Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 11, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 11, 1867 Page 4
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n „ i I - i Poetry. The River *j»rilc. The Uly cto— it* clialicc, Aitoiit on the river’* bicast; Then cornea the sprite of the rtver, Aud make* iu the lily her nest. Tbe star of eve i* her watch-light, llor curtain the ruah’* crcvt; Tlio wave sings lullahic* under. And o’er her the wind of the west. Light mists roll over the river, And cover her dreamless rest; Wind guest hath a sweeter chamber? What chamber a lovelier guest ? —ATor them Ltght*. ntlruiUM. Some time ago a friend sent we, with his compliments, a very curious preaent. 10 oit ward appearance it was a box ot cigars. I was lather surprised at this, lor the reason that I do not smoke, and moreover my Inenu. hav ing been an editor lor the last ten years, is not in a pecuniary condition which would render it prudent lor him to make very nu merous presents ol cigars at the current prices. X opened the lid and discovered that the Imjx was filled with small slips of printed paper, neatly tied into little bundles and closely packed. 1 cut the ribbon of one of the bun dles, aud spreading the slips on the table found that tbev were twenty-five conundrums. In fact, it was a box ol conundrums. My friend had taken the fancy to cut them from ex changes, of w hich he looked over piles every <1 mv, and to pack them in this peculiar man ner. i counted the bundles, aud made v inous computations iu reference to them. 1 do not remember the exact results—I have no mem ory tor ti gin es—but in a general way mated that I could supply a country weekly paper with a column of conundrums for each issue during the space of four years and six months. 1 judged, however, that one-eighth of a column would be as many as an ordinary reader would heartily enjoy in each paper, aud, at that rate, I would have been able to keep the journal supplied with conundrums for thirty-six years. i must confess that I was at a loss what nse to make of this present. To attempt To Wad all the contents of the box was out ot ques tion. Could I make them marketable? Could I induce some magazine to publish nothing for several months but conundrums, with ‘‘to be continued” at the dose of each number? Could 1 sell them at so much a dozen, as mot to verses are sold ? Or could 1 be still more choice with them and procure a run of cus tom from gentlemen who are required to keep up a reputation for wit to secure luvltatidhs to social dinners, alter the manner ol the per son who wrote that art icle in one of Dickens s Christmas stories, which explains the manner of maxing conundrums from the dictionary ? That person’s idea, X may remark, is old, lor my friend ir,forms me that at one period11 of his life he was timed, on a bet, and pioVtd himself able, with the aid of a dictionary and spelling-book, to make two and a halt eonun diums per minute, for sucli a length of time (being allowed intervals for meals and sleep), that it was quite evident that he could con tinue doing so as Jong as the .English language held out. indeed, he was not limited by the number of words in tbe language, tor fie found it possible to make a great .nauy conundrums on one word. To give me some idea of his method of ope ration, my tvieud took the pains to make as sorted packages illustrative of distinct, styles of couundrums, For instance, there were two packages (fifty) on the single word Tie.” As, tor instance, when is truth falsehood? WJign it lies in a well. There were three packages about ships. You will find in your .spelling book a list of words ending with ship. Ever; oue ot them is capable of a conundrum alter the following style: What ship would be freighted witu knowledge ? .Scholarship. Take ail the technical words used on shipboard (ii you have a complete spelling-book you will find them in one list), and every rue ei those words is capable ot oue or more conundrums. How easy u is! V\ by is a man who marries twice Use a ship ? Because he has a second mate. When may a ship be said to be in love ? Notice how many answers may be made to this: When she wants a mate (there it Is agaiu); when she wants to be maimed; when she is struck aback by a heavy sued; when the carpenter re-guards her; when she makes much of a last sanor; when she ts tender to a man-of-war; when she is a ship of great size (sighs; when she hugs the wind; when she runs down lor a suiaek; when she is alter a consort; when she is attached to u buoy. Bet me begin at the beginning and illus trate some methods of constructing conun drums. Tbe student should commence on the alphaliet. For instance: Why is the Id ler « like dinner? Perhaps you give it uu. The triumphant student answers, because it comes beloref. Here is oue more iugeuinus, on ac count of its associations: Why is China called the celestial land? Because a little l mrses an immortal life out ot an immoral oue. The practical hand can make a these at the rale of one in tnirteeu seconds. Thus. Why is « a strong letter? Because it is al ways in health, if the alphabet were alive, why would you find it difficult to lad it? Be cause you could not put 0 out ot being. Why is c a iurtunate letter? Because it is always iu luck, i ou will perceive that the whole alphabet can lie used in tbe last tiorm. L, n and k the same as c, aud the other letters in this manner: Why is a au untorlunate let ter? Because it is always out ot luck. A la dy asks a gentleman to whom she is engaged, At by is it like a ring? He gives it up. Be cause we can lie vred with it. Again, Why is d likely to be drowned ? Because it is un der tbe sea. W’by is i the happiest of vow els? Because it is always in buss while e is hell aud the others In purgatory. Agaiu you can use aiorra like this: Why'will fne letter s long he remembered by the Americans? Because it is the begmmug of secession and the end of Davis. These conundrums are easily made, and il limitable; but they are only to be used by be ginners, or lor the sake of variety. 'There are several other methods for beginners. Take the numeral adjectives. What word is that ot live letters H orn which if you take away two of them only one will be ictt? St-one. What word is that of eight letters from which, it you take away five, ten will still be left t Ten deucy. Tf you look iu the dictiouaiy you will find about a hundred words beginning with the syl lable -ten,” all of which you can turn into conundrums as last as you can talk. There are any number ot puzzles to lie made on the principle used by Arteinus Ward oi putting the ngure 4 lor the word -tor.” That is not nearly as ingenious as the children s method oi spelling potatoes—put one o, put two o s. put three o's, put tour o s, put live o s, put six os, put seveu os, put eight os. But to illus trate : W uat day in the year is au injunction to go forth i* March 4th. Whp is wealth like a j.roolcm iu figures ( Because it is s-otwithiu'' to (cipher.) ounnany with punctuation,, as in the phrases "puttiug a peiipd to your existence,” ‘putting a stop to a woman’s tongue.” ieveu have conundrums iu which comma is twisted into come-ma and colon into coal-on. Then are otner methods which l cannot stop to consider; as, what word is ujw^xh pronounced wrongWily - wrong,” pt course. Wlmt word is pronounced quicker by addiug a syllable to it” tjuick, etc. Take the syllable bee. Wby is making hon ey like whipping > Because it in a bee- • boring business. Take tht same syllable ia" See iroiu what remote jsalut - “S5*’11 conundrum nually couujs 4u,i- following titulary; lv*,> is t\ Insq-filv^ -cl to the dic tate i* 'A. bee-hive is u v o like a retieu po ur is a spectatwr. • ■ nee-holder, abee-hoid to. iu tfie swo-' spectator is a rotten pota p lease til tr -e way the fish said to be most vaJesc-- ->a happy wife is her-iing; a con v-' me dyspeptic is said to be like a re lieved criminal, because he cannot digest yet; a child wuo gets stout as he gets taller is said to be like a newspaper reporter, because be picks up intormatiun, die. Tbe incongruity oi the two subjects said to resemble cacti other is tbe merit ol the follow ing: Why iu an old man like a dogs tail'! Be cause be is in-tirm. in lc50 tbe Universa list Society at Lynn olfered a reward ot a sc-i ol silver spoons ior the best conundrum. Tbe man who took the prize was a student of tne dictionary, for tliis was his conundrum: Why is a prolix clergyman like an aged person ! Because they both di-late.—Gleorijc ll'afce man,in the Galaxy. Gen. Sheridan in the House.— The Washington coirespondent of the New York Times gives the following account of the tu multuous reception accorded to General l’hil. Sheridan on the occasion of his late visit, to the House of Representatives: As he ei.tered, accompanied by Geu. Grant, the greatest curiosity was exhibited by the members to see him, and lie was immediately surrounded by a large number who eagerly pressed forward for an introduction. The seats ot mote than half of the Republican members weie vacated, and quite a number from the opposite side thronged about him. Filially* Gen. Schenck proposed a recess tor the pur pose ol a formal presentation, which was agreed to, and Speaker Colfax conducted the hero to his chair, where, in a tew appiopriate words, alluding to him as the brave-t ot the brave and the truest of the true, he formally presented him to the House. The clapping ol hands, both on the floor and in the galleries, was almost deafening and hardly suspended while the General replied: “Gentlemen, i am much obliged (or this flattering and unexpect ed reception.'’ Descending from the chair, .Speaker CoJliix formally introduced the diller ent members to him, as they passed before him in solid column. Radicals, Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats, Copperheads and all, witli the exoeplion of a few ol the latter, ottered themselves for the distinguished honor of a presentation. T he recess having expired, »he House was called to order again and the t vo great Generals took seats on the Republi can side ot me House, sandwiched in between Thad. Stevens and Gen. Scheuck. A number ot Senators anil oilier Uistiuguished persons who happened to be on the floor were then introduced to ibem. A more enthusiastic and unanimously heartfelt compliment lias never before l.eeu paid to any visitor by the Hmisc and “Little i’liil.” will Have reason to lone re-’ memtier the earnest congratulations bestowed on him to-day. . Notice. PERSONS clearing tbo ruins or dlgeing cellars w ill find a good place tj deposit .their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. aeptlti dU g, BOUNDS, Wharfinger. tr srrcim’Aib. _ The E?e, Ear, Catarrh -and X II It o A T . itlrs. llliinclicdcr THE INDKPENUKNV CL Alii V O YA NT ! A NO Eclectic Physician! From C18 Broadway, JS'ew York, has returned to Portland, and can bo consulted at her rooms at the Preble House. I'ri lilicaioi of ( uws. This is to certify that I have be. n cured of Catarrh in the worst Ibrni, hv Airs. Manehostei. I 1,1 u> New i urk anti Basnm, I.avt-IKW;1 oat pu as oi money, anti »a» neroi U-.ioliu. .1. hunt. .m.M a c..,, eanudewnne. I saw ill*. •»“““• Shaloldim. my ctiao waa a tta.1 one, the nil** m the throat anil' upper pan;, ol the lime* had heeuineyciymuchaf t.'eie.l all <>. whirl, I kuf# *»* »»«* <•»«•. I com meneed takiug her medicine lu June, ajni can truly say that I aiu now a well man. I am a trader, and in the habit «u mlhiug a great »nab and her curing me will l»e the means of Jiundrcilsof dollars in n»v jtock ets, as now i can talk without hurling me. Uo and consult her, and you will Ik: jK-rlecilv satisfied. S. 11. Si li uesh, Belfast, Me. Banoou, May 15, 1SCC. Mus. Manchesi i£R—Dear Madam:*—When you we*: an Bangor lust summer, I railed to boo you with a child ot mine that had been sick for four years. 1 had taken her to a number of physicians, nnd none could tell what ailed her or even her symptoms. You examined her case, and told me exactly her syni|» tqmsiunu the coninuuiemucui oi h.-r sickness, who 1. were‘very peculiar; aPo thirl fob* that there was something alive in lnu1, and also said there was a nuni l»cr of them, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. You said that you would not warrant a, cure, but would try inqi do (Jim best you 0**1 kl tor h. r. Site commenced taking y.mFfuodieinc in August last, and liom that time until Decentl»er, the child has passed oft’ large quantities of what we call Tutlpoles. from rain-water, and 1 think, and am certain lluit the eliild must have died had it pot l»:en for you. And 1 advise everyl»ody to Mrs. ATan chester, for 1 know that she has die power of know ing the condition of a person discard bet ter than any peyaician tlmfc 1 have ever heard of. My child is now perfectly healthy. Please have this published, and lot the world know that there is one who practices whatthey profess to. Very truly and gratothUy yours, Uuouuk lii Mahtix, fchSdtf A1 Ai: v L. M A It TIN. M. T. %* T. h MITI G~A T O li . \17 E would call the attention ot all Jo a newoom ft pound, never beioro olonmI to tt<c American k - jIn r-ga-rd to this nitwcirfc \fc winll sit nut little. Its cures are loo numerous, and its quulitiea are too well Known. Since its discovery its cures in chronic as well as acutq cumis, is'priniHullirient to tlton&iuite who have used it oi its power and sui>cri ority over all medicines now Known In America, tor the. class of discuses that it is calculated to cure. Mansfield’s Vegetable Miligatoe Is entirely diftercnl ami uulikenny other preparation in existence, and ouly requires a trial wor thy of the high recommendation wo Hu no for it. Pie 1*1 rod only by OK. W. P. J»IAN*P1K1jI», Portlnmd, Me. PRICJi 25 AND 50 CENTS, General Agency ami Manufactory No. Green St. Portland, Me. MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE MITI GATOR MANttEIELD’S VEGETABLE MITTOATOR MANSFIELDS VEGETABLE MITI GATOR MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE MITI GATOR Cures Diphtheria, or Throat Disease; Bronchitis Rheumatism; Pains in am form; Pain. Swelling and Stillness oi*ihc Joints; Pain or Luincuuss in the Back, Breast or Side, Am,, Ac. In Fevers. Canker. Rush, Measles. Fever and Ague, iis viriue *s cxinrioncftl to admiration, es]»ocially among children. It cures Cholera, Crumps, old Ul cerous Sores, Sores exposed to salt water. Sprain*. 1< lesh wounds,Dysctilerry,Diarrhea, inn.unmation oi the Bowels. Neuralgia, cohls, Tooth Ache, Burns, Pains in the Stomach, and ah morbid conditions oi the system. KST* F»f internal and external use. it is, in fact, the most effectual family Medicine now known in Amcr Ka. auglgi cnd&wtiin GLAD TIDINGS ! W. G n. n. WeUeoiiiFs Great German Remedy. PROVES the best Medicine I ever saw for Coughs, Colds, and Bronchitis. It has cared mo ot a bad S. H. PARTRIDGE. fr4r* 1 find WRELCOMK*K G. G- IIeiktiy superior to any Medicine f ever use l in hitmen? and Asth ma. 1 ch erful y recommend it to the suffering. Rirkinoiul, Me. Mrs. J. 1L t ON.^T. 1 was sick one year, finally had a Loaned oi six doctors, took their prescript ons. L ihcn took one bottle oi Wei coine’s G. G. Rciucdv and got more help from it than all else 1 have taken. Watertown, CL E. j. WALTON. , m n n L. R. I was afflicted otilit months with Carkcr in mouth, tliroat and stomach. It assumed an alarm ing form. I had to quit usiness. T took brec bot tles oi Wellcome’u Liver Regulator and am quite an other man. 1 have resumed business again. {I?*?**, Me. S. St. NASON. Wellcome s Liver Regulator lias been worth more than £50 to my wife, for Liver Complaint. Richmond, Me. C. WHITE. Wellcome’s Liver Bern!.do has bee t more than one hundred dollars’ benefit to me, lor Liver com pliant long standing. s. LURING. No. Yarmouth, Me. Your Liver Regulator is all sold. Send us more, llio people speak, highly of it. Camden, Me. YOUNG & CUTLER. * • C. I regard Wellcome’s Vegetable Pain Cur er, the best thing I ever saw for internal pain and sore throat ami lung . I. WJiiHT. Augusta. Me. *w" dozen mote of Wellcoirte*8 Pair* Curer. It is doing wonders here, and throws Perry Davin’s into the shade. Ur.e case erf Sciatic Rheumatism has yielded to it. D. N. KJDDER. Bristol, JV. //. Sold by the Trade. Prepared by 1. V. WELLCOME A CO., .lanleoq&wtl Yarmouth, Me. A GREAT RUSH -—AT P- M. FROST’S, -- BAHGAINri! NO BIG PROFITS, NO BULL TRADE But Crowcls of Customer kYlio are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap Blankets at Old Brices / Only $4,00 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels! ONE.V »Oc PER l'ARD. Oood American Prints. 1 Shilling pr. jd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, AT LOW PRICES! riubets, Shawls, Cloakings, lira'. - ors. Poplins. Dress (irodM of all llrtfri pli.i.,, ^OLEN GOODS FOR M1CN & HOY’S WEAR! All of the above Goods will be ode red at a GREAT REDUCTION from regular rates* Remember! No. 4 Bearing: Iituok. Dec 8—d&wtf UENTLEIVEIV MimiflNr. Clothing Cleans ed ! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can be dona more to their satisfaction than at Mo. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congress st. BP Every Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. lAnlias’ Savqnas I CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! tST Give me a trial and 1 will eudeavf nr to jilcnse. % fll AKLES IV. uiaiioivi^y. %$f ’Highest Catdi priee paid for cast-oil"Clothing. Nov 21—dilm Blour, Meal, <IV. 100 BBLS. Balliniorc Family FFonr. 100 Baltimore extra Flow. 15 “ Rye Flour. 10 “ Buckwheat. 20 half hbls. Buck wheat. 40 bblg. superior new Oat Ncrth 25 “ Kiln dried Meal. ♦ 10 “ superior While M*al (tor table wsc)j , 100i» lbs. Butter, &c., «Sre., iu store ami just re ceived, lor sale by CRANE Ki:OTHERS. j;ui.',ST.4Tli' I Hi. VI > LONG WHARF. ORGAN , C v AM) Mtlodeon BfANTTPAC TOKY ivo. xn Chf'HlMUl s« POKTUkND/ AU. WILLIAM P. HASTIN'*iS IS now vicpmcil tnaUuid to tl»o wauls of l»i« former patrons uml «:uHCoiii< is. and flic public generally Tlie superior character of his jusfriimcntH, especially liis VPRIG IIT OJIGA isr8, wl,ioli ia style «t tiuisli resemble the iimight Piano, is 1x1,0w*11« require an rxfemle l not ire. Ho the ^C6|> OU ,SUM* ;i 4,1,1 assuiinient of instruments ot Most Approved Styles and Patterns, — AND AT — ■■rice* Within the ICenrlt of All ! ! | ami trouts that the superiorexcellenceoften,' as well ; a» the excellence 01 Ins wm k muushin. n>av as here 1 tofore, commcml him (0 the public lavor’am!,,',,' ronage. * 1 Seplember 17.I8GG. cod&wlt li. REDDY, . MERCHANT TAILOR, I AND DEADER IN GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, No. 107 FEDERAL STREET. We have in store 01mm ihefiiVst assortment of ; ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and DOMESTIC I CLOTHS, CASSIMEUES, Ate., that can be found in Portland. These goods have been selected with ijroftt | care and osnoeially adapted to the ihsliinaablo trmh\ 1 and at prices that cannot tail to please, and all goods thoroughly shrunk and sat isliiction guaranteed. A call is respectihlly selieitod. Thankful to friends for past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. jaaDdtf M. H. REDDY, I’ropriotnr, MEUCHADniSE. New Trinidad Molasses! niiDK. jMcvv tklnidao mo I A TIEKCEH LASSUS ot i IO ItRliM. ) ‘-Frank E. Allen. For sale by « ..(rvm GKO. 8. HUNT, leMJSw ill « o.inucinal Street. 5fEW TAMARINDS. 35 i v i:<; s A 7 ; W T A M A It I \ / > s ! -AT— OWEN* & BARBER’S, I , !i 12w TV© IIS i!\t han»4 M|. Luibegs \ W A Dry pine for immediately use "" /nlko spruce, hcinh>ck and pine ! 'lunt-nsion ..n band or Rawed to oidcrat LI t om ■licyiai Ml,_Febldtl L. TAYLOK. L UMBER, Wholesale ami Retail. i JJO.UaA-i, l'loul;, SUiimL. aiiUSc^uiUIut'Oi aU sizes ■ constantly on band. Duildjiic material sawed to order. ISAAC DYFR. auglltf No. 9^ Cnioii Wharf. UUMHI^R ! All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, I ivrj\ l o I » A i \n R nOLESALE A!VD RETAIL. Frames ami Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. Clapboard*, Sltiugflcs aud Latlis. PKBKIIVli. .litfKMOIV ft co., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, I janldtf foot of High street. J COALJ COAL ! ~ Coal for Ranges, Furnaces, —AND— PAliJLOR STOVES, Al Low ItaU'M for Cash. A small lot of MCE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. ItfiO TON* LOIP I.CII Ms II. Also a lot of D11Y SLAB WOOD, ftawcd in stove length, delivered in any part of the city, at £8 per cord. PntKIISS, JACKNON At AO., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, jan4tt^ ftooLrf High hired. $S. CHEAP COAL! $H. JKS now niov ni>v (IIDNINIT COA1. ▼ ▼ hf £8:1)0 pet ton, delivered at any part of the city. A Iso lor sale at the lowest market price, ORl Co. Lelii^li, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH', ■•'or Furuaciw. For Bangor and Cook Stoves, Jobu’i White A**l», ILaiiininti 1C«*«I A*li, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also. Cum iM'i’Innd ! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, f »V Ulucksmith use. L«Uisli Lump, fur Foiuiilif Use! * We keep constantly on hand a full assortment ol Choice l aitiilv Coal. Ttmsc wishing to pur chase largo lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD A VX>■ SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of tlie city at short notice. Kuntlall, Mc Allister & t o., NnTtiO COMMERCIAL ST., oc25dtt n Head of Maine Wharf. SoiiIIictii Pine. 4 BOUT 1ft) M* very'superior Flooring and Step A Boards now landing at Custom IIoust' Whari, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS & CO., 1 u. .a * gr r & a M* fioounercUetrofo • PtirHand, Nov. 21VLSC6. i:ot22dtf Coal, O o*i.l. Coal. JU'RT iri .cim r,T) and for sale by the Undersigned at their Wliurt, Cor. Frankiin Whkrf & Commercial 8L. ii7~t Tuns Hftwltou LelUffli, IIROKEN AND EGG SIZE. 300 TOXS LOCUST MOUXTA1X EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBEUY, b'rco burning an.I VERY .PURE, and all kinds While and Red Ash Coal. These Ovals are ol the very hest qualit y, and war anted to give satis taction. * AESO, 50o fjords 01 best quality of IIA Hl> ami SOFT WOOD, wide 1 we will sod at the very I lowest price and deliver it to any part ol lire city at abort notice. fijpPUivp us a call and try ns. S. ROUNDS & SON. Oau tflth—Uti' Souiiwriti Pine Lmisher \\7 E are prepared to execute orders lor SOUTH } \ IMS |*LKE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient |>ort. It VAN & DAVIS April 17—dtf 101 Cciniuerciul St. Saint Louis Flour 1! CtllbltE New Wheat Family Flour ol the most / celebrated brands. T. llsiliixtli cV < 0., l*lnnt«;. Tagir, Dril limit XXX, Dictator, Tragical, Aiuaraalu, IVliiiiiiorc, FOB SALE BA' Ch nrchill, Frowns <£* Manson augidt f Trinidad Molasses. 4 hhds. Prime quality triotdad lv.FI 9 molasses for sale i»y LYNCH, BA 1C 14Lit A CO., noc23dtf 150 Commercial Street. Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Fornitnro Polish! f'JlHE best in the world for Polisliing Mahogany, 1 Walnut, Stair-Posts. Rails, Counters, or any lcind of Furniture. This Polish lias been used by Mr Grossman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. It is warranted to stand a tcmjiera ture of two hundred dogs, of heat, and is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will beiieribelly dry and ready ibr use in live miuutes af ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Fif ty Os. per bottle; anyone can use it by following the Directions on the bottle. Reference—Messrs C. Frost,Capt Inman,USA, Mi ssis. Breed Tnkcy, Beitf Stevefis, Jr., Win. Allen, JJ. M. Woodman. For sale by Burges*, Fobes & Co, W. F. Phillips & Co., 11*11. Hay & Co, Samuel Rolf, 11. W. & A. Dccring. Manufactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S. C* RIGGS, Agent, decvfklit Portlaud, Maine. AT THE OLD STAND! OWEN & BARBER, Wholesale Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Fruit, 1 TVnicy O roceries, Green, Dried and Canned Fruits, Pickles, Confectioner}', ToIkkuio, Citfarw, IN ills:, DATES, &e., Jams and Jellies, Pare Spices, Lemon Syrups, Extracts. No. Its Exflianqfc Si., POUT LAND, MIS. Fob4 7—rt^w r o ib is rr ! CECOND, Third mid Fmirlli Sferic* k7 of tho Store Adjoining Xeie Canal Ilauh-, illll»DI,F, NIREKT. Tlicse chambers arc well adapted for Law offices, Talk# looms. Millinery, Lounet and small wares, anil 1'jMitograiiJiic saloons. Apply at office 1G1 Ft)re street, between 12 M. and 1 P. M. daily. 1'cMdtf IE. fj. T HOB AN. New Store—Just Open. IiIiUNT~& FOSS, DEALERS IN Builder* Hardware.Nails,Glass,Wooden Ware DOOIis! SASir AN D BUNDS, awl C AT!PEN TFIRS’ TOOLS in Great V ivncty. On Biddle, betwceii Hampshire & Franklin Sts. JAs. 1'. Jii.LM. jaiWoin* Jas. A. boss. DIES ! OILSf Lubricating and Illuminating wholesale: and retail. L. P. Upown, JaiCsdlw* No. JOU Fore HU-eei. ^y*Seml yourbrder, lor Job Work to Dally prei MISCELLANEOUS. LITTLEFIELD & WILSON'S WOOD MOULDING & PLANING MILLS, For Planing, Matching and Jointing Boards and Plauk, IflOFEDINOS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Sweep & Circular Sawing, Wood Turning, &c. STM I It ltUILDINO PROMPTLY EXECUTED, Corner of York and Maple Streets, Hi.cwh'J$riELU*} PORTLAND, ME. jauuary 22eodl m STEAM RFFliFU SOAPS ? LEAT/lir£- GOllE, VXTOULD solicit the attention ot the trade and \ V consumers to their Standard Bi amis ot STEAM REFINED SOAPS, -viz: EXTRA. FAMILY, VO. I, OLEINE. CII EM 1 CAL OLI VE, CRANE'S PATENT, SOI>A. A.\l) AMERICAN CASTILE, Allot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in package? suita ble for the-trade and family use. importing direct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and as our goods are manulactured under ilie personal supervision otonr senior partner, who lias had thirty years practical experience iu the business, we therefore assure the public witli con deuce that we can and will furnish the Best Goods at the Lowest Frioesl Having recently enlarged and creeled NEW W«>KKK, rontaing all the modern improvements, we arc enabled to_ furnish a supply 01 Soiips of .the R«‘*t Qualities*, adapted to the demand, for Ex* port and Rouacfelir t'oaoimpiiuii, LEA THE d4 GORE'S STEAM REFINED SOAPS! SOLD BY ALL THE Wholesale Grocer** Throughout Ihr Stale. Xaeatho «& Grore, S07 Commercial St, 47 A 10 Reach Street, PORTIJLND, MAINE. March 2C—dtt New Store, New Goods. E VA XS Fit A YE E Y, Nos. 1 & 2 Free Street Block, WILL OPEN MONDAY, Jan. 14th, a new aud complete assortment ot FURNITURE, Crockery, Glass and Silver Elated Ware, Bedding:, Upholstery Goods, ami a first class stock of HOUSE FURNISH INI; ARTICLES of every description. By a strict attention to business and the wants of tlicir ciiF.fcnners, they are in hopes to merit a fair share of the patronage of the public. An inspection of our slock ami prices is respect fully invited. Warorooms Nos. 1 4c 2 Free Street Block. »•: NS A. BAVI.KV. Portland, Ja ’2,1807. janUdtT $H0j;0C.,RjAPHI ITS EFFECT IS MIRACULOUS. The old, the young, tho middle aged unite to praiM HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents in the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $51,000 Re;vard If the Sicilian Hair Rf.newkr does not give sat isfaction in all cases when used iu strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Henewer has proved itself to he the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever ofiered to tho public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair SOFT, LUSTROUS, AND SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING I No person, old or young should fail to use it. It in recommended anti need by the FIRST MEi). JCAL AUTHORITY. rr* Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian IIaik Reneweu, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re nkwer to tilt; public, entirely confident that it will bring hack the hair to its original color, promote its growth, and in nearly all cases where it has iallin off will restore it unless the person is very aged. K. P. HALL & CO. Proprietor Nashua, ft. H. |y Sold by all Druggists. Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, (Mil, & JOB PRIM, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office since tlie Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presses, «.Vc.,we are prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEAJ>S, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, Aud every description of Mercantile Printing:. We have sui>erior facilities for the execuiion of BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c«, Which tor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed rP” Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention wiUbc paid. Daily Press Job Office 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. FOSTER, PiioruiEToR LOIVELL & SENTER, \IT ILL occupy the new Store Wo. :iOI <’on T \ jgvoflM Nirrel, corner of Brown Street, al>out Dec, 15ili, with anew stock of YlntHic*. Jewel ry, Siher nuil Dialed Ware, mid Vaucy Roods tor the holidays. They have rooccupied their old stand Wo. «»4 Ex change* street, with a complete stock oflfawliral and Optical Rooils, Chronometers, Watches, Clocks, Fine Tools for Machinists ami Engineers, &c. 5r4r Friends and customers invited to old head quarters. Dec i, 18G6.—<13m A New Place Just Open t WHERE you can buy real French CALF SKINS and Philippe and Cauaud's SARDINES. Just received tioin Paris, now in bond, and ibr sale in lots to suit customers by H. PEYRET, OIBec over the I’i.h market jan2d2m» FEDEB.1L STREET. Four Stores for RcDt ON Uninu Wharf, size vS x so, suitable fur Grain ur other goods. Apply to Joseph h. white, lebfidtt No. Union Wharf. A CARD. rpHK undersigned having REMOVED from Ware’s I Hall, will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE Wo. 3 Free St, Block, And would invite the attention of the Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large aud well Assorted New Stock - OF - Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors* Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen ’s Furnishing: Goods! Purohased the past week for Cash, which will he ottered to the trade at the lawest market prices.

Soliciting your patronage, we remaiu • Yours Very Truly, CHADBOURN & KENDALL. January 15, 1867. Clothing Cleansed and Itepaired BY WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at 91 Federal street, is now located at his new store No64 Fed eral st, a tew doors below Lime street, will attend to his usual business of Cleansing anti Repairing Clothing of all kinds with, Jris usual promptness. JJr'Second-hand C’loUmig for sale at lair prices. Jan 8—dtf SHORT & TORINO, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Corner Center Streets, Have on hand a lull supply ol Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. Stationery of all ^Kiiids. Gash, Post Office and Envelope Casas, Let" ter Presses, Pen Racks, &c. Wo have just received from New York a lull supply ol PAPER HANGINGS, New Patterns and Choice Styles. DRAWING PAPER OF ALL SIKES. C^T’Give us a call. Short A I.oring, jy30dtf 31Fiee, Corner oi Center Street. J. & C. J. BARBOUR, Manufacturers anil Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORT!.AND, HE. I.ndie,’ aud HVifwr.’ Ntr,c.ud Calf Bool,. Men'* Fiur Calf nail Thick Boot*. Bor,’, Youth*’ and Children’, Roof, aad SbOTK. Rubber Boot, and Shoe, of all kind*. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. HOLASSES HOSE, ENGINE BOSE RUBBER BELTING. RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothing, Rubber Hose. JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BABBOCU. E. B. BARBOUB. nov2G <111 8100. 8100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Chadbournc, ftlorion Block, 2 doors above Prehle House. rniLE new Bounties, under the law approved July I. 28th. 1866, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay* Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov* eminent, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hare been received, and claim ants should lile their claims promptly. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut. 6th. Me. Vols, Paul Chadbourne, late Mai- 1st Me. Cav. Oct 16-dtf n CLOCKS! Calendar Clocks, Howards Clocks, Office and Bank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Parlor, and All Kinds of Clocks. C4 EXCHANGE STREET, LOWELL Ac SENTEB. Portland Jan. 17th, 1867. d6in PRANK ABORN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER! NO. 1 FREE STREET BLOCK. A large assortment of CLOCKS of all kinds, Watches, M prelacies and Thermometers constantly on hand. Repairing in all its branches punctually attended to, and work guaranteed to bo taUhtnlly performed. All articles sold warranted to be as reprcsciitod. A fair shape of the patronage ot tlio public is re spcctluily solicited. Pori laud. Jan. 14, 1867. dtf H. W. SI RONTON & CO., 349 Congress St., Up Stairs. Fancy Liucn Collars 15c. Tucked do. lOc, Cloud*, H7e» Pebbled Clonds $1.95. Shetland Veils 50 and 15 cts. jy Worsted Goods at Reduced Prices. ja24dtf A. G. SVHLOTTE 1{liKCIi A VO. Apothecaries & Chemists, 303 Congress St, one door above Brown, PORTLAND, MU. Compounding Physicians Prescriptions Is onp ot our Specialities. Using Preparations of our own inanuufucture, we are able to vouch lor their purity. We also keep on hand a fkill supply of LUBIN’S EXTRACTS, POWDl.R and SOAP. FANCY GOODS, Toilet Articles, Heed’s Liquid Dye Colors, Wil on’s Herbs. Marsh’s Celebrated Trusses and Supporters, Patent Medicines, Hair Restorers, Ci gars Tobacco, Artists’ Materials, Ac., Ac. Jan 12—d2m A AO. 1 SPOOL COTTON! 7 CENTS A SPOOL ! DAVIS & CO.’S. janl dtf CHRISTMAS -and MEW YEAR’S. AS TILE HOLIDAYS AliE APPROACHING P. M. FROST Has a fresli Stock ot | Kid Grloves To Offer at Low Prices! 500 Pm. of World-rononurd Trcfowwe, ■* onlr »i,50 500 Pn, of I'lotliildc, nl ouly 1.00 No. -1 Dcerin{>- Ulocli, (OMAttNH NTBEET. I>ec 22—dftwtt ROlI. INS ft G I L K 12 Y At the aid stand ot E. Dana, Jr APOTHECARIES, Decriug Block, Corner ot Congress aud Preble Sts., EOIlTLANn, MK. Foreign and Domestic Drugs, (Chemicals, Fluid Ex tract*, Toilet * ’•tides. Perfumery, aud Fancy Goods. Physician’s prescriptions carefully prepared, either by day or night. “Mr. Charles B. Grccnlcal, who has been at this stand lor a number ol years, will remain as prescrip tion clerk. scp2l-eod«.Vwtt ISP"Every style of Job work neatly executed at this office. l?lIS€EI.LAiraoUK VINELAND. FARSI AW® VKUIT LAW DR, In a mild and heal thin I climate. Thirl y miles south ol Phil, adelph a, by Railroad, iu New Jersey, on the satno line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a saudyloa i'. suitable lor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables This is a great fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards and Orchards have been planted out by experienced fruit growers. Grapes Peaches, Pears &c., produce imuieuse prof i1 s, Vineland Is already one of the most beau til ul places in the United States The entire territory, consisting «l titty square miles of land, is laid out upon a generalsysternal iniprovem.nts. The land is only sold to actual settlers with provision liir public adornment. The {dace on aocouht of its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort of ycujtfc tu' iaste. It has increased live thousand people within th:; past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies, Societies ol Art and Learning and other elements of retiuemeut and culture have been ml rod in ed. Hundreds ol people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty act clots and upwards, *25 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in tiny other 1 cality. north of Norfolk, Va.Jin proved places lor sale Openings lor all kinds oi business, Lumber Yards, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the like: aud Steam Power with room can lie rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a bealthftil climate, and a good soil, in a country beamihilly lui prov d. abounding in iruits, and possessing all other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, it is worthy ol a v idt. Lottcrs answered, and the Vineland Rural a papei giving lull mtor'motion, and containing reports ol So lon Rob nson, sent to applicants. Address Cli AS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, Now Jersey. From Report ol Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi-. tor ol the tribune; **ltisoneoi the most extensive fertile tracts, man almost levd position and suitable condition lor pleasant farming that we know oi this side of the Western Prairies.’* sepr13d«fcw6m $1 GRAY’S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS are the foundation of the immense business now done in Paper Collars, and llie present -ale oi them near ly equals that of all other makes combined. They have been made from uniform stock from the com mencement, which now costs III1 pet cent, more than that used in the production of any other Col lar—consequently they coat the dealer more. There fore, when consumers arc urged to buy other makes at the same prices as GRAY’S, it is because the in ferior goods pay more profit. If you want the Very Bent, then but Oray»« I'atest Melded Cellars, and take NO OTHERS. Gray’s Patent Novelty Collar, The original and only patented Spaced Collar,—and i the most popular one ever made,—ami the Collar which all manufacturers strive to equal. Gray’s Patent Eureka Collar, Hie only Stand-up Collar ever inode and molded so as to throw the upper edge away from the neck. Gray’s Pat. Linen-Face Collar In the favorite Novelty style (from imported stock, made expressly for this Collar,) and costing but a trifle more than the ail-paper; will wear twice as long, and in summer is not as easily alfccted by per spiration. Gray’s Ladies’ Paper Collars, VARIOUS STYI.ES. The above go ds are all fully licensed by tho Union Do., who own all the controlling Pai»er Collar Pa tents. f.$r~No other Collars but GUAY’S are illsldcd. :>r ever have been. Union Paper Collar Co.’s Goods. UNION COLLAR, A. A Full-8paced Turu-over Collar, from a strong, iiue-fi uibhed paper, and equal to any tiling in the market, except GRAY’S. UNION COLLAR, B. Full-spaced, Turn-over, well-finished, and de signed to meet the views of those wishing a good Dollar at a moderate price. Dealers can find in the above a full line of these [roods to meet the wants of all consumers, awl all made under the peisonal superintendence of Mr* LSnty, the original Patentee oi All-paper Collars. Consumers can rely on uniform goods, which, at the prices, cannot l*e excelled. The trade supplied by LELAMD, JOHNSON & CO., 81 Dcroaahirr (direct, Boston. BT’Our friends and the trade are cautioned against ill Collars unlicensed by the Union Co., as suits aie now being daily commenced in various parts of tlic country by tlic Union Co. against dealers in the same. HATCH, JOHNSON & CO., Ill Wiirmi Street, New Vork, SELLING AGENTS UNION P. C. CO. AND AMERICAN MOLDED COLLAR Co. lebl gaw4w Great Fall In Furs ! FUOM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new aiul elegant Furs in Boston, BOUGHT FOB CASH, And can be sold CHEAPER tlian at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, $1:1.00, farmer price $10.00. Silk Velvet Hoods. Beaver trimmed, FOB $1.00, and other Goods in (irofortiou. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PKEBi.E HOUSE. dec"-*2 dtf Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Aro now prepared to offer tlieir irlends and the pub lic a large and well selected stock ot CARPETIlAGS! Paper llan&iiasfs CERTAIN GOODS, Ac., 1-lT" Purchasers of the above g.'odn are respect fully invited to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf Lea Ac Perrins’ I'EI.IBHATKD Worcestershire Sauce l pronounced by ~ EXTRACT CounoimtcairM Rny ot a letter from a To be 11 Medical Gentleman The ‘ Only at Madras, to his Tk Brother at Good Sauce !”8ESff0Wrt'-M‘r’1*i1' ‘gW. “Tell Ifj & Per And applicable to :'~~rr:- rinslhat their Sauce ha hi highly esteemed in EVERY VARIETY India, and is in my opinion the most pal OF RBfiffi a i able* a® well as the ■BFAlafe ‘host whole so mo D M II. that is made. The success ol this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see tliat the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopjier and Bottle. Manufactured by LKA dfc PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oclTdly C ksice Pirthrri and Western FLOUR AIR CORN ! for sale by O’BBIOW, PIEBCE & CO.,' Uralrr., IM «’am..rial Si., dec,.Uliy _PORTLAND, Me. Gregg’s Improved EXCELSIOR BRICE PRESS. mHlS powerful and bcautilhl Labor-saving M® X ehine will mould 35.000 bricks per day. It re ceives the clay in its natural state, teiniiers it iu work ing, and makes the finest PRESSED BRICK, as well as the lower grades : all of equal size, and of a quali ty unsurpassed in bcautv and durability. It will al so make superior FIRE BRICK. The value of the machine may be ascertained from tlio large profits made by those now ruuuing. For Rights and Machines, address, Cxeekier Brick Prww Co*; Ja20dlm Office 221 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa BUTTER ! 7 5^;Elms dav? p*cj5jKi Bn,vor For sale bv UP HAM A ADAMS. Feb4d2w HOTELS. UNITED STATES HO' l* O UTLANJJ, MAINE, Proprietor of the OOM - tlie great liso.i (win. Ii was destroyed in un.i tin- pnui.: ':is °1;1 r*'™1”? will open li.r ll.o ,oUI aDd ally, on Saturday August 11. lI 1"'U1k t’encr Tliunktul to Uiholtl < iistuh’ior'* ihr » he would solicit a continuance 01 tLt.^1\e,‘:ltrunuge» TERMS EAVOKAMILE. angiSMim_ N-T.DAV1S. Card. METROPOLITAN HOTEL, Washington, D. C. on account of the ieduced price of provisions, the rate of board at this Hotel will i»> Four Dollaks |*r day Rom dale. POTTS & SHELLEY. January 1,1867. jaMdlm Cjfoi*l»n.iijL House ! GORHAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber Laving leased the above House for a term of years, is prepared lo ac commodate parties and the public generally, and from Ids long experience hi Hotel keep mg hopes to receive a libera) share of the public pair linage, having kept a Hotel tor more tluu twenty years. Charges reasonable. JanI5 «13iu S. R. BROWN. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.SO. CAROLINA. THE proprietor has the pleasure to inform the traveling public that the above house Is now open lor the reception of guests, having made extensive al terations. improvements, and refurnished it through out, it is now in capital order, and every exertion will be made to render it acceptable to his patrons. nolOeodtJm JOSEPH PIKCKLi. MEDICAL. DB. 1. B. HITCHES CAJ, Bt FOUND AT HIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 11 Preble Street. Near the Preble IUum, WHERE lie can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the indicted, at hours daily, aud from # A. M. to ii T. 11. i»r. H. addresses those who are suffering under the affliction of i rivate diseases, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of sell-abuse. Devoting his entire time to that, particular branch ol the medical profession, he feels warranted in Guar anteeing a CUKE IN ALL CASES, whether of long standing or recently conlroctcd, entirely removing the dregs of disease from tlie system, and making a per fect and PERMANENT CURE. He would call tlie attention of the afflicted to the tact of his long-standing and well-earned reputation lurnishing sufficient assurance of his skill and suc cess. Caaiiou to the Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out for geueral use should have their efficai*v established by well tested experience in tlio hands of a regularly educated ph\slcian, whose preparatory studies lit him lor all the duties he must fulfil; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, pui|>oriing to he the best in the world, which are not, only useless, hut alwavs injurious. The unfortunate should be particular in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic patients arc made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for itisu point generally conceded by the best svphilogra pliers, that tlie study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced geueral practi tioner, having neither opportunity nor time to mak himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treat mem, in most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Have I •ufldrsre. All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the stiug iug rebuke of misplaced confidence in m.aurer years, SEEK BOR AJl ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, ami Lassitude and Nervous i Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait lor the consummation that is sure to fol low; do not wait fur Unsightly Ulcers, lor Disabled Limbs, tor Lusk of Beauty and Complexion. HswiHaay Thouaauda Cub Te*iify t« This bylas happy KK|M>rfescr! Young men troubled with emission * in sleep,—a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth,—treated scientitkally and a perhx t cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the al»ovo disease, some of whom are ns weak and emaciated as 1 bo ugh they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper mid only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rgjoice in perfect health. 91 addle-A iced Itfra. There are many men or the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations trom the blad der, oiteu accompanied by a slight smai ting or burn ing bciteuLioJi, and weakening tlie system in a man ner the patient cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thlnnulk ish hue, again changing to a dark and tnrbid appear ance. There are many nieu who die of tlus difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such eases, ami a full and healthy restoration of the urinarv organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by w riting, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and tko appropiiate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, if desired. Address: DR. J. B. HVGHKS, No. 14 Prcldc Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. Send a Stamp ibr Circular. Electic Medical Injiiinary, TO THU LADIES. DU. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Klcctic Renovating Medicine* are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female irregularities. Their action is speciHc and certain of producing relief in a sliort time. LADIES will find it invaluable in ail cases of ob struction* alter all other remedies haw been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taken with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full directions, by ad<lresaing 1JR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—La-lies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance. _ janf.IftG5d&w. CHEROKEE PILLS, 1 Or A'euuUe Mtegulaior, Cure Suppressed, Fore entire and Painful Menstruation, Green Sickness, Nervous and Spinal Af fections. Pains in the Pack, X'ick Headache, Giddiness, and all dis eases that sprinsr from irregularity, by removing the cause and ail the elite ts that arise from it. They are perfectly safe in ail cases, eu; cept when forbidden by direc jL Uovs. and are easy to administer, f as they are nicely tot gar coated. i They should be in the hands of E every Maiden, Wife, aud Mother B in the land. r Ladies can address ns in perfect —commence, and state their com plaints in fnll, as we treat all Female Complaints, and prepare Medicines suitable for all diseases to which they are subject,—Thirty-two page pamphlet, in a sealed envelope, free. The Cherokee Pills are sold by all druggists at $1 per box, or six boxes for $5; or they are bent by mail, free of postage, in an ordinary letter, free from observation, by addressing the sole proprietor Dr. W. B. KEBWIN, 37 Walker ill., H. Y. ’ N. B.—Cherokee Pills No. 2 are prepared for tpecidl caneA, when milder medicines lull; these are sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of $2^ the price of each bo*. Db. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR, Or, f'.HHtnrt of I A if, . Cores General Pelifitp, Weak . net*, Ifi/tsterics in Female*. \ Palpitation of the Heart and ■ all Xervoux Dixeiaxe*. U re ' gtores now life ,»wl vigor to tho i * PAsnix r/*f» youth to course* tho veins, res “f.uh taring ,h<> Organs of Venera, *c,'c Vfe^—m 'does Item, removing Impotency and this F.'ixir rejuven- Debility, restoring Manliness ate the eyntfm and and full rigor, thus proving a overcome duea»e- perfect “Elixir of Love” re moving sterility anil Barrenness in both sexes. To the young, niuhlfe-agsd.ami aged, there is no greater boon than this “ Elixir of Life.** It gives a new lease of life, causing the weak and debilitated to have renewed strength and vigor. Price, one bottle $2; three bottle* $5; sent by express to any address. Our medicines are sold and recommended by all respectable druggists in every part of tho civilized glofe 5; somo unprincipled dealers, how ever, try to deceive their customers by selling cheap and worth less compounds in order to uiako mom y. Be not deceived—ask for these medicines and take no others. If the druggist does not keep them, w rite to us. and we will send them by express, carefully packed, free from observation. *We will he pleased to receive fetters with full statements in regard to any disease with which ladies or gentlemen are afflicted Address all letters for medicines, D*mph *M»or advice, to the sole proprietor ft. W. B. HEBWIN, 37 Walker at, H. T. TMPOltTAXT to LUMBERMEN -AXD Owners of Hemlock Lauds ! THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING (JOMPAN Y, of New \ ork, ow u tho exclusive right in the United Stales tor the manufac ture of an Imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. The Bark Extract is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand lor if rapidly increasing. It commands a ready sale iu the Boston, New York and Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents i»cr gallon. The appliances for niamilacturmg are simple and not expensive costin'* but little more than the ordinary leaches uscii bvTan non. By this process, 1J conls of Bark may l*e re duced so as to concentrate the entire streugth into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its tanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract ami the bark, will range troin six to eight ilollars per cord, so that any one w!k> may get out but three humln.d cords 01 bark per year, may save from two thousand lo twenty-tive hundred dollars in tho diiierence in ttciglit. The Company does not projiose to sell Territorial rights, hut will grant exclusive privilege to manufac ture iu certain localities, charging a small royalty per gaJlou on the amount wannfactored. Tho Company will send comis-tcnt men to superin tend the construction of works, where (Kirtics de sire to enter into the business, and fo instruct in thp manufacture of tho Extract. As a guarantee of success to )>arties entering into this business, the Company will contract to lake all the Extract, manufactured umfer their process at titty cents per gallon, delivered in Boston or New York. Parties in Maine desiring further information as to terms, »Vc., may call upon or address CHARLES HALE, General Agent for Maine, L’4 Maine street, Bangor, where models of the apparatus may be soon. novlSdam S. H. KENNEDY. Pres’t. O Y N T_E H S ! W ILLIA A1~h7 DAHTON, AT 1U» stores. No-. 231 & 233Cougro5*Stx«et, near Now Cl'y BoIMhig. Is constant!) receiving fresh arrivals ofNcw York and Virgfita Oysters, which be is prepared to sell by the gallon, quart or boehel, or served up in any stylo, January 5,1897. dtf j HA 1LUOA1W. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ot *'anncla. -A. Iteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. HfiKfltLAiQ 0,1 a,|U alter Vom/n//, Not. k? |*6 Sfli^Kptraiiii will ruu us IblhlWeH Train for South Paris and Lewiston, at 7.40 A. M Mail Train lor Waterville, Bangor, Uorham, Blau Pond, Montreal aud Quebec at I. lu P. >i. This train connects with Express train lor Toron to, Detroit aud i 'bicage. Sleeping cars attached liow Inland Pond to iju* l*o andMoniieal. Train lorSouib Bans at a.0.> P. M. No baggage can be received or checked after t Lime abut c stated. Trains will arrive as follow's — From So. Pans, Lewiston aud Auburn, at 8.10 a. m From Mouiical, Quebec, Ac., - - 1.45 F. U The Company are not responsible for baggage i »u»y auioiuu exceeding' |>5u in value (and that j»er*©li I not4cc U»given, and paid *br at the rale ol I ou P^'HJUger tor every «50o additional value. I II n iit * Dt.tS, Managing Director. Port Will v ’ ****** Mitmknt. yon land, Nov. ?, ixiu;. ,ltf PORTLAND* RUCHLSTEKR.H. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. cyfiUjaA] Onanualter Monday. Dor 17 truius will run as bdlow 7’ 1“*’ Passenger trains leave saco Klver Ibr Portland at *•30 ;V.OO M., and 1% M. Leave £3*2 lor Saco Klver j.15 A. M., g.O - and 5.45 p. y|i Freight trains with passenger ear attached will leave Saco Liver iur PorClaud. b.ju A. M. Leave Portland tor Saco Liver i-'.Ia P. M. fej/^S rages connect at uortiam lor West tiorham, blandish, Steep Fails, Baldwin, Denmark, Hotago, Brulgtou, Lovell, Hiram, BrowulieltL FryeiMug, Conway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, Cornish,Por ter, Freedom, Madison, and Eaton. N. II. At Buxton Center tor Woot Buxton, Bonny-Eagle, Sooth Liuiington. Limington, Limerick, Newiield, Parsonslieiu and Ossipue Atbaocaraupalur Soutli Windham, Windham Hill and North Windham, daily. By order oi the President. Portland. Dec. 14, Idfcb—uu PORTLAND &JHNNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Coiamirui'inu Muuila), Nev. 18UU. Passenger Trams leave Portland dally al Loo 1*. M.,lor Bulb, Augusta, Wat j wvuie, Kendall's Mill ,Kkowhegau, and intermediate Stations,(connecting at Bruusw ick with Audroscog gin It. It., lor Lewiston and Parunugton, and at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central lor Bangor audmtciunduilcsiaUous. Turca a* lute by thu route asanyot/o r. Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and iutenuediate stations ou Saturday only at 1.4b P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland lor Brunswick and in term, diale stations daily, except Saturuay, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, w ith passenger ear uttachcd, wdt leave Portland lor Skow began and lute mediate atu ttons every morning at 7 o'clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston axe duo at Portland at 9.29 A. M., aud from Kkowhegau ami Fariuiugton and ailinieruiediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to connect w ith trains ioi Boston. Stages tor Rockland connect at Bath; and lor Bol ■astat Augusta, leaving d.uly or. arrival oi train Horn Boaion, leaving at A. M.; aud lor Solon, Anson, Norridgewock, Athens and Moose Head Lake at Skowliegan, ami for Chum. Kantand North Vassnl boro’ at. \ a-sol boro': ibr Unity ut Kendall’s Al ill’s, aud for Canaan at Pishou's Ferry. W# II ATVil, Stipcriitieudciil. Augusta, Oct. 27,1886. novILMtt MAINE CENTRAL R. R.~ WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On aud alter Monday,Noveinlsr 12th, v‘€yM^pieuneuir liaina will leave Portland for Bangor ami all intermediate statu n oil this line, at l.lo P. Al. daily. For Lewiston and Auburn ouly, at 7.40 A.M. Mr‘Freight trains for Watervilleand all interme diate stations, leave Portland at 8.15 A. Al, Traill iroin Bangor is due ut Portland at 1.45 1\ M, in season lot onnect will* train for Boston. From Lewiston and Auburn ouly.ut 8.10 A. M. EDWIN NOYES, Supt. Nov. 1, 1866 uoiMii PORTLAND SACO A PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, ('•nnurariug Monday, IVor. Utb, lstiii* Passenger Trains leave Portland for £a)IC!![j”9p»Bobion at8.40 A. M., and 2.10 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland at 7.30 A. Al., ami 2.30 P. M. A Mr.i ji tNuj’s ai d LABOCF.u’ii Train will leave Biddcford daily, Sundays excepted, at l* A. M., and Saco at 0.08, arriving in Portland at 6.40. Returning, will leave Portland nnr Suco and Bid delord and inlet mediule stai ions at 5.30 p. Al. A special Height train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland ut 7.lo A. Al. lor Saco aud Biddcford, and retur ning, leave Biddeiord al 6.30 and Saco at 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 28, I860. noldtt To Travelers ! Through Tickets from Portland To all I*ointH West A South, VIA THE New York Central, .Erie & Lake shore, Aud Pennsylvania Central KaiirnailH, Far Male at Ibc l.owr.l ralr. at the W est ern, Tirkrl Outer,—LANCASTKK HALL BUILLJNU, Makkkt squakk. W. D. LITTLE d> CO., Ccaeral Ticket Ageala. Iff' Passage Tickets lor Caliiuruia, via stcaiucrs troui|Mcw York ou the 1st, 11th, an.I "1st ot each mouth tor salt) at this hcruh.loTe. tfc^.'sL.wt steareus. FIRE REDUCER TO ROSTON. Summer Arrangement! M_ -y Until iurtlicr notice the Steamers \ ol the Portland Steam Packet Co, A , -uTli'J \ will run as follows:— Letove Atlantic Wharf for Boston,, -very evening, (except Sunday) at 7 o'clock. Leave Huston the same days at 5 P. M. Cabin laic,. 01.50 Deck,... l'00 Package tickets Lo be had ol the Agents at re duced rates. Freight taken as usual. w , L. BILUNGS, Agent. May 22nd,ls66—<ltr International Steamship Go, Eastporl, Calais und Si. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TItIP PER WEEK. On and after Monday, Decemtar 17tli, the steamer NEW BKUNS AVdLK, Capt. E. B. WINCUKS LLK, will leave Rail Komi WhaiL , _ , , , foot of State St., every MONDAY, 101 Lnstport and St. John. KETUKN1NG, will leave St. John every THURS DAY .at 8 o’clock A. iM, At Kn a I putt Stage Coaches will connect tor Ma dras. .. At St John the E. & N. A. Railway will connect for bbcdiac. Mr Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk. .lion i.i C. C. EATON, _dec20-dtf___Aj&U Special Steamboat Notice / IN coiiseiiaenceoi the "ervbad weather the Steam* «r NEW BRUNS* ICK, will not leave aguin for ratstourt, und St. John until February the 4th. Atmimltd_ c. i_. EATON. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK SYKA MSII 1|» COMPASr. sehi-hi:7ulv lime. The splendid and find Steam - ehipH IURIGo, t ap,, ip siii n wooi>. and KKAKCONIA, t' ipt \V. w. shi,Rwools, will, until --'umlicr notice, run a* tallows: Leave Brow ,. » W hail, Portland, every \\ LbM*X DAY and SATURDAY, at A P. M.,uud tcavelw 33 EastRiver, New Y'ork,. veiy WEDNESDAY ami SATURDAY, at-I o’eksek P. St. 11 These vessels are atied up with fine aeeoinmnda tiou.1 lor passengers, making this ,|„. „MW, tweedy sale aud comioitubie rou e lor travellers! iJn,J,! J*0* V'.KI aud Maine. Passage, in Slate R,«.,u ^6.00 t alnu passage 35.IHI. Miul.ctiru * Goods forwarded by thl line to ami Irotn Mott tr. al, yuebec, Bangui, Rath, Augusta, Eastport and St. John. 1 ““ shippers are requektud to se»d their height to the steamers as early as 3 P. At. on the day that lliev leave Portland. 1 * or Ireigln or passage apply ,n EMERY A rOX, lirowu's Whatl', Portland J. F. AMES, Pier 33 Eaal River. _Mav3£>j^ib_ __ . dll “THK PEN III MlKIlTIEK THAN THE IWORU.i) Thd Gold Pen-Boat aud Cheapest of Pens' Morton’s Gold Pens! The Best Pens iu the World ! For Bile at his Headquarters, No 25 Mail ten Lane New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at th. same prices. A Catalogue, w ith full description of Sizes and xTlccs, sent on ret cipt ot letter jH'Stag*. nodOdAwGin A. INOKTON. BIrANOHAHD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers TOO ilegs. nfhrat is thrown away, makiutt a loss 011-3 the lYtel. The question is otim asked bow can this be saved. Mr Blanchard has invented a laiiler that takes parted control 01 all tlu Lieut uuuiuAui il do duty iu the outline. Thin in vorv simple in it* cons-U uctiou; allcr the engine in iu motion the -moke pipe Is elided light, ami th« waste heat carrion through heater*, heating the *L uiu to auy temperature desired; the remainder carried through tin- water heater. using up all the wanto heal l»ui ‘Juudegs.; l ho iu at being inducvd go low there can be no danger of getting tin g by npurk* thrown from t ngim which will mid much value to this invention, be Aide* the Having 1-3 tlu fuel. For particulars lu*|iiU» ol WM. WlhUHl), Corner of Commercial W hai l aud Commercial St Feb 21—<11 v ivmam & vlauk, FUESCO PA1NTEBH. In Oil and Distemper Colors. AlsoHonse and Sign BoCrf-ouian^ Me?^’ tW° Uo0r" l’r‘bU> .1 tn and execute every 1< Hcnpti°n ©i Wall and (cilm Decoration*, for cimrehes.lrubhcituiiilinL'H,Private Kesi«ionces,Hall». «<■! Uildmg ami EuiliH)*»uig ou Class. Evirv de scription ot W ood iinifilicd iu Wax and Oil Filling ami m \ araish or French Polish. jahRUhn To Let lor u Terui ol l>ur»* ~~ The 8TOBE recently occupied by E. K. Uphaui & Soil, at the bead UiehnrdHitii’s Wharf. ALSO FOB SALE. One Hard Wood Counting-Boot* Desk. 3W bushels Canada West Barley. on the premise* Fur particular* enquire of a ki i i VPHAM & ADAMS, lebid.iwr Commercial Street,