Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 27, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS BY TELEUltAl'II TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. .—— —•■*»».— -. Wednesday Morning, March 27,1867, XLTH OONGBF&g—FIBST SESSIOfl. >Y ashington, March 20. M. tt , SENATE. Mr. Harlan, from the Committee on the Dis trict of Columbia, reported a bill to incorjio «*»■ the Lincoln Monument Association. Mr. Pomeroy called up the joint resolution to restrain the issue of agricultural college scrip to the states lately in rebellion until they arc represented in Congress. Mr. Morton said he was opposed to the whole system. The scheme was a dead failure. It would be much better to give the States a cer tarn amount of money to build iheir colleges. The House joint resolution, in reference to the confiscation of northern debts was taken “I?; .Jko lull provides ;u, ther that said cum iiission shall give public notice of the time I'/*®® at, such claims sliall bo pre I kyT-af)- vertiseincnt in newspapers pub Ji*o" Boston, New York, Philadelphia and is . Orleans, for three mouths, and no clahn , *° *>e considered unless presented within • hree months trom the time designated Tlie Costoi the commission is to come out’of tie •unds accrued. Mr. Howe reported from the Committee on «daims, with an amendment, the'House joint resolution relative to claims of certain northern nr-i *■*}« joint resolution as amended, j i-fiymes lor tlie appointment of a commission tluvo persons, one a lawyer, to take and eport to Congress evidence relative to claims 1 whose debts were sequestered and contributed to the sum of 3178,8'.I7 on deposit U '-'jHzens* Hank at New Orleans, to the credit of the Confederate Government, and the rime ot the occupation of the city by the Cuion forces. Mi. Sumner introduced a bill securing the right of suffrage to every citizen without re gard to race or color, in ail tlie States and Ter litones, which was tabled and ordered to be printed. The bill in reference to agricultural college Mcnp was passed as it came from the House. I he bill to fix tlie 1st day of June next, as the date on which the bankrupt bill shall go lnto effeet was called up. After a debate, and the rejection of an amendment proposed by Mr. Sprague to sub stitute the 1st of January for the 1st of June, the bill was referred to the Judiciary Com mittee. "Ar* A rum bull, from the Judiciary Commit- I tec, reported a substitute for the Hodse reso- ! lution for adjournment. In lieu of the House resolution, the committee recommend that the t wo Houses adjourn at 12 o’clock ou Thursday next. J Mr. Trumbull explained that the Judiciary Committee concluded that it is best to adjourn without day, tbe Constitution providing that Congress shall meet in December. A long debate followed. Mr. Howe moved an adjournment on Friday next until the first Monday in June, and on that day, unless otherwise ordered, the presid ing officer of each House shall further adjourn each House until the first Monday in Decem ber. After debate, the amendment was rejected, 17 to 25. Several other amendments were offered and disagreed to, and finally, the resolution as it came from the Judiciary Committee, was adopted. 21 to 17. At 5:40 the Senate went into executive ses Besion. Adjourned. HOUSE. On motion, the Clerk of the House was di rected to furnish Senator Patterson, of Ten nessee, with a certified eopy of the testimony ot Dayid A. Hull, taken before the Committee on I ublic Expenditures. Mr. Donnelly offered a joint resolution of reference to tin* inode of payment of mileage and compensation of members. Mr. Brooks suggested that by its terms and under tbe resolution adopted yesterday for adjournment, there would be seven sessions of Congress and as many mileages to be paid. Mr. Donnelly denied that it would have that effect, and the Speaker stated that he would not certify to m<*re than two mileages, unless the law was changed. The resolution was refeir^d to tlio Judiciarv Committee. Mr. Butler called attention to the fact that Mr. Bingham liad revised, altered and materi ally changed the Globe reporter’s manuscript <>j the personal debate last week between them, and he had laid on the member’s desk printed pamphlets, showing the report as written and the report as presented. He defended and re peated his assertion in reference to Mrs. Sur raft s having been convicted ami bung on in sufficient evidence. -ur. uingnam replied and repeated his de claration that the charge was a calumny. The discussion, attracted much interest and atten tion. Mr. Bntlcr spoke until the expiration of the time allotted to him, mainly in reference to the suppression of Booth’s diary on the trial of the conspirators, and inferentially cliurgiug Mr. Bingham with it. The House granted Mr. Bingham fifteen minutes to reply to Mr. Butler. He com menced by calling on Mr. Butler for the book. Mr. Butler, holding up the report of the as sassination trials, asked him if that was the book. Mr. Bingham—“No, sir. I mean the diary.” Mr. Butler—“Oh! The gentleman cannot have that.” Mr. Bingbam supposed that Mr. Butler had Booth s d’ rtry, while he only had one which he said hXyjfed like it in outward appearance. I his misapprehension caused Mr. Bingham to “Yes, sir, that is another exhibition oi your fairness and manliness.” Mr. Butler tried to explain, hut Mr. Biqg baui would not let him, and requested that lie should sit down. If he had not the diary he should not have said a word about it. “But,” interposed Mr. Butler, “I know who lias.” Mr. Bingham said, “Ido not.” Mr. Bing ham proceeded to explain his correction of the previous debate, asserting that his remarks as revised by him contained ouly that which be bad said, and that the reports in the morning papers contained substantially every word that is rescinded in the Globe, ileferring to Mr. Butler’s charge, that Booth's diary was sup pressed oil the trial of the conspirators, he said. defy him, by any investigation which he dare institute here or any where else, to show that^any communication came into my hands purporting to be the production of J. Wilkes Booth that was not made after the fact, and long after the fact. Is there any lawyer in America or England who would say that the words and declarations of an accused felon after the fact are evidence which an advocate for the Government is bound to admit in any court. I treat with contempt and scorn any intimation from any quarter that I or my as sociate counsel were under obligation to admit any such evidence. At tne tvnciusion ot air. mngiiam s remarks Mr. Itutler tried to make a brief suggestion, but Mr Pike and others objected. Mr. Ward tried to introduce a resolution di recting the J udiciary Committee to inquire into the. alleged improper conviction of Mrs. Sur ratt, but objection was made, and tho House refused to suspend the rules. Mr. Boutwcll, from the Judiciary Committee, reported back Mr. Donnelly’s hill, in reference to the payment of member's, with a substitute providing that Senators, Representatives and Delegates having taken the oath shall lie en titled to receive their compensation monthly. The substitute was agreed to, aud the hill passed. The House then proceeded to act on tho busi ness on the Speaker’s table. The Senate’s amendment to the House hill increasing the force in the Patent Office was concurred in. The Senate's amendments to other hills were either concurred in or referred, aud the House, at 3.40, adjourned. EUROPE. SEWN BY THE CABLE. 'J urin, March 25. Kossuth, now residing in this city, has writ ten a letter protesting against the arrangement made between Hungary and the Emperor of Austria. Liverpool, March 25. The ship Ellen Hood, Capt. Pennell, from Liverpool bound to New York, has put back to Queenstown leaking. Barque Wild Horse, Capt. Parr, from New York bound to Liverpool, is reported to have been lost in Tramore Bay, on the Irish coast. The steamship Peruvian, which left Portland, Me., on the Uth inst., arrived at Queenstown on Sunday. London, March 25, Midnight. In the House of Commons to-night the de bate on the reform bill was resumed. Mr. Glad Mono made a speech in which he declared against the government reform, and opposed tlie second reading of the reform bill. A dispatch from Constantinople states that the Turkish Government denies that the Euro pean powers have made any proposition for the cession of the Island of Camlia to Greece. Further, it is stated that the Porte will never consent to give up that island to Greece. RInsn Riveting »* ('bn rlcHtou—Trouble with the Negron*. Charleston, March 20. A mass meeting to ratify the ltcpublican platform lately adopted by t >e Union League here was held this afternoon. Four or five thousand negroes, of both sexes and all ages, were present. Four white and several colored speakers delivered addresses of a radical char acter. Among the speakers were U. S. Marshal lipping and Solon Kobinson. of the N. Y. Tri bune. The meeting was followed by a negro torchlight procession to-night. The negroes made several attacks upon the street cars and t<»ok possession of one of them. The cars are low guarded by policemen. Considerable cx citenaeut prevails throughout the city and grave apprehensions are had of further troubleT Washington C’orr* •pondcm-c. New York, March 20. The Commercial’s special says the Judiciary Committee will probably report in favor of Senator Wilson’s resolution to release Jeffer son Davis, it is also believed that Congress will adopt the resolution, and that Davis will be released in a week. The Post’s special says the Senate commit tee on Foreign Isolations recommend the re jection of the nomination of Frank P Blair as Minister to Austria. Robbery nnd Murder. Pottsvu,le, Pa., March 26 Saturday night four robbers, Irishmen, broke into the bouse of Henry Papp, farmer, near Bingtown, in this county. A neighbor named Jacob Johnson went to his assistance, when one of the robbers shot him dead and wounded Mr. Papp. Mr. Papp stabbed one of the rob bers and the gang fled. From 81. Domingo. Havana, March 20. Beliable information has been received that ^revolution had broken out at St. Domingo, pod that Jeflrsi’d lias been compelled to take K’futl" u# N«'tl ft lf repel! map.of.p ar, The Fori Fhil f£c»mry Mummerm* St. Louis, March 26. The Ker7ahliean’s special correspondent at St. J*-,;,eph gives the following account ot the J' ,»rfc Pliil Kearney massacre, derived by the commissioners sent to investigate the matter from the Sioux Indians. TJmjMOUX drew our men out of the fort and killed them all. Our men fought like tigers, and would uot have been overcome so easily if they had uot kept so close together. The combatants were so mixed up that the Indians killed several of tlieir own party with their arrows. The brav ery of our bugler is much spoken of, he having killed several Indians by beating them on the head with his bugle. They say that there were only sixteen Sioux and four Cheyennes killed on the field, but afterwards ninety-four war | rinrs died from their wounds, and of three hun dred others wounded halt of them were ex Jnf bMiia 0ne big Sioux chief was among i, r ' f hey mention a man on a while rue who cut off an Indian’s head with a sin gie stroke of his sabre, and say that when reiu lorceinents left the fort for the battle ground 1 r / i • *n<lians) retired, having had enough ot righting. There were 2,000 Indians engaged in the light, and the strength of the concen trated tribes is reported at 2,800 lodges, which are now moving towards the Yellow Stone aud Missouri rivers. Fen ia a i »m. Norwich, Conn.. March 26. A large and enthusiastic Fenian meeting was held in this city this evening, at which Senator McQuirk, of the Fenian Senate, pre sided. Eloquent and stirring addresses were delivered by Col. Walcli and Senator Meehan. A company ot Fenians in uniform, were pres ent and afterwards paraded the streets. A large amount of money was raised for the cause, at the close of the meeting. New York flews. New York, March 26. Tliurlow Weed has taken editorial charge of the Commercial Advertiser, and publishes to day four and a half columns of salutation. The Quarantine Commission are actively at work making preparations agaiust cholera and yellow fever. From Waniaingiou. mi „ Washington, March 26. 1 he Seuate to-day continued George W. Granday, of Vermont, as Consul at San Juan Del Sut. Also, a number of brevet appoint ments in the army, including those of officers deceased. THE MARKE1I. Financial. __ New York. March 26. Money quite active at 6 @ 7 |»er cent. Prime busi ness paper 7 8 per cent.; oilier grades dull. Gov ernment securities closed linn with an increased de mand. Gold dosed firm at 134$. Stocks quiet and steady at iast open board, and linn at'tertvard*. Pe troleum and Mining shares closed firm and active. *• New York JVIarkcl. New York, March 26. Cotton—very firm;-sales 2,000 bales; Middling up lands at 31c. Flour—fie. higher and less active; sales 7,800 bbls.; State at 905(«j 12SO; Hound hoop Ohio 11 80(et> 13 90; Western at 9 95 (« 13 90; .Southern at 1125 (oj 17 00; California firmer; sales at 14 57 («> 1575. „ .W*»™t—drool .i’.K; sales 4 (WO busb ; Atrber State 315; White California at 3 10. Corn—heavy; sales 48,000 bush. Mixed Western at 1 17 (a) 118^ afloat. ^tats—firmer; sales 49,000 bush.; Western at 04 @ Beef—firm. Pork—a shade firmer; sales 2,300 bbls.; now mess at 23 75 @ 23 95; old mess at 22 25 @ 22 75. Lard—firm; sales 1,850 bois. at 121 @ 13$c. Whiskey—quiet. Groceries—firm but dull. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—firm; sales crude at 15$c. Kefiuod bonded at 25$ (g> 27c. Tallow—active at 11 (</) lijc. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. Cincinnati Markets. Cincinnati, March 2C. Flour flriu hut demand less active; good to super hne 9 75 @ 10 50; trade brands 1160 «> 13 50; fancy brand‘d at 14 00 @ 10 00. Wheat firm ami quiet; sales at 2 55 for No. 1 Spring No. 1 Winter at 2 88 fd> 2 90. C.<rn firm and in tair deniawt; sales at 73 @ 74e for No. 1 in bulk, ami 86 @ 88c in sacks. Oats steady at 531 @ 54c for No. 1. live firm at 1 45 for No. 1, and 1 47 @ 1 48 for choice. Barley unchanged. Whiskey at 2 7 in bond. Provisions—small business and prices unelniiged. Mess pork held at 22 75 tor l»est city brands,. Butter firm at 30 @ 33e. Cheese firm at 17 @ 17$c. Exchange dull. Money close. New Oilcan*) Markets. New Orleans, March 26. Cotton—quiet and firm; sales to-dav 2,500 holes; Low Middling at.29@29$c; receipts for three days 6,500 bales; exports for saint! time 16,000 bales. Su gars dull; good to lair at 13c. Molasses dull ami quiet. Exchange on London 145 @ 145J. Exchange on New York jj @ $c premium. t'«iiiuerriHl«..Prr Cable. London. March 25, Evening. Consols closed at 91 for money. American Securities.—The following are the closingprieos of American securities: United States 5-20*8 74$. Illinois Central shares 78$ ex-div. Erie Railway shares 39. Liverpool. March 25, Evening. The Cotton market is buoyant and active, and closed firm at the following authorized quotations: Middling uplands at 13\d; Middling Orleans at 133d; sales to day amounted to 12,000 bales. Breadstuff's—The market is quiet. Provisions—Tallow 44s 6d. Ameri can Lard 50s Gd Produce—Ashes 34s tor pots. Spir its Turpentine 37s Gd. Linseed oil £34. Petroleum Is 7d for standard White. Iron—Scotch pigs 59s. London, March 26, Noon. United States 5-20’s 74^. Frankfort, March 25. United States 5-20s 74$. Frio shares 38], Illinois Central shares 78$. Consols 91. Liverpool, March 20. The Cotton market quiet; the following are the quo tations: Middling uplands IShI; New Orleans 13|d; sales to-day 7,000 bales. Breadstuff’s—Wheat 13s 3d for No. 1 Rod; White Calcutta 13s 6d. Corn, Mixed Western 40s 3d per quarter. Barley Is 7d. Oats 3s 3d. Pork 77s 6d. Beef |125s. Bacon 49s. Cheese 60s. Lard 50s Gd. Produce—Petroleum ll*s. Com mon Rosin 9s Gd. Refined Petroleum Is Gd. Spirits Turpentine 37s 6d. Clover seed 55s. Ashes at 34s per cwt for pots. Linseed oil £39. Linseed Cake £10.— Linseed, Calcutta. 66s. Whale oil £41. Fine Rosin 15s. Scotch pig iron 31s 6*1 @ 32s. II lira tin market. Havana, Marcli 20. Sugars—very dull; No 12, 7@7$ reals, buyers at that rate limited Mulattos—safes of several cargoes clayed at 5 (u) 5J; muscovado at 64. Hay 5$ (a) 6.— Lai d, tierces 15? (a) 1C. Lumber—WP—market bare. Box Shook8 dull at. 74 @ 8$. Hhd Shooks—demand limited at 2| @ 2J. Hoops—demand small at 40 for long, and 35 f.»r short. Freights—demand active. Tonnage scarce. Sugar from outpor ts at .*8 (w 9 50. Charters—Brigs George Burnham and Alice W<»od for Boston at $1 75 per box; schooner Belle fordo via Sagua at $5 for Mo lasses. Latest.— Sugar 6 Cd) 6j for No. 12. Exchange on United States 29 (a) 30, currency, CO days. New York ft lock Market. New York, March26. Stocks—The market is active. American Gold.134 IJ. S. Five-Twenties, coins>ns, 1862.109 U.S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1804.1072 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.1072 (J. S. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue.107 U. S. Ton-Forties, coupons.07$ U. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.106 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.105$ U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.1054 New York Central,.106 Erie,. 571 Hudson.137 @ 9 Heading,.101$ Michigan Southern,.76? Illinois Central,..115$ liOMtou Mock Lis*. Sales nt the Brokers’ Board, March 26. American Gold. 131$ United States 7 3-10ths, 1st series. 105$ " 2d series. 105* “ 3d series. 105* United States 5-20s, 18€5 . 107* “ 1805. 107$ July, 1865. 107$ Boston and Maine Railroad. 131 Portland. Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. 101 Eastern Railroad. 109 Western Railroad. 139 Portland Dally Press Stack LUb corrected by wm. h. Wood & son, Stock and Exchange Broker, 178 Fore St.. Portland, For the week ending Marcli 25, 1807. Descriptions. Par Value. Offered. Asked Government 6’s, 1881,.10*4.1» 9 Government 5-20, 1862,.1084.109 Government 5-20,1804.. 10*— 108 Government 5-20i 1865,. 1,!7.108 Government 5-20, July,.... 1U7.107$ Government 7-30, 1st aerie.*.105$.ion Government 7-30, 2d and 3d series,-105. 105$ Government 10-40,. 97. 98 State of Maine Bonds,.99..100 Portland City Bonds,.9*>.9.T Bath City Bonds,.94.95 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,.94.95 Calais City Bonds,. 94.95 Cumberland National Bank,. ...40.46.47 ('anal National Bank,.100. 105.106 First. National Bank,.1»0. ion.1C6 Casco National Bank,.100. 105.106 Merchants’ National Bank,.75.77.78 National Traders Bank,.100.104.105 Second National Bank,.100.90. 95 Portland Company,.100. 90.95 Portland Gas Company,.50. 52. 54 Ocean Insurance Company,_100.106.108 At. Sc St. Lawrence B. R.,.55.60 At. & St. Lawrence R.R. Bonds,100.#5.*8 A. & K. R. R. Bonds,.85. 86 Maine Central It. R. Stwk,_100. 15.20 Maine Central R. R. Bonds.80.......83 Leeds & Farm’gion R. R. St’k, loo.oo.70 Portland &Kon R. R.>.90 Portland & Forest Av’n’o It. It, 100.70.80 Portland GlassCompany,.loo. 95.loo Jtichai‘Ison’s Wdiart Co.100.95.loo Psrllaad Dry tivodi Market. Corrected by Messrs Woodman, True & Co. COTTON GOODS. incites. Price. Heavy Sheeting,.37.J8 @ 21$ Pino Shooting,.30. 15$® 17 Pine Sheeting,. 40.10 ® 21 Medium Sheeting,.37.14 (<g 17 Light Sheeting,.37.13 (f^ 15 Shirting,.27 to 30.11$ (g) 12$ nLEAGUED SHEETING. Hood Bleached Sheeting,.36. 22 (a) 27 V'tod Bleached Sheeting,.0-8.25 ft$ 30 Medium Sheeting,.36.17 (g 20 Shirting,.27 to 32.12$<® 15 „ .... drilling. M?dTun> "“r'. 22!® 2=i Medium,...20 to 22 Corset Jeans,. ..13$to £4 COTTON FLANNELS. Heavy Cotton Flannels,. 9o ^ Medium Cotton Flannels,..31, ; ; Bleached Cotton Flannels,.. . * 25 to STRIPED SHIRTING. w 3 Heavy Striped Shirting,.30.25 to 971 Heavy Striped Shirting,.27.21 to 23* Medium Striped Shirting.27.17 to 20 TICKING. Heavy Ticking,.35 @ 45 COTTONADES. Heavy double and twist,.40 @ 50 DENIMS. Heavy Denims,.32$@ 37$ Medium Denims,.27$^ 27$ CAMBRICS AND PRINTS. Colored Cambrics.12$@ 14 Best Prints,.15$ @ 17 Medium Prints,.l*$.cg 14$ DELAINES. DeLaines,..22 @ 25 CRASH. Crash,. 11 $@ 17 BAITING, WADDING, &C. Cotton Baiting, $i> tb.....18 @ 25 Cotton Wadding, 4P1 lb,.30 («j 35 Wicking,.. rw co WOOLEN GOODS. Kentucky Jeans,. .25 @ 45 Satinets,.50 (w 85 Union Meltons,.75 (a 1 00 Black Union ..80 (ftl 00 Black all wool oaMimercs,.1 00 @1 50 Bla< k Doeskins.125 tol 75 b ancy I Joesldng,.1 00 tol 50 Kepellant, 6-4,.1 35 @140 ... , WOOL FLANNELS. Bine Mixed Twilled Flannels,.30 @ 57$ I tt,<„ <11 iiimi mi 99 (8 W *19 Chicago Market*. _ , Chicago. March 20. Flour firm but demaud light; sales of White Win ter extra at 14 '21. (uj 16 00; medium to fancy Spring extra at 1125 @ 13 00. Wheat quiet and No. 2 deolin W 1c; sales^of ^Winter aud fresh receipts at 2^12$ Barley firm and moderately active sales at 78 @ 80c lor No. 2 in store. Provisions dull and unchanged. Mess pork at 22 50 @ 22 75. Bulk meats at 11c for shoulders; loose clear sides at 11c. Lard nominal at 124 @ 12Jc for prime steam. Receipts—’..500 bhls. Hour, 7,000 centals wheat, 19, 090 centals corn, 2,000 centals oats, 2,600 hogs. Ship ments—5,000 bids. Hour, 4,500 centals wheat, 13,000 centals corn, 000 centals oats. l*ortlau«l Wholesale Frier* Current* Corrected for the i'ltEPB. to March 2f». Apples. Green V brl. 5 50 @ C 50 Cooking |>' bu. 1 00@ 1 50 Dticdplb... 15 @ 1G Western do. 13 Ashes. Pearl lb.none Pet. 7 @ Beans. Marrow D bu. 3 25 @ 3 7o Pea.3 50 @ 4 00 Bluo Pod.3 00 @350 Box Shooks. Pine,. 60 @ 65 Bread. Pilot 100 lb 12 oo @15 oo Tlot ox 100 IblO 50@12 CO Ship.8 50 @ 10 00 Cracker»|>100 50 @ 55 Butter. FamilyV lb** • 27® 33 Store. 20 @ 25 Candles. Mould |> lb... 16® 17 Sperm. 40 @ 42 Cement. 9 brl.2 40 @2 50 Cheese. Vermont. 4* lb 19 @ 20 Vow York.... 19 @ 20 Coal—(He tail). Cumberland. 10 50 @11 00 Lorb’y&Diamoiul.lo@10} Lehigh.10 00 @ Red Asb.9 r»0 @10 00 White Ash. 9 50 @10 00 Coffee. Javalb.... 37 @ 40 Rio. 26 @ 30 Cooperage. Hhd.Sh’ks& Hds, Mol. City.. .3 25 @ Sug. City... 2 75 @ 3 00 Sug. C*try.. 150 @ 1 75 C’tryKilt Mol. Hhd.Sh’ks. 200 @ 2 25 Hbd. HVPgs, Soft Pine... 25 @ Hard Pine.. 30 @ Hoops,(14 ft).35 00 @40 00 K.OakStaves5U 00 @55 00 Copper. Cop. Sheathing 43 @ Y.M.Sheathing 32 @ Y. M. Bolts... 35 @ Cordage. ▲racrieun-l^ib J94@ 20 .Manila. 22 @ 22} Manila Boltrope 24 @ 24} Drugs and Dyes. Alcohol 4* gal 4 00 @ Arrow Root... 30 («j 70 Bi-Carb Soda 9 @ 10 Borax. 39 @ Camphor. ...110@ Cream Tartar 35 @ 52 indigo,.1 50 @ 1 85 Logwood ex... 15 @ 16 Madder. 16 @ Naptha 4> gal. 35 @ 5b Opium 4*tb. 9 50 @ Rhubarb.3 25 @ Sal Soda. 5 (a) 5} saltpetre. 12 @ 25 Sulphur. 6}@ 7} Vitriol. 16 @ Duok. Vo.l,. @ 85 No. 10,. @ 49 Ravens. @ 40 Dye woods. Barwood. 3 @ Brazil Wood.. 13 @ Camwood_ 9 @ lo Fustic,. 3 @ 5 Logwood, Cam peachy. 3 @ St. Domingo 2 @ 3 Nic.Wood.... @ Peach Wood.. 8@ Red Wood.... 6 @ 9 Sapan Wood.. @ Fish. Cod,pqtl. Large Shore 6 00 (j| 7 00 Large Bank 0 50 @ 6 00 Small.3 50 @ 4 00 Pollock.3 50 @ 4 25 Haddock, 2 00 @ 2 75 Hake.2 00 @ 2 75 Herring, Shore, p bl.C 00 @ 7 50 Scaie<i,pbx. 35 @ 50 No. 1. 25 @ 35 Mackerel pbl. Bay No. 1.. 18 00@18 75 Bay No. 2 none Bay No. 3. none Shore No. 1.19 00 @19 75 Shore No.3. none Flour. White Winler Choice xx 16 00@18 00 xx 14 50 (a 16 50 x 13 00@14 50 Red Winter xx.14 5<»@ 1C 50 x. 13 00@ Spring xx - • 14 00@ 16 00 x.. 13 25® 14 50 Superfine .10 00 @12 00 St. Louis & Southern Superior xx 1650@18 00 Canada Superior xx 1600@18 00 Michigan & Western Sup’r xx .. 15 50@17 50 Fruit. Almonds—Jordan p ft>. Soft Shell... @ 35 Shelled. @ 40 Pea Nuts.3 50 @ Citron, new... 37 @ 38 Currants. new 18 Oates, new_Vi$ @ 15 Pigs,.new 23 @ 30 Prunes,.. 22 @ 28 Raisins, Bunch,pbx 4 00 @ 4 124 Layer.4 15 @ 4 25 Lemons,box 4 5'> @ 5 00 Oranges,pbox 5 00 @ 5 25 Grain. Corn, Mixed.. 1 30 @ 1 35 New Yellow 1 30 @ 1 35 Rye.1 40 @ 1 45 Barley.1 10 @ 1 20 Oats. 70 @ 75 Shorts p ton.32 00 @35 00 Pine Feed. .36 00 @ 38 00 Middlings... 50 00 @ 55 00 Gunpowder. Blasting.& DU («; 6 00 Sporting.6 00 @ 7 50 Hay. Pressed^ton'iO 00 @23 00 Loose.22 00 @25 00 Straw. 12 00 @14 00 Hides and Skins. Buenos Ayres 29 @ 31 Western...... 18 (a) 19 Slaughter.... 9 @ 10 Calfskins.... 20 @ Lamb Skins. .1 00 @ 1 50 Iron. Common. 44@ 4| Refined. 4|<@ 5} Swedish. 8 @ Norway. 8J@ Cast Steel.... 25 @ 28 German Steel. 17 (@ Eng. Blis,Steel 22 @ Spring Steel.. 11 @ 14 SheetTron, English. 7 @ 7} It. G. 8J@ 11 Russia. 23 (q) 25 Belgian_ 22 @ Hard. Barrel, ^ lb.. 14 @ 141 Kegs, ^lb.... 14 ® Lead. Sheet a Pipe. 11}S? *2 Leather. New York, Light. 27 ft 30 Mhl. weight 30 ft 33 Heavy. 31 ft 33 Slaughter .. 43 ft 47 Am. Call.... 1 30 ft 1 66 Lime. Bockl’d.cask 1 10 ft 1 46 Lumber. Clear Pine, Nos. X a 2....60 U0 Ti tlS 00 No. 3.45 00 ftoO 00 No. 4.20 00 ®25 00 hipping.... 21 uo ft24 oo Spruce.1100 ftl9 oo ltkneusion Spruce 20ft25 Hemlock.... 15 00 ftlb oo Clapboards, Spruce Ex..27 00 (a 30 00 Pine Ex_ none. Shingles, Cedar Ext. .4 50 ft 4 75 CedarNo.1,.3 00 ft 3 25 Shaved Cedar 6 75 “ Pme 6 75 Laths, Spruce.3 50 ft 4 00 Pine. 4 50 ft 4 75 Molasses. Porto Bico. none Cienfuegus.... none Trinidad. 52 ft 55 Cuba Clayed.. 48 ft 50 Clayed tart, none Muscovado. 50 ft 55 Sugar House Syrup 45 Nails. Cask. 6 50 @ 8 62} Naval Stores. Tar brl.. .0 00 ft 5 50 Pitch (C. Tar13 25 ft Wil. Pitch .. .5 00 ft 6 50 Bosiu.7 00 ft )2 00 Turpentine p gal. 85 ft 90 Oakum. Amcrlcau_10} ft 13} OH. Kerosene,.... 65 ft Sperm.3 25 ft Whale.1 35 ft 1 45 Bank.30 09 ®32 00 Shore.2900 (it 30 00 Porgio.18 00 ft20 Linseed. 133 ft Boiled do. ft 1 38 Lard.1 25 ft 1 40 Olivo.2 25 ft „. Castor.2 75 ft 3 09 Noatsfoot ....1 85 ft2 00 Onions. Siv’skinsjtb!. 2 5023 60 Paints. Portl'd I.ead.15 00 @ Pure Grd do.15 00 ft 15 60 Pure Dry do. 15 00 ft Am. Zinc,.. .13 00 ft Rochelle Yel.. 4ft Eng. Ven.lied. 4jft Bed Lead. 11 ft 16 Litharge. 14 ft 16 Plaster. Soft, 4* ton... nono Hard.none Ground. 9 00 ft 10 00 Produce. Beef, side 4> lb lo @ 13 Veal. 10 ft 12 Lamb. 10 ft 12 Chickens. 22 ft 25 Turkeys. 23 ft 25 Geese. 23 ft 22 Eggs, 4>doi.. 21ft 23 Potatoes, p bbl 1 70@2 60 Cranb’spbush none Provisions. Mess Beef, Chicago,.. .20 00 @22 00 Ex Mess..24 00 @25 00 Pork, ExtraClear @3100 Clear.28 no @30 00 Mess.25 00 @26 00 Prime.... 20 00 @2100 Hama. 15*@ 161 Bio©. Bice, V lb.... 11 @ 12$ Bum. New England nominal > Saleratua. Saleratm>4> lb 12@ 13 Salt. Turk’s Is. I* lihd.(8bus.)4 50 @ 5 00 Liverpool.4 25 @ 4 50 Gr’nd Butter. 30 @ See da. Hcrrisgrass bu 4 25@4 50 Clover lb.15 @16 Bed Toi» bag 5 50 @6 75 Shot. Drop, V 3001b* @1150 Buck. @12 50 Soap. Extra St’in Ketincd 11 family. 10 No. 1. Vi Oline. 13 Jhem Olive. 11 Crane’s. 13 Soda. 13 Spices. Cassia, pure.. 75 @ Cloves.43 @ 45 Ginger. 28 @ 30 Mace.140 @ Nutmegs.1 25 @ 1 35 Pepper. 28 @ 30 Pimento. 30 @ 33 - Starch. Pearl. ll$@ 12$ Sugar. Muscovado... 11 @ 12$ Hav. Browu . 1. J@ 14 Hav.White... none Crushed.. 154 @ 15$ Granulated... ic| @ 15$ Powdered_ 154 (S2 15$ Teas. Souchong .... 75 @ 90 Oolong. 90 @> 95 Oolong, choicel 00 @ 1 05 Japan,.110 @ 1 25 Tin. Banca, cash.. 35 @ 37 Straits, cash.. 33 @ 35 English. 34 (a> 37 Char. I. C.. 13 00 @13 50 Char. I. X... 16 00 @16 50 xoDaoco. Fives & Tens, Best Brands 70 @ 80 Medium.... 60 @ 65 Common... 55 @ 60 Halt tbs. best brands. 76 @ 80 Nat’lLeal', lbs.1 00 @ 1 25 Navy tbs. 76 @ 85 Twine. Cot ton Sail... @ 80 Flax. @ 75 Varnish. Damar.2 75 @ 3 75 Furniture... .2 25 @ 3 50 Coach.3 00 @ 6 50 Wood. Haru, retail. 1050 @11 00 Soft. @700 llvindlingpbox 30 @ 40 Wool. !Unwash'd Fleece:T» @ 40 Washed do.40 @ 45 Jjamb Skins.. 85 @ 1 20 Zinc. Mossclman, sheet, 14 @144 Lehigh.14 @14) MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. W. N. DEWING, Miedical Electrician 174 MIDDLE SXBEKT, Nearly Opposite the United States Hole WHERE he would respectfully announce to citizens ol Portland and vicinity, that lie f permanently located in this city. During the three years we have been in this city, we have cured som< ot the worst tonus of disease in persons who have tried other forme ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in so short, a time that the question is oiler asked, do they stay cured? To answer this questioi we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. D. has boon a practical Electrician for twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated pliysiciai Electricity is pertectly adapted to chronic diseasesiB the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia n the head, neck, or extremities; consumption whet in the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, liip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance* deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures ol the chest, and all forms of female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled: the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature lile prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold ham.s and teet; weak stomachs, Ian. - and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; iliasi ness and swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the liowels; pain in the side and hack; leucorrlioea, (or whites); falling of the womb with in ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will find in Electricity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too (-.o(use menstruation, ami allot those long line of troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the eufierer to the vigor of health. TEETII 1 TEETH Z TEETH I Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without l’Aix. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed Ibr reset* ting be would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electro Magnetic Ma chines for sale for family use, with thorough ins tractions. Dr. D '-an accommodate a lew patients with board wud treatment at liis bouse. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M. to 12 M.; from to (» P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novlti LOBBERY COAIj. -« UST arrived per Hch Joseph Baxter, a cargo! of *1 400 tons of Free Burning Lorbcry lied Ash Stove Coal. Fur cooking purposes Ihis coal Is unsurpass ed by any in the market. For spring and summer use it is verv nice. Also per sob 1>. S. Liner a_cargo of 4f0 tons .Tulins White Ash Coal, STOVE AND EGG. A very choice coal and warranted to give satisfac tion. ltandall, McAllister <£■ Co., DO Commercial Sired; marl92wla Head 0f Maine Wharf. Oread Collegiate Institute, For 1 oung Ladies, Worcester, Mass 1JUILDINGS repaired and reiurnish.d Now In April 12. Send lor Circular. mu,cr Jerm bc«iu3 HAItKIS It. (IKEENE A XI i ■ • For Sale. The furniture, fixtures, and oonr> WILL of a Genteel Boarding House. House new and centrally located. Inquire of PATTERSON & CHADBOURNE, Dealers iu Real Estate, No. ‘AST Congress St. mar9d3w Kindergarten School. rriHE Spring Term of tlio Kindergarten School JL will commence MONDAY. March EStli, In tlio oftitaio s If ret uioifrii, ipaf^idltr* _MISCELLAKEO®^ Bliudiiess, Deafness, -and Catarrh ! During »r. carpentkr’n late visit to Portland which closed Feb. 1st, so great a number of persons deferred consulting him until the latter part ol his slay, that many were tillable to do so, ids time being fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him lie Returned to Portland March 1st, And can be continued at the U. 8. Hotel Until April 14tli, upon all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat — AND — C.lTviUIlH, As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail them solve* ot his services to call early as con venient. Dr. 0. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benelittod under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but arc willing to converse with those interested. K^Coiisultation at office Free, but lotters must contain one dollar' to ensure an answer. Oflice hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12, 2 to 5, and 6£ to 71 o'clock. CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A. K. €»reenoiixh. Esq. I was afflicted with Catarrh so badly that 1 had a continual pain in my head, eyes very weak, w as fast loosing rnv memory, head was so confused that I was totally unfit for business and general health fist tail ing. I applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1806 and his rem edies cured me. I remain a well man. A. K. GHEENOUGH, Proprietor of National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate of Capl. Skate of Portlir d. Portland, Jan. 3,1867. I suffered from deafness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of cases worse than mine, that Dr. Car penter cured, I was induced to apply to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure he could cure me, but would do the best be could. A course ol bis treatment has restored me to my natural hearing. Any person desiring to seo me can do so on board of bark “ Isaac Carver,” Union Wliarf, Portland. ALONZO L. SHUTE. Testimony of Hon. X, Collins, Union, He. Dr. Carnenter, Dear Sir,—Learning you are in Portland, I write for the purpose of informing you that the hearing of my son, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains portoetly good. You will remeinlier that iu March 1*65, jou relieved him of deafness of fifteen years* standing, which had increased to that extent that be was obliged to leave his studies and went to a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary Bangor, where be has resumed his studies, which! without your assistance, he never could have done. May v< u live long, prosper in your profession, and es pecially cause the deal to hear, is tnc desire of Yours, very gratefully, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of ITIr. A. O. Illiinf, Portland. This may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at the United States Hofei, lias cured me ot deafness and discharges of the head of 17 vears* standing. T had been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any person interested can sec me at Messrs. Blum & Foss,* Middle Street. A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14,18C7. Hundreds of Certificates received In this State can be seen at the Dr’s Office. ffeb23dtf F. A. PRESCOTT, (Lath of tub Internal Revenue Buiieau, Washington’,) Oounsellor-at-Law and Internal Revenue Solicitor, No. iy, State Ht., Dostou. R. PRESCOTT'S long experience in the Intcr ifJI. ual Revenue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds,” having charge of all cases of violation ol

the Kcvonue Laws, his amiliarity with Departmen tal practice, and his acquaintance with the Revenue Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly successful in making a specialitv of all matters portaining to the Revenue Laws. He will attend to claims tor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovery of penalties paid by way ol compromise. He will advise parties as to the man ner of making returns in accordance with law, or as to obtaining decisions from the Department at Washington, and wiU defend in cases of alleged vio lation ol the law iu regard to taxes, penalties or crim inal offences Mr. Prescott will practice before the various De partments at Washington, the Supreme Court of the U. S., and the Court ol Claims. For the speedy transaction ot business, Counsel of high standing, residing in New York, st. I>ouis, Cin cinnati and Washington, aro associated with him. an26eod3m Boots and Slioen ! CLARKE & LO WELL, No. SJO Murkct Squtu’o. WE can and will sell as good a quality of Boots and Shoes, at as cheap rate as can be foun i in the city. We have some shop worn goods and others a little out ol the present style which we wish to close out before going into our nuw store and will seU them at Less Than Halt the Original Cost. Call and exaiuiuo for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. mar26d3t new e 3 d FAIRBANKS' PREMIUM STANDARD SCALES, Made of tbe best materials, and in J- tbe most thorough manner,and receiv JjgKing constant im glgjtrovinents under B^tbe s pervision ol tbe Original In ventor. Every variety, as Hay Coal, Railroad, Platform and Counter, Drug gists’, Confectioner*’, Butchers’, Grocers’, and Gold Scales, Beams, Spring Balances, Arc., for sale at our WAREHOUSE 118 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. Fairbanks, Frown Jb Co. Ageuts for sale of Tilton Ac ITlcFnrlnml’M Safe*, White’* Pa tent money Drawer*, and C’re*sou*s Gas Regulator*. Agents in Pobtland, EMERY, WATERHOUSE A CO. mar26-d3m Choice Southern and Western FLOUR MB CORN! for sale by O’BRION, FIERCE & CO., Wholesale Dealers, 154 Commercial St., dec31dly PORTLAND, Me. Portland Five Cent Savings Bank, No. 19 Free Street. DEPOSITS made in this Bank on or boforo April 1, will be put on interest on that day, and regu lar Dividend will be payable in October. Speeial Deposits wdl be received at any time,pay able on demand, interest from day of deposit, at such rate as may be agreed upon when deposited. NATH’L F. DEEIUNG, Treasurer. Portland, March 8,1857. marld&wtoApr2 Sierra Morena Molasses. 560 IIIIDS. 1 Choice mola**e* fust 31 TIERCES ) landed from brig “Gipaey Queen,” for sale by THOS. AS ESC JO d; CO., Custom House Whurf. March 20,1867. mr21dlwis Ipiano for sale. A SUPERIOR 7 Octave PIANO FORTE. Lowest Cash Price §675. Will be sola for $550, As it must be sold immediately. E. B. ROBINSON’S, Winnie Room .3411-3 Congress St. Mar 21—dtf Portland Institute. IN accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws, and a vote passed at the last meeting of the Cor norators of the “Portland Institute ami Public Li brary,” the undersigned hereby gives notice that, the annual meeting of the Corporation will he held at the Common Council Chamber, Market Hall, on the first Monday of April next, being the 1st day thereof, at 3 o’clock'in the afternoon, lor the purpose of electing the officers, and to consider tlic subject of amending the By-Laws, and for the adoption of such other measures as may be necessary to complete the organi sation of the Institution. JOHN J. W. REEVES, Clerk. Portland, March 25,1867. dlw Portland Dry Dock Company. THF Annual Meeting of the Stockholders will be held at the office ot the Ocean Insurance Com pany, Monday, April 1st, at 4 o’clock P.M., for the choice of officers for the ensuing year, and the trans action ot any other business that may legally come before them. Per order. C. M. DAVIS, Secretary. Portland, March 25,1867. dtd Steamers for Sale. STERN WHEEL STEAMERS “Falcon,” and “Clarion.” 2 years old, of tlic following dimes sions: Length lO'i feet; width over all 28 feet: depth 4J leet; draft of water 33 inches; cf good speeo, with large freight and passenger capacity, in good order and ready for service, with full inventory. En• i <iire of ROSS & STURDIVANT, mchl3dim 73 Commercial Street, i To Wajrou Builders. 'YrOUR attention is called to Dennett's Patent I Dumping Wagon. It is simple in construction, and costs no more than any wagon. The load rests equally on the loro and hind wheels, it dumps be tween the axles. In short, this dumping wagon is the best extant. We wish to correspond with wagon builders throughout the country in relation to mak ing and selling these wagons. Address A. A. DENNETT & CO., mar2fdtf 285Congrcss St., Portland, Me. For Sale. A GOOD opportunity is offered for a man with a small capital, by purchasing the State Right of Townsend’s Patent Glass Door Plate. About two hundred have been put on in Portland during the past week. For further particulars en quire of E. A. BACHEI.DER, mar26d2w* 29 Green Street. EUGENE V Eli AT, Cutter. I WILL bet from $200 to $500 that I will beat any Buss Tailor, to cut by the Shoulder measure, coat, Pants and Vesta. March 26. c!3t* ___ Notice. T HEREBY forbid any person harboring or trusting Mary Barnett, on my account,fbr she uas ten iuy bed and board without any provocation. Mltfok IWT, WASTED. Bent Wanted. WANTED five <>r six rooms within ten minutes* walk of the Post Office, convenient for a small family. Address “ F. J. F.,” at the Press Office. March 26,1867. dlw __ _ __ Wanted. p*FLOUR BARRELS, at ^Forest Ol.Av\/V/ City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emory street. Proposals will also l»e received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at the office of the Company. 1W* Commercial, at corner of Union St. tebl2diwtt T. C. 1IERSKV WANTED—A Factory Building. Important to Capitalists. A lactory or building, with or without tools, is wanted immediately tor the manu facture ot' an entirely new machine, never intro duced, and ot which at least twenty-five thousand wrill be wanted the first year. Profits five hundred percent. Work similar to sewiug machine work. The machine bears the same relation to machines in its line that ilowe’s invention hears to sewingma chines, but is more valuable than his invention. Buildings to be put into a new stock company to be formed to buy that and the machine, and part of stock to be taken in plu c where factory is situated, The invention is not a fiction, but a practical re ality, twenty-five full-sized machines having al ready been constructed and thoroughly tcBted. From fifty to one hundred thousand dollars necessary to be subscribed. Location unimpoi tant; the maim facture will he started where the best inducements are offered. Tbi" is really an extraordinary oppor tunity for any community to securo a business in its midst which will shortly re mire several hundred workmen. Address, giving full particulars, C. A. S., careo! S. R. Niles, Newspaper Advertising Agent, Scollay's Building, Boston. mar 25—dtw AGENTS WANTED FOR GEN. L. C. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The most exciting & interesting book ever published. fpHIS WORK was announced more than one year -I ago, but owing to the attempts of the Govern- I ment to suppress it, its publication was delayed. It will now be issued, UNALTERED, AND UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GENERAL BAKER. It contains a full and official expose of the intricate machinations of the secret en ema s of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adven tures fids book eclipses the famous experiences of FOUCHE and V1DOCQ. The marvelous narratives of Gen. Baker are all attested by the highest o6cia! authority. It will coutain the ouly official aoeount ot the Assassina Ion conspiracy. A full history of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM ITS CON CEPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, has never yet been {riaced before the public. The work also ftiUv exposes the nefnaous system by which Presidential Sirdons were and arc so readily obtained at Wash igton. The morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated and there are some strange revelations concerning heads of depariuents, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a full description of the work. Address JONES BROTHERS & CO., 6<)7 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. iiiarHd&wlm Chambers to Let. OVER W\ W. Carr & Co.*s store. No. 3 Exchange near Fore St, that will accommodate 150 work men at shoemaking, tailoring, or many other kinds of business. For Sale. One lot of Land near the head of Wflmot street, for sixty-five cents per foot ; also, a lot near head of Deer street, about 31 by 55 feet, for $1200; also, a two story House and lot oil Miinjoy llill tor $2500; also, one liuuse and Lot on Merrill’s Court, Cliestnut street, that will lot for $.'500 per y. ar; also, one house on Mount ford street, with about GuOO feet of land more or less; this liousoInjlongs ‘o the estate of the la e Lemuel Tukey, and will be sold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to mchldlm W. W. CARR & CO. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suit able for sugar. LYNCU, BARKER & COT, uovl3dtt 130 Commercial street. A Tailor Wanted. A Good reliable, practical Ci ttkb can hear of a good situation, by applying to the subscriber at his Clothing Store, Nos. 1G2 Fore, and 15 Moulton Streets. ALFRED HASKELL. mar7 1SG7 d3w* Agents Wanted ! JUST OUT, Farrajgut and oar Natal He roo«9 by the brilliant a d popular Historian, ,J. T. Headlv. This is the only w<»rk on the Navy in the War, and everybody is buying it. GFOBGB II. BLAKE, GENERAL AGENT, Feb4—3m No 8 Clapp’s Block. Wanted Immediately —AT TILE— New Employment Office ! JVo 222 1-2 Congress St, !ld Door W«bI of City Building (up stairs.) GIRLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, to whom good situations will he given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. ISir'Wc are able at all times to supply parties in any part of the State with G< JO '> RELIABLE HELP, eitlier as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will be supplied with Men and Boys lor all kin ls ot em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 22111 Congress Street, liexltoCitv Building, Port land, Me. GOlrKLA¥ A UEHITT, Feb 22—dlf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1KG7, we shall rosume the purchase ol Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ol the 3?ortland Sug-ar Co., 27 1-2 Bnnforlh Ni„ FebSdtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. ‘.Uhl 1-g L'onL'rrM Wuert, All per sons wishing to secure good Girls for any respecta ble employment, will find them at this office. Also please notice. Wo wiil send you men and boys lor any work in city or country, Jree ol charge. We want gfHHl American, Provincial, Irish ami Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day lor all orts ot situations in this City and vicinity. Give ns a call. COX & POWAKS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’67. jan30 dtf Book-keeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi ence, and who can bring the best of recom mendations, a situation as book-keeper or salesman. Address G. W. B, Portland Post Office. mr21dlw* Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi ence, and who can bring the best of city reter cnces, a situation as Bookkeeper cr Salesman, where closo attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to W. H. JERRIS, martdtf Under Lancaster llall. Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods business; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references, nmrlGtt LOST AND FOUND. Dog Found Sunday. A SMALL Black and Tan Colored Dog, with cropped ears, iollowed a l>ov home from cliureh on Sunday. The owner is requested to pay for this advertisement and take his property. Apply at this office. mar 2G—Gt* Doff Lost. A SMALL Black aud Tan Terrier. Answers to the name of “ Pet.” A liberal reward will be paid for his return to 139 Dantorth Street. HENRY H. FURBISH. March 13. dtt TO LET. Koonis to Let with Board. mo *ct, on reasonable terms, two well lurnislied L rooms, with board, at 38 Centre Street, opposite Preble House. mar2Gdlw* To Let. THE Store on the lower side of Commercial Street, now occupied by Uonncll & Grccly. Possession given April 1st. Enquire of MAT.IEWS & THOMAS, margollm811 Commercial Street. To Let rnilE three storied Brick Storo 20-1 Pore, lootoi 1 Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, feblftdtf Plum Street. For Kent. OFFICES in the third story ot buliding on corner uf Exchange ami Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’p, Free Street Block, suitable lor Jobbing or Wholesale Business. luquiie of ^ T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial street. 63^ Key can be found at E. T. Elden <& Co's Mar 2—dtf TO TUT ! PLEASANT roomswilli bourn, oras lodging room., at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street. Refer ences required- fel>26dtf. To Let, ROOMS in second and third story Griffith Block, No. 21J Free Street. Also, roonm in third and fourth story Nos. H2 and 141 .Middle Street. Apply to .., II. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,18C7. dtf To Let. A FRONT ROOM adjoining the Chamber occupied by the Merchant s Exchange. Aim several desirable rooms in the new buildings near thecornerot Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be fitted up to suit tbo appli cants. Apply to NATII’L F. DEERTNG, No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. _ marl9d3w To be Lei, ROOMS over H. II. HAY’S Apothecary Store, suit able for an office, dentist, or uuy light business. Enquire of .IORDAN & RANDALL, 145 Middle Street, Evans Block. March 21. dtf Merchants’ Exchange — Annual Meeting. THE Annual Meeting of the Merchants* Exchange w ill occur on Saturday, March 30tli, at 11 o’clock A M. All subscriptions tor the coniiug year will com mence at tliat time, payable in advance, and subscrib ers are notified that their bills will be readv on that day. , , M. N. RICH,*Sup’t, March 25. atu. [Star copy.] WItIGHT & BUCK, Proprietors of Greenwood Mill, bcckmuee^.c. DEAI.EKS in Yellow Pino Timber and Ship Stock, Orders solicited. Rbpebf..vCT8»-B. P. Buck & Co., New York; Wid. MeGilywy, Gflu.i HejupiKifti ftyan *r Oapia* i'oftH»uU, W»rV«dlf B£ALENTATG. Houses for Sale. THE Tenement Houses orecteil by the Executive Committee lor the relief ol sufferers, are now of icreo for sale They are gitualed as follows: Six Mocks, containing twenty-live tenements,near “SSSJn M^ta,containing tilly-oight tenements, ^bSSKr'SSBS forty-two tenements, ou Muqjoy’s Hill. Eight bltycks, i oni.ii ping forty-four tenements, near the Jail. Thirteen blocks, containing fllty-elght tenements, near the Alms House. Four blocks, containing fourteen tenements, near Washington Street. Terms cash. For further particulars enquire of HENUY FOX, Trustee. March 23. dlw House Up-Town For Sale. MA two-story Woodeu House, containing twelve flmnhed roomn, ccmontcd cellar, Brick Cistern, Furnace, Gas thbouohout, and with all the modern improvements. For partic ulars inquire at No. 13 Carlton Street, Or of Dr. COLBY, Press Counting Room. Portland, Mar 22, 18«7.—d2w Farms lor Sale. Three Farm* In York County aro offerod for pale by tho aubavri bor. ‘ Thby aro located a# follows: One iu Wntcrboro’. One in Lyman. One in Kenuebankpnrl* These Farms will be sold low, or exchange* ’ on favorable terms for Real Estate in Portland, Saco* or Biddeford. Apply tor particulars at office 293 Commercial St., or at office in Saco. mar22d3w JOSEPH HOBSON. House for Sale. ON the corner of Oxford and Myrtle Sts. It is two stories, with a basement, with ten iinislied rooms, in good repair; well and cistern water, fur nace and gas. Enquire at No 101 Oxlbrd st. mr22tf Desirable Store Lots FOR BAlLE, N COMMERCIAL STREET. THE subscribers ofler tor sale the lot of land on the southerly side ot Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wharf, measuring 72 by 1.50 feet. For fur ther par tic ulars inquire JONAS H. PEllLKY. Oct. 18 tf_or W. S. DAN A. Farm for Sale. I WILL sell my farm near Allen’s (Corner West brook, about three miles from Portland, one mile front horso ears, aud Westbrook Seminary. Said larrn contains about 100 acres, part ot it very valuable lor tillage, and part ol it for building lots. There is a good house, two large barus, and out hous es on 1he premises, it will be sold together, or iu lots to suit, purchasers CYRUS THURLOW, sc pi 1 -d 11 105 Com m cr (i a I St. House tor Sale. A good HorsE two stories, Stable attached, hard and soft water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two lamilies, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1N4 Fore Nt., J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 24,1867. dtf NOTICE. I will sellon favorable terms as to payment, or let for a term of years, t he lots on the corner of Middle and Franklin streets, ami on Prauklin street, including thecorner of Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILLIARD,.Bangor, or SMITH & REED. Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tl Fop Sale or Lease. The Fine Lot corner of Exchange ami Congress Streets, 120 feet on Congress and 50 feet on Exchange St. Will be let. for ten or twenty years, ou favorable terms. A Block of Seven Stores in this central loca tion would pay a good interest. Apply to W. H. J ERR IS. marldtf m Valuable lical Estate for Sale. THE tine estate corner Brackett and Walket Sts. The lot contains over 26,000 square feet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W. 11. JERRIS, marl dtf Real Estate Agent. FOll SALE! THE Store an<l Land occupied by Charles W. Thompson, at Ferry Village in Cape Elizabeth ’ the store is nearly new and contains a large Hall, I about fitly rods from Ferry Wharf, is the best place for trade any where outside ol Portland. For par ticulars enquire ot Thompson at the store or of I. W, PARKER, 249 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. _Mar9d3w« For Sale. TIIE fine lot of Land on Spring, near High street. know n as the Bo.vd lot, containing about 10,000 feet; also about 300,OOo Brick and 200 perch pf Stone. Said lot will be sold with or without the material. For further particulars enquire of JOHN G. TOL FORD, or CHARLES SAGER.mclilldtf For Sale. AN Olfice Safe ot John E. Wilder’s manufacture, suitable for Railroad, Manu torturers’ or Bank ing purposes, measuring 5 feet 3 in. in height, 4 feet width, 2 feet3J in. deep, with interior sale ami draw ers. For sale by C. A. & A. BLANCHARD, 105 State Street, Boston, Mass. teblSdtl House ansi Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven looms, will be sold for $1,100, if applied for immediately. ALSO: Lota for sale at prices from one cent to $2 per foot. Enquire of JOSEPH REED, Real Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. marBdtf Brick House lor Sale. ON Bro^vn Street, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, hard and soil water, gas and other modern improvements. Possession ; iven April 1. Apply to D. H. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. .TERRIS, niarGdtf Real Estate Agent. Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. fllHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil X lage of Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of fered for sale ar*a bargain, it applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurnituro and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire of HORATIO BOOTHBY, Proprietor. Or Hanson & Dow, 54J Union st. Fryeburg, Sept. 29,18G6. dtf F OR ~ SALE, A DESIRABLE Double Brick House, slated rent, on Spring Street, between High and Park, with modern improvements, heated thoroughly by steam, piped for gas with fixtures; with a good Stable. Abundance of hard and soft water in the house,with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. Mar 1G—d3w Lot for Sale. THE lot on the northerly side of Deering Street, ailjoihing the residence of Gen. J. D. Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front and one hundred feet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, marlGdtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. For Sale. A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. Estate of the late Samuel Hatch, contains about 90 acres, 40 to 50 ol W| yffipp;£ >od .wood land and pasture, good 24 storv House with L., large l»aru. Sheds, &c. The Farm is located at Wells Corner on main road; churches and schools near, and in the immediate vicinity of the well-known summer re sort, Wells Beach; w ill be sold low and on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDKIDGE, near the premises. For terms, &c., inquire ot GEOP.GE K. HIGHBORN & CO., No. 1 Scollay’s Bull .ling, or address Box 114 P. O. Boston, Mass. marlGdlm House lor Sale. TIIE convenient double house corner of South and Spring Streeis. Each tenement contains nine finis lied rooms, and may be sold separately. For further particulars, enqu’re of the subscriber-on the premises, No. 15 Spring Street. AIKS. J. S. EATON. Alaflch IP, 1807. mar2tkitf House and Lot for Sale, SITUATED in Westbrook, near the end of Tn key’s Bridge. A story and a half house, with 0,600 feet of laud, shade and fruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and has stable room for one horse and carriages, connected. It is lo cated on the corner of Winslow Street and the road leading to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,000. Ap ply to L. A. BACH ELDER, (King, Thurlow & Co.) 165 Commercial St. March 20. dim* Farm lor Sale. THE homestead of the late Scott Dyer, Cape Eliz abeth, four miles south of Portlaiul Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good state of cultivation, fences all stone wall, young orchard, 75 trees grafted fruit. Pleasantly located. School and Church within $ mile. For terms, &c., apply on the premises or to E. C. ROBINSON, mcli20—ft 13 Moulton Street. Farm tor Sale, rpHE ‘‘Mark Allen” estate, containing two hun -L dred acres, situated within one and a half miles oj Pownal Do|K»t, in Pownal, County of Cumber land. Said farm is wt-11 divided into pasturage, til lage and wood land. Is well watered, has good and convenient buildings, cuts some sixty tons of hay, and has some twelve hundred cords ot merchantable wood for the market, besides enough for the farm. This estate would make two good farms, and will be sold together or in separate lots. Inquire of John H. Noyes, near the premises, or CHARLES C. COBB. Executor, 91) Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Me. March 13. eod&wtf For Sale. SITUATED near Broad Cove, within a few rods of Cumberland Depot, a convenient story and a half house and barn, with an excellent garden and choice fruit trees, a never failing well of water, and ten acres of the best of land. The house and garden will be sold separately if desired. Will be sold at a low price if applied for immediately. A good chance for a person doing business in the city. mar23eod2w* J. MERRILL. Houses lor Sale! TWO new 1$ story Houses just com pie toil, with 7 finished rooms. Price within fifteen minutes walk of the Post Office, together with other holses at prices from $1,500 to $10>000. -ALSO To Lease, 50 HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Wharf Lots, at prices from $12 to $200 per year. Enquire of MLOMEM COULD, No 55 North St., between the hours of 8 & 10$ A. M. and 2 & 5 P. m., where plans of lots may be seen. Alar Mlw t cod3w For Sale-House on Park St BEING about to remove from this city I oiler for sale my House, No. 55 Park St. It is goo ! size and convenient, with all the modern improvements, Bathing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Gas, Furnace, &c. (Jon ected with house is a good stable. Possession given first day of May next. Enquire at No. 993 Commercial Hi. bead of Hobson’s wharf, of J. JI. Hamlen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or ot W■ II. JEUK1S, Real Estate Agent. JanSOeodff FUR TFIjMZFM S. Onn TOWS Cumberland Pure’ Raw Bone iJV/V/ PI 108. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons E. F. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. 300 Barrels Li ttlelleld’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. ®"For sale at Manufacturer’s Prices, by KENDALL & WHITNEY. Feb 8.18C7._JeWamt._ Notice. TTjii» meeting ot the Corporators of the “Eagle Sugar Reflnerv,” will bo held iit the office ot Sai<l Refinery, on Fore Street, on Saturday, the 6th /joy of April next, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the purpose of organization. JOHN SPARROW, 0 b JOHN LYNCH PEI,lie BARKER, **)Wi rtW $>wwtw» ENT EliTAINMENTS. Sunday School Fair and Leve^ 1AIlt An o levee, IN THE Vestry of the Chxirch ON 9 Wednesda y and Friday Even ’as nmr^S7mn*w. TAB L E A IJ X ! tVUelri fibmc n ( Tables and Sato of Article, co„ tribute*! by the Schoo l- tu“~ Ticket* 25ctf—toratue at the «loor. Entertain mont to commence at » Jo clock. mr*«£tkl2t u~ Veering Hull, - Portland, Thursday Even’ng, Mar. 28. Nr. P. 8. UlLNOltE, Has the honor to announce a C*rau«l Concert! With the following uurtvalloJ array of Talent: CAMILLA IJRSO, The beat Violinist In America. Madame Bertha Johannsen, The Celebrated Frirna Donna of the Grand Gorman Opera. Mr. Carlyle Petersilea, The best Pianist in America. Mr. M. M. Arbuckle, The best Cornet Player iu America. Mr. James Whitney, Tlie Emiuent Tenor. Dr. C.A. Guilmette, Tho great Lyrical Declaimer and best Basso Can lan - ta in America. Mr. John A. Howard, Accompanist. ALFRED VON ROCHOW, Agent. The Programme will be made up of the most Popular Composition*or the Best masters. Tickets Fifty Cents. Reserved Seats Seventy-five cents; for sale at William Paine's Music Store, and at the door ou the evening of tho concert. Doors open at 7—coucort to commence at 8 o’clock." March 19—did Grand Promenade Concert I The Orchestral Union COlIl’BlBINO FIFTEEN PEKFOltillEBS, Ik* H* CHANDLER.Conductor, Will givo a Promenade Concert AT MECHANICS* HALL, Oa Friday Kiuia,, Dlnrcli ‘J9, To rammiiire at 8 o’clock precisely. Ticket* 5© Ocala. To be obtained at Fume's Music store ami at the door. ntar27— .’It That Comical Brown I WILLIAM B. BROWN, the Great Como Genus,am) WILLIAM HAY WARD. the Eminent B vllamst, aaaiatMl ),» ,\ir. E. M. EUSTIS an I the EDUCA TED DOG SCOT 'I'lE, will give one of U.cir UNIQUE ENT Eli TAIN M EN TS, - IN MECHANICS’ HALL, Saturday ISven’y, March SO. Tickets 25 cent*. Reserved seats 35 cents. Booth open at 7 o’clock. Concert at 7i o'clock. March 26. dlt Grand Excursion of firemen and their Ladies TO BOSTON, PAST DAI! NE. FIREMEN’S CONGRESS, Concert and Le • vee, at Boston Music Hall, afternoon and even ing THURSDAY, April 4th. Benefit of the Fire men’s Charitable Association. Hall’s Boston Brass Baud, Mrs L. S. Froliock. Susie Blanchard, Mr. Kennedy, T. Baldwin, the wonder in the peculiar feats of the Japanose Jugglers, with a host of volun teer talent in new programme. A SILVER FIRE TRUMPET (seen at Haddock, Lincoln & Foss’, 67 Washington Street, Boston,) will bo awarded the tire company which buys the largest number of tick ets. ty Railroads carry holders of tickets to Music Hall, April Ith, for half tare. Tickets 50 cents. For posters, programmes, or tickets, orders should be sent to F. Peaslee, agent, of tlie F. C. Association, 67 Washington .Street, Boston, Mass. March 27. d2t Portland Theatre 1 Sole Lrmec. and manager*, N.UITil. HADLEY & t'O. Ntage Director, H. R. NIIRB1DAN. The above placo of amusement will open on or about the FIRST OF APRIL, for n Spring anti Summer Season, with a FIRST CLASS DRAMATIC COMPANY! For farther particulars see bills. March 22 dti SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOTHY, 380 “ Northern New York and Western Clover. 400 Sacks Red Top. 140 Bushels Canada Golden Drop Spring Wheat 300 Bushels Cape Barley, two row’u. Buckwheat. Flax, Hemp, Millet. Cauary and a lull assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, all select ed with care and reliable. | A full assortment of Agricultural Implements, Fcrtiliaors, Ate., For Sale by KENDALL A WHITNEY, market IInil, Pwrilaad. March 16,1867.-d2rais Sagua Molasses. 505 RIDS. I Muscovado M lasses, cargo brig ! 518 TCS. ) “Hattie S. Emery,” from Sagua. 414 Hhds. I Muscovado Molasses cargo Brig “J. 073 Bbls. | C. York/* from Sagua, FOR HALE BY GEO. S. HUNT, 111 Commercial St. Mar 1ft—<13 w DRIED ^LPJREES. IJK BBLS. WESTERN DRIED APPLES, for I O Mlo by Smith, Donnell & Co., marlM2w 93 A 95 Commercial St. -»__ Choice Clayed Molasses. 4(55 HHDS., I Superior Clayed Me ld TIERCES,! ln-*c*. Now lamling from Brig “Anna Wellington,” from Cardenas, and for sale by CHASE, CRAM & STCItTEVANT, raar23 dtl Widgery’s Wharf. FOB SALE. lOO BBLS. EASTERN D. APPLES. “Sliced ” IOO. “ “Cored!” 130 Bu. H. G. SEED. cored. 30 Bn. Clover Seed. 50 Bids. Clear Pork. 50 Tierce*Choice Lard. Also Choice Brands of Flour, by Jeremiah Howe *('«, mr21 <13w No 27 Commercial St, PortLand. U RUSS SEER. finn BAGS HERDS GRASS SEED, received and lor sale by Smith, Donnell & Co„ marl4d2w 93 Sc 95 Commercial St. I TOR wastdng while good* this Soap is unsurpassed: 1 it is malic from Pure and Clean Material, unit warranted not to spot, slain or injure the lineal U Ladies, bv using the I’lnncerSoap your clothes will wash easier, look nicer, and smell sweeter than with any other Soap In market. Pioneer Soap Staves Time, money, Labor and Clothes. Printers, Painters and Mechanics generally will And this an excellent Soap lor the hands, as it erad icates dirt quicker, leave* th* hands soft and smooth, and prevents them from cliapniwr. T n Y IT. Sold by every Who'esale and Retail Grnnw. Man ufactured by TAYLOR <£ YOUNG, Front Street, New York. n o m v ’ Hunt & Melclier, 87 Commercial Street, L>. B. Kicker *.v Co., 183 Fore Street, atreut - lor Maine. March 22. codlni* DR. KI.IZABETII R. ADAMS, of Cape Elizabeth, (formerly Mrs. Chamberlin,ol P ort land). Consultation free at her office a *1. M. lun ple A Co.’s st re, corner Congress a ml Pearl Street». Portland, every Wednesday. Kelly’s celebrated M‘ dielne* to be had at ifrtwOf *»nfl WsWfSWi % _ _^ AUCTION SAK1JS. Sicily Lemons at Auction. /JN WBDKESIMr. March “ ir.l oJlM, without jjj&‘“J- °''lock M., March 27. did b. in. Htm;> * « «»., AU,.,i r OFM PLUM STREET. ’ • Last Auction Sale on Plum Street. 0N„ WKDNKSDAY, March U7th,at 10 o'clock A. M , will be sold All the L«uds Lrfl from Nalurdny'n Nn1«, *>t Carnets, Beils. Blankets. Quilts, Tow - iniN ^^‘Ikerchiets, Hosiery, Linens. I*cu ^kteR, Crash. Cottons, Cutler*. «I*s wm i lu v wiih a vaiiety of oilier arti lueut 1 ,UUMt br Nild at any rate. No postpone — --maiuo did AN Auetton.-iteuI Estate. ( ) r',8nh 1M. »» l"} o’clock A. mansion of the ****** *],e well known eh-gant the centre of the thriviV.’ ' /?^n Sheplejr, sit uated m minute* from l'ortlami i {?„5',Ay ot Sa,,S only thirty The house Is in cJXSi5lIP M a <la> • lures throughout; iar.gas and Ka8 hx and a large and convenient‘Hi ; ‘'emitted cellar, This is a very .1. "irSie i,S8 mS 8*,8c1,'c‘i attention ol parlies wishing*bJlnVSElf wof*hy 1 crins made known a sjde r,‘8"l« *u:e.— “nuir on the premises of J. v sii'i. nil4f’i‘u.l:UH ,,,“ 11. KIVEUSMITII, or T. K lv\ .Y’ W* March 21. Ut<t _ ' ' LVM- Auct <• E. ill. FATTEN A MO A,r,i01„r~ PLUM STREET. Skipping' at Auction. ON THURSDAY. March 28th, al II o’clock A M at, MERCHANTS’ EXCHANGE, corner of Pore and Exchange St recta, One-Mixlernth Kurqnr Mary C. Fox. One-Mix tee ii I h II rig Antilles. On<‘-Mixleeialla IIrig «!• Work. !’• i» Mhure» Porllnnd, Hniigor A Tlnehi 8" **«*ambont Compiiiiy. Oae-Mixiyfourth Mieuui Tug %Vnrrior.J| - Also, —— I wo Mhurea Portland Horse Railroad toupsMy. mar22dtd CKOt KKTT, Auctioneer aud Appruinir, (Uffice with Evans & Bailey) NOS. 1 »& 2 FREE STREET BLOCK. Household Furniture at Auction. ON THURSDAY, March 2*11). at 1') ot-lok A M alNo 16 Dow stre.t, will be H ,ld at auction* an clog tnf Parlor set. Chamt> r Sets, • 'Imirs/Jables ture ls!c“ Bru88elHCarpets, Stoves, Kitchen Furiii Also a fine-toned Piano. mar2."dld Farm at Auction, a, H>,‘l w,". 11,0 Premises, Thursday, March -81 h, at 1 o clock P. M, a first c’ai-s larin ol al> ait 125 acres of excellent Ian i. eight .m Portland, two and one-hail Irom Saccaiui pu, one •roin Gorham Corner, ami near dejiot. Good grass firm, well watered, plenty of weod; iu:w barn 40 by Go, with cellar, two story home of nine rooms, in good repair; out buildings, Ac. Ono extra cow and oalf worth one hundred dollars. Also all the stock and tanning tools, one light rid ing wagon with 'wo seats; sleigh and harnesses; ox carl, liiml»er wagon, Ac. Also house f rniture. stoves, bedsteads, chairs, tables, secretary, bureaus, sola, uice a>ix octave uic lo.loon. Arc., &t:. If ‘lay is stormy postpone to first fair day. Terms made known at sale. luarJMtd H. D. MrLELLAN, Auctioneer. JK. HI. PATTEN & CO., AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE PLUM STREET. Household Furniture' at Auction* (IENTF.KL Household Furniture ut Auction on J Friday, March 29th, at 10 A. M., at lion e No. 70 Free street, now occupied by G. L. Steer. F*q tlie cutire contents, consisting in pari of Mahogany and Walnut Parlor .>-cl8 in It. p and Hair Clo-io So las, Chair*. Rockers, <’i nter. Card, Work and Pem broke Tables, Lounges, What-N..ts. Secretory, Id vans, Carved Chamber Sets in Black Walnut and Mahogany, Painted Sets, Bureau*. Bedsteads, Stands &*-. Also. Brussels. 3 Ply, Snj erbue, Stair and Oil L;iri»cls, Rugs, Mirrors, Curtains, Feather a d bprmg Beds Mattresses. Bedding, Kitchen Furni turo, Stoves &c., and a gtueral jwniortnn in oi house hold articles. The above Furniture was manufactured to order, and laving been will eared for, is nowin excellent condition. Those in want of good artl lcs will at tend this sale. Also at 12 o’clock, one seven Octave Piano Forte in rnrvod Rosewood Case. An elegant instrument made by Calvin Edwards <& Co. mar 25ntd GOVERNMENT SALE 8TEAMEH “ TYUO. 99 Will hr Sold by Public Auction, AT FRANKLIN WHARF, ill the city of Port land, Me., on Friday, the 29th Inst., at 3 o'cl’ek I*, M., the steamer “TYRo,” o» about 50 tons burth en, in fine order and ri pair. It has l*een uped l»y the U. S. Engineer Department iu this harbor, and is uo Longer needed. Terms cash, in Government hinds. IT. S. Kn«:im:ek Office, 1 Portland, Me., March 19, 1h<;7. j Geo. Thom, B’v't Brig. General U. S. A. *1. S. Hailev, Auctioneer. mchl9-eixl3t& tedtd BV KDWARD KIDDLE, BOSTON HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART. Frsnliug Union fill, A Blnyiunrket Square, Bouton. GREAT SEMI-ANNUAL TRADE SALK OF VAL UABLE NEW CARRIAGES. TWO HUNDRED SINGLE and : 1 »OUBLK SEAT ED CONCORD WAGONS. ONE HUNDRED LIGHT BROWNKLL WAGONS. TWO HUNDRED SETS SINGLE A DOUBLE HARNESSES. On Saturday, Mu ch 30, at II o’clock. As above—tor cash. Will be sold without reserve, the largest assort ment of valuable new carriages which has lx*en ottVr ihI for many years, and including consignments from some of the most celebrated manufactu:«. rs in New England, New York and PennsyLania -Also 200 single and double icatcd Concord wagons. l(Mt light Brownell wagons, tor tainily use. 200 sets superior single and double harnesses. Catalogues will l>e prepare! and the whole stock ready for examination three days before the sale. Mar 23—25, 27. BY £. Mi PAYTRN & CO., Auctioneer** Stocks at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, Vpril 3, at 11 oVlock A. M., at the Merchants Exchange, corner ot Fore ana Exchange Streets, wilt be sold Fifty Shares p.othiml Rolling Mills. Ten Shares Attwood Lead Co. Fifteen Shares in Portland Pier. Five Shares Eastern Pack el Co. JOHN BAND, Assignee. March 27,1867. dtd J. ■*. DBAI'CB, Ai mOMIKK. U. S. Cottmi Sale!! JOHN H. DRAPER A C’O. WILL SELL ON Thursday, April 4th, 1867, at one oVlock P. M., at tlicir Sales Hoom, No. Ill Pearl M„ (Hanover Square,) by mlar or Francis Robinson, spec ial agent Treasury Pepartm! nf, OOO Bales North Carolina ami Geor gia Cotton. The above cotton has been sampled and classed by G. W. Amor.v, anti may be seen by sample at the office o* the Auctioneers. No. 112 Pearl street. New York, two days before the sale. mar20dtd B. .11. PATTGIV Sc (’()., Auctioneer* PLUM STREET. Valuable Property in Westbrook at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, 10th .lav of April, at half past two P. M., (or if stormy first lair day,) will be sold on toe premises without the least ft - nerve, the lo'lowuig described parcels ot Real Es tate in Westbrook, as follows, viz: Homestead situ otetl afc Allen's corner, so called, contacting ut»>ut forty acres of laud, with the building* thereon, con sisting of a good one and a half storied Farm Hou se, with L attached, with Kitchen, Wcod and Carriage House. Also, a large Ram 36 by «0 ted. with Shed and Corn House near by, buildings all conveniently arranged and in good repa r. A Iso, .another lot of Land at said Allen’s corner, containing about 17 acres, with good Barn, Piggery and Shed, ull in fine order. —ALSO— About 20 acres of drained meadow, as good or bet ter land for gardening than can be found in the State, situated near Alien’s corner on the road leading to Portland viaTukey’s t ruKe.. —also— About X acres ot Mea ovv and Upland situated on the road leading from Allen’s to Morrill’s corner, be ing a very desiratile lot f >r building ami gardening. All of uud land in ftie town of Westbrook, about 3 miles Irom the city of Port land, and one mile from P.&K. Railroad and Portland Horse Railroad. All ol the above Lauds are in a high stae ol culti vatloii, with a very largo amount or front, and wry desirable for building lots, (arming or gardening. Immediately after sale of Heal Lstate will m sold about two hundred Sheep and Lambs, s.x t own and Heifers, two Horses ami four Hog., together w ith ag us, Farming Tools and a portion of the House hold Furniture. The above property is to be sold to the highest bid der. ml on the most favorable terms. Cash, if the purchasers so tie-ire, or one quarter cash, the bal ance from one to five years with note and uior.gnge, interest at six per cent, semi-aunuady* The per sonal property to be sold tor cash. , For particulars ball on Cyrus Thorlow, 163 Com mercial street, or on the Auctioneers. £y*Sale to commeme w'ith tue Homestead. Mar 27 _ Sale of’ Timber Lundn lor ISutt u1 College. Land Oekick. i Bangor, March 7, 1HT7. | NOTICE Is hercbv given, in pnumance of “ Re solve to carry into edect chapter two hundred eighty-tour of the Resolve* of eighteen hundred six ty-four in favor of Lates* College,” approved ary 28, 1867. that township* minibeied 8, Range (I and It) Range 17 W K L S. situated upon the l pi or Smnt John River, excepting the Southeast quarter oi the last named township, w ill be ottered tor tala by public auction tor the benefit ot : aid College ::t the Land Office in Bangor, on Wcdnc*dav the 11th day of Septeml^r next, at 12 o’clock, noon, one third cash and satisfactory not* * lovable in 2Lan-li.t?w yt I48’ «cclire,» by mortgage ontteprem isG», will be received in payment. _o,4C. .. ISAAC K. CLARK, marftdtSopt 11, Land Agtni. To Samuel H. ColeRworthv. Clerk of tlu* Second t’nl yenalint Society ot Portland: You are hereby required in the name ot the suite of Maine, to warn and notify the njeutben*!U *aM* Society, in Raid Portland, to meet at the 1 r. l»aie Court Room in wild Portland, on Thurs ay • v« ]'»“£• Marcli 2Ht.h, 1 67, ai7j o'clock, to act •»**>» ,l»c ,0,luW ‘"lut." TcVchoosm a Moderator, to preside at said “at'k'lro see it said Society wi'l vole to purchase the lot of land bol,...bint the Pearl street Uimersa) vt S. Iclety, situated.... Hie t be comer ml earl and Con gress streets, upon wl.ieti to ere, I a i her, h. 3,1, To act ilium sncli oilier business ns shall 1 irtal lyeoiae before said nieetii'B. Given under our b.uids this 1 th day ot March, A. D., 186T. K. C. SHAW, ) Assessors ISA AC JAt KSON, J of -id EDWIN 8. SIIAW,) Society. niehSO-eodtil Nprttcc Shingles* AJ. O M- No. 1 SPRUCE SHINGLES just te TTTtV^ ceivcd and to. sub by 5<V\V\ Kit A V 'UM V. S'Mtlw Nib i;B CeB.m-vtini hi,