Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 24, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 24, 1867 Page 2
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I.t-llcr ■ In National tiipilol* ICorrospomtenee ol ti ll Press. ] Washington, D. C., Jan. 21,18ti7. THE IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION. For once the reporters have lost the scent; the quid nunc* are off the track and in default of kuowing anything themselves are declaring that the Judiciary Committee know nothing; the opponents ot the Investigation are alarmed : by tbc extreme reticence with which the Judi ciary Committee have managed their affairs while the Committee are doubtless laughing in their sleeves at the manner in which they have succeeded in keeping their own council. This much however may bo relied upon: The Committee are at work industriously and reg ularly. There is little doubt moreover that tlio investigation can result in but one way the presentation of the articles of Impeach ment. The Wilkes Booth Diary has been at last ferreted out. This document found on the person of the assassin lias hitherto been sup messed. It undoubtedly shows that the as sassin was acting in the inception of the plot in the pay of the rebel government, but that in the latter fatal portion thereof, he seems to have himself decided on the murder^ as the host way of aiding the cause and at the same time of extracting himself from complicity itli the conspiracy to kidnap Mr. Lincoln, which the trials developed to have been in ex istence. There are reported to he minutes in the diary which show the presence of Wilkes Booth in the neighborhood of Silver Springs— the residence of the senior Blair. The ques tion is raised in connection with other matters, as to what he was doing there. Mr. Johnson, it will lie remembered, was a guest at the same place lor some time after the drunken inaugui ation. Mr. Pike’s Committee for the investigation of the release of the murderers of the Maino soldiers, had Secretary Browning belorc them this morning. Mr. Browning it is declared received $10,000 for the procurement of the murderers release and final pardon. While on the subject of pardons let me note by the way that the report sent in by the At torney General in answer to the resolution of the House relative to the number of pardons, contains but 280 names of pardoned rebels, of this number the Attorney General seems to have endorsed and engineered one sixth of them—forty-seven in all. TTIK MARYLAND COUNTER REVOLUTION. This morning Gen. Hamilton A. Ward of New York stirred up the Maryland “Cops” and their associates in the House, by the presenta tion and advocacy of a resolution calling for all the papers and demanding an investigation into the interference with the late elections in Maryland bythe Executive. G en. Ward's reso lution was couched in ardent terms, and his advocacy thereof was equally as ardent. There is no doubt whatever that there was a deliber ate overawing and threatening of the loyal men, by reason of the expected interference by Gen. Grant with the Police Commissioners le gal resistance to the Governor’s usurpation.— Hamilton’s resolution brought to his feet the clnmsy looking shadow of a man who pretends to fill the honored seat of the eloquent and ele gant Henry Winter Davis. He declared the resolution was inspired only by the defeated candidates in Maryland. General Ward’s res ponse was stirring. He charged that the situ ation in Maryland was part ot the conspiracy in which the President, the Supreme Court, the northern Copperheads and the Southern rebels were all engaged to rehabilitate the forces of the rebellion and restore them to power in the land, and *’ifat the loyal people had no re course except in the action of and protection by Congress. The resolution was adopted and is the first step towards a movement tor the rescue of Maryland. The pro-rebel Legislature of that State is activeiy engaged in the work of de stroying all the safeguards which the loyal (white) minority had industriously erected.— Gov. Francis Thomas, the representative irom the Western District of Maryland, has a bill prepared authorizing the people of Maryland to organize a Republican State Government, the one existing there being subverted by dis loyal influences. Under this, the inteution is to obtain the votes of the loyal colored men as as well whites. There are believed to be about 8000 of the former who would then be compe tent to vote. Hon. J. J. Stewart, the Radi cal contestant for the seat in Henry Winter Davis' old District has arranged to poll the votes of this disfranch sed class In that District, claiming if the votes of disloyal men are to be allowed when disqualified by State enactment, then the votes of disfranchised loyal men, rec ognized as citizens under the laws of the U. S. ought fairly to be counted. TIIE NAME OF A GENTLEMAN OF THE OLD SCHOOL. Gov. Francis ThomaB will be remembered by tae Elder politicians of the old Democracy, as that of one of the most promising and eloquent men in the Border States, about a score of years ago. He is known as the “Fox of Mount Savage,” having lived in a wild and romantic portion of the Allghanics during twenty years—a recluse and secluded from all public liie. The attack on the Union brought him from his privacy, ard those who were here in the extra session of 1861, will not soon lorget the electric thrill which followed the magnificent rebuke admini tered by the Governor to Henry May of Baltimore, who had dec ared Maryland to be for the South,— Governor Thomas is a dignified, silver-haired, and intellectual looking man of sixty years, above the middle stature, slender but wiry form, and witli all the courtly grace of the “old school.” He wears the look of a recluse, one who had lived near to Nature and the Great Thinkers. The appearance of this venerable man in public life has in it much of romance and something of pathos. It is told that at the time of his sudden retirement from the po litical arena he was the most formidable op ponent of Polk far the Presidency. He had been or was at the time Gov. of Maryland.— His wife a Virgiuian belle was the cause of his hermit life. Accusations of frailty were whis pered. Her family took up the defence and on this Gov. Thomas was violently assailed. He returned to his home and never afterwards took part in aifiirs until the rebellion roused itself to action. Gov. Thomas is an able and still remarka bly eloquent man. His voice is very rich and sonorous. No more radical man is found on the floor. In the last canvass he was an open advocate of universal suffrage. The only rad ical elected without question from hi^State, to Maryland in the 40th Congress, the attention of the House will he drawn to him. Spectator. New Hampshire items. To True Editor of the Tress: Dover, N. H., Jan. 21.18C7. The print works here print into calico, 10,000, 000 yards, all of which is manufactured by the Oochcco Manufact uring Co. None of these are sold here except the damaged ones which are generally bought by the merchants to retail. One mile below are extensive flannel manu factures which through the war wore employ ed on Government contracts. The Morning Star, ownod by the Freewill Baptist Printing Establishment, first publish ed ie Limerick in your State, and located in this city in 1834, has the largest circulation of any paper in the State. Wm. Burr had the management and was sole editor until his de cease last fall. It is the only organ of the sect in the world. Isaak Walton’s disciples are having a fine time smelting on the river, a few rods below the village. Some days, at a single hole, with hooks, seventy-five pounds are taken. The New Hampshire Hotel has been pur chased by one of your citizens, renovated, re furnished with new furniture,and now ranks as the hotel. Under its present managers it will be an honor to the city. Madliury, which joins this city on the North) has no minister, lawyer, doctor, no paupers, no poor farm, church, post office, no store, and is ono of the best farming towns in the State, with the wealthiest farmers. In the town ot Nottingham in this county, is a work of former days, the builders of which the teamed are unable to decide upon. Near the summit of Lower Mountain on the face of a bare ledge, inclined about forty-five degrees! is a flight of steps, 15 in number, about nine inches in height, apparently hewn, lead ing from the summit down to a pond which is in a hollow near the top ot the mountain. By whom they were cut, or for what purpose, it is impossible to conjecture. The lay of the land and its appurtenances forbid the theorist from supposing that there has been any change since the flood. Steve. —The most celebrated wits and bon meant* of the day graced the dinner-table of the late Dr. Kitchner, and among others, George Dol man who was an especial favorite; his interpo lation of a little monosyllable in a written ad monition which the Doctor caused to be placed on the mantle piece of the dining narlor will never lie forgotten, and was the origin of such a drinking bout a ft w as seldom permitted un der bis roof. The caution ran thus: “come at seven, go at eleven.” Colman briefly altered the sense of it; for upon the Doctor’s attention being directed to the card, he read, to his as to shuicnt “come at seven go it at eleven 1’ which tho guests did, and the claret was fur pislied accordingly, Letter front the State Cttpiinl* Augusta, Jan. IS To the Editor ok tile Press: It is now twenty days sin.e the Forty-sixth Legislature of Maine convened for organiza tion in their respective halls. Duiing this time the character of this body lias become so far developed as to distinguish it above all others in the last ten years as the workinu Legitlature. At the present hour a greater amount of busi ness lias received attention and been finally disposed of than in the same time at any ses sion for several years. Tlio several committees, from the first, enter ed with a will upon tho work before them, not merely with a view to reduce tho length of the session to the shortest practicable time, but to transact their business without that unneces sary delay which was the custom formerly. The committee ou Interior Waters gave to day an example of decisive action whicli should serve as a warning to all parties disposed to bo dilatory in their business with tills Legislature. A strong petition from parties at Bangor tor authority to divert the waters of Pushaw Lake into the Kcnduskeug stream has been present ed and an effort made by its friends to have it referred to the committee on ltailruads, \\ ays and Bridges. This failed and it was assigned to the appropriate committee, as above, by whom to-day was fixed for a hearing on the case. The remonstrants, mostly residents of Orouo and Oldtown, were represented by a large delegation headed by- Hon. Geo. P. Sew all, and were ready to contest the matter; but the petitioners failed to come to time, whereup on the committee promptly decided that the case weut by default and gave the petitioners leave to withdraw* Baugor is usually smart but the up-river boys walk on snow-shoes and don’t allow a winter storm to shut them in from the outside world. The bills which have so far passed, number ing thirty or more, are generally acts of incor poration or others of the class known as “Pri vate and Special Laws.” Among those in which your city is directly or indirectly inter ested, is tho incorporation of the Merchants’ Exchange Company of Portland with T. C. Herscy, John B. Brown, G. W. Woodman. John Lynch, S. E. Spring, W. W. Thomas and others as corporators; the incorporation ot the Portland Institute and Public Library with the names of Ether Shepley, Wm. Pitt Fessen den, Israel Washburn, Jr., John Neal, Wm. Willis, John ltand, J. C. Stockbridge, and oth ers ; the increase of capital of the Portland and Machias Steamboat Company and change of its corporate name to the “Portland, Bangor and MaehiaS Steamboat Company;” and the ceding of territory in Portland to the United States for the erection of a Custom House uium/ug. In the list oi Special acts appears one changing the name of a time honored institu tion. WatervilJe College has ceased to exist under that name, and is hereafter to be known as tho ‘'Colby University.” a change which many think savors more of dollars than good taste. Yours, Glance. Mr. Boutwell’a Bill. The following is tho full text of the bill re potted by Mr. Boutwell of Massachusetts, from the judiciary committee, as a substitute for the House bill to prescribe an oath tor public officers, members of the bar, &c.: ■ Section 1. Beit enacted, <tc., That no person shill be permitted as an attorney or counsellor in any court of the United States who has becu guilty of treason, bribery, murder, or oili er felony, or who has been engaged in any re bellion againBt the government of the United States, or who has given aid, comfort or en couragement to the inclines of the United States in armed hostility thereto. Section 2. And be it further enacted, that the first section of this act is hereby declared to be a rule of every court of tue United States. Section 3. And be it further enacted, That it Bhall be the duty of tne judge or judges of any such court, when the suggestion is made in opeD court tnat any person acting as an at torney or counsellor of said court, or offering or proposing to so act, is barred by the pro visions of this act, or whenever said judge or judges shall beiieve that such a person is so barred, to inquire and ascertain whether such person has been guilty of treason, bribery, murder1 or other felony, or whether he has been engaged in any rebellion against the govern ment of the United States, or whether he has given aid, contort or encouragement to the enemies of the U nited States in armod hostili ty thereto ; and if the court shall be of opinion that such person has been guilty of treason, bribery, murder, or other felony, or that he has been engaged in any rebellion against the gov ernment of the United States, or that he lias given aid, comfort or encouragement to the en emies of the United States in armed hostility thereto, to exclude and debar such person from the office of attorney or counsellor of said court; aud any person who shall testify falsely in any examination made by any court as afuresaid, shall be guilty of perjury and lia ble to the pains and penalties of perjury. ® III presenting this bill Mr. Boutwell said, if a majority of the Supremo Court had not self respect enough to adopt rules excluding rebels and traitors from the bar of that court, it was time tor the legislative power to step in and make rules for them. The debate was briefly participated in by several gentlemen, every Democrat and Copperhead who could get the floor taking occasion to eulogizo the j udges who concurred in the test oath decision. Mr. Boutwell, jn closing the debate, declared with thrilling effect, that he would never subscribe to the doctrine that a Presidential pardon could put murderers or traitors on a footing with men who had never been guilty of crime. The President might open all the jails and peni tentiaries in the land with his pardons, but while he had a seat in the House he would never admit that the President’s pardon gave a traitor the right to enter the bar of the court and assist in administering justice. The gal leries and the Republican side of the House answered this sentiment with a quick and elec tric burst of applause. Death of Mr. Alexander Smith. Our foreign files received by the North Amer ican, announce the death of Mr. Alexander Smith, author of11A Life Drama," and other poems, and secretary of the U niversity of Edin burgh. This event took place at Wardic, near Edinburgh on the 5th inst. The Liverpool Post of Jan. 10, has the following sketch of his career. Mr. Smith, who was the son of a pattern de signer, was born at Kilmarnock, on the 31st December. 1830, so that he had .just entered his 37th year. He received a fair education in youth, and showing uncommon talent, was destined for the pulpit, but a severe illness led to a change of purpose, and young Smith was put to his lathers business. While engaged In preparing patterns for a lace factory in Glas glow,Mr. Smith began to cultivate the Muses, and his first work, “A Life Drama,” was pub lished in the pages of the Critic in 1852, and af terwards in a volume with other poems in 1853. The merits of Mr. Smith formed a sub ject of disputation among the critics, some recognizing only one wealth of imagery in his poems, others pointing to his imitative tenden cies, and refusing him any claim to originality. By his subsequent works, however, Mr. Smith fully settled his claim to rank among the poets. In 1854, he published in conjunction with Mr. Dobell, “Sonnets on the (Crimean) War,” and in 1857, “City Poems,” and “Edwin of Deira.” At a later period he distinguished his himself as a prose writer, publishing in 1863, “Dream thorp/1 1865, “A Summer in Skye,” and “Al fred Hagart’s Household.” He was also a fre quent contributor to “Good Words" and other serials, as well as to journalistic literature. In 1854, he was appointed, mainly in recognition of his literary talents, to the office of secretary of Edinburgh University. He married about ten years ago, and has left a widow and family. .Anecdote.— An exchange paper tells an an ecdote of Dr. Winston, a devoted Baptist min ister in the South some years since, and an ar dent Democrat. It is as follows:— On one occasion he had several friends spending the evening at his house, and before they retired, as was his wont, he took down the old family Bible to read a portion of Scrip ture, and have a “word of prayer.” It so hap pened that he opened the sacred volume at tne epistle of Titus, where the Apostle says:— “Put theui in mind to be subject to principal ities and powers, and obey magistrates, and be prepared for every good word and work.” As was his habit to comment upon the texts as he went along, whon he read this passage he took off his spectrcles and with a gravity suited to the occasion, he remarked—“There, my friends is where I differ from brother 1 aul. Mr. Jefferson te Is us that the converse of this proposition is true—that is, mm in office shoul' always be obedient to tic people, and I agree with the great author of the Declara tion of Independence. The Apostlo was no doubt a good preacher, and a good Christian, but it is clear enough he was no Democrat!” “The Tribune in a Storm,” is the title of a vivid and intensely interesting narrative, in the fourth number of Northern Lights, of the scenes and incidents connected with the attack on the Tribune office during the mem orable riot of July, 1863. It is a thrilling sketch and one which will be very widely read. Among those who contribute to this number of Northern Lights are Fred. W. Shelton, Ed ward S. Rand, Jr., John Hay, R. F. Fuller, Kane O’Donnel, Geo. S. Burleigh, L. J. Bige low, Geo. B. Woods,George H. Clark and Ed mund Kirke. The “Contributors’ Club” in the next number will be written by Mrs. Howe. Colomno Trees. A London paper savs “Ncwist among wliat. Mr. Tennyson calls ‘fairy gifts of science’ we notice an invention of Mr. Hyett to make trees imbibe color while growing. The results were exhibited lately at a conversazione of the Cirenceter Royal Agri cultural College, in the form of beautiful sec tions and plauchettes of wood, stained with various hues, Metallic salts are introduced into the substance of the growing tree, appar ently carried up bv the sap, and forced into the fibre and cells of the stem.” —Never confide in a young man,—new pails leak, Never tell your secrets to the aged,—old doors seldom shut closely. PORTLAND AND VICINITY. New Advertisement* To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. ENTERTAINMENT column. Mercantile Library Lectures. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. House and Lot for Sale in Cape Elizabeth. Maine Historical Society—Si«ecial Meeting. Notice—Mr. John F. Band. Challenge.—Alinon L. HannaJbrd. _ Worsted Goods, &c.—H. W. Simon ton «X: Co. Portland Glass Co—Animal Meeting. New Store just Opened—Blum & l oss. Lost —Wallet. ^ „ Duathess and Catarrh—Dr. Carpenter. House for Sale. Booms U» Let witliout Board. tiik cotnm MUNICIPAL COURT. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Wednesday. Hie liquors seized a short time since on the premises of James MeGlinehy, R. R. Robinson and O. Tliunberg, were declared forfeited to the city, no persons appearing to claim the same. SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. JANUARY TERM.—BARROWS, J, PRESIDING. ^ E dnesdaY. —The trial of the Collagan * ill case was resumed, and the api>ellaut introduced testimo ny in support of tho will. The cross examination of Mrs. Harding was concluded, and evidence was given by Miss Annie C. Holmes, Mrs. Martha E. Holmes. Joseph Harding, Harriet Leonard, Mrs. Jo anna Farrington, Harriet Gordon and Mary Gordon. The principal point of the testimony of these wit nesses was that Capt. Collagan acknowledged the in strument, after its mutilation, to be his last will and testament. After reading the deposition of Mrs. Ra chel Pearce, counsel lor appellant rested. Mr. Deane then opened the case for the heirs at law. in a very able manner, insisting that the instru ment in question was annulled by Capt. Collagan, and that he subsequently made and executed anoth er will, which had never been produced by the appel lant. He said that proot sufficient to satisfy the jury would be produced, that Capt. Collagan had no in tention that the will in question should ever be car ried into effect. At the conclusion of his opening Court adjourned to 9 o’clock Thursday morning. Opinion* Cliangc. The report of our City Horse Railroad Com pany shows the number of passengers for 180G to be over one million. This will give interest to the following dialogue, which actually took place some four years ago: Enter Horse Railroad Man.—(To member of the City Council.!—We want the right of way to ruu Horse Cars in this city. Member.—You do? Do you think it will pay? R. R. Man.—We can’t tell,but are disposed to try it if you will give us a chance. Member.—It seems tome thatit will be money throwu away. How many passengers do you expect to carry in a year? R. R. Man.—As many as will ride and pay. Member.—Do you think you will carry a num ber equal to tho population of our city, say thirty thousand? R. R. Man.—I should hope to largely exceed that number. Member.—I doubt it; you must bear in mind that we have a great many old persons and children enumerated in the census who will have no occasion for riding. Tremendous Blast.—Yesterday afternoon the men engaged in blasting the ledge on Middle street, on the lot in front of the Casco National Bank building, fired off a seam charge. The explosion that ensued was terrific. A portion of the front of the bank edifice was stove in and a number of large rocks, some of which will weigh 200 pounds were thrown into the building carrying away the stagings that had been erected. There were about thirty men, painters and carpenters, at work inside, but, wonderful to relate not a person was in jured. The painters who were on the staging, clung to the cornices and saved themselves, while the rocks went by them into the back part of the building, raising a mnss among the paint pots. About one half of the front of the edifice will have to be rebuilt . Attempt to Break Jail.—Tuesday night an attempt was made by some of the fellows confined in the jail, to release themselves by setting fire to a wooden spittoon filled with saw dust, in one of the corridors. It is sup posed the prisoners hoped they should be able to escape in the consternation which would take place among the officers of the jail when the floor of the corridor, whicn is composed of pitch pine, should catch. Fortunately tho smoke from the saw dust attracted the atten tion of the keeper, and tho plan of the prison ers was frustrated. Assault.—Tuesday evening, between 9 and 10 o'clock, one of the clerks in the Post Office was returning home, and as he was passing up Middle street, three fellows armed with clubs, jostled against him and threatened to flog him. He turned upon them, pulled a revolver from his pocket and aimed it at them threatening to blow out the brains of the first one that touch ed him. The scamps, seeing that he was arm ed took to their heels. They probably intend ed to rob him. Painting.—Mr. Leighton, a pupil of Brown, the painter, has produced a very pleasant pic ture of a sleigh-ride, which may be seen in the window of a dry goods store on Free street. The painting of animals is evidently Mr. Leigh ton’s speciality. If he follows this branch oi art with the fidelity and paticnco which any branch requires, he will attain distinction.— There is both originality and humor in this specimen. Sidewalk*. • Mr. Editor :—Some people love their fellow beings and obey the laws, as in the case with those who shovel paths on the sidewalk. Such ones, however, destroy the beautiful uniformi ty of the drifts, and expose their fellow travel lers to the danger of being precipitated from the precipices on their neighbors’ walks. One who fell. Maine Bible Society.—At a recent meet ing of the Trustees of the Maine Bible Socie ty, it was voted to furnish bibles, gratuitously, to those peTRons who had lost theirs by the conflagration of last July. Application may be made to cither Hezekiali Packard, corner ol Congress and Oak streets or Oliver Gerrisli. O. P. Tuekerman, Thos. B. Ripley, and Kben Steele, committee for distribution. Detention.—The Portland & Kennebec and Maine Central passenger and mail trains fail ed to connect with the train for Boston yester day afternoon. On the former, the forward wheels of the smoking car got off the track at Yarmouth, delaying the train about an hour. On the latter the snow had blown in on the track delaying the train two hours. Arrest.—Polly War.en, who has frequently been an inmate of the work house was rrrested yesterday afternoon lor stealing £10 from a house on Pleasant Street during the absence of the woman of the house. The money was re covered and Polly was locked up for exami nation or to await an Overseer’s warrant. Accident.—Mr. Seavey, brakeman on the Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad, was severely injured at Biddeford Tuesday evening by being jammed between the cars while he was in the act of shackling them. As Mrs. M. W. Haskell’s daughter was walking on a rough chamber floor tho heel of her boot caught in a board, twisting her insuch a shape as to break her leg just below the knee. Dr. Small was called and dressed the limb. Liquor Seizures.—Yesterday the Deputy Marshals seized small quantities of liquors and ale in the shops of P. & J. Bradley, Patrick McGlinchy, Edward Brooks and Joseph Cowan. Appointment of Deputy Sheriffs.—Sher iff Parker has appointed additional deputies as follows: Albion K. Morse, Harrison, and Wm. L. Pennell of Westbrook. The members of the Legislative Club are requested to meet at tho Common Council Boom this evening at 71-2 o’clock. British Colonial Items. —It is reported that M. Michel, the govern ment geologist, whose report on the gold mines of the Chaudiere gave so much satisfaction, speaks favorably of tho Madoc mines. The ex istence of gold seems to be admitted, but strangely enough tho proof is still wanting. Gold or no gold, companies are being formed so begin work in the spring. Belleville, in consequence of tho excitement, is becoming quite a lively place, and ft is believed that on the opening of spring crowds of gold hunters will flock thither, as it is only a few miles from the mines. —Highly conflicting are the rumors which come to us in relation to the removal of the Canadian scat of government. A Toronto dispatch of the 19th says the government has decided, if confederation is desired by the peo ple, to remove the seat of government from Ottawa to Montreal, and to accept the offer of the Bishop of Montreal for the government buildings at Ottawa. A usually well-informed correspondent asserts that a majority of tho delegates now in England have decided in fa vor of Quebec. It is not at all likely that aDy such decision has been arrived at, but even if it has, the people will have something to say about tho matter. The delegates have no power to meddle with the scat of government question. There are said to be two objections to Ottawa. One is that it is not sufficiently central for the whole of British America, and and the other, that it is incapable of being for* lifted. * THE 8TATE. —On Friday morning last a brick store in Alfred, occupied by Messrs. 8ayward & Nut ter, and containing $5000 worth of goods, the law office of Drew Sc Hamilton, and the Griffin hotel, were destroyed by fire. To gave the eastern part of the village a store adjoining the hotel was blown up. The loss is about $10,000, which is lightly insured. —The Portsmouth Chronicle records a pedestrian teat of Hon. N. G. Marshal of York, ! Assessor of the first Congressional District of Maine, who on Tuesday forenoon walked from his rcsideucc in York to that city, a distance of eight miles, without any path having been made, until lie reached the old mill at Ivittcry; the snow averaving from two to six feet in the roads. —The Machias Republican says: “The Ma ehias river is still open clear up to the wharves, and vessels are still coming in going out. The tug Delta is moving up and down daily, a dead ly enemy to Jack Frost.” —A correspondent of the Farmer, writing from Enfield, in this State, says: This town lies on the Penobscot river, about 3C> miles north of Bangor. It has been nearly 45 years since the first settlers came into the town, still there is considerable land unoccu Eied, and for sale. Farms are valued from six undred to one thousand dollars, and some per haps as high as twelve and fifteen hundred dol lars. It is very probable that the European Sc North American Railroad will run through this town. \Vc have an excellent water privi lege, though it is not occupied as it should be. It is in the eastern part ot the town, at the foot of Cold Stream Lake. It is a good chance for factories. The place is called Treat’s Mills. There are two stage roads through the town, one on the west running near the river, the other on the east running near and on the west side of the lake; also, a good road through the centre of the town, and a country road laid out between the centre and river roads. There will lie a great amount of lumbering done on the Penabscot waters this winter. Wagesarehigh. Men get from $18 to $50 per month; a man with a span ot heavy horses will get from $50 to $(i5 per month, and light horses in propor tion. We have a good market for all kinds of farm produce. Oats arc worth 75 cents per bushel, and othor kinds of produce nearly in proportion. —Lyman E., son of John Rogers, of Stetson, aged about five years, was sliding down hill Friday morning last, when his sled ran under an ox-slod, the latter passing over his body and crushing him in a fatal manner. The child died after lingering three or four hours. Tin- Tragedy at Writ Auburn. The Lewiston Journal of yesterday says the murder at West Auburn is the all absorbing topic of interest in that vicinity, and the mys tery still grows. Those well accustomed to in vestigations of crime, argue in favor of the theory that the murder was committed to achieve aud to conceal rape. Sheriff Parker is confined to his bed by sick ness, but Constable Joseph Littlefield aud oth er gentlemen have been engaged all day to day in further search. There are certain other suspected parties who answer — one of them, at least — to the description given of the straggler who called at Mr. Libby’s Thursday morning, but we are not yet advised as to whether further arrests have been made. It is now ‘elt to be conclusively proved that Johnson is innocent. Mr. Briggs, with whom he stayed Thursday night, confirms Johnson’s movements equally as well as does Mr. Wheat on, with whom he stayed Wednesday night.— That Johnson could not have got np Wednes day night aud left the houso to do such a deed Is further proven by the appearance of his room the next morning. Johnson has not yet been released from confinement but will prob ably he released to-morrow, if nothing unfore seen transpires. A faithful examination ot the premises and scene of the murder shows that the mnrderer attempted to set fire to the house. In the wood shed a pile of kindlings and birch bark, partly burned, was discovered on Monday, having been concealed by the snow that had blown in. A careful observation of the interior of the house renders the conclusion probable that the murderer first assailed Mrs. Kinsley, and that Miss Caswell at once leaped from her bed which was evidently not disturbed by the ruf fian. It may be that he forced her to light a lamp near the stove. It is at least probable that as she approached the stove for some pur pose, the villian made a thru-1 at her with the knife, cutting her arm perhaps, as here consid erable blood was found. Then pursuing the terrified woman with knife aud chair, he at last struck her down in the entry. The fact that the life blood as it flowed out was not splashed around indicated that the unfortu nate woman did not struggle much after being felted in the entry. The awiulness of tliis scene cannot he imagined. The shrieks and groans of the murdered women must ring in the ear of the murderer with terrific monition! The Alabama Claims and Arbitraliou. The London Telegraph has the following: “It is understod that her Majesty’s ministers have expressed their readiness to doal with the claims put forward by the Government at Washington in respect to the Alabama by referring the matter to arbitration. In so doing they rescind the refusal of Lord Russell to admit the idea of arbitration, but at the same time they recognize those difficulties in the way of any such settlement which prompt ed the decision of the late Minister for For eign Affairs. Of course, while tho principal of arbitration is accepted, the acceptance must be subject to the condition that the points re ferred shall be found admissible; and the Gov ernment of the United States will now have to define what are the osact issues on which it chums redress for alleged injuries.” The Eastport Sentinel of Wednesday, ICth, readied us by mail yesterday. It has been blocked up by snow drifts. SPECIAL NOTICES. T. E. MOSELEY & CO., Summer Street, Boston, offer a choice variety of all the novel styles of Boots and Shoes for Ladies, Gen tlemen, Misses and Children’s wear. jan24dlt PROFESSIONAL CARD. OB. WM. 1*. 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Val iens remedies have from timo to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of wormseed, turp entine, &c., producing dangerous, and sometimes tatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively sate, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, bur act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers of the genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis of Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, picpared by Messrs. FELLOWS & CO., and find that they are free from merchry, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully compounded, pleas ant to the taste, safe, yet sure and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. I). Assavev to the State of Mass. Price 2.1 cents per Box ; Fire for SI. GEO. W. 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Do away with all your various and often perni cious drugs and quack medicines, and use a icw baths prepared with ** STIi VMA TIC SALTS !” These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors <if the Mineral Well of the Penn’a Salt Man lin-iuring Co., in Pitisburg, and are packed in air tight boxes. One always suliiciciit for a bath. Di rections are attached. IN TER N ALL YgJJSE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles of oifo and a half pints. One sufficient for a day’s use. J&r’Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston; Kavnr Ids, Pratt & Co, No. 100 Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. uo20sNeod&,wly Warren’s Cougli Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Cold*) Cough-. Catarrh and Con-uniption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. t3r*For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by it. F UKADULUV, octl5d&wsNfim Druggist, BANGOR. .. A Cough, A Cold, or |ju A Sore Throat, fSjuliEQUIRF.S IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, flfif AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. ^ If allowed to continue, Irritation of the Lang-, a per manent Throat Digcatic, or Consumption, is often llic result. BllOWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVINO A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO TIIE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Con* Mumptivc and Throat Diseases, TROCHE8 ARE USED WITn ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. Singers and Public Speakers will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when I taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat al ter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches arc recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article of true merit, and having proved their ctlicacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches arc universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold evekwiiebb Dec 4—(l&wCm sn COLGATE St CO.’S, WINTER SOAP. , Recommended for Chapped Itnudx and for general Toilet use during Cold Weather. It uny be obtained of all druggists and fancy good dealers. ssdecSltofeMO MARRIED. In this city, Jan 23, by Rev. E. C. Bolles. Charle9 R. Stanley and Miss Nellie M. Swett, both of Port land. In this city, Jan. 12, by Rev. F. Sonthwoi th, Wm. Emeley and Mis* Annie Leavitt, both ol Portland. Xu Saco, Jan. 15, El bridge F. Dodge, of Minnesota, and Miss Lucy Wil :c, uaughtcr of the late Gover nor Fairfield. In Saco, .fan. 15, Josiah S. Coring, of Gray, and Mrs. Lois M. Lambert, of Westbrook. In Hollis, Jan. 5, J. G. Harmon, cf Boston, and Miss Belle laibox, ot H. In Richmond, Dec. 29, David S. Stephens, c t Gar diner, and Saudi J. Ful er. of West Gardiner. In Belfast, Jan. 12, William Thurston and Susan Ellen Hall. DIED. In this citv, JaD. 23, ot consumption, Mrs. Evel'na D , wile of Char es E. Brewster, aged 24 years. [Funeral on Friday afternoon, at 2 o’clock. Horn No Ci Portland street. In Saco, Jan. 17, Mr. Rnl'us Leavitt, aged 78 years; Mrs. Mary Maloon, aged 57 yoars. in Biddetbrd, l)e?. 31, Mrs. Mary R., wife ot Clias. F. Chapman, aged 24 years. In Biddeford, Jan. 12. Marv E., wile of Joseph Liillon, aged 23 years. In Altreu, Jan. lh, Mrs. Lydia A., wife of the late Thomas Day, of Sanford, aged 43 years. In Brewer, Jan. li, ot apoplexy, Capt. Samuel Veazie, aged 58 years. IMPORTS. HARBOR GRACE, NF. Barque Fleetwing—2100 bbls and 111 4 bbls herring, to Geo II Sian-. DEPARTURE; OF OCEAN STEAMERS 1*AME FROM FOR DATE. North America.Now York. .Rio Janeiro . .Jan 22 City o Dublin.New York..Liverpool.Jan 23 Persia.New York.. Liverpool.Jan 23 Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.Jan 20 Peruvian.Portland-Liverpool.Ian 20 Bremen.New York.. Bremen.Jan 20 City ot New York..Ncw York.. Liverpool.Jan 26 Corsica.New York..Havana.Jan City of Limerick.. .New York. .Liverpool.Fan 30 Asia.Boston.Liverpool.Jan 30 North American.. .Portland_Liverpool ... .Feb 2 Miniature Almanac.January 24. Sun rises. 7.21 Sun sets.5.03 i Moon rises.10.15 PM Iligli water. 2.50 PM MARINE NEWS PORT OP PORTLAND. Wednesday. January 23. ARR1VKD. : Steamer Franconia. Sherwood. New York. Passed on Nantucket, brig T< Staples. Stowers, from Savau | nah ibr Portland, bound up hi the loc, Barque Fleotwing, (Br) Karnev. Harbor Grace, NF On the 19tli Inst, loll in with barque .lulia, (ot Lon don) Capt Robertson, from St John. NB, for Liver pool, waterlogged and unmanageable, liaving en countered the gale ot the 17th. in lut 12 45, Ion i*> 5o during which sprung a leak, and received other dam age ; one man was lost overboard. Took off captain and crew and brought them to this port. Sch Anna Myrick, ColUflS, Tangier, with oysters. Sell Ellen Merriman. Hamilton. New York. Sch Jane Morton, (Br) Merriam, Bo ton, to load for St John, NB. Sch Speculator. (Br) Llewellyn, Boston lor St John Sch Jcrusha Baker, Barbcrick, Boston. S *h Shawmut. Kicker, Boston. Sch David S Siner, Hunt-lev, Boston. Sch Sarah Watson, Smith, Boston. Sch Rachel Be ils, Andersen. Boston. Sch llocknuom, Gilman, Boston for Wintevporr. Soli Trident, Jameson, Gloucester tor Rockland. CLEARED. Steamer Franconia, Sherwood, New York—Emery & Fox. Barque Win Brown, (now, of Boston) Morton, Mobile—Littlejohn A Chase. Sch Geo Brooks, Henley, Boston. SAILED—Barque Andes; brig Frontier. L vCNunEn—At Bath 21st inst, from the yard of 1) O r ai>dell. a Bchr ol about 220 tons, ohl measure, named Scguin. She is owned bv the builders, J l> Robinsou & Son, and others, anti is to be commanded by Capt Jos Call, late of brig Y azoo. (BY TELEGRAPH.] HOLMES* HOLE, Jan 22—Ar,brig Geo Burnham. Me 1^11 an, from Matau/as for Portland. Alsoar, barque lizzie H Jackson, (oi Portland) Marwicu, trom Glasgow for Boston. L.i«t of VcmcI* built and registered in the Dis trict of Beliast during the year 18GG. SHIPS. Name. Where built. Tons. Oneida.Searsport. 1130 7o BARQUES. Goodcll.Searsport. 839 73 American Lloyds—Stockton. 510 73 Ve taVeazie.Beliast. 7f»l Os Augustine Kob1«.. Sear port. 5 ?5 2s lieiia M Long.Sbicktou. Clo 30 Carrie E Long.Stxickton. 548 67 HRIG8. Don Quixole.Beliast. 425 78 Clytie.Searsport. »*9 G9 James Miller.Beliast. 140 5G Hattie May.Stockton. 310 ;;i E11 Rich...Stockton. 332 57 Maria W Norwood. .Camden. 477 10 Mariposa.Stockton. 359 97 Liberty..Stockton. 290 79 Fred Bliss.Camden. 4.’.8 37 Nellie Clifford.Stockton. 251 53 schooners. S ephen Woodbury. .Searsport. 117 37 Hattie.Beliast. 170 (►* Joseph Segcr.Stockton. 1*7 71 Clara Bell..Camden. 155 51 Gen Connor.Stockton. 273 05 Boaz.Beliast. G1 41 Ralph .Carlton.Camilen. 338 39 Florence N Tower... Lincoln ville. 175 13 Jacliin.Belfast.. H4 37 Magellan.Stockton. 110 1*3 Emma F Hart.Camden. 28® 34 Total tons,. 10,364 13 NOl ICE TO MARINERS. Notice is hereby given that the 1st class nnn Buov on Trundy’s Reef, entrance lo Portland harbor, Me, has drilled in shore from its moor.ngs, about one mile. It will be replaced as soon as ponblc. Bv order ot the Lighthouse Board, JOHN POPE, L. H. Inspector. First District. Portland, Me., Jan. 20, 1867. DISASTERS. Tt:o now brig Tallyho, Capt Chisholm. lr«.m Mu chias lor Cuba, while proceeding down river loth, came in contact with brig Cosmos, at Machiaspon and sprung lore yard, and did other light damage. The C coined away back stay, tore up chain plates, and sprung lore top gallant inast. Barque Geo S Hunt, (oi Portland) Woodbury, at New York Horn Havana, reports having bet u 10 days North ot Halteras. with heavy northerly winds; sprung spars, lost sails, and most ot the crew arc trost bitten. Capt Park, ol barque Eventide, before reported wrecked on Pelican shoal, reports: Left Sal til la River sth inst, bound to New York. On the 9th, an chored off Jeckyl Island; got uuder way at 9 o’coek, blit the wind being ligot, initial d *wu near Pelican Sh<ial. and was com].died to anchor ; mini diatelv let go another, hut liefore she brought up sue struck heavily on the shoal at high water, and two hours alte began leaking badly. Marne, at next tide, made preparations to liea- e her oil, and succeeded in moving her about a length, but could not gel her iurther. Un the lath, went to Brunswick lor a tow boat, but could get n ne, and brought up several port wardens to survey her. Upon reaching the ves sel Ibwml lour Ret waie** in the hoi i and one pump at work, which had b cn constantly going twenty four hours. Rigged another and kept bot h constant ly going for four noma, only gam ng one loot in that time. The wardens declared her badly strained, aid the weather indicating a heavy northeaster, they ad vised that the crew and their effects te removed to a place ol safety. Took all hands and some provisions in the boats and went ashore ou Jeckyl Island and remained for the night On Sunday,' boardc^ tue barque and found her lull of water and rudder gone. Concluded to abandon her and Iclt some men to watch. She was last going to pieces and would bo a total wreck. Her sails, rigging, and spars, may bo saved, but scarcely anything else. One eighth ot the vessel was partly Insured and the cargo was also partly i;i9ur„d. Barque Aberdeen. Cochran, while trying to cross the lower obstructions in Savannah River, struck upon them and remained. It was thought she would be got over next tide. Sch Gun Rock. Boyd, from Rondout lor Boston, got ashore on Black Ledge, lGtn inst. when she r - maiued until the 17tli. .lien she was got off by throw mg over a part o her cargo of cemeut. She return ed to New London with but little damage. The anch is, chains, rigging, copper, &c, saved from barque C B it ami lion, were sold by auction at Newport 15th, for #120d. ship Mhatmuc, at Man Francisco from New York, was 115 days to the Equator, in the Atlantic; 45 days thence to Staten Land; was 28 days off the Horn, with strong westerly gales: was 28 days fiorn the Horn to the Equator in the Paciiic. Oil River Lu Pi iiu- shilled cm&o; 29 days from the Equator to the Faralioncs; Dec 17, had a heavy ME gale and shifted cargo. Had twelve men sick with scurvy and lor the last . en days but three men to work the ship. Meh Ann M Brown, with corn, is ashore on Point Gammon, toll of water. Her cargo is tcing dis charged. Sch Mhooting Star, from Newcastle, Del, for Salem, with corn, went ashore at Maguish Cove, near Gur net Light, on Sunday night, and bilged. Part oi her keel and both rnusis are gone, and the cargo is wash ing out. Crew saved. Sell das Henry, Capt Church, swung afoul ol schr Willie Alai tin, af Newport 17 ill, an<l stove rail and bulwarks; also stove boat. The \V M received but slight damage. Ship Chas Cooper, Dawson. from Philadelphia lor San Fr ucisco, put into Stanley, FI. Nov 8th, in a leaky condition, having heavy gales and shipped a tremendous sea which strained the vessel. Sch Circassian, from Belfast for Philadelphia, wi b potatoes, nrugg.;d her Miehors at Delaw axe Break water night oi the 1< th, and went ashore inside the point of Cape licnlopen, where she remains. Sch Juno arrived at Nassau, NP, 28th ult, with part ol ihe cargo saved irom barque Mary Ann, from New Orle <ns tor Havre. The new schr Willie Mow.* got a bore cn Sparling Point, Cranberry Isles, 15th inst, but came oil with out damage, by assistance of US seb Dobbin. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 19th ult, barquo Parsec, Soule, New York. Ar .'utli ult. shins Shatmuc, Soule, New York; 22d, Invincible, Lester, do. Ar 2»th, barque Rainier, Carlton, Teekalct. Old i:*th, ship Kingfisher, tlarding, Liverpool. Sid 22*1, ship Mary Glover, Rollins, Puget Sound. NEW ORLEANS—Ar I3tli, sh.p Alecia, Stewart, Bath; 14th,sch Florence Rogers, New York. Below, barques Aun o Kimball, and Wallace; brig Jessie Rhyna*. ( Id 12th, ship Mont Blanc. Donnell. Boston; bark Hanson Gregory. Gregory, Providence; 18tli, G \V Horton, Butler, New York. Adv Kith, Rhipd Mary O B’Brlen, Vesper, and Alecia, Stewart, lor Liverpool, greater part of cargo engaged; China, Weeks, and Zouave, Whitmore, for do, with dispatch; Elizabeth Hamilton, Gillespie, for New York; barque Almoner, Gary, tor boston; s It Czar, Hammond, lor New York. \J( »B1LE—Cld 14th, ship Sciota, Mack, Liverpool: Succcs . Chase, Boston; barquo Sancho Pauza. llea gan, New York. SAVANNAH—Ar 12;h,scli Carrie Holmes, Holms. New York. Cld 12th. brig Scotland, Rose, Bath. Cld 14th, shin Charlotte. Spear, Liverpool, (sailed); barques MeguntJcook, Hemingway, do; May Belle Roberts, Burn* Portland. Cld 15tb, barque Aberdeen. Cochran, Boston; sch Harriet Brewster, Goodftie. New York. Sid lUh. sch H Curtis. HaskeL, Portland; 10th, brig W H Blckmorc, for New York. CHARLESTON— Ar 12th, barque Yumuri.Thomp son, Liverpool. Ar 17th, brig Jessie A Devercaux. Clark, Philadel phia; sells Eliza Frances, Sawyer, Baltimore ; Azci ila & Laura. Mclndoe. do. Ar mth, sells vlcses Patten, Harding, New York; 20th. Volant, do. Cld 12th, barque Helen Sands,Otis, Liverpool; brig Jas Baker, Thompson, Philadelphia. Sid 16th, bur |Uc Helen Sands; brig Lizzie M Mer rill; sell Ralph Carlton, Boston. NORFOLK.—Ar 14th, brig Suwannee, McCobb, New York. BALTIMORE—Cld IKth. sch Pacific, McMali ,n. Bath; Calista, Bowers, Saugus. Cld 16th, brig Concord, Drummond, Aspinwall. Ar at Annapolis 17th, brig Nathl Stevens. Saun ders, Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Ar J W Prisko, Ea ton. Mansanilla. Cld H»th, barque SD Ryerson. Raymond, Antwerp brig Pcrsis Hinkiev, Foster, Galbarieu. NEW YORK Ar 21st, sch Eagle, Henderson, Jacksonville. A1 22d, ship Sami Russell, from Amoy, (crew frost bitten); barque George S Hunt, Woodbury, Havana, (crew frost bitten.) Also ar 22d, brig J Leighton, Leighton, Jackson ville, (with 1 os oi main boom, &c); sehs Hamourg. Sprague, Kingston,J, with loss of part of deck loau; Diadem, Allen, Turtle Cav. with bulwarks stove). NEW LONDON—Slil l"tb, sch G D King. Biatch ford. New York for Calais. BOSTON—Clil 22il. sehs David S Sincr, Huntley, and Sarah Watson, Smith, Po tland. Cld 23d, brig Crimea, Patterson, Cardona*. WOOD’S HOLE—In port 22d, barquo Heroine Nickerson, Paleimo ror Boston. FOREIGN PORTS. At Newcastle, NSW, 1st ult, barque Vfdctto, Mer ritt, tor San Francisco, ldg. P ssed Straits Sunda Nov 15. ship Dandtua Dud ! ley. Watt, from Singapore icr Uvernool. Ar at Calcutta I3tli inst, ship Zephyr, Port»r, from Liverpool. Sid ini Cardiff 3d inst, ship E ‘och Talbot, Mcrii nian. Montevideo. A t Newcastle 3d inst, barque Esther, Trinee. for Nisida, (cut out.) At Liverpool 9th, ship Ellen Hood, Pennell, tor New York, ent for ldg. At London loth inst, ship Freedom, Bradley: Am Eagle, Moore, lor New York, ldg. At Deal 9th inst, ship Kit Carson, Pennell, troiu New Y ork tor Antwerp. Ar at Cette 3d inst, Executive, Gorhum, from New Yo\k. At Bahia 30th ult, ship S C Grant, Rich, from Ba ker*.* Island lor Liverpool, with crew sick with the scurvy. Sid hu Callao loth ult, ship Eliphak c Greeley, llal crow, fm Antwerp; Dth, Sarah Newman, Hayden, Cbinehas. to load for Unite 1 State . In port 28th ult, ship S I) Thurston, Snow, unc; barque Ueorce £ Heiry. I?lint, do. Sid lm Valparaiso 5th ult, ship Bertha, Humphrey, Lota, to load for Liverpool. At Wedington, NZ, Dec 9, ship Live Oak, Coombs, from Cardiff, ar Oct 30. Ar at Aspinwall 9th, sch J E Stetson. Hayes.-. Sid 11th, brigs L L Wadsworth. Bailey, ana F II Todd, McGuire, (ienfuegos. at uemerara i»ec orig Hattie caton. Drawn, | Boston. Arat Kingston. Ja, 2”th nit, brigs PLnriabce, Head, Philadelphia, land sailed Jan 4 on return.) In jiort 5th inst, brig Janies M urchin, Smith, iron. Machias, ar Dec 17, to load tor New York; Beaver, Crocker, from New York, ar Dec 26, to load tor do: schs < nitario, lluntley, trom Machias, ar 2d. to load lor New Yor*: Mary Collins. CoHins, from Wilming ton. NC, ar 3d, to load for New York: C C Clark. Cmnmings, from Inagua, ar 4th, to load tor New York. At Mayaguoz 4th inst. brig Model, Johnson, horn Bangor, ar Dec 24, dbg. Sid f n St Jaco 7th inst, barque Linda Stewart Osborn, New York. Ar at Clenfhegos prov to Oth Inst, brig Navarhm Lord. A spin wall ’ *» *>;ivrirmo’ S]<113th. sch K Rfchanbon, Thompson, New York. Sid tin Havana 11th, biig Marv A Heed Heed for Georgetown. SC; 12th. soli Juchi'n. Thcmpson, Pen «o^42£ ofevi‘ I 12<liinst, brig Minnie Miller. An derson, Portland; sch John Crooker. Herbert, from Jacksonville. Sid 12th, brig Minna Traub, Frederieka, Philadcl plus. CM at Nassau, NP, 21th ult, sch Suulieam, Pierce, (trom Bcllast) lor Uuatan; 7th, font, White, lor Ueorgotown. SPOKEN. •Ian 13. on Northern edge Uulf Stream, brig Sea Foam, from Portland lor Cube NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Testimony is Authority I THE PUBLIC ESTIMATION Tilton & McFarland's FIRKlMtOOF SAFES The great fire in Augusta was a severe test as to the qualiiy ol Sales. Attention is called to the tact that the following named persons aiui lousiness lirins ot Augusta have purchased since the calamitous fire of 1865 Tilton & McFarland's Fire Proof Sales, via:—David Cargill; Chas. K. Partridge; Parrott 6c Bradbury, two sates; Chas. E. Coller; s. F. Robin son; O. C. Voso; Charles F. PotUr, late Pension Agent; Baker & Weeks, Pond & Smith, two safes; C. W. Saflbr<l & Son; F. W. Kinsman; Jamos A. Bickr.ell, Postmaster; Longtbllow & Sanborn; James W. Cofr.n, late of Augusta, now of Lewiston; IX-ering & llolway; Gould & Buckley; Artemas Libbey; John G. Adam*; Stevens Say ward— twenty-one Sates in all. It Ls believed that only firar Safes of any other make have been purchased in Augusta since the tire. Jau24 dtw Portland Glass Co. ANNUAL MEETING. rpiIE Annual Meeting of the PARTI.AKD A ItLAsM CO.»IP AN IT, will be holden at the Treasurer’ll Office, on Wednesday, January 30tb, At 3 o’clock, P. M., t > act upon the tallowing business : To choose Directors for the ensuing year. To act UDOn increasing their Capital Stock to the amount allowed by their Charter. To act upon any other proper business. By Okdir of Directors. i in M dr I J. S. PALMER, Clerk. Deafness and Catarrh. Certificate of Mr. A. f>. Blunt of Portland. rpills may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at 1 the U. S. Hotel, has cured uie of Deafuess and Discharges from the head, of 17 years standing. 1 had been doctored by many emin. nt physicians without relief. Any peison interested can see me at the store of Messrs. Blunt 6c Foss, Middle St. Portland, Mo., Jan 14,1887. A. G. BLUNT. DR. CARPENTER remains in Portland un til February 1st, only. He can be consulted at the Ruble lord House, Biddefbrd, for one month com mencing February 1st, 1887. ja2fdlw AS there has been considerable talk in this vicini ty concerning the merits of the Horses owned by myself and Hiram Hamilton, 1 hereby challenge fiiiam Hamilton to trot liis Sorrel Colt against my Horse, called the Brackett Horse, from the Biewei House at Stroudwaicr, to the corner of Green ami Portland Streets, Portland, for the sum of One Hun «lred Dollars a side,— single dash, and both Horses to trot. If this challenge is accepted, the stakes arc to be put up in one week from date in the luiuds ol J. M. Quiiiby, Cape Elizabeth. ALMON L. HANNA FORD, ('ape Elizabeth, Jan. Y2, 1887. jan24 3t* MR. JOIIX F. II AX IP. WAKES this opportunity to express his gratitude A to tho ladies ol Portland and vicinity for theii liberal patronage, and would cheerfully recommend to them his successor, Mr. J. Y. IlUDSlXIN, who will continue the same business. All indebted to JOHN F. RAND, arc requested to make immediate payment, and any one having any claims please present tor settlement. Portlaud, Jan 23. Ja24d3t* Maine Historical Society. A Special Meeting ol the Mains Historical Society, for the purpose of receiving coiinnu ideations and reading papers, will bo held at the Court House, at Augusta, on TburMilay, February 7, IN67, at 2 o'clock, P. M., and at 7 in tho evening, and will bo open to the public. EDWARD BALLARD. Scc’y. Brunswick, Jan. 22, 1867. jan24 dtd House and Lot tor Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth. WILL be sold at a bargain, if applied for soon, a new 1| story House. Said House is 21 b) 31 loot with au L 12 by 22 teef, finished throughout, and situated within sixty roils of the t erry Office. Terms : One hall down, the balance in oue anu two years. Possession given immediately. Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER. Perry Village, C. E., Jail. 8,1867. jamAdlw H. W. Si MON TON & CO , 340 Congress St., Up Stairs. Funcjr Linen Cutlar* 13c. 'l ucked do. lOr. Cloud., Sic. Pebbled Cloud. $1.43. bbctlnud Veil. 30 mid 73 cl*. I lr ’Woretod Goods at Reduced Prices. ja24dt> New Store—Ju^t Open. BLUNT“& FOSS, DEALERS IN Builders Hardware Nails,ti ass,Wooden Wan DOuliS, SASH AND BLINDS, and CAUl'EN TERMS’ TOOLS in Great Variety. On Middle, between Hampshire & Franklin Sts. Jas. P. Blunt. ja24d3m* Jas. a. Foss. Lost! BETWEEN the Portland & Rochester Depot anu Commercial street, or in ihe Cais, a Wallet, containing a small amount of money and vHuabh papers, ahe Under wilt be suitably rewarded l»\ ierviiig it at tins omcc, or with vir. cousins, Con duefor on Portian i A Rochester li. 14. jan -4 dlw House lor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, ban and soft wator, good lot centrally located—con vonient tor two laimlies, if desirable, inquire at It C’ciiur, or 1^4 Fore 8t.. of tho subscriber, J. A. FENDEKSON. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf Rooms to Let. A Suit of Rooms centrally located, to let without Board. Address “ W, ’ Pest Office. Jau24 u2w» ANNUAL STATEMENT of the financial condi tion of llie l*oiliauil Mti-uui I'utlici Co. Jan. 1, 1*67. Capital Stock, all paid in, - #300,1* ( The Company owe, ----- .$53,0M> \VM. KIMBALL, Treasurer. Cumberland, ss. Portland, dan. 8,1867. Personally appeared the above named Win. Kim ball, Treasurer, anti made oath that the .above state - Iment made by him i-t true. WILLIAM H. WOOD, jan 23 d3t Justice of the Peace. Clove Anodyne. THAT remarkable specific for Toothache and itr assoeiated neuralgic*, prepared by us only, cat now l*o furnished to consumers or to the trade iL quantities to snif, at our establishment. :tis i mtbket, Jan23d3i _ J. It. LUNT & CO. geitlehei winhino Clothing Cleansed l AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can bo done more t< their satisfaction than at Wo. 30 Temple street, Second Door from Congress st. iy Every Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ldultes’ Snequcs ! CLEANSED IN' FIRST CLASS STTLE1 jL^fr Give me a trial and 1 will endeavor to please. ( IIAKI.ES II. IVUnOIEY. CP*H^hc»t Cash price paid for east-off Clothing. Nov 21—d;.hi Removal! HB. KOK Nils. Drcss-makcr has removed L • ClapD’s New Block on ELM ST., second dooi from Congress Street. Jan. 23 d3t HANSON Jt WINSLOWS Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, -AND Plough Manufactory, TITE would inform the public that we arc prepar ? ? od to furnish Castings of every description l* order at short notice. Wo now have on hand an as sortment of Window Weights. Sled Shoes and othei castings. We arc prepared to furnish Castings for Ral Road Companies and Ship Builders. Also, Planing, Jointing, Matching and Sawing promptly done J. W. HANSON, C. C. WINSLOW. JO York Nt., Head of Smith’* YYhnrf. Jan 1—d To Rent, \I7 A REHOUSE on Cnstom .House Wharf. En f ? quire of LYNCH, BARKER & (XX, _novldif 139 Commercial street. Tilton c0 McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the thet tliat moro than 4 o Of tlmir Sales gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the fate lire. Part ics desiring a FIKST KATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Mhldle Street, Portland, Or at HO .Sudbury Street, Bo*tou. tyflecond-baad Safes taken in cxchango for sale. Jan 15—hn 1st win each mo&adv remainder of time. For Sale, A SUPERIOR lot of DRIED PEACHES lu Bar rcls, Bags and tiere. s, by V!- B- ROGERS, No 133 Market St., Decl8<15w_ Philadelphia. Portland Petroleum Company. T**K annual meeting of the stockholder, of this ... Company will be held at the Counting-room ot Edward Hamblen, Eaq., No. 3 Uulou Wharf, in Port land, on WEDNESDAY, February c», 1**7, at fi»ui o clock P. M., tor the following |>uri»oscH, viz:— 1st. To choose a Board ot Directors lor the ensuing year. 2d. To transact such other business as may legally come before them. By order of the Directors. WM. 1*. MKBKII.L, Soc’y. Portland, Jan. 21, 1**7- did Cio to Adariis A Puriutoii’s FOU your House-1 urn idling Goods of all kinds; Garftaitngs, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone. Earthern and Wooden Ware. Paper Hang ings, Wintlow Shades, «Sfee, &c., cornet of Federal and Exchange streets. noXfddin Notice to Land Holders, MU. O’DUROCHEli, Builder, Is prepared to take contract, tor building, citlicr by JOB or by DAY MOKIi. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, I’orllnnd. August 17th, lftiG auggil—tf ,|X“ETery style of dob work neatly executed it thli office. WANTED. Wanted. A good, fUithful Ooloicd Woman to lake charge iV of, and do the work 01 a kitchen. She mu-t Be a good coOK, an** capable to lake charge, unassist ed, and come well recommended by parties alio can be appealed to person illy, Such an one can bud a good, permanent lloine, and good pay. Al o, a strong Colored Woman to do gcuerul bouse work, iu i-luuing a large washing and ironing. Nouem**l ap ply but those who ean give unquestionable references. The right persons can lind permanent places, u py Home, ami good pay, in a quiet little village about 15 miles from the City. Apply by letter, mv in>* references, and where an iuierview can be bad. Address WILLIAM 11. BISHOP, jan23 dtf Poriiant', MaiiiC.^I WANTED--JOB PRINTERS ONE cx]»erii ncctl Job Comp si for accustomed to llic 11 nest class of work, and wlio knows tlm whole business; also a man to w..rk on posters. To steady, reliable men, with good references, good wages and permanent situations will be giveu. Apply to EDWARD It. J'ISKE, juni'ldlw Worcester, Mass Girl Wanted. A HOOD capable girl wanted in a small family; must be well recommended. Apply to A a- 3T Hr ova n Htrcel. Jonl'ldlw* Book Agents Wanted! For Every Town in the State. %3F“ For Full particulars apply to or address, J. PATTEN EITIU, 433 1-4 CONGRESS STREET, PORTLAND, M E Jan 1G <12w&w3w*3 Flour Barrels Wanted. ON uud alter January 18G7, we shall resume the purchase of Flour Oils. FOR CASH, at the Ollice of the PortlnnU Sugai' Co., •J7 I-l Uitufurlh HI. <lc27<Um M. II. BIIOWJT A HONS. Flour Barrels Wanted. tITE will pay 30cents each far first class Floor V V Baucis suitable foi sugar. LYN< ii, BARKER & CO., novl.idtf 159 Commercial street. Wanted Immediately. -4 / \ / v Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish Gills to do housework, cook, <yo., In pri vate lain dies and hotels in this and country. Situation* sure. The best wage* paid. Aiso 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any work will do well to call on us, as we will supply them free of charge. Addles# or apply at the Geueral Agency Employment Office, 3ol 4 I'ongress street, upstairs. COX <1 POWAKS. ^*4,4 sept2Gdti late WHITN F Y <£ CO. BOAItD AND KOOKS. Looms to Let. TWO Front Rooms, well furnished, ta let with l>oard, No. 3b Center Street, opposite- Preble House. jalSdiw* Board. PLEASANT ROOMS with board cun be obtained bv upplyiug at No 12 Maple St. jalHdlw* To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without board, suitable tor gentlemen and their wives. En quire at No. 5 South street, between U and 11 A. M. each day. .janbdtt OR. CARPENTER. Oculist and Aurist, CAN bo consulted at the U. S. HOTEL, Port land, unti February list, only upon Blindness, Deafness, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Nasal and Aural^Polypus, Discharge from the Ears, Noises in the head, Scrofula, Sore Eyes, Films and all Diseases of the JTC YK, - Ear and Throat. C3/"* In most cases the rcme<Ucs can be applied at home without interfering with the patients occupa tion. Artificial Eyes Inserted Without Pais. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, 33/ 'But (sitters must contain One Dollar to ensure an answer. ;;t* HOME TESTIMONY. i The Testimonials below aro all received in lids State, and can be readily investiguied by those desir ous of so doing. Hundreds of other certfficates can be seen at the Dr.’s office. DEAFNESS. Belfast, Me., Nov 27, 1806. i During 10years I grew totally deal in one ear ami 90 deal in the other that 1 was uuahle to hear uulcss addres-d very loudly, aud had tliaagi ceab.e noises in my head. \V as obliged u> absent in > self troiu church and society on that account. I consulted an eminent phjaiciaum Boston without relief, uid supposed 1 must always icinaiu deaf, but uImiui two years ago I applied to Dr. Carpenter; after the application da course of his ircauueut, 1 could hear a watch tick 0 feet from either ear, and my hearing remains periect. 1 am 00 >ears oi age, and reside on High si reef, Bel fast, Maine, where any |>crsou can see or bear from me. Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewi.** for years andnow she w as deal and now hears, ami believe the above statement to be correct. REV. C. PALFBEY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Belfast. MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of “Belfast Age.” [From the Banqor Whig (f Courier.] ahoy .Me., Oct. 30. Dr. Carpenter, Dear SirOn the gAd oi Feb ruary Inst. 1 placed my sell under your treatment tor Discharge oi the Ear, which had continue i so long and was so great as to aricci my hcariug. After ap plying the medicine prescubed by you two mouths, my ears were entirely well aud remain the same. Most Respectfully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY. - BLINDNESS. [From Maine Farmer., In defiance of physicians :uid all remedies, T suffer ed excruciatingly from Scrofulous Sore fives ten years, being frequently confined to a dark roo’m. The remedies Dr. Carpenter prescribed last September, at Bangor, cured them entirely, and they remain so. KATIE LANG. Passadumkcog, Me., 1866. [From the Maine Farmer.] I was nearly blind with Scrofulous Sore Eyes four years, being confined to a dark room and buttering excruciating pain a great portion of the tune. 1 con sulted many physicians without relief. Dr. Carpen- 4 ter cured me. My bight is now good. L reside In 1 \ a^salboro’. Mrs. P. B. LANCASTER. CATARRlL-h" [From the Kennebec Journal of Augusta. r. . Augusta, Me., ,!au., 1806. 1 have been cured of Catarrh iu its most disagree able form, of many years’ standing, by Dr. Carpen ter. 1 suffered from pains, dullness and lightness in my head, continued discharges, great difficulty in talking and breathing, felt as ifl had a bad cold tha whole time, and hutiered intensely to the great im pairment of my health, and was quite discourageJ, tor all I had doctored was of no beuefit. But thanks to Dr. Carpenter’s skill, 1 now have none ot these Troubles. 1 reside in Whitetiekl, EPHRAIM MARIUNER. (From tho Maine Farmer.] I suffered from Catarrh over 20 years. Last wuuT't. when I consulted Dr. Carpenter, 1 had frequeut aiul copious discharges, a bad cough, and my health so much reduced that myself and friends were appre hensive nr serious consequences ; but Dr. Carpenter cured me. 1 am now well, and free from Catarrh W. N. SOCLE. Cor. Sewall and Court streets, Augusta, Sept. 14,1800. STATEMENTS OF THE PRESS. ) All the published Certificates of Dr Carpenter are bona Jide.—[Maine f armer. The Certificates, published in our columns, of Dr. Carpenter’s cures are bona Jide to our own knowledge. He is ail he professes to bo, and will not humbug or deceive the pubUc.-{Kcnner*c Journal, Augusta. Dr. Carpenter has entirely cured persons in this city who have been under treatment at the Eve and Ear Infirmaries without being benelittcd.—] lid fast Age. v Several marked cure * have come under our obseiv atlon, and we have conversed witli many others who have been benctUted by Dr. Carpenter's treatment, snd we have become satisfied that ho is skilMil in the class of diseases which he treats, and careful to prom ise only what he can perform.—! lian nor Whig $• tjour See other Certificates in City pai*ers. dec31—dlin&wit* DIVIDEND. A DIVIDEND of 10 per cent, will be paid the stockholders of the Tug Warrior at the office of d. *. W inslow, January 15th. JanlQfltf J. s. WINSLOW, Agent. Seizure of Goods. VOTl( Ei» hereby given that tho following de*ei»b S01"1* we.rV •eAzc‘l port, on the day. Law*"3*'01 **'r violation of the InwM U. UM. on bark "S. It. Halo." -.>.100 cigars, ,» l aekagos of Liquor. Dec. 28. IN*;, at 1H8 r ore Street in this CUv, It; Ca«c* ol Cotk n Cards, landed from Steamer Con. McCallum, from Hali fax, N. S, Any person or persons claiming the same am re quested to ap|*e:ir and make such claims wlthill twen ty days from the date hereof; otherwise the said goods will be dis|)oseil of in accordance with tho Acts of Congicts in such cases made and provided. ISRAEL WASHBURN, Jr., Collector. Portland, Jan. 17, l8t>7. dlaw 3w A New Place .Just Open l U THERE you ean buy real French CALF SKINS and Philippe and Canaud’s SARD INKS. Ju»t received trom Paris, now in bond, ami lor sale in lot* to suit cu'-tomers by H. P E Y It K T , OMcr over the Fi.h yiurket .Ian2d2m* FEDERAL NTREE'I. PAINTS AMD OILS. Di-ntTK, MtHllt-lnoK, "lulls. Window (;|;ims. AOEKTHrOR forest Hirer <t* Warren Lead Co.'s CRAFT* &*, Nos. 5 and 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Dec4—TnThStly Store to L«*t. FTHE GOTHIC STOKE on Congress Street, on •i Poslte Lai ay et tv Street. This k • no of the Wat stands for the firwerry ltn*iiic«* in the Ckv having had a largo trade for the past ten years *1 Apply to 8. L. CARLEToN, Jan 1 dedtf U7 Market Square.