Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 11, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEUUArH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -—-----— Monday Morning, March 11, 1867. EUROPE. NEW* MV TI1E CABLE THE FENIAN INSURRECTION IN IRELAND. Proclamation of the Government ot the Irish Republic. Details of the Recent En counters. Tlie Town ol* Tipperary Threatened. Skirmish 8 and the Fenians Defeated near Kilfiaane and at Clonmel. ROBBERIES AND INCENDIA RISM COMMON. London, March 8, Noon. Several Irish and English papers have re ceived and published a proclamation purport- | ins to come front the Government of tlie Irish Republic. It declares t hat after ages of out rage and vain appeals to reason and justice, they have at last resolved to appeal to arms to | rescue Ireland from serfdom aud establish a National Uuion, public safety and political freedom, aud bring about tbe consequent sep aration of Church and State. As Republicans they appeal to Republicans throughout the world for ay rnpathy aud support. Dublin, March 8. A heavy storm prevailed in this vicinity night | before last. Large quantities of snoW fell, and it is said that the insurgents who took refugo in the mountains are suffering severely from cold and exposure. Donahue the leader ol the Fenians at the light at Tallaght, has since died, and three of his companions are dead, A po lice constable has been killed by the Fenians in Cork. The rails of the railroads running into Waterford have been torn up. Large quantities of ammunition and materials lor producing Greek lire have been discovered aud seized by the soldiers aud police in various parts of the country. Troops are being rapidly dispatched to Ire- j laud from all available points. London, March 8, Evening. Dispatches from Dublin, Cork, aud other parts of Ireland, received during this morning and afternoon, give the following intelligence: A body ol Fenians, 1500 strong, are reported to be threatening the town of Tipperary. The troops had a battle with a baud of insur gents uear Kilfiuane, in the county of Limer ick, and defeated them, killing one man, wounding several, and talcing thirty prisoners. Among the latter was the Fenian chief Gen. Lane. A force of rebels, 300 strong, was also beaten by the soldiers at Clonmel. Several of the for mer were killed, eighteen prisoners were taken and a quantity of arms captured. The Fenians strip private houses of all the guns aud other weapons. Armed bands ot men are moving through the counties of Clare, Tipperary aud Limerick, and have frequent coutlicts with the police aud constabulary. A Dr. Cleany is reported to have been killed at Kilmallock. Incendiary fires are frequent in tlie city and county of Limerick. The Irish correspondent of the Loudon Times says Ireland is full of Irish Americans, and urges that severe punishment iu their cases is imperatively necessary. But he adds that it is very difficult to apprehend them, for the peo ple, though they give I hem no aid. refuse to be tray them to the authorities. He states that Col. Duua led the Irish in their attack on the station at Kilmallock. He concludes by say ing that the present rising is considered a fail ure iu Dubliu. Liverpool, March 8. The United States iron-clad Miantonomoli has sailed for Port Mahon, Spain. London, March 8. Dispatches from tlie East report that the Christians in Thessaly have entered into nego tiations with the Turks for securing their reli ous independence. The Empress of Russia has sent the sum of $55,000 to aid the Buttering Christians iu the Island of Crete. Paris, March 8. Emile De Girardin ha sheen fined 5,000 francs in tlie Correctional Court for a violation ot the law of the press. M. Girardin appeals from the decision of the Court. WASHDKJTON COEEESPONDENOE. Appropriation for the De fence of Jeff. Davis. Nomination for Naval Officer of Boston. FREE OMEN'S AFFAIRS IN GEOR GIA AN® ALABAMA. Arrest of the Absconding Treasury Clerk. New York, March 9. The Commercial’s special says the Mississip pi Legislature has appropriated $£0,000 to he expended in defence of .Jefferson Davis. A. D. Jones, formerly Representative in Congress, will probably he elected Senator from Maryland. A Washington special says the President has nominated John Quincy Adams for Na val Officer of Boston. New Yoke, March 10. Washington special dispatches say that Mr. Wilson’s bill has been approved by the judici ary Committee of both Houses, and will probably pass. A prominent Senator has received positive information from three Southern States that they will immediately proceed to organize Slate Governments under tlio military bill, and it is now confidently asserted that all the Southern States will be recognized under its provisions, and be admitted to their loiuaer re lations, by the 1st of January. George Tucker, the Republican candidate at the late mayoralty election in Alexandria, called Friday morning upon Mayor Latham, who was declared elected by the judges, and demanded the seal of the corporation and the ltooks of the office. Mr. Latham declined to yield them. Accounts from Alabama and Georgia esti mate the total number starving their, at 55,000. Since March 1st, 22!i freedmen have been pro vided with homes in tho North-west and at the South. A new trial lias been denied to Sanford Conover. A. H. Lee, the Treasury clerk, who abscond ed with S:i8,(WO in Treasury bonds, lias been brought to Washington. Ho has made a full confession, averring that the theft was not premeditated, but that he had been drinking when he committed it. All tho money was recovered except $9000. Visit to Jefferson Davis—Trouble with the Frredmen. Fortress Monroe, March 7. Prominent merchants of New York have had an interview with Jefferson Davis. They were pleasantly received, and entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Davis. The conversation which ensued, on various commercial subjects, was prolonged several hours. On leaving the post they expressed surprise that Davis was so comfortably provided for, having been under the impression that lie was very poorly taken care of by the Government in his imprisonment. They found him in good health and possessing all the means of enjoy ment which the leniency of the Government could bestow, considering the grave nature of the offence lor which lie remains imprisoned. A communication to the Richmond Examin er, dated Williamsburg, Va., says: The Freed meii K Bureau proteges near Williamsburg are all in arms. A citizen ol that neighborhood rented a plantation to the Bureau for the offi cer, who sub-let it to the negroes, or who per haps rented it in the first instance lor the ne groes, a large number of whom took posses sion. A few days ago the proprietor went to the Bureau to collect his rents, and was refer red to the negroes, who declined paying him anything claiming that they had a right to the land. The ai.i of the Bureau officer was in voked who, accompanied by a small guard pro ceeded to the plantation. They were met by a large number of the negroes, armed, who re fused to disband, and repeated their refusal to pa i any rent. , 'cu Vw. .ac,cou."t3 a messenger had been sent to Old I oiut, with a request fora military force large enough to put down the trouble Miscellaneous Ditpnichca, Memphis, Tena., March 9. The steamer Clement struck a snag last night at 10.30, and sunk, six miles below this city. Her cargo consisted of 200 bales ol cottouj which, with the boat, is a total loss. She sunk within twenty minutes in twenty-six feet of water, and is covered. Tho crew and passen gers, except one, were rescued byismall boats. The Clement was valued at $15,000. Newark, N. J„ March 9. Edward O’Brien, a New Jersey railroad switch tender, lias been convicted of man slaughter, fined $000 and sentenced to three months imprisonment, for causing, by negli gence, an accident by which two passengers were killed last summer. Ncmdu Legislature—The Closiui; Meenes Oisgraeeful. . San Francisco, March 9. A dispatch from Carson dated 1st inst., says tVlio ^'V'^egulature adjourned sine die that fiweenur Jt a<ljourned the Lieutenant etediV to tlismuof^ Legislature had done no credit to themselves or State No revenue hill had passed, and the Slate-was uteriv without credit’ that it was found impossible tomorrow oho huodred doll<ns lor roDnir^ nr ti,n 04 ^ Prison. The closing scenes were disgraceful* Tha JTeninn f'lxe'temcul. r New York, March 10 The ~en;'*i excitement was unabated. Num eror- . 0 ior have been accepted,but owing to the k — vi- s of funds hundreds who offered to volutcse- :r refused. An enth- sk-stic meeting of the Irish Ameri can f-p- porters of the Fenians was held at Ma son.c ; a .l 1 t night. Members of the Broth erhood in Washington are also moving in the matter of sending aid to the men at the front. WASHINGTON. DISBURSEMENTS OF THE TREASURY. the government of THE REREL STATES. Adverse Report of the Committee on Foreign Relations. France and the. United States. Washington, March 9. The colored citizens «»F Washington and Georgetown are about establishing a daily and weekly newspaper in the national metropolis. The sum ot $k2000 has already been subscrib ed. Four dead bullion have thus far been taken from the ruins of the fire which occurred last night. Among them is that of P. Emerick, keeper of an adjoining restaurant, who with others was killed by the falling walls. The following are the disbursements for the week: War Department, $4,400,228; Navy Depart ment. $560,267; Interior Department, $1,056, 126. The receipts from the Internal Revenue, for the week were, $4,191,628.30. Total since July 1st, $204,871,502.25. Washington, March 10. Senator Wilson’s bill supplementary to an act “to provide for the more efficient govern ment of the rebel States." proposes to facili itate restoration by providing for the registra tion of iegal voters' in each of the military districts, through the commanding General, for conducting elections, calling constitutional’ conventions and for other purposes prelimi nary to the admission of Southern Senators and Representatives into Congress. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, it is said, has made an adverse report on the nomination of H. S. Sanford, now Minister resident at Brussels, to be Envoy Extraordi nary and Minister Plenipotentiary, and also an adverse report on the nomination of Ex-Sena tor Cowan, to he Minister to Vienna. Minister Dix writing from Paris, February 19th, to Secretary Seward, says: The expres sion of much good feeling in respect to the United States, in the annual exposition of the condition of the French Empire, made by the Government to the Senate, and tlio uncondi tional abandonment of the Mexican expedi tion, reflects tho general feeling existing in France ou both subjects. XLTH QONQRESS—FIRST SESSI0H. WAsniNOToN, March 9. SKNATJC. The Chair submitted the annual report of the National Academy of Science. Referred to the Committee on Printing. The documents on file, relative to the reci procity treaty with the Sandwich Island,!, were referred to the Foreign Committee. The House hill appropriating $20,000 for the expenses of the Commissioner sent to the In dian country was passed. A petition was presented from the citizens of Alexandria, asking delay of action on the joint resolution annulling the Alexandria election, until the people were heard on the subject. uni — • i i _ s i , . ■■ “ “v '>vi u a-wuiuu ujr a delegation from Alexandria, that they did not believe the late act of Congress was applica ble to their last election, as no district com mander had been appointed, and that in the May election, they shall receive the colored votes under the military law. Mr. Johnson said the people of Alexandria ha<l consulted several eminent professional men, who had told them that the colored peo ple were not entitled to vote at the late elec tion under the military bill. Mr. Trumbull, from the Judiciary Commit tee, reported a joint resolution appropriating $1,000,000 for the relief of destitute people in the South and South-west, of any and all classes, to be expended under the superinten dence of the Commissioner of the Freedmeu’s Bureau, in supplies of food. Mr. Trumbull, in explaining the necessity for passing the above, said General Howard, had called on the Judiciary Committee, this morning, and testi fied that unless something of the kind was done, there would be actual starvation among the disloyal portion of the South. The for mer appropriations had been sufficient to pro vide for the actual wants of freed men and the loyal refugees, but, under the resolutions pass ing them, no money could be spent in relieving the destitution of disloyal people of the South. It was now asked to extend to all alike. The recommendation of the committee was $580, 750 less than that asked for by General How ard. Mr. Sprague moved to amend by increasing the appropriation to $1,500,000. Disagreed to. After considerable debate, the resolution w:ih passed. Mr. Cameron introduced a resolution in structing the Committee on Foreign Relations to inquire what steps are necessary to pre vent foreign Governments from introducing upon this Continent, institutions and Govern ments contrary to those established by tlie I founders of this Republic. Referred to the | Committee on Foreign Relations. The Senate went into executive session and soon after adjourned. Foreign News per Steamer. The Interference of the American Goveimment in Fenian Trials. Hanhow Threatened by the Rebels. Defeat of the Turks. New York, March 10. The steamer America* from Southampton 27th uft., has arrived. In the House of Lords on the 25th Earl Der by moved a second reading of the bill to con tinue the suspension of the writ of habeas cor- j pus ill Ireland. Earl Russell gave a cordial assent to the hill which he considered was fully justified hv re cent events, and commented strongly on the conduct of the Fenian leaders in the United States; especially deprecating the interference of the American Government in relation to the trial of the Fenian invaders in Canada. Earl Derby promised that the correspon dence relative to the paragraph in the Ameri can President’s message concerning the Fen ian trials in Canada should be laid before Par liament. The bill was read a second time. Two Irish Americans had been arrested on hoard a vessel from Cardiff at Cork. Both were recently at Chester. The powder magazines at Possillippo, Italy, exploded, killing and grounding many. By a railway accident between Koslow and Rousan, Russia, ten persons were killed and thirty wounded. La France denies that the American Minis ter at Constantinople had proposed to the mem bers of the diplomatic body, that representa tions should he made to the Porte on the sub ject of Crete. The new French press law was expected to he greatly modified. Advices from China state that the rebels threaten Hankow. A Corfu telegram of February 24th, states on Greek authority, that 8000 Turks were de feated on the 13th and 14th of February, in the western portion of Crete, losing two guns and many prisoners. The Turks were also beaten on the 31th and 12th in another part of the Island. Fresh massaersa are reported by the Turks. The Cretans who have been elected delegates to Constantinople refuse to go, and the Cretan Assembly persists in its demand for annexa tion to Greece. NEW ORLEANS. Protent Again*! the Kccon*!ruction Bill— Charge* Again*! «;©r. Well*—Probable Impeachment—1The Election*. New Orleans, March 9. The Louisiana House of Representatives has concurred in the Senate resolution appointing a committee to protest against the reconstruc tion bill of Senator Sherman. Charges have been preferred against Gov. Wells in the House of usurpation in issuing his proclamation declaring the qualifications of voters in the State in accordance with the reconstruction bill, and his impeachment is probable. Mayor Munroe, the Lieutenant Governor and others, h-d an interview with Gen. Sheridan regarding the light of negroes to vote at the election which was to have been held to-day, when they were informed that if the negroes did not vote the election would he null. A bill was immediately passed in the House postpon ing the election. The Senate failed to concur and the election will, therefore, probably be held. New Orleans, March 10. Trouble being apprehended in case the mu nicipal election is allowed to be held on Mon day, Gen. Sheridan has issued orders that no polls he opened, and that the day of election ce postponed until the District Commander, under the law is appointed, or special instruc tions arc received concerning the case. From I'orlrm Monroe. _ Fortress Monroe, MarchB. T.V® severe snow storm which has been pre .Sl. « i eI? aI*d »ii the coast for so many days, winil' yj;?h‘rday, hut this morning the ■uni tlie’il|',n suddenly to the eas. ward, “ v**«'1* Which sailed yes Koads, ;?a The wind is northeast and it is e^n^ The United States fAaate8te, l,relny tiie Pacific squadron, arrived here thl**’1,0111 ing. in five days from Nassau The t 8 ,^n‘ 1*11 San Francisco, homeward houml'oiffhc 27th of dune, 1800, having been nearly „i,,e months making the passage. Marine lH*n*trr*. Wilmington, N. 0., March 10. A three masted schooner is ashore on New Inlet bank. She Is supposed to be the Allred Thomas, from New London, Conn., with a car go ot ice, and will prove a total wreck. The crew has not been heard from. From San Franri»ro. San Francisco, March 9. Steamer Sacramento sailed for Panama to day, taking $717,3(10 in treasure, of which $392, 900 is for New York, and the balance fur Valpar aiso. She also takes 7000 lbs. flour. Total treasure shipped since .January 1st, $8,010,000. Virginia Legislature. Richmond, Va., March 9. In the House to-dey the Senate bill fora Convention was reported, with an amendment protesting against the constitutionality of Mr. Sherman's bill. New York Item*. New York, March 0. The steamboat Gipsev took fire at the long dock, Jersey city, early this morning, and burn ed to the water’s edge. She was an old vessel and of not much value. The steamship William Penn, from London via Havre 21st ult., has arrived. New Yonk, March 10. Nineteen steamships sailed from New York yesterday for European, West India, Central American and coastwise ports, carrying one thousand passengers and $478,000 in specie. The Nicaragua steamer took 400 United States troops. The steamer Santiago De Cuba, with Cali fornia (tassengers, via Nicaragua, has arrived. She reports the transit route perfectly healthy. Marylaud l.rginlaturr. Baltimore, March 10. The Marylannd Senate yesterday rejected the House of Delegates’ bill to call a State convention to form a new Constitution, by a vote of 15 to 7, which was not a two-thirds vote, as req aired. A motion to reconsider is pending. Weather Report. Albany, N. Y. March 10. It is raining here to-night, and the ice in the river is rapidly wearing away. Mbip New*. NORFOLK. Ar 8th, sclir Laura Bragman, St. George, Me; Clara Melvin, ltockport; Telegraph W edlleet; E A Lambert, Bkiston. DISASTER. The brig Lincoln, from Bath, Me., for Georgetown, D. C., arrived at Fortress Monroe lotii, locking, she experienced lieavv gales off Hat teraa._ * 1 THE MARKETS* Financial. __ ^ New York, March 9. The Post’s financial article says the loan market is easy at 6 percent.. Discounts unchanged. Stocks unsettled and irregular, with more disposition to ■peculate. Erie Railroad stock haying been largely oversold, advaueed $ estc relay to 60 amidst great ex citement, but afterwards reacted, closing at 58$ @ 58$. Governments steady. The European Bteamers to-day lookout $559,621 in treasure. New York IVKarket*. New York, March 9. Cotton—heavy and lower; sales 1,200bales; Mid dling Uplands at 29 @ 2j$c. Flour—Receipts 4,612 bbls; sales 7,100 bbls; State and Western flurly active and quite film, chiefly for medium grades. Superfine State at 8 40 @ 9 70: Ex tra do, at 9 80 @ 10 70; Choice do at 10 80 @1140; Round Hoop Ohio 10 50 @ 11 50; Choice do 1155@ 12 50; Superfine Western 8 40 @ 9 75; Common to good Extra Western 9 75 @ 10 75; choice do. 10 80 @ 12 00; Southern quiet with salesof 200 bbls.; mixed to good at 1020 @ 1180; Fancy and Extra, 11 90 @ 1654; California, at 13 50 @ 14 25, wilh sales of 800 sacks and bbls. Wheat—quiet and firm; sales 7,500 bush. Milwau kee No, 3 at 216; California White at 3 00. Corn—lc better with a good demand in part for ex port; sales 98,000 bush. Mixed Western, in store, at 109 @ 1 10; do, afloat at 111 @ 112. Oat*—firm with a fair demand; sales 53,000 buah. Chicago and Milwaukee at 00 @ 62e. State at 68® TUc. Now Ohio at 63 J? 65c. Beet—unchanged; Bales 3S4 bbls; naw plain mea, at 12 00 ® 18 0(1; new extra do; 17 00 ® 30 oo. Pork—steady and quiet; sales 2,500 bbls.; new men »tr&'22°5, closing at 2105 cash; old me,, at 20 75V® 21 25; prime at 16 75 @ 17 25; also 7,250 bbl». new mess at 22 00 ® 22 30, sellers for March ami April. Lard—heavy: sales o! 35 bbls, at 11} @ I2*c for old, and 12 @ 12Je Tor new, and choice at 12} <® 13c. Butter—dull and hoavy; .ales Ohio at 12 (a 30c; State at 20.@ 34c. ’ Whiskey—quiet. Rice—quiet. Sugars—dull; soles 400hhds Muscovado at 111® 115c. Coffee—quiet and firm. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—dull; Spirits Turpentine at 71 ffl 72c. Rosin at 4 12} @ 8 00. Oils—firm; linseed at 1 35 @ 1 37; lard, sperm and whale quiet. Petroleum—dull; crude at 17 @ 171c; refined bond ed at 25J® 27c. Tallow—steady; sales 8a,000 lbs, at 101 @ Xllc. Wool—firm and more active; sales 400,000 ttii. at 40 ® 67 }c for domestic fleece; 33 ® 51 Jc for pulled, 21c for Texas, 30c for Cape, 30 f® 33c for Mestiza 22 @ 221e for Mexican, and 30c gi ld for Santiago. Freights to Liverpool—quiet; Cotton 1 ® 6-16J by sail. Chicago Markets. _ Chicago, March 9. Flour firm with no change in prices. Wheat firm Males at 1 91'@ 1 91 for Winter. Corn easier but more steady; sales No. 1 at 79c. Oats firm with an an ad* vance of 2c, closing strong at 43*c for Amber Winter. Kye advanced 1 @ l*c; sales No. 1 at 97* @ 99*c lor fresh receipts. Barley unchanged and in fair demand at 64 @ 66c for No. 2. Provisions in moderately active demand. Mess pork steady; sales at 20 00. Sweet Pickled hams firm at 124c; dry salted shoulders sold at 8c; loose Hhort clear sides 10*. Nothing is reported in lard, but large lots arc reported to Lave changed hands. Dressed hogs are steady and in fair demand; sales at 8 60 @ 9 00. Receipts—C.600 bbls. flour, 9,009 centals wheat. 8.000 bush, com, 1,600 bush, oats, 1,300 hogs. Ship ments—4,600 bbls. flour, 8,000 centals wheat, 6,000 bush, corn, Ciuciuuali Market*. Cincinnati, March 9. *« a°d in moderate demand; superfine at 9 75 @ 10 25; trade brands at 1160 @ 13 50; fancy brands at 14 00 @ 18 00. Wheat steady and in fair demand; sales No. 1 Spring at 2 45 @ 2 50; No.l Win ter at 2 90. Corn in moderate demand at 01 (d> 62c for No. 1 in elevator. Oats in better demand; sales at 51 @ 52c for No. 1 in elevator. Rye stoady at 1 25 (ft 1 26. Whiskey steady at 26c in bond. Provisions— mess pork firmer; sales city packed at 20 75 and country at 20 25. Bulkiueato in good demand; sales 400.000 lbs. at 7J for shoulders, 9? @ 9*c for sides, 10* 13c for clear sides, and 9 @ 11* for hams. Lard firm under the Liverpool news; sales conn y at 12c and city held at 12*c. Bacon less active but unchang ed ; shoulders at 62c, sides at 10|[c, clear rib sides at 112c. and clear at 12*c. Sugar cured hams at 15*c, with a fair demand. Butter unchanged at 22 @ 25c; White at 30 @ 33c. Cheese at 1C* @ 17c. Eggs 16Jc. The Money market closed at 9 @ 9* per cent. Ex change dull for buying. Mobile Markets. . Mobile, March 8. Cotton—sales 550 bales. There is a better feeling in the market; Middling uplands at 28c. Reccipis to-day 206 bales. Receipts for the week 3,137 bales.— Exports 2,472 bales, Stock in port 7,000 bales. Re ceipts of the State 198,583, against 341,288 bales last week* New Orleans Markets. New Orleans, March 8. Cotton—the market is easier; sales to-day 4,500 bales; low Middling at 284c; receipts of the week 17.000 bales, against 20,000 last week. Sugars quiet at 13*c for good to prime. Molasses no sales. Flour superfine at 10 75 @ 11 00. Oats active at 77 @ 80c. Pork favors sellers. Bacon 10*c for shoulders; 121 @ 13c for ribbed sides. Lard firm at 122 @ l3Jc. Gold 1332. Exchange on London 44 @ 45*; on New York par to * @ 4c premium. Freights—steam to New York *c; to Liverpool, by sail, 9-16d. New Orleans, March 9. The Cotton market is a shade firmer; sales 2,200 hales; low middlings at 284c. Receipts 1,000 bales — Sugar ami Molasses small business doing, and prices unchanged. Exchange on Loudun 145* @ 147; Ex change on New York *c premium. Bas Francisco Market. _ , San Francisco, March 9. Flour—quiet and unchanged. Wheat firm at 1 70 4* 100 lbs. Legal tenders 75. Cosatnrcrcial*—Fer Cable. * London, March 8, Evening. Consols for money closed at 90 2. American Securities.—The following are the closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 56. Illinois Central shares 77* ex-div. Unit* ed States 5-20's 73$. Liverpool, March 8, Evening. The Cotton market still shows a downward temien cy. and closes easier. Sales to-day 7,000 bales; Mid dling uplands at 13*d. California steady; Com 37s 3d @ 37s 6d ^ quarter for Western. Provisions are steady and prices firm. Frankfort, March 8, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds closed this evening at 77|. London, March 9, Noon. Consols for money closed at 90$. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 77J. Erie Railroad shares 36*. United States 5-20’s 74*. Liverpool, March 9, Noon. Cotton is still dull and heavy; the downward ten dency in prices continues; Middl ng uplands 13*d; Middling Orleans 13*d; sales to-day trifling. Bread stuffs quiet; Oats 3s 2e for American and Canadian 45 lbs, Provisions firm; Lard 50s 7d. Tallow 43s 6d 4> 100 lbs. Linseed Cake £10 5a *9 ton. Advices from Manchester are unfavorable, the market for goods and yarns beiug dull aud heavy. Mew York Stack Market. New York, March 9. Stocks—strong. American Gold...1S4J U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1862.109 U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1864.107, U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.107 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue.106 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.!*7 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.105 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.105 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105 New York Central,.10‘j Illinois Central,.1H Michigan Southern,. 71 Cleveland & Toledo. .117 Erie,.*.. 5.5 Erie preferred. 69 Reading,.102* Chicago & Rock^Island,.96* .Boston Stock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, March 9. American Gold. 134* United States 7 3*10ths, 1st series. 1051 “ 2d series. lo5$ “ 3d series. l()5< United States 5-20s. 1865 . 107* July, 1865. 1074 United States Ten-forties. 97$ Ilill Manufacturing Company. 210 Boston and Maine Railroad. 132 Eastern Railroad. .. . 109 Western Railroad. 139 {Sales at Auction.] York Mannfacturiug Company. 1335 Pepporell Manufacturing Company. 1055 Bates Manufacturing Co. 135$ Saco Water Power Co. 201 Franklin Company, Lewiston,. 165 Portland City Sixes, 1877. 96* _ ^ “ 1877 . 964 Rhode Island State Sixes. 100 Maine State Sixes, 1889. 100 Eastern Railroad Si;xes, 1884. 96 Ogdensburg 1st Mori gage Bonds. 99* p- A. PRESCOTT, (Late of the Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington.) Oounsellor-at-Law and Internal Eevenue Solicitor, No. X7/9 State St., Boston. MR. PRESCOTT’S long e xperience in the Inter nal Revenue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds,*' having charge of all cases of violation ol the Revenue Laws, his familiarity with Departmen tal practice, and his acquaintance with tho Revenue Oilieers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly successrtil in making a speciality of all matters pertaining to the Revenue Laws. He will attend to claims tor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovery of penalties paid by way oi compromise. He will advise parties as to the man U®r ot making returns In accordance with law, or as urnT:Mining decisions from the Department at lation?!v11,.am* wil1 defend in cases of alleged vio inal offences aw *n re^ard to taxes, penalties or crlm parItraemsno,vv?ivs P^dce before the variousDe EWS5 ursssra1," Supreme Court of t>je For the srwUv vil1 1 Llairas. high standE «y>«5iness, Cou-JBelof oinnati and Washingtonar«« Yofk’ ^t- Cin |an28ood3m ^ ’ associated wi.’.h pj’u,. FEK 'I'HjM ^ S. 200 PhTnfLreber,an<1 Raw Bone 50 Tons Coe’s Plinsphate of Lime. -5 Tons L. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Ume 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. ' 500 Barrels Lodi Fouarette. 300 Barrels Littlefield’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. |y For sale at Manufacturer’s Prices, by „ , „ KCTDALl & WHITNEY. Feb 8’,8CT’ loSIdSiuls MISCELLANEOUS Proposals for Construction Material. Office Treasurer National Asylum tor Disabled Voluntor Soldiers ) (Eastern Branch.) ’ 1 Augusta, Maine, March 5th, 1867 * QEALED PROPOSALS wdl he received at this O Oxllce nntil Monday Mareh 25, 1867 (hr lurni-h « ,* '«'.<*"> feet Hard Pine floorin^oaTis d. ar »>ln*U a,Vl “Veiled, 6-8 in. thick, not more 'h.a" p '"eaes wide nor less than 4 inches wide, equal St‘ l0m 24tone?8i le"gths15 “•16ftet 1 15m.20 1<>.000 clapboards, clear pine, planed W.000 Shjnglcj, clear pine, one half shaved, one halt sawe*. * 1s!^fret,Wti,.epineb,0ftrds,'8nH,,<1’ 1 Inch thick. 5.000 feet white pme hoards, clear, planed, one inch thick. ’ 20.000 feet white pine plank, sound. 5000 teet Dimension, one-fourtli pine, three lourths spruce. 10000 Laths, pine, 1J inches. 101^ wiuan- yanls Tarred Roofing Paper. 20000 Bricks, best weather. B 1 80 Casks Lime. 600 runningdeet Granite Underpinning B inches 3000 lbs. Nails* assorted? ^Bb* • 25M ifmSilS:bC8t aua,i,y- boiIed• The flooring boards, dressed and short lumber to equal to kiln-dried; the rough boards and plank to be seasoned. Separate bids will be received for cither of the above cla.'scs ot material. Delivery of three-fourths of the material is to lie made at either Augusta, Hallowell or Gar,liner Me., on or betoro the hm day of May, 1867, aad the Te mtunder at either ot the above places as soon there after as it may be required for use. Proposals will lie marked on the cover, “Proposals for Construction Material” and he accompanied bv bond conditioned to lalfilment If accepted for half the amount of the bid with responsible suretios and have annexed a copy of this advertisement. ’ The right to reject any and all bids is reserved By order of GEN. E. W. HINKS, NATliANOUTiaMt^mmaU'la'lt _ Mareh C^w***'6*''* ““ ACti"B Trea8urer THE CENTRAL Pacific R. R, Co. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hundred Miles of their Road,from Sacramento, Cal ifornia, to within 11 Miles of the summit of the Sierra Ne vada Mountains, continue to offer for sale, though us, their FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS issued In conformity with the Acts oi Congress and the law? ot the State oi California, upon the division of their Road located In the State oi California, and extending one hundred and filty six miles from Sac ramcntoCity to the California State line. The Bonds have thirty years to run from July 1, 1865, and are secured by a First Mortgage, consitulting an absolute prior lien on the portion of Moatl above nam ed, with all the Sights, Franchises, Equipments, die., pertaining there to. The amount of these First Mortgage Bonds to bo Issued per mile is limited by law to the amount oi United States Bonds allowod and issued to aid tlio construction of the Road, and the mortgage by which theyaro secured is Declared by Act air Con gress to constitute n lien prior und superi or to that oftbe United States Government. Interest at the rate of Six per cent, per Annum, payable Semi-Annually, on the First days of Janu ary and July. Principal and Interest payable in United States Gold Coin, 111 the city of New York. Tbe price of the Bonds is fixed for tho present at 95 per cent.,and accrued interest from January 1st in Currency, the Company reserving the right to ad vance the price whenever it is their interest to do so. The Road firms the Western part of the main trunk OF THE Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted, and aided by The United States Government• It runs through the heart of the richest and most populous section of the State of California, connect ing the Extensive Mining1 Regions of Ne vada, Utah and Idaho With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast,from whence their supplies must be drawn; and die Earnings of the portion already running are very heavy, and I.ABOELY IN EXCESS OF THE INTEREST UPON THE Company’s Bonds. Having been for some time familiar with the ope rations of tho Central Pacific Railroad Coni pan v, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare abili ty and prudence, and that tho energetic and econom ical management of the Company’s affairs entitles them to the confidence of Capitalists and the public. We have carefully investigated the the progross, re sources, and prospects of the road, and have the full est confidence in its success, and in the value and stability of the Company’s securities. The attention ot Trustees of Estates, Institutions, and individuals desiring a long, sale and remunerative investment, is especially invited to these First Mortgage Bonds. Orders may be forwarded io us direct, or through the principal Banks and Ba?il<ers in all parts of the country. Remittances may he made in drafts on New York, or in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds current in this city, and the Bonds will he forwar.led to any address by Express, free of charge. Inquiries for further particulars, by mall or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. I^islc &c Hatch, Ilaakcr* and Dealers in Government 8e* rarities, No. 3 Nassau Street, N. X. N. B.—All kinds of Government Securities receiv ed nt the full market price In exchange for the above Bonds. Also 3T All descriptions of Government Securities kept constantly oh hand, and Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. YE"—Old Coinaud V. S. Coupons bought, sold, and collected. Deposits recei ved on liberal terms, subject to check at sight, SE" Collections made throughout the country. -E Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. Special Attention given io the Exchange of SEVEN-THIRTY NOTES of all the Series for the New FIVE-TWENTY BONDS of 1803, on the most favorable terms. marOdlm Camphor Ice. same unrivalled quality mauuiacturod by lbr the last ten years, we arc now prepared to tumiah consumers and the trade, in any nuaulitv. , 10. J. R- lunt & Co.. mchOdot 348 Congress St. Daily Press Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, C1RD, k JOB PRINTING, Executed with Neatness and Despatch, Having completely refurnished our office since the Great Fire, with all kinds of New Material, Frosse.s etc., we ars prepared on the short est possible notice to accommodate our friend* and the public with Posters, Programmes, BILL-HEADS, CIRCULARS, Cards, Tags, Blanks, Labels, And every description ot Mei*cantile Printing. We have superior facilities for tho execution ot BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, Catalogues, &c., Which lor neatness and dispatch cannot he surpassed KT Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention wtll bo paid. Pre*s Job Office 179 Commercial St^ Portland, __K- A. FOSTER. Proprietor Portland Turnverein, THE Animat Meeting ot the PORTLAND Tl'RN VERE1M for choice ot Officers, and the trans action of lie usual business, will be held at their Rooms Mornon Flock, on Friday evening. 16th inst. at 8 o’clock. Per order. J. C. DENNIS, marSdlw* Secretary. J. 1)7 CHENEY IV^AY bo found at the Melodeon Manufactory of 1U SMALL & KNIGHT, 1*1 ITIarke: Square, where he will keep a good assortment of ORGANS and ME\x>DEONS to let. Will attend personally to tuniug and repairing Mu sical Instrument b. marlki&wlm WAMTED. Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical exig ence, and who can bring the best of citv r. f«r ences, a situation as Bookkeeper or Salesman where close attention to business w ill bcamm Apply to W H. jerius, * mar7dtt Under Lancaster Hail. A Situation Wanted. A YOUNG MAN win has had several years ex perience us a book-keeper and accountant,

would like to obtain a situation. Satisiactory recom mendation furnished. Address “G. W. B.” Portland Post Office. Mar 7—dlw* A Tailor Wanted, A Good reliable, practical Cittkk can hear of a good situation, bv applying to the subscriber at ids GiOf-liing Store, Nos. 1G2 Pore, and IB Moulton Streets. ALFBED HASKELL, mar7 18C7 d3w* Wanted to Kent. BY a Geni lemnn and wife, Two or Three Rooms in any part of the City, furnished or unlurnish ed. Address E. R. ( I.AKKE, marGdlw Post Office, Portland, Mo. Wanted. BY a Young Man who is able and willing to work, a permanent situation wlieio lie may, by in dustry and good conduct, expect turther advance ment. Address E. R. CLARKE marGdlw Tost Office, Portland, Me. Wanted. A SITUATION as teacher in some public School either in the City, or in n the Country. The coun try preferred. One who has had five years experi ence in publib schools and can give good reference. Address H. E. B., Box 827, Portland, Me. masfidlw* Agents Wanted ! JUST OUT, Fanngnt and oar Narnl H« rooa, by the brilliant and popular Historian, J. 1\ Headly. Ibis is the only work on the Navy in the W ar, and everybody is buying it. GKOBGJE II. BLAKE, „ v, GENERAL AGENT, Feb4—3m No 8 Clapp's Block. A gents Wanted FOB BICHABBgON’8 NEW BOOK ‘ . BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI, The m.»i Fascinating Bonk of the Yenr. A Thrilling Record of Border Life, Humor and Adventure, Written with a graphic, eloquent portraying pen, and Us pages Crowded with Illustrations. Agents arc meeting with rsPABALUEi^D success. To show sample pages and take names is all our Agents lLave to do. For Agencies apply to or addro-s J. PATTEN PITCH, No. 233! Congress Street, . .. „ Portland, Me. marl_d2w* Wanted Immediately i —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 220 1-2 Congress St, tld Door Went of City Building (up stairs.) ClIltLS capable of doing alT kinds of house-work, I to whom good situations will be given. AJho LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. fifciT'We arc able at ail times to supply parties in any part of tlie State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either As Domes ties, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will be supplied with Men and Boys tor all kinds ot em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 2294 Congress StreeL next to City Buildiug, Port land, Mo. GOIJBLAV die itEDITT, Feb 22—dtf _Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1R67, we shall rosume the purchase ol Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office of the Portland Su^nr Co., 37 1-3 Dnufarlh 81., FebSdtfJ. B. BROWN & SONS. Wauted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 1131 1-3 CougrcKM Sirrrl. All per sons wishing to securo good Girls lor any respecta ble employment, willtind them at this Office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys lor any work ill city or country, Irec ot charge. EES' ' We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day for all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Uiye ns a call. cox & row ars Portland, Me.. Jan. 25, ’07. jauSO dtf WANTED! EVERYBODY to know that store 835 Congress St. lias been replenished with a new stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots and Hats, Which will be sold cheaper than ever. g3jr'Rewember the sigu, California l liciiii John. March 5—dtf Wauted. KA AAA FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest t/v/|V/vy v7 City Sagpr Refinery, West .Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. ProjHisalB will also be received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at the otiico of the Company, 159$ Commercial, at comer ol Union St. I febl2d*wtf T. C. HERSEY Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., uovl3dt 1 139 Commercial street. BOARD AND ROOMS. TO LET ! PLEASANT rooms with hoard, or as lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 51 Free street. Refer ences requited. . feb25dtf. _TO LET. Chambers to Lei. OVER W. W. Carr & Co.’s store, No. 3 Exchange near Foro St, that will accommodate 150 work men ai shoemaking, tailoring, or many other kinds of business. For Sale. One lot of Land near the head of Wilmot street, tor tixty-fivecents per foot; also, a lot near head of Deer street, about 31 by 50 feet, for $1200; also, a two story House and lot on Munjoy Hill lor $2500; also, one House and Lot on Merrill’s Court, Chestnut street, lor $1U)0, that will let for $300 per yoar; also, one house on Mountford street, with about 6000 feet of land more or less? this house belongs to the estate of the la e Lemuel Tukey, and will be sold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to niohtdlm_ W. W. CARR & CO. To JLet. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’s, Free Street Block, suilablo tbr Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, . 79 Commercial three'. B&“Kcy can be fonnd at E. T. Elden & Co's Mar 2—iltf TO LET! A SPACIOUS Chamber, suitable for a Wholesale Boot. Store or some mannlhctnring business, over the store occupied by Samuel Waterhouse & Co., Ufo. 165 Fore Street. Enquire of SAML. WATERnOl NE, feb28d3w on the premises. Fop Rent. OFFICES in the third story of buliding on corner ot Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of ficeof _ ^ OCEAN INSURANCE CO, hen. 25. ^tf_ Exchange Street. To Let. FIRST, second and third lotto over E. T. Elden & I.o.’s store, Free Street Block; also, offices over Schlotterbeck’s, aud over Crogman <S Co.’s, in new block corner Brown and Congress Etreete. JanU-dtf_ j. b. BROWN To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. 60 Union street. Apply to J»3dtf_ ST. ,TQHN SMITH. To Let THE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, toot oi Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, leblGdtt Plum Street. Profitable and Safe Business GRIST MILL. DEERIXG’S BRIDGE. rjIHE aubscribe^offerMor sak Uus long established It is situated on the great thoroughfare into Portland of the best back country travel, and also to supply City trade of Portland, aud a good part of West brook with Meal and Feed. There are 3 run of Stones—one for salt with a Dry Room lor same, and Elevators for Corn and Salt—all in good ruuning or dor and now occupied, but will be vacated, having built a New Mill in Falmouth. If*not sold, a thor ough Miller with some capital can have an opportu nity to run it on joint account. Apply to EDWARD H. BURGIN, fel.23 deodtf MO fo.n.n.r.ini Si. Great Keduction in Price Boots and Shoes. C. F. MOCLTO N, 300 Congress Street, Will sell Vwls nil Oksnu Ike following LOW PRICES! Former Men's calf lap-sole Opera Boots, Plainer prtoc. patent last, *--.0n, *8.50 Men's ilo do whole leg do do do 5.00, 6.30 <» butt Opera “ •> 3.30, 5.d0 « kip “ “ 3 50, 5.00 « thick Shoos, 1.50, 2.00 “ Opera Slippers, 1.25, 2.25 « Arctic Overshoes, first quality, 2,50, 3.25 Ladies’ doubled-sole Serge Bal. and Con. Boots, , . „ 1-75, 2.50 Ladies’singie do do Con. without tips,1.4(i, n 2.5 “ "? “ I; *jlk eon, 1.50, £50 “ ! , ‘ slim 3 * 4, 1.25, 2.75 “ , ‘ ’ Goat Bal. 3*4, 1.00, 2.25 “ doable GloTekid Cong.3 & 4, 2.00, 4 00 “ Let Bal. tipped, 1.25, 2.nn Children’s gr copper tipped, sizes 5 to 8, t0, 1.16 rh'’ Persons wishing to purchase Boots and SnoES, am respectfully invited to call ami examine lor themselves, as we are determined not to be un dersold. mar8d2w .. 1 "VL'H.. BEAL ESTATE. FOR SALE! TIIE Store and Land occupied by Charles W Thompson,at Ferry Village in Cape Elizabeth; the store is nearly new and contains a large Hall, U about jirty rods from Ferry Wharf, is the best plu. e for trade anywlieie outside oi Poriland. For par ticulars enquire ol Thompson at the store or of]. W. PARK Eli, 249 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Mar9dCw* House anil Lot for Sale Very Low. XJOUSE new, containing seven booms, will be 11 sold for $i.too, if applied for immediately. T ita *• • ALSO; vr 8aI°. al Price» iroin one cent to $2 per foot. Enquire ot JOSEPH REED, mar8dtf Ul i'"statc ^8cnt. Oak St. near Congress. Brick. House lor Sale* House Lots and Water Lots —AT— Great Bargains! lOO House Lots AT PRICES FROM lOj to 15. 40, 45 andSOcts. per foot, ON Franklin, Lincoln, Mayo, Smith, Fremont, Congress Monument, Atlantic, Munjoy, North, Walnut, Montreal, Melbourne, Quebec, Willis, Tur ner, PopLir, Winthrop, Madison, Fox, Hammond. Eastern Promenade, and several new contemplated streets. ALSO. Water Lots on Back Cove and on East Commercial Street adjoining the Grand Trunk Railway, fronting Ihc deepest water in Portland narbor, and well adnpted for Wharves and Manufacturing Sites. The subscriber l>eing iu a feeble state of health, and desirous of settling his own estate, now oilers to Ejrsonu wishing to invest in Real Estate the greatest argains to be had iu Portland, Enquire of ItlOSEB COII.D, No. 55 North Street, between the hours of 8 and 10} A. M., an i 2 and4j P. M., where Plans of Lots may he seen. marSdedlw then eod3w Houses for Sale! TWO new lj story Houses just completed, with 7 liiilslicrt rooms. Price 1,800, within fifteen minntes w alk of the R*t office, together with other houses at prices from $1,500 to $10,000. -also To Lease, 50 HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Wharf LoU, at prices from $12 to $200 per year. Enquire of JHOSK* GOI LD, No 55 North St., bet ween the hours of8& 10J a. u. and 2 & 5 P. M., where plans of lots may bo Been. Mar 5<llw t eod3w For Sale. A GOOD ono story House aud two acros of land. situated on tlie Stroudwater road, about twenty minutes’ walk Irom Portland. Has a stable and good water. Will be sold for *2000 it applied for immedi ately. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS. mcU4d2w* House for Sale. ON NEAT. STREET, Upper Halt of the Brick Front House, containing in all 13 Booms—ce mented Cellar, bard and soft water— a good Stable, aud yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on tile promises, or to WM. H. JERRIS, _ mar 2 dtf Real Estate Agent. For Sal© Cheap. ONE of tha Houses in die Brick block on Deer Street. These houses are built in the most thorough manner, ten tinished rooms in each, good cellar, water ofbolh kinds, good store ruorn, and plenty of closet room. Enquire of E. WALSH, on the premises. mch2U2w For Sale or Lease. Tlie Fine Lot corner of Exchange and Congress Streets, 120 leet on Congress and 56 leet on Exchange St. Will be let for ten or twenty years, on favorable* terms. A Block of Seven Stores iu this central loca tion would pav a good interest. Apply U> W. H. JERRI*, marlillf For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove from this city I ofler Ibr sale my House. No. 55 Bark St. It is good size and comen.entj with all the modern improvement*, Bathing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Gas, Furnace, &c. (Jon ected with house is a good stable. Po-session given first day of May next. Enquire at No. 493 t onismiciul 4t. head of Hobson's wharf ol J. H. H imlen, the subscriber, STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. Jah30codtf New Brick Mouse for Sale, -<kS~v Corner Cumberland and Boyd streets: contains Ksjijl eleven rooms. Piped for gas from cellar to at UmiLtic. This is a substantial, well-built house, iu a good location, and is all ready for occupancy. Apply to %V. ffl. XERSilS, Real Estate Agent. Mar 1—d3w Valuable Keal Estate for Sale. THE fine estate comer Brackett and Walker Sts. The lot contains over 26,000 sqnaro feet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to a W. H. JERRLS, marl dtf__Real Estate Agent. Valuable Meal Estate FOR SALE! BY virtuo of a liccnso from the lion. Judgo of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall sell bv public auction, on SATURDAY, March 16th next tlie following parcels of Real Estate belonging to the estate of the late CHARLES E. BECKETT, viz: At 11 o’clock A. M., of said day, on the premises, lot ot land corner pf Congress uud Smith Streets, extending about 41 feet on Congress and 136 feet on Smith Street, with tho unfinished buildings thereon, subject to mortgages of about $3,000. At half past 11 o’clock A. M., of Hie same day, or immediately after the foregoing is disposed of, on the premises, lot of land comer of Congress and Frank lin Streets, containing about 8,000 square leet, ex temling about IOC feet on Congress Street, subject to mortgages of $5,500 and interest. Also, at 3 o’clock P. M., of tlie same day, on tlie premises, lot of land corner ot Vaughan and Pine Streets, about 220 leet on Vaughan Street and 143 on Pine Street, subject to mortgages of $4,640 and in terest. Said lots arc located in the most desirable parts of the city, and ofler excellent inducements to buiklers and capitalists to purchase._ B. BECKETT, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY A SOJJ, Auctioneers. i Portland, February 13,18t>7. ood3wtdtd Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. I rp HE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil • Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot tered for sale at a bargain, if applied for soon. 1 he House is large, in good repair, with furniture ami fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. J For full particulars inquire ol HORATIO BOOT If BY, _ _ _ Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 54$ Union st. Fryoburg, Sept. 26,1866. dtf House tor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, If desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1S4 tore ***., „ J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 1RG7. dtf NOTICfi. I will sell on favorable terms as to pat men!, or lot for a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, aud on Franklin street.including thecorner of Franklinand l ore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REEI>, Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tt Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, IV COHUEBCIAL STREET. THE subscribers ofler tor sale the lot of land on the southerly side ol Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf; measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. UEllLEY, 1S tf or W. S. DANA. For Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term of years. Enquire . C. C. MITCHELL & SON, Aug. 28, lbCG—(It 1 1*8 Fore Street. Farm for Sale. THE well known Cushman Homestead—one of the most delightfu* and desirable country residences in tlie county, situated in the town of New Glouces ter, is offered for sale on the most favorable terms. The above farm is beautifully located on the main road, 18 miles from Portland, only ten minutes walk from Pownal depot and Post Oltice. It consists of 120 acres of excellent land, conveniently divided—prin cipally by stone fences—into tillage, pasturage nrd woodland; a tine orchard, containing 1000 thrifty apple trees; a splendid garden well tilled with u vaii etv of pear and plum trees, strawberries, raspberries, currants, and a large grape arbor, covered with choice vines, from which 8 to 10 bushels of grapes are gath ered annually! also a handsome flower garden, or namental trees, &c., «ftc. The buildings consist of a fine brick House, three stories high, containing 16 rooms, with large two story brick L; a tine new stable and carriage house adjoining the L; together with two barns, one new, 80 by 40 feet; wood sheds, work shops and other out buildings, all in good order. There is a convenient and abundant supply of well water; also a large never-faJUng cistern of soft water in cellar of L. In ad'Btion to the above farm, and laying adjacent to it, are two other lots, each containing 110 acres of the finest tillage and lumber laud in the county; either or both of which will be sold in connection with or separate from the Home Farm. For particu lars enquire of Hon. Geo. W. Woodman, firm ot Woodman, True & Co, or of J. N. Lord, firm ot Stevens, Lord & Haskell, Portland, or of J. E. F. CUSHMAN, on tLe premises. mch4deod«X:w3w Farm for Sale. IWILL sell my liitm near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said form contains al>out 100 acres, part ot it very valuable for tillage, and part ot it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, and out hous es on the premises. It will be sold together, or in lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THURLOW, scpll-dtt 165 Commercial St. For Sale. THE FURNITURE. FIXTURES, AND GOOD WILD of a Genteel Boarding House. Homo new and centrally locatori. Inquire or l’ATTI RSUN * CHADBOURNE Dealers in Real Estate, No. '1ST Congress &t. marikhiw To Capitalists. THE advertiser would like to confer with any par tv wl.o would bnlldikHotel In this City the cotn responsible mao is rcadv to lease for emtd hunt Vh K00d modern house.-il it b",,t tbe present year, at a reasonable per cent ago on the cost. ”L. H. F, marl d.w p0Bt office. selling out : IN THE HART, *JGO COSGBFM ST. N. I. MITCHELL & CO. will sell their stock of DRY GOODS! ■- AT — Greatly Reduced Prices! In order to close up business, and will lease the stor occupied by them. N. I. MITCHELL At CO. March 6, 1867. eod&wtf ENTERTAINMENTS. I> A NO 1 TV Car . Mr. A. lTpAPANTI, A NNOUNCES to the subscribers of bis evening xU class that the next term will be Monday Evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock, Mar9-£? * HALL. Allen Mission Festival! The Allen »Il«lon Circle ami Sabbath School win hold a tiUtlAL r fcSl 1> AL at CHESTNUT NTttEKT VESTUY, MONDAY EVENING, March 11th, the proceeds of which will lie appropriated to the ne cessities of the Mission, such as clolhintr the ilestlm,., children, building a Chapel, Ac. restitute Oysters, lee Creams, and other Befteslmionfs will be served from 7 to 10 o’clock. Concert tag) to 81 o’clock. A great variety of useful articles will be 01 fered tor sale. Tiekots US cents; Cbiklren 15 cents; to be bad of Bailey & Noyes, and at the door. ineh7tUt DEE RING HUE IMMENSE SUCCESS -and CROW1ED HOUSER! greet the grand MILTONIAN TABLEAUX AND TIIB APOCALYPSE ! AT EACH BEPBESEXTATIOX. AC1AIN TO-NIGHT! AGAIN TO-NIGHT! AGAIN TO-NIGHT! - AND - TUESDAY NIGHT THE LAST ! TUESDAY’ NIGHT THE LAST ! TUESDAY NIGHT THE IAST ! Admission.35 Cents. Gallery 25 Coni a. Doors open at 7 o’clock. To commence at 7j} o’clock. marclill(12t RAYMOND'S Course of Assemblies Will commence on TUESDAY EVENING, March 12III, AT MECHANICS’ HALL. Ticket* for the Course of Six Assemblies, 1.1.00 for Gentlemen and Lady. Evening Tickets, #1.00.— Ladies’ Course of Tickets, $1.09. Music by Raymond's Quadrille Band, mchlldld Promenade Concert* A Promenade Concert under the direction of Hie Congress Square Ladies’ Social Circle will be given on WEDNESDA Y E VE9G, March 13, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock. fe^Tiokete for sale at Short & Loring’s, Bailey & Noyes’, Lowell »& Scnter’s aud at the door, uiclil ld3t DEEBING HALL, T hursday and Friday Eve’gs, March 14 & 15 Bslsrn of the World’s Favorites, Skiff & Gaylord's Minstrel , THE GREAT EASTERN TROUPE, Introducing, in addition to their celebrated Minstrel programme, tho Grand Musical Panorama of Sherman’s March to the Sea! A feature alike commendable for Us amusement and Instruction. HUGHEY DOUGHERTY, tho King Bee of all Darkies, has been engaged by this troui>e, ami will appear iu the latest novelties. 1 )oors open at 7, to commence at 8. tS^Tlckets 50 c nts; Gallery 35 cent*. • LOW GAYLORD, Manager. Wsr. Foot, Jr., I . C. E. Richardson, i *8®““’ mehlldst CITY NOTICES. CITY OF PORTLAND. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF PORTLAND. IN pursuance of warrants from the Mayor and Al dermon of the City of Portland, the inhabitants thereof, qualified according to law, will meet in their respective Ward Rooms, ou Friday, the Fifteenth day of March last, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, to give In their votes upon the following question, to wit: “Shall the act passed by the Legislature February 27, 1867, and approved February 2tPh ulL, and entit led “An Act to enable the City of Portland to aid in rebuilding said city,’ be accepted?” Those in favor of such acceptance shall have the word YES written or printed upon their ballot, and those opposed the word The polls to remain open until four o’clock in the afternoon, when they snail be closed. The Aldermen of said City will be in session in the ! Common Council Room, in Market Hall, from nine o'clock A. M. to one o’clock P. M. on each of the three days next preceding such day of meeting, for the purpose of receiving evidence of the qualification of voters whose names are not on tlk> lists of quali fied voters, and for correcting said lists. For Order, _ , . „ , J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. Portland, March 7,18G7. dul STATE OP MAINE In the Year of our Lord ore thousand EIOHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN. Aa Act I* enable Ike city af Portland ta aid in ra*knildin|| said city. Be- it enacted by the Senate and Blouse. of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows: Section 1.—For the purpose ol aiding in rebuild ing said city, so much of winch was recently destroy ed by tire, the city of Portland is autlioiized to i sue its bonds to an amount not exceeding two million of dollars, payable In not exceeding twenty years . rom their date, and bearing an interest at the rate of six per centum per annum, payable at the option of the eommlssioncrs In any place in the United Males, or payable in England In sterling. Section 2. A board of lour commissioners, citizens of said city, shallbe appointed by the Mayer and Al dermen of said city. Kach of said commissioners shall give bond to the city, in such sum as the Miv al1 determine, conditioned for the faiihlhl discharge of his duty aa commissioner They shall receive such compensation /or heir ser vices as shall be established bv tho Mayor and Al dermen. The bonds issued by virtue hereof, shall be negotiated bv said commissioners, under the di rection of the Mayor, and delivered by the city treas urer upon the warrant of the commissioners. Section 3. The said commissioners, under such general regulations as shall bo established from time to thne by the Mayor and Aldermen of said city, shall loan the proceeds of said bonds in a safe and Judicious manner, upon mortgages of real estate, for the pur pose af building dwebing houses, stores and build ings In said city of Portland. Section 4. Upon all loans made by said commis sioners under this set, they arc hereby authorize . to charge, take or reserve, a rate of interest not exceed ing seven and three-tenths per centum per annum. hoction 5. For the purpose of the paymeut of the bonds issued under this act, a sinking fund shall be established,to be tinder tho direction »t said commis sioners. AU payments ot loans, all receipts of inter est above interest paid, after paymeut of necessary expenses, and all other moneys received, excepting from the sale of said bonds, shall bo placed to the credit ot said sinking lund. The commissioners shall Tom time to time at their discretion, invest the moneys on hand, securely, to that they shall be pro ductive; and the same maybe loaned ou mortgages of real estate, as provided in seetl n three of this alt, or invested in the bonds issued under th s set,or any other bonds cl the city of Portland, or of the Stated Maine, or of the United States, which securities shall be held for the increase of the Binking fund. And the commis-ioners may from time to time sell or tianster any oi said securities. Section 6. Vacancies in the board ol commissiofY ers shall be filled by the remaining or surviving conS misstoners. Said commissioners, or any of them shall not be removable from olhco, except by the su premo judicial court, hi their discietion, upon com plaint ol the mayor and aldermen ot said city, which court is hereby empowered to adjudicate upon said complaint according to the course ot proceedings in equity, and to pass all proper decrees touching the same. Vacancies thus crested shad be Ailed as above provided; and as often as any new commissioner or commissioners shall be appo!nted.the management ol the property tlieu held shall rest bv operation ol law in such new commissioner or commissioners, jointly with tho prior commissioners. Section 7. The city treasurer shall have the care and custody of all moneys received from the sale of bonds, or irorn any oilier sources, and shall bo responsitde on hisodieial bond to tbe city tbr tbo sale hooping of the funds thus entrusted to him. Ho shall also have the care and custody of, and he responsible for all the securities oi the stoking fund. Ho shall pay out and deliver any -1 said mon eys or securities only upon tho warrant of the com missioners. Section 8. rhe said commissioners shall keep a true record of all their proceedings, arul an account of all sums received irom the sale of bonds or from any other sources, and the payments made of the same. They shall annually, iu the month of Janu ary, report to the city council their proceedings for the year. And their recor Is and accounts, aud the accounts and securities of the sinking tund, shall at ull times be open to inflection by the hnanco com mittee of the city council. Section 9. This act .ball not take effect unless accepted by the legal voters of said citv, at ward meetings duly called, and at least two-thirds ot tbo votes cast at said meetings shall be noicssary lor the acceptance of the act. The return of such meet mgs to be made to the aldcrment of Mid cltv’aiid and to be by them declared and recorded 5’ Section 19. This act shall take effect and be so farw/to e'mm aPPr«val by the governor, act m,m,ttbe^P^*r the le?al Toter8 of sa£l citv to fr'tbf.thi nptance »" above provided. infuUforcehanbei*CteptCl1 “ Rf°r*,-ai't> it shall bo /n*}e Representative*, February 27.18U7. Ibis bill having Itad three several rending*. passed to b, enacted. LEWIS BARKER, SpeaJber. In Senate, February 27,1867. This bill having kid two several readings, passed to be enacted. N. If. IIUKPEK, President. February 28,1867. Approved,^ ^ CHAMBERLAIN, Governor. Office of Secretary ok State, 1 March 2, 1867. | I hereby certily that the foregoing Is a true copy of tho oritrlvial aa deposited in this office. .IAS, H. COCHRANE, mchadtd Deputy Secretary of state. Boots and Nlioes ! CLARKE & LOWELL, - *50 Market Square, WF ca?l.’fmlw1" »ell as gootl a quality ot Boots .7J ^nilta,at as cheap mte as can bo foond in I aai ^, e “ave some shop worn goods and others a little out ot tho present style which we wish tn ^e^ore going into our new store and will sell them at less than half the original cost. Call and examine for yourselves, opposite Treble Street. MarM.'d-new o 3 d Notice. Portland, ' ,?67' T“ th puouc generally, i«»• 1887, they will demand Four Dollars (f 4.W) per day. Per Order. marfidlw ■—'u mmmmmmm ACiTIOM »ALbA. House and Lot at Auction. 0NKerry'vlriflo.tL?ro,‘ i.^h' at 3 °'clo''l‘ p at y go* Lvtpe lb! iewbeth, we vtuRl sell u New One and a Half ... , ,™>r w voiles Hwuse, "* FR‘'‘NitLia VTErilT, The third house from the comer ,.r n-v c. The house Is J1 by 31, with , ,?/,?’* S^i' T od throughout, with abundance .,f !,„,!? If:, premises; pleasantly siiuateil; the hofID^tf!r 0,1 1 '* P'ed. The lot is luhy be. Title giveu iuimedialoly. s“i“" 1IKNRY IiAILEY & SON Marche, dtd__ Auctioneers. E. M. FATTEN & C!U„ Auwiioueer.,^" PLUM STREET. Grist 31 ill on Beeriiig’s Bridge sit Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, March 20th, at — o’clock, on thepremia n, (unless previously disposed 01 at private Hale,) will he sold without reserve, the long established Mill ou Deering’s Bridge. It in situated <>n the great thoroughfare into Portland ot the best back country travel, and also to supply City trade of Portland, and a good part of Westb.ook with Meal ami Feed. There arc tim e run ol'stones, one tor Salt, with a Dry Room for same, and Klevo torM tor Corn and Salt, and ail in gin»d running order, lernis cash. For particulars call on w . la,, KI>W. II. BURGIM, m udgtd__12® Commercial Street. K. M. PATTED A CO., Aisctioneta*, PLUM STREET. Administrator’s Sale. BY virtue .of a license brum tho lieu. Judge of Pro bate for the couniy of CuinUrl.iml, I will mnl at nublic vendue, at tho Merchant** f£x< haiaur. No. 2 Long Wharf, in Portland, on * 9 Thursday, .March Jl, 1S«»7, at 11 o'clock in the torcuoon, the following vtnU ot vessels belonging to tho estate of tho late Wui. E. Short, of Portland, deceased, viz: - One eighth of the schooner Luilior Dans. One eighth of the schooner Neilio M. Short. One eighth of the schooner Ma I.. Howard. One eighth of the schooner Village Belle. One sixteenth of tho schooner Lottie S. Reed. One sixteenth of the schooner Adalbert. One sixteenth of the schooner Buonaveuture. One thirty-second of the schooner Marcus Hunter One sixteenth of the brig Caroline K Kelley One thirty-second part of the charter of tho brio Snow Bird. ' Unless tho seme should be disposed of previously at private sale. Terms favorable. 1 ^ y _ MERRILL, Administrator. Portland, Fob. 20,lb€7. uiclild3iriw3w E. .11. PATTEN & CO-. Annionrer. and Real E.tat. Krtkin. OFFICE PLUM STREET. Fire-Proof Sales for Sale at less than Manufacturers’ Prices. WE have an assortment of New Fire Proof Saio. of the celebrated WILDER MAKE, which MUST BK SOLI) within twenty date, without reea-.’ to cost. They are of various sizes, thoroughly tin-' ishetl and second to none in the market. Those in want of a reliable Sate, by calling early will be sure to get suited. For Cent. Tho New Wooden Store on Plum St., now ceo pled by U8; possession given hut of March. Also—I.ot of Laud ad;oining on Westerly side about 50 by 60 feet. Three stofldd Brick .Store. No. 204 Fore, loot of Plum Street; possession given im mediately. For Sale—A desirable building lot on Westerly Bide of Congross, near Locust Street, con taining about twelve hundred leet. fub28dtJ Sale of Timber L>amls for Bates’ College. Land Ohfich, i Bangor, March 7, 1867.) NOTICE Is hereby given, in put seance of “ lle solro to carry into e fleet chapter two hundred eightv-tour of the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-lour in f.ivor ot' bates* College,” approved Febru ary 28, 1867, that townships numbered 8, Range 17 anil 10 Range 17 W E L S. situated upon the Upper Saint John ltiver, excepting the Southeast, quarter ot the last named township, will be offered tor sale by public auction tor the benefit of said College, at the Land Office in Bangor, on Wednesday the 11th day of Septeml*er next, at 12 o’clock, noon. One third cash and satisfactory noun payable In on; and two years, secured by mortgage on the prem ises, will be received in payment. ISAAC R. CLARK, markdtSept 11,_ Land Agent, JOHN CROCKETT, Auctioneer and Appraiser, (Office with Evans & Bailey) mr7 NOL 1 & 2 FREE STREET BLOCK, tf Blindness, Deafness, -AND— Catarrh ! During dr. cakpkivtsi*’* late visit to Portland which close* 1 Feb. 1st, so great a number of persons.deferred consulting him until tho latter part ot hi? stay, that many were unable to do so, bis time being fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consfllting him he Returned to Portland March 1st, Aa4 can he c.n.niioil at Hie V. S. II Mr I ■atil April l.i, upon all (UsotMa of the Bye, Car, Tl&roat — AND — CrlTrlllHH, As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves of his services to call early as con venient. Dr. U. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benetitted under his treatment, who do not wish their names mado public, but arc willing to couvcise with those interested. SS^-Consultation at office Free. but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12, 2 to 3, and 61 to 71 o’clock. fcb23dlm* CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A. K. GrernoRgb, Eaf. I was Afflicted with Catarrh so badly that I had a continual pain in my bead, oyes very weak, w;>s fast loosing my memory, head was so confuse I that I was totally unlit for business and general health fast fail ing. I applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1865 and his rem edies cured me. I remain a well man. A. K. GUI.ENOUGH, Proprietor of National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate ef €api. Skate of Portia? d. Portland, Jan. 3, 1867. I suffered from deafness Hght year?. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New Y'ork and Philadelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of cases worse than mine, that Dr. Car penter cured, 1 was induced to apply to bim. Onex aminntion the Dr. was not sure he could cure me, but would do the best he could. A course of bis I treatment has restored me to mv natural hearing. Any person desiring to sec me rail do so on board of bark “Isaac Carver,” Union YVbart', Portland AJLONZO L. SHUTS. Testimony of Hon. Z. Collins, Lb ton, Hie. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sir,—Learning you aro tn Portland, 1 write for the purpose of mlorndng you that the heat ing of my am, Leroy Z. Culhns, ’re mains perfectly good. You will remember that in March 1865, you relieved him of deainese of fifteen years* standing, which had increased to that extent that he was obliged to leavo his studies and went to a trade. He is now ai the Theological !*eminarv, Bangor, where lie has resumed hie stuilios, which, without your assistance, he never could have dene. May vi u live long, prosper in your nrolession, ami es pecially cause the deaf to hear, is the desire of Yours, very gratefully, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Mr. A. G. BluuV, Cortland. This may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at tho United Slates Hotel, ha? cured me of deaifcess ami uischarges of tlie head of 17 years’ standing. I had been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any persou interested can sec me at Messrs. Blunt & Foss,’ Middle Street. A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14,1867. Hundreds of Certificates received in this State can be seen at the Dr’s Office. mr9 MEDICAL ELECZB1CITI DR. W. NT DEKIRG, Medical Electrician 171 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Opposite the tailed Minn Hotel WHERE he would respectfully announce to citizens of Portland and vicinity, that he fl permanently located in this city. During the three years we have been in this city, we have oared some ot the worst terms of disease in*persons who have tried other forms ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in so short, a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured? To answer this uoeetfot we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second tfme without charge. Dr. D. ha* been a practical Electrician tor tvr*ntr one years, and Is also a regular graduated «?3rafeciM.» Elect 1 icily in perfectly adapted to chronic ai'erueniH the lorm of nervous or side headache; neuruigta in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption when In the acute stages or where the lungs are not tally Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scroti In, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, c<w*iure of the spine, contracted muscles, distort*1 limbs, . palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas* Dance, dcal'ntis, at''.sa mering or hesitancy ol speech, dysi»cpsia, indiges tion, constipation ami liver complaint, piles—wocure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures ol the chest, and all lormsot loru-ile complaints. By Eleetrioitv The Rheumatic, the gouty, lie lame and the la*y leap with Joy, and move witn the agility Pin. el attic It, of youth; the heated brain I*coo wl; tli-* frost, bitten Umb. rertored, ihe uncouth deiururllies re moved: ftMtncsS converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind renb <« wns Hie 'leal to bear nnd the mibicd form lo move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the AtilDENra of mature tile prevented; the calami nee ot old aye obviated aud an wtive circulation maintained. liDUl Who have cold hancs and teet; weak stomachs, lani and weak hacks; uervous and nick he*lech*; dizzi ness and swimming In the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the aide and link; leucorrhu a, (or whites); lading ofthe womb with in ternal rancers; tumor,, polypus, anil all that long train ol dieensee will find in Electricity n,ure me ins of cure. For paiuml menstruation, too ,..oiuse menstruation, uiidullul those long lice ol troubles with young ladies. Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short, time, restore the suderer to 1 fie vigor of health. TEETH l TEETH 1 TKiLTH I Dr. D. still eontiunes to Extract Teeth by Et»o tricity w 1TIIOCT r AIN. l’erson. having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to hove removed lor rosec “- — 10 WenT^Mm.i^ew ^iioutr -Uh boerd eml treatment at his bouse. . Offlce hours from » o'clock A. w. to iz m., ironi to 6 r. M , and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation tVco» ----- - _ , C. E. PBCKJErrs ESTAIK. THF subscribers, appointed Commissioners by tho Jndf* of Probate for Cumberland county, to receive isdoeckle upon all claims ?>e es tate ot Charles K. Beckett, late ot Vorihrnl, H srid county, deceased, represented insolvent, 1 :’*>> give notice that nix months, from the lflth Inst., n «' al lowed to the creditors to present and pr* - iVlr claims; and that said Commissioners wi\ 1— In ses sion at the City Assessors’ office, in said Port.:*ud, on the third Moudays of March, April, May, June, July and August ensiling, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the pur pose of attending to said dutv. MMOORE, !Com,ni“i',”,,r» Portland, Feb. 22,1K6T. __jl3w&wlt_ e"V Send year order* for Job Work to Daily Pres Office