Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 15, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 15, 1867 Page 4
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Poetry. The Djaug Soldier's Request. On the dreaded field of battle, Lay a soldier, young and brave; Comrades dear wore gathered round him, Vainly trying life to save. “Comrades,” said he. “I am dying, Ami when dead 1 fain would be Laid beside my gen lie mother, Underneath the willow tree. CHORUS. . . _ “Comrades dear, year friend {* “2/“*’ And when dead i tain would Laid beside my gentle mother, Underneath the willow tree. “Years ago I lost my motber, She was all tho world Near her grave 111*;1.1'"1 ?rcl.. A tall, waving “^"‘Sting"les nowtMatI^“ ^J-, B«r“ J w'5*ai lonelychurch-yard, 1-iLe wo ’ueath that willow wee. CHORDS. “Tell my sisters aud my brothers That when dying 1 was blest, Jesus so I'll y whispered to me, ‘Come and 1 will give thee rest.’ Place the starry flag above me, Let it float above my head; Farewell, comrades, don’t forgot me;” Then the soldier boy was dead. chorus. Ami from suit ’ring, j ain and anguish, He is now forever free, And he sleeps beside his mother, Underneath the willow tree. History of a Weathercock. BEING THE WONDERFUL AND INSTRUCTIVE LEGEND OF MEDIO-POLITTO. ISo little is known up to the present »lay ot the pop ular tales aud legends ot' Spain, and the specimen which we here present to our younger readers is so good and so uncommon of its kind, that we !• el iliat we stand in need of no excuse for our selection, even to the graver portion of our readers. The legend here given is the Andalusian one, and protessses to explain Ihe origin of weathercocks in the history of Medio-Pollito, or Half-Chicken, the cro&s grnined founder of his tribe. The curious supersti tion alluded to in it, Of eggs being laid by old cocks, is firmly believed by the people; ami we have heard it asserted bv a well-informed Spaniard that an un usually small egg which he had found in the hen-roost must certainly have been laid by the cock. The conk, however, is said to lay only once in his life, aud the basilisk contained in the egg takes seven years to hatch. The first person whom he sees on breaking the shell he is able to kill by the power of his eye, hut it any one should first see him, the basilisk him self dies. Scarcely less cuiious is the notion, on which the tiiial catastiophe hinges, of St. Peter's dislike to the crowing ol the cock, aud his stooping to take revenge on one that had ofleuded him in this manner. Our story is translated Hum La Oaviotu, a tale of Spanish life by Pei nan Caballero, the great est liviue1 Spanish novelist.] Xbere was mice upon a lime a handsome Hen, who lived very comfortably iu a court yard suLTouuded hy her numerous tamily, among whom there was oue chicken that was both lame and ugly. Now this was the very oue that the mother loved best of all lor that is the way of mothers. This cripple had heeu hatched Horn a very tiny little egg. He was indeed no more than halt a chicken, lor he had only one eye, uue wing and one claw; and lor all that he gave himself more airs than his father did, who was the handsomest and hiavest and must gentle manly cock in all the fowl-yards lor sixty miles aiound. This chick thought hunsclf the Phoe nix of his race. If the other coeks laughed at lhm,he thought it was out of envy; and if the hens did, he said that it w as ter auger be cause of the little attention that he paid to them. One day he said to his mother, ‘‘Hook here, mother; the country wearies me; 1 have made up my miud to go to Court. 1 want to see the King and Queem" The poor mother began to tremble wheu she heard these words. “My sou,” she exclaimed, “who could have put such nonsense into your head ? Your' fa ther has never ouce heeu outside his own do main, and ho is the pride of his race. Why, w here would you 11 ml such a court-yard as you have here? or where a grander manure-heap? Where would you tiud better or more plentiful food, a warmer heu-roost, or a tamily that loves you more dearly ?” “Nego,” said Medio-Pollito iu Latiu, for he set up to be a great scholar. “My brothers uud lu.y cousius are iguoianl clowns!” ' Bui uiy sou,” continued his mother, “have you never looked at yourself iu the glass? Have you not found out that you have got oue eye and one claw less thau other people ?“ “Nay, if you begin upon that ” said Medio Pollito, “1 shall answer that you ought to fall dowu dead lor shame at seeing me in such a state. It is your fault and nobody’s else. What sort of an egg did X come out of, prav ? Was it laid by an old'cock ?" “No, my son,” said the Hen, “for only basi lisks come out of those eggs. You were batch ed from avery wee little egg,but indeed that was no fault of mine.” “Perhaps,” said Medio-Pollito, his comb turning as red as scarlet, “perhaps 1 shall meet with some clever surgeon who will put on my missing limbs. Anyhow, my mind is made up; off 1 go.” When the poor Hen saw that there was no way of turning him from his purpose, she said,— “At least,[my son, hearken to the prudent counsel of a loving uiotUer. Take care not to pass by any churches where there is a statue of St. Peter, for that saint is not at all loud of cocks, and still less ol their crow. Avoid also certain men whom there are in the world, called cooks, for they are our mortal enemies, and will wring your neck as soon as they look at you. And uow my son, Saint ltaphat'1, the patron of travellers, be your guide. Go and ask your lather’s blessing. ” Medio-Pollito approached the venerable au thor of his existence, and, stooping to kis9 his claw, begged his blessing. The worthy old Cock gave it to him with more dignity thau af fection, for he was by no means tond of him on account of his peevish temper. But his mother was so much moved, that she was obliged to wipe away her tears with a wither ed leaf. men Meuio-x ollito began his march, clap ping his wing and crowing three times as a signal of departure. As he arrived at the banks of a stream that was almost dried up—for it was summer—it so happened that the slender thread of water was hindered from flowing by a tew blanches that had fallen across its bed. On seeing the trav eller, the Stream said,— “Thou seest, friend, how weak I am. Scarce ly can 1 move a step, and I have not strength to push aside these branches that obstruct my way. Neither would 1 make a round to avoid them, for it would entirely exhaust me. Thou couldst easily get me out ot this difficulty by parting the branches with thy beak. In re turn, tnou mayost not only quench thy thirst in my current, hut reckon on my services as soon as the rains ot heaven shall nave restored my strength.’’ The Chicken replied,— ^ “1 could, hut 1 don't choose. Do you think I look like the servant of little dirty streams?' “Thou wilt remember mo when least thou tliinkest,” murmured the Stream m a fainting voice. "It is very tine for you to boost 1” returned Medio-l'ollito, mockingly. “Why, one woulu think you had just drawn a prize in the lottery or could be sure of help from the waters of the Deluge.” A little farther on he met with the Wind, ly ing taint and helpless on the ground. "Dear Medio-Tolhto,” he said, "in this world wo all have need ot one another. Come near and look on me. Seest ttfou not what the heat ot summer has done to me? hr me, no strong, to me, who raise the waves, who lay w aste the lields, whose power none can withstand? This midsummer day has killed me. 1 fell asleep, intxoicated by the pertuuio oi the dowers Willi with which 1 was playing, and hero thou seest me swooning. If thou wouldst hut raise me .two inches from the ground with thy beak and fan me with thy wing, that would enable me to take flight tu my cavern where my mother and sisters, the Storms, are busy mending up a a few old clouds that 1 have torn There they will give me some refreshing draughts, and 1 shall recover my strength.” “Sir Wind," replied the ill-natured chicken ‘many a time have you amused yourself at mv expense, puffing at me from behind aud blow ing open my tail like a tan, so that ail who saw it might laugh at me. No, no, my friend; ev ery dog has his day, so good atteruoon to'you air.,Joker. With tins he crowed three times iu a loud voice and strutted proudly away. In the middle of a stubble-held to which the laborers had set tire, there rose up a slender column of uuoke. Medio-Pollito drew near aud saw a tiny frame dickering trom time to time among the ashes. “Deal Medio-Pollito,” said the little hjame, thou art come, id the very luck ot time to save A at,uiy *aHt fe’*”!' for want ol fuel. wbat ls becoming of my cousin of rnv trd’mr 11 V, e who at ways helps mo out straws* m r^vf; D° &nn« Uie uae or tWu little biraws wj revive me. , W ™t business is it of mine, 1 should like to know?” replied Medio-Polhto ’’Vou may go out it ,ou like, and w elcome. I don’t w^m day?” answered “hehdaiue^ ““ ‘There shall be no harm happen “a>> Now, then, said the cross creature, "must you always be preaching? • Take that then?" And so saying he covered h.ui with ashes alter which he began to crow, as usual as though he had done some great deed. Medio-Polhto at last reached the capital, and passed in Iront of a cliure.h which they told him was St. Peter's. Thereupon he posted himself in tile doorway and crowed until he nearly cracked his voice, lor nothing in the world hut to annoy the Saint, and to have the pleasure of disobeying his mother. When he came to the Palace he wanted to go in to see the King and Queen, hut the seuti uels cued out to him, "Keep oflt" a i U“ lur“'d ““If' and went through great manv UI° “>*“ *«W “here he saw a asked Who theevwU’ pa8siuK lo and f,u- H“ weie His M^esy'a ciiolT* lulu*“i‘‘‘1 **»«I away, as his mother hi? Instead of running he marched with l.eirin?v,'M5d ll"“ <1°. <“ Immediately one of th,. '!,est erect. ■w bmi, and wrung h s ne^km'°US laid ''amis • Hallo there!” said he -t? “ twi“bhug. water that I may pluck thtafoS’S*® hot Medio-Poilitlg “diiuot scaW^nre^l'eut *” criud yive pity Oil me!" *“ > ‘ entreat you. boiling with indignation, audspljl trom bead to foot, while the scullion "ft him without a single feather to cover him ■ Then the cook laid hoi,I of him and nut him on the spit. * "Fire, brilliant Fire!” cried the unhappy bird, thou who art so powerful and so glorious burn£eynot“y aUte‘draw *“ ‘by tiames and tb(»u am!i.‘‘| t ropIied 'be Fire, "how darest ■mothers!* rm*eh’ atter having attempted to never need III th? Pretext that thou couldst what I can do!1'' hep? Come near and see •Alld, UOt COTItaink burnt bun as black uUWlth Owning him, he When the cook saw rnm“der' V hull by the leg and flu,‘bisVtate, he look dow. K bun out of the win Iminediately the Wind ., •Wind!” Cried Medio-Polhm‘•^Ld,of him' much-honored Wind I thou whore? de“r and all and obeyest none mightiest o£,nest OVf'r mighty: have compassion on me an?W? th,! nlone on this rubbish-heap!" ’ d d e m“ him awVaVineanedrd°vr^dwhe' v 8“a“'hing 1'iyiyiL a shuttlecock, “No, never"aslong as He set Medio-Pollito down on the top of a steeule. St. Peter stretched out his hand au<l fastened him there. Proa1 ‘hat time forth he occupies this uljhkenad, flattened, and featherloss, Joshed by the Ham, and puffed at by the Wind, from whom he is always trying to protect his taiL s He is no longer called Medio-PoUito, but Weather-cock. But be it known to you all, f'V*111 is> reaping his just reward for his disobedience, his pride, aud his ill-na MEDICAL. The Eye, Ear, Catarrh - AND - THROAT. Mrs. Manchester THE INDEPENDENT CL AIK V O Y ANT l AND Eclectic Physician! From €18 Broadway, New York, has returned to Portland, and can be consulted at her rooms at the Preble House. i'erliflcalei «f Carr*. This is to certify that I have been cured of Catarrh in the worst form, by Airs. Manchester. 1 have been to New York and Boston, have pud out large sums of rnoucy, and was never bench tied, but in most all cas es made worse. I saw Alts. M. in June. She told me my case was a bad one, the tubes in tiie throat and upper parts of the lungs had become very much al lotted, all of which 1 kuow w as the case. 1 com menced taking her medicine in June, and can truly say that 1 am now’ a well man. 1 am a trailer, and in the habit of talking a great deal, ami her curing me will be the means oi hundreds oi dollar s in my pock ets, as now 1 can talk without hurting me. Go and consult her, and you will be perlectiy satisfied. S. H. .Stephens, Belfast, Me. Bangor, Mav 15,186C. Mrs. Manchester—Dear MadamWhen you were in Bangor last summer, 1 called to see you with a child of mine that had t>cen sick for lour years. 1 had taken her to a number of physk'ians, and none could tell what ailed her or eveu her symptoms. You examined her case, and told me exactly her symp toms from the commencement of her sickness, which were very peculiar; also told mo that there was something alive in her, and also said there was a num ber of them, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. You said that you wo'ild not warrant a cure, hut would try ai^l do the best you could lor her. She commenced taking your medicine in August hist, and troui that time until December, I he child has passed oil large quantities of w hat we call Tadpoles, from ram-walcr, and i think, and am certain that the ciiibl must have «hed had it not been lor you. AmJ i advise everybody to see Airs. Alau ehestcr, for 1 know that she has the power of know ing the condition of a person diseased better than any peysician tliut 1 have ever heard of. My child is now ncitcetly healthy. Please have this published, and let the world know that there is one who practises what they profess to. Very truly and graleftiUv yours, , , George k! Ai auxin. teb5dtl_ A!ary L. iVlARJlS?*** M # # q' « # rn # # t W1, * A* # 11 # A* M I T I G~A TOR. Wfi would call the attention of all to a new com pound, never before ottered to the American people. In regard to this medicine wo shall sav hut little. Its cures aro too nuniorouH, and its qualities ate too well known. Since its discovery its cures in chronic as well as acute cases, Is proof* tmilu tent to thousauds who have used it. ot its powor and superi ority ovui all medicines now known in America, for the class of diseases that it is calculated to cur e. Mansi!eld's Vegetable MUigalor Is eiiliv>.ly dilleroiil anil unlike any el Lei preparation in cxjsteucc, uid ouly requires a land to prove it wor - thy ol* the high locouiuiendatiou weelaiui iorit. Pre pared ouly by UK. W. P. MANgPIKLU, Folllaud, Me. PRICE M AND CU CENTS, General Agency and Maim factory No. J!7 Groeu St. Portland, Me. MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE M1TIGATOR MANSFIELD’S VEGETABLE M1TIGATOR MANSFIELD'S VEGETABLE MITIGATOK MANSI TELD’S VEGETA RLE M ITIG ATOR Cure* Diphtheria, or Throat Disease; Bronchitis: Rheumatism: Pams many form; Pain, Swelling and Stutncss 01 the doints; Pain or Lumcuess in the Back, Breast or Side, Ac., Ac. In Fevers, canker. Rasu, Measles, Fever and Ague, its virtue is experienced to admiration, especially among children. It cures Cholera, Cramps, old Ul cerous Sores, Sores exposed to silt water, Sprains, f lesh wounds.Dyserilerry,Diarrhea, Injiumnation 01 the Bowels, Neuralgia, Colds, Tooth Ache, Burns, Pains in the Stomach, and ah morbid conditions oi the Hystcm. S3r For internal und external iibe.itis, intact, the niobt eticctual family Medicine now Known in Amer •ti4* ang 22 eod&wCm GLAD TIDINGS ! W. ft. «. It. Wellcome’s Great German Remedy. PROVES the best Medicine I ever saw tor Couglis, Colds, and Bronchitis. It has cured me oi a bad S. H. PARTRIDGE. (3r* I tind Wkllcome’s G. G. Remedy superior to any Medicine I ever used in lnflueuz i and Asth ma. I cheerfully recommend it to the suitering. Richmond, Ale. Mrs. J. H. CON ANT. I was sick one year, finally had a Council oi six doctors, took their prescriptions. I then took une bottle oi Wellcome’s G. G. Remedy and got more heli> from it than all else 1 have taken. Watertown, Ct E. J. WALTON. gj q ^ ^ ^ ^ L. R. l ira afflicted eight mouth. with Canker in mouth, throat and atomach. It aaaumed an alarm ing form. I had to quit I usiiieas. I took three hot ties oi Wellcome’s Liver Regulator ami am quite an other man. I have resumed business again. £anuor, Me. S. S. NASON. Wellcome s Liver Regulator has been worth more than $50 to my wile, for Live* Complaint. Richmond. Me. C. WRITE. Wellcome’s Liver Regulato' has been more than 1 one hundred dollars’ benefit to me, tor Liver com plaint long standing. 8. LURING. No. Yarmouth, Me. Your Liver Regulator is all sold. Send us more. The people sneak highly of it. Camden, Me. YOUNG & CUTLHR. v. P. C. I regard Wellcome’s Vegetable Pain Cur er, the best thing 1 ever saw for internal pain and sore throat and lung.*. I. W7GHT. Augusta, Me. Send two dozen more of Wellconie’s Pain Curcr. It is doing wonders here, and throws Perry Davis’s into the shade. One case ot Sciatic Rheumatism has yielded to It. D. N. KIDDER. Bristol, N. II. Sold by the Trade. Prepared by I. C. UKLIAUHE A CO., ian4eod*wtl Vnruouth, Mr. ORGAN AKD Mulodeon MANUFAC TORY No. 1£» , Ckniu.i p. Portland,* Mu. WILLIAM P. HASTINGS IS now piepaicd to attend to tlie wants of Ida lonnor patrons uud customers, anil the public generally The su|ierior character of bis iusimuieuts, espeifatly his UPRIGHT ORGANS, which in style ot finish resemble th»' upright Piano, is too well known io require an extended notice. He will keep on hand a lull aseoitincut ot’ instruments ol the Most Approved Styles and Patterns, - AND AT - Price* Wilkin ike Steaik of All!! and trusts that the su|iorlor excellence of tunc, as weli ns the cxrcllonce oi his workmanship, may, as heiv totore, commend him to the public lavor amt pat ronage. September 17. lm. eod&wtt A GREAT RUSH -AT P. M. FROST’S, -FOB BARGAINS ! NO BIG PROPITS, NO DULL TRADE But Crowds ot Customer Who are receiving Blessings by buying Goods Cheap Blankets at Old Brices l Only *4,00 per pair. Fancy Shirting Flannels! ONI.V 30c FSB 1'iKI). ftood Amerioan Prints. 1 SLillint; pr. yd. Bleached and Brown Cottons, AT Low BRICES I Thibet*, hbawls, Cloak ing.t, Beav ers, Poplin*. Ureu IJub mf n|| OeK>|vll,m WOOLEN GooUS FOR MEN & Bog’s WEAR! tST All of the above Goods will be ottered at a GREAT REDUCTION from regular ratos. Btti number1 No. 4 Dccring: BlofOc. I>eu s—d& w I t UENTLEflUR WUHIKD Clothing Cleansed! AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it ran be done more to tlieir satiHi'artion than at No' 80 Temple street, *E-EvJ^°“d 1,001 ,ron‘ contfreas at. fuTattenrion. ment Wl11 rcCLi™ prompt and faitli Latlies,’ Sucquos * CLEANSED IN F1JlfiT , , * mr dive me a trial and I »iU e^ff ST VLE! CRAB. endeavor to plea*,. Kr-Hi^hcet Cmli pri«. ptt,d mr *IAMOIV*{ V. Kov 21—dam 1 ,or ca*t-ott Clothing. Mil. REDDY, - • MEltCH A NT TAILOR AND DEALER In * GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS No. 107 FEDERAL STREET S’ Woliavoiu store oneot the tlnest . .. thor“ 1^™“ that cannot tail to please, and all goSds tlmronnhiy shrunk and satishictn.n guaranteed * ««oUbl lo friends the same1! teou**e> toPin8I to merit a continuance of JanSdtf M- H, REDDY, Proprl^r. MERCHANDISE. New Trinidad Molasses! 254 HilDM, ) NEW TRINIDAD MO 14 TIKBCEl! LASSES, cargo ot Brig lO BBIA. ) "Frank E. Allen. For sale by GEQ g> HUNTj feb2J3w 1** (ommircml Nlreet. New Crop Molasses. 303 HHDS.) •it TP.CS. | CLAYED MOLASSES, NEW 7 BBLS. J CROP, and *0»HHDS, I MUSCOVADO MOLASSES, NEW 4 TRCS. J CROP, Per Brig Mary A. Chase, horn Matanzas, now laud ing and (or sale by CHASE,CRAM A STURTEVANT _feb2d2w_ Widgrry’a Wharf. NEW TAMARINDS. 25 KEGS NEW TAMARINDS l —AT— OWEN & BARBER'S, Feb 7—t!2w No 13 Excbaugc Nt. Lumber. 4 /"V/'A Dry pine for immediately use LVVi V,/ v^rulso spruce, hemlock and pirn; dimeusion ou hand or sawed to order at lit Com mercial Hi. FobTdtt L- I'AYLOK. LUMBER, Wholesale and .Retail. BOARDS, Plank, Shingles and Scantling of all sizes constantly on hand. Building material sawed to order. Isaac dyek. ^auglltf No. Union Wharf. lumberT All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PERKINS, JACKSON & CO., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, janldtf foot of High street. COAL ! COAL ! Coal for Ranges Furnaces, —AND— PARLOR STOVES, At Low Bales for Cash. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. IWO TONS* LUMP LEHIRII. Also a lot of DRY SLAB WOOD, sawed In stove length, delivered in aiiy part of tliecity, atSSiiercoid. PERKINS, JACKSON A C O., High Street Whaif, 302 Couiniercial, iantdtl Foot of High street. $S. CHEAP COAL! $H. W>! can now ofler nil* CHBMTNdT COAL at per ton, delivered at any |»art of the city. Also ibi sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. , SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, f«r Furnace*. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, JoIui’m While AmIi, Diamond, Ki d A*h, which are tree ol all impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland ! A cargo just landed, freak mined, lor Blacksmith use. Leliigh Lump, for Foundry Use! 0iYVe keep constantly on hand a lull assortment ol Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur- I chase large lots will do wrell to give us a call before purchasing. HAH1> A.\l) SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Kaudall, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., 0C25dtt u Head of Maine Wharf. Southern Pihe. ABOUT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom House Wharf, and for salo in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS A CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21, I860. nov22dtf Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and tor sale by the undersigned at tlieir Whan, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Conunorcial St, 2] 5 Tons Hazeltou Leliish, BROKEN AND EGO SIZE. 300 WONS LOCUST MOJJNTA1N EGO AND STOVE SIZE. aoo TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals are ot the very best quality, and war anted to give satisfaction. Also, 500 cords ot best quality of HARD mid SOFT WOOD, which we will sell at the very lowest price and deliver it to any part ot the city al short notice. J3P*Give us a call and try us. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan 15th—dtf Southern Pine lumber WE are prepared to execute orders for SOUTH ERN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at any convenient port. RYAN & DAVIS April 17—dtf 101* Commercial St. j Saint Louis Flour / / i lliOltE New Wheat Family Flour ol tlie iuosl celebrated brands. T. IfaiTtsoii A Co., Plains. Cagle, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, Tropical, Amaranto, Whitmore, FOB BALE BT Churchill, Browns & Manson aug7dtf Trinidad Molasses. -i HHD3, PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD MOLASSES i’or sale by LYNtH, BABKEB & CO., fcov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossniau’s Union Furniture Polish! THE best in the world tor Polishing Mahogany, \ Walnut, Stair-Posts, Rails, Counters, or any kind ot‘ Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Crossman tor tbe last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. li is warranted to stand a tempera ture ot two hundred clegs, oi beat, and is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready tor use in live minutes al ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Fil ly Cta. per bottle; anyone can use it by following the Directions on tbe bottle. 1UTerence—MessrsC. <SfcL. Frost,Captlnman,USA, Messrs. Bleed .t Tukey, Benj Stevens, Jr., Win. Allow, M. M. Woodman. For sale b> Burgess, Fobes & Co, W. F. Phillips & Co., H. H. Hay & Co, Samuel Rob', H. W. & A. Deering. Manufactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of tireeu st. S. C. RIGGS. Agent, <iee£8dtt_ Portland, Maine. AT THE OLD STANDI OWEN & BARBER, ■\V liolesale Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Fruit, Fancy Groceries, Green, Dvied and Canned Fruits, [ ' Pickles, Confectionery, Tobacco, Cigars, Nuts, DATES, Ac., ■h( m 8 and Jellies, Pure Spices, Lemon Syrups, Mxtt ’acts. ! No. 13 Exchange ^t., PORTLAND, ME. , Feb "—<12 W . GAS AND COAL OIL FIXTVHFSt E TAKBELL & SON, No. it b boupield HTREKT, BOSTON, MANUFAC'fiA tEBS AND DEALERS' IN Chandelier ‘8, Jl trackets, Lamps,, Ac* tIAN NtTTtNtS in all its bram-lios.. «AB ftTOVES, A r Cooking and H, <ujng. CBAKBELIRMI , lamp,, a K., He^il ed or Bronzy,!. r* , |od 1 tanUm KlISCGLLANEbUS, LITTLEFIELD & WILSON’S WOOD MOULDING & PLANING MILLS, For Planing, Matching and Jointing Boards and Plank, MOULDINGS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Sweep & Circular Sawing, Wood Turning, &c. STAIR BUILDING PROMPTLY EXECUTED, Corner of York and Maple Streets, aEm. C\Vii!soisiE*IELI)’ } PORTLAND, ME. _ January22eodlm ST EAM K£FIN£D SOAPS! LEATHE~& GORE, WOULD solicit tlio attention ot the trade and consumers to their Standard Brands of STEAM REFINED SOAPS, EXTRA, FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE, tM EM ICALO LI V E« CRANE’S PATENT, SODA. AND AMERICAN CASTILE, All ol SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in package* suita ble for the trade and family use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, and as our goods are manufactured under ihe personal supervision oiour senior partner, who has had thirty years practical experience in the business, we therefore assure the public with con deuce that we can and will turnish the Best Goods at the Lowest Frioesl Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, containg all the modern improvements, we are enabled to furnish a supply ot Soup* ot the Beal Q,uaIiiiea, adapted to tile demand, tor Ex* port and Domestic Cou<*umpiaou. LEATHE A GORE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY 4LL THE WholcMulc Grocer* Throughout the Slate. Leatlie & Gtore, 30? Commercial St, 47 A 40 Bcurh Street, PORTLAND, MAINE March 2f—litt New Store, New Goods. E VANS aTIiA YLEY, Nos. 1 & 2 Free Street Block, WILL Ol’EN MONDAY, Jau. 14tli, a new ami complete assortment ol FURNITURE, Crockery, Glass and Silrer Elated Ware, Beddin?, Upholstery Goods, aiul a first class stock of HOUSE FUKNISUINO ARTICLES of every description. By a strict attention to business and the wants of tlielr customers, they are in hopes to merit a fair share of the patronage of the public. An inspection of our stock aud prices is respect fully invited. Wardrooms Nos. 1 & 2 Free Street Block. E NS A BAYI.EY. Portland, Ja 12,18G7. janlldtf r\ V . V OR WORLDS SALVE Pas been an old family nurse for the past twenty years, and known all around the worhl us the most sooth ing and healing Ointment in existence. McAlisters all healing ointment Never Fails to Cure. Salt Rheum, Scrofula, Ulcer*, Small Pox, Sore Nipple*, Mercniial Korea, Erysipelas, Carbuncle*. Corns, Bunion*, nml all If he u in atic Pains, Ate- Ac. Heals permanently Old Sores and Fresh Wound*. For Fr»*ted l.imb*, Burn*, or Scald*. It ba* no equal in the. World. Gire it a trial. Price 25 cents. Sold l»y nil Druggists. Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street• EVERY DESCRIPTION OP BOOK, CARD, k JOB PRINTING, Executed with Neatnese and Despatch. Having completely refurnished oar office since tlie Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presses, ei:c., wo are prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friends and tl.e public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description ot Mercantile Printing. We have superior facilities for the execution of BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which tor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed B5r” Orders from the country soheited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Press Job Office 179 Commercial St,, Portland, N. A. FOSTER, I’kotbietou jFlour, Meal, &v. BBLS. Baltimore Family Flour. 100 Baltimore extra Flour. 15 “ Rye Flour. 10 “ Buckwheat. 20 half bbls. Buckwheat. 40 bills, superior new Oat Meal. 2f# “ kilu dried MeaJ. 10 “ superior White Meal (tor tabic use). 1005' lbs. Butter, &c., &c.f in store and just re ceived, for sale by CHASE BROTHERS, jan5ST&Ttf HEAD LONG WHARF. £6 WELL & RENTER, WILL occupy the now Slore No. -'Mil t!«n Rreea Nirrfi, corner of Brown Street, about Be.-, 15111, with anew stock of Walchrs, Jewel ry, Miter mill IMalctl Ware, and Fancy llaode tor the holiday* They have reoccupieil then old stand Na. li l El ehaaae -Iren, with aiomph-te stock ol Nautical and Opiiral Goods, Chronometers, Watches, Clocks, Fine Tools tor Machinists ami Engineers, &o. tfr Friends and customers invited to old bead quarters. Dec I, I860.—d3m A New Place Just Oj>eu l WHERE you can buy real French CALF SKINS and Philippe and Canaud’s SARDINES, just received Horn Paris, now in bond, and lor sale in lots to suit customers by II • peybet, oaiee aver the Fish market jan2il2iu* EEDEKAI, NTREE1 • A GOOD STOCK OF Clotbiug and Furnishing Goods FOR SALE, WITH NTOBE TO LET. Inquire at 317 CONGRESS STREET. febll <12w O Four Stores for Rent N Union Whan', size 20 xso, suitable fur Grain or other gooUi. Amily to ...... JOSEPH II. WHITE, _tobodu No. of Union Wharf. New Store—Just Open. BLUNT~& FOSS, DEALERS IN Builders H«tidware,Naile,Glass,Wood( n Ware books. SASH AND BLINDS, and CAItPEN x TICKS’ TOOLS in Great Variety. •a Wlidlsllc, between Hampshire & Franklin Sts. «i as, t, Bluht. ja2K13iu# Jas. A. Foss, A CARD. THE undersigned having REMOVED Irom Ware’s Hall, will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE

No. 3 Free St. Block, y And would invite the attention oft he Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock - OF - Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors' Trimmings, •—AND— Gentlemen’s Furnishing' Goods! Purchased the past week fbr Cash, which will be ottered to the trade at the lawest market prices. Soliciting your patronage, we remain Yours Very Truly, CHADBODRN & KENDALL. January 1C, 1807. Cloth inf/ Cleansed and llepaived BY WIIXIAM BROWN, foniierfy at 91 Federal street, is now located at his new store No 84 Fed eral st, a lew doors below Lime street, will attend to his usual business ol Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness. irff*Second-h;uid Clothing for sale at fair prices. Jan 8—dtt SHORT & TORINO, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Varner Venter Street., Have on hand a lull supply ol Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Rooks. Niatinnery of all .Kind.. Clash, Post Office and Envelope Oases, Let* ter Presses, Pen Backs, &o. Wo have just received Irom New Yorkalullsuppi, ol PAPER HANGINGS, Hr* New Patterns and Choice Styles. DKAW1NCS PAPER OF ALL SIZES. Give us a call. Short Ac l.orinjt, jy3(kUt 31 Fiee, Corner of Center Street. J. <k C. J. BAltBO UIt, Mannfticturcrs and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, NIK. Cadies’ ami NUnncm’ Serge ami Calf ILioIn. NIcii’m Flue Calf ami Thick Bool*. Boy*’, l'oulhs’ ami Children’* Bool* ami , Shoe*. Rubber Bool* and Shoe* of all kiml*. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOLASSES hose, enoine hose RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothiug, Rubber Ifloxr. JOHN BAItBOUlt. C. J. BAItBOUlt. E. It. B.UtBopR. noriS 9 f . dll 8100. $100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE. 1’uttersou A Cliadbournc, Nloriou Block, 2 doors above Preble House. alHE new Bounties, under the law approved .lab 28th, 1800, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay , Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov* eruiuent, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hare been rtcevrcd, and claim ants should lile their claims promptly. Prank G. Patterson, hue Iiieiu. 5th. Me. Vols. Paul Chadbourne, late Maj. 1st Me. Cav. Oct IC-dtf u CLOCKS ! Calendar Clocks, Howards Clocks, Office and Hank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Parlor, and All Kinds of Clocks. 64 EXCHANGE STREET, LOWELL & SEINTEK. Portland Jan. 17tli, 1867. ^ d6m FRANK ABORN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER ! NO. 1 FREE STREET CLOCK. A large assortment of C*L O C K S of till kinds, Watches, Spectacle** and Thermometer** constantly on hand. ttfepftiring in all its branches punctually attended to, an<l work guaranteed to be faithfully performed. All articles sold warranted to be ns represented. A fail share of the patronage ot the public is re spectfully solicited. Portland. Jan. 14, 1867. dtt H. W. SIMONTON & CO., 349 Congress St., Up Stairs. Fancy l.iuru Callnra 15c. Tnckod ilo. lOc, Clauds, 87c. Pebbled Clou,In #1.45. Nbeltnud Veil* 50 aa.l 75 cIn. Worsted Goods at Hod need Prices. jaildtf A. G. SC H LOTT Eli HECK <t CO, Apothecaries & Chemists, 303 Congress St, one door above Brown, PORTLAND, UK. Compounding Physicians Prescriptions Is one ol our Specialities. Usiu g Preparations of our owu Hianuufacture, we are able to vouch lor their purity. We also keep on band a full supply of LUPIN’S EXTRACTS, POWDER and SoAP, FANCY GOODS, Toilet Articles, Reed's Liquid Dye Colors, Wil onV Herbs, March’s Celebrated Trusses and Supporters, Patent Medicines, Hair Rest .rers, Ci gars Tobaeco, Artisti*’ RatcrialM, Ac., At. Jan 12—<12m -A. ISO. 1 SPOOL COTTON! 7 CENTS A SPOOL l - AT - BA VIS A CO.’S. Janl JH CHRISTMAS -A N D NEW YEAR’S. AS THE HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING 1*- M. FRONT Hum a fresh Stock ot | (arloyes To Offer at Low Priceh! 500 Pm. of World-renown,•<! Trefoniwe, only $1,50 *** *>r*- of t'loihilde, nt nnlr I.OO No. A Dccriny: HIopIi, congkjlms mtkeeT' ^Dec 22—(l&wu RO L. I. ■ N N A 11 ■ I. H K V At the old stand ol E. Dana. Jr Ik APOTHECARIES, ueenng Block, Corner ol Congress and Preble Sts., „ , PORTLAND, ME. foreign and Domestic Drug*, Chemicals, Fluid Ex traets, foilc, '•tides, Perfumery, and Fancy Hoods. Physician s prescriptions careiully prepared, either by day or iught. Mr. Charles B. Greenleal, who has liecn at this stand lor a number ol ye;u*s, will remain as prescrip tion derk. sep21 -cod& wt i ^JjySend yourorders lor Job Work to Daily Free MISCELLANEOUS VniELAM>. riBM AND FKUIT t,AN»MI,i„auiild , r healthful climate. Thirty miles south ol Phil adelphia, by Railroad, in New Jersey, on the same line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clay to a sandy loam, suitable tor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables. This is a (/nut fruit Country. Five hundred Vineyards and orchards have been planted ort by experienced Iruit growers. Grapes. Peaches, Pears Arc., produce immense prof its, Vineland is already one ol the mod: beautiful placesfn the United States. The entire territory, consisting wf titty s^juare miles of land, is laid out upon a general system ol improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers with provision Ibr public adornment. The place on account of its great beauty, as well ns other advantages, has become the resort ot prop/e oj iaatc. It hu9 increased five thousand people within the past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies, Societies ol Art and learning and other elements of refinement and culture have been introduced. Hundreds ot people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, twenty aero lots and upwards, $25 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other locality, north of Norfolk, Va.lrn proved places for sale openings lor alikiudsol business. Lumber Yards, .Manuiaclories, Foundries, Stores and the like: and Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and agood soil, in a country beauliiully iui prov. d. abounding in iruits, and possessing all other social privileges, in the heart of civilization, it is worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a paper gningiull intormaUon, aiu| containing reports ol iSo lon Koo nson, sent to applicants. Address OH AS. K. LAN1HS, Viiudaud P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor ot the Tribune; ‘*1118 0116 01 the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition ibr pleasant fanning that we know ol this side of the Western Prairies. * sepi13d&w6w 37 I 1 «»I ITS EVFECT 13 niRAClILOlIS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praise HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENFWER. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents in the vegetable kingdwn. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer #1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Renewbr does not give sat isfaction in all cases when used in strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ren ewer has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots said fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, AND SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING I No person, old or young should fail to use it. It is recommended ami used by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. 55/- Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilia* Hair Hkneweb, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re newkk to the public, entirely l oufident that it will bring back the hair to its original color, promote its growth, and in nearly all cases where it has fallen off will restore it unless the person is very aged. K. P. HALL & CO. Proprietoqi, Nashua, N. B Sold by all Druggists. Mam'ett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET. ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to offer their lrionds and the pub lic a large and well selected .-tock ot CARPETIlAGS! Paper Hangings C VIlTAIN GOODS, &c., t3r* Purchaser' of the above goods are respect fully invited to examine our stoc k which is New, Clean and Desirable. july30dtf , Lea &; Perrins’ IELEBKATKD Worcestershire Sauce ! rnONOUNCED BY CouuoiMcni'4 To be The “Only Good Sauce!” And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF BIND. EXTRACT of a letter from a Medical Gentleman at Madras, to his Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell Lea & Per rins I hat their Sauce is highly esteemed in India, and is in my opinion the most pal atable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that is made.** llie success ot this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and £ottie. Manuiactured by LEA Ar PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oclTdly C lioirc Southern and Western FLOUR ANA CORN ! for sale by O’liRION, PIERCE & co., Whol.-.ale Dealer., 154 I'oiuiucrcinl Hi,, Uecolrily PORTLAND, Me. Grr-eg-g-’s Improved EXCELSIOR BRICK PRESS. THIS powerful and beautiful Labor-saving Ma 1 chine will mould 35.000 bricks per day. It re ceives tlie clay in Us natural state, tempers it iu work ing, and makes the finest PBKSSI I) liklCK, as well as the lower grades : all of equal size, and of a quali ty unsurpassed iu beauty and durability. It will al so make sni*erior FjtRE BRICK. The value of the machine may be ascertainod from the large profits made by those how running. .For Rights and Machines, address, Cxi rlHisr Brick Fmn C’o., Ja29dlm UlUce 221 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa Great Fall in Fill's ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Furs in Boston, BOUGHT FOIl CASH, And can be sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, #121-00, former price #10.00. Silk Velvet Hood«,Beaver trimmed, FOR $4.00, and other Goods in proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PKEBI-E HOI BE. do«22 _ _dtf BRIDGTON ACADEMY. TERM of this Institution will TUESDAY, February iiOih, ami continue eleven weeks. t'. R. HILTON, A. ill., Principal. Competent and accomplished teachers will be em ployed in all departments of the school. Good board furnished in the vicinity at $3.00 per week. Rooms for sell-boarding easily obtained. Text books furnished at Portland prices by the Principal. T. II. MEAD, Secretary. No. liridgton, Jail. 30, 1867. Icb6d2aw&w3w North Yarmouth Academy, - AT - YARMOUTH, MAINE. rpilE Spring Term of ten weeks, will commence A Feb. 20th, under the same board of instruction as heretofore. For particulars address E. S. Hoyt, A.M., Princi pal, or JAMES BATES, Secv. Yarmouth’ Feb 8, 1867. Iel4d&w2w HOTEL*. UNITED STATES HOTEL, PORTLAND, MAINE, T^MM.i'illoimn.irnf tlH- COM the gre.u iir.^ 11 w» destroy oil in ami tlil- iiiibii,’ tiff,8, aunuuoi i’ In his old I'litrons will ok'i lor iheT^oo!8 C8so,‘tl,t- ='l«v Ik.U-1 aud ally, tm Salunlav -\iiiust'ii'll<>“ w lll“ l’“wic g««cr thankftil to his old vifst;,!,’ , , he would solkrt a com,nuance Sr the rai'|,,(.,'alr°"3BC' TERMS El r OR Alt LE. Card. METROPOLITAN HOTKI,, Washington. |>. c. on account of the lednced price of provision*, the rate of board at this Hotel will be Fouk Dollars j*;r day from date. POTTS & SHELLEV. January 1, ls67. jaJJdlm Crorham Hou*e ! CiORH AM, MAINE. ^ ^_THE Subscriber having leased the above jZBlkdoiise tor a term of years, I* prepared to ac J2MUKcoliUumliiU’ f^Hies and the public gencraMy, ,ru,u »dslongixper.eii.e in II. M l keep LESZI111* hopes to receive a liberal share rf the public patronage, having kept a Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. Janl5 d3m S. B. BROWN. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,..SO. CAROLINA. THE proprietor ha* the pleasure to intbrm the traveling public that the above hou*e i* now open lor the reception of guest*, having iua<lc extensive al teration*, improvcuieuts, and refurnished it ttivough out, ais now in capital order, anil every exertion will be made to render it acceptable to Ids patrons. nolOeoillini JOSEPH PIHCRI.I,. MEDICAL DR. J. B. HUGHES OAK UK KOirSOAT I1IM PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 14 Preble Street t Near the Preble llou-c , W1IE1CE he can b»* consulted privately, and with the utmost*confidence by the afflicted, at hours daily, and from 8 A. M. to y p. J\f. Dr. H. addr'98ef< those who are sunlriug under the affliction ot ) nvate «fisease3, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible viee of sell-abuse. Devoting liis entire time to that particular branch ot the medical profession, be tools warranted in OrAit ANTEEIMi A CURE IN ALL CA.3E.S, whether of long standing or recently controeted, entirely removing the dregs of disease tVom the system, and making a per fect ami I’LKMANKNT CUBE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to the fact of hi* long-stumling and well-i iiriKul reputation furnishing suihcient assurance of Ins skill ;uid sut tees. biuiuoa f the PabUe. Every intelligent and tl unking )>erson mutt know that remedies handed out tor general use should have their efficacy established by well tested cA|K:ricnce in tlio hands of a regularly educated pin siciuit, whose preiiaratory studies tit him tor all the dp ties ftio must tulnl; yet the country is floo<led with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to lie tlie best in tlie world, which are not uuiy useless, but ulwavs injurious. The unfortunate should be ptuTioUbaiciu ib cting hia physiemn, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic patients are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexfiericnced physicians in general practice; lor itisa point generally conceded l»y the In st svjifiilogra phers, that tlie study and management of those come plaint* should engross the whole time of'those who would be com potent uni successful in thtir treat ment and cure, ’1 be tueAporleiuaal general practi tioner. having neither opportunity nor time to nmk himsclf acquainted with their pathology, copimonly pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury, Hare Pouldr Me, Ail wlio have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the aolilary rtee of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced oonlldeneo in matur,i years, SEEK H)U AH ANTIDOTE IX UKASU.N. The Pains aud Aches, and Lassitude aud Kcrvons Prostration that may follow Impure Coiciou, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait lor the consummation that is sure to fol low; do not wa.t lor Unxixhtly Ulcers, 4>r Disabled i.unite, tor Lose of Beauty and Complexion, ■•wMany I MuMStM aa Testify to This by Unhappy Kiperiearr! Younc men troubled with emission, in sleep,—a complaint aenerall) the lesult ol a liad habit in youth,—treated scienti lie ally ami a perleetittre war ranted or no rtaante made. tlanlly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the altore disease, tome ol whom are as weak and emaciated as though rli. t liad the consumption, and liy their iritinls are suiiosed to have it. Afl sueli eases yield to. tlie proiter in.1 only correct roars,- of MvaUiicnl, ami in a short time are made to rejoice In perfect health. Middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the uw of tldtty who arc troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing M-iiMition, and weakening the aye-tom iii a man ner the i•alienI cannot account tor.' On examining the urinaiy deposits a ropy sediment v.ill qtten he found, ami sometimes small particles oi semon or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin uuik ish hue. again changing to a dark and tnrhid appear ance. There are many men wlio «Ue of this difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE Op SEMINAL WEAKNESS. T can w arrant a perfect cure in sin li cased, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary orpins. Persons who canimt personally consult tfie Dr can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a flescrip-’ tlon of tlieir diseases, and the appropriate remedies will he forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will bo returned, it desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, ■ ^ No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. tST" Send a Stamp lor Circular. Electee Metrical Injirwary, TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invitee all Ladles, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. l>r. H.'a Electic Renovating Medicines are •nrival m in efficacy mid Hujurior v irtue In regulating ail hemalo Irregularities. Their actum is «i*<liic and certain of proifticing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in all ease# of ob structions alter all other remedies have been Iried in vain. It w purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may Is* taken with perfect safetv at all times. Sent to any part of the country, with full directions, by aihlressing 1)K. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland, f N. B.—Lailies desiring may consult tme pf their own sex. A lady ot experience in conoUiit at tend ance. CHEROKEE CURE, TO* C,VK.lT ( , 1 INDIAN MEDICINE, Cures *11 caused by self-abuse, vU;e? Lon* of Mimory, Unircrml /,,;«*£ tiuiG, Pain* in the Back, iHm 111 of Vittiov. /Yemature oil Aye, Weak Serve*, diffi cult BreathinQ, PuIa < bunte nanbe, Jnmmn/, Consvm/i Mon, itfid nil diseases that fid .k III you( mill inuiMM <>ll<Mi*«. The Cherokee Cure will restore h. aith un i vigor, •top the emissions, ami effect a permanent cure aiter all other medicines, have failed. Thirty-two pago pamphlet sent in a sealed envelope, free to any address. Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for f 5. Sold by all druggists; or will be Sent by express to any portion of the world, on receipt of price, by the sole proprietor, Dr. W. E. MEEWIU, 37 Walker 8t., N, Y. ._._.__ ^ Cherokee Remedy, Cnres all Urinary Com plaints, vlmOravel, Iry/Unn )motion. qf the Bladder and A'idniM JltUntion of Urine, Strictures of the Urethra, Dropsical Swell* inyv. Brick Dust Deposits, and ad disease-' that requiro a diuretic, und when used in conjunction v.ith the CHEBOKEE INJECTION, does not fail to cure Gleet and all Mu cous Discharge* in Male or Female, curing resent Cants in from oru to three days, and is especially recommeuded in those cases of Fluor Altai* or Whitts in Females. The two medicines used in conjunction will not fail to remove thin disagreeable complaint, and in thosMasai where other medicines have been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Brittle, $2, Three Bottles, $0. 44 Injection, ** 44 $2, ** 44 $3. The Cherokee 44 Cure," 44 Jltmedy," and 44 Injec tion " are to bo fouud in all well regulated drug stores, and are recommended by physicians and druggists all over the world, for their intrinsic worth and merit. Borne unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap and worthless compounds,—in order to make money— in place of these. Be not deceite,d. if the drug gists will not buy them for yon, write to us, and we will send them to you by express, securely packed and free from observation. We treat all diseases to which the human system is subject, and will be pleased to receive full and explicit statements from those who have filled to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address us in perfect con fidence. We desire to send our thirty-two page pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman in tho land. Address all letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the solo proprietor, Dr. W. R. MERWIN, 37 Walker St., N. Y. IMPORT AST to LUMBERMEN -AND Owners of Uenilot k Lands! The ameuican patented improvement TANNING COMPAN Y, of New York, own tlie exclusive right in the Uruled Stales tor the iiiaimfiic tuie of an iiii|*erwhal»le “EXTHACT’’ from Hemlock Bark ihr tanning purposes. The Bark Extract in now extensively us*I among Tanners, and the de mand lor it rapidly increasing. It coin mauds a ready sale in tlie Boston, New York ami Philadelphia mar kets, at sixty cents per gallon. The appliance* for manufacturing are simple ami not expensive, costing but little more than the ordinary loaches used I>yTan ners. By this process, I] cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the entire strength Into forty gallons of ex tract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its tanning qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar |>ei cord. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of tlie Extract and the bark, w ill range from six to eight dollars per cord I so that any one who may get out but three hundred Cords of bark per ye:*, may save from two thousand to .twenty-live hundred dollars iu tlio difference in Height. The Company does not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to imumthv tuie iu certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount inunuiiu tiircd. * rh<f < ompuuy will semi eonifieteiit men to HUiierin tend the construction ol the works, w here parties de sire to niter into the business, and to instruct in the manulacture of die Extraet. ..AV* guarantee of success to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to take all the Extract manufactured under their process at fifty cents per gallon.dolivered in Boston or New York Pariie» in Maine doming Author ion iw to .V’ "“*1 ®*u “1’°“ ur whbwx OHAHLEH HALE, Genera] Agent tor Maine, -t Main.' street Bangor, where mode!, of tlie aiiparalus mav he sua-n’ ■PTtftlSiu 8. H. KENNEDY, Ptei?L o Y N TJb: Tt N ! WILLIAM H. UARTON, A 231,& 233CongressStreet, near January 6,1867, dtf haii.uoadm, pORTlA.ND SACO & PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, 1'oninaenciUK Monday, ,.J|k |#(,# ^I^iveBcMtoii lor. Portland at 7.30 A. M., ui^i 2 30 A Mechanic's auU Laborer's Train will w* Bkldeford daily, Sunday* eiceptcd, at 6 A. M.t and Saco at 6.08, arriving in Portland at 6.10. Returning, will leave Portland for Saco and Bid* defoid and intermediate station* at 6.10 P. M. A special freight l ruin, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portlaml at 7.10 A. M. for Saco and Biddclord, aud returning, leave liiddelord at t».dO and Saco at 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE, Said. Portland, Oct 29, is66. fefolldtf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ol Canada. ■Alteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. EBgjig': -ov-,2> m * 1*0 A M Pond, Mviitre»l and MueUc »iT puS“B» K',au TUI* train counsels with Kxnres. . to, Detroit and Chicago. SlcGfou?Car5^ttSfh..n°iVnm Island Pond to Quebec and Montreal *t,ucUta froUA Train lor South Paris at 5.uu p. M. Na baggage can be received or checked alter t time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows *— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 a m From Montreal, Quebec, &c.t - - 1.45 B‘ M The Company arc not responsible tor baggage any amount exceeding 830 in value (aud that person al| unless notice is given, and paid lor at the rate o one passenger for every g3Uu additional value. C. J. lift) Oil A'.S, Mmutyiny Director. //. 1,1.1', Deni Superintendent. Portlaml, Nov. 2, L*6ti. dtf WINTER ARRANGEMENT. LJUBMEgri On and after Monday, Dor. 17, 1h66, 'UlW-liP* train, will run as lollows PaMrn^or (rain, leave Saco Klvcr for Portlaud at 5.SU and y.uci A. M„ ua<i 3.-IO P. M. Leave Portland lor Saco liivor 7.15 A. M., 3.0a and 5.45 P. M. Freight trains with passenger car attached will learu Saio Kiver tor Portland. 8.50 A. M. Leave Portland lor Saco Kivcr 13.16 P. M. ICJr'Stagosconnect at tiorliam tor West Oorham, duudish, bleep Fail*, Baldwin, Denmark, bebago, Lrmgtou,Lovell, Hiram, Browuiield. Fryeburg, Conway, Bartlett. Jackson. Limiugton. Uoruiab.Por ter, freedom, Madison, anil Katun, N. H. At Buxton Center lur West Buxton, Bonny-Eaglo. South Limingtmi, Limington, Limerick, New held, rursonsfleid and Ossipee. At Saccaranpaler South Windham, Windham Hill nod North Windham, daily n _A> m n - "7 order of the President. I’ortlaad, Dec*. 14, iHbe -dll P0HTLAND&KENNEBEG R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Cvuiiufucini; Mouday, Nor. 1'Jih, lSLG. Passenger Trains leave Portland dally ul P Me, lor Bath, Augusta, Wat* ervilie, hondalPs Mill ,skuvv lu-grin, and intermediate Stations, (connecting at Brunswick with Atidroscog gin L. it.. Tor Lewiston and Faiiuiugtou, and at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central K.H.) lor Bangor and intermediate station*, /’are* aglow by tkig r,jU{e ug any otlu r. Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and iutci mediate stations on Sat unlay only at 7.45 P. M Mixed Train leaves Portland fm* Brunswick aud In termediate stui ions daily, except Saturday, at &;ji p. M. Freight Train, with passenger ear attached, win leave I ortlund for Skowlicgaii and iute. mediate sta tions every morning at 7 oY-ioek, Trains from BruuswU'k nod Lewiston are due at Portland at D.'^0 A. II., and Irom Skowheguu and Fufiumgtuu and all im.rimdime stations at 2.00 P, M. to connect with trains lor Boston. Stages lor Kocklaml connect at Bath; and tor Bid last at Augusta, leaving dully o»: arrival ol train from Bm.iou, leaving at 7.30 A. MU; and lor Solon, Anson, NorndgeWOck, Athens and Moose Head Lake at Skow began, and for China, East and North Vassai boro at \ a-salboro’. for Laity at Kendall’s Mill’s, ana tor Canaan at Pishon’s Ferry. \V. HATCH, Superittlcutirni. Augusta, Oct. 27, lMi. uovl2dtt TUlSratHCT r7 WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rr+y&5Zfl£g3 On and alter Monday,November 12th, M|#^MtK?u»Tcnt, trains will leave Portland for Bangoi and all intermediate station on this lino, at Liu 1*. At. daily. For Lewiston and Auburn only, at 7.10 A. M. Iff Freight trains for Watervilleand all interme diate stations, leave 1’ortlund at 8.25 A. Al, Tr.un irom Bangor is due at Portland at 1.45 P. M, in season to« onuect with train tor Boston. From Lewiston and Auburn only,at f.10 A M, „ . EDWIN NuVl.s, bupt. Nov. l,14t'»6 uoiMtt r_.*ir=s To Travelers / Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West & South, VIA THU New York Central, L'rie & Lake shore, And Pennsylvania Central itailroads e«r Sale al the liownl rale. ut the M «| «io Kail way Ticket OHce,—LAKCA3TEK HALL 1HJLLDLNO, Al auk k r Square. W. It. LITTLE Jc CO., General Ticket Agent.. Kfr\ Passage Tickets tor California, via steamers from New York on the 1st, llth, and 21st of each mouth for sale at this heretofore. dc'Jo.i&wt. *" 1 - - -.-T”1.1 . . NI’EAMEKS. Montreal OceanSteamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. V*u**«-{«;;« a» Hooked Is Lsudsadtirri an*1 ■ .■ vci pool. Itduru Tickets granted at Krilaml Kates. Nuv A ScotUln, Capt. Wylie, will 211 **118 l*0** *or Liven tool, SATURDAY. A*v*l*ruury, 1867. immediately alter the arrival of tiic tiuiii oi the previous davfrom Montreal, to be iol ^ ^ ' on the23d of February. Fassage U> LundouOarry tuiil Uvunowi, cabin, lac cording to accommodation) *70 Steerage, * |2£ Payable io Gobi or its equivalent. Ur box Freight ur par-sage sp|4y to FAhE BEDUCE0_T0 BOSTON. Summer Arrangement / Until further notice the Steamer* of the Portland Steam Packet Co. will run as lollows:— ‘ Leave Atlantic Wharfibr Boston Z , . , Vvc> evening, (ucvpt Sundsr}il l O ', luck. Leave Boston the same days at 5 P. Nl• CnWulafc,...-. $1.50 hiik,. i (in (lucud rau'^*"6 ticku,“to *“<* ul llie Agent* at ro Freight taken as usual. May Jjjud, 1866~dt, ^ BILIJNWB' A«"c‘ International Steamship Oo. Ensfport, Calais and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TKIJt* 1*EH WUEK. Oq an. I after Monday, December I■l*'.,be steamer NEW mn Ns „Kk. J;Y»- *- •>. WINt'HBS IEB, will leave Kail Bead Whart at ft o'clock p. M ^ DAV.m^dk a?JlT 8‘- Jpl", *Wry ‘ HL'RS ^ At l-.iibi]K>rt stage C’oatlits will connect tor Ma ferdShcdtae"1 ^ E' * A' ,{ail"a» *iu connect , fcP“Freight received ondaysof sailing until 4 o’clk 'fiwt. C.E. EATON • -_Agent. Special Steamboat Notice ! ^SanaadSk St' Jfcl111 Kcbrnary ule‘iui.‘ l'r ___c__ c. 0. Eaton. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANt. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. The splemlid aitdi last Steam. 6lii|.a DIUIUO, t'upt. H. Shi k noon, and l KANioNI A. Kt' _ 'toth^nn^r^V«5‘^ "”l“ ^CW York, every WfciiNfiKliAV ***» SATDuriAV, at 4 o’clock P. M t bA' “'*<» These vessels are fitted up with tin.. «™. , tmns wr passengers, making this the ■jale aim cuaiioruiWe tou t lor travellers | \V y' New \ork awl Maine. Tas-uge in sm. ! e r,‘ $b .«t Cabin passage $5.00, Meals extra ' ^b*’ Goods lorwurded by this line t.. ami . ,, SR JolSr^ 'bttb, Augusta, Easl^a.0^ ship tiers arc requested to send their IVelrht to the “^,^„darly “3 ** llay"lbat tbey For Irt lght or pa#.<agr apply to ... E AM^,f>ler *“'"***• M:»V-V, * ... ^- cltf •THIS HU* l« t|IM|TII|| 'i' || j% N TUK NVtORD.n The Qol(fPen-Be»t and Cheapest of Pens' Morton’s Gold Pens’ The Beat IVna in the World ! For sale at his Headquarters, No 2r. Malden lane New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at ,he Haute price*. **" A Catalogue, with full description ofBires »„ t Pra .-s, sent on receipt el letter postage! noiedawtot A. nokl'tiy, BlaANO HARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boilers 700 dogs, of heal i. thrown awav making a loss ol 1-3 tl,e tuel. The question li oucu asked how can this i.e saved. Mr Warn hard has invented a boiler that takes perteet control ol all the heat anil makes it do duty in the engine This is Tcry simple in Us construction: alter the engine |.i,i motion smoke pipe i>closed tight, and X wide heat carried through heaters, heating the strain to any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the .water heater. up all the waste lioat bat got) deg*.; the heat being 'reduced aTlo,? there cau lie uo danger ol sotting tires bv .parks thrown from engines, which will add much value to this invention, Desides the saving t-3 n,u tor particulars inquire ol „ WM. UlLLARl), Wh*rf and Commercial St.