Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 7, 1867 Page 2
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THE PKEH8. Thursday Morning, March 7, 1867. I.eller from tho National Capital. [Corre»i>ou<leiice of the Press.) Washington. March 4, 1867. EXIT THIRTY NINTH CONGRKHS. No one of tlie thousands assembled within the American Capitol to-day, will forget the magnificent spectacle it has presented, ho better proof of the deep seated regard this great body of men had upon the people could have been presented, than of the thronging specta tors and the thronged halls, which were liter ally packed on the floor, in lobby and corridor and to the utmost extent of the great galleries. There has been a continuous session since eleven on Saturday morning. At eight o'clock Sunday a recess was taken till seven in the evening. I have witnessed several night ses sions but not one so decorous as this. When the last call was made at the early dawn, there were 110 men present to answer to their names, and all seemed alert and anxious to proceed with business. Last night the session lasted till one, and commenced again at nine a. m. When it la gan two-thirds of the seats were occupied, and before ten, the galleries were crammed. Going to the House, near the Capitol gates lingered fora few moments a group of mem bers, which included Ashley, Boutwell, Butler, Bingham and several other radicals. At that moment a passing close carriage was halted by a crossing vehicle and the occupant looked from the door. It was a passionate, worn, scarred, powerful visage,seamed all over with strife, turmoil, ambition and disappointment. It was quickly withdrawn as the eyes fell on the group I have mentioned, but not before recognition; and keen eyes had noted tlie ex pression. It was that ot an anguish-wrung man, baffled in the great game, but ready, if he only saw the way, to risk all again on another throw. The hunted beast at bay, might be a fair figure to express the look. The carriage whirled onward, and tho face of Andrew Johnson disappearad. Ho was on his way to the Chamber wherein the President usually remains during tho closing hours of Congress. One wondered if he would not much rather have signed an order to drive them out, than to complete the full round of their august pow er. I shall not attempt to describe the scenes, events and incidents which wore crowded in too rapidly for pencil or pen to tell them. The announcement that the wool tariff had passed made by the Speaker,was greeted by ap plause from Western men. This act it is be lieved by many will close all attempts at ob taining more of a protective tariff than now ex ists. The Bankrupt Bill and the Army Appro priation, it was also stated had been signed. In tlio latter a last kick was administered by An dy against tbe expiring giant who had so far thwarted him. This appropriation bill con tained two obnoxious provisions—one fixing the Headquarters of General Grant at this place and rendering the President incompetent to order him else where without cousent of the Henato, and the other disbanding the rebel mil itia organizations «*f the 8011th. Mr. Johnson signed the bill uuder protest, which however was not read until the 40th Congress was in session, a hist but impotent piece of malice.— The Inevitable is resisted till the last. The pluck of Mr. Johusou is worthy a better cause. About eleven, on motion of Mr, Stevens, a permitted invasion of the House floor was made. The Iadovs poured in several hundred strung and made the sombre coated legislative geutlcmen brilliant by tlieir gay contrasting raiment. At twelve, (some handy wight having put the clock back, the Thirty-ninth Congress gain ed ten minutes of surreptitious life)the Speak er’s gavel descended and the farewell speech was made. The fluent and lull toues of the orator lent force to the graceful words, and as he .closed, heartiest applause greeted the most universally popular geutleman who has ever occupied his higli-position. House of Representatives of the Thirty ninth Congress thus terminated its existeuce. Fitly it closed with the cheer and hope, the plaudits and the gratitude of thousands. I should like to photograph the scene, but my pencil cannot and the sunlight is not at my commaud. It was a great body, full of heroic impulses and with a history crowded with deeds of high emprize. A NEW LIFE. The ancient rites of regal succession, pro scribe tbe formula. The dying eyes of the de parted monarch do scarcely cease to quiver, ere from palace steps to market place 4)rays forth the pursuivant’s trumpet and the Heralds pro claim “The King is dead ; long live the King.” The last lingering cadence of the speakers words have hardly died away, and the cheers with which they were greeted still echoed through the great Hall when an alert figure stepped forward, and announced that by au thority of law the clerk of the House of tbe Thirty-ninth Congress called the House of Representatives in the Fortieth Congress to order. “The King is dead; long live the King.” I shall tell but briefly of the following two hours and a half. The telegraph has brought you the outliues. As McPherson read tbr roll, well known names created a sensa tion. Butler's was greeted with applause; as also was Logan's. When Morissey's name was read a general contusion ensued. The great faro banker sat on the Democratic side near the lobby door. He looked well—that must he confessed, was handsomely attired, and ex cept tor a reddened visage and slight air of feeling himself stared at, looked no more un comfortable than the majority. Wood ex cited some notice. Brooks took the lead of the Democracy, and as you know commenced their game by a protest against further pro ceedings. Kelley gave him a good shot when he asked in reply to a statement ol Brooks that a Con gress lias never been so convened, by askiug if the time lie mentioned was in tbe age of tel egraphs and railroads. Dawes of Massachus etts, further confased him by a reminder that Pierce had called an extra session at three days notice, and Wilson of Iowa in a brief re ply kn<M‘ked the argument to pieces by re minding Brooks that this Congress was con vened according to law ami he was recogniz ing the fact by apitearing in his seat. Tlu* election of a Speaker proceeded and re sulted as known. When Marshall wan nomi nated by the Democrat*, it wa* asked w here he wa* from, ho utterly a non-entity was he.— The vote wa* very full, only four absentees, aud wa* more than four time* greater than the opposition. The only marring of the perfect harmony which had hitherto accompanied whh in the had taste of Mr. Colfax a* he assumed hi* Heat reading from a prepared Mss. his speech of ac ceptance. It was inexcusable in a man of sucli Hue tact as is the Hpeaker. But 1 must close. The whole mvno was graud and terminated fittingly, as it opeued also.—the two greatest Legislative bodies of this century. IT RMS. C. P. Kimball has been rejected for Survey or of your port. It i* understood that Mr. Mc Culloch will nominate Oliver B. Dorranoe, Esq., now an appraiser in the Boston Custom House. An attempt to use the Kittery Navy Yard against your member has been killed by an adroit movement. The positions of naval storekeeper and chief engineer were declared Presidential appointments. The nominees there to have been rejected by the Senate. Spectator. RxcumUn lo Purls mid Holy Land* To the Editor oj the Press: Will you allow me through your columns to state in reply to questions that are coming in from all parts of the country, that although the above enterprise was started in Brooklyn, and a number of its citizens will join in it, yet it is not confined to that or auy other place, but that the limited amount of room we have, is open to any and all under such restrictions as the committee have for mutual comfort adopt ed—viz: The applicants to he accepted must have good moral character, good health, and a fair share of good humor. On this basis aud this only we are rapidly making up what wo think will be a good com pany. Truly yours, C. C. Duncan, 117 Wall Street. Dae. the Negro Desire to Vote? The New York Evening Post has a good thing in answer to this question. The Presi dent assigns, says the Poti, among the reason* for his veto, that “the negroes have not asked for the privilege of voting; the vast majority of them have no idea what it means." A general officer in Louisiana wixlied to learn the negro mind on this subject, bo he asked an old mau "Uncle Jo, would you like to vote?” Uncle Jo replied—“Sar, 1 used to walk fifteen miles to find out how a battle went.” There was no need of further questioning. -- --........ —The Cincinnati Commercial is rather ironi cal on the proposition to lay a duty of a cent a dosen on Canadian eggs. Our own hens, It sagely observes, are to be protected against the pauper poultry of Canada! Xhe Pf«-w i tuid oh *«••» n“d Wo«II*b; Wo publish below Mr. Bingham’* tariff bill which became a law last Saturday: Be it enacted, fc., That from and after the pas sage <>l this a 't, in Ueuol the duties now imposed by law on the art! lea monuoned and embraced In this section, there shall bo levied, collected and paid on all onmanulhcturea wool, hair of tho ulpaca, goat, and other like amniala, imported from foreign coun tries. the dime* Uereiumter provided. All wools, hair of the alpaca, goat ami other lik animals, as ?/ no?h . u,vll*«'l tor the purpose of flung Urn duties to l«|eliarged|lUereoii, into three classes, to ,clothl“K wools: that is to say, roarlno, H'n hV-ti11iIO Z’ °r. mi,1H wools, or other wools of merl Ploo<*» immediateor remote; down clothing wools and wools ot like character with any of the preced ing, including such as have been heretofore usually imported into tho Unitod States from Buenos Avres. New 'Zealand. Australia, tape of Good Hope, Ku» sia, Great Britain, Canada ami elsewhere, and also including all a oola not hereinafter described or de signated in classes two and three. _ . Class 2. Combing wools: that Is to say. Leices ter, C'otswold, Lincolnshire, down combing Canada long wools, or other like combing wools 01 English blood, amt usually known by the terms here in used; and also all hair of the ali»aca, goat ami other like annuals. . . ...__. . ('lash .‘I. Carpet wools and other similar winds, such as Doiiskoi, native South American, Coroova, Valparaiso, native .Smyrna, and including all such wools of like character s*s have been naually import ed into tin* United fcMatcs from lurkey, Greece Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. Koi the piiriH*se ot carrying into cflcct tho classi fication heroin provided, a sufficient number of dis tinctive samples ot the various kinds of wool or hair embraced In each of the three classes ulovo named, selected ami prepared under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, and duly verified by him, (the standard samples taring retained in the Treasury Department) shall be deposited in the cus tom houses and elsewhere, as he may direct, which sample* Hha 1 be used by the proper officers of tho custom* to deter ini no the classes above specified, to which all imported wools belong. *., AoV( »Up?n*WO°l8 ot t,,e !irst c,M8i tlie value wliere it..o i .1 Port or place whence exported to the ii'<!> . States, excluding charges in such port, Bhall , tents or less per pound, tho duty shall be 10 cents per )>ouml, and, in addition thereto, 11 per cent, ad valorum; u|>on wools ot tho came class, the value whereof at the last port or place whence ex ported to the United Ktates, excluding charges In such port, shall exceed 32cents per pound, tho duty shall lie 12 cents per pound, and, in addition thereto, lOper cent ad valorum. Upon wools of the second class, and upon all hair of the uli»aca, goat and other like animals, the value whereof at the last port or place whence exerted to the United States, excluding charges in said port, shall be 32 cents or less per pound, the duty shall he 10 cents per pound, and in addition thereto, 11 per cent, ad valorani; upon wools of the same class, tho value whereof at the last port or place whence ex ported to the United States, excluding charges in such i»ort shall exceed 32 cents per pound, the duty shall be 12 cents per pound, and in uddition thereto, 10 per cent, ad valorem. Upon wools of the third class, the value whoroof at the last port or place whence exported to the United States, excluding charges In such port, shall be 12 cents or less pci pound, the duty shall be 3 cents per pound; upon wools ot the same class, tlio value whereof at the last port or place whence ex ported t > the United States, excluding charges in such port, shall exceed 12 cculspcr pound, the duty shall be « cents per pound. Provided, That any wool of tho sheep, or hair of the alpaca, goat, aud other like animals, which shall be imported iu any other than the ordinary condition as now ami heretofore practiced, or which shall be changed in its character or condition, tor the pur pose of evading the duty, or wiiieh shall be reduced in value bv the admixture of dirt or any other for eign substauce, shall be subject to pay twice tlio amount of duiy to which it would otherwise be sub jected, anything in this act to tho contrary notwith ! standing: i roriueu, .runner t i uat wnen wool ol different Ih imported iu tlie saute bale, bag or pack age, it shall be appraised by tho appraiser, to deter mine the rate ot duty to which it shall bo subjected, at the average aggregate value ol tho contents of the bale, bag or package; and when bales of different qualities are embraced iu the* same invoice at the sain • price, whereby the average price shall be re duced more than 10 i»er cent. below the value of the bale of the best quality, the value of the whole shall be appraised according to the value of the bale of the h -si quality, and no bale, bag or package shall lie 11 able to a less rate of duty in couttciuenco of being invoiced with wool oflower value: And provided, farther, That the duty upon wool ol the lust class which shall be imported washed, shall be t\vico the amount of duty to which it would lie subjected If imi»orted unw ashed, and that the duty u|mui wool of all classes which shall be iinimrted m oun d shall Ik* three times the amount of the duty to which it would be subjected if Imported unwash ed. t Mi sheep skins aud Angora goat skins, raw or manunu tured, Imported w ith the wool on, washed or iiiiwh.-ImiI, the duty shall bo thirty per cent, ad valo rem ; and on woolen rag.-,, shoddy, luungo, waste aud flocks, the duly shall be 12 cents per jtoiiud. SKi . 2. And 6e it further enacted, 'i'hat in lieu of the duties heretofore imiiosed by law on tlie articles hereinafter mentioned, aud on such as may now be exempt from duty, there shall be levied, collected and paid on tin*goods, wares aud merchandise here in enumerated and provided for, imported Irom tbr eign countries, the following duties and rates of du ties, that is to say: On woolen cloths, woolen shawls, and all manufac tures of wool, not herein otherwise provided for, Do cents per pound, aud, in addition thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem. On flannels, blankets, hats of wool, knit goods, oalmorals, woolen and worsted yams, and all man ufactures ot every description, composed wholly or in part ol worsted, the hair of the alpaca, goat or other like animals, except such as are composed iu part ot wool, not otherwise provided for, valued at not cx ceding 40 cents per pound, 20 cents j»er pound: valued at above 40 cents per pound; aud not exceed ing GO cents per pound, 30 cents per pound; valued at above Go cents per pound not exceeding so emits per pound, 4o cents per pound; valued at above 80 cents per pound, 50 cents per pound, and, in addition there to, upon all the above named art cles, 35 per cents ad valorem. On endless belts or felts lor paper or printing ma chines, 20 cents per pound and 35 cent ail valorem. On bunting, 2o cents per square yard, and, in addi tion thereto, 35 cent ad valorem. On women’s and children’s dress goods and real or iroit'itiou Italian cloths, compos d wholly or in part of wool, worsted, the hair of tho alpaca goat, or oth er like animals, valued at not exceeding20cents the square yard. 6 cents per square yard,and, in addi tion thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem; valued at above 20 cents the square yard, 8 cents per square yard, and, in addition thereto, 40 per cent, ail valo rem : Provided, That on all goods weighing four ounces and over per square yard, the duty shall b* 50 cents jier pound, and, iu aiditiou thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem. v> On clothing ready made, and wearing apparel of every description, and bahuoral skirts and skirting, and goods of similar description, or used tor like purposes, composed wholly or in part ol wool, worst ed, the hair of t he alpaca goat, or other like animals, made Up or manufactured wholly or in part by t,li« tailor, seamstress, or manufacturer, except knit goods, 60 cents per pound, and, in addition thereto, 40 per cent, ad valorem. On webbings, belting , bindings, braids, galloons, fringes, gimps, cords and tassels, dress trim mings, head nets, buttons, or barrel buttons, or but tons ol other forms, for tassels or ornaments, wrought, by hand or braided by machinery, made of wool, worsted, or mohair, or of which wool, worsted or mohair is a component material, uumixed with silk, 50 cents per pound, and, in addition thereto, 60 per cent, ad valorem. Ou Aubusson and Axminster carpets, and carpets woven whole Ibr rooms, 50 per cent, ad valorem; on Saxony, Wilton, and Tourney velvet car peto, wrought by tho Jacquard machine, 70 cento per square yard, and, in addition thereto, 36 i>er c ent, ad valorem; on Brussels carpel# wrought by the Jac quard machine, if cents per square yard, and, in addition thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem: on patent velvet and tapestry velvet carpets, printed ou the warp or otherwise, 40 cento per squatu yard, am^ in addition thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem: ou tafMtttry Brussels earjtcto, printed on the warp or otherwise, 28 cento per square yard, and, in addition thereto, 36 per cent, ad valorem; ou treble ingrain, three ply, and worsted chain Venetian carpets. 17 cents jst square yard, and. In addition thereto, 35 per i cut. ad valorem; on yarn Venetian auu two-ply ingrain carj*eto, 12 cents per square yard, and, in addition thereto, 35 per cent, ad valorem; ou drug get# and bockiugs, printed, colored, or othei wise, 26 cents |»er >quaie yard, and, in addition thereto, 35 |s>r rent, ad valorem; on hemp or jute carpeting, scents per square yard, on caipcto ami carpetings of wool, flax, or cotton, or part# of either, or other material not otherwise herein s)Mvitiod. 40 per cent, ml \ al<» reii: Provided. That mats, i ugs, screens, covers, basMM'ks, iM-dsidcH. and other |tortious of carjieto or car|M-t ings shall !*e subjected to the rate ol duly here to imposed ou carpets or carpeting of like character or description, am. that the duty on all other mats, (not exclusively of vegetable material), screens, has socks, and rugs, shall be 45 per cent, ml valorem. On oil-cloths lor floors, stumped, pain till, or print er!, valued at 60 rents or less per square yard, 3"» per cent, ml valorem ; valued at over 50 cent# pci square yard, aud ou air oilier oil-cloth, (except silk oil cloth.) and oo o uter proof cloth, not otherwise pro vided tor, 46 per cent, rd wlorein ; on oil silk cloth, CO per evd. ad valorem. Rfiilrwaad from Moaipelacr (• Porilnaaal. It will Is* w«n, by the proceedings which will he found in another roliimn, that the railroad from Montpelier to Portland is progressing, so far as the organization of the Mont p«-licr and St. .lolinshury. and Essex county railroads are concerned. The gentlemen who constitute the board of directors are well kuown and energet ic meti, who are tiot accustomed to put their hands to the plow and afterwards turn back. General Pitkin, who represent* this end of the route on the board of direction, is one of our most active and wide-awake citizens, of great executive ability, and heartily enlist-*d in the enterprise. Mr. Uwinuell will ably represent th«* interest of the towns aloug the route in this county, aud Messrs. Fairbanks, Morrill, and Hatch will be as effective and succctMful man agers as any gentlemen who could jiossibly have beeu named. It is iimlcrst<M»d that engi neers are at once to examine the route, and es timate* art* to lie made, while meetings to awaken a public interest and secure subscrip tion* for the stock, are to be held ns soon a* convenient, along the pro|>oscd route. We have already expressed our conviction of tin* necessity for this road; hut its convenience and value impress themselves upon us the more we consider the project, as they will, we think, upon every one who considers the bene fits of the proposed road.—Montpelier Freeman. We ldarn from Vermont that a reconnoisance of the road from Montpelier to Conway, on the Portland route, has just been made by D. C. Linsley, Esq., one of the most eminent railroad Engineers in the country, who reports the route in the main exceedingly favorable, the only exception being a few miles through the Notch, but even here the line is entirely feasible. This we trust settles tl»e question of the construc tion of this road, aud the future status of our city. Mr. Editor:—-The Star of Tuesday evening publishes a letter from Washington over the signature of “Portland,/ most of which is in laudation of the Representative from the third district. One would suppose iu reading the letter, that Maine had no other Representative but Mr. Blaine. 1 am an admirer of the tal ented member from the third district, and give him credit for all that he is entitled to, as I do to Representatives Pike, Rice, Perham and Lynch. Some of ns have thought that Mr. Lynch represented this district very well, but it must be a mistake, as “Portland” is entirely oblivi ous of any such man. Can you tell us, Mr. Editor, who it is that writes so sweetly over the signature of “Port land?” It must be some patriot willing to take office. Perhaps the following interesting item of news in the letter will help unfold why I ortland is Huch an admirer of the Repre sentative of the third district, and satisfy the curiosity of those who are desirous of knowing who “Portland” is: “Quite a vigorous contest is beimr wa*red over the surveyonhip of your port. It 7s in known who will win. Col. Miller has t\L stronger force but may not succeed.” ‘ ___ Joshua. —It is said that Madame Henri Heine, wid ow of the Goftnan poet finds that she has been WTong in selling for a trifling sum the copy right of her late husband’s posthumous works to the publisher, M. Michel Levy. At the same time she is very indignant about ths publica tion of the last two volumes of Heine’s car* respondence which she asserts are full of in discretions touching his private life. tirtmiriiMjrinri -wm Hiatt* Itemai —A cortespondent of the Argil*, Writing from Harpswell, and w ho very properly signs him self “A Copperhead,” rejoices that that town “has redeemed hecrslf from the thraldom of abolition rule." —Our Democratic contemporary in this city chronicles the fact that the entire Democratic party of Bath have gone over to the Republi can side of the house. He says they all voted for Dr. Putnam for Mayor at the late election. Dr. P. was the regular Republican nominee.— Wo congratulate our Democratic friends in that city on their progress, and hope, now that they have got on tho right side, they will stay there. 1 he appointments of Commander George H. I lehle asf aptain in the Navy, and of Jon athan Q. llarton of this State as an Assistant 1 ay master, have been confirmed by the Sen ate. The Times learns that the Directors of the Portland and Kennebec Railroad pro|>o«o to erect a new depot in Bath. Such an im provement cannot lie made too soon. “-The Lewiston Journal says that late Sat urday morning, 2d instant, Miss Cora Stevens, a young lady almut 17 years of age, whose pa rents reside at Kendall's Mills, committed sui cide by throwing herself into the Kennebec at Skowhegan. The young lady was employed at the Turner House, and loft the table Saturday morning, saying she was going to comb her hair. Soon after tracks were discovered lead ing toward the river, and two boys soon ap peared who said that they saw her leap into the river. Her body had not been discovered at last accounts. N o cause is assigned fur this rash act. —The St. Croix Courier understands that Mr. Edwin Kierstead of Houlton has obtained the contract for supplying the timber for a five thousand ton ocean steamer shortly to be constructed at Boston. The timber w ill all be got in Aroostook county. —The Belfast Journal says a man named Evans, of Monroe, cut his throat at his resi dence in that tow n on Monday last. The deed was done about noon, and tho first intimation that the inmates had of it, was that Evans walked into the family sitting-aoom, with tho blood streaming from the wound. His brother •aught him in bis arms, when he d:od at once. —The Augusta Farmer says the barn of Mr. H. Dow, residing in Pittston, about a mile from tho river, wat entered on Thursday night of last week, and robbed of 20 bushels of barley, 10 bushels of Indian meal and five ineal-bags The theft was discovered the next morning and the rogues traced to Augusta, but the evidence obtained has not yet been sufficient to warrant their arrest. Original and Selected. —On first page—“The Maine State Press,” “The Compromise on Wool andjWooUens,” “Significant Association,” “State Taxes for 17G7," “Recent Publications,” “Match Making,” “Frederick Douglass on Social Equality,” “A Western Wife’s Home,’’ “Muck,” “Crime and its Punishment," &c. On last page —“Boranger on Oreece’’—poetry, “Byron’s Maid of Athens,” and othor pleasing miscellany. —We learn on reliable authority that Rev. II W. Beecher and family are to he of the excur sion party for Paris and the Holy Land, whicli is to sail from New York during the approach ing season, and of which C. C. Duncan, Esq., of New York, formorly of Bath in this State, is the manager. —The present IT. S. Senate is composed of 42 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Two of the latter—Doolittle of Wisconsin and Patterson of Tennessee, misrepresent their States and have been requested to resign. The House, so far as elected, consists of 124 Republicans and 25 Democrats. Tho States to elect will prob ably return 18 Republicans and II Democrats. —It is rumored that Gov. Bullock will not he a candidate for reelection in Mass. Gen. But ler, Dr. Geo. B. Loring.and Hon. John B. Al ley are all named in connection with the suc eeisorshlp. —E. P. Rosseau, a brother of the general, committed suicide in Louisville on the 14th, with a pistol. He was aged 44, and leaves a wife and several children. —There is a large measure of courtesy yet left in Congress. When the drawing for seats came off in the House, the seat of Hon. E. B. Washburn.; was received for him, though he is absent in Europe. Mr. Stevens of Penn., was allowed to retain his old seat in the centre of tlie republican side, and ex-Governor Thomas of Maryland, in consideration of his age and character, was allowed to choose before the drawing began. —A young man in Pittsburg, dying of tlis consumption, has made a will, leaving $5,000 to his betrothed. His sister with whom he re sides, refuses to grant the lovers sn Interview, because she will get but $1,000. —A New Zealand paper claims for the war with the Maorjsthe honor of beiug the longest war on record. With little intermission, it hss continued from 1844 to the present day. —1 n Boston $25,0C0 has boeu raised for tho benefit of the suffering |ioor of the South —It is suggested that the remarkable quiet which obtained during the lust hours of Con gress is the fruit of Speaker Colfax's order pro hibiting the sale of liquor in the Capitol build ing. —An exchange calls attention to tlie fact that if tho first Bureau Bill that President Johnson vetoed, had become a law, and been enforced by the President, the present fright ful destitution among poor whites at the South would have lieen mostly avoided, or easily aud speedily relieved! Tlie sufferers, if they un derstood the matter, would have to hlauie not only their own madness aud folly, hut also the madness and folly of President Johnson and his aopper confeoerate party. —Raphael Demmes of Alabama renown, has taken editorial charge of tho Memphis Bulle tin. He opens his salute with the following sensible shot‘ Tlie only way by which the Doutb can benefit herself, or be of any service to tlie country, is to attend to her industrial interests and let politics alone.” —Deacon William Dterlin hung himself in his barn, near Woodstock, Vt., on Monday week. — Tlio Joint discussion between Gen. Walter llarriuiau, Republican candidate Tor Governor of New llaiuiwiltiro, and JohuG. Sinclair, Esi|„ Democratic nominee for the same office, which has once becu unavoidably postponed, is to conic off in I’ortHniouth this evening. —The N. H. Democrats must be near rela tives of their Southern brethren. The Anson Advocate says they “are literally roasting Har rimau, the negro candidate for Governor, alive!” That is tho way the Southern Demo crats have been accustomed to treat their ne groes. Wo aro suspicious, however, that on Tuesday night next the roasted man will be found without smell of tire upon his garments, while the roasters will lie so crisped that their own mothers will disown them. —Mr. Dion Bourcicault is in Paris, making arrangements for the production of two now plays which he has been commissioned to write by F tench managers. —The $25,000 left by Miss. Caroline Plum mer, over ten years ago, for founding a farm reform school in Salem, Mass., has increased to $47,000, which it is proposed now to put to the use intended by the donor. —Mr. Fessenden made the important state ment in tho Senate on Thursday, that the in ternal revenue receipts had fallen off lately at the rate of forty to fifty millions of doll.trs per year. —Hon. Jesse. D. Bright, who was kicked out of the United States Senate as a traitor in 1802, now declines to be nominated as a repre sentative, saying: “1 could not be induced to take a seat among such men as constitute the already elected majority in tho next House of Representatives in Congress.” The N. Y. Tri bune trusts the 40tli Congress will be able to Burvive this severe blow, but revives the un pleasant reminiscence that the treason of Bright was so glaring that even Garrett Davis aided in kicking him out. —William Loyd Garrison, William Cullen Bryant, and Col. O. G. Hammond of Chicago, have been appointed to represent the Ameri can Freedmen's Union Commission at the World s Anti-Slavery Conference, to lie held in Paris in tho month of June next. The two latter gentlemen are already in Europe. A Boston paper says'some excitement was created Tuesday afternoon at the Boston and Maine Freight Depot on discovering that three barrels each contained a dead human body. The discovery was accidentally made by the head of one of the barrels breaking out, and that of a human body being seen inside. The barrels were directed to “John W. Saxton, Brunswick, Me.” Coroner Moore, was called but expressed the opinion that it was no ease for him to interfere, and that the liodies had better be forwarded to their destination. —Four men caught one hundred and sixty pounds oftroutaud cusk in Lake Winuepesau kee N. H., last week in forty-eight hours. —Report says Wilkie Collins is incurably sick of consumption. —There were fewer marriages, births and deaths in Massachusetts, in 1863 than in the preceding year. —Mr. Morgan Smith, a colored tragedian, Is drawing large audiences at Dundee, Scotland. A new drama, entitled “The Blaok Doctor" has been brought out by him with sucessa. Poland and Vidiullyi New AdveriisemeMts T*<B*r. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and 9hoes—T. E. Moseley A Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Fair and Levee—Lincoln Hall. Allen Mission Festival—Chestnut St. Vestry. AUCTION COLUMN. Groceries, Dry Goods, Ac—E. M. Patten & Co. Auctioneer and Appraiser—John Crockett. Wooden Building-K. M. Patten & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Beef, Ac—Shaw, Hammond A Carney. City or Portland—Election Notice. lte-eatahlishud—A. Q. Leach. Removal—Stevens, I xml A Haskell. Copartnership—Purlulon A Butler. Bonkkee[ter Wanted. Merchant Tailor—Nathan Goold. Oils L. P. Brown. Situation Wanted. Freedom Notice—Amos Sanborn. Tuilor Wanted—Altrcd llaskell. New York Goods— E. C. Burt. A Card—1Treuiont Safe and Machine Company. Mnniripnl Psart. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Wednesday.— William Glenn, lor drunkonneas and disturbance, was lined three dollars and costs.— Committed. Joseph Q. Ewell, Alden B. Dunton Emery F. Sa ver y, on search and seizure processes, paid $?2.N each. Csscrraist Hoys. It might almost be said that Mr. Bartlett's lecture before* the Christian Association last evening, was delivered in character, so boyish was the smoothly shavon face of the lecturer, so intense the sometimes exaggerated empha sis of his manner. According to Mr. Bartlett’s formula, a hoy is “ a succiuct hyeroglyphie of destructive progression,” which being inter preted means that Young America is au active, noisy, riotous being, capable of an immensity of petty mischief, hut likely to coine lo some thing by and by if his development is n’t checked. Action, motion, is the chief charac teristic of boyhood, as it is of life in the uni verse, the direct emanation of God’s power. Mr. Bartlett talked very sensibly and severe ly of the prevailing modes of education—tak ing boys out of the family circle and immuring them in cloisters, trying to teach them gram mar when it it is languages they want, boring them with demonstrations wltilo they want on ly the facts. Mr. Bartlott’B criticism was pure ly destructive; he rnado no practical sugges tions towards a better system. Of the abuses of children he spoko with especial earnestness and vigor—of the pampering and undressing by which boys aTe murdered in the Fifth Ave nue, of the tyrauuy aud brutality to which they are exposed in other social grades. Of course the Rev. Mr. Liudsley was punctually brought upon the platform at this juncture.— The lecturer observed that boys are no longer indentured; that they are better understood than formerly, and better educated; and appa rently believed that the present generation will have a fair chance, as no doubt his great-great grandfather thought before him, and his little little-grandson will ruefully think after him.— Of boy’s wit, let us repeat a single illustration from tho lecture. A distinguished old Heavy sides being called upon to address a room full of boys, mounted the platform, as serene as a summer’s day, perfectly familiar with that sort of thing, had bored over it as often as any oil miner over half an acre of unproductive territory. “ Well, my lads," he began, in au easy way, “ well, my lade, what shall we talk about? what shall we, say, eh?” “ Say amen,” pipes a shrill voice in a remote corner, “say amen, and sit down!” Abmy and Navy Union. — A meeting of the Managers of the Union was held Tuesday evening, Dr. Gordon presiding. The names of twenty-nine gentlemen were proposed for membership, but some remarks being made, deprecating the hurried manner in which ap plicants for membership had been voted in the names, on suggestion, were laid on the table until the next meeting, for investigation. Twenty-three members were admitted by bal lot. The Committee on furnishing the Asaocia ation Room, was ordered to procure the neces sary number of settees for the wants of the Union, and also to fUrnisb each member of the Board of Managers with keys to the Hall an 1 Library. The use of the hall was tendered to the Mil itary Order of the Loyal League, Couunand ery No. 1, for occasional meetings of that body; and a committee was raised aud em powered to make necessary arrangements with a^l parties making such applications. It was voted that the Rooms be open to members on Saturday evening, until further notice. A vote of thanks was tendered to A. W. Bradlmry, Rsq., for his able aud eloquent ad dress, at the dedication of the Hall. Votes of thanks were also passed to Rev. Alr. Gage, of Boston, for his excellent lecture, for which he declined to receive any compeii sation; and similar votes of thanks were ten dered to Gen. John C. Caldwell, of Ellsworth, for his lecture; to the Forest City Band for music gratuitously famished; and to the Portland Dramatic Club for their entertain ment kindly given for tho benefit of the Li brary ; also to the Quartette Club fiir music furnished at the dedication; and to Rcv.|\V. H. Feuu for his services as Chaplain on the same occasion., D. i*. II. Lockhart resigned his place as one of the Directors and on the Library Commit tee, in consequence of leaving the eity, aud Kins'h Knight was chosen to fill the vacancy. Presentation. — Last Raturday evening, Francis Chase, Esq., Superintendent of the P. 8. &■ I*. Railroad, sa» agreeably surprised at the presentation to him of a valuable gold watch and chain by the employees of the road Tile presentation was made by Messrs. Cliau eey Itarrett, Payson Tucker and Joseph F. Mitchell, in behalf of the employees, who ac companied the gift with some appropriate re marks. Mr. Chase, entirely taken by. sur prise, responded in suitable tonus. The watch and chain are beautiful specimens of skill and workmanship, tho former bearing an appiopriate inscription. They will be val ued liy Mr. Chase more from the source from which they came than for their intrinsic worth. Subsequently Mr. Chase sent the committee ‘lie following acknowledgement: Mettrs, Chancey Barrett, Payton Tucker, anti Joteph F. Mitchell, Committee : Gentlemen:—-The beautiful and valuable gold watch and chain presented me on Satur day evening last by tho employees of the P. 8. & 1’ Railroad Company, deserves a more fit ting response than*! was able to make on that occasion, taken entirely by surprise as I was. I lieg leave to express to you and through you to your associates, my hearty thanks for this generous gi.i, and to assure you, that I shall ever cherish it, as a token of the good feeling and kindly interest which I feel sure dictated th« offering. Very truly, Your friend, Francis Chase. Paradise Lost and the Apocalypse.— Seldom does an exhibition of a panoramic na ture create such a furor in our community as is now displayed by our citizens to witness theso gorgeous representations of the immortal poet Milton. Jammed audiences seem to be the order of the day at each representation, and the longer it remains the more eager, larger and more enthusiastic do the audience becomo. It is not to be wondered at however, for true merit seldom goes unrewarded, which old adage proves true in this case, for certainly no exhibition of this character ever to our knowledge combined so many points of inter est, or displayed so much artistic genius. Let all again to-night be on the alert and be grati fied with passing an evening in the realms of imagination and paradise. Fast Liu vino. -Some of the owners of fast horses are in the habit of using Congress street, especially the upper part, between High street and the “mile-post” for a course. It is danger •us to the citizens and should be stopped. A gentleman residing on that part of the street has taken the names of several persons who have been driving their horses on that thor oughfare, and, although he has no disposition to enter complaints against the parties, unless the practice is stopped, they will find them selves arraigned before tbe Municipal Court. “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Fire Proof Safes.—The trial of Sanborn’s steam fire proof safes will take place at Lin coln Park to-day. The fires will be kindled early this morning, and the safes will be open ed lor exhibition at half past five o’clock this afternoon. One of the safes is on exhibition near the l’ost Office. Re-established.—it will he noticed by ad Tertiseuent, that Mr. A. Q. Leach has got back to the old spot, in a new and beautiful store, which he has stocked with a choice selection of dry goods. Give him a call. Liquor Seizures.—Yesterday the Leputy Marshals seized small quantities of liquor in the shops of John Bradley and John Foley on York street and Abner Paine on Green street. Real Estate. _ Mr. George M. Harding, Architect, has sold his genteel residence on Congress street to Mrs. N. P. Woodbury — Price paid $0000. W. F.Todd, at 25 Free street, ij offering watches, clocks and jewolery at a very low figure for a short time. See advertisement. Mechanics’ Assemblies.—Subscribers will take notice that the last Assembly will come off Friday evening, March 8th. Brut* StiUstfr O«t!»ctt.*-One M *iu> largest meetings evef held by this Society iris had at the Chapel last evening^ for the purpose of acting upon the letter Of their pastor, Bev. Geo. L. Walker, resigning the pastoral charge of the Church. Kensellaer Cram, Esq., presid ed, and F. N. Dow was Secretary. At a very large meeting of the Church on Monday evening, the following vote was unan imously adopted:

Voted, That a committee be eboseu to express *®our Pastor our deep sorrow in consequence of bis resignation, and our earnest desire that he will withdraw his letter; or, if he cannot consent to do so, that lie will allow us to |e>st pone any action upou it for the present. This vote was read by the chairman, and, upon the question of concurring with the Church, remarks were made by Messrs. H. M. Payson, B. Cram, J. W. Munger, E. A. Nor ton, E. Holyoke, Dr. Dana, I*. Loriug, F. K. Swan and *). O'Donnell. The speakers were unanimous in the opinion that the time had not yet arrived when the connection of Bov. Mr. Walker witli the church and parish should be dissolved. And they were as unanimous that it would bo for the interest of the parisit that their pastor should let mutters remain as they are, even if the church had to wait one or two years longer for him to recover perfect strength. The question was taken by rising. The vote was unanimous in concurring with the Church, and a committee, consisting of Messrs. F. G. Messer, W. W. Woodbury, W. F. Milliken, F. O. Libby, Reuben Kent, F. K. Bwan and R. Cram was appointed to wait upou Rev. Mr. Walker and inform him of the action of the meeting. The meeting then adjourned to next Monday evening to hear the report of the committee. Non-Explosive.—Mr. L. P. Brown, No. 1300 Fore street, offers the public a new article of burning fluid, or rather oil. We have not yet tried it, hut the certificate of Dr. Cummings, State Assayer, shows that it has been tested to a very high degree of heat, and proved to be non-explosive. We refer the reader to Mr. Brown's advertisement and the certificate of Dr. Cummings, in onr advertising columns. Surveyor of the Port.—By reference to the letter of our Washington correspondent, it will he observed that there is a probability of the appointment of Oliver B. Dorrauce, Esq., as Surveyor of this port. Such an appoint ment, we hardly need say, will give satisfac tion to all who have business at the Custom House, for he is one of the most affable men wo know of. Reform School.—Hon. George R. Barrows has resiguod his position as Superintendent of the Reform School, and the Trustees have se lected Hon. E. W. Woodbury, of Swedeu, as his successor. The Governor and Council have approved the selection and appointed Mr. Woodbury to the place. Recorder of Municipal Court.—Llewel lyn Kidder, Esq., of this city, has been nomi nated by Gov. Chamberlain, for the office of Recorder of the Municipal Court of this city. Mr. Kidder was for many years Clerk of the Courts for Somerset County, and is well quali fied for the duties of the office. The New Engine.—The new locomotive which wo saw a lew days ago on the cars pass ing our office, was intended for the Brockville ana Ottawa road, and not for the Bangor and Oldtown road, as we supposed. The initials on the tender “B. & O. R. R.,” led ns to suppose it was for the laiter road. Fair and Levee—So great was the suc cess and so pleasant the entertainment at Lin coln Hall last evening, that, by desire, it will be repeated this evening. The Forest City Band have, very kindly, volunteered their ser vices for the occasion. Personal.—Judge Clifford returned from Washington Tuesday night, where he has been for threo months past attending to his duties as one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States. Wellcome’s Liver Regulator is a sure and safe cure for liver complaints. There is no other known remedy equal to it; thousands have shared its benefits, and gladly recommend it to others. ,jau5—1 awtf Clothing.—Mr. Nathan Goold lias removed to his old place of busiuess, No. 1 rt7 Middle street, where he is ready to give anyliody “fits” that is in want of clothing. Back Again.—It will be seen by a notice in another coluuiu that Messrs. Stevens, Lord & Haskell have removed to their new store Nos. 51 and 5fi Middle street. Wanted.—A copy of the Maine Stale Prrxx of Scpte oilier lit, I si si, to eomplele a file. Any one having that iiunilier ami will forward it to this office will do ns a great favor. The attention of Merchants is called to the advertisement of “Book-kee|ier.” The adver tiser lias had experience, and will come well recommended. We would invite the attention of all our readers to the Allen Mission Festival, which comes oil' next Momlay night. Baku.—Attention is invited to the imtiee of the Marlaml safes ami the recent trial of those in Boston, in our advertising column. Dr. Whhiht has removed to Bmsly House, Corner of Congress and Chestnut streets. —Two fin-back whales came into Province town harbor last week. One of them was kill ed, but sank and could not he recovered. The other escaped. — ' ■ 11 m ■ u' ■ ■ SPECIAL NOTICES. For a Prettily Made ladles’. Misses snd children's l.almoral lionts, ami for the latest uo.altie* In Shot's or slippers, you should mnke tour selection nt T. K. MiiMvi.KY Jt COH, Sumner SL, Boston. mchldlt Mains’ Pure Elderlterry anti Cur rent Wines. So highly recoin mended by Physicians, id ay !*e fouutl at whoioKAle at the drug stores of W.W Whip ple Sc Co.. H. H. Hay, W. K. Phillips & Co., K. L Stan wood ami J. W. Perkins & Co. janll!sNd1y Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights —Wc are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard .inti invaluable remedy, Dodd's Neuvine, which article surpasses all known preparations tor (lie cure of all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result of which is to produce costivcness and other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met wif.i such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all tlic fearful mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ol norvous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $ 1. Geo. C. Goodwin &Co., augllsnlyd&w u Wholesale Agents, Boston. ANDERSON & CD’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY/ 333 Congress St, above Casco. HF^Frencli, Gorman ami American Corsets from 75 ct« to $ 10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours notice. Feb 9—BN d3m COLGATE & CO.’S, WINTER SOAR ! Recommended for CHAPPED HANDS, and lor goneral Teilet use during COLD WEATHER. It may be obtained of all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. sn feb20d23t ItEMOVAL. DBS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 1-9 CONGRBll STREET, BROWN’S NEW BLOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Sonter. Offle* Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3to5P. M. I>R. Chadwick's residence 168 Cumberland street. D*t-Fooo’s residence 28 High street. . B^Free Clinical consultation'* will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., tor the poor. jan‘28BNdti Make Your Own Soap ! NO 1.1 it] It NEl'EUARV! By Saving and Using Your Waste Grease. BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’lfc. Co*s SAPONIFIE R. (Patentsof 1st and 8th Feb., 1868.) CONCENTRATED LYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 25 gallons of the very best soft soap for only about 30 ctn. Directions on each box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. R^Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co’s Saponifior. mmsNood&wly N»b» ami Nlrumnlir IHiu* Waieru, just received and fbrsale by J. W. PERKINS & CO., no24fl)feowd&wly No 88 Commercial .St. DK. SWEET, NATURAL RONE SETTER. Doctor of all ailments incident lo the Bones, Cords and Muscles. Hip Diseases,; Iff, and cularged Joints’ Weak and Perished Limbs Paralysis, Spinal ami Rheumatic Affections, am' Lameness, successfully treated. O—re 31 Cray Street. Where he can be consulted daily without charge. Iebl6d3w* s N SPECIAL NOTH i:*. FinbeiY Cough Drop*. This certain anti effectual ntn* i**r toughs ami all digests of the throat and lungs, has l**u flnarslljr known throughout New Eagiaud M the iMaUif years, and is v% arruuted to cure, or the price will he refunded. Prepared bv Gv;**K**E W. WALLiSQ AOKD, of the late l»r. Fisher. NASON, SYMf>NI»S A CO., Proprietors, Ketine hunk, Maine. O. C. Goodwin A Co., Boston Agents. Hold by all Druggists, inarltl3m N FKU.OH’N OKHdNII, WOBM LOZKNOBS. WE can with confidence point to FELLOW’S WoRM LOZENGES as the most pertect rem edy for those troublesome jiettis, INTESTINAL WoRMS. Alter years of careful experiment, *u<ves* has crowned our efforts, and we now offer to the world a confection without a siugle fault, being safe, con venient, effectual ami plcasaut. No iiuuiious result eau occur, let them be iu whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their com posit ion. They may be used without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never tail in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will always strength*-n the weak and emaciated, eveii when he is not afflicted with worms. Various remedies have from time to lime, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of wormseed, turp entine, Ac., producing dangerous, and sometimes lalal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors ot Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, tree from all objections, and posi tively safe, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. Iu order to assure consumers of the genuineness ol these lozenges, the analysis ol Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is Annexed :5 “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs. FELLOWS A CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully compounded, pleas ant to the taste, safe, yet sure and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayer to the State of Mass. Price 95 reals per Bsx 5 Fire for $1. GEO. W. SWE'IT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic Depot, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Mass., Sole Agent for the Uuited States, to whom all or ders should l»e addressed. W. W. WHIPPLE & CO. 21 Market Square Wholesale and Retail Agents. Sold by dealers in Medicines everywhere. octf-deowGmSN u 1> if. s. s. FITCHES “Family PhyHician,” Sevcnty-nlx pure. : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad (lrcBt*. 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Being an article o true merit, and ltaving proved their efficacy by a test of many years, each year finds tlieni in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced letter than other articles. Obtain only “Brown** Bronchial Trochm" and do not take any of the worth lea* imitations that may be offered, mild rvkrwiikrr Dec 4—d*w6iu sn Fwr f«*«lM, (•M« mmd UaraapiiM, Try tin- old and well known fKUKTABI.I Hl l. UOV4KV H %!.«%*.approved and «wd by our old* st tint I moat. * hbrnlt ii /’lyiiritiu fc»r forty \ear* past. (lei tin- gewuiur. RKKD, CI/TLKU A CO.. I iriag^i«M. «lc«”>4*sdA ui-iii Rosiou. h^«rH.ira |{nt<-li«‘lnr'M Hair I This spb-i»ftM Hah Ihre hi Ik k«i in (be wnrbt The only Iru. awl perf,et /y lliimk- K. luktlr lo*lanlM»eoin>. N . • li*ap|«Hfitm. nl rah tints. Natural Mink m Brown. Remain-* ibe >11 • IfnrfH of tbmt IHvtfnrk>* the hair, leaving It mil and kwiifnl. The genuine l« nigmed Wil liam 4. Rr»AA.7«rr. 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Abraham Skill man, M. D., Boundbrook, N. J. H. D. Martin, M. D., Mansfield, Pa. The proprietor have letters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from tl»c halls ot Congress to the hnmblest cottage, and even beyond the seas; tor the fame and virtues ot Wiatar's Halsani have ex tended to the “ uttermost bounds of the earth," without any attempt on our part to introduce It be yond the limits ot our own country. Prepared by SETH W. FOWLE & SON, 18 Trc mont Street, Boston, and sold by all Di uggists and Dealers generally, 6RAC E’S L'ELEBRATED HALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CUTS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, &c.,&c Grace’* Celebrated Halve! Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces the most angry looking swell ings and inflammations, as if by magic; thus afford ing relief and a complete cure. Only 25 cents a box; sent by mail tor 35 cents. SETH W. FOWLR «fe SON, *18 TremontSt, Boston, Proprietors. 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Manufactured from the pure iuiceof the berfy, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine, and to the well, as a beverage. To the days of the aged it addeth length, To the mighty it addetu strength,” ^ *Tis a balm for tlie sick, a joy tor ilio well— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell MAINS’ ELDEKJBEBRY WINK aov 27 S N d&wtf HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. Is the best article known to preserve the hair. It will positively restore Gray Hair to its Original Color. It keeps the hair from falling out. It is the best hair dressing in the world, making lifeless, stiff, brashv hair, healthy, soft, and glossy. Price $1. For sale by all druggists. R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. mar2d&wlw s n Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call tlie attention to the fact that more tlmn 4 O Of tlieir Safes ^ave AMPLE PROTEi TION in the late tire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or at 1 lO Sudbury Street, Haataa. •^•Second-hand Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15—sMlstw in each mo*ady remainder of time. mahhibd. M*"h •■*• b» W. ( • Urn , aTT^w.Vi^;^. fot+£*“*> | -iA* l'.rt*P“rt- Mwh «, by Itev. B. T .Sanborn. Can! AUnn r”A?*y?*??r• F'b. M. by R«. J. Colby. UIona-star. ™ Ml"“ Kmnm L. RolHna, aU oi Now anil i{,.1.Ju,*“ ****!«». ol i turning. In Liberty, ret,. 3. '<;wL n , , A. Young. narte, r. Achorn anti Sarah lu this city, Feb. 2x, Mr. Itciij. s. Hagratt act 42 years. ’ % In Scarboro, March 2, Mr. Daniel Snow, aged 72 veare. In Harps well, March 2, Philip II. Sheridan, non ot Thomas and Lettie O. Pennell, aged 6 months *j days. lu Springfield, 111., Feb. 26, Samuel Fessenden, won of the late A. YV. True, Esq., of Portland, aged 20 j ears. DKPARTURF OF OL'KAN SfEAMKKS NAME KKOM FOB HATE. Peruvian. Portland .. flAverpool.. .March 9 Moro Castle.New York.. Havana.March 9 Louisiana.New York.. Liverpool.. .March 9 Manhattan.New York..Liverpool... March 9 City ot A11 twerp.. .New York.. Liverpool... March 9 Celia.New York..London.March 9 Pereire.New York..Havre.March 9 San Francisco.New York. .Nicaragua..March 9 Deutschland.New York.. Bremen_March 9 Henry Chauncey. New York.. Aspinwall.. March 11 Asia..Boston.Liverpool... March 13 Nova Scotian.Portland... Liverpool.. .March 16 City ot Boston.New York..Liverpool.. .March 16 Teutonia.New York.. Hamburg .. March 16 Eagle.New York.. Havana. — Mar. h 1»; MiuKalare Alum nor.March 7* Suu rises.6.27 I Moon sets. 7.30 PM Sun sets.5.57 | High water .12,15 PM MARINE NEWS j PORT OF PORTLAND. Wednesday, March 6. ARRIVED. Steamer DeWitt Clinton, Prince, Belfast. Sch Gem, Arty, Vinathaven. Seh Allen Lewis. Bennett. Boothbay. Soli little S Reed, Booth lay. Sell Ranger. Cleaves, Yarmouth. Sch N Jones, Huntley, New Y’ork. Sch Sparla, Hopkins. Frankfort for Baltimore. Sell Fl>ing Scud, Daley, Winlerport lor Baltimore. Sch Hattie. Carter, Beliast tor Philadelphia. OUTSIDE—At [.anchor near Portland Light, Nor wegian ship Draupner, IVoui Boston CLEARED. Steamer Dirigo, Sherwood, New York— Finery Jt 9 ox. Sch Ida L Howard, McDullie, New York—F.iuery & Fox. Sch S S liowis, Brackly, Itoekl&ud. Sch Naitoleoii, Roberts, YY'iscasset—Eastern Pack et Co. 9AI LED—Barque Geo S Brow 11, for Ix>ndoii. From /{ranch Office Western Union Tt Ity/tapk. Ar at Nassau, NP, 15th ult, barque Gertrude, Atherton, from Bath, 9 days. Ship Joseph Clark, Capt Carver, was released from quai antine at Callao previous to keb 13, utter 19 days e tnfineuienf, having had yellow lever on board. She would proceed to Chinch&e in a tew days to load lor United States. DISASTERS. A cable dispatch received 5th Just states that the ship Bosphorus, Capt Blanchard, trom Callao tor Gibraltar, bad put into a port in Sunlit, in distress, Laving experienced heavy gales and sustained con siderable damage. Several ol tbe crew were washed overboard and lost. During the snow storm on Monday mnrutog, two schooners came in collision oft’ Lloyd’s Neck, Long ' Island, and afterwards went ashore near by. One ol them, supposed to be the Maria Louisa, from Dock land, with lime, took lire aud was destroyed. Buruue Jas K Brett, before reported ashore below New Haven, was got otf on Monday, apparently not much damaged. Sell M B Mahoney, ashore in Tarfiftnlin Cove, has bilged. A steam puiup lias licen put on board and will l*e put to work as soon as tbe coal is got out. Sch Harriet Samantha, from Georges, arrived at Gloucester 1st, with sch Silver Spring in tow, having rudder disabled. DOMESTIC PORTS* PORT TOWNSEND-Ar Jan 19, barque Rainier, Carlton, San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 1th inst, ship Oneida, Mc Gilvery, Baltimore. Ar r.fch ult, ship Mary Glover, Rollins, Port Discov ery; barque Ocean. Arev, Port Townsend. Cld sth ult, ship Viscata, Drummond, Liverpool. Sid dan 30, ships Sbatmuc, Soule, Liveri>ool; Feb 2d, St Joseph, Alexander, do; Coqn.mbo. Boyd, for Puget Sound; 3d, barque Parsee.Soule, Hong Kong; 81h, shin Western Empire, Grosier, Liven*1 ol. NEW ORLEANS—Below 38th ult, Bbip Nevada, Jewett, from Boston. Cld 2f*tb, ship Caravan, Macoduck, for Havie; sch Massachusetts, Ruck. New York. Went to sea 20th, barque Jona Chase. MOBILE—Ar 27th, brig Glemla’e, Munroe, trom Boston. PENSACOLA —(-hi 10th, sch James C’Donohue, Gilkey, ill ataiuoraa. Ckl 21st, barque Annie M Palmer, Skoltield. tor Montevideo. Ckl 23d, barque Sbawnmt. I-ord, Rio Janeiro; ZVI, sch S Sawyer, Smith. Corpus ChristI. SAVANNAH—Cld 1st inst. ship It II Tucker, Clark, liverpool. CHARLESTON—Ar 1st, sch Elisabeth Arcuhirius. Jackson, Uk'hmotMl; William Slater, Sma'hv. lor Rockport. Ski 1st, seta Geo W Carpenter for Wihiiiagloti, Carrie M Rich, tor Georgetown. SC. WILMINGTON, NC—ckl 1st, *ch James (trophy, Packard. Baltimore. HAMPTON BOAIJB—Ski 1st. sch Will* Martin. Noy.-s, (from Rock port) tor Ncwbem. BALTIMORK-Ar 4th. «cb» Wanderer. Snow, tm Curacua; 1. A Orc-wtt. IliitW. Provide**. Below, -eh Ss loin, fti« Porto Rim. Cld 4th, brig Gen Marshall. Kills. Charleston PHIL A DELPHI A—Ar 4th. «rh Ida E Wheeler. Dyer. Matanras Ckl M, barque Dene-v. Gray. Kev Vat. At 4th, arh Sn«*v», Sear-, Portland. Cld Rh, harqnr Flora S- othard, Town*. Rio Ja neiro. brig CharteHxi. Waterhnw**-, Havana art* X*»» (ta. I>hn*«i Bor hi loro; Etmtimto. ««• St .lohn. NR NEW Y«»I;K Ar 4th. karaoeo fronton Htar. Wd ter Goani worn- . UJivw; Tvamn. stropor. Pro-, •lenew • Who J II V*»r. Error k. J v k -«m% ,|ftr . hws I SO, shut.-,« harf-SuN . J V Rrllmct n,« 'iimmw. Porttaiot lor Cfqftnt. t|4u-« Ar f4b. arho Ahtfah. Whwnmee EthworU> J E Gnmuge, Mix; (Urbmiwd. * -notm . I'mm* Gaddfc •Ml. and Oust* Gwiom ftnaaftBag. RoAhal. low bora, Ihrk, VSoftand; ll«4w Mar. BTlnro, 4a; 4a Eagft*.Shaw, Pfrtip mr NonwM, |M t Vt Sll. «t« r foorkoii. HhrvimA |»—.»^n. •hip KjwJrm*.*. W iloaM, lomiuil m So- moaoh nh NavScatm. IV»rG>- nada PKMV.OENcE.AVI tn, mot. nMo Vanhc* Bhah • om»«. Roltmm , Mdt «y.. k. Howe*. .1* Skt Nth, brig N Tuay, bos. Mr Mew York 8RWMV Hi 14th. *rbo loMa.Nrmo.iif.oi Cortland i Mr New Turk , Andrew |v*«-r». tori. ,im Mat knxi tnr da. Amth, Brig Marfha A Merry (lm ♦AtVk. twig Morin. Cm*. ririftr| i Th.oop*o« kUsktoo l rid Mh, ship 4mirew r%aMk-4d, tor San ErnncWa, kneqae Akwdmi, i «r4»ran* t>y aarna. f<rat* Joobr A InrwwMA. Clark, Hunt 4 IM In Il~k.ll. m Jin, m k I MU. i, Tot.*. K» k fk, Uraa.1 lurk JH00C»TFB-Ar HrtHUk, OT». Maw York. Ax Mk. ack* T Pirk.r, Mary, Rmm, ft la., lair; Aflailr.UMkta, .« MkM. Mas Kk>»ar I He key . do Mr do. Ar 5th. o hs Charlie Jk W»Hie. Tto-n •*. RorktanA kw New York; Oatdr Honkn-.x. and —r K non lion, do lot do; l.m y AnnH r Anns, Mar-n.n. iud Convoy. French, tm H int, a* Rockland; Wi Sofer, Cousins. *k» tut Portland. FOREIGN PORTS. Ski fm Gibraltar tlth ult. ship fhwphoras. Blanch aid. (tMB Callao) tor Valencia. Sid frn Rrrtnerhavrn 1.1th alt. New Hampshire, Lord* Newcastle. At Cadis 13tU ull, brig Charles Poole. Sherman, for N« w York, Idg At Havre I5tb ult, ship Merchant, Sprague, lor New Orleans. Ar at ValiKtrwhiO previous to id ult, ship Sonthern Chiel, Higgins. New Y«*rk land skt tor Aeeapnloo.) In port 2d ult. ships Bengal, Ingercall. from Bos ton for San Fra i»c i moo, j list arrived; barque Fannie, Hinckley, tor 1 tuque aiul by ports to load tor N York at £3; Shamrock, St *ne. trom New York, to proceed to Callao to tinish disg; sch Caldera, Heath, trom N Yolk via Rio Janeiro, disg. In the Bay, barque Enoch Benner, Benner, tor Cork, tor on ter. At. Callao 13th nit, ships Joseph (dark, Carver, for Chinchas. to load for United States; Criterion.Bates from Cobija, ar 5th, for Chinelias to load tor United State*; Lion, Killtuan, ’"om Hong Kong, ar .Ian 30; Suhotc, Soule, from Melbourne, ar 8th; Gasitec, Em erson, ,’rom Chinchas, ar sth, tor England; Reunion, Nichols, from do. ar 5th, lor Spain; barque S II Wat e- man. Bates, lor Tome, to load wheat tor Callao. Also in port* ship Ellen Foster, Robinson, from Hong Kong, nr 9th, lor United States, at #15. gold, prton; barque Norwegian, Musa ns, Irotn I’anaina ar 13th. tor U S. Sid Jan 29, ship Whampoa, Carter. United States. At Guanope Island 13th ull, ships Mcmnon, Baker, and K Sherman. Blanchard, tor if S, Idg. AtChichas 18th ult, ships Sarah Now man, Hay den; S I) Thurston, Snow; Mont|sdi«*r, Walts; Car rier Dove, Bailey, and Tiber, Arey. lor estates; Living Age, McClure; Win Libby. Minott, and Oas tillian, Pike.lnr Kngland; Anna, Blanchard; Itadcn, Stiipben : Sabi no. Mitchell ; Ben Berry. Watts; Eastern Star, Curlis, and Pleiades. Woods, lor Spain; Italia, Whitmore, lor Italy ; barque Moonbeam, Field lor England—all loading. Ar at. Deineraru Jan 23, brig Itolmrt Mow*, Hotch kiss, New York; 6th ult, sch Franconia, Treworgy, from do. Sid| Jan 31, brig Charlotte Buck, Gott, lor New York. Sid ftn Aspiuwall 17th ult, sch B F Lovell, I.eavitl, Trinidad. Sid 8th, brig Milwaukee, Brown, New York. Sid Jan 31, sch C A Farnsworth, for Santa Cruz. At Curaeoa 8th ult, sch Wanderer. Snow, tor St Jag* 15th. At St Thomas t8tli ult, ships Richard Busteed. Knowles, repg; Cathed-al, Mefcher, disg; barque Zotoft', Luscoiuh, wtg; and others. At St John, PK, 16th ult, sch Sylvan. Blanchard, tor Baltimore in lour days. Ar at Cienfiiegos 20lb ult. brigs C W Ring, Ayres, Boston; 22d, Mecosta, Dunbar, Maianza*. At Nuevitas 25th ult, bri; Havana, Dermis, for New York, ldg. Sid 29th. brigs H Houston, French, lor New York; 23d. Nelli* Antrim, Lovell, do. C1I 25tli, barques Andaman, Otis, for Now York; Stampede, Jewett, Sagua. In port 28th ult. brigs Protinus, Mabony, lor Bos ton, Idg; Mary J Godinrd, Goddard. lor Portland, do; and others. At. Ponce 18th ult, whs O A Farnsworth. Sawjer, from Barbadoes; Cyguus, disg. At. Remedies 23d ult, brig Prentiss Hobbs, Morton, lor Boston, ready. Sid fm Sagua 19th, brig Mary Olivia, Corbett, lor a port North of Hatteras. SlMM4F.IV. Dec 18, Igt 18 S, Ion 61 05 W, barque Investigator Carver, from New York for Honolulu. Fob 24, lat 28 08, Ion 74 ft), brig Itobcna, of Bangor, from New York lor CabaiHen. NEW ADVERTISEMENT*. Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi onne, and who . an bring the l>e«t of city refer ences, a situation as Bookkeeper cr Salesman Whore close attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to V. H. JEliltlS, mar7<ltf Under Lancaster Hall. Freedom Notice. 1 hereby re'miulsh to my son, WALl.At’E W. SAM roun, the remainder «.f hts minority until ho tio comes twenty-one years of age, and I shall |*ay no debts ot hts contracting nor claim any of hts earnings alter this date. AMOS SANBORN. Naples, Feb. 26, 1867. imih7.1oo.13w* A Situation Wanted. A YOUNG MAN wb *lias bad several yean ex igence as a book-keeper and accountant, would likftoobtain a situation. Satituactory recom mendation turnishe«l. Address “U. W. B.” Portland Post Office. Mar7—dlw# A Tailor Wanted, A Hood reliable, practical Cl ttbh can hear of a good situation, l>\ applying to the snbseriher at his Clothing Store, Nos. 162 Fore, and 15 Moulton Streets. ALFRED HASKELL, mart 1867 d3w* N KW A DVCKTISBM £*!■» -A C AROi Tkr Naabarn Mlraai Fire-Prtaf Safe Fire ! ! ! THE DEcEJL’TlON EXPOSED ! ! We deem it but just to ourselves, and due to those Who may have sales of our iusnulaeturn, to notify them arid the pa bile generally, because a small sale of tbe MarUnd Patent has ken burned in the late demonstration on the Back Bay lands, that there la no cause for a loss of confidence in its merits—but ou tbe contrary, when all the facts become known, we think the result will la* creditable to the Mai land Patent than otherwise. We propose to expose a tew of the attempted deceptions, ami the unlair means employed in this demons ration, and leave the pub lic to stigmatise them what they please. Mr. Sanborn says, “ these six sails were all new ami warranted.” This, so lar as the Marland safe Is concerned, is a falsehood. We never did "war; rant-’ a safe. The Marland sate used at the burn ing a second hand safe, built not less than tour years since. Neither was it the sate that was ex hibits! m the streets as the one to be burned. The sato exbitited was a larger sale, (No. 6,) of more re cent build. The one burned was a smaller (No. 2) J"? *}*‘,,,»,,d hand, where or how obtained we know ,M,uKht from us, nor had we any knowl stratW»i?tim<iuVKr® to.,HJ replanted iu the demon exhibited i*! mUf ^l,,« asaBSSteasisS front eve lltMMI abas Inam state,! Ut u» alnn’i.m. through the day was the Hre around it raked utk. riglnal point. The smaller safes stood cmliedded in live cooteeae qnarter their height, and the tlamea enveloped them wkoUff, while tlie bottom of the large sat,- and the Sanborn Improved were barmy reached with the coals, and the flames barely covered half the safe.— Thesanliora safe was in the moat fevorahle |««ition, at the windward end of the line, where It received the cold air constantly* Tim Marland was in the newt exposed place, at the leeward end ot the line, where It received all tbe escaping heat from tire tire ahovs It was oi*july stated by ^numerous parties on the ground, that ‘The little safes bad a great deal more tire than the large ones,” and u|M.ti some p. r«mi stating this to the parties conducting the burning, a tragic rush would w ina*fe with «*ne stick ot wissl toward the large sales.and thrown at them in such a iiuuiit* r its in uuiny instances to help the lire aroumi tin* smaller safes most. At several hours through the day we saw the con dition of the In to bo the same, the smaller salt s re ceiving the most determined efforts at destruction, while tbe large ones, in the most favored position, were simply being kept warm. From what we <mr ■elvcs witness**], it is oor firm belief that bail the same amount ot tire been kept aroumi the large safes as was first started In th* morning, those sal* -* wouhl have been destroyed early iu the day, and 1 'hat noth iug bnt the reduced condition of the tire and their fa vored (Misitioii prevented It As late as 2 o’clock the Marland safe showed n > ap parent signs ot disruption, the iron work bidding Its shape perfectly. It was remarked by parties witness ing its condition, "that safe is giving them the most trouble,” and since tbe result wc have been compli mented by parties wholly disinterested upon the man lier our safe resisted the effects ot the heat. Though it was announced at the outset by the parties con ducting the affair that "that sale was to be burned anyhow,” and for certain once in the «La> it was called out, "burn that end sare,” it was the last to yield. This was the manner the affair was conducted from the beginning, but the cbuwmno deception was reset \ed for the last, anti most skilfully was it con ducted. The doom of the “little safes*’ had been exultingly annouuced by Sanborn *von» the top of each. When he reached the first large sale and the door opened, the flames burst out. The Sanborn Improved was next opened, a part of the papers taken out, and the door hastily closed again, but not soon enough to pre vent at leant three persons seeing the SA FE W AS ON FI HE INSIDE, IN THE LOWER LEFT’ HAND CORNER, and upon the request of a gentleman near it to 0|>en the door again, Sanborn says "no, keep It shut ; it is all rigid,” and concluded the tarce by ex claiming. “1 have obtained what the world has long sought ibr, a (ire proof safe,’ while It was in flames under his b et. L >ng experience in practical applica tion of tho doctrine ol universal salvation may smooth the tongue go as to utter sucKdeceptious with out stammering, but ignorance of the teal taels is the only excuse we can attribute lo some of the other parlies who have lent their approval to these prac tices. Treauonl Safe anal vIhcImuc Company. ANSON HARDY, Agent. GEO. D. L. DAMON, Treasurer. DAVIS KROTHKRI Are Agents lor the Treinont Sales in this city. M:irrh 7. d.'tt REMOVAL. Stevens, Lord & Haskell, Have this day removed to the New Store N s. 54 & 5G Middle Street, (Over Messrs. Woodman True A Co.’s,) Their old place of business previous to I he Ire, where they will keep constantly on hand at whole sale a Well Auxorted Stork BOOTS A SHOES! Man 11 Tael a red expressly (« the Now Nngtand Twit Also M »untin tar. -r* t* Hoot and Shoe Morraatn*. Pi.rt.nd. M»rrh «». IM7 miMH R E- E.NTABLINIIKII ? I AM kawi r. Atm ■» MnA <M A. mMt 1 rMnliilMlWMitMaMMtn OLD STAND. n t Miililli* Mti*»***t. w | WO a nrw and rftaqpam andi «c DRV CiOODS? 2JitiiblMM*M ****** ** Dry fJoot/M ItnMinemm. A. q. REACH, H4 IIIIHU.E NT. IM T—AM cm or roatTLvan. | TO TMB »( ■) TO** OY t» CITY or rOATLlRY. I* !»»»»■■ c tvn.1. r.w tha Mat or u»l At •A 1 wn r4 tha Ittr d PnMkrial. th. lahahMnata 1 YnS*lt5". «o U-. aUl MH I. that, tivr Wart koxaa. ua rr«A«r. IW INWialk dm, a/ Yank mat M *» Oa Wrauaa. tu him in thair rot. a np«n* the lotJ ointf .yu. b> w**.; „“JS5* iht! *** '* h* lbm Lswtakai nre F.hrnary *T* |f«l,ruary Mb Rita, and entit Tl .An Acl ,,,‘,|*»We the tJIty ot P..i thuid to aki in rebuilding «**) cilf,* he a« c«-pte«l ?** Tim*.* in Ihvor of jmchir, cpUu* e auull have lie word YK8 written or ^rinbsi upon tbel- lidlof. end Close onioned the word TIhj puIIm to remain open until fimr o'clock in the alUrnoon, when fla y dull bo closed. The Aldermen of said City wi 1 be in session in the < ouiiiioii f oi.iicil Hoorn, in Market Hall, from nine o eltMsk A. M. to one o’clock P. M. on each of the three days next preceding such day of meeting, ror rwoi'iiigexklencool the qualification « whos® n»3»es are not on the lists ot quali ned voters, and for correcting said lists. Per Order, ~ . __ v„ J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. Portland, March 7, 1867. did Argus please copy. X. i*. BROWN, Wholesale and Retail nealcr in Lubricating and Illuminating OILS. 200 FORE ST., FOOT OFFLUSr, PORTLAND, IRK. Of pick o» State Kssavor. I Portland, Me., March R, lxt,7. ( This is to certify that I have this -lav tested a burn ing tlulil or oil, with refcrenre to i.s liability iu ev plosion. The oil w;’» Introduced in'> a tost tube the tuts- partly nmewd in water :'i„l lieat was applied Tho water was raisrti • > the I .oiling point anil the lioat waaeontlnnc-d until the temperature of il.c 0ii in the I ills' was 207 (le t. Fahrenheit. Flame w asaD plied t > the mouth ot "le tube, l.ut there tvas not suflteient evolution of vapor to take llro. From tho test I sliomd regard the oil in question as perfectly safe lor household use, when emplove.l with ordinary care. Signed, ' H. T. CUMMINGS maTId&wlia_ Assurer. NATHAN GOO LI), Merchant Tailor, Has got back to bis Old Stand, No, 137 Middle Street, Where lie has a splendid assortment of all kinds of CLOTHS, For Gentlemen and Boy’s Wear, Which he is ready to make into Garments, AT THK YKUY LOUKmt KATKM. WALL GOODS WARRANTED. P. S—All ohl customers and lots of new ones will find him really with IPs tape to “Give them Fits mui'7-dtf £. C. BURT'S New York (joodfn! Constantly ou baud and lor sale by T. CURTIS & CO., <»- Milk St., Boston, The only authorized Agents for the sale ot these Good* in New England. T. G. & CO., Also manufacture the finest quali ties ot CJeatn’ Newsd nod Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes! OF EVERY VARIETY, Mar7—T, T A S4w* _____ _ BEEF, PORK, HAMS. ~ 100 BBLS. Hough & «o. Extra Mess Beef. 100, Bbls Jones and Gilford Mesa Beet. 50 Bbls. Graham’s Plate Beef. 200 Bbls. Clear and Extra Clear Pork. 100 Bbls. Hunter Mess Perk. 50 Bbls. Prime Mess Pork 5 Hhds. flams, lor sale by .HAW, BAMMOW Sc 1'ARMKT. mch7ddw _ Copartnership Notice. MR. T. P. *B ’V1*'"UteJ a Partner from this date. The firm will he PI'HINTUI> A- BITLKR. And wc shall continue the Wholesale Grocery, Flour anil Provision Rusiness at tho Old Stand i4t Commercial Street. N. L. PURINTOX Portland, March 4, 1867. martdjw