Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 21, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST.NEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. --•--; Thursday Morning. March 21, --—■< • » --- from the pacific. JMurder of the Crew of the General Sherman. Movements of U. S. Steamers. Minister Burlingame and the < lii iiese Government. Arrival of the Japanese Commis sioners. Terrible Explosion at Hong Kong, TWENTY-FIVE PER. SSOIVS ItILLElY. EXPEDITION TO UF. 8ENT TO POKtE.I. New York, March 30. The following is a special dispatch to the New York Herald: Shanghac, Feb. 17, via San Francisco, March 20.— Per steamship Colorado.—The United {States steamer Wachu'rctts arrived here from Corea on the 6th inst. Capt. Schufeldt states that the crew of the General Sherman were all murdered. Capt. Schufeldt’s dispatch to the Governor of Corea had been received by 110 ttriswer had been returned, rho United States steamers Hartford, Shen andoah and Asliuelot are at Hong Kong. The Shenandoah goes to Yokohama lo relieve the Wyoming. The Ashuelot is expected at this port. Minister Burlingame is in high favor at Pe kui. His conciliatory course is highly approv Russell & Company, the agents of the Bhanghao Steamship Navigation Company nave purchased tho steamers Fuscyauia, Hi rado lviang, Loang and Tab wall. They have also arranged with the Hong Kong & Canton Btcamship Navigation Company to withdraw from competition, thus leaving no other oppo sition steamers, except American, floating on the Cauton river. 86COND DISPATCH. oak Francisco, March 20. The Colorado experienced pleasant weather duriug the entire voyage from Yokohama, ex cept three days westerly winds in the middle passage. The run to Yokohama was made without once stopping tho engines, in twenty one days and twenty-three hours, and iroin Yokohama to Iioug Kong in five days and thirteen hours, the quickest on record. She left Hong Kong Feb. 17th, on her return. The passage up against the north-east monsoon was exceedingly rough. She left Yokohama on the 27th of February, with the New York and European mails. During the first part of the passage she had heavy weather. On the 8th of March she encountered a hurricane which continued twenty-iour hours. The re mainder of the voyage has been pleasant.— She brings ninety-three cabin auu seventy eight steerage passengers. The Japanese Commissioners to Washing ton are Ononotomogaro, 1st Commissioner; Gudare, 2d Commissioner; Fukusliawna Ukitchi, .Secretary; Tyuda Senj’a, 1st Inter preter; Sekey Shmpatehi,2d Interpreter; Ge uno Shunoso, Paymaster; Ogassawara Owa ter Baighter, Naval Officer, and native ser vants. Ilona Kong, Feb. 17.—The steamship Color ado takos out 272 chests tea, the net. value of which is 700.580 taels. The French tier*t will resume operations in Corea in the spring. The American firm of Dent & Co. have re covered from their embarrassments anl resum ed their former position in the commercial world. The Chinese Government resists all attempts to build a railroad through Mongola. Tht* French are about to construct a short railroad from Shanghae to Leichow. The English are jealous of the growth of French interests in the East. The Russian fleet will soon leave the Chi nese waters, it is said, bound for the Mediter ranean. Consul General Seward returns to the Uni ted States on the Colorado. Mtich regret is expressed here at his departure. Gen. Hea, our late Minister to Japan, had gone to Altroze, to see about the non-fulfill ment of the steamer contract. One steamer had been delivered and the money paid for it, but the Japanese were not satisfied with their bargain. A grand demonstration is to take place at Osaka. The new Tycoon has invited all the men of war to visit him at Openhirigo. llis disposition is highly favorable to foreigners. A terrible explosion occurred in the harbor of Hong Kong on the 17th of January. An old hulk called the Surprise, used for the stor age of powder, blew up, and, together with the Bremen schooner Themis, was totally de stroyed. Thirty or forty lives were lost. Many persons who were in the boats in the neighbor hood were killed. Powder to the amount of 200,000 pounds was on board the hulk. The town of Hong Kong was shaken as if by an earthquake. Four English gunboats moored in the vicinity barely escaped destruction. In the village ot Yahinatee thirteen houses were unroofed, and most of them shaken to pieces. The U. 8. steamer Wacliusetts left for Corea on the 21st of January to inquire into the cir cumstances attending the wreck of the Ameri can schooner Gen. Slieiman. The Euglisb, French and American Minis ters have agreed to go to Corea in the spring, accompanied by their respective fleets, and in sist upon the execution of the treaties. The naval force at Hangkow had been in creased by the arrival of several French and English gunboats. All fears that the rebels would capture the town had subsided. At last accounts they were engaged in sackihg tho town of Treman, and had burned Kinkpow, two miles from Hangkow. An extensive fire in the liver suburbs of Foo chow had destroyed all the houses half a mile iniaftd. It was reported that a mandarin and a number of Chinese had lost their lives by the disaster. A proposition to coin silver in a shape simi lar to the cash used by the Chinese was favora bly entertained. Yokohama, Feb. 26.—The following are among the vessels now in this port:—U. S. steamer i Wyominc, French steamers La Guerricre, La Peace and Kien Chan; English steamers Scyl la, Basilisk, Ajrgus and Foam; Dutch man-of war Watergins, and the merchant ship Lord C ol lings wood, for London. Business is very dull, and among the causes calculated to prolong the depression is the death of the Mikado. An event of much interest was the departure on the 16th of February, by the French steam er, of the Tycoon’s brother for Europe. The Tycoon selected iiim to represent Japan at the Paris Exposition. Sir Harry Parker has sent attachces of the British Legation to Osaka to inform the Ty coon that unless lie really means business he can expect no visit from tho British Minister. EUROPE. NEWM BY THE CABLE. The Government Reform Rill Ridiculed. Severe Gales on tlie British Coast ed Secret Treaty between Prussia and Bavaria. Coronatiou of tiro Minj" of Ilnnsary. London, March 18—Midnight. In the House of Commons this morning the Government asked leave to bring in tiieir re form bill to-morrow, and Mr. Disraeli, Chan cellor of the Exchequer, explained the. fea tures proposed in the bill, introducing copious statistics to support the principles on which the bill was grounded. Mr. Gladstone made a short speech, in which he said he thought the figures of the Govern ment were'dhsurd, but lie would defer u 11 de bate on the question until the hill came before the House. Beblin, March 18. It is stated that Bisroark has refused to pro test against the absorption of Poland into the Knssian Empire. Vienna, March 18. An order has heen sent to America recalling Admiral Tegetthoff to this country to take command of the Adriatic fleet. Pebth, March 18. The members of the newly created*Hunga rian Ministry, to-day took the oath ot office, in the presence of the Emperor of Austria and the national Diet. Liverpool, March 19. The steamship Belgian, from Portland, Me., and the Java, from New York, have arrived out. The severe gales which have prevailed for nearly a week past have proved disastrous to the shipping. Many disasters are reported on the English and Irish coasts. Paris, March 19. A debate took place m the Corps Jjcgisiam last evening in regard to foreign affairs, in the course of which M. Thiers and M. Favre at tacked lhe foreign polio} of the Emperor, on the ground that it favored unity in both Ger many and Italy, which \vu- hostile to the in terests of France. M. Uouhcr and M. Ollivier defended the course of the Government. Lrvt: it cooi,. M .rch 19. The harijue Alida, ('apt. Baker, hound from Liverpool ior Boston, is reporti d to have been abandoned at sea. No date given. • London, March 19, Evening. The debate on the reform I'ill has been post poned to March 2,r>. Berlin, March 19—Evening. It is reported that a secret treaty was made between Prussia and Bavaria in the month of August last, and that by one clause of tins treaty Prussia may assume the military direc tion oi the Bavarian army. London, March 19—Evening. Agents of the Russian Government are said to he purchasing vessels in this country and on the Continent, to be used as transports. . Pesth, March 19—Evening. The coronation of Francis Joseph as King of Hungary, during his present visit to this city, is strongly urged by all parties. Paris, March 19—Evening. Ia the Corps Legislatif to-dav, Minister Rou her stated that the Emperor was in favor of a partition oi the Papal debt among the Catho lic powers, each assuming its share of the bur den and guaranteeing its payment. XLTH 00NGBE8S—FIB8T 8ES8IOH Washington, March 20. senate. Mr. Sumner, from the Foreign Committee, reported a joint resolution prohibiting persons in the diplomatic service of the United States ir Jin wearing any uniform 01 official costume not previously prescribed by Congress. Mr. explained that it was the habit amoug our Ministers abroad of wearing court costumes on certain occasions. The committee thought it best to prohibit this. Adopted. Mr. Yates, from the Committee on Territo ries, reported favorably on the bill fur the ad mission of Colorado. Mi. Howard from the Military Committee, reported the lull authorizing the Secretary of \\ ar to take possession ot and pay for a portion of Long Island, Boston Harbor, fiur the erec tion of a tort. Five thousand dollars tube paid for the property. Passed. Pending the discussion of the joint resolution lor the sale ot certain lands belonging to the Choctaw aud the Rokee Indians, Mr. Wilson called up the bill appropriating $500,000 to de fray the expenses of carrying the reconstruc tion bill into effect, which was passed. The discussion on the Indian bill was then resumed and continued uutil 2.45, w hen, on motion of Mr. Fessenden, the Senate went into executive session, and soon afterwards ad journed. HOUSE. Mr. Shanks offered a resolution instructing the Commit fee on Foreign Affairs to investi gate the facts connected with the imprison ment lor life in Canada of Rev. John McMa hon, a citizen of Anderson, Indiana, and pas tor of the Catholic Church at that place, and what means, if any, should be taken for his re lease. Adopted. Mr. Logan offered a resolution instructing the Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire wiiy the claims of American citizeus against the British Government, commencing with those reported by the President January 19, 1859, and including all that have arisen since that date that have not been paid, and to re port what in the judgment of the committee ought to be done in order to secure a speedy settlement of all claims. Adopted. Jacob Benton, number elect from New Hampshire, appeared, took the oath and liis seat. Mr. Baker offered a resolution instructing *he Committee on Buies to inquire iuto the ex pediency of constituting a standing committee on labor. Adopted. Mr. Hooper, of Utah, presented a memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the contem plated State of Deseret for admission of the State iuto the Union. Referred to the Com mittee on Territories. Mr. Halsey presented a memorial ot the rep resentatives of Tims. W. Harvey for an exten sion of his patent for manufacturing w'ood screws. Referred to the Committee on Patents. Mr. Schofield called up the contested election case of Colorado. The majority of the Com mittee on Elections report that Mr. Huut is . prima facie entitled to tne seat. The minority lavor Mr. Chillicott. Mr. w llson, or Iowa, oflered a resolution di recting that, pending a decision of the ques tion, Mr. Chillicott be sworn in as the sitting delegate. The question was discussed for an hour, when the resolution reported by the mi nority committee, giving the scat temporarily to Mr. Chilicott, was agreed to. Mr. Van Horn introduced a joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to pay the soldiers who are entitled to artificial limbs sums equivalent to the contract price thereof at their optiou. Passed. Mi. Bingham moved that the House go into Committee of the Whole to dispose ot' the bill appropriating $1,000,000 for the relief the des titute people in the South. Mr. Farnsworth moved that the House ad journ. Mr. Kandall called for the yeas and nays on the motion to adjourn, stating that it was a test question. The vote was taken by ayes and nays, and resulted 58 to 58. The Speaker voted no, and the House refused to adjourn. The House then went into Committee of the Whole and resumed the consideration of the Senate joint resolution. Mr. Miller withdrew his amendment to the amendment ofiered by Mr. Banks, to enable Mr. Bingham to offer an amendment providing that the Secretary of War supply the unex S?nded appropriations made lor the Freedmen’s mean, but the chairman decided that it was not in order now. Messrs. Van Trump and Wood both opposed the resolution. Various amendments were suggested, and a running debate took place, in which Messrs. Stevens, Bingham, Pile, and others, partici pated. * Finally, on motion ol Mr. Bingham, the committee lose to enable him to move to close the debate, and then Mr. Stevens moved that the House a<\journ. The vote was taken by yeas and nays, and re sulted 50 to 51, and the House at 4.15 P. M. ad journed. ABOLITION OB TAXES IN CUBA. Tlio C’oolie Imini^ration. Victori/ over the Indians in Honduras. New York, March 20. Letters from Havaua, dated March 13, have the following: A royal decree from Spain abolishes several taxes hitherto imposed. Though the measure i< liberal it will readily add twenty millions to the revenue. The Coolie immigration is increasing rapid ly, attended with more than usual cruelty aud severity. Letters from British Honduras, dated Ba lize, Feb. 22, inform us that subsequent to their late reverses tho British troops gained a very important victory over the Indians, who had been raiding on the colonists. Quite a number of Indians—men, women aud child ren—were killed by lockets thrown into the retreating crowd. Many of their villages were burned aud their cornlields laid waste. Con siderable discontent existed in the public mind at Balize, notwithstanding, and the col onists continued alarmed aud excited. The sugar making season had opened, but the operations were likely to be suspended for want of hands,and the same difficulty existed in the logwood Helds of tbo northern district. Miscellaneous Dispatches* Cairo, 111., March 20. The levee on the north side of Columbus, Ky., broke this morning and the town is now completely inundated. This city is still dry. Trenton, N. j., March 20. A. Rich, the member of the last Legislature of New Jersey who was convicted of bribery and sentenced to one year in the State Prison at the December term of the court, was par doned by the Court of Pardons in session this evening. Albany, March 20. The State Temperance Society met here to day, Gen. Joseph S. Smith, the President, pre siding. The members from the different parts of the State report a large and growing inter est in the temperance cause and many acces sions to its ranks. NAsnviLLE, Tenn., March 20. The Supreme Court of Tennessee will render a decision to-morrow on the cases involving the constitutionality of the State franchise law. Tt is looked for with niqph interest by all parties. There are no indications as to the character of the decision. Madison, Wis., March 20. The Assembly, by a vote of 03 to 22, has adopted a resolution to submit to the people of the State the question of extending the suffrage to wouieu. Selma, Ala., March 20. The wreck of the steamer Cocpiette has been floating down the river all the evening. It is supposed she exploded her boiler, hut no par ticulars have been received. Montgomery, Ala., March 20. Gen. Savage, with a large number of promi nent citizen-, have issued a call tor a public meeting to be held on the 20th inst. in favor of reconstruction under the Sherman bill. Annapolis, Md., March 20. The bill calling a convention to frame a new State Constitution passed the Maryland Senate to-day by a two-thirds vote. New %oi‘k Hems. New York, March 20. The Post says tho troops which passed through this city yesterday were the 42d Regi ment with some recruits to take the place on the frontier of the Regiment, who are to participate in the summer campaign against the Indians. Tammany Hall was sold to-day to Chas. A. Dana, and others, for $170,000. The Fenian Senate of the Roberts branch are now holding a special session at the head quarters of the organization, 700 Broadway. Its sessions are strictly private, but it is under stood in Fenian circles that another campaign in Canada is under consideration. Four thousand two hundred aud three im migrants arrived at this port during the week ending to-day. The total number of immi grants arrived here since Jauuary 1st is 21,176. t The board of trustees of the Peabody educa tion i'uud reassembled at the Fifth Avenue Hotel this afternoon. The session was private, but it is understood that no definite action as regards the disposal of the fund has been taken. Mr. Peabody will be entertained this evening by a grand banquet at the residence of ex-Gov. Hamilton Fish. The flour store of B. W. Moses, on Front street, was damaged by fire this morning to the extent of $8000. Fully insured. P.M. Brown, provision dealer, also lost $2000. Insured. The three men who outraged three working womeu in Williamsburg some mon'hs ago have been sentenced to State Prison for fifteen years. I From 'He*iro — Kumorcil Defeat ©f th© Liberals near Nan Luis* San Francisco, March 20. The steamship Oriflamme arrived to-day lrom Mazutlan, with advices to the 13th iust. It was rumored at Mazatlan that a battle had taken place between the Liberals and Imperi alists, near San Luis Potosi, in which th? Lib erals had been defeated witli heavy loss. This news is not confirmed by any dispatches wliich have been received by Consul Godey, nor by the correspondents of prominent merchants in the Mexican trade. Nomination for fongrr*. Arre-t of u De> faullrr. Louisville, Ky., March 20. The Union Republicans to-day nominated Col. Wm. A. Bullett, of this city, for Congress from this district. A lafge ratification meeting was hold to-night at the Court House, which endorsed the platform of the Union party adopted February 26th at Frankfort. Samuel Cooper, a fugitive from justice from Indiana, who absconded some time ago with a large amount of the school fund, has been ar rested. KntiArntion of the i'ouHtliuiional Amend ment by iflnsMichusetfs. Boston, March 20. The Senate this afternoon ordered the rcso tiou concerning the amendment to flic Consti tution of the United States to a third reading by a vote of 27 to 6, and as the House had taken a similar action last week, the President of the Senate officially announced that the Legislature of Massachusetts had ratified the 1 amendment to the Constitution of tho Uuited States. THE MARKETS. Viunucial. New York. March as. Gold closed stronger, tlie final quotation being dc Ijf. Government securities duil aud steady. 'The stock market was heavy at the last open board, and lower after call. Petroleum and Mining stocks generally active and firm. Wen- Work Market. New York, March 20. Cotton—heavy; sales 1,000 bales; Middling uplands at 314c. Flour—10 @ 15e higher; sales 11,400 bbls.; Stale at U50 o 1240; Hound hoop Ohio 1140 ® 13 2s; Western at 950 « 13 40; Southern at 10 yo ® 1C 75. I Wheat —dull and urn-lianged; sales 18,100 hush. Corn—1 «;2c lower; sales 97,000bush. Mixed West ern at 1 184 ® 1 -0* Oats— 1 (*> 2c lower; sales 34,000 bush.; Western at «4 «’ C5c. Beef—firmer; sales 9,' 0 bbls. Pork—fluctuating; sales 4250 ht»ls.; new mess at 23 35 ® 23 50; regular old at, 22 00 ® 22 50. Lard—heavy; sales 725 bids, at 12j @ 138o. Sugars—duil; sales ol‘ 500 hhds Muscovado at 101 @ 114c. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—firm. Oils—dull; Linseed 1 30 ® 1 33. Petroleum—firm; sales crude at 16@16jc. Kefin ed bonded at 23 @ 24c. Tallow—steadly; sales at 11 @ ll^c. Wool—domestic quiet and unchanged; forelgu firm er ; sales 500,000 lbs. at 50 ® 67^0 for domestic fleece; 74c for picked locks; 43 ® 534c tor pulled; 54 for tub bed ; 50c for Kentucky combings; 24 ® 30c for Texas; 40 <® 42c for Cape; 21$ cfor Mexican and Mestiza. Freights to Liverpool—dull. Cotton ll-32d^7-16d per steamer. Corn Gjd per steamer. ( hu ng* Market*. Chicago, March 20. Flour firm with light sales at yesterday’s prices. Wheat very weak; No. 2 Spring declined 5o, with sales 2 08 @ 2 12; No. 1 quiet with light sales at 2 40. Corn declined 4 @ 5e; sales No. 1 at 94e, and No. 2 at 89 @ 89}c. Oats declined 1 @ 2c and closed at 15c for Wiiiter, and 40e for fresh receipts sternly; sales No. 1 at 1 23} @ 125}. Barley firm; No. 2 iu store at 1 85. Mess pork inactive and altogether nominal and held at 22 DO. Bulk Meats steady. Lard declined }c; sales GOO tierces at 12Je. Receipts—5.000bids, fiour, 6,000 centals wheat. 23, 000 centals corn, 1,800 centals oats, 3,500 hogs. Ship ments—4,200 bids, fiour, 2,000 centals wheat, 2,200 centals corn. Cinriniinti Market*. Cincinnati, March 20. Flour closed quiet and steady. Sui*crline at 9 75 @ 10 25; Trade brands 11 50 @ 13 50; Faucy brands at 14 ml @ 1G 00. Wheat- closed quiet and steady; No. 1 Spring at 2 50; No. 2 do 2 35. Corn irregular and prices advanced, closing at 74c for No 1 in elevator. Oats unchanged. Rye at l 45 @ 1 48, hut at the close could not bought below l 50. Harley steady at 1 20 @ 1 30 for Spring, aud 1 55 @ 1 GO for tall. Mess pork less active w ith a small demand; city nominal at 22 50 at the close Lard firm; sales 700 tierces; city at 12Jc. Butter firm; sales at 29 @ 33e lor fresh. ‘ Cheese in fair demand at 16} @ 17c for common, and 18 @ 19e for factory aud English dairy. Exchange scarce ami firmer. New Orleans Markets. New Orleans, March 20. Cotton—easier; sales to-day 2,200 hales; low Mid dling at 29}; receipts 1,800 bales. Sugars unchang ed. Molasses unchanged. Exchange on London 145 @145}. Exchange on New York }j@jc premium. Freights unchanged. Commercial—Per Cable. London March 19, Noon. Consols for money opened steady at 91. American Securities.—The’following are the current Quotations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 78}. Erie Railroad shares 40. United States 5-20’s advanced to 74}. Liverpool, March 19, Noon. The Cotton market opened firm at the highest prices of yesterday with a prospect ot a fair days business; sales to-day estimated at 10,000 bales. Middling up lands at lG^d. London, March 19, Evening. Consols closed at 91 for money. American Securities.—The following are the closing prices of American securities: Erie Railway shares 39}. Illinois Central shares’78 ex-div. Unit ed States 0-20’s 74}. Frankfort, March 19, Evening. United States 5-20 bonds are quoted at 77}. Liverpool.March 19, Evening. Tho Cotton market closed quiet and steady at !3}d for Middling Orleans; sales to-day 10,000 ’ bales.— Breadstufis—Tho market is firm. Wheat—Milwau kee and h.: l>cr 13s 3d per cental. Corn 41s Gd for Mixed Western. American Barley 4s 7d per 60 lbs. Produce—Ashes at 34s for pots. Spirits Turpentine 37s Gd per cwt. Petroleum, refined Pennsylvania and Canada White at Is 7d. London, March 20, Noon. Consols oi>ened at 91 for money. ■American Securities.—The following are the closing quotations lor American Securities: U. S. 5-20’s74}; Illinois Central shares 78}; Erie Railroad shares 40}. Liverpool, March 20, Noon. Cotton opened quiet; sales to-day estimated at 8,000 bales; Middling uplands 13}d. Hong Kong and Yokohama Markets* Hong Kong, Feb. 17. To-day being the Chinese New Year tl ere is no business doing. AH kinds ot goods for export are Ann at last month’s prices. American drills nomi nal. Exchange on London 6 month’s bank 72 pence. Paris credits, 4 montlis. 700 trance. Malacca opium 585@ 590; new opium 430 @434. Freights to Lon don—tea £1108 per ton. Yokohama, Japan, Feb. 26. All kinds of cotton goods are dull. Exchange on London, 6 month’s sigut, 4s 4}d; credits, G month’s, 4s5}d. Freights to London £3; to New York £2 Is per sail, and #45 per steamer. Teas—finest, 31 @ 41c; medium 21 @ 25c. Brighton Market. Brighton, March 20. At market for the current week: Cattle, 1305; Sheep and'Lambs, 4070; Swine, 350; number of Western Cattle, 950; Eastern Cattle, 154; Working Oxen and Northern Cattle, 261; Cattle left over from last F rices. Beet Cattle—Extra $13 50 @ $14 00; first quality $12 75 @ $13 25; second quality $1150 @ $12 50; third quality $10 00@ $11 00100 lbs (the t<> tal weight of uidcu, tallow and dressed beef). Country Hides, 9 @ 9Jc $>' lb; Country Tallow, 7 @ 74 W ll>. Brighton Hides, 10@ 101c lb; Brighton Tallow, 74 @ 8c lb. Green Sheep Skins, $150 @ $2 00 $? Skin; Dry Sheep Skins at 62c @ $1 00 each. Calf Skins, 18 @ 20c $> lb. The quality of the Western Cattle, with the excep tion of a few lots, is not so good as that of last week. Most of the Western Cattle came in on Saturday, and those which shouid have been iu here yesterday did not get in until five o’clock this morning. The trade has not been very active. There has been some few very extra Cattle sold as high as 14]c 4P lb. but most of the best Beeves brough 13$ @ 14c ib. There was quite a number o" good Beeves from Maine, but the larger portion from that section were Working Oxen, tor which there is a good demand. Stores—1There are but few Stores brought into mar ket at this season of the year. Most of the small Cattle are sold to slaughter that are in a fair condi tion. Working Oxen—We quote sales at $164, $1G5, $175, $180, $1%, $200, $210, $215, $225, $250, $200, $265, $270 @ $275 per pair. Working Oxen have sold bet ter for the last few weeks than any other stock in market. Milch Cows—Sales extra $s0 @$100; ordinary $50 @ $75; Store Cows $35 @ $50. There is a good sup ply of Milch Cows in market and a tair demand. Sheep and Lambs—There are more Sheep in market than there was one week ago. Prices are 4e IP lb lower. We quote sales of lots at 64, 7,74, 72, 8, 84, 9. @ 94c, p ft, and $3 75@ $11 IP head. Swine—Wholesde, 7c 4P 1b; retail, 74 @ 84c D ft. Fat Hogs—200 at market; prices 8Jc 4pn>. There is not much call for Store Pigs, the trade is not very ac tive, and there is but few m market. CnmbridBc* Market* Cambridge, March 20. Receipts—Cat! le, 647: Sheep and Lambs, 4572; Horses, none; Swine, none. Prices. Beef Cattle—Extra, $13 25 @ 14 00; first quality, $ 1200 @ 12 50; second quality, $10 50@ 11 00; third quality, $9 50 @ 10 00. Prices of Store Cattle—Working Oxen, pair, $150, $260, $250 @ *300. Milch Cows and Calves from $45, $55, $75, $100 @ $125. Yearlings $20 @ 30; two years old $40 @ 55; three years old $00 @ 75. Prices of Sheep and Lambs—In lots $3 50, $3 75, $4 00 @ $4 25 each; extra $4 50 @ $9 00, or from 4 @ 94c p lb. Hides 8 @ 9c, Tallow 7 @ Cc lb. Pelts $1 @ $1 50 each. Calf Skins 17 @ 20c ft. N. B. Beer—Extia and first qualitv includes noth ing but the best large, fat, stall-fed Oxen; seconu quality includes the best grass-fed Oxen, the best stall-fed Cows, and the best three year old Steers; ordinary consists of Bulls and the ;efuse of lots. Sheep—Extra includes Cossets, and when those of inferior quality are thrown out of the lot. Cattle—Very favorable weaihcr for the sale of Cat tle, which was an encouragement to the butchers to purchase, although at figures a trifle higher than last week. Quality equally as good as last week. There were a few choice Beef Ri vet Cattle brought in by William Bardwell and sold to S. S. Lerned, which command prices higher than our quotations. . Shec »—Receipts for the week 4572 head, against 3323 of last week. Owners exj>ected to obtain as much for their Sheep as last week, and a strong effort was made to that end, but the butchers finding the supplv good were backward in making their offers, and dealers had to concede. We quote prices §c ft , off; quality good. New York Stock Market* New York, March20. Stocks—The market is excited and lower. American Gold.1341 IJ. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1802.109$ U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1864.107$ U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.107 j U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue.107@4 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.97* U. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.IOC U. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.105f U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.... New York Central,... Erie,. Erie preferred. Hudson. Reading,. Michigan Southern,.. Illinois Central,. Chicago «Sr Rock Island,. Cliicago & North Western,... Pacific Mail.. Atlantic Mail. Boston Mock List. Sales at the Brokers* Board, March 20. American Gold. 131$ United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 109 United States 7 3-10ths, 1st series. 106 “ small. 1061 “ 2d series. I05j “ 3d series. 1»'5$ “ small. 105 United States 5-20*. 1865 . 108 July, 1865. 107* United States Ten-forties. 98 Boston and Maine Railroad. 132 Eastern Railroad. 108* Western Railroad. 139 E. C. BERT’S New York Goods I Constantly ou hand and for sale by T. CURTIS & CO., 02 Milk St., Boston, The only authorized Agents for the sale of these Goods in New Englaud. T. C. & CO, Also manufacture the finest quali ties of , _ . Gents’ Sewed and Pegged . Calf Boots and Shoes! OP EVERT VAKIF.TT. Mart—T, T & S4w* To Samuel H. Colesworthv. Clerk of the Second Uni versalis Society ol Pori land: AcU.aro*licrohy required in the name ot the State ol Maine, to warn and notify the members «>f said Society, in said Portland, to meet at the Probate 1inr?a!,l ^urtland, on Thursday evening. March -8th, 1 07, at7J o clock, to act up«>n tlie follow ing articles, viz: 1 1st. To choose a Moderator, to preside at said meeting. 2d. To see it said Society will vote to purchase the lot of land belonging to the Pearl Street, Universalist Society, situated on the the corner of Pearl and Con gress streets, upon which to erect a Church. 3d, To act upon such other business as shall legal ly come before said meeting. Given under our hands this 19th day of March, A. D., 1807. __ E. C. SHAW, ) Assessors ISAAC JACKSON, J of said EDWIN S. SHAW,) Society. web2Q*eodtd MISCELLANEOUS T U E CENTRAL Pacific R. R, Co. Haviny Completed, Equ ipped and put in operation nearly One Hundred Miles of their Road,from Sacramento, Cal ifornia, to within 1: Miles of the summit of the Sierra Ne vada Mountains, continue to offer for sale, though us, their FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS issued in conformity with tho Acts ol Congress and the laws ol the State ol California, upon tho division of their Koad located in the State ot Caliiornia, and extending one hundred and flity six miles from Sac ramento City to the California State line. The Bonds have thirty years to run irom July 1, ISOs, and are secured by a First Mortgage, consitutting an absolute prior Hen on the jtorlion of Iioad above nam ed, with all the Eights, Franchises, Equipments, die., pertaining there to. The amount of these First Mortgage Bonds to be issued per mile is limited by law to the amount o! United States Bonds allowed and issued to aid the construction ofthe Koad, and the mortgage by which they are secured is Declared by Act of Can grcas to constitute u lien prior and superi or lo tlml ofthe United Minim Government. Interest at the rate of Six per cent, per Annum, payable Semi-Annually, on the First days of Janu ary and July. Principal and Interest payable in United States Gold Coin, In the city ol' Now York. The price of the Bonds is fixed for tho present at 95 per cent., and accrued interest from January 1st in Currency, the Company reserving the right to ad vance the price whenever it is their interest to do so. The Koad forms the Western part ofthe MAIN TRUNK OF THE Great National Pacific Railroad, An'.lioriziil, adopted, and aided by The United States Government. It runs through the heart of the richest and most populous section of the State of California, connect ing the Extensive Mining Regions of Ne vada, Utah and Idaho With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast,from whence their supplies must be drawn; and the Earnings of the portion already running are very heavy, and LARGELY IN EXCESS OF THE INTEREST UPON TIIE Company’s Bonds. Having been lor some time familiar with the ope rations ot the Central Pacific Railroad Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare abili ty and prudence, and that the energetic and econom ical management of the Company’s affairs entitles them to the confidence of Capitalists and the public. We have carefully investigated the the progress; re sources, and prospects of the road, and have the full est confidence in its success, and in the value and stability of the Company’s securities. The attention of Trustees of Estates, Institutions, and individuals desiring a long, safe and remunerative investment, is especially invited to these First Mortgage Bonds. Orders may be forwarded to us direct, or through the principal Banks and Bankers in all parts of the country. Remittances may he made in drafts on New York, or in Legal Tender Notes, NationaMBank Notes, or other funds current in this city, and the Bonds will be for war Jed to any address by Express, free of charge. Inquiries for further particulars, by mail or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. Fisk Ac Hatch, Hauliers and Healer* in Government Se curities, No. ti Nassau Street, N. Y. N. B.—All kin»ls of Government Securities receiv ed at the full market price in exchange for the above Bonds. Also 33T All descriptions of Government Securities kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. GE#^—Old Coin and U. S. Coupons bought, sold, aud collected. Deposits received on liberalterms, subject to check at sight, GElT* Collections m throughout the country. ESr* Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds bought Mid sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. Special Attention given to the Exchange of SEVEN-THIRTY NOTES of all the Series for the New FIVE-TWENTY BONDS of 1SG5, on the <most favorable terms. mar9dlm . c HI Afau de Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest thing,” and the most of it for the least money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; is a delightful per fume; allays headache aiul inhumation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in the nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dollar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. S. T.—1860.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters sold in one year is something startling. They would till Broadway six feet liigli from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s manufactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks in the Eastern Stales with his cabalistic “S. T.—1800—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing distigurrng the lace of nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and arc death on Dyspepshir-eertaiu. They are very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, sold by all Druggists. “In lilting the kettle from the lire I scalded mysel very severely —one baud almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly and left very little scar. • Chas. b'osTEK, 120 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all eases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. • Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plate engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and thenri vatc stamp of Demis Baknes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists All who value a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation iroiu premature baldness and turning grov will not fail to use Lyon’s celebrated Katharion. it makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand rutt, anu causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic llushed lace, she had a soil ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 23, she really appeared but 17. She told them plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Auy lady can improve her appearance very much by using ibis article. It can be ordered of any druggist lor OS cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by aHDruggists. Heimstreet’s iniraitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in iavor for over twenty years. It acts upon the absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim Btrcxis is not a dye but is certlin in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Price 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract op Pure Jamaica Ginger— lor Indigestion, Nausea, HeArtburn, Sick lleadsuhe, Cholera Morbus, Ac., wliore a warming, genial stim uI.uiL is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap ami reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. n June 14, ’6G—eod&wly Sagua Ulolasscs. - •

505 HHDS. 1 Muscovado M lasses, cargo brig 28 TCS. f ‘’Hattie S. Emery,” from Sagua. 414 HIkIb. 1 Muscovado Molasses cargo Brig “J. 9711 Bbls. f C. York,” from Sagua, FOR SALE BY GEO. S. HUNT, 1 111 Commercial St. | Mar 18—dSw WANTED. Piles and Lumber Wanted For Union Wharf. to30° Spruce ami Hemlock Piles 25 feet long. 25 to <0 Spruce ami He mines Piles 30 feet long. 100 Haekinetac Penders z5 feet long. AH not I©88 than 12in. at the but and 8 at the top. Also550 leet running feet hemlock timber 10 x 12. 100 sticks hemlock 10 to 12 teet long 8x8. 35 to40 M3 in hemlock plank 15, 20 and 25 Jeot 10Apply to JOSEPH H. WHITE, March 8—eod3w Wharfinger. Bookkeeper. TXT ANTED by a young man of practical experi t f %en«e, and who can bring tlie best of city reler ences, a situation as .Bookkeeper cr Salesman, where close attention to business will bo appreciated. Apply to W. U. JE11K1S, mar7dtl' Under Lancaster Hall. A Tailor Wanted. A Good reliable, practical ClTTia can hear of a good situation, by applying to tlie subscriber at bis Clothing Store, Nos. 102 Fore, and 15 Moulton Streets. ALFRED HASKELL. iuar7 1S67 <13w* Agents Wanted ! JUST OUT, Furrngut mid our IYhvhI Hr nui by the brilliant and popular Historian. J. T. Headlv. This is tlie only work on tlie Navv lit the War, ami everybody is buying it. KEOKUK II. BLAKR, GENERAL AGENT, Febl—3m ^ No 8 Clapp’s Block. Wan let! Ini mediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 229 1-2 (Jonyress fit, id Door West of City Buildiug (up stair?, j (■'1IRLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, T to whom good situations will be given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. g2gr* We are able at all times to supply parties in auy part of the State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either a* Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will be supplied with Men and Boys tor all kinds ot em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 229$ Congress Street, next to City Building, Port land. Mo. GOI’KLAY A HEWITT, Feb 22—dtf_ Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ot the Portland Suarur Co., 47 1-4 Danforlh Si., Feb8dtf_ J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. .‘*51 1-4 I’ouKrcMN Street, All per sons wishing to securo good Girls lor any respecta ble employment, will fiud them at this Office. Also please notice. We will semi you men and boys tor any work in city or country, tree ot charge. tr Wo waul good American, Provincial, Irish | and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day tor all orts oi situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX Si POAVARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 2b, ’67. jau30 dtf WANTED! IIVERYBODY to know that store 335 Congress St. J lias been replenished with a new stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Bools and Hals, Which will be sold cheaper than ever. Remember the sign, California Cheap John. March 5—dtf Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., novl3dtt 139 Commercial street . Chambers to Let. OVER W. W. Carr & Co.’s store, No. 3 Exchange near Fore St, that will accommodate 150 work men ar shot-making, tailoring, or many other kind* of business. For Sale. One lot of Land near the head of Wilrnot street, for sixty-five cents per foot; also, a lot near head of Deer street, about 31 by 55 feet, tor $1200; also, a two story House and lot on Munjoy Hill lor $2500; also, one House and Lot on Merrill’s Court, Chestnut street, that will let for $300 per y ar; also, oue house on Mount ford street, with about 6000 feel oi land mouc or less; this house belongs ?o the estate of the la-e Lemuel Tukey, and will be sold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to mehldlm ‘ W. W. CARR & CO. . Wanted. Hemlock and Fine Timber. T f A Lineal tect 14x14 Hemlock and 750 A# V/ lineal feet 12x12 Pine Timber. !>. T. ITIANE, March 9—S,T&Ttf ——————a—waawn——— LOST’ AND FOUND. Found. A GRAY Squirrel Collar, which the owner cau have by applyuig at Dr. Ludwig’s, Congress Square. iuar20d3t# Wanted. A GOOD American or Nova Scotia GIRL, to do general bouse work in a «mall family. Apply at 455 Congress st. mr20d3t* Wanted. BY twro ybung men a Good Room with Board, on Munjoy Hill, between Congress and Fore sts. Good reterences given. Any one having such ac commodations will conter a favor l>y addieesing marl9d3t* E, Box 915 Portland P. O. A gents Wanted Male and Female, FOK KIIIIAKONON'S NEW WORK BEYOND THE MISSISSIPPI, The Great Pictorial Work of the Age ! Over 25,000 Copies ALREADY Ordered, and the work not yet out of fresh. Agents ar« reporting wonderful success. Those with other books stand small chance where this is offered. Agents consider it the easiest and best selling work they ever had. For Agencies apply to or address J* PATTEN FITCH, No. 233$ Congress Street, Portland, Me. mar 1G dlw* Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods business; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references. marlGtt . Dojr Lost. ASM ALL Black and Tan Terrier. Answers to the name of ** Pet.” A liberal reward will be paid for his return to 139 Danforth Street. HENRY H. FURBISH. March 13. dtl Wanted. rA AAA FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest t)U<Uv/U City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may bd seen at the office of the Company, 159$ Commercial, at corner of Union St. Iebl2d&wtt T. C. HEKSEY _ JTO LET. To Let. A FRONT ROOM adjoining the Chamber occupied by the Merchant’s Exchange. Also several desirable rooms in the now buildings near the comer ot Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be fitted up to suit the appli cants. Apply to NATfl’L F. DEERING, No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. marl9d3w To Let, ROOMS in second ami third story Griffith Block. No. 24 Free street. Also, rooms in third and fourth story Nos. 142 and 144 Middle Street. Apply to H. J. LIBBY & CO. March IS, 1867. dtf TO LET l PLEASANT rooms with l*oaru, or as lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street. Refer ences required* feb25dtf. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Eldon *!fc (Vs, Free Street Block, suitable for Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial street. gfr“Kev can be fonnd at E. T. Elden & Co’s Mar 2—dtf For Rent. OFFICES in the third story of building on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tl Exchange Street. To Let. FIRST, second and third lolls over E. T. Elden & Co.’s store. Free Street Bhstk; also, offices over Schlotterlieck’s, and over Crosman A Co.'s, in new block corner Brown and Congress streets. Janl4-dtf ,r. B. BROWN To Let. ONE Briek Store, three stories, No. 50 Union street. Apply to ja3dtf ST. .TOIIN SMITH. To Let rrUIE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, toot ol 1 Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, feblCdtf Plum Street. Liver# ami Hack Stable Notice. HAVING sold ray stock and stand to Messrs. Lib by & Dow, 1 cheerfully recommend them to the patrons of my stable, and would ask for them a continuance of the favors so liberal I v bestowed on me. kDU IlH CLKOTJENT. Having bhuglit the stock aud taken the stand here tofore occupied bv Edwin Clement, we are now pre pared to furnish all our iiieuds with iirst-elass teams at reasonable prices, and hope by strict, attention to receive a generous share of business. Hacking in all its branches carefully attended to, under the charge ot the well known “Knight of the Whip,” James Oa g< od. Particular attention paid to boarding horses. For Sale as above: Ten Horses, of various kinds, 4 Carryalls, 4 Jenny Linds, 4 seis double Harnesses, 10 single Harnesses, 3 top Buggies, in good order, to make room for new carriages. Also, 2 2d hand Hacks. , , J- F. Libby, mchlO-lw H. A Dow. Clove Anodyne. THAT remarkable specific for Toothache and Its associated neuralgies, prepared by us only, can now be furnished to oonsuniers or to the trade in quantities to suit, at our establishment, S4H COXGUHSS 8TKKKT, zmtl9d3t J, R, LUNT $ C0» REAL. ESTATE. Farm lor Sale. THE homestead of the late" Scott Dyer, Cope Ell* abeth, four miles south of Portland Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good state of cultivation, iences all stone wall, young orchard, 75 trees grafted fruit. Pleasantly located. School aud Church within } mile. For terms, &c.f apply ©«* the ^reiiiisc-s or to fc. (>. KOBINf'ON, mch20—tf 13 Moulton Street. IIou«e and Lot for Sale, SITUATED in Westbrook, near the end ot lu V . Bridge. A story ami a half house*, with 0,t>o0 feet of land, shade and Iruit. trees. House coii tainB eight rooms, with lu:ge attics, and has stable room tor one horse and carriages,connected. It is lo cated on the corner of Winslow Street and the road leading to the Marine Hospital, Price $2,000. Ap plyt0 L. A. BACHELDER, i d,. ®’iPli^0W **-’ Commercial St. March 20. dim* Rouse lor hale. fTUIE convenient double house corner ol ■‘•'outlined • ;sPr:"8 Streu s. Eimlt tenement, contains nine finished rooms, r.ud may be sold si paratcly Koi further particulars, emiu ro of the subscriber on the premises, No, 15 Spring Street. _ MBS. S. EATON. March IP, 18C7. maritndtf A Good Farm \\TIT1I1N 3 miles of Portland, containing more than one hundred acres, plenty oi wood and water, is offered for Bale, or will exchange fur real es tate in Portland. Apply to mch20—lw W. H. JERR1S. For Sale, A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. Estate of the late Samukl Hatch, coil tains about 1*0 acres, 40 to 50 oi - good wood land and pasture, good - 21 story House with L., 1 .rge barn. Sheds, Ac. The Farm is located at Weils Corner on main road; churches and schools near, and in the inline liate vicinity of the veil known summer re sort, Wells Reach; ^ ill be sold low and on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm tan apply to SAMUEL ELDlUlXiE, near the premises. For terms, Ac., in juireot GEORGE K. HlClIBORN A CO., No. 1 Sc«dlay’s bull ing, or .address box 111 P. u. boston, Mass. mar lull m EOJl SALE. A DESIRABLE Double Brick Houso, slated root, on Spring Street, between High and Park, with modern improvements, heated thoroughly by steam, piped lbr gas with fixtures; with a good Stable. Abundance of hard and soft water in the housv,with about 10,000 feet of land. Inqairc of JOHN C. PROCTER. Mar IU—<l3w Lot lor Sale. rPHE lot on the northerly side of Deeriug Street, JL adjoining the residence of Gen. J. I). Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front aud one hundred leet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, Inarl6dtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. Brick House for Sale. A good Brick House <<u Maple st, containing tel1 rooms, liol and Cold Water, Gas, brick istem, good cellar, slated roof, Ac. apply to " • *3. .8 EG ISIS, Urtil Estate Agent. Mar 12 cllin* For Sale. HOUSE now occupied by the subscriber. No. 70 Free Street. Possession given immediately. For terms, &c„ call ya above, or at No. 3 Ucntrul Wharl. mchllMtf_ G. I,. STOKER. For Sale. rpHE tine lot of Land on spriue. near High street 1 known as the Boyd lot, containing about 10,000 feel; also about 300,000 Brick and 2U0 perch of Stone. Said lot will tie sold with or without the material. For further particulars cnipiire of JOHN G. TOL FOHD, or CHARLES SAGER. luchlldtl FOB SALE! THE Store anti I,ami occupied by Charles W Thompson, at Ferry Village in Cape Elizabeth i the store is nearly new and contains a large Hall, iK about mty rods from Ferry Wharl. is the best place lor trade anywhere outside ot Portland. For par ticulars enquire ot Thompson at the store or of I. W\ PARKER, 249 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. _____Mar9d3w* House and Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven booms, will be sold for $1,100, if applied for immediately. ALSU: Lids for sale at prices Hum one cent to $2 per foot. Enquire of JOSEPH REJ'.D, Real Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. mar8dtf Brick House for Sale. ON Brow u Ntrcei, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, hard and soft water, gas and other modern improvements. Possession tven April 1. Apply to D. il. Ingraham, Esq., or W. II. JERRIS, ictarCdtf ^ Real Estate Agent. For Sale. AN Otlice Safe ot John E. Wilder’s manufacture, **' suitable for Railroad, Manuiorttuers’ or Bank ing purposes, measuring f> feet3 in. in height, 4 feet width, 2 feet 34 in. deep, with intcri r sole and draw ers. For sale by C. A. & A. BLANCHARD, LU5 State Street, Boston, Mass. feblSdtt House for Sale. ON NEAL STREET, Upper Halt of the Brick Front House, containing in all I '2 Rooms—ce mented Cellar, hard and soft w ater—a good stable, and yard room. Very convenient and desirable. Possession given sometime in March. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, or to WM. IT JERRIS, mar 2 dtt Real Estate Agent. For Stilt* or Lease. The Fine Lot corner of Exchange and Congress Streets, 120 feet on Congress and 56 feet on Exchange St. Will be let tor ten or twenty years, on fav table terms. A Block of Seven Stores in this central loca tion would pay a good interest. Apply to * W. H. JERRIS. raarldtf New linck House lor Sale, MCorner Cumberland and Boyd streets: contains, eleven rooms. Piped for gas from cellar to at tic. This is a substantial, well-built bouse, iu a good locution, and is all ready for occupancy. Apply to Ur. II. JE IS ft IS, Real Estate Agent. Mar 1—d3\v Valuable Beal Estate for Sale. THE line estate corner Brackett ai d Walker Sts. The lot contains over 26,000 square feel. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W. II. JERRIS, marl dtt Real Estate Agent. Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rp&E < fcxfbrti House, pleasantly situated in the vil l lageol Fryeburg, Oxfortl county, Maine, is ot fered tor sale at a bargain, it applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurnilnre and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire o! HORATIO BOOTHBY, _ .. Proprietor. Or Hanson a Dow, 544 Union st. Fryeburg, Sep'. 29, 1866. qtf House lor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soil water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1S4 Fore Mi., J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf NOTICE. I will sell oil favorable terms as to payment, or let lor a term of years, the lots on the corner of Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including theedrner of Franklin and Fore slreets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH & REET), Attorneys, Portland. jyl2t! Desirable Store Lots WOH SALE, H C091HEBCUL MTBEET. f pHK subscribers oiler lor sale tlie lot of land on JL the southerly side ol Commercial Street, headot Dana's Wharf, measuring 72 ].v 1 r.0 feet, f’nr I'ur ttier particulars inquire JONAS H. l’EKLEY, Oct 18 tf_ or W. S. DANA. Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my form near Allen’s Comer West brook, about three miles tYom Pott land, one mile from horse cars, and Westbrook Seminary. Said farm contains about 100 acres, part ot it very valuable for tillage, and part ot it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, and out bous es on the premise*, it will be sold together, or in lots to suit purchasers CYRUS THURLOW. scpll-dti 105 Commercial St. ; House Lots and Water Lots —AT— Great Bargains! lOO House Lots AT PRICES FROM lOl to 15. *20, 23 and IIO elm. per fool, ON Franklin, Lincoln, Mayo, Smith, Fremont, Congress. Monument, Atlantic, Munioy, N »rth, , Walnut, Montreal, Melbourne, (Quebec, Willis, Tur ner, Poplar, Winthrop, Madison, Fox. Hammond. Eastern Promenade, ami several new contemplated streets. ALSO. Water Lots on Back Cove and on East Commercial Street adjoining the Grand Trunk Railway, fronting the deepest water in Portland Harbor," and well adapted for Wharves and Manufacturing Sites. The subscriber being in a feeble state of health, and desirous ol settling his own estate, now oilers to persons wishing to invest in Real Estate the greatest Bargains to be had in Portland. Enquire of MOSKM GOI I.I), | No. 55 North Street, between the hours of 8 and 10] A. M., an.t 2 and 4] P. M., where Plans of Lots may be seen. niarSdedlw then eodUw Maine Mutual Fire Insurance Com pany. THE members of this Company are hereby notified to meet at their n«h o in Gorham . on '1 liursday, the 28th inst., at 10 o’clock A. M. The Directors will make a re port in regard to the financial condition oi the Company, and the mem bers will be called upon to take such action as they may deem proper in regard to t c tutu o • peratiou of said Company. Per order of the Directors. FREDERICK llOBlE, Secretary. March 20. eod&wlw. For Sale—House on Park St T> EING about to remove Irom this city I offer for sale my House, No. 55 Park St. It is good size and coiiven cut, with all the modcru improvements, Battling room, in which is Hot and Cold water, GasI Furnace. Ac. Con ectcd with house is a good stable. Possession given first day of May next. Enquire at No. *49:i Loin auere in I Mi. head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. II. H imlen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN , or of W. H. JKRIUS, Real Estate Agent. JairfOeodti FOR 8AL1. A Desirable Residence at Cumberland Center. former residence of Watson New hall. A good Two Story House well furufahed, painted and Mind ed, w ith an L., Wood House. Carriage House, Barn, Ac., with about Twenty A* re* of Lind, a urge Or chard, yielding some years l<n barrels of apple*. Will be sold low. luirno ialc posusslmi given. Inquire ot JOHN C. PRUC1EK marlt>dood:jw Houses lor S»Ie! rniTO now 1 j story lb,u^sjust completed, with 7 J linlshed rooms. I' within lifleen minutes walk of the Pod <Mhee > «k-r «1, other houses at prices from MI 500 lo 810,000. -ALSO To Lease, • 50 DOUSE DOTS and several Store and Wliarl Dots, at prices from $ 12 to $200 per year. Enquire of HOkKN <2011,1), No 55 North St., between tlic hours of 8 & 101 a. m. and 2 a If r. M., where plana of lots may be seen. Jlw 5<Hw t 0»d3w ENTERTAINMENTS. Promenade Concert! Under the direction ot the Young Ladies’ N. N. Society Will be given This, I hursduy Evening, Mar. 21, MECHANICS’ HALL. £ ^’Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock Mumc by Uhauler's QNiidrillr jjeu: tu nghal C. Two Ni^Iils Only. Monday & Tuesday, March 25 k 26. LA KUIO’S CARNIVAL (MINSTRELS! Universally admitted and undeniably the Champion Troupe of" America! And the \utocrats of all Minstrelsy. (*4 Brilliant i'thiopian Stars. Six < "medians, including the greatest of all living Burlesque Actors, Billy HniaiiiuK, nad II. W. Kguta. *»°v* V«SF Tj u»ecrs^-The Champions Mike Kanano and Ned Wcfet, and the wondrousUtica Bo'H. n^Srie2f Y-il1 Wntcttf--sweet, Wheaton, Church, Bramlisi and r.-iiter. Ned Kneeland* 'Magnificent Orchestra Frank it wles’ Great Brass Band. An entire new programinee by tho Largest *,»ul most Versatile Company, and ii... t extraordinary Combination of lu-u-umcUal, Vocal. cZk aii I’erpmchori-un I ab ut evercoufixiej it, .I in one- urcaii izatioo. Aiiluz-sbin "0 n un. H.-i rvi-.i *emi> .Mi (',* CllAt. li. Okisiu, Acent. O. C. L-A HUE, Mauattcr. luaraihUit Dee liny Hall, - Portland, Thursday Even’ng, Mar. 28. Mi. p. s. (duioui; Has the I ion or to announce a Clraiid Coueeet! With the Hollowing unrivalled array of Talent: CAMILLA I K SO, 'Hie l»est Violinist in America. Madame Bertha Johann sen, The Celebrated Print** Donna of tho Grand German Opera. Mr. Carlyle Peters ilea, Tho best Pianist in America. Mr. 31. 31. Arbuckle, The best Cornet Player in America. Dr. C.A. Gnilmette, The great Lyrical Declaimer and best Basso Cailtan ta in America. Mr. John A. Howard, Accompanist. ALFRED VON ROCHOW, Agent. Tlie Programme will l>e made up ot' the most Popular Composition* of the Best masters. Tickets Fifty Cent*. Reserved Seats Seventy-five cents; for sale at William Paine’s Music Store, and at the door on the evening of the concert. Doors open at 7—concert to communce at 8 o'clock. March 13—dfcd F. A. PRESCOTT, (Late or the Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington.) Oounsellor-at-Law and Internal Reveuue Solicitor, No. I1/, StntoSt., IIonIon. '\m R. PRESCOTT'S long experience in the Inter 1"" nal Revenue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds, ’ having charge of all eases of violation of the Revenue Law*, his amUiarity with Departmen tal practice, and Ills acquaintance with the K\«nue Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly success I ul in making a .speciality of ail mailers pertaining to the Revenue ijyni. He will attend to claims tor Drawback, abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovert of (Kuakio paid by way ol compromise. He will ailvIm parties as to the man ner of making returns in accordance with law. or as to obtaining decisions from the Department at Washington, and will defend in cast s of ' allege-1 vio lation of the law in regard to taxes, in nalties or crim inal offences Mr. Pi- scott will practice before the various De part rue nU at Washington, t! o Supreme Court of the U. S.. and the Court ol Claim*. For the speedy transaction oi business. Counsel oi high standing, residing in Now York, >t. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, ore associated w ith him. an28eod3m Direct Steamship Line Halifax, IV. S. j■ . The A1 Steamship CARLOTT ', J. W. Maguire, Master, will sail b r Halifax, direct, from Gall’s Wharf, Thursday next, *1*1, at 4 o'clock I». M. Cabin Passage, with Slate Room, Meals extra. For further information apply to L. BILLINGS, Atlantic Wharf, or uu30d2t JOHN POliTEUS, Agent. TUMI TILrlXEUS. 000 TONS Cumberland Pure Raw Bom Ay V / V / Phos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons 15. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. 300 Barrels Littlefield’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano, jy For sale at Manufacturer’s Prices, by KENDALL A WHITNEY. Feb 8,18CT. tcll-t.'tmis Oread Collegiate Institute, For Young Ladies. Worcester, Mass BU!L1>JN(»S repaired und reiurui.heil, Now in the most llouri-hini; condition il lm* been since its eftablishinent in ltu*. riiumncr Term iieclio* April 12. Son-1 for Circular. HARRIS It. <! KEENE, A. M., Princliia]. MISS S. B, PACKARD, Anno, l'rincbul. mailiillm Portland Five Cent Savings hank, JVo. 19 Free Street. DEPOSITS made in this Bank on or before April 1, will be put on interest on that day, and regu lar Dividend will lie payable in October. Special Deposits will bo received at any time,pay able on demand, interest from day of deposit, at such rate as may be agreed upon when deposited. NATH’L F. DEEKING, Treasurer. Portland, March 8,1857. inarldA wtoAjui CITY OF FOIL TLANDm In Board ok Mayor and Alpermen, I March 18th, 1867. I UPON the petition ot Forest City Sugar Refinery to erect and use two stationary steam engines iii their building on West Commercial Street: Otdrred—That Saturday, the »*tli day of April next, at 4 o’clock P. M., at tno Mayor’s (*ftice, in Mar ket Hall, be assigned as the time ami place for the •consideration of said petition; and that said applicants give notice thereof by publishing tins order lit ope of the daily pai>ers of tnis city four times. the first pub lication to be at least fourteen days Indore hand, that all persons interested mavappear anti be heard there on. Attest—J. M. HEATH. City Clerk. Copy, Attest—.1. M. Heath, City Clerk. March 20,1867. d4t To ttrick Maker*. riiHE subscriber oilers lor sale a one story dwelling 1 house and two aciesof land, within teu minutes ride of Portland, lh*- most of the laud is clay, ou a hill side, and is a fine location for a brick maker.— There is a good spring «>t water on the lot. which is bounded by a running stream. This is a rare chance aud will be sold low if applied for iiumcdiateh. W. H. .IF.KRIK, Opposite Preble House, Portland. March 20. <11 w* Portland Commandery, K. T., V\7ILL hold its Annual Cokclave at Merhan H ics* Hall, ou Monday next, March 25tb, at 7 o’clock P. M. The annua! reports will be received, oftioers tor the ensuing year elected, and any other business which may come before the Commandery, will be in order. A full attendance is desirable, and members are re quested to be punctual. By order of tbe E. Commander. „ A1 , „ , IRA BERRY, Recorder. Portland, March 18,1867. niarlUij.Cc Steamers for Sale. QTERN WHEEL STEAMERS -‘Full-on,” anil K 7 “Clarion,” 2 years old, of the following dimen sions: Length 10 » feet; width over all 26 feet; depth H feet; drafr of water 33 inches; < f good speed, with large freight and passenger capacity, in govd order and ready for service, with frill inventory. Enquire of R05b <& STURDl* Ac* J . moll 13>llm 73 Commercial Street. For Hale. mill’ FI'KKITUBE. KIATl’BES. AND GOOD I 1VI1 I ol' a Genteel iti anliii ; House. Houie now and coni roily lis'nted- lnninroo* now an.lCLinnutjt,t(wi(N ^ ^BOURNE, Dealers in Real Estate, No. J*>7 Con ureas'St. nutrtldow ___________ Freedom Notice. I here iv relinquish to tny son, V* \LLACB W. san iiokn, tlie remainder of his in i nori'v until ! e U comes twenty-one years of nun, and 1 1.11 n„ debts nt his eontraetint; nor claim anv <>l his eantiiosi after this ilate. AMDS SANBORN Naples, Keli^S, 1S67. iuaiJdc.*l3w* Notice. I PERSONS elearinu the ruins or i II Being cellars wil1 !iml attend placet) deposit their nibbish mi r rtmhlm Wharf. _cejdlti litl S. BOUNDS. Wbailintrer. For Sitlc. PI BLACK WALNUT tOiosv Cant's, nine ami t/ one-fourth feet lone each, by F. INGRAHAM. Yarmouth, March 15, dlw For Sale, or lor Lons Lease. TWO oi those Store Lots on the Northed VS''lent Middle Street, nesr the he el of Plum street, re cently covered bv lit Granite RloeK. Apply to EDWARD FOX or E15EN oil ELE. Portland, March #. I8#T, ueodUft AUCTION SALES. I uluahle <C Productive Farm n HAMILTON, .UAH*., "V v AUCTION . \\ 1 'i*' r,re,ui"-9 •» ttu> March 21st at 11 „Y1.“1 Cv'ou 1 “»1JAT* intcrnling lu return t„ cillWrZ:.’ .th* «’*—«'** That valuable FARM *i„u, • the main mail, ’sal, ■£a,,,!1',,«" ■ ue quarter of a mile from th. WrnliamVi*«1 *;;u !>■ pot, on the Eastern lUilr.M»d,o.iAainfi»7j!Snt Mt acres ot tillage, pasture, and woodiandin* * client condition, with the two stor Dwelling Uoutl containing 11 finished r.n.ui', pantry, shed, Jr* taelitd. with ;i large cistern I n rain water. couuect^i with the house. Tiiere is also a very convenient large barn, ami Stable, Carr.age Iiou**e, ami Shop attache*!, ull near ly new. All tlf> bui.dings are in periecl order nnd built in flu* very best manner,—the house and barn cllar> both being thoroughly i,i iii«ntai. There are a!so a l:u >«-quant ty of euoicc Fru.t Trees apen the | ,s. 'l iic* Mock ami Tools are in pertcet teu I ''dion and ready for use tlie fuming *ra*nii. luiiiiediutoly after the sale of the Farm, will he ,.ul1 tb»‘ *10*:k »u*4 ia»oam with all the hay and i j*,,,'.;* ’ P°\a: 1KS, A'f.,2 horses, 4 rows, 4 heller*, three I wout- carriage and p* lo, one market 1 h'J», ptuhim*. ploughs, one hay w«g«n, Also ..ji °,V0 ,l!‘ubb lMunese, ej»rt hamessee, Ac. • h .ir, ’ ,’ii i !“u household fui niture, consisting of >i,| ine’lM-dH cailM »s, one chamber sett, bedsteads, I ''•r,“tor' | Cumit* 'll ™?ii2,|UtniilJl! J“ 'V?*1**1 lanna it' Ewm Sulcin .ucMiKM,-I, nV’n1"'I*’1 til. I.uilruail iS,8'” ', '^r If a i,'.'. fto» schools, „., „„„ riuil'ir^ST ‘ “""•'r* I make it,, r rcO icii'. i'i’',".' ,'i‘ly to •loiliK l*u-in' 66 in ISoaton ..r s,i. made known at sale. .lotiN ?li iitTH****"^ ,, C ,6 .1 WM- AUt lien; Auafr Murcli 15. dlw H. M. I*ATTK> ft CO., \u.ti«Uc«n, 1‘I.L'M STREET. Administrator’s Sale. 1> V virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of Pro P b it- tor the county of f uii»b.*i l iml, 1 will sell at public venuue, at the JIsrrchaRl*’ Kxchung*., corner of Exchange ami lore .Streets, iu Por11and,on TlanrMduy, iflurrh *il> ISMH, at 11 o’clock in the foreiKXni, the following parte ot vessels belonging to the estate of the late Win. K. Short, of Por. land, deceased, \\7.: <>n. eighth id the schooner Luther Dana. ‘no eighth of the schooner Nellie M. Short. One eighth ot the scln*oncr Ida L. Howard. On** eighth of the ttchoou* r Village belle, oiu* sixteenth of the schooner Lottie Kehtl. One sixteenth ol the schooner Adalbert. One sixtccidh of the schooner bu.ucivenf wre. * »ne thirty-aocond of the schooner Marcus Hunter. One •ixtvcnlli of the t rig Caroline 1. Uelley. one thirty-second part of the charter of the brig Snow bird. • l iilen:* the »ium should be dis[H»sed of previously at private sale. Termsfavorable. , , . f’- S. MERRILL, Administrator. Portland, Feb. 20, H«7. im hld3w*w3w K. W. PATTIIV A CO., AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE PLUM STREET. Closing Out Sale. VS wc are about vacating our present store, wc shall sell on S.ilurdav, March £id, at to o’clock A. M., widmut the least reserve, all the h; ck there in. c oiaf ting of f>r> Goods, such an Linens, Towrlw, Doylios Quilts, Blanket'S rations, Broadcloth, line skins, Crunk, Hosiery, bfairts, Drawers, Vests, Pants, Flannels, Hix Silver I’laicd fee I*itcbcr», Cake Baskets, Sp*>ons. Forks, Butter Knives, Table Cutlery, Carvers, Albums, Note t aper, l in melius, busuenaeis. Kcuniuurs, lab o Danuuk. Also, six Carpets eight Beds and Mattresses, seven Harnesses, Haluip, Cyrc ingles, ba,,s Nuts, taireli Bread, bhow Case, What-Nof. T ibb s, btove, l iat form Scales. Ac., Ac. The above must !« sold wit hunt regard to i*rice, weather fair or loui TO UK I.KT, Store now occupied bv us. Posses ion 1st of April. K. M. PATTEN & OD„ Auet ra. March 21, did U. ti. PATTK1K A CO., A act ion vers PLUM STREET. Grist Mill on Deering’s Bridge at Auction. ON TUESDAY, Miireta 2Gtli, at ;i oVl-vk, on the pxviulks. (unless ptevi'.usiv <lls]H>sed <>f hi private sale,) will Ik: sold without reArve. the long established tnri«t .fftili on Ceding* Bridge, It is situated on the grout thoroughfare fhtn Portland oi the best bach country travel, and als«» to supply City trade «<l’ Portland, gala good part of Wesib- ook with .Meal and Food. There are three run of stones, one lor bait, with a Dry Room for same, and Elova iors for Corn and Salt, and all in g »od running order. Terms c fdi. For particulars cal] oil lvl>W. it. BURGIN, 1:1 hdOtd 120 Commercial btreef. Auction.—Beal estate. ON ‘Wednesday. March 2r'th, 18C7. at lu$ o'clock A. Al., on the irenriscs, the well Known el.gaut mansion of the late lion. John Shepley. siituucd in the centre of the thriving City ot bac.i, ouly thirty min tiles from Portland four umesudav. Tbq house Is In complete repair, gas und gas bx tures throughout; large cistern; • cmented cellar, and a large and convenient s able attached. This is u very »La&roble Munition, and worthy the attention ot parties wishing a beaut‘.ful residence.— Terms made known a sub . For arficulais en quir • on the premises of J. C SHEPLEY, Esq.. W. 1L. RIM USM1TU, or T. K. LAN L, Auct’r Mar.hill. dtd GOVEKNMENT SALE -UF STEAMEIt “ TYRO. 99 Will In* Nol*l by 3'ublir Auction, \T FRANKLIN WHARF. in tk.- dry ol Fort liud, Mo., ou Frida), the 2uth inst., at 3 o’cl’ck I*, Mi, the steamer “TYRO,” o' about r*t) tons burth en, in tine order and repair. 1* has l*een used by tbo U. S. Engineer Department in this liarbor, and is no to 11 gar nee* Led. Teiuis cuisii, in Government funds. U. B. Engineer Of kick, i Portland, Mr., March 19, 1m,7. f Oho. Tiio-vr, B’v’t Brig. General U. 8. A. J. S.Rtiih, Auctioneer, mch 19-eodubX: tedtd Sale of Timber Lands for Bates* College. L vs i, obpuk, I * Ban’or, Match 7, lH'I.I N OTICE is hereby given, in puis once of •* Re solve to carry Into e tier t etaapter two hundred eightv-tonr of the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-tbur in ftvor of Bates’Goihge,” approved tebru ary 2S, l#b7. that townships nuntPored Range 17 and li) Range 17 W E LS situated upon the Upper Saint doliii River, executing the South* ast quarter or the last n uned cow nshio. will be ottered mr sale by public auction lor the lament of sa*d College, at he Land Ollier in Bangor, on Wednesday the 11th day of September next- ai 12 o'clock, noon. une third <*a**ta and sansfn-'ory no»es payable in on and two years, secured by mortgage ou the prem ises, will be reeotvod .u payment. ISAAC R. CLARK, mai-MitSopt 11, LMd Agl nt JOHN tP.tH Kf. i l , Auctioneer untl Appruiwr, (Office with Evans & Bailey) iur7 NOL 1 A 2 FREE STREET BLOCK, tf MEltlCAE ELECTRICITY DR. W. N. DEWING, Miedicai Electrician m SI I DD L fc. 3IKb>.L. Nearly Opponiic the lulled Sintra Hole IVfTIKKKtae would respecttuliy announce to vv citizens ot Portland and vicinity, that he • permanently located in this city. During the three years wo have been in this city, we have cured soma u the worst lorm* of dinem-e in persons who have tried other forms ot treatment in vain, and curing patients hi so short a time that the question is often asked, do tliMr stay cured? To answer this qucstioi we will sav that all that do not slay cured, wv doctor the second time wdihout charge. Dr. IJ. ha, been a practical Electrician lor twenty i one years, and is also a regular graduated physician Fleetrlehy is perleetly mbipted to chronic disease*!n the form of nervous or sick headache; ncuraagia m I the head, neck, or cxfroiuilict; consumption whc« in the ai ute stages or where the lungs arc not lully Involved; acute or chronic |>heipuatiMu scrofula. hip disea.-cs, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the >piuc, Contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, Rf. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, slant. norlng or hesitancy ot speech, dyspepsia, indigos* iidli, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure every case be presented; ustliuui, bronchi tis, strictures ot thg chest, and all terms of texualo complaints. JBy Electricity The Rheumatic, tlua gouty. I he lamo and the lazv b*ap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the boated bruin is cooled: the frost* bitteu limbs restored, the uncouth delbiuntie* ro* moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakn^s to strength; the blind made hi see, the deal to hear and the palsied form to move upright: the blemishes ot yoiitn arc obliterated; liio AO iindiTS oi mat mehic prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained LA I) I K H Who have cold hauus ami icet; weak stomachs, 1am Hud weak backs nervous and sick headache, dtoxi* ness and swimming in tiie head, with indigestion and e instipatiou of the bowels; pain in the side and ten k; loueorrlura, (or whites); falling of the woii^> w ith in* tcrual cancers; tumors, polypus, and r]I ihat long train of diseases will find in Elect v icily a sure means «»f cure. For paiuml uienr'U uatioiK too p«oiii9e menstiuatiom and allot those long line oi troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, »nd will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor ot health* tev/tii x teeth: teeth: Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth bjr Etie* TREC1TY WITHOUT pain, persons ha)I ngdeoayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed n>r reset* ling he wo ill* 1 give a polite in vital Ion to« hL. ' Superior Electro M \o5rrrio M a**hinm tor sato for lamilv use, with thorough instr*i« tion«. DrsT> can a« comimsi;ito u lew patients w>ith hoard vud treatment at life house. Office hours irom Xo’clock A. to 1« M., from to ti 1*. M , ami 7 to 9 in the evening. Consult ation iVee. novit) Tilton MrFarlnnd. Desire to call I be attention to the fact Mat titaio th 40 t)f their Safes gave AMPLE PKOTECTION 'in tb l ate tiro. Parties desiring a FIRST ItATB S4FK, At ft MODERATE PRICK, will pl^ecall „„ KM KRV WATKKlIorSK Mkkllo Street, Partlnm!, Mr al IIO Sudbury 8tmt, It...ion. C*r Seeuml-tiamt Sulks taken in exehanite tor sale. •Ian 15—SN 1stw in eaeh nrnxudv remainder of time. MB. IV. U ii /;J/1AV contemplates making IVtlnml his residence, and will Ik; pr< par d to if.Vi h sripu* in Music and tlic German ami Span ish Gansfuages. AVTRK AfKIt. <• ‘S’7, _ ... lessens mav leave thrir rolls 10 ■; ; ■ , , ,.„:orami address ftt •««»• fireui .rs may >-• fouiol. Coiignss SU\xi'-. j. S(,.x, 111 .v. Kiivh, Clui .. nteJJ'e>V. w. Slovene, Esq , N 1*. Hkh fc, .'J. II Hfti'-i: '!■_i.u. .oiii.. miTioK. fpitK Corporators named in “An Act t<» In sirj^mio 1 the Grecnleal Law Library/’are hert l*> unfitt ed that their 1irst uu ding for the purpose of organ* izirg said Corporation v.dVl l e held a. ihe otPce of *J. & E. M. It an I, No. iti Ere. street, -arimtaj, Uio twenty-third davoi M rch. current,.it 10 o clock A. M. JOHN PvANr>. ) GEOdOK V. SHEPLKY, J Coipovatora. P. B vUNES, ) , . Portland, MakIi tftti awbllMUd