Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 29, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 29, 1867 Page 3
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LA TEST SEWS BY TELEGRAPH TO THE t'OUTLANO DAILY PUESS. — -----. Friday Morning, March 29, 1867. -—-—-, XLTH OONGRESS—PIEST SESSION Washington, March 28. r # SENATE. Tin* (’hair laid before the Senate resolutions °* Hie Kepublican Convention of Maryland, bold yesterday, which were read, and referred to the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Cattell called* up the joint resolution parsed by tiie House yesterday to amend the wool tun if bill. Passed. 'i'he Senate, after transacting some unimpor tant business, took up the adjournment reso lution, the question being on concurring in the House amendment providing for qualified adjournment. -Mr. Iklinunds moved as a substitute that Hot ii Houses adjourn from noon to-morrow 11141I (he first Wednesday in #Tulyr and iiiiIc.ns “t ;er\vi>«‘ ordered by both floured, the pre ling officers shall further adjourn then uutil the first Monday ii. December, but sub*c <1 uemly modified it so that Cougress should • -djourii f.oin Saturday next, and substituting to. words without day,* for the first Monday to D •ivndier; also to require the presiding offl ! 1 1 call the rolls of the Senate and House • 1 the n ."I \N cduesday in July to ascertain if a (iiiontui be present. After discussion, Mjr. Drake moved to post |sj..e the. lesofulion now uuder discussion, and • * • up tiie resolution just sent in from the *• * . providing for a session in June, 8ej»- I u 1 her and DooMdor. Disagreed to, 14 to 27. I Jr. C* inlands' amendment to the House | re of ii* on under c usideration, was then agn 1 d to, 25 to 14. 1 •' resolution as amended wua then Morrill, from the Committee on A ppr>> !•"• ■ ’o . r« ported the House bill for monthly ilarics - 1 ('on jr. ssmen, hit Ii Ha • P cd. A ir P. M., the Senate went into execu tive Mnuiun. v • if i*- M., tin* doors were re-opened and •* /f" V*‘ was received from the House on ad adjoiirnuieiit. 1 h * Senate insisted on its disagreement and :»fir* * d to a committee of conference. M • i s. Hdiuunds, Fessenden and Buokalew wer** appointed on the part of the Senate.— Adjourned. HOUSE. The Speaker presented resolutions passed by toe Uepuolicau Convention yesterday.— The resolutions led to a long debate. After a long debate the resolutions were finally referred to the Judiciary Committee. tr.Phuil offered a resolution that the Pres *b uf «.f the Senate and Speaker of the House, b authorized to close the present session .by adjournment to-morrow at 12 o’clock. ‘ I <*. Aliison offered as a substitute that to morrow at 2 P. M., tho President of the Sen ate and Speaker of the House shall adjourn their respective Houses uutil Wednesday the 5tii of J line when, unless there be a quorum of each House present, these omc< r* shall fur ther adjourn their respective Houses until Wednesday the 1st of September next w'ben, unless tliere he a quorum of each House pres ent, they shall further adjourn their respective Houses until (hi* first Monday in December. Mr. Donnelly moved to amend Mr. Plant’s resolution by adding tho words, “until the first Wednesday in July next, and unless other wise ordered, the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House shall, 011 said day ad journ their respective Houses until the first -Monday in December. -Mr. Farnsworth moved to lay tho resolutions and in lidments on the tabic. Disagreed to, 54 to (id. Mr. Donnelly’s amendment was then agreed to. Mr. Allison’s substitute for Mr. Plant’s reso lution was then agreed to, (id to 55. Mr. Bingham introduced a joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to tur nish transports for provisions from Baltimore lor Wilmington, N. C., for the relief of desti tute Southerners. Passed under a suspension of the rules. Mr. L( >gan introduced a joint resolution di recting the Secretary of Navy to return to the contractors the iron clad monitor Comanche on their repayment of the amount paid by the Government, and giving full authority to them to diS]M>so of the same. Mr. Scheuek moved that the resolution be amended by providing that the contractors he paid £179,000 for their losses on the contract. -uur u.m ussion Mr. nciicnck s amendment was agreed ui, and the joint resolution as amended passed under suHj*eusion of the rules. Mr. Banks introduced a hill, which was pass d. constituting eight hours a a day'* work thrall 1.'.h irer*, workmen or mechanics c«u ploycd l»y or on licliulf of the Covemn’ielit of tin' Uni led Stales. Mr. Blaine offered u resolution, which was adopted, to pay the clerk* of tin* committee* at the close of lust session a mouth's pay for this scasiou. The Senate’* umeudmcui to the adjournment n olutlou tru taken from the S|ieaker'* table Mr. Hingliam moved to ooucur in the Sen ates amendment. 'i'he House r fused to concur, 3d to 70, and asked fori\ committee of conference. Thu SeitaU'Vi amendment to the House joint rc^duliou, in reference to Uir tariff on tool, i w s concurred in. It put* lasting* of luohaii, A mi the flee list. Alter other unim|ho uni botm , the Horn* uojourued. EUROPE. Mi II’ N 111 THA. CABLE. flKut.iN. March 27. The North Herman Parliament ha* urivptc'l a f mis trillion, tin* provision* of which arc m anly In r'^ordunce with the plau proponed by Count llisinarek. I-jVKitroAi.. March 27. Tic’ ship I nd >uutable, from Liverpool 14th in k lor >SL John, N. B., was abandoned on the lKib. The fillip \raminta, Irom Liverpool for Hlou ivster .Mnd Boston, is r«|»orted to liave found er'd during the recent storm. /fho barque Tangent, from New York fir Vein vnwla. is t .ported to have becu aeon dis masted and otherwiae damaged. London, March 27, Evening. A d >patoll from the East stales that the Ser \ i;tu iTiuoe is about t** leave Belgrade tor Con st i itinople on a visit to the Sultan. Advices fro ui Athen* report that there has been no lighting in Caudia lor two months past. ( 1ai.wav, Ireland, March 25. The steamship Pennsylvania, from New York for Liverpool, arrived lu re this afternoon under sail, with her screw broken and out of coal. Gen. ttli«>ri<lnu'« Ih inoval of Oinlofnliatii. Tin* I in pen eh me til Mailer. N ew York, March 28. A So w Orleans dispatch says Sheridan’s or der sweeping rioters from office thrills the Unionist? with joy and the nulliliers with dis may. The Grand Army and Butier Organiza tion, representing five thousand voters, recom mended H. G. War month for Mayor, but he declined, and a second {agreement failing of a choice, il remained with Gen. Sheridan. Such ch in;, s, it is thought, will revive the chances of the campaign, as the city may carry the State. The Herald’s Washington special says the eldest member of th< Judiciary Committee, Wli in parliamentary experience and in years, li > said within the last twenty-four hours that the committee will notify all persons to bring forwsvrdUheir evidence, and intimated there was none such before the committee at pres ennd this wvma to be the opinion ol all who have tlie most intimate relations with the chairman of that committee. It seems to be tli * impression that the gloomy imaginatioLS of certain members of Massachusetts are the soui''*es from which spring most of the stories on impeachment, and that the wish is father to the thought. From Whi ailing ton. Washnoton, March 28. Letters have been received here from Ha vana,dated 20th inst., stating that Spanish sol dier. are being enlisted by the Imperial Mexi can 1onsul there, for Maximilian’s army to defend Vera Cruz. About JOO men had been enlisted and were to sail on tbe 22d, oil the Spanish steamer Paras. N. <«. lav lor, the new Commissioner ol In- s dian Affairs, will enter upon the discharge ot his duties on Monday. Charles E. Mix, for many years Chief Clerk of the Bureau, will be retained. rl lie Senate* to-day rejected the nomination of Gen. l'rank P. Blair, as Minister to Aus tin, and General Henry W. 8locum to be Na val < officer ot the port of New York. The Senate to-day continued the following Postmasters: Moses T. Willard, at Concord, N. II.; George P. Woodbury at Milford, Mass.; K. Grover, at Gloucester, Mass.; H. C. Keene, Naval Storekeeper, at Boston. The following Postmasters were rejected: Lucian B. Pills liury, at Farmington, Me.; Samuel D. Clay, at Cardiue , Me.; P». F. Chandler, Naval Civil Login • !• at Portsmouth, N. II.; Andrew P. Htiuison, Naval Storekeeper, at Kittery, Me. N« w York Item*. New York, March 28. Tin* steamer Ceres, lying in the East river, was destroyed by lire this morning. She was owned b;. "Woodrull Beach, of Hartford, Coiuj., and wan valued at $80,000. She was re pairing to sail for South America. I he Io0 Texas emigrants hound to Brazil re main in this city till April 221, and are entirely destitute. An appeal lias beeu made lor their The Southern Famine Belief Commission have received ft letter from He*. Swayne, dated Montgomery, Ala., March 2.'M, stating that the uimMint of supplies which should be sent, the only true limit is found in the means of the purchases. The ship Purveyor, which sailed Saturday, rook 18,000 bushels corn to Alabama. New* Irom Mexico. New Orleans, March 28. Bio Grande dates of the 23d have been re ceived. 'There are no new features in the Mex i« an position. It m said that the Liberals have cut the aqueduct for supplying Queretaro with water. < *cii. Mil tmou lias issued a proclamation de claring a w ar of extermination. \ ; a (’ruz papers say Portirias Diaz has on ly d.uOO men and is almost besieged at llua maita. He ordered the shooting of the Franco-Imperial Commissary and several oth'*T prisoners. fhe garrison of the Capital is said to be 12 000 men. Pu. Ida correspondence states that tlie Iin rial garri on of Puebla is at, least 0,000 men. i leneral Berriozabel made certain me.acliauts in Mjitamoras pay $3,000 on the 22d inst. I :ai‘Dii Couvrudoii nl Kalrigli, f. Raleigh, N. C.. March 28. The Union Convention of whites and blanks, after two days session, have adjourned. He publican and Union resolutions were adopted endorsing the* civil rights bill, impartial suf ti • '/*, et<. Fifty-three counties were repre sented and equally by whites and negroes. The Convaution was harmonious. Mu ting la Aid of the Bangor and Blunt nquin Kailroad* Bangok, March 28. A large and enthusiastic Conventiou was held here to-day of delegate* from Piscataquis County, Winterport, Frankfort and Hainp den, with the people of Bangor, in aid ot the Bangor & Piscataquis Railroad to Milo, Dover and Moosebead Bake via the European and North American Road to Milford. A strong determination to build the road was manifested, and measures taken to raise means at once. Bangor will loan its credit for half a miliion of dollars, and a subscription of two hundred to three hundred thousand more will !*>' probably mode in a short time here and on the line of the road. 11m enterprise also em braces an extension to the town of Winter of rthe treat1'w I,ort for the products Northern ri“Kt°n of the State, H I, be“c“Witmodated by the road. Hon. Hannibal Hamlin presided at the meet nl'f\ w?f ^dressed by him, Mayor Wakc ljeld, Hon. Franklin Muzzy, F. A. Wilson, Rsij (Jen. Plaisted, Hon. Isaiah Stetson, O. c is ^ Esq., of Bangor, A. G. Lebroke, Esq., ot F oxcroft, Hon. A. M. Robinson, of Dover, Hon. Pbineas Tolinau, of Milo, Col. T. H. Cushing, of Winterport, A. H. Merrill, of Wil li amwburg, and others. Books will be opened for subscription April 15th, at Bangor, Boston, Portland, and towns iu Piscataquis County. Vim. Louisville, Ky., March 28. A flic this morning ihutioyci the grocery store of Dow & linrkhart ou Main street, iu vblviug a loan of $27,000. Insured. Clevelanh, Ollio, March 28. The house of Mr. Htckett, with five of his children, was burned last night, at Sufiicld Centre, Ohio. St. Louis, March 28. I The notion store of .J. L. Jacobs, 815 North Maine street was badly burned to-night. Stock was valued at $22,000. Insured $20,000. The jewelry store of 1'dls s & Co., on the ground floor, and the boot and shoe store of \V. K. Storer adjoining, were considerably damaged by water. MauachuaetU la-gialniure. Boston, March 28. In the House of Representatives this after noon the Jury bill which prohibits parties who are engaged in any illegal traffic from being allowed to serve ou juries in trial of criminal causes, and gives government the right of challenge of two jurors before the trial com mences, was ordered to a third reading by a vote of 110 t»o 103, only twenty-three members being absent. This is substantially the same bill which was vetoed by Governor Andrew in 1805, and which was defeated in the House by a small majority on its passage to be en grossed last year after it had passed the Sen cte. Ils object is to get couvictions for viola tion of the prohibitory liquor law. Fr#» California and Nevada. San Francisco, Mar ;li 28. In the suit of the United States against 337 casks wine, Mawry, claimant, Judge Hoffman yesterday entered a decree confiscating the wine for under valuation. In the Supreme Court of Nevada the case of Nourge against Clarke, for the possession of the office of Attorney General of the State, has been decided in favor of the defendant. Cumulinii Affair*. Montreal, C. E., March 28. The Royal Insurance bond robbers have come to terms with the insurance company, and were last night released from jail. Writs for election to the several Parliaments will he issued on the arrival of John A. Mc Donald. Advices have been received that the Nova Scotia Parliament has endorsed the action of the confederation delegates by a large majority. Bstbery uhd Probable Murder. Dayton, Ohio, March 28. Samuel Tate, Jr., a well known flour mer chant of this city, was waylaid about seven o’clock last evening oil a bridge near his mill. He was shot down and robbed, ami it is thought he eaunot recover. There is no clue to the perpetrator of this foul act. Washington Correspondence. New York, March 28. The Commercial’s special says Secretary Stanton has telegraphed to Gen. Sheridan an approval of his conduct in changing the offi cials at New Orleans. Nsalssilss of mule Consinblr. Arotnrra. March 28. Joshua Nye, of Waterville has been u.mi uatod by the Governor for State Constable. Hiarrllssi'Ui Mr*put* bee. XrrrALo, March 28. At a special term of the Supreme Court held vesterday, Judge Daniel* appointed Hob bert I*. Potter, of New York, Receiver of the Atlantic Jk Great Western Railroad. Montpelier, Vt., March 28. The Vermont legislature to-day chartered tlie Northern Telegraph Company. Louisville, Kir- March M. The inauguration of tie- Clay Mouumeu will not take place until the middle of May owing to the nun-arrival of tie* pedestal from Nan York. No formal inviiatum* have yet bo n extended. CoLtmut's, Ohio., March .18. M. G. Roberta, an old aud respected eitisen, hung Inuiscif to-day during a lit of temporary insanity. Nashville. Teun., March 28. Leading conservatives propose that colored voters shall l« invited to participate iu politi cal lios-trues and send deb-gab-* to the Con vention to nominate a candidate for Governor. Colored voters are invited to send representa tives to the Republican Congressional Conven tion which is to meet ben- on the ltith of May. St. lori'is, March 28. The hanking house of M. Runyon & Co. failed to-day. Liabilities are said to lie very •urge. _ Mbip IKews. FORTRESS UOVROK-Ar SMth, sch Clara Belle, Camden lor Nonoil. the'ihabkei I, Fiuuarial. New York. Match 28. 1 Money was more abundantly supplied than for some days, and the indications tire lavorahle to con tinued case. Call loans6 $7 per eeat. Discounts 7 <«} 7J i>er cent. Gold cloeeu at 134} @ 1 34}. Sterling hrm at 1 09 @ 109} for prime baukers bills, but the market is dull. Governments firm and moderately active. Stocks were quiet and firm at the last open Hoard. Chicago iVIurkcln. Chicago, March 2«. Flour firm and active; sales of Winter extra at 13 00 @13/0; Spring extra 11 50 @ 13 00; Superfine 7 00 @ 9 90. Wheat firmer; sales oi No. 2 Spring at 2121; No. 1 do 2 60 @2 52. Corn closed firm and 2@2}c higher for No. 1. Oats active and uuclianged. Rye quiet and firm at 1 35 for No. 1. Barley firm; sales No. 2 in store at 81 @ 83c. Provisions <liill suul hold ers linn; mess pork heid at 22 50 @ 23 00. Lard, choice steam heid at 13 @13}c. Bulk meats inactive and nominal. Receipts—7,000 bush, wheat, 11,000 bush, corn, 2,500 bush, oats, 3,800 hogs. Shipments—3,200 bush, wheat, 8,000 bush, corn, 500 bush. oats. Ciaciuuali UlnrkelM. Cincinnati, March 28. Flour unchanged. Wheat firm; sales No. 1 Spring 2 55; No. 1 Winter 2 90; No. 2, 2 35 lor spring and 2 33 tor Winter. Corn firm: sales No. 1, in bulk, 73 @ 74c and 87 @ 88c in sacks. Oats scarce and high er; No. 1 at 55 @ 56}e In bulk. Rye Ann at 116 @ 148. Barley unchanged. Whiskey steady at 2 27 in bond. Provisions unchanged, quiet and firm. Lard firm at 12}c. Butter and Cheese steady. Exchange firm. Mouey unchanged. New Oilcans Nlarkcfa. New Orleans, March 28. Market unsettled and quiet. Cotton—sales 2,300 bales; Low Middling at 29; receipts 105 bales; ex ports 040 bales. Sugars dull and lower at 13}c. Mo lasses dull. Exchange on London 145} @ 146}. Ex change on New York }c premium. New York market. New York, March 28. Cotton—steady with better business; sales 2,900 bales; Middling uplands at 30} @ 31c. Flour—dull; sales 6.400 bbls.; .State at 9 80 @12 75; Round hoop Ohio 11 70 @ 13 90; Wesiorn 9 80 @ 13 90; Southern heavy at 1125 @ 17 00; California 14 75 @ 16 00. Wheat—dull; sales 5 600 bush ; Amber State 3 15; Spring 2 55. Corn—2@ 3c higher; sales98,000bush; Mixed Wes tern 1164 @ 1 20 Oats—firm; sales 04,000 bush.; Western at 65 @ G7c. Pork—firmer; sales 2,300 bbls.; new mess 24 00@ 24 50; old mess at 22 37 @ 22 27. Lard—firm; sales *50 outs, at 12} @ 13}c. Sugars—firm; sales 90o hhds Muscovado at 10} @ 10}C. Groceries—quiet. Oils—dull. Petroleum—firm; sales crude at 16} ui> 17c. Freights to Liverpool—unchanged. feiumrrcial».pcr Cable. iii . Mnrcl* 27, Evening. Consols closed at 91} tor uionev. American Securities.-The following are the closing prices of American securities: United States 5-20’s 74}. Illinois Central shares 78} ex-div. Erie Railway shares 38}. Liverpool, March 27, Evening. The Colton market closed quiet with a moderate day’s business. The following are the rinsing quota tions: Middling uptauds at 13}d; Middling Orleans ai 134d; sales to-day 10,600 bales. Breads! uffs—mai - ket dull at noon prices. Provisions — the market closed dull at noon prices. Produce—tho market closed with price unchanged tirora noon report. Frankfort, March27. Evening. United States 5-20 bonds closed at 77}. ,T Paris, March 27, Evening. United Stales 5-20 bonds advanced to 81}. Brighton Market. At Brighton, March 27. ind ns.' uU,7'e,,twwk: c',ule> 178:11 Sheep , li' i' u.’ Jl , ’ s»*“e.‘*!W»; number of Western }'M! Working Oxen Slid ' ' a 'ea over *«“ last f itici.H. Bcci Cat tie—Extra S>13 ha fn> aid nn. i quality *12 75 @ *1325; second quaft^Sli’on b> <12 00; third quality *10 00@ *11 ouV let lbs dLe ta U1 weight of hides, tallow and dressed win lU“ W Couulry Hides, 9 % 9>c $> it>; Country Tallow 7 fa 74 $> ib. * * Brighton Hides, 10 & 10$c ib; Brighton Tallow 71 (g) 8c <4> ib. * 5 Woo! Sheep Skins, $1 25 @ $2 75 Skin; Dry Sliecp Skins at C2e (re $1 00 each. Ouif Skins, 18 (a) 20c 4* ib. The quality of the Beeves at market la not much dilferent from licit ol’ last week. Extra Cattle com mand full as high prices, but on the ordinary grades there is a slight decline, and trade is not active.— Nearly half of the Western Cattle came in on Satur day, and quite a number were sola on that dav.— There were a lew ve»jr extra cattle in market that were fatted in the western part of this Slate which sold lor about 15c |> lb. ■Stores—There ar no Stores in market except Work ing Oxen and Milch Cows. Most of the small Cattle tlial come in at this season are sold to slaughter. Working Oxen—We quote sales at $185. RUM) $210, $215, $250, $275,.$285, $290, $255Z $310 pH pair. There is a good supply in market, and trade is active. Milch Cows—Sales extra $ 0 $100; ordinary $60 @ $75; Store Cows $35 @ $50. Price of Milch Cows duased altogether upon the fancy of the purchaser. But a foiv good Cows in market. Sti ;©p and Lambs—Trade not very active and sup ply smaller than that of last week. We quote sales of lots at It, 5|( 64, 7, 74, 84, 84. 81 V @ 9jc ** lb. Swine-Wholes le, 7 @ 6c *> lb; retail, 7J (a) 81c *> m. Fat lings—2000 at market; prices 9 @ 9jc p !b. mere is hut few spue Pigs in the market, and not much demand for them, rnew York ftUck Market. Stocks—steadv. NbW ToBB- M‘rch 24' American Gold.. .1541® 194* ii't’ Elvc',l,wcntle!. coupons, 1802.109 ns Mwen““- coupons,18M.107 it’ c* venues, coupons, 1865,.l®7 it* S' *,1VC”twenties, coupons new issue.107 H’ S* ion"*oi*tie8, coupons.W; .I* S* Seven-Thirties, 1st series.106 u. S. Seven-Thirties, 2d serioa.106 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.105 New York Central,.106 , Erie,. 58 Hudson.. Heading,.101 Michigan Central,. 107) Michigan Southern,. 77 Illinois Central,...116) @ 115) lioMiou Slock Li>i, Sales at the Brokers' Board, March 28. American Gold. 134) Untted Slates Coupon Sixes, 1881.'..... 1081 Uuited States 7 3-l0ths, 1st series. 106) 2d series. 105} 3d series. 106) /T . ^ “ small. 105} United Slates 5-20s, 1864 . 107) “ small. 107) 44 1865. 107} •* July, 1865. 107) United Staten Ten-tortlea. 97] Easiorn kailroad. 108) Western kailroad. 139 1.Sales al Auction.] Pepperell Manuiacturing Company.1006 • I'vtoii and Maim- Kailroad. 1301 Bath City Sixes. 1891. jjj| Massachusetts State Sixes, 1875. 108) PORTLAND Fire Alarm Telegraph. Direction* nnd inutruction* for the «•o of the Fire Alarm Telegraph. 1ST. Alarm* are sounded by striking the number of the Box upon the ALARM BELLS, and upon the Gongs n tne Engine Houses. Example-: To announce the existence of a Are ue.\r Box No. 25, (corner of Middle and Exchange streets,) the Alarm Bells aud Gongs will strike two. make a pause ot a few seconds, then strike five, thus: 2—5. Location of Telegraphic Fire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Portland Co.’s Office. 13. Engine House, Congress St., Muqjoy. 14. Cor. Washington and Oxford. 15. 44 Adams and Mounttort. 16. Grand Trunk Depot. 17. Cor. Congress and India. • 1m. “ Franklin and Cumberland. 2t. 4* Franklin and Newbury. 23. “ Market and Commercial. 24. Engine House, cor. Market and Congress. 25. Cor. Middle and Exchange. 26. 4' Chestnut and Oxford. 27 44 Union and Eure. 31. 44 Preble and Con res*. 32. 44 Portland and Hanover. 34. 44 South and Spring. 35. 44 Maple and Commercial.* "6. 44 High and Dantorth. 37. Engine* House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Coi. State and ftpring. 42. 4* I >antorth and Brackett. •13. 44 Commercial and Clark. 45. Engine House. Brackett near Pine St. 46. Cor. Spring and Emery. 51. 44 Brackett and Vaughan, i •Box No. 35 will be temporarily located earner Ma ple and York Streets. Directions to those holding 8ignal Keys: 1st. In case of Are the alarm is to be given from the Box nearest to the location of the Are, and from no other Box. 2n i. Open the door and pull the knob down gently to the bottom of the grove once and then let go ot it, when it will return to its placo. ir^Persons about to give an alarm will Arat listen and it a ticking is heard in the Box they will know that an alarm has been given, but if no tlekingis Heard proceed to pull the knob as directed. 3rd. It possible wait at the Box, so as to direct the firemen to the Are. >th. The police upon hearing the alarm will eaU the number of the Box. C AUTUMN * 1, Be sure there is a Are before sounding the alarm. 2. Never sound the alarm tor a Are wen at a die ts nee. 3. Never often the box or touch the apparatus ex cept in case of Are. 4. Be sun* your box is locked before leaving it. 5. Never let the key go out of your (poeetsekm, unless oa' led for by the Chief Engineer. 6. It you remove from your house or place of business. return the key to the Chief Eng neer. Do not leapt it with the new tenant. The lb-IIs on the several Chunhes will sound a general alarm as usual un il arrangements are per fected to have the telegraph wires attached to such Bells as may be dcsiguaU-d for that purpuee. The location of the tire will be given on Bulletin Board* at the several Engine Houses and at the Po lice Office. FRANKLIN C. NODDY, Chief Engineer. Portland, March, 1*67. mnr fWltt Marrett, Poor A Co., Having taken the chamber* 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS' HALL, Are now prepared to idler their Irleode and Um pab lw a large and well selected stock 04 CARPEUNfiSI Paper Hangings CURTAIN GOODS, Ac., K Purchaser* of the above goods are respect iviied to oiamine our stock which is New, Clean mmI Desirable. JulyOOdtf Elmwood Nursery, ThisNiAe WeeOJMStermer, Weukraik. PREBLE Street (‘are pass the Nursery every forty iuIuuicm. A good collection of Hardy, Grere Heme aad Bedding Plains ruay always lie found at Die above place and at rea sonable rati‘A. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. mcb'Mdlw* C. F. BRYANT. Tilton Jk McFarland, > Desire to call the attention to the feet that more tb 4 O Of their Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION In tb late tire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRICE, will pleau call o„ EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portia Or at HO SaAbarjr Street, Beaten. Fir-Second-hand Safes taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15— s.vlstw in each nio&adv remainder of Ume. If UNRO’S TONIC BITTERS. THIS highly approved medicine has now been in general use for the period of ten years, and has acquired tho reputation of being the very best tonic and alterative before the public. Its prominent in gredient, to which it largely owes its remedial effica cy, is an extract fVom a Common American Field Plant, which as here combi nod and prepared, is known to the proprietor alone. It is a specific for the numer ous and serious ailments arising irom a disordered state of tho stomach, bowels and blood, such as Debility, Dyspepsia, Foal Stomach, Humors of the Blood and Skin, Indigestion, Languor, Drowsiness, and all kindred diseases. Though pre pared of the best mater als and with the utmost care, it is, nevertheless, afforded at a materially lower price than any other mediciueof (professedly) similar char acter in the market -FOR SALE BY — JAMES U. LENT * CO., Druggists, 348 Csngnu ll„ PsnlMt. Marcli 26. eod2m Mil. W. JIA VMM AWN contemplates making Portland his residence, and will be prepared to give lessons in Music and the German and Span ish Languages, AFTER APRIL 1, 18«T. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their ad Ireus at Paine*s Music Store, corner of Center and Congress Sf reels, where circulars may be found. Iitferencet—Hon. A. E. Stevens,Dr.S.Fitch, Chas. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Stevens, Esq,N P. Rich ardson, Esq., J. H. Hall, Esq. mchl2eodlm ASSESSORS’ NOTICE. mHE Assessors of the City of Portland hereby give JL notice to all persons liable to taxation In said city, that they will be in session every secular day, from the second to the thirteenth day of April next inclusive, at their room in Market Hall Building, irom ten to twelve o’clock in the forenoon, and from three to five o’« lock in the afternoon, for the purpose ot re ceiving lists of the polls and estates taxable in said city. And all such persons are hereby notified to make and bring to said assessors, true and perfect lists of all tli'dr polls and e, and all estates real and personal, held by them as guamian,exeoutor, admin istrator, trusteefor otherwise, as on the first day ot April next, a nl be prepared to make oath to the truth of the same. And when estates of persons deceased, have been divided during the past year, or liavechanged hands from any cause, the executor, administrator, or other person interested, is hereby warned to give notice of Mich change; and in default of such notice will be held under the law to pay the tax assessed although such estate has been wholly distributed and paid over. Particular notice Is hereby extended to all persons in said city, who have lost their property by fire, to give in a statement within the time aforesaid, ot the losses and the amount of insurance thereon, if any; otherwise they may be liable to be taxed thereon as though they had been fully insured. And any person wlio neglects to comply with this notice, will be doomed in a tax according to the laws of the State, and be barred ot the right to make ap plication to the County Commissioners lor anv abate ment of his taxes, unless he shows that he was una ble to offer such liBts within tho tune hereby ap pointed. g „ BECKETT,) W M. BOY D. J Assessors. WM II. FOYE, J IT®—Blank schedules will be furnished st the room ol the Assessors. Portland, March 26,1867. m»r 26—tsplU For Sale. THS.^hn.tuke, fixtures, and good .in, i of a Boarding House. House new ami centrally located. Inquire of r,o'J™'« * CHADBOUBNK, marisUw * Keal E“,ate’ No- *** Congress &t. Notice to Builders. THE Plasterers* Association of Portland and vi cituty are prepared to fumUi, tlrst claj pUator ers, stucco workers oml mastic worker, inM? num ber required, at regular prices. They are als,, ore pared to do whitening, coloring, cementing andev ery! hing pertaining to the (rade, in the best'manner ami at the slioriest notioe. Apply at Plasterers’ Hall' Green’s Block, 345 Congress Street (Third Story) ’ March 27. dtf_ To Parties Intending to Build. A M ASTER Carpenter and joiner desires work for the seas. >n. S.iti factory references given. Can furnish several good workmen if desired. Address “Carpenter,” box 1,938. or enquire at Ho.8 Moul ton street. Portland, March.25,1887. eo03w* MISCELLANEOUS. Excelsior, Excelsior ! CHASTEL LAB’S Hair Exterminator! For Removing Superfluous Hair! To the ladies especially, this invaluable depilatory recommends itself as being an almost indispensable article to female beauty, is easily applied, Joes not burn or injure the skin, but acta directly on the roots. It Is warranted to remove suftei-fluous hair from low foreheads, or from any part of the bodv completely,totally and radically extirpating the same’ leaving the skin soft, smooth aiid natural. This is the onlv article used by the French, uml is the only real edectual depilatory in existence. Price 75 cents per package, sent post-paid,to any address, on receipt of an order, by y BEKGER, SHUTTS & CO., Chemists, mr28djLwly 2S5 Kiver street, Troy, N. Y. Free to Everybody. A Large 6 pp. Circular, giving information of the greatest importance to the young of both sexes. It teaches how the homely may Iwconie beautiful, the despised re»i«ected, and the lorsatcn loved. No young lady or gentleman should tail to semi their address, and receive a copy post-paid, by return “all. Address P. o. Drawer 21, mrtSdi wly '1'roy, N, Y. ASTBOLObY. The World Astonished AT TUB WONDERFUL REVELATIONS MADE BY THE GREAT ASTKOLOGIST, Madame M. A. EE III GO. Shs reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She re stores to happiness those who from iloloful events, catastrophes, crosses In love, less ot money, &c.t have become despondent. She brings together those long separated, gives information concerning absent Mends or lovers, restores lost or stolen property .tells yon the business you are best qualified to pursue and In what you will be most successful, causes speedy marriages and tells you the very day you will marry, gives you the name, likeness and characteri-tlcs of the person. She reads your very thoughts, and by her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark and hidden mysteries of the future. From theBtars we see in the firmament—the malefic stars that overcome or predominate In the configuration—firom the uspects and positions of the planets and the fired stars in the heavens at tho time ot birth, she deduces the fu ture destiny of man. Fail not to consult the greatest Astrologlst on earth. It costs you but a trifle, and you may never again have so favorable an opportun ity. Consultation fee, with likeness and all desired information, $1. Parties living af a distance can consult the Madamo by mail with equal safety and satisfaction to thorns Ives, as if in person. A ftill and explicit chart, written out, with all irquiries answer ed and likene,89 enclosed, sent by mad on receipt of price above mentioned. The strictest secrecy will be maintained, and all correspondence returned or de stroyed. References ot the highest order furnished those desiring them. Wrile plainly the day of the month and year in which you wore born, enclosing a small lock of hair. Address, MADAME H. A. PERRIGO, mtiWd&wly P. O. Diawer 2»3, Buffalo N. Y. There cometh glad tidings of joy to all, To young and to old, to groat and to small; The beauty which once was so precious and rare. Is free for all, and all may bo fair. ■V TUB MB OP CM A STELLAR'S WHITE LIQUID ENAMEL, For Improving n.d Bsautifylng l he Complexion The m wt vtlnal la and pert** t preparation In Ufe , for firing the il l a beautiful pcarl-kke tint, that la only tone! in )aa h. It <|nirklv removes Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Blntches, Moth Patches Hallow, neaa, Eruptions, an I all Imparities of the akin, kind ly healing the same leaving the akin while ami clew as alabaster. I is use cannot be detected by the cluaest scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation is perfectly harmless. It is the only article of the kind ussd by the French, and Is considered by the Park tan at tmdispsn sable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 3t,lk hotthis ware sold during tlie |*ut year, a suffi cient fnarantee of lu offieaey. Price only 78 ets.— Sent by mail pat -paid, on receipt of an order, by BERfiEIi, SHl’TTS * CO , Chemists, roar28diwlr 285 River St, Troy, N. Y. Know Thy Destiny. Mauaiik E. F. Tuornton, the English As trologlst. Clairvoyant and I'syeht.nietriclan. wlm has astonisheil the sclentitic classes of the old World, has now localod herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madauic Thornton |a>»aea*es such wondcitul powers of second sight, aa to enable- her to impart knowledge of the greatest importance to the single or married of either •ex. While In a state of trance, she delineates Ihc rery features of the person you arc to marry, and by the an! of an instrument of Intense power, known as the Psychoniotropc, guarantees to produce a life like picture ot the lutnro husband nr wife of tho ap plicant, together with date of marriage, position in life, leading traits of character, Ac. This is no hum bug, as thousands of testimonials can assort. She will send when desired a certified certificate, or written guarantee, that the picture is what it pur ports to he. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and stating place of birth, age, disposition anil complex ion, and enclosing fifty cents and stamped envelope, addressed to yourself, you will receive tho picture and desired Information by return mail. All com munications sacredly confi dential. Ad dress in con fidence, Madame E. F. Thornton', P. O. Box 223, Hudson, N. Y. mar28d&wly CRISPER COMA. Ohl she was beautiful and fair. With starry eyes, and radiant hair. Whose curling tendrils soft, entwined, Enchained the very hea<t aud mind. CRISPER COMA, For Curling the Hair of either Sex into Wavy and Glossy Ringlets cr Heavy Massive Cutis. By using this article Ladies aud Gentlemen can beautify themselves a thousand fold. It is the only article in the world that will curl straight hair, and at the same time give it a beautiful glossy appear ance. The Crisper Coma not only curls the hair, but Invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it; is highly and delightfully perfumed, aud is the most complete arti- , clo of the kind ever offered to the American public. The Crisper Coma will be sent to any address, sealed and postpaid lor $1. Ad<l re s nil orders to W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemists, No. 3 West Payette Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Mar 28<I&wJy WHISKERS and MUSTACHES forced to grow upon the smoothes' race in from three to five weeks hv us ing Dr. SKVItiNE/S a RESTAURATEUR CA-j riiXAIRE, the most * wonderful discovery in ^P modern science, acting upon the Beard and Hair in an almost miraculous manner. It has been used by the elite of Paris and London with the most flatter ing success. Names ot all purchasers will be regis tered, and if entire satisfaction is not given in every instance, the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price by mail, sealed and postpaid, Jit. Descrlpi ive circulars and testimonials maied free. Address BERGER, 8HUTTS & CO., Chemists, No. 285 River Street, Troy, N. Y., Sole Agents lor the United States. mar 27—ly BEAUTY. — Auburn, Golden, Flaxen arul I SilkenCURLS,produced by the use of Prof Dk LBrkitxN PRISER LE iCHKVEUX. Oneai»i»li * cation warranted to curl :jg the most straight and stubborn nail- oi cither sex into wavy ringlets or heavy massive curls. Has been use 1 by the fasliion •abl s of Paris and London, with tho m .st gratifying results. Does no injury to the hair. Price hv mail sealed and postpaid, $1. Descriptive Circulars mailed free. Address BKRGKK, SJIUTTS & CO.. Chemists, No. 28B River St.,Troy, N. V., Sole Agents for the United Stales. mar 27-dAwlv du. niLLEirs Soothing and Healing Balsam, NATURE’S ASSISTANT. IT has proved infallible for Bitriis, Frozen Limbs Bruises, Sprains, Wounds of all kinds, Pains in the Side, Back or Shoulders, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, Stitt' Neck, Ague ill the Faeo or Breast, Ear Ache, Deafness, Poisoning, Kr.sipelaa ami Inflam mation of the Eyes. For RhcumatMi It is not a certain cure, yet hundreds have been relieved by it when other remedies had tailed. As an internal medicine, alien taken in season, It will cure Inflammation of the Bowels, Dysentery Kidney Complaint and Cholera Morbus. It will also cure Diphtheria, Dry Cougli and Asthma. Tills medi ine is purely vegetable in ilscompositinn, soothtngand liealingiii its influence,aud may be giv en to any age or sex with perfect safety. It lias been before the public during the past nine years, and lias wrought Bomo of tlic most astonishing cures The proprietor challenges the world to produce its superi or as a remedy. For sale by all druggists. €!. D. LEET, Proprietor, Springfield, Mass. Demas Barnes & Co.. 21 Park Row, New York will also supply the trade at List Prices. ’ march26eowlyr International Steamship Co. THERE will be a Special Meeting of the Interna tional Steamship Company at their Offico,corner

Union ami Commercial streets, on THURSDAY April eleventh, at J o’clock l\ M. to see if the Stock holders will vote to increase the Capital Stock of the Compauy, and to act on any other busiueaa that may legally come before the meeting. Per order of the Directors. H. «J. LIBBY, Secretary. Portland, March 27,1667. mr28dtd y Notice. ITJs asreed by the undersigned Stable Keepers of Portland, tlmt on and after April 1st, 1667, that the price ot horse board will be 86 per week, with one carriage. Charles Soger, William A. Fenlcy, Libby & Dow, J, W. RobinBon, David Averill & Co., Smith & Burnham Samuel Hazelton, John Tobin, John Ryan, Isaiah Jones, II. L. Taylor & Co., Cicorge Rose. March 28. dlw* A POCKET TIMEKEEPER sent tree to every new subscriber to the Tempcranct Journ al- Term* FIFTY CENTS per year. The Time Keeper indicates solar time with greater accuracy than Kol<l or *ilver watch. Sent by •n, po»t paid, on receipt of subscription. Addross March 26, 5f^.rEBANAE Joukkal, Troy, N. Y. —■-.—■——^ WANTED. Rent Wanted. WA-V™r? ?Kve"r "iJU5?om* wU1,in ten minutes’ walk of the PoatOlllce, convenient for a small family. Addles. “ F. J. F.,’’ at the Press Oflk e Match 26,1807. dlw a’ Wanted. KO non FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest uU»UV/y City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near loot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received lor new Sugar Bar rels, ami a sample may be seen at the office of the Company, Commercial, at Corner of Union St. febl-’d&wtl T. C. IIERSEY WA'JTKIl—A Factory Building. Important to Cai'italistn. Alacto y or building, with or without tools, is wanted inunediatoly tor lhr manu facture of an entirely new machine, never intro duced, and ot which at lea3t twenty-live thousand will tie wanted the tirst year. Profits five hundred percent. Work similar to sewing machine work. The machine bears the same relation to machines in its line that Howe's invention beats to sewing ma chines, but is more valuable than his invention. Buildings to be put into a new stick company to be formed to buy that and the machine, and part of stock to be taken in pla e where factory is sil uated, The invention is not a lietion, but a practical uk AL1TV, twenty-five full-sized machines paving al ready been constructed and thoroughly tested. From Ufiy to one hundred tliousaud dollars necessary to be subscribed. Location uuitnpoi tant; the manu lactiirc will be started where the best inducements are ottered. This is really an extraordinary otipor-' tunity for any community to secure a tiuslne s in its midst which will shortly re mire several hundred workmen. Address, giving full particulars, O. A. S., care ot S. II. Niles, Newspaper Advertisin'' Agent, Scollay’a Building, Boston. mariiS— dlw agents wanted fob GEN. L. 0. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The most exciting & interesting book ever published. THIS WORK was announced more than one year ago, but owing to the attempts ot the Govern ment to suppress it, its publication was delayed. It will now be issued, UNALTERED, AND UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GENERAL BAKER. It contains a full and official expose of the intricate machinations of the socret en emies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adven tures this book eclipses the famous experiences ot FOUCHE and VIDOCQ. The marvelous narratives of Gen. Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. It will contain the only official account of theAssassiuu ion conspiracy. A lull historv of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM ITS CON CEPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH*.has never yet been placed before the public. The work also fully exposes the nefarious system by which Presidential pardons were and aie so readily obtained at Wasli Thc morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated aud there are some strange revelations concerning heads of deparments, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters, Send for Circulars and see our terms, aud a ftill description of the work. Address JONES BROTHERS & CO., 5t>7 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. marl4d&wlm Chambers to Let. OVER W. W. Carr & Co.’s store, No. 3 Exchange near Fore St, that will accommodate 150 work men at shoemaking, tailoring, or many other kind* of business. For Sale. One lot of Land near Ike luad of Wilmot street, for filly-five cents per loot; also, a lot near head of Deer street, about 31 by 85 loot, tor JI2IKI; nine, a two story House and lot on Munjoy Hill tor &SM; ala., one Houae and Lot on Metrill'a Court, Che. util street, that will let for f .too )«r y. at ; also, one house on Mount ford stre. t, with about Co(IU nut ot lan.l more or leu., this bousebelongs o (he estate of the la'e lutninel Tuhey, and will be Hold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to mcMdlm W. W. CAIil! * CO. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30cents each for first ela>* Flour I Bam-b suitable f..i sugar. LYNcli, BA LULL «k CO., novlMtl 139( naiutt r«lalstrsut. Agents Wanted ! T CUT OUT. rarnaai mm* Mr Naral Hr tl rs*t, by the brilliant a d |»*| uiat HUt.rUu. .1. T. Ileidly. This b the ..niv w.»rk Ml the Nsvy ftu th War, and even body is binring It. H BlrAER, UKNKHAL AUFNI. Idd-Jw No H Clapp’* Blick. Wanted Immediately —AT THJt — New Employment Office ! No 22!) 1-2 Couf/reuH St, U Bow Wee* of CUy BeiUla, (up stair*.) / 11ELS capable of doing all kind.* of h<*n * work, \Jf u» whom g>»nd situations will be given. Also LABUBf’UN tor various km.Is »j w«*»k, and CLERKS f<*r every kind of business. | |f“ We are ubfc at ail linn s to su|»|»ly purin-s in sny part of the Kstc with GuOfi It hid ABLE HELP, either as Itomestic*, Mechanics or Laborer*. Merc bants, Contr.tctor*, Farmers :m«i others will be supplied with Men and Bovs lor all kinds ot ein hioyment Fukk or CHARflR. Don't forget the nnm ber, £2114 Congress Street, next to CUy Building, Port lan 1, Me. GOIKLAY dk IIF1YITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1807, we shall resume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office of the Portland Sugar Co., 97 1-9 Dufanh til., Fcb&ltf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted Daily M ., ' AT The General Agency anil Employment Office N«. 331 1-9 liougrms Nlrrtl. All per sons wishing to secure goodGirls for any rc.-pecta ble employment, will lind them at this utttcc. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys lor any work in city or country, i'reo or charge. S:gr“We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day rtor all orts oi situations in this Citv and vicinity. Give us a call. COX & POW AI1S Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’CT. jun.M dtf Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical expert enee, and who can bring the best of city refer ences, a situation as Bookkeeper < r Salesman, w here close attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to W. H. JKK1US, marTUtf Under Lancuster Hall. Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods business; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references, marl6tt _TO LET. To Let. Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply 1 jaSdtf ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let. STORE No. 2 Portland Pier. Enquire ot MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar27dlm 59 Commercial Street. Booms to Let with Board. TO 'et, on reasonable terms, two well tarnished rooms, with board, at 38 Centre Street, opposite Preble House. mar26dlw* To Let. THE Store on the lower side of CnmmeAial Street, now occupied by Donnell & Grcely. Possession given April 1st. Enquire ot' MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar26dlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let THE three storied Brlclt Store 2M Fore, loot oi Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, fet>16dtf Plum Street. For Bent. OFFICES in the third story oi bulidiug on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Fell. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’s, Free Street Block, suitable lor Jobbing dr Wholesale Busluess. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 75 Commercial streo*. HT*Key can be found at E. T. Eldon & Co s Mar 2—utf TO LET ! PLEASANT rooms with hoard, or as lodging rooms, at reasonable rates, at 31 Free street. Kelfei - encee required* ffeb25dtf To LCt, ROOMS In second and third story Griffith Block, No. 21} Free Street. Also, rooms in third and fourth story Nos. 142 and 141 Middle Street. Apply to H. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,1867. dtf To Let. A FRONT ROOM a'ljnining the Chamber occupied by the Merchant’s Exchange. Also several desirable rooms In the new buildings near the corner oi Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be litteil up to suit (lie appli cants. Apply to NATH’L F. DEEIUNG, No lu Free Street, Mar 18. marX9tl3w To be Lctf ROOMS over H. H. HAY’S Apothecary Store, suit able for an otHce, den'ist, or any light business. Enquire of , JORDAN & RANDALL, 145 Middle Street, Evans Block. March 21. dtf LOST AND FOUND. Doff Lost. A SMALL Black and Tan Terrier. Answers to the name of 4* Pkt. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to 1.9 Danfort It Street.. henry h. furbish. March 13. dtt PIANO FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR T OcIiitf PIANO FORTE. Lowest Cash Price $075. WIU be sold for $550, As It must be sold immediately. E. R. ROBINMOND, music Room .147 1.4 Congress Ml. Mar 21—dtt _ Portland Instilnle. IN accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws, and a vote passed at the last meeting of the Cor porators of the ''Portland Institute and Public Li brary” the undersigned h< reby gives notice that the annual meeting of the Corporation will be hcldat the , Common Council Chamber, Market Hall, on the first Monday of April next, belt ‘he 1st day thereof, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, for tue purpose of electing the officers, and to consider the subject of amending the By-Laws, and for the adoption of such other measures as may be necessary to complete the organi zation of the Institution. , „ JOHN J. W. REEVES, Clerk. Portland, March 25,18C7. dlw B£AL ESTATE. New House for Sale, EOn India street, third house from Congress contains eleven rooms, besides the attics. This house is very pleasantly located and very con veniently arranged for one or two families. Api lvto WM. 11. JEHRIS, marJHdtf Real Estate Agent. FOR SALE! fa, A Story and a half House, with seven fiuisli jt[ ed rooms, and Stable attached; good hard aioi ILsoft water. Lot 40 by 80. Pleasantly located on Montreal street street. Apply to mrJsdlw* T. BUBtlBSS, 50 Montreal street. For Saje or Lease. Large Lot of Laud on the corner of Federal, A J cm pie and Congress streets. A desirable location for a Hotel—for sale low; if not solo, will bo leased for a loug lerrn of years if de sired. Inquire of JOHNC" PROCTER Portland, Mar 28-d3w C6 Middle street. FOR SALE! MA Desirable Square Brick IUbw. on .Spring street, belween High ami Park streets, with modern improvements, heated through* out by steam—piped lor gas with gas fixtures, a good stable—abuudanee of hard and soft water in the house, with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN 0. PROCTER. mar*JS-d3w House for Sale. A TWO story house ou Salem Street, coutaining i-TL niue rooms, convenient for two ttmiilit-s. Lot 60 l>y luu. Will bo sold low it applied tor iiumediatelv. W. H. JERRIS, niar27d3w* Opposite Preble House. Houses for Sale. THE Tenement Houses erected by the Executive Committee tor the relief oi suil'erera, are now ot tered tbr sale. 'They are situated as follows: Six blocks, containing twenty-live tenements,near the Glass Works. Eighteen blocks, contain!ug titty-eight tenements, near the shovel Company. Ton blodks, containing tortv-two tenements, on Muqjoy’s Hill. Eight blocks, containing forty-tour tenements, near the Jail. Thirteen blocks, containing flity-eight tenements, near the Alius House. Four blocks, containing fourteen tenements, near Washington Street. Terms cash. For furthor particulars enquire of March 23. d.w .FOX. Xrmtee. House Up-Town For Sale. A two-story AVoodrii House, containing li ■uisfccd roonsH, cemented cellar, JLBnck Cistern, Furnace, Gas throughout, and with all the modern improvements. For partic ulars inquire at Nu. 1.1 farllMSlrMl, Or of Dr. COLBY, Press Counting Room. Portland, Mar 22, 1867 —d2w O llougfi lor Sale. N the comer of Oxford and Myrtle Sts. It is two stories, with a basement, with t«n tinishc.t j rooms, in good repair; well ami cistern water, ftir nace and gas. Enquire at No 101 Ox lord »l mrAti Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, IV Ctsniiltin STREET. rpMK wihattRm „ner l..r Mile the lot oC land cm 1 the aouth. rlv aide cl ComUMaMul Street, hotel ol Dait-Va Whart, uieaaorta. 72 hv J.W feet, h„r fur ili«r parurulan inqnite .luN.VS H. 1’KKl.KV ****** >__:_mw. *. dam a lloum* lor KrIo. \e «r I norm two Morio, Stable attached. hard and Mill enter, good lot centrally bleated- ,. m - lenient lor two M i Ml.h*. inquire at 13 Sum or 1*4 **.. ^ I J. A. rERUKMNON Jan. 24, 1*67 <ltf \OTMJK. I Ml wUc* iMlinhk t.m> m •• !•! Mt, or Vl |4K a i. im at trtr>. I hr loir on •ho firm Hj UaUh a»l knmkUa <rr. i». in.l urn franklin .no I, at f rarklln ami Mr ••>■(■ iiuuiMhct, or H3f ITit A llrllll Attorarfs furilawl. JjUn Val«*blf Hotel Property lOr Hole. r I'H E * *xi-»rd H« u%r, picusaally oitnat* «| ialk vll I lament !*rr©b«rrg, 1>\lml cAttuty. Maine. k ol ure.1 i.j »«b %t a inn gain. i» applied far mwj*. y* k Urge. In go**d repair, with l«iaitm< ami fivnre< fbroaglaxit. UaMWr with alt Pn man oOlhwlMfi*** J Kor fall particular* inuutr** pi Mf»*tATTO •onritinr. I^rtnrtilar, falww*a#lUr, MJ Tnloti *f. fry borg, s«p*. 3, itm. atf Farm for Hale* rjAHF M Murk Mini* eat ate, mtalntui: two ha* 1 •Ire*! acres, situated whlun one ant] a half miles nJ I'ewaai Depot. in pnwnal, < «»umy of uaNt hui l. Said farm k Well divided trite past armor. Ul lage and w««m! laud, la well watered, las good and convenient tmllilinjy. cats some sixty l«M flfUjr, ami Iwis »a« twelve hundred curds ot m< r« hantmhte w » si l*r tlie market, ho^fali-* eimtigh lor the lann. This estatr wnald make two g.ssl farms, and will 1* s.4d together or In -.•pnr*te b»ts. Inquire of John II. N«ye«, near the premises. i>r CH.UILKS C. COBB, Executor, W Lisbon Stive , Lea istoo, Me. M.irch 13. fixl&wir For Sale. (SITUATED near (Vive, within a few rods of O Cumberland I wool,» convenient atnry and a halt bonne and I tarn, wftn an excellent girdeu and choice fruit trees, a never tailing well of water, and ten acre* of the l*est of land. The house and garden w ill be sold separately If desired. Will bo sold at a low price if applied for immediately. A good chance for a i»ersoii doing business in the city. mar23eod2w* j. MERRILL. Houses lor Sale! TWO new 14 story Houses just completed, with 7 finished rooms. Price l,NOO, within fifteen minutes walk of the Post Otlice, together with other ! houses at prices from 91-500 to 910,000. -ALSO To Lease, 50 HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Whart Luts, at prices from $lii to $200jier year. Enquire of BIOMKM OOULB, No 53 North St., between the hours of 8& 10$ A. M. aud 2 & 5 p. m., w here plans of lots may be seen. Mar 5dlw t eod3w For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove Irom this city I ofler lor sale my House, No. 56 Park St. It is good size and eonveu ent, with all »hc modern improvements, lbithing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Gas, Furnace. &c. Con ectcd witl) house is a good stable. Po-session given first day of May next. Enquire at No. CoiuuM-rtinl Ml. bead of Hobson’s wharf, of ,J. H. H-.mlen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. H. JE11RIS, Real Estate Agent. Jim'tOeodlf 6 Valuable Real Estate for Sale. THE line estate corner Brackett and VVnlkei Sts. The lot coutains over 26,000 square feet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to . . „ W. II. JERRI* dtl_ Real Estate Agent. FOR SALE! THE Store and Land occupied by Charles W. Tbomi>soiit at Kerry Village in Cape Elizabeth tho store Is nearly new and coutains a large Mall, i about litty rods troin Ferry Wharf, is the best place for trade any whole outside ol Portland. For par ticulars enquire ol Thompson at the store or otl. W. PABKELt, 24# Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Mar9d3w« For Sale. TIIE fine lot of Land on Spring, near High street known as tlie Boyd lot. containing alnnit 10,000 feet; also alnnit .'’.00,000 Brick and 200 perch of Stone. Said lot will be sold with or without the material. For further particulars enquire of JOHN G. TOL FORD, or CHARLES SAGER. mchlldtl Farms tor Sale. - ■'L Three Fum* in York County are offered for sale by the subscri ' o r. _‘ They are located as follows: Ost in Watrrboro’. One in V.yumn. One in Kennebunkporl. These Farms will bo sold low, or exchanged on favorable terms for Heat Estate in Portland, Saco, or Btddeford. Apply for particulars at oflicc 2»3 Commercial St.. or atolttce tnSnco. mar’2d3w_JOSEPH HOBSON. House and Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven rooms, will be sold lor $1,100, if applied lor immediately. ALSO: Lata for sale at prices Irom ouc cent to $2 per foot. Enquire of JOSEPH PEED, Heal Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress, marfidtf lii-ick House for Sale. ON Brown Street, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, liaril and soft, water, gas and other modern improvements. Posssession Iven April 1. Apply to U. H. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. JERRIS, marGdtf Real Estate Agent. Lot ibr Sale. f|*HE lot on tlic northerly side of Deering Street, 1 adjoining the residence of Gen. J. 1). Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two lcet front and one hundred loot in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, marlfidtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. ■ or »aie. A FARM IN WELLS, MA1NF. ^ Estate of the late el II ato;i , ‘ contains about tK) acres, 40 to 50 oi c>od wood land and i<isture, good --- 24 storv House with L., 1 rge Barn, Sheds, &c. The Farm is located at Wells Corner on ina>n road; churches and schools near, and in the immo date vicinity of the well known rummer re sort, Wells Beach ; w ill be sold low and on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDRIlHlK, rear the premises. For terms, Ac., iii'iuire ot UEORHE R. RICH BORN & CO., No. 1 Scollay’s Bull ing, or address Box 114 P. O. Boston, Mass. marltidlm House lor Sale. Til IE convenient double house corner of South and Spring Stree s. Each tenement contains nine finished rooms, and may be sold separately. For further particulars, enquire of the subscriber on the premises, No. 15 Spring Street. MRS. J. S. EATON. March IP, 1887. mar20d(f House and Lot for Sale, SITUATED in Westbrook, near the end of Tu key’s Bridge. A story and a half house, with 6,GOO feet of laud, shade and fruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and has stable room for one horse and carriages, connected. It is lo cated on the coru« r of Wiutdow Street and thoroad leading to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,000. ^n plyto L. A. BACIIELDER, (King, Tliuilow & Co.) 165 Coiunieicial St March 20. dim* Farm lor Sale. TIIE homestead of tlie late Scott Dyer, Cane Eliz abeth, four miles south of Portland Bridge con taining about UK) acres, good soil, in good state of cult i vat ion, tenets all stone wall, young orchard, 75 frees grafted Iruit. Pleasantly located. School and Church within 4 mile. For terms, &c., apply on the premises or to , E. C. RODINSON, mebliO—tf 13 Moulton Street. FOR SAL.E. \ Desirable Residence at Cumberland Center, former residence of Watson NewhAftl. A good Two Story House well furnished, painted and blind ed, with an L., Wood House, Carriage House. Darn, «&c., with about Twenty Acrespf Lind, a arge or chard, yielding some years 100 barrels of applet. Will fee's ild low. liume iate possession given. Inquire ot JOHN C. PROCTER. marlGdeodSw For Sale, or for Long: Lease. TWO ot those Store Lots on the Northerly tide of Middle Street, near the head of Plum street re ccnfly covered by the Grauite Block. Apnly to EDWARD FOX or EBEN STFELE. Portland, March 5,1SG7. deodlm I UNTERTAIN faEJS’TS, Grand Promenade Concert! The Orchestral Union COMl’KItilM* FI FTE RN PR It FOK .1I EIIS, D. H. € !■«»]»,.EH.Canilut’lor, Will give a Promenade Concert AT MECHANICS’ HALL, On Friday Freeing, march 4u, To comraonce at a o'clock paechelv. Tick„ . M Cent*. To bo obtained at Paine's Music sno " .Ind at tho door. __ man7-ht DEEKINH HALL. REPETITION - OF - GIL.MOEE’8 (iRAID CONCERT! At the urgent rqcuest of many of the eilizena of Port land who could not gain admittance last evening, MB. P. S. GILMORE has the honor to announce a Graud Matinee! THIS, FRIDAY MORNING, AT 11 O’CLOCK, on which occasion All Artists of Last Evening WILL APPKAB! TICKET* TO ALL FAIT* OE THE ROCHE FIFTY CEWTM EACH. ' BW'Salc tocoaUMOnco M Pal**'. Muir Kim* *t • | o'clock A. M. D»o* o|«a at M o'dnk tern to ■ - - rr ot II #einHr A. If. nurkAltt That Cnmli*nl Mmwn J WILLI IN H. Itlt tWN. S' **W*.T Cnmc iirMr*, aw. I WILLIAM HIT' W Utl> iko Ill.K.T a .1 A*..**., .oM■ 4 by Mt. K. M. H’HT1> ao I Ik. MilICtTIH t> A. Wlir TIC, ..II 0.- a, « HWr VSiQVK E STEM TA IS M E V TA, NMCHAWIC*’ IIU.I. —mm 111 mmtm Saturday Keem'g. Marrh .19. I IT Tib*. £<•*. kno.lMi»oik. !>-»• f*. at 7 oVIock ( m. orl al 71 .Am. Mar. k JK. Hit PORTLAND THEATRE. ■aoaaooo Mr Prt*T.H.y., W— l.k,HMIcf * I * SIAM* tHKHCTOK, • • W. L SMUUDAX. Twe .«■»*, - - - K. W. Hadley. Tho ahnYc cUbHAhincur win opcw on Monday Evening. April 1, JS«7, For I he Spring and Summer Sue eon uiiii % First Class DramaliY Company ! Monday Evrniuy, AjnHl J, The Great Comedy by Lytlou llulwor, in tilled MONEY. Tuesday Evening, April 2d, Douglass Jerrold’s effective drama called THE RENT BAY! Wednesday Evening,Apr. 3d. Tom Taylor’s highly succeseiul play entitled Still Waters Rim Beep To conclude each evening with a Favorite Farce. .Scale op Prices.—Admission 50 cts. Reserved Seats 75 cts. Gallery 85 cts. Doors open at 7 o’clock. Performance to commence at a qnartor to eight. yr*Bux otii *e open daily for mta of reserved seat*, trom 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. Mar 28—d6t P. A. PRESCOTT, (Late of tji* Internal Reven ue Bureau, Washington.! Counsellor-at-L aw and Internal Be venue Solicitor, No. IT, State St., UoKton. ■]tj| It. PRESCOTT’S long experience in the Intel' AW nal Revenue Bureau, in the 4* Division oi Frauds,” having charge of all case* of violation ol the Revenue Laws, his amiliarity with 1 vep.irlmcn tal practice, aud hi- ac quaintance with the It wnue officers throughout the country, will enable him to be j>ecUliarly successful iu making a speciality of all maiters i*ertaining to the Revenue Laws. He will attend to claims lor Drawl>a<k, Abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovery of penalties paid t>y way ol compromise, lie will advise parties as to the man ner of making returns in accordance with law, or as to obtaining decisions from the Depart mint at Washington, and will defend in cas. s ora/Jeged vio lation ol the law in regard to taxes, pcnaltius or crim inal offences Mr. Prescott will practice before the various De partments at Washinaton. the Supreme Court of the U. S., and the Court oi claims. For the speedy transaction oi business. Counsel of high standing, residing in New York, 5>t. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are assoc>at*d with him. an28cod3m GORHAM LADIES’ SEUIAARA Rev. & Mrs. C. C. Parker. Principals nirt« Ok.II, A. M., Associate Principal. rpHE Hammer Heuiaa will oommcnce on Monday, «Sd April next. The Trustee, hove no hesitation in rccommemlfne the new 1‘rinciinils a. eminenllv worthy of public conudence, and believe that under their manageiiicLt the Institution will rank second to none in NewEue land. * 6 THE SUMMER SESSION OF Gorham Academy, A Day School for Young Men and Bovs, under the charge ol UIe**»r». Parker nu«l Orciitt, will al so com nienco on 2i«l April. Applica?ions lor admission to either school shoiihl be addressed to REV. C. C. PARKER. rIOIlN A. WATERMAN, Sec’v Trustees. Gorham, March 25, 1807. inr27eodtou|»l22 TjX>R washing white goods fids Soap is linaurpass^t: 1 it is made trom Pure and Clean Material, an* warranted not to spot, stain or injure the finest tabric Ladies, by using the Pioneer Soap your clothes will wash easier, look nicer, and smell sweeter than with any other Soap in market. Pi.nerr Harm .Tinir, IHonrr, La bar and ( lothen. it Pointers and Mechanics generally will !*nd this an excellent Soap lor Iho hands, a a it crad icatcadirt quicker, leaves the hands soft and smooth, and preveuts them from chapping. TRY it. Sold by every Wholcusle and Retail Grocer. Man ufactured by TAYI.GR * YOUNG, No. lsG Erout Street, New York Churchill. Hunt & Melcher, «7 Gomm -rrtal Stmt, “Marcia.' todi'iu* Streul’ *t!cntt 1o1' Maine. EASTERN EXPRESS VO. NOTICE I rpiIK Government have tlccided that tboy will pay •,ew:,T‘is“Vhi,r(:ua W».VB upon 7 3-10 Bowls sent to Washington for exchange, ikr Eastern Ex press Company will receive and forward such Bends under their contract with tlio Government without charge to the owners* and the Department will return in carriage paid. fobl*Uf Merchants’ Exchange — Annual Meeting. Tnr. Annual Meeting of tlx Merchants' Kxchange will occur oil Saturday, March, at 11 o'clock A M. All subscriptions lor t he coming year will com mence at that time, pa\able in advance, and subscrib ers are notified that their bills will be ready on that day. M. N. ltfCI], Sup’t, March 25. dtd. IStar copy.] Freedom Notice. I hereby relinquish to my son, Wallace W. San bojcN, the remainder of his minority until l»o l»e emues twenty-one yetis of age, and 1 shrill pay uo debts id Ida contracting nor claim any of his earnings idler this date. AMOS SANBORN.** Naples, Keh. 20. 1F67. n»ar7deml3u * Spruce Shingles, 4-4-0 M ,No.- 1 SURUCE SHINGLES just re -i 1V/ eelved and lor Kale by SAWYKIt tS* VARNKY, _Mar2fr-dlw__ No. 36 Com in. real St. Orcatl Collegiate Institute,’ " tor 1 ouugLadies, Worcester. Mass BUILDINGS repaired and remrnlsbed. Now In the most tlnuri-hiny condition It lias been since Its e.tai lishment in 18IK. Summer Term begins April 12. Sendf.r Circular. HARRIS K. GREENE, A. M., Principal. MISS S. B. PACKARD, Asko. Principal. mail '.11m I»r. Foster. HAVING decided to remain in Portland, may herealter be found at No 7 Brown street, just op posite Ids old place. Office hours from H A M to 2 P M; from 6 to Ineveuinjj. mar27dlw* .. i ... . AlUliVM *. M. PATTE.1 A CO., AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE PLUM STREET. ., .®P*c,1,wlrt Furniture at Auction. ( J .V'" 7ti Kree .tree!. ...w „ccu,,i“| by t ”1 b' '* V ’ the entire coutents, con ’ ' r- * ■ J • and Walnut Parlor «n« in k.7» ' luflt 01 ** dicgany .as. Lba.s '• , V" broke* Tables, Lounges, Wbat-N. ts *» . ‘ 11 * * *' ' \an*, Carved vhunilxr Net# in i; , ,* » Mahogany, Painted Set*, bureau*. b« *uua»V v*J, & •. Ala.. Brume!.. J l*ly, s Carets, ltugs Mirrors, Curtains, i.atilc.. Spring bed* Mattresses. be« ding, Kiutun 1 urn. ture, Moves Ac., und a -tnerai aes rtmtiu 01 h<<Uec7 haitl articles. Th<* above Furniture was manufactured t> order uud 1 aviiig been well cared lor, is now in cm 1, i.J, condition Tnose in want of good arii. k» wi.l j.t tend tins sale. Also at 12 o'clock, one Hcven Octave Piano Forte in »arved Uo*c-wo<m1 Case. .An elegant instrument m.vle by Calvin Edward* A' Co. mar OOVEHXMKXT SALE —"—OF—— ^ rE,V5!Elt “ TA'IIO. " Will In- *„u b, l>.bli, Audi.., A1 laMl.Avl'VL,1,:\.'V» I.. thn < ify <>!' Port P, M.. It..- »“ai’,H-r *TYKy,i :i1 :i "’<lYk eu, iu flue ,.r,l. r awl Mi ion. biirlh U.S. Kmri.i.-er Oeiii-dZ; in ihu {““'P ,l"‘l V? longer noede.1. *■118 harbor, awl w no Terms cash, in Government fowl, r. S. liN.IIJ.tllt 0»K1. i“ Portland, Ale., March 111, In.,7 ] O*o. Thom, BVt Brig. Generul U 9 A J. S. Bailey, Auctioneer. ' s' A‘ nicli HI-eod3t& tedtd K. M. PATTEN A CO.,,,,, Plum Mirrrt. Marc, Wajfou and Harnesses ut Auction. ON MATl KDA V, Alareli .IOlli,a 11 A. M, front 01 Office, Out* Bay VIarc, Oae M agon a J Hnnirn, Oui Dhm».( irlaml UarseiM, One Miuglc Hurura, mri’fcdtd ■ V B. M. P.ITTKN * C’O., AMliMnrh Stocks at Auction. ON VTEDNXSDAY.AvrU 3. at II I'.Wk A. M., at llie Merchants Exchange, truer ,.i Fire ami ■exchange Stree ts, will I. m.lil Fitly Share* Itolling Mill*. Teu .Shares Auvrntal I., el t ,> Fifteen Shares in IWUantl IVr Fire Shan* Kaeicrn Park) ! Co. JOHN RANK y -im.. March 2|. MB. ' yft**'* *. M. MtPtl, AltTIOUI U. XT. S. Cotton Sot< t! JOHN H. DHIFI1K A 4 o. WIU MILL on Thunuiai/, A/fil 4th. I Hill, at ana oSrlw* p. M.. rl Mr NUr» Kb*—. An. lit Prnrl ht* (Hanta «i| - rrc.) lo onlat af Praw ia IU laaan. w« * •€*•1 TMaiwi I *|- nn •», Hair* North t arolthauMlIiMr* BUI < ollmi A. W Anars, awl no. ha mTTl. nnplr n iW Mo •* an Aorshweara. No lit Karl <*ti. New B. it. patraiN * ru*. Aa.n.a.o. PLUM NTHKBT V.ilaabh- ProprM i la M raihroak at Ami twa. ON tPEHNWIMY, ml <*n at April ai baM pnal rwa P. N„ lor Haw-rw, a.,1 fair Oat.) •iW sent an M pr tit is * th *1 tb u sar a st raw. Iha nktang hanrrlii 4 pwrw-ie C< tw Ko taie Mi M m kraal, aa lihra.. nr Wiio'eal aia .tad at Ulna rorwar, *,. cai«-4. r min ohm .—ml any a res of wN, with the nail Hey* there.*, r.n I W W w a a tsl #•or awl a hell narial Fane House. ekk I. alia, he I. wlih kils bee. \A . ae aw! ■ nrrl-re Hawse. Aat, a harps Kern N, by ee last eith ithosl aadoara Sttae near by. bslnlln.i ell tn.tno-tun arrange! awl la gaol repe r. « hot. aw tiler lot ■ t Law! at aahl Alien'a caret,. m.lnawf a I* tar I; ■efts, w nb garni Horn, Kggri > an . Sb.rl. nil hr a on onlrr. — About arm of dntowl um^or, a* gang orb*t ter land Mr gardening Chau tom for feund hi tin* stale, sit nan d near A i> a'e corner uu the road Uwr .ln* i*> Portland tlaTukcy*» rd.e. —Alas About S acre* ol Mea ow and I'plaiid situate 1 on the ruad leading from Alien s u> M«mrill’s eon* r, Ic ing a very desirable lot f.r build.tig and gaim nit«g. All of Kiid land in be town of >\ eAbrook a Unit 3 '■H i iioio tb«* city of Portland, and one uiilc ft* iu E A K. It and Portland llorae Railroad. All ot the above Ltuds are in a high sfa e ol culti va with a very bug* amount of font, and Vtry desirable for building lots, fanning or gardening. Immediately alter sale of Ileal h stale will b. old about oWohuudred Sheep ami Lambs, s\ • owa and H.ilers, two Horses and four Hogs, tope her with Wag ns, Panning Tools and a portion of the House hold Furniture. The above property Is to be Sold to the highest bid der, and ou the roost favorable terms. < ash, it the purchaser* so do.-ire, or one quarter cash, the bal ance from one to live years with note and mortgage, intere.t at six per cent, semi-tuinna ly. The per sonal proj»erty to be sold lor cash. For particulars cull on Cyra* Thurlow, lto Com mercial street, or on the Auctioneers. KTttal c to commence w ith toe Homestead. r Mar 2T Valuable Iteal Estate at Auction. ON THURSDAY, Ai.rU 11, at 3 o’clock i> M, 1 shall sell the valuable lot of laud on Pearl steel, being the Dwelling llousu l.oi of the laic Hon. Eliphalet iireely. It is It). teet on Pearl st.eet, by about 107 feet back, w ith the debris theieou. There is a dressed granite w ilk of about 50 feet iu length by about 3 feet wido uninjured and the underpiniiig i* itressed granite. All tlie material ou the ground is ^ood. Only one oi the slav e tiecs in ir.nt of tlie ou*c was dcstroye l by tire lire. '1 hi? is one of the most valuable and ijesfrable lo’s in tue market pLa* - antly and centrally situated—in a very desirable neighborhood—within DO feet ot Congress street and near the Park. Sale i iur2Htd JOSEPH S. BAILEY, Auc ioneer. Sale of Timber Lauds lor Bates’ College. IIEl lft, I Bangor, March 7. ISi 7. f NOTICE is hereby given, in pm a* unco of “ Ro solve to carry into eflect chapter iwo hundred eightv-feur of the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-four infwor of Bates* College,” approved kc ary 2h, lSb7, that townships uumi>cred s, Range 17 mul 10 Range 17 W E LS, situated upon Hie L pj er Saint John River, excepting the South, ast quaiter oi the last named township, will be o'ticred lor sale by public urn Hon lor the l*iiohL ol said College, at the Land OftiOt’ ill Bangor, ou Wednesday the 11th clay of September next, at 12 o'clock, noon. One third cash and satisfac’ory note* payable in one and two years, secured by mortgage outlie prem ises, will be received in payment. ISAAC R. CLARK, mar8dtSept 11, Land Agent. MEDICA L ELECTRICITY DR. W. N. DEM1NG, !M.edical Electrician ^ 174 MIDDLE STREET, Nearly Upite.ile the failed Stale* Hole WHERE lie would respectluliy announce to citizens ot Portland and vfctnUy, that lie s permanently iocalsd in lliis city, itunng thctlnv# year* we have been in this city, we have cured n.m« ol the worst lorrn- of disease in persons who have tried other forms ot treatment in vain, and curias patients in so short a time that the cpicstmu iaofi, n asked, do they slay cured? To ameer this guestioi we will say that ail that do not stay cured, wo doctor the accond time without eharao. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician tor twenty one years, and is ulso a regular graduated pin -iciuV Electricity is perfectly a-ltipted to chronic diseases in the lima of nervous or sick headache; ncuriu , t in the head, ueuk, or extremities; consumption "wiica lathe sente stages or where the In are not lu’.iy involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvatuic of the spine, couuaeted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deafners, slam meriug or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indices tiou, constipation and liver eomplaim, piles—tve cure every case that can be presented: asthma, hi ouelit ,is, strictures ni the chest, and at; lornis of len s'# C'jnuplaiul*. By Electricity The Kheutuaric, tlie gouty, the lame and the Jazf K> with joy, and move with the a&iJif.v an«J elastic* • t/f of youth; the heated brain iscoc.Vd: the frost* i h-tteu limbs restored, the uncouth deformities r«>* moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to i*t rengtli; the blind made to see, the deal to i.» ar and I»nl>iiod lor in to move upright; the youth arc obliterated: the accW* i s o, iiatmehfe prevented; the calamities ol old age - .bviated and an I active circulation maintained “ LADI K ft Wljo have cold ham.s and feet; weak stomach*, Ian . ami weak back*; nervous ami sick headache; neevs and swimming In the bead, with indigestion at d constipation ol the bowels; tain In tlie side and back: leneorrliua, tor whites!; lulling of the womb with in! tenia! cancers; tumors, pi.lypus, and all tint long tram ol diseases will hml in Electricity a sup.- m. an* of cure. For painful menstruation, tno .*,»n*e menstruation, and all ol those long lu.e oi troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain spec I lie. ami will, in a short time, reslore the suture r to the rigor ot health TEETH 1 TEETH ! TKRTII ! Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity WITHOUT TAIN. Porsnivi havingde*»ari*tl teeth or stumps they wish to have removed lbr reset ting he would give a polite invitation to cal'. Superior Electro Maunetii; Machines ior sail* lor family use, with thorough instr-n Hon*. Dr. D. can accommodate a :ew patients with board and treatment at his house. Odlce hours from 8 o'clock A. 18. to 12 M ; trotu to 6 P. M., uml 7 to 8 in the evening. Consultation Tree. ncvltf A Grave Charge. THE clown of SkiJT & Guylor’s MiiatrdH, when asked “who liist introduced ganib lug Into this country,** auswered, “ California Che ip .lohn.**— Whether this is true or not it do. s not matter; but one thing is certain, that California Cheap John was [ the lirst to iutroduce into this cilv €««>o.l t'loth i«ig, OraTo FuriiUhiiag Cou.U, 13m*. mid HsoIn at miiistial y low prices. Cali and see him licmcmbcr the numlier, o35 0« tigress Street. March 27. dti Copartnership Notice. T1IE andendgned have this day formed a Copart nership muter the na e and style of KI M l* & SULLIVAN, for the pur rose oi carrying on toe IIoimi* Shoeing business, on the comer ot l.iuio and Federal streets. 'Their experience enables them to guarantee sut is lac lion to all who mav !*• phased to give tin in a call They will wariimt the cure of all horses from intern ring, ovcr-n a. hing, »i*s d cutting, &c.t«&c. »T. II KEMP. Mar27dtw* TIMOTEY SULLIVAN. Notice. THR first meeting of the Corporators of the ‘ Eagle Sugar Refinery,” will bo h id ar. too uflice ot .said Refinery, on For. Street, on Saturday, the 6th day oT April next, at 3 o clock 1 . M., tor I ho „f„rK»"l».t|o«. $||*} LVNCli’^' PEL EG BARKER, March 23, 1S6». did CorpiraLrs# For Sale. II N Office Safe ot John E. Wilder’s mnnnfacture, cv suitable for Railroad, Manuiorhirers’ cr Bank •nSpurposes, measuring 5 feet 3 In. in height, 4 tcet width, 2 feet .‘4 in. deep, wiih Into) i r m.Ic and draw ers. For sale by C. A. .fc A. BLANCHARD, 105 State Street, Boston, Ma«s. febl^ rltt Hoarding, "1VTITH good room at No. 70 Pleasant Street, < ©r t T iiur of Park. marl’s.i tvs *