Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 20, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 20, 1867 Page 3
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ansM*®*®**1•**••MMMMIVMMM LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. Wednesday Morning, February 20, 1867. -- " LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [special dispatch to the phkss.I State House, Augusta, Feb. 19. senate. Read and atiriijnfd-BiU an act to extend the charter of the Thomaston Bridge Company; act to incorporate the North Anson and Skow lirgnu Telegraph Company; resolve to reduce the valuation of the city of Portland; act to ncorporate the Maine Shipbuilding Company; act to aid in the construction of railways and to exempt the shares and bonds issued in aid thereof from taxation for a term of years; re solve lor the amendment of the Constitution by the repeal ol section tithof tlie amendment; resolve in sympathy with the Cretans in their struggle for independence. Mr. Crosby presented bill HJKt to ascertain the will of the people concerning the sale of intoxicating liquors and a State Police. This particularly refers to the new amendments ol the liquor law now before the Legislature. Mr. Perkins called up the bill “an act relat ing to interest,” and, on his motion, the Senate insisted on its former vote, and conferees were appointed consisting ol'Messrs. Perkins, Hough ton and Roliie. The following acts passed'the Senate which passed the House yesterday: An act to setoff a part of tlie town of Frank fort and annex the same to the town of Mon roe; act to incorporate the Casco mills; act to incorporate the Lockwood mills; act to incor porate tlie Madawaska mills; act to incorpor ate the SUapleigh and Acton Agricultural So ciety; act to authorize School District No. 3 in Westbrook to raise money to build a school house; act granting certain powers to the Bap tist Society in Berwick; act for the protection ■ id’ trout in Grand Lake stream; act to change the names of certain persons; act to set off the town of Plymouth from tlie West Penobscot Ag ricultural Society and annexing the same to the North Waldo Agricultural Society; act to in corporate the truteesot Passadumkeag Acade my ; aet to amend an act, entitled an act, to in corporate the city of Calais, approved August “4rti. IftfiO; act to incorporate the Bangor Water Power Company. On motion of Mr. Hobbs, the bill au act to annex the town of Danville to Auburn was taken up. He ottered an amendment that in case a ma jority of the votes of both towns counted together at a meeting should lie in fa vor of the annexation said towns should be united. The amendment of the House requir ed a concurrent vote of both towns. »The ques tion was ably and eloquently discussed by Messrs. Hobbs, Woodman and Perkius in favor of the amendment of Mr. Hobbs, and was op posed by Mr. Crosby. The ainendmeutof the House was voted down, and the amendment proposed by Mr. Hobbs passed by nearly a unanimous vote. The question has created considerable stir iu Danville. HOUSE. Order providing for two sessions per day from and after Tuesday, Feb. 19th, was introduced by Mr. Ilale, of Ellsworth, and passed. An act providing for weighing of coal pass ed two readings. Also an act providing fora State Police in certain cases; also an act to amend an act relating to pressed hay; also an act relating to the building of school houses in plantations. A resolve providing for the publication and distribution of 8000 copies of the school laws of the State was read and assigned. Resolve relating to the Northern Pacific Railroad, instructing our Senators and Repre sentatives to favor its construction was read the third time, and on motion to indefinitely *»osti>one, the matter was discussed at length bv Messrs. Woodman, Oak, Stevens amlPlais ted. It wa“s amenoed by substituting “request” for instruct, aild was then further discussed by Mr. Morris, of Portland, in favor of the bill and finally passed to be engrossed. An act increasing the salary of the Judge of Probate of Cumberland cou.uty» was passed to bo engrossed; also an act to autborize fbe Se lectmen of the. town of Harpswell of the Coun ty Commissioners of Cumberland county to lay a road over the tide water. An act to incorporate the Saco and Bidde ford Ship Building corporation passed to be engrossed; also an act to legalize the doings of the town officers of Cornish; also ail act au thorizing the First Parish in Falmouth to dis pose of certain property. A resolve providing for the purchase of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln at a cost ot not exceeding one thousand dollars, came up on its final passage, and was referred to the next Leg islature on motion of Gen. Plaisted. EUROPE. * NKWN BV THE CABLE. The Cause of the Fenian (Outbreak. Only One Person Injured. the Kino Consort Exiled from Spain. Bub Arrival of Ike Nir.iB.kip Bavaria. London, Feb. 18, Evening. The cause of tile Fenian outbreak in tbe south of Ireland is yet buried ill obscurity, though the telegraph lilies which run through tile disaffected district are again working.— Some say it was caused by the arrest of an American officer (Capt. Moriarty), while others say that liis prompt arrest prevented a general risiug of the Irish. The British Government hail news of the affair early on the 12th. An upper servant in the house of the Earl of •Kenmore had received two anonymous notes stating that the rising was planned in Killar noy, and that the leader would reach Killar uey that night. Constables were immediately sent to intercept him. They met a wagon,on whieli they found Moriarty, whom they took into custody, and upon searching liis person found letters that confirmed the assertions in the anonymous notes. A courier named Dug gan was sent to Catcreiveen to warn the police. A party of the rebels caught him while on his way ami demanded his dispatches, which he refused to give tip and attempted to escape. They fired upon him and he was badly wound ed. As far as is known at present he is the only person who lias been hurt. The police of Catcreiveen got news of the trouble by other messengers and from several spies among the Fenians. They were strength ened by a detachment from the man-of-war Gladiator, which was lying off Valeutia, and saved tlieir station from attack. <5lie band of Fenians, ninety in number, took ahorse at Hells for their leader, O’Connor, and another band Stepped the mail on the road from Killar ncy to CuterciveeB, but did no violence to any one. In faet. nowhere has life1 been taken or property destroyed. The Fenian plan was to attack Killaruey, capture the place and then inarch to Cork, hut the immediate despatch ot troops from Cork to Killaruey, by Gen. Bates, anil the celerity of Col. Horstonrs movements defeated the whole plot and caused the insur gent hand to disperse. A Fenian mounted courier was caught by the troops, a couple swords picked up, but no men have been captu red. O’Connor and his stuff are said to have reached Fenian vessels off Dingle Bay. Thirty-four suspected persons were arrested in Dublin yesterday, and after examination were detained in custody. Head Centre M urphy and Cols. Lawler, Hea ley and Johnson have been arrested at Limer ick, and important papers were found upon tlieir persons and in tlieir lodgings. The alarm caused by these events is about over, and tbe excitement is rapidly subsiding. London, Feb. 18. A dispatch from Toulon auuouuces tbe death, by apoplexy, pf Lieut. Conway, of the Ameri can iron-clad Miantonoinob. A dispatch from Madrid states that tbe King Consort has been exiled from Spain On tlio charge of plotting for the regency of the king dom. Liverpool, Feb. 18. The American Chamber of Commerce in this city have voted to present a gold medal to Cyrus W. Field. Berlin, Feb. 18. Count Bismark will soon go to Suttgart for the purpose of forming a new Zollverein. London, Fell. 19, Noon. None of the armed Fenians in Kerry county have been captured, but they have all disap peart d. The Irish peasantry are perfectly wil ling to give any intelligence, but they object to assist in tile arrest of their countrymen. Three British ships of war are riding at an chor in the Kenuare river to awe the people into obedience,and for service if need lie. Earl Derby, the first Lord of the Treasury, says officially: “The alarm has passed. All the peasants arc loyal. The Government will treat tin1 prisoners justly, and, if need lie, severely.” The Irish Secretary, Lord Naas, says that no rising ot Fenians is apprehended. There were only one hundred and twenty engaged in the lute revolt. Notwithstanding these denials the Government is still sending troops to Ireland. The Lancers and Guards have received orders to depart immediately. Liverpool, Feb. 19, Noon, flic steamship Bavaria, which left Hamburg ® B’th of January for New York, and which was subsequently spoken at sea disabled has arrived safely at Falmoutli, England. Slie experienced heavy weather whereby her rud der was broken and other damages entailed. Passengers all well. miM-ellaneaua Oi.pattkra, Topeka, K»n., Feb. 19. A messenger on the »Santa Fe line, who reached Junction City Wednesday last, states that as he came through Fort Dodge the com manding officer forbade his going on as there was great danger from the Indiaus. He says they were so badly scared at Fort Dodge that they were digging ditches and throwing up earthworks. Mairfide of un Army Officer* Richmond, Feb. 18. Lieut. J. H. Newberg. of the 12th infantry, committed suicide this morning. He was under military arrest at the time. miX OOIOM88-SEOOMO SESSION Washington, tfeb. 19. SENATE. Petitions, etc., were presented and referred • among them one by Mr. Sumner asking that the colored regiments of the regular army he officered by colored men. Referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Sumner offered a resolution calling upon the 1 resident to inform the Senate if there has been any correspondence between the De partment ol State and the Minister resident at Portugal with reference to his salary or compensation, also to inform the Senate if such Minister has received any compensation, it so, out oi what fund he had beeu paid. Agreed to. Mr. Morgan called up the act to provide for the safety of passengers on board vessels pro pelled by steam, which was passed. Mr. Williams moved that the Senate insist on its amendments to the House kill to estab lish military Governments in the rebel States, and agree to a committee of conference. Mr. Oouncss opposed such action. Ho thought it was too important a bill to intrust to a committee of conference. He should ob ject to any compromise that could be effected, since the House had arrived at the conclusion and was in favor of laying this bill on the table, and taking up the Louisiana hill and adapting it to all the otiler rebel States. After a protracted debate Mr. Williams with drew his motion. Mr. Sherman moved that the Senate insist on its amendment, and request the concur rence of the House. After further debate the Senate insisted on its amendments. The Senate here took a re cess until 7 1-2 o’clock. EVENING SESSION. The Chair laid before the Senate a commu nication trom the President, in answer to the resolution of inquiry in regard to violations of the civil rights bill and the efforts made to enforce it. Ordered to be printed; also a com munication from the President, on the renew al of the reciprocity treaty. Ordered to be printed. The hill abolishing and prohibiting peonage in New Mexico was passed. Bills from the Military Committee were passed. . Mr. Wilson called up the hill for the tempor ary increase of tile pay of army officers. On motion of Mr. Hendricks, the last sec tion, which provides for the disbandment of the militia in the rebel States was stricken out. The hill as amended was then passed. Mr. Poland called up the bill supplementa ry to several acts abolishing imprisonment tor debt, which was passed, and the Senate ad journed. HOUSE. Mr. Ranks asked leave to introduce a joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to detail a vessel to carry provisions to Southern ports for the sufferers by the failure of crops, but objection was raised, as it might give rise to debate. The bill for a more efficient government of the rebel States was taken up, the Speaker stating that the order for the pending questions were, 1st, the motion of Mr. Spaulding, that the House concur iu the Senate amendments; 2d, the motion of Mt. Stevens, that the House non-concur. The House negatived the motion for con currence—yeas 73, nays 98; Democrats mostly voting in the negative. The amendments were uon-concurred in, and a committee of conference agreed to with out a division. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Stevens, Shellabargcr and Blaine a committee of con ference on the part of the House, ou the bill for the more efficient government of the rebel States. Mr. Schcnck, from the conference commit tee, made a report on the tenure of office bill, in the same tenor as that acted upon by the Senate yesterday, which was agreed to, 113 to 49. Mr. Ward, of New Jersey, was excused from service on the special committee under Mr. Wentworth’s resolution of investigation, adopted last Saturday. Mr. Kasson, from the Appropriation Com mittee, reported back under instructions irom the House, the^udiau Appropriation bill. After two hours discussion on various items, the bill was passed. The Speaker presented Executive communi cations; among them was one from the Secre tary of State as to the States which had rati fied the Constitutional Amendment since his last report. They are Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota and New York. Also, a telegraphic dispatch, announcing the death of Samuel Downing, the last soldier of the revolution, yesterday, at Edinburg, Saratoga County, N. Y. Entered on the journal. Tho House then proceeded to the considera tion of the military bill. Mr. Harding, of Illinois, explained and ad vocated the bill, which consists of thirty-six sections, and has already been published. The morning hour having expired, the bill went over until to-morrow. The House proceeded to the consideration of business on the Speaker’s table and took up the Senate’s amendments to the bill providing for the election of a congressional printer. The amendments were concurred in, 95 to 36. Mr. Yau Aerman was appointed by the Speaker,iu place of Mr. Ward, on Mr. Went worths select committee. The House then went into committee of the whole. The tax bill was temporarily laid aside and the army appropriation bill was considered.— The 2d section provides that tho headquarters of the General commanding the army, shall he at Washington; that he shall not be removed, suspended or relieved Irom command, or as signed to duty elsewhere, without the previ ous approval of the Senate; and provides for the punishment of any officers who shall issue, transmit or obey orders or instructions con trary to the provisions of this section. This section provoked opposition from the Demo cratic side of the House. The hour for the recess having arrived, tho House without arriving at any conclusion on the bill, adjourned until evening. A message was received from the Senate, in sisting on its amendments to the military bill for the rebel States. A communication was presented from the Secretary of the Treasury with regard to the ultimate cost of the Union Pacific Kail way and branches. Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means. On motion the Senate bill for the payment of compound interest notes was taken from the Speaker’s table and referred to the Committee on Banking and’Carreucy. A motion to reconsider the reference of the bill was laid on the table, 80 to 40. Mr. Banks, on leave, introduced a resolution which was passed, authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to detail a vessel to convey the con tributions of clothing and food for the relief of the destitute in the South. The House then went into Committee of the Whole, end resumed the consideration of the army appropriation bill. Without takiug action, on motion of Mr. Blaine the committee rose. The message from the Senate announcing that it insists upon its amendment to the bill for the more efficient government of the rebel States was taken from the Speaker’s table. Mr. Blaine moved that the House recede from its disagreement. Mr. Wilson, of Ohio, moved that the House concur iu the. Senate's amendment, with a proviso that persons excluded from holding office by the Constitutional Amendment shall lie ineligible as mciuliers of the convention to form a ((institution lor any such State, nor shall such persons vote for memhers of the convention. Mr. Blaine then moved the previous ques tion. Mr. Eldridge moved to lay the bill ou the table. Rejected—35 to 136, Mr. Stevens not voting. Mr. Fink commenced a filibustering move ment by moving that the House take a recess until 1 o’clock, and calling for tellers on the yeas and nays. Much amusement was caused by Mr. Stev ens identifying himself with the filibusters in voting for the yeas and nays. The yeas and nays were ordered. Efforts were made to effect a compromise by the members on both Bides without success, and filibustering continued until ten minutes before 11, when Mr. Wilson proposed that the House adjourn with the understanding that the vote be taken to-morrow after the reading of the journal, which was agreed to, and the House adjourned. BOSTON.' Arrival vfHvrvivvra mf the City mf Bath— The Fenian Excitement — The Usury Laws—Fetitian far a Licensed Liqaor Law. Boston, Felt. 18. The four survivors of the City of Bath arriv ed here this forenoon. There is no doubt that the rest of the crew and passengers were lost. Capt. Cony was drowned by the capsizing of the life boat. Engineer Calden died from over work before abandoning the steamer. The Fenian excitement in this vicinity con tinues unabated, notwithstaildingthc cable dis patches announce tliu outbreak in Ireland sup pressed; as the Feuian leaeers attach hut little ini ports ni'r to cable news. The hill ..ubstantially abolishing the usury laws, after being debated several days in the House of Representatives, was ordered to be engrossed this afternoon by 120 yeas to 77 nays. The same Iti111 passed the Senate about a week since, and it will become a law the first day of J uly next. The hearing on the various petitions for a liquor license law, before the joint special com mittee of the two branches of the Legislature, commenced to-day, and addresses in favor of such u law were made by Hons. Lewis Child and Emory|\Vashburn. Ex-Gov. Andrew is retained for the petitioners, and the hearing will occupy several days. uulifuruin uuri Sandwich Islands. — "San Francisco, Feb. 19. 1 esterday the Panama steamer carried a bar of gold valued at over *20(»,C00 for Valparaiso, on account of the Chilian Government. It was a partot the proceeds of a loan oi two million and a quarter recently raised in Ene land. Rear Admiral Thatcher, United States Navy and Capt. Turner of the British Navy, have’ been decorated with the cross order of King Kamchaincha, the first for courtesies extended to Queen Emma on board their respective ships. Honolulu advices of Jan. 30th state that a full court has rendered an important decision against the captain of the whale ship Rein deer, for the non-return of seamen from a voy age to New Bedford. The Hilliard C'hinapioiiftliip of €«l>cc* tieal. , _ _ , Hartford, Ct., Feb. 10. Matt H. Hewins, of Hartford, won the cham fiiou billiard cue of Connecticut from M. Wal an, of Hartlord, this evening, by 203 points in a game of 1,000 (points carom. The winner's average was 7, aud lus highest run 05. *»|M Muflrage Kutahliahed la Truaewr. Nabhvii.i.k, Teun., Feb. 19. The Senate has passed the bill, conferring suffrage on negroes; the bill having previously passed the House, is now a law. The Weather. Cincinnati, Feb. 19. It is raining steadily; barog^ter falling rap idly, WASHINGTON. Passports Abolished at J*or~ to Sico. miukatt safely lodged in JAIL. JVo more Married Aten to be Knliwted, Washington, Feb. 18. The acting U. S. Consul at Sau Juan, Porto Rico, informs the Department oi State that by an order lately published by the Captain Gen eral, passports are no longer required to travel iu that Island. The President has supported the bill author izing the Secretary of the Navy to accept League Island, in the Delaware river, for naval purposes, and to dispense with and dispose of tin' site of the existing navy ground at Phila delphia. . Judge Fisbcr to-day issued a bench warrant for -Surratt, to bring hiui before the Criminal Court for the District of Columbia. Between! and 5 o’clock this afternoon Marshal Hording proceeded to the navy yard, and upon presen tation of bis warrant Admiral Radford deliver ed Surratt to him. He was dressed in the cos tume of the Roman Zouaves, which he had on when captured iu Alexandria, and haml-culfed. He was taken in a hack to the jail, where he was placed in one of the three oells tith'd up lor murderers and desperate characters. There is no possibility of liis escape, and uo one will be allow'cd to see him excepting his counsel and the officers of the prison. The prisoner posi tively denies that he is John H. .Surratt. Mr. Reward has addressed to Gen. Sulgar, Minister to the United States, from Columbia, at Washington, a protest against the decree of the President of Columbia in reference to the jurisdiction of the Columbian authorities over prizes captured and brought into Columbian ports by cruisers of the allied Republics of the Paeilic in the war with Spain, declaring the decree in contravention with the law of nations, and giving notice that should any United States vessel be captured, proceedings under it will be held null and void as against the United States. By command oi Gen. Grant a circular has been issued directing that hereafter none but unmarried men shall be enlisted into the army for any arm of the service. This does not ap ply to the Veteran Reserve Corps or musi cians. MEXICO. 'Che Evaluation by the Frenili. Captures by Miramou. New Orleans, Feb. 18. The Frenrh gynboat Bauvet, from Vera Cruz, has arrived at the bar, and reports that the French transports Yama, Leona and Var were at Vera Cruz, and that before the end of the month all the French troops will have left Mexico. Mexican correspondence says the French army, with Bazaine at its head, evacuated Mex ico on the 6th inst. The capture of Zacatecas and Aqua Calientes by Miramon is confirmed, who says Juarez nar rowly escaped capture. .Fred* Seward's Mission a Failure. New York, Feb. 19. The Herald says the seeret of Mr. Seward's mission has been unearthed. His intention was to purchase St. Domingo lor a coaling sta tion. Itis said too much money was, required for it, hence the failure. Acquittal of Ur. Farris. Louisville, Feb. 19. The United States Court in this city yester day acquitted Dr. C. W. Farris, who was in dicted lor the murder of Morrow and Baker. The river is falling steadily. THE MAKKE'I £. Financial. New York. Feb. 19. Money closed easier with only a moderate demand. Call loans 4 a 5 per cent, on Government securities, and 6 per cent , on miscellaneous collaterals. Prime discounts CJ @ T per cent. Gold closed rather quiet but very firm at 138] @ 136j. Foreign Exchange more active and rates closed firm at an advance of j ® 1 per cent. Government securities continued attire and firm to the close. Stocks quiet and firm at the last open board, and steady alter call. Mining stocks firm and generally better, anti closed strong. New If writ Market. New York, Feb. 19. Cotton—dull, heavy and declining; sales 400 bales; Middling uplawls at 32$ (5j 33c. Flour—active and unchanged; sales 6,800 bids., State at 8 CO @ 11 40. Round hoop Ohio 10 60 ig> 12 86; Western at 8 65 @ 12 00. Southern sales at 10 30 @ 16 00. Wheat—dull; sales 3,500 busli. Corn—lc lower; sales 78,000 bush. Mixed Western at 180 @ 109. White Western at 1 09. New Yellow at 108 <S> 1(10. Oats—rather more active; sales 46,000, Western at 65 @ 67c. State at 66 66c. Beet—steady. #Pork—firmer; sales 4,366 hi.. 1«. Lard—more active; sales 1 >.od hbls. at 114 @ 124c for old, and 12 (a) 12$c for new. Whiskey—quiet and steady. Rice—dull. Sugars—less active butfvery firm; sales 650 hhds. Muscovado at 10$ (a) 10$c. Cottee—firm but quiet. Molasses—steady; sales of Porto Rico at 48 @ 60c. St. Croix at 60c. Naval Stores—firmer; Spirits Turpentine at 69$ @ 70c. Rosin at 4 12$ (a> 9 00. Petroleum—dull; sales of 260 bbla. crude at 18 @ 19c. Refiued bonded at 28$ (a) 30c. Tallow—steady; sales 128,000 lbs at 11 @lt$c. Freights to Liverpool—a shade firmer. Cotton $d by sail. Corn 6$d, and per steamer 8$d Chicago Market*. Chicago, Feb. 19. The Flour market is more active but without de cided change. Wheat quiet: sales at. 2 19(a) 2 20 lor No. 1, and 1 84$ @ 1 96 tor No. 2. Corn active, firm and 2 <g} 24c lower; sales at 81$c for No. 1. Oats dull at 39$ (oj 39$ for No. 1 in store. There is more doing in Provision, but the general market is stiff weak; mess pork inactive; sales at 1852 (& 18 75. Beef hams in good request and firm. Sweet pickled hams in better request.. Cut meats in moderate demand; sales of Cumberland middles at 8$c loose: short clear middlesai 10$c; do. loosest I0$c.‘ Packed lard rath er firmer; sales 11$ to} 12c tor prime steam rendered. Dressed hogs quiet at 7 3 > 7 65. Live hogs quiet; sacs at 6 20 (g% 6 80. Receipts—5,000 bids, flour, 8,000 bush, wheat, 14,600 bush, corn, 6,700 bush, oats, 2,200hogs. Shipments— 4,000 bbls. flour, 3,000 bush, wheat, and 6,Sou bush. Corn. Ciaciauti Mar Lein. Cincinnati, Feb. 19. Flour dull and unchanged; sales of trade brands at 11 50 @ 13 50; fancy brands at 14 00 (a; 16 00; the de mand is local and limited. Wheat urn-hanged; sales No. 1 Spring at 2 45; No. 1 Winter at 2 90. Corn dull; sales No. 1 shelled at 60c in elevator, and 74 ($£> 76c in sacks. Oats very dull ; sales at 49c for No. 1; receipts In excess of the demand. Rye firm; sales at 1 23; extra 125 for No, 1, Barley dull; sales of best fall ot 1 60. Provisions inactive and prices un changed; nothingdofing in mess pork; for lard there Is a fair demand at 12c. Bulk meats—shoulders sales at 12c for loose, and 74 @ 7$ for packed. Bacon sales of shoulders at 9$; sides lOj (Sj 11c, and clear ribs and clear sides at 12 12$c. Butter dull; sales cen tral Ohio rolls at 28 icy 30c. Cheese steady at 16 (a) 16$c. Hold 136$ % 131. Exchange steady, Thore is uo change in the money market. I New Orleans Market*. New Orleans, Feb. 1C. Cotton—steady and unchanged; sales 13,534 bales; receipts tor three days 13,534 bales; the exports were for the same time 17.961 bales. Sugars—(air at 13Jc. Molasses—lair at7Gc; prime to choice at 79 80c.— Flour—superfine atlo50. Corn stifler; sales at 112 (a-115. Oats at 96c. Gold closed at|l36$. Sterling Exchange 1454. New York sight Exchange ‘c dis count. Freights, by steamer to New York !c; to Liv erpool by sail 7-l6<i, Commercial—Per Cable. Liverpool, Feb. 18, Noon. The Cotton market Is steady and closed quiet and unchanged; the sales to-day were 10,000 bales {Mid dling uplands quoted at 14d; Middling Orleans 144d. The Breadstuff's market is quiet. Corn at 39s per quarter for Mixed Western. The market for Provis ions continues unchanged; American tallow 43s 9d; lard firm at 50s 3d for American. Produce—refined Pennsylvania and Canada White Petroleum, ls5d (ter gallon; Newfoundland cod oil forty pounds tor 252 gallons. London, Feb, 18, Evening. Consols for monoy closed unchanged at 91. American Securities.—The following are the closing prices of American securities: Erio Railway shares 374. Illinois Central shares 76 ex-ifiv. United States 5-20*0 73J. Frankfort, Feb. 18, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds closed this evening at 77. Paris, Feb. 18, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds 734. Liverpool, Feb. 19, Noon. The Cotton market is quiet and unchanged; sales 8.000 bales; Middl ng uplands ltd. Breadstuff's steady. Corn 39s 3d; Wheat 13s fid for California. Provisions generally firm. Lard declined to 50.-. London, Feb. 19, Noon. Consols for money 91. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Kailroad Shares74. United States 5-20’s at 74. Erie Kailroad shares 37|. Now York block Market. New York, Feb. 19. Stocks—steady. American Gold....:.1364 U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.1114(g) ]1q U. S. Five-Twenties, cou]>oiig,18fi4.108 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1866,.109 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new Issue. . .106 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.102 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.106 U. S. Seven-Thirties. 2d series.105i U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105! Missouri Sixes.92 New York Central.101 Eric,.56 Erie preferred. .71 Hudson.1304 Reading.. Michigan Central,.108 Michigan Southern,.73. Illinois Central,,.115; Cleveland & Pittsburg.80; Cleveland & Toledo.118! Chicago & Rock Island,. 97 Pacific Mail.152 Parllawd Daily Press Steels Last. COBHECTED BY WS. H. WOOD & SOM, Slock ami Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St.. Portland. For the week ending Feb. 19, 1807. Descriptions. Par Value, tigered. Asked Government 0’», 1881.108. 109 Government 5-20, 1802,.110.Ill Government 6-20,1801.11/7 108 Government 5-20.1806,. 1*7.10S Government 5-20, July.100.107 Government 7-30, 1st series.105.100 7-30 2d and 3d series.105.106 Government 10-40 , in, ino State ol Maine Bomls.. on ,ne Port land City Komis. .Sr 'os Bath City Bonds,.. . ..£.£ Bangor City Bonds, 20 years.ur..Zl Calais City Bonds,!.. ,y.j*.J* Cumberland National Bank., 'so. .i? Canal National Bank,-.’.. .. First National Bank,.loo. ' ins.!,« Casco National Bank.loo... ins.}„5 Merchants’National Bank,.75. 77.* National Traders Bank,...100.i,B, ' Second National Bank,.100.9of. at Portland Company,! Portland Gas Company,.50.52.. '.in Ocean Insurance Company,. ■.. 100.104. jog At. ft St. Lawrence R. R.55.go At. ft St. Lawrence R.R, Bonds,100. 92.94 A. ft K. R. R. Bonds,.80. 87 Maine Central R. R. Stock,... .100. 15.*0 Maine Central R.R. Bonds.80.83 Leeds ft Karm’gion R. R. St’k, 100.60.70 Ken. * Portland R. R. Bonds,. 100.85 90 Portland ft Forest Av’n’eR.R., 100.75 gtl Portland Glass Company,.too.100.101 Richardson’s Wbarl Co.,.100.95 iqq —i ■■ l, „ ■ w——— witumvm Cofmlod lot the 1’URse. to Ffck is). Green 5 50 Cooking bu. 1 00@ 1 50 Dried 14 @ 15 Western do. 14 Ashes. Pearl fr ft.none Pot. 0 @ 10 Beans. Marrow Ip bu. 3 25 @ 3 75 Pea.3 50 @ 4 00 Blue Pod.3 00 @3 50 Box Shooks. Pine,. 70 @ 75 Bread. Pilot |> 100 tbt*J 00 @15 00 k'ilot ex 100 ftlO 50@12 00 Ship.i.... 8 50 @ 10 00 Crackers 1»100 60 @ 55 Balter. FamilyV ft-•• 35 @ 38 Store ...'.. 22 @ 25 Candles. .Mould |> ft... 10 @ 17 Sperm. 40 @ 4*2 Cement. IP brl... .2 10 @ 2 50 Cheese. Vermont |ift 20 @ 22 New York.... 20 @ 22 Coal—(Retail |. Cumberland. 10 50 @1100 L<>rh'v&Diumond.lO(u)l04 Lehigh.lo <H> @ Red Ash.i) %0 @10 00 White Ash. 9 60 @10 00 Coffee. JavaJplb..-. 37 @ 40 Rio. 2G @ 3o Cooperage. Ilhd. Nii’ksjfc Hdtf, Mol.City...326 @ Sug. City.. .2 75 @ 3 00 Sug. C’try.. 1 50 @ 175 C’tryRiflMol. LJitd. Sh’ks. 200 @ 2 25 Ifhd. H’d’gs, Soft Pine... 25 @ Hard Pine.. 30 @ HoopsJ 14(11.35 00 @10 0o R.Oak Staves50 00 @55 00 Copper. Cop. Sheathing 43 @ Y.M.Sheathing 32 @ Y. M. Bolts... 35 @ Cordage. Ameriean-lplb 191 w, 20 Manila. 22 @ 221 Manila Bolt rope 24 @ 24| Drugs and Dyes. Alcohol |i gal 3 50 @ Arrow Root... 30 @ 70 Bi-Garb Soda 9 @ lo Borax. 39 @ Camphor. ...llo@ Cream Tartar 35 @ 52 Indigo.1 50 @ 1 85 Logwood ex... 16 @ 17 Madder. 18 @ 20 Naptha |*gal. 35 @ 65 Opium |p ft. 9 75 @ Rhubarb.3 25 @ Sal Soda. 5 @ r»‘ Saltpetre. 12 @ 25 Sulphur. 6$@ 71 Vitriol. 18 @ D ok. No. 1,. @ 85 No. 10,. @ 49 Ravens. @ 40 Dy e woods r Bar wood. 3 @ Brazil Wood.. 13 @ Camwood- 9 @ 10 Fustic*,..*. 3 @ 5 Logwood, Campeaehy. 3 @ St. Domingo 2 @ 3 Nic.Wood— @ Peach Wood.. 8 @ RedWood..., 6@ 9 SapanWood.. @ Fish. Cod, |p qtl. Large Shore GOO @ 7 00 Large Bank 6 50 @ 6 00 Small.3 60 @ 4 00 Pollock.3 00 @ 4 25 Haddock,new 2 00 @ 2 50 Hake.2 00 @ 2 75 Herring, Shore, |p bl.4 00 @6 00 Scaled,|>bx. 35 @ 45 No. 1. 25 @ 35 Mackerel |pbl. Bay No. 1.. 17 00@18 00 Bay No. 2 16 00@17 00 Bay No. 3. 13 25@14 25 Shore No.1.18 00 @19 00 Shore No.3. 9 00 @10 00 Flour. White Winter choice xx 16 00@17 50 xx 14 60 @16 00 x 13 00@14 00 Red Winter xx. 14 50@ 15 50 x. 13 00@ Spring xx - • 14 00@;14 50 x.. 13 25@ 14 00 Superfine . lo 00 @12 00 St. Louis & Southern Superior xx 1660@18 06 Canada Superior xx 16 00@16 50 Midiigan & Western Sup?r xx .. 15 60@16 50 Fruit. Almonds—Jordan |p lb. Soft Shell... @ 35 Shelled. @ 40 Pea Nuts.3 75 @ Citron, new... 37 @ 38 Currants. @ 1G Dates, new_20 @ Figs,.new 15 @ 25 Prunes,.. 18 @ Raisins, Bunch,|pbx4 00 @ 4 12J Layer.4 15 @ 4 25 Lemons,box 4 00 @ 5 00 Oranges,|pbox 4 75 @ 5 00 Grain. Corn, Mixed.. 1 25 @ 1 30 VVost’nYell’w 1 33 @ 1 35 Rye.1 40 @ 1 45 , Barley.1 26 @ 1 30 Oats. 70 @ 75 ! Shorts |> ton.32 00 @35 00 Fine Feed.. 36 00 @ 38 00 Middlings... 50 00 @ 65 00 Gunpowder. Blasting.5 50 @ G 00 Sporting.G 00 @ 7 50 Hay. Pressed|)lou_2 00 @24 00 Loose.22 00 @25 00 Straw. 12 00 @15 00 Hides and Skins. Buenos Ayres 29 @ 31 Western. 18 @ 19 Slaughter- 10 @ Calfskins.... 30 @ Lamb Skins. .1 00 @ 1 50 Iron. Common, i.,.. 4|@ 5 Refined. 5 @ 54 Swedish. 8 @ 8| Norway. 84@ 9 Cast Steel- 26 @ 28 German Steel. 17 @ Eng.Blis.Steel 22 @ Spring Steel.. 11 @ 14 Sheet Don, English. 7 @ 74 R.G. 8|@ 11 Russia. 23 @ 26 Belgian_ 22 @ Lard. Barrel, |p ft.. 13| ® 14 Kegs, |* lb.... 14 (n> Lead. sheet ft Pipe. 11 )@ 12 XT Leather** New Aork, Light. 30 @ 33 Mid. weight 34 @ 36 Heavy. Jt @ 34i Slaughter .. 44 @ 48 Am.Calf.... 145 @ 1(5 Lime. Rockl’d.cask 140 @ 1 50 Lumber. Clear Pine, Nos. 1 & 2....60 00 @65 00 No. 3.45UO @50 00 No. 4.20 Inf @25 oo hipping-21 00 {(024 oo Spruce.14 00 @19 oo Gimension Spruce 20@25 Hemlock.... 15 00 @18 00 Clapboards, SpruceEx.,27 00 @ 30 00 Pine Ex.... none. Shingles, Ceuar Ext. .4 50 @ 4 7* CedarNo.1.,3 00 a 3 25 Shaved Cedar 5 75 “ Pme 6 75 Laths, Spruce.3 50 @ 4 00 Pine. 4 50 (3 4 75 Molasses. - Porto Rico. Kollo Clenfuegos.... mate Trinidad. 50 ft. 52 Cuba clayed.. 45 @ 46 Clayed tart, none Muscovado. 47 @ 48 Nails. Cash. 6 75 @ 7 00 Naval Stores. Tar t> brl.. .5 00 @5 50 Pitch (C. 'Tar 13 25 ft) Wil. Pitch .. .5 00 @5 50 Rosin.7 00 @ 12 00 Turpentine p gal.. 88 @ Oakum. American-10} @ 13) Oil. Kerosene. 65 @ Sperm.3 25 @' Whale.1 45 @ 1 65 Bank.30 00 @32 00 Shore.2900 @3o 00 Porgie.18 (HI @ 20 Linseed. 1 35 @ Boiled do. @ 1:40 Lard.1 30 @ 1 45 Olive.2 25 @ Castor.3181 @ Neatsfoot_1 85 @ 2 00 Onions. Siv’skins.)! id. 2 25@2 76 Paints. PortTd LeaiL17 50 @ PurcGrddo.lGoO @ Pure Gry do. 1 r» 00 @ Am. Zinc,... 13 (Ml @ Rochelle Vcl.. 4 w Eng.Ven.Red. 4)@ lied Lead. 16 @ 18 Litharge. 15 @ 17 Plaster. Soft, p ton...3 00 @ Hard.2 50 @ 2 7*

Ground.u Oo @ 10 00 Produce. Reef, side p lb 1(1 @ 13 Veal. 8 (Mi 10 Lamb. 10 @ 12 Chickens. 22 @ 25 Turkeys. 23 @ 25 Geese. 20 @ 22 Eggs, doz.. 33 @ 35 Potatoes, V hid 1 7U@2 50 Crsnb’s )> bush none Provisions. klnna Tlppf Chicago,’.. .20 00 @22 00 Ex Mess. .24 00 @25 00 Pork, ExtraClear @27 00 Clear.24 00 @25 00 Mohs.23 00 @24 00 Prime.... 18 00 @19 00 Hams. 15 @ 16 Bio*. Rice, IP lb.... 10 @ 12) Bum. New England nominal Soleratus. Salcratusir It, 12@ 13 Halt. Turk’s Is. p hhd. (6 bus. |4 50 @ 5 00 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 lir'iei Butter. 30 @ Seeds. Hcrdsgrass bush 400 @450 clover lb.14 (@15 Red Top hag 5 50 @ 6 00 Shot. Grop.piOOIbs @1150 Buck. @12 50 Soap. Extra St’m RelincJ 11) Family.10) No. 1. 10 Oline. 13) Chem Olive. Ill Crane’s. 13) Soda. 13) Spioes. Cassia, pure.. 75 @ Cloves. 43 @ 15 Ginger. 28 @ 30 Mace.1 40 @ Nutmegs.1 25 @ 1 35 Pepper. 28 @ 30 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Starch. Pearl. li)@ 12) Sugar. Muscovado... 11 @ 12) Hav. Brown . 12)@ 14 Hav. White... none Crashed_ 154 @ 15) Granulated... 15} @ 15) Powdered_ 15} @ 15) Eagle Refinery A. @none do do B @ none Teas. Souchong_ 75 @ 90 Oolong. 90 @ 95 Oolong, choice! 00 @ 1 05 Japan,.110 @ 1 25 Tin. Bunca, caeh.. 36 @ 37 Straits, cosh.. 33 @ ss English. 34 @ 37 Char. I. C... 13 00 @13 50 Char. 1. X... 16 00 @16 50 Tobacco. Fives & Tens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 Medium_ 60 @ 65 Common ... 55 @ 60 Half lbs. host brands. 75 @ 80 Nal’lLeaf, lhs.l 00 @ 1 25 Navy tbs. 75 @ 85 Twine. Cotton Sail... @80 Flax. @ 75 Varnish. Damar.2 75 @ 3 76 Furniture .. .2 25 ft) 4 25 Coach.3 00 @6 60 Wood. Haru, retail. 10 50r@ll 00 Soft. @ 7 00 Kindi lug t> box 30 @ 40 Wool. Cnwash’d FlecoeSO @ 35 Washed do.35 @ 40 j.amb Skins.. 75 @ 1 lo Mine. Mosselman, sheet,14 @14) Lehigh.14 @14) Portland Dry tiondt Market* COTTON GOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37.19 @ 224 Fine Sheeting,.36. HI® ID Fine Sheeting,. 40.204® 22 Medium Sheetiug.37.14 ® 17 Light Sheeting,.37.t4 @ 16 Shirting,.27 to 30.12 ® 14 BLEACHED SHEETING. Good Bleached Sheeting,.36. 22 ® 271 Good Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.25® 321 Medium Sheeting,.36.17® 22 Shirting,.27 to 32.121® 15 DRILLINO. Heavy Drilling,.30.22J@ 25 Medium,.30.20 ® 22J Corset Jeans,.15 ®* £5 COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,.25 ® 30 Medium Cotton Flannels,.20 ® 25 Bleached Cotton Flannels,.25® 37| STRIPED SHIRTING. Heavy Striped Shirting,.30.25 ® .30 Heavy Striped SUrtuig,.27.221 ® 25 Medium Striped Shirting,.27.17 ® 20 TICKING. Heavy Ticking,.371® 50 COTTON ADES. Heavy double and twist,. 45® 55 DENIMS. Heavy Denims,...35 @ 40 Medium Denims,.25 ® 321 CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics,.121® 15 Best Prints..16® 18 Medium Prints,.14 (g) 16 DELAINES. DeLaines.24 @ 2D • CB ASH. Crash. II }@ IT BAITING. WADDING, AC. Cotton Batting, tb.„.18 @ 25 Cotton Wadding, tb,.30 in; 35 Wicking,.SB 65 WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.25 @ 50 Satinets,.50 fce *5 Union Meltons,.75 @1 00 Black Union Casslinercs.80 ^1 00 Black ail wool casslinercs.1 no 'ml 50 Black Doeskins.125 (jet 75 Fancy Doeskins,.1 00 iml 50 RepcUant, 6-4,.137 J®145 WOOL FLANNELS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannels,.30 @ 571 Blue and Scarlet,. 35 m 571 White, plain.3-4.33 im 50 White, plain. 36 . ... 80 * JO Boston Stork List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 19. American Gold. . 137 Uniled States Coupon Sixes, 1881. tup* United Stales 7 3 luths, 1st series. 1054 “ small. 1054 2d series. ie5* small. 10,,J “ 3d series. ins* United States 5-20s, 1862. 11 3 “ 1865. 1(18* „ . ’* July, 1S65. 1864 United States Ten-torties. 103 Western Railroad. _ 146 Eastern Railroad...107} LOST AND FOUND. Lost! ON the 28th of Jan, bctwcon Deland’s Court, l.ree i street, anil 166 Middle st, a Lady's Cold Watch. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this otllee. leblKdlw* Lost. A N0TE of hluid signed by J. D. & H. STILLER i. .lSyaWe to OUT order at any Bank in Portland, dated heb. 4th, 1867, on Sixty days for Two Hundred aim Seventeen < >0-100 Dollars. AH per sou art hereby cautioned against purchasing said note ae payment haa been stopped. H. J. & O. B. LANE. East Raymond Fob. ltith, 1867. KeblKdlw* TO LEtT~ TO LET! Tlie 2d, 1M and 4th Floors or STORK NO. Stt UNION DIRECT, suitable lor most any business. Apply to FRANCIS O. TnOHKS, on the premises, or UEO. H. SMARUON, at Wo«d man, I'm - & Co's. feb!9U To Let. TE,E hours in the new Bt0re 54 A 55 Middle Street 50 feet in width, 115 feet mug. tor terms apply to the subscriber at 143 Oxford ■Street. helMisdti ALFRED WOODMAN. To Let fpHE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore footot X Plum Street. Enquire of , E- M' patten, febUdtl Plum Street. To Let. FIRST, second anil third lolls over E, T. EMcn A Co.’s store. Free Street Block; also, offices over Scliiotterbeck’s, and over Grosman & Co.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. Jant4-dtf J. B. BROWN. money. Worn and Torn Currency and Greenbacks Bonght at the Borne R. R. Office, by ja29dtl BI. ®. MUtlR, *msmly™— ~ i ii . va» *Ii*< I <H *, - — _. rr .. WM. ALLEN, - jRT7 WITH PLEASURE inform* the TRADE that he ban removed to the large a ad eeainio diaae Stare, i\o. 11 Exchange St., And is now ready to show to his friends and cus tomers the LARGEST and _ BEST SELECTED STOCK OF FIRST CLASS Fancy Groceries Foreign and Domestic FRUITS! CIGARS, TOBACCO, Arc, T« be feaad la the Slate, , HAVING A DECIDED ADVANTAGE -IN BEING ABLE Purchase all Goods -FOB NET CASH ! He trusts to hold out Inducements to the Trade — THAT -- WILL SECURE To him in the future as in the past, a liberal share of the public patronage. Oranges and Lemons, —AND ALL— .i ll Green Fruits in their Season. DRIED FRUIT! 15,000 lbs. —OF— FIGS ! Part ot the cargo of the Barbae Velma, at lea* ■•ares thaa we hare heea able is make far the past lea rears. ISO BOXES SUPERIOR PRUNES FRESH CROP. Currants, Citron, Dates, AND Raisins ! --- Fresli Fruit in Cans ! Among which may bo found Me Murry’s Celebrated Baltimore PEACHES l ALSO, PEAJBS, STB A WBERBTES, PINE APPLES, GREEN GAGE PLUMS, Ac., Ac. A splendid assortment ot Jams and Jellies! FRESH CROP Wilmington Pea Nuts, Shelled and Soft Shelled ALMONDS, -AND— Nnts of all Kinds ■--. Tamarinds, Pickles, Ketchups, Meat & Fish Sauces,&c. Having made arrangements with the leading man ufacturers of Pick oh and Hermetically sealed goods, &c., we can furnish nil articles in their line at fflaa ofact«enP Price*. EXTRACTS, CHOCOLATE, Ac. SAGO AND TAPIOCA! *■■»■ IMPORTATION. The attention of tbe Trade is .perially called to the large assortment of Fine Cut Chewing AND Smoking Tobacco Which can bo found In endless variety among which is the celebrated KILLICKNICK, . BIG LICK, GBAND SEAL, SOLACE, AND AMULET, FANCY FIFES of every description. Cable Coil Virginia Tobacco ! lieyond dispute the l»est chewing Tobacco now in the market. Sailor's Delight, Diadem, Honeymoon, Planet. Eureka, and many other well known brands of TOBACCO! ------ The largest assortment ot Imported and Domestic Cigars to be found in the city. The above goods were bought for e* c a s h a under the recent depression in prices, and persons in want ol goods in this line woula do well to examine our stock. EVERY DESCRIPTION —OP— CONFECTIONERY ! for sale at the lowest prices. All Goods delivered Free of Ex pense. WE ALLEN, Jr., Ao. 11 Exchange Street. table dlv -- ,, m WANTED. Partner Wanted. A smart, motive and intelligent man with $W0 tu take an equal interest in-a good, paying btui neas in this City. Good references giverl and requir ed. Enquire of COX <V PO\t AR.S, S51J Congress St., Portland, Me. febl6 d2w __ Clerk Wanted. MUST be quick at figures, and a lair penman, aged ii; or 17. Address, in own han*l writing giving age and refer enceri, box -j| 19, Portland, P. O. febl8d3t s tori; \\\j.YTEn SUITABLE for Fancy Goods, Watches, and Jew w? 0,1 Middle, Congress or Exchange Streets. A reasonable price will be uaid lor fix tures, and half a Store might la- lakeu’ff agreeable to a goeil party .u a good loeaiiun. Addreaa A. URK.WMKH, No 152 Eases Street, Salem, Mass., giTing real name and location. fewjJ. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and alter January 2d, 1S«7, we aliall resume ill.: purchase ol Flour Bile, tor CASH, at the Odkc ot tbe Portlaud Sugiir Co., Jf l-li Don forth Ml.. Fehfrltf_ J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted! A Partner with a capital ol from three to five thous and Dollars, to eugage in trade where there is a line business already established and one of the best locations in I he State for < ountry trade. Willi prop er attention to business fitly thousand dollars worth of goods may be sold in a year to good advantage. Full particulars may be obtained by application to Woodman, True A Co., Shaw & Haskell, or Stev ens, Lord, A' Haskell, of Portland. FebGedistf Agents TV anted ! JUST OUT, Farragnl usd oar Naval lie* roes, by the brilliant and impular Historian, J. T. Deadly. This is the only work on the Navy in the War, and everybody is bnying it. GKOHGK H. BLAKE, W1J „ GENERAL AGENT, Febl—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. Agents Wanted ! VOR KfCUARDKON’N NEW WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI. FROM the Great River to the Great Ocean. Lite and Adventure on Prairies, Mountains, and the Pacltic Coast. With Descriptive and PhoLopapic Views olT the Scenery, Lilies, l.amls. Mines, People, aud Curiosities of the New States and Territories. 1857 —lttofi. By ALBhRT D. RICHAKDSON, Au thor of “ Field Dungeon and Escape.” The work will be issued in one large Octavo Volume of 500 pages, beautifully illustrated with nearly 20U Engra vings. This work will be sold by subscription only. Sole and exclusive rights of territory given with libera) commissions. Agents are meeting with great suc cess. Faithful, energetic, persevering men or wo men will, in the Agency, find lucrative employ ment. If an Agency is wanted, send lor Circular-, giving full particulars. Apply to, or address J. FATTEN FITCH, No. 233$ Congress St., Portland, Me. tebl5dtf&w2m Wanted. AAf i FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest tlv/NUUVy City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received lor new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at tbe office of the Company, 159$ Commercial, at corner of Uidon St. feb!2d&wtt_ T. C. HEKSKY. Wanted Daily !! AT The General Agency and Employment Office Na. 351 I-‘3 CwngrvNM Mirrct. All per sons wishing to secure good Girls lor any rci-pecta ble employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys tor any work in city or country, jree oi charge. want good American, Provincial, Dish and Colured Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day tor all orts ot situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX Sc POWARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, *G7. jan30 dtf Agents Wanted S rpHE largest Commissions paid by the HARTFORD PUBLISHING CO. Exclusive territory given. For terms, &c., Ad dress M. C. RICH, General Ag’t., Portland, Maine. febl4 deodlm* Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtl 139 Commercial street. BfiAL ESTATE. House and Lol for Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth. TAT ILL BE SOLD at a bargain, if applied for ▼ ▼ soon, a new 1£ story House. Said House is 21 by 31 teet with an L 12 by 22 feet, finished through out, and situated within sixty rods of the Ferry Office. Terms : One half down; the balance in one and two years. Possession given immediately. Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER, or F. W1. TALBOT, 37 Congress Street. Ferry Village, C. E., Jan. 8,18C7. febll) dtw* FOB SALE! ONE House and Lot on Washington Street for sa e very low. House new ajd containing Seven Rooms. Price $1,100. ALSO: One new House and several Lois near the Rolling Mills will be sold very cheap, the lots at prices rang ing from $50 to $100. ALSO: Several Lots on Washington Street. Prices $300 to $6o0<. Inquired JOSEPH KEED, Real Esta e Agent, Oak St., near Congress St. febl4 <12w* Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rrHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil L lageol Fr ye burg, Oxford county, Maine, is ol fered ibr sale at a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniture anti fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ol HORATIO BOOTHBY, Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 54$ Union st. Fryeburg, Sep!. 21#, lbffG. dtf House for Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally located—con venient tor two lu mi lies, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1S4 V«re Ml., J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24,18fi7. dtf VTOTIC’B. twill sell on (avorahle terms as to i.y pa\ ment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the corner ot Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the comer o! Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & 11EED Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl Desirable Store Lots FOR SAlLE, N tONMERCIAL 8'fRKKT. rjlHK subscribers offer lor sale the lot of land on A the southerly side ot Commercial Street, lieadot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS II. PER LEY, Oct 18 t.f or W. S. DANA. House for Sale. ON Neal Street, upper half of the Brick front House—containing in all 12 Rooms; cemented Cellar, hard .and soft water. A good'Stable, and yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to WM. H. JERK IS, Real Estate Agent. Feb. 6—d3w For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner ot Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. .Enquire of C. C. MITCHELL » SON, Aug. 28,18GC—dtl lib Fore Street. Farm for Sale* I WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Corner Wesf brook, about three mile# from Poll luml, one mile from horse cars, au«l Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains al*out 100 acres, par t of it very I valuable for tillage, and part or it Ihr building bus. | There is a good house, two large barus. and out bous es on the premises. It will bo sold together, or iu lots j to suit purchasers CYltUsf THUKLOW, sepll-dtf 165 Commercial St. JPOJB 8 A lIeT Grrove Hill Farm • rjjlllE above Farm is situated on an eminence over X looking the beautiful and thriving village of Bridgion Center and within one half a mile or the business portion. It is pronounced by all who havD seen it to be the best and most desirable l cation in the >ounty. It comprises llu acres, conveniently di> vided into tillage, pasturage, wood laud and timber land; ents from 45 to 50 tons first quality of bay. The buildings consist of a two story house, built iu 185m. at. an expense ol $3,000, witti barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMBALL, or 11. W. GAGE, (firm of Struct & Gage,) Portland, BEN JAMIN WALKER. Bridsrton. or to the subscriber. RICHARD GAGE. Bridgton, Dec., I860. dec 27 eod&wt First Class Houses for Sale. WE offer for Hale the eight lirst class brick houses, recently built by us, situated on Piue Street, between Clark and Carlctou Streets. These house's are thoroughly built, with slate roofs, brick drains, and marble mantelpieces#tliroughout.— Tliey will be sold at a low price, and on very favora ble terms. Apply at our office, No. 271 Danforth St. J. B. BROWN & SONS, or WM. H. JEItRlS. Real Estate Agent, opposite the Preble House. October 16, 1866. dtf BOA KB AND BOOMS. To Let. A Suit ot rooms suitable lor Gent and Wife witli board at 68 Clark Street. Febiitt ’ To be Let. PLEASANT unfurnished rooms without Imard suitable lor gentlemen and their wives. En quire at No. 6 South street, between » and II A. M. e;*h liay- janSdtT For Sale ('heap. 0>"U in CLEAlt TINE PICKETS. H. T. MACH1N, fobl4—dlw Head Galt Wliarf Westbrook Seminary. THE SPUING TKKM commences Eebruary 27th. f«ibl3*hfcwjw First National Bunk of Cortland. HOI TTFTts nf the First Series of Seven-Thirty notes rati have the same exchanged for (fold he.uing six per cent bond, at this Bank at the usual C°ThI!1Firs? Series mature in August next, and tho conversion ^f the* Second and Thfrd Scries can also efl-cted fi,V°ra T“i!. GOULD, Cashier jan-Sim_____ Any Person Building, OR about to build, wishing to let rut of a home at a tWr icnt, apply to febl3d3w*__Box 1941. Go to Adams A Puriutoii’s TX)R your House-furnishing Goods of all kinds; a Carpetings, and all kinds of Crockery, Glass, \ to. Stone. Eartbem and Wooden Ware, Paper Hang ings. Window shades, &c, &c., cornel of Federal and Exchange streets, wti&XSm _ENTERTAINMENTS. DE»ICATION Odd PelioWg, Hall! CMd Fellows’ Hall, ^“djange Street, »m be Dedkat wedivebday EVENING}, „ Ticket* of admission will be re.,i " and may be had of tbe Comrautw “Ld?.?!,,0* door, ting a brother and mu lady. h “<*« Mmltl There will be a Collation at the Preble „ the saercises at tbe Hall are concluded. Mou,e after Tickets One Dollar. Door* opeaat 7 o’clock. Eaerclue* ui commence at 7} o’clock, precisely. Members wishing ticket* to Collation are requested to procure them of the followingComntitteof Arrange ment* on or beibre Tuesday, a* the Dumber i* but i tod. H. C. Barnes, F. P. Banks, E. P. Oerriab, Charles Baker, C. H. Blake, h. ¥. l’ingiee, A. J. Cummings, 0. E. Webster, J. K. Morrill. February 18. dilt _ _ _ Portland Theatre. Bidvrcll Ac Brawor, IiriMfCi A: .HaHagrr*. Last Week of the Season. Brilliant Sneeeaa af the Gsrgeras Fairy Bnrlrtta —OR— CINDERELLA, —OR— THE LOVER, THE LACKEY, And the Little Glass Nlijtjter. MONDAY EVENING), F,k. lftth, and EVEKY EVENING till further notice. Preceded each oveniug by a Laughable Puree. Rr*See Dally Programmes. fehisdu P. Y. M.C. A. COURSE LECTURES NINTH LECTITBE, In the Casco Street Church, Wednesday Evening, Eeb. ‘JOib, 18S7, By BEV. Ohio. T. DAY, ef Subject—“The bright and dark titles of Life.” Season Tickets, 75 edits; Evening Tickets, AO cent*, to be lust at Bailey & Noyes', ii. Packard's, Short A Luring’*, and at the door. Doors open at ; Lecture at i i o’clock. leblHdat EXHIBITION T The Simmer St. Sabbath School will give an Exhibition on THURSDAY RVJSN’tf, Feb. 21*t, IN THEIR CHURCH. Exercises to cousist of Tableaus, Speaking and Singing. All donations may be left at the Church on Thurs «lav noon. Admittance 2fi cents. Doors open at ftf, to com mence at 7^ o’clock. febl8*i£t MECHANICS’ HALL. Positively One Night Only!! Wednesday Evening:. Feb’y SOth. MB. ASD MBS. HOWARD PAUL 1! From St. James’Hall, London, and Irving Hall, New York, will give, as above, their Popular and Fashionable Grand Concert in Costume ! Ah performed in London One Thouaand Nights, and tor the past three month:. in New York. Philadel phia, Baltimore, Wanhingron and Boston. Tlie entertainment embodies Impersonations of Character!! Picturesque and Beautiful Costumes ! Operatic Selections! SOSOS, BALLADS, PABODIES, WITHUMOR AND FUN! At each representation will be presen ed a series of Imjiersonations, introducing in elegant cos tume the following lyric pieces by MRS. HOWARD PAUL! ■•■•It Oailn, the famous Scotch Ballad. The HU, Fire. ■warn ef Ac Bereller. The Rtnewe ef a Mpiaator. The BaaM geger Bar. Pa a I.adies’ Mau, During the eventng'iMrs, HOW AM) PAUL will give a most extraordiuary representation of Two Persons at the Same Moment! ami sing a droll Quarreling Duett, entitled “DOG and CAT.” This double tnr|ier so nation is a won derful piece of acting, and elicits peals of laughter and applause not unmixed with wonder —[New York Tribune. During the evening MRS. HOWARD PAUL will, um -ng other impersonations, ap|>eas as the Emperor Napoleon III., and Bing a Buffo Lyric entitled “The Life of Julius Ctesar.” ami afterward change to an Old English Gen tleman,of Three Score Yeats and Ten, ami sing the charming ballad (by Offenbach) “When George the Third was King.” Mrs. Howard Paul will give an imitative illustration of the vocal method and manner of twoeminent Ten ori, MR. SIMS REEVES, the English Tenor, in one of his favorite ballads: and 1UNOR BR1GNOLI the Italian Tenor,in “M’appari tutt’ amor,” the beau tiful rnmanco from “Mai-tlft.” “ This performance in itself is a most remarkable exhibition, lor Mr?. Howard Paul reproduces the marked vocal characters and opposite styles of each singer.—[Philadelphia Press. MRS. HOWARD PAUL WILL S IV E J3 Z E The celebrated French song at each periormancc, as giveu by Theresa at the Alcazar, Paris. Miss Lctltia Powell, (Pupil of Jules Benedict, London,) will preside at the Grand P.ano Forte, and play Mrs. Howard Panl’s Grand Entertainment Waltz. W Admission 50 Ots. Reserv d Seats 75 Ots. IV 'Tickets for sale at Paine’s Music Store, No. 'M Congress street, upfiosile Preble House, commencing Tuesday morning next. ■■ V. I.OWKI.I,, manager. Feb. 16 dtd ** A«—* “ VIS l1 NIT A POKTIOK.” The Portland Light Infantry, WILL GIVE A G RAND £L1 Military and Civic Ball — OJf - Friday Evening, Feb. 22d, 1867, AT MECHANICS’ HALE. GENERAL MANAGERS. Gon. Samuel J. Anrleraon, Capt. Jonathan Smith, Capt. Abial Somcrby, Capt. William II. Avers, Mai. Charles B. Varney, Col. W. A. Winship, lien. George L. Beal, Mai. K. B. Houghton, Col. A. P. Bradbury, Col. R. R. Rich, Charles 11. Stevens, Esq., Edward Mason. Kaq., William T. Morris. Km.. Orlando Marrett, Esq., Elisha Wheeler, Esq. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. J. F. Libby, E. S. Warner, George Webster, Nathan Gould, flames W. Plaisted, A. D. Reeves, Henry Greene, Charles L. McAlister, Alexander Bell, C. L. Longley, Charles A. Donnell. FLOOR MAN AUERS. J. F Libbv, E. S. Warner. George Webster, Nathan Goold, Jsuies W. Piaisted, A. D. Reeves, John D. Milts. Tickets 0> J.OO—To be procured of the Commit tee of Arrangements. Magic by Chandler’s Qaadrllle Band. 5j/- 'Dancing tocommeuceat ha f past 8 o'clock. . Feb 18—dlw Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 HHM.) 45 T«». { CHOICK NKW CHOP •Mt BUI,, 1 Just landed thorn brig “Hyperion,” for late by TUGS. AS EX era A CO., fol4d3wia CUSTOM HOUSE WHAKK Schooner for Sole. , , The fine white oak and copper-laitoned in, last nailing Schooner IPA MORION, Mf U 49 12-IIKJ toll* neiv mcueureluenl, well Mill found and adapted the Cooaling or JailHB^Fiahing tiuhiurre, ■» now offered lor »ale by the Eastern Packet Co. For parthularaen<|uire o jan.'ttdft_No. 3 l-mg WliMI. Notice. Mil. aNPKEW J. CHASE retire* from onr firm from tin* date. YRATtjN tSl HAI.K. Portland, Feb. 18, 1867. d3w For Sale T N Saco, a Stock ol Dry Caad.i, with lease of 1 More, in one ot tile beat locationa In the place. Business long established. r»£ua\T «• M- JAMES, feM,‘ du___Saco, Me. Portland Institute & Public Library THE undersigned, named as corfcff&tora In the Act entitled “An Act to incorporate the Portland Imitate a ad Public UbtWT»” approved by the Govemer Jan. 22d, would hereby give notice that the hi nt meeting of naid '•orj"ir*<ti' j For the organization, will take place at the COM* COUNCIL CHAM BEK, Market Hail, on Friday, February 22d, next, At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Krays shbplst, W«f. P. FpseBNU.., JOU'1 B .r„AaEN^rB",‘N' ' ur.u2.nVki8w.AT, jo™ c spiiiBUBOi, H.K.Y r nun, John Band, Samo.i, E. Spbi.o, Enwi. C. Bulls*. Portland, Peb’j 14,1W. febUWM AECTIOft SALES. Sale of Forfeited Goode. rpiiE following dcHcribe.j uierchandiHo having boon * seized lor violation of the Revenue Lawn of United Staten, ami the U. s. Appraisers at tills port having certilieu under oath tha. the expense of lU keeping will largely reduce the net proceed, oj the >ale, me name will be sold at public auction in trout »i the Custom lion e, on Mich.le Street in ti is City, on the 22 i inst., at ll o'clock A. to wit • 2 Hack Hoi see; ’ * 1 pair 01 Harnesses; 1 pair of Blankets; under the proviai m k ol Sect. 15 of the Act entitled “An act further to prevent smuggling and fir other purposes,” approved July 1*. 1MW. f , , ISRAEL WASHBURN Jr. - teblfoHdC„H,-out. Important Sale of tiovernmeut Vessel. Depot (Ji;AuTBii»iA8TEit'.s Omen, Baltimore, Aid, January 30,1x07.} \\ BaUunor"iwut D!,bUc auction, at I he pt'ft ol onThuraUav l wi,.n f.a>.r Unlliui.rH) Sims-Wllfilir *‘-,'1f«tauary v*, 1.07, Hi* SI FhRB or .73 ton.; lwi,u £V'-ft' tIuSMOFOLITAN. •, u!|x.!x,,‘»h !",^ol'"lc,b in ,b« "»‘e of Ulia litst-clasB vessel. * 10 1 urchuse a rosily She is of light draft. Dim rawi excellent condition, aii.iRuior aic ... Hound and strong. bu“ i.*ncctly It in believed that lor Rize and bum ,... , POL1TAN RurpoaneH any vchh.1 iut^rto 'v‘ Government tor sale at this port. , 1 , y Terms cash, in Government funds, on tlay of wile Further particulars may lie learned iu« appli. n tiou to the undersigned or to the Auction^*™ Messrs. ADKEON, THOMAS A CO., No. is South Charles street. By order of the Quartermaster General. A. S. KIMBALL, CapUin and A. Q. M., U, S. A., fe4till Fcb27 Depot Quartermaster. J. H. BAILEY. Auctioneer k Commission Merchant AMI) Al’PllAlSEIi, Office 176 Tore St, at Mess, darter & Dreaeri’ January 7—dti C. W.UOLMFS, •A.TJ CTIOKEEK, .369 Congress Street, Cir&Ues of any kind ol property in the City or vi cinity, promptly attended to 011 the most favorable teriu'’- novl&iO CITY NOTICES. - * —I 'I - Snow to be Kemoved from Foot way or Sidewalk. Sbot. 60.—The isiuiuit or occuisuit, and In case there should be no tenant, the owner, or any person having the care of any building or lot of laud border ing oil any street, lane, court, square or public place within the city where there is any footing or side walk, shall, alter the ceasing to tall ot any snow, it in the day time, within three hours, and if in me night time, before ten of the clock of the I'oronoon, succeeding, cause such snow to be removal from such tootway or sidewalk; an ., in default thereof, shall forteit and pay u sum uot less than two dollars, nor more than ten dollars; and lor each and every hour thereafter that the same shall remain on such foot way or sidewalk, such tenant, occupant, owner, or other person shall forfeit aud pay a sum not less than one dollar uor more than ten dollars. All persons are hereby notified to govern them selves accordingly, as the above ordinance will be en forced. JOHN a. HKALD, decl8dtf Otty Marshal. P. A. PRESCOTT, (Latb or thb Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington.) Oounsellor-at-Law and Internal Revenue Solicitor, No. 17, StateSt., 1 Joist on. 'VaR. PRESCOTT'S long experience »n tiie Jnter Jivl nal Kevcnue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds,” having charge of all cast^ of violation of the Revenue Laws, his amiJiarity with Depart men tal practice, and Ills acquaintance with the li < nuo Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly -uccessiul in making a sy ecialitv of All matters permitting to the Reviiiuc Laws. He will attend to claims lor Drawback, AI ate men., hei'unu iug, and for the recovery of penalties paid by way of compromise. He will advise parties n* to the man ner of making returns in accordance with law, ot as to obtaining decisions from the Department at Washington, and will defend in cas< s of alleged vio lation ot the law in regard to taxes, penalties or crim inal offence.' Mr. Prescott will practice before the various De partments at Washington, ti e Supreme Court of the U. S., aud the Court ot Claims. For the speedy transaction of business, Counsel oi high standing, residing in New York. -t. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are associated with him. ian28 WAS 3m Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the ifcct tliat more than 4 O Of their Safe* gave AMPLE PROTECTION In tlie late lira. Partie* desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY A WATERHOUSE huddle Street, Portland, Or mt 110 tadtari Street, Heeteu. rWSecond-liand Safe* taken in exehange for sale. Jan 15—sn tstw in each maxadv remainder of time. Nottce to Land Holders. MR O'DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen anti material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1866 . aug2(Xltt Bricks and Foundation Stone FOB HALF! nr* cistern bricks. OV/A/U\ " 150,0m> Common Bricks. 500 Perris Fsaudalisu Hlsur. D. 8. WOOD, At JOHN C. PROCTER’S OFFICE. Feb 8—cod2ws Paints, Oils Varnishes, dec. FICKETT & WRAY OFPPB FOR SALE AT THEIR STORE, No. 187 Fore Street, WHITE LEAD, Foreign and American Zinc, Lin seed Oil, Coach, Furniture and Florence Var nishes. -lapan, spirits Turi-entinc, French Yellow. Venetian lied, and a full assotmeut of Paint Stock of every description, Window Glass, sheet Lead, and Lead Pipe. Agents for Gardner's celebrated Copjlcr Paint Ibr vessels’ bottoms. All orders for Painting executed at short notice and satlstactorily. February 1.1*67. eodlm For Sale. . a Schooner “Hattie Ross,” 184 tons old I d/ measurement, built iu 1898 of the very best material, haul wood Uittoiu ami 47ai/L^. white oak top, coppered, sails, rigging o^aHHBvaml spurs in first rate condition, and well found everyway, and ready tor business ROSS A STURDIVANT, fcbltdtf 73 < onimereial Mreet. Norfolk Oysters ! A Lar|;v Lot JUST received at No. 4 1'ui«n Wharf, and for the accommodation of those in the Upper part of the City they can be had for 40 tents per quart olid Oysters, at J. H. HOUR’S Fish Market, No. 378 Congress Street. toblO d3w ins JAMES FREEMAN. Notice. PERSONS clearing the ruins or digging cellars will find a good place to deposit their rubbish on fkanklin Wharf. septludtt S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. FEU TMEJZEJUST iTAA TONS Cumberland Pure Raw Bona Pbos. of Lime. 56 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons E. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Pliosphate of Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. .too Barrels Littlefield’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. K§rpor sale at Manufacturer’ll Prices, by KENDALL St WHITNEY. Feb g, 18C7._ te9<13mis MEDICAL ELEt llUL lZ l DR. W. N. DEMING, M.edical Electrician 17# MIDDLE STREET'. Nearly Oppe^r the Laired »<“■*•• Hotel WHERE he woal.l respecttuliy announce to cituene ol RorLland and rl.untty, that he a permanently located in this city. During tlic three years we have been in tins city, we have cured some at the worst tonus of disease in persons who have tried other lor in# ol treat meat in vain, and curing ituiiHius in so short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cmed ? To answer this .-uevtiot we will say that al* ^at do not stay cured, we doctor the second tune without charge. Djt. !>• has been a practical Electrician lor twenty* one years, and is also a regular graduated phvsiciai Electricity |*er»ecuy adapted to chronic di eases is the form ol nervous or sick headache; neuralgia it the head, neck, or extremities; consumption whe* «a the acute stages or where the lungs are not tuliy .uvolved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofuiu. h.p diseases, while swellings, spinal digests, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted Ihnhs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deainc*.*. stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, in *iges tion, eonstipaiion and liver complain*, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; a•■ima, bronchi tis, stricture* ol the chest, aud aU iormsof female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, th# gouty, the lam* »"** 'I?'"** leap will, joy, ami move with the a*>lR} a«* «1“ '1. »yv jib? "rs.1•^outr&u.'hie'rr*': biueu Hull* restored, ,u"‘ “L>r, WCakne». it, moved: laiiilne- «*>“»"£*£ ,be deal to hear and strength ; the blind made uungbt; the blemishes ot the palsied lorui u> '.“ the aogidUTB of mar ore Hi. youth are oWMe«*-*> , „ia age obviated and an .1.1 i,ano» and wet; weak stomachs, tara Who haveeohih*i.rvou* and «tck headache; dUsi aiol w*f*Jmmii’ng in the head, with indigestion and noaa an*1 » . ti„ uowela; pain in the aide and back: ooaatd*' lorwhUe»i; railing of the woiub with In !e?.7,d cancers; tuiuora, nolvnua, and aU that ion* of diseases will find hi Electricity a aura mean ,'0*111 re. For paiulul menstruation, too ,-..misa men.trnation, slid aU 01 thoae long line ol trouble, with young 1 adieu, Electricity 18-C*TiSJ'r."rPt^ tka and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor oi health . TEETH 1 teeth 1 TEETH I nr n .till continues to Extract Teeth by Et.Fr Dr. D. still eont n . person3 having de, ayed tricity wiTHt i tn ka,p removed for iesct« tojth ~ "rtuld'irive a’pollte Invitation to .all. ting he 7®,,‘,|*l!re1,r>PMAOFFTic Ma-hinfs lor sals gnp«*i h*r Ki ■ tiioroueli instruction*. •“d? D4rir^om®.-late . few patient, with boart “ “•: ,T~1