Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 15, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 15, 1867 Page 3
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14TEST news BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ---- Friday Morning, February 15. 1867. -- - LEGISLAT(JRE OF MAINE. (special dispatch to the phebs.J State House, Augusta, Feb. 14. SENATE. The Committee on Judiciary reported on order relating to an amendment to the Consti tution, so as to give the right ot suffrage to both sexes, that legislation thereon is inexpedient. Report of Committee on Education that the petitioners for State aid to Harpswell Acade my, also to Paris Hill Academy, have leave to withdraw. Mr. Mason reported bill an act to incorporate the town of Mars Hill. Mr. Holbrook reported bill an act to incor porate the Saco and Boston Steamboat Com pany. Mr. Hobbs, from the Committee on Division of Towns, reported act to set off a part of town of Frankfort and annex the same to Wiuter port. The same was ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr. Weld, bill an act to amend section 142 of chapter C, of the revised statutes, relating to collection of taxes in incorporated places on land of non-resident owners, was taken from the table and passed to be engross ed. This bill provides that the Town Treasur ers shall publish a list of uou-resideDt taxes unpaid, in the county papers where the land is located. The bill passed to engrossed by nearly a unanimous vote. i un ncnate voteu not to concur witn me House in indefinitely postposing the bill to re move disability to marry between persons of different races, and voted to insist. The law remains as it is. The following acts passed to be enacted: Act to make valid the doings of the town of Rich mond, and to authorize said town to issue its bonds; act to incorporate the Maine Ship Build ers and Ship Owners Association; act toiucor porte the town of Glenwood; act to incoporate the Portland Stone Ware Company; act in ad dition to an act to incorporate the Bangor Oil Company; act creating the Oxford village cor poration. HOUSE. An act empowering the Supreme Judicial Court to grant divorce to Franklin Symonds passed two several readings. Report of Committee on Normal School was ordered to be printed with accompanying re solves. Report of Committee on Agriculture was presented, authorizing the payment of six hun dred twenty-five dollars to Henry Treedy for cattle killed iu the year eighteen hundred six ty-two, to prevent the spread of the cattle dis ease. An act extending the time within which cer tain banks shall redeem their bills, was passed to be engrossed. Bill an act to annex the town of Danville to the town of Auburn came up on its passage to be engrossed. Mr. Brown, of Hampden, moved to amend by leaving the matter to the voters of the two towns. The discussion upon this amend ment took a very wide range, and was partici pated in by Messrs. Brown, Shepley, Hale, Tyler, Oak and Monroe of Rockland, for the amendment, and Messrs. Holland, Stevens, Wakefield and Frye against it. The amend ment was adopted by a vote of 69 to 49. The discussion was of an exciting character, and listened to by a full house. The opponents to the annexation were delighted at the result. [to the associated press.] Mr. N. G. Hitchborn will leave for Washing ton this forenoon, bearing the Memorial of the Shipbuilder’s Convention of Maine. EUROPE. NEWS B V THE CABLE. Rumored Rising of the Fenians. The Liverpool Locks to be Blown up. FENIAN TROOFS MARCHING TO WARDS KENMAHK. Liverpool, Feb. 13. The steamship North Americau, from Port land, has arrived out. London, Feb. 13. The liberal organs generally denounce the plan of reform announced by Mr. D’lsraeli on Monday afternoon in the House of Commons. An American ship has left a Spanish port, bound to Candia, lor the purpose of removing suffering families of Christians from the Is land. It is reported that Ismael Pacha, the Viceroy oi Egypt, demands that he be made virtually independent of the Sublime Porte. More trouble is expected at Liverpool. Sym pathizers with the Fenians say the docks there are to be blown up. The newspapers ridicule the Fenian scare in Chester, ana say the crowd of strangers there only went to see a prize fight. 1 n Parliament last evening the fact was stat ed by the Government that Lord Elcho bad re ceived a telegraphic dispatch from Lord Gros venor, commanding the Chester volunteers, saying that the affair was serious, and timely information, it was thought, had saved the town. Berlin, Feb. 13. Ill the election which took place yesterday for a member of the North German Parliament, the liberals carried this city. Florence, Feb. 13. By a decree of King Victor Emmanuel, the exisiting Italian Parliament, which had been previously prorogued, is dissolved, and elec tions for a new Parliament are ordered to take place on the 10th of March next. Chester, Eng., Feb. 13. The Fenian demonstration here amounted to nothing. The city is full of troops. The Fen ians have gone. No arrests were made. The Fenians could have taken Chester ou Monday, but waited for co-operative movements in other quarters, which failed. Dublin, Feb. 13. Seventy supposed Fenians were arrested yes terday on the arrival of the mail boat from Holyhead. New Yohk, Feb. 14. The Herald’s special cable dispatch, dated Dublin. Feb. 14, says news has reached here that the Fenians assembled this morning at Kilarney and marched towards Keumarr.— Tropps with artillery have beeusentin pursuit Political Affairs in Southwestern Virginia. Radical Republican Demon stration. New York, Feb |14. A dispatch received in this city lfom Rich mond, Va., states that there is a very strong feeling of Radical Republicanism developing itself in the southwestern portion of Virginia, particularly in the counties bordering on North Carolina. In Carroll county an organi zation known as the “ Red Strings,” recently held a meeting at Hillsville, which was ad dressed by an ex-rebel officer. He proclaimed their affiliation to the radical party at the North; denounced the present Legislature as disloyal, and advocated the adoption of the Constitutional Amendment. He demanded that they should have repre sentatives who would adopt that document, and was particularly severe in his strictures upon the President, who, he said, should he impeached and removed before there could be any security for Union men in the country.— They then paraded through the streets on horseback and on foot, numbering about live hundred, carrying the UDited States Hag, and were very expressive in their demonstrations of loyalty to the present Congress. They adopted resolutions calling for a large meeting of the organization at a future day, when they will take measures to make known their grievances to Congress, with a view to procure immediate action for their protection and relief. c—Cl Naminalian* far Congress. „ _ „ ,, Bridge pout, Conn., Feb. 14. Hon. 1 . r. Barnuni was to-day unanimously nominated as the Republican candidate for Congress from the fourth Congressional dis trict. Hartford, Ct., Feb. 14. The Republicans of the first Congressional district met in this city to-day, and renomin ate! the Hon. Henry C. Doming lor Congress by acclamation. Mr. Doming has been twice victorious in his run for Congress, and bis re nominatiou to-day gives the liest of satisfaction to liis constituents. Resolutions were adopted approving the Republican State platform, and the course of Mr. Doming on reconstruction. Tile Democratic Convcntimi for the second Congressional district, assembled in Meriden to-day, and nominated Julius Hotchkiss, of Middletown, as the Democratic candidate lor Congress. C. M. Ingersoll and James Galla gher, of New Haven, two aspirants for the nomination, were thrown overboard, and there was much ill feeling in consequence, The res olutions passed were of a similar character to those by the late Democratic Convention in this city. The Uni Auburn Murder—Arraignment of Ilnrrir and Vrrrill. Lewiston, Feb. 14. Clifton Harrie (colored) and Lutlier J. Ver rill (white) were arraigned this forenoon before Police Judge Smith of this city, on a warrant charging them witli being the murderers ot Mrs. Kinsley and Miss Caswell, on the 17th of January. Harrie pleaded guilty, and Verrill not guilty, and the latter also waived a prelim inary examination; whereupon both prisoners were remanded to Auburn jail for trial before the Supreme Judicial Court in this county, on the fourth Tuesday of next April. Serious Accident. Boston, Feb. 14. A lad named Michael Ryan, aged 13 years, w as run over on Broadway, South Boston, by a horse ear, cutting off’ both of his legs above the kneys. B mJX U0NOBG3S-3P00UI) SESSION WamUNOWU, iTeb. 14. SENATE. The Senate has postponed all business and taken up the League Island bill. Mr. Dixon is addressing the Senate in a lengthy speech, at the close of which it is thought a vote will be taken. Among other bills reported was one from the Committee on Territories, to regulate the se ! lection of Grand and Petit .1 units in the Ter ritory of Utah, with an amendment, in the nature of a substitute, which, among other provisions, abolishes the rank of Lieutenant General of the militia, establishes the names of parties who may solemnize marriage, and maikes polygamy illegal. Mr. Grimes moved to postpone all prior or ders and take up the League Island bill, which was done. The credentials of Messrs. Ross and Pome roy, as Senators elect from Kansas, were pre sented, the former for the balance of the uu expired term of Mr. Lane, deceased, and the latter for six years from March 4th. Mr. Dixon opposed the selection of League .Island, and was in favor of the appointment of a Commission to select a site. mr. romeroy also spoK6 to tile same effect The amendment of Mr. Sumner, for the ap poiniuiuiit of a Commission, was rejected, 15 to 25. The bill was then passed by a vote of 27 to 17. A conference Committee on the bill to regu late the tenure of office, was agreed to. The Louisiana bill was taken up and read a second time. Mr. Sumner said the bill came up for consid eration, and he should offer an amendment consisting of three sections. The first repeals all rebel legislation, beginning with the ordi nance of secession, except such as may he necessary to keep the Government in motion, if there he any such. The second annuls the intermediate decrees ot the Courts, and gives certain powers to them. The third requires an oath to snpport a Republican form of Govern ment. He said he had attempted to set forth what we ought to require of all persons in the rebel States, as articles of faith before they can be admitted to the privileges of citizen ship. Mr. Wade consented to a postponement of the Louisiana bill till to-morrow. Intbenieau tune the bill is to be printed with amendments. The House bill to establish military govern ments in the rebellious States was then taken up and ordered to be priuted. The compound interest note funding bill was taken up. An amendment was agreed to in creasing the amount authorized from *80.000. 000 to *100,000,000. Mr. Shenuan stated that *110,000,000 of these notes matured and must be provided for this year. The bill was passed and goes to the House. The Senate then took a recess until 7 1J. M. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Wilson called up the House bill to estal lish and protect national cemeteries, which was passed as amended. A number of private pension bills were passed, also the bill to authorize a submerged tubular bridge across the Mississippi at St. Louis. Adjourned. HOUSE. The Senate amendments to the post office appropriation bill were concurred in. On motion of Mr. Schenck, the Senate bill to regulate the tenure of certain civil officers was taken from the table, the Senate having refused to concur in the House amendments making the bill apply to Cabinet officers. The House insisted on Us amendments and asked for a committee of conference. On motion of Mr. Rice, of Maine, the Presi dent was requested to transmit copies of the correspondence relating to Cadiz wines, or haviug reference to the action oi our Consul at Cadiz in refusing to certily invoices of wine shipped from that port. Atter other unimportant business the House took up the bill reported January 15th from the select committee on the war debts of the loyal States who furnished troops to the Union army for advances made ana expenses incurred in raising the same. In answer to a question of Mr. Delano, Mr. Blaine stated that the bill authorized the is sue of 5 per cent, stock, not negotiable for twenty years, lor *115,000,000. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, moved to lay the mo tion to reconsider the vote to recommit the bill, on the table, which was rejected, yeas 72, nays 75. The vote to recommit was reconsidered and the bill came before the House for action. Mr. Blaine withdrew his motion to recom mit. Mr. Randall, of Pennsylvania, moved to lay the bill on the table. Rejected; yeas 64, nays Mr. Thayer moved to refer the hill to the Ways and Means Committee. Agreed to, 81 to 44. The House then proceeded to call commit tees for reports. Mr. Paine. from the Committee on Militia, reportee a bill to prove for organizing the army and disciplining the militia. The Clerk then proceeded to read the bill, which covers thirty-four printed pages. Some amendments were then offered by Mr. Paine and agreed to. Tho morning hour having expired, the Speak er presented executive communications. The House then went into a Committee of the Whole on the tax bill. There was considerable discussion on the motion of Mr. Ward, of Kentucky, to strike out the paragraph increasing distillers’ licen ses from *100 to *500. Before reaebiug a vote, the House took a recess til) 7.30 P. M. EVENING SESSION. On reassembling, the House immediately went into committee ol the whole and resum nd the consideration of the amendatory tax bill. Mr. Ward's amendment was agreed to and distillers’ licenses remain at *100. Mr. Humphrey moved to strike out the par agraph which limits to the 30th of April next, the right of gas companies to add the tax to the price chargee to consumers. After debate the motion was agreed to and the paragraph stricken out. Mr. Myers moved to substitute for the taxes proposed by the committee, ou cigars, cheroots and cigarettes, a specific tax of *5 per thou sand. Without acting on the amendment, the House at 10 P. M. adjourned. New Verb Item*. New York, Feb. 14. S upt rintendent Kennedy appeared before Justice Dowling iu the Tombs Police Court yesterday to answer to a complaint for libel, preferred against him by Justice Michael Con nolly. The Superintendent waived an exam ination and after some sharp words between him and Mr Connolly, the necessary papers were signed and he left the Court. The charges against him will be sent to the Grand Jury. Lieut. Mastersnn, detective, arrived here this morning from Kichmond, Va., having in cus tody Edward H. Weylen, the clerk who com mitted the turneries on the Erie Railroad. He has confessed the crime, and implicates a large number of officials and clerics connected with the road. Some curious facts in the ease of the steam er Cuyler, seized here a few days since, have been developed. She was sold to the Columbia Government, but her owners wero not to re ceive pay for her until she was delivered in Laguayra, Venezuela In the meantime con spiracy was wormed on board untier the lead of an ex-rebel officer named Read, to turn her into a Chilian privateer when out to sea. The owners are now satisfied Hurt tjiey would have lost their vessel b.nt for the interference of the United Stales authorities. Collector Smyth has been directed to deliver the steamer R. R. Cuyler to her owuers on ex ecuting a bond that she shall not be used for hostilities against any nation at peace with the United Stales, At a fire at 177 East 11th street this forenoon Win. Ruusop, John Peers and Wui. O’Niell, firemen, were dangerously injured by falling from a ladder. The executive committee of the American Free Trade League are making arrangements for a graud demonstration in this city in favor of free trade, which will take place in a few days. Bf«r«c five Flood at the Went. Chicago, Feb. 14. Advices from Iowa say that the rain storm was furious west of Dubuque, flooding the prairies and breaking up the rivers. The long bridge at Dyersville has been swept away. A portion of the Illinois Central Railroad bridge, at Galena, has also been swept awuy. The breakwater was also injured. At Aurora, 111., the Island was submerged, covering the first floor of the business houses, and compelling families to leave their„liouscs. Kansas City, Feb. 14. The railroad bridge across the Republican river at Fort Riley was carried away by high water this morning, taking with it ,teu men who were endeavunng to make it secure. Part of the bridge was secured at Wainugu. No uvea were lost. Other bridges across the rivers in that section are in imminent danger. The Missouri at this point has risen three leet siuee morning, aud is still rising, Destructive Fires. rru ... .. . Cincinnati, Feb. 13. The publishing house ol the Miami Printing Company was burned this morning. The Eresses were saved in a damaged condition.— oss $35,000; insured $20,000. San Francisco, Feb. 14. A fire this morning on Mission street, be tween Second and Third streets, destroyed eight or ten wooden buildings. Chicago, 111., Feb. 14. A very destructive fire occurred at Oswego, III., on Saturday night, by which several houses were destroyed. _ Various Hems. T. Chicago, 111., Feb. 14. namei Lee, Coffi n and Howe rJ?*Jed yesterday, charged with forging of *46 000 ’IOWa cuullt.V, bonds to the amount The ’warm weather of the past few days has produced freshets in severu/ streams tu this State. Considerable damage has already been done. J Kansas Legislature Topeka, Kan., Feb. U. The Senate' has adopted the House joint re solution to amend the Constitution by striking out the words “white” awl “male, with an amendment making intelligence the basis of The flood on the Ottawa river is very high, and several bridges have been washed away. Marine Disaster. The steamship Cuba aridved^oi’i^ILivana this afternoon. Among the paisenge” were Capt. Rice and six of (he crew of tlmschooner John Duvauce, Bristol, l‘a„ abandoned iT£a She was abandoned Jan. 17 lot 62.14. The captain and crew were’ rtt^& the bark Isacc Rich, and carried into Havana Canadian A flair , , , Monthkal, Feb. 14. * ertihcations for the protection of the citv are aeon to .be commenced. Advices from England state that four regi ments are to be withdrawn from Canada on the opening of navigation, MtCXiCtt' Rumors of Maximilian Leaving for Europe. French Preparations for Embarkation. ANOTHER IMPERIAL GEN ERAL EXECUTED. Capture of Tehuantepec. New York, Feb. 14. The Herald has the following special: Havana, Feb. 8, via Baltimore Feb. 4. — The English steamer Solent, from Vera Cruz 3d inst., arrived here yesterday. A correspondent says that Maximilian will leave the City of Mexico immediately, or has already left, for a point where he will embark for Europe. The French are continuing their prepara tions for embarkation, aud look for the arrival of a large fleet of transports. Profiero Dias is to occupy the City of Mex ico after its evacuation by Marshal Huzaiue, and he is now approaching the capital. A circular issued by Bazaine, announces that all Frenchmen who join the Mexican army, disfranchise themselves, etc. Earquez wants money and demands $<10,000 from the Mexican merchants of Vera Cruz. The Prefect suggests that the American, English and other merchants should bo levied upon as well as Mexicans. Miramou and Marqueze will be obliged to leave the country for their own safety. , San Francisco, Fob. 13. The steamship Golden City from t Panama, with passengers, which left New York Janu ary 21st, has arrived. Mexican news has been received from Aca pulco to February 2d. Gen. Alvarez' forces were in the immediate vicinity of tbelCity of Mexico. i The Imperial General Paulding Gomez La inida had bean shot. Gen. Pafiro had taken Tehuantepec, and continued his operations in the direction of l uebla. He had exchanged the French pris oners for Liberals, but the Austrian prisoners remaiued on his hands. Acapulco was still occupied by the Imperi alists. r It was expected that the French squadron would positively sail on the 30th. WASHINGTON 00REESP0NDEN0E. Mr, Eliot's Louisiana Bill. Compound. Interest Notes Out standing. The President Anxious to Meet Congress Half Way. New York, Fob 14. A Washington special says it is believed that Mr. Eliot’s Louisiana government bill will pass the Senate belore the close of the week. The whole amount, principal aud interest, of compound interest notes outstanding is $170,820,861. Principal aud interest falling due in 1807 $119,006422. The repost that Gen. Dix is receiving the sal aries of both Naval Officer and Minister to France is denied ou the best authority. The Post’s special says several Conserative Republicans had an interview with the Presi dent last evening. The 1'ri-sideut seemed anx ious to meet Congress half way, but no plan was suggested which both narties could en dorse. The Commercial’s special says the. leading Republicans mauilcst a disposition to apply the provisions of the Louisiana bill to all the rebel States, and thus supercede a general recon struction bill. The plan involves the amend ment of the military government bill in the Senate, so as to carry out the provisions of the Louisiana bill. Foreign News per Mlcniuer. New York, Feb. 14. The steamship City of Baltimore, from Liv erpool 30th, via Queenstown 31st.ult., has ar rived. Among the passengers are Hon. John Bigelow aud family. A weekly newspaper, devoted to the inter ests of America and the Americans, is to be established in London to be culled the Ameri can. It iiqto be a first class journal of the form of the Spectaor. Loss of the Mtcumakip City of Bnlh. Charleston, Feb. 14. Four men, lately belonging to the crew of the Steamship City of Bath, arrived here from Georgetown this evening. They report their steamer burned at sea on Sunday morning off Cape Hatteras. Of twenty-six persons on board, all are believed to be lost excepting these four. The City of Bath was ou her way from Boston to Savannah. From Washington. Washington, Feb. 14 The Secretary of the Treasury has issued a circular to stop the indiscriminate and unnec essary use of the telegraph in the transaction of business of the department. All officers of the Treasury are instructed to use the telegraph when the public interests require it. Pennsylvania Legislature. Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 14. The joint legislative committee of investiga tion to-day reported that they had been unable to find any evidence of corruption or bribery on th“ part of any person in connection .with the late Senatorial election. Railraad Accident. Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 14. An accident occurred ou the railroad this morning near Watsontown, caused by a brok en rail. Several cars were thrown down the hank of the caual, injuring a number of pas sengers. From Man Francisco. San Francisco, Feb. 14. Robert Hinsmore, Treasurer of Sutler coun ty, absconded ou the 10th inst., being a default er for $12,000. Legal Tenders 74. New York Legislature. Albany, N. V., Feb. 14. The Assembly has been engaged to-day and evening ou the bill calling a convention to re vise the Constitution. The bill was finally made a special order for the 24th. TUG MARK GTS. VinaHCint. _ .. , „ , Nkw Yobk, Feb. 14. - Gol.l 4eoltned to 1*H at the dose. Canli Gold was nrpt mupcd flat, but afterwards as high as 4 m r cent, was paid to have it carried. Governments strong and in lair demand, closing at the morning's advance.— Stocks heavy and lower at the last open board, with pressure to sell. After the call liric was weak, and the entire market was unsettled. Mining stocks ac tive and steady. New York Market. New York, Feb. 14. Cotton—rather heavy hut prices are without decid ed change; sales 1,300 bales; Middling uplands at Flour—dull and 10 @ 20c lower; sa»es5,300 bids.; State at 8 90 @ 11 05. Hound hoop Ohio 10 90 io> 13 00; Western at 8 90 ^ 12 20. Southern sales at 10 GO @ 16 5o. Wheat—very dull and 3 @ 5c lower; sales of 7,000 bush. Milwaukee No. 2 at 2 3». White Canada at 3 25. Corn—1 @ 2c lower; sales 51,000 bush. Mixed West ern at 1 08J Q 1 09 Yellow Jersey, new, at 108 @ Oats—dull and lc lower; sales 28,000 hush. West ern at 59 (*£ 62c. State at 67 (a) 68c. i Pork—a shade lower; sales new mess at 20 62; old do. at 15 62. Lard—heavy. Whiskey—steady. Sugars—thirly active; sales of 260 hhds. Muscovado at Uc. Havana, 100 boxes at 10c 2. Coffee—dull. Molasses—steady. Naval Stores—.lull. Petroleum—dull; sales crude at 18 @ 184c; refined bonded at 27 (w 30c. Tallow—heavy. Freights to Liverpool—active. Chicago Market*. Chicago, Feb. 14. F lour dull. Wheat dull and neglected; sales No 2 at 1 834 (o> 1 814, closing dull at the inside price. C'oru ojiened active but declined IJc, closing dull at 81c.— Oats quiet. Provisions inactive and almost nominal, with small sales. Mess Pork at 18 50. Humps 15 00" Sweet pickled hams 10} @ 11c. Dressed hogs in light supply, the season being nearly over. Tlio inarkot is i ather unsettled; sales range from 7 25 to 7 95, princi pally at 7 40 to 7 60. Live hogs firmer ut 5 (a) lOe ad vance, under an active packing and shipping demand; sides range from 6 05 to 7 00 for ordinary to extra choice lots. Heccipts—4,700 bbls. flour, 75,600 bush, wheat, 19,000 bush, corn, 8,000 bush, oats, 1.900 hogs. Shipments— 3,500 bbls. flour, 6,000 bush, wheat. Milwaukee Market*. Milwaukee, Feb. 13. Mess pork at 18 SO; extra prime 14 00. < umber land cut middles 8jc. Short middles, rib in, 10c.— 1 ickled hams l0$c. Dry salted shoulders 74c. Prime lard 12c. Freight to New York, fc> 100 lbs., 80c.— Dressed hogs, p 100 lbs. net. 7 50. Heccipts ol hogs to-day 500. No. 2 Spring Wheat, in store, subject to 4c p bush, storage to 20tl» of April next, 1 94. Cincinnati MarkclM. M , „ . Cincinnati, Feb. 14. Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat firmer and in light supply; No. 1 Spring at 2 40 @ 2 12. Com dull; No. 1, in elevator, COe; do. iu sacks 7. c. Oats dull; No. 1 at 50c. Rye unchanged; No. 1 at 1 23. Barley unchanged and dull; prime tcllto 1 65. Whiskey is steady at 2Gc in bond. Provisions inactive and prices nominally unchanged. Butter and cheese steady and unchanged. Gold 196|. San Francisco Market. San Francisco, Feb. 13. The Flour and Wheat markets are unchanged.— Legal tenders 733. Commercial—Per Cable. London, Feb. 13, Evening. Lon solh for money closed at 91. oi^iMERlc;VN Securities.—The following are the c^8of American securities: Erie Railway 5-SS73}:' lllinoi8L'eutral shares 81|. United States lino oil Frankfort, Feb. 13, Evening. 7^Umted States 5-20 bonds closed t his evening at ern. Provisions—Tallow 44s for American! Serf 60s. Bacon 43s for middles. Prodiu e-l|ln' 1 ,\ , 37s lOd. Spirits Turpentine 38s. Pet roleuin—reim* 1 Pennsylvania and Canada White Is Gd. New York Stock Market. New York, Feb. 14. Stocks—The stock market closed excited and still lower. American Gold.13G U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons; 18G2.109 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,18G4.107 K g- Five-Twenties, cougHms, 1865,.107 H* « F,ive-1 wenties, coupons new issue.105 U. S. J en-Forties, coupons....,101 t Ul *MivX j**J i*. 8* Itev*?*i I rntm* N'tm. t •,n,, M,:, t:,,,, low V. » Seven Thirties,3d Buries. . 105} Missouri SIxps.#2 Western Union Telegraph,... 431 Erie,.50$ Erieipreferred. 72* Hudson. Heading... l(M| Michigan Ceuti<tl,. ion Michigan Southern,.”!!!!!!!!!!! 73 Illinois Central,,.115} Cleveland & Pittsburg..831 Chicago & North Western,.3c} Chicago <& North Western, preferred,. 67 Pittsburg & Fort Wayne.. 97} Pacific Mail.152} Boston Stock Lint. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 14. American Gold. 137} U nited States 7 3 -lOths, 1st series. 106 “ small. 106 “ 2d series. 1*52 “ 3d series. lo5} United States 5-20s, 1862. 107 July, 1865. lor.| “ small. 106 “ registered. 105} United States Ten-forties. 10l| lSales at Auction.] Eastern Kail road. 107} Western I railroad. 136} Bang. «r City Sixes, 1875,. ur.| Calais City Sixes, 1876 . 02 Brighteu Market. Brighton, Feb. 13. At market tor the current week: Cattle, 1 61: Sheep ami Lands, 6918; Swine,—; number of Western rattle, 1113; Eastern Cattle, 39; Working Oxen and Northern Cattle, 209; Cattle left over from last week, 00. Tricks. Beet Cattle—Extra$13 25@$1350; first quality $12 50 @ $13 00; second quality $1100 @ $12 00; third quality $9 50 @ $lu 50 4* 100 lbs (the to tal weight of hides, tallow and dressed beef). Country Hides, 9 @ 9Jc 4* lb; Country Tallow, 7 @ 7) 4> lb. Brighton Hides, 10 @ 11c $>* tt>; Brighton Tallow, 7A @ 8Jc 4* lb. Lamb Skins, $1 25 @ $1 75 4>Skin; Sheep Skins, $1 25 @ $1 75 each. Calf Skins, 17 @20c lb. The supply of Cattle from the West is mostly of an ordinary grade. There are but a lew extra Beeves in market. Trices remain unchanged from our last quo tations, and trade lias been dull. Most ol tlio Western Cattle got in on Saturday, and a good portion of them were sold ou Monday. There are but nff< w Eastern Cattle in market this week, most ot which sold tor Beef, there being but a lew Working Oxen among them. Stores—There aw but a few Stores brought to mar ket at this season of the year, except Working Oxen and Milch Cows. Most ot the small cattle are sold lo slaughter. Working Oxen—Sales $145, $185, $190, $218, $235, $245. The supply in market is small, and there is a good demand tor workers. Milch Cows—Sales extra $80 @ $110; ordinary $05 @ $75; Store Cows $:t5 @ $50. Trices of Mili-h Cows depend altogether upon the lancy of the purchaser. There are but a few’ extra Cows in market. Sheep and Lambs—Trade is dull. Most ot the Western Sheep were taken at a commission. We quote sales at $2, $2 25, $2 50, $3, $3 50, $4, $5. 4* bead, and 3 to 8c Ib. ’ ’ ’ r Swine—None at market. A FULL SUPPLY Boy’s Olotliing' ! AT THE New England Clothing Com., ‘J8 Market Nquarr. de8d3in E. LEVEEN & CO. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the late Dr. Charles W. Thomas, are requested to make immediate pay ment to the uiidersigued, who is duly authorized to collect the same. Office No. 188 Fore Street, over Canal National Bank, llouse No. 55 Dau forth Street, corner of State Street. GEORGE A. THOMAS. February 2,18G7. codlvv Patent Rights for Sale! ■y^E have just ta^en out Letters Patent for a ^KID for supporting Hilda ami Barrels, which is pronoun ced by Grocers and others, to be JUST THE THING, and arc now ottering territory for sale, and want to introduce tbeui into market. We will give an Active, Mtirring Man, a Rood Trade. Several Counties in this State yet remain unsold, including Cumberland. We will sell any State but Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Connecticut. Patent runs Seventeen years. Address, immediately »OANE A ItlltK, Patentees. Brewer, Me., Feb. 11, 18G7. tcbl.'tdlw* DK. IIOI'KIW Catarrh Troches! Will Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, bronchitis, and all ejections >g' the Throat. Publie Speakcm and Niu£ern umc them. Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sea »'aptains, all use them with the best results. Aiming the hundreds ol thousands who have used them, ( lu re is but one voice and that of approval. They invariably pro mote digestion, and relieve kidney Affections. Just try oue box and you will be convinced. PREPARED BY E. B. HOPKINS, M. D., 149 Wa»hiii£ton Mircct, Boston, Mass. Wholesale Agents for Maine,— w. F. Phillips & Co., 1 , Nathan Wood, ! Porfl^nd. Sold at Retail by all Druggists. febl3d&wlw* NOTICE. rjlHOSE sufl'ering from that terrible malady Chills 1 and Fever, wiio have hitherto been unable to find a remedy, will do well t>> write to me, as I have a sale and < ertain cure, which 1 will tarnish to the atliicted lor hve dollars. Address CYRUS LOWELL. Stevens* Plains, Westbrook, Me. January 25,18»>7. eodGw* Notice. PERSONS clearing the ruina or digging cellars will Wild a good place to deposit their rubbish on franklin Wharf. septlU dtt S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. Notice to Land Holders. MR O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 18GG aug20dtf Auy Person Building', OH about to build, wishing to let part of a bouse at a fair lent, apply to _feblUdaw*_«H,” Box 1941. Kcboouer lor Sale, The fine white oal*' hml coi,T)cr-hisl>ned %o„ner IDA MtHtTON. jj u-i‘,u tons new measurement, well mumi and adapted for the Coasting or . .. ‘Fishing business, is now offered for Kale by the Eastern Packet Oo. For particulars enquire o . nol44 M. N. i;fcu, jamiSdlf No. :i i^j, wharf. Westbrook Seminary. THE SPRING TERM commences February 27tli. fet>13d&w2w _M OJVEY. Worn and Torn Currency and Greenbacks Bought at the Horse It. R. Otlice. by ja2fkltl 191. O. PAM9HIR. Photographs! Photographs! A. s. DAVIS, WOULD respectfully iutorm his former customer and the public generally, that lie is now locat ed at No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where lie would be happy to receive all those wishing tor Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE* janl4—3m* Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fact that more than 4 O Of their Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the late lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY A WATERHOUSE Middle Street, Portland, Or at HO fimlburj' Hired, Boston. IST’Secoiid-hand Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15—HNlslw in each ino&adv remainder of time. Dr. Chaussier’s Empress. A CELEBRATED ft French I preparation (r FOR THE

r hair r v I3F"]Free from Po iwon - fit-'// ous Minerals or InjurI yz ffloun Drugs. IT IN NOT A DVC > B Sf *11 will*not soil tlie ^ finest linen'. It will ant gum the hair! Is tree from tlie disagreeable smell <>l sulphur! ll. relieves the scalp of diutdrulf and un pleasant irritation! Prevents the hair from tailing oft’, even oiler levers! t'auses the new hair to grow on bahl heads when fallen oft'from dir,eases. It will Kestorc Gray hair ti its natural color, or the money will he refunded in every instance. Sold by ('KOSUAN & OO, Druggists and Def ers in Fancy Goods, «Xre.,305 Congress, 4 doors from Crown St, Portland, Me. feltd^w Bricks and Foundation Stone for SALFt nooo(t,is™ bricks. ' i.... ... Common Bricks. "O* Perth I'OaaiMlaaiou Ntoiar. 1». S. WOOD, „ , O ,At ,7nllN B. PROCTER’S OFFICE. I cb 8—eotlilw* For Sale. J . Schooner “Hattie Ross,” 184 linns ohl jbli measurement, built in 1858 of the very //T f best material, hard wood bottom anil w iiilc oak top, coppered, sails, rigging k "■mr-ainl spars in first rate condition, and well found everyway, and ready lor business. „ , ROSS & STURDIVA NT, ^ tool la it_ 73 Commercial f Itreet. oilsToilsT Lubricating and Illuminating WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. la. P. IlriiWIl. Jau28d4w* N«. AOO Pure Ns reel. Clove Anodyne. fplIAT remarkable specific lor Toothaehe and Its „ associated ncuraliries, prepared by us ouly, ran “ tarnished to consumers or to the trade in quantities to suit, at our establishment, 348 CONOKKM8 NTBKBT, febl3l*3t J. R. JLUNT H CO, j'ii.iVxi'irfcjffl'i'itli, THE PRESS ITor 1807. With the opening ot the new year we presented to the readers of the DAlILY PEE88, A Paper Enlarged la the Hizr af the largcai New Euglaud JDuilic*. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of between three and four columns to its size. This additional space w ill be devoted to de tails ot important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay, such as we have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of the pai»er thus enlarged will be, its past history will show. The Press was es tablished primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine. It was impossible for the con trolling party of the State to remain voiceless in this city. The Press will continue to defend the principles of the Liberal party of America. The war has closed one great cycle in our national history—thft cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up side by side, a period of jealousy and conflict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We have entered on a state of transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most of us amici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which w ill secure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is settled light. We must have de mocracy at the South as w ell as at the North—equal rights for all secured by equal laws, freedom of s|>eech, freedom of the press, impartial suffrage. Ot the profouud convictions of the Republican party of Maine, the PRES&will remain a faithful exponent. The present year w ill probably witness the exten sion of the telegraph round the world. The comple tion ot that great enterprise will compel a change, which lias already begun, in the management ot newspapers. The leading features of the world’s history will be registered from day to day by the tel egraph. The expense of .special dispatches from all parts of the world will prove too great for single newspaiiers, and correspondence will regain some thing ot its old importance. Newspaper associations or news agents will assume the task of furnishing the daily dispatches, while correspondents w ill fur nish details, explanations and illustrations, by mail. The Atlantic telegraph has already destroyed the system by which our foreign news has for years been furnished by steamer, and already ttie Tribune has its special correspondents established in almost every capital in Europe. We cannot rival the feats o New York joutpiaiisin but we must be governed by the same considerations. We have engaged Regular Corresponded! In in Waslaiagtoo, New If ark, Bonttu and Aaguxta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the State. During the session of the legislature, we shall publish Special UispatnlicK from Augusta every morning, furnishing a synop sis of the previous day’s proceedings. To the people of Maine, and especially to people who have business lclations with Portland, we hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outside of the State can possibly lie. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we shall have regular correspondence from that point, and a Daily Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to miss. We shal have Fall and Accurate Market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from all parts of the United States, from Canada, and irom England. A weekly Review of the Portland Markets, and an accurate Report of Maiae Nhippaug, iu foreign and domestic ports, will be published as heretofore. There will l»e NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE Of tlie Daily Press. For EIOIIT DOLLARS A YEAR ! We expect to fliruisli a paper, Tlie Largest in (lie State, anil as large as In oilier Stales is ottered for ten or twelve d..liars a year. TIE MAINE STATE PRESS Is not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the leavings ot the daily edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It. contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear In the daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Exprosuly Prepared for its Columns We shall add to its attractions during the coming year, An Agricultural Department9 To be conducted by the Rev. WILLIAM A. DREW, of Augusta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known in Maine, and a contributor tor sometime past to tlie Press over the signature of “Traxi.” Mr. Drew’s special qualiffcations for this work need no heralding. The Shifting News of the fFeei: Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the lteview of the Vortland Markets, And the Brighton Market Iteporis. To country traders the weekly report of Portland prices currrent alone will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a carefbt Digest of General and Stale News, We shall also furnish weekly a page ot Miscellaneous Reading for the Family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, of six columns each, and is the Large** Weekly Paper in New L'uglaud. It is offered to the public at the low price of ‘<1 DOLLARS A YEAR, invariably in advance. To a club of new subscribers, eleven copies will be sent for twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. -— - — -M-V ———: NOTICE* OF THE PKEMM. [From the Christian Mirror.] The Press has been enlarged since New Year’s. We arc glad to see such evidence ol prosperity. Wi tli such papers as Portland now' tarnishes we see no need of importing Dailies from Bouton :uid New York. [From the Portland Price Current.] The Press.—The crowded state of our columns Last week prevented us from noticing the cnlagement and re-arrangement of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly the l&uling journal uf Maine, and equal to auy in New England; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished lor the money. [From the Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st inst., to about the size of the Boston Dailies. Tli is is an evidence of not only tbe prosperity of the Press, but of Portland as well, lor of course the en largement is caused by tbe iin lease of advertising favors. The Press is worthy, of the patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to the Stale, and we hope increasing years may increase its pr«*»i»cr ity. [From the Eastern Argus, Jan. 2] —1The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by the addition of 2] inches to the le ngth of its col umns. Its make-up has also been changed again, and on the whole it presented a decidedly improved appearance. Oitr cotemporary's “ new clothes” are somewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggest are not always the best.’* [From the Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears this morning in an en large i torm, making it liow fully equal in size to any tlaiiy newspaper in New England. The editor, in his New Year’s Salutatory, shows that the success of (lie paper lor the past year ha* beou most gratifying, and we are glad of its prosperity. The return to the original style of arranging the contents ol the paper, is one of the most agreeable features of the change. [From the Bangor Whig.] — The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of January to about the size of the Boston Daily Post and Advertiser—which are our largest New' England dailies and it now makes a very handsome appear ance. This evidence of prosperity on the part of so good ami reliable a paper as the Press is gratifying. It shows, too, that Portland has lost nothing ol vigor, enterprise or resource, by tlm great lire, but that its ionrsc is still onward—that its busim-ss is ill tart in creasing, notwithstanding the apparent, calamity ol Iasi year—and that its promise of commercial great ness is certain to be fulfilled. The Press is among the best of the New England papers, and its present api^arauce is a credit to the State. (From the Bath Timet*.] fF" The Portland Press comes out greatly enlarg ed, and we suspect It now gives another settler to the question which is “the principal |»aj»ct in Portland.” It is bound to distance its competitors. [From the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 1.) The Portland Press lias increased its size equiva lent to an addition of three or four columns. This enlargement, tollowing so closely upon its resurrec tion from the ashes of the great tire, shows that the principles It advocates and its efforts to cater to the literary tastes of Its readers are appreciated by the public. The additional sp ice now obtained will be devoted to details of important events, and selections from current literature. [From the Worcester (Mass.,) Spy.] The Press.—Among the |>aiicrs that commence the new year with enlarged sheets and manilest signs of prosperity, are the Portland Press and the Hartford Evening Press. The former is the largest and U»st dally in the State of Maine, and the latter we have long regarded as one of the ablest of our Connecticut exchanges. (From the Portland Advertiser, Jan. 2.] The Daily Press appeared yesterday morning in an enlarged form. It is now folly equal in size to any daily naper m New England. In the arrangement ot reading matter it has returned to the original style, which we think quite an improvement in its appear ance. Since the Press lias been under the editorial man agement of Mr. Richardson, its editorials have been high toned and reliable, wielding a powerful influ ence over its patrons on all poutlc-tl matters. He ha* .taken a fair stand, always discussing topics in a 1‘irikf, W tabing fli ill! Vila, i..;„, u . hi* MTU > «It'M w«ra'iluit 'ilw-ivs Hirrhii wlih hti hi* polwcal BOfibuv, *(■ nmrtll) bear wituevk i„ H , ability, character amt culture be has <ll,i,|aye<l «„ rnauagemeut. ami w IhU him and the vroiirielorx even more prolpenty in the next year than It ha» Imd In the pant. Its news is Judiciously and caretallv selected, and a general culture and literary taate characterizes Its couteuta. As a good fitmlly newspaper It has no su nerinr- and while Mr. Uucoln <*cuples the city ed itor’s chair there will lie no lack of local news, as it la generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal hi Hie Stale. The enlargement argues a prosperous business, at least tor < ur coteiuporary, and we hope it will never bo found necessary to curtail the dimensions ol tins enterprising and respectable sheet. ^ lFrom the Bangor Times.] 63P3* The Portlaud Daily Press comot* to us consid er »blv enlarged and with a return to its old style of make-up.’ This enlargement—so soon alter the great tire—to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, speaks favorably for tho prosperity of the city and indicates a good degree of enterprise on the partot the proprietors. The Press is edited with ability, lias able contributors, and as the leading paper ol the dominant party, is a power in the laud. I From tho Portland Transcript] The Daily Pkkhs begins the new year much en larged in size; we are glad to see such an evidence of the prosperity of this excellent journal. The Press lias swung around the circle lo auother arrangement if its editorial and news matter; after all, the old second and third page arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best JANUARY 20, 1SG7. SPECIAL CLOSING SA LE -OF WHITE GOODS! Laces A Embroideries! At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jau 28—dtf 200 Doz. Linen lldkfs. litis Day Received l -AND SELLING AT LOW PRICES -AT— E. T. ELDEN & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf Housekeeping (woods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEN d> CO. Jan 28—<Hf BLEACHED & SHOWN SHEETINGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Much Under Price, -At E. T. EViOEJV & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf E. T. ELDER & €0., WILL OPEN THIS DAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Brown DAMASKS! 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Window GIhnik. AGENTS FOB Forest lliver J; Warren Lead Co As t'HAFTM & WII.I.IAMS, Nos. 5 and 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Dec4—TuThStly KtS IT.IMW 11> HI I1,NTH* P. A. & N. u. lectures! 'J he next Lecture will be £iven T, jT ’"‘‘HAI'IIC*’ HAI.I,, itiesaau Evening, February 1Mb, ay GEN. JOHN 0. CALDWELL, of Maine «*» Bead. Bailey & S,,yt»\ Uavta Ur,>« •* Ma.J at Oeyer a and Packard’s booknn»a«ort * *• rla«S, Uilke/a Apothecary St r£u,e u-Stj. ,ai, K-Hins A ami Preble House, at the door aad af^Vi'"". Motel, Uojnuilltue. > lu*’i ®f (he Lecture ^ ?' 8 !7’cture ronnnence at 74, l'cr order Lecture Ommn tee. al 7 A®. (/(PL I 'll A I)Bi )p px o K B. llOUtiH iUN ’ M S. MKI.niKI;, W AL O. POX, Feb 13 (ltd_F. U. PATTERSON Portland Theatre. Bid wrll A’ Bron ur, l.r»«•<>« A Manager*. Last Week bnt One of tlic Season. | Claiming Brummie Meuaaliau ! Monday Evening, Ecbrtuiry 11th, fuulEVEHY EVENING during tlie week j also on MATUBBAI AFTfCBNOBN. The management, in announcing the clnee of the nuwt nnoeaatul Dramatic aemin known |i.r many years in the city of Portland, taka pleasure in ure ««nU»8 their patron* JTew and Gorgeous Fairy Burlesque, entitled CINDERELLA ! —OR — THE LOVER, THE LACKEY, And the Little Glass Clipper ! Additions have heert mode to the Company erpresn lu/or this niece. The Musical department‘enlarged. The SCENIC and MECHANICAL EFFECT'S a-ffc ot the most MAGNIFICENT DKMCRIPTION ! And every effort made to render it the HU'illinnt Attraction or a Triumphant Dramatic Season ! I First api*earauce of Miss Jennie Kimball, from the Boston Theatre. Re- Appearance of the charming Comedienne, Mins MARTHA WHEN'S t-tf'‘'Full paniculars in Daily Programme*, lobildct r. a. it. a. The Irish American Relief Associa’n will give a course of SIX ASSKMULIES, AT MECHANITS’ UAL L. ComMcnciag iMominy KvFg, Jaai.Tlh, And continuing each Monday Evening, closing with a ORA NI) CALICO DRESS BALL. Tickets lor llie Courtie, including the Ball, w ill he $5.00; Eveiiiug Tickets, $l.uo; Biill Tickets, $1.50. luir'Muaic by Chandler's full Quadrille Band, D. II. Chandler, Prompter. Dancing to commence nl H o’clock precisely. f loor Maiutyt r*—'TIigiuuh Porker, James RMMJf James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCaferty William 11. Kalor. Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will take charge of the ck> thing. dec31dtt HEAL ESTATE. , ,:»?»»■<■ ** » ——*-A-! -3- . .UU , FOB SALE! ONE House ami I^ot on Washington Street for sue very Low. House new a id containing Seven Rooms. Price $1,100. ALSO: tlno new House and several Lois near the Rolling Mills will be sold very cheap, tire lots at prices rang ing ffom $50 to $100. ALSO: Several Lota on Washington Street. Prices $300 to $500. Inquire oi JOSEPH HEED, Real Esta e Agent, Oak St., near Congress St. IcbHdlw* Valuable Hotel Property lor Sale. KPHK Ox lord House, pleasantly situated in tlie vil l lag* of Frvebtirg, oxford couuty, Maine, is ot tered tin-side at a bargain, it applied lor bijou. The House Is large, ingots! repair, with furniture and bxtiwes throughout, together With all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTH*Y, Pi oprtetor. Or HausouA Dow, 54J Cuion st. Fry. lung,B« p(. *P.», lh<m. , / dtf House lor Sale. A good House two Kories, stable attach*!, hard and soft water, good ioDtcfllillly located—con venient lor lwo families, il desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or I&4 Lore Mi., J. A. KENDERSON. Jan. 24,1867. dtf NOTICK. 1 will sell on favorable terms as to pay meat, or let for a term of years, the lot9 on the corner ol Middle and i'runkiiu ."tracts, und on Franklin sdi eel, including the Comer oi Franklin mid Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH A REED. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2ti EOH HALE. Grove Hill Fam I 11HE above Farm is situated on au eminence over looking the neautiful and thriving village ol Bridgiou Center and within one hall a mile ol the business i»ortiou. It is pronounced by all who have aeeu it to lie the best amt most desirable I* cation iu tlie County. It. comprises llo acres, conveniently di \idod into tillage, pasturage, Wood lain! and timber laud; culsiroiu 46 to 6U t4iiis first quality ol hay. The building* consist ol a two story house, built Hi 1858, at an expense ol $3,nun, witn barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply tot?. P. KIMBALL, or H. W. GAGE, (lirui ol Strout A Gage,) Portland, BEN JAMIN WALKER, Brldgton. or to tlte subscriber. RICHARD UAUE. Bridglon, Dec., 1*66. dec 27 eod&wt Farm lor Sale, LOCATED Yannouth fore side; two story house and out buildings, 43 acres of land with orchard aud wood lot. and handy to sea dressing, and a good wliarl. Terms easy. For further parth-ulurs enquire of 11. Sinclair, of Cumberland, or on the premises. Keb7dlw&eodlw C. C. PAYSON. TIMBER LAIR ! for Sale in Virginia. fPIIE subscriber lias lor sale 430 acres of Land X heavily wooded with White oak. Red Oak, Chestnut and Pine timber, situated on the Rappa hannock River. For further particulars address ADOLPHUS Vv KIN BERG, ja2(xl3w Box 347, Alexandria, Va. For Sale—House on Park St BElNGab ml to remove Iroin this city 1 oiler lor sale my House, No. 65 Park St. It is good size ami convenient, with all the modern iniproveincuts. Bathing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Ga>, v m mice, Ac. Con >ected witli house is a good stable. l*o session given first day of May next. Enquire at Nm. ‘JIM f sMHrrclal Mt. lua l of H ubson’s wharf, of J. H. Hunion, the subscriber, STEPI1EN PATTEN, or of W. IJ. JERRIS, Beal Estate Agent. JaiTUXodtl Desirable Store Lots KOLt N COMMEBCIAL NTKGKT. I^HE subscribers oiler for sale tlie lot of land on the southerly side ut Commeicittl Street, head ot Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For I br iber particularsinquire JONAS H. PERLKY, Oct is tf or W. s. DANA. House for Sale. ON Neal Wired, upper half of the Brick front House—containing iu all 12 Rooms; cemented Cellar, hard and soft water. A good stable, aud yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime iu March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent Feb. 0—d3w For Lease. THE valuable b»t ol land corner rtf Middle and Plumb Streets, lor a term of years. Enquire Of C. C. M1TCHELL ,V SUN, Aug. 28, IHJ0—dtl li* Fore Street. Farm lor Sale. 1 WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles tYoin Poitlsnd, one mile from lioise ears, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said larm contain*plxpit loo acr« s, pan of it very V3lliable for tillage, and part ol il Jhr buihliiig lots. There is a good house, two large baius. and out bous es on the premises. 11 will be sold together. or iu loti to suit piu« h.users CYRUS T1LU RLOW, eepll-dfcf 1t>3 Commercial St. First Class Houses lor Sale. \\7 E oiler lor sale tlie eight first class brkk houses vv recently huUL t^y Q9, situated ou Pipe Street between Clark and ('avlotoii Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and lnaiblc mantelpieces throughout.— They will besold at a low price, and ou very favora ble terms. Apply at our office. No. 27 k Dan forth St. « X. .X . *K l;* BKOWk & SDNS, ®r W. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, opposite tin Preble House. October 1C, 1866. dtt SPRING STYLE DRESS HATS! JUST OUT —AT— HAltKI S’, 300 CONGRESS STREET. lebllillw ■ ■_ do to Adams A Puriuton’s Fault your Hoiuc-lumiahint! Goods of all kinds; 1 Carpetings, and all kindsol'Crockery, Glass,’tin, Slone. Kartheru anil Wimdeir Ware. Palter Hang ings. Window Shades, See. ike., comer of Federal and Exchange streets. nngiUl.Ini Notice. PIUIE annual meeting ot tin* »tnrkhohlrrH of the ■ Slate ol Marne Oil Cotnitanv will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 20th at 1 tr'clor k P. M ,at theolltee ol H. P. It,ana. 'hk. H ri«p)iV Itlork, t '• •lii'i't s.s street. t«k act upun the following business: 1st. To hear ami act upon the ropkrU ol the Ulrw - lor.s ami other oUi»*ers. '.’•1. To choose a lloartl of IWrwrtors. •1*1. To Iftiusact any other Inimni sH that m»V eorae loyally Iketore them. elUHN E. DONNKIX. febUeodlw presidenl. First National Hank ol' Portland. HOLDERS of the First Series of Seven-Thirty notes can have the same exchanged for gokl Ireariag six jrer cent bonds at Ibis ltank at the usual C°n"'iFirst Series mature iu Airgust next, and the conversion of the Second and nurd Scries can also lie effected on favorable terms. W. E. GOULD, Cashier Jan261iu AU l KM SAM:S. K. U. PATTKN A CO., All.Ooneer'. PIhhi Sir.-,-i. Household Furniture, Beds, Bed dinsr, &e., at Auction. ON Friday, Feb. IS. al tu am „ i anal street, uupoeite i> h a. ’,,81. *Iou*» be wild the entire eouteute, eonauilS, '.."'b'’1 treiees, boldin*. lirtrteJli.'SSSS?^* Hardware, Carpet* Hug*, Cruelterv i ,’i ' •biurs, Mirror*, siovu-, Kitchen furniture lie "ar* • Alao, couteuU of Store underneath. s»i„ , without legur I to weatber, uud pnniiwi, t,! "ly'' ed on uveuing or aale. feblauJJ**1 * - FATmiil A CO., .. PL CM STREET. Variety Sale. (\N Saturday, Fob. 10, at 10 A. M„ to close Bun , l,ry < iniBi'Minients will to sold Feather I: ,i He"™"*” awl Spring Bed, Brussels Carper, new •Mill1., «'®' i« ting, Furniture, blank, is, <karts I'lLn' r ^' Linens and Ijneu Good-. 1 ’rawer., Hlft.Jw*! ,u"* < oUou .shirts and Broadcloth, °"c l,icct' German Bauiusk, Crugi, Vi.™ "«* G'otP.n Platform and < f rcdugles, I Obacen, Tea ' }Vul,“‘> lh sk, l«»\es lobl I did ’ 1 '**• ™ **>«» Anuy bread. Important sai,s .... 7, Government V es»el. Btlor Ql AltrKartAsru.v ... ba«lmorr‘JS,u*';.r,tJU,V»i,%- . »ehl at public » t V Batliiuoro, (Henderson’s wbmri‘“ or on Thursday 12 AL, February at! ls ;7 7 ,!7 ",':''.’,r‘ l SllHfi-WHKKL HTEAMIfiK. OOSMt.Wi it1, v1 11,1 of I7» toils; length, J25 loot, breadth ,,ii fUeetiioke"' h"W 13 **lJ »*-«2M A rare opportunity is atforded, in the sale 0f this -learner, io|ansous desiring to purchase a nulla first-class vessel. 3 She is of light ilrall, the engine and boiler arc in most excellent condliion, and the hull perfectly sound tu.d strong. 3 It Is I relieved that for size and built, t lie < 'OSAIO Pot.lTAN surpasses any vessel liithcrio uttered by Government lor sale al ibis port. Terms cash, in Government lumls, on day of sale. Further particulars may he learned upou applh a , ,4*“ undersigned or to the Auctioneers, cSsgrof TBoMAS A CU., No. Is South By order of fhc Quartermaster General. „ , A. S. KIMBALL, leftiii F..i.07C*btai“ ‘UJ<I A w. M„ U, s. A., 1* F b;‘ Bepot yuturtermaster. 11tillable Heal JhJstate FOU SALE! Gj^fhe estate ol the laic CUAULLS L. BECKEri* At 11 o'clock A. M., or said day, on the premises lot ol land corner ol Congress and Smith strS ext*, lit tin h! about 44 let11 on (Jongrens ;ui<l 13,) .! Smith Street, with the unfinished hufldinni thereon subject to mortgages ol uhout ’ Al luui past 11 o’clock a. AL, of the same day, or immediately aller the loregoing i» disposed „i, „„ the premises, tot ol hind corner ol Congress and Frank lin streets, containing about S.imhi square .. , v lendiug about 1M feet vm Congress Street, subject to mortgages ol *r..rsM and interest. Alai, ai 2 o'clock p. AL, ol the same dnv, on tho preiuimiH, lut ot laud comer ol Vautrliau and Pine smsils, alKiulggil leetou Vaughan Street and lid on 1 me Street, subject In mortgages of # I,040 and In terest. Said lots are located in the most desirable parts of too city, and otter excellent Inducements to builders ttlid < to pun-haw. ....... .. BtEKKTT. Administrator. IILNKN HAILEY \i ISON, Auctioneer*. Portland* February 13, IttOT. eodawidtd «J. H. BAILE> , Aicttoneer & Commission Merchant AND APPRAISER, Office 170 Fore St, at Meaa. Garter & Dresera’ •lanuary 7—dtl C. IF. HOLMES, AUOTIO N-EE K, lOHgraw Street, resales of any kind of property in the City or vi cinity, promptly attended to uri the most tavorablu ler,ns. uovlfsitl MTV NOTICES. rr r ss -1—-—■ ------ -— -- Show to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sect. CO.—The tenant or oceupant, and in ease there should lie uo tenant, the ownei, or any person having the care of any building or lot of lain! hordm Ing mi any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city wliere there is any looting ..r side walk, shall, alter the ceasing to tail ol any snow il In the day lime, within three hours, and it in the night lime, bvlbre ten of the clock ol the forenoon, succeeding, cause such snow to tie removed from Midi tool way or sidewalk; and, in delault thereof shall toiihit and pay a sum not less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; ami lor each and every hour (hereafter tlutt the same shall remain mi such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other |sir-on shall forfeit and pay a sum nut less than oue dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby untitled to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will Is' en forced. JOHN S. IIEALL), declsdtf City Marshal. MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. n7 DEWING, JVtodical Electrician^ 174 MIDDLE STREET. Nearly Opposite the United State" Hotel TVTHEliEhe would respectfully announce to v? citizens ol Portland aud vicinity, that he a lierniauMitly located in this city. During the three years we have l**en in this city, we have cured some ol the worst tonus of disease in persons who have tried other tonus ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in ho short, a time that the question is often :isked, do they stay cured? To answer this questiot we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. I>. has been a practical Electrician lor t wenty* I one years, and is also a regular graduated physiciai» Electricity is purlectly adopted to chronic diseases in the form of nervous or sick headache; ueuraigiu in the bead, ueck, or extremities; consumption when iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not luliy involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature ot the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or (an alysis, St. Vitas'Dance. deafness, stam mering ocJiesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, coiisfffi.iiiuii and liver complaint, piles—we cuie every case that can be presented; 'istbnm, bronchi tis, strictures ot the chest, ami all forms of teiualo complaints. J3y Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the tiros t bilten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature liie prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. L 1 I) I R S Who liavu cold hauus and leet; weak stomachs, lam umt wr;ik laa-. uervuot im rick Withchc; dk I ness and >wimmmg iu the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels: pain iu the side and hark; leucorrhtea, (or whites); lulling of the womb with in ternal cancers;'tumors, polypus, and all that lung train of diseases will find in Electricity a sur** mean* ol cure. For painful menstrual ion, ton r..»iuse menstruation, and all oi Lbose long line ol troubles with young holies, Electricity is a certain specific, aud will, iu a short lime, restore the sulferer to the vigor of health. TRRTU 2 TERTII ! TKKTH 2 Dr. D. stm continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without pain. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite iuvitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Machine* for sale for family use, with thorough instructions. | Dr. D. can accommodate a few patieuts with board avid treatment at bis bouse. OfUce hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; from 1 to 6 P. M . and 7 to 8 in the evening. Consultation tree. novltt NOTICE. rill IE following lists ot Taxes on Real estate ot iton J. resident owners, in the Town of North Yarmouth lor the year 1866, in bills committed to John G. Pierce, Collector of said town, on the first day of June, INK have been returned hy him to me,as remaining unpaid on the 31st day of May, 1866, hy his certificate ot that date, aud now remain unpaid; and notice is hereby giveu that if the said taxes ami interest and charges are not paid into the treasury of said town within twenty months from the date of the commitment of the said bills, so much of the real estate taxed as will lie sufficient to pay the amount due therefor, includ ing interest aud charges, will, without farther notice, be 3<dd at public auction, at the Town House, in said town, on the 1st day of March, 1867, at 10 o’clock A. M. Yal’u. Tax. Benjamin Warren, house aud lot, $150 06 $3 75 Albion Blackstoue, house, barn and lot. MO 00 I 18 R. P. M. Greely, house, barn and ! thirty-five acres land, I,3?5ft0 33 13 Horace P. kiiuball, house and lot, 160 3 60 Mrs. York, two and one-half acres land, 60 00 1 26 William Wagg, two aiul one-halt ircres land, ^ Rachel True, one and one-half i’eres land, 50 00 1 ‘<2® George True, nine acres land, 360 W) 8 40 Heirs of .Jacob Favor, bouso and lot GO 00 1 44 WILLIAM B.SKILLIN, Treasurer North Yarmouth, dan. 24th, 1867. jan 2Hd.*It teod3w T O I AT . FMUST, see,uni and third lolls over K, T. Kl.len .V Co.'s store, Free Street Block; also, ottl, c*h over Srhlotterhet k’s, and over CfoatlUUi A Co.'*, in new Mock corner Brown and Gongress streets. JanU-dtt ,1. b. BBOWN. Paints, Oils Varnishes, &c. FICKETT & OKAY OFEPB FOR SALE AT THEIR STORE, No. 187 F'oi-o Strot'l ■ WH1TF I,K AIL Foreign and American /.in*'. Lit seeil Oil, Ooach, Furniture and Florence * .u niihes, .la|iaii, S,.irils Turisuifine, ' Veuelinn Ue.l, and a lull ass.ilmerit of 1 »»•{ every description. Window a iW riiH' Vitciita fur Gardner 8 celebrated C "1‘ sir Rahil for*vessel!/ bottoms. 'll .ud.T- or I an,.mg executed at short notice »ud satisla. lorily. February I. l*t*7- eodlni Notiff*. rriHK uudetsigno.1 having leamd the well known ■ “i jirriatfc Manufactory lonnerly occupied by K w«bli at Webb’s Mills, lake tins method to s»n ‘ to the public that they will continue the busi ness of manoiwiduriiig Garrlages of all descriptions as heretofore. Also jobbing and repairing done ’it Mbort notice and in the best manner, t’nrrhige lulu 1,.r of the best quality and every variety constantly on baud for sale at fair prices. We also have in connection with th above ;i Har ness Simp, where the best ol slm k and workmanship is the guarantee we otter to oar customers thu our Harnesses slmll be «// they wish for, in I but line. We would also state that with the best stock iu tlu; coun try and the beat workmen anywhere to be found, wo fuel cull 11 lent we can umki- I'amages M g, <»l us the best, and in style we intend to be fully up to the “"'-ho patrons of the MtabUslununl Is rotof iri and the nnhlic generally we would say, give us a call and soil niav he assured that it will Is. lor your interest II IZmSZmaZ*. HILL, DYKR * ROBINS, febl3dftwlm«