Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 5, 1867 Page 2
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Iw* iii the market ready for Immediate use, it , au at tin* -aim* time* be ko preserved as to uv . it . market for days or even weeks. The conveyance ol the cured hides or the rendered tallow to any portion of the shipping or docks around the city, can be accomplished for a nom inal price per ton; certainly for one-half the pre «*ut cost from our present slaughter-houses. The hide- will be worth fifty cents each more than at present. The tallow, if rendered while entirely fresh, by the present improved methods, will be worth twenty-five cents addi tional on each bullock. The head meat will command more ready sale, because it can bo secured while entirely fresh, and not, as at present, be soiled and jammed by being carted iu bulk three or four miles in open carts. 4 , same will he true of the offal; all of whjon can and should be utilized before the heat has even departed, certainly before dec: - position commences. The feet, tor conv Intc isinglass, glue and oil, are worth fuii> ten cents per bullock more than when exposed as at present in the slaughter house. fn the whole country it ^estimated that there are k'lled yearly about 5,500,000 neat cat tle above the age ot one year. The abattoirs now constructed will hardly be hall employed in order to dispose of this number. But it is only reasonable to anticipate a very large in crease of business. The packing heretofore done at Chicago, Milwaukee, Dubuque, Cleve land and many other points west will, to some extent, be trausterred either. THEPRESS. Tuesday Morning, M a roll 6, 1867. ‘ft'he 1'birty-uialb Congress. Chat the Congress whose life lias just expir ed has some sins, both of omission and commis sion, to answer for, we are not disposed to doubt On more than one important question it has failed, we dare say, to realize the expec tations of those who gave it life and power; on others it may have shown too much readiness to listen to influences by which true statesman ship should never he swerved. But after all the drawbacks upon its merits are set forth, there remains much in the action of the 39th Congress to challenge the admira tion of every true patriot, and to inspire confi dence in the fairly chosen representatives of a tree and intelligent people. Never since the institution of the Govern ment has a Congress been called to act upon more vital issues, or under circumstances in some respects more unfavorable to the strict est fidelity to principle and the popular senti ment whoso rising tide brought its majority into power. From its first official assembling the 39tli Congress found itself confronted by an Executive elected by the very States and the very men by whom its own members were < looted; elected, too, on the same issues and pledged to carry out the same great princi ples. Tins Executive,—proving lalse to all ins pledges, recreant to every principle of the par ly which elected him,—accidentally brought into power by the knife of the assassin wield ed in the interest of an expiring rebellion, from the very start undertook the formidable task of forestalling the legitimate action of Congress, usurping its functions, and assuming dictatorial powers, and to this end he allied liimsell with those whom he had fought for four years, closeted himself with men lresh from the rebel service, and called around him self all the odds and ends not only of the Southern rebellion hut of the Noithern wing ot the rebel army. With a Cabinet, many of whose members were as unscrupulous uud treacherous as himself, he commenced a regular system of bribery in distributing offi cial patronage to those, above all others, who would prove false to the people and become the supporters of his own treacherous course. The Senator or Representative who would thus forswear himself and prove the tool of the ac cidental President, could become the dispenser of patronage throughout his district, and al to throughout his State,provided he alone of the representatives ot such State proved false to the party to whom he owed his election. The course of Senators Dixon of Connecticut, Cow an of Pennsylvania and Doolittle of Wisconsin, and the manner in which they were taken into the inner sanctuary of Executive confidence anil favor, show plainly enough how strong the temotation which members were called up on to resist in order to maintain their integrity nysrineiple and to triends. In view of the considerations and facts here suggested, we insist that the 39th Congress contained a vastly larger proportion of men ol unbending integrity than has been usual in such bodies, when more than two-tliirds of the whole, for two long years, withstood all the hlai dishments of Executive ftivor, and fought shoulder to shoulder for the Right, ior equa’ justice to all men, for making treason odioufi and for keeping the control of the nation in the hands of its loyal citizens. We do not hes itate to say that, in our judgment, no Congress elected by the Democratic party for the last quarter of a century, would have so held out under similar circumstances; that with any tuch Congress a majority if not a two-thirds majority, could have been bought up with one half the patronage vainly employed by An drew Johnson to corrupt the members of the 39th Congress. Thanks to their integrity the nation is yet safe, and a corrupt and treacher ous Executive has found himself unable to re store rebels to power, to consign the loyal men of the South—white as well as colored—to the tender mercies of men fresh from the massa cre of Fort Pillow, the starving of Union sol diers at Audersonville, and other atrocities too numerous to mention. A full measure oi praise and honor, then, to the recently-expired 39th Congress. An Important Call. Ou this page will be found a call lor a meet ing of citizen*, signed by the Mayor and other distinguished gentlemen, to take into consider ation the question of raising funds to purchase food ior our destitute and starving fellow-citi zens of the South, It is hoped this call may be generally heeded by our citizens, particular, ly those who have abundance, aud who cau well afford to part with a portion ol that abund ance for the relief of suffering humanity. The South is uow suffering trom the dire effects of a long and devastating war, and we are not to shut our eyes to their necessities and allow them to perish because the war was one of their own choosing. They have been sub dued on the field of strife, and now while “the wolf is at their doors,” as God grant he may never be at ours, we can do nothing that will more surely tend to subdue all remnants of a rebellious spirit, aud make them feel their com mon brotherhood with our Northern people, than listening to their cry of distress, and with ready hands and willing loving hearts contrib uting to their necessities. As Beecher has well said, there is no constitutional law against the the exercise of love, while practical love and kindness constitute not only the least expen sive hut the most profitable investment possi ble for sinful mortals to make. Impressed with this feeling, and with a desire to benefit our suffering fellows, let the call referred to be met by a general and generous response. The G abdinfr “Banner."—We are request ed to state by Engineer Townsend, of Wash ington Fire Company, No. 4, of Gardiner, that a misunderstanding has arisen as to the com pany s having requested the City Government of Portland to furnish them with a banner, to replace the one lost by the fire In this city on the 4th of July last. It will be recollected that No. 4 came to this city ou that occasion, and rendered good service. Our City Council re cently voted on said request to furnish them a handsome banner. But it now appears, by Mr. Townsend’s statement, that no such vote, mak ing tho .request, was passed by the Company, and thus the matter ends just where it begun. We trust no injury will arise to the Company by this misunderstanding. I'oultrniHliou* anil Krjrvlienn. Among the acts of the Senate, before ad journment on Sunday, nut heretofore given in our columns, we note the following confirma tions in this State: Gideon Mayo, Pension Agent at Bangor; John H.Rice, Collector of Customs at Bangor; Jeremiah Fenno, Collector of Internal Revenue in the 4th district; James H. Chamberlain, As sessor of Internal Revenue, in the 5th district Among the rejections were Ehen F Pills bury, Pension Agent at Augusta; Charles P Kimball, Surveyor of Customo at this city. Every Saturday, for March 9th, contains Mr. John Stuart Mill’s Glasgow address on “The Study of Languages”; the conclusion of the lively jeu d’esprit, “A Girl at a Railway Junction’s Reply”; an extract from Mr. Hep worth Dixon’s “New America,” containing some speculations on the “Four Races of the New World"; an interesting account of|the duel between Lord Byron—not the poet, but his great uncle—and Mr. Chaworth; and con tinuations of “Silcote of Silcotes,” and “Black Sheep." —^onJ, Au,lrew Hunter, elected United States Senator from Arkansas, declines on ground that ho cannot accept without injury to the church of which he is a member -In answer to various inquiries, Governor Aiken authorizes the Charleston Mercury to say that no arrangements whatever have vet been made for the distribution of the Peabody fund among the several States. A meeting of the trustees will he held this moth. Each Stato will be allotted its quota, and all requi site organization will be perfected. TItl.M OF At'TO .480 RKSOliVES j l>a.« 4 lir the l.ejji.lntnre of 18«». AN ACT Uoncurniog Specie I'eymapU. , Authorizing the city of.*»d ex pend a certain arnaunt ot money towards the put chase and improvement of the ater Power within its limits, ana tor other purposes. To authorize the construction of a Wharf !n the town of Camden. To code to tlio b aited Stales ol America the juris diction oi a parcel o« l and in tho city of Portland. To make valid tho doings of the town of Limer ick. C.'ra'iiy a“enament of the Constitution of the Unucd States, proposed to the legislatures of the Bovirni htates by a resolution adopted at the Hrst session ol tlie diJUi Congress, A. D., 1*60. ammSSF?** thf Es ntaaia Dam Company. .1.. 41 t0JH1 A.ct entitled an Act to Incorporate A ^^ttawaurkeag Log Driving Company. Companyan ^ucorP jrkte the Kennebec lo incorporate tho Pietou Mining Company, lo legalize tho doings of the town of Skowbegnn at town meetings held on the 24th day of March anti 0X1nth day of August, A. !>., 186C. To authorize Robert Bogart, Henry Kelley and Edward K. Kelley, to extend and build a Fish VN *®r in Johnson's bay In the town of Lubec. To Incorporate the Portland Institute and Public Library. To authorize Robert Hucklns to construct Fish Wiers In .Johnson’s bay In Lubec. To incorporate Paris Lodge No. 94 ol Free anti Accepted Mas 3ns. Authorizing the construction and maintenance of a wharf in Augusta. . .. _ Authorizing the building ol a wharf in the town °^For<the>protection of trout in Cathance Lake. To change the name of Waterville College. To increase the salary of the Judge of Probate for the county of Sagadahock. To incorporate tlio Saco Water Power Machine Shop. ao incorporate the Castine Brick Company. To incorporate the York Institute. To authorize the construction of a Marine Railway at Tennant’s Harbor in the town of St. George. To incorporate the Equal Rights Mining Company. To amend an act entitled an Act to prevent the destruction ot 11 sli in the East Machlas waters, ap proved February 13,1833, chapter 320, Special Laws. To change the name of the Portland and Machlas Steamboat Company, and to increase the capital stock of the same. To incorporate the Merchant Exchange Company of Portland. To Incorporate the Newport Manufacturing Com To regulate the taking of fish in the Damariscotta river. To make valid the doings of the town of Palmyra relating to school districts. To establish the Salary of Register of Probate for the county of Penobscot. To authorize certain towns to grant aid in the con struction and completion of the Dexter and New port Railroad. To authorize Patrick Galise, David L. Brown and James Whelan to build Fish Wiers within certain limits in West Quoddy bay. To incorporate the Lewiston Equitable Co-opera tion Society. Granting'additional powers to the Kennebec Com pany. io amend Sec. 1, chapter 91 of the Revised Stat utes relating to Chattel mortgages. To graut authority to Edmund Leighton t0 build Fish Wiers in Pigeon HU1 Bay, Steuben. To provide a mode of estimating and securingdam ages on the location ot telegraph lines. Granting authority to William Phelps, Jeremiah Kennedy and George Millholland, to construct and maintain Fish Wiers in West Quoddy bay, Lubec. Ceding jurisdiction to the United States over a site tor a Military Asylum for disabled Volunteer Soldiers. 10 amend cnapier my oi the Bubiio Acts ol 1804 legalizing the doings of West Bath. Bela ling to Judicial Proceedings. To incorporate the Casco Paper Company. To authorize the inhabitants of the town of Hart lord to aid in the construction of a Bailroad to Cen tre Hartford. To incorporate the Valley Cemetery Company of Greene. To incorporate the Button Wood Peat Company. To incorporate the Temisconata Pine Land Com pany. To amend an act entitled An Act to incorporate the city of Augusta. To incroase the Capital Stock of the Lewiston Steam Mill Company m Lewiston* Vo establish the Salary of the J udge of Probate for Androscoggin County. To make valid the doings of the Town Officers of the town of Baldwin, To amend chapter 132 of the Revised Statutes rela ting to the proceeding! of Magistrates in Criminal Oases. in addition to an act to incorporate the Oriental Powder Company, approved Feb. 2.1859. To amend chapter 260 of the Public Laws of 1863 entitled an act for the establishment of Normal Schools. Authorizing the Assessors oi Sherman to exempt from Taxation a certain Grist Mill in that town. To incorporate the Binkley Knitting Machine Co. Additional to chapter 12 of the Revised Statutes in relation to Parishes, Religious Societies and Meeting Houses. To incorporate the Ne Plus Ultra Collar Co. To amend chapter 6 of the Public Laws of 1866 re lating to Executors and Administrators. ! To provide for recording the description of Bury ing Grounds and of Deeds of Lots therein. To authorize Sidney R. Smith and others to erect Fish Wiers in the Carrying Place Cove in Lubec. To amend chapter 56 of the Revised Statutes of this State in relation to Libraries of Charitable and Benevolent Societies. To authorize a ftrrtbcr extension of ths Androscog gin Railroad. To author ze the Leeds and Farmington Railroad to make a lease, an 1 tor oilier purposes. To incorporate the Dirigo Business College located in Augusta. To incorporate the CUv of Saco. To incorporate the Houlton Branch Railroad Com pany. in relation to Fish Wiers on the flat between Great and Little Deer Island. To incorporate the Dirigo Sewing Machine Com pany. 10 make valid the doings of the town of Otisfield. To unite the Maine Baptist Convention with the Maine Missionary Sooietv. To incorporate the North American Petroleum Company. To authorize L. G. Pliiibrook and others to build a wharf in the town oi Sedgwick. I To set off Rufus Stowell and others from the South Paris VII age Corporation. To amend section 1 of chapter 24 of the Public Laws of 1808. Accepting the surrender of the Charter of the Ma chine Water Power and Mill Company. To authorize Joseph T. Grant and another to ex tend their wharf in the town of EUswortu. To amend an act entitled An Act to amend for mer acts o Incorporate the Penobscot, Lin oln and K nnebec Railroad Company, approved March 21, 1364. To make valid the doings of School District No. 2, in Frankiort. Additi nal to an act additional to an act to incor porate the city ot Bangor. Additional *to An Act to incorporate the Ticonic Water Power Manufacturing Company, approved i'eb. 7, 1866. I To make valid the doings of the town of Frank fort. To amend An Act to incorporate the Skowhcgan Hall Association, approved Ja*i. 23, 1816 Amendatory and explanatory of an act to encour age Manufactu es. Authorizing the construction of a wharf into tide waters at Sabbath Day Harbor in the town of Isles boro a ltborizing tho town of Wiscasset to dispose of certain Public Landin^wiu said town. Authorizing the re-assesement ot certain taxes in the city of Calais. To authorize the town of Wiscassot to layout a street over Tide Waters. To authorize John Mclntire to extend a wharf iu lo the Tide Waters of Camden Harbor. j To change the location of WIscasset bridge, and to provide that the same may be made a free bridge. To incorporate the Proprietors of the Plummer Marsh. To Incorporate the Kenuebec Land and Lumber Co. Additional to An act to authorize the town of Wis asset to aid in the construction of the Kennebec and Wiscasset Railroad and the several act9 revising and amending the same. To Incorporate the Monroe Trotting Park Com pany. To incorporate the Dex er Savings Bank. Granting to Hansom B. Abbot the right to estab lish and maintain a Ferry between Sullivan and Hancock. Authorizing the Vniversallst Church in Augusta to hell its church and lot. To make valid the doings of 9chool District No. 7, in the town of Parkman To make valid the doings of the Universalist Meet ing House Corporation ot Lewiston. To incorporate the Web ter Trotting Park Associa tion. To make valid the doings of the Pearl Street Uni versalist Society of Portland. To mak# valid certain doings of tho city govern ment of the city of Bath, A. 6., 186C. Permitting Assesors of Plantations organized for election purposes to establish a basis on which school money may be raised in such plantations. To make valid the doings of the town of Kendns keag in voting to exempt certain property in said town from taxation tor the term of three years. Additional to incorporate tho Augusta Ace Bridge Company. To incorporate the Portland and Ogdenshurgh Railroad Company. To authorize the First Congregational Society of Orono, to move, alter and repair their meeting house. To fix tha salary of the Adjutant General of Maino. To incorporate the Trustees of the Norridgewock High School. To authorize the Kennebec and W iscasset Rail road Company to unite with the Knox and Lincoln Railroad Company. To authorize the P. S. 6t P. Railroad Company to aid the construction of the European <Jfc North American Railway. To authorize certain persons to extend and main tain a wharf In Rockport harbor, in the town of Camden. Granting authority to Oliver M. Reynolds to con struct wharves or wiersin Lubec. To incorporate the Matinicus Wharf and Dock Company. To make valid the doings of the town of Fort Fairfield. To amend chapter 41 of tho Public Laws of 1866, relating to salary of County Attorney for the county of Knox. Authorising Samuel B. Locke, John Locke, and Charles R. Locke to maintain a dam and sluice across the Lower Koazar river in the town of Lovell and establishing the rates of toll for slipping lumber through the same. To annex Ssrstield Plantation to the town of Fort Fairfield. To authorize Samuel McDougal and James Race to extend their wharf in the town of Bootlihay. To change the State valuation of the town of Chelsea. Relating to hills of Exchange. To incorporate the Homeopathic Medical Society. To incorporate the Camden Village corporation. To incorporate the Turner and South Hartford Cemetery Co. To amend former acts to set off certain lands trom the town of Frankibrt and annex the same to the town of Monroe. To incorporate the West Bangor and Herrnon Mu* tual Fire Insurance Co. To set off a portion ot the farm of Arthur Max wall from the towns of Litchfield and Wales and annex the Eauie to the town of Webster. To incorporate the Androscoggin Water Power Co. To make valid the doings of the plantation of Van Bursa. To incorporate the Narragansett Manutactnriug and Trading Company. To increase the Capital Stock of the Damariscotta Manufacturing Company. To amend the charter of the Cape Elizabeth Steam Ferry Company. To incorporate the Portland Stone Ware Company. To incorporate the Bangor Oil Company. To incorporate the Maine Shipbuilders* and Ship Owners’ Association. To incorporate the town of Glen wood. Creating the Oxford Village Corporation. To make valid the doings of the town of Richmond and to authorize said town to issue its bonds, in addition toan act to incorpora, e tho August Das L ght Company. To authorize John F. Gilkey to extend a wharf in to the tide waters in Camden Harbor. T > provide in part for the expenditures of govern ment. lo incorporate the Hollis Manufacturing Company. To amend chapter 92 of the Public Laws of 1*59, relating „o the annual distribution of school blanks. To increase the salary of the County Attorney for the county of Aroostook. Additional to an act entitled “an act to incorporate , the Monmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Company,” approved March 18, 1836. To amend section 52 of chapter 11 of tho Revisod Statut s, relating to Superintendent ot Schools. Authorizing the town of Houlton to aid in the con struction of tile Houlton Br nch Railroad. To farther limit the Jurisdiction ot tho Municipal Courts of the city of Biddeford. To incorpora e the Quantabacook Water Compa ny. To amend section 12 chapter i of the Revised Stat utes, relating to Elections. Additional t, an act to incorporate the Penobscot Mill Dam Company , . _ _ Extending the time within which certain Banks shall redeem their bills, To set off a part of the town ot Frankfort and an nex the same to the town ol Winterport. Accepting tUe mmemUr of the chuter of the iHrt go IniWanc* Company. Hogulating the taking of trout iu certain Lakes in ail(l Pftoklin counties. To regulate the building and maintenance ol‘ weirs on Presumpscot River. To change the names of certain persons. To change the name of John H. Black. . To amend section 27 of chapter 59 of the Keviseu Statutes, in relation to the adoption of children. To incorporate the Milo Water Power Company. To incorporate the Wiscasset Village conjorauon. To incorporate the Bangor Water Power Com ’"to authorize school Jietriot No. li" Qtown of Westbrook, to raise money for a si^oculiouse. To amend an act entitled An act to incorporate the citv of Calais.” approved August 24,1860. 1*0 incorporate the Trustees of the Passadumkeag ** Defining the ownership of down timber. To change the names of certain persons. To set off the town of Plymouth from the West Penobscot Agricultural Society and annex the same t» the North Waldo Agricultural Society, For the protection oi trout In Grand Lake Stream. To incorporate the Shapleigh and Acton Agricultu ral Soclty. Granting certain powers to the Baptist Society in Berwick. J To incorporate the Casco Mills. To Incorporate the Lockwood Mills. To incorporate the Knox Fire Insurance Company. To incorporate the Madawaska Mills. 4lj° authorize Ruel Philbrick to extend a wharf into tide waters of Camden Harbor. To provide uniformity in the taxation of legal coats by the Clerks of the Courts In this State. To incorporate the Boston and Saco Steamboat 1 Company. To Incorporate the town of Mars Hill. To authorize the tow n of Winn to exempt certain property from taxation. To authorize James C. Storer, Samuel T. Cleve land, Joshua P. Slmonton and John M. Simon ton to extend a wharf into tide waters in Camden Harbor. To auncx the town Of Danville to the town ot Au burn. To amend an act to incorporate the city of Lew iston. To incorporate the Farmington and Strong Tele graph Company. To amend tie charter of tbe New Sharon Water Power Company. Additional to “An act regulating the taking ot ale wives in the Damarisrotta river.” To change the names of certpin persons. To incorporate the Trustees of the Augusta Acad emy. To incorporate the Maine Dental Society. To Incorporate tbe Masonic Trustees of Portland. To protect the rights of Indians of the Penobscot Tribe to certain Islands. To establish the salary of the County Attorney for Androscoggin County. To make valid the doings of tbe town ot Milo In voting to exempt certain property in said town from taxation for the term of ten years. To incorporate the Saco ana Biddeford Shipbuilding Cnmpany. To make valid tho doings of Municipal officers and Superintending School Committees of the to*»n ot Cornish, and to establish the limits of school districts therein. To authorize the Selectmen of the town of Harps well, or the County Commiseioners of the County of Cumberland to lay out a highway over tide woters. To incorporate the Skowhegan Gas Company. To establish the salary of the Judge of Probate for the county of Cumberland. To incorporate the Nahmakanta Dam Company. To extend the corporate powers of the President, Directors and Company of the Alfred Bank. For the protection ot fish In the Maguerrawock or Beaver Lakes. To amend chapter 67, section 6, of the Revised Stat utes. relating to tolls for grinding, cleansiug and bolting grain. To incorporate the Mousam Manutacturieg Com pany. io incorporate rne norm Anson ana axowuegan Telegraph Company. To inkorporate the Maine Building Block Co. To incorporate the Biddeford and Saco Railroad Co. To make valid the doings of the town of Spring held. Relating to the Thomaston Academy. To extend the charter of tl»e Thomaston Bridge Co. To incorporate the Kittery Marine Rail way Co. Giving to Woodland Plantation authority 'to raise money for the repairs of ways and Bridges, Additional to incorporate the Augusta Hotel Asso ciation. To amend an act to authorize John Mclntire to extend a wharf in the town of Camden, approved Feb. 8,18C7. To authorize the First Parish in Falmouth to sell and convey certain lands. To amend section 61 of chapter 11 of the Revised Statutes, relating to raising money In plantations lor building school houses and for school purposes. Relating to the Reports of Railroad corporations and Insurance companies. To establish a Municipal Court in the city of Saeo. Additional to chap. 140 of the Revised Statutes, re lating to the State Prison. Additional to and to collate certain provisions of former acts relating to tho Kennebec & Wiscasset Railroad Company, and to amend the same. To amend an act to incorporate the Pictou Mining Company, approved Jan. 22, 1867. To amend section 6 of chap. 135 of the Revised Statutes, relating to removing convicts from the county Jail to the State Prison. To make valid the doings of school district No. 4, In Richmond. To amend section 142 of chap. 6 of the Revised Stat utes, relating to collection of taxes in incorporated places on lands of non-resident owners. To provide for the election of School Committees j a’ d a Superintendent oi Schools m the city of Lew iston. Authorizing James Lancaster and others to build a wharf in Winterport. To incorporate the Lumberman's Savings Bank. In addition to an act to Incorporate the Augusta & Hallowell Gas Light Company. Additional to the acts which constitute the charter ol the Maine Central Railroad Company. To Incorporate the Kennebec Sale Deposit Co. Providing for the appointment of weignors of coal. To increase the salary of the County Attorney for the county of Cumberland. To increase the capital stock ol the “Star Match Corporation of Portland.’* To amend an act to establish the compensation of the Clerk of the Jud cial Court of the county of Cum berland, approved March, 29,1859. Authorizing the County t ommiasloners of Waldo count v to lay out a road over tide waters in Belfhst. Additional to charter C ol the Revised Statutes in relation to the collection of taxes. To incorporate the Great Works Log Driving Co. Additional to an act to establish tho Dexter & Newport Railroad. To incorporate the Muzzy Iron Works. To amend chapter 81 ol the Revised Statutes and chapter 74 of the Laws of 1859, relating to the attach ment of personal property i.emulating elections in organized plantations. Tolncorporate the Specie Payment Mining Co. Relating to constructing Aqueducts. Additional to an act to establish the Stato Col lege of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. Additi nal to an act entitled An Act to annex the town oi Danvillo to the town of Auburn, approved Feb. 21,1867. To amend an act entitled An Act to supply the people of Portland with pure water. To amend section 11, chapter 6 of the Revised Stat utes, relating to taxation. To incorporate the Greonleaf Law Library. To amend section 36 ol chapter 38 of the Revised Statutes, relating to Pressed Hay. To amend section 36 of chapter 40 of the Revised Statutes. Relating to the challenging of Jurors in civil and enminal cases. To incorporate the Eureka Milling Co. To continue in force an a t authorizing Pension for disabled soldiers and seamen. To protect Yarmouth Harbor. Relating to bail n criminal caseB. In relation to the divorce of Franklin Simonds. In relation to evidence of the enlistment and situ ation of soldiers during their service under the Un - ted States Government. To amend an act to amend former acts to incorpor ate the Penobscot, Lincoln & Kennebec Railroad Co. approved March 21,1864. To amend chapter 418 of the Special Laws of 1865, relating to the Brunswick Mutual Marine Insurance Co. To amend section 136 chapter 6 of tbo Revised Statutes and the collection of taxes, and Treasurers ot towns. To annex certain Islands to the town of Friendship. To authorize the Trustees of Farmington Academy to convey certain property to the State ot Maine. To enable the city of Portland to aid In rebuilding said citv. To amend chapter 34 of the Revised Statutes relat ing to Auctions and Auctioneers. To make valid the doings of the proprietors in the Harmony Village Meeting House Parish. Relating to fees of Sheriffs and their Deputies and Constables. Establishing the times ot holding the several terms ot the Supreme Judicial Court. For the Incorporation of the Pembroke Shipbuild ing Company. Authorizing the employment of Stenographers to report proceeding in the Supreme Judicial Court. Defining a mutual and open account current. Additional to an act incorporating the Cushnoc Manufacturing and Water Power Company. Relating to the testimony ot persons taken in the trial of civil causes who have since deceased. Authorizing any city or town in tbe State to raise money to aid in the construction of any railroad In this State. To amend chapter 50 ol the Public Laws of 1866, so as to allow to County Clerks a compensation tor services rendered under said statute. To Increase the salary of the Governor. To authorize the city ot Bangor to aid in the con struction of a railroad into Piscataquis county. To revive and extend the charter of the Bangor and Piscataquis Rail road Company. To incorporate the Webster Fire Insurance Co. To incoiporate the B.lfast and Moose Head Lake Railway Company. Authorizing the sale of the Free Will Baptist Meet ing House in the town of Readfleld. To incorporate the Winterport Railroad Co. To amend chapter 47 ofthe Revised Sta. utes relating to Banks. To amend section 105 of chapter 82 ot Revised Stat utes. relating to proceedings In court. Additional to chapter is of the Revised Statutes, relating to Ways. To incorporate the Eagle Sugar Refinery. To accept the surrender ofthe charter of the Pls cataqua Fire and Marine Insurance < ompany. To provide for the incorporation ofMlning Cos. To make valid the doings of tbe town of Machine in voting bounty to their soldiers. Authorizing the town of Richmond to aid in the construction ofthe Knox and Lincoln Railroad. To amend an act entitled An Act to amend former acts to incorporate the Penobscot, Lincoln and Ken uebec Railroad Company, approved March 21, 1864. To renew the Charter of certain Banks. To t>xteud the Charter of the Thomaston Marine and Fire Insurance Company. To amend an act entitled An Act to enable tbe city of Portland to aid in lebuilding the said city. For the assessment ofa State tax for the year 1867 amounting to $967,201 32. J Providing for the taxation ofthe property and stock ol Natiional Banks and Banking Associations in this State. To provide for the inspection of petroleum and coal oil and burning fluids, and to regulate the man ufacture and sale thereof. To provide for the restoration ofthe records of the Court of Probate for the county of Cumberland. To Incorporate the Knox Agricultural and Horti cultural Society. To provide in part for the expenditures of Govern ment. To provido for a State Police In certain cases. Granting authority to St. Stephen's Parish in Port land to convey land where their church formerly stood. Additional to and amenditory of chapter 38 of tho Laws of1858 for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops. Amendatory of charter 33 of the Laws of 1858 for tho suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops. Additional to chapter 11 ofthe Revised Statutes re lating to building ol‘school houses. To exempt from taxation the capital stock of cer tain Railroad Companies for a term of years. To ascertain the will of the people concerning the sale ofintoxicating liquors. Authorizing the town of Newport to take stock in the Newport Manufacturing Company.—307. RESOLVES Relative to the restoration of Sea Fish to the rivers and inland waters of Maine. Authorizing the Land Agent to convev a lot of land to James McKeon. In favor of Henry M. Harlow. Authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Rodney C. Barker. In favor of William Glidden. In <avor of Rufus Mclntire. In favor ofthe town of Webster. For the payment of lost Bonds, Coupons and other State securities. In favor of the Chicago Historical Society. In favor of Peol Mitchel Francis. Relating to the distribution of the Adjutant Gener als Report for 1864 and 1865. In favor of the town of Kennebunk. In relation to the distribution ot Public Documents. In favor of James Merrill. In lavor of the town of Chelsea, in the county of Kennebec. Authorizing the Land Agent to apply the proceeds trom sales of certain lands in Sherman upon tho roads in said town. In favor of Francis Susup. In favor of Sabuttus Lewey. In tavor of the Penobscot tribe of Indians. Relative to the Shipbuilding interests of Maine. In favor of George W. Quinbv, of Augusta. In tavor of the town of Trescott. Amending resolve entitled “Resolve In aid of build ing a bridge over Aroostook River at Fort Fairfield." In favor of Increase Blako. In aid of btiUdin'mills In Chapman plantation, In the aounty of Aroostook. in addition to the resolve in relation to Indian af fairs, approved Feb. 21, 1866. For the appointment of a Commission for Industri al School for Girls. . Authorizing Urn Land Agmt to convey a lot of land to Tijyhema French In trust! Authorizing the adjustment of the claim ot Jane A. w eeke Cor Improvements on certain lets of land in Raton. In lavor of Reuben Burnham. Authorizing the Land Agent to convey a certain lot of land to Joseph Pollard. In fhvor of Penobscot. Tribe of Indians. In favor of Penobscot Tribe of Indians. Relating to files of the N inborn Tribune newspa per in the custody of the Clerk ol the Courts for the countv of Lincoln. Authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to the widow and children of a deceased soldier. In lavor of Wales Hubbard. Providing for an investigation of the management of the Insane Asylum. In fhvor of the Committee on Education. In thvor of Rocky Ripe bridge in Township No. I, M. Division, Penobscot county. In thvor of Susan Beed of Freedom. In thvor of the Passamaquoddy Tribe ol Indians. In aid of roads and bridges In the county of Aroos took. In favor of the road leading from Brighton to Greenville. In favor of Mandevllle T. Ludden. In aid of building mills at the mouth of the Mada waaka Blver. In thvor of Joint Standing Committee on State Be form School. Belative to the claims of the State of Maico against the United Stale*, for expenses Incurred in the late rebellion. To amend chapter 339 of Besolvea of 1864. In thvor of the Paaeamaquoddy Tribe of Indiana. In fhvor of the Joint Standing Committee on the State Prison. In thvor of procuring a Portrait of Abraham Lin colm, late President ol the United States. Abating State taxes of Frankfort and assessing the same to the town of Monroe. Belatlng to Manufactures. Additional In ffivor of claimants under resolves in fhvor of certain officers and aoldlert of the Revolu tionary war. Amending resolve authorizing the appointment of Commissioners to locate grants and determine the extent ot poseeesory claim* under the late treaty with Great Britain. Granting the Penobscot Tribe of Indians authority to lease their lands. For the purpose of carrying Into effect chapter 334 of the Be solves of 1864, In thvor of Westbrook S mi nary. In thvor of Joint Standing Committee on Military Allairs. A flairs™ °f Jolat 8undin* Committee on Military Belatlng to the appropriation for the State Lib rary. Additional to a resolve approved Feb. 23, 1866, in aid of the State Normal School at Farmington. In aid of the Canada road. in aid of opening and repairing the road leading from Patten to Township No. 6, R. 7. In favor ol the State College ol Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. In aid of the road leading from Letter E plantation to Sandy River Pond, in the county of Franklin. Laying a tax on the several counties in this State. Authorizing repairs upon the Houlton and Baring road. Authorizing a conveyance of land to H, B. Hus sey. Authorizing the Land Agent to remit certain set tling duties in favor of Elbridge Knight. In favor of the Northern Pacific Railroad Com pany. _ iwiauuK iu in* uistriDuuon oi me Report oi toe Adjutant General of Maine for 1866. To reduce tbe valuation of the city of Portland. In favor of Marv Pomeroy of Hampden. Relating to tbe defiance of the State of Maine. Relating to State Arms. Relating to Reconstruction. In flavor of the State Reform School. In fhvor of Henry Freethy. In fhvor of Elizabeth Foster of Littleton. In favor of East Maine Conference Seminary. Providing for a Hydrographic Survey of the rivers of the State. In favor of Stevens & Sayward. To carry into effect chapter 284 of the .Resolves of 1864, in favor of Bates College. In favor of State Prison. Of sympathy with the Cretans In their struggle for Independence. In fhvor of William W. Qnimby of Bucksport. In fhvor of Adam Richardson. Relating to the assassination of John King Robin son, at Salt Lake City. In tavor of Abbot Cushman. In fhvor of the Eastern Normal School. In favor of the State Normal School at Farming ton. Authorizing a temporary Loan. To aid in the repairs ot certain roads and bridges In this State. In relation to Bliss's new Decimal System of Weights, Measures and Currency. Authorizing the completion of the State Map. In favor of Charles A. Luce and Charles B. Sea ^telatlve to the assumption by the State oi tho Municipal War Debts. in relation to the compensation of the two tem porary clerks employed In the Secretary of State’s office during the nresent session of the Legislature. Relating to the Documentary History of Maine. In fhvor of the Insane Hospital. In tavor of the destitute orphans of the soldiers and seamen ot the late war. Relating to the pay ot the private Secretary of the Governor. Authorizing the Land Agent to receive and obtain certain records and other data from the archives of Massachusetts. Relating to the claim oi the State against tbe sureties of B. D. Peck, late Treasurer. In favor of compiling and printing tbe school laws. On Pay Roll ot House. On Pay Roll of Senate—167. State Items. —The Ellsworth American chronicles the death from burning by clothes taking fire, of Miss Sallte Abbott, of Franklin, aged 70 years —The Damarlscotta river is now free from ice and open to navigation. —On the passage of the Bankrupt bill the Senators from this State divided, Mr. Fessen den voting for and Mr. Morrill against it. —“Perley" of the Journal learns positively that the President has nominated Judge Bus sel as Collector of Boston, and George W. Buck more as Collector at Frenchman's Bay, in this State. —Capt. William H. Mitchell, belonging it Is said in Machiaa, fell from on board his vessel, the James Murche, in New York harbor, on Saturday, and was drowned. —The Lincoln county veterans have organ ized a Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Union with the following offloers: President, Major General James A. Hall; Secretary, Captain James A. Sanborn of Damiriscotta; Treasurer, Lieut. George A. Hall of Nobleboro. —The Bath Timet requests the publisher of the New York Day Book to desist sending his publications to that office, and says, “The spirit iu which it discusses national topics .is offen sive to the sensibilities ot every American citi sen. We have no use for such a villainous and attrocious publication." —The result of the preliminary examination of the Sumner incendiaries, at Paris, is the discharge of Standish Buck, and the binding over of his father, Ambrose Buck tor his appear; auce at the next term of the S. J. Court for Ox ford Co., on the 12th mat. He promptly gave bail and was set at liberty. —The Republican is informed that a lady in Pembroke, recently became the mother of a child, weighing at it* birth, fifteen and a quar ter pounds.

—Three deers were taken in the town of Dex ter a few days since. The dears, it is under stood, are not all taken. There are “a few more left.” —The Machias Republican says the United States Mail Stage from Calais, was pursued by Custom House Officer, Foss, who seized a lot of articles declared smuggled. The team and all the contraband goods were taken into his custody and returned to Calais, the driver be ing left without any means of conveying the, return mail. —The shell boat to be used by Walter Brown oi this city in the approaching champion boat race, at which Pittsburg Hami 11 will be a com petitor, has just been completed at Harlem. It is a single scull, 32 feet long, 31-2 feet beam, 35 pounds in weight. Origliial and Selected. —Our first page, “British Provincial Mat ters,” “Wm. G. Brownlow,” "An Old Spanish City,” “The Abattoirs of New York.” On the last page, “The Answering Heart,”—poetry, “Bothering a Witness," “Early Trials of Edi tors," and other humorous miscellany. —At the recent municipal election in Georgetown, at which colored men voted, a young white man was seen in the line of voters passing the ballot box, between two colored men, one of whom had been owned by the white “gentleman’s" father and the other by bis aunt. A suggestive sandwich! —A brother of John Surratt has appeared in Washington from Texas, where he has liv ed since 1859. The Surratts are of French de scent, and Catholics from the first. —Roland McDonald of Richmond, N. B„ was killed in the woods, near his house, a few days since, by the fall ot a tree. He was at work alone, and not returning home as usual,search was made, wbioh resulted in finding his dead body the same night, frozen stifl'. The Tennessee Legislature ha* passed a sedition law. It provides for the punishment of persons uttering seditious words in speeches, or threats to resist the laws, or inciting other*, by such language, spoken, written or printed. —At a late town meeting in Nantuoket there were present three hundred and seventy-five people over seventy years old, seventy-five who were over eighty, and nine who were over ninety. —Professor Agassiz received a vote of thanks at the close of his last lecture in New York on the "Origin of Man.” George Bancroft moved the vote of thanks after a few complimentary remarks. -It is stated that Caleb Cushing was among the prominent Democrats who urged President Johnson to sign the Reconstruction bill. The N. Y. Evening Gazette remarks that the question whether streets were designed for any other purpose than the accommodation of railway corporations seems to have long ago been settled in favor of the latter -Placards lately posted throughout the workingmen’s quarters in Pari,, contained the words, “The Emperor’s head, or cheaper bread.” -Hon. William H. Hooper has been re-elect ad delegate for Utah. He was Brigham Young’, candidate, and therefore there was little opposition to him. -The three largest towns in Massachusetts are Gloucester with 11.938 inhabitants; Dor Chester with 10,729; and Haverhill with 10 650. They are thinking to be cities soon. —The correspondence between young Mr Bennett and the Duke of Edinburgh got into the English paper* by way of this country. PiVtlttad and Vicinity, New Advcniiwnituli To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and Shoes-®. E. Moseley & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Festival and Promenade Concert. Portland Society of Natural History. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. JJr c. M. A.—Stated Meeting. W anted—Situation. Clothing—California Cheap John. Ua 111 Grs“ *“«*“• Boots and Shoes—Tyler, Lamb & Co. Removal—Stephen dale Wanted—Partner. Lost—Pocket Lodger. Removal—McCobb A Kiugsbuiy. I uEted States t'onimi.elont r'a t'turl. WM. H. CLIFFORD, ESQ., COMMISSIONER. Monday.-.Michael Burke was arraigned before the Commissioner on two eomplaints, one for assault ing Melville D. Haines, mate of brig Minnie Miller, <n the harbor ofMatanzas, on the 1st of February, with a dangerous weapon, with intent to commit murder: the other for assaulting the mate with In tent to commit mayhem. The prisoner was a sea man onboard tho said vessel' Messrs. Howard & Cleaves appeared for him, and G. P. Talbot, United States District Attorney, for Government. After ex amination, the Commissioner decided to hold the prisoner in the Bum of $1000, to appear at the April term of the United States Circuit Court. Failing in bail he was committed. T* the Citizens of Portland. The undersigned respectfully request your attendance to-day at 11.30 A. M., at the Mer chants’ Exchange, to take into consideration the subject of raising funds to purchase food for our destitute and starving fellow citiiens South. E. Stevens, Mayor. T. C. Herskt, President Board Trade. Eben Steele. L Washburn*, Jb. Woodbuby Davis. S. E. Spring. Jonas H. Pebley. Municipal Election. Our municipal election yesterday was one of the most quiet we ever witnessed. With the exception of two Wards, in which the Demo crats made some efforts to get out their voters: there waa nothing dono to get up voters. The weather was unpleasant, snowing in the morn ing, and drizzling in the afternoon. Voters came to the polls or stayed at home, just as suited them best. The result is just what we anticipated—a thorough sweep in all the Wards from 1 to 7, and au increased majority for Mayor Stevens I over tho vote of last year. The vote is not so j heavy by some five hundred us it was a year j ago, but the majority for Mr. Stevens is 233 I larger than it was then. The majority for Judge Kingsbury, forjudge of the Municipal Court, will vary but tew votes from that of Mayor Stovens. The Union Republicans have elected every officer in every Ward, leaving not even a con stable to the Democrats. The following are the returns, the Island votoTiot having been received: Volf for tinier. • 1866. 1861. YJ X ’Ji T. J: V. o p* ® 5- p* n> 2 b » 2 I » Ward*. 3 a 5 3 S 5 5 ® 1 » <n T. • pn « • P) on 1 212 129 40 292 97 2 224 136 7 174 107 1 3 343 96 23 196 32 4 229 140 28 210 64 5 308 120 30 310 136 6 357 158 23 309 137 1 7 324 137 35 399 171 Islands, 32 18 2929 934 192 1880 744 2 Cl TIT AFFAIRS. The regular monthly meeting of the City Council was held last evening. IN BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN. Communicaation from Mr. James L. Far mer in relation to the blowing up ot his build ings corner of Pearl and Cumberland streets on the morning of July 5th, and petitioning for a suitable award to be made to him for the purpose of rebui ding, was referred to the next City Council. Remonstrance of George Jewett et als against granting the petition of Daniel F. Lar rabee, that he may UBe a building in tbe rear of India streot as a livery stable, was read. A memorial was also presented trom Mr. Larra bee which was signed by several of his nearest neighbors who do not object to bis keeping a stable there After tlie above memorials bad been read, the petition of Mr. Larrabee for permission to occnpy the building as a liverv stable, waB taken from tbe table. George Jewett., Esq. appeared for the remon strants, and stated some reasons why permis sion should not be granted Mr. Larrabee, to keep a stable there. He requested that a com mittee should be appoiuted to visit the place and examine the stable lor themselves, and they would see at once that permission should not be granted. It was voted that the whole Board should be acommittee to examine the premises Wednes day at 3 o’clock, P. M. Communication from E. W. Woodbury, at torney for E. H. Neveus, of Sweden, who fell into tlie excavation made for a sewer at tbe Grand Trunk Depot, and requesting tlie city to remunerate him for injuries caused thereby, was referred to the next City Council. Communication from M. A. Blanchard, Esq., City Auditor, stating that the specific appro priation for streets, sidewalks, and bridges, Eassed by the City Council June 4,18C>6 is ex austed, and recommending tbe passage of an order providing that all bills contracted by the committee in charge of said department be paid from and money in the city treasury not otherwise appropriated, was read, and an order was passed in conformity with the views of the Auditor. The Committee on Laying out New Streets reported in favor of straightening Congress street from Pearl to Franklin street, and award the following damages: Pearl street Universal ist Society $80; Mrs. John T. Gilman $500; 1st Baptist Society $4500; Lorenzo Taylor $2200; Moses B. Nickerson $1700; John H. Williams $1100; Mr. Hatch $825; George Waterhouse $1100; John E. Donnell $450. The same oommittee also reported in favor of continuing Cedar street to low water mark in Back Cove, and award to Chas. O. and A. W. H. Clapp $3800. The reports were accepted, and orders were passed in accordance therewith to widen Con gress street and to extend Cedar street. An order was, also, passed to pay the 1st Baptist Society $1500, additional, in full for all damages sustained by them in widening Con gress street. This order was introduced upon recommendation from the committee. The petition of J. Straus for a pawnbrokers license, was referred to tbe next City Council. Leave to withdraw was voted to Messrs. Thompson, Robinson and Egerty, who peti tioned for an increase of damages for land tak en in the extension of Cross street. The order introduced at the last meeting to pay additional sums to the Police officers, viz: $200 to the City Marsha), and at the at the rate • of $100 per year each to the Deputy Marshals, Truant officer and Policemeu, came up, the Common Council insisting upon their vote passing the order and requesting a committee of conference. Alderman Holden moved that tlie Board re cede from their former vote, refnsing the order a passage, and concur with the other Board in passing the order. Tlie motion oi Alderman Holden was oppos ed by Aldermen Morgan and Phinnev, and supported by Aldermen Giddings, Whittemore and Holden. The Board by a vote of 5 to 2 voted to recede from their former vote, and passed tbe order in concurrence. An order was passed unanimously, to pay Jonathan M. Heath the sura ot $150 tor extra servioes rendered the past year. The annual reports of the City Solicitor and Superintendent of Burials were presented, ac cepted and ordered tojbe printed. Alderman Giddings, from the Committee on Liquor Agency, made a report, in which the death of Lorenzo Hamblin, the Agent, was mentioned in appropriate terms, and a just tribute was paid to the character of the de ceased. John J. Qerrteh was appointed Liquor Agent in place of Mr. Hamblin, deceased. The committee of conference reported in mvor of concurring with the Common Coun cil in nassmg the order increasing the pay of F. D. Moore, Assistant Civil Engineer. The report was accepted and the order was passed in concurrence. AAJLor<lep was PaMetl authorizing the City Auditor to make his annual report in print and that 500 copies be printed. 4.u5«or?er pa88ed; establishing the grade of tkeLastern end of Congress street. The annual report of tlio keeper ol the I rowder Magazine was presented and placed ob nle. a passed to pay 8. B. Krograan SIO^O for refreshments and lodgings furnish ed on the 4th and 5th of J uly, to firemen who came to the city to assist during the great fire. , Adjourned to Friday evening, March 8th, at 7 wo clock. Deerino Hall.—A densely packed and de lighted audience greeted the first opening last night of the famous exhibition of the Apoca lypse and^Paradise Lost To say that all were pleased would he but faint praise to bestow on so beautiful and enchanting an exhibition. As scene after scene of the marvellous visions of St. John passed so wierd-like before the vision of the beholder, a feeling of awe deeply mani fested itself in the breathless stillness of the audience. And as the epic story of Paradise Lost unfolded its gorgeous scenery, and our first parents were discovered in that beautiful paradise on earth, the Garden of Eden, the audience seemed transported by the marvellous skill of the Artist, and seemed satisfied that the climax of beauty and art have been arriv ed at In this truly interesting and instructive entertainment. Again this evening it will be open, and on Wednesday afternoon also.— Families and children may witness it at a re duced price. Wellcome'b great German Remedy recom mends itself to all who use it foi throat and lung difficulties. Thousands declare it superi or to any other. You will find it so by using B. jan4—dlawtf HOPKDfs, at the Fulton Fish Market, Fede ral street, has received another lot of fresh sal mon, which he will deliver to customers in any part of the olty. I)KDlCAftoK.~Th6 new and beAutlfr.i Hall of the Portland Array and Navy Union, in the 1st National Bank building, coiner ol Middle and Plum streets, was dedicated last evening The hall, capable of seating perhaps two hun dred and fifty persons, was densely packed by an appreciative rudlence. It was tastefully decorated with flags and bunting, and present ed a very attractive appearance. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Gor don, President of the Association, who, in a few appropriate remarks, stated the objects of the organization, and its need of assistance in establishing a library, &c. He had to apolo gise for tbe absence of Mr. Barker, who was expected to give a poem on the occasion. A very appropriate prayer was offered by Mr. Mr. Fenn of High Street Church, after which Col. A. W. Bradbury was introduced as the orator of the owning. Col. B. occupied precisely half an hour in the graceful delivery of a a very finely written address, lull of fine thoughts, apt illustrations and patriotic sug gestions. His allusion to his old friend and teacher, Gov. Chamberlain, and his easy trans ition from the staid walks of academic life to the martial field, his quiet return and subse quent transfer to the chair of State, wearing the robes of office as gracefully as ha had those of literature, was very fine, and received with the warmest applause. We wish wc had time and space to notice more at length this admirable production of a gifted young sol dier. The exercises were interspersed with sing ing by a quartette consisting of Messrs. Shaw, Morgan, Thurston and Burnham, which was admirable, and called out the most generous applause. Westbrook all Right.—The whole Re publican ticket was elected in Westbrook yes terday, and by handsome majorities, as will be seen by the returns below. For years past the town has been under the domination of the copperheads, but the yoke is now thrown off. A fusion ticket was originally agreed upon, but tbe leaders of the Democratic party repu diated and called a eaucus last week, at which, according to the Argus, 200 were pesent, and a full blooded Democratic ticket was nominated. No other course was left for the Republicans but to nominata another ticket, which they did, and with a good result. The following is the vote: Republican Ticket.—Moderator—James John son, 222; for Selectmen—George C. Codman, 306; Daniel Dole, 301: William R. Pennell, 306; for Town Clerk—Fabius M. Ray, 305; for School Committee—E. H. Elwell, 296; for Treasurer—FabiusM. Ray,296; forTown Agent —Horace F. Milliken, 298. R R. Record was chosen Collector. Democratic Ticket. — Moderator—Jonathan Smith, 206; for Selectman—Henry B. Walker, 247; Rufus Johnson, 248; Myrick Emerson, 249; for Clerk and Trcadws>r—H. J. Bradbury, 250; for Superintending School Committee— Jahez T. Denning, 244; for Town Agent—J. C. Brackett, 247. \Y ard 6.—In the list of nominations made in this Ward, and published in the Press yes terday was that of SamuelfR. Leavitt for War den. As Mr. Leavitt did not reside in the Ward, he declined being a candidate and the name of Samuel S. Rich was substituted on the ticket and Mr. Rich was elect. New Engine.—We noticed yesterday, on the freight cars as they passed our office, a new and beautiful locomotive named "Renwiok," built at the Taunton Locomotive Works, for the Bangor and Oldtown railroad. Wabd 7.—The vote in this Ward for Aider man was as follows: Ambrose Giduings, 382; William H. Clifford, 188. SPECIAL NOTICES. The Old Established Boot ami Shoe Store of T. F. MOSELEY & Co., Summer St., Boston, continues to make to order the beBt class of goods for Ladles', Gentlemen's and Children's wear. inohBUU ANDERSON & CO.’S HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY/ 333 Congress St, above Casco, 83F“French, German and American Corsets Irom 75 ctt to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hour* notice. Feb 9—is (13m DR. SWEET, NATURAL BONE SETTER. Doctor of all ailments Incident to the Bonos, Cords, and Muscles, Hip Diseases,- iff, anil oularged Joints, Weak and Perished Limbs Paralysis, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, on: Lameness, successfully treated. Office 31 Gray Street. Where he can be consulted daily without charge. Iebl5 d3w* hi * FELLOW’S ORIGINAL WORM LOZENGES. WE ran with confidence point to FELLOW’S WORM LOZENGES as the most pertect rem edy for those troublesome pests, INTESTINAL WORMS. After years of careful experiment, success has crowned our efforts, and we now ott'or to the world a confection without a single fault, being sale, con venient, effect ual and pleasant. No Injurious result can occur, let them bo used in whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their composition, They may he used without further preparatioa. and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never full in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and thev will always strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when ho is not amlcted with worms. Various remedies have from time to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of wormseed, turp entine, die., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several yeare, the proprietors of F’ellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively sate, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers of the genuineness oi these lozeuges, the analysis ot Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messre. FELLOWS & CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. 'These Lozeuges are skilfuUy compounded, peas ant to the taste, satt?, yet sure anil effective hi their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayer to the State of Mass. Price 35 cents per Bex j Fite Ter #1. GEO. W. SWETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, 106 Huuover Street, Boston Mass., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. w W. WHIPPLE & CO. 21 Market Square Wholesale and Retail Agents. ^ BS^Sold by dealers In Medicines everywhere, octS-deow6msN u REMOVAL. DRS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 1-9 CONGRESS STREET, BBOWN’g NEW BLOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Senter. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Dr. Chadwick’s residence 168 Cumberland street Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. J@f?“Free Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 6 P. M., for the poor. jan28SNdti Some Folks Can’t sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard anil invaluable remedy, DODD’S NERVINE, which article surpasses all known preparations for the cure ot all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ol which Is to produce costiveness and other serious difficulties; it allays Irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the .cartbl mental and bodily symptoms that ttillnw in the train ol nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the besf reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price *1 Oeo. C. Goodwin iS Co., &ugjlsulyd£w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. Fisher’s Cough Drops. This certain ami eli'ectual cure for Coughs and all diseases of the throat anil lungs, has been generally known throughout Mew England for the last sixty years, and is warranted to cure, or the price will be reminded. Prepared by Georoe W. Walling ford, Grandson of the late Dr. Fisher. . SYMONDS & CO., Proprietors, Kenne bunk, Maine. G. C. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold by all Druggists. marld3m a n Why Suffer trom Sores? When, by the use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT you can be easily cuYed. It baa relieved thousand* irom Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands. Sprains, Cuts, Hounds, and evei'y Complaint of the Skin. Try It, lor it costs but 25 cents. Be sure to ask for Hale’s Arnica Olniment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cent* to O. P. SEYMOUR <St CO., Boston, Mass and receive a box by return mall. tcb'.'ej.'ui s JJ Long Sought For l Come at Last! Mains' Elder Berry Wine, We take pleasure In announcing that the above Kitartitmay, b« fo'u>d lor aerie by al? City Druggists and lirst class Country Grocers. anmng th? viSS*e ,Wine ia Invaluable, being among the best, if not the best, remedy for colds and uvrf!pn?m yfiC<)1Uplaims\a8 weil a* onhuf the most SESSS , Manuftctnred from Urn pure "errV. aiKl unadulterated by any impure ngreuiciit, we can heartily recommend it to* the sick as a medicine, ami to the well, as a beverage. m‘ To the days of the aged itaddeth length, JJ* wie mighty it addelli strength,” Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists aud Grocers buy and sell in AINU’ ELDERBERRY WINK nov 27 s n d&wu l-OLOATE & CO.’S, WINTER SOAP ! Recommended for CHAPPED HANDS aud lor general T.ilct use during COLD WEATHER. It may bo obtained of all Druggists aud Fancy Gouda Uea,er8- _ SN Ieb20d23t Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fact that more than 4 O Of their Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION .in the late fire. Parties desiring a first rate safe. At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY it WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at HO Mudb.rr »tre«t, BwMa. ty Second-hand Satin taken in exchange for sale- i Jan is—sststw In tach mo.adv rsmsindsr of time, i MMBrt.iL SOTKIM. 1> li.S. 8. FITCH’S * ‘ family Physician »*«« : price 25 rente. Sent to any ad reart '«,,r.v,‘n’ney r<’‘luir«d until the book la received, sick orVn.ifH y *r,1'r'jV’"1- •’ ls » perfect guide to the Trem^ter^eu^ «* "’ * Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur r«nt Wiiu>w A Cough, A Cold. «r I A bore Throat. ECEQEIRES IMMEDIATE A M ENTION AND SHOULD DE CHECKED. ’ If allowed to continue, sf Ike Lunge, a p»r nnnrnl Thr.ul Dlwase, •r t ensanplleu, is often the result. snowy's BRONCHIAL THOCHE8 HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchitis, Astbmn, Catarrh, Cou eumplire and Throat Diseases, TROCHES ABE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. Stingers and Public Speakers will liud Troches useful in clearing the voico when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat after an unusual exertion ol the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed l>y Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their oiilcacy by a test ol many ycare, each year ttnds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. OBTAIN only ‘-Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitatiuns that may be offered, sold Dec 4—d*wOin sn Warren’s Cough Balsam. Tlie beat Remedy ever compounded for Cold*. Cougla*, Catarrh and Consumption, and all diseases^ of the Throat ancl Lungs. KdT'For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by II. F dRADHlBI, 0ctl5d&W9N6m Druggist, Bangor. Batchelor's Hair l»ye. This splendid Heir Dye is the best in the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tint*. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Had Dye*. Invigorates the liair, leaving It sott and bountiful. The genuine is signed Wil liam A. Hatchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists ana Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. idT Beware of u couuierfitii. November 10. 18G6. dlvsn MINERAL BATIIS AT HOME. DYSPEPSIA CURED HIIEUMA risttl CURED ERUPTIONS •■■he PACE CURED SCROFULA CURED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with ail your various ami often perni cious drugs a ud quack medicines, and uae a lew baths prepared with “STRUMATIC SALTS!** These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors ol‘ the Mineral Well of the Penn’a Salt Mau fa«turlng Co., in Pittsburg, and are packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a bath. Di rections are attached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles 01 one and a half pints. One sufficient for a day’s use. HrSoM by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st.. Boston; Rayncbls, Pratt Sc Co, No. 106 Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20sxeod*wly HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. Is the best article known to preserve the hair. It will positively restore Gray Hair to its Original Color. It keep9 the hair from falling out. It is t> *• best hair dressing in the world, making Hleles*, atlft, brashv hair, healthy, soft and glossy. Price Si. For sale by all druggists. K. P. HALL Sc CO , Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. mar2d&wlw s x Make Your Own Soap ! NO I.IftlE NECEMHARY! By Saving and Using Your Waste Gwaie BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’fg. Co’s 8APONIFIE R. (Patentsot 1st and 8th Feb., 1859.) -or CONCENTRATED LYE. Iiwfll make 12 pnunda excellent hard map, or 28 gallons ol the very beat soft «o»p tor only about 30 eta. Directi,ms on each box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery storos. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. Ur-Bu particular In asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co’s Sapontfler. nolfaxsodawly ITNirumatir Nnlla nnd Sirumnlir .Min eral Wnicra, just received and tor sale bv -T. W. PERKINS A CO.. noL'Isaeowdawly No 8# Commercial St. For Coughs, Colda and Consumption, Try the old and well known I’EGETARLE PULMONARY' RAUitiAM,approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians for forty years past. Get the genuine. „ KEED, CUTLER & CO., Drugglste, dec24-Nd&wGjn Boston, Proprietors. _MARRIED. In this citv, Feb. 2«, bv Rev. F. C. Belles, Dwight G. Parker and Miss Flora M. Driekett, both ol r„rt land. In Gorham. March 3, by Rev. c. Fuller, Daniel S. Foster oi Hollis, ami Miss Viola Saw y.r.oi Buxton 1 [Portland Transcript please copy.] in West Newtkld, Jan. 21th. by R, v. George S. Kemp. Mr. Moees M. DunnelL, of Newfleld, and Miss Sarah H U, ol Dover. N. II. Also bv the saino. Feb. tstb, Samuel K. Hamilton, Esq., or Allred, uni Mlsa Anna E. Davis, of New field. In Belfast, Feb. 21, Col. Edw. H. I.elh, T7. S. A. and Miss Ellen L., daughter ol Judge Dickerson, ol Beliast. In Belfast, Feb. —, Elbridge C. Tufts, of B., and Miss E. L. Abort), ol Knox. I" Stockton, Feb. 22. HetJ. C. Studlev, of Prospect, and Arvilla George, of Frankfort. In Leeds, Feb. 20. John L. B Partington,of Wil ton. and Orralt A. P.oothOv, of L. F6b- -M’ Ug°' W SP™g' _DIED. 4” SoothporL Ct., Feb. 27, Mrs. Pl,ebe M . wife of Jr- “k-1124 yet"1' Remains taken to Ba*h lor interment. months^CC’ ^ -Morton, aged 04 years 3 f Bos ton papers please copy]. Hatvey H“rs Farraftfaged 78 years'. S°PWa’ Wift °' Micl“e’ yearsSWanViUe’ Feb'21' 'fr' Jacob Smart, aged 78 Grover]taged<78 years*’ Mrs'Rhoda’ « i<e of William rSfimSSS!’ Feb- E,hriu K Do°' a^' 26 -- v — IMPORTS. MATANZAS. Brig Snow Bird—310 hbds xn tre. molasses, to Churchill, Browns & Manson. Miniature Aliuanut r. 7U|1 .6.30 , Sun set.*. .5.54 | Montfthtft . B.57AM High water.10,45 AM MA-RHSTE NEWS PORT OF PORTLAND. WoiuIrt. March 4* ARRIVED. Steamer D rtgn Sherwood, New York. Bng Sn°w Bird, (Br> Bacon, Mntan as 10th ult Sch Laconia, Merrill, Rockland forNew York. CLEARED. and SKIoh^^B^^n’. Wi"eh“*W Sch O M Petltt, Clark. Georgetown, DC. Nhch Agate, Cummings, New York - Kensell A Sch Maine, Brown, Fall River-Pierce A James. From Branch Office Western Union Telegraph. Sagua*'" C*rdena“ 24111' b»«I“e Brunswick, Davis, Cld at Mutanzas 25th. barque ‘*N Slovens " (Nor ton) Stover, lor P.r laud. S|d2Sd, barque Eliza White. Look, t aibarien. Sid mi Sagua lath, brig K ,s Hassell, Siaphs. loi Portland. Ar at Havana 21th u’t, brig Wiulield, lor Mobile; 27th, sch Maine Law, Irom Georgetown. Chartered—Barque Eliza Whit", for New York via Remedies, 570 hlids molasses, at $8,25; Br brig Sil ver Oar, lor Portland via Matauzas, 400 hhils do, |g Br brig Beauty, lor North of Hatteras via Cardenas $4.75; Br barque Bumbler, lor Falmouth, Eng via Remedies, 20nu boxes sugar, at SX DISASTERS, Sch M B Mnhony, Coffin, from Philadelphia i„r Boston, wiul ashore Sunday night during tlic „n,,w atone, on east side of Tarpaulin Cove * u 1 now Brig Wm H Parks, at Philadelphia trom Havana Xmma"t ',0n ,he ■n<tlo.ttoE&“’ Sch Se>Ionia, Simmos, from Portland tor Peconsin River, Va, which got blowed oir and afterwards put into Bermuda, nailed tor destination 2 all ult. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 24th, ship Ella S Thaver, lb mpsou, Havre; ach Nellie Tarbox, Pendleton, Charleston. Below 24th, at quarantine, ship .Marcia C Day, Cha-e, from Havre. ^ Towed to Sea prey to 28th, ships \ auguard, aud MOBILE—Cld 21st ult. barque Eva H Fisk, Emery, Havana Chi 2fitb, sch Wings ot the Morning, McFarland, Cftrdou^9. SAVANNAH--Ar 26th, seh Rodlngton, Greg wy, DCHAKLESTON—Ar 1st. brig Myronus. Baltimore. WILMINGTON, NC—Ar 27th, sch Joseph Long, Perrv, Boston. NORFOLK—Sailed 27th. brig Golden Lead, Lang thorn. Philadelphia. BALTIMORE—Ar 28th. sch Margaret, Tarr, Irom New Haven Cld 2*th, schs Julia Baker, Baker, lor Portland; Net Ua, Doughty, Bath; Elia Fi^li, \\ illey, for New York. Sid 28th, barque .Jennie Prince. Cld 1st, sch \ aukee Maid, Thomas, Camden. Ar 4th, sch Lucy A Orcutt. Butler, Boston. PHIL A DELPHI A—Ar 1st, brigs Wm R Parks, Llpplncott, Havana; A J Ros9, Small, Matazras CJd 1st. brig Sarah. Coombs. Gulvesfon. Sid tm Delaware Breakwater 27fb, barque Henry P Lord, for Matauz&s. NEW 1st Inst, ship Alice Thorndike [of Rockland) carver, Shields, <3 days ; brig Nhvarl bo, Lord, ClenlUegos. P«tengil|b*<’?»rf'naib''‘' *»*»?«»I OrtBU*, ■jr g Tmii.-t, Wllgou, GalvcsJm' D,rto’ Ma,auz*,< At 2J. brig Alex MiWen?Ht5' n. « Ar 4fh. barque H II Si^M3 Ct»nfti.go». nie Ellhigwood, EUiugwooU,’pu|(,™'~rrl?“l,<*i Snow, do. * klermo, brig S,glial, Also ar 4th. whip Fawn, Nelson i Richd Irwin, Buenos Ayres; Nineveh sells Vicksburg, Jamaica; Keokuk, cLnt\Va?ve*ton* Cld 2d, sch Susan. Blanchard, Para. lKO-' Sid 2d, barques Annie M Goodwin, G W . brig Eastern Star. » «orton, NEW HAVEN—Ar 1st Inst, barque Jas E Brett Nickerson, Queenstown. » NEW LONDON—In port 1st, whs July Fourth Shaw, Providence tor do; Gen Scott. Leach, New port tor Elizabethport; Lamartine, Hill, Elizabeth port tor Providence. NEWPORT—At 1st inst, sells Red Jacket, Averlll; Cornelia, Henderson, and Richmond. Guptill. from Rockland lor New York; Leesburg, Davis, Portland tor do; Carrie Melvin, Watts, Rock port tor Norfolk; Dlrigo. Baker, Providence lor Ph ladel^.hla: Cabinet. Warded, Belfast lor Philadelphia. Returned, sch C Fantauzzi, Woester, Eastport tor Philadelphia. At anenor in West Bay 2d. brig N Stowers, from Havana lor Boston. . 5ALL RIVER—Ar 1st Inst, sobs Geo Brooks, Han e^iiSur ffaracaibo, Ilonloy, Portland. GihhH 8011 Catharine Thomas, EL,6xRTnw’l!,or N'ew nnTl pSNrAr, ^tli, «»«* Convoy. French. Boston. y F etcUtr, Fcinilcton, from N.w York tor Qr1oI^'?uSdeIipSTo'JrBotkSoB’tw r^p,I,in* <lo torPortamouih; Mahtl Haii uSi v Portland; U M Enrlnd^ sbaw ?„•?' ^,w iork lor si ^ and^Bav SST B'IU'![U'“1' ' In port 2d, brigs Henry Leeds. Paraarm Pit«r. Bernard; schs Senator Crimea. FlvIn* Scud* Had, Wm Walton, G M Partridge, and BSSm** BOSTON—Cld 2d, sebs Robt Woodruff, Marshall Frankfort; Ada Ames, Marston, Rockhnd. ’ Sid, barque Teyuca, and others. Ar 4flu brig Jacinto, Simmons, Cienfuegos. Cld 4tn. ship Ocean Rover, Carlton, San Francisco; barque C iuinerce Robins >n, New Orleans. SALEM—Sid 2d, schs \ lcksburg, for Portland Jas Lawrence, lor Ellsworth. FOREIGN PORTS. Sid ftn Cienfuegos 20th, brig Loch Iromond, Biacir, Boston. At Arroyo, PR, 15tb ulr, sobs Mary Patten, for New York, Idg; R E Pecker, for do, do; Elizabeth O Hart, lor Naguabo. to load tor New York. Ar at Maosauilla prev to 15 ult, brig Sam Lindsey, Wilson, Aspinwall, o load for Boston. At Zaza 13th, brig T J Maguire, Littlefield, from New Yor*,dise. At Sagna l:»tn, barque Anna Wash, Coombs, from Havana, to load tor United States ; brigs Hiram Abiff, Tibbetts, from Havana, Mary C Couiery, Co merv, from do; J C York, York, for a Northern port; sch Gen Banks, ldg S>d riu Cicn.uegob 13th, brig Alex Mil liken, Eustii, tor New York. Arat St John, NB, 25th, brig Galatea, McLean, Portianu; 20tli, sch Mary E Stephens, Dinemoio Lubec. iPer steamer Asia, at Boston. | Ar at Liverpool 14th nit. North American, (ss) ftn Portland. Sid 15th. PC Mcrriman. Merrlman, Buenos Ayros Wallace, Carney, New Orleans. Ent lor hie 14th, Mejjunticonk, Hemingway; I5th, Quccu. Halliday. lor Eastport, Me; Rochester, Oil ver. New Orleans; New England, Hodge, lor Savan nah. ' Adr'16th, Nova Scotiau. (ss) for Portland 21st; St David, (s) for do 22 I, lextru steameri: El Dorado. Otis, lor Boston 2«)lh; Mary Ann, Hamlin, lor do 25th; Great Western. Cuuninghaui, for New York; Nunquam Dormio, Cousins, tor do; Thos Horward. Strickland, and Matterhorn, Curtis, lor Philadeldhla witli dispatch; John Clark, Letourman, lor Balti more; JoLn Patten, Hill, for Savannah; D Cannon, Walsh, tor Mobile: Thos Freeman, fetwens lor New Orleans lkth: Aberdeen, Anderson, lor do 20th. Cld at London 15ih, Freedom, Biadley, New York. Oft" Dungencss 14th, Assyria, Delano, irom Callao i for Uamourg. Sid ftn the Downes 14th. Winfield Scott, Rand, (ftn ) Shields; for Singapore. Ar at Messina 2d ult, Addie M Chadwick, Doane, I Alicata; 3d, Wm Robertson, Reed, Trieste; 7th, C F i Eaton, Curry, Cette; 8th, Graita, Craig. Alicata. Cld at Havre 13th ult. Harpawell, Owens, tor New | k’ork. Ar at Cuxliaven 13tb ult, W B Dinsmore, Free { man, Callao. Sid iu Flushing Roads 14th ult, Viking, Benson, j for Cardiff; Golden Rule, Hall, Boston; Alexandria, Crosby, New York. Ar at Valencia 4tli, Harry Bluff', Oliver, Callao, j Geo Washington, Haine>, do. I Sid tin Penang Jan 7, Ceylon, lor New Vork. SPOKEN Dec 18, lat 7 N, Ion —, ship Hemisphere, from Liv erp ol ior Point de Ualfe. ’ Jan 9, lat 21 44, Ion 39 46 W, brig Sparkling Sea, Dunham irora Brunswick. G*, for Montevideo. Feb 1, lat 4 \ Ion 9 W, ship Union, Miller, firom Liverpool for New Orleans, (apparently with loss of rudder.) NEWADV ERT ISEMENTS. House Lots and Water Lots —AT— Great Bargains! lOO House Lots AT PRICES FROM 101 1® 3®, ‘15 and 3® eta. par foot, ON Franklin, Lincoln, Mayo, Smith, Fremont, Congress Monument, Atlantic, Munloy. North, Walnut, Montreal, Melbourne. Quebec, Willis, Tur ner, Poplar, Winthrop, Madison, Fox, Hammond. Eastern Promenade, and severa new contemplated streets. ALSO. Water Lot9 on Back Cove and on Fast Commercial Street adjoining the Grand Trunk Railway, fronting the deepest water in Portland Harbor,* and well adapted for Wharves and Manufacturing Sites. The subscriber being in a feeble state of health, and desirous of settling his ov.n estate, now offers to persons wishing to invest in Real Estate the greatest Bargains to be had In Portland, i Enquire of 510SEM GOI LD. No. 55 North Street, between the hours of 8 and 10* A. M., an 1 2 and 4y P. M , where Plan? of Lots may be seen. fharSdedlw then eod3w TYLER, LAMB & CaT Manufacturers of BOOTS AM) SHOES, and Dealers in Leather and Findings, have removed to 37 & 39 IJXIOX STREET, (former place of bnsiness previous to fire,) where with improved thciliiics for manufacturing, they feel co«ffdem that they can make it an object to the trade to lavor them with their patronage. Portland. March 1,18C7. ruchMlm Copartnership Nolice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm name ot JORDAN & RANDALL, And have taken Booms at the Junction of Free anil raidille Mirerover H. H. Hav’s Apothe cary store, where they will transact a Wholesale Tailors* Trimming Business In all Its branches. WM. P. JORDAN, ..... GEO. A. BANDALL. _Mareh 1st, lift*. _marSdSw Houses for Sale! TWO new 1a story Houses just completed, with 7 finished rooms. Price 1,S«0, within fifteen minutes walk of the Post Office, together with other houses ar prices from $15®® lo 91®.®®®. -also To Lease, 1® HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Wharf Lots, at prices from *12 to *200 per year. Enquire of .HO.SK* GOll.D, NO 55 North St., between the hours of 8 & 10* A. u. and 2 * 5 p. m., where plans of lots may be seen. Mar 5dlw t eodSw Proposals for Fresh Beef l OFFICE OF THE A. U. 8., I Fort Preble. Me., March 5th, 1867.) PROPOSALS will be reeived at thin oflice until FRIDAY, March 15th, ot 12 o’clock M, for the anpply of “Freeh Beef* at Fort Preble tor the troope in the U. S. service, for one year o such less time as the “Commissary General” mev direct Proposals to be accompauied with the names of two responsi ble persons as suretief for the faithful performance of the contract, and to be en torsed “Proposals for fur nishing Fresh Beef,” and directed to WM. C. BARTLETT, 1st Lt. 3rd U. S. Art’y Bvt Maj. A. O. 8. WANTED! If' VERYBODY to know that store 336 Congress St. J has been replenished with a new stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots and JIats, Which will bo sold cheaper than over. laf-Remember the nitfu, 4'nliforiiin 4 littnp John. .March 5—dtl’ COPAKTN KHSHIp7 H. B. KEAZER, and business will be conducted under the same tlriu ffil. l-OW PLUMMER. CO R K M O~yTT . STEP HE JV GALE has removed to the Corner of Doer and Middle Sts., a tew steps below the old stand, on the opposlt. side ot the street. __mchadiw IWcCOBB & KINGSBURY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, have removed to the office occupied bv them be lore the fire, in JOSE BLOC ft, No. 38 Exchange Street, mchSeodlm* Opposite Ike Post Office. M. C. AlT V STATED MEETING of the MAINE CHARI TABLE MECHANIC ASSOCIATION wUIK. Mar 5 did 8rkPH“^ M'VRSH. Secretary. Lost. o’tsrsss^'ssss- ;»e *•«« elastic fastening, coutaintn’g seven5®rt«.ii£!!*?r’ wlt*! currency, together wph a Si??,"?1 of Stephen L^Watcrhouse The^ftSdSr'rtnL^1 by le,"lnK *IM -«5 2Tx? S10 street or 433 Congress street. mch*13t* wanted” A Situation hy a practical Book Keeper with bsst ol City references. Please address S F. C., Press Office m»r6d3t* Wanted. A SMART young man with $260 to rake the sole right and interest in a first rate paying boilnaas already established, Enquire of CO X* fOWars Wl, Congress Street. BMltHlw '