Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 2, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS Br TELEUUAPH To THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ---- --- Saturday Morning, March 2, 1867. LEGISLATURE OF MAINE. [special dispatch to the daily press ] Augusta, March senate. The Senate concurred iu the action of the house iu regard to the Bath aud Bangor Mili tary Orphan Asylums, and both branches passed to be enacted resolves introduced by Ool. ltobic of the Senate, w hich makes the Governor and two other citizens oi the Stale, whom he may appoint, a commission who y- UaU be known as the Guardians of the Desti tute Orphans of Soldiers and Seamen of the late war. An appropriation of >15,000 is made, which is to be used, or any part of it, in case the wants aud comforts of this class of orphans should require it. These resolves passed both branches unanimously. have been appointed on the hill an act in aid of the European & North Amer ican Railroad. Messrs. Otis, Berry, and Lap ham on the part ot the House. In the Senate there is a large majority in favor of aiding this road. The House has a majority the other way. Thero has been considerable excite ment on this question aud probably the rail road will have to wait for the present, and the whole question will be left as the Legislature found it. The Legislature adjourned last eve ning at a late hour. HOUSE. Resolves in favor of a temporary loan, also in favor of Farmington Normal School, passed finally. Resolve authorizing the Land Agent to ob tain certain records from the archives of Mas sachusetts, under a suspension of the rules, passed to be engrossed. Report of Conference Committee on the liquor law was made and accepted by the House and the House concurred in the amend ment of the Senate. Resolves relating to the claim of the State against the sureties of B. D. Peck, late State Treasurer, was passed to bo engrossed; also bill, an act to exempt the shares ot certain railroads in the Stato from taxation. An act to aid in the construction of railroads and exempt the shares and bonds issued in aid therefor from taxation for a term of years, was indefinitely postponed; the Senate concur ring therein. Resolve in favor of compiling and publish ing the school laws, was passed to be engross ed. The Senate concurred. The conferees on the part of the Senate and House had a uieetiug and were unable to agree upon any proposition in aid of the Europeau & North American Railroad and the commit tee reported to each branch the result ot the conference. The Senate voted “to adhere,” without de bate. In the House the question was discuss ed by Messrs. Shepley, Otis, Berry and others, and after a spirited and lengthy discussion the report of the committee was accepted. A mo tion “to insist” was voted down— 44 yeas, 60 nays. If the motion “to insist” had beeu car ried it might have necessitated another con ference. The vote “to adhere” was then concurred in by about the same vote. A motion was then made by the opponents of the measure to re consider the last vote, with the expectation of voting it down, in order that no more attempts should be made to resuscitate the question.— Motions to adjourn were made and voted down and finally, with considerable excitement, the question to reconsider was taken with the fol lowing result: yeas 27, nays 51. So the meas ure is disposed of. The Legislature has passed 30G private and special acts, and lOd resolves—more than a hundred over the business done last year. The Legislature has been diligent, and adjourned this evening at 10 o'clock. WASHINGTON 00RRESP0NDEN0E. VACILLATION OF THE PRESIDENT. A Clean Sweep of tbe Cabluet. Senator Wade Nominated for Pres ident of the Senate. New York, March 1. A gentleman who has been a member of two Cabinets and who served as a General in the rebel army, now in Washington, says the Pres ident at first intended to sigu the reconstruc tion bill, but afterwards changed his mind and thought ho would pocket it, in aceordauoe with the advice of the elder Blair. After ward he said he would veto it, and the mes sage would be a strong legal document. This gentleman is of opinion that Mr. Johnson is to tally iucapahle of filling the position he occu pies, as he is too much under the control of bis Cabinet and oue or two outside rings, and ho firmly believes the President would have sign ed the hill had it not betn for the influence of Mr. Howard and Mr. McCulloch. A special Washington dispatch says there was a rumor in Washington last night that the President contemplates a clean sweep of his Cabinet, with but une exception. It is said that Judge Black is to become Secretary of State. The one exception is Judge Stan berry, Attorney General. The Post’s special says the Senate Finance Committee have agreed to report a bill fixing the tariff on wool and woolen goods at the same rate as in the House bill. Senator Wade has been nominated by the Republican caucus, as President of the Senate. The Democrats will fillibuster against the tenure of office and army appropriation bills, if certain obnoxious sections are not stricken out. The Commercial’s special says the confer ence committee have remodelled the bank rupt bill and it will become a law. The friends of the tariff will endeavor to get a joint resolution passed, increasing the duties on several articles. The veto will be sent in as soon as the Cabi net now in session on it, adjourns. EUROPE. NKWS BY THK CABLE. Artein as Ward’s Life Despaired of. London, IJeb. 28. The directors of the Atlantic Telegraph Company hold a meeting on the 12tli of March, to determine what reductions shall be made in the tolls of the Atlantic Cable. Venice, Feb. 28. The Turkish garrisons are to be withdrawn from the forts in the principality of Servia. London, March 1—Noon. The bill for the confederation of the British North American Provinces has been read twice in the House of Commons. Charles F. Browne, the American humorist, better known as Artemas Ward, is lying very ill at Southampton, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health. His life is despaired of Venice, March 1. The sons of Gen. Garibaldi have gone to Candia to help the Cretans in their battles against the Turks. Horrible Tragedy in a Court Room. Boston, March 1. The Superior Criminal Court in session at East Cambridge was the scene of a tragedy this afternoon, that is seldom witnessed in this part of the country. A man named William H. Orne, who was convicted last fall, with another man who is now serving out a life sen tence in the State Prison for settling fire to a I'obhc building in Charlestown, and who liad obtained a new trial, had just been convicted a second time by the jury, was about to be sentenced, by Judge Bussel, when his counsel went to him to the dock, and spoke a few words to him, after which Orne declared his innocence of the crime of which he had been Convicted, and just as he had made the asser tion the second time, he unbuttoned his vest and drawing an open jack knife from liis pocket, stablied himself three times, before the weapon could be wrested from him. As soon as an examination could be made, it was found that two of the wounds had penetrated the lungs, and the other one had nearly touched the heart, the intention of tlie man having been evidently to destroy life. He was at once conveyed to tho jail adjoining the Court House, hut there is scarcely a possibility of his Jiving. He has been convicted twice before for crime. Nominations ol Rot. Chamberluiii. [Special Dispatch to tlie Star.) Augusta, March 1. Tlie Governor has re-nominated W. W. Bice, of Tlioinaston, Warden of the State Prison, for another term of four years. He lias also nominated George F. Wadsworth, of Eastport. Indian Agent of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, awl John A. Poor, of Portland, (Bos ton l Amos D. Lockwood, of Lewiston and Hamnbal Hamlin, of Bangor, Commissioners on the hydrographic survey of the State, au thorized by the Legislature of 1807. Mexican Affairs. _ . , Washington, March X. The Mexican legation received to-day official news from Matamoras, dated the loth u[t about the engagement of Gen. Bocha, at Gii larno, with Mejia’s troops under Costilla which shows that it w as a very small affair. ’ The Mexican legation has also received offic ial news from President Juarez, dated Zacate cas, fith uIt. The President was expected to leave in a few days for San Luis Potosi. Refill, of nn Editor. New Yore, March 1. Amos J. Williamson, editor of the Sunday Dispatch, and ebuirmau of the Republican Union Central Committee, didd yesterday at New Orleans. mix OONGBES8-. 6EG0ND SESSIOK Washington, March 1,1867. SENATE. The credentials of Justin S. Morrill, as Sena tor from Vermont from March 4th, were nre scnted and tiled. * On motion of Mr. Sherman the Finanoe Cora imttee was discharged from furthcr SJtfiiSMKKa'.SSi.i.Tft StiSSftS. txs “*• “ * hiK^b?li rai8ed a P°int of order that the reported* b,! considered °n the day it was Mi. Sliermau said this was not a report from a committee. He moved to discharge the com mittee and then introduce tin- bill on his own responsibility. The chair decided that the hill might be ta ken up to-day, hut it required an unanimous consent to consider it. Mr. Hendricks objected to its consideration. Mr. Sherman appealed to the Senate to take a vote and decide lor or against the wool tariff. Several Senators having inquired why not pass the House Mil on the subject of wool. Mr. Fessenden said that to pass the bill as it came from the House would lift to abandon the rest of the tariff' entirely by cutting off all chance of an amendment. If the Senate agreed to the proposition of Mr. Sherman it could go to the House aod be amended there. Mr. Cattell said he intended to offer an amendment increasing the duties on all im ported articles twenty per cent, except sugar, tea, molasees, coffee, lumber, and railroad iron. At 1 P. M. the tariff bill was laid aside in ac cordance with an understanding last evening t hat a vote on the Colorado bill should be ta ken at that hour. i ne uni to admit Colorado wes taken up the question being, shall it pass, the objections of the President notwithstanding. The vote was —yeas 29; nays lit.—not two thirds. After the vote on the Colorado question and some unimpurlaul business the internal reve nue bill came up as unfinished business. An amendment proposed by Mr. Pomeroy to reduce the tax on cotton to one cent per pound was after discussion agreed to by a vote of 24 to 18. After further amendment the bill was repor ted to the Senate from the Committee ot the Whole. On motion of Mr. Harris the 32d section in reference to transfer without payment of tax of Spirits of Turpentine was stricken out. Mr. Fesseudeu asked for a separate vote en the cotton tax. On motion of Mr. Wilson it wag amended so as to make the tax two cents a pound and as amended was agreed to. Air. Nye moved to amend the existing law in relation to the tax on gas companies so that they shall he authorized to add the tax to the price of existing contracts. Agreed to—24 to 13. Pending further consideration of the tax hill the Senate went into executive session. Air. Trumbull mado a report from the Con ference Committee on the allotment of Judges of the Supreme Court, which was agreed to. The Senate bill was adopted by the commit tee, the House receding from its amendments. EVENING SESSION. The internal revenue bill was taken up. Air. Davis’ amendment prospectively redu cing the tax on whisky was reviewed and disa greed to—14 to 23. Several additional amendments to the tax bill were offered and rejected and the bill was passed and goes to the House for action on the amendments and adoption. Mr. Fessenden called up the fortification ap propriation bill. The section providing that only fifty per cent of the appropriation shall he expended during the next fiscal year was stricken out. The bill as further amended was passed. The naval appropriation bill was then ta ken up, Mr. Fessenden moved an amendment that naval store-keepers bo appointed by the Presi dent, by and with the consent of the Senate. Agreed to. Mr. Wilson’s amendment that no working man in the navy yard will be compelled to pay looney for political purposes or be discharged for political opinious was agreed to—20 to 9. The bill then passed. Air. Henderson made a report from the Con fere uae Committee on the Indian appropriation bill which was agreed to. The Senate agreed to the report of the Con ference Committee on the tax bill; also to the report of the Conference Committee on the ar my opproprialion bill. The Senate then a^jou^yad. HOUSE. The Speaker announced the appointment of conference committees. The bill to establish certain assay offices instead of branch mints was taken up and passed. Bills and resolutions from the committees were reported and actep upon. At 11.40 A. M. the House went into Commit tee oi the Whole on the deficiency bill. The bill appropriates about $11,500,000. Tbe deficiency appropriation bill was consi dered. A long discussion took place oh a mo-' tion to strike out #25,000 for repairing and fur nishing the executive mansion. During the discussion Mr. Kasson asserted that a great deal of the property had disap peared and the House had been left almost stripped of its valuable furniture. Mr. Radford asked Mr. Brice what was the amount of property that had been taken away by its late occupants in the ninety trunks that had been sent from it. Mr. Price said he could not answer the ques tion, as it depended on the size of the trunks and the contents they held. Mr. Farnsworth, referring to that insinua tion, which was shown at the time to he false and without foundation. ,Mr. Radford said he had not relied.on mere newspaper reports, but on tbe authority of the steward of the White House, who had packed the trunks. After further discussion, Mr. Schenck moved a proviso that no further payments should be made on any account for repairing or furnish ing the Executive Mansion until such accounts were submitted to a joint committee of Con gress and approved. Agreed to. Tho motion to strike out the appropriation was rejected—14 to 53. After a long discussion on a motion to strike out the appropriation in aid of the colonization society, on motion of Mr. Stevens, the vote was postponed until evening, in order to allow the business of tbe morning hour to be proceeded with. On motion of Mr. Blaine the morning hour was postponed, and the House proceeded to the business on tbe Speaker table. The Senate bill in reference to persons im prisoned under sentence tor offence against the laws of the United States, allowing a de duction of one month in each year for good conduct was passed. Mr. Schenck, from the Committee on Con ference, on the bill deducting and fixing the rights of volunteers as part ol the army, made a report, which was agreed to. The credentials of Mr. Christie, member elect from the (ith District of Georgia, and Mr. Chilton, member elect from Texas, were pre sented. The House then took a recess. EVENING SESSION. After unimportant business the House resu med the consideration of tho business on the Speaker’s table. A number of bills were taken from the table and passed. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, from the Conference Committee on the bill for allotment cf Judges of the Supreme Court, made a report which was agreed to. Mr. Maynard moved to table the conference report. Rejected—71 to 83. The previous question was seconded and the main question ordered on agreeing to the re port but the opposition of the hill commenced filibustering. After further discussion the amendment was non-coucurred in—3!) to 108. Mr. Le Blond submitted a resolution reciting the recent vote in the Ohio legislature, refus ing t*j strike out of tho State Constitution the word “white,” thereby repudiating the action of the republican majority of Congress and in struciing the Commute on Reconstruction to report a bill establishing a military govern ment over the people in the so-called State o£ Ohio until such time as the people thereof adopt a republican form of government (laugh ter). Mr. Stevens thought ho could almost agree to the resolution. He was not quite sure that Ohio should not be guaranteed a republican form and government and also Pennsylvania. Mr. Stevens, from tho Committee on Appro priations, reported hack tho Senate amend ments to the army appropriation bill. Mr. Schofield hoped the House would not concur in the appropriation of $250,000 for a bridge across the Mississippi river at Rock Isiauil. iho amendments being disposed of, a con ference committee was asked on the disagree ing votes, Mr. Jencks, from the conference committee on the bankrupt bill, made a report that tho House recede from all disagreement with the Senate amendments, except one from which the Senate is to recede. Finally, the vote was taken on agreeing to the report. The greatest interest and excite ment was manifested on taking the vote, and the result was for some time uncertain, votes being changed on both sides, but at last tho report was agreed to, 73 to 71. The tax hill was returned from the Senate and taken up. The amendments were non-concurred in and a committee of conference was asked for. Ad journed. Hn,i(stliu *f Gov. Swaas. Baltimore, Md., March 1,1867. Swann sent a message to the leg lsture to-day declining tho United States Se natorship to which be had been elected. He says the honor was conlcrred on him without solicitation or agency c,:, hi* ,mrt u‘ V. , , ed at first to m cePt,but be bas recc-Wed^. ma-’ ny and uigeut appeal* irom the represent*! ™ men of the State that porso„a|ep™“nr^« could not be allowed to induce him to gard his paramount obligations to hi* native State. DMiru«lir« Fire. Boston, March 1. A fire in Amoske.ig village, Manchester, N. H., to-day, destroyed T. T. Montgomery & Co.’s shoe manufactory and a building adjoining.— The post office was in the former building, and all the mail matter was destroyed. Loss from $15,000 to $20,000; partially insured. ExccmiM of Murderers. New York, March 1. Horace Greeley, the negro who murdered 11. Barnwell Rbett, in July last, was hung iu Charleston, S. C., to-day, the Governor declin ing to respite him or commute his sentence. George Wagner was executed at the Tombs at 9 o’olock this morning for the murder of his wife. Fenian I9Inttcr«* Pittsburg, Pa., March L A large and enthusiastic meeting of the Fe nian brotherhood of the Roberts wing was held here to-day, at their hall in Market street. WASHINGTON. Admission of Nebraska luto the Union. (NOTICE TO MARINER*. Confirmations and injections. Washington, March, 1. Two circulars have been widely circulated, one having in view an armed expedition to dcvelope the mineral resorces of Sonora and Mexico; the other is signed by Gen. H. Clay Crawford, his object being to organize a liber ating army for Mexico. These movements do not receive the sanction of the Republican Government of Mexico, which regards them as injurious to the interests of the country. The President, to-day, in accordance with the requirement act for the admission of Ne braska, issued a proclamation announcin'' that the Legislature ot Nebraska, had passed an act acccp'ing and ratifying the fundamental conditions of equal rights and franchise with out regard to color or race of the inhabitants in said State, except Indians not taxed is re Suired by said act of admission, and ’that a Illy authenticated copy of the aet of the Leg islature so accepting and ratifying the condi tions had been received by him and declaring that the admission of said State into the Union is now complete. The Light House Board has given notice tha the upper and lower Cedar Point light vessels will resume then.stations in the Potomac river from the 10th inst., from which they were re moved at the beginning of the winter season, ihey will continue till cold weather Among the confirmations in the Senate to day were the tallowing: Edwin S. Merrill, I ostmaster at Winchendon; Charles Ricker, Collector ot Internal Revenue for 3d district New Hampshire; C. C. Esty, Assessor of 7th district of Massachusetts. The tallowing were rejected: Postmaster Albert G. Tenny, Brunswick, Me.; John B Bass, Quincy, Mass.; Samuel S. Richardson, Saco, Me.: George J. L. Colby, Newburyport. Mass.; Wm. C. Biuney, Assessor of Internal Revenue, 5th district Mass. THE RIARKE18. Finaucial. „ New Xobk. March 1. Money was easy this afternoon, and the supply ex ceeded the demand. Call loans 5 6 per cent., and prime discounts 6}@ 7} per cent Gold closed tirm at 1391 after much fluctuation through the day. For eign Ext liange quiet at 109 @ 109 for prime bunkers’ bills. Government securities low on Gold bonds.— Stocks steady at last oimui board, and tirm after call, but without activity. Petroleum and Minin; shares more active on all leadiug stocks. New York market. . , Nxw York, March 1. Cotton—firm; sales 3,500 bales; Middling uplands at 31J @ 32e, closing with no sellers under 32c. Flour—dull; sa'es 1,100 oois. State at 0 65 a 1145; Hound hoop Ohio 10 70(3)12 05; Western at 8 65 & 12 10; Southern sales at 10 20 16 25. Wheat—dull and drooping; sales 7,OnU bush. Coru—dull and declining; sales 28,000 bush. Mixed Wwtteruat 107. Yellow Southern, new, at 1 08 @ Oats—a shade easier; sales 28,000 bosh. Western at 56 @ 61c; State at 68 m 70c. Provisions—quiet and dull. Wliiskey—in fair request; sales 350 bbls. Western, In bond, at 32 @ 33c. Sugar—steady with a lair demand; sales Muscovado at 104 @ 1116; 716 boxes Havaua at9}@ 12e. Coflfee—Arm. Molasses—very firm. Naval Stows—quiet. pfetroleum—without decided change. Tallow—active; sales 230,000 fits at 11} @ lljc. Chicago markets. . , Chicaoo, March 1. Flour moderately active without doclded change — Wheat firm at an advance of 1 @ 2c, but was subse quently weaker, Belling at 1871 @ 188 for No. 1. Corn steady al 78} @ 79 for No. 1, and 58 59 for rejected. Oats dull and d.-clined 4 @ lc, closing quiet at 89c per cental. Provisions active and buoyant with prices a shade better; moss pork at 19 00. Lard active and firm at 12c. fouimeriinl-—i*rr t'nblr. Liverpool, March 1, Noon. The Brokers' Circular reports the total sales of ont tou for the week ending last evening at '8,000 bales, lucludiug some 10,000 bales for speculation and export. The market has been generally dull and inactive, and prices have fallen off to a considerable extent. Near the closo of the week, liuwevor, the market stifiened up, and a part of the decline was recovered. The market to-day opened firm, with an estimated day’s sale of 10,009 bales. The following are the autlinr lted quotations: Middling uplands at 13LI; Orleans at 13Jd. Tallow 43s 6d. Ashes 34s for pots. „ London, March 1,Noon. Consols for money at 91. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Contra! llallroad Shares 794. Kile Railroad shares 36}. United States 5-20's 73}. Mew look Aleck Market. „ New York, March 1. Stocks—active. American Gold.. Missouri Sixes.9*2 Western Union Telegraph,.!... 42 New York Central,...” 192a Erie,....r..i.55I Erie preferred.72 Hudson.{. 140 Reading,.\....I!'. '. >103 Michigan Central...1074 (& ] Michigan Southern,...72I Illinois Central,. 1155 Cleveland & Pittsburg. 80I Cleveland & Toledo.1181 Chicago & Kook Island. 952 Pacific Mail, ex-div.127 j Beaten Beet nn«l Shoe Market. Boston, Feb. 28. There is nothing of special interest to record in the Boot and Shoe market tor the week, beyond that al ready noticed since the opening of the Spring trade.— Trade continues moderately active considering the general depression of business. In prices there has been no change; the general belief is that they have touched the lowest point for the season. The wifh nolding of active ope ratio ns among the manufactur ers, which has now become quite general, and which is still farther prom pied by fbe aspect of the Leather market of late, and the gradual reduction 0. the stock on hand, inclines many to the belief that an ad vance of prices will occur in the course ot the next two weeks; this, however, is doubtful, especially if tho downward tendency ot materials continues.— Western buyers, although they have not in all cases taken the usual quantity of goods, speak encourag ingly of business in their section, and will no doubt give further orders to complete assortments.—[Shoe aud Leather Reporter. Boston Slock List. Sales at the Brokers* Board, March 1. American Gold.♦. 14<H1 Uuitod States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 1104 United States 7 3 lOths, 1st scries. I05J “ 2d series. U5| 44 small. 105] 44 od .series. loss United Slates 5-20s, 1882. .. ill 44 1884.7.. leg *4 July, 1885. 108] 44 small. 108] Boston and Maine Railroad. 131 Eastern Railroad.. .. 108 C. E. BECKETT’S ESTATE. THE subscribers, appointed Commissioners by the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland county, to receive and decide upon all claims against the es tate ot Charles E. Beckett, late ot Portland, in said county, deceased, represented insolvent, hereby give notice that six months, from the 10th inst., are al lowed to the creditors to present ami prove their claims; and that slid Commissioners will be in ses sion at Lhe City Assessors’ office, In said Portland, on the third Mondays of March, April, Ma}', June, July and August ensuing, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the pur pose of attending to said duty. 5W } CommlMionom. Portland, Feb. 22,1867. d3w&wlt GAS NOTICE! THE office of the GAS COMPANY is removed to their former rooms in the JOSE BLOCK, 88 Exchange Street. feb25dlw Spruce Dimension and Out Spruce Plank ! THE Bethel 8team Mill Co. will commence running their Mill in April, and will be prepar ed to till orders for dimension Frames with dispatch. They have on wharf 50,000 leet 3 and 4 inch Out Spruce Plank, suitable for Wharf or Bridge cover ing, for sale cheap. J. B. BAM LB IV, Agent, Feb 26—dlw Hobson’s Wharf. Profitable and Safe Business. GRIST MILL. DEERIltG’S BRIDGE. TIHE subscriber offers lor sale this long established QKIST BULL. It is situated on the great thoroughfare into Portland of the best back country travel, and also to supply City trade of Portland, and a good part ot West brook with Meal and Feed. There are 3 ran of Stones—ono for salt with a Dry Room lor same, and Elevators lor Corn and Salt—all in good running or der and now occupied, but will be vacated, having built a New Mill in Falmouth. If not sold, a thor ough Miller with some capital cau have an opportu nity to lun it on joint account. Apply to EDWARD H. BURGIN, N§. 140 Commercial St. feh23 doodtf Jackson’s Catarrh Snuff! ELEGANT TBOCUE and SNUFF Combined lor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Voids, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bad Breath, Headache,<£c. Instantly relieve, annoying Cough. in Church. Cures Catarrh, osi rivuLY wiihout sneezing. Valuable to Singer.,Clergy, Ac., clear, and ■Ircuglhra. the voice ; act. quickly; tunics pleas antly; never nuunrnii'K. Prevent, taking (old from Skating, I.ertnrc Ac. fcP' Sold by Druggist* or sent by mail rts Em lute 35 cl s to Hooper, VViKott A Co., (seplDeodtlunclK’GT) PHILADELPHIA. W. W.WBIPPI.K.Portland,Wholesale Agt. Bank Notice. THE following are the 1st and 2d Sections of an act of the Legislature, passed Feb 20, 1860: “Section 1. In all cases where the liability of any “hunk in this State to redeem its bills would expire “h> the year 1866, but tor the provisions of this act, ‘‘**J*ch liability shall be extended until the 1st day of March, 1867, except such banks as are now in the “hands of the Receivers.” «<i*wSlrA1?* The Commissioners shall publish S «.^re newspapers nearest the place where “aiev mav^eti^L’ in 8ucl* ortfir newspapersuw MhrnrvAfmSS 1^ no.t,re ot the time when the lia !?[? m??wV,1Lcease lbr the redemption of AugnsU Hank,at Augusta Long Item h Bank ... n .ti, Ball. Bank, at Bath. Lewiston Fall.Xnk Bank of Somerset, at Lew’isGm at Skowlregan. Marino Bank, Bank of Wintlirop, at Dainariw utts at Winthrop. Northern Bank, “ Freemans B’k, at Augusta at Ilallowell. Granite Bank, at Augusta.OaklandBank, International Bank, at Gardiner. at Portland. Orono Bank, at Orono. KenduskeagBank, Skowl.egau Bank. at Bangor, at Skdwhegan. A. C. BOBBINS, I Bank vr „„ F. E. WEBB, (Commissioners. Not 23, 1866, no26dlaw3in mtCELLAKEOtJS. A fad de Magnolia.—The prettiest thine, the sweetest thing, and the most ol it lur the least money. It oveicomes the odor of perspiration: soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per llnue; allays headache and inhumation, and is a nec essary companion in the Bick room, in the nursery and upon I lie toilet sideboard. It cau be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. ,3 T.-;188°.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ytlir la something startling. Thov would fill Broadway six lect high from the Park u, llli siteet. Drake s uiauutaetory is one of tlie iasti tuuoiin in New Voik. It is suiit that Drake painted all 1.IT m'.’0*1? ™ 1!? pastern States witli liis cabalistic i . then got the old granny legis latoiB to p:iss a law “pieventing disfiguring the tace ol lint are, Which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dysi»cpsia—certain. They are very invigorating j when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a piing Water, bold by all Di u gghu. • V/ 1lLJ> vl r i . * “In lifting the kettle from the fire I scalded mysel very severely—one nand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Linimunt relieved the pain almost immediately It healed rapidly and left very little scar. Cuas. Post eh, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Liui incut will do. It is invaluabo in all cases of wounds swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Beware of counterfoils. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, iteariuir the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the uri vate stamp of Demis Bauxes Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists All who value a valuable head of hair, audits pres ervation trout premature baldness and turning groy will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Kutbariou. H makes the liair rich, sett and glossy, eradicates dand rud, and causes tlie hair 10 grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lvon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. ™''r^ATi ®IU A young lady returning to her country home alter a sojourn of a Jew months In New Yoi k, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place ol a rustic Bushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion ot almost marble smoothness, and instead of 21 she really appeared but 17. Sbo told them plainly she used Aagau’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using Ulia article. It can he ordered ot any druggist for OH cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. “°rl“8lrcct’a illimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in lhvor lor over twenty years It mm,„P0V *5® absorbents at the loots ol the liair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyos deadon and injure the liair Heim strpeis Wiiof a dye hutis certlin iu its results pro motes its growth, and Is a beautiful Hair Dressmu Price 50 cents aud #1.00. Sold by ail dealers. “U,“’ Saratoga Spring Water, sold by aU Druggists. *,ro*’B Extract of Pure Jamaica Uinoer— bn- Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, l/lioieru "*orVua? ^c,» a wanning, genial stim uinnt is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap aud reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents por bot Saratofca Spring Water, soid by all Druggists. __**__June 14,’GO—eodt&wly Astonishing Curative Powers oi Cold Medicated Inhalation, AS PRACTICED BY D R . morse. LETTER NO. XXXI. As riiave in my proceeding letters so ftilly describ ed the symptoms and pathology of Catarrh, and the vai ions diseases of the air passages, and pointed out their important relation to consumption, and other diseases of the chest. I shall in the present instance, content myself by furnishing the following strong proofs 3f their curability. To show the permanency of ernes effected by In halation, I will here refer to persons now living in the enjoyment of good health, whose cases were pro nounced hopeless and incurable some years since, and were cured by Dr. Morse’s Remedies, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Hundreds oi other similar cases might he mentioned. CONSUMPTION. Mrs. Sophia A. Fittz, formerly of Bath, now a res ident of Oak Hill, Brunswick, of this State, was re duced to a very low state by sickness In 1862. It was soon manliest that her lungs were laboring under tu berculous ulceration, which was fast wasting her life away. Her physician thought the structure of her left lung was almost destroyed. Her case was considered hopeless and incurable by ail of her friends and phy sician. She was placed under the care of Dr. Morse ot Portland, by whom a porfect cure was effected, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. Mrs. F. has enjoyed better health since than ever before. ASTHMA. Mrs. Dorcas Lawrence of Falmouth, tills State, was in a feeble state of health for a long time, caused by Asthma, or Phthisic, diliiculty of breath ing, and other alarming symptoms, which caused much suffering, which rendered her case hox>cless in the minds of her friends. She was restored to a per fect state of health by the use of Dr. Morse’s Reme dies, mostly through the medium of Inhalation. PNEUMONIC A. Mrs. Samuel Hill of West Buxton, in this State, was severely troubled with Pneumonica, a disease affecting the lungs, their membrane or motive power, characterized by irregular, impeded or painful re spiration. After long suffering, a council of tliree physicians was called. After consultation, they gave no en couragement of a cure. She was placed under the care oi Dr. MorstTof Portland, and in a lew months restored to perfect health, mostly through the medi um of Inhalation. HE9IOB1IHABE. ltcv. William Loavitt, brother of Mrs. Hill, having heard of his sister’s recovery, applied to Dr. Morse. His disease was Hemorrhage of the Lungs, which caused groat debility. He was obliged to relinquish preaching, and entertained doubts about ever being able to resume his vocation. Ho plaocd himself un der the care of Dr. Morse, and In a few months was restored to health through the medium of Inhala tion, and is at present preachiug to the people ol WestBuxon. HEMORKnAGE. Air. Isaac L. Barnes, of Brunswick, of this State, was troubled with Hemorrhage of the Lungs, and oth erwise affected, in 1862, had lost over thirty pounds of flesh, was troubled with palpitation of the heart, bled one pint a day ior six days in succession, reduced very weak. Mr. Barnes was fully restored to health by the use of Dr, Morse’s luhaling Remedies. Still enjoys good health. HB1IIOBBIIAOE. Rev. Horace Norton, of Meadville, Pa., after being reduced to a very low state of health, by Hemorrhage from the Luogs, was so feohle that he could not walk livo roils without assistance. Came to Portland, placed hlmsolf under the care ofDr. Morse. He grad ually improved until he was fully restored to health. His weight increased from 121 pounds to 168 pouuds. ASTHMA. Mr. James A. Page, ot Bloomfield, lafterwards re moved to Aroostook) was severely troubled with Asth ma from a child, olten so badly that he could not i«r form any labor for months togetlior. It was a com mon thing for him to be obliged to sit up all night, with much dlfliculty of breathing. Mr. Page was radically cured through the medium of Inhalation, obtained of Dr. Morse. CATARRH, HHONCHITIg, Ac. Mr. Isaac Robinson,'of East Vaasalbnro’, was se verely troubled withpulmonary disease tor live years, with Chronic Catarrh, Bronchitis, severe hoarseness; could nut speak above a whisper for soveral months, during which timo he was routined to Iris room; a large abscess tonned on one lung, wluch broke and was discharged through the tubes out of tl* mouth. His physician thought his case hopeless. He was placed under the care ot Hr. Morse, and gradually Improved by the uso of the Inhaling Remedies, until he was fully restored to health. CHRONIC CATARRH. Mr. Silas W. Berry, ot Watervllle, this State, was troubled with Chronic Catarrh and pulmonary til* ease, which wirs tho cause of frequent spells of As phyxia, or suspendod animation. Ho had lost live sisters who died with consumption, and was nmoh alarmed about himself. Mr. Berry was fully restored to health try the use of Dr. Morse’s luhallng Reme dies. AN IMPORTANT CURE. Mrs. Caroline Atkinson, of Cornish, of this State, a wi.Iow whose husband gavo his life to his country in our recent civil war, and daughter of Mr. Samuel Knight, ot the same t»wn, was seriously attacked by a disease of the Langs. She Itad fastened upon her dangerous symptoms, by which site was prostrated very low, and uuable to oc removed for several days, and was given up to tho. Other organs were serious ly affected, and their natural secrotlons suppressed.

In this condition she placed herself under the care ol Dr. Morse. Through tire medium of his Inhaling Remedies she was fully restored to healt h, and is now a hale and hearty woman. Dr. Morse lots the names of more than two thou sand jiersoiis on his books, who have been cured ot Catarrh in its various tbrms, and it is sale to say that all t ho above named eases were caused by Catarrh, or procootlcd from that complaint. Persons at a distance can be treated by iottor. ¥ our obedient servant, CHARLES MORSE, Physician for Diseases of tho Throat and Lungs, No. G I leering Street, Portland, Me. February 26,18*6. eod&wtl Notice. MR.. ANDREW J. CHASE retires from our firm from this date. YKATON & HAAS. Portland, Feb, 18, 1867, .WAJVT£D* Agents Wanted FOB BICUABDNOJV’K NEW BOOK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI, The HmI FuciuMlDi Book of the l’rur. A Thrilling Record of Border Life, Humor and Adventure. Written with a graphic, uloqueut portraying pen, and Its pages Crowded with Illustrations. Agents are meeting with unparalleled bit* <;es8. To show sample pages and lake names is nil our Agents have to do. For Agencies apply to or add re g J. PATTISAf PITCH, No. 233$ Congress Si root, , Portland. Me. marl d2w* A Situation Wanted. A YOUNG MAN wh ) has had several years ci I ericnce as a book-keeper and accountant, would like to obtain a situation. Satisiactorv recom* m«u datum turn is hod. Address^G. W. B.” Portland Post Office. f28dlw* Wanted. MEN everywhere to sell goods. Address with stamp SYnONDS ft HA VIS, feb25dlw* G*2 Kilby Street, Boston, Muss. Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! Wo 229 1-2 Corn tress St, iA Door West sfCily Building (up siairs.) Gi liiLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, I to whom good situations tv ill be given. kjVJfrCRKKS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS lor every kind of business. oafe able at all times to supply parties in any part of the State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Fanners ami others will be supplied with Men anil Boys tor all kinds ot »*m moyment Free of Charge. D,»n’t forget the num ber, irAii Congress Street, ncxttoCitv Building, l'ort # COVBLAI Ac ItJEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Wanted. r.fl nnn flour BARRELS, at Forest OVivUU City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seeu at tlie unite ol Ihe Company, 15!ty Commercial, at comer ol Union St. febl2dawtt T. C. KERSEY. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASK, at the Office ot the Portland Sujinr Co., 37 1.3 Dunf.rth St.. Feb8dtf_ J. B. BROWN & SONS. Agents Wanted ! JUST OUT, Farragai and our Naval Hr* bv tbe hri,,ia»t and popular Historian, J. T. HeatII v. This is the only work on the Navy in the \\ ar, and everybody is buying it. OROR«B B. BLAKE, . GENERAL AGENT. Febl—3lu_Bux 827, Portland, Me. Agents Wanted I tjpHE largest Commissions paid by the • HARTFORD PHRLINUIEfi CO. Exclusive .territory given. For terms, 32c.. Ad dress M. C. RICH, General Agrt., . ... .... Portland. Maine, febl4 deodJm* ' Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 351 1-4 OauarcM Nirret. All per sons wishing to secure gootl Girls lor any respecta ble employment, will iind them at this Office. Also please notice. We will semi you men and hoys lor any work in city or country, Area ol charge. Hr* We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and lioys, every day ior all torts 01 situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. „ „ , , COX & POWARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’67. jan30 dtf Flour Barrels Wanted! WE will pay 30 cents, each tor first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. „ , .LYNCH, BARKER & CG., novl3dti 139 Commercial street. _LOST AND POUND. LOST! ON Sunday, near the State Street Church, a La dy's White Point l-ace Barb or Neck Tie The finder will be suilably rewarded by leaving it a; the office of li. .I. Libby & Co., Free Street. Feb 26, 1867. teb26dlw BOARD AND ROOMS. Board TAT^TH furnished Booth, suitable for gentleman T T and wife or two gentlemen, atNo. 70 Pleasant street, corner of Park. feb26 tlw* To be Lei. A FURNISHED House, in a desirable location, Is to be let till May next. Rent at the i ate of S1U00 per annum. Apply to W. H. JERR1S, Real Estate Agent._ lel>26dlw TO LET l PLEASANT rooms witli hoard, or as lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street.- Refer ences required. feb26dlt _TO LET. TO LET ! A SPACIOUS Chamber, suitable for a Wholesale Boot Store or some manufacturing business, over the store occupied by SsmuA Waterhouse & Co., No. 105 Pore Street. Enquire of SOU,, WATERHOUSE, l’ohJ8d3w on the premises. For Rent. OFFICES In the third story of building on corner of Exchange and Milk Strcots. Enquire alot ficeof OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf_^_ Exchange Stroet. TO LE T ! ” The 2d, 3d and 4th Floors or STORE NO. SO UNION STREET, suitable for most any business. Apply to FRANCIS O. THOlUES, on the premises, or GEO. H. SMAKDON, at Wood man. True & Oo’s. febl9tf To Let. T1HE third and Fourth doors in the new store 54 & 66 Middle Street 56 feet in width, 115 feet long. For terms apply to the subscriber at U3 Oxford Street. F«19tmcli4 ALFKED WOODMAN. To Let. FIRST, second and third lotts over E, T. Eldon & Cn.’s store, Free Street Block; also, offlccs over Sclilotterlieck's, and over Crogmau & Co.’s, in uea block corner Brown uiul Congress streets. janl4-dtf__ j. R. rroWN To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. 50 Union street. Apply to jaadti__ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let THE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, tbotot Plum Street. Enquire of , E. M. PATTEN, feblOdtf Plum Street. ■ ---— J~x— Notice. ALL persous having bills against the Executive Committee lor the relief of Sufferers, are re quested to present the same to the Committee at tlicir office Old City ■•nil Buiidiuas, on or before the 5th day of March next. Per order. HENRY FOX, Chairman. feb23 thiw Notice to Land Holders. MR O’DUROCHER, Builder, is prepared t«> take contracts for building, either by JOB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1866 aug20dtf PAINTS AND OILS, Drugs, Medicines, Dye - Stulls, Window Glass. AGENTS FOR Forest River if Warren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS & WILMAIH, Non. 6 and 6 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Dee4—TnThStly E. €. BURT'S New York (.oods! Constantly ou hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO 62 Milk St., Roston, The only authorized Agents for the sale ol these Goods in New England. T. C. & CO, Also manufacture the finest quali ties ot Goats’ Sewed and Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes! OF EVERY VARIETY. Feb 7—T, T & 84w* I’llOKH. It\I'llS ! E. S. WOBMELL formerly No. t#U Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that lie will ou TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 1867, open his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERT At No. 316 Congress Street, [Oppaeite Mechanics’ Hall,] where he will lie pleaded to wait on hie friend* and the public Grateful for past patronage, he hopes by strict at tention to businosH to niorit a renewal ot the same. Persons wishing tor first clash pio ukkh of all styles and sizes are invited to call. Pictnree colored la Oil, Water Colon and India lukby one of flic beet Artiste in the State. Special attention paid to Copying of all desoriptiona. *yAii work warranted to give satisfaction. N. B—Work done for Photographers in Ink or Colors at reasonable rat os. ,ianleoil3m HEAL ESTATE. For Sale or Lease. The Fine Lot corner of Exchange and Congress Streets, 120 feet on Congress and 50 feet on Excliange St. Will be let for ten or twenty years, on favorable terras. A Block of Seven Stores in this central loca tion would pay a good interest. Apply to W. H. JKKRIS. marldtf New itrick for sale, f*r Corner Cumberland and Boyd streets: contain. |j| eleven rooms. Piped for gas from cellar to at *.uc. Tin. j„ a substantial, well-built house, in a Hlol IS ail ready for occupancy. iW-T? ‘ **' JBRB*S Ileal Estate Agent. Valuable l{«-al Estate for Sale. frit £*?,“,rf1*1-*- ami Walker Sts. A The lot non tarns over tC.Ooo square feet. Title potieet and terms litvoraLle. Apply to .. i.<- -W. H. JEJtBlS. __ Keal Estate Agent. itrick House for Sale. A GOOD Brick House on Winter Street, near Pine containing 13 rooms, all in good order lias slated roof, brick eis.ern, cemented cellar il.sir urd gas thr oughout. Apply to W. H. JEHltlH, Beal Es tate Agent._Ieb28d3w For Sale. A desirable House Lot at the corner of Hill ami Ellsworth Streets by JABKZ C. WOODMAN, Jr., Heal Estate Agent, 211 Free Street. feb23dtf Valuable Farm in Hamilton, FOR SARE. The subscriber, intending to re turn to California in the spring, of fers his Fan a for sale. Said Farm is situated in Uainil ——— ^ra-r-T- ton, Mass., on the line of tho Fast en* Kttiiroa 1, between Salt-in and Ipswich, about one fourth of a mile from Wenliam and Hamilton depot, and comaim about 80 acres, viz: 5 acres ot Woodland, 3 acres of Peat Meadow, and the balance all under eood cultivation, and very conveniently arranged.— t lie buildings are all good and in good repair, with good collars under tho house and burn, well ccmcut ed. There is also a well of good water at tho house and bam, with a large cistern for rain water at tho house. Also Stock, Farming Tools, May, Grain, Po tatoes, and Household Furniture. I hi* is one ot the finest located Farms in Essex younty, w near the railroad station, atnl convenient to churches, schools. Ac., and is iust tar enough from the eir.y to make it a desirable suminoi residence lor a gentleman doing business in Boston or Salem: and if not disposed ot at private sale, will be so d at Pub lic Auction some time in March. _ , JOHN NORTH. For ernis and turther particulars apply on tho premises, or to J. N. NORTH, No. 8, Portland St., Portland,_feb21 d‘2w For Sale—House on Park St BEINU about to remove from this city I otter lor sale my House, No. 6ft Park St. I t is good sice and conven out, with all ihc modern improvements, Bathing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Ga>, Furnace, Ac. Con ected with house is a good stable. Possession given lirst day of May next. Enquire at % * r9?* •miuereial til. head of Hobson’s yttiarr, of J. H. il tmlen, the suhscril»er,STEPHEN PATTEN, or °| W, II. JEKR1S, Real Estate Agent. Jan30eodtf * Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rpFE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the yil A lage ol Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered tor sale at a bargain, ii applied lor soon. Tlie House is large, mgoud repair, with furniture au.i tixiures tbrougliout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire oi HOHATIO BOOTHBY, I'lOpnetm. Oi Hanson a Dow, 54$ Union st. Fryeburg, Sept, ata, lut*;. dtf House tor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and sott water, good lot centrally located—con venient tor two families, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or li*4 Fore Nt., T J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 1807. dtf NOTICJB. I will sell oil (avorable terms as to pay men t, or let ibr a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and oil Franklin street,including thocomor ol k rankliuand Fore streets. Apply to WJSl. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REED, Attorneys, Pori land. Jyl2ti Desirable Store Lots FOR SAlLK, IV von MERCIA*. STREET. THE subscribers otter tor sale tlio lot of land on tho suurbeily side oi Commercial Street, hcadol Dana's Wharf, measuring 12 by 150 feet, r'or fur ther particulars inquire JONAS II. I'EULEY, Pc' »or W. S. DANA. For Sale. OlsE Brick Dwelling House for $10,000. One Wooden “ “ “ o,o«W. “ “ “ “ “ 5,000. Also, Vacant lots on Adams, Cumberland, Congress, Elm and Fedeial streets, from 25c to $1 ]«r t«M>t. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, feb23eod2w For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner ol MidiUo and 1‘lumb Streets, lor a term nr' years. Enquire of C. C. MITCHliLI, et-KON, Aug. SB, 1M*-ilif 118 Foro Strc t. Valuable Real Estate FOR SALE! BY vlrtuoofa license from the Hon. Judge of l’rohate for Cumberland Comity, 1 shall sell by public auction, on SATURDAY, March loth mat the following panels of Ileal Estate belonging to the estate of the late CHARLES E. BECKETT, viz: a: At 11 o'clock A. M., of said day, on the premises,* lot ol land corner of Congress and Smith Streets, extending about 44 leet ou Congress and 130 feet on Smith Street, with the unfinished buildings thereon, subject to mortgages of about $3,000. At hall past 11 o’clock A. M., of the same day, or immediately alter the foregoing is disponed of, on the (•remises, lot of land corner of Congress aud Frank in StreetB, wntaiuing about 8,000 squire b et, tx temling about 10G lcet on Congress Street, subject to mortgages ol $5,500 and interest. Also, at 3 o’clock P. M., oi the same day, on the premises, lot of land comer ot Vaughan ami line Streets, about 220 feet on Vaughan Street and 143 on Pine Street, subject to mortgages of $4,040 and in terest. Said lots are located in the most desirable parts of the city, and otter excellent inducements to builders and capitalists to purchase. S. B. BECKETT, Adwbiiatrator. HENRY BAILEY a: SON, AiutimiecrH. Portland, February 13, lho7. eo.i3wbi|jl Farm for Stile. I WILL sell my limn near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Port luud, one mile from home ears, and Westbrook Seminary. Said limn contains about 100 acres, part oi it very valuable lor tillage, and part m it for building lots. There is a good house, two large onus, and out hous es on i he premises. It will be sold together, or iu lots to suit purchasers CYRUS TH UELOW, 6epll-dti 1C5 Commercial St. Sierra Morena Molasses. CHOICE NEW CROP Just landed from brig “Hyperion,” for sale by, Tints, as ex ent a> co., fel4d3«ri» • CUSTOM HOUSE W1IAKF. Bargains! Bargains ! BARGAINS! BOOTS AiYD SHOES —AT— IF. C. MONTGOMERY, No, 4 OnNco Sit. Men’s Call* pcg’d tap sole Boots, $4,00 to $0,50 *• “ Sew’d Boots, 4,6o to G,<H» “ Kip peg tap sn'e, heavy, 4,50 ** Heavy Shoes and Brogans, 1,25 to 2.00 Ladies* CaT sew’d double sole Balmo rals, 1,50 to 2,00 Ladies' Calf sew’d double sole relish Balmorals, 2.00 to 3,50 Ladies* Calf sew’d double sole Polish Bull on, “ New York make,” 3,50 to 4,on Ladies’ Leather i cg’d Balmorals, 1,25 to 2,00 “ Serge double sole Polish But ton, *‘New York make,” 3,50 to 4,00 Ladies’ Serge double sole Polish Balmo rals, “ New Yo k make,'’ 2.50 to 3,00 Ladies’Serge double sole Congress'* 1,50 to 2,oC Ladies* “ Congress, (for house wear or for rubber) 1.25 Men's Rubber Overs, . • *n “ “ Arctics, 1st quality, 2,75 t* a •< 2d •• 2,00 •« *• “ 3d “ 1,75 Tho above kiuds and prices are but a sample of the whole Slock. W A complete assortment of Misses and Children's floods ot the above description at correspondingly low prices. The floods ottered at this Establishment are not Auction floods, buiareir. m the Fut&T Manufac tory in the Country. Wo warrant them nil, and guarantee perfect satisfaction. We otter them at the^e prices in hopes tueieby to build up a substan tial trade. Ihe public arc respectfully solicited to i call and judge for themselvcH. W. 4’. TIONTBOMERY, 4 Casco Street, 2 Doors from Congress. | leb2« d3t tbeneodlw Copartnership Notice. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the subscriber* under the firm name of GRUBBY & THORNDIKE, is this day dissolved by mutual c onsent. EDWARD L. GRUEBY. GEORGE L. THORNDIKE. AM persons li&viug anv demands or indebted to the above iiiTii are requested to make immediate tctfle incut. Feb’y 13th. 1H«7. / /> WA UltT. or veb y, will continue the bucinesB in Plumbalreet „f Manu facturing and Denling in Doors, B inds, Sash, Gutters, Conductors, Bracketts, Sta-r Rail, Balusters, Mouldings, Ac., Ac. N. B.—The Moulding are from the Bay State, and Union Mills, Boston, from season ed Kiln-dried Lumber. Portland, Feb’y 18th, 1867. fcl9d2wi» ENTERTAINMENTS. ■Deeriny Hall, - Portland, SATURDAY EVE’G, March 2d. Grand Firemen’s Festival * on which occasion will . „ ° A 08 LI V dl . ftll.YRM Winn Dr**e“*«d a splendid »ndim mm rRimPET valued at #50, to thePiro Oonusm* ’ largett number or tickets- am! a y ,Ul,Po»'»« ofthc HiWer ice IMirkcr, Malver aud .. valued at #10, to theCompanv selling»» ***• number. The entortuUuuoui lo ! LS!! ' S»»*t T- K. UAUI.KI, the pi™ ; '1? *“«»*. •f liar Age. ’ Kiwi eat HIi„,rrl«„|, Admission !0 Cents—to be had of all ti,„ , of Ilu- fire Department and at ... on™ho‘ d»\‘ ami evenrug ot the Eutertumiufiit. Thoae J lug Ticket# at4ny place will pleaae d<*jgnato wfe. Company tlwy wish tu have thru amo-Oifed. lwfg open at 7, to roiunumce ftt 8 precisely. fel>.2«tl3t* Q GRAND U tial. ^ j£3-0ceau Association E.\-l (, Jt Will give a Ut.unl Hall on >i A k c II 4 t li , AT MECHANICS’ HALL. Music by Chandler's Quadrille Hand. Tickets. * 1.40; Gallery Tickets, AO CCII IB. MiKAuilg. S S. Hannaford, a. n. jaioDs, v T n„;. * C. H. Phillips, H.D."li y' H.D. Tripp. * ’ mehl _____ d3t DEEKINjG HALL. OPEMNG MondafflEvening, March 4th, And continue every evening during (lie week, with a Grand Matinee - OH - Wednesday & Saturday Afternoons, COMMENCING AT TIIUEE O’CLOCK. l*rlcM of AHmilalta. Low Prices adopted. The entire h.wcr part of the house will tie placed at 35 els; Gallery, 25 eta; Mati nee, 15 and 25 cents. Doors open at 7 tooaanuence at 7 3-4 o’clock. 6T^“Tbe tries! Sublime and Mlartling Prs duciien ef (be Age, (be Grand Tableaux •Tibs Apoealyp§e, A Vision o? St. John, as by him described iu the Botik oi Revolutions, showing what St. John tuiw when a Door in Heaven wan Opened, and ending with the Villon of the The I>oy of Judgment and (he Xetv Jerusalem. , The whole presenting to view the most startling and SubUmeSpiwtaeloovei-voBoiisareino man, ana only revealed to his beloved Disciple St. .lohli, I hat Man should learn through him of the things that mu-t come to pass and prepare lor the Great liar mf dim W null. 7 In connection wlfli the abovo will also bo exhibit ed the world renowned Miltonian Tableaux ot PARADISE LOST, The Great Rebellion In Heaven, tin* War of Any. D, hall of Satan and the bull cl Alan, u» describ d b, Jolm Milton, in hi* immortal poem oi Paradise "OM. and carrying ont his sublime Ideas of lleuvru( llrll, €kuu« itud l*uradi»e. The whole combined forming an entertainment uunaralled in interest and uueui (laeHed in grand* ur and sublimity. m.irldla * Fair and Levee. THE Ladies III the Congress street M. E. Church will hold a Fair and Levee at IdIW€’OIiI¥ lIAlsI., (Mnnjoy Hill,) On Wednesday Evening, March 6*. Useful and Fancy Articles and Refreshments will be tor sale. The public are cordlallv invito I to attfud and thus he.p a g od object. ADMISSION 25 CENTS. March 2—dtil CITY NOTICES. v X JVf NOTicii;. Ju accordance with an Or«linai.ce of the city, a list of all Taxes assessed upon residents amounting to Twenty Dnftlars i #20) and upwards, remaining unpaid on Ft'lday, the Sth hist., Will be published in one of the daily newspapers in this city. * HEIVBV P. LORD, Mai I—dui TREASURER. CITlf or PORTLAND. ELECTION NOTICE ! PURSUANT t.» warrants fi-om tlie Mayor anil Al dermon of the City of Poi llnnd. the i..habitants of said eitv, qualuted accoidiig to law 10 vote in the election or City Otlicers, wifi meet in their respective Ward rooms or m>u:il places of meeting on Olsadny, the 4th day ef March next, at ten o'clock In the Ibremon, to give in their votes tor Mayor ol said city, tor Judge of the Municipal Court, tor one Alderuian and throe ( omnion Coun cil me u, a Warden and Clerk, and lor two City Con stables for naiil Ward. The polls will remain open until four o'clock in the afternoon, when they shall be closed. And the Aldermen of said city will be in session iu tlic Common Council ICmliu, in Mai kef Hall, from I nine o'clock in the forenoon to one o'clock iu the af ternoon cn each of the three secular days next pre ceding Much day oi election, and from three o'clock to live 6 clock on the altemot.u of the Inst of said throe secular days, tor the puiposc ot receiving evidence u£ the qualification oi voters whose names have not bean entered on the lists ofqudithd voters in and tor the several Wards, and for correcting wild lists. Per order, J. M. UEATII, City C'lork. Portland, Feb. 25* lbti.. dtd — 11 ll i mi i „ „ m —B a «MID—UU1_ ■■.! U. S. Marshal's Notice. United States of America, 1 District of Maine, h. s. | PURSUANT to a Monition from the linn. Edward Fox, Judge of the United S ales District Court, within a id lor the District ol Maine, I hereby give public notice that the following Libel has been tiled in said Court, Ti/.: A Libel against the Schooner “Alice T.” her TACKLE, APPAREL and FURNITURE, an I the CAR GO OF LUMBER LATELY I .ADEN ON BOARD SAID schooner, in bihali or William P. Preble and others in a cause oiSalvoge civil and maritime, as is more particularly set forth in the said Libel; tnaf a heal ing and trial will be had thereon at Portland in said District, on lhe First Tuesday of March next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when and where any pyi s ns lute ested therein, may ;.jq car end fcb<»w cause, ii any can be shown, where lore the same should not be decreed liable to said claim for salvage. Dated at Portland this twenty-seventh day ol February, A. 1>., 1S«7. F. A QITINRY. Deputy U. S. Marshal Diet, ol Maine. Feb 27—dtd Townsend Patent Glass Door Plates! SUPERIOR to any silver plate, for they require uo burnishing, are always bright and beautiful and much more durable ami ornamental than nliv silver plate. They aie made of the very beat pressed Ohiaa, nicely slivered and lettered on the inside, aud are tlrmly scoured to the door. They have a nice thin piece of rubber hetweou the plate ami the door to keep out. the wot. One Agent In this rity sold over $2«0 worth in one week. Ami we now offer State bights lor Sale at a very low price For further particulars apply to £. A. BAt'HUIiDfiH, 20 (Jreen Street Portland. SMITH Sc LOGAN, Proprietors, 33 Meridian Street, East, boston, Mass. fet>23 deod2w* Any Person Building:. OR about to buihl, wishing to lot part of a house at a lair lent, apply to iebEattw* “U,” Box li>41. International Telegraph COMPANY. i The Lne* of this Company are now open ibr buai nes with Stations at. Bath, Portland, Biddeford, Ports mouth, salom ami Boston, And connection with New York, ft*lttlud«l ubia, Baliiiuort) Wuxitiuuiou, and other part* of the country, station* will shortly oc opened at Newburyport) Iduii, Ipswich, hroiiv* wiek, and other FaisiN. Tho completion of these line* was the signal tor the Keduction ol Through Tariff* from all parts along the route ol the lines, while at the i*oin»* not reached by the Company and *tsconnection, the ol«I High Kates are maintained, and will doubUes* m main ho until those line » aic extended, which w ill Ik? rapidly done. Every effort will be made to maintain the L*ue>. in the betid condition and to transact tho I.amu. with tho utmost eorroctnees and despatch. Main OM co cnr. KirbasKe ustl I'sn* Nin, Brniith OfHet at Covell’s Apothcoary Strre under Preble Hooks. leh?j dtt P. A. PRESCOTT, (Late or the Intkiixai Krvrxi'k Biblal, Wasuihotox.) Oonnsellor-at-Law and. Internal Revenue Solicitor, IVo. 17, State St., Boston. Hi IL PMS8Cori”S loug experience in the Intor 1»R wal fievenuo bureau, in ibu “Division Frands," luviug cliar.;c of all cases of violation ot the Bevonue Laws, hi» familiarity wltU Departmen tal practice, ainl his acquaintance with tin, lt w. uffieois throughout the country, will enable 1dm to ma,Uc1“loJnall1.toc88|‘tt l‘“ a ' of all i » ***« . “*«£ fo the Revenue J,u\vh. He will attend toi claims lor Drawback Alia tome m Uefund mg, and tor the recovery of |simliU |., l’l,v „av o om.'.'nSourV'111 ;Ulvisi W** « tlm man m ol.h.iom-* returns in accordance with law, or as Wash oc ' ,V,,m lhe Department at l.t mn'Flo’i1",w 'lefend in ens, n of allege. I viu K.,iILr*tlle ** n re*>'ar,ito taxes, penalties or crim inal otTeuecs Mr. Pr-scolt will practice la-fore the various Dr purtmeiitM at Washing n»n. V o supreme Court of the U. S., and the Court ol Claims. l'or the *|K?etly transaction of l»u lues*, Coon**! of high standing residing in New York, M. IaOuIs, t •«" cinnati and \Va»hingu»n, are associated with him 1an‘J8«?od3m _. NOTICE. mHOSKsuffering iron, thattanrlbl® 1 and Fever, who have hltBeito t een to flml remedy, will do well to write to ne,aslha;c a sale and ortain cure, which I will furnish to the afllieted lor live dollars. - < JyKU8 LOWFLL, Stevens’ Plains, Westbrook, Me. January 20, l*#7. eo«t6w* *- '-— AltTIOH MALLS. AWHN CROCKETT, Aut'iionter u.a ApprnWr, (OtHee with Evans & B»iiey, NO-. 1 Jt 2 FREE STREET BLOCK. Household Furniture ul aimaIoh. ON TUESDAy, SlarchMh, attoo’eloak \ u the Jiroiuikss, No. 117 Uxi.tiI, coi-B.r ti.J "" street, all lire Furniture in suiu houso, coiisji'i, Solus, Chairs, Bureaus, Bedstuaus, .Mirrors,Cur, "„ u Center Tallies, ( urpets, Ac., u>«eli«u with the entire Kitchen him! (Jhambci Furniture. ie blind lw K. IU. I'ATTE.t A CO., Aa.lion, PLUM STREET. Admiuistrator’o Sale. ly, virtue ufa license from Lire Hon. Judy. nf Pr,» i.ul.!, 101 tluJ vounty of Cuoiherlunil, 1 will sell i V „V1B"at tiie ller.liam.' Kx.hunu., • * Lo;'~ 'V hurl, in Porilaiiii, en ''"^-dar. .liar. I, ill, I Stir, vessels bciooiuSr to*!??”1’ the following jam »t Short, of PorMuiul, Uer^r^ir laU' " U‘ One eiahili “f ilh^^i!*0‘!rtBt'J'ut,lcr lima. One eighth of the tJhtHHS? ^V‘ M* Short. Um eighth of the SfcKL V1?,1" ,l 'vv:»*i <»ne sixteenth of the^choon^r1!^41 Ai*u* one sixteenth Of theSchSSor V°,U,k **’ lte,:d Ouu sixteenth of tjie schooner ',VUlbori One thirty-second of the schI>oni One sixteenth of ihe • rig Oar io!«^lii\Vu* 11 unt« r. One thirty-second part of SIS Kele£ Snow Bird. chartttr of die brig Unless the Same should be »u»ih>h«*1 at private sale. Terms lav or able previously i . »S. MEiiUlhJi, Adininisirah r Portland, Feb. L'0,184*7. mclilu.;w*u3w *•:. «. ** vn i:ii t o., Auctioneer* nnd Kenl Kaiiiic Hrskem, OFFICE PLUM STKEET. Fire-Proof Sales* lor Sale at less tlian Manufacturers' Prices. \Yr,E have an n-«fiort meut of New Fire Proof Sale4 of tho colebrated WiLPhK MAKh, which uciif si; bold within twenty da s, without regard toco**. . I hey are of various sizes, thoroughly lin l^iuii and ?o ond to none in the market. Those in want 01 a reliable Sale, by calling early will bo buio to get suited. R For Itent. Jlie New Woodcu Store on Plum St., now occu pJe.! by us. puMosMion given hod of March. ib.iH MiV* k! ‘^•"1.ul,o.nmg on \\ . storly *ddo anoui 50 by bit feet, llircc storied Brick store No UMuiutely, 1 ,.r Sole—.V desirable buihdui; lot on We.-terly side ol Coiigrtfs, near Lcust sirn i ul> »ut twelve naiiilre;«l iot-t. ' tof jftdii «J- s. IJAILKN , Auctioneer & Commission Merchant AMD APPKA1HEH, Offioe 176fore dt, at Mess. Garter & Dreeera’ January 7—<lu m— i m MEDICAL ELECTED IT Y DR. W. (T DEM IRC, Adeclieal Eloctricia.ii 171 MIDDLE gJOlEttl', Nearly Opposite the tsiies Males HoicJ "I VTHEl4F bo would respectfully announce to vv citizens of Portland and vicinity, that Ue a pcrinuncnUy located in this cay. During ti e tbroo year* wo have Oeou in tUisc.ty. we have cured some oi the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other for ms ot treat mint in vain, and cunnu patients in bo short. a lime that the r.iiestion is m;. u wked, do they stay cured? To auswti this uuosuoi we will nay tuat all tlial do not stay cured mo doctor the second time wirhout charge. ’ * t>r. D. has been a practical l.le. irkiau lor Uentv i one y«a^» ***** *« » tegular gi miauled phi-ucuii, Eleetricity is perfectly adopted u> chronic ‘liseas* ,u | the form ol nervous or sick headache; iiourarn >l the head, neck, or extremities; eonsumption"whei lu the acute stages or a hero the lungs are not fully I involved, acute or chronic rheumatism scrotum. Ill, diseases, white swellings, spinal disease*, curvature oj tlie spine, contract,hi mmtdeg, distorted limns, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas'Dance, dearness, slum mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, imligcs. tiuu, constipation and livei coiuplanii, .,ilc*— we uure every ca*e that can be presented; asthniu, bronchi tis, striciureH *>i the chest, and ah hu ms ol It) male coin pi amts. By JbJloctrioity The Uheumatic, tLc tout}-, the laino and tl.e lazy leat> with joy, and move wiih the agility ai.d elwsuc ily ol youth; the heated brain is cooled; the liost bitten iimbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vi^or, weakness to strength ; the blind marie to see, the deal to hear . ml the palsied form to move upright; the blemished youth are obliterated; the accidents o( mature hie prevented; the culauiiktes of old ago obviated aiul au active cut illation maintained. LADIES Who have cold lianas and leet; weak stomachs, lam aud weak hack*; nervous and *ick headache; di <i ness and swimming In the head, wiib indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in tin bide mid bn, k; loucoi rltu*a, (or whites); tailing oi l lie womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypu.*, ami all that long train of diseases will find in Electricity a sure mean* of enre. For painful menstruation, too ^.j.u.-e menstruation, and ail of those long line ol trouble* with young ladies, Eleoti icily is a certain speciln and will, in u short time, restore the tutterer to the vigor of health TLg'f U I TEfcTUl TEETII 1 Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elko TUiciTY WITHOUT pax*. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting h© would give u polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Maosktjc Al v-iiinls lor sale for la indy use, with thorough insiri. lions. Dr. D ran accommodate s ew patients with board end treatment at his house. Ortic© hours from 8 o’clock A. Vt toJ2 M.; Iron. 1 to 6 P. Al., and 7 to 9 in the eve lime Consult ation free. novlti FEU TMEM'JfEUS. OOT\ TOIUjI Cumberland Pure Raw Hone smiVJVJ Phos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Liiue. 25 Tons E. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate or Lime. 500 parrels Lodi Poudrette. iSMl liurolsLiitlelielu’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Pish Guau«». SF"For sale at Manuiacturoi’s Prices, by KKNUALL A WHITNEY. _FebJS>. I*¥7. leM3>nu . pbopohaln " *?•»!* klredgiug a New ihnsrtict through UlirimraN l*oini sihool nsd llallowell Mhonl in the kniucbrc Hirer, at Hub lowell, lAaiue. Proposals will be received at this uFPi.CE, until 10 o’clock A. 5.., on Tue»«tuy, the -bill MPuy of Jlarcb ue.^t, lor lrodgmg a now channel though “Shepard’s Point” and “Hat I jwbll” shoal, in Kennebec River, with a view to obtaining a clear channel seven fi ef deep at low wa ter, and sixty feci wide on the bottom, with sides having aslope of two lett to one fool rise. The chanml will first ho excavated through Shepard’s Point Shoal, for a disunite ot about 430 yards, requiring 18,000 ettbie yards of excavation, more or less; and after tear Us, through Hallo well Suoal, lor q ihstuuee •»! 5.5 yards, requiring 10,1*0.1 cubic yards ot excavation, more or 1 ss. 1 lus uniounr of excavation maybe increased or diminished, u< tire Engineer in ciiargc may direct, after lurtlier ex ininaiioii of the river. The material taken from tlic Shoals is to be d©pos ited in the l iver, in such manner a may bo require.I by the Engineer in charge, ;.ml in such localities ai may he designated by luiu, not txoeeding tot) vara » in distance uoiu Shepard’s Point, above and below it. in making proposals, bidders must slate the prh .j l>cr cubic yard of exuaration, with the understand ing that tlic work executed L-> to be ascertained by me tsureincut of the channel after dredgii g; ami, ot such excavation only as has l>c. n ac u illv mad. 11 obtain the required diio.iud. ns: with the uudci -du tiding, also, that the price stated is to include 11. j depositing of the material taken out, in >ueh local. tiea a; ma v bo designated, within the limits above named. The work must be comuienctd as ©.am as such «q - sradons are practicable, and be completed on 01 be fore the 20tli oi November next. Each pro no.-ai must be ftc<*ompani d by a writieu guarantee signed by tw-> responsible persons, intis r.*qmud term, that the buhl, r will, when tailed on. if his proposal be accepteo, enter iuto a con.rset an 1 bond, with good, and sutlicicnt s cunt \ (the sureties and their places of residence t<> be named in tL© ;*»»•• posai) :or the true and pericrm&niv 01 his contract. The contract wll be awarded to ibe low - cat responsible bidder, and be sub ect to the appro\ - al ot tnc Secretary of War. The undersigned, however, reserves the rigid 10 exclude ho bid . of any persons who, there is icusou to believe, will uot falihtu iy and promptly pti ori i lire ' act; also, any bios, an we I ej those that arc aMvo a re ponsible price for the work ; auu no mem bo 1 of Congress, ou.eer or agent or i j Governim-n , nor any p. rs.m employed in the public service, shall he adm.itc . to any share in th. con tract, or any hcncin which may arise t. eroiium. Pa\ merits will be made in tiro installments; th» tirni on the completion of tlie channel ihrvmgh Sin p ard's Point Sin oil, an.l te second on the con. plot her of the whole work—20 per tout, to be res- rved fr.nn the rt -st pax nien*, until the whole w.».k is finished, and to be. orlc.teu in the event ol the nou-lultiiim-i-C of the conu act in the time and manner as Ibereia requited. Persons desiring to n ake proposals, will please ca‘l on the undersigned at his i.tttce, in Mort n Block on Congress Street, lor fhtinsoi same, ami tor more det inue information, if desired; and, on transmitting them, will endorse tinreon •* Prop, cals for Improve uieiit ol Kennebec river.” GKO. THOM, Ll.Col. Eorps of Eng’vs, Bvt. Co). U. S. A. U. S. Engine r Ottice, I Portland, Me., Feb. *22,1867. f feh‘22 oodt.l Daily Press Job Office, 170 Commercial Street. KVKItr DK8CUIPTI0N OK mum & job nmiM, Executed with Neatness and Despatch. **??!“« "'’"H'h'tulv reluniished our office since lh» Orent Hre, wit), all kinds ol New, rtevtas, Otc..wu urt incpurtHl on the short notice to accommodate oiur trlcnds and tie public with Posters, P roj?ra in mes, BILf.-HE.VUS, < IKCCL*HS. Cards, Tat/s, Blanks, Labels, And every description ol Mercantile Printing. We have superior wcIlWes for the .Mention ol books, pamphlets, Cntalosrues, &o., Which lor neatnciw and dispatchcannot l* *nir awr I C fir* Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily "Press Job Ollier 179 loimnmial St., Portland. N. A. KOSTKIl. PBOFBnCTOR • fv-Send your orders lor dob Work tg ihiily l’rg Office