Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 28, 1867 Page 3
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IATSST NEWS BY TELEGUAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PR£SS. --; Thursday Morning. Maroh 28,1967, -—-> ----- xlth congress—first session Warujnotok, March 27. SBNATK Mr. Thayer, by permission, read a dispatch from the General Manager ol the Union Pa cific Railroad, to the effect that the work on the road west of Omaha was progressing rap id ly, and would be pushed on at the rate of two miles per day for the next one hundred days.. Mr. Howard introduced, and moved to refer to the Committee on Judiciary, the anuual re port of the New York Bank of Commerce for the year ending June, 1865, in which it is charged that Mr. Thomas, Senator elect from Maryland, withdrew in December, 18(10, from the city of New Yoft a largo amount of money accumulated there for the payment of interest on United States stocks, leaving this interest for the first time unprovided for, he being then {Secretary of the Treasury. Referred. Petitions were presented and reierred. The joint resolution transferring $50,000 from the funds of the Freedmen's Bureau to the De partment of Agriculture, for the purchase of seed for citizens of the rebel States, was passed. Mr. Henderson, from the Finance Commit tee, reported the bill to guarantee the to State of Louisiana $6,000X30 for the construction of levees oa the Mississippi. Ordered to be printed. Mr. Thayer, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, reported the bill to prohibit the remov al of Indian tribes or the expenditure of the trust funds for the Indians without special provision by law or treat/. Passed. Mr. Thayer, from the Military Committee, reported a resolui ion authorizing the Second Auditor of the Treasury to settle accounts with the line officers without receiving their monthly returns of property in their possession where such officers have been prevented from making their returns by reason of their being prisouexs in the hospital. Mr. Frnlinghuysen moved to amend that th* Becoad Auditor shall be satisfied by affidavit of the officer or otherwise of tbo inability of the officer to make said monthly report. Agreed to, and the bill passed. Mr. Trumbull, from the Judiciary Commit tee, made a report in reference to the testimony connecting Messrs. Doolittle and Patterson with the affairs of the New York Custom House, that the testimony transmitted bv the House was wholly disconnected from the Sen ate or any of it3 members, as mostly hearsay, and of no conclusive character. They declare that there is uo evidence whatever implicating Messrs. Doolittle and Patterson. Mr. Conkling made a minority report, also exonerating the Senators, but reviewing the report of the Honse committee. Mr. Conkling moved to print the testimony taken by the Ju diciary Committee, Pending the consideration of the motion, the Senate went into executive session and soon after adjourned. HOUSB. The Senate bill to incorporate the Lincoln Monument Association of Washington was passed. Mr. Stevens, undar suspension of the rules, offered a resolution for the appointment of a select committee on Southern railroads, which was agreed to. Mr. Boutwell, from the Judiciary Cornmit toef-reported hack the Senate amendments to the House joint resolution relative to claims of certain Northern creditors. Mr, Scofield moved to table the amendments. Agreed to, 67 to 33. This is a defeat of the bill. The Speaker presented the Senate substitute for the adjournment resolution, which is to close the session at noon to-moirow. Mr. Schenck offered an amendment, provid ing for meeting on the first Wednesday of June and the first Wednesday of September, unless otherwise notified by the presiding officers of the two Houses. He addressed the House in support of his plan. Mr Kelley sent up and had read a letter from a Union man of Maryland, uame not given, appealing to Congress to remain in session. Mr. Logan also spoke against the proposed adjournment. Mr. Schenok’s amendment was agreed to, 76 to 61. mt. uanici, trom the committee on Foreign Affairs, reported a joint resolution in regard to claims by foreign Governments against the I United States. Passed. Mr. Banks also reported a joint resolution de claring that the people of the United States cannot regard the proposed confederation of the Provinces on the Northern frontier of this country without extreme solicitude; that a con federation of States on this continent, extend iug from ocoan to ocean, established without consulting the people of the Provinces, and founded ou the monarchcial principles of this Government, and endangering most important in terests, and tending to increase and perpetu ate the embarrassments already existing be tween the two Governments. After some discussion the resolution was passed without a division. Mr. Banks also reported from the same com mittee a resolution declaring that the House extends its sympathy to the people of Ireland and Candia in ail their just efforts to maintain their independence as States, to elevate their people and to extend and perpetuate the prin ciples of liberty. Mr. Waslibnrne, of Wisconsin, offered an additional resolution as an amendment, declar ing that while sympathizing with the people of Ireland, the House believe that the present Fe nian movement must prove entirely inopera tive, and that any encouragement to it by a resolution unaccompanied by iorce could only result in involving brave, enthusiastic and pa triotic Irishmen in a difficulty from which their brethren would be powerless to extricate them. Mr. Banks said that the proposition had been before the committee, and had been rejected, the committee not deeming that a matter in which it should interfere. He hoped the ameudmeut would noth* adopted. The amend ment was rejected, 10 to 102, and the resolution was adopted. Mr. Hurlburd, from the Committee on Ex penditures, reported a resolution to <he effect that there is abundant affirmative testimony of Mr. Smythe’s unfitness tor the position of'Col lector of New York, and declaring it as the aense of the House that he should be immedi ately removed from office. Mr. Schenck moved to lay the resolution on the table. Negatived, 41 to 60. The resolution ■was then adopted, 08 to 38. * Mr. Kelley, under suspension of the rules, introduced a joint resolution, which was passed, to amend the act of March 2d, increasing the tariff on imported wool. In the paragraph commencing with the word “webbings,” tbe words “unmixed with silk” are stricken out. A motion to ad journ having been suggested, the Sp ;aker reminded the House that if it ad journed now it would adjourn until 12 o’clock to-morrow, being the precise hour at which the two Houses had agreed to adjourn finally. In reply to a question, the Speaker said he should not adjourn the House at that time without further action, no conclusive action having been taken. The Senate amendment to the joint resolu tion authorizing the setAement by line officers of their accounts in certain cases was con curred in. At 4.30 the House adjourned. Radical Cuu vcaiiuu la Haliimarr. Baltimore, March 27. The Radical Convention which was elected gome time since, re-assembled this morning at Broadway Hall. After organizing and ap pointing a committee on resolutions, the con vention took a recess until three o’clock. On re-assembling, the committee reported a pre amble and resolutions which state that the ■State Legislature had passed the convention bill, on which the convention has previously passed its judgement, and return thanks to the Republican members of the Legislature for their memorial to Congress, presented on the 25th of March, and appeal to the members of Congresft to grant that request; call on Congress to protect the loyalists of Maryland, white and colored, and give it a State Conven tion on the basis of universal or manhood suf frage ; oppose any constitution which docs not express the will of tho people without regard to color, and with tho aid of loyal represen tatives of the nation will resist such constitutions as revolutionary usurpation and will take no part in the election of dele gates further than to recommend the Republi cans of the Slate to vote against the call for a convention, and use all lawful means to defeat it: propose independent action incase the Leg islative convention is sustained by a majority of tho voters, and that a convention of its op ponents bo held in Baltimore on the 1st Wednesday in June to proceed to form a con stitution on the basis of manhood suffrage. Tho resolutions were adopted, and a committee was appointed to lay them before Congress. The Convention then adjourned sine die. KxlrwAcasiM af the Tcrwast Legislature. Montpelier, Vt., March 27. The Legislature of Vermont convened in special session to-day. It was called together by the Governor for tbo purpose of granting legislative relief to the people ami business interests of the south-western section of the State front tho suffering condition in whiclt they were a few weeks since suddenly placed by the hostile acts of certain railroad corpor ations of an adjoining State. Under a sus pension of the rules, bills were promptly pass ed authorizing certain towns to subscribe for stock for built'tng a new railroad to connect the Rutland & Bennington Railroad with the Harlem Railroad, and authorizing the mort gage of the Rutland & Bennington Railroad for the same purpose. The construction of such a road will remove the embarrassments occasioned by the action of the Troy and Boston railroad in refusing to run in connec tion with the Rutland & Bennington Railroad. The Work of Reconstruction. Nkw York, March 27. Gen. Sheridan’s order assuming command of the 5th military district, comprising Louis iana and Texas, has been published. He de clares the government of those States to be provisional only, and proposes to make no re movals from office unless the present incura beuts impede the carrying out of the provis ions ot the law. A reconstruction meeting of both whites and colored citizens was held in Montgomery, Ala., on Monday night. Resolutions iavoring ft laithful ConCiirrennA in fhA rAmiiromt'nta r»f Aiyncn ,. ttornoy uenerai, isdward Heath May or, and W. H. Howe Judfje of the First Dis trict Court. Mr. Heath, the new Mayor, is a well known merchant of this city. Reports from points above on the river stale Fran Waihiuiw Washington, March -7. The supplementary reconstruction act was j to-day officially promulgated by the Secretary i of State, with the certificate of the Clerk of • the House and Secretary of the Senate that it was passed over the President s veto. The Comptroller of Currency gives notice to holders of circulating notes of the Frst Na tional Hank of Newton, Mass., notes of the Tennessee National Hank of Memphis, Tentf., and those of the First Natioaal Bank of Mo di hh, N. V., that sue.h notes will be paid in lawful money of the United States, udou presentation at the Treasury of the United States. Congress has just passed a law organizing an association, national its character, for tl»s purpose of erecting a monument commemora tive of the great charter of American freedom. The trustees for the north and north-western States are as follows: Representatives John T. Wilson, of Ohio; Orth, of Indiana; ( ul lum, of Illinois, Driggs; of Michigan and Sen ator Harlan, of Iowa. _ ., . . . It is understood that the Presicleut to-day nominated J. C. G. Kennedy, for Commission er of Agricultnre, in place ot I«*»c*' c Mr. Kenuedy was formerly Superintendent ol the Census. „ , The Senate to-day eonnruied the nomina tion of Nathaniel G. Taylor, of Tennessee, an Commissioner of Indian Affairs. EUROPE. KBWK IV THE CABLE. London, March 26, Evening. The English Government has decided not to persist in claiming the return of Lamirande, who was taken, illegally it is claimed, froxn Canada under the extradition treaty, but re serves the right to do so should it hereafter de cide to renew the demand. Liverpool, March 20. The steamship Great Eastern sailed from this port at noon to-day for New York, which j>ort she will leave on the 16th of April, on her Urst voyage to Brest. As the Great Eastern was about to leave, the steam capstan accident ally slipped, killing two men and wounding several others. Liverpool, March 26, Evening. The barque Tuscano, from Liverpool for Phil adelphia, lias been abandoned at sea. Queenstown, March 26. Ship Rosalie, from New Orleans for Liver pool, put into Cork leaking badly, having sus tained much damage in a gale at ser. Ship Confidence, from Charleston for Liver pool, is ashore near Wexford, and will probably be a fbtal wreck. ■rpsUiras Nina Meetings. Hartford, Conn., March 27. A Republican mass meeting was held in Al'yn Hall this evening, which was very fully attended. Addresses were delivered by George William Curtis ami Patrick Corbett, of Syra cuse, N. Y. The Irish orator’s speech was very able and elicited much applause. Mr. Corbett spoke in defence of the Republican party and the Fenians, and severely denounced Andrew Johnson. The meeting was very enthusiastic. Norwich Conn., March 27. Mr. Harriman, Governor elector New Hamp shire, and Gen. John Cochrane, of N. Y., ad dressed an immense Republican meeting in Breed Hall to-night. Mayor Bloctone presid ed. Mr. Hurriman’s speech was able and was enthusiastically received. Gen. Cochrane ably analyzed the reconstruction bill and Presi dent Johnson’s policy. Pntecliu for (he Slramrn « the Mis souri Stiver. St. Louis, Mo., March 27. Gen. Sherman has issued an order that two pieces of artillery and twenty muskets, with proper ammunition, shall be supplied to each steamer that ascends the Missouri river above Sioux city during the coming season. The commanding officers of the posts above Sioux city are authorized to increase the number of muskets and ammunition if deemed necessary for the safety of the boats. The Facile mail Company Iarrnti(aliou. New York, March 27. The legislative committee, charged with an investigation of the affairs of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, hold a meeting and heard testimony on the subject yesterday.— The President and one or two directors of the company and several other stock holders tes tified. Among them Mr. Leonard W. Jerome stated that lie bad lost $400,000 in diffeteut stocks last February. The President stated that the Company was worth $37,000,000. Bailrond Accident. New York, March 27. The express mail train on the Erie Railroad, which left Buffalo at 2 P. M. yesterday, when near Mount Hope this morning, about2o’ciock, ran ou a piece of road which was undergoing repairs, ami several of the. cars were badly smashed. The engineer, Mr. Elwood, was killed, and the fireman scalded. None of the passengers were killed, though several wero considerably bruised. CaBadinn Adairs. Ottawa, C. W.. March 27. It is somi-officially announced that Hon. John A. McDonald and J. E. Carter have been created Baronets with-the title of K. C. B. The former is now on his way home, and the latter has gone to Rome to visit the Pope. Messrs. Galt had Horgin, the Confederation Commissioners have arrived home. Miscellaneous Despatches. Wilmington, Del., March 27. John A. Alldcrdice, a Republican member of the Delaware Legislature, late mayor of this city, and a prominent lawyer, died at his . residence in Newcastle this morning. New York Coal Hale* New York. March 27. Seventy-five thousand tons of Scranton coal were sold at auction this forenoon, at an ad vance running up on some descriptions to 50 cents per ton. Augusta, Ga., March 27. Gen. Sweeney, post commander, has issued an order forbidding all elections until General Pope assume command ot the district. TIE MARKETS. Financial. New York. March 27. The money market doted active and stringent at 6 @ 7 per cent, on Government securities and stock collaterals. Foreign Exchange firmer after the clos ing of the mail, owing to the decline of cotton in Liv erpool. Prime banker’s i taper 109 @ 109j. Gold at («} 1344 at the close. The Government is rei»ort ed to be selling gold almost daily. Government se curities firmer with an 1 creised demand. Stocks firmer at the last open board an 1 closed at the high est rates of the day. Mining shares steady and not quite so active. New Wsrk Market. New York, March 27. Cotton—dull and heavy and flower; sales 1,800 hales; Middling uplands at 30£c. Flour—5 @ 10c lower; sales 6.500 bbls.; State at 9 85 @1275; Hound lioop Ohio 1175 @ 13 90; Western at 9 85 @ 13 90; Southern at 1125 (« 17 00; California at 14 75 @ 16 00. Wheat— 2 @ 3c lower; sales 32 003 hush ; Milwau kee Club at 2 48 @ 2 50; White California at 3 10. Corn—Irregular: sales45,000bush. Mixed Western at 116-4; Whito Western at 116; Yellow Southern, new, at 119. Oats—steady; sales 67,000 bush.; Western at 64 @ C8c. Beef—steady; now plain mess at 12 00 @ 20 00; extra at 18 00 @ 23 00. Pork—new mess at 24 00: old mess at 22 50 @ 28 00; prime do at 19 75 @ 20 25. Lard—firm. Whiskey—quiet. Groceries—quiet and steady. Naval Stores—quiet and unchanged. Petroleum—firm; sales crude at 154c. Refined bonded at 25£ (o' 27c. Tallow—steady. Wool—less active but firm; salts 260,000 lbs. at 394 @ 70c for domestic fleece; 47 @ 554c for pulled: 22 @ 34c for California; 30cin gold fbr Cape. Freight* to Liverpool—dull. Chicago market*. Chicago. March 27. Flour less active ami unchanged; sales of White Winter extra at 14 2f @ 16 00; medium to fancy Slu ing extra at 11 26 <g 13 00. Wheat quiet ami declined 1 ® lie; sales of No. 2 at 211® 2 13, closing at 2 11 :q) 2 11} tor Winter fresh receipts; No. 1 scarce and high er; sales at 2 60. Com fairly active and declined 1 ® 2c, closing quiet at 89} (q) 90 for No. 1. Oata inac I ive; sales at 40} @ 47c for No. 2. Bye quiet and firm at 1 21 ® 1 22 for fresh, and 120 for Winter receipts No. 1. Baxley ilrm and advanced 2 (o'; 3c: sales at 80 @ 83c tor No. 2 in store. High Wines neglecled.— Provisions flrmlv held. Mess pork at 22 75 ® 23 00. Extra mess lieef 20 00. Bulk meats at lie for should ers; loose clear sides at lie. Sweet pickled hams at 13c. Lard at 13c for choice slcam. Receipts—4.200 bids, flour, 6,600 hush, wheat, 26, 000 hush, coru, 3,500 hush, oats, 4,500 hogs. Ship ments—3,300 bbli. flour, 4,200 bush, wheat, 3,600 buah. com. Cincinnati market*. _ , , Cincinnati, March 27. Flour unchanged and firm with a lair demand; good to superfine 9 75® 10 50; trade brands 11 50 ® 13 50; tancy brands at 14 00 q> 10 no. Wheat firm and quiet sales at No. 1 Winter at 2 90; No. 1 Spring at 2 5,6! Corn in good demand and higher; sales at 74 ® 75c for No. 1 In hulk, and 88c in sacks. Oats firm and in good demand at 54c in bulk, and 61® 611c in sacks live at 147® 150 for Nn.t. Ilarle? umdiammd Whiskey at 2 ”7 In bond. Mess pork inhume specu lative inquiry at 22 75; held at 23 0.1. Bulk meats offercsl freoly at the close; sales 700,000 lbs; should ers 8c; sides 10 @ lOJc. Bacon dull; shoulders 91 ® 9}c; clear sides 12}c. Hiuns unchanged with a tafr domand. Lard very Arm with a light demand; city at 121 ® 13c. Butter steady at 30 @ 33c. Cheese steady at 17 (q> 17}c. Exchange steady. Money closed at 9 ® 12 per sent. New Orleans markets. New Orleans, March 27. Cotton—easier; sales to-day 2,500 bales; Low Mid tiling at 29; receipts 757 bales; exjiorts4,000 bales.— sugars very dull; good to lair at 13c. Molasses very iiri aU'* "“changed. Exchange on London 145® Exchango on New York }c premium. New Y«rk Ntock .TInrkel. UTOOKS-The market 1. activ" Y°“’ “ American Gold. !J,' 2' Eive-Twoutics, coupons', I Mg.'/.11111111" i 10*4 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons.tsa . IT. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1S65..'[it IT. S. Five-TwentiCB, coupons ucw iiiu'e. U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons. '“‘I IT. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.. IT. S. Seren-Thirtios. 2*1 series.;.jxr U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.IIIII105: Missouri Sixes.. 1. 05 New York Central,.lot: Erie. 58 Hudson.. Reading.ion Michigan Suutheru,. 704 Illinois Central.1154 Cleveland & Pittsburg.7»1 Cleveland & Toledo.118} Chicago & Rock Island.97 Chicago & North Western. 35| Hanlon Stork Hist. Sales at the Brokers’ Board, March 27. American Gold. j3|i United States Coupon Sires, 1881. losl United States 7 3‘10lhs, 1st scries. ' iorI “ «naii.;; “ 2d series. ui,-,* “ 3d series....; J,.,! United States 5-20s, 18CB . 107I •• small. ins “ 1865.. 1071 *< July, lacs. I07I Boston and Maine Railroad. 131* Portland. Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. loi Eastern Railroad. 103 I WrotKii Railroad...,,,.... uy 1 Commercial—Per Cable. London, March 27, Noon. Consols for monev opened at 91 American Securities.—The following are the current quotations for American Securities: lihnois Central Railroad Shares 78*. Erie Railroad shares 38^. United States 5-20’s 74 ',. Frankfort, March 27. United State. 5-20’. 77J. pAms March United States 5-20 bonds sold to-day at S4|. Liverpool, March 27. Tlie Cotton market <» dull; the following are the duotatlons: Middling aplandsl.^d; New Orleans ; , sales to-dav 7.oou bales. Breadstuflk—market dull. Wheat 13s 3d for No. 1 Red; While Calcutta 13s Gd. Corn Mixed Western 39s 3d jier quarter. Barley Is 7d. Oh's 3s 3d. Pork 77s (Id. Chees.e 613. Beef 125s. Lard 60s Gd. Produce—The market generally qui- l. Spirits Petroleum 11s. Common Rosin CsC l. Uetin ed Petroleum Is Gd. Spirits Turpentine 37s Gd. Cluv er seed 55s. Ashes at 23a Gd per ewi for pots. Tallow ■14s Gd. Linseed oil £.39. Linseed Cake £10. Lin seed, Calcutta. GGa. Whale oil £41. Fine Rosin 13s. Scotch pig iron 52s. Cambridge Market. Cambuiduk, March 28. Receipt*—Cattle. 491: Sheep ami Lambs, 2986; Hone s, 125; Swine, none, Calve*, 74. Pbiceb. lieef Cattle—Extra, #13 00@ IS 50; first Quality, #>200 @ 1250; secondquality, #1050® 11 00; third quality, $9 50 (£'. 1000. Prices of Store Cattle—Working Oxen, $*pair, #150, #200, #250® #325. Milch Cow* and Calves l'rom $15, #55, #75, $luo @ #125. Yearlings #20 @ 30; two years old #40 @ 46; three years old #60 @75. Price* of Sheep and lambs—In lots $3 00, S3 25, @ #4 00 oach; extra #4 50 @ #9 00, or l'roiu 4 in, 9c #*■ lb. Hides 8 @ 9c. Tallow 7 @ 7*c » lb. PolU #1 «) S1 50each. Calfskins 17 @ 20c V lb. N. B. Beef—-Extra and first quality includes noth ing but the best large, fat, stall-feu Oxen; second Qut*litr includes the best grass-led Oxen, the best stall-fed Cows, and the best three year old Steers; ordinary conpists of Bulls and the refuse of lots. Sheep—Extra includes Cossets, and when those of inferior quality are thrown out of the lot. Cattle—The supplr at market was somewhat light, and were it not for the large receipts at Brighton, of which 249 head were driven over to Cambridge, 1 he market would tiave presented a lively appearance. Prices for extra Cattle ranged from | @ Jc l* lb off from last week; some of the sales of ordinary grades were made at even more of a reduction. Quality fair. Sheep—The principal part of the Sheep were sold early at figures even lower than ast weuk; the host from i (a) |c ft off, whilst poorer lots from j| j£> le ft lower. But few or* the number at market were contracted for last week. It has been almost wn in variable rule that the drovers that sold out early real ized more for their Sheep, but tills morning we thought them a little hasty. M U N R O ’S TOXIC BITTERS. THIS highly approved modlcine has now been in general use for the period of ten years, and lias acquired the reputation of being tho very Lost tonic and alterative before the public. Its prominent in gredient, to which it largely owes its remedial enicu cy, is an extract from a Common Unci can Field Plant, which as hero comhinod and prepared, is known to the proprietor alone. It is a specific for the numer ous and serious ailments arising iroin a disordered state of the stomach, bowels and blood, such as Debility, Dyspepsia, Foul Strmacb, Humors of the Blood and Skin, Indigestion, Languor Drowsiness, and all kindred diseases. Though pre pared of the best mater als and with the utmost care, It is, nevertheless, afforded at a materially h.wor price than any other medicine of (professedly) similar char acter in the market -FOtt BALE BY JAMES R. LENT & CO., DruKBiKls, »48 Congress It., Portland. March 26. eod2m DB. iniLLER’N Soothing and Healing Balsam, — - OB". NATURE’S ASSISTANT. IT lias proved infallible for Burns, Froaen Limbs Bruises, Sprains, Wounds of ail kinds, Pains in the Side, Back or Shoulders, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, Stiff Neck, Ague in the Face or Breast, Ear Aclio, Dcafhess, Poisoning, Krtsipelas ami luflam ination of the Eyes. For Rheumatism it is not a certain cure, yet hundreds hare been relieved by it whon other remedies Trad failed. As an internal medicine, when taken in season, it will cure Inflammation of the Bowels, Dysentery, Kidney Complaint and Cholera Morbus. 11 will also cure Diphtheria, Dry Cough and Asthma. Tliis medicine ts purely vegetable in its composition, sootliingand healingin its influence,and may be giv en to any age or sex with perfect safety. It has been before the public during the past nine years, and has wrought some of the most astonishing cures. Tin proprietor challenges the world to produce its super i or as a remedy. For sale by all druggists. Cl. II. LEET, Proprietor, Springfield, Mass. Demas Barnes & Co.. 21 Park Row, New York, will also supply tlie trade at List Prices. inorch26eo<llyr Mli. TV. IIA VEMA JSTN contemplate* making Portland his residence, und will ho prepared to give lessons in Music and tiie German and Span ish Languages, AFTER APRIL 1, 180*. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their address at Paine’s Music Store, corner of Center and Congress Streets, where circulars may he found. I?e/erenrr»—lion. A. E. Stevens, Dr.8. Fitch, i lias. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Stevens, Esq , N P.iacli ardson, Esq., J. H. Hall, Esq. mchlieodbn WILLIAM FITS5, Successor to Charles Fobes, House and Ship Painter, No. 3 Custom House Wharf, Painting executed in all its styles and varieties, with promptness and dispatch. Weil known tor the past seventeen years as an employee of (diaries Fobes. a share of his tonner patronage is solicited. March 27. d3m WRIGHT & BUCK, Proprietors of Greenwood Mill, BDCKMVILLE, H. C. DEALERS in Yellow Pina Timber and Shin Stock. Orders solicited. References—R. P. Buck & Co., New York: Win. McGihery. Eaq., Searsport; Ryan & Davis, Portland. xnar26<ltf LOBBERY COAL. JUST arrived per sell Joseph Baxter, a cargo of 400 tons of Free Burning Lorbcry Red Ash Stove Coal. Tor cooking purposes this coal is unsurpass ed by any in the market. For spring and summer use it is very nice. Also per sell D. S. Liner a cargo of 4: 0 tons Joint* White Asli Coal, 8TOVE AND EGG. A very choice coal and warranted to give satisfac tion. llandall. 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T.—18Gb—X.,” and then got the old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disfiguring the lace oi nature,” which gave him a monopoly. \Ve do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsiar—certain. They arc very invigorating when languid and week, and a great appetiser.” Sarato a pring Water, buldby all Druggists. “In lilting the kettle from the tiro I scalded mysel very severely—one hand almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately. It healed rapidly and left very little scar. Eosreh, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” rliis is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in all eases oi wounus swellings, spraius, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon man or beast. Beware of counter lei ts. None Is gentiiue unless wrapped in the steel-plate cugravings, bearing the signaiuro oi G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and the pri vate stamp of Demis Bajines & Co, Now lork. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists All who value a valuable bend of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grev will not tail to use Lyon’s celebrated Katharion. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand ruti, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, N. Saratoga Spring Wat er, bold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to hei country home after a sojourn of a lew months in Now Vork, was lmrilly recognized hy her friends, in place of a rustic Hushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and Instead of »lw rosily appeared but 17. She told them piainiv she used Aagan’s Magnolia Batm, and would not bo without it. Any lady ean improve her appearance very much hy usiug this article. It cuu be ordered of any druggist tor 511 cents Saratoga Spring Water, Bold by all Druggists. jpelmstreet’s Inimitable Hair Coloring has been ?“““y growing in fkvor for over twenty years. II . ,“..yi*1.".' tlie absorbents at the roots of the hair, ami , *? Iw “Wnal color by degrees. AH in.-lan simms i.'i0,8 diaden and injure the hair. 11dm niomsllt1,11118cerllm in iis results, pro 1,..;..,; r,o'eon'tWt'b and is a beautiful Hair Dressing, Bnee 00 cents and *i.oo. Sold by all doalcrs. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extbaot of Pure .Jamaica for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, tsick Headache Cholera Morbus. where a warming, genial g.tmi ulnnt isreqnired. Its carelul preparation amt entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article tor culi nary purposes, Sold everywhere at SOccnts per bot tie. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. It JlUiO U, 'Sti-toil&wly lUNDBULUfEOfi. S o o ri" x -AjS l» --- S II to JE $ l f --- \ w. C. MONTGOMERY. licutl the List of I’lHces: Men’s Rubber Over Shoes, 75 ets. Women’s “ *• « 50 u Misses’ “ “ « 40 Children's “ “ « 25 “ ALL KINDS OF BOOTS AAI> SHOES -AT THE - LOM EST 1U:U,'1J,S : W. t. JIOMliOJIKRV, -t Casco Street, two t’oora troui Lou^tcms. March as, 1M!7. <Jtf POniLA.VO Fire Alania Telegraph. OireciiouM mail iiiMtraclioiu for itic u*e of Ihc Fire Alarm Telegraph. A ST. Alarms are sounded l>v striking the number ! 1 oi tli' IJux upon tin- ALARM HELLS, and upon the Gong* n the Engine Houses. Kxamplk: To announce the existence of a tire near Rox No. 25, (corner oi* Middle and Exchange streets,) the Alarm lElls and Gongs will strike two. I make a pause ot a few seconds, then strike fitf thus: 2—5. Location of Telrgraphic Fire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Port land Co.’s Office. 1L Engine House. Congress St., Muujoy. 11 Cor. Washington and Oxford. 15. “ Adams ami ivlounttort. It*. Grand Trunk Depot. 17. Cor. Congress and India. 1^. Franklin and Cumberland. 21. Franklin and Newbury. 2'>. ** IWarki't and Commercial. 24. Engine Mouse, cor. Market aud Congress. 2*j. Cor. Middle and Exchange. 26. *’ Clicstnutnud Oxford. 27 ’* Union and Fore. 31- “ Preble and Con ress. 32. Portland wild Hanover. 34. “ South and Sjuing. 35. “ Maple and Commercial.* 36. “ High and I>anforth. 37. Engine House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Coi . State and spring. 42. *\ liani'orth and Brackett. 43. “ Cnmmerck'l and (-lark. 4 i Engine House. Erackeli near Pine St. 46. < or. Spring and Emery. 51. “ Hr a eke and Vaughan. *P.o\ No. 35 will l*o temporarily located corner Ma ple ami \ork Streets. Directions to those holdmo* K^ysi 1st. In case of fire the alarm is lobe given from the Box nearest lo tue location of tlie lire,ami from no oilier Box. */n i. Unto the door and pull tlie knob down gently to the bolt >m of the grove « and thCnle. go oi it., when it will return t > Ha place. ’'Persons about to give an a»arra will first listen and it a ticking is heard in tlie Box tbev will know that an alarm lias ’oeea given, but if 1.0 licking is heard proceed l<> pull tin? knob as directed. 3rd. If possible wait at the Box, so as to direct too to tho lire. tli. The police upon hearing the alarm wil call the number of the Box. CAUTIONS: 1. Be sure there is a fire before sounding the al:;rm. 2. Never sound flic alarm tor a fire seen at a dis tance. _Never open the box or touch the apparatus ex cept in ca.-e of fire. r x'1* h,l,v box is locked before leaving it. *Y N’over let the key o out of youripossi ssion, unless cal lot! for by the <’h‘of Eripneer. (•. It you remove from your house or ? laco of busmens, return the key to the Ohldf Lug necr. Do nof reave it vci'.n the. nen: tenant. The Bells on tlie several Churches will sound a general alarm as usual mi il arrangements are per getedto have the w ires attached to each Bells as may he designated for that purpose. Jhe location of the lire will bo given on Bulletin Boards at the several Engine ileuses ami at the Po lice Olhco. FRANKlilN f. IVlOOllV, _ , .. , Chief Engineer. Portland, March, 1C7. mar_"xllf THOMES, oMAKDON & 00, Have this day opened their -TS w t*:': t o 1* o ! NO. GG UNION STREET, And arc prepared to show the TRADE a full New Stock of Flue ^IFooleSlS, And Tailors’ Trimmings! Just Received lrom Blew York and ISohsou. And which they offer at the very Lowest . Jobbing Prices : Tbe TKADE arc respectfully invited to examine our Sl ack bclbre purchasing. Francis O. Thomrs. Groiio:: A. Smabhor. __ iuarl8atf Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Are now prepared to offer tlieir lriends and llie pub lic a large and veil selected stock ot CAMlBHTIjVGS! ' JPajser Mannings CURTAIN GOODS, &c, Purchaser ■ of the above g->ods aro refi>ect fully invited to examine our stock which is Now, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf Photographs! Photographs! •A. S. UAVIS, WOULD respectfully intorin Itis former enstomors ami the public generally, that he is now locat ed at. No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be happy to receive all those wishing for Photographs, Ambrorypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE. Jiht# wot* Elmwood Nursery, This."tide Woodford's loim-r, WcMluook. 1 >REBLE Street Cars pass the Nursery every forty I minutes. A good collection of Hurd), filrcen El ohm? nutl B«?iit!iu|{( Plaub limy always bo-found at tlie above place and at rea sonable rate-. Wreaihs, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. mch2tidlw* r. V, BitYANT. Tilton »0 McFarland. Desire to call the attention to the fact that more tli 4 O Of their Safes gavo AMPLE PROTECTION in tb late tire. Parties desiring a first rate safe, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call .»„ EMERY & WATEItllQUSE, Middle Street, Portia Or at IIO ttndbnrr street, Ito.lon. Sf^'Second-liand flatten lahenln exchange for sale. Jan 15—sjtlstw in each mo&adv remainder of time. ASSESSORS’ NOTICE. f pUK Assessors of tlie City of Poi tlund hereby give f notice to all persons liable to taxatiou in said city, that they will be in session every sei ular day, Irom the second to the thirteenth (lav of April next Inclusive, at their ro m in Market Hall Building, from ton to twi lvo o’cJo k in the forenoon, and from three to five o’. limit in tlie afternoon, lor the purpose of re ceiving lists of the polls and estates taxable in said city. Ami all saeli persons are hereby notified to make ana bring to said assessors, true and pel*led lists of all tie Sr polls and estates, mid all estates real and personal, held by them as guardian,executor, admin istrator, trustee or otherwise, as on the first day <>i April next, a d be prepared to make oath to the (ruth nt the same. And when estates of persons deceased, have been divided during the past year, m have changed hands tn>m any cause, the execiitor. administrator, or other person interested, is hereby warned to give notice oi such change: and iy deftnIt of such notice will be held under the law to pay the tax assessed although such estate has been wholly Ui’dribuiod and paid over. Particular notice is hereby extended to all persons in said city, who have lost iheir prupert\ by lire, to give in a statement within the tin e aforesaid, el the losses and the amount of insurance thereon, if any; otherwise they may be liable to be taxed thsvooii as though they had been fully insured. And any person w ho neglects to comply with this notice, will bo doomed in a tax according to the lawn of the State, and be ban til of the right to make ap plication to the Count *. Commissinno a lor any abate ment of his taxes, unless be shows that he was una ble to offer such lists within the tune hereby ap

pointed, S. B. BECKETT,) W.M. BOYD, } Assessors. WM it. FOY E, J C lTBlank schedules will be furnished at the room 01 the Ashoss.irs, Portland, Miuv;U -0, idol* mar *0-~Ui>U4 I %V *«'»•£!). : - -■ Rout Wanted. VITAN r£I> five or . • • rooms within ten minutes* y y v/;.lk ci to 3 Po l (»!ilce, convenient for a small family. A«i<l.e s *-1\ ,j. F.,‘ at the Press Duke. Match 2fi, lboV. <’lv.T Wanted. I UBOim BARRELS at Forest I *JV*iWV/V/C.tvSn\.ir Refinery, »Vcst Com I me cst, near And o«" E.rei y st. ee . j Projio ais will a* so ho received ,o: new Sugar Bar 1 arid a samMc may oe seen a: He office o' the Comnanv, I5'»$ CuinnicroUi', at cu.ner o’ tin on Si. febT-d&wil T. C. HEKbEY IfTANTKD- \ Fact ry E ’ll im-r. Important to y V Caj ilalists. A a To \ or bonding, with or vm:Iioui »ot>i-. if win Hat ly torThe iiim • fact uve o» an en .r. lv \ \v me -bine, never infro diuvd, and ot which at Ju.i»> twenty-live thousand will be w..n d.h.- lirst yen.*, l’roli s live In* idred percent. Wo-fc - *ui*r • . - mg machine work. T'ho inae1 re be* *110. line d.on toinacT’nesin its line that liowo s Hiveii.ion I s to 11 a chines, bet is 1. o va lab’e 1 1 os inveuiion. Buildings to u.i > it in* »anciv . 'k company ta be formed to buy to* aru >Te mr :t!ne. and port of stock to he M :cn .n p’a e v't- 3 1 r *1 .ry ;s situated. 1 he invention '« rot a lict 1 > u a ^bactioal be au 1 v, tw« nty-Jve »«dl- ina'd nes having al iculv been on l ac'xl r 1 dioiougb'v tested. I roin li1 y t »*»nebundled tho isand do)la s neccs.v lry to he subscribed. I • ;t on r*i *rp y tnnt; the inanu lactrro 'Vi ’ . a star1 » wl • e the or t inducements are offered. U‘ - s it!:* a 1 extr:* >rd’nary onpor timit\ orpny c ominaruy o s^cii”© a busine s in its midst vvPchwf1 short1 v ro mire severe1 hundred workmen. Address, giving ..ill p v|ic„].ffa| <3. A.S., care of S. K. Niles. Newsn.pu: Advei Using Aguit, ScoJlay s Budding, Boston. mar2£—dlw AGENTS W A N TED F O It GEN. L. C. B^KEE’S History oi‘ the Secret Service ThO most exciting & interesting book over published. fPll IS \\01!K was announced more than one year 1 ago, but o* ig 10 the attempts of the Coveru ment to supp it, its publication was delayed, it will 11*.v he issued. UNALTERED. AND ITNA liKIIHlKl), UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF OENERAL BAKER, it contains a tii’l and official expose ol tile intricate machinations of tho secret t*n miicstd tlie Union. For startling developments and thrilling adven tup'S fins nook eclipses tbo famous exnerAnoes ot FOU« HE and VIDOCQ. Tbo marvelous narratives of Con. Baker arc all attestcd by the highest on-cud authority. If will con la in the oiily official account ot the Assassins ion conspiracy. A lull history of this great, stni tling and tenible crime FIR MI ITS OON < EPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, has never yet iwen placed oefore tho public. 'Ine work also fully exposes the ndferious system by which Presidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Wash ington. The morals of the National Capital aio thoroughly ventilated and there arc some strange revelations concerning heads of deparments, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a full description of the work. Address JONES BROTHERS & OO., 507 Minor St., Philadelphia, Ta. marMdA'wlm Chambers to Let. OY ER W. W. Carr «£ Co.'s store, No. 3 Exchange near bore i1 , that will accommodate 150 work men a: suoemaking, tailoring, or luany other kinds ol easiness. For SaTe. One lot of Land near the head of Wilmot street, tor sixty-five cents per foot; a’ >, a lot near heed of Deer street, about 31 ov G5 leet, ii»r $1200; also, a two story House and lot on Mtudoy Hill tor $2500; alto, one lioiiso and 1. »t on MerriU's Court, Chestnut ^{reefc, that will let for $3®o per y ar; r.lso, one house on Mountford street, with about 6o00 feet °! hind more or less; this horse indongs *o the estate ol Urn U e Lemuel Tukey, and will be sold at a bur gain. Terms easy. Apply to meltfdliu “ W. W. CA HR & CO. Flour Barrels Wanted. YXT’E " ill I>ay 30 cents oaoli II,r first class Flour ? T Bands suitable tor sugar. <0 , , LYNCH, BARKEU CO., novlddl 1 139 Commercial street. AgentN Want ed! JUSjT OUT, l':irrnu** I uud our Naval Hr* WHH..VV the l.mii!.ntn.,.l:«i,alar Historian, J. I Homily. This is .lie on'y w k on toe Navy in the \\ ar, ami everybody is bay ink it. iiEOKUE li. CUKE, .... GEHEItAL AGENT, vCTv“i No 8 0'ap|,* i Block. Wan fed Viiinicdiatcly -•-AT Till]— iNow employment Umce ! No 229 1-2 Conf/reas St, £cl Moor Went of C’iSy Einildiuy (up stairs.) / 11 ItLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, v I to whom good situations v. IP. be given. Alsi• LAiiOlilOltS lor v ..inns kinds uf work, ami CLEKICS for eve/y kind of business. ' We arc able ; all linn s to sunplv parties in anv part of toe Stulev. t'.i (:• iO> RELIABLE II ELI*, cit.ier as Jhnnestics Tleelr i « so? Laboieru. Merchants, fontl. ao *. »• ne s a id others will be supplied with :.j- n p j.. L'oy j all kinds oi rm pfoymentFitHE< •• u ?E. ji >n tfbrget .he nnm ber, 229] Congress Street, neM Building, Port land. Me. LOI KkAl <k Ai£WlTT, Eeb 22—dJf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON uinl atlor January 2d, IKH7, v,c shall resume the purchase oi Jflnur Mils, for CASH, at the Oiiiw oi the Portland Sn^ar Co., 27 1-2 Dauforth Mb, Fob8rltf J. B. BLOWN & SONS. Wanted Daily ! ! VT The Oenci al Agei. jy and Employment Office i\o. .‘LSI l-‘4 »am. All per sons wish,n„ to scone *oo«r Girls lo.- anv respecta ble un ploy in cut, w dl fin* tin :>> at ‘Ins Office. Also please no ee. We wi ml you men and bo.' s Jo. a ty work in city or ou illy, Jiee ot charge. W«; want good American. *iovincial, Irish lunll uli red Women ii il drib, -swell us AIcu and Jlnys, every day tv ail o-'s o. situations in this City and vicinity, tide ns a t all. „ , cox »& row Aits. Portland, Ale., Jan. 25, ’G7. jauiiO dtf Book-keeper. \\Tanted hv P OU1I" man of nraefical experi T T encr, and who cur bring flic bust of recent luonuifioii,. a situation is hook-koujier or salesman. •Address G. \\'. B, Portland Post Office, mr.'ldlw* Bookkeeper. WANTED by !> young man of practical experi > » emit-, and w o can bring ; lie best of city liter cnees, a su notion as BooKho.'pcr cr Salesman, where close ultemion to business will be appreciated! Apply 10 w. H. JiittlUS, mar7ult Under Lancaster Hall. Wauled. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods business; one wlio can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation bv addressing Sox lots Portlr d Post Oilice, giving real name and references. marlott Wanted. Hemlock and Piue Timber. V Uneal lent 14x14 Hemlock and 780 — '4' / lineal feet 12x12 Pino Timber. March !)—S.T&Ttt »• X. CHASE. Piles and Camber Wanted For Union Wharf. to3n0 Spruce and Hemlock Piles 25 feet * J long. 25 to 50 Spruce and Hemlock Piles 30 feet long, loo Uackmetac Penders 23 feet long. AU not less tliau 12 in. at the but nud 8 at the top. Als..550 foet running feet hemlock timber 10 x 12. loo sticks hemlock 10 to 12 toet long 8x8. .”•5 to40 M3 in hemlock plank 15, 20 and 25 teet long. Apply to JOSEPH H. WHITE, March 8—codSw Wharfinger. TO LET. To Let. ^■JNE Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply inddtf ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let. OTORE No. 2 Portland Pier. Enquire ot kJ MATHEWS THOMAS, mar..i c Im 5!) Commercial Street. Looms to Let with Board. rno'et, on reammabio lerins. two well tarniahod 1. rooms, with board, at 38 Centie Street, opposite Preble House. mar2Cdlw* To Let* rpHE Store on the lower hide of Commercial Street, 1 now occupied by Donnell & Greely. Putfsobbion given April list. Enquire of , MATii JEWS & THOMAS, murZGdlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let riUIR three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, lootol X Plum Street. Enquire of ., ., „ E. M. PATTEN, feblCdtf Plum Street. For Rent. OFFICES in tlio third story ot building on corner oi Exchange and Milk Street*. Enquire atof «t«of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tl Exchange Street. To Let. rpHE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co's, * Free Street Block, suitable lor Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 7!) ( onimun'ial slreo*. tsr Hoy can be found at E. T. Ekleu & Co’s Mat a—<(tl TO LI T ! PLEASANT rooms with board, or as lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 51 Free f-treet. Refer ences required- feb25dtt. To Let, T JOOMS in second and tlilr ’ story Orlttith Block, i 1 No. 21 i FYee Street. . 1 ird an 1 fourth story Nos. 112 and 111 Middle Street. to ,. . *0 ‘ II. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,18(>7. dtf —---r*-•-- . — ■ i 1 ■ ■ — To Let. A FRONT ROOM adjoining tho Chamber occupied by U‘e Mercliant’s Exchange. Also several desirable rooms in the new buildings near the comer of Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap pii. d tor now they can be iitted up to suit the appli cants. Apply to NATfl'L F. PEERING, io No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. m irl9d3w To be Let, overH. II. HA Y’S Apothecary Store, sult able lor au office, demist, or auv light business. Enquire of JORDAN & RANDALL. .. , _ 145 Middle Street, Evnus Block. March 21. dtf Merchants’ Exchange — Annual Meeting. rpHE Annual Meeting ..f tin- Merchants’ Exchange ] 1 will occur on ,Saturday, March ttoth, at 11 o’clock A M. All subscriptions to< theeominjfyfai'willcom ni'-nce at that time, payable in advance, and iubscrib ers are notified that their bills will bo ready on that day. jd, N. KICK, sup’t, March Util. itttwwM BEAL ESTATE. House foi* Sale. A TWO btjry horse ou Salem Slreet, containing nine rooms, converie it ior tuo jam dies. Lot .<o by 100. Will be sold low it applied tor uuuciliatel W. H. JEREIS, mar27eow* Opposite Preble House. Houses for Sale THE Tonei tent Homra "reeled by the Executhc Committee »or ue reJie» ol suh .era. are now ui lerea /o. side. Tuav c e f’tnaicd as iodowb: •Six blocks, coni .inbig twenty- ive tenements,near the Giass \7orkp. Eighteen bio \s, containing titly-eiglit tenements, near llie sShovuI (Jo’iijiau). Ton blocks, containing iorty-two tenements, on MuHoy’s llill. EjKht blocks, containing forty-four tenements, near tbe Jail. Thirtscu blocks, coni .ining Pity-eight tenements, nei’r the Alms House. bbclw, eoniaining lourteen tenements, near Washington Street. Teinib cash. For iur lier particulars enquire of . ... HENRY Fox, Trustee. March L'3. dlw House Hp-Town For Sale. SA two-story Wooden House, containing twelve 0»n»ke<l room*, cemented cellm Brick Cistern, Furnace, Hah tiikoigiiout’ and with all the modern improvements. For partic ulars inquire at No. 13 Carlton Street, Or of Dr. COLBY, Press Counting Boom. Portland, Mar 22,1677.—<12w Farms 1 or Sale. Three FnruM in York County are ottered for sale by the subscri ber. They are located as follows: One iu Waterboro’. One in Cynanu. One iu Kennebuukporl. These Fauns v. Ill bo sold low, or exchanged on favorable ;rms for Real Estate in Portland, Saco, or Biduelbrd. Apply ibr particulars at office 293 Commercial St., or at otrice in Saco. ma.-Vdaw_JOSEPH HOBSON. Uous<“ for Sale. ON the corner of Oxford and Myrtle Sts. It is dories, with a basement, with ten llnialied, in xood repair; .veil and cistern water, it.r nace end gas. Enquire al No lot Oxford st. mrirjt! Desirable Store I.oim fo n SA r;i7 N tOJHlEKl'IAL DTBEET, THE subscribers otter tor sale tbe lot of laud on Iue southerly side ot Couimereial Street, head ol Dana’s v. .uirt. measuring 72 bv 110 feet. For fur ther pin ticum# Inquire JONAS H. I’EJtLEY, 0cl |lj ____or W. S. DANA. House lor Sale. AgoodllousK two stories, Stable attached, hard aud soil wa*er, good lot ccutrallv located—cun vemeut lor two .aiuilies, it' desirable. Inquire at 13 Hnuoyer or IH1 Fore Mt. , , J. A. FENDEKSON. Jan. 21,1E07. dtf NOVICE. lull sell on lovorahle terms as to payment, or let fox a term of years, ihr lots on tho corner ol ulidule and Franklin streets, and on rrapklm street,including Ibecorner ot Franklin and lo WM.inLLIAKD, l.aogur, or SAU1H A: l.l.l.ll Attorneys, For; land. jyi2ti For Sale or Lease. Tbe Lot corner of Exchange and Congress Streets. 120 feel on Congress ami 3fi feet o.i Exchange St. Will be let for ten or twenty years, un lav.a able terms. A iibjck of .Seven Stows in this central loca t.on would pav a good interest. Apjdy to W. II. JERIUS. marldtt Valuable Heal Estate for Sale. THE fine estate corner Brackett ard Walker Sts. The lot contains over 20,000 square feel. Title pttrtoct and terms lavorablc. Apply io , . ■ Wb if. JERRfS, marl dtf_ Real Estate Agent. mTtI, 0 FOR SALE! rpilL Store ami L.and oc<-u>»i«d by Clmries W» L Thompson, a« Kerry Villa }e iu Cape Elizabeth the store jm nearly n*-w a d contains a large Hall, i about titty ro Is hom Ferry Wh? l s the best place for trade anywhere outside of Po —id. For par ticulars enquire ot Thompson at the s. >re or of 1. W. PARKER, 219 Congress Street, o I’anil, Maine. ___w! a dido w * For Sale. THE fine lot of Land on Spring, near High street known as the Boyd lot, containing about feet: also shout 200.000 Brick and 2:h> pe-cli of.Stone. Said lot will oo Fold with or \7ithoui fie material. For further l>ar lieu lam enquiro of JOHN ((. TOL FOKD, or t llAKLKS SAQEB. nielilldtf For Sale. AN Office Sate ot JohuE. V/IHer’s manufacture, suitable for Railroad, Man u torturers’ or Bank ing purposes, mcasui'ng 5 feet S in. in height., 4 feet width, 2 feet2} in. deep, with interior snte and draw ers. For sale by C. a. & A. BLANCHARD, H)5 State Street Boston, Ma^. feblSdft House aud Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing kkvkn rooms, v. ill be sol 1 lor $1,100, if applied for immediately. ALSO: Lots for sale at prices irom one cent to $2 per toot. Enquire of JOSEPH REET> Real Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. mar8dtf 0 Brick House ('or Mule. ON Brown SI reel, containing Fourteen finish eil Rooms, hard and sole water, gas and other modern improvements. Possession iven April 1. Apply to 1). II. lugraliam, Esq., or W. H. JERKIS, lnarGdll Real Estate Agent. FOB SALE. A DESIRABLE Double Brick House, slated reol, on Spring Street, between High and Park, w ith modern improvements, heated thoroaghlv hi steam piped for gas with fixtures; with a good Stable. Abundance ot hard and soft water in tiic house,with about 10,0011 leet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. Mar 1G—d3w Lot for Sale. Tit . Hot on the northerly side of Peering Street, au mining the residence of Oen. ,J. I). Fessenden. Said lot in sixty-two feet front and one hundred jeet m depth. Apply U) J. C. PROCTER, marlftdtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. Fop Sale. | A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. A.rtVr Estate of the late Samv el Hatch, fiir-lr. 3r contains about 1st acres, 10 to 50 or SS’iSsSSSKr 81,0,1 wood land and lostittc, good j, ?tury House with L.,1 rgc It:,™, Sheds, <£c. The Farm is located at Wells Corner on mam road; churches and schools near, and in the imme late vicinity ot the well know a summer re Hort, Wells Beach: Mill be sold low ar*d on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to seo the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDEIDOE. near tlio ?.r.e,“iT,^T>£0r„ Sc-1 in'fuire ot C.KORtiE R. Hit HBORN Ot CO., No. i Scollav’s Rail 'ing, or address Box 114 P. o. Boston, Mass. mnrlihllm House tor Male. T1IE convenient double bouse corner ol South and spring Stree's. Each tenement contains nine nnisUcd rooms, and may be sold separately. For further particulars, t-uqu re of the subscriber on the premises, No. 15 Spring Street. V, V MUS. J- s. EATON. March IP, 18OT. mar2udif House and Lot for Sale, CUTDATED in Westbrook, near tlie end of Tu A story and a half house, with 0,l>.» leet ol laud, sliade and Iruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and has stable room for one hoi so and carriages, connected. His lo cated on the corner of Winslow Street ami tlie road leading to tlie Marine Hospital. Price S2.00O. An. to _ , L. A. BACHELDEB. March^lg’d^»rl°W<1'CO-> 165 Con,m"clal Farm tor Sale. THE homestead of the late Scott Dyer, Cane Eliz abetli, four miles souli of Portland Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good state of cultivation, fences all stone wall, voung orchard, 75 trees grafted .cult. Pleasantly located. Schooled Church within } mile. For terms, &c., apply on tlie premises or to ,on E. C. ROBINSON, - mch2a~tt__13 Moulton Street. House Lots and Water Lots —AT— Great Bargains! lOO House Lots AT PRICES FROM 10} to 15* 40, 45 and 30 cl«. per foot, ON Franklin, Lincoln, Mayo, Smith, Fremont, Congress Monument, Atlantic, Munjm , North, walnut, Montreal, Melbourne, Quebec, Willis, Tur JJ,ur» Foplar, Winthrop, Madison, Fox. Hammond, Eastern Promenade, ami several new contemplated streets. ALSO. Water Lots on Back Cove and on East Commercial Street adjoining the Grand Trunk ltailwav, fronting the deepest water in Portland Harbor/ and well adapted tor Wharves and Manufacturing Sites. The subscriber being in a feeble state oflieallli, and desirous oi settling his own estate, now offers to persons wishing to invest in Real Estate tlie greatest Bargains to be had iu Portland. h Enquire of UlOSKH «OIM), No. 5o North Street, between tlie hours of 8 ami 10} A. M., an i l and!} P. M., where Plans of Lots may >e seen. marSdedlw then oodaw FOR SALE^ ABosirablo Residence at Cumberland Ceuter, former residence of Watson >ewhall. A good 1 7° House well furnished, painted and tdind imI, with an L., Wood House, Carriage House. Barn, eve., with about Twenty Acres ot Land, a urge Or *“j**J» yielding soias >ear* loo barrels of apples, w ili bo sold low. iunne iate possession given. Inquire ol JOHN C. PUOCTER. lRarlodaoddw For Sale, or lor Long Lease. TWOot thore Store 7,ots on tlie Northerly aide of a. Middle Street, near the head of Plum Street, re cently covered by the Granite Block. Apnly t° EDWARD FOX or EDEN STKELE. Portland, March 6, 18G7. deodlm LOST AND FOUND. Hog Found Sunday. ASMA1.7, Black ami Tan Colored Dog, with cropped earn, li,Mowed » bov home from . hun k on Sunday. The owner ia requested to pay for this ttftwrkSCIllCUt ailt* Ifl'eperty. Apply at this oincc^ ^ mar Dog: Lost. A SMALL Black and Tail Terrier. Answers lo the name oi ‘ Pet.” A liberal reward will be paid lor his return to 13U Danfortli Street. HENRY II. FURBISH. March 13. dtt A (Arave Charge rPHE clown ol' Skill & Guvlor’s Minstrels, when X asked u who lirat Introduced gambling into this country,” answered, •‘California Clte. p John. Whether this is li ue or not it does not matter, hut one tiling is certain, that Calm rnia < cap ■John nits the first to Introduce .into llnsctty t-ood t lolh ias, Ueiil’a Mpr..*abiun •*»<* tiatl Meets at unusually low prices, tall ami see him. Remember the number, 335 Congress Street. March 27. dtf For Sale. rpHK furniture, fixtures, and good 1 Wil l, of o Genteel Boardin' House. House new and centrally located. Inquire of PATTERSON ,$> CHADBOl'RNE Dealers in Real Estate, No. Congress St roarsdaw Kindergarten School. THE Spring Term of tho K1 '.lergarten School X will commence MONDAY, March 25th In tho Vwuy ofhMM Bttnt Uluuxh, * 1 ENTEBTAIIOIENTS. Peeriny Jlull, - Portland, Thursday Eren'ng, Mar. 23. Mr. I*. S. (auiHltK. 1,a" tbe honor to announce i | l*al 12£s C^iilSB £ With the following unrivalled nn»y ofTalont CAMILLA (JttMO, The lu st Violinist in America. Madame Iicrtha Johannscn, Thu Celebrated Prima Donna of the (Jraiid Cicnn.ui Opera. Mr. Carlyle Petersilea, Thu best fiuuisl in America. Mr. M. if. Arbuekle, The bent Cornet Player in America. J/r. James W /< ilncj/, The Eminent Tenor. Dr. C.A. G nihnette, TWgreat Lyrical I** I liuieraud U.s: lias?, Cantrui ta iu .\uiertcu. Mr. John A. Howard, Accompauist. ALFRED VUN IiOCliOW, Ayen:. The Programme will he nm>lo up oi the most Popular Comp sitionsut the Best nm . Tickets Fifty «'• n: . R s i vcl Sr:ii.s .Seventy . cents; tor sale at William Fame s Mu r • t jn\ :m«l at the iloor on rhoove.uitu of th cmi. • r. Poors open at7—coaceri to comm, n at * o'clock. March llk-nltd Grand Promenade Concert! The Orchestral Union coairBisiN*; FIFTEEN l’EKFOKEREN, O. IS. iTUNDLER. Conductor, Will give a Promenade Concert AT MECHANICS’ 1IALL, <»« l'rida; Evening, ill arch '19, To commence at a o'clock prt.o' V. Tickcis To Cento. To bo obtained tit Paiuc » 11a. ii- ..I atthdubon marjl- it That Comical llrown ; WILLIAM 15. BROWN, Hie Great G..mic <i: \irs, and WILLIAM IIA V W I!: l». I! ’ B l\di Eh ' l. ' - El> DOG TIE, will give one of ( nr irxlnjn: E XT EE TA / V )/ E XTS, MECHANICS’ HALL, Saturday Even-g, March SO. (M/~ Ticket* 25 cent-. Reserved sent.* 55 cents. Duors ojk'h at 7 o'clock. Concort at 7 } o'clock. March 26. dlt "PORTLAi-JD THEATRE. LcM<««rN A Fropru>t«>r><, Smith,I* mile j A I o STAQU hlKEClOIS, - - W. V.. RUEItlRAN. TirEAHUllEit, - - - - U. W. JLUUU /. The aboveestablishment will oj>on ou Monday Evening, April 1, 1807, For Hie Spring and Summer Season v iiu a First Class Dramatic ('ompniiy ! Monday Kveniny, April If The Great Comedy by Lytton Uulwcr, entitled m< 1 :v. Tuesday Evening, April Sd, Uouglass Jorrdd's e. relive drums railed Till-: Hi:AT M¥ Wednesday Even ingtApr. Sd. Tom Taylor’s highly suoeeseinl f*lay entitled Still Wsatcrs I&bibi conclude each evening with a Favorite Farce. Scale of Pwcf.s.—Admission 5® cts. Reserved Scuts 75 cts. Gallerv : '* cts. Door* open at 7 o'clock. Performance too inmime at a qnnrtor t.» eight. IPF^Bcx oMi e open daily lor sale oi reserved seals, from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. Mar 28—d0t Grand Exour ion i f Tiremeu and tiieir Lad cs TO BOSTON, FAST DAT! t Ty E. FIREMEN’S CONGUESS, r.meert an,I Lo i i • vcc, at Rostimi M i- llall, ;r.; ,rno >n and even ing THURSDAY, April 4th. Ik .. tit of the Fire men’s Charitable Association. Half* Ronton Brass Baud, Mrs L. S. Froliook. Slide Blanchard, Mr. Kennedy, T. Baldwin, the wonder in the iteoidi.r feats of the Japanese Jugglers, with a h«» t c»f volun - teor talent in new program me. A slLYlAt Fill, TRUMPKT (seen at Haddock, Lincoln,*; r .s . «V Washington Slyer!. Bust >n,) will he :rv:rrd.-.| th 15 re company which buys the largest number ef els. Railroads carry holders of tickets to Music llall, Ai»ril ttb, for half faro. Tickets On cents. For posters, programmes, or tickets, order* should be sent to F. Peasfee, agent, of the F. C. AsAixi ui n, 67 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. March 27. d2t **>l ' m11 | SEED. SEE£». \ 750 BAGS PK1ME TilOTHV, ISO “ Northern New Turk ami TVertcrn Clover. 400 Sack. Red Top. If® C#iu*’la Golden nr,,,. SpringWLcat 500 bushels Cape Barley, two mwM. buckwheat. Flax, H. nip. Millet. Cnimrvaml a lull assortment ot \ oge table and Flower Seeds.; ii >ekcL etl with care and reliable. A full assortment of Agricultural Implements, Fertilizers!, &e., For Sale by KKXDALL A: WHITS K I . Jlarkrl Hall, Foi'llnud, March 16,1867.—d2mis 9 Savins JI«!1 asses. 505 HHDS. | Muscovado HI lasses, car*o In k I MS TCS. j ‘‘Hal lies. Emery,** tirora Sagua. 411 Illids. 1 M u c*»va<l i Mola s s ear".) ini* “J. M/:« Bids. lc. York,” from Sa-ua, ' FOB SALE BY GEO. Si . HUNT, „ ,, , 111 Commercial St. Mar 1'.)—tl3w Choice Clay oil Molasses. HHDS . II Superior flaycil Ho. ■4i* TIC [£' I l:!.*,*,. Now landing from Bri;: • Ann* Wellington,” from Cardenas, anil lor rale l> v CHASE, CKAiit & P1TUTKVANT, “*ar-a dtl Wldgory’s Wharf. JVO It & A L i:. 10() BBLS. KASTEHN D. APPLES. “Slieeil.” BOO “ “ •* •• “Cored ’* 150 Bu. II. G.SEED. 50 Bn. Clover S« »<|. 50 Bbls. Clear Pork. 50 Tierces Choke Lard. Also Choice Brand* ot FIonr, by Jeremhih SJowo .V < uiiild3w No L’7Commercial ;it, Portland, GMUIS8 SHllfP. fiflO BAGS IIKliDS GHASS SEiil>, r... ix«-' '4V/V/ iiU(! lor t.ilo by Smith, Domicil Jfc < «».. marl Iduw Dll A' 95 Commensal St. To Samuel IT. Colesv. rthv. Clerk of the Socoifl Uul verealist Soeiety ol Portland: . , , You are hereby re.,nlr -I .."! of Maine, to warn and notiiy the “M:“d'. T> ol s "d Siadetv. ia Rd,I Portland to meet at lie IT -e Court'Hoorn in «il-l f V* '''."TV J'YTr;:* March listb, 1 <-7. at7t o el,ad,, to aet upon the t 'Hovt • Moderator, to pr--Me at raid mcotlne^it said Soeiety will vote to |mrel nsethe lot of land belonging to the arl e full tlivi Society, eit on !he the corner ol Pearl andt ,,u grefta streets, n]Km wl,,, it lo ere ■ a I' Id, To aet upouauob other hu im ;;, —j. lveome before .-aid bn ■ lino. (liven under unr bauds tide l'-tli y... A. i>., 1807. K.t'. SHAW. I A •: e ,* ISAAC,l.v, I,SON. ( . t-,j-l , „ , , Kl»* Hi S. SHAM. 1 s,., j. , mt:h20-eotltd Spmve Shlrtjfh-s. 4-4-0 M-.N,V 1 st' I 'd'- SIIINGI.i: , I re > r \ / ccived ;uui io.-Ktl 1 v „ ik, s.vwvmi: .■ v\i,ni;v. Mur 2»t—<llw Ni». ;T,r : st. | Dr. uu/a»i:ti3 i*. o*, Elizabeth. (i'>nncrlv Mrs. (■;, . r r , Consultation /,■>>■ i.t . r oMi* ‘ • • plo Co.’p st re, corner (-s -• i I*< -1' l’ 1 ; | Portlai Mf diciuc* to W had at h- r otiico ua;l c eucc. Milch29. 'il 1 ],r. roster. HAVING decided r-» r.-inuln in Portland, m.'v herealter be found at No ■ Brown -tlcct. JllSt op lioslte hia old plat e. Other Mu* Own 11 A -1 to 8 If MjftWMI* fowling. llttllltiMW* I Avcrro* K- ‘»i. PATTIIY A XI., Amlitwvn, TM M S'J'UEET. .v l llIs,l,t*i»'»,sr at \in Mou. 0:, , V! ’• V *m.i l.v. i.„. ... , i -M.II.I .i t.rwnerol »..r* , Ouf.«i«it imi, it,. „ _ .. Aluc-.Oiixfrr.all! S5. % ii.fiV y * ' * ”T Onr-Oulmaih llri -j V'.',' , ’*’• 11 « » I*..-Ilaa.a.a. <tMli "'A . a Mtraniboat Conaia aaiv. ' r“ AlnrhJ O.a.->iVi.lom ii ’fiijj Woribi.] T»vo Nlnm I'u.iIhu.I llorar Railroad Ituiwur. luar.j.lil JOIIA CBVCKCTT, tmiivai'ir «u<J Apprminer, (Office with Evtuis & Bailey) NOS. I A L* EUEK STKKEf BLOCK. Hoiisciioul i urmlure at Auction. ()N.,rUl ‘>s|»Av, >ih, ai !•* oYlok A. an i l.- .V I1.. »tr»- ■!. wifi i•• • snM ai aiKfioii, l ur,or OliamP. t s, t,. C *ii kitchen Fluid U'° “ aao'h“«* Pinnn. nmriMdld " i m £*»«? «t \uction, ^iL m:„,-i, •_.„!)' Thursday, <>t all ml 1.1 ;i r,.,*,,.; • '-1'1 . M, a la i class larui Part laud, two f, ».| ,m uhlinil « ti..m •run llorhiinuoni,,, amiV'"';,'“I,P*- *’«•* (iood grass firm, wi’l . 1,0 \ new l,aru 111 lij-On, nui, . ,.i T, ■ ' 1'1'",v J*l wood; UJIIO roam., ill fmo-l r, p,.;, . “ "1V I" US,- ot extra e..w ami One Also aU the .lock oim1 larinmi'i,h,|. . : .. !„« wagon wi,-. : w. re,.-; *1, £h auY carf, l.uuher w.-ijf-in, c.e. * Ak) hoiiM* 1 ritiMire. l-edst*;,*!* rbiir* table*, 8 crrctnry, bi’rran*. Jofci. uict ix octave me* liMteou, Ao.. &c. If day is stormy postpone to lirsf fair day. Tcrui.s made ku«>wn at sale, iinr ' . lt l II. IK Mci.1 I.LAN, Am tlouecr. Tf. P.iTTBN A CO.. AUCTION I KRN, OFFICE STREET. Household Furniture jit ruction. /'XKNTFEl, Household Furniture at Auction on * 1 Friday, Mareli -‘‘fh, ar 10 A.M., a* lion.-e No. y Fr» • stru t, mow occupied I»y •*. L. Storer, ksq., Mic f-ntiif rout,Mil j, ron ; ii;i4 In pa* t of Moio^atty -»ntl \\ alutiL !*;«»I..* -•» :^ij) J: p and Hair Cloth, $>» Jas, l hair*, l{ . «is. r, j^i. r. Card. Work and Pein nroA»* laM* s. liOinmr <, >\ hnf-.Ni m, Secretary. 1 i v:ims. Caned CbuinU'i Sv.h hi I- *1, \V. lnut and Maut»2iny, 1'aiuitil St-! . f itir .«* I; <J -fc. * fct.n1'’* * Albj .Uni. ... r x .I r-fin, Stair find »»il orpots, Itii'4 . Mirrori*. < urni/is, l-Vathcr a d pnnr Maiut:- Bet'ding, Kitchen Forni imi'.i’arpTs^'’" *“'1 “ iU-nfkouse Ttieal,,,,.' Furnitiire wjim maniilaclme.l t order. *222! "« '"X" *;•** ••are I lor. i um.urmit. Unite tu nun, uf gu-sl arih l.e ,y||| at 4tJi*t llussaio. AN'i a, u u . lock, one seven Oeiave Piano Porte In mmlf'L iV" Ins,rum, ai lmel, bv Mvrai.m «, Co. mar n5oM GOV DUN AI I NT N*I,K ! STE VMEB “TYUO. ” Will Ur Hold f>y' Anrfiou, \T FUANUUN WIIA1CF, in tun city of Port land, Me., on Friday, .'lie -JOth inst., a» o'i !‘. k P, M., tlw s* ■mi. i “TV»■'V’ » aN nr • tons » on! co, in fine oi ier and repair. It has ; i n used l»y the IJ.S. in tlus Iiai lxjr, and is no linger needed. I Terms cush, in Government fluids. V. *. KNOT « KK •»! Fil l . > Pori land, V-arch in. 1.1,7. \ I <iho. Tun u, A'.Vt Bi i-. General V. S. A. J. S. UAim.' Viiclioiiecr. mehlM-en.i'aAfoitd K. »tl* t*A iV CO.* AuctioNH'rN, 1*1 him Nirrrt. Mure, Wugua uud Harnesses at i Auction. ON’ NATI BD W, Dlutb iiOib, n 11 A. M, front of o ti.-e, die Hay >Iar<*. One Hjrion :t <l Unri|f« <, IJiniip-CfiHnutl Hurnm., One Si :Uu*ars,. im^dtil IS \ I .. *1. I* ITI'IA A CdM Awt'lion. erw. SlocSts nf Anction. /AN wi?»y; srnv, atn om.-u a. m., " “ ;l L: • Mm ’ mts 1' ' -nv.e, oner «»t Fore and V.\.di»To/'* St-reefi*. will U> bi.Id Fifty Shoves perl land KoMing Mills. Tea Si 0,4 Atr.v.e*i! 1 • id < o. F-iCcu Moms in Portland Pier. Sliai •• hjwrerri Packet 1„. , JOHN KANL>, Assignee. March “7.1807. did J. IS. I>HAl*s:II* AI ( TIOni VH. r. S, Cot tot i Sole ! ! JOHN II. Olt U'i:i{ A ( «. y ILL SELL ON Thursday, A/uil 4th, 1807, :»t ono oYlt.k I*. M., at Unit Sales Know, J%o. |I2 Pearl St.. (HaitovcrSqiure,) la-order of Frnmi* Knhtnimi,siice i tl ugt nt Treasury l cpartfie nf, GOO Kitlos \orih 4 arolina anti Geor gia Cotton. The above cotton 1ihh U **n sampled and ckssod by (i. NY. Aiut*ry, a1 id iu.u> l*.- seep bv sample at the o*Uce o* lb*- Amt? n, ers. No. It2 IVarl elicit, New linikjtwt. days before the tale. lUAri.aitd S\. U, IV\ I* IY A <'ttm-uinit n. PLUM STliKLiT. Valuable Property in Westbrook at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, llHh dav ol April, at half panl two P. M., (-)•. i st.irmy Ih i fair dtv.) wlf,bo sol*I mu till' |*. i*iui.fM w it IiMut tli. leggt rt k'orve, the following d*-s* rib.d pau Is ot II* V tati- in Wes* brook, ns follow*, vi/. Homestead situ alc*l at All; n‘s corner, so* alb-*I, toni : Ding about i*'rty a* rye of fund, wiUi the tmildiui's then . n. *-*>11 sisLug of a good one ;tn<! a hull's? u. .! Farm P.i n-e, >vith Lathe I.-e 1. with Kitchen, Wood and iAtv: ngo Hons*-. Also, a large barn ;*> by M) willi shed find Turn Hotiyu> ii*m r by, boll.ling- . Ihpo'iveii: ally 1 arranged and m good repa r. vls*>. ?i«dlier lot of Land »( si Id Allens cor cr, route ini fur al-ont I* iumvs, with good Iforn, Piggery an l .Shod, all in lino order. —ALSO— About *ji acres of drained meidow, us good or b* t icr land for gardening than can b*- found in flic Stair, Hltuat* d ifoar All n*B corner on the road lending i*» Portland N iuTukcy’s i*nd- e. —A Lift )— About 5 aofes 01 Mea -»w and Upland situated on tlu- road fouuiug from Allen's 1 . M* i rill’s cornel, be ‘n*j a very desirable fot for building and gardening. Ail of said hind in »h»* t»»wn of Wedbrook about luiies mini U*e city of For: bunt, and one mile tlroiu P. A. K. liuLroiul and P.irthiipJ IJ i.>*- I ailrnul. All of tlu* a!»ovc Lands arc in a I igli sta.e of 1 altl la " "ith a very lai r amount of front and very desirable tor Imiidin^ lots lartniug «>r gardening. Ii.i ab<»ut two hundred Shoe?» end l ambs, s.x * «>ws *n*l [Idlers, two Horses and fuar 11 gs, «.**»,. i*,n \\ ag »»*••, Farming Tools ;.nd a portion *»t the Hon.-* - hold c iirvtare. * The Above property is to be mild t*> the highest bid ‘ I'cr. ml *>n the ui*» t l'a\oraMe tern.*. « a.di. il tin* purchaser* Bo de-ire, or on* quarter cash, the 1 i ;;m*e from one to live years with note and in* r ga • *, iutcre t al ei\ per ccut. m ini aunuadv, Xbt | » r sonal property to bo aold for cash. For particulars call on Pvi s Ihnrlnw, lCoUoni Tuofel'il street, or on the Auctioneers. *-it '•'*.de to commence wiiatuu Homestead. Mar 27 Sale or Timber Lands for Balt s’ Pollesre. Lanh Oekice, \ >rnTrpt, . , . Miii.-hT. t ' | , Ox JOE is hereby given, in pins 4;„ ,,f •• pp_ I s-lvotucxrry In,., «. ,, r i«, ,1 elglUv-ionroltlie hes )lv< soi . . d |lllu,|r, , v. I v-lour Ui la\or of ilaics’ Cull go." K« ri* ^iaf ,ortn.mi, s wniiibc I l; • ’7 au. Rang * 17 \V K !. S. si?u h-d ii|w>ii the I i.p . aim flohn KiYcr, except lug |l*»- Sooth-ast ntiurler m the trod n»m«d township, will 1« oth-r<-d ,le l y public auction lor the l>euehf ol >ni«| Colb -•> i • 111; I And Oii i co in Bon .r, on Wcdi.t-'.v lt„ up, day or September next, nt 12 o'clock, neon.’ ^ one third asb and s.’tisf.u-'ort i.o,. pa v a bio in oil and two Tears, xtuttmi by uierlg.iv,- on i; w«l» will l»e received li payment. IS-VAC R. I'UHU, in*r8UtSci»tll, Land Agent. jw- 4im4^**ammaardrnrrr* wi 15. V. atLKT'S rVe\V X oi-li (itKvlNl Constantly ou band and for sale by T. CURTIS A* CO.. 02 Milk St , Itostoii, The only authorized Agents for the sale ol tin > blood* in New England. T. C. ^ CO , Also m .iiufacture tlio flne-t ifuali tiett ut Ooiit*’ Nnn-il and l*ru«rd Calf Hoots and Shots! OF EVERY VARIETY, Mar7—T, T & Stw* PIONEER lw. __tt 'S.-aJ UDl£-. U-K I'll IS AMI) No oTHKU, An.I With i.'ur PASTIPY \..n * .Ji h;,,o |K, ; At evri'y ii‘i.'crs yon can er t i,. :ln a Ik'ix in I ." i «e ill in . i i. -m I ii. Till.- Yea I Powder is unrip bv all Untl-cln-s Ho. lei"1,1 Kos annuls throiutliont. tl.. or. t„,| I . llii.lliiar its way Into . very b. ns. I,„l.l w . I A <*iia Fowler is appreciated. Samples Ei t1' | viv iv>\ wamuitwl to dive wubi-.n-tlon ... . | ky >yy r.wu-u „* ym :.. . t-s r xxnit Street, X. V. UHlUCUl.Ua, HUNT A MKI.ChVi:, >*7 Commercial St. ^ • h-lilOKEU CO„ JK-, Ft .re s re'. inart.3e6dl m* Agents lor .'lain Notice to Ituilriers. THE PliwlitferV .Yk*,. h>l<in .i l’ irilm l ii'l vl I eiuity are i.»r).ar*<l t.. imuii i el. - 1*1 t«i crs, srna-.i WiuUitm amt nr-v. iim tsju :mv '.in Wr required, pr. rczn ai* hiV< s. mm: :*U» i»re |»uro-1 to do wiuioidnL'.-•oli.rin r, v nu?»it:i - .an ! n e» v:hlug Itfitaiuiiv* i.'t!.o irnd<. ti »I c* l> • - "i i. and ui tlie s :i r nst notion. A! !•!> a!V ' I ’d, t■ l*•?;i»*ri lJ’onk, ! 1 . :i:. . •■* i rent ( 1 ' ' March 27. dtt* « opaJPtBt'rsliip Notice. mi IE »- iif* * * haw; li . • ••;«>' !oi me f :• * ■ | *rt r t I imrshij* mater the m: ■ «• amt style of •; k-’.Ml* A SULM\ AN, ihr the <>| carryn: •' ti.o Pih4>ri»»fl hU*-1M1 * utI the rm > . 1; {.11j * and Kn ki if 1 / hcii ']N'n .. onat.i, il- o» ,V. on infer :J ■ t ■ ■••{!«.o t-* wiiii :,m'. ji .1 i>«• i* * ui a »a’i *V 'v»il vriant <h. . n. >,( r»R hois s in.m int . leiiug, *i'. i — • • liii , o .tiAt ., Ac. MHr2T Notice. 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