Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 21, 1867 Page 4
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Foe try«__ A New Poem bv Oliver Weudell Holme.. The March number of tlie Atlantic Monthly has the following poem by Oliver Wendell Holing: ALL HEBE. 1829-1867. It is not what we say or Bing That keeps our charm so long unbroken, Though every lightest leaf we bring May touch the heart as friendship s token, Not what we sing or what we sav Can make us dearer each to other We love tho singer and his lay, But love as well the silent brother. Yet bring whate’er your garden gg'Sfttoes; Thrice welcome to our smiles and l Thanks for the myrtle and the row. Thanks for the marigo «ls a 'l ;ta;^ One Uower erelong we all Alas! unloved oi AmaryU“ Nature's lastldoasom-"'1 , ,m ? The wreath ol threescore How many, brothers, meet to-night Around our boyhood's covered embers? Oo read the treasured names aright The “Id triennial list remember*: Though twenty wear the starry sign That fells a life lias broke its tether, *■ The fifty-eight of ’twenty-nine— God bless the boy si—are all together! These come with joyous look and word, With friendly grasp and cheerful greeting— Those smile unseen, and move unheard, The angel guests of every meeting ; They cast no shadow in the dame That flushes from the gilded lustre, But count us—we are still the same; One earthly baud, one heavenly cluster! Love dies not when he bows his head To pass beyond tlie narrow jiortals— The light these glowing moments shed Wakes from their sleep our lost immortals; They come as In their joyous prime, Before their morning days were numbered Death stays the envious hand of Time— . _.. The eyes have not grown dim that slumbcrc The paths that loving oouIb have trod Aroli o’er the dust where worldlings grovel High as the zenith o'er tho «kI- , Tlie cross above the sexton fl shovel. We rise beyond ihe realms of day, They seem to stoop from spheres of glory, With us one happy hour to stay While yQ,utfi comes back in song and story. Ah! ours is itcudship true as steel That war ha> tried in edge and temper: It writes upon Its sacred seal The priest’s ubique-omnes—semper! It lends the Bky a fairer sun That cheers o ar lives with rays as steady As i f our footsteps had begun To print the golden s reets already! The tangling years have clenched Its knot Too last for mortal strength to sunder— The lightning bo.ts of noon are shot— No Ibar of evening’s idle thunder! Too late! too late! —no graceless hand 8hall stretch its cords in vain endeavor To rive the close encirclmg band Thai made and keeps us waru forever! So when upon the fitted scroll The falling >tais have ail descended, And, blotting from the breathing roll, Our little page ol life is ended, We «*isK but one memorial line Traced on thy taolet, Gracious Mother:— “My children, lioys of twenty-nine. In pace. Alow they loved each other!’M The Color of lltuua. In all New England villages the house of the squire or the rich man of the place was easily distlnguisuable by its lilacs in the yard and perhapsa large tree in trout of all, but particularly by its green blinds and white paint, which stood lor the ideal locality of the otium cum dignitate. How white came to be chosen as the aristocratic paint is a subject for arph ecologists. The severity of the original New England character would have been rep resented by black. Perhaps white was chosen because it is tne direct opposite to the natural tint ot wood, or is the larthest removed Iroiu the peculiar brown which the sun and rain put on; pei haps it was because white suggests au unspotted purity, and possibly sometimes because it may be taken as hinting unap proachabjeness. White being once adopted, green bunds followed as a matter of course, and although many men cherish in tender re membrance the appearance oi the white house with green bhuus in which they passed their boyhood, their maturer sight compels them to consider the old custom born ot the crudest taste. It was, in reality, artistically an abomiuatiou, besides an expensive one.— W hen dingy the white and the green would each have been pronounced liideous had the other been absent; and when fresli, the effect wasan unpleasant glare in the sunlight and a certain ghastly suggestiveuess at night.— Moreover, such a house harmonized with no thing, but was at war with everything, seem ing to have been crowded into its place; whereas au unpainted house, though not desirable on the whole, gradually brown ed into the color of a rock, and into harmony with other things. Nature seemed almost to slum the glaring white house, and such a thing as an ivy clambering over its sides would never have oeeu seen ev en if the occupants had permitted such wild liberties to be taken with them. Supposing the housenoid to be of the ueat and more practica order, the pleasantest side ot the house was commonly the back side, where, in the absence ol brigut paint, and severe exclusion—often the paint was common red—vines were bold and loving enough to come and cling. The past tense has been used thus far, be cause tne custom thus described is rather past than present, although it is not yet extinct.— To some extent, however, and about as last as the style of house building recedes from the primitive four n ails and a roof, and ac knowledges the notion of beauty as well as ol shelter, tne sensible rule gains in practice.— Turn over the first stoue you see on your laud, and make your house the color of that. The first rule iu the construction ol a house is that in baunony with surrounding natural objects, which it can never he except by employing subdued tints. If built of brick or stoue, the best way would be to adopt the rule above named; it of wood, tbe healthiest and sweetest result would follow the employ ment ot just the natural tiut ot the wood it self!—AT. Y. Evening Gazette. A Partnership_Two (Stories. A writer in the Piscataquis Observer is “re minded of a story” by seeing an advertise ment in that paper headed—“wanted a part ner in the meat business You have heard of Dan Smith,—very like ly you may have seen him. Dan was about my age—a good-hearted, clever fellow, but he would have his sprees, aud was commonly out ol funds. On one occasiou he had been spree ing it about a week or so in Portland; bis money was all gone; it was Saturday after noon and he wanted to go home. As he was casting about for the means to get home, he saw a placard on a shop which was headed “A Partner Wanted in the Meat Business.” Dau entered the shop and politely salutiug tlie proprietor, began making inquiries about tbe probable protits of a ball interest in the concern. He appeared satisfied with tlie an swers which he received and informed the proprietor that he would accept tlie position aud pay over the requited amount of money as soon as he could go home aud back. The proprietor, anxious to close the trade offered to hir* a team and go home with him that night and come back on Sunday. To this, Dan assented, and the two, who were not an hour since total strangers to each other, were soon on their way to Dan's home among tlie mountains. As the night was cold Dan iound it necessary to call at every tavern aud "wet his whistle,” which he did every time at the expense of his new iound partner. As Dau knew everybody on the road and was always a very polite youug man, he made it a point to introduce his blend in this wise. “This is Mr. So-and-so, my partner in the meat-business.” As they approached Skaker settlement which was within two miles ol Dan's home, he proposed to his partner to call and partake of some most excellent cider which he knew the Shakers kept on band.— He introduced his “paiioer in the meat busi ness” to his friends, the Shakers; drank a few tumblers of eider—got nicely wanned up; saw his partner puli out bis wallet and pay the bill, when he seemed to sink into a very pro found lit of medicative silence. His partner seeing that something seemed to trouble Dan, inquired what might be tlie matter ? Dan seemed to revive, and straightening himself up, said, "Partner, i have been reflecting on the subject of oui copartnership, and have concluded to retire from the Jirm :—you had better go immediately back to Portland, lest your friends should get alarmed at your ab sence, and I would not like to introduce you to my parents lest my character for sobriety might suffer.” This was Ban's last perform ance in the meat business, and his generous heart was pleased to lean) that his partner got sale back to Portland on Sunday after noon. This is a true story. MMien’ Sparringa. “While I was yet serving as a private,” writes our theatrical correspondent, “I was assigned the duty of guarding a rebel officer who, all smarting with his wound*,’ entered JJJf0 uLa argument with me on the ever fruit lul subject ot the rebellion. He was a fluent talker and skiltui diaputant, anil was rapidly getting the better of me in argument, when 1 “ me °* »*« old will, and striking an Worcester*—e Um* Hemy Poarth’s »Pe^ to SaSffcSwad?'**!?' , To lace tlie garment oi rebellion *** “ churcl)i‘s; With some fine color that may please the ... O, th Ue changings, ?nil J Which gape and rub tlie elbow at the new. ’ Ot huriyburlv innovation; ew“ And never yet did insurrection want .Such water color* to impaint hi* eauiie • Nor moody beggar*, starving lor a tln»o Ot pell-mell havoc and confusion.” My adversary listened with dumb amaze ment to hear such a speech front a “mudsill ” was silenced, ifnot convinced, and, when lie encountered our Colonel, asked him thought fully [fall his common soldiers could use such language as that, never imagining that it was old Sh&k’s that conquered hun. This same rebel officer, who was badly wounded, atterwards died ill the hospital, anil the place being crowded, his body was placed temporarily in a room where I lay suffering troin a wouud in the head. The secesli wo neighborhood Hocked in to mourn °Tf.ran<^ ia^ to endure all the abuse which they could heap on the Yankees while ostensibly lamenting bis decease- at last one old hag, who reminded me stroUKW 0| tiiefiret witch in Macbeth, exhausted my natiennJm^ saying, “Ah, Colonel, you've gone Vheaven where there'll never be any Yanks to trouble you,’ when, from my cot, escaped the quota tion from Richard, ‘Were we not kind to send Jiiia thither.' "—Commercial Bulletin, MEDICAL. __ The Eye, Ear, Catarrh —— Ain> -— I II It O A T. JIrs. Manchester THE INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT! AND Eclectic Physician t From f»18 Broadway, New York, has rotumed to Portland, and can be consulted at her rooms at t e Preble House. Certificate* of Care*« This is to certify that I have bojJjYJJ1 ^iaVc been iu the worst lbnn, by fin.. large sums of t« New York nn.l ttuS but in inont all eas money, iui.1 was never benetitt «>JaBe SUe yj me es made worse. I • , iu the tliroat and my caso was a bad very rnucl. al urtierparu or tbelnnb» nmiw<| UlK iaue- I com tectod, all ot win .|cilM) jn June, aiul cun truly meocod a wen man. I am a trailer, and in wiy that 1» Ikine a .rreat deal, and her curing me win be ‘be means o. hundreds of dollars in my pock sisaH now I caii talk without hurling me. Uo and emsult her, and you will be perfectly satisned. consult lice, » s h, Stephens, Belttwt, Me. Banoob, May 15,1865. Mrs. Manchester—Dear Madam:—when you were m Bangor last summer, X called to see you with a child of mine that hail l>een sick for lour years. I had taken her to a number of physicians, and none could tell what ailed her or cveu her symptoms. You examined her case, and told me exactly her symp toms from the commencement of her sickness, which were very peculiar; also told me that there was something alive in her, and also said there was a num ber of tliem, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. You said that you would not warrant a cure, but would try an/1 do the best you could for her. She commenced taking your medicine in August last, and from that time until December, the cm Id lias passed off largo quantities of what we call Tadpoles, from rain-water, and I think, and am certain that the child must have died had it not been for you. A ad 1 advise everybody to see Mrs. Man chester, for I know that slio lias the power of know ing the condition of a person diseased better than any peysician that I have ever heard of. My child is now perfectly healthy. Please have this published, and | let the world know that there is one who practises what they profess to. • Very truly and grateftilly yours, George E. Martin. febftdtt Mary L. Martin. L o o k I N —AT— ROLLINS & GILKEY’S, Cor. Cod gross aud Preble Streets, FOR pure Drugs and Medicines, and the best preparations tor the Hair. Also all TOILET ARTICLES l N. B.—We also have the EMPRESS I feblG dtf DR. LAROOKAH'S Pulmonic Syrup. FOR THE CURE OF Coughs, Cold , Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Catarrh, Influenza, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, Pleurisy. Inflammation of the Lungs or Chest, Pain iu the side, Night Sweats, Hoarseness, Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. Tli s remedy is too well known and too highly es teemed to require eominemlalion here. It is regard ed a necessity in every household, and is heartily endorsed by the medical faculty, clergymen of every denomination, mothers, editors, members of Con gress, and many of our most distinguished men in public aud private life. doughs, Golds, Sore Throats, Ac. Letter from Hon. JJ, W. Gooch, Member of Congress Massachusetts. Melrose, July 19,1865. Dr. E. R. Knights—Dear .Sir: I have used Dr. Larookah’s Syrup in my family tor six years, and have found it an excellent remedy lor Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, aud all Consumptive Complaints, &e. i have recommended it to several friends, who have received great benetit from its use. Let ter from a well known Boston Drugaisi of twentj) years experiences and Steward q/' Hanover Street M. E. Church : Boston, March 9,1865. Dr. K. R. Knights : Having used LA HOOKAH’S PULMONIC SYRUP myself and in my iamily for tho past six years, 1 am prepare!I to say that it is su perior to any medicine 1 have ever known, for the positive cute of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat., and all similar complaints. As I take cold very easily, 1 have had great opportunity to test the virtueso this valuable remedy, and it has never failed me yet, however violent the disease. Having been in the Drug business tor over 20 years, 1 have hail good opportunities of knowing the virtues of the various mcdiciues sold, :uid pronounce LAROOKAH’S SY RUP, the rest of any article ever presented to the public. Yours, W. R. BOWEN, 86 Hanover St. CROUP. Mrs. J. R. Bursis, 114 East 23d St., N. Y., writes Oct. 9, 1864: “During last winter three of thy chil dren were attacked with Croup, and from the violence of the symptoms, they were pronounced to be in much danger. At the instance of our pastor, Rev. Mr. Stiles, 1 tried Larookah’s Pulmonic Syruj>, which promptly relieved them, :uid in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude for the lien eh t conferred, I cannot retrain from making tins testimony public.” WHOOPING GOUGH. E. W. Mayer, of Carleton, N. B., writes Dec. 7, 1850: “My son, five years old, was a few months since suffering greatly from WUOOP1NG COUGH. I nev er saw a more distressing case. 1 gave him Laroo kah's Pulmonic Syrup according to directions and soon began to see improvement. The Cough became easier—the expectoration freer, and in two weeks the malady was entirely overcome.** BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes from whale ship “Eldorado,” March 11, IhOU: ‘ Having suffered for tour years with Bronchitis and Catarrh in their most aggravat ing lorms, 1 feel it my duty to state that I have been permanently cured bg the use of Larookah’s Pul monic Syrup. 1 had paid large sums to physicians ana tor so called Catarrh Remedies, but until I used the Syrup I experienced no relief. SPITTING OF BLOOD, PLEURISY, INFLATION OF THE LUNGS, PAIN IN THE SIDE, NIGHT SWEATS. HOARSEN ESS, &0. From]Rev. B. F. Bowles, Manchester, N. H.: “The bottle oi Dr. Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, you so kindly sent me, has been tried tor Hoarseness, with very good results; lor this I would confidently re commend if.” From Rov. L. A. Lampher, North Hero, Vt.: “I have used Larookah’s Syrup, and feel under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge iis excellency. While using your Syrup I have enjoyed better health than i had enjoyed for years. I have had slight attacks of hoarseness, but the Syrup would soon remove it. I find it is a mild and sate remedy also in Spasmodic Bilious attacks to which 1 am constitutionally sub E. W. Field. Esq., writes from Virginia City, Colorado, March 11, 1863: “I feel very grateful for having Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup near me, my lungs being weak and demanding ^he most vigilant care. 1 believe the Syrup the Bluest remedy for Pul monary Complaints that has ever been made avail able to the afflicted.” CONSUMPTION WONDERFUL CURE OF A CHILD TWO AND A HALF Years old. GentsMy grandchild, a little girl ol 541 51 years old, was taken sick in Portland, Me., in January, 185'. No one cohid tell what was the mat ter with her. Buj she was much pressed lor breath; lunl a hard, tight cough; could not raise; her throat troubled her greatly; she seemed to be filling up, and though attended by the best physicians in Port land, they could not help her and she declined; and lor some three months was not expected to live. Her doctors and at length her friends gave up all hopes of her recovery. She was brought borne to my house in Phipsburg, Me. We tried Cod Liver OH, but the effect seemed rather opposite from good. She now could not move her hand, so reduced was she. I was taking Laruokah’s Syrup at the time, and commenc ed giving it to her and in a week she showed quite a change lor the better, and we continued giving it to her. She gradually improved, and is now a perfect ly healthy child. People were astonished to Bee what effect the medicine had on this child, and to see her get well by the use of Larookah’s Syrup, which we believe to be the best medicine lor Pulmonary Com plain is in the world. Yours, _ H. LARABEE, Pliipsburg, Me. Space will permit the publicotiou of but a tithe of tl»e certificates which are constantly coining in from all quarters of the globe. Patients will find the most conclusive evidence of the value of this remedy, in a trial of It, which will cost but a trifle, and which may yield priceless results. Large bottles $J.00—medium size 60 cents. Pro cured by E. R. KNIGHTS, M. D.,Chemist, Melrose, Mass., aud sold by aU druggists. Hr" Sold by W. F. Phillips & Co., W. W. Whipple & Co., J. W. Perkins & Co., Portland; George <*. Goodwin & Co., Boston, and by all Druggists aud Merchants. do28ood&wif GENTLEMEN WISHING Clothing Cleansed / AND REPAIRED, Cannot find a place where it can be done more to their satisfaction than at No. 20 Temple Street, Second Door from Congress st. iy Every Garment will receive prompt and faith ful attention. Ladies’ Saeqnes I CLEANSED IN FIRST CLASS STYLE! Give me a trial and I will endeavor to please. CHARLES H. MAHONEY. IF 'Highest Cash price paid for cast-olf Clothing. Nov ‘21—(13m H. REDDY, - • MERCHANT TAILOR, AND DEALER IN GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS No. 107 FEDERAL STREET *' We have in one of the iinest assortment of ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and DOMESTIC CLOTHS, CASSI MERES, Ac;., that can Te fo.m., in Portland. These goods have been selected with urea! fare and especially adapted to the fashionable trculr and at prices that cannot fail to, and all uoods thoroughly Bhrunk and satisfaction guaranteed. A call is respectftilly solicited. TTiankful to friends tor past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. janddtf M. H. REDDY, Proprietor. A Safe Investment! Town of Westbrook Semi-Annual coupon Bonds. One, two, three and four years to run; Interest and principal payable at Canal National Bank. A tew thousand dollars of the above Stock may be had by applying immediately to WM. JI. CLARK, „ _ No 78 Commercial Street. 1 ortland, Feb 11th, 1867.—d2w* AUGUST 7-30% exchanged for J UL Y FI VE-TWE NT I US. at favorable rates. H. M. PAYSON, t5bl5’i2w*_33 Street. Tide Tables, " GIVING the tlmo and height of High Water tor every day In the year at all ports in the United States, have been published by the United States Coast Survey Oflico,and are on sale at the principal Nautical Stores. Tlisv can also be obtained by ap plication to the Coast Survey Othce in Washington City. Price Twenty-Five Cento. febiadlm /llliAKS. 200 M. Imported and domestic Cigars \-J tor sale by 0. C. MITCHELL & SON, Jalmt ITS For* Street, MERCHANDISE. New Trinidad Molasses! 254 HU DO. ) NEW TRINIDAD MO 3 TIEBCB* LA8SKS, »* Brig lO BBM. ) “Frank R. Allen. For sale by GFO> S. HUNT, f«b2d3w I'» ‘ •"”rrr,“l M‘rre'' Lumber. . „ .. /\ pry pine for immediately he® i III I I II lllalao spruce, hemlock and pine J-UV'sArv^Ysawed lo order at «1 Com" «b~,“s£ “iu,a FebTdtl L. TAYLOR. LUMBER, Wholesale and KetaiL BOARDS, Hank, Shingles and Scantling 01 all sizes constantly on hand, liuihling material sawed in order. ISAAC DYER. auglltf No. UJ Union Wbart. _ lUmbeb T All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WHOLESALE AND BETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber sawed to order at abort notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PEBKIHS, JACKSON A CO., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, jan4dtf foot of High street. COAU ! COAL ! Goal for Ranges Furnaces, —AND— PARLOR STOVES, At Lew Bate* for Ca.h. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. lOO TONS I,CHIP LEHIfiH. Also a lot of DRY SLAR WOOD, sawed in stove length, delivered in any partof tliccity, at$8percord. PEBKINH, JACKSON A to., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, janldtf Foot of High street. $8. CHEAP COAL l $8. WE can now offer nice CHESTNUT COAL at $8.00 per ton, delivered at any part of the city. Aiso for sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. Lehigh, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnaces. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John9* White Ash, Diamond, Red Ash, which are free of all impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland ! A cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! ffWe keep constantly on hand a lull assortment ot Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur chase large lols will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Kandall, McAllister & Co., No. 60 COMMERCIAL ST., oc25dtf n Head of Maine Wharf. Southern Pine. ABOUT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now lauding at Custom House Wharf, and for sale in lots to siut purchasers. Apply to O. M. DAVIS & CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21,1866. nov22dtf Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and lor sale by the undersigned at their Whurt, Cor. Franklin Wharf A Commercial St, 275 Tons Hazeltou Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGG SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Red Ash Coal. These Coals are ot the very best quality, and war anted to give satislaction. Also, 500 cords ot best quality of TIARD nml SOFT WOOD, which wo will seli at the very lowest price and deliver it to any part oi the city at short notice. fi^fGive us a call and try us. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan 15th—dtf Southern Piue Lumber YTTE are prepared to execute orders for SOUTH. VV ERN PINE LUMBER, by the cargo, deliver ed with dispatch at auy convenient port. KVAN & DAVIS April 17—dtf 101 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour 11 CHOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the most celebrated brands. T. Harrison * Co., Plants. Eaglr, Brilliant XXX, Dictator, - . Trapical, Amaranto. Whitmore, FOB SALE BY Churchill, Browns & Manson augTdtf Trinidad Molasses. i HHDS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD ItJU MOLASSES for sale by LYNCH, BARKER Sc CO., nov23dtf 139 Commercial Street. Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Furniture Polish! THE best in the world for Polishing Mahogany, Walnut, Stair-Posts, Rails, Counters, or any kind of Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Crossman for the lost twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. It is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred degs. of heat, and is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready for use in five minutes al ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Fif ty Cts. per bottle; anyone can use it by following the Directions on the bottle. Reference—MessrsC. «&L. Frost,Captlnman,USA, Messrs. Bvecd ,& Tukey, Benj StcVeSs, Jr., Wm. Allen, N. M. Woodman. For sale by Burgees, Fobes & Co, W. F. Phillips & Co., H. H. Hay & Co, Samuel Roll*, H. W. & A. Dcering. Manufactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S. C. RIGGS, Agent, dec28dtt Portland, Maine. RING’S Vegetable Ambrosia —FOR— GRAY HAIR. This is the Ambrosia that Ring made. This is the Cure that lay In the Ambrosia that Ring made. This is the Man who was bald and __ g^y, % Wlio new has raven locks, they say. He used the Cure that lay' In the Ambrosia that Ring made. This is the Maiden, handsome and gav, Who married the man once bald and __ gray, Who now lias raven locks, they say. He used the Ambrosia that King made. This is the Parson, who, by the way, Married the maiden, handsome and To the man once bald and gray. But who now has raven locks, they say, Because ho used the Cure that lay In the Ambrosia that Ring made. This is the Bell that rings away To arouse the people sail and gay funto (his fact, which here does lay— //' you would not be bald or gra>/, ' Use the Ambrosia that King made. 3SL E, U. TUBBS & CO, Proprietors, Pctcrboro’, X. II. «J. W. PERKINS At CO., teM 86 COMMERCIAL ST, PORTLAND. eod3m IVarnibhesT Wholesale and Retail: mmmtin,, DRYING JAPAN, f,AMiMUKE> baking do. shelIa'c, SS|KTU11PENTmE BV.AprAKT„^;nv™EE KAW BOILED LEATHER VARNISH- LIN’SKKD OIL, At the Lowest Prices, /y^ Yaruiah tebl6 deodSm eastemW~exemess~co. NOTICE! THE Government have decided that they will r>av the express charges both ways upon 7 3-10 Bond's sent to Washington tor exchange. The Eastern Ex press Company will receive and forward such Bonds under their contract with the Government without charge to the owners, and the Department will return them carriage paid. feblSdtf For Sale. A N Office Safe of John E. Wilder’s manufacture, stable for Railroad, Manutbrturers’ or Bank “ensuring 5 foct 3 in. in height, 4 feet V fcet 3£ in. deep, with interior safe and draw ““te hy U. A. & A. BLANCHARD, 106 SUte Street, Boston, Mass. febl# dtf To Let. O^ef^App^to' *hree atoriea- No. BO Union Ja3dtf ST. JOHN SMITH. MISCELLANEOUS, BAY STATE *“*' lumber depot, Office, Ko. 441 Tremont St., Boston. ED HARD WOODS and now offer lor sale a large and well-Helecled'stll** “ attention to SEASON Black Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Butternut, Whitewood, &c. In Boards, Plank. Joist, Ac., to which they respectfully invite the attention of purchasers Also common and Hard Pine, all qualities, rough or dressed for Floors, Sheathing, Ac. Spruce Floor Boards w orked and kiln-dried, ready for immediate use. Our facilities for supplying the wants of Builders are unsurpassed, and parties at a distance ordering by mail, by giving reliable reference, can depend upon having their orders tilled in a satisfactory manner—thus saving the time and expense of a visit to the city. fcfr^Koscwood Veneers, Slabs and Lops of any desired quality, at less than New York prices. Priee List of Mouldings, Lumber, Doors, Brackets, Ac., f urnished on application. Address orders and communications to JOSEPH F. PAPE & CO. Nov 2d—eod3nl _ _ RE-OPENING ! The .ubucriber Inring purchased the Slack and Store lately occupied by JOHN CROCKETT & CO., NO. 11 PREBLE STREET, Will re-open for business Tuesday, Jan. *20, 1867, and will sell oft* the entire stock at greatly reduced prices, consisting of NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, Crockery and Glass Ware, Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, together with a general assortment of HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS. MR. LEVI F. HOYT is connected with this establishment, and will he happy to wait on any of his customers and friends who may favor us with a call. jan29dlm WlUEilAftl LOWELL. Portable Steam Engines, CCOMBINING the Maximum of eflicieney. dura1 j bility and economy with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely ana lavorably known, more than 600 being in use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address Jf. C. UOADLEY A CO. Lawrence, Mass. , Feb 8, 1867—(13in __ Oysters, Oysters! By the Barrel, Bushel, Gallon or Quart. " p in kegs and cans of all sizes for e or ftuuily use. near the Telegraph nnd Exnrcss _F I am prepared to put up all or ders to the latest moment. All in want of Oysters will find the l*est assortment in the city. KP"*Choice York Bay, Shrewsbury, Cherry Stone, and York Kiver constantly on hand. K. I>. ATWOOD, Atwood’s Oyster House, 43, 47 and 40 Centre St., Portland, He. February 1. d‘2m _ GREAT DISCOVERY I ROGERS’ Excelsior Pain Purer. The Best Preparation Ever Made For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS and NEURALGIC PAINS, PLEURISY PAINS, RHEUMATISM, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHE, EARACHE, STIFF NECK, DIPHTHERIA, SORE THROAT and AGUE. Also invaluable in all cases of Sprains and Braises. Try it and you will be satisfied. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers, Haniialeii Comer, Maine. Soid in Portland by H. H. HAY & CO., wholesale ami retail. Jal2dCw* nitrous oxuti: gas / A safe and pleasant .Anesthetic in the extraction of Teeth. Administered every TUESDAY AND FRIDAY —BY— Drs. Kimball & Prince. Dentists, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Congress Street, lebltdtf PORTLAND, MX. C JLi O O KS ! Calendar Clocks, Howards Clocks, Office and Bank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Parlor, and AU Kinds of Clocks. 64 EXCHANGE STREET, LOW ELL Sc SENTEK. Portland Jan. 17th, 1867. dCm PRANK AJBOMN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER! NO. 1 FREE STREET BLOCK. A large assortment of CLOCKS of all kinds, Watchei) Spectacles and Thermometers constantly on hand. Repairing in all its branches punctually attended to, ana work guaranteed to be taitlitully performed. All articles sold warranted to be as represented. A fair share of the patronage ot the public is re spectfully solicited. Portland. Jan. 14, 1867.dii Dr. Chaussier’s Empress. A CELEBRATED French PREPARATION FOB THE HAIR ! IP* 'Free from Poison ous Minerals or injuri ous Drugs. IT IN NOT A DTE > flSff^ltwill not soil the finest linen! * It will not gum the hair! Is free from the disagreeable smell of sulphur! It relieves the scalp of dandruff and un pleasant irritation! Prevents the hair from falling off, even after fevers! Causes the new hair to-grow on bald heads when fallen off from diseases. It will Restore Gray hair to its natural color, or the money will be refunded in every instance. Sold by CJBOSMAX & CO, Druggists and Deal ers in Fancy Goods, &c.,305 Ct*igresa, 4 doors from Brown St, Portland, Me. felldSw MI8H SEWALL, WILL til'VE LESSONS IN Lead Pencil and Crayon Drawing And also instruct classes so desiring, in the Elements of Design, after Dr. Rimmcr’s method, at Hill Congress Street, six doors above Casco, up stairs.— Entrance through the store. B3r* Apply every day but Saturday. ja30dtf Grist Mill—-Deeriiig’s Bridge, FOR SALE—containing 3 Run of Stones—one for Salt, with Dry Hoorn. Also, Elevators for Corn and Salt. All in good running order and now in use. EDW. H. BURG1N. feb!5 dtf _ GAS AND COAL OIL IIXTIUKS! E. TARBELL & SON, N*. 11 BBOmPIKLD ITHBET, BOSTON, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Chandeliers, Brackets, Lamps, &c. GAS FITTING in all its branches. GAN 8TOVE8, for Cooking and Heating. CHANDEJLlJBJRg, LA9IP8, Ac., Rc-Gil ed or Bronzed. no21eod3m O TiiTN 8 A G I L E B I At tho.old stand ol E. Dana, Jr APOTHECARIES, Deering Block, Corner ot Congress and Pret*le Sts., PORTLAND, ME. Foreign and Domestic Drugs, Chemicals, Fluid Ex tracts, Toilet * *ticles, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods. Physician’s prescriptions carefully j>repared, either : by day or night. Mr. Charles B. Greenlcal, who has been at tlii stand lor * number ot years, will remain as prescrip tion clerk. scp2l-codA*wtl Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 3T1 congress street, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Arc no S8 prepared to offer their Iriends and the pub lic a large and well selected stock ol CiUrETIWS! Paper Hangings GJTItl'JlN GOODS, &c., iy Purcianscr '«>’above gooils are respect fully invited to exa. our 8twk which is New, Clean <u,d Desirable. July 30;dtf _ Something Wo.Knowing! 209 Ojngwws 6t, at In\ Tfcntoi’a Exchange. _ . . Agents Wan. *9** Feb 19—^ lw* WMJKLUNKoirN VINE LAS i>, ^rr~~ PAHJH AND FBIJ1T i-ANDB.InamlM.iul healthful climate. Thirty miles south o, PI,?1 adelpliia, by Railroad, in New Jersey, ou the w l line ot latitude as Baltimore, Md. uc 8amo

The soil is rich and productive, varying from a clav to a sandy loam, suitaole lor Wheat, Grass, Corn Tobacco, Fruit and vegetables. This is a i/rtat fruit Country. Five huudred Vineyards and Orchards have been planted ot't by experienced iruit grow ers. Grapes. Peaches, Pears &c., produce immense prol ils, Vineland Is already one of the mosi beuutilul places in the United States. The entire territory, consisting wt 14fty sqnare miles of land, is laid out upon a general system 01 improvements. The laud is only sold to actual se ttler- with provision tor public adornment. The place ou account of its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort ot propie of taste. It has increased five thousand people within tire past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies. Societies ol Art and Learning and other Clements of refinement and culture have been introduced. Hum beds ol people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con structed. Price of Farm Land, tw enty acre lots and upwards, $26 per acre. Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots lor sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than in any other locality, north of Norfolk, Va.Iiu proved places tor sale Openings tor all kinds of business, Lumlier Yards, 31 anulactones, Foundries, Stores and the like; and Steam Power with room can be rented. who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a country beautifully im in *rn*t8» and possessing all other worthy oV^vhdt ° th® hean 0 civilization, it is wiiiSSSIfi u!?wer®iWul tilQ Vineland Rural a pa pci r « i ' mtoi|natian, and containing reports ol So lon Rob nson, sent to applicants. Address CHAS K. XANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landig Township, New Jersey. ’ tornf'rtS*RES' ut 8o*°? ®°bins°n, Agricultural Edi S^%SSSS$*5SS*&*" «*■ sepr13d&w6ra 37 -s-- - SAP H| ‘ iW ITS EFFECT IS 1IRACVLOUS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praiM HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents in the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are so sure it will do all we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Renewer does not give sat isfaction in all cases when used in strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian. Hair Renewer has proved itself to he the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whutever. It is not a Dye, it strikes at the Roots and fills the glands with new life and coloring matter. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO IIS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, AND SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING! No person, old or young should fail to use it. It is recommended and used by the FIRST MED ICAL AUTHORITY. Ask for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re newer to the publie, entirely confident that it will bring hack the hair to its original color, promote Its growth, and in nearly ail cases where it lias falliJn off will restore it unless the person is very agfd. It. P. HALL & CO. Proprielofl Nashua, N. H. Sold by all Druggists. ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, 61 Wall Si, cor. William, NEW YORK, January, 1866. Insures against Marine and Inland Navi gation Risks. The whole profits ot the Company revert to the Assured, and are divided annually, upon the Premi ums terminated during ihe year; and lor which Cer tificates are issued, bearing interest until redeemed. The Dividend was 40 per cent, in each ot the years 1863-4, and 5, and 36 per cent, in 1*66. The Company has Aancta, Orrr Twelve Million Dollars, viz:— United States and State of New-York Stocks, City, bank and other Stocks, §4,828.5*5 Lnaussecured by Stocks and otherwise, 3,330,356 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, Ileal Estate. Bond and Mortgages and other se curities, 3,650,023 United States Gold Coin, «d, 16(1 Cash in Bank 310,r*5C 412,199,971 TRUSTEES: John D. Jones, Charles Dennis, W. H. H. Moore, Henry Coit, Wm. 0. Pickersgl 11, Lewis Curtis, Chas. H. Bussell, Lowell Holbrook, K. Wavren Weston, Koval Phelps. Caleb Barstow, A. P. Filler, Wm. E. Dodge, Geo. G. Hobson, David Lane, James Bryce, Leroy M. Wiley, Daniel S. Miller, Win. Sturgis, Henry K. Roger t, Joshua J. Heury, Dennis Fork ins, Jos. Galiard, Jr., J. Henry liurgy, Cornelius Grinnell, C. A. Hand, B. J. Howland, Benj. Bahcock, Fletcher Weatray, fiobt. B. Mint urn, Jr Gordon W. Burnham. Fred’k Chauncey, James Low, Geo. S. Stephenson, Win. H. Webb. John D. Jones, President/ Charles Dennis, Vice-President. W. U. H. Moore, I'd Vice-Prest. J. D. Hewlett, 3d Vice-Prest. J. H. Chapman, Secreturv. Applications for Insurance witlrdho above named Company received and forwarded bv * John H . Itlunger, CtmtfMdnb apl4dlmeod9m&w6w Lea Sc Perrins’ CBLIBRATBV Worcestershire Sauce I PRONOUNCED BY CtaMioMin To be The “Only Good Sauce!” And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF DISH. ig^? EXTRACT of a letter from a Medical Gentleman at Madras, to big Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell Lea & Per rins that their Sauce is highly esteemed In India, and is in my opinion the most pal atable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that is made.*’ The success ot this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perrins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA & PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. oclTdly C boicc Southern and Western FLOUR AID CORN S for sale by O’BRION, fierce & co., Wh.leaale Dealer., I Vi Commercial St., dec31dly PORTLAND, Me. tiregg’s Improved EXCELSIOR BRICK PRESS. THIS poWerftil and beautiful Labor-saving Ma chine will mould 35.000 bricks per day. It re ceives the clay in its natural state, tempers it in work ing, and makes the finest PRESSED BRICK, as well as the lower grades : all of equal si/e, and of a quali ty unsurpassed in beauty ami durability. It will al so make superior FIRE BRICK. The value of the machine may be ascertained from the large profits made by those how running. For Rights and Machines, address, Cxcelxisr Brick Prww I’o., ja29dlm Oliiee 221 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa A. G. SCHLOTTEBBECK d> CO, Apothecaries & Chemists, 303 Congress St, one door above Brown, PORTLAND, NIK. Compounding Physicians Prescriptions Is one ol our Specialities. Us|n K Prcparal ions of our own inauuulaeturo, we are able to touch tor their purity. on h*n'1 » lull supply of tUBIN’8 POWDIH au.lSoAP. FANCY WIjJDS, ioilet Articles, Used’s Liquid Dye Colors. Wll ons Herbs, Marsh’s Celebrated Trusses and Supporters, Patent Medicines. Hair Kesturers, Ci gars Tobacco, Artists’ Material., Ace., Ac. Jan 12—d2m _« dividend. A DIVIDEND of 10 per cent. wlU be paM the stockholders of the Tug Warrior at the office of J. S. Winslow, January 15th jaaiodtf J- 3. WINSLOW, Agent, HOTELS. ~Un7tED STATES HOTEL, 1*0IITLAM), MAINE, fpilc B"lw,, recently Proprietor of the COM . WtHULAJ, HOUSK. (which wan destinye,I in oiuiSif*1 JV?' 1>';l!,, lo “iniounceto hie old patron* will anLVr. M1*'11 **e the above hotel awl ally, on Sal«.!av“ ni‘U‘m pubUc «*"“* he\vouidwUrit.J.iwtonicr* for pnet patronage, ne would solid a eontmnaaee of the same TERMS PA VORA B LK. K..I.DAVM. Croi'lmni IloiiNo I GORHAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber having leased the above House tbr a term of years, in prepared lo ao comimxlate parties and the public generally, and irom bis long experience in Hotel keep* mg hopes lo receive a liberal share of the public patronage, having kept a Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. JanlSdSm S. B. BROWN. MILLS HOUSE, CHARLESTON,.SO. CAROLINA. THE proprietor Las the pleasure to inform the traveling public that the above house is now open tor the reception ol guests, having made extensive al terations. improvements, ami refurnished it through out, it is How iu capital order, and every exertion will be made to render it acceptable to bis patrons. nolOeodGm JOSEPH PIKi'ELl.J MCDICAL. DU. 1. B. HUGHES CAN BE SOUND AT HIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS. No. 14 Preble Street, Near the Preble Haase, WHERE be can he consulted privately, ami with tnc utmost confidence by the aiDlctcd. at nours 'hulv, ami from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Dr. H. addresses those who are suffering under the affliction of i rivate diseases, whether arising from impure conuoction or the terrible vice of sell-abuse Devoting Ids entire time to that particular branch ot the medical profession, ho feels warranted in Guar anteeing a CUBE IV ALL CASES, whether of long standing or recently controcted, entirely removing tho dregs oi disease- from the system, and making a inr tect and pkbmanext cure. He would call the attention of the afflicted to the fact of his long-standing and well-earnad reputation furnishing sufficient ussuram e of his skill and suc cess. (.'nation to the Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out tor general use should have tlieir efficacy established by well tested experience In the hands of a regularly educated ph\eician, whose preparatory studies lit him lor all the duties lie must fulfil; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, pur|»orting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but always usurious. The unfortunate should be particular lit selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incoutroverti-. ble fact, that many syphilitic patient* are made mis- ’ erablc with ruined constitution* by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for it is a point generally conceded by tlie best syphilogra plicrs, that the study and management of these 00111c plaints should engross the whole time el those who would l*e competent and successthl in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner. having neither opportunity nor Lime to mak liimself acquainted a itli tlieir pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, In most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, tlie Mercury. Have Confidence. All who have commuted an execs* of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or tlie sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in in.iturer years, SEEK FOR AM ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains ami At lies, and LftMAtudc anti Nervous Prostration that may follow' Impure Coition, are the Barometer to tlie whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low ; do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, tor Disabled Limbs, for Los* of Beauty and Complexiou. Hew Many Thousand* Can Testily fa This by Unhappy Experience! Tong men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint generally the result of a bail habit in youth.—treated scientilicnlly and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such east s yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time arc made to rejoice in perfect health. Middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuation* from the blad der, often accompanied l»y a slight smarting or burn ing sensation, ami weakening the system in a man ner tlie patient cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin nulk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. There are many men who «lie of tliis difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMIN AL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of tlie urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult tlie Dr., ran do ro by writing, in a plain inannor, a descrip tion of tlieir diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All oorreopondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, it desired. Address: DU. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me. 0*~ Send a Stamp for Circular. Electic Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in nil cases of ob structions after all other remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, ami may be takei with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of tlie country, with l ull direction.4 by adilressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portlaud. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend ance. janl.lbtiodt.Vw. CHEROKEE CURE, Uf Tax GXEVT ( INDIAN MEDICINE, Cures all diseases caused by self-abuse, viz;®' Lom of Memory, Unite real Lati tude, Pain* in the Back, Dim net* of Vision, Premature I OUl Age, Weak Xerve*, Diffi cult Breathing, Pale Counte } nance, Insanity, Comump tion, and all diseases that fol low as a sequence of youthful Indiscretions. Tho Cherokee Cure will restore health and vigor, stop the emissions, and effect a permanent cure after all other medicines have failed. Thirty-two page pumphlet sent in a sealed envelope, free to any address. Price $2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5. Bold by all druggists; or will be sent by express to any portion or the world, on receipt of price, by the sole proprietor, Dr. W. R. HER WIN, 37 Walker St., N. T. r _I,_ Cherokee Remedy. Cares all Frlnary Com plaints, viz: Gr nr el. Inflam mation of the Madder and uh'^lnege, Retention of l Grive, Strictures qf the hUrethra, Dropsical SweU fings, Brick Duet Deposits, and all diseases that tequire a diuretic, and when used In conjunction with the CHEROKEE INJECTION. does not fail to euro Gleet and ail Mu« cous Discharges iu Male or Female, curing recent cases in from one to three days, aid is especially recommended in those cases of Fluor Albus or Whites in Females. The two medicines used in conjunction will not fail to remove this disagreeable complaint, and in t hose .cases where other medicines have been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Bottle, $2, Three Bottles, $9. 44 Injection, 44 44 $2, 44 44 $6. The Cherokee 44 Cure,** 44Remedy** and 44Infect lion" are to be found in all well regulated drug stores, and are recommended by physicians and druggists all over tho world, for their intrinsic worth and merit Some unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap and Worthies* compounds,—in order to make money— in place of these. Re not dtceired. If the drug gists will not buy them for yon, write to us, and we will send them to you by express, securely packed and free from.observation. Wo treat all diseases to which tho human svstem Is subject, and will be pleased to receive full and explicit statements from those who have failed to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address onto perfect con fidence. We desire to send our tfiirty-two page pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman In the land. Address all letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the sole proprietor, Dr. W. E. KEKWIN, 37 Wilker St, N. T. IMPORTANT to LUMBERMEN -AND Owners of Hemlock Lands! THE AMERICAN PATENTED IMPROVEMENT TANNING COMPANY, of New York, own tho exclusive light in tlm United State* Ibr the manufac ture of an imperishable “EXTRACT” from Hemlock Bark for tanning purposes. The Bark Extract Is now extensively used among Tanners, and the de mand for it rapiiliy increasing. It commands a ready sale in the Boston, New Y'ork and Philadel|*hia mar kets, at sixty cents j*er gallon. The appliances for manufacturing are simple and not expensive, costing but little more than the ordinary leaches used byTan ners. By this process, cords of Bark may be re duced so as to concentrate the eutire strength into forty gallons of extract, without in the slightest de gree injuring its running qualities, and at a cost not exceeding one dollar per coni. The saving in freight alone, between the transportation of the Extract ami the bark, will range from six to eight dollars per cord, so that any one who may got out but throe hundred cords of bark per year, may save from two tliousand to twenty-five hundred dollars in the difference in freight. The Company docs not propose to sell Territorial rights, but will grant exclusive privilege to munuliie ture in certain localities, charging a small royalty per gallon on the amount manufactured. Hie Company will send competent men to superin tend the construction of the works, where parties de sire to enter into the business, and to instruct iu the manufacture of the Extract. As a guarantee of success to parties entering into this business, the Company will contract to take till the Extract mannfiutured under their process at fitly cents per gallon, delivered In Boston or Wow York. Parties iu Marne .hairing larrtier information an to terms, Ac., may rail upon or address> CHAKLE8 HALE General Agent tor Maine, 'J4 Maine Mreet, Bangor, where models ol the auuarataa nmy iw seen. ni.vl'M.'lm S. H. KENNEDY, Prus t. Photograph si Photographs! A. H. Iuavih, TT70ULD respectfully tntorni his former customers v f and the public generally, that lie is now locat ed at No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be happy to receive all those wishing tor Phot.’graphs, Ambrotypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE janl4—3m» To Let, THIRD Story In the new block over Shaw’s Tea Store, Middle Street Enquire ol JACOB MoLBLLAK, Ocean Insurance Ofnce, Exchange Street, February 1 d3w» RAILROADS. PORTLAND SACO A PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, CoiunaeitciMg Moudar, Nty. Uib, (gfiC, ''anaeufer Train* leav. Portland for ston at 8.4U A. M., and *3.^0 p M lor Portland at 7.30 A. M.,aiuJ 2.30 P. 61. A Mechanic^ and Laborer s Train wm leave Biddcford daily, Sundays excepted, at C A. M., aud Saco at 0.08, arriving in Port laud at 6.10. lleturniiig, will leave Portland for Saco and Bid tie lord and intermediate station* at 6.10 P. Al. A special freight train, with passenger t ar attach ed wul leave Portland at 7.10 A. M. tor Saco and Biddclord, and returning, leave Biddelord at 8.3a and Saco at 8 40 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 29, 1866._ ieblldfr GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ol Canada. -A-lteration of‘ 'X'rains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. aRaSEJD ’A. and alter Monday, Nov. II, IS# ®HP^H§?trains will run as follows Train for South Pans and Uwiston, at 7.40 A. M Mail train lor WatervUlo, Bangor, Gorham, lslan Poud, Montreal and Quebtv at 1. 10 P. M. This train connects with Express train for Toron to. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping can attached from island Poud to Quebec and Montreal. Train lor South Paris at 5.0o P. AI. No baggage t an be received or chocked after t time above stated. Trains will arrive as follows-— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 A. M From Montreal, Quebec, etc., - - 1.46 *». m The Company are not responsible lor baggage any amount exceeding #50 in value (and tliat person al) unless notice is given, and paid Ibr at the rate o one passenger tor every #500 additional value. V. J. lilt yDUES, Managing Director. //. HAILE T, Local Superintendent. Portland, Nov. 2, 1M>6. dtf PORTLAND* BOCHESTEH R.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. wwfc.aMr-1 on and idler Monday, Doc. 17, 1866, 8MP**ViS will ruu M follows Passeuger trains leave 8a« o Kiver for Portland at 5. JO and iUH) A. M., and 3.40 P. M. Leave Portland lor Saco Kiver 7.15 A. M., 2.0-) and 5.45 P. M. Freight trains with passenger cur attached will leave Saco Kiver tor Portland. 6.50 A. Leave Portland tor Saco Kiver 12.15 P. M. Ur~stage& connect at Gorham tor West Gorham, Btandish, Steep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, bebago, Bridgton, Lovell, Uuam, Brownfield, PryeDurg, Couway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, Cormah,l*oi« ter. Freedom, Madison, and baton, N. H. At Buxtou Center tor West Buxton, Bouay-Eaglt, South Limington. Limington, Limerick, Newticld, Parsouslield and Oosipee At baocarappa for South Windham, Windham Hill and North Windham, daily By order ot the President. Portland, Dec. 14, 1866—dtf PORTLAND *J||RNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Conuamriug Monday, Her. 1‘Jih, 18GB. ft nT^FH Passenger Trains leave Portland dally wSfeSBK at LOO 1*. M., for Bath, Augusta, Wat erv ilic, Kendall’s Mills,Skowhegsu, and intenueiliate Stations,!connecting at Brunswick with Androscog gin K. R., for Lewiston and Farmington, and at Kendall's Mills with Maine Central U K.) tor Bangor and intermediate stations. Fares as low by this route as any ether. Leave Portland tor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations ou Saturday only at 7.45 P. M. iMixed Train leaves Portland for Brunswick and in termediate stations daily, except Saturday, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, will leave Portland lor Skowhcgan and inte mediate sta tions every morning at 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are duo at Portland at 0.20 A 51., and from Skowhcgan and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P. M. to connect with trains for Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and for Bel ta>tai Augusta, leaving daily on arrival oi train from Boston, leaving at 7.30 A. Al.; and tor Solon, Amou, Norridgcwock, Athens and Moose Head Lake at Skowhcgan, and for C'lnuu, East and North Vassal boro* at Va^salboro*: for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and ibr Canaan at Pishou’s Ferry. W. UATCKt huperisirudfiu. Augusta, Oct. 27,1866. novl2dtt MAINE CENTRAL R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. .-TffgLi^rzjan On and alter Monday,November 12tli, Mi#^1iKP»H-urrent. tialng will leave Portland lor bangor anil all intermediate station on this line, at 1.10 F. M. daily. Fur Lewiston and Auburn oulv. at 7.40 A.M. £1T'Freight trains for Watervllle and all interme diate stations, leave Port laud atb.^> A. M. Tram irom Bangor is due at Portland at 1.15 P. M, in season to< omiect with train tor boston. From Lewiston and Auburn only, at A. M. EDWIN NOYES, Supt. Nov. 1, ItHiG noMfi r..-€^s To Travelers I Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West & South, VIA TUB New York Central, Jblrie & Lake shore, And Pennsylvania Central Knilruads Far Sale at Ike I.awct rale, at the Weal era Railway Ticket OUlre,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Market Square. W. J>. L.ITTL.K dt CO., Hencral Ticket Agent*. X9~ Pannage Ticket, for California, t la steamer* Irom New York on the 1st, 11th, and tint of ouch month tor sale at tlira office,as heretofore. dct'M&wt. STEAXCUS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co, CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. Paueiigtni awaked la Landaaderry aid IjirerpMl. Krturu Ticket* granted nl Reduced Kntr*. Tlie Steamship Nestobian, Capt. Dattoo, will sail troui this port lot Liverpool, SATURDAY. 2Sd February, 1807, immediately allor tho arrival of tho train of tho previous day Horn Montreal, to he bil lowed by the Belgian on the 2d of March. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) *70 to *80. Steerage, 1,3 Payable in Gold or its equivalent. KP"For Freight or {stssage apply to U. & A. ALLAN, No. 3India St. Portland, Nov. 26, 1866. rebl8dw FARE hEDUCEDTO BUSTON. Summer Arrangement t Until further notice the Steamers of the Portland Steam Packet Co. 1 will run as follows:— Leave Atlantic WharffbrBoston, 'every evening, (except Sumlav)&t 7 o :lock. Leave Boston the bauiedaya at 5 P. M. Cabin tare,... . *150 Deck, UP Package tickets to be had of the Agents at re duced rate*. Freight taken as usual. May 22nd, 1866—dtt_BILLING.. A^kt. International Steamship Oo. Eastport, Calais and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONB TRIP PER WEEK. On and after Monday, December 17lh, the steamer NEW BRUNS WICK, Capt. E. B. WINCHES TER, will leave Rail Road Wharl, , . , , . ,, Ubiui St., every MONDAY, at 5 o clock I . M lor Lastport and St. John. RETURNING, will leave SI. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. At Eastport Stage Coaches will connect lor Ma chine. At St John tho E. & N. A. Railway will connect tor Sbtdlac. Freight received on days of sailing nnttl 4 o’clk. F. M. C. C. EATON, decgO-dtl Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. SEW I-WEEKLY LINE. Tho splendid and dud Steam »hips Dili I GO, Capt. H. Shek l WOOD, and FRANCONIA, Capt. W. W. Suebwooo, will, until lUrtlo r notice, run as tollowt: Leave Brow;’s Whart,Portland,every WEDNES DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M., and leave Pier ** East River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, al 4 o’clock P. M. These vessels are titled up with tine accommoda tions for passengers, making this the must speedy, sale and comfortable rou e lor travellers between New York and Maine, passage, In Slate Room, $6.00 Cabin passage $5.00. Meals extra. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Mon (real, Quebec, Bangui, Bath, Augusta, Eastportaud St. Joan. Shipper* aro requested to send their Height to tho steamers as early as 3 P. M. on the dav that they leave Portland. 3 For Height or passage apply to , EMERY CL FOX, Bruwu’s Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 38 East River. _May2g,jij6S. _dy 13LtA.NO HARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some boiler* 700 degs. ofheat is thrown away, making a loss 011-3 tne ftiel. The question is olten asked iiow can this be saved. Mr Blanchard ha* invcuted a boiler that takes perfect control ol all the heat ami makes it do duty in the engine. This ia verv simple in its construction; alter the engine is in motion the smoke pipe ia closed tight, and the waste beat earrleu through heater*, heating the steam to any temperature desired; the remainder carried through the water heater, using up all the waatn heat but 200degs.; the heat Wing reduced so low there can be no danger of setting tires by sparks thrown from engines, which will add much value to this invention, besides the saying 1-3 the luel. For particulars inquire ot \VM. WILLARD, Corner of Commercial Wharf and Commercial St. Feb 21—<11 v jitore to Let. THK GOTHIC STORK on Congress Street, op posite Lalayette Street. Till. Is one of the best stands for the ,4r»cery KMainraa in the Citv, having had a large trade lor the east ten years. Apply to S. L. CAKLKTON, jau 1 dedtf_ 21 Market Square. 5-20’s e x c n •! ,v t; e n 7-30*8, —BY— W. H. WOOD & SON Feb#-d2nr A CARD. THE undureigned having REMOVED from Ware’s llall, will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE Wo. 3 Free St. Block, And would invito the attention of ihe Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock - OF - Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors* Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods! Purchased the past week for Cash, which will be ottered to the trade at the lawcst market prices. Soliciting your patronage, we remain Yours Very Truly, CHADBOURN & KENDALL. January 15, 18G7. Clot hint/ Cleansed and llepaired By WILLIAM BKOWh£ formerly at 91 Federal street, is now looted at his new store No 64 Fed eral st, a tew doors below Lime street, will attend to his usual business ot Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness. B?F"Sccond-hand Clothing for sale at fair prices. % Jan 8—dtf SHORT & TORINO, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Corner Center Streets, Have on hand a lull supply ot Law, School. Miscellaneous and Blank Books. Stationery of all Kinds. dash, Post Office and Envelope Oases, Let* ter Presses, Pen Backs, &o. Wc have just received from New York a lull supply ol PAPER HANGINGS, |SgP* New Patterns an<l Choice Styles. DRAWING PIPES OF ALL SIZES. iy Give us a caH. Short At liOring, jy30dtl 31 Fiee, Corner of Center Street. J. & C. J. BARBOUR, Manufacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ItlK. IjadicM’ and NIisse*’ Serge and Calf Bools. Men's Fine Calf and Thick Boot**. Boys’, Youths’ and Children’s Boots and Shoes. Rubber Boots and Nhoes of all kinds. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. HOI.ASSES HOSE, ENGINE DOSE RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Kahber ClMbiag, Slabber Haw. JOBS BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. H. BARBOUR, novgii dtf Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE of new and elegant Fnrs in Bostoo, BOUGHT FOR CASH, And can be sold CHEAPER than at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, 913,00, farmer price 916,00. Silk Velvet Hoods,Beaver trimmed, FOB 94.00, and other Goods in proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PREBLE OOUOE. deem__dtf A FULL SUPPLY -OF Boy’s Clothings ! AT TBS New England Clotlung Com., 98 Market Square. dc8d3m E. LEVEEN & CO. $100. $100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson At Chndbourne, Morion Block, 2 doors above Preble House. THIS new Bounties* under the law approved July 88th, 18GG, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay, Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov» ernment, collected at short notice. 'fhe necessary blanks hare been received, ami claim ants should tile their claims promptly. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut, nth. Me. Vote. Paul Chadbourne, late Maj. 1st Me. Cav. Oct 16-dtf n gah FIXTURES ! OOVELL & 00, 554 Broadway, New York, Importers and Manufacturers of Chandeliers, Gas Fixtures, &c., Of the latest styles. Stole Pendents and Brackets of every variety of pattern made to suit anv sired room or hall. The attention of Architects and'Builders is respectfully solicited. Prices to suit the times. Refers by permission to Messrs. Marrett, Poor & Co., Portland. fehUiUm For Sale. ~ A SUIT of Sails, Rigging and Blocks, nearly new, from a fishing Schooner of 100 tons; also Top sails, Fore an<l Mainsails, second hand. SAMPSON & CONANT, decldtf No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wharf. White Meal and Hominy. O ft BBI.S. Superior White Meal (for Table Mtf use). 3 Ehls. new Hominy, just reedved, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by CHASE BROTHERS, teblCSTT2w HEAD LONG WHARF. To Bent, WAREHOUSE on Custom House Wharf. En quire of LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novldtf 139 Commercial street. A GOOD STOCK OF Clothing and Furnishing Goods FOR SALE, WITH STORK TO LET. Inquire at 317 CONGRESS STREET. fcbll_ d2w 384 CONGRESS STREET. a* k* Haskell & 00*9 Dealers in Provisions and Groceries, AT LOWEST CARD PRICKS. fcblSdlm PORTLAND, Me. A New Place Just Open l WHERE you can buy real French CALF SKINS and Philippe and Canaud's SARDINES, just received trom Paris, now in bond, and ibr sale in lots to suit customers by H. r* K Y HET, Office ever the Ebk Market janW'Jm* FKDKRAL STREET . For Sale Cheap. 40 M feet extra Southern Pine, inch thick and from 5 to 8 inches wide. 10 M 1J inch do, 12 to 14 In width. R. DKKRINO, .ianOOtl Hobson's Wharf. Commercial street. Four Stores lor Kent ON Union Wharf, size 25 x 50, suitable for Gram or other goods. Apple to JOSEPH H. WHITE, febSdtt No. 6) Union Wharf. H. W. SimONTON & COn 349 Congress St., Up Stairs. Fancy Linen Cellars 13c. Tacked do. lOe, C lands, STe. Pebbled Clnnds 91.43. Mhetland Tells SO and T3 eta. (y Worsted Goods at Bodneod Price*. ja24dtf