Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 15, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 15, 1867 Page 2
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" MbidJIW) II. (,i j IN BEHALF OF sufferers by the fire in POBTLANQ, mains. Washington, D. C., Feb.l, 1807. Hun. Augustus E. Stevens, Mayor of fort laud, Maine : Silt—In transmitting to you—the figures showing the result ol etforts in this city to raise tends lor the settersr* try the great fire in Portland mi the 4th ot‘ duly last, it seems proper that you sohuld he informed of the lus tory of our work. . _... Vciy soon atic.I tlio sad news ol the c*1***^ ty had reached this city, in. asures were J to ball a public meeting of all among • . , and resident |a>l'Lll^u l‘^1j i,oes.'l, as to end succor to Liu dwtauw . inVoiUand eri^yJ.d t'a^omphshed is owing to th larg,' and thorough (dan he icco.umerid i i'i 0meeting was held on Tuesday ev.;niC4rJut lV«f-t,1U City Hal1- M“>* or Wailach presided. The lluii* Horatio King presented the fol lowing preamble ami resolution: “ Where as the city of 1‘ortland, Maine, was visited l>y a destructive aud calamitous lire on the night ol the 4th iiisl., T»y wliieh the largest parted the I ms i m*s»» portion of tint city was de stroyed ami many thousands of its people re duced to want, entailing upon a whole eoiii untnity an amouut of suite ring aud loss lieretotore unparalleled in our country : “fteROlwd, 'lTwit the people of \V ashing ton, and of other sections of the country now so journing in it, here assembled, express their cordial sympathy with their friends in Fort land, whose beautiful city is laid waste, and their readiness to contribute each to his means, to relieve the ueccssiliesolihoae who have nev er failed to remember others in like amictioii. On motion of lion. Howard, an. ^tYgyo^-’w Ormc, Horatio Bridge, and Hon. E- ITPrench. This committee met at the City Hal .111 \\ ed nesdav evening,duly Hi and among those pres ent in addition to the Committee, weie Hon. \V111. I*. Fessenden, Maj. Gen. O. O Howard, Senator Howe, of Wteeonsiu, Secretary McCui loili, lion. Horatio hLiiig,Hon. J.H. Rice,Hon. S. Ferhum, Ex-Gov. H. J. Auder^ou, lion. E. B. French, and Hon. K. Wallaeli. Hon. S. fVrliam was elected cliairnian, Lie welly u Deane, secretary, and W in. S. liuut iugton, treasurer. Various reports were then madt* of donations ami collections, w hich indi Gated the liveliest sympathy in tins communi ty in Isdialf of the needy and sulfering amoug you. The reports were chiefly from Maine men who had earnestly and ol their own accord set about at ouce doing what they could to gather means for alleviating tin* preseut great distress in your sorrowing city. The mmiilicent con tribution of $l,(MH>by George A. Bailey, Esq., formerly of Forthu.d, but fur many vc&is in business here, was also announced. This, we believe is the largest donation by any one per hoii 111 me numerous uiMuriwuuuiu maue. iu this In-hall all over the laud, and the prompt ness and quietness with which it was done ren ders it all the more praiseworthy. The touching appeal published under author ity of yourself and Messrs. Bai nes and McLel lan was also read. Generous contribution* were then made by Gen. Howard, Secretary McCulloch, C. A. Pitcher, Esq., and others. The committee proceeded to district the whole city carefully, and appointed sub-com mittees for all these as follows: President's House—Hon. Hugh McCulloch. State Department—George E. Baker, Esq. War Department—Col. li. Clay Wood and Mai. S. Dana. Treasury Department—Messrs. J. F. Hart ley and T. J. Hobbs. interior Department—Messrs. A. C. Spaul ding and L. Deane. Post Office Department—Hon. G. W. Mc Lel lan and Hon. Horatio King. Navy Department—Messrs. H. Bridge and S. P. Brown, Quartermaster General’s Office—Thbmas K. Jones aud J. H. Kimball. * Internal Revenue Bureau—Messrs. E. A Rollins and Charles E. Pike. Second Auditor’s Office—Hon. E. B. French. Freed men’s Bureau—Brig. Cen. Charles H. Howard and W. P. Drew. Navy Yard—Admiral Smith. Senate—Hon. Noah T. S. Perry, and A. Pickard. House of Representatives—Hon. Sidney Per ham. Bay Department—I. C\ Nesmith. Booksellers and Printers—Geo. A. Bailey. Bankers and Brokers—Ex-Gov. Anderson and W. IS. Huntington. In accordance with a vote, a committee was Appointed to wait on the ministers ol Washing ton and confer with them in relation to taking up subscriptions in their churches. The next day subscription papers were perpaied, at the head of which was a copy of the “appeal” above referred to.— I send you w ith this letter these original pa pers, which may he interesting for present and future examination. A circular letter was also addressed to the pastors of the several churches, communicating the above vote, and their response is indicated by the items in the accompanying account. At a later day a sec ond circular was issued, asking lor donations of clothes. A copy of each circular is here with enclosed. The work was pushed on with great zcaJ.— On all hands the collectors met with tlic most cordial sympathy, though most of those called on for help Lad no social or business relations with Portland and were strangers to her citi zens and our State. Every one seemed to feel the urgency of the call and agencrous willing ness to respond. In some instances the amounts mentioned in the lists do not indicate the entire donation by individual signers.— Many gentlemen sent sums ol money private ly to personal friends whose needs they hail an especial interest in ministering to. Above $900 are known to the executive committee to have beeu sent in this way, aud there was doubtless more. Members of (Joi^grj-ss also sent individually. In this connect 'ion wo note that Sykes, Chiulwick &l-o., of Willards’ Ho tel, sent b'ifh, and Jlon.T. D. Eulleiy.'jjjluo.— As these and the above-referred-io sums in no sense passed through our bauds, they do not appear ill our statement. Several packages of clothes were Also forwarded. 'The sums collected before the organization of the committee Were Low aided by the gen tlemen who obtained them, hut the amounts were generally returned to the coin mil tee in the list of subscriptions. The YAoneyicOllefcted under direction of the committee was deposit ed in the First National Bank, wifb Life cash ier, W. S. Huntington, who uad kindly con sented to act as our treasurer. It was suppos ed that you would have drawn the balances from time to time as Last as any Considerable sum accrued, but there seems to have been some misunderstanding at the Back on this point. The particulars of Mr. Huntington's receipts have been made known to you hy the account sent October 18, iGGli, aud hence mere ly the aggregate is set down in our accompa nying statement. Since his account was made up, several small sums have been handed in for payments ol subscriptions. These were at once lorwarded to you, and appear in oiu state ment. ii win ne perceived irom me ngures we give you that full twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) have been collected here lor this pubic aud hu- | mane purpose. We must especially thank the Globa ottioe for the cheerfulness with which they gratuit ously printed the numerous circulars, Je., the 1 committee found it necessary from tmie to time to publish. This work was done in addi tion to generous i*e<jQtaiary contribnnon* from the proprietors and the employees in tneir of- ! fice. la the same connection wt* also mention the Chronicle and Intelligencer of the daily press of this city, while to these papers, and the Star and itepublicau, we are under large obligations lor valuable and free assistance in editorial aud advertisement. The meetings of the executive committee were many, hud their work aud that ol tlie col lectors very arduous; hut all these services were rendered most cheerfully, and each seem ed to vie with the other in zeal lor carrying on so good a cause. We cannot close without saying that wo heard with especial pleasure that you were so greatly blessed in your efforts to provide for the wants of your afflicted auil destitute towns men. We are also rejoiced to hear that your city has, in the few months which have passed since the conflagration raged, made such rapid steps towards recovering from the effects of the disaster. We trust that a lew years will suffice to blot out all external traces of the woe and desolation, and that the tact of the Great Fire will only live in history. So long as that rec ord lasts, it will lie good for men to remember how cordial, fraternal, and Christian was the common response in sympathy and means for the needy and sorrowing in those dark hours of calamity which hung over your beautiful City. >v liu respeci, your obedient servant. t<. Uicane, Secretary. Memorandum of the collection* in Washing ton, 1>. C. reported to the Executive Committee in behalf ol'the sufferers by the Portland Fire: Commissioner of Public buildings $153 00 Navy Department 50 mi Patent. Office 200 00 C. A. Pilcher, and collections at largo 477 00 Secretary’s Office, loterior Department lor. 00 Freedmcn’s Bureau 235 76 Quartermaster General's Office 232 0<i George A. Bailey 1,000 00 Booksellers and Prinlers 307 10 ! Pension Office 134 00 Indian Office 45 50 State Department 212 00 House of Representatives 1,540 50 Paymaster General’s Office 176 00 , Post Office Department and Sixth Auditor’s Oili. e 307 00 lion. Horatio Kiug 100 00 j Dr. C. H. Nichols 25 00 1 Second Auditor's 4Office 503 00 Ifimployix* in u, S. Senate 114 50 War Department 727 25 Bankers and Brokers | 125 00 Congregational Methodist Church ’ 19 00 "•W “ °®co> Trawiury 1 Apartment 44J IK) JMJgiMU IS ‘ 4* ,y-t |k|. Note Printing Bureau “ •» * tf«9 an Treasurer’s Office « u Second Comptroller’s Office, Treasury partment y Tmrd Auditor s Office, Treasury Department iii Comptroller of tlie Cuneney’* Office Tre&s ury Department ’ f„ Fourth A uditor’s Office, Treasury Department 87 X Light-House Board, “ 4, <}, JJ Solicitor’s “ “ “ rK ,M. First Au*liter’s “ “ “ 5>Wl Commission of Customs, “ “ 45Wl Firs! Comptroller “ “ ;j«j 50 Auditors “ “ 32 00 Attorney (tenoral s Office 42 im» Cavalry Baptist Church (Rev Mr Hewlett) 44 58 German Lutheran Church no 00 Wesley Zion Church (colons!) 13 20 Fast Washington M. 1C. Church 15 00 Trinity Church (R* v. Mr. Keeling) 04 25 Kev. ,T. M. Berry *5* Fiist Presbyterian Church (Dr. Suudei laud) 112 55 (Collections by Mis. G. W. McLofliui 10 00 Hon. K. Wallach 25 00 Cash Kuhm Options at First National Bank 20* 00 Cash on II uiiLington’* account, -fitly 1*7, 1*60 378 85 N* v Vnrk Avenue Presbyterian Church (Dr. Gurley) 98 98 Internal itovenuo Office 205 00 $11,082 09 — A gentleman of Cleveland, Ohio, Ii:ih kej t a partial record of kerosene accidents for the past year and from that record wo find that nearly two hundred persons have been burned i to death by the explosion of kerosene lamps, iiiid the destruction of property umounted to I tux millions of dollars, Vltf t.»« ■ Mk. Editob;—! was glad you published the Ildus and, uay% upon the late vote in tbo legis* laturc upon Repealing the act making illegal the intermarriage of whites and blacks. It is gratifying to observe that all tuunes that are not mere Jiates; ami, Jhat re|»i«»ent persons, vtho have’a ^reputationi elsewhere tkjBupon their boarding-house register, are ranged upon the liberal sMc. A distinguished democratic politician ol'this city told me to-day, that when lie was a mem ber ol the legislature years ago, the late .fudge 1 reble wrote him a letter advising the abroga tion or this silly law, and sent a bill to ucooni* plish it. It seems, however, tliat a measure liberal democrats were ready for twenty years ago, is too much progress for freesoil antislav try politicians, who swarm to the party ol equal rights without distinction of race or color, now il has majorities at its back ami offices and lion ors to giro instead ol persecution. It is claimed that all who dciuauu ui« of this arrogant and insulting statute, ignore a natural repugnance which white jieoplo have to blacks iu such au intimate relation as mar riage. But the very reverse is true. They in sist upon it, and rely upon aud assert its suffi ciency without impertinent legislation. And the repugnance is much stronger and wider in its scope than between these two classes. A refined white woman wontd ordinarily object to marrying a drunkard, a foan filthy in habit or speech, a silly man, or a man so empty of elevated sentiments that he could echo to the applauses of a ribald crowd, as his own seri ous opinions, the vulgarity of Mr. Nasby. But in spite of this general law, which en sures the intermarriage of persons of the same color, character, taste, position in society, and intelligence, instances do occur ol white wo men preferring to marry black men, of deli cate women marrying tilthy sensualists, and of strong-minded women marrying fiat and driv elling noodles. Of such mesalliances, 1 doubt if it can he made out that the evil eoiiHeqnen cch to tlie parties or to society are any greater in tlie fif»t than iu tho other oases. Why net leave the^irst case to be regulated by natural instinct aud the good sense of tlie parties con . cerned, Hanked by tlie advice of friends, the iu Huential Mrs. (Jrundy among them, as we do the other cgses? Soothed by these considera tions, most white fathers, even in regions not secure uuder the protection oi similar statutes to ours, “re-enacting,” as Mr. Webster says, “the law of God,*' are able to sleep nights tiu tmtured with wakeful forebodings of black sons-in-law. Why then disturb the law it is asked. Be cause where an exceptioual affection asserts it self, as it has, and will again, against a conven tional prejudice ami tin* Standard of pub lie pro priety, both very strong intluoiices, it will, and does easily defy an arbitrary law. Beoanse when in a matter so purely personal as mar riage, the parties please themselves, and settle down into a quiet domesticity, sanctified by mutant faithfulness, and tlie respectful love ol children, it is impertinent, it is cruel, nay it is impious for society to interfere. Because in a country, where the presence of two million per sons, who can claim kinship with our race as well as with the African, asserts the natural coiupatAiility of the two,it is a piece of Peckmif fan white-washing, and not sound Christian morality, to prohibit marriage where we con nive at adultery. Because it is insolent and presumptuous to assert in a State recognising I he equality of meu our superior refinement and nobility as against any other class of oui fellow creatures, since jtliat superiority confess edly ceases tlie moment it is asserted, the trm gentleman being recognised by his courtes> and absence of pretension, and the men whe on the stump, in tho newspaper, or in the leg islature are afraid the purity of their stock may he questioned, unless they keep buwling the it protests that they icovt marry a negro, are the very ones in reference to whom judicious list eners think the question of compatibility should lieyer be raised, unless from the neyro't sid*. There are specific aud more praclical consid erations. More than one member of the legis lature knows the instance among his own con stituency of black and white persons, who have lived together in the relation of husband and w ile perhaps to old age. Does it make these homes any bi tter sanctuaries for the pres ervation of childish innocence to affix upon them the blot of ill-lame? Many of those pool people, married only by the laws of God, art religiously inclined, does it make them any bet ter Christians to withhold from a relation kuil by tho love of children and the mutualiy-boriu sorrows of a life-time the sanction which tin law throws around unions not half so faithful ly kept, to keep them out of churehes, except upon conditions that it would lie impious in them to perform, and to oppress their conscienc es with a sense of guilt towards Grid, who hail only violated a conventional stum I »Mug-block of esate. legislation? Some ol these men have industriously aocumukt ted little as tabs. Why bastardize their children ho that they may not rightfully inherit them? Some of their chil dren have gone to oui great war to light, to dis lodge from the control of the nat-pm a cruel hatred ol' the poor, that was driviug us fast to wards barbarism, and have fallen there on the field aud in the hospital. Who would lie mean enough to accuse the statute-baseness of their birth, to prevent their' fathers from receiving the pittance tlie government allows as a com pensation torn Child sacritieed for the coun try ?* Is a law a man would be ashamed to qhote on such an occasion fit to stand on the Statute Book? X. Tla«> Quarrel of the kxpodlion C'oauaiai*. aionrni. .Some friend in Paris sends us a pamphlet, printed io that city, in which are set forth the merits ofa very pretty quarrel relating to the Great Exposition between our Honorary Com missioner, Mr. Louhat, on the one side, and on the oilier the United States Legation and the Chief Commissioner, Mr. Beck with. \V«* have called it a quarrel between these paities, though to speak accurately the quarreling seems to l>e all on the side of Hr. Louhat.— The pamphlet is published by (hat gentleman and contains all the correspondence connected with the matter and his own statement of grievances. The substance of the complaint which In* brings against the Legation and Mr. Beckwith is that he has not received at their hands such nu amount of deference ami con sideration as he felt to be due to him. He seems to l>e an uneasy individual, with a very inordinate sense of his ow n dignity and conse quence. On his own showing, his conduct toward the Legation has liecn as offensive and troublesome as it well could be, and the won der of those who read his pamphlet will 1>« not that he should have been snubbed by Mr. Big elow,an«l rebuked by Gen. Dix, but that eitlier of those gentlemen should have been able to exhibit towards him so much patience and for bearance as they have. The publication of this pamphlet does not seem to us likely to benefit him much either in the estimation of Congress to whom it is addressed, or of the people at large. A Si ft Gulak Dukovkky.—A western ex change says that two men were recently en gaged in securing drift-wood on the Missis sippi, wlnju they noticed, at sonic distance from the bank, a large trunk. As it seemed sound they exerted themselves to bring it ju, and, with much difficulty, succeeded. On exam ining their prize they found that one end had been partly split open, and appeared to liavo been filled up with moss or leaves. The curi osity of the men was excited, and they went to work, ami by inserting wedges in the crack, succeeded in splitting tlie log open, when they discovered that it was hollow on the in side, and that the cavity was partially filled up with what, at first sight, appeared to bo the lull form of a man, wrapped up in a bufialo robe. Naturally, their nerve*, were a little shaken unexpected a sight, but at lengt h they siiniielently recovered themselves to prosecute the examination. They removed the bufialo lobe, whit'll, although beariug indicat ions oi gival age, was .still unbroken, am) discovered inside the skeleton of a mail, the tlesli entire ly wasted away, but tlie bones still adhering together, and preserving the form and outline Complete, lb side the ... of this departed brave were found, it is said, a tomahawk a quiver full of arrows and and a l>ovv, all ex hibiting marks of great age, and doubtless hav ing been preserved from decay by the exclu sion of tlie air. NtoryV Itn.l of dim. Itnmiiing. The Boston correspondent of the Springfield Republican thus speaks of this admired work of art: At Williams & Everett's is a remarkable biiHt ol Mrs. Browning, by Story -a piece of atone as permeated by her personality as any page of her writings, ft suggests a little, weird woman, intellectual, ardent, refined; with a lace to which ill-health and sorrow have given, though Slightly, the peculiar expression which we observe in the fares of dwarfs. The hair, unnaturally profuse, hangs iu long masses, !e ii ^ hon’smaue; the mouth is well closed, ml! 1,8 'T1*;™'1 »>y refining curves; (he eves ili'ti ’Wltl delicate nostrils; and in the w,7 T.. w^Jn^eM^r1 lnbiu8t*e, reeaMs the “So grew my own small life'complete As nature obtained tier best „l me - ()i»o I torn to love you, Nwoet' AV.'i **V!b 51,11 by I ho fireside now ItHck ih^ain, a» you mutclv bit Mushighy the ft re-light, that great brow And Ibe spirit-small band propping it Yonder, my heart knows how!” Thu Boston Coulbcpokshii'.—'The Bonato on Wednesday, by request of the President, re; turned to him the nomination of Mr. Bancroft to the Boston Collectorship, Mr. Bancroft hav ing declined the office. pouTiASo am> nvtstrr, Nhv AdrcrtisenttiK* T«-l>ay. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Natural Bone Setter—Dr. Sweet. NcwhaM's Magic Hair Dye. Booteaii'l Shoes—T. E. Moseley |£ Co. ,i ENTERTAINMENT COIA’MN. P. A &. N. U. Lectures. M.W U*V EIUISEMENT COLUMN. August 7-30’s Exchanged tj»r July 5-20’s. Hudson’s Patent Ribbon Hand Stamp. Grist Mill tor Sale. < < Agents Wauled. Pun-laud Institute and Public Library. Norfolk oysters—James Freeman. Notice—Fancy Goods lor Sale. For Sale—Safe Counsellor At Lawt-G&n’S. Ktftting. T*« COURTS UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER'S COURT. ASM. 11. CLIFFORD, ESQ., COMMISSIONER. Edward Grant, of Lebanon, was yesterday brought before the Commissioner, charged with passing, ut toring and publishing a §50 counterfeit greenback.— I ho examination was concluded, and the accused was discharged, it uot being shown that he w as aware the hill was counterfeit, or that he iutcuded to deceive his neighbor to whom he passed the bill. G. F, Talbot., United States District Attorney, for Government.— Win. Emery, Esq., for respondent. dames ttonnnlt, who had Ikocu liouud uverjtbr his appearance at the April term of, the United States Circuit Court, tor riding a mail hag, appeared before tlie Commissioner and furnished sureties in the sum of $500, and was released from imprisonment. SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. .JANUARY TERM.— UAltltOWS, J, PRESIDING. Thursday.—No. 339, Mary E. A, C. Brow n, ad ministratrix, v. Gebrgc A. Notirse. Action upon a promiMiory note for about $300, given by defendant to the late husband of plaint iff. The defense was the statute of limitation, and that plaint ill is not admin istratrix. After the testimony was out, the case was continued on report. Howard & Cleaves. Bradbury & Sweat. No. 502. Elias M. Eastman, libellant, v. Elizabeth Eastman. In this case, width was reported yester day, the Judge grunted a divorce. No. 027. Mary Alice Scott, libellant, v. Henry M. ScOtt. Lit>M for divorce. Cause adultery and cjuett.y. „ A bearing was had and divorce was decreed. The custody of the two minor children was awarded to Mu) mother until further order of the Court. W. H. Clifford. J. II.Drummond. No. 115. Hannah Diiren v. Elisha Getcliell. Ac tioii of debt to recover damages for flowing lands of plaintiff. Plea of arbitrament. Plalhtitf (lemurs to plea, and defendant joins, and a hearing was had on the demurrer. Dein urrer over ruled, and plea adjudged good. P. R. Hall. J. W. Sytnonds. Court adjourned to ten o’clock Friday morning. MUNICIPAL COURT. RECORDER MORRIS PRESIDING. Thursday.—Enos Dolly, Michael Murry and an other Michael Murry, on search and seizure process es, paid $22.20 each. JBrutnl Murder. Yesterday afternoon a foul and brutal mur deT tfas committed, in the sailor boardiug house, kept by Mrs. Rolierf Douglass, iu the rear of Messrs. Rumery' & Burnham’s packing establishment on Franklin, between Fore and Commercial streets. The name of the mur dered man is Charles Johnson, otherwise known as “Dutch Charlie,” a German, who has resided in this country for many years, aud who has been employed by Mrs. Douglass, since the death of her husband, as an assistant and a runner for her house. The facts as: we gather them at the police office are the follow ing: Henry Keenan, steward of hark Mary E. Libby, arrived in that vessel in Boston Tues day night. He came to this city in the train Wednesday evening, and applied at Mrs. Douglass’ for hoard, having, as he Sftys, always stopped there, but was refused by Johnson.— Alter some words with Johnson,) ho left, swearing he would have his (Johnson's life be fore twenty-four hours. Between tw o and three o’clock yesterday af ternoon, while Johnson was seated iu the room talking with Mrs. Douglass, Keeuan entered, and, without a word of altercation, as Mrs. 1>. says, drew a jackuife from his sleeve and stab bed Johnson twice—one of the blows iu the abdomen, the other in the region of the heart. Johnsou sprang up, exclaiming, “I am killed!” and started out of the house; a few steps from the door he fell dead. The blows were given bo quickly and unex pectedly, that Mrs. Douglass had not time to interfere. After they had been struck she seized Keenan’s hand and took the knife from him. Indoiugthfe she cut one of his lingers so that it bled profusely. After stubbingJ ohnson, Keenan escaped. In formation of the murder was forthwith com municated to the police, and searcli was made for him. Deputy Marshal Irish and officer Barhour traced him, by the blood that oozed from the wound on his finger, from the house to India street, and thence to Washington street. A t this latter point they took a sleigh, and when about two-thirds the distance to the bridge, overhauled him. Officer Barbour jump ed out of fii<‘ sleigh and arrested him, Keenan remarking, “I am the man you wraut.” He was tal^en to the lock-up, where he confessed stab bing Johnson twice with the kuife, but said Johnson first knocked him down. This is de nied by Mrs. Douglass, who avers that John Still did not touch Keenan after he came into the house, until lie had Wen stabbed. Keenan was perfectly sober wlicit lie was ar rested, and did not exhibit any indications that he haul lieen drinking. He is ahrttU twenty six years of age, and has a good looking ap pearance. It is supposed jealousy was the cause of the attack U|K>n Johnson. Johnson was about twenty-four years old, and is represented to have been a very indus trious man, aud of quiet disposition Coroner Hall commeuced au inquest upon the body yesterday afternoon. The jury, after viewing the body, adjourned to 9 o'clock this morning, when Dr. Huukins, who is making a postmortem examination of it, will give his stimony. Tuk Prest says that eight illegitimate chil dren have lieen recently boro or are ah »ut to be launched into life at the Alms House. It is an interesting matter of inquiry how the re porter was able to stale the uumkr so pre cisely. (The “Reporter” acknowledges the compli ments of his brother of the Oxford Democrat) as per above. Our information was received from tire Overseers of the Poor, who have these erring damsels iu charge. They are “reverend seignorsv who never miss fire. They are not surface men. They look, by force of their posi tion, far into the interiorof the subjects brought before them for investigation. They will tell you whether a supplicant for charity has money saved up, or has beeu swigging ah'; or whiskey, or is about adding one or more to the papula tion—as well as any adept in the land; ami wo to the one who expects “to come it over them.” The babies will enter upon the stage of action, the Democrat may believe without doubting. Second sight is blindness to their skill iu de tecting “the situation.” The babies will be squalling iu due time]. Important Decision by tiie Law Court. In Hovey vs. Hobson, which is one of the actions brought to recover the Neal estate on State and Pine streets in this city, a decision lias been received from the Law Court, decid ing that if tlic original deed of Stephen Neal was void by reason of his being non compos, the title is equally void in the hands of subse quent purchasers, though the latter did not know the in< ouipetency of the original grant or; in other words, a void title derived by deed from a non compos does not become valid by being transferred to third parties, who are bona tide purchasers; or to speak still more plainly, a person who has no title cannot give one.. * Handy Work.— In the window of the Ful ton Market, No. 110 Federal street, is exhibit ed a very pretty model of a yacht, made by George Cline, whose only instrument in mak ing it was a penknife. The sails are made of wood and so neatly cut, carved and painted as to represent canvas. It is a specimen of skill and ingenuity, and is well worth looking at. Hopkins at the above stand lias received a lot of fVesli halibut, which will he offered for sale this morning. We understand that Messrs. Knight & Clark, Fresco Painters, have employed Mr. Peter Falcs, of Philadelphia, to take charge of their fresco department. Mr. Falcs is an art ist of established reputation, and has just re turned from Europe with the latest designs of modern frescoing. Messrs. W. & C. are for tunate in securing the services of so valuable an artist. Parties wishing their houses decor ated in style, should call on Wright & Clark. Liquor Seizures.— The Deputy Marshals yesterday seieed small quantities of liquor in the shops of Richard D. Duddy, on Spring street; Thomas Gill, on Centre street; Marga ret Rest, on Fore stieet; and Hugh Kelly, on Fore street. This does not look as if “the number les sons as the ides of March approach,” ns the Argus remarked yesterday. We understand therein an opportunity to have a lecture from JAMES It. Lowell, ill this city. No man's popularity restn on a sounder basin than that of the distinguished author of the “Biglow Papers,” and we hope we may have a chance to see and hear him. We learn that I>r. Sweet is meeting with good success, and we advise those interested to give him a call. OtjM S i ki H is 'JV rluOs (Iik sifpets arc notrrry pleas*»t, and wo dbubt if the horse* liuil them agreeable. Yesterday the Horse Railroad company bad a team of four horse* attached to a plow, witli which they wero breaking up some of the banks of ice and snow, and endeavoting to find the track of their road. Tmt remainder fof N. J. Gilman's stock of .jewelry, silver and silver plated ware, will be clbsed out at oust by his successors, ,f. W.& U. ii. UcJJuilbe. No. o free Street block. Those beautiful Spring Shawls have arriv ed and will be opened to-day by Leacb, Par ker & Co., at No. 5 Deeviug block, Congress street. _ A Woman u “Spinologr.” [A lady reader of the Press sends us the following spicy eommeutory on some of the points in a recent article of our correspondent, “Traxi.”]. In the good old revolutionary times when our country produced men not gentlemen, it was not thought inconsistent with their man hood to fell trees, saw woqd, plant corn, or in fact perform any labor that the condition of the limes domauded for the comfort ol their fami lies. The women, good souls, in those days per formed their part of the household labor, spun awl wove cloth, and cooked dinners. As a nat ural consequence dyspepsia aud phthisic were unknown to them, and they lived in a delight ful enjoyment of health, dying at last only be cause their husbands bad died, and they bad no one else to spin for. No mention lias been made ol the health of the stronger sex at this time, but we would naturally enough infer that felling trees, building houses aud raising crops was as favorable to their heath as spinning and weaving was to the weaker sex. Now we are very glad to know that our grandmothers took such good care of their families, aud we hope their lords and masters appreciated them as much as their present ad mirer, Traxi. Since cloth could lie obtained in no other way, homespun manutacture was necessary, and they did well to spin and weave all the family required. But now that the fac tory looms furnish the cloth at half the cost aud labor, why sigli for the spinning wheel for tlie women any more than the disused imple ments of men’s work for them. For pity's sake, don’t send woman hack into the slow work of the past, unless you put the whole age back to keep her company. Why not suggest that men go back to their old ways of working and throw aside all their new-fangled, labor saving machines. Why not recommend them to pound corn instead of grinding it, tliresh wheat with flails instead of machines, since this exercise w ill improve their health, keep them from loafing about the streets, and make them fit for husbands. If wo understand the writer's grounds for the re-introduction of tlio honorable arts of spinning and weaving, they are just those,— better health for the womeu, better morals and better wives. Now in the first case, we had never before heard that the praetiso of these arts was a recognized antidote for dys pepsia and phthisic, hut if such is really the tact, why not let both sexes avail themselves of the remedy, and instead of “Female Col leges” for instruction in these arts, have hos pitals or asylums where all can be benefited alike. Dr. Lewis, if enlightened about this simple remedy, will no doubt gladly add it to his system of movement cures. The second' advantage named is, that it will keeji women out of the streets and improve their morals. As if the present time did not furnish its different work for women as well as men. The requirements of housework to day aro as different from those of our grand mothers’ time as the work of the other sex is from tueir granutatners employments, it a woman can’t really find anything in tbe house to occupy her time now-a-days, if there isn’t any stitching, ripping, making, mending* sweeping or overseeing the house, then let’lier go back to the arts of a still earlier age and take to embroidering tapestries. Isn't there just as much work for her now as ever? Aren’t the houses constructed different ly? Don’t the demand for cloth keep pace with the supply so that, there is a much greater quan tity to be made up for the family? Must we bring back the spinning wheels simply to keep her employed? With the requirements of the present styles of dress, whether necessary or not, a woman could not keep her family sup plied with cloth if she spun from morning till night. Then where is the advantage of reviv ing its use? For that last grand and noble aim to make them “fit for wives.” Why not mad men tit for husbands by having them cut wcmmI, draw water and perform the innumerable household chores that their revolutionary grandfathers did? dimply because we keep pace with the requirements of the present t ime, we must not forget to practise those of a bye-gone age if such is your royal pleasure.— Yes we will live in four-storied houses with un derground kitchens, we will keep these free from dust from garret to cellar, we will do all household cooking, make and mend garmen ts always dress tastefully lor ,y«*ur critical eye, and still weave and spin, never be seen in the streets, make soap,qi^^fflbrm any bygone w oik in our leisure time—all thiK if you will ac knowledge us the lienor ol' “F. \V„” “lit tor wives.” _ B' THE STATE. —'flic Bangor Whig reports a meeting held in that city on Wednesday to consider the sub jftet of the olistructioiis which are destroying the navigation of the Penobscot River. Tbe sense of tbe meeting was expressed in two resolutions which were adopted by it, the ' lirst praying the Legislature to “enact such laws aw in their wisdom may he deemed suit able to effectually prevent the destruction of the navigation of the Penobscot River by the accumulation of the refuse of saw mills in its bed;”and the second appointing a committee to be present at tbe hearing before the Legislative Committee to whom the subject is referred, andfparticularly instructing such committee to oppose any compromise with the owners of saur mills, by which they shall be allowed to throw sawdust into the, liver. —The Maeliias Union learns that a responsi ble man has offered to build a wharf, store house and passengers* "accommodation room, on the Last Mac hi as side of tbe \iver, at tbe Toll Bridge, to accommodate the City ol Rich mond. —Tlie Whig of yesterday says:—“The third pier of the railroad bridge across the mouth of the Keuduskeag is now being put in place and weighted down. We believe there is to be one more, which will be sunk in a lew days. Tbe superstructure of the bridge may be ready be fore the ice leaves tbe stream.” —Speaking of the misfortunes ol the Jaffa colony, the Maeliias Union says that letters recently received at Jonesport state that Ad ams is under arrest for swindling “his peo ple.” He will be tried at Jaffa or brought home to the State's. —The Nellie Chapin, which took the Ad ams colony from Jonesport out to Jaffa, has arrived at au American port. The officers re port that Adams got drunk on the passage out, and opened a liquor shop as soon as he got ashore at J affa. —The Bath Times says Biig. Gen. F. Sc wail of that city, Inspector General of the Freedweii’s Bureau, is ordered to Virginia to dispose of the freedmen who are encamped in various portions of that State, procuring homes for them when it can be done, forward ing the remainder to other points North and West, where homes are to be provided for tJjCIll. —This has been a hard year for the lumber men throughout the State. The Machias Un ion says it is the worst remembered on that river. The swamps hot frozen, the snow deep; lakes and stre:uus not frozen sufficiently to ad mit of hauling bay and grain from one point to another. To add to the discouragement, for ten days past the weather has been warm and much rain has fallen. On Machias river hut few teams will pay their way. —Tire Machias river was clear of ice last week, (February 6th) so that vessele arrived at the wharf at Machias. — 1 hfl b arm mm ion Chronicle relates that a soldier’s widow, in Temple, Mrs. Mower, was unexpectedly visited last Thursday by the re turned soldiers in that town, iu a body, well armed with keen axes, who made an attack up on her woodpile, cutting their way through it in a most effectual manner. At the same time, the soldiers wives and daughters entered the house, and deposited in the pantry an abun dant supply of family rations. Mrs. Mower's husband sleeps in a soldier's grave far away at the Mouth, but returned comrades are watch ful of the comforts of the soldier's w'idow and children. —Any officer or private of the 9th Mo. regi ment, who can give any information concern ing the fate of Edward B. Sanderson, drum major of that regiment, will confer a favor by communicating the facts to his wife,Mrs. Em ma M.Sanderson, Rockabena, Aroostook coun ty, Maine. —A masquerade ball will be given at Augus ta on Tuesday, March fitli. In the list of man agers we observe the names of several Port land gentleman. —Col. If. B. Humphrey, who has lately been appointed State Commissioner to the Paris Exposition, gave a splendid dinner to the Masonic Coinmandery and citizens of Rock land on Monday. The occasion was improv ed for a public turnout of Knights, and the ceremonies at the table embraced speeches, toasts and music. i >el ibi' nn,ai The following Is the amemitneui, mention ?d by the telegraph a few days sii^ee, a« hav ing been offered by Mn Lynch to the “Milita ry bill'’ proposed iiy Mr. Stevens. There is no

room to doubt that the organization of a loyal militia in ttoe Southern States is essential to lire establishment of permanent good order lrt that region. Mr. Lynch proposed to add to the bill the following section: Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, un der the direction ot the general of the army, all the loyal male inhabitants of said districts, respectively, fit for military duty, between the ages of sixteen and forty-five years, shall be or ganized into district militia, shall he armed and equipped at the expense of the U nited States, and shall be called out tor discipline and drill not more than twelve days in each year; aud shall be called out for service to preserve order aud maintain peace and the authority of the United Slates in the several districts, at the discretion of the district commanders, subject to the order of the general army, and for like service in any other district by his order.— While on service, active or for discipline aud drill, said militia, officers and enlisted men, shall have tile same pay and allowances os the regular army ol the United States. —There is an artesian well in Indiana which squirts up gOO.OOO gallons of sulphur water a day. The company quit boring thinking they had struck a kitchen cistern in a wicked place SPECIAL NOTICES. mg^s^^smEASY TO use! . ^ - - ftpaffBIr1 j j Has only to l>e applied to tlio iiuir or Whiskers an.l the }| | [J11| | work is done. Natural and Durable. For sale by Druggists and Dealers. NEWHALL’S “■‘"i”-'1 : MAGIC Purely vegetable; will rostore Grey Hair to its natural color; it II A I H will make the hair soft and glossy; it will not stain the skin finest linen; it is the best IieStOFatlV6 and cheapest Aiaii Dressing. 75 cts. large bottle. For sale by sill No. I. Druggists ami Dealer#. W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., Wholesale Agents, 148 Fore St., Portland. Principal Depot and manufactory, 47 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. febl5sN3m If You Desire to Wear tke prettiest and the most comfortable tit ting bool nr slipper go to T. K. MOSELEY & CO.'S, Summer ISt. Boston. __ HblBdlt DR. SWEET, NATUJttAL HONE SETTEE. Doctor of all aliments incident to the Bones, fords, and Muscles, 11 Ip Diseases, stiff, ami enlarge*I Joints. Weak and Perished Limbs, Paralysis, S|dnal anti ltkeumatic Affections, and Lameness, successfully treaty, i. Office .'II Gray Street. Where he cau by consulted daily without charge. Iebl5'd3w* » n A i'ougli, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, lrrilntion of the LuugN, a per niaurut Throat DiNcahCj* or Coniiuuipliou, _ 19 otlon the re9ult. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAYING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For IfI'onchitiH, Aslhuin, Cumuli, Con sum pi ire nml Throat Disease*, TROCHES ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SliUOBS*. Niiiger* and Public Speaker* will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing nr Speaking, and relieving the throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds thou in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only ‘‘Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may he ottered, sold everw herb Dec 4—«l&w6m sn Lony Souyht l>'or 1 Come at Last l Mains' Elder Berry Wine. Wc take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all Citv Drug gists and first class Country (•iwtr.i. Asa MeeiuiNK Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being .among the best, if not the best, remedy tor onhb* and pulmonary complaints, as well as one of the most i agreeable Jicntruye*. Manufactured trom the pure 1 Juice of the wrPy, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, vve ran heartily recommend il lo the sick as a medicine, and to the well, as a l•everaye. •‘To tin* <fci\s of the aged il added*length, To Mu- Mighty it iiddctn strength,” 'Tis a balm tin the sick, a joy for the well - Druggists aud (tracers buy and sell MAIN*’ KbllKKBfelKKV \%IlMfc: iieV ‘.*7 h n tl&w If ANDEKSON & CO.’S HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY t 333 Gong)ess St, above Casco. dF'Frencli, German aud American Corsets lrom 75 cts to 9to,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours notice. Feb U-hun d.Jiu A VIluable MKim'inE.—Dr. Poland’s VVliite Fine Compound,advertised in our columns, is a suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the. medicinal virtues ot the White Fine Hark. It lias been thorough ly tested by people in this city find vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials to its value from persons well knows to our citizens. 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Factory si Barclay street, New York. HT* Bcwurc of h OAiiuicrfiril. November 10, ISO#, dlysn Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may l»e found at w holesale at the drug stores of W.W Whip ple A Co., H. H. Hay, W. F. Phillips A Go., K. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins A Co. janlgSNdly REMOVAL. DBS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to ;<OI 1-2 ( ONCIKKM NTBRIIT, brown’s new block, over the store of Messrs. Lowell »& Senior. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and :l to 5 P. M. Db. Chadwick’s residence 108 Cumberland street. Dr. Fold’s residence 2s High sUecl. &&T'Free Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays ami Fridays, from 1 to 5 1*. M., for the poor. jan.SsNdtf fr’or CoiirIim, 4'oI«Im and t'oiasimi|kiaon, TiT the old and well known WBCJKTABIaE PldjNONAKl BA I.NAIVI,approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians for forty years past. Get (be genuine. « . REED, CUTLKIl & CO., Drnggiste, dec24sNd&wt»m Boston, Proprietors. 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In Augusta, Feb. it, Mr. Orlando Sawtelle, former ly of Starks, aged 27 years. In Sidney, dan. 12, Mr. Jeremiah Merrill, aged (E> years. .. .—l-. IMPORTS, INAUUA. Sell C C Clark—1671 bushels salt, to P Burnham. UEPARTCIUE Otf OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE. City o' Lublin.New York..Liverpool.Feb 16 Moravian.Portland — Liverpool.Feb 16 Africa..Boston. Liverpool.Feb 13 Moro Castle.New York. Havana.Feb 16 Bavaria.New York. Hamburg:.Feb 16 Arago.New Yora . Havre.Feb 16 City Washington. ..New York.. luverdool.... .Feb 16 Australasian.New York. .Liverpool..Feb 20 Baltic. New York. .Bremen.Feb 21 Occau Queen.New York. California. ... Feb 21 South America_New York. .Itio Janeiro.. .Feb 22 Helvetia.New York. .Liverpool.Feb 23 Ucimaun.New Yark.. Bremen.Feb 23 iWiuiuluri- Aluiaunc..,. ft'bruury 15* Sun rises.<‘>.56 I Suu sets.5.32 | MOonneta.. ..... 4.12AM Hiyli water. 8,15 AM M A. RIJST EJJNVK WH PORT OF PORTLAND* Thiamdiiy, February 14* ARRIVED. ] Biig Gilmer Mpreilith, Graves, from Bonaire, of and lor Boston, in distress. Has had severe weather on the passage and lost and split sails; short ol pro visions and part of crew 1 pst bitten. Will obtain new sails beftre proceeding. Brig Geo W Chase, Dunning, Boston. Sell C C Clark, (ol Portland) Cummings, Inagua Jan 24. via Holmes’ Hole, with salt. Sob Frank Skillings, Mooney, La Have Banks. S« b Lady Woodbury, Smith, New York. Sch Maggie, (Br> Kcddey, Boston, to load for St John, NR. Soli Lettie S Reed, MeDougal, Boothbay. CLEARED. Steamer Chesapeake, Sherwood, New York—Em ery & Fox. Brig Mary C Mariner, Mariner, Cienfnegos—Geo S Hunt. Brig Walter Howes, llarding, Cardenas—Edw G Might. Brig Plovot, (Br) Doody, St John, NB—Georgs H Starr. Sell Clinton, Sliacklord, Miragoane, (Ifayti4—Geo S Hunt. [FROM MERCHANTS EXOUANl.E.j Barque Grace Kedpath, Havener, iroiu Matauzas lor Portland, was passed oil Cape Cod 14lh. Ship Thornton, Capt Wells, sailed from New Y'ork Jan 26 and arrived at Liverpool Deb, making the passage in 14 days. The T is a full-modeled vessel ol 1422 Ions. Seh boeRa, of Salem, 66 tons, built at Bristol in 1850, has been sold to parties in Portsmouth. DISASTERS. Capt David White, of barque St Jago, at Cardenas from Portland, in a letter to her owners, gives the following particulars in regard to the disaster to his vessel, which sailed from Portland I>ec 2R : On the evening ol Jan 3d, it commenced to hb.w heavy troin SE and at it wore ship to N arid E, heaving toon that tack under close reeled maintop sails and storm stay sail. During the night it blew a severe gale, grad uaily hauling more to S and at daylight morning of the tih. tin* wind was in SW with ho abatement in its violence. At 7«5»), lat ;)B20, Ion 70 ;;o, ti e wind suddenly veered to NW, blowing with tcrrilic vio lence, aud immediately throwing the vessel on her broadside, with Ice li.wtr yard arms in the water, in which condition tin* deck load broke adrift, and all the windows oil the h e side ot the alter house burst in, filling the cabiu with water. Finding (hat if something Was not done immediately she would till, 1 commenced to cut away and the muiiunnst went about, six le**t abuse the deck; but she did not right until Ur torctopuiasi was cut away, when she come up, with a portion ol the buliwarks and entire lee side of lorward house goue. aud no spars stand ing except lower lore and mizzen m ists, bowsprit and jibboom. The other spurs were thumping heav ily under her bottom,, held by the rigging, amt ex pected every moment they would knock through. After considerable difficulty got them clear of lhe wreck and got the pumps to work, freeing her of the water about noon. Alley this bad a succession of heavy gales. Boon as possible after I he disaster, got the jibboom in and rigged it for a jury maimmi l, it being the only spar leit. With an old top gallant sail, set tor a mainsail, jibs cut up Ibi staj sails, aud a foresail and spanker, proceeded on the passage and arrived Jan 21bh. 'I he vessel does not leak, but she is strut net I in her upper works, U will he some time before she can repaii, as there arc no heavy si>ars to be hail. DOMESTIC PORTS, SAN FRANCISCO—Sld 10th iuat, barque Almena, Harmon, Philadelphia. GALVESTON—Ar 2d lust, sch Bcdalicdec, Howe, Mobile. Cld 2d, barque Nineveh, Baker, New York. Ar 5th, l»rig Jos Miller, Pendleton, Beltast. NEWuKLEANS—Ar up t»tb insl, ship S Hinks, Hallett. Boston; Wtruucs H 1) Brookiuan, Savin, and lstrin. Sewall, New York. Ar 7th, ship Old Dominion, Sampson, Boston. ( Below Vth, barques Halcyon, Hubbard, irom New York; Caroline Lcinont, Howkcr, from Boston. Below 8tli, barque Rome, Moses, im Havana; brig M W Norwood, from Newpprt, < Id (Ith, barque Arlington. Bartiett. Liverpool; 7th A blue N J'laukliu, Holbrook, lor New York. PENSACOLA—Ar 1st iuttl, s»-h Jas (/Donohue, Gilkey, Galveston. Ar 2d, sell Kate, Peters, indianola. SAVANNAH—'Cld 8th, brig Sullivan, Perry, lor LiverjHiol; seh G M Partridge, Dorr, New York/ CHARLESTON—-Cld 8th inst, seh Moses Patten. Harding. Philadelphia. WILMINGTON, N(J—At 9th inst,seh Clara Belle, Amesburv, Rock port, Me. HAMPTON ROAl>S-r-Ar 9th, brig Romance. Dnn eun, iroin Ncvassi lor Baltimore. FORTRESS MONUOE-Ar 11th, sell OW Raw ley, Alien, l;iclimoudfor Boston: Seventy S'X, Teel. Timber Cove. BALTIMORE—Cld 12th, ship Union, Dyer, Liv erpool; sell Lucy W Alexander. Jacobson, tor St John, PR. Ar 12tli. brigs C C Colson, Perry, Matanzas; Ab by Bradshaw, Rogers, Savannah. At Annapolis 9tB, schs Janies Bropby, Packard, from Wilmington; Grapeshot, from-, and a schr from Beltast, with potatoep. NEW YORK—Ar 12th, ship Emerald Isle, Eves, Liverpool, brigs J W Woodiutf, -, Calais; Jonas Smiib, Nicliols. Newbern, Nc. Ar 12tli, brig Virginia, Wood, Sierra Leone; seb J W Allen, Doane, Pensacola, Below j2tE brig Forest State; seh Chas Holt. Cad reth. ships ltattler, Marsh, tot San Francis.*; C Grinnell, Spencer, lor London; seh Alice Franklin, Brown, Ponce. Also cld Hth, barque Carlton,Treeartin, Matan/.as; Leonard Berry, Steele, Bermuda; MCHas keL,Jltskell, Mobile; eeb Nathl Chase, Snow, for Guadaloupp. Ar i:;t»i, ship Ladoga, Wiley, Crovutadt. Ar 14th, barque Gw Rosevelt, Flefrqnan, Malaga; Ocean Home, WeJden, Matan/as. PRO\ IDENCE—Old l3th, sell Rebecca C Lone, Lam-, Alexandria. Sid lltli, soft* E Closgon. C *qmbs, Arroyo; Onta rio, VerriJf, (irom Calais) f »r Warren. N l-.WPORT—Ar I2tli, Heb8 Jessie Hurt, 2d. Pier son, Wood’s Hole Ibr Baltimore; Veto, Robinson, New York tor Thomaston; Jainea Jewelt, Banks, do tor Belfast; Pirola, Newcomb, irom Pori land for Baltimore. .Ar lath, seh Irene Meservey, Henderson, from Darien, Ga. In port loth, sclis Archer & Reeyes, Miller, from Boston tor Cape CurnaveraJ, Flq, Frank «& Emily, Colley, do for Savannah: Abide Pitman, Lambert, Portland for Baltimore; Kthan All* u, Bluko do lor Philadelphia: Arthur Burton,, Savannah lor Boston; T J Tiaitou, Tapley, tin DoMou tor Bal timore. HOLMES* HOLE—Ar 12th, brig John Brightmau, Gray, Galveston ibr Boston; schs Lacy A C>r. utt, Haskell,Wilmington lor do; Lady Woodbury, Smitli, and Ned .Sumter, Shaw. New York tor Portland. Ar 13th, seb Josiuh Whitehouse, irom Satilla River for Hath, BOSTON—Ar 13th, Imrque Sailor Prince, Nelson, St Thomas; sell C R .Manning. Sinclair, New York. Ar lltli. schs T J Hill, Baker, Galveston; Lucy A Orcutt, Ha.-keli, Wilmingb.o. Below, ships Soloo, from Manila: Herald, from I Caleuita; brig Alice StarretL from Gal vest on. cld 14th. barque Eguria, Static tt. Havana. MACHiAS—Ar 6 th, sch Northern Light, Moore, | New York. Sid Tlh, sell Kalmar. Lambert. Cuba. ROCKLAND—Ar 7tb, schs Ida Morton, Prince, i and Copy, Thomas, Portland. Ar 8th, sclis Emma Oakes, Johnson, and Hattie Coombs, Drink water, Portland. Ar lith, seb Panama, Getclioil. Portland. Ar 11th, barque llans..o Gregory, Ureairy, lVoni Providence. 1 FOREIGN PORTS. At Calcutta Jan —ship Belle of the Sea, Ham : moiul, tor New York. Ar at Liverpool Oth inst, ship Thornton, Wells, New York. Ar at Queenstown 25th ult, brig Sea Foam, Free tby, St Michaels. Ar at Miragoone 31st ult, sell Cyrus Fosaett, llodg dou, Boston. At Mayaguez 31st ult, brig Model, Jaekson, for Baltimore. Ar at Santa Cruz 2t»th ult, brig Cascatelle, Carlisle, New York, (to to load lor do.) Chi at St. John, NB, 7th inst, brig ST Nichols, Nichols, Havana; neb W K Chapman, Cole, do. | For City ot B altimore, at New York.) Aral Liverpool 30tli ult, Thos Harw&rd, Strick land. New Orleans; National Fugle, Candage, Horn Mobile. Also ar, Aberdeen, and Matterhorn, from New Or leans. Pendkton’ Nkh"'° nVvl iTrPiwi'V3, Hlrv lirow"‘ Matthews, troui r*i. V ’ U'n> t ' *»• mainbooiu. I ut intoQueenstown 2stb, Klllily Augusta, Plum "101, from Akyab tor Uverpoid, leaky. Slit bn Padang Nov 20, Kaiubow, Freeman, tbr Boston. Ar at Singapore Dec 20, ltichanl HI. Greenough, llong Kong. Sid Dee In, Golden Hind, Davis, Mauritius; 20tb, Ceylon, tor Pailang anil New York. ... The Martha Hideout has been condemned and sold a! Singapore lor sasoo. SPOKEN. Fell (i, lat 40, ion 6S, barque Falcon, from Boston tor liUFiioH Ayrew. Fel» to. lat 3#r>o, /on 72, acta Irene Meservey, from I>anvn tor Bouton, *i‘W \ovi:i(TiMi:m ciiaSoe but t>yck a year. HIIIINON’R PATENT Ribbon Hand Stamps Thin Stamp has Advantages over oil others* U will hold h small die to cancel a stamp as tlie jaw requires; and any other size au«l shape for onvel n»fik?H,!iVntb8 aiM* fl Wes are made of brans, which ‘1ur<ihle, and they cannot be dat whiel, aro SSE'JA blow. m,m 'he hand as others The 01 K,‘‘otr<>ty| os. I*,ul •» « Bailey k Noyes, Manufacturers' Agents, Tel5d2w New Block Exchange St, Portland. Agents Wanted ! FOR HICHARDOONW NEW WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI. IMUlM the Great River to the Great Oceau. Life F And Adventure on Prairies, Mountains, and the Pacific Coast. With 1 inscriptive and Photograph* View* of the Scenery, Cities, I .amis, Mines, People, and Curiosities of the New States and Territories. 1HS7 — ItffiC. By ALBFRT D. K1CII AUDsON, Au thor of “ Field Dungeon and Escape.*’ The work will be issued in one huge Octavo V olume of 600 pages, beautifully illustrated with nearly 2uu Engra vlngs. This work will be sold by sul-scription only. Sole and exclusive rights of territory gh*u with liU i »1 commissions. Agents are mceliug with great suc cess. Faltlitul, energetic, |M-rsevciiug men or wo men will, in the Ag< ucy, iiud lucrative employ ment. If an Agency is wanted, send lor Circular, giving full particulars. Apply to, or address J. I* ATT UN FITCH, No. 2331 Congress St., Poitland, Me. !eblftdtf&w2m Portland Institute & Public Library TpHE undersigned, named as corporators in the F Act entitled “An Act to Incorporate tbo Ptribml luitiivic a ad Public Library,” appro vo<l by the Go vemer .Tan. 20d, would hcroby give notice that tha llrst meeting of said corporation, lor the organization, will take place at the COMMON COUNCIL CHAMBER, Market Hall, on Friday, Febriiary 2 2d, next, At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Emin hum-liey, Wm. Wilijs, Wm. p. Fkhhknuen, John It. Hbown, Israel Washburn, Jr, Wm. H. Fknn, John Nbal, Lorenzo I«k M. Sweat, John c. Stockbbidge, Henry r. Deane, John Hand, Samuel k. Spring, Edwin O. Dulles. PortlanJ, Fcb’y 14, 18H7. fcblfklM AUGUST 7-30’* EXCHANGED FOK JULY FIVE-TWENTIES. at tkvorable rale*. * H. M. PAYSON, feblMiw* 1J Kirbaose Street. GEO. S. NETTING, Counsellor at Lair, —AND— Solicitor of Patents. No. 113 Federal Street, teblGdlw PORTLAND, MB. NOTICE. A Good Cliauee for Spring Trade. MRS. C. \V. JORDAN, corner ol Dow and Brack ett Streets, wishing to retire iVom business, offer* her entire Stock lor sale, consisting of a great vaiiety of Fancy Goods and Worsteds. Also—A Stamping Machine and Patterns. Portland, Feb. 13, 1N87. lcb!5dcod2w Norfolk Oysters ! A Large Lot TUST received at No. *J Union Wharf, and tl tor the accommodation of those in the upper part ol the City they can he had for 40 cents per quart olid Oysters, at J. H. HOUR'S Fish Market, Jno. 378 Congress Street. loblG (13w ins JAMES FREEMAN. Argus and Star, ploase copy. For Sale. AN Office Safe of John E. Wilder’s manufacture, suliable for Railroad, Manuiortuicin’ or Rank ing purposes, measuring 0 feet 3 in. in height, 4 feet width, 2 feet ^ in. deep, with interior safe and draw ers. For sale h> C. A. A A. BLANCH ARB, IUG State Street, Boston, Mass. feblGdlf Crint Mill—Oceiing w Bridge, FOR SALE—-containing 3 Ruu of stones—one ibi Salt, wiili Dry Room. Also, Elevators loi Corn and Salt. All in good i uniting order and now in use. EDW. 11. BURUIN, leblG dtf United States Mails. MAINE. * tv.MT Office Department, Washington, January 2,1&G7. PROPOSALS for conveying iho mail- of t he Ignit ed States Horn duly 1, , to .lone 30, In'.'i, on the following routs in the Slate ol Maine, will be le ceived ut tin: Contract Oil ice ol till* 1 »«-(>ai tin< nl un til 3 P. M. ol March 28 next Ip be decided by April 11 following : Wo. 167. Fropi Porter, bv North Parsonlicld, Par Hontiehl, and Worlh Nqwiield, to Web' Wewbeld, 13 miles and bar k, once a week. Leave Porter Saturday at 8 A, SI. Arrive ut West NewfleM bv ll A. M. Leave West Newtiehi Saturday at 12 M. Arrive at Porter by 3 P. M. Proposals tor finer-thors a-week service invited : also to extend to Union, via Worth Acton and Wake held. 168. From Porter, by North Porter. ( no office,) Crain's Mills, (m> office, and Goshen Semi uarv,( wo nffi cef) to Conway Center, (N. M.) 17 miles and back, once a week. Leave Porter gafurday at 7 A. M. Arrive at runway Center by 12 M. I^eave C'onwav Center Saturday it ? P. M. Arrive at sorter at t tr. ill. 109. From North Acton, (i/n ojftce,) by W:iketield, to Uniou, (N. H.i 12 mile* and back, once a week. Leave North Acton Saturday at lo A. to. Arrive ut Unio^by 12 M. Leave Union Saturday at 1 P. M. Arrive at North At toil by 3 P. |1. l*iop«anl8 lor threc-limes-a-week wi vice invited. 170. From Woodman’* Station,(»o oit/ce,). by New i doucesLer and Wtm Cioucester. to North lUymond lo miles aud back, three times a week. lioavo Wdod»nun’s Station Tue*hi \, Saturday at 9 A. M J Arrive ai North Kajumod by II.SO A. to. Leave North liaimoud Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday ut 1 P. M. Arrive at Woodman'. Station by 3.3b P. M. Pro|K>suls lor six-times a week service invited. 171. From Poluud to West Poland, 3l miles and back, once a week. l^eavc Poland Saturday at 8 A. M. Arrive at West Poland by 9 A. M. Leave West Poland Saturday at lu A. to, Arrive at Poland by 11 A. JVI. Proposals tor three limes a week service invited ; also proposals to extend to Mechanics' kails, 3 1-2 mill's, 172. From Sherman to Houlton, 38 miles ami kick, once a week. Leave Sherman Saturday at 7 A. M. Arrive at Houlton by ftp. M. Lea\e Uoulton Friday at 7 A. M. Arrive at Sliei man by ft P. M. 173 From WilUai, by Bcait’i Comer, to North Cliesterville, miles and bark, onee a week. l*jave Wilton Saturday at 6.30 p m; Arrive at North VAioderville by 7 p in; Leave North Chesterville Saturday at 7 a in Arrive at Wilton by 8.30 a in; Proposals for fliree-hmes-u-week service invited, 174 From Flagstaff to Ehstis Mills, (no office) h [ miles and back, once a week, i Leave Flagstaff Saturday at ft pm; Arrive at Hindis At ills by 8 p in; Leave fehtsii* Mills Saturday at l pm; Arrive at Flagslatf by 4 p m. 175 From Holli* to Dayton, ‘2 miles and back once a week. Leave Holli* Saturday at 9.30 a m; Arrive at Dayton by io.30 a in; Leave Dayton Saturday at 7.30 a m; Arrive at Hollis by k.30 n m • Proposals lor twk e-a-wcek service invited. IT.; Pr.uu Brunswick lu West Uaip.well, 13 miles and back, on* e a week. Leave Biuuswiek Saturday at2.30piu, ur on ar rival ot ears: * * Arrive at West narpswell by C p m; Leave West Harpswell Saturday a 9 a ni; Amve at Brunswick by 11.30 a m; Proposals fur three-times-a-week service invited. MUTES. Proposal* must 1h> to carry the mail \i ith “celerity, certainty, and security,” using the teims oi the law, and they must l»e guarantied by two responsible per sons, .certified to as such by a p istmas'er or judge of a court of record. No pay w'ili be made Jor trips not performed, and for each of such omissions not satistaetorily explain ed, three times the pay of the trip ma y be de meted. For arrivals so far behind lime as to break connec tion with depending mails, and not SHtliciently ex cused, one-ton ith <1 the compensation tor the trip Is subject to forfeiture. Fines will in; imposed, unless the delinquency be satistaetorily explained, tor me Icctiug to take the mail from or Into a is,si office lor suffering it to be iidured, destroyed, robbed „r lost : and lor iclosing alter demand, to convey ilm mail a4 frequently as the c ntraetor runs, or i/co reruia m ruuiuatf, vtl.lclc.on the roult. IT.. l-,“ ...ri't.-r Uenorhi inn; ttuuul the contract fcr.lL.liy KSJ5SJS* or theinstr.X.H„;Z ^“ r «» vclwli.k- or denar turts and arri\ais, and also order an increase of set 2SM:,,,Vh'”fcr* prn rata increase on .hr contra* t pay. Ho may ulbo curtail or discontinue the service in whole or in part, aim prorata decrease Jf l^-V allowing one mouth’s extra conijiensnlloii on the amount of sen ice dispensed with. Bids should bo addressed to the “Second Assistant Postmaster Genera*,” superscribed “ Proposals, State oi Maine,” and sent by, mail. For forms of profionb, *£'<•., and other informa tion, sec advertisement of this date, in pamphlet lorn., .1 the pi-rfl* RAKDlAU., fjb 1 dlaw 4\v _ Postmaatoi General. i'/'tf TILJZEUS. l)/ H 1 TONS Cumberland Pure Kaw Bone JUV/ Plios.ol Lime, no Ton* Coe's Phosphate of Lime. «; Ton* K. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. *0 Ion* Idovd's Phosphate ol'Lime. 000 Barrels Lodi Poudrette 300 Barrel* LittlelicfcV* Poudrette. 10U Barrels Fish tiuano. K^*For sale at Manulactiircr'a Prices, liy KENDALL A WHITNEY. Feb 8, 1887. l'e‘M:llnis To Let, THIRD story in the new block over Shaw's Ten Store, Middle Street. Flupiile ol *■ JACOB MoLKLLAN, Oeena I n*n ranee Oflice, Ekchnngo Street. February 1 d3w* _ W’4*Tin>. Agents Wanted! rpHE largest Oom*t«tollBpakJ l)Jr ,hp ■ 4ITVMD Fi HLlaH|K«j C«. Exclusive ;terrilOTy give,, Kor „ Ad dreM* M. C. KICM, Central Ag’t., iebU deodl.n*_R'-nluud, Main*. Wautetl 1'X)LTU or live rooms Ibr a gentleman ami bin wlh> in a good local iou, loi wbicli a lair i«uit wiii » ’ l*u‘d. Apply Ui W. 11. JEiiUIS, Beal festal* febltkllw 'Kent. Wanted. K/k AA/ k FLOUR BARBELS, at Forest OUtV/OO City Sugar ttetimry, West Com men ial, near toot ol Kmery street. Proposals will also be received tor new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may bo seen at the office ot the Company, 10tf| Commercial, at corner ol Union St. fcbUdAwtl T. C. HKh.sEV S TORE W«1JVTER QUIT ABLE for Fancy Goods, Watches, and dew si , r’ eBher on Middle, Congress or Exchange i..reet>'* A r<*ri*<*>‘able price will be paid lor lix tn i ^a ^^°re might be taken if agreeable Wood party in a good location. Address «k<> u a* ^HKnhkR, name Jd ttuSlWtlSalllU' M:,s8- * Flour Barrels Wanted! Office ol the Portlnnd Snifiii-ji Co., 97 1-9 Diinforih Mi., FebSdtf J. B. BItOW N & SONS. Wanted ! AFjii tnor with a capital ol' from three to five thoos - and Dollars, toeuguge in trade where there is a Hie business already established and one of the best locations in the State for < 'ouiitrv trade. With prop er attention to business fifty thousand dollars worth jf goods may be sold m a year to good advantage. Full particulars may he obtained by application to Woodman, True *£ Co,, Shaw Si Haskell, or Stev fiis, Lord, A' Haskell, of Portland. Febbedislf Wanted. MEN AND BOVS TO CALL AT 335 CONGRESS STREET, where they can buy OVERCOATS LESS THAN COST C^ UKMEMBKK THE HIUN..J&3 C ALIFORNIA I'llK A ft* JOHN.*’ Feb 4—d2w Agent n Wanted ! JUST OUT, ParragHl and ,.ur Naval lie r®r«t) by the brilliant and popular Historian, J. T. Ucadly. This is the only work on the Navy In the War, and everybody is buying it. HKORCifc II. ULAKK, GENERAL AGENT, Febl—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. Wanted. A SITUATION by an experienced lad y, as house keejK-r or nurse. Address, Pori land 1*. U., Mra. A. P. fc-’d^w Wanted l Kith ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Ottico IN*, .‘ftftft l-J tougi«-HM aimi. All per sons wishing to sccuro good Girls tor any rc.-pceta blc employment, will tind them at this Office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys tor iiuy work i|| city or country, tree oi charge. Idir Wo want good American, 1'rovinciul, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day lor all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX & POW AltS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, *67. jap m tltf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Floor Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER X CO., Uovl3dtt 130 Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. Lost! A Note ot Hand for Thirty Dollar*, given by N. E. K1DLON to W. NOYES. All per sons are cautioned against purchasing said Note as paym.nt has l>e> n stopped. g. w. Noyes. Portland, Feb. 13, 1*67. teb!4 d3t* LOST! ON Sunday, Feb’y 10, near Pori kind and Green SIn, a kuire Gobi Bosom Pin. The tinder will be rewarded by leaving it at the Otlicc ot the EASTERN EXPRESS CO, Feb 12—ill m * Picked up Adrift ! A LOT of Spars. The owner can have the same by call at Little Cliebeguc Island, proving proper ty and paying charges. telldlw* BOARD AND ROOMS. Boarders Wanted. PLEASANT Rooms with board for gentlemen and their wives. A L to for single gentle men. Apply to GEO. MpLELLAN. No. 4 Locust st. t’cblldiw* To Let. A Suit ot rooms suitable for Gent and Wile, with board at Gt> Clark Street. Feb5dlt To be Let. 1 PLEASANT unfmnisited rooms witliout hoard, suitable lor geuUciueu and their wives. En quire at No. 5 South street, between » and 11 A. M. each day. janSdtf For Sale Cheap. 40 M feOt extra Southern Pine, inch thick and from 5 to* indict* wide. 10 M 1J inch «lo, 12 to 11 in width. B. DGKBINfi, iandott Hobson's Wharf. Comm n tel tH EORGE COAL. JUST arrived per sell Clinton, a cargo of Fresh mined Cumber laud Coal Irom the Hampshire Mines, Piedmont, Va. This Coal is very nice and warranted to suit. Those wishing to purchase largo lots, will tind it to their advantage to give us a call. HA.MOALL, JHcALIhTGB A C O., OO Iona menial Mirrei, Head of Maine Wharf, tebfl d inside 2w Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 nn j « JCBOICB NIKW I KOI’ Jant lanital hum brig “Hyperion,'' for Half by THOS. AS EX CIO a* CO.. feMiUwia CUSTOM UOITSK WHAKK. MISS SE W ALL, WILLUIVE LESSONS IV Lead Pencil and Crayon Drawing * 5 And also instruct classes so desiring, in the Elements ot Design, after Dr. Ki miner's method, at *t:If Cougress Street, six doors above Casco, up stairs.— Entrance through the store. Apply every day hut Saturday. Jn8Mtf S - a O 'm Ml X VMM.M .V tm Ml II -iAib 7 - :i o ’ M , —BV— W. H. WOOD & SON. Feb 9— d2w For Sale cheap. Orir'ir'l cleak pine pickets. II. T. MACHlN, iM.H—itlw_Head Galt Wharf. FURNITURE ! Bioii/hI Store Stools, lJ/ihoistered ax Desired, May be lound at the FURNITURE WARER0031S Of the undersigned. CHAS. B. WHITTEMORE, Lancaster Hull. Feb 12—dtf for sale. ONE high pressure, horizontal St.niu Engine, with Cylinder If* un ties diameter, 44 inch stroke —Iron bed and heavy tty wheel. Two due Boilers 19 in. diaincler^to feet long with two dues in each 13 in. diameter. The whole is complete in all its parts, au«l in good order, ami will be sold at a bargain. Apply to T. M. \% lv«I O V Or the l*orilau«l 4 onipim f. Portland, Feb. 2, I8t»7. tel*5 d30d ed I’llOTOGIlAIMIS ! . • E. S. WORM ELL Ibrmcrly No. ‘.Ml Middle street, takes pleasure in ati nouiu-in^ be will on TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1H«7, open bin, NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. !H« ('nncrws si reel I Opposite Nrchnit,. llall.l thc°|r.ubilc"U1 60 ‘,leait''t to wait 0,1 hiB "lends and Oraieful tbr east patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a renewal ol the same Persons wishing tor VIKHT CLANS PICT IKgg of all rtyles and siies arc invited to call. Picture* colored is Oil, Water f(|tn ■ ■din lak ky of the best Artiala la Ike State. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions g*r-All work warranted to give satialketion N. B—Work done for PhoU>itrat.her« ... , e Colors at reasonable rate. jaiVJd V*