Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 26, 1867 Page 2
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\\ hiuier’a «•» l*acm. “The Tent on the Beach.” This eagerly expected volume was published by Ticknor & Fields on Saturday. The sweet and mellow fruit ot the poet’s ripened genius, it will be read with deep enjoyment by all who appreciate the author’s power of rich and viv id description, of melodious expression, and the purity of moral and loftiness of patriotic sentiment to which he gives such vigorous ut terance. We do not propose to ufler any tempt at criticism upon the contents o 1 hook, but choose rather the more grate u a. of presenting to cir readers such extracts as we have space for, that they may form their own estimate of its quality “The Tent on the Beach” is the longest poem in the volume, and “‘>“sisls ot' mne »hort Po ems linked together in a manner suggestive of the “Canterbury Tales.” The poet camps out on Salisbury Shore with two comrades, and in the evening “around tlieir lighted kerosene,” he brings forth the treasures of his portfolio, and reads aloud to his friends. A somewhat shadowy lady guest ifl introduced, who joins in the pleasant talk, and sings one or two sweet songs. The poem opens with the fol lowing picture of Salisbury Beach: When heats as of a tropic clime Burned all our iulaiui valleys through, Three friends, the guests of summer lime, Filched their white tent where sea-winds blew. Behind them, marshes, seamed and crossed With narrow creeks, and flower-embossed, Stretched u> the dark oak wood, whose leafy arms Screened from the stormy East the pleasant inland forms. At full of tide their bolder shore Of sun-bleached sand the waters beat; At ebb, a smooth aud glistening floor 'They : ached with light, receding leet, Northward a green blutf broke the chain Of sand-hills; southward stretched a plain Of salt-grass, with a river winding «town. Sail-white.aid, and beyond the steeples ot the town, Whence sometime! .when the wind ni light And null the thunder of the beach, Thev heard the bells of morn and night Swing, miles away, their stiver speech. Above low scarp and lurl-grown wall They saw the fort flag rise and fall; And, the lirst star to signal twilight’s hoar, The lamp-fire glimmer down from the tall lighthouse tower. They rested there, escaped awhile From cares that wear the life away, To eat the lotus of the Nile And drink the poppies of Cathay— To fling their loads of custom down, Like drift-weed on the sand-slopes brown, And in the sea waves drown the restless pack Of duties, claims aud needs that barked upon their tra;k. He then proceeds to describe the three friends, the lirst among whom is Mr. J. T. Fields, the widely known member ol the firm of Ticknor & Fields: One, with his beard scarce silvered, tore A ready credence in Ids looks, A lettered magnate, lording o’er An ever-widening realm of books. In him, brain-currents, near and tar, Converged as in a Leyden jar; The old, dead authors thronged him round about, And Elzevir’s gray ghosts from leathern graves looked out. He knew each living pundit well, Could weigh the gifts of him or her, And well the market value tell Of poet and philosopher. But. if be lost, the scenes behind, Somewhat of reverence vague and blind, Finding the actors human at the best, No readier ips tban his the good he saw confessed. His boyhood fancies not outgrown, He loved himself the Bidder’s art; Tenderly, gently, by his own He km w and judged an author’s heart. No Radnmantldne brow' of doom Bowed the dazed pedant itaiin the room; And bards, whose name is legion, if denied, Bore off alike intact their verses and their pride. These two stanzas clearly reveal one known almost the world over, at once as a traveller, poet and author: Ami one, whose Arab face was tanned By tropic sun and boreal frost, So travelled there wag scarce a land or people left him to. exhaust, In idling mood had from him hurled, The pc u- squeeze 1 orange of the world, And iu the teat-shade as beneath a palm, Smoked, cross-legged, like a Turk, in Oriental calm. The very waves that washed the sand Below him, he had seen before Whitening the Scandinavian strand And sultry Mauritanian shore. From ice-rimmed isles, from summer seas Valm-fringedL they bore him messages; lie heard the plaintive Nubian Bongs again, And mule-bells tinkling down the mountain paths ot Spain. Next the poet draws his own portrait in the following lines: And one there was, a dreamer torn, Who, with ambsion to iultil, Had lef the Muses* haunts to turn The crank of an opinion-mill, Mak ng his rustic reed of song A weapon in the war with wrong, Yoking his fancy to the breaking-plough That beam-deep turned the soil for truth to spring and grow, Too quiet seemed the man to ride The winged Hippojfriff Reform; Was liia a voice from side to Hide To pierce the tumult of the storm? m A silent, shy, peace-loving man, He -eemed no fiery partisan To holding wa. against the public frown. The ban o church and state, the fierce mob's hound ing down. For while he wrought with strenuous wtll Th. work his hands haul found to do, lie heard the fitful music still Of winds that out of dream-land blew. The din z'> >u‘ him could not drown What the sfranae voices whispered down : Along his task-field wierd processions swept, The visionary pomp of stately phantoms stepped. • ?he common air w as thick with dream*_ He told them to the toiling crowd; Such music as tin* woods and streams Sang in his ear he sangaloud; In still, shut ba s, on windy capes, He card the call or beckoning shapes, And. as the gray old shadows prompted him, To homely moulds of rhyme he shaped their legends grim, lie rested now his weary hands. An {lightly moralized and laughed, t As, trac ng on the whiffing sands A burlesque of his paper craft, He saw the cart less w aveso'errun HiH words, as time before had done. Each day’s Lide-waier wash ng clean away, Like letters from the :-and, the work of yesterday. The poems linked together by this graceful chain of verse are: “The Wreck of River mouth,” “The Grave by the Lake,” “The Brother of Mercy,” “The Changeling,” “The Maids of Attitash,” ‘ Kalhiudborg Church,” “The Dead Ship of Harps we 11,” “The Pala tine,” and ‘ Abraham Davenport.” In addition to these the volume contains five under the head of “National Lyrics,” “The Mantle of St. John de Matlia,” “What the Birds said,” “Laus Deo!” “The Peace Au tumn,” and tlie address “To the Thirty-ninth Congress,” aud various “Occasional Poems,” among which are “The Eternal Goodness,” ‘‘Our Master,” “The Vanishers,” “Revisited,” “The Common Question,” “Bryant on his Birthday,” and “Thomas Starr King.” The book is for sale by Davis Brothers, and by C. R. Chisholm & Brother, .*107 Congress street aud G.T. Depot. I,rgi>lniijn for the Benefit of Kailroads. TO THE EDITOll OP THE PKESS: The attention of the Legislature for the past week lies been devoted to the routine business, and all subjects which would elicit debate have beenlaid'aslde. A somewhat spicy debate occurred upon the report of the Committee in relation to the State assumption of town war debts. The minority report was finally adopted. The bill authorising cities and towns to ren der aid to railroads within the limits of 5 per cent, of their respective valuation, (which is known as the New Hampshire law), after be ing reported liy the railroad committee to the Senate and passed to be engrossed, there was 8 nt to the House and on its passage there to be engrossed an attempt was made1 to substi tute another bill, wliiofi proposed a change of the Constitution, whereby several railroad companies should receive the aid of the State credit to the amount of $10,000 per mile. It is curious to watch the schemes of the Eu ropean and North American Jtailrnad manag ers wlio have, so far, monopolized all the rail roal favor i granted by the State of Maine. The deferred debts of the United States to Massachusetts and Maine, which have been reported favorably upon in Congress to the amount of two and one quarter millions, have been given it, as also all of the remaining State land, subject to the $150,000 due to Massachus etts from Maine toward the purchase, and tho company now come forward and ask to be re lieved from the payment of that debt, and that the State should re-assume it. It is reported that the lands can be disposed of in England for two millions of dollars, which would make up four and one q r millions of dollars to this great monopoly i ct withstanding which, an endeavor has been made to amend the hill permitting city and town aid to railroads, so that it can obtain $10,000 per mile additional aid from the State and the same amount for every railroad lead ing into that ami the central railroad, so as to constitute them the great leading thoroughfare through the State. A point of order was raised by Mr. Shcplcv tliat the amendment was a substitution of a new subject, which was referred to the Speak er fir de is am, anil the hill meanwhile was laid upon the table. The CHy and Town hill has so for received the most favorable consideration, as it places the burthen of the construction of the railroads upou those communities which are to re ceive the principal benefit from them. Oxford. A . ..1 h How, sonic four of five years old, aud who uad never seen a negro, was greatly «nn y Whr un<' % where he an 1 hi, father were. The youngster eyed the atrweer uspic ously till he had passed, and the i asked his father: “Pa, who painted that m a all black so? “God, did, my son,” replied tha father. “Well,” said the little one, still loo ting after the negro, “1 shouldn't a thought he d heid still.” Tlie PropoH-il liueuii«W“> tr llte *-i*ii«r The following is a coi>y of tlio bill to amend the liquor law, now pending before the Legis lature f JT Sect 1. Anyperson ennyictedof selling in toxicating liquors ill violation of section seven of the an approved MaiMi twenty-fifth, cigh teen bundred and n tty-eight, for the suppres sion of drinking houses and tippling-shops, shall not only be punished as provided in said section, but in addition thereto, he shall on the first conv'CtKm be imprisoned in the county jaii thirty days; and on the second conviction sixty days° lm,’rlM‘nw' iu t,le county jail for Sect. 2. Any person convicted of being a common setter of intoxicating liquors iu viola tion of section eight of the act aforesaid, to which this is additional, shall not only be pun ished as provided in said section, but in addi tion thereto he shall on the first conviction be i imprisoned in the county jail three months; I and on the second conviction he shall be im | prisoned in the county jail lour mouths, as now provided by said section on the third and every subsequent conviction. Sect. 3. Any person convicted of keeping a drinking house and tippling-shop in violation of section ten of the act aforesaid to which this is additional, shall not only be punished as provided in said section, but in addition there to. on the first conviction he shall be imprison ed in the county jail three months, and on the second and every subsequent conviction ]i • shall be imprisoned in the county jail six months. _ _ oect. 4. The second clause of section four teen of the act aforesaid, to which this is addi tional, shall be amended by inserting alter the first line the words, “if known to complain ants,” so that it shall read as follows: “The name of the person so, as aforesaid, keeping said liquors, li known to the complainants, shall be stated in such complaint,” &c.; and said clause shall be further amended by adding thereto the words, “If the name of the person keeping said liquors with intent to sell the same in this State in violation of law, is un known to the complainants they shall so allege in their complaint, and such magistrate shall thereupon issue his warrant as provided in the first clause of this section;” and the third clause of said section shall be amended, by in serting after the word complaint, in the fourth line thereof, the words “or by any other person or persons, with his or their knowledge or con sent;” and any person convicted under said fourteenth section, as so amended, or under the nineteenth or twentieth sections of said act shall not only be punished as provided therein, but he shall, in addition thereto, be imprisoned iu the county jail three months. beet. o. Section sixteen ot the act aforesaid, to which this is additional, shall be amended by striking out from the first clause thereof, al ter the word ‘'forfeited,” the words to the city, town or plantation in which they were siezed;” and by striking out the same words from the last clause of said section after the word ‘‘for feited;” and section thirteen of said act is hereby amended by striking out therefrom all after the word “forfeited” in the fourth line thereof. beet. fi. The seventeenth section of the act aforesaid, to which this is additional, is hereby repealed, and the following section shall be in serted, and is hereby enacted in its place, so that it shall read as follows: "Sect. 17. No warrant shall be issued to search a dwelling house, actually occupied as such, unless it or some part of it, is used as an inn or shop, or fur purposes of traffic, or uuless the magistrate before whom the complaint shall be made, shall be satisfied by evidence pre sented to him, and shall so allege in said war rant that intoxicating liquor is kept iu such house, or its appurtenances, and that said liquor is intended for sale in this State, in vio lation of law." Sect. 7. The eighteenth section of the act aforesaid, to which this is additional, is hereby repealed, aud the following section shall be in serted, aud is hereby enacted in its place, so that it shall read as follows: “Sect. IK. All liquors declared forfeited by virtue oi the provisions of this act, shall, by tile court rendering final judgment thereon, be ordered to be destroyed, by being poured upon the ground, by any officer competent to serve the warrant on which the same was seized; aud all v< ssels forfeited under the provisions oi thi* act, shall, by said court, be ordered to be sold by such officer, at public or private sale, and tile proceeds thereof shall be disposed of in the manner provided for the disposition of fines in such cases.” Sect. 8. The secoud section of the act afore said, to which this is additional, shall not au thorize the manufacture for sale of any intoxi cating liquor.-, except pure rum and alcohol. The manufacture lor sale, of all other kinds of intoxicating liquors, except cider, is hereby prohibited; and any person convicted of vio lating this section shall he punished the same as is provided in section three of the act afore said. to whieh this is additional, for a violation thereof. oeco U. All prosecutions against jiersonsfor manufacturing liquors in violation of law, for keeping drinking houses aud tippling shops, and lor being common sellers of intoxicating liquors, shall be by iudictmcut; and in all oth er prosecutions under this act, aud the act aforesaid to which this is additional, judges of municipal and police courts, justices of the peace, and trial justices, iu their several couu ties, shall have jurisdiction by complaint, orig inal and concurrent with the Supreme Judi cial Court. All prosecutious iu the Supremo J udieiai Court shall be by indictment. The magistrates aforesaid, in cases not within their jurisdiction, may examine and hold to bail, as in case of other offenses punishable by indict ment. And in all appeals from any judgment or sentence oi any such magistrate, in any proceedings under this act, and the act to which this is additional, the penal sum i u every recog nizance shall be two hundred dollars. No recog nizance, in proceedings under said acts before any such magistrate, shall he less than two hundred dollars; and no recognizance in the Supreme Judicial Court, in proceedings under said acts, shall be in a penal sum less than five hundred dollars. Sect. 10. It shall he the duty of every jus tice of the peace, trial justice, recorder and judge of a Municipal or Police Court, and ev ery county attorney, having knowledge of any previous conviction of any person accused of violating this act, or the act aforesaid to which this is additional, iu preparing complaints, warrants or indictments, to allege such previ ous convictions therein; and after an indict ment iu any such case is entered in court, no county attorney shall dismiss or fail to prose cute the same, except by special order of said court. Section twenty-three of the! act aforesaid, to which this is additional, is hereby repealed; and section twenty-nine of chapter one hundred aud twenty-tour of the revised statutes of this State, is repealed, a different penalty for the offense therein named being provided by section twenty-six of Uie act afore said. Sect. 12. This act shall take effect on the fif teenth day of March, 1887; but none of its provisions shall apply to cases pending under the act aforesaid to which this is additional, nor to any violations thereof before this act shall take effect; and all provisions of the act afore said shall la- continued in force for the punish ment of violations thereof prior to the time when this act shall take effect. VIoiho'O|i*lhic lIOHi>i«itl. The hemoeopathic physicians of this city are again making an effort to obtain official recog nition in our public institutions. A year ago tlieir application tor the use of a separate chol era hospital was refused by the Sanitary Com mittee of the Board of Health, and during the whole period of the epidemic no opportunity was given tor the proper exhibition of tbe re sults of homoeopathic treatment in any of our hospitals. Committees appointed by the Homoeopathic Medical Societies of the counties ot New York, Kings and \Vestehester are now preparing to renew the application fur the use of a separate hospital. They say : ”ali we ask is a fair field for the exiiibit.on of our “ure, and no favor.— We can only repeat our otter, already thrice made, to take charge of a hospital in any epi demic that may occur; said hospital to be un der our own administration and management, subject only to the supreme control of the Board of Health, and to be opfen at ail hours for inspection of its records, its prescriptions, or its patients by any persons duly appointed for that purpose.” Tliis is a fair offer, and we trust that neither routine nor prejudice will he permitted to stand in the way of its acceptance. Whether homw opatliy be abetter system of medical prac tice than allopathy, or tbe reverse, is a question which has nothing to do with the case. So large and respectable a part of the commu nity adopt the liomieopathie system of treat ment that they may reasonably ask the exclu sive use of at least ono out of so many public hospitals which arc essential in a season of epi demic— AT. r. Tribune. Town Was Dejith.—The following are the yeas and nays substituting the minority report of tlic Committeo on Assumption of the Mu nicipal War Debts, for the majority report. The minority report is said to lie file draft of Hun. Frederick Robic of this county: Yeas—Messrs. Daniel Allen, John T. Allen, Oliver Allen, Bailey, Berry, Bishop, David Brown, Buck, Seth H. Clark, Cusliiug, Downes, Fenderson, Files, Foster, Frye, Gar celou, Gitibs, Gilman, Gould, Gordon, Grindle, Hale, Alvin Hall, Orrin Hall, Win. H. Han Hon, Hartwell, Haskell, Heuly, Hinckley, Holland, Howes, Hutchings, Hutchinson, Jack sou, Jewett, Jones, Keinnston, J. H. Merrill, Merry, Measer, Nahum P. Muuroe, Morris, Morse, Nowell, Otis.Faiue, Thomas H. Far ker, W m. Vi. 1 arsons, Albert Perkins, Feriev. Perry, Phinney, Pierce, Plaisted, Pollard, Richardson, Rogers, Sawyer, Shaw, Sheplev, Spear, Stetson, Stevens. Talbot, TcujrucTit coinb, Tobey, Tukey, Wagg, Wakefield Wat son, Weed, West, Whidden, Woodman Navs—Messrs. Atkinson. Atwood Barton Beal, Bean, Bickford, Bradford, Brackett Bucknam, M. V. B. Chase, Coffin, Dame, Kllis’ Farnliam, Fish, Frost, Haines. Samuel Han son, Irish, Jordan, Baplmui, Leighton, Libby Tobias Lord, Marden, McArthur, David W. Merrill, Joh:i M. Merrill, Oak, Joseph D. Par ker, Philemon C. Parsons, Poaslee, Levi Per kins, Piukham, Prescott, Pulsifer, Furiuton, I Cl iberts, S wett, Tai nter, Thomas, T< dm an, Wal ton, Webster, Whittier, Wyman, York—47. So tlie minority report was substituted for the majority. Lucid.—The Tribune has a l*aris corres pondent who is fond of talking Carlylese. This is the way he holds forth in a recent let ter: ®™tUe King George ™ uiiS!» with p|enif tive at WashiugSm^'Xs tracts attention at alt_as 11 Why shout4 little <;,.o?g,^<nlWf?,r t Bt ' try to institute formal grand rah.t'° -M’ the United States? A retet thev lr °?8 W,th than ready to share in th“ir‘ » %£ iterranean ? Have we already had more than enough of battle about their intimate relations With Russia—and her poor relations, the Greeks. May we not have the Eastern Ques tion to ourselves—difficult enough of solution in its old elementary conditions—hut this acci dental Kinglet George must go complicate Westerly?_ —The Court Journal, referring to the ru mored marriage engagement 01 young Ben nett with Miss I)ix, says that “it is hardly fair that he should have two prizes for one race.” fOKlIAND AND VICINITY. Pftw Advertisements SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Republicans of Cumberland. Halo’s Arnica Ointment. Boots tad Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. ENTERTAINMENT column. P. Y. M. C. A.—Tenth Lecture. Assembly—Ocean Association. Notice—Voung People’s Association. AUCTION COLUMN. Brick and Wooden Buildings— E. M. Patten & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Proposals tor Building Iron Fence. Graham FI our and Com—<5huae Bro ilers. Heating Apparatus for Stores, &e. Found—Fur Collar. Lost—White Point Lacc Barb. Sprm-e Dimension and Out Flank. Notice—Journeymen Painters. To be I^ot—Furnished House. Religious Notices. There will be a Union prayer meeting held in the vestry of Free Street. Church Tuesday and W«Hines dav mornings of this week, from 8 to 9 o’clock. All are invited to attend. feb26-2t Union Republican Ward Caucuses. The Uniou Republicans of Port laud are re quested to meet in their several Wards, on Wednesday Evening, February 971b, nl 7 1-9 o’clnck, for the purpose of nominating candidates to be supported at the Municipal election on Monday next. Each Ward will nominate a candidate for Warden, Clerk and Alderman. Also three candidates for Common Council, and two Constables: Also elect seven delegates to meet in Convention for the purpose of nom inating a candidate for Mayor, and a candi date for Judge of the Municipal Court. Also elect two members from each Ward to consti tute the City Committee lor the ensuing Mu nicipal year. The Meeting of the Wards will be held as follows: Ward 1—At tlie Ward Roam. Ward 2—At the School House on the old hay-scale lot. Wards—At the School House comer of Market and Congress streets. Ward 4—At the Common Council Room, Market Hall. Ward 5 — At the Ward Room comer of Spring and South Streets. Ward 6—At the Ward Room on Spring street Ward 7—At the Ward Room on Brackett street By Order of the City Committee. Look to the Voting Lists. Let every voter see whether his name is borne upon the voting lists. In making up these lists inacuracies wifi occur, and since the great fire they are, probably, more numerous than ever before. Let every voter examine the lists, and if Ills name is not on, or is on the wrong Ward, tave the matter rectified at the meetings of the Board of Aldermen, to Bfe held lor that purpose, on Thursday, Friday and Sat urday. “N. N. .Society.”—The dance given by the Young Ladies N. N. Society last evening, at Assembly Hall, was a brilliant affair. Every ticket was sold, and the hall presented a gay and attractive appearance. The ladies and gentlemen enjoyed themselves finely in various dances, and the good time was kept up until late hours. The benevolent object for which the entertainment was got up, will realize something handsome from the affair. By the way, we have not before mentioned this hall. It is in Brown’s block, corner of Brown and Congress streets, and is one of the handsomest and cosiest places for a dance or any entertainment that can be found in this city. About 100 couple, as we should .judge, can find space for dancing. The Assembly Hall is handsomely fitted up, and there are several ante-rooms for other purposes. Access to it is easy, by two flights of stairs. All who have used this hall speak in the highest terms of it. Deering Ham.—Cotton’s California Miu strels Were greeted last evening with an audi ence as large as could be wedged into the hallj Every seat and standing place was occupied.— The entertainment gave great delight, the mu sic, both vocal and instrumental, being excel lent. The jokes were rich and racy without be ing vulgar, and the dancing and acting com pelled great applause. This evening the sec ond entertainment will be given, when there will be an entire change of programme. This and to-morrow evenings are the only ones in which this tronpe can perform here. Heating Apparatus.—We would direct the attention of the numerous citizens that intend to build the coming season, to the advertise ment of Messrs. David Winslow & Son, res pecting heating buildings by steam or hot water apparatus. That gentleman will put it up in as handsome and faithful a manner as it can be done by workmen from abroad, and will guarantee the result. If any thing gets out of order they are here on the spot, and the diffi culty is qdickly remedied without having to send hundreds of miles to have some one come and repair the defect. Larceny and Arrest.—Yesterday morning complaint was made at the police office, by a householder, that he had been robbed of a quantity of household goods, such as towels, sheets, tfcc., and that he suspected a girl who had been at work in his house. A description ot her was furnished and the caso was put into the hands of officer Davis, who arrested tho girl just as she was taking tho cars to leave the city, and recovered the property. Instead of going to Kennebec county, the girl went to the lock-up. New Operation.—We understand that a very enterprising mechanic at Bath has made a contract to remove three dwelling houses from that city to this during the ensu ing season. One of the buildings is a story and a half high; the others are two stories. They are to be removed on gondolas or floats built for the purpose. The same gentleman last year removed a house from Bath to Boothbay, chimneys all standing, and uot a pane of glass was broken in the operation. The Samaritan Association acknowledge tho receipt from Samuel Rolfe, Ksq., executor of the estate of Mrs. Henry H. Boody, late of this city* of the sum of #500, generously bequeath ed by her to the funds of the Association, and desire thus publicly to express their apprecia tion of this kiml action, and of the many char itable offices of the lamented deceased. Per order, Mrs. C. M. Plummer, Treasurer. Serious Accident. — Saturday afternoon, while Capt. Willard’s crew were engaged in unloading bark Grace Redpath, one of the men had his head badly crushed by the swinging of a|hogshead of molasses against the hatchway His name was Blake, and he resided on Mun joy. He was taken to his residence: but it was feared that the injury would prove fatal, as blood gushed freely from his ears. Peterson’s Ladies’ Magazine for March has been received at the bookstores of Messrs Short & Loring, corner of Free and Centre streets, and C. R. Chisholm &|Brother, No. 'Ml Congress street. Also at tho periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brother!, Lancaster Hall, and Chisholm Brothers, at the Grand Trunk Depot. Brokerage.—Henry P. Wood, “a chip of the old block,” has removed bis office to the new building corner of Exchange and Fore streets, ill the same room as the International Telegraph Company, where he will transact all kinds of brokerage business. He has one of the finest rooms in this city for that pur pose. Credit to Wbow Credit is Due.—Tho ci tizens residing ou State street are in no way backward in displaying their patriotism,and on the anniversary of Washington’s birthday there were six flags liung out on that street, about as many as were displayed in all the rest of the city. Personal.—Hon. John A. Peters passed through this city yesterday on his way to N\ asliington to take his seat as a member to the 40th Congress. The other members of the 40th Congress are all there, having been re elected. Mr. Rice is the only member that re tires. To those households that do a part or the whole of their washing, we commend the Steam Befined Soufis as greatly facilitating the process, and carrying its cleausiug effect to the last extreme; a property due to their peculiar manufacture. d&wlt W» call attention to the advertisement of the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Willetts is well and fav orably known to the lecture going public, as an able and popular lecturer, and the announce ment of his name should secure a full house. Fulton M arket.—The nicest corned hali but ami halibut fins can be had at the Fulton Market. Hopkins keeps hisestablishmcnt sup plied with all the luxuries of the finnytribe. Onn Fellows Hall.—The new and elegant ' '' '< ated by the Odd Fellows last week, will be open to the public to-day and in the evening. WeUiOome’s great German Remedy recom mends Itself to all who use it foi throat and lung dlflculties. Thousands declare it superi or to any other. You will tind it so by using it. jan4—dlawtf Danc*.—Ex-America Rose Company No. 1 will give a select assembly at Mechanics’ Hall this evening. Arrangements have been made for a pleasant, social entertainment. Tickets can be had at the door. French Mirrors—The splendid French Mirrors, property of the estate of the late Hon. John M. Wood, that are to be sold at auction on Friday next, may be seen at the rooms of | Messrs. E. M. Patteu & Co., Plum street. Inforumtiou Wan nil. Westbrook, Feb. 25th, 1867.® To the Editor of the Press: Seeing a call in the Press for the Republicans of this town to meet at the Town Hall to nom inate candidates for town offices we went to the place at the specified time, and there found about thirty persons, a third of whom have till the present acted with the Republican party, the rest with the Democratic. Upon enquir ry, we learned that the two parties had “.fused,” and a committee of six—three from each of the old parties—had been appointed to select can didates to be supported at the polls on the day of election, and the committee had retired to at tend to the duty assigned them, fu one corner of the hall we found the “Town Republican Committee”—three in number—“swung” into a l'ttle “circle.’' From them we ascertained that they had not been consulted by those who Were “piping the Conglomerated mass”—that they had not even called the Republican ele ment of the meeting to order. The committee in due time “brought in" a “fusion ticket," and the “conglomerated mass” adjourned. Now, we wish to ask-the Republican Commit tee if they are going to sanction the proceedings of Saturday? if they are gying to vote to retain in office men who were foremost ip swindling the loyal tax-payers here out of twenty-four thousand dollars? It is very evident that the loyal voters of this town have the ascendency have the strength to elect a full board of loyal town officers. Why not, then, do so? When the “hot-bed of secession” was in a flourishing condition; when onr sons were starving in reb el slave pens, or upholding ths flag on the bat tle-field, uo overtures of “fusion” greeted our ears. Why this liberality now? Loyal voters of Westbrook, awake ! Be not caught napping. An attempt is being made to “sell you out” to the votaries of trea son. Will you allow wily political hucksters to buy and sell you as “human chattels?" Then meet together ere the day t>f election and proclaim yonr rights. Several Loval Republicans. [Since receiving the above, we have seen a copy of a poster cailing upon the Democratic voters of Westbrook to meet at the Town House, on Friday, March 1, at 3 o'clock, p. m., to nominate candidates for town officers. This looks as if the pretended fusion was, as our friends suppose, a “blind.”—En.] . Newbmrjrporl Ilcnu, Newburyport Mass. Feb. 25. 1867 No one who takes a casnal look at this city of olilen time would have an; idea of the amount of manufacturing that is done here. But the Internal Revenue books show a large return. One large foundry was found not to be sufficient to supply the demand for such work, and another one has been built which does a large business. The two Hat factories here have had a rush for the last year and paid good dividends. They have sunk money in the machine Brush factory, and have stopped at various times but 01 late have started up again. One of the most eccentric men that ever liv ed foe?e was Lord Timothy .Dexter, an English nobleman, who being wealthy, occasionally dipped into speculation, but was always lucky, even in such unpromising ventures as sending warming pans to the West Indies. He owned a rope factory, the foreman told him that they needed a little more hemp. The old man started off to Boston, and in a few days the foreman was surprised to And at the wharf two cargoes of hemp, enough to last three years. On the arrival of the old gentleman, he told him instead of those cargoes, bo only wanted half a ton. “\yell stow it away,” was the an swer, and they did, and in less than a month sold it at an advance of some thousands. Something now for these parts is a whiskey distillery, which".*i» doing a fair , business. Caldwell, Rum distiller, has such a reputation for pure liquor, that they are unable to fill tbeir orders. Over two thousand foreigners help make up the population of this city. Steve. Newspapers in Constantinople. A missionary of the American Board in Con stantinople writes; “The increase in the number of newspapers published here, and in one or two other prin cipal cities of Turkey, and the increase of (he number of persons who read them, are among the most noticeable signs of the times. In this city, five or even two years ago, it was a rare occurrence to see a newspaper in the hands of any one of the thousands of natives passing up and down the Bosphorus or Golden Horn in the steamers which hero takes the place of the street cars of Boston and New York. ‘Now it is almost as common a sight as in those cars. Newsboys throng our thoroughlares with their papers—in Turkish, French, in Greek, in Ar menian, &c. We have at least ten daily papers published at Constantinople. Their standard of journalism is Dot very high, and yet they serve to stir and direct the thoughts of men. Their influence upon public opinion is quite as decided as in England and America.” THE STATE. —The Gardiner Reporter says a plan is on foot in that city to erect a large manufactory for the construction of the Dirigo Sewing Ma chine. The inventor, Mr. J. S. McCurday, and a number of enterprising citizens, are endeav oring to form a company to engage in the en terprise, and with every prospect of success. —The Mail relates a curious case of theft. Some rogue, who evidently believes we art to have an early spring and is making prepara tions accordingly, stole a Waggon from Mr, J. C. Hutchinson, of Winslow on Thursday night. —Shingles are used as a substitute for mon ey at Presque Isle, and are considered “legal tender.” The Sunrise says that the best quality of shingles are selling for $4.50 per M. —The St. Croix river has opened earlier this year than it has done during the past thirty six years, except in 1842, when it opened on Feh. 5th, and in 1802, when it opened on the 7th. So says the Courier. —The St. Croix Courier says: “W. M. Buck Esq. C. E and party left last week for Houl ton to make a survey for the Houlton Branch Railway. Among the nominations rejected by the Senate on Saturday, was that of Arno Wis well to the collcctorship at Frenchman*® Bay in this State. —We see by the Ellsworth American that a store at the Falls Village, occupied by Emer son Robbins, was burned on Wednesday even ing of last week. All the goods were burned, on which tbeir was no insurance.—The build ing belonged to Mr. Ivory Brown, and was in sured for $200. Loss not known. SPECIAL NOTICES. Cumberland. The Republicans of Cumberland are requested to meet at the Town House in Baid town, on Saturday the 2d day ol March, at 2 o'clock P. M., to nominate town officers for the ensuing year. Per order of Town Committee. Cumberland, Feb. 26, 1867. d&w Why Suffer from Sores? When, by tbe use ot the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can be easily cured. It has relieved thousands from Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and evert/ Complaint at the Skin. Try it, for it costs but 25 cents. Be sure to ask for Ualc ’a Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cent, to O. P. BRVMOUR & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. fcb2fid2in s » A Full and Complete Assortment. of the best Boots and Shoes tor Ladies and ienlle nien can be lotind at T. E. MOSELEY * CO.'S, Summer St., Boston. Ieb26dlt Republican Caucus,—Gorham. Tbe Republicans of Oorhain are requested to meet at die Town House, on WEDNESDAY, February 27tb, at 3 o’clock P. M, to nominate a board of Town

Officers for the ensuing year. Per On I or of Town Committee. Feb 23d—dtd.F MINERAL BATHS AT HOME. DYMPEPMIA CURED HIIECMATINIR CURED ERUPTIONS on tlw PACE CURED MC'ROFUI.V CUBED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all your various twd often pcmi cions drugs aud quack medicines, and use a lew baths prepared with “STRUMATTC SALTS!” These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors nt the Mineral Well ofthe Tenn’a Salt Man ^.in Pittsburg, and tlght boxes. One always sufficient for a hath Di rections are attached. internally use “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles or one and a half pints. One sufficient for a day 8nse. (PP“Snld hy Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 state st., Boston: Raynclds. Pratt & Co, No. 100 Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20sseod&wly SPECIAL NOTICES. CTMtraiMic Walls kud Wtk-umatic min eral it aim, just re* Lived and lor sale hv J. W. PERKINS & CO.,' no24aNeotv<lfcwly No 80 Commercial St. COLGATE & CO.'S, WLNTKR SOAR ! Recommended for CHAPPED HANDS and for general Toilet use during COLD WE ATHER. It may be obtained of all Druggisls and Fancy Goods Dealers- SN IVb20d23t ANDERSON & CO.’S HOOP-SKIRF FACTORY J 333 Oonjrross St, above Oasco. Kir**French, Genian and American Corsets trom 75 cts to $10,00 a pair. Hoop bkirts made to older at one hours notice. Feb 9—81* dam WIHTAK’H — OF— WILD V 11 E H jB Y / HAS BEEN USED NEARLY 1IAJLJF A t'ENT^UV, With the most astonishing success in curing Cough*, Cold*, IIoaiVM>ne**, More Throat, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Croup. Civer Complaint*, Biouchita*, Difliculiy of Breathing, A*ihum and every affection of THE THROAT, LIJUGM AND CHEMT, INCLUDINO EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequalled success that has attended the appli cation of iliis mod.cine in all cases of Ptt Imo na ry Com pi a i nts, has induced many Physicians of high standing to employ it in their practice, some of whom advise us of Llie tact under their own signatures. We have space only for the names ot a few of tfi< se:— E. Boydex, M. I)., Exeter, Me. Alexander Hatch, M. 1)., China, Me. K. Fellows, M. I)., Hill, N. H. W. 11. Webu, M. D., Capo Vincent, N. Y. W. B. Lynch, M. D., Auburn. N. V. Abraham .Skill man, M. il, Bound brook, N. J. H. D. Martin, M, D., Mansfield, Pa. The proprietors have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the halls ol Congress to the humblest cottage, and even beyond 1ho seas; tor the fame and virtues oi Wiwtar’* llal*aiu have ex tended to the “ uttermost bounds of the earth,** without any attempt on our part to introduce it be yond the limits o$ our owp coRntiy. Prepared by SETH W. FOWLK SON, 18 Tre mont Street, Boston, and sold by all Druggists and Dealers generally, GRAC K’B CK.LHHKAii:i) MA^VE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CETS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, &c.f &c Grace’s Celebrated Salve! Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces the most angry looking swell ings and iptlam illations, as if by magic; thus atluni ing relief and a complete cure. (July 35 cent# a box; scut by maUiac 35 cents. ' Siml W. FOWLK A SON. 18 Treinont St, Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists and dealers gener ally. Febl9, ytiG—SNeodT.T.s&weow Eli. S. S. FITCH’S “Family 1-M i,yHieian Seventjr-si* r»gB8 : priop 26 rums. Split pi anv acl (ireBB. No money required until the hook iB received, read, and fully approved. It is a perfect guide to the nick or indisposed. Address Pit. S. S. FITCII, .'.j Tremont Street, Boston. s.N JauL’9dly Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may lie found at wholesale at llie drug stores of W.W Whip ple As Co., H. II. Hay, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. Stanwood and J. W. Perkins & Co. janl2sNdly A Valuable Medicine.—Dr. Poland’s White Pine Compound, advertised in our columns, is a suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White PinoH^rk; Hints been thorough ly tested by people ip this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials toils value from persons well knows to our citizens. We reccoinmend it* trial in all those cases of disease to which it Is adapted. It is tor sale by all our Druggists.—Indepemlant. The Great New England Remedy! Dll. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now offered to the afflicted throughout the coun try, after having been proved by the test ot eleven years, In the New England State*, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound, CUKES ^•rc Throat, Colds, Coughs, Riptlirria, Itrom hitw, S(lining of Blood, and Pul uionury Adfrctious, generally It i* a Remarkable Remedy for Kidney t'oni* rlnintw, Diabetes, Dilltculfy of Voiding riue, Bleeding from flic F itlucy* uu«i Bladder, Gravel aud olber eomplaints. For Files aud Scurvy, it will be found very valuable. Give it a trial it you would learn the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. It Pleasant Safe and Sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wholosalu by W. F. Phillips & Co., J. W. Perkins & Co., Aud W. W. U liipple, PORTLAND, MR. sep2i)-deow6m s n nu. SWEET, NATVKAE BONE SETTEE. Doctor of ail ailments inci dent ?o tlic Bones,.Cords, andMuscles, Hip Diseases,; Iff, and enlarged Joints, Weak and Perished Limbs Paralysis, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, an. Lameness, successful! y troate i. Office .‘If Ciray Street. Where he can 1k> consulted daily without charge. Iebl5 d3w* a s Some Folks Can’t Sleep Niohus —We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with (he stand ard and Invaluable remedy, Dodd's nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations for the cure of all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce costiveness aud other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases over sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the tearAiI mental and liodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin Co., augMsnlydAw n Wholesale Agents, Boston. For Coughs, Colds and Consumption, Try the old and well known VKISKTABLE PiJIjMONARY ISA I*£l AM, approved and used I by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians tor forty years past. Got the genuine. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, dec24sN<<iiu Boston, Proprietors. A Cough, A Cold, or | A Sore Throat, REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritation of the Ijuiirm, u per manent Throat Difieasc, or Consumption, is often the result. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchilin, Asthma, Catarrh, Con sumptive and Throat I»Sm-usi», TROCHES ARK USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD 8U00B88. Singers mid Public Speakers will find Troches nselul in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat al ter an unusual exert ion of the vocal organs. The Troches arc recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have lutd testimonials from eminent men throughout flic country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties iu various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only ‘‘Brown’s Bronchial Troches*' and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold ev ku wiikre Dec 4—d&w6m sn Long Sough t For l Come at Last! Mains' Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not the best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, as we»l as one of the most agreeable Beverages. Manufactured from the pure juice of the /*crr//, and unadulterated bv any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend U to the sick as a medicine, ami to the well, as a beverage. To the days of the aged it addctli length, To the mighty it addeth strength,” *Tis a balm lor the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell MAINS’ KliDEIIBERKV WINK nev 27 s n d&wtf Batchelor’s Hair I»yc. This splendid Hair Dye is the best m the world. The only true ami perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Bail Dyes. Invigorates the hair, leaving it suit and beautiful. The genuine is sigusd Wil liam .4. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should lie avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. MP1" Beware of a 41011 nierfeit. November 10, lsOC. dlysn Warren’s Cougli Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded tor Colds, Cough*, Catarrh iuiiI Consumption, uml all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. t^'Ror sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by it. F atKAiillCltV, octlfsUwsNfan Druggist, BA2VGOB. REMOVAL. I>RS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to .901 1-9 fO!Vf«RRNN STREET, BROWN’S NEW BtaOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Senter. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Dr. Ciiadwick’8 residence lf.8 Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 High street . (p^Free Clinical consultations will lie held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 p. M., for the poor, j amiss Nd if SPECIAL, NOTICES. _A Make Your Own Soup l NO 1,1.11 E NECEMMAKYt By Saving and Using Your Waste Grease. JiU 1’ ONJE BOX OK THK Pennsylvania Salt M’ig. Co’s BJCPOIsriFIEIi. (Patentsof 1st and 8tli Feb.. 1859.) CO NC EA Tit A TED L YE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 25 gallons ot'(lie very best sotl soap tor onlv uliotit 30ets. Directions on each box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. 'Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Sail Manufacturing Co*8 Saponifler. nol7sNeod&yv iy MARRIED. In l ewis on. Feb. 12, by Rev. (J. W. Holman, Geo. H. Crockett anil Miss Paiuel’a A. Couarv, botlnof Portland. In Avon, Feb. 9, Jacob Puringlon, of Farmington, and Hattie A. French, of Avon, i , 1KastPIttston. Feb. 1*., Daniel M. Warren and Ida W. Partridge, both ot Wbitetield. In Penobscot, Feb. 12, Joseph U. l/ttbdield and Eliza J. Claytor. In Sedgwick, Feb. 12. Francis 0. Mayo and Rubv Ann Ilmekly, both ot Blue-kill. _ In this city, Feb. 21. Mrs. Ruth, wife ot Stephen DeUrnle, aged 54 yeai s 10 months. [Funeral this Tuesday a.ternoon. at 3 o’clock, from St Luke’s Church. In Falmouth, Feb. 21, Susan S., wilo of the late William Huston, aged Gtt years t; months 8 days. [Eastern pajiers please copy.I In G uham, Feb. 24, Mrs. Koxanna M., wife ot Ca,.t. Moses N. Stanley, aged 31 years lo months u da ys. [Funeral on Wednesday ailernoon, at 1 o'clock, at Porter, Me. Friends and relatives are invited to attend. In Scarboro, Feb. 20, Miss Martha McLaughlin, aged 77 years 3 mouths. UASSKLVGKRS, Tn steamship Ncsiorian. tor Liverpool—fapt M:ir tvlck, Rev Mr Sherrintt, wife and four eliildreu, Mr Patten, wife and eon, Mr Syner and wile, Mr Camp bell and wife. Sir Brock and wile. II I) Walls, Tims Robertson, 1! Hutchins, Mr Kilbv, Cico R Renfrew, RobtKerr, H Cas^iam, Win Currie. \Y u Stewart, Dtnl Nagy, Jolin Horn, lif Harrison, and -9 others in the steerage. IMPORTS. TKlhilDAp. Rrlg Kudorus—3H2 hlids 2tl tca2S2 bbls molasses, S bbls sugar, to Hoplini Ha I on; 7 bids 5 bnil-bbls molasses, master, OEPAilTCJRK OF OL'KA \ STEAMERS NAM 3 FROM FOR 1>ATF. Helvetia.New York. .Liverpool.Feb 23 tlcniuuiL.New York..Bremen.Feb 23 (nrsica.....New York..Havana.Feb25 Nestoi'jvi.Portland,...Liverpool... .Feb2U China.Boston.Liverpool.Feb 2* Kangaroo.. ,,,.New Y'ork.. Liverpool.Feb 27 Belgian.I'ar:,land ... Liverpool... March 2 Columbia.New York. .Havana ... March 2 Uniied Kingdom. ..New York. .Glasgow ... March 2 Alleraannia.New Y'ork.. Hamburg ..Maicli 2 Pennsylvania.New York..Liverpool.. .March 2 City ot New York..New York. .Liverpool... March 2 Java.New York..Liverpool... March fi Asia.Boston.Liverpool.. .March Is Miniature Almanac ..... February 26. Sun rises. 6.41 I Moon raises.12.52 AM Sun sets.4... .5.4t> | High water. B.bO PM MAKX TSr K !NT JBwfe ——~——- — _|L— PORT OF PORTLAND. Momlnvt Frbrury 25. ARRIVED. Steamer Franconia, Sherwood, New York. Steamer D.rigo, Sherwood. New York. Brig Kadorns, (or Portland) Haskeh, Trinidad via Newport and Salem. Sch Ida L Howard, McDuffie, New Y'ork. Sch Veto, Ro inson, New York for Thomaston. Sch W R Gcnn. Alley, Boston. Sdi Frank Herbert.Crowell. Boston. Sch Enterprise, (Br) Gould, Cornwallis, NS, tor New York. CLEARED. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, East port aud St. John NB—C C Eaton. P>rig Meriiwa, Ingersoil, Havana—Geo S Hunt. SAILED—Baique Triumph; brigs Geo W Chase, Hyperion, L Si aides; sch* Ad'lie Rycrson, Noraii, Annie Freeman, Energy, aud others. From Branch Office Western Union Telegraph. Ar at JVIatauzas 17 th, barque Cephas Si arret, Greg ory. Portland. SM 17th, barques Mary C Fox, Ross, tor Portland; American Lloyds, tor Philadelphia; brig CastiIlian, Harden1 rook, Baltimore. Ar al Favdenas 17th, brig Lije Houston, Morton, New York. Aral Sagua 12th, brig Frontiet. Skinner, iroin Portland. Ar at Havana 15th, brig Uncle Jerry, Norton, ini Portland. Sid 17th, brig N Stowers, Stowers, Boston; All Curtis, Merriman, Matanzas. Cl.artcaed—Barque XJnriuue, 1000 hlids t6r N York via Nuevitas, at $8 per hnd; Stampede, for do via Sagua, at #k; .brig Haitie E Wheeler, for New York via, Sagua, 650 hlids at $8 per bhd; Ida M Conierv, Philadelphia via Sagui^a, pr hhd. New York, Fob 24. The schr M F Varuuui. trom Buck port for Florida, arrived off Bermuda — inst, with both masts gone, having encountered heavy gales. The crew had been on the wreck 32 days; they abandoned the vessel and lan led at Bermuda. Amsterdam, Feb i). Shin Addison, Sloan, from Sourabaya for Amsterdam, which was stranded on the Hanks, lias broken up. The Captain and five men were .saved, and the captain’s wife aud child, to gether with nineteen men, were lost. NOT ICE TO MARINERS. Nofic is hereby given Mist the 1st class Iron Can I.uoy i'l • • io mark Broad Cove Bock, entrance to Portland Harbor, \ie, broke adrift from its moorings 23d insL. It will be replaced as soon as practicable. By order ot the Lighthouse I loam, JOHN POPE, L. H. inspector. First District. Portland, Feb. 2o, 1807. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 20th ult, barque Harvest Queen, Johnson. Humboldt. Sid 23d ult, ship Isaac 3canes, Bowling, New York 28tli. brig Deacon. Reel, Puget Sound. Ar 24tli, barque Cliimb .raaoo, N< whall, Boston. Cld 23d, shii» Molocka, Norton. Liverpool; barques Limerick Lass, Maliony. do; Annie Kimball, Lin coln, Havre. JNDlANOLA—Ar 3d, sch S H Cady, Baker, trom Boston. N EW ORLEANS —Ar l*, ship Mary Russell, Weeks, St Thomas; sch Lizzie L Tapley, Jones, from Turks Islands. Cld IStb, ships Alicia, Stuart, and China, Weeks, Liverpool; sch Lconessa. Huut, Fairliavcn. <’ld 2lst, barquo Celesta Clark, ti»r Havre. MOBILE—Ar 18th, barque Francis B Fay, Dur ham. Portland. SAVANNAH—Old 19th, barque Dirigo, Blair Ca diz; soli W J Partis, Bogart, Jt’errol. GEORGETOWN, SC—Ar 17th, sch May Day, Ad ams, Charleston. Cld 13tb, sch Dearborn. Hcrriman, Porto Rico. Cld 16th. brig Beiij Carver, Meyers, West Indies; l‘Jth, schs S E Woodbury, Woodbury, for Seorsport; Chattanooga, Black. Porto Rico. CHARLESTON—Cld 20tli, brig A F Lrrabec.a Car isle, Lagoa. WILMINGTON, NC—Ar 20t.h. brig G W Barter, Allen, Beaufort, NC. NORFOLK—Ar 21st, seh Tennessee. Creed, from New York. FORTRESS MONROE—Ar 19th, web M C Merely, from Baltimore for Sa annuli. BALTIMORE—Ar 22d, brigs Charles Heath, Wy man. Boston; Romance, Duncan, Nevassa; schs TJ Tration, Tapley, Boston; Harriet Baker, Webber, Wilmington. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 20th, brig Village B.llo, Grant, Matanzas ; sch Ethan Allen, Blake, trom Portlaii''. At 21st, sch Moses Patten, Harding, Charleston. Ar 22d, barque R G W Dodge. liofq>er, New York; sch Paul Scavey, Guilder, Wilmington. Ar at Dclawaic Breakwater I9tb, barque Mary Bentley, trom London for Philadelphia, (and pro ceeded.) Went to sea 19th, brigs Ortolan, lor Havana; RB Gove, fo- New Orleans; J W Drisko, lor Savann h; I sch Chiloe, for Cardcna-. NEW YORK—Ar 22d, sch Haul© Ooouibs, Dr’nk water, Rockland. Ar 23d. seb Gertrude Horton, Janie.-on. Rockland. Cld 23d, schs White Sea, Blach lord, Boston; Ralph Post, West, Apalachic da. Ar 2.3d, brig AUnon Rowcil, Fanning, Manhattan ville tor Boston, (and proceeded!; ab A 1* Stimsen, SI ini son, Easlport. Ar 24tli, brigs Kensliaw, from Neuvifa*; Sarah E Kennedv, from Belize NEWPORT—Ar 23d, sch Sea Bird, Belatv, trom Fall River or Norwich, anl proceeded. Off Gould Island 23d, sch S H Pool, of Wisrassct, from-I .r Providence. HOLMES* HOLE—lu port 23d. schs Seventy-Six, G W Pawley, Lena Hume, and others. BOSTON— Ar 23<1, sell Daniel Breed, Blake, from Belfast. Cld 23d, schs Henry Perkins, Cook,Turks Islands; RC Thomas, Crockett, and F E Simmons. Smith, Richmond; C E Page. French, do; Oscar, Mullock, Eastport; Win R G<*iin, Alley, Portia d. Ar 24th, brig Caroline Eddy, Smith, Messina. Below, barque Courser, from New Orleans. Sid. ship Sorrento ; barques Talavera, Lizzie II Jackson. Ar 25th, barque Courser. Dickey, Im New Orleans; Bramhall, Hamilton, Portland. Cld 25th. ship Success, chase. Mobile, to load fbr Liverpool; brig Timothy Field. Wlswcll, Cardenas; sch Julia Parsons, Douglass, Tlioiuaston. BELFAST—Ar 25th, brig Ja< Davis, Staples, lrom Matanzas via Portland. FOREIGN PORTS. At. Lvttlefcon, NZ. 2d ult, narque A II Badger, Mitchell, from Newcastle. At Newcastle, NSW, ship Alexander, Decker, for I long Kong. At Manila Dec 20, ship Asa Kldridge, Kelley, udc. At Calcutta 8th ult, ships Mongolia, Weston, lor Boston, (lakes 150 tons saltpetre at$5) gold.and 1300 tons measure at $7$ gold; Houghton, i uckminster, unc: and ot hers. At Bombay 12th ult. ships Arabia. Hinckley; Jen nie Eastman, Starkey; Wizard King, Woodworth, an I Wlirteinhurg, Chase, une. At Messina 2*1 inst, barques Jehu, Smith, tor Bos ton, ldg; Young Turk, Small, do. Ar at Honolulu Jau 10, barque Camden, Mitchell, Puget Sound. Sid tm Panama 12th, ship Valley Fo;go, Emerson, lor Callao. At Valparaiso 15tli ult. ships Elizabeth Kimball, Frost, for San Francisc, (cld); barques Sierra Neva da, Dickey, from Buenos Ayres, to load wheat at Oald* ra and wool at Tome lor Boston, at £3 5s; Enoch Benner, Benner, from do, to load at Valparai so. l< r orders to London or Liverpool, at £3; Fannie, Hinckley, repg. Ar at Buenos Avrcs Dec 1 tth, barnnes La riata, Crowell. Now York; 17rh, Helena. Jackson, Ban gor; 22d, barques Masonic. Boyd, Machias; Jan 3d. Ella A’ Anna, Kandall, Portland ; tth, Louisa, Snow, do; 8th, Chief, Harding, New York In j'ort. Dec 26. barques -I F Pearson, Lewis, and La Plata, Crowell, for New York; Ja M Churchill Hutchinson; Bidwell, Churchill ; K F Hcrriman Herrfmm; Lizzie, Hurd; Charlotte A Littlefield* Nichols’ Com Dui»out, Clifford; Helena, Jackson * Masonic. Boyd, and Manuela, Morse, unc. Arnt Montevideo Dec 22, barque Loch Lamar Clifford St John, NB; Kremlin, Burgos Cliorrv Held; .lau 4. Sarah Elizabeth, StoolSl., MachE (and sale I tor Buenos Ayres»; brig M A Herrara Havener, Scar port; 7tli, Czarina, Scavy, Franklin t’ 12th, Somerville, Hill, Portland, (and sailed tor Bue- j nos Ayres.) Sid Jan 2,barques Sarah Elizabeth, Sinclair, (from Machias) lor Buenos Ayrc»; 7tJi, Addle Decker, IVn ne 1. tor a Brazilian port. Sid tm Bio Janeiro 13th ult, hips Persia. Donne, Callao; 22d. Ocean Traveller, McCalumf. do. Ar at St Jago Ctb inst, brig- Alfaiafcta, Bibber, Portland; Talfv Ho, Chism, Mar Idas. Ar at Trinidad 8th inst, hug Omaha, loothaker, from Matanzas. Sid tin Cientuogos 13th inst, brig Wm Mason, Wy man, Boston. Sid fin Caibarien 51h inst, bug M Bouisa Miller, Leighton, New York. Ar at Havana 14th, sclis I) Talbot, Packard. Wil mington, NO; 16th, brig J B lb own, Bain, Port land; Caprera, Highborn, New York; sclis Ella L 2Jfefothei| Ttteomb, do ; James Wyman, Nelson, Nassau, NP. CM 15th, brig A II Curtis, Mtfrlman, Mhtftnzas; 16th, barques Fannie, Carver, do; James E Ward, Landerkln, Sagua; brigs N Stowers, Stowers, Bos to®,; William, Dobson, St Marys, Ga. Sid 1 th, seh Muth H Maker, Kniglit, Sagua; 14th, "rigs Win H Parks, Lippincott, for Philadelphia; —orana, Knowles, Tnu.uad: Hiram A biff. Tibbetts, KHpa; soh Azelda cV: Laura. Mclndoe, charleston; D V Key West. nlZK* 17th, brig Hattie S Bishop, Bartlett, for rwk3n*; "»d others. Abitl vTi.mFor ?or,h of Hattkras. brig Hiram lor New irtU^L^ T‘1. «»Kua. S4J pr 110 gals; flu Car, 1.1} brl“ Uuuie S Bishop, 1800 boles Savaimtth?taU,ll!l Utfc> *c’1 M W Qupier, Hupper, Ar at Cardenas Ittt» i„s, k-i . , from — : sob H i* i ® tri“?a- Patterson, lirlgA Nellie Gay, l-™nk‘urt; '-‘h. Roberts, St John, NB. ,h , Jennie Clark, (Per steamer MeSuntlcook, at New York , Ar at Liverpool loth inst. Charlotte Soe,.r i,r... Savannah; ilth, Megunticook, Htnilngmav ' !w,!“ Savannah. ’ wx" Cld Util, Ellen Hood, Pennell, New York. CM 9th, Benj Bangs. Nercross, Bono ay. Ent out 9th, Numiuam Dorniio, Cousins, for New York; Matterhorn, Curtis, Ibr Philadelphia, 121 h, Ironsides. Merri I. do. Ar in the Downes 9tb, Wr B Dinsmorc, Freeman, Callao lor Hamburg. Aral Portsmouth 9th. Assyria, Delano, Callao, sld fno Newport 9th inst, Thcobold, Theobald, Ibr Callao. Shi ini Queenstown 9ih, Good Hot»e, Miller, lor New York. Ar at Sydney, NSW, Dec 12, Panina, Soule, from Shanghai-; 2ntb, Brewsior, Carlton, Tahiti ; 21st, Bert; a. Bangs, Valparaiso. Ar at Melbourne .->tli, Anglo Saxon, Homans, from San Francisco. Shi Dec 14, Gen Berry,Watts,Callao; 18th, Suliote, Soule. Guam; Sabino, Mitchell, Callao; 19th, Tan jore, Humphrey. London. Sid »rn Singapore l>ec 25, Pursuit, Bigelow,Boston; 28th, Pocahontas, Graves. Hong Kong. Ar at Malaga Jst inst. Veteran, Snow, Cadiz. Av at Bremerhaven 7th inst, Advance, Crosby Philadelphia. A rat Antwerp 9th inst, Uncle Joe, Se wall, from Philadelphia. Sid 7th, Viking, Benson, Cardiff. SPOKEN. hob lb, lat 47, Ion G5, ship Alex Marshall, Mar shall, trom New York lor Liverpool. JANUARY 26, 1867. SPECIAL CLOSING SALE -OF WHITE GOODS! Laces & Embroideries! I At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. •Ian 2#—«ltf 20« Doz. Linen Hdkfs. I Thin Day Received / SELLING AT LOW PRICES E. T. ELDEN At CO’S. Jau 28—dtf Housekeeping Goods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT OINK PRICK. E. T. ELItEN & CO. Jau 28—iltf BLEACHED BBOWN SHEETINGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Much Under Price, -At K. T. ELDEN & CO’S. Jan 28—<ltf £. tTeLDM k €0., WILL OPEN THIS HAT Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Brown DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac. At One Price, & Free St. Jan 28—dtt Grorer & Baker, Sewing Machines, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Every Machine Warranted.! llnchinc Milk., Thread aad Twill, a fall Assortment. E. T. ELltE.X di CO. NO. S FREE STREET. Jan 28 dtf Copa vim as/tip Notice. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the tubucrihors under tbe firm name of GRUEBY & THORNDIKE, if tliis day dissolved by mutual consent. EDWARD L. OKUEBY. GEORGE L. THORNDIKE. All |K:r:jin» having any demands or indebted to tbe above lirni are requested to make immediate settle ment. Feb’y title 18C7. EDWARdTI GRUEBY, I will continue tbe business in Plumb street, of Manu facturing and Dealing in Doors, Blinds, Pash, Gutters, Conductors, BrackettR, Star Rail, Balusters, Monldincs, Ac., Ac. N. H —The Moulding arc from the Bay Statb, Suffolk and Union Mills, Boston, from season ed kiln-dried Lvubfk. Portland, Feb’y 18th, 1887. fc!9d2wis Notice. MB- ANDREW »T. CHASE retires trom our firm from this date. YEATON & HME. Portland, Feb. 18, 1887. d3w Townsend Patent Glass Door Plates! SUPERIOR to any silver plate, for they reqnireno burnishing, are always bright anti lieautiftil and much more durable and ornamental than any sliver plate. They are made of the very best pressed Glass, nicely silvered and lettered on the inside, and are tirmly secured to the door. They have a uiee thin piece of rubber between the plate ami the door to keep out the wet. One Agent in fliis City sold over $200 worth in on© week. Ami wo now otter State Rights for Sale at a very low price For further particulars apply to £. A. RACIlKLDKRt 20 Green Street Portland. SMITH & LOGAN, Proprietors, 33 Meridian Street, Fast Boston, Mass. ftb23 deod2w* V A I* D . DRS. PEIRCE & FERNALD, DENTISTS, NO. IM MIDDLE MTKEET. C. N. mitre. S. C. Ffknalii. Fobvnary 21. dll' FIGS! FIGS!! Cheap, Cheap ! A O lt># Drum For $1.00! EVERYBODY BUYS THEM I Children Cry for Them! Don't let them when tfou can hut/ a 01b. IIm m for $1.00 - AT - AUUEHPS • FRUIT STORE, \o II Exchange St. Feb 22—Ulw MEW ADVEKTISEiUEMTS. PROPOSALS! PROPOSALS wlllb.1ec.Wert at the office of tie P J01.iS!ty Ha",) u«Ul 4 o’clock bJU&ES&ltiffhK’ 18«. •» '"uMn.g tie Jirrate5&t- " n«ed The Committee reserve rite right to ret«rt .11 po«ia ir It b deemed expedient. a" pro* Oudingrr"kf Special Cl>,umilte« un Fencing and AMBKOSE GIDDINOS, Chainna,, Portland, Feb. 25, 1867. fcb26iltii Heating Apparatus For Stores, llanks, School-houses, Churches, rpHE subscriber* ate prepared to pin up Steam or 1 ilot Water Apparatus, ami guarantee .* go«>d result* in every particular as can be obtained from Boston or New York contractors. We use for Steam Radiation coil* ol Wrought Iron pipes, Cast Iron or Sheet Iron Radiators. For Hot Water Circulation, Cast iron Pipes, iu Hot Air chamber* or coll* in the Rooms i* »,2<;dim m iw iMgLow a son. Spruce Diinension and Out Spruce Plank ! T^onSnJ'Th^Muu,, MS * *«•««• u. UA.HI.G1,, An... Feb 26—d4w__jiobtoay Wharf. Graham Flour and Corn ! 25 BBLS. WESTERN GRAHAM FLOUR. lOOO Bushel* SOUTHERN YELLOW CORN ALKO Halve*, Quarters and Eighth* Bbl* Flour. Yellow and White Mea! lor Table use. Oat Meal ami Hominy, For Male b> CHASE BROS. tofetldlw Notice. V*7K, til* undersigned jeuroeymen Painters of t V Portland, at a meeting held’ on the 22d of Feb 1887, do hereby re*>lvu that on and alter the 4th day of March, 18t>7, we will not work for leu than ill ner day. SIGNED BY luO NAMES Ieb26dlw» LOST! ON Sunday, near the Stale Street Church, a la dy’s White Point lace Barb or Neck Tic The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at the office of H. »J. i,ibbv & Co., Free Street. Feb 25,1867. feb2r*llw Pound. A Lady’s Fur Collar. The owner can ham the same by proying property, and pay ng for this advertisement. O. L. HAILEY, Icb26dlw 0 Free Street. To be Let. A FURNISHED House, in a desirable location, is to be let till May neit. Kent at thd rate of *1000 per annum. Apply to W. H. JERKls, Real Estate Agent. tebifikllw W. C. MONTGOMERY, BOOTS AMD SHOES, No, 4- Cnst*o Street. We beg lc we to call the attention of citizens of Portland to our LARGE and WELL SELECTED STOCK - CP - Boots and Shoes. ty All our Goods Warranted and perfect sat isfaction guaranteed. fe21dtf DR. HOPKINS* Catarrh Troches! Will Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds, Hoar scum. Bronchitis, and all ajectivns of the Throat. Public Speaker* and Singer* u«e tkea*. Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors. Sea C aptains, all u»o them with the best results. Among the huudicds ot thousands who have used them, there Is but on© voice, and that of approval. They invariably pro mote digestion, and relieve Kidney Atfcctions. Just try one box and you will be convinced. I'RFVAUED BY E. B. HOPKINS, IB. IK, 149 Washington Street, Houle a, Has*. Wholesale Agents for Maine.— W. F. Phillips * Co., i . Nathan Wood, } Por,laI*'J Said at Retail by all Druggist*. fbb25d<Swtt Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to offer their friends and the pub lic a large and well selected stock of carpetings: Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, Ac., Purchasers of the above goods are respect fully invited to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 iltf NORFOLK OYSTERS I A large lot of Norfolk Oysters just received and lor sale at $ 1.60 Per Gallon, Solid. All orders by mail or telegraph promptly attended to H. FKKEMAN & CO.* lOfl Federal Wired. 13/“Oysters delivered in any port of the city. fek>22tilw GAS NOTICE! THE ofliLC Of the GAS COMPANY la removed to their former rooms in the JOBE BLOCK, NS Lx chance Ninel. feb2Sdlw Propoaata WILL to received until the first of March next, at Mr. F. H. Fassktt’s Office, ior plaateriug tho School House already erected at Woodford’s Corner. Also for finishing the same inside ready ft>r furni ture, grading the lot and building the fence. Plans and specification* mav he seen at Mr. F. II. Fassett’s office, new City Building, Portland. J. .1. ( HENFRY. CLEMENT PHJNNEY, J. N. REED, Committee on Building. Westbrook, Feb 19, 1867. teb20 dlw MAINE CENTRAL R. R. Stockholders Meeting at Waterville FFRRI ARI 97, IS«7. 4 SPECIAL train will leave Portland for Water XV villeat 6.30 A. M., for stockholders of this Com au(* *®ch passengers as wish to go to Lewiston or Auburn, as no other morning train to those place* will be run on that day. Returning, this train will Jww^WfctOtvUl© alter the close of the meeting, at Owners of stock of this CoRipauv will he passed free to and from this meeting on this train on exhib iting their certificate of stock to the conductor of the train. EDWIN NOYES, l'eb23dtd Superintendent. Camphor Ice. OF the same unrivalled quality manufactured by us for the last ten years, we arc now prepared to tarnish consumers and the trade, in any quantity. J. R. LUNT St CO., feb23d3t 348 Congress St. International Telegraph COMPANY. The Lines of thl* Company are now open tbr busi ness with Stations at Bath, Portland, Biddeford, Ports mouth, Salem and Boston, Anil connection with Slew York, Pkilndrl pkt«, Boliimore, Washington, ami other uuuofthe country, stations vrtilslim 11 v be opened ,t Nrwkarypwl, Reran, Ip.wirk, Hrani wiak, and other Faint,. The completion of them' linos was the signal for the Ueduction ol Through Tariffs, from all parts along the route ol the Imog, while at the points not reucheil by the Company anil 'U connection. the ohl High Hates are maintained, anil will iloahtlesg ie main go until these Hues aic extended, which will bo rapidly done. Every effort will he made to maintain the L'ne. In the best condition and to transact the busiuens with the utmost correctness and despatch. Tlnin Office ear. Kxrhiiiiigi- and Farr Ml,. liraneli I Itllee at Covell’s Apothecary Stiro under Treble House. teh?.’ dtr Butler, Butter. -4 LBS. at 35ccuts per lb.,by the Puc k LilUv/ age, f»r tcilc in PROCTOR’S XR IF BLOCK, Corner of Market ami Middle Stf, by •JOSIAH L. BOSTON. Feb 23—i!2w* Tilton <C McFarland, Desire to call tho attention to the thet that more than 4 O Of their Salts gave AMPLE PROTECTION in flu, late fire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please eall on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at 1IO Nudbnry Street, Boston. Any Person Building, OR about to build, wishing to let part of a houso at a lair rent, apply to fabl3d:tvr* “H,” Box 1M1. Mew Crop flolasses. 426 HHDS. I VERY SUPERIOR MUSCO 41 TCS. ( VAJOO MOLASSES, per Brig “Minnie Miller," from Matan/as, now landing and for sale by Chase, Cram Sc Ntmtevnut, Feb23-isdtf WHgerv's Wharf.