Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 13, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE • PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -- - ---- Wednesday Morning, March 13, 1867, ----: MEW HAMPSHIRE ELEC TION l The Granite State Erect ! llarriman’s Majority HOOO ! Governor, Legislature, Council and ail tho Members of Congress Re publican. (Special Dispatch to the Press.] Concord, N. H., March 12. Eighty-four towns and cities give Harriman 18,; Sinclair 16,219. Harriman’s majority will he about 3,000. Tho House is largely Re publican; Senate nine Republicans to three Democrats. Councillors, four Republicans to one Democrat. All three Republican Con gressmen elected by handsome majorities. The Copperheads have fought desperately, and are handsomely beaten. [to tub associated press.] Concord, N. H., March 12. Returns from uiuety lowns give Harriman 20,48(1, Sinclair 17,433. The majority for Gen. Harriman will be about 3000in the whole State. The Republicans have elected three Congress men by majorities of about 1000 each. They have probably elected nine of the twelve Stab1 Senators, four of the five Councillors, and will probably have seventy-five majority in the House. Tim result is more favorable to the Republicans than was generally expected. Second Dispatch.—We have returns from 126 towns which give Harriman 29,097, and scat tering, 22,462. Ela, in the 1st Congressional district, is probably elected by 1‘JtHl majority, and Stevens, in 2d, and Benton, in 3d district, by about 1000 majority each. The Couneil will stand four Republicans and one Democrat; the Senate, eight Republicans and four Democrats; the House, eighty Republican majority. The Republicans have a majority ill six counties and the Democrats in four counties. The vote in the State will exceed the vote of last year in the aggregate by l.VXI b> 2000. The whole vote of the State will exceed 67,000. The majority for Harriman for Governor will probably ex ceed 3000. XLTH CONGRESS—FIRST SESSION. Wabhngton, March 12. SENATE. Mr. Sumner, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, reported hack the French spoliation bill and the bill to provide for the defense of the northern frontier with a favorable re commendation for each. Mr. Nye introduced a preamble and resolu tion declaring sympathy of the United States with the Irish people in their struggle against British oppression, and asked an immediate consideration, but Mr. Sumner objecting, it went over. Mr. Knulsbury introduced a resolution di recting the Secretary of War to return to the armory and arsenals in Delaware certain arms and equipments belonging to the State and ta ken by the Government during the rebellion. Referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Morgan introduced adjoint resolution for surveying for a ship canal from Lake Erie to Lake Ontaria for military naval and commer cial purposes. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Conuess called up the resolution direct ing payment to Donahue, Ryan & Lecor $170, 000 to make good the. loss on the contract for building the iron-clad Camanche. Passed. Mr. Morton moved that the Senate take up the resolutions of Mr. Sumner, which were yesterday laid on the table. He argued against the position that the act of March lid was a du ality or pledge on the subject. Mr. Howe thanked Mr. Morton for bringing the resolutions again before the Senate. He proceeded to address the Senate on the subject matter of the resolutions, prefacing his remarks with an assertion of the control of Congress over the whole subjects of reconstruction. Mr. Trumbull moved that the Senate take up the supplementary reconstruction bill. It was taken up and referred to the Committee on Ju diciary. Mr. Trumbull moved an executive session. Mr. Sumner hoped not, as lie wished to say a few words on the subject before the Senate. Mr. Trnmhull said this would lead to an in terminable discussion. Mr. Sumner said be could say wliat lie had to say on the motion to go into executive ses sion. tie was proceeding to congratulate Mr. Morton on his speech, when he was called to order by Mr. Fessenden, and there was inter change of sharp remarks bet ween Messrs. Sum ner and Fessenden. The Senate then, at 1.45 P. M., went into ex ecutive session, and soon alter adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Woodbridge made a personal explana tion, disavowing any intentional discourtesy in his remarks yesterday in reference to the peti tion presented by Mr. Wasliburne, of Wiscon sin. A discussion of some length then ensued in relation to the claim of John E. Buligny, which was the subject out of which the remarks of Mr. Woodbridge arose yesterday. The Speaker proceeded, as the regular order of business, to call the committees for reports. Mr. Judd, from the select committee ou sup plying clothing to maimed and destitute sol diers, reported a bill directing the Secretary of. War to furnish annually one complete suit oP clothing to each invalid soldier who is an in mate of any regul arly constituted Soldier’s Home in the United States. Mr. O’Neill asked whether the bill applied fo private institutions where invalid soldiers are maintained as well as to public soldier’s homes. Mr. Judd replied that it—the bill—was pass ed. The House proceeded to the business on the Speaker’s table. The Senate joint resolution presenting the thanks of Congress to George Peabody, con taining an appropriation, was referred to the Committee of the Wlfde, under the rules. The Senate joint resolution appropriating $15,000 for the relief of destitute colored peo ple in the District of Columbia was passed. The Senate joint resolution appropriating $1,000,000 for the relief of the destitute in Southern and Southwestern States, was refer red to the Committee of the Whole. Mr. Hooper moved to go into Committee of tfie Whole to dispose of the two bills. Reject ed—48 to 61. rue uemocruis voum to go into committee, aud more advanced Republicans against it. The Speaker then renewed the call of States for resolutions and bills where it was suspend ed yesterday. Under the call resolutions and bills not of gcueml interest were introduced and disposed of. Mr, Bingham moved to go into Committee of the Whole fo dispose of the bill appropriating $1,000,000 for the relief of the destitute in the South. Mr. Griswold moved that the House adjourn. The latter motion was carried, and the House at 2 P. M. adjourned. Relief for the South. New Yobk, March 12. A dispatch received by the Southern Belief Commission this afternoon from Washington, states on the authority of Gen. Howard, that although the propOMd Congressional appropri ation of one million for the relief of the suffer ing poor in the South will be passed, private contributions should not he curtailed. Gen. Howard says that in addition t) tjje million dollars from Congress, $500,000 should be rais ed by the people. Gov. Jenkins, of Georgia, telegraphs that the destitute in Georgia number 00,000 whites and «S0,000 blacks, which is largely in excess of Gen. Howard's former estimate, and it is be lieved that the total destitution in South Caro lina is even larger than in Georgia, The Gov ernment has given the Relief Commission in this city the free use of the bark Purveyor, and she will be loaded this week with a full cagoof corn. Her capacity is about 25,000 bushels. The Commission hope to obtain another ship, to be filled with eorn n«*xt week. Baltimouk, March 13. The Maryland Benate to-day by a vote of 17 to 1, passed a bill appropriating $100,000 for the rebel of the suffering at the South. Tl»e ApiHiinluiruls for Ihe Soulhrrn Mili tary BbirirtM-Fraian LradriH working for Recognition n» Krlla|(«-rciat«* New York, March 12. The Herald's special says the appointment of the Southern District commanders still hangs fire. The President hesitates to appoint Gen. Sheridan. Some sav he is too mucli of a sol dier and too little of a politician for the place. Gen. Sherman is largely commended, and will probably l>e appointed. Large numbers of Fenian leaders are in Washington urging Congressmen to immedi ately recognize their rights as belligerent.— They will appear before the Committee on Foreign Affair* as soon as that committee is organized. • From Texas. Galveston, Texas, March 11. Gen. Griffin has issued an order saying that in consequence of the repeated outrages and murders in Grayson county, and seemifig un willingness and inability of the civil officers to give protection to the citizens, the sub-assis tants of the Freedman’s Bureaq are hereby directed to arrest all persons who are or here after may be charged with the commission of crimes and offences against citizens, refugees or freedmen. Gen. Griffin also orders the use of military force to •*nloree this order whenever required. Mr. Lamp, private secretary of the Governor, has gone to Washington to consult the Presi dent about reconstructing the State. Reorganization of ike Democratic Parly, xt i r, N*w York, March 12. The National Democratic Convention met this afternoon m this city at the residence of Mr. Belmont, its Chairman. Most of the North ern States were represented. The committee came to the conclusion that it was inexpedient to call a National Convention previous to the regular nominating convention next year, but resolved on a thorough organization of the Democratic party throughout the Union. Heavy Robber? 1“ Kowloit. Boston. March 12. An express wagon while standing on Wash ington street yesterday norm was robbed of a trunk belonging to Mr. I). 8. Greenough of Ja maica Plains. The trunk contained a diamond pin worth a thousand dollars, a valuable gold watcii, gold snuff-box, and other articles of great value. There is no clue to the thieves. WASHINGTON. the trial, of si BBAi r. Inventions for the Preservation of Life at Sea. Confirmations and Rejections. ., Washington. March 12 fo^Hieaid^V?6 S°lleCted and subscribed fast ntelitA 1 Irelaud at the PubUc meetiug N° (lay has yet T>eeu fixed tor the trial of John H. Surratt. It is supposed that it will take place on the 18th or 20th inst. A train of cars passed over the reconstructed railroad bridge over the Potomac yesterday. J lie bridge has been thoroughly repaired, and trains are running regularly. Ill accordance with the suggestions of Capt. W. M. Mew, of the Treasury Department, Sec retary McCulloch lias directed the supervising inspectors of steamboats to give public notice to inventors and others interested in valuable inventions which are presented for the preser vation of life at sea, to meet at Now York on the second Monday of April next, for the pur pose of submitting to examination and experi ment tlieir inventions before a commission, to he appointed by the Secretary, to examine and test the merits of such inventions of a life sav ing character as may be brought before them. It is said the inventions will embrace boilers, steam engines and incrustators, safety valves, steam guages, water guages, steering appara tus, and life boats with detaching apparatus. Inventors may appear in person before the com mission for the purpose of explaining their in ventions, but no expense will be allowed under n ly circumstances. A statement having been published that there was trouble at Williamsburg, Va., be tween the whites and freedmen, and that the military had been called out to suppress the same, Gen. S. C. Armstrong, Superintendent of the 5th District of Virginia, telegraphed to Gen. Howard t«>-day that he had not asked for a military force at; Williamsburg. Eight mount ed men had been sent to Yorktown for a few days to assist in removing the ireed people, but there was no trouble whatever. Senor Tassara, who for the past ten years has most acceptably represented in the United States the Government of Her most Catholic Majesty, the Quee? of Spain, in the quality of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo tentiary, presented his letter of recall to the President to-day. The Senate lo-day rejected the nomination of Ex-Senator Cowan as Minister to Austria. Lewis V. Bogg, of Missouri, was rejected as Commissioner of Indian Affairs, as were also John Quincy Adams for Naval fOfficer for the District of Boston and Charlestown, ex-Con gressnian L. J. Ancona, for Naval Officer at Philadelphia, and Joseph Severns, Surveyor of Customs at the same port. Among the confirmations by the Senate to day were tlie following: Benj. H. Smith, Sur veyor of Customs at Gloucester, Mass.; Win- j gate Hayes, United States Attoruey for the | District of Rhode Island. The Richmond Despatch of to-day says it is enabled to announce upon high authority, that Gen. Schofield has been appointed command ant of the District of Virginia under the re construction act. EUROPE. NEW* It V TI1E C A R I. E • London, March 11, Evening. Ireland is quiet. The Government, howev er, is organizing its forces into six flying col umns for the pursuit of scattered hands of Fen ians, and for active service in case the necessi ty should arise. The hand of Fenians which were recently encamped on the Galtec mountains have van ished, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. The Government has offered a reward for the apprehension of Dunce, one of the Fenian leaders. Mr. Walpole, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, announced in the House of Commons this evening, that the news from Ireland was good. Mr. Walpole also stated that the Government will not proclaim martial law in Ireland, hut will try Fenians by a spe cial commission. Florence, March 11. The elections for mouthers of the Italian Par liament have generally resulted ill favor of the Government, which carries a majority of the electoral districts. Eeuiau itlntfrr*. New York, March 12. At an adjourned meeting of the Irish socie ty of this city, at Hibernia Hall, Jpr the pur pose of making additional arrangements for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it was decided in reference to the proposition ro appropriate the money that would be expended for that pur pose to aid the insurgents, but that each socie ty should act for itself in the matter.1 ...pgj Chicago, 111., March 12. The Fenian brotherhood met at 2 o’clock to day. Seventy-eight circles were represented in the organization. President Roberts wes introduced and spoke two hours on the present organization, its past record, and its tuture prospects, giving a minute account of the dis position of all the monies received at head quarters. After the appoiniment ot a business committee the convention adjourned to ten o’clock to-morrow. St. Louis, March 12. The Fenians hold a very large and enthusi astic meeting last night. Resolutions were adopted pledging assistance with men and money to the present movement io Ireland.— They demand ot our Government the immedi ate acknowledgment of the belligerent rights ot the Irish republic, and call on wealthy Irish men in this country to purchase privateers to prey ou English commerce. 10 rili call on of Soldier**’ aud Sailor*’ Or phan *» New York, March 12. The managers of the Union Home and school for the education of the children of vol unteer soldiers and sailors who may be left un provided lor, have issued their fifth annual re port, which contains many interesting tacts.— For want of accommodations the managers have been obliged to refuse over five thousand applications during the past year, receiving only those who were most destitute, and reliev ing temporarily, as far as their means would permit, others at their own homes. The num ber of beueficiaries received siuce April, 1861, was about 2,000; received during 1800, 2<»3; number at present in the school, or under the care ot the managers, 125. The committee say that by the presentation festival, or lottery, the institution will realize a large sum of money, $5,000 having been already received. This sum has enabled the management to pay oil* tlio large mortgage upon the land purchased for the site of a home, an 1 the total amount will be sufficient to enable them to provide accom modations for five hundred or more orphan children of soldiers aud sailors. ifla-MaclauitcllM lii!ginlalur«. Boston, March 12. In the House of Representatives this after noon, the report of the Committee on Federal Relations on the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States, came up for consideration, the question being on substitut ing the report of the minority of the commit tee, which rctommends the adoption of the amendment, with an explanatory resolution, for that of the majority; the latter recommend ing reference of the amendment to the. next Legislature. Alter two hours debate an amendment to the amendment in the shape of a resolution was offered, which reads as fol lows : Resolved, That the Legislature of Massachu setts earnestly request Congress to propose to the States an amendment to the Federal Con stitution prohibiting the disfranchisement of any cit izen on account of color. On the adoption of this amendment the yeas ami nays were ordered, and it was rejected 14 to 130, which gives a pretty fair idea as to what will be the result when the question on adop tion of the amendment comes up. The Fcuipai Maid in Ireland. New York, March 12. The Herald’s Atlilonc (Ireland) correspond ence of the 25th ult., explains the failure of the action at Chester, where there were stored 33, 000 stand of rifles and a large quantity of am munition. The store was guarded by only about forty soldiers of questionable loyalty.— The Fenians, as is known, to the numbe- of several thousand |were on the spot, but the new commander just arriving iu the country, order ed that the place should nut I)e attacked. Or ders were also issued to suspend hostilities throughout Ireland, and reached all parts ex cept Kerry. The organization is kept up, and hostilities will ^commence in earnest at tin* proper time. Tin* principal commander of the Fenians is an old officer in the English army, and lately a general in the American rebel army. Another is an officer formerly in the French service, and lately a brigadier general iu the United States volunteers. Other officers of like expe rience have commands. DeHlruclivc Fire ai Aagimta. Augusta, March 12. A destructive fire broke out on the east side of the river this morning, at 2^o’clock, in the two story wooden building owned by L. \V. L. Lithgow, and occupied as a grocery store by Young & Jiuzzell, aud as a restaurant by J. Moore. The building was totally destroyed, together with a small wooden building adjoin ing, owned and occupied by J. Reynolds as a shoe store. A fine block of wooden stores next adjoining, owned by Mr. Lithgow ami occupied by Messrs. Sumner, Barton,Bercival and Rlurn mer, grocers am? provision dealers, was badly *• *A\losrt w<m tall short of $K,000. rhe hre is believed to have been the work of au incendiary. Raid again*! the lailiaa*—\Vbra*ka l^rg ■ttlalure. St. 1,0 ups, March 12. The Democrat's special correspondent from St. Jospeh says that Gen. Cook’s recent raid against the Indians in the region of Stern Mountain resulted in the killing of sixty-three savages. The lower House of the Legislature has pass ed the eight hour system bill. It is reported that Gov. Butler will soou con vene the Nebraska Legislature, and take means to nut the government in working order. A large number of bridges and a considera ble amount of other property lias been destroy ed by the late floods iu Nebraska. ExploMiou of a Powder i11. Cleveland, Ohio, March 12. King’s powder mid at Oldtown, near Xenia, exploded at 9 A.M. to-day. The report was heard twenty miles off. Two men were killed, named I. Tuck and Tra McMangan. the iuarujei*. Financial. .. , New York, Match 111. <»°ld was a little firmer towards the close, and left orr at 133*. Government securities dull but un changed. Foreign Exchange—Sterling is higher ow *ng to a scarcity of commercial bills; private bank uri sterling at log], Stocks closed flnnerund higher Petroleum and Mining shares generally closed dull at a decline from the opening prices. Mew York market. New York, March 12. Cotton—scarcely so firm; sales 1,500 bales; Mid dling uplands at 28 (a,29^c, chiefly at the latter price. Flour—5 (a) 10c higher; sa'es 0,200 oois. State at 8 50 (t 11 60; Round lioop Ohio 1070 @ 1250; West ern at 8 50 {& 12 15; Southern higher; sales at 10 25 (g) 16 50. ,, , Wheat-3 @5c higher; sales 32 000 bush-; No. 2 Chicago Spring aj 230; strictly No. 2 Milwaukee at 2 35. White California 2 80 (a* 2 98. Corn—firm; sales 75,000 bush. Mixed Western at 1082 @ 111$. new Yellow 1 08 ^ 112. Oats—firmer; sales 65,000 bnsh. Western at 60 @ G4e. State at 70c. New Ohio at 65 (g) 67c. Beef-—steady; sales 235 bbls. Provisions—generally steady. Pork—mens firmer; sales at 22 79. Whiskey—quiet. Sugar—sales M uscovado at 10$. Coffee—very, ft rm. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at 711 (3) 72c. Rosin at 4 122 lit 8 50. Petroleum—lull and unchanged; soles crude at 16* Refined bonded at 291 (a) 27c. Tallow—unchanged; sales 121,000 lbs. at 10? (Si 11 Jc. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. C'kicagw market*. „ _ Chicago,March 12. 1?lour quiet and holders firm; favorite brands in demand at lull prices; sales at 12 75 (a) 15 25 for red Winter; 1000 @ 12 00 for Spring extras, and 8 00 for Buperfine No. 2. Wheat-No. 2 spring advanced 40; demand light; sales28,1100 hush, at 1 954 <v 190 lor Winter, and 1 9s4 for I'resh receipts; No.l Spring scarce and almost nominal. Corn in active demand Oats firm at an advance of ; |sales at 44 to) 444c for Winter receipts of No. 2. Provisions firm; Mess pork—sales at 20 00; buyers offer 20 50 (a) 20 75; clear pjrk inactive. Sweet pickled hams firm at 124c.— Bulk meats in active request; sales shoulders at 8c; Cumberland* at 9c; short ribbed middles at 10; clear Bides ll4‘c. Lard firm at 12 @ 124c for prime steam rendered. Dressed hogs in fair demand at 850 (o» 8 90. Receipts—6.000 bbls. flour, 3,200 centals wheat. 7,000 cental* corn, 1,000 centals oats, 2000 hogs. Ship ments—6,000 bbls. flour, 8,000 centals wheat, 7,000 centals corn. C'inciuunti market*. Cincinnati, March 12. Flour dull and the market without decided change; Wheat firm fur Spring and dull for Winter, which closed at a deelinejof 3c; hales No. 1 Spring at 2 50; No.l Winter at 2 87. Corn dull at 61 (a>62e for No. 1 in elevator. Oats dull and prices drooping; sales at 51 Jc for No. 1 in elevator, ltye steady at 1 25(a) 1 26. Barley in lair demand and market without decided change; fall at 1 56 (eg 1 55. Wrliiskey steady at 26c in bon l. Provisions—mess pork at 21 50 for city pack ed, and in demand at 2100. Bulk meats in good de mand ; sales 600,000 at 72 @ 71 for shoulders, 93 for sides, 11 for hams, 8 @ 10 for shoulder sides, and 11c clear Rides; sales 160 hlnls. shoulders at 9@9$c; sides atlOjc; clear rib at 112c; clear at 12 <«> 13c. Laid unchanged. Mew Orlena* markcl*. New Orleans, March r2. Cotton sales to-day 5,500 bale*; market firmer; low Middling at t8j*@?29c. Receipts to-day 3,000 bales; exports 6,000 bales. Ceinuicicial—Per Cable. London, March 12,Noon. Consols for money opened at 91. American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 78. Erie Railroad shares 40$. United States 5-20*8 74$. Liverpool, March 12, Noon. Cotton to-day opened dull and without much activ ity. The sales will be very small, not aggregating more than live or six thousand bales. Prices un changed; Middling uplands 13d; Orleans 132d.— Breadstuff* quiet and steady. Provisions—Laril dull at 50s 6d. Bacon 41s cwt. for middles. 43s 6d, Produce—Resin 9s 3d lor common. Ashes 39s Ibr pots. Iron 53s Gd for pig. New York .Stock Market. New York, March 12. Stocks—The market is excited and very active. American Gold'..1231 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1802.. 109 @ 109$ G.S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1804.107^107$ G. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 18G5..107$ @ 107$ G. S. Five-Twenties,coupons new issue.. .106$ (g> 1081 G. S. Ten-Forties, coupons..*»7| G. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st scries.I05i; G. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series. 1052 G. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105} Western Gnlon Telegraph,.41$ New York Central.102$ Erie,. 59 Erie preferred. 71 Hudson.. .137 (ty 1371 Kc ailing,.lOlf Michigan Southern,.72 ! Illinois Central,.115 BonIoh Stack Lint. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, March 12. American Gold. 134 United States Coupons, March. . 134 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 109$ l) nited States 7 3 lOths, 1st aeries. 106$ “ small. 105} “ 2d series. 105} “ small. 10;>i i* United States 5-20s, 1885. .......7.’. *.7.* 7.1 ‘ ‘ 107$ “ 1865. 107$ July, IS05. 10(4 “ small. 107$ United States Ten-lortics.. 97$ Boston and Maine Railroad. , .. 132 Eastern Railroad. 109 Western Railroad. 139 Corrected forthcPRE?B to March 12. Apples. Green 4* brl. 5 50 @ 6 50 Cooking Jp bu. 1 00@ 1 50 Dried 4> lb... 10 @ 17 Western do. 15 Ashes. Pearl |> lb.none Pot. 8 @ Beans. Marrow 4() bu. 3 25 @ 3 75 Pea.3 50 @ 4 00 Blue Pod.3 00 @ 3 50 Box Shooks. Pine,. GO @ 65 Bread. Pilot V100 lb 12 00 @15 00 Pilot ex 100 IblO 50@12 CO Ship.8 50@ 10 00 Craekcrs4*lo0 50 @ 55 Butter. Family||> lb.. 3> @ 35 Store. 20 @ 25 Candles. Mould IP lb. . 10 @ 17 Sperm. 40 @ 42 Cement. V brl.2 40 @ 2 50 Cheese. Vermont 4> lb 20 @ 22 New York.... 20 @ 22 Coal—(Ret ail j. C11 mix rlaud. to 50 @1100 Lorb’y «& Dia moiid. lo@10^ Lehigh.lo 00 @ Red Ash.9 50 @10 00 White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Coffee. Java lb... 37 @ 40 Rio. 2G @ 30 Cooperage, mui.sifks* lids. Mol. City.. .3 ‘25 @ Sug.City...2 75 @ 3 00 Sug.C*try..l50 @175 C’tryRiftMol. tlhd. Sh*ks. 200 (a) 2 25 Hbd. RM’gs, Soft Pine... ?5 @ Hard Pine.. 30 @ Hoops,(14 fl).35 00 @10 00 (LOakStavesSO 00 @55 00 Copper. Cop. Sheathing 13 @ Y.M.Sheathing32 @ Y. M.Bolts... 35 & Cordage. American 4Hb 19J@ 20 Manila. 22 @ 221 Manila Boltrope 24 @ 21$ Drugs and Dyes. Alcohol 4? gal 4 00 @ Arrow Root... 30 @ 70 BirCarb Soda 9 @ 10 Borax_. 39 @ Camphor . .. .110 @ Cream Tart ar 35 @ 52 Indigo,.1 50 @ l 85 Logwood ex... 15 10 Mudder. 18 @ Naptha |> gal. 35 @ 55 Opium lb. 9 75 @ Rhubarb.3 25 @ Sal Soda. 5 @ 5] Saltpetre. t2 @ 25* Sulphur. G^@ 71 Vitriol_;... 18 @ Duck. No.l,. @ 85 No. 10,. @ 49 Ravens. ta) 40 Uyewooda. Harwood. 3 (ft> Brazil Wood.. 13 (w Camwood_ 9@ lo Fustic, —3 ® 5 Logwood, i C’ampeachy. 3 @ St. Domingo 2 iu) 3 Nic.Wood- (a) Peacb Wood.. 8 <o) lied Wood.... 5^8 9 Sapan Wood.. {a) Fish. Co<l, qtl. Large Shore 6 00 ® 7 00 Large Bank 550 (a) 0 oo Small.3 50(g)4 00 Pollock.3 50 @4 25 Haddock, 2 00 liy 2 75 Hake.2 00 ® 2 75 Herring, Shore. |> 1>1.4 50 ® 6 5 » Scaled,V^bx. 35 ® 50 No. 1. 25 (ty 35 Mackerel pbl. Hay No. 1.. 17 00tojl8 00 Bay No. 2 10 (KW/jl7 (Hi Bay No. 3. I3 25t«>14 25 Shore No.1.18 00 (o)19 00 Shore No.3. 9 00 a'10 00 Flour. White Winter choice xx 16 00^17 50 xx 14 50 (ii> 10 00 X 13 00 a 14 00 lied Winter xx. 14 50@ 15 50 x. 13 OOigj Spring xx* • 14 OOa) 14 50 X.. 13 25a)’l4 00 Superline .10 Oo ^12 00 St. Louis & Southern Superior xx 1650(^18 00 Canada Superior xx 1G00@16 50 Michigan & Western Sup’r xx .. 15 50a)16 50 Fruit. Almonds—Jordan » lb. SoO Shell... ® 35 Shelled- (n> 40 Pea Nuts.3 50 («j Oitrou, new... 37 @ ;W Currants. new 18 Dates, new-20 <a) Figs,.new 23 (a) 25 Prunes,.. 22 ay 26 Kgisins. Bunch,|>bx 4 00 @ 4 12j Layer.4 15 <i 4 25 Lemons,box 4 75 ® 5 00 Oranges,$?box 6 00 ® 5 25 urrtuu. Corn, Mixed.. 1 25 @ 130 New Yellow 1 25 1 30 Rye.1 40 1 45 parley.1 10 @ 1 20 gate. 70 (g 76 Shorts #> ton.32 00 (a)3500 Jecd. .30 00 @ 3H 00 Middlings... go oo @ 55 00 UnPOWdW. .5 60 (O) 6 00 Sporting.6 00 ® 7 6o __ fifty. Pressed iptonoo oo ®2'> oo Coos,'.22 00 tj oo oo Straw.1200 ®iboo Hides and Skins, Buenos Ayres 2a (m 31 Western. 18 @ 19 Slaughter.... a w 10 Calfskins.... 20® Skins. .1 00 ® 1 60 Ison. Common..".... 4la) 6 Uetined. 5 ® 61 Swedish. 8 ® K( Norway. 81nu 9 Cast Steel.... 26 ® 28 German Steel. 17 ® Eng.Blis.Steel 22 ® Spring Steel.. 11® 14 Sheet Iron, English. 7 @ 74 K. G. H\:ul 11 Bussia. 23® 26 Belgian- 23 ® JLard. Ba rel, 4>lt> 13} @ 14 fteg», |» lb..., 14 ® Lead. ihcot & Pipe. 11 12 Leather. Mew York, Light. 29 @ 32 Mid. weight 32 @ 35 Heavy. 32 @ 34 Slaughter .. 44 @ 48 Am. Call.... 1 30 @ 1 45 Lime. Rockl’d, 1 40 @ 1 50 Lumber. JJcar Pine, Mos. 1 & 2....60 Oft @65 00 So. 3.45 00 @50 00 Mo. 4.20 00 @2500 lipping.... 21 00 @24 oo Spruce.14 00 @19 oo Dimension Spruce 20@25 Hemlock-15 00 @18 oo Jlapboards, SpruceEx..27 00 @80 00 Pine Ex_ none. Shingles, Cedar Ext. .4 50 @4 75 Cedar No.!..3 00 @3 25 Shaved Cedar 5 75 “• I'ine ' 8 75 Laths, -Spruce.3 50 @ 4 00 Pine. 4 60 @ 4 75 Molasses. Porto Rico. none Jienfuegos.... none rrinidad. 52 @ 55 Juba Clayed.. 4fc @ 50 Clayed tart, hone Muscovado. 50 @ 53 Nails. Cask. 6 50 @ 6 62$ Naval Stores. Par V brl.. .5 00 @ 5 50 Pitch (C. Tar|3 25 @ NVil. Pitch .. .5 00 @ 5 50 llosin.7 00 @ 12 00 Turpentine gal. 85 @ 90 Oakum. ... @ 134 Oil. Kerosene,.... 65 @ Sperm.3 25 @ Whale.1 40 @ 1 5t Bank .30 00 @32 00 Shore.2900 @30 00 Porgie.18 00 @20 Linseed. 1 38 @ Boiled do. @144 Lard.1 25 @ 1 40 Olive.2 25 @ Castor.3 00 @ Ncatsfoot .... 1 85 @ 2 00 Onions. Siv'skiusii) bl. 2 50@3 50 Paints. Portl’d Lead-15 00 @ Pure G i d do. 15 00 @ 15 50 Pure Dry do. 15 00 @ Am. Zinc,... 13 00 @ Rochelle Yel.. 4 @ Eng. Ven. Red. 4 J @ Red Lead. 14 @ 16 Litharge. 14 @ 16 Plaster. Soft, P ton... nono Hard.none Ground.9 00 @ 10 00 Produce. Beet,sideA> lb lo @ 13 Veal. 8 @ 10 Lamb. 10 @ 12 Chickens. 22 @ 25 Turkeys.__ 23 @ 25 Geese.. 20 @ 22 Eggs. doz.. 2i @ 25 Potatoes, |> bbl 1 70@2 50 Cranh’s l>bush none Provisions. Mess Beef, Chicago,.. .20 00 @22 00 Ex Mc-a. .24 00 @25 00 Pork, ExtraClcar @27 00 Clear.24 00 @25 00 Mess.23 00 @24 00 Prime_ 18 00 @19 00 Hams.! 15 @ 1G Bice. Rice, IP lb.... 10 @ 12} Bum. New England nominal Salqratus. Saleratus }> lb 12@ 13 Halt. Turk’s Is. 4> hhd.(8bus.)4 50 @ 5 00 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 Gr*nd Butter, 30 @ Seda. Henlsgras - bush 400@450 <'lover lb.14 @15 Red Top hag 5 50 @ 0 00 Shot. f>rop,|VJ001t.a @1150 Buck.. @12 50 Soap. Extra St’tn Reiincd 11} Family.10 J No. 1. 10 Olinc. 13} (’liem Olive. Ill Crane’s. 13} Soda. 13} Spicea. Cassia, pure.. 75 @ Cloves. 43 @ 45 (linger. 28 @ 30 Mace.1 40 @ Nutmegs.1 1 35 Pepper. 28 @ 30 Pimento. 30 @ 33 Btaruh. Pearl. 11 }@ 12} Sugar. Muscovado... 11 @ 12} liav. Brown . 1'}@ 14 Hav. White... none Crushed .... lr>| @ 154 (irauulatod.. 16} @ is] Powdered- 15} @ 15jj Eagle Retinery A @nono do do B @ none Teas. Souchong- 75 @ 90 Oolong. 90 @ 95 Oolong, choicel 00 @ 1 05 •Japan,.110 @ 1 25 Tin. Banca, cash.. 35 @ 37 Straits, cash.. 33 @ 35 English. 34 @ 37 Char. I.C.. 13 00 @13 50 Char I. Y ... 16 00 fa) 16 60 Tobacco. Fives & Tens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 Medium_ 60 @ 65 Common ... 55 (a) 60 Hall ths, best fifes* 58,8 aTy **>%-• 75 S 85 Furniture ...2 25 § Coach —.3oo @ £r,o Wood. Hard, retail.to50 @u on Soil. @7 oo Kindling pi. ox 30 @ 40 Wool. (Jn wash'd Fleece.' 6 @ 40 Washed do.40 (g 45 Lamb Skins.. 85 (a) 1 20 Jf-inc. Mosselman, sheet,14 (5)14* Lehigh*.,,...|4 @14} Portland Dry Goods Market* Corrected by Messrs Woodman, True & Co. COTTON GOODS. Inches. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37..... .19 @ gu Fine Sheeting,....36. 1 6$to 1* Fine Sheeting,. 40.. 19 to 21 Modi um»Sbeeting,........37.14 to 17 Light Sheeting.37...13 to 15 Shirting,.27 to 30.12 to 14 BLEACHED SHEETING. Good Bleached.Sheeting,.36. 22 to 27 Good Bleached Sheeting,.9-8.*25 to 3 » Medium Sheeting,. .*.36... 17 20 Shirting,.27 to 32..'.Vim 15 DRILLING. Heavy Drilling,.;.30. 22J@ 2C4 Medium,.30.20**to 22 Corset Jeans,. 14$to 23 OOTTON FLANNELS. w Heavy Cotton Flannels,.23 @ 25 Medium Cotton Flannels,.20 to 224 Bleached Cotton Flannels,.25 to 3l4 STRIPED SHIRTING. Heavy Striped Shirting,.30.25 @ 271 Heavy Striped Shirting,.27.. 21 to 23 Medium Striped Shirting,.27.17 to 2u ticking. Heavy Ticking,...35 @ 46 COTTONADEH. Heavy double and twist,.40 to &0 DENIMS. Heavy Denims,.32$@ 374 Medium Denims,.27$to 27$ CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics,. 124to 14 Medium Prints,.I3$;«j} 15 DELAINES. DeLaines, .24 @ 25 CRASH. Crash,.11 »@ 17 BATTING, WADDING, &C. Colton Batting, 41 lb,. 18 @ 25 Cotton Wadding, lb.30 to 35 Wicking,.50 to fiO WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,.25 to 45 Satinets.50 to 85 Union Meltons,.75 to,l 00 Black Union Cassimcres,.80 (gjl on Black all wool uassimeres,.1 00 («1 50 Black Doeskins,.125 tot <5 Fancy Doeskins,.1 00 (a 1 50 Repellant, 6-4,.1 35 tol40 WOOL FLANNELS. Bine Mixed Twilled Flannels,.30 to 57$ Blue and Scarlet,. 35 @ 5 $ White, iil.liu..3-4... <a. so White, pknn,... GO @ 2C . 70 Portland Dally Press Stack Gist. CORRECTED BY WM. H. WOOD ft SON, Slock and Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St.. Portland. For the week ending March 12, 1807. Descriptions. Par Value. Often ft. Asked Government G’s, 1881,.1.108.I09 Government 5-2t>, 1862,.108.109 Government. 5-20,1864.106$ .. .10"$ Government 5-20.1WI5. 107.1074 Govcnunent 5-20, July,.loot.107 Government 7-30, 1st series.105$.loo Government 7-30, 2d and 3d aeries,_105.1054 Government 10-40,. 97. 18 State of Maine Bonds,.Oil.100 Portland City Bonds,.07.0* Bath City Bonds..95.90 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.95.96 Calais City Bonds,. 95.<*; Cumberland National Bank,_40.46.47 Canal National Hank,. 100. 104$.105 First National Bank,.100.1044.105 Casco National Bank,.loo.101$_ 105 Merchants’ National Bank,.75.77...... .78 National Traders Bank,.100.104....! ios Second National Bank,.tot).90.95 Portland Company,.100.9:). !. . .’.* ‘*,5 Portland Gas Company,.50.62. 64 Ocean Insurance Company,... .100.101.108 At. & St. Lawrence R. R.55.60 At. & St. Lawrence R.R. Bonds,!00.89.90 A. ft K. R. R. Bonds,.85. 86 Maine Central R. R. Stock,_100. 15.20 Maine Central R. R. Bonds.80.83 Leeds ft Farm’gton R. R. St'k, 100..(0__ . ..70 Ken. & Portland R. R. Bonds,. 100.85. 90 Portland & Forest Av’n’e R. R., 100.75.85 Portland Glass Company,.100.100.ini Richardson’s Whart Co.100.95.100 Blindness, Deafness, -and Catari'll! During dr. cakprnter’s late visit to Portland which dosed Feb. 1st, so great a number of persons deferred consulting him until the latter part of his stay, that many w ere unable to do so, his time being fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him lie Rclurned to Portland March 1st, And can be consulted at the U* S. Hotel nutil April I hi , upon all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat — AND —

YV# rB\ 1 it it It, As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves of his services to call early as con venient. Dr. C. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benetitted under bis treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but are willing to converse with those interested. Mr Consultation at office Free. but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 t<> 12, 2 to 5, and 64 to 7$ o’clock. fcb23dlni* CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A. K. Gwen outfit, F*q. I was attlieted with Catarrh so badly that l had a continual pain in my head, eyes very weak, was fast loosing my memory, head was so contused that I was totally unfit for business and general b.-alth fast tail ing. I applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1865 and bis rem edies cured me. 1 remain a well man. A. K. GUKENOUGH, Proprietor of National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate of Capt. Shun* of Portia d. Portland, Jan. 3, 1867. I suffered IVom deafness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of case- worse than mine, that Dr. C?»r penter cured. I was induced to apply io him. On ex amination the Dr. w an not sure lie could cure me, but would do the best he could. A course ol Jiis treatment has restored me to my natural hearing. Any persou desiring to see me can do so on board of bark “ Isaac Carver,” Union Wharf, Portland. ALONZO L. S1IUTE. Testimony of Uou. Z. Collins, Cnion, 91c. Dr. Camenter, Dear Sir,—Learning you are in Portland, I w rite for the purpose of inlmming you tint the hearing of my son, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains pertectly good. You will remember that in March 1805,\ou relieved him of dealness of fifteen years’ standing, which had increased tot liar extent that he was obliged to leave his studies ami went to a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, where he has resumed his studies, which, without your assistance, he never could have done. May y. u live long, prosper in your profession, and es pecially cause the deal to hear, is the desire of Yours, very gratefully, Z. COLLINS.* Certificate of iflr. A. €27 KIiiiM, Pori band. This may certify that. Dr. Carpenter, now- at the United States Hotel, has cured me ot dc-afuess and Discharges of the head of 17 years’standing. I had been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any person interested can see me at Messrs. Blunt & Foss,’ Middle Street. A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14, 1867. Humlreds of Certificates received in this State can be seen at the Dr’s Office. mr6 PROPOSALS For Dredging a Nciv Channel Ihrongh Nhepurd’s Point Nhoal and Uallowell Shoal in the Kennebec River, at Ilul lowell, Maine. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT THIS Oh PICK, until 10 o'clock A. HI., on 'I'ucNdny, the ’ilitli Day of Mnreh next, lor dredging a new channel though “Shepard’s Point” and “Hal lowed" Shoals, in Kennebec River, with a view to obtaining a clear channel seven feet deep at low wa ter, and sixty feet wide on the bottom, with sides having a slope of two leet to one fool rise. Tho channel will first lie excavated through Shepard’s Point Shoal, for a distance of about -loll yards, requiring Iti.onu cubic \ unis of excavation, more or less; and afterwards', through Uallowell Shoal, tor a distance 01575 yards, requiring 111,MW cubjc yards ol excavation, more nr Ess. 1 his amount of excavation maybe increased or diminished, as the Engineer m charge may direct, after further cx ominul ion of the river. The material taken from the Shoals is to be depos ited in the river, in such manner a- may he required bv the Engineer in charge, and in sueli locigiiicsua mav lie designated liy him, not exceeding igTU yards ill distance Horn Shepard s Point, ighoveand bclowit. In making proposals, bidders must slate the price per cubic Hardqf excavation, w ith the understand ing that tile work executed I - to lie ascertained by iue.vsuieun.nt of the channel aller dredging; and ot such excavation only us lias lie n actually made’ to obtain the required dimensions: with the under standing, also, that the price stated is to include the depositing oi the material taken out, in sueli locali ties as uia v be designated, within the limits above named. The W in k must he commenced as soon as such op erations arc practicable, and tie completed on or l.e uxe the goth of November next. Each propo-af must he acrompani. d by a written guarantee signed by two responsible pci sans, in the required form, that the bidder will, when called on if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with good, and sufficient s curity (the sureties ami their places of residence to be named in the pro posal) for tho true and faithful performance ot his contract. The contract will be awarded to the low est responsible Didder, and he subject to the annrov al of the Secretary of War. The undersigned, however, reserves the right to exclude Hie bids of any persons who, there is reason to believe, will not faithfully and promptly perform the contract; also, any informal bids, as we 1 as those that are above a responsible price for the work* and no member of Congress, officer or agent of i lie Government, nor any person cmplovcd m the public service, shall lie adnnttcd to any share in the con tract, nr any benetu which may arise therefrom' Payments will lie made in Doo installments; the hrst on the completion of the channel through shen ard's Point Shoal, and the second on Ilia completion of the whole work—go per cent, to be reserved from the first p:n inept. until the whole work is finished and to be forfeited in the event ol the non-fulfilment of the contract in the time and manner as therein required. Persons desiring to make proposals, will please call on the undersigned at his office, in Morton Block on <5 ingress Streffi, lor forms of same, and (hr more del inite information, if desired; and, on traiisiidltinc. them, will endorse thereon •’ Proposals lor improve ment ol Kciinebce river.” 1 _, geo. THOM, „ _ Col. Corps of Eng rs. Bvt. Col. U. S. A U. S. Kngiuc r Office, » Portland, Me., Feb. 22,1MI7. ( feb22 eodtd E. C. BURT’S New York Goods! Constantly on hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO., 62 Milk St., Rost on. The only authorized Agents for the sale ol theFe Goods in New England. T. C. & CO , Also manufacture the finest quali ties ol Heals’ Seweil anil Pegged Calf Boots and Shoes l OF EVERY VARIETY. Mar"—T. T * S4w* Corn. Corn. (W Wl BUSHELS old high mixed and mlYflrfUmi “if Southern Yellow Corn. High mixed now landing. Formic by G. II. BVRRinr A' CO., mcblldtf 120 Commercial Street. WANTED. Wanted, 1000 Canvassers To sell by subscription the great, rapid Belling Book Woman’s Work in the Civil War\ A Record of Heroism, Patriotism & Patiexue. The acknowledged Standard Work, preparod under the direction ol the United States Sanitary, the Western Sanitary, and die Christian tkrnmis sions. By l>r. J.. P. liRO' Ki Tf, the eminent Histo rian — Author of** History qf the Civil War,* “Life and Time 8 of Abraham Lincoln,” “Our Great Cap tains," “The Camp, the Battle-Field, and the Hos pital,'* etc., etc. Assisted by Mrs. Mary C. Vaughan, with an introduction by Henry W. Bellows, J).-l>., President qf the U. S. Sanitary Commission. It contains Two Hundred Biographi cal Sketches, (being about One Hundred and Sixty more thaniu any similar work, withmor illustra tions and nearly fitly per cent, more reading mat ter. ) together with brief notices of Four Hundred oth ers ; while a just tribute is paid to the thousands cf nameless Heroines, who, like Florence S'itjhtingale, toiic 1, sacrificing lime, wealth and health—otten lile. to give aid and i% iel to our brave and suffering sol diets. Deeds of Territory issued, guaranteeing ex clusive right of sale. Apply personally or adore a K. II. CURRAN, Publisher, 48 Winter St., Boston, Mass. mar I2d&wilt Wanted, rnO lease a small store in a desirable location, smt X able lor Fancy Goods. 1 would like possesion in l *vo or three months. Address G. W. F, marl2d.>t* North Bridgewater, Mass. Business Wanted. ANY i>crsoii having a good teaming business al ready established, wbo wishes a part nor or to sell out the whole of his teams, or team, X'c., can hear of a purchaser by applying to COX & POWARS, mchlldlw 351) Congress St., Portland. Bookkeeper. YIT'ANTED by a young man of practical experi V V cnee, and who can bring the best of city refer ences, a situation as Bookkeeper cr Salesman, where clow; attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to W. H. JKKKIS, mar7dtf Under Lancaster Hall. A situation Wanted. A YOUNG MAN wh v has had several years ex lerience as a book-keeper and accountant, would like to obtain a situation. Sntisuu lory lccom meiidation furnished. Address “G. W. B.” Portland Post Office. Mar 7—dlw* A Tailor Wanted, A Good reliable, practical Cutter can hear of a good situation, by applying to the subscriber at bis Clothing Store, Nos. 162 Fore, and 15 Moulton Streets. ALFRED HASKELL, mart 1867 d.'tw* Agents W anted ! JUST OUT, FnrragHl and anr Naval Hr roeN, by the brilliant and popular Historian, J. T. Headly. This is the only work on the Navy in the War, and everybody is buying it. fiEORGE Iff. BIAKE, GENERAL AGENT, Feb-1—3in No 8 Clapp’s Block. -A, gentM Wanted FOK ItlCIIAKDNON’N NEW KOOK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI, The Mont Pusriuntiug lEook of the Year. A Thrilling Record of Border Lite. Humor and Adventure. Written with a graphic, eloquent portraying pen, and its pages Crowded with Illustrations. Agents are meeting with UNPARALLELED success. To show sample pages and take names is all our Agents have to do. For Agencies apply to or add re vs J. FATTEN FITCH, No. 233) Congress Street, . . Portland, Me. marl d2w* Wanted Immediately —AT THE— .New Employment Office ! No 220 1-2 Congress St, till Door Went af Cily Building (up stairs.) CURLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, M to whom good situations will her given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. JS^We are able at ail times t«» supply parties in any part of the State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will lie supplied with Men ami Boys tor all kinds ot em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 228) Congress Street, next to City Bililding, Port land, Me. GOUKLA It 4k HEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume tin purchase ot Flour Brls., at the Office ot the .Portland Suyar Co., 27 1-2 linn forth Si., Febtdtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted X>aily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. .‘Ml 1-2 C'oiagrfKM All per sons to seem e -ood Girls tor any respecta ble employment. will lind (hem at this office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys lor any work in city or country, tree ol charge. •1-S^ We want good American, Provincial, Irish ami Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day tor all -orts ot situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX Ss POWARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’67. jan30 atf WANTED! Fj1 VERY BODY to know that store 335 Congress St. J has been replenished with a new stock of Clothing, Furnishing Hoods, Hoots and llats, Whicli will bo sold cheaper than ever. Sdt? Remember the sign, Istli forum Clictiii John. March 5—dtf Wanted. r,i\ <XAA FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. ProiKvsjds will also be received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may he seen at the office ot the Company, 158) Commercial, at coiner of Union St. Iebl2d&wtt T. C. MERSEY Flour Barrels Wanted. \\JE w ill pay 30 cents each for first class Flour ? v Barrols suitable for suctar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., liovl3dtl 130 (Commercial street. LOST AND FOUND. Breast Pin Found, ON one of tlie streets of this citv, which tile owner cun liavc by calling at C!>$ Spring St, proving IiroiHirty and pat ing for this advertisement. War 12 <i:it* BOARD AND ROOMS. TO LET ! PLEASANT rooms with board, eras lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street. Refer* cnccs required. feb25dtt. __ TO LET. Chambers to Let. OVER W. W. Carr & Co.’s store, No. 3 Exchange near Fore St, that will accommodate 150 work men ai slio.-making, tailoring, or many other kinds of business. Fo^Sale. One lot of Land near tile heat) of Wilnint street, fur pixty-tiveeents per foot; also, a lot near bead <>i’ Deer street, about :tl by 55 it el , tor #12110; also, a two story House and lot on Munjoy Hill tor #2500; also, one House anil i/.i on Merrill’s Court, Chestnut Street, tor #U'00, that will iet for $auo i*:r y. ar; also, one bouse on Meunlford street, with about 6000 feet o* land more or lens; this house belongs to the estate of the la e Lemuel Tukey, and will he sold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to mchbilm W. W. CARR A: CO. To Let. fpHH Chamber (2d story) over E T. Eldon & Co's, 1 Free Street Block, suitable tor Jobbing or Wholesale Business. lnquiie of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Couiiudrcial stree*. tir"Key can be found at E. T. Elden & Co’s Mar 2—iltf TO LET! A SPACIOUS Chamber, suitable for a Wholesale Hoot Store or some m:inulacturing business, over the store occupied by Samuel Waterhouse & Co., Ko. 166 Fore Street. Enquire of SAMI.. WATKItIIOI'NK, febJ8tl3w ou the premises. For Rent. OFFICES in the third story of building on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. FIRST, second and third lotts over E, T. ELIcn & Co.’s store, Free Street Block; also, otliccs over Schlotterbcck’s, and over Crosman & Co.'s, in new block corner Brown anil Congress streets janU-dtf_J. B. BltOWN To Let. ONE Brick Store, three stories, No. DO Union street. Apply to _JaMtf _____ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let rrtHE three storied Brick Stare 201 Fore, taut ot X Plum Slreet. Enquire of „ E. M. PATTEN, tebltxlit_ Plum Street. selling out I IN THE mart, iOB CONKRENN NT. N. I. MITCHELL & CO. • will sell their stock of DRY GOODS! -- AT Greatly Reduced Prices! In order to close up business, and will lease the stor occupied by them. N. I. MITCHELL I CO. Match 6,1867. ood&wtf Portland Turnverein. T* H F; ‘'lp<jt ing „| tlic POKTLANI) TUBN A ' t ill 1N ^OHIcer., and the trans a tion Id he nsual business, will lie held at tliclr ltooms Morton Block, on Friday evening. 15th inst. at h o clock. 1 er order. (| (; lH NNls marSdlw* ' * secretary. For Sale. 0^5? 8atc ot John 1-. Wilder’s mymitiu lure, suitable tor KaUroad. Manuiorturerw nr Bank ing purposes, measuring 5 feet .1 in. in height, 4 feet width, i.’ feet.4) in. deep, with interior side and draw ers. For sale by C. A. & A. BLANCH Alilh 106 State Street, Boston, Mass. febl6dt( 1SL.4L ESTATE. Brick House for Sale. A good Brick House on Maple st, conia ulng ten rooms. Hot ami Cold W afer, Ca*. brick if tern, good cellar, slated root, »£e. tO , ^ . Bl. SEUG2S, Kc:.l l£»inte Agent. Mar 12 dim* #050 affinew nnflni lied House mar llie Arsenal. VjtiiU «**'X*required—fivo vears credit to pay rnlrmt Wv. °t,wl“< b *" » ty « Ict-t. A very JEHUIS ** Al'P'y Immediatflv to W. ll. ----- marRdlw* Cor Sale. >>' ll>e subscriber, No. 70 terms, call as nl.ov *'* uiclil2dtl al Nu;.° Central \N hurl. —.-i___u-J.. SToULIi. For Sale. riMLE tine lot of Land on Sprint' ill* I known as the Boyd lot, containing1^,1{SSL feet; al*. about ;;ou,uoo Brick ami a.o itr, i^r J ' 00 Said lot will be sold with or without the m-rmlS' For further particulars enquire oi JOHN G avV? FORD, or CHABLES SAGER. nicblldti House for Sale. SITUATED on Tvng Street, JNo. 11. It is a story and a half Housx* witli eight linislied rooms amt a good cellar. Lot Go by G7 feet, on which there is a barn. Possession given immediately. Apply to J. MaIIGNY, on the premises. uiclilldlw* JOB SALK! rp HE Store and Land occupied by Charles \V» J Thompson, at Ferry Village in Cape Elizabeth® the store is nearly new and contains a large Hall, i about liny rods from Ferry Whart, is the best pia.’e for trade anywhere outside ot l'ortland. For par ticulars enquire of Thompson at f he store or of 1. W. PARKER, 249 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Jdar9dGw# House an,I Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven rooms, will be sold for $1,100, if applied tor immediately. ALSO: L:>ts f«»r sale at piiccs irom one cent to $2 |**;r loot. Enquire of JOSEPH REED, Real Estate Agent. Oak St. mar Congress. mar8dtf House Lots and Water Lots —AT— Great Bargains! lOO House Lotis AT PRICES FROM lO*. to 15. *20, 25 and 20 eta. per foot, ON Franklin, Lincoln, Mayo, Smith, Fremont, Congress Monument. Atlantic, Miinjov, North, Walnut, Montreal, Melbourne, Quel»cc, Willis, Tur ner, Poplar, Winthrop, Madison, Fox, Hammond, Eastern Promenade, and several new contemplated streets. ALSO. Water Lots on Baek Cove and on East Commercial Street adjoining I lie Grand Trunk Railway, fronting the deepest water in Portland Harbor,' and well adopted for Wharves and Manufacturing Sites. The subscriber being in a feeble stale of health, and dcsiiousof settling his own estate, now offers to persons wishing to invest in Real Estate the greatest Bargains to be liud in Portland. Enquire of l JflOSKs* GOII.D, No. 55 North Street, between tlic hours of 8 and 10^ A. M., an i 2 and 4.', P. M., where Plans of Lots may lie seen. marGdedlw ihen eodGw Biick House lor Sole. ON Brtw u wired, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, hard and soil water, gas and other modern improvements. Posse ssion i iven April 1. Apply to D. II. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. JKBRIS, marG ltf Real Estate Agent. For Sale. A GOOD one story House and two acres of land, situated on the Stroudwatcr road, about twenty minutes’ walk irom Portland. Has a stable and good water. Will be sold for $2000 ii applied for immedi ilely. Apply to WM. H. JKBRIS. mrhbfrw* House for Sole. ON NEAL STIiEET, Upi>cr Halt of tlio Brick Front House, containing in all 1*2 Rooms—ce mented Cellar, hard and soft water—a good stable, ind yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the promises, or to WM. H. JERRIS, mar 2 dtf Real Estate Agent. For Sale < heap. ONE of the Houses in tlio Brick block on Door Street. These houses sire built in the most Lh<-rough manner, ten finished rooms in each, good cellar, water of both kinds, good stoic room, and plenty of closet room. Enquire of E. WALS11, on llie premises. mob2d2w For Sale or Leu&e. The Fine Lot corner of Exchange stud Congress Streets, tin feet on Congress and50 lcet on Exchange St. Will be let for ten or tw enty years, on favorable terms. A Block of Seven Stores in this central loca tion would pav a good interest. Apply to W. H. JERRIS. mnrldtf New Crick House for Kale, ■flftvH Corner Cumberland and Boyd streets: contains Ik,''ll eleven rooms. Piped ior gas from cellar to ai **'• This is a substantial, well-built house, in a good location, and is all ready tor oecupaucy. •A wily to H. II. J lull It I*, Real Estate Agent. Mar 1—d3w Valuable Uoal Fstate for Sale. f|MI£ tine estate corner Brackett and Walker Sts. 1 The lot contains over 2ti,0oo squaie feci. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W. H. .FERRIS, marl dtf Real Estate Agent. llonses for Sale! FTVWO new 1} story Houses just completed, with 7 I finished'rooms. Price l,MHb within fifteen minittes walk of the Post office, togellinr with otlier houses at prices from $1,500 to $10,000. -also To Lease, 50 HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Wharf L*»ts, at prices from $12 to $200 per year. Enquire of IUOMl£N ROL LD, No 55 North St., between the horns of 8 & 10} a. m. and 2 & 5 r. m., where plans of lots may lie seen. Mar 5dlw t eod3w Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. E Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the *il 1 lage of Frye burg, Oxford county, Maine, is of feietl for sale at a bargain, if applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For fall particulars inquire of HORATIO BOOT 11 BY, Pi oprietor. Or Hanson.* Dow, 51} Union st. Frycburg, Sept. 2if, 1866. dtf For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove from this city J ofler tor sale my House,No. 55 Park St. it is good size and couven ent, with all ihe modern improvements, Bathing room, in wnicli is Hot and Cold water, Gas Furnace, Ae. Con ectcd with house is a good stable. Po session given first, day of May next. Enquire at Nt». ‘JOS C ommercial Ml. head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. H. H irolen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. Jl. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. Jan3(Jeodtf For Sale, or for Long Lease. TWO of those Store Lots on the Northerly side of Middle Street, near the head of Plnm Street, re cently covered by tin Granite Block. Apply to KliWARl) FOX or E13RN STEELE. Portland, March 0, lt‘67. doodim Farm for Sale. 1AHE well known Cnslimnn Homestead—one of the most delight fit and desirable country residences in the county, situated in the town of New Glouces ter. is ottered for sale on the most favorable terms. The above tariu is beautifully located on the main road, 18 miles from Pori land, only ten minutes walk from Pownal depot and Post Ollice. It coi sisis of 120 acres of excellent land, conveniently divided—prin cipally by stone fences—into tillage, pasturage ai d woodland; a tine orchard, containing 1000 thrift-, nnple trees; a splendid garden well filled with a vaii ctv of pear and plum trees, strawberries, raspberries, currants, and a large grain: arbor,covered with choice vines, from which 8 to 10 bushels of grapes are gath ered annually! also a handsome flower garden, or namental fioes, Ac., Ac. The buildings consist, of a tine brick House, three stories high, containing 16 rooms, with large two story brick L; a tine new stable and carriage house adjoining the L; together with two bains, one new, so by 40 feet; wood sheds, work shopsImd other out buildings, all in good order. There is a convenient and abundant supply of well water; also a large never-tailing cistern of soil water in cellar of L. In addition to the above farm, and laying adjacent to it, are t wo otlier lots, each containing 110 acres of ibe finest tillage and luia>>er land in the countv; either or both of which will l»e sold hi connection wither separate from ilie Home Farm. For pnrticu lars enquire of lion. Geo. W. Woodman, firm ot Woodman, True & Co, or of »F. N. Lord, firm ot Steven*. Lord A Haskell, Portland, or of J. E. F. CUSHMAN, on tLe premises. mci 4deodAw3w House tor Hate. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard sod soil water, good lot centrally located—con venient lor two lainilies, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1*4 Fore St,, J. A. FEN DEI!SON. Jan. 21, 1887. dtf I^UTICE. I will sell on favorable terms as to J.S payment, or letl'or a term of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Frauklln streets, aud on Franklin street,including ibccorucr oi i-ruukiiitand Fore streets. Apply to Will. MILLIARD, Hangor, or SMITH & IrEED Attorneys, Portland, jyigtl ~a-— — -—-— Desia'ublc Store laots FOR SALE, 17 COIIIIIIERCIAL STREET. fPHIS subscribers otter tor sale the lot of land on X the southerly side ot Commercial Street, headot Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 by ISO feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS II. PER LEV, Oct 18 tf „r W. S. DANA. Fop Lease. THE valuable lot of land corner of Middle and Plumb Strcels, lor a term of tears. Enquire of < C. MITCH ELI. A- SON, Aug. 28. 1888—dlt 178 Fore Street. Farm for Hale. I WILL sell my larin near Allen’s Comer West brook, .about three miles from Portland, one mile from horse cars, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said until emitains about loo acr. s. part ot it verv valuable for tillage, and part ol il fur building lots There is a good house, two large barns, and out bous eson the premises. I twill be sold together nr iu Inis to suit purchasers CY11US TliURLUW ’J11_ lli8 Commercial st. Piles and Lumber Wanted For Union Wharf. 250 to 300 Spruce and Hemlock Files 25 feet I 25 to f.O Spruce ami Hemloetc Files 30 feet long. loo Hnckmetae Fenders v5 feet long. .. All not less than 12in. at tin- hot and 8 at the top. Also 55o leet running feet hemlock x ■— l*M» sticks hemlock 10 to 12feet long 8vs. 35 to40 M3 in hemlock plank 15, 20 and 25 leet ,0"pplv to JOSEPH H. WHITE, March 8—eorlSw " hartiuger, Portable Steam Engines, COMBINING the Maximum ol efficiency, dura. bditv and economy with the minimum ol weight and price. They art) widely and favorably known, more than B1H» being iu use. All warranted satis factory, or no sale Descriptive circulars -cut on application. Address J. C. HOADI.GY & CIO. Lawrence. Mas*. Feb 8. 1887—dim EN TEKTAINMEATS. I'^estival nnd Levee rr"^,';a lie’11,11,10 Strvvl M. K. i b.ircl * wi)l ‘will a l. vce an.! Fml at tho A Ell ClIVlieii, Moiintj’orl Street Wednesday Kvruiniad, Marelt ill. tbechurehT*1’ W|U t® LwardaroduclBd the debt o Adiulsslun 25 cts. Children 15 ccnla. _fcfi^Bofreshment8 for Sale. marl2d2 Promenade Concert A PromenaJe Convert under the dircc ion of tlio Oougirsd fejuare Ladies’ So<ialCi cla will be given on WEDNESDA Y EVE’G, March 13 AT MKt 111*11’*’ HAIL, Dancing*! o commence at 8 o’clock. i if "Tickets Ir sale at Short & Loring’s, Hailey <5 | Noyes’, Lowell & Senu r’s autl at tlie door. I mdillu.ii OEEIUNG 1IALL, * hursday and Friday Eva'gy, Match 14& ]5 ,,,‘ ,ur“ ”f ,hc Warld’s Vsrerilra, AA c// «t* <*€ii/for<l*8 Minstrel , i. i T11E C,UKA r EASTERN TROUPE, ' progrtuuiuv "i!,*1.*”” ’’Ilhe,r eolclirnfcd Minstrel programn«, the Ura,.,l M o«cd Punenuou ol Sherman’s March to the Sea! A l aiure alike commendable t ,r ii. . , . in.lrioUo., ,'“‘U,U“"‘e“l0J,‘l iicuhey iioi idu:urv ... „ oi nil Darkies, has been engauod I.V 11 tL » kn»g Fee will appear ill the latestnovelities. '** troul*’ *»»d 1 »oor» open at 7, to commence at «. lAf Tickets 50 c lits; (iullery :v» cents „r ^ LOW ^AYfdOKD, Manager Wm. Foot, *J>., i . * ‘Mr C. E. Lkuakdsux, } Ahrg^s, mchlldSt CIT1 1VOTICB8. CBMV OF FOKTLA1ND. TO THE EI.KfTOUs OF TUK CTT1 OF POUTIiAND. IN pursuance of war ran is from the Mayor ami Al dermen of the City of Portland, the iuhnbitueii thereof, qualified according to law, will met m thoii respective Ward Looms, on Friday, the Fifteenth day of iHarrh ImmI. at ten o’clock in the forenoon, to give in ttnir votti upon the following question, to wit: “Shall the act pass, d hj (he Legislature February 27, 1*87, and approved February 28ib ulL, .mil entit led “An Act lo enable the City of Portland to aid in rebuilding said » u \o McondP Those in hrotoi such acceptance shall have the word Y FS Written or printcil upon their ballot, and those opposed tho word NO. The polls to remain open until four o’clock in the afternoon, when they shall be closed. The Abtcrmen of said City will be in scsftiou in the Common Comal Loom, in Market llall, from nine o'clock A. M. to one o'clock 1*. M. on each of the three ilays next preceding such day of meeting, for the purpose of receiving evidence of the qualification of voters whose names are not on the lists of quali tied voters, and for correcting said lists. Per Order, J. M. HEATH, City t lerk. Portland, March 7, 1807. did THE CENTRAL Pacific R. R, Co. Having Coin pi eted, Equipped and pat in operation nearly One Hundred Miles of their Hoad,from Sacramento, Cal ifornia, to within 1: Miles of the summit of the Sierra Ne vada Mountains, continue to offer for sale, though us, thei r FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS l.xsueil in cvnformUy with the Acts ol Congr.'ss and the law* ol the State ol California, iiion tho ilivimon of their lloail located In the State ol Californio, ami extending one hundred and llltv six miles from Suc r*memo City to the California state lino. The llonds hare thirty years to run from July 1, I860, and are secured by a First Mortsjajre, consitniting an absolute prior lien on the portion of Itoad above tunn ed, with all the Bights, Branch ises, Equipments, die., pertaining there to. The amount of these First Mortgage Bonds to be issued per mile is limited by law to the amount ol United States Bonds allowed am! issned to aid the construction of the Itoad, and the mortgage by which they arc secured is Declared by Act #f €•« fgrr«M to eonsfitufc a lien prior mail super! ®r to that of the United Nan (cm Government. Interest at the rate of Six percent, per Annum, payable Semi-Annually, on the First days of Janu ary and July. Principal and Interest payable in United States Cold Coin, In the city of New York. The price of the Bonds is fixed tor tho present at 95 per cent., and accrued interest from January 1st in Currency, the Compauy reserving the right to ad vance the price whenever it is their interest to do so. Tho Road forms the Western part of the MAIN TRUNK OF THE Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted, and aided by The United States Government. It runs through the heart of (he richest and most papulous section of the State of California, connect ing the Extensive Minins: Keg ions of Ne vada, Utah and Idaho With Sacramento ami tin* Pacific Coast, irom whence their supplies must he drawn; and the Earnings of the portion already running are very heavy, ami LARGELY IN EXUKSS OF T1IE INTEREST UPON THE Company’s Bonus. Having been for some time familiar with the ope rations of the Central Pacific Railroad Company, w'c are satisfied that they arc conducted with rare abili ty and prudence, and that the energetic and econom ical management of the Company’s a flairs entitles them to the confidence of Capitalists and the public. We have carefully investigated the the progress, re sources, and prospects of the road, and have the ftill est confidence in its success, and in the value and stability of the Company’s seeurilk-. The attention of Trustees of Estates, Institutions, ami Individuals desiring a long, sale and remunerative investment, is especially invited to these First Mortgage Bonds. Orders may be forwarded to us dirt cfc, or through the principal hanks and Bankers hi aft [.arts of the country. Remittances may be made in drafts on New York, or in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds current in this city, and the Bonds will be f trwaried to any address V.y Fxprexs, free of charge. Inquiries for further particulars, by mail or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. l^isslc Hatch, Ranker* and Dealer* in Goverunaeiai Me curilicn, jVo. !i Nassau Street, X. Y. N. B.—All kinds of Government. Securities receiv ed ;it the full market price in exchange for the above Bonds. Also HsT All descriptions of Government Securities kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Solti, or Exchanged. «y-Ohl Coin and U. S. Coupons bought, sold, and collected. DejtosUs received on liberal terms, subject to check at sight, tP ' Cnllectkm* m:ulc 1 I hr country, ty Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds 1 Knight mid sold al. llie Stock Exchange on commission lin- cash. Speciaf Attention given to the Exchange of SEVEN-THIRTY NOTES of all ihe Series for Ihe Xeiv FIVE-TWENTY BONDS of lStiii, on the most favorable terms. niar9dlm MR. ?F. HA VEMAXX contemplates making Portland his residence, and • will l»e prepared to give lessons in Music and tlie German and Span ish AFTER APRIL •. IS4I7. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their address at Paine's Music store, comer ol * enter atnl Congress Streets, where circulars may he Inuml. Hefermett-Hon. A. K. Stevens,TVr.S. Fitch, rhas. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Stevens, Esq , N P. It), h ardson, Esq., H. Jlali, Esq. rachlgeudlm Freedom Notice. I hereby relinquish to ni.v son, Wallace W. Sas ic » on, tlic remainder of his minority uniil he b> comes twenty-one years ot age, and f s|,a|| nr . debts ot his contracting nor claim any of his c " alter this date. AMOS SANVinlOtf®* Naplss, Feb. M, 1867,_ luaVldcmitiw* Profitable and Safe Business GRIST MILL. DEEBING’S bridge. rpiIK subscriber offers tor sale this long established * 4 , «KWT *11,1,. It ir situated on the great tlinronghhuv into Portland i ot the best hack country travel, and also t.» supply t’ity tr;ide of Portland, and a gtnwl i»art ol West brook with Meal and Feed. There are :t run of | Stones—one for Halt with a Dry Boom for same, anti i Elevators lor Porn and Salt—nil In good running or- j der ami now i>ccupied, but w ill be vacated, having I built a Now Mill in Falmouth. If not sold, a thor ougli Miller with some capital can have an opportu nity to run it on joint account. Apply to EUWARD H. BURGlN, IHo. HO < •miNrrcinl Mt. feb23 deodtf AUCTION VAt.tlH. ! /u iun!lVU!,P<' ut '".t on. ,, OiI.mIJsNo ai'ftwJii''**1 10 «;«'• «* V M.. nt Km- I u e ill Kii.i Uoiuh?souj1 “hul1 Ml1 iJ‘B ’ uni Wo . :en ttwe, i;,*k St >““£.■* *ry' ,“’:Ula,tta_•i.S.Ba’ii.k'v, A'o tiot.ecr. Valuable Meal J:.state t FOll SALE! J>Y virtue of a license from the Hon Judge of > Probate Ibr Cujubeiluml Couiny, 1 shall null by public auction, on SAXUlihAV, Aluicit Jnihia-xt the following parcels of Kcal Estate 1*cIoi.gieg to the estate of the liUe CHARLES E. BECKEi'ly viz: At 11 o'clock A. M., of sni*l day, on tlie premises, lot ol land corner of Congress and Smith Slice is, extending about -II lecl on Emigres* and Rid Icef on ► •Smith street, with the unfinished builuings there* n, subject to mortgages of about #3,0(0. . At half past H o'clock A. Al., of the same day, or immediately alter the foregoing is disposed of, on the premises, lot ol laud corner of ColigJesM and Pi ah I* iiu .Streets, containing about s,OOU s<|uarc loot, «x t cm ling about lab tent on * ongiess street, mihj®4-'1 mortgages ot tf.'igioo ami in tercet. Als<», at 3 o’clock P. Al., <>i the same day, on tho premises, lot *>i Lind corner ot Yaugiian and Pilio Sitcom, about 21*0 teuton Vaughan Street ami 143 on Pine Street, subject to mortgages of $4,640 and In terest. Said lots are located in the most desirable parts of tlie city, and oher excellent inducements to builders and capitalists to purchase. S. IS. BECKETT, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY a SUN, Auctioneer*. Portland, February 13, 18o7. Oa wtd I .11. Fivm A ( O., tuiiionrm, OFFICE PLUM STHEET. Farm in Scarboru’ at Auction, ON WEDNESDAY, March 20. at 5 P.M., no tho premises. will be soltl Without reserve, tho Farm adjoining tho Town House lot in Scm boro’, known ,',c‘ Uo'dbroth Farm, being nI*out six miles from ^rtland. It contains about 35 mrc.-» under good cuts alwut 15 Ions Hay, has a young wcnanl m flraftod Fruit, with plenty of W*kmI and » „ai Ruil liugs consist «»f good house and out ?a1, *"*?-, Abo about eight acre, ol gowl Oiw Lumi ailjutmjtg il, ui„„,.. solO tree 01 all iueaiu b m.^V . ,7 Vr l"'ttic>ih«r« ™il on the auctiouct m. muioutd K. M. PATTKh * tO„ PLUM STREET. Administrator’s Sale. BY virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of Pro bate tor the roomy of Cumliorb.nd, I will sell »t public VeiHuo, at the .UrrrhiniP’ Kxrhnnire. No. 2 Long Wharf, iu Porilami, on ** 9 ThMr«4lajr, .tlsrcb 41, 1N«7, at 11 o clock in the forenoon, the following parts ot vessels belonging to the estate of the late Win. K. S!»ort, of Portland, decease*!, \ iz: One eighth of the schooner Luliter ]>aua. One eighth of ihe schooner Kellie Al. Short. One eighth of the sclmouer Ida L. Howard, j One eighth of the schooner Village Belie. One .sixteenth or the schooner Izmir S. Reed. One sixteenth of the schooner Adalbert. One sixteenth of the schooner Buona venture. One thirty-second of the schooner Marcus Hunter. One sixteenth of lUu t*rig Caroline E Kelley. One thirty-second part of the charter of the brig Snow Bird. Unless tlie same shonKl l*e disposed of pit viously at private sale. Terms favorable P. S. MERRILL, Administrator. Portland, Feb. 20,1*67. mclild.iw* wJw E. id, I* AT TEN Ac <!()., AuriionrrrM, PLUM STREET. GrLst Mill on Dwriiijc's Hrldge at Aueiion. ON TUESDAY, March 20th, at 3 o'clock, on the premises, (unless previously disposed of at private sale,) will l»c Mold without reserve, the long established 4-ri-l .VI ill on Deer logs Bridge. It ix situated on the great thoroughfare into Portland oi the best back country travel, and also to supply City trade of Portland, and a good part of WetCkiook with Meal and Feed. There are three run ot stones, one for Still, with a Dry Room Ibr same, and Eleva tors for Corn and Salt, and all in good ruoping order. Terms cash. For particular* call on EDW. H. BUROIN, in hdfltd 12U Commercial Street. E. M. PATTEN Ac CO., Auctioneer* and Ural Estate Hrokcra, OFFICE PLUM STREET. Fire-Proof Sales for Sale at less tlmn Mauiifiit-tiuers’ Prices. WE kave an assortment of New Fire Proof Sates VV of the eeJebrabxl W1LDCR MARK, which >tt sr uk hiild within twenty davs, without regard to coal They arc of various sizes, thoroughly tn ished and >e ond to none in the market. Those in want ol a reliable Sale, by calling early will be Mire to get suited. For Rent. The New Wooden Store on Plum St.. imw cou pled by us; possession given last el March. Also—Lot ot Land ud mining uu Westerly side about >o hy (Vi f.-et. Three storied Brick s*ore. No. 201 Fore, foot, of Plum Street; possession gIven im niediately. For Sale—A des rnlde building lot on Westerly side ol congress, near Locust HUxot, con taining about twelve uuudred leet. feL2nlt4 Sale of Timber Lauds for Rates’ College. Lanin 0*fi« f, i . Bangor, March 7. is*7. f 1JOTICE is herein- given, in pmsuuncc ofIte solve to carry into effect clmpiei two hundred eight j-tour of the Resolves of oighteen hundred six ty-four in fivur of Batt s* College," approved Febru ary 24, 1m>7. that townships numbered s, Range 17 | and 10 Range 17 W E L S, situated upon the l ppev Saint .John River, excepting the South: ast quarter I ot the last named township, will be offered tor salo by public auction tor the benefit ot -a.d College, at the Land Otiico in Bangor, on Wednesday the 11th day of September next, at 12 o'clock, noon. i »no third cash and satisfactory times payable in on and two \« ais, secured hy mortgage on the prem ises, will be received »u payment. ISAAC ID CLARK, marsdtSept 11, Land Agent. JOII> CROC KETT, Auctioneer and Appraiser, (Office with Evans & Bailey) mr7 NOC 1 & 2 FREE STREET BLOCK, tf ME Die A L ELECTRICITY DR. W. H. DEWfflG, DAedioal Lileetx’ician' HI MIDDLE STKEKII, Nearly Opposite the I'Mited States Katel TAJ HERE he would respectfully announce to Tf citizens ol Pori land and vicinity, that he a permanently located in this citv. During the three years wo have been in this city, we have cured some ot the worst terms of disease in persons who lnve tried other forium ol treatment in vain, and curing patient* in so short, a Mine tbut the question is often asked, do they stay cured? To answer i bis quoatioa we will say that all that, do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. t>. has been a practical Electric ian tor twenty one years, ami is also a regular graduated nhysioiat Electricity Imperfectly adopted to chronic diseases in the farm ol nervous or sick headache; neui’nigia m tbo head, neck, or extiymilks; consumption when In the acute stages or where the lung* are not lully Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, hip disease**, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, paiss oi paralysis,St. Vitas' Dmea ileafnefcs,slain leering or hesitancy oi speech, dyspepsia, indlges lion, constipation and liver complaint, nil**—we core every case that can be presented; asthn.a, bronchi tis, sirlclnrcs of the chest, and all kums of female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame :tpd Hie laz? leap with joy, and move wiMi the agility ami elastic ity of youth; the heated brain in cooled: the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deal o Li ar uml the palsied form to move upright; the blemisheso< youth arc obliterated; the accidents m n ature liic prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated ami an active circulation maintained L A 111 F S Who have mid hanLs and feel; weak stomachs,lam* and weuk back*; nervousand sick headache; dia, ci ne-* i»ed »«iuullnflln the head, with indigest ion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side .and hack* leurorrhma, (or whites); falling of tiic womb with in ternal cancels; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will iiml in Electricity a sun1 uie.m* of cure. For pain rul menstruation, too >ume luenstruation, and all ol those long line oi troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and w»IL in a short time, restore the suiier*r to the vigor of health. TCUTII I TEtTTII ! TEETH ! Dr. Distill continue* to Extract I’ecth by Elko* triditv without pain. Persona having decavud teeth or stumps they wish to have rrmoved ibr reset ting he would give fk poHte invitation to call. Superior EticrBO M aonetid M.\ •iiines tor sale lor family UK, with thorough instn. Holts. l>f.A> rauaceuniinndales lew patients with board «nd treat lueut at his house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. \t to 12 M.: trom lo 0 P. M . ami 7 to 9 lu the evening Consultation free. novltt Daily Dress Job Office, 179 Commercial Street. EVER! DESCRIPTION OF BOOK, CIRO. & JOB PRIM, Executed with Neatness and Despatch, Having completely refurnished our oiiico sineo the Croat Fire, with all kinds ot New Material, Presses etc., we are preparou on the short est possible notice to at commodate our IVkntls and the public with Posters, Prograunties, hill-heads, circulars. Card#, Tags, Blanks, L ibels, Anil every description ot Mercantile Printing. We have superior facilities for the execution ot books, pamphlets, Catalogues, See., Which lor neatness and dispatch cannot be surpassed ty Orders from the country solicited, to which prompt attention will be paid. Daily Press Job Ollice 170 Commercial St., Portland, N. A. FOSTKIt. ruouitiETOB Elmwood Nursery, ThisSUe W oodford * Corner, H r«ibrook. 1>KEBLK Street Cars pass the Nurse ry every forty minutes. A good ■collection of VVar«ly, Orren IIoum nuil Brililing IMaut* may always l>c funnd at live aboveplace and at rea sonable rates. Wreaths, t Tosses, Homiuets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. inch 12d lw* C. F. BRYANT,