Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 19 Ocak 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 19 Ocak 1867 Page 2
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Conjugal Harmony. St. Paul w-as net a married man, nor docs it appear by hie writings on the subject, that he had a very exalted opinion of matrimony— though, in the expression of his opinion, ho frankly confessed that lie spoke by permission and not by commandment, lie had, howev er, seen enough of the happy fruits of the con jugal relation to perceive that “lie who is mar; j lied carotli’how he may please his wife,” an J “she that is married careth how she may please i her husband.” This is not tire case with all husbands and wives; for even husbands am wives are sometimes only such in law , tea y, they never were “married’'—that is, their at lecttous were never heartily blended-tliey have not become “like kindred drops mingled into one.” Mine accidental circumstance, or some ba=ty passion had brought them to the j altar- where they pledged a love they never rei.iy felt; and such unmarried husbands and j wives too oaen spend their day, not in caring how they may please each other, hut in taking a course quite opposite to this. A miserable pc-iicy, truly! when every degree ot injury you inflict upon the other is but bringing' trouble on j our own head. No lelation of life requires greater forbearance and tenderness than that of husband and wife. Love fs a delicate plant that must be nursed with constant care. The storms of angry passion ate sure to blight and de-ltcy it. Where the effort to please is a mutual and earnest one, there is little danger of any serious interruption of domestic happi ness; but where no such ctiort is made, it is almost impossible to preserve mutual respect and confidence. Mr, A. is naturally a nervous man, easily ir ritated. lie received in early life a pretty lib eral education, and has always had a fondness for bool;3 and literary matters in genera). Having moved from childhood in what is call ed "good society,” he has an opinion of him self sufficiently exalted, and may be—though unconsciously, somewhat aristocratic in his feelings and manners. His wife, on the con trary, was brougat up iir a very democratic way. Her opportunities tor learning in youth were small, arid the height of her ambition was not to digest Euclid or to road Locke, but to keep the iiouse in order, cook well, and mend the clothes to the best advantage. In this she is ns proficient as is her husband in the sciences of Phrenology and Animal Mag netism. When Mr. A. addresses her, he first pauses to consider tho structure of tire senten ces he is about to pronounce; every thing is done by rule—the words are measured and made grammatically correct hr every particu lar. It his wile’s reply is not equally precise and grammatical he begins to criticise her language and to reprove her for ignorance. This she takes as evidence that he considers himself her superior, and being determined by the democratic principles of her youth, to strike far the right of equality, (sometimes she is tempted to do this with the broomstick,) she knows no other or better way to maintain her end of the yoke but by a tirade oi low and vulgar brawling. Tuis irritates her nervous husband the more to see such gross ignorance in lus wife, and he begins to read a homily of Traill by book. He cannot proceed far, how ever in his discourse before his inflamed spouse drowns out his speech by a louder r.rtempi y a tccu3 performance; and if, Iftlore they get t.irough, shouldei-s are not shaken and hair is not pulled, the children present are lucky by not sabering from such an example—that’s all. All these and other similar evils might lie avoided or cured, if every husband would try to -‘please hts wite,” f. e., when he can do bo without too 2;reat & lax upon his purse to the goddess Fashion; and if every wife in turn would strive to “please her husband,” when ever she can do so without feeling that super cilious self-esteem which provokes his notions of superioi ily. In the man iage relation there can be no liberty without equality; and that equality Is to he secured only by an allowance of each other’s appropriate rights, and a cor responding delicacy in the exercise of them.— liy concesnoD and tenderness many a mar riage originally unequal, might be made on tho who.c a pleasant and a happy one. Tr.axt. “Tts IVow Crnut<lr» in ITak, Haler this heading the Great Salt Lake City Vedette (“ Gcntiio " journal) says: “ The universal topic of conversation on the street yesterday, was the violent character of the harangues on Sunday last at the Taberna cle uu i in the evening ward mootings. We are told that. universal and bitter onslaught was made o.i the Gentile population. The congre gations were counselled by the teachers to Vilii.iuld their patronage fr-in tiiose * enemies of tne people* tno Gentiles, and warned against dealing with outside merchants." The Vedette adds that this sort of talk is by no means now, but that tho fervor of it has of lato redoubled. The resident Gentiles have “no doubt that tho ‘teachers* have been in structed to cliurgo their flocks on this subject and that dealing with Gentiles supposed to bci inimical to the church leaders, is to be a uni versal tost of fellowship throughout the terri tory.” And yet, in the lace of these teach ings and warnings, their press proclaims that tho “ hospitality of the Jlormons knows no bounds.” A very plausible explanation of this incrers ed hostility is given: “Perhaps it is a necessity of tbe situation, for, as was remarked by oiie preacher the otii- ! or night, the people are becoming lukewarm in their faith: they fail to pay their tithing as ! of yoie, and, in consequence, the church treas ury is depleted.” Tho Vedette tViiuks, however, that “ the peopla aio strongly inclined to dual witli those who may give th in tho best bargains,” and Buspccts that “ notwithstanding the teachings and counsel and warnings of the bishops, back.l up by their press, tho Gentile mer chants will not be starved out just now.” Wns-T WILL SHE co?—At the college of Franco, among tlio lecturers, Ai. Labouiaye, ■who is lecturing on Comparative Political Economy, and Ai. Chevalier, known to Ameri cans by nis book on tho United State-, are nt tiact .ig ■occasional American listeners. M. E: oulaye, in tho' course of his reflections, sometimes make? flattering and felicitous allu sions io Auionca, and then the students clap lustily. In truth, tbc French people fancy we have arranged some matters as they yet intend to do. ‘"Why,'1 said Lord Bulwsr Eytton, the other day in Paris, to a distinguished Ameri can,—"wny is it that you Americans are so irieudly w.tli tho French and so severe upon tho English?” ‘-Because,’’ r. plied Air.—— • tho French people bavu always been with usj and every Freucu writer ot any distinction ad vocated our cause during our civil war, while, in England, almost without exception, ail the men of political weight, and almost all your distinguished writers, sided with the rebels.” “ I no truth is,” replied Lard Eytton, l,vouare gomg to be powerful; your growth of millions, in somo generation?, will make you fearfully powerful to Europe.” * ‘ And in the meantime vhat will Europe bo doing—..he will riot stand still?” -Xhrf is No that is true,” replied Lord Evt ton.—Paru Letter. 1?£*,7 Excland Fokts.— the Engineers’Dr partmantof the army estimates that the fol lowing amounts should be appropriated tor the coming rise 1 year by the United Slates, on the Hew England forts, viz:—for Fort Knox, nar rows »f Penobscot river, 373.000; Fort Popham, Kennebec Liver, $73,000; Fort Gorges, on Ho» Island L dge, Portland, $125,000; Fort Preble! ■Portland harbor, 150,000; Fort Scammel, Port land liaibor, $150,000; Fort Constitution, Ports mouth harbor, 3X50,000; Fort AlcUlary, Ports mouth hail or, 3100,(100; Fort Warren, Boston harbor, $100,000; Fort Winlhrop and batteries, I* it to u haibor, $150,000; Fort Independence, Boston ha-.bor, $100,000, the fort at Clark’s Point, Hew Bedford harbor, $150,000; tile per- | rnanent defences at tho western entrance ol | Harraganset Bay, Rhode Island, $100,000. The i department also recommends tho following ap- ! propuanons tor new work-, which it proposes to beg.n at once and push forward vigorously, Jn 'a *’ddij'°.ni»l forts iu Portland har: i '^0t —,d; ,ont additionalfort in Portsmouth haibot, -vy.j ‘’GO. Olio additional fort in Bo-ton ^NhVrlUn ' ‘ i UV? forV*.m Harraganset Bay, * «> Boston Ad t" Willies Boeili’s Diary, A Washington dispatch states that the ptoper congressional comiuitto hay* come intj poSTCssiou of the diary of John Wilkes alootli, which, it wili be remembered, was not used in the trial of the conspirators. It shows that he was an agent of oliicors high in tbo coal'ederato government, and received mon y from them on more than ono occasion. It farther shows that tho plan of the con w a.ervim, running through Uorridgwock to Ansoa, and the route is said to be a most favor abla one, as after leaving West Waterville a f-w m.les,itis a (lead level for the rest of the yny, t'OlllLAXl) AA'J) riCIXITX. We*' Adrcrtiw—T#*DaT SPKCT-'T. NOTICE COLUMN. Boots an 1 Shoes—T. E- Iuoseley & Co. PO’TER 1 -VlNMRNf C'OU’MJf. Grafid Ball—Portland dissociates. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Twines—Chaa. McLtinghUn <fc Co. Seven Thirties—National Traders Bank. Bo wdoiu College—Medical Department. Fresco Painters—Wright & Clark. Paints and oil Cheap—J. W. Perkins & Co. Camphor Ice—J. K. Lunt .£ Co. Stcli&ioun Notices. Second Parish.—The Trustees of the First Par iah Church having courteously offered the use of tho same to-morrow uj'temoon to the Second Parish Church a id Society, tho latter will meet there for public worship at 3 o’clock P. M. Dr. Carrutliers will preach. West Congregational Church. — The fifth lecture on the “ Hebrew Pilgrimage," will be given at tho West Congregational Church to-morrow (Sunday) evening, by the Pastor, Rev. Geo. A. Tewksbury.— Services to commence at 7 o’clock. Subject—“ The Bitter made Sweet." Spiritual Association.—Rev. A. T. Foss will lecture at Temperance Hall to-morrow (Sunday) at 10.} o'clock A. M. and 2$ o’clock P M. All are in vitod. Temper ance.—Sunday evening temperance meet ing, at Sons of Temperance Hall, every Sunday ev ening. Services at 7 o'clock. New Jerusalem Church.—The services of the New Jerusalem Society will be held as usual in Park Street Church ro-inorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock. Ser mon from the text, “He givetlisnow like wool."— In the evening, Rev. Mr. Hayden will deliver the sec ond lecture on the Future Lite, the resurrection and “ World of Spirits." Proofs from Scripture. Free St. Baptist Chcecii. — Dr. Sliailcr will preach forenoon ami afternoon, for Dr. Stockbridge. Widows’ W od Society.—The collection for the Widows’ Wood Society will be taken up next Sabbath at Chestnut Street Church, both forenoon and after noon. First Parish Church.—Rev. John R. Effinger, of Harrisonburg, Va., will preach at tho First Par ish Church to-morrow. Vesper service at 7 o’clock P. M. Episcopal Churches. — St. Stephen’s and St. Luke's congregations wid, until farther notice, meet •cpaiately in St. Luke’s Church on Sundays—St. Luke's nt 10} o’clock A. M., ami Sr. Stephen's at 3 o’clock P. M. St. Luke’s Sunday School at 9 o'clock A. M.f anti St. Stephen’s Sunday School at 2 o’clock P. M. The collection at St. Luke's to-morrow, will be in aid of the Widow s’ Wood Society. Williston Chapel.-Sabbath School to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon at Williston Chape). Dantbrth >t., at 1} o’clock. Prayer meeting in the evening at 7 o’clock. Seats free. All are invited to attend. THIS COIUTH. SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. JANUARY TliRM.—It AH ROWS J, PRESIDING. Friday'.—In the case of Hiram Brooks & al. vs. Daniel Donovan, tiie jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff for $55.50. Tho Members of tho firstjury were discharged un til 3 o'clock, and those of the second jury until ten o'clock on Monday. T ho following eases were taken up before the Judge without the intervention of a jury: No. 175.—Still-nil J. Mathews vs William J. Har mon. Assumpsit to recover the amount of a note for 325, given by defendant to plaintiff, in September, 1804. Tbe defense was that the note was given in settlement ol a criminal prosecutiou, and, therefore, Void. J udge Barrows decided that the editrise w as of that nature of w inch a setUemeut was allowed by the statutes, and ordered judgment to l>o entered lot the plaintiff. Defendant excepts. Adams. nn. No. 22#.—William J. Harmon A ux. vs. Charles Crugbman. Trespass, Defendant, as Deputy Sheriff, attached and sold on the writ in tho case above raen tionod, a lot of fresh beef, as tbo property of Har mon. It is claimed that the beef belonged to Mrs. i Iiarmon, for whom William J. was only acting as an | agent. Decision reserved. Orr. Adams. Court adjourned to ten o'clock Monday morning.— ! Tho case assigned for trial at that time is No. 181, Daniel B. Metervo vs. Oriental Powder Company. ' There ore three hundred and seventy-two cases on 1 the new docket for this term. . —- - Tiio Storm—Il» lillrcls. The storm of Thursday is acknowledged by | every one to be tbo most severe that has been j experionccd iu ibis city. Not from tbo quan tity of snow falling, for wo have had more snow several times within fifteen years past than fell on Thursday, but never have we experienced such a terrific gale during a snow storm as that on the afternoon and evening of that day.— People became so exhausted in endeavoring to roach their homes that they were obliged to seek shelter at the hotels and with friends. Many were so bewildered and blinded by the storm that., but for assistance, they could never have reached their homes. The police assisted maoy in this condition, and proved themselves ministering angels to tho over-powered and fatigued ones who were ready to give up in dispair. One of the policemen started from the sta tion, Thursday evening, for his home in North street. Ho got lost in the burnt district, but managed, with some difficulty, to find liis way | to a point where he knew where he was. He | immediately retraced his steps to the station house and remained there all night. Mr. James H. Harmon left tho Argus office to go home, but got so bewildered and chilled that he was obliged to bring up at the United ; States Hotel. un commercial street ttic ponce found a man who had started out from his house on York street, after a pail of water. Ho got so blinded and bewildered by the storm that he lost his way, and had he not bceu discovered by the police must have perished. On Munjoy a woman was found in a snow drift, crying for help. She had been out wag ing, and had lost her way in going homo. Mr. Allison, of the Grand Trunk depot, on his way home got so completely blinded that he lost his way and fell into a.well. Fortunately, by spreading his arms ho caught himself just as he was touching tho water, and soon emerg ed from his unpleasant situation. A woman was found wandering about in the snow on Portland street, in an almost exhaust ed condition; sbo was comfortably cared for by the finder, with the assistance of somo neigh bors. On Danforih 6treet a man waspicked up who had lost hit way. He started from Fore street to go to Brown street. When discovered ho was about laying bimself down in the snow so thoroughly exhausted was he. Had he not been thus timely discovered a few moments would have closed his existence. We have heard of many other cases, but can not vouch for their correctness. It was reported yesterday that a maa had been discovered, frozen to death, hut we could find no authority for tho statement. As to the datnago done to property we have not heard of any great amount. Several chim nios were lijown down in various parts of the city. A portion of the roof of tho store of Messrs. Yeaton 8i Hale, Moulton Block, Com mercial street, was stripped off, as if it had been so much paper. Some damage was also done to slated roots by stripping oil the slates. Ou the roof of his new storo on Exchange street Mr. C II' Farley had erected a telescope stand, embedded in cement. It was a small iron frame, and as securely fastened as could be possible. Such was the force of the wind that it was blown out of the cement and from the roof. TnE RAILROADS. The Portland and Rochester was the first to get their track cleared, and trains ran in and out yesterday forenoon. On the Grand Trunk Road the morning train i from Paris got oft the track at Falmouth, in consequence of the breaking of an axle of the ! tender. The engine and teuder were somewhat ' damaged, and the cars slightly. The train from Montreal and Island Pond ! duo at two o’clock P. M., arrived at 5.30. The ; regular train out left at three o'clock P. M.— The track Is now clear. On the Maine Central, the train which left here for Bangor at 1.10 P. M., Thursday, did not arrive at that place until 12 o’clock, Friday noon. A r turn train left Bangor at 1.3Q yes terday afternoon with two engines and a snow plow. At Newport the tram ran oft the track smashing one of the engines and the snow plow. Mr. Noyes, the efficient superintendent of the Maine Central made up an extra train, which left TVatervilie at 12.10 yesterday, arriv ing hero at 5 o’clock. The regular train for Bangor left hero yesterday at three o’clock, in the afternoon. On tlie Portland and Kennebec road the train that left Augusta yesterday for this city j got 6tuek between Freeport and Yarmouth. It") arrived at the latter place about seven o’clock last evening, and Mr. Hatch the Superinten dent telegrupded for it to rotnain there until the outward train should pass. The first train lor two days, for Augusta, started about seven o’clock last evening. uu tho liostou road, Mr. Chase early yester- | day morning dispatohed four engines with 1 snow plows to clear the track. They arrived ] at Saco about one o’clock, and the train which | left Boston Thursday morning for this city and | which had remaintd at Saco ail night started j to come in. It arrived here at three o’clock in the afternoon. No train was dispatched from this city for Boston yesterday. The train that left Boston Thursday morning for this city arrived at Portsmouth soon alter a>ven o’clock P. M., and arrived here about 11 o’clock last night. The track ol the horse cars in the city was so completely blocked that no trains ran yes frdav. Occasional trips wore made by the Westbrook cars. On Commorcinl street. Mr. Latham, Super intendent of the Grand Trunk Koad had a gang of men shoveling the snow from the I track. Snow ploughs would have been of no advantage whatever, as the wind would have blown it in behind the plow almost ns fast as the plow could take it out. Tue amount oi snow fallen is estimated at {com fifteen to twenty inches; but it is curi ously piled—as for instance, in some places on Commercial street the South side of the track is about hare while ou the North side of the track tho drifts are from two to six feet deep.— The same, is the case in many of the streets and it will require some labor so to distribute the snow as to make good sleighing. The Blue hiar* Me. Editor:—Having seen these words in your paper in connection with a meeting of tho Hoard of Trade, it occurred to me that some of your readers might bo interested to know more definitely what they mean. It is well known that the difficulty, risk, ex pense and time of carrying heavy freight long dtstances overland, depend upon the number of times it has to be unloaded and reloaded, in passing from one railroad to another. It is in this respect that the Gaand Trunk Eaiiway Company have had great advantage over all competing lines from the West. Cars loaded at Sarnia, are brought through to Portland; while on the more Southern routes, ferries and changes of guage, have rendered several changes of cars necessary. To obviate these difficulties several railroaj companies, owning lines connected, and ex tending from Boston to St. Louis, have com bined for the mrough freighting business. The construction of the railroad bridge across the Hudson, at Albany, had removed one obsta cle to such a scheme. The fact that tho Great Western Eailroad, from the Suspension Bridge to Detroit, was a broad gauge road, presented a serious difficulty. But this was obviated by laying a third rail the whole distance, at the joint expense of all companies interested. The ferrj across the Detroit river had always rendered a change of cars necessary there; hut the Great Western Eailroad Company have constructed a large steamer, at an expense of ever two hundred thousand dollars, which now takes freight trains across as they come to either side. So that cars loaded at St. Louis, or Chicago, are now brought through to New York and Boston, without breaking bulk,— thus saving much in time and expense, and in risk of injury or loss. Tho Companies that have entered into this explanation own over twelve thousand freight cars. But as these are lar gely used in the local and way business, they have begun to make five thousand more, for the through or general business. TUeso are all to be painted blue; houce the combination is called the "Blue Line." Tho general business has alnady been commenced; and tho blue cars are now seen daily ou the various roads, from the Missis sippi Eiver to tho Atlantic coast. There is no reason why the same cars may noi be brought to Portland, and thus save our merchants from being dependent upon tlio Giand Trunk Kailway Company. The rates may be a little higher; hut if so, this will ho more than compensated liy avoiding the risk of losses by delay. All that is necessary in order to extend the Blue Line to Portland, is for the Boston & Maino Eailroad Company to enter into an arrangement for that purposo.— And as one purpose of the combination was to compete with the Grand Trunk Eailroad Corn I panv, there eau bo little doubt that favorable | rates to Portland would be conceded. D. New Furniture and Crockery Wake Store.—In our advertising columns will be found tho notices of Messrs. Evans & Bailey, who havo taken tho now and spacious stores Nos. X and 2 Free Street Block, which they have tully stocked with furniture and crock I ery ware of every description. We have visit 1 ed the establishment, and find it a first class i concern. Tho basement is used for rooeiving and opening packages. The first floor is de votod to the sale of crockery, glass, silver and plated ware. The second story exhibits some of the most splendid specimens of furniture that can be found in tho city. The third story is devoted to more plain hut substan tial furniture, and the louvth story is the de partment where tho articles are finished and put together, Messrs. E. & B. purchasing them in tho rough state, and doing their own fin ishing, both of them being practical furniture manufacturers, it is a we 11 appointed estab lishment, and the fitting up is in every res pect what it ought to be, while the large dis play of goods must conviuce every ono that j these gentlemen know their business. It is 1 their intention to sell at the lowest Boston | prices, and the people of this State will find it to their advantage to pay a visit to our Portland establishments before going to Bos ton or New York. Our fellow citizen Mr, John Crockett can he found hero, ready and willing to show people everything the establishment contains, from I the plainest to the most elaborate styles of | furniture and crockery waro. Cumbeeland County.—The annual state ment of tho financial condition of this coun ty shows that the amount received into the treasury from all sources during the year was 877,189.82; balance in the treasury Dee. 31st, ; 1866, 817,478.01; total 894,667.83. Theexpendi ! tures during tho year amounted to 862,488.85. I Leaving a balance in the treasury Dec. 31st, | 1806, ol $32,178.97. All the County taxes for i 1866 havo been paid by the several towns ex cepting Gray and a portion ol that of Cape Elizabeth. The county tax of last year was $06,860.00. The estimate of money to he raised by a county tax tor tho present year is $79, 160.00. _ Death or Mbs. Heald.—We are pained in announcing the death of Mrs. Heaid, wild of our City Marshal, which occurred Thursday evening. She was a native of Belfast, and had been married about two years and a half. Not withstanding she came here almost as a stran ger, by her gentle and lady-liko deportment, she soon gathered around her a large circle of friends, who will mourn her early decease, and mingle their sympathies with her sorrowing husband. Sbo leaves an infant daughter three "r four weeks old. Tbo funoral of Mrs. Heald will take place on Sunday afternoon. Naeeow Escape eeosi Fiee. — Thursday evening a young lady attempted to fill a burn ing lamp with patent oil, in tho liouso on the corner of Portland & Hanover streots. The lamp exploded setting fire to the oil in the can, on the table. She bad presence of mind enough to throw the can from her and to give an alarm which brought in other occupants ol tho house. Tho carpet, floor and table were on fire but the flames were quickly and quietly quenched by throwing a bucket of water and somo snow upon them Tho young lady was slightly burned in the face. SnipcciLDESG.—Messrs. W. & A. Curtis, at their yard back of Munjoy, have got up the frames for two first class schooners of about 225 tons_^ach, one for Capt. Eandall, lato of schr. Win. H. Mailer, and the other lor Capt. Smith, of schr. Leesburg. They are owned by the builders and others, of Portland, and will bo launched early next spring. Capt. Charles Merrill is building a fine schr. in Westbrook, near Tukcy’s bridge, of 250 tons> for Capt. Upton, to be off in April. Eaieway Traffic.—The following are the receipts of tho Cyand Trunk Eaiiway for tho week ending Jan. 12th, 1807: Passengers,.831,753 00 Express Preijhr, Malls and Sundries,. 0,COO 00 Freight and lave Stock,. -78,228 00 Total,.$115,481 00 Corresponding week last year,. 113,332 00 Increase,.$2,140 00 JOSEPH HICKSON, Secretary and Treasurer. Missing.—Mr. Hilton, a painter in the em ploy ol Mr. Bell, left bis work Thursday after noon to go to his home on Washington street, but gave out on Boyd street, and was discover ad in a helpless condition by a family in that street, who took him in and cared for him.— After remaining a while he thought ho felt able to go through, and left the place, and has not since been hoard from, though efforts have been made to learn something of him. Correction.—The train from Augusta, on Thursday, was only twenty minutes behind time, and that was occasioned by waiting to hear from Portland. Our statement was pre dicated upon the delivery of the mails at tho Post Office. • ___ Fresco and Sign Tainting.—AtteRtion is invited to the advertisement of Messrs. Wright & Clark, Morton Block. At their establish mant may bo seen specimens of their skill in paiuting. Divorces.—The now docket for the present term of the Supreme Judicial Court contains eighteen libels for divorces. Ten of the peti tioners are the wives, and eight are the hus bands. The annual meeting of the Crown Mining Mining Company was adjourned, on account of the storm, to two o'clock this (Saturday) aftor noon,at the Municipal Court Eoom, in tho Chestnut Street School House. Postponed.—In consequenco of the severity of the storm, the Ball of the Associates Ex-5, which was to have come off Thursday night, is postponed to Tuesday, 29th instant. IUfCliEL’s SecsET, A Hovel, By the author of "The Master of Merton,” is the title of an English story of considerable merit republish ed by Harper and Brothers a; one of their Li brarj of Select Hovels. Trice, in paper covers, fifty cents; sold at ail the bookstores. Extortion by Hack mss,—A friend who lately visited New York writes us that he read in one of the city papers that the extortion practiced by liackmeii ttiere was such that “no man ,ca^s a carriage without having first re solved upon lighting or being robbed.” But having a lady with him, he took a carriage at the depot, and -the following was his experi ence : Upon reaching the hotel he alighted and asked the price for the service. “Five dollars,” said Jehu. Handing him a five dollar greenback, the gentleman inquired quietly: “What is your Number? “Four dollars,” he answered gruffly. ber7y»»ere are ^our dollars. AY’hat is your num uS*ree dollars,” said the fellow sulkily. .£ircre arJ three. Now, your number, sir?” diiv'T° ao"ar3—httle 'nun, too,” rejoined the “Two, then; here they are. AYhatisyour number?” “One dollar, Cap’n—one dollar’il do—” re plied whip. “Here is your dollar,’, said our friend, civilly all you are entitled to. It’s no consequence 05 to 5 our number now. Good morning.’1— And the parties separated without either fight or roboery. Tius Turkish Government and the Le vant Herald.—The Tribune’s Constantino ple’s correspondent says: You remember that some time ago the Le vant Herald, an English newspaper here, was fined for publishing false news and defaming the Turkish Generals in Crete. The Greeks here responded to this condemnation by adding ■00 new subscribers to the subscription at a pound and a half each. Good for the Greeks! The Levant Heraldis the only paper here which has dared to tell the truth about Crete, and the Turks are furious about it. 'But John Bull is not only pocketing £450 from the Greeks as a result of tnis prosecution, hut he has re fused to pay the fine of £50 to the Turks, on the ground that the prosecution was not con ducted in accordance with the laws of the press. As be is an Enghshman.the fine can be collected only through the English Em bassy. So, of course, this will be the judge of the justice oi his plea. He is unquestion ably right in it, and the Turks will have noth ing to do but to bite their tongues, and if they think it wise, prosecute him anew. But this they can hardly do, because time lias proved to the world that their own reports were false, and not those of the Levant Herald. So much for an attompt to muzzle Johu Bull. The Italian Bishops.—The unfrocking of the political bishops by the Italian government is one of the grievances that the papal author ities have bitterly complained of, and under certain conditions they havo been reinstated over their dioceses. Certain bishops who rc tirsd to Home addressed a letter to the presi dent of the Italian Council to know if they could likewise regain their scats. The noble reply of JI. Kicasoli to this appeal has attracted much attention in Paris, and to Americans this document has a special interest. Tfie elo quent water calls attention to tlic free discus sion of religious doctrines as enjoyed in Amer ica, and declares to the bishops that the Italian government wisli with themselves soon to see the same liberty permeating Italy. Hritifth Colonial Itcma. —The Uniou of the two colonies of Vancou ver Island and British Columbia has, since its consummation, produced nothing but discon tent and complainings. No sooner did tho lar ger colony on tho main land got the power into her hands than she commenced to lord it with a high hand over the weaker colony of Vancouver Island, which had trustingly sur rendered its independence to her. Double port charges were at ouco levied on goods landed at Victoria, which wc believe had hitherto been a free port. Of course this gave great dissatisfac tion, and the government, it is said, were think ing about relinquishing a portion of tho funds thus collected, fearing a rupturo of some kind. Even the newspapers that supported the union scheme are grumbling omiuously, and just now begin to see clearly that British Columl^ was a reckless, extravagant Colony which Vancou ver Island should not have united her fortunes with. The British Columbia authorities ap pear to regard the poor Islanders iu much the same light that a victorious army looks upon a captured city and its inhabitants, as useful only to bo robbed, sacked aud pluudered. The Vic toria Colonist says:— “There are hundreds waiting only to see what turn things will take under the much vaunted Union before leaving to seek their for tunes elsewhere, aud while the country is thus trembling in the balance tho most skillful statesmanship is requisite to avert the “one poor scruple’ that will turn the scale and shake the Colonial edifice to its foundation." —The Montreal Herald saj s: “The commit tee appointed by the Council of the Quebec Board of Trade to enquire into the practicabil ity of the winter navigation of the St. Lawrence have seported the project possible under certain conditions, but under tho mo.t favorable not likely to be profitable. The risks greatly out weigh the advantages. The con mittce find that “no insurance could be effected during the mouths of January and February, and that the premium by steamships sailing early in De cember or iu Match would probably be 5 per cent,*’under such circumstances, of course, trade would he practically impossible. But all the difficulties, they think, will bo met and remov ed by the construction of the Intercolonial Railway. Very likely. In fact, the Committee seem to have had no little trouble iu making up their minds what they should report. First, steamships coustrvcted specially lor the pur pose, might ascend, but then there would he no use in their doing so, because there would be uo cargoes, the Intercolonial would destroy the chances of a profitable tsado by the St. Law rcncer and finally, tho Committee advise the government tj test Ilia matter by- providing a suitable steamer to navigate the Gulf in De cember, March aud April.” —The only organ of public opinion in the Red River Settlement believes that the Colony would prosper better under Confederation as a separato Colony, endowed with all the attri butes of a local government, than if it was an nexed to Canada; and at the same tiino states that a memorial to that effect is now being signed for transmission to the Colonial Office, along with resolutions in favor of Confedera tion. Magazines. Northern Lights.—The third number of this new weekly opens with a poem by Mrs. Howe, entitled “The Eich Man’s Library;’’ “Neighbors’ Wivos" is continued; there is an amusing story entitled “Lot those Laugh who Win,” and a thrilling ono of “A Night in the Sewers;” “Low Life in Now York,” forms the subject of a vivid Eketch, and the very com mon folly of exalting the past at tho expense of the present is cleverly exposed in a spirited essay on “The Proper Eso of Grandfathers.” “Our Contributors’ Club” continues to furnish a record of its doings. There are four illustra tions in tlii8 number, by H. L. Stephens, Ham matt Billings and Aug. Hoppin. The North British Beview for December is received from the Eepublication office of the Leonard Scott Company, 38 Walker street, N. Y. It contains an article on “Animal Chem istry,” brim full of scientific facts hearing on the relations of the food of man to his muscu lar power; a paper on the Irish Church Estab lishment; another on Papal Elections; a caro ful review of tho recently published works re lating to the career of the Emperor Frederick tho Second; and another of Professor Coning ton’s “iEneid.” “Empedoclos,” “Sixteenth Cen tury Studies,” and “Submarine Telegraphy” are the subjects of the remaining articles. SPECIAL, NOTICES. Tor a Prettily Mado Ladies’, ?disses and Children's Balmoral Boots, ana to ■ t he latest novelties in shoes or Slippers, you should make your selection at X. L. .UObJ-.J.h'V & CO’S, Summer St., Boston. janlitdCt Make Your Own Soap ! NO LINE NECKSftAKV! By Saving and Using Yopj Waste UreaBi. j BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’fg. Co’s SxYPOISriF'rER. (Patentsof 1st and 8th Feb.. 1859.) -or—. CONCENT11ATED L YE. 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For Coughs, Colds and Consumption, Try the old and well known VEGETABLE PtJl.i?10NABlL BAli'SAitl,approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians lor forty years past. Gel the genuine. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, decMsKd&wGui Bolton, Proprietor*. SPECIAL NOTICES. WISTAB’S BALSAM —OF— WILD C II E li B ¥ ! BEEN TOED NEARLY Ha F A CENTTBl, With the must astonishing success in curing Conglis, i'oiils, IKonrN«‘ii«‘N», More Thront, lull cm-ii * h , \ Cough, Croup. Liter CoiupluiuiM, L*iourhilis, DiOit-tflir of Breathiug, Afelhuiu uuii oei) nlfectioii of THE inUOAT, LIJNG8 A.\D CHEST, INCLUDING EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequalled success that has attended the appli cation of iliis med ciue in all eases of Pulmonary Complaints, has induced many Physicians of high standing to employ >t in their practico, some oi w hom advise us of the fact under their own signatures. We have space only for the namos ol a few of tlnse E. Bov den*, M. D., Exotcr, Me.

Alexander Hatch, M. D., China, Me. K. Fellows, M. H., lliil, X. U. W. H. Webb, M. H., Cape Vincent, N. V. W. B. Lynch, M. D., Auburn, X. V. Abraham Skillman, M. Lb, Boundbrcok, X. J. If. D. Martin, M. 1?., Manslield, Pa. The proprietor have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the hulls ot Congress to the humblest cottage, and oven beyond tLc seas; for the fame and virtues of WiKtar’* BnUaiu have ex tended to the “ uttermost bounds of tho earth,'’ without any attempt on our part to introduce it be yond the limits oi our own country. Prepared by SETIi W. FOVViLL & SOX, IS Tre minl Street, Boston, and so.d by all H.uggisls and Healers generally, CHA€ E’S CELEBHATl'D SALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CETS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS * CHILBLAINS, &c.j &c Grace’s Celebrated Salve! Is v-rompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out tho sorancss, aim reduce* the most angry looking swell ings and intiaminations, as if by magic; thus atford iug relici and a complete cure. only 25 cents a box; sent by mail ior 35 cents. SETH W. FOWLE Sc SON, IS XiemonLS:, Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists and dealers gener ally. Fe oil), #tfO—SNeodT.T»s& weow Mains' Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may be found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W whip pie & Co., H. H. Hay, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins Sc Co. janlSsNdly Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy over compounded for Cold*, Coughs, Catarrh and Cousuuiptiou, and ail I diseases oi the Throat and Lungs. B3T*For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by lfi. F. BktADllFItY, OOtl5d&W6N’ClU Druggist, BANGOR. Why Sutler from .Sores ? Wlieu by tho u.;e ol lb : AUN ICA OINTMENT, y*.u can easily be cured. It has relieved thousands from Burns. Scalds, Chapprd Hands, sprains, Chilblains, Sore Lips, Warts, Cuts, Boils, Eruptions, and every complaint oj the Shin. Try it for it costs but 2De. Be sure to ask for HALE’S I ARNICA OINTMENT.—For sale by all Druggists, I or scud 35c to O. ft*, fteymour a Co*, Boston, ! Mass., and receive a box by return mail, ucc29 SNdlra Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights.—Wc arc I now prepared 10 supply Hospitals, Physicians, the I trade anil the great public generally, with the stand | ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations for the cure oi ail forms of Nervousness. It fa rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result oi which is to produce costiveness and other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation for Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or inct with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the i ear fill , mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the irniu ; of norvous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best rerne 1 dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price #1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllanlyd&w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. I*rot'essional Card. Dr. WM. H. NWEBT, one of llic celebrated . family of Sweet, Bone Settee, from Iiliodo Island, but for the last 10 years a resident cf New Bodiord, Mass., having been associated there with his brother Job, with tbe most battering success, lias, through the solicitation of his ftiends and patients in the State of Maine, opened an office in tills City, in House IVo. Ill <3ray Street, (near Brackett St.,) wl.ere he will attend to all bu inos* pertaining to his prolossion: Such as Setting Bones, Dislocation of Boucs, Injuria* of Bones, Stiff Joints, Contract ed Cords, Hip Disease, Weak aud Palsied Limbs, Spinal Complainis, Fractures,Rhoumalic Affections, Sciatics, and Lameness in general. The Dr. tlatters himself that, after having a natural gift, combined with a practice of twenty years in his profession, that be can cure mo3t casos pronounced incurable by other physicians. Hundreds of Testimonials can be given, but it is deemed unnecessary bore. Office hours nom'S to 12 A. M., atul from 2 to 5 P. M. i Jan. 14, 18C>7. jnul5 d2w sn A Cougb, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immediate attention, AKD SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritation of the LnajK, a per* inaticnt Throat Disease, or Consumption, IS often tlie result. BUG JFjST’S BRONCHI Ali TROCHES | I1AVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO TTIE TARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. ! For Bronchitis, Aslhtna, CatniTli, Cou sumptirc aud Throat Disease*; ! TROCHES ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. Singfi-* and Public Speakers ! will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when | taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the ! throat alter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. I The Troches are recommended aud prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article of true merit, and laving proved their efficacy by a tost of many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the TrocheMp universally pronounced better than other articiS* Obtain only “Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, bold ever where Dec 1—clfcwGm bn Long Sought For ! Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. Wo tako pleasure In announcing that the above named article nav bo found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, it wot tho best, remedy lor colds and pulmonary complaints, as well as one of the most agreeable Leverages. Manufactured from the pure .uiceot the berry, aud unadulterated by any impure mg red lent, we cun heartily recommend It to the sick a$a medicine, and to the well, as a beverage. To the days of tire aged it addetli length, To flic mighty it addetu strength,” *Ti§ a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and (tracers buy and sell MAINS’ BLDBBBhBBV WINE, nov Cl B N d&wtf COLGATE A CO.’S, WINTER St)AP. Recommended for Chapped Hand* and fer general Toilet use during Cold H eather. It may be obtained of all druggists and Huicy good dealers. sxdcc21toi'cbl0 MIXEBAL BATHS AT HOME. _ DY8PEPN1A riliEl) KHEUMATISHI CI RED ERUPTION euthe FACE CURED SCROFULA CURED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all your various and often perni cious drugs audquack medicines, and use a lew baths prepared with “STBUMATIC SALTS!” These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors of the Mineral Well of the Penn’a Salt Mnn fawturing Co., in Pittsburg, and arc packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient tor a bath. Di rections arc attached. INTERNALLY USE “Struinatic mineral Wafers!” Iu bottles of one and a half pint*. Ono sufficient for a day’s use. prsohl by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st.. Boston; KayncIds. Pratt & Co, No. 106 Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20SNeod&wly A VIluable .Medicine.—Dr. Poland’s Wliite Pine^ Compound, advertised hr our columns, is a suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White Pine Bark, li has been t boro ugli ly tested by people in this city aud vicinity, and the proprietor Iras testimonials to its value from persons well knows to our citizens. We reccouunend its trial in all those cases of diseas- to which it is adapted. It is tor sale by all our DruggMs.—Indepcudant. The Great New England Remedy! Dn. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now offered to the alllictcd throughout the coun try, after having been proved by the test ot eleven years, in the New England Slaies, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound, CURES Sore Throat, Cold., Cough., Diptherin, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, amt Pul , momtry AlfrcliouH, gcucralt,. at i. u ICeiiinrkable United, for Kidney C'oin plilijlls, Uiabclc, Biilicuifr of Voiding Critic, Bleeding from tlic Kidney, und Bladder, Uravel nun other complaint.* For Pile, and Scurry, it will be found very valuable. Give It a trial it' you would learn the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. Mt i*! Safe ami Sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers m Medicines generally. Sold at wholesale by W. F. Phillip. & Co., A. IV. Perkin. & Co-, And IV. IV. Whipple, POBTLASD, ME. •epM-deowCmsN’ gnttrauatic Salt, and Slrnmntic Mia. •ral Waters, Just received and lor salo by J. W. PERKINS & CO., noSlsseowdAwljr No so Commercial St. MARRIED. In Muutvffle. Jon. 10. Joseph E. Longfellow, of Palermo, and Elmira 11. Oox, oi Liberty. In J dgecomb, Jan. 15, Owen Matthews and Mary W. Pool ' . c In B- ltast, Jan. J A William Thurstou and Susan B. Mad. rn Belfast. Jan. 10, Ormon A. llopkir.s and Miss Arabella Biier. In Searsmont, Jan. 4, Abner D. Dean and Mary J Daisly. Ii| Monroe. J:m. 5, Ambri sc C. Neall ., of Winter porr, and Zantna V. chase, o' M. Xu Belmont, Jan. 1. Miles M. Pease and Georgia A. Jordan. DIED. Inthiscltv, Jan. 17, Mrs. Emilv TI aid, wife of Marshal J. S. lleald, aged i» \ears 4 months. [Funeral on Sunday ailcrnv>on, at 2 o’clock, from No. 15 Boyd street, Kclatves and friends are invited to artend.j In this city, Jan. IS, suddenly, Mrs Carol no R. M. widow of the late John S. Harris, Jtls.j., of Boston, »ag u 60 years i Bos'on papers pl.asc copy.] In his city, Jan. 18, Capt. Cha*. 11. Oilman; fcged 4‘1 years 8 months—late of Co. G., 7th M •. Ret:. tie died of chronic diarrhea, contracted in the service. [Funeral on Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock, from No. 1C Gr en street.] In Gr» enwood, fithjinst, Mrs. Lydia Flint, relict of the ialc Isaac 1-i ni, Esq. aged year?. [Massachusetts pap?; s please copy.] Ou Long i.-lnno, Jan. to. Mrs. Mary, wife of Ste phen Peticmnll, aged 41 years. in South Thomaston, Nov. 22, Mrs. Sarah li., wile ot Wm. Munroe, aged 5s years. In Monoe. .Tan. t», Miss lla; tie A., eldest daughter ot It. < . and E..E. Grout, tged 23 years. In Prospect. Jan. 13, Welinan H., only sou of Al bert flernmiii), aged 15 years. In Rockhud. Dec. 25 Mr/. Eliza, relict of Isaac Upham, of Unior, aged 77 years. Jn Rockland, Jan. 1. William, son of Capt. 9 Iva nus and Catlnuine Holden, aged 17 years. KJ^—The f ineial services cf Arthur C. Trcic'hen, son of George and Abby Ti c ethen, will i e held this (san»rda.y) afternoon, at 2 o’clock £jr*The funeral services of the late Miss Elizabeth J. Dcdgo. will take place on .Sunday, at 1 o’clock, f• om No. i*3 Ox ord street. Ko ati\es and Iriends arc invi ed to attend. DEPARTURE Oh OCEAIV STEAMERS NAME FKOM FOR DATE. Belgian.Portland—Liverpool..... Jan 15 Saxonia..New Y< rk.. Hamburg.Jan id C’i’y of Paris...;...New York..Liverpool.Jan ID Etna.New York. .Liverpool.Jau 15 Rising Star..New York. .California .... Jan 21 North America.New York. .Rio Janeiro . .Jan 22 City o Dublin.New York. .Liverpool.Jon 23 Persia/.New York..LBerpool.Jan 23 More Castle.Now York. .Havana.Jan 26 Peruvian.Portland.. ..Liverpool.Jan 2« Bremen.New York..Bremen.Jan26 City ot New York..New York. .Liverpool.Jan 26 Corsica..New York..Hava a.Jaa?g City of Limerick.. .New York. .Liverpool.Jan 3> Asia.Boston.Liverpool.Jan 50 Miniature Almanac.January 19* bun n?es. .t.. o Sun set*.4.57 Moon sets.6.26 AM High water.10.39 AM MARINE NEWS POUT UP I'OIITLA.VI). Friday, .iMauai y 18, ARRIVED. Sell Ida L Howard, McDuffie, Boston. Sch Napoleon, R berts, Wiscassct. ItETUKNED—Barqne Andes, hence for Matanzas, on account of bad weather. BELOW—A deep Br brig. | Ship John Patten, which cleared at Savaunph 10th i inst for Livei|KK>l, lias a cargo of 1,501.234 lb upland cotton, and 73,*99 lb< sea island cotton, valued at $492,584 00. DISASTERS. The hull of barque C B Hamilton, ashore at Point Judith, was sol i at auction cn Tuesday for $225. ; The materials previously s ited, Including anchors chains. 6ails, &c. haveal. o been sold. Advices from Rio Janelio of the s*th ult, state hot ship Be? uiah Thaver, from Cardiff, with coal, was off Point Negra, 30 miles from Rio Janeiro, and was in great dinger of being driven ashore, as the weather was very boisterous. The U S steamer Nipsic and a steam*tug had gone to her assistance. UOMRSTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Ar 7th, sch Wings of the Morning, McFarland, Mobile. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 10th. ship Emma It ch, tor G. noa; l*ri: Ellen Bernard, Burgess, Providence. MOBILE—Ar 9th, schs Agnes, Kenyon, Corpus Christ;; Abbie. Lormg, Boston. Aiiv 10th. slnp Progress, Woodward, for Liverpool wtg 15 >o bales. PENSACOLA—Cld 4tli, brig Alox Milliken, Hill, Cienfuegoa. Jacksonville—cm 2d lust, brig Susie strout, St rout. Now York. SAVANNAH—Cld lath, ship John Patten, Hill, Liverpool; sell Ad < E Awes, Ajxes, Boston. Cl i Hth. barque Jolm Freeman. Baker, N York; sell M > rover. Hushes, Boat n. Si-: lltli, ship John Patten. CHARLESTON—Ar 15th, barque Y'umuri.Thr mp son, Liverpool. Sid 15th, barque Helen Sands; brig L M Men 111, sch Ralph Carlton. NORFOLK—Ar 12th, sch Atlantic, Hen ’croon, St Martins. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 15lh, ship J G Richard son, Oliver, Bremen; sell E A Conant, Foss, King ston, Ja. Went to sea 12th, brig Jossio A Devcreaux, tor Charleston. NLW YORK—Ar 15th, ship Alex Marshall. Mar shall, Liverpool- sch L A Burlingame, Fuller, from Borland. Old tuth, brigs S E Beatty. Cross Carthagena, (2d clearance*; Winfield, Lori- g, lor New Orleans; sch Ka e Brigham, Lace, do. i NE W LONDON—..-.Id 15th, sch Telegraph, Crcssey, A n ovo. PROVIDENCE—Ar JCJli, sch Senator Grime , Ashford, Perry, Me Be ow, schLcehiel. HaskeL. from Elizabcthnorf. In port, schs Tahpiiroo, of Buck -port, and War s renton. laid up to winter. NEWPORT—Ar lfitU, sch Ontario, Verrill, Calais ; for W irret*. EDGAUTOWN—Ar 11th, schs Vulcan, Mason, fm Now Yor. lor Pembroke. in port 12tli, brigs E H Kennedy, Potomac; sclis Hattie Afl-.a, M bewail, Juli E carnage, Charlie & Willie. Northern Light. Admiral Farragut, Har per, Sarah Gardiner, George Gilman, Susan Taylor. Superior, Maria Whitney, Uulli S Hocigdou, Pavdi n Cauiiba, FA B&L.iey, Clinton, Vulcan, nannibal Jas Henry. Eastern Cede, tar ah, S C Loud, Geo W Kimball, St linear. Con Meade, I hos Hix, *lni chief Gertrude Herton, Elia, and YUury Fie cher. 110LMES* HOLE—Ar 13th, barque Anna M Good win, Pitcher, Much as for New York; schs Fannie A Bauy, German, Ba.timoro or Boston; Gen Grant. Orchard, Norfolk so? do; Wm ca.roll, Colson, New York nr Portland; D H Bisbee, Jones, Camden for Pepsicola. Returned, sch E G Willard. In port i6ih, barques Tejuca, Anna M Goodwin; br'gs Wm A£)iesser, L T Knight; sees Hattie Ross, Giraffe, Wm Carroll. Gen Grant, E G Willard, M E Gage, Rosina. Shooting Star, Hattie, Magnum Bc imin, Tyrone. Four Sis ers, Wave, A J Dyer, John. Ball >on. and Manslield. BOSTON—Ar lGtli, schs Sun. Harding, Elizabcth port; Mary Brewer, Peas a, Rochelle, LI; Texas, Day, Portland. < Id lGth, ship Canada, Wyman, foi New Orleans; i barque Gertrude, Atherton, Bath. FOREIGN! PORTS. At Manila Nov t>, ships America, Morse, tor Now York, takes 4000 tons sugar a S3 gold, per ton, and t i0 bales lu mp at .>i pr ton; Belvidcrc, Jackson, lor I Bos on; Congress, \Yy man. lor London. I Ar at Messina 151 li uJt, ba que E C Beal, Dawes, | Swnnrea, to load tor United States. Cld at Malaga 24tli ult. barque Pearl. Freeman, I tor Mes-ina an i Boston. Ar at Is’»* of Sal, OVi. Nov 30, sell Lottie Beard. [ Ferr , Nt W Bedford. • 1 ua.s. At St Mncont, CVl, iftli ult, brig M Shepard, j Nickerson 1'ioiu Boston. Cld at Hot erdam 20th ult, ship Moonlight, Nichols Newcastle, E. Ar at Hi»Janeiro Dec 3, brig silvery Wave, Jarvis from M chi as via Montevideo In port 8th ult, hips North American. West, and Ocean i agle,V*Tconib, tro j Baltimore xor San I ran cisco; Gcu Sheple>, lanymore from Phil deiphia for do; star ol the Union, Heed, from Voncfulu ibr Hampton Hoad—all in dstre3S ; freeman Clark, Smal», and Pcr-Ia. Diarc, lor Callao. Utf Point Negragih alt, ship Bcthi ;h Thayer,Caxt nev, trom Cardol. A’- at Trm dad 29th ult, brig Aroostook, Eryant, A'piuwall, to load tor New Yoi £. I Per steamer Poruvian.l Liv'rpoo!—Ent for Idg 1st. Ui i:n, MJlle;, Lr New Orleans. In ihc river 29th, Ilesduto, Freeman, tor N York; Virgin a, Card, lor Pliila olphia. Cid at Loudon 21, Constantine, Creevy, fir New York. Ar st Shields 2d Inst, St P&al, Martin, Antwerp. Sid iid LamlashCist ul , Clyde, Perry, and Eliza Young. ilMuiilion, Bo ton. Ar at Cadiz 22d uJt, A E Sherwood, Lecraw, lrom New York. Ar at forubna 22d ult, Narrcgansett, Hamlin, ha New York. SPOKEN* Nov 13, no lat. &c. barque Investigator, Carver, trom fccw York for Honolulu. Jan h, lat -9, lou G..», barque Telegraph, Caldwell, irom Cronstaut for Boston, 77 days out. JOHN KINSMAN DEALER IN o jx as FIXTURES —AT— 25 Uniou St., PORTLAND. Aug 20 iltl IT'OTICE. PASNKIVBKKS FOlt r»T. JOHAN, Si. F, THE S. S. BELGIAN, Capt. Brown, sailing from Portland, on Jan nary liHh, will call at St. Johns, Newfoundland, to land passengers. Kate of passage—Cabin $3o in gold, or its equiva lent in U. S, Currency. For fhrbbeiyHform:ition apply to Jal.V'1 v A. ALLAN, 3 India Street. ’ GREAT DISCOVERY ! ROGERS’ Excelsior Pain The Best Preparation Ever HIswEu For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS and NEURALGIC PAINS, PLEURISY PAINS, RHEUMATISM, TOOTH:\ CUE, HEADACHE, EARACHE, • STIFF NECK, DIPHTHERIA, SORE TIIROAT and AGUE. Also invaluable in all cases of Sprains and Bruises. Try it and you will be satisfied. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers. Hampden Corner, Maine. Sold in Portland by H. H..HAY & CO., wholesale and retail. ja!2dPm* IIAX SOX A WINSLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry,; -A.ND Plough Manufactory, 1\T1 would inform the public that wo»rc prcpar- . ’ * ed to famish Lastinys of every ilcscnpciou to 1 order at short notice. NV c now have on band an as sortment ot Window Weights, died Shoes and other castings, filiT* We ore prepared to furnish Cas.ings for Itail Boa«l Companies and ShJp Builders. Also, Planing, Jointing, Matching and promptly done J. W. IIANW, C. C. WINSLOW. 26 York Ml., Head of Smith’s W harf. Jan 1—<1 f ^"5end your orders tor Job Work to i>aily Fret Office NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. BOIVDOIX COLLEGE. THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. The 47th An nual Course oi Lectures in ihe Medical School or Maine, will commence Feb. 21st. and ccntinuc ltf i wcok*. Q**... FACULTY or INSTRUCTION. 1 Y <aL£V ^AR®*8* D. D., Ptsidcn: ot the College. jlripC' T- L- »- Lyturer on PrI1^UciJof!M A2:’Profl“or uf ti‘ttTkeoO an-i 1 Molici anii Thtra^utL.0-’ I,roluMor u< llausla mC’ h^aV’ 11' U'' ''"'le.-Hor of Ana omv and Plivsailogv. S' S' „“tf?ETT' iL Pr“>es«)r of Chemistry and 1 hatmacv. J W. W. OBKE3I*. M. D„ Proresw* oTSurgery. T. if. Jewkti. Mi «t ob» e tries and Di eases of Women and Children. H. 11. SeaVEY, M. D., D Uionstratar in Anato- I in \ : P^Ciqculars conta mng lull information will be iorwar<W<I on application Fo the Secretary. C. F. BRACKETT. M. 1>., 8ec*r. Brunswick, Jan 1,1&67, jalhT.T^StiliMarl TWOES O YL1. ESTABLISHED 1813. Jauitfi P. Xruvcrs, 4b Bcckuiau St., TW’INES lo#Grain, Codec, Salt and Guano Sacks, 1 Cotton Bales, Ham Bags, Wrapping. Writing, News, Book and Sand Paper, Paper Hangings. Seine and Gilliug Nets, Fly Nets,Spindle Banding and Loom C>»ri, Tobacco, wool and Hop Twine. Mattress. Tuftiug Sticldng, Bioom, Binding, Sewing, Sail.Car pefc and all other Twines. Twines for Hardware, Dry Goods, Grocers, Drug gists, Ship Chandlers, Book Binders, Paper and Broom Makers. Stationers, Upholsterers, Fishermen, Weavers and all other 'Trades. 1 2*"Cotton Chalk and Flow Lines, Trot, Staging and Out Lines. Samples can bo seen, and orders left with UTIAS. MCLAUGHLIN A CO., jaia Siw _ _Portland, Me. PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received tn bond, and tbrsala duty FRXK, for use on the burnt district, Strictly Pure English JLead and OH ! Robuilders will effect a great saving by purchasing in (his way. Every description ot PAINT STOCK at the lowest rat«.i by J. W. PEiCkl.Y^ A CO.. jauiy jCt fed Commercial street. WRIGHT cC CLAREf FRESCO PAINTERS, In Oil and Distemper Colors. Also House and Sign Painters, Morton block, two doors above Preble j House, Portland, Me. ! ££#7 Wo arG prepared to design and execute every description of Wall aud Ceiling Decorations, for ! Churches, Public Building,Private ltesi«ienco»,Hal- , | &c. Gilding aud Embossing ou Glass. Every de i bdiption Of Wood finished in Wax aud Oil Filling, and in Varnish or French Polish. jalOddm Seven Thirties. SEVEN THIRTV Treasury Notes, first series, due August, 1SC7, can bo converted into 5-20 1?. S. Bonds, bearing gold interest, by applying to NATIONAL TRADERS BANK, I Jan 19,I8B7.—03w No 21J Ereo Street. Camphor Ice. OF tho same unrivalled quality mauutaetured by us lbr the last u.u years, we aro now prepared to furnish consumers aud the trade, in any quantity. J. B. LTOT & GO., ‘ Jal9d3t 318 Congress St. Jk. C A R I> . _ TilP. undersigned having REMOVED trnm Ware’s nail, will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORK lo. 3 Free St. Block, And would invito the attention of (he Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Tiade to their Large iftul well Assorted New stock Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors’ Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen’s Furuishinsr Goods! j Purohascd the past week for C isli, which will be I offered to the trade at the lawest market prices. Soliciting your patronage, wo remain Yours Very Truly, CELADBOURN & KENDALL. January 15, 1807. To Let. WHARFAGE and Storage to let on wharf with wide and narrow gauge rail track, and deep water. Apply to J. II. JiAMLEN, head llobson’s Wharf._JafrUw s.wixscow & co.’s ,'NEW GROCERY} ^ TTAYING moved into our new store, next door be | XL low our old stand, and li tted it for a FIRST CLASS OCOCKJtY, we beg leave to return our thanks to our numerous patrons for past favors, and inform them and the pub | lie generally, that while endeavoring to maintain our reputation for -oiling the best of LE£i\ and all kinds j of MEATS and VEGE fAilLEs, we have added to our stock a cho ce variety of pure groceries, and hope j by selling the best of goods At the Lowest Cash Prices! | to merit a tair share of patronage. Tho same atten tion as heretofore paid to orders for Meats and Vege ; tables for dinners. Cart will call for orders every morning if desired. S WINSLOW & CO. No. 2s Spring Street Market. S. WINSLOW. C. E. l’AGE. January 11. dCra To Let. FIRST, second and third lotto over E. T. Elden \ Co.’s store, Eroe Street Block; also, oiliccs over ScldottoibCvk’8, and over Lrosxnau &; C'o.’s, in new block corner Brown and Conet ets strec* s. jaal4-dtf J. B. BROWN. S T E A JVL SOAPS! i LEA1HE'& GOEE, VyOULD sol.cit tbe attention ol the trade and t V couoUQicVo to their standard Blands ol' STEAM UKFINKI) SOAPS, EXTRA. PAMfLT, \U. I, ODEINE. Clib.illCALULlVe, CRANE’S PATENT, SODi.AXD AMERICAN CAST I EE, I All of SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in package* guila blc f r tlie trade ana use. Importing u,r«ct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and ag our goods are mauulactureu under > lie por-oual supervision oi our senior partner, who has bad thiriy years practical capci >cncc m tin business, we therefore assure the public with con deuce that we cadi ami will tumiak the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, contain;; all the modern Improvements, we arc enabled to lurnlsh a supply oi Soup* ol the iJest (iiiulitiiadapted to the diiuaud, idr Kx» port amlDvuii'siic t oiio a pticu. LEAT1IE <e GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS 1 SOLD BY ALL THE Wholesale Grocer* Throughout the Slate, Tacatlie & Gore, 39* Commercial St, 4* St 49 Brech Street, PORTLAND. MAINE. March 2r,—,’tt Clothing Cleansed and llepaired By WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street, is now located at his new store NoGl Fed- , oral at, a low doors below Lim© street, will attend , to Ills usual business of Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness. |^F"*Second-hand Clothing lor sale at fair pi ices. Jan 8—dtf ' i PAIXTS A XL OILS. Drags, Medicines, Dje stuUs, Window Glass. AC ENTS FOR Forest Itivcr «£• Warren Lead Co.’s j CRAFTS & 1VI1.I.IA.1IS, Nos. 5 and 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Peel—TuThStly _ I\ew Furniture Store ! j * - fjpUE Subscribers have JUST OPKNRI) at the Cor. of Washington & Congress Sts, —A— Furniture Establishment, JJQiere they will keep for sale every variety of ■ITIt TVITURE! ^^pthrtuTod by thoro'clfc* in the most thithfnl PKnmir, and in the latest stvles, which will be sold nr wholesale or retail at satteuctory prices. They also have a largo stock of Mattresses! Bedding ! j - AND Upholstery Groods. jry Particular attention paid to furnishing res- t scU L. W. TIBBETTS A CO. j Jan 17—d3w Portland Savings Bank. DEPOSITS inaJo on or before Saturday, Febtu ary 2d, next, will commence interest on that day. Office at No 13 Froe Street. 0]>on from 9 to 1, and from 2 to 4. JOSEPH C.* NOYES, i'reas’r. Jan 17, If67. 02vr Cumberland National Bank. T'HE Stockholders of the Cumberland National Bank ot Portland, are herein notified that there will be a rnoctiug of the Stockholders he’d at thcti ltankin,' Room, on Monday, the21st day of January, 1867,at 3o'clock P4 M., for the choice of Directors, and the transaction ot any oilier business that may then come before them. SAMUEL SMALL. Cashier. Portland, Dec. 18,1866. decVKltd Dress Making. OR rlain sewinj by tlie Jay by an OjrperieticcJ banJ on reasouablo teinu. Api ly at W .-a Pott:auJ Street. Jan lAJla * wanted. Book Agents Wanted! For Every Town in the State. £jr For Full particular, apply to or aduria*, J. PATTEN FITC H, 433 1-4 CONGRESS SCKEE1', FOKXEAND, ME dan 1G uJw&w3w*3 Wanted. A MAN with $300 to join some rcapon dblo person in any paying business w here the above sum and his own services would insure him a season able living. Address D. C. K., This unite, jalcdlw* Wanted. A gentleman to join lu buying a desiral lc Homo Lot ouCongr es Street. The right person hndtlnsa rare opportunity for a go-u baigain. Apply lor one week to PATTLKSON & CUADDOUhKE, Dealers in heal Estate, Morion block, jan 15 lw next above tuo Preble iiouso. ; Girl Wanted. fp O do house work in a small family. One that can ! cliaytoO oi the woik, and do it, vv ill hear oi a applying to HENiU'P.NViUTE, Old ^ort^udJ^TS^uehouraol 3 and 4 any anernoor. Flour Barrels Wanted. Oil and after January!^ 1067, « .hall resum* the purchase ol Tlour Urls. POii ca^H, at tho Omce of the Pox-tlancl Susrar Co., 47 1-4 Daufortli St. dc-Tuliu J. li. If liO\i N A SONS. Flour Barrels Wanted. \y|7K will ray 30 cent? c.-.cb for first class Flour ▼ V Barrels suitable ur sugar. LkNoH, BARKER& CO., liovl3dtf _loO^uuimercial aueet. Wanted Immedia cly. A (\f \ Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish 1 V/V»/ Girls tooo Uousevvala, Coon, ^rC., iu vale .am.lies sad bums n lUiS cx, ana counuy. ouuailou* sure. Xheucsc vrattes paid. A bo 30 Giro* i • work in x uctones. 1 armers and others wan ing iucu for any work will uo well to coll on us, a? wo wUi supply thorn tiuo o. charge. Audress or apply at ike i>«ut.rai Aguao/ Employment Office, Zoik Congross Street, -p stairs. COX A. FOYY UtS. sept2Cdtt laic IV H liNo, Y & CO. LOST AND FOUND. Lost! ON Sontbj Spring or Free streets, a Ten Dollar GREENBACK. Whoever wul return ills mme I to BAjlLEY & NoYLS, new block, shall bo suitably I rewarded. JaulTdJi* Fotuiil—-A Wntt li! ON Monday 14th lust., ou Commercial Strcot, a Uentlcniun’s Watch. Tho owner can have the same by proving propeity and paying charges, by calling onboard the b.ig " LncK .Jerry,** lying at liobsuii’s Wnart, ou JOHN a. BUONN *>. janltt <11 w* Shawl Lost. ON Saturday, 12th Inst., between WiJmot and Quebec StTie.s, passing through Oxford, A Double Woolen Simvvl, light drab, crossed with bluo. Tho finder will corner a favor and receive pay f r ins trouble bv leaving It at Mr. lit i us Be ils’ House, on Franklin .street, No. 5U. jaufodlw* ItOAUD AND UOOlffS. Rooms to Lei. TWO Front Room*, well furnished, to let with board, No. 38 Center Street, opposite Preble House. JalSdlw* Hoard. PLEASANT ROOMS with board can t*j obtained by applying at No 12 Maple St. jalNdlw* Board Wanted. F>R a young gentleman and wife in a private fam ily, <>;»(- cuinibrtaoie rnoni. Best of reference given and required. Address Box 892 Poitlaml P. O. Jan 17 d3t Board. A FEW gentlemen Itourders ran l>e accommodated at No 28 Paris Street. Apply to T. P. S. UKEli ING. Ja'tl2w* To bo Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without board, suitable ior mmiluwon and their wives. En quire at No. b South street, between 9 and 11 A. M. each day. janSdtf New Store 1 New Goods! No. IS Market Street, (Formerly Lime Street,) Produce, & Provisions, Teas, Coffee, & Spices. Also a P8W and CHOICE STOCK of GROCERIES and Grocers’ Shelf Goods! U" An inspection of my Stock and Prices is re spectfully invited. GEORGE IF. HALL. Jan 16—dtf _ Notice. I HE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the International Steamship Company, will bo held at their oOico,comer 02 Union and Commercial Sts,on Wednesday, January 23rd, 1807, at 3 o’clock 1*. M. tor the choice of Oflicers, and tho transaction of any other business that may legally come before them. II. J. LIBBY, Secretary. Ponland, January 12th, 1867. dtd For fcale. A SUIT of Sails, Risgi.ig and Blocks, ne^Tly new, from a risking Schooner of 100 tons; also Top sails, Fore and Mainsail*, second hand. SAMPSON & CONANT, decldtf No. la & 20 Commercial Wlmrf. Notice. THE undersigned having purchased the Bakery, &c.t of Mr. K. Kent, will continue tLe BAKING BUSINESS AT TH3 OLD STAND. NO. 107 VOKE, (OK. VINE STREET, Where wo shall he baapy to see our old customers, aad as loony new ones us may luvor us with their pat ronage. PEARSON & SMITH. October 1,18GG. dtf The subscriber having disposed ot his Bakery to Messrs. Pearson & smith, would cLeerlully recom mend them to his former putrons, being assured that, from their well known reputation, they will conUnue the business acceptably. And he will take this opportunity to gratefully ac knowledge the many favors bestowed upon hliu by Us patrons for many years. „ REUBEN KENT. October 1, IKO. dtl _ Store to Let. THE GOTHIC STORE on Congress Street, op posite Eaiayette Street. This u .no of U.o best stands for the Struct ry, in the City, baring had a largo trade for the nas; ten \ cars. . Apply lo S. L. CARIETuN, .inn 1 dedti -7 Market Square. For Sale, A SUPERIOR lot of DRIED PEACHES iu Bar rels, Bags and tierc, s, bv C. E. ROUEKS, No 133 Market St., DeclSilow Plulsdulphia. GOOD MEWS ! FOR ALL! Dry Goods l .ire nowjn JUST LOOK AT Leach, Parker & Co’s Revised Price List ! Very Good, yard wide, Brown Shoe tin?, 14c Fine, yard wide, Brown KI.eetin?, 17c Heavy “ “ <* “ 30c Fino <• “ Bleached “ JOt All the best makes, yard wide, Bleached SLeet in?9, 33c Heavy Cotton Flannel, 3©c Best quality “ “ 33c Red all Wool “ j;jc Gray all Wool “ ?jc Mdrttag “ 40c White “ 33c Balmoral Skirt*, $J,00 Prints, lO to ISc All wool Blankets, pr pair, $ 1,00 All wool Cassimorc, 73 c former price $ I ,'73 All wool Tweeds, 73 cformor price 91,00 All wool Plaids, 73 c former price $ 1,35 Cotton and Wool Plaids, 30 c former price 73c “ “ “ 37 c former price 67c “ “ “ 73 c former price 3«*c Union Bcavor, $1,30 former price $7,30 Moscow “ $5,00 former price $7,30 —ALSO— BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, both plaiu an<l figured, • Silk and Wool mail all Wool Po])Iln», Coburg*, Thibet*, Mohair*, Aljmi ras, (black and elf red), Cn*hiiirrc«, All Wool Dri.nium. and in fact all our DRESS GOODS will be clcsod out at price, conformin; to the present State oj the market. All our largo slock of Cloaks a« Cost ! LEACH, PARSER & CO., 5 Doering Diode, CONGRESS STREET. j«ilO <SJW