.20 00 @25 00 » llot ox 100 IblO 50@12 CO hippiug_21 00 @24 qq Ship.8 50 @ 10 00 SprUce.14 00 @19 00 Ciackcrx*JJ00 50 @ 55 Dimension Spruce J0@2> Hemlock-15 00 @18 oo Butter. 'lapboards, Family 4> lb. . 35 ® 28 SpruceEx..27 00 @30 00 Store. 22 @ 26 Pine Ex_ none. Caudles. shingles. Mould %> lb... 10 (eg 17 Cedar Ext..4 50 (£ 4 75 Sperm. 40 @ 42 CedarNo.l.,3 00 @ 3 25 Cement. shaved Cedar 5 75 f* brl.2 40 (£ 2 50 “ Pme 0 75 Cheese. Laths, Vermont p tb IG @ lx Spruce.3 50 @4 00

Now York.... lo @ 18 Pine. 4 50 @ 4 75 Coal—(Retail). Molasses. Cumberland, lo 5o @T1 00 Porto Rico.75 @ 80 Lorb’y&Diamoiul.ln@lo* Cienluegos.... (4) @ 05 Lehigh.lo 50 @1J 00 Trinidaii. 53 @ 55 Red Asli.9 SO @10 00 Cuba Clayed.. 50 @ 52 White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Clayed tart. 45 @ 4x Coffee. Muscovado. 55 @ GO Java4*lb. .. 37 @ 4o Nails. Rio. 20 @ 30 Cask. 7 00 @ Cooperage. Naval Stores. Hbd.Sh’kajfc Hits, Tar 4* brl.. .5»H» @ 5 50 Mel. City.. .3 25 @ Pitch Tar 13 25 @ Sug.City.. .2 75 @ 3 00 Wil. Pitch .. .5 00 @ 5 50 Sug. C’try.. 1 50 @ 1 75 Rosin.7 00 @ 12 oo C*1 rvTtift Mol. Turpentine p llhd.SITka. 200 @ 2 25 gal. 90 @ Hbd. ll\Tg*> Oakum. Soft Pine... 25 @ linciican-10* @ 13* Hard Pine.. 30 @ Oil. lloeprt,(14lt).35 00 @40 00 Kerosene,_ G5 @ 70 R.OakStave»50 00 @55 00 sperm.3 50 @ CoppeR Whale.1 50 @ 1 GO Cop. Sheathing 43 @ {lank. 33 00 @31 00 Y.M.Sheathing32 @ Shore___ .29 00 @32 00 Y. M. Bolts... 35 @ Porgie.19 00 @24 • Cordage. Linseed. ! 26 @ American k> II > 20* a) 21 Boiled do. @ 1 :$2 Manila. 22f@ 25 Lard'.140 @ Manila Boltiupo 24* £ 25 Olive.2 25 @ Drugs and Dyes. Castor.3 25 @ Alcohol |j>gal 4(H) @ Neatalbot ....1 85 @2 00 Arrow Root... 30 @ 70 Onions. Bi-Carb Soda 9 @ lo Siv’skinsD bl. 2 @2 25 Borax. 39 @ Paints. Camphor . .. .1 25 @ PortlM Lead.17 50 @ Cream Tartar 35 @ 55 Pure Grd do.IK 50 @ indigo,.1 50 @ t 85 Pure Dry do.lG .50 @ Logwood ex... IG @ 17 Am. Zinc,.. .13 00 @ Madder. 18 @ ✓ » Rochelle Yel.. 4@ Naptha 4> gal. 35 @ 5ft Eng.Ven.Ked. 4*@ Opium 4* lb. 10 00 @10 25 Red Lead. 10 @ 18 Rhubarb.4 00 @45u Litharge. 15 @ 17 Sal Soda. 5 @ 5 *. Plaster. Saltpetre. IG @> 28 Soft, |* ton. .25(1 @ Sulphur. 7*@ Hard.2 (»0 @ Vitriol. 18 @ Ground.9 00 @ 10 00 D' ok. Produce. No. 1,. @ 85 Beef, side lb lo @ • 13 No. 10,. @ 49 Veal. 8 @ 10 Ravens. @ 40 Lamb. 10 @ 12 Dyewoods. Chickens. 20 @ 22 Barwood. 3 @ Turkeys. 20 @ 23 Brazil Wood.. 13 @ Geese. Ik @ 20 Camwood .... 9 @ 10 Eggs, 4* dor.. 32 @ ’M Fustic,. 4@ 5 Potatoes,4) bbl 1 7o@2 00 Logwood, Cranb’s bush 4 00@150 Campeachy. 3 @ Provisions. St. Domingo 2j@ 3 Moss Beef, Nic.Wood- @ Chicago,.. .20 00 @22 00 Peach Wood.. 8 @ Ex Mc>s. .24 00 @25 00 RedWood.... 7*@ 8* Pork, Sapan Wood.. @ ‘ ExtraClesr @28 00 Pish. Clear 24 00 @25 00 Cod, & qtl. Mess 23 00 @24 00 Large Shore G 50 @ 7 50 Prime- 18 00 @19 00 LargeBank 5 75 @ G 25 Hams. 15 @ IG Small.3 50 @ 4 00 Rice. Pollock.3 00 @ 4 25 Rice, ^ lb.... 19 @ 12* Haddock,new 2 00 @ 2 50 Rum. Hake.2 00 @ 2 75 New England 2 65 Herring, oarer aius. Shore, ■£> bl.4 00 @ 6 00 Saleratus \> lb 12@ 13 Sealed,ybx. 30 @ 45 Holt. No. 1. 25 @ 35 Turk’s Is. Mackerel |>bl. lihd. (8 bus. )4 25 @ 4 75 Bay No. 1.. 17 00@t9 Oft Liverpool.425 @ 4 50 Bay No. 2. 16 50@18 00 Gr’nd Butter. 30 @ Buy No. 3. J3 25@14 25 Seeds. Shore No.1.18 00 @19 00 Hcrdsgrass busli 400'a: 150 Shore N o.3. U 00 @10 Oo ( lover lb.14 @15 Flour. Red Top bag ft 50 @ o 00 White Winter (Shot, choice xx 16 00@17 50 Drop,]? lOOlbs @1160 xx 14 5ft @16 0ft Buck. @12 50 x 13 00@14 00 Soap. Red Winter Ext raSt’m Refined 114 xx.14 5ft@ 15 50 Family.v;'.,.10] x. 13 ft0@ No. 1. 10 Spring xx-• 14 00@414 50 Oliue. 134 x.. 13 25@14 00 (’hem Olive. 114 Superfine . lft Oo @12 00 Crane’s. 13* St. Louis & Southern Soda. 13] Superior xx l6fto@l8 00 Spices. Canada Cassia, pure.. 80 @ SuperiorXX 16ftft@16 50 Cloves. 43 @ 45 Michigan & Western Ginger. 28 @ 3ft Sup’i xx .. 15 6ft@16 50 Mace.1 40 @ Fruit. Nutmegs.1 35 @ 1 40 Almonds—Jordan lb. Pepper. 28 @ 3ft Soft Shell... @ 35 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Shelled. @ 50 Starch. Pea Nuts.3 75 @ Pearl. ll]@ 12] Citron, new... 40 @ Sugar. Currants. @ 17 Muscovado... 11 @ 12] Dates, new—20 @ ilav. Brown . 1 ]@ 14 Figs,.new 18 @ 20 Hav. White... none Prunes,.. Is @ Crushed. 154 @ 15] Raisins, Granulated... 154 @ 15] Bunch,$>bx3 87 @ 4 00 Powdered_ 1 r»J @ 15] Bayer.4 ftft @ 4 15 Cagle Refinery A @none Lemons,box 3 50 @ 5 50 do do B @ none Oranges,<£>100 4 00 @ Teas. Grain. Souchong- 75 @ 9ft Corn, Mixed.. 1 25 @ 1 3ft Oolong. 90 @ 95 West’nYell’w 1 33 @ 1 35 Oolong, choicel ftft @ 1 05 Rye.1 4ft w 1 45 Japan,.1 10 @.125 Barley.I 20 @ 1 25 ‘Tin. Oats. 70 @ 75 Bauca, cash.. 35 @ 37 Shorts £» toil.32 00 @35 00 Straits, cash.. 33 @ 35 Fine Feed. .40 Oft @ 45 (M) English. 34 @ 37 Gunpowder. Char. I. C.. 13 00 @13 50 Blasting.5 50 @ 6 00 Char. 1. X.. .16 00 @16 50 Sportiug.6 00 @ 7 5o Tobacco. Hay. Fives & Tens, Pressed£>ton20 00 @22 00 Best Brands 70 @ 80 Loose.20 00 @25 00 Medium- 60 @ 65 Straw.12Oft @1500 Common... 55 @ 60 Hides and Skins. Half lbs. best Buenos Ayres 2:» @ 31 brands. 75 @ 80 Western. 18 @ 19 N at *1 Leaf, lbs.1 00 @ 1 25 Slaughter- 10 @ Navy tbs. 75 @ 85 Calf Skins.... 30 @ Twine. Lamb Skims.. I 00 @ 1 50 Cotton Sail... @80 Iron. Flax. @ 75 Com high. 4]@ ft Varnish. Refined. 5 @ ft] Damar.2 75 @ 3 75 Swedish. 8 @ 8] Furniture ...2 25 @ 4 25 Norway. 8]@ 9 Coach.3 00 @ 6 50 Cast Steel_ 26 @ 28 Wood. German Steel. 17 @ Hard, retail. 10 50 @11 00 Eng.Blis.Stcel 22(a) Soil... @7 00 Spring Steel.. 11 @ 14 Kiiidlingfti'lmx 30 @ 40 Sheet Iron, Wool. English. 7 @ 7} ITuwash’d Fleece25 @ 30 R. G. S]@ 11 Washed do.3ft @ 35 Russia. 23 @ 26 L<aiuh Skins.. 75 @ 1 10 Belgian_ 22 @ Zinc. Hard. Mosselman, sheet,14 @14] Barrel, £Mb. 13]@ 14] Lehigh...14 @11* Kegs, lb.... 14]@ Portland Dry Good* Market* COTTON GOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37.19 @ 22 Fine Sheeting,...36....i. 17] w 1U Fine Sheeting,. 4ft.2022 Medium Sheeting,.37.14 @ 17 Light Sheeting,.37.14 @ 16 Shirting,.27 to 30.12 @ 14 UI.EACUKD 8II KKT1NO. Good Bleached Sheeting,.3(1.22 @ 271 Good Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.25 @ 32] Medium Sheeting,.36.17 @ 22 Shirting,.27 to 32.12]@ 15 DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,.30. 22]@ 25 Medium.30.20~@ 22] Corset Jeans,.15 @ 25’ COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,.25 @ :io Medium Cotton Flannels,.,..20 @ 25 Bleached Cotton Flannels,.25 @ 37 ] STRIPED SHIRTING. Heavy Striped Sliirling,.3ft.25 @ .70 Heavy Striped Sliirtmg,.27.22] @ 26 Medium Stripe^ Shirting,.27.17 @ 20 TICKING. Heavy Ticking,.37}@ 55 COTTON ADES, Heavy double and twist,. .45 @ 55 DEN1U8. Heavy Denims,.4ft @ 4R Medium Denims,.26 @ 32] CAMUlliOS AND PRINTS. Colored (:ambries,.12]@ 15 Best Prints,....16 @ is Medium Prints,.14 @ 16 DELAINES. DeLainos, .24 @ 25 CRASH. V/1U91I,.11}® II BATTING, WADDING, AC. Cotton Batting, & lb,.18 ^ 25 Cotton Wadding, $> lb,.30,(g{ 35 Wicking,...65 <& 65 WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,. .25 (g> 50 Satinets,.50 ($v 85 Union Meltons,.75 (ju/1 00 Block Union Cassiinerc*,.80 i<rl 00 Black all wool uasHimcres,.1 oo [tyl 50 Black Doeskins,.125 a<$t 75 Fancy Doeskins,.1 no 50 Kepellant, 6-4,.1 37${od 45 WOOL FLANNELS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannels,.30 @ 67$ Blue and Scarlet,..35 l«> 57$ Wliito. plain.. 3-4.33 .a) 50 White, nlain.. 36 . ... 60 ^ 70 Portland Daily Press Stock List. COBUEOTED BY WM. II. WOOD & SON, Stock and Exchange Broker, 176 Fore St., Portland. For the week ending Jan. 15, 1867. Description/. JHar Value. Ojff'ernl. Asked Government 6*s, 1881,.108. 100 Government C-20,1*02,.107.lo8 Government 6-20, 1804.luO.1«7 Government 5-20.Ib05.. li «.107 Government 5-20, July,.In3l.104$ Guvernment 7-30, 1st series.i0.U.104$ Government 7-30, 2d and 3d series,-103$.104$ Government 10-40,. 00.100 State of Maine Bonds,.90.10*1 Portland City Bonds,.07.9* Bath City Bonds,.95_ .96 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.05.96 Calais City Bonds,.*•.05.96 Cumberland National Bank,_*0.45.17 Canal National Bank,.100... ft. lo3.lo4 First National Bank,.100.103.104 Casco National Bank,.100.1<;3.104 Merchants’ National Bank,.75.76.77 National Traders Bank,.loo.102.103 Second National Bank,.loo.go.95 Portland Company,.loo.go.05 Portland Gas Company,.50.51.52 Ocean Insurance Company,_loo.104.108 At. & St. Lawrence R. R.,.55.00 At. & St. Lawrence Bonds,100. 92. 04 A. A- K. R. R. Bonds.85. X6 Maine Central R. R. Stock,_100. 12.15 Maine Central R. R. Bonds,.80.83 Androscoggin R. R. Stock.50.worthless. Androscoggin 1st Mortg’ge Bonds,.«»5.100 Ken. & Portland R. R. Bonds,. 100. 85. 90 Portland & Forest Av’n’e R. R., 100.60.70 Portland Glass Company,.100.100.. . 101 Port. Shovel Manuiac’gCo.,... 100.nominal. Richardson’s Wharf Co.100.95.100 SPECIAL NOTICES. GENTLEMEN will find a large slock of Boots and Shoos, of every variety ol style, both of French and American man ufacture, at T. E. MOSELEY & CO’S, Soaimed St. Boston. janlddlt A Sure Pile t'ure. DK. GILBERT’S PILE INSTRUMENT positively cures the Worst cases of piles. Sent by mail mi re ceipt of $4. Circulars tec. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. ROMA INK, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New-York. oe26d3iu»N Some Folks Can’t Sleek Nmnps.-We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy. Dodd’s Nek vine, which article surpasses all known preparations Ibr ilie cure ol all forms id Nervousness, it is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce costiveness and other serious diliiculiics; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action ot the bowe» and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readilv, or met with such universal approval. For Sleei lessnesS, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities,' and all the tearftil mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. SPECIAL NOTICES. — M-t-ja-..- — iT'Sinnalic Malta and Htrunintic DIU eial Maura just received and li* aale by J J. \V. PERKINS & CO., not’laseotvdswly No adOoinmarcial st. Long Sought For l Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale l»y all City Druggists and lirst class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not the best, remedy tor colds and pulmonary complaint*, :is well as one of the most agreeable Beverages. Manufactured from the pure iuiceof the berry, anil unadulterated by any impute ngrcdient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine, ami to the well, as a beverage. •‘To the days of the aged itaddeth length, To the mighty it addeth strength,’* ”fis a balm for the sick, a joy tor the well— Druggists ami Grocers buy anil sell JflAVftM’ lJ.DKRUKKKV WIND, nov 27 s N d&wlf AV hy Sutler from Sores ? When by the use ot the ARNICA OINTMENT, y»>u can easily be cured. It has relieved thousands from Burns, scalds, Chapped Hands, sprains, Chilblains, Souk Lips, Warts, Cuts, Boils, Eruptions, and every complaint of the Skin. Try it ioril costs but 2&e. Be sure to‘ask for HALE S Alt NIC A UINTMJSMX.—For sale by all Drug/isis, or send :i5c to O. I». Nnniuui A (!«., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail, dec 29 sN dim l*'or Cough*, (old* nu«l 4 oii*uni|>iioii. Try the old and well known VKfiKlABLi: PIJLItlOiifiRV 11A A HI, approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians tor Ibrty years past, (let the genuine. REED, CUTLER & Cl!)., Druggists, dec24sNd&w(>m Boston, Proprietors. Professional Card. Dp. WM. II. NWliET, one of the celebrated family of Sweet. Bone Setter, from Rhode island, but for the last 10 years a resident of New Bedford, Mass., having been associated there with bis brother Job, with the most Haltering success, has, through the solicitation of his fiieuds ami patients in the State of Maine, opened an office in this City, In House IV«. :il tiray Sired, (near Braekott St.,) where he will attend io all bn^ineS' pertaining to bis profession: Such as Setting Bonos, Dislocation of Bones, iujmie, of Bones, Stiff Joints, Contract ed Cords, Hip Disease, Weak aud Palsied Limbs, Spinal Complaints,'Fractures, Rheumatic Affections, Sciatics, and Lameness in general. The I)r. Hatters himself that, after having a natural gift, combined with a practice of twenty years iu his profession, that lie can eure most eases pronounced incurable by other physicians. Hundreds of Testimonials can be given, but it is de nied unnecessary here. Office hours irofn 9 to 12 A. M., and from 2 to 5 1‘. M. Jan. 14, 18<»7. jantS «l2w kn i Tilton & McFarland, Dcsiro to call tbc attention to tlie fact that more than 1 o Of their Safes save AMPLE PROTECTION in tbc late lire. Parlies desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at 110 Hu.lbu.-y Hired, Boalou. Eir'Second-liand Sales taken in crcltange for aale. Jan 10—SNlstw in each luo&adv remainder of time. Batchelor’s Hair Bye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best m tlie work). The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. Dio ilisuppo inline ill. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of JJtul Dyes. Invigorates the hair, having it soft and beautiful, ilie genuine is signsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, anil should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, Nov York. §=*T' Ifrwttrr ©I a 4‘ouuierfeii. November 10, 1880. dlysn Hall’s Vegetable SICILIAN 1IAI1C REN EWER Is the best article known to preserve the hair. It will positively restore dray Ilair to its Original Color. It keeps the hair irom tailing out. It is the best dressing in the world, making lifeless, stiff*, lu-ashy hair, healthy, soft and gloss,. Price $1.00. For sale by all druggists. R. P. HALL Cc CO., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. janl2d&wlw3 sn A VIluable Medicine.— Df. Poland's White | Pine Compound, advertised in our columns, is a suc ; cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White Pine Lark. It has been thorough ly tested by people iu this city and vicinity, and the proprietor lias testimonials to ifs value from persons well knows to our ciiueim. We rcccommend ils trial iu all those cases of disease to which it is adapted. It is for sale by all our Druggists.—Independaur. The Great New England Remedy! Dk. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now offered to the alllie ted throughout the coun try, after having been proved by the tost ot eleven years, in the New England Stales, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, iu part, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound, CURLS i Non* TIi ion I, Colds, Coughs, Diptheria. ICi’oiM-liilis, Spilling ofDlood, uuil Pul monary Alltel ions, gene mil}. 11 is n Itcmarltuble Itruii-dy lor Kidney Coan flaiul*. Diabetes, Dillieully ol' %'oidint; riue, Blreiliuj; from the Kidneys ami flCladder, Lnnrl mid other roauplaiufs. For Files anal Scurvy, il will be found very valuable. Give it a trial if you would leuru the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. Il is lMcusant Safe and Mure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Met I ieines generally. Sold at wholesale by W. F. Phillips A Co., .1. U . Perkins A Co., And H. \\. Whipple, PORTLAND, ME. sop29-deowCmsN V Cough, A Cold, or A More Throat, lEQClREs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, AND SHOULD DE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irrilaliou of the I.lings, a per ni n cm-ni Throat Da sc-use, Or C'Oiasuuipliou, "** is otten the result. BtmWN*S K It O N 4 111 A L T R O C IX ffi S ilAVimi A DIRECT PVKLfTFNCF P© THE 1‘AllTS, C4JVK IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Foe ltrouehilis, Asthma, Catarrh, Con sumptive anil I’hro i Diseuses, TROCHES ARK USED WITH ALWAVS «j< >OD SUC« KSH. NiugrrM ami Publie S pea hers will liud Troches list-fui in clearing the voice v/licii taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the | tnfoat after an iihnsual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches aie recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent yneii throughout the country. Being an article ot true merit, and having proved their eiUcacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better ihaii other articles. obtain only *• Brown’s Bronchial Tho* hi s” and do not take any of the worthless imi tatioits l hut may he otic red. hold ev KRW IIekb Dec 4-rd&w6m hn Mains' Pure Klderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended i»y Physicians, may be ] found at wholesale at the drug stales of W.W Whip ple cK: Co., H. II. Hay, W. t\ Phillips & <k>., K. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins & Co. J;Uil2sNdiy Warren'S Cough lialsmu. Tlic best Remedy ever compounded for Colds, Cough*, Cufurrh uud Coiuuiupliou, and ail diseases of the Throat am! Lungs. nr F or sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by It. ft. BRADBUUY, (K'tlod&wsNGm Druggist, Bangor. j COLGATE A CO.’S, WINTER SOAP. Recommended for Chapped Hands and for general Toilet use during Cold Weather. It j may l»c obtained of all druggists and fancy good dealers. RNdecJMtolfcblO Make Your Own Soup l NO I.IHK NKCKMMAKV! By Saving and Using Tour Waste Grer so BUY ONE BOX OF TIIE Pennsylvania Salt MTjf. Co’s S^POiNTFIISR. (Patents of 1st and 8th Feb., 1869.) CONCENTRATED EYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 26 callous of the very best soft soap tor only about UOcts. Directions on each box*. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. |E8*“Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co's Saponifier. nol78Neod& wly MINERAL BATHS AT HOME. DINFEPNIA ClIKKD III1M M UINII CC RED UIU I'TIONS oi. Ih, HUi CUIttol) Wholrru t iKi:l) BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. On away with :tll yom various and ollen I"mi clous ilru^s siul tfiintK uiodiviutM, uml us< a 't w l.silis |tre|Sii*sl with “STRUM ATIC SALTS !>’ These SADI'S are made tr« m the concent rat ed Liquors of the Mineral Well oft he Pcnn’a Salt Mnn fk.during Co., in Pittsburg, ami are packed in .air tight boxes. One always sutlieient for a bath. Di rections are attached. ^ INTERNALLY USE “Str lunatic Mineral Waters!” In kittles of one and a half pints. One sutiicicut for a day’s use. g^Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 Stale st., Boston; Ravin Ids, Pratt & Co, No. IMI Fulton st., Now York, Wholesale Agents. nn24>»Neod&tf ly married. In Saco, Jan. 2, ai the residence of F. C. Deering by Rev. dr. H. Halley, Daniel ifiooks, of PortlaiuL ind Miss Annie D. Libby,of Saco. In Buckiiehi. Jan. 5, James M. Virgin, of Canton, ,u,d fizzle II. Stevens, of Turner. _.I* Dec. 1(>, \Y illmiii F. Savage, ol Temple, , ' ■ Wtlkhm, of Perkin.. Hi. “ -.mi u ’ Kimball, ofPhil ' • • “u AI.Imc K. Whitney, ..f M. Vmnn.i'i M v.’ ,'Ia“\2’ u" entiel i\ Curtis and Mia. AmnluU ill. Vmiug, hot), U1 Swanviile. , _DIM). Intbls.ity, JiUi. 14, Mrs. Ih.nnah 15. Wlutntv agod 55 years. [Funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o’clock nt Pinu St eeMJhuiCb.J 0<10ck’ In Wales Dec. 28, A. P. Hodsdon, aged24 years 11 months—lormeilv ol Portland, in Scai I>010, Jan. 7, Mr. James Loavitt, aged ?,2 years. lu Hollis, Jan. 1, Miriam Kendrick, aged 74 years 4 months. In Lewiston, Jau. II, Mrs. Harricl D. llarlow, aecd 32 years s months. In Auburn, Jan. 5, Everett, only child ol E. W . and Keziah Burg, sa, aged 2 years 4 months., Dec. 21, Mr. Eliplialet Bryant, aged 81 years. In >»aco, Jan. 8, Lieut. Chas. E. Pierce, late of IO1I1 Me. Reg., aged 32 years. In Saco, Jan. 10, Mrs. Abigail H., wife of Willis Me Kenney, aged 31 years; 11th, Mrs. Phcbc Taylor, aged tk> years. DKPARTURK OF OL’KA \ STEAMFUS NAME FROM FOR DATE. Manhattan.New York..llav A VCru.-.tiau 15 Erin.New York. .Li\oipool.Jan li» City o Dublin.New York.. Liverpool.Ian 10 Columbia.New York. .Havana.Jan l« Belgian.Portland — Liverpool.Fan lu Saxonia..New Y<>rk.. Hamburg.Fail lu < ity of Pans.New York. .Liverpool.Jau lu Etna..New York. .Live 1 pool.Ian iu Ki>ing Star.New York. .California_Jan 21 North America.New York.. Bio Janeiro . .Jan 22 Castle.New York. .Havana.Jan 21 Bremen.New York.. Bremen.Jan .M iuiul ur«% Aliuauiir.Junuaiq IG« Sun rises.. 7.27 I Moon sets.3.15 AM Sun sets.1.53 | High water.7.30 AM MARINE NEWS PORT OP I'O R T l,A .V I) . YucMlnr, January 15< ARRIVED. Sch r.anner. Ward, Tremont, Sell Utica, Thorndlkk, Rockland. CLEARED Strainer Gen McCallum, Laughton, St John, NB— John Fort eous. Barque Andes, Dulling, Matanzas—Chase,Cram & Sturdivant. Sch Harriet. (Br) Moore, Sydney, CB—John Por (eous. Sch Joseph Long, Perry, Boston—Enoch Talbot. SAILED—Barques Josephine, aud Eliza White; sells Texas, Henrietta, Emma Daks. liiig Muzallan, of Portland, 1KX tons, old measure, built iu 1*51, bus l»c« n pm* lanod by parties iu Lins city lor *3200. [FROM OUR cult RESPONDER J*.] GREEN'S LANDING, Jan 7—Ar, brig Nellie Ga\ troiu New York for Ellsworth; sehs Medium. Snell. Boston tor Grand; E li Nash. Perry, aud Keuduskcag, Mitchell, do for Harrington. Jan 8—Ar, sob Wild K »tc, Buukei, tin Boston for Gouldsboro. Jan 11—Ar, sch Olio, Fullerton, fin Ellsworth tor Rockland. DISASTERS. Steamer Equator, front Halifax for Portland, which put into Holme.'' Hole, in a disabled eondiiion, lias been lowed to New Bedford lor repairs. Son Four Nisters, Sberer, l-oui Newcastle, Del, tor Boston, was druged ashore on Bombay Honk bar by ice and ailerwaru-t on Ben Nevis. She cuiuo oil by assistance of ibree tugs aud proceeded without dam age. DOMESTIC FORTS. GALVESTON —Ar 3d ms., barque Lincoln. Trott, from Bath. cld 3d, sch Goo G Worthier, Jones, Sabine. Cld Uh, barque Walter, Libby, Li\er]»ool. NEW ORLEANS—ArTlli inst, ship Mary O’Brien, Vespi r, Livei pol; torque Courser, Dickey, Havana Ar fcth, oarques It A Allen, Tarr, and Almoner. Gray, Boston. BJow, coming up, ships China,Weeks, from Savan nah; Zouave, Whitmore, ram Boston; j lace, Adams, fr .u New York. Cld itli, ship Puritan, know!©s, Liverpool. Went to sea 2d, ships May Flower, Gettysburg, ami brig Stockton. MOBILE—Ar 7th inst, brig William CreevcyJIan ley, Pensacola old loth, seta Norah, Locke, Portland; llth, ship Jas L Keeler, Delano, Liverpool ; barque Trajan, Sleeper, Providein e. JACKSON VILUl— Cld 1st inst, sch Michigan. Toney, New York. SAVANNAH—A r 7th, brigs Jenny Acorn, Acorn. Rockland* Hattie. Giikey, Baltimore. Ar 8U1, Bell Carrie Meyer, lieser, New York. Cld 7lh, barque John S llarr.s, Kenney, Liverpool. WILMINGTON, NC—Cld lUlh, brig S Strout, Wal lace. Kiugotoii, da. Cld 9th, brig Tr.ndelen, Hawes, Allyn’s Point; sell Ocean, Purkis, Portland. NORFOLK—Ar lutli, brig Sea Foam, Coombs, New York. FORTRESS MONROE—Ar llth inst. sch Atlantic. Henderson, .St Martins, wiiti Mill, tor orders. AKo ur llth, brig Maria White, Bryant, New Yolk Ibr Nonolk; sch far agon. Sbute, do tor Charleston. Ar iu Hampton Roads 12th, seb Wm Arthur, An drews, Baltimore for New Bedford. BALTIMORE—Cld llth, barque Winsor, Barclay, PHILADELPHIA-Ar 121b, sell W S Douglifun Tatoin, Georgetown, SC. Went to flea llth, sell Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, for NEW YORK -Ar 13th, barque Alcyone Partridge New Oil ans. Cld llth, ships War Hawk. William?, San Fran I ci.'cii; Calhoun, Page, Liverpool; barques Voyager, Wylie, cieniiiugoa , L-uia, ScwaE, New Oilcans ; brig Eaglet, Dickson, Gibraltar. NEW LONDON—Ar I2U1, sob Palma, Brewster, Providence lor New York. PROVIDENCE—Ar llth, sell 12 I los on. Babson, Baltimore. NEWPORT—Sid 1-th, schs Saxon, Cas kly. Provi denec tor Portland; May Day, Adams, Fall River for Baltimore. NEW BEDFORD—Ar lUli nsl, si. amcr Kqiiato Clark. Habtix Ibr Port and. to repair. • HOLM his’ HOLE—Ar 12th, brig Win A Dr uaerf Hatch, New York for Boston; sebt* Balloon, Clay, do lor do. Sid, sell Anna Myrick. Ar 13th, sc ha A J Dyer, Kelley, and John, Falk ingliam. Iim F.lizabelhport Ibr Boston; Four Sisici?, Sheerer, iSewca 1 h*. Del, ibr dn; Man jflkl.IiQlghton New Y ork tor Anuisqu.un; T’yroi e.Cole, do lor liai ringtail. Sid, sobs 11 Prescott, and E N Perry. 1 In port 14th, barque i'gjuca; brigs YVm A Dresser. T« T knight, Essex; sens Hattie Ross, Girdle, M I Gage, Busina. shooting Mar, fiatue, Alugnuui Bo num, Tyrone Four Sisters, Wave, A J Dyer, John Balloon, and Mam fit Id. KDGARTOWN—Ar 10th, sells F A Bailey, Crushy, Newcastle, Del, lor Boston; Camilla, Huilhul, New York lor do; Susan Taylor. Lord, New York lor Danvers; Admiral Farnagot, Crowley, Philadelphia mr Portland; Clinton, Sbuckford, Baltimore lor do; Pavilion, Reed, N» w Haven lor Calais; Y ulcau, Mu ! son, New York for Pembroke In port titli, brigs E H Kennedy. Potomac; schs Hattie Anna, KG Willard, .luii.i 1. Carnage,» bailie 1 & Willie, Northern Light. Admiral Furugut llar | per, Sarah Gaidmer. George Gilman, Susan Taylor. Superior. Muflfl Whitney, Kutli S llodgdou, Pavili u 1 Camilla, FA Baizicy, < Union, Vulcan, Hannibal. 1 Jas Henry, Eastern Belie. Saiah, SC Loud, Geo W Kimball. St Lucar, Gen Meade,Tims Hix, Am < lii el. Gertrude llerton, Ella, and .Mary Fie clier. BOSTON—Ar I4ib, sells Willis Puinam, t'lev, in Calais; Lebanon, Brown, Muohia*; Amazon, Cun ningham, Belfast. Cld llth, barque hiving Scud, Duane, Havana; sell Lucy Jane, Nash, Ruck land. Sid. barque Caroline Lcmont; brig Rover, (trom Gloucester, E,) lor Purllaod. At 15th, t*chs Anna Myrick. c.iUua, Tangier for Pori land; Franklin Treat, Philbtuok, WinUurporl; 1» K A rev. Ryan, Beltasl. Cld 15th, selis Elizabeth DcIInrt, Low, Arroyo, T J Tt allot), T’aploy, Baltimore. FOREIGN FORTH. Sid fm Ratavia Nov 19, ships Sooloo, Allen, (from Manila) ibr Boston; Mindora, Al'en, (from Boston) tor (long Kong. At SingajHire Nov 22, ship Pocahontas. Graves, lot Hung Kong; Golden Hind, Davis, and Martiia lode out, ddlerson, tine. At J udang Oct :tl, ship Humboldt. Procter, Iroin P.aiavia, ar 25th, to load coil, c lor Unite I Male . Aral Palermo 17th ull, twig Alberti, Dow, from Bangor. mu iui 4 ;i>ici 111 .ii ■•'in mi, on;; t i:n;i r niuih. G irtiiner, Now York. Ar at Cartkageua IHih ult, ship Wm II Prescott, Baetioldor, Callao. Iln fm Gibraltar 18th nit. barque Conquest I lower, tor Cette. At Tome, (('Idle) Nov 20, ship San Carioo*. Stroul, tor Bo-Ion, ldg. At Munbanill i 23dult, l#igs Valencia, Small, t r New fork »! days;" H B Emery, Small, from Aspin wall, in quarantine. Ar at Trinidad fc»th lilt, brig Antilles, Tl.esf up, Boston. Ar :ti Nassau, N I’, 20th ult, sch L% Iy Woodbury, Smith. Now York. Ar at St .John, MJ, 9th lust. barque Li ha M Long, G. fllin, Stockton. I Per steamer Manhattan, at New York.) Aral IJvei pool Dee 2ft. Orient. Hill, New York, Jan I, Moravian, (mb) Aiton, Portland. Sid Jan 1, Virginia. Card. Philadelphia. Chi ~>th, Jolm L Dimutuck, ll.uwaiti, Phil&del pbia. Ar at London 31st ult. F W Stetson, Moore, New York; Speedwell, Sulbvan. Sail Francisco. Cld 9th, ihihcua. Martin. N« w York. Off i r.unlstaiis gntli, Clara Mora.*, Gregory, Iron* London for J'ort Phillip. ’ Ar at1 ariliit rah, C ol Adainn, Morso, liamhuig. At Shields tat ult, Alice Thorndike. Carver, ior New Vork, ready Ar at L.imlutfh 26th, Clyde, Parry, from Glasgow ior Boston. Ski tin Messina loth ult, Crusader, Jones, lor New York. Ar at Carihagcna lbih ult, Rolicrt Porter, Nichols. Callao. Ar at Flushing 30th ult, Agra, Putnam, New York Citl at UotlcnJkim 2ftth ult, Moonlieght, Nicholb, Newcastle. E. Aral Rio Janeiro Dec ff, Ocean Traveller, McCal mout, Cardiff; Topgallant, Phillips, do. SPOKEN. Nov 3ft, lnt IT, Ion .31 in. barque Ella & Anna, Ran dal', oi and Horn Pori land tor Montevideo. Dee 28, lat f!»25, Ion 8, bhip Themis, iron) Liver pool ior Boston. COOPER & MORSE, rilAKE pleasure in infoiming their old patrons and 1 iiicn<Isthat the) have resumod business ut their OLD STAND, lorncr of Maikct and Mdk streets where* they will keep cwusUuUy on hand tne best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, «Sc„ That the market *flord», anil it will lie their earlier andenvor to serve their customer', with pronstsi. and lideHty. <tecl dtt To liet. t'lltST, second and third lolls over E, T. Eldcn .V t o.’s aturo, Freefctreei Work; also, utlues ovet Sehlatterheck’s, and over Crosman & Co.'s, in new b1£ufilUt Br“W“ al,,‘ nr-BKOWN. Oils and t Ai\I)U:S. LARD, Sl'EltM AND WHALE OIL, OLIVE. ELAINE AND RED OIL, K EIU 'SEN K AND MACH INK HV Ol L, sFEIIM & ADAM ANTINE CANDLIS, & SOAP, Kor sale by KK tUHI tM A PATI U, a»a ;r—flm No. 7 Central Wharl, Ruston. 1)IVII>KND. V DIVIDEND of 10 per tent- will l>e paid the sI.k kholdeis of the* lug Warrior at the office of J. 3. Winslow. January HWli. jaulUdii J. S. WINSLOW. Agent. Cumberland National Dank. fPUE Stockholders of the Curabcilund National A Bank of Portland, are hereby notified that there will be a meeting of tin* Stoekhulderb held at tlieii Banking Room, on Monday, lire21*t day of Janu ry, 1867, at 3 o'clock F, 31., tbr the choice of Directors, and the transaction ot any other business that may then come before them. SAMUEL SMALL, Cashier. Portland, Dec. 18, 1866, declftdtd NEW ADVEin'ISLMENTS. Copartnership Notice. 11HE partnership heretofore existing under the name of CHARLES J. WALKER <& (JO. is this lay dissolved, ami a limited partnership i8 ,jay ormed between ns under the name of YAiahleb J. •VALKER, in which the undersigned, Joseph S. tit KElt, is the special partner, having lurnlshed 125,000 lo the capital stock. The buslneae will bo on tinned at the old stand as heretofore, No. lo Jnlon street. J. S. KK KEK, CHAKLE8 J. WALKER, CALVIN S. TRUE, LLEWELLYN U. SMITT. BEN J. b. WHITNEY. Portland, Jan. 8. 1807. junltid3w L iin ited Pa rtnerxh ip. THIS is to certify that the undersigned, Joseph S. Ricker, of Wca:hr<*ok, in the county ot Cum be - au.i, t him. s J. Walker, Calvin S. True, Llewellyn d. Smith and Benjamin F. Whitney, till ot Portland, i'» said county, have formed a limited partnership umler the name of C harles J. Walker, to carry on sue business of manufacturing boots and shocsi and rss^^tber and Findings. That said Ricker i . ViirLnt,r»!,n<* has contrilmto*l iwmtv-tivu i.orn,,h,: <‘I'iolM.u k. The panmir H . ;T»nuary *, 1M17, :md « ill contiua* tlirue j cars (torn that dale. J. S. KICKER, CHARLES J. WALKER, CALVIN S. TRUE, LLEWELLYN R. SMITH, REN J. r. WHITNEY Pori land, .January 8, User. Cumberland, ss., January 10,1807. Tlion lwrrtonally •pp.-alM the above named, S. Kicker. Clunk* J. Walker, Calvin S. True, u*. ellyn U. Smith and Rcnjainin P. Whitney, and ac knowledge the above inetrument by them aigned to be their free act. • lhtneinc, WM. WILLIS, JaulUldw Justice oj’ the Peace. New Store! New Goods! No. JS Market Street, (^icmcrly Lime Street,) Produce, & Provisions, Teas, Coffee, & Spices. Also a new and CHOICE STUCK of GROCERIES and Grocers’ Shelf Goods ! ITT An inspection of iny Stock and Priccsjla re spectfully invi Led. GEORGE W. HALL. Jon 16— dtf Notice of Foreclosure. \\[HEREASjLucv A. Osgood,then ot Yarmouth, V? in the County of rumberkind and State of Maine, on the tirnf day ol July in tbo yearot our Lord ono Ihusuml t ight hum trod mid sixty-three. Conveyed to Joseph Obgood, t»y her mortgage deed ol that date, recorded in t uiubcrlun! negixtry of I *ecd.-*, book 325, page 52. a certain parcel of lau*l with the buihiiugs thereon, bituoted n \ ariaoulh afore said, mi Hie Old County road leading from Yarmouth to Freeport, r» Ibroiico being had to said mortgage rocord for further dc.-crIption, m l when as the con ditioUH of said iu«>rlgago have bceu broken, the un dersigned claims for conditions broken to loroei**»e said mortgage, and hereby gives public notice lor that purpose. JOSEPH OSGOOD, Wortgog»*c. Durham, Me., Doc. 25, 1*66. w5w* j WANTED! 50,000 ft. of White Maple LbMBEB. ALSO— 50,000 ft. of White Ash LUMBER. Apply immediately to EDMUND 1 JERSEY, jau 17, w3w 3 Jhng'uim, Mass. Hole of iteal Estate. PURSUANT to license Irom tho Probate Court for Cumlxtrland county, the subscriber, as truau-o under the will of Samuel Elder, late of Portland, de ceased, will offer for sale at private sale, on SATU R DAY, the 10th day of Ft bruary next, at 10 o'clock iu the forenoon, at ike otlice ot F. Barms, No. Is Frt-o street, Portland, the house lot, aud dwelling house thereon, No. io Danforth street, iu said city, I wing the eastern half of the double house, part oi the es tate of said Elder. SARAH S. ELDER. Portland, January 16, le07. dluw Jw PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received in 6ortd, aim lot sale duty free, for use on ike Lurut district, Btrictljr Pure Knglish Lead ami Oil ! Rcbuiidors will ellcct a great saving by purchasing in this way. Every description of PAINT STUCK at the lowest rates by J. \V. I'PUKINh «.V C’O., jaulbdot Mi Counnurcial street. U E M O V A JL ! W. II. CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law, And Solicitor of Pnlcul*, lias Removed to Corner of B own ami Congrrss Streets, jalO BROWN’S NEW BLOCK. dtf Book Agents Wanted! For Every Town in the State. Its -1 or Full particulars upply to or address, S. PATTEN PITCH, 93.11-X CONGRESS STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Jan 1G dgwAwdw'-S Clove Auodyno. flHlAT r< markable spcciUc lor Toothache and its X associated uouruigics, prepared by us only, cau now bo furnished to consumers or to the trade lu quantities lo suit, at our establish men l, 34h iONUREMA NTUEET, Janl6d3t J. R. LUNT A CO. X'ouiitl-—A U'aR li ! ON Monday 14th Inst., on Commercial Street, a Gentleman s Watch. The owner cau have the saute by proving property and paying charges, by calling on board tho brig “ Uncle Jerry,*’ lying at Hobson’s Wharf, on JOHN A. BROW N. janltj dlvf* Jtissolutiou. THE Copartnership hcretolbre existing tinder tho firm name of LEIGHTON KUob., is this day dis solved by mutual consent. LEIGHTON BROS. Jan 3, 18b7. jalddJt* 'Wanted. A MAN with $300 w ints to join sonic responsible I«rson in any paying business where the above sum and his own services would insure him a season able living. Address D. C. k., This otlice. jalGdlw* FIRST ANNUAL SALE -OF JPaney (*oo(ls! - AT - Great/}/ Unlaced Prices! OAViis x c?o.*. Having determined to reduce their extensive st«H*k of LADIES’ Furiimliing and Fancy (iootls! will sell, until further notice, goods at from in la no |m i cent, lew* Ihma former Prices ! Please examine our prices and be convinced. WK HU ALL KELL Good American Cornet* for $ .75 laudics’ Cot ion and Wot^i Ribbed liose. .25 Children's all Wool Hone, .15 llcsi Shetland Clouds, 1.00 Ladies’ llnods. .85 Beau til'll I Break last Shawls from 1.75 to 5.50 one thousand Linen Collars lor .10 Livtics Paper Goods of all descriptions. Rich Embroidered Collars at .25 -aO Dozen Linen Handkerchief* for 121 cents cneh. 500 “ “ - extra. If 44 loo 44 “ “ very line, 25 44 *4 Ladies* Gloves, fleece lined, .25 Cltildren’H Moves, fleece Lined, .15 BLAt K KID GLOVES, 1.00 Best French Rid Gloves, 1.25 A full assortment ol GERMAN ZEPHYR WORS 1 EDS, imported by us, and a superior article. Veils, Under Larmcun, t orNt iH. every kind and size, and FANCY GOODS of all Descriptions. An examination of this branch will convince all that we are making prices very low. Drosw TVimmiiig'K at price tn suit. VELVET HIBSONS, black and colored,in any width; by the piece we make a discount. nr aii our prices will prove to you beyond a doubt that goods are sold here cheaper than elsewhere. BT Remember the ij;.. stand of HERMANN GRUNTAL, now DAVIS eV O O . * l\o. IO Ulupp’s Block, C ongrcHN Mircrf. January 1,1S67. dtt A C A IM) . fpHK unileiwignud having KEMoYElMrom Ware's 1 Hall, wiR OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE Mo. 3 Fi-o* St. Block, And wonid invito the attention ol I he ClotliiiU!, Tailoring k Dry Goods Trade to their Largre ami well Assorted New Stock Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tn Hors' Trt tn hi itif/s, “ANIK <lentlemen "s l-'imiisliinir ! I’ur. .hawed tin* past week tor Cash, which will ho dieted lotto trade at Ihc Inwcst market piheH. Soliciting your patronage, we remain lours Very Truly, OHADBOUBN & KENDALL. January 15, 184.7. The Repeating Mutch! rpil E Greatest Novelty of the Age ! Every Smoker 1 should have uuc. Sohl by J. K. LUNT & CO., al5dnt Druggists, 318 Congress St.