Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 30, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 30, 1867 Page 4
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Hclootod s»l ory• Australian Life Illustrated* Surveying, and exploring a new district in Queensland, is a matter of some hardships and peril, in the evenings, alter the day's work is over, when we have finished our “damper,’’ salt heel, and tea, and are smok ing our pipes round a blazing log tire, many a strange story is void. My men are oid Bushmen, and are up to a thing or two; es pecially My Chainman. , . He fit a haiuui-seaiiun, reckless, genuine Irishman of very respectable y, induced to emigrate about fessswr-J? »•» y ,u*liu i foil in with him by ehaueef1 "Twas Ibrtimate euougli to save his li e engaged him, and believe him to be as d'.,Tand lines fellow as there is m the W a'ujw years ago My CUainmau was journej - in„ j„ the direction of Sydney, from a place in the interior, I think Jiuhallah. Having siopi>ed at several public houses on tlie way, he tound himself still on his journey with a ten-pound note, half a sovereign, and a half crown, in his pocket, About a hundred miles from Sidney lie (bund some confusion in a public house which he had entered to obtain refreshment. The landlady was crying bit terly, ami the servants were in a great fright. Wheu he entered, the hostess eagerly ex . claimed: ‘•You are not one of thim are v«u.” "What do you mean ?” “Oeh, it’s one of tiie Bushrangers 1 mean. You aren’t one of Uiimt” “No. nave they been here then: “Yes, half au hour ago, and cleared nay house of all 1 had. Musha! Ibe widows curse be upon thim?” “Have they gone down the road, or struck light into the bush ?” “Gone down tho road to stick up all they meet wid.” “How many?” “Three: sorry less. Now, My Chainman must go down to Sid ney. He could not take the bush lor it, as he did not know the country well enough. He might evade the Bushrangers by some lucky chance, either by the aitl of night oi other means. He was dressed. of course in the gear of a thorough Bushman, and they might spare nim on the old Scotch principle. ‘ Hawks pyke not oot liawks een.” Besides, he might conceal his ten-pound uote, and it would uot break his heart to lose his half-sov ereign and half crown. On the whole, then, he saw nothing for it but to resume his jour ney. He cliose his short sock as the best place for tlie pound-note, and thrust the note into it without folding if up. Forth he went, and rode rapidly on for an hour without seeing the rangers; however, lie distinctly saw fresh tracks ot fvur horses in advance. At an abrupt turn of tlie road, lie was covered by three revolvcis, aud address ed bv three voices: ‘■Dismount! No help lor it. Ho got off Ills liorse and took a survey of the “glorious three.” One was a very good natural looking fellow; the other seemed rather backward; the third was an unmistakable ruffian. “Where have you been? You're a dig ger.” “I’m just coming from the Wanoorali Higgins.” These gold fields were noted for their pov eity. “How much money have you?” “One hail-sovereign and one half crown.” “Is that all?” It was the good-natured man who spoke in this dialogue. “I think, Jim, we may let him off. The poor devil must be hard up, coming from those wretched diggings.” "We ll have something to say to him first.” replied N umber Three, whose accent was Irish; and this gave My Chainman some hope. •‘Well at ail events, he must have a glassof grog”. My Chainman accordingly drank a bumper that took his breath away. •■Walk with me into the busli, then,” said Number Three. “Not a bit of it, Jim; let the poor devil go. Why, he’s a countryman of^our own. What do you jay, Jack.” “.Never mind what Jack says!” rejilied number Three. “Hon’t make an ass of youi selt Dick! i'll have my way in this.” He motioned to My pbairman to go on ; and on he went until lie reached a belt of scrub. “Halt! Now listen to me. It’s my opinion that you are a schemer. If I find one shilling more on vou than you acknowledged to” (lie swore a terrible oath), “I’ll blow your brains out on tiie spot. Strip. My Chainman owned to me that for a mo ment he tele a mortal terror, hut he shook it off, and proceeded to undress. “Take oifyour jumper first—not your boots. Now your flannel shirt. Throw them over to me.” He examined them thoroughly. “ i’ake oifyour hoots. Throw them here. Now your tiowsers,” He found in the pockets the two coins. And My Chaiumau hoped that the search was over. Not yet. “Take oifyour socks.” io utsiuiu' uas install r ueaui. ineruiiiari shook boih tiie socks. Let the .reader fancy the beating ol My C'liatnman’s hr mi nil .1,1 while I A* he hud thru ft the note into the sod wit.iout loidmg it up, and as the robber had caught the note with the thick sock be tween u.s linger and thumb, it was thus pre vented trorn dropping out. To such small tilings a man may owe dear lile itself. ,‘i>owbe off.” “Wtiat!” said My Chainman. “Would you send a mau away stark naked, and in this weather, too?” / -■ 1 ou ought to lie thankful for your life.” Just then, up came Dick. “Haven i you searched him yet? What the devil's the use ot keeping him in the cold?" “You mind your own business, Dick.” “Jim,” retorted Dick, “youknow I can stand a good deal; but you're not the n%« to bide a quarrel with me when I am roused. I wont allow you to do as you did last time. Give this man his boots and trousers; keep his jumper, if y ou want it.” Thus they split the difference', and My Chainman was left oil a bush-road without a horse, and only halt clad. He had his ten pound note, however. After walking briskly for about twelve miles he came to a sly grog-shop, where he tound two men conversing; one, evidently the host; the other (he kuew as well as it it iiad been revealed to him), was the fourth Bushraug er. In the endless wilds of Australia, there is not a Bushman whose life does not olten de pend on “tracking:” and so wonderful do Bushmen become in this respect, that they can tell thedate ol every mark upon tling,roumi. I have heard them debate as to whether a big, ! '* nncs was an Lour old or two hours. Now, My Chainman had seen the tracks ol four homes in company, and he had careful ly tracked the fourth up to this ‘‘humpy,’ close to which it was standing quietly tied by the bridle. “If 1 don’t ride that horse away from this to-day,” said My Chainman to himself, “may I never have the blessing ot St. Patrick I” The host was a iittie man; the Bushranger was a tail and muscular villain, with long black hair tailing down his shoulders—a Lad sign, as it showed he had been long “out.’’ They had been talking on a subject that had excited the Bushranger, and that sub ject, as fur as My Chainman could gather from the muttered words he overheard at his en trance, was that the police were on the Ir way up. and not very tar off. My Chainman gave the masonic sign; it was answered by the host. “Halloa,” said the Bushranger, where do you hail from ?” •‘I have come down the road.” “Havn’t you got a horse?” There was no use shamming here, so My Chaintnau at once replied: “i was stuck up and robbed twelve miles from this, by the Bushrangers.” “The devil I Are they so near? Isn’t it ' fortunate, Casey, that I know this in time?” “Why ?” said Casey.” “You are not going that way; you came from that direction your self a while ago.” me nusnranger at that moment was light ing his pipe with a burning coal, and liis back was turned. My Chainman gave a look and made a gesture which were perfect ly understood by the shrewd little host. “I must be going; old man,” said the Bush ranger, alter his pipe Lad been successfully lighted. “Let’s have a glass of grog all round lirst.” ‘,AU right!” said the little man. Three glasses of rum stood helore the party. My Chainman put his hand forward to take one of the glasses, but Casey, with an awk ward apology about helping the gent lirst, handed the robber that very glass, gave an other to My Chainman, and drank otf the third himself. My Chainman understood all this, and hoped that the stupiiylng portion would soou take etlect. But no. The ruffian's constitu tion was as sound as the foundation of St. Bauls, and the draught only increased liis bharpness and penetration ;‘1J0 you think 1 don't see through you?” said lie with a diabolical glance at Caslv “I am not sure ot you” (this was to Mv Chafe1 man) ; If I was,I know what I should “What have! done sir?” said ctey d°' “What have you done, you villain? Even thing. 111 have your li e 1” verl Now. although'My Chainman did not think that the ruffian meant the threat liter ally, yet he made his preparations. The litl tie leilow was armed to the teeth. He had two revolvers in his side belt, and a double barreled gun stood close to him. A large sheath-knife bung on liis. hip. Every sec ond increased the ruffian's lury. His curses an ! tlieats were apalling. Casey, the other side of the fire, sat the picture of dismay. "Why don’t you answer me?” the robber at last shouted. “Because,” gasped Casey “1 have nothing to say.” 'Ahing to say?” roared the Bushranger. “Take to at.” lie drew a revolver, halt rose from liis seat, and, with wonderful quickness, levelled the weapon at Casey. But My Chainman was quicker than he. He had quietly picked up an American tomahawk which lay on a block beside him, and, just as the Bushranger had giveu the half turu to fire, down came the tomahawk on the back of the neck. The pistol exploded at the same moment. The Wretchad man gave hardly a quiver. lie was dead iu a second. rliie two survivois looked into each other's tacos. 1 Ot course he was a Bushranger! inquired Casey, after a long pause. •‘uf course he was.’ baid My Chainrnan; a id he then told him tli e whole story, “lint even if be were not, I did it iu self-defense, for lie would have shot me the ucxt minute ” “You saved my life, however,’ said Casty, ■•and that is everything to the purpose." “1 Bought at lum,” said My Chaiumau, 1 '?> -i011 weie in league with the robbers.'’ 1 robably I might have been (dreed to )>c so in time,” wasthe reply; “hut I have not been here long, and rely upon it, I shan't he here long.” “What is best to be done P* said My Chain man. “Sliail I ride on aud meet the police, it they nre on the way?” , “l'or the Lores sake, don't!” exclaimed the other, “llis mates are sure to be here in no time, aud they'll torture me it they tin a his out.” „ ., “tiet up behind me, aud we 11 ride off, paid My Chain man. .... “Then i leave everything belonging to me to be plundered.” „WelI, then, man, what is it you want? What's your advice!” “Let us throw the body down that rock in to the scrub there, and then clean up. You ride off. I’ll pretend that their mate was al ter you. If you do meet the police, don't say a word about, it.” “But tiie horse and saddle may be stolen property ?” “You must chance that. It’s the only iilan.” "y vBamman adopted the only plan, rode down to Sydney, and sold the horse. “But now, sir," said he,“comes theslraugest part ol the story, and, if I didn't led sure that you would believe me, I would never tell it. Vears passed, and 1 happened to lie traveling through a town where the assizes where go ing on. I heard that a great murderer was to be tried, so I went to hear the trUJ. I did hear the trial. As I live and must die, one of the officials of that court, and not the low est either, was Jim, the ‘Bushranger who stripped me !" “Of course you communicated your discov ery to the police?" .My (Jhaiuman gave a dry cough, and I rath er think, got red in the face. “I never much cottoned to the police, sir, at any time—least of all then. Not so much for my own sake ps lor others." “I see, I see,” said I: “but hope that was the only human blood you ever shed?” ‘ The only drop, said My Chainman, in some contusion, “saving and excepting one other case. That’s a longer yam than this. T H E CENTRAL Pacific R. R. Co. Havi ng Co mpleted, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hundred Miles of their Road, from Sacramento, Cal ifornia, to within 1 i Miles of the summit of the Sierra Ne vada Mountains, continue to offer for sale, though us, their FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS issued in conformity with the Acts ol Congress and the laws ol the State ol California, upon the division of their Road located in the State ol Calilornia, and extending one hundred and fiity six miles from Sac ramento City to the California State line. The Bonds have thirty years to run lrom July 1, 18U3, and are secured by a First Mortgage, consilutting an absolute prior lien on the portion of Hoad, above nam ed, with all the llighls, Franchises, Fquipments, die., pertaining there to. The amount of these First Mortgage Bond9 to be issued per mile is limited by lav to tho amount of United Statos Bonds allowed and issued to aid the construction of the Hoail, and the mortgage by which they are seeure.l is Declared by Act of Cou gre** to constitute a lieu prior and superi or to that of the United States Government. Interest at the rate of Six per cent, per Annum, payablo Semi-Annually, on the First days of Janu ary and July. Principal and Interest pay able in United States Gold Coin, In tbe oily of New York. Tho price of the Bonds Is fixe 1 for tho present at 95 per cent., and accrued interest lrom January 1st in Currency, the Company leserving the right to ad vance the price whenever it is their interest to do 80. , ., . ..**#»*•« » The liomi forms tho WomUsrn part of Litt* MAIN TRUNK OF THIS Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted, and aided by The United States Government. It runs through the heart of the richest and most populous section of tho State of California, connect ing the Extensive Mining Regions of Ne vada, (J tali and Idaho With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast,from whence their supplies must be drawn; and the EaruingB of the portion already running aro very heavy, and LARGELY IN EXCESS OF THE INTEREST FPON THE Company’s Bonds. Having been for some time familiar with the ope rations of the Central Pacific Railroad Company, wo are satisfied that they are conducted with rare abili ty and prudence, and that the energetic and econom ical management of the Company's affairs entitles them to the confidence of Capitalists and tlio public. We have carefully investigated the tho progress, re sources, and prospects of the road, and have the full es'; confidence in its success, and in tho value and stability ot the Company’s securities. The attention of Trustees of Estates, Institutions, and individual* desiring a long, safe and remunerative investmeni, is especially invited to those First Mortgage Bond*. Orders inay be forwarded to us direct, or through the principal Banks and Bankers in all parts of the country. Remittances may be mu'o in drafts on New York, or in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds current in this city', and the Bonds will l*e forwar 'ed to any address by Express, free of charge. Inquiries for further particulars, by mail or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. Sc Hatch, Baukcm it ml Dealer* in Government Se curilic*, No. l> Nassau Street, N. Y. N. B.—All kinds of Government .Securities receiv ed at the fall market price iu exchange for the above Bonds. Also WAll descriptions of Government Securities kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. rar-Old Coin and U. S. Coupons bought, sold, and collected. DejtosHs received on liberal terms, subject to cheek at sight. C’ST* Collections made throughout the country. {T4P* Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. Special Attention given to the Exchange of SE VEN-THJ li i'Y NOTES of all the Series for (he New FIVE-TWENTY BONUS of ISOS, on the most favorable terms. marddliu • NATHAN GO OLD, Merchant Tailoi*, Has gut back to Ills Old Stand, 1Vo. 137 Middle Street, Where he has a splendid assortment of all kinds of CLOTHS, For Gentlemen anti Boy’s Wear, Which he 1r ready to make Into Garments, ! AT THE TEBI LOWEST KATES. Hr*ALL GOODS WARRANTED. P. S.—AU old cu; turners and lots of now ones will find him ready with his tape to “Give them Pits.” mar7-dtf NEW GOODS! 1\ B. FROST, ITSefi'cEiant Tailor, 3321-2 Congress Street, lias just received a line lot ot goods XsixXZ, ta Kimball & Brinve, T>enti*tN. fl0- 11 01aPP’3 Bi**, Congress Str® ,t. ®P5»«»*ite Old Clily Hall, O.KUobaa,DTj.LANoeD,i,“^*. -1Ut;,‘lUl Pred A. Prb ace To Rent. --- — WAREHOUSE on Custom House ’«rh9rf r. quire ol LYNCH. BARKFIR& co BaTldl)_tjaComm./reig . Dr. Foster. ^ ' HAVING decided to remain In T'ortland in.™ hereafter lie fonnd at No 7 Browo, stroct in si o'i'i posite his old place. Oftlcohourifr^m ll Jin. to' ° P M; from 6 to 1U evening. mar37dMr* MERCHANDISE. LUMBER, _ Wholesale and Retail* HOARDS, Hank, Sliinglua andSeantllngol all size* constantly uu hand. Building material sawed to order. ISAAC DVEK4 #uglltf No. vi Union \Vharh_ LUMBER ! All kinds of SPRUCE LUMBER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Frames and Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. Clapboards, Shingles and Laths. PERKINS, JACKSON A CO., lllgli Street Whart, 302 Commercial, janldtf foot of High street. COAL. ! COAL. ! Coal for Ranges Furnaces, —ajtih— PAKLOR STOVES, At Law Bntea far Cask. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. 1410 TON* LUMP LEI1ICU. Also a lot of DRY SLAB WOOD, sawed in stove length, delivered in any part of the city, at $8 per cord. PERKIN*, JACKSON A AO., Iligh Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, jan4d tf Foo t of High si not. $8. CHEAP COAL l $8. W2 can now otter nice CHESTNUT COAL at $8.00 per tua, delivered at any part of the city. Also for sale at the lowest market price, Old Co. Leliigli, SUGAR LOAF LEHIGH, For Furnace. Fur Binge, and Cook Stoves, John’. While A.h, Diuinond, Red A.h, which are tree ot all impurities and very nice. Also Cuuibcrluud I A ear go just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use! * We keep constantly on hand a full assortment ot Choice Fumily Coal. Those wishing to pur chase largo lots will do well to give us a call before purchasing. HARD AND SOFT WOOD Delivered at any part of the city at short notice. Kan (lull, McAllister & to, No. 60 COMMEUCIAL ST, ocKSdtt n Head of Maine Wharf. Southern Pine. ABOtTT 140 M very superior Flooring and Step Boards now landing at Custom Iionse Wharf, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to C. M. DAVIS Ac CO., 117 Commercial street. Portland, Nov. 21, I860. _ nov22dtf Coal, Coal, Coal. JUST RECEIVED and for sale by the undersigned at their Wharl, Cor. Franklin Wharf & Commercial St.. 275 Tons Hazel ton Lehigh, BROKEN AND EGG SIZE. 300 TONS LOCUST MOUNTAIN EGG AND STOVE SIZE. 300 TONS LOBERY, Free burning and VERY PURE, and all kinds White and Bed Ash Coal. Theqe Coals are ol the very best quality, and war anted 1 ogive satistaction. Also, BOO cords ot bestquality of HARD uml SOFT WOOD, which we wjll sell at the vary lowest price and deliver it to any part ol the city at short notice. |gF"Glve us a call and try us. S. ROUNDS & SON. Jan 15th—dtf _ Southern Pine Lumber WE are prepared to execute orders i'or SOUTH* KKN PINE LUMBER, by tile oargo, deliver* edwith dispatch at any convenient port. RYAX ic DAVIS April 17—dtf 101 Commercial St. Sain t Louis Flour / / C1HOICE New Wheat Family Flour of the most ) celebrated brands. T. Harrison Jk Co., Plants* Eagle, Brilliant VXX, Dictator, Tropical, Ainaranto, Whitmore, FOR SALE BY Churchill,Browns & Manson uug7dtf __ Corn, ii’lour, Ac.. Ac. 5,500 vuau. riilMJS YELLOW CORN. 7 ‘>00 Bbl*. “Goldi n Sheaf Flour. 50 “ “Manchester” Flour. 15 u K-nip Pork. H “ Leaf Lard. Cargo Schooner “Julia Baker,” from Baltimore, now landing, and for sale by CltASE BROTHEBS, March 20. dtt Head Long Wliarl. Trinidad Molasses. -I r/N IIHBS. PRIME QUALITY TRINIDAD LOU MOLASSES for sale by LYNCH, BANKER A CO., noviadtf 139 Commercial Street. SPRING STYLE GOODS - AND - SPRING FASHIONS! Both for Garments for OUT DOOR WEAR - AND FOK - Ultras SUITS! Have been received by WILLIAM C. BECKETT, MERCHANT TAILOR, At Uis mew store and old loca lsn, No. 137 Middle Street. Among his last accessions are the Fancy Stripes for Pantaloons of divers colors, which have recently come into vogue la the Jaiger cities. Many varietiesol FANCY GOODS THICK and SUBSTANTIAL, intended lor busi ness Hui.s during the chilly weather that is yet to come. -also Fine Tricots* Twilled Broad cloths, and other Nice Fabrics Cor in-door occa sions, and Now Styles feilks and Cashmeres for Vestings. In short, the bu*>t ol the styles of Goods tlmt are to be found in NEW YORK AND BOSTON, May hero be obtained, and Ids old friends and tbo public are respectfully in vited to examine for them selves. NI5W STORK 13? MIDDLE ST. March 21,1-67. dtf New Store—Just Open. BLUNt“& FOSS, DEALERS IN Builders Hardware,Nail&,G!a8s,Wooden Ware DOORS, SASH AND BLINDS, and OARPKN TERS’ TOOLS in Great Variety. On between Hampshire «£ Fianklin Sts • i as. F. Blunt. ja24d3m+ Jas. a. Foss. O Y S YJB3 M IS ! wilmamhT barton, At his stores, No-. 231 & 233 Congress Street, near New City Building, is oonstanily receiving fresh arrivals of New York and Virginia Oysters, which he ; ris prepared to sell by the gallon, quart or bushel, or served up in any style. January *i,twr. dtf Olass Shades & Stands* JOSEPH STORY Mnnntncturir and Dealer in Enameled Slate •Chimney Pieces, Brackets, Pier Slabs, Grates ant Ciiimnet Tops. Importer and dealer In Eng lish Floor Tiles, German and Kiev:i’ll Flower Puts, Hanging Vases, Parian, Bisque, and Bronze Statuetts ami Busts. Glass Shades and Walnut Stands, Bolie miau and Lava Vases and other wares. 112 TREMONT STREET. Studio Budding mar lBdCni BOSTON, Mass. WRIGHT & BUCK, Proprietors of Oreenivood, Mill, bdcksville, 8. c. DEAT ERS In Yellow Pine Timber and Ship Stock. Orders solicited. KEFrBFVCES-R. P. »><* & Co., New York; Win. aicUUverv. Esq., Searsport, Ryan i navis, Portland. _ggjg” Notice. PERSONS clearing tbe ruins or digging cellars will tindagoort place to deposit their rubbish on Prauklin Wharf. _ septtn<tu IS. ROUNDS, Wharfinger. CIUAscm. you ai. Imported and domestic Cigars lor sals by c. C. MITCHELE & SON, jnlUM 178 Fora Street MISCELLANEOUS. STEAM REUSED SOARS LEATUE~& OOltE, WOULD Bolicit tlie attention ot the trade ai consumers to their Standard Biands ot STEAM KF.l'lM'A) SO.VPS -Viz: EXTRA, FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE. CHEMICAL OLIV R. CRANE'S l'ATBN, SODA. AND AMERICAN CASTILE. Allot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, ill packages suit ble Ibr tlio trade ami tar.idy use. Importing direct onr chemicals, find using only 1: best materials, and as our goods are ninimhictiu e under tbe personal supervision ol our senior partm who has bad tlnriy years practical i xpericnce in ' b business, we therefore assure tbe public with cui deuce that we can and wild- fumtSD tbe Best Goods at the Lowest Friers! Having recently enlarged and erected NiA WOltKS, containgall the modern improvements, \v arc enabled to lurniFh a supply ot soup* ol th Beat <iuuliiiph, adapted to the demand, tor part and I>o merit it? Louhumpiiou* LEAT HE A- (JOBE’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS I SOLD BY ALL TIIE Wholesale Grocers Throughout the Slute. Death e Clore, 397 C’owiueruml Si, 47 fctft Beaeli Jftreel. W PORTLAND, MAINE. arch 2f—dtt _ The Sunday Morning Advertiser is tlio largest quarto sheet of the kind in New Eng land, and contains Atoric*, Sketches, New* of the Dny. WnHiet Jtrporf* and %'elegraphie l>i»|>aU'htv* up to a late hour Saturday evening. City subscrib ers supplied Sunday morning, at $2.50 a year, in ad vance. Mail subscribera, $2.00. feblOdtf M-.h. beddy' • MERCH A NT TAJLOR, AXD PEALK't I.V GENTS* FURNISHING GOODS, No. 107 FEDERAL STREET. Wo have in store one of the lines! assortment of ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and DOMESTIC CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, &v.t that can be found in Portland. These g«x>ds have been selected witli great care and especially adapt eft to the fashionable trade, and at prices that cannot fail to please, and all goods thoroughly shrunk and satisfaction guaranteed. A call is respectfally solicited. Thankful to friends for past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. ^janOdtf_ M. 11. REDDY. Proprietor. Scliootj* r lor Sale. The fine white oak aud copper-tasfened fast sailing Seliooner IDA MORTON, 49 12-100 tons new measurement, well found and adapted for the Coasting or Fishing business, is now offered for sale by the Eastern Packet Co. For particulars enquire o M. N. RICH, Jan28dtt No. 3 Long Wharf HANSON <0 WINSLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, -AND Plough Manufactory, WE would inform the public that wo arc prepar ed to furnish Castings of every description to order at short notice. Wc now have on hand an as sortment ot Window Weights. Sled Shoos and other castings. 6£f5*" Wc are prepared to famish Castings for Rail Road Companies and Ship Builders. Also, Planing, Joining, Matching and Sawing promptly done J. W. HANSON, C. ('. WtNSLOW. 40 Yerk Nt«, Head of Smith’.* Wharf. Jar 1—d CLO oksT Calendar Clocks, .Howards Clocks, Office and Bank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Bar lor, and «, All Kinds of Clocks. 64 EXCHANGE STREET, LOWELL .V SE3NTKR. Portland Jan. 17th, 1867. dCtn WM. C. DUNHAM, Announce* to hi* friend* and the jmb’ic generally, that he i* prepared to take contracts by the day or job for Excavating Cellars, Removing Earth, Taking Down Walls, Laying Found*lion? ,&o. Mr. Dunham will execute all contracts entrusted to him with the same promptn ss. faithfulness and des patch which cliaractorized Ids last season's v/oi k. In regard to which he liegs leave to refer to the tbl tow ing gentlemen:—! Ion. A. W. H. Clapp, lion. John Musscv, Hon, W. W. Thomas, James Todd, Esq., M. G. Palmer, Fsq., John B. Pike, Esq. P. S.—All parties wishing earth, can have their order* filled l>y leaving them at my oliico in the €IIAD\VIC« MAIVKIOX, jar a ml Ditch for Hale. For Sale l>y LVUIAV, HON A- TO BE V, MarOtt 115 Commercial St. Lea Ac Perrinw’ UEI.EBKATH11 Worcestershire Sauce l PRONOUNCED BY Connoisseur* To be The “Only Good Sauce!” And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF D I H II . EXTRACT ol a letter from a Medical (Icntleman at Madras, to Ills Brother sit Worcester, May, 1851. “Toll Lea & Per rins that their Sauce is highly esteemed in India, and is in my opinion the most pal atable as well as tin most w hoi e s o m o Sauce that is made.” The success ot this most delicious and unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perkins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA A' PERRINS, Worcester. John Duncan’s Son#, NEW YORK, Agents for the United States. ocl7dly The undersigned would respectfully call the attention of the citizens of Portland to the fact that, he is prepared to otier them PARLOR SUITS —AND ALL— UPHOLSTERY GOODS *■'' iiisouiv jiami acit ki:: Which he will ;ilwa\s WARRANT TO BE AS REC OMMENDED, with Prices Beyond Competition ! IV. B.—Kepairiujj; of all liindii uealiy anti promptly done CHAS. B. WIIITTEMORE, (Sucetssor to (Seb. T. Burroughs .V Co.,) fch20i!tf LANCASTKIl HALL. $ioo. • $100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE• Patterson & Cliad1»oi*nc, Hlorfon II lock, 2 doors above Preble House. THE new Bounties,'under the law approved Jitb 28 th, I860, Increase of PenKions, Arrears of Pay, Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov» ern men 1, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hare been received, and claiik ants should hie their claims prompfh/. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut, nth. Me. Vols. Paul Chaduourne, late Mat. 1st Me. Onv. Oct 16-dtf _ n International Telegraph COMPAIN Y. The Lines of this <\»mp:niv are now open for busi ness with Stations at Hath, Portland, Biddeford, Ports mouth, Salem and Boston, And connection with New York, Philadel phia. Baltimore, WuMhniRfo*!. and other ^avts of the country, stations will shortly oc opeued at Ncwbuifporl, ii> n 11, lp»wic3a, Vruns* wick, and oil* r Fooiim. The completion of these lines was the signal lor the Reduction ol Through Tariffs from all parts along the route of the lines, while at the p.iids not reached by the Company and ffs connection, the old High Ra*cs are maintained, and will doubtless le main so until these lines are extended, which will be rapidly done. Every effort will be made to maintain the Lffie* in the best condition and to transact the business with the ntmost correctness and despatch. HInin Office cor. Exchange uud Fore Mm. Branch *>fHce at CovelPs Apothecary St re under Preble II ou- c. lel>22 d tt Cr AS " FI XT IIM ES!

JOHN KINSMAN lias a good assortment of GAS FIXTUKES of all kinds, and will sell them as low na they can l»c bought in Boston, New York or elsewhere. JOHN KINSMAN, Union street, mchldtf PORTLAND* ME. Notice to Land Kohlers. MR O’DUKOOHER. Builder, is prepared to take coniraets tor building, either by JoB or by DAY WORK. Can furnish First Class workmen and material of all description. Residence AMERICAN HOUSE. India Street, Portland. August 17th, 1M0 aug^Odtf 3.MS4:eUASiE«lS A CARD. THE undersigned having REMOVED trom Ware’s Hall, "will OPEN THIS DAY THEIR NEW STORE No. 3 Free St. Block, And would invite the attention of the Clolliing, Tailoring & Dry Goods Trade to their Large and well Assorted New Stock - OF - Foreign & Domestic Woolens, Ta i lor s’ Trimmings, —AND— Gentlemen 's Fiirnisliinp Goods! Purposed the past week tor Cash, which "trill he oflejd to the trade at the lawest market prices. Shelling your patronage. wo remain Yours Very Truly, CIADBOUEN & KENDALL. Jauary 15, 1807. CMhiny Cleansed and Jlei>aired B' WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at PI Federal trcet, k? now located at his new storeNo61 Fed eral;!, alow doors below Lime street, will attend to lis usual business ot Cleansing and Repairing Cluing ot all kinds with liis usual promptness. & Second-hand Clothing tor sale at fair prices. an 8—f _____ J. & C. J. BARBOUR, Manufacturers and Retailers of loots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, EOKTIAND, ME. to die*' and Misses’ ^crjje ami Calf BcoIn. HciiN Fiuc Calf and Thick Boot**. In i n’, Youth*’ uud Children’s Boots nnd Hhoc-. lubber Bools and Shoe* of all kinds. (AK AN» HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. BIOEASSES IIOSE, ENGIAE HOSE 1UBIJER BELTING. BUBBElt PACKING. Rubber C'lofbiug, Bnlibcr JUIN BARBOUR. C.J. BARBOUR. E. R. BAKROUH. invi.8 dt> Grossman’s Polish, Crossman’s Polish. Ciossman’s Union Furniture Polish! rrHE best ill the world for Polishing Mahogany, 1 Walnut, Stair-Posts, Pails, Counters, or any kin! ot Furniture. This Polish has been used by Mr Crownnn (or the last twenty years, giving perfect sat isiuciun to all. It is warranted to stand a tenipera tureoi two hundred degs. of heat, and is not other wisocasily deliieed. Furniture polished with it will be prfectly dry and ready for use In five minutes al ter lie Polish is put on. Price Seventv-Five and Fit ly Ck. per bottle; anyone ean use it by following the Erections on the bottle. lleercnce—Messrs C. »X:JL. Frost,Cap! Inman, ITS A, Messrs. Breed x Tukoy, Benj Stevens, Jr., Wm. Allei, N. M. Woodman. Fir sale bv Burgess, Fobes & Co. W. F. Phillips & C ., H. H. Hay Co, Samuel Roll, H. W. & A. Eci rt»g. Maiulactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite head of Green st. S.C. 1UGGS, Agent, deefedtt Portland, Maine. itarbour & Dennison Ilavo opened in Cliarol»ers (over tl»e retail Store of J. A C. JT« Bar bour,) A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF ■French & German Calfskins. A large variety of Tampico Kid and Goat Morocco. Superior finished Oak Tanned, Polished and Oiled drain Lenlhcr* Barbour Brothers famous Irish SHOE THREADS, by dozen or bale. PHILA DELPHIA CITY TANNED Sole Leather, light and heavy. Slaughter and Spanish Sole Leather, extra qualify. Women’s Rubber Over-shoes, made in i France, quality superior to American, and sold at much lower rales. General assortment ot BOOTS and SHOES, sold by dozen or case, at lowest cash rates. Shoe Stock exchanged for manufactured work Liberal advances made on first quality of Boots aud Shoes. NO. IO EXCHANGE STREET. CHARLES J. BARBOUR, Iebl9d&w2m WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Organs and Melodeons I SMALL & KNIGHT, (Successor* to *V. D« ChcueyO CCi ITS A £6Ztk 'B' and ready to supply all in want of Organs or Mclo deons, and will spare no expense to sustain tlie repu tation of instrumenls from this manufactory in years past. Organs and Melodeons to let. Repairing promptly attended to. melUM&.wliu EUREKA ! EUREKA!! C^IALL al 1151 1-2 Cong? ess Street, and see the J iilltlKA tliOTHrS WKINGKK!! Warranto 1 the best Wringing Machine ever invent od. it Is enlirelv seif adjusting, tlie most simple in eonstruetioti and is less liable to get out of jrdev than any oilier in use. Knowing we have an article which wiil uive perfect satisfaction, wo respectfully solicit a st arc ot public patiouage. For sale by COX A TO WARS, Agents for the State of Maine. Porf’tnd, March 5, ls67. tnarCdtl To Mill Owners and Corporations. THE PORTLAND COMPANY, PORTLAND, ME., Are prepared to till all orders at short notice, and ou as favorable terms as any other establishment fin Portable and Stationary Engines, OF ALL SIZES, Flue arid Tabular Rollers, TANKS AND HEATERS, Blencli Boilers for Paper Mills, Mill Gearing and Shafting OK ALI, DESCItIPTlOKS. Aatl nil kinds of EASTINGS used In W ater Power and steam Mills. «Editor: p. mouse, supt. JACOB McLELLAN, XreaB. March 15. d3m “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE swrom>.» - v i He Gold Pan—Boat and Cheapeit of Penr, Morton’s Gold Pens J The Best Pens in the World! For sale at his Headquarters, No 25 Malden Lane, New York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the same prices. HP" A Catalogue, with (tail description ot*Sizes and Prices, sent on receipt ct letter postsge. n#20d&wCm A. MORTON. JORDAN & RANDALL HAVING REMOVED TO THE Store No. 145 Middle St., (Kvaiin Block,) Would rcsitectfully invito the trade to examine their stock oi Tailors’ Trimmings, Selected Expressly for this Market. SIP" By personal attention to businusi we hope to ,l»etit a share ot public patronge. WILLIAM P. JORDAN, CEO. A. RANDALL. Portland, March 18,1887. dtf SPERM, WHALE, LARD, BINNACLE, And LUBRICATING OILS, Sperm Candles ! M WHOLESALE and RETAIL! V. V. FULLER, IDS Eore Street. UNWANTED—Three or four, hundred or hun dred and fitly gallon Oil Cans. marl<kl3m Horn. Horn. I ri BUSHELS old high mixed and 1 fJ«V/\7V/ Southern Yellow Corn. High mixed now landing. For sale by E. II. BURGI1V A CO., nic>Hdtf 120 Commercial Street. J. I>. CHENEY AjaV 1>o found at tlie Melodeon Manufactory ot ill SMALL & KNIGHT, It. Alnrk.t Squarr, "here ho will keep a good assortment of ORGANS and MELOIXEONS to let. At.SO: Will attend personally to tuning and repa' ->ng Mu steal Instillments. ma'tuWTlm For Sale Clicaf». 40 M feet extra Southern Pine, Inch thick and from 6 to S inches witio. 10 M 1$ inch do, 12 to 14 in width. K. PEERING, ja*i30ti Hobson’s Whart. Commercial street. MEDICAL. P^OTQQJ*AJPHI ITS EFFECT IS MIRACULOUS. The old, the young, the middle aged unite to pnlM HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. It is an entirely now scientific discovery, combining many of the most powerful and restorative agents in the vegetable kingdom. We have such confidence in its merits, and are ao sure it will do aH we claim for it, that we offer $1,000 Reward If the Sicilian Hair Renewek does not give sat isfaction in all cases when u»ed in strict accord ance with our instructions. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ilenewer has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the Hair ever offered to the public. It is a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious propel tics whatever. It is not a live, it strikes at the Hoots and fills the glands with new life and coloring mutter. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGIN,!! COLOR. It will keep the Hair from falling out. It cleanses the Scalp, and makes the Hair SORT, LUSTROUS, ANII SILKEN IT IS A SPLENDID HAIR-DRESSING I No person, old or young should fail to use it It is recommend*<1 and used by the jFJUST METR ICAL AUTHORITY. Ask for Hall’s Vegetable SiciuAE Hair Renewek, and take no other. The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Hair Re newek to the public, entirely confident that it will bring back the hair to its original color, promote ita growth, and in nearly all cases where it has falkan off will restore it unless the person is very aged. n. P. IIAIX & CO. Proprietons Nashua, N. H. Sold by all Druggists. DOMESTIC BITTERS, - OR - INDIAN BLOOD PIRIVIEB!! ' i IIESE Bitters are made from the original reel]*, a-" obtained of a celebrated Indian Physician, by trid I)r. Gould, of Mohawk. N. Y.,and aro warranted su perior in every respect to Kennedy** Medical Discov ery; Townsend’s, Bull’s, or Samis’ Sai»ai*»rilla; .Janes’Alterative; Weaver’s Syrup; Atwood’s, Lang ley’s, or Abbot’s Bitters, and all other preparations ol a similar nature ever compounded. We challenge the world to produce their equal! for purityiag the blood, and curing Scrofula, Sal' Rheum. Erysipelas, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, .Jaundice, Liver Complaint, CostiVcness, Bilious Af fections, Indigestion, Headache or General Debility. W. W. WKCIPPLU & CO. Wholesale and Retail Agents, 21 Market Square. March 6. c 3m HOTELS. Gorham House ! GORHAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber having leased the abovo House lor & term of years, is prepared to ac commodate parties and the public generally, aml from his long experience in Hotel keep log hopes to receive a liberal share cf the public patronage, having kept a Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. Janl5<lSru S. B. BKOWN. NEW STYLE SEWED SKIRTS MADE TO OUDElt — AT— HO DSD ON ’S I ■ MIBHaiHMi ~ii-r-Tnimu i M AN UFA UTOR Y, 6 CLAPP’S BLOCK, Congress Street. LADIES, IF YOU WANT THE Best and Cheapest Skirt EVER MADE CALL AND LEAVE VOt'II OKDEH FOB OAE OF Ol'B New Style Sewed Skirts MADE BY US From tho BEAT STOCK in the Market, and every Wire Sewed lo the Tape BV IIAMI. English Corsets 1)0 cts.! German Corsets $ 1.00! French Corsets 175 ALL WAII11 AX TED 1 A New Lot of Paris Kid Gloves Jail Received Direct! THE BEST IN THE MARKET! A new Lot Real anti Imitation CLUNY AND THREAD LACE COLLARS ! Open Thlo Day—Al Low l*riccs ! (^“REMEMBER THE PLACE, J. ¥. HODS DON, (Sueinwr t* J. F. KAMD.) NO. 6 CLAPP’S BLOCK. CONGRESS STREET. Hoop Skirts Made to Order. mch2 (ltf ~ S PR I NGr - AND - S U Iff 1?1 E It GOODS ! I —AT— JP. B. FROST’S. I FATING Just returned ironi the market with a ' ”1 fine stock of goods adapted to tlio Spring and Summer trade of thin place, which 1 will manufac ture item 11 ty own personal cutting and Hui»erinteml •uce Ten per cent. Cheaper Than any oilier tailor ran do, from (lie same quality of Hoods. As my expenses are that much ; mailer Ilian tlielrs wlilch advantage I will give my customers. Mv place of business is 332 1-2 Congress Street, Just above nicchiiuies’ Hall, on ll«« oppo site side of the Street, Wlitre 1 shall bo happy to Btje lar^e qnantl let or customers, to prove u»y assertion true. P. B. FROST, 33^5 1-a Congress St. March 20—d3w A Good Opportunity IS now offered to those wishing to make purchases in Watches, Clocks und Jewelry. Purchasers would do weft to call on w. F. TODD, 43 I’rer. Opposite the Head of Cotton Street, As ho will sell out his Stock of Goods W ilhout Regard to Cost! Preparatory to moving Into his new store on Ex change street. » 53C“ Qo and prtco his Goods and see tor yourselt. -Marl-oodtiw *• MEDICAL. ..— --- i - ■*. DB.J.B.HI/OUES CA» BE f0U3D AT BIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS/ -Vo. 14 Preble Street. Near the Preble Ueusr, WHEItE he ran be consulted privately, ami with ] the Utmost contidenre hy the afflicted, at no"r* daily, nod thorn 8 A. M. to » 1*. M. •fio'ol1 ‘ tlwae who are sutlering under the 1,1 ‘ rivutc diseases, whether arising from lR,vSf?oli2J?lett!?n 2rtl“-- terrible vieooi1 sell'-ahusa. thc ou lT. ni".,^!., rc tluu’,tn t,uw particular branch ol aviTk'vT, !T , n’ «fl» warranted lb Ui'A« siaiidine'or --■ * ,N ,A,X «***», whether of long Jroe3 Jl .wL l,,o';hr'“ u''''eu,lri,|.v removing the fcmi “'kin* a per He would call the attentiun of thi* ^ *» fact of his toug-etaudiug and well-ran,*| ^epumtlin furnish nig sufficient assurance of his skill and mio cess. _ Canlion »• the Public. Every intelligent and thinking person must know hut remedies handed out tor general use should have heir efficacy established by well tested experience in the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose Rrejwiratorv studies iit him lor ail the duties he must 1I11I; yet the country h» flooded with poor nostrums and cure-nils, purporting to be tl»e best in the world, which are not only uaelese, but always injurious. The unfortunate sltould beuPAUTlCULAi: in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti ble met, that many syphilitic patients are made mis erable with mined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced pity si. ians in general practice; tor itisa point generally conoeUed by tin) beat sypliilog ra phe rs, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treat ment and cure. The tner.perienced general pru. ll tioner, having neitlier opputmih nor time to milk himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatim nt, in most cases mak ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. IVuvc tauddsacs. Ail who have committed an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebnke of misplaced confidence in maturer yours, SEEK FOR AM ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, ami Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to tlie w hole system. Do not wait, for the consummation that is sure to fol low; do not wall tor Unsightly Ulcors, tor Disabled Lint!*, for Loss of Beauty ami Complexion. How Man7 Thousandsf'nn Testify to TUI* by ITubaopy Kvperiencr! Young men troubled with enits^ions in sleep,—a complaint generally the lesult of a bad habit in youth.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some ot whom are as weak and emaciated as though they ha<l the consumption, aud by tlmir friends are supposed to have it. Ail such eases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time art made to rejoice in perfect health. ffliddie-Atf«d iTIru. There are many men of tlie age of thirty who nit troubled w ltli too fir<X|iieiit evacuations from tlie blad der, often accompanied by a slight mum ting or burn ing HcnKition, and weakening the system in a man ner the patient cannot account for. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often 1h found, and somet imes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will lie of a thin milk ish hue, aga*n changing to a dark and turbid aj>iM*ar aucc, There are many men who die of this difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. T can warrant a perfect cure m such cases, and a full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult tlie Dr., can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a descrip tion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will Ihj forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be returned, if dosired. Address: DR. .1. P. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble St met. Next door to tho Treble House, Portland, Me. IBP-" Send a Stamp tor Circular. Electic Medical Infirmary, TO THE LADIES. DU. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies, who need a medical adviser, to cal! at his rooms, No. H Preble Street, wliicb tboy will find arranged for tlieii especial accommodation. l)r. U.’s Electic Renovating Medicines arc unrival- | led in efficacy and superior virtue in rogulating all , Female Irregularities. Their action is specific atol certain of producing relief in a short, time. LADIES will find It invaluable In all cases of oh- ' structions after all other remedies bfive been tried in vain. It ^ purely vegetable, containing nothing in tlie least injurious to the health, and may t»o take) with perfect safety at all throes. Sent to any i»art of the country, with fall directions by adtlreeslng DR. HUG1! ES, No. 14 Preblo Street, Portland. N. B.—-Ladies desiring may consult one of theii own sex. A lady of experience iu constant attend ance. janl.I8l>5di!fcw. THE BihnuMleil Fowrn of NmtWf* which are accompanied by *0 nmny alarming symptoms—in disposition to Exertion, Los <-f Mem ory, WjU^etulnesx, horror of disease, trembling,pros tration. It in a speedy ami effectual reined v far all diseases of the Bladder and Kidney*, obstruction* of the Urine, Gravel. Stricture, pain in the back qi joints, Stono in the Bladder, Disease* of the Pros trate Gland, Involuntary Emissions, Dropsical Swellings, and disease* ot the Urinary Organ* in men, women and children. IT WILL CUBE All weaknesses ari*!ng from Excesses, Habits of Dis sipation, Early Indiscretion or Aboxe. 1)K. H’UTKS EXTRACT OF BUCHU Is given *irb great xnccesa In all complaint* of th<> Urinary Organs, whether new or long suuxiing. misn mil WratwM», Chronic Catarrh, irritation of the Bladder, apfl t» tcotioa or incontinence of (brim*, from a loss m tone In the part* concerned in its evaluation. It h also recommemlcd for Dyspepsia, Chronic ilheumathmi Eruptions ou tlie Skin, and Dropsy. It is The FcmuiiIc’n iri'ieucl. In all afteclioua peculiar to Females, the BUCHU is invaluable in Chlorosis or retention, irregularity. Painful or Sum rested Menstruation, Leucorm a, o* Whites, and all complaints incidental to Lite sex, whether ar.Biug from indixcretion,or in the decline or change of lilt. For pimples ou the Face, use the Buchu. Put up in Larger Bottles, Stronger and Better n» Quality, and Leg* in Price, than any other so-called Extract of Buchu. Price,Our Dollar Per Bottle, or Aiulf-do/ for Fire Dollwr*. Prepared and tor sale by JIKNKY \. CHOATE. Chemist and DrnggEt, under Kevoio House, Boat ou. Retail by ail Druggist* every where. Wholesale Agent W. F. Phillip* A Go., Portland, G. C. Goodwin & Co., and Messrs Garter «& Wiley, Boston, Mu.**. mailftklliin The Eye, Ear, Catarrh - AND - THROAT. Mrs. Manchester THE UVDKFItXDenT CLAIJl VOYANTl AND * Eclectic Physician l From 618 Broadway, New York, lias returned to Portland, and can be consulted at her rooms at the Preble House. Certificate* of Carrs, This is to« ertii'y that I have born cured of Catarrh in the worst form, by Mrs. Manchester. 1 have bfecn to New York ami Boston, have paid out largo sums oi money, and was never bouofitied, but in most all oas es made worse. I saw Mrs. M. in June. She told me my ease was a had one, the tubes in the throat and uf>per parts of the lungs liad become very* much af fected, all of which I knew was the ease. 1 com menced taking her medicine in June, and can truly say tlial I am now a well man. 1 am a trader, and in the habit of talking a great deal, and her curing ine will lie Lite means of hundreds nt dollars in iuv pock ets, as now i can talk without bunint; uh>. (h> and consult her, and you will hr pflrfectfy saRftned. b. 11. Stephens, Del lust, Ale. Bangor, Mst 15,18B6. Mrs. Manciibstcr—Dear Madam:—Wlfeu yon were in Bangor last summer, I called to see you with a child of mine that had been sick for fouryears. 1 had taken her to h number of physician*, and non. could tell what ailed her or even ner symptoms. Yon j examined her case, and told me exactly her symp toms from the commencement ol her sickness, which were very peculiar; also told iuo that there was something alive in her, and also wild there was a num ber of them, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. Von said tiiat you would not warrant a cure, but would try and do the best you could for her. She commenced taking your medicine in August last, and front that time until December, the child has passed otf large quanl idos of what we call Tadpolefrom rain-water, and 1 think, ami am certain tiiat the child must have died had it not been for yon. And 1 advise evervboily to see Mrs. Man chester, for X know that she has the power of know - ing the condition of a person diseased better than an v peysioian that I hare ever hoard *>fc Mv child is now perfectly healthy. Please hav* tins published, and let the world know tiuu there is one who practises what they profess to. Very truly and gratefully yours, „ . G BORG R F. M ABTIX, feogdtt Mary L. Martin. GREAT DISCOVERY I ROGERS’ Excelsior Tain Curer. The Host Preimration Cvur lHnde For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS mid NEUKALOIC PAfNS, PLEPRlsV PAINS, RHEUMATISM, TOOTHACHE, HEAU4CRE, EARACHE, STIFF NECK, DIPHTHERIA, . „ .SOKE raROATamiAfiWE. Alsu invaluable in *U cap us of Swain* anil Bruises Try It an. I y ml wiltV salidlest. 5llnimfcotnru.| nisi sold wholesale and retail by W. W. Rogers 1 Corner, Maino, Sold in Portland li T’y & CO., wholesale aridreU,:. ' j„ “dr,',. ®«. nar kins' r ~ catarrh Troclie* niU Cure Catarrh, ('onr/hs. Colds, Hoarseness, Bronclutts, and all affections »</' the Throat. Public SpeiiUcm iintl Miusri* n«* fbcm Minister*, Lawyers, Doctor*, Sea CapmUia, iU| u» them with the best voHiilr*. .\m'nri? the lmndren* <>t thousands who have used them. there is but one voice, anti that of approval. 1 l.ey inyuriHbly pro mote digestion, aivl relieve Kidney A ihsctioint. Ju*t try one box and you will lx* convinced. ritEHAKEP BY E. B. IIOPKIWH, 91. B.t 14*j Wa-bi.mton Ntiwi, Beaton, 91a»». Wholesale Agents for Maine,— \V. F. PniLUPM & Co., I „ 4l Nathan Wood, | Portland. Hold at Retail by all Druggists. fob25 J & w if H. W. SIMONTON & CO., 349 Congress St., Up Stairs. Fancy I, (’.liars 1.1c. Tucked ilo. IOc, Clouds, N7r. Pebbled C ,1.43. DbetUud Veils SO and 73 ala. tyOVorttod Goods at Boducad Prkoa. j attdu FiAlLWJil'N. POKTLAIIU SACO A RORTSMOIFTH K.R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, Co name lacing >1 outlay, Nov* t'Jtkf ISO *. Passenger Train-* tears Portland lor -ion *4*».4U A. M., ami 2.20 P. M. n lor Portland at 7.J0 A. If., and U.d® P. M A .Mechanic’s a d Labovek's Train wnl uave Biddeh.rd dally. Sundaysexcepted, at 0 A. M., ana Saco at 6 u>, arriving in Portland at O.U*. Kecnming, will leave Portland i*«r Saco ami Bid dclurd and iu< or mediate stui U *n« ai 6.10 P. M. A t-neeial freight train, will* naasengcr car at! *ch ed, yyiil leave Portland at 7.10 A. .1. il-r *aco ami Biddelortl, and retiming, leave Biddelurd at &-30 and Saco at 8 10 A. M. FRANCIS CHASE. Su]f. Pori land, iHit W, I860. lohlidMj GlUftO TRUNK RAILWAY Ol Canada. -Alteration of drains. WIUTEH AltltANti! MENT. rZj.ZZ&T'- On ainl alter Monday, NOV. 12, l*d i^7r tr im* will run us follows:— Mrn|,‘iv,,^r1,t,1J,,iri>* a,Kl 7.10 A. M PonS* ?l/‘,v 11 le», GoiUam, Ulan 1 5 ’ :lJ,ntres,, a'"1 O'u-Wec at l? i«. P. to l^mui aiufrhn^ WiLil train for Toron* Train lor S..11 ill i’.,ri» al g .. jj Nolgapuferan lw received or cWdwj alter time above stated. c Trains will arrive as follows — From So. 1’uris, Lewiston end Auburn at 8 In v m Front Montreal, Quebec, jso., - . ’ l"t > 1- ’ ™ The Company are not r< *|»onsl!»l« t»>r hair«ri"e any amount exceeding *5(> in value (and »'•« S*fn al) unless notice la given, and pun I tor at the rate o one passenger tor every *50.. .idoiu* n.d , C. J. Mi 1 DC A .S', Man y inj h^rednr H. flAMET, Local Super iiitmic at. Port land, Nov. 2, IW6. lJtl ^tUi6tJpi$T£K ax WINTER A ROANG E MENT. rSH3rJ5E20 on and alter Mouda* l)ec. it i train* will run as fi.HoW: ’ ’ Passenger train* leave H:uo Rivor lor Port a. d at 5.30 and 9.00 *A. M., and U.10 P. A!. lor Saco River 7.15 A. AL, 2.G ami 5.-15 p. it. Freight trains with t assent; er • r aluwl.*;d will leave Saco River tor Portland. fid A. M. Leava Perl laud lor Saco River 12.15 P. Al. UeT .'iUgo*cuunoct at Uerhaoi i -r West Qurham, Stindhdi. Steep Fails, Baldwin,. L gmark, Hucj ;o, Bridgtori, Lovell, ii;r&in, Browi.neiu, Frit-jig, Lob way, Bartlett. Jackson Limiiiyioa, Cornish. Ker ter Freedom, ATad’son. and Eaton. N. I' At Buxton tenter for We^t Bu.Vru, Penny-Eagle, South Luuingtou. Limiugtou, Ltinertok iSew'ioi 1, Parsonslleld aid Osaipoe At Saeearappa tor South WUnchain. W inihaia liiU and North Windham, daily. By order ol the President. Portland. Per. 14, 186T-—dtf roiTTUNO i nmiEfec«. s. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, rsoiMiem'ing Monday, 1\o». l'lih, IsdU. QKH&tf&n Passenger Trains hav<» lVrtlan \ daily nl Lou E M., fur Bath, Augusta, \\ at erVUIo, Kendall's M 111.-, Skew began, and inter mediato SUtions,(councctiug at Brunswick with Androi.oog gtn ft. K., for Lewi&lou and Fanning*., u, end ;«t KeiuiiiliV niiliM vttl) Maine Central K U.Wor Pan r and imermediate stations. Fares us line by t7u~ ita as amy other. Leave Portland tor Bath, Leu 1st..n, Augusta mat Intermediate stations on Saturday only at 7.16 1*. \i. Mixed Train leaves Portland f> u Linns wick and in termediate stations daily, except Sat tunny, at >.:,!) 1*. Freight Train, with passenger car attacked, wifi leave Portland tor Skowbegan and inie mediate -tu tioiir. every morning at 7 o'clock. Trains from Bruuswiek and Lewiston arc due ut Port la a»l at 92u A AL, aud iroui Skowhogar. id Farmington ami ailintcruicdiau’ sPMiuus ut 1.00 P. M. t<} innu^ci with trains lor Boston. Staffs fhr Rockland connect at Ba>b; and i rB 1 lastai Aivainta, le.tvui. daily on nrrivoloi train from Boston, leaving at7«30 A. M.; and lor t;- Ion, .t .non, Norxnlgewock, Athens amt Moo- - II. ci ! t. it ski.v begun, aud tor China, Easr and North \ .sal boro* at Va-salboro’; for Unity at Kaada0*s3li?i’9, and for Canaan at PL>hou’t* Ferry. W llATCii* Sapeiuiitrad 'id. Augusta, OcU 2., lWid. novI2dtt ~WE CEBTBAX Rl Rf WINTER ARRANGEMENT. CW*Tifj&tfin 0° knd after Mdufjrc.Noviunri. r 12tb, yQrto:Xe»i‘u:ivnt. Urdus will have rmtlorid tor niaigui and all intermediate staticn on this line, ut i.lfi P. M. dally. For Lewiston and AuuUincniy,it 7.10 A. M. ST Freight trains fhr Waferv ills and all Interme diate stations, leave Portland tit t.rd A.Hi, i Tram irom Bangor is due at Portland ut 1.45 P. M, hi season u><onuc*t with it mu fwi Lsstnw. Truth Lewiston and Auburn only,a: Mo A. M. EDWIN NOV Ls, suit. Nov. 1,18G4 notfdtl Throujjli Tieke t s ^StaTo the Wes; $3 Less than any other Bruts n 1 Grand Trunk Hallway To Detroit,CLR-uro, all points H'fsQ' Or &Zi Lonn Via Boston, Vermont Central, ,Vew 7 York Central, Buli'alo it Detroit, 1 T# nil Points WcM nnd South-Tv c*l ! \ (FP^For reliable information or Tickets call at iho I Union Ticket Office, UNDER LANCASTER HALL. 0|>p. Pro Mu House. p. II. BL.iyCIIAJ.D, Jqi. Fob L’3—tibin TO T'cavetrrs ! Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West & South, VIA TUB Now York Central. trie & Cuke shore. And Pennsylvania Central Ktnilreuds For »«lf nf the I.ovre*! rain at the U ml ,*•!»*«» Ticket Office,—LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Makkbt Sipw!:r. IV. I>. L ITT LI) 0) CO., f.'tiacenl Ticket Agent*. )ft Paaaago TieI.(‘ta ii,r Calliiiroin, via rieuriors Irom New York on Ihe ]»t, llih, an'I, -.Tat 01 each month lor sale at this ultmeam heretofore. ,ie2AIe w t. f»TEASfl LfciA. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN lkaA& — Fn.wuxer* Hooked it l.onilaoileri'v and leircrpool. Krturu Ticktlt -vault'd at Ueduccd Kofvv. Tlic Slcntnsbip Mob iVuii), Captain An on. y\ ill •ail from tins j»ort lor Liverpool, SAIL l'AY March 30th, 1M*7, Immediately alter the arrival of tlio train of llie previous day hum Montreal, to U fol lowed by iho Neateium on the Otklof Ax*ifl. Cxseu^e to Londonderry and Liverpool, cab n. (ar doiMiij? to accouiiuuduiioii) ^,0 to >:su StoiTii^C} Parable In Gold or Its equivalent, sar For Freight or ]«ist*ye apply to „ ... H. A- A. ALLAN, No. 3 India st. fortlmB, Nav. an, tege,_ m«),.-J«i ioiUaml, Jiaugor ami Machius STEAMBOAT CO. SEEING AJUiANGE.M ENTS. One Trip per week unlit Further Notice. -n «.me CITY OF RICHMOND. w-rf v Cu vs. I>KKKD«iO, nm :pi , y iil leave n\ 1{a,,ri>a*l Wharf, foot of States reft, every Fritluy n in .. m \ I-V, miiiuciu''ii . ! i lor Kocklund, < astine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mt' Dc &prt, Mfithridge, Junesport Mid Macbiatir rt. Upturning, will leave Mnchiasno! I every .lloitilar .Tiorutuju, at A o no* k, touching at above named wndfpw. ami arriving u Portland the same oigin, 'l*he ‘•City of Hlclnnoiid'’ e< illicit* at Heck land whh Si earner K.vabdin for Hung-irr.n l iataunuiiato landings on the Penobsc ot Hay and Kiver. K£f~ttiMrg*ge cfceokert t rnnglt. KOs.s Pc sTUKD£VAN l, General Agent a, _March 12, lofl7.—:f 72 Counneieial Street. FAr»£ hEDUCFD TO ttOMCnj, Summer Arrangement! ww "V Vtitilinfllier notice UioStsuiBcre ”tih«1 or,lan'1 1'adcn^ A, —iTj. C'\will run a* • — ±***&**x<d 1--*™ Atlantic WhniffcrDoetun, - VT , .‘“"“"•'J' «»«“""• (e»t«l*t SttiwaV)i,» I U .'lock. 0‘kVC iMthWtl iliC htu.lfriiav> :•! 5 I' l, Cabin lure,... sVrn Dock..:::::::::::: SI?" Package tieketsto lie kud ol the A"cni. •liiccl rate-i. " “ Freight tahuttua B»a»l. MfyrWnd.lWtlt-Jlf L,E1L1,IWUB. A**a* International Steamship^Go. Eastpon, lalBie mid Si. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. OKE lltll* _mEtt WMK, •Nbbb^ "V *“•* “**'1 Monday. December i^SsnX '‘I'l. the »Uami:r ,\.AV RliPhS n. i-3lr.8 .KSS wick, c#,.t. e. R. wm.hFs. PhU, Will fav, n.-i! Road IVhart; o. « • > t .. teofoOitate St., every MONDAY, ‘^^and St.John. UhltkM.NG, will leave St. John evoiy THURS DAY.. at 8 o'clock A. M. At r.nstport Stage Coaches will connect tor JMa suiu. At St John the K. A N. A. Hail way will connect forSUedUic. Br Freight received ondaysof safling until 4 o’clk. P. M. C. C. tYTON, i!ec20-tltf_Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK Sl kAMSilll* t U.MI'AM . 8E«l-WEIiHLY LINE. Tin* HpJeiMliil and Sfrnru ■hl|.H U.KKiu. «f»pr. H. Nil I K Woqu, and FliASi OKt.\t Capt. \\r. XV. siitKWUOi». ' II, until dii thor notice, run TL-* (g!!.mv«« Leave Brow N W hai I, Portland. et< iy VT.hXFs D VY mid SATl KliA Y, at 4 »\ M.«mvl lojivo Picr > i asl Ltivor, New Vor*, every W K£>.\LS1>A Y and S.VITJBI > A V. at < o'clock P. 11 'lUcsy vessel*, are til ed up willi fitly aoi uii'inoita th.ns for paMetigfi's. makiilg tills the meet ..-ecOy, Mi,: and com tenable rou'e lor travellers between New Vork and Maine. Passage, In .Statu Room. $6.00 CahU. passage 45JMI, Meal»c\tra. Goods torwarrletl tty tills Hire to ami irom Mon tr. al, Ouebec, Bangot, Hath, Augusta, Kastpoiland St. Jo n. Shippers are reiraeated to semi thetr IV. ight to the steamers as early as 3 P. AI.oii the Jay that they leave Portland. For Freight or passage apply to KMFRY .'ft FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland, J. P. AM l.S, Pier 36 Hast River, May's), lent. dtf Pop L«we. THE Till liable lot ol lend Aimer of Middle and Plumb Streets, for a term <u years. Enquire of C. C. MITCUELL A SON, Aug. 28,1606—dtf 116 Fore Street,