Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 1, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. --- i -; Friday Morning, March 1, 1867. —-.*♦* LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THE DAILV PKESS.] State House, Augusta, Feb. 28. SENATE. The House and Senate have finally agieed upon the constabulary and amendments of the liquor laws. The same are substantially similar to the reports of the joint select com mittee. That part of the bill an act which in creases the penalty lor selling liquors is sub mitted to the people. The constabulary has Income a law without auy such reference to the people. The Senate lion-concurred with th^ House in indefinitely postponing the bill iu aid of the European & North American Railway. No lurther effort will be made this session. An act in aid of the Bath Military Asylum and the Bangor Military Asylum, both passed the Senate by a close vote: also resolve in lavor of the indigent orphan s of the State. Several questions were discussed at length in a spirited manner by Messrs. Crosby, Her* sey, Dennison, Robie and Billings. The ques tion in debate was local institutions, or a more general application of beneficence. The resolves in favor of the destitute orphans of soldiers and seamen in the State have pass ed both branches unanimously. house. Resolve authorizing the Governor and Coun cil to expend $10,000 for the support of mili tary organization in this State was read and assigned. An act to ascertain the win oi tne people concerning the sale of intoxicating liquors ami a State police, came from the Senate, passed to be engrossed in that body, and onmotion ot Mr. West, of Franklin, was amended so that it shall only extend to the liquor law; and, as amended, after a lengthy discussion, was pass ed by yeas 71, nays 51. An act in aid of the European & North American Kailway was called up, amended slightly, and after a lengthy discussion between Messrs. Otis, Sbepley, and others, was indefi nitely postponed, yeas f>9, nays 49. Mr. Oaks, of Garland, introduced the fol lowing order, which was adopted: Ordered, That when this House adjourn it be to meet at 7 1-2 P. M. The minority report of the Committee on Assumption, passed to be engrossed, with some slight amendments. Bill, an act in aid of the Bangor and Bath Military Asylums, was indefinitely postponed. A resolve authorizing a temporary loan to the amount of $109,000, was read and passed to be engrossed. The Legislature will adjourn finally Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. WASHINGTON. Campaign Against the Indiana. The Memorial from the Utah Leg islature. THE RECONSTRUCTION HILL. Washington, Feb. 28. Gen. Aaron Ward, of Westchester, N. Y., died hero last night, It is stated that the medical quartermasters' department have received instructions relative to the coming campaign to he inaugurated against the Indians, from the department oi Missouri, about the 10th of March. The prop er proportion of surgeons' hospitals stewards, ambulances and medical stores and necessary transportation will be furnished. Some days ago a memorial from the legisla ture of Utah was presented to the House of Representatives, asking that the anti-polyga my law as applied to that territory, should l*. repealed lor reasons stated. The memorial was referred to ihe Judiciary Committee, who to day made a report, in which they in strong teruis|denouueed polygamy as contrary to the spirit of the Christian religion, and a relie oi heathenism and barbarism, and subversive of tlie marriage relation in all nations where it is tolerated. If this is in consequence of the ne glect of the Federal judges, they ought to he removed; but it the failure arises from other causes, it is the duty of the President to see that the law is executed. The President will soon issue a proclamation recognizing Nebraska as a State, when the Senators and Representatives will be admitted to Congress. ft was rep >rtod this afternoon that the veto of the reconstruction bill would be sent in to night, but guessing was again at fault, and it is now looked for to-morrow. A smuggling organization IN ENGLAND. Santa Anna and his Friends. PABTK.UJ.AKH OP A 41 HP AT HOLD NailMItl.K. New York, Feb. 28. Information lias been received by tbe Secre tary of the Treasury that steps have been tak en towards forming an organization among merchants in England fur the pur|Hise of smug gling goods into the United Slatsa through Cauada, if the high tariff bill becomes a law. (labor Napheyl, formerly the host of Santa Anna on Staten Island, was arrested yester day, charged with obtaining money under false pretences. He declared that his name was Soureuberg, and gave hail in $1000; but on leaving the court was again arrested on a civil process, aud again released on giving bail in two sureties for $2500 each. Santa Anna will, it is said, bring a suit against Napheyl. Tne particulars of the gold swindling opera tion iu May, 1865, by which a broker named John Ross fraudulently obtained $600,000 in gold from various bankers in this city, have filially come to light. The money was obtained by gold certificates, apparently signed by the Continental Bank. Ross escaped with liis booty in a vessel uamed the Dakato, which was kept in readiness for the purpose of carrying him away. He is now presumed to be in "Bra zil, where he is safe from the clutches of Unit ed States officials, there being no extradition treaty betweeu the two countries. Several suits have grown out of the case, two firms su ing the Continental Bank for the sums of the gold certificates, and claiming the signatures as genuine. EUROPE. NEW* BV THE CABLE. . Venice, Feb. 27. Garibaldi arrived in this city yesterday from Florence. He was greeted with the most un bounded enthusiasm, Paris, Feb. 27. One of the reiorms proposed by the Emperor —the abolishment of the reply to the address from tho throne—is peculiarly unpoper. The liberal party insist upon the preservation of this privilege. In the French Court of Admiralty, in the cast- of the United States against Arman files, an appeal of the United States against the de cree requiring the payment to the court of a certain sum of money as security for the costs of the suit, was again rejected. London, Feb. 27. Tile party called the Adullamites, under the leadership of Mr. Roebuck, have resolved to join their forces with the liberals. Tile English Court of Admiralty, in the case of the steamer Alexander, to recover which United States Consul Dudley recently began a suit, has required security for the costs in the event of the cause being decided for the de fendants. The final decision is reserved until the |icrtormance of this preliminary. Londonderry, Feb. 28. Noon. Ttie steamship Moravian, from Portland Fob. 16tli, arrived last evening. The Weather. 3 , Boston, Feb. 28. Wind W.,do. cloudy; ther. 30. j , Springfield, Feb. 28. Wind S. W., do. do.; ther. 31. New York, Feb. 28. Wind S., do., do.; ther. 32. Philadelphia, Feb. 28 Wind St E., do., do.; ther. 28. Washington, Feb. 28. Wind N. N. W., 8vercast; ther. 3!). Richmond, Feb. 28. Wind 8. W., clear; ther. 28. Halifax, Feb. 28. Wind N., fresh, clear; ther. 20. Alarm of.Fire in a Public Schoal-Scver al Children Injured. , , 3, . , New Yohk, Feb. 28. An alarm of fire in the public school build ing No. 2 Erie street, Jersey City, at 10 o’clock this morning, caused great consternation among the 200 to 300 children, several of whom witli one or two teachers, in their efforts to es cape, were trodden upon and severely hurt. One w as probably fatally injured. In the ex citement some of the children jumped from the w ™lW8, 1118 sa'd. that several mischievous .’Zf.h'w 8®T?raJ times thrown lighted paper flue8of the building in order to raise an alarm of ffre and it is likelv the alarm came in a similar way wteiy tne New l ark I^Bielalare. Albany, N y pvt. or The Senate held an evening session for the consideration of the constitutional convention bill. Amendments were adopted allowing all cilizens, without distinction of color, to vote on the question of adopting the constitution but excluding deserteis and persons who were en gaged in the rebellion. The Indians. New York, Feb. 28. A force is organizing at Leavenworth under Pe5' Hancock, to operate against the Indians in Kansas and Nebraska, XXXIX CONGRESS- 8E00ND SESSION Washington, Feb. 28. SENATE. The Chair laid before the Senate the annual report of the Patent Office. Air. Truiulmll called up the bill to establish a Department of Education. All pending mo tions were then voted down and the bill pass ed. Mr Sumner from Committee on Foreign Relations, asked to bo discharged from further consideration of the petition for establishment oT reciprocity with the Hawaiiau Is auds, and also the petition to permit the use of Govern ment vessels to take soundings for an Atlan tic cable between America and the French coast. Mr. Conness spoke against such summary disposal of so important a matter as the Ha waiiau reciprocity, anti on his motion the re port on this subject was laid on the table. In the latter case the Committee was dis charged. , „ tin motion of Mr. Chandler, the Committee on Commerce was discharged from further consideration of a large number of memorials on various subjects. The House amendments to the hill for tem porary iucrease of pay to officers of the army were concurred in. At 1 P. M. the miscellaneous appropriation bill w as taken up, the question beiug on the refusal to pay certain Assistant Treasurers in the Southern States. Mr. Edmunds offered a substitute calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury to send to the Senate a list of persons employed as asses sors without taking the oath, what services they have rendered, how much is due them, etc. Mr. Chandler spoke, reflecting very severely upon the Secretary of the Treasury and de nouncing his appointments as utterly unfit to be made, etc. During his remarks he said that Gen. Voorhees, better known as Dan Voorliees, of Indiana, had been the secret agent of the Secretary of the Treasury, and for months had been travelling through the rebel States on secret duty for him. Mr. Hendricks interrupted him to say that this was not true. Mr. Chandler said his informant was Win. A. Howard, formerly a member ol Congress, from the Detroit district. Mr. ileiidricks said Mr. Voorhees had been engaged as as agent of western distilleries, to secure the harvest, the execution of the reve nue law, and devise means for putting a stop to the abuses under which liquor was sold fur less money than the amount of tax upon it. It was ou this business he travelled in the South, liecently, he was in no way employed by the Treasury Department. The omnibus bill was taken up. Mr. Sumner raised a point of order, that un der the rules of the Senate a leading amend ment was uot in order, as it provided for the payment of private claims which, under the rules, could uot De attached to an appropri ation bill. These assessors had not taken the oath of office, aud were therefore in no just sense officers of the United States. The Chair decided the point not well taken, aud Mr. Sumner appealed from the decision. After debate the decision of the Chair that the amendment was iu order, was sustained by 37 to 10. The amendment of Mr. Edwards was dis agreed to. The amendment of the Finance Commit tee was then adopted, 33 to 13. An ameudment from the Finance Commit tee was offered, authorizing the sale of certaiu buildings and grounds formerly used liy the Government as Custom Houses, in Alexan dria, Norforlk, New Haveu, Portsmouth, N. H., Perth Amboy and Sackett’s Harbor. Mr. Wade offered an amendment appropri ating $4000 for the erection of a jail m Daco tah, alleging in reply to a question, that the population of the Territory was small and mostly criminals. The amendment was re jected. Mr. Wade offered an amendment providing for the Government advertising in the District of Columbia, in the two papers having the largest circulation, and uone others. Adopt ed. Mr. Trumbull moved as an amendment a section repealing the provision lor the appoint ment of a commission to investigate the claims of loyal slaveholders, whose slaves enlisted iu the army, but subsequently, at the request of Mr. Fessenden, withdrew it. The Senate then took a recess. EVENING SESSION. The tax hill was then taken up. On motion of Mr. Fessenden the amend ments of the Finance Committee were acted upon as they were reached. The amendment to strike out the section re pealing the tax on newspaper advertisements was agreed to. Mr. Hendricks, from the committco of con ference ou the bill tor the relief of contractors building ironclads, made a report, which was agreed to. The Senate agreed to a conference commit tee on the bill lor allotments of Supreme Court Judges, etc., also to a conference com mittee on the compound interest note funding At 11 P. M.,Mr. Wade moved to postpone all prior orders and take up the hill to admit Colorado, which was pending with the veto.— After debate the hill was taken up and post poned until one K M. to-morrow, when a vote will he taken. After the appointment of conference com mittees the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Laflin, from the Committee on Printing, reported the resolution to print lit.').(MSI extra copies of the agricultural report. Adopted.— Also 1300 extra copies of the Patent report, aud 3000 copies of the Smithsonian Institute report; also 10,000 copies of the report ol the select committee on the murder of union sol diers. Adopted. A motion 10 suspend the rules by Mr. Bay moud, last night, that he might offer a resolu tion of enquiry in relation to Conadian confed eration, was the business in order. Mr. itavmond proposed, iu view of the evi dent disinclination of the House to suspeud the rules, he would have the resolution receiv ed and referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, with leave to report at auy time. The resolution was accordingly referred, hut objections were made to their reporting at any time, this requiring a unanimous vote. Mr. Kassoii, from the Committee on Appro priations, reported hark the Senate amend ments to the Indian appropriation bill. Some of tho amendments were concurred in aud others were not. After an hour and a half's debate, and a committee of conference was asked for on the disagreeing votes, on motion of Mr. Wilson, the Senate hiil to provide for the allotment of Judges of the Supreme Judicial Court among circuits, etc., was taken from tho Speaker's table. The amendment was agreed to aud the hill passed. Mr. LeBlond rising to a personal explana tion, referred to the recent' act of the Ohio Legislature refusing to strike out of the State Constitution the word “white” and to the act of the New York Senate ratifying the Consti tutional amendment, and congratulated his Democratic colleagues on these facts, on their cause against universal suffrage being thus en dorsed by those two great States. Mr. Banks, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, made an adverse repurt on .the bill for the relief of Henry C. Peck, Minister resident at Hayti. Tabled. Also a resolution requesting the President of the United States to transmit the diplomatic correspondence of the State Department not hitherto sent, up to the opening of this session. Adopted. Other bills from the same committee were reported and passed. Mr. Ancona asked Mr. Banks for information on Mexican affairs. Mr. Banks replied that the Committee on Foreign Affairs did not intend to make any re port on that subject at this time. The bills in relation to territories were re ported from the Committee on Territories, and passed. At hall past two Mr. Morrill said he was about to make a last effort in regard to the tariff bill. He gave a brief history of the bill from its inception to its present position. As much progress as possible had been made, but now it was clear that concessions would have to be made on all sides if this bill was to be brought to a final vote. He should, therefore, now make a motion which would require a two thirds vote. He would move the discharge ol the committee of the whole from the further consideration of tlic bill. If his proposition was agreed to and the committee discharged, the bill would then be in full control of the House. In reply to questions from Mr. Schenck he said he did not intend to offer a substitute lor the bill. Alter limner ueuato jvir. Morrill movea lo suspend the rnles ho an to discharge the com mittee of the whole from further consideration of the tariff hill, and come to a vote on concur ring in the Senate amendments, those agreed to in committee of the whole to he reported; and he added that if the motion failed, the Committee on Ways and Means would make no further eflort in the matter this session. The vote was then taken and resulted—105 to 64, not two-thirds, and the rules were not sus pended. As soon as the vote was announced Mr. Stevens rose and submitted a motion to sus pend the rules and discharge the committee of the whole from further consideration of the Senate amendments to the tariff hill, and that the House concur therein with the amend ments agreed to in committee of the whole, and with the additional amendment to strike out of the paragraph relating to wool, the words which except charges from the calcula tion of the value un which the tax is to be levied. Mr. Stevens’ motion was lost by yeas 152, nays Oil, two-thirds not voting yea. Mr. Morrill move to suspend the rules to al low him to intrielcieo a new taritt bill, making a uniform increase of 20 per cent, on all duties except on sugar, tea, coffee, salt, coal and rail road iron. This was lost by yeas 94, nays 71, two-thirds not voting yea. • ™rj then moved to suspend the rules mr?, ..Tr,1 ,a\ *'■ '"'Oht introduce a joint reso lution in relation to the tariff' on wools and woolens, stating that it only contained the re commendation of the Committee on Ways and Means on the sublet. The motion was lost— yeas 90 nays 64 two-thirds not voting" l The Hoxse then took a recess. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Julian called up the motion to reconsid er the vote by which the House hill amendato ry of the act of Jone 36,1866, for the disposi tion of public lands in actual homestead settle ments iu Alubtima, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ar kansas and Florida was referred to the Com mittee on Public Lands. The vote was re,considered and the bill came before the House for its action. suggestion of Messrs, Hill and Kasson tue bill was modified so as to oiily exclude those who had voluntarily given aid and com fort to the rebellion, and not those who had af terwards enlisted iu the Federal army and been honorably discharged therefrom. The bill pass ed—97 to 30. t The House then proceeded to the business on the Speaker’s table, the message from the Senate asking for a committee of conference on the bankrupt bill. Mr. Jencks moved for the ap|iointment of a committee of conference on the part of the House. Mf- Stevens moved to lay the bill on the table. The vote was taken by yeas and nays, ai!m.re2ult*d—yeas egj nays 74. of t’eriate’8 substitute for the House bill ior the redemption of compound interest notes was taken from the Speaker’s table. Mr, Price moved that the House nou-coneur in the Senate amendment*, und ask for a com mittee of conference. A committee of conference was appointed. Mr. Sloan, from the conference committee ill the joint resolution for the relief ot contractors for the construction of war vesesls, made a report which was agreed to. The Senate agrees to the Honsa amendment restricting its application to contracts made after May 1st, 18(11, and before January 1st, 18trt, and with an amendment extending its provisions to the contract of Win. 11. Webb, of New York, tor building the llunderberg, con sideration being the increased cost arising lromany alteration of the plan or specifica tions made during the progress of the work. A committee of conference was asked for on tile disagreeing amendments to the following bills and joint resolutions; Providing for the allotment of members of the Supremo Court, &c.; the. House joint resolution lor giving cer tain public property to the State of Ohio; a bill transferring the Indian Bureau to tile War Department; the House hill for the or ganization ot land districts iii certain terri tories. After a lengthy debate Mr. Lynch’s motion to table the compound interest bill was nega tived 23 to 12. Mr. Concklin’s motion to concur in the Sen ate amendments was lost by So to 83. The House then lion-eoucurred and asked for a committee of conference. The Senate amendments to the House joint resolution for the erection of an equestrian statue of General Scott, were concurred in, after which the House adjonrued. MEXICO. Communication with the Capital Cut Off. All the Important Lines held by the Liberals. MAXIMILIAN TO LE AVE SOON. New Orleans, Feb. 28. The steamer which left Vera Crus on the 24th ult., has arrived, and reports that the greatest confusion prevails, and that communi cation with the city of Mexieo has been entire ly cut off. The Liberals hold all the important lines, aud by their prompt action have thrown the Imperialists into dismay. The French transports have all arrived at Vera Cruz. A French naval force, with an iron clad, has recently arrived to protect the embarkation of the French troops. Foreigners are leaving the country as fast as possible, aud it was believed that Muximitlian would leave soon. He may leave within ten days. Washington, Feb. 28. Senor Bomero has received Escobado’s offi cial report of his recent victory over Miramon, which fully confirms previous accounts of its completeness, and the importance of the affair. On the 2d inst. President Juarez thanked Es cobado aud his army for their triumph over Miramon’s forces. Ftaian Matters. New YonK, Feb. 28. Tho Fenian leaders of the .Stephens branch of the brotherhood, re-assembled this morning at No. 418 Broadway. A large number of del egates were present. The proceedings were strictly private, all the doors leading to the bull being guarded. It was reported, however, that a portion of the Convention were in favor of reorganizing the circles or forming a directory with an executive council in this city. Washington Correspondence. New York, Feb. 28. The Commercial’s special says the President announced to a Senator this afternoon that he was preparing vetoes on the reconstruction, tenure of office, and army appropriation bills. Death of an Kdilor. New York, Feb. 28. J. D. D. Debow, editor of Debow's lteview, died yesterday, after a brief illness, at Eliza beth, N. J. He was seventy years of age. THE MAKKE18. Yinaucial. New Fork. Feb. 28. Gold closed firm at 1395 @ 140. Governments were generally steady during the afternoon, although the market was uot billy up to the highest point in the morning. Stocks wore steady at the last open board but inactive. Mining stocks wero generally Armor aud rather more active. New If ark Market. New York, Feb. 28. Cotton—$ @ Ic better but less active; sales 3,800 bales; Middling uplands at 31$ (a> 31c. Flour—5@ 10c lower; sa’cs 4,500 bids. State at 8 75 (g 1150; Round hoop Ohio 10 80 @ 12 75; Western at 8 75 (a) 12 15; Southern sales at 10 25 @ 16 25. Wheat—dull aud drooping; sales 20 Boo bush 51 il wankee No. 3 at 2 15; Amber State at 3 07$ ; White California at 3 Ou 3 10. Corn—a shade lower; sales 91,000 bush. Mixed Western at 1074 @ 1 08 in store; do, sound, at 1 10 (fj> 1 10$ afloat; Yellow Southern, new, at 110. . Oats—without decided change; sales 49,000 busli. Western at 59 ^ 65c; State at 68 (g* 70c; Canada East, tree, at 60c. Beef—steady. Pork—firmer aud more active; sales 3500 bbls.; new mess at 21 00; old do at 19 87 @ 20 37. Lard -quiet and sternly; sales 870 bbls. at 12 <g> 123c for old, and 12$ @ 13$c for new. Whiskey—quiet and steady. Bice—firm but quiet; Carolina at 11c. Sugar—firm with a fair demand; sales 500 hhds Mus covado at 10$ @ 11c; 110 boxes Havana at 93 (a) 19$c. Coffee—very firm and quiet. Molasses—scarce ami firm. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—dull; sales crude at 17c; refined bond ed at 29c. Tallow—firm; sales 32,000 lbs at Ilf @ life. Freights to Liverpool—scarcely so firm. Cotton 3d P sailing vessel, and |d steamer. Chicago Markets. Chicago, Feb. 28. Flour steady and quiet; Spring extras at 9 50. Wheat quiet No. 2 advanced to 1 874(^189, closing quiet and steady. Corn moderately active; sales No. 1 at 75c* in store, closing at an advance to 75$ (tv 7c.— Oats active and lc higher; sales Winter at 41c; fresh at 43c, High Wines more ac tive at 25 « 261. Provis ions firm and steally. bless pork is held at 19 (Hi with a good demand; sales of 1400 bbls. at 18 00. Sweet pickled liams quiet and firm at 11$ ^ 12c. Bulk meats firm and in demand; shoulders at 8$c; rough sides at 9c; loose Cuinberlrnd middles 8$c. Lard firmer; steamed at 12c. Dressed hogs steady; sales at 8 lo @ 8 50. Receipts—3,000 bbls. flour, 10,000 bush, wheat, 25,000 corn, 7,000 busli. oats, 2,600 bogs. Shipments—6,500 bbls. flour, 4,000 bush, wheat, 2,000 busli. eorn, 15,000 bush. oats. Ciucinnati Markets. Cincinnati, Feb. 28. Flour unchanged; sales of superfine at 9 75 @ 1095; Winter and trade brands at 1150 @ 1 j 50. Wheat firmer; sales No. 1 Spring at2 45; extra at 2G0(g.> 2 65; No. 2 at 2 20 @ 2 25. Corn steady but less ac tive; sales at 62 @ 63c in elevator, and 77 @ 78c in sacks. Oats firm at 52c for No. 1 in elevator. Rye firm 1 25 for No. 2. Whiskey firmer and held at 26c in bond; no sales, bless pork firm but not much do ing; sales country packe t at 20 0o; city not ottered below 20 50. Bulk meats active; purchases were made on orders from New York; sales 7(H),000 lbs at 74 @ 9$c loose, and 10$c for shoulders, sides and bams. Bacon in better demand and prices a shade higher; shoulders at 9$c; sid« s 10$c; clear ribbed sides 11 $c; clear sides at 12c. Sugar cured hams at 14$ (g> 16$c; plain bams at 20c all .pickled. Lard is not offered; 5irime city kettle cannot bought below 12$c. Butter lull at 24 (tv 26c for fresh central Ohio. Eggs dull at 15 @ 16c*. Exchange tirm at 60 per $1000 buying, and 1 1-10 premium selling. The money market is un changed ami easier at 9 @9$ percent., the demand being light. Galveitss Market. Galveston, Feb. 27. Cotton—sales 245 bales; market depressed; low Middling at 19$ in specie; receipts 2500 bales. Gold at 139. Caaanaerciaft—Per Cable. Frankfort, Feb. 27, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds closed this evening at 82$ for the issue of 18(2 coupons. Liverpool, Feb. 28. The Cotton market opened more active; sales of Middling uplands at 13$d. Liverpool, Feb. 28, Evening. Cotton—sales 12,000 bales; Middling uplands are quoted at 13fd. London, Feb. 28, Evening. Consols for money 91$. American Securities.—'The following are the closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 36$. Illinois Central shares 76$ er-div. Unit ed States 5-20’s 73$. London, Feb. 28, Noon. Consols for money closed at 91. American Securities.—The following are the current ouotations for American Securities: Illinois Contra! Railroad Shares 77, ex-div. Erie Railroad shares 37. United States 5-20*s 73. Liverpool, Feb. 28, Noon. The Cotton market opens firmer to-day, and con siderably more active; inquiry good l>oth for simula tion and manutacturc; sales to-day will probably reach 10,0<>0 bales. Middling uplands at 13jd. Bread Siufts| generally quiet. Corn firm at 37s. Provisions unchanged. New Ysrk Stock Market. New York, Feb. 28. Stocks—verv dull. American Gold.. 139| U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.ill} U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1864.108 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.KM U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue.106$ @ 5 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.101$ U.S. Seven-TlurtJes, 1st series.106 U. S. Seven-Thirties. 2d series.105$ U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105$ Western Union Telegraph,. 42# New York Central,.103 Erie,.. 5«i Eri.> preferred.71 (ffi 73 .138 @ 4 Reading,. 1^3$ Michigan Central.. 1074 («) 4 Michigan Southern.. . Illinois Central,. lVAz’"»< Chicago & Rock island..‘.‘.W ^ Pacific Mail, ex-div. ’p.# American Express. ”... 65 Beaton Stork Lint. Sales at the Brokers* Board, Dec 28. American Gold. 140 United States Coupons, March. 1393 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. IK a li nited States 7 3 lOths, 1st aeries. lord 2d series. ip.54 “ small. 106$ “ 3d series. KM United States 5-20s, 1862. Ill “ . 1864 . 1071 “ 1865. 108$ “ July, 1865. 106$ „ “ small. 108] Hill Manufacturing Compan3r. 205 LosUrn and Maine Railroad... 132 Eastern Railroad. , . 108 Npw .. ISalos at Auction.] Statc Sixea. «>| ^ OTICE. mrs0?™^1, Spring Trade. TlYRS. C. V\ . JORDAN, corner ol T»flw ,, , lVl eft Streets, wistitnj; to retire t?onf £®r1f<'k‘ ofters her entire Stock lor sale, cnnsisUn. ,!|U^ IleaiiJ variety of Fancy floods and Worsieus. * “Brent Alan—A Stamping Machine ami Pattern. Portland, Feb. 13. Hill*. _ f«bl5’deod2w Clove Anodyne. THAT remarkable specific for Toolhachc and it. associated neuralgic, prepared by us only, uun now be furnisbed to oonaumers or to the trade in quantities to suit, at our establishment, 348 CONeBBH NTBEIT, ‘•b*k“t J. R. LUNT & CO. MISCELLANEOUS. Astonishing Curative Powers- ot Cold Medicated Inhalation, AS PRACTICED BY I» IS . 1M O H * E . LETTER NO. XXXI. As I have in my proceeding letters so ftilly describ ed the symptoms and pathology of Catarrh, and the various diseases of tlic air passages, and pointed out their important relation to consumption, and other diseases of the cheat. I shall in the present instance, content myself by furnishing tiio following strong proofs of their curability. To show tlie permanency of cures effected by In halation, 1 will here refer to persons now living in the enjoyment ot good health, whose cases were pro nounced hopeless and incurable some yeais since, and were cured by Dr. Morse's Remedies, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Hundreds of other similar cases might bo mentioned. CONSUMPTION. Mrs. Sophia A. Fittz, formerly of Hath, now a res ident ol Oak Hill, Brunswick,ot this State, was re duced to a very low state by sickuess in l8Cg. It was soon manifest that lier lungs wore laboring under tu berculous ulceration, which was fust wasting her life away. Her physician thought the structure of her loft lung was almost destroyed. Her case was considered hoiicless and incurable by all of her friends and phy sician. She was placed under tiio care of l)r. Morse of Portland, by whom a perfect cure was effected, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Mrs. E, lias enjoyed bolter health since than ever before. ASTHMA. Mrs. Dorcas Lawrence of Falmouth, tins State, was in a feeble state of health for a long time, caused by Asthma, or Phthisic, ditticulty of broatli ing, and other alarming symptoms, which caused much suffering, which rendered her case hopeless In the minds of lier lriends. site » as restored to a per fect state iff health by the use of Dr. Morse’s Reme dies, mostly through the medium oflulialation. PNEIDlOiVlt'A. Mrs. Samuel Mill of West Buxton, In this State, was severely troubled with Pnoumouioo, a disease affecting the lungs, their membrane or motive power, characterized by irregular, impeded or painful re spiration. After long suffering, a council ot three physicians was called. After consultation, they gave no en couragement of a cure, she was placed under tho care 01 Dr. Morse of Portland, and in a lew months restored to perfect health, mostly through the medi um of luhalatiou. HEHORBIUCtE. Eev. William Leavitt, brother of Mrs. Hill, having heard of liis sister’s recovery, applied to Dr. Morse-. His disease was Hemorrhage of the Lungs, which caused groat debility. He was obliged to relinquish preaching, ami entertained doubts about ever being able to resume his vocation. Ho placed himself un der the care of Dr. Morso, and In a few mouths was restored to health through the medium of Inhala tion, and is at present preaching to the people id West Buxton. n k vi o it Knit; p;. Mr. Isaac L. Barnes, of Brunswick, of this State, was troubled with Hemorrhage of the Lungs, anduth erw ise affoefed, in 1S62, had lost over thirty pounds of llesh, was troubled with palpitation of the heart, hied one pint a day for six days in succession, reduced very weak. Mr. Barues was fully restored to health by the use of Dr, Morse’s Inhaling ltemedies. Still enjoys good health. llKMORRHARE. Eev. Horace Norton, of Meadvilie, Pa., after being reduced to a very low state of health, by Hemorrhage rent the Lungs, was so feeble that he eould not w alk five roils without assistance. Came to Portland, placed himself under the care of Dr. Morse. He grad ually improved until he was fully restored to health. His weight increased from 121 pounds to lt>5 pounds. ASTHMA. Mr. James A. Page, ot Bloomfield, (afterwards re moved to Aroostook) was severely troubled with Asth ma from a child, often so badly (hat he could not per form any labor for months together. It was a com mon thing for him to he obliged to sit up all night, with much dliliculty of breathing. Mr. Page was radically cured through the medium of Inhalation, obtained of Dr. Morse. CATARRH, BKONCHITI8, tie. Mr. Isaac Kobinsun, of East VaHsalboro’, was se verely troubled w-ilh pptmonary disease for flvo years, with Chronic Catarrh, Bronchitis, severe hoarseness; could not speak above a whisper for several months, during which Mine he was confined to his room; a large ulisecss formed ou cue lung, which broke aud was discharged 1 livuugh Hie tubes out. of the mouth. His physician thought his ease hopeless. He was placed , under the care of Mr. Morse, and gradually improved by the use of the Inhaling ltemedies, uutil he was Hilly restored to hoaltli. I'll It ON 1C CATARRH. Mr. Silas W. Berry, el Watervlllo, this State, was troubled with Chronic Catarrh and pulmonary di1 ease, which was the cause nf frequent spells of As phyxia, or suspended animation. He had lost five sislerH who died with consumption, and was much alarmed about himself. Mr. Berry was ftilly restored to health by the use of Dr. Morse's Inhaling Reme dies. AN 1 IflPORTANT CVRK. Mrs. Caroline Atkinson, of Cornish, of this State, a widow whoso husband gave his lifb to his country in our recent civil war, and daughter of Mr. Samuel Kuight, ot the same town, was seriously attacked by a disease of the Lungs. She hail fastened upon her dangerous'symptoms, by which &ho was prostrated very low, and unable to oe removed for several days, and was given up to die. Other organs were serious ly affected, and their natural secretions suppressed. In this condition she placed herself under the care ot Dr. Morse. Through the medium oi liis Inhaling Remedies she was fully restored to health, and Ls now a hale and hearty woman. Dr. Moi>o lias the names of more than two thou sand persons on his books, who have been cured ol Catarrh in its various forms, and it is sale to say that all the above named cases were caused by Catarrh, or proceeded from that < omphaint. Persons at a distance can be treated by letter. Your obedient servant. CIIARbRM 1TIOKNR, Physician for Diseases of the Throat and tallies, No. 5 Deerlng Street, Portland, Me. ^February 25,1800. eod&wtl Notice to Land Holders. MR O’DUROCIIER, Builder, is prepared to take contracts for building, cither by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. , India Street, Portland. August 17th, 186G augiiOdtf Profitable and Safe Business, GRIST MILL. DEEBIXG'S BRIDGE. rjlHE subscriber offers lor sale this long establish* 1 UK1HT HIM,. It is situatoil on tlic groat Ihoroughlaro into Portlam of tlio best hack country travel, ami also to supplv City trade of Portland, and a good part ol West brook with Meal and Feed. There are 3 ruu o Stones—one for salt with a Dry Kooni lor same, am Elevators lor Com mid Salt—all in good running or dor and now occupied, but will bo vacated, liavim ,u V ?.*iew Miu 1,1 Falmouth. 11' not sold, a thor ougi. Miller will, sonic capital can liavo an upportu mty to run it on joint account. Apply to EDWARD H. BUROIN, , No. I'lO I'ouiusnial 81, feb23 deodtf F. A. PRESCOTT, (Late of the Internal Revenue Bubkau, Washington.) Oounsellor-at-Law and Internal Eevenne Solicitor, ^°* EV3 State St., Boston. ~jt * It. PRESCOTT’S long experience in the Inter

nal He venue Bureau, iu the “Division oi J’rands,” having charge of all eases of violation ol the Revenue Laws, his amiliaritv witli Departmen tal practice, and his acquaintance w ith the Revenue Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly successful in making a speciality of ah matters pertaining to the Revenue Laws. He will attend to claims lor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, and tor the recovery of penalt ies paid by way oi compromise. He will advise parties as to the man ner ol making returns iu accordance witli lawr, or at to obtaining decisions from the Department al \\ aslungtoii, and will defend in cases of alleged vio lation ol the law iu regard to taxes, [tenuities or crim inal offences Mr. Prescott will practice before the various De partments at Washington, the .Supreme Court of tin U. S., and the Court ol Claims. For the speedy transaction of business, Counsel o. high standing, residing in New York, M. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are associated with him 1an28ood3m PHOTOGRAPHS ! E. S. WORMELL formerly No. Ml Middle street, takes pleasure iu an nouncing that he w ill on TUESDAV, JAN. 1, 1807, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 310 Congress Street, |0|>|,OMile lflechanie*’ llnl|,| where ho will bn pleased to wait on Ida friends ami the [uibhe ; OraMul for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention h. hu-mess to merit a renewal ot the same. J or sons wishing lor FIRMT CLim MCI (THEM of all tylos and sizes arc invited to call. Picture* colored in Oil, Water Colon and India Ink by one of Ike beat Artiau in the stain. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptiona. 11 work warranted to stive satisfaction E. C. BURT'S IVeAV York Goodb! Constantly on hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO., 03 Milk St., Boston, The ouly authorized Ajrnnts for the sale ol these Gouda in New England. T. c. <S CO, Also manufacture the finest quail ties ot Oeala’ Mewed and Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes I OF EVERY VARIETY, Fnb 7-T, T & S4w* WANTED. A Situation Wanted. A\ OUNG MAN w li > has hml several years ex I orience as a book-keeper and accountant would like to obtaiu a situation. Salisiat tory recom mendation tarnished. Address “G. W. B.” Portland Post Office. f28dl w *» Wanted. MKN everywhere to sell goods. Address with stamp MYiHONDM A DA VIM, feb25dlw* 02 Kilby Street, Boston, Mass. Bonk Keeper. A reliable young man would like a permanent sit uation as Book Keeper. He has had five years, ext»eiience in this City—can iiuuiaii recommenda tions from his present employers. Apply to WM. H. JERltlS, Real Estate Agent. fcb23 dtw* Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 220 1-2 Com/ress St, '-Id Door W est of Oily Duildintf (up stairs.) (11BLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, ! to whom good situations will be given. Also LABORERS tor various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. fiar* W'eare able at all times to supply paries in any part of the fttsfawitli G: >0 ‘RELIABLEHELP, either as Doinesrics, Mechanics or Laborer*. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers ami others will be supplied with Men ami Roys tor all kinds ©t em ployment Free of Charge. Don't forget the num ber, 221M Congress Street, next to City Building, Port land, Mo. C20VKL.AY £r UJEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Wanted. r.A HHA FLWU BABRELS, at Forest 7 City Sugar ltetinerv, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery stree t l*ro]K>sals will also l»e received for new Sugar Bar rels, ami a sample may be soon at the other of the Company, Commercial, at corner of Union St. Iebl2d*wtt T. C. J1E11SEY. Partner Wanted. 4 smart, active and intelligent man with #400 to jTV take an equal interest ia a goo«J, paying busi ness in this Oitv. Good reference given and requir ed. Enquire of COX X i'UWAKS, 3514 Congress .St., Portland, Me. fobl 6 d2w* stoki: iwuvTvn O IT IT A BLE for Fancy Goods, Watches, and Jew k7 dry, either on Middle, Congress or Exchange Streets. A reasonable price will be paid lor lix turcs, and liali u Store might be taken if agreeable to a good party n a good localKn. Address A. No 152 Essex Street, Salem, Mass., giving real name and location. Ie0d3w* Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1PC7, we shall resume tlie purchase ot Flour Bils. tor CASH, at the Office ot the Portland Sugar Co., £7 i«i llauforth SI., FehSdtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. AgentN W anted.! JUST OUT, Fnringuf and aur Natal He ro©*, by the brilliant ai.d popular Historian, J. -I’; Heaoly. This is the only work on the Navy in the War, ami everybody is buying it. * GFOKGL II. BLAKK, GENERAL AGENT, Febl—3m Box 827, Portland, Me. AgciiIs Wan i rjAHE largest Commissions paid by the 1IABTFOBD PUBLISHING CO. Exclusive territory given. For terms, &c., Ad dress M. C. RICH, General Ag’t., Portland, Maine. febl4 deodlm* Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 3.71 1-2 t'oiigrcNM Kireel, All per sons wishing to secure good Girls lor any respecta blo employment, will iiud lliem at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys lor any work in city or country, iree ot charge. i^ 'We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day jor all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX & POWARS. Portland, Me., Jail. 25, *67. jan30 dtf Flour Barrels Wanted! \\TE will pay 30 cents each for flrst class Floui T Y Barrels suitable for sugar. LVNClt, BARKER & CO., uovl3dl I 131) Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. * LOST! ON Sunday, near the Stale Street Church, a La dy's White Point J^ace Batb or Neck Tie The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leavi. g it at> the otlice of H. J. Libbv Si Co., Free street. Feb 25, 1867. ‘ feb26dlw BOARD AND ROOMS. Board ITH furnished Boom, suitable tor gentleman ▼ f and wife or two gentlemen, at No. 7u Pleasant si reel, corner of Park. leb*25d 1 w * TO IjFT ! PLEASANT room* with bo:tru, or as l.Higing rooms, at reasonable rates, al 81 Free street. Refer ences required. fekiijdU. TO LET. TO LE T ! A Chamber, suitable for a Wholesale t\. Boot Store or some maimlacturing business, over the store occupied by Samuel Waterhouse & Co., No. 105 Fore Struct. Enqnire of KAMI.. \V ATItK IIOUNE, feb28d3w on the premises. For Kent. OFFICES in the third story of building on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of hceof OCEAN INSURANCE CO, ^JTob. 25. tf Kxelnuige Street. T o i . pi r r The 2d, 3d and 4th Floors or STORE NO. Sli UNION STREET, suitable tor most any business. Apply to UKANCIS O. TDOREI, on the premises, or UEO. H. SMAKDON, at Wood man, True & Co’s. leblfllf To Let. THE third and Fourth floors in the new store 54 & 5i! Middle Street. 50 feet in width, 115 feet Ion;;. For terms apply to the Biibecriber ul 14.'; Oxford Street. FelDis ltl ALFRED WOODMAN. To Let. FIRST, second and third lolls over E. T. Eldon A Co. s stove, Free Street Block; also, uflices over ScbJotterlsjck’s, and over Croranau A Oo.’s, in new block corner Brown ami Congress streets. ianl4-dlf_ ,1. b. BROWN To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. 50 Union street. Apply to J«3dtf_ST. .'OHN SMITH. To Let fPHE three storied Brick Store "III Fore, loot ot A Plum Street. Enquire of , , , E. M. PATTEN, teblfkltt Plum Street. French Language and Literature TAUGHT BY PEOF. LEON DE MONTIEE, FROM France; graduated in the Aoaderoie de Par is Universitie de France. Late Professor in the French Language and Literature in the McGill Uni versity and High School of Montreal. Oauada East. Prot. LEON de MONTIER liegs leave to say that he is prepared to give Lessons in the above impor tant branceh of modern education, Loth in Schools and private families. Classes may also be formed by gentlemen and ladies desirous of acquiring a thor ough knowledge and the fluent speaking of the French Language. Prof. L. de M.’s method of teaching French will smooth in a great part the difficulties of beginners, whilst to more advanced pupils he will impart a pro ficiency ot speaking, together with the pure Parisian accent, so deservedly esteemed by all well educated |»eople. Nothing shall be wanting on the part of Prot L. de M. to enable Ills pupils to make the most rapid pro gress, and by his exertions to sjieak the French lan guage In the shortest lime. Applications a* to the terms may 1* made by letter or otherwise, at 52 Freest, or at Messrs Bailey & Roves Book store. Exchange st. References arc kindly permitted by the following: In Pokti.anu.~Rov, Dr. Dalton.corner South and Spring Stieeks; Kev.L. Bolles; Dr. Fitch. 87 State Street; Dr Cliadwick 295 Congress Street; Dr. Lud wig ; 0. O. Files Esq. Principal of Portland Acade my. January 1ft. dtf Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, CARD, k JOB PRM, Executed with Neatnoss and Despatch. Having completely rafernWuxl nnr office nince tl.e Great Eire, with all of New Material. Presses, «c., wc a re prepared on the sbort est possible notice to accommodate our Irlends and the public with Posters, Pro»ra mines, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Babels, Aiul every description ot Mercantile Printing. We have superior taoilities for the ex-icuthn ol BOOK S, BA MBHB E TS, C ’atalogues, &c.. Which lor neatness and dispatch. anno! he surpassed (Tfr Orders Aon the country solicited, to which prompt attention will lie pgj.p Daily Press Job Ollicc 179 Commercial St., Portland, ___N. A. POSTER. PRoriUETOii Send your orders tor job Work to Dnily Pre M£AL Jtis lA i t. Brick House for Sale. A GOOD Brick House ou Winter Street, near Pine, containing 12 rooms, all in good order. Has slated root, brick cia.eru, cemented cellar Moor, and gas throughout. Apply to W. H. JKRIUS, Heal Es tate Agent. _ lebaxHw For Sale. Y desirable House Ixtt at the corner of Hill and item LStiiic AKeuu •*! stwioJeet. feb23 dtf Valuable Real Estate for sale ! x premises, lot oi Iona corner ot Congress and Frank lin Streets, containing ai>out 8,000 square net, ex tending about 100 leer on Congress Street, subject U mortgages ol #5,5im) and interest. Also, at 3 o'clock P. M., ol the same day, on the premises, Lot of Land corner oi Vaughan and Fine Streets, about 220 reet on Vaughan Street and 143 on Fine Street, subject to mortgages of $4,040 anil in terest. Said lots are located In the most desirable parts of the city, and otter excellent inducements to builders and capitalists to purchase. Valuable Farm in Hamilton, FOR MALE. The subscriber, intending to re turn to California in the spring, oi lers his Farm tor sale. Said Farm is situated hi Hamil ton, Mass., on the line of the East ern iiaiiioit i, between .Salem and Ipswich, about one tourth ot a mile from Wenham and Hamilton dc|»ot, ami conuun-about no acres, viz: 5 acres of Woodland, d aerhs of Feat Meadow, and the balance all under l»ood cultivation, and very conveniently arranged.— the buildings are all giN*d and iu g»>o<f repair, with good cellars under the house and !*irn, well cement ed. There is also a well of good water at the house and barn, with a large cistern for rain wafer at the house. Also Stock, Farming Tools, Hay, Grain, Po tatoes, and Household Furniture. This is one of the finest located Farms in Essex County, is near the railroad station, and convenient to churches, schools, &c., and is just tar enough from the city to make it a desirable summer residence- lor a gentleman doing business in Boston or Salem; ami if not disposed ol uf private sale, will be so.d at Pub lic Auction some time in March. _ JOHN NORTH. For erms and further particulars apply on the premises, or to J. N. NORTH, No. 8, Portland St., Portland,__lebJl d2w Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. ri^HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil ± lagooi Pryeburg, OxfVml county, Maine, is ot Icred for sale at a bargain, ii applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For ihll particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTHSY, Pi oprietor. Oi Hanson * Dow, 54$ Union st. Frycburg, Sept. 2i», lfeGo. dtf House tor Sale. A good Housk two stories, Stable attached, hard aiul soft wafer, good lot centrally located—con venient for f wo (amilies, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1M4 Fare Ml., _ J. A. FENDEHSON. Jan. 24, 1807. dtf "VTUTICK. 1 will sell ou favorable terms as to 0.1 pa.v meat, or let for a term of years, t he lots on the comer of Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street,including Ihecoruer of Franklin and Foie streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH «fc REED. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tt For Sale—House on Park St BRING about to remove Ironi this city I oiler for sale my House,No. 55 Park St. It is good size and con von ent, with all ihe modern imiwovemonts, Bathing room, iu which is Hot ami Cold water, Gas, Furnace. &c. Con ccted with house is a good stable. i‘o session given lirst day of May next. Enquire at N®. *!K1 Com were in I Ml. head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. 11. il uulen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. H. JERR1S, Real Estato Agent. JanSOcodtt For Sale. One Brick Dwelling House tor f iu,o0% One Wooden “ “ “ 6,000: “ “ “ “ “ 5,000. ALSO, Vacant lots on Adams, Cumberland, Congress, Elm and Federal streets, from 25c U) * 1 per loot. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, feb23eod2w Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, N (OntlERtlAL STREET. THE subscribers oiler tor sale tlie lot. of land on .1. the southerly side ot Commercial Street, headot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur Iher p:irticulars inquire JONAS H. PEKLEY, Cct 1M tt_or W. S. DANA. For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Streets, lor a term of years. Enquire of C. C. MITC11 ELL & SON, Aug. 28, lbGb—dll l.b Fore Street. Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my firm near Allen’s Corner West brook, alsjut three miles from Pottland, otic mile from horse ears, and Westbrook Seminar \. S;iid lain* contains about luo &• n s. par t ot it very valuable for tillage, and part ot It fin building lots. There is u good house, two large barus, and out hous es on the premises. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYliUS THUKLOW, sc pi 1 -dt i 105 CouunerciiU St. JANVAltY 26, 1S67. SPECIAL CLO^IMNALE -or WHITE GOODS ! Lives & Embroideries S At One Price. E. T. ELDEN & CO. Jail 28—-dtt 200 Doz. Linen Hkdfs. Th is Day Reed red ! SELLING AT LOW I’ll ICES -AT E. T. ELUEN A CO’S. Jail 28—dtf Housekeeping Hoods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, V T ONE PRICE. E. T. ELDEXd) CO. Jan 28—dtf BLEACHED & BROWN SHEETINGS, BLANKETS & QUILTS, Mucli Under Price, — At E. T. ELDEI & CO’S. Jan 28—Jlf E. T. EEltE* A WILL OPEN THIS DAT Five Cases of Linen Goods CONSISTING OF Bleached, Half Bleached, And Bcown DAMASKS! Bleached & Brown Table Covers, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Fronting Linens, Linen Sheetings, Ac, At One Priced Free St. Jan 28—.11! Grover & Baker, Sewing* Machines, AT MANUFACTURERS PRICES, Everu Maehipe tVarrantetl! Markin.' Milk*, Tlirra.1 nn< TwhU, a fall Auarimrnl T. F.ZI>EX <f VO. ,0. S FRKK STREET. ,iim n #tt_ Spruce Dimension and Out Spruce Plank ! THE Il«*thel Nienm Miill 4’o. will commence running tb.r*ir Mill in April, ami will lx* piepar e< 1 to till ordoraJoi dimension Flumes with dispatch. They have, on wharf 50,000 ice l 3 and 4 inch Out Spruce Plar.k, suitable tor Wha rf or Bridge cover ing, for sale cheap. J. H. UAUIliE]*, Agent. Feb 26—i!4w Hobaon’s Wharf. KH 1T/liTA IN Mt;* fn. — -—C.*— -if-' ■-■'■ Amateur Dramatic Entertainment tor the tom tit of flic Army amt Navy Union Library, J>*{ I: « * NU HALL, f.!*b)AY LVKMN<;> >|ufy.|, 1st. Willi Uli'cdebrut.Td'i.uJIll"*110* “* '<llarkr to oiglit ">r* Woattmrcoi-b ,M mid conclude with the mousing Karr, of \hll WllkOW’S VICTIM ! Admission to Parijuot, fio ccuts; Gallery -w — . Heserved Scats, 15c,,. T*kcu ,or TJt“h"? & Lormgs, Oeyer A,aid’s, Crosinmi CVamid?. Hailey iKr Noyes . 1 lie sa'o of reserved so ui JuKat gill on Wuduisday at lioliins .* tlilkcy's, lielrh^ •Hock._j_fcha&toa lieei ing Hull, - Portland, SATURDAY EVK’Li, March lid. Grand Firemen’s Festival! on which occasion will l»e presented a splendid HII.VEK EIKE TBOIPET, rallied at $50, to the Fire Coni]«Uiy disixising of the largest number of tickets; and-a »Ur«*r Ice Pitcher, Salrer anil Gakleta, valued at $4o, to the tk>mi»any selling the next largest number. Ti e euiertainmeut to be given by PKOF. r* PADIiEl', the grea esl JiyMicriuicb ®f the Agp, AiitnUmlon co (Jems—to l«e had of all the members . , e Department and at the door on the day uul cvcniiig ot tho Euiertainmeut. Those purchas ing 1 icketsi at any place will plenso designate lo which Lorn puny they wish to have thm accredited. lK>ors npeii at 7, to commence at s precisely. tcbL'SdJt* Agbandball g| Ocean Association Ex-4 llL Will give a Grand Ball on MARCH 4th, AT MECHANICS’ HALL. IT*Muiic by Chandler’s Quadrille Rand. rickets, 91.30; Gallery Ticket*, 30 cento. NAhlOIRO. Kdw Hodgkins, S. S. Hnnnaftml, A. H. Jacobs, J*’. J. Hailey, C. H. Phillips, It. I>. Page, H. D. Tripp. niclil DEERING HALL. OPENING Monday\Erenlng, March 4th, And eon tin no every evening daring the week, with a Grand Matinee - Olf - Wednesday & Saturday Afternoons, COMMENCING AT THREE O'CLOCK. Price* of Admission. Low Prices adopted. The entire lower partoftlic house will is- placed at 3.1 cts; Gallery, 25cte; Mall uoo, 15 an«l 26 cents. Door* open a; 7 to commence at 7 3-4 o'clock. : Sr The most Nwhlimo and fltnrtliwn I'r. dweiioaoftfac Age, the Grand TiUmu •r the Apocalypse, A Vision nf 8t. John, as by him described in the Book of Revelations, showing wbat St. John Haw when a lX>or in Heaven was Oponcd, and ending with the vision of the The Day of Judgment amt the New Jei-nsaletn. The whole presenting to viow the most startling and Sublime Spectacle ever vouchsafed to luau, and only revealed to bis beloved Disciple St. .lobn, that Man should learn through him of the things that most come to puss and preiwie lor the torsi |>u> ot his Wrath. - In connrc'ien with tho abovo will also bo exhibit ed tho world renowned Miltonian Tableaux ol PARADISE LOST, The Great Rebellion in Heaven, the War of Angels, Kail of *atan aiui tho Fall cf Alan, aa tiescrih d bv John Milton, m his immortal (mem 01 Paradise Lost, and carrying oat lxis sublime ideas of Heaven, Hell, C hao- and Paradise. The whole combined forming an entertainment railed in interest and unMiij.uMcd in gnuidtar and §uWimIty. mar! dlw* CITV NOTICES. PROPOSALS X PROPOSALS will be received at Utc office ot the Olty Engineer, (O'd City Hull.) until 4 o'clock P- M'i fltlUAl, Feb. 28tli, lsft7, tor building tbc Iron fonce around the Park. Plans and specilicarlons may he seen, and all nced iul information given at said office. The Committee reserve the right to reject all pro posals if it is deemed er|*edienr. Per order of Special Committee on Fencing and Grading Park. AMBROSE OIDOIN’03, Chairman Portland, Feb. 25, 1887. ft.., 2tsitd CITV OF PORTLAND. ELECTION NOTICE ! PURSUANT to warrants from the Mavor and Al dermen of the City of Portland, the i .habitants of said city, quail tied according to law to vote in the election of City Officers, w ill meet in their rcsjiective War'd rooms or usual tdacc of luocting ou Mangwr, the tlh.lnyal March aril, tit ten o’clock in the forenoon, to give in their votoa lor Mayor el said city, bar .lu.lgc of the Municipal Coart, f,n one Alderman and tluw Ciuumtin Codii cilntco, a Warilcii ami clerk, and tor twit City Con - stables tiir said Ward. The polls will remain open until f„ur o’clock in tho afternoon, w hen they shall he nlosod. And the Aldermen or said city will lie In session in the Common Council Room, iu Market Hall, from nine o'clock iu theloreuoon to ,»ne o'clock in ihe af ternoon eu each ot tLe three secular tlays next pre ceding such day of election, and from three o’clock to ttvc o'clock ou the afternoon of the last ot said tluee soetdar days, lor the puiposo ol rocciviug cviilelico of the qualification ot voters whoso names have not liecn entered oil the lists of quuliftcd vuters iu and tor the suveral Wauls, and for correc ting said lists. Per order, Per,.and, Feb. 25, 181^ * HEAT“‘ I ^ss Far Dmliiug a New Ckaaael Ihraagh Nbrpard’a l'oial whan I txad Mallavrrlt Nhaal in Ihe Keasrbrr River, at Hal* laweil, Maiae. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT THIS OFrICE, until 10 o'clock A. 5,., on 'I'aeaday, Ihe tiiifb Day af March eryl, i„r dredging a new cliattnci though "Shepard’s Point” and "Ual lowoll” shoals, iu Kemiebcc River, yvlth a view to obtaining a clear channel seven feet deep at low wa ter, mill nxty feet wale on the bottom, with skies hayingaslo|a) id twotcitto one foot rise. Tho channel wilt jirst bo excavated through Sliepurd’s Point Shoai, fur a distance of about 4oo vnrds, requiring Io.uihi culuc yards of excavation more or less; ami afterwards, throng., Hallowell Siioul, Iih1 u dmliiiuo ot ft*5 yards, requiring * f*.< it*« cubic yard* ol excavation. more or Khh. i his amount ot evcav.itioii may be inerea.iou or dimiiiLhed jis the huglneer in cnarge may direct, alter lunhcr’ex piniDuituU of the rivsr. The material rakon h um tbo Shoals in to be depos ited in taic river, insuch manner u inuy be required by the Lugineer iu charge, ,nd iu sinIt localities an may be designated by him, not excelling vm) yaru iu distance uom Shepard's lviut, abovoaiui l*eWwit. In making proposals, biduers must hi ate the price jier cubic yard tp excavation, with the unaerstund uig that, tin-work exec .uj«i b to be ascertained b) measurement of the channel after dre.gug; ami, of such excavation only as bus tu n ae unify made’to obtain the required dimension*: with ihe nndcr standiog, also, that the price stated is to include tli depositing of the material taken out, iu >uch locali ties a* mav be designated, within the limits above named. iih! worn must be commenced as soon as such op erations are practicable, and bo completed on or ba ton* tlie troth oi November next. l'^acli propt^ai must be ac-oiuj.ani d by a written guarantee signed by tw . responsible iwraons, in the required iorm, that the bidder will, when called on, it* his proposal bo accept* i, enter Juto a contract and bond, with good, and sumcient s curity itlm sun tie and their places of residence to be uame«l in the pro posal) lor the true aud laithiul iieriormauru oi his contract. Tim contract will be awarded to the low est responsible bidder, and be subject to tbc approv al of the Secretary of Wur. The undersigned, however, reserves the right to exclude the bid. ol auy persons who, there is reason lo bcLicvc, will uot fiui htudy aud promptly per orur tho contract; also, any informal bids, us we 1 as those that are above a ro pouMblcprice for the work; and uo member of Congress, othcer or agent of ;Le Government, nor any person inployed in the public service, shall l*e adiuitte . to auy share iu tin con trad, or any benelU which may arise r. creiiom. Payments will bo made in two installments; the jlrst on the completion of the channel through Shep ard's Point Slioal, and the second on the completion of the whole work—l*0 ncr caul. to be reserved from the find pu\incut, until the whole wo«k is huislied and to be orfeited in the event ol tho uou-fulfilment of the coutract in the time aud rnanuer us therein required. Persons desiring lo make proposals, will please call on the undersigned at Ids ..flic.-, in Morton Block on Oongnw. Street, tor Union of same, anil lor more <1,1 Ifflre int irmutlon, if diHired; and, on traioiniltllBi: them, will ftmlorsc thereon •» rropoutls for improve incut oi Kennebec river/* 1 „ GKO. THOM, 0. 9. Eugino°i Otthe* - Bvt' Co1’ U S' A‘ Portland, Me., Keb. 22, lw». j tob22 eodtd Marrett, Poor dfc Co., Having taken the rhambors 311 CONGRESS STREET. ADJOINING MECHANICS,’ HALL, Are now pro|>arfd to offer their Irlend"l,1B *’ul’" lie a large and well wheeled .-lock ol C ABPIJTI^ Cr s s Paper flniigings CURTAIN GOODS, &e., Purchasers of the above goods are rospeot luTlv invited to examine oar atm k which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf Townsend Patent Glass Door Plates l SUPERIOR to any silver plate, for they require no burnishing, arc always bright and beautiful and uiticU more durable and ornamental than any silver pbito. They are made of the very best press** 1 Glass, nicely silvered and lettered on the inside, and are firmly secured to the door. They have a nice thin piece of rubber between the plat*' and the door to keep out the wet. One Agent in this City sold over H'.’OO worth in one week. And we now offer State Right# for Sale at a very low price For further particulars apply to £. A. KAf'HPliDKH, »<» Green Street Portland. SMITH a LOGAN, Proprietor!!, 33 Meridian Street, East Boston, Mom. fcb23deodl>w* ■g-1" 'i '«■" .im AUCTION 6A I, AIM. - --^ E* *• PATTTKW A CO., Auctioneer*, ***“•» Hired. Urick aud Wooden Biiildiutfu at Auction. -*«-r ** torn House ou die easterly sld£ .-.JfwiSuiJL of »“n Htorird wooden Htore, and a throe »t«irled LUil llu*. to be removed by lir.tot' May. SSLSST*" Mi. 3t. PATTER A. C O.. Audteu*..,,, OUtrw Plum near Pure Mired. ’ Splendid French Mirrors AT AUCTION. 1>(J KNUANT to a license iroin the Hon. .John A. Waterman, .Indyfe of Probate lor ( IIui ber land ' '1,1'‘iv, ttui subscriber ns Administrator ot JOHN si WOOD, deceased, will oiler sale at Public A IK luI-J'"1. *'K**»AY, the 1.1 Otty at Jlareh, Aneiion Hoorn of EJiW. M. PATTEN <m.‘.?ilv'a’.l'mU:U1'1':lt •< o’elotk A. M. feet! inJ|i“s1"!r French Mirror. 8 leet 4 inches by feci G lu.'hos*"t<:r Mirror, s fuel 4 inches by 9£^“'M«»toi Mirror.5 feet» 4 lye Portland, Feh. w '12? "^CEY,-Administrator -- - ’ • dtd JOHN liBot'KK'rT, Aurliu.eer and AHnfan| (Offlco with Evans & liailoy) NO . 1 dii 2 FJtEE STKEET BLOCK. Household Furniture at Auction. ON TUESDAY, March 5th, at 11) o'clock A. M „„ Hut promises. No. 117 Oltoni, corner ot Chestnut street, all the Furniture in Haiti 1u>umo, coimiHiing of Soiita, Chain, bureau*, Itodsienoa, Minor*,Card and Center Tublu, Carpet*. Ac., together with the en ire Kitchen anti Chaiuber Furniture. fetHMdlvf K. M. PITTKA * AarlUHrn, PL I'M STREET. * — Administrator's Sale. UY virtue of a license from the Hon. J adge of Pro bate tor the county of Cumberland, 1 will *ei) at public vciKiue, at tbo merchants’ Fxcbainur, No. 2 Lung Wharf, in Borland, on Tbandar, Hatch »J1, 18«7, at 11 o'slock In the torenoou, the following i>arts of vessels belonging u» the estate of the late Wm. JC. Short, of Portland, deceased, viz: Ono eighth of the schooner Lnihor Dana. One eighth of the schooner Nellie M. Short. One eighth of the schooner Ida L. Howard. One eighth o* the schooner Village Belli. One sixteenth of the schooner Louie •>*. Heed. One sixteenth of the schooner Adalbert. One sixteenth of the schooner Buona vent lire. One thirty-second of the Schooner Marcus Hunter. Oiiaj sixteenth uf the brig Caroline E Kelley. One tiiixty-secuud part of the charter of the brig Snow Bird. ^ Unless the same should l»e iIImimmmhI of previously st private sale. Terms (hvorsble. J B. S. MEiUtlLL, Administrator. Portland, Feb. 20,1867. mcbldowa w3w E. 1H. FATTEN Me t o, Ascllssecrs aud Krai Estate Hr*Iter*, OFFICE PLUM STREET. Fire-Proof Sates for Sale at less than Mamifhcturers’ Prices. WE have an ri.isoriment of New Fire 1 roof Sides of the celebrated WILDEK MAKE, which Mi'HT me saii.d within twenty dava, without reg ini to cost. They are oi various sizes, thoroughly iln iahed and mj oud to none in the market, t hose in want ot a reliable Sate, by calling eaily wilt be > ire to got sailed. rui Ueut—The New WooaIch Store on Plum St., now occupied by us; pot^esslon given Iasi of March. Also—Lot ol l*aud atliuiniug on Westerly >ale about .Xi by GO feet. Three .'toiled Brick Store, >io. 204 Fore, loot ol Plain Street; iHautession given >m luodluiely.* For Salo—A desirable buduing lot on Westerly slue of Lougre**, nuar Locust Street, i s taming about twelve uumlrcsl leet. letshdti J. S. BAILEY, Auctioneer He Commission Merchant A SI) APPRAISER, Office 176 fore ol, at Mess, Cknttr & Dreaors’ January 7—dtl MEDICAL ELEC'l'Ill CITY Oli. W. N. OfcltllhG, iMedica.1 Electrician 174 MIDDLE Si KELT, -\wurly Opponin- the tsiirS Scales Hotel AATHKKHhe would respeetiully announce to If citizens oI Portland and vi.umty, that he • pormaucnuy Aocatcu in ibis city Aiming the tiiree years we have been in this city, we have cured some oi the worst forms of disease in porsous w ho iuive tried other for in s ot treatment in va»n, and curing patients in so short a time that the plication is ofleD aakeu, do they stay cured? To auswer this .tue: tioi we will say t hat ull that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without cliargc. Ur. D. has been a practical Electiwhin tor twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated physidaL. Electricity is perfectly adopted 10 cb route distasesia the form ol nervous oi sic* headache; neuralgia a the head, neck, or extremities; consumption whet iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not tally involved; acute or chrome rheumatism seroiula. hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature oi the spine, contracted muscles, uistorted limbs, palsy or jiaraiysis, St. Vitas* Dance, dearness, Ham mering or hesitancy ot speech, uyspepshi, iruitge*. : tiou, constipation andiivei complaint, piles—wc sure every case that cau he presented; asthma, bronchi tis, si lie lures oi the chest, and all loruis oi lemal# complaints. By Klectricitv The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with j<*y, and move with the agility and elastic ity ol youth; the heatod brain is Moled; the irost hilteu limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness Converted to vigor, weakness to sUength: the blunt made to sec, the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright; ihe blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accidents oi maLuie lilo prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have oofcl ham.* and leet; weak stomachs, 1am aud weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dtasi ; ness aud swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and b akj leucorrlnea, (or whites); tailing of the w omb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, aud all that long train ot diseases will bud iu Electricity a sure m aim <*f cure. For painful menstruation, too ,..otu»e menstruation, and all oi those Long true of tronblee with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the suderer to the Vigor ol health TEETH 1 TEETH I TKETI1 I Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by EcJtO T4UOITV WITHOUT kAiki. Verson.* having decayed teeth or stumps they wi»h to have removed tor roMt ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro M auxetic M a -hi.nls tor sale lor family use, with thorough instructions. Dr. D can accommodate j ew patients with board and treatment at his bouse. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. VI to 12 M.; Iron 1 to t> F. M , and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation tree. novltl Blindness, Deafness, —anl— Catarrh S During dr. i vKi»i:^ rnt 8 late visit to Portland which closed Feb. 1st, so gnat a number of persons deferred consulting him until the latter part oi his stay, that many were unable to do so, Ids time licing tuliy occupied. To acconuuo. late those and others desirous ol consulting linn he Will Return to Portland March 1st, And can be cnnanllcd nf the A. S. Hotel ■mil April lot, upon all-tiseaaes oftbe Bye, Ear, Throat — AND — CwiTriunn, As iihuh]. And he would advise those Intending to avail themselves ot hi* service* to call early as tm veuient. Dr. c‘. can refer to many r atients In Portland and vicinity, who have been cured <>r Item tilted unUei his treatment, who do not wish their names made pui»lic, but are willing to converse with thoec iin* rested. sJjr roiiftultatioii at office Free. but letters must * on fain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12, 2 to 6, and 64 to 7| o’clock. l>r. C. is now at Biddeford, whore he can be ('on suited null March 1st. 1867. tfeb23d*wtf mo NEY~. Worn anil Torn Currency and Qreenb&cki Bought at the Horse 15. R. Office, by in. e. i’n iikii. U. S. Marshal's Notice• Uwm States or amvrica, \ District of Maine, s. s. I PURSUANT to a Monition from the lion. Edtvsrd Fox. <ludge *'l the United Spates Dlstnet Court, within ami tor the Harriet or Maine, I hen by gjva public notice that the following Libel has been Died in said Court, v»r: . i A Libel uganst the Schooner “Alice I\ her TACKLE, APPAREL and Fl’KNJTI RE, am. the CAU (»U OF Ll'MHFl! LATRf.V LA.nBM *AID souoon Kit, in be hull olVViIliaui 1. 1 reble andotiiers in HcitUH! o. Solvogo Ovil »ri. In»nt n,c ». >• i*.te narticularlvset both lu the ssJ.l Libel ; that a Leur ■og and "»» Mri item at ForfM in mfcl District, *'»» the hirst 'IWsdap rf March next, at eleven o'clock •*» the .forenoon, when and where any persons into sstud therein. may ppeur and show tau^c, it any can be liowti, where lore the -ami should not be decreed liable to said claim for salvage. Dated at Portland tum twenty-seventh day ot February, A. D., 1867. 3 F. A QU1NBY, Deputy U. S. Mandial Dlst. ot Maine. Feb 27—did Hew Crop HoIunmc*. 426 H11DS. \ VERY SUPERIOR MUSUO 41 TCS. I V ADO MOLASSES, per 13ritf “Minnie Miller,” irom Mutanzas, now landing and for sale by ( haw, Cram A Sturtevnnt, Peb23—isdtf HVidgery's Wharf, International Telegraph COMPANY. The Lines of this Comi»;inv are now open for husl nes , with Stations at Bnth, Portland, BRldeford, Porta* mouth, Salem and Boston. And connection with New \ork, Philadel phia, Ualliaiarf, Wanhiaiiion, and oiber Karla of the country. Stations will shortly be opw* •' «* lnvbui)psrt, lilitd, l|»*wirh, tirmmm %virk, nnd other Poio««* The c mploUon of cheap lines wastje ^VJ‘al JJJ the Koduction of Through Tarlflj* uot <**£ '!'<• rontc of ”he «“ reached by the uu.|«> .*1.1, will donbtkm. i. HiKh miwwMl;^* extended. which Will bo mum *.» until these im. r ,l,"‘lv **“«■ he mode to maintain the L>m .In th. r* corn ice ««» to Uacac .he baah— IllS rnmoS Sorrc tnea. an,I deapatch. Oflice cwr. K.rhauar ««•' ***• Branch < dttce at CoreU’f Apothecary Stolj.ui;d« Preble Housf,