Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 30 Mart 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 30 Mart 1867 Page 2
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TIIK PRISS. Saturday M ruing March 30, 1867* i'onitiy Teuip«*rauc© t'ouycution. The County Association met at Walnut Hill, North Yarmouth, last Wednesday, holding a session afternoon aud evening. The attend ance was larger than anticipated,aud the ser vices were of an interesting character. Capt. Duttrn of the English steamer Nesto rvan was present, and contributed very materi ally both by speech aud song to the interest of the occasion. No speaker who attends these monthly meetings is listened to with more pleasure than he. The genial character of his remarks tends in no degree to lessen, hut rath er to increase, abhorrence of the traffic in in toxicating drinks. The present life will nev er fully disclose the good accomplished by this devoted friend of the cause. It was a capital idea that he was made an honorary Vice Pres ident for life of the Association. Mr. Locke also in the same way added great ly to the interest of the meeting, while Mr. Htaihird, the honored President of the society, by quoting from the statutes the penalties for various offences, clearly showed by contrast how light would bo the penalty for the illegal traffic in ardent spirits, as proposed in th amendment submitted to the people. It may he hoped that a sketch of his remarks will be prepared for publication. The. choir of the Congregational church where the meeting was held, did excellent ser vice, aud received the hearty thanks ot the audience. . An able aud instructive essay on prohibition against license was presented by Kev. Mr. Freeman of Peaks' Island, and stirring re marks on the same subject were made by Mr. Pennell of Harpswell, Messrs. Beale, A. J Chase and Dow of Portland and others. The tone of the meeting was excellent. It is not known that any active friend ol temper ance in the State is in favor of license; and no one who attends regular meetings tor the pro motion of the cause has tho least doubt of the necessity of prohibition. The next meeting will be held the last of April at West Falmouth. Original mid Selected. —First page—Democracy as Defined by Jef ferson, The World and the Negro, Military Sal aries, Plastic Slate—again,Personal Sketches. Last page—Australian Lite Illustrated—an ex citing story. —A German Count lias been arrested in Louisville for mrrrying three ladies there, two in Baltimore and an indefinite number in New York. —Boston is the concert-giving city of the United States. This class of amusements is at tended by larger audiences than in New York. —Garrett Davis cannot support the regular Democratic party in Kentucky on account of the affiliation of that party with former rebels, and he has written a letter indorsing the Con servative Union Democrats—Gov .Bramlette, Lieut. Gov. Jacobs and others. —Speaking of Henry Ward Beecher’s pro posed expedition to the Holy Land, the New York Day Book mischievously remarks: “If he succeeds iu making an entrance into that place, he should never trust himself outside again, for he may never have the good luck to get in a second time.” —The Staunton Virgiuian speaks of a fatal and mysterious disease prevailing among the foxes in that section of country, supposed to be caused by their eating the bodies of dead sol diers. —One of the officers of the Bank of England suid the other day that “in all its dealings with the United States, the bank had never lost a dollar by an American.” —Several prominent merchants of Charles ton visited General Sickles on Tuesday, and assured him they would heartily co-operate with him in the work of re-organization. Gen eral SickK s replied that they military would not interfere in political movements as parti sans. —All the evidence elicited regarding Booth's diary goes to show that it i* now in precisely the condition in which it was when taken from Booth’s body. —Ralph Waldo Fmersou and Wendell Phil lips are bulk lecturing in Minnesota. —Gerritt Smitli has written a letter urging ‘‘a sisterly embrace between the North and the South,” with universal suffrage and universe] amnesty. —1 be wateT has been let into the Chicago Lake tunnel, and one of the papers “glorifies” over the fact as follows: “No more fish, nor liz ards, nor frogs, nor filth, nor grease, nor sand. No more odors of the foulest kind, lmt,iu their place, pure water, nature's beverage, life and health-giving water!" —A. G. Brown, the colleague of Jeff. Davis in the U. S. Senate at the commencement Of the rebellion, is out in a letter urgiug the Mis sissippians to accept the reconstruction hill as the conquerors have, the right to legislate ior the conquered, and the latter have no rights which the former are bound to respect. —The dog tax of Mississippi produced twen ty-five thousand dollars for the State treasury last year. —The l’eter Force collection of h^oks, maps and manuscripts is being carefully removed from the old gentloamn’s “den,” where it has beon gradually accumulated, to the Capitol. It is a rare addition to our national library-. —A Wisconsin Democratic paper says the war was fought outside of the constitution— iu other words, was unconstitutional. This is the common Democratic view. The war was unconstitutional; of course the rebellion, against which the war wag waged, wat consti tutional/ —The Itev. Henry Ward Beecher, describ ing his new organ, says, “Tho-swell died away iu delicious Hiifi'ucution, like ono singing a sweet song under the bed clothes.” —There is a grim humor iu the iato of some of the southern military gentlemen. Dr. Stout, for i uslanee, at one time Chief .Medical Direct or of General Joe Johuson’s army, has been se cured as superintendent ol a Tennessee or phan asylum. —A few Sundays ago, as tho congregation in the Nashville Cathedral was quietly engaged in its devotions, the hell fell from its fastenings and was caught in the timber-work above the organ. A local paper says that the worship pers were “very much startled.” —It is significant fact that the officers of the Northern or non-combatant wing of the rebel army feel more dishonored in accepting the Reconstruction scheme of Congress than the officers of the Southern wing, who were engaged personally in the strife. (Jen. Wade Hampton courts the negro Tote, and Gen. Longstreet thinks it no disgrace to BUbmit to the law, but the editors of our copperhead jour nals look upon nogro suffrage as an outrage and submission to the law as an act of humili ation, and advise their friends at the South to bring both questions before the Supreme Court. —The revenue cutter Harriet Lane, which was captured in Galveston liarbor by the reb els, but which came into the possession of the United States at Havana after the surrender of Lee, has been brought back to this country by Capt. John Faunoe, her firet commander. It is said the emeute between Butler and Bingham was a sort of court fight, and the next day the billigerents were shaking hands and chatting together as pleasantly as if they had exchanged no severe words. —It is rumored that Gen. Carl Shurs will soon vacate the the editorial chair of the De troit Daily Post, and be succeeded by Hon. William A. Howard. —Tlie New Hampshire courts have decided that a man may make his will on Sunday with out danger to his legatees. —The special from Washington to Boston Herald, says considerable importance is attached to the act that General Grant was on the floor of the House Monday and ad vised the members not to oiljourll over until December. Hethouglit that some pro vision should he made for meeting at any time in the summer. —The Lowell News says the State Consta bles feel confident that there is not a place in that city where liquor is openly sold. —There were 3588 lost children brought to the department for lost children in New York from November 1865 to March 1867, of whom 275 were unclaimed by parents or friends. —Dinah Vick, widow of Joseph Vick, a rev olutionary pensioner, appeared at the revenue office in Nashville, recently and drew her pen sion. She is 102 years old. _Xhe Topeka (Kansas) Tribune states that it has been informed that there are a few ladies, ill different portions of the state, who are en gage,) in raising funds, in a quiet way, to “buy out" some established paper, either at Law rence or iu Leavenworth, to advocate tlieir claims for suffrage. —.Tosh Hillings on Preaching: “t always ad eise short sermons, especially on a hot Sunday, if a minister kant strike ilo in boreing forty minutes, he has either got a poor gimblet or ebe he is a-boring iu the rong place.” —The rebel ram Virginia, or, as is better known, the “Merrimac,” is to lie hoisted from its preent submerged position by means of tor pedoes. llclifpiout* Iutellififonoo. —Rev. A. Libby of Cape Elizabeth has accept ed a call to the pastorate of the Free \V ill Bap tist Church in Bowdoinhaiu. —Kev. J. B. Wheelwright has resigned his connection with the Congregationalist Church in Bethel, where he has labored for the last eight years. —Mr. J. S. Loveland, a prominent speaker of the Spiritualist faith, is lecturing to large audi ences in the West, on “The liuiuan Origin of the Bible." —It is proposed to transfer the publication of the Dover Morning Star (Free Baptist) to Mew York. — On Sunday last Rev. James M. Palmer, pastor of the 2d parish church in Biddetord sent in liis resignation on account of ill healt 1, his physician deeming such a course impera tive. „ . —A project is ou foot to remove tho notion Recorder to New York, and thero eu ai„e i and make it a kind of a national organ of the Orthodox Congregationalism. —The Boston Recorder says Rev. Chas. W . Biddle, pastor of the 1st Universalist society of Lvnn, and tho Rev. Mr. Woods, of tho 4th Methodist Episcopal society of that city, ex changed pulpits last Sabhatli morning. —The Society of Friends in England,-which has of late years been rather lading away, un til their present membership in England is on ly about 15,000 is reviving. They have just es tablished a new periodical, entitled “The Friends’ Examiner, a religious, Social and Miscellaneous Review.” s —St. Andrew’s Church, at Halifax (Nova Scotia), “will soon rijoico in the sound of an organ,” the congregation being unanimous in its favor. It will be tho first organ used in a Presbyterian church in that province. —The Israelite Alliance has now about 4300 uicml>ers. It is doing much towards meliorat ing the Condition of the Jewish race. Sir Moses Montefiore lately visited his brethren in Pales tine for the sixth time, and is laboring for their welfare. The rabbis of Europe are to meet in council at Paris, during the Universal Ex position. r —The Universalist society in Salem, of which Rev. Willard Spaulding is pastor, has voted not to accept any more money raised by rallies or lotteries at religious fairs. —Rev. Dr. Clover, formerly pastor of tho Tremcnt Temple chuurch, Boston, but more recently Professor of Theology in the Chicago Baptist University and acting pastor of the Fifth Baptist church in that city, has accepted the position ot Superintendent of the National Institute now being organized on the Island of St. Helena, near Port Royal, S. C. This school is for tor the purpose of preparing col ored men for the ministry. —At a Meeting of the Executive Committee of tho Freewill Baptist Education Society, at Haverill, Mass., last .week, as we learn from the Concord Monitor, it Was voted, ten to two, to remove their Theological Institution from N. H. to Haverill. A gift of ten acres of laud, in a good locality, and 830,000 in cash, were among the inducements held out for this loca tion'. —Tho Liberal Christian in discussing ritual ism says that “the man who sees nothing in the great, general movement toward a richer symbolism, and a worthier embodiment of re ligious feelings and ideas in an outward wor ship which appeals to the eye and imagination and esthetic sense than obtains at present but a desire for new clothes and a passion for pomp and showi is blind ” —Dr. Livingstone ceme to his death by one blow of a battle ax. in the hands of a Mavite bushuian. This fact is now definitely settled by the publication of a letter to Mr. Seward from the United States consul on the island of Zanzibar. State Items. —The Kennebec Journal says a company proposes to erect at an expense of some $110,000 a large paper manufactory at the head of Me guntioook stream, near Molyneaux mills in Camden. —The Ellsworth American says if a sermon on the “East Young Man” should be preached in Ellsworth, and all should go to hear it, that are on the train that always runs on a down ward grade with steam up and no brakemau at hand, there would be a full house. —The Governor has appointed Hoa. John B. Brown of this city. Rev. Samuel F. Dike, of Bath, and Hon. Lyndon Oak of Garland, Trus tees of State College of Agriculture and Me chanic Arts. —The First National Bank of Auburn has added a department as an institution for sav ings, and will pay six per cent, interest on de posits. —Meetings are being held at Anson, Solon and Norridgewock, to aid in the construction oftlie Somerset Railroad—to Anson in that county. —A farmer in Farmington has sold this year $500 worth of dried apple, and another made last year two tons of maple sugar. —The ladies of Fort Fairfield have held a levee to raise funds to purchase land for a cem etery. —The Paris Democrat says Elder Carr, who has preached a sermon out West against hop raising, should visit Ontonagon, and give the miners a lecture upon the wickedness ofsmelt ing copiwr, taking ground that the “worm of the still” is compusedof that metal. —The Democrat says Hon. E. W. Woodbury has accepted the appointment of Superintend ent of the Reform School, and will assume the duties of that position in May. His family, however, will not remove till June. —The Transcript of this city has just closed its 30th volume, ami will commence the new volume next week with a subscription list of about 18,000— the largest of any paper in the State. It has added 6,000 within the past year. —Mr. L. L. Lincoln, conductor on the Port land & Kennebec road—one of the most gen tlemanly, modest and accommodating officials on thgt or any other road—has been presented with a silver conductor’s punch, by friends at the eastward. The compliment was well mer ited and fitly bestowed. —The Augusta Journal says, at the Portland & Kennebec K. R. car shop in that city, a monitor top is fitting to one of the old passen ger cars, and in its now shape will be ready lor the road in a few weeks. Several freight cars are in process ol construction or repair. —The Biddoford Union must be satisfactory ou the liquor question. It is willing, when other remedies fail, to “hang the rum-seller by the neck till he is dead as a door nail.” —The Republican ticket in Elliot is elected by 50 majority. Last fall the Democrats had 25 majority. The Biddeford Union says Rora Banks got one of her fingers jammed off in No.2 card room on the Pepperell last Monday, by getting it drawn into the gearing. —The Union says the store of A. O. Libby,in Limerick, was broken open on Wednesday night, 20th, and small script, to the amount of about six dollars, which was left in the drawer, was taken. Also, ou the same night the store ot Lutncr Roberts, at Ossipee Mills, North Waterboro, was entered, and money and goods carried away estimated at $30 in value. —A little son of Alfred P. Burnell of Nor way, had his hand cut nearly off, by a shingle saw on Monday. He was at work at Fisher’s factory, bunching shingles, when the bolt on the machine was sawed out, and he thought could replaoe it. In attempting this the arm struck the saw, so as to cut through nearlv all the small bones of the wrist. The limb was amputated and the wound dressed by Dr. Evans.—Democrat —One year ago next month, the store of Enoch’Cousins at Kennebunkport was broken into and robbed of boots, shoes, shawls and cloths to the value of $450. Detective officer Tarbox, of this city was entrusted with the matter, but the robbers succeeded in covering up their tracks, and the officer could get no tangible evidence that would warrant an ar rest. About six weeks ago he got hold of a clew which caused him to arrest James B. Cole and Thus. J. King, both of the Port, and finding that the evidence boro heavily they confessed They hid the goods under a wharf one month on Sunday night they took them to the Poatoftioe lmil<nn«r. took them to Boston, where they soW them at the auction rooms. The robbem Will aune« at the next term of court. Yesterdav Mi Cousins paid the officer the fifty dollars reward whose patient but persistent efforts have fer reted out the guilty ( haps.—Bid Icford Union —On Monday, .lames Ramsdell, who )ive8 with his unde, Mr. Ueering near Merrill Cross- I ing, with one Pike came up to South Paris, and during their stay became somewhat balmy, —the former in fact, crazy-drunk. Returning, they walked down the track. (Ramsdell be came quarrelsome, and threw dowu and abused Pike so that he lelthim by himself and went home, stopping to lot Mr. Ueering know the state of affairs. After waiting for gome time the latter, with another person went out to search for R. Near the Rust Crossing, they met No. 11 freight, with twenty cars, and a little further ou found their man lying be tween the rails apparently dead. The whole tram had passed over him. It looked as though the ashram of the engine struck him first, and rolled him tut feet when he dropped between two sleepers and lay, apparently tho soundest sleeper of the lot. Both hiB bootheels were crush-el off, bnt he bore no signs ot ex ternal injury save bruises apout the head, where it hit the slee)>ers in liis rapid roll along the hni'. fhonu ev.dcntly some internal in jury. His bottle of rum was more essentially ured up than ite possessor, while the clothing was torn into ribbons. Ho was so beastly drunk that the horrible situation did not sober him; and the effects of the liquor did not pass off till the next moruing. Had be been less helpless he must have been killed instantly. The affair occurred about eight o’clock in the evening, so that the train men knew nothing ot it.—Dimocrat. Portimid and VUinlty* Ffew Advertisements To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. New Indexical Soap—\V. F Phillips & Co. Bootsaud Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. AUCTION COLUMN. Auctioneer and Appraiser—John Crockett. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Mrs. Allen’s Preparations for the Hair. Supplies—Adams & Decosfer. Store to Let—David Keazer. Mortgage Bonds—A. & St. L Railroad. Express Wagon for Sale—W. Seavey. New Styles of Hats—Harris. House for Sale—W. H. Jei ris. Note and Check Lost—J. I. Stevens. ssszsssxsnt&firM Lord 8ESJ32M3S4 Cora'uan,i"y, k. t. For Halifax N.S -Steamshi). Carlotta. tor basipoit. &c.—Summer New Brunswick. Beiu^val—Ross & Sturdivant Situation Wanted. Houae tor Salc-Mra. S. W Bialinn Agent* Wanlei1—Ueorge H. Blake! Rdigiaiu IVaticcs. r.K.PIBIT,UA.1.' Association.-Mrs. E. A. Bliss, ol Hymoulh, Mass., Inspiration Speaker, will lecture at temperance Hall to-morrow (Sunday)at 101 A.M., and at 3 o’clock'P. M. All arc tavttml. Temperance.—Sunday evening temperance meet fit Son* of Temiwrance Half, Congress Street, ev®ry Sunday cvonlng. Services at 7 o'clock. The public are invited to attend. First Parish Church.—Rev. Dr. Hill, President Harvard College, will preach at the First Parish Church to-morrow. Vesper services at 7 o'clock in the evening. STATE Street Church.—Bev. Mr. Andrews will preach at this Church to-morrow in tho morning, aud at Williston Chapel In the evening. New Jerusalem Church—The services of the Now Jerusalem Society will be held as usual In Park Streot Church to-morrow afternoon at 3 o’clock. Sub Jeot of sermon, “The Order of the Camp of Israel.” Sunday School immediately after service. Central Church—Dr. Shailer will preach to morrow. Tho Federal street Baptist Society are cor dially invited to unite in the service. Second Advent Hall—Elders D. M. Canright and Stratton will preach at the Seventh Day- Advent Hall, Congress streot, near Green street, to-day and to-morrow at the usual hours. Come aud hear and ilion Judge. Williston Chapel—Bev. Mr. Andrews will preach at Williston Chapel, Danforth Street, to-mor row (Sunday) evening at 7 o’clock. Sabbath School in tho afternoon at 1} o’clock. AU are invited. Sumner Street Church—Bev. Dr. Pennington, Pastor.—Services to-morrow (Sunday) all day, at the Sumner 8treet Church, at 10J o,clock A, M., anil at 3 o'clock P. M. Sabbath School Concert at 7 o’clock in the evening. All are Invited to attend. Mountfort St. M. E. Church.—Services in this church to-morrow (Sunday )all day and in the evening. Preaching by Bev. John T. Hazlette. Sabbath School at the close of tho afternoon service. Supreme Judicial Canrl. JUDOE TAP LET PRESIDING, Friday.- Charles H. Keenan, who was convicted of murder In the first dogroo, was sentenced to death in the mode prescribed by law, and that until the sent once he inflicted upon him ho be punished with solitary confinement and hard labor In the State Prison. In tho case ol Richard R. Robinson, Indicted for keeping n drinking house and tippling shop, bis coun sel, R. W. Robinson, Esq., had filed a mot.on to quash tho indictment. This motion was overruled by the Court, and the case goes up on exceptions. In Ihe case of R. It. Robinson, appellant from a de cision of the Municipal Court, a motion was tiled by R. W. Robinson, Esq., in arrest of Judgment. The motion was overruled, and defendant excepted, and the case goes up. In the case of State vs. Mary Ann Clark ctals., for larceny, Mr. S. C. Strout made an able argument for the accused, occupying three hours:and a half. Mr. Webb, the County Attorney, followed for the State In a strong argument, occupying about two hours and a quarter. The case was given to the Jury by Judge Tapley, and they retired a few minutes past 7 o’clock. The Court did not adjourn, but Judge Tapley ordered the Sheriff to notify him when the Jury Bhould have agreed upon a verdict. At half-past 12 o’clock the Jury were still In session, having been out more than five hours. Municipal Coarc. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Friday.—Albert G. Cook and Abner Paine, on search and seizure processes, paid the usual amount of $22.26 each. Mary Speers was charge 1 with assault and battery on Hattie L. Adams. The testimony did not make matters appear in a very favorable light as regarding the complainant, and tho Judge discharged the de fendant. J. O'Donnell, Esq., for the de fendant. Thomas Collins and Michael Holland were charged with the larceny of a coat from Thomas Gill’s store. Collins pleaded guilty. J. O’Donnell, Esq., appeared for Holland, and got his client discharged, there be ing no evidence that he was concerned in the larceny, though he was present at tho time Collins stole the coat. Collins was sentenced to CO days imprisonment in the County Jail. The lHerchaati’ National Rank. We have oiten had it in our mind to notice editorjplly the new structure of the Merchants’ National Bank Association on Exchange street. The inclination to do so has recurred each time we have passed our new construction in re view. The feeling has grown upon to such a degree that it resolves itself into a duty. It h;is now become a self-imposed obligation as faithful journalists, to record our convictions that this building for elegance of design, just ness of proportions, and beauty or finish is second to no other one of the many first-class edifices which have gone up in this city during the past six months as by the magic wand of a sorcerer. There is a completeness about the front ele vation of this edifice which not only arrests at tention and pleases the eye at sight, but satis fies the mind and the most highly cultivated taste. It is neither large nor imp >sing, but truly a gem in it* proper place. In the modern Italian style, and of the two contrasting colors of freostonc so judicionsly used that tho ele gantly wrought work ol projecting parts in the lighter shade are brought out forcibly, and yet so pleasingly that the longest study and more frequent observation only adds to one’s desire for another look and to one’s pride in this hap pily executed ornament to our citjk The interior appointments now in process of construction, although incomplete, already ev idence a perfect correspondence with the beau tiful exterior. The lower floor is to he occupied by the hank ing company, which caused its construction, our substantial Merchants’ National. The second floor by the solid old Manufacturers’ and Traders’ Bank in front, with the Mechanics’ i a the rear. On the third floor are several spa cious and very convenient offices. The stone of which the front is constructed, from the Ross AVallace quarries of Nova Sco tia, although but lately brought into notice, is already recognized as one of the finest grained, easiest wrought, the best and most durable of freestone. The whole front was wrought in St. John, N. B„ by P. Cormaok, known through out the Provinces os a skilful artizan and build er. The stone was set in place by Joshua T. Emery, one of the most faithful mechanics in our city, and who has handled granite enough to wall in the granito hills of New Hampshire. The brick work was by Mr. Knight, of West brook, and tho carpentry by Cummings & Brock. The building was designed by and erected under the personal superintendance of Mr. Matthew Stead, formerly a resident of New Brunswick, now, we are happy to learn, a per manent resident of Portland, being architect in tho eslahiished firm ot Anderson, Bunnell & Co., at whose office we have had the pleasure of inspecting a rare collection of truly classical designs, for both public and private buildings. Mr. Stead's designs for churches particularly attracted our attention, as also a front eleva. tioa for a skating rink, the roof of which is represented as covering an area of over 70,000 square foet, and is self-supporting, on an origi nal, simple and perfectly practical design. Theatbk.—On Monday evening Messrs. Smith, fladlny & Co. will open Deering Hall for the spring and summer season, with a first class dramatic company. The names of most of tho aetors are new to Portland people, but they have been selected, for talent, from the Southern and Western theatres, and the chief object of the lessees in making up their compa ny was to secure the services of the best ac tors that could bo had. Bulwer’s play of Mon ey, is tho opening performance, and we are promised a succession of the best plays, ancient and modern, which will be placed on the boards in the most approved style. Mr. Orren Rich ards, of Boston, with assistants, is now engag ed painting some new landscape scenery. The hall present a tasteful and neat appearance for the summer season. On account of alterations and repairs, and the hall being taken up for other purposes, the ticket office for tho sale of reserved seats will not he opened until Monday, from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. Another Death Sentence.—In the Su prorne Judicial Court yesterday, Charles H. eenan, who was convicted of the murder of Charles Johnson, was called up to receive his him "0?;, 8C “fence of death was read to him by the Clerk of the Court, Keeuan stand ing up while u was being pronounced upon him, and appearing perfectly indifferent to it. Ho was remanded to the custody of the Sher iff and will be taken to Thomaston next week This is the second sentence of death pro nounced at this term, and it is the first time in the annals of this State where the sentence has been pronounced at the same term upon two different persons, and for dift'ereut crimes. The first one was passed upon Jones, for arson. Thr Matin**.—Gilmore's matinee, at Deer iug hall, yesterday morning, attracted a largo and fashionable audience, who expressed their approbation by the most generous applause. We trust he will favor us with many more mu sical treats of the same kind, as he must be convinced that Portland people can appreciate and encourage such brilliant entertainment*. COLB’» j»S*ABt.t»HMgl,f. — Mf. L. A, Cold, who suffered as seriously as any citizen by the great fire, in the destruction ot his store and dwelling house, but whose energies were una bated by the loss, will, on Monday, open his confectionery and eating rooms on the old spot on Exchange street, but in a much more ele gant and convenient building. It is the last one of the block on the East side, between Middle and Milk streets. His establishment extends from Exchange to Market streets — The portion on Exchange street being de voted to the purposes of the confectionery store and the eating room, and being furnish ed with thirteen tables, with space for more if needed. The back part or the part on Market street is for cooking and manufacturing pur poses. The whole is conveniently arranged and admirably fitted up. The hosts of custom ers that iormerly tlockod to Cole’s to partake of one of bis substantial meals, will rejoice that he is again in the business, and that they can go to their old place of resort to satisfy the Oravings of the inner man. As heretofore, Cole will have nothing strong er to imbibe than the excellent hop beer which he manufactures. Temperance Meeting. — It is known to many of our citizens that a Temperance meet ing has been held at Temperance Hall, Con gress street on Sunday evenings, with but lit tle interruption for several years. These meet ings have been more or less interesting as the interest on the subject generally, has increased or diminished. The question of increasing the penalties for the violation ol the prohibi tory law is to be the question in our State for the next two months, and it is to be hoped the friends of Temperance in this city, in com mon with those of other parts of the State will eudeavor to awaken such an interest as will call out a full vote on the first Monday of June. Let the Sunday evening Tcmperauce meetings be well attended by .earnest speakers and attentive listeners, and meetings be held in each of the Wards on other evenings until the time mentioned, that a full expression of the wishes of the votes of this city may be called out. C. Beautiful Flowers.—Onr dingy editorial sanctum is just now. illuminated and made fragrant by the odor of a superb bouquet of fresh-cut flowers from the green-house of C. F. Bryant in Westbrook. Here are roses, olean ders, camellias, verbenas, and any number more, each vying with the others in bloom aud sweetness. Persons in want of these beauti ful but perishable things, will find them at Mr. Bryant’s “Elmwood Nursery,” just this side of Woodford’s Corner, in choice and extended va riety. The place is convenient of access, the “green cars” running constantly past the en trance, and Mr. Br.vaut is always on hand to supply bouquets, wreaths, crosses aud floral decorations of all kinds, and for all occasions Portland Orchestral Union.—The first of a proposed series of Promenade Concerts was given last evening at Mechanics’ Hall by this new organization, under favorable au spices. The musical part of this programme included several gems, and showed the posses sion of musical talent among our amateurs and professional musicians (of whom this so ciety is composed,) which only needs a little developement to enable them to meet the pub lic need of a Portland Orchestra. Messrs. Rollins & Gilkky have just reno vated their establishment on the corner of Con gress and Preble streets, by frescoing and painting, aud made it a beautiful place. They offer to the public all that can he found in a well furnished drug and apothecary store. Their drugs and chemicals are of the purest kind. They have also choice cigars, perfum eries, fancy articles, &c. The greatest caro is taken in putting up prescriptions. Resignation and Appointment.—Captain Cyrus H. Ripley, of Paris, Messenger to the Governor and Couuci I, has resigned his posi tion, to take effect April 1st, in order to accept the situation of Public Storekeeper in the Cus tom House department. He will be stationed in Portland. Captain Prentiss M. Fogler, of Hope, has boen appointed to succeed Captain Ripley, as Messenger to the Governor aud Council. It will be seen by a notice in auotbor col umn that Messrs. Donnell & Greely have re moved from No. 62 Commercial street to No. 33 Commercial street,. This firm have secured the confidence and esteem of all with whom they have had business transactions during the time they have been in this city, fully sustain ing a reputation they had earned in Kennebec and Lincoln counties. The Festival and Levee of the Congress Square TTniversalist Sabbath School, last even ing, iu the vestry of the church was a'beauti ful aud .successful affair. The tableaux were fiuely performed, and the audience, tilling the place enjoyed them much. The tildes were thronged and a good business was transacted. Alter the tableaux were over the pupils enjoy ed themselves as they pleased, and a happier set wo have never seen. Among the new and elegant stores fitted up ou Middle street, is the hat, cap and fur store of Shaw Brothers, Evans block. It is first class iu all its appointments, and fully up to tho march of improvement in our city. We shall notice the building mure particularly hereafter. Liukbal.—The amount of six hundred dol lars and over has been generously subscribed by our citizens to enable tbe Young Men’s Christian Association to furnish their new rooms in the Evans block which they are soon to occupy. Liquor Seizures. — Tho deputy marshals yesterday visited the United States Hotel and the Preble House, and seized small quantities of liquors which they found in each place. Sale of Beal Estate.—A. N. Noyes has sold his house ou tho corner of Danforth aud Tate streets, to Hon. C. W. Goddard, fin $3000, cash. We would call particular attention to the sale, at auction, of tho Government steamer “Tyro,” at Franklin Wharf, at 3 o’clock this afternoon. To remove Piruplcs, Blotches, Freckles, &c., Irom the skin, uso Sehlotterbeek’s Moth aud Freckle Lotion. mch30-\V&Stf Antonk needing tlie services of a good Nurse with the best of references can apply at 409 Congress street. The members of the police department ten der their thanks to Messrs. Dana & Co. for a bountiful supply of dried fish. A Fatheb kills his Daughter.—A man named Good enough was lodged in jail at lint land, Vt., last Friday, charged witli the mur der of his daughter. About a week ago, the daughter, a young girl of 18, suddenly disap peared from her home In Brandon, aud Good enough professed to he ignorant of her where abouts. Supposing that ail was not right in the case, the village officials took out a search warrant against the premises of the gi-l’s fa ther, and on making a search found the body of the girl buried in the cellar. The father was at once arrested aud lodged in the Rut land jail. It is conjectured that, owing to the girls weak mind, ho was anxious to get rid of her, and accordingly put her out of the way. —A man in Danvers, Mass., recently had a a lot of hides stolen from his tannery. lie set dotectivo to work, and at last the thief was discovered on the road with the hides in his sleigh. His face was so muffled up that he could not he easily recognized. Ho was ar rested, and imagine the consternation of the owner of the stolen property when lie recog nized the thief to be hit own son, whom lie had not seen for two years. The meeting was a painful ono to both parties, but the feelings of the lather predominated, aud ho took the of fender in his own sleigh, placing the officer in charge of the other, and set out ou their home ward drive. —Harper’s Weekly calls the Fenian resolu tions in Congress “Erin-go-Buncomb.” Bubkett’e Cocoaire has recoiled universal en dorsement. No other preparation possesses such re markable properties for embellishing and strengthen ing the hair, and rendering it dark and glossy. It cures baldness and eradicates dandruff. II ha stood tke test 01 time and competition, and is sold every where. docJlawly. SPECIAL NOTICES. ^ New Indexical Faint Cleaning Soap - IVakrN IffouRc Clean inn a Pastime. The worthy proprietor ol tlio Preble HouMjsavs: ■Wo like your new Indexical Paint < leaning , Al’* It cleans paint to perfection without ncour »urlacei and with scarcely any labor. All aflted to So wUboaUt " ’*,l0I'tY„uSr«&cy,, ar",Ot h aV* bU., ana the trade generally. Mar 30—sneodlwtadveoditw* If You Desire to Wear - .. teblCnlt ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY ! . Congress St, above Casco. ,*7 ,Fr*”c*’’ti6rmttn »'»l American Conet. iron. 78 cti to |lil,00 a pair. Hoop Skir* made to ordor at hoar, notice. Feb »—AN 03m * SPECIAL notices. IVINTAll’g BALSAM —OF— WILD CHERRY ! HAS BEEN USED NEARLY HALF a CJENTtJHY, With the moat astonishing success in curing Coughs, Cold*, lloai'Mi nesK, Wore Throat, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Croup. Elver CompIuiiilM, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, ANthuia nstd every a fieri ion of THE THIIOAT, Ll XflS AND CHEHT, INCLUDING EVEN CONSUMPTION. The unequalled success that has attended the appli cation of iliis mod cine in all cases of Pulmonary Complaints, lias induced many Physicians of high standing to employ it in tlieir practice, some 01 whom advise us of the fact under their own signatures. We have space only for the names ot a few of these:— E. Boyden, M. D., Exeter, Me. Alexander Hatch, M. D., China, Me. K. Fellows, M. I)., Hill, N. II. W. H. Webb, M. D., Cape Viucent, N. Y. W. 13. Lynch, M. D., Auburn, N. Y. Abraham Skillman, M. IX, Bound brook, N. J. H. J). Martin, M. 1)., Mansfield, Pa. The proprietors have ietters from all classes of our fellow citizens, from the halls ot Congress to ti e humblest cottage, and even beyond the gcas; tor the

fame and virtu s ot Wit*inr'M Kulnatia have ex tended to the “uttermost lwunds of the earth,” without any attempt on our part to introduce it be yond the limits ot our own country. Prepared by SETH W. FOWLE & SON. 18 Tre mont Street, Boston, and sold by all l>i uggists umi Dealers generally, • « it AC E>W CELEBRATED SALVE! Cures in a very short time OLD SORES, BURNS, SCALDS, CUTS,WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS,CHAPPED HANDS CHILBLAINS, Ac., Ac Rrace’» Celebrated Waive! Is prompt in action, soothes the pain, takes out the soreness, and reduces the most angry looking swell ing* and intlainmations, as if by magic; thus afford ing relief and a complete cure. Only 25 cents a box: scut l»v mail lor 35 cents. SETH W. FOWLE & SON, 1* TremontSf, Boston, Proprietors. Sold by Druggists and dealers gener ally. Feb 19. '6G—3NcodT.T,s&weow A Valuable Medicine.—Dr. Poland’* White Pine Compound, advertised in our columns, is a suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White Pine Bark. It has been thorough ly tested by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonials to its value from persons well knows to our citizens. We rcceommend its trial in all those cases of disease to which it is adapted. It is tor sale by ail our Druggists.—Independant. Th8 Qrea* New England Bemedy! Dit. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is now ottered to the afflicted throughout the coun try, after having beeu proved by the test ot eleven years, in the New England States, where it* merits have become as well known as the tree from which, iu pap, it derives its virtues. The White Pine Compound, CUKES Sore Throat, Cold*, Cough*, Biptherin, Bronchitis, Mpitting of Blood, and 2*ul ixounry Affection*, generally. It a a Ketuarkablc Remedy for Kidney l oin SSainfH, Biabelea, Oiflicnlty of Voiding Trine, Bleeding from the Kidney* and Bladder, Gravel and other complaint*. Kor Pile* and Scurvy, it will be found very valuable. Give ii a trial it you would learn the value of a GOOD AND TRIED MEDICINE. Tt ia Pleasant Safe and Sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wholesale by W. P. Phillip* & Co., w. Perkius A Co., And W. W. Whipple, PORTLAND, ME. sep29-deow6m8N Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard ami invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations for the cure ot all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot which is to produce oostiveness aud Other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, aud induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation for Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the tearful mental and bodily symptoms that follow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best, reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augHsnlyd&w u Wholesale Agents, Boston. REMOVAL. I>RS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 1-3 CONGK KM* MTRKJET, brown’s new block, over tho store of Messrs. Lowell *& Senter. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Dii. Chadwick’s residence IC8 Cuinberlaikl street. Du. Fogg’s residence *28 High street. B^jr'Frop Clinical consultations will bo held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to a P. M., for the poor. * jan28*»\dtt flT'Miruiuatie Mult* Rsid Minmmfic Min eral Water*, just received and for sale by J. W. PERKINS & CO., no24SNoowd&wly No 88 Commercial St. i> i{.s. s. pitch's “Family Physician Severt,-»ir pogcii: price CfS routs. Sent toftnv ad dress. No money required until the book is received, read, and fully approved. It. is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address DR. S. S. PITCH, 25 Tremont Street, Boston. ax Jan20dly Why Sult'cr irom Sores? Wlwn. by IliT- use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can he easily cnioit. It has relieved thousands Iroui /turns. Scalds, Chapped Hands. Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and rverp Complaint of the Skin. Try it, for it coals but 25 cents. Be sure to ask fur Hale’s Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druegisls, nr send your address and :w cents to O. I*. SliVMOUIl & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. feb.’ikll'in s n Warren’s Comyli Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded lor CoIiIn, C’on^h*. f'utsirrla mid t'oitHiinipliou, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. Sqsr' For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by K. F CHMOIU RV, octl5d&w8N6m Druggist, Bangor. Batchelor’s Stair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of IU.ul Dues. Invigorates the hair, leaving it soft and beautiful. .The genuine is slgnsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere iinilafions, and should be avoided. SoM by nil Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay si reel, New York. K-Hf’ Beware of* a eouaierfeik November 10, 1800. dlysn Long Sought For ! Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing tluit the above named article may l>e found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Alains* Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not tjie best, remedy lor colds and pulmonary complaints, Manufactured from tbe pure >nice of tbe berry, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to flic sick as a medicine. •‘To the days of the aged itaddetli length, To tlie mighty itaddetli strength,” *Tis a balm for tlie sick, a joy for tbe well— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell IWAfNN* EliDE'KBERKV WINK ncv27 s n d&wtf Fisher’s Cou^h Drops. This certain and effectual cure lor Goughs and all diseases of the throat and lungs, has been generally known throughout New Knglan 1 fbr tho last sixty years, and is warranted to cure, or tlie price will he r...funded. Prepared bv Grouch VV. W Koitu, r I of ihe Iaie Dr. Fisher. NASON, SVAIONDS At CO., Proprietors, Kenne hunk, Maine. G. g. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold l»y all Druggists. marlddm s A Cou^li, A Cold, or | A Sore Throat, [Require* immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED, if allowed to contiuue, Irritation of the linns*, ** per manent Throat V>i»rn*e, or €on«nmption, is often the result. BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVING A DIRECT INFLITENOE TO TTTK PART®, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. ^•r ltr«nrhili«, Afttitiun, Pafnrrh, Cob* ftutuptirc nud Throat DiwnM‘N, TROCHES ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD MTOOK8S. Minora tend Public; Spinkm will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat, alter an unusual exert ion of the vocal organ*. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physician*, and have had loatirooniuls from eminent men throughout the country- Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test of many years, each year finds them In new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches arc universally pronounced belter than other articles. Out a in only ‘-Brown's Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold evebwiikre Dec 4—d&wf>m sn ■MBSSM EASY TO USE! Has only to be applied to tlie Hair or Whiskers and the work is done. Nntnral aad Durable. sale by Druggists and NEWHALL’S »«»• “"*» ««">■*«• I MAGIC Purely vegetable'; will retort* Grey Hairto Usnatnralcolor; it H vV I I v will make tlie Imir sort and glossy; it will not stain the skin T?oo4-/vBn+iTT/sor,!lc finest linbn; It is the best Xbu o LUraL1VC and cheniK'st Hair Dressing. 75 ets. large bottle. For sale by all W“- I. Druggist* and Dealers. W. F. J>I:!,LU.PS * ro-. Wholesale Agents, 118 ForeSt., I ortland. Principal Depot and nmnuthotorv, 17 Hanover Street, Boston. Maas. lebl5sbW.KS3m Mains’ Pure l'’1derberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians tm, l,e Stauwood and J, W. A Co! j«lgiidiy SPECIAL NOTICES. DK. SWEET’S^ INFALLIBLE LINIMENT, The Great External Remedy, Cures KheuniBli'm. *!,,l,"»|l WBuud*, Wrnrntgia, . TToaiimcbc, sitin',\rrk und jBiBl'.Jtnee'. Brniw., Clccr*, Headache, «»' **;"l“ld“> Mout. Chilblain., ■ uiul.ugo, Bile* nod Sung.. Mpraiu*, Also tlio most efficient remedv for LAMENESS, SPRAINS, GAELS. SCRATCHES,Arc.,'n horses. QK<>. C. GOODWIN A C Boston, Mauuiactui ers and Sole Agents. Sold by ad Druggists. moblJcodlGwsN Established 1832. Improve*! 18(4>. Mr#. A. Allen’s improved, now style ■fair Ke«!«n*r nud 1)rrMing, Combined in One Bottle, RcNiorfs Cray Hair to it* Natural Color. It (equated Hair Dressing. Knlurnl Price, Si 1.00 per SSoltlr. Sold by all Druggists. Marcli 28. sneodlm Moth and Freckles. Tlie only reliable reined v for those brown diseol »r fttlcms on the face called Moth Patches and Freckles, is Pj iutv’s Motu ani> FitE< kle Loi ion. Prepar »1 only by I)r. It. C. Pr icRv, Dermatologist, 4) Bond St , N. Y. Sold by all drugg sis ill Portland ami elsewhere. Price $2 per bottle marlod&wtiiiisii For 4'onghn, C'oliN nn<l ( omumplien, Try the old and well known V H4* ft TABLE ■PtJIiiVlOUt Alilf BA I jM A.VI,.approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated !'htjsicians for forty years past. Get tlie genuine. KEEP, CUTLER * CO., Druggists, dec24sNd&w(jm Boston, Proprietors. MARRIED. In Stockton, March 23, Jos. H. Kneeland, ol Sears port, and Amanda H. Crookett, of Stockton. In Freedom. Hiram Hussey and Mrs. Jane Libbv. botli ot F. In Gardiner, March 9, Frederic P. Lawrence and Emily 1). Bines. In Unity, L. A. Ferua'd and Miss Jennie F.Smith, both of Troy. In Friendship, March 17, FrancU Cook and Mrs. Jane Cook. _piEr>. In this city', March 27, Mr. John Feuno, aged Cl years. [Funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o’clock, from his late residence, corner ol Unisnand Fore streets. Relatives and triends arc invited to attend.] In this city, March 28, Mrs, Martha Ella, wife or Fr.,nk M. Floyd, aged lo years—daughter ol Mrs. Lucy A. Morse. [Funeral on Sunday afternoon, at o’clock, Irom her late residence . No. 12 Bra tile street. In Fr.lmoutb, March 5, Mr. Geo. W. Stockor, aged 78 years. [Western papers please copy.] Tn Dresden, March 20, Mr. George B. Call, aged 26 years. In Jackson. March 13, Mrs. Mary A., wi e of A. B. Batcheiocr, aged 23 years. In Lewiston, March 24, Emma I^ena Cole, aged 6 mouths. lu Troy, Nov. 14, Mr. Jonathau Fernald, aged 58 years. _ EXPORTS. Per steamer St Andrew, for Glasgow — 6192 bags ha-ley, 6041 bags peas. 9851 bushels oats in bulk, 2669 bags do, 500 bbls oatmeal. 157 bbls ashes. 21 pkgs but ter, 9 bbls pork, 10 boxes tisli. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS) NAME FROM FOR DATE. City of Cork.New York. .Liverpool,. .March 29 Moravian.Portland .. .Liverpool.. .March 30 Moro Castle.New York..Havana March 30 Guiding Star.New l\»rk.. Havie March 30 Etna.New York. .Liverpool... .March 30 City Washington. ..New York. .Livcrdool.. March 30 Santiago de Cuba...New York, .call ornia..March 30 Costa liica.New York..Hong Kong..April 1 New York.New York. .Aspimvall.. .April 1 Australasian.New York. .Livor'pool April 3 Eagle.New A ork.. Havana April 4 Nestorian.Portland....Liverpool_April 6 City of Pans.New York. .Liverpool. Apr 1 6 Hibernia.New York..Glasgow April 6 Atlantic.New York. .Bremen. ...April 6 Saxonia.New York..Hamburg... .April 6 Mi ii nature Alum nine.March 30* Sun ri-es. 5.47 Sunsets.6.2^ Moon rises. 2.41 AM High water.7,00 AM M-A-KIISTJe 1ST EWS PORT OF PORTLAND. Friday, March 29* ARRIVED. Steamer Chesapeake, Johnson, New Y< rk. Steamer l)e Witt Clinton. Prmce, Camden. Seh Energy, Brown, N w York. Seh Jerusha Baker, Barbcrick, Boston. Sch En. ban tress, Wright, Boston. Seh John It Watson, Richards, boston. Sch Wm Arthur, Andrews, Portsmouth. Sch Madonna, Homer, Portsmouth. Sell Mav dower, Snow, Eostport. Sell Vulcan, Mann, Pemb.oke. Sell Good Templar, (new, 41 tons,) Woodbury, Hodgdou's Mills. &■ Sch Wynona, (new, 1)2 tons) Adams, of and from Boothbay. Sch Exchange, Gteenliet, Wes'port. CLEARED Barque Mauuela, (Arg) A S Haven, Cardenas— Ryan A Davis. Sch Jos Baxter, Baxtev, Philadelx>hia—Emery & Font Sch Wm Penn, Phillips, Boston. SAILED—Barque Manuela: brig Lady Franklin: schs Julia Baker, and Jo> Baxter. Seh Campbell, of Portland. 142 tons, built at Har rington in istfl, lias been sold to T B Pickering, and others, of Deei Isle, for $tiO<lO cash, and will hereaf ter bail from that place under command of Capt J Torrcy. She is new loading tor Baltimore. Launched—At llodgdou’s Mills, recently, by A A M Gamag.\ a clipper schr of 45 tons, intended for the Uslirng business. She is owned hv ChasTrciothen and others, of Portland, ami is to be commanded by Capt Thos Woodbury. At Calais 23d, from tbc yard of O B Kidcont., a barque of 400 fon^, named Nellie Husied. Mr R has another vessel on the slocks, which lie intends to get oft in June. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. KENNKBUNKPORT. March 2*— Launched 27th, by Charles Ward amt Win R Crawford, a beautiful clipper r>ohr of 120 Ions, o in, built on contract bv them for Captains F M Freeman, and Thos N Paine, oi Provincetowu and will bo employed In tbc eod bnl inp busine s in charge of Capt Paine, late of sch Antelope. She lias been named Frank M Freeman. Seh Susan & Mary, ol Rockland, (erroneously re ported Susan Merrill,) loaded with corn, which tilled in th: river with water, has been discharged and ailed 25th, having Hufterod but little damage. The com wa~ sold at auction bv an agent of New York underwriters, in lots from 50 to 500 bushels, anti brought on an average, about 65 cents. From Branch Office Western Union Telegraph. At at Philadelphia 29th, schs Hattie E Sampson, and Ida L Howard, iroui Portland. Br?g Leonard Berry, thorn New York tor Bermuda, has been abandoned at sea. Sch Vendovi, Gregory, of nnd from Rockland tor New York, took lire and was burned at sea. Crew saved. DISASTERS. Ship Gen Grant sailed from Melbourne May 3,186ft, lor London, and as stie bus not been heard from is supposed t.* have foundered at ea and all hands lost. She was a good ship ol ltu3 tons, built at Bath in 1863, and owned in Boston, where she was insured for 81Q3.0UO. Scb Jane I'.mson, at Savannah worn Boston, had heavy gales the entire passage; on the 25th, oil Cape Fear, was thrown on her beam ends, but she righto*i again without damage. DOMESTIC PORTS* GALVESTON—Ar 13th inat, brig Prairie Rose, Raidotf, New York. Cld 18tli. brig Geo Amos, Ward, Baltimore. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 21st, ship Idaho, Murphy, Havre. At S W Pass Viet, ships Vi&ilatc, Mary Rnssell, Union, Saranae. and others, bound out. MOBILE—Ar 26th, ship Success, Chase, Boston; brig Aiiuldneek, Biglev, New York. Cld 261 b, ships Mary Euima, Patten.and Persover ance, Robinson, Liverpool. SAVANNAH—Ar 2ltli, ship Clyde, Ferry, Boston; soli Jane I mson, Erwin, do. CHARLESTON—Ar 23d, seh Mountain Laurel, Lang lev. New York. Sin 24th, seh Ella Hodadon, tor Cardenas. FORTRESS MONROE—Ar 28tli, seh Clara Bell, from Camden lor Norfolk. UA LTl.YlORE—Sid 26th, brig Jennie Achorn, lor Charleston; 25th, Castilian. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 25th, soli Owen Bearse, Parker, Bosion. Ar 27tb, bliip Washington, Berry, New York. Sid im Delaware Breakwater 25th, seh Frank Her belt, L~»m Portland for Alexandria. NEW YORK—Cld 27th, P»r brig Altaratta, Blateli Jord, Maehias, to load tor Gtonlbegos. Ar 2StU.ships Escort, Filtner, Liverpool; Universe, Hutton, do; seh Louisa, llansou, Newburg lor New Bedford. Cld 2 <th,ftiip David Crockett, Burges, San Frrm cisoo; brigs Lima, llill, Cienfuegos; Eugene.Coombs, Carden ns. NEWPORT—Ar 28th sobs Am Chief. Pressov. Tliomaaton (or New York ; Convoy, French, and Win Jones, Emery . Rockland tor do. EDGARTOWN—Ar 2ttth, sobs Typhoon, Williams, Phi lade: pH a tor Bath; Lyndon, ShacJord, N York lor Eastporf. HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 27th, sells Am Eagle, Shaw, Newcastle, Del, tor Boston; Emma Baeon, C ase, im Portland tor Washington: Addie Walton. Rich. An Rokp.rt tor Norfolk; Onward, Arev,and Sarah, Searls, Rockland for New York; leader, Allen, do lor Norwich. In port 23d, br:g B Young, Canima; sclis Z Snow, B JF Reeves, Mill Crook, Circassian. J S Watson, Lady Woodbury, Energy, Gun Rock, Louisa, Pru dence, Panama', M Hall. Ar 27th, whs Warrenion, Lord, Kli/nbethport lor Plyrftoutb: D S sifter, Huntley, Portland for Phila delphia; Oregon, Miller; Albert Jameson.Kendrick, and Tlios Hix. Hull, lloeklanu lor New York; Nor thern. Light, Harper, Calais lor Mott Haven. ShLseh* Leader, onwa d Sarah, cmmi Bacon, Addie Walton, D S Sincr, Albert Jameson, Oregon, Thos Hix. BOSTON—Ar 28th, sells Watchman,Wooster, Sul livan: Solon, Poet, Rockland. Cld 28th, ships Leventer, Lane, Melbourne; Elec tric Spark. Leach, San Francisco; brig Elias Dud ley, Coombs, Sagua; sobs Ada S Wiswell, Peeling Ncwbern; Martha Nichols. Small, Mnelnas. Cld 29th, oariue Voyager, Wylie, Cianfiegofl; brig Edith, Putnam. Wiseasret, to load for Cuba. SALEM—Ar 28th, brig Union, .Marshall, Boston for St Stephens, KB: echs Redondo, IiOrd, Portland lor Fall River; Harriot, Maddocks, Boston lor Rock land, PORI’SM UTIi—Sid 26th, itch E G Knight, Ful ler, Baltimore. KOCKLAND-Ar 29th, sch Lady Woodburv, trom New York. ’ FOREIGN PORTS# Ar at Calcutta loth ult, barque Frances, Kollev, Boston via Guile. A* at Madras 20th tilt, barque Maria .1 Smith, Smith, Cardiff’. Ar at Palermo 28th tilt, barque Brilliant, Colburn. Me-wna. Ax at Liverpool 26th inat, ship Gen McLellan. Mitchell, New York. At Matanzas 18lh, barques Ellen Sfevens. Howe tor Portland; Cephas Starrctt, Gregor , tor Phila delphia, Mg: Carlton, Trocar tin, ior North oi Hat teraa; brigs Am Union, Smith, lor Boston; I'anrera Hlchborn. for New York: Iraac Carver, shnte and Ortolan, Fly, tor Baltimore; Frank K Allen. Merrill and Giles Luring, Soule tor Portland: Nellie clif lord, Littlefield, tor Philadelphia; George W Berry Bradley, and Mountain Eagle, Sherman, f r North ol Hat or <b: Essex,Buekhn, lor New Orleans; hcIih Frigate Bird, tor Boston; Mattie Holmes,Tapley. lor North of Ilattera-, Jus O’Donohue, Uilkev. for Bal timore: M W Hupper, Hupper, tor Philadelphia; (all loading.) At Bermuda 10th Inst, barque Thomas Whitney, Kelley, tr«*ni London lor Philadelphia next dav: brig Geo Gilchrist, Gdchrisf, fVorti Mobile lor Providence, repaired and re-loading. SPOKEN Jan 11. lit 24 12 S. lou 25 40, Bhip Anna Camp, lrom for Gibraltar. . March 22, lat 27 25, Ion 79 10, barque Arizona, from Reme lios for New York. March 24, lat 20 10, Ion 73 30, was seen Am barque Louisa, (supposed the Louisa, ot Bulb, lrom Bucuos Ayres lor united Stales.) N i:w Al)VEltTlSEM ENTa. ! REM OVA L! lie w Store, ftew Goods. Slmw Brothers, H«S«T THEIB NEW ANU No. 147 Middle St., KVANTS BUILDING, Next Below Emery <0 Waterhouse'* And have opened a fresh Stock of Hats & Capn! OF THE Latest New York & Boston Styles!j ALSO, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, Canes, &C., «&<•• Kf-The Cook & Aldfleh Young W«’« »«»»• lint made to order by the French Conformeter, and warranted to tit. Mar 29, 1867. inr30il2w SOME MORE Hfew Styles of Hats —AND— CAPS. AT HARRIS’ 300 Congress St., CP Next Kimball’s Carriage Factory. mar30dlwis Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad Mortgage Bonds of 1851. COUPONS next maturing on the extended bonds, and interest tor the six months ending April Isf, next,.on the bonds not extended, will be paid on and alter that date, free ot Government tax. Parties nogo iating their coupons are requested to take notice. CHAS, E. BARRETT, Tre asurer. ! Portland, March Lit, 1867. inriMMlw Railroad and Steamboat Supplies. No* 35 Commercial Hi., Portland, Itle. ADAMS & DECOSTER. Mlt. ADAMS has been Ion" known ns a nraeticnl railroad in nnager and mechanical engine- r, and lias had along experience m the construction of steam engines ana machinery. Parties looking for steam engines and steam pump-, or machinery ot any kind, would do well to g t iIn ad vice and pure ase ot Messrs. ADA MS & DECOS TER, who act as agents for the various builders. Mar 30ecduW* REM Q V A L. IiOXXELL & GBEELY, Commission Merchants, An«l Wholesale Dealers In Grocer'e?, Fionr, Pork, Lard, Rill &r., Have removed from No. <?J Commercial street to No* 33 Commercial street. mar 30- In id Aw FORTH. INSTRUCTION GIVEN on the MANO-FORTE, I. by Miss AGNES M. LORD, 427 Congress street. Mar 30d2m LI GUT EXPRESS WAG OX For Sale Cheap. W. VKAVEV, 37 fm Rtrect. marSOJtf Agents Wanted ! TUST OUT, Formant oud snr Nnral He fj roes, by the brilliant ai d popular Historian, .1. T. Headly. This is llie only work on the Navy in tile War, and everybody is buying it. KEOKUK Iff. UliAKR, GENERAL AGENT, mar30.rtf No 8 Clapp’s Block. Direct Steamship Line Hulilox, IS. S. The Al Steamship CARLOTTA, J. ~ ' ''V- Maguire, Master, will sail li-r 2^2^AL3PlIalilax, direct, from Galt's Wh irl, Tuesday, April 3d, ut 4 o'clock P. M. Cabin Passage, wiih State Room, j!i Meals extra. For further information apply to L. BILLINGS. Atlantic Wharf, or mr30d3t JOHN PORTEUS, Agent. Eastport, Galaio and St. John. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. ONE T1UP PER WEEK. On ami alter Monday. December 17th, the steamer NEW I3KUNS i WICK, Cant. E. 13. WINCHES TER, will leave Kail Road Wharf, t»K*t of State St., every MONDAY, at 5 o’clock P. M tor Eastport ami St. .John. RETURNING, will leave St. John every THURS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. Connecting at Eastport with the Steamer Belle Brown for St. Andrews Robhineton ami Calais, with the New Brunswick and Canada Railway, for Wood stock and Jfoulton stations, and with Stage Coaches for Machius. Connecting at St. Joint with the Steamer Empress for Windsor, Dishy and Halifax, and with E. & N. A. Railway for Sbeoiac. aJP Freight received on days of sailing tin Ml 4 o’clk. P M. C.C. EATON, mar30-dt( Agent. Established 1832. Improved 18GG. To Ike Public. The marked favor and extended use which have s gnalized the introduction of Mns. s. A. Allen’s I're)orations lor the Hair, throughout Europe, te getbor with the immense sate they have hail for over 30 years in America, Ins enabled the manufacturer to experiment and improve. To supply a suj*er «ir preparation at a low price is no easy task, but through ireeut disci . cries both have been accom lished. Mrs. has hereto fore manufactured three prepr *ations, pat > p In three ditto:cut bottles; to combine successfully the three In one preparation, i i one bottle, bus been the study of years; it has been accomp* died, ai d tbc beautiful tfleet bv this new preparation in quicklv changing Gray, White or Faded Hair to its Natural Color and Beautv, inducing New Growth, &.&c. lias gained tor it nosts of tile ads. and is now regnid ed as a household necessity. This Improved Prepa ration is now tbo Hair Dressing as well as llair Re storer. The manufacturer, satisfied with tho very much increased sale that the preparation is now having, is resolved to give the public their share 0l the discov erv, and the retail price is from and af cr^bls time Reduced lo One Dollar per Hot Hr. me size of the hot tie will remain same as hereto fore, with an entirely diflnrent wrapper of elegant design, and printed on white paper. Noun .—At the earnest solicitation oi many old patron I will continue to manufacture myZv.'obal saiutim same in every respect as the old preparation by that name, bat the use Is not required as lorumrlv with my Kkstouku. The price oi the Zvlohalsa in inn remains same as heretofore, Seventy.hve cents per Bottle. Principal Sales Offices, and Manufactories, 193 & lino UR EEN WlCfl ST., KKW YORK. U. S.. and 260 HIGH liOLBORN. LOUDON, KNG. Sold by all Druggists. Apl 4-wlml4 First Class House For Sale. A FOUR STORIED BRICK HOUSE on Park St lias seventeen rooms, ho( and cold water, and all other modern conveniences. A party is now ready to lease it at ten feu cent-, on' the price asked. Apply to W. U. JERH1S. Mar 30—.iw Note and Check Lost. LOST on Middle street between Hans Douglass and Casco Bank, a Note el band payable to nml endorsed by J I. Stevens, for seven hundred dollars; also a Cheek ol Ocorge Dyer on Casco Bank for the same amount. All persona are cautioned against receiving or nt gotialing saitl,tapers as payment on them have Um slopped. d. L STEVENS. Portland. March 2», iar.T. mar ilOtilw A Situation WanUd. By a man lo travel U> sell gemis. A large trad. already established. Is thoroughly acquainted wiih tbe Grocery ami Flour busmens, and can bring ibo very best of recommendations. Has been trav elling tor the last throe years. Address Box 1647 Portland Post Office. marJiMlw .. House for Sale \ • i t otluge containingrooms, * brick cistern of filtered w'ht*ir. House in tlior ougli repai: ami ne >r y now. PvB.-cs>ion given first *or t^fticulars enquire on the promises, 26 IVIvrtie street. ' ’ Mar 30ti _Mitg.8. \v. BISHOP. Poriland Conunandery K. T. WILL bold s $|*ci*l Meeting at Mechanics HaJl, on f.viu 8u», next. April 2, at naif-past seven o'clock. Work K. T. Per order nt the E. font mum! or, 1KA BERRY, Recorder. Portland, M.ircli 29, lfw>7. inur SC_;;t To Let. ONE Store am! threw spacious Chambers in Har bour's block. Middle street. One el the lsst |0_ catioua in the city. Apply to •sets-. DAVID KEAZER, marJOdSwis OrE. A. NORTON’! K15MOVAC. VOE have moved our office from No. 73 to 148 ril'intoii'a Ulelr€l^ strccl* ov«* tt>e store oi N. I.. Mar .lO.sll’w ROSS St STCKDIVANT. Marrett, Poor & Co., Having taken the Chambers 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS’ HALL, Aro now prepared to offer their Iricnda ami the mile lic a large ami well selected stuck ol CARPETINGS! Paper Hangings CERTAIN GOODS, &c., „ £*7 Purchasers of the nlxtvc goods are respect lu*ly invited to examine our stock which is New, Clean and Desirable. July 30 dtf AT J■!.. WEEK*' INTO Kit, N*. )J 74 Farr «t., you can buy a goad articles as at a,ny ot!«r store in the city, and delivered at any pan of thyiyfreo ol charge and prices natislhctory MlsreiLLAfTEOtJ* Kliuduess, l)eafne§§9 -AND CiitaiTli S During or. c*RPKKTI,B,a .... to Port land which ek*ed p**,!! ***® ’..*** nuinlicr of persons deferred consult li,™ 1 ■ * m S”*1'* latter part !,t hi. stay, that J,,””* '““I. “"V w». Ills time being lully occupies!'. “5*1*1® *°, *» those and others desirous ofcm,suiting him hu ’^*1 Returned to Portlaud March 1st, And ran hr ronsalird at tkr r. ft. (Intel Until April 14th, upon oil diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat — AND — CVfT\lttllil, And he would ml vise those intending to venlem mH4; ^0l ^ nrv^M to call early as con •i.'fniti- wl?„rfl,1r *? m:,"y pattenf* III Portlaml ami ti ,7 wi ':T " ‘■ur,,'‘ "r tKiMiBHed unilot liia fiturwllhiw * lsh ",,‘ir “»“*» Public. ' • ^•7,,i i K.n ™".vei“e »IU> tWo intermited. ^ ST Consultation at oflrc Prise. but letters must contain one dollar to ensure nu annw« r M U,07*“eir”’ 'SU“":,> » b< lit, 2 to 5, ami •* CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A. K. Urn nongb, Kaq. I was afflicted with Catarrh bo badly that 1 had a continual pain in iny bead, eyes very weak, w.-m fast 1 • x>f ing my memory, head was so contuse i that 1 wm totally unlit for business and geuernl heaJih fast idl ing. 1 applied to Dr. < ’arpenter in i860 and his rem edies cured me. I remain a well man. t _T , A. K. UliKENOCOH. Proprietor ot National House, Bangor, Me. Ccrfiflcnle of t’apf. Shutrof Foreland. „ . . , , I'otaxANi., Jan. 3. |««T. I suffered from deafness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving bcueilt* but knowing of case-, worse than mice, that Ur. Car penter cured, 1 was induced to apply to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure he could cure me, but would do the l*est lie Could. A course ot bis treatment has restored me to nrv natural hearing. Any ix-rson desiring to sec me can do ho on board o( bars “Isaac Carver,” Union Wbarf, Portland. ALONZO L. SHUTS. TcHiimoiay of IJoaa. if. fsllisM, Union, HI*. Dr. Can •enter, Dear Sir,—Learning you are In Portland, 1 write for the purpose of informing you tint the hearing of my s >n, l.eroy Z. < vlliu.s, re mains perfectly good. You will remember that in March Is(>.'». \oii relieved him of deainess of fifteen years' standing, which had increased to that extent that he was obliged to leave hi* stud'os and went to a trade. lie is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, where lie ha* resumed his studies, which, without vour assistance, he never could have done. May v< u live long, pros|>er in your profession, and es pecially cause the neat to hear, is the desire of Yours, very gratefully, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Mr. A. C. Illunt, Portland. This may certify that Dr. Carpcliter, now at the United States Hotel, has cured me ot deafness ami • lischarges of the head of 17 years’ standing. I bad been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any person interested can see me at Messrs. Blum & Foss,’ Middle Street. A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14,1867. Hundreds of Certiticate9 received in this State can be seen at the Dr’* Oitice. tfeb23dtl' t'hoicc Southern and Western FLOU R A .YD C ORN ! for sale by O’BRIOW, PIERCE & CO., Wholrxale Wnltn, I.VJ I'omm.rrial l|., ilc. :!Mly _____ Mb. Portland Five Cent Savings Bank, No. 19 Free Street. DEPOSITS made in this Bank on or before April 1, will be put on interest on that day, and regu lar Dividend will be payable ii. October. Special Deposits will be received at any time,pay able on demand, interest from day of dep<*it, at suck rate as may be agreed upon when deposited. NATH’L F. DUNKING, Treasurer. Portland, March 8,1857. maiidA wtoApr2 EEBTriEIXERsT O/k/kTOIVS Cumberland Pure Kaw Bobs Pbos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons E. V. Coe's Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd's Phosphate of Lime. 500 Barrels Lodi Condrettc. 300 Barrels Liitieficld’s Poudrette. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. jyF"For sale at MauutucUirer’s Prices, by KENDALL & WHITNEY. Feb H IMf. totfdftinis Copartnership Notice ! THE undersigned have formed a copartnership un der the li-m name of cbiy, umni a pbrry, for the purpose of carrying on the Wholesale Hit, Cap, Fur & Straw Biifeiuess, and have taken rooms * No*. 54 and 5«» middle Ktrml, Over Woodman, Yrue & Co.’s, where we shall be happv to see our fricids id the trade, trom whom we ! solicit tlieir patronage. WM. OKAY, ft. B. A. LVFK1V, JOHN P. TERRY. Portland, March27, ts«7. <11 w SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOT1TY, .’ISO “ Northern New York and Westorm Clover. 400 Sticks Red Top. 4 40 Bushels Cana«la Golden Drop Spring Wheat 500 Bushels Cajic Barley, two row’d. Buckwheat. Flax, Hemp,Millet, Csuary and a lull assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seeils, all select ed with care and reliable. A dill assortment of Affriculturnl Implements, Foi-tlllzprN, .V <•., For Sale by KEN HALL dt WHITNEY, March .6. *mU’ **-*“ Sagua Ulolasses. t>Or) HHD8. 1 Muscovado M lasses, cargo brig 4^ TCS. | ‘*Uatti«* S. Emery,** tYoni Nagua. 414 Hluln. I Mimcovado Mol.v* s cargo Brig “J. *473 BbLs. )C. York,’*from Sagua, POU SALE BY GEO. H. HUNT, m 111 Commercial St. Mar 19—<13w Choice Clayeil Molasses. 'IViL*8 ,’ o j *■ l*«‘r ior Clayed Jla .T ^ llfc.K« tSjj IttMM'M. Now landing from Brig ‘•Anna Wellington,” from turuenas, and for »ale by , V11 ASE> ^AM & STPUTEVANT, maru till Widgeiy’a Wharf. i'OR SALE. 1 -3. EASTERN D. APPLES. “Sliced.” ■WO “ « ** •« “CnrMl " 130 Bu. II. G. SEED. 30 Bu. Clover Need. 30 BliLs. (‘tear Pork. a i ,50, Tierce*< boiee Lard. Also Choice Brands of Flour, by •Jeremiah Ifowe A < o., Uir21 d:;»f No 27 Commercial Sly^ur Hand. Drit»d Apples* S3 Choi™ UtilJ A|i|ilc», tor Mle low, D. B. dicker & < o.. mar'-’Mlw* NolWPoro^trct. LORBIIRY CO AEa I ar,IT''1 Por «1> Joseph Baxter, a Wlf„ „» • I 400 tons ot Free Burning D.rbery lied Ash Sl„v. t jwl. bur cooking purioses this coal Is unsnnsss ed hy any In the market. Fur spring and suminer UK© it 18 very nice. r Also i»er sell I>. S. Liner a cargo of 4< 0 ton* Johns White AnIi Coal, STOVE AND EGO. very choice coal and warranted to give satialh* liandnll, McAllister d> Co., tiO Commercial Hire«i9 marlOUw is I lead of Mai no Whar t. THOMES, SMARDON & CO, Have this day o\ cncd their New S* t o v o ! NO. /id UNION STREET, And are prepared to show the TRADE a toll New Stock of Fine Woolens, And Tailors’ Trimmings I Just Received Iroin New V.rlt sail Bswss. And which they oiler at tho very Lowest Jobbing ^Prices : The TRADE are resjsctfully Invited to cxaniin. F...purchasing. Franoio 0.1 uoxr.a. Ueokok n. Smabdow. ___ mavl«.itl A. O. SC II LOTTE It BECK CO., Apothecaries and Chemists, 303 Consrrrss Sh, one door above Browu, POBTLA»D, HR. Compounding Physicians’ Prescriptions N one of our Specialities. Using Preparation* our pulu;""" W' WC a',K- *> *»'<<•’» “ ttJS extbactsT’powwck* "iL-’SffitP '-yriH'5 Toilet Articles, It. , .IV | |,,uij* bjfcrtoii \\tlsotf.s ll.rbs. Marsh's UelebraSUl TrusSeV .ml K .rs, Tobago,aU‘nt Mcd,Cl"e*- "Ril Ct Artists’ nutrisli, Ac., Ac. Msr‘29—‘tm For Sale. THE FURNITURE, FIXTURES. AX I* ennn A WILL of a tienteel Raw,lie; n,:Use Hoiu new ami centrally located, ln.mire of r> i PA'CTKIWON A CHADEOURM* iu#neahrsmReal Estate, No. *■»» Cougtailt,