Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 1, 1867 Page 2
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T H E P B E S S. Monifiy Morning, Ap il i, 18C7. Fnblir I.lbrnry. Shall we have a Public Library in Portland? Shall we have any Library? livery Public Library in the city was destroyed in the de structive tire of July last; and will the spirited, enterprising people of this citv permit the ashes which cover the vast intellectual treasures w'hioh then perished, to smoulder undisturbed? While renovation and improvement are rapidly going on in all other departments of our bu.-y life, shall nothing he done to restore the means of mental progress, good morals and literary r •-creation among us? We can anticipate but one answer; and while all are ready to pro nounce the cheering word, this will be all in vain, unless it is followed by the open hand and the prompt and earnest act. How shall the ten thousand volumes of the Athenasum and tho large collections of the Mercantile Library Association and the Young Men’s Christian Union bo replaced? Words will not do it however ardent; but determined action, liberal contributions can alone restore those perished sources of instruction and pleasure. Portland is admitted to be one of the most enterprising, intelligent and energetic of our American cities. She has rapidly accumulat ed capital, and is full of young men and women of eager aud inquisitive minds constantly seek ing for the sources of knowledge and intellect' ual improvement. Who that witnessed the gathering of young men and middle aged men at the meeting held to organize the new Institute could help being struck with the deep interest they felt in the undertaking These have not the capital to found a library, but they have the zeal and earnestness to carry it on. The capital must come from the elders who by tact and successful labor have acquired wealth—who hava children that have need of the stimulants of literature and art and science to improve their minds and devel one the higher powers of their natures. No city of thoisize or rortianu in JSew Eng land, i* without a Public Library; New Bed* ford with a population of 21,000, had in 1866 a library of 20,000 volumes, to which 1,000 were added in 1865; this was opened in 1853, Springfield with a population of 22,000 had a library in 1806 of 21,690 volumes—a subscrip tion list of 1,535 names besides the city corpo ration, and this association was only organized In 1857. Nowburyport with a population of 13,000, has a largo and constantly increasing library, in a beautiful building owned by the Society, purchased, improved and furnished by liberal contributions from citizens and natives the town. For instance, Plant Sawyer, former ly a citizen of our town, where be made his property, gave $5,000; Josiuli Little gave another $5,000; four other persons, res idents, gave $1,000 each, five $500 each, three pjrsous, natives of the town but residing abroad, contributed $1,000 each, and seven alike situated, contributed $500 each, and there were many subscriptions of $250, $200, $100, &c. The institutions in the other cities mentioned received liberal gifts from their enlightened citizens, and liberal endowments from their municipal governments. The results of which, are noOie establishments of which those cities and their people are justly proud, and which are the means of incalculable benefit to its cit izens, youug and old,and to seekers after knowledge as well as to thoso who desire use ful and agreeable recreation. Now Portland has a population at least one third larger than the largest of the cities refer red to: and I think our people would not be willing to be set down as less enterprising, less wealthy, or less liberal than the best of them. Then shall we longer hesitate to take hold of this nobio work just initiated, make it perfect in form and structure, and boild it up by large and liberal donations, every one occording to his means, to found uud elevate an establish ment worthy of our city, worthy of the age in which we live, and which will be a perpetual blessiug to the present and all future genera tions? Let ail the people say Amen. W. A tiwd American Pencil. Our thanks are due to Messrs. Berolzhelmer, Illfeider & Co., <10 John street, New York, for a neat box of tho celebrated “Eagle Pencils, patented April 3,1860,” and now brought into very general use. Time has been when the Faber pencil was about the only one in use that could ho relied upon, tho lead of which was of uniform hardness, not liable to break iu sharpening or in use, and the wood of which was the same on all sides, so that sharpening evenly was no difficult task. But while the genuine Faber keeps up its reputation, the mark has been counterfeited, so that one as often gets hold of a spurious as a genuine ar ticle. The Eagle pencil is in nil respects equal to the best Faber in the market. We have used it more or less for years, and for tho past month we have prepared all onr editorials with them, using a No. 4 for writing on soft printing pa per, and lower numbers for marking proof. The No. 3 is probably the best for ordinary pur poses. Pens and ink we have voted a nuisance iu the sanctum, except when letter-writing be comes a necessity, and they arc as expensive as they are inconvenient and dirty. Supplied with the best steel pens we find it necessary to renew them in the holder every morning,-thus using up a couple of dozen a month, with ink to match, and requiring paper two or three fold more expensive than that upon which we write with a pencil. An Eagle pencil costing when bought by the. dozen only eight cents, will last a whole month; is always ready for use, calls into requisition no dangerous ink stand always ready to embellish your “copy" or your clothes with its contents, requiring no blotting paper or sand, and only needing the occasional application of a sharp knife to keep it in working order. The Eagle pencils are for sale at all tho usu al places, may be purchased without the slight est fear of not proving satisfactory, and are as cheap as any pencils in the market of equally good quality/ Mr. John Newman is the agent ol' the manufacturers, through whom they have transmitted to us a liberal supply. Boston & Kennebec Steamship Co.—A bill was introduced in the Massachusetts Leg islature Saturday to incorporate Isaac Rich, Andrew I’ieree, Jr., Freeman Cobb, Waldo Adauis, and others, as a steamship company, with $1,000,00(1 capital, to run steamboats to Bath, Gardiner, Hallowell and other ports for Boston.' This line is substantially already in operation, with tho steamer Ltar of the East, Eastern Queen and Daniel Webster, and anoth er boat will probably bo added next year. The incorporation >s only asked for purposes of con venience. (State Items. —The Kennebec Journal, in noticing the statement that, by the new law in relation to advertising taxes of non residents, $4,000 will bo distributed amo»g the papers of the State which lias heretofore been monopolized by one—meaning the State paper—says the amount is not one-fourth the sum ststed. —We hope strangers at a distance will not he led by newspaper discussions to suppose our city is much worse than other places in a temperance point ot view. We have seen fewer drunken men on our streets in six weeks past, that wo have seen in a small village of three hundred inhabitants in Canada, in a sin gle hatl-hour, and such half-hours would occur nearly every day in the week. —The editor of the Brunswick Telegraph has long waged war against the custom ot allow ing tho cows to ruu at large in the streets and on the commons of the town, and has come off victorious. The cows will havo to keep on their own side of the fence. —The Bangor Whig refers to “one of the very few cases of drunkenness in that city." — The Belfast Journal says, Saturday even ing iast, as Captain James Gilchrist, of that ciiy, was drivingnp from Kockport, his team w as run into by a wagon, just as he was com ing into tlie city, and he was thrown violently out and seriously injured. In the excitement that ensued after he was carried home, Mrs. Bean, aged 9ii years, the mother of Mrs Gil christ, mistook the doof* going out of .. loom, »nd fell down the cellar stairs. Htae is supposed to have received fatal injuries. —The Bangor Whig learns that Gov. Cham berlain has appointed Hon. Noah Barker to survey and complete the New Map of Maine in accordance with the provisions of a Resolve' approved March 10,1867. —The Eastport Sentinel says Capt. Little wood, of Grandall, N. S., fell from Steamboat wharf in that town, on Saturday night last, and hrohe the right thigh bone. Capt. L. was a passenger in the steamer from Portland, and was walking up the wharf, when he missed his way. —The Augusta Banner says there are snow drills four feet deep in that neighborhood. —Mr. L. Dunton, for eight years past prin cipal oi the High School in Bath, leaves that caty to take chsrge oi a school in South Bos ton. —Bath having voted a loan of its credit for SSDIVJ09 to the Knox and Lincoln Railroad the citizens are to be called upon in a few day's to vote on the question of a gratuity of $100 000 more for the same object. Original and Selected. — First page—Jefferson Davis, Boliemiansj Irish Rebellion, Gen. Blair at Hartford, Xew Publications, Itouiarkable Statement. Last page-Loss of the -Oisina’-po try, ArleiBus Ward, aiH cdoterf. —The itielmioud Times grandiloquently an nounces* '*Kobort K. Lee has thrown the ponderous iutlnence of his great name in favor ot speedy, energetic and thorough preparation for the duties imposed upon us by the inexorable facts of our present situation. lie does not lie 1 eve that our honor will ho compromised by our citizens taking every step which may be necessary for the preservation of the suprema cy of the white race in Virginia.” The Portsmouth Chronicle is informed tha1, the breweries in that city are to'suspeud opera tions. —A writer in the Chronicle is urging the bus iness men of Portsmouth to do something to give life to the city—says young men are leav ing for Portland and other cities, and that oth ers win do likewise if something is not done in the way of home enterprise. —We sec occasional paragraphs in our ex changes about the explosiveness and danger of roc* oil. It must he a spurious article, made up perhaps of benzine and other inflammable materials. The genuine rook oil is petroleum, and tho refined article is as safe as any kero sene possibly can lie. We have seen it in com mon uso for a year in Canada, where very lit tle of any other kind is used, and never heard of an accident from its use. —A street car driver has been arrested in Philadelphia, under tho new law, for refusing to stop his car to let a colored woman get on. He was hound over in the sum of $800 to ap pear at court. —The eight-hour law in Illinois is producing considerable excitement, the workmen endeav oring to get the same pay as for ten hours' work, and the employers attempting to make them work by the hour. —The Macon (Ga.) Journal likens Andrew Johnson to a confederate note as described in the couplet: “Representing nothing on God’s earth now, And naught in the waters below it.” —General Scbenck has finally decided to ac cept the republican nomination for Governor of Ohio. —Wouldn’t you call this a calf of a leg? asked Dr. G., pofciting to the fat nether limbs. No,’ replied the gray headed Capt.; ‘1 should say it was the leg of a calf!’ —The annual rent of tables in the Chicago Chamber of Commerce is fixed at $15. They are then sold by auction at a premium ranging from $10 to $175. v —The Springfield case of trichinosis has a marked effect on the sale of pork in Boston. —The cental system, of w .ich so much was recently said, lias already been discarded in Chioago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Milwau kee and other cities. It will appropriately bear tho infant epitaph: “Since I have been so soon done for 1 wonder what I was begun for.” —A small piece of muscle taken from one of the limbs of the young lady who died of re puted trichina spiralis at Springfield, was put under a microscope of moderate power, and tho minute worms were seen in it. —The types made the Chicago Tribune speak of Riston as the Queen of comic tragedy Classic was the word intended to he used. —Two prize fighters in Scotland with their seconds were lately sentenced, tho former to tourteen and the latter to eight day’s imprison ment. —Wisconsin has, by a vote of 03 to 22, adopt ed a resolution submitting the question of fe male suffrage to the State. Wouldn’t it be lair to allow tho women to vote on this ques tion, and not make a one-sided thing of it? —Thurlow Weed, in taking the chair edi torial of the New York Commercial Advertiser, indulged in a four-column salutatory. The Boston Transcript suggests that though a gi gantic it was a fruitless Weed. —The Connecticut electiou takes place to day, April 1st. —The New York World, speaking of the speech of Beverly Nash, a colored citizen of Columbia, S. C., says: “In point of style it is equal, aud iu matter it is quite superior, to many of the speeches uttered by some of the representatives in Washington.” Isn’t the World getting decidedly heretical? —The Catholic bish .p of 1‘hiladephia pro nounces tho pope “hopelessly baukrupt," and. appeals for a collection in his behalf. —Tho readiness with which the South is coming to time under tho reconstruction suggests the thought that if she had been soundly thrashed five and thirty years ago, in Nullification times, and bad the conceit taken out of her, she would now be far in advance ot her present actual condition. —Mr. Riddle, senator from Delaware, who has been in very poor health all wiuter, died Friday evening at his residence in Washing ton, after about three* weeks sickness. His term would expire in 18ti9. —A dealer in fire arms advertises in the Rio Grande Courier that the pistols used on the occasion of the recent “dewel” were from his establishment and advises all who wish to do likewise to give him a call and supply themselves. —“Dixon”of the Boston Advertiter, says the Booth diary, of which so much has recent ly been said, is an Ordinary morocco-coTered hook lor the coat pocket, mostly filled with matter usually put into such books. There is also something in it concerning his flight and his condition on Friday night subsequent to the assas iuation. Judge Holt says tho pages now missing were missing when it came into the control of his bureau. They might have been ent out by Booth himself, as some per sons believe, or by soldiers through whose hands the hook passed, or, as Mr. Butler be lieves, by some one high in executive circles. - In India they pack railway carriages so full that death is frequently the result, seven or eight having died of this cause in one year on a single road. —The Argue takes exceptions to a paragraph of ours, to tho effect that it had labored to prove that the southern people making war upon the government were not traitors and says, “we believe the soutnern people engaged in the war were traitors, and liable to the pen alties of treason.” We stand corrected. The penalty of treason Is death. If the southern people forfeited their lives by treason, what right ha 1 they remaining to property, much less to representation in Congress? —A terrible railroad accident has occurred on the Moscow line, in Russia. In turning a sharp curve a part of the train ran off the rails, and eight carriages were precipitated down an embankment fifty feet high. About thirty persous were killed and more than a hundred reoeived serious injuries. —The World Bays the transport of rage into which Mr. Butler fell at the “spoliation” of Booth’s pocket-hook, is mere jealousy that any body but himself should “spoliate” the person al property of rebels. —One of the earliest cases of Barrister Judah P. Beqjnmin in London was a suit against the United States. —Artemus Ward called his earliest lecture “The Seven Poor Grandmothers,” with the al ternative title “The Live Secret.” —Embroidered trousers at court balls will now be considered breaches of diplomatic priv ileges. —Salt Lake City covers nine square miles, and is described by a correspondent as one of the most beautifully laid out cities in the world. The streets are very wide, with water running through nearly every one ot them, —The Montana trade promises to lie lively. Forty-two steamboats are advdftised to leave St. Louis for Fort Benton, the head of naviga tion on the Missouri. —In 1750 there were but seven newspapers and periodicals published in the United States; in 1800 there were 4,051 circulating annually 927,951,248 copies. —The California Borax Company ships 2500 lbs of borax and upwards every day, at a costfor all expenses of $90 a ton. The article is said to be worth $3 20 a ton in the European market, and $000 in the American. —Tlio Circuit Court of Kicbmond, Va., lias decided that the purchase of notes at a greater discount than that fixed for ordinary money transactions, is not usury. —A very modest lady up town was heard to say the other day that she had taken cold, and had the rhouinatism “in her limbi and arnul" —The Diamond Editions from the press of Messrs. Ticknor and Fields for 1807 will in clude all of Charles Dicken’s works, Long fellow s, Whittier’s, and Owen Meredith's poems, and the Waverly Novels. Ralph Waldo Emerson has recently lec tured at Kansas City. One of the local papers ventured on the remark, apropos to his com ing, that the distinguished philosopher .“con tains much research.” -The Episcopal Bishop of Vermont, having seen the statement that he was about to nub8 lish a reply to the Declaration of the Twenty eight, writes to the paper in which the state ment appeared that he had no such intention, that his opinions on the subject are already be fore the church and the public, and that any reply from him would be superfluous. —“Domestic irregularity” is the mild phrase now used for one of the chief causes ol divorce. —A youpg lady who fainted ata “baro idea” was last seen covering up her naked eye. Portland and Vicinity. — New Advertisement* To-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. B otsand Shoes—T. K. Moseley & Co. AUCTION COLUMN. Auctioneer—F. 0. Bailey. Auction Sale—John Ciockelt. NKW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Unclaimed Letters—W. Davis. R w Spring Arrangement—Portland & Rochester R.R. Dentist—Dr. Albert Evans. Rochester R. B. Kou«-d’'s. S. Bailer. Evocator. General Orders-Selden Conner. Paper Collars— E. A. Hawley & Co. Seizure—*Nath’l J. Mdler. Gm Fitters-*W. H. Bennell & Co. Notice—G. Gwynu. Sealer of W< ightsund Measures-W. R. P. Cross. Hoarding—No. 7 Mayo Street. Wanted—Vocal Singer. Desirable Office to Let. Want.ud—A Small House. Board Wanted. For Sale—J. C. Barker. Lost—Diary. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co.—II. & A. Allan. Supreme Judicial Court. CRIMINAL TERM.-TAPLEY, J., PRESIDING. Saturday.—In the case of State vs. Mary Ann Clark et ala., for larceny of goods after being saved from the great fire, the jury, after beiug out fifteen hours, came in and reporlod that they were unable to agree upon a verdict. They stood nine for convic tion and three for acquittal. The defendants recog nized tor their appearance at the next term of the Court, in July. In the case of State vs. Eoger Mason, indicted for perjury in his testimony at the last term in the case of State vs. Potter, Mr. Webb, the County Attorney, stated that he had reason to believe that the witness es for the State had been tampered with; that they had come to the city for the purposes of this trial, but had disappeared, and that he oould not go on with tho case. iv Messrs. Stront & Gage, counsel for the accused, de mended that the matter should be disposed of at the present term. Judge Tapley then ordered the Coun ty Attorney to enter a uol. pt'os. Walter G. Johnson and Goorge H. Trundy, who had pleaded guilty to au indictment charging them with breaking and entering the dwelling house of Henry Wltham, in Pownal, and stealing therefrom a quantity of gold and silver coin, bank notes, &«., were brought up for sentence. The Coun t y Attorney entered a nol. pros, as to all of the indictment but the larceny. Trundy was sentenced to ten months in the County jail, and Johnson was held in $1000 to j appear at the next term. Knight, who was also in- j dieted a^pccessory before the crime, recognized for his apx»earance at the next term. After calling the docket, and settling several mat- j tcra in relation to recognizances, Court adjourned without day. Municipal C'aarl. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Saturday.—Charles Tierney, complained of as being a common truant, was sent to the lieform School during bis minority. 8. B. Kroginan and N. J. Davis, on search and seizure processes, paid $22.26 each. A Pleasant Occasion.—At the Turuvereiu on Friday evening last, Mr. George M. Howe, late Speaker of the Association, was made the recipient of a splendid revolver and $125 in greenbacks. A large number of the friends of the recipient were present, speeches were made by several, and the whole affair passed off in a most acceptable manner. Mr. Howe has been identified with the Tum vorein, as one of the government, from its es tablishment, and was one of the fourteen who formed the Association. It was at his rooms that the first meeting was held, and the foun dation laid, and it is largely indebted to his watchful care and perseverance for its present prosperity and standing, and by his departure the society loses one of its most valuable mem bers. Mr. Howe leaves to-morrow (Tuesday) morn ing for Denver city, Colorado, to engage in the insurance business, and will bear with him the kind wishes of hosts of friends for his future prosperity. theatre.—Messrs. Smith, Hadley & Co. will open Deering Hall this evening for the Spring and Summer theatrical season, having engaged a now and talented company express ly for this establishment. Buiwer’s oomedy of Money will be the opening performance, aud the amusing tarce of the Bough Diamond will be the after-piece. Both plays ate cast to the entire strength of the company, aud our citi zens will have a good opportunity to judge of the merits ol the actors. Improvements have been made in the uphol stering of tlio house and in the scenery, and others will he made as time will permit. It is the intention of tho managers to make the hall as convenient as possible, and also to bring for ward now plays that have never been perform ed in this city. The ticket office will be open from 10 o’clock A. M. to 5 o’clock P. M., daily, when reserved seats may be secured. Ocean Steamers. — Steamship St. David Capt. Aird, saled from this port for Liverpool, Saturday afternoon, with a full cargo. Steamship Moravian. Capt. Aiton, with 28 passengers and a full cargo, sailed fiom this port for Liverpool at C o’clock Sunday morn ing. Steamship Nestorian, Capt. Dutton, will sail from this port for Liverpool next Saturday. The Steamer due at this port this week from Iiverpool, is, either the Belgian or the Damas l4cns. ____ Eastern Packet Co.—Mr. M. N. Rich has resigned his position as Treasurer and Agent n| the Eastern Packet Company. He has faithfully attended to these offices ever since the organization of the Company. Bow.—Between five and six o’clock Satur day evening a row took plac e on Fore street, at the foot of Franklin street, between a fellow named Gribbcns and somebody else. Officers Sterling and Williams stepped in to arrest tbe combatants when they were set upon by the crowd, whicfl had increased to more than one hundred, knocked down, rolled over in the dirt and otherwise maltreated. Nevertheless the officers hung on to some of the fellows and finally arrested Gribbens, his brother, and the wife of one of them, and marched them off to tlie lockup. The crowd followed, threatening a rescue, until they fouud they were approach ing too near tbe police station, when they scat tered at once. We would call the espeoial attention of our patrons to the advertisement of the “Crescent Paper Collar Company," of Boston, in our is sue of to-day. The well known reputation of the old firm of F. A. Hawley & Co., the selling agents, is a guarantee of what they say. They wore the first to introduce paper collars as an article of commerce, and have now brought them to such perfection that they are, without doubt, the most economical and hast fitting collars in use. Their new “Linen Finish” col lars, having the appearance of real linen, and being water-proof, approach the nearest to a real linen collar of any yet made. Foreign Exports.—The total value of for eign exports from this port last week, amount ed to $175J739.44. Included in tho shipments were 26,745 sugar box shocks, 1,198 shocks and heads, 102 cart hhd do., 59 M hoops, 2,400 pairs heading, 2,270 empty casks, 203,520 ft lumber, 100 M shingles, 1,950 bush corn, 14,547 bushels barley, 13,155 bush peas, 66,232 bush oats, 800 brls flour, 900 brls oat meal, 230 brls potatoes, 13,477 lbs butter, 11,720 lbs lard, 53,942 lbs bacon, 20,438 lbs. pork, 89,567 lbs ashes, 10 boxes fish, 200 pkgs rum, 39 gals brandy, 3,116 yds duck, 4,868 lbs potash, 4,815 lbs flax, 85 lbs cheese, 2 cases woolings, 12 sewing machines, 75 gross matches and 7 pkgs sundry mdse. The Case of Williams.—In the Supreme' Judicial Court, Saturday morning, tho County Attorney brought before the Court the case of Ebenezcr F. Williams, who lulled Itolf at Fal mouth a lew days since, and who evidently was insane. The Court decided that as uo criminal action had been taken in the matter it was not authorized to act in relation to it as to sending Williams to the Insane Asylum.— Williams was, thereiore delivered into the cus tody of Ilia guardian who will send him to Au gusta immediately. Grand Lodge Session.—The annual session of the Grand Lodge of Maine, I. O. of G. T., will be hold at Bangor next week, commenc ing the 9th, at 10 o’clock A. M. There are now over 250 Lodges in this State, with an aggre gate membership of over 24,000, and its great influence for good can hardly ho estimated. Free return tickets will be issued to all dele gates who go over the Maine Central or Ken nebec & Portland Hoads. Stabbing Case.—Saturday night Daniel Collins went into the shop of Mr. Bowie, on Centre street, and got into a fight with some one that was there. Mr. Doherty, the clerk, interfered, and endeavored to put the combat ants out, when Collins stabbed him with a knife*inflicting a slight wound. Officers East luau and Matthews arrested Collins and lock ed him up for examination. The Tyro.—This steamer, which has been in employ of Government for several years, has been purchased by Mr. Treat, of Eastport, for $2950. She is to be taken to Eastport and, it is said, will run as a ferry and tow boat between Eastport and Lubec. Merohants’ Exchange.—The "knnual meet ing was not held on Saturday, but was adjourn ed. The following ticket for Directors was agreed upon, being the same of last year:— Jonas H Perley, Charles E. Jose, Woodbury b. Dana, 1. O. Libby, John M. Brown. City Indebtedness.—In. an article in the Evening Star of the 2i)th inat, respecting a city loan of credits to the Portland & Rochester Rail road, there is a statement that the present lia bility of the city on account of its loan of cred it to the Atlantic road is reduced by the opera tion of the sinking fuua to “less than seven hundred thousand dollars.” This is not correct, and if believed, may have the effect to mislead. The liability ot the city on account of the Atlantic Railroad at the pres ent time, after allowing for the amount of the sinking fund, is upward of “nine hundred twenty-two thousand dollars. March doth*, Authorized. Spring Weather. — Yesterday was the warmest and most spring-like day we have had this season. The snow melted perceptibly under the iulluences of the warm sun. The White Mountains presented a majestic ap pearance as seen through the clear atmos phere—the whole range being entirely Yfsible and covered wite snow, which contrasted I strongly against the clear blue sky. Portland Institute.—We would remind the subscribers to the Life Membership to the above named institution, that an important meeting occurs this afternoon at the City Coun cil Chamber. The committee of solicitation arc requested to meet at the office of Messrs. Bradbury & Sweat, Chadwick Mansion at 2 o’clock. » Saturday Night.—Two persons wero token to the lock-up Saturday night for drunkenness, one for drunkenness and disturbance, one ior interfering with the police, and one for assault with a deadly weapon. Four persons applied for lodgings. Aeeray.—Two sailors, belonging on board one of the English steamers, got into an affray yesterday on India street. They wore arrested by the police, and will be brought before the Municipal Court to-morrow. Liquor Seizures.—The Deputy Marshals on Saturday visited several places where they had reason to suppose liquors were sold, but made only one seizure of a small quantity in the shop of William Causer, on Fore street. President Hill, of Harvard University, of ficiated at the First Parish Church yesterday. He preached two able discourses, in the morn ing and^evening. Desirable office to let on Commercial street. See advertisement. Wellcome’s Liver Regulator is a sure and safe cure for liver complaints. There is no other known remedy equal to it; thousands haTe shared its benefits, and gladly recommend to others. janlS—lawtf SPECIAL NOTICES. The Ladies’, Geutlomon’s Misses’ and Ghildren’e Boots and Shoes at T. E. MOSELEY & CO.’S, Sum me it Sr. Boston includes their usual assortment of elegant styles for this season's wear. foblSdlt ANDERSON & C<>’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY! 333 Congress St, above Casco. gy-French, German and American Corsets ironi 7S cts to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at sne hours notice. Feb 0—ex d3m FELLOW’S ORIGINAL WORM LOZENQES. WE can with' confidence point to FELLOW’S WORM LOZENGES as the most perfect rem has crowned our efforts, and we now otter to the world a confection without a single fault, being safe, con venient, effectual and pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let them be used in whatever quantity. Not a particle of calomel enters their composition, They may be used without further preparation, and at any time. Children will eagerly devour all you give them, and ask for more. They never fail in cx polling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will always strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when ho is not afflicted with worms. Varions remedies have from time to time, been re commended, such as calomel, oil of wormseod, turp entine, Ac., producing dangerous, and sometimes fatal consequences. After much research, study and ex periments, embracing several years, the proprietors of Fellow’s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing this remedy, free from all objections, and posi tively safe, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, but act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them- lo order to assure consumers Df the gemmietiesffof these lozenges, the analysis ot Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assaver, is annexed: “I have analyzed tho Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs. FELLOWS & CO., and find that they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfully compounded, pleas ant to the taste, sate, yet sure and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayev to the State of Mass. Price 35 ecuts per Box ; Five for SI. GEO. W. SWETT, Propriotor of the New England Botanic Depot, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Maw., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should be addressed. W. W. WHIPPLE & CO. 21 Market Square Wholesale and Retail Agents. J33^Sold by dealers In Medicines everywhere. oct5-deow6msN u ► D It.S. S. FITCH’S “Family Physician,” Seventy-six pages : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. No money required until the book is received, read, and fully approve!. 11 is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address DU. S. S. FITCH, 25 Tremont Street, Boston. sx Jan29d!y Why Sutter lrom Sores V When, by the use ol the ARNICA OINTMENT, you can be easily cured, it lias relieved thousands irom Bums, Scalds, Chapped Hands. Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and every Complaint of the Skin. Try it, . for it costs but 25 cents. Be .sure to ask for Hate’s Arnica Ointment9 For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to O. P. Sfci’MoUR & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. feb2Gd2m s n Batchelor’s Hair Bye. This splendid Ilair Dye is tlie best in the world. The only true aud perfect bye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Bad byes. Invigorates the hair, having it soft and beautiful. The genuine is signs.! Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. Cir“ Bewai'f of a eou liter foil. November 10. 18GG. dlysn Long Sought For l (Jome at Last l Mains’ Elder Berry Wine, We take pleasure In announcing that the above named article may he Itmnd for sale by all City Druggists anil lirst class Cuuntru Grocers. As a Medicixe Mums' Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if Hot (he best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, Manul'actureilUoiu the pure luiceol' die terra, ami tmtulnlleratcd liv any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine. To the days of the aged itaddetli leugth. To the mighty R addetii strong!),,- * 'Tis a halm for the sick, a joy tor the well— Druggists and Growers buy ,aud sell MAIMS’ EliOESBERRY WINK nev 27 s H d&wtf Fisher's Cough Drops. This certain and effectual ^nre for Coughs and all diseases of the throat and lunge, has been generally known throughout New England fir the fast sixty years, and is warranted toeure, or the price will ha refunded. Prepared by George W. Wor.iss FORD, Grandson of the lale IJr. Fisher. NASON, SYMONDS & Of’., Proprietors, Kenne bunk, Maine. G. C. Goodwin & Co., Boston Ageufs. Sold bv all Druggists. x A Cousrh, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, equirkr immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irr if afloat of the Longa, a per manent Throat Disease, or Consumption, _,; is often tlie result. BROWN'S bronchial troches HAYING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PA BTfl. GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Far Bronchitis, Asiliuin, Catarrh. Cou naptln anil Throat DbntM, TBOOHB8 ARE USED WITH ALWAYS (10O1I HtJOOgftfl. Ringer. and Public Speaker. will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat afler an unusual exertion of the vocal organs. TlusTroclios are recommended and prescribed by 1 hjsiclaiis, and nave had teatimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and liavlng proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Troches, arc universally pronounced bettor Ilian other articles. Obtain only “Brown's Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless hot atkins that may be offered, bold kvrrwiirrh Dec 4—d&wGm sn Make Your Own Soap ! NO LIIUE NECEMRABY! By Saving and U«ing Tour Waste Grease, BUY ONE BOX OF THE «/ Pennsylvania Salt M’% Co’s SAPONIFIER. (Patents of 1st and 8th Feb., 1859 ) CONCENTRATED LYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap or "5 gallons of the very host soft soap ibr only aWubocts. Directions on each box. For sale at all Drue and Grocery stores. BEWAltE OF COUNTERFEITS, „W*Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co ■ baponiher. nol7sNood*w!y “Buy me and I’ll do you Good.” USE DR. LA8fOI,EY*A ROOT AND HERB BITTERS for Jaundice, Costiveness liver Complaint, Humors, 1ml!.ration, Dyspepsia.’ Piles, Dizziness, Headache, Drowsiness, and all Diseases arising from disordered Stomach. Torpid I ivor and bad Blood, to which all persons are subject in Nnrimr and Summer. Sold by GKO. C. GOODWIN <Sr CO* 38 Hanover St., and by all Doalers in Medicines ’’ nmrlSdeod 16w s. n. SPECIAL^ NOTICES. li MMOVAL. DUS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 14 ( 0\fiKKH8 STREET, BROWN’S NEW BLOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Center. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Di:. <Tiai»wioiv’s residence 168 Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg's residence 28 High street. Hr "Free Clinical consultations will l>e held on 1 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., for the poor. jau28sN'dtt Warren’s Coujrli Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for Colds, Cough*,. CTifnrrli nud Consumption, and all diseases of Tno Throutand Lungs. g3F-*For sale by all Driggists. Manufactured by HI. JF ORAOB1RY, octl5d&wSN6m Druggist, Bangor. Mrs. M. A. AllrnVi Improved . ■Fair Restorer and RreeKiuy Combined in one Bottle. Reduced Price $1.00 per Bottle. mr29 Sold by all Druggists. SNeodlm MIXE11AE maths at home. DYMPKPH1A CVRKO RIIKlMATINiV CURED ERCPTIOPTS on Ihe PACK (TBKD NCKOVCLA CIRRI) BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATERS. Do away with all vour various and often i»en»i cious drugs audquack medicines, and use a lew baths prepared with “ST ft IMA TIC SALTS!” The,so SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors of the Mineral Well ofthe Ponn’a Salt Mau fttht wring Co., in Pittsburg, and are packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a bath. Di rections are attached. INTERNALLY USE "Strumatic Mineral Waters!” In bottles of one and a half pints. One sufficient for a day’s use. 8TIr*SoM by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston; Ra vm Ids, Pratt a\: Co, No. I0G Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20kxeoo&wly Moth and Freckles. The only reliable remedv for those brown dlscolir ations on the face called Moth Patches and Freckles, is PhiiBv’s Morn ani* Fbecki.e Lotion. Prepar ed only by Dr. 11. O. Perry, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St, N. Y. Sold by all druggsts in Portland anti elsewhere. Price $2 i>er bottle marl9d&w6msn

Far CoughH, ( olds und Cauraiaplion, Trv the old and well knowu t'EGKTABLE K*(MIO\A KV BA I.NA.ff,approved and usctl by our oldest and most celebrated J'h ysicians for forty years past. Got tlie genuine. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, <lec24sxd&wGm Boston, Proprietors. Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may be found at wholesale at the drug store* of W.W Whip ple it Co.. H. ff. Hay, W. F. Phillips & <?oME. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins &, Co. jaul28Kdly E^Kliumnlir Malls nut! Mlramatic Iflin cral Waters, just received and for sale bv J. W. PERKINS & CO.,* no»24sxeowd*wly No 8G Commercial St. i_ MARRIED. In Brunswick, March 25, Stephen Dolley and Miss Hannah M. Hursey. At Lisbon Falls,‘March 24, Simeon U. Haskell, or Auburn, and Jane C. McManus, of Brunswick. in Brooklyn, N. Y.. March 18, capt. Dan’l J. Ayer, of Brunswick, and Julia F., daughter of James P. Bishop, Esq., of B. In Rockland, March 21, Win. H. Pitman and Ruth A. B. Richardson, both of Appleton. In Appleton, March 1G, L. A. Newbert and llhoda A. Young. _ DIED. In this city, March 31, of eroup. Grade D, daugh ter ot J. B. and H. A. Lucas, aged 2 years. 44Wi’ll roses crown her baby head; Close with a kiss her tenaev eyes; Strew lillies o’er her cradle bed, For sue shall wake in Paradise.” In Yarmouth, March 30, Elea/.er Burbank, M. D., aged 73 years. [Funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at. 3 o’elock, from the first Parish Church, in Yarmouth. In Brunswick, March 20, Eliza A. House, aged G8 years. In Brunswick, March 21, ot consumption, Allred I). Wentworth, aged 2G years G mouths. In T .psliam, March 21, Eugenia Barron, aged G we* ks. In liaih. March 29, William Torrey, Esq. aged 8t years 10 months. In Woohvjch, March 29, Miss Jane Trott, aged 85 years 11 months. PASSKNGKRS. In the Moravian, tor Liverpool— Mr longhart and wile, D J Brown. Rev A Clemens ton, Mi a Sarstield. Ma,i Wickham, Mrs Wickham, two children and nurse, Mary A Fleming, Mrs Graham and child, K Th mpi=oB, J Aspinwall. Maggie Stott, J K Dojfce. J Thompson, R Me La ugh ton Messrs Pills worth, Ramsey, Dawson, Dumont oar, Mcreucy, Henry, Thomas, Thebodear, Miss Sarsiiold. EXPORTS. Per steamer Moravian, for Liverpool—1140 bags oats, 80* lug* peas, 470 bags barley, 1100 bbls oat meal, 500 bbis liour, 400 bbls oil rake, 235 bbls hem lock extract. 37 bbls ashes, 7 bbls pork, 401 boxes bacon, 544 pkgs lard, 2*0 pkgs butter, 55b boxes cop per ore, 129 boxes cheese, 14 bales wool, 1 bale litrs, 1 box drt; 28 bbls cranberries. l>Kl\\KHRl, OF OCKAiV STKAUtKftS name from for date. C|ty of Cork.New York.. Liverpool.. .March 29 Moravian.Portland .. Liverpool... March 30 More Castle.New York. .Havana Maxell 30 Guiding Star.New Pork.. Havre March 30 Etna.New York..Liverpool... March 30 City Washington. ..New York. .Liverdool. .March 30 Santiago de Cuba...Ne.w York..( ali orrna. .March 30 Costa kica.New York. .Hong Kong..April 1 New York.New York. Aspinwall.. .April 1 Australasian.New York.. Liverpool... April 3 Eagle.New York.. Havana April 4 Nestorian.Portland....Liverpool... .April H City of Paris.New York.. Li verpoef.... Apr I G Hibernia.New York. .Glasgow April G Atlantic.New York.. Bremen. ... April G saxoma.New York.. Hamburg April t> Miniature Almanac.April 1. San li es.r».4a | Sun sets.6.25 I Moon rises. 3.54 AM Hitfli water. 8,45 AM M-A-KINK NEWS PORT OP PORTLAND. Saturday, March 30. ARRIVED. Steamship St David, (Br) Aird, St John, NB, to finish loaning lor Liverpool. Sch Sarah, Morton, New York. Soli Silver Lake, Matthews, York. S/h Orizun, Howe, Bath lor Boston. CLEARED. Steamship Moravian, (Br) Alton, Liverpool —a Hugh Andrew Allan. Steamer Dir%o, SI.erWood, Now York—Emery & LOx. prig liatlie S Emery, Fitts, Havana—Geoige S Hunt. Brig Clara Brown, Brown, Havana—J DLord. Sch Hume, Snow, New York—Harvey, Mead <& Co Sch Aid. Bunker, Now York—J I Libby. Sloop Seventy-Six, Winslow, Bath—A E Stevens & Co. SAILED—Brigs Clara Brown, It S Hassell, Isa bella Jewett. u 3* Sunduy, March 31. ARRIVED. Barque Andes, iol Harps well) Dulling, Matauzas ylth iiiht via Holmes' Hole Sch l ookout, Atwood, Tangier. Sch E G Willard. Parsons, Ph.ladelobia. Sch Sa all N Smith, Turner, Philadelphia. Sell Bannie Westbrook, Littlejohn, New York. Sc’u J C Rove -, Bogan. Boston. Sch Mary Louise, Hamil on, Portsmouth. Sch Murid, Gilpatrint, Biddeiord. Sch Olive 11 Robinson, Lewis, Boolhbay. BKL' )W—Schs Wm Capes, Saratogo, and Callior nia, all in fight trim. SAILED, o AM—Steamship Moravian. Steamer Tyro, 50 tons, about 5 years old, wth sqM at auction in this city, on Satumay, lor $2950. She Was purchased by parties in Eaatporr. Sch Stars & Stripes, 3:'g tons, built at Kcnuobunk in 1861, has been sold to parties In Boston for $4009. DISASTERS. Barque WoQdslde, lot Portland) McAlovv, from Antwerp lor Swansea, parted chain nightbf March 13, while lying in Mumbles Roads, and was obliged to put to bea. Sell Clara Belle. h*om Camden for Norfolk, arrived in Hampton Roads 28th, with loss of bowsprit, jib boom, and sails. Barque Andes, D.dllng, from Matinzas lor Port land, put in to Holmes' Hole 29th, and reports hav ing experienced a eaewssloti of beavv gales, but sus tained no damage. Has been twelve days North ot Hatteras. Brig A G Jewett, from Malaga for New York, which put into Bermuda, leakv, has repaired and proceeded 14th. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORE LANS— Below 27 th, ship* Nonas turn. Upxjn, and Union, Miller, from Liverpool. Cld 22d, ship Ella S Thayer, Thompson, Havre; fch Louisa Crockett, Crockett, Barbadoes. MOBILE—Cld 23d, sch Joseph Warren, Wilev, Boston. KEY WEST—Ar 16th, sch Jachfn, from Cedar Keys, (and sailed 18th for Windward islands); lbtli, Fear Not. Roberts, do, JACKSONVILLE—Ar 18th, brig Susie J S trout, SUout. New York. SAVANNAH—Ar 25th, brig Anna D Torrey, from Boston: sell A C Austin, Austin, Charleston. Cld 25th. barque VVetterborn, Stinson, Cadiz. In port 23d, sob Chi lob, tor Richmond. CHARLESTON—Ar 28th, sch Ki.-dng Sun, ikom New York. Cld 25th, brig Gen Marshall, Ellis, for Cuba ; soli May Munroe, Munroe, do; Addle M Bird, tor a Northern port. WILMINGTON—Cld 26tb, sch J W Fish, Wiley Bosh n. J WASHINGTON, NC—Sid 21st, sch Mary Louisa, Haskeli, Barbadoes. NORFOLK—Cld 26th, sch Clara Melvin, Watts, Demeraia. Arin Hampton 1 loads 20th, brigs Nat hi Stevens, from Choptank River for Bo ton; Sarah Bernice, fin Baltimore lor do; schs Hampden Belle, do lor C-tiu den; Clara Belle, Camden lor Norfolk. BALTIMORE—Ar 27th, barque Deborah Pennell, Dunning. Callao. Ar 28th, sch Emetine McLain, Sleeper, New York Cld 28th, sch Sylvan, Blanchard, Sagua. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 28th, brig Meteor, Ander sen. Havana. Sid Hu Delaware Breakwater 25th, brigs Agcnora, f»r Matanzas; C H Kennedy, fjr Portland; 20th, barqift It G W Dodge. for Marseilles. NEW YORK—Ar 25»t.h, ship Sapphire, Hatch, Cal culi* ; barques Brothers, Weeks, Amoy ; Frank. Lewis. Palermo. J ’ Ar Kh Masiacliu^etts, Buck, New Orleans. Ud Jiilli, ship Hu,. Forsyth, lor San Francisco: hareim-s »l»o»wcdl. Patten, Oihraltnr; Arthur Kins: bellinurt. ‘ ’ ’ Ei,“* „ Ar vhrig A*mor Taylor, Lowell, ball River <<>r N« w York; schs Maine, Brown, do for do: It Lcacli, PiUakurjr, and Bound Brook. Perrv KockUhd lor do: SS Lewi, Bracklcy, do for do! Julia Nevrell. McIntyre, Camden for Nortolk Ar 23th. artis Onward, Arey, Rockland ter New York; Lallu Kookh, Freeman, Portland fordo- R M Atwood, Doane, do for Baltimore. * In port, schs Convoy, French, and William Jones Emery, irom Rockland (or New York; Am duel’ Prcpsey, Thomas! on tor do; and the above arrivals. FALL RIVER—Ar 2ifth, sch Miunie Cobb. Injra ham. New York. Sid 28th, brig Abner Tayor, Lowell, New York ; sch Maine. Brown, do. EDGARTOWN-Ar 28th, sch Ceres, Trefethen, Elizabethuori or Di ver. Sid, schs Sarah Gardiner, Lizzie Guptill. Julia E damage, Richmond, Arctic, Empress, Lyndon, Rich ard Bullwinklc. and Typhoon. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 2Utfc, sch Honest Abe, Con irv, BostoD. HOLMES* HOLE—A i- 28th, barque Andes, Dulling | Jtai:iU7.u» lithbuu r„r Foiilaml; brig < h:i» W. sUy, Ford, savauuah tor Bosion; Uobin. Rayford, Kliza beth|»rt for Portsmouth; schs Watei loo, Bock, fm ElizaiiefhpartlorUo; Sea Flower, Candace, liock larnl tor Now York; Harriet Fuller, Bcuuctt, Port land for Nanport. Ar 2!ith,*i|t Wnt A Dresser, Hatcli, Bouton tor Bavaunak; sebs l.ortlia foutlur, Woo, tor, Fbiladal phiu torFfirtla d- Meaantirr. Morton. H..mlontfor do: Win Carroll, Colson, Kocklun 1 for New York. Sid, barque Andes. In i»ort. brigs Win A Dresner. Robin, ( has Wesley; sobs Warrentou, Hiawatha. Waterloo, Planter, Sea Flower, Harriet Fuller, Bertha Souder, Messenger, Win Carroll. BOSTON —Cld 2uth, brig Obas Heath, Wyiuan, for Baltimore; sob Mary Ella, Thomas. Charleston. Ar 30tli, sf*h Martha S irgent, Gl<*»*on, Gloucester. Cld aOth, barque J 1L Pearson, Taylor, Havana; sobs Cameo, Smalley, Belfast; Orotio, Dunbar, Cas tine. GLOUCESTER—Ar 28th, mb* Enterprise, Per kins,‘Boston lor Wells; Gertrude Horton, Jameson; Corvo, Piekering, and Trideut, Jameson, New York tor Rockland; Charlotte Ann, Chaudlcr. and < >ce$n Relic. Emery, do lor do; Coclieeo, Pendleton, do lor Lincplnvttlc. FOREIGN PORTS. Arat Melbourne piev to Feb 25, ship Atalanta, Barnes. Boston; barque Homeward Bound,Gilmore, New York. _ . At Bu. nuu Ayres 12th ult. ship B Ayniar, Sawyer, for New York, Idg; barques Com Dupont, clinord; bid well, Churchill; J F Pearson, Lewis: C A lJtue fleld, Nichols, and Jas Welsh. Bales, tor do; E r Herriiuan, Herriiuan, and J M Churchill, Hutchin son, lor Boston, do. At Mayuguez 4th inst, schs Bngaduce, tor Now Haven, ldg; Harriet Brewster, lor New York, do; J J Clark, for Philadelphia, do. At Cardenas 18th inst, sch Lizzie L Tapley, Jones, lor Bangor 2Ktb. At Bermuda loth inst, brig Aurate, Davis, from Galvc.'ton lor Boston Kith. Sid lith, barque Tbos Whitney, Kelley, Philadel phia. Cld at St John. NB, 26th, sch Lila, Montgomery. Havana. SPOKLN. Feb 2. oft Fernando de Noronha, ship Mary Whlt ri.igo. Cutter, iroiu New York lor Slian.hae. THE Most Popular Collars now in Use, AM> FOB Ease, Elegance of Fib & Strength of Mateiial Arc Unsurpassed. LEADING STYLES : “Crescent” nnd “Gipwy,” enamelled. “I.iuen PIuihIi,” Whirl], being watcr-proqf, are taking the lead of till Others. “Clipper,”—“I. Itupraved,”—“Mednl,”— and “Nhnkapeure.”' Dr. Cliarlos T. Jnckwiu,.Stale Aseaykr, having eer tHied out “free firms all hunalem entsfi BUV NO O.THUK14. For Bale by dealers generally.. F. A. HAWLEY & CO. Manufacturers Selling Agents and Importers of .Myis Furnishing Goods, Id Olle ft 31 Areb Wtreeta, Boston. Apl leoilSw Office of Collector of Inter nal Revenue. No. 90 1-2 Commercial St. First Collection Dw't of State of Maine, \ Portland, April 1, 1867. J SEIZURE OF BARRELS AND HALF BARRELS. VTOTlCE to hereby given that the f .Mowing de Al scribed empty barrel* and ball barrels were seized in iliie city on the d ys hereinafter mention, d for a violation oi Section 22, of an Act to amend ex isting laws relating to internal revenue, and lor other purposes. Approved March 2, lb«7. March 13, 1867, 2 Coal Oil Bbls., seized on Commer cial Street. March 14, 1867,$0 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland 6c Kennebec U- K. March 11, 1867, 1 Coal Oil Bbl. seized on Commercial Street* . March 14,1S67, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized on Commer cial Street. March j4, 1607, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland «fc Kennebec R, R. March 14, lso7,12 Coal OiLBubls. seized at Freight House of Criaud Trunk Railway. March 14,1867,1 Coal Oil Hlf. Bbl. seized at Freight House oi Grand Trunk Itadway, March 15, 18177, 4 Coal Oil Bbls. seized on Com mercial Stred. March 15.1867, 2 Coal Oil HU. Bbls. seized on Com mercial Street. March 15, 1867, 23 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House ot Port awl 6s Kennebec R. U. March 15,1867, 1 Coal Oil Hlf. bbl. seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebee R, 11. Any person or persons claiming the same are re quested to api*ar aud make sncli claim within thirty days from the date hereof, otherwise the said barrel's and half barrels will be disposed of in accordance with the acts oi Congress in su.h cases made and provided. Apll—3W NATH’L J. MILLER, Collector. W. H. PENNELL A CO., GA8 FITTERH, NO. 91 UNION Vl'ULKr. All work warranted satisfactory. Reterences— Sirout A M^Koiikey, master builders; Brown & Crocker, plasterers aiid stucco workers. April 1, 1867. d3m. w. H. P. CROSS, Sealer of Weights aud Measures. Order Male nt C. II. Breed Sc C’o.’s, Na. 49 Paisa Street. Portland, April 1, 1867. dim #9^ BK. ALBERT K VAN*, “dentist, No 8 Clapp's Block, Congress St., BETWEEN PREBLE AND ELM, PORTLAND, .HE. 1 IT*All operations warranted to give satisia'tion. Ether admiuislered when desired. aprl,’67wtf OK. A. J. LOCK!, DENTIST, No. ;101 1-2 rongrri. Nirrol. April 1,18*7. U3m _ Montreal OceanSteamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. Paweagcn Hooked to A^oodouderry find Tiircrpool. He turn Tickets granted of Reduced Kates. The Steamship Nestorian, Captain Dutton, will Rail from this port tor Liverpool, SATURDAY, April 6th, 4867, immediately ntler the arrival of the train of the previous day from Montreal, to be fol lowed by the-on the i3thof April. Passage to Londonderry ami Liverpool, cnbiu, (ac cording to accommodation) $70 to $50. Steerage, $25 Payable in Gold or its equivalent, flaw For Freight or passage apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 26, I860. uprldtd SPKCIAL NOTICE. n+gffiffigjn On and after Monday, April 1st, tlie W*y^-^ayfleveiling tram on the Portland A Roches* ter Kail Road will leave Portland at 6.15. See Time Table. GEO W. WOODBURY. 1-dltt ft / 14 4V \ STATE OF MAINE. Head Quarters, 1 March 2s, HW7. j General Orders No 3. 1. feThe ‘ ommander in Chief hereby announces the resignation-ol‘ Brig. Gen. John L. H'odsdok, Adju tant General of the State - In accepting this resignation it is impossible to re train from expressing the high appreciati »n in which General Ifodsdon’s character and services are held. Called to this position on the eve vf terrible and try ing times, which demanded energy, tact and tabor betel e unknown to tho office, ho now retires having brought tins dillimlt1 service to a graceful compleV tion, and commanding a respect at home and abroad which inay Justly he called an honorable fame. His record is written in that proud portion of our history which his own hand has recorded, hut more dceplv and endurfngly still In the affectionate re membrance of those who have served or suffered in the w *r. 2. Brevet Major General John C. Caldwell, having been dulv appointed with the advice and con sent of the Executive Council, is hereby announced as Adjutant General of this State, ranking from the 31st inst., and will be obeyed and respected accord ingly. By order of the Commander in Chief, SEL GEN CONNER, A pi Id It . p Lt. Col. and Aide-de-Camp. Desirable Office to Let. AN office partially flnitlied, centrally located on Commercial Street, is ottered lor rent at a low price. Address Lock Box 1791. Portland, April 1, HW7. <llw, Wanted TO hire, ft small house, either furnished or other wise. tor a ‘hort or long time. Anv one desirous of a tim class tenaut ioay address, with full particu lars, “ B.,H Post otfled Box 2123. April 1. 41 w Beard Wanted. A LADY, and tW" (laughter* with to engage board „ loc Ui» f "ratter. In Rome country town fti Maine York or vh lnity preferred. Address, with I articu lar*.. G. It. I... Apl 1— 3td.'tww* Bof ill.^tuxbury, Mas.. For Sale. FV F. Street Sprinkling Tuba, Pnmpa and Power lor pumping water. Inquire of J-C. lUftREB, T, .. . . * 131 Comm rcial Str et. Portland, April 1,18H7. aplltf Lost. 0^ toot of Exchange street. a Diary containing discharge papers, anil the card of Anderson 4 Wescott. The finder will be suit ably rewarded by leaving it a*, the shop of Anderson A; Wescott, Union Wliari. aprl<13t* Notice. AN a'JJourned meeting of tin* Second PatIhIi will be held this (Monday) evening, at 7i o’clock, in Lheii temporary Vestry in the Willis School House, Chestnut Street. A ftill attendance is requested. . G. Cl WYNN, Clerk. Portland, April1, lt07, dlt Boartfiug. A FEW gentlemen can be accommodated wlih pleasant room# and board, in a private lamily, at No. 7 Mayb Street. aprldtw* NOTICE Is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed Executor of the WM of IIENHY BAILEY, late of Westbrook, in tlie County of Cumberland, deceased, and has taken upon himself that, trust by giving bonds, as the law directs. All persons having domain** upon the estate ot said deceased, are required to i .\ Libit the same; and all persons Indebted to said estate aro call ed upou to make payment to JOSEPH S. BAILEY, Executor, J of Portland. Westbrook, March, 19, 1867. aprl dlaw3w* NEW ADVEBflsEJmVW. List of Eeiters I n< lainifd TN the POST Offji t: AT PORTLAnS. Maine, on JL thuUtday of April, 1SH B mADIKlLLIST. | A.l»nn Pvmiy mbm Hum* Harah ,1 mm Armstrong ltobert mra Haiun Sophia B lniaa Baker Aumnii* K Haves Harah A in las Benneit Adeline Irvin Kiiia miss Burnett Altbv A mins Jordon Ann Brewster Angie K miss Jor.lnn Nellie W miss Boiler I- inily U Uliss Jackson Georgs \V turn Jones Helen I lor ml-s Barren Kllen miss Helen I Jones B »,th !r I'*0"'* mla* Jaeka-jn Minnie inrs ^.tesTnira SmaSsS-"* Buller Sarah N ruins Low Ktta m.aieJjTpT liarstow Sarah A mrs lot Henry V mis Chase Rebecca mrs • Littlejohn Mancv A mi-. Cambell 1 ixilo ralsa Libby Ruben mm *’* j Chase Lizzie M miss Leighton It W mr» Cameron Ella B miss Lewis Samuel mm Conner Eliza miss Leighton Sarah nu« Cox Edwin B mra Merrill A P mm Costner Eliza mrs McKay Barbara miss (’looker E niU( .Nlnri au (’ L mra Colby Elizabeth mis* McCurdy David mrs Chase Lucy miss Mink Lizzie miss Custis Floraner C iniss McKim Jane iniss Caiubail Grace Merry J C mrs Colburn Henrietta mrs Morse Hannah A mrs Corliss Harriet Is mrs McGaJligan Hannah H Chase Julia A mrs 2 iniss Cole J mrs MilUken Louis K miss Cialliii James F mis Morrison Louise Caughay .Mary tots McDaney Mary mrs ( lark Sophia M miss Morgan Mattie E miss Day A ugusta M mrs McIntosh Harry mrs Dyer Carrie J mrs Muilholaud Mary A miss I tougher Catliarin .Mcauer Mary J miss Durgan Diana mrs Murphy Mary C ]>ycr Nellie miss Mo«a* Naucy J mrs Davis Lizzie H mrs MHlMken Sarah miss Dow EJi/abcth G mrs Martin Win mrs Delano Harriet G mrs Nuys Clara mi.-s Davis Julia A mrs Nash E M Day Lonnrti M mm Nutting Jenny mrs Davis M i. mrs iur luLsO'Coiiuoll Julia Esther V Cole Pollock Amanda miss Dinnorson Susan mr* Paine Abby miss Evans Jane mrs Poov Nellie mra Edwards Lottie E miss Pray I* W tnfM Eaton Minuia miss Prince I G miss Foss Abitfil mrs Pillsburv Mina W miss Foster Ann mrs (cape K) Freeman Angie inrs KoOb Alice Foie y Bridget miss Randall Ella T miss Foss Climgna miss Ripley E H mrs Frost Ellen mrs Robinson Eupbemin miss f James it mrs Richardson Fannie E inis* Frazier John A inrs Ryan Johana miss Finney J alia mr i Robbins Lyuia miss FrieaB It ary. miss * Russell .Maria A mrs Foley Mattie A miss Rack left' Margaretta mrs Foil Mat tha mrs Richards William Fitz Mapata Maria miss Senney Annie S mrs Frail Margaret Snow Kmeline Frogman Mary A mrs Sawyer Nellie mrs Farr Sarah mrs Sawyer K C iniss Field Sarah miss Sou'e Fiank mrs Farrington T mrs SeliinJanc .Jade miss Guckin Katie miss Scantmou Lizzie miss Gryiss Ceaato (Cape K) Sydney Mary mrs Gerrish Schnrlotte miss Summer M li mrs, G&ulant Euuneline mrs Stinson Mary P mrs Gallavhc* H mrs lor MaryStrong Sarah L mrs tiuilagher Ewan Viola K iniss Gaivier Jennie Skillings William mrs Gill nun Josephine miss Stewart Wasuiin Gowen N NV mrs To! mail Jl .n lot S Orman Iiosanah miss Thornton Josephine mi>M Gilpatrh k S A uilad X hompsoh Jane miss Gerrish Sasab C miss Telman Mary H Gill Sarah M mrs Torsy Mary S miss Ilolmss Annette F mrs Xhompsou Rebecca miss Harris Betsey P mrs Underwood Abigail liensnon Rt mrs ize Annie L miss Herbert Emma miss Winslow Debbie E mrs. II ink ley Lizzie miss Weeks Lizzie miss Horton J mis Wiliuuns Nelly miss liar it man Lizzie mis Wescott Elliott mrs Hastings Laura A miss W after bo us.i Uustie miss 1 law kesLucretia RE miss Watson Hannah J mrs Heald Lizzie mi-s Wuodsouie Mil a mrs llanos Mehitable P mrs Washburn Matilda A miss Hassay Noah mrs Williams M D mrs Hall P A Sc H N misses Weymouth Rachel T miss Hoi mes Lydia miss Vouiig C C mrs Hill bainuol mrs Zeiger Marv inrs GENTLEMEN 8 LIST. Akcrinau & Rood -Meri-iii Lqiutrd Anderson & Waecott Morro'l lAvi Abbott Eben F Mistc Lodge Avery Enoch May S lor R Bnowl Armstrong John E capt Mayo Samu el Ayers Jas F McCahorn Archibald Adams J McNeil Alexander Alley Nathan W McDonald Donald Austin Richard Me N.cil Donald 2 Allen Wtti M McGinley Em Ward Brunk Anthony McKane George lor Peter Bradbury Albert ’■ Kaine Beaumont A Merry Me Mena in John lor Mar Black Chas Dr garet Mitchell Briggs Danforth McNamara John for Jaa Ballard Ecktey for nilss King Abby 3 Ballard Me Leavitt James Burleigh Edw McKinney Mx-haell Buck F U McDonald John M Bliss GAG McKinstry Robt Boynton Grenville M McNeil Stephen Brown G G Newton Dr H G Brooks J C NyeJE Burrows J W Newell C D Berry James E Newman A Boydc Jas Nerro J B Brown J S OBrien AG Brown J L Osbom W O ’ ' Brigham J B Prooines J A Bragdon Jackson Plummer E(J win Brailft>rd M A Pmau Khentzer Burko Pal t Perry E R Berry Sarnl R Peobody George Bethel Sanil Perry George II Bryson Thoe Preble Henry Bams Wm Porter Hamilton Burnham Wm H H Prince Howard L Bert well Wm Paine J. D Oulver Chas H Proctor J M Cleveland A Osgood Peck John M 2 Chad brm me Clay ton G Preston .laoob Ulm k G W Phillips .lelni E GobbChaa lumber umrcb’tPeck John M for ( has 11 Cropley David M Krnzier t Toombs Doxlor I’ears >n Lt >uis K CicaieeKbai Pliiat- y ALuor C UobblM* IHorc.XurAiF ! OuleFC Peter* M.tvlu tor Ardii Cousins Pedrick rapt bald kinnson Coyne Frank Porter R tor Llszy tjood CardJoluiF win * Jons C Pltimtrer Seth L Chare J Jr & Co Phonuhtion Thomas Coulidge Joseph Pu W It rfe Co Clary Jas A Pine Capt W Collin John C Renshaw A \v for Cora Curtis J 8 Bell Meatier Cushman J D Roach ( hat les W Cunningham Mark Richards C II tor Fannie Chaplin Perea M Haley Chrpenter Hichd Read Daniel ft Cleveland 8 T it Co Rich K S Collins Sami King Elliott Clark Wm P Rogers Edmond Decrow A W Rogers F W lor A P R02 Dorgan Beiy ers DeCriunr Chas lor FeUxRickcr Ueorgn l.sreaqu.: Kitchea son John Doilgo Frol Rumery Joseph Ducett Frank H Richter Joseph V Dodge Francis Reardon J ilm Dow Deo C cant to! Mass lkeed Jacob H Jr a Downing Oeo H Rath Lewis Dodge Hollster Holt Gunnl Lviyitan s Dunn James A: Sou Ryan Maytl-i lor Fdw 11,11" an John Bhanghnesmy Dyer John Robinson R K Dyer Lewis F lieed Wm II H Dalton Haitian capt SawyerAK Dorman Stephan 8 8»routAlfied Debeck Kobt W Ssmior Bte Dearing T P 8 Sturgis B F Dbismtne Win W Stnitli Cl.sties Davis WmJ£ Sheehim Cornell us Dixuning W H Strout Charles W EUlngwuod Calvin for GeoSmall Charles ft ■ McKenzie Stuart Charles U Edwards Oeo StotMard Calvin Easton Jolin W Stuart Charles Emery Joseph S Satv ter < 'barlea H Etur.dgc Nathan W Sargeut C1 F.»oi Conatant Q Scott Charles H Foy Danl M Strout Daniel Foae Edict T Salinoud David B Forbes E B Small Eben H Fernald Fred W barguut George W Freeman Geo W Steves* George P FoggGoo ; ShctMleergo L Fletcher Henry 2 Smith Henry S Foster Ham.liou Shed Henry‘D Pouter John for Geo Gray Sturdivant Capt Isaac lor Flagg J B . John Look Fickett Moses for mrt Eli-Sawvir J L za Firkett gape E Scamman <8 D Foster Nathan A Stan es Joseph U Ft lit n Wm H Shilling James 8 Gline* Freoman F Storer John M Gardner G W BkilMns J 8 Hal) Andrew Bnow John H Hall A Sargent J S Holmes Cha»F 3ti.kuoyJ.bnJl Hanson T) Sieele John G for miss Howard D Jennie 8 Leighton Hayes Elmer Skinner Hilton & Co Bnmd Jacob 2 , Hill John ■ • Bhopleigli Janie* B Hammond .John E Somers Michael H arris John Stevens N athaniel Hammett John Siwondeitiehard L 3 Hamilton John A Sargent, Brown & Co Haines John F Somers Thomas Jewell Chas H • Spencer W G Jean Colin Smith Wm G Jones EN Skinner Wm B Jordan Edwin (hr missToby Daniel Marietta lordau cape E Trickey E R Jones Horatio H True Frank W Judge John Tibhets Francis Jordan Mlclil Tibbetts F ior Henrv Kilday John 1 Thom peon Knight John H Townsend Gilbert B King Tbos 2 I Vagus Georgo F Libby A J Thurston Gilman Larkin Andrew H Todd Henrv D Lisk B F True hi . Loftell E J Twomblv J W Lowell Edw J Tosco Samuel Littlefield E L cape E Thomas Tilde n 2 Lougct* E W It Welch Charles M Leiaud Geo Whitcomb Galvin Libby Horny T Wellington ixlward F Langley J H Watson K FL Lhugee John E Wilder Ldward E M M Whitney George A Lindrey M U Wgscott IIII Lydon Martin Wells Ham I* Libby it C Wilson Horace 2 Ltd hr up band Willey Isaac Lovett wm Wood John Lei an<l Wm cant Wood James A Moses Austin W Woodman J P for Sarah Mi t, Amos C Hayward Muse* Mmon fur miss Cla-Ward ,Judah E for Bent ra .Moses (latehell •Morrison Chhrtes E Walker J C Martin Daniel for mrt Ma-WelcU Luther ry A Dresser Whitney Merrill 3 Manley Daniel W Wherren Moses M®*’*1' t , „ Walton Willis . ^}^>tiK3 Prol Winchester Win B for Miller H for mre Miller Emina E Winchester M^ccr J Wils .n William A kill liken John S Wise Wm K Mitts John D Withaiu Win Jr Martin John (^uinthy Ghtivles O Minot. J II QuiinbyFT MorTison John II Young william Maddock Luther 2 amp T VTTtrfiq Utley Albert K thill Francis Hllyaid BorgiuuiiBC Imrk Fannie Orchard John capt ach Gen Grant Day us Jon K ach Jehu Price Carroll Martin sch Jane Howard King David W udi Wood Gapt atr Milton Martin Corbet Ainoafi cant barque Mary Oliver Farnsworth Thoe W capt brig Miry 0 Roacvlt I’li ill ip* John capt ach wm Penn Bray Wm E G bark W Butcher 2 W. DAVIS. Postmater. PORTLAND* ROCHESTER R.R. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Cu and alter Monday, April. 1, 1867, train! will mn as follow*: 1 aascnger trains leave Sat o Kiver t«»r Portland nt ?• m and D.Ou A. M., nod -.40 P. M. Leave Portland Io*VsaLO Ui\er 7.15 A. M.. 2.0 • and 6.15 P. M. freight trains with pabbeUKer ear attached wid leay® Saco Kiver tor Portland. 6.50 A, M Ia.,... PJUU'I for Saco River 12.15 P. M. * i,#4'e KB^Stagos connect at Uorham tor Wait Parroni field aid OMljpee^’ N.wfa-I.l »«- »“ Portia. Apr, *»"—»«• Wanted. A YOUNG lady between tli. ago <>f l*1 »n,l 20i » good vocal singer: one who can play on an in strument preferred, to travel with a company through the country. Address “ W. K.,” Post Office. April 1. <uw« MBWaiJU—w_ [r E M o V A L ! •Hew Store, Hew (rOoiIs. Sliaw Brother#, “ *** ^ No. 147 Middle St., i:v4\* ■rn.DHo, Ifext Ilelow Emery .V Tt alerhouee'n And have opjbed a ftcwh Stock ol' Ilatn & Caps! OF THE kult-st New York & Boston Styles ! ,41, HO, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, lanes, &C., &C. rs-The Cook* AMrt.h¥oaoa Drau Hat ntadi; to order hy the Fkenoh Confokm ftkk, umA waiiannxi n> lit. MarW-mi-.._ SOME MOVE Hew Style# ol Hat# -AM) O A P N . AT I1A It HI S’ 300 Congress St., ;? Auxi Hiiaball’s C arriu-e factory. marKkllwis Atlantic k St. Lawrence Kail road MortKafre Boutls oC 1851, /COUPONS next maturing on the extended Itomls, \J and interest An the six months muling April 1st. next,on the builds not exteuUed, will he paid on ami alter that dal*, free ol Government tax. Parties uegoiating tludr coupon* a to icq uealed to take notice. Cll AS, K. LiAUKb . I’, Anasmrvr. Portland, Manhjfl, 1*07. mr30diw uicimov \i.. VI rK have moved our office from No. 71 to 14'J ▼ ▼ Compeltial strost, <4»«f rh-: stois of N. L. ru> Inton Mar lOcdlTAv UPSS & SUIGH VANT. Marrctt, Poor & Co., Ifnviui; taken the ChamTjtrv 311 CONGRESS STREET, ADJOINING MECHANICS' HALL, Are now prepared to offer their friends aud the pub lic a large and well selected sleek ol CABPETINGS! Paper Hanging* CURTAIN GDOItS, &c., Purchaser of the above good arc respect fully invited t<> damme our stock which is H Kew, Clean ami Di sable. July 30 dtf Aeu Spring Good* 2 COOK & AYERS, DRAPERS AND TAILORS, ItIIsI ■ Xx (flu If IO If Vo. 103 FEDERAL STREET, have just received a good selection ot Broadcloths, Doeskins, Vestings, —— AXI* — « , , r it i :?i ii i n a s ^liiiabls tbr the • P n I 2V G X It .V D E ! Which tney *viT! make fnfo garments ut reasonable price*. Orders from their customer* are respectiully noli lied. COOK A A A* ERS will occupy chambers over tlui store on their dd location in Exchange Street, anout the middle of May. Mai oh 2!L 1867. d.Tw - v*-v-- **- tf . .... 4 Cnoicc Southern aud Western FLOUR AMD CORA! ■ ft»r sale by O’limON, FIERCE * CO., Wholesale Ueslrrs, 133 ('•auiuereial »l., dec31dly ^ _ PORTLAND, Sits. Portland Five Pent Savings Bank, No. ID Jfrev Street. DEPOSITS made in this Brink on or before April U will be put on internet on that day, and tegu lar Dividend will be payable in Octouer. Special Deposit* will be received ut any time,pay able on demand, intercsl from day of deposit, at such rate as may be agreed upon when dupohiied. NATH’L F. UEERTwu, Treasurer Portland, March 8,1857. marltk!fcwtuApr2 IE It Till ZEUS. TOIVS Cumberland Pure Raw Bona Plies. of Lime. M Tons Coe’» Phosphite of Lime, g Ton* JO. K.tVS Phosphite of LJm<\ 20 Tons LloydV l’lioMilcue ot Liiue. iWM» Rprrols Lodi Poodrette. 300 Barrels Li ttleliclU’a Puudrette. 400 Barrels JKish Giuum. ■F“F<w Bale at Mfttinflicturert rrlccs, t»y KENDALL A WHITNEY. / ret. 8.1867.__te3« 13m is SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOTHY, Cluv?rWW Nor,hem New York and Western 4110 Sa^ks Rod Ton lilt l'*naif« Golden Drop SprlnpWbeat 300 Bushels Cape Barley, tw., row’d. Buckwheat. Bias, Hemp, Millet, Canary and a lull Assortment ot Vegetable and flower Seeds, all select fkl wish cure and reliable. A full aHMortineftt of Ayr ion It nr a l Jm pie men t*, Eertilissers, Ac., For Sul© l»y EE XI)A LL ft WUITXET, March Ifi, lad—ilSC*** Sstjgua Iflola^cs. ! M"s.*«v*do he Infos, cargo brig J 'Hattie S. Kinery,” from Sagua. for SAUr BY GEO. S . ii UN T, . Mur13-.13W 11 ^ fct. Choice Clayed Molasses. ftfes.PKr th,,,d n I Now landing Brig “Anna WcllingUn,.’* from I Cardeuas. and lor sale by IJ11A.SK, CRAM Si STl’RTKVANT. m*r-1 ,I" , Widgerv’s When 1'O Ji S A L Ji . • ~ 1 I).Arpi.Es.“sliced.** 130 Bu. H. G. SEED. “Cored.** 50 Bu. Clover Sued. 50 Rbla. Clear Pork. 50 Tierces Choice Lard. Also Choice Brands of Flour, by Jeremiah Ilowe A ( #,, nir21 dSw No27Commercial st, Portlaud. Applet! t.b _____ » 85 KH1.S. Choice Dried Apples, ti» salo low , !>• B. Bicker & Co., marSfidlw* No K’.Pore -tr. er, LOKBKBl COAL Coni, fgr cooking puns*™ ,hi. o’al'uX^ ed by any hi Che market. For spring and summer use it n» very nice. Also yer sch D. S. Liner a cargo of 4< 0 tons Johns White Ash Coal, STOVE A SO EGG. A »ery choice coal and warranted to giro satisfac tion. Jlandfill, McAllister A Co., <IO Commercial Street, lit Uail92wis Head of Maiue Wlhart THOMES, SMARDON & CO, JTavo this day ojtheir ]>r o w Ntore! NO. no UNION STREET, And are prepared to show the TRADK a full New Si«»ck of Fine Woolens, And Tailors’ Trimmings I dust Received from New lork nml UovlMt And which they otter at the very Lowest d obbin^f .l-^rieos: : The TRADE are respectfully invited to examine our Stock Before purchasing. Francis O. THOMts. lironoK H Smardon. _ i , , ,* AT J. I, lit US' NTDIli:. !%•. J» nud 74 Fore >1., you can buy a, avail articles aa at any other store In the city, and ueuvered at any part of the city free ot charge unit price* satisfactory, march 29—dlf i