Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 4, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -—--* Monday Morning, February 4, 1867. -^ LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [SPECIAL dispatch to the DAILY PRESS.] State House, Augusta, Feb. 2. SENATE. Mr. Boynton introduced an order of enquiry into the expediency of abolishing imprison ment for the non-payment of taxes. He said in Mexico the debtors were sold to work out -i—taxes; hut with us a man imprisoned lias not that privilege. He characterized the law as a relic of barbarism. Mr. NVeld reported a bill to make valid the doings of the Universalist Meeting Corpora tion of Lewiston, and another bill to make val id the doings of the Pearl Street Universalist Society, of Portland, and reported that the same ought to pass. HOUSE. A petition was presented for a grand mining law, with bill, which was referred. A bill to provide f <r taxing shares in Nation al Banks, was referred to the Judiciary Com mittee. The petition of John B. Brown and others in aid^if |H‘titiuli to build a road through the town of Grafton, was referred to the Railroad Com mittee. On motion of Mr. Morrill, of Norway, it was Ordered, That the Committee on State Pris on be directed to enquire into the expediency of establishing by law, the office of Chaplain in the State Prison. On motion of Mr. Thomas, of Byron, it was Ordered, That the Committee on the Judici ary be instructed to enquire whether any change of the law relating to the settlement of paupers is necessary. On motion of Mr. Plaisted, Orelered, That so much of the Governor’s message as relates to military affairs, be re ferred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Hale, from the Judiciary Committee, re ported a hill to fix the salary of the Adjutant General; also a bill to make valid the doings of the city of Bath in the year 186G. WASHINGTON. Disbursements of the Treas ury. The Fori Phil Kearney Massacre. FltEEDMEN’S AFFAIRS. Reported Execution of the U.S. Con sul at Mazatlau False. Washington, Feb. 2. Official publication is made of an act to re peal the l:ith section ot the law of July, 1862, which section is as follows: Be it further enacted, that the President is hereby authorized at any time hereafter, by proclamation, to extend to persons who may nave participated in the late rebelbon in any State or part thereof, pardon and amnesty witli such exceptions and at such times and on such conditions as he may deem expedient for the public welfare. Official publication is also made of an act providing that from and alter its passage there shall be no denials of the elective franchise in any of the Territories of the United States, now or hereafter to be organized, to any citizen thereof, on account of race or color, or previous condition of servitude. The amount of fractional currency printed during the week ending to-day, was $156,180; forwarded to the Assistant Treasurers at New Orleans and St. Louis #100,000 to each; to Assistant Treasurer at Charleston #50,000; to United States Depositories 1# 130,000; to Na tional Banks $9,319,339; total $47,319,339.— During the week eudiug to-day, there had been issueu from the Treasury Department $11,924,000 in National Bank currency; mak ing the total amount issued up to date $301, 027 136. From this is to be deducted the cur rency returned, including worn out notes amounting to $2,287,632, leaving in actual cir culation at this date $298,749,504. The following amounts of money were dis bursed at tbe Treasury Department during the week ending to-day: To War Depart ment $2,160,023; Navy Department $333,229; Interior Department #179,291; total uiouunl disbursed during the month of .January was War Department $8,519,012; Navy Depart ment $3,781,027; Interior Department $1,251, 699. Amount of fractional currency redeem ed and destroyed at the Treasury Depart ment during the past week was #302,100. The receipts from Internal revenue to day were $1,622,255.45; making the total amount of receipts for the week ending to-dav #5, 828,587.90. The amount of securities held by the Unit ed States Treasurer, in trust for National Banks, reported to day, are as follows: For circulating notes $,'(40,510,100; for deposits of public monies $38,761,450. The Secretary of Warfto-day communicates to the Senate telegrams and letters relative to the massacre at Fort Philip Kearney — The report of Gen Crook shows that three of ficers, Col. Felteman, Capt. Brown, and Lieut. Greenwood, and ninety men, were killed on the 28tli of January. Gen. Sherman has forwarded to Oen. Grant an extract from a private letter received at his office from Sergeant Tlierfort, describing the massacre. It represents that no one es caped, that all were butchered and scalped, aud their bodies gashed and chopped with knives and tomahawks, and stripped of every article of dress. Eleven were shot through and through with arrows. The writer com plains of the conduct of the Indian Commis sioners, and says they arc furnishing the In dians with guns and ammunition to hunt with, hut which they are using to inurdei; white men. The official report estimates tbe number of Indians attacking tbe massacred party at ihree thousand. The United States steamer Lancaster was at Barbadoes on January 1st. The United States steamer Locbawuua was to leave Val paraiso SJec. 28tli for Honolulu. Gen. Ely reports that fifty-four contracts were made by freedmen ill Kentubky last month, and that tbe average wages paid per month was sixteen dollars to males and ei -ht to females, including rations and quarters. He states that tbe outrage on Rev, A. Schofield, and tbe breaking up of the freedmen’s school’ at Camp Nelson, Ky., by regulators, has lieen thoroughly investigated, hut none of the par ties concerned have lieen arrested, owing to the inability of Mr. Schofield hi identify them.— Th<> school has not yet been reopened. The number of paupers had increased during tbe month, and cases of extreme destitution have beon reported. Dr. John Russell, of Winchendon, Mass., has been appointed surgeon by the Commissioner of Pensions. The Board of Examiners will commence their regular sessions at Hartford next Mon day. a in? oecreiary oi war nas addressed a com munication to the Chairman of the House Committee on Military Affairs, enclosing a copy of a letter from Maj. Douglass, conclud ing Fort Dodge, dated January 13th, relative to the issue of arms and munitions to the Kio was and other Indians, and expressing appre hensions of Indian hostilities in consequence. He says the anxiety of the Indians to obtain arms and ammunition is so great, that for a re volver the Indians will give ten and even twenty times its value in horses (and furs.— This anxietv cannot be caused by the lack of such articles, because they have plenty to last them for some time. But everything tends to show that the Indians are laying in large sup plies preparatory to an outbreak. A great deal ot dissatisfactioli seems to have been caused by the unequal distribution of presents by the agents. Senor Romero, the Mexican Minister, has re ceived a dispatch from the Mexican Consul at San Francisco, saying that the reported exe cution of United States Consul Cannon at Mu zatlan is false. The funeral ceremonies of the deceased rep resentative from .Pennsylvania,Phillip|JohiiHon, was held in the Representatives* Hall this fore noon. The floor and galleries were densely crowded. Among those present were Presi dent Johnson, Secretary Seward, Senators and Representatives, and other gentlemen holding high official positions. The body of the de ceased was placed in the area immediately in front of the Speaker’s desk. The ceremonies were of a solemn and deeply impressive char acter At the conclusion of tne services the body was taken to the Congressional Cemetery. The receipts of the Internal Revenue for the fiscal year to date, amounts to 8186,958j699.— The usual increase at this period of the year in the receipts from this source has commenc ed. The receipts from the Internal Revenue so far this year is below the most reliable and careful official estimates. INDIAN MASSACRE. Fifty-nine Men Mu i*«lci*e«l. Junction Cut, Kansas, Feb. 2. A man came into Salina, 50 miles west from here, yesterday, and reported that another frightful massacro of white men by the Chey ennes had occurred near the bead of Smohy Hill River, under the following circumstan ces; Wallace’s train, with sixty men were in camp, when a party of fourteen Indians came in, begging of the teamsters, who refused te give them anything. The Indians then fired upon them without effcet. The teamsters re turned the fire and killed eight of the aggres sors. About eight o’clock that night, tht camp was surrounded by 200 Indians who mas sacred fifty-nine out of sixty-three men. Tht mail who brought the news had an arrow-liead through ms shoulder, and was also sliol in the hips. He claims to be one* of the foul men who escaped. A party of Omshas and Kaws subsequently made a raid on the, Chey ennes, in which one Kaw was killed. William Comstock, the Government scout and guide says the Cheyennes and Arrapahoes of Arkan sas and Smoky Hill appear friendly, but pari of the Northern Iudiana were moving south ward, and have already committed many mur tiers arid outrages. Comstock believes the; mean war. St. Louis, Feb. 2. Late Montana papers report that consider able alarm exists in different sections on ae count of Indian depredations, and that thi people were arming tv chastise the Indians. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. i Damaging Testimony Against tlw President. SENATOR SAULSJtURY TO RESIGN. Jeff. Davis and the Assas sination Plot. THE PRESIDENT S RECONSTRUCTION PLAN. New York, Feb. 2. A Washington dispatch says the Judiciary ■ Committee of the House have become satisfied ; that the testimony already adduced, including that of Gen Butler, is sufficient to warrant ar ticles of impeachment against the President.— This conclusion is based upon the testimony of radicals only. There has been no testimony yet heard in behalf of the President, and when this is offered it may entirely change the minds of the Committee. The strong vote given in the House on the provision in the tenure ol the office bill that Cabinet officers shall not be removed except by aud with the advice of the Senate was biou<dit out by the statement privately made that in no other way could Secretary Stanton be re tained in his place. It is reported that Senator Saulsbury has determined to resign his position. The author of the letter to Mr. Seward con cerning Mr. Motley, is a man ol' wealth, mak ing a tour of pleasure through Europe. His name will probably he communicated to the Senate in response to Mr. Sumner’s resolu tion. Another speciat says Gen. Ashley is busy working up the impeachment business. He lias just come into possession of some very im g'riant tacts, exceedingly damaging to the resident. The J udiciary Committee are at work on the investigation of the alleged implication of Jell. Davis in the assassination plot. The Postal Committee to-day decided to re commend the repeal of the law prohibiting the carrying ot books aud newspapers iu the over land mail, aud making the postal laws of the country uuiform in tlioir action. It is believed that the appointment of a na val officer for New York will soon be made.— Cob Wood of Brooklyn is preparing his inter ests, and Thurlow Weed is working for Depu ty Collector Franklin. There is foundation ibr the reported now plau of restoration. The President has asked the views of leading Southerners, and he will submit to the fortieth Congress a basis which, it is thought, will commend itself to the Lib eral elements of the llepuhlican party aud be acceptable to the leading men of the .South.— One feature of the new plan will be doubtless based in universal amnesty aud another on qualified suffrage. The sub-Committec on Reconstruction is at loggerheads, each member pressing his plan.— Thad. Stevens shows a disposition to make concessions, but the Bingham faction was not disposed to meet him half way. New York, Feb. 3. The Herald’s special Washington dispatch says a council of General officers of the army has beeu called by Gen. Grant, in Washing ton, to collier upon matters concerning the army, and particularly in reference to main taining garrisons in the Southern States. MEXICO. j Doings of the Various Revolution ary Leaders. 1 | Galveston, Texas, Jan. 31. Nfew.s from Mexico represents that Juarez’s Secretary of State is making efforts to have Ortega executed. Col. Misiec, J uarez’s bearer of dispatches, left to-day for Washington. Brownsville, Texas, Jan. 28. Advices from San Fillipe state Col. Guirogo, the last commander, who passed through that city in the retreat of the Imperial forces, im posed a forced loan of $2,000 on the inhabitants, and as a sum of $500 was yet wanted to com plete the amount, ordered three inhabitants to be shot. A priest was ordered to administer spiritual consolation, and the execution was about to take place, when the sum ot $2,000 was completed. Gen. Mejia, when passing through San Fil lipe and Hidalgo, opened the doors of the jail, and enlisted all the prisoners. Canales is at Victoria, and has expressed a wish to report to Gen. Gomez at Tampico, and obey bis orders. Matters are quiet in Tampico and viciuity.— Gen. Gomez was in command, and tbe troopf were well armed and regularly paid. Cortinas has taken Ueynosa, and declared his intention to collect duties on goods going into I the interior. Per contra—Cortinas is said to be going out | to fight the Indians, who had crossed the Kio Grande. It is reported that Juarez has left Durango for San Luis Potosi, on his way to Zacatecas, and that the former or the latter city will be his seat ot government. San Francisco, Feb. 2. A telegram received here states that Gen, Grook is actively carrying on war against the Indians in Idaho Territory, and confirms the reports of the capture of 100 Indians and a lar^c number of horses. Ihe steamer Golden Age, with passengers from New York Jau. 11th, arrived this morn ing. She brings later dates from Mexico. Gen. Alvarez had moved his forces towards the city of Mexico, his headquarters being still at Oquala. The last heard from the Imperialists was that the force's under Mendez were besieged in Mor tia by the Liberals. News of tbe taking ol that town was soon expected. ^ Corona had passed quickly thrown Tepie. and would march on Colima, now in the hands of the Imperialists, making it impassable for merchandise to Guadalajara and other cities from the coast. Five or six vessels are now due at Manzanilia from Europe, with merchandise, which are not to be unloaded while the Impe rialists are in possession of Colima. Corona and the other generals will spare no efforts for the capture ot the place. Five Freuch war vessels are in the harbor of Acapulco and there is a small force of Impe rialists to garrison the forts. Many prominent members of the church party who uphold the cause of Maximilian will abandon the country when the French leave. FROM EUROPE NEWS BIT THE CABLE. Severe Earthquake at Sierra Leone. LOSS OF SHIP MONMOUTH Maximilian to Remain in Mexico Berlin, Feb. 1. The flag of the North German Confederatiot lias beeu agreed upon. It will consist of ai eagle and flock, white and red stripes. Prussia declines to treat with the Soatl German States, on account of the provision! ot the treaty of Prague. London, Feb. 1. Late advices received from Sierra Leone west coast of Africa, state that an eartliquakt occurred there, which was very destructive o human life and property. Liverpool, Feb. 1. The ship Monmouth, Capt. Jones, wliict sailed from New Orleans on the 18th of No vember- for Liveiyool,via Pensacola, was ahan doned at sea, no (Lite. Eight lives were lost. The remainder of the crew, twelve in number were saved. London, Fch. 2. _:i_ij: j:_. __ . . ui.iuvuuin.aiwuwn tally lining, at Rome, and lias written a note discouraging tbe scheme tor the present. Advices have been received here which state that the Government of Russia is protesting against the gathering of Poles in Goticia. Paris, Feb. 2. J. Gordon Bennett, Jr., lias had a private interview with His Imperial Majesty, Napo leon. The Emperor Napoleon will soon issne a decree granting perpetual right of social and religious meetings. London, Feb. 2, Evening. It is now said that the plans of Government do not embrace tbe introduction of a re form bill. The subjet of a reform will be mere ly recommended. Advices from the Continent state that it is of ficially announced that Maxiuiillian will re main 111 Mexico, if the Congress of that coun try, now soon to assemble, will only sustain him. Berlin, Fpb. 2, Evcuing. Count Bismark has refused to declare the policy to lie pursued by Germany witli refer ence to the differences between France and Belgium on one side, and the Prussian Gov ernment on the other. Paris, Feb. 2, Evening. La Presse thinks that the presence of the American squadron in the Mediterranean serves only to complicate tho Eastern ques tion. Fraui I lie Ssulhwnl. Frankfort. Ky., Feb. 2. the House referred to the Committee on Federal Relations to-day a resolution that the President be requested to issue la proclauia j" ^Pneral amnesty, and if not now con sidered inexpedient by him, that John C. Brcckenridge be pardoned and permitted to return home. AbjH h“Pa9"f the Legislature, assigning the 4th of March tor the election of Congress men for the next session, instead of at the reg ular August electiou. 6 Nashvillf., Feb. 2. The House debate on tbe negro suffrage bill closed to-day, wfien a test vote was tukeu. re sulting in yeas 36, nays 25. The friends of the measure are much elated. A company of the 34th regiment left for Overton County to-dav to protect the citizens. Anthony, the’ federal soldier under sentence of death for killing a Nashville policeman, and two of his accomplices, has been pardoned by Governor Browulow. „ . St. Louis, Feb. 2. New and very rich quartz, gulch and placer mines were being discovered at Montana, and mining operations were commencing. Fifty thousand dollars worth ol property lias been | destroyed by incendiary fires in West Seville, | within tbe past few days. The ice gorges between here and Cairo are ] reported to have broken away. Navigation I southward will probably be lully resumed by ! Monday. -— Marine Disasters. New York, Feb. 3. Brig Sarah Peters is ashore a short distance ' below the point of the Hook, and another brig, j name unknown, is ashore. XXXIX OONGEESS--SEOOND SESSION Washington, Feb. 2. SENATE. Petitions were presented and referred, and among them one of sugar refiners of the Uniou asking protection in the pending tariff bill. Mr. Morrill offered a resolution to return the irouclad Onondaga to her builder, George W. Quintard, on his refunding the amount ad vanced to him. Referred to the Committee on Naval Allans. The bill authorizing the judges of Idaho to appoint times aud places of holding Courts, and providing that tile Legislature of that Ter ritory shall meet biennially on the first Mou day of December, was debated aud passed. 1 be joint resolution authorizing ocean mail services three times a mouth between San Francisco aud Portland, Oregon, was debated aud passed. Mr. Sumner’s resolution calling for a copy of the letter on which Mr. Seward founded his inquires of Mr. Motley, aud furnish the name of the writer, was tailed up, debated and passed. Mr. Trumbull, from the Committee on Ju diciarv, reported the joint resolution prohibit leg payments from the Treasury to persons not known to have been opposed to the rebellion and in favor of its suppression, with an amend ment striking out the provision as above, and leaving the bill to prohibit payment of any claims of such persons occurring prior to 13th of April, 1861, and providing further that no pardon shall authorize such payment until' this joint resolution shall be modified or re pealed. Several other reports were made, when at 1 o’clock’the kyikrupt bill came up, pending the question upon the amendment of the Judicia ry Committee to strike out the proposition of the House bill exempting from sales under opulence of the law, so much of a debtor’s property as is exempted by the exemption law of the State in which the debtor resides. Tiiis was debated by Messrs. Stewart, Foster, Po land and Doolittle, alter which a vote was ta ken on Mr. Wilson’s amendment to insert in lieu of tlie above provision, tbattbe amount to be exempted shall not exceed $2000. Disa greed to aud the question then recurred on striking out the clause above referred to from the bill; yeas, 14, nays 25. So the clause was net stricken out. Tlio Senate bill to regulate the tenure of office was received from the House. During an attempt to get up a conference committee ou the disagreeing amendments, the Clerk of of the House arrived aud announced the pro ceedings of the House on the death of Philip Johnson, Representative from the 11th District of Pennsylvania. Mr. Buckalew delivered an address, the customary resolutions of condo lence and regret were passed, and the Senate at 3:45 P. M., adjourned. HOUSE. Tlie Secretary of the Treasury was request ed to communicate a statement of the amount of revenue paid to the Treasury from Balti more city and each of the, counties ot Mary land in 1864 and '65. The bill to regulate the tenure of office was taken up, the question being on reconsidering the vote whereby the House rejected yester day Mr. Williams’ amendment. The vote resulted, yeas 74, nays 65; so the vote rejecting the amendment was reconsid ered. The amendment wvs then adopted, 82 to 63. The effect of this amendment is to strike out the exception of Cabinet officers from the op erations of the bill. The bill was then passed 111 to 38. The Senate’s amendments to the tariff’s bill were referred to the Ways and Means Com mittee and ordered to bepriuted. The House then took up the bill for extend ing a patent to Thomas W. Harvey, for im provement in machinery. The hill was afterwards laid on the table 74 to 62. The House proceeded to private business. After disposition of several private bills, Mr. Ancona rose and announced tlie death of his colleague, Mr. Johnson, aud offered the usual resolutions of condolence and respect. Eulo gies were delivered aud the House adjourned. from the Weal Indies* New York, Feb. 3. The steamer Columbia, from Havana, has ar rived. The correspondent of the Associated Press writes as follows: Havana, Jan. 30.—Diaro de la Maviaaa of this city publishes a curious document, which is a copy of an official dispatch or circular which the military commandant of Chaleo, near Mexico, sent lately to the authorities of the towns in his district: ‘ This city having pro nounced in favor of the cause of independence aud liberty, aud having a respectable force to sustain it, and relying on a still larger one com manded by citizen Gen. Francisco Hugua, who yesterday occupied the town of Morelos, and in the character of the political chief and mil itary commander of this district, 1 order you, on the receipt of this, to call together the au thorities aud principal citizens with the object of making them pronounce or declare allegi ance, that you may send me the pronuucia meuto which I have to remit to the above men tioned citizen General, as per order conveyed to me by a dispatch of the 17th received to-day. I have to warn you that if this is not done to day with the spontaneity which the occasion demands,I shall be underthe necessity of using force, you being personally responsible for the trouble which may result therefrom. I also notify you, for your encouragement, that the pronunciamento once made will be sustained by more than 2000 men, which the said Gene ral ofTers me.” From St. Thomas we learn that the cholera is rapidly disappearing. We have dates from Kingston, Jamaica to the 22d ult.., which contain nothing new. Porto liico dateB of Jan. 18th only refer to matters at Revenue. Dates from St. Domingo to Jan. 19th have been received. The Republic was progressing finely under President Cabral. A new railroad was soon to be opened. Mr. Sommers Smith had received his creden tials as Commercial Agent to the United States. The President has just returned from a tour through the Republic. The first ease of the public political trials was to take place ou Feb. 1st, in Matanzas. The accused is Seuor J uan Hi Hide de Luna. The affair is all cut aud died, the witnesses for the Crown having merely to appear aud ratify their evidence already once given, when those for the defence will be heard. We have lately had unusually disagreeable weather, but as yet there is but little sickness, though there have been a few cases of yellow fever in the harbor. From Demarara we have sanitary reports to the7thiust. The yellow fever was racing up to that day; 161 cases had been received in the public hospital, of which 32 had died aud 109 cases remained. Small pox has apparently run its course in Matanzas, and is abating although there are 500 cases there still. New York Hems. 0f. New York,Feb. 2. The Jaemel Packet, seized at Aspinwall un der suspicion of barratry, by the United States authorities, arrived here this morning consign ed to CoUector Smythe. This is the vessel which left Singapore last August, lor Mel bourne, but went out of her course anil put into Aspinwall, where an effort was made by her captain to dispose of the cargo to the Venez uelan Government. She is in charge of an officer and prize crew of the United States steamer Mackinaw. New York, Feb. 3. Numerous daring robberies have taken place in the Eleventh ward, the perpetrators of which are still at large. Eight houses were plundered on the same night. S. D. Marloiu’s hat and furnishing store on Broadway was damaged by fire last li ght to the amount of $17,000. Insured for $9000. It is stated that the house of Nichols, Bowen, ■ & Co., bankers and brokers, in Wall street, has been seized for deficiencies to the Government, on taxes, amounting to $15,000. Fourteen thousand dollars have been receiv ed by the Southern Relief Commission, ten thousand dollars of which were from two equal subscriptions. Anew ten dollar counterfeit on Flour City NationalRank of Rochester,N. Y.,is in circu The .steamship E. R. Cuyler, which has been preparing in the harbor for some time, ostensi bly for service off Columbia, wliich it was said was sold to a representative of Columbia, was seized this afternoon by Surveyor Wakeman, under the direction of Collector Smythe. The cliarge against the Cuyler is that she has beeu fitted out for the Chilian or Peruvian service agaiust Spain in violation of the neutrality laws. She had four 9-ineh broadside cannon, two pivot rifle Parrotts, and a large quantity of ammunition and small arms. A party of ex-rebels, numbering sixty, were also on board. The officers and crew were obtained principal ly in Charleston, Savannah and Mobile. The name of the master is K. J. Reed. Severe Thunder Sterm in New York. New PtiBK, Feb. 2,11 P. M. Quite a severe thunder storm is now pre vailing. 'Die lightning is as vivid as in July. Rain is falting in torrents. At the time of the seizure of the R. R. Cuyler, a sloop with one hundred and twen ty-five pounds of powder, to hd placed on board the steamer, was lying alongside, and was also seized and sent under guard to Jer sey City. _ THE MARKETS. Financial. New York. Feb. 2. The money market closed easy at 4 @ 6 per cent, on Governments. Gold tirm at 1364. The advance to-day was caused by new reports of impeachment. Stocks have been buoyant the greater part of the day and closed firm with a demand. Governments steadi. The failure of Bell & Yelverton, brokers, is announc ed to-day. The imports at New York for tile week were $4,207,060, including $3,153,344 in dry goods; imports of dry goods for seven months were $60,436, 865. _ New York markets. New York, Feb. 2. Cotton—dull and fully }c lower; sales 850 bales; Middling Uplands at 33}o. Flour—Receipts 1,225 bbls; sales 6,800 bbls; State anil Western rather more steady but prices are with out decided change; Superfine State at 9 10® 9 75; Extra do, at 10 25 ® 10 35; Choice do, at 10 90 ® 11 GO; Round Hoop Ohio, 10 90 ® 11 75; Choice do 1110 (® 13 30; Superfine Western 9 10 ® 975; Common to good Extra Western, 10 51 @ 11 25; choice do II 30 (® 12 25; Southern quiet, with sales of 240 bblB.; mixed to good at 1125® 13 25; Fancy and Extra, 13 30 @ 1050; Canada dull, with sales of 100 bbls.; extra in bond at In do. i ,S.he^r?»uiet »nd rather more sternly; sales 14,100 ““•iUuaftliRBg No. 2at2 05; Amber State on private terms. UmS,!1!!?an'l lc better; sales 81,000 bush. JJcct—steady, sales 465 bblg; new plain megs 12 00 @ 18 00; new extra «lo, 17 00(5) 20 00. Pork—firmer; sales 5,000 bblg.; new mens at iQtyws) 20 68, closing at 20 62 (or Western; oUiT,“ SSI @ 19 75, closing at 19 75 cash; prime at 16 75 (8> n 00 • also 1,850 bbls. new mess at 20 50 ® 21 00, Belters ami buyers for February and March and the next fbnr months. hard—without change in prices; sales ol 600 bbls at 111 @ l2jc for old. and 12} @ 13}c for new. Butter—quiet; sales Ohio at 15 ®30c; State at 26 @ 38c. Whiskey—quiet. ' Btco—quiet at 10 @ 10} for Carolina. Sugare—quiet. Coffee—quiet. Molasses—quiet. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentiue at 61 ® 67c. 10,pin at75 @ 9 00. Oils—qu ,et; linseed at 120 (g 1 22; lard, sperm and whale quiet. Petroleum—dull; sales crude at 19® 19Jc; refined bonded at 28 (& 30c. Tallow-quiet; sales 84,000 lbs, at 114 ® 114c. Wool—quiet and firm; sales 120,000 lbs. at 46 ® 65c tor domestic fleece; 74c for picked lock; 35 ® 524 for pulled; 25@ 35c fcr Texas and Cape; and California on private terms. Freight* to Liverpool—lower. Cotton 5-16 (3) Id by sad. Barley 6Jd by sail. Corn 7d by steamer. Chicago Market*. m „ Chicago, Feb. 2. Flour firmer 9 50 @ 10 75 tor .Spring extras. Wheat firm and lie higher; sales at 184 @ 1 85$. Corn qniet but firm; sales at 77 (& 78$c for No. 1. Oats more active and $c higher. Provisions steady and firm. Mess Pork at 19 25; dry salted shoulders active at 7 50<a} 7 60. Lard active at llg @ 11$ cash. Receipts 10,000 bbls. flour, 13,600 hush, wheat, 19,000 bush, corn, 10, 600 bush, oats, 1,700 hogs. Shipment*—5,500 bbls. flour, 7,000 bush, wheat, 400 bush. corn. Cinciunati Market*. „lf Cincinnati, Feb. 2. 1 he market is dull. Opening of navigation is re garded as certain anti seems to have a depressing in fluence on the market. Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull; No. 1 Spring at 2 35 (& 2 37; Winter 2 80. Corn nominally unchanged; ear 54 (o> 57c; shelled 61 @ 62c. Whiskey in fair demand; sales at 225 in bond. Hogs nominal at 7 40 @ 7 50. Mess Pork held more firmly and closes at 20 50 @ 2100, but no demand. Nothing doing in bulk meals, bacon or lard, and Srice unchanged. Lard held firmly at 121 @ 12$c. aeon at 27 <Q 29. Groceries firm. Gold 135$. Ex change steady. No change in tlie money market. Mobile Mui-kela. Mobile, Feb. 2. Cotton—sales 650 bales. Tlie market closed hard with demand light. Middling uplands at 3Uc. Re ceipts 154 bales. Afetr Oi lcan* Market*. New Orleans, Feb. 2 Cot Ion—easier; sales 390 bales; low Middling at 30 @ 30$e; exports 16,914 bales. Sugar steady; sales at 12$clor fair. Molasses quiet; lair at 70c; prime to choice at 75 @ 77$c. Gold 136$. Sterling Exchange $ discount. Commercial—Per Cable. London, Feb. 2. Consols closed at 90$. American Securiiies.—Uniied States 5-20’s 73. Illinois Central Railroad shares 803. £r;e Kailroad shares 39. m „ Liverpool, Feb. 2. The Cotton market opens dull and inactive; quo tations unchanged and sales steady. The sales to-day will not exceed 6000 bales. Liverpool, Feb. 2, Evening. Tlie Cotton market closed dull with inactivity. The sales to-dav were 6,000 bales; prices, however, are firm and Middling uplamls at 143d. Breadstuff's gen erally quiet. Corn,however, declining; closing prices this evening being 40s for Mixed Western American. Provisions quiet and steady. Spirits Turpentine 31s 6d •!* cwt for American. London, Feb.2, Evening. Consols declined 1-16<1 and are quoted at 90 9-16 for money. Erie Railroad shares 4d lower and closed at 38$d. At Frankfort United States 5-20 bonds advanced 4, and closed at 76§. At Paris United States 5-20 bonds advanced fully 2, and closed at 823. United States bonds in this are unchanged as are also are Illinois Central shares, the former closing at 73 and the latter at 803. Boatoa Stock Lint. Sales at the Brokers* Board, Pec 2. American Gold. 1362 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 108 United States 7 3-lOths, 1st series. 101 $ “ small. 104| United States 5-20s, 1862. 107 f “ 184)1. 105} “ 1865. 1051 “ July, 1865. 101J “ small. iu5i Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonus. 122 Boston and Maine Railroad. 132 (Sales at Auction.] Androscoggin Mil h. 135 Bates Manufacturing Co. 114| Bangor City Sixes, 11>74,. 96 New Hampshire State Sixes. 994 Maine State Sixes, 1883. 99 WANTED. Wauled. A SITUATION in a Grocery or Furniture store or some other good basini«s; is willing to make himself generally useful. Will loan his employer twelve to fifteen hundred dollars. Good reference given. Address, B. G., Box J730. ja31dlw* Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office Mo. 351 1-4 i'ongiTM Htrci't. All per sons wishing to secure good Girls lor any respecta ble employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys lor any work in city or country, tree oi ('barge. fcSr^We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day lor all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a eall. COX & TOWARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’G7. jan3o utf Wanted. A good, faithful Colored Woman to take charge of, and do the work of a kitcheu. She must be a good cook, and capable to take charge, un&ssist ed, and come well recommended by parlies who can be appealed to personally. Such an one can find a good, permanent Home, and good pay. Also, a strong Colored Woman to do general house work, in cluding a large washing and ironing. None need ap ply but those who can give unquestionable references. The right persons can mid permanent places, a hap py Home, and good pay, in a quiet little village aboui 15 miles from the City. Apply by letter, driv ing references, ana where an interview can be had. Address WILLIAM H. BISHOP, jan23drf Portland, Maine. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour j Barrels suitable for su-^ar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., j novtfdti 139 Commercial street. I LOST AND FOUND. Lost, Strayed or Stolen!! Since Sept. 30, lOO Bbls Flour. SAID Flour left Chicago for Portland n9 above via Grand Trunk R. W., (C* J. Bridges, Managing Director,) and has not since been heard from* Any information concerning the above will be thankfully received by CHASE, ROGERS & HALL, OI Commercial Hired* Portland. Feb* 1, 1867* d3t Lost! A Gold Hunter Case Cylinder Watch, made by Hyde & Sons. London and Paris, No. 7562. Lost somewhere between Poland’s Court, ( Green Street) and 166 Middle street. Whoever may tind it will be suitably rewarded by leaviug it at this office. Jan30diw* $10 REWARD l IS Offered for the detection ot the person or per sons who stole the Lanterns placed at the Drain now bcin/ constructed under my Supervision at the foot of India SL\cr. B. DAILY. Portland, Jan. 28, 1867. jan29 dlw BOARD AND BOOMS. Board Wanted. FOR a young gentleman and wife *n a private family, out comfortable room. Best of reference given and required. Address Box 894 Portland Post Office. jau31 Utf To Let WITH Board, desirable Rooms tbr gentlemen nud their wives, or for single gentlemen, at 30 Pan forth Street. jan31 dlw* Boarders Wanted. A few Gentlemen Boarders can find accommoda tions at No. 3, Spruce Street. jan31 dlw* Rooms to Let. A Suit of Rooms centrally located, to let without Board. Address “ W, Post Office. jau24 d2w* To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without board, suitable (or gentlemen and their wives. En quire at No. 5 South street, between 9 and 11 A. M. each day. .jan8dtf PHOTOGRAPHS !

E. S. WORM ELI, formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open hi, NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 316 Congress Street, [Opposite Mechanics’ Hally] where he will be pleased to wait on his friends and the public Grateful for past patronage, he hopes by 9trict at tention to business to merit a renewal ot tlie same. Persons wishing lor FIRST CLASS PICT USES of all styles and sizes are invitod to call. Picture* colored in Oil, Water Colors and India Ink by one of the best Artist* in the State. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions, yrAll work warranted to give satisfaction. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable rat ?s. janleod3m KELLOGG’S United States Mercantile Register, NOW nearly ready for the press, will contain, in part first, on pages alternating with advertise ments, much valnable information, compiled with special reference to the wants of business men, and comprising the Tariff* and Iulrruill Revenue Latvi, decisions and instructions of the Commissioners ot ltevennc, regulations of tho Board, os- Trade of our principal cities, tables ot Foreign and Domestic Weights and Measures, laws and decisions rotative to common carriers &c &c. * ' Part Second will contain a complete Business Di rectory of Wholesale and Manufacturing Houses, In surance, and hxprcHS Companion, Banks, Bankers, Agcnci^, &c., &t\, of Boston, New York, Philadel phia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Louisville, Detroit, Chi cago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, New Orleans, San Fran c,se0 and Pittsburg, in which each city will appear separately, the names of firms being arranged alpha betically , and classilied according to business. Advertisement, in part til-stare placed focing and alternating with pages of information. In i»art sec mul, on Hie same page with, ur the next luceeeding that on widen the advertiser’s uarnc appears in the Directory ot his city. 1 ^ Mtvertisenieiits lor part first, and advertisements and names of firms for registration in tlio Supple mentary Directory, w ill be received till Februa ry 15tli For the Boston division of part second only till the 8th inst. As the time is so limited in which advertisements can be received, do not wait to be called upon, but hand them in, or loavo your orders with ATWJ LL & CO., No. 174 Middle Street. N. B.—Registration of firms under the proper busi ness headings costs from #1 to $3. Advertisements from .^5 to 9 too. l'ebl eodlw 08j£-Send your order, for dob Work to Dally Pre, PROSPECTUS. THE P"RESS For 1807. With the opening of the new year we pieeented to the readers of the DAILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged la the size of the largest New England Dailies. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of between three ami four columns to its size. This additional space will be devoted to de tails ot important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay, such as we have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of the paper thus enlarged will be, its past history will show. The Press was es tablished primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the controlling party* of the State to remain voicclt-ss in this city. The Press will continue to defend the principles of the Liberal party of America. The war has closed one great cycle in our national history—the cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up sido by side, a (>eriod of jealousy and conflict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered ou a state of transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most of us antici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will secure the fruits ot our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled right. We must have de mocracy at the South as well as at the North—equal rights for all secured by equal laws, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, impartial suffrage. Ot the profound convictions of the Republican party of Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. The present year will probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. The comple tion ot that great enterprise will compel a change, which has already begun, in the management ot newspapers. The leading features of the world’s history will be registered from day to day by the tel egraph. The expense of special dispatches from all parts of the world will prove too great for single newspapers, and correspondence will regain some tiling ot its old importance. Newspai>er associations or new« agents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents will fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph has already destroyed the system by which our foreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, and already the Tribune has its special correspondents established in almost every capital in Europe. We cannot rival the feats o New York joumadsm but we must be governed by the 9Mue considerations. We have engaged Regular CorrcapondcnlM in Washington, New York, Boston and Augusta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the Stale. During the session of the Legislature, wc shall publish Special Dispatcher from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business relations with Portland, we hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outside of the State can possibly be. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we thall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Daily Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shall have Fall and Accurate Market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from al' parte of the United States, from Canada, and from England. A weekly Review ot the Portland Markets, and an accurate Report of Maine Shipping* in foreign and domestic ports, will be published as heretofore. There will be NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE Of the Daily Press. For EIGHT DOLLARS A TEAR ! We expect to fiimiah a paper, The Largest in tlie State, and as large as In other States is offered for tenor twelve dollars a year. --i THE MAINE STATE PRESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings ot the daily edition. It is designed to he. as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear in tlie daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Columns We shall add to its attractions during tlie coming year, An Agricultural Department, To be conducted by the Rev, WILLIAM A. DREW, nf Augusta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known in Maine', and a contributor for some time past to the Press over tho signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping Hews of the Week Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the Review of the Portland Markets, And the Brighton Market Restores. I To country traders the weekly report of Portland prices currrent alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful Digest of General and Stale Hews, We shall also furnish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Reading for the Family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is the Largest Weekly Paper in lew England. It is offered to the public at the low price of 9 DOLLARS A YEAR, INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent fiir twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. -- NOTICES OF THE PRESS. [From the Christian Mirror.] The Press lias been enlarged since New* Year’s. Wo are glad to see such evidence of prosperity. With such papers as Portland now furnishes we see no need of importing Dailies from Boston and New York. [From the Portland Price Current.| The Press.—The crowded slate of our rotanms last week prevented us from noticiugthe enlugeinent and re-arrangement of tho columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly tlie leading journal of Maine, and equal to any in New England; especially when taken into consFfdcration the amount of interesting reading mattei: that is daily furnished for the money. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st inst., to about the size of the Boston Bailies. This is an evidence of not only the prosper! tv of the Press, but of Portland as well, tor of course tlie en largement is caused by tlie increase of advertising favors. The Press is worthy of the patronage it re ceiver, is a credit to Portland and to the St me, and we hope increasing years may increase its prosiier ity. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by the addition of ‘J} inches to the length of Its col umns. Its make-up has also been chungeal again, and on the whole it presented a decidedly improved appearance. Our cotemporary’s “new cloUies” arc .'-omewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggent are not always the best.’* [From tlie Portland Evening Star, Jam. l.j The Daily Press appears tills morning in an en large ' lorm, making it now fully equal iu site to any daily newspaper in New England. The editor, iu his New Year’s Salutatory, shows that the succ ess of the paper for the past year ha* been most gratifying, and we arc glad of its prosperity. The return to tlie original style of arranging the contents ol tke paper, is one of the most agreeable features of the change. [From the Bangor Whig.] — The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Dnily Post and Advertiser—which are our largest New England •ladies- and it now makes a very handsome appear ance. This evidence of prosperity on the part of so good and reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. It. shows, too, that Portland has lost noth!ngoi vigor, enterprise or resource, by the great tire, but that its course is still onward—that its business is in ftict In creasing, notwithstanding the apparent calamity ut last year—and that its promise of commercial great ness is certain to be fulfilled. The Press is among the best of the New England papers, and its present appearance is a credit to the State. [From the Bath Times.] igy* The Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we suspect it now gives another settler to Yee question which is “ the principal paper m Portland.” It is bound to distance its competitors. [From the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 1.] The Portland Press has increased its size equiva lent to an audition of three or four columns. This enlargement, lollowing so closely upon its resurrec tion from the ashes of the great tire, shows that the principles it advocates and its efforts to cater to the literary tastes of its readers are appreciated by the public, The additional sp co now obtained will be devoted to details of important events, and selections from current literature. fFrom the Worcester (Mas9.,) Spy.] wwir. Aimo,,g the p*!16™ q*t commence the new year with enlarged sheets and manifest signs of KSngfowi 'nfpJft'an'1 ^rc,8.8 “fJ tUc “ra&nl Kvcniiig rrew. ihe firmer is the largest and best •lady in the State of Maine, and the latter we have «c?i<|c^Ud “ °ne °f the ablc,t of our Co«u*ecticut l£™“* ‘he PortlandAilvertigcr, Jan.2.] enliecJtmn re5i*,appearo,1/®,,te,'dn.'' mornmR In an dSnJmncfS' v JIVlL1y «m*l size to any o /" the «™“*ement XhSE,. furMd to the original style, ancer ™mk q te an improvement in ita appear acemcnt ot b?fn n"dcr the «Htortal man hSrii ; Ul®hafason. Its editorials have been to* ' to”^1.?,d rpUnhlc, wielding a powerful inlln enco over its patrons on all pofltio 1 matters. He has taken a lair stand, always discussing topics in a dignified manner, yet leaning in all vital losnes witn bis party. While we caunot alwaj s agree with all .It his political notions, we heartily boar witness to tho ability, character and culture he has displayed in its ■uanage went, anil wiBh him and the proprietors even more prosperity in the next year than It has had in ^Xtstfews is judiciously and carefully selected, and a general culture and literary taste characterizes its contents. As a good family newspaper it lias no su perior: and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor’s chair there will be no lack of local news, as it is generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal in the State. Tile enlargement argues a prosperous business, at least tor ur eotemporary, and we hope it will never be thuml necessary to curtail the dimensions of this enterprising and respectable sheet. [From the Bangor Times.] tir* The Portland Daily Press comes to us consid er ibly enlarged and with a return to its old style of “ make-up.” This enlargement—so soon alter the great tire—to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, speaks favorably for the pro*pcrity of the city and indicates a good degree of enterprise on the part Ot the proprietors. The Picas is edited with ability, has able contributors, and as the leailing paper of the dominant party, is a power in the laud. [From the Portland Transcript.] The Daily Press begins the new year much en larged in size; wc are glad to soe such an evidence of the prosperity of this excellent journal. The Press has swung around the circle to another arrangement of its editorial and news matter; alter all, the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. KEAJL ESTATE. TIM BE RE IliTlI For Sale in Virginia. THE subscriber has tor sale 450 acres of Land heavily wooded with White Oak, Bed Oak, Chestnut and Pine timber, situated on the Rappa hannock River. For further particulars address ADOLPHUS WEINBERG. ja2!Hltt Box 347, Alexandria, Va. Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rpHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil JL lage ot Frycburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered for sale at a bargain, it applied tor soon. Thu House is large, in good repair, with iurniturc and fixture* tbrougbout, together with ail necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot * HORATIO BOOTHBY, Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 54£ Union st. Frycburg, .Sept. ift*, leott. dtf M House for Sale, No 32 Myrtle Street. En quire at No. 8 Central Wharf. July 12—dtl Farm for Sale. I WILL sell mv firm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said form contains al*out 100 acres, part of it very valuable lor tillage, and part ot it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, aiul out hous es on the premises, it will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THUULOW, sepll-dtl 165 Commercial St. First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer lor sale the eight first class brick houses, recently built by us, situated ou Pine Street, between Clark and Carleton Streets. These house s are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces throughout.— They will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 27 i Danforth St. J. B. BROWN & SONS, or WM. II. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 16, 1866. dtt For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITCligLL & SON, Aug. 28,186C—dti__178 Fore Street. House for Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soil water, gitod lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable. Inquire at 11 Cedar, or 1M4 Fere Mi., of tiro subscriber, J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 18C7. dtf Desirable store Loin FOR SALE, IV COKMKBCUL NTBEKT. THE subscribers offer for sale tlio lot of land on tbo southerly side of Commercial Street, head of Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire » JONAS H. PER LEY, Oct 18 tfor W. S. DANA. House for Sale A FIRST CLASS two story Brick House No. 13 Mechanic Street. Lot 42 x 100. Enquire at 345 CougriHN Nt., of L. D. STROUT, or of WM. H. JERKIS, Real Estate Agent. jaii22dtf SOT1CK. I will sell on favorable terms as to payment, or let for a G rin of years, the lots on corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street,including thecorner of Franklin ana Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2ti JANUARY 26,1867. SPECIAL CLOSING SALE WHITE GOODS! Laces & Embroideries! At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jan 28—dtf 200 Doz. Linen Hdkfs. This Day Received l -AXD SELLING AT LOW PRICES -AT-. f|g 10. T. ELDEN & CO'S. Jan 28—dtf Housekeeping Goods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEN CO. Jan 28—dtf __ BLEACHED <S> BBOWN SHEETING1S, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Jlufh Under I*vice, -At— E. T. ELDEN & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf j__ E. T. ELDEN & CO., WILL OBEX THIS DAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, Ana uroum DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, At One Price, J Free St. Jan 28—dU __ _ ~ Grover & Baker, Sewing- Machines, AT MANUFAC’JLREfiS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted! Machine Silks, Thread and Twist, a fall Assortment. E. T. ELDEN & CO. NO. 3 FREE STREET. Jan 28 dtf Notice to Land Solders. MR O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, either by JOB or b, DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence, AMERICAN HOUSE. , ...... .... India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1866_aug20dtl' OILS! OILS! Lubricating and Illuminating WHOLESALE A NT) RETAIL. la. V*. Brown Jan28d4tv* jy, JUU Fsre Street. To l et. FIRST, second and third lofts over E. T. Eldon& Co.’s store, Free Street Block; also, oiBies ore JSohlottorlieckVj, aiul over t ,rosmaii &Lo. 8, in b MnlSTf ' BrUW" a“d ' ''0, Tb BROWN. For Sar4e Cheap. 1 SECOND-HAND Safe, size iAside 17} x 20. 1 i'latlorui Scale. _ _ 40 M loet extra Sou thcru Pine, inch thick and froi 5 to 8 inches wid e 10 M 1J iDch do, 13 to 14 in width. f _ K. PEERING, jan30tt Uobf ^n’s Wharf. Commercial street. ENTERTAINMENTS. THE OPENING LECTURE OF T1IK Portland Army and Navy Union, Will be delivered on Wednesday Evening, Feb. 6th, AX MECOAincflt ball, Uy BEV* W. L. GAGE, OF BROOKLYN, N. y. Subject—"Pruwli and the recent Uerniau War ” Music by the Portland Band. Tic kola Fifty CrnU-to be had at B ulk c, Novea', Davis Bros.', .short & Loring*. «nd aSli bookstores; of tlio Lecture Committee, and at the door. Per order Lecture Cum mi' tee. PAUL CUADBOUBNE E. B. HOUGH ION, H. 8. MEUHER, WM. 0. FOX, Feb 4U1 F. Q- PA l l LRSON. „ TEA PARTY AT L I y C O L N MALL. THERE will be a Tea Party at Lincoln Hall for tbe benefit ot tbe 1 Martha Washington Society, Wednesday evening, f«k «tb. Admission 26 Cents, feb4—3t P. X* M. C. A. COURSE LECTURES KH1HTH LECTtKE, , In the Chestnut Street Church, Wedanlsy Evening, Etk. Sib, lhtil, By BEV. H. B. RIDOWAY, ot N. V. Subject—" William Cobden.” Season Tickets, 75 cents; Evening Tickets St cents to be had at Bailey & Noyes', H. Packard's, short 4k Loring's, and atihe door. Doors open at CJ; Lecture at 7J o’clock._ feb4d3t Portland Theatre. Bidwell It Browne, Lessen 4k Managers. Last Week bnt Two or the Season. Monday and Tnrtiday, Feb,4lbund 3tb, Will l>e presented the great historical drama of Horse-Slioc Robinson, OK the Battle of King’* Mountain. Horse-Shoe Robinson.Mr. Beattie Mary Musgravc...Dollie Bidwel For particulars sec Programmes. During tbe week several STERLING PLAYS, LAUGHABLE FAROES, &c , introducing the lull strength of the Star Dramatic Company. gjjp-A startling novelty is in active prcj»aralion. lebblGt. _ EMERALD ASSOCIATES WILL OIVE THEIB First Grand Assembly _■ —AT— I_I MECHANICS9 HALL. Thursday Evening, Feb. 7th, 1867 FLOOR MANAGERS. David D. Hanncgan, Timothy O’Hcnrn, Edw. H. Colemai, Patrick McDermott, Peter Daley, Harry McLaughlin. Tickets 9 1.00 to be had of the Committee and at the Door. 1U■ nip kft linndh r’s lull Quadrille Baud, D. H. CHANDLER, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. Clothing checked free. Lady spectators free. Kcb.2d5t “ALWAYS HEADY.” G It A IN 1> Firemen’s, Military and Civic Ball! Ex-Apienca Hose Uo., No. 1, WILL GIVE THEIR FIFTH ANNUAL BALL, - AT - MECHANICS9 HALL, - as — Tuesday Evening. Feb. 5. committee; of akkagements. Pres. C. E. Chase, Vice Pres. G. W. Pridham See. J. W. Lane, E. K. Ellis. L. £. Kice, C. Lane, C. K. Todd, 1>. H. Stevens, Thos. H. Bibber, W. A. Winslow, G. O. Smith. FLOOR MANAGERS. C. E. Chase, G. W. Pridham, J. W. Lane, E. K. Ellis, L. E. Rice, C. Lane, D. II. Stevens. iy Firemen and Military are requested to ap pear in uniform. Tickets, #1,50, to be had of the Committee. Music by Chandler’s Quadrille Band—D. H. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 3 o’clock. §#~Clotliing Chocked Free. ja31dtd I. JL. R. A. The Irish American Relief Associa’u will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS* HALL, C•nunciicitag Monday Eve’s, Jan. 7 th, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a GRAND BALL. Tickets for the Course, including the Ball, will be $5.00; Evening Tickets, $1.00; Ball Tickets, $1.50. flUJT'Music by Chnmller’s full Quadrille Band, D. H. Chandler, prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Floor Manajtrs—Thomas Parker, James Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert. Dow, Patrick MeCaierty William H. Kalor. Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the clothing. dcc31dif CITY NOTICES. Notice. City of Portland, Jan’y 30,1SG7. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by tin Committee on Streets, Sidewalks and Bridges, a the Oihce of the City Engineer, until Mouuny, Feb ruary 4th, at 12 A. M., lor gra ling the Southwesterlj end of West Commercial Street adjoining \ aughau'i Bridge. All information relating to said woik uia.i be obtained at the office of the Engineer. The Com mittee reserve the right to reject any or all propos als. Per order of Couiidit*- e. A. P. MORGAN, Chairman. jan3l d4t_ Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. GO.—The to..ant or occupant, and In cast there should be ig> tenant, the owner, om any persoi having the care of any building or lot onanu liordci ing on any street, lane, court, square or public plan within the city where there is any fooling or able walk, shall, alter the ceasing to tall ul :ui> snow,! iutkodav time, williin three hours, and if in thi night lime, lieforc ten of the clock or the forenoon succeeding, cause such snow to be removed fromsucl footway or sidewalk; and. in default thereof, shal torteit and |»oy a sum not less than two dollars, no more than ten dollars; and tor each and every nun thereafter tliat the same sliall remain oil such toot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, oi other person shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than one dollar nor inure than teu dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will lie en forced. JOHN S. HEALD, declHdtf City Marshal. —■*— ■■■-■ ■■■■■■■■■ it E-OPENING ! The subscriber Imviag purchased the Slack auJ Stare lately occupied by JOHN CROCKETT A CO., NO. 11 PREBLE STREET, Will re-open for business Tuesday, «Jan. ttt>, 1S07, and will sell ofl' the entire stock at greatly reduced prices, consisting of NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, Crockery and Glass Ware, Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, together with a general assortment of HOVIGdVrRlUSniKlCi GOODS. MR. LEVI P. HOYT Is connected with this establishment, auil will be happy to wait on any of Ilia customers and ftiumls who may favor as with a call. jan29dlm WILLIAM LOWELL. CHARLES STAPLES & SON, Iron Founders, Roller Makers A Machinists. and lion Work of all Kinds. Iron Store Fronts and Colnmns for buildings promptly furnished. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, SAW AND GRIST MILL WORK AND GEARING made to order. Having able and exjicrlencod jiat tern makers and new tools of modern design, can supply patterns with jiromptness and at a moderate cost. Repair* of nil kinds of Iron Work attended to witli despatch and at reasonable rates. Having a large and well equip ped Forge, can furnish forgings aud shapes of all kinds for Steamboats and Locomotive work such as Mbit ft*. CrfiaU**, k*istou Rads, far »ml Pla«iae Axles nwd Shapes to jattem or draw ings, from 10 tous to 100 pounds weight. Thev are also Selling Agents for ME Kill MAN s PATENT BOLT CUTTER, the best Machine ever invented for the purjsise, performing double tbo amount of work of any other now in use. FOR SALK, n ill horse power Loroaso ,jT#, Holler With new tube sheet* and now set ot tubes, in first rate order, and warranted sate with a pressure of 100 lounds to the square Inch. 1 A NEW TEN HORSE POWER PORTABLE EN GINE, an excellent Machine, can be seen running a, our Fouudry.HAKLEs gIAMJtg g™ , Cor. Com. St. and Brown a W harf, novlOe (13m __ Portlahd, Maine. i^-Evory style of Job work neatly executed at Ibis office. AUCTION MALES. Important Sale of Government Vessel. Depot Qbautkkmasteb’s Office, l Badimor<-, Md, January 30, 1*67. ) I \V mn^pld| fil,P|Ublic auction, at the port of * on ThuJimv fa'iM11 k * w“"*st Baltimore) : fflSsisas Mao?a^sw»>-ir* 11 feet stro e. * 1 A rare opportunity is aflbrileil, |n the sale n,i. t learner, u> persons Uesuriug to purchase a reailv ! Hist-class vessel. J She is ol' light (Mull, the engine and boiler arc in | most excellent condition, and the hull perfectly } sound and strong.* It is believed that lor size and built, the f'OSMO PoLITAN surpasses any vessel hitherto oflored by I Government tor sale at tills )iort. Terms cash, in Government funds, on day of sale. Further isirticulars may bo learned upon appii. u i lion to the undersigoed or to the Auctioneers, Messrs. ADKEON, T11U.UA.S Jt CO., No. IS South Gharles street. By order of the Quartermaster General. A. S. KIMBALL, 0,4,1,, ‘ aPL>‘» and A. Q. M., U, -S. A., _ Fet.27 Depot Quartermaster. •£. M. FATTEN 4k CO., AatliMeW, W*c® **•«»*• uenr I on- Slrrrl. " iWer’* sulnmuiider Sale* AT AUCTION. O^S^J’^Sr'Jttl^the leas,' kr A live of the celebrated Wilder's p.,1 v'■ Sales, from size No. 2 to No u The W,i i r‘“s having been s.. thoroughly tested in the great . mutT grations tliroughout the country f,„ ‘L,, years, they are now sold on their own merits without further recommendation. ' ^ lease look at them any day previous to Bale February 1, dtd. J. S. BAILKY^ Auctioneer & Commission Merchant and appraiser, Office 176 Fore St, at Mess. Garter & Dresers’ January 7—dtl c. w. HOLMES, AUCTIONEEJi, JMiO Tuugress Street, Sales of any kind of property in the City nr vl fiuity, promptly attended to on the most favorable Uru*a-_ novlSutt MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. NT DEM1NG, JSTedical Electrician 174 MIDDLE STREET. Nearly Opposite the (Jailed State* Hotel WHERE he would residetluliy announce to citizen* ol Portland ami vicinity, that ho ■ permanent!) located in tin* city. During the three year* we have been in tin* city, we bave cured Home at cbo worst form* of d incase In person* a ho hate tried other form* ol treatment in vain, and curing patient* in so short a time that the question i* oiu d asked, do they stay cured? To answer this «juc»tiei we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second lime without charge. Dr. D. ha* been a practical Electrician lor tweiitj* oue year*, and is also a regular graduated physicial» Electricity is perfectly adopted to chronic 'lisuasesiii the form of nervous sr sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption alitki la the acute stages or where the lungs are not lully involved; acute or chrome rheumatism, *crotula. hip diseases, white swelling*, spinal diseases, curvature ol the spine, contracted muscle*, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vita*’ Dance, deaiuc**, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, coin>lipation aiul liver complaint, pile*—we cine every case that can be presented; asthma, broicbi tis, strictures <u the chest, ami all terms of female complaint*. oy Hiiectncity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazv leap wiiliJoy, und move with the agility and elastic ity of you ill; the heated hram is cooled; the frost* bitten limbs reslortu, the uncouth deformities re* moved; liiiutuess convened to vigor, weakness to strength ; the blind made 10 see, the deal to hear und the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes of youth are obliterated; the accidents oiMatuie hie prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained* LADIES Who have cold banrj* and loet; weak stomachs, lam and weak backs; nervous aim sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, with inuigeslan and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and back; leocorrhcea, (or whites); lading of tiie womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, ami ail that long train oi diseases will und in 1. let ir icily a sur»* in tan* of cure. For painiui menstruation, too r*olu»-e menstruation, and all oi those long line oi truubus with young holies, Electricity is a certain spceiti., and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor ol health. TEETH X TEETH X TEETH! Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity WITHOUT PAIN. Persons having decay.d teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite in vital km to call. Superior Electro Maunf/hc Ma.mines ior gale lor family use, with thorough instructions. Dr. D. can accommodate u lew patients with board and treatment at his house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; from 1 to 6 P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation tree. novlti MINN SEW ALL, WILL „..E LE9$ON9 IN Lead Pencil and Crayon Drawing And also instruct classes so desiring, in the Elements of Design, after Dr. Khunicr’s method, at :t;f I Congress Street, six dot is above Casco, up stairs.— Entrance through the store. %AT~Apply every day but Saturday. jo30dtl U. S. Marshal's Sale. United States of America, 1 District of Maine, as. f PURSUANT to a vend : Expo : to me directed from the Honorable Edward Fox. Judge ol the United Stales District Court, within and tor llio District of Maine, 1 shall expose und offer tor saie at Public Auction, to the highest bidder therefor, tlio following property and merchandize at the time and place williiu said District, as follows, viz: At the Mill, formerly occupied by Mason & Smith, at Hollis Center, in said JJisirict,ton Friday the eighth day of February next, at ten o'clock A. M . One Lathe ; one Laths Bench ami Turning Tools one Board Planer ; one Grind Stone and Ik nch; one dozen Circular Saws; six Saw ShaJ'ts; we Clapboard Machine; one Lath Machine; one Ma chine for making Match Splints; one Face Planer 'or planing end of Match Blmks; one Machine for prepariilg Match Blocks; one Power Cross-1 nt Saw; one Hand Cross Cut Saw; one ami one half gross Stamped Mulches ; ninety-three one cent hit. Per. Stamps; all the Shifting and Belting, unstamped Matches, Stoves and other furniture in the Mill and Dry House, connected therewith, excepting the Main Shift and Water Wheel and the necessary Jlelting and Gearing connecting the main Shaft with the Wa ter Wheel. The same having been decreed forfeit to the Unit ed States, in the District Court, for the said District of Maine and ordered to be sold and the proceeds dis posed of according to law. Dated at Portland, this twenty-second day of Jan uary, A. D. 1867. CHAKLES CLARK, U. S. Marshal, District of Maine. jan 22 d!5t Notice. rpUE annual meeting of the Portland Union llail X way and Back Bay LafkJ Company, for the choice of officers and such other business as may legally come before them, will l>e held at th< 11. .1. LIBBY CO.. 211 Free street, at 6 o’clock P. M., , TUESDAY, Feb 5th. J. N. WINSLOW, jangddtd Secretary. Portland Petroleum Company. mHE annual Hireling of the stockholders of this X Company wdl be htddyfr the Counting-mom ot Edward Hamblen, a». J Union Wharf, in Port land, on WEDNESDAY, Kubniari 6, 1867, at tour o’clock P. Al., for the following r44frp°He8» viz:— 1st. To choose a Board of Directors for the ensuing year. 2d. To transact such other business'll* may legally come before them. By order of the Directors, WM. P. MERRILL, Sec y. Portland, Jan. 21, 1867. did Kortmnd & Kennebec Kail road Co. rruiE annual meeting ot the stockholders ot the X Portland & Kennebec Railroad Company will be held at the Kailroud Depot, in Bium»wirk. on MONDAY, the 11th day ol February next, at ten o’clock A. M., tor the following j»uriH*s» s, viz.: 1st. To choose a Chairman and Secretary. 2d. To hear Hie reports of the Directors and Treas urer of said Company, and act thereon. 3d. To choose a Board of Directors lor the ensuing year. 4th. To transact such other business as may prop erly be acted ou. J. S. CUSHING, Scc’y. Augusta, Jan. 26, 1867. jau28dtd Hope Petroleum Company. THE annual meeting ot the stockholders of this Compauy will l>e held at No. 3324Congress stieet, on TUESDAY EVENING, Feb. lzth, at 7 o’clock, for tlie following puri>osc8, viz.: 1st. To choose olhcers for the coming year. 2d. To transact any other business that may bo legally brought before the meeting. Jaii28dtd A. M. BUUTON, Secretary. First National Hank of Portland. HOLDERS of the First Scries of Seven-Thirty notes can have the same exchanged for g*»hl bearing six per cent bonds at this Bank at the usual commission The First Series mature in August next, find the conversion of the Second and Third Series can also be effected on favorablu terms. _ ,, W. K. GOULD, Cashier jan261m ____ __ THOSE NEW CAPS ! have ABBIVED! at II A RRI H’ HAT STOKE, NO. OO CONGRESS STREET, JanSldlw_ Go to Adams A Purinton’s FOR your Ilouse-furnishin* Goods of all kinds; Cariadlii"*, anil all kin.Is hi tioekerv, Glass, Tin, Stone, Earthen, and Woo*Ion War,,. (*a}s r Ilona* ln*s, Win,low shade*, die, die., conui ol Federal and Exchange streets. no2J<l3iu DR. HOPKINS* Catarrh Troches! Will Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds. Bostrseusss, Bronchitis, and all evictions the Throat. Public Spcakrrs nud Nisyrrs u»c Ihem. Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sea captains, all use them with the best results. Among the hundreds ot thousands who liave used the n, lh< re is bin. <*no voice an l that of a proval. 'J hey invariably r»r»> uiote digestion, and relieve kidney Afleclions. Just try one box and you w.ll be convinced. PREPARED BY E. *». llOPKINK, I»l. Ik., 144 IVushiuRlou »ireel, Bouton, JInw. Wholesale Agents for Mane,— VV. F. I’HILLIPS & CO., 1D.,, Nathan Wood, J Portland. Sold at Retail byall Druggists. janCO d& w2v# Schooner for Suit*. . j The flop white oak and copper-CiateDed i.T/ Cut Hailing Schooner IDA lloUitiN, y/f, jT, III 12-100 I,-ns new measurement, well //Asks- Could and adapted for toe Coastin': or Fishiiii* business, i* now oQhrcd h>r sale by the Eastern PaekctCo. For partieularsenquireo M. N. K1CI1, jau28dlf . No. 3 I .on;: Wharf. To Bent, niTARF.HOUSE on Custom lTmise WharC Un \Y quire or LYNCH, BARKER * OO.. novldtf ISO Commercial street.