Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 22, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -—- ---“ ' ‘ Tuesday Morning. January 22, 1867. —. LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [special dispatch to the daily press.J State House, Augusta, Jan. 21. senate. Ordered, That the Committee on Internal j Improvements call attention of our State dele- j gation in Congress to the improvement of the navigation of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, to ; cheapen the price of hread-stuffs[iu Maine. HOUSE. A hill to incorporate the Portland & West ern Railroad Company was presented and re ferred. ' Petition to amend charter of Water Power Company was referred. Bill to increase the salary of the Governor, was read twice and Wednesday assigned for a third reading. WASHINGTON. \lr. Morrill’* Gold Sill. Petition lor a Mew State. Bill for the Examination of the Treasury. 1I1F C ASK OF SURRATT. Washington, Jan. 21. The following is Hr. Morrill’s gold bill as passed by the House to-day: Be it enacted, that after the passage of this act, whenever any sale shall be made of coin from the Treasury of the United States, public notice of not less than six days shall be given by advertisement in one daily newspaper of each of the cities of Washington and New York, designating the amount to be offered, inviting proposals for auy part thereof, naming tl e place and hour up to which such sealed proposals will be received, the terms of pay ment, and when aDd where such proposals shall be opened. Such proposals shall be addressed 11 the Assistant Treasurer at New York and shall be opened by him in the presence of such persons as may choose to attend at the time designated in tbo notice. No proposal shall bo considered unless accompanied by a certificate of deposit in the Treasuty of the United States, of five per centum of the amount of coin bid for in such proposal, which shall he received as part pay lor the coin bid for, when the pro posal is accepted, or refunded to the party mak ing the same, when not accepted. Payment may he received lor coin thus disposed of, in compound interest notes with interest accrued thereon. The Assistant Secretary, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall have the right to reject the whole or any part of such proposals, provided that none but the highest bid shall be accepted. In ease of different bids at the same rates, said bids shall be accepted pro rata. Five thousand citizens of Western North Carolina have petitioned the House of Repre sentatives through Speaker Colfax, asking the f rrmntion ot a new State in that region, or the r 'Construction of North Carolina on a loyal b isis. The following are the features of the bill in troduced by Representative Garfield to-dav: 1st, To provide lor the appointment of three citizens not holding any federal office, with full power to examine all books, letters, papers, vaults anil deposits in the Treasury aud Sub Treasury, and to report to Congress in refer ence to the receipts and disbursements of the public money. 2d, The actual amount ol money in the Treasury, and specifying ihe amount of coin. United States notes aud ua tional bank notes. 3d, The amount of pub lic money deposited with the designated de positories and the mode of managing the same. 4th, The amount aud description of the 1 inuds deposited in the Treasury by the national banks to secure their circulation.— nth, The manner of paving interest on bonds and safeguards against the duplication anil counterfeiting of coupons, litli, The sales ol gold, purchase and sale of bonds and other se curities of the United States, with amounts and rates of purchase and sale, and amounts of commissions paid and to whom paid. 7th. Engraving, printing and issuing of national bank notes. United States bonds, legal tender notes and fractional currency. 8th, Redemp tion and cancellation ot all United States pa per representing value. 9th, Manner of keep ing accounts, auditing claims, issuing warrants for the paymentof money Irom the Treasury. 10th, Any other suggestion or recommenda tion affecting the efficiency and security oi transactions in the Treasury Department. The Supreme Court has announced an ad journed term commencing on the first Mon day in April. The present term will close on the first Monday in March. John H. Floyd aud David Reide have been before the grand jury in the case of John U Surratt, uow on the way to this country.. The first named kept the Surratt tavern at Suv rattsville, where Booth and Harrohl stopped. Reiilc on the conspiracy trial testified that he saw Surratt in this city on the morning of the 14th of April, preceding the fatal night when the fatal shot was fired. WASHINGTON COBRESPONDENOE. The Impeachment Question. THE WHISKEY FRAUDS. New York. Jan. 21. The Times’ special says nothing will be done in the impeachment matter before the 4th of March next beyond the collection of evidence in the case. It is understood that Secretary McCulloch is in favor of selling gold, but wants to retain the discretion of the time and amount to sell. Good judges say it is doubttul whether the tariff, tax and bank bills pass at this session of Congress. The Herald’s Washington dispatch says Gen. Logan, who has arrived from Illinois, states that the people generally are in favor ol impeaching the President, and believe him guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. The Herald’s special Washington dispatch says Col. Norton, Superintendent ot Indian Affairs in Mexico, has submitted recommenda tions to the Government to establish the wild and roving bands of Indians on the reserva tion!^ where they can be controlled and pre vented from committing murders and depre dations. The Post’s special Washington dispatch says the Congressional committee found the whis key frauds in New York so enormous, that they will recommend a reduction of the tax or uu amendment taxing each still up to its ca pacity. Voreign Nc»» Mirauifr. r Kkw York, Jau. 21. The steamship City of r.ew i uric from Liv 9th, via Queenstown 10th, arrived this morning. The Loudon Times of the 9th says it is now left for the Government of the United States to say whether they will accept arbitration or not. The great question is of course the Ala bama's depredations. It thinks the law officers of the two countries could in a very few hours form a perfectly satisfactory settlement, and believes that Lord Stanley in making the pro posal declared by Russe ll, will be supported by public opinion. The English pajsers contain accounts from all parts of the country, of great storms, floods, shipwrecks, and deaths from cold and starva t on. The students lately arrested in Paris for bolding illegal meetings,have been condemned, one for fifteen years. Genera] Montibello has been nominated for Senator. The Prussicn Government will not super sede the public functionaries in the annexed Provinces; they will shortly take the oath of allegiance. Three ukases have been issued by the Em peror of Russia, concerning Poland; one pla ces her finances under Russian direction, the second regulates postal afl'airs and subordi nates to Russia, and the third divides Poland into five instead of ten Provincial Govern ments, giving iuller powers to the Governors, and forms local guards. Oitiicullit* with ibr Firrdmcii* New York, -Tan. 21. The Tribune has ihe following particulars: Savannah, Go., Jan. 20.—A collision is likely to occur between the treedincn and the United States forces, growing out of an attempt to eject them from a plantation on the Clievcses late, situated in South Carolina, opposite Sa vannah. They retused either to leave the plan tation or contract for the present year. Pur suant to orders from Gen. Tillson,one commis sioned officer and fifty men proceeded to the plantation, and were met by 200 or 300 negroes all armed. A conflict wss only prevented by a temporary compromise. Capt. Brandt tele graphed to Gen. Scott, Commissioner, that it was impossible to eject them, and asked fur permission to detail a company of the tit li In fantry from Lawtonville to Charleston, to as sist tiic troops sent over by Gen. Tillson, who are still on the plantation. Cauadiau Allan1.. Quebec, C. E., Jan. 21. The cause of sending a force of Government police to Sherbrook recently, was the receipt of information from Washington of an intended raid on the Banks, by the Fenians. Ottawa, Jan. 21. The Gazette publi-hes a proclamation fur ther proroguing Parliament until the 27th day of February, it is not then to meet for busi ness. Drawing of the Chicago l.olierr. Chicago, 111., Jan. 21. The following are the numbers of the princi 874,772$_ From Nrw Orleans. New Orleans, Jan. 21. lu the Third District Court, in a case involv ing the validity of Confederate contracts. Judge Fellows decided that the court could not lend its aid to enforce contracts of this char acter. --- e Death of !*. P. Willis. New York, Jan. 21. r Nathaniel P. Willis died at his residence at Jdle Wild last evening, aged (Hi years. mOM EUROPE NEWS B1 THE CABLE. Garibaldi ou Affairs in the United States. Bread Riot at Liverpool. The Turks Defeated by the Cretans. IMPORTANT DECREE EBOM THE EMPEROR NAPOLEON. London, Jan. 19—Evening. Up to the present hour forty-one persons are reported to have lost their lives by the break ing of the ice in Regent’s Park. Others who were known to be on the ice at the time of the accident are still missing. Garibaldi, at the request of an American friend, lias witten a letter giving his opinion on affairs in the United States. He applauds the election of colored deputies to the Massa chusetts Legislature, earnestly expresses his hope for tho preservation and future harmony of the Union, and urges the President to come terms with Congress. Liverpool, Juua19—Eveoiog. The unusually intense cold of the season lias so aggravated the distress of the poor in this city that it resulted to-day in a bread riot in the Btreets, but the disturbance was not of a | serious character. Athens, Jan. 19. Advices received from the island of Candia : state that the Cretans had tought another bat j tie, in which they claim the victory over 5,000 i Turks. The Cretan Assembly has issued a call to the powers of Europe to send agents to Candia to witness and report the condition of j that country. Vienna, Jan. 19. The Port has agreed to evacuate the forts held by Turkish troops in the Principality of Servia. Pabis, Jan. 20. The Emperor Napoleon has issued an impor tant decree. It or lers that the aildress of the Chambers in reply to the speech from the throne shall be continued; grants to the legis lative body the right of questioning the Gov ernment; proposes that offences of the press I be tried in convictional courts; that the stamp j duly be reduced, and that the right of the | )ieople to meet in public be limited only by ! those regulations necessary far the public safe I ty. The decree concludes by dcclating that i these reforms will crown the edifice of a State ; founded upon the national will. The members of the Cabinet have tendered | their resignations to the Emperor. Trieste, Jan. 20. Reports from Miramar state that the Em press Carlotta has quite recovered from her se vere illness. Vienna, Jan. 20. The patent for the re-organization of the Austrian armies will not be carried out. Athens, Jan. 20. The Greek government has sent General Ca bergis on a special mission to the United States. Madrid, Jan. 20. It is reported that the Government of Spain is about to send Facuudi Joni as Minister to the U li i ted States. Beene, Jan. 20. There is a report that the Prussian General Moltke is staying in this country for strategic purposes. Stockholm, Jan. 20. The Swedish Parliament was opened yester day. The King in his speech said that Swe den would always endeavor to remain neutral in the various differences between European powers. XXXIX 00NGBESS--3EC0ND SESSION SENATE. Washington, Jan. 21. Petitions were introduced and appropriately referred iu favor of increasing the tariff; for tlie abolition of inequality ou account of color; against curtailment of the currency; tor the extension of the law of copyright to trade marks, &c. Mr. Wilson reported the House joint resolu tion to trausier to tho Asylum for Disabled Sol diers, at Point Lookout, such property there as may be of use. and it was passed. A resolution was introduced instructing the Committee on Indian Affairs to inquire into the facts connected with the massacre by In dians at Fort Phil Kearney. Mr. Sumner’s resolution relative to tlie cor respondence between the Government and Mr. Motley, United States Minister to Vienna, came up on motion of Mr. Fessenden all orders were postponed iu ordi-r to reach the Tariff bill, which was then considered. The bill makes 109 printed pages. The bill was read and several amendments, mostly ver bal, adopted. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Baker introduced a joint resolution de claring that the late rebellious States, by acts of secession, ceased to be Slates; when the re bellion was put down they became governments of military origin, without civil foundations, and not valid State Governments, and can only become such by declaration of Congress. Ke ferrod to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Bromwtll introduced a resolution declar ing the power of Congress attending tlie Con stitution, which was referred to the Kecon struction Committee. It resolves that tlie States not now represented in Congress shall not be entitled to vote, and that when tlie amendment is adopted by two-thirds ot the States, recognized as such by Cougress, shall i be valid. Mr. Hill introduced a joint resolution sus pending retrieveuieut anil cancellation of legal tender notes for two years. Referred. Mr. Benjamin introduced a bill to regulate the practice and define the powers of the Su preme Courts in certain cases. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Bucklaud introduced a bill to amend the act of March 3, 1866, so us to pn vent any furth er withdrawal or diminution of legal tender notes. Referred to the Committee on Banking and Exchange. Mr. Maynard introduced a bill for the publi cation of th ‘ laws in States lately in rebellion. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Ward, of New York, introduced a pre amble and resolution concerning the disfran chisement of a portion of the citizens of Mary land. It sets forth among other things that the armed forces of the United States were or dered by the Federal authority to co-operate with the Executive of the State of Maryland, and did override the Constitution and laws ol the State ot Maryland, and securing the votes of rebels ami persons disqualified, and pre venting loyal voters enjoying the right of the elective franchise. It requests the Committee on Elections to inquire into and report whether the Constitution and laws have been violated, and whether the President or any one under him had in manner interfered in the election. Alter a discussion, in which Messrs. Phelps, Dawes and Finck participated, Mr. Ward sent up to the Clerk's desk and had read an article from the Baltimore American in support of his proposition, and sa'd that as to the propo sition which bad been disputed by Mr. Phelps, whether the prominent men of Maryland had asked for such action, he would inform that gentleman that there was John L. Thomas, his colleague, and another, Mr. Stewart, who is to contest the gentleman’s (Mr. Phelps) seat next session. He had letters from numerous parties in Maryland urging an investigation. It was the only remedy that they had. This state of tilings was a part of the grand conspiracy in which the President and Governor Swann, the rebels and copperheads of the North were en gaged to restore those rebels to power, and to insist on the recognition of the rebel State Governments. The Supreme Court bad taken its nosition. The President bad taken his.— The rebels of the South and the copperheads of the North had taken theirs, and the only reme dy left to the loyal people of the country, to the down-trodden and oppressed Unionists of the South, whether Maryland, Georgia or else where, was in Congress. After some further discussion the resolution was adopted—yeas 103, nays 36. Mr. Noell introduced a bill to amend the negTo suffrage bill for the District of Columbia, by abolishing disfranchisement on account of sex, and moved its reference to a select com mittee, alleging that the District of Columbia Committee were not friendly to the proposi tion. Referred to the Committee on the Dis trict of Columbia. Mr. Ferry introduced abill to further prevent smuggling. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Goodwin introduced a hill to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line | Ironi the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. I Referred to the Committee on the Pacific Rail road. Mr. Garfield introduced a resolution for an I examination into the Treasury and other Exec- | utivc Departments. Referred to the Commit tee on Ways and Means. Mr. Ingersoll asked leave to introduce a reso lution appropriating $25,000 for distribution among the poor of the District of Columbia through Gen. Howard. Oliieetic n being made ! it did not come before the House for action. The Speaker presented Executive communi cations as follows: From the President of the United States transmitting the report of the Secretary of War with accompanying papers, in reference to the case of Col. Geo. St. Leg. r Grecufcl. Laid on the table. The report from the Secretary of the Inte rior in reference to clerks of Federal Courts and marshal of the United Stctes courts for the district of North Carolina, was referred to the Judiciary Committee, A communication from the Secrrtary of War, stating that all the information in his Depart ment relative to the New Orleans riot, in July, hail been sent by him to the President for transmission to Congress, was laid on the table. ^ statement by the Chief of Ordnance as to ““““factored anil repaired, and ex penditures made at the Springfield armory, during the year 180.;, wa8 la»d on the tabl(, »C*eCt comtaittee on the murder of Unit ed States soldiers in South Carolina was di rected to enquire into the public whipping of United States ettizous at Raleigh, and the burning to death of citizens in South Carolina when confined in jail. On motion of Mr. Kctehum, the Committee on Ways and Means was instructed to enquire as to the expediency of providing for the re demption of one, two, three and five cent coin by the Treasury,.in sums of not less than ten dollars. On motion of Mr. Banks, tlie Committee on the Library was authorized to contract with Allen Bierstadt for two paintings representing some prominent feature, scenery or event in American history, to fill the unoccupied pan els of the Chamber of the House, The House proceeded to discus’s Mr. Stevens' reconstruction bill, and was addressed bv Mr. Kern in opposition^ and Mr. Kellogg in sup port of the same. The former sustained the President’s „olicv in reference to the establish ing of h» State governman s in the South The House at. s.JOo'ctooK took a recess until 7.30 o’clock this evening. EVENING SESSION. ! The debate on Mr. Stevens’ reconstruction I bill was resumed. I Address were made by Messrs. Trimble and Dodge against the hill and amendment. The j Utter said he was unhesitatingly in favor of admitting those Southern States which would ratify the Constitutional Amendment and send. loyal representatives to Congress. After speeohes by other gentlemen on the same subject the House adjourned. From Colombia* New York, Jan. 21. The Herald’s Panama correspondent says Mr. Burton, the United States Minister, fens liud serious difficulty with President Mosqtie ra, and demanded Ins passports. Mr. Burton bad broken off all communication with the Colombian officers. The yellow fever had broken out, but it was not epidemic. Tim RIAltKUTS. . Financial. New Yobk, Jan. 21. The money market closed vary easy at 7 per cent, with only a moderate demand Horn stock house a — Government bankers were generally supplied :it 0 per cent. Gold has boon quite steady and uniform at 13CJ. Foreign Exchauge is quiot. Prime bank era’ bdls 109} (at W ig. Government securities stoady hut quite dull. Stocks linnet at the last open board.— Mining shares were quiet at both sessions. New York market. New Yobk, Jan. 21. Cotton—is dull and nominally }c lower; sales 150 bales. Middling uplands at 34}c. Flour—a shade firmer; sa'es 0,200 Ohls. Prices nre without change. Wheat—dull and unchanged. Corn—lc higher: sales 702,000 hush. Mixed West ern al 117. New Yellow Jersey 113. Gats—more active; sales 21,000 bush. Western at 62® 05c. State at 09 @ 70c. Beef—unchanged. Pork—a shade firmer; sales 4,600 bbls. new mess at 20 50; old do al 10 37}; prime 16 75 ® 17 00. Lard—unchanged Whiskey—quiet. Itice—scarce and firm; sales 50 tierces Carolina at 10} @ 10}c. Sugar—steady. Codee—in fair demand; sales 1,500 bogs Rio at 12c in gold in bond. Molasses—firmer. Petroleum—quiet :salcs of 600 bbla. crude at 191 @ 20o; reiined bonded at 29 @ 36c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at 67 @ (Sc. Rosin at 4 31 @ lo 00. Tallow—steady. Freights to Liverpool—firm. Chicago Market ft. Chicago, Jan. 2j. Flour unchanged. Wheat steady. CorukhigUer; Oats dull; sales of No. 2 at 41c. Provisions firm; mess pork at 1C 00. Live hogs 25c higher. Dressed hogs dull at 7 00 @ 7 30. Mobile Market**. Mobile. Jan. 2i. Cotton—the market is quiet; sales Middling upla uds at 31$ <g) 32c. New OrlcauH Markets. New Orleans, Jan. 21. Cotton—quiet and easier; sales 3,850 bales. Iiow Middling 32c; Middling33c. Flour at 12 001 Ex.*tra 12 50 <fg 1C 00. Corn at 1 15 @ 1 20. Oats higlncr; sales at 85 @ 874 Mess pork at 30 00. Bacon, n^ne offering. Whiskey and tobacco unchanged. Commercial—Per Cable. Liverpool, Jan. 19, Evening. The Cotton market is dull; sales of the day C,w 00 bales, closing at Ilf J. The market for Brcadstufil. is active and buoyant. Corn advanced aud sold at -43s 6d per quarter, London, Jan. 19, Evcnint. Consols closed at 90J for tooney. j American Securities.—The following were the closing prices of American securities: Erie Kail ray shares 442- Illinois Central sliarcs 814. United St fctes 5-20’s 72f. Paris, Jan. 19. United States 5-20's are quotod at 72$. London, Jan. 21, Noors. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central ltailroad Shares 814. United States 5-20T j at 72f. Erie Railroad shares 43$. New York Stock Market. New York. Jan. 2t. The Stock market is steady. American Gold.1362 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.108 | U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1864.1 Oof | II. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.106 | U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons *G5, new issue.104jJ ! U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.100 U. S. Ten-Forties, registered.992 @ 100 U.S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series,.104s @ 1014 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.1042 (g 104 4 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d -series.104$ (a) 104! Missouri Sixes. 92$ S3 New Vork Central,.l08f Erie,. 612 Hudson,. $29 Reading. .103 Michigan Central,.106 to) 107 Michigan Southern. . 78 Illinois Central,,.115} Chicago & Bock Island.98} ub 9y Pacific Afau de Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest tiling,” and the most of it tor the least money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per fume ; allays headache and inflamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. •S. T.—-180o.—X.—The amount Of Plantation Lit ters sold in one year is something standing. They would till Broadway six lcet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake's man u lire to i y is one 01 the insti tutions in New ¥ork. dt is said that Drake painted all the rooks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic **S. TV—istfo—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disligui mg the lace oi nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggists. “In lilting the kettle from the fire I scalded myscll very severely—one hand almost to a ciisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved tlic pain almost immediately, it healed lapidly and left very little sear. Cuas. PosFricR, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. it is invaluabc iu all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., citlici upon man or boast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped iu the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of U. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring; W ater, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Karhaiion. It makes die hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand ruff, and causes the liair to grow witti luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. i Saratoga Spring; Water, sold by all Druggists. Wjiat Did It? A young lady returning to hci country home Alter a sojourn of a lew mouths in New York, W!i9 hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic iluslied lacc, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble snfoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist lor 60 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Uciinstreet's inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in ihvor for over twenty years. It acts upon tiie absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim strocts is not a dye but is certlin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Price 60 cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract or Pure Jamaica Ginger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick'Headache, Cholera Morbus, &c., where a warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation ami entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable sirticle tor culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. n 9un% 14,’60—eod&wly Bank Notice. THE follow ing are the 1st and 2d Sections of an act of the Legislature, passed Feb 20,18Gb: “Section 1. In all cases where the liability of any “bonk in this State to redeem its bills would expiru “in the year 1866, but for the provisions of this ad. “such liability shall be extended until the 1st day of “March, 1867, except such banks as are now in the “bands of the Receivers.” “Sect. 2. The Bank Commissioners shall publish “in one or more papers nearest the place where “a bank is situr.^G, and in such other newspapers ns “they may see tit, a notice of the Uiuo when the lia bility of such bank will cease for the redemption of “its bills, said notice to l»e continued lor three months “next iKilore the time named therefor.” The liability cf the following banks to redeem their bills, which would have expired in the year I860, and after the passage of this act is, by the first section of the act, extended until the 1st day of March, 1867: Augusta Bank,at Augusta Long Reach Bank at Bath Bath Bank, a I Bath. Lewiston Falls Bank, Bank of Somerset, at Lewiston. at Skowhegan. Marine Bank, Bank of Winthrop, at Damariscotta. at Winthrop. Northern Bank, Freemans B’k, nfc Augusta at Hallowell. Granite Bank, at Augusta.OaklandBank, International Bank, at Gardiner. at Portland. Orono Bank, at Orono. Kenduskeag Bank, Skowhegan Bank, at Bangor. at Skowhegan. A. C. ROBBINS, 1 Bank F. E. WEBB, S Commissioners. Nov a, lacc, no28dlaw3m TWINES oyly. Established 1845. Jaraca P. Travo,, 46 Beckman Ml., N. V. rraS?iJ5.?rH‘.,,n0,«ta-“t an" Gnan° Sackt*. J. Cotton Bales, flam Bags, Wianninp Writim* Nou s, Book an.l Sami Paper, V'niicr i^angfm** Snln« an.l DlUinK Net*, Ely Neta,Spit«ul Banffi afj Si, Cord. Tobacco. Wool and flop Twine. Mattress Tailing Sticking, Brooui, Binding, Sewing Sail Cal’ pet and all other Twines. ».ui,uar Twines for Hardware, Dry Goods, Grocers Drtur gists, Ship Chandlers, Book Binders, Paper aiul Broom Makers. Stationers, Upholsterers, Fishermen Weavers and all other Trades. ’ |3F~Cotton Chalk and Plow Lines, Trot, Staging and Out Lines. * Samples can bo seen, and orders left With chas. McLaughlin & co., S4w Portland, Me. WANTED. wanYed^obprinters ONE experienced Job Compositor accustomed to the lines! class of work, and who knows the whole business; also a man to work ou posters. To steady, reliable men, with good references, good wages and permanent situations will be given. Apply to EDWARD R. FISKE, jamUdlw __ W oreeater, Mass | Girl Wanted. A GOOD cai>al>lo girl wanted in a small family; must be well recommended. Apply to No. :il Brown Ntrret. Jan21dlw* Wanted. A MAN with $303 wants to join some responsible person In any paying business where ilio above sum and his own services would insure him arcason able living. Address D. C. K., This OUice. jalddlw* Book Agents Wanted! For Everj Town in the State. CAT* For Full particulars apply to or address, J. PATTEN FITCH, 333 1-3 CONGRESS STREET, PORTLAND, ME Jan 1C d2w&w3w*3 Flour Barrels Wanted. ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purchase of Flour Dlls. FOR CASH, at the Otiice of the l’orllaml Sti{;af Co., 31 1-3 Dnuforth St. dc27dlm J. JB. 1SKO WN A SONS. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each ibr tirst class Flour Barrels suitable ft* sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtf 130 Commercial street. Wanted Immediately. H /AYA Good American, Nova Scotia and Dish X Girls todo housework, cook, ^c., in pri vate families and hotels in this city and country Situations sure. The best wages paid. Amo 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any work/; will do well to call on us, as we will supply them freo of charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Office, 351J Congress Street, up stairs. COX & POWARS. sept26dtl late WHITNEY & CO. LOST AND FOUND. Found—A Watch ! ON Monday 14th hist., on Commercial Street, a Gentleman s Watch. The owner can have the same by proving property and paying charges, by calling onboard the brig “ Uncle .jerry,” lying at Hobson’s Wharf, on JOHN A. BROWN. janlG dlw* BOARD AND ROOMS. Rooms to Let. TWO Front Rooms, well ftiruished, to lot witli board, No. 38 Center Street, ojiposite Treble House. jal8dlw* Board. PLEASANT ROOMS witli board can be obtained ' by applying at No 13 Maplo St. jalSdlw* —————i—mmmm —————-—-m—mwlbut-— Board. A FEW gentlemen boardors can be accommodated at No 28 Paris Street. Apply to T. P. S. PEER ING. ja'kl2w* To he Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without board, suitable for gentlemen and their wives. En quire at No. 5South street, between 0 and 11 A. M. each day. jan8dtf KUA L LSTATL. House and L.ot tor Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Fliizabctli. WILL be sold at a bargain, if applied for soon, a new 1J story House. Said House is 21 by 31 feet with an L 12 by 22 feet, finished throughout, and situated within sixty rods of the Ferry Oilice. Terms : One half down, the balance in one and two years. Possession given immediately. Apply to * ASA T. WEBSTER, Ferry Village, C. E., Jan. 8,18G7. jan'Jdzw* VTOTICii. I " ill sell on favorable terms as to J.1 pa\ ment, or let for a term of years, the lots oil the cornel;oi Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street,including tkeeonier of Franklin ami Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & KEEL Attorneys, Portland. jy!2ti FOIi mAIaK, in Gorham, fifteen minutes walk from the Depot, a nearly new, neat Cottage House, Burn and outbuildings,having ail ti.eeonven iences and in prime couduio>i. Ii is situated near a grove and a short distance iroin the County read. Apply to J.E. STEVENS. Gorham, July 17. FOR SALE. drove Hill Farm I THE above Farm is situated on an eminence over looking the beautiful and thriving village of Bridgiou Center and witliin one half a mile oi the business 1*01 lion. It is pronounced by all who have seen it to be the best and most desirable 1. cation in the County. It comprises 110 acres, conveniently <U vided into tillage, pasturage, wood land aud timber land; cuts from 45 to f>0 tons first quality oi hay. The buildings consist of a Iwo story house, built in 1858, at an expense 01 $3,100, with barn and out building-* in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or II. W. GAGE, (firm of St rout & Gage,) ijortiand, BEN JAMIN WALKER, Bridgton, or to the subscriber. RICHARD GAGE. Bridgton, Dec., 18CC. dec27eod&wtf First Class Houses tor Sale. WE offer for sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Caiicton Streets. These houses arc thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, aud on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 27^ Dan forth St. J. 15. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JEURIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 1C, 18G6. dtt FA It ill for Male. The subscriber offers his farm for sale or will exchange lor city property. It is a first rate farm oi 110 acres, with a two story House, in good lepairand anew Barn with cellar, 40x60. There is a never tailing supply of good water and wood lot. Said term is situated on the road irom S iccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one mile from the latter place. For further particulars applv to DOW & JOHNSON, Moultonrstreet, or .J. ii. Cook, on the premises. jy27-eodtf Desirable SI ore Lots FOR SALE, IV COIIIIIEBCIAL STREET. rpIIE subscribers oiler for salo the lot of land on X tlie southerly side ot Commercial Street, bead ot Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet, for fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PEltLKY, Oct 18 tf or W. S. DANA. For Lease. THE valuable lot cf land corner of Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of rears. Enquire of C.C. MITCllIiLL ttibSONy Aug. 28, IgQG—rlfl 178 Fore Street. M House for Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. July 12—dtl Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rpiIE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil 1 lagcol Frye burg, Oxford couuty, Maine, is of fered for sale at a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTH BY, Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 345 Congress st. Frycbu/g, Sep;. 2h, i860. dtf Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Pori land, one mile from horse cars, aud Wcstorook Seminary. Said farm contains about 100 acred, part of it verv valuable lor tillage, and pari ol II for building lots. There is a good h<», two large barus, ami out hous es on the premises, it will be sold logeiber. or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THURLOW. sepll-dtf 1C5 Commercial St. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Machinists. THE subscribers haviug rebuilt their Work .Shops, arc now prepared to take orders tor Machinery aud Iron Work of all kinds. Iron Store Fronts hid Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, RAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modern design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings aud sIurics of all kinds for Steamboats arid Locomotive work #ueb as Mh.ilts, drnaks, Piston (toils, I nr ullt|

Kingine Axles and Sim pc- pi pattern or draw ings, from 10 tons to 100 pounds weight. They are also Selling Agents for MERKIMAN’S PATENT BOLT OtTPFKK, the best Machine ever Invented for Hie pm-juise. perlbmiing double the amount of work of any other now in nsu. EUR SALE, n iii> horse power I.oeoniti ll'e Boiler with new tube sheets and new set ol tubes, In first rate order, aud warranted sate with a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, ail excollentuMachhie, can be seen running at uur Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Cor. (loin. St. aud Brown’s Wharf, novlOo d3m Portland, Maine. New Store! New Goods! No. IS Market Street, (Formerly Lime Street,) Produce, & Provisions, Teas, Coffee, & Spices. Also a new and CHOICE STOCK of GROCERIES and Grocers’ Shell' Goods! KT* An inspection of my Stock and Prices is re spectfully invited. GEORGE IF. HALL. Jan 1C—dtf Sale of Ileal Estate. PURSUANT to license from the Probate Court for Cumberland county, tlie subscriber, as trustee under the will of Samuel Elder, late of Portland, de ceased, will orfer for sale at private sale, on SATUR DAY, the 16th day of Ftbruarv nu.vt, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at tlie office ot P. Barnes, No. 19 Free street, Portland, the house lot, and dwelling- house j thereon, No. 19 Danforth street, in said city, bung the eastern half of the double honse, pari of tlie es tate ol wud Elder. SAKAH X. ELDER. Portland, January 16,1867, 4faw3w j prospectus. j _ THE PRESS For 1867. With the opening of the new year wo presented to the readers of the DAILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged to the aizc of the largest New England Dailies* Tho enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of between tluee and four columns to its size. This additional space will be devoted to da tails of imi*oriant events, winch we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay, such as wc have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of the paper thus enlarged will be, its past history will show. The Press was es tablished primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voiceless in this city. The Press will continue to defend the principles of the Liberal party of America. Tho war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during wliicli aristocracy at tho South and democra cy at the North grew up side by side, a period of jealousy and conflict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of tho democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a state of transition, width seems likely to prove longer than most of us antici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will secure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled right. We must have de mocracy at the South as well as at the North—equal rights for all secured by equal laws, freedom of speech, freedom of the pre.-s, impartial suffrage. Of the profound convictions of the Republican party of Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. The present year will probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. Tho comple tion of that great enterprise will compel a change, which has already begun, in the management of newspapers. The leading features of the world’s history will be registered from day to day by the tel- ; egraph. The expense of special dispatches from all , parts of tho world will prove too great for singlo newspapers, and correspondence will regain some thing ot its old importance. Newspa]>er associations or news ayents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents will fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph has already destroyed the system by which our foreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, and already tbe Tribune has its special correspondent ^ established in almost every capital in Europe. We cannot rival the feats o New York journalism but we must be governed by the same considerations. In view of the intimate rela tions existing between Maine and the British Pro vinces by which she is environed, we arc happy to announce that “ Spuriunk's” Canadian Letters Will be continued. We have also engaged Regular Correspondents in Washington, New Vori&, Koston and Augusta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout tlic State. During the session of the Legislature, we shall publish Special Dispatches from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business relations with Portland, wo hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outside of the State can possibly Vie. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we shall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Daily Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shall have Fall and Accurate Market Report*, forwarded by telegraph from al parts of the United States, from Canada, and irom England. A weekly Review ot the Portland markets, and an accurate Report of Maine Skipping, in foreign and domestic ports, will be published as bcretolore. There will lie • NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE Of the Daily Press. For EIGIIT DOLLARS A YEAR ! We expect to furnish a paper, Tlie Largest in tlie State, and as large as in other States is offered for ten or twelve dollars a year. - THE MAINE STATE PRESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings ot th© daily edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear in the daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Columns We shall add to its attractions during the coming year, An Agricultural Department, To lie conducted by the Rev. WILLIAM A. ORE W, of Augnftta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known In Maine, and a contributor lor sometime past to the Press over the signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping Metes of the Weet: Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the Review of the Portland Markets, And the Drigliion Market' Reports. To country traders the weekly report of Portland prices currrent alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful Digest of General and Stale Neivs, Wc shall also furnish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Eaadiug for the Family. Tlie weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is the Large** Weekly Paper in New England. It is offered to the public at tlie low price of *1 DOLLARS A YEAR, INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent for twenty dollarsj and tbc same discount is offered to larger clubs. NOTICES OF THE PRESS. [From the Christian Mirror.] Tiie Press has been enlarged since Now Year's. We are glad to soo such evidence of prosperity. With such iwpers as Portland now furnishes wo see no need of importing Dailies from Boston and New York. [From the Portland Price Cijrrcnt.] -The PrEss.—The crowded state of our columns last week prevented us from noticing the enlagcment and re-arrangement of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly the leading journal of Maine, and equal to any iu New England; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished for the inoney. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the ist inst., to about the size of tlie Boston Dailies. This is an evidence of not only the prosperity of the • Prfcss, but of Portland as well, for of course the en largement is caused by the increase of advertising favors. The Press is worthy of the patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to tlie State, and we hope increasing years may increase its prosper ity. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged l»v the addition of iH incites to the length of its col umns. Its make-up lias also been changed again, and on the whole it presumed a decidedly improved appearance. Our eolemporary’s “new clothes” are : oinewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggest arc not always the best.” [From the Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears this morning in an en large < Kirin, making it now folly equal in size to any tlauv newspaper, in-New England. The editor, in his New Year's Salutatory, shows that tlic success of the paper for the past year has been most gratifying, and we are glad of its prosperity. The return to the original stylo of arr;mgiug the contents ol the paper, is one of Aue most agreeable features of the change. IFrmr. the Bangor Whig.] — The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post and Ad ver riser—w hich are our largest New England dailies- and it now makes a very handsome appear ance. This evidence 0f protjierity on tlvc part of so good ari l reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. 1l shows, too, that Poriland has lost nothing ol vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great fire, but that its 1 course is si ill onward—that its business is in fact In creasing, notwithstanding the apparent calamity of last year—and tliat its promise of commercial great ness is certain to be fuliillcd. Tlic Press is among the best of the New England papers, and its present apj»earance is a credit to tho State. [From the Bath Ximes.] * iy* Tlic Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we now gives another settler to the question which is “ the principal paper in Portland.” ft is bound to distance its competitors. [From the Lewiston Journal; Jan. 1.] The Portland Pres** has increasedrits size equiva lent to an addition of three or four columns. This enlargement, following so closely upon its resurrec lion from the allies of the great fire, show9 that the principles it advocates and its efforts to cater to the lUev:uy tastes of its readers are appreciated by the public. Itie a lditioual sp ;ce now obtained will be devoted to details of important events, and selections from current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.] The Fhess.—Among the papers that commence the new year with nniarged sheets In. I manifest signs of prosperity, arc the Portland Press and the Hartford ».Vi!Jnm . The former Is the hugest and best (huly in tho State of Maine, and the latter we have long regarded as one of the ablest of our Connecticut cxchauges. [From tlic Portland Advertiser, Jan. 2.] J,i.C.IV\l,y ^r€*s appeared yesterday morning In an enlarged form, it is now fully equal in size to any daily paper m New England. Ju the arrangement 01 reading matter it has returned to the original style, winch we think quite an improvement in its appear Sincc the Press has been under the editorial man agement ot Mr. Richardson, its editorials have been high toned aud reliable, wielding a powerful influ ence over its pations on all political matters. He has taken a lair stand, always discussing topics in a dignified manner, yet leaning in all vital luanei with hie party. While we cannot alwaya agree with all of his political notions, we heartily bear witness to the ability, character aud culture he has displayed In its management, anil wish him and the proprietors even more prosperity in the neat year than it has had in the past. its newt is judiciously and carefhtly selected, and a general culture and literary taste characterizes its contents. As a good Ihmily newspaper it has no su perior; and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor's chair there will he no lack of local news, as it Is generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal in the .State. The enlargement argue* a prosperous business, at kgst for ur cotemporary, and we hope it will never ■Mound ncccssai# to curtail the dimensions of tide enterprisingandrespectablc sheet. [From the Bangor Times.] The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er iblv enlarged and with a return to its old style of “ make-up.” This enlargement—so soon alter the Sreat fare—to a size equal with the leading Boston allies, speaks favorably for the prosperity of the city and indicates a good degreo of cuterprize on the PJ'fJ'O* proprietors. The Bicss is edited with ability, lias able contributors, and as the leading paper ut the dominant party, i* a power in the land. [From the Portland Transcript.] The Daily Press begins the new year much en larged in size; we are glad to see such an evidence of the prosperity of this excellent journal. The Press lias swung around the circle to anotlier arrangement of its editorial and news matter; after all/tlie old second aud third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. till NOTICES* Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. CO.—The tenant or occupant, and in case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot of land border ing on any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city where there is any footing or side walk, shall, after the ceasing to tall of any snow, it In the dav time, within three hours, and if rn the night lime, before ten of the clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removed from such footway or sidewalk; and. in delimit the root, shall forfeit aud pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and ior each and everv hour 1 hereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other ]>ei8on shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. JOHN S. HEALD, declSdtf _City Marshal. - I Camphor Ice. OF the same unrivalled quality manufactured by us for the last ten years, we are now prepared to furnish consumers and the trade, in any quantity. J. B. LUNT £ CO., Jal9d3t348 Congress St. GREAT DISCOVERY! BOGEBS* Excelsior Pain Curer. The Best Preparation Ever Made For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS and NEURALGIC PAINS, PLEURISY PAINS, RHEUMATISM, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHE. EARACHE, STIFF NECK, DIPHTHERIA. SORE THROAT and AGUE. Also invaluable in all casus of Sprains and Bruisus. Try it and you will be satisfied. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers, Hampden Corner, Maine. Sold in Portland by H. H. HAY & CO., wholesale and retail. jal2d(im* Seven Thirties. SEVEN THIRTY Treasury Notes, first scries, due August, 18CJ7, can be converted into 5-20 U. S. Bonds, bearing gold interest, by applying to NATIONAL TRADERS BANK, Jan 19,1807.—d3w No 21£ Free Street. Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Furniture Polish! THE best in the world for Polishing Mahogany, Walnut, Stair-Posts, Rails, Counters, or any kind of Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Croasman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. It is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred degs. of heat, ami is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready for use in five minutes af ter tlie Polish ispnt on. Price Seventv-Fivo and Fif ty Cts. per bottle; anyone tan use it by foUowiug the Directions on the bottle. Reference—Messrs C. £ L. Frost,Capt Inman,USA, Messrs. Breed & Tukcy, Benj Stevens, Jr., Wm. Allen, N. M. Wootfihan. For sale by Burgess, Fobcs & Co, W. F. Phillips £ Co., H. H. Hay £ Co, Samuel Rolf, H. W. £ A. Deering. Manufactory 376 Congress st. up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S. C. KlGGS, Agent, dec28dtt Portland, Maine. PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received in bond, and for sale DUTY FREE, tor use on the burnt district, Strictly Pure Engliah Lead and Oil ! Rebuilders will effect a great saving by purchasing in this way. Every description of PAINT STOCK at the lowest rates by JL W. PERKIN* 4k CO., jaul9(13t 86 Commercial street. WaterviUe Classical Institute. THE spi ing Term will begin on MONDAY, Feb ruary lirfi. For particulars apply to the Principal, or send for Catalogue. J. H. HaNSON, dan 15—2awd&wlw Principal. S. WINSLOW & CO.’S NEW GROCERY! HAVING moved into our new store, next door be low our old stand, and fitted it for a FIRST CLASS GROCERY, we beg leave to return our thanks to our numerous patrons for past favors, and inform them and the pub lic generally, that while endeavoring to maintain our reputation for selling the best of BEEF, and all kiittls of MEATS and VEGETABLES, we have added to our stock a variety of pure groceries, and hope by selling the best of goods At the Lowest Cash Prices! to merit a tair share of patronage. The same atten tion as heretofore paid to orders for Meats ami Vege tables for dinner.-. Cart will call for orders every morning if desired. S. WINSLOW £ CO. No. 28 Spring Street Market. 8. WINSLOW. C. £. PAU£. January 11. dGm Notice to Land Holders, MR. O’DUROCHKR, Builder, is prepared to take toutracls tor building, cither by JOB or by DAI' WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. India Sued, Portland. August 17th, UtiC aug20—If PHOTOGRAPHS ! E. 8. WORM ELL formerly No. 00 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 316 Congress Street, [Opposite Mechanics’ Hall,] where lie will bo pleased to wait on his friends and the public Grateful for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a renewal oi the same. Persons wishing tor FIRST CLASS PIC1 IRII of all t tylcs and sizes aro invited to call. Pictares colored in Oil, Water Colors and India Ink by one of the boot Artists in the State. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions. Ltf-All work warranted to give satistaction. N. B—Work dime for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable rat ss. jauleod3m For Sale, ASUPEBIOB lot of DRIED PEACHES in Bar rels, Bags anil tierces, by C. B. ROGERS, No 133 Market St., DcclfilBw_Philadelphia. GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES! E. TARBELL & SON, Mo. II BRRMFIBLD STREET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, Are., Ke-Gi Bronzed. no21eod3m Jackson’s Catarrh Snuffl ELEGANT TROCHE and SNUFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache, Ac. Instantly relieves annoying C.ugb. in Church. Cures Catarrh, positively without iseizuu. \ aluable to Singer., Clergy, &c., clear. an<l Htreugtlieuv the mice; acta quickly: tastes pleas antly ; never nanaeaten. „ »*reTeata taking cold Iron) Skating, I.erlare. “®; Sold by Druggists or scut by mail ^44 Enclose 35 cts to Hooper, Wilson A Co. (scpWeodtjunemT) PHILADELPHIA;. W. W. milPPLK. Portland. Wlmlesalc Agt. “new Too r> s ! i>. B. FBOST, Merchant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street, Has just received a fine lot ot FALL GOODS Suit able ibr the season, which will be made up in tbo most thorough manner. scpiln—cod OT~Every style of dob work neatly executal at this office, EN TEKTAIN SLENTS. Portland Associates-Ex Fives WILL GIVE THEIR TENTH 'GRAND ANNUAL Firemen’s, Military and Civic Ball! - ON - Tuesday Evening, .Jan. 29, ’67, - AT MECHANICS’ HALL. C it Ticket*, $1,30, to ho obtained of tlie COMMITTEE OF AKUANGKMNT8: Leonard Pennell, G. W. V. I’ridWtin Wm. Hcnnessy, Frank Packet™ ’ Augustus L. chase, L W. Downing, Win. strong. Geo. F. Whitmore, H. F. Nelson. E. O. Waite, A. D. Pickett, C. W. lioan, Andrew Nelson, .1. H. Bussell, Alfred J. Haskell. FLOOR MANAGERS : President, L. Pennell, A. D. Pickett, Sec'u, Wm. Henncssy, Augustus L. Chase, Wm. Strong, Beni. F. Nt Ison, Andrew Nelsou. itluair by Chandler’* fall Quadrille Baud. JanlOeod Ull 26 then dtd dancing. MB. J. W. RAYMOND takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Port land and vicinity that he will commence a clast* in Common Dancing* Waltz and Polka, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, ON EVENING, Ana. ]U, Tickets, Gents.,.$5,00 (Or the Term Tickets, Ladies,.$2,00 lor the Term. Terns le Consist of Eight Lessons nnd Six Assemblies, without Extra Charge. Ladles’ class commences st 7 o'clock, Ueutlemen's at 0 o’clock. Jan2l_ dlw Portland Theatre. Bidwcll Sc Browne, Leiseei Sc HlaMgcri. Entire Change t f Entertainment. DIVEBSIFIED AND ATTRACTIVE ! Novel and Emotional ! bringing Into requisition the full strength of the SUPERIOR DRAMATIC COMPANY. Monday ^nd Tuesday, Ann. 31st and J3d, the American Comedy ot Neighbor Jackwood I Wednesday and Thursday, 33d and 34th, the mysterious Drams, The LONELY MAN OP THE OCEAN! Friday and Saturday, 93th and 911 th, FORTY THIEVED Ac DICK TURPIN 7 tir'See Daily Programmes. Jnn21dlw P. Y. M. C. A. COURSE LECTURES EIGHTH LECTURE, In the Free Street Church, Wednesday Evening, Ana. 93d, 1NU7, By Ber.Wn. Alvin Bartlett, of Brooklyn, N. Y Subject—“Tlio Undiscovered Arts.” Season Tickets, 75 cents; Evening Tickets, 50 cents, to be had at Bailey & Noyes’, M. Packard's, Short Ot Loring's, and at the door. Doors open at Cl ; Lecture at 71 o'clock. jangldtt GRAND ^Military and Civicj BALL!! The 17th Me. Regiment Association WILL GIVE A GRAND Military and Civic Ball - AT - MECHANICS’ HALL, Tuesday Evening, Jan. 22, ’07, Officers and Soldiers and Sailors, who served dur ing the recent rebellion, are invited to attend in uni form and with the distinctive badges of their respec tive divisions, cotps and associations. Manic—Chandler’* Fall Quadrille Band. 0^*Tl(J K El'S, *4.00, admitting Gentleman and Laities—to be obtained at the usual places or of the Committee. COL. T. A. ROBERTS, CAPT. J. A. PERRY, MAJOR E. B. IIOUGHTON. janl5__ dtd I. A. R. A. The Irish American Relief Associa’i will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Commencing Need*; Eve’g, Jan. 7th, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Course, including the Bull, will be *5.00; Evening Tickets, *1.00; Boll Tickets, *1.50. Uf'Music by Chandler’s full Quadrille Bond, D. H. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 6 o’clock precisely. Hoot- .Uaaapcrs—Thomas Parker, James Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCafarty William H. Kalor. Messrs. O’Bllcy and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing.dec.Hdti Ho for a Sleigh Bide 7 fTUIE proprietor is now prepared with his BOAT 1 SLEIGH “ENTERPRISE,” to carry par tics in or out of the city at the shortest nolice. On Wednes day and Saturday uitoruuons, (when pleasant! will leave bead of State Street at 2 o'clock, to carry chil dren aud others, at 25 cts. per hour. Children under twelve (12) years lateen cents. N. S. EEKNALD. Portland, Dee 12th, 1866. <k22dtf NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber lias been duly appmnted and taken upon herscli the trust of Administratrix of the estate of ORLANDO LIBBY, late of Portland, in the County oi Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as tbe law directs.— Ali persons having deniands upon tbe estate oi said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; andal persous indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to FRANCES A. LIBBY, Administratrix. Portland. Jan. 1, IFC7. Jan8dlaw3\v* Portland Savings Bank. DEPOSITS made on or before Saturday, Febru ary 2d, next, will commence interest or that day. Office at No 13 Free Street. Open from 9 to 1, and from 2 to 4. JOSEPH C. NOYES, Tnos’r. Jan 17, 1867. d2w i Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. _ EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, CABO, & JOB PRINTING, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office since tbe Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presses, ic.. wo are prepared on the short est possible notiee to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And eTery description oi Mercantile Printing-. We have superior facilities for the execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which lor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Press Job Office 179 Commercial St, Portland, N. A. FOSTER. Proprietor Notice. f| HE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the X International Steamship Company, will be held at their officc.corner or Union and Commercial Sts,on Wednesday, January 23rd, J«CT, at 3 o’clock P. M. lor the choice or Officers, and the transaction of any other business that may legally eomc before them. U. J. L1BUV, Secretary. Portland, January 12th, 1S«T. dtd Store to Let. THE GOTITIC STOKE on Congress Stroet, op posite Laiaycttv Siroct. This iu tine of the best stands for the <-r#<«ry BmmUmmh in the City, having ha<l a largo trade for the past ten yean*. Apply to S. L. CARUeTON, jan 1 deiltf 21 Msrket Sqitero. INDIA RPBBEK GOODS HAVING Im burned out ol mjr 1g“w^1r., It! Middle St., I would of the citizen, ot Poitland Vuiih Street bouton re-open) to my headquarter*, S5 Milk Strw^ U»to£ ltidwKubbcTCompiitun*",^,^ Oast...,,, King,, er Machine Btltint,,n|| hviirant purpoeos, fcuiaer rinthl'nff ol"ev?ry ^oscripUon, Comb,, Balls, Toy,. ir!u.rsheetiuz W bed- In cawsot sickness. Rubber B^s aSfl Shoes, Tubing, Spittoons, (Syringes, itLwee and Mittens, Clastic Kings aud Banda, llano rnvers. Horse Covers with aud w ithout hood. Wagon Oovera, Air Beds Pillows, Cushions, and idle Pre servers. Mechanics’ Apron*. Rubber Jewelry, ol beautiful patters, and all kinds of Hubbci Good, that uiar be desired, all ot which 1 will sell at manufac turers lower t prices. Please forward your or lcri lor the present to M. A. HALL, Jul Hcodtf «5 Milk Street,Boston. Warren’s Water-Proof Leather Preservative / Sold Wholesale and Retail by S. W. MANDPIELD, Mnlr Agent, jaSeodlm* l'l Middle St. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the late Dr. Charles W. Tbonias, arc roi|uested to make immeillate pay ment to the iindcrsigDed, who is duly authorized to collect the same. Office No. ltw Fore Street, over Cana] National Bank. House No. 55 Danfortli Street, comer of State Street. GEORGE A. THOMAS. January 1,1*«7. eod4w AUCTION SALES. El "• PATTKN Sc CO., AuiSinrt, PLUM STREET. OAuction Notice to the Public. N Account of the severe storm we were ohlirosl ton f^ESSSSXi&Z Cot 1TENUAV, J.»„r, a’ltj’p m, and will continue every afternoon duiinir the week Atprivatoevery forenoon. “janaidlw J - S. BAILEY, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AND APPRAISER, Office 176 fore St, at Me3s. Carter k Dream* •January 7—dtl C. W. HOLMES, auctioneek, BOO Congress Street, didtTn^..<!f.“ly.k,nd o1 property In the City or vl terms'1 ^ attended to on the most tavorable uovl&Jtl I dr.carpenter. Oculist ami Aurfet, at u'°u-8 aoriL> p°« February 1st, only upon Blindness, Deaftiess, Catarrh, Eronel,ids NiikiI and Aitral.Folypufl, Discharge from the KaiV Nviaes in the head, Scrottilu, bore Byos, Film* and all Disease* of tlie EYE, Ear and Throat. most cases the remedies can be applied at home without interfering with the patterns occupa tion. Artificial Era I owned Without Pain. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, mutt contain One Dollar to ensure home TKsrinoNv. The Testimonials below are all received in this State, and can be readily Investigated by tbuee deslr be eecn^at'oi'elir.’V office^8 °U‘or « DEAFAESS. ~ _ llelfast, Me., Nov 27, 1«GG. During 10 years I grew totally deal in one car and so deal in the other that 1 was unable to hear unless addressd very loudly, and had «lh*agreeab.o noises In my head. Was obliged to absent myself irom church and society on that account, l consulted an eminent ph>siciau m Boston without relief, ami supposed! must always remain deal, but about two \cars ago I applied to Dr. Carpenter; after the application of a course ol his treatment, 1 could hear a watch tick 0 leci from either car, and my he;iring remains perfect. 1 am titt years of age, and reside uu High street, Bel Una, Maine, where any person can see or bear irom mc- Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years and .know sbe was deaf and now bears, and believe the above statement to be correct. REV. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Be hast MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of "iielflist Age.” [From the Bangor Whig f Courier.) r. „ , Troy ,Me., Oct. 30. Dr. Carpenter, Lear Slr:-ou tue *5d ol Feb ruary last, 1 placed myself under your treatment lor Discharge ol'the Ear, which had continued so long and was so great as to aliect my hearing. After ap plying the medicine prescribed by you two months, my oars were entirely well and remain the same. Most Respectfully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY. BLINDNESS. [from Maine Farmer., In defiance of physicians and ail remedies, I su fibr ed excruciatingly irom Scrofulous Sore Hyes ten years, being freiiaontly confined to a dark room. The remedies Hr. Carpenter prescribed last September, at Bangui, cured them entirely, and they remain eo. _ , . KATIE I.ANU Passadumkcag, Me., 1806. [From the Maine Farmer.', I was nearly blind with Scrofulous Sore Eyes fonr years, being confined to a dark room and eutterlng excruciating pain a great poriion of the tune. I cuu sulted many physicians without relief. Dr. Curi en ttr cured me. My sight is now good. 1 reside In Vassal boro . ill s. P. B. LANCASTER. CATARRH. [ from the Kennebec Journal qf Augusta. , . , , Augusta, Me., Jan., 1866. JL hare bcetacnrcil of Catarrh in it. most disagree able form, ot many years’ standing, by Dr. Carpen ter. 1 sudered Hum pains, dullness and tight,.t ic in ray head, continned discharges, groat dirficulty in talking and breathing, lelt as if 1 bad a bad cold the whole time, and Buttered intensely to the great Im pairment of my health, and was quite discouraged fi>r all I had doctored was of no benefit. But thanks to Dr. Carpenter’s skill, 1 now have none ol these troubles. 1 reside in MflUtetteld, • EPHRAIM MARKETER. [From tho Maine Farmer.] I suttered Horn Catarrh over JO years. Last winter when I consulted Dr. Carpenter, I had frequent and coploue discharges, a bad cough, and my health so much reduced that myself and friends were appre hensive of serious consequences ; but Dr. Carpenter cured me. 1 am now well, and free from Catarrh W. N. SOCLE. Cor. Scwall and Court streets, Augusta, Sept. 14, lttoa. STATEMENTS OF THE PRESS. Ail till' published Certificates of Dr. Carpenter are bona jitie.—(Maine Farmer. The Certificates, published in our columns, of Dr. Carpcuier’s cures are bona Jibe to our own knowledge. He Is all he profeeeee to be, and will not humbug or deceive the public.—[Aewieoec Journal. Augusta* Dr. Carpenter has entirely cured persons in this city who have been under treatment at the Bye and Kir Infirmaries without being kencfltted.—(lieOost Age. Several marked cure* have come under our obactv atibn, and we have conversed with many ot tiers who have been bopefitted by Dr. CurpcntoP* treatment, anil we have become satisfied that he Is skillful In the class of diseases which he treats, and carefbl to prom ise only what lie can perlbrui.—[Bangor Whig r Uour See other Certificates in City pupers. dec Jl—dlinawlt* MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. NT DEM1NG, Medical Electrician» 174 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Opposite the United Stales Hotel lETHEHE h« would respectfully announce to vv citizens ol Portland ami vicinity, that he ■ permanently luealed in this city. During the On, e years we have been in this cityj we have cared soil • at the worst tonne of diseaso in persons who have tried other forms ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in bo Short a time that the question Is oit. a asked, do they stay cured? To answer this questh i we will Bay that all that do not stay cured, we doctor tho second time without charge. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician lor twenl v» one years, and is also a regular graduated nhvskl i. Electricity is perfectly minuted to chronic disease.,« the form of nervous or sick headache; neuraunu n the head, ueek, or eitromitiea; cousumnUon wh', n lit the acute stages or whore the lungs are not fullv involved; acute or chrouic rheumatism, scrofhla liu diseases, white swelling,, spinal, curvati re ol tlie spurn, contracted muscles, distorted limb, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dunce. deafness aUn l mcrlng or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, lndigef tlon, constipation and liver coinplalui, piles—we cure every case thatcau be presented; asthma, broncl 1* t-», stxiolures ol the cheat, and all forms of tennis complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy loop with joy, and move with the agility and ehuth Ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled- the frost* bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; laifitness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to soe, tho deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the AcoihkKTs of mature Ine prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold ltanua and leet ; weak stomachs, 1am and weak backs; nervous ana sick headache: dlzzi nesa and swimming in the head, with Indigestion and constipation ol the bowels; pain in the side and bai k ; Icucorrboui, (or whites); hilUug of the womb wlib in* ternai cancers; tumors polypus, and all that long train of diseases will hnd In fclectricHy a sure means ol cure, tor painlul menstruation, too elute menstruation, and aR ol those long line of troubles w|th young ladies, Electricity is acortam specific-, and will, in a abort time, restore the sufferer to the vigor ol health. TEETH i teeth: teetii : Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without pain. Persons havlug decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite Invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Machines lor safe lor family umc, with thorough instrin tioin*. l>r. 1>. can accommodate u few patients with board «ml treatment at his house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M^; from 1 to G P. M., and 7 to tf in the evemug. Consultation free. novlti BOHOOII7 COLLEGE. XVI1D MKLlt AL fiETARTMENT. The »7th An nual Course ol Lectures In the Medical School of Maine, will commence Feb. gist, and continue lti weeks. rACI7IsTT OF INSTRTTcrpiN. SAMUEL if akuis. |>. 1).. resident ol the Colkiw* 4S.v’.L L PvVfic ^ M.’dbino- 1>r0rf'’SOr °f *U ne°" — , ,'v,; C* D., I*™lessor ol Materia Medici and Therapeutics. C. L. Ford, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. C. F. Brackett. M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy. W. \V. iiujCENC, M. D., Professor of Surgery. T. H. dEWiirT, M. D.,Professor ot Ohusfries and Diseases of Women and Children. ii. H. Seavev, M. D„ D mon-.trat a in Anato my. SJr’Tirculnrs eonla ning fuU information will be lor warded on application to the Secretary. C. F. BRACKETT, M. !>.. Sec’y. Brunttrirh, Jan 1, 1867, JatCT.T.ft&tiUMarl FAINTS AND OILS, Dnip*. Medicines, Dye> stnllw. Window Olass. AOKltTS FOR Forest River d Warren Lead Co. ’s ( RAFTS & Wlt.LMH8, Nos. 6 and 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston _Oecl—TuTliStly O Y S T K R N ! WILLIAM Il7 DABTOIK, AT his stores, No*. 231 & 233C'ongrcss Street, near New City Building, is constantly receiving fresh arrivals ol New York and Virginia Oysters, which ho Is prepared to sell by the gallon, quart or bushel, o( atrved up In any style. January s. l«r. dtr