Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 1, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS lil' TELEGRAPH TO TUE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. Morday Morning, April 1, 1867. ■-—--— XLth 00NGRESS—FIRST SESSION. Washington, March 30. SENATE An effort was made to extend the session till 3 o’clock for the purpose of taking notice ot Mr. Kiddie’s death, hot failed. Oiwmotion of Mr. Sherman, the rule of the executive session requiring nominations not acted upon to be returned to the President after the close of the session, was suspended, so as to allow uoininatious now pending in ex ecutive session to bo continued until acted upon. Mr. Suuincf gave notice that on the first W ednesday of July be would call up a bill tor universal suffrage throughout the United States. He had reason to believe, be said, that there would be a quorum here present on that day. At 11.30 thu Senate went into [executive ses sion. At 12 o’clock the doors were reopened and the President pro tem. declared the Senate ad journed under the resolution of vesterdav un til the first Wednesday iu July. Ho USB. Mr. Thomas presented a memorial from the Mayor and members of the City Council of Haiti more' asking Congress to assist the peo , k^yl.aud to form a State Government republican in form and in uuisou with the spirit of the age. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. -Mr. Benton asked leave to offer a resolution tendering thanks to General bheridan for the removal of the Louisiana officials from the places which they disgraced, and the appoint ment of loyal men. Fernando Wood objected, and the resolution not read. . Tim House proceeded to the business on the Speaker’s table, and concurred in a number of Senate bills and amendments. Mi. Baffin ottered a resolution that the re port of the Congressional Printer on the pur • base ot paper, he taken from the table and re ferred to the Committee on Printing, with power to investigate the same and to send for persons and papers and to sit during the re oess of Congress. Agreed to. Mr. Lynch, on leave, introduced a hill to es tablish certain post routes in Maine. Passed. The Speaker presented a message from the President, in relation to signing the bill ap propriating money to carry out the reconstruc tion hill. Tabled and ordered to be printed; The Speaker announced Messrs. Lalliu and Brooks, as the committee to wait on the Presi dent. i weive o clock having arrived, the Speaker announced in accordance with the concurrent resolution, the House adjourned to the first W cduesday in July next, at noon. (Applause and cl ipping of hands, on the lioor and in the galleries followed). The members and officers exchanged parting expressions of good will and separated. WASHINGTON. Cession of Hussian America to the United Stales. Receipts from Internal Revenue. Washington, March 30. The President and Council are at the Capi tol to-day in the Vice President’s room, at tending to public business. Owing to the large number of executive ap pointments to be acted upon, the President to day issued a proclamation convening the Sen ate, in extra session, to meet Monday, April 1st, at noon. The President to-day sent to the House a communication giving his reasons lor signing tiie joint, resolution providing for the expense ol carrying into lull effect the act to provide for a more efficient government ot the rebel States. He quotes the 7Cli section of the act, winch provides that all expenses of carrying tiie act into effect shall be paid put of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appro priated. This provision in wholly unlimited in amount, whereas the resolution approved limits it to $300,000, and he considers tins limitation a very necessary check to unlimited expendi tures and liabilities, and considers himself hound to approve this resolution without mud ilying the olyeeUons heretofore stated in the original and supplementary act. It is true, as reported, that the President communicated to the Senate to-day a treaty witliJErussia, by which that power surrenders to the United .States tho sovereignty over allot Prussian America and the adjacent islands'." Tim price to he paid lor this territory is about $7,000,000. Tho territory is about 8,394,000 square miles. It nearly, but not altogether, ex cludes Tiritish America from the ocean. Its chief value consists inlts fisheries and its fur trade. The treaty was signed eat ly this morn ing and sent to the Senate shortly afterwards. Washington, March 31. T he receipts from Internal Revenue sources arc more Ilian $304,000,000 since the 1st of Ju ly. 18C0; that is, for three-quarters of the fiscal year. It is said in official circles that there is no good reason for supposing that the revenue from this sourse will fall below the estimates; in (act, it is confidently believed that they will exceed them. Tho income tax is yet to be col lected, and, according to the provisions of the amendatory aci of tho 3d iust., is to be collect ed by the 30tli of April. The condition of this branch of the national revenue is encour aging, notwithstanding the depression that at first sight would seem to threaten a serious de ficit. The United States Supreme Court will re sume its session to-morrow. All the Judges are expected present, with the exception of J rnrtice Grier whose health is still feeble. EUROPE. NEWS BE TOE CABLE. London, March 29. lu tlie House of Commons last night the proposition of (he Government to guarantee the Canada railroad loan was agreed to. London, March 29—Evening. It is announced that King George of Greece is soon to marry a neico of Queen Victoria. A dispatch from Odessa reports a terrible storm in the Black Sea, iu which several ves sels were wrecked, with some loss of life. Qcebnbtown, March 29. The ships Keeler, from Cardiff tor New York, and C. Jones, from Liverpool for Philadelphia, have arrived here leaky. Liverpool, M irch 29—Evening. The ship Frederick, from New York Feb. JGth, was abandoned at sea in a sinking condi tion, Crew saved and arrived at an English port. Pehth, March 29—Evening. The coronation of Francis Joseph us King ol Hungary will take place in July next. New York Ileum. New York. March 31. A mysterious affair, involving the supposed murder'and disappearance of a prominent phy sician, is attracting the attention of the police. On Friday night a physician who is attached to the Board of Health, reported at ajstation house that a woman had jnst met death by vio lent means, and three men, whose actions were suspicious, were at the place designated. The police visited the spot, but no corpse or men were found, and the doctor himself has not since been seen. Gen. Beauregard has written a letter to the New Orleans papers recoramendingsubmissiun Ijy the South to the congressional requirements, and that means he talo n to secure the negro vote against the radicals. The steamship Hermann, from Bremen 17th and Southampton 20th, With 578 passengers, ar rived f^is evening. She was delayed by the ice encountered on the passage. New York, March 30. There are more counterfeit United Stutcs bank notes afloat at present than there has a generation before. Compound interest' notes of the denomination of fifty dol lars are imitated very successfully. The out ward humid steamers to-day take the following amounts of specie:—City ol Wash ington, $14,020; Hammonia, $14,000; Guiding Star; $150,000. Destructive Fires. New York, March 30. A disastrous conflagration at 10 o’clock last evening destroyed a large cabinet factory and ten other buildings on (JtU Avenue and West 47th street. The walls of the factory fell about 11.30 T. M., burying beneath the ruins the steam lire engine No. 23. There was a scarcity of water. The cause of the lire is unknown. St. Louis, March 31. The Liudull Hause, the largest building of the kind in the country, if not in the world, was totally destroyed by lire last night. The origin ol the fire is not known, hut it is said to hav e broken out in the fifth story about half past 8 o'clock, but an alarm was not given until !l o’clock. Owing to the great height of the building and the difficulty of reaching the upper floor with the hose, the fire gradually ascended till it reached the roof. Two months after was opened it was bought by Aim* & Co. lor $373,000. The insurance on hotel amounted to $310,000, ot which $70,000 to $80,000is in Kastern offices. The lessees were Hatch! Weaver R Felt, whose loss is §3oo,ooo; insured, $100,000. There were about 400guests in the house. Tile total loss will not be less than $1,000,000. From ihr Wcmi Vndirx, Njbw York, March 31. An' Havana letter of the 23d inst., states that a revolutionary proclamation had been rc- j ceived from Spain by many prominent persons, calling all classes to arms for the overthrow of the Queeu, aiul the establishment of a Repub lican Government in Spain. The small pox had disappeared from Matan zas. Sterling exchange fell 2 and 3 per cent, on tin* 22d and oil the same afternoon rose to 7 and 8 pe r cent, premium on the same. Mar-lad Bazame w as at Havana. Another revolution in Hayti is reported. It is led hy Prospero Elie. A son of Elio’s was killed and tranquility restored. An account without date, says Jeflrard had been defeated and hail fled in a French war vessel to Jamaica. This, the Havana Diaro says, is from a trustworthy source. The Hew York Mixpr,«• Caw. . _ . . York, March 30. A decision was rendered in the* Court of Ap pcals yesterday in the well known case of Stephen T. Clark, against James and Erastus Bmoks. relative to the ownership of a daily evening paper in this city. This was a motion to dismiss the appeal from the order of the Common Pleas Court, wherein an order deny ing the defendant’s motion for a new trial, and affirming judgment, declaring the rights of the parties was entered. Chief Justice Davis and the fall bench decided that no appeal could be brought before this court until the entry of final judgment. It was, therefore,dismissed. MEXICO. Embarkation of the Boar Guard of the French Army. Vera Cruz iu a State of Siege. New Yoke. March 31. Vera Cruz correspondence of March lfith, states that Marshal Bazaine and the rearguard of the French army, the Egyptian troops, em barked on the 13th. More than half that corns which originally numbered 3000, remain under tbe soil of Mexico. Tlic French flags about the city were lower ed and replaced by the emblems of Mexico A large quantity of war material was sold to the Imperialists by the French. The city was dared*™ ?!|Se‘ge- Martial law has beell tit— (lared and the gates closed. It was feared that e troops inside tlio city would pronounce for Juarez as soon as the Liberals appear in front of the walla. All communication with the interior had been cut off, and only news of a doubtful char acter was obtained from the capital. it was rumored that Maximilian had agreed to abdicate if Juarez would consent to abide the decision of the people for or against the Empire, hut the rumor had not been confirmed. Foreign New* per Mleamrr. Nut Yobk, March 31. The steamship City of Paris, from Liverpool 20th and Queeustown 21st, with 797 passengers, arrived here this evening. She brings some interesting details of news in addition to cable advices. • Iu the House of Commons on the 18th, Mr. D’israeli proposed the Government reform scheme. He said that with a view to settliug the reform question, the Government proposed a household franchise with two years rosiden tal and tax paying conditions. Out ol'7.230,000 householders iu England and Wales non-vot ers, this proposition would enfranchise 237,000, increasing borough voters to 881,000. The prin ciple left 480,000 households without vote, who, as they did not pay their votes would not be come qualified, tlio Government thought desir able to afford compound households an oppor tunity to obtain the privilege of voting upon fulfilling their constitutional duties, hut did not state, however, what form the “opportuni ty would take. He then enumerated the fancy lrunchisos, viz: A vote to every person who pays twenty shillings direct taxes; a vote to possessors of fifty pounds iu a savings bank or the funds, and to members of tbe learned pro icssious. He contradicted the statement that the possessors of any of these four franchises would have a vote in addition to the one to which he was entitled as a householder, and explained that any person who paid twenty sliil lings, either as income or assessed tax, but not taxes paid under licenses, should alone have the privilege of both franchises. The Government propose to reduce the county fran chise to fifteen pounds rating. Mr. D'Israeli estimated that the scheme would add nearly one million of voters in bur oughs, and three hundred thousand in conn ties. inr. uianstone severely criticised the scheme. He declined to accept Air. DTsraoli's figures, regarding three-fourths of the new voters as men in Buckram denounced as dual votin'/, and expressed the opinion that the bill would not pass as a whole. It is stated that the Pope has agreed to allow Italian troops to cuter the Pontifical States to help the Pontifical to suppress brigandige. Antonelli opposed the proposition. It is announced that the Emperor of Russia has extended amnesty to all Frenchmen exiled to Liberia for complicity in the late Polish re bellion. In the North German Parliament amend ments to the dratt of the constitution propos ing the freedom of the press and the right of public meeting were rejected. Uu the 21st inst. Mr. Gladstone convened a meeting of the Liberal members of the House of Commons. It was understood to agree on a course of opposition to the Government reform hill. The extra steamer Tripoli sailed from Queenstown for New York on the 2(lth inst.. with a large number of passengers. A.l vices from Rome of Alarcli 20th, stato that a proclamation has been issued at Trasi inure, offering a reward of f>00 scudi ior the capture of every brigand, dead or alive, and 1,200 scudi for the capture of every chief of a hand. Canadian Affairs. Ottawa, C. W., March 31. A message received by the cable to-day. from Provincial Secretary McDougal, states that the iutcr-Colouiat railroad guarantee bill pass ed the committee of the House of Commons, by a large majority. The confederate bill has received the royal assent Active preparations are being made to increase the tariff on lum ber this season. The American millionaires on the Chau diere River have commenced to construct piers for a boom opposite this city, which is intend ed to hold the immense number of saw-logs which have been cut during the winter on the Upper Ottawa. Disetfont on American invoices this week i 25 per cent. Washington Correspondence, New Youk, March 31. The Herald’s special Washington dispatch says the Russian treaty was fully discussed in a Cabinet Council on Friday, and that eve ning the Russian Ambassador was received at the State Department. The negotiation was brought to a satisfactory conclusion at two o’clock Saturday morning. The treaty will have to be ratified by the Senate, and both Houses of Cougress must concur in making an appropriation for the payment of the pur chase money before the treaty is au accomplish ed fact. Transfer of Ike Augusta Water Power. Augusta, March 30. The Sprague purchase is being cuusumated. to-day. A liual transfer of the water power and other property has been made. The en tire amount paid for the property is about 8555, 000, of which amount the city assumes 8250, 000, payable mostly in municipal bonds run ning 20 years. It is expected that the Messrs. Sprague will commence operation^ immedi ately. miscellaneous Despatches. Providence, R. I., March .'JO. Rev. Ilr. Sears lias resigned the Presidency of Brown University, to accept, it is under stood, the general agency of the Peabody Southern educational movement. Baltimore, Md., March 30. Potts, the messenger, who recently robbed the Southern Express Company at W est Point of 820,000 and ran away, was caught this morn ing near this city, and most of the stolen money found in his possession. San Francisco, March 30. The Japanese commission and suite sailed to-day in the steamer Golden Age lor New York. Newcastle, Del., March 30. John Till killed his brother Henry to-dav near Newcastle, during a quarrel about some tobacco. Till was arrested and lodged in jail. San Francisco, March 30. The steamship Golden Age sailed for Pana ma to-day with 8843,000, ot which 8651,000 go to New York. Legal tenders 75. THE MARKET 0. Financial. New York. March 30. Money very active and stringent until toward the close, when it was a trifle easier in son.e quarters. There was more pressure to sell Gold, with sales at 133f @ 1 332- Government securities firm with an advance on old 1 -20*s. Stocks steady. New York Market!*. New York, March 30. Cotton—opened very firm and closed dull and de clining; sales 2,100 bales; Middling Uplands at 30} @ 31c, closing with buyers refusing to pay over 30 @ 304c. Flour—Receipts 1,783 bbls; sales 6,800 bbls; State and Western less active and common grades are 5 @ 10c lower, while medium and good grades are firm. Superfine State at 9 70 @ 10 70; Extra do, at 10 75 @ 11 75; Choice do at 1180 @12 76; Round Hoop Ohio 1165@12K5; Choice do 1265 @15 90} Superfine Western 9 70 @ 10 70; Common to good Extra Wes tern 10 90 @ 13 25; choice do. 12 40 @ 13 91; Southern ! dull; sales 250 bbls.; mixed to good at 1125@1280; Fancy and Extra, 12 90 @17 00; California active with sales of 1300 sacks and bids, at 15 00 @ 16 00. Wheat—Spring is dull and l@2e lower; White Winter is active and 2 @ 5c better; Milwaukee No. 2 very good 2 40; California White at 3 10 @ 3 15; Can ada White 3 20 @ S 35. Corn—shade easier sales 79.000 hush.; Mixed Wes tern, in store, atll7i@J 19; do, afloat at 1204@ 1 21; Western Mixed new 114 @ 117. Oats—heavy; sales 49,000 bash.; State at 72@ 73c; old Western at GO aj 67c; new do at 67 @ 69c. Beet—steady; sales 4*0 bbls; new plain mess at 12 00 @ 20 00; new extra do, 19 50 @ 23 00. Pork—heavy and lower; sales 4,450 bbls.; new mess at 2100 @24 16, closing at 24 12; regular old mess at 22 50 @ 22 75; prime at 19 75 @ 2015; also 1.500 bbls. new moss at 24 37@24 62, seller and buyer for April ami May. Lard—heavy and lower; sales 1300 bbls, at 124 (8> I3|c for new. 3^11 utter—dull; sales Ohio at 10 @ 16c; State at 20 @ W hiskey—quiet. Rice—dull and nominal. Sugars—quiet ; suAll sale* Muscovado at 91 ffi 10}c. Uoltec—quiet and lirm. “ Molasses—quiet. flrm» Spirits Turpentine at 78 @ 79c; Rosin at 4 12i@ 9 50. Oils—quiet; linseed at 1 30 @ 1 31; lard, sperm and whale quiet. Petroleum—quiet; crude at lGJc; refined bonded at 244 @ 27c. 'I’mflow—active ami firm; sales 495.000 lbs. at lftl fib lfjc. • Wool—without decided change; sales 350,000 lbs. at49Vr>67Jc lor domestic fleece; 7ftc for picked; 65c for combings; 22 @ 32c for Texas; Donskoi, an-! Aus tralia on private terms. Freights to Liverpool—dull; Cotton £@5-16@ 7-ltkl L»y steamer; Grain—Peas 3jd by sail. Cincinnati Market** Cincinnati, March 30. Flour unchanged with a moderate demand. Wheat in fair demand; sales No. 1 .Spring 2 05; Winter 2 !»0. C»»rn iu good demand and firm; sales at 67<®70; shelled 87 Cq> 89c in sacks, the latter price lor While. Oats in good demand at. 55c In 1>u1k. Rye in good demand at 1 20 (a,\ 30 for Spring, and 1 50 @1 GO tor fall. Whiskey dull and nominal; sales at 2 27 in bond. Mess Pork firm; sales at 23 00. Bulk Meats in im proved demand at 8 <q> 10c. Bacon unchanged. Lard tii m w ith an impsoved demand; sales at Butter firm at 30(a) 33c. TJheese 17 (a} 17jc. Exchange firm. Chicago Market*. Chicago, March 30. ! Flour dull and desirable brands scare*.*; sales 2200 bbls. at 13 50 (g) 16 00. Wheat firm and active; No. 1 advanced 2 (2} 3c and No. 2 le, closing firm at 2 37} (3> 3 16. Corn oi>ened with a decline of 3c, but rallied closing firm at 93 Jc for No. 1 in store. Oats iu good demand with an advance ot 5-16 @ 3-5; sales No. 2 in store at 82* '<i) 87. Provisions Inactive: Moss j>ork at 23 00. I>ry salted shoulder# 8c. Loose prime steam Lar.l 13c. Receipts—5.200bids, flour, 3,800 centals wheat. 11, 000 centals corn, 22 centals oats, 2,600 hogs. Ship ments—5,000 bbls. flour, 6,500 centals wheat, 1U,U00 centals corn, 600 centals oats. New Oilcan* Market*. % .. . New Orleans, March .TO. Colton—(lull awl unchanged; sales 1,608 bales: Low Middling at 28} « 28c. sonar aud Molasses dull wiili n., transactions. Exchange on London 145 ® 1 48}: Exchange011 New York } premium. C»*»o*«*xci«l*-*Per *'nble. LlYKBPOOL, March 28, Evening. The Broker.* Circular reports the export, and im Poria ot cotton f.,r the past week to have been 285,880 l*les. stock on hand 044,080 hales, being 2,000 above the estimate. Bicadstuflfc—market easier. Corn de clined ad per quarter, and closed at39. lor mixed We»teru. Flour—We.tern State quoted M 28. 8d per bbl. Ollier quotations michmigoil. l’rovisloht—The market is quiet, Bteady and unchanged. Produce Market unchanged. _ , , London, March 30, Noon. Consols tor money opened at 91 j. American SlicrRi iIEB art iu request and open at a considerable advance. Ullnola Central Railroad shares 79J; Erie Builroad shares3M: United Staten 5-2(VsT5}. Frankfort, March 30. Noou. United States 5-20’s 78*. , . Paris, March 30, Noon. United States 5-2u*b 84}. I.ivkiifool, March 30, Noon. The Cotton market Is quiet and steady, and at the opening prices woro unchanged; sales to-day proba bly 10,000 bales. The billowing are the quotations: Middling uplands laid; middling Orleans 18M.— Breadstuff unchanged, except Corn, which has taken an upward turn, and is quoted to-day 6d higher; Flour 28s i»d tor Western; Wheat 13» 3d for Milwau kee Red and Amber; 13s Gd for California White; Corn 39s Gd for mixed Western; Barley 48s 6d; Oats 3s Gd. Provisions—Fork 76s; Beef declined to 124a Gd i>< r bbl.: Bacon 49h; Dhoese 60s; Lard 59s. Pro duce general! v quiet. Petroleum lid for Spirits; re fined Is Gd; Rosin ns 9d; Spirits Turpentine 3d high er; sales at 37s 3d. CloVer Seed Ms. Ashes—Pots 3ts. Scotch Pig Iron declined Gd: sales at 51s6d. Tallow 4Is Cd. Linseed Oil £39. Linseed (Janes£10. Linseed UG*. Whale Oil £41. Fine Resin advanced Is; sales at 17s. Uodon Slock Li«l« Sales at the Brokers’ Board, March 30. \inerica n (Sold. 131 i United Stales Coupon Sixes, 1881. l©9j United State* 7 3-lOtlis, 1st series. tOgl “ 2d series. ||r| <f Q|| BpiqAB .n.1 Jnitoil State, 5-20s, 1S62- .1091 July, ls«6. 107| United Slates Ten-tOrties. 97I Maine State Sixes. qaB “ 1879 .99 Eastern Railroad. 1084 Western Railroad.139 (Sales at Auction.] Bangor City Sixes, 1K74,. 94 Bath Citv Sixes, 1891. 941 Eastern Railroad Sixes, \HJ t. ‘ ‘''* 9« Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 12M Vermont Central 2d mortgage bonds ...!!!!.!! 30 Boston and Maine Railroad. 130J Portland. Saco& Portsmouth Railroad. 1004 Bates Manufacturing Co. 130 Massachusetts State Sixes, 1875.«.. I0nj Rhode Inland State. Sixes. 99 BOOTS -AND - SHOES! W. C. MONTGOMERY. Head, (he List of Prices: Men’s Rubber Over Shoes, 75 cts. Women’s “ “ “ 50 “ Misses’ “ “ “ 40 «• Children’s “ “ “ 25 “ Al.i, KLN'DS OF BOOTS MD SHOES — AT THE -- LOWEST PRICES ! W. F. HONTGOHEBF, No. 4 Casco Street, two doors Atom Congress. March 25,1SB7. dlf poBTLAjyn Fire Alarm Telegraph. Direction* nml in*trnctions for the me of the Fire Alarm Telegraph. 1ST. Alarms are sounded by striking the number of the 1fox upon Hie ALARM BELLS, and upon the Gong' n tii^Epine iioases. Ex a r.tTTiF, f*ifo amifmflec the existence of a tiro near Box No. 25, (corner of Middle and Exchange stri ct*,) the Afon in Bells and (Jongs will strike TWO. make a pause ot a few seconds, than strike five, ' thus i 2—5. Location of Telegraphic Fire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Portland Co.’s Office. 13. Engine House. Congress St., Mupjoy. 14. Cor. Washington and Oxford. 15. ** Alains and Mounttort. 16. Grand Ti link Depot. 17. Cor. Congress and India, is. “ Franklin and Cumberland. 21. “ Franklin and Newbury. 23. “ Market and Commercial. 24. Engine House, cor. Market and Congress. 25. Cor. Middle and Exchange. 2C. Chestnut and Oxford. 27. • “ Union and Fore. 31. “ Preble and Con ress. 82. “ Portland and Hanover. 34. “ South and Spring. 35. u Maple and Commercial.* 26. “ High and Dantortb. 37. Engine House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Cor. State and Spring. 42. ‘ * J >anfortli and Brackett. 43. “ Commercial and Clark. 45. Engine House. Brackett near Pine St. 46. Cor. Spring and Emery. 51. “ Brackett and Vaughan. *Box No. 35 will be temporarily located corner Ma ple and York Streets. Directions to those holding Signal Keys: 1st. In ca?c of fire the alarm is to be given from the Box nearest to the location of the fire, and from no other Box. 2n !. Open the door and pull the knob down gently to the bottom of the grove once and then let go ot it. when it will return to its place. ^“Persons about to give an alarm will first listen and it a ticking is heard in the Box thev will know that an alarm has been given, but if no ticking is heard proceed to pull the knob as directed. 3rd. If possible wait at the Box, so as to direct Hie firemen to the fire. 4th. The police upon hearing the alarm will call the number of the Box. CAUTIONS: 1, Be sure there is a lire before sounding the alarm. 2. Never sound the alarm lor a fire seen at a dis tance. 3. Never open the box or touch the apparatus ex cept in case of fire. 4. Be sure your box is locked before leaving it. 5. Never let the key yo out of your {possession, unless called for by the Ch’cf Engineer. 6. It you remove from your house or place of business, return the key to the Chief Eng neer. Do not leave if with the new tenant. The Bells on the several Chun lies will sound a general alarm us usual until arrangements are per fected to have the telegraph wires attached to sach Bells as may be designated for that purpose. The location of the lire will be given on Bulletin Boards at the several Engine Houses and at the Po lice Office. FRANKLIN C. MOODY. Chief Engineer. Portland, March, 18G7. mar25dtf Boots and .Shoes ! CLAltKE & LOWELL, No. GO Market Square. TTTE enn and will sell as good a quality et Boots V W and Shoes, at as cheap rate as can be found in the city, We have some shop worn goods and others a little out ol the present style which we wish to close out before going into our new store and will sell them at Less Than Hall the Original Cost. Call and examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. mar29d3t new e 3 d Black Diamonds! Q^A TONS D!AMOND COAL; egg and 0»Jv/ stove sizes, now landing from sch’r A. A. Andrews. This Coal is free-burning, pure and what is wanted for spring and summer use lor cook stoves and ranges, of liglii-draft. G^§T" 362 tons JOHNS* COAL; stove, egg and broken sizes, landing from Seb. Z. L. Adams. This (foal is hard, and one of best grades for good drafts. CUMBERLAND COAL for Smiths’ use, as usual. JAMES H. BAKER. Mhr. 26, 1867. dtf Richardson's Whf. Portland Dispensary. THE members of the Portland Dispensary are hereby notified Hutl the Annual Meeting of this Institution will be held at tlic DisjHmsary Rooms, 122 Federal street, on Mouilay. April 1st. at 5 o'clock P. M. A tull at tendance is requested. Per Order. mr29c!3t* AUG. S. THAYER, Secretary. A Crave Charge. THE clown ol Skill & Oaylor’a Minstrels, when asked “ who hint introduced gambling into tills country,” answered, “Calilurnia Cheap John.”— Whether this is true or not it does not matter; hilt olio thing is certain, that California Cheap John was the lirsl to introduce iuto this city Good Cloth ing, Gent’s Furnishing Good., flat, and ICboln at unusually low prices. Call and see him. ltcmernhor the number, 335 Congress Street. March 27. dtf_ To Parties Intending to Build. A MASTER Carpenter nftd Joiner desires work for tlie season. Satisfactory references given. Can furnish s vcral good w orkmen if desired. Address “ i arponter,” box 1,938, or enquire at No. 8 Moul ton Street. Portland, MarrliBS, 1867. cod2w»_ T_ For Sale. HF, FURNITUHE, FiXTIJBES, AND GOOD WII.i, a Genteel Hoarding House. House new and centrally located. Inqniro of , PATTERSON A CHADBOUKNHL mawdaw *“ U"a' Elilale> No. !Mt Congress St. HECKEU’S Celebrated Sclt-ltisim. RasbirhMt. Hecker a Celebrated Ho-‘n mar28dti ' '***»«• KA TUBS Prime Canada and Vermont Butter Ol 7 just received and tor ale by “u,,er mrgitf J. I,. ffEtKg, 72 & 74 Pore It The I,nleat Novelties in Boots, and Shoes, for Ladies, Gentlemen, MHses and Chil dren, may be selected at T. E. MOSELEY A Co.’^ Summer St., Boston. Their assortment of Frenc™ | Boots and Shoes is large. fobl8dlt MISCELLANEOUS. Blindness, Deafness, -AND * Catarrli! During me. «\% ici-imfi*’* late visit to Portland which closed Feb. 1st, ho great a number of }tersoiis deferred eonsulling him until the latter part ot his atav, that main were unable to do bo, his time being fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him he Returned to Portland March 1st, And van bv coiiftultvd at Ibv D, N. llolel Until Agu'il IBlli, upon Jill diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat C.1T*1H till, As usual. And lie would advise those intending to avail themselves of liis sorvices to call early as con venient. Dr. C. can refer to many patients iu Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benefitted under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but arc willing to converse with those interested. fip^Uommltafion at office Fiiee, but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, i» to 12,2 to 5, and Cl to 7$ o’clock. ‘ 5 ceutiiTcates. Testimonial of A. K. Grrenough, E«q, I was aillicted with Catarrh so badly that 1 had a continual pain in my head, eyes very weak, was last loosing my memory, head was so contused that I was totally unfit iur business and general health fast fail ing. L applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1886 and his row edies cured me. 1 am a well man. _ , % A. K. GKEEN©UGH, Proprietor oi National House,'Bangor, Me. Certificate of Capt. abate of Portlaad. Portland, Jan. 3,1807. 1 suffered from deafness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries of Boston, New York Jind Philadelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of cases worse thaii mine, that Dr. Car penter cured, I was induced to ax»nly to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure no could cure me, but would do the best, he could. A course of his treatment Igas restored me to my natural hearing. Any person desiring to see me can do so ou board of bark “ 1 aae Carver,” Union Wharf, Portland. ALONZO L. SHUTE. Dr. Caroenter, Dtar Sir,—Learning yon are iii Portland, I write for the purpose of informing you that the bearing of my son, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains perfectly good/ You will remember tliat iu March jbt'.o, you relieved liim of dealness of fifteen years* standing, which had increased to that extent that he was obliged to leave his studies and went to a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, where he lias resumed his studies, widen, without your assistance, he never could have done. May yi u live long, prosper in your profession, :ind es pecially cause the deat to hear, i3 the desire of Yours, very gracefully, Z. COULINS. Certificate of Mr. A. O. It I mu, Portland. Tbie may certify that Dr. CatpcMter, now at the United States Hotel, has cured me of deafness and uiscluirgesof the liead of 17 years’ standing. 1 had. been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any person interested can see me at Messrs. Blum & Foss,’ Middle Street. A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14,1807. Hundreds of Certificates received in this State can be seen at the Dr’s Office. ffeb23dtf M U IN BO’S TONIC BITTERS. THIS highly approved medicine has now been in geueral use for the period of ten years, and has acquired the reputation of being the very best tonic and alterative betore the public. Its prominent in gredient, to which it largely owes its remedial effica cy, is an extract from a Common American Field Flant, which as here combined and prepared, is known to the proprietor alone* It is a ppecilic for the numer ous ami serious ailments arising irom a disordered state of the stomach, bowels and blood, such as ; Debility, Dyspepsia, Foul Stomach, Humors of the Blood and .Skin, Indigestion, Languor, Drowsiness, and an kindred diseases. Tliough pre pared of the best mater als arul "with the utmost care, It is, nevertheless, ail'ordedata materially lower price than any other medicine of (professedly) similar char acter in the market i -FOR GALE BY J A HIES K. EENT A CO., DrumiiNl., SIS CougrrM Si., 1‘orllaud. Wifcli 20. pnil2in CROUPt C R O U PI 1>R. HOOKER’S Cough and Croup Syrup CROUP, COUGHS FROM COLDS, Hoarseness, Catarrhal Oouehs, COUGHS FROM HUMORS AND BRONCHIAL COUGHS, and gives speedy, relief in Whooping Coughs, and Asthma, and often cures the latter, and invariably shortens the run ot the former. 53r"Chihlren are liabie to be attacked with Croup without a moment's warning. It is, therefore, im portant that every tamiD should have constantly at hand some simple and pleasant, yet efficacious rem edy lor the cure of this tainful and too often fatal disease. Such a remedy is Dr. Hoaker’N Cough nnd Troup Syrnp. For sale by all Druggists. C. D. LEFT, Proprietor, Springfield. Mass. \ Demos Barnes & Co., 21 Park Row, New York, will also supply the Trade at List Prices. Mar27eodly PIANO FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR 7 Octave FIA.YO FORTE. Lowest Cash Price $675. mil be sold for $550, As it must be sold immediately. E. It. ROBVNNON^, IfluMic Room 347 l-« Congress Nt. Mar 21—dtf EASTERN EXPRESS CO. N O T I U K r THE Government have decided that they will pay the express charges both ways upon 7 3-10 Bonds sent t» Washington for exchange. The Eastern Ex press Company will receive and forward such Bends under their contract with tbe Government without charge to the owners, and the Department will return m carriage paid. feblSdtf MR. W. HAVEMAHTN contemplates making Portland his residence, and will be prepared to give lessons in Music and the German aud Span ish Languages, AFTER APRIL 1, 1807. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their address at l’aine’s Music Store, corner of Center and Congress SI reels, where circulars may he found. Jieferences—Hon. A. E. Stevens,Dr.S.Fitch, Chas. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Stevens, Esq , N P. Rich ardson, Esq., ,T. H. Hall, Esq. menl2eodlm Spruce Shingles. A A n M- No- 1 SPRUCE SHINGLES just re TCTlU ccived and tor sale bv SAW ¥ Eft & VARNEY, Mar 2G—dlw No. 35Commercial St. Orca4 Collegiate Institute, For Yonng Ladies, Worcester, Mass BUILDINGS repaired and relurnished. Now in the most nourishing condition it lias been since its establishment in 1S4R. Summer Term begins April 12. Send for Circular. HARRIS R. GREENE, A. M., Principal. MISS S. B. PACKARD, Asso. Principal. mavlfdlm Photographsi Photographsi A. S. DAVIS, WOULD respect tUDy inform his former customers and the public generally, that he is now locat ed at No. 27 MARKET SQUARE, where he would be happy to receive all those wishing for Photographs, Ambrntypes, etc. N. B. All work warranted. 27 MARKET SQUARE. 27 MARKET SQUARE, jail 14—3m* International Steamship Co. THERE will be a Special Meeting of the Interna tional Steamship I'ouipuny at their Ollice,corner Union and Commercial streets, on THURSDAY, April eleventh, at J o'clock P. M. to see if the Stock holders will vote to Increase the Capital Stock of the Company, and to act on any other business that may legally come before the meeting, Per order ofllie Directors. H. J. LIBBY, Secretary. Portland, March 27,18G7. mr28dtd Notice. IT is agreed by the undersigned Stable Keepers ot Portland, that on and a tier April 1st, 18«7, that tbo price of horse board will be $G per week, with one carriage. Charles Sager, William A. Penlov, Libby & Dow, J. W. Robinson, David AveriH & Co., Smith Burnham, Samuel Hamilton, John Tobin, John RyaU, Tflalalr JoPcs, II. L. Taylor & Co., George Rose. March 28. ulw* Notice. I HEREBY forbid any person harboring or trusting ray wife, Mary Harriot!, on my account, lor she has left my hod and board without any provocation. <tas. e. Barnett. Portland, March 20,-1807. mar26dlw* Portlaml l>ry Dock Company. THE Annual Meeting of the S’ockholderB will be held at the office ol ihe Ocean Insurance Com pany, Monday, April 1st, al 4 o'clock P.M., for the choice of officers lor the ensiling year, and the trans action ol any other business that, may legally cornu before them. Per order. C. M. DAVIS, Secretary. Portland, March 25,1807. dtd A POCKET TIMEKEEPER senTlree to every new snhucriher to the Temperance Journ al- Terms FIFTY CENTS per year. The Time keeper indicates solar time wii h greater accuracy than the most expensive gold or silver watch. Sent l>y mall, post paid, on receipt of subscription. Address Tencfebakce Juprnal, Troy. N. Y. March 28. dlw Notice to Builders. THE Plasterers’ Association of Portland and vi cinity are prepared to furnish tirst class plaster ers, stucco workers and mastic workers in any num ber required, at regular pliers. They arc also pre pared to do whitening, coloring, cementing, and ev erything pertaining to the irado, in the best manner, and at ttie shortest notice. Apply at Plasterers’ Hall, Green’s Block, 345 Congress Sued ( Third Story). March 27. dtf DR. EI.1ZABET1I B. A1SA.fl N, of Cape Elizabeth, (formerly Mrs. Chamberlin, of Port land). (imeulhttivn J'ree at her office at .1. It". Tem ple it Co.’s st re, corner Congress ami Pearl Streets. Portland, every Wednesday. Kelly's celebrated Medicines to he had at her office and residence. March 25. d3m.

Boarding, WITH good room at No. 70 Pleasant Street, cor ner of Park. maciRdXw* CHOKED TONGUES, BACON and HAMS, of a k-7 superior quulil v, for sale by »»ar2Wtt J. I,. WEEKS. WANTED. A Situation Wanted. BY fi man to travel to sell goods, A huge trade already established. Is thoroughly acquainted with the Grocery aud Flour business, and can bring the very best ot recommendations. Has been trav elling tor the last three years. Address Box 1647 Portland Post Office. mar30dlw I17BT NURKR WANTRI*— Address Box ▼ t 082 Post Office, or apply at City Marsh il'* office. roar S£*ti Kent Wanted. ~i XT AN TEH live or six rooms within ten minutes* 1 ▼ > walk of the Post Office, convenient for a small 1 family. Address “ F. J. F.,” at the Press Office. ' March *jtf, 1867. dlw Chambers to Let. OVER W. W. Carr & Co.’, store. No. 3 Exchange near Fore St , that will accommodate 150 work men ai shoomakiug, tailoring, or many other kinds of business. Fer Sale. One lot of Land near the head of Wilmot street, for sixty-five cents per foot; also, a lot near hoad of Deer street, about 3! by 55 feet, for $1200; also, a two story House and lot on Muujoy Hill lor $3500: also, one House and Lot on Merrill's Court Chestnut street, that will let fur $300 per yiar; also oue house ou Mountlord street, with about 6000 feet of land more or less; this house Wongs to the estate of the laic Lemuel Tukey, and will be sold at a bar gain. Terms easy. Apply to mchtdlm W. W. CARR & CO. Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., uovl3dtf 130 Commercial street. Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 229 1-2 Congress St, 3d Door Wert of City Building (up stair?.) GIRLS capable of doiug all kinds of house-wOrk, to whom good situations will be given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. 83T* We are able at all times to supply parties in any part of the State with GuOl> RELIABLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers ami others will be supplied with Men ami Boys iorall kinds ot em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 229$ Congress Street, next to City Building. Port land, Me. GOVRLAY Sc HEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and alter January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purehueo ol Fleur Brls. for CASH, at the Office ot the Portland Sufrar Co., Or 1-3 Daniorth 8l„ FebSdtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted Dally ! j AT The General Agency and Employment Office N». .351 1-3 lengrrw htrerl. All per sons to secure gooil Girls for any respecta ble employment, will And them at this uifioe. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys tor any w.iyk in city or country, tree ol charge. r.4r ’ We want good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Hoys, every day mr all -orts ol situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX & POWAES, Portland, Met, Jan. 25, ’67. janSO dtf Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young mail of practical experi ence, and who can bring the best of eily refer ences, a situation as Bookkeejier, cr Salesman, where close attention to kosinese will be appreciated. Apply to W. H. JKKRIS, mar7dtt Under Lancaster Hall. Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Unmls ■bnslilcfw; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references, marl6tt AO ENTS WAN TE D ,F OR. GEN. L. C. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The most exciting & interesting book ever published. THIS WORK was announced more than one year 1 ago, but owing to the attempts of the Govern ment to suppress it,its publication was delayed. It will now be issued, UNALTERED, AND UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GENERAL BAKER. It contains a full and official expose of the iutricate machinations of the secret en emies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adven tures this book eclipses the famous expenonces of FOUCHE and V1DOCQ. The marvelous narratives of Gen. Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. It will contain the only official account ot the Assassina ion conspiracy. A full history of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM ITS CON CEPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, has never yet been placed before the public. The work also fully exposes the nefarious system by which Presidential fiardons were and are so readily obtained at Wa&h ngton. The morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated and there are some strange revelations concerning heads of depannents, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a lull description of the work. Address JONES BROTHERS ■& CO., 5<)7 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. marl4d&wlm Wanted. fTA Attn FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also he received for new Sugar Bar rel*, and a sample may be seen at the office of tho Company, 159$ Commercial, at corner of Union St. febl2d&wtf T. C. HERSEY _TO LET. To Let. QNE Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply ja3dtf ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let. STORE No. 2 Portland lAr. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, maT27dlni 59 Commercial Street. Booms to Let with Board. TO 'et, on reasonable terms, two well furnished rooms, with board, at 38 Centre Street, opposite Preble House. mar26dlw* To Let. THE Store on the lower side of Commercial Street, now occupied by Donnell & Greely. Possession given April 1st. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar26dlin 59 Commercial Street. To Let THE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, toot of Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, febl6dtf Plum Street. For Rent. OFFICES in the third story ot buliding on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’s, Free Street Block, suitable for Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial street B3P*Key am be fbnnd at E. T. Elden 8t Co’s Mai 2—dtf To Let, ROOMS in second and third story Griffith Block, No. 21 £ Free Street. Also, rooms in third and fourth story N09.142 and 144 Middle Street. Apply to H. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,1867. dtf To Let. A FRONT ROOM adjoining the Chamber occupied by the Merchant’s Exchange. Also several desirable rooms in the new buildings near the corner of Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be fitted up to suit the appli cants. Apply to NATH’L F. DEERIKG, No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. marllHl3w To be Let, ROOMS over H. H. HAY’S Apothecary Store, snitr able for an office, den* 1st, or any light busiuess. Enquire of JORDAN & RANDALL, 145 Middle Street, Evans Block. March 2L dtf LOST AND FOUND. Note and Check Lost. LOST on Middle street between Hayes & Douglass and Casco Bank, a Note of band payable to and endorsed by J I. Stevens, for seven honored dollars; also a Check of George Dyer on Casco Bank for the same amount. All persons are cautioned against receiving or ne gotiating said papers as payment on them have been stopped. J. I. STEVENS. Portland, March 29, lv67. mar 30dlw Dost Lost. A SMALL Black awl Tan Terrier. Answer* to tie name of “ Pet. ’ A liberal reward will be paid for liis return to 139 Dan forth Street. HENRY H. FURBH5H. March IS. dtf Plaster, Plaster. -4 AA TOftfs pnre ground Plaster, for sale at the X U V/ lowest market priec. liy Kendall & Whitney, mar29t|2m Market Hall, Portland. Direct Steamship Line -TO HaUlax, N. S. The At Steamship CARLOTTt, J. W. Magune, Master, will sail for lialilax, direct, from Galt’s Wharf, Oil Tuesday, AprU 3d, nl 4 o’clock P. M. Cabin Passage, with State Room, 91. Meals extra. For further information apply to I,. BILLINGS, Atlantic Wharf, or mr30d3t JOHN FORTEOUS, Agent. JPI*lJ%mO-FOJEtTJE. Instruction given on the piano-forte, by Miss AGNES M. LORI). 427 Congress street. Mar 30d2m LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON For Sale Cheap. W. HEAVEV, 3» Free Streer. uiartOdtf ’ Portland Commandery K. T. W’ILL hold a Special Meeting at Mechanics Hall, on Tuesday Evening next, April 2, at ha If-paat seven o’clock. Work K. T. Per order of the E. < Commander, , a „ IRA BERRY, Recorder. IfortUmd, March 29,18«7. mar 3#-3t REAL. ESTATE. House for Sale. AVEKY desirable Pottage containing 9 rooms a brick cislern uf filtcreii water. Huuso iu thor ough repair :uid ueir v uen. Po».e»siou given tirst of May. *’or parliculars enquire on the premise. 2ft Mvrtle street. . Mar 3utf_Mns. S. W. BISHOP. To Let. ONE Store and three spacious Chambers iu Bar iKiur s Block, Middle street. One ol the best lo cutions in the ciiy. Apply to davidkeazer mur.'uitl^vvis Or K. A. NORTON. First Class House For Sale. A Eftrit STIIRIRI) BltlCK HOUSE on Park SI., ct bus seveuteeti rooms, hot ami cold water, and all other modern conveniences. A party is now ready to lease it at tux cr:u cpirr. on the price asked. Apply to ' W. H. Jt'BRIS. Mar 30- 3w For Sale. AW Br l*'* “CASSIE • 1OR^Y» /'“lit 1,1 x°va Scotia in 1864, 176 ton* register, length m teet, breadth SB* leet, depth 12 loot, is c<»pneied anti copper fastened, and well tound in sails and rigging, chaius, aucliors Ac This vessel was built expr«sly fur the West India business, a ad is aLo well adapted to the Brasil trade Will bo sold cheap. For Ihrther particulars annlv to GKO. H. STAKE, *P y No, 7 Central Whart. Portland, March 29,1867, mar29—lw Building for Sale. THE Building on Market street, 2d door from Con gress street, now used as a gas fitting shop, is tor sale. It is a good locution tor mechanical busine^,or tor a trader. Price $500. Apply to mar29dlw* WM. H. JERRIS. New House for Sale, MOn India street, third house from Congress, con mins eleven rooms, besides the attics. This house is very pleasantly located and very con veuicutly arranged tor one or two families. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, mar28dtf Real Estate Agent. FOll SALE! tA story and a half House, with seven finish ed rooms, and Stable attached; good hard and soft water. Lot 40 by 66. Pleasantly located on eal street street. Apply to mr28dlw* T. BURGESS, 00 Montreal street. ' For S»le or Lease. * THE Large Lot of L&^iLon the corner of Federal, Temple and TOn gross streets. A desirable location for a Hotel—for sale low; if not sold, will be leased for a long term of years if de- ! sired. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, Portland, Mar 28—d3w 05 Middle street. FO R SALE! A Desirable Square Brick II •■me, on HsU Spring street, between High and Park streets, iHB'ill with modern improvements, heated through out by steam—piped for gas with gas lixtures, a good stable—abundance of hard and soft water in the house, with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. mar2s-d3w House for Sale. A TWO story house on Salem Street, containing nine rooms, convenient for two families. Lot 0(1 by 100. Will be sold low il applied tor iminediatelV. „ W. ii. JEltltls, ■ mar27d3w» Opposite Preble House. House Up-Town For Sale. MA two-story IVaodra ll.aM, containing twelve flulalied rooms, cemented cellar, Brick Cistern, Furnace. Gas throughout, and with all the modern improvements. For partic ular* inquire at No. lit Carlton Street, Or of Dr. COLBY, Press Counting ltoom. Portland, Mar 22, 1867.—<12w AN «Wo corner of^SthriAin ^Ntyrilc Sts. It is VJ two stories, with a basement, with ten finished rooms, in good repair; well aud cistern water, tut n*co aiufgas. Enquire at No »0V Oltordst. mr22tf Desirable Store Lots FOR S-AuLF, N COnnEBCIAL ST BE ET. THE subscribers oftor tor sale the lot of land on the southerly side oi Commercial Street, head ol Dana’s Wluirt, measuring 72 by 13(1 feet. For fur ther particulars impure JONAS H. PEKLEY, Oct 18 tf__or W. S. DANA. House lor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soli water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1N4 Fare Mt., „ J. A. FENDEBSON. Jan. 24, 1867. dtf __ NOTICE. I will sell on favorable terms as to pay luout, or lei for a term of years, the lots on the corner of Middle aud Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner ol Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to \Vftf. HILLIARD, Bangor, or SMITH 4& REED, Attorneys, Portland. Jyl2tl Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. f|>HE Oxibrd Hon**, pleasantly situated in the tfl 1 lageoi Fryeburg, Oxford count v, Maine, is of fered for sale at a bargain, it* applied ior soon. The House is large, iugoed repair, with furniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire oi HORATIO BOOTITBY, _ w * x Proprietor. Oi Hanson ft Dow, 54A Union bt. Fryeburg, Sepi. 29, !*«?. dtf Valuable Itcal Estate for Sale. THE line estate corner Brackett and Walket Sts. The lot con tains over 26,000 square feet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W„ It. JEBBIS, marl dtf _Baal Estate AgcuV. For Sale. TH E fine lot of Land on Spring, near 'High street known as the Boyd lot, containing about 10,000 feet; also about 300,000 Brick and 200 perfth of Stone. Said lot will be sold with or without the material. For further particulars enquire of JOHN G. TOL FORD, or CHARLES SAGER. mchlldtf Farms tor Sale. Three Farms in York County are offered tor sale by the subscri ber. I They are located as fol lows: One in » alerboro’. One in Lyman. One in Kennebankport. Farms will be sold low, or exchanged on favorable terms for Real Estate in Portland, Saco, or Biitdelord. Apply tor particulars at otBce 293 Commercial St., or at otBce in Saco. mar22d3w JOSEPH HOBSON. House and Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing sever rooms, will be sold lor $1,100, If applied tor immeitiately. ALSO: Lots for sale at prioes worn one cent to $2 per fbot. Enquire of JOSEPH ItEED, Real Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. niarSdtf _^ Brick House for Sale. ON Brawn Street, r ontainmg Fourteen fluisli ed Booms, hard and sort inter, gas and other modern improvements. Fosssessiou , Tven April 1. Apply to D. H. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. .TERRIS, marGdti'Real Estate Agent. Lot for Sale. .if, \ T<5 THE lot on the northerly side of fleering Street, adjoining the residence of Gen. J. D. Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front and one hundred feet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, mur!6dtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. For Sale. A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. Estate of the late Samuel Hatch, I , contains about 90 acres, 40 to^>0 of ,-£0041 wooiI land and nasture, {rood story xiouse wun u., urge i>arn. Sheds, Ac. • The Farm is located at Wells Corner on main road; churches and schools near, and in the iinme liate vicinity of the well-known summer re sort, Wells Beach; w ill be sold low and on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDRJDGR, near the premises. For terms, Ac., inquire ot GEORGE K. HIGHBORN A CO., No. 1 Scollay’s BuilJing, or address Box 114 P. O. Bostou, Mass. marlGdlm House ior Sale. THE convenient double honao corner ot South and Spring Streets. Each tenement contains nine finished rooms, and may be sold separately. For further particulars, :en<]ii:re of the subscriber on the promises, No. 15 Spring Street. MRS. J. S. EATON. March IP, 1867. mar20dtf House and Lot for Sale, SITUATE r> in' Weslbfook, near the end of Tn kev’i Bridge. A story and a half house, with 0,600 feet of laud, shade and Iruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and has stable room for one horse and carriages, connected. It is lo cated on the corn r of Winslow Street and tlic road leading to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,00n. Ap ply to J.. A. BACJiKLI»ER, (K ing. Thu rlow A Co.) 165 Commercial St. March 20. dim* Farm for Hale. THE homestead of the late Scott Dyer. Cape Eliz abeth, four miles south of Portland Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good state of cultivation, fences all stone wall, young orchard, 75 frees grafted fruit. Pleasantly located. School ami Church within £ mile. For terms, Ac., apply on the premises or to E. C. ROBINSON, mch20—tt__13 Moulton Street. Farm tor Sale, THE “Mark Allen* estate, containing two hun dred acres, situated within one and a half miles nj Puwnal Depot, in Pownal, County of Cumber land. Said larin is well divided into pasturage, til lage and wood land. Is Well watered, has good and convenient building*, cuts some Jsixty tons of bay, rand has some twelve hundred cords ot merchantable wood for the market, liesides enough fbr the farm. This estate would make two good farms, and will 1>C sold together or in separate lots. Inquire of John H. Noyes, near tho premises, or CHARLES C. COBB, Executor, 99 Lisbon Streot, Lewiston, Me. March 13. eoddfcwtf For Sale. SITUATED near Broad Cove, within a few rods oi Cumlterland Depot, a eon ven tent story and a half house and barn, with an excellent garden ami choice fruit trees, a never lading well of water, and fen acres of the best of land. The house and garden will bo sold separately if desired. Will be sold at a low price if applied for immediately. A good chance for a person doing business in the city. maJ*23eod2W# J* MERRILL. Houses for Sale! TWO ww I; story Houses just completed, with 7 finished looms. Price 1,860, within fifteen minutes walk of the Post Office, together with other houses at prices from 81.300 to 810,000. -ALSO To Lease, 50 HOUSE LOTS and several Store and Wharf Lots, at prices from $12 to $200 per year. Enquire of MOSBS COULD, No 5.1 North St., between the hours of 8 & loj a. m. and 2 & 5 r. M., where plans of lots may be seen. Mar 5dtw t codSw FOR SALE. A Desirable Residence at Cumberland Center, former residence of Watson Ncwhall. A good Two Story House well furnished, pain led anil hlliid od, witli an I.., Wood House, Carr iaee House, Barn, etc., with about Twenty Acres ot Lund, a iarfje Or chard, Yieldin'-! some Years loo barrels of apples. Will be sold low. Irnme late possession given. Inquire ol JOHN C. PROCTER, msrlikleoddw_ For Sale, or for Long Lease. TWO ot those Store Lots on the Northerly side of Middle Street, near the lie ml of Plum Street re cently covered by the Granite Block. Apply to EDWARD FOX or EBEN STEELE. Portland, March C, 1867. deodlm i:ntkrtainmi.ntn. PORTLAND THEATRE."" I.emci & Proprietor*, Hrnilh,Hadley dr C» Stage Ihreotoi:, - - W. E. Shehidaw. fittAM keb, - - - - K. W. Hadley. ' Tim above establishment will open‘oil Monday Evening, April 1, 1807, bot I be spring mid Suiumur Scunou with a First (lass Drumuiic Company ! Monday Evrniny, April 1, The Great Comedy by l.ytton Bulwer, cnthlod MOINKY. Tuesday Evening, April lid, Douglass Jerrol J's effective drama called THE RENT RAYS Wednesday Evening, Apr. ,3d. Tom Taylor’s highly succeselul play entitled Still Waters Run Deep *F“To <: include each evening with a farsrit* Farce. Scale of Price*.—Admission SO ct». Reserved Seats 75 cts. Gallery 35 cts. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performance to commence at a quarter to eight. .• Sf8'°1*>B daily for sale of reserved seats, from 10 A. M. to5P. M Mar 2s—dGt Excelsior, Excelsior l CHASTE LEAK'S Hair Exterminator! For Removing Superfluous Hair t To the ladies especially, this Invaluable depilatory recommends itself as being an almost indispensable article to female beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots. It is warranted to remove superfluous liair irorn low foreheads, ur Irorn any part ol the body, completely,totally and radically extirpating the same, leaving the skin suit, smooth and natural. This is the onlv article used by the French, and is the only real effectual depilatory in existence. Price 75 cents per package, sent post-paid,to any address, on receipt of an order, by BERGER, SHIJ ITS & CO., Chemist*, mr28d&wly 235 River street, Troy, N. Y. Free to Everybody. A Large 6 pp. Circular, giving Information of tlic greatest importance to the young of both sexes. It teaches how the homely may become beautiful, the despised respected, and the forsaken loved. No young lady or gentleman should fail to send tlicir address, and receive a copy post-paid, by return mail. Address P. O. Drawer 21, mr28d*tvly Troy, N, Y. ASTllOMMiT. The W orld Astonished AT THE WONDERFUL REVELATIONS MADE BY THE GBEAT ASTROLOGIST, Madame H. A. PERI GO. She reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She re stores to happiness those who from doleful events, catastrophes, crosses in love, lots ot money, Ac., have become despondent. She brings together those long seistrated, gives inlormatioii concerning absent friends or lovers, restores lost or stolen property .tells yon the business you are beat qnallllod to pursue and in whit you will be moat successful, causes speedy marriages and tells you the very day you will marry, gives you thu name, likeness and characteristics ol the person. She remls your very thoughts, and by her almost supernatural powers unveils the dark and hidden mysteries of the future. From the stars we see In the firmament—the malefic stars thatovoreome pr predominate in the configuration—from the aspects and positions of the planets and the fixed stars in the heavens at the time of birth, she deduces the lu ture destiny of man. Fail not to consult the greatest Astrologist on earth. It costs you bat a trifle, and you may never aguin have so favorable an opportun ity. Consultation lee, with likeness and all desired information, $1. Parties living at a distance can consult the Madame by mall with equal Batety and satiaiactinn to thenis Ires, as i fin person. A frill and explicit chart, written out, with all irquirles auswer ed aud likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of price abovo mentioned. The strictest socresy will be maintained, and all correspondence returned or de stroyed. Deferences ol the highest order furnished those desiring them. Wrilc plainly the day of the month and year in which yen Were born, enclosing a small lock ol hair. Addresa, Madame H. A. PEKRIGO, mrtRdawly p. o. D.awer 29.1, Buffalo N. Y. There cometh glad tidings of Joy to all, To young and to old, to great and to small; The beauty which once was so precious and rate, Is free for all, and all may be fair. BY THE VfiE OF CH A STE LEAP’ 8 WHITE LIQUID For Improving and Beautifying the Complexion. ThenioM valuable and perfe t preparation In use, for giving the akin a beautiful pearl-like tint, that is only found in youth. It quickjv removes Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Blotches, Moth Patches. Sallow ncss, Eruptions, and all impurities of the skin, kind ly hea|ng the same leaving the skin white and clear as alalmster. Its use cannot be detected by the closest scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation is perfectly liannlem. It is tbe only article of the kind used by tlic French, and is considered by the Paris ian as indispensable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 30,000 bottles were sold during the past year, a suffi cient guarantee^ its efficacy. Price only TO ett.— Sent by mail post-paid, on receipt of an order, by BEROElt, SHUTT3 & CO , Chemists, mar20dftwly 2SS River St,Troy, N. Y. Know Thy Destiny. Madame E. F. Thornton, the great English As trologist, Clairvoyant and Fsychonielrician, who has astonished the scientific classes of the Old World, has now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of second sight, fts to enable her to impart knowledge of the greatest importance to the single or married of either sex. While in a state of 1 ranee, slm delineates the very features ol the person you arc to marry, and by the aid of an instrument or Intense power, known as the Psychomotrope, guarantees to produce a lift - like picture ol the future husband or wife of tho ap plicant, together with date of marriage, posirion in liife, leading traits of character, &c. This is no hum bug, as thousands of testimonials can assert. She will send wbon desired a certified certificate, or written guarantee, that the picture is what it pur ports to be. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex ion, and Enclosing fifty cents and stamped envelope, addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture and desired information by return mail. All com munications sacredly confidential. Address in con fidence, Madame E. F. Thornton, P. O. Box 223, Hudson, N. Y. mar28d&wly ~CRISPER COMA. Oli I »he was beautiful and ftlr. With starry eyes, and radiant hair. Whose curling tendrils sott, entwined, Em-haiiicd the very heart and mind. CRISPER COMA, For Curling tbe Hair of either Sex into Wavy and Glossy Linglets or Heavy Massive 0u;la. By using this article Ladies and Gentlemen can beautily themselves a thousand told. It is the only article in the World that will curl stiaight hair, and at tbe same time give it a beautiful glossy appear ance. The Crisper Coma not only curls the hair, but invigorates, beautifies and cleansos it; is highly and delightfully perfumed, and is the most complete arti cle of the kind ever ottered to the American public. The Crisper Coma will be sent to any address, sealed and poslpaid for $1. % AddrO s all orders to W. L. CLARK & CO.. Chemists, No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Mar 28J&wJy WHISKERS and MUSTACHES forced to crow upon the smoothes', taco in trom three to five weeks bv us ine I*r. S E V I (iNE S ► RESTAURATEUR CA PILLA1RE, tike most wonderful discovery in niou'.rii science, acting upon the Beard and Hair in an almost miraculous manner. It has been used l»> the elite ot Parte and London with the most flatter i*ig success. Names ot all purchasers will be regis tered, and if entire satisfaction la not given in every instance, the monev will l»e cheerfully refunded. Price by mail, sealed and postpaid,#! Descriptive circulars ami testimonials mat ed fret*. Address BERGER, SHUTTS & CO., Chemists, No. 1886 River Sireet, Troy, N. V., Solo Agents lor the United States. mar 27-ly Beauty. — Auburn. itolrten, Flaxen and Silken CURLS, produced by the u&e ol Frol*. De l Ubkux's FRISER l.E I ClJ EVE IX. Oneappli "cation warranted to curl a the mo«t straight and stubborn nair oi euner mix mm wavy ringlets, or heavy massive earls. Has been uso I by the fashion* abl s of Pari* anil London, with the most gratifying results. l>ocs no injury to the liair. Trice bv mail” sealed and postpaid, $1. Descriptive Circulars mailed free Address BRKOfcK, SHUT1S Hi CO. Chemists, No. 2*r> HiveT St., Troy, N. \\, Sole Agents for the United Stiles. mar 21-<l*wly For Sale. An OfficcSafe ot JohnF.. WUiler's mannfaeturo, suitable tor Railroad, Manufortarenc er Bank ing purposes, measuring 5 icetIn. in height, 4 loci width, 2 In. deep, with Interior sate anrl draw ers. tor sale by C. A. & A. BLANCHARD, IU5 State Street, Boston, Mass. lebISdti Notice. riXHF. first meeting of the Corporators of the '‘Eagle X Sugar Refinery,” will be held at the eltloe » said Refinery, on Fore Street, on Saturday, thi day ot April next, at 3 o’clock P. M.,fi*r Die pnmose of organization. JOHN gggOW. r PELJCG BAHKJB, March 23 1867. dtd Ail'tlUil SAla.v. Household Furniture at Auction. (JN WEDNESDAY, April 3.1, *t 10 o’clock A M.*, Ins-iM hUt? Nu- M “row“ Street, all On- luiuilme •tuifcd tarmi.C~“,'L,‘e ot' Camber So.a, mulmgnuy bios, 4c., "‘^“Htany extension and other la m r. " All*. 1. AWO EllgiiSiJ BTUUMmIm sail .I. tl , , Sale positive ’ oi,c 0,i' »“d <dhci carpets. April I. did' JuilN CHOCKKTT. --- Au. ii ,i.t ci. BY B. M. PATThN * Co., »„« Stocks at Aiiiiion, ON WEI>N EMI >AY, April 3. at ll o’. |, Ck \ \t at tin* Merchants Exchange, t urner oi k«‘.. 'l • Exchange Strata, will W boUI *°le u,“» Fifty Shares Portland ltolling .MiIIm. Ten Shares Attwootl Lead ('«. Fifteen Shares in Portland P;cr. Five Shares Eastern Packet Co. JOHN KANO, Assignee. March 27, 1867. did J* H. URAPKR, AK IIOM I K. V. S. Cotton Sale!! JOHN H. OKA Pi;K A CO. WILL SELL ON Thursday, April 4th, 1807, »t one o’clock P. M., at their Salon Kooiu, No. Ill Ponrl Sr, (Hano ver Square,)by order of p™. , „ ial agent Vrcasury Bales "BUtYrolina and Geor gia t niton. The aboye eolton lias been sampled and .1 U. W. Am,.rv, and may be seen l.y sumi.h ,, £ office o’ the Auctioneers, No. 112 Pearl stre.t New York, two days before the sale. marysdtd B. IB. PATTBW Sc CO., Auciiwurrr, PLUM STREET. Valuable Property in Westbrook at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, 10th .lay of April, at half past two P. Al., (or if storrnv hist lair day,) will be sold on tae premises without the least re serve, the lollowujg dcscrilied parcels ol Real Ks "e8thiook, as follows, viz: Homestead situ sued at Aliens corner, so called, containing about Mrty acres of laud, with the buildings thereon, con i.i ? °‘ a 0,,e and a half »tor!ed Farm House, witu A* attached, with Kitchen, Wooi and Carriage Hoiist*. Also, a large ham Mj by su feel. with Shed and ( orn House near by, buildings all conveniently arranged and iu g.K»d repa r. Also, another lot of l«uid at said Aliens corner, containing about 17 acres, with good Darn, Pigg.ry au,l shed, all iu Him .. —ALSO— Ar**?, acres of drained meadow, as good or bet ter land tor gardening than can be found in tbe state, ForUateTuk;"^^. 0” Iuadl***5to —ALbo— About a acres ol Meadow and Poland situated on the road ltadiuK lYuiu Alien's to mISwS. ,™ ‘PH » »er/,' c“u,1‘blc ot ,or WlldiuB aud tar.Unini. A11 of said land in *he town of \Ve-tbro*k about 3 mileti iroin the city of Portland, aud one mile from P. & K. Uailro.-iU aud Portlaml Horn. h.llfoil. All ol the above Lands are in a high sta »• of culti variou, with a very huge amount ot front, and very desirable Ibr building lots, larming or gardening. Immediately after sale of Heal Estate will b«- sold about two hundred Sheep and Lambs, aix < mvs and Heifers, two Horses aud four Hogs, together with Wag ns, Farming Tools aud a portion of the Uou&e hoUt Furniture. The above property is to be sold to the lughest bid der, und on the most favorable terms. Cash, if the purchasers so de ire, or one quarter cash, the bal ance from one to live years wiilr note and mortgage, interest at six per cent, semi-annually. The per sonal property to be sold ibr cash. For particular* call ou Cyrus J burlow , 1C5 Com mercial] street, or on the Auctioneers, resale to sommem c w ith tue Homestead. Mar 27 Valuable ltea) Estate at Auction. ON THURSDAY, April 11, nt 3 o'clock P M, I shall soli the valuable lot ofland on IVarl steel, being the Dwelling IIoum Cut of die luie Hon. Kliplialet Grecly. It Is 10. feet on Pearl street, by about 107 feet buck, with the debris thcieon. There is adressod granite walk of about GO feet in length by about 3 feet wide uninjured ami the underpluiiig is dressed granite. All the material on the ground is good. Only one ot the shade trees In of the house was destroyed by the fire. Thi- in . ne of the most valuable and desirable lots in the market pleat antlv aud centrally situated—in a very desirable neighborhood—within 90 feet ol Congress street and near the Park Sale positive wrtimi JOSEPH S BAILEY, Auc iuiiecr. Sale of Timber Lands for Bates* college. Land office, i Bangor, March 7, 1X» 7. ) NOTICE islierebv given, in ptusruncu of *• Ke solvo to carry into elltict chapter two hundtid eiglitv-tour ol the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-ibur in favor of Bates’ Coil ge,’’ approved hebru ary 2*, 1.8G7, that townships uumbeiid h, Rang.- 17 suid 10 Range 17 W K LS. situated upon the t pp. i Saint John River, excepting the South nst quarter ol the last named township, will lie ou. red lor sale by public auction lor the benefit of sa>*l College, at iue Land Office in Bangor, on Wednesday the lltli day of September next, at 12 o'‘clock, m on. One third cash and satiHfe&e'orv note* payable in on and two >ears, secureu by mortgage ou the prem ises, will be received in payment. ISAAC R. CLARK, raarfcJtSept 11, Land Agent. F. O. BAIEEY^ (Successor to H. Bailey * Son,) Auctioneer, Commission Mereliant, —• AKI> - BEAL ESTATE BROKE It. Office (at present) at Ns. 176 Psw Hired, Up Stairs, l*ortlnud. April 1, 1867, dtf JOHN CROCKETT, ’ Ascllsnerr nia.l Appraiser, (Office with Evtina &, Bailey) mr30 NOS. 1 Si 2 FREE STREET BLOCK, dll' MEDICAL ELECTR1C1TX DR. W. N. DEWING, Iktedical Electrician 1 174 MIDD1F. STREJCT, Nearly Oppanilc the failed Mule. Holm WHF’HF he wonld respeettnlly annonnre to cUUensul Portland vicinity, Hint he • permanently located in thin city. During the three years we have been in this city, we have cured some ot the worst forms of disease in persons who hate tried other terms ol treatment in vain, and curler patients in so short, a time that the question is often a*kcdt do they stay cured? To ausner t Ids iiucstioi we will say that nil that do not stay cured, wo doctor the second time without charge. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician lor twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated t.ln deim Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic discuses is the form o/ nervous or sick headache; neurw-ia in the bead, neck, or extremities; cicnsuiuptloii when lu the acute stuge* or where the lungs ate not lully tuvolved; acute or chronic rlieiunal ism scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracleil muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas'Dance, deafness, stain, inering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indices. tion, constipation and liver complaint:, pile-_« e cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi, tis, strictures ol the chest, and all lorms of leraal* complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame aiul the lazf leap with Joy, and more with the agility and elastic ity ot youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re» moved; faintness converted to vhmr, weakness to strength; the blind made lo see, tbFdeal to hear and the palsied form to move upright: the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature Ine prevented; the calamities or old age obviated and au active circulation maintained. lu A D I Who have cold ham.s and feet; weak rromaohs, lam - and weak backs; nervous and sick headache, tiiaii ness aud swimming in the head, with indigestion m d constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and backs leucorrhcua, (or whites); tailing of the womb with in ter***1 cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will find in Electricity u sun* means of cure. For painful menstruation, too ^.oluse menstruation, and all ot those long line of troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. TEETH I TEETH I TfcETIl ! Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Elec tricity without pain. Persons having decayed teeth nr stumps they wish to have removed for reci ting he would give a polite invitation to cal!. Superior Electro Magnetic M a .mines ior sale for family use, with thorough instru. lions. Dr. D. can accommodate a few patients with board vnd treatment at his house. Oftice hours from 8 o’clock A. W. to 1- M.; irom to t> P. M , and 7 to 9 in the eveniug. Consultation free. novltf XjX)R washing white goods this Soap is unsurpassed; r it is made from Puro and Ch an Material, and warranted not to spot, stain or injure the finest fabric Ladies, by using the Pioneer Soap your clothes will wash easier, look nicer, uml smell sweeter than with any other Soap in market. Picaeer Swap Saves Tiiue, IVloney, ftabsr ami ClslbcM. Printers, Painters and Mechanics generally will find this an excellent Soap lor the ban*Is, as it erad icates dirt quicker, leaves the hands soft and smooth, and prevents them from chapping. TRY IT. Sold hy every Wholesale and Retail Grocer. Man ufactured by TAYLOR A YOUNG, No. 188 Front Street, New York. Churchill, Hum A Melcher. 87 Commercial stieet, D. H. Ricker A Co., 185 Fore 8uvet, agents for Viable. March 29. codim*_ For Sale—House on Park St HElNUub.tif to reinovw from lids eitv I tor sale m.v House, No. 55 Park!**. It is good mm and ton veil eiil, with all the modern improvement!!, ilathing room, iu which Is Hot ami t old wnl. r, Ha-, Furnace Ac. I on eeled with house is a go ,1 siahlo. Po session given lint dav of May next. Enquire at •■•■■••rclwl Mi. lu-al of Hid,son's ■’ ■ “• Hi'iibm, I lie mibecrlber, SI b II! IV VKN.OTOf W H. JEKK18, Real Estate Agent. J.n.iOeodtf * __ Steamers for Sole. TEEN WHEEL STEAMERS “Falcon,” and “Clarion," 2 years old, of Ihe following iliinen aions: Length lib, feet; width over all 2H lis’l; ,le|,ih 4Jteet;drati of water 3.S inches; ir good speed, with .urge freight and passenger capacity, in good order and maily for service, with full inveiitorv. Enquire of ROSS A STURDIVANT, inch 13d I m 73 Commercial Street. To Wairon Builders. YOUR attention is raliod to J^'o!*,1 Dumping Wagon. It to simple >« rosl^ and costs no nioro than any wagon. ■. ,i,iM._ the ts-st extant. “i^T'ISStfen V.n£ hiulders throughout Address ing and selling these A I>tNNj,;lT A CO.. mar2Sdtl MSOengrcM St., Portland. Me. For Sale. a COOP opportunity is ottered fora man with a small capital, by purchasing the State Right of Townsend’s Patent Glass Door Plato. About two hundred have been put on in Portland during the past week. For further particulars en quire of E. A. BA« Ilf 1.1*1’K, iuar2tkl2w* ilii Green Street. The nicest quality of white drips. For sale by _______ DAr^jdtt «F« ^ LEKS4