Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 5, 1867 Page 4
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-== V O S3 T » Y • Xli* An^t riiijj llt-nrl. Her window ouena u> tlie bay <»u glistening light or misty gray, Au<l at dawn and s„t ot' day In prayer she kneels •* Dear i^ord !” Bite saith, “ to many a home From wind and wave the wanderers eome; 1 onlv Bee the tossing toam Uf stranger keels. Blown out and in by summer gales, The stately ships, with crowded sails, The Bailors leaning o’er their rails, Before me glide; They come, they go, bnt nevermore Spice-laden from the Indian shore, 1 a jo his swil't-winged Isidore The waves divide. o Thou! with whom the night is day And one the near and far • ». Look oat on yon gray waste, a y AUv^ perchance.8on some lone beach Or S’rKsTbeyond the reach of man. he hears the mockiug speech Of Wind and sea. O dread and cruel deep, reveal j he secret which thy w aves conceal, And, ye wild sea-birds hither wheel And tell your tale. Let winds that tossed his raven hair A message from my lost one boar— Some thought of me, a last loud pravei Or dying wall! 3 Come with your dreariest truth shut out the tears that haunt me round about, o God ! I cannot bear lliib doubt That slides breath. The worst is better than the dread; ulye me but leave to mourn rov dead Asleep »n trust and hope, instead OI life in death!” It might have been the evening breeze That whispered in the garden trees, It might have been the sound of seas That rose and fell; But, with her heart, if hot her ear: The old loved voice she seemed to hear, *• 1 wait to meet thee: be of cheer, For all is well!” , _ ....... (John O. Whittier. Humorous Misoellanj-. If inhering a Witness. About twenty years ago, when Franklin Pierce and the present Senator Clark stood at the head at* the Hillsborough bar, in New Hampshire, there was upon the docket a cele brated suit called the “Horse Case,” which, from its long continuance before the courts, became familiar, by name at least, to nearly every one in the county. The action was one brought by Smith and Jones, livery-stable keep ers, of Manchester, against one White, to re cover the value of a pair of horses alleged to have been killed by tne defendant while con veying an insane man from Manchester to the asylum at Concord. There was plenty of proof that the horses died soon alter their arrival there: but the defendant took the ground that they died ot d:sease, and not from being over heated, aud that a sufficient time bad been al lowed them to (ravel that distance with ease. Then it became necessary to show the jury the time oi starting and the time of arrival at Con cord. Plaintiffs brought to the witness-stand many citizens from Manchester and Concord: and, among the latter, a tall, bony, slab-sided, lanky, sleepy-looking fellow, who' officiated as hostler at the stable. I think it was Mr. Clark who conducted the cross-examination of this witness, aud I give you the substance of the concluding portion: “What time, Sir, did I understand you to say it was when the horses were drivon up to the stable?” 1 J ust as 1 was gom to dinner.” “What time was it when you went to dinner that day—by the clock?” "Just twelve.” “To a minute, Sir?” “Yes, Sir.” “Wliat time was it when you went to dinner the day before—by the clock V” “Just twelve.” “To a minute?” “Yres, Sir.” v. ^at 5'n,u: did J'ou gfl tci dinner the day before that—by the clock?” “At twelve.” “To a minute, Sir,?” “l es. Sir.” And what time did you go to dinner a week previous—by the clock?” "At twelve.” “To a minute, Sir?" “Yes, Sir. Now, Sir, will you be good enough to tell the jury what time you went to dinner three months before the last date—by the dock?” At twelve.1 “To a minute, Sir?” “Yes, Sir.” “That is all, Sir,” said, the counsel, with a gleam of satisfaction on his tace and a glance at the iury, as much as to say, “That man has set ’je<i his testimony, gentlemen.” And so we all thought till, just as he was leaving the stand, he turned to his questioner with a curious com ical expression on his face, and drawled out, I hat ere clock was out o’ kilter, and hadn’t been yoin for six months There was a general roar in the gallery where I sat. Mr. Clark sat^awn, and i noticed that the judge had to use* his handkerchief just then. Early Trials of Editors. Under the above caption the New York Evening Gazette furnishes some reminiscences of various prominent members of the press of that city. An extract or two may be of inter est: Thirty-two years ago the editors and publish ers of this city sent Mr. R. C. Hudson abroad to England as their representative in relation to a news room, etc. At that time R. Shelton McKenzie was editor 0f a paper in Liverpool, and also correspondent for the Evening Star of this city, published by Major Noah. Mr. Hud son was hardly twenty-four years of age when lu went to England, a mere boy in appearance: but lie did not neglect to take letters of intro duction, and hail one in his pocket from Major Noah to Mr. McKenzie. Ab the ship upon which hi sailed came iuto the harbor of Liver pool a small boat came alongside with three men aboard, one ot whom called out to the cap tain— r “Is Mr. Hudson on board?” Yes, was the reply, and our young man was pointed out. Mr. McKenzie came on board the ship, and meeting Mr. Hudson said— “Where is your father?” “In America,” was the reply. “What,” with astonishment, “you are not the man sent out here to represent the press? Yon are a mere boy in appearance!” Rut Mr. Hudson produced his letter* of in troduction, and in a shoittimehe had been intt'oducedto the pre»3 of Liverpool, and was chatting pleasantly with Carter of the Mail, McKenzie and others. The press of that city gave him a dinner, and the honest Englishmen got over their astonishment, somewhat. Not long after his arrival he was travelling in company with McKenzie, and one day he found himself in Birmingham. Towards night fali he went to the King’s Arms, an inn of con Mderable repute in the time of William the K ourth, but since changed in name to Queen’s Arms. He had entered into a lively conversa tion with his companion, when a tall, Yankee looking young man entered, with a pack on his back. The young man, who could hardlv have been more than twenty-three or four, threw his bundle upon the floor, and, taking a’ seat, listened to the coversation. Overhearing remarks about American editors and New York city, he soon came forward and introduced himself. uia you ever bear of the Portland Advertis er ?” he asked. ea, aI|d of John Neal, its editor,” was the reply. ’ *T-ani his foreign correspondent.” U hat, are you the fellow who writes the European letters for John Neal?" So he proved to be, and his name was Brooks, now oi the New York Express. He nad travelled Europe over on foot, carrying his own bundle of clothing The gentlemen at the King’s Arms immedi ately became acquainted, supper was ordered and in the evening the trio set off to see Miss Josephine Clitton, an American actress who was then playing at the Birmingham theatre. At that time tne foundations of the New York Express were laid. “Hands off.”—The danger of meddling with things in a doctor’s shop was illustrated yes terday. Two ladies called at the office of one of our well known physicians, While one of them was consulting the physician in his pri vate office, the other, prompted by curiosity or some kindred impulse, proceeded to inves tigate the contents of a large case of bottles, jars, etc., in the outer office. Between the two apartments was a glass door over which was a paper shade, which, however, was torn a cross one corner so that it was possible to see from one room into the other. Hearings rat among his bottles, the physician stepped to the glass door and looked through to see Hie acTnf ?°LI?S °2’ He d‘8c°vered the lady in the act of taking down one bottle after anoth ‘ a,'d veiling of the contents thereof. At length she got hold oi something which evi dently pleased her ol factories. She smelled and smelled again, and each time it was more an parent that she was more pleased than before She then poured some ol the liquid into her hand and smelled again. This time her en tire satisfaction with the result of her investi gation was evident, and she hastily rubbed the fluid upon her nose and portions if her face contiguous thereto, replaced the bottle and outor1rnSC‘at aaShK- hcard a rustling in the w« «T,'JndT!1* ‘hat the consultation at an end, and that the consulting parties what H^vlun& Th,e Physician knowing well in result would be detained the ladies the ,lor several minutes. Before warmstov‘hat time, as the lady sat near a beean t^tii’rn' t .nos? and portions of her face Hliedinariii in* t olive coler, and before i ,r,.MP ?id had assumed a beautiful dark brown. Slie had mistaken the doctor’s favor ite hair dye fer perfumery. She will be an invalid and will not receive calls for a week to come.—Detroit Post. A Writer from the “piney woods of Geor gia,” who tells as well as appreciates a good sto ry, sends the following to Harper’s “Drawer'” Farmer H—-,a thrifty, l.ard-working, close fisted son ot the soil, not long ago lost his wife by death. The funeral took plafe in the after noon, and was over by four o’clock. After re mainiug in town a short time the clergyman who officiated started on his return home w road which led by the farm ofH-. VLt was his surprise fo find that worthy in his working dress, with coat off and hammer in hand, busily engaged in repairing his garden To his statement of the impropriety ox tnbited in such apparently unfeeling conduct anyTchn! “f"*1 T ^ mean a broken dl'^Y but -Tou see> I* being a kind of in iiiendii?^ti,„ ”8t ,ll0ught I would use it up ® gates. sad'scape-ipace Ja'l1ay from. her home with a wishes of her parentsmiArl^d bim against the cases, she found that the r*B usual in such tion were rather thorny °j'ber imagina pluck them; and ere long alette. came t0 father from his repentant child °Ti!e 10 the was of some length, and closed’ with lttUir touching sentiments: a th theae “Dear Father, I can’t be happy while are displeased with me. Do, please, send mv h-Uf c‘rculai' and your forgiveness Your dutiful daughter’ * “Eliza” The paternal breast was moved. THE P H E S S For 1807. With tlio opening of the new year we presented to the readers of the DAILY PRESS, A Paper Enlarged to tkeciizc of the largest New England Rallies. The enlargement of our daily edition is equivalent to the addition of between three and four columns to its size. This space will be devoted to de tails ot important events, which we have heretofore been obliged to give in brief, and to selections from current literature, grave or gay. such as we have lately been obliged to omit altogether. What the character of the paper thus enlarged wi be, Its past history will show. The Press was es tabllshed primarily to represent the Republican par ty of Maine, ft was impossible for the controlling party of the State to remain voiceless In this city. The Press will continue to defend tho principles of the Liberal partv of America. 'J lie war lias elosed one great cycle in our national lilstory-tbe cycle during which aristocracy at the South and democra cy at the North grew up side bv side, a period of Jealousy and conflict, resulting in an appeal to arms and the victorious supremacy of the democratic prin ciple. We ha\ e entered on a state of transition, which seems likely to prove longer than most ot us antici pated. The Press will insist upon a settlement which will secure the fruits of our victory. Nothing is settled till it is Bettled right. We must have de mocracy at the South as well as at the North—equal lights for all Becured by equal laws, freedom ot speech, freedom of the press, impartial suffrage. Ot the prulound convictions of the Republican party oi Maine, the Press will remain a faithful exponent. We have engaged Regular Correspondents in Washington, New York, Boilou and Angusta, and occasional correspondents at various points throughout the Stale. During the French Expo sition we shall publish Regular Letters from Paris, Where our Correspondent has already arrived. To the people of Maine, anti especially to people who have business relations with Portland, we hope to make the Press more valuable than any paper published outsido of the State can possibly be. We shall publish the same telegraphic summary as other New England newspapers. We shall not publish special dispatches from Washington, but we shall have regular correspondence from t hat point, and a Dally Summary of Maine News which readers here would be sorry to ml68. We shal have Full and Accurate Market Reports, forwarded by telegraph from al* parts of the United States, from Canada, and iroui England. A weekly lteview oi the Portland Markets, and an accurate Report of Maine Skipping. in foreign and domestic ports, will l>e published as heretofore. There will lie NO INCREASE IN THE PRICE 01' the Daily Pbess. Fur EIGHT DOLLARS A YEAR ! We expect to furnlnli a paper, Tlie Largest in the State, and as large aa In other States la offered tor ten or twelve dollars a yeaft. .-—-—-- ^ - THE MAINE STATE PRESS la not like many weeklies, a mere waste basket for the loavlngs ot the daily edition. It is designed to be as carefully made up as if it were a perfectly inde pendent publication. It contains from week to week, the most important articles which appear in the daily, together with a considerable amount of Matter Expressly Prepared for its Columns. Wo shall add to its attractions during tbo coming vear, An Agricultural Department, To be conducted by the Rov. WILLIAM A. DREW, of Augusta, a veteran journalist, widely and favorably known In Maine, and a contributor ior some time pa6t to the Press over the signature of “Trail.” Mr. Drew’s special qualifications for this work need no heralding. The Shipping News of the Week Will be published without abridgment in the State Press, as will also the Revlctv of the Portland Markets, And the Brighton Market Reports. To country traders the weekly report ot Portland prices eurrrent aloue will be well worth the subscrip tion price. In addition to a careful IHgest of General and State News, We shall also furnish weekly a page of Miscellaneous Beading for the family. The weekly edition is made up in eight large pages, ot six columns each, and is the Large*! Weekly Paper in New England. It is offered to the public at the low price of ‘A DOLLARS A YEAR, invariably in advance. To a dub of new subscribers, eleven copies will l»e sent for twenty dollars, and the same discount is offered to larger clubs. -- NOTICES OF THE PRESS. (From the Christian Mirror.] The Press lias been enlarged since New Year’s. Wo are glad to see such evidence of prosperity. With such papers as Portland now furnishes we see no , need of importing Dailies from Boston and New j York. (From the Portland Price Current.] The Press.—The crowded state of our columns last week prevented us from noticing the enlageinent and re-arrangement of the columns of the Daily Press, which in its present enlarged form, and with its excellent editorial management, is certainly the leading journal of Maine, and equal to any in New England; especially when taken into consideration the amount of interesting reading matter that is daily furnished for the money. (From tlie Gardiner Home Journal.] Enlarged.—The Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st Inst., to about tlie size of the Boston Dailies. This is an evidence of not only the prosperity of the Pi ess, hut offtPortland as well, for of course the en largement is caused by the increase of advertising tiivors. The Press is worthy of tlie patronage it re ceives, is a credit to Portland and to the State, and we hope increasing years may increase its prosper ity. (From the Portland Transcript.] The Daily Press begins the new year much en larged in size; we are glad to see such an evidence ot the prosperity ot this excellent journal. The Press lias swung around the circle to another arrangement of its editorial and news matter; alter all, the old ! second and third pnge arrangement, presenting edi torials and news together was the best. (From the Portland Advertiser, Jan. 2.] The Dally Press appeared yesterday morning in an enlarged form. Jt is now roily equal In size to any daily paper in New England. In the arrangement ol reading matter it has returned to the original style, which we think quite an improvement in its appear ance. Its news is judiciously and careftilly selected, and a general culture and literary taste characterizes Its contents. As a good family newspaper it has no su perior; and while Mr. Lincoln occupies the city ed itor’s chair there w'ill be no lack of local news, as it is generally acknowledged in that department he has no equal in the State. Tlie enlargement argues a prosperous business, at least for ur cotemporary, and we hope It will never be found necessary to curtail the dimensions of this enterprising and respectable sheet. (From the Easteru Argus, Jan. 2] —The Press appeared yesterday morning enlarged by the addition ol 2} inches to the length of its col umns. Its make-up has also been changed again, and on the whole it presented a decidedly improved appearance. Oiu cotemporary’s “ new clothes” are somewhat larger than ours, but the “ biggest are not always the best.’* (From the Portland Evening Star, Jan. 1.] The Daily Press appears this morning in an en large form, making it now fully equal In Bizo to any j daily newspaper in New England. The editor, in ms New i ear’s Salutatory, shows that the success of . the paper lor the past year ha* been most gratifying, ami we ate glad ot its prosperity. The return to the orlgmal style u! arranging the contents 01 tlie paper, is one oi tnc most agreeable features ol the change. (From the Bangor Whig.) — Tlie Portland Press was enlarged on the 1st of aaaaa&aa.’aifgjwgj B*g^«BUiai*gjSEWe creasing, notwithstanding the apparent cSiSdtvni last year-and that Its promise of iwwft 1 ness is certain to he fulfilled. The Pii.. iT-Si thebestol the New England papers, and Its present appearance is a credit to the State. 1 re3eIlt [From the Bath Times.] .trrbe Portland Press comeB out groatlv enlarg ed, and wo suspect it now gives another settlor to thn question which Is “the principal paper in Portland ” It is bound to distance its competitors. [From the Lewiston Journal. Jan 1 | lenthroPa°,S,r;eS &SSSFH& piinciples It advocates an/us eflori’s tha* th» literary tastes ot its r^m„™0flS' ‘?e public. The a iditional sp ee iiow ot.taln^ devoted to details of important events i *} be from current literature. and elections [From the Worcester (Mass. ) Sm, i THE Press Am ong the pajiers that „ new year witli enlarged sheets and manSUt'SISf.111* prosperity, are the Portland Press and the h-K? °! Evening Press. The former is tlie largest and ’w rlatly in the State ot Maine, and tlieibttcr“ik™ lone regarded as one of the ablest of our Connertlem exchanges. (From the Bangor Times.) J3T* The Portland Dally Press comes to us consid er ihly enlarged and with a return to its old style of “ make-up.” This enlargement—so soon after the great lire—to a size equal with the leading Boston dailies, speaks lavorabiy for the prosperity of the city aud indicates a good degree of euterprize on the SJtor the proprietors. The Press 19 edited with i na*!Ity’ bag ab*e contributors, and as the leading paper ot the dominant party, is a power in the land. | a£BCBAKDU£. Lumber.«.'!ff~iS dimension on hand or sawed to order at ■ncrcinl Nt. Feb7dtl L. lA\LOK. ---■ lumber, Wholesale aud Retail. BOARDS, Plank, Shingles and Scantling of all sizes constantly on hand. ^Building material sawed •bgOt^CT. ^ ; auglltf_No. 3} Union Wharf. LtJMBERT All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PERKINS, JACKSON A CO., High Street Whart, 302 Commercial, janldtf toot of High street. COAL ! COAL. ! Coal for Ranges Furnaces, —AND— PARLOR STOVES, At Law Bate* for Cash. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. 100 TONS LUMP LEHIGH. Also a lot of DRY SLAB WOOD, sawed in stove length, delivered in any part of the city, at S8 per cord. PERKINS, JAl'KSON & CO., High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, jiyildtf Foot of High street. $8. 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They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being in use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J. C. HOADLEV tk CO. Lawrence, Mass. Feb 8, 1867—d3m Crossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Crossman’s Union Furniture Polish! THE best in the world fbr Polishing Mahogany, Walnut, Stair-Posts, Rails, Counters, or auv kind ot Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Ciossman for the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isfaction to all. it is warranted to stand a tempera ture of two hundred degs. of heat, and is not other wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will be perfectly dry and ready tor use in five minutes al ter the Polish is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Fif ty Cts. per bottle; any one can use it by following the Directions on the bottle. Reference—Messrs C. & L. Frost,Capt Inman.USA. Messrs. Breed & Tukey, Beiy Stevens; Jr., Win. Allen, N. M. Woodman. For sale by Burgess, Fobes & Co, W. F. Phillips & Co., H. H. Hay & Co, Samuel Rolf, H. W. «& A. Deering. Manufactory 37G Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S. C. RIGGS, Agent, dec28dtt Portland, Maine. For Sale Cheap. 40 M feet extra Southern Pine, inch thick and from 5 to 8 inches wide. 10 M 1$ inch do, 12 to 14 in width. R. DEEDING, jan30tt Hobson’s Wharf. Commercial street. Four Stores lor Rent ON Union Whart, size 25 x 50, suitable for Grain or other goods. Apply to JOSEPH H. WHITE, febffitt_ No. 6j Union Whart. H. W. SIMONTON & VO., 349 Congress St., Up Stairs. Fancy Linen Collnrs 15c* Tuckeil do. lOc. Cloud*, 87c. Pebbled Clands 91*95. Shetland Veils 50 aud 75 cts. VW Worsted Goods at Reduced Prices. ja24dti Tide Tables, GIVING the time and height of High Water lor every day in the year at all ports in the United States, have been published by the United States Coast Survey Office, and are on sale at the principal Nautical Stores. Thev oau also be obtained by ap plication to the Coast 'Survev Office in Washington City. Price Twenty-Five Cents._ feb!9 dim Mrs. Cobin’s Teething: Syrup IS found to be an infalliable specific for all the Stomach and Bowel difficulties to which teething Children are subject, as well as for their nervous ir r,liability. It is agreeable in flavor, and free from the slightest trace of injurious qualities, which can not be said of many other preparations before the public. Put up in large bottles at 25 cents, and sold & C )., CROSA1AN & CO., M. S. WHITTIER, H. T. CUMMINGS&CO. feb28dlw Notice. WE. the undersigned journeymen Painters ol Portland, at a meeting held on the 22d of Feb. i867, do hereby resolve that on and after the 4th day of March, 1867, we will not work for less than $3 per f afeb2«dl • SIGNED BY 10C NAMES. Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET. ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to offer their Irionds and the pnb lie a large and well selected stock ol CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, &c., Purchasers of the above goods are respect fully Invited to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf_ Office of Collector or Internal Rev enue, No. 901-2 Commercial St. First Collection District of State of Maine Portland, Feb’y 28,1867. THE Resolution of Congress granting a tempo rary suspension of the collection of certain In ternal Revenue taxes assessed against sufferers by the fire of July 4, 1866, provides that such suspension shall not be continued after 4th March, 1867. As a penalty ol ten per cent, will accrue on all tax es remaining unpaid after that date, it will will be well for tax-payers to settle their bill without further delay as the ten per cent, penalty will be exacted. Feb 28—dlw The Sunday Morning Advertiser Is the largest quarto sheet of the kind in New Eng land, and contains Sketches, IVcwi of the Day, Market Keporta and Telegraphic Dispatches up to a late hour Saturday evening. City subscrib ers supplied Sunday morning, at $2.50 a year, in ad vance. Mail subscribers, $2.00. ‘ feblOdtf Grist Mill—Deerinjr’s Bridge, FOR SALE—containing 3 Run of Stones -one tor Salt, with Dry Room. Also, Elevator, fbr Coin and Salt. All in good running order and now In use. E0W. H. BURGIN, 1 leb!5 dtf MlPfiiUSIlOti —-=r?* J-- La . . - A C A R D\ Irom. Ware’s OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE No. 3 Free St. Block, And would invite the attention of the Clothing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock - OF - Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Tailors9 Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods! Purohascd the past week lor Cush, which will be ottered to the trade at the la west market prices. Soliciting your patronage, we remain lours Very Truly, CHADBOURN & KENDALL. January 15, 1867. Clolhini/ Cleansed and llepairetl BY WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at 94 Federal street, to now located at his new store No64 Fed eral st, a few doors below Lime street, will attend to his usual business ot Cleansing and Repairing Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness. ^“Second-hand Clothing lor sale at lair prices. Jan8—dtf SHORT & LOR1XG, Booksellers & Stationers, 31 Free, Corner Center Street** Have on hand a full supply ot Law, School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books. Stationery of nil Kind*. Oash, Post Office and Envelope Oases, Let* ter Presses, Pen Backs, dto, Wc have just received from New York a lull supjd, ot PAPER HANGINGS, 83?“ New Patterns and Choice Styles. DRAWING PAPER OF ALL SIZES.

83F*GLve us a call. „ , Short A- l.aring, jy30dtl 31 F;ee, Corner of Center Street. J. & C. J. BARBOXJR, Manufacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, I’OKTLAND, ME. ■.allies’ aud Mieses’ Merge aail Calf Boots. Men’s Fine Calf and Thick Boots. Boys’, Youths’ aud Children's Bools and Mhoes. Rubber Boots nail Mhoes of nil kinds. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. MOEAMMEM HOME, ENGINE HOME RUBBER BELTING, RUBBER PACKING. Rubber Clothiug, Rubber Hose* JOHN BARBOUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. K. BARBOUR. nov26 (Itt Great Fall in Furs ! FROM AN ASSIGNEE’S SALE ot new and elegant Furs In Boston, BOUGHT FOR GASH, And can be sold CHEAPER tlian at any other store. Hudson Bay and American Sable! Nice Grey Squirrel Setts, $111.00, former price $10.00. Silk Velvet Hoods,Beaver trimmed, FOR $4.00, and other Goods In proportion. SHAW BROTHERS, OPPOSITE PRERI.E HOUME. dec22 dtf A Pump that cannot freeze or dry up A Safeguard Against Fire. X. P. IVEYEN’S Patent Double-Acting FORCE PUMP, For Houses or Gardens, Railroad Stations, Factories, Distilleries, Cisterns aud Wells. ■* A Suction and Force Pump For Kitchens, Bath-Rooms, and Garden The following are some of the advantages of this Pump: The whole thing is made of wood, and cannot rust or harden the water. The valves are always pliable aud ready lor use. The action ot the Pump gives enough agitation to produce wholesome circulation, and keep the watei pure. On ceasing to work, the water returns to the surface in the well, thus pre venting it from freezing, or becoming warm or stale. The Pump is 3 inch chamber, and 5 inch stroke, and will throw water through a 3-8th inch nozzle, from 70 to 80 feet, and can be forced by one operator to 100 gallous per minute. The Novell’s Patent Pump needs no direction, as snv one can set them, and repair them if necessary. What we claim for Neven’s Double-Acting Pump Is its Simplicity and Utility, and being the chea]>eHt and most durable Pump ever produced. COX A POW ERS, Patent Agent*, 351$ Congress St, Portland, Me. ft3P~County and Town Rights for Sale. fe22eod2w A FULL SUPPLY Boy’s Clotliing ! AT THU New England Clot king Com., <8 Market Square. <lc8d3in E. LEVEEN & $0. $ioo. #100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson At Chadbonrne, dloi-1011 Block, 2 doors above Preble House. THE new Bounties, under the law approved Julj ‘28th, 18G6, Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay * Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gctv« ernment, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hare been received, and claim ants should tile their claims promptly. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut. 5tli. Me. Vols, Paul Chadbourne, late Maj. 1st Me. Cav. Oct 16-dtf n VARNISHES, Wholesale and Retail: COACH. DRYING JAPAN, FURNITURE, BAKING do. DAMAK, SPIRIT* TURPENTINE SHELLAC, BENZINE, BLACK AND ENAMEL RAW AND BOILED LEATHER VARNISH- LINSEED OIL, ES. S3?- At the Lowes! Price i. A. P. FDLLEH, Ynrui.h Manufacturer, MN Yore Hired, Portland. feblG dcod3m Notice. THE undersigned having leased the well known Carriage Manufactory formerly occupied by R. M. Webb, at Webb’s Mills, take this method to an nounce to the public that they will continue the busi ness of m an max-tu ring Carriages of all descriptions as heretofore. Also jobbing and repairing done at short notice and in the best manner. Carriage lum ber of the best quality and every variety constantly on hand for sale at fair prices. We also have in connection with the above a Har ness Shop, where the best of stock and workmanship is the guarantee we offer to o ir customers that our Harnesses shall be all they wish for, in that line. We would also state that with tho best stock in the coun try, and the best workmen anywhere to l>e found, we feel confident we can make Carriages as good as the best, and in style we Intend to be fully up to the times. To the patrons of the establishment heretofore and the public generally we would say, give us a call and you may be assured that it will be tor your interest as well as our own. HILL, DYER & ROBINS. lcbl3d&wlm8 Graham Flour anil Corn ! 25 BBL*. WESTERN GRAHAM FLOUR. IOOO Bushel# SOUTHERN YELLOW CORN, ALSO Halves, Quarters and Eighths Bbls Flour. Yellow and White Meal for Table use. Oat Meal and Hominy, For Hair bv CHASE BROS. feb26dlw_ Barbour & Dennison Have opened In Chambers (OTer Ike mail Store of J. Sr C. J, Har banr,) A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF French & German Calfskins. A large variety of Tampico Kid and Goat Morocco. Superior finished Oak Tanned, Poliahed mid Oiled Orain Leather. BarboiiT Brothers famous Irish SHOE THREADS, by dozeu or bale. PHILA DELPHIA CITY TANNED Solo Leather, light and heavy. Slaughter and Spanish Sole Leather, extra quality. Women’s Rubber Over-shoes, made In France, quality superior to American, and sold at much lower rates. General assortment erf BOOTS and SHOES, sold by dozen or case, at lowest cash rates. Shoe Stock exchanged for manuthc tured work. Liberal advances made on first quality of Boots and Shoes. NO. iO EXCHANGE STREET. CHARLES J. BARBOUR, febl#d*w2w WILLIAM E. DENNISON. _ medical The Eye, Ear, Catarrh -and — THROAT. Mrs. Manchester THE INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT! AND Eclectic Physician I From 618 Broadway, New York, has returned to Portland, and can be consulted at her rooms at the Preble House. CertiAcalea of Cam. This is to certify that I have been cured of Catarrh iu the worst form, by Mrs. Manchester. I have been to New York and Boston, have paid out large sums of money, and was neverbenefitted, but in most all cas es made worse. 1 saw Mrs. M. in June. She told me my case was a bad one, Uie tubes In the throat and upper parts of the lungs had become very much af fected, all ot which 1 knew was the case. 1 com menced taking her medicine iu June, and can truly J?y * am *ww a well man. 1 am a trader, and in ,, , 01 ,alkiug a great deal, and her curing ine will bo the means of hundreds of dollars in my pock ets, as now I can talk without hurting me. Go and consult her, and you will be perfectly satisfied. S. H. Stephens, Belfast, Me. __ Bangor, Mav 15, i860. Mrs. Manchester—Dear Madam:—When you were in Bangor last summer, I called to see you with a child ot mine that had been sick for four years. I ha*l taken her to a number of pbvBicians, and nono could tell what ailed her or even her symptoms. You examined her ease, and told me exactly her symp toms from the commencement of her sickness, which were very peculiar; also told ino that fchero was something alive in her, and also said there was a num ber of them, and told me that she drank them from u rain-water cistern. You said that you would uot warrant a cure, but would try and do the best you could for her. She commenced taking your medicine in August last, and from that time until December, the child has passed oil large quantities of what we call Tadpoles, from rain-water, and I think, and am certain that the child must have died had it not been tor you. And I advise everybody to see Mrs. Man chester, for 1 know that she lias the i»ower of know ing the condition of a person diseased better than any peysi* iau that 1 have ever heard of. Mv child is now perfectly healthy. Please have this published, and let the world know that there is one who practises what they profess to. Very truly and gratefully yours, George E. Martin. febSdtt Mary L. Martin. DR. LAROOKAH'S Pulmonic Syrup. FOR TIIE CURE OF Coughs, Cold , Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Catarrh, luriuenza, Bronchitis, spitting ol Blood, Pleurisy. Inflammation of tho Lungs or chest, Pain in the side, Night Sweats, Hoarseness, Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases ol the Throat and Lungs. This remedy is too well known and too highl>Hte? teemed to require commendation here. It is regard ed a necessity in every household, and Is heartily endorsed by the medical faculty, clergymen of every denomination, mothers, editors, members of Con gress, and many of our most distinguished men In public and private life. . Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, &c. Letter from Hon. Z>. W. Gooch, Member qf Congress Massachusetts. Melrose, July 19,18G5. Dr. E. K. Knights—Dear Sir: 1 have used Dr. Larookah’s Syrup in my family lor six years, and have found it an excellent remedy for Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, and all Consumptive Complaints, &c. i have recommended it to several friends, who have received great benefit from its use. Letter from a well known Boston Drug amt qf twenty years experience, and Steward qf uanoter Street M. E. Church. Boston, March 9, 18G5. Dr. E. R. Knights: Having used LA HOOKAH’S PULMONIC SYKUP myself and in mv lamily for tho past six years, 1 am prepared to say that It is su perior to any medicine I have ever known, for the positive cure of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, and all similar complaints. As Intake cold very easily, 1 have had great opportunity to test the virtues o this valuable remedy, and it has never failed me yet, however violent the disease. Having been in the Drug business lor over 20 years, I have had good opportunities of knowing the virtues ol the various medicines sold, and pronounce LAliOOKAH’S SY KUP, the best of any article ever presented to the public. Yours, W. R. BOWEN, 86 Hanover St. CROUP. Mrs. J. R. Bursis, 114 East 23d St., N. Y., writes Oct. 9, 1864: “During last winter three of tnj obil dren were attacked with Croup, and from the violence of the symptoms, they were pronounced to l>c in much danger. At the instance of our pastor, Rev. Mr. Stiles, I tried Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, which promptly relieved them, and in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude for the benefit conferred, I cannot refrain from making this testimony public.’* WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer, of Carleton, N. B., writes Dec. 7, 1850: “My son, live years old, was a few months since suffering greatly from WHOOPING COUGH. I nev er saw a more distressing case. I gave him Laroo kah’s Pulmonic Syrup according to directions and soon began to see improvement. The Cough became easier—the expectoration freer, and in two weeks the malady was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes from whaleship** Eldorado,** March 11, i860: “Having suffered tor four years with Bronchitis and Catarrh in their most aggravat ing forms, 1 feel it mv duty to suite that I have been permanently cured bg the use of Larookah’s Pul monic Syrup. 1 had paid large sums to physicians ana for s.» called Catarrh Remedies, but until 1 used the Syrup I experienced no relief. SPITTING OF BLOOD, PLEURISY, INFLATION OF THE LUNGS. PAIN IN THE SIDE, NIGHT SW EATS. HOARSENESS, &o. From Rev. B. F. Bowles, Manchester, N. H.: “Tin- bottle ol Dr, Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, you so kindly sent uie, has been tried for Hoiu-souess, with very good results; for this I would confidently re commend it.” From Hev. L. A. LAUPIIER, North Hero, Vt.: “I have used Larookah’s Syrup, aud feel under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge Its excellency. While using yonr Syrup I have enjoyed better health than I had enjoyed for years. I have had slight attacks or hoarseness, but the Svrup would soon remove It. I find it Is a mild and Bale remedy also in Spasmodic Bilious al tacks to which I am eonstltntlonallv sub ject.” E. W. Field. Esq., writes from Virginia L’ltv, Colorado. March 11,1868: “I feel very grateful tor having Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup near me, my lungs being weak ami dentauding the most vigilant t are. 1 believe the Svrup the surest remedy lor Pul monary Complaint* that has ever been made avail able to the afflicted.” CONSUMPTION Wonderful Core of a Child Two and a Half Years Old. GentsMy grandchild, a little girl ol 212 years old, was taken sick In Portland, Me., in January, 185s. No one could tell what was the mat ter with her. But she was much pressed tor breath; had a hard, tight cough; could not raise; her throat troubled her greatly ; she soeincd to b3 tilling up, and though attended bv the best physicians in Port land, they could not help her and she declined; and for some three months was not expected to live. Hor doctors and at length her friends gave up all hopes of her recovery. She was brought home to my ltouso in Phipsburg, Me. We tried Cod Liver Oil, but the effect seemed rattier opposite from good. She now Could not move her hand, so reduced was she. 1 was taking Larookah’s Syrup at the time, ami commenc ed giving it to her and in a week she showed quite a* change tor the better, and we continued giving it to Iter. She gradually improved, and is now a perfect ly healthy child. People were astonished to see what effect the medicine had on this child, and to see her get well by the use of Larookah’B Syrup, which we believe to be the beet medicine lor Pulmonary Com plaints iu the world. Yours, H. LARABEE, Phipsburg, Me. Space will permit the publication of but a tithe of the certificates which are constantly coming in from all quarters of the globe. Patients will flnd tho most conclusive evidence of tho value or this remedy, In a trial of i t, which will cost but a trifle, and which mav yiold priceless rosults. l.arge bottles S1.00—medium size 50 cents. Pre pared by E. R. KNIGHTS, M. I)., Chemist, Melrose, Mass., and sold bv all druggists. „ arSold by W. F. Phillips <ft Co., W. W. Whipple x Co., J. VV. Perkins & Co., Portland; George C. Goodwin & Co., Boston, and by all Druggists and Merchants. do28e<»d&wtf LOOK I TV —AT— ROLLINS & OILKEY’S, Cor. Congress and Preble Streets, FOR PPRE Drugs and medicines, ami the best preparations tor tbe Hair. Also all TOILET ARTICLES ! N. B.—We also have the empressr feblb <ltr Dr. Chaussier’s Empress. A CELEBRATED French PREPARATION FOR THE HAIR : rSTFr.-o from Poison ous Minerals or Injuri ous Drugs. IT IN NOT A DIE wTStKOgw, \ sarit wiii.not son the "y&rtg w ^ finest linen! It will not gum the hair! Is free IVoin the disagreeable smell of sulphur! It relieves tho scalp of dandruff and un pleasant irritation! Prevents the hair from falling oft, even after lb vers! Causes the new hair to grow on bald heads when fallen off from diseases. It will Restore Gray hair to Its natural color, or the money will be refunded in every instance. Sold by CROSMAN & £0, Druggists and Deal ers in Fancy Goods, *X;c.,305 Congress, 4 door* from Brown St, Portland, Me. felldSw ZITKOYS’ German Eating House, 90 Federal Street, PORTLAND, ■yyHF.RE constantly can be found various kinds German and American Sausages! Lamb’s: Tongues, Cioriiinn, Nwi„ null I.imburg Cheese. HOLLAXDISH HEItRIXGS, IN SAUCE OR PLAIN. Best Brands of Sardines! Also licit quality GERMAN MUSTARD wlikhcan l»p got in suitable quantities. ALL DISHES Usually tound iu a FIRST CLASS German Eating House ! Feb 20—dlw For Sale. A SUIT of Sails, Rivi’int! and iilocks, nearly new, I from a fishing Schooner of ltJU tons; also lop sails, Fore and Mainsails, *er°nd band■ SAMPSON tt CONANT, decldtf No. 19 & 20 Commercial Wbarf. To~Renl, A A WAREHOUSE ou Custom House Whart. En \ \ quire ot LYNCH BARKER & CO., novldtt 139 Commercial street. MUWUL U .III . .M Hill. I II MEDICAL. DB.J.B. HUGHES CAN BE FOUND AT BIS PKIVATE MEDICAL BOOMS, .Vo. 14 Preble Street. NrarikePnble Hmm, WflJK* Be can t)« consulted, and with hours coufldsnee t>V the aBlictcd, at I,"j^fe*** ‘*>m t' UP. M. affliction of JwSi Uk^° who are muttering under the Impure connectim* whether urising tfow Devoting his entire SL^ terr,We vice of self-abuse, the medical profession M? t-11?* *>articttlar branch 01 ANTEEING A ClHEIX GCAR atanding or recently controctedA«SI*£ 7hethcr °Vg dregs oi disease from the »v»wm ^SSiymuu\OV “g tho feet and permanent a lbjb. ' and niaki,»g a per He would call the attention of the afflicts u feet of his long-standing and well-earned reirabufil furnishing sufficient assurance of his skitidindaSS? cess. _ Cmntion to the Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know hat remedies handed out lor general use should have heir efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose preparatory studies lit him for all the duties he must till HI; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, wliich are not only useless, but always injurious. The untbuunate should he particular in selecting his physician, ns it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble fact, that many syphilitic patients are made mis erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in general practice; for It is a j»oint generally conceded by the best syplillogra pliers, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The inexperienced general practi tioner, having neither opportunity nor time to mnk liimseli acquainted with their pathology, commonly ftursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak ng an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. Have t'oudurure.' All who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in matnrer years, SEEK FOR AX ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. 1 he Pains and Aches, and Lassitude amt Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. I>o not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low: do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, tor Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Bean t v and Complexion. Haw Many Thousand* Can Tc-.iify to This by Unhappy Kipvrieitce! 1 oung men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth,—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some ol whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper ami onlv correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. Ifliddle-Aged ITIrn. There are many men of tiie age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smaiting or burn ing sensation, and weakening the system in a man ner the i>atieiit cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appear ance. Thero are many men who die of this difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect enre in such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot {tersonally consult the Dr. can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will l»e returned, If desired. Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 14 PfGble Street, Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Ale. OP* Send a Stamp for Circular. Electic Medical Inprmary, TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14 Preble Street, which they will find arranged tor their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific aud certain of producing relief iu a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in all cases of ol> structions after all otber remedies have been tried in vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be taker with perfect safety at all times. Sent to any part of tire country, with full directions by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portlaud. N. B.—Ladies desiring may consult one of their own sex. A Ittdy of experience in constant attend ance_ janl.lbtiSdftw. CHE&©SSES CURE, THE OTlF\T ( INDIAN MEDICINE, Curts all ^'ieaso' cant'd by eelf-abusp, viz .•O' Lom of Memory, Unite mil Ltmsi Pains in the Back\ Dim ■ti« i of Vision, Premature 1 Old Age, W$uk *Y< -i f*. Diff icult Breathing, Pale C< nitre f n mice, /n9mihf/. Consump tion, and nil dlftt:H*a that M low ft* a sequence of youthful indiscretions. Tha Cherokee Cure will restore health and visor, stop the emissions, nnd effect ft permanent cure after all other medicines have failed. Thirty-two j.fisre pamphlet pent in a sealed envelope, free to any address. Price per liottle, or three bottles for $5. Bold ty all druggists; or will be sent by express to any portinu of the world, on receipt of price, by tho sole proprietor. Dr. W. B. MERWIN, 37 W«lkor St., N. T. Cherokee Remedy. Corps all tJVinary Com plaints, viz: Grunt, 'InUttm m at ion of the Bladder and XKLlney*^ Detention of [ Urine, Strut urea of the lUrcfhra, Dropsical Snell ’inr/a, Brick Duet Deposit and all diseases that require a diuretic, am) when used in conjunction with the CHEROKEE INJECTION,. does not fail to euro Gleet and all J/u couh Discharges in Male or Female, curing recent casts in from one to three days, and is especially recommended in those cases of Finn” Alius or Whites in Females. The two medicines used in Conjunction will not fail to remove this disagi t cable complaint, and in those case* where other medicines Lave been used without success. Price, Remedy, One Bottle, $*?, Three Bottles, “ Injection, “ *• #2, •* “ The Cherokee “ Cure? ** Remedy? and * In.he lion" are to be found in ull well rrgiiUted drug stores. And are recomniendod by physicians and druggists all over the world, for their intrinsic worth and merit Some unprincipled dealers, however, try to deceive their customers, by selling cheap ftiui worthless compounds,—in pr<]cr U» mako money— in place of Uigm. he not deceived. If tho drug gists will not buy them fhr you, write to us, and we will send them to you by express, socnfolv packed and fire from observation. Wo treat all diseasi-s to which the hnman svatom is subject, and will bo pleased to receive full and explicit sUpmcnts from those who havo fdiol to receive relief heretofore. Ladies or gentlemen can address ns in perfect con fidence. Wd desire to send mt mrty-iwo pace pamphlet free to every lady and gentleman in the land. Address ail letters for pamphlets, medicines, or advice, to the »<>!.! pmpih-bif, Dr. W. R. MFR W1M, 37 Walker St.. N. Y. HOTELS. Gorham House ! GOIUIAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber Laving leased tLe above .House lor a term of years, is prepared to ac commodate parties and the public generally, [and from bis long experience In Hotel koep J_Jing hopes to receive a liberal share of the public patropage, having kept a Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. Janl5d3m S. B. BROWN. VINELAND. FARM AND FUUIT LAND*, 111 a mild and healthful climate. Thirty miles south ol Phil adelphia, by Railroad, in New Jersey, on the same line ol latitude as Baltimore, Md. The soil is rich and nroducthre, varying from a clay to a sandy loam, suitable tor Wheat, Grass, Corn, Tobacco,Fruit and vegetables. This is n great fruit Country. Five hundred Vinevards aud Orchards have been planted opt by experienced trait growers. Grapes, Peaches, Pears &c., produce iiumeuse prol i:s, Vineland is already 011c of the most beautiful places In the United States. The entire territory, consisting of fitly sqn&re miles of land, is laid out upon a general system ol Improvements. The land is only sold to actual settlers with provision lor public adornment. The place on account of its great beauty, as well as other advantages, has become the resort of people of' taste. It has increased live thousand people within tha past three years. Churches. Stores. Schools, Academies, Societies ol Art and Learning and other elements of refinement ami culture have been introduced. Hundreds ot people are constantly settling. Hundreds of new houses are being con struct^. Price of Farm Land, twenty acre lot9 and upwards, #25 per acre, Five and ten acre and Vil lage lots for sale. Fruits and Vegetables ripen earlier in this district than In any other 1 cality, north of Norfolk, Va.Im proved places tor sale Openings tor all kinds ol business, Lumlter Yards, Manufactories, Foundries, Stores and the like; and Steam Power with room can be rented. For persons who desire mild winters, a healthful climate, and a good soil, in a country bcautiiully Im proved, abounding in fruits, and possessing all other social privileges, in the heart ol civilization, It Is worthy ol a visit. Letters answered, and the Vineland Rural a papei giving full inlormatiou. andcoutuiniug report* ot So lon Rob nson, aentto applicants. Address (ftAS K. LANDIS, Vineland P. O., Landis Township, New Jersey. From Report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edi tor of the Tribune; “It is one ol the most extensive fertile tracts, ru an almost level position and suitable condition lor plea-ant farming that »e know ol this Bide ol tl:e Western Piairies.’ aepit3dikv7hiu M _ rT. REDDY, ~ . MERCHANT TAILOR, AND DEALER IN GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, No. 107 FEDERAL STREET. We have In store one of the finest assortment ol ENGLISH, GERMAN FRENCH and DOMESTIC CLOTHS, OASSIMERES, Ac., that can be found In Portland. Time goods have been selected with great cjuo and especially adapted to the fashionable trade, and at prices that cannot tail to please, and al goods thoroughly shrunk and satisfaction guaranteed. A call is respectfully solicited. Thankful to friends lor past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. janfldtf_ M. H. REDDY, Proprietor. Schooner for Sale. j a The fine white oak ami copper-fastened fast sailing Schooner IDA MORTON, /JpfF 49 12-100 tuna new measurement, well jyflA/lA found and mlaptcd for the Coasting or «8Bn£»Fishing business, is now ottered for sale bv the Eastern Packet Co. For particulars enquire o M. N. RICH, jao28dtl No* 3Wharf A New Place Just Open I WILEKE you can bu, real French CALF SKINS and Philippe ami Canaml's SAL’DLNES. Jum received from Tads, now in bond, aud lor sale In lot. to suit customers by H. PEYRET, OMre over the Fiah ll.rkrl Jau2d2iu* FKDRR.iL NTREI1 New Store—Just Open. BLUNT & FOSS, DEALERS IN Builders Hardware,Nails,Glass,Wooden Ware DOORS, SASH AND BLINDS, ami CARPEN TERS’ TOOLS ta> Great Varlaty. On Middle, between Hampshire & Frauklin Sts Jas. P. Bliist. Ja24d3m* J*g. a. Fo«8. -g—'T-H i., !■*»' I Jii'i'li" it* <'r> I>!■ in ' »A(!.HU4Ut< yO»TLAND SACO A PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, Nov. Passenger Trains leMe portUlMl ,„r 5ME5!lp®Baaton at 8.40 A. M., and * 20 PM l0* L«,T* Poston tor Portland at 7.30 A.\v„ au“g,j0 A Mechanic's and Laborer's Train will i«..« BiddetoiiI daily, .Sundays excepted, at 6 a. M ami Saco at 6.08, arriving in Portland at 6.10. ’’ 1 Returning, wiU leave Portland tor Saco and Bid. delord and intermediate stations at 6.10 P. M. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland al 7.10 A. SI. tor Saco and Biddeford. and returning, leave liiddetord at s.'to and Saco at 8 40 A. JVI. FRANCIS CHASE, Supt Portland, Oct 0S», 1866. loblldtt GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. -1 WM Alteration of Trains. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NOV. 12,106 "-trains will run as follows: Train lor South I»np««. i . Mai) Train lor \v;m CVd! 1 Jfw,lrtOT‘- »t7.40 A. M Ptmd, Montreal and qu«i^c' m"8"#* line train counecte with Ki„L * * to. Detroit and Chicago. Sleepmv ».,lor, a°i°n' IsiautI Pond lo Quebec and jl.,nu, aV trout Train lor Soulh Paris at 5.Ui) P ni No baggage can be received or‘checked alter t time above stated. 1 Trains will arrive as follows — From So. Paris, Lewiston ami Aubnrn, at 8 10 a m From Montreal, Quebec, die., - - ,"^g M The Company are not responsible lor bageaee any amount exceeding gob In value (and that nerson al) unless uotico is given, and paid tor at the ram one passenger for every *o0n additional value C. J■ Bit i DUBS, Atanauiau Director H. BAILn r, Local SuperMmdct. U Portland, Nov. 2, 1M16. PORTLAND S ROCHESTER R.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. i'jTaiTT’fl On and utter Monday, Dec, 17, ls66, fctrain* will run a* follow*: Passenger train* leave Saco Kiver for Portland at 5.30 and 0.00 A. M., and C.40 P. Al. Leave Portland tor Saco Kiver 7.15 A. AL, 2.0 t and 5.45 P. Al. Freight train* with i.a*senger cur attached will leave Saco Kiver lor Portland. 0.50 4. Al. Leave Portland tor Saco Kiver 12.15 P. M. t^'SUgobconnect at Domain lor \Ve*t Gorham, stand i*h, Steep Full*, Baldwiu, Denmark, Seoogo, Brid^ton, Lovell, iiirani, Bruwuiiuld, Fryeburj-, Conway, Bartlett. Jacknon Liinin^ton, Cornish,Por ter, Freedom, Madmen, and Eaton, AL tl. At Buxton Center lor We*t Buxton, Bonny-Eagles South Lumngtou, Limin^ton, Lmenofc, Newfleld, PareomUield and 0**ipee At Saooarappa tor South Windham, Windham Bill and North Windham, dally. ’ ™ „ By order ot the President. Portland, Dee. 14, 18c«—dtf PORTLAND & KENNEBEC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, I'aniMfMt'ing Monday, IS or. 1/ih, I SCO. llffirfl'-ii&iQ Fasaenger Trains leave Portland daily SpSCSHK Ht LOU P. M., tor Bath, Augusta, Wat ervtue, Kendall's Mills, Skowhegan, mui intermediate* Stations.(connecting at Brunswick with Androscog gin K. k., for Lewiston and Farmington, and at Kendall’s Mills with Maine Central 11. R.) tor Bangor and intermediate stations, /tores ns low uy thiz route as any other. Leave Portlaud ior Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and Intermediate station* on Saturday only at 7.45 P. M. Mixed Train leave* Portlaud to* Briinsa iek aud in termediate station* dally, except Satumay, at 5.30 P. M. Freight Train, with passenger car attached, wilt leave Portland tor Skow began and inte mediate sta tions every morning ut 7 o’clock. Trains trout Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Portlaud at 0.20 A. M., aud iroin Skow begun and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 p. M. to connect with trains (or Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and lor Bel last at Augusta, leaving daily on arrival of train from Boston, leaving at 7.30 A. M.; aud tor Solon, Anson Norrtdgewock, Athens ami Moose Head Lake ut Skowbegan, and for China, East and Norih Vassal boro’ at Yassalboro*: for Unitv at Kent’al.’s Mill’s and tor Canaan at Pishmi’s Ferry. W* H ATCU* Superintendent. Augusta, Oct. 27, lbOO. nov12dti MIINE-CENTRAL R. R. WI NTER A RRA N GEMENT. On and alter Monday,November 12th, ^5W!_*c^current, tiains will leave Portland Ibr Bangor and all Intermediate station on this lino, at 1.10 P. M. daily. For Lewiston and Auburn only, at 7.40 A. M. ®~Freight trains for Watervllleand all Interme diate stations, leave Portland at 8.25 A M, Train irom Bangor I* due at Portland at 1.45 P. M, in season tor on nee t with train ior Boston. From Lewiston and Auburn only,at 8.10 A. M. EDWIN NOYES, Sunt. Nov. 1, 1866 no9dti Through Tickets SgBglTo the W est. $6 Less than any other Route v.a the Grand Trunk Railway l To Detroit,Clucago. all points West, Or #3 Less Via Boston, Vermont Central, yew Yorli Central, Buffalo <t Detroit, To all Poiuta W«n and Moulli-tVc.l! ty For reliable Information or Ticket* call at llio Union Ticket Ollier. ONt>ER LANCASTER HALL, Opp. Treble House. D. II. BLANC MAUD, Agi. Feb 23—U3m w To Travelers ! Through Tickats from Portland To all Points West A South, ▼ LA CHS New York Central, Erie & Lake Shore, And Pennsylvania Central Kailroads kale at tbr ratra at the Weal V“ “*"««> , Ticket OMv.,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Market Square. IV. D. LITTLE d> CO., Ururral Ticket A grata. KB~ Posaagc Tickets for California, via steamer* irom New York on the lot, 11th, an<1 L-lst of each month for sale at this ottlce.aa heretofore. dcMdiwt. UTEAISEUS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. Paucap-n Unokrd to l.ondouderry nud Kedoied08nt“'.,UrU Tickf"' «r"n,'d r“RrvI tv, Capt. Bal antUie, will sad Irom this port for Liverpool, SATURDAY ‘“"“■'“‘“e'.v after the arrival of orthenrevtouadav from Montreal, to be lul loweil bj the Nova Scotian on the loth of Match i-nnih^l.° L"lu,0*‘,Jen> auJ Liverpool,..bin, iw Steeragear<'0!”nio<,!,tion) *7(1 to .W Payable in Gobi or ita equivalent. For Freight or passage apply to Pnriinn » nr *1* ^ ALLAN, No. 3 Indin St. Portland, Nov. 26, 1866. * mch4dtu FARE REDUCEDJO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until further notice the Steamer* °* the Portland Steam Packet Co, will run as follow*:— ’ Lcav« Atlantic Wharf for Boston, [^c|(... II.M •liSdrrtSi*** ,,<’l‘‘ *9'0 1,c *“»<* »• **•«■ -Yg< nrs at°re Freight taken as nsual. May 22n.l, 1866-dll' L WLLINtt6’ A**n‘ International Steamship Uo. Kaslport. Calais and Si. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT ONE TRIP PliB WEEK. On and after Monday, IVremlmr 17th, the steamer NE^BklnT WICK, Capt. t. B. WINCHES ^l'Eli, will leave Kail Komj Wharf . , , ^^tootofSlate St., every MONDAY at 5 o clock P. M for East port and St. John. ’ KETURNING, will leave St. John every THUKS DAY at 8 o’clock A. M. 3 At Eastport Stage Coaches will connect for M« chia*. At St John tho E. & N. A. Railway will connect tor Shcdiac. tj#->Freight received onday*ol saiilng until 4 o’clk P |;, >n_a.. C- *AXO«, de.-JO-dfl___A guut. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY. semi-weekly line. The splendid aud last Steam ehipa DIMCO, taut. H. Snkit woou, and franco:; ia. w. W. Sherwood. Hill, mini further notice, rnn a. fellow-.: Leave Brow .’s \V hart, Portland, everr WEDNFi OAY and SAXUR1»A\, at 4 F. H . ami leave Pfer 38 Ku-t Rivet, New York, cveiv WEDNESDAY and SAT U U L>A Y, at 4 o'clock F. 4l. 1 These vessels are fined up with due acconuuod. tlous lor passengers, mak lie, this the most speed , sale anil comfortable ron’e Inr travellers between New York and Maine. Passage, in State Room jj.ii.00 cabin passage Meal* extra. ’ Uoods Iprwaxded by this line to and tmm \l,m £$rel,eC' *“«“«• Augusta, Shippers are requested to send their ftcHt to tho fearePonbind?'^ PM’“" «»* b or freight or passage applv to 1 p^jMes * b(DC, Brown’s Wharf, Portland. BLANC HARD’S Improvement on Steam Boilers! ON some holler. 700 dees, of heat Is thrown away, making a loss »l 1-3 the tool. The onestion ie olteu asked how can this he saved. Mr Him., bard has invented a boiler that takes perfect conur O oi Ml the heat and makes it do duty in tile engine, rid. is rnofion',,^moV,C?n9,.ruflnni nlter tlm engine I,‘in inun carried9 R^0S4'^ ^Jht, and the waste int-1 tnm,i,Lt.hruUk''!1 beaters, heating the steam to rh^...,oI?inratUr.c Je*lT,,'l; the remainder carried noi.Un **, o**e, ^;ltor beater, using up all the waste licat but 2IH1 degs.; tho heal being reduced so low tnere can be no danger of setting tires bv sparks thrown from engines, which will add much value to this invention, besides the saving t-3 the fuel. For particulars Inquire oi YVM. YY’II.I.ARl), t.orner oi Commercial Whart and Commercial s[ Feb 21—dlv For Hale. AN Office Safe ul John E. Wilder’s nianniactu'e, suitable Ibi Railroad, Marufbrturers’ o. Bank ing purposes, measuring 6 feet 3 in. In height, 4 feet width, 2 feet3J In. deep, w.lth Interior safe ~«1 draw ers. For sale by C. A A A BLANCHARD, loa State Street, Boston, Mess, leblfidtf