Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 13, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 13, 1867 Page 2
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THE P lMi)SB* Wednesday Morning, March 13, 1867. A I-'* o-i'll islaiui-e. [t used to be said of old that “whom th®, gods would destroy they first make mad.*- If this i«' true to-day then certainly the higher powers must have decreed the total destruc tion, of the boulltern political kaiders, for it is plain that they have gone stark, staring mad with arrogance, folly and spile. A sug gestive illustration of the tenqier they mani fest may 1$ tound in the recent aetjbn e»l the 1 xrnisia iu Legislature. That laxly has now be iore it a proposition to declare its on n uncon stitutiouality as at present organized, and the inefficiency of all its acts. It has passed, over the veto ol Gov. Wells, a hill providing for the e’ection of delegates to a Gonvention to form a (state Constitution, the voting txiwer to be in the hands only of the “qualified voters of ihe State,” thus excluding entirely the en franchised freed men. The deliberate and avowed purpose of this bill is to defy the acts of Cougress, to set at naught the military au thority prescribed by national law, aud to make up an issue on which to try then strength against the national government. In prool that this and nothing but this is what they mean we subjoin the following from the New Orleans Crescent: “For several days the bill has been pending and, during those several days, the members no •louht, deliberated freely among themselves the important question Indore then, as to its expe diency. The legislation adopted by Congress w as of a character to demand mature reflection before the adoption ol a measure which many liersons supposed might bring the State into conflict with tlie Federal Government. A de cent respect lor public opinion required that, time for such reflection should be taken. But a decent respect for public opinion likewise re quired that, alter due consideration, the »>ill should he passed. Perhaps the very threat ol conflict to grow out of it confirmed the already determined sentiment in its luvor, because such a conflict could not he the kind ot collision dangerous to the peace and order of tlie State; hut simply a judicial issue which will hasten tlie decision of the questions involved iu the unconstitutional legislation of Cougress. The objection urged by the oppoueuts ol’ tlie meas ure, that the (.1 uited States military author ities will not Kiifler it to be carried iuto effect, is invalid in every respect. Even if we were very sure that there would be such military iutei volition, it would not become us to shrink from the exercise of our constitutional lights in advance of the unconstitutional interference with which wc are threatened. Such a course would he an abandonment of our position*—u concession to the pretension of supreipe au thority over the States, set up hy the Radicals, and tuc lirst step toward an acceptance of the programme of Radical reconstruction ostensi bly contemplated by the Congressional act." A man who in tlie excess ol his impotent spite dashes his bead against a stone wall is hardly likely to be applauded for his wisdom, but he Is a shining example of good sense jn comparison with this Louisiana Legislalui-e, or the newspapers which sustain its action. The harm he may do is limited to the knocking out of Ills own brains; for them to jiersist in tlie course on which they have entered is to pre cipitate a conflict which will not only result in tlieir own destruction but Involve iu new bloodshed and In deeper ruiu not tlieir own State only but perhaps a large portion (1 t ie South. A contemporary of the Cresco t always friendly to the class it supports, thus otters to that paper a word of serious wanting: if there were any chance of advantage from the judicial issue ou which the Crescent dwells, the act might admit of palliation. But there is no suen chance. Assuming that a case lor an ip}H*;d to tlie Supreme Oourt may he made up, that cannot save the State from the opera tion of tlie new law. Before a decision can by any* possibility lie rendered, the present Legis lature of Louisiana will lie swept out of exist ence; the qualification for voters which it recognizes will be set aside: many of tlie men who, by this Gonvention Bill, determine wlm shall be voters, will he themselves disfranchis ed , aud instead of the projected Convention in the interest of rebels, another Convention will be held, with delegates clouted iu part by ne gro votes. These results will assuredly Is brought about—by military intervention, it necessary. It is to be hoped that, these, hot-headed madmen may yet take counsel of reason and eoinmou sense, and abate something of tlieir presumption. The temper of the country will not patiently tolerate a renewal of the bloody scenes of last summer. An attempt on the part of these “reconstructed ' rebels to revive the reign of terror by which they were then enabled to compass a temporary triumph will be inet^n the part of the military author ities with a stern and unflinching exercise ol the |«nver iu its bauds, and that |x>werisover wheltuingly competent to ileal with the mat ter as ii deserves. To Vox Populi sm: As you liavc chosen to cuter the fiekl with a mask, you will allow me to call you V. 1*. It will save some writing. You prefer to be on the side of a just cause—a cause so just and so reasonable that, by implication, they Who differ from you, are no better than knaves or fools, deficient alike both in “head and heart.” If honest and sincere, why get behind a mask? That prohibition and license have both been tried, aud louud to be ineffectual, I acknowl edge. Aud what then? Have they been tried in the best way? Go to Massachusetts, read over the names of witnesses who have been be fore the legislature, clerj men, mayors of cities, police officers, &e., all temperauce men and friends of temperance, who have been hereto fore the friends of prohibition, and what is their testimony? That prohibition is a dead failure; that intemperance is everywhere in creasing; and that now they are in favor of a strinyent licence law; not of a nominal license law. Rut, you say “if the sale of intoxicating li quors is an evil, and productive of evil—it be comes a crime"—others say a ein. Hove is a begging of the question. Extravagance is an evil—surgery is an evil—medicine is an evil and law itself is an evil; aud all are productive of evil. Arc they crimes? Are they sins? Or will you not look to the motive? A surgeon cuts and slashes to save life, not to destroy— Now I say, if a license law will lessen tltaevil complained of, then why not have such arlicense law? And then you ask Iriumphanfiy—why not li cense houses of ill fame? To which I answer, why not? II licensing will lessen the evil,ami nothing elsecan, why not license them?- or in other words, why not rryulutc them, aud sub ject them to the constant supervision of a com petent and faithful police? Do not mistake words for things. If an ulcer can Ik- appeased by plunging a knife into it up to the hilt—why shrink from doing what would he evil in itself apart from the motive, because your short sighted or weak-minded neighbor says that you must uot do evil that good may come of it. 11 your object in licensing lie to lessen the evil, al ter diligent inquiry and long experience, then your motive sanctifies t]te act? "Aud why not license murder, theft, bur glary?” This wo do now by authorizing war; by allowing life to he taken under tho law— Rut perhaps you will say this is not murder. It is only homicide. Be not deceived. Defini tions do not change facts. By war you author ise the killing of innocent persons' You au thorise pillage and bnrglary. In other words you license all these crimes! Aud why? Be cause on the whole, you believe, or pretend to believe that good will come of it -greater good on the whole. And yon set aside the laws ol God in the hope of that greater good. Yet war “is an evil, and productive of evil,” and there fore, according to your argument, a crime. Do you uot see, that by this course of reason ing, my good friend, yon arc not touching the ••ore of the question? If the “sole of intoxicat ing liquors is an evil, and productive of evil" so as to be a crime, how dare you countenance the liquor agency? or the apothecary shop? Would you license crime? Tile questions, after all,are only these. On the whole, does the evil of liquor selling overbal ance the advantages? Anil then—if it does, what is the surest and speediest way of curing I hat e vil ? These are the only questions; and I must beg my friend V. J". to weigh them well, and to believe that others may be as honest as himself, and perhaps as disinterested, and a* well-informed, even though they do not agrw with him on the subject of prohibition. JoUN .N KAL. —Henry Ward Beecher insists that the onlv “eall” a man needs for the Christian ministry, is “to want to preach and to be able to do it successfully,” and says, “if ten thousand apostles in rows as long fts from hero to the celestial gates should refuse to give a man per mission to preach, yet if ho has the desire and ability,he is called, and li ‘ is ordaiued, to be u preacher.” — 1 here is,” says Victor Hugo, "in Napole on s table, in bis study, a drawer, frequently half open. He takes bence a paper, and reads it to ^minister. It is a decuse. The minister as sents or dissents. If be dissents, l.,lui« Napo leon throws tbe paper back into the draw, where there are many other papers, bundles of papers,—tbe dreams of au ill-potent uiau — shuts the drawer, takes out the key, and leaves the room without saying a word. The minis ter bows and retires delighted with tbe defer ence which lias been paid to his opinion. Next morning tbe decree is in tbe Moniteur. ” State Items. - L|st !teurday|ifJfnooii about five o’clock t’l ■ wife ofMr. Hiram Hi|cs at Buoklield vil lage'crossed the street to visit ainfe woman; a.u-r spending samp Ittloftiiiiejin the cbmn |,or aftl.o sick, slm. «-M»t out say lug to/her , friend SheHtaiie.l site #otrld sootnife ablrt*to re turn her visit- Closing the door, she stepped upon the stairs to descend and immediately fell totta-do jrbelovy. The heavy fall was heard by the inmates of the house and they hurried CO tire foot oft he stafrswhero the unfortunate "'"ni.ui was lound in an unconscious state, she was carried across the street to her home where she lingered a short time and d*ed. Mrs. Hines was a woman of many excellent virtues and much beloved and respected by a largo circle of relations and friends. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn as they never mourned Indore. In this sudden death society in Bueklieki village lias met with a great Joss. She was a good woman and the bereaved husband and children ha- e the sympathy of tliaU'ounuuuity. She neverspoke after site tell. A bruise was found upon her forehead and a severer one under her ea-, but no skin was broken. She lived about two hours after the fatal accident. _A correspondent of the Lewiston Journal calls attenton to the fact that where oak for ests have existed ever since the first settle ment of this country, if the trees are cut down there at once springs up on the spot pine sap lings, covering all the ground. If in turn the pine trees are cut down, oak trees in turn succeed them. ( , —The Springfield /.VpuM. au gives the name at the late Superiptendenti of our Reform School as George It. Bpjuanus, instead of lieorge B. Barrows. —Charles B. Hall, late Lieutenant of the 39th Maine regiment, has been confirmed by the Senate as a First. Lieusenant of Cavalry. —Onr neighbor of the Argus indulges in a “spread” over the result of thcBidneford elec tion. True, it is only a case of the Dutch tak ing Holland, hut then it has been so seldom that our Denmcratic friends have hail an op portunity to throw up their hats of late, that they are thankful for the smallest favors. Bid deford is oue of the few-spared monuments of the party yet remaining. —The Gardiner journal tells of a man who placed a pan of coals ill a barrel in his barn in order to smoke some bams. In a short time barrel and barn were found to be on fire, and it was put out with difficulty. —Aee-ording to the Bangor papers the Dem ocrats of thatfeity, or a portion of them; behav ed in a most scaiulallous manner at the Repub lican caucus on Saturday evening. They would throw in votes by the handful, and finally were so disorderly that the caucus adjourned with out making a lymiiuation, and the nomination was made by the city committee. -—The Jail in Auburn has more prisoners in carcerated there than at any time £or foeryears —twenty-three. One prisoner incarcerated for theft; is studying law vv ithin its walls. —The State of Maine contains twelve incor porated cities, eleven of which have elected Republican mayors. The other—Biddeford— may require constitutional intervention to se cure to its inhabitants vvliat they do not now enjoy—“a Republican form of goveanment.” —Mr. Charles Hunnewell of Wmdliam, has just sold to Mr. Robert Leighton of this city, for beef, oue of the largest cows ever- raised in this (stal l. Price $125. She is of the red Dur ham brqed, took the first premium ol &16 at the State Fair at Augusta; also the first premium at the Cumberland County Fair. She is ten years old, gil ts sir feet eight inches, and weighs 1-103 lbs. Onr Informant calls her a “big crit ter,” hard to beat. , Original m»<l Seloftod. —Ou first page—“Railroad Legislation,” “An Extraordinary Legislator,” “Cabalistical,” “Changes iu tbte British Ministry,” “Letter from Bath,” “The Parm>jpiyan War,” “Rough and Smooth,” “New Hampshire items,” “Re cent Publications.” On fourth page—“He had not where to lay His Head"—poetry, “How he found them out,” “A Reminiscence,” annec dpbe. —The Legislature ol Michigan talk of estab lishing a Chair of Homoeopathy in the Michi gan State University. — Buildings are now iu course of erection at Baltimore, the cost erf which will amount to $(>,000,000, There never was more enterprise oxhibited in this direction in Baltimore than now. —It seems that the ,n>U of Robert Toombs’s slaves will be called at a Georgia ballot-box in stead of at Bunker Hill. —The Richmond Enquirer says that the mil itary hill destroys the State of Virginia, and of course destroys her public debt, for which Con gress now becomes responsible. Briliiaut dis covery, truly. —Haverhill, Massachusetts, is to be a city. The Mayor is to receive no salary. —Gen. Thomas declines to have his name used for the Presidency; says he is not qualifi ed for the place; was educated a soldier, and wishes to serve Iris county in that capacity. —Hon. L. M. Morrill, ol' the IT. S. Senate,has our thanks for a copy of the Congressional Di rectory. —The Springfield Republican is giad to an nounce that the physicians attending Dr. Hol land, who has been dangerously ill at. Brooklyn, N. \ ,, regard the crisis of his sickness as past, and now confidently looks for liis recovery, Strawlierries and shad are announced in New York. —The National bank at Medina, N. Y, has tailed through tiie speculations of iIs president. —Harriet Prescott, (now Mrs. Spofford,) says a contemporary, has offered something new in the way of authorship. It is a hoy, with the title of “P.iehard Spofford, Jr.” —Tiie new Niagara ship canal hill, intro duced by Senator Chandler of Michigan, dif fers from the one defeated last session, in pro viding for a government work instead of a char tered corporation. The entire work is to be done at government expense, and when com pleted, the canal is to he iree lt>r the navigation of the world. —A hill introduced into the Louisiana Sen. ate, pro\ .'ding lor the compulsory closing of places of amusement on Sunday, has created much excitement iu New Oilcans —John Mitchell offers'himself as a leader of Ibe Fenians both in this country and in Ire land. A Dubbu paper says that Stephens lias deserted the cause altogether and has settled down in France. —A Now York judge sentenced a practition er ot gurroting to forty year’s imprisonment iu Bing Sing. Ike Louisville jDemocrat, secession sympa thizing during the war, declines to support the ticket of its party iu that tit ate because of Its rebel proclivities. —England ami Wales possess Trial miles of railway, and their joint area is 57,812 square miles. Bool land and Ireland have anil 1818 miles, lor areas of .11,715 and 22,512 square miles respectively. —-William Qufk and Frederick. King,' em ployed in the lolling mill at East Taunton, were instantly killed at noon ou the 11th, by being caught iu the gearing. —A barrel ol’ ale and oue of eider were seized at Colchester Centre, Vermont, on Fri day, and the owner fined $71. The aio was spilled and the cider set aside uutill it turns into vinegar, w hen it will be restored to the owner. —A municipal election in Newport, Kv., on March 4, resulted in a Union victory by 250 majority. The Democrats curried the iiiui': cipal election of Lexington, Imtonly by a hard smuggle. —Kelernpg to the prov isions of the Baeon s ruction bill, the Newbury port llentld says „lhe ilisiVaueliisements will rid these States of the old politicians and open the wav for the ad vancement of the young men who are to re trieve the character of the South. The white ascendency will not he tost in a single Stale nor will negro snflvnge embarass them, if they, show any discretion in their management — The future of the South is as hopeful as of the Nov III or any other section of the continent. —John 11. Surratt has not y el received any notice of the t ime lived, lor his trial. Ilo en joys excellent health and continues to spend Homo of his time in reading. His sister visits him almost every day, and his brother lias had several interviews with Uni during the past week. file leading Democratic organ of the north west, the Chicago Time*, consistent with the course ol wise policy in which it struck out several mouths ago, when it declared for uni versal suffrage,warmly commends the recent let ter o! ex-Governor Brown,of Georgia, and earn estly seconds his recommendation to the South to accept the situation imposed by the Recon struction Bill. —Prentice says every negro is now bitten bv the galiinipper of political ambition. Doea not this tact show that in oue respect at least, he is the equal of his white brother? —The Courant reaffirms the statement that Miss Alina Dickinson is meditating a novel, but denies that it will lie in the remotest man lier founded upon her own life or incidents of her personal history7. —More mastodon hones have lieen found by "nine workmen digging at Cohoes, New York, consisting of some of the hones of the leg and foot. Portlui^l aud V iuiuity. fllew A4v(.‘ruN> u3i‘UtH To-Day. Sl’ilAL notice column. ■Bootsami Sh2-T. K. Moseley & Co. 9Caucus—Republicans of Cape Elizabeth. Al CTION COLUMN. Farm »u Scaiboro— E. M. Patten A' Co. AtuMi a I. V iLMl fc.N'1* Marine and Fire Insurance— 1. E. Dow & Son. Herds Grass Sued—Blake, Jones & * 6. Steamers for Sale—Buss & Sturdivant. - Farm for Sale. Jjog East. Turkish ITum'S—Allen. < love Anrslyne- J. Ji.jLunt As to. liuot. ami stu.uf rOI:irk.' and I.o» i ll. jfevr KuBlurid fflnrnul L'le Insurance To. Notice—To Employers of Plasterers. . . i. a --.---' Supreme Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.—TAPLEY, J„ PRESIDING. Judge l apley having finished his laltorioiis duties iu presiding at the term of court at Saco, came in yesterday, aud presided. i he Grand Jury came in and reported a large uuui bor ot bills ot indictment. They were then discharg ed Drum any further duty at this term. BXlie Traverse Jurries were then inioaiinelled as tol lowa: First Jury.—Daniel C. Jillison, OtUfidd. fore man ; Ainsworth Carle ton, James K. Holt, Portland; Henry A. Fog^, &cw Gloucester; Jonathan D. Frye, Scarboro’;|Leauder W. Frost /James E. Libby, Bridg ton; Albert Gooding, Yarmouth; Valentine C. Hall, Windham; Arthur Higgius, Gray; Loreuzo Leighton, Falmouth;.Hiram Libby, Cape Elizabeth. Second Jury.—Abner Lowell, Portland, fore man; William H. Mitchell, Scar boro’; Marshall II. Moses, Gorham; Anthony Moss, Bruhswiek; Wil liam 0. Poor, Sobago; Joel Sawyer, Westbrook; Charles W. Thornes, Standisli; But us Titeomb, Mo. Yarmouth; Samuel True, Yarmouth; Charles Wy man, Cumberland; John Blethen, Freeport; Edwin R. Wingate, Rtandish. The following arraignments took place: Patrick Quinlan, tor larceny of $44 b om Thomas Barker. Plea not guilty. Henry Scott aud Orin Walker. Compound larceny in breaking and entering the shop of Messrs. Briggs & Morgan, in Westbrook, and stealing therefrom.— WaJkor pleaded guilty; Scott not guilty. gfa# The same parties wore also arraigned on another indictment tor compound larceny, in breaking and entering the shop of Edward Hasty, in Gorham, ami stealing therefrom a quantity of clothing. Walker pleaded guilty; Scottfnot guilty. Win. A. Stewart aud Wm. If. Glenn, for larceny of ttfty dollars irum Joseph F. Libby. Stewart pleaded guilty; Glenn not guilty. Messrs. Davis & Drum mond, counsel for Stewart. Charles H. Keenan tor murder of Caarlep Johnson. Keenan pleaded n<P guilty. Messrs. Smith & Reed Appeared as his counsel. William A. Full**- (indicted with F ederiek H. Reed) lor compound larceny, in breaking and enter ing the shop of John Frye, and stealing therefrom.— Plea not guilty. Messrs. Strout & Gage are counsel for Fuller. George 0. Ham, assault on Joseph Brown, with in tent to kill. Plea not gu’lty. Messrs. Davis & Drummond are his counsel. Geo. C. Ham, assault with iutept to kill Hiram Brown. Plea not gu;lty. Subsequently Ham retraced bis pica of not guilty, and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced toseven years iu the Stale prison. The other indictment1 rfemp*hs on tile. Walter G. Johnson and Georgo II. Trundy, tor lar ceny of gold, silver, bank bills, notes, <5fec., b om Urn house of Henry Wit ham, in Pownal. Plea not gnil ty. Edward D. Ktdglit is also indicted as au accesso ry beiore the acc. Messrs. Davis & Di .mimond are the*r counsel. John Ilennesey, larceny of coUpn duck Bom Messrs. Beale & Morse. Plea not guilty. George Sanford, receiving stolen goods. Plea not guil»y. J. O’Donnell is Sanford’s counsel. William li. Stephenson, larceny ot a watch from the person of Willisui Blake. He pleaded guilty.— Two previous eonfictions tor larceny leaving been al leged against loin, Judge Tapley sentenced him to t< n years in the Slate Prison. Anar receiving his sen fence Stephenson remarked that li* ba l rather go to he# than the State l*risou. Martin Gibbons was tried on an indictment ctliaig ii'4 h!m wit la larceny of an overcoat valued at $G0 fiom Dr.Reth C. IIunkin. TI»e plisoner was defend ed by Messrs. Goddard & Ilnikoll. Tlie pointof de fence was that he was into-uculud, aud did not know what he was about at 1be time, and bad no intention of stealing the gaiment. This was controverted by County Attorney Webb. The jury returned a ver dict of guilty. He was sentenced io four months in the County Jail. Samuel S. Hazel'on was put upon trial upon an in dictment: charging him with willfully and lpaliciously threatening to break the aim of one Julius Strauss with the intention of extorting from said Julius the sum of. tive dollars, and compelling Julius to' leave with him his coat aud v$sl as security for the payment of said tive dollars. On trial. N. Webb. S. L. Carle(ou. Municipal Court. JUDGE K1SGHUIUV FKB81PING. Tuesday.— Julm Reurdun, Willium Causer aud Danie! A. Meehan, on search aud seizure processes, paid $22.26 each. (diaries Osgood, for throwing snuwbaRs In the streets, paid $5.04, line and costs. Charles W. Moulton, for being intoxicated and dis turbing the peace on the Sabbath paid $8.17. tine and cpsts. y Xhunm McCormick, for drunkenness and disturb ance. paid fine and costs amounting to $6.17. George Wilson, for resisting a police officer, while the latler was in performance of his duty, paid -S 1-1.17, tine aud costs. James MeCrccdy, Patrick O’Brien .'dill James Thompson, for assault aud battery on Archibald Kerr and Frank Ash, were fined $1 eacli and the costs, which they paid. Dennis Warren, tor violating the Lord's Day in keeping bis shop ojieu, paid $13.17. Mr. Kidder, the newly appointed Recorder of the Court,, received his commission yesterday, aud has entered upon the duties of his office. Clothes Sprinkle*.—Mr. 8. Hi Millikan has the patent right for the sain of this ingen ious little invention in the counties of Cum berland and York. It consists simply of a rub ber sack fitted with a metallic nozzle pierced with very fine holes. The air being expelled by compressing the sack, and the nozzle being then immersed in water, the sack will fill with water, which may then he used very conven iently for sprinkling clothes, sprinkling car pets, or watering plants. The fine holes in the nozzle send out little jets of spray, with an evenness and precision qtute admirable. The article may be found a* the Inventor’s Ex change, 2l>9 Congress street, where parties who wish to purchase territory eau be accommodat ed. Death of Henry Baii.f.y.—We are pained in announcing the di ath of Mr. Henry Bailey, which occurred yesterday, at his residence in Westbrook, lifter a brief but extremely dis tressing illness of about two weeks The w hole of this community will share in the grief which this blow inflicts. Mr. Bailey was the oldest auctioneer in this city, and his ever pleasant, countenance and frank and kind manners gave him a degree of popularity sellout attaiued by anyone. He was a firm and true friend, and his heart was always ready to respond to Uni call of the poor and afflicted. In his death the community have lost a valued and estimable citizen. But, what is our loss is his gain. His age was <57 yearn . i ,__ _. , , ,, The Steam Fuse 1’hooj Safe.—The propri etors of Sanborn’s Steam Fire I’roof Safe have opened a store No. BO Sudbury street, Boston, where samples may lie seen, inquiries made and orders given. Arrangements are making with manufacturers to produce the Safes and the Trunks for the market as soon and iis rap idly as possible. Orders will be put on file and filled as they are received; “first come first served.” Call tor or address K. D. Draper, Treasurer, or I’. F. Jones, Secretary, No. tW Sudbury street, Boston, Muss. Boston, March II,.18117. marl R-ood2w Overboard.-*-Yesterday afternoon a coun tryman left his horse and for a lew mo ments <m Commercial street, near the foot of Moulton street. During his Iprief absence the horse backed the pung overboard, and, as a natural consequence, ‘followed it himself. He floundered about in the water until some men got a boat ami detached him from the pung. He was then towed along side of a schooner, and, by tlie aid of takles, raised on hoard. The pung w as also recovered. Marine Insurance.—We would tall the at tention of those interested iu marine insurance to the advertisement of John i£. Dow & Son, in another column. These gentlemen are mak ing a spoealitynf this department ol their busi ness, and present a list of offices that stand high in flic estimation of New York and Bos ton merchants. They art; sll stock offices, and insure at net rates, or will make a liberal cash discount from mutual rates. Their Fire bust nc.Hs is continued as usual. ORRHcTfON.—Tn the notice of the Atlantic lutnal Insurance Company that appeared in our columns yesterday, an important error oc curred in the statement of the losses. It should have rend tile assets of the compauy are $12 t>.<h,i 104.41 >, and tin; losses and expenses for the year amounted to $8,878,008.28. DlQWOtt Seizures.—The Deputy Marshals yesterday seized a considerable quantity of liquor iu the store of K. It. Itobinson, on Plum street, ami small quantities in the shops-of Ktlwanl Urackett. ami George M. Stevens, on Federal street, and O. Thornburg, oil Congress stri-et. Hinti School Opera.—We understand that there is to l>e an opera at the Girl's High School, (entrance on Cumberland street) Oil Friday afteriiooji, of this week, at 3 o’clock. 1 irkcts are not to he sold at the door, but may he obtained a Dowell & Senter’s. 1 uij.nks— See Allen's advertisement and then go and look at that hogshead of Turkish Prunes Ik- lias just opened. If they do not make your month water nothing will. Despatch. — Yesterday Messrs. O’Brion, Pierce & Co. sent a dispatch from the Western Union Branch Office to San Francisco, order ing the purchase of (100 barrels flour. In seven hours from the time the message was lett at the office, au answer was received that the flour hail been purchased and the freight of it se cured. Unquestionably, the most painfully labori ous task that falls to tlic women of our house holds, is the house-cleaning. Yet we do aver that its toils might be obviated one-half by the use of the Steam Refined Soaps; such, at least, was the effect experienced at our housei r Declines.—We understand that Lew is B. Smith, Esq., peremptorily declines tile office of an Assistant Engineer of the Fire Department, to which he was elected Monday evening. Mr. Smith holds a position under Government which forbids his accepting any office to which emolument is attached. The February number of London Society, an illustrated magazine, has beeu received by U. B, Chisholm & Brother, at their bookstore No. 307 Congress street, and at the periodical Grand Trunk Railway depot. Mains’ Elderberry Wine is the best reme dy in the world for Piles. Buy one bottle and try it. For sale by all druggi. is and country grocers. janl2—W&wly Dr Wrioht lias removed to Boody House, corner of Congress and Chestnut streets. ‘Town Klretiona. Watkrville.—At our annual meeting Mon day the follow ing offices were chosen: Town Clerk—E. R. Drummond. Selectmen—Noah Booth by, L. E. Crommett, Wnt.H.’ Hatch. Town Agent—Edmund F. Webb. S. 8. Committee—Prof. M.Lyford. Collect©# aful Treasurer—C. R. McFadden. Auditor and Inspector of Heliot—Joshua Nye. All Republicans. Fairfield.—The following officers were chosen at the election Monday: Town Clerk—William H. Emery. Selectmen—E, G. Pratt, A. N. Greenwood, Henry Lawrence. Town Avent—NMmiu Totman. School Committee—W. H. Russell. Treasurer and Collector—Joseph F. Nye. All Republicans. Winslow.—At the election Mouday, tbe fol lowing officers were chosou: Cierk—Charles H. Keith. Selectmen—J. C. Hutchinson, Haines L. Crosby, Charles Hodges. School Committee—C. H. Keith, D. B. Gar land, Charles Hodges. Treasurer and Collector—J. C. Hutchinson. All Republicans. Yours, H. Limerick.—The following are the Town offi cers chosen here Monday: Moderator—H. H. Burbank. Clerk—F. W. Swasey. Selectmen and Assessors—Luther Dole,.!. C. Hayes, Jr., E. Durgin. Auditor—J. M. Mason. Treasurer—II. P. Green. Agent— H. H. Burbank. Superintending School Committee—Rev. P. Titcouib, Rev. O. S. Hasty. Constable and Collector—M. M. Hasty. All Republicans except the last name. Kevicw of tlae Market FOit THE >VEKK S'Nding Mar. 12, 1867. Tlie improvement in business wliicb we noticed in our Inst report, liua continued, though the pur chases are not to the extent made in former years. Still, the prospocts we good lor a lair Spring busi ness. Wiu Imme demand must be met by an ade quate supply, giul country traders, though purchas ing sparsely at first, wiki*be obliged to purchase off oner. Traders have no idea of overstocking their stores, and iu this they are wise. So great are the accomodations now for obtaining merchandise from the city by the various railroad trains, that article* can be had the day after t hey are ordered. In regard to prices, the markets aro generally firm, for all kinds of -merchandise, and in some de partments there Is an upward tendency. Especially is this the case with wool and woolen goods, to which an impetus lias been given by the passage of the Tariff Wool bill by the late Congress, almost at the lost hour of its session. Groceries are firm, molas ses having an upward tendency. Flour is about the same as iflia* been—if anything the high grades are stifler. Fish aro unchanged. Corn lias been very scarce but the market is now replenished by arrivals of CxVgoes. In provisions there is more animation, and prices have slight ly advanced. Gold, which at our last report had declined to 136J, gradually receded during the week, touching 133$ on Friday: ,tm Saturday it recovered a little'and closed at 135. Monday, 11th, itojtencd at 135, sold up to 135$, closing at 1343. Tuesday It ojiened at 134$, sold down to 133*, closing ntl33jf. APPLES—f here are very lew dried apples in the market, and tiie demand is quite large. Prices have advanced to 16@17c for cored and sliced, and 16c tor Western. Green upplesare scarce and choice fruit commands$3 WX«6 50 per bid. . ASHES—The demitud for pot is quite moderate. The price has shadtsl oil'. BEANS—The supply is fully equal t« flic demand. We make nodian^e in our quotations, though prices tUv i a- pu re Lasers. BREAD—With a limited demand all kinds ol liard hread are firm at our quotations. BOX SHOOKS—The market remains the same as it did last week, except that stocks have accumu lated. There is uo demand ;md prices are nominal. BUTTER—With ample receipts the tendency is downward. We quote, fair to good Vermont tubs at 3b</}33 cents, ami choice at 37c,. CANDLES—The demand continues steady for Trowbridge's moulds at our quotations. CHEESE—The market is well supplied and onr quotations are maintained for rile best, qualities of Vermont and New York. Country cheese is 3 and 4c lower. CEMENT—The market is well supplied. Present demand is light, but prices are unchanged. COAL—The demand for anthracite continues steady and prices are without any change except that Lehigh is now delivered at $10 per ton: COOPERAGE—The demand for country eooi»er age is very slack, while that tor city is large. Every thing of city make is sold up and orders are taken ahead. ! CORDAGE—No change from last week. The de mand is quite light. DRUGS AND DYES—Alcohol is now quoted at 34, Congress having passed a law by which all utter ed under that, price is liable to seizure. There is a little improvement in the market for drugs and dyes, hut no variation in prices. DUCK—The demand for Portland duck is steady and prices remain uuehanged. DRV GOODS—There is a decided improvement in the trade. Purchasers arc making their appearance and picking up their stocks for Spring. Cotton goods arc quite firm, and there is a better feeling in the market ibr wooleps, which have an upward ten dency iu consequence of the reeent action ol Con gress. t FJ$H—All kinds of dry fish are very firm at our quotation*. Shore herring have advanced 50c dur ing tiie week. The demand is good lor the various kinds. Mackerel are not very plenty here, but in other places the supply is large. FLOUR—Slocks of the best grades arc getting re duced and thero is very little coming lorwnr.1. Hold ers are linn in tlieir prices, and even an advanoe from onr quotation! ia asked lor some of the besi brands. In the Inver grades there is in.I luueh do ing. and the market is without nntmatlon. FRUIT—Raisins are firm at onr quotations of last week. Cur, ants, tigs and prunes are higher. The new Ifuit just ree, Ived is of a superior quality. Oranges are higher, but they are of a niueh better quality Ilian those heretolbre in the market. CHAIN -Che market, which wus almost Imre, ha* been replenished hv Hie arrival of a cargo ol corn and others are daily exported. There is no change 1n prieos and holders are linn. HAY—The good sledding has brought in large quantities of pressed hay. There would be largo quantities of it shipped but for the want of vessels Dealers are paying fMatS per ton, according to quality. Limse bay commands Sen,, 25 per ton. Straw is quick tit-fll. [.:r ion. HIDES AND SKINS—The market continues dull and there vovy tilde doing at present. I RON—The demand for all kin,Is is steady, and the elects are good, being replenished Iry . very steamer that arrives at lids port from Europe.— Pnees are unchanged. Nails are lower and we quote tin in at *f,J and tqj per cask of 100 pounds. LAUD —There is a better feeling and the market is more buoyant, (hotigh the stocks are large.— ITieos, though unchanged arc tinner. LEAD—The demand is hmderaie both for sheet and pipe. Prices are without change. LEATHER—There is some improvement in the de mand ) rices die same as at onr revised quota tions ol last week. LIME—The demand lias slightly improved. Prices remain unchanged. Tim stock« on band are ample fur all present. purjtoBcs. LUM RKR The den I sod Kir shipping Is small, but dial, for dimension lumber is increasing. Tiie mar ket is wadi sniqilieil daily- l.y rail with al’l the kinds wanted. S udiern lumber continue* dull. MOLASSES —The market is very tiriu and price* have an upward tendency. There is little or nothing tu hrst hands, and cargoes are taken up helot e tlieir arr val. T he demand in New York continues to In crease both b.r rctiniug and distilling purpose*. N A V A], SI ORES— ITio supply , ,1',, ]) kind. i8 Hie pie but the demand is light. OAKUM.-We continue our quotation*. Thede inand is very light. OILS—Linked is a shade lower. In other oils there is no change. The demand has improved. ONIONS—Pritno Silver-skins are very scarce and now command Si! per hbl. J PAINTS—Tlic ilemaud for lead* ha* improved. Prices are firm at our reduced quotations of Iasi week. i ijr> i r.K Lhcrt* ,js lio rock plaster now in the market, but several cargoes arc expected hooii. PKOIUJCK—The market continue* to be writ sup plied with Iresli meats and poultry. Km have came ill freely and we quote them at Kefe-ZDc. Potatoes areootnlng along lu bettor supply. PUO.VISIONS—The liiarke , is firm both for beef and jiork and prieys tend upward. Kound hogs art selling at lUJ4jjia, with very lew now coming for ward. ** RICE—There is a (air supply of Carolina rice in market, and but very little ot Rangoon. Unchanged. Tho demand is increasing i«»r nulling purposes. We note the arrival ot one cargo ot St. Martins, which is unsold. SOAPS—The demand tor Leftthe & Gore’s steam

rotined soaps is well maintained amt orders are com ing in from »U over the country. Our quotations give the factory j». ices. ” ma5“2 *5 m,parfi ,s not s<> buoyant as that for molasses; but prices at our quotations aro well maintained, especially for refined. a tedcmaml7Fi' “ Ht 0ar Tuotatio"8. with » nioder »o?XJ^nUanged‘ T,‘fc dCma"‘l 19 «»“<> Hg»t »m&]^'wZ&!8 UPWar"- 'n'"e 9t“*9 •" g.lod^pT.I/iersierc*very*fine. k‘0d8 “>»-* lOBACOO—'The market is well supplied vSISii1"?;;'1’,wil" li>f1 demand. PH C" aSaSr"0 Clm,‘gB "»«». The .»= under the proVihin r’tbif^iew^tarfa’1hiU^mujw’ ers have increased their prices. mi, and hold pIhgFwilh a M*»*t demand rluMurllri—Ino engagoraentR ii,r n.,, . " , are liark Washington butcher for llav-iuJISSnSi lanzas with box sliookaat Lie.; sehr Abide i’ wi'i" lard for Cardenas with boxshooks at 12c hhdabwka at SHe, and hoops on dock at $7; bark Sarah Il H io. tor Cardonas wiili sliooks and heads at 25c. polar,' at We per bid, and hoops on duck at $6 per M • brie Ella Abu la lor Matauzaa with box shooks at 13c * SPECIAL NOTICES. gentlemen will find a very large and complete assortment ot im ported Bi'ots and Shoes at the extensive establish ment T. E. MOSELEY & CO., Summer Street, Boston. mclil2dlt Republican Caucus. The Republicans of Cape Elizabeth arc requested to meet at the Town House in said town, on Friday, March 15tli, at 4 o’clock 1*. M., to nominate candi dates for town officers for the ensuing year. Per Order of Town Committee. Cape Elizabeth, March 12,1867. m:»rl3t 1 Notice. Tlie Republicans ot Yarmouth arc requested to meet at Tern prance Hall on Thursday, March lith, at Seven o’clock P. M., to nomina'e Candidates for Town Officers. Per order Town Committee. marl2d&wtd COLGATE & CO/S, WINTER SOAP ! Kecouunemlecl for CHAPPED HANDS and for general Toilet use during COLD WEATHEB. It may lie obtained of all Drugging and Eaney Goods Dealers. sx feb20il23t Warren's Couffli Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded tor Cold*; Cough*, Catarrh nud Cou*umpliou, and all> of tlie Throat and Lungs. fty“For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by B. F BlKAUtfVKY, octlSd&wsNGm Druggist, Bangor. A Valuable Medicine.—Dr. Poland’s White Pine Coin pound, advertised in our columns, is a suc cessful attempt to combiner and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White Pine Bark. It has been thorough ly tested by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials to its value from persons well knows to our citizens. We reccounncml its trial in all those cases of disease to which it is adapted. It is for sale by all our Druggists.—Indcpendaut. The Great New England Remedy! 1)R. J. W. POLAND'S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Isuow offered to the afliicted throughout the coun try, after having becu proved by the test ot eleven years, in the New England States, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound9 CURES Wove Throat, Cold*, Coughs, Diptherin, HronchiliM, Spitting of Blood, and Pul monary Alleelion*, {generally. It it* a Beinnrknble Kemedy for Kiduey Com plaint*, Diabete*, Difficulty of Voiding IJriiae, Bleeding from the Kiduey* nud Bladder, 4-nave I nud other complaint*. For Pile* and Scurvy, it will be found very vuluable. Give it a trial it you would learn the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. It i* Pleasant Safe nud Sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wliolcsule by W. F. Phillip* A Co., J. IV. Perkin* & Co., And W. W. Whipple, PORTLAND, ME. «ep29-deowGin sn — Batchelor’s Hah* I)ye. This splendid Hair Dye is the heal, in the world. The only frtte and perfect //ye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tlnis. Natum) black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Had Dyes, invigorates tlie hair, leaving it soft, and beautiful. The genuine is tignsd )Vit liani A. All other* are mere imitations, and Should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumer*. Factory SI Barclay street, Now York. fcST' Beware of a eonaicrfcil. November 10, ISGO. dlysn Long Sought For I Come at Imst! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article nfay be round for sale by all City Druggists and first clast Country Grocers. Asa Medicine Mum*’ Wine is invaluable, being among the l*cst, if uotthe bbst, remedy tor colds and pulmonary complaints, as wed as one of the most agreeable Hvccrayes. Manufactured from the pure >uice of the (terry, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can.heartily recommend it. to tlie sick as a medicine, and to the well, as a lu rt eaye. To the days of the aged it addetli length, To the mighty it addctli strength,’* ’Ti* a balui tor tluj sick, a joy tor the well— Druggists and Graders buy and sell MAIN*’ GLDKRBEBUV IVIIVK nev 27 8 N d&wtf n r.s. s. vitch's “Family Pkysieian,?’ Seventy-si v pages : price 25 (rents. Kent to any ad dress. No money required uutil the lx*>k is received, read, and'fully approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address rHt. K. S. PiTt'lT. 25 TrcmontStreet, Boston. ,sn dan2!»dly For 4'ougliM, 4*oI«Im mol C'oii*ii ni|»f ion. Try the old and well known %rf£4i«ETA BI.E FDITIONA Ki B A I.M A HI, approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians lor forty years past. Get the genuine. KKED, (JUTlldt & CO,, Druggists, dec24sNd&w«'m Boston, Proprietor*. Fisbw’n Coup'll Drops. This certain and effectual euro lor CuukIik and all diseases of the throat and lungs, has been generally known throughout New England l a the last sixty yeavs, and is warranted to euro, or the price w ill be refunded. Prepared bv Gkokgi: w. Wai ling ford, Grandson of tlie late Dr. Fisher. NASON, SYMONDS <•<>., Proprietor*, Ken lie - bunk, Maine. G. C. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold by all Druggists. marbUtm n A,VT>EKSON & CO’S. HOOFS Kin T FA CLOU Y .■ 333 Congress St, above Casco. ‘French,German and American Corsets troin 75 ets to $ 10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to oilier at one hours notice. J Feb 9—mj? (13m A eons'll, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, 'Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD HE ('HKCKED. H allowed to cont inue, IiTiiaiion of the l.iiugN, a per* inn lien l Tlu oal Di^en«e, or C'oiiHUiuplion, i m • Is °^eu the result. BROWN’S BHOKCHlii. TROCHGI HAVING A DTIMCCT 1NKLBRNCETO THE l’AUT8, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For BionrhiliN, Aftlhitin, faiarrli, 4’on Ninuptive nml Tliroti DiM iiMH, TROCHES ARB HNF.D WITH A LW A VS GOOD SOCH5R88. Nb tiger* and Public Speaker* will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat alter an unusual er\ertio/i of the vocal organs. The Troche* are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have bad testimonials from emineht men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their etliyacy by * test oi many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only *• Brown’s Bronchial TAoofetes'* and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be^offfred. sold KvmwiiukK Dec 4—(l&wGm sn Mains' Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. Sn highly recommended by I’hysitdaVis, mav be found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W Whin. ple&Go.. H. H. Hay, W. b. 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For salv by aft l’®* Druggists and Dealers w w PHILLIPS & CO., Wholesale Agents, 14S Fore St. 1 Portland. Principal Depot anil manufactory, 47 i Hanover Street, Boston. Mass. ieblf»SN\V*X.S3m MIS Ell Ah BATHS AT HOME. DY8PBP8U COKED KHKCMATIMM Cl RED BBCPTIOUfS M the FACE CURED WUROEUIjA fURKl) ! BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. I1 Do away with all vonr various and often perni- I clous drugs aud quack medicines, and use a lew baths 1 prepared with "STIt UMATIC SALTS !’’ These SALTS are made from the rouceot rated Liquors of the Mineral Well ol'tlie 1‘emi'a Sab Ihetnrliqr Co., in Pittsburg, and are parked in tight bores. One always soltluiciit for a lei i>|. red ions are att ached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Wr at«i s!” In bottles of one slid a hall pints. O- M icnt fiir a day « use. fii>r Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. atf. Slate at., . Raimeld. Auentf C°’ N°‘ l<HiF"Uu,*"'-i '.few York, Wholesale &gen», noaOsNeoil&wly SPECIAL NOTICES. REMOVAL DKS. CHAO WICK & FOGG hftve removed to 301 1-9 CONCREdlS STREET, brown’s hew block, over tlie store of Messrs. Lowell & Senter. Offlee Honrs—10 to 12 A. M.t and 3 to 5 P. M. Dr. 0 it ai> wick’s residenc e 108 Cumberland street. Du. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. d^r'Free Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., for the poor. jan288Ndti MARRIED. In Naples, March 10, by Rev. John Cobb, Albert Rogers, of .Standisli, and Miss Sivilla P. Hill, of Na pies. in Gardiner, March 4, by Rev. C. C. Mason, Rev. Isaac Lord, ot the Maine M. E. Conference, and Miss Lydia Stevens, of Gardiner. In Gardiner, March 2, B. F. Neal and Miss Clara A. Morton, both ot Pittston. In Waterviile, Feb. 28, Oliver M. Blanchard and Sophronia Eastman, both of Gardiner. In Biddelord, Feb. 23, Albion Towle, of Boston, and Isabel Merri‘1, ot B. 1“Blildetord,March2, William Monillaud Mina \ esta Stearns. In Buxton, Feb. 28, Marshall Sawyer, of Levant, and Aruxine Wilkins, of Green. _DIED, In this city, March 10, Mrs. Louis H., wife of Geo. B. Downer, aged 55 yearR. In Westbmok, March 12, Henry Bailey,q| Port land, ag«*i t!7 years. in Lewiston. March 4, Mrs. Lizzie E., wife ot Chas. R. 1 holts, aged 21 years 18 davs. J u Lewiston. March 0. of consumption, Mrs. Emma J. Parker, ap d 25 years. In Woolwich, March 7, Mr. Beiij. Grover a»cd 75 years. In Konnebunkport, Feb. 24, Mrs. Hannah Perkins aged 79 years. In Gardiner, March 4, Mary Abbie, daughter ot the late Ca, t . Joseph and Cordelia W. Flitner, aped 18 years II months. In Whiteticld, March 2, Mrs. Cbloe D. Longfellow, aged 51 years. ^ UKPAKil RK OF (R'EiN STEAMERS name from fob datf. Nova Scotian.Portland... Liverpool.. .March III City ot Boston —New York.. Liverpool.. .March 10 Teutonia.New York. .Hamburg .. March 10 Eagle.New York.. Havana.March Hi Cuba.New York. .Liverpool... March 20 America.New York.. Bremen_March 21 City of Baltimore.New York. .Liverpool... March 23 A,V*ca.Boston.Liverpool... March 27 llanza.New YorV. .Bremen ... .March 28 City ot Cork.New York.. Liverpool... March 29 AuJni Iasi an.New York. .Liverpool_April 3 Miniature Aluinnuc...,.March 18. Sun rises.6.16 I Sun sets.6.04 | Moon sets. 1.07 AM I High water.5.15 PM MARINE NEWS I’ORT OF PORTLAND. Ta«‘rt«iny* March 1 2. ARRIVED. Sch Georgians, (Br) McCarrou, St John, NB, for New Haven. Sell Sunbeam, Howe, Bath. Scb Twilight, Thorp. Bristol. Soli Lucy Jane, Nash, Rook land for Boston. Sch Juno, Burding, Rockland tor Salem. CLEARED. Sch Braiuhall, Hamilton, Nowburyport—Charles Sawyer. Scii Willie Lee, Seavey, Rockland. From Merchants Exchange. ('Id at Philadelphia Htb inst, sch Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, Havana. * : disasters. Si h M B Mahony, bolero reported sunk at Tar paulin Cove, baa been raised and run up on the hen'-h t .r te mpo: ery repairs. She w»ll be taken to Holmes* Hole. DOM ESTICT PORI'S. SAN FRANCISCO—SW llth inst, ship Roswell Sprague, Cvosby, Liverpool. NEW ORLEANS—A1* 1st inst, ship Marcia C Day. Chase, Havre; barque Chimborazo, Newhall, from Boston. Chi -d. ship Trenton, Walker, lor Liverinxil; brig Beiij Delano, Reynolds, Boston. MwBTLE—Chi 1st, brig Elizabeth, Ames, for Car denas. Ar Glh, brig Maria Wheeler. Wheeler, New York APALACHICOLA—In i*ort 2d, ship Lvdia Skol tield, Skollleld, lor Liverpool. PENS AOOLA—Ar 1st., brig Arthur Rggleso, CHf lord. Galveston. JiAYrANNAII—Ar 9tli,sch Myrover, Hughes, tVom Portland. Cld Gib. brig Chas Wesley, Ford, Boston. CHARLESTON—Old 7th, sells Azelda & Lama Mean doc, Bara oa; J Elliott, Gilchrist, tor Sat Da River, Ga. Sid lltli, brig Maria While. Bryant, Philadelphia sells Azelda & Laura, T J Frazier. (iKuRtiETjjWJV, He — Ar LM, ach Carrie M Kioh, Anieshni v.'< haricstou. M IT^ftliNGTON, NC—Cld 7th, sell Joseph Long, Perry, Boston. , * b NORFOLK—Ar7th, sells E K Dresser, Bernaid. Portland; Laura Bridgman, Hart, St Geovge; Car rie Melvin, Watts, Rockp rt. Put ia 9th, brig Blacktixh, Fiokett, tVom George town. SC, tor New York, (with loss ot jiblioom and head gear, having been in collision.) I*Ol(TRESS MON 110E —A r 7tli, sch Yankee Maid, Irom Baltimore for Camden. Ar loth, brig Lincoln Webb, from Bath for George- 1 town, DO, [poky. BALTIMORE—Ar UUi, sch L F Choate, Sedg wick, Boston. ? !rt,h’ bl * iWuntleM, Endicott, for Boltast; scb \V illie, Sta)di s, Ponce, PR. Went to sea 7th, sebs Elia ITodsdon, tor Charleston J W Irish, for Wilmington. PlIILADKLPUlAr-Ar 9th, barque <i W Roscvelt. Hernman New York. NEW YORK—Ar iMh, soli Waterloo, Pickering, I Provideme for KlizabethiKirt. v^Vrr ,Uh' bar<ll,e J McCarty, McCarty, ftn Bueons CJfl lltli. brigs Virginia Wood, tor St John. PR Anostook, Bryant, Nuevitas; sch Ontario, Huntiev’ Cfoniiiego'i. ’ * NEWPORT—Ar 10th iich Fisher, Powers, Iroui ** Uosliin. (short 01 provisions and with UOI.MES' HOLE—Ar 9tli, sell Fredk Fish Davis Boston lor Wilmington, NO. * III port nth. batches Ada Carter, S \V Holbrook brigs Mary C Ttosovelt ,J PoUerto.’Eifatli, E Bernard,’ laiagon, Hewnr. 1-eeds, N Stowers Elara Brown: F*edFhdb°S NtLs'.^T’ W“ W:Jt0"’ KippUng Wave! j BOSTON—Ar lltli, seh Americas, Robins-,n, from Rockland. Sill, bar,lue Washington Butcher, and anchored in tile Roads. SALEM—Arllth, sch Mary Alice, Perry, Liruolu ville lor Now York. FOR F.1G \ PORTS. Ar nt Calcutta lith ult. iliip Jos Holmes, Crocker boston. '" Ca,llZ S,9t nlt’ sWp Joh“ Tucker, Hallett. loL BSX'MsIan 2U’ har,‘uu s A W»i»d«U, Sawyer, At do. ship Odessa, Nichols, lor Boston Boston Catf,ia,i’ barqne McGilverv, Nichols, ior r^,oitliiayas"cl';11,th “lt*.,b»q»o David Nichols, C O’‘inils, Savaunali (anil sailed 15th tor Police. I At Miragoane Feb 11, sch Cyrus Fossett, HoJgd.m, Boston, (bag. AtRansanilla 2«th ult, briff Nellie Ware, Wire, lor Now York. ldg. * Ar al Tiliiiiinil ilgt sch A E Valentine. Hutcbiii *)I1, Aspiowall; •( F Lovell, Leavitt, do. > *fr,.,Noirtb?£’ li?ropc Moliqna. fUr)Murphy, lor vft . m H?,,*ra*> Wg: hHfts Cuba. Jenkins. Jn r'SK; {f""'!?' Omaha. Toothnker. for and ottiersH R Cb’ Hopkm!,, ,or Philadelphia, Idg; „ f," !2Dh, lirtus P M Tinker, B. r uard, Boston, L L Wadsworth, Bailey, and Anna D Jordan, Parker, lor New York. sill I'm Oienfuegos 281 h, brig Centaur, Mnrstnn, for Boston. AralHavana jffthnlt;sch Maine*lW. Johnson, Georgetown, SC ; 28th, brig Gipsey Queen, York, Sii rra Akoyena. (and eld same day lor Portland,) id 2d, brig Caprent, ilichborn, Mutanzus, to load lor New York. i J2tl?5tb* VurSHV Stampede, Jewett, Sagua; 2Jtb, *&"•**' Elliott, Cardenas: barque Andaman, 0. 1s, New York; ltd inst, brig Winfield. Luring, ior Kemedfos, to load for a Northern ITS port. In port 2d, brigs Keystone, Barter, lor New Or leans, ldg; st Cro x, McGregor, ior Brazos. ,. A*Jit Maiaii/.as 28tu ult, barque Carlton, Trecar tin, New York; 1st iust, brig Scotland, Bose. Irani Havana. Ar at do 2d iust, seb Jas O Donohue, Gilkoy, Hum Pensacola. • barques C V Minott, Blethen, New York; R W Griffiths, Drummond, do. Ar at < aidonas 2dth nlt sch Union, Bishop, from New OHeans. Char I or wi—brigg Uncle Jerry, Norton, lor Phila delphia, at nr M.d for sugar; Clara M Goodrich, 1. <*ok, tor New York, at $•>pr hhd. 4 Ar at Nassau, NP, 14th ult, sch W H Thorndike tables, New York. fPer City of Boston, at New York.l l id at Xdrcrpool 20th. Cumberland, Parker, Phila delphia, •V* ' A 't.v ^ A Palmer, Patterson, for New Xork; T.V m G Putnam, Cochran. Gloucester. Sid In# Carditf 23d ult, ship Moravia, Patten, tor Callao. ' Sid dn Queenstown 26th ult, ship Exchange, Chur chill. from Matanzas lor Bristol. Ar at Portsmouth ?stb, Windsor, Cochrane. Ham burg, lor New York. Ar at Vigo 20th ult. Evelyn, Jenkins, New York. Slil tm Constantinople 27th ult, barque Fanny Lewis, G*lTi:tnfcj;oBtoB. | SPOKEN. *at '** bm 105 W, shin Lookout, from San FKHMRsuo Ibr Boston. *lani 2. Lai 21 50 S, Ion 28 15 W, barque Henry Buck from Boston lor Bombay. Jan 2j». Lot 17 30 S, Ion 31 45 W, was seen slop Star, troiu CiiUa*. tor Gibraltar, ail well; was seen again beb 2, lat. 1 31 S, Ion .32 32 W. Feb14. la ( :i8 38 N. Ion 70 50 W, barque Devonshire, Irom New Orleans tor Liverpool Feb 5,1 it 10 20, Ion 70 20, s hip Kate Davenport, from Liverpool tor Pliifadelnb ia. Feb 6, tat.7 .30 S, Ion 34 \V\ ship Othello, Trakliam, Iroin N«* w York tor San Francisco. March l, lat 30 N, Ion 70 :;0, brig Beaver, IVoiu New York for Mo'itego Bav. No d ate, lat 29 5ft, Ion 70 30, brig Etta II Tucker, from (jardenas lor Portland. C. E. BECKETT’S ESTATE. ’ PHE, appointed Comini*ionors by fits l Ho*. Judge of Probate lor Cumberland county, to receive and decide upon all claims against the es taicot Charles* E. lieVKWt, late ot Porlland, in said county, deceased, represented insolvent, hereby give notice unit six months, front the pith insL are al lowr .I to the creditors to present aud prove their claims; ami that said Commissioners will I* in ses ' :lt i)>e Hitv* Assessors’ ottieo, in said Portland, on tin. Hurd Mondays ol March, April, May. June, July an d August ensiling, a* 2 o’eWk P. M_ lor the pur 1*0 se of attending to said duty. WM. BOYD, 1. . M. GORE j Lommissionenj. _ Portland, Feb. 22,1867. d3w&wlt Tilton McFarland, Desire to call tlie attention to the feet that more than 4 O ■Of their Safes gave AMPLE PUO’VECTION in the late lire. Parties desiring a * lne first rate safe, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland, Or *i HO Eudbary Street, *t.Mo». ( //,/// its 200 Cumberland Pure Kaw Bone ro r., ' pho0. ot Lime. •tr V00’*4 Phoaphatc of Lim- •• .,a rfons K- F Coo’s Phosphate «*f Lime. ~u I ons Lloyd's Phosphate of L’Oii*. .8JU Barrels Lodi J’oudrette. •MM Barrels Littlefield’s Poudretl*?. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. ly^For sale at Manufaeturer’s P rices, by KLNDALL A H HITNEY. Feb 8, 1807. fe'J*Kinds NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Established 1854. Capital Kepresented, Forty Millions. JOHN JE. HOW & SON, MARINE, FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE ROOMS » . ^°- SJ8 Exoliimge Ntreet, PORTLAND, MAINE, Are the only parties in this City authorized to bind the PHENIX INS. Co., of Brooklyn, N. Y., Assets $1,700,000 -AND MANHATTAN INS. Co., of New York, Assets $1,200,000 CARGOES and FREIGHTS. United States Lloyds, An association of leading Merchants of Note York City for Marine Underwriting;, representing more Capital than any Insur ance Co. in the, United States, is also represent ed by us. HULL RISKS , By the passage or yearly placed in yood Offices at Jjou'est Bates. Also FIRE INSURANCE To any amoun t desired in responsible and leading Offices. JOHN E. BOW & SON, Agent*. Mar 13— eo<llw ins ^ Turkish Prunes! - FUtt - COOKING AND E ATING I Don’t fail to step in and sec the .1 2,000 lb. CjVHK TurkiNli Prunes ! the best lot ever brought into the city, at ALLEN'S FRUIT STORE% IVO. II KU'BiNVK NTKEKT. March 13. edlw PURELY MUTUAL I THE New lliqilaud Mutual Life Insurance Gomjt’y, OF BOSTON, MASS. Organized 1843. Cash Assets. January 1, 1867, $4,700,0t)U. Cash Dividends of 1801-5, now iu course of payment, 673.,MO. Total Surplus Divided, 2,200,000. Losses Paid iu 1866, 314,000. Total Losses Paid, 2,367,000. Income for 1866, 1,778,000. OT'Auuual Distributions in Casti.^&I 50 Loeal Agents Wanted, ami also Canvassers can make good arrangements to work for the at»ove Co. Apply to 'arriTM snii.i. a non. — _ ^eneral Agents ibr Maine, Biddctbrd, Me. Boots nud^SSlioew ! CLARICE A IjOWELL, No. SiO Market Square. WE can ami will sell ns good a quality ot Boots and Sh.jes, at as cheap rate ns can be tbun I in the dity, We have some shop woru goods and others a little out ot the present style which We wish to close out before going into our new stoic and will sell them at l.i:s8 max half the original cost. Call and examine for yourselves. opjiosue Preble Street. uiarl2d“.t Farm for Sato. ^THR •*Mark Allen” estate, containing two hun J drvd acres, situated within one and a half miles oj.Pownal Depot, in Pownal, County of Cumber land. Said larm is well divided into pasturage, til lage fluid wood land. Is well watered, has good ami convenient buildings, cuts some fsixty tolls of bay. and has some twelve hundred cords ol merchantable wood for the market, besides cuougl* for the farm. This estate would make two good tUrnis, and will he sold together or iu separate lots. Inquire of John H. Noyes, near the premises, or i CHARLES C. COBH, Executor, IW Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Me. Match 13. eod&wtf Notice. IN order,to give employers ot Plasterers timber time to finish work contracted for previous to our noth; t ot a demand li*r higher wagen on and alter April I, 1*67, the >Ioumeymen Plasterers ot Portland and vicinity would respectfully infoi in their em ployers and the public that they lierehv give thirty davs ihirtber notice of their intent ion to demand h our Iiolla r* (£4.00) per <lny on and utter the 1st day of May. Instead of April 1st, as before notified. P« r Order. K. K. (i 4TLKY, Porf land, March 13, lt67.—dlw Secretary. Steamers for Sale. STEliN WHEEL STEAMERS “Falcon,” am! “fjlarion,” 2 years old, of the following diiucn sloiw: length 10'» feet; width over all 28 feet; depth 4* feet:; draft of water 33 inches; < f good speed, with large freight and passenger capacity, in good order and ready for service, with full inventory. Elvqlure of ROSS & STU RDIV ANT, ■Apn T.i Commenm su , ,, Herds Grass Seed. CyPLd | BUSHELS best quality Herds Urafu .Seed. K.u- sab* l*y HbiKE, JOVICN A 4 0., mchlSdlw 1:«7 OhBBM JMml Stnet. Clove Anodyne. THAT remarkable apecitic for Toothache ami it* a ssociated neuralgic*, prepared by ns only, cm» now bt} furnished to eonsumurs or to tlio tJ rule In quant! tics to suit, at our establishment, S4S 4:OIV4SRKMN 8TKEKT, mal Jdat .1. R. I P NT St oi Dog Lost. A SMALL Black ami Tan Terrier. Answers to the name of “ Pwt.” A liberal reward will be paid for his ietui u to 139 Dunlin Ih Street. HENRY H. FURBISH. March 13. dtf Oxen for Kale at Cliestervllle Center ONE jwilr four years old, seven feet and two inches. Olio pair five years old. seven feet and three Inch es. AU good workers and good beet. ELISHA PARK. Chcsterville, March 14th, 1867. tnar! 3wtf Direct Steamship Line TO HALIFAY, Ai. S. The AI Steamship CARLOTTE, .1 W Magune, Master, w ill sail for llalithx direct, !V on Galt VVbart.on WEDNES DAY, 13th inst, at 4 o'elock P M. 4-abin Passage with State Room, $9. Meals extra. For furllicr information apply to L. Billing, At lantic Wharf, or marl Wit JOHN POUTEOUS, Agent. Great Reduction in Price -OF— Boot* and Shoes. C. F. MOULTON, 3.90 CoiHjretttt Street, Will mil Bool, nnil Nkwml «hr LOW PRICES! ww • Firmer -Men’s calf lap-sole Opera Bools, Pliimer ■’’'I1’'' patent last, . . »*■“ Men’s .lo do whole leg do do do I, ,IM, «. o hj>« °^r“ £S “ thick Shims, [go. 2JW << oncia Slippers, l.zo, tt Arctic Overshoes, first quality. 2.50, 3.25 1 .ndies* doublod-NoJe Serge Hal. and Cob. Uo.ils. . 1.75, 2.50 Ladies’single do do Con. without tips,Mo, 2.25 do “ silk gore, 1.50, 2.50 “ “ 11 4‘ slim;; *4, 1.25, 2.75 “ “ Goat Bal. 3 & 4, 1.0», 2.25 “ double “ Glove kid Cong..'5 & 4, 2.00. 4.«m» “ l-ea Hal. tipped. 1.25. 2.00 I Children*.* gr copper tip|ie«l, xi/es 5 to fl, 0®» UlK t # ' Persons wishing t*» purchase B*>ots and Siionx, are respectlally invited to call aBd examine lor themselves, as wc are determined not to be uu dersolil. mar«d2w For Sale. rpHE FURNITURE. FIXTURES. AND GOOD JL WILL of a Genteel Hoarding House. House new and centrally located. Inquire of PA TTERSON OH A DBOURNE, Dealers in ftepl Estate, No. Congress St. marOd.'lw STATE OF MAINE In tiie Yeah of oi k Loud one thousand KIUHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN. An Acl In enable the city of Portland in aid gi robuildiufi «aid city* lie it enacted by the Senate und llcuse of Representatives in Leyislulure assembled, as follows: Section 1.—For the purpose ot aiding in rebuild ing said city, so nmcli of which was recently destroy ed by lire, the city of Portland is ant hoii/.ed to 1 sue its bonds to an amount not exceeding two million of dollars, payable in not exceeding twenty years irom their date, and bearing an interest at the rale of six per centum per annum, payable at the op!ion of (lie commissioners in any place in ihe United Stales, or payable in England in sterling. Section 21 A board of four commUsiom-rs, citizens ol said city, shall be appointed by the Mayor and Al dermen of said city. Koch of said comm undone rs shall give bond to the city, in such sum as (lie May or and Akicruiou shall determine, Conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duty as commissioner. They shall receive such compensation lor heir ser vices as shall be established by the Mayor and A I derinen. i he bonds issued by virtue hereof, shall be negotiated by said commissioners, under the di rection ol the Mayor, and delivered by the city treas urer upon the warrant of the c imuilssJoners. Section :i. The said commissioners, under such general regulations as shall be established from time to time by the Mayor and Aldermen ol said city, shall loan the proceeds of said bonds in a safe and judicious manner, upon mortgages of real estate, Ibr the pur pose of building dwelling houses, stori b and build ings in said city of Portland. .“section 4. Upon all loans made by 9uid commis sioners under this act, they are hereby authorize*; to charge, take or reserve, a rate of interest not exceed ing seven and three-tenths per centum per annum. section 5. For tiie purpose of the payment of ttie bi..*uJs issued under this act, a sinking hind shall bo> be under the direction ol said commis sioners. All payment soi 1.».ins, ail rece ipts of inter est above interest paid, alter payment of nece sary expenses, a.*'d all other moneys received, except ng from the sale nf said bonds, shall be placed to the credit ol said sinking tund. The commissioners shall from time to time at their discretion invest the moneys on liand, purely, sojthat they shall Is* pro ductive; and the same may he loaned on mortgages of real estate, as provi* fed in secti n three ot this act, or invested in the bonds Issued under Hi s act .of any other bonds ot the city of Portland, or of the State of Maine, or of the United Suites, which securities shat! be hold ibr the increase of t»*e sinking fund. And the «ommisdom r» may from time to time sell or transfer any of said securities. Section G. Vacancies in the board ol commission ers shall be tilled by I lie remaining or surviving com missioners. Maid commissioners, or uny of them, shall not be removable Drum otbee, except by the su preme judicial court, in their discietion. upon com plaint ol the mayor und aldermen ol said city, winch court is hereby empowered to adjudicate upon raid complaint according to the course ot proceedings iu equity, aud to pass all proper decrees touching the same. \ acancibs thus created shall be tilled us above provided; und as often as any new commissioner or commissioners shall iioapp<vnU‘d,the management ot Hie property then held shall rest by operation ol law in such new commissioner or commissioners, jointly with the prior commissioners. Section 7. The city treasurer shall have the care and custody of all moneys received from the sale of bonds, or iron) any other sources, and shall be responsible on his official bond to the city for tha gale keeping of the funds thus entrusted to him. He shall also have the care and custody of, and bo responsible for il the -ecuritiesot the sinking fund, lie shall pay out and deliver auy t said mon oys or sec unfit a only ui*on tiio warranto! tbocoui ioOl i • Section .8. The said comuiissionuru shall keep a true record of all their proceedings, and an account of all sums received Horn the. sale of bonds or from any oilier sources, ami the payments made of tbo same. They shall annually, iu the month of Janu ary, report to the city council their pr>* ceding* for i lie year. And their recor Is aud accounts, and the accounts and securities of the sinking mud, shall at | all times be open to inspection by the linance com mittee of the city council. Section 8. Tins act shall not take effect unless accepted by the legal Voters ol said city, at ward meetings duly cabled, and at least two-thuds ot the votes cast at said meetings shall l*o necessary lor the , acceptance of the act. The return of such meet ings to l>c made to the alder men t of said city, and aiid to be by them declared and recorded. Section 10. 'This act shall take effect and be in force from and alter its approval by the governor, so tar as to empower the Jegal voters of said city to act upon the a-eeptunee the.'eol as above provided, if the act shall he accepted as aforesaid, it shall be in full force. /» the House ef Representatives, February?!, 1867. This Mil having had three several readings, passed to tie enacted. LEW IM BARKER, Speaker. In Senate, February 27,1867. This bill Jmvmg hod two several readings, passed to be enacted. N. H. BURPEE, President. February 28,1867. Approved, J. L. CHAMBERLAIN, Governor. Office of Secretary ok State, I March 2, isf>7. ) I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original as deposited in this otlr . •IAS. II. COf’HRANK, mrldkltd Deputy Secretary of state. W • V. P K E S C O T T, (Late of the Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington.) OonnselloT-at-Iaw aud Internal Bevenue * Solicitor, INo. 17, Stalest., RomIoii. ll|K. PBKSO >TT*S long experience >kthc Inter 111 mil Revenue Bureau, it) the ‘'DlvLhm of Fraud*,” having charge of all cases ol violation oi the Revenue Laws, his auitliarity with Departmen tal pructice, ami lib acquaintance with the R<\tnue Officer* throughout the oouDtry, wilt enable him to be ]>eeuliar)v successful in making a speciality of all matters p«Tiaiuing to the Revenue Lawn. He will attend to claims lor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, aiui tor the recovery of penalties paid by way ot compromise. He will advise parties as to the man ner of making returns iu accordance with law, or as to obtaining decisions livni the ihpartiuent at Washington, and will defend in cam 8 ot alleged vio lation of (he law iu regard to taxes, penalties or crim inal offences Mr. Prescott will practice lietbre the various De partments at Washington, the Supreme Court of the U. S., and the Court ol Claims. For the speedy irtutpaetjoR ui business, Counsel of high standing, residing in New York, st. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are associated with him. tan28eud3w To Capitalists. rilHK advertiser would like to confer with anvpar 1 tv wlio would buihta Hotel In this City the coin ing season. A responsible man is road v to le:ise for a term ot years, a g«>*Ml ui«>derii style house,—if it could be built the present year, at a reasonable tier cent age on the cost. Address *« L. h. F •• uiittl il jw l'oit Office. 3S4 CONGRESS STREET. A.*. HASKELL & CO, Dealers in Provisions and Groceries, AT I.OWKNT |!AKU PKM'KJ*. 1,1,,Slim IsUTI.Vm^M*^ ,.TI11{ HR • * MM'IITIKK TUAN TIIK mnOBD." The Gold Pen-Best and Cheapest of Pen*! Morton’s Gold Pens! The Best Pens hi the World ! For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Maiden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointod Agent at the same prices. Sry* A Catalogue, with ftill description of Sixes and Prices, scut on receipt cl letter postage. no20d&w6m A. illOKTOK. J. 2>. CHENEY MAY l»e found at the Melmleon Manufactory of SMALL & KNIGIIT, I It VlarkeS Mqimrc, v here ho will keep a good assortment of ORGANS and MELODKONS to let. ALSO: Will attend perv-malh to tuning and repairing Mu sical Instruments. mtrfMAwlm HICKS' E GINES7 f|HIK Hicks’ Engine, manil tact n red by the Salem I Maehine Co., Salem, Mass., is cheaper, more compact, economical and durable, easier t** run and lighter than others. These eug.iies are kept con stantly on liand. ami can Ik* pm up at very short no tice. Address HENRY R. CLK\ ELAND, Prrtland, Me., tor circular, or call at LKATHE & GORE’S, manufacturers «>| Steam Refined Soaps, .T79 Commer cial Street, Portland. mchlldlw* wr*seud your orders for Job Work to Dally Pres Office 1