Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 16, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 16, 1867 Page 4
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Poetry. Tkr Evening ef Ike Year. Wo reprint the 1'iUowing exquisite verses Item “Wayside Posies,” a collection of original and select ed poems edited by Robert Buchanan: N >w dark and dry Is piled the wheat, The urine-press feels no staiued leet, Tile white moon shrinks her sickle clear And voices ei the air refloat, “It Is the evening of the year.” Why have I missed, wliil 5 men have found? Inen siuile that corn ami wheat aoeuud, And children eat the ripened ear; 1 gaise at them iroiu barren grouuu; it is the cveuiug of the year. O love! ft seems but yesterday. A chi d in fiesh green fields 1 lay, AmiUreaini ei ihee where skn<» wrorotaegr; But withered loaves hesixew my way; It is the evening of the year. O f ice I hat I have never soon! Bemevvliei e on earth vvitn saddened mien The a wad,ist mil of sober cheer; C ,ino! where the reaper's fool hath been, It is tiie evening of the year. Come lo me, O my love, my laic, lyre ail lie ■ eld and des*date ! • (tome! I have sought I lieu far audne&r: - Come! lust 1 wither while 1 wni ; it is the evening el the year. Popular Elen. The lollow in” stories are constantly report ed in tlie newspapers, and as often as once a year they all lind lodgment iu one setting or another throughout the country, it is time they were set at rest. iVanther One. That < 'liarles Dickens is hab itually iu pecuniary difficulty; that be lives be yond his means, and is obliged to go into chancery out* or twice a year. Thai be lias made up with Mrs. Dickens and they now live together again. Charles Dickens is not only in the yearly re ceipt of very large sums, both from bis books and bis readings, but he is one ol the best business men in England, husbanding his means mostjudieiously. while his benevolence is uobiy conspicuous. His with lias nut come buck k> him. but still lives iu her owu estab lishment iu Lomlou, while his residence is at Rochester, thirty miles away from the city. Number Two That one of Mr. Longfel low's daughters was born without arms; that she draws and paints beautifully with her feet. This erroi arose from a photograph which, by a mistake iu position, gave the impression of an armless child. ^ Number t hree. That Samuel Rogers, the English poet, kept a million pound note framed ami hung up in ids library. This lie was started by an Englishman in America, and was tirst printed iu a loolish account of some London authors iu a book called •‘Ren and Ink Sketcbes.” The writer's name was John Ross Dix, who hoaxed the reading public in various ways. Number Four. That the lyrical poem be ginning “I am old and blind” was written by John Milton. The piece was written by a lady of Phila delphia, some years ago, who never pretended Milton bad anything to do with it. Number b'ire. That Humboldt said of Bay ard Taylor lie had never met with a traveller who had gone over so much ground and seen so little. This malicious anecdote was invented by an envious lecturer iu New York, who wished to write down Taylor aud write up himself. HI oiler u Farli* Baron J laussiuau is tlie most wonderful man in Paris. At a word from him houses fall and palaces rise in tbe'r place. 1 could quote Hie ••Phoenix,'’ only l have heard that fabulous bird—which 1 believe to have been simply a grilled fowl—so often died, and 1 re member too that Sheridan, even m his day. was weary of the feather-singed monster', which he heard Whitehead describe “like a poulterer.” If intellect has its march in the world, as ( think, we have heard, it must be a very ‘ Dead March in Saul,” compared to the “advance” of improvement here. You drive to the Northern Station, knowing every bouse cu route—every house aud shop, beginning wilh the umbrella depot, where “Rngish is be spokeu,” and where "a man speaks Dutch,’’ and ending with the cremerie by tbe station, which, in spite of its innocent uame^seils more’ “rhum” than cream, which is always open when you arrive by the morning mail. Sou cross over to Calais and go to London, payiug - a short and ailectionate visit either on your "Aunt wiio lives at Highbury, Au<l koopa a circulating library," or to her Grace the Duchess, who receives at the Castle. You are away a fortnight, aud then re-arrive at the Northern Station. You are lost, J assure you. Y'ou look lor some fa miliar landmark, aud ill its place yuu see the skeleton ol a great house or of an immense es tablishment. Bricks and mortar must hare risen fiorn the earth like the mythic soldiers ol Thebes. Okl Paris is, in fact, the monster dragon, and Baron Uaussman the Cadmus of modem times. I walked round the New Grand Opera only yesterday, and on get ting to the corner of the itue Chausee d’An tin, I thought 1 would call ou Madame de la Cruche-Cassee, where we used to dine so well and sup so pleasantly. “Well,” says the discunteded reader,“i sup pose she was out, aud there’s au end of this prosy story.” “Out!” my geutie and polite l eader, where there was no apart meat no house, no street; even the “office for the’sale of Materials” was removed to auother street. I he hospitable house was a remembrance. Gone—pulled dowu—tlausuiauued.—Paris Letter. Hopeful Loyalty. At Pine Biuff, Ark.,is a paper called the Southern Vindicator, and this is the style in which the editor (John George Ryan, he signs himself) vindicates him self; * 1 am nut inclined to ho au assassin, but it to destroy a tyrant is assassination, then 1 would destroy the tyrant. And it has been proved President Lincoln was the elected head aud voluntary servant of the Radicals, who purposed the destruction ol the tfoulii, and succeded in their hellish designs. I was opposed to aud fought against Lincoln and his tyrants, aud ever will. When the news of his death reached me I rejoiced. When I learned that a man who never idea tilieu kiln sell with the Uoulcderate fiuuny struck tbe t\ rant low, I thanked God that he bad selected an instrument from the heart of radicalism, right under the tyrant’s guns, to deprive America ol a radical tool. And when 1 laid dowu my arms, after a bloody struggle for independence, 1 thanked God, from ibe fulness of my heart, that Abra ham Biucolu did not live to iuoek our misery.” STEAM REELED SOil>S ? JLEATHE~& GORE, WOULD BblUdt the atteuiioo ot the trade aud consumers to their Standard Bland* 01 8TEAM REFINED 8OAP8, -viz: EXTRA, FA MILV, •VO. I, OLEINE, L'H EidliAL OLIVE. ( RANK’S PATENT, SODA, AND AMERICAN CASTILE, AM ot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in packages suita ble for the trade and family use. Importing direct our chemicals, aud using only the. best materials, and as our goods are manufactured under the personal supervisionolour senior partner, who has had thirty yearn practical experience in the business, we therefore assure the public with con deuce that we CAN and will furnish the Bust Goods at the Lowest Prioes! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, ion Lai ng all the modern improvements, we are enabled to luruisb a supply of Soups ot the lie Ml Hu;, lilacs, adapted to the demand, lor Ex port aud Roiucatic Consumption. LEA THE a GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I MOLD BY ALL THE Wholraale Grocers Throughout the Slule. Leathe & Gore, 31,7 Commercial Si, 47 & 4» Beach Sired, FOKTLAND, MAINE. March 2(i—dtt French Language aud Literature TAUGHT BY PROF. LEON DE MONTIER, FHtOM Fiance; graduated in the Academia de Par is Luiversitie de Fiance. Late Professor in the rrench Lmguage aud Literature in the McGill Uui vei sity And Utah School ot Montreal. Canada East. . * :Vu.‘VirVNi MONTLEU begs leave to say that * R Ve iu the above impor tant biancchol modern education, both in Schools aud private families. Classes may also be formed by gentlemen and ladies desirous of a^uirin?a thoi wliilhl to mere advanced pupils ho will m,iirt a ta “ flciein y ol "peaking, together with the pme Pai Ui ln accent, so deservedly cBieemod hv all well ! people. Nothing Khali lie wanting on the part of Prof L de M. to enable Ida pupils to nmke lb* moat rapid pro gross, and by his exertion* to siwak the French Ian giiu^c iu the shortest time. Applications as to the terms may be made by letter or otherwise, at 52 Free St, or at Messrs Bailey & Noyes Book store, Exchange st. References are kindly (»crniitted by the following: i n Pour land.—Rev, Dr. Dalton, corner South and Spring Streets; Rev. E. Boiles; Dr. Fitch, 87 State Street; Dr Chadwick 295 Congress Street ; Di. Lud wig ; 0. U. Files Esq. Principal of Portland Acade my. January to. dtf NOTICE. PAKNENCiEKS FOB NT. JOHNS, N. F. TH!oa'tlandE,^?ItN’ Brown, sailing from Johns, N^foi.M.TuVS?*’ <a" M‘st Hate of pMsaoe-Oatoi asu lent in U. S. Currency. **“ m or its equiva For further information applv p, — J,,5“_H - & A, A^Lan, 3 India Street. Ktore to Let. a,i<1 ,w<i11 a lor almost anv busi v ness, Letog next door to Middle, and tlieui m r s^»rln!-‘e ^rec-storiediron Horn block on Union btreet. Comonlences and tiniab modem. Enquire at Xo. 4 C otton Street. janl'idl wtcorttf tbif^flfo'e6ry *fy,a 0f Job work oe»Hy executed”at MEDICAL. ITS EFFECT IS MIRACULOUS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praise HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. • It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of tho most powerful and restorative agents iu the vegttablt kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Reneweu does not give sat isfaction in all canes when used in strict accord ance with onr instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Henewer has proved itself to be tho most perfect preparation for the Hair ever tdlered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. AT WILL RESTORE OR AT HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It *ctll keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses tho Scalp, and makes tks Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, AN It SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING! No person, old or young should fail to use it. It is recommended ami tutu by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. |y Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Haiu Kknkwkk, aud take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re newkr to the public, entirely confident that it will bring back the hair to its original color, promote fta growth, and iu nearly all cases where it has falkm off will restore it unless the person is very aged. KL P. HALL A CO. Proprietoi)1, Nashua, N. H. (p- Sold by all Druggists. M. %* T. ** T. %* I. M I T I G~A TOR . WK would rail Iho attention of all lea new com pound, never before olferod fo tbe American iteoplc. In r. card tu this medicine wc shall sav but little. Itscures aro too numerous', anil its qualities are too well known. Since its discovery its cures in chronic as well as acute cases, is proof sutlicicnt to thousands who have used it of its power and sti|icri ority over ail medicines now known in America, ibr the class of disease* that it is calculated to cure. Manslteld’s Vegetable Mitigate r In entirely dillcicnl ami Ulilikoany other preparation ill existence, andouly requires a trial to prove it wor thy of the high recommendation wc claim for it. Pre pared only by »R. tV. 1*. MANHFIK1.D, Pmlud, Me. 4 PRICE 25 AND 50 CENTS, General Agency and Manufactory No. 2T Green St. Portland, Me. MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE AIITIGATOR MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR MANSFIELD S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR Cures Diphtheria, or Throat Disease; Bronchitis: Rheumatism; Pajusiiinny form; Pain, Swelling ami Stilt ness of the Joints; Pain or Lunieucss in the Back. Breast or Side, jfce., &c. In Fevers, Canker, it.tsh, Measles, Fever and Ague, its virtue is experienced to admiration, especially among children. It cures Cholera, Cramps, old Ul cerous Sores, Sores exposed hi salt water, Sprains, Flesh wonud.s.Dyben(frry,Diarrhea. Inflammation 01 the Bowels, Neuralgia. Colds, Tooth Ache, Burns, j Pains in the Stomach, and ah morbid conditions oi the avstem. far- For internal and external uac, it is, In fact, tlic moat euectuai family Medium now knowu m Amer aug 22 eodfcwCm GOOD NEWS ! FOR ALL! Dry Goods ! .1UE no WJT! JUST LOOK AT Leach, Parker & Go’s Revised Price List t Vary Good, yard wide, Brown Shooting, 14c Fine, yard wide, Brown Sheeting, 1»« Heavy “ “ ** .. Fino “ •< Bleached “ -JOe All the heat makea, yard wide, Bleached Sheet Inga, 32c Heavy Cotton Flannel, 30c Beet quality « « ,j;yc Red all Wool “ Gray all Wool “ 33c Shining «• 40c White “ 35c Balmoral Skirts, 99,00 P.Snta, lO t* ISc All wool Blankets, prpair, 99,00 All wool Caesimere, 73 c fbrincr price 91,95 All woolTweeds, 75 c banner price 91,00 All wuolPlaida, 73 c former price 91,95 Cotton and Wool Plaids, 50 c former price 75c “ “ “ 37 c former price 09c “ “ 35 c former price 50c Union Beaver, 91,50 former price 99,50 Moscow “ 95,00 former price 97,50 —ALSO— BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, both plain and figured, Silk and Wool and all Waal Poplins, Coburns, Thibet*, Mohairs, Alpar cas, (black and colored), Cashmeres, All Waol Del.nines, and in (act all onr DRESS GOODS will be closed out at prices conforming to the present state oj the market. All our large stock of Cloaks at Cost! LEACH, PARKER &, CO, 15 Deering Block, CONGRESS STREET. lanlO_ d3w S. WINSLOW & CO.’S NEW GROCERY! HAVING moved into our new slore, next door be low our old aland, and fitted it for a FIRST CI.AS8 GROCERY, we beg leave to return onr thanks to our numerous patrons tor past favors, and inlbrui them and the pub lie gcneriUly, that while endeavoring to maintain our 2Pu£Ti£.fur Kt °* BKEf. and all kinds of MEATS and \ KGE1ABLKS, we have abided to our "took a choice variety of pure groceries, and hope by selling the best of goods Al Ike Entreat Cask Prices! to merit a tair share of patronage. The sains atten tion as heretofore paid to orders for Meals and Vege tables for dinners. Cart will . all for orders cverv morning if desired. S. WINSLOW & co J No. M Spring Street Market. •lanuaryll. d«m_ 1AGE' in ASK AltO ICS, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER! NO. 1 FREE STREET BLOCK. A large assortment of CLOCKS of all kinds, Watches, Spectacle* uud Thermometer* constantly on hand Repairing In all its branches punctually attended guaranteed to bo lailhlully^rtom^ All articles sold wari anted to be as represented A liur share of the patronage of tho public Is re spoctfully solicited. Portland, dan. 14, 1HC7. _DIYIDEND. ' THE PORTLAND COMPANY will pay a Dlvi dend of Thrke Per Cent tree Cross Govern ment l ax, at the Merchants National Bank, on and alter the ^lat inst. to all stockholders borne on the books of the Company on the 15th inst. THUS. LINCOLN OASifiV, Treasurer. Portland, .Jan 2d, 1MG7. ja3(12w To Rent, 1 VITAREHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. En I T„L,iJ?ire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., oovldtf 139 Commercial street. MERCHANDISE. LUMBER f All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber! sawed to order at short notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PEBKIN8I, JACKSON A CO., High Street Wliart, 302 Commercial, Jan4dtf__ foot of High street. COAL ! COAL ! Coal for Ranges, Furnaces, —AND— PARLOR STOVES, At Law Bales far Cash. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. 160 TON* LUMP LEHIGH. Also a lot of DRY SLAB WOOD, sawed in stove length, delivered in any part of the city, at $8 per cord. PEBKINN, JACKION A CO., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, j:m4dtf Foot of High street. $8. CHEAP COAL! $8. WE ran now offer nice CHESTNUT COAL at $8.00 per ton, delivered at any part of the city. Also for sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Faraaceo. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John’s While Ash, Diamond, Bed Ash, which arc free of all impurities and verv nice. Also Caaiherlaad ! A cargo just lauded, fresh mine-1, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, tor Foundry Use! BWe keep constantly on hand a Dill assortment oi Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase largp lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HA HD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any j>art of the city at short notice. Kan dull, McAllister & CoM No. CO COMMERCIAL ST., oc25dtt n Head of Maine Wharf. Choice Muscovado Molasses ) CHOICE MUSCOVADO Ul! TIERCE* } 40 RRL*. J MOLASSES fur onto by OEO. S. HUNT, jan8<13w 111 Commercial Slrcet, Southern Pine Floor Boards. A QUANTITY of superior Southern Pine Floor ing Boards, planed jointed and thoroughly sea soned, and ready for use. Also lathes anil long lumber, for sale by I£. T. PATTEN, ja8dtf 293 Commercial St. Trinidad, Muscovado and Clayed MOLASSES, in Hogsheads and Tierces; also a lull slock of GBOi'EBKES, FLOUB Ar PROVISIONS lor sale by CRKSSEY, PLUMMER & COLE, Janl4d2w 1GJ Commercial street. Southern Pine. ABOUT ho M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom House Wliarf, and tor sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & ca, lit Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1866. aw22dtf Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and lor sale by the undersigned at their Wharf, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St., 275 Tons Hazelton«C.ehigli, BROKEN AND EGO SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals are of the very best quality, and war anted to give satisfaction. Also, 5uo cords oi best quality of HARD nnd SOFT WOOD* which we will sell at the very lowest prico and deliver it to any part of the city at short notice. us a call and try ns. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan 15 th—dtf Southern Pine Lumber WE are prepared to oxeento orders for SOUTH* ERN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. RYAN & DAVIS April 17—dtf 161 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour! / CHOICE New Wheat Family Floor of the most celebrated brands. T. Harrison & Co., Plants. Eagle, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapical, Amaranto, Whitmore, FOB SALE BY Churchill, Browns & Manson augYdll Trinidad Molasses. * K/X HMDS. PR1MIC QUALITY TRINIDAD lt)U MOLASSES tor Kale hy LYNCH, BARKER & CO., uov23<Uf , 139 Oomntert-ial Street. jFlour, Meal, &c. lOO BBLS. Baltimore Family Flour. j 100 ** Baltimore extra Flour. 15 ** Rye Flour. 10 “ Buckwheat. 20 half bbls. Buckwheat. 40 bbls. snperior new Oat Meal. 25 “ kilu dried Meal. 10 “ superior While Meal (for table use). 1000 lbs. Butter, &c., in store and just re ceived, for sale by CHANE BROTHERS, jaufiST&Tlf HEAD LONG WHARF. MH. REDDY, • MERCH A NT TAILOR, AND DKALEIt IN GENTS* FURNISHING GOODS, No. 107 FEDERAL STREET. We have in store one of the finest assortment of ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and DOMESTIC CLOTHS, CASS1MERES, &c., that can lie found in Portland. These goods have been selected with great care and especially adapted to the fashionable trade, I and at price# that cannot fail to please, and all goods thoroughly shrunk and satisfaction guaranteed. A call is respectfully solicited. Thankful to ft lends | for past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of ] the same. I janOdtf M. H. REDDY, Proprietor. Lea & Perrins’ CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce l pronounced by EXTRACT Connoiucara ot a letter trom a To be Medical Gentleman The (‘Only &t Madras, to his Brother at Good Sauce !” Worcester, May, 1861. “Tell Lea & Per And applicable to rins that their Sauce is highly esteemed in EVERY VARIETY India, and is in my lopinion the most pal OF table as well as the tost wholesome DISH. Sauce that is made.'* The success ot this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA & PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan's Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for tlie United States. oc47dly Hew Store, 340 Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) H. W. SI MON TON & CO., HAVE Opened a Ladies' Furnishing Store, con taining a good assortment ot Hoop Shirts, Corsets, (Jader Clothing, Merino Vesta, Cellars, Cullft, Wonted and Fancy Goods. French Stamping Done to Order. 340 Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) 0Ct24 dtf. Choice Southern and Western FLOUR AND CORN ! tor sale by O'BRIOflf, PIERCE & CO., Wh.le.alc Dealer., 15‘J Commercial 81., d«c31<lly PORTLAND, Me. Oysters, Oysters. THIS day reo.lvo.1 a apleiuli.l lot Virginia Oysters, and tor sale atSLUOper gallon, solid; IF All orders by mail or express promptly attend ed'to. • Oysters delivered in any part of the city. H. FREEMAN & CO., decftidlm lOl Federal Street. MISCELLANEOUS. . .It >1 O V AL . -- E. T. ElcLen & Co., Will Remove to tlieir Wew Store Wo. 5 Free Street, And will Open on Monday, December 10th, A Large Assortment of Rich and Low Priced DRESS GOODS. AMONG WHICH MAY BE FOUND * J Black and Fancy Silks, Thibets—all shades, Plain and Fignared Silk Poplins, Ottoman Cloths, Plain, Striped and Figured Wool Poplins at Very Low Prices, Alpaccas, L>e Laities, Prints, <£c. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Shawls, Silk Velvets, Cloths, and Cloaking Goods I One Price and Wo Variation! Laces, Embroideries, Hoiiery and Gloves at Astonishing ly Low Prices l MOURNING GOODS, Ot every Description. We shall make a BIG BREAK IN PRICES, and Bargains may be expected! HEWIISTG MACHINES. IST*A Full Assortment at all times ot the Celebrated GKOVElt & BAKER, Manulacturiug an ! Fami ly Sewing Machine*, and Machine Findings, at Mauuiacturers' Prices. Every Machine Warranted to give satislactien. _ E. f. ELDEN & CO., Dec 10—dtf_ 8 HIKE ITBBBT. RETURN -OF THE ROYAL INSURANCE COMFY, Of Liverpool, England, For the Year 1800, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE STATUTES OP MAINE. 1. State the name of the Company? Royal Insurance Company. 2. Where located? Liverpool, England. 3. When incorporated? 13th J uue, 1815. 4. Amount of capital? £2,000,000. Subscribed for, $1,922,300. £ s. d. 5. Amount of capital actually paid in?. 288,845 00 00 0. Number of shares, and par value of each? 90,115 issued to public, £3 each paid. 7. Amount of tire risks outstanding? About. 102,802,000 00 00 8. Amount of marine risks outstanding? No lmirinc business. 9. Total auiouut of outstanding risks? 10. Amount ol United States slock or treasury notes owned by the Company? State amount of each kind, aud par value aud murket value »,f each. Tar Value, Market Value, $71,000 United States G per cent, stock, 1807.*** 100 ^ **125* ^ 11,965 09 00 75,‘.<50 do 0 per cent, stock, 1808. 100 124 12,081 10 07 &>,0 0 do 5 per cent, stock, 1871. 100 97 8,110 05 07 282,000 do 5 per cent, stock, 1874. 100 91 41 220 17 02 20,000 do 0 per cent, stock, 1881. loo 104 3,900 (ft) 00 £77 878 00 01 11 Amount of State stock? State amount of each kind, and * par value and market value of each. None. 12. Amount of hank stock? Suite amount ot each kind, and par value aud market value of each. None. 1C. Amount of railroad stocks? Suite amount of each kind, and par value and market value of each * As per memorandum A attached hereto. 1GG.232 09 02 14. Amount of railroad bonds? State amount of each kind, aud par value aud market value of each. £40,000 Great Western Railway Bonds. 100 100 40,425 00 00 15. Cash value ot real estate ow ned by the Company ?. Ih6 859 14 00 10. Amount of cash on hand, and in Bank of Liverpool?...!.!.".*!!!! 30*476 09 10 17. Amount of cash in hands of agents aud branches?...*.*.**. 51*921 05 10 18. Amount loaned on mortgage of real estate ?. ’ * * * * * ’* 27*500 00 00 19. Amount loaned on collateral? On Lite Tolicica, with personal and other securities 49*920 09 00 20. Amount loaned without collateral?. None. 21. Amount of all other investments? *As per memorandum Ji attached hereto.... 651710 01 07 22. Amouul of all premium notes on risks terminated? None. * 23. Amount of borrowed money, specifyiug collaterals giveu for same? None. Tolal.£l,-b],0.'xi 18 00 24. Amount of losses due and unpaid. None. 25. Amount of losses claimed anil unpaid? None, 26. Amouut of losses reported, upou Which the liability of the Companv is not determined?.. £20 401 12 02 included in amount mentioned in reply to question 34.. ' 27. Amount of all other claims against the Company? Unelaiineddivi L»uty coiiectcd for Government not yet due. “.!!!* *11.*.. .‘.£1^066 01 09 I 18,661 06 09 28. Amouut of cosh received for premiums on tire risks,. .’111711 ’ 9 414.733 13 00 29. Amount of cash received for premiums on marine risks? No marine business. * 30. Amount of notes received for premium on lire risks? None. 31. Amount, of notes received for premiums on marine risks? None 32. Amouut of cash received lor interest?.’ .... 21 109 19 06 83. Amount ol income rcceiveil from all otber sources? including £55 000 Life Profit riK*i4r> 11 01 34. Amount ot lire losses paid last year ? Including amount stated in reply to question 26 318*946 00 06 3o. Amount ot marine losses paid last year? No marine business. 36. Amount of dividends paid last year?.'. 47 jq 0q 37. Amount paid for expenses ot ofllce?*.’. « ~«3 38. Amount of otber expenditures?.. . . . . . .1. . .. 104*857 09 u7 39. Amount received in cash for tire risks not terminated ? About.’ .’.*.**. 374*580 00 00 40. Amount required to reinsure all outstanding risks ? About. 187*290 00 00 41. Amount of premium notes on risks not terminated? None.. * 42. Amount of delinquent notes not charged to prolit and loss? None. 43. Highest rate of interest received? 9 per ceut. 44. Highest rate of interest paid on money borrowed ? None. 45. How mauy shares of capital stock are pledged to the Company? None. 46. Balance to ereitit of prolit aud loss account? This is in addition to £116 913 02 10 Reserved Fund, making, together, 213,190 10 03,. ’ 06.277 07 05 47. Balance to debit of prolit aud loss? None. . ' 48. How mauy shares of the capital stock are owned by the Company or not subsciib ed for ? 3,885, 49. What amouut of tho capital consists of the Stockholders* notes? None. ntftcninraudniii A Referred to in Reply to Question 13. £9,055 North 11 nioii Railway A Stock.loo 218 r £ s d 7.000 South Eastern Railway 41 jier cent, preference stock,.. 100 95? C 31 £.*0 Q2 09 780 Lancashire A Yorkshire Railway 6 per cent, stock,.100 yogi I '**' 49.000 Chester Holyhead Railway ati>ck,.100 ^ 1 24 312 08 06 10.000 South Eastern Railway 4$ preference stock,.joO 95* lulati? 10 00 12.000 Lancaster A Carlisle stock,.loo 217* ) * 2.000 Lancaster & Carlisle 4$ preference stock,.1 .* 1.100 98 I 27,069 18 06 820 £20 shares Merthyr, Tredegar aud Abergavenny Railway... 20 21 * 820 10 do do do do do .. 10 103 I 26,220 00 02 25.000 South Eastern Railway 41 per cent, preference stuck_loo 95? i 25.000 Birkenhead Railway stock.100 j 47,041 09 08 , . __ £166,232 09 02 *HIcntorau4luni R Referred to in Reply to Question 31* Details of Sundry Investments, Bonds, &c. Bonds of Burial Board ot Toxteth Park,. 28 444 03 04 British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company,.1 .* 1 *. 10*000 00 00 Money Dock and Harbor Board,. . 1mV.ii ir ns Toxteth Park Board of Health.7*474 18 10 City Uhices Company,.1 .11.111.1111 +5*000 00 00 £100,000 India 4 per cent. Itoiids,... 111... ’. 1. .1 1 11 * * 95 750 00 00 11,000 Canadian 5 per cent, stock,...11*978 I I 10 2.100 LiveriKsd < oi|*oration Water Board.111.11.11111111111111111 2*115 II 04 4.100 Mersey Docks and Harbor board Bunds,. ’. ’'* ’ ’ b OhO 12 05 Bouds of Burton-ou-Trent Improvement Commissioners,. ’ 13*302 02 08 Balance ot sundry Loans accounts, secured by various British Rail wav stocks * aud sliaies margin of from 15^ to 52 per cent, above amouut lent.... 465,882 02 03 £651,740 01 07 STEPHEN HIGGINSON, Agent and Attorney, 1 AND 3 KILBY STREET, BOSTON, ) The subscriber has been appointed Agent of the above Company for thin City, and la prepared and ally authorized to take risks on Buildings and Merchandise agaiiiHl loan or damage by FI RE. The Company, as will be Been by the published Statement, has large means, and is entir ely reliable, and losses under Policies issued litre, will be adjusted liberally and paid promptly. Apply to NATHANIEL F. PEERING, Agent, D , J . OFFICE NO. 19 FREE STREET. Portland, January 1,1867. jan2d3w Another Change of Base l Back to tlie old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —AT— OLD TIME PRICES!! O. M. ELDER Begs leave to intbrui his friends, customers and the public geneially that having rebuilt his store at NO. !W miDDI.E STREET, is now prepared to sell at prices lower than the low est all qualities and descriptions of Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Ac. Repairing done as heretofore, and all description ot work manufactured to order. nov22dtl Philadelphia Oak Tanned Leather FIRE HOSE! Military, Masonic ami Firemen’s EQUIPMENTS ! Messrs. John L. Shaw A’ Co., after having been burned out of Federal street, July 4th, have resumed business in the room over the store of J. UEWKSBURY A CO., CORNER OP IjIIHE AND FORE STREETS, OPPOSITE THE NEW CITY MARKET. Having prepared a stock of Oak binned Leather in Philadelphia, they are now read}’ to execute all or ders for Ehilaietphia Oak Tanned Leather Eire Engine Hose, Double and single riveted, and of all sizes, as used on Steam Fire Engines, Hand Engine*, Steamboats and Force Pumps. Cities, Towns and Corporations can be supplied with a strong and durable Hose, war ranted equal to any made elsewhere, and on as rea sonable terms.

N. B.—Fire Buckets, Spanner Belts, Flexible Pijics, Knapsacks, Cartridge Boxes, Pistol Holsters, Ac., mode to order. Couplings, Pipes and Nozzels , furnished and Hose repaired. nov!7d2m HANSON A WINSLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, IMo.ierlt Manufactory, WE wonlil inform the public that vo arc prepar ed to furnish Casting, of every description to order at short notice. We now have on hand an as sortment ot Window Weights. Sled Shoes and other castings. jap- We are prepared to furnish Castings for Rail Road Companies and Ship Builders. Also, Planing, Jointing, Matching and Sawing promptly done J. W. HANSON, C. C. WINSLOW. 40 York Nt., Head of Minith’. Wharf. Jar 1—d The Grothic Furnace! F>U Wood or Coal is the most powcrlhl furnace in use, and ha9 the most radiating surface. Judge Bullock of the U. 8. District Court for Rhode Islaud says “I have used your furnace No. 10 two winters; it is simple in construction. 1 am entirely satisfied with it and deem It preferable to any hot air furnace I have seen ALEX. 91. LESLEY, 9Ifr. 601 fllh Avenue, New York. A circular sent by request. dc25dlm A NO. 1 SPOOL COTTON ! 7 CENTS A SPOOL ! -AT - DAVIS & CO.’S. Jnnl dtf /'«* V S T K R S S J..T ■««.» v—y a cargo of those splendidV^/ NORFOLK OYSTERS, By the Qu.n, Kalton, Bualiel ur Curgu ! All In waut of Oysters for tlie trade, Parties, le vees, &e., will find it tor interest to call at Head quarters, No. a Union Wharf. jan7d4w JAMES PBBKMAN. $ioo. aioo WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Chadhonrne, NIoi-ior Black, 2 doors above Preble House. THE new Bounties, under the law approved Jul; 28tli, 18GC, Increase of Pensions, An* rears of Pay, Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov«, collected at short notice. The necesso ry blanks have been received, and claim ants should file their claims promptly. Prank G. Patterson, late Lieut. 5th. Me. Vofo. Paul Oviadbourne, late M*J. 1st Me. Cav. _ »Jct 10-dtf_ n No. 15 CkcRlnaat Portland. _ Me. WILLIAM P. HASTINGS IS now prapaied to attend to the Mints of liis former patrons and customers, and the public generally The superior character of liis instru meats, especially liis 3 UPRIGHT ORGANS. which in style ot finish resemble the upright Piano, is too well known to require an extended notice. He will kcop on hand a full assortment «if instruments ol thu Most Approved Styles and Patterns, - AJtT> AT — Price. Within the Bench .f All !! and trusts that the superior excellence of tone, as weli as the excellence ol his workmanship may, as here tofore, commeud liiiu to the public favor and pat ronage. September 17. ItCG. eod&wt* To Let. TlTHAfiFAGEand Storage to let on wharf with V V wide and narrow gauge rail track, and deep water. Apply to J. H. ftAMLEN.,* bead Hobson's Wharf. jafidSw 11,111 j.- _tiiiM MISCELLANEOUS. VINELAND. FARM AND FRUIT LANDil,inaniildand healthful climate. Thirty miles south ol Phil adelph'a, by Railroad, in New Jener, on the same line ol latitude as Baltimore, Aid. The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a saudvloa-u, suitable lor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables This is a great fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards and Orchards have been planted oct by experienced iruit growers. Grapes, Peaches, Pears &e., produce immense proi i s, Vineland is already one of the most beautiful places iu the United States. The entire territory, consisting**!' titty square miles of land, is laid out upon a general system u» improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers with provision lor public adornment. The place on account of its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort ol people of latte. It lias increased five thousand people within tin past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies. Societies ol Art aud Learning aud other elements of refinement and culture have been introduced. Hundreds ol people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lots and upwards, $25 per aero. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lot s for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other locality, north of Norfolk. Ya.Im proved places for sale openings tor all kinds ol business, Lumlier Yards, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the lik. ; and Steam Power with room can bo rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a couutry beautifully irn prov d, abounding iu iruits, and possessing all other s«»cial privileges, in the heart of civilization, it ia worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a pepei giving l ull information, and containing reports ol So lon Rob nson, sent to applicants Address OH AS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor ol the Tribune; “It is one of the most extensh e tertile tracts, man almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know ol this side of ti e Western Prairies.'* *epi12d«&wtim 37 NEW FIRM ! ROBINSON KNIGHT I CLOTHING! We have taken tl^store 288 CONGRESS STREET, (Opposite the Preble House) Where we have a new stock of CLOTHING . —AND— FURNISHING GOODS ! The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM and LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most fashion able style. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand. dec8 dtf J. & C. J. BARBOUR, Manuiacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, IRE, ■.■dim’ and Ri.*r*> Merge and Calf Baal.. Ilm'. Fine Calf aud T'hitk Baal.. Hay.’, Vanik.' aud Children'. Baal, and Mhaeo. Bubber Baal. and Mhac. of all kiada. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOLASSES BOSE, ENGINE BOSE RUBBER BELTING, BUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Haw. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR, novl'ti dtt Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Furs in Boetoo, BOUGHT FOB CASH, And caii be sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, $13.00, fanner price $1ft.OO. Silk Velvet Hoods,Beaver trimmed, FOR $4.00, and other Goods in proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PRKBLU HOUlifc'. dec 22 dlf Paints, Oils Varnishes, &c. FICKETT & GRAY OFFPB FOR SALE AT THEIR STOKE, No. 187 Foro Street, WHITE LEAD, Foreign and American Zinc, Lin seed Oil, Coach, Furniture and Florence Var nishes. Japan, Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, Venetian Led, and a fall a*sotment of Paint Stock ot evory description, Window Class, Sheet Lead, and Lead Pipe. Agents tor Gardner’s celebrated CoWier Paint for vessels’ bottoms. All orders fur Painting executed at short notice and satisfactorily. January 1.1667. dtf “THE PEN 1$ MIGHTIER THAN THE SIVOBD.” The Oold Fen—Best and Cheapest of Fens Morton’s Gold Pens 1 The Best Pens In the World! For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. (rir* A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ot letter postage. _no20d*w6u> A, NORTON. A GREAT RUSH -AT P. M. FROST’S, -FOR BARGAINS! A O BIG PROFITS, SO DULL TRADE But Crowds ot Customer Who are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap Blankets at Old Prices t Only #4,75 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels! ONLY SOr PER YARD. Good American Prints. 1 Shilling pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, AT LOW PRICES! Thibet?, Shawls, Cloakings, Beav ers, Poplins. Drr*a Goad, of all Ocucriptlouii. WOOLEN GOODS FOR MEN & BOY'S WEAK! tar All of the above Goods will bo ottered at a GREAT REDUCTION from regular rates. • Remember! TVo. 4 I)<‘oring Block. Dec 8—d&wtf “Short Dresses.” LADIES will find the most convenient and ex peditious way of making Walking Dresses is to have a “SKIRT LIFTER” adjusted to tlie Hoop Skirt. MRS L. C. PENNELL, Jau 1 Utt 44 Brown Street. Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken-I he Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET. ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to oiler their friends and I lie pub lic a large and well asoried stock of iABPDTOGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, &c., Purchasers of the above goods arc respectfully invi ted to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. jySOdtf CHRISTMAS __ -AND NEW YEAR’S. AS THE HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING P. M. FROST Has a fresh Stock ot Kid loves To Offer at Low Price* I 500 I»r». ofW.rU.rtB.wMj Trebanr, •*> ®uly N1.50 500 Pr«. ®f C'lolhildr, „l only 1.00 IV«. 4 Ucering Block, COUGBES? NTBEIi'r. Dec 22—<1* wit LOWELL & SENTER, WILL occupy the new Store No. JiO! Con* grenn Hired, corner of Brown Street, about Dec, loth, with a new stock of B aIcIicm, Jewel ry, Silver and Plated Ware, and Fancy Goods tor the holidays. They have reoccupied their old stand Na. IS4 Ft ehnufEe hired, with a complete stock ol Nanlieal mail Oplieal Goods, Chronometers, Watches, Clucks, Fine Tools for Machinists and Engineers, »&». r*r- Friends and customers invited to old head quarters. Dec 1,1866.—il3m 9VE1)ICAL. DR. I.B.HII6HES CAS BF FOUND AT U IS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS. Au- 14 V reltle St feet, W, NMfllnI'wM.H.Mr, tlie uti.m.?1' “"aulteil private!'-, agd with , ul,uost confidence bv the uiMa-ifd at hours daily, and from u a M m « i m * * impure connection or the tereibUrK mauira/ml? Devoting his entire time to Umtporu^^ilSSiJ^i the medical profession, lie fcela warranted in Gltar ANTEEING A CUBE IN ALL Cases, whether often* standing or recently contructoU, entirely remoTiac the drees oi disease Irorn the system, anu luakiu'- a i.. r leei and pebmanent cube. " 1 He would call the attention ol the afflicted to the Put ol1 his long-standing aud well-earned reputation furnishing suilicieut assurance of lus skill and suc cess. ('nution to Itat* Public. Every Intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out lor general use should lute their efficacy established by well tested experience ill the li;uids ol a regularly educated physician, whose preparatory studies lit lum for all tlie duties lie must fulfil; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to ho the best in the world, which arc not only useless, but always injurious. The unfortunate should he l-a ill selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble tact, that many syphilitic paticuls are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; Ibi itisa point generally conceited by the best svphitogra pliers, that the study and management of these come planus should engross the whole time of those who would l>e competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The iiiex|tcrienced general practi tioner, having neither op]>ortuiiii> nor time to mak himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous wca]M>u, tlie Mercury. Have ('rafldeice. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it l>e the solitary vice of youth, or tlie sting ing rebuke of misplaced coulidencc in m.iturer years, SEEK Fort A.v ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the wiiole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low; do not wait lor Unsightly Ulcers, lor Disabled Limbs, tor Loss of Beauty aud Complexion. HowMaay Thou»niid» Can Tc»lify lo Tbis by (Jiabaippy Kipcrh uic! Voting men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint gone rally the result ol a bad habit in youth.—treated scieiitiln ally and a perfect« ure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes hut we are commit. d by one or more young men with the above disease, some ol whom are as weak and einaeiated as though they had tlie consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, ami in a short time are mode to rejoice in period health. lHid(llc-Ag(>il Iflcii. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too tVeqm lit evacuations from the blad der, often nceompani. ti by n slight smarting or burn ing seusatiou, and weakening the system in a man ner the iialieiit cannot account tor. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often l>e found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin ndlk isli hue. again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There are many moil who die ol this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is tlie SECOND STACK OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot )iersonaMy consult the Dr., can do so by writing, in a plant manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All corre*|>oiidcuce strictly confidential, and will he returned, if desired. Address: DU. J. B. HUGHES, No. II Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. Ur Send a Stamp tor Circular. IClectic Medical Inji rn>ary, TU THU IjA IM rJN. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical advisor, to cnll at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will lind arranged lor their esi>ecial accommodation. In. 11.’s Klee tic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy an<l superior virtue iu regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will lind it invaluable in ail case* of ob structions alter all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full directions, by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble SLreet, Portland. N. 15.— Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance. jonl.l&£d&w. CHEROKEE CURE, TUX GREAT ( INDIAN MEDICINE, Cures all leases caused by self-abuse, vlz.rr Loss of Memory, Universal Lassi tude, Pains in the Back, Dim ness of Vision, Premature Old Age, Weak Xerre*, Diffi cult Breathing, Pale Counts finance. Insanity, Consum/t tion. and all diseases that fol low as a sequence of youthful indiseretious. Tho Cherokee Cure will restore health and vigor, atop the emissions, and effect a permanent cure after all other medicines have failed. Thirty-two page pamphlet 6ent in a sealed envelope, free to any address. Price $2 per «r three battle* far $S. Sold by all druggists; or will bo sent by express to any portion of the world, on receipt of price, by the sole proprietor, Dr. W. R. MERWIN, 37 Walker 8t., H. T. r* _ Cherokee Remedy, Cores all Urinary Com plaints, viz: Gravel, Inflam mation of the Bladder and \Kidneys, Retention of Urine, Stricture* of the Urethra, Dropsical Sire II ingx. Brick Dust Depositx, and all diseases that require a diuretic, and when used in _ conjunction with tho CHEROKEE INJECTION, does nut fail to cure Gleet and all Mu cous Discharges in Male or Female, curing recent cases in from one to three duy% and is especially recommended In those cases of Fl'.ior Alhus or Whites in Females. Tho two medicines used in conjunction will n«>t tail to remove this disagrecablo complaint, and in those cases where other medicines have been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Bottle, $2, Three Bottles, |ff. “ Injection, “ * $2, * “ $5. The Cherokee u Cure,” “ Remedy," and •* Infec tion" are to be found in all well regulated drug stores, and are recommended by physicians and druggists all over life world, for their intrinsic worth and merit. borne unprincipled dealers however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap and worthless compounds,—in order to make money— iu place of these. Be not deceived. If the drug gists will not buy them for you, write to us, and we will send them to you by express, securely packed and free from observation. We trout all diseases to which the human system Is subject, and will be pleased to receive full and explicit statements from those who have Hilled to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address us in perfect con fidence. Wo desire to send our thirty-two page pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman in tho laiiil. Address all letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the solo proprietor, *0 Dr. W. B. HER WIN, 37 W&lkn St, N. T. IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN Owners of Hemlock Lunds! 11HE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPKOVEMKNT TANNING COMPAN Y, ol New York, own the exclusive right in the United States tor the mamilac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning pursues. The Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand lor it rapidly increasing. It com mauds a ready sale in the Boston, New York ami Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents jn-.r gallon. The appliances for inanuiacluruig are simple ami not expensive, costing hut little more than the ordinary leaches used by-Tan ners. By this process, 1 \ cords of Bark may l*e re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength into tbrty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its tanning qualities, amt at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the lrausj>ortatioii ol the Extract and the hark, will range from six to eight dollars pin* cord, so Unit any one who may get out hut three I mud rest cords of hark per year, may save from two thousand to ttoenty-liw hundred dollars in the ilitfertme in freight. The Coni|>iUiy does not propost: to sell Territorial rights, hut will grant exclusive privilege to imtnutitc ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manulhcturcd. The Company will send competent men to sn;>criii tend the construction of the works, whore parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct in the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of sin cess to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to lake all the Extract manufactured under their process at tittv conts per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. * Parties in Maine dcsirinft further information as to terms. Sic., may call upon or address CHAKI J£S HALE, General Agent tor Maine, 24 Maine street, Bangor, where models of the apparatus mav lie seen. uovl3d3n> S. H. KENNEDY* Pies’t. BLANO HARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 degs. of heat is thrown away, making a loss ol 1-3 the thcl. The question is I otten asked how can this be saved. Mr Blau chard has invented a boiler that takes perlect control ol all the heal and makes it do duty in the ongine. This is very simple in its construction; alter the engine is in mot ion the ,moke pipe is dosed tight, and the waste heat canic«i through heaters, heating the steam to any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up all the waste heat hut 200degs.; the heat being reduced so low there can l» no danger of setting tires by sparks thrown from engines, which will add much value to this invention, beside - tfie saving 1-3 the luel. For particulars inquire ot \VM. WILLABI), Corner of Commercial Wharf and Commercial St. Feb 21—dlv _ ClENTLKiHElK WIMUUKO Clothing Cleansed l AND REPAIRED, Cannot fiml a place where it can he done more to tlicir sati-laction titan at No. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congress »t. ty^Every Garment will receive prompt and laith fuiattention. LadioH* Knequcs ! CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE 1 |y- Give me a trial and 1 will endeavor to please. i'UAKLEN II. IRAHONEY. IfHlghcst (’ash price paid for cast-otf Clothing. Nov 21—d3M A FULL SUPPLY -OF Boy’s O lot 111 11 g; ! • AT THE New England Clothing Com., ’AM Market Nqnnrr. dc8d3m E. LEVEEN & CO. O Y M TJE R M ! WILLIAM H. DARTON, AT liis stores, No -. 231 ft 233 Congress Street, near . New City Building. it constantly receiving fresh arrivals of New York and Virginia Oysters, which he is preiiared !«• sell by the gall n. quart or bushel, or , served up in any style. I January 5,1H67. dtt RAILROADS. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ol tunadii. .A_lte ration of Trains. WINTEU ARRANGEMENT. <>n a,ul 'utter Monday, Nov. 12,1866, will run as follows:— Train for South Paris and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Mull Train Ibr W'aterville, Bangor, Uorhaui, island Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express tiain Ibr Toron to, Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping cars attached trolu Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal. Train ior South Paris at 5.00 P. M. No baggage ran be received or cheeked alter Ihe time above staled. Trains will arrive as follows — From So. Pans, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 A. if. If rum Montreal, Quebec, Ac., - - l.uo i\ m. r^c Company are not responsible for baggage to ■oASH?* excvcding $50 in value (and that larson JFS!!!*.™*** u tftven, and paid tor at the rate ot ltwsengcr ior every $500 additional value. HORTLANDKROCHESTEHR.B. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. I Dn and alter Monday, lw>»» 17 luia; ran. M IMl.jw. 7’ PiMwiUier t rates leovo Sac, ltivor for I'orl ai.,1 nt 5.M iu.rtM.U0 A. M., an.U.IU 1\ m. U»ve»-ortL«i£i I TSato Hire. 7.1 r, A. A1.. J.0. ;iml 5. I., I.M Freight trains with jasaenger car attached will leave Saco River for Portland. 6.50 A. M. Leave Portland tor Saco River 12.15 P. M. Ur ‘Stagesconnect at iiorham ior West Oorham, Mtaudish, Stoop Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Belmgo, Bndglou, Lovell, Iliram, BroHniioid, Iv.'y eburg, Couway, Bar Mott. Jackson Limiugton, Cornish, Por ter, freedom, Madiaou, and Ealou. N. H. At Buxton ('enter for Woat Buxton, Bouny-Eagle, South Luniugton. Limington, Limerick, Nowiield, Parsonstield and iMsipoe At Saoearappa tor South Windham, Windham HU1 and North Wiudham, dally By order oi the President. Portland. Dec. 14, Ibob —dll SPECIAL NOTICE, OWING to the breaking of a Driver on the Engine “Wcotbrook,** the regular freight train on ihe Portland and Rochester R. R. will bo discontinued lor a lew days. d__’0.itt PORTLAND MENNEBEC R.T. WINTEU ARRANGEMENT, Cwmuaeaacing M»u«lay, Nov, Uib, I SUB. Passenger Trains leave Portland daily at l.oo P. \l.,. »r Rath, Augusta, Wat* all s Mills,Skowhegan,und intermediate Stations,(connecting at Brunswick w nh Androscog gin R. R., for Lewiston and Faimington, and at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central R.K.i for Bangor and iulernicdiatc stations. /'am us low by tins route m any other. Leave Portland lor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations on Saturday only at 7.46 P. M. Mixed lrain leaves Portland ior Brunswick und in termediate stations daily, except Saturuuy, at 5.20 P. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland Ibr Skowhegan and into mediate sta tion* every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Portluud at UJM A. M., ami from Skowhegan and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to connect with trains for Boston. Stages Ibr Rockland connect at Bath; and Ibr Bcl cistat Augusta, leaving daily ouarrivaloi train from Boston, leaving at 7.50 A. M.; and tor Solou, Anson, NorritlgeWock, Athens und Moose Head Luke at Skowhegan, and for China, East and North Yu**al U*ro’ at V assailant*’; ibr Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and for Canaan at l'ishou’s Ferry. \V« HATCH, Superiuientleiii, Augusta, Oct. 27,1666. novlgdtf MAINE CENTRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On aud alter Mon.lay,November 12tli, wiJ^’lW'^eurrenL tiains wilt leave Portland for Bangor ami all intermediate station on tins line, at • •lOP. M. daily, l or Lewiston and Auburn only, at 7.40 A.M. |Jr~Firight trains for Watcrvilleand all interme diate stations, leave Portland at8.25 A. M, Tram irorn Bangor is due at Portland at 1.13 P. M, in season to< oimect w ith train ibr Boston. From Lewiston and Auburu only,at s.lo A. M. EDWIN NoiE.vsunt. Nov. 1,18<>» lio'kltl 2? o 2*7r i- AkTisfri ‘ SACO t PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, Nov. 12ih, 1864* ^SgTgrr^an Passenger Trains leave Portland for *MfE^3feBrRosL>n at 8.40 A. Mand 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. M.,and|2.36 P. M. B A Mechanic's and Lahore it's Train will leave Biddeibrd daily, Sundays excepted, at 0 A. M., and Saco at 6.08, arriving in Portland at 0.40. Returning, will leave Portland lor Saco and Bid • lelord and uitei mediate stations at 5.1:0 P. M. A special freight traiu, with passenger ear attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. for Saco aud Biddeibrd, ami returning, leave Biddciord at 8.30 and saco at h 40 A. M. ‘ FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 2D, 18C6. uoldrf To Travelers / Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West d South, VIA THE New York Central, Eric* Lake shore. And Pennsylvania Central itnilroads, Salr at the L.wni rale* at Uie We.t> ern Railway Ticket Oilier,-LAMCASThK HALL BUILDING, Market Squari:. w. I). little <a co., General Ticket Agents. ' Passage Tickets tor California, via steamers irom New York on the 1st, lith, and 2lst of each munih lor sale at this office,as heretotbre. dc2Gd* wtt KTEAHCIIR Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN i AND UNITED STATES MAILS. PnsM ugrrM Hooked to Londonderry and Liverpool. ltolutu Tickets granted at Kednn d Mute*. The Steamship, Captain Brown, will sail from this port lor Liverpool, SATURDAY, l'jtli •January, 18U7, immediately altar tl»e urrival of the traiu of tlie previous day from Montreal, to be follow ed by the Peruvian on the 20 of January. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) $70 to $.m). Steerage, Pavabie in Gold or its equivalent. Ur 'For Freight or passage apply to ■V,Au FIRE REDUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arramjement l Until further notice the Steamers of the Portland SteamT*acket Co. will run as follows:— Leave Atlantic Wharf for Boston , , , . --'every evemug, (except Sunday) at 7 0 clock. Leave Boston the same days at 5 p. M. Cabin tare,. ||.60 LJock,... i.oo . Ut‘ Package tickets to be had of the Agents at re duced rates. ° Freight taken as usual. .... . tVi.. L. BILLINGS. Agent. May -2nd, 1866—dtf International Steamship Oo. Fast port. Calais an«l Ml. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TKIP PER WEEK. < Mi anil after Monday. December 17ib, the iteamer N£w BRUNS WICK, Cant. E. B. WINCHES TER, will leave Rail Road \\ hurl, , loot of Stale St., every MONDAY , at5oVlcekI*. M !>r Kaatport ami St. John. RETURNING, will leave St. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. At East port Stage Coaches will connect U>r Ma chias. .. tbo K & N. A. Railway will connect tor HflCiluic. HF Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk. P,M- C. C. EATON, decJO-dtf __Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM PA NT. SEIHI.Wth mLV LINE. The splendid and fast Steam ships DlUllits, Cu,t. H. siiru woon, uni i'iUSfulilA, Cajit. IV- siikrwood, will, until ,-turther notice, run as Ibllows: Leave ISruwo * Whart,Portland,every WEDNES 4 V il-“B'1 '«*«« Pier iiTovCk ?.etf w EDNKS1>AY l^^r^inte VuU‘ tfmT^r wav^°“'U.r,Lbl? ro,,'c ,or traveller, ^we^ j.. * »“<* Maine. Passage, in State Room, »6.W> 1 abin passage 05.1,1. Meals extra. , ®S°“* 'frwudexl by this line to and Horn Mon St *!oH? C. ^*ll|{ol> ®u'b, Augusta. Ea-tpoi t and Shippers arc requested to send their Height to tho Htcanui» an early us3 P. M. on the day that they leave Portland. For ircljihl or passage apply ro EMER1 Sc FOX, Brown n Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 38 East River. May I8G». dtl HOTELS., ] UNITED STATES HOTEL., PORTLAND, MAINE, THc subacrihcr. recently Proprietor ot the COM MERCIAL HOUSE, (which was destroyed in the gre at nrc,) U*gs to announce lo lias old patrons and tho public that he has leased the above bold ami will oj-cu lor lhe accommodation 01 the public "cner allv. on Saturday August 11. thankful to In*old customers for past patronage, he would solicit u com.imam«. oi the same TER MS FA VO It A ji /. E. aug-Jc m __N..J. DAVIS.® Card. METROPOLITAN HOTEL, Washington, D. C. on account ot the t edneed price of provision,, tho rate of board at this Hotel will be Fouu Dollar, per day from date. POTTS & SHELLEY. January 1,1SCT. JaSdlui Gorham House ! OOKHAM, MAINE. I X THE Subscriber having leaged the abova r-SH-».liou^ ‘ora term of j ears, is prepared fo ac commodate parlies and the public generally and Irem his long, xpcriciice in Hotel keep J_|"'g hopes to receive a liberal share ol the pubhc patrouage, having kept a Hotel mr , more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. 1 Janl5il3m 8. B. BRoWN,