Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, January 24, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated January 24, 1867 Page 4
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lJooio • Beat. Mother, I see you with your nursery ligl^ Loading vour babies, all in white, w To their sweet rest; Christ, the Good Shepherd, carries mine to-night, AtnT that is best! 1 cannot help tear*, when I sec them twiue Their linger* in yours, and their bright curls shine On your warm breast; But the Saviour's is purer than yours or mine; He can love best! You tremble each hour because your arms Are weak; your heart is wrung with alarms, Aud sore opprest; Mj darlings are safe, out of reach ot harms. Ami that is best. You know over yours may hang oven now Pain and disease, whoso fulfilling slu*w Naught can arrest* Mine in God’s garden run to and tro, Ami that is best. You know that of yours your feeblest one Aud dearest may live Iona years aloim, Unloved, u;iblest,; Mine arc cherished of saints around God’s throne, i Aud tliat is best. You must dread for yours the crime that scars, Dark guilt unwashed by repentant tears, And unconiessed; Mine entered spotless on eternal yean, Oil, how much the best! But griel is selfish, and I cannot see Always seo why l should so stricken be, More than the rest; But I know' that, as wed as for them, tor mo •God did the best! —Independent. [From the Toledo Blade.] lYnsby. IIK. NASBY BENDERS AN ACCOUNT OF HIS STEWARDSHIP—I.AYINO OF THF. CORNER STONE OF THE COLLUDE EDIFICE— AN AWKWARD DENOUEMENT. Post Offis Conff.dkit X Roads, (wich is in the Stait uv Kentuky), January 2, 1807. On my return from my trip to North Kar liny tlier wus an immejitand irrepressible de tire on the part uv the Trustees uv the Insti toot to bev a statement from me of the results ov the trip. Much hed ben expecktid Irom the vencher, and the expectashuns of the Trustees was ris to a pich from which I felt it was crooel to hurl em. Therefore 1 dodged em, until'finally, being badgered, I tlicrt I wood end it. Iiavin prepared the docymonls, I named the Post Orbs as the place, and the morning ot the 1st instant as the time to make an exhibit of the receets and expendi tooisofthe trip. Deck in Pogram, Col. Mc Pelter and Elder Slathers, were promptly on hand, and so was 1 wiili the staitmem, wich 1 red to em as follows: Petroleum V. Nasby, Professor of Biblikle Politicks, in account with tho Southern Clas sicle and Military lustoot: Dr. To cash of Kernel Abslum Podgers for self, $200 00 To cash of Kernel Abslum Podgers for wife, 100 00 To cash of Square Davis, proceeds of the sale of one nigger boy Jim, con victed of stealin a red herrin, gener ously donated, 5000 To easn of Major Galbretli, bein all he had left after gettiu a pardon from the President through Mrs. Cobb, 1 00 To cash of John Kcssick, who encour ages the Iustitoot, intendin to come here to Btart a grocery ez soon ez it gits fairly agoin, 10 00 To cash ot.divers and sundry persons, 20 00 Grand total, $3811>0 Cr. By ralerodo fair, the conduckters unan imously reibosin to ded hed me eith er in my deride, official or benevo lent character, $30 00 By refreshments, Id By meal after refreshments, 75 By more refreshments, Id By bottle uv refreshments to use on cats, 50 By refreshments at Btatiou, Id By refrt aliments at various places, 60 00 By hoard at Raleigh, 60 00 By refreshments a: Raleigh, which comes high, bein 25 cts. strate, 70 00 By livery hire in that vicinity, 90 00 By refreshments for self and driver, in cloodin brokenaxeles and sich, 25 00 By meais for self and driver, 3 00 By fare back homo, wich cost more ow ui to my cumin a iound about way, 50 00 Grand totle, 39070 Leaving a balance in my favor uv $9 70. The brethren wuz somewhat disappinted at the result, and ilascomb intimated that he bleeved it was a d—d swindle, but X withered him with a glance. I showed Dcekin Pogram that it wuz not only reglar, but it bed the stamp uv the i’ost Uttis onto it, which silenc ed ail cavil. I ashoored em that that little balance needn’t tiubbie em—I did not intend to mak^jn assessment onto em, but that l cood wait until the treasury was in iuuds. •‘But,” sed Bascom, ‘-when in thunder will the treasury ever be in Iuuds, ef all the expe disbuus result like this one.” 1 explained to the obtoose man that it was all rite; that in most uv sich enterprises the expenses eat up the collekshuns, but that it was seed sown. ‘-We must,” sez i, “raise the wind from the North, and to do it, let us show that suthin has bin dun.” "Wat bin we do,” sed Bascomb. “Bay the corner stun uv the Xnstitoot,” sez I. "On the square iominst U3 is the comer stun uv the nigger church we burnt a month or so ago, ready to our hand. Let us organize a percession and do it to-day-, that we may publish to the world that the work is eora menst, that our trens may shell out liberaller than they hev.” The idee wuz considered good and forth with it was actid upon. X'he stun was con vade to the field onto wich the Institoot is to be bilt, and a cavity was hollered into it. At 4 P. M. (wich is in the afternoon) a pro ceshun was formed, headed by the Trustees, and we marched out to the feeld. Into the cavity uvthe stun was deposited the toliowiu articles: A copy uv the coDslitooshun uv the Conied rit Stans uv America. A coppy of the message of Androo Johnson, vetoin the Freedmen’s Burn Bill. A eoppy uv the 2Zd ofFebrouary speech. Portrates of the Trustees. A coppy of the veto of the Civil Rites Bill. A pair of handcuffs. Portrates of President Johnson and Secre tary Seward. A nigger whip. A $■> dollar greenback contribhitcd for the purpose by Bluer Peimibaeker. 1 hen the stun was placed in posishun, a nigger tied to it and flogged, his blood bedooz lin it, and after a few loelin lemarks by my self, in which 1 stated that this wuz a great day tor the Comers, and that posterity wood bless us for the work we bed that day done, the crowd dispersed, the Trustees going back to my offis to draw up a statement uv the cer emonies and an appele to the Northern Di mocracy for aid. The nigger wich we whipt at the comer stun was shat in a dispoot by Capt McPelter, wich circumstances greatly annoyed J>ekin 1 ograncez it wuz a nigger wich wuz formerly hizzen. IXe remonstrated with the Captain angrily, and ashoored him that ez as soon cz the Supreme Court lied declared the Amendment abolishin slavery unconslistoosb ncl, be shood sue him for his value. With this trifiin excepsliun, the atiair passed off ez pleasantly ez cood be wished. 1 remonstrat ed with both uv em tor quarreling, ou sicli an occasion over so small a matter ez the shootin uv a nigger, and they linaiiy settled it without hard feeling. XXow sweet is peace and iriend jin css between nmn ctiiil niuu I liow blessed is the oftis uv a peace-maker! The Captain acknowledged he was wrong and stood the drinks for the crowd. ni.e about w P. M.,I wuz a sittin in my oius a luiuin onto the evcnce uv tbe day and wonderin whether flic Dimocrisy wood give down, it okkured to me that there wuzapint bottle ov first class com whiskey and in k-un nsy ugoiu to waste in that stun! . ™ .i1"“sJ?nty ever know uv us,” thot X lj|. P°st«ity does ever overturn that stun, wont she git jest as good an idea of who we wuz irom the other articles? Ef posterity ever reads the speeches uv His E-™ zeiency, and the messiucs wich we hcv thare, won’t the whisky be inured y Eftt am t, posterity is a consumale ass,” and thus musm, 1 wended my way thitherward, deter mined toreskootwo articles from oblivion anyhow. it wuz pitch dark, but I knew the wav — Crecpin cautiously up to the stun, I reached out and horror! tber wuz another hand onto it! Strikin a match quickly, there stood re vealed afore me the forms uv JJeckin Pogram Bascom and Elder Slathers, to whom the’ same thot bed okkured wich moved me. But my presence uv mind did not forsake me.— Strikin another match, X asoomea a look ov viricliunus indignasben, wich tha awl saw afore ii went out, and rcproacht em fur ther worldly mindidnis. How cood tha expect the l prosPer when those Into whose rosnt Wlu confidc-d, proves reck meutoes wich* wem°V,o °dav ^ ST home” sc.i i *.t . • enclosed. “Go will not expose yoo^yoo^deserv'8 'ime an,| yoo all 4oui the way y^yeTthc f e^"'”aCk’ Bnd UaStencd hitber’Tp^ over X he next inornin they awl renm-urn* with bavin stolen the articles, in pnvtt wmb MUsbed me that awl uv em bed U ™‘k but they didn’t make no fuss about it T i arc awi good men, but alas! sich is the de pravity uv human nacher that they’ll bear watchin. X await with anxiety the result uv our ap peal to the Northern Democrisy. Ef tha fkil us ez shamefully ez tha did rloorin the war it is awl up with us. . l’ETBOLEUM Y. NASBY, P. M., Postmaster), and likewise X’rofessor sik-io a xl-nta Politicks in the Southern Clas tlkie A: .Military Xnstitoot. 2?«ES.£f2[»u*' tLAINJ: and HKD oil, SPE1“NK AND MACHXNKUV'Oa For .ale- by --”?• 7 Central Wbart.Bo.ioB. Wwtleancf nwow'rauk4?,"n.wharf with wnur. Apply* J. H. 13®^ 'SSft^K jaW'Dy | MEDICAL_ DR. LARGO® Pulmonic Syrup. FOR THE CURE OF Coughs, Cold , Whooping Cough, Criiup, Asthma, Catarrh, Influenza, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, Pleurisy, lniknumalion of the Lungs or chgst, l’ain in the Bide, Night Sweats,Hoarseness, Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases oi the Throat and Lungs. Th s remedy is too well known and too highly es teemed to require eomnicndatum here. H is regard ed a necessity in every household, and is heartily endorsed bv tlie medical laculty, clergymen of every denomination, mothers, editors, members of Con gress, and many of our most distinguished men in public and private life. Oouglis, Gold'll Sore Throats, Ate, tetter from Hon. I). W. Gooch, Member qf Congress Mussach usetts. Melrose, July 19,1865. Dk. E. R. Knigiits—Dear Sir: 1 have used Dr. Larookah’s Syntp in my family jor six vears. and have found it an excellent remedylor Cmielw, Cofclg, tore Tlin.aU, ami a,IU‘"»amiJUvo CouiiilnititK, Ac. I Imitc rocooimciulcil It to *e\orm Mentis, wlm have received great benciit Horn it* use. Letter from a well Inown itoston l»ue years experience, and Steward Jlanoicr Strut M. E. Church: Bostox, March 8,1R65. Dr E R.Kmights: HavingUBedLAROOKAH’S PULMONIC SYRUP myself and in my lamily for the past six years, 1 am prepared to say that it is su perior fo any mediciuc 1 have over known, lei the positive cure of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, and all similar complaints. A* I take cold very easily, I have had great opportunity to test the viufuEsof this valuable remedy, and it has never failed me yet. however violent the disease. Having lieen in the Drug business for oyer 20 years, 1 have had good opportunities ot knowing tlie virtues ot the various medicine* sold, anil pronounce LAROOKAH’S SY UUF, THE BEST of any article EVER presented to the public. Yours, W. R. BOWEN, SC Hanover St. CROUP. Mns. ,J. U. Ritksis, 114 East 2MSt., N. Y., writes Oet. 9, 18G4: “During last winter three of my ohil dren were attacked with Croup, and from the violence of the symptoms, they were pronounced to be in much danger. At the instance of onr pa si or, Rev. Mr. Stiles, I tried Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, which promptly relieved them, and in a very short time they entirely recovered. In grauiudo for the benefit conferred, I cannot retrain from making this testimony public.” WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer, of Carleton, N. B., writes Dec. 7, 1850: “My son, live years old, was a lew months since suffering greatly from WU.OOPJ NG COUGH. 1 nev er saw a more tlistrcssing case. I gave him Laroo kah’s Pulmonic Syrup according io dir ctions and soon began to see improvement. The Cough become easier—tire expectoration freer, and in two Weeks the malady was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes from whale ship “Eldorado,” March 11, lniO: ‘Having suffered for lour years with Bronchitis and Catarrh in their most aggravat ing forms, J feel it my duty to state that I have been permanently cured bg the use of Larookah’s Pul monic Syrup. 1 had paid large sums to plivsicians ami for so called Catarrh Remedies, hut until I used the Syrup I experienced no relief.” SPITTING OF BLOOD, PLEURISY, INFLATION O THE LUNGS, PAIN IN THE SIDE, NIGHT SWEATS. HOARSENESS, &C. From Rev. B. F. Bowles, Manchester, N. II.: “The bottle ot Dr. Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, vou so kindly sent me, has been tried for lloarsoness, with very good results; lor this I would confidently re commend it.” From Rev. L. A. Lampiikr, North Ilcro, Vt.: “I have used Larookah’s Syrup, and feel under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge its excellency. While using your Syrup I have enjoyed better health tnan J had enjoyed for years. I have had slight attacks of hoarseness, but the Syrup would soon remove it. I find it is a mild and sate remedy also in Spasmodic Bilious attacks to which 1 am constitutionally sub ject.” E. W. Field. Esq., writes from Virginia City, Colorado, March 11,1863: “I feel very grateful for having Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup near me, my lungs being weak and demauding ^he most vigilant care. I believe the Syrup tlie surest remedy tor Pul monary Complaints that has ever been made avail able to the afflicted.” CONSUMPTION WONDEUFUL CEItE OF A CHILD TWO AND A IIaLF Teaks Old. Gents:—My grandchild, a little girl of 2 12 years old, was taken sick in Portland, Me., in .January, 186s. No one could tell what w as the mat ter with her. But she was much pressed lor breath; had a hard, tight cough; rould not raise; her throat troubled her greatly; she seemed to tie tilling up, and though attended by the best physicians in Port land, they could not help her and she declined; and for some three mouths was not expected to live. Her doctors and at length her friends gave tip all hopes of her recovery. She was brought home to my house in Phipsburg, Me. We tried Cod Liver Oil, hut the etfeet seemed rather opposite from good. She now could not move her hand, so reduced was she. I was taking Larookali’s Syrup at the time, and commenc ed giving it to her and in a week slm showed quite a change tor the better, and we continued giving it to her. She gradually improved, and is now a perfect ly healthy child. People wero astonished to see what eifect the medicine had on this child, and to see her get well by the use of Larookah’s Syrup, which we believe to be the l est medicine lor Pulmonary Com plaints in the world. Yours, If. LARABEE, Phipsburg, Me. Space will permit the publication of but a tithe of the certificates which are constantly coming in from all quarters of the globe. Patients will find the most conclusive evidence of the value of this remedy, in a trial of it, which will cost but a trifie, and which may yield priceless results. Large bottles S1.00—medium size 50 cents. Pre pared by E. R. KNIGHTS, M. D.,Chemist, Melrose, Mass., and sold bv all druggists. 5^* Sold by V. F. Phillips & Co., W. W. Whipple & Co., J. W. Perkins & Co., Portland; George C. Goodwin & Co., Boston, and by all Druggist* and Merchants. do28eod&wtf 11 :l* ITS EFFECT IS IIRACVLOIJS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite topraiM HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENFWER. It is nn entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents in the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Kenf.wer does rot give sat isfaction in all cases when used in- strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer has nroved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever offered to the public* It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. IT WILL HE STORM GHAT HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will leerp the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and m-alecs the Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, AND SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING! No person, old or young should fail to use It. It is recommended and used by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilia* Hair Renewer, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilia* Hair Re newer to the public, entirely confident thnt it will bring back the hair to its original color, promote its growth, and in nearly all cases wl^re it has fallen off will restore it unless the person is very agtd. It. P. HALL & CO. ProprietoiJS Nashua, N. R. Sold by all Druggists. OR WORLDS SALVE Das been an old family nurse for the past twenty years, and known all around the world as the most sooth ing and healing Ointment in existence. MrALlSTEH'S ALL HEALING OINTMENT Never Fails to Cure. So!VNipp!";,^Wl"!ria!!lr„'rr"’ pmnl1 r.OX' Hares nnd Fresh Wo«ll3iI*rOI1 I.imbx, Itnrns. or Scall f, u *°nr ''"•'V1 the World. Hire it n trial. " "° ‘W *■ Price 25 epnis. Solii by all Dru&gjgtg. Store to Let^ SPACIOUS, nnd well adapted for almost anv busi ness, I eing next door to Middle, and the nnm-r store In Hie tbrcc-storied iron iron! bin. k on Union Slreet. Conveniences and finish modern. Enquire at No. 4 Cotton Street. .ianisdlwtcodtf "VAT »*. OVEB.can be round with a new stock _7 7 • of Sewing Machines, ol varioui kinds; Silk iik vmx?tfon—*'*kin,ts anJ cnlor*' Needles, Oil, Ac, iw Middle strett, up one flight stairs, Julj7eo4 MERCHANDISE. Tumber 1 All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WnOf.UAALE AND DETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PERKINS, JACKSON A- CO., High Street Whari, 302 Commercial, janldtf_• _ foot of High street. CO All ! (OIL ! Coal for Ranges, Furnaces, —.VN7>— parlor stoves, At Low Rates far Cash. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. ItiO TONS I. IT NIK* I.EDIGn. AIbo a lot of DRY SLAB WOOD, sawed in stove length, delivered in any part of the city, at 88 per cord. PERKINS, JACKSON Ac CO., High Stroot Wharf, 302 Commercial, jan4dtf Foot of High street. $8. CHEAP COAL! $8. WE can now oiler nice CHESTJMIJT COAL at $8.00 per toil, delivered at any part of the city. Also lor sale at the lowest market price, Oltl Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnaces. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John’s White Awh, Diamond, Kod Ash, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland ! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! • We keep constantly on hand a full assortment of Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase largo lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HABD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Han (lull, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., oc25dtt n Head of Maine Wharf. Choice Muscovado Molasses a (A ) CHOICE MUSCOVADO OU TIERCES 5 40 DDLN. ) MOLASSES for sale by GEO. S. HUNT, .iansdow 111 Commercial Street, Southern Fine Floor Boards. A QUANTITY of superior Southern Pine Floor ing Boards, planed jointed and thoroughly sea soned, and ready for use. Also Lathes and long lumber, for sale by E. T. PATTEN, jaSdtf 293 Commercial St. Trinidad, Muscovado and Clayed MOLASSES, in Hogsheads ami Tierces $ also a full stock of 6R0CKRIEN, 1T/OIJU & PROVISIONS lor sale by CRESSEY, PLUMMER & COLE, janl4d2w 1G3 Commercial street. Southern Pine. ABOUT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom House Wharf, and for sale iu lots to sun purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1866. nov22dtl' Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and tor sale by tlie undersigned at their Whart, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St, 275 Tons Hazelton Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGO SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND SfOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, fc'rco burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals sire ot tlie very best quality, and war anted to give satistactlon. Also, 500 cords ot best quality of HARD and SOFT WOOD* which we will sell at the very lowest price and deliver it to any part ot tlie city at short notice. 8d?~Give us a call and try us. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan 15th—cfctf Southern Pine Lumber WF. am prepared to exeeute orders for SOUTH. FUN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any conycni, ut port. RYAN & DAVIS _April 17—dtf 101 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour!! CHOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the mosi celebrated brands. T. Harrison & Co., Plants. Eagle, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Trapical, Amaranto, Whitmore, FOR SALE BY Churchill, Brotcns & Manson augTdtf Trinidad Molasses. 4 X n HHDS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD Xdv MOLASSES for sale by LYNCH, BARKER & CO.* nov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. DESIllAIILE PREMISES To he Let. rpHE new ATHENAiUM BUILDING, cm Plum JL street, now covered and in condition to be com pleted within a short lime, is offered for lease for business purposes, and will be partitioned and fitted to suit the views of tenants. The three stories, twelve, eleven and twelve and a lialf feet high, arc all about thirty-four feet by seven ty in area—less tlie stairways—and are exceedingly well lighted for any kind of business. There is also a basement, with good lights, under the whole build ing. This Building is within 100 feet of Middle street, and very near the centre of the most valuable im proved district in the city. Plum street has been widened seventeen feet, and is likely to become a prominent business avenue. Parties desiring to treat for tlie rent of any part of these premises, are requested to communicate with either of the undersigned. JOS. C. NOYES, ) R. M. RICHARDSON, J Committee. P. BARNES, ) jan22dlw a. pro. 1 ^ P O O L COTTON! 7 CENTS A SPOOL ! * - AT - DAVIS & CO.’S. Janl__ dtf IRON AND STEEL! i.m:\ corky, Nos. 9 and 11 Moulton Street, Near Foot ofExchaugc St, Portland, Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Bar, Hoop, Oval & Half Round IRON ! Oreave’h Spring & Corking STEEL! Win. Jessop A Son’s Cast Steel Carriage Tycr Steel. Swede and Norway Shape*. Nail Koda, Hone .hoc. and Nail*. _ „ Earriaee Bolt*, Nnl* and Washer, Bolt R.iri*, Ktvcts, Mailable Castings, Bellows, Anvil*, Vises, Tyrr Benders Screw Times, Hand Drills, A c. .HT !?c sale of Carriage Springs and Axles, at Manufacturers’ prices. K b TiSic^'Wanlc|l» Sidesman acquainted wilh tile Iron January 8,1807. _ jaSd&wl* LOWELL & S ENTER, WIU, occupy tiio new Store No. 301 Cos Br«»* Street, corner of Brow n Street, about rtoc, iSb, with a new stork of Watches, Jewel, ry, Silver and Plated Ware, and Pnncv Goods tor the holidays. ’ nncr Tiieyhave re.occupied their old stand No. 64 Ex change street, with acoinplete stock of N’autiral and Optical Goods, Chronometers, Watches Clocks, l ine Tools for Machinists and Engineers &e’ S3rrYiends ami customers invited to old head quarters. Dec 1,18G6.—d3m The Gothic Furnace! T'OR Wood or Coal is the most powerful ftirnace in w..uU8f ’has the most radiating surface. Judge nova™ ik1 , lc u- s- District Court for Rhode Island it is Hir.rV.uT? U8ti'1 your ftirnace No. 10 two winters: with lLftn.frio«C0y8truct*0n- 1 3,11 entirely satisfied I have seen” °m 1 ,,referal>le to any hot air ftirnace A circular «ent by £&£--> B*» B***11,1" 0ounM,Ior | MISCELLANEOUS. Vfr E M O V AL . ---; E. T. EldLen <Sc Co., Will Remove to their New Store Wo. 5 Free Street, And will Open on Monday, December 10th, A Large Arsortment of Rich and Low Priced DRESS GOODS. AMONG WHICH MAY BE FOUND (• Black and Fancy Silks, Thibets—all shades, Plain and Figuared Silk Poplins, Ottoman Cloths, Plain, Striped and Figured Wool Poplins at Very Loto Prices, Alpaccas, DeLaincs, Prints, <£c. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Shawls, Silk Velvets, Cloths, and Cloaking Goods I One Frice and Wo Variation! _ t_ Laces, Embroideries, Hotiery and Gloves at Astonishing ly Low Prices l MOURNING GOODS, Of every Description. Wc iliall make a BIQ BREAK IN PRICES, and Bargains may be expected! • RAY STATE LUMBER 1> E B O T , Office, No. 441 Tremont St., Boston. THE umlersigneil have established in connection with theirwell-known “Bay State Moulding Manu factory” an extensive yard for the purchase and sale ol Lumber, giving especial attention t» SEASON ED HAliD WOODS and now oiler tor sale a large and well-selected Stock of Black Walnut,, Cedar, Chet'ry, Oak, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Butternut, Whitewood, <&c. Ill Boards, Plank. Joist, &e., to which they respectfully invite the attention of purchasers. Also common and Hard Pine, ail qualities, rough or dressed for Floors, Sheathing, &c. Spruce Floor Boards worked and kiln-dried, ready for Immediate use. Our facilities for supplying the wants of Builders are unsurpassed, and parties at a distance ordering by mail, by giving reliable reference, can depend upon having their orders filled in a satisfactory manner—thus saving the time and expense of a visit to the city. rcjr'Rosewood Veneers, Slabs and Logs of any desired quality, at less than New York prices. Pi-ice List of Mouldings, Lumber, Doors, Brackets, &c., furnished on application. Address orders and communications to JOSEPH F. PAR & CO. Nov 29—eod3m STEAM REFINED SOAPS! leathlT& gome, WOULD solicit ilic attention of the trade and consumers to their Standard Brands of STEAM REFINED SOAPS, -viz: EXTRA, FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE, CHEMICAL OLIVE, CRANE’S 1’ATENT, SODA, AND AMERICAN CASTILE. All ot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in packages suita ble for the trade and tamily use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and as our goods are manufactured under ilic personal supervision ot our senior partner, who lias had thirty years practical experience in the business, we tlierclbro assure the public witli con deuce that we can and will luruish the Boat Goods at the Lowest Frioes! Having recently enlarged and erected NEW’ WORKS, contains all the modem improvements, we are enabled to furnish a supply of Soaps ot the Beat Qualities, adapted to the demand, lor Ex port and Domestic Coii-umplioii. LEATHE A GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY ALL THE Wholesale Grocers Throughout the State. Leathe & Grore, 39? Commercial St, 47 & 49 Beach Street* PORTLAND, MAINE. March 20—rltl GOOD NEWS S FOR ALL! Dry Goods S ./«#; nowjv! JUST LOOK AT Leacli, Parker & Co’s Revised List! Very Good, yard wide, Brown Sheeting, 14c Fine, yard wide, Brown Sheeting, 17c Hoavy M “ « “ 20c Fine “ “ Bleached i( 20c All the best makes, yard wide, Bleached Sheet ings, 25c Heavy Cotton Flannel, 20c Best quality “ “ 25c Red all Wool “ 33c Gray all Wool “ 33c Shirting u 40c Wliito “ 25c Balmoral Skirts, $2,00 Prints, lO to 18c All wool Blankets, prpair, $4,00 All wool Cassimere, 75 c former price $1,25 All wool Tweeds, 75 c former price $1,00 All wool Plaids, 75 c former price $ 1,25 Cotton and Wool Plaids, SO c former price 75c “ “ “ 37 c former price 02c “ “ “ 25 c former prico 50c Union Beaver, $1,50 former price $2,50 Moscow “ $5,00 former price $7,50 —ALSO— BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, both plain and figured, Silk and Wool and nil Wool Poplin*, i Cobnr*«, Thibet*, Mohairs, Alpac can, (black and colored), Caahmrreii, All Wool Dfbaiani, and in (act all our DRESS GOODS will be closed nut, at prices conforming to the present state oj the market. All our largo stock of Cloaks at Cost! LEACH, PARKER & CO., £5 Deering- Block, CONGRESS STREET. .lanlO_ d3w FRANK AliORN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER! NO. 1 FREE STREET BLOCK. A large assortment of CLOCKS of all kinds, Watches, Spectacles and Thcrraametera constantly on hand. Repairing in all its branches punctually attended to, and work guaranteed to be taUlitully performed. All articles sold warranted lobe ns represented. A fliir share of the patronage ot the public is re spectfully solicited. Pori land. Jan. 14,1867. (ttf Hew store, Hew Goods. EVANS d> BAYLEY, Nos. 1 & 2 Free Street Block, WILL OPEN MONDAY, ,Ttin. 14th, a new and complete assortment ol FITRHITIJRE, Crockery, Glass and Silver Elated Ware, Bedding:, Upholstery Goods, and a first class stock of IIOUSE EUBNISHISfG ARTICLES of every description. By a strict attention to business and the wants of their customers, they are in i,op*B „ fair share of the patronage of the public fully invited.'™ 0Ur stockaud I**™* » xespect Warjrooms Nos. 1 & 2 Free Street Slock. EVAN* A BAlYI.EV. Portland. Jan, 12,1887, janPMtf *A CARD. THE undersigned having REMOVED from Ware’s Hall, will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE Mo. 3 Free St. Block, And would invito the attention of the Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors’ Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods!

Purohascd the past, week for Cash, which will be oflered to the trade at the lawest market prices. Soliciting your patronage, we remain Yours Very Truly, CHADBOURN & KENDALL. January 15, 18C7. , JOHN KINSMAN DEALER IS . GS- ^ S FIXTURES —AT—] 25 Union St., | rORTLAND.I ! Aug 20 dtf I Cloihintf Cleansed and Repaired BY WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street, is now located at his new store No lU Fed eral st, a tew doors below Lime street, will attend to his usual business of Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of alf kinds with his usual promptness. (Mr~Socond-hand Clothing for sale at tair prices. Jan 8—fit f SHORT & TORINO, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Corner Center Streets, Have on hand a full supply ol Law, School. Miscellaneous and Blank Books. STATIONERY OF ALL KINDS. Gash, Post Office and Envelope Gases, Let* ter Presses, Pen Backs, &c, We have just rocieved from New York a full supply PAPER HANGINGS, Now patterns and Choice Styles. DRAWING PAPER OF ALL SIZES. Givo U3 a call. Short & I.oring. 51 Free, Comer Center Stieo JyMH OYSTERS! JUST RECEIVED . ) t a cargo of those splendid'' NORFOLK OYSTERS, By the Quart, Gallon, Bushel or Cargo ! All in want of Oysters for the trade, Parties, Le vees, Ac., will find it lor interest to call at Head quarters, No. 9 Union Wliai-F. Jan7d4w JAMES FREEMAN. $160. #100' WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Cliadbournc. Morton Block, 2 doers above Preble House. THE new Bounties, under the law approved Jul; 2#tli, I860, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Paj * Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov* emment, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks have been receivedt and claim ants should file their claims promptly. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut. 6th. Me. Vote. Paul Chadbourhk, late Maj. 1st Me. Cav. . Oct 10-dtf % n Another Change of Base ! Back to the old Middle St. Stand ! Boots, Shoes and Rubbers —at— OLD TIME PRICES!! G. M. ELDER Begs loave to inform liis friends, customers and the public generally that liaving rebuilt his store at NO. 2.3 MIDDLE STREET, is now prepared to sell at prices lower than the low est all qualities and descriptions of Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Ac. Repairing done as heretofore, and all description ot work manufactured to order. nov22dtt CLOCKS! Calendar Clocks, Hotvards Clocks, Office and Bank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Parlor, and All Kinds of Clocks. 04 EXCHANGE STREET, LOWELL & SENTER. Portland Jan. ITtli, 1R67. dCrn “TIIE PEN 18 JTHCiHTIEH THAN THE 8WOBD," The Gold Pen—Best and Oheapest of Pens* Morton’s Gold Pens 1 The Best Pens in the World ! Fa r sale at liis Headquarters, No 2B Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. J3F* ' A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ot letter postage. uo2C diwCm_ A. MORTON. EWkTS PIERCE, Attorney and Counsello at ^ aw, No. 8 Clapp’s Block. juJ2l >s MISCELLANEOUS vinelanjj. adelph a, by liailroad, in New .lersev, on the gam,, line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. Tlie soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a sandy loa n, suitable tor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables This is a greatJr ml Country. Five hundred Vineyards and Orchards have been planted oct by experienced fruit growers. Grapes. Peaches, Pears drc., produce immense I>roi i s, Vineland is already one of the most boautilul places hi the United States. The entire territory, consisting of fitly square miles of land, is laid out upon a general system of improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers v. ith provision tor public adornment. The place on account of its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort ol people q/ iasie. It has increased five thousand people within tin past three years. ■Churches. Stoics. Schools, Academies. Societies ol Art and Learning and other elements of refinement ani culture have been introduced. Hundreds oi people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lots and upwards, $25 per acre. Five and teu acre aud \il« r e lots for side. ‘ruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other 1 cality, north of Norfolk, Va.lm proved places tor sale Openings tor all kinds business, Lumber Yards, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the like; and Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a couutry beaulilutJy im prov. d. abounding in iruits, and possessing ail other social privileges, in tlie heart of civilization, it is worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a papti giving full information, and containing reports oi So lon Rob nson, sent to applicants. Address OH AS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New dersev. From Report oi Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know oi this side of ti e Western Prairies.’7 8epf13d*ftwb’m 37 NEW FIRM ! ROBINSON KNIGHT I CLOTHING! Wc have taken the store 288 CONGRESS STREET, (Opposite the Preble House) Where we have a new stcck of CLOTHING —AND— FURNISHING GOODS! The stock embraces FINE, MEDIUM ami LOW PRICED CLOTHING, made up in the most tashion able stylo. A large assortment of the newest styles of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS is now on hand. dec8 dtf J. & c. J. BARBOUR, Manufacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, % PORTLAND, ME. Lillies’ and Mimes’ Serge and I'nlf Boots. Men’s Fine t’nlf and Thick Bools. Boys’, Tombs’ nud Children’s Bools and Shoes. Rubber Boots nud Shoes of all kinds. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOLASSES IIOSE, ENGINE HOSE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber nothing, Rubber nose. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. R. BARBOUR. nov2(i _ _ Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Furs in Boston, BOUGHT FOR CASH, And can be sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Sett*, Slil.OO, former price *10.00. Silk Velvet Hoods.Bcaver trimmed, FOR *4.00, anil other Goods in proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PREBEE HOUSE. dec22 _dtf Paints, Oils Varnishes, &c. FICKETT & GRAY OFFPB FOB SALE AT THEIB STORE, No. 1ST' Fore Street, WHITE LEAD, Foreign and American Zinc, Lin seed Oil, Couch, Furniture and Florence Var nishes, .Japan, Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, Venetian Hod, and a full assotment of Paint Stock oi I every description, YVindow Glass, Sheet Lead, ami Lead Pipe. Agents for Gardner’s celebrated Copper Paint far vessels’ bottoms. All orders for Painting executed at short notice and satisfactorily. January 1.18157. dtl Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET. ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to offer their Iriends and the pub lic a large ami well selected stock ot CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, &c., feSF" Purchasers of the above goods are respect fully invited to oxamine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. july 30’dtf Lea Ac Perrins’ CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce ! PRONOUNCED BY Conaioimcun To be Tb© “Only Good Sauce!’! And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF d i n w .* EXTRACT ol a letter truin a Medical Gentleman at Madras, to Ills Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell Lea & Per rins that their Sam e is liijrhly esteemed in India, and Is in my opinion the most pal atable as well as the most w U o 1 c s o m o Sauce that is made.” The success of this most delicious and unrivftlcd condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA A PERRIN*, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oc!7dly Sew Store, 349 Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) H. W. SIMONTOX& CO., HAVE opened a Lathes’ Furnishing Store, con taining a good assortment ot Hoop Skirts, Corsets, Under Clothing, Merino Vesta, Collars, Calls, Worsted and Fancy Goods. French Stamping Done to Order. 349 Congress Street, (Up Stairs.) OCt24 dtf. Choice Southern and Western FLOUR WO CORK! for sale by OTJRIOK, PIERCE & CO., Wholesale Dealer*, 1 .VI Cammereial Mi., i _dec3ldly . PORTLAND, Mr. Photographs! Photographs! A. S. 1)AVIS, edat No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be happy to receive all those wishing for Photographs, Ambrotypes, otc. N. B. Ail work warranted. MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE 27 Jan 14—3m*_ A. G. SCHLOTTEBBECK <f CO. Apothecaries & Chemists, 303 ConiSTWS St, one door above Brown. POBTV.A1VD, MR. Compounding Physicians Prescriptions Is one ol our Specialities. ITsin r Propuraiiuns ol our own manuufacture, we are able to vouch lor tlieir purity. We also keep on band a full supply of LUHMSCS EXTRACTS. roWDlR and S' '.AI' b AM' Y GOODS, Toilet Artirles, Heed's 1,1'juid 1>tc < biers Wil on’s Herbs. Marsh’s Celebrate I Trusses and Supporters, Patent Medicines, Hair Restorers, Ci gars, Tobacco, Arliaia’ itlnlcrinla, Ac., Ac. Jan 12—d2m_' eySoml your orders tor Job Work to Dally Pres Office HOTELS. UNITED STATES HOTEL, PORTLAND, MAINE, Proprietor of the COM tlTe L'u u i'ro^V “°FSE- <">**' »* wi» destroyul ,u , i,nh]fp to announce to his old patrons i mCfb l l'1P h;« !eas.*d the above hold and “*=«« TERMS FAVORABLE. aiiyiiO-fim _ N..I. DAVIS. Card. METROPOLITAN HOTEL, Waahingum, D. C. ou account of flic loductnl price (>l piovuiunh, the rate of board at tliia Hotel will bo Four Dollar, jx r (lay from date. TOTTS & SHELLEY. January 1,1W57. _ jaMliii CfocliiiiH ilouwe ! GORHAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber having loosed the abovo House for a term of years, is prepared to ac coiiimoilatc parlies and the public generally, and from his long experience lu Hotel keep mg hope# to receive a liberal share cf the public patronage, having kept u Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. Janl5 doin S. B. BROWN. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.SO. CAROLINA. THE proprictoi has the pleasure to inform the traveling public that the above house Is now open for the reception' of guest#, having made extensive al teration#. improvement#, and returnished it throngh out, it is now iu capital order, and over? exertion will he made to render it acceptable to hi# patrons. nolOeodGin JONEPH PIJBCELL. WIDMAL 1>R. J. B UtiillES can be found at his PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS No. It Treble Street, Near ike Preble Hsumc, WHERE he can bo consulted privatelv, and with the utmost eon tide nee by the afflicted, at hours daily, and tram 8 A. M. to 91’. M. Dr. H. addressed those who are suffering under the affliction of i rivate diseases, whether arising from impure (onncctieu or the terrible vice of self-ahusc. Devoting Ids entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warranted in Guar anteeing A CUBE in ALL Cases, whether of long standing or recently contracted, entirely removing the dregs of disease from the system, and making a per fect and PERMANENT CURE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to the tact of Ids long-standing and woll-oamad reputation furnishing sudicicnt assurance of hi# skill and suc cess. Caution lo lb* Public. 'Every intelligent and thinking ]>erson mutt know that remedies handed out lor general use should have their cilicacy established by w ell tested exiierieuce in tho hands of a regularly educated physician, whose preparatory studies lit him for all the duties lie must lUltil; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrums and cure-oils, purporting to ho the best in the world, which are not only useless, but always injurious. The unlbrtuuutc should be pa iiticulau in selecting his physician, ns it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic paticuts are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; lor it is a point generally conceded by the best eypliilogra plicrs, that the study and management of these coint plaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful iu tlieir treat | mentand cure. Tho inexperienced general practi i tioncr, having neither optsirtunity nor time to mak himself acquainted w ith their pathology, couunonlv pursues one system of treatment, iu most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use oi that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Hare I'oufldearc. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence iu maturer years, SEEK FUU AK ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, arc the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low; do not wait tor Unsightly Ulcers, lor Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. How Many Thoanand« Unit Testify lo Thi» by Unhappy Experience! Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a j complaint generally the lesult of a bad liabit in youth,—treated scientifically and a perfect curs war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some oi whom arc as weak and emaciated as though they lino the consumption, and by tlieir friends are supposed to have it. AU such cast* yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. Middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who art troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or bunt ing sensation, and weakening the system in a man ner the patient cannot account tor. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will ollen In found, and sometimes small particles of which or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There are many men who <He of this difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I con warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing, In a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, if desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. fcjjr" Send a Stamp for Circular. Elcctic Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly Invites all Ladies, win need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. It Preble Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Elect it* Renovating Metlicines are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue iu regulating all Pemalc Irregularities. Their action is specific anu certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in all eases of ol> strnctions after all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to anv part of the country, with full directions, by addressing \ ‘ DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance. janl.lhKkl&w. CHEROKEE PILLS, Or Female Regulator, Cure Suppressed, Eremite and Painful Menstruation. Green SMhte**, Nerrov* and Spinal Af fiction*. Pain* in the Etck. >i< k JUadacfie, Gidd me**, an.I ail dis eases that spriug iVuin irregularity, by removing the cause and all the effects that arise fiom it. Tiny are perfectly safe In all cases, esr cipt -tchen forbidden by diree ■ flows, and are easy to adtnteister, as they are nicely *ugur coated. They should be in the hands of I every Maiden, Wife, and Mother I in tlie land. * Ladles can address ns in perfect plaints in full, ns we treat all Female C'<>m|>l;tiata, and prepare Medicines suitable lor all diseases to which they arc subject.—Thirty-two page pamphlet, in a scaled envoloite, free. The Cherokee rills are sold by all druggists at $1 per box. or six boxes for $f>; or they nro sent by mail, free of postage, in an ordinary letter, free from observation, by addressing the sole proprietor, Dr. W. R. MRRWIN, 37 Walker St., N. Y. N. B.—Cherokee Pills No. 2 are prepared for ipecioi ea*e*. when milder medicines fail; these are sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of (5, the price of each box. I)K. WRIGTIT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR, Or, Essence or Eire, Cmte General DeraUty, Weak ne*x, Hysteric* in female*. Palpitation oj the Heart and all Jtfer*nme Di*ea*e*. It re* stores new life and visor to tho need. ••■tuMiis the hot Jdood of overcome aveme- penccb "JMWW vf e, ic moving Sterility and Barrenness in both sexes. To tho vouag, middle-aged, and aged, there is no greater boon than this “ Elixir of Life.” It gives a new lease of life, causing the weak and debilitated to have renewed strength and vigor. 1'nce, one bottle $2; three bottle V>; sent by express to any address. Our medicines are sold and recommended by all respectable druggists in every part of the civilized globe; some unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers by selling cheap and worth less compounds in order to make money. Be not deceived—ask for these medicines and take no others. If the druggist docs not keep them, write to n*. and we will send thorn by express, carefully packed, free from observation. Wo will be pleased to receive letters with full statements in regard to any disease with which ladles or gentlemen are afflicted ' Address all letters for medicines, i»«mpu *e»**>r advice, to the solo proprietor jp. W. E. MEEWIN, 37 Walker at., N. 7. IMPORT ANT to LUMBERMEN -AN® Owners of Hemlock Lands! THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING COMPANY, of New York, own the exclusive right in tho United States tor tho manufar ture of an imperishable ‘‘EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. The Bark Extract Is now extensively use,I among Tanners, anil the ile nianil lor it rapbtly Increasing. Itcomiuands a rcaily sale in the Boston, New York anil Philailelpliia niai - kets, at sixty cents per gallon. Tho appliance* f, r inauutaetaring aro simple anil not expensive eostim but little more than the ordinary leaches use,i byTan ners. By this process, It cords of Bark maybe re duced so ns to concentrate the entire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring itstnnning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, botween the transportation of tho Extract and tlmbark, will range trom six tonight dolls rs per coni, so that any one who may get out but three hundred cords of bark per year, may save from two thousand -flye hundred dollars in the diiferenee in Tile Company does not propose to soil Territorial rights but will grant exclusive privilege to manuiac ture iu ceriaia loenlitlee. charging a small royalty i*r gallon on the amount manuiacturcd. The Company will send competent men h’ superin tend the construction of the works wliorc panics ,|e sire to ontcr into tho business, anil to instruct in the manufacture »t the Extraet. As a guarantee of simcess to iiarties entering into this business, the Company will contract to tako all the Extraet tnaiiuthclurod under their process at tiltv rente per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties in Maine desiring; further information as to terms, Ac., may call upon or address CHARLES 11 ALL, General Agent for Maine, 1M Maine street, Hanger, where models of the apparatus mav be seen. uoTlSdSm_ s. H. KENNEDY. Pres’t. Kimball & Prince, Dontistw. Ho, U Olapp’s Block, Congress Street, Oppw.De Old City Hall, PORTLAND, MAINE. 0, Kimball, D, D. 8, eclOtodtf Fred a. Prims, KAlLJtOAOD. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ot Canada. ^Alteration _ot' Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. „-jr\ On awl after Monday, Nov. 12,i$ccf traim* will run as follows:— Train tor South Paris ami Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M. Muii t rain for Warervillc, Bangor, Gorham, lalaml Pond, Montreal and Quebec at 1. 10 P. 51. This train connects with Express train lor Toron to. Detroit ami Chicago. Sleeping cars attached from Island Pond to Quebec ami Montreal. Train lor South Paris at 5.0o 1*. M. No baggage ran be received or cheeked after the time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows — From So. Paris, Lewiston ami Auburn, at 8.10 A. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Ac., - - 1.45 1*. M. The Company are not responsible for baggage to auy amount exceeding got' in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, ami paid lor at the rate o! one passenger for every gOOU additional value. * ’. J. fid Ylji.LS, MamtyiHtj Director. II. ft.MLt: Yt Local Supcrmt' juLnf. 1 ortiand, Nov. 2, 1866. dtf PORTUNDK ROCHESTER R.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rHBM«HiiiP aMar Monday, Deo. 17, IS66. MlSV! trains will run as loliows Pa*w>n*er trains leavp Saco Ktvm ti.r I-ortland at 5.30 anil y.OO A. M.f and 3.401 r. M. Leave Portland lor Sato River 7.15 A. M , 2.01 and 5.45 1\ m Freight trains with rassenger c,.r attached will leave Sato Kiver tor Portland. 6.50 A. M. Louve Portland tor Saco River 12.15 P. M. pif Mugesconuei't at Gorham mr West Gorham, Blandish, oteep Fails, Baldwin, Denmark, Sebagu, Bridgtou. Lovell, ill rain, Brownfield, kryebnrg, Conway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, Cornish,Por tor, Freedom, Madison, ami Luton, N. 11 At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonny-Lagle, South Limington. Limiu 'ton, Limerick, ftewueld, Parsunsiield and Oesipoe At Saecarappu lor South Windham, Windham Hill and Worth Windham, daily. By order oi the President. Portland, Dec. 14,1866—dtf ^ SPECIAL NOTICE. OWING to the breaking of a Driver on tlio Engine “Westbrook,” the regular freight train on tho Portland and liochester It. K. will he dlscouUuued lor a tew days. _ _dc20otf PORTLAND AJENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, j Commencing Monday, Not* I’-Jih, 184ML □fffj.fiiTTiiTfl Passenger Trains leave Portland daily 5!ME_B9K at L0n t. M., lor Bath, Augusta, Wat erviiie. Kendall’s Mill -.Skowhcgnn, nud intermediate Stations,(connecting at Brunswick with Androscog gin It. k., for Li^kiston anti Farmington, and at Kendall’s Mills with Maine Central U.k.llur Bangor and interuicdiate stations, t arts as low by tkii route as any other. Leave Portland lor Bat h, Lewiston, Augusta and hUerinediatc stations on Saturday only at 7.4r, p. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland for Brunswick and In termediate stations daily, except Saluruay, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland lor Skowhcgau ami into mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Por.laud at 9.20 A. M., and from skowhegan and Farniiugtoii ami ail intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to connect with trains for Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and lor Bel fast it Augusta, leaving daily on arrival oftiain from Boston, leaving atT. to A. M.; and tor Solon, Anson, Norridgcwock, Athens amt Moose Head Luke at Skow begun, and lor Chiua, Last aiul North Ya*»al boro’ at Vassalboro*: for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and tor Canaan at Pisnon’s Ferry. \V. HATCH. ShpcrlMcnitnt. Augusta, Oct. 27,1866. oov!2dtt MAINE CENTRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rr.y; ; On and alter Monday,November 12th, £4jti*‘,Wy‘'uriviii, tiains will leave Poitland for Bauigor and all inU'iineUiafe station on Ibis lino, at l.lo j\ M. daily. For Lewiston ami Auburn only, at 7.40 A. M. ttr Freight, trains for Watervilloaud all interme diate stations, leave Portland at 8.25 A. M, Trim ir«>m Bangor is due at Portland at 1.43 P. M, in season toronnect with train tor boston. From Lewiston and Auburn only,at 8.10 A. M. EDWIN NOYES,Supt. Nov. 1, 18(56 noOdtt SACO & PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Counaeucing Monday. Nov. |‘2ih, 18UU. rgr^n;-sr.ffn Passenger Trains leave Portland for xSE^SlErBoston at8.40 A. M.. and 2.20 P. M. LOave Boston tor Portland at 7.30 A. M., and 2.30 P. JM. A Mechanic’s and Laborer’s Train will leave Biddciurd daily. Sundays cxeepted, at ti A. M., and Saco at 6.ok, arriving in Portland at fl.40. Returning, will leave Portland for Saco and Bid detord and intermediate stations at 5.C0 P. M. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland at 7.lo A. M. tor Saco and Biddelord, and returning, leave Biddetord at 6.30 and Saco at k 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 29, I860. noldtt To Travelers ! Through Ticket* from Portland To all Points West it South, VIA TDK New York Central, Erie & Lake Shore, And Fennsylvunia Central Railroads, F.r Mali'at ibe I.owr.t rntiN at tlio Weal em Kailnn, Tickri Oil!re,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Market Square. W. I). LITTLE cC CO., Utnrnil Tirkrt A,rnli. t p PuKaagr Ticket, tor California, via tttcanicra Iroiu New York on tlio l«t, lllh, and fist ot each moath for sole at this oUicc,as heretofore. ilcfNUcwtt STEAMER*. Montreal OceanSteamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. PnoM ugrr* Hooked lo Londonderry on' Liverpool. Kcturn Ticket* giuuicd at Reduced Kales. Tlic Steamship Pkki vian, Captain Ball an tine, will sail from this* port for Liverpool, SATURDAY, 26th January, 18G7, Immediately alter the arrival of the train «»* the previous day from Montreal, to be tol • lowed by the North American on the 2d of February, i Passago to Lomkmderry aud Liverpool, cabin, lac ] cording to accommodation) $70 to $80. ‘ Steerage, $25 Payable in Gold or its equivalent. IS^For Freight or p—f upply to II. 6i A. aiLL.u*. No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 2t>, 1806. jau2l did F*H£ K£DUCED_TU BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further notice the Steamers Ol the Portland Steam racket Co. i will ruu a* follows:— L iv« Atlantic \V harftor B«*ton —--,eT®«*y evening, (except Sunday)at 7 o clock. Leave bos ion the Mauiedaysat 5 P. M. Gabiu fare,.$t.60 Deck.. 1.00 Ur i'urkage ticket* to be bud of the Agents at re duced rales. Freight taken as usual. M L. BILLINGS, Agent. May L*2ml, 1KGG—dll International Steamship Oo. Knstpori, Calais and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. -A Oil and after Monday. December , —.. l~*li, flic .learner NE W Flu NS r, , v 1,1 \ WU.K, fai.t. E. II. W1NU1ES ifasaSa^TElt, will leave Kail Road Wharf, !■ I I “loot of SI ate St., every MONDAY, at 5 o'clock P. M for Eustport anil St. John. RETURNING, will leave St. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. hi. At Easlport Stage Coaches will connect tor Ma nillas. ! At St John tho E. A N. A. Railway will ronnect | for Shcdiac. Freight received on days of sailing until 4 oclk F iSie. ,.r C O. EATON, dec’JO-dtf___A?ent PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. The splendid and that Steam ship* D1KIGO. tnpt. II. s»i;n woon, and FRANCONIA, (api. IV. W. SlITKWOOO, Will, until mrthur notice, run as follows: I. cavc Crow s Wharf,Portland,every WEDNES DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M.. and leave ldcr 38 hast River, New York,, vorv WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 4o’clock P. M. and Iheso vessels arc titled up with duo accommoda tions lor passengers, making this the no,si s,**iv sale anil comlortablc route lor travellers beivooo New lnrk and Maine Passant* m i'vecu • *6.00 Tabf»passa8c#5.00 aU *°°m> Goods lorwardcd by tlds line toandlrom Mon SE Jo! n'ebCC’ Ba,‘<!0,’ BaU*’ Augusta, Eastpoil and arc rc/iuesteil to send their Height to th. steamers as early as 3 P. M. on the day that they leave I'orilaud. 7 For freight or passage apply to . EMERY & FOX, Frow n’. Wharf, Portland. J. F. AM FIS, Pier 38 East River. May'.si. lima.> dtt BLANCHARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 dogs, of heat is thrown away making a loss ol 1-3 tie luel. The uueslion is j often asked how can this be wm-il. Mr b I am■ hurt! a takes jierlect control of all tbt heat find makes it do duty In the engine. This is i very simple in it* construction; alter the engine is in minion the smoke pipe la closed ti^ht, and ihe waste beat earnedthrouuh heater*, heating the steam to I *£!y ^MS^urc desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up ull the warn a i heat but S09 dogs.; the heat being reduced no inw there can bo no danger of sel ling lire, by -nark, , thrown IVom engines, which will add much valnn this Invention, ia:»!des the saving 1-3 the mil * For particulars lnnnire ol “ CF\T^rmCrC,ttl^ha' ~"“-«al St. tVLIGHT <£ CLAIM. FIIE8CO PAINTEH8, to OU and Dl.lcm|yr Colon. Also House and Sign ibuiBO, 1’oDlIn.i,' mI ' tW° abuv* Pr<'1'1’* de'si^rihtepareii in design and execute every ■w.)1 “'L",1, WaI1 l eiUng Drcnrainm., mr I JjJ,0r®nc»,P"bIlc BuUdings,PriratoResidences,Halls 1 oh . Gdding and Embossing on Glass. Every H. ’ •criptmn of Wood liulsln d in W« and Oil Killin', j ;‘n' lu ^ arnisli or Freiieb Polish. jal!ki3ui *” To Let. L'lR.sT, second and third lolls over E. T. Elden o 1 T C«.4 store. Free street Block; aim,, otters !,S I Schlotterbeck s, and over I'rmunan A Oo |n I block corner Brown anil Oongree, streets w | Janii-dtt J. B, BROWN,