Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 16, 1867 Page 1
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s I aSS. PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 16, 180^ **, DoUar.Per—Ma,^ THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS is published everyday, (Sunday excepted,) at No. 1 printers Exchange, Commercial Street, Portland. N. A. FOSTER, PROPRIETOR. Terms Eight Dollars a year in advance. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, is published at the same place e very Thursday morning at $2.00 a year, invariably in advance. Kates of A over timing.—One inch ot space,in length of column, constitutes a “square.” $1.50 per square daily first week; 75 cents per week alter; three insertions, or less, $1.00; continu ing every other day alter first week, 50 cents Hall square, three insertions or less, 75 cents • one week. $l.oo; Mi cents per week after. * I'Oder head of “Amusements,” $2.00persuuare per week: three insertions or less, $1 50. quare Special Nil ticks.$1.26 per square lor the first in ESifo"* 25 '*“*• ** «*“»■> fo. each subwjju.nt in u,e -Maine State if ih? dtHlUx? a largo circulation in every par ® ... JJ, ‘ $1.00 per square for first insertion* anu^o cents per square lor each subsequent inser tion. n BUSINESS cards. c. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER. Oflce at the Drug Store of Messrs. A. G. Schlotter • beck & Co., *03 Congress fcl, Portluud, Jtlc, F jl!2dtf One door above Brown. M . M.BRE WE R, (Successors to J. Smith & Co.) iUmiutarturer of heather Belting. Also tor sale Belt Leather, Backs & Sides, Lace Leather, KIVCTS iinil BUBS, aept3dtt n ;ill CougreM Ntreel. W, P. ERE EM A N & CO., | Upholsterers and Manufacturers ot FUENITUBE, LOUNGES, BED-STEADS Spring-Beds, Mattresses, Pew Cushions, Wo. | Clapps Block-fool Cheninut Streets Portland. Freeman, D. W. Deane. C. L. Quinby. __U_u_ A. N. NOYES & SON, Manufacturers and dealers in Stoves, Rannes & Furnaces, Can be found in their NEW BUILBINU ON LIME NT., (Opposite the Market.) Where they will lie pleased to see nil their former customers and receive orders as usual. auglTdtf n CHASE, CRAM & STURTEVAKT, GENERAL Commission Merchants, Wldgery’s Whurl, Poutland, Me. Oct Uhl tl HOWARD d> CLEA FES, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, PORTLAND. M INK. Ojjlce So. 30 Exchange Street, Joseph Howard, jy9tt n Nathan Cleaves. M. PEARSON, Gold and Silver Plater —AND— Manufacturer ot Silver Ware, Temple \ Street, first door from Congress Street PORTLAND, ME. May 19—dly n A. WILBUR & CO., 112 Treiuout Street, Boston, Importers and Dealers in WELCH and AiULBIC AN ROOFING SLATES, all colors, and slating nails. Careful attention paid to shipping. ,, aug22—«m BRADBURY & SWMAT Counsellors at Law, •J4» «'on«;hkmn mtreet, Clmdwi. k Mansion, opposite United States Hotel. Portland ’ , Binn Bradbury. nov lit! ?,.!>. M Sweat. Deering, MilJiken <fe Co., Wholesale Dry Goods, 31 COMMERCIAL STREET, augJl dtl Portland, Maine. JOSEPH STORY Peurbyn Marble Co. Manuiacturers and Dealers in Enameled Slate Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pier Slabs, Grates aud Chimney Tops, importer aud dealer in Eng lish Fluor Tiles, German and French h'lower Pots, Hanging Vases, Parian, Bisque, and Bronze Staluetts and Busts. Glass Shades and Walnut Stands, Bohe mian and Lava Vases and other ware*. 111.' THE MO NX STREET Studio Building augiiif— Oju n BUSTON, Muss. SHEPLEY & STROUT COUNSELLORS AT LAW, OFFICE, Post Office Building, 2d story; Entrance on Ex change street. G. F. SHEPLEY. jy9t! A. A. STHOUT. If. II. HOBINHON, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, CHAHWJCK HOUSE, ‘4 4 9 Congrcai Street. Jan 1—dtf PEKCIVAL BONNEY. Counsellor and Attorney at Law, Morton Block, Congress Street, Two Doan above Preble Uuk, PORTLAND, ME. novl9 tf DAVIS, MESERVE, HASKELL & 00.. Importers arid Jobbers of -Dry Goods and Woolens, trnule 18 Free SlreeiVj F. DAVIS, C. H. MIISERVE, BAB_, ___ l. p. iiaskell, PORTLAND, ME. e. ciCapman. novft'ftftdtt IF. F. PHILLIPS <£• CO., Wholesale Dnigghts, No. 148 Fore Street. oct 17-i it t JOHN IF. DANA, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, No. 30 Exchange St. Dee 6—dtt' GOSS FEEXY, !P L A.HT E K ERS, PLAIN AND OBNAMKNTAL STU000 AND MASTIU WORKERS, Oak Street, between, Congretm and Free Ste., POBTI.AND, M®. Coloring, Whitening and White-Washing prompt* ,y attended to. Orders irom out oi town solicited. May 22—dll 8. Ii. CARLETON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ‘J7 Market Square. Sept 74—(it I „ A. E. ei; c. II. HASKELL, DEALERS IN Groceries, Provisions, W ent India Cooils, iVleitt*, Ac., AT LOWEST CASH PIUCES. 1-S I C'«iigre«M Si, Forllaud, iUc. janS dti* WM. W. WHIPPLE. Wholesale Druggist, 21 MARKET SQUARE, PORTLAND, MB. _aug2__ SMITH A CL>^k WUolcsjile !>• . .alera m TEAS, C0FY‘£ES & SPICES, - OUE STREET, jar* PORTLAND, Me. ** **f_ dtt W. W. THOMAS. Jr., Attorney and Counseller at Law, IChadwick. Hocbe,] 249 Congress Street. •ctti-dly If. M. PAY SON, STOC K BROKER, No. 30 Exchange Street, PORTLAND ME I1021dt LI'.W lN l‘IHK( K, Attorney, aud Conusellor at Law, No. 6 Clapps Block. jul21 BVRtm ■». IKR lilCounsellor at Law, No. 19 Frey Street. julli BKISNE88 CIAk/^ Charles P. Mattocks, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, BOODY HOUSE, COli. CONGRESS AND CHESTNUT STREETS, febUdtf Portland. « ~j.yrMoiisDON. o Hoop Skirt Manufacturer, DKALNR IN English, French and American Corsets, Fancy Goods AND LACES, HOSIERY, GLOVES, And nil kinds or TRIMMINGS ainl Dress Buttons. tJF'Hand-Kiiit German Worsteii Garments made lo order, FP 'Hoop Skirts made to order, aa No. U t lnpp's ttloek. CONGRESS STREET, ten!3 PORTLAND, lie. dtt WALTER COREY & CO, Manufacturer* and Dfaleks in FURNITURE! Looking Glasses, Mattresses, Spring Beds, rfe. Clapp** Block, Kennebec Street. (Opposite Foot Qf Chestnut,) Fl'llMtf_PORTLAND. GEO. 8. NUTTING, Counsellor at Law, —AND— Solicitor of Patents, No. 113 Federal Street, kbl5dlw PORTLAND, Me. •JOHN E. now, Jr., Attorney and Counsellor at Law, JAUNCEY COURT, Wall Street, ----- New York City. Commissioner for Maine ami Massachusetts. Jan. 29 dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, CLUMBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, Warm, Told aud Mbowrr Balks, Wash Bawls, Brass nnd Silver Plated l ocks. • Every description of Water Fixture lor Dwelling Houses, Hotels and Public Buildings, Ships, etc., ar ranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or countr y taitlifully executed. Constantly oil baud Lead Pipes and Sheet Lead and Beer Pumps of all kinds. Also, Tiu lioofiiaj', Tin Conductor* and work in that line done in the best manner. 13^All kinds of Jobbing promptly attended to. NO. ISO FOREST., Portland, Me. _janl5 dam If . H. WOOD «£ SON, BROKERS, - No. 178-Fore Street. »y7 tf J. B. HUDSON, JR., A R T I N T . Studio No 301 1-2 Congress Street. fSTlAtmas* given in Painting an«l Drawing. February 1—dll' .1 - At O. .T . BARBOUR, DEALERS IN Hoyt’s Premium Patent Eivetted Oak and Hemlock Leather Belting, Lace Leather and llentp Packing. liubbcr Bellini;, B*«i Slcam Packing, l lolkiug, d(.,lc, No. 8 Exchange Btroet, Feb7eodCm PORTLAND, ME. Kimball »fc* Prince, X>entiwtP<. No. 11 Olapp’s Block, Congress Street, Oppanile Old City (Sail, PORTIiAND, MAINE C. Kimball. D. i> N. oclOeodlt Prod A. Prince WRIGHT <£■ CLARK, FRESCO PAINTERS, III Oil and Distemper Colors. Also House and Sign Painters, Morton Block, two doors above Preble House, Portland, Me. tif We are prepared to design and execute every description of Wall and Ceiling Decorations, lor Churches, Public Buildings,Private Residences.Halls, &e. Gilding and Embossing ou Glass. Every de scription of Wood finished in Wax and Oil Filling, ami in Varnish or Preueh Polish. jaksL'lm BUIUDINO. TO BUILDERS. PERSONS wishing lor Spruce Dimension Frames lor early Spring business, will <lo well to leave their orders at once with STJEVENM & itlEKItll.l,, at their Lumber Wharf, Commercial Street, near loot of Maple Street, where cau always be found a large Stoel; ol Puie, Spruec, Walnut, Che t nut and Butternut Lumber, Clapboards, Shingles, Laths, &c., &c. Also—Doors, Blinds, Window Frames and Window Sashes, glazed and unglared, at lowest prizes. tar- Remember—STEVENS & MERRILL. leb 11 d'-'rn AHCIIIT WT1K K * KNuiK It IN ti Messrs. ANDERSON. BONNELL <y CO., have made arrangements with Mr. STEAD, an ArchSect of established reputation, and will in Inline carry on Architecture with their Cosiness us Engineers. Par ties intending to build are invited lo eatl at theii otticc, No, 306 Congress street, and examine eleva tions and plans ol churches, hauls, stores, blocks ol buildings, |rc. j jo WM. H. WALKER, 241 COMMERCIAL STREET, Foot of Maple Street. General Agent lor the Stale lor H . W. JOHNS* Improved Roofing, For building* ol all kind*. (JAR and STEAM BOAT DECKING. LOOPING CEMENT, for coat ing and repairing all kind* ol roots. PRESERVA TIVE PAINT for iron and wood work, Metal Roots, &c. COMPOUND CEMENT, for repairing leaky shingled roots. BLACK VARNISH, lor Ornamen tal Iron work Ac. Full descript ions, c rcular. prices, Ac. furnished by mail or on application at the otfict, where samples and testimonials can he Been. BCp12dtf COOPER & MORSE, TAKE pleasure in informing their old patrons and friends that they have resinned business at their OLD STAND, lorner of Market and Milk streets, where they will keep constantly on hand the best as sortment of Meats, Poultry, tiame, &c„ That the market atturds, and it will be their earnest andeavor to serve their customers witli promptness and fidelity. deelulti French Language and Literature TAUGHT BY PROF. LEON DE MONTIER, tJItOM Fiance; graduated in the Academic de Par is Univeisitie de France. Late Professor in the French Language and Literature in the McGill Uni versity and High School of Montreal. Canada Last. Prot. LLON ile MONTILlt l»egs leave to say that he is prepared to give Lessons in the above impor tant brancch of modern education, both iu Schools and private families. Classes may also be formed by gentlemen and ladies desirous of acquiring a thor ough knowledge and the liuent speukiug of the Fiench Language. Prot. L. de M.’s method of teaching French will smooth in a great part the difficulties of beginners, whilst to wore advanced pupils lie will impart a pro Ucieuey ol speaking, together with the pure Parisian accent, so deservedly esteemed by all well educated I»eoplc. Nothing shall be wanting on the part of Prof. M. to enable his pupils to make the most rapid pro gress, and by bis exertions to speak the French lan guage in the shortest lime. Applications as to the terms may be made by letter or otherwise, at 52 Freest, or at Messrs bailey & Noyes book store, Exchange st. Inferences are kindly permitted by the follow ing: In Poutland.—Rev, Dr. Dalton,cojrier South am' Spring Streets; Kev. K. Holies; Dr. Fitcli, S7 Stv,f* Street; Dr Chadwick 295 Congress Street ; Dr, ' U(j_ wig ; C. O. Files Lhij. Principal of Portlainl, Acade my. January 10. dtf s. vvi>si o\v'& Co.’S NEW GROCERY I ha»£ srits’rtdoor b ,’“HT CI.ASH UBOCIiKV, beg leave to return our thanks to mir numerous patrons (hr past tavov..and Inform them and the pnb generally, that while endeavoring to maintain our reputation lor selling the best of nikf «n,i „n n of MEATS ami VEUEl AltEKiJ, wt. |iavo added to our HtoeU a choice varu ty ol pure groceries, and hope by selling the best oi goods Al (hr Lswest t'n*h Prices! to merit a fair share of i*atronage. The same atten tion as heretofore paid to orders for Meats ami Vege tables for dinners. Cart will call for orders evciy morning if desired. S. WINSLOW & OO. No. Spring Street Market. 8. WINSLOW'. C. E. I’AGE. January 11. dCm HAXSOX d WlJS SLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, —ANT> Plough Manufactory, 1[TI'l would inform the public that wc are prepar 1 ed to furnish Casting of every description to er at aboil notice. We now have on luuid an as sortment ol Window \Veiphts. Sled Shoes and other casting*. ttr ' We are prepared to turnisli Castings for Bail Uoad Companies and Ship Builders. Also, Plauing, .Jointing, Matching and Sawing promptly done J. W. HANSON, • 0. C. WINSI/JW. 30 York St., (lend of Smith’* Wharf. Jan 1—d . l^’Every style of dob work neutiy executed at this office. COW KTNEitSl IIP. COP AIITNE11SI1IP. THE undersized have this day formed a Co partnership under the name and style of LISK & WESTON, as Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in 1‘LolK- 8. H. LISK, ^Portland, Feb. <i, 1867._ N' ^'fcblOBw Copartnership Notice. expires this day by limitation. 9 .1J'Vr?,*a“r,,A; art authorized to settle the anairs ot the concent. .1. C. STEVENS, M. E. HASKELL, A. E. CHASE. ^liv been formed between tbe underiigued, under tbe linu name of STEVBlid, I.OKO & HASKELL, for the purpose of transacting a Wholesale Bool and Shoe Bnsiuess, - AT - Store No* 33 Commercial Ml reef. formerly occupied by Stevens, Haskell & Chase.. J. G. STEVENS, JOHN N. LOUD, ^ , M. E, HASKELL. Portland, Feb. 1,1867. ftb 4 d2w Copartnership Notice. A**. HOKGAN has this day retired from the Morgan, dyer & co, in favor ofR. ai. HiLHAUHSON, and the business hereafter will be conducted under the firm name of “Richardson, Dyer & Co.,” At tbe old stand, So. 143 Commercial Street, Where they will contiuue the General Wholesale Business in I« Goods, CrroccricN, Flour aud Pro vision*. R. M. RIGHARDSON, J. W. DYER, „ . 0 l<m J. E. HANNAFORD. Feb 2—J3m Copartnership* Malcolm;f. iiammond and fessenden v. RNEY, are admitted as partners from this date. The firm will be Nil AW, IIAItlltlONl* Ar CAItNF V, And we shall continue the Wholesale Grocery. Flour and Provision business, at the old stand, No. 113 GomiuercRd street. THOMAS SHAW. ^Portland, heb. 4,1sG7. im CopartDership Notice. MR. LEANDEU W. FOBES is admitted a partner in our firm from tliG date. fcbldlm BURGESS. FOBES & CO. N O T I CE . f|1HE subscriber having disposed of his Stock in J. store to Messrs Burgess, Fobes & Co., Requests all js-rsons indebted to him to call at their Counting Room No. NO Commercial *».. Thorn as Block, and settle. 1 Lanknil for past favors, he commends to his mends and tormer patrons their lar?;e and well selecleil Stock ot Leads, Oils, Colors, &c. CHARLES FOBES. Portland, Jan. 2, 1867. ,]2„, dissolution of Copartnership THE copartncrslup heretofore existing under the name 01 GALVIN EDWARDS & to" is tills uay diwolvetl by mutual consent. All persons hold ng lulls against the linn, are requested to present them tor payment, and those indebted will please call and settle at 1 337 Congress Street. CALVIN EDWARDS. WILLIAM G. TWOMELY. The subscriber having obtained tbe line store No. ..,‘,‘‘ngrcss Street, will continue the business, and will keep Constantly on hand I3IA-TS70 FORTES from the BEST MANUFACTORIES, am.n.g them the Celebrated Steinwny Instrument, which he can sell at the manufacturer's LOWEST PRICES. Also, a goad assortment of ORGANS and ME1.0DE ONS. OLD PIANOS taken in exchange. dors for tuning and repairing promptly at W1H. G. T\t oailtl. V. November 26, 1866. dtf RE-OPENING ! The Mubscribcr having purchased the Stock aud Store lately occupied by JOHN CllOCKETT & CO., MO. 11 PltEBLE STREET, Will re-open for business Tuesday, Jau. SO, 1807, nml will sell off the entire stock at greatly reduced prices, consisting of NEW AND SECOND-HAND fernitijre, Crockery and Glass Ware, Carpeting', Paper Hangings, Window Shades, # together with a general assortment of HOESE-EERNISHINR ROODS. 1 MR. LEVI F. HOYT js connected with this establishment, and will he nappy to wait on any of his customeis and friends who may l'avor us with a call. jau29dlm_WII,I,IA»I I.OWKI.I,. Portable Steam, Engines, COMBINING the Maximum ol efficiency, dura bility and economy with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being in use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. C. UOADLEV A «:o. „ Lawkenck, Mass. _Feb 8. I8ti7—il3m Nlw GOOD8 ! JP. B. EROST, Merchant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street, Has just received a line lot ol fall goods lor the season, which will be made up in tlic most thorough manner scpllO—cod Store to Let. fllHE GOTHIC STOKE on Congress Street, op 1 posite Lalayctte Struct. This is one of the best stands tor the 4«r«rrry f IiimImenm in the City, having had a large trade for the past ten years. . Apply to S. L. CAKIALTON, lan i dedtf 27 Market Square. Oysters, Oysters! By Ihe Hurrei, Bu-lu I, €*alloii or Quart* Put up in kei ;s ami cans of all sizes for dm Ofctle or *** ll^y use. r9J vV[J? Being near tl »e Telegraph ami Express ,— Offices, 1 am pi epurc< 1 to put up all or ders to the latent moment. All in want of Oysters will find the best assortment in the city. £i£'Choire York Bay, Shi ewsbury, Cherry S tone, and York uiver eonstanily *oi» hand. K. D. AT WOOD, ^ iwood’R OyMirr House, 4**1, 47 nml 111 Centre St., ll*o liland, iTIe. February 1. d2w INDIA fttl BBI Kt OOOB§. HAVING been burned out ol my Rubber Store, 147 Middle St., I would solicit the trade of the citizens of Portland and vicinity, (until 1 re-open) to my headquar ters, S3 Milk Street, Boston, where are kept every variety of goods mode irorn India Rubber comprising in part Rubber and Leath er Machine Belting, Slcaai Packing, Gaskets, Rings, Bose tor conducting and hydrant purposes. Rubber Clothing of every description, Combs, Balls, Toys. U ndersheeting lor beds in cases of sickness, Rubber Boots and Shoes, Tubing, Spittoons, Syringes, Gloves and Mittens, Elastic Kings and Rands, Piano Covers, Horse Covers with and without, hood, Wagon Covers, Air Beds, Pillows, Cushions, and Lite pre servers, Mechanics* Aprons, Rubber dewelry, of beautiful patters, and all kiirtls of Rubber Goods that may be desired, all of which I will sell at manufac turers lowest prices. Please forward your orders ior the present to If. A. HALL, jul 13eodtf *5 Milk Street,Boston. GREAT DISCOVERY 1 KOGKRS’ Excelsior Pain Curer. The Best Preparation Ever Made For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS and NEURATXHY1 PAINS PLEURISY PAINS UAL,liAt/ FAINS, RHEUMATISM toothache STIFF NECK, HEADACHE, EARACHE, diphtheria. SORE THROAT and AGUE Also invaluable In all eases of Sprain* ami Bruises’ Try it and you will be satisfied. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers, Hampden Corner, Maine. Sold in Portland by H.H.HAY & CO., wholesale and retail. jalZdGm* To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. 50 Union street. Apply to j*3dtf ST, JOHN SMITH. REMOVAL*. CHINA TEA iSTOIti:. BAS REMOVED To the Old Stand, * No. 135 Middle St., f PORTLAND. G. 0. SHAW, Proprietor. February 5—du BEMOVAL. LANE & LITTLE, Jobbers of Dry Goods and Woolens, have this day removed to their new store, Nos. 14a & 144 Middle Street. Portland, Feb. 13,1807. febltd&w2w XT&sIeTspring HAVE removed to their former place of business, over the Ocfuu Iuhui uucc Olliee, corner Exchange and Milk Street. Iebl4 dly It 'em OVAL ! A. E. WEBB, Mereliant Tailor, Has Removed to his New Rooms, No. a Free Street Block, Febl2 Over Cbadbouru & Kendall. dtl BEMOVAL,. Z. K. HAHMOM, WAR 1'l.AISl AGENT, Has removal to his new othce, at the Old Stand in Jose Block, No. 88 Exchange St, (opposite the Custom House.) Portland, Feb. 11,18G7. d&w3w 11 E 31 O V A L . ■TAMES O’DONNELL, Counsellor at Law, Notary Public Sr CouiuaiHMioucr of Veedi, Has removed to Clapp’s Now Block. COR. EXCHANGE AND FEDERAL STREETS, Jan 15. (Over Sawyer’s Fruit Store.) dtf B E M O V A L ! W. H. CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law, And Solicitor of Pnicntti, Has Removed to Oorner of Biown and (Jongrcss Streets, Jal6 _BROWN’S NEW BLOCK. dtf O UT OF THF EIRE ! B. F. SMITH A SON’S New Photograph. Rooms, —AT— NO. 16 MARKET SQUARE. aug20 u dtl 0.0. DOW N E S, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS EKMOVF.D TO No. 333 1-3 Congress Street, CORNER OF CHESTNNT August 30,1866. n dtl REMO y ED . stbout"! gage, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, have removed to Office Corner Exchange and Federal Sts., Orcr Loriug-n Drug Store. S. C. SPROUT. 11. W. GAGE. dec31 d&wtl HOLDEN & PEABODY, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Office, »«.»> 1-2 Congress Street, Near tlie Court liousn. A. B. HOLDEN. sei&lfll H. C. PEABODY. Jlarr is & Water house 9 JOBBERS OF Hats, Caps ami Furs. Portland, Dec. 3d 18GG, HARRIS & WATERHOUSE, Wholesale Dealers in Hats, Caps, and Furs, liave removed to their New Store, No. 12 Exchange Street, F. B. HARRIS. de4tl' J. E. WATERHOUSE. O. M. At IK W. NASH T have resumed business at the head ot Long Wharf, under J. W. Hunger's Insurance Office, ana will be pleased to see (heir termer customers and receive their orders as usual. July lo, 18GG. n dtt DOW A LlUfiKl', luhnrauce Ageut*, will be found at No 117 Commercial, corner ot Exchange SI. Home Ottice of New York; National Ottice of Boston; Narragansett Office ot Providence; Putnam Office of Hartford ; Standard Office of New York, and other reliable offices, aie represented by this agency. John Dow. jy25dtl F. W. Libbey. VKOJV, UKfiKNOUUH A 410., Furs, Hals, Cups and Robes, 164 Middle St., over T. Bailey 4 Co. jullTtt WOO DM AH. TIKVK A CO., Wholesale Dry Goods, No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial St. r Jul 17—df t MOTlCE. H. J. LIBBY A CO., Manufacturers and Commission Merchants. Counting Room ■over First National Bank, No, 23 Free street, second story. lyll tf AM H HONK ill f’k KIT.L, Dea lerin • Watches, Jewelry, Masonic Regalia, and Mili tary Goods, No J3 Free street, Portland. Same store with Geyei* and Caleb fyI2dtf M ILLS, although burned up. the Pro I-J prietors, Messrs. L. J. Hill & Co., are now pre pared to furnish Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, &c, at their new place ot business. No. 100 Green St. An Order Slate may be lonnd at Messrs. Low, Plummer & Co’s, No 83 Commercial St, and at Mr C. M. Rice’s Paper Warchuruse, No. 185 Fore Street. All orders promptly attended to. Goods at i he low< hi prices. jullGtt HPA^vARD, Bookseller and Stationer, maybe • found at No. 337 Congress St., corner of Oak St. jullGtt RS. WEBSTER CO., can be tound at the store • of (’. K. Babb, Clapp’s Block, No. ft, where we olfer a goed assortment of Clothing and Furnishing < binds at low prices. jul 16 OM1TH & REED. Counsellors at Law, Morion w Block, Congress St. Same entrance as U. S. Ar my offices. iyl2dtf Til K kAWTK K!V KX HBEMN fO. are now permanently b>cated at No. 21 Free street, and prepared to do Express Business over all the Rail road and Steamboat routes in the State, and West by P. S. & P., Eastern and Boston »V. Maine Roads •to Boston, connecting there with Expresses to all parts ot the country. For the convenience of our customers on <ommer cial and Fore streets, an order book lor freight Calls will be kept at office of Canadian Express Co., No. — Fore street. J. N. WINSLOW. J>24 tf JA K. M. RAM), Attorneys and Counsellors, • No. 1G Free Street, near Middle. jull3 NJATHAN GOULD, Men liant Tailor, has removed to No. 1G Market Square, over Sweet sir's Apothe cary store. jylO-tt DEBI.OIN A W KBit, Att«raeya and f'ouuMflloix, at the Boody House, corner ol Congress and Chestnut streets. jy2G tj 331 Congress Maine. A L. B. FOLLETTE, HOSIERY AND GLOVES HOOP SKIRTS AND OORSETS, Ladies' & Children’s Liiderl'lanneh, WHOI.KSALB AND KRTA1F.. S ir' Comer of Outsrcss St. ami Tolwnn Place. Feb 7, 1867.—<lly Middle Street. JNOW ltJSAl>Y. Jenck’s Improved Window Spring. (Patented Feb. 1st, lsf>5.) i WE are now prepared to 311 J orders for the above noted Spring, which has proved to be the best and most durable in lie market. It is easily applied,md ••an l>e adjusted to suit all em mon,size nh*1i, will work as vdl hi tlie top as bottom sob, holding tlie sash at anyife drablo point. For sale at wholesale, »y l>. 1», SWEET & CO- fide agents for the New Engaul States,) I’awtneket, If. I. For Sale in Portland by KING, X' DEXTER, N..175 _FebSdw + 1JII TIIjIZEUS. TO/VS Cumberland Pure Raw Bone Ami v/ " J Phos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons E. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate ol Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. 300 Barrels Littlefield’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. |yFor sale at Manufacturer's Prices, by KENDALL A WHITN1Y. _ Feb 8.18«7. fe»13me To Let, fpHIRI> story in the new block over Shav’s Tea -k Store, Middle Street. Enquire ot JACOB MoLELIAN, Ocean Insurance Office, Exchange Street. February i d3w* INMCKANCfc INSURANCE NOTICE. FOYE, COFFIN & SWAN, UNDERWRITERS, —AND— General Insurance Agents, have returned to their old stand, Ocean insurance Co.’s Block, exchange street. , *5; co,ltinue 10 represent first claia Com panies in all departments ol insurance. Losses equitably affiliated and promptly paid. leuJLoutt statement —OF Lamar Fire Insurance Com’y Of the City of New Verb, Jan. 1, 18117. Amount of Capital all paid up in Cash_$.300,000.00

Amount of Surplus Jan, 1,1807. 13a 321.13 ASSETS. Cash on hand and iu Banl.. $0,500.80 Bank Storks in the City of New York, market value..... 25,500.00 4« Bonds and Mortgages, first lien 011 prop erty in Brooklyn and New York, mostly dwellings worth in earh case^5 to 150 per cent more than amount loaned thoreou, 157,700.00 Loans on call, secured by good Stocks as collateral. 10,100,00 Bills Receivable for Premiums on Inland ri*k».4..... 8,411.33 Amount with Agents. 3,406.75 Premiums in course of Collection. 4,305.82 Interest accrued hut not due. 1,030.80 City New York for overpaid taxes on U. S. StockB. 5,076.03 U, S. Stocks and 7 3-10 Treasury Notes, $202,000 market value,. 211.456.00 $433,321.13 Amount of Losses unadjusted or waiting Proofe. $10,500.00 City, County and State of New York, sa, Edward Anthony, President, anil Isaac It. St. John, Secretary ot the Lamar Fire insurance Cointmuy ot Now Yol k, beingduly sworn, do severally depose and say, that tho foregoing is a true and correct state ment ot ttie allairs of said Company on Hie 1st day of January, 1867, to the best of their knowledge and belief. EDWARD ANTHONY, Pres. ISAAC R. Sr. JOHN, Sect’}', Sworn to before uie, Jan. 24, 1867. THUS. L. THOKNELL, Notary Public. John B. Carroll, Agent, _Febl eod3w IVO Fare Street, STATEMENT OE THE CONDITION —OF THE— Howard Insurance Company OF NEW YORK, ec. 31, 1866, to be filed in tlie office ot tlie Secretary of State of Maine. Cash Capital all paiiVJh.$600,000.00 Surplus Dec. 31, 1866. 118,468.80 SttlS.4tiH.SV ASSETS. Cash on hand and in Manhattan and Phoe nix National Banks. $26,683.26 Real Estate in City of New York. 00,060.00 United States Stocks and Bonds, at mar ket value. 267,300.00 New York State Stocks, market value_ 10,400.00 New York City and County Stocks, mar value. 72,250.00 King’s County Stocks, market value. 23,750 00 Bank Slocks, market value. 35,550.00 Loans on Mortgage on Real EsUilo in City of New York and Brooklyn, being first liens, worth double the amount loaned thereon. 52,500.00 Loans on Stocks, (worth at market value *22,125). 18.750.00 Due from Agents. 1,005.83 Interest and Rents accrued, mostly paya ble January 1, ltC7. 10,r 37.46 Unpaid Premiums. 2,542.34 Salvage ClaimB anl rebate duties (over $10,600) estimates at. 6,000.00 $618,468.80 IjI ABll, I TIEN. For Unsettled Claius. $0,007.00 Uupaid Dividends sud small balances. 253.12 ill,3)i),12 Tbe only Agency ot the Company, in the Slate of Maiue, Is at VM-iiaaan, JOIIN B.| ('AK ROLL, Agent. SAMUEL T. SKIDMORE, Pres. ' HENRY A. OAKLEY, Vice Pres. state OF NE«t YORK, I City and County if New York,) 88‘ Samuel T. Skidmore, President, aud Henry A. Oakley, Vice Hesideut of die Howard Insurance Company of said City, being severally sworn, do de pose and say, each lor himself, that the foregoing within is a lull, true and correct statement of tlie atfairsot tbe raid Company; that tbe within describ ed investments, nor any part thereof, arc made for the beneliiot any individual exercising authority iu the mamig'tuent of said Company, nor for any oilier person or persons whatever, and that they are tlie above desiribed officers ot the said Compani. SAM’L T. SkkDMOUE, Pics. HENRY A. OAKLEY, Vice l’res. STATE OF NEW YORK, » City ami County of New York, J ss* ■* On this wenty-nintli day of January, 1667, before me .persoialiy appeared Samuel T. Skidmore aud Henry A.Oakley, known to me to be the President and Vice /resident of the Howard insurance Com pany ot Lie City of New York, as described in the foregoing instrument, and severally made oath that l he con tells ol the same subscribed by them, arc true and correct in every particular, and that they have not withheld from the foregoing statement any mat* rial.nforination whatever. ISealJ JAS. CAMPBELL, Notary Public, [Stan/.J City and County of New Y ork. John B. Can-oil, Slate Agrent. Fcbl eo«I3w 11*0 Fore Street, it K ill O V A L/ Sparrow’s Insurance Office is this diy removed from No. 80 Commercial Street, to the new and commodious rooms Nt. 06 EXCHANGE STREET, IN TIIE CUMBERLAND BANK BUILDING, wherfhe is now prepared to place insurance, in all its forms and lor any amount, in companies second to no litters on the globe, and on the most tavorable tenni. Hr* Parties preferring first class insurance, are rcs petftiBy invited to cal!. Noxauber 5,1866. dtf I si. 'I'womb ley, General Insurance Broker, XJ. would inform bis many Iriends ami the pubi c genenlly that he isprepar. d 1<» continue the Insur ameBusiness as a Broker, and can place Fire, Life auddarine Insurance to any extent in tlic best Coiu p mi's in the United States. All business entrusted to m e ire shall be faithfully attended to. Once at C. M. Rice’s Paper Store, No. 183 Fore St, wh re orders can be left. j ul!6ti SPECIAL NOTICE —OF— Life liiNiiranoi'! Y'AVING been appointed General Agents for |i Maine of the old N‘W England Mutual Life Ins. Co., O’Boston, Mass., being (be oldest purely Mutual Lite Ie. Co. in America, we wish lilty good, active agents tework in the different cities ami villages throughout th Stale. None need apply unless good reference c.ii be give. The Co. is 2H years old and lias paid in kvidcnds $1,217,0(81 00 and over $2,000,000 oo in loss <s bv death. It. has now a well-invested accumulated Capital oi over $l,ooo,000 00. The Co. formerly made iml paid its dividends once in live years. A Divi dend will he made up in Nov. 18G6, ami annually thereafter, ami available one year trom date of Poli cy. Applications lor local Agencies will be made to RUFUS SMALL & SON, Gen’l Agents, no21d3m Biddcford, Me. A Sale Investment! rllOWN OF WESTBROOK Semi-Animal Coupon I Bonds. One, two, iliree and lour years to run: interest and principal payable at Canal National Bank. A lew thousand dollarh of the above Stock mav be had by applying immediately to WM. M. CLARK, , „ , No 78 Commercial Street. Portland, Feb 11 (b, 1867.—d2w* To Let lor a Term oT Years. rriHE STORE recently occupied bv E. E. Upham I & Son, at the head Richardson's Wharf. ALSU FOR SALE. One Hard Wood Counting-Room Desk. ;t50 bushels Canada West Bailey, on the premises. For particulars enquire of UPHAM & ADAMS. febld3w Commercial Street. GAS FIXTURES I OOVELL & 00, 554 Broadway, New York, Importers and Manufactuiers of Chandeliers, Gas Fixtures, &<•., Of the latest styles. Store Pendents and Brackets of every variety of pattern made to suit auy sized room or half. The attention of Architects and Builders is respectfully solicited. Prices to suit the times. Refers by permission to Messrs. Marrett, Poor & Co., Portland. febl4dlm Fop Sale. A SUIT of Sails, Rigging and Blocks, nearly new, from a fishing Schooner of 100 tuns; also Top sails, Fore and Mainsails, second hand. SAMPSUN & CON A NT, decldtf No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wharf. To Rent, WAREHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. En quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. DIVIDEND. A DIVIDEND of 10 per cent, will be paid the stockholders of the Tug Warrior at the office of J. S. Winslow, January 15th. janlOdtf J. S. WINSLOW. Agent. Four Stores for Rent ON Union Wharf, size 25 x 50, suitable for Grain or other goods. Apply to JOSEPH H. WHITE, febMtf No. 6} Union Wharf. WE. DYER, can be found with a new stock • of Sewing Machines, ot various kinds; Silk Twist, Cotton—all kinds and colors, Needles, Oil, &c. 166 Middle street, up one flight stairs. jullTeod (~lltRARN. 200 M. imported ana domestic Cigars j tor sale by C» C» MITCHELL & SON, jull3tt 173 Fore Street. DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND Saturday Morning, February 16, 1867. The Trice «f Money. We publish in another column a defence of the law in this State limiting the price ol'mon ey to six per cent, per annum. One of the principal reasons assigned for maintaining the law at present is, that the money lenders and persons living on fixed salaries are the only two classes who have not as yet succeeded in adapting then- business to their present con dition of the general markets, and that the hope of a return to a sounder state of thiugs depends largely if not wholly upon the discon tent of these two classes. If this were true, i would certainly be a most im|>oi taut consider ation. We had not supposed however that la borers were satisfied with the present scale of prices, that merchants were satisfied with the uncertainty of business prospects, that manu facturers, or builders, or farmers, or in fa< t, any men engaged in a legitimate business were anxious or willing, as a class, to posljtone the resumption of sjiecie payments a day longer than is absolutely necessary. As to tbe mon ey lenders, wc Jo not believe they are restrict ted to any such rate as six per cent. It is no torious that very few transactions between in dividuals have been made of late on that basis. While the government is ort'erimr seven and three-tenths, no man who has money to lend is likely to prefer six, and we believe ten has been quite as often asked and received. Men who have money to lend, do not refuse a “present” from the borrower, freely ottered and given, which makes up the price of their money to or above the market rate. Tbe repeal ol the law is demanded, not to change the practice but to legalize it. The first objection then to any usury law is. that it is inoperative. It is au attempt to do what no law can do. The price of money like all other prices is regulated by tbe supply. It is also affected by risks which do not to so great au extent influence prices oi other com modities. If business is active aud profits are reasonably sure at twenty per cent., the pik e of money to carry on this business will surely rise to ten per cent. If profits decline to six per cent, nobody will Iforrow money at over three. Legislation in such cases is im potent as well as impertinent. In tue second place, if such a law could he made effective, it is an invasion of the rights of property. A man has as clear a right tp let money at the full market rate as lie lias to let a house for what he can get. The rights of both buyer and seller, lender and borrower,are not impaired by leaving part les to make their own bargain, and they are restrict ed by declaring that they shall only trade at a certain fixed price. Fair and free competi tion in an o)>eu market is the best protection which can he given to any class of buyers.— Caveat nuptor, let the borrower take care; the bungling law which tries to help him, simply drives him into a back office where he gets accommodation at enhanced rates on ac count ot the risk of an operation not counte nanced by the law. The regulation of fees, salaries, tolls and postages by law does not appear, on examina tion, to resemble very closely the limitation of the price of money. Fees and salaries are proposed by the legislature as comiieosatiou for certain services; if suitable officers canuot be obtained on the pressed terms, ttie legis lature makes a better offer, as any employer would do. The Post Office Department un dertakes to carry the letters and newspaiicrs ot the country as cheaply as possible, and fix es the rale per ounce of mailable matter so as to distribute the tax fairly among tlie people who are lienetited by the service. In lioth these instances the government is a partyaud ot course must have a voice in making the bargain. Legislation fixing toils over bridges, at grist mills, Ac., more nearly resembles the usury law, anil is open to some ot the same objections. The legislature in this case confers a privilege up on an individual or corporation and attaches to the privilege certain restrictions. In the same way it may be said the legislature con fers certain privileges ilpon banking corpora tions, anil has a right to imiiose at the same time certain restrictions. This subject is too large to lie treated in a paragraph. We are not now talking of banks, but of private cit izens, and we believe the law which un dertakes to say that the people of Maine are incapable of making their ownbargaius is an impertinence and deserves to lie what it is, a dead letter. Mailer* in Baxton. [CORRESPONDENCE OF TUE PRESS.] Boston, Feb. 14,1867. The Congressional Investigating Committee on the FRAUDS IN TIIE BOSTON CUSTOM noU8E have made a report which in some respects has a most singular bearing. Here is a wealthy liquor firm that voluntarily ottered to pay, and did pay, #123,000 to compromise a matter un der dispute at the Custom House, to which settlement Mr. Goodrich (then Collector) re luctantly gave his assent because he thought the Government had been defrauded to a much greater extent; aud the leimrt really undertakes to •‘whitewash’’ the parlies who thus admitted their frauds upon the revenue, and blame tbe Collector, who only agreed to the settlement alter urgent solicitation by the Solicitor of the Government aud the Treasu ry Agent. It is not in that the Col lector received one cent more than his moiety of the flue—though some #61,000 was distrib uted from the Williamses, through their own agent, to some parties who were to influence the adjustment on the basis they preferred.— And this re|>ort is called by some of the Dem ocratic papers "very damaging’’ to the ex-Col lector. Your corresjiondeut respectfully sub mits that he can’t see it . It is doubted whether Hon. George Bau croft will accept the Collectorship, tendered him by tbe President. At his time of life, with so much literary labor ujiou his hands, the running of such a perplexing machine, with all the jostling and bickerings of office seekers, can hardly be to his taste. The office is entirely one of protit without honor, and m man can leave it hardly so well as he takes it. I am going to makea few remarks on THE RDM UDSI.NKSS that may not suit you; but i believe the Press is lice. The Maine Liquor law, in its working's in our large cities, is a failure ami a hiunhug. You cannot entirely prohibit what the laws of the United States allow to he i’iii porlt d aud sold. The prohibitory law is a humbug inasmuch as it cannot aud does uot undertake to prescrilie what one may eat and drink. Therefore all the drinker has to do is to go to the importer and purchase what he likes iu the oiiginal packages, send it home, aud drink as much as, he pleases and ]>ass the spirit around among his friends and his guests. This method the rich folks have al ways followed; so they are by no means pro hibited, but can and do drink all they desire, without any violation of law. Now then, only the more vulgar drinkers are left to ihe law, and we have had two years' (experience with our State Constable system, and 1 am sale iu saying that there is more bud whiskey drank here now tliau ever before. The retailers who do a thriv ing business, i»ay their line or “appeal,” and keep right on. Go to jail they will, if need be, but their “heirs aud adminis trators” will stand up in their place; destroy the rum, and they will draw from their pri vate distilleries, underground, without leave or license. The result is, folks get imisoncd ou bad rum, aud the Government gets cheated out of the taxes. “Clean them out,” and they will sell the ardent in a cup of “coffee.” And everywhere the stream of death rolls on. Pub lic seutiment don't back up the law, and won't enforce it. “That is what’s the matter.” A strin gent license law the public will hack up; aud that would at least secure more wholesome liquor, prevent sales to the ungovernable drunkard, and break up the most iniquitous dens. There: that is what I have to say about the rum business, aud I am ViUine to hear just as plain talk from the ether side! ‘‘BKCONSTBUCTIob” begins to make a little headway in Congress and i will tell you what is the sentiment.-! There are many intelligent leading Republi cans in this quarter—tor what the “Democra cy’’ think is of no consequence. We have only enough intelligent Democrats in this state to accept the public offices, when they can get them; and they have become so utterly demoralized since the war, that they are con stantly “swinging around the circle” on every public question, and are only formidable now as a Breud-and-Butter Brigade. Same in Maine, I take it But the intelligent and powerful party of progress desire first that the rebellious States be controlled by a wholesome loiee that will protect loy al Union men, white aad black, and then to leave these Stales to work out their own salvation and recon struct themselves. When the people of th -se States can frame a constitution that shall be “republican in form,” let Congress admit them, one by oue. Mr. Eliot's Louisiana bill is a move in the jight direction. A healthy prun ing out of leading rebels from political power, justice to man, and security lor future good behavior—these are the conditions aud we can wait a while for them to ripen. The late rains have pretty thoroughly clear ed our streets, and horse-cars are once more in lasliion. Ecbk.vtbic. Unit's of iMmil. Mr. Editor,—You seem to think the ar guments in the Legislature, by which the proposition to enforce contracts bearing a higher rate of interest than six per cent, was cried down, not entitled to much considera tion, and from the specimen you publish I think you are right. But I suspect the men who voted down the proposed law were wiser than they knew and that this is a case where the popular instinct is more sagacious than the counsel of the prudent and judicious. 'flie object of tlic law was undoubtedly to give men who have money to lend, a larger compensation lor the loan, than the law will now sanction or enforce. I think the legisla ture acted wisely m rel using to do so. Iu the tirst place, in spite of the dogmas ol political economists, who hold a contrary opinion, I believe that regulating the rate ol interest is a proper subject lor legislation.— Capital has advantages enough and can well submit to the restriction of its profits to a just maximum. It will not do for the lenders to have the borrowers too much at their mercy. U it is asked why not limit the profits of oth er business, 1 answer, we do m many depart ments as in limiting fees and salaries, fixing the amount of toll on grists, on bridges, ca nals &c., and jioslage on letters, and shall perhaps Uerealter lind tfiat we can beneficial iy intervene with legislation to prevent extor tion and exaction in many other branches ol trade and business. New England lias built up and distributed its wealtli upon a basis of nix per cent. The Massachusetts legislature has just refused to allow Boston, the centre ol this business sys tem, to Increase its rate of interest. It will dis turb the harmony of our monetary and indus trial a Hail's to establish by law a rale of inter est in one New Euglaud .State, unless all the rest adopt it simultaneously. New England, iu its solvency, prosperity, and comparatively equal distribution of wealth, is a pretty fai, exemplilicatiou ot lhe expediency ol regulat ing interest, and ol fixing it at six per rent.— To allow the interest of money to be increased (and the law establishes a usai/e as to inter est stronger than its direct force,) is to add so much to the cost of all production. The man who Imilds a house, computes interest as an elemental' the cost. It is considered in fixing the rent. The extra rate is paid iu the end by the tenant. So as to every thing produced, the enhanced cost falls on the consumer. It iuno time to give capital the advantageOj increasing its exactious upon labor, when cap ifai in the form of private wealth has been so greatly increased. Twenty years ago it was a matter of admiration and astonishment, that there was one man in New York and another in Philadelphia worth more than a million uouars eacn. Men worth a million are as common now as meu worth a hundred thou sand were then. We are rather approaching the time already reached by England when tlie rates of interest ought to be lessened to live per cent., four aud three, to keep the claims of capital and labor properly adjusted. Within live years something like a billion of the uational debt falls due and may be paid. It is confidently expected that the vast amount, now drawing Interest at currency rates of from 7 to 8 per cent., can he replaced by long lionds drawing an interest of not more than live per cent. But if the State legislatures shall mean time have got the uotions of ail capitalists up to rates of interest ranging from 8 to 12 per per cent., where is the mouey coming liom to supply this loan? With government in the market borrowing a billion dollars, and the business of the country uow practically sus pended, requiring as much more, will not the money lenders have it their own way ? If it is said this loan can be negotiated abroad, the answer can be found iii the fact, that in Eng land where interest on consols is :t per cent. U. S. Mil’s are quoted at 72, or at currency rates, 111), while in the United (States, where interest on the national debt is now about 8 per cent, the same securities are 108. It is said that towns cannot borrow money. What do towns want to liorrow money lor ? They are already iii debt a large traction ol their valuutiou. They ought uow to lie pay. ing and not increasing debts, turning so much dead capital into the channels ol trade. Is it tor the interest of the people at large to allow these sums when repaid to be loaned to busi ness men at eight per cent, at the very lime when government is reducing its oiler lor in terest from seven and a half to five i>cr cent? It is a pity that the facilities of towns for bor rowing have lieen so great. If they had not been, their present situation might have been more desirable. Slates, counties, cities, towns, all political corporations have a tendency to run to debt which it were wiser to check than to increase. In the exigencies of a gloat civil war we debased our cuneney by suspending specie payments aul swelling the circulating medi um from $200,(100(000 to $800,000,000. One interest alter auother protected themselves from loss by combining to raise prices. Hold ers of goods of all kinds reaped the first ad vantages, uext producers, lastly lalairers. Ar tists, lawyers, actors, editors, all classes of skilled laliorei-s soon found uirw, txt make their various services as expensive under (he new scale as they were under the old. Only two considerable in tmesis arc left out lu tlie uew adjustment,and these are money-lenders, compelled still to loan at six per cent, il they loan at all, aud men receiving fixed salaries, much scrambled tor under the former regime, but ludicrously inadequate to mamlaiii any soil of dignity upon under the ragiug extor tions of these limes. YY'lieu these classes are satisfied (and mea sures to do it are before our Legislature and all legislatures, Congress included,) there will be noliody having an interest to desire a re turn to s)>eoie payments, and we may make our financial bed upon irredeemable paper money and go to sleep upon It. Instead of accepting the present abnormal state of atlairs as permanent and changing laws and depend ant usages that have subsisted since the set tlement oi our State to accommodate it. it seems wiser to legislate to bring hack lire business of the country to a natural condi tion under which sic per cent, will be an am ple compensation lor the use of capital. It has long lieeu held as an axiom, that no business can lie profitably carried on that costs tor capital more than six per cent, it is well to con-ider whether the legislature ought to encourage either towns or corpota tions or individuals to liorrow at such rates of interest, as would for the present at least prevail, to enter upon or carry ou enterpriser sure to end in bankruptcy. If we can maintain a scale of values alto gether above those prevalent among the civil ized nations with which we trade, we can on ly do it by maintaining a commercial non-in tercourse with them, or a tariff, that, without waiting to be increased every year, shall have a power of doubling ujton itself All legislation built upon the present scale of valuation, or recognizing it, except to re lieve and cure it, is vicious. Among Sinbad the Sailor's adventures, if 1 do not misremem I'et, was ope of his being thrown byshij wretk with some of hiB companions upon the ot a whale, so vast that they mistook it 41111 were very thankful to have wet and -i?,1" leac,‘ terraflrma. Being the sum* ° ’ ^“Wever, they built a tire upon ed from it ? *nd’ when the monster, roug ed from hig sleep b, the sharp pain roll, d over and whelmed the in»,„ i , P ’ r *k;wvi uie iu the sea.— I think we may be patient with the present condition of our monetary affairs and rest „p on this vast 'ireen-haeketl monster, alter the late shipwreck and horrible weather, tvltile he is asleep with tolerable security. But for prudence’ sake, let us not settle down to live uiion him, nor lay our domestic hearth upon him nor light our fires, as though we meant to stay, lor it cannot he but that he will roll over belbre loug, and overwhelm whatever is unable to swim alter he has gone under. __X. ■'Oiler fnasliMml Howard la Baaihora Ui'lirf Caiaiai'Oiaa. War Likimitulnt, Bureau of Kefuokes, i Fueed.uen and Abandoned Lands, } Wasiunuton, Feb. it. ) Archibald Bussell, Esq., Vhuirmun Southern lirtief Commission, yew York City: Dear Sib—Id reply to your inquiries an to tire destitution ol the South, 1 beg to sav that the care ol loyal refugees and lieedmen King alone committed to this Bureau, l cannot an swer Iruui official information except as to these classes and for them 1 think the Gov ernment will be aide to care sufficiently to prevent extreme want. Outside of these classes, however, I hear incideutally of exlen sive desUtution in large sections of the states of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, consequent partly upon the waste ol war, and the failure ot crops, which last year was wide spread; and this not only among their poor white inhabitants, who. even in good years, are in almost indigent circum stances, hut also among large numbers of the planter class,-especially of women ami chil dren who have lost their natural protectois ami means of subsistence. These |ieople, many of them already quite destitute ot food, the rigors of this severe winter must severely try, and 1 heartily commend and sympathize with the ettbrt your commission is making to help them. As you ask my suggestions as to methods of relict, 1 venture to recommend in the tirst place, as the best means of giving an important present relief, and ut the same time securing the .South aeainst a recurrence ol the existing destitution, advances of mon ey to planters of industrious habits, hut desti tute of means, to enable them to put in a crop tor the coming year. Immediate relief I ibiuk you cannot better dispense than through the joint agency of the District Commanders and Governors in each State, giving lull directions as to the classes you aim to relieve. With best wishes lor the success of your undertak ing. 1 remain, very respectfully, youroliedient servant, O. O. Howard, Miyor-General and Commissioner. Prim Iheu nn.l how. Cooking over the Prices Current in a Kenne bec newspaper published in 18*1, we could not hut notice the difference between the prices of most of the articles of necessity, then uud now. Let us compare some of them. PRICES II* 1810 1R«7 Apples, cookiup, p bu. $ 26 <«>* 42 $1 »u.o I 60 Pea Beaus, p bu. 1 2# (u, t 50,,, , I utt. e. ,la..i, P lb. 12 uc 16 3.I.. ll CmI Fisb, large, p qll. 3 25 lie 3 75 S 51 »„ 7 25 Butter, best, p lb 124... 14 25c as Cbecso, p tb ^ ifi,, Hour, p bbl. 7 87 lie 8 26 18 5 „ 18 no * *>rn, our country, *)> bu. ft* (u> j -I'm)* i id Oats.p bu. * 36 <m 37 7ft.. 76 uur.Brtm, tuoiccHuo 28 INI.. .'2 o.i Molasses, p gal. 3.11a. 31 75« eu fell, winter train'd gal. 1 33 a t 50 ,3 2&«> Pork, round hog b lb 0 to/ 71 114 Pork, Extra clear, p (b i SS to* 13“ u Beel, sides, p lb 3}v<c 4 1ft., • Oblck. us, p th 6}iu, 8 2ft„ 5b Tiirkyes,,*. lb 8}i«? 7 yc.„ 5.3 Potatoes, p bu. 30 la, 33 uu,. Ml l'ea. Soucboug, p lb 38 la. 42 7:«f. wo *><S 0 >1.0 >5} \\ ood, bard, p cord, 2 60 (a 3 on to SUe 11 00 By tliese Lists the reader can see the differ enee lu-tweeu the cost of sup|iorting a family then arid now. The difference in the price of labor is uot so great as iu the expenses of liv ing. Does not this make the present hard times for the latiOriug people? KEI.IUIOIM. —The work of raising the fund for the new Bible House iu Constantinople is going ou vig orously under the labors of Rev. Mr Bliss. Only about #1)0,000 now remains to be rais ed. —The American and Foreign Christian Un ion is engaged, as a part of its work, iu estab lishing Sunday schools ou the continent of Europe. The institution is new there, and is oiteu opposed, but alter it is once lairly iu op eration it is quite popular. —Wo iearu from the Advocate that Rev. M. Dunbar, ot East Machias, has received an in vitation from the first churchiu Calais to be come their pastor, aud expects to enter upon his labors there the last of the present month. —Rev. A. Bryant, late of Livermore Falls, having a call from the Baptist church, Tops ham, has entered on his labors there, and wishes all communications directed according ly —Rev. Samuel Gilman Brown, D. D., Pro fessor of Rhetoric, aud Belle^ettrcs in Dart mouth College, has accepted^! call to the Pres idency of Hamilton College, New York, as the successor of Rev. Samuel W. Fisher, D D., formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio. Prof. Brown has not decided ou the time when he will leave Dartmouth, but it will not be before the close of the present term and perhaps even later. His successor at Hanover has nut yet been de cided upon. —The Controversy between the Bnddhists and Christians in Ceylon continues to excite great interest throughout the isluud. It is uow stated that Buddhist schools are to lie commenced to save the children of Buddhists from being spoiled in Christian schools. There was never such excitement among Buddhists as at the present moment concerning their re ligion. —The Catholic Mirror corrects the state ment in the cable dispatch, some davs since, re lative to the increase aud number of Bishops of that church in the United States. Instead of eighteen Bishops to be increased lo twenty two, there are already forty-eight iu the Uni ted States, with a prospective addition of at least, fourteen others. —Dr Atkinson, president of Hampden aud Sidney College, Virginia, is vigorously combat ing the position taken by the late Sontliern Presbyterian Assembly, in relation to the blacks. The Assembly sent forth an opinion that the blacks ought not to be ministers, dea cons, &c., but only private members of the churches. Dr. Atkinson says:—‘-No particle of warrant can be found in the standards of the church for the inhibition to men of any race of any of these offices.” —The Advocate says that Rev. Win. S. Howe has tendered bis resignation to the Baptist church iu north Newport, ou account of ill health, occasioned by wounds received iu the nffifyr—— — Ou Monday, Jan. 14th, me™ a lar^e meeting of the English Church Union, Dr. Pusey being expected to make a speech on the policy to be pursued iu the present contingen cy by tlie Ritualists. Dr Pusey was not pres ent ;l>ut the President read a letter from him. which (says the report) was received with loud cheers. We have space but for a brief extract:— 1 do liope that our praycrfor toleration will be heard. W« do uot ask for any arbitrary power to he given or left to the clergy; wo would deprecate any thing being forced upon an unwilling people. (Cheers.) We do not wish, and never have wished, nor would have consented to carry, any change, which in itself we should have preferred, by majorities We are all bound together. We wish only to impose nothing upon others. We wish to have free course to teach those who wish to learn; and b> use in public worship those helps which are allowed by the Church, and which the congregation shall with one heart desire (Cheers.) It is a hold course to allow that vve may desire nothing but liber ,y, and that the liberty we desire we should concede. We have everything toguiu from impartiality. For w# know the truth. We only desire ttcope to speak, teach, act tin* truth, and the Spirit of Truth will carry it on. —The once famous Kongo, leader of the “German Catholic” movement, has lieeu lying in prison for some years in Frankfort, for at” tacking the Pope's Encyclical. He is now in formed that the political amnesty does uot apply to him, but that he must hilf.ll his term of imprisonment, and pay the costs of his prosecution besides. -Rev. John Young,of the Maine Metho dist Conference, and Chaplain to Insane Hospi tal, died at his home in Augusta, on the ad inst. -Rev. Mr Cream y, of the Congregdh.ual church at Buxton Centre, died last Tuesday morning. "