Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 27, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 27, 1867 Page 2
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the pi: i:ss. Wedresday Morning, March 27, 1867. The ProrlRuialiou. The proclamation for a day of Public Hu miliation, Fasting and Prayer, which we pub lish to-day, is a perlect model, for which Gov. Chamberlain will receive the most • profound thanks of every printer, not excepting the printer’s d< vil. It has grown up to be a cus tom for the Governor to preach quite a sermon, or, at least to indulge in a very long exhorta tion, twice a year, in his proclamations for 1 asi and Thanksgiving, and sometimes « haJe thought that the less qualified the aut 101 o write, the longer was sure to he his semi auuu ai religious communication to the l" llI' < • Gov. Chamberlain is a tine scholar, knows what to say and how to say it, has had an expe rience abundantly suggestive of suitable top ics for such ail occasion, and yet he gives us the shortest proclamation—perhaps excepting one by Gov. Lincoln—that has ever been issued by any executive since we have been a State — We trust his example in this regard may prove contagious, so that future Governors may copy, arid receive like approval. Because it is brief it by no means follows that it is not full. The Lord’s Prayer, which may l>e written within the circumference of a dime, is probably the most comprehensive, far reaehing, all-grasping and soul-satisfying form of petition ever used by man in approaching his Creator. It is much—all—in a very small compass. So the proclamation is all that is or can be needed; the clergyman will do well to fill up its outline. The Clwiilrovemy Ended. The brief yet racy controversy in our col umns, between Messrs. Neal and Stevens on Prohibition and Licence, it will be perceived, has been brought to a close. Perhaps it is as well. Snob controversies seldom make con verts. For-a season at least wc prefer not to have the question re-opened; till we can get a mass of other matter worked up, though in a short time wo shall take great pleasure in opening our columns to well-written articles calculated to throw light upon the questions involved in the two important words—License and Prohibition. Let facts have their full force, and free discussion be restricted only within the limits prescribed by courtesy and good manners, and no good cause will suffer by so doing. One or two life-long friends of Temperance—advocates of total abstinence and prohibition—who have something to say and know liow to say it, have promised con tributions for our columns, and to such art! clcs as they may write wc shall most cheerfully give place, • Lftlrr from W»trrvill© Watekvillb, March 23,1967. To the Editor of the Pres*: A convention of the Evangelical Christians of this and the adjoining towns was held in the Congregational church last Thursday. Its deliberations were presided over by Dr. Champlin of the University. Earnest and in teresting discussions took place with relerence to the promotion of Revivals, Sunday Schools, Amusements &c. A similar meeting is to be held in West Waterville next Thursday. The spring term of the University is progress ing quietly. About fifty-five students are in j attendance, The class which graduates this summer is the smallest, numbering but six. The grounds of the University present just now, a rather chaotic appearance, owing to the large piles ofstone to be used in the construc tion of the new Chapel, work on which, we are told, is lobe commenced as soon as the frost leaves the ground. The Baptist church, which has been without a pastor for over a year, has extended a call to the Rev. B. F. Shaw, who is at present supply ing the pulpit. His acceptance is quite uncer tain, H. To lUr. Ifl. L. Steven*. Sir: When I was a boy, it used to be thought hardly the thing to “hit a fellow a clip, and then halloo enough V* Your self-complacency is indeed amusing; but your misrepresentations are sublime. But as our whole controversy may be read in the papers, 1 shall not waste time in supplying your omissions, when you pretend to give what I say, nor in correcting your wilful misrepre sentations; wilful,I say. because you misquote my language. Let others judge between us. I write now only to thank the editor of the Press for the courtesy and fairness be has shown to both parties; and to call his and your attention to the significant and alarming fact, that already the Prohibitionists in Massa chusetts are said to be reaping the whirlwind —after sowing the wind, as you have done.— Already rooms are engaged and supplied with liquors, and keys arc furnished to subscribers, who may go iu by themselves, either separate ly or othirwise, and thus indulge to any ex tent, having no witness to testify against them, and nothing to pay. And so it will l»e with other inventions after a few days. Will our prohibitionists never take warning? Yours, &c., John Neal. Fowl Day Proclamation. In accordance with a venerated custom, and in acknowledgment of our dependence on the Divine favor, I d<> hereby, with the advice of the Executive Council, appoint THURSDAY. THE FOURTH DAY OF APRIL NEXT, to be observed as aday of public humiliation, fasting and prayer. And I earnestly request the people of this State to devote the day to the serious duties it enjoins; that by medita tion, penitence and prayer, and rec<»gnizing our utter n!,ed of His saving power in Christ, we may so humble ourselves before God, as to he spared the chastisement which our sins de serve, and obtain the blessings ot His grace up on ourselves, our country, and our fellow men. Given at the Council Chamber, in Augusta, this sixteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the ninety-first. Joshua L. Chamberlain. By His Excellency the Governor. Ephraim Flint, Secretary ot State. State Items. —The Bath Timet lias an article urging the Couuty Commissioners to take action to secure the early ereetiou of County buildings. Sag anlahoc has neither Court House nor Jail, nor any place of its own for the safe keeping of the records of the Couuty. The city of Bath has thus far accommodated the Couuty in her City Hall building. —If the Argue thinks the Press' statement ofthe difference between Democracy as it was and Democracy as it is so very weak, why not reprint it and allow its readers to see what sil ly stuff' the readers of the Press are suppliod with? Come, neighbor, allow yonr readers to see it; it may help their digestion to live on “hash” one day after being surfeited so long with juicy joints and savory chops. —The Democrat says the body of a child about two weeks old was found in the road in Porter, on Saturday morning of last week. —1 he Moulton Times say that the fine weather of March, with the good roads, com pensates for the delays from want of Buow in December, and enables those engaged in lum Bering operatiomUo do a large amount of bus iness. The number of logseut in tiie woods in that vicinity will probably he greater than was anticipated in the fall. —'The Lewiston Journal states that there is a powerful religious interest being awakened at Bates College. —Artcmus Ward’s will gives his library, left to him by his uncle, Calvin Brown, “to the best boy in the school of his native village, Water lord.” His attendant—or “page" as the boy is called—is to be put two years to the best print er in America,“to learn the value of learning,” and then sent to college. Original and Selected. —First page—Lost their Influence, The De partment ot Education, Homes for the Home less, Recent Publications, A Thunderbolt from a Clear Sky, Soiled their Clothes for Nothin B'shop Colenso, Law Regulating Railroads! Last page Our Baby-poetry, Crimping the Hair, Speech ofthe Member from Punkinville. -Says a Boston paper, it is to the honor of Portland tha’ the most tasteful, costly and commodious edifiice in the course of erection in the burnt district, is a school-house. -The Boston Transcript says General But ler's gratuitous defence of Mrs. Surratt has led to the suggestion that he will volunteer his eminent services for the defence of that injur til innocent- her son John. saGm»,!»J P'ngham baTe come tlieMas !■ 1 in !* a,U^ Carolina game, first play ‘ ^•Iphia. After their “art to” the sentativeHl!7w^’ri9,;i',tbe IIouse of K<,«*re arm-in-arm 15 tbr0URb tbe Chamber -Ex-Governor Wise r,( V:.. am true, to stump the Statem' cut, the editor of the radical Papsr'in mmd. to see which party shall control the col ored vote. ' 0 * —It is reported that Gen. Lee is heartily jn favor of calling a State convention under the I reconstruction act. He thinks the people of ! Virginia should make every effort toavert their ruin: that it is idle to talk of resistance or in activity. —There are twelve daily papers in the city pfHfiu F|eft('|»cii, Portlauil uii<l Vicinity New AdTertbewM" To-Ony. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Bootsand Shoes—T. E. Moseley ^ Co. AUCTION COLUMN. Seal Estate tor ^jJ'T/Va'un'tCU' Stocks t »r sale-*. M l a lcn Leuioiis for sale—L. M. 1 .itten. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. tira* d Promenade Concert, firemen’s Excursion to Boston. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Croup—C. D. I>eet. Foreclosure 01' Murtgue. Hr. Foster. Corhaui L.t (lies’ Soiuinary. H'on.tou.t-st. John Smith. Kealhstate for Sale in fiorliam. “(oUlornia Cheap ,lohn. ' :ray, Lufkin & Ferry, store to Cet—.Mathews & Thomas. SSSte-'v',I'to' No tire to Aiuihlera. Copartnership Notice—Kemp & Sullivan. fcfl. U. H. llintricl Court. HEFORE .JUDGE FOX. Tuesday.—/u Admiralty. John McPaddcn libel lant v. James Abbott. Libellant claims that lie char tered his vessel, s« Pool, to rcs]*ondent to take a cargo of hay from Dresden fo Boston. Af ter the hay was on board and the vessel was ready to sail, the vessel was forced on iliore by the violence of a storm, $s> that it became necessary u> discharge the cargo, which boiug done, the respondent seized the hay and took it away, thus breaking up the voyage of the vessel and depriving libellant of his earning', whereby lie lost the labor and expense of the cargo i hits laden on board and for which lie claims proper damages. Respondent alleges that the vessel was not proper ly taken care of utter being loaded and anchored in the river and ready to proceed on her voyage, and that he lost a large quantity of the hay by reason ol said vessel going ashore. Not finished. R. K. Sewall proctor for libellant; N. M. Whitmore proctor fj respondent. Nnpmnv Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.-TAPLEY, J., PRESIDING. TUESDAY.—The entire day was taken up with the trial of Mary Ami Clark & als. The evidonce lor the State had not all been put in at the adjournment. Prior to the recess in the forenoon, Geo. W. Jones, convicted of arson, w as called up to receive his sen tence. The Clerk read to him the sentence of death pronounced upon him, but solitary confinement ami hard labor in the State Prison lor one year and until such time thereafter as (lie Governor of the State should issue a warrant for liis execution. Jones received the sentence with the most stolid indifference, not a muscle in his countenance being moved. He was then remanded. On Monday J. 1>. Pulsi or, Esq., of Auburn, was appointed and sworn hi as stenographer to tlic Court, and immediately entered upon liis duty, taking a phonographic roj*ort of the Clark trial. Municipal Court. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Tuesday. -George A. Ramsey and Johns. Crock ett pleaded guilty to larceny of a pair of pants from the store of Allred Haskell, and were entenced to imprisonment for 30 days each in the County Jail. James Nelu-, for druukcnucss and disturbance, paid $G.17. Thomas Carlcy, convicted of drunkenness ami dis turbance, eouid not puy liis Hue aud costs and was sent to jail. Edwaul Gould and James McGlinchy, on search and seizure processes, paid $2‘J.liG each. Fares! (lily Nngnr Koflnrry. At 9 o’clock Monday morning the Forest City Sugar Refining Company commenced pouring in brown sugars into their vats, and at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon they turned out a large amount of superior quality of A coffee sugar* which was compared with samples from other refineries in lire country, and found to be su perior to any of them. It was a perfect suc cess in the first attempt at working, and there is no doubt the establishment will turn out all the grades of refined sugars equal to the best manufactured in this country. It is intended to manufacture every grade of refined sugars* The Company was incorporated by the Leg islature of I8G6 with a capital of $500,000, of which $300,000 has been paid in. Its officers are, H. J. Libby, President; T. O. Hersey, Treasurer and Business Manager; H. J. Libby. T. C. Hersey, St. John Smith, George S. Hunt, of Portland, and George S. Stevenson, of New York, Directors. John Myers, an experienced refiner, of New York, is Refiner and Superin tendent. The building is 275 feet in length and 50 feet in width, and is situated opposite the glass works. It was erected under the superintend ence of Mr. Hersey, Messrs. S. C. Chase & Co. doing the masonry work, and Messrs. Cum mings & Brock the joiner work. Mr. Samuel Freeman hail charge of the det ails of construc tion, and had been indefatigable iu his exer tions. The building is of brick, five stories in height, and has been erected in the most thor ough manner. A more substantial and con venient one for the purposes for which it is de signed cannot be found anywhere. It is divid ed into five compartments, the walls, sixteen inches thick, running from the foundation to the loof, with double iron doors between each compartment. Six inch iron pipes connected with the harbor, and three inch pipes connect ed with a never-failing spring of the purest water to be found in this city, and which spring is upon their own premises, run through every portion of the building. To these pipes are couplings, to which hose can be attached, and in less than thirty seconds the building can he flooded in every part with water. Every pre caution seems to have been taken to render the building safe from fire. The boiler and lire room arc detached from the main building. The machinery in the refinery is of the best and most approved kind. It was designed by Mr. H. V. Bartol, formerly of this city, now of New York, and was built under the direction of Mr. Antoine Gassier, an experienced engi neer. Portions of the work were done iu Port land by the Portland Company and Messrs. C Staples & Son, iu Philadelphia by Messrs’ Merrick & Son, and some in New York. The piping of the edifice was done by Mr. Levi S* Brown, under the superintendence of Mr. Charles Brown. A large portion of the work is done by ma chinery, there being elevators in each compart ment w’itli apparatus for hoisting, &c. In the rear of the building the Company have a capacious wharf, where cargoes can be laden and unladen; and in front, on Canal street? they have the railroad for the same purpose. It will be seen, therefore, that everything about the building and all its appurtenances make it one of the most, if not the most con venient, safe and well arranged refinery to be found. The capacity of the establishment is about 200 harre's per day, employing about seventy live men. The Company do not commence running it to its lull capacity, hut we have no doubt they will he obliged to do so ere long. Such' an establishment is not only a credit to our city, but to the whole State. It is ait en terprise which we trust will prove fortunate to its originators. Too much credit caunot lie awarded them for the diligence and industry they have bestowed in bringing it iuto success ful operation. It will add largely to the busi ness of our city, and, we hope, he the means of having other manufactories established iu our midst. Samples of the sugar will he exhibited to-day at the Merchants’ Exchange. The building has heretofore been open to the public, hut now that boiling has commenced “closed doors” is ttie order, and no one can cuter without a per mit. Canal National Bank.—To-day the Canal National Bank removes to its new banking bouse iu the rear of the splendid edifice erected on the site of the old hanking house, which was destroyed on the 4th of July. The new edifice erected by tlie bank is a splendid one, built of freestone, and elaborately ornamented. It was designed by Mr. J. H. Band of Boston, Architect. Messrs. S. C. Chase & Co. did the masonry, and Messrs. Cummings & Brock the carpenter work, Mr. William Bead being the foreman. The large building is intended lor a store or insurance and brokers oliiee and other offices. The interior of it is not yet finished. The banking room is in the rear of this building, the entrance to it being very spacious and on the upper side of the building, which, also, contains the stairs leading to the second story. The banking room is JO by 48 feet, lighted from the sides, end and roof. The President's private room and the spacious room for the l>i rcctors arc in the rear. The vault is a capa cious and safe one, built in the most thorough and substantial manner, calculated to bo proof against burglars and fires. Within the vault is a large safe of iron and steel. If burglars wish to effect a robbery they have got to first go through two thicknesses of brick, with an air-streak between them; then through a solid wall of granite; then through the thick iron and steel plates of the vault, and then they will find they liavc got a burglar proof safe to open. » ite interior ol the hanking room is hand somely frescoed, tlio work being done by Schu macher. The wood work—desks, counters, &c. —is all walnut, highly finished. In short, it is neat, pretty and convenient. To-morrow t!.« bank will resume business in its new and com modious quarters. Bisizukvs.—Tlio Deputy Marshals last even ing seized a small quantity of ale in the shop of Messrs. Cook it Jewett corner of Congress and Brown streets, and a small quantity of liquor in the Hhop of Thomas H, Murry on ttlSsq a Bret, Tehimomial to Camilla Ubso.—The mem bers ol the musical profession in Boston, who have been recent witnesses of the extraordina ry talent displayed by Camilla Urso in her per formances on the violin, have united in olfer ing to her a testimonial of the most flattering character, expressed in the form of a profes sional estimate of her ability. Of her recent performance of the violin concerto by Mendels sohn, one of the most difficult works ol art lor that instrument, they say: “Her playing was so marvellously line and near perfection itself as to excite our highest admiration. It is not enough io say that it was a wonderful performance for a woman; it was a consum mate rendering which probably few men liv ing could improve upon.” This testimonial, which i.i signed by Carl Zerrahu, Win. Scliultze, Wm. Wiescl, Stephen A. Emery, Carl Meisel, Otto Diesel, Thomas Byan, WuIf C. J. Fries, B. J. Lang, Ernst Perabo, Francis Liebsch, Aug. Endries, Au gust Suck, P. S. Gilmore, Carlyle Petersilea, Hugo Leonhard, Eugene Thayer, Junius W. Hill, Hermann Daum, Gustav Krebs, Charles J. Dorn, Ambrose Davenport, M. Arbuckle, John K. Paine, and many others equally well known, concludes as follows: It may seem needless lo characterize her playing, but a few traits may be pointed out, viz.': her complete repose of manner, largeness of style, broad, full and vigorous attacking ot difficulties, utmost delicacy ot sentiment, and feeling, wonderful staccato, remarkable linish in trills, with an intonation as nearly perfect as the human ear will allow. When to those are added a comprehensive mind, with a warm musical soul vibrating to its work, we have an artist wlio may nearly be called a phenome non in the womanly torin of Camilla Urso. Mb. Editor:—As one of the employers of plasterers in this city lias circulated reports tending to give a false idea to*the public in re gard to the present strike op the journeymen plasterers of Portland, perhaps a few facts in the case may be of interest to your readers. On the first Monday in April I860, the jour neymen plasterers of this city notified their employers that on and after tho first Saturday in May following, they should consider nine hours as a day’s work on Saturdays, leaving the work at five o’clock, P. M., instead of 6 o.clock as on other evenings of the week.— From that time, this arrangement has been carried out with cutire satisfaction to both employer and employee, until Saturday Maxell 23d, when ouc of our employers came on the work and threatened to discharge any man who left the work before six o’clock. The consequences were, every man left the build ing at five o’clock, as usual; hence tlie difficul I ty existing between us and our emplovers.'— The employers of journeymen plasterers, be fore referred to, have advertised in other cities for plasterers, stating that the journeymen plasterers hero were on a strike for nine hours a day, which is a gross falsehood, as the Union never entertained any such au idea. I would cite the following firms whose em ployees leave work at five o’clock on Saturday evenings: Portland Company "Works, Glass Company, Grand Trunk R. R. Company, Ker osene Works, Staples & Sons, Rolling Mills, and all plasterers employed in the city by other firms than Sheridan Sc- Griffiths. See advertisement in another column. Journeyman Plasterer. Portland, March 26,1867. New Race Boat.—Mr. Walter Brown has just returned from New York (having recover ed from a recent illness,) and has made ar rangements tor training for his forthcoming boat race with Hammill, which is to take place on the 21st of May, at Pittsburg, Pa., for the American championship and $2000. Mr. B# brought home a fine new boat, built for him in New York by Stephen Roberts. But ou Sat urday next another new boat is expected to ar rive in the care of Dennis Lsary, who is stroke oarsman of the celebrated four-oared boat Geo* J. Brown, and who is well known as an ac complished oarsman and gentleman. This new boat was built by Chas B. Elliot, of Green Point. L. 1., expressly for Mr. Brown, and for lightuess, strength and beauty it is lielieved to be unsurpassed, being the most beautiful spec imen ever turned out in the boat building line* This boat is built of mahogany, being 31 feet long, 13 inches wide and only weighs 33 pounds. It lias been carved in an elegant manner and highly polished at the establishment of Phelan & Collender, and is named Michael Phelan. The value of the boat will be .$350. Mr. Brown will be accompanied to Pittsburg by a young gentleman of Portland, who will have an eye to the interests of our aequatie representation. Should Mr. Brown prove successful in this case he will yo over to Paris and take a row at the Paris Exposition. Sudden Death.—Mrs. Eliza Jordan, a maid en lady of about 53 years of age, was tound dead at her residence in Saecarappa yesterday morning. She was a very worthy aud respec table woman, and occcpied a bouse by herself The last that was known of her before her life less body was discovered was on Sunday eve ning, at midnight, when a light was seen in her house. From the appearance of things about the house, it is supposed that, feeling unwell she got up to prepare some herb drink, as there was a paper bag of herbs found near the stove, and that she attempted to start afire; but feel ing faint or worse, attempted to reach the sofa for the purpose of lying down, but dropped dead on the floor, in a fit, before she got to it Tiiis was the opinion of her brother, aud of Dr. Jenuess, and all who resided in the neigh borhood. Coroner Gould, who, by the way, can always bo foiled on hand at the SheiifTs office in tlie school house on Chestnut street, was called and wentout to Saecarappa. After hearing all the evidence in (he matter, he decided that an inquest was not necessary. In this opinion all out there agreed with him. Gorham Seminary.—The trustees of this well-known school have undertaken to make it in every respect a first-class Seminary lor young ladies. To this end they have engaged as principal teachers Kev. C. C. Parker aud wife, witli a full staff of competent teachers in every department. Associated witli Mr. and Mrs. Parker will he the distinguished educa tor. Iliram Orcutt. M. A., of the Glenwood Ladies’ Seminary at West lirattlolvoro, Vt and the Tilden Ladies’ Seminary, West Leba non, N. H. 'J|he course of study will he simi. lar to that which lias been so successtully tried in these .excellent, institutions. Diplomas will he awarded to young ladies who have complet ed the three years’ course, aud a diploma of the first degree to those who complete the full oourse of lour years. Dm Lewis’ new system of gymnastics will he carefully taught. The opening of the Summer term is advertised in another column. The Swedendoroian CHUncn.—The plan submitted by Mr. Fassett (or the Swedenbor gian Church, on new High Street, has been adopted, ami the work upon it will bo com menced iinmediatclv. The main building is to be about 13 by 38 feet, with a front of 88 feet inclusive of the tower and vestibule on the cor ners, through each of which entrance is had to the audience room and the vestry below. The lower will he on the lower angle, sur mounted witli an octagonal turret, in open work, and will be ninety feet in height to the top of the finial, Tho church will accommo date about 435 persons. The walla and cciliug are to be frescoed. The basement will he dividt^l into a largo room for lectures and social gatherings, and two ante-rooms; one of which will be a kitch en. The church is to be of wood, and the cost is estimated at from $13,000 to $15,000. Detention.—A train of seventeen cars got off the Grand Trank Railway near Cobb’s bridge. New Gloucester, yesterday morning. The morning (rain from Paris to this city was detained until the outward train went up, when the passengers changed cars, and arriv ed hero about 11 o’clock. The train from Is land Pond and that from Bangor due here at two o’clock P, M.., did not arrive until near six o’clock. Stoke Bheakjng.—The apothecary store of F. Swcetser, in Market .Square, was entered Monday night, and the contents of (he money drawer, amounting to about $10, taken. The drawer was closed With a spring lock, which the rogue did not know liow to manage, so he stove it to pieces and left it on the floor. It is thought that some one secreted himself in tho cellar early in the evening. Sahuatu School Festival.—Tho Sabl.atli School connected with Congress SquarbtTnl versalist Church, will hold a festival and lrvce ill the Vestry of that Church this evening. Tableaux, Refreshments, Music, &e., will fill up the programme for the evening. Those w ho attend may expect a good time. Proceeds for the benefit of the School Library. See adver tisement. Until a perfect self-working washing ma chine machine shall he invented, we know ot nothing that will so greatly facilitate the grievous toils of washing day as the Steam Kefiked Soap of Messrs. Leatlie & Gore. A few more such improvements as these are, and the millenium of labor will have come. There will he a literary meeting of the Young People’s Association in Free Street Vestry, this evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock. Subject for debate: “Are Theatres necessary or at all AH R!’« cordially ibVih d, Mb. Editor:—Do you know of anything meaner than the practice of New York run ners selling goods to the jobbers of Portland and Bangor, and then peddling the same goods through the several villages of the State to retailers? Such is the practice of some New York houses. "Jobbers” will soon learn to make their pur chases of houses only who send no "runners.” This practice has become a nuisance. Portland, Another Venerable Citizen Gone.— Israel Kichardson, Esq., one of our most re spected and valuable citizens, departed this life yesterday at the advanced age of 8.5 years. In his death the poor will lose a good friend and our city one of her best citizens. His remains are to be taken to Salem, Mass., according to his request, for interment. Thus, one by one, the generation of the last century is passing away, and ere long all the old ‘-landmarks” of that period will have been removed. Injury to a Horse—Yesterday while the workmen were engaged in tearing down the old walls of the sugar house on Maple street a team of valuable horses belonging to Mr. Fer nald was passing, and some of the falling de bris struck one of them, breaking his leg. The horse, which was valued at $500, was taken away, but the probability is that the ownerwill be obliged to kill him. Second Univebsalist Society.—AYe are requested to call attention to the notice for the meeting of this Society, at the Probate Court Room, on Chestnut street, to-morrow evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock. A full and punctual attend ance is requested of the members, and of all others who feel interested in the erection of a new church in the lower part of the city. Improvements.— Laborers are busily em ployed in demolishing the ruins of the walls of the sugar house on Maple street, between York and Commercial streets, preparatory to other buildings going up. The sugar house is to be extended up to Maple street ami to cover the ground between Y'ork and Commercial streets. The Promenade Concert by the Orchestral Uuion on Friday, will be upon the same prin ciple as those given with great success in Lou don and Paris. The first part to consist of five orchestral selections, during which the com pany can sit or promenade, and enjoy the mu sic; the last part to be brilliant dance music, wheu all who desire can join the mazy throng. m--——--—-— Temperance Convention. — The County Association meets at Walnut Hill, North Yar mouth, to-day, at two o’clock. The Grand Trunk train leaves ot 1:10 P. M., for Dunn’s Depot, where conveyance will he found for the place of meeting. As the question of “Pro hibition or License” will he discussed, it is hoped the attendance will be large. It will be seen by notice in another column, that Messrs. Gray, Lufkin and Perry have en tered into copartnership, and taken rooms over AVoodman, True & Co.’s store, on Middle street, wliero they will hoop a large stock of Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods at whole sale ouly. Success to them. Institute Committee.—'i'he merol>ers.of the committee on solicitation of subscriptions (or the Portland Institute, are requested to meet at the oflioe of Messrs. Bradbury & Sweat, Chadwick Mansion, Congress street, this after noon at I o’eloek, to report. Public Laws.—With this number we rend to our subscribers the public laws, passed at the recent session of tko Legislature, printed on an extra sheet. It is got up very neatly, and is in convenient form for preservation. The Steam Fire Proof Safe.—The propri etors of Sanborn’s Steam Fire Proof Safi* have opened a store No. CO Sudbury street, Boston, where samples may be seen, inquiries made and orders given. Arrangements are making with manufacturers to produce the £ ales and the Trunks for the market as soon and as rap idly as possible. Orders will be put on file and filled as they are received; “first come first served.” Call tor or address E. D. Draper, Treasurer, or P. F. Jones, Secretary, No. CO Sudbury street, Boston, Mass. Boston, March IX, 1HC7. marl3-eod2w Wf.llcome’s great German Remedy recom mends itself to all who use it fot throat and lung difficulties. Thousands declare it superi or to any other. You will find it so by using it. jau4—dlawtf Mains’ Elderberry Wink is the best reme dy in the world lor Piles. Buy one bottle and try it. For sale by all druggists and country grocers. jaulSl—W&wly ' Uerievr of the Market OR THE WEEK ENDING Mar. 20, 1807. The merchandise markets Lave not been so active during tfic week past as was anticipated. Neverthe less in some departments a foir business has been transacted, particularly in groceries. True, the travelling has not been so propitious as to bring in the country traders living oil’ the railroad routes, in such large numbers as in form r years, but they will make their appearance as soon as the roads gc( in decent order. Prices have hut slightly varied from last week as will be noticed by our prices current. There is no disposition in importers to slacken up in the prices of foreign merchandise, while products ol agricul ture have an upward tendency. The money market has been quite easy, the banks supplying folly up to the calls of legitimate business transactions. Gobi has not fluctuated much. The variation of last week was not much over halt of one percent., the average price during the week being about 1341. On Monday, 25th, it opened at 133^, re ceded to 133| and closed at 134. Tuesday it opened at 133J, advanced to 131£, closing at 134. kPPLKS—Green apples of choice quality are get ting very scarce, and command high prices. Dried apples are quite pleuty and wo reduce our quota tions accordingly. ASHES—The demand for pot [is quite moderate. The price lias shaded oil*. BEANS—The supply is fully equal to the demand. We make no change in our quotations, though prices favor purchasers. BREAD—With a limited demand all kinds of hard bread nro firm at our quotations. BOX SHOOKS—The market Is Hatter than ever. Sales were made of good Saco river boxes last week at 5U cents. Prices are nominal as shippers are un willing to make otiers for any quantity. BUTTER—The supply exceeds the demand, and the tendency is downward. The host of Vermont tubs can now be bad at ut 27<j£33 cents. Common butter is a drug and there is but little doing with it. CANDLES—The demand continues steady for Trowbridge’s moulds at our quotations. CHEESE—The market is well supplied and our quotations are reduced for the best qualities of Vermont ami New York. Country cheese is 3 and 4c lower. CEMENT—The market is well supplied. Present demand is light, but prices arc unchanged. COAL—The demand for anthracite continues steady and prices are without any change. Lehigh is now very scarce. COOPERAGE—The demand for country cooper age is very slack, while that for city is large. Every thing of city make is sold up and orders are token ahead. CORDAGE—No change from last week. The de mand is quite light. DRUGS AND DYES—There is a little better de mand. Madder and vitriol have declined; opium has shaded a little. In other drugs there is no change. DUCK—1Tlio demand for Portland duck is steady ami prices remain unchanged. DRY GOODS—There lias been an improvement in the business, and traders begin to make their appear ance. In gome qualities of domestics there has been a slight reduction. The market closes linn both for cotton and woolen manufactures. FISH—There is a steady demand for all kinds of drv Hah. Mackerel and pickled herring ore Scarce. Prices arc firm at our quotations. FLOUR—Stocks ot prime spring wheat are very light, and prices have further advanced from last week’s quotations 50(c£75c. Our merchants cannot replace the flours at the prices they are now offer ing them. N FRUITS—New dates have appeared of a good quality and at a lower price. Figs are higher. Lem ons have shaded from 26 to 20 cents per box. GRAIN—Corn remains the same as last week. It It has been quite scarce, but the arrival of several cargoes has relieved the market. HAY—Dealers are paying $20®$23 per ton. There is a good demand, though shipments are moderate lor want of vessels. HIDES AND SKINS—Prices are unchanged and the market is dull, with no operations of conse quence. IKON_There is a moderate demand for all kinds of iron, and prices have* been reduced. Stocks are ample and have been increased by late arrivals. Nails are selling at $0 50^0 C2A. LARD—There is a slight improvement in prices, with a Untl« r demand. LEAD—Unchanged, with a moderate demand for sheet and pipe. LEATHER—We reduce our quotations for light, middling weights aud heavy. The demand is im proving. LIME—The demand has slightly improved. Prices are 6c lower. The stocks on hand are ample for all present purposes. LUMBER—The demand for shipping is small, but that for dimension lumber is increasing. The mar ket, is well supplied daily l>y rail with all the kinds wanted. S uthem lumber continues dull. MOLASSES—Active, and prices are firm. We no tiee the arrival of a cargo of Sagua Muscovado, w bicli is held at 65c. The receipts since our last re port amount to |2728 hhds, 380 tea and 143 bids. A large proportion of this was tor the manufacture of sugar. Portland Sugar House syrup is quick at 45c. NAVAL STORES—The supply of all kinds is am ple but the demand is light. OAKUM.—We continue our quotations. The de mand is very light. OILS—There no change in our quotations for oils this week. The demand is rather better. OI LS—Linseed and whale are lower. In other oils there is no change. The demand lias improved. ONIONS—Prime Silver-skins are very scarce and now command $3 50 per bbl. PAINTS—The demand for leads has improved. Prices are firm at our reduced quotations of last week. PLASTER—There is no rock plaster now in the market, but several cargoes are expected soon. PRODUCE—The market continues to be well sup plied willi fresh meats and poultry. Eggs have come in freely and we quote them at 21c@23c. Potatoes are coming along in better supply. PROVISIONS—Beef is firm at our quotations. Pork has advanced from ft to $2 per bbl, aud the tendency is still upward. Bound hogs are about out i of the ‘market, Ham* h$Y9 fflYMWXi about lu per I l/op ad | \ RICE—The market is steady and the demand mod erate. Prices unchanged. 0S ALT—There is a large demand tor fishing pur poses. Prices are unchanged. SOAPS—The demand tor Leuthe & Gore’s steam refined swaps is very large and orders are coming in from all over the State. The price has been reduced half a cent, and we alter our quotations. SUGARS—Refined sugars.have shaded otl'. There is but little activity in the market, the demand being quite moderate. The Portland Sugar House, J. b. brown & Sons, i* now turn ingout a • excellent qua 1 its of yellow A. A. which is selling at He. STARCH—Firm at our quotations, with a moder ate demand. SHOT—Unchanged. The demand is quite light lor the season. TEAS—The tendency is upward. The stocks are ample tor present wants. TINS—The demand has slackened olF and prices are not quite so firm as they have been. TOBACCO—The market ts well supplied. Prices ! remain unchanged, with light demand. VAIiN IS11—We have no change to note. The de mand for all kinds is lair WOOL—There is a better feeling in the market, under the provision of the new tariff bill, aud hold ers have increased their prices. ZINC—Prices unchanged, with a light demand. FREIGHTS—There is a better demand for vessel* but no increase in the rates. The engagements for ' the week are brig Clara Brown lor a i*ori north Bide Cuba with box shooks at 12c, ami boards on deck at $5 per M; bark Fannv 1 f.»r Matanzaa or Cardenas with wi«h boxes at 12c, and empty casks at $1 25; bark Mannela for Cardenas with empty . asks on private terms; brig , Gipaey Queen t >r Mntanzas with box shooks at 12c, and einp y casks at $125; brig Mary C Rosevelt for Havana wit h box shooks at 12c under, and $5 per M for boards on deck; brig Hattie S Emery for Havana

out and back at 52*c per hundred for sugar; brig It S Hassell for Cardenas or Mntanzas for the round sum of $657 under deck, and boons on deck at $6 per M; brig Helen O Phinney tor Cardonas or Ma tanzas at 12<# for box shooks.' Coastwise freglits are active for small vessels. special notices. Tlie Pasliiouable Public will at all times liml an extensive assortment of La dies', Gentlemen s. Misses ami Children's Bunt, and Shoes at T. JO. MnsfljEY Ado’S., Summer St.. Boston. These goods are made up in the best style, ll'b lid H ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY! 333 Congress St, above Casco. gfp"Freuch, German and American Corsets drom 75 ct* to $10,01) a pair. Hoop bkirttt made to order at one hours notice. Feb 9—sn Why Suller irom Sores ? Wlien, by the use m the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can he easily cured. It 1ms relieved thousands trom Bums, Sc this, ('happed Hands, Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and <ncr>i Complaint of the Skin. Try it, for it costs but 25 cents. Be Mire to ask for Hale’s Arnica Ointment, For sa'e by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to (). I*. SEVM< >UR & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. feb26d2m 8 N NJEWHAL.T/S C’lionp^al ! MACSIC Purely vegetable; willrestore Grey Hair to iUuat aval color; it II J\- I 1C will make the hair soft and glossy; it will not stain the skin Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. lebl.jgN WW.AJm Warren’s Cons'll lialsain. Tlie best Remedy ever compounded for Cold*, -CoiiRhi. Calarrh and C'osi-ubm juiou, and all diseases of the Throat aud Langs. For sale by a IfDruggists. Manufactured by IS. F BKADlttUY, ootirkl&wsNGm Druggist, Bangob. BTot!i an<l Freckles. The only reliable reined v I'm* (hose brown discolor ations on (be face called Moth Latches aud Freckles, is Pjrky's Moth and Freckle Loi ion*. Prepar ed only by Dr. I*. C. 1*i:i:rv, Dermatologist,49 Bond St, N. Y. Sold by all drugs sis in Portland and elsewhere. Price $2 per bottle marPM&wGmsn For €on^r!i«, CoMs anil f'oii*umi»liou, Try tlie obi ;nul well known VLRUTAItliK FUa.iTHOAi A St V BA approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated J'/tysiciaus for forty years past. Oct the genuine. BLED, CUTLER 00., Druggists, dec21SNdoiwGiu Boston, Proprietors. A Valuable Medicine.—Dr. Poland's While Pinei Compoiuid,advertised in our columns, is a suc cessful at leinpt io combine and apply the- medichial virtues ot the White Pine Bark. Ii lrj»>bet ntlmrough ly tested by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor testimonials to its value from persons well knows to our eil izens. We recommend itg-trial in all those casesof disease to which ii is adapted. It is tor sale by all our Druggists.—Independant-. The Great Tr w England Eemedy! Dr. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now offered 1o the attii *ted throughout the coun try, aller having been proved by tho test ot eleven years, in the New England States, where its merits have become as writ known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Tine Compound, CURES *i®rc Throat, t’oSrtx, t’ouglH, Uiptheria, KriuifliiiR, ofl.looil, ubk! f’ul ■110.-3:1 :*y Affection.-*, genrrnllT. It im a RoiiinrSinhie Rnnnlr for Kidney Com* plain?-*, SlinlNitH, liill!cully of Yoidiug Urine, fSieediug from fin* Kidney* itud gladder, thavcl mnl other coua pin i tils. For File* :m«l Scurvy, ii will be found very valuable. Give it a trial it you would leant the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. IS is- Flni-nui Safe mid hurc. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wholesale by W. F. FIiill|p**& Co., .9. IV. Ferhin* &r A si*! W. W. Whipple9 PORTLAND, ME. sep29-dco wGuisn It K. 8. 8. FITCH'S “Fnmily Physician,” Seventy-six fKv.res : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. No ifiouoy required until the l»ook is received, read, and lully approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address 1)R. S. S. FITCIJ, 25 Treinont Street, Boston. hn JanJlhlly ickmovalT mis. CHADWICK & FOGG. have removed to :i»l 1-3 CONGRESS STREET, brown’s new block, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Sentcr. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and "to 5 P. M. Du. <’ii ad wick's residence ins Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. 5g§r*Free Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., lor the poor. jan28sNdtl Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only true And perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill etteets of Had Dyes. Invigorates the lmir, leaving it soft and beautiful. The genuine is signsd Wil liam A. DaUhdor. AH others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. 2^ Rfwore of n coiuit<’rfeit< November 10, 1866. cllysn Long Sought For l Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take ntyasurc in announcing that the almve named article may be found for sale l*y all City Druggists and first class Country (tracers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not Hie best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, as well as one of the most agreeable Iter or ayes. Mann factored from the pure iulceof the berry, and unadulterated l>v any impure ingredient, we van heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine, and to the well, as a btcctaye. To the days of the aged it addetli length, To the mightv it addetli strength,” *Tis a batnl for Uni siek, a joy for fho well— Druggists and (tracers buy and sell MAINS’ EI«UER KERRY WINE nev 27 8 N d*wtf Fisher’s Cough Drops. This curtain and effectual « ure for Goughs and all diseases of the throat and lungs, lias been generally known throughout New j-.nglan i f-r the last sixty yeavs, and is war rented to cure, or the price will bo r funded. Prepared IA- UF.ntcoK \Y. Walling FORD, Grandson of the late Dr. Fisher. NASON. SVMONDS & 00., Proprietors, Kenno bunk. Main*'. G. 0. Goodwin & Co., Poston Agents. Sold by all Druggists, N A t'ouglt, A Cold, or A Sore Tliroat, Kixjuiker immediate attention, AND SHOULD Hi; CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Brrilaliou of the Idling*, a per ■nauciil Tlironl BJinrnsc, or C'ouMiiuipliou, is often the result. mto try *s n U O ft OhIAi. tbsoch e s having a direct influence to the parts, GIVE IMMEDIATE BELIEF. For Wroni’liili*, Axllium. f'siiarrh, C'ou ruuuap(ivo u:».i Throat OiM aso, TKOOUES ABE r.SF.n WITH always GOOD SUOOBM. giugrrn nn>l Public SpenkerK >vill find Troches useful in eh aring the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat after an unusual evert ion of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, ami have bad testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test of many years, each year limls them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced belter than other articles. Obtain only "Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not t ake any of the worthless imitations ihat may he offered, sold EVERwmritB ' Dee 4—d&w6m sn "Buy me and I 'll do you Good.” USE nu. T,AA«t.l:V>S root anh HKkB BITTKHS lor Jaundice, Costiveness, Liver Complaint, Humors, iudi-of- titm, Dyspepsia, riles, Dizziness, Headache, Drowsiness, and all Diseases arising from disordered Stomach, Torpid Liver and had Blood, to whUsh nil persons are subject m Spring and Summer, Sold by OLD. C. GOODWIN & CO., a$’ Hanover St, and by ail Dealers iu Mv4U$)04 f injui^ml MJw M, k, Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, t lie trade and the great public generally, wiili the stand ard and Invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nek vine, which article surpasses all known preparations tor the cure ot all formsot'Nervousness. It iarapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce costiveness and Ahw serious difficulties; It allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action ol thc bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readilv. or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the tearful mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd's Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Gf.o. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w n Wholes:ile Agents, Boston. MINEBAL BATHS AT HOME. DYSPEPSIA CURED RHEUMATISM CURED ERUPTIONS on tho PACE CURED SCROFUf.A CURED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all your various anil often perni cious drills audquack medicines, and use a lew haliis prepared willi “STB UMA TIC SA LTS !” These SALTS are made from the concent ratal Liquors of the Mineral Well oft lie Penn’* Salt Man fa<turing Co., in Pittsburg, and are packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a bath. Di rections arc attached. INTERNALLY USE “Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles of one and alialfjiints. One sutbeient lor a day’s use. tf*SoW by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston; Ravin Ids, Pratt & Co, No. 1GG Fulton St., New York, Wholesale Agents. no208Ncod&wly Make Your Own Hoop ! no IjIiue neckwAaky: By Saying and Using Tour Waste Gres is. BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’fe. Co’s (Patents of 1st and 8tli Feb., 1859.) -OK— CONCENT11A TED L YE. It will make 12 pounds excellent bard soap, or 25 gallons of the very best soft soap for only about 30 ds. Directions on each box. For sale at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. HT*Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Sail Manufacturing Co’s Saponilier. nol7sNeod&wJy Mains’ Pare Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, mav be found at wholesale at flic drug stores of W. W Wliip ple&Co., H. H. Hay, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins & Co. janlgsNdly MAKBIED. In Augusta, March II, Win. Norcross and Sarah Me Lauglilin. In Vassal boro. March 1C. Welcome C. Newell, of Sidney, ami Sarah P. Fosse t, oi V. In WahlolHiro, March 8, Peter E. Kaller and Lu cinda E. Jack -on. In Waterford, fchabod Thomas, of Oxford, and Lucie C. W., daughter of Col. A. Friable, of North Bridgton. _DIED. In this city, March 2G, Mr. Israel Richardson, aged 85 years. His remains will be taken to Salem, Mass., for interment. In tins city, March 1ft, James Noyes, son of Chas. J. and Sophia G. Clark, aged 24 days. At Lock's Mills, March lft, Frank P., son ot Hr. D. W. Havis, aged 12 years 7 months. * In Greenwood, March C, Stephen A., son of Cap!. Win. Richardson, aged * years. In North Livermore, March ft, Mrs. Susan M., wile of Jonathan Shnrtleff, aged 73 years. In Biddelord, Marcli 20, Charles Sumner, son ot Owen and Julia A. Smith, aged 15 months. IMPORTS. SAGUA. ScqF A Pike—24-i hluls 1ft tea molasses, to £ Churchill St Co; 5 bbls do, master. DEPARTDRK OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FBOM FOll DATE. Africa.Boston.Liverpool.. .March 27 llun/a.New York. .Bremen —March 2x City of Cork.New York. .Liverpool.. .March 2ft Moravian.Portland .. .Liverpool.. .March ftft Moro Castle.New York. .Havana.March 3ft Etna.New York. .Liverpool.. .March 3'* City Washington. ..New York. .Liverdool. .March 3ft Australasian.New York.. Liverpool-April ft Nestorian.Portland....Liverpool....April ft Miniature A liimiinr.March 27% Sun riies. R.52 Sun 8et.s«.6.-0 | Moan rises.12.27 AM I High water.4,30 PM MARI3STTC jgEWS PORT OP PORTLAND. Tinwilny, March 20» ARRIVED. Soli F A Pike, (of Calais) Gove, Sagua. Feb 25. Sch Mercy A Howe*, **nottord, Southport. CLEARED. Steamship St David, (Br) Aja'd, St John, NB—H & A Allan. Barque J H Hen, (Br) Folker, London, with 42,692 bushels oats—Ha vilaiul Roatli *& <’o. Brig Gipsey Queen, ifork, Cardenas—Chase, Craui & Stiirtcvant. Brig Tangent, Chandler, New York —Pierce & James. Sch David S Sinor, Huntley, Philadelphia—A L Hobson. Soh < hallenge. Doe, Boston—Pierce & James. Sell Oscar, Madock, Knstport—T B Knight. SAILED—Steamship St David: barmn s Washing ton Butcher, J H Hea; brigs Mari ha A Berry. Etta M Tucker, J Polledo. M C Kosevclt.. Clip ev Que^n. Tangent; sobs Westover, Emma Bacon, Rebecca M Atwood, Lalla Lookh, S L Stevens, Harriet Fuller, Citizen, Olive Elizabeth, Challenge, DS > incr to gether with others previously reported pul in 1<t a harbor. From Branch Office Western Union Telegraph. Ar at Cardenas 17th inst, brig Mary C Haskeh, Haskell, Mobile. Sid 15th, brig Mary A Chase, McDonald, Port land. Aral Havana l«th inst, barque Lucy A Nickels, from Cardiff; loth, brigs E II Kennedy, Boston; Hyperion, Siieonton, Portland. Sid lktli. brig Charlotte, lor Cardenas. Ar at Cardenas 14th inst, barque L T Stockor, Bib ber, Havana. Ar at Remedios 8th inst, brig C M Goodrich, Look, I Havana. Freights—Demaud active; tounage scarce: sugars from oulports 8 a llj; molasses, 1J a 5. Chartered— brig Geo Burnham tor Bostou. sugar at $1$ pr box; sch Belle, via Sagua, molasses at $5 pr bUd. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. GREEN’S LANDING, March 18—Ar, schs Vlc * tory. Spilth: High laud Las, Knowltou, and Spark ler,* Bio fey, Boston. March V*—Sid, Fobs Highland Lass, Knowltou, Reliant and Boston; Virginia, Pinkbuiu, (rroin Har rington) tor Rockland. March 20—Sid, 6eh* Samuel Keight. Trac.v, (froui Gouldsboro) tor Boston; Banner, Holmes, (tromTre montjior Rockland. March 21—Sid, sell Ellen Forrester, Warren, lor Baltimore. SnirnuiiiDlNO—At Ellsworth, Daniel Eppes is building a sclir of 150 tons; D P Jordan is building a schr or 29) tons; Isaac Grant is building a schr of 180 tons, all to be off during the summer. At Trenton, Cooledge Brothers, wil build a schr of 111) tons, and Hodgkins Brothers, one of 120 tons both to be off next fall. At Brook-ville, John Limeburnev is building a sell of 250 tons, to Ve off next summer. At Sedgwick. B Glossen is building a sclir o( 00 tons, tor the fishing business, to be off this spring. A Castine. Wetlicrell Co a e building a fishing schr oi 100 tons, to be off in April; J B Craw lord is building a fishing sclir of 100 tons, and C \V Tilden another of 100 tons, both to be off In April. DISASTERS. Ship Mont Blane. Chas»* from Boston for Havana, sailed from Nantucket Roads 4 PM, Monday, and got asbore on the muscle bed inside of Poinr Aller ton, where she remained. A steamer bad gone to her assistance. Later—Ship Mont Blanc lias been got oft and tow ed bock to Boston for examination. She labored ve- | rv bard while ashore, but does not leak. Sell M B Mahonv, which was towed into Holm* s’ j Hole after being ashore, has been hauled on the rad way lor repairs; the talse keel is gone ami her but tom is Imdly damaged. The wreckers receive 1000 tor getting her off. Ship Geo Baynes, ol Boston, which was burnt at Valparaiso, was valued at $50,000 and insured tor $48,000 mostly in Boston offices. Ship Brewster, from New York 14th Inst tor San Francisco, was spoVen 25tli, in a leaky condition ami was returning to New York. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 24th ult, ship Revere, Mc Intyre, Nahainm. Sid 18th ult, ships Lawrence, Johnson, Liverpool; 24tli, King Phillip, Bicktonl New York. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 18th, brig R B Gove, Hark ness, Philadelphia. Cld 18th, ships Mary Russell, Rush, Havre; 2Bt, Idaho, Murphy, do. Cld 26tli in it, ship Pontiac, Lowell, Liverpool. SAVANNAH—Old 20tli, ship Northampton, Bar ker. Liverpool, (cargo of cotton aud staves valued at $482,288.) SI 2«Mh, sell J F Failand, lor Baltimore. CHARLESTON—Ar 26tli inst, brig Lizzie Billings trom Cardenas for Portland. GEORGETOWN, SC—Ar 13th, brig J W Drifko, Cortes, Savannah. Cld 12 h, Bch Carrie M Rich, Ainosbury, Boston. CHARLESTON—Ar 21sfc, sell Grapobot, Bonnau, Baraeoa. BALTIMORE—Cld 25tli, sobs Margaret, Tarr, for Bos• on: Gen Grant, Orchard, Thomaslon; Bucepha lus. McIntosh, Beaufort, NC. NEW YOUK-Ar 23 I, sell Willie Lee. Nash, from Rockland. Ar 25th, ships Golden Rule, Hall, Antwerp, 32 ds; Alexander, Crosby, do; Am Eagle, Moore, London; Constellation, lloxie, Liverpool. Cld 25th, brlcs H F Todd, McGuire, for Nnevitas: Lena Thurlow, Corbett, Matanzas; Sarah E Kenne dy, Duncan, do: schs Union. Sawyer, Barba*Iocs; Florence N Tower, Perrv, Havana; Maggie Belle, Hall, and *'nra, Kelley, Gloucester. PROVIDENCE-Shi 25th, schs Caroline Grant Bray; Eugene, Bray, aud Porto Rico. Wentworth New York. NEWPORT—Ar 23d, sch Connecticut, Carle, from Providence i»r New York. Sailed 2ith, sells Hattie E Sampson, Blake, from Portland lor New York ; Algoma, Pearson, Now Bedford for New York; William Thompson, Hcwos. Port ami lor do; Banner.Me Failand. Belfast for 1 timore; Maria Whitney. Piston, Rockland lur New York; Ida L Howard, McDuffie, Portland lor Phila delphia; G W Glover, Holbrook, Rockl iu*l lor LicTt moml; Pennsylvania, Hutchins, Boston for Bridge port; Mosc* Eddy. Cottrell. Bellas'. BOSTON—Cld 25th, barque White Wing, Ross, Montevideo ami Buenos Ayres. Returned 26th. ship Mont Blanc, Chase, for Ha vana. (see disasters ) CM 26th, barque S W Hoi* rook. Small, Cardenas; brig Waltham, Matthews, Remedies. Sid, ship John Sidney. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Sydney, NSW, prev to Jan 30, ship Siam, Luce, New York. At Melbourne prev to Jan 30, barques Gen Cobb Goff; Harvest Home, and Oakland, from San Fran cisco. Sid previous to Jan 30, ship Anglo Saxon, tor San Francisco via Newcastle, NSW. SJd fm Bombay Jan 28, ship Wizard Kina Wood worth, lta goon; 30th, Arabia, Hinckley dalle SUl fti; Medina At inst, brig Wm Robertson, Reed, New Orleans. At Malawi 15th inst, barque Merrimae, Marshall, irom New York, disg. ’ rfcSH lm<L,^,a,,!fra 1tith barque Sierra Nevada, Dickey, Talcahuano. Sid fin Callao 14th ult ship Ellen Foster, Robinson, Cbinchas. to load .or United States. in port -6th, ships Svlvanus Blanchard, Meady, from Boston ar 22d, tor Chinchas to load tor Cork; 1*reeman Clark, Small, unc. old fhi Valparaiso 8th ult, ship Bengali. Ingersoll, (from Uoaion) ler San Kr nrtuco; 1G‘It, barque Fan nie, Hinckley, lqulque, te lead for U S. In port 15th ult, burquiu cbattanuuka, Freeman, lor Uvtrpbul, to low} in ibu Uty a< Hi Ti» fu); Hiiuiii m** btwno, iltm. Ar at Buenos Ayres Jan 26, aliip Harri-burg, N\ 1» wcll. Mac-bias. _ . _ T Aral MontcTiilt'O 2J ult, barques Currie sb Park, si.ukton, Me: Mb. Reunion, Tracey, Saian nab: loth. Isabel, Tibbetts. Portland. Slil 'si ull. barque l.ocli Lamar. Cilflbrd, bir Cuba, Hth,ship Mar (ioodcll. Noun, tor a foreign port; 121 ,ku-,u. Alin Kelley. Kelley, San Francisco* Ar sit Rio Janeiro bth ult hbip Ueo Griswold, l’et- j tengill, Liverpool,and -:iiled 2 kl tor San Francis* o, (oince report, d wrecked.) Cld 2mli ult. ship Hethiuh Thayer, Cartuey, Callao. Sid nth, ship Vermont, Higgins, Callao. In por' . 21 ult, st» i>* Topgallant, I hillips ami S Curling. Mo Hi;, ..I Iluiiip*..n I,*; Lizzie tUktord, ltocko, New York lor San Kiancisto. (in (HatwiM); hrig Jeremiah. Ford, tor New York ; and other*. Ar at Barbadoes 27th ult. brig-Katalidin, Saun ders, New lork; 2uth. Liberty, lievercaux. Fernan diua; lsl insl. A V Hoodlum, Crosby, For* Medway. In port 4th insr, soli J S Moulton, trom Norfolk. Sid f n St Thomas 1MU Inst, brig Sea Foam, Coombs, SI John, FK, tor New York. In port 15th lust, ship Cathedral, Melclier, from Calcutta for Boston, repg: frig Ida Abbott, Claik, lor Boston, with cargo of barque Zutoti. (Per steamer New York.] Shi fm Liver (MM) I nth inst. Pocahontas. Delano, lor Bath; El Dorado, Otis. Boston; Thomas Harwaid, Strickland, Philadelphia; John Clark, Lclotirman. Baltimore; Golconria, Th- mpson. San Francisco. Knt out 9th, Cultivator. Hassell, tor New York; Albert Ga'lutiu, Delano, do; Lizzie Moses, Cox, tor •Phila.1 lphin. Ar id ( ardiff Stli, Topeka. Blanchard, Antwerp. Shi l»tb, Nercus, Nichols, New York; Crusader, Sjnilh, Point dc Gallo. Arat Newport loth. Casilda, May hew, Izuidon ; ll h, E II Taylor, Anderson, do, to load tor N York. Sid stli, E NY Stetson. Moore. New York. Off Dunmorc East sth, Black Hawk, Crowell, tin Liverpool foi New York. Ar at Toiicrifle I9tb ult, Jane C Nickels, l»onnell, Savannah. SM im Genoa 6th inst, Abby C Titcomb, TUcouib, Philadelphia. Ar at Malaga 3«1 inst, Chas Poole, Sherman, from t adiz. Arat Cartliagcna 7tli inst, Sagadahoc, Carlton. Savannah. SHI tin Bordeaux 8th inst, Narragansett, llamlin. New Orleans, Sid 'tii Havre stli inst, Frank Marion, Puringlon, Card ill and United States Sid im Brcmerhaven 7th, Advance, CTosby, for New York. Valencia, M;»rcb 4. In the night of March 2d, a very severe storm from tho East set in, the wind blowing a perfect hurricane, with thunder and light ning, and a very heavy* tea. during which lour ves sels dragged ashore outside the i»oit, viz: Ship Geo Washington. Harris, six ot the crew and two custom officers drowned; Ship Sultana Williams, from Cal lao. 14 of the crew lost; ship Bosphorus, Ula chard, 10 o» the crew and two customs officers lost: all three vessels have broken up. The Western Uccan rale out the gale by cutting away her most*. [Per steamer Ncstorian, at this port.l Cld ut Liverpool 13th, Sanioset. McCobb, for Phila do'phia. F.nt icr Mg llth. Lizzie Moses, Cox, Philadelphia; Malleville. Waite. New York. Arat Palermo 7th, Ueiua del Sud, Weeks, irom Messina. Ar at Marseilles llth inst, Addie McAdams, Part ridge, New York. Passed An.jier Jan 12, Tamerlane, Hughes, from Sliau;.’fiae lor London. SPOKEN Jan 17, in Straits ot T.amaire, ship Martha Cobb, Spaulding, from New York for Panama. Feb 6. lat 14 16, Ion 117 14 W, ship Invincible, Irom Sau Francisco |i»r Philadelphi >. Feb 7, hit 15 .47 N. Ion 120 W, ship Reynard, Irom Sau Francisco tor New York. Feb zf>, off Sicily, ship Joliu 11 Ryerson, fm Havre tor Now York. mr tmwwtMmmHaMMnBMHHHHni M E W AJL»V KltTISEM ENTS. GOBHAJjl ICev. & Mrs. C. C. Parker, Principal*. Ill irum Orcutt, A• I?I., Associate Principal. rpiIK Summer ffrnnioii will commence on Monday, ‘-‘-Jd Aj»i*il next. The Trustees lmve no hesitation in recommending the new Principal* as eminently worthy of public confidence, and believe that under their management the Institution will tank second to none in NewEng land. THE SUMMER SESSION OF Gorham Academy, A l>ay School for Young Mon and Bovs, under the charge ot Ulewirs. i’nrltor and Orcuftt, will al so conwnenco on 'Mil April. Applications for admission to either school should be addressed to REV.C. <•. PARKER. .JOHN A. WATERMAN,Sec'v Trustees. Gorham, Maroh 25, 1867. uir27codtoapl22 WILLIAM FITZ, Successor to Charles Fobes, House and Ship Painter, No, *1 ('iimIomi House Wharf. Painting executed in all its style* and varieties, with promptness and dis|«atch. Well known for flie past seventeen years as an employee of Charles Fobes, a share of his former patronage is solicited. March 27. dftti Copartnership Notice ! THE undersigned have formed a copartnership un der tlio tipm name of OB AY, lltkn At PERRY, for UiOi purpose of carrying on tho Wholesale H .t, Gap, Fur & Ftraw Business, and have taken rooms No*. >1 nml .141 JTIiddlc Wired, Over Woodman, Vi-ne A: Co.’s, where we shall be happv to see our friends ot tho trade, from whom we solicit their patronage. WM. GRAY. R. B. A. LUFKIN, JOHN J. PERRY. Portland, March 27, 1867. <12w C It O UP ! C It O UP! IM*. HOOKER’S Cougli and Croup Syrup CROUP, COUGHS FROM COLDS, FotrMcess, Catarrhal Oona-ha. COUGHS FROM HUMORS AND BRONCHIA!. COUGHS, and gives speedy relict’ in Whooping Coughs, and Asthma, and often cures tlio latter, and invariably shortens the run ot the Ibrnier. "Children arc liable to bo attacked with Croup without, a moment’s warning. It is, therefore, im portant that, every tamilv should have constantly at hand some simple aud pleasant, vet. efficacious rem edy tor the cure of this painful and too often fatal disease. Such a remedy is Or. Hooker’* t ough aud Croup Syrup. For 8 ile by all Druggists. C. I>. LEET, Proprietor, Springfield, Mass. | Demos Barnes & Co., 21 Park Row, New York, wi’i fils'* «*«»'niy the Trade at List Prices. Mar 27eodly Foreriosnn of Mortgage. T>U liUC Notice is herebv given by the Casco Na tmnalBank of Portland, that the Porti.ami Shovel Maviikacifbinu Company, a corpora tion incorporated under the laws of the State ol Maine,anu having its place ot business in Portland, on the twent v-fourtlidav of August, in the year ot i the l ord one thousand eight liumireu and si.xty-aix, bv Its Peed ol tliat date, recorded in Cumberland, Registry of Deeds, Book 3ft’, page 173. mortgaged to saiu Casco National Bank of Portland, the lot of land with the buildings thereon, known as the Slum 1 Factory, situated in Portland in the County ot Cum bci land, and hounded southeasterly by Canal Street; southwesterly by land of Lent lie & Gore: north we'terlv by Beech Street; northeaster! by Clark Street, being the same premises conveyed to said Company by Nehtmlah C. Rice, to secure Hie pay ment of six certain promismy Notes; that the con dition ol said mortgage has been broken by the fail ure of said Company to pay said Notes according to their tenor: and that by reason of said brench or the condition thereof, the said Ccsco National Banket Portland, lnrebv claims a foreclosure of said mort gage. THE CASCO NATIONAL BANK, ot Portland, By K. P, Gkiiiusii, Cashier. Portland, March 27, l«t>7. dltw.;w!3 For Stile in (iorbnm, Me., rnHE well known residence of the late Levi San I born, p’ca-antlv situated on the maiu road le d ing from Gorhutn village to Portland; less than hall a mile from depot, schools and churches. Said tar in contains about lilLcii acres of tlie best quality of Had, with some fifty basrtal fruit trees, a good cot tage house with cellar under the whole, and a con venient stable. Also a good well of never failiug water. Price $2,200. Terms easy. For particular* apply to Judge Waterman, or A. T. Keen, M, D.. Gor ham village. HUTU S. SAN BOHN. March 27. tllw&w2w* A Grave Charge. rpHK clown of Skirt* A Gaylor's Minstrels, when 1 :n*ked “whofirst infrndu&hl gambling into this country.’* answered, “California Cheap John.**— iVln ther this is tine ornot it does not matter; but one tiling is certain, that California Cheap John was the first to introduce into this city €*ood Cloih t.rnfN l<'unii«hinr booil*. lints nuil lioots at unusually low prices. Call and see him. Remember the number, 335 Congress Street. March 27. dif Notice to Builders. fTIHE Plasterers’ Association of Portland and vi 1 clnlty urc prepared to tarnish tirst (hunt plaster ers, stucco workers and mastic workers iu any mini Is r required, at regular prices. They are also pre pared to <lo whitening, coloring, cementing, and t» er.vtbing pertaining lo the iradc. in the host manner, •'"id at the sli-rtcst nolioc. Apply at Plasterers’ liall, (Iran's Block, »I5 Congress Street (Third Story). March 17. dtf Copartnership Notiee. fpiIE nudersignod have thin day formed a Copart , '"'Mip under tlie ua ■• e and stile of K EMI* A SI LL1 v AN, for the purpose of carrying on tOc filorMr Shooing business, on the corner »t Lime and Federal streers. Their experience enables t hem to guarantee satisfaction to all who may be pleased to give them a call They will wan ant the cureot all horses irum intui tgring, over-reaching, s|K»ed cutting, &c., Ac. J. II KEMP, Mar27dlw* TIMOTHY SULLIVAN. House for Sale. VTWO glory bouse on Salem Street, containing nine rooms, convenient tor two families. Lot GO by loo. Will Ik* sold low il applied tor immediately W. II. JEHHls, mar27d3w* Opposite Preble House. I*'ouu»l. A N,,;1’K of haml. Riven by William Ward, ,Tr„ and payable re Iviyvm I,, poor or bearer daieo Y s“jia"> 11 UV|*-‘’ **» luund in this eity a lew • i 'll 'iv' 1 “l "" ">■' «» have tlie same by calling at. ibis .l ire and paying for this advertisement. March 27. wit l>r. Poster, HAVING decideil to remain in Portland, may hereafter lie found ai No 7 Brown street, Jast np Iioslte Ids old place, uitiee liours from 11 A M to 2 * Mj from ti to 10 evening. nurTIilliv * To Let. ^\NK Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply jaSdif ST. .TOHN SMITH. To Let. STOtiE No. 2 Portland Pier. Euimlre of -MATHEWS * THOMAS, mar27dlm S') Commercial Street. EASTERN EXPRESS VO. iv o tTc io : THE Government have decided that they will pay the express charges both ways upon 7 3-10 Bonds sunt in Washington tor ei u»e Biitoni Ex press Company will receive and forward such Bonds under Uurir. con trout with Uie Government without phargu to the owner*, Mill thv Lty'urtiucnt willreturn wrNw vat'll MMCEILAHEOH _ B O <> T K - AND — SHOES! W. C. MONTGOMERY. ltead the List of 1‘riees : Men's Rubber Over Shoes, 7ft< ets. Women's “ •* “ ftO “ Misses’ “ “ “ 40 *• Children’s “ “ “ -*» “ ALL KINDS OF BOOTS WO SHOES - AT THE - LOWEST PRICES I \V. HIOVITOOnRRT, No. 4 Ca«co Street, two doors from Conitreim. Mareh 25,1867. dtf_ PORTLAJVU Fire Alarm Telegraph. Direction* und in«lnictiou* for iht* mm- of the Fire Alarm Telegraph. 4 ST. Alarms are sounded by striking the number 1 of the lii»\ upon the ALABM BULBS, and upon the Gong* lx the Engine House*. Exami'i,i:: To announce the existeneo of n tiro near R»x No. 25, (corner of Middle and Exchange streets,) the Alarm Bells and <longs will strike two. make a pause ot a few seconds, thou strike i ive, thus: 2—5. Location of Telegraphic Fire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Portland Co.’s Olhce. 13. Engine House, Congress 81.. Munjoy. 14. Cor. Washington and«‘xford. 15. 44 Adams and Mounttort. 16. Grand Ttunk Depot. 17. Cor. Congress and India. 1*. “ Franklin and Cumberland. 21. 4* Franklin and Newbury. 23. 44 Market and Commercial. 24. Engine House, cor. Markflt and Congress. 25. Cor. Middle and Exchange. 26. *’ Chestnut and Oxford. k. • 27 . 44 Union and Fore. 31. " Preble and Con rcss. 32. 44 Portland and Hanover. 34. 44 South and Spring. 35. 44 Maple and Commercial.* 44 High and Paniorih. 37. Engine House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Cor. State and Spring. 42. *• 1 >anforth and Braekett. 43. 44 Commercial and Clark. 45. Engine House. Brackett near Pine St. 4t». Cor. Spring and Emery. 51. 44 Brackett and Vaughan. •Box No. 35 will Ik? temporarily locate*! corner Ma ple aud York Streets. Directions to those holding Signal Keys: 1st. In cat-c of fire the rilnnn is to be given from the Box nearest to the location of the tile, find from no other Box. ^n i. Open the door and poll the knob down gently to the bottom of the grove ox<k and then lei go of it. when it will return to its place. |!y Persons about to give an alarm will first listen audit a ticking Is heard in the Box they will know that an alarm has been given, bur i£io ticking is heard proceed to pull the knob as directed. 3rd. If possible wait at the Box, so as to direct the firemen to the fire. 4th. The police upon hearing the alarm wilt call the number of the Box. CAUTIONS: 1. Bo sure thcro Is a tiro before sounding the alarm. 2. Never sound the alarm lor a tire seen at a dis tance. 3. Never open the box or touch the apparatus ex cept in case of tire. i. Be sure your box is locked bclore leaving it. fi. Never lei the key vo out of your fpoast sdon, unless cadcd fi*r by the < li'ef Engineer. fi. It you remove from your house or \ lace of business, return the key to the Chief ling neer. L)o not leave it with the new tenant. The Bells on tin* several Churches will sound a general alarm as usual un il arrange incuts are per fected to li&ve the telegranh wires attached to such Bells as may be designated for that purpose. The location of the tiro will be given on Bulletin Boards at the several Engine Houses and at the Po lice Office. FRANKLIN €. WOODY, Chief Enginee **. Portland, March, 1867. mar2Sdtf Marrett, Poor <fc Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS* HALL, Are now prepared to offer their friends and the pub lic a large and well selected stock ot CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, Ac., 5::^“ Purchaser.* of the above goods are respect fully invited to examine our slock which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf THOMES, SMARDON & CO, Have this day opened their TV e \v Store ! NO. SO UNION STREET, And arc prepared to show the TRADE u full New Stock of Fine Woolens, And Tailors’ Trimmings! Just Received Iroxu New York mad Ueatoia. And which they ofl'er nt the very lowest Jobbing Prices : 111© TRADE are respectfully Invited to examine our Stock belbre purchasing. Francis 0. THOUts. Ujsoros II. Smarpon. imu I • Photographs! PhotographsI A. S. DAVIS, WOULD respect All ly intorm his fortnar customers and the public generally, that he Is now locat ed at No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be bappy to receive all those wishing for I‘bob-graphs, Ymbrotypcs, etc. N. B. * All work warranted. 17 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE. janl4—3m* JE Inn rood Nursery, This Hide Woodford** 4’©nier, Westbrook. PREBLE Street Cars pass the Nursery every forty minutes. A good collection of Hardy, «rwi Houw and Bcddiug Plnuln inay always be found at the above place and at rea sonable rates. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention paid to preserving amt ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1700, Portland, Me. mcb28dlw* V, V. II11 Y % NT. Tilton «t> McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fact that more th i o Of their Sales gave AMPLE PROTECTION lu th late lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, Ata MODERATE PRICE, will (.lease rail n„ EMERY & WATKKHOCJRE, Middle Street, Portia Or At HO Nudbary Nirert, Bostou. %rft Second-hand Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15— 8Nl»t\v in each rooxadv remainder of time. ASSESSORS' NOTICE. THE Assessors of the City of Portland hereby give notice to all i*.*rsons liable to taxation in said citv, that they "ill h« *» *» s»1on every secular day. irom the second to the thirteenth dav of April next inclusive, at their room in Market Hall Building, from ten to twelve oVlo k in the forenoon, and troiu three jo live o’clock in the afternoon, tor the purpose 01 ri e.-ivlng lists of the polls and estates taxable in said city. And all such persons are hereby notified to make ami bring to said assessors, true and i»ertect lists of all their polls and estates, *nd all estates real uud • personal, held by them a* gnarubin. executor, admin istrator, trustee or otherwise, as on the first day ot April next, aMd be prepared to make oath to the . truth ot the same. And when estates of persons deceased, have l>ceii divided tluring the past year, or have changed hands from any cause, the executor, administrator, or other l*or»on interested. i« hereby warned to give notice, ot such change: and in default ot such notice will be held under the law to pay the tax assessed although such estate has been wholly distributed aud paid over. i articular notice is hereby extended to all persons In said city, who have lost their proi*ort.\ by fire, ’o give in a statement within the time aforesaid, ot the losses and the amount of insurance thereon, if any; they may be liable to be taxed'll a. though they hart been fully insured. An.l any person who neglects to comply with this notice, will be doomed in a tax according to the laws of the State, and be barred ol the right to make ap plication to the Countv Commissioners tor any abate ment of bis taxes, unless lie shows that be was una h>« -otr gQch lists within the tuno hereby ap points, S. B. BECKETT ) WM.BOYI*. I Assessors, WM H. EOTE, J fir“Llimk schedules will be furnished at the room Of the A she vi‘is, Felt land, Mail'll it, let'll iphv tfr-tapll*