Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, February 27, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated February 27, 1867 Page 2
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Ki foi in in Eugisad* In England the plot of the Beform drama is thickening. Mr. Disraeli made a speech in Parliament on the 11th inst., in which he an nouuced the intentions of the government, and Jesoribed the nature of the Reform meas ures they intended to introduce. The speech has created great dissatisfaction, and the course of the Government is generally condemned by the press. Even the Times pronounces it un satisfactory, and some of the papers hint at the probability of a Ministerial crisis, or a speedy break-up of the Cabinet from internal dissen sions. It is quite evident that the government in tends to grant just as little as possible to © popular demand, and that little is 1° be yiL ed as a privilege and not as a right. Mr. Disraeli said: j-£(»r Majesty’s government can counsel and countenance no course that will change and al ter the character of the House of Commons. [“Hear hear,” and cheers.J 1 hey will reg{»ect and reverence the causes that have elevated the rude popular assembly of the days of the Plantageuets into a senate which commands the admiration of the world. [Hear, hcar.j NVe cannot find, do not find that there is any secu rity for retaining that character if we do not oppose a policy which gives any class in this country—I care not whether they are high nr low whether it is influenced by a democratic feeling or by an oligarchy—that will have a preponderating power in this house, and there to*© *n ttfty measures wre may bring forward we assert t hat the electoral franchise must be cnmnde d a popular privilege and not adeino cratic right. The h.uowing is a copy of the resolutions to be moved by the Chancellor of the Exchequer iuC< mmittee of the whole House, on Monday, Feb. 25: This House having, in the last session or Parliament, assented to the second reading of a hill entitled “A bill to extend the right of voting at elections of members ot Parliament in England and Wales,” is ot opinion 1. That the numbers of electors lor counties and boroughs in England aud Wales ought to be inen ased. , . 2. That such increase may best be ollected by tiut'h reducing the value of the qualifying tene ment in counties and boroughs,and by adding other franchises notdependeut on such value. :t. That while it is desirable that a more di rect representation should be given to the la boring classes it is contrary to the Constitution of this realm to give to any ono class or inter est a predominating power over the rest of the community. 4. licit the occupationiranchise iu{coiintries and boroughs shall he based upon tin* priuciulc ef rating. r>. That the principle of plurality of votes, if adopted by Parliament, would I'aci'liate tlie set tlement of the borough franchise on an exten sive basis. l». 1 iiat it is expedient to revise the existing distribution of seats, 7. That in such revision it is not expedient, that any borough now represented in Parlia ment should he wholly disfranchised. 8. That, in revising the existing distribution of seats, this House will acknowledge, as its main consideration, the expediency of supply ing representation to places not at present rep resented, and which may be considered entitled to that privilege. U. That it is expedient that provision should lx made for the better prevention of bribery and corruption at elections. 10. That it is expedient that the system of registration of voters i u counties should he as si in dated, as far as possible, to that which pre vails in boroughs. 11. That it shall lie open to every Parlia mentary elector, if he thinks fit to record his vote by means of a polling-paper, duly sigued aud authenticated. 12. That provision be made for diminishing the distance which voters have to travel for the purpose of reeosiliug their votes, so that no ex penditure for such purpose shall hereafter lie legal. Id. That a humble address be presented to Her Majesty, praying Her Majesty to issue a royal commission to form and submit to the consideration ot Parliament a scheme for new aud enlarged boundaries of the existing Parli aim-alary boroughs where the population ex tends b. yoini the limits now assigned to such boroughs, and to fix, subject to the decision ol Parliament, tlie boundaries of such othei boroughs as Parliament may deem fit to lx represented in this House. This is the scheme unuounced with such a flourish of truiiqxts. The Times, even, de clares that the enemies ot the Ministry could not have asked a better occasion tor derision The Hally News concludes that tlie Govern ment is resolved to retain office, and let Re torm take its chauce. The Miuistry got into office on the Reform question; hut they are re solved nobody else shall. Their policy is that oi evasion aud delay. 1 lie J ost thinks that the Miuistry charged with a difficult work should be allowed to go about it in their own way, even though that way seems roundabout. But it doubts whether their piau is uotopen to the objection that it b uo plan whatever. I he Star says tlie country will receive Mi Disraeii s abortive effort with contemptuous dissapointment. The nation will be indignant that its b ailer, Mr. Gladstone, was obliged to tace a ministerial announcement so devoid oi dignity, so insulting to the common sense ol the House aud the spirit oi the people. The chivalry is likely to become a byword in Eng land as in America. It seems there is nothing too paltry tor a patrician government to at tempt. The Pall Mall Gazette says that Disraeli’s course surprises everyone but the members ot the Ministry. To the Opposition it was a sur prise and a satisfaction. Auli-NInvery Conference* The second or third week iirJune there is to he held in Paris a mammoth anti-slavery con ference. The committee of the British anu Foreign Anti-Slavery Society have already made arrangements with Mr. Cook, the excur sion ma nager, tor him to secure suitable accom modations lor the members of the conference. Ail communications on the subjects which are to occupy the attention of the conference— many ol wiiicli will require translation—should he sent into the secretaries not later than tin loth ol May. Great efforts are to be made to impart to tile conference the churaclcrof an in ter national anti-slavery representative assem bly. The object of the conference la to take Cognizance ol the actual state ot the anti-siav ery question in countries where slaver} exists or nas recently existed, aud debate on the best inoaas of exterminating the slave trade aud slav. ;y wneie tutj*e evils are still tolerated. As durmg the great Farts exhibition mail} persona ffom the United .States will visit hu rope, it, i:as been Mop .u that some ol these*, will be secured delegates to ti»e anti slavery-con lerence. j ne subjects proposed to bediscusseu at tin.*) oniel'eUce are the slave tr;ule, unde: wniciibead will come statistics and panicuiaj.> relating to the trails-Atlantic Airman slave trade, to tne internal slave trade in Africa, and the co.ts.wiM3 tratiic iu Brazil; also statistics concerning the Omnese and Indian Gooiie tiaftie, anu .be tnyayc sysmui. Second, slavery, 11& present position, w’ith especial re latioii to tlie Mancipation of the slaves in, m the Portuguese transmarine posses siou.-, anu Hit- bp.tiijaii Antilles. Third, the results oi cmancipation as shown in the English, French and i>uteh Colonies, and the latest iu lormation .elutiug to the treatment, condition anu prospects of the I reed men in the United States oi America. The Sp.iuisn Abolitionist soidcty h is agreed, through its committee, to join in the Paris conference.—Paris letter. The “Kingdom of Canada—A despatch from Toronto,C. \V., says:— ‘*An advance copy of the confederation bill to be introduc'd into the imperial Parliament, lias been received. The name of the united provinces is to be the ‘Kingdom of Canada.’ T he federal legislature will be styled the ‘Par liament ot Canada.’ The upper house is to be styled the‘Senate,’and the tower house the ‘House ol Commons.’ The local legislatures are to he known as Lue'Provincial Legislatures oi Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick,’ respectively. Ontario, formerly L pper Canada, is to have but one chamber, to he known as tlie Legislative Assembly of On tario. J he other provinces each have a legis Jafve council aud house of assembly. The Senate is to he appointed by the crown, and is to liavc power to create (> additional senators beyond tne stipulate.! Ti in the event of uec ,ie J ‘V* < ’umiuous is to consist «" 181 members, 8J from Ontario, «5 frolll Que bec, lyiroin Nova Scotia, 15 fr. New Bllllis wick; the Queen’s representative presiding over the new kingdom is to retain the old title oi governor-general with a salary of $50000' each prov inoe is to have a lieutenant-governor appointed by the governor-general in council* th»* seal of tne government is to Ik* at Ottawa' subject to the royal prerogative;Toronto, ijuc bec, Halifax, and Fredericton are to he tin* seats of the local legislatures. Provision is made ior the adiui.ssiun he real ter into the Union of Newfoundland, Prince Edward's Isi.inil, Pupertslaml, Northwest Territ »ry, and British Columbia, on mirk terms as the Parlia ment ol Caiiiuhi shall deem equitable and m»hII receive tlie assent given. 1 lie ml road from thu Kl, Lawrence to Ihili fax, N.8., u to be liegun in six months after tb«* iiiiiou and Vo be completed within three years., T“" ... Bill. UKMUIAL CHANT'S OPWion. , , WiMII KOTOV, FpIi. 2g iqcb 1 be (ale of tlue reoouatructian lull’ ul the liandi* <•» lli<- 1 resident i< i,„t y,.t , . . til.moil tlu- prevalent n j„ l(l (t wiIIIb K-ut iu to-morrow, or on the f,,ii„wlnJ •>■*> at General tiro,it lieiiuie to say very frankly and pointedly tint it would »n advinable for the President to givi* if bn* signature. At an interview with the Secretary of the Treasury, this morning, he ashed the Secretary what the President would do with it; would he sign it? The Secretary evasively answered that he did not know. The President had not said what course he would pursue. The General remarked with much earnestness: “1 ho]H* he will sigu it. 1 think it would 1m.* well for him to do so.” The Sec retary again said he could not tell what the 1 ‘resident’s purpose wax, adding: “He takes tiiiif Unlock iuto the whole question before a* ting. General Grant thereupon responded; I o you think he is open to conviction?— \\ ould my opinion have any weight with him? .IcZ. n’CtVv1^ him “ >“** reached liin the bill.” Siu utMurUtwr*comnr« WU‘ "“"'J slewing General Grant',, strong deHire'fb^bM tuimioii.i action butwoci, tl.i i>, , ''■mgi-ess. Whether he took W,d tlic President on the subject is u.„ ,!‘ l<> w JJ s/iutrh to Boston Advertiser. “own. George Peabody has made a gift of fifteen t tiisand dollars to the Newimryport Public Lhrary, the income to be expended in extend- j jjgitfl usefulness, po&TX^and asv nanny. New Adrerliwineate To-Bay. SPF.CIAL NOTH’* COLUMN. BwJBIeniig of 'v«st“"'. & ,, UootH nml Shoes*-r. F. Moseiey a co. NI’.VF I'OL.UIIH. Freucl. and German CaUakta. p.emoval_By nm GrBeno“gh & Co. I' s Marshal s Notice. Upton’s Patent Drag lor VesselH. For MillbrUigc amt Cherryliehl. Statement of the Commerce Fire Ins. Co. F«>r New Orleans—Schooner Marcus Hunter. Removal 1 ortlaml M. F. Insurance Co. Clove Anodyne- J. R. Luut & Co. tiik courts. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. BEFORE JUDGE FOX. Tuesday.—William J. Bryant & als. 'ibellanta, v. Henry C. Chrcsman & al. This is a libel upon a ( hat ter ol the brig Maria White, wherein the libellants clnimiMl the stun of three thousand dollars, as freight money for a voyage from Gardiner to New Orleans, with a cargo of Ice. The ease was continued thirty days, for the respon dents to file their answer. Howard & Cleavesproc tore for libeltaate; Evans & Putnam proctors for re spondeiite. municipal court, judge kingsbury presiding. TuicsDAV.-Mary A. Gillos pleaded guilty to a search and seizure process, hut refuged to pay the tine. She was committed to jail lor dll days. Andrew McGlIneby, Daniel A. Meehan, Patrick MeGlinehy ami Frank Kane pleaded guilty to search and seizure processes, and paid $22.26 each. Daniel lleley pleaded not guilty to a search and seizure process, and Blood trial. He was defended by J. O'Donnell, Esq. The Court adjudged him guilty and he was obliged to pay the $22.26. Lewis Zitkov was found guilty of violating the lord's Day, by keeping his shop open, and was fintsl $12.26, which he paid. Look to the Voting Lints. Let every voter see whether his name is borne upon the voting lists. In making up these lists inacuracies will occur, and since the great fire they are, probably, more numerous than ever before. Let every voter examine the lists, and if his name is uot ou, or is ou the wrong Ward, have the matter rectified at the meetings of the Board of Aldermen, to be held lor that purpose, on Thursday, Friday and Sat urday. Republican Caucuses. We trust, no true Union Republican will neglect to attend the Ward Caucus in his Ward this evening. In consequence of changing from one W ard to another, and from declina tions to serve the city any longer, it is under stood there will be many new candidates to bo nominated for the next City Council. Let the Republicans turn out strong to-night and put in nomination their best men—men who will reflect the sentiments of the Ward not only on political questions, but also ou all questions re lating to the improvement and welfare of our beloved city. Make good and strong nominations, and there is no danger of defeat. Bom l.aweriuir nml Urrurbins Appa ratus. A large party of web-loo tod gentlemen with a sprinkling of landsmen, went down the har bor yesterday on hoard the Mahoning, to ob serve the operation of the very ingenious ap paratus devised by Messrs. Flowers and Pat ten, of Bangor, to facilitate the dangerous busi ness of lowering a boat in a rough sea and at a high rate of speed. We propose to tell what the apparatus will do, and how it is done. It was proved by repeated experiments that by means of this apparatus a single man, standing upon the deek of the cutter, can com pletely control the motion of the boat wilh her full crew aboard, lowering her with a steady, perfectly even motion in less than fifteen sec ends, if necessary, or checking her instantly at any point in her descent. Both ends of the lioat sink at the same time, without jerks or hitches, and if the sea were smooth, the whole keel would strike the water at once, and the blocks would swing clear from the stern and bow at the same instant. In a rough sea the end which strikes the water first will Ire in stantly disengaged, while the other end will be supported by the tackle till the wave lifts it.— if an> thing more than this can be required to ensure perfect safety, we do not know what it is. Tl»e highest speed of the cutter during the experiments was about eight knots an hour, hut it was perfectly evident that the highest possible rate would not have affected the re sult. The apparatus consists of two wheels and axles, side by side, connected so as to move to gether. The ropes from the cranes are wound around these axles, and as the axles arc of the saute size, it fol ows that the bow and stern aiust move at precisely the same rate. One of the wheels is furnished with a strong stop and the other with a powerful brake, so that the whole system is easily controlled. The appa ratus occupies hut little space. In the Mahon ing it is fitted into the section of the gun wale between the cranes, and perfectly protect ed from exposure to the weather. The blocks disengage themselves from the boat as soon as she is buoyed up from the water, by the action of the hooks, which, are so weighted that wheu the weight of the lioat is taken off they at once failover and remain inverted. A useful improvement is also added to the cranes, consisting of a stout flange in which are cut two slots admitting a large bolt wliieli bolds the crane immovable. This contrivance renders the use of guys needless, and greatly facilitates the operation of getting out a lioat from tile deck. Many ot our most experienced sea captains were of the party, which included also several officers from the British steamers in port. We 1 card hut one expression pf opinion from these experts, with regard to tin* usefulness ami com pleteness of the invention. On another topic, Mie courtesy and hospitality of Capt. Webster ind his officers, then* was a like unanimity; but that is ail old subject. Fire.—Between 12 au«l 1 o'clock yesterday, tiro broke out in the dwelling house erected by (’apt. John B. Coyle,on the Hinds Inf, on Sum ner street, just beyond India street. There was some delay in the alarm up town, many sup posing that flic lieil was ringing for one o’clock. Yet the tireuu n were prompt, and uotwith staudiug the combustible nature of the build ing, it being in an unfinished state, they kept the fiames confined to the inside of it, and thus prevented their spreading to adjoining build ings. The fire originated from the furnace, and caught in the entry over it, where there was a lot of shavings,&c. From thence it spread through various parts of the house, injuring it badly. The damage we heard a builder esti mate at from $1500 to $2000. This is covered by insurance, there being a policy for $2500 in the ..Etna office, Hartford, taken out at the Agency of Messrs. Foye, Coffin & Swan. Dramatic Entertainment.—The sale of re served seats to the dramatic entertainment to he given at Deeriug Hall, on Friday eveuing, for the benefit of the Army and Navy Union Library, will commence to-day at the apothe cary store of Messrs. Rollins & Gilkey, under the hall. The plays on the occasion are to he The Weathercock,” and “The Widow’s Vic tim.” They are strongly east, and will bring nit some of tin* best amateurs in our city. The abject in aid of which this entertainment is got up, is a noble oue, and we hope our citizens will show their appreciation of it by purchas ing liberally. ScTpnFNLY DONE.—During the alarm of file yesterday, a tour horse team attached to one of the sleigh couch vs of the horse railroad, took fright opposite the Post Office at the approach ot oue ot the steam fire engines, which had tired up, ami starting suddenly brought the coach aguiust a bank of snow, whisking the runuers from uuder it ulsuit as quick as light niug. There were hut four passengers in the coach and though they wire exceedingly jarr.d by the operation, they were uol in jured. Wit advise all those uf our readers who mav wish to spend an evening in pleasant social en joyment, to attend the entertainment of the la dies of Central Church Society, to l,e given on Thursday evening, the 28th, in the vestry of their church. Among thu features of this en tertainment will he a flue representation of a wedding in ye ancient time ami an antiquarian supiier. Tickets of admission 10 cents. I'r. Cm pin this Evening.—The fifth lec ture of the course In-fore the Mercantile Libra ry Association is to In- given this evening, at Mechanics' Hall, by Kev. Dr. Chapin. Of course, there will be a full house, and tickets should be secured early. The door will be opi n at 6 o clock; tho lecture commencing at toll-past 7. Evening tickets may be obtained at the bookstores, and at tlic dour. Skveue Accipent.— Last Katimiay after noon a son of Mr. Charles H. Holland, residing on Muujoy, about 12 years of age, accidentally fell nfl the lughest part of the rocky precipice at fish Point a distance ot more than twenty feet. He was taken up for dead and carried home, and for several hours remained uncon scious. Yesterday lie was very low, but hopes were entertained of his ultimate recovery. Mains’ Wine is the best rem edy in the world for Piles. Buy one bottle and try't. For sale by all druggists and country grocers, juul2-W&Wly Wholesale Leather aju> Shoe Stork.— It will be noticed by advertisement of Messrs. Barbour & Dennison, that they have opened an establishment over the retail store of Messrs. J. & C. J. Burbovr, No. 10 Exchange street, for the sale of all kinds of leathers and boots and shoes by whole ale. Tney have had good experience in the business, offer a fine stock, and at the lowest prices. Their ware rooms are capacious and. easy of access. Arrival of a Stf.amf.b.—Steamship St. Andrew, oftlio Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's line, Capt. Scott, from Glasgow 8th instant, arrived at this port yesterday, having eight passengers and a large cargo, principally on Canadian account. The St. Andrew brings the materials for a small iron steamer to run upon Lake'Um bagog. Runaway.—Yesterday afternoon a horse that had evidently broken away from a sleigh dashed down Market Square and through je dcral street, at a killing pace, dragging por tions of the harness after him. He brought up on Tndia street. Nobody was injured, though there was some hurrying to get out of the way of the steed. Caucus Proceedings.—We will thank the Secretaries of the several Ward Caucuses to he held this evening, if they will forwari, as soon as possible, after the close of the meetings, the nominations made and the committees appoint ed. They may he left at the Western Union Telegraph office, Lancaster Hall. Halibut.—Hopkins, at the Fulton Fish Mar ket, Federal street, has a tine lot of fresh hali but, which lie will offer this morning. New Style Hoop Skirts made to order at Hodsdon's, No. fi, Clapp’s Block, Congress Street. Hodsdon, No. 6, Clapp’s Block, lias just re ceived a new lot ol' Paris Kid Gloves. A Dreadful Fate.—Much sympathy Is ex pressed in the Lyous eouulry papers for the fate of a young and rising musician, who at tqe Iasi French conscription was unfortunate enough to draw a mauruis numero, and lie was sent out to join a regiment quartered at Vera Cruz. He was at once employed in the band. In consequence of his good conduct, Benoit Denis, succeeded in obtaining the col onel's permission tv perform at private balls and concerts,and thus gaiuaeertain independ ence. On the 5th, of last December Benoit Denis, al ter executing a fantasia on the cornot a-piston at the country house of a wealthy American merchant residing near Vera Cruz, quitted the heated concert room to refresh himself in the pleasure-grounds and enjoy the cool evening uir. Feeling thirsty, he took up an alcaruza which ho happened to see near a fountain, tilled with fresh water, and put it to his lips Frightful screams instantly attracted the company to the spot. Denis was lying on the earth, his hair on end, liis features livid, the body anil tail of a monster seolopendor (miUe-piedg) protruding from his gaping mouth. The reptile, whose bite is more venomous than that of a scorpion, had taken shelter from tho heat in the cool porcelain beaker. As Benoit approached the vase to his lips the scalopen der had sprung at his open throat. In vain was tlie reptile’s body cut. away. Once its fangs close on their prey it is impossible to tear them open. A Nil re (up who chanced to lie among the guests proceeded to cut then} out of the flesh, piece by piece; but by tlie time the ioperation was over the poison had produced ts fatal results, and atterthree hours of agoniz ing convulsions the unfortunate young artist expired. A Water Color by Mrs. Murray.—The Boston Advertiser thus comments upon a new product of the pencil of Mrs. Murray:— Visitors at Williams & Everett's caunot fail to have seen and admired an exquisite water color head by Mrs. Murray, entitled “A Span ish Girl at Prayer.” In this country her pic tures are regarded as something quite remark able, and in the old world even, she is almost without a rival. A long residence in Spain has made her familiar with the rich coloring and general physical beauty of the Spanish, and she is very foud of representing their pe culiarities iii her pictures. The drawing in question is one of these illustrations. We pre sume the amount of sincerity usually felt by Spanish maidens of this class, in prayer, has had full justice done it by Mrs. Murray. At all events, such lovely eyes, and such delicious color of skin, are qnite enough for one small picture, without the added sentiment of a love lier soul at prayer. Extensive Liquor Seizure—In Boston, on Monday, the State Constabulary visited tho wholesale and retail liquor stor* of Samuel W. Clifford, on Sudbury street, aud seized some $4000 worth of liquors, which were carted to the general depository. The same day a depu ty constable seized the stocks of the following named liquor dealers:—John E. Cassidy, 90 Union street, value$150; Charles W. Andrews, 99 Union street, $30; Charles Sargent, 95 Un ion street, $20; Daniel McCarty, 166 Black stone street, $25; Michael McCarty, 160 Blaek Ktone street, $25; William Brackett, 110 Union street, $20; James Walsh, 103 Union street, $400. It is reported that most of these dealer* replenished their stocks within a few hours and during the afternoon and evening were again selling their drams without scruple. THE STATE. —The Augus ta correspondent of the Boston Herald says a subscription is iu circulation for the establishment of a Democratic weekly pa per there. Hon. E. F. Pillsbury, the guberna torial nominee last year of the Democrats, and who was lately appointed State Pension Agent, it is understood will be its editor. —The Bath Times says Hon. T. «f. Southard lots on the stocks at Richmond a ship of almiit a thousand tons, to he launched some time iu APri' ,.t. —Our tSlrle exchanges do not prodict a large c rop of inaplo sugar this season. The “signs'’ are said to he unfavorable. The snow is too far gone, and unless there should he considera ble cold weather from this time, and a greater covering of snow, the sap will find it* way tip, and by the time the season arrives it will be Uhj late. —The Rockland frazette states that there seems to be a growing conviction among some of those most interested in the Knox and Lin coln Railroad that the Wiscassot route w ill, after all, prove the only practicable one under the circumstances: —Simmons’ colossal statue of the “Maine Soldier,” which is to be cast in bronze for a soldiers' monument for the city of Lewdsfcon, is now nearly comple ted in clay. The studio of the artist is at present in Providence, and a letter from that city says: The statue from the feet to the top of the cap is almost seven feet in height, and repre sents a young man of from 22 to 26 years of age, in a partially side view. On entering the room and before taking a front view of the face, I was struck with the success of the artist in representing the mature determination of char acter in features, ot^rwise youthful in their appearance. You say at once, the men of w hom this mail is a representative, could be safely entrusted with the destinies of any nation.— A front view confirms your confidence, and ex presses the intelligence for which onr soldiers were justly noted. In fact the artist has suc ceeded admirably in embodying the idea that of such men the Nation might confidently ex |>ect great things. We learu that Mr. Simmons proposes to spend next winter in Rome. Review mf the JVInrket FOR Till WEEK ENDING Feb. 26, 1867. There has been somo slight improvement in busi ness, in somo circles, part icularly tlio grocery trade. Htill, the demand is limited, purchases being made ••from hand to mouth,” or only just enough to keep up the demand required for domestic consumption. What the Spring trade will be cannot be foreseen, as developments will not take place until next, month. Certain it Is that In the necessary articles for home consumption, the stocks of country dealers are sold up pretty close, and the demand must be met by the supply. Tin; pro»|»ect of anything being done with the tariff by the present Congress is very dubious, as there remain only five days (including Sunday) for it to complete its business. Gold, which at our last report was quoted at 136$, advanced, selling on Saturday, 23d, at 1384. Mon day, 25th, it opened at 138, advanced to 138J, closing at 138). Tuesday it opened at 138, advanced to 139), closing at 1394. APPLES—Choice fruit is rather scarce anil the best qualities of grdenings and Baldwins command ironi $0 SOfaXj 50 per bbl. Dried apples arc not plen ty ami are Iirm at our quotations. ASHES—Pots arc iirm at our quotations, with a limited demand. BEANS—The receipts havo been ample, :u»d the price hi Boston has fallen off, which gives them a downward tendency. Prices favor purchasers. —Prices for bard bread are unchanged. J lie demand continues to be limited. BOX SlfOOKS—The market is flat enough. The rush of boxes Irom the Provinces to Cuba haB over stocked the market there and prices have fallen. Our shippers are unwilling to offer over 65c for the Is'st ot boxes, and they say that at those prices they can make nothing by slapping them. The stocks here are accumulating. BUTTEii-yTheic is a better supply of good Ver mont butter in the market, and prices vary from 34 to 3* cents for fair to good, while some choice tubs bring 40c. CANDLES—There I, * (Sir demand for Trow bridge's moulds, and prices arc without change. CHEESE—Good cheese is more plenty and prices at our quotations arc niaiutaincd. We quote prime at aiOKBc. CEMENT—The market is well supplied and prices are unchanged. COAL—The demand lor anthracite continue* steady anil prices are without any change except tliut Lehigh is now delivered at $10 per ton. COOPERAGE—The demand for country cooper age is verv slack, while that for city ia large. Every thing of city make is sold up and orders are taken ahead. CORDAGE—No change from last week. The de mand is quite light. ™«J25 ANI> DY'Es—'The market is inactive ™ fur '^wuud' »d pric^2ieun,Schf^Grt,“d dn<* 19 **** trJde? Stadard'TcoTton "| Homy coiuminptioa, Country dealere Ha^y rwl'inJu •locks low, and some of them are making their ap pearance to replenish. Hi wooleu9, tluftv is not so much doing. Appearances indicate a fair Spring business. FISH-—The demand continues to fcgjgood. Several cargoes of drv lish and mackerel clutnged hands last week. All the barrel herrings are taken up. Prices are firm lor all kind* of fish. Fishermen are mak ing their appearance to pr. pare their outfits for the coming season. FLOUlt—Receipts are light and the market firm for all the extra grades of flours. The demand, though moderate, is steady. The California flour which arrived here recently, has been taken up for domestic use, and more has been ordered trom San Francisco. FRUIT—There is an ample supply of good fruit of all kinds in the market. Peanuis are lower. Other fruits remain the same as at last week’s quotations and prices are firm. GRAIN—The stocks arc ample for the demand and prices are firm. HAY—The demand for shipping has fallen oft*. Dealers are paying $20@22 per ton for screwed. There is a large amount of second qualit y hay com ing along. HIDES AND SKINS-The market is dull and we have no change to note in prices. IRON—The stocks oi iron are good and there is a moderate but steady demand. Holders are unwilling to make concessions and are firm in their prices. Nails are selling at $6 00 per cask. LARD—The market is dull and inactive. Prices unchanged, from last week. LEAD—There is a fair demand for sheet and pipe. Prices are without alteration. LEATHER—Business is starting up. There is a liettcT demand for all kinds of leather and prices are firm at our quotations. LIME—The stocks are ample, but the demand at present is quite limited. A few weeks will change the face of things. LUMBER—There is an increased demand for di mension lumber. The market is well supplied dai ly by rail with all the kinds wanted. Prices are maintained at quotations. There is no improve ment in the demand for Southern lumber. MOLASSES—The market is very firm and with an upward tendency. Cargoes are taken up as soon as they arrive. The upward tendency in Now York makes importers here very firm ia their prices* So far, the quality of that imported this season, has been superior. NAVAL STORES—Tlic demand is very light and prices are without change. OAKUM.—'Prices aro steady and unchanged irom last week. Demand very small. OILS—Whale and lard oils are a shade lower and. linseed is a trifle higher. The demand is limited to that for home consumption.* ONIONS—Prime Silver-skins are not very plenty, and command $2 25^2 75 per bbl. PATNTS—All kinds of lead are lower. The de mand is not very large at present, being confined to wants for home purposes. PLASTER—The stocks havo become reduced and the prices for hard and soft have advanced. We quote soil at $3 00 and hard at $2 50^-2 75 per ton. RICE -We continue our quotations. Rangoon Is selling at 10c and Carolina at 12£. PRODUCE—'fhore is a good supply of fresh meats in the market. Poultry is not so plenty. Eggs are coining along more freely and we quote them at 32c(«$3c by the package. Potatoes are also coming in freely as good prices are obtained for them. PROVISIONS—The market, both for beef and pork is not very brisk, but prices remain unchanged. The supply of both is ample and the supply of round hogs is increasing every day. The price for the lat ter remains at Decile. SALT—The demand is fair. Fishermen are com ing along to get their outfits and thus increase the demand. The supply is good and prices are main tained at our quotations. SOAPS—The demand tor Leathe & Gore’s steam refined soaps is well maintained and orders are com ing in from all over the country. Unr quotations give the factory p.ices. SUGARS—There is qo change to ip>te in sugars. Prices an; firm, and the demand is lair tor retailing purpose*. The Portland Sugar House (J. B. Brown & Sons) lias started up, and in a few weeks wo may expect “Portland0 sugars again In the mar ket. STARCH—Firm at our quotations, with a moder ate demand. SHOT—Unchanged. The demqnd is quite light tor the season. TEAS—The tendency is upward. The stocks are ample for present wants. TINS—The demand for all kinds continues to be good. Holden are very firm. TOBACCO—The market is well supplied. Prices remain unchanged, with light demand. VARNISH—We have no change to note. The de mand for all kinds is fair WOOL—There is a better feeling in the market, and prices aro firmer, while the demand is steady. ZINC—Prices unchanged, with a light demand. FREIGHTS—The engagements for the past week are the bark Mary Belle for Havana, with box shook* at 13c, sugar hhd sltooks at25c,und hoops on deck at. $7 per M; schooner Admiral Farragut for a port north sido Cuba, at 13c for box shocks and $7 lor lioo]»s; Sebr C. D. Boggs for St. Domiugo with lumber out for $1,000 in gold and $500 mi wood bark ; sch My Rover for Savannah at $8 for hay; sell Hattie Ross, to north side of Cuba and back at#r> for molasses. PortlRBd Whalemle Prices Current* Corrected for the Preps, to Feb. 2<>. Apples. Green 4* brl. 5 50 @ 6 50 Cooking ipbu. t 00@ 1 50 Dried 4* lb... 14 @ 15 Western do. 14 Ashes. Pearl lb.none Pot. 9 @ 10 Beans. Marrow 4* l»u. 3 25 @ 3 75 Pea.3 50 @ 4 Oft Blue Pod.3 00 @ 3 50 Box Shooks. Pine,. 60 @ 65 Bread. Pilot 4> 100 It,12 00 @15 00 Pilot ex loo tblO 50@12 Oft Shin.8 5ft@ 10 00 CraekerspiOft 50 @ 55 Butter. Familylb... 35 @ 38 Store. 22 @ 25 Candles. Mould ^ lb. . 16 @ 17 Sperm. 40 @ 42 Cement. V brl.2 40 @2 50 Cheese. Vermont 4*th 20 @ 22 New York.... 20 @ 22 Coal—< Retail). Cumberland. 10 50 @1100 Lorb’y&Diamond.lo@10$ Leliigb.10 00 @ Red Ash.9 50 @10 00 White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Coffee. Java 4* lb. . 1*7 @ 40 Rio. 26 @ 30 Cooperage. Hhd. Sh’ks a lids. Mol. City.. .3 25 @ Sug.City.. .2 75 @ 3 00 Sug. C’try.. 160 @ 176 C’tryKift Mol. lllul. Sh’ks. 200 @ 2 25 Hhd. H’d’gs, Soft Pine... 25 @ Hard Pine.. 30 to; lloops.(14it».35 00 @40 00 lt.Uuk Slav es50 00 @56 00 Copper. <'op.Sheathing 13 @ V.M.Sheatbmg 3J nr Y. M. Bolts .. 35 nv Cordage. imeriiuuipib I9$@ 20 Manila. 22 @ 224 Maui la Bolt rope 24 @ 24$ Drugs and Dyes. Aleohoi 4> gal 350 @ Arrow Root... 30 @ 70 Bi-Carb Soda 9 @ lo Burax. 39 @ Camphor . .. .1 10 @ Cream Tartar 35 a- 52 Indigo,.1 50 @ l K5 L^wixxloi... 15 @ 16 Madder. 1H @ 20 Naptha V gal. 35 <*> 56 Opium 4* lb 9 75 @ Rhubarb.3 25 @ Sal Soda. 5 @ 5$ Saltpetre. 12 @ 25 Sulphur. 6$@ 74 Vitriol. 18 @ D ok. No.l,. @ 65 No. 10,. @> 49 K;t vens.v. @ 40 Dye woods. Bar worn 1. 3 @ Brazil Wood.. 13 @ Camwood.... 9 @ 10 Fustic,.. 3 @ 5 Logwood, Campeachy. 3 @ St. Domingo 2 @ 3 Nic.Wood.... @ Peach Wood.. 8@ Red Wood.... 5 @ 9 SapanWood.. @ Fish. Cod, 4* qtl. Large Shore ft 00 ® 7 00 Large Bunk 5 5ft @ 6 00 Small.3 60 @ 4 00 Pollock.3 Oft @ 4 25 Haddock,new2 00 @ 2 50 Hake.2 00 @ 2 75 Herring, Shore. 4* bl.4 00 @ 6 ftO Scaled,4*bX. @ 45 No. 1. 25 @ 36 Maek«-rcl4>bl. Bay No.l.. 17 00@l8 00 Bay No. 2 16 00@ 17 oft Bay No. 3. 13 25@14 25 Shore No.l.18 00 @19 oft Short No.3. 9 00 @10 ftft Flour. White Winter choice xx 16 0ft@17 50 xx 14 50 @16 00 x 13 00@14 00 Red Winter xx.14 5ft@ 15 Rft x. 13 00@ Spring xx** 14 00@ 14 50 x.. 13 25@ 14 00 Supcrline 10 ftft @12 00 St. Louis & Sou thorn Superior xx 1650@t8 00 Canada Superior xx 16 00@16 50 Michigan & Western Sup7r xx 15 50@16 50 Fruit. Almonds— Jordan 4* lb. Soft Shell... @ 35 Shelled. @ 40 Pea Nuts.3 50 @ Citron, new... 37 @ 38 Currants.. @ 16 Dates, new_2ft @ Figs,.new 15 @ 25 Prunes,.. 18 @ Raisins. Buneli,4>hx4 00 @ 4 127 Layer.4 15 @ 4 25* Lemons,box 4 75 @ 5 Oft Orangcs.lP'box 4 75 @ 5 00 Grain. Corn, Mixed.. 1 25 @ 1 3ft New Yellow 1 25 @ 1 3ft Rye.1 4ft a 1 45 Barley.1 10 @ 1 20 Oats. 7ft @ 75 Shorts 4» ton.32 00 @35 00 Fine Feed. .36 00 @ 38 00 Middlings... 50 ftft @ 55 00 Gunpowder. Blasting.5 50 @ 6 00 Sporting.6 00 @ 7 50 Hay. Pressed4>tou .0 00 @22 00 Loose.22 00 @25 00 Straw. 12 00 @15 00 Hides and Skins. Buenos Ayres 29 @ 31 Western. 18 @ 19 Slaughter- 10 @ Calfskins.... 30 @ Lamb Skins. .1 00 @ 1 50 Iron. Common. 4 4@ 5 Refined. 5 @ 57 Swedish. 8 («) 8] Norway. 8$@ 9* Cast Steel.... 26 @ 28 German Steel. 17 @ Kng.JLihs.Steel 22 @ Spring Steel.. 11 @ 14 Sneet Iron, English. 7 (a> 7] R. <•. 8$@ 11 Russiu. 23 (VS 25 Belgian. ... 22 @ Lard. Barn-1, 4) lb.. 13$ @ 14 Kegs, 4> lb.... 14 @ Lead. Sheet & Pip*;. il*@ 12 Leather. New York, Light. 30 @ 33 Mid. weight 34 @ 36 Heavy. 34 @ 36 Slaughter ,. 44 @ 48 Am. Calf.... 1 45 @ 1»5 Lime. Rockl’d,cask 1 40 @ 1 50 Lumber. Clear Pino, Nos. 1 & 2....60 00 @65 00 No. 3.45 00 @50 00 No. 4.20 00 @25 00 hipping.... 21 00 @24 «o Spruce.14 00 @ly qo Dimension Spruce20@25 Hemlock-15 00 @18 oo Clapboards, SpruceEx..27 Do @30 00 Pine Ex.... none. Shingles, Cedar Ext. 4 50 @ 4 75 Cedar No. 1.<8 Oo @ 3 25 Shaved Cedar 5 75 Pine C 75 Laths, Spruce.3 50 @ 4 00 Pine. 4 50 @ 4 75 Molasses. Porto Rico. none Cienlucgos.... none Trinidad. 50 @T 52 Cuba Clayed*. 45 @ 46 Clayed tart, none Muscovado. 47 @ 48 Nails. Cask. 6 75 (6) 7 00 Naval Stores. Tar *> bi l.. .5 00 @ 5 50 Pitch (C. Tar 13 25 @ VVil. Pitch .. .5 oo (+ 5 50 Rosin.7 00 @ 12 00 Turpentine |> gal. 88 @ Oakum. American-10) @ 131 Oil. Kerosene,_ 65 @ Sj*crin.3 25 @ Whale.I 4o to) 1 50 Bank ...... 30 <mi @32 INI Shore.2000 @30 00 Porgio.Ih oo ni>o Linseed.1 36 @ Boiled do. @ 1 42 Lard.12* @> 1 40 Olive.2 25 % Castor.3 00 @ Noatsloot ... .1 85 @2 00 * Onions. Siv’skiusl) bl. 2 25@2 75 Paints.

Portl’d Lead-15 00 <6* Pure Orddo.14 75 <q> IB 00 Pure Dry do. 15 oo @ Am. Zinc,... 13 00 @ UoeheUe Yel.. 4@ Eng.Veu.Hed. 41,'oj Red Lead. 14 @ n; Litharge. 14 @ 16 Plaster. Soft, k* ton.. :t00 (3) Hard.2 GO @ 2 7ft Ground.<j 00 @ lo 00 Produce. Beef, side |> lb 10(6) 13 Veal. 8 @ 10 Lamb. 10 @ 12 Chickens. 22 (6) 25 Turkeys. 23 @ 25 Geese.'. 20 @> 22 E£gtf* k* doz.. 3: @> 33 Potatoes, p bbl 1 7o@2 50 Cranb’s k» busli none * Provisions. Mess Beef, Chicago,.. .20 00 .6 22 00 Ex Me-8. .24 00 @25 00 Pork, ExtraClear @27 00 Clear.24 00 @25 00 Mess.23 00 @24 00 Prime_ 18 00 @10 00 Hams. 15 @ 16 Bice. Rice, IP lb— 10 @ 121 Bum. New England nominal Saleratus. Sale r a tusk* lb l2@ 13 Balt. Turk’s Is. *p hlnl. (8 bus. yl 50 @ 5 00 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 1 Gr’nd Butter. 30 @ Seeds. Herdsgrass bush 400 @450 ("lover lb.II @15 Red Top bag 5 50 @ 6 00 Shot. Drop,*nooibs @1150 Buck. @12 50 Soap. Extra St’m Re lined 111 Family.104 No. 1. 10 Olinc. 134 Chew Olive. Ill Crane’s. 13} Soda. 13} Spioes. Cassia, pure.. 75 @ Cloves. 43 @ 45 Ginger. 2S @ 30 Mace.1 40 @ Nutmegs.1 25 @ l 35 Pepper. 28 @ 30 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Starch. Pearl. 11 *@ 12* Sugar. Muscovado... 11 (3> 12* Hav. Brown . 12*@ 14 Hav.White... none Crushed. 15j 6) 151 Granulated.. 154 @ 15* Powdered_ ir,J @ If*} Eaglo Refinery A @ none do do B @ none Teas. Souchong_ 75 f«) 00 Oolong. 00 @ 05 Oolong, chofcel oo «y) l 05 Japan,.1 10 @ 1 25 _ Tin. Banca, cash . 3ft @ 37 Straits, cash.. 3$ @ 35 English. 34 @ 37 Char. I. C.. 13 00 @13 50 Char. l.X.. .16 oo @16 60 Tobacco. Fives & Tens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 Medium,... (;o@ #5 common ... 55 @ 60 Halt lbs. best brands .... 75 @ 80 Nat lLeaf, ibs.l oo @ l 25 Navy tbs ... 75 @ 85 Twine. Cotton Sail... (a) 80 Flax...... 75 Tk Varnish. .2 75 @ 3 75 Furniture—2 25 @3 50 Coach.........a 00 @ 6 50 Wood. liaru, retail. 10 50 @11 00 Ss*t. @ 7 oo Kiiidling|)lH.x 30 mi 40 I Wool. JTnwMh’dFl«,ce:iO@ 35 iWaebed d-,.35 m 41) ll.ambSkins 75 ®> 1 10 *ino. |Mo»Hclman, nlieet.14 <3)141 .14 Portland Dry Gooda Mnrkrt. Corrected by Messrs Woooman, Tri e *. p0 COTTON OOOOH. inches. Price Heavy Sheeting,.37.19 tt ^2 Fine Sheeting,.36. ltutt Ik Fine Sheeting,.*fa 21 Medium Sheeting,.37.14 (g) 17 Light Sheeting,.37.13 15 Shirting,.,,,,..........2? tvW.12 14 utfiActtED gptfixnftb Good Bleached Sheeting,..,. ... .36.24 ($ 27 i Good Bleached Meeting.. .0-8.25 fa) 321 Medium Sheeting,. ..36... . if <p o<> Shirting,.27 to 32.15 _ U DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,.30.>. .22123' Medi um.. 30.2o~ 22 Corset Jeans,.It^ 25 „ COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels.23 ® 25 Medium Cotton Flannels,.20 fa' 221 Bleached Cotton Flannels,...!.. 25 (h) 32} „ , striped shirting . Heavy Striped Shirting.So.25 @ 27* Heavy Striped Shirting,.27.21 ® 23 Medium Striped Shirting. 27.17® ?0 _ TICKING. Heavy Ticking,.35 @ 45 COTTON ADE8. Heavy double and twist,.40 @ 50 DENIMS. Heavy Denims. 824® 371 MediuiurDcnims,.27 4 a 274 CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics.124® 11 Best <a is Medium Prints,.134 «j 15 DELAINES. DeLaines, .24 <® 25 CRASH. Crash,.114® 17 BATTING, WADDING, &C. Cotton Baiting, 4^ it*,...18 @ 25 Cotton Wadding, lt»,.. * ’ 30 @ 35 Wic king,.50 iw CO WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.25® 45 Satinets,.50 « 85 Union Meltons.75 a 1 00 Black Union Cassimeres.80 ®1 00 Black all wool uassuneres,.1 00 a 1 50 Black Doeskins. .1 25 1 75 Fancy Doeskins,.1 00 u 1 50 Repellant, C-4,.1 35 t«l 40 . WOOL FLANNELS. Bite Mixed Twilled Flannels,.30 @ 57 A Blue and Scarlet,..35 gt) 67} White, plain,.3-1.35 a) 50 White, plain,. 3C . ...00® 70 Portland Daily Press* Stock List. CORRECTED BY WM. II. WOOD & SON, Stock and Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St.. Portland. For the week endin® Feb. 26. 1867. Descriptions. Par Value. Offered. Asked Government 6*8,1881.110. Ill Government 5-20,1862,.110.Ill Government 5-20.18$. lt'8 109 Government 5-20. i*65... 1 8.10!) Government 5-20, July,... .10 i*.107 Government 7-30, 1st,}.lor. Government 7-30, 2d and 2d series,_10'.1053 Government lt)-4t),.101.tif-j State of Maine Bonds,.99.100 Portland GUy Bonds,..97.9s Bath City Bonds,.ftn.90 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.. 95.!*6 CalaisJf’ity Bonds,.... . 95.. s_!*»; Cumberland National Bank,_40.40.47 Canal National Bank,.loo.l(M.105 First National Bank,>5 Casco National Bank,.100.104.105 Merchants’ National Bank,.75.77.78 National Traders Bank.100.104.105 Second National Bank,.100.90.95 Portland Company,.100.!K>.95 Portland Gas Company,.50.52.54 Ocean Insurance Company,_100.lot.108 At. & St. Lawrence R. R.,.55.60 At . & St.. Lawrence U.U, Bonds,loo..; 0 A. & K. R, R. Bonds,.86.87 Maine Ceulral R. It. Stock.100. 15. .20 Maine Central R. It. Leeds &, Farm’glon It. R. St k, 100.r.0.70 Ken.& Portland It. R. Bonds..100.85. 90 Portlands Forest Av’u’e U. It., loo.75.85 Portland Glass Company,. 100_ mo 101 Richardson’s Whart Co...100. 95. 100 Co*fstork l.ini. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, Doc 26. American Gold. 1384 CJnited States Cousins, March._ 1:17} United States Com>oii Sixes, Is81,. 1104 U nited States 7 3 lOllis, 1st series. lung u 2d series. 165i “ small. 105* “ 3d Series. 1054 United States 5-20s, 1862. 111 • “ small. I to 1 u 1864 . 1071 “ 1865. Jos} “ July, 1865. loci “ small. I073 U nited States Tcn-torties. I0ij SPECIAL NOTICES. Nuw Styles Of Gaitersand Slippers for Ladies, Misses and Chil dren, as well as Gentlemen's Boots of fashionable styles, are lor sale atT. E. MOSELRY & CO’S, Sum mer Street, Boston. feb27dlt T7 ~~ :—y -~T~ Westbrook. The Republicans of Westbrook are requested to meet at the Town Uou e, on FRIDAY, March 1st, at four o’clock P. M,, tor tin; purpose of making such arrangements in relation to the nomination of town officers as may then be deemed necessary. Per order of Town Committee. feb27d&wtd Cumberland. The Republicans of Cumberland are requested to meet at the Town Rouse in said town, on Saturday the 2d day ol March, at 2 o’clock P. M., to nominaic town officers for the ensuing year. Per order of Town Committee. Cumberland, Feb. 25, 1867. d&w Why Suffer from Sores ? When, by the use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can be easily cured. It bus relieved thousands from Burns, Scalds, Chopped Hands, Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and everp Com plaint of the Skin. Try it, for it costs but 25 cents. Be .sure to ask for Hake's Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to O. P. SE Ylfli »UR & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. fcb26d2m s n Republican Caucus,—Ci or liam. Tl»e Republicans of Gorhnm arc requested to meet at the Town House, on WEDNESDAY, February 27 th, at 3 o’clock P. M, to nominate a hoard of Town Officers for tho ensuing year. Per Order of Town Committee. Feb 23d—dtdsN Religion* .Notice*. There will be a Union prayer meeting held in the vestry of FreeStrect Church Tuesday and Wednes day mornings of this week, from 8 to4) o'clock. All are Invited to attend. feb26-2t USE! Has only to bo applied to nalr or Whiskers and the work Is done. nail Humble. by Druggist* and NEW HALL’S «* '• »"*• « ! iVIA€»IU Purely vegetable; will restore _ Grey Hair to its natural e«»lor; it XX X It will make the hair soft ami glossy ; it will not stain the skin Dnrt4-AiinfItTAort^ finest linen ; it is the lies! Hob L01 diblVG and cheapen Hair Dressing. 75 cts. large bottle. For sale by all 1Vo. fl. Draggists tail Dealers. W. F. PHILLIPS A ( O., Wholesale Agent*, Us Foie.St., Portland. Principal D. |*ot and uiauulhctory, 47 Hanover Street, Boston. Mass. foblSsN W»VS:tm A Valuable Medicine.—.Dr. Poland's White Pine Compound, advertised in our columns, is :l suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues oi the White Piue Bark, li has been tiiorough ly tested by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor lias testimonials Io"Its value ttomi persons well knows to our citizens. We reeeoiumeiul its trinl in all those cases of disease to which it Is adapted. It Is for sale by all our Druggists.—Independant. The Great New England liomedy! Dr. .I. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now ottered to the attticted throughout the coun try, artff having been proved by the test of eleven years, in the New England States, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Vine Compound, CURES More Throat, Colds, C ough*, Hipflieiia, Bronchitis, M|iiltiuj{ of Blood, aud Pul moiiiiry A fleet ion*, generally. It is a Beniarliable Remedy for Kidney Com plaint*, Biabele*, Hillicully of Voiding Urine, Bleeding from the b idney* and Bladder, Gravel and other complaint*. For Pile* aud Scurvy, it will be found eery valuable. Give it a trial it you would learn the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. It is Pleasant Sate and Sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wholesale liy W. F. Phillip* A Co., J. IV. Perkius A Co., Aud W. W. Whipple, PORTLAND, ME. sep2a-de«>wGniHN COLGATE & CO.’S, WINTER SOAP ! Recommended for CHAPPED HANDS and tin ge u era 1 Toilet use during COLD WEATHER. It may be obtained of all Druggists and Fancy Goods I H alers. sn l’ebl’Od&it Long Souijht For ! Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains' Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if mo! the best, remedy ior colds and pulmonary complaints, as well as one of the most agreeable Beverages. Manufactured from the pure juice of the berry, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine, ami to the well, as a beverage. •* To the days of the aged itnddelli length, To the mighty it addeth strength,'’ ’Tis a balm for the sick, a joy lor the well— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell MAIN*’ KliDRRBEBRY WINK nov 27 s N d*&wtf DR. 8WKKT, NATURAL BONE SETTER. Doctor of all ailments incident to the Hones, Cords, and Muscles, Hip Diseases,.' ill, and enlarged Joints, Weak and Perished Limbs Paralysis, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, am Lameness, successfully treated. Office 31 bray Street. Where he can be consulted daily without charge. iebl5 d3w* 8 n REMOVAL. I>RS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 l-'i CON€«KKNN NTICKET, RnOWN’8 NEW BI.<»CK, over the stare of Messrs. Lowell & Senter. OfficeHuurs— lOto 12 A. M., and 3to.r> P. M. Dit. Chadwick's residence 108 Cumberland street. Die. Form's residence 28 High stieel. U^”Frec Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 1‘. M., for the poor. janiHsxdti Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the I test in the world. The only true and perfect T)ye—Harmless, Kolia) ’ Instantaneous. No tusaiinoiuuucnt. No ridicule tints. Natural Black or Hrowu. Remedies the 111 effects of Bad T)ycs. Invigorates the hair, having It soft and beaniiftil. 'Hie genuine is signsd Wil liam I■ Bafelitlor. All others are mere imitations. and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory bl Barclay street, New York. ry Hewnrr of a «•uultrfcii. Suviiiubsi IV, 1866. Ulysu si* ec i u, notices. ANDERSON & CO.’S HOOP-SKIRT FACTOR V 333 Cu'igrti'S St, abovj Oasco. t^T French, German ami American Corsets trom 75 cts to £lU,UU a pail. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours notice. Feb 9—SN d3in DJt. S. S. FITCH'S “Family Pliyuician,” Scvcnty-lix i*uges : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. No money iftpiird until the hook is received, read, and fully approved. It is a perfect guide to the niek or indisposed. Ad«lro*s bit. s. s. FITCH, 25 Tremont Street, Boston. sn danJdly Alains’ Cure JCIderlKiri-y and Cur rout Wines. •So highly recommended by Physicians, mav l>e found at wholesale at the drug stores of WAV \V hip ljh- A Co., U. II. Huy, W. F. Phillips A Co., E. L Stanwood and J. W. Perkins A Co. j.u»12sNdly Sumi; Folks Can t SLKl »• Nlcm.s—We are now prepaid to supply Hospitals, Physicians, tin* trade and the gr. it public generally, wii It the stat d ard and invaluable reuiedx. l >< N i .i: \ i nk, xx Inch article surpasses all known pro para I ion- lor the cure ot all ibrmsof Nervousness, li hi.ipidlx super, ding every preparation of opium—the well-known rcsiih >t wnieu is to prduce eostiveness and other serious ditUeulties; it allays irrihiUon, resUesHicssaiid spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and feeeic tive organ*. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever gold so readily, or met with such universal approval, p’-.r Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregular!lies, and all the .earful menial and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the besl reme dy knoxvn to science. Sold by all druggist*. Pi ke >1. Geo. C. Goodwin a Co., augllsnlyd&w I1 Wholesale Agents, Boston. For C'ou^h*. Cold* smd Consumption, Try the old and well known VCRIlTABlj: IM I. riO VUa BA Ij«A.VI, Approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians tor forty years past. Got the genuine. 1%‘KKD, CliTLlvR A CO., Druggists, dec24$ Nil*, whin , Boston, Proprietors. ijili, A Cold, or Soro Throat, IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, SHOULD DL CHECKED. dlowcd to continue, Irrilniioti of the T.uiir*, a per iiiniM'iit Throat IHm um1, or Consumption, is often the result. into ir\ '8 B It O \ 4: H 1 .4 I. T U O 4 PI E $ HAVING A DIR EOT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE r i . For Bi oucliili*, Asthma, Cnfmrh. Con* Niniiplivr nud Tliroii l»i-4o*«-s, TROCHES ARK DSHD WITH ALWAYS GOOD ftTTOOKSft. Mi nicer* and S’ublic Speaker* will find Troches useful In clearing Hie voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, aud relieving the throat after an uuuspul exertion of tin* vocal organs. The Troches are reeoiuniended and prescribed by Physicians, and have hud testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, andhaviAg proved tlieir efficacy by a test ot many years, each year thuls them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, hold kvkuwiikuk Dec 4—d&w6m sn Warren’s Cousrii Balsam. The best Remedy ever eoinpoiimlcd ti*r < obl«. Cough*, Culai’rli nud Consumption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. BnEr “For sale by all Druggists. Mauuiucturcd by it. F dKAI)BH7i:V, octl5d&wsN6m Druggi-t. Bangor. MARRIED. In tbmeity Feb 20tli, by Rev. Mr. Allen, Mr liol> ert 1‘. Swett ot Arr.wsie, ami Miss Hattie. E. Welch of Bath. In Standisb, Feb* 10, by Rev. A. Turner, I’dwin II. Norton, of Cornish, and Mis Marie ta II. Nor ton, ot Standisb. lu Standisb, /Teh. 17, by Rev. Nata’l Crdcheit, Amos Boulter and Miss Mary Davis, both of Stand ish. Jn Waterville, Feb. Id, Frank B. Lowe, ol W., and Nanc\ V. Lowell, of Plymouth. lu Cliuton, *»an. 27, Nelson W. Brown, ol Skow hegan, and I>« lia L. Sawtelle, of C. I a Calais, Feb, 2, Kben S. Young and Miss Nellie Farrar. DIKD. In this city. Fob 21, Martha A. !,#*< , young, st (laughter of Mrs. Mary Ludkius, aged 2'. yt :u - anil 2 months. Ill North Yarnuiiif li. Feb. 2", sudd* nly. h :*ar I 1 Hayes, aged 52 years .*$ months. lnt asio, Feb. 12, Mr. Franklin O. Hall. aged • \ earn JO months. Jn Lewiston. Feb. 22, Mr. d-.-mii D. Haley, ag. I 25 years s months. IMPORTS. (SLAStlOW. Steam*h n SI Andrew— 2 Ink* m l.-*.* Tbits Paddnck; fed Iron tubes, to Fletcher *.V t o. it; bale##* iKttto n.'l*.. I alley No\c«; to bales iml t, to onler; 4o# iron plates, aad olli r materia' lura veosel'h IniII. to Umbagog Steamboat < '♦». IHCPAftTURK OK OikiN SfK.l VIKRS N A \l I PKOM POl£ HA I K. # 'kin.' .Hodon .. .UverpuoL ... Feb 2* Kangaroo,...New York. Liverpool.Feb27 iiel„,*o.Portland . .Lherjmol...March 2 PolumMn.New York Havana... Maxell 2 United Kingdom ..New Yor-. .tila&gow . ..Mareh 2 Aileiuaania....New York.. Hamburg . .March 2 Pennsylvania. New York..Liverpool... Mareh 2 Pity ot New York ..Now ^ ork.. Liverj*ool.. .Match 2 •lava...New York.. Inv. i p cd... March V, AaLi.ImikIoo. ... Livt rj»o‘*f... March 18 iMiuiaiiire AlMtannr.I YI*ni;ii ) 27. Non ri-«*s.. Sun h«-I .5.1V I Mu*>n raise*. Mil AM I Hitfli water.6.M0 I'M MARINE In' WWB —~ t l» O It T O F I* O R T L \ VI). Tuesday* February 2(>. A RR1VED. Strain>1 tip SI Amir* w, (Br) Seott. Glasgow 8th Ifist with eight passengers. Spoke, Dili, steamer tailed Kingdom, bound West. Sell until Thomas, Dodge, Boston. Sell Franc's Hatch. Greg rv, Boston. Sell B S You eg. Hatch, Boston. Soli Geu Washing!on, Millo>v-Boston (or Rockland Seh Mar in \V Bates, McFarland, Georgetown, Me Sell Champiu”, Clark, Trcinont. Seh .1 W Craw ford, Davis. Cushing. Sell Essex. Hopkins. Milllnidgo. Sell Sea Serpent., Caldeiwood, Rockland tor Boston CLEARED. Barque May Bello Roberts. Horns, Havana—Isaac L Caine. Sell Admiral Farragof, Coggins, Havana—.John D Lord. Seh Condor, (Br) Vignau, St Johns, NF—Goo H Starr. Sell I.eesTmrg, Davis, New' York. Seh Cottage, Collaiuore, Boston—J | Libby. FROM oru COUBEHPOSnitiT. BOOTH BA Vr. Feb 18—Ar, schs Jos Ames, Turner, Bucksjiort i«»r Philadelphia; J P Merriam, Clark. I.eli.-isi tor Boston. Feb In -Ar. seh Frank Barker,Tiblietts, Portland, sld, i i b Arctic, lor New York. Feb .2—Ar. schs Ripley Ropes, Boynton, and Di anna, Orne, Portland. From Branch Office Western ('iron Telegraph. Ar at St John, NB. 2«»fli, sell Nellie Starr, Foster. iVom Portland. Disaster s. Brig Sarah E KenneUx. Dun an. at N« w York from Belize, Hon<l, had heavy weather on the pas sage: lost and split satis, a»i 1 was within fifteen mil s of S;uidy Hook 04 ilie. 2“fch, when she took a heavy gale ana was Mown oil. DOMESTIC PORTS. ^ (iALYiJJCp-OM loth, brig F J Merriman, Mer riman. Boston. NEW ORLEANS—Ar21st, barque Currie Wright, Morgan, Card ill. Cl<i 21st, barques Wallace, Adams, Liverpool, with 1881 bales cotton ; Celeste Clark, Foster, do; Rosina. Pearson. Bordeaux. Ar 22<1, ship Nevada, Jewett, -. At SW Pass 18th, ship Custine, Thurston, from Havre, w ig orders. MOBILE—Ar 2!st, barque Eva II Fisk, Avery, C.entuegos, (and eld tor ilavanat. Cld latli, selis Mary E Lang, Hardy lor Cardenas; Kate Went worth, Norton, Ciriititegos. Sid, sell Windward, ft>rCuba. 1‘KNS \<’or.A—Ar 111b, * U It 11 Ufcl.oe, ,l..nt‘S Camden. Cld Ilia, selis Hattie M Mayo, Salisbury, Indian* ola; lllb. Vernal. Perry. Havana. CHARLESTON—Slu glut, brig Mnnzanilla, Ma gmie, lor Wilmington, (having repain d » GEORGETOWN, SC—Ar ltitb, brig Mazatlan. Ad ams. Portland. NORFOLK—Ar 22d, sell Clara Smith. Smith, from Rock port. Me. Sl*‘ 23d, brig Golden Lead, tor New York. FORT RES - MONROE-Ai 23d, b 11-1 ue Ada Car ter, Loud,Baltimore tor Boston; brig Jennie Acborn, Horn Savanna It. Went to sea 23d, ships crest ol .the Wave, Union, BS Kimball; brig Concord. BALTIMORE- - \r 23d, brigs Volant, Dodge, t’n»ni Charleston: Model, Johnson, Vlayagm /.. Cld 23d, brig C C Colson, Petw, Cardona*: seh Maty Louise, IPimdlon. Portsmouth. PHILADELPHIA—Old 23d, barque II P Lord Pinkbam, Rlatan/as. Ar 2M. seh Sarah Watson, Smith, Portland. Ar 24tl», barque Mary B< ntley, claik, London. Below , barque Uu on, trout New York. Cld, bng III . Grande, Bennett, St Mary Ca se! is A May, 'lav, Pm ihuid via Neweastle, |»el; J G* Craig, Craig, do via Wilmington b>, I. Sid ini Delaware Breakwater 22d,*hip Tamerlane; selis John Gridin, Fanny K >haw. ;i d < .fliers. NEW YORK—Ar24tli, brigs Sarah E Kennedy, Duneau, Beli/ts. Hoad; Henslmw. smith, Nue.ita.s, sdi American Eagle, Shaw, lYoni Newcastle, Del, lor Providence. Ar25th, barque John Griffin, Chase, Nuevitas; sells E G Knight, Whitfcemore, Para, 21 days; IIS Bovnton, Stubbs, Savannah. Cld 25th.tbrig Charlotte Buck, Golf, Arroyo, PR; sell E Richardson, Thompson, Nuevitas. NEW LONDON—Ar 21th. selis Drey, Hamblen, Providence tor New York; Lochiel, Haskell, Eliza beth port for Providence. PROVIDENCE—Ar 'Mb, brig B Young, Davis, Elazahethport; seh Juliet, Snow, do. sld 2lth, sell Ira Bliss, Hudson, Now York; 35lh, July Fourth, Shaw, do. FALL RIVER—Ar 2Mli. seh Emelin. McLain, Sleeper, Baltimore. ll< >LM KS’ IB »LK— Ar 23d, seh Vicksburg, Has kell, New York I »r Portland. Ar 24th, selis C< sums. H ill, Baltimore thr R«xk land; Susan. Scars, Portland for Philad. Idle.t. Sld. selis .seventy Six, G W Rawl. \, |,< ua llume, and i .t-mos Ar 2T»fli, barque E V C.ehi from MaRui m> Hi lust lot Portland; hrigAnna DTorrcv. It rl II. An Charleston lor Bust on; mIis M s i mil, I . >wu do for Salem: s E Fain ns. I • taler, do • r »• ii i > ml- . Carrie A < lark, Worm woo-1, Philad- IphI i K« n ittliink. Sld. whs So n. and Vk-kahurr. j 4 OSTON—-At 25th, *-h Clara Jane. Knrmt A»n» Pemb oke. 4 Id ttth, Telegraph. Ui . '•> Ion er, P'.rtbuid. j Ar ML brie Jennie (NmImmui. Brvrr. tinlt cstmi Cld 2»*tb. ship < orituro !*■ .aft. for ' ,!- » '’rig j JBobl Wing, suivklau-i, tvivv, J Bri^hinw**!, -*—■—Z- — --_ OWnld.v1*: til-OoB'orljTvIW, UBftfor, SliBWtbUl. Rick. r. Portland. . „ SAl.KM—tild .ith. soli Flying Scad, (from Bellas! > lor Uatiinior.-. In port SSili. sell .1 WbltehMMe, Gilchrist, (Irom Sattlla Hirer; lor Halil. FUKGIH.V PORTS. A l Singapore sili ult. ships Richard III. Groeii I ougli, ami Emily Faruuni. .s lines, unc; l»ai«i*ie IV 1 mn»g. Patten, to load tor Hong Kong, at #1000 in i full, 50 lav day*. A‘Cadiz l* . t li ult, brig Eliza Steven*, Phinney, tm UiJfe 1,1 ,lor P,ov‘deuce, (Niip|*osed in distress.) i i■ut,Uj ‘‘ist. harque Eagle, Potter, for Sh ilv, to load lor New York. lor rutted StSte? ,,ad“« Leo Treat, Killman, r ijVr at li!U'nuH Ayres r>er .10, bar.jae Monitor. Lar D“a’* har1“e Ionic, Woodbury, At St Vincent CYJ .Jan 21, Kch Ella Frank! » Plllsbnrv. tor Isle ot May same uay. YratStJago Uth Inst, barque Hunter, York im iiaiaeoa, to load lor Now York ; 13th, sch Walker. Taplcy, Savannah. ’ SCh Kale At Nue vitas I lib hurt, bafftfU’ John tl.iiiin, (base l » New York', ready; brig Ponvert, Allen, ibr do. i Sid 17lli. l-aique Fannie, Carver, Matanzua. to load ! for Portland. Sid fm Nuevitas Feb 13, brig Ponvert, Allen, lor I New \ rk. Amt Maian/as lsth ult, barque Fannie, Carver, Havana. l S!d 111h, sell.* Lottie, Hughe*, Cienfuegos; lfttli. bi.qu- American L'o.vds, Park*.Philadelphia; si i ■ I Eri. Sprague. N-w Vors ; Ida r Wheeler, Hver, for Ph ladel hi a. In T»ort l*tli, bar ilies Almira Coombs, Wilson, lot 1 button, Jdg; Norton Stover, stover, and Minnie 'lb ) NoriTen. for Portland, ldg. C V Minot, Met hen. lor New York, do: Annie, Leland. lor do; brig* A 11 Curtis. Merriman, tor North „| Hafteras; Martha A Unary, Chase, for Portland, ldg; J Polledo, Plum mer. and Snow Bird. Bacon, for do, ldg; Meteor, Ami. Mm, lor Pbilad 1* liia. do; sells Joseph Segur, Sefiir, and John Crooker, Jones, lor Now Orleans; and oibeis. Aral Cardeiaa Lliili hurt, brigs Anna M Knight Kniglit, Now York; ITlh, LQe Houghton, Morton! New York. Sid 19tb,barque Union, Carnage, New York. f Addit ional ]>er steamer Deutschland.) Ar al Liverpool llih inst, INereus, Niekels, Irom ( hnrh ston. J.W back bub. Wap. I la, Orr, for New Orleans. , d 9th. sell Ellen Hood, p. nuell. Ne w York. pHi ‘•‘..V AUh Charlotte Ceddie, McKenzie, Portland tor London. Ar at Cardiff ML, C..1 Adams. Mnrse, Callao. ... k Ta"ie>-' T“p,e»i »" Aral Malaga l-t inst, Caroline, Perkins, Iren. < arthagena. SPOKEN Feb 13, lat .‘Aik, Ion 02 20. barque Mary Bentley, tm London lor Philadelphia. Pelt 14, lal '•<.), Ion 75 15, barque Lelia M Long, from st John, NH, lor Havana. Feb 17, in Florida SfVails, ship Joseph Fish, from N w Orleans for Liverpool. Feb l!», SK ot Block Island 10 miles, brigs Amos M Roberts, from Matanzas for Hellast, and Nigretta, Stowers, from Cardenas tor Boston. - . —IT - Heating Apparatus For Slorcs, IUinls, School-houses, Churches, ,(-e. 1 ti t11 «•; subscribers are prepared to put up Steam or I Hot Water Apparatus, ami guuinniee as good results in every particular as can In* obtained from Boston of New York contractors. W» use mr Steam Radiation roiC oi Wrought Iron id|M*s, Cast Iron or i Shed I i on Radiators. For Hot Water Circulation, Cast Iron Pipes, iu Hot Air chandlers or coils ill tin- 1 Rooms | ieb2lUlm DANIEL WINSLOW A SON. Spr uce Dimension (end Out Spruce Plank ! fTIHK ISi'ihtd Nieam ITIill Ho. will com in cma* 1 running their Mill in April, and will be juepur ed to till orders tor dimension Frames w itli dispatch. They have on wharf60,60A teet 3 ami 4 inch Out Spruce Plank, suitable tor Wharf or Bridge cover ing, tor sale cheap. J. II. HATII.i:*, Agent, l Vi* : tw HoifsonV Wharf. Notice. \YfE, the undersigned journeymen Painters ol y y Portland, at a meeting held on the 22d of Feb. IWT, do hereby resolve that on and after the 4th day of March, I8b7, we will not work for less than $3 per day. SIGNED BY luO NAMES, icbgftdlw* IK. C. MONTGOMERY, BOOTS I YI) SHOES. T\<>, 4 Casoo Stwet. Webeglotvo to call tlie attention of citizens ol Portlaml to our LARGE and HELL SELECTED STOCK Boots and Sluies. YF All 4»ur GinmIs Warraalrd md perfect sat isfaction guaranteed. teg Id if Sfnv fi*4>|i BoIusnc*. •4- — I > units. ( ill;) M; moo. II It'S. t \ \ 1M l Mol.ASsES, pr| Brig “Minnie MilU r, * Irotu M'ltuvn. ini« landing and for sale by Omne, Pram A Sturfcvaui, Fchg3«—i-dtf_ Wtdg«ry*s Whet I. ■»K HUI'HINS* | Cnlnri'li IVochem! Will Cur- (VilwrA, ("Hfjki, 1‘oldt, /Amrm nr**, <, dm/ »»// , fh Hi qf tkr T%H*tl. I*u N|H»krr« hm«I Mi«|rr« mme Ikrw. Mini tm, Utyrr;*, Unrkmi, Sea t it>uitiii, ail uh IIAnn v illi the ln*t i. min. Aiiioiik th«* hu militia t*l tltotimmla wiMi have »-* I (tarn, tlwpU in l»Mt ••«*«• , V'»b*e, ami flat of u|>i»r<>va). fbrjr invariably pro lit digest iou. and r lk'Vt Kidney Aite« tions. Jmt 11> otic- f*ox ami you will be c>«viiiml. I'RKIMKKn HV E. B. JiOPKINM, HI. I I J Vi iiihiujtltta Hirvrl, KoiUm, Nuu. Wholesale AffontH t«»r Maine.— W. K. I‘nn.i.ii>s 4 Co., I ~ . Natiixn Woi»i», | Portland. S«dd at Retail by all Ornggists. IcI.-TnIA: w t r Vll watt nw OSCE A YE Alt III IHOTM PATENT lIslilMiift lliitid Slantf»s Thin Si mi |» baa Adi unloves over all ollierw. It will h<dd a small die to cancel a stamp as the | l:iw roqnlrts; and any other gige and nha|io tor envel ope , »\e. The months and figure* are made of brass, which makes tie in wry durable, and they cannoi In* tiat tened or injured bv a blow from the hand as others which are ma 'e or Klectroty] es. The annexed cut is a correct representation of it, and the method of chting ng the dates. B liley ti Noyes, Manufacturers' Agents fel.*Wlw2 Now Flock Exchange St,Portland. Marrett, Poor <£• Co., Having taken the i liamlten 311 CONOR ESS STREET. ATUnlNINd MECHANICS’ HALL, i Are now prepared to offer their I r lends and the pub lie a largo ami well selected stuck ol CAU1»ETIW«S! Paper llaia^in^si CURTAIN ROODS, Jte., pr“ l nrehasers of the above goods are respect fully invited to oxauiiue our stock which is Now, Cleau and Desirable. July .'JO dtf T if ton tfc Mr Far!arid. Desire to call the attention to the fact that more than 4 « Of their Sati s gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the laU; lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRIOR, will please call <*n EM Fit V »V WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at I 80 Sudbury Sired, BomUi. IP *7 Second-hami Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan l."»—sn Islw in each nmxadv remainder of time. Vnv Person Pnildinjr, OK about to lmild, wishing to let part of a house at a lair lent, apply to l'ei*i:Jd:iw* “H,** Box 1M1. AOItl Ol.R »¥STEUS ! A large h»t of Norfolk Oysters just received and for sale at $1.30 l>rr Ration. Solid. All orders by mail or telegraph promptly attended to it. fhkkih \n x <’0., 11*1 l*>«l«rnl Nlrvd. • 0\ .lers delivered in anv |«»rt of tin- idly ' tebL*iM I w MAI \ r f r V TUA 1. R. R. I stiM-klinliK'r* Mi'flitiir uiWnlmillr I hlKUHI IMH. Vsrtli'l M. Iraiii fil* kav« I'ulUini ft* fttler ell. ,n .vft V ctlioUrfi..a'lWM‘«» I |nnv him) -mb paw^-tucr* an » i»b to go Id 1 a-wsm.•»« | <>r Ah’x'Ui, as n olfttf m«rtilnc tnin to tho*** plnrsw wilt -■ run .*t that dn\ Returning. ih» irun will It a' • V\ itHVlIW nit* r tbs rlar «M the «•**«<»■§. nt O J, |» If ©nn»r* «*f-t n k of this«Vnpwi nil •* p» m*4 fW to h»n tbi« wwx'Hm am thM tnftn on < xh*h it In*.* Mo it • rrttts-ift! «l dim k t*. the condntftwr of tW tmo EDWIN Nd\|>. NEW 4I»VEKTISE3!ENTS. RTATfMENT OF ( OKBITIB* or THE Commerce Insurance Comply, Of Albany, !Y. Y., Ore. H, IHOtf. AHMETS I Heal Estate...$ 4A.OOOU® Bonds and Mortgages,. 100,87ft 00 Bank Stock,. 7,500 00 United States Securities. 227,472 U® Demand Loans wiili Collateral#,. 4.5,745 00 I Cash on hand and in hands of Agents. 34,28® 47 Accrued Interest,. 4,m4®®2 $532,701 2® liabilities: Uuadi listed Losses.* * 00 A. Van Allen, President. R. M. H amilton, Secretary. # Sr ati: of New York, j Shi I City andColnty of Ai bany. I ‘ ALBANY, reb. 21, 1«>,. Personally appeared be tore me Adam Van Allen, President, and U. .VI. J» million, .Secretary.ot the above named t'ompunv, and made oath tliatthe tdre golng Mlatemeul made !>y them is true to the lest of ♦heir knowledge and ! elkt, and that they have con cealed no material tu t *. A. 1*. sTKVKNS, Notary Public. JOS. ll. \vi:iiNTi;iC, Ajfeut, h'bZ7-il:iw No. Io Month Nlnrl. U. S. Marshal's Notice. United St at eh ok America, I District op Maine, h. s. f PURSUANT to a Monltioo from the Hon. Edward Fox, Judge ot the United State* District Court, within and lor the District ot Maine, 1 hereby give public notice that the following Lilted baa been tiled in said Court, viz: A Libel aga'ns* tbo Schooner “Alice T.” her TACKLE, AtTAUKIi and FCRNiri'RK, aiui the CAR GO OF LUMBER LATELY I ADEN ON BOARD SAID SCHOONER, in be hall ofWilliaiu P. Pr.-ble and others, in u cause Salvage rivil and maritime, as is morn particularly set torth in tho shUI Ubel ; that a hear ing and trial will Ik* liad thereon at Portland in said District, on the First Tuesday ef March next, at eleven o'clock in the jorevocu, when and where any person* ^itite aided therein, may :\pp«ar and Hhow cause, if any can be shown, wherefore tho nuios should not be tlecieed liable to said claim for salvage. Dated at Portland tins twenty-seventh tiny of February, A. D., 184*7 F. A QI/1NBY, Deputy U. S. Marshal Diet, of Maine. Fab 27—dH Shipmasters, Shipowners, *C* Un derwri ters. Upton’s Patent Prap fur Vessels. f| HI IS invaluable Invention will be on exhibition I for a lew days at tho Inventor’* Exchange, No. 20 Congress Street. AU interested in the wtdlaro anti satoty ol Shipping are invited to call and tv am ine. total AM* 4 a For IBillbi jtlift1 nnd ( liorry mK fle,a *«jHKi»s(:||<)ONKK “Essex," Cap* Hopkins, will receive Freight, ;u* above, THIS DAY, Feb’y 21th, IM67. S ir For further in forma thin inquire of KO^N A mti icdiv i vt, Feb 27—<12t* No. 7J Commercial Street. uemovalT BVJtON cm:ENOUGH <t CO. Have removctl to their NEW STOKE No. 140 Middle Mr. J. H. Cries’ interest in the ttrm cease* I Aug. 1, iWkS. le-'tti.Ncwlm Portland M. Fire Insurance COMI’ANl *8 OFFICE is removed to Store of Oreenough & Morse, No. 20 Haymarket Square. feb*27dlw Clove Anod.vue. rpHAT r. markable specific for Toothache and Its 1 associated neuralgic*, prepared by us only, can now be furnished to consumers or to the trade in quantities to suit, at our establishment, .‘M* t'O^UKIiNS MTRKKT, feb?0d3t J. K. LUNT A CO. For New Orleans. The splendid m-homier MARCUS HUMTEK having'part of h< r cargo »*n gagt ti, will s.kli Saturday m it. For ireight or p ining,- apply r«» MotSKs It NtCKKI&oN SON, 103 Common tai Street. International Telegraph POMI’AMY. The Line* of (hi' Com pan v an? hum up a liar l>uai ne*v With hiiiun* a? I til tli, Portliiml, Ittil.l.Tor.l. I'urtw ■■ion ili, Salt-in anil Itoston, And < n*11101 • Bitli Xrn larli, *»tTttadvl I*It■ m, ttaliiMarr, Matftia«ia«. and oth* i I »i Net*bail j port, Ltaw, l|nuwli, Hraaa* «*lek. naad ailn-r ■*•««!«. Th** r m|>4 ti a of ik«*‘ I*net »» the mmal ft»r t he Ke*|i«i-liou ol Thrmijjli larirl* fr->tu nil par to ••I »ug the mail* t«t Ik* bit <*, a hilt* at tin* |*iin'a not I rea*-ht*t l»> (In « oinpaii) nod »t» < on tut lion, the old High halt* are mat mailed, and will doublh s* ic main *■» until tin 4. line- are *1 leaded, which a ill U; rapidly done. Every effort will lie made in maintain the L'ihm In the heal > >n«fition and to trauaael the husim-ss with the utmost c irroctm >s uiul despatch. Mairt car. Exchange mid Forr Nta. Br..u< ii i 'ftlec at Covell’ii Apothecary Store under Preble Home. teb2H dtf Barbour iV Dennison Have opened iu Chambera (over the retail Store of J. & C. J. Har bour,) A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF French & German Calfskins. A large variety of Tampico Kid and float Morocco. Sujiorior finished Ouli Tanned, Polished and Oiled 4*raiu l.easlicr. Barbour Brother* faiuotia Irish SHOE THREADS, by dozen or bale. PIII1.A DELPIIIACITY TANNED Sole U at her, light and heavy. Slaughter and Spanish Sole Leather, extra quality. Women's Rubber Over-aho, st made in France, quality superior to American, and sold at much lower rates. General assortment ot ROOTS and SHOES, sold by dozen or case, at fairest cask rates. Shoo Stock exchanged for manutortured wi.rk. Liberal advances made on first quality of Boots and Shoot. NO. IO EXCHANGE HTRBRT. CHARLES d. BARBOUR, ftblJsUw'm WILLIAM E. DKNNISoN. Huttcr, Rutter. 150() LUS. at Aennt- per lb., by ll# iVk* PUIH'TOH'S Xh'll HUH'K. fonurof Market and Middle si*, by „ JOBUH U BOSTON. M a *tm‘ For Sale. 4 j S. li.»nCT “llattie I:...*," IM Imh. »l.l ft, L rn.iMn.vni. nl, built in l»‘J> of tin- .cry J/F.P ,M"-i u»:.t*-riil, Uiitom ami whllr oak Im|i, i‘o|>|.-ri‘<l,*. rtvvnff m - “"I »|*:u-< in rtr-i rw. .. nmiinu, m l wi ll todi.ll vveryway, „...| nvnlv ...r l>n*ii».... . <«*» * srnU'IVAHT. tl.llutl _ 13. ninn-r ml strrri. (i,Y« NOTICE! fIMIK orth o of the UAS 4 OMPAKY is removed to X their former rooms in the JO*4K Itl.lH K, *N Birhaagr Nirrrt. iel»J5dlw St Iiooim r lor Solo. . i 'flu* tine white oak and eoppcr-lH»tcn«*i J l. l:i*l sailing MehooniT VIM4iRT4»N, AW' |a 4!» 12-llHi tons new measurement, well /KlV/l\r n™* :“*apted tor the rousting or • ■-■•j'vJt I- Isliing business, is now olb• rod for sale by tlie Knstern Packet Po. For particulars emiinrc o M. N. KU II, jan2Hdtt No. 3 l,ong Wharf* Noticij. MR. ANTiRF.W .1. FlIASI* retires from our Hrui from this date. YEAluN & ll.VJ.F. Port land, Feh. 1h, 1867. d!Tw A CARD. DRH. PFilKCE A FERNAL1>, OIATISTS, NO 17.1 UIUOI.K NTBKKT. C. N. Peirce. S. C. Fusur Februaty 21. dtf Copartnership Notice. THK copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm name of G1UJEBY & THORNDIKE, is this »lav dissolved by mutual consent. KDWARH L. GRUBBY. GEOKGK h. THORN HIKE. All |>crsons having any demands or imlebted to the above tiriu arc request** to make immediate settle ment. Feb’y 13th. 1867. FDWAIili L. UliUFBW will continue the business in Plumb street, of Manu facturing and Healing in Doors, Blinds, Eash, Gutters, Oondnctora, W Br.icket*s, Star Sail, Balusters, Mouldings, ore,, kc. N. B.—1The Moulding are from the Bay stats, Sri Foi.K and I M«*x Mil i i ed Kiln-dried LuMJtKk. Portland, Keb’v 18th. 1867. Iil!kt?wls M»««*• VIJ, person* having Mils again* the KXerutivs Com mil Us- mr tin* relief «»l >uller-n*, are re quested to pres, lit the same In lb» < •waiuitn. a their ottict- obi fin .in ht-mre the itii dav of March next. Perotdsr. HKMKY f'A, Hixlrtnvn XI * 1 % EY . Worn and Tom Currwvy and Orton Wk» How • h« at the Horw It. K «N|u . , U> »•**»'* n. 4i. rtmii ’N* mci:. A GimnI PhiUK f»r ±pr*ni: Trwfc. Mm »i.w.*>kt>A*.,«*o««*•* , Mt %trrri*, «bh:w. M. ^ b—> • * a# MMk k< wt*. kMIOl vglhti •* Pan. « rtmiih and * '* Jin X niimu- swam rwwwi* _ Fh ■—y , .k. la iM •*» *- *■ HI. If ** <m*f Ik-O^ « MMSm