Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 19, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -— Tuesday Morning:. February 19, 1867. ■ • ' 1 -- SACO A city: (special dispatch to the daily chess.] Saco, Feb. 18. The citizens of this town voted to-day upon accepting the charter for a City Government. The vote stood 465 in favor of accepting the charter, and 444 against it, thus udoptiug the charter by 21 majority. J. E. B. LEIJISLATI'KE (IF MAINE. | SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THF. PRESS.) State House, Augusta. Feb. 18. SENATE. A committee ot three on part of the House, consisting of Messrs. Woodman, Brown and • »ak were appointed to examine the files of the House aud Senate, to report when the Legis lature ran adjourn finally. Mr. Porter was ap pointed on the part of the Senate. Committee on Railways and Bridges reports ed that the petition for an act of incorporation as the Augusta and Hallowcll Horse Railroad Cotnpauy be referred to next Legislature; also, that an act to incorporate the International Railroad Company he referred to next Legisla ture. Report was accepted. The county delegation of Audroscoggin County, reported a bill an act to establish the salary of County Attorney of Androscoggin County. An act to accept the surrender of the char ter of Piscataquis Fire aud Marine Insurance Company passed to be engrossed. Bill an act accepting the charter of the Diri go Insurance Company passed to l>e engrossed. Mr. Eaton presented bill to authorize a branch railroad to the Agricultural College grounds in Orouo. Mr. Perkins presented an order that the Senate hold two sessions daily after Tuesday, which was tabled. M r. Crosby said such an order would not hur ry the committees. They are at work as tight as they can spring. Mr. Caldwell reported resolves in sympathy with the Cretans; aud resolve providing for hydrographic survey of the rivers of the Btate. BOUSE. The act which had previously passed the Sen ate allowing cities, towns and counties in the Btate to loan their credit in aid of any railroad in the Btate was taken from the table, and u new bill was offered as a substitute, which bill was ordered to be printed. The first section of the hill uames the rail roads that shall have the advantage of the act; also requires that the Governor and Council, after certain conditions have lieen fulfilled, to deliver to said railroads certaiu State securi ties, to the amount of ten thousand dollars a mile, in aid of building the same; and in case the interest is not paid, it provides, t hut certain forfeitures shall be made. Also other sections substantially allow the same privileges whirh the act allows for wlticb this is a substitute.— The act not to go into effect until the expira tion of a year, or until an alteration of the Btate Constitution is marie, which forbids a larger increase of the Btate credit. (to the abociatko num ] Apovhta, Me.. Feb. 18. Tbe following resolves of sympathy with the Cretan* iu their struggle lor independence were _ reported in the Senate this foreme n. yfesoftwtf, That the people of the Uuited State* having secured to themselves the hies King* ol a true goTeruiuent at tin- price uf a re volutionary war, feel the greatest mtcrest in other people who are struggling against op pression Air liieir iudependem e H> sufrerf, That the people of this State re cognise iu the efforts of the inhabitants of the lslaud of Crete to throw off the IntuWabie yoke ol Turkish oppression the struggle of Christianity against Mohamedanisui and the endeavor of a lif»ie people to secure tor them •elves and their posterity the blessiug* of s (fee government. KimOl'K. NSW* MV Tin tiltli End of 1Im‘ IVuiau UrUllioi. Various Continental Items. Prospect of the Independence of 4'audio. Dublin, Feb. 17. The outbreak at Killarney has come to an eml, and the bunds of insurgent* have disap peared. One hundred amt forty Fenians have already been arrested in this city, and are now in jail. Paris, Feb. 17. The budget presented in the Cbamliers yes terday by the Minister of Finance,gives a very favorable report ot the condition of the financ es. Rentes in consequence recovered from their recent depression, and are advancing. Madrid. Feb. 17. •Spain is aisuit to angment her licet in the West Indies. Florence, Feb. 17. A new Ministry has been formed, with Baron Riscasoli at its head, and with Agastino Depel is, the former Minister of Marine, as Minister of Marine. The radical party arc much elated at the dissolution of Parliament. Berlin, Feb. 17. The Prussian troops will withdraw trom Dresden on the first of July, hut Prussian gar risons will be maintained at Leipsic, Brutzen and KunigBteiu. Prince Frederic Charles has been elected to the North German Parliament. London, Feb. 17. It is now considered certain that the deter mined resistance ot the Cretans, and the spirit of concession recently shown by the Turkish Government, will result in the complete inde pendence of Lite Island of Camlia. New York, Feb. 18. The Herald has the following: Paris, Feb. lti.—A splendid gold medal was presented to James Gordon Bennett, Jr., this morning, by the “ Societe des Regates Pari sielines" This is the third medal which Mr. Bennett has received from the French. The grand banquet given to the American yachtsmen took place last night. Mr. Morton, Secretary of the New York Yacht Club, was present. M. Chopy, President of the Paris Club, toasted the New York Club. HAVANA. Frederick Reward’* Miuiau la St. Do ming*--VI yMterieu* Disappearance of a Maine lUnn. New Yoke, Feb. 18. The Tribune has the following:— Havana, Feb. 9. A Matanzas paper of tbe 6th inst gives the following account of Frederick Seward’s voyage previous to his arrival at Nas sau, as written by a person of credit: “St. Domingo continues quiet, but I think on tbe same day that the Barcelona lelt there was a riot on account of tbe presence in the river of ail American steamer. It seems that there was some fear the Government was in treaty with that of Washington to cede to it some part of the Island; for example Samana. Ac cording to the captain of the Barcelona several shots were fired, although the result is not known. The American steamer immediately left the river and anchored in the roads.” Havana correspondence, dated Feb. 13. says Senors Lara and Gonzales have b. en tried tor external conspiracy against the security of the State. A heavy gale prevailed on the 9th instant, Util several houses along the sea shore were damaged. A yonneman named Win. G. Bradford, a native of Maine and a merchant of Prescott, Minn., mysteriously disappeared on the 3d in stant, ami has not since been heard from. The United States steamer Winooski was coaling at Trinidad. The sugar market was irregular. Exchange in currency on New York 24 1-2 per cent, dis count. Wai>hiB3i*ii Item*. Washinuton, Feb. 18. -The Legislature of Utah, in support of their petition to Congress to abolish the law prohib iting polygamy in the territories, says, “ that there lias not been a single case tried under it and that as the Constitntion of the United States prohibits any interference with religion they have a right to practice polygamy as a part of their creed, that institution being of divine origin. They also assert that polygrmy lias liud great moral influence, saving the people from prostitutions and kindred evils." A steamer, believed to be the Swatara, with Surratt on board, arrived off the navy yard this morning. The amendments of tlie Committee of Ways and Means to the tariff hill restore the rates to a great extent to those of the House bill before they were reduced by the Senate. A large delegation of the Sioux and Yanc tons Indians, from Dakotali, accompanied by the delegate from that territory, visited the Houses of Congress to-day, and the United Slates Supreme Court while they were in ses sion. The Indian* were in full costume, aud attracted much attention. Washington tormpanilrnir. New York, Feb. 18. The Commercial’s special says representa sives Boii; well and Btevens will oppose tlie re construction bill as passed by the Senate, but it will probably pass, and the President will execute the law. Tlie tarill bill will be reported to-day, but its chance of passing is doubtful. The Swart,ara, with Surratt, is expected at Washington to-day. He will be kept on board and taken daily to the City Hall during his trial, wln .a will promptly take place. Tlie Po-c s special says the stolen evidence . in relation to the New York Custom House has been recovered. From Californio. San Francisco, Fab. 18. A fire broke out at the southwest corner of Davis and Washington streets yesterday morn ing, destroying several buildings. Doss $12,000. Three shocks of earthquake were experienc ed in San Diego, Cal., on the t*th inst. XXXIX 00NGEE8S--SE00ND SESSION Washington, Feb. 18. SENATE. The House amendments to sundry Senate bills were concurred in. Messrs. 1 *olau<1, Morgan and MeDougall were appointed a committee of conference on the bankrunt bill. Mr. Morgan presented resolutions of the K? AurK ^fcwtoture, expressing sympathy with the Cretans Referred to the Committee on b oreigu Relatious. ^r- ‘Ison, from the Military Committee, reported the joint resolution to facilitate the settlement of accounts of disbursing officers. Passed. Mr. Sumner introduced a joint resolution providing that the Mayor, Postmaster, Assist ant U. ft. Treasurer, President oi tin* Board ot Trade, Alpbeus Jlardy, Daniel Davis and John A. Andrew, of Boston, be appointed a commis sion to select a propel site lor a building for a post office and for the accommodation of the suit-treasury in said city, and that they report to the Postmaster General and Secretary of the Treasury at their earliest convenience, the selection made, and the price at which the same may Is' purchased, if a new site should In- selected, ami if their report is approved they shall report the saute to Congress with such additional recommendations its they may deem proper. Referred to the Post Office Commit tee. i ne (senate took up the Lull in relation to ap peal* and writs of error in the Supreme Court from States lately in rebellion, which, after being read, was temporarily laid aside and the hill for the election of a Congressional printer was taken up. As amended by the Senate it makes the printer an office to be elected by the Senate, and abolishes the present office ot Su perintendent of Public Printing. The salary is fixed at $4000. Air. Anthony explained the object of the bill, to make the officer named directly responsible' to Congress instead of the President. Mr. Williams inquired if there was no con stitutional objection to the bill. Mr, Anthony thought it competent for the Senate to appoint a printer and make him one I of its own officer*. The hill as amended was passed. The river and harbor appropriation hill was received from the House and referred to the Committee on Commerce. After discussion about taking up the Louisi ana bill, the Senate resumed the consideration of the hill in regard lo appeals and writs of er ror to the Supreme Cowl. The bill was amend ed so as not to apply to cases where the time had expired before the rebellion, and passed. The Finance Committee recommended the restoration ol the mission lo Portugal. Mr. Grimes said he believed Ml. Harvey had been paid out of the contingent fund of the State Department. Mr. Sumner said it should be remembered that it was provided by law that no money should be paid Harvey out of any hind what ever. After furthe1- debate the amendment was agreed to—19 to 14. An amendment was adopted appropriating $.‘i(t,000 tor cable dispatches. The bill as amend ed passed. liie consular and diplomatic appropriation bill was taken uji. Among the items is $70,000 tor the suppression of the African slave trade. After an executive session the Senate took a recess till 7 P. M. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Grimes moved to reconsider the vote by which the diplomatic appropriation bill was passed, in order to reduce the appropriation tor the contingent bind of the State Depart ment, and the motion was agreed to by a vote of 16 to 15. The diplomatic bill as amended was passed. Mr. \N illiams, from the conference commit tee on the tenure of office bill, nqiorted that the committee agreed to strike out the amend ment of the House, which was to strike out the exception of Cabinet officers from those who cannot lie removed without the consent of fce Senate, and insert the following proviso: "That Cabinet officers shall hold office- during the term of the President by whom they are are up{K>iuted, ai.d one mouth thereafter, sub ject to removal by and with the consent of the Senate.” After a debate the report was agreed to—22 to 10. b'U*r l,UnilWr n,“Te|l hi take up the Louisiana Mr. 15 ilaon supported the motion, but with out taking action the Senate at 10 o'clock ad journed. HOUSE. On Urn conclusion of the reading of the jom nal, the Met re tar jr ol the Meuate aaaouuccd the |«m«r hy the Mrnate, with amendments, iff the House hill lor m military government iu the re he I Mtate*. The Mil went to tin' Misak - er’s table. The regular order of busiuea* wa- piuri't ded with, which was the rail of State* lor lull* and joint resolution* tor reteCMow. Among tile joint resolution* was one by Mr. h illianis pmjMMing an amendment to tlie Coustitutiou, det luting that for any rea sotiable cause which shall uo> Is- Mifheieut ground h>r impeachment, Judges of the Su preme Court ami other iuferior courts of the •m led Stales ahall be removable by the Pres ident, ou an address of twiethirds of each branch of the le gislature. Referred to tbe Judiciary Committee. Mr. Hise introduced a joint resolution to abolish the tax ou coffee, sugar and raw cotton. Relerred to the Committee ou Way* and Means. Mr. Hooper, of Utah, presented a memorial of tbe Utah Legislature praying for a repeal of the met to punish polygamy in the Territories. Referred to the Committee ou Territories. The House then proceeded to the considera tion of Mr. Noell’s resolution, extending suf frage to women. Mr. Noell spent half an hour reading an ar gument in support of the proposition, which afforded considerable amusement hi the mem ber*. On motion of Mr. McKever the resolution was laid ou the table. A resolution introduced by Mr. Latham fora recess of the House daily, except Saturdays, from 4.3# to 7.30 P. M., was adopted. Mr. Henderson introduced a joint resolution declaring that the Constitution authorizes the Chief Executive to extend pardons to persons who have been tried by the proper tribunals and convicted of crime, and none others, and that consequently all pardons granted to such as have never been convicted or tried are null and void. Referred to the Judiciary Commit tee. On motion of Mr. Ross the Committee on the District ol Columbia were instructed to re port a hill to prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors as a beverage in the District. The Senate amendments to the military re construction bill were taken from the Speak er’s table. Mr. Stevens moved that the House non-con i'ur in the Senate’s amendments, and that a committee of conference be asked for. Mr. Stevens yielded for twenty minutes to Mr. Boutwell, who opposed the amendments and spoke earnestly against any possible re construction op a disloyal basis. Mr. Stokes, of Tennessee, opposed the Senate amendment because he saw in it universal suf frage and universal amnesty, and he did not understand the English language if it did not enfranchise every rebel in the Southern States. Mr. Stevens spoke at considerable length iu opposition to the Senate amendment. The House a few days sinoe sent to tin; Senate a bill to protect loyal men in the Southern States, hut did not attempt tbe difficult task of recon structing civil government in those States, it has sent us hack an amendment which contains everything else but protection. Mr. Blaine spoke iu favor of the amendment contending that it gave no more right to rebels to vote than Congress had given them when Tennessee was admitted to representation. He denounced Mr. Stevens’ proposition for a com mittee of conference. Mr. Wilson, of Ohio, also sustained the Sen ate’s amendment. Messrs. Bingham and Farnsworth also sup ported the bill as it came from the Senate. After further debate Mr. Blaine demanded the previous question on the motion to concur. The previous question was seconded by a vote of 73 to (14, and the main question was ordered by a vote of 103 to 63, Mr. Randall moved to lay the whole subject on the table. Rejected by a strict party vote of 108 to 40. Mr. Stevens took the. floor to close the debate, but yielded to several gentlemen who opposed the Senate amendment before the expiration of liis time—half past 4—arrived, and the House took a recess until half past 7. EVEN INII SESSION. Mr. Hooper, from the Committee ou Ways and Means, reported hack the Senate amend ments to the tariff, with amendments, which were ordered to be printed and made the spec ial order on Committee of the Whole for Thursday after the morning order. The consideration of the Senate’s amend ment to the House hill lor the military gov ernments of the rebel States was resumeil. Af ter a further debate arrangements was made that the debate should continue this evening and that the House should meet at 11 o’clock to-morrow and proceed to vote immediately af ter the readi ug of the journal. The debate was continued at great length both for and against the Senate amendments. The debate continued until midnight, when the House adjourned. Fenian Excitement in New York. Money and Volunteers for Ireland. New Yoke, Feb, 18. The Fenian excitement in this and adjacent cities throughout yesterday, was of the most intense character. It is suppnseo that Steph ens is in sonic part of England, and is about to inaugurate a co-operative movement in thati country on a very extensive scale. A Congress is to lie held here soon to form a new government for organization. A call for volunteers to go to Ireland has been made and promptly responded to. Money to a very large amount has been subscribed, and liberal prom ises ol aid arc made to tbe leaders in the shape of arms, men and money. F Efforts are being mail,, to unite the Roberts and Stevens wings of the Fenian organization under the pressure of active operations iu Ire land. Col. Roberts pledges his warmest sup port anil co-operation with the men at home There is considerable excitement among the Hiberniau portion of the population anil they rofuse to credit the cable reports of the sup pression of the outbreak. Meetings of circles arc proposed to be held all over the country to collect funds as well as arms and clothing. Dn 111 tigi- by ike Frenkel. Tousdo. Ohio. Feb. 18. The ice gorged at the foot of Cherry street yesterday yesterday causing a freshet that flooded the warehouses, etc., along Water St,, which was completely submerged at several points. About 11 A. M., the Cherry street bridge, nearly a nulcs in length, gave way and almost one half of the entire structure was carried oft'. The Cleavelaud and Toledo railroad bridge was in great danger, but was saved. The small steamer Belle went adrift and it is sup posed she was sunk. Towards night the gorge broke and the water subsided. It is reported that the bridge at Mouud City, ten miles above, was also carried oft' but it is not yet con flrmod. MEXICO. The Liberals Everywhere Victorious Complete Evacuation of the Capital. Enthusiasm for ihc Emperor Re newed. New York, Feb. 18. Mexican advices of tlie 3d inst., and Vera Cruz of the 5th, have been received. Maximi lian’s Uovernnieut is to be removed to Puebla. The rear guard of the French army w as to have departed from the Capital on the 8th inst. Porlirio Dias had command of 20,000 men and was 5* miles from the Capital. Miramou is re ported to be treating with the Liberals for his submission to that party. The troops under Castillo, who succeeded Mejia, are reported to have been defeated by Escobedo. Tlie exchange of prisoners is going on very amicably. Galveston, Texas, Feb. 18. Tlie Bulletin has Brownsville dab s to the 13th inst. Maj. Gen. Wallace arrived hero yesterday but left immediately for Cincinnati. The Liberals in Mexico are reported every where victorious. Fseobedo and Trevino had fought battles with Preramon who in the last fight was shot through both legs and whose army had been utterly routed. Zacatecas had been re-occupied by the Li berals. The only forces between Juarez and the City of Mexico were 20,000 men under Cossillo. Maxi million was at a hacicnde outside of the city and seemed to be paying no attention to affairs of statp. New Orleans, Feb. 18. Advices have boon received from Orizai.o, Mexico, to the 11th inst., ot the final and com plete evacuation of the Capital by the French forces, which took place on the 6th inst., and the whole expeditionary corps was on the road to Vera Cruz. Gen. Marguise at the head of 10,000 of Maxi mi Ilian’s Mexican troops ha<l been entrustea with the care of the City of Mexico. The Imperialists claim that they have an army of 30,000 men that were armed. The Im perial Government, had levied a tax of 1 per cent, on all capital. Maximilian wears a Mexican uniform and reviews his troops in the streets of the city. The enthusiasm of the inhabitants for the Em peror has been renewed. Colored Troops lobe Mustered Out. Fortress Monroe, Feb 18. The steamship Victor from New Orleans 11th for New York arrived this A. M. and disem barked the 38th colored regiment who are en route for Itichmoud, where they are to be mus tered out.__ THE RIAltKETS. Financial. New York. Feb. 18. Tito demand for Money this afternoon was very moderate, and tally met ai S;« 8 iter cent, on call — Hold was weaker at tlie close, falling of to 1364. For eign Exchange firm: hankers' sterling lost u I08> fur sixty ilays, and 1011) tg) 108; fi,r aitttrl sigh;. Uoveru ment securities were aelhe and higlter during the af U rnoon, closing at the top prices of the day. Slocks were strung at 1 he lam o|s>n heard, and mil letter af ter call. Miniug alocks generally heavy. New hark Market. New York, Foh. IS.—dull and tut. hanged; salestSu hahs; Mid dling upland* at 33c. Flour—M « 16c lower; satusi.sni , with more doing at the decline. State at * 00 11 to. Ih.und i hoop Ohio lit 611 <1; 12 85; Western at t, .35 Si 12 00.— i Soutlicrn sales at 1(1 ;w a it. do. Wheat— dull and declining; salts. HR.nuohueb. Am ber Stale 2 *2}. Wltlie Oasts da at 3 88 (Join—less active and rather easier; sale- 35.000 hush. Mix.-.l Western al IR8 g lie. Western Yellow I86j Yelh.w Jersey IM at 112. I kut—dull ami heavy; -ales 21 ,M0 hush. Western St 3e5Ke. State at 8B :•> S6e. Beet—steady. Pork—<|uicl and sternly. Uutl-heavy; mbs w 41 I2j< • li«r old and 12 « I'iiefor nar. Whiskey—uniet; aales at 31 « 3Se in l*,nd kins pis. Sugars—active and tinmar for obi crop; sales of Muecovatbi ai is *y Mr (Wths -very Arm with «<> sales. Molasses — firm; sales of 230 ithds. new crop ( uha at 65c. Naval SUtres—quiet and tirm; Spirits Turpentine at «f) u 68c. ltosin at < no Mi to. ^Petroleum—dull; sales of keflned Ihxim^I at 2M| «y Tall.iw-un -haufed, sales 87.WM lha M it (el lie. Freight* to Uver|*sJ—uaiet and -leaSf. ChK«f* Martel.. _ „ Ohioaoo, FVh. 18. Tlw Hour market ;* tluli ami nominally mb-r; Him111* extra* at a 75 ■ 10 7f., xitnerNne al 6 .'81 a * no. There is a m.-l- ratc enquiry lor No. a Sj.ung Wheat, hut the market dnees weak and }, lower; sale* at 1 84 at opening, and 1 854 ® 1 HK paid; No 1 Spring scaree and Brn. at g 20. forti opened at about Saturday’* ctoeing Hgurex, hut *ubse,(uently weakened anil reee de.I to 84 je. 'nie Pt-ovieion* market nominal; Me** Fork Hale* at 1850 of. 1*75. There la aoine Inquiry lor freah meat*. Lard inai five and nunnnal a! Ill a 11®. Offering of .Irene, ,1 hog* meagre and tlrm at 7 481 it 7 75. Live hog* held tirmly and advaneudlb а. lie; quotation* are i. 4o a, 7 75. Heecipw—5,000 libl*. flour, 4,200 bush, wheat, IS,000 tm*h corn, 6,000 bush, oat*, <50 bogs. Shipment*— б, 400 bbte. flour, 5,000 hush, wheat. Cincinnati HI irkel*. t’ ..CINNATl, Feb. 18. Flour—prime unchanged; trade brand* at 11 50 @ 1.1 60; Binoy brand* at 14 no in; 1C 00, Wheat—supply light; No. 1 Spring at 245; No. 1 Winter at 2 00; the stock of Wheat in the city is small. Corn dull at 60c for No. 1 shelled in elevator, and75c in sacks, and 55® 66c in the ea;. Oats dull; sales at f>0 for No. 1. Bye sales at 1 23® 125ibr No. 1. Barley unchanged. Whiskey in good demand at 2 25 in bond, provisions dull and unchanged, with no demand of eonslquence for mess pork, lard or bulk meats, but no pressure to sell. Lard dull at 124c 6.r prime kettle rendered.— Butter and cheese unchanged and firm. Groceries as yesterday. Gold 186. Exchange steady. New Orleans Market*. „ „ , New Orleans, Feb. 18. Cotton—sales 10,000 bales; the market is steady; Middling uplands at 31Jc; receipts 8,305 bales; tiie exports were 4,462 bales. Sugars—lair at 13®. Mo lasses—tail* al. 71c; prime to choice at fo ,/ 80c. Flour — siqicftine at. 11 50® )l 75. Corn at 1 18® 1 15, and marku flrap Gats at 874® 00c. ilay at 35 00.— Pork dull; sales at. 21 75. Paeon Wshoulders at 12c; aides 13 % 13j[c, with market dull. Lard at 13 \u) 151c. Whiskey at 25^ 40c. Gold closed at 130}. Sterling Exchange 115}. New York sight, Exchange 4c dis count. Freights, by steamer to New York le; to Liv erpool 9-16d. Havana Market. Havana, Feb. 13. [By telegraph to Merchants’ Exchange). Sugar market dial; holders firm at 8}reals for No 12; otters of 7} @ 8 reals do not succeed. Moias os firm at for clayed, 5j @ 6 for Muscovado. Lumber tends downward; $29 offered lor W. P. Box Shook* 8f; hlid. Shooks dull; Hoope nominal. Freights to Unlt eu States inactive. Stirling Exchange improved and now quoted at 14 <Q 15. To Vttftcd ft tales 25} (o> 2C for currency. Coumierrial—Per fable. Liverpool, Feb. It*, Noon. Cotton opens dull and inactive; the sales to-day will not exceed 7,000 bales; Middling uplands quoted at 14d. London, Feb. 16, Noon. Consols for money 91. American Securities.—Tlie following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares78} ex-dlv. United States 5-20’s at 73}. Erie Railroad shares .*58}. London, Feb. 16, Evening. Consols for money close* 1 at 91. American Securities.—The following are the closing prices of Araeiican securities: Erie Railway shares 38. Illinois Central shares 78 ex-div. United States 5-20’s 73}. Liverpool, Feb. 16, Evening. The Cotton market closed easier; Middling uplands at 14d. Br* ailstufls quiet and steady. Corn at 39s 3d. Provisions steady. Produce—tallow slightly de clined and qnoted at 43s fid. Petroleum unchanged Tar 9s per bbl. Rosin 18s tor lino. Whale oil £31 p 2fi2 gallons. Frankfort, Feb. 16, Evening. United Stales 5-20 bonds closed this evening at 78. Paris, Feb. 16. Evening. United States 5-20 bonds 73J. New V«» k Ntock Market. New' York, Feb. 18. Stocks—strong after call. American Hold.1364 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.110| U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1864. ... 10T * II. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.107j$ U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new Issue.105 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.1011 U. S. Sevon-Tliirtios, 1st scries.loot U. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.105s U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105| Western Union Telegraph,. 43 New York Central,.1001 Erie,. 55? Erie preferred.71 Hudson...130 Reading.1032 Michigan Central,.108 Michigan Southern.721 Cleveland & Pittsburg.791 Chicago & Rock Island,. 9t>2 Boston Stock Lint. Sales at the Brokers* Board, Dec 18. American Hold. 1263 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 1091 United States 7 3 lutbs, 1st series. 1061 “ , small....!. 10,j| “ '2d series. l<754 ** small. lit.') | “ 3d series. M52 United States 5-20s, 1864. 107i •* July, 1865. 10M United States Ten-lorties. 101} Western Railroad. 1 to BOWDOIN COLLBOK. TnE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Tlie 47tli An nual Course of Lectures In the Medical School of Maine, will commence Feb. 21st, and continue 16 weeks. FACULTY OF INSTRUCTION. Samuel Harris. D. D., Resident ol the College. J. S. Tenney, L. L. I)., Lecturer on Medical J urisnrudence. I. T. Dana, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. VV. C. Robinson, M. D., Prolessor ot Materia Mcdica and Therapeutics. C. L. Ford, M. D., Prolessor of Ana omy and Physiology. C. F. BRACKETT, M. I)., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy. W. VV. Hueene, M. I)., Professor of Surgery. T. II. Jewett, M. D., Professor ot obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. H. H. Skavey, M. D„ D monstrator in Anato my. (j^T'Circulars containing lull information will be torwarded on application to the Secretary. C. F. BRACKETT, M. D., Sec’y. Brunswick, Jan 1, 1867, jal9T.T,&Still.Marl E. C. BURT’S New York Grootls! Constantly ou hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO 03 Milk St,, Boston, The only authorized Agents for the sale ol these Goods in New England. T. C. & CO , Also manufacture the Uuest quail ties ot Ctento’ Sewed and Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes! OP EVERY VARIETY, Feb 7—T, T ft S4w* W^JSvery “iy'e of Job work neatly executed at tbis office. WAITED. Clerk Wanted. MUST be quick at figures, and a fair penman, aged 111 or 17. Address, in own hand writing giving ago and refer ences, box 2119, Portland, Q. febl8d3t Wanted. VpOUR or five rooms for a gentleman and hia wife, A in a good location, loi which a fair rent will be paid. Apply to W. H. .1KKKIS, Iteal Estate Agent. teblSdlw STORE WtfJVTER SUITABLE for Fancy Goods, AVatches, and Jew elry, either on Middle, Congre.-s or Exchange Streets. A reasonable price will l>e paid for lix tures, and half a Store might be taken if agreeable to a good party in a got si locaiion. Address A. DKKSNKK, No 152 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., giving real name and location. ft*9d3w* Flour Barrels Wanted! ON nuil after January 2d, 18(17, we shall resume the purchase ot Flour lids, for GASH, at the Office of the Portliiiul Sugar (Jo., it l-i Dn uforih Hi., FebSiltf j. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted ! A Partner with a capital ot front three to five thous and Hollars, to engage in trade wiiere there is a line business already established anil oue of the best locations in i he Stale lor ( ounlry trade. W ith prop er nttuution to business titty thousand dollais worth of goods may he sold iu a year to good advantage. Full particulars may he obtained by application to Woodman, True & Co., Shaw & Haskell, or Stev ens, Lord, it Haskell, of Portland. Febtledistf Agents Wanted ! I GST OUT, Forruut and car Naval He ll roes, by the brilliant and popular H istoriau, J. T. Heailly. This is the only work on the N avy to the War, ana everybody is buying it. GKOBUK II. BLAKE, _ general agent, Feb 1—3m Box 827, Port laud, Me. Agents Wanted ! VOlt RICHABDttONN NEW WOBK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI. FROM tlie Great River to the Great < V*ean. Life and Adventure «»n 1 Tallies, Mountains, and the Pacilic Coast. With Descriptive and Ptodograpic Views of the Scenery, Cities, Lands. Mines, People, and Curiosities of the New Staten and Territories. 1867 — 18*^. By ALBERT D. RICHARDSON, Au tiior of “ Field Dungeon and Escape.’* The work will be isbuetl in oue large Octavo Volume of i>OU pages, beautifully illustrated with nearly goo Engra vings. This work will be sold by subscription only. Sole and exclusive righto of territory given with liberal commission*. Agent* are uiceuug with great sue cess. Iaithtul, energetic. pcr.evctlug men or wo men will, iu the At' ncy, tuul lucmtive uicnt. If HU Ageuev is usoled, scud tor I ln ol.ii, givict full particular*. Apply to, or address FATtKN FITCH, No. 233} t.'oagreas St.. Portland, Me. lehirslttA a 2m Wanted. KO 4 UUi FlAtU R BARRELS, at Foret * A'/iV/v7v f City Sugar Reiinerv, West lom utercial, near toot of Emerv strecL Pro|ioisd» will also be rc-elrod lor new Sagtir Bar rohi, ami a sample may he aura at the office ol the Company, lit*} Coiuiocreiai, st corner oi I .. 8L _fcbl2<Uwtt __T. O. HKKsEY U auteil Daily ! ! AT The General Agency aud Employment Oin Ww. .‘I AI l-*A ('•■irrM Nireci. All p. r koUb tu secure goou iful tur any r. -pecta t** employment. w ill And them at this «»til. e. Also plume loUce. We will m ud you vu« n and boys tor any wort in rtty or countr>, live m .barge. | t/ ’ W# waul pood American, i ro\, IrWi ; and Col .rad Worn n and Hhis. u« well «s M n ami ‘ Boys, every day »or all -wto oi *ituatkins in this City and vtctmry. «iivc us a call. Portland, Me.. Jan. 25, '87. *"°X * 'janVMit’ Flour Barreto Wanted. VCE will 1*T ;»rents each tor lr*t class Flour ▼ f BarretoMwkalile fur sugar. LYNCH, BARKER A CO., ltovl3dtI Ijji < omuit lcial street. LOST AND FOUND. Found. IN this city, a Gobi BREAST-PIN, which the own cr «• m have by railing ;*i thi* olln-e, jirovim.' propa erty and payin# lorOiit adv.ri itwiueot. Lost! ON the 2&lh of Jan, between Deland's Court, •ire.- street, and 160 Middle st. a l.ady's Gold Watch. The tmder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office. tel.Hollo* IlOBf. A NOTE of band signed by J. D. & ft. SPILf.EB payable to our order at any Bank in Portland, dated Fell. Jill, 1807, on sixty days for Two Hundred and Seventeen 60-100 Dollars. All person arc hereby cautioned against purchasing said note as payment has been stopped. II. J. & O. B. LANE. Easl Raymond Feb. loth, 1007. Feb'.sdlw* BOARD AND ROOMS. To Let. To l»e Let. PLEASANT unfurnisjiad rooms without board suitable lor gentlemen ami their wives. En

quire at No. 5 South street, between 9 ami 11 A. M. each day. ,jan8dtf Afaij j>e Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the sweetest thing,” and the most of it for the least money. It overcomes the odor ot‘ perspiration; sott ens mul adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful |*er lume; allays licad;iclic and inllamution, ami is a uec- 1 essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and npon the toilet sideboard. It can l»e obtained everywhere at one dollar t>er bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. T.—180o.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bil I ters sold in one year is something startling. They would till Broadway six leet high from the Park to 4tli street. ’ Drake’s uianutactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted Mi the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic “S. T.—1860—X.,” ami then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing distiguriug the taco of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters bell as no other arUile ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring W ater, sold by all Dr u ggitts. “In lilting the kettle from tin* lire I scalded mysel very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The* tor ture w^s unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain a) most immediately. It healed rapidly and left very little scar. Chas. Foster, 45a> Broad street, Philadelphia.” Tliis is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabo in all cases ol womuls, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon umu or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Barnes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated K&thariou. it makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, cr;idicatcs dand luu, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to her country Lome alter a sojourn ofa lew months in New l ork, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place oi a rustic Hushed 1 ace, she had a soft ruby complex- I ion ol almost marble smoothness, and instead of 25, she really appeared l,ut 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Auy lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can bo ordered 01 any dWfcgist lor 50 cunts Baratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Hdnwtrecl'a inimitable Hair Coloring l,as been steadily growing m favor for over twenty years ll acts ujHin the absorbents at the roots ol llie'liair.'and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden anil injure the hair, lieim htracts ,s not a ,i,lc but is eertlin in its results nro niotes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing t rirc 50 cents au l $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract ok Pitre Jamaica Uimoeb lor indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, A I ., where a warming, genial stim ulant isrequired. its careful preparation and entire purity makes it* cheap and reliable article lor culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. __n__ jui,e 14, ’00—eoJSfcwly Partner Wanted. Asman . active and intelligent man with $400 to an equal interest in a good, paving busi ness in tins Citv. Good references given and requir ed. Knqmre of OOX & POVVARS, , . 351} Congress St., Portland, Me. leblb d2\v ’ Norfolk Oymtei ! A Large Lot JUST received al No. 4 Union Wharf, and tor the accommodation of those in the Upper pai l oi the I lty they can. be hail ii,r 40 cents per Ouai l olid <>v slots, at J. H. HOUR’S Fish Market, No. 47s Congress Street. iebir. .13«■ ins JAMES FREEMAN. To Let rilHE three storied Brick Store 2W Fore, foot ot X Plum Street. Enquire of r E. M. PATTEN, feb16dtf__ Plum Street. N OTICE. A Good Chance for Spring: Trade. MRS. C. W. JORDAN, corner ot Dow and Brack ett Street**, wishing to retire from business, otters her entiio Stock lor sale, consistin ' of a great variety of Fancy Goods and Worsted*. Also—-A Stamping Machine and Patterns. Portland, Feb, la, l*#7. tebl5 deod2w miscellaneous. WM. ALLEN, JR., Ufo. 11 Exchange St., And is now ready to show to his friends and cus tomers the LARGEST and BEST SELECTED STOCK OF FIRST CLASS Fauey Groceries Foreign and Domestic FRUITS! CIGARS, TOBACCO, Ace, To be found in the Hlate. HAVING A DECIDED ADVANTAGE -IN BEIN G ABLE Pnrchasc all Goods -FOE NET C AHII ! He trusts to hold out Inducement* to the Trade — TEAT - WILL SECURE To him in the fa tare as in the pat, a liberal share of the public patronage. ---— <aso* - Oranges untl Lemons. -ASS All.— Green Frails ii their Snap. DRIET3 FRUIT! 15,000 lbH. —or— FIOS ! Partol the rargonfthe Baeqae Veins, at len H>aa we have km able I, fee Ike iraal lea Team. loO BOXES SUPERIOR PRUNES FRESH CROP. OnrrantM, Citron, Oates, AND Raisins ! Fresh Fruit in Fans ? Among which may be found Me Hurry’s Celebrated Baltimore PEACHES I ALSO, PEARS, STRA IFBERRIES, PINE APPLES, GREEN GAGE PLUMS, Ac., Ac. A splendid assortment of Jams and Jellies! FRESH CROP Wilmington Pea Nuts, Shelled and Soft Shelled ALMONDS, Wnts of all Kinds Tamarinds, Pickles, Ketchups, Meat & Fish Sauces,&c. ---- - Having made arrangements with the I catling man' ufuotuiers of Pickes .and Hermetically scaled goods, &c., we can furnish all articles in their line at IVIan nfactnrcrs’ Prices. EXTRACTS, CHOCOLATE, &c. SAGO AND TAPIOCA! FRESH IMPORTATION. --.-„ The attention of the Trade is specially called to the large assortment of Fine Cut Chewing AND Smoking Tobacco Wliieli can be found in endless variety among which is the celebrated KILLICKNICK, BIG LICK, GRAND SEAL, SOLACE, AND AMULET, FANCY PIi!»ES of every description. Cable Coil Virginia To bacco : heyond dispute the best chewing Tobacf 'O now in the market. Sailor’s Delight, Diadem, Honeymoon, Planet', # Eureka, and many other well known bra nds of TOBACCO! — The largest assortment 14 Imported and Domestic Cigars to ho found in the city. The above goods were bong* ^ for ^ C AS H JV ! i EVERT DESCR iPTION —OF— COKFECTPONERY J for sal? at thr lowe9t prire9. pe1£e.O00d8 At Free of Ex WJnr . ALLFN, Jr., Jr°* 1 1 Exchat.we Street. ‘*b*» dlw BEAL ESTATE, FOB, SAL Ft |~VNE House anil Lot on Washington Street for V/ sa e vekv Low. House new a..d containing Seven Kooms. Price $1,100. • ALSO: One new House and several Lots near the Polling Mills will lie sold very cheap, the lots at prices rang ing from $ 50 to $100. ALSO: Several Lots on Washington street. Prices $000 to $5000. Inquire ot JOSEPH REEL), Keal Esta.c Agent, Oak St., near Congress St. fcbl4(12w* __ Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. ' I 'HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil 1 lageol Frycburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered int sale at'a bargain, it applied tor soon. '1 lie House is large, in good repair, witli turnlture and hx: ures throughout, together with alt necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ol HOKATIO BOOTIIBV, ,, _. .. Proprietor. Or Hauson A JDow, 54 J Union st. Fryeburg, Sept. Ibuc. dtf House tor Sale. A good House two slories, Statile attached, hard uiiu soft witler, pnxl lot centrally located_con venient for two mini lies, it deniable. Inuuin- at 13 lianover or 1S4 Fort* Hu. q c at T O. 10CS ... J- A- FENDERSON. Jan. 24,18C7. dtf MOTIl'K. I will sell on lavorahln terms as to i.1 payment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the corner ot Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner ot Franklin and Fore streets. Apply lo WM. iilLLlAKL, Bangor, or SMITH A KILL Attorney*. Portland. jy!2tl Farm lor Sale, LOCATED-Yarmouth lore side; two story house ami out buildings, 45 acres ol' land with orchard and wood lot, and liaudy to sea dressing, and a good wharf. Terms easy. For further particulars enquire of H. Sinclair, of Cumberland, or on the premises. Febldlw&eodlw C. C. PAY SON. Desirable Store Loti FOR HALE, N COIKERCIAL MTREET. THK subscriber* niter fur sole the lnt of Isle 1 on Lite aoutlwirly side ot Cuiuiueiciul Street, to ut ut Dana's Wharf, nteusurins T! Iit 15o leeu f or fur ther particular. inquire .ION As II. I'KKLICY, Oil IS tf _ nr \V. S. DANA. FOJ£ SALE. Grove Hill Farm • THK above Farm h situated <>n m emiiu u. »• over 1*M»kmg the Iteanfiful ami thriving village o« Bridglon« enter and within one hall a uni. u< ihe bufeiuvsa portion. Jt is l*v all who have seen it te be the beet ami m-«t 1 « at ion In the County. It comprises Jto acre-., ronv.*iu* oily dt vbled into Milage, pastarage. w.».-l land ami Urn Or r land; c«t.sfrom 40 to 59 b>n* lnt uualiti or bay. The building* consist of a Iuo sloty h him. built it l*M, at aa expeuar «.i •*.*♦>, wBa> t«ra urn oot buildin.'- iB good repair. For i^niralani applv toC. P. KIMBALL. o« II. W. GAGE, ihru. ot mroot A dap.l For MAod. RF.fc JAMIN WALKER. Bridglon. .a to thu *uh«rib.r Bit HARO UAl.t. Bndfton. Dar., I*u4». *W ft «**4A wt Houm* for Hak*. ON Neal Ulreei, upper half of the Bdrt INN Huai' nurtaBnnf in aB 12 krun*; oiwsM < vital, bard ami atd'r water. A good stable, and yard i«mu. Very navnurul and <lr ir-iMr PoNw. mtna given smartlto# in Mat. k. Try am cat). Apply on the premium, or t*. WM. ft 4BBI:I*. Bed IrUvi Agent. Feb. 6 For IdUNf. JHK ntuahfr M nfUml corner af MhhBu ami Flaawb Mndt, nr % urm M years, t wtnrr C.C. MITCHELL & s«»V Aug. W. ltd*.—*111 Hi For* sir.i t. Faartu for half. IWll.I. sdl my fbna near ARewN Conor Wed - brook, iibnal thnx mkn from Foil land. on* nuU from borne cars, ui»d s* auaav\. Said Hum . notaii»«about Inn acr* s. pait <d It very v do tilde lor tillage, and part at it for building kxa. Thera h» a pood two large ha r» on the premise*. It will tic said log. tber. or in iota to suit par* Kisers CTltCs THU BLOW, sepll-dti MS Cummer, id St. First das* lor Sale. WE idler tor sale the eight tint dam brick In.nee*, recently built by us, situated on Pine Street, between ( tart and Garb-ton sum is. The#*- houses are th»r.Highly built, with slate roolfc, brick drains, and marble manteJi»hvc* throughout.— They w ill be sold at a low price, ami on very favora ble terms. Apply at our oflice.Nn. 271 Dan forth St. 4.14. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. 4ERR1S, Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 10,1866. dtt Bricks and Foundation Stone FOR SALEt FLl\ {\f\r\ CISTERN BRICKS. OU.UVM f 180,000 Common Bricks. 500 Perrh FniOalien Mienr. D. M. WOOD, At JOHN C. PROCTER’S OFFICE. Feb 8—eodiiw* For Sale Cheap. klKnn CLEAR PINE PICKETS. ISOUU H. T. MAI'HI N, lebH—dlw Head Galt Wharf. PAINTS AMD OILS. Drugs, Medicines, Dye stnUs, Window Glass. AOK19T8FOB Forest River A Warren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS & WILLIAMS, Nos. 5 and 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Deo4—1TuThStly Westbrook Seminary. THE SPRING TERM commences February 27th. febl3d*w2w Bank Notice. THE following arc the 1st and 2d Sections of an act of the Legislature, passed Feb 20,1866: “Sectioit 1. In all cases where the liability of any “bank in this State to redeem its bills would expire “in the year 1866, but for the provisions of this act, “such liability shall be extended until the 1st (lay of “March, 1867, except such banks as are now in the “hands of the Receivers.” “Sect. 2. The Bunk Commissioners shall publish “in one or more newspapers nearest the place where “a bunk is situated, unu in such other newspapers as “they may see tit, a notice of the time when the lia bility of such b:uik will cease for the redemption of “its bills, said notice to he continued for three months “next before the time named therefor.” The liability of the following banks to redeem their bills, which would have expired in the year 1866, ami alter the passage of this act is, by the first section of the act, extended until the 1st day of March, 1867: Augusta Bank,at Augusta Long Reach Bank at Bath Bath Bank, at Bath. Lewiston Fulls Bank, Bank of Somerset, at Lewiston. at mtownegao. marine joann. Bank of W inthron, at Damariacotta. at Winthrop. Northern Bank, Freemans IVk, at Augusta at Hollowell. Granite Bank, at Augusta.Oakland Bank, International Bank, at Gardiner. at Portland. Orouo Bauk, at Orouo. Kenduskeag Bank, Skowhegan Bank, at Bangor. at Skowhegan. A. C. ROBBINS, I Bank F. E. WEBB, j Commissioners. Nov OH, lHCC, ito‘J8dlaw3m First National Bank of Portland. HOLDERS of the First Scries of Seven-Thirty notes cun have the same exchanged for gold hearing six per cent bonds at this Bank at the usual commission. The First Scries mature in August next, and the conversion of the Second and Third Series can also be effected on favorable terms. W. E. GOULD, Cashier j an26 lm__ For Sale IK Saco, a Stock ol Dry (■••da* with lease of Store, In one ot the best locations in the place. Business long established. Address II. M. .TAMES, feblC dtf _Saco, Me. Photographs! Photographs! A. ». ITavis, WOULD respectfully inform his former customers and the public generally, that he is now locat ed at No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be happy to receive all those wishing for Photographs, Ainbrotypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE* Janl4—3m# Notice. PERSONS clearing the ruins or digging cellars will find a good place to deposit their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. sept 10 dtf S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. Jackson’s Catarrh Snufff ELEGANT TROCHE asd SIWJfF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,Ac. Instantly relieves annoying Cough** in rhurch. Cures Catarrh* positively without sneezing. Valuable to Siagern, Clergy, Ac., clear* and Htreugtheu* the voire ; acts -juickly; tastes pleas antly ; never aau*eaieM. PreveuM taking coin ti om Mkntiag, Lecture* &e. GJr* Sold by Druggists or sent by roaii En lose 35 cts to Hoop«r, Wilson A Co., /sen 19eotltjtinel8’67) F HI LADE] -1‘ HIA. \V. W. WIHPPLEi Portland,Wholesale Agt. Notice to Land Holders. Mil O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take eotitracts for building, cither by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1866 ang20dtf Fop Sale. . j Schooner “Hattie Ross,” 184 tons old 2/1/ measurement, built in 1858 of the very best material, hard wood bottom and white oak top, coppered, sails, rigging *a2*SHhBand gpars in first rate condition, and well found everyway, and leady lor business. ROSS & STURDIVANT, I feblldtf 73 Commercial .Street. _ NOTICE. | ALL persons indebted to the late Dr-nj»vl | Tlioma*, arc rcquehled to make to the undersigned, who U duly authorized to collect the same. . Natinnal OfUce No. m VgtfffiS&fSZj&lS* Bank. Houso No. 55 D,in^j£,KOK A. THOMAS. StFebruary 1867. eodls__ notice. THOSK Riifflwinif from that terrll.le malady (’hills and Kevor, who have hitherto l*en unable to it id a remedy, will do well t > write to me, as 1 ha-, o ' ‘ ai0 ,n i coaincure. whieli 1 wi l turnieh to the otoJ ior live d dlais. Address <’YUUS bOWtl LL Stevens’ Plains. Westbrook, Me Jan nary 211, 18«7. eoo6w* To Let. FIRST, second and third lofts over E. T. Eldon \ Co.’s store, Free Street Block; also, offices over Sehlotterbock’a, and over frogman A Co.’a, in new block corner Brown and Congress stfeoU. JanU-dtf *»• B. BUOWN. ENTERTAINMENTS. DEDICATI O N ~ -— OF -- Odd Fellows’ Hall! 0.1il Fellows’Hall, Exchange Street, will be Dedicat ed on UEDAtBanav KVESIN6, FEB, 30. andinmv*teh^!lDli?,?Snr?'U1 ,w rertuire.l at the door, ?ini ?BottSTlSi St ^tt^eaeh Ucket admit thc exerts Mth^nall arj^onclude,1)’!0 Ho"“ aftcr Ticket* One D*||nr, Doors open at 7 o’clock. Exercise. _ 71 o'clock, precisely. commence at Members w ishingtickets to Collation are reamwmd to procure them ol the lollowingCommitteof A meats on or bulorc Tuesday, as the number is limr Ited. li. u. Barnes, E. P. Oerrinli, C. H. Blako, A. .1. Cummin us. n. P. Banka, Charles Baker, L. F. Pingree, C. E. Webster. ,t. K. Merrill. February 18. d3t Portland Theatre. Bidwell * Bnwu, Leaner* * IHeuuger.. Last Week of the Season. Hrilliaat Macro* af the Ciargcaa* Fairy Hurlella —OK— CINDERELLA, —OB— THE LOVER, THE LACKEY, And the Little Glass Slipper. MONDAY EVENING, Feb. lSIfc, anti EVERY EVENING till further notice. Preceded each evening by a LMgbablr Farrv. EY“See l>aily Programmes. feblfeill P. Y.M.C. A. COURSE LECTURES NINTH LKl'TI'BK, Ih the Casco Street Church, Wetlaewlay Ereaiaf, Feb. tMHb, IMI7, By REV. CEO. T. DAY, af FratUleare. Si B.IECT -**Tlu? bright and dark a of l.ifp.** Hewn TVkrU, 7ft rent*; Kv.mug in In a, r4«eab. to In had at H ul**y A Noyea’, H. Packard'*, Short a Inh iiD' m, mu) at the daoe. Doom .f«n at ftf. tartar at 7 ♦ o’t lock. teblMLk EXHIBITION ! The Sinner Si. Sabbath Srhaal will give an RihilntMa mi THURSDAY EYK.\'tl, Frh. Slat, IN TIBIB « HI Kirrriaas M rsadi. rf Tlll.a., ~*r Stllag aad "lUmlMl Me (Bar, ea Dan 4ih.tii.nri »tt'M. than an M t| li res mt. m l|nMl. mm MECHANICS' HALL, Pagitiralj Om iirbt 0« I j ! f Wedseaday I tralag. I>h', Mhh. IB. IBB IBI HOWARD PAUL !! Ftoan He. 4niM* Hall, bmtlini, aa4 Irvtaf Hall Hew \mk. alUgnva, Mlh.a .their i’opNimr mud ia*htot»aid< Grand Concert in Costume t As performed in b»frlna One Tbmi«n»l Nights, and for »b. pwUhne •iv.tith* in New York. Phtfadrl phU, RaRinaora, W.l hmgt.m an.I Button. The omeruinai ni enboiun Impersonations of Cbntrtrr!! Piutureuqus and Beautiful Costumes I Operatic Selections! SONGS, BALLADS, PARODIES, WIT, HUMOR AND FUN! At each representation will be presented a aeries of Impersonations, introducing in elegant cos tume the following lyric pieces by MRS. HOWARD PAUL 1 ■aanie Deader, the famous Scotch Ballad. The Mhip aa Fire. Dreaaa af the Hereller. The Harrawa af a Spiaaler. The Haald Sager Hay. I’m a Ladies’ Mas, taring the eveningiMrs, HOWARD PAUL will give a must extraordinary representation of Pwo Persons at the Same Moment! nd sing a droll Quarreling Duett, entitled “DOG and OAT.” This double impersonation is a won derful piece of acting, and elicits ptais of laughter and appLuire not unmixed with wonder.—(New York Tribune. taring the evening MRS. HOWARD PAUL will, among other impersonations, appeas as the Emperor Napoleon III., nd sing a Buffo Lyric entitled “ The Life of Julius resar.” and afterward change to an Old English Gen leman, of Three Score Years and Ten, ana sing the harming ball a* I (by O lien back) “When George the 'bird was King.” Mrs. Howard Paul will give an imitative illustration f the vocal method and manner of tw o eminent Ton ri, MU. SIMS REEVES, the English Tenor, in ouc f his favorite ballads; and 1UNOR BltlGNOLI, he Italian Tenor, iu “M’appari tntt’ amor,” the bcau itul romance from “Martha.” “ This performance iu itself is a most remarkable 'Xhibitioii, tor Mrs. Howard Paul reproduces the narked vocal characters and opposite styles of each Anger.—(Philadelphia Press. MRS. HOWARD PAUL WILL S N E E • Z E riio celebrated French Bong at each performance, as fiveil by Theresa at the Alcazar, Paris. Miss Letitia Powell, Pupil of Jules Benedict, London,) will preside at the Jran.l P.ano Forte, and play Mrs. Howard Paul's >raud Uutcrtaitimuut Waltz. Admission 50 Ots, Ee-erv d Seats 75 Ots. kJr-TickctB tor sale at Paine's Music Store, No. 2M Congress stieet, opposite Preble House, commencing Tuesday morning next. B. F. (.OWKIiL, ylnnngrr. H, DAVIS, JTr., Agewl. Feb. 16 dtd “ VIS UNIT A kOBTIOH.” The Portland Light Infantry, WILL GIVE A » G R ^V INT I ) Military and Civic Ball - on Friday Evening, Feb. 22d, 1867, AT MECHANICS* HALL. GENERAL MANAGERS. uen. 5amuei u. ^vnuersoii, Cap!. Abial Soinerby, Alai. Charles B. Varney, lien. George L Beal, Col. A. P. Bradbury, Charles B. Steven*, Esq., William T. Morris, Esq., i.api. dona nan Mimn, Cant. William II. A>ent, Col. W A. W iiiHhip, Mai. C. B. Houghton, Col. E. E. Ulch, toiward Matson, Esq., Orlando Marrelt, hmj., eusna vv neeier, esq. COMMITTEK OF ARRANGEMENTS. J. F. Libby, George Webster, Jauie* W. Flatted, llenry Greene, Alexander Bell, E. S. Warner. Nathan Could, A. D. Kecvcs, Charles L. McAlister, 0. L. Lougley. cnarlen A. Donnell. FLOOR MANAGERS. J. F. Libby, lieorge Webster, James W. Plalsted, K. S. \\ arncr. Mai lian Goolil, A. 1). liecves, John D. Alitta. Tickets $51.00—To be procured of the Commit tee Of Arrangements. Manic by Ckaadler’a Qaadrllle Rand. tir'Danciug to commcucc at ha. f past 8 o’clock. Feb 1C—dlw р. a. a nTuT lectures. 'J’he next Lecture will be given AT MKCIVANVC*’ HALL, Tuesday Evening, February HUM, BY Gf N. JOHN 0. CALDWELL, OF MAINE. Music by tbe Forest City Band. Evening Ticket* Fifty Imn- t" I* kiui at Bailey & Noyes’, Davis Bros.’, Short A L tjbk^» Gcyer’s and Packard's bookstores; at Rollins Gilkey’s Apothecary St re, the Uni ied Shjtes ' » and Preble House, at the door, aud ol the Lceture с, minilUw^ opcn a, fi 1-COtt),e euinioeiico al 7 45. Per order Lecture 1 "™|“L gfj aOBOURNE, E. B. HOLtill iON, H. S. MELt HE It, wM.o.ra,,I >•a- patiebson. Lubricatingand Illuminating WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. I*. T*. Brown, Jan2t<d4T* IV*. -JOO Fare Mtreel. Camphor Ice. OF the same unrivalled quality manufactured by U8 for tbe laat ten year*. we are now prepared to turn'mli consumers and the trade. in any quantity. J. R. LUNT A 00.. ftl.tB.13t ;H8ton--«a8Ht._ 5-ao’s E XC 11*1 '■ l: 1* -FOR 7 - 3 O -BY— W. H. WOOD & SON. FeblMttw AUCTION Sale of Forfeited Goode. rpHK following descrllied merchandise having lwen tl„, iflStfJ* violation of the Revenue Laws o* wri li!™! ;*'!*.;!u‘'' lh* u- S- Appraisers at this ft« kc liinifwili1!*1'1 “n<ier«*Wk that the ex|*.>n*eof th. ?eTSW, „*“««* ".luce the net proceeds ol front'd. . he viustoin Housefuls Mi P?bUfr““‘ “""t' i", on the ifilu inst., at ll’o cii-i a n Utwit ” 2 Hark Horae*; * A' * *’ w Wlt • 1 pair oi ilarueHaes; 1 pair of Blanket*; under the provisiot s of Sect. J5 of the Art entitled “An act further to prevent smuggling add fo?other purposes,” approved July is, Put,. k " ,or otLer lSUAKL WASUBPRN Jr feblfcltd Colhet.Y. Important Sale of Govern meat Vessel. Depot Qitabtekmaster’h office, Biitimor.. Altl, Jauuarv J V17ILL be sold at public auction, at the jiurt of ▼ ▼ Baltimore, (ileiidenmn’s wharf Kant Baltimore) on Thursday 12 M., February l£X, l“t»7, the st'i Kl.ll blDE-WHkfcl, sTEAMKK, COSMOPOLITAN. ot »7!l ujiih; leiiRili, 305 feet; breadth ot l*am,31 ,, : ”*l*t-hot of tioht 13 feet: cylinder, 00 inches, and t» teet stroke. w opportunity is afforded, in the sale of tin* fir»t^Si^e£‘h0,ia ael“ri11* *" Ptt,cbat^ a |ta|‘y uumL <tra(S the engiug ami boiler are in “*,litl"u. “‘1 ue hull |4>rhcUy roUTAN,IS,r‘122L‘0r,a"“dk““t. tl1" Uovemmunt f.,r ;u ihu’£,V'"l“:r'“ bf 'rr- r * it liuu 10 th.' »n.l. tutu <>r ‘ "I'-"1 ,f,,*HAs * & ttrsrzz By tinier of the Wium rintuu-r Ueurnl A. S. KIMUAI.I.. Capkun :u>.i A. y. u., t, t>. a MtiU FchjJ li.,.,, . J. s. UA1LU1 . Auctioneer & l’omiiii»iou Mcn liaot AND A PPM A tBE lit Office 170lore St, si Mew. Outer 4 Drwen January 7 —<l« V. W. MOLMMM, AUCTION E Kit, •MS* i wpw Htrnrt, kml t«f jewfaertf in iW otf n w ** zXfZr** • rn mtm » %. «— m ; ■ — - _ -9 , I ► ; MU*. MIL*ID. t MEDICAL ELECTED III DU. W. N. DOMING, Medical Electrician 174 MIDDLE STREET, ffnarlr «kr I'MiH Mate* IIaiel |1THKKK im vmJil r**p*rtiully annocin e to Tf auieiwoi Fontana and vs inity, that he ■ permanent *j kicatcu in thn- my haiiiig the three years we have bet 11 in t>, »i Lave curt u Mime 01 tbe worst lortu* ol disease in pet mns wb«> Uuve tried other lorm* ol treatment in va*u, and curing pattern* in so short a urne taut the <1ue*tiou is oitcb a>keu. do they stay curea/ To answer this i|iiestioa we will sav that all that do not stay cured, we doctor tbe second time without charge. Dr. D. ha* been a prmticjd fcdeetriciaii lor twenty* one years, and is also a regular grauuat**<i |.h\ siciat, hdectricity is pcricctiy toktpled to chronic disease*is the form ol nervous or sick headache; neuralgia .1 tbe head, neck, or extremities; consumption wliei In the acute stages or where the lung* are not lully involved; acute or chrotnc rheumatism, scroiula. hip diseases, white swelhngs. spinal diseases, curvature 01 the spine, contracted muscles, distorted mobs, p*»«y or paralysis, St. Vilas’ Dunce, dearness, slam, meting or hesitancy ol speech, uysiieps>a, indiges tion, constipation andiivei complaint, piles—a e cure every cum that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tie, strictures »i the chest, and all lorins 01 lemair complaints. r*V fejltHWl'lCilA The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled: the irost bitten iuubs restored, the uncouth deformities re* moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi youth are obliterated; the accidents oi mature lite prevented; the calamities oi old age obviated and an active circulation maintained LADIES Who have cold lianas and feet; weak stomachs, lam and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dUz: ness and swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipatiou of the oowels; pain in the siue ami oink, leucorrhoea, (or whites); falling oi the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polyon.-, ami all that Ion* train of diseases will und In Electricity a sure mean* of cure, for painful menstruation, too r.oiu«c meustruatiouL and all of those long line oi trouble? with young ladies, Electricity is a certain spccitn, and will, in a short time, restore the suherer to the vigor of health TEETH I TEETH I TEETH l Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without pain. Persons having de ayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removedVor reset ting he would give a polite iuvitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Ma- mines «or salt for family use, with thorough instm- tions. Dr. D '’an accommodate a ew patients with board end treatment at his house. Othce hours trom 8 o'clock A. M to 12 H ; from 1 to 6 P. M , and 7 to 9 in the evemug Consultation tree. novlti PHOTOGRAPHS ! E. S. JVORMELL formerly No. 90 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on TUESDAY. JAN. 1, 18«7, often hia NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 316 Congress Street, (OppMitc Mechanic*' Hnll,| where he will be pleased to wait on his friends and the public Grateful for past patronage, be hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a renewal ot the same. Persons wishing tor PIRMT CRAMM PICH 17 K K M of all rtylesand sizes are invited to call. Pictnrrs colored in Oil, Water Color* and India Ink ky one of the best Artists in Ike Music. Special attention j>ald to Copying of all descriptions. OT All work warranted to give satin fa<t ion. N. B—Work done for Photographer* in Ink or Colors at reasonable rat ■#. janleoil.lm Schooner lor Sale. . . The line white oak and cornier-fastened fast sailing Schoouer IDA MOKTON, VJKfy 4i# 12-100 tons new measurement, will found and adapted for t^e Coasting or Fishing business, is now offered lor sale by the Eastern Packet Co. For particular* enquire o M. N. Kit ii, jan2bdtl_Xu. 3 Long Wharf. CHANGE BUT ONCE A YEAR. Ul'DSON’S PATENT Ribbon Hand Stamps Thi* Stamp baa Advnnlagea aver all others, 1 It will hold a small die to cancel a sta ’• i» as the law requires; and any other size and aha|ie r r envel opes, Ac. The months and figures are made of brass, which makes th^m Very du. able, an 1 they cannot be flnt teneil or injured by a blow from the hand as others which are mu 'eof Fleetrotvi es. The annexed cut i- a cutcc* representation of it, and the method O mg ng the lates. Biiley & Noyes, Ma ni-cn-'Ts' Averts, felM2w New Block Eiehanfce St, Portlan.l. Notice. THE undersigned having leaned the well' ''"f*™ Carriage Manulaetoty v oc. u n. l hy . M. Webb, at Webb's Mdl-jthe hS nuance 10 the V"h‘l« ttot all description* nem of tnanafinturing cm repairing .. at as heretofore. AifSj.Ti-.f manner. Carriage tiun SSWhJST?,.St'v “f rery T“,e'y COB,,,“Uy un hand for ■**e,iJ*JS»Eotlm1 with th- above a llar We aleo h»»*; ; ,,u. oust uf stuck and wurkmansliip nets. SauP. „„ „fler tu o r customers tha our the ?uiraiiu.| ^ a/i they. wiHl, |or> jn that line. We it*rue»*o. tie.! with the bes‘ stis k in the conn wouj* tll#, workmen anywhere to be found, we cong lent we can make Car. iages as g •« as the l»c-t, and in style we Intend to be fully up t • the To the patrons of the establishment heretofore nnd the public generally we would *uy. give n* a can i.rni vou mr’ be assured t'*at It will he or your Inter**-1 well is ottr own. UIU.. PVEK &• BOrilJtS. t'ebi.idftwimx__ - Notice. ^^r.XrW^poH.of -he Direc tor* ami other ofllrer*. . 4gg*r-«wiaffl£7