Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 23, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 23, 1867 Page 2
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a very miscellaneous stock. Cross and 1 rask advertise 10pipes 4th proof and 4 pipes 1st proof French Brandy to say nothing of salt l!sh,pork and liver oil. Lemuel Tukey had picked up adrilt near Ilog Island ledge, a \awl boat 15 feel long. Salmon Chase, whose namesake, Salmon Portland Chase, has since come to something, offers a handsome re ward lor a young, red cow, a little white on her rump, which had stray ed from Joseph if. Ingraham’s pasture in Port'and the Thursday before. AA’e saw that cow in AVestbrook two weeks ago. Jacob Itolfe had for sale at his shop in Middle street, “two new and handsome standing top chaise.” Ebenezor Lane adver tises a runaway servant boy, indentured, 5 feet 8 inches high—10 cents reward. A list of letters rcroaiuing in the |>osl ottice at Bruns wick, June 3i, 1804, is one of the curiosities cf the Gazette ; we notice letters lor tops ham, Greene, Litchfield, Bowdoin, llowdoin ham, Harps well, Lisbon and Little Ifiver, all held lor delivery at Bros wick. The Gazette was a journal ot a literary turn of mind, as witness the lo’iowiug curi ous etymologies: Antiquarian* say that an old negro of Cape Cod, whenever bis master required anything of him, would exclaim, “massa choose it. Thence in time the name of Massachusetts.— A fat laudlady, who about the time uf the flight of Mahomet from Mecca, lived between New Orleans and the Chickasaw cliffs, was scarcely ever unfurnished with pigeon sea pie; and thence got the name of Mrs. Sea-p'e, The enormous river Mississippi owes its name to this fat landlady. For poetry, take this specimen: 'i he gruvo’s smiling verdure no lunger can please, Taoagii so gay and surpassingly fair; Nor reaaou la I v dowu ad'jnd I*oh »m to case, That m tortured with love and despair. Ah, well, we smile at the foibles and man nerisms ot our grandfathers; we commiser ate them foi their slow c laches and diminu tive newspapers; but the time is coming when we and our works shall be subjected to the same not unkindly criticism. We hope the critic who sixty years hence picks up this number of the Pbkss, will not suppose that on the 23d oi March, 1807, we thought this sheet the height ot possibility in journalism. With our telegrams and our steam presses we might exult over these poor Heralds and Gaz ettes; but the twentieth century will give us something better yet. We hope the editors in those davs will not be pestered tor copy as we are now. John Ural vs. Tcn|irrnu'c. To'the Editor vf the Press: Io this discussion of the relative merits of Prohibition and License ami the claims of each upon the attention of the people, I do not propose to be turned aside from tho question at issue by any personalities or digressions it which Mr. Neal may see fit to indulge. It is an evidence of weakness to attempt to evade the issue and make personalities stand in place of argument. In this discussion I write in behalf ol those who believe that the only road to universal temperance lies through universal total absti nence. Mr. Neal is not of this number. He believes in taking a “little wine for the stom ach’s sake.” Teetotallers will now under derstaud just how much his arguments should weigh, and that they are not in favor of tota abstinence but of moderate drinking of “pur? wines and undrugged liquors.” Meanwhile let it be remembered that nearly all of Mr. N.’s co-workors for License also believe in a “little wine for the stomach’s sake"—ditto, eve ry rumseller in the land. Will Mr. N. be kind enough to reconcile these two statements,—“I would discounte nance both [ruinselliug and drinking] by pre» cept and example,” and “unadulterated wines are wholesome and undrugged liquors olten beneficial to health”? It seems to me that ever a young man might detect the inconsistency ot the two positions. Mr. N. believes in protection from existing evils. Let us see how. A few days ago a friend of mine was riding out Portland street and attracted by a crowd just beyond Green street, he found a young woman in a state ot beastly intoxication, rolling in the mud cut water of the gutter, while a few steps beyoue were three little children, the el lest not mort than ten years of age, half clad in rags, shiv ering with cold and weeping as if their hearts would break. He saw the young woman kind ly cared for by some Good Samaritans living near, and taking the worse than motherles. little ones into liis sleigh, learned from the eldest that they were on their way to tho Alms House, “But mother wasn’t able to get there!” This was the work of Bum. Bum deprived that mother of lier intellect and sent her roll ing like a beast in the gutter. Bum deprived those little ones of their natural protestor, and sent them, paupers, to the Alms House. Now What is Mr. Neal’s “protection”? Simply and only to seil the rumseller an indulgence to con tinue his work, such work as this, under the sanction and protection of law! This is tin License system he advocates. Is it not a bet ter “protection" to send the worker ot this mis ery to the State Prison? But Mr. Neal succeeds well at answering questions; will he kindly attend to tho follow ing: 1. I claim that the history of the world shows no instance wherein legalizing a crime or a vice has rendered it “unpopular.” He is chal lenged to produce one. He would render ruin seiling and drinking unpopular by licensing the oue and providing legal temptations to the other. 2. On what principle will a license law se cure better liquors? Are monopolies celebrat ed for the excellence of their wares? 3. Will Mr. N. tell us wherein a licensed rumseller “preys upon society” less titan no rumseller? 4. If there be “no essential difference” be tween the man who kills his brother instantly and the one who “produces a like result in six or twelve months” why make one by prohibit ing murder and licensing ruinselliug? 5. Will a young man be less likely to com mence life with habits of liquor drinking and brothel visiting if legalized temptations to do so are presented, than if those temptations are placed alike under the ban of public opinion ■ and law as the Prohibitionist would havt them? But I have already exceeded my limits and rest my case here for the present. M. L. Stuvhms. Religious Intelligence. —The Unitarian* and Uni verbalists of Itox bury are taking steps to establish a mission church. —Rev. Dr. Stcbbins declines the call of the Unitarian church at Taunton, Mass. —Rev. Abel Alton, of the Providence, R. I. Methodist Conference, died on the 11th instant aged 05. He was formerly a member of the Maine Conference, and was well known and warmly beloved in this State. From a New Bedford paper we learn that his death is sup posed to have been caused by hydrophobia. For about a week from the first attack he was mod erately sick, and it was thought that he was suffering from partial paralysis of the muscles ot the face; but the affection toward the last rapidly grew worse, and tor a few hours before bis death the paroxysms were extremely vio lent. He was bitten in the face by a dog some years ago. —Rev. J. L. Fletcher of Bath has been in vited to take the pastoral charge of the Univer ealist Society in Uardiner, at a salary ol $1(500, with the additional privilege of being absent oil bis Temperance mission to give one hun dred lectures during the year, of exchanging one Sabbath in four and of taking a summer Vacation besides. Whether be will accept «r not, will depend on the feelings of his Society in Bath. —Kev. Daniel Webb, the father of Metho dism on Cape Cod, died at Barnstable this week, aged upwards of eighty years. —The Jate Bishop Burgess died on the voy age home from a visit to the European mis sion in Hayti. While there he resolved to procure among his friends at home the means ot buildiug a church in Port-au-Prince. Since his decease his friends have undertaken to make his purchase good, and erect a church which shall bu his own memorial. The cost will be about $7000, one half of which is al ready raised. The Episcopal Board of Mis sions, Bible House, New York, receive sub scriptions for this object. -The members of the Suffolk Conference of Unitarian and other churches have initiated a movement to offer the opportunity of free worship to the great unchurched multitude of Boston and vicinity. A course of Sunday even ing sermons, free to all who choose to attend will be commenced at the Boston Theatre to morrow night, Kev. George H. Hepwor tli to deliver tile lirst four discourses. —A line new Union church will soon he complet 'd at Addisonport, which will he dedi cated in July. —in accordance witn a suggestion original ing with the Episcopal Church of Canada, the Atclibisliop of Canterbury will issue his invi tation to all the English, Irish, Scottish, Colo nial, and American Bishops, to meet him in conference a; Canterbury, on the 14th of Sep tamberuext, to discuss the great interests of the church in all parts of the world, It is believed that this invitation will be gwmlly, if not oawriiftlty, awfpH. Original and Selected. —First page—The Aliment of the Heart, The British Cabinet, Old Portland. Last pafte— Tlic First Love and the Last—a select story. —The Nebraska City News says the ice in the river at that place is tight as a brick, and spring is looked for about the tth of duly. —It is believed that Governor Brownlow cannot live much longer. Ilis present nervous disorder grows more and more threatening. —Alfred Tennyson occupies a farm seven miles from anywhere. —General Grant was urged to become Pres ident ot the National Temperance Society He said he was in full sympathy with the cause, hut “did not think ho was the man for it.” —In Mr. Stevens flrst article to Mr. Neal, as printed, the phrase “nasty beef” appeared. It was written “roasf beef by Mr. S. and the fault of its misprint was none of his. . 11 advertiser of a cough remedy coinmeces with this advise—“Keep your feet dry, wear good shoes, keep them well stuffed witii oil.* Query; is it the feet or the shoes that are to be kept stuffed with oil? —If tlie Republicans of Connecticut should lie beaten by a few hundred votes, which could easily have been bad from the colored citizens the verdict will be, “served them light,” for thoir unpardonable bigotry and pride in refus ing to strike the invidious word “white” from their ’ constitution. They may need those whom they have rejected to save them yet. —Speaking of the House of Representatives at, Washington, the lady correspondent of the Tribune says, “When you enter—and this let ter is not for a day, but for all time_Garret Davis is speaking. He is a sepulchral and at tenuated Gratiauo. His reasons are as two grains of wheat liid in two bushels of chaff— Vou shall search all day ere you find them, and wneu you have them they are not worth the search. His text is any one of the eleven hun dred enactments of Congress, but his sermon is always the Constitution, and it violated.— That nobody listens to him does not in the least disturb him. He purls on, a turbid rivu let ot talk, till some ingenious damming chokes him up.” —In Kentucky, at a gathering of the sover eigns for a political purpose, where high de bate was held on the “principles of ’98,” “tho \ irgiuia resolutions,” and other cognate sub jects, the question of tho I)rcd Scott case aud Judge 'fancy's decision was under comment.— One of the crowd, doubting the accuracy ol some statement that had been made in refer ence to it, expressed the belief that “DrcdScott never decided the question in any such way /”_ There being some dubiety as to exactly what “Mr. Scott” did decide, further consideration of the subject was dropped. —The Winchester gun has recently met with great success in Switzerland. Tho ar morer Weber Mcersli has ordered six of these guns to be sent from America, and sendiug one to Colonel BruJeror, the latter caused a small target ol the size used by infantry to bo placed at the distance of one thousand feet, and in one minute they struck the mark eleven times out of twelve shots. —There arc to lie aquatic contests of various kinds in Paris at the time of the Exhibition, and it has lieen proposed to match an eight-oar American shell, rowed by amateurs, against an English eight-oar. The American crew would lie made up mainly of Harvard and Yale grad uates, who have been distinguished as boating men and who have not yet grown “scant ol breath.” —The widow of Henry Grattan died in Dub lin duing February. Tammany Hall, the old wigwam ofDemoc raey, has been purchased by Charles A. Dana aud others for a Republican newspaper office. —The following arc the returns from New Hampshire, with only three towns to hear from. Gen. Harriinan’s majority over Sinclair is 3124, and over Sinclair anil the scattefing vote 29!)4. Tho official returns may slightly change the result either way. The Congres sional majorities are about as follows: Ela 1200, Stevens 800, Benton 1000. —A disconsolate, jilted German professor of the tonsorial art in Indianapolis recently put an end to his miserable cxistanee by swallow ing a pint of hair dye. —Says the Charleston Mercury, tho worst rebel qf the whole rebel press of the South; "There is no need to give up an atom of our self-respect; there is no need too give up one nemory of that ’ leased past to which we have so long clung; but the military law is the law for us;and, until that law be repea'eil or modi fl‘d, it is the law which the peeple of the South must obey. No one but a madman would council mere physical resistance to the law. Obey we must; aud it is better to do this with out any exhibition of bitterness or ill-felling.’ —The Old Dominion is not stubborn enough to suit Prentice, who says: ‘‘There is plenty of victuals in Virgina. Dirt is all that her stomach craves.” -Ex-Gov. Henry A. Wise has consented to take the stump in Virgiuia against the new lien brought out by the crisis. —Who was the biggest liar in sacred histo ry? Ho of Gath—Go-iiaA. —The Democrats of New Hampshire have list been badly beaten for the sixteenth con lecutive time, and they are trying to extract lorn tort from it. It is rather cool comfort, how iver. —One of the colored speakers at the fraterni sation meeting recently held in South Caroli na, promised not to rest till the whites were enfranchised, but advised liis brethren, when it came to voting, to “look to merit alone.” Another, “speaking of elections, lie said that the question should not be wheth er a candidate was black or white, but was he honest.” Truly the lreedinen kuow what they are about. —John Stuart Mill has written another let ter in favor of giving tho suffrage to worn -n. —The votes of two thousand colored men would suit the Republicans of Connecticut about these days. —General McClellan has not yet fully decid ed what line of steamers to patronize on liis re turn home. —Mr Colfax is the only man except Henry Clay who has been honored with three elec tions to the Speakership. Stale I tciiiK. —The Bangor House is advertised to let. —Til: Bangor Whig says letters have been received from the “Jaffa colony” stating that many of the colony will be on their way home in early spring. —Major Goo. Webster, of Bangor, has been hrevetted as Lieut. Col., liir gallant conduct at ■ Port Hudson. —The Bangor film's says Bucksport lias quite a lively look this winter. Six ships and barks are being built, which with the repairing of other vessels, gives employment to a large number of mechanics. Work will be contin ued on Fort Knox, although not so extensive ly as informer years from the fact that for some unexplained reason no appropriation was made by the 30th Congress. —Thu Hallowell Gazette thus speaks of tho lecturer whom the Good Templars have placed in the field lu this State: “Bev. Mr. Fletch er is one of those gifted speakers whose words carry conviction, and whose labors in the State are being richly rewarded.” Mr. F. is pastor of the IXu.versalist Church in Bath. —The Aroostook Pioneer speaks of cutane ous affections existing in the school of Presque Isle village. Scholars thus affected Bliotild be scratched off the school rolls. —A careless.compositor makes the Bangor Times style the Rev. Mr. Battles a beast. —There lias been no ice in Maebias river since the 1st of February. —Several of our Democratic exchanges in this State, seem to have given up the story reading on their first page, and occupy the spare with romance;—such as President Jolin . son s vetoes and the Biddeford Mayor’s Inau gural. ‘ Samuel Adams of Cape Neddick, while shoveling snow irnm his piazza on Monday m 'ruing, fell and broke one of his legs six inches above the ankle. —Rev. John 8. Sowall of Wenham, Mass., brother of Prof. J. B. Sewall, has been engaged by the executive government ot Bowdoin Col lege to give instruction in Rhetoric and Ora tory' until Commencement. He will enter up on the discharge of his duties about the close of the mouth. We take occasion to thank the “gentleman ly” and “courteous” editors of the Press lor so g irbling our article as to convey an impression which the whole text would not warrant. —Echo. “Garbled"! was it? Surely we did not intend it. Hut how is this? The Echo says: The statement of the Press that voting does not settle principles, and therefore, theirs is of little worth, must be regarded as a singular ex pressionlbr a “political" paper to use. Is not ZVF? °* one °f the solemn and boun ds u duties of every citizen. Here we are made to assign as a reason wliy a vote is of little worth the fact that votes do not settle principles. What we said was this exactly: > Our vote cannot settle a principle, and may be of very little worth, still, as we live in a free country we regard it as our own, and we shall dispose of it as we think best; if to the satis faction of our confessor of the A'c/io, well; it not. we can’t help it. \Yk« 10 twn jrtiflfy «f **#)«!» Portland and Vicinity. New AdTerliM'UM'uiii To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Bootsand shoes-T. E. Moseley & Co. AUCTION COLUMN. Farm at Auction—H I*. McfollM). Auction Sale—John Crockett. Auction Sate—Edvard ltiddle. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Sheriff’s Sale—Ileuben Hobbs, l east Powder—Taylor & Young. Fruit—Win. A. Sabine. Oys’crs H. Freeman & f'o. Wanted—An American Glr . Greatest Invention of the Age. Notice—Kagie Sugar Iteflnery. Copartnership Mii-solution—Davis I*ro. For Sale—J. Merrill. MoImbos—CbaMi.« rain & bturtecant. Houaes for Sale —Henry fcox. Somotbing New-C. J. Walker & Co. Rcli$i«H> Nelicm; First Parish Church.—Rev. II. G. Spaulding, of Cambridge, Mass., will preach at the First Parish Church to-morrow. There will be vesper services at 7 o’clock in the evening. Williston Chaful.—Sabbath School to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon at Williston Chapel, Dan forth Street, at 1J o’clock. Sabbath School Concert in the evening at 7 o’clock. Seats free. All are invited to i attend. Spiritual Association.—Mrs. E. A. Bliss, Ply mouth. Mass., Inspirational Speaker, will lecture at Temperance Hall to-morrow (Sunday)at 101 A. M., and at 3 o’clock P. M. All are invited. State Strfkt Church.—Rct. Mr. Park, of An dover Mass., will preach at this Church to-morrow (Sunday) morning. Mountfort St. M. E. Church.—Services in thlH cliureli to-morrow (Sunday )aII dav and in the evening. Preaching by Rev. John T. Hazlette. Sabbath School at the close of the afternoon service. Sumner Street Church—Rev. Dr. Pennington, Pastor —Services to-morrow (Sunday) all day, at. the Sumner Street Church, at KM o,clock A, M., 3 o’clock P. M., and 7 o’clock in the evening. AH are invited to at tend. Second Advent Hall.—Elder Millcs Grant will pre-icli at this place Sunday, all day and evening. Public invited. Seats free. Central Church.—It is expected that I)r. Tcfll will ro-ume hia labors in Central Church to-morrow (Sunday). New Jerusalem Church.—The services of the New Jerusalem Society will be held as usual in Park Street Church to-iuorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock. Ser mon on Dent, ii., 31: “Ye have coin passed thismoun- ! tain long enough.” United NinifH Circuit Court. JUSTICES CLIFFORD AND FOX PRESIDING. Yesterday the Court came in, according to adjourn ment ot the September terra. Messrs. El ward M. Rand and Nathan Webb were appointed ComnilMdoucr* of the Coort in place of j John Rand and George E. B. Jackson, resigned. Judge Clitford delivered the opinion ol the Court in the United States by indictment v. John T. An drews, granting a new trial; whereupon the District Attorney entered a not proa. The principle settled by the opinion is that an indictment founded on the statute in question, for buying and receiving smug gled goods, cannot be entertained; the remedy being a civil action* in debt. Talbot for the United States; Howard & Cleaves lor defendant. In Wilctt & als., libellants v. Moses & al., which was for salvage suid brought up by the respondents on appeal, the judgment of the District Court was affirmed, with costs. Tull wit tor libe lauts; Tallman & Larrabee for defendants. Sterling and als. v. brig Jennie Cushman. Libel for collision in the Penobscot river, and brought up to this Court by res(>ondeut. Opinion delivered bv Judge Clifford, affirming the decree of the District Court, with costs. Rowe &<Applelon lbrr libellants; A. A. Strou t and C. P. Stetson for respondents. In the case of United States, by indictment, v. Jesse Floyd, a motion lor anew trial made by coun sel for accused, for alleged misdirection of the Judge to the jury at the trial, was argued by Hon. Bion Bradbury for the deicndaut. The District Attorney, Mr. Talbot, will make his argument next week. Naprcmc Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.-TAPLEY, J., PRESIDING. THE ARSON CASE. Friday.—At the opening of the Court George W. Jones, who was on trial for arson in burning the dwelling house of Mr. liarlow, again expressed a de sire to address the Court and jury. Attorney General Frye, who had no concluded his argument at the adjournment on Thursday gave way and Jones was allowed to speak. • His address was a rambling one. He alluded to his own insanity, and to insanity iu his family. Said he had been roughly uped in the hospital, and that he had sceu others treated in the same manner; that men had been watching him here and everywhere he went. He t hen went on to make some unconnected remarks in relation to the various kinds of Insanity, repenting the some tilings over and over again. He spoke of the great lire in this city as one of the manifestations of God’s power, and then went liaok to tell about the insanity being hereditary in liisfam ly. His aunt had told him that his father had odd BTieKs, and one of his mother’s brothers dropped dead while walking behind a sleigh. He said ho served in the Mexican war and went to Kansas in 1852. Lett there iu 1851, because they threatened twice to hang him. After an absence of six'oen ^ears. returned to Maine, just as the war of the rebellion broke out. Judge Tnpiev requested the prisoner to speak of the crime of which he was charged. Jones responded that many things bad been stated on the trial which were not true. He appealed to the jury to know whether if he had committed the crime he would not have used his two revolvers before suf fering himself to be taken. He said he never set the tires. He would not lie for the whole city. It would be a gain for liiui to die. He then spoke of the difficulty with Mr. Williams about the wagon, and si id he thought it would be t he easiest way to settle with him and not go to law about it. He had no ill feelings against Mr. Williams, but thought Williams was wrong in that transaction. AJj the threat he had ever made was that he would pub lish tli#* transaction about the wagon. This was the truth, “so help mo God.” Jones spoke more than half an hour in this ram bling sort of way and then sat down. Attorney Gereral Frye then resumed and conclud ed bis argument for the State. It was a masterly ef fort, and was listened to with undivided attention by the crowd which tilled the room. The charge of Judge Taplcy was brief but to the point, and was fair and impartial, giving the prisoner all the chances ^liat could be derived from the evi dence. The jury, after being out about twenty minutes, came in and rendered a verdict of GUILTY. The prisoner was then remanded, and Court adjourned to 10 o’clock Monday morning. The extra jurors who were summoned tor the capi tal cases were discharged from any lurther attend ance. The regular jurors were ordered to be in at tendance on Monday morning. Mnuicipnl 4'onri. ■JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. * Friday.—In the case of Patrick Casey, Thomas Casey ami Michael O’Neal, for assault anil battery on John Martin of Cajai Elizabeth, Patrick anil Thomns wen* adjudged guilty, and were lined $10 each and the costs. Also required to furnish sureties in the sum of $100 to keep tho peace six months. The Hues were paid and the sureties furnished. O’Neal was adjudged not guilty and was discharged. W. W. Thomas, Jr., Esq., for State; J. O'Donnell, Esq., fur respondents. Julia O’Brien, for drunkenness and disturbance, was sent to jail in default of payment of fine and costs, amounting to $6.42. Patrick Rating, on a search and seizure process, paid$22.26. Deport of rue Ladies’Auxiliary Freeii sien’h Aid Association.—The Ladies’ Aux iliary Frcednieu’s Aid Association, which was formed last March for the purpose of making clothing to send the to the destitute and and needy colored schools at the South, pre sent the following report lor the year ending March 20th 1807. Wc are unable to give the exact number of articles made, as some of the records of the Society were lost at the time of the firo last summer, together with tho fruit of many woeks labor. During the months of April, May and June, about flOO garments were made and sent with some private donations, to teachers supported byftlie Freedmen’s Aid Association of our own State, and from whom earnest appeals have come to us for aid. One large box and trunk full of clothing and several pieces of cloth were destroyed by the tire. For some time after that sad event nothing was done as a Society. All the sympathy and aid that eonld be given was needed to ward off suffering -around our own doors. Tu November, the City Government kindly allowing us the use of the Council Chamber, the Society came together to resume work, though weak and few in numbers; the aver age attendance at the room for the winter be ing not more than eight or ten. • During that time one box of clothing lias been made and sent away and another is now ready to go. We would take this occasion to express our cordial thanks to all those who have kindly aided us. The City Council Chamber is open every Thursday afternoon from two to five o’clock, where one and all who wish to further this object are invited to come and lend a help ing hand. All that is Deeded now aro the willing fingers. Shall the work be suffered to flag for lack of these? M. L. Dunlap, Secretary. March 21,1807. TltEi1 SUKER’S REPORT. To Cash received of Executive Committee, $500 00 Cr. l>y Cash expended per order, $402 r.G “ balance, 97 44 „ -$500 00 K. Mounfort, Treasurer. Portland, March 20,1867. Minstbelsy—LaKue’s Carnival Minstrels, twenty-four in number, selected from the best performers in the country, will give their first entertainment at Deering Hall on Monday evening. They offer an extremely rich pro gramme, and there is no doubt of their being greeted by a crowded house. Those who wish to obtain good seats should secure a reserved one in season. Tun greatest invention of the age, Rep a,]. VWlwoanh Rabun C. Hama* The mournful, though not unexpected tid ings of the death of Robert C. Hanson will fall heavily upon a wide circle of acquaintances and friends in this city. ' The young men of Portland, with whom he was a universal favorite, will ever cherish with peculiar emotions the memory of one of the most genial, gentlemanly and noble hearted of their associates, who, in the prime of man hood, has fallen a victim to the dread angel of death. ■When, but a few short months agone, we met him in our daily walks, how little did we think as we listened to his cheerful conversa tion and hopeful words that we should so soou be called to follow to their final resting place the mortal remains of our beloved and cher ished friend and comrade. Nor shall we ever forget those days passed in pleasant and genial companionship, wheu “-through the swift advancing years Wu passed the merry hearted hours, ’ N or throbbed with doubts, nor cherished Tears ■ Life seemod a laud of song and flowers. ’ The fields ol May with glowing lips Receive the kisses of the sun; And up a tbonsand springing slips The warm and vernal juices run. Ho will not breathe tho airs of Spring, Nor pluck the wealth of blossomed Acids: Fur him no birds of summer sing. No bursting bud its fragrance yields.” _ H. Pleasant Bk-Union.—The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company have now five steam ships at this port, viz.; Moravian, North Amer ican, St. Andrew, St. Patrick and St. David.— As theie was slight probability that these steamers would all be • in port again at the same time, the officers determined to have a sociable time of song and sentiment, and as there was no better place for such a meeting they secured Deering Hall and the affair came off last evening. The officers of each ship invited the crew, and tickets were dis tributed among their lriends in this city. The hall was packed to overflowing, a large propor tion of the audience being ladies. The stage was decorated with the national flags of Eng land and tbe United States. Mr. Bakewell, chief officer of the Moravian acted as Piesident. English, Irish and Scotch songs, trios and quartettes were sung with grand effect, electrifying the audianec. Mr. Pierce, chief officer of tho St. Patrick danced a hornpipe. During the recess Mr. Bakewell gave a recitation. Mr. Chase volunteered his services on the piano and gave the whistlo solo which brought down tho house.. At the close of the affair Mr. Bakewell gave a stanza from the Star Spangled Banner. Mr. .1. T. Emery, after a few complimentary remarks proposed three cheers for our British friends, which were given heartily, and a tiger added. Auld Lang Syne was then sung by the officers in which the audience joined, and the social par ty broke up. It was one of the most pleasant affairs that has been got up in this city. Hareas Corpus Case.—In the U. S. District Court, on Wednesday, John Andrews, of Lew iston,-petitioned for the discharge of his minor son, Charles F. Andrews, who had enlisted in the lltli Begiment U. S. Infantry without the consent of petitioner. It appeared that Charles when he enlisted, swore that he was 21 years of age, when the fact was that he was only a few days over 18 years old. Hon. T. A. Deblois, the Nestor of the Cumberland Bar, his part ner, Mr. Webb, being engaged in the Supreme Judicial Court, appeared tor the petitioner, and managed the case with all his well known skill and ability. Judge Fox decided that the oath of the mi nor was only conclusive against himself, but not against his parent, who was entitled to the services of his son during his minority; and that the son could be discharged upon the ap plication of his father if he enlisted without his consent.. The discharge ot the minor was therefore ordered. Gen. H. G. Thomas man aged the case for the United States. Camilla Urso.—A complimentary benefit to this distinguished artiste is to be given this evening at the Music Hall in Boston. Tbe 0ccasion is the one hundredth appearance of the accomplished violinist in that city, and at each of these successive reappearances she has been received with ever increasing enthu siasm. The consummate skill with which she makes her instrument oloquent, the perfect grace, and the delicacy of expression which are so peculiarly her own, command all hearts and ears. Mme. Urso will mako her appearance in Portland on Thursday evening admirably sup ported. Of the instrumental performers who will assist her on that occasion we have already spoken. Madame Bertha Johannsen is one of the most charming singers now iu this coun try; and Dr. Guilmette has few superiors in the department of song which is especially his own. . Sad Accident.—A lad 10 years of ago, named David Lowrey, whose mother,a soldier’s widow, resides in the barracks near the Alms House, has been missing from home since Tuesday last. The mother and her friends have been searching for him; but without avail until yesterday, when, under an impres sion that had haunted her that her son had been drowned in a well near her former resi dence, between l'lum and Exchange streets, she took a lad and went to tho place. After poking in the well for a short time with a pole, the cap of the boy was brought up. A crowd was soon collected, and by means of grapples tho body of her son was drawn up from the bottom of the well. It was taken to Sheriff Parker’s office, and Coroner Gould was called, who, after enquiry into all the circumstances, deemed an inquest unnecessary. Arrest for Passing Counterfeit TJ. S. Treasury Notes.—A young man giving his name as William H. Hall, and who said he be longed in this city, was arrested in Boston yes-' terday. Hall purchased a diamond ring and tendered in payment four five dollar notes on The People’s National Bank, of Jackson, Michigan, which were at once declared to be counterfeit. He was taken in charge, though not without cousideiable resistance, and con veyed to the State Constables' office in Brom tield street, and gave his name as above stated, and said he came from Portland. On search ing him a considerable amount of counterfeit money was found, besides $45 good money.— He was committed to the Toombs and will be brought before the United States Commission er’s Court in Boston to-day. That Comical Brown.—The concert to be given by that Comical Brown and William Hayward at Mechanic’s Hall, next Saturday evening, will undoubtedly draw one of the largest crowds of the season, for Brown never puts in an appearance anywhere that the crowd don’t go. This season the additional attraction of Mr. Hayward will serve to in crease the public expectations, for we seldom have an opportunity to listen to so fine a bal ladist as Mr. Hayward. Wherever Messrs. Brown and Hayward appear, tney are nightly greeted by euthusiastie audiences who never tire of the mirthful humor oi the one or the exquisite vocalization of the other. Mr. Eus tis and the educated dog “Scottie” will also appear, thus giving a pleasing variety to this deservedly popular entertainment. Cost of the Hoas.—A correspondent in our paper, a few days since,'with a laudable curi osity, asked tho»cost of raising the 20,094 pounds of pork, on the City Farm, the past year. We have the following figures from those who manage the department, and as they are of public interest, we publish them. The debt and credit stands thus :— Dr. Aoril 1 1866.—On hand, 56 shotes, $15 each, $840 ; 7 hogs, at $40,280; and purchased 100 bushels corn, $95; 280 bushels meal, $808 ■ labor collecting swill, $612; board of swill men $890; board oi horses, $390; bought 25 shotes in June at $578; total, $3488. * 15e r'sunil*irf 1itrvo'T2^’0!W po?nds P°rk, sold at 15c., $.{,014.10, 100 ahotes on h;in<l $15 $l 51m • VSg&MF**' “"*•in Mr. Editor:—On crossing the sito of the contemplated "Park” y«*terdj»y, I was sur prised to find a company of men at work in blasting the little ledge—the only natural feature on Ike lot. If that park was in New \ork city they would not permit tho ledge to be removed for any sum of money, but would surround and partially cover it with barberies and juniper, or other evergreen, and consider it one of the prettiest spots on the lot. Beauty in such a place requires specimens of nature as well as of art, and the more of na ture in all its various forms the better, and more especially when the park is situated in the heart of a city wholly surrounded by art. A Citizen. Closing oct Sale.—E. M. Patten & Co., prior to removing to their new store in Ex change street, will close out at auction all the stock in their Plum street store, consisting of dry goods, &c., &c. The sale will commence this morning. See advertisement. A rare chance for bargains is offered. We would call especial attention to the Camphor Ice for chapped hands and lips ad vertised in another column, and would advise all in want of such an article to ask for that particular kind manufactured by J. It, Lunt & Co,, to the superior qualities of which we HMfScIvet t>ab h*st1^i Theatre.—Among the actors engaged for the company of Messrs. Smith, Hadley & Co. wl ich will open at Deering Hall on or about April 1st, are Mr. William E. Sheridan, stage director, who takes the leading parts, a^d who has been performing with great success in the Southern and Western theatres. Miss Anna Levering is the leading lady, and she comes highly recommended by the press in those cities where she has performed. Florence Webster, a charming young actress, is the soubrette. Mr, Henry Smily, an actor of great merit, and who is highly praised by the critics, is the low comedian, and D'Orsay Ogden is the juvenile man. Great pains have been taken in selecting a company to perform here, and we are assured that such a combination of histrionic talent, has not made its appearance on our boards as the one coming. Artists have been engaged to produce new scenery and all such arrange ments as time will permit will be made to beautify the stago and the interior of the house. Railway Traffic.—The following are the receipts of tho Grand Trunk Railway for the

week ending March 9th, 1807: PafwengerB.*34,G40 90 Express Freight, Mails and Sundries,. 5,250 on Freight and Live Sleek. 70,778 00 Total...»119,008 oo Corresponding week last year. 123,910 (to Decrease.*4,272 00 JOSEPH HICKSON, Secretary and Treasurer Periodicals.—The Atlantic Monthly and Our Young Folks for April are published, and will he along to-day at the bookstores of Messrs. Bailey & Noyes, Exchange street; Short & Luring, corner of Center and Free sheets; C. Chisholm & Brother, No. 307 Con gress street, and at the Grand Trunk depot; A. Robinson, No. 325 Congress street; and at the periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall. Periodicals.—Peterson’s Magazine and the Lady’s Friend have been received by Messrs. C. R. Chisholm & Brother, at their bookstore No. 307 Cengreis street; also at their periodi cal depot at Grand Trunk depot; and at the bookstore of Messrs. Short & Luring, corner of Free and Centre streets; and at tho peri odical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brother!, Lancaster Hall. Telegraphic Fire Alabm.—Tho telegraph ic fire alarm was tried yesterday at 12 o’clock, and found to be in complete order, working finely. The alarms wil1 hereafter will he given from the boxes, the keys of which have lioen distributed to various persons. Full particu will he given by advertisement on Monday. Remembering the Pbinters.—Messrs. H. Freeman & Co., No. 101 Federal street, made their appearance in our office last night, bring ing with them a bountiful jupply of those fine and fresh Norfolk oysters which they adver tise. It was truly a “fat take” for all hands, who enjoyed a luxurious feast, and the night hands are under obligations to theso gentlemen tor it. In SACCARArPA, on Tuesday evening last, a few of the friends of Rev. Joseph Danielson, the Congregational minister of tho place, met at his house, and having enjoyed a social inter view, left for his use the sum of $132. That is the way to treat a good minister. TVhat is thus bestowed is returned in large measure. Probable Fatal Accident.—One of the lumpers at work on board the steamship St. Patrick, was so badly injured la&t evening by the falling of a derrick upon him that it is feared his injuries will prove fatal. Wo could not learn his name. Patents.—Patents have been granted this week to Robert L. Howe, of Westbrook, for improvement in self-adjusting guide roll for paper mills; and Henry W. Caswell, of Yar mouth, for improvement in post augers. Persons are cautioned against purchasing a spurious and cheap imitation of Dr. Chaus sier’s “Empress” for the hair. The genuine is of nniform price and quality. Crosman & Co., 335 Congress street, have it. Please look at the new advertisement of Gustin’s Patent Improved Jack, said to be a very useful and important invention for boot and shoe makers. Look Out for Him.—That Comical Brown is again on the rampage, and will hold one of his fearful “struggles” at Mechanics’ Halli Saturday evening, March 30th. Edward Riddle’s great semi-annual trade sale of valuable new carriage* takes place at Boston on the 30tb inst. For particulars see advertisement. \\ Hr sufler from rheumatism? Hill’s nheumatic Pills never fail to cure. For sale at Crosman & Co’s, 305 Congress street. Bt referring to another column, it will be seen tliatWm. A. Sabine has removed to his now store. Fbesii Oysters.—Timmons & Hawes, 15 and 10 Market Square, have a choice lot of oysters just received from Virginia. Steamer Chesapeake will leave this after noon, at 4 o’clock, for New York, in place of the Franconia, not arrived. A brown veil was found last evening at Deering Hall. The owner can have it by send ing to the Steamship Moravian. A Desirable Farm for sale in Cape Elisa beth, pleasantly located. See advertisement. SPECIAL NOTICES. It is or Great Importance That every one should know where to purchase su perior walking drens gaiters or slippers. We know ol no better place than T. E. MOSELEY & CO’S, Summer street Boston. feb8dlt State ot Maine. Executive Department, I Augusta, March 16, 1867. I An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, in Augusta, on Monday, the 25th day of March Inst. Attest: Ephraim Flint, mchlO-tdsn Secretary of State. Motb and Freckles. The only reliable remedv for those brown discolor ations jon the face called Moth Patches anil Freckles, isPntRY’sMOTH ANI) Freckle borton. prepar ed only by Dr. Tb 0. Perry, Dermatologist, 40 Bond St,N. Y. Sold by all drugg Bts in Portland anil elsewhere. Price tJ per bottle marUliliSwOmsn Batchelor’s Hair I»ye, This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous lints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Had Dyet. Invigorates the liair, having it Bolt amt beautiful. The genuine is signsii Wil liam A. Batchelor. AH others are mere Imitattoi and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists ami Perfumers. Fuctory 81 Barclay street, New York VT He wit re of a oonaierfeil. November 10. 1808. dlysn ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKJRT FACTORY I 333 Congress St, above Casco, |EF“French, German and American Corset* from 76 etc to *10.00 a pair. Hoop Skirte made to order at one hour* notice. Feb 0—sit d3in Why Suffer lrom Sores? When, by the use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT, von can be easily cured. It has relieved thousands from Hums, Scalds, Chapped /lands. Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and erery Complaint of the Skin. Try it, for it costs but 26 cents. Bo sure to ask for Hale’s Arnica Ointment, For sa'e by all druggists, nr send your address ami 35 cents to 0. I*. SEVMOUR & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. feb26d2m s v Long Sought For ! Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take .pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, ii not the beet, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, as well ns one of the most aCTeoa .le Manufactured from the pure iceot the berry, and unadulterated by anv impure "° c,lt!l,eart,lv recommend it to the sick us a medicine, and to the well, as a beverage. tJH.?1.® ®£ th.e,®Fed u addeth lcnglli, To the mighty it addeth strength,” Iis a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and Crocers buy and sell I*IAINS> ELDERBERRY WINE nev 27 s N d&wtf ISfiHSjSsaE.JSF TO USEl 1IaR only to be applied to jPHKHBQflBHn tlio Halror Whiskers anti the work is done. T|' ' ’’ Jj N»«urisl nud Humble. 1 ' mm rJ ',,r ""le hy 1Jrn(rei»t9 ami 1 " ■ — '-Jl Dealers. NEWH ALL’S Bc*t »nd Cheapen ! 1UAOIC Pufely vegetahle; will restore H A. I TS, 2f,y H ir to '• natural odor; It xx A M. «, win make the hair soft and T5 4. 4.' SSiK'is- W.u.!not »'»*» ‘tonkin KestorativeSn.ieeh«^tS“rDt^gb<?i !V» * Ota. u™ bottle. For sale by all PHII 1 IPs * ro ^niitithls anil Dealers. W. F. Pnrtlan,l 8 Prin?i e8a.le AT,,,148 Fore St., Hanover Street R.liV n^ip01 au" tnanufhetory, 17 atrect- Boaton. Mass. toblSssWisilin Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur „ n, n, rent Wines. | SPECIAL NOTICES. * FELItOW’N ORIGINAL WORM LOZENGES. WE can with confidence point to FELLOW’S WoR!M LOZENGES as the most perfect rem edy for those troublesome pests, INTESTINAL WORMS. After years of careful experiment, success has crowned our efforts, ami we now oiler to the world a confection without a single fault, being sate, con venient, effectual and pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let them he used in whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their comitosition. They may be used without further preparation, ami at any time, t'hildren will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never fail in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will always strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when he is not afflicted with worms. Various remedies have trora time to time, beon re commended, such as calomel, oil of worraseed, entine, &c., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, luive succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively safe, pleasatit and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers ot the genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis of I)r. A. A. HAVES, State Assayer, is annexed: * “I have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs. FELLOWS & CO., and find that they are tree ft oru'mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully eom|M»tiruled, ploas ant to the taste, sate, yet sure and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. 1). Assayer to the State of Mass. Price 9.1 rent* per Box ; Five for $1. GEO. W. SWETT, Proprietor of the New England Botanic De|K>t, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Mass., Sole Agent lor the United States, to whom all or ders should he addressed. W, W WHIPPLE & CO. 21 Market Square w bolesale and Retail Agents. OP’Sold bv dealers in Medicines everywhere. oct5-deow6niBN n Some Folks Can’t sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations for file cure ot all forms of Nervousness. Ir is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce costiveness and other serious difficult ies; it allays Irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, l*>ss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities* and all the .earful mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine in the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin * Co., augllsn1yd*w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. It if. S. S. FITCH’S “Family Physician,” Sercnty-oix pages : price 25 cents. Sent to anv ad dress. No money roquirod until tlie book is received, read, and fully approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address DR. S. S. FITCH, 25 Troinont Street, Boston. sn Jan29dly f*r t'sughi, Colila and Consumption, Try the old and well known VKGRTABLF PULIflONA K V BA IjMAIVI,approved and used by our obtest and most celebrated Physicians for forty years past. Get the genuine. . REED, CUTLER * CO., Druggist*. dcc24sNd* w6m Boston, Proprietors. REMOVAL DBS. CHADWICK & FOGG. have removed to SOI 1-9 CONGRFS8 STREET, brown’s new block, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Center. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Dr. Chadwick’s residence 108 Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 Iligli street. S^'Frce Clinical eonsqjtations will bo hold on Mondays, Wednesdays ami Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., for the poor. jan28sNdtt A Cough, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritation of the LuugR, a per manent Throat Disease, •r Consumption, is often the result. BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAYING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. For Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Cos* sanaplive and Throat Diseases, TROCHES ARK USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. Hi niter* and Public Speakers will fine! Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat alter an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches arc universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown’s Bronchial Troches’ and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold kvkrwiikbb Dec 4—d&w6m bn Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Cold*' Cough*. Cntnrrh and Consumption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by B. F I* KAO OIK V, # octPkl&wsNCm Druggist, Bangor. MARRIED. In this city, March 21, by Rev. S, F. Wetherbee. Almon L. liannatnrd, ot Cape Klizabeth, ami Miss Hattie E. Dunning, or Portland. In Lewiston, March 10, Reuben D. Ra id, of Lis bon, and Mary E. Mountfort, of Lewistou. In Georgetown, March 14, Horatio N. Douglass an I Ar'cua Warren. In Woolwich, March 16, John E. Howe and Hattie P. Crocker. In Maekiasport, James A. Pettygrow and Mrs. Phcbe J. Berry. DIED. In this city, March 22, Mr. K. C. Hanson, aged 32 years. [Funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, from the residence of C. W. Pierce, 492 t'ongress street. In this city, M: rch 21, Mrs. Deborah A., wile ol George Chamberlin. [Funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o’clock, from No. H4 Green street. In Brunswick, March 19, Miss Mary C., daughter of Prot. Wm. Smytli. aged 26 years. In Westport, March 19, Mr. Albert Creasy, aged 38 vears. In Litchfield, Mareh 2, Mrs. Mary, wife of Charles F. Dunn, aged 47 years. [u Deer Isle, March —, Mrs. Harriet B. Webb, aged 63 years. In Bangor, March 12, Mrs. Joanna B.. wife ol the late Cart. Jere. Simpson, of West Hampden, aged 8 i years. • _IMPORTS. CARDENAS. Brig Anna Welling—1.3ft hhds 49 tc-i molasses, to Chase. Cram & Sturrevant. Barque Martin W Brett—808 hhds 49 tes molasses, to J B Brown & Sons. PORTO RICO. Brig Cassie Gray—250 hhds sugar, Oft hluls 8 tes molasses, 183 hags colice, IU tons lig num vita), to order. Sell Supevo—192 hhds 75 bids sugar, 16 lihds molas ses, 75 bags cotlee, E Churchill & Co; 7 tons lignum vita), 1 bag cottce, to master. DEPARTURE OP OCEAN STEAMERS NAME PROM FOR HATE. Cuba.New York. .Liverpool.. .March 20 America.•. .New York. .Bremen_March 21 Ocean (jueen.New York. .California.. .March 21 Gulf Stream..New York. .Rio Janeiro Marc0 22 North American.. .Portland_Liver|»ool. .March 23 Columbia.New York. .Havana_March 23 Corsica.New York. .Havana... .March 23 City of raltimore.New York..Liverpool...March 23 Caledonia.New York.. Glasgow ... March 23 Africa.Boston.Liverpool.. .March 27 ilanza.New York. .Bremen_March 2s City of Cork.New York. .Liverpool... March 29 Moro Castle.New York. .Havana_March 30 Etna.New York..Liverpool... March 3" City Washington. ..New York. .Liverdool. .March 30 Australasian.New York. .Liverpool_April 3 Minium re Aim anno.March 23. Sun rises. 5.59 j Moon rises. 9.45 PM Sun sets.6.15 I High water. 1,30 PM MARINE NEWS PORT OP PORTLAND. Friday* March 22. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, St John via Eastport. Barque Martin W Brett, (of New York) Thnrlow, Cardenas, 16 days. Brig Anna Wellington, (Br) Johnson, Cardenas, 22 da s. I rig Caasie Gray, (Br) Thomas. Ponec, 21st ult. Sch Suj>ero, (Br) Adams. Ponce. 6th inst. Sch Annie May, May. Newcastle, Del. Sch Robt Leonard, (Br) Healy, St Andrews, NB, lor Boston. Sell Mary Jane, (Br) Grady, St John, N B, lor B <ston. Sch E H Ingalls, (Br) Ingalls, Grand Menan for Boston. Seh Oscar, Mallock, Eastport. Sch Finta, Bryant, Pembroke. Sell Aid, Bunker, Gouldsl»ore. Scb L uis Walsh, Booth, Tremont, seeking. Sell Albatross, Crockett, Waldoboro. Scb Napoleon, Roberts, Wiscasset. Sch Fh etwing, Starling, Monliegan. Sch ltipley R«i»es, Boynton, Roothl»av. Sob Martha Sargent. Closson, Rockland for Boston. CLEARED Steamer Carlotta, Magune, Halifax, NS — John Portions. Steamer Now Brunswick, Winchester, Eastport and St John, NB—C C Ealon. Brig Matba A Berry, Chase, Mataa/.as—Chase, Cram & Sturtevant. Sell Westover, Cousins Sagua -E Churchill & Co. ; Sell S L S evens, Small. New York—J 1 Libby. . cb Harriet Fuljor, Bennett, Boston. From Branch Office Wes fern Union Telegraph. KENNEBIINKPORT, March 22-Launched 21st, by Mr Davnl Clark, a first class fishing schr of 117 tons, old measure, named * arrie F Long, built t«>r 1 ame «Y Co, and otliers, of Provincetown, and will lie in charge of Capt Clias Long. Mr Clark will launch in one week, a sclir of alsiut the same size and style as the above, built lor .Mr r««c ' a,1d others, ol Provincetown. The line ship recently launched b.v Messrs Titeomb & lerkins. lias been named Arcturus, and will sail in a lew days in charge of Capt Jos T Nason, who lias purchased an interest. Sell Snow Squall lias 1»een sold to a firm in Deer Isle, and will be continued in the fishing business. Sch Helen Elizabeth, ol Boston, has been pur chased at Cape Porpoise, and will be used as a packet by Capt S G Pink ham. Sch Susan Mcrrli, ot Rocklan I, arrived below 20th. and got a bore, where she careened over at low tide and fllltd with water. She has since liecn pump ed out. Her cargo ot corn is so* iously damaged.—At Cherry field, Peleg Farnsworth is building a schr of lr.O tons or Ruins Pickell. au<l others, to be off in Mav. Jos lawyer is getting out the f ame for a brig of 400 tons, to be off next tall; J W Sh rt is at. work on a brig of 2:t0 tons lor Capt Griffin, and others, of Ellsworth, to be readv lor sea this spring; Mr S will also build a schr ol 100 tons, to be ort next (all. At]Harrington, Slmonton Srrout la building a l.rig ol 300 tons, to finished next fall, At Uouldaboro, Martin Stevens is engaged on a 82*lr 200 tous, to be off in the tall. . , At lot! it van, Asa White Is building a barque ot «o tons, and will buUd a schr of i!S0 toil*. to ad «,*t tall, At Hancock. T Crabtree will build a schr of 260 tons, to be off in the summer. IHSASTKRS. A survey has been ordered on schr Forest, from Baltimore lor Portland, before re|»ortcd put into Non' >lk leaking badly. Brig Concord, iMummoud. irom Baltimore tor As Pinwall, with coal, put in to Nassau. NP, 7th Inst, leaky in upper works; will repair without discharg ing cargo. DOMESTIC PORTS. ’,,ip0c*“Kx l:ast!,nN ~CM K|11’ F!o:Wlce Peters »nAtrl.,,^"^anH'«: 7,b ias,> "cl)i Veto. Edward?. I ers! LiTc,|^m|KANS’'CI'1 ,5"'’ hWJ> Peruvian, Pow- j Cltl 15th. barques Istria Sc\v<.ii <»„ „ . _ . dl a, E.lernan. h< r.l,'ux ^weU' < ; Prb- ; MOBILE—CM 12th. brig \\ c Haskell u„vV i. Cuba: H«h Saiali Louis.-, Swett, Philadehn',;., ’ CHARLESTON—Below 20th, brig Gen Mkrshall from Baltimore. * a 8lia,,f I Sid I7th. schs Haul Chase, Mitchell, f..r Baltimore- 1 Amorims. M<»ss. ror Now Orleans. PHILADELPHIA—CM 2'Mli, sell Ethan Allen 1 Blake. Matun/as. Old 20th, brig W II Parks, Darrah, Havana. Slil lm Delaware Breakwater Dtli limt, brig Nellie Clifford, togoth r with nil of hors bound out. NEW YORK—Ar 20th, ships Antelope, Hale, Sin gapore- Robin Hood. Kelley, San Francisco: An drew Jackson, Chat field, Boston, ro load | r San Francisco; brigs Alberti, Dow, Palermo; Eugenia. Coombs, do; Cascatelle, Carlisle. Cuba: 1. I. W ads worth, Baiiev. Cieniiiegos; schs Bramlmll. Hamilton and Ilannie Westbrook. Littlejohn. Portland; Ty phoon. Wili ams, Philadelphia tor Batli. Ar21st ship Lookout, Nugent. Boston, to load for San Francisco; sells .1 W Maitland, Colcord, Man /.anilla; A .1 Chadwick,Chadwick.Calais: John Au ams, Spoffird; Sardinian IFo brook : Albiom Spear: Bengal, Stetson ; N» d Sumter, Lord ; Delaware. Crocket; S J Lindsey. Crockett; Adrian, Everett, amt Eurotas, Ham, Rockland. Old 21st, ship Dolphin. Douglass, for y'almraieo; barques Hosea Rich, Pomroy, Antwerp; llarvcs Home. Berry, Havana; brig Nellie Antrim,Wallace, Nuevitas; sch Richmond. Guptill, Boston. Ar 21st, barque Caro. Reals, bpiique; brigs I izz'e W Eaton, Irom Ponce: Don Quixote, irom Remedies; I Inginac. irom Port an Prince; sell R K Pecker, tin Arrovo. NKWPORT—Ar 21st. seb-* Win Thompson. Ilcws. Port’an'l for Now York : Algonia, Pearson, New Bedford for do; Banner, MeFarland, Belfast lor Bal timore Maiia Whitney. Mowrev, Rocklaml tor N w New York; Geo W Glover, Holbrook, do lor bieh mond; Penns vlvanit, Hutchins, Boston for Bridge iw>rt: M"ce- Fddv. Cottrell. Bellas. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 2«th, seh U W Hawley, Al ton, Boston for Richmond, (to repair, having been in collison.) HOLMES’ IIOLK—Ar21st, sch Ranger, Cleaves. Portland tor Providence. In port. brigCaninm; sclis Dray, B F Reeves, Mill Creek. Circassian. Ranger, ami l.vndon. BASS RI VER. M ASS—Sid 21st, sch Ada A An drew-. Kelley. Philadelphia tor Portland. BOSTON—Ar 21st. shq* Cowj»er, Sparrow, Liver pool; barque Chip. (Br) Itowe, Singajoie: A vela, Webster. Fernamlina* brigs Locli Lomond, Black. Oionfm-gos: <'has Heath, Wyman, Baltimore. Old 21st. seb Starlig »t, Jones, Fortress Monroe. In the Roads, ship Mont Blanc, and barque C S Rogers, outwar f bound. Ar22*i, ships Bieliard Bustced. Mitchell. Calcutta via St Thomas; Michigan Whalen, f oiii Liverp ml; Thatcher Magoun. Peterson,do; brig F .1 Merrill an, Merriman, Galveston; sell < Gen Connor, cousins. Matanzas: sebs Jos l ong. Perry. Wilmington: J II Mien. Allen. Elizabethport ; Commerce, Muller Rockfand: Angeline, Hix. Camden Peuciniau. Tur ner, Bu -kspnrt: Black Diamond, Young, and Bay State, Bassett. New Yors. SALEM—Ar 21st, brig Honrv Leeds, Higgins, ftn Norwalk for Rockland; schs Wm Arthur. Andrews Baltimore; Tilt, Prescott, d » for Portland: i.ou'aa, H ask all, do ior Portsmouth: P Leach, Pillsburv, Rockland lor New York; Angeline, Jenks. do t«»r Providence: Ain Chief. Percv. Thoniaston for New York • Convoy, French, Rockland fir do: Wm -lones, Emery. Vinaihavon tor do; Boston, Haskell, Boston for si iloons. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 19tb,scli E G Kniglit. Fuller Baltimore. ♦ FORFIUM PORTS. Sid (Yn Cadiz 2d inst, brig Charles Poole, Sherman. Malaga. At Kemedlos 3d Inst, barque Arizona, Conant, tor New York 7 days. Ar at Caibarien 7th Inst. brigs Clara M Goodrich, Look, and Win Held, Loring. Havana. Sid ftn Havana Kith. brig St Croix, McGregor, (nr Brazos Santiago; sek Ella L Treteihcn, Titcomb. for New Orleans. Sid fin Cardenas 12lh. brig A M Knight, Knight, North of Hatterns; Beaut v. do. SPOKKX. Pec 23, lat 9 37 S. Ion 103 40 E. ship Panther, from Man la tor New York. Feb 7, lat 2*130 S. Inn 2 03 W, ship Naples, Hutch inson. from Sourabaya for Boston. March 8. lat 31, Ion 72 20, sell Buckingham, from Bangor for Barbadoes. March 9, (no lat, <Sc) ship Harpswell, from Havre lor New York. NEW ADVEKTIKEOTEXTS. JUST RECEIVED A Fresh Supply ot Norfolk Oysters, , FOll SALE AT 40 Cts. a Quart, Solid. J#~A11 orders by mall or otherwise promptly filled. H. FltEEOTAN * TO., Mai-23-lw lOl Frdrrnl Hfrrrt. Wanted, A GOOD American or Nova Seo'ia GIRL, to do general hou e work iu ;* small family. Apply at 455 Congress street. mar23dlw* SOMETHING NEW!; Guslin’s Improved Patent Jack! FOIt MANUFACTURING BOOTS AND SHOES. Boot and Shoe makers will do well to call at C. J. WALKER & CO.’S, NO, 46 UNION ITRfiKT, And purchase an instrument which will facilitate their work, that will prevent their Kind of work from iujuring their health and from shortening their days. The low price of the .lack puts it within reach of every shoemaker in the land. i £r~* Call’a d see for yourselves. March 23, 1*67. dtf WM. A. SABINE. Wholesale Dealer iu Foreign and Domestic Fruit, FANCY CRIKTRIEN, Onions. Sweet Potatoes. Cheese, Pickles, Pure'.Spices, Fancy "oaps. Confec tinner v,To bacco.Cigars, Nuts, Figs. Dates, Wood and Willow Ware, &c. No. ft Exchange Mf., Portland, Me. mar23dlm The Greatest Invention of the A«e. A periect workiug model of GERRDNWOOD MAWINCi MACHINE will ho exhibit'd for the sale of County ami Slate Rights, lor ono week only, at the Inrentor’a Exchange,‘406 tongrenM Mi. Portland, March 23, 18C7. d3t* PIONEUH LADIES, USE THIS AND NO OTHER, And with your PASTRY you will have no bother; At every grocers you can get i». Try a box an l you will ne'er regret It. This Yeast Powder is used by ail llrst-class Ho tels and Res aurants throughout tlie country, and is finding its way Into every I1< UH< I10I<I where good Yeast Powder is appreciated. Samples Free. Every box warranted to give satisfaction or money refund ed. Manufactured by TAYLoit & YOUNG, 186 Front Street, N. Y. CHUR JHKLL, HUNT & MELCHKR, 87 Commercial St. D. B. RICKER & CO., 18T, Fore Street, mar23eodlm* Agents for Maine. Choice Clayed Molasses. 465 HIIDS., I Mnficrisr 1'lnycd .Y|o 4» TIERCES, f Inwi. Now landing from Brig “Anna Wellington,** from Cardonas, ami lor sale bv CHASE, CRAM & 8TURTEVANT, mar23 dtt_Widgery’s Wharf. Houses l'or Sale. THE Tenement Houses erected by the Executive Committee for the relief ol sutferers, are now of fered for sale. They are situated as follows Six blocks, containing twenty-live tenements, near the Glass Works. Eighteen blocks, containing fifty-eight tenements, near the Shovol Company. Ten blocks, containing forty-two tenement*, on M unjoy’s Hill. Eight blocks, containing forty-tour tenemeuIs, near the Jail. Thirteen blocks, containing titty-eight tenements, near the Alms House. Four blocks, containing fourteen tenements, near Washington Street. Terms cash. For further particulars enquire of HENRY FuX, Trustee. March 23. dlw Fop Sale. SITUATED near Broad Cove, within a few rods ol Cumberland Depot,a convenient st<>rv and a half house and barn, with an excellent garden and ehoic fruit trees, a never failing well of water, and ten acres of the best of land. The house ami garden will Ikj sold separately if desired. Will be sold at a 1<>w price if applied for immediately. A good chance for a person doing business in the city. mar23eod2w* ' J. MERRILL. Dissolution of Copartnership. f|YHE firm of Davis Brothers is this day dissolved JL by mutual consent. All demands against saitl firm will be settled by Hall L. Davis, who will con tinue the business at No. 200 Fore Street GEORGE R. DAVIS, HALL L, DAVIS. tr Will occupy the new store No. 53 Exchange Street hbout April 1st, 1807. Portland, March 22,18»»7. mar23d3w Notice. THE first meeting of the Corporators of the “Eagle Sugar Refinery,” will be h Id at the office of said Refinery, on Fore Street, on Saturday, the 6th day of April next, at 3 o’clock P. M„ for the purpose of organization. JOHN SPARROW, JOHN LYNCH March 23, 1867. dtd PELEG BARKER. Sheriff’s Sale. Cumberland, ss: rjlAKEN on execution and will l»e sold at public X auction on Saturday, the twenty-seventh divot April, A. I>. 1867, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, at the office ol S. M. HARMON. in Hridgton, in said County, all the right in equity which Jonathan S. Harmon of said Hridgton, has or had on the seventh day ol yc ceiuber, 1866, at two o’clock in the atferno »n, being the time of the attachment of the same on the • rr r inal writ in this action, to redeem the following de scribed real esiato. situated in said Hridgton,to wit A certain piece »t land m «ai;l llrid*'..!., and is a part of lot numbered five in tin* turn teenili "t lot, in said town of BrMgton. ynd^ tlir* Ko'senTng the piece sold by said Irene B March to Caleb A. Chaplin. The above des ribed premises being subject to n mortgage to T.ydia A. W arren .1 Uridgton to secure the payment ol two notes ofhand one ol fifty dollars dated May 16 1802 payable in tw » years with interest annually, and one ibr one bun dred dollars dated May 16 1*62 pavable in three years with interest annually, on which the re is now due one hundred and ninety-three dollars and titty i couts. Said mortgage deed is recorded in Hook .11 page 312 Qitiptv rlan 1 Hegi-trv. tv . . - Ki'it’DUJf HuRRS, Deputy PherUT, MISCELLANEOUS Blindness, Beafhess, -AND Catarrh ! DUIUNO pit. < tlCIMMI K H late riait to Portland which closed Feb. 1st, so great & number of persons deferred consulting him until the latter part ot Ids stay, Licit many were unable to do s », his time being fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him ho Returned lo Portland March 1st, And cnn be coiimuIIciI ut ibe IT. A. Hotel ■iiifil \ (>iil 1st, upon all discuses of the Eye, Ear, Tliroat <.t'3\innu. • And lie would advise those intending to v. nient ,,,H<5 VCHO* ^ services tocall^arly as con vi/initV'iL\n r! u r r!‘Tnanv T-ntients in Portland and treat men t L| l!tViC M', n c,a.r‘M* "r bcnetitted under his hut are w illine J ’ "ut "iHl1 n:,l,,es made public, b Eti • '"'VVse Wit!, those interested. contain J i' .i M ',m,v Fuee- »‘nt letters must one doll.u to ensure an answer ' 7 "„VCl"’ S"”'la;' '' *» B. »..<! «} to 7j o« iock. _ CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of 14. f.rmion*■h, f>'Sq, I was afflicted with < atarrh so badly that I had a continual pain in my bead, eyes very weak, wns fast loo-ing mv memory. head was so emit used that I was totally unfit for busim ss and general health fist fail ing. I applied to I>r. Carpenter in 1866 and his rem edies cured me. i remain a Well man. A. K. GBEFNOUGH, Proprietor of National House, Bangor, Me. fertilirnlr ofi'npi. Shuleof Portin'd. Portland, Jan. 3, 1867. I sntiered from deafness eight years. Was under treatment at tlio Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of ease* worse than mine, that Dr. C;vr l»eiiter eured, 1 was induced to apply to liiin. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure be could cure me, but would do flic best be could. A course of bis treatment has restored me to my natural hearing. Any jH-rson desiring to see me can do so on hoard ot bark ‘* Isaac Carver,” Union Wharf. Portland ALONZO L. SHUTE. Testimony of Hon. /. Collin*, I'nisn, lie. Dr. Carucnfer, Dear fir,—Learning von are in Portland, 1 write tor th** purpose of Informing you tint the hearing of my s>>n, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains perfectly good. You will remember that in March 1*65. vou relieved him of deafness of fifteen years’ standing, which had Increased to that extent that be was obliged to leave hi* studies and went to a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, where he lias resumed his studies, which, without your assistance, h*> never could have done. May v< u live long, prosper in your profession, and es pecial lv cause the deal to hear, Is the desire of Yours, very gratoftallv, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Vlr. A. G. Itlaaf, Porthiud. This may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at the United States Hotel, lias cured m* ot d*afW-H and discharges of the head of 17 Years’standing. I bad been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any persou interested can see mo at Messrs Blunt & Foss,’ Middle Street. A. O. BLUNT. Portland, Ale., Jan. 14, 1867. Hundreds ol Certificates received in this State can bo seen at the Dr’s office. SPRING STYLE GOODS - AND - SPRING FASHIONS! Both for Garments for OUT DOOR WEAR - AND FOK - IMS ESS SUITS! Have been received by WILLIAM C. BEOKETT, MERCHANT TAILOH, At his new STORE and old loca ion, No. 137 Middle Street. * Among his last accessions are the Fancy Slri oes for Pantaloons of divers colors,'which have recently come into vogue iu the iai ger citie*. Many varieties ol FAN0Y GOODS THICK and SUBSTANTIAL, intended tor bast* ness suits during the chilly weather that is yet ta come. —— ALSO Fine Tricot*, Twilled Broadcloth*, nuri other ft it*i* Fabric* tor ait-door occa sion*, and ftcvv Niylc* *ilk* uud f n*tiincr< * for Vesting*. In short, the best oi the styles of Goods that are to be lound iu NEW YORK AND BOSTON, May here bo obtained, and Ids ohl friends and tho public are respectfully invited to examine tor t ham selves. NKW STORK 137 MIDDLE ST. March 21,1 67. dtf Till: PHffiYIX • >/ Insurance Company ! OF HAKTFOIU), CONN. Capital. ■ **000,000. Fash Assets Jau.l, ’67,$1,103,467,00 Surplus over Capital, $500,000. Will Insure all Good Property at flic low est Current Kate*. W. I). LITTLE «e CO., Aff’ts, mr22 No 79 Commercial Street. dtt llool S SllOON ! CL A li K / ; A- L O WEL L, INo. \!!» Alurlcot Square. Wl'can a,..1 will sella* good a quality ot Boots v f and Shoes, at a* cheap rat** as can be foun in the citv, We have some shop worn gouds and others i little out ot the present style which we wish to close out before going into our ntw store and will sell them at Less Than Halt the Original Cost. Call and examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. mnrSHd.'H new e 3 d AO ENTS WANTED F O It GEN. L. C. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The mostexciting & interesting book ever published. IMIIS WORK was announced .more than on*• year ago, but owing to the attempts of the Govern ment to suppress Ft, its publication was de’ayed. It will now lie issued, UNALTERED, AND UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GENERAL BAKER. It contains a ftill and official expose of the iutricate machinations of the secret en emies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling advrn tures this book eclipses the famous experiences of FOUC1IE and VIDot'Q. The marvelous narratives >! Gen. Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. II will contain the only official account of the Assassina ion conspiracy. A lull history of this 'real. startling and terrible crime FROM ITS CON - - ERTloN. IN THE HAUNTS OF YILI.A1NVTO THE BURIAL PLAGE OF BOOTH, has never yet )K*en p’aoed before the public. The work also ftillv exposes tlio ncTirinus system by which Presidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Wash ington. The morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated and there are some strange revelations concerning heads of deparments, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and sec our terms, and a full description of the work. Address JoNES BROTHERS & CO., 507 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. marl4d&wlm NOTICE. rpiIE Corporators named in “An Act to in.*orporaio I tie Greenlcaf Law Library,” are herebv notifi ed that their lirst meeting tor the puri»ose of organ • izing said Corporation \sill be held at the office of J. & E. M. Rand, No. 16 Free street, on >aturday, Ihe twenty-third day ot March, current, at 10 o'clock A. M. • JOHN RAND, ) GEORGE F. S1IEPLEY, J Corporators. P. BARNES. ) Portiand, March 1*, 1*67. mehlO-dtd lorukry coal. 1 UST arrived per noli tfosonh Baxter, a cargo o • I 400 tons . t Free Burning Lorbery Ked Ash Stor Coal. For conking purjtoMs this mal is miMirpus cdbvanyin the market. For spring and suniiue use it is very nice. Also per seh I>. S* Liner a cargo of 4 0 tons •JoIiiik White Ash Coal, STOVE AND E<JO. A very choice coal and warranted to give •atinfac tion. I!an ft nil, McAllister <f- Co., •*tl Commercial Street, marl92»is Head of Maine Wliart. Kimlcrjyurton School. rpHE Spring Term of Hie Ki derrarten School 1 will commence Monday, March -,11, i,, o,. Vestry of stale Street Church. loar^dlw" " Camphor Ice. OuX,r,rr!V*n*1 quality manuthetared by v./ us for the last ten years, we an- now prepared to turmsh consumers and Ihe trade In any quantity J. R. LINT & CO,, ‘ .UtucweW 9W ( VMM, St. ClIlhtllN, joy 'i. iui|..irti-d sun dorm'.iic clear* ‘‘L ““*« I'y c u, «t u.Ui:i.i. x hon, B Jiws IT* |

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