Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 21, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELKURAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -——--— — -• Monday Morning) January 21, 1867. __— - LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. IWBCIAL DISPATCH TO THE DAILY MIKSS.] Augusta, Jan. 19. SENATE. Tlie bill, an act to authorize certain towns to grant aid in the construction of the Dexter & Newport Railroad, was read and assigned. Mr. Caldwell, from the Committee on the order authorizing cities and towns to loan their" credit to, and exempt from taxation manufac turing corporations reported legislation inex pedient. Report accepted. Mi. Crosby, from the Committee on petition of Jane I*. Thurston, for indemnity for luiuIs taken by city ol Portland, reported leave to withdraw. Report accepted. On motion of Mr. Perkins, Ordered, That the Secrotary address a com munication to the Governor and Council for information as to what agelits have been em ployed for the past four years to prosecute claims on the national Government, what sums paid them and under what law or resolve they were appointed. HOUSE. The petition ior legislative action in favor of a new and practical system of metrology was referred to the Committee on Education. Mr. Wakefield, of Rath, laid on the table the bills, an act to incorporate tlie Androscoggin Water Power Company, and an act to incor porate tlie North American Petroleum Com pany. On motion of Mr. Frye, of Lewiston, Ordered, That tlie Judiciary Committee he in truded to inquire into the -expediency of re vising the jury system of this State. Mr. Sheplcy, from the Judiciary Committee, on the petition oi Gen. Butler, reported an act o cede jurisdiction to the United States, over a site for a military asylum for disabled volun teer soldiers. Also an act to estimate and secure land damages on telegraph lines. Mr. Frye reported biil, an act to incorporate the Lewiston Equitable Co-operation Society. The hill, ail act granting additional powers o tlie Kennebec Company, passed to be en grossed. On motion of Mr. Otis, of St. George, the question was taken by yeas and nays. Mr. Shepley, of Portland objected to that feature of the hill which allowed the corpora tion to take private property without the con sent of owners. Messrs. Stevens, of Augusta, and Frye of Lewiston, spoke in favor of that power. After full argument on both sides, the vote was taken and resulted—yeas ninety-two, nays six. The Committeo on the liquor law, in the House, is composed of Messrs. Webster ofVi nalhavon, Buck of Robbinston, Wood of Lit tloton, Berry of Gardiner, Parkman of Anson, Buckuain of Minot, Gsrcelon of Troy, l’urin ton of Bowiloiu, Tainter of Carthage, Hutch ings of Brewer, Barrell of York, Watson of Sagadahoc, Parsons of Sangcrvillc, Irish of Hartford, Haines of Nolileboro’ and Files of Gorham. FROM EUROPE NEWS HT THE Cill,I, Plot to Assassinate the Pacha of Egypt. Banquet to James Gordon Bennett. Florence, Jan. 17, Evening. Signer Tonclli’a mission to Rome relative to the bishops has ended satisfactorily. He will soon take leave of tho Pope and return to this city. London, Jan. 17, Evening. It is reported from the continent that a des perate plot has been discovered to assassinate the Pacha of Egypt. The plot included the subversion of the existing government and the assumption of the direction of affairs by Selim Pacha, who is said to be at the head of the movement. The conspiracy, happily, was dis covered and frustrated. London, Jan. 18, Noon. The morning journals of to-day make a men tion of a rumor that the great powers have re solved to urge the Sublime Porte to call a con ference to take the next Eastern question into consideration. Tebth, Jan. 18. The upper house of the Hungarian Diet lias unanimously passed M. Deak’s address. Florence, Jan. 18. The Florence Finance Minister has continu ed tin* announcement that the government in tends to tax church property to the extent ol six hundred million lires. Paris, Jan. 18. The banunct extended by the Americans ot this city to Mr. James Gordon Bennett, Jr., oc curred last evening. Mr. Kingsland.sou of the former Vice Commodore of the New A'ork Yacht Club, presided. Gen. Dix, the A teri can Minister, and representatives of loreign legations were present. It was a grand affair and there was great enthusiasm. At a ball at the Tuileries on Wednesday evening the Em peror and Empress personally congratulated Mr. Bennett on his victory. London, Jan. 18, Evening. It is reported that Queen Victoria will visit the Paris exposition, calling tho while on her way to German). Rio Janeiro, Dec 25, j via London, Jan. 18. | It is said that the Allies will soon assume the defensive. Gen. Lopez and his army are said to lx* dis contented. XXXIX CONGBESS~SEOOND SESSION. Washington, Jan. 10. SENATE. Mr. Hendricks, from the Naval Committee, reported the House hill of last session, in favor of League Island as a depot for iron-clads. Or dered to be printed. Mr. Wilson offered a resolution, which was adopted, instructing the District Committee to inquire whether the corporation has complied with the laws of Congress requiring a portion of the school fund to be set apart for the sup port of colored schools. Mr. Wade called up the bill (authorizing the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad to construct a branch of their road into the District of Col umbia. Debated until the expiration of the morning hour, when the bankrupt hill came up. It is the House Dill of last session, amend ed by the Judiciary Committee. The first amendment to strike out Circuit Courts and insert District Courts, was agreed t 1. The next amendment was to strike out the words “upon the nomiuation and recommend atioii of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Uuited States.” After debate the amendment was disagreed to. Other minor amendments were agreed to, when at 4 I*. M., pending consideration of the bill, the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. After tlia transaction of some general busi ness, this being private bill day, the House considered the private calendar. After the expiration of the morning hour, private hills were laid aside, and the Speaker presented several Executive documents. Mr. Stevens’ reconstruction hill was taken up and debated at considerable length. Mr. Spaulding spoke in favor of it, and pro posed an amendment suspending the habeas corpus, and declaring martial law in the lately rebellious States. Mr. Stevens accepted the amendment. The House at 4 P. M., without action, ad journed. NEW ORLEANS. Bobbery of $12,000 in Gold. EHEEDItlKV AFFAIBN. . New Orleans, Jan. 19. A clerk in the hanking house of James H;ir Murphy, roblicd the concern of 9140OO in gold and escaped. The treedmen are deserting the plantations l^ *l',lu' rr<dH' their contracts having expired and the full amount of tlieir wages having been mud to them 1 heir money will soon bespent. 'rtiey refuse to work except at exorbitant rates. the total number ol ships detained it the bar is 21, with MMKJ bales of cotton. An explosion occurred at Bullard’s Mills in Chickasaw county, Miss., whereby a son «,f m,. Bullard, a man named Sykes, and a negro were killed, and another person scalded, supposed fatally. The fact that twenty-one vessels, containing GO,000 bales of cotton, are detained inside the bar for want of water has caused considerable stir. DccidioiiN of the Nuprnur Court of Aln barnt. Kew Orleans,Jan. 19. A Montgomery special says the Supreme Court of Alabama, lias decided that the act of Congress requiring a stamp upon State legal prooesses is unconstitutional, aleo decides that Alabama being a de facto Government under the confederacy, its personal representatives are protected from all loss in confederate in vestments under the act of the Legislature. Dewirucfi*r Firm. . « * . . , Buffalo, Jan. 19. A lire last night in Main street destroyed the store of Curtis & Son, furnishing goods, Try won, Taylor & > Brlen’s bonnet store, Douglas’ photograph saloon :m,l Nay** & Tucker's labor atory. Loss from $40,000 to 50,000. » . Cambridor, Inil., .Tun. 20. A most destructive lire occurred here at five o’clock this morning, burning the postoftice Stewart’s hoot and shoe store and McCaffrey s stationery and news depot and Hose’s drug store and dwelling house. Loss unknown, but must be large. Partially insured. Arrrai of n murderer. Franconia, N. H., Jan. 20. Bamuel Mills, the murderer of Maxwell, has been arrested in Galena, 111. WASHINGTON. A Threat from an Adminis tration Organ,. Determination of President John son to serve out his Term. HEAVY Slow STORM. Internal llevenne Receipts. Washington, Jan. ID. The President’s Evening Organ says of the administration, that if necessary, its strong and iron hand will ho invoked to stay the course and prevent the consummation ol radical trea son. The great oath of the President to pro tect and defend the Constitution will not be forgotten, ami the people who sustain him with their 500,000 majority of voting population, North and South, will not torget him. Events have already brought the Government to the very verge of another revolution. It the radi eal majority in Congress pursues its treasona ble course mueli longer, the Government, to sustain itself, will have to arm its supporters. At the call of the President, all his friends North and South, and in the army and navy w ill respond. In such a contest the issue can not be doubtful. Congressmen may ho valiant fighters on the lhsir of Congress, but when they come to load their cohorts into the field it will lie another thing. The real armies and great soldiers of the republic will be found lighting under the flag. We advise the oppo sition of the determined aud fixed fact that Andrew Johnson will serve out his constitu tional term of office. The following are the disbursements for the week: War Department, $590,005; Navy De partment, $580,852; 1 nterior Department, $962, 280. The National Bank currency issued dur ing the week was $47,720; in actual circulation at this date $298,052,080. Washington, Jan. 20. A heavy snow storm commenced this after noon here, and continues to-night. /The House committee to inquire into the killing ol certain Union soldiers in South Car olina has summoned as witnesses Gens, f.hcri dati and Thomas and .Secretaries Stanton and Browning. The receipts from the internal revenue yes terday amounted to $192,726.01; total receipts of the week $2,200,789.81. PROM THE PACIFIC. Chili Reftisrs the Mediation of Eng land and France. Attempt to Assassinate the President. MORE ooi.n DISCOVERIES. New York. Jan. 20. The steamer Now York from Aspinwall, has arrived. Advices from Valparaiso confirm the ru mor that Chili has refused the mediation of England aud France in the Spanish question. A Soutli American Congress is to meet at Lima.' All Republics which have uot yet given in their adhesion to the League, are to be invit ed. The hark Tecnmseh, with sixty cannon for the Valparaiso fortifications, had arrived. Lima advices of the 28th ultimo say that an attempt was made on the night of the 20t)i to assassinate tile President at Callao, The shot passed through his sleeve. The assassin, a Chilian, had been arrested. The steamer Rakaia had arrived at Sydney with dates to December 2d. A new gold field of great extent had been discovered in the Wedlin mountains, about 280 miles from Sydney, which Government officials state will give employment to a large number for four years. Eight thousand miners were already on the ground. M. A. Vennan, engaged in the breadstuff's business with America, had failed. The Government of South Australia had abandoned its efforts to establish a colony on the shores of Corpentaria. The settlers will he brought away. The wheat crop in South Australia will leave a surplus of fully 100,000 tons over the local consumption. Cotton and sugar planting this Season was more extensive than ever. Tlie Mcori rebellion on the East coast had been quelled. About 50 rebels were killed and a large number captured, who were shipped to the penal colony at Chatham Island, In other districts the rebellion continued. The rebels were bout on again attacking Hawkes Bay. The steamer New York from Aspinwall brought 8552,000 in treasure. The brig Jac inel Racket from Siugapore lor Melbourne was seized by the United States Consul at Aspin wall, ior an attempt by the captain to sell her cargy to the Venezuelan Government. A prize crew was put on board and she left for i New York on the 11th. NEW YORK. _^ Shipment of Specie—Kohbery— Pilot Boot Sunk —Boiler KiploNion-Shooting Af fray. New York, Jan. 19. The total shipment of treasure by outward bound steamers to-day, is $156,000. Oscar Willis, for a long time telegraph oper tor for various companies in this city, was froz en to death while trying to reach his home near Hoboken, night before last. He was an excel lent operator and a kind husband and father. His death easts a gloom over the telegraph fra ternity. The Tribune’s Troy special says the rolling stock of the Troy & Boston Railroad has been attached by the sheriff, to satisfy a claim of $200,1X10 held by J. W. Park, on account of the Western Vermont Railroad. « New York, Jan. 19. The bonded warehouse on Washington street was robbed to-day of iiltv pieces of black silk valued at $11,000. Thirty-four pieces were re covered. # The property belonged to A. T. Stew art. No arrests. The pilot boat F. A. Perkins is reported to have sunk on the 17th inst. off Sandy Hook, by collision with an unknown vessel. No par ticulars. The delayed mails from various points reach ed this city Vest, rday, and several mails which started hence were returned. Calviu M. Northrup has been found guilty of an attempt to poison his wife in Bedford, West chester county. Sentence was postponed.— By the explosion of a boiler in the Washing ton Tron Works at Newlmrg, on Thursday, Hugh Edward, the foreman, was killed, and five men severely wounded. The boiler was defective and the owners of the shop were cen sured by the coroner’s jury. A man named George Hall was last evening shot at 87 Garmon street, by an ex-policeman, named Browning, for grossly insulting the lat ter’s wife. The wound will not prove'lata 1. OTinrellnurous Di«]inlche>i. Mobile, Jan. 10. The Bremen Hhip Mobile, with 2,000 hales of cotton wxs burned in the bay this morning. The steamer Montgomery, with <5,000 bales of cotton was burned six miles above Krie, on the Black Warrior river. Three negroes per ished. Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 10. The steamer Platte Valley has not yet gone to pieces. The stern is out of water. Some of the baggage has been recovered by cutting through the roof. Nothing further is known of those lost, excepting that they were chietiylrom the North. Fortress Monroe. Jan. 20. The Baltimore pilot boat Maryland, Captain Henry, being short of fuel and water, wassnp plicd at sea by a schooner from New York for York Kiver, which reports having been driven out off the breakwater by the icc, anil that a large nuinl>er of vessels were anchored along the coast,clogged with ice. The Maryland was driven out to sea on the 17tli, and encountered heavy ice fifteen miles nut. She reports the ice as extending from Cape Henry to Hampton I Roads. Railroad Communication Resumed. Providence, K. I., Jan. 10. No trains have yet got through on the Ston iDgton or Hartford Railroads. A train of six locomotives got throngh from Boston lait night and started back this morning, going on the other track with seven locomotives. When near Hebronville the train got off the track, amt six locomotives were utterly disabled. The Worcester trains are running regularly. Providence, R. I., Jan. 20. Trains arrived this evening on the Stoning ton and Hartford Railroads, being the first since Thursday morning. Regular trips will be re sumed to-morrow. A train passed over the Boston road to-day and business will be resumed on that road to morrow. All our roads are Norwich, Conn., Jan. 20. The Norwich boat arrived at an early hour this morning. She experienced some difficul ty in New York harbor, the Thames river being open for some miles above. 'Hu- Nor wich & Worcester and New Loudon & North ern Railroads are now clear. The thermome ter was twenty degrees below zero at <5 o’clock this morning. Another snow storm set in at I 11.30. Canadian Affair*. Montreal, .Tan. 19. The Journal 8t. Hyacinthe of to-day says: “The Irish, like the French Canadians, have many reasons for detesting England. It is 1 time the Irish and French Canadians should show the English that they are not desirous of tin„rail'Um,nance °* British power on this con ' .‘lie happiest day for vis will be when w?“f'"?<1 therefrom forever.” oresf d«n^twr/"ce riv<‘r is and there is great danger of n8 flooding the city. The Herald's Toronto imerfa? 19V, Donald, one of the Fenians, was acquitted *£ From San Franrim-*, San Francisco, Jan. 19 The steamer Active has arrived from Victo ria with $04,000 in specie. The mining news from British Columbia is favorable. A steamer to-day carries a collection of Cali fornia products to the Paris exposition. The Montana, for Panama, takes $937,000 in specie. Trouble Apprehended in Noulb Cnroliun. _ ,, , Savannah, Ga., Jan. 30. Trouble has occurred in South Carolina, op posite this city, with the negroes. United States troops ate over there to preserve order. No violence lias as yet been reported. Two hundred or three hundred negroes are under arms to resist their ejectment from the planta tions. Nine Men Massacred by Indians. 8t. Louts, Jan. 19. 1 no snow on the plains is deeper than for , many years. Nine men were massacred in Bouthem Utah j on the 5th inst, by Indians. BOSTON. Safety of the Crew of the Julia Ann. marine disaster.*. -- % Boston, Jan. 10. The captain and crew of the schooner Julia Ann, from Baltimore for Boston, reported yes terday as having gone to pieces at Boston Light are all safe. When the schooner struck thcv succeeded in reaching the light house, and were taken off to-day by revenue tug Mills. Commodore Blake, who was supposed to have perished in the snow on Thursday afternoon, nas been found and arrived at his home in’ Lougwood. He had taken refuge in a hut close by. Boston, Jan. 20. Tiie barque Velina, Capt. Nickerson, from Smyrna for Boston, witli a cargo of tigs, wool, &o., came into the hay just before the storm of Thursday, and was driven ashore on the rocks near Plymouth. The crew sought ref uge in the mizzen rigging , where they re mained ten hours, the sea making a complete breach over the hull. Owing to the intense cold the steward and one seama-i drojqied from the rigging into the sea and wer»- lost. The remainder of the crew were takcu off by a Uie boat from the shore badly frost bitten. One man is likely to lose one or both feet, and another will probably lose both hands.— The vessel has bilged and is full of water. A portion of the cargo will he saved in a dam aged condition. The Velina was owned in this city by Baker & Morrill and others, and was insured. The cargo, which was valued at $*), (100 in gold, was fully insured in New York. The British brig Dawn ol Day, Capt. Neve, from Turks Islam! for Boston, with salt, went ashore near Cohasset on Thursday, and Ues on her beam ends, dismasted, ami with port how stove. Her cargo has washed out. Crew saved. Snow Inis commenced falling. The weather Is comparatively mild. The railroads are near ly all open and will resume their regular trips to-morrow. Another Heavy Snow Storm. Railroad Travel almost Entirely Suspended. Severest Storm knoten for many Tears. New York, Jan. 15, Midnight. A furious snow storm commenced here about 5 o’clock this afternoon, and has been increas ing up to this hour. Dispatches received from all points in the "West, between New York and St. Lcuis, and South as far as Wheeling, Cairo and Washington represent that the storm pre vails throughout the country north of the Ohio ami Potomac. The snow continues to tall in large quanties and drifts badly,so that railroad, travel is almost entirely stopped in every direc tion. All accounts concur in saying that this is the severest and most extensive snow storm that has boon known for many years. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. The Impeachment Question. New York, Jan. 19. The Herald’s Washington special says he has authority tor stating that the J udiciury Com mittee has appointed no sub-committee to take testimony, and that they have not exam ined a single witness in the impeachment ease. Nf.w York, Jan. 20. The Washington correspondent ol'the Her ald says Sherman and Campbell disagreed with each other from the beginning of their voyage to Mexico, and coming to an open breach, sep arated at Mntamoras. Also that the Mexicans declare that their expedition injured Juarez and helped the cause of Ortega. THE MARKETS. New York Market. New York, Jan. 19. Cotton—less active; Bales 800 bales. Middling up lands at .15c. Flour—dull and drooping; sales 3,600 bids. Su perfine Stale at 9 60 ® 10 50; extra do 10 50® 11 50; choice do 11 40 ® 12 40. Wheat—quiet and steady. Com—without decided c'liange; business is rest riot ed by the ice embargo and a seal city of freight morn; sales 21,000 bush. Mixed Western at 117 ® 1174 in store, and t 1 IS n 1 ls( alloat. Whiskey—dull and nominal. Pork—dull and heavy; sales 2,800 bbls. new mess at 20 75 Co1 21 43, closing at 21 37. Beet—quiet ami steady. Lard—heavy; sales 473 bbls, at 12 'w 13c. Petroloum—sales of crude at 20a; refined bonded at 284 @ 30c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turiicntinc at 07 ® C8c. Rosin at 4 25 @ 10 00. Groceries—dull. Freights to Liverpool—quiet and very firm. Chicago Markets. _ . CHicAno, Jan. 19. Flour—inactive and unchanged; sales at to DO ® 10621 for Spring extras. Wheat—dull; sales spring No. 1 at 1 88® 1 !HI; Corn dolt and unchanged; sales at 794 ® 81 e for No. 1, and 70c for No. 2. Oats doll; sales ot No. 1 at 44c, and No. 2 at 42c. Previsions drill. Mess pork sales at 19 00. Dressed hogs less active; sales at 7 10® 7 35. Live hogs a shade firmer; sales at 5 90 io 6 40. Receipts—6,000 bids. Hour, 14, 000 bush, wheal, 18,000 busli. corn, 13,000 bush, oats, 9,000 live hogs, 5,000 ilressed hogs. Shipments—3,200 bbls. flour, 14,000 bush, wheat. Ciaciuuati Markets. Cincinnati, Jan. 19. Flour dan and unchanged. Hogs firm; sales at 7 50 ® 8 00; receipts 3,000. Aless jsrrk, sales at 20 50 ® 21 00. Bulk meats are held at 8c for shoulders, and sides at 9t ® lOe. Lard is held at 11 jc. Mobile Markets. Mouile, Jan. 19. Cotton—the market is dull; sales 750 bales. Mid dling uplands at 32c. Receipts 1,939 bales. Commercial—Per Cablr. Liverpool, Jan. 17, Evening. The sales of Cotton to-day leached 12,000 b iles, and notwitbitandlng the market is a little mol e active prices are unchanged. The market for tallow and lard is firm. Sugars tend upward. London, Jan. 17. Evening. The Money market is dull and inactive, Consols for money 90 j. • American Securities.—Tlic following were the closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 44. Illinois Central shares 81!. United Suites 6-20’s 724. „ , , Paris, Jan. 17, Evening. United States 5-20’s arc quoted at72J. London, Jan. 18, Noon. Consols are quoted at 904 for money. American Securities.—Thu following are the opening quotations tiir American Securities: Illinois Central RailroadShares 81 j. United States 5-20’sat 72f. Erie Railroad shares 4.1t. Livebpool, Jan. 18, Evening. The Brokers’ Circular reports the sales of cotton for the week ending to-day at 42,000 hales. There has been a decline of Id per pound in prices during the week, ‘flic market opened dull to-day and with a prospective day’s sale of 8.000 bales. The following arc the authorized quotations: Middling uplands at 143*1. Middling Orleans 15jd. Liverpool, Jan. 18, Evening. Cotton is wit hout notable change. Breadstutfs ac tive. Corn scarce and prices advanced to 43s per quarter for mixed Western. Wheat firmer and tend ing upward. Coffee, sales of old at 01 ® 63s for Rio. Cheese slightly advancing. Lard at 60s for Ameri can. Petroleum Is 6d Ibr Ponjia and Canada. Advices from Manchester are unfavorable, the mar ket for goods and yarns being dull. London, Jan. 18, Evening. Consols closed at 90f lor money. American Securities. — 'American Securities closed as follows: United States 5-20’s724. Illinois Central Railroad shares 814. Erie Railroad shares at 43>. Boston Stock List. Sales at tlie Brokers’ Board, Jan 19. American Golrl. isri Uniicd Slates Coupon Sixes, 1*81. lijfjj U nited States 7 3-lOtlis, 1st series. lo-U “ small. KdJ “ 2d scries. 1644 “ 3d series. l('4i United States 5-20s, 1802 . p.7j “ small. 107 “ July, iHGf.. 10»§ United States Ten-forties.. iiy^ Boston and Maine Railroad. l;;04 (Sales at Auction, j nm Manufacturing Company. 2041 Androscoggin Mil s. 1«it| Bates Manufacturing Co. uni Cortland, Saco & I'orlsmoutli Railroad. lol Massachusetts State Sixes,. II114 New Hampshire State Sixes,. , Cortland City Sixes, 1877. !>7 “ 1870. !><Si Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 120§ GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES ! E. TARBELL & SON, No. 11 BBOitmtXD MTRKET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. WAS FITTINCr in all its branches. OASl WTOVRM, for Cooking ami Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, Ac., Rc-Gi _Bronzed. no2lcod3m N E W GO ODS! V. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 3321-2 t'ongress Street, lias just received a fine lot of FALL GOODS Suitable for the season, which will be made up in the most thorough manner. sept 10—cod Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ®LKOAHT TROCni: and HWUFF Com binud lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Had Breath, Headache,£c. InstaiiUy relieves annoying Coughs in Church. CuiCS C film I hn I OSIriVKI.Y wit limit «Kir»t'7iN<] Valuable to sli'cnglhcii* tbo voice 5 aet“.iaicklv; tasalploas autly; never nnuMtalc*. Y ’ ' S Plta’" l*rcvcn(N taking coin liom Skating, I,»ciure« &c. g# Solti by Druggists or sent l,\ LiaU jt » En lose 33 cts lo Hooper, Wilson A. t o., <8opl0eodtjiinel8’67) PHILADELPHIA. » . W. Portland, Wholesale Agl. uStUftT^Wyle °f Joh work neat'y excelled at WANTED. Wanted. A MAN with $300 wants to join some toRponsible jierson in any paying business where the above sum anil his own services would insure him at eason able living. Address 1). O. K., This Ottiee. julrdiw* • Wanted. A gentleman to join in buying a desirable House Lot on tongri ss Street. The right person will Hud this a rare opportunity for a good bargain. Apply for oue week in TATTKltSON & CIlAIll.oUttNK, Dealers in lii»l Ksl.itc, Morton Itloi k, .inn IB lw next above tlio Treble House. Girl Wanted. rp O do liousc work in a small family. One tliat can 1 take charge ot' the work, and do it, will hear oi a gooti chance by applying to HENKY V. WHITE, Old Eity Hall, b. tween the hours of 3 and 4 any afternoon. Portland Jan. 15 dlw <■ Book Agents Wanted l For Every Town in the Stale. For Full particulars apply to or address, J. PAITFIH Flit II, !-« cox amiss stuekT, Puiitlakp, me elan la d‘Jw&w3w*3 Flour Barrels Wanted. ON and after January 2d, I8G7, we shall resume the purchase of Flour Brls. FOU CASH, at the OUjco of the Portlaijcl Co., '<17 l-l Dnnforth At. dc27.ilm J. U. ltS10Vi \ A SONS. Flour Barrels Wanted. \\T E " ill pay 30 cents each for first class Flour f T Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCJl, BARKER X CO., uovBullf 13® Commercial street. Wanted Immediately. H Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish JLGirls todo housework, cook, <yu-., in jnt vate iainilies ami hotels in this eitv and country Sii uations sure. The best wages paid. Also 5o Gif is to work in Factories. Farmers and othors wanting men for any work will do well to call on us, os we will supply them free of charge. Address or apply at tin- General AgeiuJy Employment Office, 3511 Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS, sept2Cdtt late W111TN E Y & CO. LOST AND FOUND. Found-—A Wntcli! ON Monday Htli inst., on Commercial Street, a Gentium,in's Watch. The owner can have the same by proving property and paying charges, by calling on board the biig *4 Undo Jerry.” I\ing at Mobgun s Wharl, on JOHN A. BROWN, jaulii dlw* Shawl Lost. ON Saturday, 12th inst., ictween Wilinot and Quebec Streets, passing through Oxford, A Double Woolen Nliunl, light drab,‘crossed with blue. The tinder will contcr a favor and receive pay f>r his trouble bv leaving it at Mr. Hufus Be als’ House, on hranklin Street, No. 59. jail 15dlw* BOAUD AND Rooms to Let. TWO Front Rooms, well furnished, to let with board, No. 38 Center Street, opposite Preble House. jalSdlw* Board. T3LEASANT ROOMS with hoard can he obtained A by applying at No 12 Maple St. jalHtllw* Board. A FEW gentlemen boarders can bo accommodated at No 28 Paris Street. Apply to T. P. S. DECK ING* ja'kl2vv* To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without hoard, suitable tor gentlemen and their" wives. En quire at No. 5 South street, between 9 and 11 A. M. each day. jauHdtf U£AL I^TATE. House and Lot tor Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Kliizabetli. TT7JLL be sold at a bargain, if applied for soon, TT anew 4 story House. Said House is 21 by 31 leet with an L 12 by 22 feet, finished throughout, anti situated within sixty rods of the Ferry Oiiice. Terms : One half down, the balance in one and two years. Possession given immediately. Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER. Ferry Village, C. E„ Jan. 8,1807. jansxEw* 'VTOTICE. 1 Mill sell on favorable terms as to XI pa.v ment, or let lor a term of years, i he lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner ot Franklin and Fore streets; Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl EjHIRMAl.E, in Gorham, til teen minutes walk J1 trom the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Barn and outbuildings,having all tl.econven ienecs and in prime condition. Ii is situated near a grove aud a short trom the County read. Apply to J. E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. First Class Houses for Sale. \\f H offer for sale the eight first class brick houses, T? recently built by us, si mated on 1‘iue Street, between Clark and Carletmi Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 271 Danforth St. J. 15. BROWN & SONS, or \VM. H. .TERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 10, 1866. dtf FARM for *nl«*. Tlic subscriber offers his tarm for sale or will exchange lor city ipopcrty. Jt is a first rate farm oi 110 acres, with a two story House, in good lepairand a new Barn with cellar, 40x00. There is a n. ver tailing supply ol good water and wood lot. Said iaru» is situated on the road irom Saccarapjia to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For further particulars anplv to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or J. H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-eodtf Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, IV COMMERCIAL STREET. rjtllE subscribers offer for sale the lot of land on A the southerly side ot Commercial Strict, head ot liana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 15U feet. For fur ther particuhirs Inquire JONAS H. PER LEY, Oct is if or W. S. DANA. A'or Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCH ELL & SON, Aug. 28, ItCC—iltl 1»8 Fore Street. M House for Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf, duly 12—<111 Valuable Hotel Property l*or Sale. TIUTK Oxford House, pleasant!y situated in the vil A lageol Frye burg, Oxford county, Maiue, is ot tered lor sale ar a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniturc ami fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot Hu RATIO BOOTHBY, _ _ . Proprietor. Or Ilanson & Dow, 345 Congress st. Frycburg, Sepl. 2;>, ls66. dtf Farm for Sale. I WILL sell iny lirin i.Piir Alton's Comet Wwf Iwnok, iil.iut throe miles Horn l’oilkinil, one mile from horse cars, and Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains about 10U acres, part of it verv valuable lor tillage, and part oi it tor building lots. There is a good house, two large barns, and out bous es on the premises, it will be sold together, or in lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THU BLOW, sepl 1-dtf 105 Commercial St. NOTICK. ALL i»ersons indebted to the late Dr. Charles W. Thomas, arc requested to make immediate imm inent to the uudcrsigDcd, who is tinly authorized to collect the same. Office No. 188 Fore Street, over Canal National Bank. House No. 55 Dan forth Street, comer of State Street. GEORGE A. THOMAS. January 1, 1807. eodlw CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers <£• Mach inists. rPHE Bubscrilicrs having rebuilt their Work Shims, X aro now prepared to lake orders lor Machinery and li on Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts mid Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and now tools of modern design, can supply patterns with promptness aud at a moderate cost. Repairs ol all kinds of Iron Work attended 1o with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, tan furnish forgings and shapes of ail kinds for Steamboats and Locomotive, work such as NhnttM, C'raailtM, l*i*lon I£o«Im, fur mid Kngmc Axl<-« nuil Mi«i|»e* to pattern or draw

ings, from 10 tons tx» 100 pounds weight . _'3,?lLSe,liIlr Agents tor “ MERJUMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best. Machine ever invented for the purpose, i»ei forming double the amount of work of any other now hi use. FOR SALE, a >‘15 Hoim' jiom r Isoeomo Urv Roller with new tube sheets and new set ot tubes, iu tirst rate order, and warranted safe with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HOUSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES ft RON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, novlOe d3in • Portland, Maine. INDIA KUBREK GOODS. HAVING been burned out ot my Rubber Store, 147 Middle St., J would solicit tlie trade of tlie citizens of Portland and vicinity, tuntil 1 re-open) to my lieudciuurtois, S3 Milk Street, Boston, where are kept every variety of goods made trom India Rubber cnmpiising in purl, kuhlrer and I,outli er Machine Belting, Steam Packing, Gaskets, Rings, rfose tor conducting and hydrant purposes. Rubber Clothing of every description. Combs, Balls, Toys. Undersheetingfi.r beds In cases ol sickness, Rubber Boots and shoes, Tubing, Spittoons, Syringes, Gloves and Mitfens, Klastic Rings and Bands, Piano Covers, llorse Covers with and without Inusl, Wagon Covers, Air Beds, Pillows, Cushions, and kite Pre servers, Mechanics' Aprons, Rubber Jewelry, ol beautiful patters, and all kinds ol Kubb, r Goods tlml may be desired, all of whiclt I will sell at manufac turers lowest prices. Please forward your orders lor the present to H. A. HALL, Jul 43codtf so Milk street, Boston. Sale of Heal Estate. TJURSTIANT to license ironi tlie Probate Court for X Cumberland county, the subscriber, an trustee under the will of Samuel Elder, late of Portland, de ceased, will oiler for sale at private sale, on SATUR DAY, the Iftth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the ottiec ot i*. Barnes, No. Is* Free Btioet, Portland, tlie house lot, ami dwelling house thereon, No. l;» Danforth street, in said city, 1* ing the eastern half of tlie double house, part of the es tate of said Elder. SA RAH S. ELDER. Portland, January 16,1867. dlawSw | PROSPECTUS. | t he'Fress IToi* 18(;7. With the opening of the new year wepieseiiled to llie leaders of the 3JVULY IMHIHS, A Paper Blulm-ged to the hvi.v of llie liargc*! New flugininl IBailiet*. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to tlio addition of between three and four columns to its size. This additional space w ill be devoted (o de tails of important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay. such as wo have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of t he paper thus enlarged will l»e, its past history will show. The Press was es tablished primarily to represent, the Itcpuhlicun par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voh« less in this city. The Press will continue io defend th principles of the Liberal party of America. The war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up side by side, a period ot jealousy and eonllict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a slate or transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most of us anlici pated. The Press: will insist upon a settlement which will secure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled right. We must have d« moeracy at, the South ms well as at the North—equal rights lor :ill secured by equal laws, ftoedom ol speech, freedom of Mm press, impartial suffrage. Ol the profound convictions of (he Kepublii-an party of Maine, the Press w ill remain a faithful exponent. The present year will probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. The comple tion of that great enterprise will compel a change, which has already begun, in the management ol newspapers. The leading inatures of tire world’s history will he registered from day ro day by the tel egraph. The expense of rpe -ial dispatches from all parts of the world will prove too gre it for single newspapers, aiul correspondence will regain some thing oi its old importance. Newspaper associations Or news agents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents will fur nish details, explanations ami illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic fplegrayih has already destroyed the system by which our foreign news has (br yoars been furnished by steamer, and air. ady the Tribune has its special correspond, nls established in almost every capital in Europe. We earnin' rh al the feats o New York journalism but we must bo governed by the same considerations. In view of llie intonate rela tions existing between Maine and the British Pro vinces by which she Is environed, we are liappy to announce that “Spurwims's** Canadian Letters Will !>.• continued. We have also engaged Regular Correspondent* Sn Washington, New York, IS o* ton nmi AngiiMtn, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the Slate. During the session of the Legislature, we shall publish Special I>i*patel»esi from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business relations with Portland, wc hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published oOl side of the State can possibly be. Wc shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we tdioH have regular correspondence from tlmt point, and a Daily Summitry ol" Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shall have Full mail Affiliate Market Report*, forwarded by telcgmpli from al parts of the United States, from Canada, ami trom England. A weekly Review of the Portland markets, and an accurate Report of Maine Shipping, in foreign and domestic ports, will be published as heretolore. There will lie NO INCREASE IX THE PRICE Of the Daily Press. For FIGHT DOLLARS A YEAR! We expect to furnish a paper, Tlie Largest in tlie State, and as large as in other States is offered for tenor twelve dollars a year. • ---— THE MAINE STATE PRESS Is Hot like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings of the daily edition. II is designed to l»c as carefully made up as if il were a perfectly inde pendent. publication. It contains from week to week, the most important article* which appear in the daily, together willi a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Columns We shall add to its attractions during the coming year, An Agricultural Department, To he conducted by the Rev. WILLI VItl A. DREIV, of Augusta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known in Maine, and a contributor for sometime past to the Press over the signature of “Tiaxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications fur this work need no herahling. The Shipping News of the Meet,: Will be published without abridgment in the STATE Press, as will also the Deview of the Vortland Markets, And the Brighton Market Deports. To country traders the weekly report of Portland price* cnrrrent alone will lie well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful Digest, of General and Stale News, Wc shall also furnish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Reading for the Family. The weekly edition i* made up in eight largo pages, of six columns each, and is the Large*! Weekly Pnprr in New 8'nglnnd. It is offered to the public at the low price of ‘d DOLLAJtii A YEAH, INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. To a eltib of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent for twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. NOTICES OF THE 1*KF**. [From the Christian Mirror. 1 The Press has been enlarged since New Year’s. We are glad to see such evidence of prosperity. With Kindi papers as Portland now furnishes we see no need of importing Dailies from LosUm and New York. [From the Portland Price Current.] The Pm:ss.—'Tlie crowded state of our columns last week prevented us from noticing the enl igcmcnt and rc-arraiijgcincnt of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly tin leading journal of Maim-, and equal to any in'New Jhigland; cspcs jally when taken into consideration the amouiU of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished lor the money. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] JfitfEAB'iED.— The Portland Press was enlarged on tlio ist inst., to aboiU the size ofthy. Bosp.n Dailies. i This is an evidence of not only the prosperity of the Press, but of Portland as well, for of course the en largement. is caused by the increase of advertising favors. The Press is worthy of the patronage it re ceives, is a civil it to Portland and to the State, and wo hope increasing years may increase its promier ily. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by the addition of 21 inches to the length of its col umns. Its make-up has also boeu changed again, and oti tlie whole it presented a decidedly improved appearance, Our rotemporary's “new clothes” are soniew bat. larger than’ oafs, but. tlie “ biggest are not always the-best.” (From tlio Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears iJiiv morning in an en large * Inrm, making it now fully equal In size to any daily newspaper in New England. The editor, in bis Now Year’s Salutatory, shows that, the success of I he paper lor the past year has been most, gratifying, and wo are glad of its prosperity. The retain to the original style of arranging the contents ot the pupt r, is one oi tuc most agreeable features of the change. [From the Bangor Whig.] — Tlie Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post, and Advertiser—which arc our largest New England dadies- and it now makes a very handsome appear ance. 'Aliiw evidence of prosperity on the part of so good and reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. It show s, too, that Portland has lost nothing ol vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great lire, but that its course is still onward—that Its business is in fact in creasing, notwithstanding the apparent calamity ot last year—and that its promise ol commercial great ness is certain to be fullilled. Tlie Press is among the best ot the New England papers, and its present appearance is a credit to the State. [Fr in the Bath Times.] tF"fhe Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we suspect it now gives another settler to the question which is “the principal paper in Portland.” It is bound to distance its competitors. I From the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 1.] 'Ilir> Portland Press lias Increased its si7,e equiva lent to an addition ot' three or lour columns. This enlargement, following so clorely upon its resurree- ! tiou lti>m the a-lies ot* the great tire, shows that the principles it advocates and its dibits to eater to the literary tastes of its readers are appreciated by the Itnidic. The a iditional sp ee now obtained will lie devoted to details of inqiortaiit events, and se'ections from current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.) Tnn Piik-h—Among the papers that commence the new year with enlarged sheets and manifest signs of prosperity, art the Portland Press and the Hartford levelling Press. The tbiiner is the hugest an l ltest dady iii the State of Maine, and the latter we have long regarded as one of the ablest of our Connecticut exchanges. [From the Portland Adf^Hiser, Jan. 2.1 'Hie Daily Press appeared yesterday morning in an enlarged form. Ii >s now fully equal in size to any diuly Paper in New England. In the arrangement wl,r":Fn" d. has returned to the original style, ! whielrwe think quite an Improvement in its appear | anco. Since the Press has lieen under the editorial man agement ot Mj\ Kkdiardson, its editorials have been I high toned and reliable, wielding a powerful infiu • ©®c® over its patrons ou all political matters. He I iuis taken a fair stand, always discussing topics in a dignified manner, yet leaning In all vital issues with liis party. While we cannot always agree with all ot his political notions, we heartily bear witness to the ability, character and culture he has displayed in itH management, and wish him and the proprietors even more prosperity in the next year than it has had iu the past. It. news is judiciously and carefully selected, and I a general culture ami literary taste char:icterizes its I contents. As a good iamiiy newspaper it has no su perior; ami while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor’s chair there will be no lack of local news, us it is generally acknowledged in that department he ha* no equal iii the State. The enlargement argues a prosperous business, at least for ur cotemporury, and we hope it will never be t<»uud neccssaiflt to curtail the dimensions ot this enterprising and respectable sheet. I From the Bangor Times.] CP The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er ibly enlarged and with a return to its old style of “ make-up.” This enlargement—so soon after the greal lire —to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, MN-.ifs favoraiily i;,r the pro fierity of the city and indicates a good degree of enter prize on the partol the proprietors.. The Press is edited with ability, has able contributors, and as the leading paper of the dominant party, u a power in the land. [From the Portland Transcript.] The Daily Peeks begins the ndw year much eu 1 argot I in size; we are glad to see hu.Ii an evidence ot the prosperity of this excellent journal, 'file Press has swung around I he circle to another arrangement ol its editorial and news matter; after all, the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. Cl TV NOTICES. i ^ — — ----—.m... - -. .. Snow to lie Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. GO.-vr'ie Tenant or occupant, an<l in case there should be no kffiint. the owner, or .my pei son having the care of any building or loiot lahd border ing on any street, lane, court, square or pulflic place within the city where there is any footing or side walk, shall, aid* the ceasing to fall of any snow, it in the day limp, within three hours, and if m the night lime, Indore ten of the clock of the tbrenoon, succeeding, cause such snow lo be removed from such footway or sidewalk; am' in default theroot, shall forfeit and pay :» sum not less than two dollars, nor more titan ten dollars; and tor each and every hour hereafter that the same shall remain on such loot way nr sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit and pay a sum uot less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. Ail persons :ire hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en- I forced. JOHN S. 11 KALI), doclSdtf City Marshal. FRANK AJiOllN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER ! NO. 1 FREE STREET BLOCK. A large assortment of CLOCKS of all kinds, Wnlcbcw, &{M>ctuc2cM and ThcrniomrtrrM constantly on hand. Repairing in all its branches punctually attended to, an t work guaranteed to be laiflilully performed. All articles sold warranted to be as represented. A lair share of the patronage of the public is re spectfully solicited. Portland, dan. 14,1«C7. dtf mVlljjfiNlL \ DIVIDEND of 10 per cent, will lie paid the stockholders of the Tug Warrior at tho otticeof J. S. Winslow, January 15tli. janlOdtf _J. S. WINSLOW. Agent. GOOD NEWS ! FOR ALL! Dry Goods ! •mi: no mv/ JUST LOOK AT Leach, Parker & €o’s Revised Price List l Very Good, yard wide, Brown Sheeting, 14c Fine, yard wide, Brown Sheeting, 17c Heavy “ “ “ “ 40c Fine “ “ Bleached “ 40c All the host makes, yard wide, Bleaelied Sheet ings 45c Heavy Cotton Flannel, 4©c Best quality “ “ 45c Bed all Wool “ 33c Gray all Wool “ 33c Shirting “ 4 Or White “ 45c Balmoral Sktrtjs, $4,00 Prints, lO to lftc All wool Blankets, prpair, $1,00 All wool Cassimere, 75 c former price $1,45 All wool Tweeds, 75 c former price $1,00 All wool Plaids, 75 c former price $ 1,45 L’otton and Wool Plaids, 50 c former price 75c “ “ “ 37 c former price 04c “ “ • “ 45 c former price 5©c Union Beaver, $1,50 former price $4,50 Moscow “ $5.00 former price $7,50 —ALSO— BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, both plain and figured, (•(ilk mnl Wool and nil Wool Poplina, fobiir"*i, Tliikrtn, HVohnira, Alpnc caa, (black and colored), C.'nahmrrcf*, All Wool I>cf«aiiar«, ami in fact all our DRESS ROODS will be closed out at prices conforming to tlic present state qj the market. All our large slock of ClosiSis at Cost! LEACH, PARKER & CO, r» Dcorin" 131**elt, CONGRESS STREET. JnnlO tl3w_ Store to L»'t. rpilE GOTHIC STOKE on Congress Street, op I ]» Lalayclle Street. This is one of the best si an* Is for the Grocery Hiumdcmm in the City, having had a large Irade lor the past ten years. Apply io S. L. CAKLETuN, jan 1 dedtf 27 Market Square. STEAM REFINED SOAPS! LEATHER GORE, VITOULD .-olicit the attention ol the trade and t V consumers to their Standard Riands ol STEAM KEFINED SOAPS, EXTRA. FAMILY, \0. I, OLKINF, i’ll F.vl 1C-AL OLI V E, ORA S M’S PATENT, SODA, AND AMKRIOAX FASTI hr). Allot SUPEHIORQUALITlES, in packages suita ble l'.»r the trade and family use. Importing direct, our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and as our good- are in a mi tact tired under i lie personal supervision otour senior partner, who has had thirty years practical exi*erience in the business, wo therefore assure the public with con deuce that we can and will iuruish the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices! Having recently enlarged anrl erected NEW WORKS, con tiling all the modern improvements, we are enabled to furnish a supply ol Soup* of the Q mu I it fc*, adapted to the demand, for Ex* port and DoiucmI i«* t'oii-iiaupt ion, LEATJfE .1- GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY ALL TOG Whole-ale firocerMThroughout the Sinir. Leatlie Gore, 307 I'oinnacrcinl St, 47 & 40 Krnrli Street, PORTLAND, MAINE. March 21.—d11 llorsc Railroad. rpHE stockholders of the Portland Kailmad Com 1. puny are hereby notitied that, tiujir animal moot ing will be held at the CAIt HOUSE, corner of Spring and Clark streets, on MONDAY, January 21, 18G7, ai o’clock I*. M., for the choice of olbcers, and transaction of any other business that may legally coiue before them. M. O. PALMER, Portland, Jan. 10,18(17—eodtd Secretary. Walervillc Classical Institute. rnHIO spring Term will begin on MONDAY, Feb 1 ruarv lift). For particulars apply to the Principal, or sen.l for Catalogue. J. H. HANSON, ,h‘" is— wlw Principal. Warren’s Water-Proof Leather Preservative ! Sold Wholesale and Retail by H • HIANSFIEIjDj Mole Agent, jaSeodlm*_*_174 Middle St. JOHN KINSMAN ' DEALER I!» GA« » FIXTURES —AT— 25 Union St., PORTLAND. Ans 20 dtt t'uinberlaml National Hank. T'LM-/ thc Cumberland National 5 j "tUaiwl. are hereby entitled that there u '* "i: " tl1'' »t*«kh:>l.lfw held at their IK, ’ "!l. the Jl-i day of danu .y, ! Vi * M ,M ^ *or ^ choice of Directors, ^•nn the tr.insficlion ot any other business tint may ■ then come before them. ^ , , SAMUEL SMALL, Cashier. I Portland, Dec, 18, 1*66. dtckvdtd ENTEKTA1N M ENTS. DANCING. •MR. J. W. RAYMOND! a,u|o«ncing to tho citizens of Port and vieiuity that he will commence a class in Common Dancing:, Wall* und i'olka, AT 31ECIIA NICS’ HA LL, j OX S.ITUBDAV KVKX.XO, JnH JatU> a?*!:. *:>•* tar thu Tumi. iKKiis, l-auius.*2,1(0 lor Uw Ti-nu. Term 10 < or Kiebl I.rmaa,. and AmwaiUwa, nnboui ICnru > j”*1 «w Portland Theatre. Uiihv«ll A Urowur, l.i‘<w4'i>N A Mu linger*. Entire Change tf Entertainment. D1VKK.MI Ii:«> AMD ATTK ACTIVE ! Novel nail llinotiouul ! bringing into requisition l be full strength of the SUPERIOR DRAMATIC COMPANY. Monday nud Tuesday, Juu. ‘JInI and the American Comedy of Neighbor J acltAvootl ! AVctlnrsday nud Tliumdnjr(>I>hl and *44tfa, the mysterious Drama, Tiio LONF.LV MAN OF THKOtEAN! Friday and Nalurdiiy, 4.1th nud 4«illi, FORTY T9IIKVIM & DICK TFHFI.X ! *-*f Daily Programmes. janiildlw I*.f.M.C. A. COirusE LECTURES KICIITII I.K4TIKK, In the Free Street Church, Wrducsduy Etcaiug, Jan.'Tia, 1ND7, By Bor. M’m. Alvin BurileU, of Brooklyn,N. Y Subject—“The Undiscovered Arts.’* Season Tickets, 75 cents; Evening Tickets, 50 cent-, to be had at Bailey «& Noyes*, H. Packard’s, Short Sc Loriug’s, and at the door. Doors open at 04; Lecture at 7| o’clock. JaijOdst , GRAND [.Military and Civic BALL!! TIh* 17th Me. liraimi-iil Awwialion WILL GIVE A GRAND Military and Civic Hall - AT - MECHANICS’ IIALL, Tuesday Eveuiiigr. Jan. 22, ’07. Officers and Soldiers and Sailors, who served tim ing the recent rebellion, arc invited to attend in uni form and with tno distinctive badges of their respec tive divisions, coips and associations. Mu»ic—Chandler'* Full Quadrille Baud. ii./TlCKE'iS, (Mt, admitting Gentleman and LaHck—to lie obtained at the usual places or of the Committee. COL. T. A. ROBERTS, CART. J. A. PERRY, MAJOR E. B. HOUGHTON. JanlC (ltd X. A. IX. A. The Irish American Relief Assoda’n will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, CoiuiucaciuR Monday lUPg, Jau, 7lb, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Course, including the Ball, will lie $3.00; Evening Tickets. $1.00; Ball Tickets, $1.50. fcfr'Busu-. by Chandler’s full Quadrille Band, D. II. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock precisely. f loor Managers.—’Thomas Parker, Jamfs Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick Me Cater ty William H. Kalor. 3 Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing._decMdtf Ho for a Sleiyh Hide/ THE ptoplietor is now prepared with his BOAT SLEIGH “ENTERPRISE,” to carry parties in or out of the city at the- shortest notice. On Wednes day and Saturday afternoons, (when pleasant) will leave head of State Streel at 2 o’clock, to carry chil dren and others, at 25cts. per hour. Children under twelve (12) years tiltecn cents. N. S. FERN ALD. Portland, Dec ISt h, 1866. dc*22dtf CH1IISTMAH -A N I> UTEW ¥E IRS. AS THE HOLIDAYS ABE APPBOACHING P. 31. FROST Has a fresh Stock ot Kid Grloyes To Offer nt Low Price* I 500 Pr». of World-renowned TrefmiMMp, nt only $1,50 500 Pm. of Clotbilde, at only 1.00 No. ‘1 Deeping lllock, 4 0AGUI SM 8TREKT. Dec 22—d&wtl COOP Mil & MOUSE, TAKE pleasure in informing tlieir okl patrons and friends that they have resumed business at their OLD STAND, lorner of Market and Milk streets, whore they will keep constantly on hand the best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, Game, &c„ That the market atlords, and it will bo tlieir earnest andcavor to serve their customers with promptness and fidelity. decl.dt! Clothing Cleansed and llejiaired By WIM.IAM BLOWS’, formerly at 01 Federal street, is now located at his new store No 64 Fed eral at, a tew doors below Lime street, will attend I to his usual business of Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of all kinds with liis usual promptness, t # Second-hand Clothing for sale at fair prices. Jan 8—dtf __ OIL and CANDLES. LARD, SPERM AND WHALE*OIL, OLIVE, ELAINE AND RED OIL. KEROSENE AND MACHINERY OIL, SPERM & ADAMANTINE CANDLES, & SOAP, For sale by HRADNIIA W & PATt II, augO —6m No.7 Central Wliarl, Boston. Portland Savings Rank. DEPOSITS made on or before Saturday, Febru ary 2d, next, will commence interest on that day. Office nt No 13 Free Street. open from H to 1, and from 2 to 4. JOSEPH C. NOYES. TrcasT. Jan 17, 1*67. <12w Dally Press Job Office, 17!) Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, CARD, At JOB PRIATIMJ, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, .Presses, die., wo am prepared on i he sbutt est possible notice to#ccomm<xlatc our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, It I LL.-H EADS, ClKCTJXA US, Cards, Toys, Blanks, Labels, Ami every description ot Mercantile Printing. We have saperior C»* iliti •» for the execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which tor neatncsK and dispatch cannot be surpassed rr Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Prew Job Otlice 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. FOSTER, Proprietor To Let. ''I7KTHAKFAGE and Storage to let on wharf with ▼ V wide and narrow gunge rail truck, ami deep water. Apply to J. H. HA&1LEN. head Holmm’s Wharf. MMN Portable Steam Engines, C10MB1NINO tlm Maximum ofefflcwnoy, diir*. ) bditv and i.cnu u>y with the mmlmumol weight [ and prkv. They are widely anil lnvorably known, ! more than IJOO being in tise. All warranted satis tactory, or ».o pale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. fi. UUD1.EV * t’O. Lawkkxi e, Mass. Nov. fi. Wfifi Siml. .1 New Place Just Open ! WHERE yon can buy real French CALF SKINS ami I hinppe and Canaud’s SARDINES. just veccived from Pans, now in boud, and tor sale in lots to salt customers by n • p n y n e t , «*< <■ over the F»h itlnrhrl, .ian2d2m» FKDKIKIj NTRICKT. Notice. M HE Animal Meeting <d‘ the Stockholder* of the * international Steamship Company, will l*o held at their office .corner ot t) nion ami»lommomnl Sis.on Wednesday, January 23rd, I>4i7, at ;• o'clock 1*. M- ibr the choice of Officers, and the transaction m any other business that may legally come before them. H. J. LIBBY, Secretary. Portland, January 12th, isw. _ Notice to LmM* Hosiers, MR. (YDUKOCHKIt* lluiklor, is prepared to take contracts for building, cub or bv JOB or by I 1»AY WhUk. i an furnish First Class workmen I ami material of all description. Residence, AM ERICA N HOUSE. I iidit Street, Port brad. I August 17th, 1PfG aug^O—If AUCTION MIM K* PATTEN A CO., AMlltartn, PLUM STREET. Auction Notice to the Public. /\N account of the severe «u,rm, we were ol.lic'wl r r « ri'ENBA Y, Jaenrr *«, J |..j p. M an.l wll continue every afternoon .lurtna the week At private every forenoon. *JuT’ldUv •J. K. BAILEY, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AND Am: At suit, Office 176 Tore St, at Mesa. Oartpr & Dreser’s January 7—<ltl c. w. 4holmes, LT C T ION K Ki{ , Congress Street, c iBifv unm..0,fiany of l-roperty in the City or ri u rniV.P **** a*foiled to uii the mmit favorable ^ novllkltt DR. CARPENTER. Oculist ami Aurist, C^M',UUeJ °‘e U S HOrKL. ^rt February lNt, only upon Blindness, Deafness, Catarrh, Bronchitis Nasal ami Aural,Polypus, Discharge from the harM* Noises In the head, Scrofula, Sore Eyes, Films and all Diseases of the IS Y IS, Ear and Throat. £Iif ~ lc most cases the remedies can be applied at home without interfering with the patients occupa tion. Artificial Eye* Inserted Without Pain. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, But Letters must contain One Dollar to ensure an answer. HO.UK TRSTI.TION V. Tiie Testimonials below are all received in this State, and can be readily investigated by those deair ousoi so doing. Hundreds of other certificates can be seen at tire Dr.’s Office. DEAIAESS. Ve{fastt Me., Nov 27, 18WJ. During Id years I grew totally deal in one tar and ho deaf in the other that I was unable to bear unit‘d address*! very loudly, ami had disagreeable muses in my head. Was obliged to absent in.vjicif from church ami society on that account. 1 consulted an eminent physician in Boston without relief, and supposed 1 must always remain deaf, but aUmt two years ago I applied to Dr. Cuipeuier; alter Hie application of a course of his treatment, 1 could hear a watch tick 0 ieot from ciliier ear, auu my hearing remains |«cricct. 1 am WJ years of age, and reside on High street, Bel fast, Maine, where any iierson can see or hear irom me. Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years and.know she was deal and now hcar», and believe the above statement to be correct. REV. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Belfast. MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of “Belfast Age.” (From the Bangor Whig tf t ourier.J ^ l’KoY.Me., Oct, 30. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sir:—on tne‘Jbd ot Feb ruary last. 1 placed myself under >our treatment lor Diacnarge ol the Ear, which hail continued so long and was ho groat as to affect my hearing. After ap plying the medicine prescribed by you two months, my ears were entirely well and remain the same. Most Respectfully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY. BLINDNESS. 1 From Maine Farmer., In defiance ol phyaiciami and all remedies, I suffer ed excruciatingly item Scrol'ulous Sore Byes ten years, Lsjing frequently cuuliued u> a dark room, i he remedies I»r. Carpenter prescribed lsat September, at Bangor, cured them entirely, and they remain so. KATIE LANG. Passadumkeag, Me., Ibfifi. [From the Maine Farmer.) I was nearly blind willi Scrofulous Sere Eyes four years, being connueil to a dark room and sunerlng excruciating pain a great portion of the time. I con sulted niouy physkiaus uiikoiit relief. Hr. Carieu ler cured me. My sight is now good. I reside In Vaasalboro’. Mrs. P. B. LANCASTER. CATARRH. [From the Kennebec Journal qf Augusta. Augusta, Me.*, J an., 1W6. I have bceiwjured of Catarrh in ita most disagieo able form, of many years’ standing, by Dr. Carpen ter. 1 suiferud from (tains, dullness and tight ness in my hoad, continued disciiarges, great ditUcuity in talking and breathing, felt as it 1 hail a bail eold tho whole time, and puttered intensely to the great im pairment ot my health, and was quite discouraged, tor all 1 hod doctored was ot no benefit. Rut thanks to Dr. Uarpentor's skilL 1 now have none ot these troubles. 1 reside in Whitetield, EPHRAIM MARKIN EH. [From the Maine Farmer.] I suiTorcd from < ’atarrh over 20 Years. Last winter, when 1 consulted Dr. Carpenter, i had frequent ami copious disciiarges, a bad cough, and my health so much reduced that myself and friends were appre hensive of serious consequences ; but Dr. Car]hmter cured me. I am now wed, and free from Catarrh. W. N. SOULE. Cor. Sewall and Court streets, Augusta, Sept. 14, STATEMENTS OF THE TRESS. All the published Certificates of I>r. Carpenter are bona jide.—[Maine farmer. The Certihcates, published in our cnlnmn*. of T>r. Carpenter** cure* are Uonajide to our own knowledge. He is aii he pro lenses to be, and wiil not humbug or deceive the public.—[henneUc Journal, Augusta. Dr. Carpenter ha* entirely cured person* in thi* city who have bean under treatment at the Eye and Ear Iniinuarie* without being beuelitied.— ['Utljdil Aye. Several nmked cure* have come under our observ ation, and wT* have conversed witli many others who liavo been benotittod by Dr. Carpenter's treatment, and we have become satisfied tliat he 1s skillful in tho class of diseases which he treat*, and careful to prom ise only what he van perform.—I llangor Whig If L our . See other Certificate* iu City paper*, dec L'l—dlm&wlt* MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. NT DEWING, Medical Electrician 17* MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Oppo.ilr llir I’.iird Stair. Ilolrl WHERE he would respecttully announce to citizens ol Portland and vicinity, that he a permanently located in thi. city. During the three year, we have been in this city, we have cured some •»t the worst terms of disease pi persons who have tried olher forum ol treatment in vain, and curing patient, in so abort, a time that the question la often asked, do they stay cured? To answer thiaquestioi we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. D. ha. been a practical Electrician lor twenty one years, and Is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is pcilocily adapted to chronic diseases in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption % Ik r iu the acute stages or where the lungs are nor tully Involved; acute nr chronic rheumatism, scrofula, inn diseases, while swelling*, spinal diseases, curvature ol the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsj or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and liver eomplalnt, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures 01 the chest, and all terms of leniale complaints. Hv Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame ami tho lazy leap with Joy, and wove with the agilir.y and plantir ily of youth; the heated brain i* cooled'; the front biLton limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the Idin^made to see, the deal to bear and the palsiod form to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature liie prevented; the calamities ot old ago obviated and an active circulation maintained. Lj A D I i: N Who have cold hanc.s and teet; weak stomach*. lani aud weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the Lead, with indigestion and constipation of the bowel*; pain in the side and back; leucorihtra, (or whites); tailing of the womb with in teruai cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of disease* will hml iu Electricity a sure menus ot cure. For painful menstruation, too r.oluse menstruation, and all 01 those long line ot troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor ot health. TEETH I TEETH I TEETH I Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity WITHOCT pain. Tersons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Klectko Magnetic Ma-hines for sale for family ust , with thorough instnntions. Dr. D. can accommodate » tew patients with board «ml treatment at his bouse. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 11.; from 1 to « T. M., and 7 to 9 In the evening. Consultation free. novltt Fop Sale. A Nl’IT of Sails, Rigging an«l Blocks, near If new, from a fishing Schooner of 100 tons; also Toe nails, Fore and Mainsails, second hand. , ,14.„ SAMSON A CONANT, tlccldtf No. 1J ft jo Commercial Wharf. A C A^Tb . THE undinugned having REMOVED Irom Ware", Hall, will OPEN THIS DAY TIIEIR NEW STORE Ho. 3 Five St Bloek, And would Invito the attention of the Clolliiii", Tailorin'? & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock - OF — Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors* Trimmings, —ANTV— Gentlemen *s Furnishing Goods ! Pnrohased the past week for Cash, which will be ottered to the trade at the lawest marker prices. Soliciting vour patronage, we remain Yours Very Truly, CHADBOURN & KENDALL, January 15, 1567.