Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 19, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 19, 1867 Page 2
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Foreign* THE FENIAN TROUBLES. A London dispatch of the 16th, says that Ire land is entirely quiet. Chief Organiser Steph ens is reported to be there; but the danger seems to be past. Loomis wood, whe:e the closely pursued Fenians took refuge, was scoured by the British troops and the insurrec tionary bauds dispersed. The government, however, will immediately send more ships and troops to Ireland. The county of Kerry is proclaimed in a state of siege. The policeman who wa# shot, was not killed. A large sum is Offered by the government lor the arrest ot the assailant. It ie now said that Col. O Connor is uo other than James Stephens. 1 wenty Am ericans are reported acting with tl.e Fenians. the emi euou’s hpeki'U. The speech recently delivered by the Emper or Napoleon before the Corps Legislatif is giv en in substance, in a despatch from Paris of Feb. 14. The Emperor said that serious events had happened to Europe, almost fulfilling the great Napoleon idea to unite all the great ho mogenous nations hitherto separated, which is the only possible balance of power in Europe. German and Italian events have paved the way to it. Their success cannot disturb France. “I stood aloof,” he said, “and helped the peace which Prussia and Italy made without dis membering Austria. France was just and n«u tral. In another part of the globe "re nav ^ been obliged to employ force to redress leg mate grievances, and we have endeavor raise an ancient empire. The happy * . , ‘ first obtained w ere compromised by a • ^ spicious concurrence ot orcumstari u guiding idea of the Mexican elevated one. To regenerate a PcoP. plant among HeoiM.'aj. olou coullll,.rce and to open the vast outloWtoottr^ rendered to leave the recogmtio .. Such was mv civilization te ma^o^^Suchj^ my ^“‘ILrffrMsamteared to me to exceed the in our Baerit 1 h u« aeross the ocean, I Himut'iijeomdy determined on the recall of our arm^corps! that the government of the United States might not apprehend that a waut of con ciliation fjad emhittereil the relations which, fur the welfare of both countries, should remain friendly.” The emperor uieu proceeds to say mat me Great Powers ought to act in concert to satisfy the Christians, to protect the rights of the peo ple and to prevent complication. “The Borne treaty of September has lieen executed, where by the government of the pope lias been placed in a new phase, and he is sustained by his own strength and the veneration of the Great Pow ers for the head of tire church. Europe will sustain his temporal power against demagog ues. Our relations with England are intimate ami both the powers agree on all the great question's. The perpetuation of Austria is ne cessary to the balance of power. The Emper or ,-ays he is certain that the peace of the world is not to he disturbed. He is sure of the present and confident of the future. He con cludes -1 have fulfilled your wishes in regard to the development of our institutions on a liberal scale. France will use her new liglils wisely. She is respected abroad, but the conditions of war being changed, she must increase her de fences. Tire army bill lias been so drawn us to lighten the burdens in times of peace, and to increase the resources in times of war. Our neighbors assume far heavier burdens. Let us ever keep our Hag as high, as the licst means of preserving peace. Tiie prosperity of France advances; the direct revenue has increased titty millions ot francs, and we shall soon be able to satisfy all interests, reduce the laud tax, and make public improvements whereby the working classes are to he benefited and liberty to he made solid, lasting and glorious. I trust in my people, my right and my conscience.” various items. Despatches of February 15 and lUfroin Paris state that the army organization plan of Na poleon is rapidly breeding distrust. The French Blue Book says the government of France sincerely applauds the activity of the United States in repairing the evil of civil war. There is now no subject of discussion be tween France and America, but everything tends to assimilation of their policies.. At the elections in Prussia the liberals were triumphant in ten districts, and have returned Count Bisaiark as their representative. A London despatch ot Feb. lti says, “a ter rible earthquake has occurred in the island of Cephulonia. Every town on the island is in ruins. Tiie loss of life and property is very great. The King of Greece has gone there.” THE BRITISH MINISTRY. Letters from Paris say the opinion prevails in political circles there that the British Cab inet is in extremis: either it must bring in a Reform bill and Jose all its old supporters, or decline to do so and go into the Opposition lobby. THE GOVERNORSHIP OP CANADA. It is said to be definte'ty arranged that Lord Naas Chief "cvretary for Ireland and a mem of tiie Cabinet, is to succeed Lord Monck as Governor-General of Canada, and that Lord Elcho is to take the Secretaryship thus left vacant. These arrangements would doubt less strengthen and in the latter case would popularize the government. SPAIN. It is currently stated that the government intends to dissolve the Senate because it is lidS'SJ'htonccil^to death the editor of The Dis cnriinin —1 i"1’-1-— rrttti-r persons connected with the Aierta. Consternation reigns every where in Spain. The Insane Asylum. Augusta, Feb. 18,18G7. To TnE Editor op the Press: The subject of the Insane Asylum has occu pied much attention of both branches. The discussion is now cloMed and Commissioners of investigation are to he appointed. This has grown out of an order introduced by Mr. Lord, of Standisb, who was formerly an iumate. The frieuds and opponents of investigation make the turning point of the argument, ufion the reliability to be given to the testimony of a man once insane, and especially upon matters con cerning which he received impressions in his deranged state. Mr. Caldwell, ot Hancock, in the course of his discussion last Friday, in the Benate, among other things, said: There is m the other branch a gentleman of wealth, intelligence and respectability, whose misfortune it is to have been once in that insti tution. He was sent on there while laboring under tile delusion that lie Was going to lose liis property. He wanted to see nobody. He confined himself to his room, hruodiug over his imaginary poverty. On this matter only was his mind unsound. He bought and sold prop erty. He was as capable of managing his af fairs then as now. He had a mania, and that was it. When describing it he brought tears to my eyes. He described the feelings in his own mind all through those Jong years of gloom. One day it left him almost as mysteri ously as it came. He saw the clear sunlight. Now that gentleman can sit down in his room and will tell you all the phenomena, all the history, the experience of those long years, and I venture to say you will believe every word of it. lie told his story with such simplicity and adaptation in all its parts, that I could nut see a trace of any want of intellect. He looks hack upon himself insane. He describes to you his sensations. He does tell you what he saw that, has no reference to himself. That gentleman represents a constituency. His neighbors ought to understand his condition. They consider him wise enough to represeut them. Ii is not for medical men to sneeze at his testimony merely because lie has been an inmate of the stone walls over there. ___ Quill. The Mreret itlcetang. Mil. BLAINE NOT A PARTY, A Washington Dispatch in the Boston Ad vertiser of yesterday says: The President, in consultation with high of ficials on Friday, stated positively that he ut terly repudiated the statement that he had of fered terms of compromise. and said he held firmly to his policy. Justice to some of the Kepublicans drawn into the late, meetings de mands the explanation that they were distinct ly and repeatedly assured that the President authorized the persons who assumed to act on ins part to say that Mr. Johnson was w-lling to agree on the amendment to the Constitution, and > unrage in some form, and some of the Kepubi;ans who went to the meet ing di.l so in good f„ith Not withstanding the President’s positive de nial, it i - certain thet he has been a party to creating a strong impression that he was ready to abandon his opposition to Congress. The impression is strengthening that the whole thing on the Johnson side was a trick. The select committee under Mr. Wentworth’s res olution will begin to take testimony to-morrow. The name of Mr. Blaine of Maine has been mixed up, either in transcribing the lists or in telegraphing, with Mr. Blow of Missouri as at tending their meetings. It is well known that Mr. Blaine w as not present at any, and had nothing to do with them. i he Brooklyn Navt Yard Frauds.—The < ott investigating committee seem to have nneart ml a very dark series of transactions at haiJZ Vanl Th“ Tribune per eays. ' r,lsi ,n a n>ild form wben it underlay the ZuirYusmes^ of"^1 8w‘ndUng ass? ays gr-^-sJc; signed’!,v officers who knew that'theT'i'i Wel e false, and that one-fourth of th, ,8 Were never been sent, Inferior a.* dimS8 ^ were bought without examination. At^'n^r the yard- were regular inventories of stock m ken.a neglect intended to facilitate ope .and wholesale robbery Goods valued at mill! ms of dollars were not placed upon the records and it is asserted that metal, lumber hard’ wave, in fact every material used in the navv yards, have been carted out of the yards by persons employed therein, to the amount of many millions of dollars. Fictitious names were placed on the pay-rolls, three cleiks, it is said receiving the pay of twenty men in addi f!mu^V"")lr,"wn- ‘he jteteuoe of raising,1 n,.p0 ltloa* purposes, the workmen were cent nnyfni,*8ta,1‘ assessments of l,15 or 20 per make f ur e.>nt.Wa|?,‘8- Merchants willing to underbid by to “Zi'V11® department were travagant prices ^ afterward obtained ex catalogue of prices is^too f°"' s- J,,deed Ule peated. ’° 1,,ng to be uo« re —Mr. de la J‘oor, lately eleete.i „ Parliament in Ireland, has hrought an'tr or libel and defamation of chameter ^Z Maior \\ omhwcll for having called him during the election contest a d—d Fenian, 8 Mr. Bright’s l*a»l Speech. The London Times of February 1 contains a report of John Bright’s speech to his neighbors of Rochdale, in response to a flattering ad dress. It is mainly a review of his political life during the last twenty-five years. Mr. Bright said he was deeply moved by this token of esteem from those who knew’ him best, and that this was the best answer that could he made to the rancorous attacks w hich his polit ical opponents had so incessantly made upon him. He lelta just pride in his consistent de votion to liberal principles dining all this time. The following reference to Ireland is interest ing: There is a party in England which «| • h justice to Ireland as if it were n'er^. alu( phrase for the popular ear ill thatcouut y. as if it had no roll meaning Now, 1 hoWthat to sustain in a country a oreign anf hoewe Church, and to confiscate alU e eec ksusut u revenues of that country to that Church^mm that Church inclosing »j people—I say that very smal nnnority ieve states manship or misstotesmanship has never yet min ed in anv Other country [cheers]; and i sav cUier. thit to maintain laws which are adverse to tiie national division of the land where the whole soil lias lieen confiscated, as it lias been within the last J00 years, is to per petuate the exclusion of the people from the possession of their ow n soil, and to create and make perpetual pauperism and discontent. If that were done in Inland, in Hungary, in Veuetia—it it had been done there uuder the influence of a conquering government, I be lieve there is not a single man or woman in England who would not been ready to condemn such a state of things. [Cheers.] He next relers briefly to his speeches against the existence of the laws favoring the preserva tion of game; for the abolition of capital pun ishment; for the restriction of the immense laud monopoly; against intervention in behalf of the Turks; in favor of a permanent peace with France, and “of the most cordial friend ship with the English nation beyond the At lantic.” He then passes over to his efforts in the reform question, of whic'li he speaks as fol lows: There is one thiug, it is true, that I greatly regret in this retrospect, and that is the small success that bus attended efforts that I have been able to make with regard to many of these subjects. And now, when 1 ask a very reasonable thing, that the millions of my country men may he freelv heard in that Cham ber which for so many hundreds of years has called itself the Commons of England, when I :isk that they shall be heard, when I have said thatjit would be a good thing for the United Kingdom, and good for freedom every where, that they should now seize the scepter which lor the last 200 years has beou wielded by a class—when I say this I am subjected not only to opposition—for that I could under stand—but to an opposition conducted with a falsehood and a malice which know no scruple, and which, if I were not supportedby the hon est syuihatliies of millions of my countrymen, might overwhelm me. What is the end pro posed by these changes? It is not to destroy our institutions, it is not to change a dynasty, it is not to seize the property of the rich, it is not to give to ignorance and to vice tbe dis position of great national affairs, hut it is to give power to Parliment from that source from which its only power can be receievd so that Parliment may have the power to remedy abuses which are acknowledged to exliist oil every hand in the department* and the legis lation of the State. Parliament has not power now to save the public money ; to make the lawr something leiL oi justice aud benevolence throughout the w hole land; and also that it should he able to raise the people to the highest level of comfort and instruction, of morality aud freedom. His views on Reform are now the same as before, and he believes it to be necessary for the House of Commons, necessary for every in stitution of the country, and as absolutely nec essary for the contentment of the people. Af ter the conclusion of the speech, which lasted more than an hour, the following resolution was adopted: ^ That this meeting, regaiding Parliamentary Reform as the political question of the day, thoroughly approves Mr. Bright’s course in reference to it, and assures him of its hearty sympathy, and pledges itself to give him and his colleague its earnest support until a good, honest and substantial Reform bill becomes the law of the land. The hale William Porter Chase* By letters received from Cuba yesterday we learn that Mr. Chase was taken sick at Carde nas on the 27th of January, as was then sup posed to be from the effects of vaccinate*** nut the disease proved to be small-pox. From intelligent ^ceived here on the 11th in *• ms friends were encouraged to believe him to be out of danger; but he expired on the night of the 5th, alter an illness of eleven days. Information ol his death was received here by the way of Baltimore on the 15th. The progress of his disease w«s rapid and severe; but his friends here have the assurance that all which the kind friends by whom he was surrounded could do was done to allej viate his sufferings. Perhaps we can iti no way give a clearer im pression ot the esteem in which he was held hv those with whom nrrrraa Tia.vnieWs nuu.M, following, which we cut from the Matanzas Aurora of the 8th. The first extract appears as a communication. The translation is as literal as possible: Matanzas, 7th February, 1867. Yesterday, at Havana, fell a victim to the disease which lias afflicted us and which we presume he took here, Mr. Will. Porter Chase. The telegraph has given us the news so sad to his numerous friends, and has called out our most sad and profound sympathies. An ener getic and active as Mr. Chaso was, his Joss is sensibly felt (lit. “extremely sensi ble”) to the commercial community of Matan zas, witli whom he has had large relations. His friends in Matanzas desire to manifest to the tamily of Mr. Chase the painful senti ments with which they are filled at this de plorable loss.” The following appears as editorial: Deceased.—Observing that the colors on the American vessels in this port were put at half-mast, we took occasion to inquire into the cause, and were told it was for the death ofMr. Win. Porter Chase, a distinguished merchant of Portland, a person highly appreciated for his integrity and honored by all who had com mercial relations with him in this city. We did not have the honor to be personally ac quainted with Mr. Chase, but we ueve-theless sympathize in the sorrow for his loss. The death of the good is always deplorable. The funeral of Mr. Chase occurred at Hava na on the 7th, and was attended by a large com pany of resident and visiting Americans as well as by the leading native merchruts of the Island. We understand that it is the purpose of bis family to have his remains brought to this country for interment as soon as it can be safe ly done, which will be in about a year from this time. .State Wool. Gbowebs' Association.—The undersigned, with the approbation of the Exe cutive Committee of the North Kennebec Wool Growers’ Association, and in their behalf res pectfully suggest to the wool growers of Maine the propriety of a State organization for the promotion ot their interests. It is proposed that some of thq County Associations assume the duties necessary to carry out this plan The N. K. Association is to hold its annuai meeting at Waterville in April, and its annual Shearing Festival early iu June. Il'this pro posal seems to meet the views of those interest ed, in various parts of the State, this Associa tion will take the responsibility of calling a meeting tor the purpose stated on one of the above occasions. Other County Associations and all wool growers who leel interested in this proposition, arc . requested to communicate witli the undersigned as soon as convenient If any other place will he judged preferable! this Association will co-operate with any other that will assume the work. TIIE STATE. —Onr latest foreign fileR contain accounts of an interesting, race which has token place between two American clipper ships, the Lucy Walsh and the Charlotte W. White, both of Belfast in this state. The race was from Callao to Algesiras. These two vessels sailed from Callao on the 26th of .September last, at the same hour, and kept company for 54 days, passing Cape Horn on the 26th day. They parted in lat. 20 S., Ion., 24 W., crossing the line in 65 days, losing the N. E. trades in lat.2 8., Urn. 36 W., after which time they h;ul light east winds lor 17 days, and came in com pany again on the 30th of December, but part ed the same evening. On the 0th of January they met agaiu off Gibraltar, when the Ducy Walsh won the race by 25 minutes, after a passage of 104 days. — Aearresponiient intones us that Elbridge Parker of Durham in this State, died on Tues day last at Berlin, N. H.,iu consequence of in juries received from a tree falling upon him. He was 50 years of age. —The Machias Republican says the freshet, caused by the late heavy rains, has so badly damaged the bridge across Englishman’s Riv er, that teams cannot pass over it. Two of the piers were nearly torn away. The water swept away the gravel and rooks, so as to undermine them. !'h<‘ Bangor Whig thinks the people are aily 111 "auction such an expenditure as of the ^tate House. tl,c proposed enlargement ev7nTngo?,:rth;^ alr;“"aabTt “°" ^ weeks Old, was found in the a S,X"r SPVC" Benjamin Steward of 00™*,^V' ^ and his wife were absent at the time anTthe attention of one ofthe neighbor* ’ d tho by its crying. It was taken a woman, who called'"^ tWsWCorn^arl^ In the evening and obtained milk for a child bit who was afterwards seen without, the. child — She was finally traced ont and owned she was its mother. —The citizens of Skowhegan have petitioned the Legislature for an act incorporating a Gas Co., for the purpose of lighting tho pluce with PORTLAND AND VICINITY. New Advertieeinente To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. SKW ADVKHi’lSfc***1' COLUMN. __i«» Af.irniiur Advertiser. House and JLot for Sale. Hew England Mutual Life Insurance Co. Winslow’s Machine Works. City of Portland—Laying out and Widening Streets. Copartnership Notice -Grueby & Thorndike. Notice to Californians. Fancy Dry Goods—Merrill Bros & Cushiug. To Let—Chambers on Union Street. CITY AYFAIKN. v. An adjourned meeting of the City Council was held last evening. in board of mayor and aldkhmbn. Reports of Committees. Of the Police Com mittee, ou petition of Samuel Weymouth for a policeman to be stationed near Libby’s Corner, that it lie referred to the uext. City Coun cil; of same committee, on the petition of Smith, Donnell & Co., that it is inexpedient to increase the police force at present and that petitioners have leave to withdraw. Of Com mittee ou Finance, on petition of J. N. Wins low that the Stoneware Company may be re lieved from taxation for live years, that it is inexpedient and that petitioners have leave to withdraw; ol Committee on Health, that An drew Falby have permission to keep a Fish Market. Of Committee ou Claims, on petition of Jonathan Morgan, Esip, that he havener mission to withdraw. Ol Committee on Lay ing out new Streets on order to pay John Bar bour aud als damages for widening Hampshire street, that they were unable to obtain further information than was contained in the order. Of same committee that it is inexpedient to change the name of Middle street. The fore going reports were all accepted. Frederick F. Carle was appointed special po liceman without pay. Manorial of George Warren in relation to the blowing up by the city on the night of the 4tli of July, a building in Fore street, known as the “Eagle Tavern,” was referred to the Committee on Judicial Proceedings. A petitiou was presented from Messrs. Wins low, Doten & Co., praying for a review of the damages awarded them for the extension of Cross street. Leave to withdraw was voted. A petition was presented loom F. D. Moore, Assistant Civil Engineer, praying tor addition to his salary. Alderman Phinney moved to add jflOO to liis salary for the present year.— Negatived—yeas J, nays 4. Ou the petition of F. M. Dyer for permission to sell pens at the corners of streets, leave to withdraw was voted. Petition ol Daniel F. Lariabce for permis sion to occupy his stable in the real of his house on India street as a livery stable was laid on the table until the next meeting, in order to give remonstrants, if any, an opportunity to appear. invitation from Rev. E. Muller for the City Council to attend the examination of St. Dom inick’s School Tuesday afternoon was read, aud on motion of Alderman Holden the invi tation was accepted and it was voted to attend. A letter was read lrom the Clerk of Wash ington Fire Company of Gardineisstating that in obeying the call tor aid to our city ou the 4th ot July last, they lost their banner, and re questing the city to presentthem wi ll one. On motion of Alderman Phinney it was voted that the Committee on Fire Department procure a banner at an expense not to exceed #100, anil that the Mayor present the same to the Gard iner company. John Crockett was licensed as an auctioneer. An order eame up, passed in the lower Board to pay the City Marshall $200, aud the Deputy Marshals, Truant aud Police officers $100 each, in addition to their salaries for the present year. The order was refused a passage in this Board. ixu oruer came up passeu in me lower noaru appropriating (200 additional to the salary of F. I>. Moore, Assistant Civil Engineer. The Board of Aldermen cut dowu the appropria tion to $100, and passed the order as amended. The Common Council adhered, and a commit tee ot conference was appointed to report at the next meeting. A communication was received from Hon.C. Holden, Chairman of the Board of Overseers of the Poor, announcing a vacancy in that Board, occasioned by the death of Paul Hall, Esq. It was voted to go into convention to fill the vauancy. IN CONVENTION. On the second hallo* Oh»». Baker, Esq., was elected Overseer of the Poortofill the vacancy occasion"*! oy the death of Paul Hall, Esq. Winslow Hall was elected Surveyor of Wood and Bark brought by water conveyance. The convention then dissolved. The owners of steam-tug Uncle Sam pre sented a bill for services rendered the city.— Leave to withdraw was voted. Memorial of Benjamin Knight, that, an award of $200 to his lather in 1850, lor damages in the location of Commercial street has never been paid, and requesting the attention ot the City Council to the matter, was referred to the Com mittee on Judicial Proceedings. Orders passed—Authorizing the City Treas urer to lure on a term of time not exceeding twenty years, a sum not exceeding $40,000, the same to be appropriated to the erection of the Congress street school house; Also on the same time, a sum not exceeding $10,000, tho same to be appropriated to the erectum, of the tnc same to be appropriated to rebuilding the citv and county buildings; Requiring all su bordinate city officers excepting the Treasurer and Auditor, to make their annual reports on or before the first Monday in March. Author izing the Committee on Laying out Streets to straighten Congress street from Pearl to Frank lin street; Authorizing the Committee on Fire Department to purchase 1,000 feet of en gine hose if they deem the same expedient; Repealing the order passed at the last meeting stopping the building of the sewer in new High street; Directing the City Clerk to add a no tice in tho warrant calling the ward meetings to the effect that voters who are only tempora rily residing out of their wards, can'have their names changed to wards claimed by them as their residences, by making application to tho Board of Aldermen on the three secular days preceding said election; To pay John Barbour the damage awarded for widening Hampshire street. Petitions Presented and Referred. O. & G. Beckett, for remuneration for damage to their buildiug by the tearing down of a wall by the city authorities. Of B. Daily lor remunera tion for tools lost on the night of tho fire on the 4th of July. Petition of J. C. Brooks and als that work on the grading of Emery street may be suspended was referred to the next City Council. An order came up from the Common Coun cil that operations on the grading of Emery st. be suspended. The Board ot Aldermen non concurred and refused the order a passage. Subsequently both Boards voted to adhere to their votes, which kills the order. Adjourned. New Engine House.— The members of steam lire engine Casco No. 5 had their ma chine out yesterday afternoon for trial of her working power, previously to placing her in the new house which has been erected for tlie company, and other purposes, on the corner of Congress and Market streets. The engine proved to be iu excellent order and her capa city for throwing water was well tested. She was subsequently removed to her new quar ters. The new building, when completed, will be found very commodious and convenient, and it is claimed that it is the best arranged for the purpose,/>f any in New England. On the low er floor are rooms for the steamer, hook and ladder truck, the City Liquor Agency, and a fine store on the corner of the streets. In the second story are two flue offices, a small hall or the accommodation of the hook and ladder men, a sleeping apartment for the driver of the steamer, and a handsome and convenient dwel ling for the engineer, and a battery room for the fire alarm telegraphs. Under the building is a capacious reservoir. The rents from the store, offices and dwelling will pay a fair inter est on the cost of the building. The question of spring travel to California threatens to become a very serious considera tion in view of the yellow fever on the Isth mus and the latest statement that “Panama is full of pestilence aud filth.” Unless the scourge abates the fluctuating population of that region will give neither the doctor nor the census taker much trouble. Meantime, the more cau- j tious or timid of the travelling public, who .scent danger even in being whirled across the Isthmus, under the idea that pestilence can keep up with, if not outstrip, the iron horse, will probably seek the Pacific by the Nicara gua route, whereon a favourable degree of healthfnlness is declared now to prevail. Shut off.—1The Western Union Telegraph Company have shut off supplying intelligence to the Merchants Exchange, notwithstanding, they are paid for it, and have had an olllce gratia in the rooms of the Exchango. The Interna tional line now furnish the Exchange with news, free from charge. Our Portland mer chants will, undoubtedly, remember this, and it is very doubtful if the Western Union Com pany gain anything by this operation. Nitrous Oxide Gas.-Dts. Kimball and Prince are meeting with great success in ad ministering this safe and pleasant anesthetic in the extraction of teeth. Those who wish to have their teeth extracted without pain, and avoid the unpleasant effects of ether and chlo roform will do well to give them a call. They will administer this gas to those who desire it on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. If auy one desires to test the quality of soap, let him come into our ofllce, dip his hands in printer’s ink, ruh it in, and theu witness how the sticky stain will melt off into the wash bowl, under the solvent action of the Steam Refined Soap. This new manufacture is wonderful. d&wlt Sunday Morning Advertiser.—Attention >s invited to the advertisement of the Sunday Morning Advertiser. Mr. McGregor furnishes a leailahlc sheet., with the latest dispatches. A reward of $100 is offered for the detection ti ,!,'ar r'Ti. are B<i,!*ug a spurious imita .° " Empress" hair preparation, by Uosmau & Co., 305 Congress street, Temperance Legislation. Mb. Editor:—Igee in yourpaper tliismorn mg a communication from your Boston corres pondent in regard to the operation of the Maine liquor law in our large towns and cities, pronouncing it a humbug and a failure. That 1 know to be true, so far as suppressing rum drinking and tippling shops is concerned.— Even more stringent laws in that direction would prove a failure. What, then, are we to do ? What is the best course to pursue in the Temperance cause? To my mind the case is very plain; the course to pursue is very clear; and that is to adopt the Washingtonian plan of operations, abolish all of our preseut laws up on this subject, and substitute therefor a law Something like this: if anybody sells liquors to mose wuo make bad use of them and get drunk, knowing or believing the individual to whom he sells to be in the habit of drinking too much, impose a fine upon the rumstdler, seize and confiscate his liquors, and imprison him in the county jail. The penalty should be of such severity that he would fear the law, and it should prove a terror to evil doers. That is not all. We have something to do with the rum drinker, or the man who gets drunk. Instead of a fine of three dollars aud costs, as now, make it severe on him, so that lie will fear to get drunk aud disturb the peace of the community. No man has a moral right to got drunk, and no man lias a moral right to sell liquors to a man that he knows is in the liabit of getting drunk. All good men will agree with me in this, and good men of all po litical parties would sustain such a law and act harmoniously; and then, with a powerful party organized upon the Washingtonian prin ciple, much good might be accomplished. We must remember that we have something to do in this matter of saving men from the drunk ard's grave. We have personal responsibili ties in this matter, and the best course and the best means should he sought out and pursued. A Washingtonian. February 1G. Notice.—Whereas, evil disposed young men have seen fit to assemble around the door of the Vestry ol the Chestnut Street Church upon Sabbath evenings, and till up tbo entry of the same so that persons seeking to go in or out must submit to hearing their profane language and evil conversation or go away: And where as, threats were made of personal violence to the sexton in the discharge of the duties of his place, this is to warn all such persons, whether old or young, that if they repeat this practice again, of disturbance of religious worship, they will be dealt with according to law in such cas es made and provided. Two of the young men are already known, and if anything further should be repeated by them, they must pay the penalty of the crime they have committed. Hydropathy.—For the past few nights a great many persons have been treated very successfully for many complaints, the most common of which has been that of night-walk ing. This water-cure establishment is situated in the middle of Fore street, at.the loot of Ex change street. The bathing place is quite large and full of water, accommodating half a dozen at a lime, and is free to all, whether they are willing to avail themselves of its benefits or uot. A number of our citizens have already taken the plunge bath. The results are great physical activity, both of the vocal and muscu lar organs. P. p. Robbery in the Cars.—A correspondent informs us that on Monday morning, a young man, clerk in uliouse in this city, who had been somewhat unwell, and had been spending a week in the country, while returning to the city in the early train on the Portland & Roch ester Railroad, had his coat cut up and down the breast, through into the side pocket, and his pocket book, containing about six dollars, stolcu. It was done in the baggage car, while he was watchiug a game of cards that was be ing ployed, and he did not discover his loss un til he arrived in the city. Mortality of Portland.—The whole nuni bor of deaths in this city during the month of January was 37; of these there died of Consumption 13; Croup 1; Dyspepsia 1; Burned 1; Pleurisy Fever 2; Typhoid Fever 1; Dropsy 1; Lung Fever 1; Old Age 1; Whooping Cough 2; Childbirth 1; Tumor 1; Diarrhoea 1; Apoplexy 2; Congestion of Brain 1; Scrijubi 1; Disease ol Liver 1; Unknown 1; Still-born 1.—Total 37. Ayes.—Under 5 years 7; between 5 and 10,1; be tween 10 and 20, 5; between 20 and 30, t!; between 30 and 40. 3; between 40 and BO, 3; between B0 and 00,4; between GO and 70, 3; between 70 and 8u, 2; between 80 and HO, 2; Still-born, 1—Total 37. Seres.—Males 11; females 25; Still-born 1.—Total 37. Louis Bunof,, Superintendent of Burials. Additional Contributions Received by the Mayor.—J.Rrown Alden, Worcester,#10; Veteran Artillery Association^MewlnirvDPkL ~ FIV. m ii Fnm -TT ac-ATIUWleugcd, ylfii.V. Total, #561,996.27. TnE steamboat man who got a counterfeit five dollar bill changed for a trailer up town, can have the same hack again by calling for it in person, otherwise he will be called for. Wellcome prepares the most valuable paiu curer we ever hail in our store.” So says W. P. Phillips. Those who use it refuse all others. jan7dlawtf THIS SACO MURDER. WII.KINMON CONVICTED. [Correspondence ol t' e Press.] Saco, Feb. 18,1887. The jury in the case of Charles Wilkinson, indicted with two others for the murder of Charles F. Spear in October last, whose trial has just been concluded in Saco, brought in this afternoon a verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree, after being out two hours. The others will be tried next Monday. Wil kinson will not Ire sentenced until after their trial. A motion for a new trial in the Swett case comes up beforo Judge Tapley on Saturday and will be argued by Hon. Charles W. God dard of your city against the motion and T. H. Hubbard, Esq., for it. Civil cases come np to morrow and will occupy the court till Satur day. _J. E. B. Coroner's Inquest at Bethel. Bethsl, Feb. 18,1887. The coroner’s inquest held here ill the case of Harriet E. Noyes, wife of Ward Noyes, has terminated in a verdict of “Death from natural causes.” The chemical analysis of the stom ach of tbe deceased, by Dr. A. A. Hayes of Boston, developed not the slightest traces of poison; and the examination of the body by a council of experts, shows that congestive fever was the cause of death, although the end was unexpected at that time. The atteiul ding physician testified that for three days before death occurred he had expected such a termination of the disease; though its abrupt ness when it did occur gave rise to the feeling in some quarters which led to the examina tion. It is believed that the whole matter is now set at rest. •*. Death or Alexander Dallas Bache.—It | was announced in our paper, a day or two since, that the venerable Dr. Bache was lying at the point oi death, in Newport, R. I., where he had been for many months confined with a lingering illness. We learn from the Boston papers of yesterday that his death took place on Sunday morning about nine o’clock. Dr Bache was President of the National Academy of Sciences, and Superintendent of the United Stales Coast Survey. His name has been as sociated with the Coast Survey for many years, and his contributions to science have given him an honorable distinction, both in this country and in Europe. The pompous epitaph of a close-fisted citi zen closed with the following passage of Scrip ture: ‘He that givetli to the poor lendeth to fhe Lord.” “That may be,” soliloquised Sam bo, ‘ but when datman died de Lord didn’t owe him a red cent.” SPECIAL. NOTICES. CAUCUS. Tho Kcimblicnns of Windham are requested to meet at the Town House in Faid Town on Saturday tbo 23d day of beb., inst., at 2 o’clock P. M., for tho purpose ol selecting candidates to be supported lor lown Officers lor the ensuing year. Per order Republican Town Committee. febl9 ltd&w An Endless Variety of Ladies', Misses’ and Children’s Boot* and Shoos as well as Boots and Shoos lor Gentlemen and Boys are for sale at T. JC. MOSELEY & CO.’S, Summer Street, Boston. febl9dlt Westbrook. Tho Kepublicaiig of Westbrook nro reqncstcd to meet at tho Town House, in said Westbrook, on Sat urday, Fob. 23,18<i7, al 4 o’clock P. M., to nominate candidates for Town officers. leblddtil Per order Town Committee. Mains’ Pure Elderberry aud Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may lie found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W W hip pie Sc Co., H. II. Hay, W. F. Phillips Sc Co., E. L.

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One always sullicieut for a bath. I>i rections are attached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In tattles of one and a half pints. One sufficient tor a day’s use. jtfcr Sold by Druggist* generally. Morrill Bros, No. L'15 state st.. Boston; Raynclds, Pratt Co, No. 10G Fulton at., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20sNeod&wly Warreu’s Cougii Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for C'oI«1m? 4'ougli*, Catarrh and CoMumptioia, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. fclT’For sale by all Druggists. Manuthrtured l>y B. F ItBAOBDBV, oetl5d&wsN6m Druggist, Banuor. Make Your Own Soap l NO I.IIHK NECENNAIIV! By Saying and Using Tour Waste GreaBe. BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’fj*. Co’s S-A-FONTUter. (Patents of 1st and 8th Feb., 1859.) CONCENTRATED LYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or £5 gallons of the very best soil soap for only about .‘HD eta. Direct ions on eaeli box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. 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Liver Complaints, Brouehitas, Difficulty of Breathing, Asthaua aud every affection of THE THROAT, LUNCM AND CHEST, INCLUDING EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequalled success that, has attended the appli cation of ibis mod.cine in all cases of Pulmonary Complaints, has induced many Physicians of high standing to employ it in their practice, some oi whom ad vis. • us of the fact under their own signatures. We have space only for the names ot a few of these: E. Boy den, M. D., Exeter, Me. Alexander Hatch, M. I)., China, Me. R. Fellows, M. D., Hill, N. H. W. H. Webb, M. I>., Cape Vincent, N. Y. W. B. Lynch, M. D., Auburn, N. Y. Abraham Skillman, M. D., Boundbrook, N. J. H. D. Martin, M. D., Mansfield, Pa. The proprietors have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the balls ot Congress to the humblest cottage, and even beyond tli»seas; lor the fame and virtues ot Wi»tar'i9 BuInuin have ex tended to the “uttermost bounds of the earth,” without any attempt on onr jart to introduce it be yond the limits ot our oi\n country. Prepared by SETH W. FOWLK «Xr SON, 18 Tre mont Street, Boston, anil sold by all Diuggists and Dealers generally, «RACe>MCELEBBAT«0 HALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SOBES. BURNS, SCALDS, CBTS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, Ac., Ac Clrace’s Celebrated Halve! Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces the most angry looking swell ii|{*s aud in||:ii|iH^U^iiB, la ii l>k Liiuii^ t.buK iUltinl Only 25 cents a box ; sent hy mail tor 55 cents. SETH W. KOWLE & SON, 18 Tremont Sr, Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists and dealers gener ally. Febl9, '66—SNeodT.T.Siweow REMOVAL. I»RS. 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To the days of the aged itaddeth length, To the mighty it addelli strength/’ *Tis a balm for the siek, a joy for the well— Druggists and Or veers buy and sell MAINS’ ELDERBERRY WINK nov 27 s N d&wtf A Cough, A Cold, or A bore Throat, Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD UK CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritation of the Langs, a per | niaueut Throat Disease, or Consumption, is oilen the result. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS. GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Con sumptive anil Throat Diseases, TROCHES are used with always good success. Ringers and Public Speaker* will find Trudies useful in clearing llie voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the tliroal alter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians,,and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ol many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various ports of the world, and the TrnohoB arc universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown's Bronchial Troches” and do not take any'of the worthless imitations that may be ottered, sold kverwherh Dee 4—d&wGm sn ■'KLI.OIV’.O OKHilNAL WORM LdZENUES, WE can with confidence point to FELLOW’S WORM LOZENGES as the most perfect rem Hi11* troublesome iwsts, INTESTINAL WORMS. After years of carelul experiment, success has crowned our eitorls, aud we now otter to the world a confection without a single limit, being sale, con venient, effectual and pleasant. No injurious result the,Q i1k! l!sud "hatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their comiwsiUon, They may lie used without further preparaUon, ami “f GhUdren will eagerly devour all you give tlieni. and ask tor more. They never fail in ex pcllmg Worms trom their dwelling place, and they will always strengthen the weak and emaciated, eveii when lie is not amieted with worms. Various remedies have trom time to time, been re commended, Hiich as calomel, oil of wormsced, turp entine, Ac., producing dangerous, ami sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and cx e“brat“S »««*■»* years, Uie proprietors of bellows Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posl uveiy sate, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill ‘b**0™s:b“t«t byumking their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumra of the genuinen^a “< theselozenges, the analysis ol 1 YES, State Assay er, is annexed: « ], ve analyzed the Worm Lozenges, itreuand by Messrs. FELLOWS & CO., and fuuUlJt they are free from mercury, ami other metallic or i.iiiie 'a/nmt br;. Fhcse Loxenges are skllflilly compounded ideas ant to the taste, safe, yet sureaiid effective in* their aefton. Respectfully, A. A. llAYEs M I) Assaycr to the Stale of Mass. Price M cents per Box ; pjrt for g(i 'X' ?WETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic liepot, lot) Hanover Street Rodion xi-,-. Sole Agent for’the United SfetSTm’ ^ aft ders should he addressed. ^.M,LXss"“ everywhere. n ^Mf; Folks Can’t Sleep Night.?.— We are KJ prepared to supply Hospitals, Physic ians, the a,j great public generally, with tin- sUind arn and invaluable remedy, Dodd's Nehvin’F, which artiele surpasK's all known prejiarations ti»r the cure ol all tormsot Nervousness. 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Doctor of all ailments incident to the Rones, < 'ords, atul Muscles, Hip J Hseases, still, and enlarged Joints. Weak and Perished Limbs, Paralysis, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, and Lameness, successfully treated. Office 31 Gray Street. Where be can be consulted daily without charge. IcbLodaw* 8 n MARRIED. In Yarmouth, Mass . Feb. 14, Mr. Thus. Long, Jr., (of the firm of Charles Cust*> & Co., of Portland,) ami Miss Abby Hailet. of Y'. In New Gloucester, Feb. to, dames E. Coombs, of N. G., aud Emuia d. Mason, ol Poland. In Orrfngton, Feb. 13, Reuben S. Dorr and Mrs. Margaret 1*. Grindcll. In Hebron, Feb. 4, Abel C. P. Whitman and Elsie E. Packard, both ot Buckfield. At Mechanic Falls, Feb. 7, David Mayberry and Ijonisa Serioner. Also, Elisha Turner aud Laura E. Scribner, all of Otistic d. /_ME1X In this city, Peb. 18, Trulette, daughter »t rapt. David ami Hannah Poor, aged 3 years 11 months anu 11 days. In Gorham, Feb. 17, Mrs. Joanna, wife of Jona than F. Leavitt, ami daughter of Caleb Hodsdon, Kail., aged 51 years. In Slimner, Jan. 6, Mrs. Nancy O., wile ol Aretas Damon, ag< d 28 years. In Rumiord, Dec. 27, George E. A., son ol Allred Lul kin, aged 18 years 11 months. In Sidney, Jan. 30, Elbjidge G. Llncolu, aged C7 years 6 mouths. In China, Feb. 4, Wm. M. Maxfltld, formerly ol Appletou, aged 73 years. IMPORTS. HALIFAX*, NS. Sell Annie Leahy—68 boxes 1123 hall-boxes herring, 200 kits mackerel, 2 bids cod oil, to order. EXPORTS. Per steamship Moravian, for Liverpool—£371 bags oAts. 598 bag.-* peas, 34k bags seed, 1100 l»l»ls oatmeal, 1200 bbls oil cuke, 255 bbls extract, 101 t*bls ashes, 1012 pkgs, 515 boxes cippcr ore. 159 boxes ba eou, 2 i»o\ert beeswax, 66 cases sewing machines, 3 bales furs, 11 pkgs ex goods. ■ . DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS name from fur date. Australasian.New York. Liver|*ool.Feb 20 Baltic.New York. .Bremen.Feb 21 Ocean Queen.New York. .California.Feb 21 South America-New Vork. .Rio Janeiro... Feb 22 Helvetia.New York. .Liverpool.Feb 23 Hermann.New Vork.. Bremen.Feb 23 Nestorian.Portland... .Liverpool.Feb 26 China.Boston.Liverpool.Feb 2. Belgian.Portland .. .Liverpool... March 2 Java.New York. .Liverpool... March 6 Asia.Boston.Liv« n*ool.. .March 18 Miniature Almanac.February 19. Suu rises.6.52 I Mo«»n raises. 7.U0 PM Sun sets.5.37 | High water.11.50 AM MARI 1ST E 1ST EWS PORT OF PORTLAND. Monitor. Fcbrur, 18. ARRIVED. Steamer Franconia, Sherwood. New York. Sch Annie Leahy, iBr) Tremain, Halifax, NS. Sch Hlondell, Atwood, Tangier. Sell Myrover, Hughes, Boston, to load forSavan n-ih, Ga. • Sch Vulcan, Mason, Pembroke. Sch A/.elia, Brown, Hancock for Boston. CLEARED. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Eastport and St John NB—C C Eaton. Brig Frank E Allen, Merrill, Matanzas—George S Hunt. Sell Abbie, Loring, St John, NB—master. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. BOOTHBAY, Feb 11—Ar, brig George W Berry, Bradbury, \Visca<set tor Cuba. Feb 16—Ar, sell Ella, Montgomery, from Virginia tor Dauiariscotta. Sid. brig G W Berry, for Cuba; s.-hs Ripley Ropes, Boynton, and Frank Barker, Tibbetis, lor Portland; V and ali a, 'Tibbetts, do. Brig Fredonia, 258 tons, built at Ellsworth in 1854, has beeu sold to parties at New York. FROM MERCHANTS' EXCHANCiK. (’Id at Havana Htli Inst brig Paragon, tor Boston. Ar at Card»*nas 7th, Cherub, Portland. Sid tin Cardenas 7th, brig a M Roberts, Doak, for Belfast. DISASTERS. Advices trom Liverjvool of the 1st inst give the par ticulars oi the loss oi ship Monmouth, <'apt Jones, Irom Mobile f-.r Liverpool, and the suffering condi tion of the crew wbeu rescued by the l>uvid c amiou, since arrived at Liverpool. The wreck was discov ered Jan 20, in lat 4ft, Ion 4ti, waterlogged and with lore and alt house, bulwarks, stanclicons and boats all gone trom the deck; also mainmast gone close to the deck,.jibboom broken, sails ail blown to pieces, deck ami beams parted trom the starboard side, and stern brok.-n and timbers working out. Took twelve men from the rigging and tops, all disabled, with swelled feet, legs, hands and arms, and some of them unable to Rand; they had been in the rigging six days, on t^jgy short ;dlow ance of bread ami water. Their provisions aud clothes had been swept away, the sea breaking constantly over the vessel. The in the rigging from cold and exposure. They saved nothing liom the wreck. A waterlogged brig, painted green, with yellow stripe, was ]«*sed ‘25th ult, lat 18 f»ft N. Ion 18 32 W. with lowermost aud uiaintopmast standing, and part of yards aud shreds uf sails attached. Seh Arthur Burton, Prohock, at New York trom Savannah, had heavy weather on the passage, lost spars, sails, and sustained damage to hull. Brig Fanny Butler, oi Bangor, at Baltimore Irom Ncvassa, bad heavy weather on the passage, lost loretopinast, split sails, &c. Ship National Eagle, Caudagc, at Liverpool from Mobile, had a succession of heavy gales on the pas sage, during which she sprung a leak, lost spars and sails, aud sustained other damage. DOMESTIC PORTS* GALVEST* >N--CM 6th insl, brig Arthur Egglcso, Clifford, Mobile; sch H P Russell, Nickerson, New York; 7th, Sarah Louisa, Swell, Mobile. off I lie l>a Ttli, barque Jeuuie Cobb, Handle v, I'm Rock It ud; brig Jas M ller, Pendleton, ftoiu Beliast. MOBILE—Cld 9th, brig Geo Amos, Ward, Galves ton. KEY WEST—Sid 1st, tch Martha Maria, Carle, Apalachicola. SAVANNAH—Ar 12th, ship Northampton, Morse, Liverpool; V S sch Bailey, Davis, Portland. Below, barque Wette thorn, Stetson, Irom flavre. SM fm Tybee ltth. brig Sullivan, Perry, tor Liver pool, (with 970 bales cotton.) CHARLESTON—Af 13th, brigs A F Larrabee, Carlisle, New Yor<: Manzanilla, Aiagune, Rockitoil tor Wilmington, NC. CM Uth, brig Anna D Torrey, Haskell, Boston; sch Grape Shot, Bonneau, lor Baracoa. WIl.MlNO loiv, NC—Ar 12th inst, sch Antelope, Chudwick. Port an Prince. BALTIMORE—Ar 13tb, brig Fanny Buller, Bart lett, Nevassa; schs Bucephalus, McIntosh. Provi dence; EC Knight, Taylor, Norfolk; Nevada, Dou ty, Charleston ; Willie, Staples, Matanzas ; J W Fish, Willey. New Haven. £}« i‘tb’ bl ‘K Myronus. Higgins, Charleston. Cld 15th, barques Linda, Hewett, Charleston; Ada Carter, Loud, Boston; Goodeil, Crockett, San Fran cisco. Sid 11th, brig Concord, for Aspinwall. PHIIADELPH1A-Ar lr»th. barques Caro, Beals, Palermo, 50 da s; Flora Southard, McIntyre, Bos ton; brig Sarah, Coombs, Portland, Dec 20, via New castle, Del. where she has been detained by ice. Below, ship John L Dimnmck, from Liverpool. C]d 14th, ecli Fanny K Shaw, Shaw, Charleston. Cld 15th, schs W Walter, Reeves, and Georsrio Deering, Willard, Portland. Ar 16th. ship Kate Daveup.>rt,Otis, Liverpool; T J Southard, Bishop, do; barque Dency, Gray, from Matanzas. Ar at Delaware Breakwater 13th, barque Dency, troni Matanzas for Philadelphia. NEW YORK—Ar 15th, ship Art Union, Sheppard, Calcutta; Nile, Aylward, Liverpool; barque Ytunv mede, (Br) Owens, Canton; brig M L.utee Miller. Leighton, Cabainen. * Ar 16th, US steam tug Iris, Green, Portland for Wilmington, NC; barque Otago, Taylor, Boston, to load for Algoa Bay, CGH; brigs John H Kennedy, Briggs, Providence; Alnion Rowell, Fanning, New York; scbB Cameo, Elwell, St Andrews. NB; Ocean Belle, Emery, Newport ; Lot bid, Haskell, Provi dence; S S Lewis, Braoklcy, Rockland, Kolon. Jas per. Jamaica; Arthur Burton. Frohock, Savannah. Old 16th, barque Templar, Sherman. Cardenas; brigs Richmond, Power q Lisbon; Henrietta, H» atli Bermuda. * Cld 16th, barque Linda Stewart, Fisher, Edgar town: Orciiilla, Havener, Cardenas. NEWPORT—Ar 16th, brig Ellen Bernard, Bur gess, Providence tor Wood's Hole. Returned, sch Zingo. Murray, Elizabethport for Boston. FALL RIVER—Ar 15th, sch John Crookford, Jones, Charleston. EDGARTOWN—Sid 14th, sch Mabel Hall, Hall, New York. ' EDOARTOWW-Ar 15th, schs Veto, Robinson New York lor Thomaston; JaB Jewett, Banks, do for Belfast. BOSTON—Ar 17th, brigs Antilles, Thestiup, Irom Trinidad; J A Devercaux, Clark, Charleston. Lidllbtli, barque M B Stetson. Beal, CienJnegos; bug Ida L Rav, Curtis, Havana; sch J B Curtis, Starling. Jacmd. Ar 18th, ship Mont Blanc, Wheaton, New Orleans; barque Surprise, Nickerson, Messina. CM 18t,h, barques Mary E Libby, Libbv, Cardenas; Scotland,Smalley, New Orleans; A C Small,O’Brien, Cieniucgos; sch Agate, Cuinmings, Portland. SALEM—Ar I6tli, sch Clara Smith, Smith. Rock land for Norfolk. Sld 17th. sch Laura Bridgman, (from New York! St George; Hattie. Hall, Belfast. FOREIGN FORTS. At Whampoa Dec 15, Hi ship Portland, Peters, tor New i ork. * Aral Bangkok Dec 3, ship Bunker Hill, Davis, from Manila lor Saigon, (the captain, first and see the cre“wi’ haU be<:" dabbed in their arms by ol JdVL^;?10 I5lf uUV, bV«8 Eugenia, Combs, May “> p»oir«^iS?Vre i uif> nbips St Peter, Goodwin, l H Ryersoii, Gardiner, New Orleans. PhitadSpbla 160 inrt> ** "J U 0rel*h’” 0ra*' Sldlin Cicntnegos Cth insl, barque S W Holbrook, Small, Boston. Sid ftn Havana 7th, banpie Acacia, Robinson, tor lalbanen: brig A J Smith, Dexter, Cienfuegos, to load for North of Hattarus. Ar at Matanzas 6tli'lust, barque ltachel. Mitchell, Portia <1. Sid 6th, barque E A Cochran, Pierce, Portland. | Per steamer China, at Boston. 1 Sid ftn Live'pool 1st ins*. Belle Creole, Knowles, Aden; Effort, Hussey, Charleston; Wapella, Orr New Orleans. Ent «or ldg Slat, Aberdeen, Anderson, lor New Orleans. In the river 2d, Ida Lilly, Patterson, lor Havana Adv 2d. Belgian, (ss) tor Portland 7th; Ellen H™rt Pennell for New York immediately; Mag ,a rh"? ter, Harrington, for Baltimore; Thtiiui ,!?,, .. , ' Owens, for Savannah tew days. * reeman, K W Skttf0,,> "«>re. Cardiff. terhurv! “ravesend 3fs‘, Li .coin, Sceman. lor c.. t.u.Sii^aira:,lst’S‘ P*“'. dart,... bum Ar at ijurtuistown 1st, M A Palmer. nu PurHawl Hol|tanjUra,,a>a 0,-0 *• •,oh" '"raster, Norton, lor Ar at Bathurst Jan It, W II Randall. Miller, from Bostnu. Shi ftn Cadis 26th ult, A E sherwoud, Limw, tor Buenos Ayres. Cld at Havre 30th nit, Katin) Larrahee, Kimdall, | for Cardiff. Ar at Flushing M*t alt. Topeka Bboikani, tv.»m | Philadelphia Mr Antwerp. 1POKK%. lx*' 1, tat 1'01 S,k>u .14It;, aliipSmihh111 iHoT.r Malhoii. from Han Kranrlaro h* l.iviTiaml ***J7, IM 5N, Ion f, W, barquo (Wl, llariling •n>™ Ntw York lor Bio Janvtu. 4. NEW ADVERTISEMENT*. The Houle* of Puuuutu und Nirurugna. (From the New York llerahl. ltth Fob. 1*87.1 .... „ Pasama. 1st Feb., ls«7. Yellow Fcvor in almost epidemic on the Isthmus, the deaths li'oiii that disease are numerous, and 1'a of pestiieuve ami liitii. 11m etmeon i» the iSt?} ,WP for years. The yellow lever is rag Wirf £SSr5 lh.*’ Jamestown, (United States Man of The i£. „ deaths average one or two per dleui. the Ship. °d°ru wdl pul to sea in urder to disinfect rer.Vui the^sju^1?6”'""1 (on*ul, died of yellow fe maioiitv oi~ tile ?“*“»• **»“ fitef that the prostrated wilh diseViU’u.e ,**“ “» at his funeral could not be i.,ruji‘d 1<U“r' °* Marm''" (Front the New York Tribune, l’lth Feb., 1867.] “ The health of our city, (Ta'iH^j11.'. means what It usually Is, th.^livo b£sn ymVnv deaths. Cholera Is said to have entirely ainannSrrcd on the Nica agua route.” 1 NOTICE TO CALIFORNIANS. Thero 1ia« not been epidemic disease* ol any kind on the Nicaragua route, and it is quite healthy. The nextRtoamer by way ol Nicaragua will be the “San tiago de Cuba,” on the 20lli February, ftb It dJt __ Copartnership Notice. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the Bubscritiers under the firm name of GRUEBY & THOliNDIKE, is this day dissolved by mutual eonsent. EDWARD L. GRUBBY. GEORGE L. THORNDIKE. All persons having any demands or Indebted to the Above firm are requested to make immediate settle ment. Feb*y 13 th. 1867. EOWAJilt L. GRVEBY, will continue the business in Plumb street, of Manu facturing and Dealiug in Doors, Blinds, Sash, Gutters, Conductors, Bracketts, Sta r Bail, Balusters, Mouldiugs, &c., &c. N. B.—The Moulding are fioiu the Bay State, alM* Union Mills, Boston, from season ed Kiln-dried Lumbkr. Portland, Feb y lHtli, 1867. fel9.l2wis UTV OF PORTLAND. tlTHERKAS J. A. Keiideraon and others have f v petitioned tho City Council to lay out anew Street or Public Way in said City,-beginning At the present northerly terminus ot Cedar street and run ning to low water mark iu Back Cove; and whereas said petition was referred by the City Council, duly 186c, to the under.dgned, for them to consider aud act upon, therefore Notice is hereby given to all parti* h interest d, that the Joint Standing Committee of i he City Coun cil on laying out new streets, will meet to hear tho parties ami view tho proposed way ou the twenty fifth day of February, 1867, at three o’clock in the | afternoon, at the northerly end ot Cedar Street, and will then and there proceed to determine andadjudge whether the pub ic convenience requires said street or way to be laid out. Given under our hands on this eighteenth day ot February, A. D. 1*67. AUG. E. STEVENS, EDMUND PH1NNEY, Committee AMBROSE GILDINGS. on .108. BRADFORD, Laying Out ELIAS CHASE, New Streets. w. p. files, fob 19 dlw City of Cortland. WHEKEAS. th© City Council, by their order Itaesed February 18, 1867, directed the Com mittee on Laying ont and Widening Street*, to atrnJgbten Congress street (torn Pearl to Franklin street. therefore, Notice is hereby given to all parties Interested, that the Joint Stamling Committee of the City Council on laying out new streets, will meet to bear the par ties and view tho proposed way on tho twenty-tilth day of February, 1867, at four o'clock in the after noon, at the corner ot Pearl and Congress streets, and will then and there proceed to detenulue ami adjudge whether the public convenience requires said street or way to be laid out. Given undor our hands on this eighteenth day of February, A. D., 1867. Aun. E. Stevens, KirnnKii Phinnet, Ambrose Giddinos, Joe. Bradeord, Elias Chase, W. P. Files, Committee on Laying out and Widening Stiaats. feb!9dtd Winslow s Machine Works ARE now located on CroM Street rear of our form er Shop on U uion Street, and we aic prepared to do Machine Work, Forging, Steam, Water and Oaw Piping, «.m the most favorable teams, aud at the shortcut u«> t i< «*. stet^n heating by Up «»r lu* ptM m, wg make one of our gpc .taltles. Our long cxiterieme In this line ( having lust elans workmen, j enables us to give good aatigtactiou to our custoineis. Pimp* with plain nr 4*alvauizrd Iran pipe furnished and pat np in the heel man ner. We have the Agency of some ot the best manufac tures oi machinery in the country. > Purchasers will do well to call ami examine price and list and cata logues. b. WINULOW * MON, Proprietor*. Feb 19 (Uihw.v W-’ni PURELY MUTUAL I THE New England mutual Life Insurance Oomjt’y, OF BOSTON, MASS. Organized 1813. Cash Asset*, January 1,1867, ' 14,700,000. Cash Dividends of 1864-6, now in course of payment, 673,000. Total Surplus Divided, 2,200,000. Losses Paid in i860. •«,<-. Tofel Losses PaM, 2,367.000. Income tor 1866. 1,778,000. I fT~Annual Distributions in Dash. ^ Local Aitents alotubl apply to KUFD8 HiWAl.I, A HOIS, _IblUdtf_tieneral Agents at Biildcford, Me. BARBOUR BEN NIHON HAVE opened in Ohamhers (aver the retail **orf “/ ■*’ *■ 1' J. Barbour,) a fresh tissortment of t renoh and German Calfskins. A large vai ietjr of Tampico KM and < «oat Morocco. Superior finished Oak Tanned, I>«>!•*hod and r * i Barbour Brothers famous TmmtFJSSP&PSiSl dozen or b ile. PHILA DELI HIA CIT Y J ANNED Sole Leather, light and heavy. Slaughter ami Spanish Sole Leather, extra quality. Women's Rubber Ovor-almcs, made in Frauce, quality supeilor to American, and sold at m*ai£!5£L **{**• General assortment ol BOOTS and SHOES, sold by dozcu or ease, at lowest cash rates. Shoe Stock exchanged for manufactured work. Liberal advances made on first quality of Boots and Shoes. NO. IO EXCHANGE STREET. -VfA. „ CHARLES J. BARBOUR, febl9d*w2m WILLIAM E. DENNISON. FAIRBANKS’ HTMDilB &SCALES ! Patent Money Drawers / Bubbsr atd Ivory Handled Table Outlery, KOOKR8’ »C|I«80B« —AND— GENERAL HARDWARE, At KING At DEATKK’H, IBS Middle ud 118 Federal NtreeU. f«Ma _ d:im_ House and Lot tor Kale at Ferry Village, Cage Elizabeth. WILL BE SOLI* at a bargain, if applied f.»v soon, a new 1} story House. Said House is 21 by 31 toet with an L 12 bv 22 feet, linlhed through oot, and situated within sixty rods of the Kerry Office. Terms : One half down; the balance In one and two years. Possession given immediate!*' Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER, or F. W. TALBOT. 37 Congress Street. Ferry Village, C. E., Jan. 8,1*67. febPGltw* Portlaud Academy, Vmimm Hall, (Entrance on Free Strout.] BOVS of all ages and att.Inmeuts received al any time in the Term. Partirnlar alt ntlon paid to Private classes ami Private pupils, Terms Ho.eO pei Term ot ten weeks, C. O. FllsKM, Principal, __ 28 Hanover St, P. O. Box 9:7. FelWoW MEllllILL BUG’S 4 GUSHING, (Late Merrill & Small,) Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Fancy Dry Goods, <1 lores, Hosiery, Corsets, Yarns, SMALL WARES, TRIMMINGS, Ac, Nw FI Hammer Ml., .... IIONTON. fel9 H. Merrill, I. M. Merrill, A. R. Cushing. ««l3m NITROUS OXIDE GAS ! A safe and pleasant Anesthetic in the extraction of Teeth. A Iministcred every TUESDAY AND EKI HAY . BV— Dm, Kimball A Crime, Dentists N«. 11 ('lapp’a Blerk, (•■grcM Street, IcLlOdti PORTLAND, Me. TO LET ! The 2d, 3d and J4th Floor* or NTORK NO. AH UNION NTREKT, xultable tor most any biwinem. Apply to FKANCINJO. TIIONEM, OEO-H tuiAij>,jH' The Sunday Morning Advertiser is tho largest quarto sheet at the kind in N«w Eng land, and contain* Star***, Mketr kea, Newa of the Our. Market Btpprt* Telegraphic Diapatchra up to a late hour Saturday evening. City Hubscrib era supplied Sundav morning, at $2.50 a year, in ad vance. Mail Muhecribon*, $2.w>. tebl9dti Vide ValdeN, (lIVINii tbo time and height of High Water for I every day in the year at all port* in iho Tolled State*, have been publiHhia by the Tinted State* Coast Survey Office, aud are ou**lc at the pria* uol Nautical Store*. rhet can also be old dne.l bv aiT plk aHon Jo the C«st Mkffvey Ufa* in WaakSflfc* City. 1 rice Twenty Five t.«*nfs. leblOdlm Something Worth Knowing! 2ftll t lignin St, At Invontor'a LxoIiaikth. _ . Agouti* W anted. Feb l»—dlw* Wan tod. AUWm nub « orfM. In itw Unmn uni PruVl.h.n KuMi— In lh.,H. Ifond rnr* given *nd required. Adore*. bn 1J7.*, Puithind Ivtadl*. To Let. THE third and Fourth duora In the nrw * M Mid.ll. Btreell» «wt In wsltli, 1 «Uf "It ► «» I«“* ‘I'l'ly U) th. .ulanriher at 113 oJ, 2i ■ K.IIliB'ltl AU.-HEI) ^ or- J.ur ordera tor Job Work to Dull/ Pr. MISCELLANEOUS. JANUARY 26, 1867. L_SPEOIAT. CLOSllW^ALi; WHITE GOODS! Laces & Embroideries! At One Price. E. T. ELIDEN & CO. •Jan £00 Ho/,. Linen H <lkfs. Thin Day Received I SELLINU AT LOW PRICES E. T. ELDJjiN Ac CO’S. Jun 28—dtf __ Housekeeping <woo«l* OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, at one price. E. T. ELDEX d CO. Jan 28—dtf__ BLEACHED A BKO ll .v 8S HEETIN OSS, BLANKETS A QUILTS, Mnch Under F*t-i«e, E. T. ELDEI & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf ~E. T. ELBEl & €0., WILL OPEN THIS DAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleachedl, Half Bleached, And Brown DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, At One Price^S Free St. Jan 28—da Grover X Baker, Newing MaehinoN, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted! iWachi.e Nilka, Ikrru.l nud Twial, .rail AnHorluieut. E. T. ELDE\ A CO. ISO. 5 FKEE STREET. Jan 28 iltt Patent Eights for Sale! WK have just taken out tatters Patent for a H K I I> for supporting Hhds and Darrels, which is pronoun ced by Grocers and others, to be JUST THE THING, anJ a«o now tailoring territory for sal*-, and want to introduce them into market. We will give :ui Active, Mtirriug »lnu, a Good Trade. Several Counties in this Slate yet remain unsold, including Cumberland. Wo will sell any State but Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Connecticut. Patent rims Seventeen years. Address, tunned lately UOAIXfr: A KI KK, Patentees. Brewer, Me., tab. 11, 1807. febl.Sdlw* Any Ppi-sou Buildiug, OU abtuit to build, wishing to let (tart of a bouse at a lair lent, apply to febl3*l3w• <• U," Box 1MI UK. HOPKINS’ Calhit*]i TroelioNt Hill Cure Catarrh, Coughs, 4'aids, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, and all affections t.j the Throat. Public Speaker** nu«l Mauser* um lliru. Ministers, Lawyers, Jro tors, Sea Captains, all nsa. them with the beat results. Among the hundreds ot thousands who have used them, there is hut one voice and that ot' approval. They invariably pro mote digestion, ami relieve kidney Affections, dust try one box and you will be convinced. I'BEPARED BY E. B. HOPKIFTM, I?|. D., 14* WnshingiuM Mired, Bsstu, itlau. Wholesale Agents tor Maine,— W. K. Pun,lies & Co., I „ Nathan Wood, I Portland Sold at Retail by ail Druggists. Iebl3d«£wlw* SPBIN« ST1XE DRESS HATS! JUST OUT —AT HAItKIH', JJOO CONGRESS STREET. f«bl3dlw Go to AdaniH Sc Euriuton’g F>R your Houso-inminhim: Hoods of all kind.; Carpeting., ami all kinds of Crocker), Ubux.VH, ncone, Eanhern and Wooden Ware. Paiiei Hasr mgs. Wimiow Shades, At, Ac., corner ot Federal ami Exchange streets. mSXhttm Portland Institute k Public Library THE undersigned, named ax corf orators in the Act entitled **Au Act to incorporate 1be Portlautl Institute and Public Library,” approved l*> the Uoverner .lau. JS1I, would hereby give notice that Hie first meeting of said corporation for the organization, will take place al the COM Ml (S COUNCIL CHAMBER, Market Hall, on Friday, February 22d, next, At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Ethek Sheplky, Wm. Willis. Wm. P. k essenden, John b. Shown Israel Washburn, Jr, Wm. H. Penn ’ John Neal, Lorenzo T>f m sweit John c. Stockbridge, Henry P Deanf ’ John Rani., Samuel E. sprVno Eowrs C. Bolles. ’ Port Ian. I. Feh’y 14,1NS7., 1 MONEY. Worn and Torn Currency and Qreeubacki Bought at the Horae R. R. Office, by Jasndti >i. <4. ■■ t i >i i i: Cloaks and Dmhii « ut anti IVIado IN tbelatct»tylM,»i No. sol) Corner of Broun 1 hiuI CdKgraw atreetn. 0'',, "b-M4w . MRS, g. p. youtftM Tilton & M< ml. Or site to call the attention to the fact t|mt more than 4 O OI‘ their Safes save AMPLE PROTECTION in the late fire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMEKV dfc WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at llO Mad bury Mtrert, Ko.toa. "*k,n ,iu «<■•*»•» 'or sab. | 10 *N lHlw in ent-u nm&adv remain, hr ot urn. Notice. J I'll ASK mint from our bn urn. VEA™ * EASTERN EX1>HESS ( O. NOTICE| ~z $2,■ -nr- »«• *•?** -*•> *-* cktnFbikTZr- . .,h® Oo»er»mmi »ith.,at SKmSj.|WM ■..... A *y?l*WA«. nw HIMOKMVU ' ?. r>*.»“w ■»tin .alien n. tK**'*! **■» '. •>««. »I»I M»r. b \ MK.M>pn, » ■ ■ '■• th- - Uiu. A«,5« Zi M »» i**» okl -l.til.I ill ,\ +t "rj; ** E*cliuB*r. StfH i, I'ortliuuJ, M« Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 HHDM. . i5S‘.Vlr"°,< K"'KW Jiut landed from brig “Hjperiou” for aaic by ’ THOS. ASKS CIO & C0„ (HbBwl, CUSTOM House WHAKJT,