Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 26 Ocak 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 26 Ocak 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -— Saturday Morning, January 26, 1867. ----- LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. State House, Augusta, Jan. 25. [special dispatch to the daily puess.] SENATE. Several petitions lroin Lodges of Good Tem plars were received aud referred. The committee on Education reported that legislation prohibiting whipping in schools was inexpedient. The Judiciary Committee reported that leg islation was inexpedient on the order requir ing a holder of hank stock, notes and other ev idence of del t, to produce a certificate from the Assessor that he has given the same in to them ior taxation, before he shall lie entitled to receive payment for the same. This report came from the House but was recalled, Mr. At kins, of Emden, being charged with a message requestiug the same on the part of that branch. The act to increaso the Governor’s salary came from the House with the Senate amend ment rejected. Ou motion of Mr. Caldwell, the subject was laid ou the table. Mr. Woodman presented the petition of D. W. Fessenden, Clerk of Court of Cumberland County, for inertase of salary. An act to authorize school district No throe, in the town of Westbrook, to raise money for a school house at a rate per cent, not exceed ing seven three-tenths, was discussed by Mr. Brown, of Cumberland, on his motion to sub stitute six per cent, instead of seven three tenths, and opposed by Messrs. Robie, of Cum berland, Caldwell aud Crosby and decided in tavor of the original act as reported. The Judiciary Committee reported an act requiring towns at the next annual meeting to eject three selectmen, assessors, &e., aud that the three elected, at their first meeting designate bv lot, one to serve one year, one two years, anil one three years, respectively, and that hereafter hut one shall be elected an nually, unless vacancies occnrr. The following act passed finally: an act to incorporate the Button Wood Peat Company. An act already iu the hands of the Governor, repealing an act requiring Notary Publics to pay duty to the State Treasurer, was recalled and its passage reconsidered and the bill in- I definitely postponed. nousE. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Drew of Augusta. Papers from the Senate were read and pass ed in concurrence. An order was presented by Mr. Dane, of El liot, instructing the Committee on Education to inquire into the expediency of increasing the amount of money raised per inhabitant for schools, from seventy-five to eighty-five cents. An order was introduced requiring the Su perintendent of Common Schools to compile and publish the school laws of the State. Several matters not of general interest pass ed the early stages of legislative action. XXXIX GONGEE3S--3ECOND SESSION. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 25. Mr. Wilson presented a petition of the Adju tant General of Arkansas, askiDg that the record of 10,000 Union soldiers of that State be printed. Referred to the Committoe on Print ing. Mr. Wiison gave notice that he would intro duce a bill to equalize, regulate and increase the pay of army officers. The Post Office Appropriation bill from the House was referred to the Finance Commit tee. Messrs. Lane, Trumbull and Buekalew were appointed a conference committee on the part of the Senate on the disagreeing votes on the Pension bill. Mr. Trumbull called up the bill relating to the habeas corpus to regulate judicial proceed- j ings in certain cases. Passed. Mr. Harris called up the bill relative to per- ! sons imprisoned for offences against the law ! of the United States, allowing a reduction of one month per year of imprisonment] for good behavior. Passed. The Chair laid before the Senate a commun ication ot the Governor of West Virginia, an nouncing the ratificationtof the Constitutional Amendment; also, one from the Governor of Pennsylvania, announcing the election of Mr. Cameron. Mr. Fowler introduced a bill to expedite the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad, extending grants of land to aid, &c. Referred to the Committee on Pacific Railroads. Mr. Patterson introduced a bill to amend the act providing for the collection of taxes in the lately insurrectionary States. Referred to the Finance Committee. Mr. Sumner introduced a joint resolution to enable the people of the United States to par ticipate in the Paris exposition. It appropri ates $88,(100 for the purpose, and requires a de tailed statement of expenditures. The Tariff bill was tticn taken up. Mr. Johnson moved to amend by striking out the words, “Mixed and imported- from a place 30 degrees east of Washington,” from the fol lowing paragraph: “On crude orcarmel, and all bituminous coal from any port or place 30 degrees longitude east of Washington, $0.50 per ton of 28 bushels 80 pounds to the ton.” Also to strike out the provision taxing bitu minous coal mined at any place not more than 30 degrees longitude east of Washington, 50 cents per ton. Mr. Johnson’s motion was debated by Messrs. Fessenden, Johnson, Creswell and Willey. It was stated that the amount ot coal imported was only half a million tons annually. The amendment was adopted. It fixes the duty on charcoal at $1.50 per ton, no matter where im ported from. Mr. Sprague moved to amend by increasing the duties on all machinery made in part of iron or steel nr other material, from 45 to 05 per centum ad valorem, provided, that all con tracted for prior to Jan. 1,1807, shall come in under the rates then exising. It was mollified so as to read 00, instead of 05 per centum, and the'amendment was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Frelinghuysen the duty on zinc was increased from 3 to 31-2 cents per pound. The Senate then adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Patterson, from the Committee ou For eign Affairs, reported the bill providing for the defence ot the North Eastern frontier. Order ed to be printed and recommitted. The bill makes some provisions relative to the issue of bonds by Maine and Massachusetts in aid to the European & North American Railway Company of Maine. Mr. Orth presented a minority report, which was ordered to he printed. The bill to request tbe Secretary of War to •“* have the wreck of the steamer Scotland re moved from the entrance to New York harbor was taken up and passed. After some unimportant business tbe House proceeded to the consideration of tbe private calender. Mr. Hogan, from tbe Committee on Ways and Means, reported the bill relieving from tax alcohol made from spirits, on which a tax had been paid, which was passed. Two bills, granting pensions of $500 to John Gray, of Noble count y. Ohio, and Daniel Fred erick Bakman, of Sandusky, were passed. The House, at 2.00 P. 3SL, went in a commit tee on the private ealender. Having finished the private calender the committee rose, and the House passed a number of bills, and Iben proceeded to the private business ou the Speak er’s table. Mr. Niblack suggested that the session to morrow be for debate only. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, objected, saying that there were but forty days of the session left. Mr. Niblack asked Mr. Stevens if he propos ed to have a vote to-morrow on his reconstruc tion bill. Mr. Stevens’ reply was, that he intended to have it dispose of in some manner to-morrow. Mr. Donnelly introduced a bill to give pen sions to the w iuows of officers of inferior grades, tbe same as to widows of soldiers and sailors. Referred to the Committee on Pensions. A bill to expedite the construction of the South Pacific Railroad, was referred to the Committee on the 1 ’seine Railroad. Mr. Van Horn, of New York, presented a petition of the citizens of Gcnessce county for at) increase of tlio tariff on wool. Mr. Milk r presented a petition of 250 soldiers acid widows of the war of 1812, asking for pen sions. The committee of tbe whole were discharged from the further consideration of the Senate bill for the relief of Josiali O. Ames, for $9500 to pay for his bouse and buildings destroyed at Anaudalc, Fairfax county, Va., for military purposes. The bill established a very import ant principle, and one which was at variance wiili a resolution of the House, and brought out much discussion. Mr. Stevens favored the bill and Mr. Morrill opposed it. The latter said tbe passage of the bill would be a precedent for the allowance of claims to the amount, in the aggregate, of at least one thousand million dollars. Mr. Delano in reply to a question said it was impossible to make even an approximate esti mate, but supposed that two thousand million of dollars would not cover tbe amount of such claims. Tbe bill passed, 99 to 27. At 5 o’clock tbe House adjourned. Fran New Orleans. New Ohleans, Jan. 25. A dispatch frem Montgomery, Alabama, dat ed yesterday, says the Judiciary Committee of the House will submit to-morrow a bill lor the removal of the State e ipital to Mobile. A fight, between Hill Davis, of St. Louis and Bennett, of this eitv, took place to-day, and resulted in a victory for Davis in seven rounds, occupying twenty-eight minutes. A second fight came off between Duffy, of St. Louis, atid Peter Joyce, of Now York. After fourteen rounds, Joyce broke bis thumb and forefinger and threw up the spuuge. Arrest of a Pest omce Kobbrr. . . , Boston, Jan. 25. Samuel Angler, an assorting clerk in the Post Office, was arrested last night tor purloin ing money from letters. Constitutional Convention Defeated. St. Louis, Jan. 25. A special dispatch from Topeka, Kansas, says the St nute yesterday defeated the bill for a Constitutional Convention. NEW YORK. A Desperate Rascal Captured —A Dishon est Clerk—Cotton Burned-He«tvy Miiw Ntonu—llnriue Disasters — Henry Rob bery-Suicide—Aid for tbe Mouth New Yokk. Jan. 26. A notorious thief and| gambler who is named George Gardner, alias Dutch Heuirich, was arrested yesterday fur attempting some time since to rob James ltowe of $4,000 iu gold. He is regarded as one of the niost hold and successful robbers iu the city, and though engaged in several extensive opera tions, he has thus far managed to escape. He surrendered yesterday after a threat by the officer who arrested him that he would blow his brains out and placing his pistol close to his head. , , , r John R. Hamilton, confidential clerk lor Messrs. 1!. & \V. Simpson, pawnbrokers at No. I 105 Bowery, was yesterday arrested on a charge of embezzling at different limes slue ' June last, money to the amount of iroiii $]L,(MI0 to $15,000 from bis employers. Justice bbaudley admitted the accused to bail in tlic sum ol $10, 000 to answer the charge. There is no prospect oi cable news to-night, the laud wires being still down in Nova Scotia. Men arc busy making repairs. There are no new developments in the mat ter of Meyer & Co. and the Bank of North America. A friend of M. & Co., it is said, had made a proposition to compromise for $85,000 which was rejected by the bank. | The Associated Press ship news reporter lias compiled from his files a list of arrivals at this port during the year I860, which shows there has been an increase over the arrivals of 18IB ill steamers 163, ships 78, and harks 14, while there was a decrease iu brigs of 12, and of schooners 103. The steamers Kangaroo and Iowa have ar rived. * Hallett & Schilling’s warehouse, No. 366 Washington street, containing 4,000 bales of cotton, was burned to-night. Loss $500 000' insurance not knowu. Snow commenced falling at 11 o’clock to night. Accounts horn Canada and the north west report that a heavy snow storm is nre vailing. 1 The steamer Leo, from Savannah, reports Uith inst. saw a large three masted schooner with a white rail ashore oil’the Woodlands; also a small vessel bnrnt to the waters edge. H. L.iuiau was attacked with a fainting fit on Broadway to-day, and robbed by a pretend ed Samaritan of $20,000 iu United States coupons. Edward Darling, residing in 5tli street, com muted suicide to-,lay by banging. A meeting in aid of the suffering people of tiie South was held this evening at the Cooper Institute. Among the speakers were Dr. Bright, H. W. Beecher, Horace Greely, Maj, Gen. Anderson, and others. Earnest appeals were made lor aid. and James M. Brown was appointed treasurer. MEXICO. The Catholic Church to Cut Loose front Rome. Liberals Fortifying' Tampico. Brownsville, Texas, Jan. 24. Queretaro will bo evacuated by Mejia as soon as the Liberals advance. Escobado left Monterey for the interior on the 17th, at the head of the largest Liberal army ever got to gether. Barriozabcl raised several thousand dollars from the merchants of Monterey, and sent i< to Cortina on the 12th, with orders to proceed at once to Victoria. Cortina is still near Mat amoras, and says he will pronounce for Ortega. New Orleans, Jan. 24. The Matamqras Ranchero says a new and great movement for the reformation of the Roman Church is being inaugurated through out Mexico. Rev. Rafael Diez Martinez has been elected Bishop of the new Catholic Apos tolic National Church of Mexico. The object of this movement is to break off from the old Roman Church, for the reason, as charged, that through Romish influences were sent the French armies which invaded Mexico and dol uged the land with Republican blood. Rev. Father Hernandez, who was captured by the Imperialists, was shot by them after suffering unheard-of atrocities, on the ground that he was a Liberal, and inclined to break off from the Church of Rome. Escobado had arrived at San Luis, and claimed that 2,000 Liberals captured the city. The whole of Sierra Garda, including the old Church party, had pronounced for the Repub licans. The Liberals were fortifying Tampico. Treyeilo was in San Luis, recruiting. Mejia had marched to the protection of the City of Mexico. Eighteen thousand Liberals had surrounded Cuernavaca and the City of Mexico, under Alvarez. New Oreeans, Jan. 25. . it is reported thero will soon be a conven tion of Republican Generals in Mexico, to choose a General-in-Cbief. It is believed Or tega will be chosen. WASHINGTON 00RRESP0NDEN0E. Surratt to Testify before the Judiciary Committee. Bill Indemnifying Maine and Massachusetts under the Ashburton Treaty. Railroad Property turned over to Rebel Owners. New York, Jan. 25. Special Washington dispatches say the Ju diciary Committee is daily taking testimony on the impeachment case, and one of the members has said that £ urratt will be brought before them as a witness as to President Johnson’s complicity witb the assassination of Mr. Lin coln. The Ways and Means Committee will un doubtedly report against interfering with the present rate of retiring the greenbacks. Five of the Currency Committee were in favor of Randall’s gold bill, and three against, viz.: Messrs. Pomeroy, Hooper and Dcfrees. The House Committee on Foreign Affairs have agreed to report the Senate bill indemni fying Maine and Massachusetts under the Ashburton treaty. The amount is between $200,000 and $300,000. _ Gen. Thomas has gone to Washington to tes tify in relation to matters connected with the Southern railroads. Gen. Thomas, in turning over the largs amount of railroad property to rebel owners, did so under express orders from President Johnson. Miscellaneous Dispatches* Fobtbess Monboe, Jan. 25. Navigation of the Chesapeake is impossible from tbe presence of an ice belt. The harbor at Norfolk is open. The Baltimore steamer is detained. Cincinnati, Jan. 25. The Chamber of Commerce has adopted the cental system in buying and selling grain. Thirty ladies at Greenfield, Ohio, have been fined $U2 lor mobbing liquor dealers. Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 25. Hon. J. D. Cox has written a letter to the chairman of the State Union Central Commit tee, stating that he will not he a candidate for re-election. Boston, Jan. 25. The State Constabulary seized liquors to the value of $2000, in a grocery store in Charlestown to-day. The ordainers of Robert Burns are celebrat ing the anniversary of his birth to-night. William Hudson and his wife were arrested to-day, charged with setting fire to a building | in Charlestown last night. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 25. The Burns Club, of this city, celebrated the anniversary of the birth of the Scottish Bard this evening. About 200 guests and members were present, who set down to a grand supper, aflea which toasts were given and responded to by Gov. Hawley, Donald G. Mitchell (Ike Marvel), Hon. James F. Babcock, Hon. James Sheldon, Hon. E. K. Foster, Hon. C. R. Inger soll, Win. H. Frazer and others. The speeches were interspersed with Burns songs. It was the largest and most enthusiastic celebration of the kind that has ever occurred in this city. The Fenian Trials. Tobonto, C. W., Jan. 25. Wm. Orr, one of the Fenian prisoners, was tried to-day by a .jury of one half Americans. The evidence being insufficient to convict, the jury brought in a verdict of not guilty, and the prisoner was discharged. Barney Dunn was then placed in the dock. A verdict of guilty was returned against him. Sentence deferred. In the case of Frederick Fry, a verdict of not guilty was returned. John Hugos, against whom a true bill was found on the evidence of the escaped prisoner Iiovall, was also discharged, lioyall not bein~ forthcoming. * The case of James Deamond was disposed of in the same manner. ' It iTiiI Clnml iilatm Miumpiug iu Company. MaicUti Concord, N. H., Jan. 25. Gen. Harriman, tliu Republican, and Hon. John C. Sinclair, the Democratic nominee for Governor, have arranged to stump the State together, commencing o:->. Friday, the 8th of February. George.C. Williams, who was committed to tail at Manchester for theft, committed suicide yesterday afternoon by jumping from a corri (Tted Pavemenf below, killing him irnme Destructive Fire*. n u„ic *1 Augusta, Go., Jan. 25. Oae half of the flourishing town of La Grange, Ga., embracing all the business houses of the place, was burned last night. Mobile, Jan. 25 A destructive fire occurred at Shunbuld Miss., on the night of the 23d inst. Eighteen business houses were consumed, including three warehouses belonging to Chumpioiiccr & Sons, whose, losses amount to $50,000. Indian Troubles in Honduras* New York, Jan. 25. IsritisU Honduras correspondence states that a body of Yucatan Indians had invaded the mahogany district, and threatened to break up the works and make a raid on the city. Trade was at a stand still, aud great excitement pre vailed. New Frer.Iiii. il'« Comtuiwioner for Texas. Galveston, Texas, Jan. 25. By order of the Secretary of "War General Gritfin has assumed the office of Assistant Commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau, re lieving Gen. Kidder. Gen. Griffin forbids the contemplated honors being paid to Gen. A. S. Johnston. Wa»hingtoii lie UIM. Washington, Jan. 25. Assays have been made of pioneer and union gold from Minnesota, with favorable results.— The veins are reported as well defined. The grand jury to day found three additional indictments against Leonard Huyck, charging him with the larceny at three different times of $15,800. He still remains in durance for the lack of bail. William E. Chandler, Assistant Secretary of the areasury, lias not yet tendered his resign* t10"- hut fU heaith mav compel him to do so. . e h'11 amending the act organising several territories, and conferring suffrage therein without regard to race or color, has become a e!c President’s approval. It was presented to hint on the 12th inst., and as he has not returned it within the ten days allow ffdh/hhV CVU8t‘tution, it has become a law as if he had signed it. The bill repealing the amnesty and pardon authority given to the President has become a law in a Similar way! Interference of (tea. Brian i„ ,|,e OUm>. quiea of Gen. Johnson. „ Galveston, Jan. 25 Great excitement was occasioned bv the in terterencc of General Griffin in the obsequies of Gen. Johnson. The stores were all closed and draped in mourning. Gen. Griffin agreed to permit the body to be taken to the Epi«-0' pal Church and burial services to be read on Le"nearM K‘vinC the following pledge: that there shall be no music by bauds, riuging or tolling oi bells, public or private demon strations, or any organization or association in the procession, the body to be conveyed to the church in tins city and from thence to the point ol its departure. All persons appearing in the procession shall lie invited, and appear as members of deceased’s family or friends — ihe conditions were refused and the body re mains 111 open view, where it has been visited by crowds. Business stores have been closed during the day in honor of Gen. Johnson. Bnilrnad Arc-ideal and of I.ife Eousse’s Point, Jan. 25. A sor'°us Collision between ihe Express and Mail trains on the Ogdcnsburg & Lake Cham plain Kailroad, occurred at 10.40 this morning, about one mile from this place. Engineer W. Davis, of the Western mail train, was killed.— Ken j. Pecor, fireman on the express, train had his ancle crushed. The following passengers were injnred: Mrs. Thomas P. Cantwell, seri ously in face and head; Mrs. Mary Joslyn, of AVest Albany, Vt, seriously in head; Mis. Elizabeth Hoiljjin, of Laoelle, C. E., severely cut and bruised in head; Edwin Messile, of Strattsvillo, C. E., severely in leg. Several others, including Geo. Carnum and Mai. For rest, of New York, were slightly bruised. Coiiwrrntiau of Bishop Neely. New Yoke, Jan. 23. Rev. Dr. Neely was this afternoon consecrat ed Bishop of Maine at Trinity Chapel, in the presence of a large number of the Episcopal clergy and a crowded congregation. Bishop Potter preached the sermon, and Bishop Hop kins presided over the consecration services. THE MARKETS. Financial. .. , New Y'oitK. Jon. 25. Money was a little closer towards the close of the afternoon, and capital was not so readily obtained at 7 per cent, on calf. Gold closed firm at T34J. For eign Exchange was in moderate demand and firm at 1094 (gj 109J f,i- prime bankers’ bills. Goods heavy and lower. Stocks were heavy and lower at the last open board, and decidedly lower. The market was quite feverish. The receipt* at the United States As sistant Treasurer to-day were $1,573,253, and the payments $774,302. Petroleum and Mining shares were somewhat irregular this afternoon but generally firmer. • __ New York Market. „ . . New Yobk, Jan. 25. Cotton—dull and unchanged; sales 250 bales. Mid dling uplands at 314 @ 34c. Flour—10 @ 15c lower, wiah more doing; sa’cs 6, 500 oulB. State at 9 50 (juJ 12 25; round hoop Ohio at 11 85 @ 12 14; Western at 0 DO @ 13 25. Southern brands dull and drooping; sales 200 bbls. at 11 75 ® 1C 75. Wheat—dull with no transactions. Corn—more active and r slia lo firmer; sales 79,000 bush. Mixed Western at 1 ICi @ 118. Now Yellow Jersey 1 08 @ 114. Yellow Western 119. Oaia—dull and prices unchanged; sales 13,000 bush. Western at 02 @ 05c. State at 68 69c. Beef—heavy; sales new plain mess at 12 00 ® 18 00; extra at 17 00 20 00. Pork—closed firmer; sales 4,400 bbls.; new mess at 20 37$; old do at 19 25; prims 16 62} (iw 17 00. Lard—dull and lower; sales at 12 ®'l21c for old, and 123 @ 134 for new. Whiskey—dull and nominal. Groceries—generally quiet and dull. Naval Stores—dull; Spirits Turpentine at 654 @ 661c. llosin at 4 00 @ 6 00. Petroleum—dull. Tallow—quiet; sales 160,000 lbs. at 111 @ 12ic. Freights to Liverpool—firmer. Ciaciaaati Markets. „ , Cincinnati, Jan. 25. Hogs uncliangad; sales at 7 50 @ 7 90. Wheat dull; sales Spring No. 1 at 2 25 @ 2 50. Com a shade firmer; ear 56c; shelled 62c. Cotton dull 31 @ 314c Oats dull at 51c. llye and barley unchanged. Whiskey dull. Provisions dull. Meats dull but prices are no lower. Ckicigs Markets. Chicaoo, Jan. 25. Flour neglected and nominal. Wheat sales at 2 12 @ 210 for No. 1. nnd No. 2 firm at 1 87. Corn 4c high er; sides at 77J @ 81 Jc for No. 1. Oats sales at 40> (g> 41c for No. 2. High Wines nothing doing. Provis ions dull; mess pork iu fair demand at 18 25. Live hogs at 580 @ 6 50. Dressed hogs firm at 7 00 @ 7 30. Beef cattle dull. Mabllc Market*. Mobile, Jan. 25. Cotton is dull; sales 700 bales; Middling uplands at 31jc. New Orleans Markets. New Obleans, Jan. 25. Cotton—easier; salesot Middling uplands at 32c. Sugar—ihir 12j @;13. Molasses active at 68 ® 70c. New Yark Stack Market. . New Yobk, Jan. 25. At the last board Gold was 134J. There is nothing doing in 5-20’s. U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons. 994 U.S. Seven-Thirties, 1st scries,.104 U S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.104 U. S. Soven-TIlirties, 3d series.104 Missouri Western Union Telegraph,. 45 New York Central.1004 Erie,. 58j Erie prelerred. 70* Beading.102 Illinois Central,,.112 Michigan Southern. 701 Cleveland & Toledo.1184 Cleveland & Pittsburg,. 814 Chicago & llock Island. 064 Chicago & North Western,. 364 Chicago & North Western, prelerred,. 61 Chicago 8k Fort Wayne,. 954 Brighton nod Cambridge Markets. Amount of Block at Market Tor tlio w ek unfling January 23: Cattle, 502: Slieep and Landis, CO c Shote , — ; Fat bogs, —. The following table allows tbe amount from each Slate. „ . Cattle. Sliecp. Marne. no 00 New Hampshire. 12 020 Vermont. 321 44JO Massac liuneCIs. 15 398 Now York. 00 00 Western States. 125 00 Canada. 2G 250 Prices. I'.cef Cattle-Extra, *13 25 @ 13 50; first Quality,*l2 50(g)13 00; second quality, *11 0«@I2 00; third quality, 10 Od@ll oo ptr 100 lbs (on total weight el bides, tallow ana dressed beef.) Extra and t.r t q ,a!ity Beef, m liulcs nothing but tbe best, large (at siali fed oxen ; second quality :n eludes the best hay-fed oxen, best st 11-fed coxves atul bust three-year o d ; ordinary consists of bulls and the rcluse oi lots. Working Oxen- -Sales al $100 to 250 — according to qurlity and fancy ol the purchaser. Stores—Two years old, *32 to 45 ; three years old, *50 to 05 per bead. M lch Cowes—Extra *75®100; trdinary, 850SB70; Store Cows, *35^45. Sheep and Lambs—5q£Glc; extra, 7 @ Sc ® ft; in lota, *2 50 to *5 nO pr head. Hides—Country, 8j®«e p lb; Brighton, 10@llc Call Skins—17(a,20e *Mb Tallow—Country, 7lu-s*c ^ ft; Brighton, f@J. Pelts—*1 uo@l 50. Bo.lou Boat and Sbae Market Boston, Jan. 24. . Tlie limited demand of the last few weeks still con tinues; there are but a few buyers here, and they do not seem in haste to make selections, and have been canvassing the neighboring towns for goods, as a gen eral thing finding light stocks in the manufacturers' bauds, held at prices higher than they expected.— Prices gen. rally arc firm considering tho general de pression ol business. The cost of manufacturing, with the single exception of journey men’s wages, is hilly as much as it has been at any time during the last year. The clearances off he week arc for three days only, making the total of the week smaller than it would have been had the weather permitted the usual shipping of Thursday and Saturday. There is rather au improved feeling in the trade, and a pros pect that the spring demand will soon commence, al though a lighter trade is expected than last year, since the dullness of business with manufacturers.— [.Shoe and Leather Reporter. Boston Stock List. Sales at tho Brokers' Board, Jan 25. American Gold. 1341 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 107J United States 7 3-luths, 1st series. 10U “ small. KM “ 2d series. l<Mj u 3d series. io4g CJnltcd States 5-20s. 18( 2. loll “ 1801. 1064 “ small.. lofrjt “ 1865 . 1054 “ July, lb(J5. 101J Eastern Railroad. 107# Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. loo Boston and Maine Railroad. 1U Western Railroad. 135 CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Boiler Makers & Machinists. rF,nK subscribers having rebuilt their Work Shops, aidCwoWir 0rdCTB ,OT •',aC,'"‘L'ry Iron Store Fronts and Columns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and experienced pattern makers and new tools of modern design, can supply patterns with promptness and at a moderate cost. Repairs of all kimls*of Iron Work attended to with despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip Eid Forge, can furnish forgings and sliapes of ail inds for Steamboats and Locomotive work such as MhnftN, (Trunk*, Pinion Bod*, Car and Engine Axle* and Shape* to pattern or draw mgs from 10 tons to 100 pounds weight. i>f"eV ^e aiso Selling Agents for MKRltlMAN’S inw?/ S?LT CUTTER, the best Machine ever amnnift nf r t1Ue purpose, performing double the of W other how in use. power tibM in !imi^"Pw tubu 8hec4» «™<1 «f Secure ofInn i nunnCr.’ a,.,d warranted with a p A NEW TEN HORSE POWEUPORTABLE EN S~y.'ent «KS OH ARLES STAPLES * SON Cor. Lorn. St. auu Brown’s Wharf " d3“_ Wuterville Classical Institute. THE spriug Term will begin on MONDAY, Feb ruary llui. -Par particulars apply to the Principal, or send for Catalogue. J. H. HANSON, /aolfr-2awd*w4w Principal. WANTED. Wanted. A good, faithful Colored Woman to take charge of, and do the work of a kitchen. She must be A oooi> cook, and capable to take charge, unassibt ed, and c mie well recommended by parties who can bo appealed to jiorsonally. Such an one can hnd a good, permanent Home, and good pay. A1 o, a strong Colored Woman to do general house work, in cliiunig a large w ashing and ironing. None need ap those who can give unquestionable references, llic right persons cun mid permanent places, a hap ly Home, and good pay, in a quiet little village aboui lo miles from the City. Apply by letter, giv ing retcreiHies, and where an interview can be had. Address WILLIAM 11. BisHoP, jau23 did Portland, Maine. WANTED-JOB PRINTERS ONE experienced Job Compositor accustomed to the n nest class of'work, aud who knows the whole busiuett; also a man to work ou posters. To steady, reliable men, with good references, good wages and i>erwanenl situations will be given. Apply to EDWARD R. FlSKE, jan21dlw Worcester, Mass Girl Wanted. A GOOD capable girl wanted in a small family; must be well recommended. Apply to fto. .‘47 ItrowBi Street. Jau21dlw* Book. Ay cuts Wanted! For Every Town in the State. For Full particulars apply to or address, J. PATTEN FITCH, 933 1-9 CONGRESS STREET, PORTLAND, ME Jail 1C d2w&w3w*3 Flour Barrels Wanted. ON and after January 2d, 1S67, wc shall resume the purchase of Flour Brls. FOR CASH, at the Oil! co of the Portland Sugar Co., 27 1-9 Dauforlh St. dc27dlm_J. 12.14110IVIV Sc SONS. Flour Barrels Wanted^ WE will pay 30 cents eacli for lirst class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCII, BARKER Si COl, no\ 13d t t__ 139 Commercial 3treet. Wanted Immediately. T Good American, Nova Scotia and Irish -1- V/V_/ Girls to do housework, cook, ^-c., in pri vate 1 amities aud hotels i»t this city and country Situations sure. The best wages paid. Also 50 Girls to work in Factories. Farmers and others wanting men for any work will do well to call on us, as we will supply them lice ot charge. Address or apply at the General Agency Employment Uttice, 3i>l! » ougress Street, up stairs. .„ _ COX & POWAHS. sept2Ciltt lute WMiBiKY & CO. LOST AND FOUND. Lost! BETWEEN the Portland & Rochester Depot and Commercial street, nr in i be Cars, a Wallet, containing a small amount of money aud valuable papers. The liuder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office, or with Air. Cousins, Con ductor on Portland & Rochester u, R. jan -4 dlw BOARD AND KOOAIS. Board. A Boarder can find good accommodations ot 351 fu.nbi'rlniid Siipi-i, Enquire within. Portland dan 20_ Jan2Gd3t Rooms to Let. A Suit of Rooms centrally localcl. to let without Board. Address “ W,” Post Oliice. jau24 d2w* To toe Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms witliont board suitable lor gentlemen and their wives. En quire at No. 5 South street, between D and 11 A. M each day._ janiidtf —————— Afau de Magnolia.—The prettiest tiling, the “sweetest tiling,” anil the most of it lor tile least money. It overcomes the odor ot‘ perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per ftimc; allays headache and intlamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in tho nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Wafcor, sold by all Druggists. S. T.—1800.—X.—The amount of PMntnuon Bit ters sold in one year is something startling. They would till Broadway six tect lifgh from the Park to 4th sired. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic “S. TV—1800—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disligurmg tlie lace of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how tills is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters bell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia— certain. They are \ ery invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” S&rato a pring Water, sold by all Druggists. “In lifting the kettle from tlie fire I scalded myselt very severely—one baud almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * Tlie Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved tlie pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly and left very little scar. Chab. Dost Lit, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample ot what tlie Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, Bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes Sl Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of liair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey, will not fail to use Lyon's celebrated Katharioti. li makes tlie hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand ruit, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. » What Did It? A young lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic Hushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can bo ordered Of any druggist lor 58 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Heim street’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in favor lor over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure tho hair. Hcim stroetd is not a dye but is ccrtliu iu its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful liair Dressing, Price 50 cents aud $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold bv all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Ginger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, &c., where a warming, genial stiiu ulont is required. Its carclhl preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap &r-i reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold every when* at 50 cents por bot Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. _ 11 _ Juqo 14, ’CO—eod&wly NOTICE. THOSE suffering from that terrible malady Chills and Fever, who have hitherto Leon unable to bud a remedy, will ilo well to write lo me, as I Lave a sale anil .crtaincurc, which 1 wi;l luruisb lo the afflicted lor live dollars. Ailurins CYRUS LOWELL, Stevens’ Plains, Westbrook, Me., care of Decrino Colley. January 25,186". eodCw* GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTURES! E. TARHEEL & SON, No. 11 BKONPIELB HTBELT, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets,

Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAS STOVES, for Cooking and Heating. CHANDELIERS, LAMPS, Ac, Rc-Gi _Bronzed._no21cod3m Jackson’s Catarrh SnufTI ELEGANT TROCHE and SNUFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,£c. Instantly relieves annoying Coughs in Church. Cures l aiarrliM positivklv without sneezing. Valuable lo Siagere, Clergy, ,Vc.. clears anil strengthen* tl.e voter 5 arts uulcklv: tasles pleas antiy; never >iauscales. Prevemls taking coin from Skating, I.rclurrs &c. 5^* Soul by Druggists or sent by mail Kn lose cts lo Hooper, Wilson A Co., (sepl0eOflt.iune18’67) PHILADELPHIA. W. W. WIIIPP1.U, Portland,Wholesale Agt. p^T*Sond your orders for Job Work to Dally Pres PllOSPUCTI 'S THE FreSS For 1807. With the opening of the new year wo p esentoc to the readers of the DAFILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged to the size of the largest New England Dallies* The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to tho addition of between three and lour columns to its size. This additional space will be devoted to de tails of imi>orLant events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay, such as wo havo lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of tho paper thus enlarged will be, its past history will show. Tho Press was es tablished primal ily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voiceless in this city. The Press will continue to defend thj principles of the Liberal party of America. The war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up side by side, a period of jealousy and contiict, resulting in an apical to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a sta' oof transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most of us antici paled. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will sot-ure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled right. We must have de mocracy at the South as well as at the North—equal rights lor all secured by equal laws, freedom of speech, freedom of tlie press, impartial suffrage. Of the profound convictions of the Republican party of Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. Tho present year will probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. The comple tion of that great enterprise will compel a change, which lias already begun, in the management of newspapers. Tho leading features of tho world’s history will be registered from day to day by the tel egraph. The expense of f-pot ial dispatches from all parts of the world will prove too great for single newspapers, and correspondence will regain some thing oi its old importance. Newspaper associations or news 0£cnt9 will assume tho task of furnishing tlie daily dispatches, while corrcsiiondents will fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph lias already destroyed the system by which our foreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, and already tiio Tribune lias its special correspondents established in almost every capital in Europe. We canno rival the feats o New York journalism but we must be governed by the same considerations. In view of the intimate rela tions existing between Maine and the British Pro vinces by which she is environed, we are happy to announce that 44 SpurwinkV Canadian Letters Will be continuod. We have also engaged Regular Corresponds in in Washington, New York, Boston and Aagusta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the Stale. During the session of tho Legislature, we shall publish Special Dispatcher from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day's proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business relations with Portland, we hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outside of the State can possibly be. Wc shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we thall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Daily Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shall have Fail and Accaratc market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from al* parts of the United States, from Canada, and irom England. A weekly Review of the Portland Markets, and an accurate Report of IHninc Shipping, in foreign and domestic ports, will be published as heretofore. There will be NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE Of the Daily Press. For EIGHT DOLLARS A YEAR ! We expect to furnish a paper, Tli<‘ Largest in the State, and as large as in othor States is offered for ten or twelve dollars a year. ---kJ THE MAINE STATE PRESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings of the daily edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear in the daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Oolmims We shall add to its attractions during the coming year, An Agricultural Department, To be conducted by the Rev. WVLLIAm A. DREW, of Augaita, a veteran journalist, Widely and favorably known in Maine, and a contributor lor sometime past to the Press over the signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping News of the Week Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the Review of the Portland Markets, And the Brighton Market Reports. To country trailers the weekly report of Portland prices currrcnt alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful Digest of General and Stale News, We shall also fnrnisli weekly a page of Miscellaneous Beading for tho Family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is the Largot Weekly Paper in New England* It is offered to tho public at tlie low price of £ DOLLARS A YEAR, invariably in advance. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent tor twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. ------ NOTICES OF TOE PRESS. [From the Christian Mirror.] The Press has been enlarged since New Year’s. We are glad to see such evidence of prosperity. With such papers as Portland now tarnishes we see no need of importing Dailies from Boston and New York. [From the Portland Price Current.] The Press.—Tlie crowded slate of our columns last week prevented as from noticing the enlagement. and re-arrangeiuent of tlie columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly tho leading journal of Maine, and equal to any in New England; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily tarnished for the money. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] Enl arged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on tho 1st inst., to about tlie size of tho Boston Dailies. This io an evidence of not only tho prosperity of tlie Press, but of Portland as well, for of course the en largement is caused by the increase of advertising favors. The Press is worthy of the patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to the State, and we hope increasing years may increase its prosper ity. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by the addition of 2$ inches to the length of its col umns. Its make-up has also been changed again, and on the whole it presented a decidedly improved appearance. Our cotemporary’s “new clothes” are hoinewbat larger than ours, but the “ biggest are not always tlie best.” [From the Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears this morning in on en large form, making it now fully equal in size to any daily newspaiicr in New England. The editor, in his New kear’s Salutatory, shows that the success of the paper for the past year ha* been most gratifying, and we are glad of its prosperity. The return to the original style of arranging the contents oi the paper, is one of luo most agreeable features of the change. IFrom the Bangor Whig.] — Tho Portland Press was onlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post and Advertiser—which are our largest New England dailies-^ and it now makes a very nandsytnc appear ance. This evidence of prosperity on the part of so good ami reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. Ii show’s, too, that Portland has losluothitigoi vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great lire, but that its course is still onward—that Its business is in loci in creasing, notwithstanding tlie apparent calamity ut last year—and that its promise of commercial great ness is certain to be fulfilled. The Pras is among the best of the New England papers, and its present appearance is a credit to the State. [From the Bath Times.] jy* The Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we suspectat now gives another settler to the ?uestion which is •* the principal paper in Portland.*' t is bound to distance its competitors. [From tho Lewiston Journal, Jan. l.J The Portland Press has increased Us size equiva lent to an addition of three or four columns. This enlargement, following so cloFely upon its resurrec tion f rom the allies of the great Are, shows that the principles it advocates and its e(forts to cater to the literary tastes of its readers are appreciated by the public. Tho aiditional now obtained will be devoted to details of important ovents, and selections from current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.] THE Press —Among the papers that commence the new year with enlarged sheets and manifest signs of prosperity, are the Portland Press and the Hartford Kveiling Press. The former is the largest and best daily in tho State rtf Maine, and the latter we have long regarded as one of the ablest of our Connecticut exchanges. [From tho Portland Advertiser, Jan. 2.] The Daily Press appeared yesterday morning in an enlarged torm. It .s now lully equal in size to .any SSJLSRP* n ^ew England. In the arrangement lt to returned to the original style, ance WC ttimk <luite an improvement In its appear Press has been under the editorial man agement of Mr. Richardson, its editorials have been high toned and reliable, wielding a powerful influ ence oyer its patrons on all political matters. He frken » to stand, always discussing toplos ift ft uipimeu maimer, vet leaning in all vital tune. ini. Ms party. WMle we cannot always aineowtthJTii his political notions, wo heartily hear , i ability, oharfctcr an.) culture hi has displayed Z ?!! management, and wish him and the proprietors even uioreprosperity in the next year than it has had tE Its news U judiciously and careftilly selected, an 1 a general culiure und literary taste characterizes its contents. As a good lamiiy newspaper it has no su perior; and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor’s chair there will be no lack of iocal news, as it is generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal in tlie State. Tlie enlargement argues a prosporous business, at least for ur coteraporary, and we hope it will never be found necessary to curtail the dimensions ot this enterprising and respectable sheet. [From the Bangor Times.] tSf-* The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er iblv enlarged and with a return to its old style of make-up. This enlargement—so soon after the great hre—to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, speaks favorably for the prosperity of the city and indicates a good degree of enter prize on the parted the proprietor*. Thu Pics is edited with ability, lias able contributors, and as the leading paper ot tbo dominant party, is a power in the land. [From the Portland Transcript.] i Pness begins the new year much en larged m size;, we are glad to see such an evidence of the prosperity of this excellent journal. The Press lias swung around the circle to another arrangement of its editorial and news matter; after all the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. ° HEAL LSTA'jrJS. House and Lot tor Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth. WILL be sold at a bargain, if applied for soon, a now 1} story House. Said House is 21 by 31 leet with an L >2 by 22 lieor, tinished throughout, and situated within sixty rods of the Ferry Othce. Terms : One half down, the balance in one and two years. Possession given immediately. Al'ply w ASA T. WEBSTER. tuny Village, C.K., Jan. 8, 1867. JamAalu * House tor Sale. Agooil IIol sb two stories, Stable attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally located—con venient tor two u desirable. inquire at 11 Cedar, or ljM Wwre Ml., of tlie subscriber, • _ , „ J. A. ERNlfEltSON. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf House for Sale • A FIRST CLASS two story Brick House No. 13 Mechanic Street. Lot 42 x 100. Enquire at U4 A i'ougrcHH »*,, of Jan 22dtf ____ L. D. ST BOUT. NOTICE, twill sell Oil favorable terms as to l»a.\ meat, or let lor a term of years, tbe lots on tlie corner ol Midtile and Franklin street?, and on rrankJin street, including the corner of Franklin and lo WM. HILL l A 111), Bangor, or bMl U1& 11 EeL> Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tt First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer lor sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between Clark and Carlcton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate rooft, prick drains, ami marble mantelpieces throughout._ They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our ollice^No. 271 Dan forth St. p TiMhH- JEaK13- writhe Preble House. October^, 1868. dtf Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, W COM ME BC KAL STREET. THE subscribers oiler for sale the lot of Land on the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ol Dima’s W barf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars Inquire JONAS II. PEKLEY Oct18 tf or W. S. DANA. For LiCase. THE valuable lot of land comer of Middle and l’lumh Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL .V SON, Aug. 28. liCC-dll_1,-8 Foro Street. FOE SALE. Grove Hill Farm - THE above Farm is situated on an eminence over looking the beautiful and thriving village ot Bridgjou Center and within one hull a mile oi the business portion. It is pronounced by all who have seen it to be tbe best and most desirable 1 cation in the county. It comprises llo acres, conveniently di vided into tillage, pasturage, wood land and timber land; cuts from 46 to 50 tons tirst quality or hay. The buildings consist of a two story house, built in 185#, at an expense ol $3,rooy witu barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or H. W. GAGE, (tirui of cbro it & Gage,) Portland, BEN JAMIN WALKER, Bridgton, or to the subscriber. „ ,, . RICHARD GAGE. Bndgton, Dec., 18CC.dec 27 eod&wtf House lor Sale, No 32 Myille Street. En ;• quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. ilL July 12—dti Valuable Hotel Property lbr Sale. f pHE Oxford Hone,-, pleasantly situated iu the vil I lago ol Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of fered lor eale at a bargain, II applied for soon. The House is largo, in good repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire oi HORATIO BOOTHBY, „ „ Pioprletor. Or Hanson A Dow, 345 Congress st. Fryeburg, Sop . _-J, 1868. dtf Farm for Sale. 1 WILL sell my limn near Allen’s Corner West brook, ahnal throe miles tram Port land, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said lium contains altout loo acres, part of it very raluablc lor ullage, and part ol it for buikling lots, laioro is a good house, two large barus, and out bous es on llie premises. It will be sold together, or in lots to suit purchaser* CYRUS TllURLOW, scpll-dti 105 Commercial St. CITY NOTICES. Snow to be Removed from Foot way or sidewalk. Sect. GO.—The tenant or occupant, and In case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot orimnd border ing on any street, lone, court, square or public place within the city where there is any footing or Bidc walk, shall, atler the ceasing to tall of any snow, it in the day time, witliin three hours, and If in tbe night time, before ten of the clock of the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to he removed from such footway or sidewalk; an ;, in default thercot, shall lorleit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ton dollars; and for each and every hour thereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en -forced. JOHN S. HEALD, doctMtfCity Marshal. TWINES ONLY. ESTABLISHED 1845. •Inmca P. Trams, 4G Bccluun Si., IV. IT. TWINES for Grain, Coffee, Sail and Guano Sacks, Cotton Boles, Ham Bags, Wrapping, Writing, News, Book and Sand Paper, Paper Hangings, Seine and Billing Nets, Fly Nets,Spindle Banding and Loom Card, Tobacco. Wool and Hop Twine. Mattress, Tufting Nticking, Broom, Binding, Sowing, Sail.Cai pet and all other Twines. Twines for Hardware, Dry Goods, Grocers, Drug gists, Ship chandlers, Book Binders, Paper and Broom Makers. Stationers, Upholsterers, Fishermen, Weavers and all other Trades. UsSfOotton Chalk ami Plow Lines, Trot, Staging and Out Lines. Samples can be seon, and orders left with chas. McLaughlin & co., ja!9 S4w_Portland, Me. To Bent, \\T A REHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. Bn V T quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., _novldtf 139 Commercial atreet. Deafness and Catarrh. Certificate of Hr. A. C. Riant of Portland. HHH IS may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at A tl»c U. S. Hotel, has cure-1 mo ot Deafness and Discharges from the head, of 17 years standing. I had been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any i#*i son interested can see mo at the store of Messrs. Blunt & Foss, Middle St. Portland, Me., Jan 14,18<J7. A. G. BLUNT. . DR* CARPENTSB remains in Portland un til February 1st, only. He can be consulted at the Biddeibrd Houi>e, biddetbrd, for one month com mcncing February 1st, 1867. .ja24dlw For Sale, A SUPERIOR lot or DRIED PEACHES hi Bar rels, Bags and tierces, by C. B. ROGERS, No 153 Markof St., DcclBdSw Philadelphia. Portland Petroleum Company. THE annual meeting of the •tockliolder* of this Company will he held at the Coaijjiig-ruam ot Edward Hamblen, Esq., No. 3 Union Wharf, iuPort land, on WEDNESDAY, February 0, ISO", at four o'clock P. M., for the following purposes, viz:— let. To cirooeo a Beard ot Directors for the ensuing year. 2<1. To transact such other business as may legally come hetiiru than. By order of the Directors, Wit, P. MERRILL, Scc’y. Portland, Jan. 21,1SG7. dtd Go to Adams dc Purinton’s F>R your House-furnishing Goods of all kinds; CanxitingH, ami all kinds of Crockery, Glass, Tin, Stone, Lorthern and Wooden Ware. Paper Hum." Ings. Wimlow Shades. t&c, «SU\, coniei of Federal and Exchange afreets. noJ3d3m PlIOTOUtt A PHS T E. 9. WORMELL formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that be will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 310 Congress Street, [Opposite mechanics’ Hall,] where he will bo pleased to wait on his friends and the public Gratetul for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a renewal ot the same. Persons wishing lor FIRST CLASS PIC1 IFRES of all > tyles and sizes are invited to call. Picture* colored in Oil, Water Color* India Ink bj one of the be** Artimtm in the State* Special attention paid to Copying ol all descriptions. |33*“A11 work warranted to give satisfaction. X. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable raljs._janleod3m HI nine Historical Society. A Special Meeting ot the Maine Histoeic.vl Society, for the purpoae of receiving commu nications and reading papers, will he held at the Court House, at Augusta, on ThureAay, February T, I86T, at 2 o'clock, P. M., and at 7 in the evening, and will be open to the public. « __ . EDWARD BALLARD. See’y. Brunswick, i7»n. ta, iwr. jvtM 4t4 . ENTERTAINMENTS. Old Folks’ Conceit ? TVS?' s's- will glv. an Old Folks’ Concert (In V>wtlUtC) oil Wednesday Evening, Jau. 30tli. Ia the Samaer Street Olinicii, _Kor._0pen .JC-eonmmne, ._t7j „.cock. |a,GJ(t dancing. ‘MR. J. W. RAYMONDmA takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of p.„, land and vicinity that he will commencedcla„7n Common Dancing, Waltz und Polka, AT MECHANICS' HALL, ON SAH BD.1V EVENING, Jau. iUtifa, Tickets, Gents.,.$5,00 tor the Term. Tickets, Lmlius,.$2,00 tor the Tenu. Term 10 of Kighl Lc«mu« and Six AmcmSUm, without Lxira Charge. I^Klies’ class commences at 7 o'clock, Gentlemen's at 8 o’clock. J^1_ ___ dlw I Cortland Theatre. Bidwcll to Brswar, Lpurr. 4b Al a linger,. Ohnn^e (f Entertaicment, D1VEB8IFIKD AND ATTBACTIVK ! Novel and t bringing into requisition the lull strength of the SUPERIOR DRAMATIC COMPANY. Honda, and Tuesday, dun. ‘list and Aid, the American Comedy of Neighbor Jackwootl I Wednesday nud Thursday, A.'td and ’A4th, the mysterious Drama, Tlie IsONEIiY MAN OF THE OCEAN! Friday and Saturday, !Utk and Alith, FOUTV TUICVKM to DICK. TIIBPIN! tp 'riee Daily Programmes. Jangpllw Portland Associates-Ex Fives WILL GIVE TIIEIR & a TENTH M GRAND ANNUAL^ Firemen’s, Military and Civic Ball! -ON Tuesday Evening, Jan. 29, '67, - AT - MECHANICS’ HALL. Ticket**, 81,341, to be obtained of the . COMMITTEE OF ABB.VNGEMNTS: Leonard Pennell, G. W. D. Pridham, Win, Hennessy, Fiank F.ckctt, A ugustus I.. Chase, I. W. 1 .o« ning, Wui. Strong, Geo. F Whitmore, fcrtwnij E. (1. Waite, A. D. Flckett, C. W. Item, Andrew Nelson, .1. H. Bussell. Alfred .r. Haskell. „ . FI.OOB MANAtiEUS: President. L. Pennell, A. D. Flckett, Scc'u, Win. Hennessy, Augustus L. Chase, Win. strong, BenJ. F. Nilson, Andrew Nelson. Music by Chandler's full Sfwulrille Baud. JanlOeod till 36 then dtd I. A. 1*. A. The Irish American Relief Associa’n will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Commencing Monday Eve’s, »lb, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a grand ball. Tickets for the Course, including the Ball, will be $0.00; Evening Tickets, $1.00; Ball Tickets, $1.00. tir'Music by Chandler s full Quadrille Baud, D. H. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing in commence at t o'clock precisely. floor Managers—Thomas Parker, James Rooney £*“«• E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCafcrty William U. Kalor. Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing. dec31dtf Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OP BOOK, CARD, & JOB IK. Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presse.-x, oLc.,wo are prepared on the short est pO'tsible notice to accommodate our friends and tlie public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every deacrtptton ot Mercantile Printing. We have euperior fodlitiea for the execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which tor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed li#L Orders from the oouatry solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Press Job Oflice 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. ROSTER, Proprietor FAINTS AM) OILS' Drugs, Mi-Uieinos, Dye stuffs, Window Glass. AO EXT* FOB Forest Fiver *£• Warren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS ft WILLIAMS, Nos. SandO Commercial Wharf, Boston. Decl—TuTbSlly AS^ there hoe boen considerable talk in this vicini ty concerning tl»e merits of the Horses owned by niyselt and Hiraru iiau.ilton, I hereby challeugL Hiram Iiamiltou to trot bis Sorrel Colt against mv Horse, called the Brackett Horse, from the Brewer House at Stroudwatcr. to the comer of Orecn and Portland Streets, Portland, for the sum of One Hun dred Hollars a side,—single dash, ami both Horses to trot. If tills challenge is accepted, the stakes are to be put up in one week, from date in tlio hands ot J. M. Quiuby, Cape Elizabeth. ALMON L. HANNAFORD. Cape Elizabeth, Jan. ^2, 1867. ja»»24 31* DIVIDEND. A DIVIDEND of 10 per cent, will be paid the stockholders of the Tug Warrior at the office of J. S. Winslow, January 15th. JanlOdtfJ. S. WINSLOW. Agent. A New Place Just Open t WHERE yon can buy real French CALF SKINS ami Philippe and Canaml’a SARDINES, just received Irani Paria, now In bond, and iur salt in lota to auit cu.-tomers by H - PEYRET, Ollier over the Fi.h .Market .ianMfm* FEBERIL HTRKR1 • Store to Fet. SPACIOUS, and well aUipud lor almost anv busi ness, t eing next door to Middle, ami the upper store in the three-storied irou ironi block on (Jmon Street. Convouimnvs and finish modern. Enquire at Jlo. 4 Cotton Street. ianh'idlwreodtl U. S. Marshal’s Sale, tJsi rrn Statfs of America, i 1'iatumt OF Monk, us. j PUUnCANI to a vend : Expo : to mo directed Honorable,Kdward Fox. Judge ot the untied SUiteu Ilatnct Cenet, within aud lor the r>iidrn:t ot Maine, 1 .hall ex|siso and offer tor sale at Public Auction, to the highest liidder therefor, the toltowmg properlyand merchanilitt at the time and place wilhin Halil District, as follows, uz; Atthi Milt,foraurly occupied by Mahon A Smith, ot Hollis Oerter, in mi,I lH,trict.,„„ Friday the nghllt i/ay of February next, at ton o'clock A. M: One Lathe ; mu lathe liench and Turning 'fool, one /jwtrd Planer; one llrintl .Slone and liench: one. dozen circular Saw,; six Saw Shaft,; on, Clapboard Machine; one fxilk Machine ; one Ma chine jor making Match Splints; one face PL>ner for pinning end of Mutch Blinks; one Machine jor preparing Match Blocks; one Power Cross-tut Sate; one Mauii Cross Cut Saw; one and one ha/j gross Stamped Matches; ninety-three one cent Int. Per. Stamps ; all the Shotting and Belting, unstamped Matches, Stoves and other furniture in the Mid unit Dry House, connected therewith, excepting the Main Slant and Water Wheel and the necessary Belting and (tearing connecting the main Shajt with the Wa ter Wheel. .. ... The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed States, in the District Court, for the said District of Maine and ordered to bo sold and the proceeds dis posed of according u> law. Dated at Portland, this twenty-second day of Jan uary, A. D. 1867. y CHARLES CLARK U. S. Marshal, District of JdaiAe. jan 22 dlSt__ Warren’s Water-Proof Leather Preservative ! Sold Wholesale aud ttetail by A W. HANsmut, Sale Agent, jaSeodlm* 174 MhUJe St. NEW <J_0 0 D 8 ! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street• Has ju»t received a fine lot ol FALL GOODS Soil able lor the season, which will be m.ide tip in (be «wi( thorough rnmncfi KpUKwa At'C'Tlom SAI.LS. Quartermasters sale. \\T be sold at Public Auction at Fort Preble, article.7.1“otl1 ol January, 1807,the loll wing in*. Caniie, STOVES KS’ »UNNEL, SA WS, sack COATS WS&s, SSts, BED SACKS, (UoAi“>t4agle’ . . baktlett 1st Lt. 3d U. S. Artillery, ’ Ja- ’J.t Bvt. Major, L . S. .V. A. A. Q. M. J. s. haijlioy, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AND appraiser, Office 176 Fere St, at Mess. Gaiter & Drescr’i January 7—Utl E. IF. HOLMES, Au c TIOXEEK, oOI> Congress Street, ciiU^Afumiafi“ni,8i“^1 in the City ol n terms. J »uenueu to uu luvorubie _ _ niivl'nilt YUhlJICAL i.'L7i'(77i/C'ITY DH. W. N. DEWING, Medical Electrician» IT* MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Gppo.ilc (hr trine sialrx Hotel I Y’lIElCi: he would respectfully announce to ▼ T Citizens of FoiTlauu vicinity, mat be s (Kfiuiaiiouii) local oil in iliis city. uui.iig Ui*> ibrio year* we liavo been in ths citj, we have cured boii.e o. the worst (onus of disease hi jicrsons who have tried other forms oi treatmeiii hi va n, and tunny pzlients iu so short a lime that the <4ucslioii is oiun a .ked, do they slay cured? To answer iliis ‘juesiici. we will suy ihat ull that do not slay cured, we doc lor the second time without cluugc. l>r. U. has been a practical Ekcuulan for twonly> One years, and is also a regular graduated physio. 1 * Electricity is perfectly adopted to chronic diseu.'UsiB tue form ot nervous or sick headache; ncuiuig.u .n the head, neck, or extremities; consumption v.h‘. b lu the acute stage* or where tiie lungs are not iu ly iavolvcd; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, i ip il.sea.'tcs, white swellings, spinal disease*, cui vati re oi the spine, contracted muscles, distorted linil*. pilsyor paralysis, St. Vitas* J>ante. deal ness, sL n inuring or hesitancy oi speech, dyspepsia, indli c> ti iu, constipation and ltvei complaint, piles—we t* re e /ery case that can be presented; asthma, broi cl 1 t.s, strictures oi thechc*t, and all forms of tomato complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lauie and the lazy eap witn joy, ami move whu the agility and eiaslu - lyol youth; the heated brain is cooled; the froff* b iten limbs restored, the uncouth deiormiiiea k. uuved; laiutues* converted to vigor, weakness to # I'cngth; the blind made 10 see, the deal to netr ai d tie palsied lorm to move upright; the bleiuh-hek ot V >uth are oi* I iterated; the accidents ot u.aluie lue prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LAI) I E 9 Who have cold ham.* and met; weak stomach*, lam ftud weak back*; nervous ana sick licaducnc; <lizzi aoss and swimming in the head, with indigestion and c iiistlpaliou of the howeLs; pain in the side and bin k; hucorrhuja, (or whites); tailing of the womb will, in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that ton* train ol diseases will tind in Electricity a sur** uiesn* of cure. For painful menstiuation, too r.oiuse menstruation, and all oi those long line of troubles young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, »ud will, iu a short time, restore the sutlerer toths vigor ol health. TEETIl Z TEETH! TEETH 1 Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec* THUJifV WlTHOUr i’AlN. FciSOllS hilV Hlg UCcAVl d teelli or stomps they wish to have removed ibr reset ting he would give a polite in viiaiioii to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Ma,mines tor sale lor iamily use, with thorough iiistnn-tion*. Dr. D. can accommmtauj * lew patients with board end treatment at his house. Office hour* from 8 o’clock A. Vt. to 12 M.; from 1 to 8 F. M., and 7 to 9 in Cue evening. Oou-.uiu.tion Ire*. aovltl Maine Ceutml Itailrond Company. *1THE stockholders arc hereby notified lliat the an X uuul meeting of the stuckhul Jers of tbc Maine Central Railroad Con>i«nv. will he held at the Town Uall, In Waterville, on WEDNESDAY, February 27th, 1867, at ,1} o’clock in the toruuoon, to act upon the followin',’ articles, viz 1st. To hear the reporia of the Directors and Treas urer of said Company and act thei con. 2d. To rnako choice ot a Board of Director* for the ei],iiin- yoar. 3d. To see If the Company will saibiy the pledge of the Directors to the Dexter and Newport Railroad Company for the loaec of their road when completed. . EDWARD T. LITTLE, clerk. Waternllo, Jan. is, 1867. Ji»n22d3w OR. CARPENTER. Oculist ami Aurist, CAN be consulted at the U. 8. HOTEL. Port land, until February lstt, And at the BIDDEIOKD HOLME, Biddeford, One Month, commencing February 1., Upon Blindness, Deafhess, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Nasal and Aund Polypus. Discharge from tho Ears, Noises In the head, Scrofula, Sole Eyes, Films and all Diseases of the E YE, Ear and Throat* 17* Ik most cases the remedies can be applied at home without interfering with the patients occupa tion. Artificial Eye* ■■netted Without Pain. CONSULTATION AT OFFICE FREE, J7*But Letters must contain One Dollar to ensure an answer. HOME TESTIMONY. The Testimonials below are all received in this State, and can be readily investigated by those desir ous of so doing. Hundreds of other certificates can be seen at the Dr.’s oflice. DEAFNESS. _ . Belfast, Me., Nov 27, 18G6. During lOye^rs I grew totally deaf in one ear ami 80 deal'in the other that 1 was unable to hear unless addrosd very loudly, and had djs&greeab.o noises in ray head. Was obliged to absent invself from church and society on that account. I consulted an eminent ph.\ siciau in Bostou without relief, and supposed I must always remain deaf, but about two years ago I applied to l>r. Cat pen i or; after the application .fa course of his treatment, 1 could hear a watch tick 6 feet from either ear, and uiy hearing remains perfect. I am GG years of ago, and reside on High srreet, Bel fast, Maine, where any person can see or hear tfbm me- Mrs. F. A. LEWIS. We have been acquainted with Mrs. Lewis for years and know she was deal and now hears, and believe the above statement to be correct. REV. C. PALFREY, Pastor of 1st Parish, Belfast. MR. W. M. RUST, Editor of “Lelihst Age.’* - • [From the Bangor Whig 4* Courier.] Troy .Me., Oct. .V. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sir:—tm the 25*1 of Feb ruary last, I placed myself under your treatment tor Discharge of the Ear, which had continued so long and was ho great as to affect ray hearing. After ap plying the medicine prescribed bv you two months, my ears were entirely well and remain the same. Most Respectfully, Miss SUSAN V. HATHAWAY. BLINDNESS. [From Maine Farmer., In defiance of physicians and all rcmcdlM, I auffer cd excruciating!) Drat scrofulous Sore Eves >en years, being frequently confined to a dark room. I he rcmcdle. l)r. Carpenter prewribed last September, at Bangui, cured them entirely, and they remain w>. _ , , KATIE LANG. Pasaadumkeag, Me., 13C6. \From the Maine Farmer.) I was nearly blind with Scrofulous Sore Eyes four years, being confined fo a dark room and sullcring excruciating pnin a great portion of the ti»o. I con sulted many physicians without relict. Dr. Cart en ter cured me. My sight is now good. I reside in Vassalboro’. Mrs. P. B. LANCASTER. CATARRH. [From the Kennebec Journal oj Augusta. r . . . , _ Augusta, Me., Jan., UWtt. I have t*een curetl of Catarrh in its most disagree able form, of many years’ standing, bv Dr. (’Hrpen* ter. 1 sutlercd from pains. dullness and tight*.ess In my head, continued discharges, great uiiliculty in talking and breathing, felt as if I had a bad cold the whole time, and sutiered Intensely to the great lic patnnent of my health, and was'qnite discouraged, tor all I hrul doctored was of no benefit. But thanks to I)r. Carpcutcr’s skill. I now have none of these troubles. 1 reside in Wbifetleld, EPHRAIM MARRINER. [From the Maine Farmer.J 1 sutlercd from Catarrh over 20 years. Last winter, when I consulted Dr. Carpenter. 1 had frequent and copious 'hscharges, a bad cough, ami my health so much reduced that myself and friends were appre hensive of serious consequences; but Dr. Carpenter cured mo. I am now well, and free from Catarrh. W. N. SOULE. Cor. Sc wall and Court street*, Augusta, 8ept. 14,18C6. STATEMENTS *JF THE PRESS. All the published Certificate* of Dr. Carpenter aro bona nde.~A.Mame farmer. * Tuc Certificates, published in onr columns, of Dr. SnSffL8 <‘u!2 arc Uma fi,le lo our knowledge. iJJifbe’ and "<>r humbug or deceive the public.—{Kennebec Journal, Augusta. .Jr’ Carpenter has entirely curetl persons in this city who have been under treatment at the Eye and Age IU“rmarie8 without being bcnellttcd.—{Beljasl Several marked euro* liave come under our observ ation, and we have conversed with many others who have been benefit It'd by Dr. Carpenters treatment, and we have become satisfied that he la skihrtil in tho class of diseases which he treats, and earefhl to prom ise only what he can perform.—[Itangor Whig f four See other Certificates in City papers, doc 31—dlm&wlt* Portland Glass Co. ANNUAL MEETING. Treasurer’s Office, on Wednesday. January 30th, At 3 o’clock, P. M., to act upon the following business : To choose Dir* dors for the ensuing year. To act uoon iucreatMiig their Capital Stock to tbs a nount allowed by their Charter. To act upon any other proper business. Bv Okdkk of DittBOTOBa. An 24 dt I t. S. PALMER, Clerk. Portland Savings Bank. DEPOSIT'S luailo on or beioro Sxturu y, Febru ary 2J, next, will commence interim, on that day. ui9c« at No 1* Free Street. Open from 3 to l, and from 2 to 4. JOSFFII C. NOYES, TnatT, Jaa IT, JIT. «vr