Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 24, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 24, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGUAl’H TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ----— Thursday Morning, January 24,1867. LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [SPECIAL DISPATCH to THE DAILY PRESS.] State House, Augusta, Jan. 23. SENATE. Papers from the House were referred in con currence. A large number of petitions from various lodges of Good Templars, for a eliaDge ot the liquor law, were duly received and referred. On motion of Mr. Perkins, Ordered, That the Committee on Military Adairs he directed to enquire what reduction can he made in the expenses of the Adjutant General's Department. Ordered, That the Judiciary Committee be instructed to enquire what legislation is neces sary to give the Governor further power to prosecute the claims ot the State against the General Government. The following acts passed the Senate: An a.a giving the Kennebec Company power to take such real estate as may be necessary for certain purposes therein named; to incorporate the Castine Brick Company; to incorporate the York Institute; to change the name of Waterville College; to change the name of the Machias Steamboat Company, and increase the capital stock of the same; to incorporate the Merchants’ Exchange Company of Port land ; to authorize the construction of a Ma rine Hailway at Tenant’s Harbor; to incorpo rate the Saco Water Power Machine Shop; to increase the salary of the Judge of Probate ol Sagadahoc. HOUSE. The House considered a large amount ol business to-day of no general interest, The following acts were dually passed: An act to repeal the duty heretofore required to be paid the State by Notary Publics; to increase the salary of the Judge of trobate of Penob scot County to one thousand dollars instead of the present salary; to incorporate the N ewport Manufacturing Company; to regulate the tak ing of fish in Damariscotta river. uraers were passed directing the Committee on Legal Reform to enquire into the expedien cy ol establishing Courts ol Conciliation simi lar to those adopted in Franco, Denmark, Swe den, and other enlightened nations of Europe, to settle difficulties among our citizens, and to prevent litigation aud cost; also to enquire whether any further legislation is necessary to provide lor a uniform rate iu the taxation ol legal costs of the several county clerks. The petition of Robert Thompson for the in corporation of the Dirigo Sewing Machine Company ; petition fortho incorporation of the Lewiston Water I’owcr Company; petitions for aid in tho building of several roads aud bridges iu Aroostook county, were appropri ately referred. An order authorizing the Messenger to stamp all mail matter forwarded by member? at the expense of the State, was voted down 31 yeas, 91 nays. The House had under discussion the amend ment offered in the Senate to the roport of the Committee on the Governor’s Salary, to change the sum from twenty-five hundred dollars to tliree thousand dollars. The subject under went a lengthy discussion. Messrs. Titeomb ol Augusta, Hale of Ellsworth, and Shcpley ot Portland, favored the large amount. Messrs. Tobcy, of Athens, and Brown ot Hampden, iu opposition. Without taking a vote the House adjourned. The vote iu Augusta ou loaning its credit foi the Kennebec Water Power, stands eight hun dred seventy in favor, and sixty- three in oppo sition. NEW YORK. Crossing Cast Kirer on Ice—Failure —Ac* , rideul—Women’s Bights—Nprcic Ki|toil —The Steamer Commodore. New York, Jan. 23. It is estimated that between four thousand and live thousand people crossed the East rivci to Brooklyn ou the icc this morning. Several ladies also ventured and were successful. No accident occurred. A tug was constantly iu attendance aud conveniently located for use in case of emergency. The river was not frozen, hut the crossing was cflected on large cakes ol floating icc, which only lasted about an hour when the fun was suddenly spoiled. This feai has not been performed before in fifteen years The piers and housetops of both sides wen crowded with people to witness the unusual spectacle. Later.—Parties have been crossing East river on the ice all day. At noon the ice gave way and a large cake floated away with thirty-five passengers. A tug put out aud rescued all bui three, amid tho cheers of thousands ol specta tors. The remaining three were rescued hall an hour after. The heavy failure of a stockbroker ou Broad street is reported. Councilman Cregier had a leg cut off yester day, while attempting to get on a train ot cats near the Hudson River Railroad depot. He will probably die. The inspector of Exeiso granted 85 permit yesterday. Mrs. Stanton and Miss Anthony are to have a hearing before the Judiciary Committees of the Senate; and Assembly tomorrow afternoon in favor of Women’s rights. The steamship Persia takes out to-day $76, 100. The other steamers take nothing. It appears from the report ot the Superviso ry Inspector of Steamboats on the- steamboat Commodore, recently lost iu the Sound, that the President of the company testified he knew of the dangerous condition of the boat and hes itated in trusting his life on hoard. WASHINGTON OOREESPONDENOE, Explanation of the Gold Sales. Vetoes of the Nebraska and Colorado Bills. NO REDUCTION OP THE WHISKEY TAX. New Yobk, Jail. 23. Special Washington dispatches say Assistant Treasurer Van Dyck yesterday had a long in terview with the joint Retrenchment Com mittee, and satisfactory explanations made ol all matters connected with the sale of Govern men gold by him. The President’s vetoes of the Colorado and Nebraska bills were considered in the Cabinet yesterday, and it is expected that they will he sent to Congress to-day. There is no probability of a reduction of the whiskey tax, the Commissioner of Revenue and the Secretary of the Treasury .being opposed to it. J. H. Ashton, Assistant Attorney General, fell on the ice in front of his residence yester day, with such violence as to render him in sensible. He will be incapacitated for duly for several days. Foreign News per Mlenmer. New Yobk, Jan. 23. The steamship Cuba, with European dates oi the 13th and 14th insts., has arrived. The delegates from the North American Col onies have been entertained at a grand dinner by the Canada Club of London. The ship joiners who were preparing the Great Eastern for the traffic between New York and Brest, had struck tor higher pay. James P. Wilkinson, late manager of the London Joint Stock Discount Company, and well known in the hanking world, has been found guilty of robbing his company of two checks, and sentenced to live years penal serv itude. The Inman steamer City of Boston liascoui EIf ted ten voyages between New York and averpool the past year, running 70,000 statute ““•o*. a performance never before equalled. The Admiralty aro preparing the estimates to build one hrst-class iron-plated ship and four second-class, four of them to be turret ships, a coast defense ship, fourteen smaller vessels and twenty gunboats. The'new Japanese Embassy had arrived in Pans. They would remain there a week and then go St. Petersburg via Berlin and thence to America. A spirit ot intolerance was showing itself in Rome. The services of the Scotch Presbyteri ans had been interdicted, and it was also hint ed that those held by the American Protestants would also be suppressed. The Fenian Trial*. Toronto, C. W., Jan. 23. Michael Purtil, when placed on trial, with drew his former plea of not guilty, and plead ed guilty. He was sentenced to be hanged on the 5th of March. Owen Kennedy was next placed in the dock and pleaded not guilty.— The jury brought in a verdict of guilty with a recommendation to mercy. Sentence was de ferred. New Hnmpwliirr Democratic Couvcmion. Manchester, N. H., Jan. 23. The Democratic Convention for this distiict, to-day nominated E. W. Harrington, ot this city, lor Representative to Congress. Ihe New Hampshire agricultural laud scrip has been sold t<> L. (}. Lewis, of Ohio, for $80, 000. •Heeling of the M ool CSrowrr. of Hnine. State House, Augusta, Jan. 23. The wool growers of Maine held a meeting , this afternoon and urged an increase of the tariff respecting their interests, according fo the resolves of the late Cleveland Convention. Election of 17. M. Senator.. Topeka, Kansas Jan. 23. 8. C. Pomeroy was to-day re-elected 17. S. Senator by a vote of 84 to 25 for all others. E. li. Boss was elected for the short term by a vote of 68 to 40 for Thomas Carney. 1 XXXIX OONGBESS--SEOOND SESSION Washington, Jan. 23. SENATE. Petitions and memorials were introduced by Messrs. Wade, Howe, Fessenden, Edmunds and others, which were appropriately referred. Among them is one from the liank at St Al bans, Vt., asking to be reimbursed for money taken from the Bank during the St. Albans rebel raids. Mr. Harris reported a bill granting to persons confined in penitentiaries by sentence of a Fed eral Court the same incentives to good behav ior extended to convicts from other courts and providing that all persons who shall conduct themselves so far as to have no charge against them for misconduct, shall have a deduction of one mouth horn their term of service. All. Chandler introduced a hill amendatory ot the act to prevent smuggling. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Ramsey introduced a hill concerning the franking privilege and to appoint franking clerks lor the heads of the Executive depart ment. Referred to tho Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. Air. Norton introduced a bill amendatory of the Homestead law. It provides that any per sons in the military or naval service of the United States at tiie date oi the act of May 20,1802, and at the time also a resident upon anj public lands may, by paying the usual price, have a patent five years from that date. The widows of soldiers and sailors who were lust in the service are to have a similar benefit. Air. Ramsey introduced a bill amendatory of the postal laws, providing for a reduction in the price for niouei orders and for issuing du plicates when money orders are lost; lor a Su perintendent of foreign mails at a salary of $3000, and for a Superintendent ot dead letters in the office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, etc. Referred to the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. The hill of the House prescribing rules for the qualification of lawyers practicing In United States Courts was received and referred to the Judiciary Committee. The claim of John E. Boligny to 75,000 acres of laud iu Louisiana was confirmed. Tho Tariff hill came up at 1 o’clock. Mr. Sprague moved to amend by increasing the duty on brown linen, ducks, canvases, pad ding, etc., to 4 cents per yard and 35 per cent, ad valorem. Air. Sherman spoke upon the general subject of the tariff He advocated the payment of the duties in legal currency other than gold on domestic goods. He gave statistics in support of his position. Air. Resseuden opposed tlio amendment of Mr. Sprague. He was not in favor of placing such duties upou foreign articles as would pre vent their importation. He thought it best to move gradually. It would not do to leave the formation of a tariff to the manufacturers. Air. Johnson spoke in favor of protection a9 essential to the welfare of the country. Air. Sprague’s amendment was not agreed to, and he made another, which was also disagreed Mr. Foster moved to amend, by reducing the duty on salt in hulk and rock salt from 24 to 18 cents per hundred. Air. Fessenden said the amendment was as the Commissioners originally reported on the subject. After remarks by Messrs. Foster, Willey and Alorgau, the amendment was disagreed to. Air. Edmunds moved to amend by inserting iu the free list books, charts, maps, &c., import ed for the use of public libraries. Pending its cousi leratiou the Senate ad journed, no quorum being present. HOUSE. am: housu remained in session until eight o’clock this morning, tlio scenes up to that time being repetitions aud variations of those in the earlier part of the night. Forty votes were taken by yeas and nays. At lengtli an offer to compromise came from the Republican ranks, Mr. Boutwell suggesting that liy common con sent the House should meet at 11 o’clock this morning, and that tlie hour between that and noon .should be at the disposal of the Demo cratic members, wlto wished to debate the bill. The House therefore took a recess until eleven o’clock. On the assembling of the House at U o’clock, Mr. Boutwell’s bill was passed by a yea aud nay vote of 109 yeas to 42 nays. The Committee on Ways and Means were instructed to examine into the expediency of abolishing in whole or in part the tonnage tax, aud adopting the system of differential duties, favoring Americau ships so that they may share iu the importation of foreign merchan dize. Tlie House then resumed its regular order of business. Mr. Sliellabarger’s bill to protect all privi leges and immunities of citizens of the Uni ted States was ordered to be printed and re committed. A motion to recousider was entered. The Judiciary Committee were given per mission to report at any time a bill establishing the eight hour labor system. Tlie House bill aineudatory ui tlie act to reg ulate the time and manner of holding elections of Senators to Congress was laid on the table. Mr. Cook, from tlie same Committee report ed back adversely the lollowing bills which were laid on the table: “To amend tho laws relative to .judgments on liens to enable citizens of the United States to record deedbi of land lying in States other than S.atrs of their residence in certain cases; tor tlie relief of loyal and innocent part owners of personal property forfeited on account of criminal acis by other part owners. Also the lollowing bills: To limit the time lor bringing suits before the- Court of Claims, provided that petitions shall be tiled within six years of the time that claims arise.” Passed. During the considcmiou of the bill to amend the act regulating the fees and costs ol'clerks, marshals and attorneys iu the United States Courts, the Sergeant-at-Arms wus ordered to present at the bar the members under arrest lor abseuting themselves without leavo yester day. Forty -four were brought up iu front of the Speaker’s chair. Mr. Orth moved the discharge of the mem bers on payment ot the usual fees. Mr. Farquliar moved to except those Cued under the tirst call aud those who left after that call. The amendment was agreed to aud tlie original motion adopted. Mr. Kasson introduced a resolution to arrest Mr. Farquhar for forcing himself into the House after the call and the doors had been closed. Laid on the tabic. Mr. Boutwell, from the Judiciary Commit tee, reported back the bill to amend the act of March, 1792, declaring the officers who stall act as President and Vico President in case of vacancies. After a discussion the bill was re committed. A resolution was adopted for printing 5,000 copies of L. Boss Browne’s report on the min eral resources of the country. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, Mr. Davis in the Chair, and considered the post office ap propriation bill, which passed. At 5 1-2 o’clock the House adjourned. The Connecticut Hrpublican State Can* vention. New Haven,Conn., Jan. 23. The Republican State Convention which meets in this city to-morrow, is likely to be fully attended. Hon. E. K. Foster, of this city, will probably be made President. Appearanc es indicate the nomination of Gov. Hav/ley.— There are several candidates for Lieutenant Governor, the most prominent of whom are O. H. Perry, of Fairneld, F. J. Kingsbury, of Waterbury, and C. W. Ballard, of Darien — Wm. F.;Elmer, of Middletown, or David B. Booth, of Danbury, will probably be nominat ed for Secretary of State. There will be no contest for the other places on tho State ticket. The resolutions will doubtless affirm the policy of impartial, intelligent suffrage, and perhaps that of making eight instead of ten hours a legal day’s work. A full caucus held this eve ning indicates these results. Destructive Fire. Cleveland, Jan. 23. Benedict & Shay's drug store, Plod's con fectionery, Weed’s shoe store and Beckwith’s photographic rooms, on Pearl street, were burn ed this morning. Loss $250,000. Insured for $180,000. St. Loms, Jan. 23. On Monday the tobacco factory of H. Stipe, at Alton, 111., was destroyed by fire along with other buildings. Total loss, $50,000. Insured for $16,000. Maryland Legislature. * Annapolis, Md., Jan. 23. Tlie Maryland Legislature has passed an act abolishing the article in the code permit ting the salo of neg-ocs into slavery, as a pun ishment for crime. There will hereafter be no distinction in this State in the mode of pun ishing white and black criminals. The Senate has adopted a report against suspending boun ties to colored soldiers. Indians Assuming a Hostile Attitude. St. LOuis, Jan. 23. A band of Arrnjiahoo Indians who are en camped between Forts Lyon and Dodge, on the Smoky Hill route, are assuming a hostile attitude, having already driven off several station keepers. A party ot mail robbers, com posed of deserters from Fort Morgan, have also commenced operations. From California—BaliAcntieu of the Con stitutional Amendment. San Francisco, Jan. 23. The story of a terrific earthquake at Kil muth is denied. The Nevada Legislature passed tlie Consti • tutional Amendment yesterday. The Japanese customs authorities announce at they will receive Mexican coin in payment of dues. Sentence Commuted. • Boston, Jan. 23. J lie. President has commoted the sentence of .lames Mrowu, the colored cook, who was con victed of the murder of James M. Foster, at for’ufe May last’ 40 l“prtoonnient Tennessee I.egi»lninre. Nashville, Tenn., Jan 23 A bill passed the House to-day to organize a loyal militia and provide for a cavalry regiment in each Congressional district, of white and colored men. A bill was also passed striking out the word “white” from tile franchise. 31 aiI Rubbers SenIrneed to be Hint. . I'rankfout, Ky., Jan. 23. William P. Kiug and Ahc Owen, the rail road train roblier*, and who subsequently killed Henry King, one of thsir baud, have been sen tenced to he hanged on March 22d. Repeal «f Ike Aiili-l*olvg„,„, l,Ilw. ... , , New Yoke, Jan. 23. A dispatch to the Tribune, from Denver says the Utah Legislature has petitioned Con gress to repeal the auti-poiygatny law. Obsequies of N. P. Willis. Boston, Jan. 23. The ftincral of N. P. Willis will take place m this city to-morrow afternoon. The remains will be taken to Mount Auburn for interment. WASHINGTON. Bills Approved by the President. APPOINTMENTS, Arc. Washington, Jan. 23. The President lias'approved the bill provid ing that in addition to the regular meetings of Congress there shall be a future meeting of Congress on the 4th of March. He has also approved the joint resolution appropripting #500,000 for the purchase of the lower pui tiou of the City Hall Park, in New York, tor a Post Office and lire U. S. Court. Brevet Brig. Gen. J. R. Lewis lias been or dered to repipt to tile Assistant Commissioner [ in Georgia. Brevet Major Generals are to be assigned to duly according to Brevet rank. Brevet Brig. Gen. Alvin C. Gillen has been appointed Assistant Commissioner ol the Bu reau of Fioedmen and Refugees for Mississippi. The number of visitors to Washington in the tariff interest is increasing. It is reported that the Senate Finance Com mittee has agreed to report a resolution grant ing the clerks and employees of the gineral government departments 20 per ceut. increase of compensation from the first of July last. During the parliamentary contest of the House last night, consuming fifteen hours, the roll of members was called fifteen times. Leonard Huyek was arrested in New York yesterday, on a requisition of the Court of this city, and delivered into the custody of the United States Marshal, to-day. The flagship Brooklyn arrived at Montevi deo December 0th, all well. The Pensacola and Wasp were also at that port. The National Democratic Association held a meeting to-night on the subject of calling a National Democratic Convention. New York city was decided upon as the place in which to hold it, and the time the 1st of May. Gen. Grant’s reception to-night was a bril liant aifair and largely attended. Canon DeauraycA by Fire. New Orleans, Jan. 23. The British ship Royal Sovereign, with cot ton, for Liverpool, was burned nine miles be low here, where she now lies a perfect wreck. She was valued at SGO.OOO, and her cargo at #400 ,000; mostly insured. The Smart Divorce Case. Caicago, 111 Jan. 23. In the Stuart divorce case the jury to-day brought in a verdict in favor of the defendant, declaring him not guilty of adultery, which was alleged against him. THE MARKETS. Financial. New York, Jan. 23. There was an unsettled feeling in the money mar ket towards the close, owing to the Stock Exchange railure. and the heavy dechno in Stocks. The de mand for money was met at 7 per cent., while Gov ernment securities’ bankers were generally supplied at G per cent. The discount market was active at 7 (5) 8 per ceut. for prime i»ai»er, as capitalists prefer to employ their idle funds on call pending the impoach ment against the President, and the continued con traction of tlic currency tends to depress business.— GoldFloscd at 134$. Foreign Exchange was heavy. Government securities are heavy and lower. Stocks were tinner at the last board. New York Market. * New York, Jan. 23. Cotton is ’c lower with more doing; sales 1,200 bale's. Middling uplands at 33$ («■ 34c. Flour—dull and prices without change; sales 4,000 bids. Wheat—dull and prices favor buyers. Corn—dull and lc lower; sales 23,000 bush. Mixed Western was offered at 116. Oats—lull and heavy; sales 18,000 bush. Western at G2 @ 65c. State at 68 (aj 69c. Provisions—generally dull and heavy; new mess pork sales at 21 00; old do at 19 31. W hiskey—non i ual. Groceries—quiet. Rice—quiet and firm; sales of Carolina at 10 @ 104c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at CG @ 67c. Rosin at 4 25 (g io 00. Petroleum—quiet; sales ol crude at 20c; refined bonded at 29 (nj 31c. Tallow—dull; sales at 11} @ ll|c. Wool—firm; sales 850,000 tbs. at 45 @ G3c for do mestic fleece; 24 @ 30c for Texas,and 21c for Mexican. Freights to Liverpool*—linnet; Cotton i (g 5-lGd; Corn and barley 6Jd per sail. Chicago Markets. Chicago, Jan. 23. Flour dull at 10 25 @ 10 50 for Spring extras.— Wheat lc lower; sales at 2 15 @ 218 for No. 1. and 1 88 for No. 2. Corn l (g> 1 Ac lower; sides at 7e for No. 1. Oats firmer; sales at 41 (gt 4l}c for No. 2. Provisions lower; mess pork sales at 18 50 @ 18 76. Live hogs 15 @ 25c lower. Dressed hogs 10 @ 15c lower. Cincinnati Markets. Cincinnati, Jan. 23. Ilogs dull; sales at 7 50 @ 7 90. Mess pork dull; sales at 20 50 {ty 21 00. Lard a 12$ @ 12$c. Mobile Markets. Mobile, Jan. 23. Cotton is lower and the market dull; salts Mid dling uplands at 31c. New Orleans Markets. New Orleans,. Jan. 23. Cotton dull and easier; sales ot Middling uplands at 32}c. New Orleans, Jan. 23. I Cotton—easier: sales 1,400 bales. Low Middling at 31 (w 32c; receipts «,5G1 bales. Supar scarce at 12J («) 122c. Molasses—fair at 01 (a) G3c; prime to choice at 70 g) 73c. New York sight Exchange 4 g) }c dis count. Freights to Now York by sail 1A; by steam er 1}. New York Stock Market. New York, Jan. 23. At the last board the Stock market had somewhat improved. American Gold.1,41 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.107$ U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1864.1054 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.105? U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons ’65, new issue.lo4A U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.9»J U. S. Ten-Forties, registered.99} (oj 100 U.S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series,.1044 U S. Seven-Thirties, 2d senes.1044 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.1044 Erie,.g« Erie preferred. 724 Michigan Central,.1034 Michigan Southern,. 74" Cleveland & Toledo.120 Chicago & Rock islauu. 97 Pacific Mail.127 Western Union Telegraph,. 45} New York Central,.102* Hudson. 124 Reading.102 Illinois Central,,.113 Cleveland & Pittsburg,.844 American Express.69$ Boston Stock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Jan 23. American Gold. 1342 United States 7 3-lOths, 1st series. 104} “ 2d series. 104* 3il qi-ripK iiMJ United States 5-20s, 18(5. 105} “ July, 1865. 1041 “ small. 104 j United States Ten-lorties. 9Si Maine State Sixes, 1863. 99| Portland, Saco& Portsmouth Railroad. loO Western Railroad.,.. 1352 Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 121 Riston and Maine Railroad. 1;<2A Eastern Railroad. 107} OYSTERS ! M ILLIAM IL DAHTON, AT his stores, No*. 231 & 233 Congress Street, near New City Building, is constantly receiving fresh arrivals of New York and Virginia Oysters, which he is prepared t<» sell by the gallon, quart or bushel, or served up in any style. J anuary 5,1867. dtf NEW G_0 O D S ! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, te 1-2 Congress Street, Has just received a line lot ot FALL. GOODS Suit able lor the sen son, which will be made up in the mast thorough manner. sept 10—ood RO I. L I N N Ac « I I. K E Y, At the.old stand ol E. Dana. Jr APOTHECARIES, Deering Block, Corner ot Congress and Pie Lie Sts., PORTLAND, ME. Foreign and Domestic Drugs, Chemicals, Fluid Ex tracts, Toiled 4 ▼tides, Perluinery, and Fancy Goods. Physician’s pi ascriptions careiully prepared, either by day or night. Mr. Charles B. Greenical, who has been at this stand lor a number ot years, will remain as prescrip tion clerk. ‘ scp21-cod&wtt U. S. Marshal’s Sale. United States of America, 1 District of Maine, ss. I 1)U RSUANT to a vend : Expo : to me directed A from the Honorable Edward Fox. Judge ol the United States District Court, within and tor the District of Maine, 1 sliall expose and offer for sale at Public Auction, to the highest bidder therefor, the following property and merchandize at the time and place within said District, as follows, viz: At the Mill, formerly occupied by Mason & Smith, at Hollis Center, in said District,, on Friday the eighth day of February next, at ten o'clock A. M: One Ixithc ; one Lathe Dench and Turning Tools one Board Planer; one (/rind Stone and Bench; one doun Circular Saws; sic Saw Shafts; one Clapboard Machine; one IjOth Machine; one Ma chine / or maki,in Match Splints; one Face Planer for planing end of Match Blocks; one Machine for preparing Match Blocks; one Power Cross-Cut Saw; one I/ami Cross Cut Saw; one and one hafj gross Stamped Matches; ninety-three one cent Int. Per. Stamps; all the Shafting and Belting, unstamped Matches, Sioves and other furniture in the Mill and Dry House, connected therewith, excepting the Main Shaft and Water Wheel and the necessary Belting and (/earing connecting the main Shajt with the Wa ter Wheel. The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed States, in the District Court, for the said District of Maine and ordered to bo sold and the proceeds dis posed of according to law. Dated at Portland, this twenty-second day of Jan uary, A. D. 18C7. CHARLES CLARK, U. S. Marshal, District of Maine. jan_22 d!5t___ GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES! E. TAHBeLl & SON, 41 ■BOlMVlBLp MTBEGT, UOSTOi'V, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all it» branches. GAS STOVES, ior Cooking and Heating. CHAIDEUBII, TAMPS, Ac., Re-Gi Bronzed, no21eod3m It la At. Litlt'lE. House for Sale, A FIRST CRASS two story Brick House No. 13 Mechanic suoet. Lot 12 x 100. Enquire ai ;s4«> tWU^I-CkM »|,, oi Ja* Cguti _ L.D. STROUT. NOTICE. 1 will sell on lavorable terms as to l»u\meat, or let lor a term df years, the lots on tlie (turner ol Middle ami Franklin streets, and on Jrauklin street, including thccurner ol Franklin and 1'0re..u,1oT'.8-,.^|lljly to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, oraMllil A REED Attorneys, Portland, jylgtt First Class Houses for Sale. WE otter tor salo Uio eight lirst class brick houses recently built by us, siluatod uu Pine Street! between Clark and Cartoton Streets, These houses are thoroughly tault, with slate roofs brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They u ill he sold at a low price, and ou very favora ble terms. Apply at our othee, No. g7J Dantorth St . J. B. BROWN A SONS, or A\ M. H. .ILRRIS, Real Fauite Ageut, opposite the Preble House. OcSutler Hi, 1S1K1. ,pt Dmralilc Store Lots FOR BALE, ft COMMERCIAL STREET. THE subscribers odor for sale the lot of land on the southerly side ol Commercial Street, lieadut Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For tiir tlier particulars inquire JONAS II. PER LEY, Oct lfc tf or W. S. DANA! For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner ol Middle and Plumb Streets, tor a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL A SON, Aug, gg. ItCC—(lit_178 Foro Street. FOJt SAL 1e7~ Cxrove Hill Farm J TH E above Farm is situated on an eminence over looking the bcautilui and thriving village ol Bridj-;iou Center and within one hall a mile oi the business portion. It is pronounced by all who have seen it to be the best and most desirable location in the \ bounty. It comprises 110 acres, conveniently di vided into tillage, pasturage, wood land and timber land; cuts from 45 to 50 tons first quality of hay. The puildings consisted1 a two story bouse, built in 1858, at an expense ol $3,H)!», witn barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or H. W.«iAGK, (firm & Gage,) Portiand, BEN WALKER, Bridgton, or to the subscriber. „ , , RICHARD GAGE. Bridgton, Doc., 18CC. dec 27 ood&wtt t*K House for Sale, No 32 Myitle Street. En ; ll quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. liL July 12—dtl Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. and fixtures Ibroughout,"together with all necessary outbuildings. Far full particulars inquire ol HORATIO BOOTH BY, „ _ _ Pioprietor. Or Hanson a Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sept. 29, 1h«g. dtf FARM for Hale. The subscriber offers his tai'in for sale or will exchange tor city property. It is a lirst rate farm o» 110 acres, with a two story HouBe, ui good lepair and a new Barn with cellar, 40XOU. There is a never tailing supply ol good water and wood lot. Said larm is situated on the road front Saccarappa to Gorham Corner, about one uiilo from the latter place. For further particulars apply to DOW & JOHNSON, Moulton street, or J. H. Cook, on the premises. jy27-codtf Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my liirrn near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile tVnm horse cars, nud Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains about 10(1 acres, part of it very valuable for tillage, and part oi it tiir building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, and out boos es on I he premises. It will he sold together, or in tols to suit pureltasers CYRUS THURLOW, sepll-dti__1C5 Commercial St. Afau de Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest thing,” and the most of it for the least money. It overcomes tlie odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per fume; allays headache and inliamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. S. X.—1HGU.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters sold in one year is something startling, ihey would fill Broadway six leet high from the Park to 4tli street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Dinkc painted all the locks in the Eastern Suites with liis cabalistic “S. T.—1800—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disfiguring the lace of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, hut we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no oilier article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsiii—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggist3. “In lifting the kettle from the fire I scalded myscli very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liuiiucnt relieved the pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly and left very iiule scar. Chas. Foster, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaiuabe in all eases of wouuds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon nuyi or boast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from preimituro baldness and turning grey, will not tail to use Lyon’s celebrated Kathaiion. ii makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand rutf, and causes tne hair to grow with luxuriant beauty, it is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to hcT country home after a sojourn of a few montlisin New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic Hushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 25, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist lor 58 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Heimstreet’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in lavor tor over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and chauges to its original color by degrees. All iiistan tanoous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Hcim strocts is not a dye hut is cert tin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Price 50 cents and £1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Ginger— tor Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, &c., where a wanning, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. _11 June 14, ’GO—cod&wly Seven Thirties. SEVEN THIRTY Treasury Notes, first series, due August, 18C7, can be converted into 5-20 U. S. Bonds, bearing gold interest, by applying to N A LTON AL TRADERS BANK, Jan 19, 1807.—(13w No 21$ Free Street. PHOTOGRAPHS I S. WORMELL formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 316 Cougress Street, lOppoaite Mechanic’ Hull.] where lie will bo pleased to wait on liis friends and the public Grateful lor past patronage, be hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a renewal ol the same. Persons wishing tor FIRST CLASS PIC1 CREg of all .tylcsand sizes are invited to call. Pictures colored in Oil, Water Colon and India Ink by one of the best Artists in the Slate. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions. dr“-tll work warranted to give satislietion. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable rates. janleodSm Show Case For Sale. Also, Cigar Case, Candy Jars, •bacco Cutter, Stove, and other Store Enquire from 0 to 12 A. M. at first door below American House. India Niraet. jan22<13t* Portland Savings Bank. DEPOSITS made on or before Saturday, Febru ary 2d, next, will commence interest on that day. Office at No 13 Free Street. Open from 9 to 1, and from 2 to 4. JOSEPH C. NOYES, Treas’r. Jan 17,18G7. d2w NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the Late Dr. Charles W. Thomas, are requested to make immediate pay ment to ibe undersigned, who is duly authorized to collect the same. Office No. IKS Far* Str*ot mw C<in.l \to*Ia«.1 PKOSPECTUS. THE FrESS For 1867.

With the opening of the new jcir wc p ewnteil to the readers of the DAILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged to the size of the largest New England Dailies. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of between three ami four columns to its size. This additional space will be devoted to de tails of important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay, such as we have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What die character of the paper thus enlarged will be, its past history will show. The Press w as es tablished primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was im(>ossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voiceless in this city. The Press will continue to defend die principles of the Liberal j»arty of America. Tho war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up side by side, a period of jealousy and conflict, resulting in an apical to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a state of transition, which seems likely to prove longer than'most of us antici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will secure the liuits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled light. We must have de mocracy at tho South as well as at die North—equal rights for all secured by equal laws, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, impartial suffrage. Ot the profound convictions of the Bcpubliean party ot Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. The present year will probably witness the exten sion oi the telegraph round the world. The comple tion of that great enterprise will compel a change, which has already begun, in the management ot newspapers. The lea*ling features of the world’s history will be registered fr om duy to day by the tel egraph. The expense of tpccial dispatches from all parts of the world will prove too great for single newspapers, and correspondence will regain some thing oi its old importance. Newspaper associations or news agents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents will fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph has already destroyed the system by which our fbreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, aad already the Tribune has Its special correspondents established in almost every capital in Europe* *We ^uinot rival the feats o New York journalism but we must be governed by the same considerations. In view of the intimate rela tions existing between Maine and the British Pro vinces by which she is environed, we are happy to announce that “ Spurwink’s” Canadian Letters Will be continued. We have also engaged Regular Correspondents in Washington, New York, Boston and Angasta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the State. During the session of the Legislature, we shall publish Special Dispatches from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the i>eoplc of Maine, and eai»ecially to people who have business relations with Portland, wo hope to make the Press more valuable thau any paper published outside of the State can possibly be. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We sliall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but wc shall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Dally Summary of Maine News which readers hero would he sorry to miss. Wc shall have Full and Accurate Market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from ul parts of the Uiiited States, from Canada, anil irom England. A weekly Review ot the Portland Markets, anil an accurate Report of Maine Hkippiagt in foreign and domestic ports, will be published as heretotore. There will be NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE % i Of the Daily Press. For EIGHT DOLLAR! A YEAR ! Wc expect to furnish a paper, Tlie Largest in tlie State, and ns large as in other States is offered for ten or twelve dollars a year. ----| THE MAINE STATE PRESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings oi it«» dally edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it w ere a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, tbe most important articles whkh apjjear in the dally, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Oolmnns Wc sliall add to its attractions during the coming year, An Agricultural Department, To l»c conducted by the Rcy. WILLIAM A. DRE%V, of Augaafa, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known in Maine, and a contributor tor some time past to the Press over the signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping News of the Week Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the Review of the Portland Martels, And the Brighton Market Reports. To country traders the weekly report of Portland prices currrent alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a car eful Digest of General and Stale News, We shall also ftrmish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Beading for tho Family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is the Largest Weekly Paper ia New England. It is offered to the public at the low price of £ DOLLARS A YEAR, invariably in ADVANCE. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent for twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. NOTICES OF THE PRESS. [From the Christian Mirror.] The Press has been enlarged since New Year’s. We arc glad to stc such evidence of prosperity. With such pajiers as Portland now furnishes we sec no need of importing Dailies from Boston and New York. [From tbe Portland Price Current.] Tiie Press.—The crowded slate of our columns last week prevented us irom noticing the enlagenient and re-arrangement of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly the leading journal of Maine, aud equal to any in New England; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished for the money. [From tho Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st Inst., to about tho size of the Boston Dailies. This is an evidence of not only tlie prosperity of the Press, but of Portland as well, for of course the en largement is caused by the increase of advertising favors. The Press is worthy of tho patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to the Suae, and we hope increasing years may Increase its prosper ity. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by tlie addition of 2] inches to the length of its col umns. its make-up liaw^ilso been changed again, and on the whole it presonte-i a decidedly improved appearance. Our cotemporary’s “ new clothes” are somewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggest are not always the best.” [From the Portland Evening Star, Jan. l.j The Daily Press appears this morning in an en large • torrn, making it now fully equal in size to any daily newspaper in New’ England. The editor, in his New Year’s Salutatory, shows that tho success ol the paper for the last year ha*» lieen most gratifying, and we are glad of its prosperity. The return to tlie original style of arranging tlie contents oi the paper, is one of tue most agreeable features of the change. [From the Bangor Whig.] — The Portland Press was enlarged on tlie 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post and Advertiser—which are' our largest New England dailies - and it now makes a very handsome appear ance. Tills evidence of prosperity on the part of so good and reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. It shows, too, that Portland has lostuothingol vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great lire, but that its course is still onward—that its business is in fact in creasing, notwitlislanding the apparent calamity oi last year—and that its promise oi commercial great ness is certain to be fulfilled. The Press is among tlie best of the New England papers, and its pfesent apjiearance is a credit to the State. [From the Bath Times.] gr' The Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and wc suspeetdt now givos another settler to the ?ucstiou which is “the principal japer iu Portland.” t is bound to distance its competitors. [From the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 1.) The* Portland Press lias increased its size equiva lent to an addition of ihree or tour columns. This enlargement, following so closely upon its resurrec tion from the allies of the great lire, show’s that the principles it advocates and its efforts to cater to the literary tastes of Its readers are appreciated l»y the public. The a ldiuonal sp ec now obtained will be devoted to details oi important events, and selections from current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.) The Press-—Am ong the papers that commence the new year wilit enlarged sheets and manifest signs of prosperity, are the Portland Press and the Hartford Evening Press The former is the largest and best daily in the State ot Maine, and the latter we have long regarded as one of ihe ablest of our Connecticut exchanges. [From the Porllaud Advertiser, Jan. 2.) The Daily Press appeared yesterday morning in an enlarged lorin. It m now fully equal in size to any daily paper in New England. In the arrangement ol reading nuittor it has returned to the original style, which we think quite an improvement in its appear ance. Since the Press has been under the oditorial man agement ot Mr. Richardson, its editorials have been high toned and reliable, wielding a powerful influ ence over its patrons on all political matters. He has taken a lair stand, always discussing topics in a dignified manner, yet leaning in all viiai more prosperity in me next year than it has had in the past. Its news is judiciously and carefully selected, an 1 a general culture and literary taste characterizes its couteni s. As a good lhmily newspaper it 1ms no su perior; and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor’s chair there will he no lack of local news, as it is generally acknowledged iu that department he has no equal In «he State. Tlie enlargement argues a prosperous business* at least for ur extemporary> and we hope it will never be found necessary to curtail th< dimensions of this enterprising an.I respectable sheet. [From the Bangor Times.] The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er iblvenlargedland with a return to its old style of 4 make-up.” This enlargement—:so soon after the groat lire—to a size equal with the leading Boston daiiu-s, speaks favorably for the prosperity of the city and indicates a good degree of enterprize on the pari nl the proprietors. The Press is edited with ability, has aide contributors, and as the leading Paper of the dominant party, is a power in &e land. [From the Portland Transcript.] The Daily Press begins the new year much en larged ill size; we are glad to see such an evidence of 1 the prosperity of this excellent journal. The prt(gH lias swung around tlie circle fo another arrangement of its editorial and news matter; after all, the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and new s together was the best. till NOTICES. Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. 60.—The tenant or occupant, and in case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot of laud border ing on auy street, lane, court, square or public place within flic city where there is auy footing or side walk, shall, after the ceasing to fall of any snow, it in the dav time, within three hours, and if in the night time, before ten of the clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removed from such foolway or sidewalk; an*, in default tliei col, shall for licit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and lor each and every hour thereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as tlie above ordinance w ill be en forced. JOHN S. HEALD, doclSdtf__City Marshal. Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ELEGANT TBOCIIE and 9NIJFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath. Headache, A c. Instantly relieves annoying Cough, in Churcli. Cutes Catarrh, pnsi rrvti.Y without Valuable iu Singer.,Clergy, ,Ve., clear, and atreugthen. tiio voice ; acts .uicklv; tasks (ilcas antly; never uauwalra. Prevent, taking , old Horn Nkaliag, I.marc. &c. SLAT" Sold by Druggists or sent by mail ->*s En lose :»5 cts to Hooper, Wilson A t o., (aeptneodtjnnelS’tu) PHILADELPHIA. W. IV. lVIIIPPkE, Portktud,Wholesale Agt. Warren’s Water-Proof Leather Preservative ! Sold Wholesale and Retail by •I* IV* MASSPIlihD, Hole Agent, jaaeodltn* 174 Middle St. Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossiuan’s Union Furniture Polish! THE best in the world for Polishing Mahogany, Walnut, Stair-Posts, Roils, Counters, or any kind of Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Cragsman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to ail. li is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred degs. of beat, and is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready for use in five minutes al ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Fit 2 Cts. per bottle; anyone can use it by following e Directions on the bottle. Reference—Messrs C. 6c L. Frost,Capt Inman,USA, Messrs. Breed * Tukey, Benj Stevens, Jr., Win. Allen, N. M. Woodman. For sale by Burgess, Fobes 6c Co, W. F. Phillips & Co., H. H. Hay & Co, Samuel Rolf, H. W. & A. Deering. Manufactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S. C. RIGGS, Agent, dec28dtt Portland, Maine. ORGAN AND Melodeon MANUFAC TORY No. in ChcMnol ► Portland, Me. WILLIAM P. HASTINGS IS now prepared to attend to the wants of his former patrons ami customers, and the public generally The superior character of his instruments, especially his UPRIGHT ORGANS. wliidi in style ot finish resemble the upright Plano, is too well known to require an extended notice. He will keep on hand a full assortment of instruments ot the Host Approved Styles and Patterns, - AND AT - Price* Within the Kench of All !! and trusts that the superior excellence of tone, as weli as the excellence ot his workmanship, may, as liens to foi e, com me ud him to the public laVor and pat ronage. September 17.16CG. eodAwtf ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company. 51 Wall St, cor. William, NEW YORK, January, I860. Insures against Marine and Inland Navi gaticra Risks. Tlic whole profits ot the Coni jinny revert to the Assured, and are divided annually, upon the Premi ums terminated during ihc year; and lor which Cer tificate* are issued, bearing interest until ro«iceiucd. The Dividend was 41) per cent, in each ot the years 1863-4, and 5, and 35 per cent, in 1866. The Company ka9 Over Twelve Million Dollars* viz:— United States and State of New-York Stocks, City, Bank and other Stocks, $4,828.585 Loaus secured by Stocks and otherwise, 3,330,350 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, Real Estate. Bond and Mortgages and other se curities, 3,650,025 United States Gold Coin, 80,KM) Cash in Bank 310,550 ; $12,199,970 TRUSTEES: John D. Jones, Wm. Sturgis, Charles Dennis, Henry K. Bogert, VV. H. H. Moore, Joshua J. Henry, Henry Coit, Dennis Perkins, Wm. O. Piekersgill, Jos. Gal lard. Jr., Lewis Curtis, *7. Henry Burgy, Chas. H. Russell, + Cornelius Grinnell, Lowell Hoibmok, C. A. Hand, K. Warren Weston, B. J. Howland, Royal 1‘helps. Bcnj. Babcock, Caleb Barstow, Fletcher Westray. A. P.Pillot. Rubt. B. Mint uni, Jr, Wm. E. Dodge, Gordon W. Burnham, Geo. G. Hobson, Fred’k Chaunccv, David Lane, James Low, James Bryce, Geo. S. Stephenson, Leroy M. Wiley, Wm. H. Webb. Daniel S. M filer, John D. Jones, President. Charles Denni«», Vice-President. W. 11. H. Moore. 2d Vice-Prest. J. D. H F\vlett. Sd Vicc-Prest. J. II.Chapman,Secretary. Ajqdications for Insurance with the above named Company received and forwarded bv John W. Munifer, Cormpoadrnl. aplid 1 ni eodOm & w Gw GLAD T1DING8 ! W. R. Wellcome’s Great German Remedy. PROVES tlic best Medicine I ever saw for Coughs, Colds, and Bronchitis. It has cured me of a bad case. S. H. PARTRIDGE. $y.I fin 1 Wellcome's G. G. Remedy superior to any Medicine I ever use 1 in lnlluonzi and Asth ma. I eli erlul y recommend it to the suficriug. Jiichmond, Ale. Mrs. J. II. CON ANT. I was sick one year, fin illy had a Council of six doctors, took their prescript one. I then took one bottle of Wei cotta’s G. G. Remedv and got more help from it than all else 1 have taken. Watertown, Ct E. J. WALTON. ^ ^ q ^ ^ L. R. I was atilictcd eight months with Car kcr in mouth, throat and stomach. It assumed an alarm ing lorm. I had to quit usincss. T took .hrec but tles ot Wellcome's Liver Regulator and am quite an other man. I have resumed business again. Ilangor, Me. S. S. NASON. Wellcome’s Livor Regulator has been worth more than $50 to my write, for Live. Complaint. Richmond, Me. C. WHITE. Wellcome's Liver Re„uiato has bee * more tlian one hundred dollars’ bc.etit to toe, for Liver com plaint long standing. S. LURING. No. Yarmouth, Me. Your Liver Regulator is all sold. Send us more. The people speak highly of it. Camden, Me. YOUNG x CUTLER. V. 1*. C. I regard Wellcome’s Vegetable Pain Cur er, the best thing 1 ever saw for internal pain and sore throat and lung . 1. WIGHT. Augusta, Afe. Send two dozen more of Wellcome’s Pain Cuter. It is doing wonders here, and throws Parry Davis’s into the shade. One case ot Sciatic Rheumatism has yielded to It. D. N. K1DDER. Bristol, N. If. Said by the Trade. Prepared hv I. C. tVFM f OHF Ar CO., janlc<Ml&\vtl Yarmouth, dir. BOWDOIN COLLEGE. THE kEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Tlie 47th tu rned Ccinrtte ot Lecture* in the Medical School of Maine will commence 1 ob. lilat, mid ci ntinue 10 weeks. FACULTY OF INSTRUCTION. Samuel Harris, I>. J)., perddent ot the College. J. S. Tenney, L. I*. D., Lecturer on Medical Juiispradcnce. I. T. Dana, M. 1).. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. W. C. bOftiNKOR, M. D., Professor ot Materia Me lien and Therapeutic*. , C. L. Ford, M. 1>., Proiessor of Ana'omy ana Physiology. . . 0. F. Brackett, M. !>., Professor ot Chemistry and l bariuacy. _ rc W. W. <1 ukene, M. P., Professor ©fSnrger>. T. II. Jewett, M. I)., Professor ot Obsiotncaand Discuses of Women and Children. H. 11. Seavey, M. !>., Demonstrator in Annto F"“Circnlars containing (nil information will be tor warded on application to the Secretary. C. h. BRACKKTT, M. D., Sec*y. Brunswick, Jan 1,1S07, j a lUT.T.jfc Still Marl ^^"^end your orders for Job Work to Daily Pres MWWWinminwy Mercantile Library Lectures. The next Le-turo of this Course will he delivered Mechanics’ Hall, —ON— Friday Evening, Jan. 25th, --BY o. W. Cnrtis, Esq., OF NEW YOIiK. Sir ' Evening Ticket., BO ct«. Door. 0(1011 at (i—Lecture commence, at 71 ovrk janJM-t I'er tttiDEtt (tunniiTrv DANCING. MR. J. \V. RAYMOND' takes Pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Port land and vicinity that lie will commence a class in Common Dancing:, Waltz un<l Polka, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, ON SATURDAY EVENING, Jan. ’Jlilh, Tickets, Gents.,.$.7,00 for the Term. Tickets, Ladies,.$2,00 tor the Term. j Tcrin te Consist of Eiglil I.esnou. and Nix Aiwiublim, without Extra Charge. ^ ?*1188 commences at 7 o’clock, Gentlemen’s at o o cluck. J™21___ _ _ dlw Portland Theatre. Hidwcll A Browne, I. ewe*. A Manager.. Entire Change if EutiTtaihnu-nt DIVEKXII'IGU AND ATTRACTIVE : I Novel and Emotional ! bringing into requisition the lull strength of the SUPERIOR DRAMATIC COMPANY. Holiday and Tuesday, Jan. *Jlst and TJd, the American Comedy ol' Neiffhlxtr .Inckwootl ! Wednesday and ThursJny, J.'tit and I lib, flic mysterious Drama, The LONELY MAN OF THE OCEAN! Friday and Nntarday, g.lth and Jlith, FORTY THIEVES A- DICK TURPIN! SST'Sce Daily Programmes. jan2ldltv Portland Associates-Ex Fives WILL GIVE THEIR MI TENTH ^^GRAND ANNUAL Firemen’s, Military and Civic Ball! . - - Tuesday Evening, Jan. 29, ’97, - AT MECHANICS1 HALL. Ticket*, $1,50, lo be obtained of the ^ COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMNTS: Leonard Pennell, G. W. 1). Pridhaiu, Win. JHeime.vjiv. Fiank Fickett, AugustusL. (Jnasc, 1. W. Downing, Wm. Strong. Geo. F. Whitmore, B. F. NeLiun, £, G. Waite, A. D. Fickefct, C. W. Dean, Andrew Nelson, .1. 11. Russell, Allred J. Haskell. FLOOR MANAGERS : President. L Pennell, A. D. Fickctt, Sec'y, Wm. Hennessy, Augustus L. Chase, Wm. Strong, Benj. F. NiLxm, Andrew Nelson. WuHif by Chandler’* Tull Quadrille Band. |lllf(ltnd till 2G then <lt«l I. -A.. 1J. A. The irish American Relief Associa’n will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Eommcnciug Monday Eve’g, Jan. ?lh, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Coarse, including the Dali, will be fS.Ot); Evening Tickets. *1.0(1; Ball Tickets, Jt.50. £ 1/ 'Music l«y Chandler's full (>nadrillc Band, D. II. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at « o’clock precisely. J-’Inor Manat/tm—Thomas Parker, .lames Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick MeCafcrtv William H. Kalor. Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing. dccSIdtf PAINTS AND OIL CHEAP Just received in bond, and for sale duty free, for use on Uio burnt district, Strictly Pare English Eead anil Oil ! Rebnihlers will effect a great saving by purchasing in this way. Every description of PAINT STOCK at the lowest rates by J. W. PEKKIXM A CO.. jan23il0t 8ti Coninicrcial street. m. %* S v*v i M I TIGA TOR. TIT'E woiiUcall llio attention ofalltoa now inni t t pound, never lwi'oro (j.Tore l to the American I«opIe. Ill r sard to this ni.-di. inc we shall sav Inu little. Itscuncs arc too liunicrnis, ami its<|«ilities aro too well known. Since its discovery its cures in clirwnio as well as (unite eases, is i>rool‘ nullrient to tii' UsIU'Is who liaw used it ot its power and superi ority o\cr all medicines now known in America, lor tliu class of diseases that it is calculated to core. Mansfield.’* Vegetable Mitigator Is entirely different and unlike any other preparafian in existence, and ouly requires a trial lo prove il wor thy of the high recommendation we claim lor it. Pre pared ouly by »H. W. P. MANSFIELD, Portland, Me. PRICE 25 AND 50 CENTS. General Agency and Mai i mile tor v No. TJ Groen St. Portland, Me. MANSFIELD'S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR MANSFIELD'S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR MANSFIELD'S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR MANSFIELD'S VEGETABLE MITIGATOR Cures Diphtheria, or Thro at Disewe; Bronchi)in: Rheumatism: Painsmam farm; Pain, Swelling ami Stillness oi the J'»iiu*; *Paiii or Lanicucsu in the Bark, Breast nr Side, iVc.. «Yc. Iu Feu ra, i anker. Ruth, Measles. Fever and Ague, its virtue is experienced to admiration, especially among children. It cures Cliolora, Crumps, old Ul cerous Sores, Sores exposes) fa Kilt water, Sprains. Flesh wouiias.D.vseutcrry,Diarrhea. Inflammation 0/ the Bowels, Neuralgia. Cohb, Tooth A. he. Burns. Puns in the Stomach, and ali morbid conditions 01 the Hvstem. 1ST For internal ami external use. it is. in fact, the I most effectual family Medicine now known in Amcr _ ang 22 eodftwCm (“The wonderful progress ol medical Sci ence during the j,a*t six years, only makes it | ok fable lor the c msclcntlous Physician to declare, now that, Cgnsu.mi'TIo.v m as ektainly h kld ns Intermittent Ferry. _Jind as certainly prevented as Staat Fox."—c!tis. F. Koxfj, J/. D.. I*. I. J).. etc. KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, [Made from the Prescription of Rbv. Cham. K. King, M. D. L. L. J>., Ac.) is confidently presented to the public lor the Preven tion and cure ot CONSUMPTION. (in the mnfct advanced sta.-es,) lor tlic radical Cared ASTHMA, BRoNCHlTlS. CATARRH.ami all aifertiousot t e THROAT and AIR PiCsSAUKS: for fa neiai ami Special derange ments oi the NERVt»US SYSTEM : audfor all Func tional 1 thunders o. the Stomach ami Bowels. ll immediately increases the strength aud deepcni tbe color of toe pale blood, it sunducs the ChllK and Fever, aud diminishes the Expectoration, ii cheek* the Night Sweat* always in from seven to fourteen day*. The appetite i- at once invigorated and the pa'lent rapidly gains ficsU; the cough and ihc dillicuit breathing are s; eedily relieved, tiu sleep becomes calm ana refreshing; the evacuation*) regular and uuiiomi. ALL THE GENERAL SYMP TOMS DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY ASTON ISH ING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be used in every case where the Physician commonly prescribes ••Tokicm, Iron, Actus, Bark, Quinine, Cou Liver Oil. Whiskey, &c. Ami in every case, by whatever name ku iwn, in which tuerc is exh biioa’any one or more oi the following S Y MT TOMS: Difficult or Irregular Breathing, Loss of breath, Cough, Wasting 01 Flesh, Bleeding from the Lungs, Loss ol Strength, JLosaof Appetite, Gen ral Debility, Night Sweats, Flying Pains through the Shoulders, ohc-t, Face or limbs, Nervous Headache, Nervous Pr stration, Gkidmessor ifazinoss, Excessive pale ness, Sore Throat, Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, som Stomach, Heart-Burn, < »ppri sskm or sinking ol the Stomach befoie or ailer eating. Rerun lam Fever. Ac. and especially in all Female Disorder or Uterine Ir regularities, such as IHiticult, Pamiul, Suppressed. Scanty, Excessive, Delayed, Premature or too Fre quent Menstruation. Mlnlcincut* frou Patients. “Tour Prescription saved my daughter's life, and has saved me hundred* 01 dolhUA."—Key. E. Hum phreys, Uemden N. Y. We bless God tor the benefit we have received from your Prepared Prescrip ion.’*—Hey . P. Pierk grin, Bloeseburg. Penu. “Every one to whom I have rcooramcnded 1 has been bcnctitted much by its use.’’—Rev. c.l). Jones. Racine, Wis. Bibi.r House, Astor Place, N. Y.,—in the earh part of February, 1M»5,1 nr a* suffering irom a violent cough, tor which I had been treated, during the six months previous without any benefit. 1 had Xinht Sweats which completely proht rated me In the evening, hoarseness would come on. which would prevent me from sneaking above a whisper I had then had two attacks ol hemorrhage from the Luu<*< My family physician assured ruche could do tnon lor me, yet I was grow lug rabidly worse, and had been compiled to have burines* far nearly two months. All my symptoms indie iled. unmistakably the preson e of CONSUMPTION. In the be inning ol February Mr. Henry Fisher ’I'ceasurer q/'thi American Bible Society, pie* nted me with a bottle ot the Prepared Prescription. In a few days m> appetite which I had eutlrely lost, retur n il; within a weak m v cough almost left m ; and in Ioks than two weeks the Niyhi Sweats were broken up. Thenceforward l regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly at ending to uly duties um • terk to the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY. in whoso employ ment 1 have been nine years. J am ijow <hjojin:-* good health Your PfiEtffr'IHFl lONcffec ed .1 cnie when my friends despaired ot mv recovery. TIIOS.J mvnru ••Ihave had Nkhvoii* or Asthma lor eleven voars. Darina .lie last six years 1 have never had an unln errum.. bitfhU rest. It u,|en teemed f ■ mo that I uonld 'lieliettire 1 could act air into inv tunas- * * ha B»r<l au.l spiritless, and suit red so »ieatly Irnin sliorin. ss of breath1 dial 1 was compelled totako nsment rods in walkin', from inv residence to m\ place of liiLHinoss. ••The night before 1 obtained the ‘PRFPARFD pHK.HCKIPTONwas the worst I ever n5En£l «m atV'k'r1'' I V"** * •"'mpS'lllIll at ms.n ?n ? I k. *'*M' »>«1 *!«pt all niitht without wak i.' ;;,.. 'I'1™ N',T had a bhokrn nihht’s rust ‘ * i ,. * * I no longer look haggard, have gained in strength and spirits and aimnAtataV with *sh rlness of breath.’ 1 shalhbe glad to have any one alllicted with Asthma call and sec me. “EZRA C. RANGOON, No. 394 Fourth, St., N. V. The •‘PKKPAKKD PKKSCRIPTIUN- is put up in a #1 bottle, and is sold by W. F. Piiim.ii s. Po»t land. Wholesale Agent Sold ai Retail by every Druggist in Maine—Druggist* tienerally. Orders may be ad i rev *<*1 to I lie solo 1‘roprietors. OSCAR G. MOSES * CO., 27 0>ni LANi»T STRKET, N. Y., Consultation Free. Circulars cantai mg PAETicr laes ok maitv casks successfully treated, will be sont free by mail. June 18 eodftcw AK llOA SAIa.s. Quartermasters Sale. AY1!',1; Lc “o1,1 a> public Auction at Fort Treble, article.!tv, mi*,.1'1 ■u;,1' ol January, lStJT.tlio loll wing CamlTi^iio““'•'uartcrmtu.ten, Property,Cludt nii,, l.iinjo, ai^Dirriaon Equipage, viz: FI ltNACES, kujovL' S • &&**<*<*»» CiilSLLS, UJil* AT rm-r . HAMJlEiiS, BED SALKs^t’ , BED SACKMuSaS^** ... . . WAI. BARTLETT, tat Lt. 3d U. S. Artillerv. ja23d:t BvL M.ijot, i . S. ,v A- g M K. Ift, PA1 T EA A CO., Auctioneer,*, TLUM STREET. tuctiuu Notice to Hie Pultlie. rf"VN ;uvouut of the severe fltonn, we were obliged " " to (io..ijNate otirsaha ol Wooten, Linen and cot ton ,‘oo.l-. i.uiiio-ts, Shawl.., Damask, Ac., to riL»l»W, Jununry vMd. 2 l-J l». j|„ notilimte every afternoon during the week, “very i.„ea,,,,ii. jatigldlw 15AIL10\, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant , v/< RAISEu, 0?aCaeua?TF.Uuft'at Mcas'& Drewr’i C’. IF. -HOLMl^S, AUCTIONEEU, ;i«l* Congress Street, fS-''Salts of any kind ol property in the City or vi cinity, promptly attended to on the m ,st favorable iermu. novliiu MEDIC A L ELE CTltl CITY DH. W. NT DEWING, Medical Electrician J7» MIDDLE STREET, Near I j Oppo.iic Ike f niud Maicn Hotel IVf lihl(£be would rc.spcctluliy announce to ▼ f cuuu.h u. l*<n t land aud \ iiimi y, J nai iio a J ill wt , we hmvaSort'd noma f 5al^,urUl# °* diseax, in iicrHuiih who have tried other ionu. ol treatment a. vSn'?md cui?M <1 id > si.iy cured . lo answer this fiin-ati< ■ we will say that all.bat ,lo uot »iay eart"l »e aoetor the second lime without eluu. e ’ Dr. D. has been a fracueal Electrician lor twcnl w oue years, anti is also a regular giudua.., ,} Electricity i» Kr<eetiy minted lo 1' t ie form el uervoua or »teb boad u o, , nettra, . , , ,e the head, neck, or extremities; cunsumpuon**!.- e lithe acute stages or whole the lungs ulo noi u.u invoiced; orate or chronic rbcamatism, scrofula lie U.soaies, swellings, ajaual dtsewws, curvat r« ol the stuue, eouiracu.i n,n«cles, dletoned in.,: palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Dance, deafness ,i,„ ! lucriug or hesitancy ol s|Kiech, dysiwp»la, Imlh ,_ tlau, constipation and lived eoniplaiui, nil,__,v0 every case that can be presented; astliuia, hroncbl t.s, strictures oi the chest, and all lonneui teiuala complaints. By Elec trio it v The ilheumaiie, the gouty, iho lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move witu the agility and eiastic liy ot youth, the heated brain iscooicd; tho no»l« bnien iiuil>s restored, the uncouth del >rmuk n ri« moved; mildness converted to vigor, weakness to •treugiii; the blind made to see, the deano hear and tue palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi youth are obliterated; the accident* oi nmtuie lite prevented; the calamities oi old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hanus and reet; weak stomachs, lam aiul weak backs; marv.uis ami sick bfadaeho; dii.ri ne«8 and .swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation ol the howebi; pain in the aide and back, leucurrhuia, (or whites!; tailing ot the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that Iona train of disease* will liiul in Electricity a sur- mtune of euro. For painful menstruation, too ...ofme menstruation, ami all ol those long line ol trouble* with young ladies, Kiectricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. TEETH 1 TEETH I TEETn J Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec* TBUTTY wiTnotJT 1'AIN. Tersoiii having do ay« d teeth or stomp* they w i>h to have removed for r set* ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Ma .mines tor sale lor l.tiuily use, with thorough instruction*. Dr. D. can accommodate o lew patients with board »ud treatment at his house. Omce hour* from 8 o’clock A. \l. to 12 M„; from 1 • to 6 P. M., anil 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novlti Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street, F.VEUY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, HARD, k JOB PRLYIHG, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office sin the Oro'it File, wita all land* of Mew Material, Freese*, Oicc.. we are prepared on rbo short est possible notico to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description o* Mercantile Printing. We have superior facilities for the execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, CatalocfucN, &c., Which lor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Prcii Job Oflicc 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. FOSTER, PltoruiETOR Tor Sale. A SUIT of Sails, Rigging and Blocks, nearly new, fmin a tilling Schooner of 100 tons; also Top sails, Fore and Mainsails, second hand. SAMI’S ON Sc CON A NT, docldtf_No. 10 & 20 Commercial Wharf. GREAT DISCOVERY ! ~ ROGERS’ Excelsior Pain Carer. The Best Preparation Ever made For tlic following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS and NEURALGIC PAINS, PLEURISY FAINS. RHEUMATISM, TOOTHACHE. HEADACHE. EARACHE, STIFF NECK, DIPHTHERIA, SORE THROAT and AGUE. Also invaluable in all cases <u sprain* and Brulsca. Try it and you will lie satisfied. Manufactured and soil wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers, liuiniMlcn Corner, Maine. Sold in Fortland by II. H. HAY & < O., wholesale and retail. * jalgdfiu* CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founder*, Boiler Makers &• Machinists. rpHF subscribers having rebuilt their Work Shops, X are now prepared to take orders for Machinery and lion Work of nil kinds. Iron Store Fronts ami Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND grist mu, work and gearing mode to order. Having able ami experienced pattern makers ami new tool* of modern design, can .apply patterns* ndtb promptness and at a moderate c,*t. Repair* of all kinds of Iron Work attended to with despond, and at reason.tdc rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings and stapes of all kinds tor Steamboats and Locomotive work such ns NknlLy CniukN, Euton Uo.In, t'*ir iimi rlugiiar Axles and Miupr* to pal tern or draw ings, troiii 10 tons t.* 100 pounds weight. They arc also Selling Agents for MERRIMAN’S PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Machine ever invented for the purjioso, performing double the # amount of work of any other now in use. FOR SALE, n t.l horn piorrr l.oromo* •ire Hoatrr with new tube sheets and new set ot tubes, in first rote order, and warranted Mfc with a pressure of 1(H) pounds to the square inch. A NEW TEN ilnRSE POWER PORI ABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can l»c seen running at our Foundry. CHARLES STAPLES * SON, Cor. Com. St. and Brown’s Wharf, n.ivioe d3m Portland, Maine. Wiilervillc Classical Institute. rpiIF. spring Term will begin on MONDAY, Feb X ruary llim For particulars apply to the Princij al, or send for Catalogue. J. H. 11 aN SON, ,Jau 16—2awd&w4w Principal. INDIA UUBBKit GOODS. HAVING boon burned out oi my Kubber Store, 1U Mkiilte St., 1 would solicit tl.c trade ot the citizens ot Hortland and vicinity, v until 1 re*i pen) io my he uliuarfcrs, l5Miik Street, l«»ston, where arc kept every variety ot goods mode miu limia Kubbcrc onpiising in part Kubber and Lealli er Machine ■bung, Steam Hacking, Gaskets, Kings, • lose tor conducting and hydrant purposes, KubUr Uluthing of every do or ip lion, Houibs, Halls Toy*. Undershooting t.»r bed* in cases «>t slckncae, KubU r boots and lines, ftibtng, Spittoon*. Syringe#, Glove* Mittens. Elastic Kii»g> and bands, HU no Jul I3c!»dtf ^ -M»lk Street, Ronton. Maine Central ltailroad Company. riMlb stocklmiu* r» ore hereby notified that the nn 1 niial meeting of the ntockhnl ,er* ot* the M ono Central l.‘ailri«id Hompaliv, Mill le laid ai the Tinn Hall, in Waterville, on WEDNESDAY, Febrn uy Ht>7, at 11', o’clock in Uie torenoon, to act ii|w»*l the following article*, viz 1st. To hear the report* of the Directors and un-r of sudd Company and act fhei*«>n. Al. To make choice ot a Board of hir^r* ^ the ensuing vflar