Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 25, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELKaKATII TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ---— Monday Morning, February 25, 1867. ---- LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. IhPECIAL DISPATCH TO THK PKE88.] State House, Augusta, Feb. 23. SENATE. Report of the Committee on the Judiciary, on the petition of Luther Fitch and other*, to inquire into the manner in which the franchise I.r the Cumberland & Oxford Canal is used, that the same be referred to the next Legisla ture, with order of notice. The same was ac cepted. Report ot the Committee on Kducatiuu,on the petition of S. Rich and others, trustees of Fast Maine Conference Seminary, with re solve in lavor of the name, was read twice and Monday assigned for third reading. On motion of Mr. Robie, the “ resolve to re duce the valuation of the city of Portland ” was taken from the table, and after remarks from Messrs. Houghton, Robie, Woodman Brown aud Caldwell, the same was passed to be engrossed. The act provides that the valua tion of the city of Portland shall be establish ed and fixed at the sum of seventeen millions eight hundred aud sixty-six thousand dollars, until further ordered by the Legislature. This is a reduction of four millions of dollars from the valuation of 1860. The same resolve passed *he House. On motion of Mr. Perkins, a bill an act, which provides for au additional compensation lor members of the Legislature, increasing the salary fifty dollars, was taken up. Mr. Fairbanks moved that the hill he indef initely postponed, and called for the yeas and nays, with the following result: Yeas 18, nays ■ 6. '."lie question of enlarging the capital build ing was under discussion, when adjournment was raided for and carried to Monday next at ten o'clock. HOUSE. Itesolve in favor of Maine State Agricultu ral Society came from the Senate indefinitely postponed. It was postponed in concurrence. An act in relation to bail in criminal cases; also an act in aid of tbe construction of the European & Korth American Kail way, were laid on the table. Itesolve relating ta the defense of the coast of Maine, passed ta .be engrossed; also an act ta establish the salary of the Clerk of Courts for the County of Cumberland. Mr. Stetson, of Bangor, laid upon the table a memorial of H. F. Mills on i.he water power of Maine aud of the Uuited State9, aU(1 l’1™ thousand copies were ordered to he p rinted. As act providing for the election of a ,’eport er by the House, came up by assignment, 111111 attar being discussed by Messrs. Atkiusou an.H Brown in favor, and Hal], Oak and Shepley against, the House reconsidered its veto refer ing the same ta tho next Legislature, and in definitely postponed the same. An act authorizing any city or town in this State ta raise money to aid in tho construction any railroad in this State came up. Air. Hutchings moved an amendment, and that Tuesday next he assigned. The Speaker decided that the act which was offered as an amendment to the original act, was a different question, and that such an amendment was not in order. Mr. Hutchings said ho was opposed to the original act, aud would state his reasons on iuesday next, tho day of assignment. itesolve in favor of Bickford C. Alattbews came from the Senate, refused a passage. On motion to insist, the matter was debated by Messrs. Hale, Atkinson and others, and was decided by yeas 54, najs 60. The House sub sequently voted to recede and concur. The question of Governor’s salary, left unde cided on yesterday, came up by assignme nt at 12 o clock M., and tho question on recousii lera tiou was voted down—yeas 50, nays 02. .Sub sequently the House voted ta insist, aud ap pointed Messrs. Brown, of Hampden, Tobej ,of Athens, and Allen, of Centreville, conferee s in favor of $2,500. Aii act to annex certain islands to the tc wu of Friendship was reported by the Commi ttee on Incorporation ot Towns, and passer! to he engrossed under suspension of the rules. Report ot minority upon the assiim ption of war debts of towns, was called from t'ao table. A few unimportant amendments were propos ed, which were adopted unanimously, and the resolvo as amended passed to be engr. used. A motion to reconsider was voted do\rn. Tire same will probably pass the Senate bj a large majority. Resolve in favor of the B*ath Mili (ary Aey lum passed to be engrossed. EUROPE. ffEvrn it 1 thk hk le. u Vienna, F<j b. 22. Baron Von Beust, Minister of Slate of the Austrian Empire, says that Austria is ii , favor evacuation ot Servia l,y the T urkish lorces. So tar as Cretan affairs are cone srned, the Baron says it is the policy of the U- overn ment to avoid the question entirely. . . , , Beiujn, Feb 22. Intelngence has been received from V ienna that serious apprehensions are enter" Sained there of a rising of the peasants in the A .ustri au provinces on the Danube, and a large num ber of arrests have been made by the G< jvern meut authorities. Count Bianrtarck is much better to-day. and it is now trr.ught that he will recover. m. London, Feb. 221 here **'ropoMd <Jr'!ek loan is on the maritet Tl’.c English Government promises to give a cofaplete account of the postal service between • •jrcat Britain and the United States. r ,,, t Liverpool, Feb. 23, Noon. Intelligence has been received here that the bng Regina Delmare, Capt. Gennoro, from Mew York 28th December, for Cette, went ashore recently on Gran dc la Mouvelle. . . London, Feb. 23, Noon, rile news trom Lpain is of an exciting char acter. Though the Government of that, coun try is seeking to keep from the puLlic the course of events, there is no longer any doubt that a serious insurrection is impending. foreign News per Mean.,. , JJew York, Feb. 24. ihe steamship Deutffchiand, from Bremen via Southampton 13th inst., has arrived here Her news is mainly covered bv cable tele grams. The London Times, speaking editorially of the ministerial explanations touching refor m says the hope of settling the question in this session of Parliament depends upoii the reso lution of the House to take it out of the hands of the ministry, and carry it through by their agency rather than by their guidance. The Saxon portion of Transylvania is report ed to be favorable to r union with Hungary A revolutionary pamphlet has been cTrcuiait ed in Pesth without effect. The Senate ot the Danubian Principalities has agreed to the abolition of tlio tobacco mo nopoly. Accounts via Athens represent that the Turks have becu defeated in several minor en gagements in Crete. Mazzini's renunciation of his seat in the Itul lan Deputies has been accepted, he having de clared that he could not sit in that Chamber consistently with his republican principles. Advices trom .Japan state that Prince Chosen had defeated Damn* of Kurec. The Damios distrust each other and refuse to attend the conference. Chinese advices represent that tiie Maliomt: dans in Kiarigsi had captured four towns. A great lire had occurred at Lienesin, which destroyed property to the value of $300,000. Fl ow Noiath America. rvu tt u. New York, Fob. 23. Minister s^a“an>a correspondent says our M rnsUr, Mr Burton, to the Columbian Gov tion ’ luaintail>s his antagonistic posi U has been decided that foreign mails can cross the Isthmus without hindrance ilosquera lavorsthe annexationot Ecr.uador Jdh,out,Krd to bf'partof u- ro'toySS* From South America, u is ,red that another proposition for peace had Uen mude by France and England, but the Cabinet would uotpermit the terms to be made known; but it 10 intimated again that proposals from the, States would, be cordially received. Tne revolution j'l Mendoza is reported to be increasing in importance, the iriBuigentshav mg recently in©d decided advantages. iriii»n,f^!IlaP* caVftlry regiment bail revolted, th!» ini"!!1' y ,,f their otticers, as also those ol « ,i ,y reSimeu* ««nt to reduce them to subordir.ation. v|S*'11 Capo, at the head of 40u men, invaded w Ca,b°, and meeting the forces of President . norland,a battle ensued lasting seven hours, , aring which Capo was killed ami then bis torces retired. 1 ,r*lni» «o be the firmt State la wheel line Isino. Ti,n p5f.K^ , ^ New York, Feb. 24. ginia wi l ^^iD«sPat«h intimates that Vir tofcll intfthb ’,y the fir9t Southern State jdanof1^ofcSXrSiflCrongIe8Si°nal council with the State SPn-,T’ i lerPont was in advised the speedy ™do?^;intt,‘;rC.unKf‘fl His views seemed to meet with*'1 °* t*ie an‘ bation. It is generally believed^w' aj'111^0' lature will pis . billed hug aoonv^*g,S'r the people and accept lug neifro suffrt^41011 ° the teriis of tbe bill * 8 “uffrf lK° u"uu From Havana. New York. Feb. 24. Havana correspondence per the Manhattan states that the soundings for a cable lietween Cuba and Florida are completed, and that tin cable will be laid next November. A stibuia rine mountain 3000 teet high was disi covered while making the soundings. The average depth of the water is 5100 feet. Considerable uneasiness is still felt at Tfava *he financial situation. The foooa Ot olant^ir“°«lng attention on the part tenP^ng upw«dTrW“8 FroightB "ere _ CONFIRMATIONS AMU REJECTIONS Arraignment of John II. Surratt. Correspoudvuce with Foreign Min isters aud Cousuls. Washington, Feb. 23. The Senate confirmed Edward M. King Con sul at Canton. Anson J. Crane Collector of Internal Revenue in third district of Vermont. Alvan C. Gillenn and William C. French, of the regular army, to be Major Generals by brevet, aud the following to bo Brigadier Gen erals by brevet: Chaney McKever, John M. Cuyley, Madison Mills, William II. Scdill and Charles 1- . Rutfall, for gallant and meritorious service. Gallusliu Fenny Parker, Henry A. Morrison aud Euther F. Wadley have been confirmed as Colonels in the regular army.— Besides the above confirmations there were many of subordinate grades. The following aro among the rejected nomin ations: Linius Bridsey Postmaster at Meri den, Conn.; Simon Farnsworth, Postmaster at Millbury, Mass.; A. Wiswell, Collector of Cus toms at Frenchman’s Bay,Me.; James li. Par sons, United States Attorney of Rhode Island. The receipts of internal revenue for the week were $2,400,320. Receipts of customs for the week ending February Kith were: Boston *285,019; New York *2.917,200; Philadelphia *200,870; Baltimore $71,411; New Orleans *135,124. Joliu H. Surratt was to-day arraigned before the liar of tbe Criminal Court of this District, fhe fact that he would be brought before that tribunal so early was not generally known, and the crowd in attendance was not uncommonly large. The prisoner was brought over trom the jail, and placed at the bar by Marshal Gooding, ills Zouave uniform bail been removed, and tbe prisoner attired in a suit of black, wheu brought into court had liis bauds manacled, hut by request of counsel the Court ordered them removed, and the indictment was read to him by the Clerk of the Court. At the close Surratt entered tbe plea of not guilty. The Clerk then asked, “ How will you be tried?” I'o which a response was made, " by my coun trymen,” when the officer added, "then may God grant you a sate deliverance.” The hand cuffs were replaced, and the prisoner remand ed to jail. No excitement whatever was man ifested during the time of Surratt's presence in Lho court room. Sanford Conover, who was recently convicted in this court of perjury 1h i'ore the Military Committee oi tile House of itepreseutatives, was also present awuitingfccn tence, the two prisoners being side by side at the bar. No day has yet been lixed for Sur ratt’s trial. Washington, Feb. 24. The President lias transmitted to the Senate a mass of documents from the Secretary of State, in answer to a resolution of that body calling for the correspondence with foreign ministers and consuls in relation to the policy of the President towards the States lately in rebellion, and especially any enquiries ot the Department of State with regard to the con versations or opinions of such loreign minis ters. The documents embrace dispatches from Messrs. Clay, King, Santbrd, Bigelow, Adams, Marsh, Morris, Murphy, McMath aud Perry, covering a period of more than two years.— Secretary Seward writes to Minister Hale, in Spain, Nov. 21st, 18titi, as follows: ” Sib:—The President lias received a letter from a citizen of the United States at Paris, in which it is represented that you have condemn ed his course in a malignant manner to vari ous Americans. Your deniel or Continuation •if this statement is requested.” Mr Hale replies, under date of December Utli expressing his surprise at Mr. Seward’s letter «^ Nov. 21st, and says: “ 1 sha.'' ina*i<J short work in answering that V . t-atemeiit, from beginning to end, is utterly and ‘a'se in every word and line. Whether v °“ luok at the statement in point of fact, or in ti, ** *P*rit "l1*10'1 ,llcU,t,‘tl l can appeal,with conhi. to> every Ameri can whom I have met s..*®?.d *?iVOu>ee/11t Spain, to bear witness to its i falsehood. 1 have ever felt, and my conduct *as ever been carefully regulated by the feeling, the representative of the Goverumei. 1 "r , <>1 the United Stuies, and not a partizan. this statement is not entirely satisfactory, could, and do, solicit the fullest investigation by which the falsehood and malignity of the charges made will be established. Secretary Seward, tinder date of January 1th, 1807, writes to Mr. Hale tliatj his explana tion is perfectly satisfactory. Other diplomatic representations reply simi larly or endorse the President. Mr. McMath, Consul at Morocco, Mr. Santbrd, Minister at Brussells, and Minister Morris, at Constanti nople, endorse the President's policy. All the replies were deemed satisfactory by the Secre tary of State. Yesterday Sanford Conover, convicted!of per jury, was brought before Judge Fisher for sen tence. His counsel asked that his sentence might be withheld till a writ of error could bo argued before the court. Judge Fisher an nounced that this might be done on Saturday next, and sentence was postponed. The second public meeting of the Congres sional Temperance Society was held to-night in the Hall of the House of Representatives, which was densely crowded,{the various tem perance organizations of Washington being present in strong force. Senators Pomeroy and Willis and Representatives Boutwell, I Mants, Ross, Pei ham aud Dodge spoke in be half of the cause. The last named gentleman dated that members of tbe Pennsylvania Leg islature were at Harris'‘urg to-night, holding a temperauce meeting, thus following the exam ple sot last Sunday evening by members of Congress. Gen. Howard made the concluding s|>eech. The funeral of Prof. Bachc took place this afternoon, and was largely attended. MEXICO. Maximilian does not Claim to be Emperor. Defeat of Miramon at San Jacinto. YOI.I NTEGR FOBEICNBBS ORDER. ED TO BE MOOT. New York, Feb. 23. City of Mexico correspondence of the 5tii inst., says the entire roxd trom Puebla to the capital is strewn with the debris of the retreat ing French army. The Liberals were prevent ed front attacking it by strict orders from Diaz; but appearances indicate that t slight demon stration would convert tbe whole march into a grand rout. , The American Consulate is garrisoned to protect American citizens. Maximilian tells every one be docs not con sider himself Emperor, out only chief of the national party. Havana, Fib. 20.—The French steamer arriv ed hereon the 18th, with dates from Vera Cruz to t he 13lh, and the city of Mexico to the 9th. T1 te report that President J uarez had been taker.’ prisoner grew out of an unexpected at tack i trade by Miramon with 3,000 men on Zac atecas, Miramon’s official dispatcli says that J uarez escaped owing to tho velocity of his carriage. Eseabado arrived upon the scene the next day, gave battle to Miramon at Sail Jacin to, and -completely routed him, taking 800 prisoners, capturing all his artillery, &e. At last accoui its Miramon had arrived at Quere laro with o nly four officers. Siceaga, the Imperial commander of Guana juato, liad li een defeated by Kiucoe Gillardo, and that city i bad fallen into the hands of the Liberals. Maximilian's Minister, Tabeano, with a strong brigad e, w as routed while coming from Foluaa to reit iforeo the capital, and lost 500 dead and wout idcd on the Hold of battle. The bearer of official dispatches from the French steamef was stopped by Porfirio Diaz, who is now encamped between Puebla and Mexico. It was reported at Vera Cruz that Juarez lett Zacatecas lor Sail Lais three days before Mira mon made liis sud den attack upon that placed Maripiege was reported to have 10,000 men, of who in only 4,000 were armed. Eigh t hundred seldiers^of the garrison of Puebla had declared for the Republicand gone with Za uiacnna, and it was reported that as soon as t he French left the remainder would take posi tension of tbe city and pronounce for J uarez. Gen. C. isthmian,'! Jle Portier and others, and also Mail, line Bazaine, have arrived here on tile French steamer Monde, which takes out 808 pa ssengers. The transport Jonne way to leave Vera Cruz on the 15tb, with 1200 troops. Several members of Maximilian’s Ministry were also among the passengers on board tbe Monvean Mo nde. Marshal Bazaine arrived at Puebla pn the tith inst. Brownhvii.le, Texas, Feb. 20. j Advices fnjm San Luis Potosi state that an engagement took place on tho 4th inst., in a defile, known as La Galliarnera, between the forces of Miramon under Costello, and Gen. liochea, with Escobado’s command, loot) men. The Liberals were defeated and three or four humlred killed, among them Gen. Herron Y. Carro ami Col. Marias, and mostot the remain der of tho Liberal forces were either wounded or taken prisoners. Only live escaped. Cos tello, after the victory, was seriously threaten ed by Caravajarol, while endeavoring to reach finer, itaro by forced marches. .Esolbado had ordered all the volunteer for eigner s found in Miramon’s army to be shot for tl>-pri-il aliens committed at Zacatioas. Joaqui na Mi ramon, brother of Miguel, was among those shot. Orte.,’a and Baton still remained at Saltillo Tbe ■ crodii'o, the official journal of Monte rey, ol tale loth and 17th, .ys the government oi that Htato is occupied with preparations for the departure of the French. and Belgian prisoners at Mat aiuoras are to he exchanged tor the Mexicans brought to tint place by the French frigate Bolegethos. Aji order for their departure w as waited for from Escobado. Tbe newspapers of the interior pt Mexico justify the butchery of the 190 foreigners cap tured from Miramon, and charge them with all tbe depredations committed at Zacatecas. Tbe doctors say that Mejia cannot be cured. New Voili Items. New Yoke, Feb. 23. The trial trip of the Dunderber^ was ^satis factory. During a portion of the trial she [made twelve miles per hour. New Yore, Feb. 24. Bev. Dr. McCann, Arch Deacon of the Cath olic Church of New York, died yesterday. | An important test case will shortly come be fore the Supreme Court, to determine whether certificates of indebtedness are to be deemed taxable as United States securities. Tenuaince Nominates Uen. fliioiutti |r«r P resident* Nashville, Tenn., Fab. 22. Gov. Brownlow was re-nominated for Gov ernor yesterday by acclamation. A resolution was unanimously adopted nom inating Gen. George F. Thomas to the next Presidency. XXXIX CONGRESS* SECOND SESSION Washington, Feb. 23 SENATE. Petitions and memorials Were presented and referred. A special session Tuesday evening for tbe consideration of private pension bills was or dered. Mr. Trumbull called up tbe House joint re solution to prohibit any officer of tbe Govern ment paying any claim accruing prior to 13th April, 1861, for any person who promoted, en couraged or in any manner sustained the re bellion, or during such rebellion was not known to be opposed thereto aud distiuotly in favor ot its suppression. The Judiciary Committeo recommended striking out all after “rebellion” where it first occurred. The amendment was agreed to. Mr. Fogg offered an amendment as a proviso that the resolution shall not be construed to prevent payment of claims or contracts made prior to that date with loyal citizens ol' the Southern Slates. Agreed to. Mr. llowe offered an amendment, to add af ter the word “rebellion” where it first occurs, *‘or in l’avor of any person who does not prove to tli«* .satisfaction ot tho proper accounting of ficer that he was opposed to the rebellion'and i n favor of its suppression.” Adopted, 25 to <» 1 he joint resolution as amended passed. Mr. Edwards, lroin the Committee on Com merce, reported the bill repealing the provision ot the law authorizing the introduction of for eign goods into the United States without in spection at the usual ports of entry; also the House bill to authorise light houses, with amendments fixing the specific amount for each. Mr. Fessenden, from the Finance Commit tee, reported the army appropriation bill with amendments. The provision forbidding remo val, suspension or relieving of the General-in Chief or changing his quarters from Washing ton is amended by adding the words “except with bis consent.” The item for the purchase of the Willard Sears estate near the Water town arsenal grounds and the sale of a certain tract of land in South Boston is stricken out; The sum mentioned was $49,200. Mr. Conness introduced a joint resolution in structing the Secretary ot State to obtain from the Columbian Government authority for sur veying for an inter-oceanic ship canal across the Isthmus of Darien and ascertain the terms <>n which the right of way can be obtained. Passed. The Indian appropriation bill was then ta ken up. It appropriates $2,700,000. The House provision, that no part of the appropriation for expenses in Colorado shall be disbursed by Governor Alexander Cummings, was stricken out. $33,000 was added to the bill to make good tile Indian funds lost by deposit ill the Merchants National Bank of Washington. Mr. Henderson offeied an amendment ap propriating $112 per head for the support of six thousand Navajoe Indians who are held prisoners of war in Mexico. Tlir Senate theu went into executive session and afterwards took rcces9 until 7 P. M. EVENING SESSION. The Senate agreed to the report of the Cou lereuce Committee on the bill to give certain men drafted within the year after furnishing substitutes $300. The bill to establish land districts iu Mon tana, Arizona, Idaho and Utah was passed. The Indian appropriation bill was theu ta ken up. Mr. Sherman offered a substitute for Mr. Henderson’s amendment, which was to appro priato $10U,000 tor tile relief of the N avajoe In dians iu New Mexico, to bo expended under ‘he direction of tile Secretary of the Interior, provided no rations w'ero issued to them by the Secretary of War after July 1st. Adopted. On motion ol Mr. Williams it was agreed that all vacancies in tile Sub-lndfiiu agencies “f a salary greater than $1000 shall hereafter lie tbo President with tile advice and consent ol the Senate. On motion of Mr. Henderson the appropria tion for Indians in Arizona was raised to $70,000. Mr. Henderson offered an amendment ap pointing $20,000 to pay the expenses of the Fort Kearney massacre investigation. It was adopted. Alter lengthy discussion on other amend ments, which were uot agreed to, the bill passed and the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. The House went into Committc of the \\ hole on the bill making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government. ijr, Schofield inquired ot Mr. Stevens when the expenditures about the Capital would cease. Mr. Stevens replied that if the question was aske’t fits sucuessor some twenty years hence it might o'e answered, but the gentleman should recollect .'hat the construction of a great edi fice like the Capital required a little more time and money than the putting up of a saw-mill. Mr. Schofield had ;to idea the Capitol would remain at Washington. The cutting down of i he mileage last session would cause the west ern .members to insist on haviug it removed westward Mr. *‘>r the second time, moved ail ap propriation C? $-0,000 to build a bridge across the Mississippi river at Rock Island arsenal, which gave rise to considerable debate. Mr. Harding, of lT.UnoiS, ottered an amend ment, providing that tfie bridge shall be tree to public travel and that ban the expense of superstructure bo borne by the Com pany. Mr. Price accepted this modification, an * amendment as modified was agreed to. Mr. Jencks moved an appi opriution of $41, 000 for removal of sunken wrecks and obstruc tions in Providence and Pawtfuret rivers, Rhode Island. Mr. Hogan moved to amend by appropria ting $40,000 for removal of sunken wrecks from the Mississippi river. These wrecks had already cost $8000 in property and 50 and (50 lives. The amendment as thus amended was agreed to. An amendment providing forelection by the Senate ot the Superintendent of Public Build ings to hold office four years and pertorm the duties now devolving upon the Commissioner ot Public Buildings and abolishing the latter office was adopted. $2,500 was appropriated to purchase a bust of Pulaski executed by Henry D. Saunders as a companion bust to that of Kosciusko by the same artist. Mr. Laflin offered a new section prescribing all laws, resolutions and advertisements pub lished in the District of Columbia shall be in two papers having the largest daily permanent circulation, and providing punishment by im prisonment of any officer lor violation thereof. Mr. Lo Blond made it a point of order that this was new legislation and not in order in any appropriation bill. The chair sustained the point. Tlie committee rose and reported the Senate bill to provide lor the. temporary increase of the pay of army officers which was referred to the Military Committee. The House then took a recess. EVENINO SESSION. The civil appropriation bill was taken up. The amendment making appropriations for Light Houses for Western lakes and Southern inlets was adopted. An amendment appropriating $250,000 for a bridge over the Mississippi river at Rock Is land was rejected—2fi against 74. The amendment lor tlie purchase, of a bust of Pulaski was agreed to—51 to 48. The amendment abolishing the office ot Com missioner of Public Buildings was agreed to and the bill was passed. The House then resumed the consideration of the bill from last evening’s session making valid all acts and proclamations of the Presi dent for the suppression of rebellion The bill then passed—00 against 27. The House tlum adjourned. Wafchiugton Correspondence. New York, Feb, 24. An agent of the Russian Government has arrived in Washington and is negotiating for the purchase of American small arms. It is reported that the President tendered the eolJeeiorship of New York to Gen. Sickles who declined it. THJG MAKKEIi. Financial. New York. Feb. 23. The Post’s financial article says the loan market is rather more active at 6 pec cent.. and loans as high as 7 per cent, are reported. Choice bills range tVom 7 to s per cent. Stock* inactive but better in tone, (lovemments linn. Railroad shares opened strong | and an advanco obtained on leading securities which j was well sustained at the close. Foreign Exchange closed firm for steamer. New York !?Iarkrf«* New York, Feb. 23. Cotton—dull and heavy, and folly 4c lower; sales 56o bales; Middling Uplands at 31 $c. Flour—Receipts 3,5'.G bids; sales 7,500 bbls; State and Western 5 (w loc better, the advance being chiefly upon low and medium grades. Superfine State at 8 75 m 10 00; Extra do, at 10 05 (a) 10 95; Choice do at 1000 (ti> 1150; Round Hoop Ohio lo i>0 a 1175; Choice do 1180 Cff> 12 85; Superfine Western 8 75 (a> 10 00; Common to good Extra Western, lo 0510 95; choice do 1100 % 1:i 10. Southern rather moreatoady with sales of 260 bbls.; mixed to good at 1110 & 12 00; Fancy and Extra, 12 10 (g> 16 50. Wheat— 1 (jig 2c better, the improvement chiefly on Winter; sales 25,500 bush. Chicago Spring No. 2 at 2 25; Milwaukee No. 2 at 2 29; An.her State at 3 05; Michigan at 3 10; White Canada at 3 03. Corn—lc lower with a fair demand; sales 65,000 hush. Mixed Western, in store, at 105 (g) 1 06; do, afloat at 106 @ 107. New Yellow Jersey at 1 07 («j 1 iOf the latter price an extreme ono. Oats—lc better; sales 47,000 bush. Western at 56 @ noc. state at 06j @ 68c. Beet—unchanged ; sales 300bbls; new plain mess at 12 00 @ 18 00; new extra do, 17 00 @ 20 00. Fork—firmer and quiet; sales 3,250 bbls.; new mess at 20 62 (a) 21 12, dosing at 2J 00 for Western; old mess at 19 87 (5j 20 25; prime at 16 75(a) 17 00 ; also 1,500 bbls. new mess at 21 00 @ 21 37, sellers and buy ers for Mardi and April. Lard—firmer in prices; sales of 1,500 bbls, at 123 ^ 13c for old, and 12J @ 121 e for new. Butter—dull; sales Ohio at 15 % 26c: State at 26 ■a) 36c. Whiskey—quiet and steady. Rice-quiet and firmer; sales at lOj @ 103 Car olina. Sugars—firmer with a good demand; sales 1,100 bbls. of Muscovado at log & lljc. English Island ut 12c. Coflfee—Jc better for Rio; sales 3,400 hags Rio at 13 p) 13jc irrgold in bond. Molasses—firmer wltli a lair demand: sales 460 hhds. Muscovado, old and new crop, par* at 50c. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at71iaj 73c. Rosin at 4 12 @ 9 00. Oils— lull; linseed nominal; lard, sperm and wbalo nominal. Petroleum—quiet; sales crude at 17£c; refined bond ed at 29c. Tallow—firm; sales 12,000 lbs, at 11] @ Ujc. Wool—quiet and firm ; sales 250,000 lbs. at 33 @ 62<Jc tor domestic fleece; 25 (g) 35c for Texas; 33$ (a; 47} for pullc!; 25 @ ;i5c for Mestiza. by »alt tS t0 Livorl>«o>—quiet and steady. Cotton id Chicago markets. wi in..... i . Chicago, Feb. 23. rlnsini* ^u‘et and unchanged. Wheat firm, VfwtH mYV' 1 *•} ® for No. 2; small S '1 „ ; ® 2 *• Corn fairly active, closing nrrn, sales at 8Cc ior No. l,and fiC « (>9k tor No 2 Oats active and advancing; sales Yt. t Nn' l' and 41 @ 4ijc fbr No.2. Vic?ami firm - Provisions steady and quiet; Jess pork at 18 50 Yd> 18 75. Sweet pickled bams ’at tt V £L Pkkl,"l bulk meats steady; sales of shoulders at 71c■ im,,,. 20}c. Lard flrni at 12 @ 12jc. ’ ,iani9 iteceipts—12.00U btls. flour, 21,500 bush, wheat a non bush, corn, 8,500 busli. oats, 1.800 bogs. Shipment.— 1,000 bbls. flour, 14,000 bush, wheat, and 17,000 bush, corn. Cinciimnti markets. Cincinnati, Feb. 23. Flour unchanged and dull. Wheat firm and prices unchanged. Corn l@2c higher, and In demand; No. 1 at 61 & 62c. Kye firm at 1 23 @ 1 25. Barley •lull at 160 for choice tall. Provisions quiet. Mess Pork Is held at 20c. Lard at 12c. Bulk meats at 7$ % 9k, :*tnl 10k with a small demand. Bacon }c low er; sales of shoulders atOc; sides lOic; clear sides 12c. Butter dull at 27 e 30c, Cheese at 16J $ 17c, U ilioluylau nui-Ueis Wilmington, N. C., Feb. 23. Spirit* turpentine firm; sales at 61c, Rosin steady; sales at 3 12} ® (100. Tar firm; sales at 1 65 ® 2 00.' New Orleans Markets. _ . , N«tv Orleans, Feb. 23. (otton—sales 2,800 bales; Middling at 301® 31c; receipts 101 bales; exports 18,42(1 bales. Sugars—fail at 13c. Molasses—fair at 70c. Gold 138}. Sterling Exchange 48} .a, 483. Exchange on New York 8} dis count. Freights—by steam to New York lc; by sail to Liverpool 9-16d. ’ 1 Commercial—Per Cable. London, Feb. 22, Evoning. Consols for money closed at 901. American Securities.—The following are the closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 37}. lllinolsCentral Bhares 77} ex-div. Unit ed States 5-20’s 73}. „ , , Parts, Feb. 22. Evening. United States,5-20 bonds are quoted at 82}. ,, , Frankfort, Feb. 22, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds closed this evening at .7}. Liverpool, Feb. 22, Evening. I he Cotton market is heavy and tending down ward; prices blue materially declined during the day; the sales to-day wero 8,IV>0 hales; Middling up lands quoted at 13Jd. Middling Orleans at 14}. London, Feb. 23, Noon. Consols for money 91. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 77, cx-div. Erie Railroad shares 37}. United States 5-20’s 733. Liverpool, Feb. 23, Noon. The Cotton market tills morning was somewhat firmer and prices advanced a tritie; estimated day’s sales 7,000 bales. Middling uplands at 13jd. Bread stuffs very dull. Com declined to 37s <*1. " Petroleum lOd p gallon. . Boston Slock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 23. American Gold. 138j United States 7 3-10lbs, 1st series. 105} “ 2d series. Ittfij “ small. 105} “ 3d serios. 106} United States 5-205.1862 . nof July, 1865. 100| “ small. 107} United States Ten-lorties. 101} “ small. 103} Western Railroad. 140 Boston and Maine Railroad. 131 (Sales at Auction.] Hill Manufacturing Company. 206} Eastern Railroad. 10t j York Manufacturing Company. 1415 Bates Manufacturing Co. 136} Pepperell Manufacturing Company. 1060 Bath City Sixes, 1891. 95 • ■_.. - - 1 WANTED. Book Keeper. A reliable young man would like a permanent Blt uatlon as Book Keeper. He lias had flvo years i xperience lu this City—can lurnish re. ommenda Lions Horn bis present employers. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, rebSldlw. ___Real Estate Agent. Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! A© 220 1-2 Congress St, £«* Daor Weil «f City Building (up stairs.) /~1 IRLS capable ot* doing all kinds of house-work, VX to whom good situations will bo given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. UTfr^We are able at all times to supply parties in auy part of the State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers anil others will bo supplied with Men ami Bovs tor all kinds ot em ployment Free of Charge. ' Don’t forgot the num ber, 229* Congress Street, next to Cit y Building, Port land, Me. dOIBLAV A HEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Wanted. r;n non FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest fXVXjVXv/vX City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received for now Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at tlie office of the Company, 169$ Commercial, at corner of Union St. feb!2d&wtt T. C. HERSKY. Partner XV n n ted. A smart, active and intelligent man with $400 to take an equal interest in a good, paying busi ness in this City. Good references given and requir ed. Enquire ot COX A POWARS, 361* Congress St., Portland, Me. feblG d2w Agents Wanted ! FOR RICHARDSON’S NEW WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI. FROM the Great River to the Great Ocean. Life and Advonturo on Prairies, Mountains, and the Pacific Coast. With Descriptive and Pliotograpic Views of the Scenery, Cities, Lands, Mines, People, and Curiosities of the New States and Territories. 1867—1886, By ALBERT D. RICHARDSON, Au thor of “ Field Duugeon and Escape.” The work will be issued in one largo Octavo Volume of 500 ; pages, beautifully illustrated with nearly 200 Engra vings. This work will be sold by subscription only. Sole and exclusive rights of territory given with liberal commissions. Agents aro meeting with great suc cess. Faithful, energetic, persevering men or wo men will, in the Agency, find lucrative emplo- incut. If an Agency is wanted, send tor Circular, giving full particulars. Apply to, or address J. FATTEN FITCH, No. 233* Congress St., Portland, Me.

tebl5dtf& wr2m STOMJE HV/A’I’fvH LIU IT A REF for Fancy Goods, Watches, and Jew b elry, either on Con{'f™£ or Streets. A reasonable pr.T® wi” J® *or ,{J“ tures, and half a Store might be .^en^if agr^ablo to a good party in a good location. AduT*'att A. DREAMER, No 162 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., giving real name and location. io9d3w* Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall rosume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ot the Portland Sugar Co., ‘.17 1-‘J Danfarth Hi.. FeMdtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Ageuts Wanted! JUST OUT, Farrajffut au«l our Naval He roes, by the brilliant and popular Historian, J. T- Head) v. This is t he only work on tl»e Navy In the War, and everybody is buying it. REORRE If. BLAKE, GENERAL AGENT, Feld—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. Wanted Daily ! S AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 361 1 -2 toiigiTHH Hirvit. All per sona wishing to aocuro good Girls for any respecta blo employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys tor any work in city or country, tree ot charge. Bgfir' We want good .American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day tor all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give ns a call. COX & POWARS Portland, Mo., Jan. 26, *67. janSU dtf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CG., uovlSdtl 139 Commercial street. BOARD AND ROOMS._ To Let. A Suit of rooms suitable for Gent ami Wife, with board at 56 Clark Street. Febftdtf TO LET. TO LET! The 2d, 3d and 4th Floors or store: no. *« union street, suitable for most any business. Apply to FRANCIS O. THOME8, on the premises. or GEO. H. 8MARDON, at Wood man, True «V Co’s. feblQtf To Let. THE third and Fourth floors iu the new store 54 & 56 Middle Street, 50 feet in width, 146 feet long. For terms apply to the subscriber at 143 Oxford Street. Felilisitl ALFRED WOODMAN. To Let. FIRST, second and third lofts over E, T. Eldon & Co.’s store, Free Street Block; also, offices over Schlotterbeek’s, and over Crosman & Co.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. janU-dtf_J. B. BROWN To Let. ONE Brick Storo, tlireo stories, No. 60 Union street. Apply to ■iaihltr _ ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let fTUIE Urtoe slorioil Brick Storo ait Fore, loot ol A Plum Street. Enquire of ., , E. M. PATTEN, fcblGdtf Plum Street. Portland Commandery. A STATED Conclave of Portland Commandery of Knights Templar will be held at Masonic Hall, on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7 o’clock. You being a member arc requested to take duo notice thereof, and govern yourselt accordingly. Work, K. T. Balloting to be had. By order of the Eminent Commander, _ , , „ IK A BERRY, Recorder. BofGjmd, Ft b. 1867. d3t JYew (13'«p Molasses. HHIXS. I VERY SUPERIOR MUSUO ... 4‘ ,T.V'S-.- i VADO MOLASSES, per Urig 'Minnie Miller, trom Mat an/as, now landing and lor sale by Chase, ( rain A Sturtevant, l'Yb23—isdit Widgery’s Wharf. Notice. MR. ANDREW J. CHASE retires from our firm from this date. YEATON & HALE Portland, Feh. IH, 1867. d3w Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 HIE DM. . TCA CBOICK NEW CROP 30 BBLN.,) Just landed from brig “Hyperion,” for sale by TITOS. AS EX CIO & CO., folldSwis CUSTOM HOUSE WIIA 111'. Notice. PERSONS clearing tlie ruins or digging cellars will find a good place to deposit their rubbish on Franklin Wharf. septlO dtf_S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. MAINE CENTRAL R. R. Stockholders Meeting at Waterville FEBRUARY 37, 1867. A SPECIAL train will leave Portland for Water ville at G.30 A. M., for stockholders of this Com pany and such passengers as wish to go to Lewiston or Auburn, as rto other morning train to those places i " ”Stfun 0,1 that day. Returning, this train will 2301*'M 1V^*C alter tho close or the meeting, at Owners of stock of this Company will be passed tree to and trom this meeting on this train on exhlb I lung their certificate of stock to the conductor of the tom- EDWIN NOYES, I ieb23dtd Superintendent. ' INSURANCE, FIRE, MARIN E& TnL AN D I NSURANCE! STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE PHEM1X INSURANCE COMP’Y BROOKLYN, N. Y., On the First Day of January, 1867. Philander Shaw, Edgar W. Crowell Stephen Crowell, Secretary. Vice-Preeideul. Prcaiilral. CAPITAL. Tha Capital of ealj Company actuitllv paij up in Cash, it - $1,000,0110 on i be Surplus oil the iBt Jay of January, 1867, - - 666,04188 Total Amount ot Capital and Surplus, ------ $1,666,544 88 ASSETS. Amount of Cash on hand and in Bank, - -- -- -- - $101,07038 “ 44 in hands of Agents, in course o! transmission, - - - 67,81*91 Amount of Ilians on Bonds and Mortgages, being first lien of record on unincumbered Beal Estate (mostly dwelling houses In the City of Brooklyn) worth at least $000,000; rate of interest 7 per cent., - . 272,401 29 Amount of Loans on demand, secured bv pledges of good Bank and other Corporation Siocks as collateral, the market value of which is at least $107,031, - - - - 85,<25 00 Amount ot Bills receivable for Premiums on Ocean Marine and inland Navigation Risks, 329,605 84 Invested in Public Securities, viz: $331,750 U. S. Treasury Notes, 7.30 Market value, - - $351,487 50 55.000 do. Bonds 1881, “ - - 59.950 00 4.000 do. do. 1807, “ - - 6,200 00 25,250 do. do. 5 20, 44 27,270 00 77,700 do. do. 10.40, “ - 77,000 00 1,200 do. Certificates of indebtedness, - !«t0 00 25.000 Tennesee State Bonds, 44 - 16,625 00 30.000 Kings County Bonds, 44 - 30,000 00 18.000 Wisconsin State Bonds, 44 - 18,000 00 35.000 Virginia State Bonds, 44 15.400 00 Kings County Certificate of Indebtedness, - 7,412 74 2,500 Brooklyn Union Ferry Company, Market value, - 4,000 00 $613,305 21 Amount due for Fire Premiums on Policies issued at office, - - 13,658, 23 44 44 Marine and Inland Premiums, issued at office, - - - - 5:*;255 83 of a erued interest, - - - - _ 14,140 99 44 of Real Estate owned by the Company (office building,) - - 106,955 86 of other property, miscellaneous items, - - 9,C17 31 $1,(WVH4T8,‘ LIABILITIES. Amount ot Losses incurred ami in process of adjustment, •* - - - $114,894 00 Phenix Insurance Company, Brooklyn, N. Y. January 1st, 1867. . Annexed please find a Statement of the condition of this Company at this time, by which it will be seen, notwithstanding the year just ended has been one ot extraordinary character, so far as losses are concerned, , e Phenix Insurance Company of Brooklyn, New York, has passed through the fiery and watery °» £5: Ullicathed, and is able to show the handsome array of Assets ot One Million Six lTundred and Sixty six Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixteen Dollars and Two Cents. $1,4*66,410,0*. as security for its Policy holders, and the payment of Its losses. The premium receipts of this Compauv the past year were for Fire Premiums, ----- - $878,566 52 Marine and ieland, ------ 1.152,228 46 Total Premium Receipts, - $2,030,7 1 97 Ar.d it has in the sume period paid out for Losses, $ 1,4OH ,637 HO Marine Premiums marked off as earned, r $030,981 11 Its entile income from all sources for 1866, was $*,131,830 8* « t t _ Brooklyn, N. Y. Jan. 16. $18C7. On this day the Directors of the Phenix Insurance Company declared a semi-annual Dividend of Five l*er cent., payable on demand. JOHN E. HOW & SON, Agents. !ob20 eoJlw ins 7 W BEAL ESTATE. For Sale. AUesirablo House Lot at tbe corner of Hill and Ellsworth Streets by JABEZ C. WOODMAN, Jr., Keal Esiate Agent,‘2D Free Street. ful>23 lltf Valuable Farm in Hamilton, FOR SALE. Tbe subscriber, intending to re turn to California in the apflfhg, of fers his Farm for sale. Said Farm is situated in Hamil _ton, Mass., on the line of the East ern Kailroal, between Salem and Ipswich, qfeout one fourth of a mile from Wenliam and Hamilton depot, and contains about 00 acres, viz: 5 acres of Woodland, 3 acres of Peat Meadow, and the balance all under good cultivation, and very conveniently arranged.— The buildings are all good and In geod repair, with good cellars under the house and barn, well cement ed. There is also a well of good water at the house and barn, with a large cistern for raki water at the house. Also Stock, Farming Tools, Hay, Grain, Po tatoes, and Household Furniture. This is one of the finest located Farms in Essex County, is near the railroad station, and convenient to churches, schools, Ac., and is just far enough from the city to mako it a desirable suiumor residence lor a gentleman doing business in Boston or Salem; and If not disposed /fat private sale, will bo sold at Pub lic Auction some time in March. „ JOHN NORTH. For terms and further particulars apply on the premises, or to J. N. NORTH, No. 8, Portland St., Portland._ t'eb21 d2w For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove troin this city I ofler for sale my House.No. 65 Park St. it is good size and conven.ent, with all the modem improvements, Bathing room, In which Is Hot and Cold water, Gas, Furnace, Ac. Con .ected with house is a good stable. Possession given first day of May next. Enquire at No. 2113 Commercial Ht. bead of Hobson'9 wharf, of J. H. Hamleu, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. H. JEKltlS, Keal Estate Agent. JanSOeodtl Valuable Meal Estate FOR SALE ! BY virtue ol a license from the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall sell by public auction, on SATU UDAY, March loth next the following parcels of Heal Estate belonging to tho estate of the late CHARLES E. BECKETT, viz: ^ At 11 o'clock A. M., of said day, on flic premises, lot ol land corner of Congress aud Smith Streets, extending about 44 feet on Congress and 130 feet on Smith Street, with the unfinished buildings thereon, subject to mortgages of about $3,(KX). At half past 11 o'clock A. M., of the same day, or immediately after the forcgping is disposed of, on the premises, lot ofland corner of Congress and Frank lin Streets, containing about 8,000 square lc*et, ex tending about 10C feet on Congress Street, subject to mortgages of $5,500 and interest. Also, at 3 o’clock P. M., of the same day, on tho premises, lot of land corner ot Vaughan and Pine streets, about 220 leet on Vaughan Street aud 143 on Pine Street, subject to mortgages of $4,040 and in terest. Said lots are located In the most desirable parts of the city, ami otter excellent inducements to builders and capitalists to purchase. S, B. BECKETT, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY A: SON, Auctioneers. Portland, February 13, 1807. eodBwtdtd House and Lot for Sale at Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth. WILL BE SOLD at a bargain, if applied for soon, a new 1 $ story House. Said House is 21 by 31 feet with an L 12 by 22 feet, finished through out, and situated within sixty rods of the Ferry Office. * Terms : Ono half down; the balance in one and two years. Possession given immediately. Apply to ASA T. WEBSTER, or F. W. TALBOT, 47 Commercial Street. Ferry Milage, (J. E.t Jan. 8, 1807. febl9 dtw* JFOR SALEt ONE House and Lot on Washington Streot for sale very low. House new aud containing Seven Rooms. Price *1,100. ALSO: Ono new House and several Lots near the Rolling Mills will be sold very cheap, the lots at prices rang ing from *50 to *100. 5 ALSO: Several Lots on Washington Sheet. Prices *300 to *6000. Inquire ol JOSEPH REED, Real Esta.o Agent, Oak St., near Congress 8t. l'cbl4 d2w# Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. ri IHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vll A lago ol Fryebnrg, Oxford county, Maine, Is ot lereu for sale at a bargain, it applied lor soon. The House is large, in good repair, with furniture and dxtures Ibroughout, togethei with all necessary outbuildings. For fall particulars inquire ol HORATIO BOOTHBY, _ _ _ Proprietor. Or Hanson* Dow, 541 Union st. Fryeburg, Sept, at, 1SGB. dtf House tor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soil water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable, inquire at 13 Hanover or 184 Fore 8t., _ J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf NOTICE. I will sell on favorable Terms as to payment, or lot for a term of years, the lots on tlio corner ul Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, Including Ihecorncr of Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED, Attorneys. Fortlund. Jyl2tf Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, IV fon^IERCIAL STREET. THE subscribers offer for sale the lot of land on the southerly aide ol Comraeieial Street, headot Dana’s W hart, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For far ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PERLEY, Cct 18 tf__or W. S. DANA. House for Sale. ON Weal Streets upper half of the Brick front House—containing in all 12 Rooms: cemented Cellar, hard and soft water. A good Stable, and yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to WM. H. JERRI8, „ , „ Real Estate Agent. Feb. 6—d3w For JLease. THE valuablo lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Streots, lor a term of years. Enquire Of. V. O. MITCHELL sc SON, Aug. 28, 188C—dtl J78 Foto Street. Farm for Sale. 1 WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Corner West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said larni contains about 100 acres, part ot It very valuable tor tillage, and part ot it lor building huw. Thereiis a good house, two largo bams, and out hous es on the premises. U will be sold together, or iu loti to suit purchasers CYRU8 THURLOW, sepl l -dtf 105 Commercial St. A CARD. DRS. PEIRCE & FERN AM), dentists, no. irj mnm.K street, C. N. Peirce. S. c. Ferrari,. February 21. dtf The Christian Hymnal I Hymns with Accompanying Tunes, Compiled and Edited by RKV. FBANK NBTOAH,. ACrw?£u ",lle< tlon of Hymns from die best ’ ^erman* and other sources, set to a[> propnatt* tunes, old and new, including German chorals, and a variety of beautiful new tunes, the whole conveniently arranged for congregational sing ing and for the various occasions of Christian wor ship. 1 vol., pp 260, 12m cloth. Published by J. B. LIPPINi'OTT A CO., PHILADELPHIA. Far anil* if tho H ieVniilin« _rw. Blindness, Deafness, —ASn— Catarrh ! DUIUNO DR. CARPENTER’** late visit ♦o Portland which closed Feb. 1st, no great a number ol' persona deterred consulting him uniil the latter )>art ol his stay, that many were unable to do so, his time being fully oecnpiod. To accommodate those and others desirous of consul ting him he Will Return to Portland March 1st, And can be conaullcd at the U. N. Hotel nntil April 1st, upon all diseases of the Bye, Bar, Throat —- AND — As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves of his sorvices to call early as con venient. Dr. C. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benehtted under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but are willing to converse with those interest ed. Consultation at office Free, hut letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12, 2 to 5, and 64 to 7| o’clock. Dr. C. is now at Blddeford, where he can l>o con sulted unil March 1st, 1867. feb23d*wtl FEMt TII.MZEMtS. OAA TOWS Cumberland Pure Raw Bone V/ v/ Phos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons K. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. .'500 Barrels Littlefield's Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. |^*For sale at Manufacturer’s Prices, by KENDALL * WHITNEY. Feb 8.1807. te9d3iuis For Sale. . j Schooner “Hattie Ross,” 184 tons old +A/ measurement, built in 1858 of the very /m rl best material, hard wood bottom and white oak top, coppered, sails, rigging mHBbuih! spars in first rate condition, and well found overyway, and ready lor business. ROSS & STURDIVANT, foblldtf73 Commercial Street. One Dollar l_0ne Dollar ! SEND 99 Cents for Check In our great One Dol lar Sale. A WATCH for One Dollar. A Silk Dross lor One Dollar. Agents wanted everywhere. Send for circulars. ARLINGTON, DROWNE & CO.. 573 Washington St., Boston, Mass. ieb22 dlw C. E. BECKETT’S ESTATE^ THE subscribers, appointed Commissioners by' the Hon. Judgo of Probate for Cumberland county, to receive and decide upon all claims against the es tate ot Charles E. Beckett, late ot Portland, in said county, doccased, represented insolvent, hereby give notice that six months, from the l'Jth inst., are al lowed to the creditors to present and prove their claims; and that said Commissioners will be In ses sion at the City Assessors’ office, in said Portland, on the third Mondays of March, April, May, June, July and August ensuing, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the pur pose of attending to said duty. WM.BOYt), \n M. GORE, l CommlaaionerB. Portland, Pob. 22,1867. d3w»w1t Notice, A LL persons having hills against the Executive jlx. Committee ior the relief of Sufferers, are re quested to present the same to the Committee at their office Old City Mall Huildintf, ou or before the 5th day of March next. Per order. HENRY FOX, Chairman. fob23 d2w Copartnership Notice. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm name of GRUEBY & THORNDIKE, la tbia day dissolved bv mutual consent. EDWARD L. GRUEBY. GEORGE L. THORNDIKE. AH persons having any demands or indebted to the above firm are requested to make Immediate settle ment. Feb’y 13th. 1867. edwabiTiT. gbueby, will continue the business in Plumb street, of Manu facturing and Dealing in Doors, Blinds, Sash, Gutters, Conductors, Bracketts, Sta’r Rail, Balusters, Mouldings, 4c., 4c. N. B.—The Moulding are from tlip Bay State, Suffolk and Union Mills, Boston, from season ed Kiln-dried Lumbek. Portland, Feb’y 18th, 1667. fel9d2wis MO N E Y . Worn and Torn Currency and Greenbacks Bought at the Horse R. R. OBioe, by!_M. «J. PAI.NER. First National Bank of Portland. HOLDERS of the First Series of Seven-Thirty notes cau have the same exchanged for gold bearing six per cent bonds at this Bank at the usual commission. The First Series mature in August next, and tho conversion of the Second and Third Series can also be effected on favorable terms. W. E. GOULD, Cashier Jan261m CHANGE BUT OSCE A YEAR. UliDMON’N PATENT Ribbon Hand Stamps This Slump baa Advantage* over all oilim-a. It will hold a small die to cancel a stamp as the law requires; and any other size and shape for envel opes, &c. The months and figures are made of brass, which makes them very durable, and they cannot he flat tened or injured bv a blow from the hand as others which are made of Electrotyj es. The annexed cut Is a correct representation of it and the method of cb.ang ng the dates. ’ Bailey 4 Noyes, Manufacturers' Agents fel0dw2 New Block Exchange St,Portland. Butter, Butter. LBS. at 35ceuts per lb., by the Pack LkJVJ\J age, for sale In PROCTOR’S NEW BLOCK, Corner of Market and Middle Sta, by .JOSIAH L. BOSTON. ENTERTAIN M ENTS. SPECIAL NOTICE. rpilE public are respectrtillv solicited to attend a At i'l'J15 ’ i?’’S glven ,or the tienellt of the Mount fort Street Methodist Church, AT MECHANICS' HALL, On Jloudti) *.h„,,ry jj, IS07, Commencing at tigkt 0.cloek ssrsx&gxi 2? ?r1 setts-m. One of the best Hands in the cS'is',l!!L to furuisli music for the oc. anion. * s engaged 0’0MkI'he Wtar "f U*° EV'‘ni"K *l” h® «<*wned at one #1.00. I.adic Frre. Comnrtttee of Arrangement*—Alfred A. .Jordan Neid. Stephenson, Harry Jhtunls, Mr. Clark, Juhii Paine. February 21. dtd»__ THEY’RE COMING! The Favorites of the East! AT DEEHING IIALL, -os Monday, Tuesday d; Wednesday, i Feb. 43th, *«th and J7th. Tbo Inimitable and World-Famous BEN COTTON, And his celebrated CALIFORNIA MINSTRELS. Master Bennie, The Empire Boys, Jake Budd, Charley Atkinson, -ASD ALL THE GREAT STARS l Will Positively Appear. II. E. PABMELEE, Advance Agent. IF, XI. H. BLACKMAN, Business Agent. fcJKltit Mercantile Library lectures. The Fifth Lecture of than «'«iar*e will be delivered in MECHANIC^’ HALL, Wcdneadsy Evcuing, Fch. J7lh. - BY - E. H. CHAPIN, IK V. EVENING TICKETS SO CENTS. Doors open at 6 o’clock. Lecture at 7| o’clock. Per Orlkb Committee. February 25. d3t Amateur Dramatic Entertainment for the bone iit of the Army and Navy Union Library, —AT LEERING HALL, FRIDAY EVENING, March lht. Performances will c-ommeuce at quarter to eight vs ith the celebrated play of The dn.nelil>uc’l£ ! and conclude with the amusing Farce of tbe WIDOW’S VICTIM ! A dm ism m to Parquet, f»0 cents; Gallery, 35 cents; | Reserved Se at*, 75 cIs. Tickets tor sale at Short & 1 Lorintr’a tin 'er & Calef*s, trosman A: Co.’s and at Baib v Ar vnvp **• The sale of reserved seats will be gin on WodueiK.’ay Hl Kolliua A GilkeyV, Drcrlug block. tebSCdtd _ crrv NOTICES. «|TV o V I’OBTLAND. "lA WHEREAS J. A. Eunl-n-'n anil others Inivo VV petitioned the C 'l> layout a ue"' Street or rublic Way in ’“1<I «‘ty,—tiegiimtug ^ the present northerly termini '•.^1 ^trcct and run- . nine to low water murk ui kiuk <^*Ve; WMl Whereas | »ai! petition was referred bj* the City Council, July 2, 18w>, to the undersigned, fo r ”iem to consider and act upon, therefore Notice is hereby given tA‘ all parties iInterest d, that the Joint Standing Comi.uitte'* of iho City Coun cil on laying out new streets, will m'cet to bear the parties and view the proposed way o ’J the twenty mill day of February, 1807, at three o'olrck in the aiternoon, at the northerly end ot Cedar Street, and will then and there proceed to determine and adjudge whether the pub jc convenient* requires sab-? street or way to be laid out. Given under our hands on this eighteenth deyol February, A. D. 18«7. AUG. E. STEVENS, | KDMUND PHINNEV, Committee AMBROSE GHIDINGS, •FOB. BRADFORD, Laying Ont sA* febia dlw Oily of Portland. WHEREAS, the City Council, by tlieir order ' T passed February 18, 18C7, directed the Com mittee on Laying out and Widening Stmts, to straighten Congress street from Pearl to Franklin street; therefore, Jiotico Is hereby given to all parties interested, that tbe Joint Standing Committee of the City Council on laying out new streets, will meet to hear the par ti™ and view tho proposed wav on the twentv-tittb day of February, 18GT, at four o'clock in the after noon, at the corner ot Pearl and Congress streets and will then and there proceed to determine am! adjudge whether tbe public convenience requires said street or wav to be laid out. Given under onr hands on this eighteenth day of Fobruarv, A. D., J86T. Auo. E. SrrvEvs, Ebmuxb Phinkey, Ambrose Gibbings, Jos. Brabeorb, Ellas Chase, W. P. Files, Committee on Laying out and Widening Streets feblDdtd JANUARY 26, 1867. SPECIAL cisOsinr o s a i>i3 --OF WHITE GOODS ! Laces & EmbroideriesS At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jan 28—dtf 200 Doz. Linen Hdkfe. This Day Received ! SELLING AT LOW PRICES E. T. ELDEN & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf Housekeeping Goods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEX d CO. Jan 28—dtf BLEACHED d BROWX SHEETINGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Nlufli Unclei* Price, -At E. T. EL DEN & CO’S. Jan 28—dtf E. T. ELDEU Ci^ WILL OPEN THIS DAY Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Broivn DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, l»oy lies. Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, At One Price) 5 Free St. Jan 28—dtl Grover & Baker, Sewing Machines, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted! Machine Silk*, Thread and Twill, a f«H AMonmrnt. E. T. ELDEX & CO. NO. 5 FREE STREET# Jan 28 dtf Notice to Land Holders. MR O’DUROCHER, Builder, la prepared to tike contractu for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. ... , India Street, Portland. --nr, 1*4 4M I Kn Iiuportaut sail of Government Ymsel. DkFOT yuAHTEhMA,rBit's OFFICE, Baltimore, Md, January 30 l*i:7. f Y\rlLLbe«.ldat public auction, at ibu purl of f f Baltimore, (Henderson s WLait Last Baltjm.rHi on Thursday 12 M.. February js, lMjtht si;i-skk S1DL-WHLLL STBAAliilt, O>t>MOPoJLlTA N Of 77» Urns; length, .aL',) lest; bre«*itL oi beam ^1 feet depth oi o! hold 13 lest; cylimmr, 50 Inche* and 11 feet strode. A rare opportunity is atl'orded, in the sale of tills > teamer, to persons desiring to purchate a really Hist-cl ass vessel. She is of light draft, tho engine and boiler arc in most excellent condition, and Uiu hull perfectly souu'l and strong. It is believed that for size and built, the COSMO POLITAN surpasses any vessel hitherto olfered by Government for sale at this port. Terms cash, in Government thuds, on day of sale. Further partk ulars may be learned upon applica tion to the undersigned or to tiio Auctioneer*, Messrs. ADBKON, THOMAS dr CO., No. lo South ‘ harles street. By order of tho Quartermaster General. _ A. S. KIMBALL, fc4Hll V > rJ **»'u*»* »ma A. Al., U, S. A., F' •'-*_^ Depot Quarter mas ter. K. SI. PATTK* A to., Auction., f., Oili4i- |»|ni|| Bwr Splendid French Mirrors AT AUCTION. pUBSUANTtoaUcenaeftom the Hon. John a L Watennin, Judge of Probate lbr “umber and Bounty, the subscriber ns Administrator .,i JOHN M. WOOD, deceased. will oiler sale *t PuUi, Auc tion on EKIDA1. the let Du, oi tiurch liiUi, althe Auction Boom of i£l,W. M. PATTKiT Plum Street, Portland, at 11 o'clock A. >1. One large Pier French Mirror, 8 fcet 4 inches by ;j loot 4 inches. Ono largo Pier French Mirror, 8 feet 4 inches by 2 fact 6 inches. Two large Mantel Mirrors 5 feet 8 inches by 4 feet 2 Inches. JOS. ILSLEY, Administrator. Portland, Feb. 22, le«7._'I'd J. S. BAILEY, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AM) APPRAISER, Office 178 Fora St, at Mesa. Carter & Drears’ January 7—dtt C. W. HOLMES, AUCTIONEEK, U60 Congress Street. HP*Sale» or any kind of t.roparty in the City or vi cinfty, promptly attended to on the most tavorable term*. novlSdtt MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. n7 DEWING, M!edical Electrician 171 MIDDLE Slki&ik'l, !Venrlj Opponitc the tailed State* Hold WHERE he would respectfully announce to citizeus ol Portland and vicinity, thot he * perini;iiently loomed in this city. Daring the three years we have been in this* city, we have cured son e oi the worst tortus ol disease in persons who have tried other forms ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in so short a lime that the question is oil-, u asked, do they stay cured? To answer this <jue»t:ci we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. I>. has been a practical Electrician lor twenty' ono years, and is also a regular graduated nhysiciui, Electricity is perfectly adapted tochruuledisease•»In the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, nock, or extremities; coosumption nbu in the acute stages or where the lung* are not mlly involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scronilu. hip discftres, while swellings, spinal diseases, cui v»lure oi the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. V'itaw’ Dance, deafness, slam* no ring or hesitancy ol speech, dywpepsta, indigos tion, constipation and livei complaint, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures ol the chest, and all forms ol female complaint*. By Electricitv The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazv \ !oap with Joy, aud move with the agility and elasilc . •' youth; the heated brain is cooled; the bo- - I w ' • restored, the tlhdou*K '*•*»•*»•••“•* **» I 'UTurte,i w...*> .o Strenaw,; (h,. , ’ ,t l ‘l««l to hear ,.r,a . LADIES \V ho have cild han.,* anri te^t • ~o„i lernal canee,-,; tumors nTi^„ tlm wul' train of disease* wiU nn'i m^cVrMiy a imV* k"~ of rure. For paimul menMru»LioI,T m U"‘J {riSTrSSf^S? KlecMdfv |‘U"g'"’e **' &^-assrawi*as«siB TEETH I TEETH S TEETH J „.Pr- P- aUll continues to Extract Teeth hv , TRicrra without pain. Person, lmvimrde-'i Vo teeth or stumps they wish to have removed flu^e-. ttng he would give , polite invitation to call superior Electro Magnetic Ma-hiv*. u,r tor latudy use, with thorough instm. tiers Dr. TJ. can accommwlate a lew patients with herd end treatment at his house. w,,n t>0*r" Odlce hours from 8 o’clock A \1 to i» \t • , to 6 P.M., mid 7 to 9 in the evemni. ’ ’ Consultation nee, uovltt Paints, Oils Varnishes, &c. PICKETT & OKAY OFFTR for BALE at their store. No. 187 Fore Street, WmTEp,EAD. Foreign and American Zinc, Lic soed Oil, Coach, Furniture sn 1 Floronee Vnr msnes, iiapRu, .Spirits Turpentine, French Yellow, ’ enetign Bod. and a IVill nasotment of Paint Slock .it every description. Window (Mass, sheet Lead, and Lead ripe. Agents for Gardner’s celebrated Copper Paint tor vessels’ bottoms. All orders for Painting executed at short notice and satisluctorilv February 1.1887. eodlm Camphor Ice. OF the same unrivalled quality mamitactured by us for the iast ten years, we are now prepared to tumi»h consumer* nud the trade. In anv quantity J. B. LENT Ai OO.. ' feh23d3t 348 Congress St. FIGS J FIGS ft Cheap, Olienp ! .V S> lb. I kriiiiB For $1.00! EVERYBODY BUYS THEM ! Children Cry for Them! Don't let them when you can buy a 01b. Drum for 81.00 - AT - AULEUPS F R U 1 T STORE, ]|To 11 Exclisinsr? SI. Feb 22—<llw Any Person Building, OR about to build, wishing to let part of a bouso at a lair tent, apply to febl3d3w* ‘*H,” Box 1941. International Telegraph COMPANY. The Linos of tikis Con*panv are now open Ibr busi ih**» with Stations at Bntli, Portland, Biddeidrd, Ports inoutli, Salem and Boston, Anri connection with New York, l*hilnife! pbin, Baltimore* \Y nahingtoo* and other [•arts of the country, stations will shortly oeoj»onod ;tt Newbury porf, l.yuuiy liMOtirh* hruiii* wirk, ninl other Point**. The c imjilotion of these lines was the signal f»r tho Reduction ot Through Tariffs from all parts along tho route oi the lines, while at the points not reached by tho Company ami «ts connection, ll:c old High Rates are maintained, and will doubtless te rn ain so until those line# arc extended, which will be rapidly done. , Every effort will be made to maintain the L*nc« In the b« ft condition and to transact the business with | the utmost correctness and despatch. fl„iit 41 IIIce cor. KCxchangc and l ore »i«. Urn nth Oflice at Covell’s Apothecary St re under Preble House. tel>22 dtf Schooner lor Sale. . , The line white oak and copper-fastened i'l, fast sailing Schooner IDA MORXON. 49 12-100 t<*ns new measurement, well I iyilV/lV found and adapted for the Coasting or «^eftnB«rishing business, is now ofTered tor salo by the Eastern Packet Co. For particulars enquire o M. N. RICH, Jan2«dff No. 3 I-mg Wharf. Tilton *P McFarland. Desire to call tho attention to the fhet that more than l o Of their Salt* gave AMPLE PROTECTION In the late lire. Partie, desiriuc a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY Hi WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or al HO «u<lb„rr Mirert, Boxtnn. ^^Second-hand Safe* taken in exchance for sale Jail 10—SKlatw In each mo&atfv remainder ol time. Proposals \VIU reoolvtxl UI til the Ar t of March next >> atMr.F. H. Famett’h OtBoe, tor plastering the Schoo House already erected at Woodford’s Comer. Also fir finishing the same Inside rearlv fbr furni ture, grading ihe iot and build ng the fence. Plans and specifications may be scon at Mr F tl Fiism'i oBice, new city bulletin . Portland J. '.CHFNI ltv CLF.MhV; PulNNEY, J. N. KhtI), „ ■ , . Cjmmtttee on Buildlnc. Westbrook, Feb 19, 1807. fpbjn otu A »»itioy\i. pay FOR si:RVA> r« JA can now la-oh tuned for all OUiccr* In . between May 1,1 M, u i Marti , I8t i, on apt I thm m person or be letter lo the i lalm A. -net n | ft; «■• *«.%« ««*.>, at the old stand In ,'Teso l cvtM0- ^change Street, Portland, My,