Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 18, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 18, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. Monday Morning, February 18, 1867. ‘— -— LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. Resolve Reported to Reduce the Valuation of Portland. [SPECIAL DISPATCH to THE I'HESg.] State House, Augusta, Feb. 16. SENATE. ilr. Crosby, Chairman of the Joint Special Committee on Capital Punishment, presented the majority re|»ort of the committee, in tavor of capital punishment, and a minority report :igainst it. He said he himself was opposed to capital punishment. Mr. Woodman reported bill in iavorof Euro pean and North American Railroad. Mr. Holbrook, from Committee on Mercan tile Affairs, reported finally. HOUSE. Mr. Perry, from the joint Bpecial oommittee on the liquor law, reported bill, act to provide for a State Police in certain cases, which was ordered to be printed. It provides for a Chief of Police, whose salary is to lie fixed by the Governor and Council. On application signed by ten persons, a Deputy shall be appointed. The number of Deputies is not to exceed ten in any oue county, whose pay shall be S3 per day, when on service. The object of this act is to enforce the liquor law. Mr. Stetson, from the Committee on Finance, reported a resolve to reduce the valuation of the city of Portland. The resolvo fixes the valuation at seventeen millions eight hundred sixty-Bix thousand dollars. It was read and assigned for Monday. Mr. Foster, from the Committee on Judicia ry, reported an act to incorporate the Maine Dental Society. Read three times the rules being suspended, and passed to be engrossed. Bill an act to incoporate the Biddeford and Saco Railroad, passed to he engrossed. XXXIX CONGRESS-SECOND 8ESSION Washington, Feb. 18. SENATE. [Report continued from Saturday's edition.] Several amendments of no great importance were agreed to when Mr. Sumner moved to amend by providing that constitutional amend ments shall be valid when ratified l>y three fourths of the Legislatures of the States rep resented in Congress. A long debate ensued, which was participa ted in by Messrs. Saulsbury, Johnson, Hen dricks, Williams, Doolittle and others, which was interspersed by motions to adjourn and offers looking to a compromise. At a quarter to three A. M., a vote was had and Mr. Sumner's amendment was rejected.— Yeas—Messrs. Howard, Lane, Pomeroy, Stun ner, Sprague, Wade and Yates. Nays—25. At 3 A. M., Mr. Henderson offered the Lou isiana bill, in a modified form as a substitute for the pending bill, and it was read. The Senate adjourned at 330 without arriv ing at an understanding as to when a vote on the reconstruction bill should be taken. Washington, Feb. 16. SENATE. The Senate met to-day at noon. A committee on conference on the bankrupt bill was agreed to. Petitions and memarials were presented and referred. Mr. Lane presented the credentials of his successor from March 4th next, Oliver P. Mor ton. which were filed. Mr. Sprague presented a resolution for the erection of a breakwater at Block Island, in the State ot Rhode Island. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr Trumbull called up the bill for allotment of members of the Supreme Court among the circuits, etc., which was passed. Mr. Doolittle made a speech vindicating his course, in reply to the request of the Wisconsin Legislature for him to resign, and opposing the military bill. Mr. Saulsbury opposed the bill. The Senate then took a recess. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Sanlsbury concluded his speech against the bill. Mr. Garrett Davis spoke in opposition. There is no prospect of getting a vote for some time. Mr. Cowan upposed the hill and Mr. Sher man’s amendment. At 2 o’clock Mr. Saulsbury moved to amount. Disagreed to. A number of amendments to the 3d and 4th sections were offered and disagreed to. After a debate the question was taken on adopting Mr Sherman’s proposition as a sub stitute for the bill. It was adopted, yeas 32, uays 3, Messrs. Buckalew, Davis anti Sauls bury voting in the negative. Mr. Doolittle moved an amendment as an additional section, that the sentence of death under this act shall be carried into execution without the approval of the President. Adopt ed. 21 to 16. At 6.46 Mr. McDougal took the floor, and made a speech against the bill. At 6.15 the hilt as amended was passed, yeas 29, nays 10. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the title of the bill was amended so as to read, “An act for the more efficient government of the rebel States.” At 6.30 Sunday morning, the Senate ad journed. nUllOK. Mr. Stevens, from the Committe ou Appro priations, reported the miscellaneous appropri ation bill, Referred to the Committee of the Whole, and made a special order for Tuesday. The Senate amendments to the invalid pen sion bill were concurred in. Mr. Stevens asked leave to make a personal explanation, to which Mr. Dawson objected. Mr. Wentworth submitted as a question of privilege a long preamble and resolutions in re lation to the assertions of the recent confer ence between certain members of the House and the President, with reference to acting against measures from the reconstruction com mittee, and adversely to the report of the Ju diciary Committee on the impeachment of the President, on condition that the latter do cer tain things, to which he had hitherto declared himself hostile, and refrain from doing certain other things to which he had hitherto declared himself favorable, etc.; instructing the Judi ciary to inquire into the fact whether corrupt bargains had been made, what persons have acted as messengers between the parties, the nature of the communications, etc., and report such resolutions for the action of the House as the commi'.tee may deem necessary. Mr. Wentworth moved the previous question on the resolutions. Mr. Eldridge asked him to yield for an amend ment but Mr. Wentworth declined, saying the session was too short for debate. The previous question was seconded. The resolution was adopted, 80 against 41.— Subsequently the vote was reconsidered and the resolution referred to a select committee of oi three. The Senate bill for the relief of certain con tractors for the construction of war vessels was . postponed until Friday next. Several District of Columbia and unimpor tant bills were passed. The bill to amend the act declaring the offi cer who shall act as President of the United States in case of vacancies of President and Vice President, was passed without discussion. The Committee ou Commerce reported a large number of bills, which were acted on also the river and harbor bill, appropriating over $4,800,000, which was passed. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Wentworth Ward, of New York, and Glosbrenner, a spec ial committee on Mr. Wentworth’s resolution. The bill of approprirtions for revenue ser vice was passed, also a bill to change the loca tion of certain lights and aids to navigation on Southern coasts. The House then took a recess until evening, for debate on the President's message. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Mercer spoke in defence of the course of Congress in reconstruction. Mr. Dummont spoke against the usual de cisions of the Supreme Court, as the “Pope butts against the comet,” asserting that the holding of Judicial office did uot necessarily prevent the Judge from being an ignoramns ami an ass. Mr. Taylor, of Tennessee, spoke in defence of the President, as consistent witli the truth, patriotism and the former policy of the Repub lican party. Adjourned. Washington Correspondence. New Yobk, Feb. 16. The Herald’s special Washington dispatch says the Indian Commissioner yesterday com menced a treaty with the Sacs and Fox Indian delegation with a view of inducing them to dispose of their present lands and remove furth er Southwest. The Commissioner has decided against divi.ling the Indian school fund with the white school on the Kaw and Kansas reser vation, as has been the practice. The Senate caucus lias chosen a committee ot seven to consolidate the military govern ment and Louisiana hills into one general bill. They hope to pass this to-uight. Horace Greeley is named for Postmaster Genera). Various Heins. Boston, Feb. 16. A dispatch front Concord, N. H., says Thus W. Brickett, resident of Pembroke, N. H., com mitted suicide yesterday by hanging himself. A Boston lady, with a child in her anus, while crossing the railroad track near Wyom ing station, Mass., yesterday afternoon, was run into by a locomotive, badly crushing both her ankles and feet, and seriously injuring the child. The first train on the Oltj Colony and New port Railroad since the freshet, came through from Taunton yesterday. New York Items. Nrw York, Feb. 16. Outward lmund steamers to-day take the tol 22[iliSLamoIln.ta °f specie: Steamships Arago $300,04S), and the City of Baltimore $66,000. „ , , Nrw York, Feb. 17. Further heavy whiskey frauds have been re ported. i wo distilleries and one thousand barrels of whiskey have been seined The sum ol $31,000 has beeu received for the Southern Beleif. Kentucky Legislature. Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 16. In the Kentucky Legislature the House has passed, by a vote of 59 to 23, a joint resolution that the people of Kentucky are unalterably opposed to the movement in Congress to place the people of the Southern States under a mil, it ary despotism, deeming jt eoptrary to the spirit of the Union and subversive of the prin ciples of the Government, and enter a solemn protest against all such Congressional action. WASHINGTON. Appropriations for Harbor im provements. deduction of dutv on COAL AND SALT. Mr. Sherman’s Bill for the Govern ment of the Rebel States. Washington, Feb. 16. Among the appropriations in the river and harbor bill are works of improvement on the Atlantic Coast $30,000, for the Kennebec river $30000 lor the Thames liver, Conn., #30,000, for the’st Croix, Maine, above the ledge, $15,IKK) - provided the Province of New Brunswick pay a like sum for the same purpose, Bostou har bor $375,000, Saco river, Maine, $40,000. The Committee on Ways aud Means will re port the tariff bill Monday morning. They nave reduced the duty on coal to 50 cents, on salt trom 30 to 22 anil from 24 to 16 cents. In the report of the proceedings on the tax bill in the House on Monday evening an error occurred. The bill proposed to repeal the pro visions of the existiug law, by which the right of gas companies to add the tax to the pfice charged to consumers is to terminate on the 30th of April next. After considerable debate the House struck out that paragraph in the pending hill, aud the result is, the right of gas companies to add the tax to the price charged consumers will terminate April 30th. The re port had it that it would not terminate. Commander Cooper, of the United States steamer Winooski, reports to the Navy Depart ment under date of Feb. 2, his arrival at San tiago De Cuba, from a cruise in the vicinity of Cape Antonia, Bay ot Curientes and Isle of Pine^ touching at the ports of Cienfuegos aud touowing ih a synopsis of Mr. Sherman’s substitute for Mr. Stevens’ billl as it passed the Senate: The preamble declares that no legal State government, or adequate protection lor “* «* property now exists in the rebel States of Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Flor ida iexas and Arkansas, and it is necessary that peace and good order should be enforced until lov al and Republican State governments can be legally established. The first section divides the States named into five military dis tricts, as in the original bill; the second section makes it the duty ot the President to assign the command of each district to an officer of the army not below the rank of Brigadier Gen eral, and to detail a sufficient military force to enforce his authority in the district, 'etc. The third section makes it the duty of such officer to protect all persons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disor der and violence, and to punish or cause to he punished all disturbers of the public peace and criminals. He may allow local civil tribunals to try and punish offenders, or may organize military commissions dr tribunals for that pur pose. All interference under States authority is declared to be null and void. The fourth sectiou provides that all persons arrested shall lie tried without uuuecessary delay; no cruel and unnecessary punishment shall lie indicted, and no sentence affecting life or liberty shall be executed until approved by the commander of the district. The tilth section provides that when the people of any one of the late rebel States shall have formed a constitution and government in conformity with the Constitu tion of the United States in all respects, fram ed by a convention of delegates elected by the male citizens of said State 21 years of age and upward, of whatever race or color or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previous to the day of such elec tion,except such as may be disfranchised for participation in the rebellion or fur felony as common law, and when such Gonstitutiun shall provide that the elective franchise shall be en joyed by all Buch persons as have the qualifica tions herein stated for electors of delegates, and when such Constitution shall be ratified by a majority of the persons voting on the question of ratification wno are qualified as electors ot the delegates; and wheu such Constitution shall liave been submitted to Congress for ex amination and approval, and Congress shall have approved the same; and when said State, by a vote of its Legislature elected under such Constitution, shall have adopted the amend ment to the Constitution ot the United States proposed hffcthe Thirty-Ninth Congress, and known as article 14, and when said article shall have become part of the Constitution of the United States, said State shall lie declared entitled to representation in Congress, and Senators and Representatives shall be admit ted therefrom on their taking the oath pre scribed by law, and then and thereafter the preceding sections ot this act shall be in opera tion in said State. To this is added the addi tional section proposed by Mr. Doolittle. The origin of Mr. Sherman’s substitute for the House military government bill was as fol lows: Wheu the Senate adjourned after Fri day night’s session, with Mr. Blaine’s amend ment pending, the Republican Senators called a caucus to meet at 11 o’clock on Saturday morning, to agree on a common basis, if possi Bilile. At this caucus the whole subject was referred to a committee of seven Senators, viz., Messrs. Hise, Fessenden, Trumbull, Sumner, Howard, Sherman, Harris and Frelinghuysen. The committee were at work most of Saturday afternoon, and finally agreed upon the bill which Mr. Sherman offered as a substitute at the Saturday evening session, and which was adopted after a whole night’s discussion. The last section substitutes simply Mr. Blaine’s amendment, somewhat changed in phraseology, but covering just the same points. From pres ent indications there will be serious resistance in the House to-morrow to the passage of the military construction bill as amended by the Senate. EUROPE. NEWS BY THE CABLE. THE FENIAN TROUBLES. Statements by the British Government. Riot and Pillage the Order of the Day. Arrest of an American Captain. London, Feb. 14, Evening. The Government denies the wide-spread sto ry of tbe landing of ship loads of Fenians at Valencia and in tbe Shannon. Tliat there had been a serious revolt at and near Killarney, is admitted. The telegraph wires near Valencia have been cut and destroyed for a long distance and in all directions. Biot and pillage are the order pf the day, and several establishments have been sacked. A coast guard policeman has been killed. London, Feb. 15, Morning. About 800 Fenians, under commaud of Col. O’Connor, have retreated to the hills lying about Killarney county, Kerry. The British Government posted troops under the command of Col. Horseford, at Mallow Junction, in Cork county, commanding the hill district. The ex citement in that neighborhood is intense, and many people living in those counties are pre cipitately leaving. An ex-captain of the United States volun teer army has been arrested at Killarney, on suspicion of being a Fenian leader. A large number of marines from Plymouth have received orders to depart for the insur rectionary districts of Ireland at once. Valentia, Ireland, Feb. 15, 8:45 P. M. The telegraph wires ceased working lietween Valentia and Killarney at half past, seven o’clock last uight, and are still down. Two long dispatches which were sent over the sub marine cable to-day, were received by mail from Killarney. Atlantic Teleubaph Office, Heart’s I Content, Feb. 15.9 P.M. j No further particulars of tbe troubles iu Ireland have been received from Valentia. Arrival af the Gunbeat Swatara, with Surratt aa Beard. Fortress Monroe, Feb. 17. An anxious watch is being kept up at the Capes of Virginia for the gunboat Swatara, with Surratt on board, now fully due. A Bal timore pilot boat arrived from Cape Henry this afternoon, and although it was expected that she would bring some tidings of the Swa tara, she did not. Later.—The pilot boat Win. Starkey, report ed this morning having spoken the Swatara at Cape Henry, with Surratt ou board, from Alexandria, via Lisbon, bound for Washing A. bark rigged gunboat, supposed to lie the Swatara, was seen at daylight this morn ing, anchored near Willoughby’s Spit Light Ship. Tlie pilot boat Maryland put a pilot on board at 8 o clock, when she got underweigh and proceeded up Chesapeake Bay. »M*M« by ike Flood. Kansas Cm, Feb. 16. Two spans of the wagon bridge across Kaw river at Wyandotte were swept away by the flood this afternoon. The bridge was erected last fall at a cost of Sill,000, and it is feared will be a total loss. The Missouri river at this point has risen rapidly this afternoon, and work on the piers of the Cameron Railroad bridge has ceased on account of high water. Cairo, 111., Feb. 16. TbWhio river has overflowed the track of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, and trains have stopped running. The Illinois Contra) Rail road is also inundated, and the trains run through water ol suflieieut depth to extinguish the tires in the locomotives. California. _. . „ San Francisco, Feb. 16. , ^? Taylor wilh passengers lurk via Nicaragua, sailed yesterday. The exports of treasure fr«m this city sine* January 1st, amount to over tive and a half milions of dollars. The failure of R. B. Parker, of Stockton is reported. His liabilities are supposed to’ be : large. _ Destructive Fire at Albany. Alb ant, N. Y., Feb. 17. A Are occurred on the pier this morning, which destroyed the flour and grain warehouse of John W. Kussell. Tlio warehouse contain ed but a small quantity of grain. The total loss will not exceed $15,(100; insured. Final Arrangements for th Slagle Oared Race. _ „ , New York, Feb. 17. The final arrangements for the single oared race between Brown and Hamill, have been made by the deposit of $100, to row a five mile race in May next at Pittsburg, for $1000. Ilauqaet ta Masons. Charleston, Feb. 17. A banquet was given last night by the Charleston Masons to their brother Masons from Washington and Baltimore, who are now visiting this city. MEXICO. Flight of Juarez and liis Ministers. EVACUATION OF THE CITV OF MEXICO. New Orleans, Fob lti. Advices from Vera Cruz of the 12th inst. are received. The capture of Juarez was not cred ited. The French transport Zouave arrived at Vera Cruz on the 12th, and will lake home a regi ment of troops. The Imperial Government received a dis patch from Quetori, which states that Mi rail ion was at Zacatecas on the 29th lilt., and had alined a victory over the Liberals, causing the ! ight of Juarez and bis ministers. The Loridad newspaper states positively that the French expeditionary corps leaves Mexico on the 15th inst. The city ol Mexico would soon be evacuat ed, orders for the movement of troops burin ' been read. Great caution is used in transport” ing them. During the heavy weather on the 9th inst hve schooners were driven ashore in the har bor of Santa Cruz, among them the American schooners Aurora aud Mexican, of New Or leans. .The Times City of Mexico correspondence of the 28th ult. says Diarz, with 10,000 men, was near the city, and au attack was momentarily expected. The commandant feels certain lie can hold the city three months against 501)00 men. From Havaai. New York, Feb. 16. The steamer Corsica, from Havana 9th, lias arrived. No news of importance. The small pox continued to abate in Matan zas, though there is considerable there yet. The health of Havana is good. THE MARKETS. Financial. New York, Feb. 1C. The Poet's money article says the loan market is easy at 6 per cent, on call, anil 5 on Government col laterals. The discount demand is active; best bills 7 percent. The Stock market is dull; Governments are strong; Railroads are teoble and declining. A prominent bear operation have been selling Erie ami Michigan Southern heavy, and the rest declined in sympathy. Foreign Exchange closed Arm for the steamer. New Yark INarlceta. New Yuhk, Feb. 16. Cotton—less active; sales 1,000 bales;Middliug Up lands at 33c. Flour—Receipts 7,000 bids; sales 3,700 bids; State amt Western doll and hoavy ami 10 t® ISc lower. Su perfine State at 8 70 @ 9 90; Extra do, at 10 00 ® 10 85; Choice do, at 19 90 i® 11 50; Round Hoop Ohio, 10 751® 11 50; Choice do HUB I® 121*0; Sup. iUm Western 5 70 @ 9 90; Common to good Extra West ern, 6 90 @ 10 9u; choice do 1100 (a) 12 10, Southern dull and drooping, with sates of 180 bids.; mixed to good at 1140 ® 12 25; Fancy and Extra, 12 80 @ 1626; Canada nominal. Wheat—dull and nominally 2® Slower; sales last evening of 7,500 bush, of very choice Milwaukee at 2 32J. Corn—a shade firmer, with sales of 69,000 buBh. of Mixed Western, in Btore, atl09J @ 1 Id; do, afloat at 110* (a) 1 111, the latter price an extreme one.— New Yeliuw Jersey at 110. Oats—1:® 2c lower; sales 71,000 bush.; Western at 56 @ 58c, including choice new Ohio at 61c deliver ed. State at 651® 66c. fleet—steady; sales 886 Mils; new plain mess 12 00 @18 00; new extra do, 17 00 i® 20 00. Pork—dull and heavy; sales 1,8110bids.; new mess at 19 62 @ 19 75, chafing at 19 76; regular prime at 16 62 @ 17 00; also 250 Mils, new moss at 2100. buy ers tbr March. Lard—without change in prices; salesot 900 bbls, at 11 @ 12jc for old. and 12 @ 12ic lor new. Butter—quiet; Bales Ohio at 15 la, 20c; Slate at 26 @ 36c. Whiskey—quiet and steady. Rice-duiL Sugars—quiet; sales of Muscovado at 10j!@'dlc. Coflee—dull. Molasses—steady; ailea 200 bbls. New Orleans at 83 @87c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at Oil <® 67*c. Rosin at 3 87j @ 8 50. Oils—firm; linseed at 125 @ 1 30; lard, sperm and whale quiet. Petroleum—dull; sales crude at 18 @ 184e; rettnod bunded at 27 @ 30c. Tallow—higher; sales 122,000 lbs, at 111 @ 111c. Wool—active; sates 000,i>00 lbs. at 471® 674c tor do mestic fleece, the lattor for very choice; 74c for pick lock; 34 (® 37 j for pulled; 30 to) 35c tin Texas; 170 bales Santiago at 30c in gohl; 100 bales Mestiza at 324c in currency, and 50,000 lbs. Mexican at 22c. Freights to Liverpool—without decided change.— Cotton } @ 7-16d by sail, andjil by steamer. Corn 8Jd by steamer. • 4 Cincinnati MnrkeU. Cincinnati, Feb. 10. - Flour unchanged anil quiet; sales of suneflino Spring at H 25 @10 25, and Winter at 11 Ml (w 13 60 (or trade brands, and 13 00 (& 14 00 for fancy. Wheat ttrm and scarce at 2 45 tor No. 1 Spring* and 2 08 Sir No. 1 Winter. Corn dull at 68c for Nil 1 shcllOil in elevator, and 75c in sacks. Oats dull; sales at 60 (Or No. 1 in elevalor. Rye finn « sales at I 23{w l >5— Barley unchanged arid dull; sides choice fall at 1 on Whiskey steady pt 25c. rrovislotis inactive with hardly any demand; small sales of mess pork 20 ou a 22 25. Lard inactive; sales at 12c. Bulk meats nom inally unchanged. Groceries unchanged. Butter sales at23 @ 25c tor prime D choice central Ohio, and 33 ® 35c for Western reserve. Gobi 1201. Exchange steady. Mouoy market quiet. New Orbsni Markets. New Orleans, Feb. 10. Cotton—quiet; Bales 500 bales; low Middliugtlrm at 21c in specie; receipts ot the week 7,173 hales; the exports were 8,040 bales; sales 3,389 bales; sleek in port 32,310 bales. Gold l:i7>. „ New Orleans, Feb. 10. Sugars—fair at 13}c. Molasses—fair at 74; prime to choice at 79 @ HOc. flour—superline atll75. Corn at t M («J 1 15, and very tirm. Oats al kite. Hay at. 34 00 @ 35 00. Pork at 21 75 @ 22 00. Bacon, sboul dersat 12c; sides 13@ 13Jc, with market dull. Lard unchanged. Whiskey at 25 @ 48c. Gold lord. Ster ling Exchange 145} i») 145} New York sight Ex change !c discount. Freights, bv steamer to New York lc; to Liverpool 9-16,1. Non Francisco Market. San FBANorsoo, Feb. 15. Flour—extra, 0 80; superfine 526. Wheat—good shipping and milling al I 00 r«> 1 65. Legal tenders 74. _ Sai4 FHANelHOO. Ftdj. 10. The Flour and Wheat market is unchanged. Legal tenders 74. Boston Mock List, Sales at the Brokers' Board, Deo 10. American Gold. 137 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. Ion} United States 7 3 loths, 1st aeries. him “ 2d series. leg} „ . “ 3<t series. 105* United States 5-20s, 1805. loaf „ „ '* July, 1865. Hi., 4 United States fen-loa tie-. joi| Western ifailrottd. ISales at Auction.] Androscoggin Mills.. . 1354 Bates Manufacturing Co. Ho* Pepperell Maiiulpctimng t 'oiupany. . 1170 York Manufacturing Company. H224 Itliode Island State Sixes. ;>:* Portland City Sixes, 1870. !»i* “ 1871 . 96} Bangor City Sixes, 1871,. HhJ First National Bank of Portland. HOLDERS of the First Series of Sonii-'lliirl v note9 can have the same exchanged lor gold bearing six per cent l»on«ta *t this Bank at the usual commission. The First Series mature in August next, and the conversion of the Second and Third Series can also be effected on favorable terms. W. E. GOULD, Cashier jan2Clin Notice to Land Holders. MK O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, cither by .JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. i August 17th, 1H66 aug20dtf i Paints, Oils Varnishes, &c. FICKETT & OKAY OFFPR FOR RALE AT THEIR STORE, No. 187 Fore Street, WHITE LKU), Foreign anil American Zinc. Lin seed Oil, Coach, Furniture and Florence Var nishes, dapau, Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, Venetian Kcd, ami a full assntment of Faint Slock of every description, Window Glsss, Sheet I .end, and L«ad Pipe. Agents for Gardner’s celebrated Copiter Faint for vessels’ bottoms. All orders for Painting executed at short notice and satisiaetorily. February 1.18C7. eodlm To £,et. FRST, second and third lofts over E. T. Elden & Co.’s store, Free Street Block; also, offices over Schlotturliock’g, and over Grosman & Go.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. janU-dtf.1, B. BROWN. Notl(*e. PERSONS clearing the ruins or digging cellars will find a good placet) deposit their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. _septlo dtt S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. M O N EY. Worn and Torn Currency and Greenbacks Bought at the Horne It. R. Office, by Ja29dtt I*. C. PAMHiR. SPRING STYLE DRESS HATS! JXJRT OUT —AT— II A BB I K % aoo conokrks strfkt. feb!3dl W Go lo Adams A I’uriiUon’s F>It your Honnc-furnishing floods of all kinds; Carnulinga, and all kinds of Crockery, Class, 'i in, Stone, Earthern and Wooden Ware. Paper Hang ings. Window Shades, die, tix-., corner ol Federal and Exchange streets. no23d3m Cloaks and Dresses Cut and Made IN the latest styles, at No. Soli Corner of Browu and Congress streets. teb2d4w MltS. It. 1>. FOLSOM. Portland Institute* & Public Library fpHF, imdorpigucd, named as corforator.s in the x Act cntitletT “An Act to incorporate the Porilan.i Iwstiluie .I Public l.ibrary,” COUNCIL CHAMBER1 igStSB^ the « iiMMON Friday, February 23d, lu.xt, At 3 o’clock in the afternoon Ether, Wm. Wi„„ Win. P. Fessenden, .iODn u Israel Washburn, Jr, Wm. h. Fens ’ John Neal, LorenzoKem’ qw,,,, John C. Stockbridge, Henry p. Keane ’ John Band, Samuel E. spkik'A Edwtn C. Bolles. °’ Portland, Feh’y 14, 1867. feblBdtd To Let THE three storied Brick Store 204 Pore, foot ol Plum Street. Enquire Of E. M. PATTEN, febl6dtt plum street. WAM'EU. Wanted. TjWTR or five rooms for a gentleman anil Ids wife X in a good location, for which a fair rent will he Ptbl3U$,ly tU W' "• JE1UU'S> *** ***>Agenh STORE IfVfJYTER S' !’r'Uioa l<*-^?.<?ooas’ Watches, ainl Jew sir, o V’ a hl r n“ A,lllllle' 'aagreta or Exchange t,!r ,A, r,^e‘;nabl<' Vri«e w«l bo paid for tlx tureo, anil half a Store might he taken if agreeable m) a good party .11 a good local ion. Address A. URtiwNUR, No 15l* Essex Street, Salem, Mass., giving real name and locution.* Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January XI, 1st,7, we shall resume the purchase ol Flour Brls. tor CASH, at the Ollico ol the Portlaml Hn»:ar Oo., 1? i*‘J Duuforib Si., *bli*iRf J. B. BltOWN & SONS. ——!-,-x. • -L. , - • . *__ Agent* Wanted!} fj^HE largest Commissions paid l»y tLo HARTFORD PlBLlNUINCi CO. Exclusive territory given. For toims, &c., Ad dins M. C. K1CI1, General Ag’t., , , . , . Portland, Maine. febl4 deodlm1* Wanted ! A Partner with a capital otftom three to fivethoas XV am! DolhiM *<»» engage in trade where there is a tine business already established and one of the best ! locations in the State for ('ountry trade. With prop er attention to business fifty thousand dollars worth oi goods may be sold in a year to good advantage. Full particulars may be obtained l>y application •to Woodman, True & Co., Shaw *£ Haskell, or Stev ens, Lord, it llaskell, of Portland. FcbCedigt t Agents Wanted! JUST OUT, Fnrrugut and oar Mural He '«■», by the brilliant: and popular Historian, J. T. lleadlir. This in the only work on the Navy in the \\ nr, ami everybody is buying it.. I1EOKGE II. BtAHE, „ , „ GENERAL AGENT, FeM—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. Agents Wanted 1 FOR RICHARDNOM’M MEAV WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI, Ij’ROM the Great River to tlie Great Ocean. Lite X and Adventure on Prairies, Mountains, and the Pacitic Uoast. With Descriptive and Phctogranic \ lews ol the Scenery. OltieH, Linds, MIiich, Pc.ide, and t urioaitios of the New Stales and Territories! I8K7 — lxotf. By ALBERT U. RICHARDSON, Au Hmr ol “Field Dungeon and Escape.” The work will be issued ill one large Octavo \ oluuie of soil pages, beaatifully illustrated witli uearly 2WI Engra vings. This work will he sold by subscription only. Sole anil exclusive rights of territory given with liberal commissions. Agents are meeting with great, suc cess. Faithful, onergolic, persevering men or wo men will, in the Agency, hud lucrative eniplovmcut. if an Agency is wanted, Bend lor Circular,'giving lull particulars. Apply to, or address J. PATTEN FITCH, No. 233J Congress St, Portland, Me. I0hl5.ltf&w2m Wanted. KA AAA FLOUR barrels, at Forest tFV7«t /VV/ Uity Sugar ltctmery. West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals,will also he received lor new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be soen at the office of the Company, L:‘5 Comtuereial, at corner of Union St. hibttd&wUT. U, II ERSEY. Waited Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office Li I 1 -2 Conge,-hs sirrrl. All i>er sons wishing to secure good Girin lor any respecta ble employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys Jor any work in city or country, tree oi charge. We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, aa well as Men and Itoys, every day for all *orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. „ , , LUX POWAltS. Portlaud, Me., Jan. 25, *67. jan30 dtf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar* LYNCH, BARKEft & CO., nov!3dlt 139 Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. LOST! ON Sunday, Fcb'y 10, near Portland and Green Sis, o large Gold liosom Pin. The liuder will be rewarded by leaving it at the < mice oi Hie EASTERN EXPRESS GO. PeliRJ-dlw' HO A It D AND KOOUfS. - To Let. A Suit ot rooms suitable for Gent and Wife, with by aid at 50 Clark Street. Febbdtl To be Let. 1 yl.I-ASANT unfurnished rooms will unit lioard, A suitable tor ociitleuieu and their wives. En quire at No. B South street, between 9 and 11 A. M. eiuih day. .ianSdtf

JANUARY 20, 1S67. SEECEAL ciasing-saub -OF WHITE GOODS! Laces & Embroideries! At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jan ‘J8—dtl‘ 200 Do/. Liiini llilkfs. This Day Received I -AND SEIXINtt AT TOW PRICES -AT— E. X. ELDEN & CO’S. _Jan 28—atf Housekeeping Goods OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, AX ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEN & CO. J:ui -8—iRC BLEACHED & BROWN SH KF/r INGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Much Under Pi-iee, -At E. T. ELDEN & CO'S. Jan 28—iltf E. T. El,DEN & €0., WILL OPEN THIS DAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Brown DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, A1 One Price,.'*Free St. Jan 28—<11.1 iii over A Baker, Soviiio- MaoliincN, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted! Machine Silk*, Threnil anil Twixl, n full ANMortaunit. E. T. EL DEN <© CO. NO. 5 THRU STREET. Jan 28 dll' Fortner Wnntcri. A smart, a, Hre and inteltjgcnl man with *400 ... x\ take an .-anal interest in n good, paving k ni'*s in rtiwCitT. Gr.od refer, nr."s given awl rr , I, ed. P.minire ot COK&POWARJ4 ,ebI6 d,w Cn,,,rr03s St > rorllaW., Me. For Sale IN Saco, a Stock ol Ory C.'ocmIm, with lei.» „f I Store, 111 one ol the beat lociitions in tlJniw-!' Business Ion" established. n “* >'U|‘ fe.dfdfr 11 *• -MMKS _ __ Saco, Me. Camphor lee. 0Io»tfiU.“'?in‘l,|,,,iriv!jl0'1 manularlii ,n,i (,v us for the last ten years. we are now nie , * lurnish consumers and the trade, in any «£? *X!d to felild it J- R' LUNT * 0( /‘Uty 348 Corses St. MISCELLANEOUS. WM. allenT jr” WITH PLEASURE informs the TRADE that bo bits removed to tbo mid eoniino diou. Store, \o. 11 Exchange St., And in now ready to show to his friends and cus tomers the LARGEST and BEST SELECTED STOCK OF FIRST CLASS Fancy Groceries Foreign and Domestic FI1U I T H ! CIGARS, TOBACCO, Ac, To be found in the Nlate. HAVING • A DECIDEDADVANTAGE | BEING ABLE Purchase all Goods -FOB - NET CASH ! He trusts to hold out Inducements to the Trade - THAT - WILL SECURE To him in the future n« in the past, a liberal share of the public patronage. : m---I-lin fan Oranges and Lemons, —AND ALL— Green Fruits in their Season. DRIED FRUIT ! 15,000 lbs. —OF— FIGS ! Jart ot the cargo of tlie Barque Velina* at lea* Iguren than we have been able to make for he pant tea years. ISO BOXES SUPERIOR PRUNES FRESH CROP. Currants, Citron, Rates, AND Raisins ! * Fresh Fruit in Cans ! Among which may be found Me Murry’s Celebrated Baltim ore PEACHESt ALMI, PEAKS, STB A WHERRIES, PINE APPLES, GREEN GAGE PLUMS, Ac., Ac. A splendid assortment ot Janas anal Jellies ! ^ - -~— - FRESH CHOP W ilmington Pea Wuts, Shelled and Soft Shelled A 31 O IV 13 8 , -and Nuts of all Hinds — - Tamarinds, Pickles, Ketchups, Meat & Fish Sauees.&c. Having made arrangements with the leading man ufacturers of Pickes and Hermetically sealed goods, «Xrc., we nan furnish all articles in their line at ftlaaa aa facta re ra’ Price*. EXTRACTS, CHOCOTjATE,&c. SAGO AND TAPIOCA! KRKftll IIHI'ORI AVION. '— r* .. . - —t_ - The attention of the Tn ado is M|»ecisally called to the large assortment of Fine Fait Chew ing AND Smoking Tobacco Which can be found in endless varh Jtv tunong which is the celebrated KILLICKNICK, BIG LICK, GRAND SEAL, SOLACE, AND AMULET, FANCY PIPES of every description. Cable Coil Virginia Tobacco ! beyond dispute the best chewing Tobacco now in the market. Sailor’s Delight, Diadem, Hoijeymoon, Planet, Eureka, end many mhcr „eU known t>rfllllls uf TOO .1 V e O ! T The largest assortment ol Imported and Domestic Cigars to bo tbmicl in the city. The above goods were bought for m- C A. S H M y ader the recent depression in prices, and pe rsons in want of goods in this line would do well to examine our stock. EVERY DESCRIPTION —OF— CON FJECTIO NEll Y ! for sale at the lowe. 5t prices. All Goods deliv' _>red Free of Ex pense. WM. AlLLEM, Jr., No. 11 J txchamje Street. teb Jfi tllw heal estate. Valuable Real Estate FOR SALE ! By virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall sell by public auction, on SATU ftcDAY, March 16th next the following parcels of Real Estate belonging U> the estate of tho late CHARLES E. BECKETT viz: * At 11 o'clock A. M., of said day, on the premises, lot ol land corner of Congress and Smith Streets, extending about 44 leet on Congress and 130 feet on Smith Street, w ith the unlinished buildings thereon, subject to mortgages of about $3,060. At; half past II o’clock A. M., of the same day, or immediately after the foregoing is disposed of, on the premises, lot of land corner of Congress and Frank lin Streets, containing about 8,006 square n et, »x Iending about loo feet on Congress Street, subject to mortgages ol #5,;>on and interest. Also, at 3 o’chkck P. M., ol the same day, on tho premises, lot of land corner ot Vaughan and Pine Streets, about 220 leet on Vaughan Street and 143 on 1 me Street, subject to mortgages of and in terest. Sai l lots are located in the most desirable parts oi the city, and oner excellent inducements to builders and capitalists to purchase. S. R. BECKETT, Administrator. HENRY DAILEY A SUN, Auctioneers Portland, February 13,1867. eod3wtdtd FOll SALE! ONE House and Lot on Washington Street for sue very low. House new a id containing Seven Rooms. Price $1,100. One new House and :iev«ral Lots near tin* Rolling Mills will l*e wold very cheap, the lota at prices rang ing from $50 to $100. ALSO: Several Lots on Washington Street. Prices $300 to*$600. inquire ot JOSEPH HERD, Real Estate Agent, Oak St., near Congr&s SL AsbUdlw* Variable Hotel Property lor Sale. fIMlE o.xtoidHouse, ph-asautly situated in the vil 1 luge of Krvelmvg, oxford county, Maine, is ot tered for sale at a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House ia large, in good repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTIIHY, „ . Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 54 ij Union at. Frye burg, SepT. a», 1*66. dtf House lor Sale. Atwod House two stories, Stable attached, hard mid soil water, i_"«»i lot centrally locatcil—ion vemciit tor two tamilics, If desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1M4 ft* «»re Mi., J. A. FENDERSUN. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf NOTICK. I will sell oti lavorable terms as to payment., or let lor a term of years, the lots on the corner of Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin s(r<*et, including the corner ol Franklinand hole streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Hanger, or SMITH & REED. Attorneys, Portland, jylift I Farm lor Sale, LOCATED Yarmouth fore aide; two story house and out buildings, 15 acres of land with orchard and wood lot, and handy to sea dressing, and a good wharf. Terms ensy. For further pat rieulars enquire ol II. Sinclair, ot Cumberland, or on the premises. Feb7dl w\codl w c. 0. PAYSUN. TIMBER LAID ! for Sale in Virginia. THK tahsciih.ii 1ms Ibr sale 4SU acres of Land heavily wooded with While Oak, Bed Oak, Chestnut and Fine luubcr, situated on the Rappa liannock River. For furl her particulars address -UfOU'HUS WKXNBEltti, ja29d3w Box 317, Alexandria, Va. For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove Irom this city 1 oiler lor sale my House, No. 65 Park St. It is good size and convenient, wit hall the modern improvements, Lathing room, in which is Hot and fold water, Gas, Furnace, &c. (Jon ected with house is a good stable. Possession given first day or .May next. Enquire at No. i ouaincrcial Mi. head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. II. Il-milen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. 11. JERR1S, Real Estate Agent. JmtfOeodtf Desirable Store Lots FOK HALE, N CONlllE RCIAL NTREKT. THE subscribers offer for sale the lot of laud ou the southerly aide ot Commercial Street, headot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 130 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire .JONAS H. PER LEY, Oct 18 if_or W. S. DANA. House lor Sale. ON Neal ^treei, upper halt' of the Brick front House—containing in all 12 Rooms; cemented Cellar, hard and soft water. A good Stable, and yard room. Very convenient and dedrable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to NVM. 11. JERl'IS, Real Estate Agent. Feb. 6—d3w For Jjestse. THE valuable lot of land corner ot Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of rears. Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL A S<US, Aug. 28. lbGG—lit 178 Fore St ret. Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my tiirth near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portland,one mile from horse cars, ami Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains about 10b acres, part ot it very ! valuable tor tillage, and part ot it for building lots. There is a good house, two large harm*, and out hous es on the premises. It will he sold together, or hi lots to suit purchasers CYRUS TJIURLOW. sepll-dtt 1G5 Commer cial St. First Class Houses for Sale. \\J E offer lor sale the eight tirst class brick houses, it recently built by us, si mated on Piue Street, between Clark and Carlcton Streets. These houses are thoroughly built, with slate roofr, brick drains, and nn rblc mantelpieces throughout.— They will besohl at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 27i Daufnrtli St. J. B. BROWN <& SONS, or WM. II. JERR1S, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 1G, 18GG. dtt A FULL SUPPLY Boy's Olotliing- ! AT THJC New Kn gland Clothing Com., ‘i.S Market Squnrr. dc8d3m E. LEVEEN & CO. Any Person Building, OR about to build, wishing to let part of a bouse at a lair toot, apply lo fei»i3ri;;w» “Hy* itox 190. 5.20’s EX (H.I .V (. £ U -FOR 7 - 3 O ’ « , —BV— W. H. WOOD & SON. Feb %»<j2w Westbrook Seminary. THE SPRING TERM commences February 27th. feb13d&w2w Patent Rights for Sale! yyrF have just, taken out Lotler* Patent for a SKID for supporting Hlids and Barrels, which is pronoun ced by Grocers and others, to be J UST THE THING, and arc now ottering territory tor sail*, and want to introduce them into market. We will give an Active. Mtirriatf iVIna, u f««oil Trade. Several Counties in this State vet remain unsold, including Cumberland. We will sell any State but Maine, Now Hampshire, Vermont, or Connecticut. Patent runs Seventeen years. Address, immediately ■M»Arvr. A III itK, Patentees. Brower, Me., Fob, 11, ISf7. febt3dlw* For Sale. . a Schooner “Hattie Ross,” 1K4 tons old measurement, built in 1858 of the very best material, hard wood bottom and while oak top, coppered, sails, rigging =wwK«ai)d spars in first rate condition, and well found everyway, and ready lor business. RUSS & STURDIVANT, fehlJUtf 7'6 (Commercial Street. »l(. HOPKINS’ Catarrh Troches! Will Cure Catarrh, Couyhs, Colds, Hoarseness, /bronchitis, and all affections iff the Throat. Public Speaker* nn«l Niirjitrn uwe Ihrua. T.avrrers, Doctors, Sea Captains, all use them 'v‘*^ “°st. re8U^* Among the hundreds ol '‘'l8 who have used them, there is butene ; ♦hat of approval. Thev invariably pro mutual*stiun, andrclluvekiatiey Affections. Just try one box ami w’11 ^ convinced. pRk;vABEl. BY 10. H. H©t*R ’"'"i *• D,» 14<i Wiuhii|t*i Ml reel, »*“' Wholesale Agent* for Maine,— w. F. Phillips & Co., 1 n.^rtfabd Nathan Wood, i * Sold at rotaupyMlwagghiH. febl3d&lrl*^ Norfolk Oysters * A IffB-!?** <<°t fUST received at No. *£ ITuioti Wlinrf, ami Ihr the aOi'OiuHHHlatkui el''those in lIk* Upper narl *>f th* Cite Hh*v e:ii» b« h:wl tor 10 eemta per olid Oysters, at J. II. HOKU’S Fish Market, No M78 UoWprca* Street. tWi^dfp ins __.JAMES FfiEEMAN. Fop SbIi* Cheap. iT% f d~\d \ CLEAlt PINE PICKETS. iiOUU H. r. MACH IN, febU—dlw Head Halt Wharf. phot off raph si Photograph si A. s. Uavis, XTlTOULD respect tally inform Ms former customers V ? ami the public generally, that he is now locat ed at No. 27 MAKKVlT SQUARE, where be would bo happy to receive ail those wishing tor Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE* jail 14—3ni* Found. IV this cilv. a < ioltl BREAST FIN, which the own er can have by calling at this olbce, prop* erty ami paving for this advertisement._1ebl<hl3t Stile of Forfeited Goods. THE following described merchandise having been ‘Cized lor violation of the Revenue ijiW*» ol I tiu- United Stales, and the U. S. Appraisers at this oort having ccrtiilcd under oaih that the expense of ts k< will largely reduce the net proceeds ol the i-ale. tuo same will he sold at public auction, iu front of the Custom Uoioe, on Mill lie Street, in this city, on the 254 inst., at 11 o’clock A. M., to wit : 2 Hack Hoises; 1 pair ol Harnesses; 1 pair of Blunkdts; under the provisioi-s of Sect. 15 of the Aot entiflcd ‘•An act further to prevent smuggling and for other purposes,” approved July Ik, ls6*». ISRAEL WASHB U RN Jr. fobltJdtd Collator. EH TEKTAIH MKN T*S. DEDICATION — or Odd Fellows’ Hall! O.M Fellows * Hall, Exchange Street, wUl bn Dedlcat (Ml Oil Wi:i»LSDAV KVKKnc, FEB. ilO. ting a brother and oae tad? ’ eM’1*•**“** There will be a Collation at the Pr<*i«i > n ... the exerciser at the Pall are concluded^ U alter Tickets One Hollar. 7J o^3eek!’en !4t 7 0 Cl0Ck' KjlL'n'i,e’*10 commence at Members wishing tickets to Collation are reoue-ted to procure them of tlielhllowing Commlttcof Arrange moots on or before Tuesday, as the niunber is lim lte*l. 11. 0. Barjiw. F. P. Banks, K. P. (lerrisli, Charles Baker, l\ H. Blake, L. F. Pingrcv, A. J. CmuiuiBg*, C. fc. Webster. J. K. Merrill. February 18. d3t Portland Theatre. Bidwell A Browne, LrmrrN A iBauagrm. Last Week ot the Season. Brillinut Mnccco >f Ikr Fairy BarlMi —OF— CINDERELLA, —OR— THE LOVEK, THE LACKEY, Anti the Little Glass SI inner. MONDAY KVKNINIJ, Feb. (sth, nnd KVKRY EVENING Mil further notice. Preceded each evening by a l.nuKhiible Farrr. I if See Daily Programmes. fcblMtf P. Y. M.C. A. COURSE LECTURES NINTH LKCTI'BK, In the Casco Street Church, Wrrfaraday Kvraing, Frb. -JOtb, may, By REV. BIO. T. DAY, mf Pravideacr. Subject—“The bright and dark aides of Life." Season Tickets, 75 eents; Evening Tit k«'ts, 54cents, tti Ih* hail at Bailey Noyes’, H. Packard's, Short A Loring's, and at the door. Doors open at fij; Lecture 5t7) o’clock. leblUikU EXII1 KITIO\ ! The Sumner St. Sabbath School will give an Kihibll inn on THURSDAY EVEN’D, Feb. 21st, IN THEIR CHURCH. Exercises to consist of Tableaus, Speaking and Singing. Admit tame 25 cents. Doors open at f»A, to com mence at 7} o'clock. feblMd3t I MECHANICS’ HALL, j Positively One Night Only !! Wednesday Eveiling. Feb*y ‘JOlh. JIB. AND ABB. HOWARD PAUL !! From St. Janies' Hull, London, and Irving Hall, New York, will give, as above, their Popular and Fashionable Grand Concert in Costume ! As performed in London One Thousand Nights, and for the past tliree mouths in New York. Philadel phia, Baltimore, Washington and Boston. The entertainment embodies impersonations of ('liaraetei*! ! Picturesque and Beautiful Costumes ! Operatic Selections! SONGS, BALLADS, PARODIES, WIT, HUMOIt AND FIN! At each representation will be presented a series of Impersonations, introducing in elegant cos tume the following lyric pieces by MRS. HOWARD PAUL! Bonnie* Dundee, the Jaiuous Scotch Ballad. The Whip on hire. Drcnm of Ihe Be teller. The, Morrow* of a *pin»ter. The Mould Mojger Boy. Vm n Ladim' TOnn, During theeveningiMrs, HOWARD PAUL will give a most extraordinary rcpvescntaf f<»n of Two Persons at the Same Moment! anil sing a droll (Jnnrrclini; Duett, entitleil “DOO anil CAT.” Tins double impels,.uauon is a won derful piece of acting, aud elicit* peals of laughter and applau.-e not tinmixed with wonder.—(Hew York Tribune. During the evening MRS. HOWARD PAUL will, among other impersonations, appeas as the Emperor Napoleon III., Mid sing a Buffo Lyric eutitled “ The Life of Julius Useenr,” and sitterward change to an Old English Gen tleman, of Three Score Years and Ten, and sing the L'harming ballad (by Offenbach) “When George the Third was King." Mrs. Howard Paul will give an imitative illustration of the vocal method and manner of two eminent Ten gri* MR. SIMS REEVES, the English Timor, in one ofhls favorite ballads; and IGNoR BRIG NOLI, the Italian Tenor, in “M’appari tntt’ainor," the beau tiful romance from “Martha." “ This performance in itself is a most remarkable exhibition, lor Mrs. Howard Paul repr is luces the marked vocal characters and opposite styles of each singer.—(Philadelphia Press. MRS. HOWARD PAUL WILL S IN E E Z E The celebrated French song at each )»ertormance, as given by Theresa at the Alcuxar, Paris. Miss Letitia Powell, (Pupil of .rules Rene.Hct, London.) will preside at the Grand Piano Korte, and l.lnv Mrs. Howard Paul’s Grand Fntrrtainnient Waltz. Admission 50 Cts. Beserv d Seats 75 Ots. BPTlckets for sale at Paine’s Music Store, No. 284 Congress street, opposite Preble House, rommcucing Tuesday morning next. B. P. LOWELL, Manager. H« DAVIN, Jr., Agent. Feb. 16 dtd u VIS UNIT* FORTIORI The Portland Light Infantry, WILL OIVE A GRAN D Military ami Civic Ball - ON - Friday Evening, Feb. 'SSA, 1^67, AT MECHANICS’ HALL. GKNEKAL MANAGERS. l ien. mtuu(‘I.i. Anderson. Capt. Abiai Souierby, Maj. Charles B. Varney, Gen. George L. Beal, Col. A. P. Bradbury, Charles B. Stevens, Esq., William T. Morris. Esq., « apt. 'Jonathan Smith, Capt. William H. Ayers, Col. W. A. \Vinship, Mai. K. B. Hoiii'titon, Col. R. R. Rich, Edward Mason, Esq., Orlando Mftrrelt, Ksq.f » neeier, COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. J. r. Ldbby, George Webster, James W. Plaisted, Henry Greene, Alexander Bell, h. b. Warner, Nathan Coold, A. D. Beetcs, Charles I,. McAlister, C. L. Lonirlev. Charles A. Donnell. FLOOR MANAGERS. J. SF. Libby, Cteotge WoMter, James W. Plaistetl, IS. S. Warner, Nathan Goofci A. I*. Bmv«, <jtmn if. Mitt*. Ticket* To be procured of the Commit tee of Arrangements. Music by Chandler's Quadrille Maud. BTr“ Dancing to commence at half past « o'clock. Feb 16—til w P. AT & N. IK LECTURES. Tlie next Lecture will be given AT MKCHAI«IC»> UALL, Tuesday Evening, February 19Ut, BY GEN. JOHN 0. CALDWELL, OF MAINE. Music by the Forest City Band. Emina Ticket* Fifty tVm* -to bo had at Bulky * Noyeu’. Kans Utm.’, Short & L .ring's, lieyer's and Packard’s; at Roll ms jt Gilkey’s A|*.thecary St re, the United State* Hotel, ami l'reble House, at the door, and of the Lecture Committee. fjT~ boors open at ti Lecture at ", 45. Per order Lecture Comini tee. PAUL CHADBOUBNE, E. ii. HOUGH ION, H. S. MEi.i HER, \VM. O, FOX, Feb 15 dtd F. «. PATTERSON. I. A. B. A. Tlie Irish American Relief Assoeia’i will give a course of SIX ASSEMBLIES, AT MECHANICS* HALL, Commencing Monday Krc’g, Jnu. ?«h, And continuing each Monday Evening, <’lo*iug withe GRAND CAXIOO DURRS B ALL. Tickets for the Course, Including the Hull, will be $r».00 ; Evening Tickets, $1.00; Bull Tickets, $t.«l. usir, b>‘ I'haudlrr’s Hill Quadrille Band, D. If. Chandler. Prompter. Doming to commence at *< o’clock precisely. floor Afanaytr*—Thomas Parker, .Tames Rooney James E. Marshall, Robert Dow, Patrick McCateriy William IT. Kalor„ Messrs. O’Riley and Bodkin will takcrf*harge oft*1* clothing. dcc31dti OILS!_OILS i Lubricating and Illuminating WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Ii. P. Brown, Jau26dlw* We. 400 Fare direct. AlC'l'IVlV SALt.s, Important Sale of Government Vessel. >tI0 RTK,<®autrb"* Office, , , rn r , , 'r’ ’ *»•». January 30, ls«r. \ W JWU.tla I«.rt ol on Thursday In Al., Klinim i !' .'11"1 ilalliuiore) SIDK-WHiEL Sl'EAAlutVfil^Ii. »*■« SUJ'tKB Ol r.'j tons; |t„gLn, o'‘, ,„,;! no o "-, r iN feet depth ot ol hold 13 tot, V>hnu“ :l! 11 Icet Biro. e. ’ , r’ 60 Niches, and A rare opportunity to afforded, in the «.i„ ... •' teaiucr, u> persons desiring to purchase “ fiist-ckua vessel. •* r, al|y She is ol' light dralt, the ougiue and boiler are in most excellent condition, and the hull perfectly sound and strong. It is believed that lor size and built, t he COSMO POLITAN surpasses any vessel hitherto ottered by Government lor side at this port. Terms cash, in Government funds, on day of sal,-. Further particular* may be learned upon applica tion to tivo undersigned or to the Auctioneeis, Messrs. ADRKON, TUoAJAS A CO., No. 1* South C bar 1« s street. By order of llie Quartermaster General. A. S. KIMBALL, iwtni v i ,F7Captlin aJ1,‘ A* M » l;» s- A _“uu *^t-bJ7 iiejKJt Quartermaster. j- s. U/ULKV, Auctioneer & Commission Merclmiit -IA/> AmiAIHER, Office 176 Tore St, at ttess. Carter & Dre«er»’ January 7—Utt 6'. IF. HOLMES, AU CTIONEE U, 36© eoiigms Street, EB'* Sales of auy kind uf j.ropertv in the City nr vi clnity, promptly atuniictl to on ihe lavorable terms. novlMtl CITY NOTICES. Snow to be Removed from Foot way or Sidewalk. Skct. 60.—'The tenant or occupant, and In case there should he no tenant, the owner, or any person having tin* care of any hiulding or lot oi land lender mg on any street, Jane, man, square ..r public place wuhin the city where there is any I,s,ting ,.r side walk, shall, alter lhe ceasing to trail ot any snow ii ".tl.edav time, within three hours, an.lli " ,i o night time, hetore ten ol thecl.s k of the tor,.,.,, eucetssliUK, wrus. such snow to Is, removed IVom sTh •'rtan*y,,r ".. in .iciault I lures d £ foiled and pay a sum not less than two dollar's m e more than ten dollars; ami mr each am mlTi thereafter that Hie same shall remai“on su.h hm/ way or sidewalk, .uck tenant, meu^u, owner ^ other person shall tortcit and pay a sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby nntWed to g„T(.r)l selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will I* en fi>rce,1• JOHN 8. HEALO llecl*ltl City Marshal, MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. r DEWING, Medical Electrician1 174 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Oppo«ii<- the I ailed Stale* Hotel NTTHEKK ho would rcspccttHlly aunonnce to TT citizens ui Pori laud and viclnit v, that lie 8 permanently ioeaied in this city. During the three yeais we have been iu this city, we have cured some ol the worst tonus ol disease m persons who have tried Ollier forms ol treatment in vain, aud cuiing patients in so short a time that the i.oestion is olteS a*kod, do they stay cured? To answer this iiuesliol we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor tlic second time without cltarge. ' ' Dr. D. lias been u practical Electrician lor twenty* ono yeais, aud is also a regular graduated physichui Electricity IS per lee Uy adopted to chronic diseasesin the hum of nervous or ultdt headache; ueurai-ia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption "whew in the acute stage* or where the lungs are not lull? involved; acute or chronic rheuiuaUsni scrofula hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature oi the spine, contracted muscles, distorted tin h palsynr paralysis, St. Vitas’Dance, dcatucss stuum uieriug or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation aud liver complaint, piles_we cure every case lual can be presented; asthma, bronchi, tis, sUinures nt the chest, and all lutmsol Icruale complaints. By JEltjctricitv Tin Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the hizv leap with joy, anil move with the agdlty and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; tain mess converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the biiud made to see, the deal to hear ami the palsied hu m to move upright; tha blemishes ol youth are oMfeeraMd; the Aoeiealrrs oi mature liie prevented; the calamine* ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained L A 1) I R H Who have cold hanc.s and leet; weak stomachs. 1am kud weak hacks; nervous and slek hcndacbo; dlzii uess and swimming in the head, whh Indigestion and constipation of tlic bowels; pain iu Hit side and back; leucorrhoea, (or whites); laitlng of the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that Ion train ol diseases will nnd in kleclrlcitv a sine means ut cure, o'or pauuui uieuslauatinu. too .. .oiuse menstruation, and all 01 tliose loug line ol troubles with young ladies. Electricity is a certain spcciti.. and will, in u short time, restore the -offerer to the vigor 01 health TEETH I TRUTHS TRUTH 1 Or. P. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity W ITHOUT pain, persons having decayed teeth or stumps ibey wish to huvo removed lor reset ting he would give a |sidle invitation to call. Superior Electro M.vunetu Ma-minks lor sale for fiuiiily use, with thorough lustrn. tions. Pr. 1> can accommodate a ew patients with hoard cud treatment at his house. Unti e hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; irotn 1 to 6 P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening Consultation tree. novlti CHANGE BUT ONCE A YEAR. HIDNimm PATETT Ribbon Hand Stamps Thia Stamp has AdvaatagcHoreralloilwriii It will hold a small die to cancel a ata>ni» ;i* the law requires; and any other Bixe and »hat*j for envel opes, Ac. The months and figures are made of brass, which makes them very dm able, and they cannot be flat tened or injured bv a blow from the hand as others which are made orElectrotvj es. The annexed cut is a correct representation of it. and the method of chang ng the dates. Bailey & Noyes, Manufacturers' Aetata, fe!M2w New Block Kxchancc St, Portland. AUGUST 7^0V EXCHANGED FOR JULY FIVE-TWENTIES. at favorable rates. r H. M. PAY.SON, felilM2w» :l'J Kxrhang,- Slrrfl. Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 HHDM. 1 43 TCW. ( CHOICE IVEW CROP ■40 KKI.M.,1 Just landed from l.ri" “llyi»erioii,” l«»r sale by TIIOS. AHEM IO A' CO.. I'el4«l3wis CUSTOM HOUSE WIfARF fijrjvitijrf ! Bronzed Store Stools. Upholstered its Desired, May be toil ml at the FURNITURE WAR ER< >OMS Of the uiuler.signed. OHAS. B. WHITTEMORE, LancflNter Hull. Feb 12—dtf Schooner top Stile. a A Tlir ,ln,i w,'*rv oak and copper-taxtened sailing Schooner IDA MoKfON, vyj F 41* 1‘J-loo tons new measurement, well //JL<ks adapted for th. Coasting or Fishing business, is now offered tor sale by tlie Eastern Packet Co. For intrticulars enquire o M. N. RICH, jaa28dtl No. 3 bong Wharf. IHl TTEIt ! 7KRITRKIS9 dairy parked Butter. *JO Kegs 44 44 44 Fore ale by _ . WHAM dADAMS. Feb4d2w _ FORGE COAL. TPST arrived per m-h <*»•£;,„• .1 mined Cumbrian (j |H Vcry nice and Mines, I iedninnt. ' .*■ ^i.luc to par. base laree K^5ft‘iifc.3rK2is. - R1.1PAU-, Jlr*H»TKR A lit! I .miatwial Mtrrel, Hra.1 of Maine Wharf, ft'igs d inside *w__ Tilton A McFarland, I Deaiie to call the attention to the fact that u>orc than 40 Of their Safes *av8 AMPLE PROTECTION in the late tire. Parties deyirin*: a FIRST RlTR S%FR, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE Middle Street. Portland, Or at HO Mad bury Mtrrct, Bo-ton. |^~Seeond*hand Safes taken in exchange for wile. Jan 15—s^lstw in each uio&adv remainder of time,