Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 26, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 26, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ---- ^ 0 »■ . Tuesday Morning. February 29. 1867. — LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [special dispatch to the press.] Auousta, Feb. 25,1867. SENATE. The Senate by a vote of 5 to 18 reiused pas sage to a report of the Committee on 1 ublic Buildings and a bill or aet to provide for the enlargement of the State House. The Senate had under discussion the report of the committee on assumption of municipal war debts. Without taking a vote Senate ad journed in memory of Jonathan Sterling, late member of the House, deceased. HOUSE. An act relating to certain State banks came from the Senate. The House voted to recede and concur in the action of the Senate thus bringing it before the House. Au act authorising the employment of steno graphers to report the proceedings of the Su preme Judicial Court was read and assigned. An act to protect Yarmouth harbor; abo an act to continue in force an act in favor of disa bled soldiers and seamen, were passed to bo engrossed. An order was introduced and passed as fol lows: Ordered, That the Senate concurring, the House adjourn on Friday next at ten o’clock, A. M. Mr. Farnkam, of Greene, introduced an or der as follows: Ordered, That from and after to-day no mem ber be allowed to apeak more than ten minutes at one time, nor more than twice upon any question without leave. Mr. Brown called up the bill “an act to res tore and preserve trial by jury” and his ton minutes were taken up in au argument against lawyers and the law system as now en forced. After a further discussion on the part of Messrs. Holland, Brown and others, the yeas and nays were taken on motion of Mr. Frye of Lewiston, as follows: yeas f>4, nays 47. An act appropriating $18,300 for the State Beforui School being called up was spoken to by Mr. Jones of China in defence of the school aud of the appropriation who continued his remarks untill the adjournment. In the af ternoon Mr. Farnkam spoke in behalf of the school and of the exercises of tho sabbath school connected therewith. He visited it du ring the present session. His remarks were in the highest sense eulogistic and he was follow ed by Messrs. Lord, Stevens and Hall and the act was passed to be engrossed; also an act ap propriating $fi00 to Henry Frecthy for cattle lost by disease. An act for the consolidation of railroads in this State was indefinitely postponed. Act relating to election cf the Selectmen of towns, passed by the Senate, came up and was indefinitely x>ostponed. Leave of absence was granted to D. W. Mer rill, of New Gloucester. The death of Jonathan Sterling, of Carra uuk, late member of this House, was announc ed by Mr. Atkinson, and appropriate resolu ious were adoptedja.'ter which the House ad ourned. WASHINGTON. The Slave Trade of Cuba Abandone brutal murder of freed •men. NOTICE TO 1VARRINERN. Washington, Feb. 25. The Government is satisfied from Comman der Cooper's cruise around the Island ol* Cuba and the result of bis inquiries, that no landing of negroes has taken place or an expedition been fitted out for upwards of a year, the im portation of coolies having in a groat manner done away with the slave trade. The Freedman’s Bureau has received a letter from Grayson County, Texas, saying that the Government must do something to protect the negrose,two having been most brutally murder ed within the past teif days. Ruffians are con tinually maltreating the blacks within a circle of twenty miles. A dozen have been assassi nated. The Colonial Government of Nova Scotia has given notice that two lights are now exhibited from the lighthouse recently erected on Iron Bound at the entrance of Mahone Bay. They are fixed white lights placed horizontally 25 feet apart, and in clear weather should be seen 12 miles. A fixed white light is also now exhibited from the lighthouse recently erected on Quiet Island in Talawagnouciie Bay, Northumber land Straits. EUROPE. NEWS II V THE CABLE. Berlin, Feb. 24. The session of tho first Parliament of the North German States was formally opened yesterday by the King of Prussia The mem bers ot the royal lamily and Herr Von Bis niark were present. The King in bis speech from the throne said he was encircled as no German Prince had been for ages. All hopes for the future welfare of the nation now rested on the accomplished fart of a united Germany. He recommended Parliament to form a new constitutional union which would be defensive in its character and give unity, liberty and power to fatherland. London, Feb. 24. A dispatch from Athens says intelligence had reached that city that the Greek steamer Panhellenion had safely arrived at the Island of Candia. Florence, Feb. 24. A telegraph dispatch from Naples renorts that a magazine had exploded at Posilippo, near that city, and that a number of lives were lost by the disaster. Berlin, Feb. 25. Dispatches have been received here which state that all the non-German members in the Austrian Diet have united. Madrid, Feb. 26. The Government of Spain will immediately form a Board of Public Works for Cuba. Liverpool, Feb. 25, Noon. The Acadian, from Liverpool for Savannah, was lost on Tuskar Rock, off the coast of Ire land, yesterday. %No further particulars. GEORGETOWN, D. C. Republican Mayor Elected. Washington, Feb. 22. Au election took place to-day in Georgetown for Mayor and Common Council. It was the first election at which the colored vote was counted. A detail of 145 men for duty was made, including the police of the town and a mounted force in urdcr to preserve the peace At !) o’clock the polls were opened and the rush ol voters without distinction of color com menced. Tiie votes of several colored men wi-rd rejected because they could not be iden tified and a few on the ground of minority. The action of the judges of election delayed the colored voters somewhat, requiring them to make oath to their identity and age. Great exertions were made by each party to bring the voters to the polls. During the entire day the streets and corners in the vicinity of the polls were occupied by groups of citizens deep ly interested in the result ot the election. Thu restaurants and tippling houses were closed all day and the metropolitan police were constant ly parading the town. < 'lias. D. Welsh, radical, was elected by a majority of 96 votes over Henry Addison, the present mayor, who was the conservative or white man’s candidate, but a large number of councilmen on the Addison ticket were elected. Washington Correspondence. Nf.w York, Feb. 25. The Commerrial s special says that the Georgetown election is progressing quietly, white and black men voting. The Post’s special says the House committee ou whiskey frauds report that only oue eighth of the whiskey manufactured pays a tax. The committee recommend a tax on distilleries to the extent ot production, the repeal of per mission to enter in bonded warehouses home manufactured liquor to be afterwards with drawn, that comprising cases of fraud to bo prohibited, and that iuformers be no longer paid a nioity of confiscated property and that the office of distillery inspector lie abolished. It is now considered certain that Mr. Smytho will be removed from the collectorship of New York. Got. Ilrorvn of Georgia on the Condition of the Country. Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 25. Ex-Gov. Brown, of this city, will publish in tbe papers to-uiorrow morning a three column letter reviewing the political condition of the country, and advising the people of Georgia t ■ accept the terinsproposed hy the bill recently passed by both Houses of Congress providing for tiie reconstruction of State Governments at tbe South. Missouri Legislature. Jefferson City, Mo., Feb. 25. The Senate to-day passed, by a vote of 19 against 7, a bill submitting to tbe people at the next genera) election an amendment to the £ tat.- Constitution to strike out tbe woid white. A similar proposition lias been introduced into tiie House, and is made the special order for Thursday. Kiplotisu of a l.oromativr. Albany, N. Y., Feb. 25. An engine on the N. Y. Central Railroad ex ploded her boiler in this city to-day. The en gineer was seriously hurt and others slightly so. Nobody was killed. The engive was de stroyed. yYYiY CONGRESS- BEGONE SESSION SENATE. Washington, Feb. 25. Just before the adjournment of the Senate Saturday night, Mr. Sherman reported from the Finance Committee) the compound interest tunding hill. The committee recommended non-concurrence in the House amendment and report the bill as passed in the Senate, in’ the nature of a substitute. Petitions and memorials were referred. The Chair laid before the Senate the creden tiais oi Justm S. Morrill, Senator elect from March 4th from Vermont. Mr. Patterson presented a resolution of the Legislature of Tennessee, requesting (Pattor sou) to resign. He said he would merely lay it on the table, but at some future time would de fend himself against the charges. Ho should not obey the instructions. Mr. Wade called up the bill in relation to the government of Montana. The tilth section abolishes all distinction on account of color as a qualification for electors of the Legislature. The bill was further amend ed and passed. The Senate then proceeded to the regular order of consideration of bills from the Com mittee on Commerce. Mr. Sumner called up the Joint resolution extending for two years the time during which the Secretary of the Navy shall place at the disposal ol the quarantine officers of New York, unserviceable vessels, for use as cholera hospitals. Agreed to. Air. Sherman introduced a bill to consolidate the national department, and provide for its payment, which he desired might lie on the table auu be printed. He asked nopnsent ac tion upon it, but gave notice that lie should call it up at an early day next session. It au thorizes the Secretary ot' the Treasury to issue bonds at not more than 0 per cent, interest and not less than par, principal and interest paya ble in coin, the proceeds of which shall be ap plied exclusively to the payment or purchase of existing indebtedness. These bonds shall be known as the consolidated debt of the TTnit ed Stales. Tile second section provides that these bonds shall be subject to an annual tax of 1 per cent, on their amount in lieu of all other taxation, the amount received for the tax to be paid into the sinking fund for the redemp tion of the debt. The third section provides that the Chief Justice aud Secretary of the Treasury shall be Commissioners of the sink ing fund, and prescribe rules lor the manage ment and disposition of the land. The fourth section authorizes the issue of live huudred millions at 5 per cent, interest, the principal and interest payable in Europe. The bill to regulate disposition of fines pen alties aud forfeitures under the custom laws was taken up aud passed. The House indent • ity bill was referred to the J udiei.iry Committee, and the omnibus bill to the Finance Committee. The river and harbor appropriation bill was then taken up. Various amendments were proposed and act ed on, when an executive session was held, after which the Senate took a recess. EVENING SESSION. The consideration of the river and harbor ap propriation hill was resumed. Mr. Sprague ottered an amendment, appro priating S2o,000 for improving Providence river, and $17,0*0 for improving Pawtucket river.— Agreed to. Mr. Sherman, from the conference commit tee on the Military Academy appropriation bill, made a report, which was agreed to. Mr. Sumner, from the conference committee on the dinloinatic appropriation bill, made art - port which was agreed to—24 to 10. The consider*.ion of the river and harbor appropriation bill was resumed, aud it was finally passed. Mr. Chandler called up the bill reported by him on Saturday hist, to repeal all the provis ions of the law allowing goods brought from the British Provinces to be carried iuto the in terior of the country without inspection. It repeals sections 23 and 24 of the act to prevent smuggling, passed at the last session. The bill passed. At 10 o’clock, on motion of Mr. Chandler, the Niagara ship canal bill was taken up. At 11 o’clock, without taking actiou on the bill, the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. The States were called for hills and joint res olutions, lor reference only. A number of bills and resolutions were pre sented and refe rred. Mr. Hill offered a preamble and resolution in reference to Mr. Wentworth's select com mittee of enquiry into alleged corrupt bargains with the President, directing such committee to report after the reading of the journal to morrow any evidence in its possession; and also requesting Mr. Wentworth to present the newspaper paragraph on which his resolution was based. Mr. Stevens, characterizing the resolution as a most extraordinary one, moved to lay it on tlie table. Rejected 24 to 63. The resolu tion was adopted. Mr. Niblack offered a resolution instructing the Committtee on the District of Columbia to report a bill conferring elective franchise with in the District to foreigners who hare declared their intention of becoming citizens, {and are otherwise qualified. Mr. Stevens moved to table it, but the House refused—47 to 84. Mr. Niblack moved the previous question, hut was not sustained, aud debate arising, it went over under the rules. Mr. Cullum offered resolutions directing the Judiciary Committee to report a bill making eight hours a legal day’s work for all Govern ment employees. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, Chairman of the Com mittee, said the resolution was unnecessary, as he had beeu already instructed to report such a bill, but had withheld it because it could not be considered by the House in its present condi tion of business. Mr. Cullum withdrew the resolution. Mr. Taylor, of Tenn., offered a resolution de claring that the surviving soldiers aud sailors of the war of 1812 ought to be placed on the pension rolls by this Congress. Adopted. Mr. Darling, from the select committee on internal revenue frauds, made a report, and Mr. Trimble got leave to present the views of the minority. Ordered to be printed. Mr. Morrill, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, made a statement in refer ence to busines of tlie House, and proposed that the Committee of the Whole lie discharg ed from the further consideration of the tariff bill, and that the House concur in the amend ments of the Senate with amendments thereto reported by tlie Committee ou Ways and Means, as subsequently modified, and that then the subject shall bo referred to the con lerence committee. The gentlemen would see that when the repoTt of such conference com mittee was received, it could bo voted down if not satisfactory. He submitted rcolutions to that effect. Mr. Pike suggested that it would be more ac ceptable to take the House bill of last session, and let the committee of conference have both bills before it as a basis of agreement. Mr. Morrill expressed the conviction that the hill as proposed to be amended by the Commit tee on Ways and Means, was a more perfect bill than the House bill. Mr. Morrill modified his resolution so as to read “ that the rules be suspended so that the Committee of the Whole be discharged from further consineration of the tariff bill, that the House non-coucur in the Senate amendments, and that the House ask a committee of conference.” Mr. Morrill notified the House that unless his proposition was agreed to, he should feel compelled to ask the House to sit in continuous session until the tariff bill was disposed of. After further debate the House refused to suspend the rules ou Mr. Morrill’s motion —84 to 86. The House then went into Committee of the Whole on the tax bill. Various amendments were adopted, one re pealing section 114 of the act of the 30th of June, 1864, which puts advertisements on the freelist; that in cases of seizures for alleged frauds a bond may be given for double tho amount, and the parties be permitted to go on with their business; requiring inspectors ot distilleries to give $5,060 bonds. At a quarter to three o’clock the committee rose anil reported the hill to the House. Mr. Morrill in receiving the amendments op posed the repeal oi the cotton tax, saying it waft not an oppressive tax, and he had no doubt that the Northern States would be in favor of its continuance. Mr. Iiollins, the Commission er of Internal Reveuue, had submitted a table showing that the amount of tax collected in the rebel States for 1866 from cotton, was $15, 000,000, and from all other sources only $4,500, 000, which is $1,200,000 less than was paid by the small State of Rhode Island. This amount, distributed through ten States, hardly pays the expenses of collection, and it would 1m* as well to exempt these States from the operation of the internal revenue law. The amendment striking out the tax ou cot ton was rejected. Mr. Stevens, from the conference committee on the consular and diplomatic appropriation bill, made a report, which was agreed to. The proviso in regard to the mission to Por tugal is, that no money .shall he paid to the present Minister out of any i'unds whatever; and that this provision shall remain in force until repealed by Congress. Mr. Spaulding, from tlie coulerence commit tee on the military academy bill, made a re port, which was agreed to. The section in reference to eadets from rebel States reads that “ No money shall be paid for the pay or subsistence ol such cadets after the 1st of Jarmrry, 1867, until their State shall be restored to its orig.nal relations to the Union. The House here took a recess until evening. EVENING SESSION. The House proceeded to dispose of the re | maining amendments to the tax bill. | The vote fftriug distillers’ licenses at $500 finally reconsidered, and it remains as at present, Si 00. ^T; Stevens* amendment to allow persons .Moused of fraud to give 1 Kinds and continue ; m «s.'.nr"> w‘,s teje'-ted. Mr ru .7* l,a*3t'd without » division. oh . Jirit r'MIi t*'e ' ommittee on tlie New Sfc'ft&EU&S*r,;glir“ to the The House then went into Oummionn c .i Whoie on the fortification appropriation bUl! Mi. Morrill gave notice that he would to morrow, immediately alter the morning hour attempt to have the tariff bill taken up and’ would press its consideration until disposed of He hoped the irieiids of the bill would be pres ent and staad by it. Mr. Hops moved to strike out the enacting clause, which, after discussion, w as agreed to —til to 48. The committee rose and reported its action. 1 lie House refused, by a vote of 57 to 09, to strike out the enacting clause, aud the bill was recommitted. Tlie Senate amendment to the House hill extending she benefit of the agricultural col lege bill to Tennessee, was concurred in —Ad journed. Dmtrnrtfvr Fire in Ptrimutuih, IV. II. Boston, Feb. 25. A fire took place this forenoon in Ports j mouth, N. if., in the store of Pergu^ou & Fry, on Congress street. The store was in the building known as the old tavern and adjoin ing the new Congress Block and Masons Hall. The fire communicated to the stores ef Henry M. Clark on the east and Chas. E. Shedd & Co., on the west, totally destroying both. The office of the International Telegraph Company was in the latter building. The goods in the store were mostly removed. Loss About $10, 000, mostly covered by insurance. Seizure* of Spanish Arms in New Verb. m Xjew Yoke, i'eb. 25. Tbetecont seuAres of Spanish arms in this city and Boston arc exciting a determined op position on tlie part of importers, t hey have formed a combination, and employed able Coun sel to present the facts to tlio Secretary of the Treasury. A urgent from Cadiz lias arrived bringing evidence that the acts of the United States Consul at Cadiz and the Custom Houses are subjecting importers to great inconveuie uce and injustice. THE 9IARKE1 Finanrral. New York. Feb. 25. The demand for money this afternoon was moder ate, and tho supply abundant. Call loans 6 per cent, on collaterals, and 5 per cent, on Governments.— Prime discounts current at 7 per cent., with excep tion* at 6]. Gold gained strength towards the close, and the last sales were at 1383. Stocks were gener ally firmer at the last open Board, and strong after call. Steamship shares heavy and declining. Gov ernments heavy and lower except new Five-Twenties and Seven-Thirties. New York Market. New York, Fob.:*. Cotton—heavy; sales2,000bales; Middling uplands at 31 (qi 314c, closing at the inside figure. Flour—a shade firmer; sa'es (5.800 nets. State at 8 95 (a^ 11 50; Hound hoop Ohio 10 9J 12 85; Western at 8 85 i® 12 00; Southern sales at 10 40 ® 16 00. Wheat—(kill and without change; sales 7 300 bush White Canaria at 3 05 (a) 3 15. Corn—lc higher; sales69,000bush. Mixed Western at 107 ® 110. Oats—a shade firmer; sales 28,000 bush. Western at 58 (g 62c; inferior do at 571c. Beef—steady; sales 685 bbls. Pork heavy; sales 2,800 bbls.; new mess at 20 87. «‘^Ttiu11» 8ale8 550 bbl»- al 1W <313#c. Whiskey—quiet. Bice—firm. Vu"gar_flm: “les 8001|,iaR; Mubcuv»,1o at 10| @ fcoflco—firm. Molasses—scarce aud firm; sales lOOhhds; Musco vado at 50c. Petroleum—dull; sales ot crude at 17c. Reflued bonded at 28}e. Freights to Liverpool—quiet, Cotton jjd sailing vessel, and }d }> steamer. Com 7pi V> steamer. (kirags ltlarkela. _ Chicaoo, Feb. S5. r lour in lair demand at 9 00 ® 9 75 lor good choice Spring extras. Wheal dull and lower; sales at 185 ,u> 1 85} for No. 2. Corn less active and without de cided change; sales 73,000 bnsh. at 85} @ 86c (or No 1. Oats moderately active; saleB at 44} @ 42c for No. 2. Provisions quiet with no change in prices. Lard dull and rattier weak; prime steam rendered at 12c. Dressed hogs opened at an advance of 25 @ 40c, but closed unsettled with the advance partially lost. Receipts—2,700 bbls. flour, to.nuo bush, wtieat, 11,600 bush. corn. Shipments—8,000 bbls. Hour. Cincinnati Market*. Cincinnati, Fab. 25. Flour steady; sales ol'trade brands at It 50 (S) 1J 50; nothingdoing in superfine. Wheat quiet; sales No. 1 spring at 2 40, and No. 1 Winter at 2 SO. Corn firm er; sales No. 1 at 63c in elevator, and 78c In sacks. Oats Ann; sales No. 1 at 52c in elevator, and 02c lii sacks, llye in good demand and firmer; sale* at 1 25 for No. 1. Whiskey unchanged and steady at 25c In b nil. Provisions quiet with no change In price* mess pork not much doing. Bacon In fair demand a{ 9$® 10’c; 1 },i*J12k tor shoulders, sides, clear rib and clear sides, packed. Lard iti good demand with little offering, and 25c higher; sales 00 tierces at 12 00 tor country, and 12 50 for city. Butter dull for all kinds; sales of fresh yellow at 20® C8c; choice yel low at29 @ 30c. Cheese si earty at lti ® Pile for West ern. Eggs declined to 20® 21c. with a good supply. Exchange steady at par for buying, and 1 1-10 prem ium for selling. The money market is steady at 10 @ 10}. New Oilcans Markets. New Orleans, Peb. 25. Cotton—easier; sales to-day 5,400 hales; low Mid dling at294c; receipts 6000 bales. Pork heavy. Lard steady. Provisions declining. Sugars dull at 12® 13c. Molasses steady; good to prime at 79c. Tobac co unchanged. Exchange on London 148 ;ri. 1481; on New York unchanged. Freights—Cotton to Liver pool by steam unchanged. Havana Market. Havana, Feb. 20. sugar market is showing a little life, but holders hnd a little difficulty in obtaining 8 reals tor No 12. Stock, including Matanzas, 150.000 boxes. firm; clayoil 5 reals, and but little doing. Freights brisk and supply ot tonnage small; last rate paid coastwise was $s hhd lor Sugar. Exchange firm; on United States 24 per cent, discount for sixty days, currency; bills on New York 24® 21 premium, in Gold. Havana, Feb. 20, Noon. Sugars dull at 8 reals lor No 12. Planters firm at 8$ reals. Exi hange—large purchases were made y-es terday of currency for investment; on London 14 @ 14$. No change on Uuitea Stales. Freights for Uni led S tales firm; for Europe slack. CsnsKicial—Per liable. Liverpool, Feh. 25, Noon. The Cotton market this morning opens quiet and steady, aud prices unchanged; estimated day’s sales 7,000 bales. Middling uplands at 134d. London, Feb. 25, Noon. Consols for money 91. American Securities.—The following arc the current quotations for American Securil ies: Hlinois Central Hailroad Shares 77$, cx-div. Erie Railroad ■hares 37$. United States 5-20’s 73$. New York Stock Market. New York, Feb. 25. Stocks—active American Gold.188* U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1864.108 ^ I U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.lox* U. S. Five-Twe/ities, coupons new issue.106} U. 8. Ten-Forties, coupons.101# U; 8. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.1051 (a) 6 Western Union Telegraph,.42* New York Central.103} Erie,. 56* Hudson.137 Reading,....104* Illinois Central,,.116 Chicago & Uoi k island,. 96 Pacific Mail, ex-div.128* @ 9 American Express. 57 BomIou Stock Lint. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Dec 23. American Gold.....w. 137/ United States Coupons, March. 187 United States 7 3 lOtbs, 1st series. 105/ “ 2d series. Itf5# “ 3d series. P*5* United States 5-20s, 1862. Ill* “ small. 110* July, 1865. 10C9 United States Ten-forties. 101/ Eastern Railroad. 10( 5 Western Railroad. 137 Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF KOOK, mi & Jill) CIUNTINfi, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Presses, Ac., we are prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friends and the public with Posters, Programmes, BHX-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description of Mercantile J^i-inting. We have superior facilities for the execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalog-lies, &c., Which for neatness and dispatch cannot he surpassed I'JST Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Pre&s Job Office 179 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. FOSTER, PliOI'IUKTOJt PHOTOGRAPHS? E. S. WORMELL formerly No. 00 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that he will on T1/E8I1AY, JAN. 1, 1807, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 310 Congress Street, [OppoMitc Mechanic*’ Hall,] where he will bo pleased to wait on his friends and the public Grateful for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a rmewal ot the same. Persons wishing lor FIRST CLAWS* PICT URLS of all tylesand sizes are invited to call. Picture* colored iu Oil, Water Color* and India laic by our of the best Artist* in the mate. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions. S-STAI1 work warranted to give satisfaction. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable rat ^.s. janleod3in Bank Notice. THE following are tlio 1st and 2d Sections of an act of the Legislature, passed Feb 20, 1S60: “Section 1. In all cases where the liability of any “bank in this State to redeem its bills would expire “in the year but for the provisions of this act, “sucli liability shall be extended until tbe 1st day of “March, 1W)7, except such banks as are now in the “hands of the Receivers.” “Sect. 2. The Bank Commissioners shall publish “in one or more newspajiers nearest the place where “a bank is situated, and in such other newspapers as “they may see fit, a notice ol' the time when the lia “biiitv of such bank will cease tor the redemption of “its bills, said notice to be continued for three months ‘next before the time named therefor.” The liabilit.v t‘ llin InllAtnini* l.nnl-c In pndnnm thnip at Bangor. at Skowhegan A. C. R< >BBINS, 1 Bank F. E. WEBB, * Commissioners. Nov 23, 18f>0, no28dlaw3m mon EY . Worn #nd Torn Currency and Greenbacks Bought at the Horse R. R. Office, l>y I Ja2Mtl Hi. O. PAMHER. MISCELLANEOUS. 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Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey will not liul to use Lyon’s celebrated katliarion. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates d&nd rtitl, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It Is sold every where. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to Lei country home Jitter a sojourn of a lew months in New 1 ork, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place oi a rustic flushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using tliis article. It can be ordered ol any druggist for 5# cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Holm street’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in favor lor over twenty years. It acts npon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim strocts is not a dye but is cert lin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing Pace 5) cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract of Pure Jamaica Ginger— tor Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, <Jfcc., where a wanning, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation ami entire purity makes it a cheap ami reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50cents jxjr bot Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. __n June 14,’66—eod&wly Astonishing Curative Powers of Cold Medicated Inhalation, AS PRACTICED BY I» R . MOUSE. LETTER NO. XXXI. As I have In my proceeding letters so fully describ ed the symptoms and pathology of Catarrh, and the various diseases of the air passages, and pointed out their important relation to consumption, and other diseases of tko chest. 1 shall in the present instance, content myself by furnishing the following strong proofs jf their curability. To show the permanency of cures effected by In halation,! will here refer to ]»ersonft now living in the enjoyment of good health, whose cases were pro nounced hopeless and incurable some years since, and were cured by Dr. Morse’s Remedies, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Hundreds of other similar cases might be mentioned. CONSUMPTION. Mrs. Sophia A. Fittz, formerly of Bath, now a res ident of Oak Hill, Brunswick, of this State, was re duced to a very low stato by sickness in 1862. It was soon manifest that her lungs were tailoring under tu berculous ulceration, which was fast wasting her life away. Her physician thought the structure of her left lung was almost destroyed. Her case was considered hopeless and incurable by ail of her friends and phy sician. She was placed under the care of Dr. Morse of Portland, by whom a perfect euro was effected, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Mrs. F. has enjoyed bettor health since than ever before. ASTHMA. Mrs. Dorcas Lawrence of Falmouth, this State, was in a feeble state of health for a long time, caused by As) lima, or Phthisic, difficulty of breath ing, and other alarming symptoms, which caused much Buffering, which rendered her caso hopeless in the minds of her friends. She was restored to a per fect state of health by the use of Dr. Morse’s Reme dies, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. PNEIMONIA’A. Mrs. Samuel Hill of West Buxton, in tins State, was severely troubled with Pneumonica, a disease affecting the lungs, their membrane or motive power, characterized l>y irregular, impeded or pain lb i re spiration. Alter long suffering, a council oi three physicians was culled. Alter consultation, they gave no en couragement of a cure. She was placed under the care of Dr. Morse of Portland, and in a tew months restored to perfect health, mostly through the medi um of Inhalation. HEMORRHAGE. Rev. William Leavitt, brother of Mrs. Hill, having heard of his sister’s recovery, applied to Dr. Morse. His disease was Hemorrhage of the Lnngs, which caused groat debility. He was obliged to relinquish preaching, and entertained doubts about ever being able to resume bis vocation. Ho placed himself un der tlic caro of Dr. Morse, and in a few months was restored to health through the medium of Inhala tion, and is at present preaching to the people of West Buxion. HEMORRHAGE. MI. Isaac L. llarnos, of Brunswick, of this State, was troubled willi Hemorrhage of the Lungs, and oth erwise affected, in 1862, had lost over thirty pounds of flesh, was troubled with palpitation of the heart, bled one pint a day for six days in succession, reduced very weak. Mr. Barnes was fully restored to health by tbo use of Dr, Morse’s Inhaling Remedies, still enjoys good health. HEMORRHAGE. Rev. Horace Norton, of Meadville, Pa., alter being reduced to a very low state of health, by Hemorrhage from the Lungs, was so feeble that he could not walk five rods without assistance. Came to Portland, placed himself under the care of Dr. Morse. He grad ually improved until he was fully restored to health. Hia weight Increased (lom 121 poumfsto 165 pounds. ANTHMA. Mr. James A. Page, ot Bloomfield, fafrorwards re moved to A roostook) was severely troubled with Asth ma from a child, olfen so badly that lie could not per form any labor for months together. It was a com mon thing for him to be obliged to sit up all night, with much difficulty of breathing. Mr. Page was radically cured through ilie medium of Inhalation, obtained of Dr. Morse. CATARRH, BRONCHITIS, Ac. Mr. Isaac Robinson, of East Yaasalltoro’, was se verely troubled will) pulmonary disease for live yeare, with Chronic Catarrh, Bronchitis, severe hoarseness; could not speak above a whisper for several months, during which time he was confined to his room; a large abscess termed on one lung, which broke and was discharged i hrough the tubes out of the mouth. His physiciau thought his ease hopeless. He was placed uuder the care of Dr. Morse, and gradually improved by the use of the Inhaling Remedies, uul il he was fully restored to health. CHRONIC CATARRH. Mr.Silas W. Berry, ol Waterville, this State, was troubled with Chronic Catarrh and pulmonary dis ease, which was the cause of frequent spells of As phyxia, or suspended animation. He had lost five sisters who died with consumption, and was much a'armed al>..ut himself. Mr. Berry was fully restored to health by the use of Dr. Morse’s Inhaling Reme dies. AN UirORTANT Cl HE. Mrs. Caroline Atkinson, of Cornish, of this State, a widow whose husband gave Ills life to his country in our recent civil war, and daughter of Mr. Samuel Knight, ot the same town, was seriously attacked by a disease of the Lungs. She had fastened upjther dangerous symptoms, by which she was prostrated very low, and unable to no removed for several days, and was given up to cite. Other orgaus were serious ly affected, and their natural secretions suppressed. In this condition she placed herBelf under the care of Dr. Morse. Through the medium of his Inhaling Remedies she was fully restored to health, and is now a hale ami hearty woman. Dr. Mor.-e lias the names of more Ilian two thou sand persons oil his books, who have been cured ot Catarrh in its various forms, uiul It is sate to say that all the above named cases were caused by Catarrh, or proceeded trout that complaint. Persons at a distance can be treated by letter. Your obedient servant, CHARI.EN HORNE, Physician for Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, No. 8 Deering Street, Portland, Me. _ February 25. 18G6. cod&wtf Notice. T>EUSONS clearing the ruins or digging cellars will Franklin Wharf ^ace deposit their rubbish on

septlO dtt S. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. WANTED. Wanted. jyjEN^cvci-ywhero to aell good*. Address with iYMONDS A- DA VIM, feb25dlw* 62 Kilby Street, Boston, Mass. Book Keeper. A reliable young man would like a permanent sit uation as Book Keeper. He has had live years, experience In this City—can furnish recommenda tions from his present employers. Apply to WM. H. JEURIS, Real Estate Agent. fcb23 dlw* Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 22!) 1-2 Cotujress St, 4il Door We*i of City Building (up stair?.) / 11liLS capable of doing .‘dl kinds of house-Work, V.I to whom good situations will be given. Also LAHOREltS for various kinds of work, and CLEKKS for every kind of business. We are able at all times to supply parties iu any part of the State with (iUO i> RELIABLE II ELI*, either as Domestics, Mechanics or laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will be supplied with Men ami Boys tor all kinds ot em ployment Free of Cilarge. Don’t forget the num ber, 820* Congress Street, next to City Building, Port land, Ale. aOUBLAV & HE WITT, Feb 22—dtfProp; ietors. Wanted. no CM to fl°UR BARRELS, at Forest tJKJCity Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received lor now Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at tlie office of the Company, 169$ Commercial, at corner of Union St. febTJd&wtt T. C. HERSEY. Partner Wanted. A smart, active and intclljgeut man with *100 to take^ an equal interest in a good, paying busi ness m this City. Good references given and requit ed. Enquire Of COX POWAKS, , ,351$ Congress St., Portland, Me. fel>l6 d2w Agents Wanted ! FOR RICHARDSON’S NEW WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI. J,111031 ihc Great River to the Great Ocean. Life r and Adventure on Prairies, Mountains, and the Pacific Coast. With Descriptive and Photograpic Views of tho Scenery, Cities, Lands, Mines, People, and Curiosities of the New States and Territories. 1*67 -1 m. By ALBERT V. RICHARDSON, Au thor ot “ Field Dungeon and Escape.” The work will bo issued in one large Octavo Volume of 600 pages, beautifully illustrated with nearly uoo Engra vings. This work will be sold by subscription only. Solo and exclusive rights of territory given with liberal commissions. Agents are meeting with great suc cess. Faithful, energetic, persevering men or wo men will, in the Agency, find lucrative cmplos ment. If an Agency is wanted, send tor Circular, giviug full particulars. Apply to, or address J. FATTEN FITCH, _ No. 233$ Congress St., Portland, Me. teb!5dtf&w2m Agents Wanted! rjpHE largest Commissions paid by the HARTFORD PUBLISHING CO. Exclusive .territory given. For terms, &c., Ad dress M. C. RICH, General Ag’t., Portland, Maine. feb!4 deodlm* STORE RVLVTPR SUITABLE for Fancy Goods, Watches, and Jew elry, either on Middle, Congress or Exchange Streets. A reasonable priee will be paid for fix tures, and half a Store might be taken if agreeable to a good party ;n a good location. Address A. DftEMMER No 152 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., giving real name and location. fe0d3w* Flour Barrels Wanted ! ON and after Janu:u-y 2d, 1PC7, wo shall resume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ot the Portlaml Suffar Co., H l-'J OnIIforth St., Fob&ltf_,T. B. BKOWN & SONS. Agents Wanted! JUST OUT, Farragat and onr Naval Iff rocs, by the brilliant and popusar Historian, J. T. Headly. This is the oniy work on the Navy in the War, and everybody is buying it. GEORGE II. BLAKE, GENERAL AGENT, ^Febl—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. Wanted Dally ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. :!51 1-‘A toiigi'fNH Ni■•©«•(. All per sons wishing to secuic good Girls tor any rt^pecta ble employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys tor any work in city or country, tree oi charge. ST* We want good' American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day tor all forts oi situations in this City ami vicinity. Give us a call. COX Si POWARS Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’67. jan30 dtf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable fin sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., nov!3dt! 130 Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. Lost! SATURDAY Evening, on Myrtle street, between Lincoln and Cumberland, a Fitch FUR CAPE. The tinder will receive a liberal reward and confer a great favor by leaving it at the Fultou Fish Market, 110 Federal street. T. HOPK1 NS. feb20dtf BOARD AND ROOMS. Board WITH faruialioil Room, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, at No. 71) Pleasant street, corner of Park. tcbgftdlw* TO LET ! PLEASANT rooms with board, eras lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street. Refer ences required. feb'25dtf. To Liet. A Suit of rooms suitable for Gent and Wife, with board at W» Clark Street. FebSdlt _TO IiET. For Bent. OFFICES in tho third story of bnliriing on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. TO LET! Tlie 2d, 3d and 4th Floors Of NTOBIi NO. 50 UNION STREET, suitable for most auy business. Apply to FRANCIS O. THONES, on the premises, or GEO. H. SMARDON, at Wood man, True & Co’s. feblOtf To Let. THE third and Fourth floors in tlie new store 64 & 56 Middle Street 50 feet in width, 146 feet long. For terms apply to the subscriber at 143 Oxford Stroet. FelOisJtf ALFRED WOODMAN. To Let. FIRST, second and third lofts over E. T. Elden & Co.’s store, Free Stroet Block; also, offices over Sehlotterbeck’s, and over Grosman & Co.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. janU-dtf J. B. BROWN To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. 50 Onion street. Apply to jaOdtl__ST. ,TOHN SMITH. To Let rrtllE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, footot J. Fluin Street. Enquire of E. M. FATTEN, fehlfsltf Fluin Street. Notice to Land Holdertt. MU O’DUROCHEK, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can fnrnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1866 aug20dtf FEU TIEIXEUS7 Onn TOWS Cumberland Pnro Raw Bone ^ V /'/ I’hos. of Lime. 50 Tons Cue’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tuna li. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. 000 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. 200 Barrels Littlelield’s Pnudrelte. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. [Eg^For sale at Manuiacturcr's Prices, by KENOALI. & WHITNEY. Ft*b 8,1867. fe9d3mta Sierra Morena Molasses. 420 HHDI.) iZ 5Mk,r0,tt wew ®Rop Just landed from brig “Hyperiou,” for sate by TIIOS. ASERCIO & CO., fe14d3wis CUSTOM HOUSE WHARF. Paints, Oils Varnishes, &*. FICKETT & GRAY •OFPPB FOR SALE AT THEIR STORE, No. 1®^ Fore Street, W*** Foreign Mid American Zinc, sood Oil, Coach, Furnituro and Florence Var nishes -»»*»**» smpn« t-a..- ™-* BOWOOIN COLLECE. TIIE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Tlin 17th An nual Course ol Lectures in the Medical School oi' Maine, will commence Fob. :11st, and ccntinue 16 weeks. faculty of instruction. Samuel H arris. D. d„ Pesldent ot the College. ,1. S. Tenney, L. l. ]> Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. I. T. Dana, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. VV. C. lioniNsoN, M. D., Pro lessor ol Materia Mcdica uud Therapeutics. C. L. Forii, m. IL, Professor of Ana:omy and Physiology. C. F. Brackett, M. D-, Professor uf Chomlstry and Pharmacy. W. W. (Ikf.ene, M. D., Professor ofSnrgery. T. H. Jewett, M. n., Protessor ot Obstotrlesand Diseases ot Women and Children. H. H. Seayey, M. D„ D-monstrator In Anato my. fcSP“Clrculars containing lull information will be torwarded on application to the Secretary. C. F. BRACKETT, M. D., Soc’y. Brunswick, Jan 1,1667, jal9T,T,*StlllMarl BEAL ESTATE. For Sale. One Brick Dwelling House for $10,000. One Wooden “ “ “ 6,0oo. <4 4. «< •« “ 6,000. also, Vacant lots on Adams, Cumberland, Congress, Elm aud Federal str« ettf, from -5c to $1 per foot. Inquire of JOHN C. FKOCTEI*, feb23e<xi2w Brick House ibr Sale. A GOOD Brick House on Winter 81 met, near Piuc, contain Ins ls> rooms, all in good order. Has stated root, brick cistern, cemented cellar Hnor, ami gas throughout. Apply to\V. H. JEKK1S, Seal Es tatc Agent, _ ,eb25d.3w For Sale. A ”on"" Lot at the come, ot Hill and XV Ellsworth Streets by JABEZ O. WOODMAN, Jr., fcbi"> dtf 1Ua* J“lI*U: 21} Free Street. Valuable Farm in Hamilton, FOR SALE. The subscriber, intending to re turn to California in the spring, ot ters bis Farm tor sale. Said Farm is situated in Hamil ton, Mass., on the line of the East ern Raiiroa 1, between Salem and Ipswich, about oue fourtli of a mile from Wenhain and Hamdton depot, and contain- about til) acres, viz: 5 acres ot Woodland, 3 acres of Peat Meadow, and the balance all under good cultivation, and very conveniently arranged.— The buildings are all good auil in good repair, with good cellars under the house and barn, well cement ed. There is also a well of good water at the house and barn, with a large cistern for rain waler at the house. Also Stock, Farming Tools, Hay, Grain, Po tatoes, and Household Furniture. This is one of the finest located Farms in Essex County, is near the railroad station, and convenient to churches, schools, &c., and is just iar enough from the city to make ii a desirable summer residence tor a gentleman doing business in Boston or Salem ; and if not di-posed of at private sale, will be so d at Pub lic Auction some time in March. JOHN NORTH. For erms and lurther particulars apply on the premises, or to #J. N. NORTH, No. 8, Portland St., Portland,_ fetal d2w EOJt SALE. a rove Hill Parra I TH E above Farm is situated on au eminence over looking the beautiful and thriving village ot Bridgton Center and within one hail a mile oi the business portion. It Is pronounce I by all who have seen it to Ikj the best and most desirable location in the County. It comprises llo acres, convenient ly di vided into tillage, pasturage, wood land and timber laud; cuts frost 46 to flu tons first quality oi hay. The buildings consist of a two story house, built in 1858, ut an expense ol $3,000, w ith barn and out buildings in good repair. For particulars apply to C. P. KIMB.VLL, or H. W. GAGE, ifirm ot St rout & Gage,) Portland, BEN JAMIN WALKER, Bridgton, or to the subscriber. , _ KlCHAKJi GAGE, bridgton. Dee., 18GC. dec 27 ood&wt F O It SALE! ONE House aucl Lot on Washington Street for sa e veky low. House Lus ajU eouluiniiitr Seven Rooms. Price #1,101). ALSU: Oiie new House ana several Lots near tlie Rolling Mills will lie sokl very cheap, the lets at prices rac - ing from $50 to #luo. ALSO: Several Lots on Washington Street. Prices $300 to $5000. Inquire ol JOSEPH KElil>, Real Esta e Agent, Oak St., near Congress St. Iebl4 (12w* Valuable Real Estate FOR S ALE i BY virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall soil by public auction, on SAT U Li DAY, March Itith nexi tho following i>areels of Real Estate belonging to the estate of the late CHARLES E. BECKETT, viz: At 11 o’clock A. M., of said clay, on the premises, lot ol land corner of Congress and Smith Streets, extending about 44 leet on Congress and 130 teet on Subtil Street, with the unfinished buiidrngs therein, subject to mortgages of about $3,0o0. At half past 11 o’clock A. M., of the same day, or immediately afler tlie foregoing is disposed of, on the premises, lot ofland corner of Congress and Frank lin Streets, containing about 8,000 square leet, ex tending about 100 teet on Congress Street, subject to mortg.ages ol $5,500 and interest. Also, at 3 o’clock P. M., of tlie same day, on the premises, lot of land corner ot Vaughan anil Pine Streets, about 220 teet on Vaughan Street and 143 on Pine Street, subject to mortgages of ?4,U40 and in terest. Said lots are located in tlie most desirable parts ol the city, and otter excellent inducements to builders anti capitalists to purchase. S. B. BECKETT, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY A: SUN, Auctioneers. Portland, February 13,1807. cod3wtdtd Valuable Hotel Property lor Sale. rrUK Oxford Honsc, pleasantiy situated in the vil X lage ot Fryeburg, Uxlbrd county, Maine, is of fered for sale ar a bargain, it applied tor soon. The Uouse is huge, in good repair, with lumiture and nxtures throughout, together with ail necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTHBY, Pi opriotor. Or Hanson at Dow, 544 Union st. ftp burg, Sept. •.'!*, JH»b. ' dtf House tor Sale. A good House two stories. Stable attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable. Inquire at 13 ilanovcr or 1S4 Afore Sc.. J. A. FESPERSUN. Jan. 24, 18G7. dtf HJ'OTSCJE. I will sell on iavorablc terms as to AX pa.\ ment, or let for a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street,including Ihecomer of Franklinand Fore streets. Apply to WM. 111LLIABD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED Attorneys, Portland. jyljTti Desirable More Lots FOR SA.LF, N COIVIJHK BCIAli STREET. TIIE subscribers oiler tor sale tlie lot of land on tho southerly side ot Commercial Street, hcadot Dina’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire .TUNAS 11. PER LEY, Uct 18 If *_ or W. S. DANA. House for Sale. ON Neal Street, upper half of the Brick front House—containing in all 12 Rooms; cemented Cellar, hard and soft water. A good Stable, and yard loom. Very convenient and deniable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to WM. II. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. Feb. 6—d3w For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner ot Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire of C. C. M ITCH ELL A' SUN, Aug. 28, lbCC—dti lib Tore Street. Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my farm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Pott land, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary! Said farm contains about 100 acres, part of it very valuable for tillage, and part ol it for building lots. There is a good house, two large bams, and out bous es on tlie premises, it will be sold together.or in lots to Suit, purchasers CYRUS T1IURLUW, sepll-dtt 1G5 Commercial st. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the Into Dr. Charles W. Thomas, are requested to make immediate pay ment to the undersigned, who is duly authorized to collect the same. Office No. 188 Fore Street, over Canal National Bank. House No. 55 Danforth Street, corner of State Street. GEORGE A. THOMAS. February ?, 1867. oodlw Notice. ALL persons having hills against the Executive Committee lor the relief of Sufferers, are re quested to present the same to the Committee at their office Old t?ity Hull Building, on or before the 5th day of March next. Per order. HENRY FOX, Chairman. feb23 <l‘iw , NOTICE. A Good Chance for Spring Trade. MRS. C. \V. JORDAN, corner ot Dow and Brack ett Streets, wishing to retire from bus ness, otters her entire Stock for sale, consisting of a great variety of Fancy Goods and Worsteds. Also—A Stamping Machine and Patterns. Pori land, *eb. 13. 1867. iebl5 deod2w PAINTS AMt OILS, Drugs, Medicines, Dyc stuilVs, Window GIuns. AGENTS FOR Forest Hirer «C Warren Lead Co. ’s CRAFTS A WII.MAIHS, Nos. 5 and B Commercial Wliarf, Boston. Decl—TnTliStly CHANGE BUT ONCE A YEAlt. HIT DHOWS PATENT Ribbon Hand Stamps This Stamp bus Advantagesoverall olhrvs. It will hold a small die to cancel n stamp as the law requires; anil any other size and sbai>e for envel opes. eve. The months and figured are made of brass, which makes them very durable, and they cannot In* flat tened or injured by a blow from the hand as others which are made of Kleotrotyj cm. The annexed cut is a correct representation of it, and the method of chang ng the dates. Bailey & Noyes, Manufacturers' Agents f«IGdw2 New Block Exchange St,Portland. For Salo. , , Schooner “Hattie Koss,” 184 tons old iq , measurement, i'Oilt in 1*.W oi the very Jmm best material, bant "'tod bottom and jm\n\ White oak top, orpered sails, rigging ■3atMfc»aiid Spars in first rate condition, and Well found everyway, and ready lor business. KOSS * STURDIVANT, feblldtf __73 Commercial Street. Schooner for Sale, , The fine white oak and copper-iagtened 1/ly first sailing Schooner IDxV MORTON. jHt, |y 49 12-too tons new measurenrent, well Afltl ®,un<^ and adapted for the Coasting or •rnSmUStLs Fishing business, is now ottered for sale by tire Eastern Packet Co. For particulars enquire o M. N. RICH, Jan28dtt No, 3 tong Wharf Eli TERTA1N MEATS. THKV’RE iORIM! The Favorites of the East! AJ DEMIUBIG 1IALI.. Mt — BEN COTTON, And his celebrated CALIFORNIA MINSTRELS. Muster Bennie, The Empire Boys, Jake Budd, Charley Atkinson, ALL TflE ORE AT STARS! Will Positively Appear. H. E. PAltMPii.EE, Advance Agent. JW. H. H. IlLACKMAE, Business Agent. Iu21il#t Mercantile Library lectures. The Fifth l.rciurr of thi* f ountr will be delivered in ' MECIIA1NICS’ HALL, Weitnnday Kvoninc. prfc. >J7ih. - BY - E. II. CHAVIX, I). D. EVENING TICKETS 50 CENTS. Doors open at C o'clock. Ixtctnrc at'J o’clock. Per order Committee. February 25. d3t NOTICE. rilUE Opening ilnettng of thu "Young Peoplo's 1 Association" or Free Street Society will bo held in I bo Vestry of the Church, WEDNESDAY EVE NING. Feb. 27th, at 7$ o'clock. A lecture will be delivered l.y the Pastor, Rev. Dr. Niockl.ridge, with other apptoprialu exercises. The public are invited. feb26d2t JVRVRR DRY ! Ocean Association Ex*4 Will giv» aa Assembly at Meshanics’ Hall, On Thursday Erming, Frb. ‘INtb. SH^MubIc by Chandler's Quadrille Hand. Tickets $1.00, Gallery «iekets, flu ets. i«b2C4"t P. Y. M. C. A. COURSE UECTU1CES n:\in i.ectibe, Tn the State Street Church, Thundny firming, Fi b. J<tth, IKU}, Brv A. A. \VI I.I.K I S, ». f»,„f Biooklvn.NY. Subject—‘’The Model Wife* Season Tickets. 75 ccnU; Evening Tickets, 50 rents, to I* hail ai Bailey & Noyes’, ii. Packard’s, short Jt ■smug's, and at tlie door. Doors open at 61; Isjoturc ai 71 o’clock._ fchaxlul Amateur Dramatic Entertainment for the benefit of tlie Army and Navy Union I library, EEERIKG IIALL, ERIU.4Y EVENING, March 1st. Performances will commence at quarter to eight willi the Celebrated j.lay of j*fcThe Woiitlioi’Ooolt and conclude with the amusing Fan e of the WIDOW’N VICT1AI ! Admission to Parquet, 50 cents; Gallery, 35 cants; Ttoserved Seats, 7o cl*. Tickets for sale at Short & Loriiig’s, Geycr & Caters, Crosman Co.’s and at 1 Hailey & Noyes’. The sa.e of reserved scuts will he lp a on* Wednesday at Hollins »v Gilkey’s, Peering “’Ock. feb25«ttd CITY NOTICES. CITY OF PORTLAND. ELECTION NOTICE ! PURSUANT to warrants from the Mayor and Al dermen of the City ot Portland, the i..lui hi turns of said city, qualified according to law ro vote in the election of City Officers, will meet in their reflectivc Ward rooms or usual place* of meeting on Monday, the 4th day of March next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, to give in their votes for Mayor of said city, tor Judge of the Municipal Court, tor one Alderman and three Common Cotin cilmcn, a Warden and Clerk, and tor two City Con stables for said Ward. The polls will remain open until four o’clock In the afnernoon, when they shall be closed. And the Aldermen of said city will be in session in the Common Council Room, in Market Hall, from nine o’clock in the forenoon to one o'clock in the af* ternoon cu each of the three secular days next pre ceding such day of election, and from three o'clock to tivfl o’clock on ibe afternoon of tlie Inst of said three secular days, for the purpose ot receiving evidence of the qualification of voters whose names have not been entered on the lists of qualified voiersin mid for the several Wards, and for correcting said list#. Per oiuci, J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. Portland, Feb. 25,1867. did PROPOSALS For Dredgiug a New C'! through Shepard'* Point Mhoal uud llnllowcll Shoal in the Kennebec Stiver, at Hal lowed, Maine. Proposals will re received at this OFFICE, until 10 o’clock A. A*., on Tuc»«4h>, flic ‘itith Day of March next, lor lretiging a new Channel though “Shepard’s Point” and • liai h»wcll” shoals, in Kennebec River, with a view' to obtaining a clear channel seven feet deep at low wa ter, and sixty feet wide on the bottom, with skies having a slope of two feet to one foot rise. The channel will tint bo excavated through Shepard's Point Shoal, for n distant e of about 450 yards, requiring 16,000 cubic yards of excavation, more or less; and afterv'ardt, through Hallowed Shoal, lor a distance of 575 yards requiring jo,oOn | coble yards of excavation, more- or loss. J bis amount of excavation may be increased or diminished, as the Engineer In charge may direct, after further ex emiiiai ion of lhe river. The material taken from the Shoals is to be depos ited in the river, iusucli manner a may be required by the Engineer in charge, und in such localitie# as may be designated by him, not exceeding ©50 yards in uiatunue ironi Shepard's i’oiut, nbo\ eand below it. In making pro|>osaL, bidders must Mab* the price per cubic hard nj excaoui ion, with the understand ing tlmt the work executed is io be ascertained bv measurement of the channel ;sfler Urtslgii.g; and, of such excavation only us has bo.-u actual! \ made* to obtain the required diiucuwions: with the undcr stauding, also, that the price stated is to include the depositing of the material taken out, in such locali ties a-may be designated, within the limits above named. The work must be commenced as soon as such op era ions are practicable, and be completed on or be fore the 20th of November next. Eacli proposal must be accompanied by a written guarantee signed by two responsible persons, in the required form, that the bidder w ill, when called on, if bis proposal be accepted, cuter into a contract and bond, with good, and sufficient s curity (the sureties and their places of residence to be named in the pro posal) lor the true and faithful performance oi bis contract. The contract will be awarded to the low est responsible bidder, ami bo subject to the approv al ot the Secretary of War. The undersigned, however, reserves the right to exclude the bids of any persons who, there is reason to believe, will not fail hludy and promptly per’onu the contract; also, any informal bids, as we 1 as those that are above a ra-ponsibleprice for the work; amt no member of Uongross, officer or agent of he Government, nor any person mployed lu the public service, shall be adiuiuc * to any share in the con tract, or any benefit which may arise t..erefrom. Payments will be made in two installment*>; the first on the completion of the channel through Shep ard's Point Shoal, and the second on the completion of the whole work—20 per cout. to be res* rved from the first i»a\ incur, until the whole w<*k is finished, and to be orteitc 1 in the event ol the liou-falfrlnient of the contract in the time and manner as therein required. P. rsous desiring to make proposals, will picas* call on the undersigned at his oftlc.-. In Mort n Block on Congress Streer, tor f*.ims of same, and tor more d< 1 inite information, if desired; and, on trai smitting them, will endorse thereon “ Proposals for improvc meut of Kennebec river.” GEO. THOM, Lf. Col. ('orjts of Eng’rs, Rvt. Col. U. S. A. U. S. Engine r office, | Pori land, Me., Feb. 22, ls67. I tol»22 codtd NOTICK. rpHOSE Huftering from that terrible malady Chills 1 and lever, who have hitherto been unable t*» dnd a remedy, will do well to write to me. a# 1 hate a sale ana ertain cure, which I will lundidi to the aHJictOxi lor dve dollar*. Adore** CVKUS LOWELL, Stevens* Plains, Westbrook, Me. January 25,18*7. cooflw* Jackson’s Catarrh SnutT! ELEGANT TltOCHKand HNIIFF Combined tor Cough s. Catarrh, Branch Ms, Voids, Hoarseness. Asthma, Had Hreath, Headache,£c. Instantly relieves annoying Coughs In Church. Cuies Calurrhs fonitivki.v without ►m kzimi. *?n*r,>*l*'**y, ,Vc„ (Ivan aim anH “ t le V*‘rr I arts, uickly; I .no,» , never iiuum'ui«**. »*.« colu horn Whaling, I .enure. y Druggists or sent uy mail jf • ttn lose 35 cts to If oo|Mtr, Wilson A Co.. (senlOendtJ unelS Y>7) PBJLADEI.riiM. « . VC. WHIPH.K,Portland,Wholesale Agt. C. E. BECKETT’S ESTATE. rJ11IE subscribers, appointed Commissioners by the l Hon. .ItnUre of probate for Cumberland county, to receive and decide up>n all < ‘.'f tateol Charles E. Un-Lett, Ian- ot I orlland, ,n said county, deceased, LepiesenU'linselventl'erenyeive noliee that six inmirh*. iruoi *hc I 'll, nisi., >r' o il to l l,e creditors to present and prove their “i ' ,,1,1 .|,„t add L'O..oners will lie iu ses 'V "V'1 P'lf'hmd, on the third Monday**ol March, April, Ma\, June, July un I Aucuttf ensuing, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the pur no*, oi attending to mid duty. potK VVU, It* >Y1>, 1 f, . . II. UOK1L J Commissioners. foriland, Feb. 22, tbb7. ddw&wlt Profitable and Safe Business. GHI^T MILL. DEERIXG’S BRIDGE. HPHE subscriber offers lor sale thin long cstnblislH *1 1 44KIMT It is situated on the great thoroughfare into Portland ot the best buck country travel, and also to supply City trade of Portland, and a good jwirf ol West brook with Meal and Feed. There are 3 run of Stoma—one for salt with a l>ry Knom tor same, and Elevators lor Corn and S:ilt—all in good running <*r Ucr and now occupied, hut will l»e vacated, haying built a New Mill in Falmouth. If not sold, a thor ough Miller with some capital can have an opportu nity to run it on joint account. v Apply to EDWARD H. BUItGlN, No. I JO Coniuim ial Ml. feb23 deodtf ___ OTEvery style of Job work neatly executed at this office. AttlloH IAL1M. Important Sale of Government V (‘She |, mPOTQriHTKKMAHTFK'S OFFICE, Balttmot*, Md, January 31,. 1*67. | \\/ILL bo sold at public auction .h . T V Baltimore, (ILm.lcrson s wnauitJatHV i1" ff ** oti Thursday \2 M., February zs j«,7 *!*[ ^jDiuore) blDL- Wil LLL S'/kAaS ““ uf 779 Unis; length, .i»5 feet; breadth of u£i« n loot depth ol ol hold 13 teet; cylinder, &o incL^r.I.wi 11 feet strode. lto' “mi A rare opportunity la afforded, In the side of u.u steamer, to persons desiring to purchase a really fhst-clasi vessel. She is of light draft, the engine and boiler are in most excellent condition, and the hull perfectly sound and strong. It is believed that lor size and built, the COSMO POLITAN surpasses any vessel hitherto offered by Government for sale at this port. rerun*cash, in Government funds, on day of sale. Further particulars may be learned upon applka “on to the undersigned or to the Auctioneers, Messrs. ADKKoN, THOMAS & CO., No. IH South Guarks street. Gy order oi the (quartermaster General. A. S. KIMBALL, f. 4UU Pebm ptoi" ",l1 A> M- L • »• A., - __Depot ^u.iri or master. 'I. I* V I I KK A CO., Aucii.»>rr. Blum Mlrecl. ariek aud Woodeu Buildings at Auction. ON FRIDAY,March lut, atlvM .n . v. Fere strcct. tuu two bulldl,,*, mtjomlu*1', he V usl tom House on the easterly «hlc, cmwirthM “fa 11 aloriud wooden sture, and a three moried 1 .re ,iwei. linir, to he removed by lir.-t of May. fcwedtd B. m. PATTEN O CO., Auriioueer., 0,11 re Plum nrnr Fore Mlreel. Splendid French Mirrors AT AUCTION. I>URSUANT to a license from the Hob. .John A. Waterman, .lodged Probate lor Cumberland County, the subacriber as Administrator id JOHN M WOOD, deceased, will offej sale at Public Auc tion on FKI1U1, Ihe Id Day of JHnri b, lt-67, at the Anci ion Room of EDW. M. PATTKN, PJurn Street, Portland, at 11 o’clock A. M. One large Pier Preach Mirror, 8 feet 4 inches by 3 t'oet 4 inches. One large Pier French Mirror, 8 feet 4 Inches by 2 feel 0 inches. Two large Mantel Mirrors 5 feet 8 Inches by 4 feet 2 inches. , . ^ JOS. 1LSLEY, Administrator. Portland, Feb. 22, l»tf7. dtd J. S. UAII.EY, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AND APPRAISER, Office 170 Fore Bt, at Mess. Carter L Dretere’ January 7—dtf C. tv. HOLMES, AUCTIONEER, 309 Congress Street, HTSlltt of any kind of property in the City or vi cinity, promptly attended io on iae Burnt favorable terms. uorlSdri Blindness, Deafness, -AM* Catai'i'fa S During »b. cahppntkr'n iau* visit to Portland which clo.iod Fob. 1st, so great a number of person* deferred consulting hhu until the latter part ot his stay, tint many were unable to do so, lus time being fatly occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him he Will Return to Portland March 1st, Auil cau be consulted at the U. H. Hotel it uii I April 1st, upon all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Tliroat — AND — As uoual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves of his services to call chrly as con venient. l»r. 1. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benelitted under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but are willing to converse with those Interested. 'Consultation at office Fkf.k. but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted,!) to 12, 2 to 5, and 0] to o’clock. Dr. C. is now at Biddeford, where he can be con sulted unil Match 1st, 1SC7. teh&VU wtf MEDICAL ELECTRICITY' OH. W. R. DEWING, JSdEedical Electrician 174 MIDDLE alKKL'l , Nearly Opposite the tailed M:ntc» Hotel WHERE he would respeettuliy announce to citizens ol Portland and vicinity, that he a permanent:;, located in this city During the ilireo years we have ooeu in tins city, wo have cured some or the worst lorius of discus*, in persons who have tried other forms ol treatment in vain, and cui iuy patients in so short a time that i he vies lion is often asked, do they stay cured*.* To answer t his i|ucstin we will say that all that do not stay eared, we doctor the second time without charge. !>r. D. has been a practical Electrician for twenty' one years, and is also a regular graduate *1 physiciai» Electricity is perlectly a*h«ptcd to chronic disease*iu the form ol nervous or sick headache; neuralgia il the head, neck, or extremities; consumption wlm In the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully I involved; acute or chfonic rheumatism scrofula, hip diseases, while swellings, spinal diseases, curvature ol the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, 1 palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and livei coin pin i‘ur, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures oi the chest, and all forms of female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the lientod brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re* moved; converted lo vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deal to hear and the palsied Ibrin to move upright; the blemishes ol youth aie obliterated; the ACUtMlTti of mature Hie prevented; the caiatuiue» ol old age obviated and an it*:live circulation maintained. LAUI KM Who have cold 1mm.s and feel ; weak stomachs, bun ami weak buck*; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side mid; leucorrbam, for whites); tailing of the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, ami all that long train ol diseases w ill find in Electricity a sure mean** of euro. For painful menstruation, too ,-.oluse menstruation, and all of those long line ol trouble* with youug ladies. Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the suuerer to tiie vigor of health TEETH ! TEETU 1 TF.fcTH ! Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity WITHOUT pain. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for rcfiet i ting he would give a polite invitation to call, j Superior Electro Magnetic Machines lor sale lor family use, with thorough instru tion-. Dr. D '■an accommodate d ew patients with board i «ml treatment at Ids house. Oihce hours from 8 o’clock A. VI to IL* M.; from 1 to <» P. M , and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novltt E. C. BERT’S IVe w Yoi*k Goods ! Constantly on hand and for salo by T. CURTIS & CO., G-* Milk St., Huston, The only authorized Agents for the salt* ot these Goods in New England. T. C. & CO., Also manufacture the finest quali ties ot Ceuta’ Mewed and Pegged Calf Boots amt Shoes l OF EVERY VARIETY, Feb 7—T, T 4 Slw* P. A. PRESCOTT, (Late ok the Ihtrrnai. Ktvnwt Buiieav, WASUtSOTON.l Oounsellor-at-Law aiid luttrnal Revenue Solicitor, No. IT, Stato St., lloMtou. V| H. PRESCOTT'S long experience in the Tnter nal Revenue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds,’ having charge of all case* of violation ot the Revenue Laws, h-w ainfliaritv with departmen tal practice, and lib a. quatntance with the U «*nue Oilicers thioughowt ihe i oi nny, will enable him to bo i*eeuliarly suceesniul hi making a speciality of all matters pertaining to the Ib-vcnuc haws, lie will Attend to claims tor Prow ha. k. Abatement, Refund ing, and lor the recovery of penalties paid by wav ot (knuproinisc. Me will advise parties as to the man ner of making i> turns in accordance with law, or as to obtaining decision* ihiu the department at Washington, and will defend in c.isi s oi alleges vio lation oi the law In regard to taxes, penalties Or crim inal offences Mr. l’r*scolt will practire Indore the various IH Iiartments at W:edjbmti.n. t!.e Supreme Court of the J. s.. and the < curt ot < lain is. i or the up'Ctly transaction of business, Counsel ot high stnmlin", rosining in New York, - i. I .onto, Cin cir.uati and Washington, arc associated with him. fttnlScodSm A Pump that rannot freeze or dry up A Safeguard Against Fire. I. I*. NKVEN’S Pnlrnl Rouble-Irtinss foiu i: poip, For Homes or Oar'leas. Railroad Stations, Factories, Distilleries, tlttcraiMul Wolls. A Suction and Force Pump For Kitchens, Bath-Rooms, and Garden Engines. Tlio following are sonic of tho advantages of this Pumb; The whole thing is made of wood, and cannot rust or harden the water. I’bc valves are always pliable unit n'iuly tor uw. The a turn ol the Pumpgivt* enough agilation to | in since wholesome circulut ion, and keep the watci pare. Unceasing to work, the water returns to the surf to in the well, tbu- pre venting it Arum free zing, or becoming warm or sf» The Pump is 3 inch chamber, and 5 Inch stroke, and will throw so gill..iih of water per minute through a v»-Kih inch nozzle, from 10 to w* l\n<* caa be torcod by one operator to 100 gallons per min ute, and loreed through a longer nose to a much greater distance. The Novell’s Patent Pump need* no direetion, as tuiy on, can set tli.-m, on I repair tiiem il nec« **, ». Witat we claim tor Ncvou's l*>ubk-Actin* rmiu■ Hh Siint,licit v 1*11,1 lAility. and l„ it.* Hie Ctuarowt.wl moBt durable rump ever produced. ■1CHBI.BRR * NOBTHI P, HtMdquartcrs 2# Green Street, tlr 'vOUuty and l’owu ia<uW tor Sale. WBiteut.-W